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this book is dedicated to you... I the students of elmhurst college 4 solemnity often tempers the spirit of tlie campus times of tension and deep concentration are evident everywhere without its frustrations 8 is often quite amusing to a n objective observer MOODS the sublime a year filled with ... pain and pleasure, 13 tiii » «» IMS II r ipg umm mf- - W 1 ' -i AMERICA, AMERICA EC Students Devote Day For Mourning and Action The Results Of A Tragedy In Memphis . . . just one step — but a good one Students Work To Expedite Open Housing In Elmhurst AN OPEN LET ' T ' ER. Db., ' Iarttn Lw iER Xing i as nurdered ri RiL It hakes no p ifference who murdered run, dec a OF NINE MADE ITS PEATN POSS IBLE . pR, ING OF OTNER BLACK PEO ' LE AP.E P E CAUSE 0 NA T irR E 0 F 0 NR S Or - C IE T ORGANIC PARE I A. 0 ' TENT OA 3T-T IS NOT TEE EE R, F N C E 0 F ' W ' I I T Iner ICAU WAY 0. GE WE REG IONIZE TEAT 1 L T ON T NF UNO GN5 G I 0 US Lett. Council A S S TND E N TS AT .... L H " I ' F 0 U R L I ' ' ' E S A N P " RI I L E G E ' EX " I I ' PAT I ON 0 N I L L T LA G E PE 1 p LE , " E ' AT TUTS EX ' TjOITA ' EUD, IS A G " S 7 ' V ,0 rpQ p Pj p. j pp J- ,j,yr p p rp yi rp j- , j j ,pjp IlN I UR. S T 0 DLL F L I KE j N G S E FER A T, . L 1 C T PROFESS ORS ' EST, Ve ' TEESE PR 0.: ' ' E S S ORS TO OUR rrj aC% WE CA ' ' GUAR.AN E GR ' tUIEU IN TUE CO? V)7 ASE TUA.T L PE-EUR S T ' ' R UOUSIUG LEG I o 0 T -[A T UE S E PRO. " E S S G P. S C A U J PEST AD VA N TA GE OF ' -TE CA 11 US A NP C G f f " f J " rp qi and what does the end of the year bring? the circus — a squinching success one more final exam casualty a long summer ' s rest? 17 faculty and ad ministration the many roles of president kleckner It ' s all part of being a college President! Dr. Robert Clark, Dean of the College 21 Administrators Seek Highest Standards in Total Academic Experience Miss Amy Waugler, Recorder. Mr. John C. DeLaurenti, Director of the Evening Session and of Extended Services. 22 Mr. Donald B. Ritter, Assistant Director of Admissions Mr. Chads C. Skinner, Director of Admissions Mr. James B. Kosiow, Assistant Director of Admissions Mrs. Mary Jane Green, Assistant Director of Admissions Mrs. Diane Grund, Associate Librarian, Mr. Melvin George, Head Librarian Miss Shirley Grobe and Mrs. Mary Gae Wyly, Assistant Librarians 23 Mr. Trevor Pinch, Business Manager Roy G. Johnson, Director of the Physical Plant Rev. Roy Gieseimann, Purchasing Agent i ! 26 Rev. Gerald O ' Connor, Director of Alumni Affairs. Mr. Ray R. Ramsmeyer, Vice-President for Development. 28 Mr. Russell Weigand, Director of Public Relations Mrs. Wilma Goldsborough, Publicity Director 29 31 M U s I c Dr. T. Krueger, Chairman of the Department Mrs. Margaret Smith Strike the Note of Success in the Field of Music Mrs. Viola Repp with senior voice students — Steve Hepner, Karen Baer, and Ken Fletcher. 34 s p E E C H Dr. Donald R. Low, Chairman of the Department LUCK BRINGS GOOD SPE Mr. John Gow Prof. C. C. Arends Mrs. Linda Ruffolo Mr. Charles Schmidt 36 Dr. Armin H. Limper, Chairman of the Department Mr. Peter Schmiechen Rev. Donald Stoner. Interim Chaplain Mr. Ashley S. Rose R L I G I O N 39 Mr. Ramzan Dossa Mr. Earl Elledge, Acting Chairman of the Sociology Department The Relationships Between Mankind in the Future Are 42 1 44 so 52 56 David Allen Lloyd Bach Karen Baer Susan Banks James Beach Geography Elementary Education Christian Education Elementary Education Business Administration Barbara Beam Christine Beardsley Carol Becvar Donald Beilo Thomas Beran French Music Elementary Education Business Administration Geography 57 Judy Carlson Elementary Education Mary Casto Elementary Education Carol Fang-Lan Chou Christian Education John Cionca Psychology David Clark Speech Ann Comito History Barbette Damora English Lois Jean Davia Speech Correction Pamela Dittrich Sociology Susan Drese English John Drummond Business Administration Barbara Eilers Sociology Ralph Engh Psychology Thomas Esbrook Sociology Carl Eschenbrenner Sociology Jeanne Finley Sociology Karen Fleischer English Kenton Fletcher Music Bonnie Folz Psychology John Fortelka German 4. 59 Helen Fricke Holly Gauntt Kathryn Gerber Richard Gerber Lawrence Graiber History Psychology Biology Psychology Chemistry Judith Granite Richard Grobe Linda Grotefeld Robert Grothe Susan Grove Elementary Education History Psychology Speech Psychology Richard Hamilton Carol Hatton Marcia Hauflaire Alice Hawksworth Sharon-Diane Hedeen History Business Administration English Sociology History Steven Hepner Robert Herbster Jean Hess MaryHohl Roger Horn Music History Elementary Education Spanish History 60 A Diane Kraus English Fred Kraus Philosophy William Kruse Philosophy Diane Kurtz Biology Mary Ann Lambert Elementary Education Donna Langlas Speech Correction Ann Linford Elementary Education Norman Luehr Psychology John Lundquist History Nanette Macherey Elementary Education Michael Mason Geography Thomas Mattern Philosophy David McCurdy Sociology Linda McEwan English Gerald Michalak History Paul Minarik Business Administration Mary Mitchell Geography Jacquie Morris English Susan Moskos Speech Laura Mueller Biology 63 PaulNardone William Nelson Carole Nolan Gerald Oefelein Barbara Parker Business Administration History Elementary Education Psychology English Carol Phife Warren Philhps Calvin Pierson Marianne Pitello Barbara Piatt Sociology History Psychology Elementary Education Christian Education Mary Posejpal John Poulos Cordell Price Christine Rasche Maribeth Reed Biology Business Administration Business Administration Sociology Elementary Education Mae Reid Gail Rezabek Linda Riefenberg Lawrence Rizzo Edith Robertstad Elementary Education Elementary Education Business Administration History English 64 4 David Roger Judith Schaefer Norma Schauer Patricia Scheid Karen Schneider Sociology Christian Education Elementary Education Elementary Education Spanish Gloria Schwind Marie Ann Shaffer Anita Sherburne Paula Silva Robert Snook Cooper Spence Elementary Education Speech Correction Elementary Education English Geography 65 Carolyn Stahlhut Suzanne Stelcher Karen Stiller Susan Stoker Mary Striker Psychology English German Biology Psychology GaryTebo Thomas Teuber ArleneThiel Carol Thiesing RoyTisen Biology History Elementary Education Business Administration History 66 Frank Tourangeau Jean Ann Tschudy Janice Urbank Twigg Thomas Uphaus Robert Urbas English Religion Psychology History Geography Joan Van Sinderen Kathleen Watlies Harold Warp Linda Weber William Welch Sociology Elementary Education Geography English Psychology Roy Wiemerslage Bibi Ann Wind Stephen Zibrun Arthur Zitt Katherine Zupan Physics Chemistry Business Administration Spanish English 67 JUNIORS ORGANIZE " CANDLELIGHT COTILLION " The members of the Junior Class returned to Elmhurst for their third year, confident with the wisdom of two years experience yet increasingly apprehensive as graduation came within a year ' s reach. This did not lessen their enthu- siasm, though, as they decided on " Candlelight CotilHon " as the theme for the Junior Dinner-Dance. The dance, held in May, at the Drake-Oakbrook Hotel, was only the begin- ning of a flurry of events planned for this Junior Weekend. II Roy Adams Lesley Anderson Carolyn Andre Pamela Asmus William Balling Donald Baumann Richard Benbow Harold Berg John Bizer Sheila Blatti Wayne Cwik Sharon Daluga Ken Dewey Harriet Dickey Jane Diederich 69 1 Joanna Hamilton Mark Hamilton Robert Hamm Judith Hartin Mary Kay Hitchcock Kay Kupper Susan Kuyper Darnese Lackey Lynn Latoria Bonnie Lengefeld 71 Pricilla Lester Christine Linn John Loomer Ronald Lundgren Robert Maatman Linda Peterson Thomas Peters Laura Picerno Tamra Pierson Nancy Pumphrey 72 Homecoming brings Niebuhrites out in mass to work on their float. Jerry Slansky Georgia Smeryage Michael Steeb Linda Steele Linda Stolt Penelope Seibert Susan Shaffer Yvonne Simpson Rochelle Sinn Carolann Slanina Joan Stonecipher Richard Storrs Stanley Strand Hugh Studebaker Diane Taylor 74 Ronald Vanderstuyf Garth Vince Joan Warner Mary Watson William Wiessner Arthur Wille Karyn Williams Carolyn Yokel June Yoshinari Helen Tazelaar James Thies Bobbie Thomas Roy Thrasher Jere Troka Barbara Zubrow Janet Zwetz And thus ends another year in the life of these " best dressed " Juniors. 