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THE 1967 ELMS Editor: Jean Jackson Business Manager: Barbara Piatt Advisor: Richard Wedemeyer Elmhursr College Elmhurst, lllinios Volume 49 The Elms Presents Elmhurst College ' 67. . . Socialist Featured As Guest Lecturer Norman Thomas, well-known Socialist party leader, will speak at 10 a.m. Monday, in Hammer- schmidt Memorial Chapel on " The State of Socialism. " 6r s of propaganda. Let us K C 0 st (one of the highest e t %. lA SDS as put forth in the - V V -.C?L on Statement). J i%7V )onTylke lAW AY nstructor in Psychology t " c, tncks of propaganda. Let us ! • honest (one of the highest goals of SDS as put forth in the Port Huron Statement). Don Tylke Instructor in Psychology v 1 90 pop EC Planning Jazz Concert, Workshop Mr. Bill Russo, composer in residence at Columbia college in Chicago, has been commis- sioned to write a composition to be performed by Gerry Mul- ligan, nation ' s number one bari- tone saxophonist, in his appear- ance here with the Chicago Jazz Ensemble. $0 William Russo however, the extra zest was provided through faculty efforts, rather than our student com- mittees. 8 Nature, however, man- aged to top everyone with 36 inches of white- ness. But soon even nature was defeated and things returned to normal and we continued to prepare for the future. 12 be the start of something big! 1 5 SGA provides students a direct means 18 of expression on campus issues 19 Cultural life sponsors satirical review To bring the campus in touch with cultural oppor- tunities in the Chicago area was the purpose of the Cultural Life Committee. Its responsibility was to ex- tend and intensify the intellectual and social aware- ness of the students. In keeping with these goals, its program included the Monday morning Lecture Series. The guest speak- ers this year were Mr. Norman Thomas, Dr. Norton Ginsburg, Sen. Wayne Morse, Dr. Robert Dernbeger, Rev. Paul Sherry, Henry Mark Petrakis, Mr. Harry Bouras, Dr. Han Suyin, Dr. Samuel Hayakawa and John Aldridge. The committee also sponsored student-faculty fire- sides, the Foreign Film Series, and offered Lyric Opera tickets at student rates. This year, two special evening programs were held. The Second City presented a satirical review, and a three day folk festival was held in April. One of the special evening programs offered by Cultural and Intellectual Life is presented by the Second City. The group ' s repertoire consists of several scenes of satire on current events. Modern novelist Harry Petrakis speaks on " A Quest for Values. " Senator Wayne Morse airs his views on U.S. foreign policy before E.C. com- munity and newsmen. 20 Folk Festival features Bikel " Well, you can ' t win them all And then, Social Life gave us the Brondywines! Social Life features the Brandywines Social Life Committee, under the leadership of Mary Beth Kirby, sponsored two concerts this year. Opening the season, the Brandywine Singers presented an eve- ning of pop-folk music. The Spring Concert featured Glenn Yarbrough. Yarbrough ' s performance was joint- ly sponsored by Social Life and AWS as part of Bache- lor ' s Holiday Weekend. A lecture and film by world-famous skier John Jay was also part of this year ' s Social Life program. Accompanist Jay Christopher plays an original composition at Social Life ' s first concert of the year. . 23 Stokely Carmichael expounds on Black Power Sponsoring Stokely Carmichael was one of the ac- tivities of the Religious Life Committee of SGA. Car- michael, leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordi- nating Committee (SNCC), spoke to students and faculty on the philosophy behind Black Power. Robert Short, author of the Gospel According to Peanuts, explained the religious vision of modern art. Religious Life also provided speakers for the Wed- nesday chapel services, conducted vespers, sponsored Religious Emphasis Week, and planned the Winter Retreat. Ray Wood headed this year ' s committee. Robert Short, author of The Gospel According to Peanuts, speaks on the religious vision of modern art. Explaining the philosophy be- hind Black Power, Stokely Carmichael speaks before EC students. Kent Schneider leads jazz worship service. 24 Retreat serves as tension releaser It ' s hard to tell which frustrates Chris Rasche more — falling down, or having Bill Humphreys and Al Hohl find her situation amusing. The 1967 Winter Retreat was a new kind of retreat for Elmhurst College. The theme was Catholic- Protestant Dialogue and the book Living Room Dialogues served as the basis for discussion. To pre- sent both sides of various issues were Father Andy Nelson and Reverend Jack La Marr. The retreat, sponsored by the Religious Life Com- mittee of SGA and held at Bowen Country Club in Wisconsin, ga ve students a chance to relax by taking part in discussions, skating, sledding, hiking and free nights with music and late snacks. " Hurry up and spin that dial! " says Merlanne Price as she balances precariously while playing Twister. 26 God Bless America " as SDS protests 30 Campus airs views through Elm Bark The changing atmosphere at Elmhurst College was vividly portrayed through the pages of the student-run newspaper, the ELM BARK. Under the editorship of Dave Ostendorf the paper presented the views of the various groups on campus. The ELM BARK also kept students informed about up-coming events. The paper was published weekly for the forty-seventh year. Dave Ostendorf waits to sign-up perspective staff members at the Activities Fair. The serious-minded Elm Bark staff gathers for another planning session. 31 Lehman captures float competition " As Time Goes By " student, faculty, and alumni will remember the 1966 Homecoming Weekend. A real, old-fashioned mellow drammer, " Pure as the Driven Snow or A Working Girl ' s Secret, " directed by Charles Radloff initiated the weekend ' s festivities. After the performance the audience gathered behind Chapel to join the football team and cheerleaders in a pep rally. Saturday afternoon the Blue Jays took to the field to defeat St. Procopius 26 to 20. At halftime E. C. fans were introduced to Homecoming Queen Shirley Samonek and her court. That evening, couples found the cafeteria transformed into a " prohibition saloon " complete with a funeral parlour as a front. Once inside, couples danced to the music of the Warren Covington Orchestra. The weekend ' s activities ended at the Sunday morning Chapel service. Dr. George Barger delivered the message. Lehmann Hall ' s " The Sweetheart Tree " captures first prize in float competition. Homecoming Queen Shirley Samonek, escorted by her father, re- ceives congratulations from President Kleckner. 33 The 1966 Homecoming court — (Seated) Queen Shirley Samonek Schaefer, Jon Neuse, Mary Beth Kirby, Sandy Centner, Jack and her escort Ed Briggeman. (Standing) Rich Grobe, Barbara Terrill, Gail Dannennberg, Arnie Koriath, Pat Johnson, Al Narcisse, Stahlhut, Lee Wolf, Cassie O ' Donnell, Joe Fraccaro, Judith Marcia Oehlerking, Tom Likewise. Couples dance to Covington Orchestra jj Largest Homecoming crowd in EC ' s history cheers Jays on to a 26-20 victory over St. Procopius. 34 Gloria Schwind puts the finishing touches on her door for the Dinkmeyer Christmas open house. Invading Santas create festivity Well, it ' s the thought that counts! A Merry Christmas from the boys to the girls of Dink. That last week before Christmas is the week during which no one feels like studying and everyone feels like Christmas. Even though the end-of-semester pressures have begun, everyone seems a bit friendlier. The cafeteria staff goes all-out on the Christmas din- ner. The girls in the dorm hold decorating contests. The students have snowball fights in the mall. There are Christmas parties and tests and Chapel Candlelight Service and then, vacation! 36 Poly Girls head for Texas on Spring Tour Diane Hostetter and Judy Kamper unroll the sign that will let Texas know it is being in- vaded by Polyhymnia. 39 ! A 42 Serenading becomes a traditional part of Glee Club A Glee Club quartet, composed of Dave Kuebler, Randy Brake- meyer, Art Wille and Donald Langlas, entertain at Dinkmeyer ' s Christmas Party. 43 Modeling the newest fashions, Sheila Blatti presents designers ' ideas of the feminine image. No men allowed as AWS takes over union Rich Gerber has little trouble convincing Diane Taylor that pool can be part of the feminine image. Elmhurst College Women had their night as AWS took over the Union Building for an evening to present the " Feminine Image. " The evening ' s program intro- duced the Association of Women Students to new coeds, as well as providing entertainment for every- one. The program emphasized the importance of women students being skilled in a variety of areas. Instructions were given in makeup application, bridge, pool, square dancing, and jacks. The main event of the evening was a fashion show presented by Bee- Line Fashions. Alice Hawksworth helps Karen Baer demonstrate the proper appli- cation of cosmetics. Guys lavish in luxury — for a while The guys wished it would continue all year, but AWS created Bachelors ' Holiday for only one week- end. Guys considered it a welcomed change as the girls did the asking, and the paying. Glenn Yarbrough ' s concert on Thursday night marked the beginning of the festivities. The program was jointly sponsored by AWS and the Social Life Committee. E-Club kept up the holiday spirit Friday with their annual variety show. The grand finale arrived Saturday night as couples crossed the moat into medieval Camelot. Guests watched the corona- tion of Jon Neuse, as he replaced Arthur as King for the evening. Guys enjoy dream-world while it lasts. Emotion struck John Palm meditates as Mike Connelly recites poetry from an ancient (and somewhat dusty) volume. Mel Rogers ' combo adds to the creation of the atmosphere of medieval Camelot. Guys live it up during gala Bachelors ' Holiday Weekend Jeanne Finley goes all out as the band strikes up a cha cha. John Neuse reigns over Bachelors ' Holiday. 46 Couples dance the evening away in medieval Camelot. Crossing the moat, Linda Pollitz, chairman of Bachelors ' Holiday, and Jim Benson take a break during the dance. " I wonder what the King is doing tonight? " 47 Clutching prizes, pupils from Kenwood United Church try to increase their treasures at Irion ' s booth. Spider Lady fights to free herself. Wm ■iim nninnnvir . hHi mmmmummh nil " .•ijifi iifijliiif a r ?• wwirnhMi - ; s:ss ;, It is a wet evening for Glee Club members. 