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Volume 48 Elmhurst College Elmhurst, Illinois ; - Editor: Keith Karou Business Manager: Marie Eb le Advisor: Edward Johnson IsOJiere me elms in siai Under these sturdy arched elms and along remember all that was yours at Elmhurst — these shaded walks, dreams are made and the multitude of emotion experienced at the live undimmed. Through these pages may you various athletic contests, the frenzied activity 2 3 . . . Jiere our G eris iecf CTlfma JKaler And may you remember the campus — the buildings, catalysts to learning and experi- dorms, old and new, but all made young by ence, have housed our indecision and frustra- the spirited influence of their inhabitants; the tion. Still, in the future, they will be the gym, ever ringing with exuberance of athletes; visible landmarks of our most pleasant years, the library; the C.U.B.; the chapel. These But may you also remember that Elmhurst is more than just a group of buildings. It embraces something beside books, profs, stu- dents and work. Elmhurst is a shared experi- ence, something which is not confined by the physical boundaries of the campus. It is a tradition — many traditions — a complex of standards, attitudes, purposes and relation- ships which will live on within the minds of all those who ever learned, competed, laughed and labored here. 1. Where the elms in stately glory, Spreading branches raise, There our cherished Alma Mater Hears our song of praise, (refrain) School, we love, Elmhurst, live for aye, God shed his grace on thee; Loyal by thy sons and daughters To thy memory. Student days will soon be over For our happy throng, Still we hold our memories precious Ever dear and strong, (refrain) When life ' s closing days draw nearer. Sad the heart may be, Still the dreams of youth and glory Linger long o ' er thee, (refrain) The year 1965-1966 saw many different by homecoming and the gala inaugural week- activities at Elmhurst. School began in the fall end. In winter were the sophomore semi- with the traditional freshman week, followed formal, the Christmas festivities, the winter The most vital possession of a freshman during initiation is his beanie. Upperclassmen are about to be doused in the traditional tug-of-war. Freshmen become acquainted with the college campus and its many hazards. Discussion groups and orientation periods Spirited Freshmen Orientation week at Elmhurst was a very busy one for all those involved. It started on Sunday afternoon as 283 new freshmen — all eager for the new experience of college life — invaded the campus. Waiting for them were the student leaders — headed by Rus Landolt and Don Stahlhut — who had worked long hours in preparation for their coming. After the opening convocation and address by Dr. Kleckner, the freshmen were divided into small group s, each headed by a student leader. During the next few days the students went to many meetings and took Freshmen frolic at their annual picnic. I In his opening address, President Kleckner welcomes and challenges freshmen. Roy Thrasher, " Miss Indecent Exposure, " wins the beauty contest in the first night ' s activities. Bring New Life! many tests. In the evenings they attended the following: vespers, a hootenanny, game nights, the film David ond Lisa, and fireside discussions in the faculty homes about the book The Centaur. They also participated in initiation activities which included the annual tug-of-war, and the late night beanie raids by the domineering sophomores. The orientation week came to a close with an address by Dr. Schade. Then, freshmen soon found themselves signing up for classes and becoming a true part of the campus life. A Real Carnival Highlighted the Fair! Hal Berg and Rich Lovell get set to try one of the daring rides. m In the large tent, Marti Uthlaut tries to " sell " cheer- leading to campus girls. Shirley Samonek and Tom Mattern show an interested person the choir ' s record. Members of the court, from left to right are: Diane Di Karen Vollertson, Joyce Carlson, Sue Vorhees, Judy Lullo, Pom Dittrich, Mary Beth Kirby, Marty Uthlaut, Schaefer, and Marie Johnson. Homecoming Queen Reigns