75 SOPHOMORES PLANA DUTCH TREAT There was no " Sophomore Slump " for this class. They returned for their second year at Elmhurst filled with great enthusiasm. This spirit was directed toward initiating the freshmen. Keeping well in mind the treatment they had gotten the year before, they filled the nights with beanie raids and songs of devotion to the Sophomores. The spirit of freshman initiation carried over into plan- ning the sophomore semi-formal. Dutch wind mills became a frequent sight as the publicity campaign for " A Dutch Treat " continued. Wind mills graced the cafeteria as once again the sophomore semi-formal became a success. As you can see, it was a great year for the class of ' 70 under the leadership of Warren Anderson, Rosanne Hotz, Sandra Janowiak, and Mike Marsico. 76 Lorena Ali Nora Alsaker Warren Anderson Sandra Angelacos John Austin Joni Campanella Gordon Campbell Robert Chamberlin Ruangsakdi Charanvas Gayle Cisar Rolanda Cislak Lola Claycombe Michael Connelly Sherry Cordes Marvin Cox 77 Barbara Johnson Jacqueline Johnson Eugene Jones Nancy Kastner Jeff KHng Cynthia Gall Sharon Galuszka R. David Gaskill Mary Gendusa Janet Gettings 79 I Karyn Kluz Carol Koshewa Patricia Kraft Linda Krakora Jeanne Laitas Raymond Lake Donald Langlas Susan Larson Michael Leach Thomas Lee Richard Minhinnick David Moulthrop Linda Nelson John Palm Susan Parks 80 Richard Reinwald Donald Robinson Christine Sadler Constance Saems Alayne Sails I Nancy Sanderson Karen Sato Sheila Scaggs Sandra Schirmang Thomas Schmidt Rae Seiple Ginger Sepanski Anita Siml Larrry Simone Fred Sipe Claudia Stedt Pamela Strangeman Ruth Talley Nancy Talmage Terry Templeton 82 James Templin Kerry Tesky George Thomas Gail Thon Roger Thorne Marcia Williams Janet Winslow William Whiston Kerry White Edward Wolf 83 FRESHMEN SURVIVE ORIENTATION FRESHMAN COUNCIL — SEATED: Kathy Clark; Lois Pokorny; phen Filipski; Dr. Schade, Advisor; Timothy Lee; June Elloie; and Duane Diane Rutz; Barbara Lewis, Secretary; and Marge Strobel. STA NDING: Berg. Not pictured is Tripp Marshall, Vice Chairman. Martin Reif, Chairman; Linda Zuehsow, Treasurer; Frank Spikes; Ste- 84 Paulette Augustine Roberto Bardelas Robert Barnhart Thomas Beecken Dennis Beldner Anthony Boone Marcia Boston Stephen Bradshaw Clarence Brister Diane Brown Janis Carter Mary-Elaine Chamness Judith Chapman Lillian Chin Clovia Chinn Susan Ackemann Nancy Adams Ruth Adeliakaan George Anderson Robert Atkins Duane Berg Robert Bergmann Mary-Ellen Biljes Ruth Blomquist Deborah Bluet I Sharon Brown Steven Brown Mark Buck Stephanie Butcher George Caesar 85 James Chopores Raymond Christiansen Kathleen Clark Shirley Clark Tara Concklin John Daubenspeck Karen Dauster Bess DeVere Cheryl Douglas Carole Eckwall Susan Evans Robert Faust Melissa Featherston Colleen Fickler Stephen Filipski 0k Charles Cosimano Jeanne Costones Nadine Cushman Deborah Dahler Roger Dahlstrom Patricia Economos Donald Elfvin Jacqueline Ellis June Elloie Pamela Enriquez Sally Fink Paul Fischer Grant Fratt Angela Garofalo Sally Gaw 86 ' This is what I came to college for? " Mark Gehrke Robert Gibbs Cynthia Gibson Glen Gilchrist Carol Graham Susan Glaser Deborah Gray Kay Guenther David Hagerbaumer Judy Hagstrom Georgene Hall Paul Halverson Linda Hans Susan Hartlein Jannalynn Hedeen 87 Timothy Lee Barbara Lewis Peggy Loggan Robert MacFarlane Pamela Maicell Deborah Odell Marilyn Oleksak Deborah Ornstein Dale Owens Paul Owens 89 Carl Ramey Martha Reed Martin Reif Patricia Reiser Dean Reiter Sylvia Smith Susan Speck Marlene Stebel Jennifer Ann Stephens Nancy Stephens 91 92 WHAT ' S IT ALL ABOUT? Life on the Elmhurst College campus was dominated by a sea of beanies and name tags as freshmen began Orienta- tion Week. Days were filled with placement tests and stu- dent groups while upperclassmen kept the nights busy with beanie raids and serenades. Freshmen became aware of the theme " Chicago " as they viewed and discussed the film " City of Necessity. " They were soon given a chance to use this knowledge as the entire Freshmen class toured Chicago. Gwendolyn Brooks, a noted author and teacher, was here to discuss Maud Martha. The week was brought to a re- laxed end with a picnic, games and a chain dance through town. We want you to be happy. The beginning of it all. Now what? 97 THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Dennis Patterson, Vice Chairman of Union Board: Ken Wyant, Vice President: Wayne Kennedy. Treasurer; Dave McCurdy, President; Bill Kruse, Chairman of Union Board; and Jean Ann Tschudy, Secretary. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Kent Wyant presides at a weei ly Senate meeting. UNION BOARD: Gary Tebo, Athletic Life; William Johnson, Cultural-In- tellectual Life; Dennis Patterson, Vice Chairman; Chris Rasche, Religious Life; Bill Kruse, Chairman; and Dean Roberts, Social Life. LEADERSHIP HONORARIES Keith announces Dr. Low as recipient of the first Faculty of the Year Award at the annual Honors Banquet. President Kleckner welcomes the visiting honor students and their parents. Cultural Life again sponsored a series of lectures and other cultural events to enrich the intellectual and social awareness of the students. The lecture topics ranged from " Penology Today " to " The Arab-Israeli War. " Miss Ethel Aipenfels presented a two day lecture series. She discussed anthropology and social behavior. Mr. Eugene Rabinow- itch lectured on " Nuclear and International Politics. " The New York Pro Musica presented a concert of the masters. John White directed the young singers and instru- mentalists. The Clebanoff Strings presented a two part con- cert. The first half of the concert was a classic string con- cert. The last half was an exciting pop concert featuring some of the popular songs of the day. Cultural Life also sponsored a series of American and foreign films important in the development of cinematic technique. The purpose of the series was to offer entertain- ing and intellectual enlightenment. A few of the foreign films shown were " The Shop on Main Street, " " The Last Laugh, " and " The Pawnbroker. " Ben C. Vine Bill Sands Sen. George McGovern 103 Jose Molina Bailes Esparfoles The Clebanoff Strings and Orchestra These Are a Few of the Entertaining and Stimulating Pro- grams Presented by C-I Life Committee New York Pro Musica The New Court Singers lOS PATIENCE IS ALL IT TAKES Make sure you add them correctly. Brenda weighs the children. 106 THE ELM BARK Presenting News And Opinions We must report the happenings just as they occur. It ' s a big job, John. Do you think you can handle it? Richard Katz and Jean Eyrich make the final adjustments on the page. An efficient staff " must think before it writes. Percy K. Nicefellow is at it again. Harold Warp spends long hours in the dari room developing the pictures he has taken for the Elm Bark. Diane Roeske often consults the Elm Bark when composing copy for the activities section. Joanna Hamilton and Marilyn Hinchley study each photograph carefully before writing copy. ' 68 ELMS CAPTURES THE MOODS OF A GROWING CAMPUS Academics editor, Nancy Stephens, confers with Editor, Shirley Rosner. before selecting pictures for the Academics Section. Editor Shirley Rosner discusses the layout of the Sports Section with Paul Hansen, Sports Editor, and Harold Warp, Elms photographer. Nancy Stephens and Pam Park spend many long hours on layouts for Academics Section. Despite Mid- Year Set Back, ELMS Produces A Larger, More Contemporary Book. 113 ELMHURST LOOKS TO THE RAINBOW FOR A POT OF FUN Jays ring out victory. Leprechaun Magic seemed to rule this year ' s Homecom- ing as the dorms were covered with floats to fit the theme of " Look to the Rainbow. Schick found its pot of gold with first place. That night, Friday, October 13, found the cam- pus attending a play entitled " Finian ' s Rainbow. " Of course, the major part was played by a green leprechaun, who, through a strange set of events found himself trans- formed into human form, all except for his ears, that is. This, however, did not prevent the play from becoming a tremendous success to start this special weekend off " right. As Saturday afternoon rolled around, Elmhurst College was guest to both alumni and visitors. It must have been that Irish luck was with the Bluejays as they beat Lake For- est in the Homecoming Game. Saturday night found the cafeteria transformed by a wee bit of magic into " Something Sort of Grandish. " Home- coming Weekend came to a quiet end with a chapel service on Sunday. 