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Elmhurst College Elmhurst, Illinois Volume 54 1972 Happenings . .14 Administration . .44 Organizations . .100 Athletics . .152 Students . . .180 Ivan E. Frick new leader for a new century, begins his work among the established and the evolving. Personalities responding— with contact, with contemplation, with companionship. .. ' 0 " Friends " excite the crowd with their sound. Social Life and Blacl( Affairs Co-Sponsor " Friends of Distinction " I The Friends of Distinction added their soul nnoving sound to the Homecoming festivities on Friday October 22 in the Chapel. From the first moment the Friends came on stage their vibrant personalities came through the song. The excite- ment that buzzed through the audience describes the excitement that this group produces. The Friends showed great rapport with E.G. students in the audience. The female vocalist came out in the audience and excited all the younger men in the front rows, especially Michael Edwards to whom she sang. The fans displayed the greatness of their million seller hit " Going in Gircles " when, in a sense, the audience was completely in the hands of the trio. The lead vocalist, stepped into the audience and sent them into circles when he finish- ed the number as a duet with senior Bonita White. From that point on the group definitely brought the crowd into a light mellow groove. .♦SHI!,.., ,. Majorette Bonnie Allen showing off her skill Jays Whip Wheaton At Homecoming Game Homecoming 1971 was filled with activities for alumni and students. Friday afternoon, the alumni registered for the weekend, and attended a showing of the play " Anything Goes " . Students attended the " Friends of Distinction " concert. Saturday was not the best day for a game, but our Bluejays overlooked the rotten weather and crushed Wheaton by a score of 41-0. Homecoming Queen, Deb Burket, was announced during Half-time. Following the game, tours were conducted through the new A. C. Buehler library. The weekend climaxed with the homecoming dance on Saturday night at the Sheraton-Oakbrook Hotel. " Insubordination " provided dancing music for alumni and students enjoying 1971 Homecoming. Pompom girls prepare to take the field. The Jays are on the move. Spectators take in the action. A Gift Becomes Reality September 14, 1967 started the planning for a new library; December 5, 1971 that library was dedicated. The construction of this library was made possible through the generous gift of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Buehler. Dr. Clark opened the dedication services welcoming honored guests, faculty, administration, students and guests. Former President Dr. Robert Stanger described the development of the library program at Elmhurst College. That program has paralleled the growth of the enrollment over the first hundred years of the col- lege ' s existence. Mrs. A. C. Buehler and her son Mr. A. C. Buehler, Jr. presented the keys of the library to the college. The joyous acceptance of the library was made by Mr. Tom Price as representative of the Board of Trustees, senior Mr. Chris Bauch for the student body, and Mr. George for the faculty and administra- tion. Dr. Frick welcomed the Buehler library and Elm- hurst College into the Second Century. The beautiful library will remain as a lasting me- morial of the Buehler family, and will serve Elmhurst College well as it moves ahead to the next hundred years of service to higher education. Dr. Gerhard Graur gives the prayer of dedication. The long-awaited library took this form thanks to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Buehler. An act of wonder being performed. The wheel of fortune spins for al " Andre is Coming ' Andre Kole came and made a definite impression on his audience at Elmhurst College. Mr. Kole demon- strated acts of extra sensory perception, magic acts, and later presented facts of the future that can be found in the Bible. Many people were awed at the magic; people dis- appearing from boxes, reappearances, the beheading of a student, and the removing of polka-dots from a scarf. During the second half of his performance Andre Kole performed no magic, but foretold of the future through the writings found in the Bible. One only needs to refer to the latter chapters of Matthew to " check it out. " Truely, the evening was one filled with mystery and wonder. Jeff Smith is an experienced hand at putting on his own make-up. Jazz Festival Comes To Life On the weekend of March 17, 18, and 19, Elmhurst College hosted the fifth annual Midwest Intercollegiate Jazz Festival. Some of the schools participating during the weekend affair were Northern Iowa University, Bradley University, Malcolm X, Kennedy-King, North- ern Illinois, University of Illinois, Memphis State, Elmhurst, and other midwestern colleges and universities. One of the main attractions of the weekend was the selection of students for the All-Star Band. These were students selected by a panel of five judges on the basis of their solo performances. Well known jazz musicians served on the panel of judges. They were Bunky Green, Buddy Montgomery, Cy Touff, David Baker, and Rufus Reid. Some of the outstanding students selected to comprise the All- Star Band were Quentin Lang, Elmhurst College; Gary Topper, Memphis State; Sonny Seals, Malcolm X; and nineteen others. Another main attraction was the selection of the outstanding jazz band combo, and or vocalist to at- tend the National Collegiate Jazz Festival in the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. on May 28 and 29. Marilyn Walton, Elmhurst College, was selected as the vocalist to attend the National Festi- val. Reverend Schieller again organized and directed the Jazz Worship Service on Sunday, March 19. University of Memphis captures the Combo Award. Mr. Tolesco directs the Jazz Band. 50 ' s Are Revisited Do you remember Elvis Presley, cakey make-up, oily hair, tight jeans, and the wad of bubblegum that made your jaw ache? All these memories and more were brought to mind at the Praetors 50 ' s Dance. Music was provided by WRSE ' s moldy oldy records. Guests danced to " Hound Dog, " " Duke of Earl " and other favorites. A dance contest was held and the fast footed winners were Don Tyler and Debbie Spraggs. The greasiest couple on campus were Greg Wilharm and his moll, Madelynn Tabbert. Would you believe they made the " Best Dressed List? ' M. Tabbert, G. Wilharm, J. Aldrich and S. Cochran dance? Remember when we wore matching sweaters and pigtails? " Hey man, you got a light? ' IN MEMORIAM Mr. Buehler was the major contributor to our new library. Miss Covelli was a former faculty member. For their years of dedicated service we remember, Albert C. Buehler, Reverend Albert G. Gosner, and Virginia Covelli. Our Board of Trustees lost two of its members, Albert C. Buehler and Reverend Albert G. Gosner. A.C. Buehler died September 23, 1971. He served as a member of the Board since 1961 and Chairman of the Science Building ' s Development and Promotion Com- mittee. He was chairman and chief executive officer of the Victor Comptometer Corporation. The college community will always remember Mr. Buehler for his kind gift of over a million dollars for the construction of a new library. Serving as a trustee since 1953 Reverend Gosner died on July 28, 1971. A graduate from Elmhurst Col- lege, class of 1928 and Eden Theological Seminary, class of 1931, Reverend Gosner began his ministry at Christ Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He served as president of Deaconess Hospital, Milwaukee for 18 years. His effectiveness as a pastor was recognized and remembered because he made the gospel appli- cable to people. Virginia Covelli joined the Elmhurst College Faculty in 1968, bringing to the Department of Spanish and Italian the rich experience of her study abroad and her years as both a high school and college teacher. As an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, Miss Covelli was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She also did post-Master ' s study there and began her work for her doctorate at Northwestern University after coming to Elmhurst College. Miss Covelli ever endeared herself to colleagues and students alike. Reverend Gosner was a former member of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Ivan E. Frick The president ' s office is now being occupied by Dr. Ivan E. Fricit, the eleventh president of Elm hurst College. Dr. Frick was president of Findlay College in Findlay, Ohio, for seven years. Due to commitments at Findlay College, Dr. Frick did not assume the re- sponsibilities of lea ding E.C. until November. He was, however, introduced to the college community at the Opening Convocation. The formal inauguration took place during the second semester. Since Dr. Frick has been here, some changes have been made for the next year. Teacher job placement will be headed by Judy Miniclier, and financial aid will be under Mr. Don Weiss, director of admissions. He has also visited the dorms meeting with the stu- dents and answering their questions. Welcome, Dr. Frick, to Elmhurst. Chaplains Are sy The chaplain ' s office is a busy place. Rev. Schieler and Rev. Stoner help prepare ecumenical worship services, provide counseling in many different areas, and are active in campus activities. A sincere concern for students can be found in their office. The chap- lain ' s office is a busy place, but not too busy to help students. Spiroff Directs Records and Research Betsy Kuebler answers a prospective student ' s inquiries about E.C. IMike IVIarcisco is busy checking on a future students qualifications for admission to E.C. Admissions Selects New S The Admissions Department, headed by Mr. Don Weiss, and his able assistants Betsy Kuebler, Mike Marcisco, and Edward Ward, assumes the responsibil- ity of selecting students for acceptance to E.C. Admissions informs prospective students of require- Ed Ward, in a free moment, checks the latest issues of the Elm Bark for news of E.C. events. P.R. Promotes The Inauguration The staff for public relations consists of Mr. Ray Ramseyer; vice president of development; M| Russeitl Weigand, associate director; Mr. Gerald Rasat ' liews i director; and Rev. Henry Krocljlerj director of churchjl relations. They inform the students, parents, alunr|,hi and community through the various media of press; radio, and television, of events effecting the college community. The most outstanding event of this particular school year was the inauguration of Dr. Frick. It was due to the public relations efforts that: letters were sent to the surrounding colleges and universities asking for representatives; that the Chicago Chamber Orchestra gave a performance; and that the fourteen page address was condensed to two pages in order to appear in the neighboring news- papers. The public relations is responsible for the basic promotion of the college serving in other functions such as freshman orientation, sport events and publication of all brochures. Mr. Weigand informs Scott Mcllvain about public relations. Gerry Rasa works diligently at his desk. I?. • Mrs. Karen Rice checks Health Service Supplies. Mrs. E. Currie helps keep the student files up to date. Care