Over Her Court Elmhurst ' s 1965 Homecoming was truly a time to " Try to Remember " . The weekend formally began with the presentation of the queen, senior, Karen Vollertsen, and her court, which preceded the theater production, " The Fantasticks. " Other highlights of the weekend were the pep rally behind the Chapel; the football game with Illinois Col- lege, a spectacular 39 to 0 victory for the Jays; the dance, in the C.U.B. with Ralph Marterie and his orchestra; and the Sunday worship service, featuring a talk by alumnus Dr. Walter Brueggeman, of Eden Theological Seminary. Homecoming Queen, Karen Vollertson is seen with her proud escort, Paul Litzsinger, at the game. 15 Lehmann Hall takes second place depicting the founding of the college, the starting of co-education and the growing of a great college. Many Events Highlighted Homecomin i0 Dinkmeyer ' s winning entry in the Homecoming competition recalls various events in the history of the college. Soft lighting and overhead netting set the mood for the 1965 homecoming dance. 16 I The cast poses for one final picture. Bud Radloff shows special adaptive qualities as old man. UJie Gas Karen Boer Luisa Bill Johnson Matt Narrator Tim Kehl Matt ' s Father David Rasche . . . . . . . . Luisa ' s Father Bud Radloff Old Actor Neil Longo Man Who Dies Bill Humphries The Mute " The Fantastiks " , a parable about love written by Tom Jones and Harvey L. Schmidt, was the 1965 Homecoming Theater Produc- tion. Junior, Carol Kramsky directed the musical, in which Karen Baer and Bill John- son, both sophomores, had starring roles. The " Try to Remember " Homecoming theme was taken from the title of one of the 14 featured musical numbers in the show. Mr. Baumrucker, alumnus, presents a bouquet of roses to Homecoming Queen, Karen Vollertsen. li The members of the Homecoming Committee are: stand- Art Kay, Harold Youngblood, Kurt Traugott, seated: Mary ing: Gary Marburger, Rev. Roy Gieselmann, Mr. Robert Beth Kirby, Carol Kramsky, Carol Tabatt, Dolores Ham- Gentry, Neil Longo, Bob Mutton, John Ritt, Dave Allen, ilton, Judy Schaefer, Ann Gonser, Pam Dittrich. As delegates arrive, they receive folders with information and important items to be used during the inauguration. Registration Opens Inauguration Mr. Johnson checks registration to insure smooth proceed- ings. The inauguration of Donald C. Kleckner was a gala event for over 1200 people who attended. Those who were present repre- sented the student body, alumni, the Elm- hurst community, churches, and members of the college faculty and administration. Erwin Goebel, chairman of the Board of Trustees, conducted the installation of Dr. Kleckner, and Dr. Fred C. Allrich presided over the ceremony. 20 Dr. Schade chats with Dr. Ben M. Herbster, President of U.C.C. Mrs. R. Schade and Mrs. R. Swords share honors at the punch bowl. 21 dermic attire. Dr. Kleckner takes a last minute glance at his inaugural address. The following people served os speakers at the inauguration ceremony: for the com- munity, Mayor Charles Weigel; for the church, Dr. Ben M. Herbster; for the alumni, Charles Spenser; for the students, Paul Anderson; and for the faculty. Dr. Robert Clark. In his address Dr. Kleckner expressed a desire for Elmhurst to be a " learning insti- tution " , one which has real human dimensions and one which adheres to a set of moral values. The Inaugural Ball, held at the Elmhurst Country Club, featured Ted Sieber and his orchestra. Dr. Mollis Price, moderator of the United Church of Christ General Synod, delivered the sermon in the Sunday worship " The church as a social institution. " The inauguration weekend came to an end with a concert on Sunday evening by the Chicago Symphony orchestra with Irwin Hoffman directing. 22 Dr. Goebel, chairman of the board, administers the oath of office as Dan Kleckner holds the Bible presented to him by Dr. Goebel. President Inaugurated in Ceremony Dr. Donald C. Kleckner, newly inaugurated, delivers his ad- dress. 