400 Urchins invade circus Four hundred excited youngsters were bused in from or- phanages, schools, and churches to attend the AWS circus. Each child was greeted by an adopted parent, who was wait- ing to take them around to the various booths, and finally to the Big Top. Probably the main attraction under the Big Top was the clowns. Somehow they seemed to lose all the water-gun fights with the younger set. After the Big Top, tired youngsters and tired clowns boarded buses for the re- turn trip to Chicago. Every Spook House needs a corpse! 49 The clowns are at it again. Clowns, dog, gymnast all perform Dog act provides special enjoyment for the children. The contortions of the gymnast fascinate audience. 50 51 During a tutoring session, Gloria Due drills tutees in spelling. Tutors try to make learning an enjoyable experience for their tutees. Tutors relate to intercity problems Every Tuesday and Thursday, Elmhurst College stu- dents boarded buses to travel into Chicago to tutor at Howland Elementary School. The tutors sought to provide their tutees with the individual attention which they are unable to receive in their over-crowded classes. As well as helping students with their reading and arithmetic, tutors tried to create a spirit of enthusiasm for learning. Social activities were also a part of the Tutoring Project. The tutees were brought out to the campus for a Christmas Party and the AWS Circus. Linda Hahn supervises a game of " twister, " during a study break. Being a friend, as well as a teacher, is an important part of tutor- ing for Joanna Hamiton. E Club produces Playboy atmosphere The spotlight focuses on Bill Johnson, as he becomes a night club singer for the evening. Skip Knapp manages to snare a bunny for a dance 54 55 ' Elmhurst College? No, never heard of it. ' Are you sure this is where the game is supposed to be played? ' E Club portrays lighter side of E.C. A typical evening in the college library. 56 Looking for a playmate? Gary Nolan and John Cionca provide lively entertainment- between the acts at the annual E Club Variety Show. WRSE keeps students informed on Chris Linn confers with Prof. C. Schmidt about programming. WRSE advisor Dr. Low adjusts tape racks, while staff member waits to start console. WRSE sports staff covers both home and away football games. 58 local and national happenings A lazy afternoon concert in the mall. Defeated Prof. Tarabilda squishes away. 60 Although water was provided, some people brought their own. " Wait until I catch the guy who stole my chariot. " Cancelled " Spring Weekend thrives Ron Ohl runs into a " rainstorm " on the obstacle course. Spring Weekend (or so it was called before it was cancelled) attracted many visitors to the college. The weekend was started-off by the annual Poly- Glee Club Concert. The main event of the week- end, the Ell, was held on Saturday. Besides the Ell, there was an additional sporting event — the fa- mous Elmhurst Tricycle Race, which attracts trike riders from all over the campus. Sunday a band concert in the mall and the reception and banquet for Honor Students rounded out the weekend. 61 w T Deciding what to do with the Brandywine Singers puzzles Layout Editor Emily Gapa. Jeanne Fehr and Miriam Basch type the Senior Appendix. Drawing-up the class section is a tedious task for Marguerite Hinchley, Diane Taylor, Diane Roeske, Marilyn Hinchley, Shirley Rosner and Barbara Beam. 62 ELMS adopts new format to provide better coverage of ' 67 Editor-in-chief Jean Jackson and advisor Mr. Wedemeye lect basketball pictures to be used in the ELMS. Keeping track of where the money is going produces many head- aches for Business Manager Barbara Piatt. 63 Couples prepare to dine in Stouffers ' Bangkok Room preceding the dance. 64 Couples enjoy Evening in Bangkok 65 Donna Langlas ' 67 Prom Queen Dr. Gerhard Grauer discusses 1 ' Charting the Dr. Gerhard Grauer speaks on " Charting the Course Ahead " at the baccalaureate service. Marching to baccalaureate marks the beginning of the end for the Class of 1967. The day, June 4, began with the baccalaureate service held in the chapel. Dr. Gerhard Grauer, pastor emeritus of St. Paul ' s United Church of Christ, Chi- cago, spoke on the topic of " Charting the Course Ahead. " In the aft ernoon 275 baccalaureate degrees were awarded at Elmhurst College ' s 96th commencement. Leslie Worthington, president of United States Steel, delivered the commencement address. Honorary de- grees were conferred upon Gwendolyn Brooks, Rev. Walter Hotz, Ward Quaal, Dr. Sharvy Umbeck and Mr. Worthington. Following the commencement exercises, President Kleckner gave a reception for graduates, parents, fac- ulty and friends in the college union. 68 Course Ahead " at baccalaureate services The years at Elmhurst are over, but the Leslie Worthington, president of United States Steel, delivers the commencement address to seniors ond friends. President Kleckner congratulates Mary Engelking, as he pre- sents her with her diploma. Seniors await the magical moment when they will become graduates. " Ha, ha. They will never get it back now. " 70 73 74 Jays snap back with victory at Homecoming game Kee slips by another one! We They 23 North Park 21 13 Carroll 14 32 Iowa Wesleyan 33 ' 14 Earlham 14 0 Lake Forest 34 26 St. Procopius 20 20 Concordia 13 26 Carthage 42 Are you sure those are our team ' s statistics? " . - 75 A Rookies support vets in ' 67 season A combined team effort by the Jays contributed to a 3-4-1 season. An outstanding group of new- comers supported the veterans throughout the sea- son for a total of 2108 yards rushing and 804 yards passing. Ken Kee was the outstanding scorer for the season with a total of 54 points, followed by George Dean with 28 points which included 13 after-touchdown points. Dave Inglis placed third with 18 points, and John Lundquist and Bill Nelson shared fourth place with 12 points. Quarterback Skip Knapp completed 68 of 138 passes for 6 touchdowns and a .493 average. The outstanding defensive men for the Jays were Rich Grobe, corner linebacker, and tackles Dave Hotle and Steve Zupsich. Ken Kee hauls in another one for the Jays. Dirt-splattered uniforms reveal ruggedness of a Jays ' game. Ah! Come on, I had the ball first 76 Front row: K. Kee, M. Connely, R. Grobe, P. Minarik, M. Erick- son, J. Grollmus, R. Miller, R. Benbow, J. Cionca, R. Norberg. Second row: G. Dean, L. Marinaccio, M. Marsico, S. Merrifield, T. Raspanti, S. Entler, W. Igoe, D. Hotle, H. Dembosz, D. Sutton. Third row: W. Kloepping, Capt. J. Neuse, H. Berg, W. Nelson, D. Robinson, J. Palm, R. Lyon, D. Gaskill, G. Hoffenkamp, R. Budnick, S. Zupsich, P. Pace. Fourth row: Coach Hilt, S. Mernitz, E. Wolf, J. Lundquist, J. Terrill, Capt. S. Knapp, M. Knapp, M. Radzilowsky, S. Aldridge, Coach Bruce, Head Coach Harris. 77 Harriers push hard for victories We 23 Chicago 17 88 Augustana 72 Carthage 74 Augustana 31 Trinity Christian They 55 Concordia Rockford 57 Carthage 15 North Park 40 St. Ambrose 52 Trinity X-COUNTRY — Front row: R Runge, J. Bizer. Second row: P. Lum, E. Riedel. Third row: W. Johnson, J. Mickey. Fourth row: J. Engman, Coach Langhorst. Engman posts another Bluejay victory. They 4 42 48 58 17 38 14 I t i 78 II Matmen practice for up-coming meet. Wrestling regains place in EC sports Bluejay gains advantage over his opponent. Wrestling — Front row: J. Hoff encamp, J. Strayer, P. Chromek, J. Cionca. Second row: J. Hample, J. Palm, D. Roefer, M. Marsico, Coach Harris. 79 Young team fights for 7-14 season WE 95 71 75 78 63 72 86 84 80 Carroll North Park Principia Concordia Kalamazoo Carthage North Central Rockford Carthage Carroll North Park Lake Forest Concordia LIT. Principia Millikin Rockford Concordia Lake Forest North Central Wheaton THEY 102 81 77 77 78 107 98 56 81 76 1 11 80 83 78 81 104 72 82 101 SINK IT! John Lundquist tries for a long shot. 81 Injuries plague Jays as season opens 44 I y f First row: D. Kinney, T. Neu, J. Lundquist, W. Nelson, K. Schram. Second row: G. Horwarth, T. Batura, D. Moyer, W. DuBois, J. Peters, W. Phillips. Moyer shoots from the outside. The opponents gaze helplessly as Moyer goes up for a basket. 82 Plagued by injuries which contributed to their slow start, the Jays rallied to win 4 out of their last 7 games. Veterans backed by newcomers displayed teamwork and spirit throughout the season. Highlight of the year was the surprise victory over Concordia of River Forest in the last 22 seconds. The cagemen tallied 42% of their field goals and 62% of their charity tosses. Averaging 74 points per game, the Jays finished with a 7-14 record. J. Lund- quist led the team in scoring with 297 points followed by B. Nelson with 279. Keith Schram and Lundquist each averaged 14.6 points per game. On defense, the Bluejays out-rebounded their opponents 1200 to 1109, with J. Peters copping top honors with 313. Tom Batura earns two points. Jays go up for a rebound. 83 Racketmen place 2nd in invitational It was a rough season for the Jays ' baseball team. The Jays finally broke their losing streak in their final game. They defeated the University of Chicago by a score of 4-3. Leading hitter for the Jays was J. Schultz with a .239 average. Other top hitters included W. Shigetani, J. Bieker, and T. Raspanti with .225, .208, and .195 averages respectively. Best pitcher was J. Schultz who earned the sole win. He proved his endurance and ability by pitching two complete double headers and boasting an ERA of 2.80. Ron Radke winds up for the pitch. Jays defeat University of Chicago BASEBALL TEAM — Front row: P. Minarik, M. Schmidt, J. Bieker, D. Rose, W. Shigetani. Second row: C. Cap, R. Radke, J. Throne, W. Forrester, P. Livingston, T. Raspanti, and Coach Ron Hilt. 85 Jays enjoy good season as they place TRACK TEAM Front row: B. Brennan, J. Fulton, J. Lundquist. Second row: Coach Langhorst, D. Inglis, R. Menzel, R. Runge, S. Mernitz. Third row: J. Mickey, M. Radzilowsky, J. Engman and R. Blank. It was a good season for the Jays this year as they placed second in the " B " division of the E.I.I. The 440- yard relay team of J. Lundquist, R. Menzel, J. Fulton, and J. Boland set a new record of 43.3. At Chicago Independent College Meet, the Relay team of Lund- quist, Menzel, Engman, and Fulton equalled this rec- ord and set a new meet record. The team, composed of lettermen and new-comers, brought the Jays to victory. The best performance was in the running events with added victory in the field events. The E.I.I, meet in progress. 