is Given The student Health Service attracts students who have aches, pains or strange unlinown diseases. It also offers comfort and cures to victims of nasty little germs. The staff Is responsible for meeting the health needs of the students while they are away from home. I The Afro American Studies Program Moves Forward Through the leadership of Ray Jackson, depart- ment head, Michael Smith and Dorothy Frank the Afro Studies department provides education, lead- ership and understanding for Black students. This year brought the addition of Leopold Begne, thus widening the scope of the department. The office offers a comfortable atmosphere for the Black Stu- dents to investigate his own blackness. Mr. Leopold Benge brings an African accent to the department. Mr. Ray Jackson heads the progressive Afro Studies Program. The office is kept moving efficiently by Mrs. Dorothy Franks. See Europe ThroligK Urban Studies Elmhurst College is v ry fortunate to be the only known school In the country to have an inter- disciplinary major in the field of Urban Studies. This being its second year in existence, it provides courses interesting to students involved in any major, especially in geography, economics, history, political science, and sociology. The department is designed for Liberal Arts but provides career possibilities for interested students in city government, social agen- cies, and community organizations. The courses deal with theory and practice: Each year during the Spring Semester, Dr. Prinz " conducts an Urban Studies Series for majors, which ends with a tour of European cities. During this semes- ter students can get field work jobs to help defray the cost of the European tour. Working with a city planner is one of several possibilities. Unknown to most students; howeVer is the fact that each and any part of the semester series can be taken as an elective along with a regular semester schedule. A full course credit is earned for each individual course, and the trip to Europe is optional. Credit must be given to Dr. Prinz for heading such a new and relevant program by himself. " What ' s that long stick for? " i Biology Department Initiates Students to Life Sciences - I I i-n««l »- lMi ' i1lriiiii The Biology Department shows its diversity by offering a wide selection of courses. Biology 100, 104, and 102 introduce the student to general biology, zoology and botany respectively. The more detailed and involved courses such as Embryology and Com- parative Anatomy are also offered. Specially designed programs, tailored for the individual student are available in independent studies. Among the interim courses offered are Animal Behavior, held at Brook- field Zoo, and the Northwoods Trip to northern Wis- consin offered with the Geography Department. Biology also offers anatomy courses for Physical Education majors and has a new nursing program. Mr. Mittermeyer prepares some agar. Dr. Jump, department chairman, goes thru some paper work. Dr. Meseth pauses in the biology lab. Business Administration classes always enjoy Mr. Frank ' s lectures. Mr. Dutt, trying to figure out the homework. Diversification is Characteristic of the Business Department A major in business administration is given the opportunity to study in four fields — accounting, fi- nance, marketing, and management. The courses in business administration aspire to develop a problem- solving, decision making ability for careers, a pur- suit of graduate study, and personal enlightenment. New with the department this year is Mr. Terry Madoch. Also new is another requirement for the Business major — Math 162. Accounting for the Non- Business students was offered this Interim for the first time which proved to be a successful course. The growing Business Administration Department at Elmhurst is feeling the pinch of the austerity program here at Elmhurst. A few of the situations that have confronted the department are: 1) as the enrollment of the freshman class decreases the num- ber of Business majors is increasing, 2) approximately 200 students and four faculty members comprise the department, 3) day school students must utilize the evening session to get a full program because of so few course offerings during the day and only four faculty members. • ' •iTmi Rev. Williams is the chairman of the Classics Department. Mr. Snyder ' s smile puts students at ease. Mr. Thoma addresses one of his classes. Financial Institutions Are Studied Economics helps the student understand the world ' s financial institutions. The student starts with " Introduction to Economics " which is a discussion of the basic principles. Advanced courses in econom- ics follow through more complex aspects, such as the effects of world trade on the United States or the philosophy of labor unions. The student attempts to understand this monetary world, in which we all live. The Economics Department is headed by Mr. Robert Eaton. 1 i : 71 Words Are Exciting One of the largest departments at Elmhurst College is the English Department. It offers a wide variety of courses. For students interested in studying literature, the department offers courses from Medieval and Renaissance through to Modern Styles. A variety of courses are also offered for those students intent on improving their own writing skills, both expository and creative writing. The English department was proud to announce the formation of an honor society, Sigma Tau Delta, headed by Dr. Kenneth Bidle. talk after a departmental meeting. Dr. Barclay raps with Luther Brown In the Union Lounge. Dr. Kunka enjoys a cup of coffee between classes. Language is Taught American students who realize they need to become aware of other countries ' language and customs can benefit greatly from the Ger- man department where the attempt is made to gain knowledge of more than just the lan- guage. The German department had a busy year highlighted by an OKTOBERFEST attend- ed by students, faculty, staff, and townspeople. Entertainment included medieval German madrigals sung by Colleguium Musicum and a live " oom pah pah " band. Among the other activities of the German Club were a lecture by the well known German writer Heirich Boll and a live performance in German of a Schiller drama. Several students participated in study programs in Germany and Austria during the interim, summer, and junior year. The leader of the German Department is Frau Bauman. Mr. Lagerway increases interest among students. History is Forever The Department of History, staffed by three full- time and two part-time professors, has always been considered a strong and meaningful part of the aca- demic structure of Elmhurst College. The course offerings show a fine balance between the various aspects of historical concerns. American History, European History, as well as courses in Russian and Far Eastern History, are regularly offered. During the Interim students enroll in courses in Modern African History, Near Eastern History and, American Social and Intellectual History. The staff is not only dedicated to the subject mat- ter of History, but also to the personal life and intellectual growth of the students. Private conver- sations. with students are sought and encouraged and add a great deal to a more meaningful professor- student relationship. About 80 students have selected History as their major interest. The students plan to enter the field of Secondary Education; enter a graduate program in History or Law; or seek positions in the world of business or commerce. " The little old history-maker, me. " Mr. Blum reflects on history. ' Veil I ' ll tell you. " i Learn Something Cool With emphasis on relationships between man and his environment, th e Geography Department links the natural and social sciences. Environmental Manage- ment, offered for the first time this year during both semesters, provides broad appeal to students. Interim courses this year included a case study of Chicago and the Great Lakes region. A visit to the North Woods provided students with a " cool " learning experience. Elm hurst ' s Geographers contributed to the Second Century, with the addition of a campus weather station that provides continual recordings of meteorologi- cal conditions on the roof of the Science Center. By using a map Mr. Jurjevich makes his explanation clearer. Here Is the smiling Mr. Ries. Mr. Bohnert is looking over some equipment. Top: Mr. Donald Mason leaves after a long day. Top Right: Mr. Frank Allen, chairman of the department, explains a difficult concept. Bottom Right: Mr. Matthew Bazik pauses a moment in his office. Top Far Left: Mrs. Dorothy Faegre uses the dictionary in the faculty lounge. Bottom Far Left: Mr. Keith Failon goes on a crusade through the cafeteria. If The Department offers a variety of courses to serve the interests and needs of students who are not in- tending to be specialists in philosophy, but who have a lively curiosity about philosophical issues. These offerings serve to satisfy that need and also frequently relate quite specifically to the student ' s major. Among these courses are Philosophy of Religion, Moral Phil- osophy, and the philosophy of specific periods of history. For students majoring in philosophy, and who are pursuing philosophy either for a teaching career or pre-professional training the department offers a comprehensive program intended to lead the student to independent philosophical inquiry and to his own " doing of philosophy. " From time to time meetings of the philosophy staff and students are held. These are quite informal and as much attention is given to fellowship as to intellectual issues. Opinions are freely shared about departmental practices and programs and about individual concerns. Mr. Harris on his home ground. Mr. Andres continues as track coach. Mr. Hawthorne is basketball coach. Physical Education Gives Students Relaxation The Physical Education Department offers Elm- hurst College students an opportunity to attain more than just an academic education. A recent addition to the expanding department is Mr. Wellman. He was the J.V. basketball coach and the baseball he ad coach. Students master exercise and recreational games through the ever increasing service courses, four of which, students are required to take for graduation. For those students majoring in the department, there are various theory and method courses for them to choose from. As well as teaching classes, Mr. Ulrich also coaches wrestling. You can find Miss Green ' s smiling face at the Speech Clinic. Sounds Make Words At Kranz Hall things are happening that are an important aspect of education. Speech Correction majors serve the campus as well as the community in an attempt to remedy speech disorders. The speech correction major has many courses to fit into his schedule as well as fitting in time for his clients in the speech clinic. The speech clinic plays an important role being the practical side of what has been studied in class. It is important for man to understand one another; the speech correction major is trying to recognize the many speech dis- orders and remedy them. Dr. Hall teaches speech correction classes. Chris Bauch works with a little boy. Spanish Department Seeks Romance Mrs. Jones is one of the favorite teachers among E.G. students. Serving as one of the romantic languages, Spanish plays an impor- tant part in the life of E.G. stu- dents. Students majoring in the field find it interesting as well as students taking it to meet the lan- guage requirement. Through Dr. Wellington, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Howie, students are given guidance and numerous opportunities for help to develop their skills in the language. Miss Covelli will be rem- embered thru her dedication to her work, her concern for her students, and her whimsical, light-hearted humor. Dr. Wellington, department chairman, helps a student plan her class schedule. " Buenos dias " is a favorite greeting of Mrs. Howie in her classes. 