23 A Ball Highlighted the Big Weekend President and Mrs. Kleckner greet Lynn Goodbreod in the reception line. I I 24 Chads Skinner announces Mr. and Mrs. Sally Mohamed and causes quite a stir to go up in the ballroom at the Elmhurst Country Club. Dr. Mollis F. Price delivers the sermon at the Sunday The students give Dr. Kleckner a standing ovation at the morning worship. student luncheon. 25 I President Kleckner reads the traditional " Christmas Story. " In spite of close quarters, students enjoy the Dinkmeyer Christmas Party. Christmas Activities Christmas at Elmhurst was truly a time of joy. Feelings were expressed through the quiet enthusiasm and anticipation of students and faculty as they carolled and assembled the colorful campus decorations against a background of white snow. Activities of the season were, " It ' s Begin- Holly Queen and court; Gail Dannenberg, Karen Baer, Queen Donna Langlas, Judy Schaefer, and Pom Dittrich. 26 Lehmann Hall residents spread the Christmas spirit on campus. Give Students the Old Spirit! ning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, " the Dinkmeyer Christmas Party, with the reading sophomore semi-formal dance; the Christmas of the Christmas story by President Kleckner; Oratorio, presented by the Choral Union; the and the Christmas Service, held in the Chapel. 27 I Foundation of the new building is done in fall. Science Building Takes Shape Columns ore hoisted into place. Winter brings definite progress. 28 Headline-maker Mr. Al Raby talks about Chicago school The Rev. Stan Hallett gives an " Overview of the Chicago segregation. Situation. " Religious Life Emphasizes Chicago Poverty and welfare is tfie main topic discussed by Mr. Chester Robinson. " Focus; Chicago " was the title of the Religious Emphasis Period sponsored by the Religious Life Committee. The purpose of the period was to open new perspectives of awareness, insight, and involvement in the city of Chicago and her complex problems. The following speeches were featured: " An overview of the Chicago Situation, " by the Rev. Stan Hallett, the Executive Director of the Church Federation of Greater Chicago; " Segregation and the School Crisis in Chica- go, " by Mr. Al Raby, of the CCCO; and " Pov- erty and Welfare in Chicago, " by Mr. Chester Robinson, Director of the West Side Organi- zation. 29 • » The 1966 winter retreat — entitled " the Revolving Stage, " held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin — centered aroun d the church in . ' , the world. Emphasis was placed on the ' t church in urban society. Each discussion was ' preceded by a dramatization by the Lou Mary Klein enjoys a slide down a hill on a piece of card- Musi I Drama Group, board. Bob Schieler ' s fovorite sport, volleyball, is once more played at a gathering of the religious life committee. 30 Lindy Steele watches as the group roasts marshmallows. Discuss and Have Fun Retreaters also participated in numerous winter activities from sliding and skating during the day, to taking hikes and gather- ing around the warm fire until the wee hours of the morning. All of these experiences made the retreat a worthwhile two days. The sliding chaplain, Bob Schieler, is seen heading straight for a large tree, but he made it safely. As students enjoy the de- licious meals, they also par- ticipate in planned discus- sion and fellowship. 31 Darrell Finemann, Sue Vor- hees, and Lee Marinoccio eagerly await dessert at the Easter Dress-up dinner. Students Enjoy Dress-up Dinner Elmhurst students enjoy good food at the Easter Dress-up dinner. 32 33 Speakers, Concerts Presented The Cultural-Intellectual Life Committee sponsored a number of varied programs in 1965-66. The Monday Morning Assembly series featured the following speakers; Mr. Herb Kaplow, Washington correspondent for NBC News; Dr. Hans Morgenthau, University of Chicago Professor of Political Science; Dr. Martin Marty, Associate Editor of The Chris- tian Century; U. S. Senator Birch Bayh, Demo- crat from Indiana; Dr. Philip Hauser, Chair- man of the Advisory Panel on the Integration of Chicago Public Schools; Mr. Leon Despres, independent Chicago alderman; U. S. Senator Paul Douglas, Democrat from Illinois; Dr. Douglas Steere, active in the ecumenical movement, and Mr. Norman Ross, commen- tator-columnist for the Chicago Doily News. Two evening concerts — with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Norman Luboff Choir — were also sponsored by the committee. Herb Kaplow talks about world events. Philip Hauser speaks about " Education and the Negro Senator Douglas discusses the birthdays of Lincoln and Revolt. " Washington. 