86 second in the B division of the Ell Trackmen choose Jan Hootman to reign E.I.I. COURT: Barbara Stahlhut, Marie Johnson, Queen Jan Hootman, Kay Kimball and Sandy Centner. John Engman leaps! Ron Blank competes in Javelin. over Ell weekend Sports attract spirited students Cheerleaders reinforce school spirit " Watch it, buddy! CHEERLEADERS: S. Cullom, L. Engman, F. Barger, S. Centner, and K. Kimball. Go, fight, win! 91 ccnx£ 92 A college president must be many things to many people Dr. Kleckner discusses the future of Elmhurst College with two members of his student advisory council, Jon Neuse and Carol Hoefer. Meeting with the Board of Trustees is one of the more formal duties of a college president. 95 Mr. Ray Ramseyer Dr. William Denman Mr. John DeLaurenti Vice-president Dean of Students Director of the for Development Evening Session Administrative officials guide future of Elmhurst College BOARD OF TRUSTEES — Seated: Dr. Fred C. Allrich, Erwin J. inson, Arthur H. Morstadt, Thomas H. Price, Eldred C. Strobel, Goebel, Dr. Herbert H. Wintermeyer and Dr. Donald C. Kleckner. Donald W. Buik, Rev. Paul C. Bloesch, Ervin J. Baumrucker and Standing: Joseph E. Sheehan, Paul E. Kaiser, Dr. Charles C. Hosk- Alfred E. Studt. 96 Administrative officials are an intricate part of Elmhurst College Music profs, lend cultural aspect 100 Miss Latham Baskerville Art Jk3 Miss Sandra Jorgenson Art Art provides students with the opportunity to further their creative abilities Miss Jorgenson questions Marsha Siik about the meaning of her painting. 101 The new greenhouse increases students ' in- terest in biology. Biology Dept. gains new greenhouse Mr. Martinsen explains the details of the water cycle to his class. Dr. Honour examines specimen for a Mr. John Honour Biology Dr. John Jump Biology 102 1 New equipment aids physics students Mathematics develops logical minds 104 New building facilitates geography teaching Romance languages are favored by EC 106 students to fulfill language requirement 107 Slavic language department grows 108 as second year Russian is added Mrs. Tripp demonstrates the console in the language lab to lab assistant Dave Rota. Miss Darian converses in Russian with second year students Mike Radzilowsky and John Iverson. 109 Religion— the study of man and God Psychology delves into inner mind 112 Soc deals with man ' s environment Mr. Whitney lectures on the socialization of ethnic sub- cultures. Dr. Barger describes Neanderthal man and the paleo- lithic period to his cultural anthropology students. Dr. George Barger Sociology 1 13 114 Literature captures man ' s history i Tired eyes and expanded minds are the result of the English Department Mr. Tarabilda brings literature to life. V5 lS i Mrs. Barbara Swords English Mr. Michael Tarabilda English 1 16 History equates past with present Education Department 118 develops intellectualism Dr. Friedli demonstrates the art of bulle- tin boards to his secondary education class. Dr. Smietana introduces students to the philosophy behind education. 1 19 Students become business minded 120 Speech department gains new audio- visual equipment Mr. C. C. Arends Speech Mr. Arends demonstrates the speech department ' s new audio- visual equipment. Mr. Garry Colburn Speech Mr. John Gow Speech Dr. Donald Low Speech Mrs. Linda Ruffolo Speech Miss Ann Whelihon Speech 121 Speech department sponsors dramatic productions Dr. Low advises Ken Fletcher concerning the selection of music for his program on WRSE. 122 124 Physical education is vital part of EC curriculum ' Where in the hell does he think he ' s going? " Mr. Wendall Harris Physical Education Mr. Ronald Hilt Physical Education Mr. Oliver Langhorst Physical Education Mrs. Maude Meyer Physical Education Mr. Harold Owen Physical Education 125 Seniors end college careers at EC SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Tom Tyrrell, president; Gail Jacoby, secretary; and Ron Wilde, treasurer. Vice President Dave Gumper is not pictured. As graduation drew near, the seniors found them- selves wondering how four years could speed by so quickly. The space between the fall of 1963 and the spring of 1967 suddenly seemed very small. The Class of 1967 was the last class to stand in line at the old Commons waiting to be served their dinner. This class witnessed the building of the Union and the Science Center. They also witnessed the change in atmosphere at Elmhurst. But now the bull sessions, the cramming, and the evenings at the Pheasant are all over for the Class of 1967, and the future awaits them. 128 Gladys Jeannie Adams Elementary Ed. Linda Apicella Biology Dorris Barthold Religion Steve Boland History I Ronald Aisenbrey Philosophy Joel Ayres Sociology William Albrecht History William Baas Biology Donald Anderman Economics Frank Baker Chemistry ijdKfe t li John Bettmann Philosophy Chester Borowy Business Ad. Judith Bluemel English Mary Bowers Music Karen Bobeng Psychology Karen Borarth Sociology k la Richard Andersen Business Administration Carol Barrett Elementary Ed. 4 John Boland Biology James F. Bracher History 129 Randall Brakemayer Philosophy Albert Brazinski Business Administration Gary Bricker Biology Barbara Britz Elementary Education — I Michael Brun Business Administration Charles Cap French Sandra Centner Speech Correction Margaret Chapp History Jon Chestnut Biology Jane Christianson Sociology Irene Ciangi Elementary Education Charles Corley Biology Ronald Cottrell Psychology John DePasquale Psychology Sandra DePinto Psychology Alphonse Didominicis Biology Diane Drobish Biology Marie Anne Eble Business Administration Andrea Eimer Sociology Mary Engelking Elementary Education 130 Karl Grube Business Administration Mary Kay Grunewald History David Gumper Psychology ■ Gail Hafner Psychology Cheryl Ann Hefner Speech Correction Carol Hoefer Mathematics Alva Hohl English This year ' s seniors were the last class to use both Commons and the new Union Building. Sheryl Hohman Elementary Education Kathleen Hooton Speech Correction Alfred Hunsicker Sociology Gail Jacoby Elementary Education Walter Janis Biology 132 Judith Jess Music Jack Karpenske History Vivian Johnson Sociology Arthur Kay History Robert Johnston Chemistry Fred Keller Business Administration Glen Kistner History Cheryl Kloer Speech Correction Edward Klama Psychology Leslie Kolkmeier Biology Deborah Klaus Chemistry Ellen Kolman Religion David Kaiser Jusiness Administration Carol Kemp Elementary Education Dennis Kleinhoffer Chemistry Gary Kopitzke English Carol Koppang Spanish Mary Beth Kirby English Beverly Klemme Psychology Stephen Kotwicki Political Science 133 Bruce Krejci Psychology Barbara Kuhr Elementary Education Theodore Kuyper History James Laak History James Langdoc History Rebecca Lattner Elementary Education Robert Linfors business Administration Jane Leabhard Sociology Gail Lingren Elementary Education Sunja Lee Psychology Bernard Linnartz Religion Barbara Lemmons English 4 Robert Lloyd Psychology Donna Lengle Elementary Education Neil Longo Dramatic Arts Karl Ludwig Sociology Mary Ann Lukes Chemistry Charles Mally Chemistry Lee Marinaccio History 134 Hiroko Matsunaga Sociology Leslie McClain History Michael Meinhardt Economics Carlos Melia Economics James Meyers Business Administration Roger Miller Business Administration Thomas Murphy English Richard Nagel Economics Patricia Naumes Psychology Albert Nehls Psychology ... Working in Inga ' s kitchen is an experience shared by many members of the senior class. 135 Rebecca Nelson Jonathan Neuse Keith Newberry Ruth Nolte Richard Nyako Elementary Education English History Psychology Chemistry Jennifer Oberg Elementary Education Thomas Palmer Philosophy Could it be that seniors Rich Andersen and John Fulton are giving helpful hints to junior Bill Nelson? Patricia Parulis Religion Glenn Pasvogel English Jane Patterson Psychology Janice Pedersen Sociology Robert Peiler Business Administration I 36 lift! Walter Pelczynski Psychology Naomi Poltrock History Ronald Radke History Charles Radloff English Theodora Rasch Mathematics Jon Ritt Philosophy 1 Edith Robinson Elementary Education Cheryl Russell Elementary Education Shirley Samonek Music Mary Sanders Elementary Education William Scheib Mathematics Mary Jo Schmitt Sociology John Schulte iusiness Administration Patricia Schwer Mathematics Kenvi Sheehan Mathematics William Shigetani Biology Barbara Sindelar English Kenneth Smith Business Administration Katherine Spross Political Science John Stawarz German 137 George Stehlik Political Science Donna Tooker Speech Correction Daniel Urban Psychology Nancy Wangerin Elementary Education Gene Stinchcomb Political Science Kurt Traugott Sociology Barbara Vegter Elementary Education Kathe Wardeeker Sociology Scott Stratton Biology Arnold Trillet Speech Alice Sue Vorhees Spanish Barry Warren English 138 Lillian Sutter French Sally Tucker Engl ish Richard Wahlin English Kilby Ann Webster Elementary Education John Terrill History Thomas Tyrrell Business Administration Mary Kay Wallace Elementary Education Dale Wietzke Business Administration in Bangkok " The biggest responsibility facing the Junior Class was planning the Junior Dinner Dance. To raise money for the event, the class sold Junior Goodies, and spon- sored a car wash and slave day. The dance was held in May at Stouffer ' s in Oak Brook. Donna Langlas was elected queen over " An Evening in Bangkok. " The Junior year was a time for discovering that the decisions made during the sophomore year were all wrong. It was a time for changing ones major once more. And it was a time to wish graduation was more than a year away. 140 Pam Dittrich Sue Drese Alain Drimmer John Drummond Ralph Engh 141 I 1 43 144 145 Sophomores organize semi-formal SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Kay Kupper, treasurer; Al Mason, president; and Kay Kimball, secretary. Vice president Mark Hamilton is not pictured. With one year behind them, the sophomores re- turned to initiate the freshmen. They gave the fresh- men much the same treatment they themselves had received, and hated, the previous year. When freshman initiation was completed, the soph- omores turned their attention to raising money for their semi-formal dance. Their main money-raising scheme was an auction for which they produced a genuine auctioneer. The dance materialized in Janu- ary. The theme of the dance, " An Evening in the Arctic, " proved quite appropriate for the snow laden January. After the semi-formal, sophomores turned to more serious endeavors, such as choosing a major and de- ciding how to get a grade point high enough to avoid the draft. ) 46 Leslie Anderson Carolyn Andre Pamela Asmus Marcy Babiarz Barbara Baker Steve Chyrehel Armand Ciuffo Bob Crozier Dave Cullum Ellen