97 Theological Questions Are Explored If looking for simple answers, don ' t try to find them in the theology department. In the study of theology, questions about the meaning of life, God, and human relationships are brought to the surface. The theology department tries to provide the student with the tools to explore these kinds of questions. As well as studying abstract questions, the theology department provides many opportunities for concrete experiences. Some of these experiences took place this year during the interim in the Laboratory in Ministries course and the trip to Israel. Semester laboratory courses allow students to relate their exploration of theological questions to direct experiences in Christian Education. students find it easy to tail( to Dr. Rose. ORGANIZATIONS Here is a scene from " The Best of Both Worlds. " Religious Life Sponsors Many Activities V Dan Walker campaigned at E.C. " Dust and Ashes " performed at one of the contemporary worship services. Glen Snyder helped increase awareness of social issues. This Is Elms Have you wondered what goes on in the Elms Office? Well, " Will SOMEBODY write copy for this? " What ' s wrong with this that it doesn ' t fit? " , " Hey, look at the picture, there ' s . . . " , " Janie, you ' re just the person I was looking for, " " OK, who has the grease pencil " and last of all " Oh, No. " Every Monday night students work doing lay-outs, thinking of captions, and writing copies like this one. This year ' s editors, Dave Cavallo and Sue Reel have brought up the quality of the yearbook. Their staff were few in number, but the " good times " kept ' em going. Enjoy the Book! On the other side of the lens is Bill Graves. Sue and Dave are proud editors of their production. ROW 1: Mr. Swords, Steve Golden, Ron Meyer, Ted Schole, Al Brown, Duane Thomas, Greg Maksimuk, Larry Evans, Steve Cochran, Wally Trosen, Chris Bauch, Jim Quilty, Dr. Low. ROW 2: Ed Connelly, Al Rupert, Bob Dobson, Mike Palmer, Bob Wojtalewicz, Jim Trench, Lee Sizemore, Dave Cavallo, Charlie Lowe, Jeff Oeming, Jim Fliss. ROW 3: Wayne Weston, Mike Ludwig, Doug Daniels, Greg Wilharm, Bob Sciortino, Steve Kyriazes, Chuck Forster, Dan Fletcher, Bob Bills, Dave Donegan, Scott Mcllvain, Bruce Bauch, Jim Beard. Squires are Involved In All Areas The Brotherhood of Squires, one of the most re- spected groups on campus, continued to serve the campus and community. Some of the service projects included: participating in the March of Dimes, usher- ing at all home football and basketball games, work- ing for the Muscular Dystrophy Drive, giving an annual Christmas party for retarded children, and ushering at Dr. Prick ' s inauguration. Their membership grew to an all time high of 65. The 16 members of the pledge class added a great deal of variety to the Squires. Social highlights of the year included the Homecom- ing champagne breakfast, followed by a dinner and dance, a masquarade party, and the year ended with the 5th annual boat trip. Officers for 1971-72 were: Pres. Chris Bauch, Vice Pres. Larry Evans, Secretary Dave Cavallo, Treasurer Jim Beard, Chaplain Ron Meyer, and Pledgemaster Jim Trench. Diversification and leadership w ill insure the group a predominant place on the Elmhurst campus for years to come. Helping freshman girls move in during orientation was a good way for Jim Quilty to meet all the new girls. Carol Carlson and Doug Daniels join in the fun. . ' ' rvM » »■ • student presentation and interaction is a basic tenent of SDC. A large crowd listens to a " last lecture. " Is This the Last Year For SDC? The Student Development Center in the basement of Niebuhr hall is a place for students to talk, study, and relax. SDC started in January 1971 as a place for discussions between faculty and students. SDC tries to be person centered rather than problem centered and thus be a more personal place for students to get together and talk. Rooms are available for study or just to be alone. The center developed to include pro- grams and lectures. The programs planned are to involve students and give them a place to express their feeling, register a complaint, get educated, or just have a good time. The quality of the SDC depends on the students and future of the SDC is now in ques- tion. I Debbie Spohr tie-dyes. Choir Visits The Southwest The Elmhurst Choir, under the direction of Dr. T. Howard Kruger, sang its last concert of the season on May 28. The choir ' s activities consisted of a Fall Tour, a Christmas Concert in cooperation with The Elmhurst Park District Choir, Lenten Concert season, an Easter Concert with The Elmhurst Park District Choir, Spring Tour, and singing at various concerts and for Baccalaureate Services. This year ' s Spring Tour found the E.C. Choir in the Southwest. Of the U.S. cities, included in the tour, were Witchita, Kansas City, San Antonio, St. Louis, Forth Worth, and its farthest point, New Braunfels, Texas. Many thanks to the Choir, on behalf of the college com- mittee, for their fine musical efforts. ROW 1: D. Krauth, B. Beyer, S. Valastyan, M. Sluss, S. Wright, K. Goeke, A. Hebard. ROW 2: K. Tendall, R. West, B. Jones, G. Eichelman, D. Rice, IVI. Tabbert, L. Petlievich, D. Miller, J. Campanella, G. Waldron. ROW 3: G. Jacobs, Q. Lang, R. Jeffrey, M. Norton, J. Kalkbrenner, G. Buer, D. Weis- shaar, B. Benning, R. Scanlon, F. Greco. ROW 4: R. Klemm, B. Zayas, M. Carstens, E. Mueller, B. Chambers, J. Tiede. ' For the Harmony of Man and Nature " entitles this wall mural. The T.V. room now appears to be larger. As Mr. Weber says, " People need art. " Here Are Men ' s And Women ' s Honoraries FIRST ROW: S. Smith, B. Smith, and C. Carson. SECOND ROW: K. Duzen, J. Sumner, D. Krauth, and E. Moore. FIRST ROW: C. Bauch, D. Aggen, D. Simley, P. Canuto and Mr. Swords. SECOND ROW: D. Peine, E. Anderson, P. Bliznick, and A. Weiger. Union Board Is Responsibli Of Campus Activities The Union Board is a programming organization designed to encourage students and other members of the college community to meet and share talents, ideas, and interests. To provide a well-balanced program of events U.B. is sub-divided into various Life Committees (Athletic, Black Affairs, Cultural, Social, Religious, Elms, Elmbark, and W.R.S.E.). These committees do the initial programming that results in the creative process that goes into pulling off an event. This year the various committees have sponsored Preservation Hall, Charlie Byrd, Black Awareness Week-end, the Intramural games, F.O.F. week. Worship Services — the list is endless. The Union Board ' s continuing goal is the creation of an atmosphere that encourages individual self-develop- ment whether it be in the arts, social events, or intramural games. lison, Chris Jankowski, Bill Drzal, Mr. D. Weiss, . R. Swords, Dr. J. Holbrook. ROW 3: Mr. R. Weigar . T. Pinch, Dr. J. Jump, Mr. Blum, Dr. C. Robert. The Jazz Band Creates The Jazz Band is an intramural organization. They played at the Winter Concert along with the Concert Band. The band performed and helped to sponsor the Midwest Jazz Festival. Due to personnel problems, there were not enough people to fill out the parts during the second semester. Majorettes: An Added Half Time Feature This year, five enthusiastic girls got together on their own to provide E.C. students and friends with visual entertainment at the half times of the football games. The girls, Bonnie Kacorus, Laura Sova, Bonnie Allen, Judy Grande, and Jada Seman met faithfully everyday to put together routines with the band. They also each made their own costumes which added to the half time spectacle. Karate Is Discipline Every Monday and Wednesday night, the Irion Hall Recreation Room turns into a dojo training hall. Here students learn the art of Kyokushinkai Kan-karate. Karate is not a sport, but a discipline builder for the mind and body. This year the Karate Club expanded and was offered as a service gym course. The Blue Jays Break a Record The Elmhurst Bluejays began their 1971 season with a loss, but quickly picked up their pace with the second game beating North Central 41 to 0. The team seemed to have good spirit and teamwork as they surpassed North Park, Carroll and Wheaton College — three games in a row; 44-6, 29-0, and 41-0, respec- tively. At the time of the North Park game, they were 3 and 0. None of the fans expected this win, but the Jays surprised us once again. Homecoming game this year was exciting as we wopped Wheaton — the first time to win a Home- coming game in a while. It was overall, a very exciting season. The Elmhurst Bluejays closed the season with 4 wins and 5 losses. The great sportsmanship that counts keeps our favorite team going. Those favorite players of ours that put themselves at the top are: John Spooner, Darryl Lyons, Will Eagleson, Chuck Purdom, and Rodney Moore. John Spooner received the honor for the most yards in rushing— 571 yards. For passing the raw- hide, Darryl Lyons with 44 complete passes and Will Eagleson with 10, took the lead. At the other end catching was Chuck Purdom who now has 33 caught passes to his credit. Rodney Moore was our best scorer this year which is what the fans noticed — he got 5 touchdowns and 1 extra point. Great job Rodney! In total offense, John Spooner and Darryl Lyons once again lead the team. The best accomplishment that will be remembered is the record that Elmhurst broke in yards gained by rushing. In our game against North Park, we gained 480 yards. Congratulations guys, see ya next year out on the field. Win-Loss Record The song of victory rings through the community after the game. Elmhurst 0 Simpson 12 Elmhurst 41 North Central 0 Elmhurst 6 Augustana 22 Elmhurst 44 North Park 6 Elmhurst 29 Carroll 0 Elmhurst 41 Wheaton 0 Elmhurst 24 Illinois Wesleyan 32 Elmhurst 6 Carthage 38 Elmhurst 0 Millikin 30 A Stream of ideas runs through Coach Harris ' mind. The Blue Jays Sometimes Win- Sometimes Lose Ken Rupnow has the ball and hopes not to lose it. Bluejays End Season 15-9 This season marked Jon Hawthorne ' s debut as basketball head coach of the bluejays. New varsity coach Jon Hawthorne led the Jays to 15 wins, which tied an all-time E.C. record. One of the highlights of the season came early in February when the Jays routed Carroll College 113 to 89. Those 113 points enabled the E.C. cagers to set a new school single game scoring record, breaking the old record set in 1965-1966. During the season they participated in two tourna- ments; they took a third place in the Aurora College Cage Classic with two valuable players injured. During Christmas