35 Ramsey Lewis introduces the other members of the trio. The bass player, El Dee, adds a few sound effects to " Hang On Sloopy. " The Ramsey Lewis Trio Appears on The Ramsey Lewis Trio appears on the college campus. Historically, the blues and the baroque would seem to be centuries apart, but it ' s taken jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis only a de- code to blend these two musical idioms into on award-winning and hit-record-making musical style. The In Crowd, one of their albums, is already over the million mark in soles and is well on its way to becoming the most successful instrumental LP in record history. In 1966, the Ramsey Lewis Trio made its first college appearance with a 40-college tour, including the concert here at Elmhurst. 36 Drummer, Red Holt, improvises to a popular piece. Larry Techenbrach gets Ramsey Lewis ' autograph. Campus for Third Social Life Concert Bob Foskett and Roy Thrasher interview El Dee for the college radio station, WRSE-FM. The Lettermen, a popular campus attrac- tion last year, were invited to return by the Social Life Committee. Their concert included such songs as " What kind of fool am I?, " " Groups are Nothing New, " " People, " and a medley from " West Side Story. " Their per- formance also had much joking, laughter, and audience participation. Lettermen The Lettermen are ance on campus. the first group to repeat a perform- ♦ % • Wi % 2 J, % «| • ■ . . . 7i -,% A ' 38 Ann Niensted prepares to sell a ticket to Scott Stratton as Tomi Kachions waits her turn. Return to Elmhurst The Lettermen become more informal during the second Jim Pike sings the popular song, " What Kind of Fool half of the concert. Am I. " 39 Barb Ashton and Judy Kessler team up in the woman ' s intramurals bad- minton tournament. Provide Fun and Exercise Karen Nottrott watches to see if she is going to make a basket against a team from Lehmann, President Kleckner entertains at faculty coffee house. Hal Schlppits as Robin and Opie Nolan as Bat Man parody the T.V. show. ' ' E-Club Variety Show Opens Bach Most students at Elmhurst College foil the draft test administered by Opie Nolan and John Cianco. 1 Arnie Koriath, Barb Damen, Dave Allen and Gail Dan- nenberg enjoy the Wanted poster at the dance. King, Hal Schippits, dances in the spotlight with date. Bachelor ' s Holiday at Elmhurst found the girls experiencing the pains boys go through when making a date. Thursday, it was the E-Club Variety Show, Friday, it was the dance at Ambush Gulch, and Saturday, it was a Want Men— Dead or Alive by E. C. " Ambush, " Bachelor ' s Holiday semi- formal donee, takes place amid a mysterious and romontic ghost-town setting. 44 Court and dates— Wayne Kennedy, Sonie Lomax, Dale Sandy Gloss, Carroll Cullom, Roger Hanz, Jeannie Finley, Hempen, Vivian Johnson, Skip Knapp, Freya Barger, Dave Hotle, Barb Damen, Dave Allen, Linda Nelson, Arnie Koriath, Gail Dannenberg, King Hal Schippits, and Tim Kehl. night at the gambling tables of the AWS Casino party. A fun week ensued for both the guys and the girls as places were switched and girls opened doors, carried books and trays, and did the bidding of the boys they " Ambush. " Two of the bar maids, Ginny DeLong and Melody Budach clean up. Women! 45 E1V. WlLlAm BOOTH John Strong gets a wet sponge in the face in the Glee Club booth. Laughter to Children ' s Faces pwd looks at the different performers. Ringmaster Bob Schieler introduces the acts. Faculty and administration honor outstanding students, freshman scholars and honorary society members. Banquet Highlight Spring Weekend concert on the Union patio Sunday noon following Dr. Couchmon is main speaker at the honor students ban- quet Sunday evening. 