Cunningha 147 Rita Cunningha Wayne Cwik Ken Dewey Jane Diederich Robert Drake Patricia Eckert Susan Elmgren Allan Erickson Lemchi Ezurike Nancy Hathaway Charles Hays Sardon Hirmiz Stuart Holman Jan Hootman 148 149 150 Walter Lane Chris Linn Steve Loomis Kathy Lyon Ross Lyon Chris Parsons Beverly Pele Dennis Perryman Linda Peterson Laura Picerno 151 Dennis Yarosh Robert Yeisley Joan Stonecipher John Strong Hugh Studebaker Donald Sutton Diane Taylor 1 53 Frosh select council to lead class FRESHMAN COUNCIL: Warren Anderson, Nancy Wagner, Diane Buttles, Sandy Janowiak, Bork Maronn, Roseann Hotz, Cindy and Cliff Smiley. This year ' s Freshman Class showed itself to be unique from the very beginning by electing an eight member council to preside over its activities. The Council, suggested by one of the class members, re- placed the traditional four class officers. The freshmen, over 300 in number, passed quickly through the initial " beanie " stage, and readily ad- justed to college life. Their spirit and enthusiasm helped to make their first and probably most in- fluential year of college a rewarding one. The ideas and talents they possessed were welcomed by the upper-classmen. Activities such as a Pajama Dance in the Union and a pep session in the gym preceding a basketball game were freshman contributions to cam- pus life. ] 54 Lorena Ali Nora Alsaker Warren Anderson John Austin Cheryl Avery LaVonne Brewington Rosalyn Burns Diane Buttles Chuck Cadwell Teri Calkins 155 Joni Companclla Jeffrey Carter Rolando Ceslak Bob Chamberlain Rondy Charonvos William Duzen Wiley Edmonson Thomas Enfield John Engman Scott Entler 156 Mark Erickson Candace Ernest Mark Evans Joyce Ferlazzo Joanne Fiene Cyndy Gall Sharon Galuszka David Gaskill Mary Gendusa Playing cards in the snackbar helps pass the time between classes for freshman commuters. 157 Ruth Gerber Janet Gettings Cynthia Goemon John Graham Norman Granback Sarah Hathaway John Hatton Bonnie Hayes Robert Heck John Heisler " We shall overcome. " Jeanne Laitas Ray Lake Donald Langlas Michael Lee Thomas Lee Cheryl McMasters William McMurray Carol Merritt Cathy Metskas James Mickey k£ik Booker T. Middleton Douglas Middleton Karl Miller Richard Minhinnick Eric Moore 160 David Moulthrop Linda Nelson Richard Nicholson Thomas Niekamp Wendy Norton Merlanne Price Christine Prince Christine Rabiega Michael Radzilowsky Rick Ramssen 161 9 Jack Randies Margaret Rasehe Thomas Raspanti Richard Reinwald Jan Ristine Donella Simons Rochelle Sinn Michael Sippel Clifton Smiley Craig Smith 162 163 George Thomas Ken Thompson Roger Thome Joel Throne Jerry Timm Alan West WHIiam Whiston Patricia Willard Marcia Williams George Wittenberg Gary Zakovic Tom Zappe Martin Zupan 164 Senior Index ADAMS, GLADYS J E ANNIE Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Elm Boric 1, 2; Sophomore Class Secretary 2; Dinkmeyer Dorm Council 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; SNEA 3; Cultural Life Committee 3, 4, Secretary 3, Student Chairman 4. AISENBREY, RONALD ARTHUR ANDERMAN, DONALD GEORGE ANDERSON, RICHARD B. Squires 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Judicial Bo ard 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; J.M.R. 3, 4. APICELLA, LINDA ROSE Forensics 1, 2, 3; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4; Tri Beta 3, 4; Historian 3, President 4; Newman Club 3; C.U.B. Committee 3; Activities Council 4; Elm Bark 4. ARCHIBALD, BRUCE EARL AYRES, JOEL BRUCE Squires 2, 3; Who ' s Who Committee 2; Glee Club 1, 3; Football Manager 1, 2; Wrestling Manager 1; Baseball Manager 1. BAAS, WILLIAM PAUL Track 1; Cross Country 2; Squires 1, 2, 3; Elm Bark 1. BAKER, FRANK J., II BARRETT, CAROL ANN Residence Council; AW.S. Judicial Board; A.W.S. Secretary; Elms Staff; Intramurals; SNEA. BARTHOLD, DORRIS ELLEN BATTLES, KATHRYN JEAN BETTMANN, JOHN CHARLES BIEHL, JOHN B., JR. BIRD, PAUL ALFRED BLANKENSHIP, NANCY BOBENG, KAREN LEE Homecoming Show 1; Theatre Guild 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Campus Chest Variety Show 2; Dinkmeyer Treasurer 3; Hall Council 3, 4; Wing Rep. 4; Legislative Board of AWS 4; Psi Chi 3, 4. BOLAND, JOHN Class President 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Life Com- mittee 2, 3, Chairman 4; E Club 1, Treasurer 2; Beta Beta Beta 2, Vice-President 3; Football 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Elm Bark 2, 3; Homecoming Committee 3; Band 1, 2, 4; Freshman Orientation Committee 2; Squires 3, 4; Student Fund Raising Drive 3; Who ' s Who Committee 3; Student Govern- ment Association 2, 3, 4. BOLAND, STEPHEN F. BOROWY, CHESTER FRANK BOUGHTON, LEO JOHN BOWERS, MARY SUSAN Band 1, 2, 3, 4; American Guild of Organists 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4; Choir 2, 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Assistant Director 3, 4; Cultural Life Committee 4; Choral Union 2, 3, 4. BRACHER, JAMES FREDERICK Class President 1; Pi Gamma Mu; President Senate, President SGA; Parliamentarian SGA; President ' s Advisory Council; Chancel Players President — Tour Manager; Chancel Players; Intramurals; Midwest College Gov. Association Delegate Representative; Nie- buhr Hall Dorm Council. BRAKEMEYER, RANDALL LEE Men ' s Glee Club, President, Business Manager, Librarian; Cam- pus Chest, Co-Chairman; Church Vocations Steering Committee. BRAZINSKI, ALBERT J. BRICKER, GARY LEIGH Beta Beta Beta. BRUN, MICHAEL JOHN President: Pi Gamma Mu; Business Club. BURKHART, WILLIAM C. CARROLL, ALLAN HENDLEY CECOT, JOHN STAMBRIDGE CENTNER, SANDRA JOANN CHAPP, MARGARET ANN Elm Bark 2; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Newman Club 4; Choral Union 1, 2; Psych Club 2. CIANGI, IRENE CAROL CHRISTIANSON, JANE Elms 1; Judo Club 2; Residence Council 4; Psi Chi 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. DADDIO, JERRY D. DAY, DWIGHT G. DE PINTO, SANDRA LEE DIDOMINICIS, ALPHONSE J. Beta Beta Beta. DROBISH, DIANE GAYLE Theatre 1, 2, 3. EBLE, MARIE ANNA Elms 1; Elm Bark 2; Elms, Business Manager 3; Secretary: Senate 4. EIMER, ANDREA LORRY Elm Bark 1; Homecoming Show 2; Bachelor ' s Holiday Variety Show 2; Ski Club 2; Tutoring Project 3. ELLINGER, SUSAN ERICKSON, RUSSELL ESBROOK, THOMAS JOSEPH ESCHENBRENNER, DANIEL, JR. Irion Dorm Council 1, 2; Theatre 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3: Sec. 4; IM Football 2; IM Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Senate Committee on Campus Awareness 4; IM Softball 3. FAIRCHILD, LENORE C. FREDERICKSON, C. ROBERT FROESCHNER, RUTH HELEN Polyhymnia 1; Bachelor ' s Holiday 2; Elms, Co-Editor 2; Soph Semi-Formal 2; Jr. Prom 3; Lehmann Hall, Vice-Pres. 4; AWS Judicial Board 4. FULTON, JOHN Business Club 2, 3, 4; Economics Club 3, 4; WRSE 2, 3, 4, Sports Director; IM 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4 (MVP 3); E-Club 3, 4; JMR 2, 3, 4. GARDNER, LLOYD THOMAS, JR. Football 3, 4, Captain 4; Chancel Players. GEEN, ARTHUR PHILIP GIBSON, ERIC GUNNAR Tutoring Project. GILMOUR, STEPHEN WERNER GLANDER, DENNIS M. GOLIK, RONALD STANLEY Golf Team 3, 4. GOODWIN, THOMAS LEE GRAIBER, LAWRENCE ROY GRANGER, PATRICIA CAROL GRIESINGER, MARGARET Women Intramural, Chairman 2; Athletic Life Committee 2, 4; Junior Class Sec. 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Soph Semi- Formal Committee 2; Senate 4; AWS Circus 2, 3, 4; Theatre 1 . GRUBE, KARL BERTRAM Business Club 3, 4. GRUNEWALD, MARY KAY GUMP, RONALD CHESTER GUMPER, DAVID ELMER HAFNER, GAIL IRENE Theatre Guild 1; Homecoming Show 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 1; Lehman Social Chairman 2; Homecoming Float Chairman 2, 3; Choir 2; Social Life Committee 4; Home- coming Committee 4; Psi Chi 4. HANSEN, LAWRENCE HAROLD HARRIS, ROBERT WILLIAM HART, JON HARTWIG, JEROME HEFNER, CHERYL WRSE Announcer 1, 3, 4, WRSE News Director 3; Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4; SAE Sec. 4; Theatre 1. HOEFER, CAROL LEE Polyhymnia 1, 2, 3, Assistant Bus. Mgr. 3, Librarian 2; Choral Union 1, 2, 3; Elms 1, 2, Co-Editor; Resident Advisor 3; SGA Executive Committee Sec. 4; President ' s Advisory Council 4; Committee on Student Affairs 4; SNEA 4; Intra- murals 1; Who ' s Who Committee Co-Chairman 3; Tutoring 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Activities Council 2. HOFFMAN, SUE ANN SNEA. 165 HOHL, ALVA FREDERICK Choir 3, 4, Assistant Bus. Mgr. 4; Bell Choir 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Tutoring 4. HOHMAN, SHERYL EUNICE SNEA 2, 3; Hall Council 3; Elms 1. HOOTON, KATHLEEN J. Freshman Class Sec. 1; Senate 1; Pi Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4; PKD Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Polyhymnia 2, 3, 4, Publicity Dir. 3; Choral Union 2, 3, 4; Greater Elmhurst 2, 3; WRSE — Producer 2, 3, Announcer 3, 4, Engineer 4; Debate 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Orientation Committee 2, 3; Student Fund Drive; Commuter Co-Chairman 3; GIDEON 3; SNEA 4. HOTLE, DAVID ALAN IVERSON, JOHN SCOTT JACOBY, GAIL JESS, JUDITH ANN JOHNSON, VIVIAN ANNETTE Activities Council 3, 4; Cheerleading Advisor 3, 4; Variety Show 2; E.I.I. Queen 3; Prom Queen 3; Homecoming Dance Chairman 4. JOHNSTON, ROBERT KAISER, DAVID PAUL WRSE Engineer 1, 2, 3, 4, WRSE Remote Coordinator 1, WRSE Business Manager 2; Debate 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, President 3; Choral Union 4; Greater Elmhurst 2, 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Business Club 4; Irion Hall Dorm Council 1. KARPENSKE, JACK D. KAY, ARTHUR A. L. Greater Elmhurst 2, 3; Ski Club 2; Senate 1; Elm Bark 1, 2, 3: Editor 3; Debate 1, 2; Pi Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary- Treasurer 2: Vice-president 3; President ' s Advisory Committee 3; Social Life Committee 4; Homecoming Chairman 4: Decora- tions Chairman 3; Squires 3, 4; Student Publicity Director . . . Inauguration and Student Fund Raising Campaign. KELLOUGH, JEANNE MRS. KEMP, CAROL DALE KILPATRICK, ALICE KINDT, KARL MARTIN KIRBY, MARY BETH AWS Circus Committee 2; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Freshman Orientation Committee 3; Who ' s Who Committee 3; Social Life Committee 1, 2, 3: Chairman 4; Ell Court 2, 3; Junior Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 3, 4; Women ' s Intra- murals 1, 2, 3; Commuter Org. 4. KISTNER, GLEN AUGUST Basketball 1, 2; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman of Union Board 4; Committee on Student Affairs 4; President ' s Advisory Council 4. KLAUS, DEBORAH LOUISE Elm Bark 1, 2; Elms 1; Ski Club 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Senate 1; Wing Rep. 