114 116 Careful now! Sure this is the right hne? Something Sort of Grandish. ' ' 117 A dance sponsored by the Squires. THE MEMBERS: (kneeling) Mark Hamilton, Al Mason, Rich Grobe, Scott Mer- nitz, Robert Herbster, Harold Berg; (row 1) Jim Trosen, Jerry Slansky, Robert Foose, Larry Meyers, Paul Minarik, Mark Erickson, Mike Mason, Bork Maronn, Wayne Kennedy; (row 2) Richard Gerber, Roger Horn, Mike Radzilowski, Terry Templeton, Rick Nichols, Dean Roberts, William Johnson; (row 3) John Rooney, Ray Lake, Dennis Patterson, Ron Robin, and David Allen. Not pictured is Warren Anderson. i Squires new pinning ceremony. PRAETORS SERVE COLLEGE SOCIALLY In April, 1967, a group of Elmhurst College men saw the need to form another brotherhood whose purpose would be to serve the college socially. The group of Prae- tors consisted of 28 original members when they were granted temporary recognition by the college. Since then, they have had two pledge classes which increased the membership to over forty. The Praetors have spon- sored The Cryan Shame concert and dance, the Shad- ows of Night, and the Bonnie and Clyde dance as well as Athfr f»i;pntc Tl-lic f Qr thfv nhns(= their roat-nf-arms which was designed by Richard Minhinnick and John Teschner. They also chose " Momentum Aire Perennius " as their motto. OFFICERS: Terry Wesbrock, Vice President; William Boci es, Sergeant-at-Arms; Ronald Carbello, Committee Co-ordinalor; Robert Quacl enbush, Secretary; and Thomas Foley, Treasurer. Not pictured are William Cherwonick, President, and Steven Warnke, Pledge Master. Pledges Neal Esposito. Jeff Hockman, Mark Padgett, Donald Rudy, George Kepel, and Timothy Brennan with Joseph Bestwina, Praetor regular. THE HARBINGER PRESENTS Coff ee House Succeeds in Providing Weekly Entertainment For Students Members of the Coffee House Committee gather for an informal shot. 124 GLEE CLUB TOURS THE MIDWEST Glee Club Quartet entertains at the Senior Banquet. MEMBERS: (seated) Harry Smith, Robert Ullman; (row 1) Raymond Christiansen, David Hagerbaumer, William Fraccaro, Craig Avery, Gary Tebo, Paul Lancaster, Roger Dahlstrom. Bryan Sickbert; (row 2) David Rota, Karl Miller, Timothy Kehl, Donald Langlas, Robert McGehee, Carl Ramey, Richard Gerber, Earl Schuff, David McCurdy; (row 3) Mark Stahlhut, David Ostendorf, David Kuebler, Dwight Borden, Martin Reif, Arthur Wille, Paul Fischer, Jerry Paul, Mark Buck, and William Resting. 126 Hold that note Mr. Austin directs the Glee Club. Carl Miller accompanies a piece with his accordian. 127 The POLYHYMNIA SINGS OUT ►KING Mrs. Repp directs the girls during a practice. The members of the College Choir. THE COLLEGE CHOIR OFFERS A BLEND OF MEN AND WOMEN ' S VOICES Dr. Krueger directs the choir at Baccalaureate. BAND SPONSORS A JAZZ FESTIVAL Mr. Hamilton directs the orchestra for its annual Spring Concert. 131 E. C. THEATER AND CHANCEL PLAYERS 132 ECLUB PRESENTS THE PLAYBOY DANCE E CLUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Michael Connelly, Recording Secretary; Art Zitt, Corresponding Sec- retary; Gary Tebo, President; Mark Hamilton, Vice-President; and Tom Schmidt, Historian. The key unlocks the door to an evening of fun. 134 Nancy Pumphrey and Gary Tebo are Playmate and Playboy of the Year. The false wall adds to the mood of the dance. 136 VARIETY SHOW STARTS THE AWS WEEKEND OF FUN 137 AWS BACHELOR ' S HOLIDAY Bob, buy me a Bon — Bon. MARDI GRAS ARRIVES Bachelor ' s Holiday court: Sandra Themley, Phil Murdock, Suzy Parks, Mike Marsico, Jean Tschudy, Wayne Kennedy, Bonnie Lengefeld, Bob Herbster, Donna Langlas, King Rich Gerber, Nancy Pumphrey, Gary Tebo, Karen Baer, Mark Hamilton, Jan Hedeen, Tom Raspanti, Jeanne Cotsones, and Jeff Hockman. 139 AWS PRESENTS THEIRANNUAL CIRCUS Now ladies and gentlemen we proudly present . You haven ' t seen John Cionca, have you? How would you like a pie in the face? Ick! 141 SCHICK SPEECH CONTEST College Orators Have an Opportunity To Speak Before the College Community Paul Fischer delivers the speech that won him third place. David Clark looks delighted with the prospects of winning the speech contest. 142 SQUIRES SPONSOR TRICYCLE RACE Buckets And Bright Spirits Initiate Spring Weekend X. CANDLELIGHT COTILLION Junior Dinner Dance Dr. Clark takes u moment to talk with Keith and Betty. Dr. Kleckner welcomes Pam and Roy. So you ' re the one who ' s responsible for all this! 146 GRADUATION HERALDS END OF Commencement 1968 began with the baccalaureate serv- ice held in the chapel. Rev. William Koshewa, pastor of St. Marks United Church of Christ, New Albany, Indiana, was the main speaker at the service. The seniors gathered as a group for the last time that af- ternoon, Sunday, June 2. The commencement address was delivered by Adlai E. Stevenson III, Treasurer of the state of Illinois. Honorary degrees were conferred upon Mr. Ste- venson, Albert C. Buehler, John N. Erlenborn, Rev. Koshe- wa, and Rev. Merl Schiffman. Dr. Kleckner chats with special graduation spealcers. The College Choir marches with the graduates to baccalaureate. 149 MATMEN END FIRST SEASON IN CCIW 160 HOCKEY TEAM: (Front row) Don Lama, Doug Warne, captain, Jim Horn, Rick Minhinnick, Mike Zibrun, Frank Tabor; (Back row) Cooper Spence, coach, Woody Jackson, George Anderson, Emile Ziedek, Bill Boches, Bob Merz, Hal Berg, Bob Faust, assistant coach. Elmhurst tries to keep the puck away from the goal. Bill Boches and his teammate start down the ice. 161 Cameron throws Price with Kataguruma. JUDO CLUB FIRST WOMEN ' S TENNIS TEAM TEAM: Lois Pokorny; Lynda Patrick; Sandra Janowiak; Joan VanSinderan, manager; Lillian Santamaria; and Miss Hack- man, advisor. Women Hope To Compete For Intercollegiate Honors The girls ' tennis team was newly inaugurated this spring. sport. The team hopes to play against other colleges next It was met with great enthusiasm and hope. For the first year in regular competition, time, the girls at Elmhurst showed interest in a competitive 164 TENNIS TEAM HAS A SUCCESSFUL YEAR With the addition of three new members to this year ' s n et squad. Coach Arends ' team looked quite promising as it re- entered the C.C.I.W. Conference. The new additions to the team were: the number one player, Rick Wollerman; the number two player, Ted Kissell; and Jim Johnson, at third doubles for the Bluejays. Returning from last year ' s action were: Mark Hamilton, captain; John Cionca; Bob Kostal; Dave Moyer; Stu Holman; and Ken Wyant, manager. The first conference match placed the netmen against the somewhat unimpressive Illinois Wesleyan squad. After a resounding 9-0 victory over Illinois Wesleyan, the Bluejays played non-conference Rockford College. The netmen were triumphant by a 7-2 margin at Rockford. The next match pitted the racketmen against Millikin University. Here on the home courts, the Bluejays trounced Millikin by another whitewash, 9-0. The next opponent was a well-practiced, tough Wheaton College team where the netmen found themselves on the tail end of an 8-1 score. The following week, the Bluejays enter- tained North Park College where they had another easy-go- of-it 9-0 victory. On May 10 and May 18, Coach Arends and his team hosted the 22nd Annual C.C.I.W. Tennis Tournament. After two days of solid tennis, the netmen finished third out of nine teams in the conference. Our first doubles, the Woll- erman-Kissell combination, won the championship in their bracket, and the second doubles team of Hamilton-Cionca were runners up in their division. Thus, Elmhurst finished third in their conference, slightly behind the powerful Wheaton team that finished second. Augustana College made the tournament a repeat performance as they took the first place for the second year in a row. This year ' s team ended up with an overall 4-1 record and a third ranking in the conference. This year marked the termination of 38 year coaching span for C.C. Arends. At this time let us say " thanks " to Mr. Arends for his long service to the college and to the promotion of the sport of tennis at Elmhurst College. The Elms staff regrets that they were unable to have a picture of the tennis team . 165 ELMHURST PRESENTS THE 46TH ANNUAL E.I.I 168 E.I.I. COURT — Marcia Berry; Jan Hootman; Marie Johnson, Queen; Kay Kimball Marinaccio; and Suzy Parks. 170 172 with spirit . . DO YOU HAVE THE SPIRIT? with deep feeling . . , with a smile . they try desperately to arouse the interest of an all too often minimal number of spectators, but they do try harder — Chris Johnson, Marty Berry, Terry Calk- ins, Kay Kimball, Susan Cullom, Kathy Pranski. 