49 E.I.I, Queen Vivian Johnson, seated, with Attendants, Marie Johnson, Sandra Centner, Mary Beth Kirby, and Sue Vorhees. E Club Elects Viv Johnson E.LL Queen For the past 33 years, with the exception of two years because of the Second World War, Elmhurst College has been the host of one of the largest invitational track meets in the midwest each spring. The meet has been under the direction of Uncle Pete Langhorst since its beginning. This year the members of the E Club chose Vivian Johnson as E.I.I, queen, with Marie Johnson, Sandy Centner, Mary Beth Kirby, and Sue Vorhees as her attendants. 50 President Kleckner presents J. Philip Appel with his diploma as alumnus Larry AuBuchow, vice-president of alumni affairs in Texas looks on. 90 Year Old " Student " Gets Diploma An oversight 69 years ago caused J. Phillip Appel to miss getting his diploma in the classical course of study at Elmhurst College. The college not only corrected the oversight but awarded an honorary degree that probably no one else in the world has — an honorary degree in patience. Dr. Kleckner, the college president, flew to Dallas, Texas to present the diploma at a luncheon in the Dallas nursing home where Mr. Appel now lives. Despite his lack of a diploma, Mr. Appel became a school teacher after he left the college. He taught parochial schools for five years, then entered newspaper work. He re- tired seven years ago from the Dallas Times Herald. In January, a college alumni bulletin was directed to his daughter — Miss Irma Appel. She recalled that the night before she had visited her father at the nursing home, and he told her of never receiving his diploma, although he had completed the course of study. Miss Appel wrote Dr. Kleckner. He made a search of the college ' s records and discovered that Appel was right; he had never received his diploma. The diploma presented to Appel was dated 1897 and was an authentic copy of the diplomas presented to other members of his class. 52 1 Bob Mutton and Nancy Paine sit a dance out. Dinner Dance At McCormick Place The Chicago Room in McCormick Place was the setting of the Junior Formal Dinner- Dance, May 20. Instead of the traditional Junior Prom, the junior class decided to have a dinner-dance. They thought it would be " unique " and would not be quite as expen- sive as the Prom since the dinner is included in the ticket. Co-chairmen of the dinner-dance were Sandy Centner and Jack Terrill. Ruth Fore- schner and Dove Gumper were chairmen of tickets and favors. Sue Vorhees and Lee Mori- naccio were responsible for obtaining the or- chestra and inviting the chaperones and guests. Dave Hotle, junior class president, as- sisted in the preparation for the dinner-dance. Dr. and Mrs. John Jump, honored guests, enjoy one of the dances. Standing are Mary Beth.Kirby, Jeannie Adams, Viv Johnson, Sandy Centner and Jan Urbonk. 1 i Queen Vivian Reigns With Her JuH The Class of 1 966 gathers as a whole for the last time to sing the Alma Mater. Largest Class in College ' s History Mr, Richard B atchelder, president of the National Education Association, was the fea- tured speaker as approximately 250 seniors received their diplomas. Commencement ex- ercises for the largest class in the history of Elmhurst College were held outside on the mall on June 5. Baccalaureate was held in the chapel earlier in the day. Senoir women stand on the porch of their college " home " as they watch parents and friends take over the campus. 58 Dr. Kleckner presents a graduate with her diploma. Paul Anderson, Dave Hoefer, Roger Hanz, Russ Landolt, Tom Bentz, Judy Streich, Paul Meyer, and Roger Rumpf are the seniors elected to appear in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges. " 60 1 Senate was the legislative branch of the Student Government Association. In this ca- pacity Senate enacted legislation pertaining to the student body at large, off campus issues, and the Senate itself. Another purpose of Senate was to provide a channel of ex- pression for student opinions on matters of concern both on and off the college campus. Senators were elected from each of the resi- dence hall floors and from each of the various academic areas for non-resident students. Greeting Freshmen, Paul Anderson acquaints them with Student Government Association. S.G.A. Stimulates Students Senate — First row: Mary Klein, Cassie O ' Donnell, Chris Leila Krengells, Marie Eble, and Robert Mutton. Third Rasche, Jean Tschudy, Barbara Parker, Judy Kehl, Jean row: Joseph Bestwina, Gary Tebo, Horatio Tocco, Tim Zimmerman, Sandra Todd, and Barbara Witt. Second Kehl, Ross Lyon, Roger Rumpf, David Hoefer, Donald row: Jerry Slansky, Miss Kishi, Becky Lattner, Barb Kruse, Moore, and Jim Bracher. 