vacation Elmhurst won the Illinois Tech Holiday tournament championship. It was only the second time in the history of the school that an E.C. basketball team has won a holiday tournament title. Cal Saunders a 6 ' 4 " junior was the team ' s leading scorer, rebounder and gained the most value points per game and in one season. John Froeschner and Jim Bell, both seniors, averaged 12.2 and 11.0 points per game respectively, both proved to be a valuable asset to the bluejay team. Senior Dwaine Hoff provided depth for the team and pulled down 133 rebounds for the season. Two records this year were Jim Brusveen and Jim Trench. Brusveen broke the season records in career assists and most assists in one game, while Trench broke the record with the best Field Goal percentage and came in second place with 140 rebounds. With Trench at forward again next year he could prove to be another valuable asset for E.C. With Travis, Simpson, and Joe Bell also returning next year, the bluejays team could be a strong con- tender in the CCIW next season. Jays fans can look for- ward to another exciting year next year as five good players are returning. Ripon Rockford Aurora Carthage Millikin IIT LaCrosse Augustana Concordia Lake Forest North Central Wesleyan Wheaton Augustana Millikin North Park North Central North Park Carroll Lake Forest Wheaton Wesleyan Carroll Carthage SEATED: Bob Pfennig, John Froeschner, Jim Brusveen, Bill Simpson, Tim Fitzpatrick, and Brad Travis. STANDING: Coach Weilman, Jim Trench, Cal Saunders, Dwaine Hoff, Walt Seabrooks, Joe Bell, Greg Oats, and Coach Hawthorne. A - f One of the Stuart twins gets his man down. Good worl(, " Wrestling Jay. . . right hand on red, left foot on blue 162 C mi . gtff H P Wrestling Season The " Wrestling Jays " performed a 6-7 dual meet record this season. This record was due mostly to a series of injuries, an absence of experienced wrestlers, and three to four forfeits. Nevertheless, individual wins and strong team effort gave Elmhurst its third consecutive upper division finish. This year Elmhurst fell off of its leading pace. We dropped from first to third in the North Central Invi- tational and from second to third in the Conference. This season ' s top wrestlers were Don Kessler, Dave Kuban, Don Stuart, and Doug Gorham. In the CCIW Don Kessler took first place. Don also became Elm- hurst ' s first two time conference champ. Dave Kuban proved to be this year ' s most consistent tournament wrestler placing first at North Central, third at Whea- ton, and second in the CCIW. Don Stuart took special honors as the honorary team captain. This was the third year in a row that Don has placed in the confer- ence meet. Doug Gorham was awarded the most im- proved wrestler honor. He gave a nice surprise at the Millikin tournament by out classing the field of heavy- weights and bagging the first place medal. Was Disheartening Special recognition should be given to Hank Harri- son in the senior spot light, Don Kessler, and Doug Gorham for placing first in CCIW and Don Kessler and Dave Kuban who represented E.C. at this years NCAA College Division Tournament at Oswego, New York. EC OPP. 36 Illinois Wesleyan 6 40 IVIillikin 9 36 IIT m 13 Augusta 31 13 Taylor 28 15 Carthage M 39 Waukesha Tech - • 32 Ripon 30 Lewis 27 24 St. Joseph 26 3 Indian Central 39 16 Wisconsin-Milwaukee 24 11 Illinois-Chicago m FIRST ROW: Dave Kuban, Don Kessler, Rick Rogers, John Dreusicke. SECOND ROW: Coach Richard Ulrich, Doug Gorham, Hank Harrison, Scott Stamp, Chuck Perry, Ron Stuart, Don Stuart, Manager Terry Stephens. s 168 Track Takes Second Both Indoor And Out The Elmhurst College Track Team opened the sea- son with an impressive second place finish at the NAIA District 20 Meet, scoring 23 ¥2 points. This, added with a quadrangular victory over Morton Junior College, Thornton Junior College, and Kish- wakee Junior College highlighted the indoor season. During the outdoor season the Jays were hampered by many injuries. Highlights of the outdoor season were impressive home victories over Millikin, Carroll, North Park, Illinois Benedictine, Aurora, Lake Forest, and George Williams. The Jays were shutout in the conference meet, but bounced back to place second at the Elmhurst Intercollegiate International with a second place finish in a field of eighteen schools. Outstanding honors were given to Don Tyler; lead- ing point getter. Ken Rupnow; most valuable player, and Redmond Clark; team captain. The lettermen were Al Brown, Redmond Clark, Dave Miller, Darryl Lyons, Charles Reynolds, Al Rupert, Ken Reysnow, Don Tyler, Greg Gates, Sammy Green, and managers Bob Sciortino and Tom Bognar. Rupnow in the 220 yard dash. L 1 ROW 1: Dwaine Hoff, Mike Cotsones, Mike Papoccia, Jim Brusveen, Jim Trench, Chuck Purdom. ROW 2: Mike Matthews, Paul Cummings, Bill Pfennig, and Nick Garbarino. Jays Pull Third With A Late Season Surge By winning eight out of the last ten games, the Elm- hurst baseball team finished in third place in the CCIW with an 8-5-2 record. In nonconference play, the Jays were 4-4-1 for an overall record of 12-9-3. The season opened with the annual trip south. Oddly enough, the season opener ended in a 3-3 tie with Tennessee Temple in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After the tie in Chattanooga, the Jays moved on to Atlanta, Georgia, where they beat North Georgia Col- lege twice before splitting a double-header with Ogelthorpe. That split started the longest losing streak of the year — 4 games. The Jays returned home on a winning note as they beat Jacksonville State University of Alabama 4-2 in the second game of a doubleheader. Jacksonville State went into the contest with a 20-2 slate, having beaten such teams as Mississippi State and Auburn. After returning home, the Jays started the confer- ence schedule with a tie against Wheaton. Next came two one-run losses to conference champion Carthage, and a loss and a tie to Augustana before the Jays put on their late season surge. In the last ten games, the Jays outscored their opponents 60-38 while notching third place. During this span, the Jays beat Illinois Wesleyan 4-1 and 9-4. This is the first time that anyone can remember that Elmhurst has swept a doubleheader from Wesleyan. First baseman Nick Garbarino was selected to the all-conference team as he hit .360 in the conference and .325 overall Out fielder Dwaine Hoff made honorable mention on the all-conference team ' s Most Valuable Player award, selected bers of the squad, was Dwaine Hoff. list. The by mem- EC OPP. 3 Tennessee Temple Univ. 3 6 North Georgia College 5 10 North Georgia College 4 3 Oglethorpe Univ. 2 6 Oglethorpe Univ. 7 3 Southern Tech 5 4 West Georgia 7 0 Jacksonville State (Ala.) 6 4 Jacksonville State (Ala. ) 2 5 Wheaton 5 7 Carthage 8 2 Carthage 3 1 Augustana 4 4 Augustana 4 4 Millikin 2 8 Millikin 4 4 North Park 7 7 North Park 6 4 Illinois Wesleyan 1 9 Illinois Wesleyan 4 10 Carroll 0 0 Carroll 5 5 North Central 4 9 North Central 5 171 Wally Mah reaches to volley a lob, while playing doubles with Ken Brinker. i] 1 1 llW5WF Ml -lIlM ' »ll i4ii:a iiiiiij:yyi|Jri|li U- 1 l ' :? lllK»iHirl 111 I ' ll E lll ' ■»fcJlMg iiTir» ' Crosscountry Makes a Comeback at E.C. The 1971 edition of the ' Blue IVIachine ' was a low- budget model. Building on a non-existent team of the prior year, the harriers, coached by Jon Hawthorne, were hampered by a lack of depth, experience, sup- port and an abundance of injuries. Yet strong will and determination held the team together as they drove their way through a schedule of tough com- petition. The team members comprised a wide range of ex- perience and evidenced the need for rebuilding in future years. Senior members were Jeff Swartout, returning after a stint in the Navy, Red Clark, a new- comer to the sport, and Don Bizer, his third year on the team and the only ' veteran ' of the original ' Blue Machine ' of two years ago. As a nucleus for future years, freshmen members Vern Rhodes and Al Brown, and junior Mike Casey — most valuable runner — gained valuable experience in the tough CCIW com- petition. The 1972 ' Blue Machine ' will need an increase of student interest and support for the remodeling and rebuilding job. But with Coach in the drivers seat and the returning nucleus from this year ' s team, the future can only be bright for E.C. ' s one and only ' Blue Machine ' . m Al Brown and Mike Casey show that practice is a vital part of cross country. Vern Rhodes crosses the coun- try for the ' Blue Machine ' . LEFT TO RIGHT: Vern Rhodes, Jeff Swartout, Red Clark, Al Brown, Mike Casey, Don Bizer, Coach Jon Hawthorne. 176 Follow Tl Under first year sters turned in a sea Itie. The team was led and Craig Arend. Drogos and Arend s Drogos averaged tout and Craig Mern Peter Drogos w consecutive year. Pete Drogos starts his winning swing " What can we say? ' 177 i Jean Bryan Betty Burgener Wendy Burke Debra Burket Theology English French Business Administration il . Dale Raczkowski Math Theresa Raloff Psychology Maria Ransom Sociology Kenneth Rathje Geography Jean Read Sociology Elizabeth Reddoch Elementary Education Christine Reel Elementary Education Daniel Richards Business Administration Nancy Rocca Elementary Education March Runner Business Administration Arlene Sadberry Psychology Karen Sauter Physical Education Roberta Scanlon Psychology Allan Schmidt Business Administration Judy Schroeder English Lin Schultz Sociology Seniors 196 tto B Gregory Watson Business Administration Alan Weiger Speech 207 Juniors y H I HI HHB H H B i Ruth DeBoer Rebeca DeLa Torre Gilda DeMartino jl j Ann Elyachar Sandy Eto David Evans Carol Ferdinand Kim Fielder Thomas Forst Frank Foys William Franwcie Mary French Carol Frieden 3 M l l B M H Joan Garrison Murlea Gearhart MaryGelhaus Robert Gignac Virtudes Giroud 219 Freshmen Senior Activities Aggen, Oavid: Chicago, III., Men ' s Honorarv 3, 4; Elmbark, Sport ' s Editor (Assistant) 2; Baseball Team 1,2, 3,4; Resident Advisor 4; TKE 1,2. Amano, Janie: Chicago, III. Amberg,Paul: Oaklawn, III., TKE 1,2,3,4. Andersen, Edward: Brigantine, New Jersey, Squires 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain; Biology Advisory Council 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Honorary 3, 4; Biology HonorSociety 2, 3, 4. Babych, Kathleen: SEA 2, 3; NEA 2, 3. Bacon, Cairn: Forest Park, III. Bahl, Kristina: Hillside, III., Theatre 2, 3, 4; Chancel Players 2, 3, 4, Manager 3; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4. Balodimas, Paulette: Elmhurst, III. Barlow, Karen: Wheaton, III. Barton, Paulette: Villa Park, ill.. Transfer 3. Bauch, Christopher: Keokuk, Iowa, Squires 2, 3, 4, President 4; Sigma Alpha Eta 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; Men ' s Honorary 3,4. Bauer, Roseanna: Chicago, III. Beard, James: Little York, N.Y., Squires 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 3, Treasurer 4; German Club 4. Behan, John: Elmhurst, 111., Commuter Relations Committee 1; College Republicans 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, 3. Behle, Marilyn: Baxter, Iowa, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Elmbark 3, 4. Bell, James: Markham, III,, BLOC 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Chairman 1 ; Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4. Benda, Joan: LaGrange, III. Billingham, Katherine: Rockford, 111., Student Development Center 1, 2; STOP 1; Volunteer Council 1, 2; Elmhurst Movement for a New Congress 1 . Bills, Robert: Mokena, H!., Squires 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1; Student Government Association 1; Social Life Committee 2, 3. Bizer, Donald: Union, Mo., Cross-Country 1, 2,4; Elmbark 1, 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor 3, Editor-in- chief 4; Cultural Life Committee 3, Chairman; Choir 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 4; Campus Judicial Board, Appeals Committee 3, 4; Men ' s Honorary; Centennial Planning Committee 3; Joint Council 2, 3. BJiznick, Peter: Chicago, III., Theta Alpha Phi3, 4, Vice President 4; Chancel Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Composer of Freshman Orientation Musical 4; Men ' s Honorary 4; Who ' s Who in Americar Co leges and Universities 4. bradford, Peggy: Lemont, III., SEA 3, 4. Bralles, Helene: Oak Park, III. Breidenbaugh, Robert: Stamford, Conn., WRSE 1, 2, 3,4. Brieschke, Bruce: Villa Park, III., Choir 2, 3, 4; Collegium Musicum 4; Organist for Choir 2, 3, 4, Brown, James: Park Ridge, III., Commuter Rela- tions Committee 2; Volunteer Council 3. Brusveen, Janrjes: Addison, III., Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; E-Club 3, 4; Praetors 1 , 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Treasurer 4. Bryan, Harriet: Elmhurst, ,111., Transfer 2; Beta, Beta, Beta 2; Elmbark " Burgener, Betty: Elmhurst, III. Burket, Debra: Bremen, Ind., Lambda Chapter of Delta Mu Delta 3, 4, President 3, 4. Caliendo, Bernadine: Betlwood, 111., Elms; Adel- phae; NEA. Cannella, Marlene: Lomfcwrd, III., Adelphae 3, 4. Carson, Catharine: Franklin Park, 111., Women ' s Honorary, Treasurer 4; Choir 2, 3; Honor Society 4. Chockla, Patricia: Westchester, III. Chopores, James: Lombard, III., WRSE 1,4. Church, Susan: Melrose Park, 111., Transfer 3. Clark, Redmond: Elmhurst, 111., Track 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 3; Football 1; Choir 2, 3; Eimbark 3- Clouser, Thomas: St. Joseph, Mo , Choir 1, 2,4; Elmbark 4; Class Secretary -Treasurer 1 . Coburn, Ramona: Lyons, III.. Campus Crusade 3, 4; Polyhymnia 3; Elmhurst Symphony 3, 4. Colby, Merry : Western Springs, III. Coleman, Audrey: Chase City, Va., Geography Club 2, 3, 4; French Club. Colligan, Margaret: North Chicago, 111., Band 1,2, 3. Corbett, John: Buffalo, N.Y., STOP 2; Social Life 3; Campus Life Council 3, 4; Squires 1, 2, 3, 4, Alumni Chairman 3. Grain, Harriet: Rolling Meadows, 111., SEA 3, 4. Dalton, Paul: Maywood, III., Young Democrats 1; Commuter Relations Committee 1 , 2; Psi Chi 4, Dannenberg, Art: Palatine, III,, TKE, President; Men ' s Honorary 4. Davenport, Johnnie: Chicago, III, DeRon, Richard: Chicago, 111. DeVore, Judy: OIney, 111., Band 1 ; Choir 1, 2;Bell Choir 2; Elms 4. De Vries, Donna: Oak Lawn, III., Lehmann Hall Advisor 2, 3, 4; SEA 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Women ' s Honorary 4, Secretary 4; Social Life Committee 3, 4. Dossa.Shahnavaz; Bomtiay, India. Drogos, Peter: Chicago, III., Praetors; Golf Team, Captain; Hockey Club. Duzen, Kathryn: Buffalo, N.V., Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; AWS Program Chairman 2; Women ' s Honor- ary 4, Lehmann Hall Advisor 3, 4; Social Life Committee 3, Chairman 4; All Campus Judicial Board 4. Eagleson, Will: Hialeah, Florida, Football 2,3,4, Captain 4; E-Club 2,3. Earle, Diane: Washington, D.C., Black Affairs Committee 3, 4; Pom-Pom Squad 4. Earnest, Cathy : ElkGrove Village, III., MENC 2, 3. 4; Choir. Ebsen, Thornas: Oak Park, III., Praetors, Publicity Chairman. Eckford, Janice: Elmhurst, III., SEA 2, 3, 4, Vice President. Edwards, Deborah: Portsmouth, Va., Cheerleadet 1 ; Residence Council 2; Judicial Board 2; BLOC 3, 4; Joint Council 3, 4; Placement Committee 3, 4. Emberg, Wes: Chicago, III. Ericksen, Alice: Ernst, Larry: Caseyville, III., Cross Country 1,2; Track 2; Campus Judicial Board 3,4; Athletic Life Chairman 4; Men ' s Honorary 3, 4. Evans, James: Indianapolis, Ind., Football 2, 3,4; Squires 2, 3, 4; E-Club 3, 4; Football Captain 3. Evans, Lawrence: Melrose Park, III., Squires 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. Faber, Greg: Evergreen Park, III., Education Club 1 , 2, 3; Commuter Relations 1 . Faerber, Robert: Chicago Heights, III., WRSE 1,2, Chief Engineer 1, 2; Theta Alpha Phi 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1,2, Historian 2. Ferrer, Gloria: Dubuque, Iowa, Education Club. Fischer, Mary: Franklin Park, III. Fisher, Mirean: Jackson, Miss., Women ' s Honorary 4; Financial Aid Committee 2, 3, 4; Religious Life Committee 2, 3; Appealing Hearing Committee of the Judicial Board 4; BLOC 1 , 2, 3, 4. Fitzgerald, Michael: Franklin Park, III., Cultural Intellectual Life 2, 3, 4; WRSE 2,3,4. Florida, Mary: Villa Park, 111. Flynn, Patricia: Hinsdale, III., Transfer 3; Psy Chi 3,4. Fonda, Pamela: Elmhurst, HI., Library Committee 3,4. Fonda, Susan; Elmhurst, IH., Library Committee 3. Freeman, Patricia; Maywood, 111., MENC 1, 2, 3,4, Co-Chairman 4; Choir 1 , 2; Poiyhymnia Women ' s Chorus 3, 4, President 4; Band 4; Schola Cantorum 3. Fricke, Anne; Joliet, 111. Adelphae 1; Polyhymnia 2; Junior Year Abroad— Germany. Fridell, Connie: Deerfield, III., Fiction Editor of Elmhurst Reviews. Friedberg, Geraldine: Park Ridge, III. Froeschner, John: St. Louis, Mo., Basketball 1, 2, 3,4; Judicial Board. Gage, Deborah: Western Springs, III., Tutoring 2; Resident Advisor 4; Judicial Board 4; Gamma Theta Upsilon 4. Gatziolis, Frances: Chicago, III. Gildersleeve, Alison: Summit, III., Omicron Delta, Secretary; Education Club; Band. Godfrey, Hileria: Chesapeake, Va., BLOC 1, 2, 3, 4, Bookkeeper; Chairman of BaIck Affairs; Black Science Club; Union Board. Goenne, Sarah: Decatur, III., Elms 1;ST0P 1,2,3, 4; Religious Life Committee 4; Choir 2; Choral Union 1, 2; Omicron Delta 1; Elmhurst Movement for a New Congress 3; Volunteer Council 2. Gordon, Fon: Little Rock, Ark., Elmbark 1; Judicial Board 4; Psi Chi 4. Gordon, Jean: LaGrange, III., Sigma Alpha Eta 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, Vice-President; Women ' s Honor- ary. 226 Senior Activities Graham, Mary : Westmont, III. Graves, Carolyn: Florissant, Mo., SNEA 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4. Greco, Virginia: Elmhurst, III,, WRSE 1 , 2, 3. Grever, Steven: Lake Zurich, III,, Common Course Committee 2, 3; Honor Society 3,4. Gricius, Victoria: Villa Park, III., Psi Chi 3, 4, Treasurers. Griffiths, Stephanie: Washington, D.C., Resident Advisor 3; Admissions Committee 2, 3; Social Life Committee 1 , 2; Judicial Board 1 . Grippo, Charles: Park Ridge, III,, WRSE 3, 4. Gruber, Charles: Addison, III,, TKE 1; Golf 3,4. Goellner, Emil: Broadview, III., Forensics3,4, Gutzmer, Jacquelyn: Berkeley, III., Student Edu- cation Association. Hagstrom, Carlton: Waukegan, III., Beta Beta Beta 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Hamilton, Antoinette: Chicago, III., Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3,4; Vice-President Stanger. Hammond, Helen: Memphis, Tenn., BLOC 1, 2, 3, 4. Harris, Kathy: Cincinnati, Ohio, Band 1, 2; Chancel Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Life 1 ; Adelphae 2, 3, 4, President 4; Homecoming Committee 2; Presidential Av ard 1. Harris, Robert; Haude, James: Lake Forest, III. Hayes, Carolyn: North Brook, III., WRSE 1, 2, 3. Heddleson, Stanley: Heininger, Marsha: Iowa City, Iowa, Honor Soci- ety 3,4;Women ' 8 Honorary 3,4. Higginson, James: Hamilton, Canada; Squires 1 , 2, 3, 4; Harbinger Coffeehouse 1, 2, 3, General Manager 2; Intramurals 1 , 2, 3, 4. HinWe, Bill: Oregon, III., Tennis Team 3. Hjorth, Craig: River Forest, 111., Wrestling 3, 4. Hoff, Dwaine: Rockford, HI., Basketball; Baseball captain. Holtgreve, Doris: Union, Missouri, Band 1; Ger- man Club 3; Elms 4. Jacobs, George: Elmhurst, III., SEA 1, 2; Band 1,2, 3, 4, Quartermaster 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Men ' s Honorary 3, 4; Education Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 3; Campus Life Committee 4. James, Jeanine: Justice, HI., Transfer — Moraine Valley Community College;P.E. Club3, 4. Jemison, Steven: Chicago, III., BLOC 1, 2, 3, 4; Joint Council 1 ; Presidents Commission on Coun- seling 1 ; Cross Country. Jewell, Robert: Bellwood, HI., TKE Rush Com- mittee Chairnnan 3, Service Committee Chairman 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4. Jezowski, Joe: Skokie, HI. Johnson, Sytvia: Chicago, III. Johnston, Dougtas: Elmhurst, III. Jones, Karen: BLOC 1, 2, 3,4; Intramurals 1, 2. Juszczyk, Jane: Bensenville, III., Spanish Club, Secretary 2. Kaleta, Mary Ellen; Graduate Study Committees; Tri Beta 3. Kanikula, Sharon: Cicero, III., Transfer - Morton College. Kara, Randall: Westchester, III. Kaszak, Nancy: Calumet City, 111., Pi Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 1, 2, President 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Religious Life Committee; Elmhurst Students for a New Congress 3; Elmbark 4; Schick Hall Judicial Board 2; Volunteer Council 2; Debate Team 1,2,3,4; Newman Club 1 , 3. Keag, Leslie; Chicago, III., Intramurals 3, 4. Keesee, Georgetta: Chicago, 111., SEA 2, 3, 4; Education Advisory Council 4. Kemp, Ronald: Elmhurst, 111., Theatre House Manager 4. Keller, Anthony : Wrestling 3, 4. Kemp, Thomas: Elmhurst, III. Kim, Tae; Soong In Dong Dong Dae Mun Ku, Seoul, Korea. Knapp, Cheryl; Bellwood, III., Polymnia 3; Choir 4; Collegium Musicum 4; MENC 3, 4. Kolseth. Sherrie: Saint Louis, Missouri, Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, captain 3, 4; Homecoming Court 2, 3; Social Life Excursions Chairman 1 ; AWS 1 ; Wing Rep. 1 ; Intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; Homecoming Play 4. Kozlowski, Michael; Elmhurst, III., Pi Gamma Mu 3,4. Kozy, Mary; Franklin Park, III., Psy-Chi 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Newman Club 1 , 2. Krauth, Debra; Canfield, Ohio, Women ' s Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1 , 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4; Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Honorary; Athletic Committee; P.E. Mafors Club; SEA 2, 3. Kreml,Gale; Oak Park, 111. Kurth, John: St. Louis, Mo., WRSE-FM 1, 2, 3,4; STOP 1 , 2. Laing, James; Oak Park, III. Lancman, Walter; Chicago, 111. Lang, Quentin: Niles, 111., Band 2, 3, 4; Student Chairman Midwest Inter-Collegiate Jazz Festival. Larsen, William: Niles, III. Laskowski, Dorothy; Elmhurst, III. Lewis, Barbara: South Bend, Ind., Harbinger Coffeehouse 1 , Secretary 2, 3. Livingston, Richard: Glen Ellyn, III. Lucchesi, James; Bellwood, III., TKE 2. Lucchesi, John: Bellwood, lit. Lumpkin, Charlois: St. Louis, Mo., Psi Chi 1, Treasurer 2; BLOC 1, 2,3,4; Residence Council 1. Lung, Shou-Wei: Tokyo, Japan, SEA 2, 3; Foreign Student Club 2. Lusero, Rick: Longmont, Colo., Academic Coun- cil 3. Lusero, Susan: Longmont, Colo., Gamma Theta Upsilon, Secretary 4. Marines, IMicolette: Chicago, III. Marseille, Patricia; Glen Ellyn, III., Sigma Alpha Eta 3, Treasurer 4. Matterre, Louis: Washington, D.C., Football; Baseball; Judicial Board. Mather, Victoria: Hinsdale, 111., Cheerleader 1, 2. Mattox, Gail: Atlanta, Ga., Tri Beta Biological Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer. Maziarek, Michael; Elmhurst, III. McCargo, Michael: Cleveland, Ohio, Football 1,3; Basketball 1. McDermott, Thomas: Lombard, III., Student Development Center 3; Advisor Irion 4; Tennis 4. McDuffee, Ruthann: Wheaton, III., Omicron Delta, President 3,4. McGregor, Craig: Elmhurst, 111. McNerney, Christine: Rochester, N.Y., Gamma Theta Upsilon 4; Stanger Hall Treasurer 2; Women ' s Honorary 4. Megen, Ronald: Schiller Park, 111. Melichar, Bill: Oak Park, 111. Mernitz, Craig; Hay ward. Wise, E-Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Squires 1,2, 3, 4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Golf 1. 