4. KLOER, CHERYL Sigma Alpha Eta 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 4. KOLKMEIER, LESLIE JILL WRSE 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4. KOLMAN, ELLEN MURIEL Choir 1, 2, 3; Band 3, 4; Elm Bark 1; Religious Life Committee 2, 3, 4: Publicity Chairman 3, 4; Committee of Nine 2; Wing Rep. 2; Choral Union 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Union Board Sec. 3; Tutoring Project 3 KOPITZKE, GARY LEE Elm Bark 3; GIDEON 3; Choir 3; Tutoring Project 3; Track 3; Cultural Life Committee 4; SNEA 4. KOPPANG, CAROL DOROTHY Women ' s Intramurals 3; House Manager-Lehmann Hall 4. KOTWICKI, STEPHEN KRAMSKY, CAROL JEAN KREJCI, BRUCE ANTHONY Choir; Sunday School Project. KRENGELIS, NILS Editor — THIS Magazine. KUEHN, MARGIE MYRL KUHR, BARBARA ANN WITT Choir 3; Senate 3, 4: Chairman — Communications Committee of Senate; SNEA — Publicity Committee 4; Choral Union 4. KUMMER, PAUL R. LAAK, JAMES ALFRED LANGDOC, JAMES ALBERT Band 1; Theatre 1; Athletic Life Committee 3; Dorm Government 1; WRSE 1, 2, 3, 4: Sports Director 3, 4; Chairman: Committee on Sophomore Affairs 2; Religious Life Steering Committee I; Men ' s Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Elm Bark 3, 4; Squires 1. LANGLOIS, OLIVE MARY LATTNER, REBECCA DEBORD Polyhymnia 1, 2, 3, 4: Asst. Bus. Mgr. 2, 3; Pres. 4; Senate 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; AWS Exec. Board 4; Interdorm Council 4; Soph. Class Council 2; Lehmann Hall Pres. 4; Bachelor ' s Holiday Dance Chairman 2; Circus Comm. 2; SNEA 3; Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Tutoring 3, 4; Winter Retreat Committee 3. LEABHARD, JANE Senate 2; AWS Circus Comm. Chairman 2; AWS Exec. Comm. 3; AWS Program Chairman 3; Freshman Week Student Leader 3, 4; Who ' s Who Committee 3. LEMMONS, BARBARA ANN Elms 1, Vice-Pres. Schick Hall 2; Judicial Board 2: Chairman 3, 4; AWS 2nd Vice-Pres. 3, 4. LEWIS, PETER ROBERT LINDFORS, ROBERT PAUL WRSE 2, 3, 4; Athletic Life Comm. 3; Who ' s Who Comm. 3; Student Fund Raising Comm. 3; Senate 2, 3, 4; Campus Aware- ness Chairman 4; Commuter Org. Communications Committee 4. LINDGREN, GAIL RUTH LINDQUIST, RUTH PALM SNEA. LINNARTZ, BERNIE Choir 1, 2, 3. LONGO, NEIL SAVERIO SGA — Pres. 4; Union Board President 3; Activities Council 2; Comm. on Student ' s Affairs 3, 4; President ' s Advisory Council 3, 4; Homecoming Comm. Theatre Chairman 3; College Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4; Chancel Players 1, 2: Stage Mngr. 3; Theatre Guild 1: Vice-Pres. 2; Elm Bark 1, 2, 4; Squires 3, 4; Committee on Sophomore Affairs, Publicity Chairman 2; THIS Magazine 2; Homecoming Show 1, 3. LUEDER, WALTER LUKES, MARY ANN MALLY, CHARLES JOSEPH MARINACCIO, LEE ANTHONY MARXEN, PAUL RICHARD MACCLAIN, LESLIE ARNOLD Squires 1, 2; Football 3; Intramurals 1, 2; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Psi Chi 4. MEIER, JOHN IVAN MEINHARDT, MICHAEL H. Squires 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Economics Club 3, 4; Freshman Orientation Comm. 4; Athletic Life Comm. 2, 3, 4; Business Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; J.M.R. 3, 4; Judicial Board 2. MELIA, CARLOS B. MEYERS, JAMES MILTON MILLER, RODGER DEAN Football 1, 2, 3, 4; E-Club 2, 3, 4; Squires 2, 3; Business Club 3, 4; Senate; Track. MILLISER, STEPHEN C. MODSCHIEDLER, CHRIST A M. MORGAN, JAMES WILSON MURPHY, BRIAN JOSEPH MURPHY, THOMAS LEE NACKER, WAYNE EARL NAGEL, RICHARD PETER NAJDOWSKI, MICHAEL NAUMES, PATRICIA LOU NEFF, MARGUERITE E. N ELSON, JAMES WALLACE NELSON, REBECCA ANN NEUSE, JONATHAN LEE Football 1, 2, 3, 4: 4 Co-Captain; Choir 1, 2, 3: President; Social Life Comm. ], 2; CUB Comm. 3; Who ' s Who Comm. 3; E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer; Dorm Rep. 2, 3; Resident Advisor 4; Washington Seminar 4; President ' s Advisory Council 4. NEWBERRY, KEITH WILLIAM NOLTE, ANNETTE KAY NOLTE, RUTH GRACE Wing Rep. 1, 3; Hall Council 1, 2, 3; Comm. of Nine 1 ; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Lehmann Hall Vice-Pres. 2; Psi Chi 3, 4; President ' s Advisory Council 4; Inter-Dorm Council Sec. 4. 166 NYAKO, RICHARD A. OLSEN, DALE R. PALMER, THOMAS HAYS PARULIS, PATRICIA MARIE Band 1, 3, 4; AWS Program Comm. 3; Residence Council 3. PASVOGEL, GLENN EDGAR PEDERSEN, JANICE GAIL ,.,,„. Social Action Comm. 1; Inner-City Sunday School Proiect I; Religious Life Drama 1, 2; Judo Club 1; Religious Life Week Comm. 2; Tutorial Project 2, 3; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Variety Show 2; Who ' s Who Comm. 3. PEILER, ROBERT CHARLES PELCZYNSKI, WALTER Football; E-Club. POLTROCK, NAOMI EUNICE SNEA: 3, Sec. 4; Honor Society 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4. RADLOFF, CHARLES JOHN RASCH, THEODORA J. RITT, JON JAY RODGERS, THEODORE PALMER ROSE, KURT ALLEN ROTH, EDWARD JOHN WRSE 1, 2; Elm Bark 3, 4; Psi Chi 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. RUSSELL, CHERYL MRS. SNEA. RUST, JANINE KAY SAMONEK, SHIRLEY KAYE ,, . Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Handbell Choir 1 2- Student Conductor 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Senate 1; Vice- Pres. ' Union Board 3; Wing Rep. 1; Dorm Pres. 2; Interdorm Council 2; Greater Elmhurst 1, 2; Freshman Orientation 2, 3, 4- SNEA ' 2, 3, 4; MENC 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Bachelor ' s Holiday Comm. 2; Women ' s Union Circus Chairman 3; Co-ordinator of Europe ' 66 3. SANDERS, MARY MCPHERSON Soph Semi-formal 2; Greater Elmhurst 2, 3; Elms I, i; Intramurals 2, 3; Judicial Board 3; SNEA 3, 4; Dink. Residence Council 3; Inter-Collegiate IAWS Contact 4; AWS Exec. Board 4. SCHEIB, WILLIAM FRED SCHELL, JOHN H. SCHILLINGER, DAVID R. SCHIVER, PATRICIA G. Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4: Historian 4; SNEA 3, 4: Pres. 4; Senate 1 . SCHMITT, MARY JO Polyhymnia 1, 2; Lehmann Hall Treas. 1; Lehmann Hall Residence Council 2; Comm. of Nine 1; Greater Elmhurst 2, 4; Judicial Board 2; Inaugural Comm. 3; Pres. AWS 3; Presidents Advisory Council 3; Student Leader — Frosh Orientation 4. SCHULTE, JOHN N. SCHWEIHS, RUTH OMAN SCHWER, PATRICIA GAIL SEKERIS, PAREE SELLAR, WILLIAM EDWARDS WRSE: Chief Engineer 1, 2; WRSE Station Manager 2; THIS Mag. 4. SHADE, DELPHINE MRS. SHEEHAN, KENVI LEA Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Bell Choir 2, 3, 4; Cultural Life Comm. 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Theatre Prod.: Assistant Director 1; Cast 4; AWS Cultural Chairman 2; Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. SHIGETANI, WILLIAM H. 00, E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3; Vice-Pres. 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. SMITH, DOROTHY J. SMITH, KENNETH BRUCE SPROSS, KATHERINE A. Sophomore Semi-formal 2; Junior Goodies Co-Chairman o; Elms 1; Elm Bark 2; Prom Comm. 2; Homecoming Comm. 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Union Circus 2; CUB Comm. 3; Bachelor ' s Holiday Comm. 2. STEHLIK, GEORGE RICHARD STINCHCOMB, GENE HENRY Senate 1 4; Student Comm. on Academic Development; Irion Hall- Freshman Dorm Council; Sec. -Treas. 2; Chairman — Cultural Life Comm 3; Dorm Council 4; Social Life Comm. 4; Manager Tennis Team; E-Club; Pi Gamma Mu, Program Chairman. SULLIVAN, TERRANCE JAMES SUTTER, LILLIAN SWANK, KATHERINE D. SWARTZ, WILLIAM S. TERRILL, JOHN W. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; E-Club 2, 3, 4; Squires 2, 3, 4; Greater Elmhurst 2, 3; Elm Bark 1, 2, 3; Co-Editor 2; Dorm Council 3, 4, President; Inter Dorm Council; Jr. Dinner Dance Co-Chairman 3; Sophomore Semi-formal 2; Cam- pus Chest Variety Show 2, 3; Pres. Advisory Council; I.M. 1, 2, 3, 4. TOMARAS, LEO ALEXANDER TOOKER, DONNA EUGENIE Polyhymnia 2, 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Eta 2, 3, 4: Corresponding Sec. 3; Choral Union 2; Elm Bark 1, 2; Committee Group 1. TOPEL, THOMAS CHARLES TRAUGOTT, RAYMOND KURT Squires 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming 2, 3; Pep Rally Chairman 3; Women ' s Union Circus 3; Irion Hall President 2, 3; Irion Dorm Council 2, 3; Judicial Board 2, 3; Inter Dorm Council 3; I.M. Basketball 2, 3, 4; Fo otball 1, 2; Baseball 3, 4; Track 3. TRILLET, ARNOLD TUCKER, SALLY ANNE Elm Bark 1; Tutoring; Pi Kappa Delta: Sec, Reporter; Religious Life Comm.; Honor Society; Lehmann Hall Vice-Pres.; Residence Council. TYRRELL, TOM Senior Class Pres. 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 3; I.M. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Squires 1, 2, 3, 4; Letterman ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Life Comm. 1, 2; Sophomore Social Comm. 2. URBAN, DANIEL MELVIN Cross-Country 2; Psi Chi 4. VORHEES, ALICE SUE Homecoming Court 1, 2, 3; E.I.I. Court 1, 2, 3; Social Life Comm. 3; Freshman Week 2, 3; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 2; Junior Prom Co- Chairman 3. VOSAHLIK, NANCY M. WAHLIN, RICHARD WILLIAM WALLACE, MARY KAY Schick Residence Hall Council 1; Resident Advisor 2, 3; WRSE 1, 2, 3, 4: Chief Announcer 2; Tutoring Project 3; SNEA 2, 3, 4; AWS Circus Publicity Co-Chairman 2. WARDECKER, KATHE J. WARREN, BARRY ALLEN WEBSTER, KILBY ANN WHITEHALL, CHERYL J. WIETZKE, DALE F. Squires 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Intramurals 3, 4. WILDE, RONALD HARRY Freshman Class Treas. 1; Senior Class Treas. 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 2; Track 3; Athletic Life Comm. 