173 176 180 SENIOR INDEX ALLEN, DAVID BUSHNELL Irion Dorm Council 1; Inter-Dorm Council 1; Freshman Class Vice-President 1; Homecoming Dance Committee 2,3; Co-Chairman 2; President ' s Inaugural Committee 2; Sophomore Semi-Formal 2; Squires 2,3,4; WRSE 2; Elm Bark 3,4; Social Life Committee 3,4; Junior Dinner- Dance Committee 3; Science Center Dedication Com- mittee 3; AGORA 4; Campus Planning Committee 4; Campus Awareness Committee 4. ALM, KENNETH ROY Transfer, University of Illinois, 1; Lab Assistant in Biol- ogy 2; WRSE 2,3; Studio Executive 3; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Chairman 4; Cultural Life Committee 3; Irion Hall Judicial Board 3; President ' s Advisory Coun- cil 4; Campus Awareness Committee 4; One Act Plays 4. BAER, KAREN ELIZABETH Religious Life Committee 1,2; College Choir 1,2,3,4; Bell Choir 4; Inner City Sunday School Teacher 1; Campus Chest Chairman 1; Variety Show 1; Homecoming Show 2,3,4; Freshman Orientation 2,3,4; Chairman 4; Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 4; Union Board Secretary 4; Recipient of Presidential Award — Campus Leader- ship 4; AWS Circus Children Committee Chairman 4. BANKS, SUSAN MARGUERITE SEA 2,3,4; Tutoring Project 3; Secretary in the Educa- tion Office 4. BEAM, BARBARA SUE AWS Judicial Board 1; Choral Union 2,3; SEA 2; Elms 3; AWS Legislative Board 4. BEARDSLEY, CHRISTINE ANN Homecoming Court 1; Polyhymnia 2,3,4; Librarian 3; Choral Union 2,3,4; MENC 3,4; SEA 3; Prom Court 3; Senate 1 . BECVAR, CAROL WILL Intramurals 1; Dorm Activity Chairman 1; Committee of Nine 2. BELLO, DONALD JOSEPH Track 1,2. BERAN, THOMAS EMIL Cultural Life 1; AGORA 4; Long Range Planning and Development Committee 4; Student Committee on Aca- demic Development 4; Senate Outreach Committee 4. BIERBAUM, WILLIAM H., JR. E.H. Club 3,4; Young Republicans Club Membership Committee 4; G.G.O.T.T. 4. BOTTOM, ROBERT RAY College Choir 1,2; Bell Choir 1; WRSE 1; Steering Committee 3. BOUGHTON, PAMELA MARTENS Hall Council 1,3; Interdorm Council Treasurer 1; Poly- hymnia 1,2,3; Secretary 3, Librarian 2; Greater Elmhurst 4. BURTON, RICHARD E., JR. WRSE 2,3; Sophomore Semi-Formal Committee 2; In- augural Ball Committee 2; Prom Committee 3. CARLSON, JUDITH LEE SEA 2,3,4. CHYRCHEL, STEPHEN DALE E.C. Theater 3. CIONCA, JOHN R. Tennis 2,3,4; Football 3; Wrestling 3; E-Club 3,4. CLARK, DAVID RICHARD Debate 1; WRSE 1,2,3,4; Shakespeare Series 2; Intra- murals 1; Phi Theta Kappa 3; Homecoming Show 3,4; One Acts 3; E.C. Theater 3,4; Coffee House Reading Hour 4. DAVIA, LOIS JEAN Sigma Alpha Eta 2,3,4; Secretary 3; Treasurer 4; Wom- en ' s Honorary Vice-President 4. DITTRICH, PAMELA LYNN Residence Council 1; WRSE 2; Elms 2; Homecoming Committee 2,3; Judicial Board 2,3; Homecoming Court 2; Prom Court 3; Who ' s Who Selection Committee 3; Union Board Secretary 3; Residence Hall Program Chairman 3; Freshman Orientation 2; Sophomore Semi- Formal Court 2; Senior Class Treasurer 4; Second Vice- President of A. W.S. 4. DRESE, SUSAN LOIS Polyhymnia 1,2,3,4: Librarian 3; Publicity Chairman 4; Choral Union 1,2,3,4; Tutoring Project 2,4; S ecretary, Lehmann Hall 4. DRUMMOND, JOHN M. Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Greater Elmhurst 1,2; Business Club 2,3; Athletic Life Committee 4. ESCHENBRENNER, CARL F. Chancel Players 1; Campus Awareness 4. FLETCHER, KENTON CLARK College Choir 1,2,3,4: Assistant Director 3,4; Choral Union 1,2,3,4; Bell Choir 1,2,3,4: Director 3,4; Church Vocations 1,2,3,4; WRSE 1,2,3,4: Program Director 3; Men ' s Honorary 3,4; Greater Elmhurst 2. FRICKE, HELEN JEAN Residence Council 2; Choir 3,4; Treasurer, Junior Class 3; Prom Court 3; Pi Gamma Mu 3; Honor Society 3; Women ' s Honorary 3; Homecoming Queen 4; Secretary, Cultural-Intellectual Life Committee 4. 183 FUCILE, STEVEN FRANK Baseball 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Phi Gamma Upsilon 4. GERBER, KATHRYN ELAINE Tri-Beta 3,4: Vice-President 4. GERBER, RICHARD GUY Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Librarian 3, President 4; Business Club 1; Intramurals 1,2; Campus Chest Co-Chairman 2; Squires 3,4; Who ' s Who Selection Committee 3; Junior Class Vice President 3; Campus Crusade for Christ 4; Chairman, Senior Fund Raising Committee 4; Athletic Life Committee 3. GROBE, RICHARD DENNIS Football 1,2,3; E-Club 1,2,3,4: Secretary 2; Squires 2,3,4: Pledge Master 3, President 4; Intramurals 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Social Life Committee 3; Resident Advisor 3,4; Se- nior Class President 4. GROTEFELD, LINDA JUNE WRSE 1,2,3; Elms 1; Sophomore Semi-Formal Chair- man 2; AWS 1,2,3,4: Circus Chairman 2, Legislative Board 4; Homecoming Committee 2,4; Tutoring Project 2; Hall Council 4. GROVE, SUSAN BARBARA Secretary of Schick Hall 1; Psi Chi 3,4; Secretary-Trea- surer 3,4; AWS Treasurer 3; Program Committee, Leh- mann Hall 4. HEPNER, STEVEN LORENZ Choir 1,2,3,4: Business Manager 4, Student Director 4; Choral Union 1,2,3,4; WRSE 1,2; Band 3, Collegium Musicium 4; E.C. Theater 4. HERBSTER, ROBERT W. Squires 1,2,3,4: Secretary 4; WRSE I; Intramurals 1,2,3, 4; Glee Club 3; Vice President, Sophomore Class 2; Hall Council 2; E.C. Theatre 3; Christmas Oratorio 2; Fresh- man Orientation 3,4; Athletic Life Committee 4. HERZINGER, MARY LOU Elm Bark 3; SEA 4. HESS, JEAN ANNE SEA 4. HINCHLEY, JOHN FREDERICK Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; French Club 4. HOHL, MARY CAROL Tutorial Project 3; Prom Committee 3; College Choir 4; Secretary, Senior Class 4; Resident Advisor 4. HORN, ROGER VERNON Squires 1,2,3,4; College Choir 1,2,3: President 3, Busi- ness Manager 3; Irion Hall Judicial Board 2; Student Leader, Freshman Orientation 3,4; Band 4. HOSTETTER, DIANE E. Polyhymnia 3,4: Business Manager 4. JACKSON, JEAN MARIE Tutoring Project 1; Elms 2,3: Editor 3; President ' s Advi- sory Council 3; Who ' s Who Selection Committee 3; Ac- tivities Council 3; Women ' s Honorary 3,4; Dinkmeyer President; Inter-Dorm Council 4; Presidential Awards Committee 4. JOHNSON, WILLIAM A. Band 2,3,4; SEA 2; Ski Club 2; Cross Country 3. JOHNSON, WILLIAM REAGAN Squires 1,2,3,4: Corresponding Secretary 2, Secretary 3, Committee Chairman 4; College Choir 1,2,4; Choral Union 1,2,3,4; Church School Teaching Project 1; Fresh- man Class President 1; Greater Elmhurst 1; Homecom- ing Production 2; Religious Life Producation 2; Who ' s Who Committee 2,3; Senate 3; Chairman, Committee for Academic Development 3; Freshman Orientation Committee 3; Men ' s Honorary 3,4; Chairman, Campus Chest 3; Churchman ' s Washington Seminar 3; Cultural- Intellectual Life Committee, Chairman 4; Union Board 4; President ' s Advisory Council 4; College Committee on Programs and Personnel 4. KACHIANS, THOMASEEN Greater Elmhurst 1,2; Publicity Chairman of AWS 2; Program Chairman of AWS 3; AWS Treasurer 4; Senate 3,4; Prom Chairman 3; Resident Advisor 4; Presidential Awards Committee 4; Committee on the Discretion Poli- cy 4. KARAU, KEITH ALVIN Elms 1,2; Editor 2; Religious Life Committee 2,3; Presi- dent ' s Advisory Council 2; Junior Class President 3; Prom Chairman 3; Men ' s Honorary, President 4; Presi- dent ' s Advisory Council 4. KNAPP, HUGH CHARLES Transfer, Bowling Green State University, 1; Football 2, 3,4: Co-Captain 4; Basketball 2; E-Club 2,3,4: President 3; Athletic Life Chairman 3; AWS Circus 3,4. KORIATH, GAIL DANNENBERG AWS 1,2,3: Circus Committee 1, President 3; President, Schick Hall 2; President ' s Advisory Council 2,3; Home- coming Committee 2; Sophomore Semi-Formal Court 2; Homecoming Court 3; President ' s Award Recipient 4; Financial Aid Committee 4; Treasurer, Women ' s Honor- ary 4. KRAUSS, FREDR. Public Relations Photographer 4; Psi Chi 4; Young Re- publicans 4. KRUSE, WILLIAM STRATTON Niebuhr Hall Council 1; College Choir 1,2,3,4; Religious Life Committee 2,3; Freshman Orientation Committee 2,3: Chairman 3; Resident Advisor 3; Men ' s Honorary 3, 4; Union Board Chairman 4; C.S.A. 4; Executive Com- mittee of S.G. A. 4. LUNDQUIST, JOHN A. Football 2,3,4: Co-Captain 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 3, 4; E-Club 3,4: Treasurer 4. 