64 Union Board Programs Events Senate Commil ' i ' ee Heads — Seated: Sandra Todd, pub- licity; Marie Eble, secretary; and Barbara Parker, elections. Standing: Ken Wyant, campus outreach; David Hoefer, SCAD; and Jim Bracher, president Absent from picture: Jean Tschudy, campus awareness The College Union Board served as the programing group of the Student Govern- ment Association. The Board was composed of a president, vice-president, and student and faculty chairmen of the Cultural Life, Religious Life, Social Life, and Athletic Life committees. Its members were elected from the student body at large. The Union Board was responsible for the programing of stu- dent activities, and the calendaring of cam- pus events. Union Board — Seated: Ellen Kolman, and Carolyn McGawn. First row: Tom Bentz, Mr. Gentry, and Paul Meyer. Second row: Hugh Knapp, Shirley Samonek, and Hal Schippits. Third row: Neil Longo. 65 President Consults Students The Student Division of the President ' s Advisory Council was composed of student leaders from student government and various organizations. It helped to further commu- nication between President Kleckner and the student body this year. On one hand, it acted as on organ to inform students of important college decisions, where the college is going, and what it hopes to do. On the otherhand, it conferred with the President and gave him student opinion on various issues. President ' s Advisory Council Members — Seated: Judy Streich and Shirley Samonek. Standing: Jim Bracher, Russ Landolt, and Keith Karau. President ' s Advisory Council Members — First row: Dale Hempen, Glen Pertle, Mary Jo Schmitt, and Neil Longo. Second row: David Hoefer, Pres. Donald C. Kleckner, and Paul Anderson. 66 Religious Life Committee — First row: Barb Kruse, Barbara Bill Kruse, Rev. Schieler, Joyce Carlson, Tom Bentz, and Parker, and Joan Beerhalter. Second row: Mrs. Clark, Keith Karau. Karen Baer, Ellen Kolman, and Don Smarto. Third row: Committee Heads Church on Campus Religious Life Committee consisted of three main areas. First of oil, worship, consisted of Thursday night vespers and Sunday interde- nominational communion and historical ser- vices. Second, education, provided retreat, religious emphasis periods, movies, and monthly programs. Finally, the social action committee tried to bring the student into awareness of the world situation and tried to stimulate him to take part in creating a better world. Malcolm Boyd is one of the many lecturers brought to campus by the Religious Life Committee. 67 i The Athletic Life Committee — seated: Paul Minarik, Judy Knapp, Ron Wilde, John Boland, Mike Meinhardt, Dave Schmidt, Karen Nottrott, Mike Mason. Standing: Skip Gumper, Ron Radke and Dave Hotle, The Athletic Life Committee helped to give life to the college campus in 1965-66 through its sponsoring of intramurals end its promoting of school spirit. The intramural program included football, basketball, volley- ball, Softball and track for men; and volley- ball, basketball, badminton and Softball for women. To promote school spirit, the com- mittee worked closely with other campus organizations — with the cheerleaders for pep rallies, and with the band for a proposed Band Day. A motley group of Intramural basketball stars from Irion work their way toward the west basket. Lettermen Return By Request The Social Life Committee, headed by Hal Schippits, presented three concerts this year. Ferrante and Teicher and The Ramsey Lewis Trio were newcomers to the campus. The Lettermen came back for an outstanding repeat performance. Ferrante and Teicher gave a lively concert with the unique trick of changing the strings of the piano to make it sound like a bongo drum. The Ramsey Lewis Trio played renditions of the