2, 3,4; Centennial Theme Committee 3; Joint Council 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Merz, Susan; Chicago, III., Adelphae 3, 4, Point 8i Pledge Chairman. Metallo, Alex: Lombard, III., Joint Council 4. Meyer, Nancy: Appleton, Wise, Chancel Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Elmbark 1 , 2; Theta Alpha Phi 2, Secretary 3, Historian 4; Cultural Intellectual Life 2,3,4. Meyer, Ronald; St. Paul, Minn., Squires 1, 2, 3, Chaplain 4. Michaelis, Jack: Elmwood Park, III. Miller, Sandra: Dorien, III., Spanish Club, Co Secretary 2. Mines, Kathleen: Lisle, III., Choir 2, 4. Mogge, Robert: Arlington Hts., III., TKE 2; Intramurals 1,2, 3,4. Molnor, Gregory: Schiller Park, III. Monhart, Glenn: Hinsdale, III., Veterans Club 3, President 4; TKE 1,2, 3,4; Elms 3. Moore, Elsie: Jarrett, Virginia, Women ' s Honorary President 4; Psi Chi 3, 4, secretary; Honor Society; Faculty Council; German Club. Moore, Luanne: Ottana, Illinois, Transfer. Moss, Margaret: Chicago, III. Morz, Gary: Elmwood Park, III. O ' Brien, Leslie: West Hartford, Conn., Cheer- leading 1, 2; Intramurals 1 , 2, 3, 4. Osebre, Peter: Pampanie, Vir, Ghana, West Africa, Foreign Students Club; Geography Club. Opyd, Ronald: Blue Island, III. Page, Leana: Chicago, III., Resident Advisor 3, 4; Social Life 2; Socila Co ordinator Stanger Hall 2: BLOC 1 , 2, 3, 4; Tennis Team 3, 4. Senior Activities Pagni, Kenneth: LaG range, III. Palmer, Janet: Bellwood, III., NEA. Patterson, Randall: Lombard, Illinois. Peine, Douglas: Normal, III., Joint Council; Hall Advisor and Co-Director of Free University; Men ' s Honorary. Perkis, Barbara: Chicago, III., Wing Representative 1; Judo Club 1; Social Life Committee 3, 4; Intramurals 1,2. Pietrowski, Sharon: Chicago, III., Social Life Committee 2; Psi Chi 3, 4. Pinelli, Vincent: Harwood Heights, III., Cultural Intellectual Life 2, 3, 4; Union Board Chairman 4; WRSE 1, 2, 3, Business Manager 4; Campus Life Council 2, 3, 4; Chancel Players 1,2, 3,4. Poore, James: LaGrange, III., Transfer. Pretzel, Roger: Chicago, III. Purdom, Charles: Praetors 2, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4; WRSE 2, 3; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Campus Life Council 4. Quitty, James: Burbank, III., Squires 1, 2, Pledge- , master 3, Committee Chairman 4; Harbinger 1, 2, 2; Intramurals 1 , 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1 . Raczkowski, Dale: LaGrange Park, III., TKE 1, 2. Raloff, Theresa: Park Forest, III. Ransom, Maria: Washington, D.C., Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Karate Club 2; Judo Club4;Omicron Delta 1. Rathje, Kenneth: Addison, III. Read, Jean: Eimhurst, lit. Reel, Christine: Elgin, lll.,Transfer;SEA 4. Reiter, Dean: St. Louis, Mo., Chancel Players 1, 2, A. Richards, Daniel: Eimhurst, tit., E-Club 2, 3, 4; f ootball 1 ; Praetors 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; WRSE 3. Roeca, Nancy: Melrose Park, III., SEA 2; NEA 2, 3. Runner, March; Washington, D.C, Sauter, Karen: Arlington, Hts., III., Polyhymnia 2, Business Manager 3; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Religious Life Council 1 ; Newman Club 2; P.E. Majors Club 3,4. Sadberry, Arlene; St. Louis, Mo., Intramurats 1; Black Affairs 1; Interdorm Judicial Board 1. Scnalon, Roberta: St. Charles, III., Band 4; Synchronized Swim Club 3; Judo Club4. Schmidt, Allan: Addison, III. Schroeder, Judy: Westchester, lit. Schultz, Lin: Westchester, III., Adetphae 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports. Schwer, Charles: Eimhurst, III. Scott, Charlotte: East Grange, New Jersey, BLOC 1 , 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Tennis Team 1 , 2, 3, 4. Scott, Mattie: Fort Worth, Texas, Social Life 1, 2, 3, 4; Schick Vice President 1; Black Affairs Committee 1 , 2; Women ' s Honorary. Scott, Stephen: Indianapolis, Indiana, Hiz-I Broth- ers 1, 2, 3, Minister of Etiquette and Athletics; Freshman Football; BLOC 1, 2, 3. Sembly, Emma: Baltimore, Maryland, Senate 1; Schick Secretary 1; Psi Chi 3, 4; J-Board 4; Delta Sigma Theta 4;SE A 3, 4; Joint Council 4. Shannon, Robert: Park Ridge, III., Tennis 2, 3, 4. Sherman, Richard: Karate Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President. Simley, Don: Madison, Wisconsin, TKE 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4, Vice President 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Simmons Nancy: Slimmer, Evelyn: Berkeley, 111., SEA, Smith, Brenda: Chicago Heights, III., AWS Judicial Board 2; Sigma Alpha Eta 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Women ' s Honorary 4; Campus Cru- sade for Christ 3,4. Smith, Sharleen: Orland Park, III., Homecoming Committee; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 2, 3, Business Manager 3; Women ' s Honorary, Vice President 4; Education Committee 2;SNEA3. Smith, Shawn: Morton, 111., WRSE 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Director 2, 3, 4. Staht, Dennis: Hinsdale, III. Stanga, Maria: Glen Ellyn, III., Sigma Alpha Eta. Stedronsky, Thomas: Markham, III,, Veteran ' s Club 3, 4. Steiner, Douglas: Eimhurst, HI. Steiner, Martha; Eimhurst, III., Psi Chi 3. Stevens, Charles; Kansas City, Mo., WRSE 1; Concert Band 1, Jazz Band 1; Men ' s Honorary 3,4; Geography Club 3, 4; Squires 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1 , 2, 3, 4, President; Gamma Theta Upsilon 3, 4, Vice President. Stewart, Lynn: Lenox, Mass., Elmbark 1 ; SEA 1, 2, 3; Education Club 4. Stone, Kathryn; Eimhurst, 111. Stott, Robert: Wheaton, III., TKE 2, 3, 4, Social Service Chairman 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Etms 3. Sumner, Janet: Lake in the Hills, HI., Sigma Alpha Eta 2, 3, 4; WRSE Music Director 1; Women ' s Honorary, Szyplik, Dennis: Chicago, 111. Tarsitano, Louis: Chicago, III., WRSE 2; Har- binger 1, 2; Campus Judiciary Board 3; Religious Life 1, 2; Cultural Life 3. Tassotto, Gianni: Torino, Italy. Taylor, Lorraine: Cleveland, Ohio. Tomezak, Thomas: Burbank, III. Tripp, Terrance: Eimhurst, III., Gamma Theta Epsilon, President 4. Tritt, Deborah: Villa Park, III., Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, Captain 2; Yearbook 1, 2, 4, Editor 3; Women ' s Honorary 3, 4; Union Board 3; Omi- cron Delta 1, Social Chairman 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3,4. Tritt, John: Villa Park, III., Football 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Wrestling; Judicial Board; E-Club. Trosen, Wallace: Burlington, Ind., Squires 1 , 2, 4, Secretary 3; Social Life Committee 1; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Honorary 3, 4; Resident Advisor 3, 4; Judicial Board 3, 4; Gamma Theta Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Geography Club 3, 4; Spi-Sec-Sez 1, 2, 3, 4. True, Shirley: Clarendon Hills, III., SEA 3; Education Club 4. Tuozzo, Frank: Schiller Park, III. Vardalas, Diane: Chicago, III., Adelphae. Venzon, Frances: Peoria, 111., Honor Society; Women ' s Honorary; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Vigna, Linda; Westchester, III., SNEA. Wakefield, David; Walpoie, Ma. Walton, Marilyn: Dallas, Texas, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Jazz Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice Chrm. Union Board; Cultural Life Comm. 1, Chairman 3; BLOC 3,4; Theatre 1, 4; Omicron Delta 1, 2, 3. Washington, Patricia: Washington, D.C, BLOC, Social Life Co-ordinator 2. Weiger, Alan: Villa Park, III., Theta Alpha Phi 3, President 4; Men ' s Honorary 3, 4; Chancel Players 2, 3, 4; Campus Life Council 3, 4. Wehmueller, Jane: Union, Mo., Religious Life Committee 1 , 2, 3, 4; Band 1 . Wexelberg; John: Westchester, III. Weston, Darlene: Berkeley, Hi,, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; SEA 3, 4. Wheat, Sybil: Fort Worth, Texas, BLOC 1, 2, 3, 4; Resident Advisor 3; Social Life Committee 1, 2; Class Secretary 2. White, Bonita: Washington, D.C., ' - WRSE 1; Schick Hall Secretary 1 ; BLOC 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Affairs Secretary 1; Cultural Life 1 ; Social Life 1, 2; Schick Hall Legislative Coordinator 2; Union Board Secretary 3, 4, White, Susan: Transfer, Wick, Mary: SEA 3, 4. Wick, Robert; Rochester, N,Y,, Praetors 1, 2, 3; Football 1; Beta Beta B eta. Presidents, 4; Track 3, 4. Williams, Bennie: Band 1,2; Jazz Band 1, 2, Wind, Jeanne; North Lake, ill. Wind, Thomas: Melrose Park, ill.. Football 2, ' 3. Winters, Carol: Chicago, III., Psi Chi 1, 2, 3,4; Women ' s Honorary 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Elmbark 1; Women ' s Intramurals 2. Wisniewski, Pete: Northlake, III., Beta Beta Beta Historian 2. Wohl, Stephen: Miller Place, New York, Squires. Wollenberg, Meredy: Falls Church, Virginia, Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4; Chancel Players 1, 2, 3, 4. Wright, Jane: Hillside, ML, Delta Mu Delta, Vice President and Secretary. Zank, John: Zielinski, Lauri: Parma, Ohio, WRSE Publicity Director 1, Music Director 2; Sigma Alpha Eta Secretary 1. Zupan, Bruce: Gurnee, III. 228 Abrams, Dr. Gerald J. 74 Acosta, Dr. Sergio 59 Adegbite, Mr. 72 Albright, Mrs. Inga B. 57,129 Alcoke, Dr. Don M. 74,75 Allen, Mr. Frank B. 80 Andres, Mr. Jerol E. 86,167 Barclay, Or William R. 75 Barry, Mr. James 55,58 Baskerville, Miss Latham 63 Baumann, Dr. Cecilia 77 Bazik, Mr. A. Matthew 80 Beck, Dr. Keith R. 68 Benge, Leopold P. 60 BIdle, Dr. Kenneth E. 74,232 Blum, Mr. Neal R. 78,141 Bode, Mr. James R. 85 Bohnert, Mr. John E. 79 Brinkman, Roger 51 Brinkman, Janet 51 Bubert, Miss Maureen 56 Christiansen, Mr. Raymond S. 58 Clark, Patricia 74 Clark, Dr. Robert J. 42,48,141 Colburn, Mr. Garry P. 39,95 Collins, Carol M. 73 Couchman, Dr. Gordon W. 74 Covelli, Miss Virginia 46 Covington, Mr. Van D. 99 Cunningham, Mr. James 56,140,141 Cunningham, Mr. Wence 57 Currie, EInor 59 Davis, Dr. C. Neal 50,51 DeRoo, Dr. Robert F. 91 Dilworth, Rosaleen 51 Dunning, Ellen 59 Durst, Mr, Gary M. 50,51,141 Dutt, Mr. Vikram 66 Eaton, Mr. Robert C. 71,141 Ekren, Miss Marguerite 74 Elledge, Mr. Earl R. 92 England, Dr. Charles D. 85 Faegre, Dorothy G. 80,141 Failon, Mr. Keith A. 80 Feldman, Dr. Michael 72,141 Franks, Mrs. Dorothy 60 Franks, Mr. Richard L. 66,67 Fredrickson, Miss Carol 87,146 Frick, Dr. Ivan E. 34,35,43,47,141 Ganchoff, Dr. John C. 68 George, Mr. Melvin R. 27.58 Glogovsky, Dr. Robert L. 68 Goetz, Dr. Ronald G. 98 Gorsic, Dr. Joseph 65 Gow, Mr. John E. 95 Green, Patricia W. 96,143 Grobe, Miss Shirley J. 58 Gross, Dr. Sidney A. 85 Hackman, Miss M. Eileen 87,123 Halfter. Dr. William J. 85 Halkin, Mr. Theodore 63 Hall, Dr. Donald E. 96 Harris, Wendall 