184 MATTERN, THOMAS ROBERT Niebuhr Dorm Council, Secretary-Treasurer 1; College Choir 1; Squires 1,2: Chaplain 2; Freshman Class Trea- surer 1; Tutoring Project 2; Niebuhr Hall Vice President 2; Judicial Board 2; Cultural-Intellectual Life Committee 2,3; Senate 3; Men ' s Honorary 3,4; President ' s Advisory Council 4. MC EWAN, LINDA LEE Band 1,3,4; Tutoring Project 1,2: Secretary-Treasurer 2; Elm Bark 3; Hall Council, Schick Hall 3; Religious Life Committee on City Problems 4. MINARIK, PAUL STEVEN Football L2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Irion Dorm Council 1; WrestHng 2; Squires 2,3,4; Business Club 2,3; Athletic Life Committee 2,4; Men ' s Honorary 3,4: Treasurer 4. MOSKOS, SUSAN ELAINE Elmhurst College Theater 2,3,4; Homecoming Show 3,4: Student Director 4; Chancel Players 4; WRSE Producer 3,4; Cultural Life Committee 4; Theta Alpha Phi 4; Lehmann Hall Council 4; Senate Committee on Aca- demic Development 3. NELSON, WILLIAM ALLAN Transfer, Western Illinois University, 1; E-Club 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4: Captain 4; Dorm Coun- cil 2; President of Niebuhr 3; Variety Show 2,3; Inter- Dorm Council 4; Senior Athlete of the Year 4. PLATT, BARBARA MARIA Church Vocations 1,2,3; Religious Life Sub-Committee 2; Vespers Committee 4; Band 3,4; Elms Business Man- ager 3; AWS Judicial Board 4. ROBIN, RONALD WILLIAM Squires 3,4. SCHAEFER, JUDITH ANN Polyhymnia 1,2,3,4; Program Chairman, Lehmann Hall 2; Women ' s Union 2: Bachelors ' Holiday Committee 2; Resident Advisor 3; Union Board Secretary 3; Women ' s Honorary 3,4; Religious Life Committee 4. SCHWIND, GLORIA MAE Tutoring Project 1,3; Hall Council 1; Residence Council 3; Cultural-Intellectual Life Committee 2,3; Women ' s Honorary 3,4: Program Chairman 4; AWS Judicial Board 3. SPENCE, COOPER M. President, International Club 1; Ski Club 1,2,3,4: Finan- cial Advisor 1, Vice President 2,3, President 4; This Magazine; Dorm Vice President; Hockey Team 3,4: Coach 4. STILLER, KAREN SEA 2; Greater Elmhurst 2; Tutoring Project 3; Editor of Lehmann Hall Newspaper 4. STOKER, SUSAN ELLEN Elms Copy Editor 2; Schick Vice President 2; Homecom- ing Committee 3. TEBO, GARY ROBERT E-Club 1,2,3,4: Secretary 3, President 4; Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; Wrestling 1,2; Irion Secretary-Treasurer 2; Resident Advisor 3; Who ' s Who Selection Committee 3; Class Vice President 4; Athletic Life Chairman 4. TEUBER, THOMAS WAYNE WRSE 1,2,3,4: News Director 1, Program Director 2,3, Station Manager 4; President ' s Advisory Council 3,4; Campus Awareness Committee 4; Presidential Award Recipient 4; Co-Chairman, Midwest College Jazz Festi- val Committee 4; Elms A. TOSTON, LOUISE LADLEY Elms 3,4. TOURANGEAU, FRANK L. Student Directed One Act Plays 3; WRSE 4; Homecom- ing Show 4; Cultural Li fe Excursion Committee 4. TSCHUDY. JEAN ANN Polyhymnia 1,2,3,4: Secretary 2, Student Director 3,4, President 4; Greater Elmhurst 1; Church Vocations 1,2,3, 4; Senate 2; Chairman, Campus Awareness 2; Who ' s Who Committee 2,3; Resident Advisor 3; Vespers Com- mittee 3; Freshman Orientation Committee 3; Commit- tee on Student Awareness 4; Secretary, Student Govern- ment Association 4. UPHAUS, THOMAS ROLLAND College Choir 1,2,3,4: Assistant Business Manager 4, Vice President 3,4; Bell Choir 1,2,3,4; SEA 2; Treasurer, Cultural-Intellectual Life Committee 3,4; SCAD 4. VAN SINDEREN, JOAN Transfer, Cazenovia College, 1,2; Lehmann Hall Coun- cil, Program Committee 3; Religious Life Sub-Commit- tee 4. WALLIES, KATHLEEN JOY Elms 1; Intramurals 2; SEA 3,4; Lehmann Hall Program Board 4. WARP, HAROLD GEORGE Elm Bark Photographer 1,2,3,4; Elms Photographer 3,4; Chancel Players 1,3; Business Club 2; Niebuhr Program Chairman 4; Squires 4. WIND, BIBI ANN Judo Club 1,2,3,4: Instructor 3,4; Theater Guild 1,2; SEA 4. ZITT, ARTHUR ROBERT Golf 1,3,4; E-Club 2,3,4: Corresponding Secretary 4. ZUPAN, KATHERINE ALICE Tutoring Project 1; Cultural Life Committee 1; Secre- tary, Schick Hall 2; Vice President, AWS 3; Student Committee for Academic Development 4. 185 STUDENT INDEX Aabey, Audrey June Aboagye, Emmanuel Donkor Ackerman, Allen Joseph Ackemann. Sue Ann 85 Ackley, Gary Farr Adams, James Warren Adams. Nancy Ann 85 Adams, Roy Jackson Jr. 69 Adellakaan. Ruth 85 Afnck. Diane Agnes. Cynthia Lynn Alderton. Edwin Anton All. Lorena 77 Allen. David Bushnell 183 Allen. James O ' Donnell Allender. Robert Aim. Kenneth Roy 1 16.183 Alsaker. Nora Virginia 77 Anderson. George Paul 85.155.161 Anderson, Lesley Joan 69,70.75,146 Anderson, Warren David 76.77 Andre. Carolyn Aleda 69 Angelacos. Sandra Pat 77 Anthony. Charles Arens. Arthur George Armstrong. Paul Richard Arp. Duane Lee Ashton. Barbara Jean 128 Asmus. Pamela Jean 69.146 Atkins. Robert Alan 85 Auer. James Raymond Augustine. Pauline-M, 85 Austin. John Eriand 77 Avery. Cheryl Darlene 77 Avery. Craig Sherburne 77.126 Baab. Craig Henderson Bach. Lloyd Thomas 57 Baer. Karen Elizabeth 34.57,115.116. 139.183 Baldino, Robert Louis Balling, William 69 Balon, Robert 77,123 Banks, Susan Marguerite 57.183 Barber. Thomas Robert Bardelas. Roberto 85 Barnhart. Robert 85 Barr. Robert 77 Bartlett. William Earl Baumann, Donald 69 Beach. James 57 Beam, Barbara Sue 57.183 Beardsley. Christine Ann 57.128.183 Beck. Mark 77 Becvar. Carol 57,183 Beecken. Thomas 85 Behle. Patricia 77 Beldner, Dennis 85.170 Bello. Donald Joseph 57.183 Bemos. Ralph Wlater Benbow. Richard 69 Benedict. Polly 77 Beran. Thomas Emil 57.183 Berg. Duane 84.85 Berg. Harold 69.1 16.120.161 Bergner. Dennis Earl Berry. Marcia 125.169.173 Bestwina. Joseph 122.123 Betz. Judy Martha 77 Biegalski. Carol J. 58 Biehl. John B. Jr. Bieker. Jerry Wayne Biel. James Robert Bierbaum. William H. 58.183 Biljes. Mary Ellen 85 Billings. Timothy John Bizer. John Robert 68.69.101 .1 10.145. 146.166.167 Blake. Susan Marie 77 Blank. Gayle Helen Blatti. Sheila Kay 69 Blazevich. Charlene A. Blomquist. Ruth Ellen 85 Bloomdahl. Paul Harry Bluemel. Judith Lynne Bluett. Deborah Ann 85 Boatright. Barbara Ann Bockes. William Henry 122,161 Bode, Ned William Bold, PhillipCarl Boone, Anthony 85 Booth, David N. Borden, Dwight E 69,126 Borger, Peter J. Boston. Marcia E, 85 Bottoms. Robert Ray 58,183 Boughton, Pamela Martens 183 Bourque, Janet M. Bowden, Melody L. 1 17 Bracke, John M. 69 Bradshaw, George Milburn 69.123 Bradshaw, Stephen 85 Brasen, James Robert 58 Brash, Joel Avery Braun, Lois Esther Bree, Judith Ann 69 Breitenbach, Phillis 58 Brennan. Bar ry James 69,159,168 Brennan, Kerin Ray 69 Brennan. Ruth 77 Brennan. Timothy 122 Brewington. LaVonne 77 Bristor. Clarence 85 Brouwer. Derek John 58 Brown. Alex 124 Brown. Diane 85.1 16 Brown. Jane Holsteen Brown. Joan Edythe 58 Brown. Robert Earnest 58 Brown. Sharon 85 Brown. Steven 85 Bruss. Marian 77 Bruner. Richard Alan Buchanan. Bernard 69,78 Buck, Mark 121,126,137 Burns, Rcsalyn 77 Burton, Richard E. Jr. 59.125.183 Butcher. Stephanie 85 Caesar. George 85, 1 55 Calahan, William 77 Caldwell, Georgianna 59 Calkins, Ten 77,173 Cameron, Paul 162 Campanella, Joni 77 Campbell, Gordon 77 Campo, Jean 133 Carbello, Ronald 122,123,155 Cardamone, Michael John Carlson. Judith 59.183 Carlson. Thomas Andrew Carpenter. Pamela Ann 69,138.145 Carroll. Scott Edward Carter, Janice Dorothea 85 Carter. Jeffrey Alan 69 Carter. Margaret Lynn Carton. Charles Michael Cass. Thomas Milton Casto. Mary 59 Cavanaugh, Michael R. Cavender. Bruce Kerr Cavender, Thomas M. Jr. Cernoch, Joan Cervenka, Michael John Chaiek, William Dimitri Chamberlin, Robert Scott 77 Chamnes. Mary Elaine 85 Chapman. Judith Michele85 Charanvas. Judy Usha 69 Charanvas. Ruangsakdi 77 Charneia. Gary Cherwonick. William R. 122 Chin. Lillian Liavearn 85 Chinn.Clovia Mae 85 Chopores. James Thomas 86 Chou. Carol 59 Chow. Michael Cheh-Sun Christiansen. Raymond S. 86.126 Chyrohel. Stephen 183 Cionca. John 59.141.183 Cisar. Gayle Lynn 77 Cisco. Raymond Peter Cislak, Rolanda Lee 77 Ciuffo, Armano Vito 69 Clark, David 59,125,183 Clark, Kathleen Mary 84.86 Clark. Shirley Ann 86 Clarke. Deane Lawrence Claycombe. Lola Hudosn 77 Clemans. Vance Liane Comito. Ann 59 Concklin, Tara Lynn 86 Conley, Lawrence Edward Connelly, Michael Emett 77,134,137 Connolly, Joseph R. Coonley, Jennifer C. Cordes, Sherry Valine 77 Corey, Walter Edward Corley, Charles Cosimano. Charles Will 86 Cotsones. Jeanne E 86.1 16.139.140 Cox. Marvin Stanley Jr. 77 Cripe, James C. Crois. John Henry Crowfoot, Susan Jane Crozier, Robert P. 69 Cullom, Susan H. 78.173 Cullum. David Blair 69 Cummins, Barbara Lynn Cunningham, Ellen E. 69 Cunningham. George M. Cunningham. Rita Anne 69 Curtin. Maureen Sally Cushman. Nadine86 Cuttrell. Kathleen Ann Cuyief. Gregory G. 78 Cwik, Wayne Stephen 69 Dagenhart. Bryan James 78.124 Dahler. Deborah Marie 86 Dahlquist, Paul Dahlstrom, Roger Kent 126 Daluga, Sharon Anne 69 Daly. Catherine M. Damanis. Luis R. Damm. Virginia Marie Damora. Barbette Ann 59 Dancy. John Anderson Daubenspeck. John Drew Dauster. Karen Sue 86 Davia. Lois Jean 59.183 Dean. George Robert 155 Deangeles, Michael A. 123 DeChene. Paul Edward