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Comm. 4; Niebuhr Hall Dorm Council 1; Fresh- man Week Comm. 2; Intramurals 1, 3, 4; WRSE 3, 4; Squires 1, 3, 4; Jr. Prom Comm. 3. WILDER, ROBERT WILLMAN, JANE ANN Hall Council 1, 2, 3; Inter-Dorm Council 1; Homecoming Comm. 4; Women ' s Union Circus 2; SNEA 1, 2; Bachelor ' s Holiday Comm. 2. WILSON, JAMES EVAN WILSON, RICHARD ALLEN Elm Bark: Business Manager 4; Hockey Team 4. WISSEHR, MARK HAROLD WITT, CHERYL MARIE WOOD, R AYMOND WARDELL President Freshman Class 1; Niebuhr Dorm Council 1; Intra- murals 3, 4; Religious Life Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4: Chairman 4; Chancel Players 2, 3; Resident Advisor 3, 4; SGA 4; Track 1; Blue Jay 3; Homecoming Production 1; Freshman Orientation 4; Theatrical Production 3. YEOH, HOCK C. ZAYER, JACQUELINE SNEA 4; Polyhymnia 3, 4: Business Manager 4; Newman Club 4. ' ZOLEZZI, KAREN GINGER ZUFAN, DENISE LYNN 167 Student Index Aboag e, Emmanuel Domkor Ackerman, Allan Joseph Adamik, Joseph Francis Adams, Gladys Jeannie 129 Adams, Lee George Adams, Roy Jackson Jr. Adams, Valerie Jean Ahlgrim, Karen Lynne Aisenbrey, Ronald Arthur 129 Albrechr, William V. 129 Aldridge, Stanley Lynn 77 AM, Lorena 155 Allen, David Bushnell 141 Allender, Robert Aim, Kenneth Roy Alsaker, Nora Virginia 155 Anderman, Donald George 129 Andersen, Robert Lee Jr. 129 Anderson, Lesley Joan 147 Anderson, Richard B. 136 Anderson, Warren David 155, 154 Andre, Carolyn Aleda 147 Andre, Rex Reynolds Andreasen, William R. Apicello, Linda Rose 129 Apostal, Louis George Archibald, Bruce Earl Arens, Arthur George Arenson, Michael W. Arne, Leonore Arnolde, James Fredrick Aronson, Jo Ann Ashton, Barbara Jean Asimakopoulos, Denise M. Asmus, Pamela 147 Austin, John Erland 155 ■ Avery, Cheryl Darlene 155 Avery, Craig Sherburne 155 Ayres, Joel Bruce 129 Baas, William Paul 129 Babiorz, Marcy Ann 147 Bach, Lloyd Thomas 155 Baer, Karen Elizabeth 44, 141 Baer, Margaret Ann Boker, Barbara Ann 147 Baker, Frank J. 129 Baker, Steven David Balgemann, Richard Carl Balling, William Roy Balon, Robert Edward 155 Banks, Susan M. Barber, Thomas Barger, Freyo E. 91, 141 8arr, Robert James 155 Barrett, Carol Ann 129 Barthel, Beverly Jean 155 Barthold, Dorris Ellen 129 Bartlett, David E. 8artlett, William Earl Basch, Miriam Markus 147, 62 Bassett, Henry Bastion, Robert Charles 155 Battles, Kathryn Jean Batura, Thomas 82, 83, 155 Bauman, Joetta Marie Baumann, Donald Edward 147 Beach, James A. 141 Beam, Barbara 141, 62 Beardsley, Christine Ann 141 Beck, Marck Richard 155 Becvar, Carol Will 141 Beecken, Timothy Paul Beedsow, Willard Edward Behle, Patricio Ruth 155 Bell, Wilma S. Bellis, David Richard Bello, Donald Joseph Bemos, Ralph Walter 147 Benbow, Richard L. Jr. 77, 147 Bender, Nancy A. Benedict, Polly 155 Bennett, Linda Ann 155 Benson, James Louis 47 Benson, Nancy Ann Beron, Thomas Emil 141 Berg, Harold Edwin 77, 147 Bergner, Dennis Earl Berman, Sharon Gene Berry, Marcia Anne 155, 54 Berry, Mary Ann Bestwino, Joseph Gerold Bettmann, John Charles 129 Betz, Judy M. 155 Biehl, John B. Jr. Bieker, Jerry Woyne 85 Bierbaum, William H. Jr. 141 Bingaman, Carol Jo Bird, Bernice Jean 155 Bird, Paul Alfred Bizer, John Robert 78, 147, 30 Blake, Susan Marie Blond, Linda Lee Blank, Gayle Helen 155 Blank, Ronold 86, 88 Blonkenship, Nancy Blarti, Sheila Kay 44, 147 Bleskan, Donald Bloch, Borry Iteven 155 Blood, Robert Jr. Bluemel, Judith Lynne 129 Boatrighf, Barbara Ann 147 Bobeng, Karen Lee 129 Bode, Ned Bogert, John Fredricks Bohn, Paul Robert Boland, John Richard 129 Boland, Stephen F. 129 Bold, Phillip Carl Boldt, Kenneth 8orden, Dwight 147 Borger, Peter John 147 Borowy, Chester Frank 129 Bottoms, Robert Ray 141 Boughton, Leo John Bourke, Ruth F. Bourque, Janet May 147 Bowers, Mary Susan 129 Bowman, Joyce L T Boyd, Honie Lea 155 Boyke, Paul Bozarth, Karen Anne 129 Bracher, James 129 Bracke, John M. 147 Bradshaw, George Milburn 147 Brakemeyer, Randall Lee 130, 43 Brasen, James Robert Brash, Joel Avery Brazinski, Albert J. 130 Bree, Judith 147 Breitenbach, Phyllis 141 Brennan, Barry James 86 Brennan, Kerin Ray 155 Brennan, Ruth Ellen 155 Brennan, Timothy Lowell 141, 155 Brewington, Dolores L. 155 Bricker, Gary Leigh 130 Britz, Barbara Ann 130 Brouwer, Derek John Brown, Alexander M. Brown, Jane Brown, Joyce Brown, Robert E. 141 Brown, Robert Sundell Brun, Michael 130 Bruscato, Anthony Bryce, Gregory Kenneth Buchanan, Bernard James Budnick, Robert 77 Burkhart, William Burns, Rosalyn 155, 54 Burton, Richard 141 Butcher, Harold 147 Butler, Edward Buttles, Diane 155, 154 Cadwell, Charles A. 155 Calobrese, Paula Caldwell, Georgianna Calkins, Teri 155 Callison, Patricia Ann Cameron, Paul Scott 147 Campagno, Jomes T. Campanella, Joni T. 156, 54 Campo, Jean Mae Cannata, John Cap, Charles Frank 130, 85 Caplicki, Darlene Corbel lo, Ronald Wayne Carlson, Carolyn Coleman Carlson, Judith Lee 141 Carney, Marchan Joyce Caron, Jr., Zoel John 147 Carpenter, Frances Lyle Carpenter, Pamela Ann 147 Carroll, Allan Hendley Carson, Kenneth Carl 141 Carter, Jeffrey Alan 156 Costellano, William A. Castic, Pauline Mary Costo, Mary Martha Cecot, John Stanbridge Centner, Sandra Joann 34, 130, 91, 88 Cernoch, Joan Gauger Cervenka, Michael John Cesario, Janet Delia Chalek, William Dimilri Chamberlain, Robert S. 156 Chapp, Margaret Ann 130 Charanvas, Judy Usha 147 Charanvas, Ruangsokoi 156 Gharneia, Gary William Chestnut, Jon Charles 130 Chou, Carol Fang-Lan 141 Christensen, Thomas W. Christian, Kathleen Ann Christionson, Jane E. 130 Chromek, Paul George 79, 147 Chyrchel, Stephen Dale 147 Ciaglia, Lucien F. Ciangi, Irene Carol 130 Ciorrachi, Daniel Victor Cionca, John R. 57, 77, 79, 141, 1 12, 84 Clslak, Rolanda Lee Ciuffo, Armond Vifo 147 Civis, June E. Clark, David Richard L, Clark, Melanie Anne 156 Clark, William Henry Clarke, Deane Lawrence Connelly, Michael Emmett 156 Connely, Michael 77, 45 Coonley, Jennifer C. Cordes, Sherry Valine 156 Corey, Walter Edward Corley, Charles Earle 130 Cottrell, Ronald Fred 130 Cox, Marvin Stanley Jr. 156 Criss, Jane Diane 156 Crozier, Robert P. 147 Cullom, Carroll E. Cullom, Susan H. 91, 156 Cullum, David Blair 147 Cunningham, Ellen E. 147 Cunningham, George M. Cunningham, Rita Anne 148 Curran, Gerald F. Curschmann, Christine A. 141 Curtin, Maureen Sally 156 Cuyjet, Gregory G. 156 Cwik, Wayne Stephen 148 Czaplak, Stanley Walter Czelusta, Marian 156 Daddio, Jarry D. Dagenhart, Bruan James 156 Dahlquist, Paul G. Daly, Catherine Mary 156 Domm, Virginia Marie Dammen, Barbara Ann 141 Damoro, Babette Dancy, John Anderson Dannenberg, Gail Eileen 34, 141 Darlas, Kathleen 141 Davia, Lois Jean 141 Day, Dwight G. Dean, George Robert 77, 156 Deangeles, Michael A. Dee, Dennis Michael Deem, Patricia Ann 156 DeLong, Virginia Dembosz, Henry Joseph 77, 156 DePasquale, John J. 130 De Pinto, Sandra Lee 130 Dewey, Kenneth Frederic 148 Dickey, Harriet Susan 141 Didominicis, Alphonse J. 130 Diederich, Jane Barron 148 Dietle, David Frederick Dietzen, John Norman Dillon, William Paul 141 DiLullo, Diane Dittrich, Pamela Lynn 141, 65 Dobson, Weston F. Doede, Donald 156 Doenges, Sandra Ann 156 Domino, Gracelia 156 Downing, William S. Ill 156 Drake, Robert Allen 148 Drese, Susan Lois 141 Drimmer, Alain 141 Drobish, Diane Gayle 130 Drummond, John M. 141 DuBois, William A. 82 Dudley, Thomas Brooks 156 Due, Glorio Ann 52 Dumler, Charles W. Durk in, Karen L. Duzen, William Thomas 156 Dyck, Andrew R. Eble, Marie Anna 130 Ecale, Marian Young Eckert, Patricia Anne 148 Eckley, Stephen L. Edmondson, Wiley W. 156 Eickemeyer, Sue Ann Eimer, Andrea Lorry 130 Ellinger, Susan Elmgren, Susan Jean 148 Enfield, Thomas Bruce 156 Engelbrecht, Trade Anne Engelking, MaryC. 130 Engh, Ralph Wayne 141 Engman, John Phillip 78, 156, 86, 88 Engman, Lynn Elizabeth 91, 142 Entler, Scott Jay 77, 156 Erickson, Allan Russell 148 Erickson, Mark Erick 77, 157 Erickson, Russell Ernest, Candace Helen 157 Esbrook, Thomas Joseph Eschenbrenner, Carl F. 142 Eschenbrenner, Daniel Jr. 131 Esterline, Charles M. Evans, Mark Wayne 157 Exham, William Eyrich, Jean Ann 148 Ezurike, Eliezer Lemchi 148 Fabian, Beverly Ann Fairchild, Lenore C. Farrell, John Judson Fehr, Jeanne Marie 148, 62 Fennell, John W. Fenski, Alan Ferlazzo, Joyce Marvaret 157 Fiene, Joanne Lynn 157 Fine, Howard David 157 Fineman, Darrell Mirchel Finley, Carol Jeanne 46, 142, 144 Fischer, Ralph W. Fisch, Christine Fish, Ralph Fredrick Fisher, Joanne Rae 131 Fisher, Robert Gordon Fleming, Barbara Frances 157 Fletcher, Kenton Clark 142, 122 Floring, Phillip Allen Foley, Thomas John Folstad, Carl Harold Folton, Stephen Folz, Bonnie Sue Foose, Robert Marshall 148 Formon, Charles F. J. 142 Forrester, William 85 Fortelka, John C. Foster, Gloria May 148 Fraccoro, William F. 34 157 Frankenberg, Larry Allen Fredette, Marlene Lynn 157 Fredrickson, C. Robert 131 Freiner, Jeon Eorlene Fricke, Helen Jean 142, 140 Fritz, Rebecco Suzanne 148 Fritz, Rose Jacobs Froeschner, Ruth Helen 101 Fry, John Franklin Fry, Steven George Fucile, Steven Frank Fujiwaro, Sandro RumI 157 Fulton, John 131, 136, 86 Fury, Robert Joseph 157 Gabriel, William L. Gail lard, Jon Theodore 148 Gall, Cynthia Lynn 157 Gallagher, Michael W. Gallagher, Thomos J. Jr. Galuszko, Sharon Ann 157 Gopa, Emily G. 148, 62 Gardner, Lloyd Thomas Jr. 131 Gardner, Steven Ogdon Gargano, James Frank Gornoas, Nancy Jo 142 Gaskill, Raymond David 77, 157 Gasteier, Alan Craig Gauntt, Holly C. Gebhardt, Charles R. Geen, Arthur Philip 131 Geib, Richord Joseph Geldbach, Carolyn Louise 148 Gendusc Mary Frances 157 Gerardi, Gerlad Louis Gerber K-ithryn Elaine Gerber Richard Guy 44, 142, 140 Gerber, Ruth Martha 37, 158 Gerbrecht, Arno Ernest 148 Gerhordt, Lorriane j- Gettings, Janet Pauline 158 Gibson, Eric Gunn r 131 Gills, John Frederick 148 Gilmour, Stephen Werner Giraldi, Thomas Edward Girard, ' Claire Elizabeth Glander, Dennis M. 131 Goemon, Cynthia Mae 158, 154 Goff, Marcia Trommel Gohr, Joanne Marie Golding, Lynn Susan . " V lik, Ronald Stanley 131 Z??ltz, Evelyn Meyer GcnJman, Harlan David G in, Thomas Lee Gosch, Barbara Martha Gosiewski, Clement P. Gothard, Stephen Edward Goumas, James Jeffery Graham, John Howard 158 Graiber, Lawrence Roy Granback, Norman Ross Granger, Patricia Carol 131, 139 Greenberg, Barbara R. Gregoriades, Anna Gregory, James Lee 158 Greifenkamp, J. Richard Grieshaber, Anthony F. Griesinger, Margaret 131 Griffin, Kathryn Louise Grimes, Jennifer Louise 148 Grobe, Richard D. 34, 77, 142 Grollmus. Joel Ralph 77, 158 Gross, David J. Gross, George Edward Grofefeld, Linda June 142 Grothe, Robert Michael Grove, Suson Barbara 142 Grube, Karl Bertram 132 Grunewald, Mary Kay 132 Guenther, Dawn Munro Gugeler, Frederick John Guillen, Antonio F. 158 Gump, Ronald Chester Gumper, David Elmer 132, 84 Gunkel, Jorlyce 158 Hafner, Gail Irene 132 Hagle, Richard Allen Hahn, Linda Ann 158, 53 Holl, Charlotte Delle 148, 30 Hallbeck, Walter John Hamilton, Joanna E. 53 Hamilton, Mark Ian 148, 64, 84 Hamilton, Nancy Jean 158 Hamilton, Richard Graham Hamilton, William Edward Hamm, Robert Christopher 148 Hanke, Jean Angela Hansen, Howard Christian Hansen, Lawrence Harold Hansen, Nancy Harriette 158, 54 Hansen, Ronold Harrv 168 Harbecke, Laura Ellen 158 Hardin, George Elwood Hardt, David Bruce Harris, Gregory A. 148 Harris, Roberr William Harrison, Nathan Speore 158 Hart, Jon 158 Hart, Linda Mae Hartin, Judith Frances 148 Hartman, Robert Andrew Hartwig, Jerome Hastings, Doris LaVerne Hathaway, Nancy Claire 148 Hathaway, Sarah Louise 158 Hatton, Carol Ann 142 Hatton, John Frederick 158 Haufe, Donald S. Hawksworth, Alice Jean 44, 142, 64 Hayes, Bonnie Ruth 158 Hays, Charles David 148 Healy, Helen Vicki Heck, Robert Paul 158 Hedeen, Sharon-Diane 142 Hefner, Cheryl Ann 132 Hein, Gary Edward Heinrich, Bruce Heisler, John David 158 Hemmert, Mary Teresa 159 Henselman, Lester