86,154 Hawthorne, Jon A. 86,161,176 Hayes, James F. 92 Heidinger, Miss Maryann 72 Hewitt, Miss Frances A. 83 Holbrook, Dr. Jack 92,141 Holliday, Mr. Theodore B. 88 Honour, Mr. John H. 65 Hoover, Dr. Norman L. 73 Howie, Marian B. 97 Hutchins, Sandra 51 Jackson, Mr. Ray 60 Jacobs, Dr. Elmer B. 72 Johnson, Mr. Roy G. 55 Jones, Mrs. Miriam B. 97 Jorgensern, Miss Sandra A. 63 Juday, Mr. Donald 95,141 Jump, Dr. John A. 64,141 Jurjevich, Mr. John 79,142 Key, Miss Catherine M. 93 Kirby, Emily B. 92 Kistner, Mr. Glen A. 58,172,173 Kleich, Margaret 56 Kroehler, Rev. Henry G. 53 Krueger, Dr. T. Howard 83,130 Kuebler, Elizabeth C. 52 Kufer, Katherine 56,232 Kunka, Mr. Robert E. 75 Lagerwey, Mr. Wallace 77 Leader, Mr. Robert M. 74 Limper, Dr. Armin H. 99 Lindberg, Dr. David S. 89 Loomis, Mr. Stephen A. 94 Low, Dr. Donald R. 94,114 Madoch, Mr. Terry A. 67,116 Marsico, Mr. Michael L. 52 Martinsen, Dr. David L. 65 Mason, Mr. Donald K. 80 Meseth, Dr. Earl H. 64,143 Meyer, Maude J. 87 Mittermeyer, Mr. Frank 64 Miniclier, Miss Judith 55 Moore, Mr. Robert 83 Moulthrop. Mr. David 50,51 Mufson, Mrs. Diane W. 92 Ophardt, Dr. Charles E. 68,69 Pierro, Dr. Peter 73 Pinch, Mr. Trevor 55,141 Pratt, Dr. Ann 92 Priepke, Dr. Rudolf J. 68,69 Prinz, Dr. Andrew K. 61 Ramseyer, Mr. Ray R. 53,55,141 Rasa, Gerald 53 Rhie, Mr. Schi-Zhin58 Rice, Karen 59 Ries, Mr. Paul F. 79,142 Robert, Dr. Karl A. 79,141 Rose, Dr. Ashley S. 98 Ryan, Robert 55 Sawyer, Dr. William H. 88 Schade, Dr. Rudolf G. 78 Schieier, Rev. Robert D. 40,41,99 Schmidt, Mr. Charles A. 95,116 Schmidt, Dr. Ervin H. 72 Schmidt, Dr. Royal J. 89 Schmiechen, Dr. Peter M. 98,141 Schousen. Mr. Walter J. 87,177 Scudiero, Mr. Dominic J. 67 Shea, Edward 51 Shea, Catherine 51 Siegel, Dr. Burton 91 Smith, Mr. Harrison Y. 93,141 Snyder, Mr. Wilbert 71 Spencer, Jeanne 56,232 Spiroff, Mr. Kenneth 49 Stoner, Rev. Donald G. 49,141 Sweeney, Dr. Robert 64 Swords, Mr. Robert W. 48,114,139,141 Theodore, Miss Huguette 74 Thoma, Mr. George A. 71 Tracy, Dr. Jean 91 Tripp, Gertrude 55 Ulrich, Mr. Richard P. 86,163,165 Ward, Mr. Edward T. 52 Weber, Mr. John P. 63 Weigand, Mr. Russell G. 53,141 Weiss, Mr. Donald R. 52,141 Wellington, Dr. Marie A. 97 Weilman, Mr. Ronald D. 160,161,171 Williams, Rev. James J. 70 Wilson, Miss Judith D. 85 Adams, Cary 217 Adams, Denise 210 Aden, Nancy 202 Aggen, David 139,171,182,193 Aguilar, Marcelo 210 Ahrens, Deborah 217 Albert, Audrey 217 Albee, Jennifer 202 Aldrich, Julie 41,120,173 Aleksy, Catherine 210 Alien, Caria 217 Allen, Joan 21,148,202 Allen, Wayne 133,202 Alley, Jeanette 210 Allison, Stella 141 Al-Mutawa, Najeeb 217 Amano, Janie 28,108,182,232 Amberg, Constance 182,217 Anderson, Edward 139,182 Andre, Denise 130,210 Archer, Gerald 124 Arend, Craig 177 Argianas, Carolyn 217 Atkinson, David 210 Augensen, Harry 202 Augensen, Jean 210 Ausili, Laurabeth 146,147,202 Avila, John 202 Babych, Kathleen 182 Bacon, Cairn 182 Bahl, Kristina 137,142,183 Bailey, Daniel 210 Bailey, Janice 217 Bailey, Michael 36,137 Baker, Keith 217 Baker, Thomas 210 Ballard, Richard 108,202,232 Balodimas, Paulette 183 Balsom, Hester 210 Barlow, Karen 183 Barnett, Lezah 217 Barr, Margaret 202 Barth, Carol 130 Barthei, Deborah 210 Barton, Paulette 183 Bauch, Bruce 114,133,217 Bauch, Chris 22,96,114,139,183 Bauer, Karl-Heinz 202 Bauer, Roseanna 183 Baugh, Jeffrey 217 Baumbach, Ingrid 217 Bausal, Deborah 124,202 Bauman, Karen 210 Beard, James 114,183 Beck, Mark 116,167,210 Beeck, Sue 210 Behan, John 183 Behle, Marilyn 130,183 Bell, Daniel 217 Bell, James 159,183 Bell, Joe 161 Benda, Joan 183 Bennett, Charles 202 Benning, Bonnie 134,202 Bergstrom, Laura 123 Berzin, Carol 217 Bethel, Deborah 125,217 Beyer. B. 134 Biddinger, Larry 202 Bierman, Darlene 130,132,210 Biggane, Meryl 130,210 Billingham, Kathy 147,183 Bills, Robert 114,183 Birdsong, James 124,202 Bizer, Donald 110,130,140,176,183 Black, Gregory 202 Blake, Gary 202 Blake, Keith 63,202 Bliznick, Peter 36,139,142,183 Blondin, Daniel 217 Boden, Diana 210 Bognar, Thomas 116,167,172,211 Bond, Jeffrey 217 Boss, Janyce 217 Bossenga, Richard 218 Botsis, Terry 202 Boyd. Earl 210 Barcke, Jean 130,218 Bradford, Peggy 183 BraMes, Helene 184 Branding, Jack 130,210 Brandl, Karen 218 Brandt, Cynthia 132.218 Brasie, William 116 Breidenbough, Robert 184 Brennan, Kathleen 211 Brieschke, Bruce 130 Brinker, Kenneth 172,173 Briody, Mary 211 Brown, Alan 114,160,167,172,176,218 Brown, Carlos 125 Brown, Luther 143,203 Brown, James 184 Brusveen, James 116,117,158,161,171,184 Bryan, Harriet 184 Buehrer, Grant 218 Buer, Gene 134 Bukalski, Jamie 218 Burgener, Betty 184 Buric, Arlene 120 Burke, Wendy 184 Burket. Debra 22,184 Burks, Albert 160 Caliendo, Bernadine 184 Campanella, Jane 134,218 Cannella, Marlene 184 Canuto, Phil 139 Carl, Nina 124,218 Carlson, Carole 120,121 Carlson, Dennis 116 Carson, Catharine 139,184 Carstens. Michael 134,203 Carter, Margaret 142,143 Casey, Michael 176 Castelli, Diana 132 Cavallo, David 109,114,140,194 Cech, Melody 218 Centanni, Mary 184 Chaloupka, Yvonne 120,203 Chambers, William 134,218 Chaney, Sallie 127,211 Chapman, Gary 203 Chappatta, Nancy 203 Chiganos, Rebecca 218 Chockia, Patricia 184 Chopores, James 184 Chrisman, Michael 218 Church, Susan 184 Clark, Redmond 130,142,166,167,172,176,184 Clement, Lia 108,124,211,232 Clouser, Thomas 185 Cochran, Steve M. 41,114,203 Colangelo, Patricia 203 Colby, Merry 185 Coleman. Audrey 185 Colligan, Margaret 185 Collins, Alfreda 124,185,203 Colonius, Cyril 141,203 Connelly, Dorothy 218 Connelly, Edward 114 Connelly, John 211 Cooper, Wendy 218 Corbett, John 185 Cordes, Cynthia 211 Crabtree, Karen 211 Crain, Harriet 185 Crawford, Jonathan 39 Crews, Judy 147,211 Crittendon, Carolyn 211 Crowder, Carolyn 108,124,211,232 Cummings, Paul 171 Curbelo, Barbara 218 Cusack, Patrick 218.225 Cyganek, Susan 203 Czupowski, Marilyn 211 Czys, Robert 218 Dahm, Dennis 219 Daley, Daniel 219 Dalton. Paul 185 Danca, Denise 123,211 Daniels. Douglas 114,121,203 Daussman, Deborah 130,211 Davenport. Johnnie 185 Dawson, Janice 178,179,203 Deboer, Ruth 108,147,219,232 Dekok, Dale 203 Delatorre, Rebecca 219 Dellaria, Michael 211 Demartino, Frederick 211 Demartino, Gilda 219 Demaree, Mary 130 Denton, Michael 211 Deron, Richard 185 De Vries, Craig 203 Devries, Oarlene 211 Devries, Donna 185 DeVore, Judy 108,109,185,232 Dimatarls, Gregory 219 Dobson, Robert 114.203 Doetschman, Rich 130,211 Donegan, David 114,219 Doner, Robert 203 Dorsey, William 124,203 Dossa, Shahnavaz 185 Dreusicke, John 163,211 Drogos, Peter 177,186 Drzal, William 141,219 Dumontelle, Cheri 219 Duniap, Robert 203 Duzen, Kathryn 29,105,139,140,186,190 Eagleson, Will 186 Earle, Diane 186 Earnest, Cathy 130,186 Ebsen, Thomas 186 Ecker, Janine 211 Eckford, Janice 186 Ehrlich, Victoria 120 Eichelman, Gail 134,219 Ellwanger, Karen 203 Elyachor, Ann 37,219 Em berg, Wesley 186 Emenyonu, Christian 211 Ericksen, Alice 186 Ernst, Larry 186 Eschenbrenner, Marg 104,108,203,232 Estrin, Margaret 143 Eto, Sandra 219 Evans, David 219 Evans, James 155,186 Evans, Lawrence 114,186 Faber, Gregory 187 Faerber, Robert 187 Farley, William 24,116,211 FassI, Harry 211 Febre, Robert 211 FelskI, Susan 36,203 Ferdinand, Carol 219 Ferrer, Gloria 187 Fetke, James 212 Fielder, Kim 219 Fields, Everett 124,125 Fischer, Mary 187 Fisher, Mirean 187 Fitzgerald, Michael 187 FItzpatrick, Tim 160,161,212 230 Fliss. James 114,203 Florida, Mary 187 Flynn, Patricia 187 Fonda, Pamela 187 Fonda, Susan 187 Forester, Charles 114,194,203 Forst, Thomas 219 Foys, Frank, Jr. 219 Francis, Sally 212 Franco, Victoria 212 Franwcie, William 219 Franzen, Dennis 203 Freeman, Patricia 130,131,132,187 French, Mary 123,177,178,219 Fricke, Ann 187 Fridell, Connie 187 Friedberg, Geraldine 187 Frieden, Carol 120.219 Froeschner, John 159,161,187 Gage, Deborah 187 Qalambush, Nancy 132,143 Garbarino, Nicholas 171 Gardner, Steven 36 Garrison. Joan 218,219 Gatses, Ted 203 Gatziolis. Frances 188 Gearhart, Murlea 130,219 Gelhaus. Mary 219 Gentile, Jerry 204 Gentile, John 204 Gerlach, Mary 204 Giampoli, Roy 212 Gignac, Robert 219 Gildersleeve, Alsion 188 Gildersleeve, Dan 212 Giroud, Virtudes 123,219 Goeke, Kathryn 134,204 Goellner. Emil 188 Goenne, Sarah 188 Goepel, Kathleen 204 Golden, Steven 114,204 Goode, Wallace Jr. 29,124,140,212,213 Gordon, Fon 188 Gordon, Jean 143,188 Gorham, Douglas 163,204 Graham, Mary 188 Graham. Virginia 130,212 Graves, Carolyn 188 Graves, Bill 109,204,232 Greco, Francine 134,220 Greco, Virginia 188 Green, Christy 123 Green, Margo 212 Green, Sammy 126,127,167,172,204 Grever, Steve 188 Gricius. Victoria 188 Griffiths. Stephani 188 Grippo, Charles 188 Guse, Diane 120,220 Gutrich, Gloria 212 Gutzmer. Jacquelyn 188 Guzik, Margaret 220 Hackler, Eileen 123,204 Hagstrom, Carlton 143,188 Hajek, David 140,212 Hamilton, Antoinette 189 Hamilton, Thieda 220 Hammond, Helen 189 Hamning, Richard 172,173 Hamstra, John 204 Haney, Gregory 220 Hanfelder, Betty 123,204 Harris, Daphne 204 Harris, Kathy 123,136,189 Harris, Marliece 124 Harris, Roger 204 Harrison, Henry 163 Hart, Deidre 201 Hartigan, Patricia 173.220 Hartley, Karen 204 Hartwig, Bernard Jr. 220 Haselow, Gary 220 Hastings, Roxanne 125 Hatfield, Robert Jr. 133 Hatmaker. John 130 Haude, James 142,189 Hauswald, Charles 212 Hawkins, Joe 220 Hayes, Carolyn 189 Hebard, Adrain 130,134 Heddleson, Stanley 189 Heidecke, Kenneth 212 Heininger, Diane 143,212 Heininger, Marsha 189 Helt, John 133,212 Henderson, Thomas 116,220 Herrera, Gulllermo 143,204 Herzberg, Robert Jr. 116,204 Higgins, Brian 220 Hillyer, Arlene 220 Hinkle, William 189 Hitt, John 189 Hjorth, Craig 189 Hobbs, Barbara 220 Hoff, Dwaine 158,160,161,170,171,189 Hoffman, Jan 130,132,149,220 Hoglund, Wiiliam 212 Holtgreve, Doris 109,186,189,232 Holzinger, Barbara 147,204 Hoppenrath, Kristen 120 Hostetter, Janet 120,220 Hosto, Kathy 132,220 Hughes, Lynn 204 Hughes, Patricia 212 Hunter, Gerard 220 Huntley, Janis 204 Husmann, Leslie 220 (mwie, Pamela 220 Incopero, Vincent 204 Infanger, James 204 Infanger. Michele 204 Jacobs, George 134,190 James, Jeanine 190 Jana, Edward 204 Jankowski, Christophe 141.220 Jans, Christine 130,205 Jans, Timothy 29,212 Jardan, Freeman 205 Jeandros. Judith 220 Jeffrey. Richard 130,134,205 Jemison. Steven 190 Jewell, Robert 190 Jezowski, Joseph 190 Johns, Lynne 178,179,212 Johnson, Sylvia 190 Johnson. Vicki 205 Johnston, Douglas 190 Jones, Barbara 134,220 Jones, Karen 190 Jones. Renee 205 Jorgensen, Richard 212 Joyce, Patricia 220 Juszczyk, Jane 190 Kaleta, Mary Ellen 190 Kalkbrenner, Judith 134,190 Kamenz, David 212 Kameyer, Frederick 212 Kamin, Edward 220 Kamowski, Michael 143 Kancer, Cheryl 130,212 Kanikula, Sharon 190 Kaptur, Susan 212 Karabis, Darlene 123 Kara. Randall 191 Karimi, Mohammad 220 Kaszak, Nancy 189,191 Katsivalis, Pat 221 Keag, Leslie 191 Keating, Jacalynn 205 Keesee. Georgetta 29,191 Kehl, Constance 23,191 Keller, Anthony 191 Kemp, Ronald 191 Kemp, Thomas 191 Kennelee. Janet 205 Kessler, Don 163,164,212 Kim Tae Hwan 191 King, Barbara 23,173,178,179,213 King, Paul 221 King, Susan 221 Kirby. Russell 213 Kirkbride, Richard 205 Kitun, Michael 205 Klecka, Glen 205 Klemm, Leeroy Jr. 134,205 Klisnick, Margaret 205 Knapp, Cheryl 191 Kneip, William 221 Knudson, Warren 221 Knuf, Kathy 221 Koch, Susan 22,108,173,205,232 Kocoras, Bonny 179,213 Kolinski, Constance 221 