Dee, Dennis Michael Deem, Patricia Ann 78 Degrazia, Michael Delia, Vedova Marilyn DeLong, Virginia Dembosz, Henry Joseph DeMent. Edward L. Depinto. Sandra Devere. Bess Ellen 86 Dewey. Daniel Dewey. Kenneth Frederic 69 Dickey. Harriet Susan 69 Diebert. Albert Ernest Diederich, Jane Barron 69,1 19 Dietle, David Frederick 70,162 Dietzen, John Norman Dillon, William Paul Dittrich. Pamela Lyn Doede. Donald Howard Doenges. Sandra Ann 78 Dokka. Karen Van Tuyle Domino. Gracelia 78 Dossa. Shahnavaz Douglas. Cheryl Yvette 86 Downs. Lola Jane Drallmeier. Carolyn Drese. Susan Lois 59,128.183 Drimmer. Alain T. 124 Drummond. John M. 59.183 DuBois William 159 Dudley. Hanoria C. Dudley. Thomas Brooks 78 Due. Gloria Ann 107 Duffecy. Peter John Dumler. Charles W. Dunderdale. Paul Joseph 70 Dunning. Thomas S. 78 Ecale. Marian Young Eckholm. L awrence C. Eckley. Stephen L. Eckwall. Carole Beth 86 Economos. Patricia J. 86 Ediand. David George Edwards. Jeffrey Kent Ettimoff. Christine Filers. Barbara Ann 59.116 Elenz. Susan Elizabeth Eltvin, Donald Charles 86 Ellis, Jacquelyne Faithe 86 Elloie, June Marie 84.86 Elsberg. William George Endahl. Ethelwyn Mae Engh. Ralph 59 Engman. John Phillip 78 Enriquez. Pamela Jean 86 Erickson. Allan Russell Erickson. Mark Erick 78.120.155 Erickson. Michael Dean Erickson. Robert Kenneth Ernest, Candace Helen 78 Esbrook. Thomas Joseph 59 Eschenbrenner. Carl F. 59. 183 Esposito. Neal 122 Evans. Susan Mary 86 Eyrich. Jean Ann 70.1 10 Ezurike, Eliezer Lemchi Fabian, Beverly Ann Failon, Nancy Jean Fantozzi, Gregory P. Farley, Winifred Mary Farquharson, James P. Faust. Robert Alan 86.161.162 Fawell. Beverly Landon Fayman. Judy Lynn Featherston. Melissa D. 182 Fennel. John W. Fenskc. Allan Edward Fenske. Mary Millen Ferlazzo. Joyce Margaret 174 Ferrer. Gloria A. Fetcher. Gertrude W. Fick. Michael Thomas Fickler. Colleen Kay 86 Field. Kenneth Wayne Fiene. Joanne Lynn 78 Fihpski. Stephen 84.86.155,171 Fineman. Darrell Mitchel Fink. Sally L. Finlayson. Margaret J. Finley. Carol Jeanne 59,101 Fischer, Paul Robert 86, 126,142 Fish, Christyne Biehl Fish, Ralph Fredrick Fleischer, Karen 59 Fleming, Michael Jude 109 Fletcher, Kenton Clark 34,59,183 Fodero, Judith Ann 70 Foley, Thomas John 122,123,155 Follstad. Carl Harold 144 Folsom. Danielle Marie Folz. Bonnie Sue 59 Foose. Robert Marshall 70.120 Fortelka. John C. 59 Foskett. William Robert 70,138,145 Foster. Gloria May 70 Fourman. Ann Hollinger Fowler. Daniel Webster Fraccaro. William F. 78.126 Francis, Dianrje Fransioli, Mark Thomas Fratt, Grant 86 Fredette, Marlene Lynn Freese, Edward Fred Jr. Freitag, Roger Alan Frechette. Paul Leo Freund. Elizabeth Neely Fricke. Helen Jean 60.116,183 Friebus. Kathleen E. 128 Fritsch. John Townsend Fritz, Thomas Louis Fry, Steven George Fucile, Steven Frank 87 Fujiwara, Sandra Rumi 78 Gaffney. Joseph John Gaillard. Jon Theodore Gall. Cynthia Lynn 79 Gallagher. Linda Susan Gallagher. Michael W. Gallas. Linda Lee 70 Galuszka. Sharon Ann 79.81.177 Gambell. Janet Carol Bye Gapa, Emily G. 70 Gardner, Steven Ogon Gargano, James Frank Garnaas, Nancy Garofalo, Angela Carol 86 Gaskill, Raymond David 70 Gasteier, Alan Craig Gates, Reginald Truman Gauntt, Holly 60 Gavin, Carol Anne Gaw, Sally Jeanne 86 Gehrke, Mark William 87 Geib, Richard Joseph 186 r Geib. Thomas Alan Gelgner, Charles Logan Geldbach. Carolyn Louise 70 Gensude, Mary Frances 79 Geradi, Gerald Louis Gerber. Kathryn 60.87 Gerber, Richard 120.126,139.183 Gerbrecht. Arnold Ernest Gerhardt.Christi J. Gernand, Jill Dawn 70 Gettings. Janet Pauline 79 Gibbs. Robert Dale87.155 Gibson. Cynthia W. 87 Gilchrist. Glen Scott 87 Gills. John Frederick Giuntoli, Juliet E. Glaser, Susan Lee 87 Glass. Patricia A. Glennon. Kathleen A. Glidden. Richard Carter Glover, Herbert P. Goebel. James Brown A. Goeman, Cynthia Mae 79 Goetz, Harriet Spengler Goldstein, David Norman Gorman. Allan Ross Gosiewski, Clement P. Gothard. Stephen Edward Goumas, James Jeffery Graham. Carol 87 Graham. John Howard Graiber. Lawrence 60 Granback. Norman Ross 79 Granite. Judith Anne 60 Gray. Deborah Ann 87 Green. Judith Mary Gregory. James Lee Greve, Gerrit Jan 79,124 Grimm, Sandra Gay Grobe, Richard 60,1 16,120,121 ,135.184 Gross, George Grotefeld, Linda 60,184 Grothe, Robert 60,133 Grove, Susan 60,184 Grubidt, Ronald Wayne Grussel. Richard Anthony Guenther, Kay Marie 87 Guerra. Anthony James Gugeler, Frederick Gulbrandsen. Douglas Lee Guminski, Kathryn J. Gunkel, Jorlyce 79 Gutenschawager, William A. Haden, Walter Hagerbaumer, David 87,121,126 Hagle, Richard Hagstrom, Judith 87 Hahn, Linda Hall. Charlotte 70.75.1 1 1, 1 19 Hall. Georgene87 Hall. John Hall. Maurice Hallbeck. Walter Halverson. Paul 87 Hamilton. Gordon Hamilton. Joanna 71.107,112 Hamilton, Mark 71. 1 16,120,134,135, 139,141 Hamilton, Nancy Hamilton, Richard 60 Hamm. Robert 71,1 15,1 16 Hammond, John HampI, Joseph Hans, Linda 87 Hansen, Lawrence Hansen, Nancy 79 Hansen. Paul 113 Hansen. Paula Harbecke. Laura Hardt, David 116 Harms. Keith Harris. Gregory Harris. Thomas Hartin. Judith Hartlein. Susan 87 Hartman. Henry Hartman. Robert Hastings, Dean Hastings. Doris Hathaway. Nancy Hatton. Carol 60 Haute. Donald 123 Hauflaire. Marcia 60 Hawksworth, Alice 60,61 Hayes, Bonnie Heck. Robert 79 Hedeen, Jannalynn 78,87,139 Hedeen, Sharon-Diane 60 Hein, Gary Heinrich, Bruce Heisler, John 79 Held, Thomas Hellman, Phyllis Hemmert, Terri 79,109 Hempel, Richard 79 Henderson, Aden Heniff, Joseph 88 Hennig, Jean Henning, Mark Henriksen, Bruce Henselman, Lester Hepner, Steven 60,84.184 Herbster, Robert 60,120.139.184 Hermansen, Joy 88,119 Hermen, Lawrence Herron, Norman Herzinger, Mary Lou 184 Hess, Jean 60,184 Hietala, Matthew Hill, Sharon 88 Hilt, Donna Hilton, Thomas Hinchley, James Hinchley, John 184 Hinchley, Marguerite 79 Hinchley, Marilyn 79,112 Hirst, Lyn Hitchcock, Mary Kay 71.1 17 Hochman, Jeffrey 88,1 16, 122, 139 Hotfenkamp, Gregg 79,155 Hoffman, Donald Hohl, Mary 60.184 Hollander. Gordon 35,88 Holle. Katherine88 Holman. Bruce 79 Holman, Stuart 68,71,101,135 Holmes, Mildred Holway, Marcia 79 Hommes, Mary Hook, Ernest Hootman, Gregory 88,101 Hootman, Jan 70,75,169 Hopkins, Hewson Horn, James 161 Horn, Roger 60,120,184 Horwarth. Garry Hosack, Wilford Hoskins. Richard Hostetter. Diane61. 128,184 Hotchkiss, Nancy Hotz, Roseann 76 Houdek, Joseph Houpt, Dorothy Howard, Janet 88 Howard, Joy 79 Howell, Constance 88 Howes, Mary Hoy, Donald Hubner. David 79 Hulsberg, Joann Humphries, William 61 Hunt, Carolyn 79 Hunter, Colin Huntsha. Thomas 88 Hutcheson, Karen 61 Hutchins. Betty 68.71.146 Hutchins, Robert 88 Hutter, Stephanie lliffe, William Inglis. David 155 Inskeep, Richard Isadore, Ernest Iveson, Nancy Izor, Paul 88 Jablecki, Michael 157 Jackson, Augusta 61 Jackson, Jean 61,184 Jackson, Sherwood James 161 Jacobs, Mary Jacobsen, Craig Jacobsen, Robert Jamba, David 79 James, David Janicek, James 35 Jankowski, Urszula Janowiak, Sandra 76,79,164 Janssen, Thomas Jenkins, Thomas Jenkinson, John Jerger, David 79 Jernberg, David Jivoff, Melanie88 Jockheck, Anita Johansen, Jerry Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Barbara 79 Johnson, Bruce 88 Johnson. Christine 173 Johnson, Helen Johnson, Jacqueline 79 Johnson, James Johnson, Janet 71 Johnson, Marie 147,169 Johnson, Patricia 71,116,147 Johnson. William 184 Johnson, William E. Johnson, William R. 61,100.120,144,184 Johnston, Douglas Johnston. Roy Jones, Carole Jones, Eugene 79 Jones, Stephen Jordan. Jerad 61 Joseph. Sharon 88 Jourdan. Catherine 61 Jurras. Sheila 88 Juske, Henry 88 Just, Robert Kaan, Ruth Adella Kachians, Thomasseen 61,184 Kallman, Paul Julius 71 Ka Ivans, Andrew Kamper, Judith Ann 71 Kanger, David Wayne Kappe, Diane Lyn 88 Karau, Keith Alvin 62,101,146,184 Karrow, Gary Steven Kase, Cornelia M. Kastner, Nancy Jean 79 Katz. Maxine Burry Katz. Richard Lynn 88.110 Kavanaugh. Hudy Ellen Kebede. Abede Keefe. David John Kehl. Timothy Hayward 71.126 Kelleher. Patricia A. Kelley. Judith Ann Kennedy. Sue Ann Kennedy. Wayne Kentgen. Gary 111.124 Kepel. George 122 Kerber. Stephen Harry Kerkstra. James M, 71.123 Kessler. Judith Ann 62 Kesting. William Louis 71.126 Khatib. TarikM. Khomphari. Nongpaga 71 Kilpatrick. Alice Kimball. Katherine Anne 169,173 Kimen, Joanne Sue Kincaid, Michaela Maria Kindl, Patricia Delaney King. John Daniel Kinney. David Allen 71.121 Kinzer. Dean R. Kissell. Theodore L. Klein. Barbara J. Klemme. Beverly Ann Kliche. Charles Rudolf Kling. Jeffrey George A, 70.121 Kluz, Karyn Suzanne 80.133 Kmiec. John Vincent Kmoch, Bruce Alan Knapp, Freya E. 62 Knapp. Hugh, Charles 