W. Henson, Rand Hepner, Steven Lorenz Herbster, Robert W. 142 Herron, Norman Walter Herzinger, Mary Lou 30 Hinchley, James Francis Hinchley, John Frederick Hinchley, Marguerite Ann 159, 62 Hinchley, Marilyn Ann 159, 62 Hinkle, Eleanor Towar 159 Hirmiz, Sardon Ypusif 148 Hoberg, Diana Lynn Hoefer, Carol Lee 132, 95 Hoffenkamp, John Gregg 77, 79, 159 Hoffman, Anne Belle Hoffman, Donald John Hoffman, Sue Ann Hohl, Alva Frederick 132, 26 Hohl, Mary Carol 142 Hohman, Sheryl Eunice 132 Holman, Bruce Preston 159 Holman, Stuart Taylor 148, 84 Holtz Daniel Stuart Holwoy, Marcia Ann 159 Hommes, Mary Elaine 159 Hood, Shorolyn Kay Hook, Ernest Lloyd Hoolmon, Jan Ruth 148, 88 Hooton, Kathleen J. 132 Hopkins, Hewson David Hopson, William Albert Horn, Roger Vernon 142 Horwath, Garry Lee 82, 159 Hoskins, Richard Clarck Hostetter, Diane E. 142, 39 Hotchkiss, Nancy McCoy Hotle, Dovid Alan 37, 77 Hotz, Roseann 159, 154 Houpt, Dorothy Monk Howard, Joy M. 159 Howes, Mary Howe, Terrence Michael Hoy, Donald Arthur 149 Hubner, David William 159 Huebner, Walter John Humphries, William 26, 142 Hunsicker, Alfred Robert 132 Hunt, Carolyn Jean 159 Hunter, Colin Robert 159 Husted, Royce Hill Hutcheson, Karen Hutchins, Betty Emerson 149, 65 Hutter, Stephanie Ruth Idowu, Solomon Femi 142 Igoe, William Joseph 77, 149 Inglis, Dovid Michael 86, 87 Ingram, Dorothy Isadore, Ernest V Iverson, John Scott 109 Jablecki, Michael C. Jockson, Augusta M. Jackson, Jean 142, 63 Jocobs, Mory Karen Jacoby, Gail 132, 128 Jacob , Marcio June Jomba, David Charles 159 James, Dovid Emlyn Jr. Janis, Walter G. 132 Janowiok, Sandra Joon 159, 154 Janssen, Thomas Jerger, David Paul 159 Jeske, Gerald Jerome Jess, Judith Ann 133 Jewell, Phyllis Lee 149 Jockheck, Anita Jeon 149 Johnson, Barbara K. Johnson, Christine M. 149 Johnson, Helen Marie Johnson, Jacqueline Lee 159 Johnson, Janet Kay 149 Johnson, Marie E. 88 Johnson, Patricia Gayle 34, 149 Johnson, Vivian Annette 133, 66 Johnson, William Allan 142, 78 Johnson, William Earl Johnson, William Reagan 142, 54, 65 Johnston, Robert 133 Johnston, Roy Al len Jones, Benita Lee 149 Jones, Euguene Thomas 159 Jones, Stephen C. Jourdan, Catherine A. 142 Jurkonis, Karl Paul Just, Robert Newton 159 Kachians, Thomaseen Kadlubowski, Ronald E. Kaiser, David Paul 133 Kallmon, Paul Julius Kamm, Sue-Anne 149 Kamper, Judy 39 Kania, James Arthur Karou, Keith Alvin 142, 65, 140 Korpenski, Jack D. 133 Karrow, Gary Steven Kase, Cornelia M. Kastner, Nancy Jean 159 Kavanagh, Judith Conley Kay, Arthur A. L. 133 Kaysing, Dennis William Kazale, Thomas Mark Kebede, Abede 142 Kee, Kenneth L. 75, 76, 77 Keefe, Dovid John Kehl, Timothy Hayward 149 Keller, Frederick 133 Kelley, Judith Ann Kellough, Jeanne Kemp, Carol Dale 133 Kennedy, Wayne William 149 Kerkstra, James Martin 149 Kessler, Judith Ann 142 Kesting, William Louis 149 Keyworth, Robert Thomas Kilpatrick, Alice Kimball, Katherine Anne 91, 149, 146, Kimen, Joanne Sue Kincaid, Michaela Maria 150 Kindt, Karl Martin King, John Daniel Kinn, Kathy Sue 150 Kinney, David Allen 82 Kinzer, Dean R, Kirby, Mary Beth 34, 133 Kish, C arolyn Pearl Kistner, Glen August 133 Klama, Edward 133 Klaus, Deborah Louise 133 Klein, Barbara J. Klein, Mary Loyise Kleinhoffer, Dennis J. 133 Klemme, Beverly Ann 133 Kliche, Charles Rudolf Klink, Paul H. Kloepping, William 77 Kloer, Cheryl 133 Kluz , Karyn Suzanne 159 Kmoch, Brude A. 159 Knapp, Hugh 74, 77, 142, 54 Knapp, Michael J. 77, 150 Knudson, Jon W. Kobierowski, Donald R. Koch, George Byron Koehler, Maryann Koenig, Elso Caroline E. 159 Kolkmeier, Leslie Jill 133 Kolman, Ellen Muriel 133 Komada, George Steve Kopitzki, Gary Lee 133 Koppang, Carol Dorothy 133 Korda, Raymond R. Korioth, Arnold R. Jr. 34, 142 Kosar, Donold Arthur Koshewo, Carol Elizabeth 159 Kosik, James Kostal, Robert Louis Kostka, Allan Joseph 159 Kotwicki, Stephen 133 Kraft, Potricia Jean 159 Krakora, Lindo Helen 159 Kramer, Barbara R. Kramshy, Carol Jean Kraus, Diane Marie Krouss, Fred R. 150 Kreiger, Kathleen Ann Krejci, Bruce Anthony 134 Krengel, Lawrence Earl 150 Krengelis, Laila Ingrid 159 Krengelis, Nils Krolak, Kathleen Marie 150 Krueckeberg, Daniel Kruse, Janet B. Kruse, William Stratton 142 Kuebler, Kenneth Dovid 150, 43, 66 Kuehn, Morgie Myrl Kuhr, Borbaro Ann Witt 134 Kummer, Paul R. Kundert, Karen Kay Kupper, Koy Ann 150, 146 Kurth, Nancy Ann Kurtz, Diane Lynn 143 Kuyper, Theodore Robert 134 Kyrias, Carol Ann 159 Laak, James Alfred 134 There ' s more than one way of getting in and out of dorms. La Bounty, Greg Charles 150 Laitas, Jeanne Lynn 160 Lake, Raymond Albert D. 160 Lama, Donald B. Lamber, Mary Anne Lampmon, Linda Ann 150 Lane, Walter Frey 151 Langdoc, James Albert 134 Lange, Robert George Langlas, Donald Charles 160, 43 Langlas, Donna Rae 143, 66, 67, 140 Longlois, Olive Mary Lansdown, Sharon Hall Larson, Carl J. Latoria, Lynn Carol Lattner, Rebecca Debord 134 Lawson, Curt R. Leobhard, Jane 134 Leckie, Kathryn Urban Lee, Michael 160 Lee, Sunja 134 Lee, Thomas Byung Toe 160 Lemmons, Barbara Ann 134 Lengefrld, Bonnie Lynn Lengle, Donna Shank 134 Lewis, Peter Robert Lewis, S. Keith Lhotak, Carol Lynn 160 Liddy, K. Cullerton Limbacher, John Paul il 160 Linder, Patricia G. Lindfors, Robert Paul 134 Lindgren, Gail Ruth 134 Lindquist, Ruth Palm Linford, Ann Linn, Christine Jo 151, 58 Linnartz, Bernard C. Jr. 37, 134 Lipke, Elizabeth Louise 160 Litz, John Harold Livingston, Phillip G. 85 Livingston, Susan Jane Lloyd, Robert Allen 134 Lockyear, Charles H. Lotgren, Gar Robert Loiselle, Jay Hunter Comas, Sondra Alberta Lombardi, John Harold Longo, Neol Saverio 134 Loomis, Stephen Andrew 151 Loveday, Laura Lovell, Jane Lewis Lowden, Bonnie Jeon Ludwig, Loloman Larl 134 Ludwig, Manley Phillip Lueder, Walter Luehr, Norman K. Luginbill, Anne Lukes, Mary Anne 134 Lukey, Susan Jane Lum, Peter Donald 78, 160 Lundquisr, John A. 77, 81, 82, 143, 8i Lyon, Kathryn Anne 151 Lyon, Ross Wesley 77, 151 Maatman, Robert Henry 151 MacGilMs, Thomas 160 Macherey, Nanette Sue 143 Mackay, Edith Christiana Mackey, Gary James 160 Mackey, Michael Patrick 160 MacLeon, Priscilla Ann 151 Mahoney, Paul Edward 160 Molly, Charles Joseph 134 Monos, Constance G- Marconi, Anthony Michael Marinaccio, Lee Anthony 77, 134 Mariska, Joyce Ann 160 Marks, Barbara Anne 160 Maronn, Borl Elder 160, 154 Marshall, Dean C Morsico, Michael Louis 77, 79, 160 Martens, Pamela Jane 143 169 Mary Mitchell takes advantage of a lull at the switchboard. Martin, Carol Eileen 160 Martin, Carol Ruth Martin, Melissa Lyn 160 Marvine, Deloise H. Marxen, Paul Richord Mason, Alan Andrew 149, 151, 146 Mason, Michael Robert 143 Massa, Marjorie Matsunaga, Hiroko B. 135 Mattern, Thomas Robert 143 Matthaeus, Guenter G. McClain, Leslie Arnold 135 McConaughy, Davis T. 151 McCoy, Sharon Christine 151 McCurdy, Dovid Bruce 143 McDaniels, Elinore Ruth 160, 106 McEwan, Linda Lee 143 McGinnis, John Patrick McGurgan, Rosemary McKeighan, Robert A. McMasters, Cheryl E. 160 McMurray, William Boyd 160 McPherson, Donald F. Meacham, Clifford Meador, Sally E. Meier, John Ivan Meinhardt, Michael H. 135 Melia, Carlos B. 135 Menzel, Raymond 151, 86 Mernitz, Scott 77, 151, 106, 86 Merrlfield, Scott G. 77 Merritt, Carol Ann 160 Merskas, Cathleen V. 160 Meyer, Gwendolyn Meyer, Larry 151 Meyer, Laurence Arthur Meyerdierks, Judith Ann 151 Meyers, James Milton 135 Michalak, Gerald Mickey, James Harold 78, 160, 86 Middleton, Booker T. Jr. 160 Middleron, Douglas P. 160 Midgley, Janet Louise 151 Migit, David P. Miles, Anita Milkert, Barbara Ann 151 Millen, Mary Elizabeth Miller, Billie Jean, Mrs. Miller, Peter Randall 151 Miller, Robert Karl, Jr. 160 Miller, Rodger Dean 77, 135 Milliser, Stephen C. Minarik, Paul Steven 77, 143, 85 Miner, Alec G. Minhinnick, Richard B. 160 Minor, Brenda Joyce Mitchell, Mary Florence 143 Mochel, Philip Modschiedler, Christa M. Moll, Constance M. Moll, Gary Peter Montanari, Loretta 151 Moon, Donald Gerald Moore, Elsie Elizabeth 151 Moore, James Eric 160 Morgan, James Wilson Morris, Jacquie A. Morse, Ted Allan Morton, Joan Beverly Mosier, Fred Victor Moskos, Susan Elaine 143 Moulthrop, David Lee 161 Moyer, Davis Stevers 82, 151, 30, 84 Mraz, Allan W. Mueller, James Robert Mueller, Laura Frances Mueller, Ronald A. Mulay, Samuel John Mulligan, Mary Joanne Murphy, Brian Joseph Murphy, Thomas Lee 135 Nacker, Wayne Earl Nagel, Richard Peter 135 Nagel, Thomas Paul Nagle, Reta Maralu Najdowski, Michael Nardini, Tim A. Nardone, Paul Joseph, Jr. Naslund, Bengt Einar Naumes, Patricia Lou 135 Neff, Marguerite F. Nehls, Albert Marvin 135 Nelson, Jack Dixon Nelson, James Wallace 84 Nelson, Linda Christine 161 Nelson, Rebecca Ann 136 Nelson, William Allen 77, 82, 136, 143 Neu, Matthew Thomas 82 Neuse, Jonathan Lee 34, 77, 136, 46, 95 Newberry, Keith William 136 Newcomb, Michael Lynn 151 Nicastro, Alfonso Wilson Nicholson, Richard S. 161 Nickell, Frances Kay Nickerson, Wilfred C. Niekamp, Thomas John 161 Nielsen, John Laurios 151 Nolan, Carole L. Nolte, Annette Kay Nolte, Ruth Grace 136 Norberg, Robert 8url 77 Nordin, Glenn Roy Norton, Wendy 161 Novak, Glenn David 151 Nowicki, Ronald J. Nyako, Richard A. 136 Nyman, John Theodore 161 Oberg, Jennifer Louise 136 O ' Donnell, Caroline D. 34, 151 Oefelein, Gerald Arthur 143 Oehlerking, Marcia 34, 161 Oei, Hobart Oei, Tiang Seng Oetking, Rosamond K. Okeefe, Kathleen Louise Oliva, Lucia Olsen, Dale R. Olsen, Jill Roxanne 161 Orr, Stanley George Ostendorf, David Lynn 151, 30, 31 Ostrand, Dean Pace, J. Parker 77 Pagenkop, Diane Lorraine Palm, John Michael 77, 45, 79, 161 Palmer, Thomas Hays 136 Paradore, Michael W. 161 Parker, Barbara Kay 143 Parker, Thomas John Parks, Susan 161 Parsons, Christopher D. 151 Partridge, Linda Jean 161 Parulis, Patricia Marie 136 Pasko, Mary Ellen 161 Pasvogel, Glenn Edgar 136 Patterson, Dennis Joseph 161 Patterson, Jane Louise 136 Pattison, Meril Lee 16 I Pazur, Bonnie Joyce Peorce, Jeane Elaine 161 Pechoto, Barbara Joyce 161 Pedersen, Dennis Robert 161 Pedersen, Janice Gail 136 Peiler, Robert Charles 136 Pelc, Beverly Roe 151 Pelczynski, Walter 137 Peplies, Carol Joanne Perlmutter, Violet M, Perry Jeffrey Keith 161 Perryman, Dennis Stanley 151 Peters, James William 82, 161 Petersen, James Robert Peterson, Linda Carol 151 Petrovicz, Marian Pfannkuch, Nancy Hurt Pflock, Frank M. 161 Phelan, Michael Edward Phillips, Warren Charles 82 Picerno, Laura Diane 151 Pierson, Calvin M. 144 Pietsch, Carole Susan Piper, Terry Allen Piser, Jon A. Pitello, Marianne Angela Piatt, Barbara Maria 144, 63 Pleters, Diane Elizabeth 161 Polk, Virginia Pollitz, Linda A. 47 Poltrock, Naomi Eunice 137 Poltrock, Sharmaine Ora 161 Ponsonby, Richard