Kolseth, Sherrie 178,179,191 Komay, Kathy 178,179 Koprowski, Anthony 130,133,221 Kornacker, Richard 221 Kowalewski, Doug 205 Kozlowski, Michael 191 Kozy, Mary 191 Kratzer, Anne 120,213 Krauth, Debra 134,135,139,191 KremI, Gale 191 Krengel, Mary 191 Kretch, Catherine 221 Krieger, Paul 213 Kuban, David 163,221 Kufer, Diane 120,221 Kuf ke, Bette 205 Kupfer, Alan 221 Kurczewski, Thomas 221 Kurth, John 192 Kurtz, Deborah 221 Kyle, Mark 221 Kjfriazes, Steven 114,213 Lacine, Daniel 133,232 Lacine, David 221 Laing, James 192 Laitas, Peggy 213 Lamberty, Maureen 192 Lamm, Barbara 36 Lancaster, Georginna 130 Lancman, Walter 192 Lang, Quentin 40,134,192 Larsen, William 192 Larson, Rhonda 123,205 Laudont, Thomas 116,155,221 Lauger, Tom 133,221 Lazarski, Gloria 221 Lazzara, Jack 221 Lee, Danny 205 Leeks, Gordon 213 Leohardi, Janet 213 Leslie, Mark 125,221 Lewis, Barbara 192 Link, Gary 140 Lipuma, Bridget 213 Liuzzo. James 192 Livingston, Richard 192 Lodine, Donna 205 Lowe, Charles 114,213 Lowry, Amy 179,221 Lowry, William 221 Lucchesi, James 192 Lucchesi, John 192 Lucks, Barbara 39 Ludwig, Michael 114,221 Luedtke, Dale 205 Lufkin, Stephanie 120,222 Lumpkin, Charlois 192 Lung, Shou Wei 192 Lusero, Rick 192 Lusero, Susan 192 Lynch, Deborah 143 Lyons, Darryl 116,167,172,173,213 Mackey, Susan 222 Madigan, Lawrence 213 Magiera, Melvin 206 Mah, Walter 108.172,173,213,232 Maksimuk, Gregory 114,206 Mangione, Deborah 130,222 Mangnall, Richard 213 Mantione, Joseph 213 Marines, Nicolette 192 Marseille, Patricia 143,193 Martin, James 108 Martin, Joan 110,130,140,206.232 Mashko, Carol 222 Materre, Louis Jr. 193 Mather, Victoria 193 Matson, Geoffrey 213 Matteoni, James 222 Matthews. Michael 160,171,222 Mattox, Gail 143,193 Mayo, Deborah 24,123 Maziarek, Janet 206 Maziarek, Michael 193 McCollum, Carolyn 125,222 McDermott, Thomas 193 McDuffee, Ruthann 120,193 McGehee, Dara 222 Mcllvain, Scott 53,114,133,206 McKenney, Beverly 125 McManis. Janice 213 McNease, Pamela 125,222 McNerney, Christine 193 Megen, Ronald 193 Melichar, William Jr. 193 Mernitz, Craig 177,193 Merrill, John 222 Merz, Susan 193 Metallo, Alex 194 Metcalfe, Andrew 133.144.213 Mettevelis, Victoria 143 Meyer, Marcia 214 Meyer, Nancy 136,142,194 Meyer, Ronald 39,114,194 Michaelts, Jack 194 Mikulich, Deborah 132,222 Miller, David 134.167,172,206 Miller, Gale 206 Miller, Jeffrey 222 Miller, Jo Audrey 206 Miller, Robert 222 Miller. Sandra 194 Millhauser, Karl 206 Mines, Kathleen 130,194 Mittermeyer, Sandra 143 Moeschberger, Karen 130,222 Mogge, Robert 194 Molnor, Gregory 194 Momkus, Edward 172.222 Monhart. Glenn 194 Montei. Richard 24,116,172 Montgomery, William 206 Moore, Brenda 125.206 Moore, Elsie 139,194 Moore. Luanne 194 Moore, Rodney 127,155,206 Moretti, Donald 222 Moss, Margret 194 Mroz, Gary 195 Mudra, Deborah 214 Mueller, Edward 134,214 Murphy, Michelle 179 Nagel. Kathy 206 Namyst. Karen 130,222 Napper, Cynthia 222 Nelson. James 214 Nemec. Thomas 214 Nerge, Patricia 222 Nero, Mary 223 Nicolaides, Martha 214 Nielsen, Linda 214 Nieman, Judith 223 Niermann. Ellen 223 Nilson, Lorraine 223 Ninemire, Linda 223 Nordensten, Terry 195 Nordberg, Thomas 214 Norton, M. 134 Notson, Marilyn 214 Novak, Cheryl 206 Nywood, Linda 223 Gates, Gregory 116,160,161,167,172,214 Obeirne, Bonnie 24,223 O ' Brien, Betty 143 O ' Brien, Leslie 195 O ' Bryan, John 206 Ockerlund, Richard 223 O ' donnell, Margaret 214 Oeming, Jeffery 114 Oglesbee, Donald 223 O ' Hara. Mary 214 Olmsted, Gerry 116,214 Olson, Celeste 130,214 Opryszek, Alice 120,206 Opyd, Ronald 195 O ' Reilly, Mary 223 Orpet, Robert 206 Owens, Deborah 124,223 Paetzel, Audrey 214 Page, Leana 195 Palmer, George 214,232 Palmer, Janet 195 Palmer, Michael 114 Palmer, Susan 130,131,140,214 Papoccia. Michael 116.171,214 Passiales, ElenI 223 Patterson, Randall 195 Paulsen, Kathrynne 206 Payne. Darlene223 Peckat, Ross 206 Peine, Douglas 139,195 Percival. Deborah 206 Perkis, Barbara 104.190,195 Perry, Charles 163,164 Peruzzo. Maria 223 Peterson, Daniel 214 Peterson, Donald 215 Peterson, John 223 Peterson, Mark 215 Peterson, Philip 215 Peterson, Valerie 223 Petkevich, Laura 134,223 Petrick, Susan 172 Petrone, Gregory 206 Pfennig, Robert 161,171 Phillips, Arney 207 Picha, Jerri 223 Pietrowski, Sharon 195 Pinelli, Vincent 112,195 Placek, Glenn 116 Plantz, Jeffrey 223 Pletcher, Daniel 114 Plhak, Charles 207 Ponticelli, Samel 223 Poole, Bruce 207 Poore, James 195 Post, Gerald 137,207 Pottoff, William 133,223 Poulos, Stephanie 223 Pretzel, Roger 195 Preuss, George 142,207 Provenzano, Donald 223 Prueter, Etta 120,207 Pryble, Susan 223 Psarras, Paulette 224 Puis, Elizabeth 237 Purdom, Charles 116.117,156,170,171,195 Quatrine, KImberly 215 Quilty. James 24,114,194,195 Rackard, Linda 207 Raczkowski, Dale 196 Radzilowsky, Helen 147,207 Ragauskis, Thomas 116,224 Ragusin, Rachelle 207 Rainaldi. Terrill 207 Raloff , Theresa 196 Ramonda. Carol 215 Randall, Rodney 173,224 Rankin, Sue 207 Ransom, Maria 196 Rathje, Kenneth 196 Rathmann, Claudia 130,149,224 Read, Jean 196 Reck, Arthur 224 Reddoch. Elizabeth 196 Reed, Earlene 123 Reed, Keith 215 Reed. Myles 125,215 Reel, Christine 196,140,232 Reel, Susan 109,142,215,232 Reiter, Dean 137 Renner, Dale 215 Reschke, Michael 133,207 Reynolds, Charles 116,117,166,167 Reynolds, Lawrence 172,207 Riani, Laura 36,120 Rice, Daniel 134 Richards, Daniel 116,196 Roberts, David 215 Roberts, Jeffrey 29 Roberts, Jimmy 207 Robertson, Tamara 207 Rocca, Nancy 196 Rodes, Vernon 176,224 Rogers, Ricky 163,224 Roselman, Bonnie 207 Ross, Marsha 224 Rozanski, Patti 207 Rubino, Daniel 207 Ruff, William 224 Ruffner. Michael 116,224 Runner, March 196 Rupert, Charles 114,167,172,173 Rupnow, Kenneth 155.172 Rutkowski, Dawn 147 Ryan, Kevin 224 Sadberry, Arlene 126,196 Sandgren, Bette 120,215 Santora, Gery 224 Saunders, Calvin 158,160,161 Saunders. Mark 215 Sauter, Karen 196 Scanlon. Roberta 134.196 Schlehofer, Pamela 123.207 Schmidt. Allan 196 Schnulle, Alan 160,215 Schoen, David 133 " Scholle, Theodore 114,224 Schroeder, Judith 196 Schultz. David 224 Schultz, Linda 196 Schultz. Nandy 143 Schwer, Charles 197 Sciortino, Robert 114,167,172,215 Scola. Edward 207 Scott, Charlotte 197 Scott, Mattie 124,197 Scott, Stephen 124,197 Seabrooks, Walton 125,160,161,207 Sembly, Emma 197 Serra, Linda 207 Sexton, Sandra 123,207 Shangle, Susan 120 Shannon, Robert 172,197 Sharas, Stanley 215 Sherman, Richard 197 Shimwell. Ellen 215 Shiagman, Roy 224 Shoop, Mark 207 Simley, Donald 139,143,197 Simmons, Nancy 197 Simone, Patricia 215 Simpson, Jeffrey 161,224 Simpson, William 159,171,224 Sindelar. Diane 130,132,224 Sizemore, Lee 114 Skinner, Susan 215 Slimmer, Evelyn 197 Sluss, Mollie 134,143,215 Smilde, Joanne 120,215 Smith, Brenda 139,143,197 Smith, Gail 143 Smith, Jeffrey 39 Smith, Kenneth 224 Smith, Richard 208 Smith, Sharleen 130,131,139,197 Smith, Shawn 198 Smith, Sylvester 160,224 Smurlo, Ann 140 Sodaro, Deborah 215 Sova, Beth 224 Sows, Susan 215 Spohr, Deborah 128,147,224 Spooner, John 125,156 Spriggs, Thomas 208 Sprugel, Robert 224 Spychalski, Susan 215 Stahl, Dennis 198 Stamp, Scott 163,224 Stanga, Maria 198 Stead, Barbara 224 Stedronsky, Thomas 198 Steenwyk, Diane 215 Steiner, Douglas 198 Steiner, Martha 198 Stellato, Sam 208 Stenberg, Paul 208 Stephens, Terrence 163,208 Sterrett, William 140,225 Stevens, Charles 198 Stewart, Lynn 198 Stolis, Effie 225 Stone, Katharyn 198 Stott, Robert 198 Strand, Stanley 208 Stuart, Donald 163,164 Stuart, Ronald 163 Sullivan, Ann 215 Sumner, Janet 139,143,193,198 Suslik, Stephen 208 Swartout, Jeffrey 176,177 Sweeny, Kathryn 208 Szyplik, Dennis 198 Tabbert, B adelynn 41,108,134,208,232 Taber, Katherine 208 Taggart, Van 172,173,216 Tancredi, Raymond 69,208 Tapp, Sharon 208 Tarsitano, Louis 199 Tassotto, Gianni 199 Taylor, Lorraine 199 Tendall, Kathleen 134,216 Tennial, John 199 Terhark, David 208 Theus, Caroline 208 Thomas, Albert 208 Thomas, Duane 114,208 Thompson, Bruce 17 Thompson, Terri 18 Thon, Stephen 216 Thurman, Sharon 208 Tiede, Loren 130,134,208 Tobin, Joseph 208 Tomasello, Robert 216 Tomasik, Catherine 123,225 Tomczak, Thomas 199 Topps, Ernest 127,225 Travis, Brad 161,216 Trench, James 114,161,171,208 Triesch, Wendy 130,216 Tripp, Terrance 142,199 TrKt, Deborah 178,199 Tritt, John 199 Trosen, Wallace 114,199 Truesdale, Thomas 216 Truesdell, James 216 True, Shirley 199 Tuozzo, Frank 199 Turner, Andrew 216 Tuszynski, John 216 Tuzik, Sharon 123 Tyler, Donald 172,225 Valastyan, Susan 108,134,140,216,232 Valliere, Catherine 225 VanCamp, Verna 216 Vandermeer, Debra 130,147,208 Vanhowe, William 141 VanWinkle, Thomas 216 Vardalas, Diane 199 Venzon, Frances 142,199,200 Vigna, Linda 199 Vistain, Sandra 208 Vogt, Joyce 209 Wager, Cindy 208 Wagner, Jean 209 Wahlberg, Lynea 216 Wakefield, David 199 Waldron, Gregory 134 Walker, Rita 38,105,209 Wallace, Glenn 216 Walton, Marilyn 37,40,145 Warnke, Gerald 116 Warthen, Barbara 216 Washington, Patricia 199 Watkins, Jerome 124,209 Watson, Felicia 209 Watson, Grace 200 Wehmueller, Jane 200 Wetdeman, Bonnie 216 Weideman, Kay 209 Weiger, Alan 37,136,137,139,142,200 Weil, Dorian 209 Weir, Pamela 209 Weisshaar, Dale 134,225 Wemple, Carolyn 216 Werner, James 209,232 Werner, Michael 209 West, Richard 134,209 Westerlund, Susan 216 Weston, Darlene 200 Weston, Wayne 114 Wexelberg, John 200 Wheat, Sybil 124,200 White. Bonita 124,200 White, Susan 200 Wick, Robert 143,200 Wieczorek, Mary 225 Wiencek, Annette 225 Wilfinger, Barbara 120,216 Wilharm, Gregory 41,114,209 Wilhelmsen, Arthur 225 Williams, Dorothy 124,225 Williams, Gail 225 Williams, Mary 225 Williams, Pauline 225 Wilson, Jesse 172,173 Wilson, William 216 Wind, Jeanne 200 Wind, Thomas 200 Winters, Carol 200 Wisniewski, Peter 143,201 Wohl, Stephen 201 Wojtalewicz, Robert 114,225 Wollenberg, Meredy 142,201 Woodward, Janet 209 Woodworth, Blair 216 Wozny, Carol 216 Wright, Jane 201 Wright, S. 134 Wrobell, George 225 Yaccino. Geri 225 Young, Deborah 209 Young, William 209 Zaino, Louis 216 Zank, John 201 Zayas, William 134,225 Zeien, Shelia 120,173 Zeiistra, John 209 Zeissler, Barbara 120 Zelinski, Gregory 209 Zibrida, Edward 209 Zick, John 116,117 ZIck, Russell 116,171 Zielinski, Laurie 201 Zilinskas, Susan 120,225 Zuckerman, Faebeth 123,209 Zupan, Bruce 201 Co-editors Dave Cavallo and Susan Reel Dave and I would like to thank both the Elms Staff and the Elms Photographers without whom this book would never have been possible. We would also like to express our appreciation to Dr. Bidle, our faculty adviser, and to Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Kufer, and the Public Relations office for their invaluable help. Special thanks go to staff members, Doris Holtgreve, who did a tremendous amount of work in the on e semester she was with us; and Janie Amano, Judy DeVore, and Sue Valastyan who stayed " ' til the end. " Also my own special thanks go to Chris Reel, Jim Werner, and especially Brett Wolfe, who gave me much valuable support. Elms Staff Janie Amano Scott Ballard Lia Clement Carolynn Crowder Ruth Deboer Judy DeVore Marg Eschenbrenner Doris Holtgreve Sue Koch — Cover design and opening section copy Madelynn Tabbert Sue Valastyan Sue Reel, Co-editor Elms Photographers Bill Graves Dan Lacine Wally Mah Jim Martin George Palmer Editors Dave Cavallo Susan Reel mmmmmmmmmmma

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