62,184 Knapp, Michael James Knopp. Diane Ruth 88 Knowles, P. Randall Kobierowski, Donald R. Koch, George Byron 62.1 10,1 1 1,124 Koehler, Maryan Koenig. Elsa Caroline Konard. Thomas Paul Kopitzke. Gary Lee Kopitzke. Leonore Arne 7 1 Korgie. Jill Margeurite Koriath. Arnold R. Jr. 62 Koriath. Gail DAnnenberg62 Kornacki. Victor J. Kosar. Donald Arthur Koshewa. Carol Elizabeth 80 Kosik. James G. 62 Koss, Catherine Alice Kostal. Robert 155 Kostka, Allan Joseph Koteff, Margo Susan 71 Kraft, Patricia Jean 80 Krakora, Linda Helen 80 Kramer, Barbara R Kramer, Linda Lee Kraus, Diane Marie 63,143 Kraus, Rodney Fredrick Krauss, Fred R. 63,184 Kreimeyer, Charleen M. 71 Krengel, Lawrence Earl 71 Krepel. Jr. Geroge Henry 88 Kresin. Thomas B, Kroening. Karen Susan Krolak. Kathleen Mane Krueger, Marilyn Jean Krupicka, Diane Renne 71 Kruse, Janet Brandt 71 Kruse, William Stratton 40.100,184 Kucera, Jonathan David Kucik, Carol Jean Kuebler, Kenneth David 71,126 Kuehnle, Donald Wayne 88 Kuhr, William Aaron 88 Kuklinski, Clarice Rasch Kupper. KayAnn71.116.147 Kurasz. Beverly Ann Kuring, Suzanne Townsend Kurth, Nancy Ann Kurtz, Diane Lynn Kuston. Walter R. 88 Kuyper, Susan Jean Kyrias, Carol Ann Lach, Diane Lackey, Darnese 71 Lagerlund, Terrence Laitas, Jeanne 80.128 Lake, Raymond 80. 120,1 21 , 139 Lama. Donald 161 Lambert, Mary Anne 63 Lamberty. Maureen 88 Lampman. Linda Lancaster, Paul 88.121.126 Lane, Michael Lane, Walter Lange, Robert Langlas, Donald 80, 126 Langlas. Donna 63.128,139.147 Lansdown, Sharon Larson, Carl Larson, Susan 80 Lash, Karoline88 Laskowski, Eugene Latoria, Claudia 88 Latoria, Lynn 71 Laue, John Lavine, Eric Layne, Linda Leach, Michael 80 Leclerc, Joan 88 Lee, Thomas Lee, Timothy 80,84,89 Lencioni, Melvin Lengefeld. Bonnia 71.139 Lester. Priscilla 72 Leveille. Bertha Lewis, Barbara 84,89 Lewis, Elizabeth Lhotak, Carol 80 Liddy, K Cullerton Likewise, Thomas Limbacher. John 80 Lindblom, Linda Lindberg, John Linford, Ann 63 Lindgren, Gail Linn, Christine 72,132 Lipke, Elizabeth 80 Litz, Alyce Litz, John Livingston, Phillip Lizaiek, Marlene Lloyd, Robert LoechI, Richard Lo ggan, Peggy 89 Lomax. Sondra 1 19 Lombard!. John Loomer, John 72 Lotz. Walter Louis, Barbara Louthan, Glen Love, Greta Luck, Carel Ludwig, Koloman Luehr, Norman 63 Lum, Peter 80 Lundgren, Ronald 72,123 Lundquist, John 63. 1 55. 1 58, 184 Lynch, Linda Lyon. Kathryn Maatman. Robert 72,162 187 Macfarlane, Robert 89 MacGillin, Thomas 80 Macherey. Nanette 63 Mackay, Edith Mackey. Gary Mackowiak, William Maclean, Priscilla 68.72,147 Madalinski, Paul Mager, Elsie Mahler, Arnold 72 Mahoney, Paul 80 Makell, Pamela 89 Maksinski, Steven Marconi, Francine89 Markovich, Mitchell Maronn, Bork 80,120 Marquette, Thomas Marshall, Dean Marshall, Harold 84,89 Marsico, Michael 76,139.155 Martin, Carol 80 Martin. Carol R. Martin. Melissa 80 Martin. Michael Martin, Nancy Marvin, Mae Marvine. Deloise Masek, George Mason, Alan 72,120 Mason, Michael 63.120 Massie, Alan Masterson, Kevin Mastro, Peter 123.155 Matousek. Russell Mattern. Eleanor Mattern. Thomas 40.63.184 Matthaeus. Guenther Mauer. Richard Mazzei. Gregory 155 McAuslan. James McClain, Edwin 89 McCoy. Sharon 72 McCullough. Everett McCurdy. David 40,63.100.126 McDaniels. Elmore 80 McDermott, Bruce McEwan, Linda 63,184 McGehee, Robert 126 McGinnis, John 72 McGurgan, Rosemary McKeighan. Francesca McKeighan, Robert McMurray, William 80 McVicker, John Meacham, Clifford Mead, Robert 89 Meador, Sally Mellen, James Mencarow, William Menzel, Raymond 72 Mernitz. Scott 116,120,143,155 Merrifield, Scott Merrill. Mary 89 Merrill. Carol Merz. Robert 65.89 Messina. Robert Metskas.Cathleen 80 Meyer, Betty 72 Meyer, John 72 Meyer, Keith Meyer, Larry 72,120 Meyer, Laurence Arthur Meyer, Noel Mann Meyer, Thomas 89 Meyerdierks, Judith Meyers, Ronald Micek, Marilyn 89 Miceli, Louis Michalak, Gerald 63 Mickey, James 80, 134 Middleton, Booker T 80 Midgley, Janet 72,144 Mifflin, Robert Migit, David Migliore, Brodie89 Miklos, Gerald Milken, Barbara Miller, Billie Jean 72 Miller. Karl 80,126 Miller, Peter 72 Miller, Robert Minarik, Paul 63,88.120 Minhinnick. Richard 80,123.161 Mitchell, Dennis Mitchell, Mary 63 Mokhtarian, Shahia 89 Moll, Gary Montanari, Andrew 89 Montanari, Loretta Montville, Nancy Mooers, Richard 89 Moore. Deborah 72 Moore. Elsie 72 Moore. James Moran. Mary Moreau, Timothy Moreland. Jean Morris, Jacquie 63 Mortensen, John Mortenson, Lee Morton, Rita Mosher, Katherine Mosier, Fred Mosier, Theodore 155 Moskos, Susan 63,185 Motycka, Terry Moulthrop, David 80 Moyer, David 72.135,159 Mraz, Patricia Mueller, Laura 63 Mulay. Samuel Mulligan, Ronald Murdock, Philip89,139 Nacker, Neicy 89 Nagel, Thomas Nakamura, Cora 89 Nardone. Paul 64 Naslund. Bengt Neilson, JoAnn Nelson, Jack Nelson, James 89 Nelson. Kenneth Nelson. Linda 80 Nelson. Michael Nelson. William 64.155.185 Neu. Matthew Newcomb. Henry Newcomb. Michael 72 Newman, Robert 89 Nicholson, Richard 120 Nickell, Frances Nickerson, Arilla Kay 89 Neilson, John 72 Nitsche, Mary Nolan, Carole 64,177 Norlie. John Notari. Cathy Novak. Glenn 101.144 Novonty. Richard 89 Nyman. John O ' Brian, Paul O ' Dell. Deborah 89 Oefelein, Gerald 64, 109 Oehlerking, Marcia 81,1 16 Oetking. Rosamond O ' Grady. Thomas O ' Keefe. Kathleen Oku. Donna 81 Oleferchik, Leonard Oleksak, Marilyn 89 Oliva, Lucia Oliver, Ruth Olsen, Robert Ornstein, Deborah 89 Orr, Stanley 72 O ' Shaughnessy, Gregg Ostendorf, David 72,1 10.126 Ostrand. Dean Ostrander. William Owens. Dale 89 Owens. Paul 89.96 Padgett. Marks. 122 Palermo. Samuel Eugene Palm, John Michael 80 Panici, Brenda Joy 90 Paradore, Michael W Park, Norman 72 Park, Pamela 90,113 Parker. Barbara 64 Parker. Thomas Parkhurst. Gregory Parks. Susan 80.1 16.139.169 Parry. Roseanne Parsons. Christopher 132 Parsons, Gregory 90 Pasko, Mary Ellen 81 Patrick, Lynda 90.164 Patterson. Dennis 100.120.134 Patterson. Thomas Pattison. Meril Lee 81 Paul, Jerry 36,90.121,126,137 Paulin, Barbara Payne. Joyce Pearce. Jeane 81 Pearson. Elizabeth Pederson. Arthur Pederson. James 90 Pelc. Beverly Peluso. William Perretti. Patrick 90 Perlmutter. Violet Perry. Jeffrey Keith 81 Perry. Robert Ferryman. Dennis Peters. Constance Peters. James 81.135 Peters. Thomas 72 Petersen. Randell Peterson. Linda 72.128 Peterson. Ruth Peterson. Thomas Petrovicz. Marian Phife, Carole Replies 64 Phillips, Rosie90 Phillips, Sherry 90 Phillips, Warren 64,155.170 Picco. Gerard Picerno, Laura 72 Pierson, Calvin 64 Pierson, Tamra 72 Pietsch, Carole Pinderski, Robert Piper. Terry Pitello, Marianne 64 Piatt. Barbara 64,185 Pleters, Diane 81 Pohnal. Kathleen 90 Pokorny. Lois 84,90,106,164 Poltrock, Melanie Ponsonby, Richard Poole, Kerry Pope, William Porter, Janis Posejpal, Mary 64 Positano, Dennis Posterick, Barry Poteet, David Potter, Carol Potter, Carolyn Potter, George P Poulos. John 64 Powell. Beverly 81 Pransky, Kathleen 90.140.173 Prather, Philip Price. Cordell 64.162 Price. Merlanne81.119,138 Prignano. Ann 90 Prince, Christine 81 Princen. Scott 90 Pumphrey. Nancy 72.135,139 Puttkammer. Gabriele90 Pyrz. Robert Quackenbush. Robert 122 Radzilowsky, Michael 81,120,167 Ragnetti, Dorothy Rakos, Charles Ramey, Carl A. 91,126 Ramsey, Stuart Ramsson, Richard Ramsson, Robert Rasche. Christine 64, 100 Rasche, Margaret 81 Raspanti, Thomas 78,81,121.135.139 Rassogianis. Alex Rautio, Marnie Rawlings, Dennis Ray, Elizabeth Rayner, Robert 121 Reading, Thomas Reed, Maribeth64 Reed, Martha 91 Rehmer, Carole Rehr. William Reichert. Robert 145 Reid. Mae 64 Reif. Martin 84.91.126 Reinwald. Richard 82 Reiser. Patricia 91 Reiter. Dean 91 Revel I. Ronald Reynolds, Brian 162 Reynolds, Lynda 73,125 Rezabek, Gail 64 Rhinesmith, Nancy Richmond, Curtiss Riedel, Edward Riefenberg, Ralph 64 Riley, Linda Rinella, Darlene 73,124 Ristine, Janice Ritter, Susan Rizzo, Lawrence 64 Roberts, Dean 73,100.120 Roberts. Richard 91 Robertson. Lynn Robertson. Pauline 91 Robertstad, Edith 68 Robin. Ronald 120,185 Robinson, Doanid 82.167 Robinson. Rondi Rock. Billie Rodda. Avice Rodes. Rebecca 73 Rodriguez. Robert 73.109 Roefer, David 73 Roeske, Diane 112 Roger, David 65 Romanowski, Carmen Rompala, Dennis Rooney, John 73,120,138 Roos, Carol 128 Root, Daniel Rose, Donald Rosenberg, Paul Rosner,Shirley 73,112.113 Rossi. Raymond Rota. Charles 73,126 Rotche, Roanid Roth, Sharon Rotondi. Doreen Roucka. William Royce. Patricia Rude. Gary Rudy, Donald 91,122 Ruland, Janet Rundle, Paul Rusch. David Russell. Nancy 91 Rutherford, David 73 Rutkoski, Marlene Rutkowski, Richard Rutledge, Gloria Rutz, Diane 84,91 Ruzicka. Vlasta