C. Porter, Janis Faith Posejpal, MoryAlyce 144 Potter, Carol Ann 161 Poulos, John Powell, Beverly Ann 161 Pransky, Dennis Joseph Prast, John J. Prescott, Gerald Leslie 152 Prescott, John Frederick Price, Cordell A. 144 Price, Merlonne Lisabeth 26, 161 Prince, Christine Louise 161 Pumphrey, Nancy Lynn 152 Pyrz, Robert Quackenbush, Robert Dean Rabiega, Christine Mary 161 Radke, Ronald Charles 137, 85 Radloff, Charles John 137 Radzilowsky, Michael 77, 161, 109, i Ragnetti, Dorothy Louise 152 Ramsay, Stuart P. Ramsey, Jean Winifred 152 Ransson, Richard Peter Ramsson, Robert Eric 152 Randies, Jack Arthur 162 Rardin, Thomas Grant Rasch, Theodora J. 137 Rasche, Christine E. 26, 144 Rasche, Margaret Ruth 162 Rasponti, Thomas James 77, 162, 85 Rassogianis, Alex Rathsam, Ronald Irving Rowlings, Dennis James Rayner, Robert Allan Reed, Maribeth J. 144 Rehmer, Carole Suzanne 152 Rehr, William Reichert, Robert Joseph 152 Reichert, Thomas Reid, Mae Collene Reinwald, Richard Walter 162 Revell, Ronald Francis Reynolds, Brian Reynolds, Linda Louise 152 Rezabek, Gail M. Riedel, Edward Henry 78 Riefenberg, Linda Joyce Riordon, Dennis M. Ristine, Janice Elaine 162 Ritt, Jon Joy 137 Rivas, Pamela Anne Rizzo, Joseph Michael Rizzo, Lawrence Arthur Roberts, Dean Owen 152 Roberts, Richard Allen 152 Robertson, Peggy Lee Robertstad, Edith 144 Robin, Ronald William 144 Robinson, Donald George 77, 162 Robinson, Edith R. 137 Robinson, Marcell Jr. Rodes, Rebecca Ellen Rodgers, Theodore Palmer Rodriquez, Robert Earl 152 Roeck, Fred Harold Roefer, David Martin 79, 152 Roeske, Diane Gail 152, 62 Roger, David John 144 Romanowski, Carmen Marie Rooney, John Patrick 152 Roos, Carol Louise 162 Root, Daniel M. Rose, Kurt Allen 85 Rosner, Shirley Olive 152, 62 Ross, Yolanda Nona 170 Rossi, Helen Ann Rostan, Geraldine Rota, Charles David 152, 109 Roth, Edward John Rude, Gary Arthur 30 Runge, Righard Wallace 78, 162, 86 Russell, Cheryl Mrs. 137 Rust, Janine Kay Rutecki, Mary Elizabeth Rutherford, David Alan 152 Rutkowski, Righard John 152 Ruzicka, James Russell Ruzicka, Vlasta Sadler, Christine Anne 162 Saems, Constance Lynn 162 Salchow, Donna Faye Salerno, Carol L. 152 Sails, Alayne Whitney 162 Samonek, Shirley Kaye 32,34,137 Sanders, Mary McPherson 137 Sanderson, Nancy Lynn 162 Sayles, Anna Marie Schaefer, Judith Ann 34,144,60 Schauer, Norma E. Scheib, William Fred 137 Scheid, Patricia Jean 144 Schell, John H. SchilUnger, David R. Schirmong, Sandra Lynn Schmeichel, Kenneth R. Schmid, Robert Schmidt, Michael James 85 Schmidt, Thomas L. 162, 87 Schmitt, Barbara Ann Schmitt, Kafhryn Ann Schmitt, Mary Jo 137 Schneider, Lewis Merrill Schneider, Margaret 162 Schoenbeck, Ronald E. 144 Schram, Keith Randall 82, 162 Schrom, Robert S. Schreiber, Terry Leigh Schuff, Earl Walter 152 Schulte, John N. 137 Schultz, Donna Jean Schultz, James William 152 Schultz, Donald Edward Schutt, Donold Glenn Schwartz, Richard Otto Schwer, Patricia Gail 137 Schwind, Gloria Mae 36, 144 Scott, Larry 162 Seagren, Charles F. Sebastian, Walter J. Jr. 162 Seibert, Penelope Belle 152 Seiple, Rae Ellen 162 Sekeris, Paree Sellar, William Edwards Senkerik, John Sepanski, Virginia Marie 162 Shade, Delphine Mrs. Shoffer, Marianne R. Shaffer, Susan E. 152 Sharp, Susan Kathleen Sheehan, Jan Arnold 162 Sheehan, Kenvi Lea 137, 65 Sheehan, William Joseph Sheffer, Alyce Jeanne Sherburne, Anita Mae 144 Shigetani, William H. 137, 55, 85 Siegerdt, Warren Robert Siik, Marsha Lanette 162, 101 Simak, Jerilyn Price Simchuk, Ellen Marie 144 Siml, Anita Ruth 162 Simone, Larry Allan 162 Simons, Donella Joy 162 Simpson, Yvonne 152 Sindelor, Barbara P. 137 Sinn, Rochelle Dee 162 Sinon, Richard Edward Sipe, Frederick Carroll Sippel, Michael Orville 162 Skarshoug, David W. Slansky, Jerry William 152 Smeryage, Georgia Marie 152 . Smiley, Clifton Bradie 162, 154 Smith, Croig Douglas 162 Smith, Dorothy J. Smith, Eileen Smith, James M. Smith, Kenneth Bruce 137 Smith, Samuel Wright Smith, Seth Sumner 163 Smith, Williom M. Smotherman, William P. Snedeker, Robert John Snider, Bruce Wayne Snook, Robert L. Jr. Snyder, Ralph Thomas III Sobol, Timothy C. Soofi, Madjid Sorrentino, Anita L . Souter, Leslie Jean 163 Spain, Carole Jeanne 152 Sparks, Eric Slocum Spence, Cooper M. 145 Sperandeo, William C. 145 Spicer, William Charles Spies, Jennifer Janette 163 Spina, Valerie Ann 163 Spross, Katherine A- 137 Staib, Renatte Lotte S tahl, Jeanne E. Stahlhut, Barbara Jane 34,163,88 Stahlhut, Carolyn 145 Stahlhut, Mark Edward 163 Stawarz, James Alfred 137 Stedt, Claudia Anne 163 Steeb, Michael Ray 152 Steele, Linda Janet 152 Stefek, John Fredrick Stehlik, George Richard 138 Stelcher, Suzanne Noreen Sterly, Donald W. 145 Stiller, Karen 145 Stillmank, James W. Stinchcomb, Gene Henry 138,84 Stoker, Susan E. 145 Srola, John O. Stolt, Linda Marie 152 Stone, Bruce Walter Stone, Gregory Darwin Stone, Ronald E. Stonecipher, Joan Denise 153 Storoe, Sandra Neol Storrs, Richard Arnold 145 Stranberg, Richard W. Strangeman, Pamela April Stratton, Scott Thomas 138 Strayer, John Wayne 79,163 Striker, Mary Ellen 145 Strodtz, Russell Norman Strong, John Leavitt 153 Stronge, Jennifer Studebaker, Hugh Durand 153 Stupecky, Jean Kay 145 Suchomel, Jeannine R. Sullivan, Terrance James Summers, Willard L. Sundin, Judith Jones Sutter, Lillian 138 Sutton, Donald S. 77,153 Svoboda, Carolyn Martha Svoboda, David Michael Swank, Katherine D, Swonson, Joan E . Swanson, Leroy Alexander Swartz, William S. Swiston, Andrew Sykes, Wallace W. Talley, Ruth Elizabeth 163 Tastad, Linda E. 163 Tatter, Robert E. Taylor, Diane Marie 44, 153, 62 Tebo, Gary Robert 145 Templeton, Terry 163 Templin, James Henry 163 Terrill, John W. 34, 77, 138 Teschner, John 163 Tesky, Kerry Ann 163 Teuber, Thomas Wayne 145 Thiel, Arlene Rita 145 Thiesing, Carol Ann 145 Thoma, John Earl 163 Thomas, Bobbie E. 153 Thomas, George Arthur 164 Thompson, Kenneth Roy 164 Thome, Roger David 164 Throne, Joel Kenneth 164, 85 Timm, Jerry Helmuth 164 Tison, Roy Frederick Tocco, Horatio Michael 153 Tomaras, Leo Alexander Tooker, Donna Eugenie 138 Topel, Thomas Charles Toston, Louise Ladley 145 Traugott, Raymond Kurt 138 Trillet, Arnold 138 Trink, Pamela Roberta 164 Troka, Jere A. 153 Tronsen, Alan Ralph 164 Trosen, James Frederick 164 Trout, Susan Renee 164 Truppa, James Tschudy, Jean Ann 145 Tucker, Floyd Tucker, Sally Anne 138 Turner, Dianne G- Tyrrell, Thomas Neil 138, 128 Uebele, Marianne Elsa 164 Uphaus, Thomsa Rolland 145 Urban, Daniel Melvin 138 Urbas, Robert Mathew 145 Usas, Lynne Jean Uthlout, John Chester Uthoff, Francesco Valkner, William John Van Cleve, Gale Lynn Vanderstuyf, Ronald 153 Van Eeckhout, Susan K. Van Sinderen, Joan 145 Varjavandi, Manvehehr Veatch, Margery Ann Vagter, Barbara 138 Vernosco, Alan George Vertovec, Kristine Ann 164 Victor, Rex Allen 164 Vince, Garth Beverly 153 Volkman, Donna Lee 164 Von Jacobi, Victoria Vorhees, Alice Sue 138 Vosahlik, Nancy M. Wabel, Janet Lee Wogner, Nancy Ellyn 164, 154 Wahlin, Richard Williom 138 Waite, Patricia Ann Walezak, Patricia Jo 153 Wallace, Freda Mitchell Wallace, Mary Kay 138 Wallies, Lathleen Joy 145 Wanderer, Potti Jean Wangerin, Nancy Kay 138 Ward, Ronald Kent Wardecker, Kathe J. 138 Wareham, Louise Cochran Warne, Douglas Warnimont, Dianne 145 Warnke, Steven Carl 153 Warp, Harold George 145 Worren, Borry Allen 138 Warzyn, Janet Bea 153 Watson, Mary Edith 153 Watts, Herbert C. Webber, Carole Lynn Weber, lleen Wilmo 164 The joys of registration! Weber, Linda Ficklm Webster, Kilby Ann 138 Wegner, Dana Marc 153 Weiford, Ronald Raymond Weinberger, Karl A. Welch, William Harry Wendt, Lucille Alsmeyer Werle, Jeanette Rose West, Alan Marshall 164 Whiston, William Clark 164 Whitacre, Donald White, Daryl Walter White, Jayne Diane 153 White, Kerry G. Anthony 164, 30 Whitehall, Cheryl J. Widick, James Philip 164 Wiemerslage, Roy Louis 145 Wiessner, William Howard 153 Wietze, Dale F. 138 Wild, Michael Wilde, Ronald Harry 139, 128 Wilder, Robert Willard, Patricia Marie 164 Wille, Arthur Herbert 153, 43 Williams, Barbara Williams, Karyn Francis 153 Williams, Marcia Claire 164, 54 Williams, Paula Kay Williams, Stephen Wlllman, Jane Ann 139 Wilson, Clyde Daniel Jr. Wilson, Gerald Walter 164 Wilson, James Evan Wilson, Peter H. Wilson, Richard Allen 139 Wilson, Robert Wilson, Timothy W. 145 Wind, Bib! Ann 145 Winkler, Doris Winslow, Janet 164 Winter, Walter Stuart Wissehr, Mark Harold 139 Witt, Cheryl Marie 139 Wittenberg, George Karl 164 Wolf, Edward John 77, 34 Wood, Raymond Wardell 139 Woodard, Bonita E. Wyant, Kenneth R, 153 Yarosh, Dennis Matthew 153 Yeisley, Robert Elmer 153 Yeoh, Hock C. Yokel, Carolyn Hope 153 Yoshinari, June 153 Zakovic, Gary Samuel 164 Zappe, Thomas Leo 164 Zayer, Jacqueline 139 Zeitler, Julius Allen Zenker, Whitney G. Zibrun, Stephen Michael Zimmerman, Jean E. 153 Zitt, Arthur Zolezz i, Karen Ginger 139 Zufan, Denise Lynn Zupan, Katherine Alice 145 Zupan, Martin Jr. 164 Zupsich, Joseph Stephen 77 Zwetz, Janet Lynn 153, 30 171 To Students and Faculty: A yearbook is a record of one precious year of the college experience, and in the 1967 ELMS we have attempted to capture the spirit of that year. We have tried to make the ELMS more than a record book; we have tried to make it a book of memories. It is our belief that the spirit of a year is captured in the fleeting actions of students, and not in posed, formal pic- tures. It was things like the appearance of Senator Edward Kennedy, the gigantic snow storm, and the napalm burning which made 1967 different than other years and Elmhurst College different than other schools. We have captured these events, and many others forever in pictures. Because of this philosophy, we have eliminated the formal organization section and have represented the organizations through their activities. It is our belief that formal group pictures do little in telling the story of an organization. The true story of an organization can be told only through its activities. We have not changed the 1967 ELMS just for the sake of change. We have changed the book in order to make it a better book. The changes rep- resent the thoughts and concerns of many people. We wish to offer special thanks to the photographers of Koehne Studios, Clarence Sikes of Delmar Publishing Company, and Harold Warp our student photographer. Without their help we could not have attempted to present you with an informal yearbook. We are now proud to present to you the 1967 ELMS. We hope that it contains all that made 1 967 an unforgettable and wonderful year for you. Sincerely, Jean Jackson Editor-in-chief 172

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