Ryberg, Richard Sadler. Christine 82 Saems. Constance 82 Salerno. Carol Saavedra, Richard Sails, Alayne82 Samuelson. Barbara 91 Sanderson, Harold Sanderson. Nancy 82 Santamaria. Lillian 164 Santose. Kristin 91 Sata. Karen 82.178 Sauter. Peter 91 Savitt. Lee Sayles. Anna Sayre. Lauren Scaggs. Sheila 82 Schaefer. Judith Schanuel. Marilee Schauer. Norma 65 Scheid. Patricia 65 Schill.Carl Schirmang. Sandra 82 Schlitter. Michael Schmeichel, Kenneth Schmidt, James Schmidt, Melvin Scmidt, Michael Schmidt. Robert Schmidt, Stephen Schmidt. Thomas 82.134.171 Schmidt. Kathryn 82.128 Schmitz. Merry 91 Schmutzler. Diane 91 Schneider. Karen 65 Schneider. Margaret 82.128 Schoenwolf. Gary Schoenbeck. Ronald Schoewe. Phyliss 91 Scholl. Terrence Schottenhamel. Marc Schram. Keith 82.101,123.135.158 Schram, Robert Schreiber, Terry 73 Schroeder. Milda 82 Schuff, Earl 73,126 Schultz. Donna Schultz, James Schulze. Sharon Schutt. Donald Schwagart. Janith Schwarz, Richard Schweer, Suzanna 188 Schwind, Gloria 65,185 Sebastian, Walter 82 Selbert, Penelope 74,128 Seldel, Guenther Selple, Rae82 Selcke, James Sellar, Barbara Senkerik, John 65 SepanskI, Virginia 82 Shaffer. Marianne 65 Shaffer, Susan 74 Sharp, Susan Shaunnessy, Pamela Sheehan, Jan Sheehan. William Sherburne, Anita 65 Sherman, Richard Shifley, Christine91 Shoop, Michael Sickbert, Bryan 91,126 Siegerdt, Warren Sieling, Step Sievert, Emily 91 Silva, Paula 65 Simchuk, Ellen Simet, Susan Siml, Anita 82 Simmons. Deborah 91 Simone, Larry 82 Simpson, Yvonne 74 Sims. Angela 91 Sims. John 91 Singer, Richard Sinn, Rochelle 74 Sipe, Frederic 82 Sippel, Michael Skala, Gerald 91 Skarshaug, David Skimina. Vivian Skowski, Darlene Slanina, Carolann 74 Slansky. Jerry 74.120,121,137,141 Slaven. Nanette Sloan. James Smeryage. Georgia 74 Smiley, Clifton Smith. Barbara Smith. Craig 123 Smith. Edward Smith. Harry 91.126 Smith. Seth 82 Smith, Silvia 91 Smith, William Smolinski, Donna Smotherman. William Snedeker, Robert Snook, Robert 65 Snyder, Ralph Sobol, Timothy Sonnenberg, Stephen 121 Soofi, Madjid Sorrentino, Anita Sowinski, Patricia Spain, Carole Spark, Stewart 116 Speck, Susan 91 Spence, Cooper 65, 185 Sperandeo, William Spiel man, Donald Spies, Jennifer 82 Spikes, W. Frank 84 Spina, Valerie 82 Spinelli, Michael Stahlhut, Barbara 82 Stahlut, Carolyn 66 Stahlhut, Mark 82.126 Starr. Jeanette Stawarz. James Stead. Thomas Stebel. Marlene91 Stedt, Claudia 82 Steeb. Michael 74 Steele. Linda 74 Stefany. Richard Steigmann. Richard Stelcher. Suzanne 66 Steohens. Jennifer 91 Stephens. Nancy91.112,113.144 Sterly. Donald Stille, Robert Stiller, Karen 66,185 Stillmank. James Stine. Amelia Stirrat. James Stoker. Sue 66.185 Stolt. Linda 74 Stolze. Brenda 92.106 Stone. Gregory Stonecipher. Joan 74 Storoe. Sandra Storrs. Richard 74 Stranberg, Richard Strand, Richard 155 Strand, Stanley 74,155 Strangeman, Pamela 82,106 Strayer, John 107,123 Striker, Mary 66,109 Strobel, Marjorie 84,92 StrobI, Frederick Strohschein. Glenn Strong. John Strzelecki. Ronald Studebaker, Hugh 74.123.132 Sturdevant. David Suchomel. Jeannine Sullivan. Kathleen Suit. Lorraine 92 Sutter. Lillian Sutton. Donald 124.132 Svoboda. David Swanson. Barbara Swanson. Joan Swiston. Andrew Sykes. Wallace Tabor. Frank 161 Takayesu. Alison 92 Talley, Ruth 82 Talmage, Nancy 82 Tastad, Linda Tatter, Robert Taylor. Diane 74 Taylor. Mary Tazelaar. Helen 75 Tebo. Gary 66. 100. 1 26. 1 34. 1 35. 139, 185 Templeton, Terry 82,120,141 Templin, James 83,123 Teschke, Geraldine Teschner, John 122. 123 Tesky, Kerry 83.124.128 Teuber. Thomas66,109.125.185 Thaagaard. Lynn Thamm. Pamela 92 Themely. Sandra 139 Thiel. Arlene 66 Thies. James 75.121 Thiesing. Carol 66 Thoma, John Thomas. Bobbie 75 Thomas. George 83 Thomas. Marilyn 92 Thomas. Nancy 92 Thompson, Jack Thompson, Kenneth Thompson. Ladonna Thompson. Margarette Thompson, Richard Thon,Gail83 Thoren, Larry Thorne, Roger 83 Thoss, Gary Thrasher, Roy 75,108 Throne, Joel 83 Tiberio, Louis Tison, Roy 66 Toston, Louise 185 Totura, Douglas Totzke, Mark Tourangeau, Frank 67,185 Townsend, Dwight Townsend, Lee Treichel, Robert Trink, Pamela 83 Troka, Jere 75 Tronsen, Alan 83 Trosen, James 83,120 Trost, Jean 92 Trout, Susan 83 Trowbridge, Janet 92 Tschudy, Jean 67,100,128.139.185 Tucker. Floyd Turano. Lynda Turek. Richard Turner. Gary Twigg. Janice 67 Twitty. William Tyler. George Uebele, Marianne Ullman. Robert 30,92,144,167 Ullmer, Adele Uphaus, Thomas 67.185 Urbas. Robert 67 Usher. Patricia 92 Valko. George Vallo. Dirke Vanderstuyf. Ronald 75.121 Van Gelder, Scott 83 Van Meter. William Van Sinderen. Joan 67.164.185 Van Zyl. Bart Veatch, Margery Veatch, Susan Venticinque, Philip Verdak. Charles Vertovec, Kristine Vertuno. Lee Victor, David Victor, Rex Vince, Garth 75 Vlasek, Dean Vogel, Herbert Vogelmann. Stephen 92 Voland. Geoffrey Volkening. Diana 92 Voltz. Daniel Von Heine. Bruce Von Jacobi. Victoria Voss, Barbara Wabel, Janet Wagner, Nancy 83 Wahlin, Richard Waite. Patricia Walker. Christopher 121 Walker. Eugene Walker, Lesley Walker, Marilyn Wallies, George 92 Wallies, Kathleen 67,185 Wander, Paul Ward, Ronald Wareham, Louise Warne. Douglas 161 Warner. Joan 75 Warnke. Steven 122 Warp. Harold George 67.1 1 1.1 13.121 141.185 Warren. Warren Warzyn. Janet Watson. Jacquelein Watson. Mary 75 Wayland. Fred Webb. Stephanie Weber. Grace Weber. Ileen 83 Weber, Linda 67 Wedemeyer, Nancy Wegner, Dana Weinberger, Karl Weiss. John Welch. William 67 Werner. Nelda Wesbrock. Terrance 122 West. Alan 83 West. Sandra Westerberg. Bernita Westerberg, George Whalen. Rodger Whiston, William 83 Whitaker, James White, Daryl 123 White, Kerry 83,123 Whitehall, Cheryl Whitlock, Dennis 92 Wiedenbeck, Joyce Wielunski, Walter Wiemerslage. Roy 67,135.146 Wiessner, William 75 Wilcox. Donald Willard. Patricia 83 Wille. Arthur 75.126 Wille, Charlotte 92.128 Wilier. Steven Williams. Barbara Williams. Constance 92 Williams. Elizabeth Williams, June 92 Williams, Karyn 75 Williams, Karen 92 Williams, Lynda 92 Williams. Marcia 83 Williamson. Lucalee Wilson. Delbra Wilson. Herman Wilson. Timothy Wind. Bibi 67.185 Wingerter. Martha 92 Winkler. Dons Winslow. Janet 83 Winter. Walter Witort, Michael Wittenberg, George Wittje, Heinz Wolf, Edward 83,155 Wolf, Lawrence 92 Wollerman, Richard Wood, Gloria Woodrich. Frank Woods. Janet Wyant. Kenneth 75.100 Yarosh. Dennis Yarosh. Diane 92 Yeisley, Robert 75 Yocherer. Lance Yokel, Carolyn 75 Yoshinari, June 75,128 Yost. Donald Young. Kenneth Zakovic. Gary Zappe. Thomas 83.109 Zeitler. Julius Zellers, Larry Zemke, Lois Zenker, Whitney Zibrun, Stephen 67,161 Zidek, Lawrence 161 Ziehm, Richard Zimmerman, Kenneth 92 Zitt. Arthur 67.134,185 Zorn, Bruce Zubrow, Barbara 75 Zuehike, Jeanne 92 Zuehsow, Linda 84,92 Zufan. Denise Zupan, Katherine 67.185 Zupan, Martin 83 Zwetz. Janet 75 189 To Students and Faculty: The 1968 Elms staff has made this book one which they hope contains something for all students, something to glance at now and years from now when one ' s own picture will not be recognized. We hope, too, that this history will be used to a full degree for enjoyment and reference. This is the product of many hours of work by a staff of dedicated people. Despite an abundance of disappointments, their spirit still endured to bring you the end result of this yearbook. It is hoped that this book will reflect the progressive nature of our campus. As an added attraction we have the pleasure of bringing you the recording complied by Tom Tueber, The Sounds of Elmhurst College. This was included in the belief that a college is more than words and pictures. Nothing can capture the mood of the campus better than a recording of its sounds. A very special thank you is extended to Tom for this excellent recording. Appreciation is also extended to all the devoted members of the staff, especially the section editors. And what is a yearbook without its photographs? Koehne Studios was a great help in bringing you many of the pictures. Our fine campus photogra- phers cannot be overlooked: Don Baumann and Harold Warp did an excellent job. Special thanks is given to Harold for all the long hours patiently spent in the dark room. Behind every yearbook is a man who supervises and is always there to help. To you , Richard Wedemeyer, is given the greatest thank you of all. This book is now given to you, the students of Elmhurst College. We hope you will find here those memories of the past year which were most precious to you. Sincerely, Shirley Rosner Editor 192

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