current popular songs along with their top hit, " The In Crowd. " Aside from these concerts. Social Life sponsored many informal dances on campus. They also had several movies including " The Hustler, " " Breakfast at Tiffany ' s, " and " The Prize. " Ferrane and Teicher entertain at the first Social Life concert of the year. r Culfurol Ufe Commiftee — Seated: Roger Hanz, Donna Langlos, Ron Aisenbrey, Kenvi Sheehon, Jeonnie Adams, and James Kerkstra. Standing: David Schimelpfenig, Tom Mattern, Jon Ritt, Paul Meyer, David Hoefer, Mr. Peale, and Mr. Mohamed. Committee Supplies Assembly Speakers The Cultural Life Committee of the Elm- hurst College Union Board had the purpose of keeping the campus in touch with cultural opportunities in the Chicago area and the responsibility of extending and intensifying the intellectual and social awareness of the campus. It planned its program a year in advance and arranged it in the forms of the Convocation Series, the Lecture Series, the student-faculty firesides, the Foreign Film Series, and other special events. TV commentator Norman Ross holds discussion with students in union lounge after speaking in a Monday morning assembly. 70 Exec. Comm. Estimates Budget Executive Commiftee — Jim Bracher, Neil Longo, Judy Streich, Paul Ander- son, and Dale Hempen. Business Club — Seated: Rodger Miller, Thomas Hood, Mrs. Flaningan, Rich Anderson, Paul Minarik, Connie and Bill Schmidt. Standing: Gerard Hajek, Beth Ramsey, Urban, Dale Wietzke, Dr. Maybelle Kohl, Mike Mason, Philip Corgill, John Drummond, Mr. George Gazmararian, Karl Grube, Bob Pyler, and Horold Warp. Rich Gerber, Jairam Kerrutt, Mike Brun, Bob Schmidt, 7} Schick Dorm Council — seated: Linda Pollitz, Sue Stoker, lick, Diane Kraus, Susan Schoffer, Barbara Baker, Ann Gail Dannenberg, and Kathy Zupan. Standing — Sue Nib- Linford, Merrie Mines, and Judith Reichhold. 72 Lehmann Residence Council — kneeling Ginny DeLong Seated — Sharon Cannon, Barbara Ashton, and Sally Tucker. Dorm Policies Schick and Lehmann residents elected executive bodies to establish and enforce dorm policies. Each dorm hod a dorm council composed of officers and wing representatives which served as a communication system between dorm officials and residents. The residence councils were educative bodies formed to handle disciplinary problems in the dorm. Residence councils referred viola- tors to the Judicial Board when they felt further action should be taken. Lehmann Dorm Council — seated: Mary Kay Wallace, Judy Schaefer, and Carol Hoefer. Standing — Diane Girard, Judy Kessler, and Elsie Bock; Sheila Blatti, Sally Tucker, and Diane Taylor; Donna Langlas. 73 Councils Serve Dinkmeyer A dorm council consisting of wing repre- sentatives and dorm officers, plus an elected residence council served as policy forming groups for Dinkmeyer Hall. The dorm council was responsible for planning open houses and other dorm activities such as the Christ- mas Party. The residence council furthered interdorm relationships by providing a better understanding of dorm regulations. Advisor to both coun cils was Miss Joan Tschudy, Head Resident of Dinkmeyer. Dinkmeyer Residence Council — seated: Mary McPherson and Ann Niensted. Standing: Beth Schmiechen, Joan Tschudy, Diane Braiden, and Sheryl Hohman, Dinkmeyer Hall Council — seated: Janet Russell, Paree Standing: Karen Bobeng, Gail Jacoby, Lesley Evans, Sekeris, Jane Willman, Kathy Harris, and Jeannie Adams. Niensted, and Joan Tschudy. 74 AWS Executive Committee — seated: Carroll Cullom, Mary Jo Schmitt, and Barbara Lemmons. Standing: Miss Kishi, Lesley Evans, Donna Langlas, Jane Leabhard, Gail Dan- nenberg. Iris Gardner, and Susan Grove. AWS Sponsors Annual Circus The Association of Women Students was composed of all resident and commuter women at Elmhurst College. AWS consisted of an executive committee which planned and co-ordinated all the activities of the three boards: judicial, legislative, and pro- gram. The program committee supervised th e organization ' s activities, both social and service. The major activities were the Big- little Sister Party, Bachelor ' s Holiday, AWS Circus and Christmas toy drive. AWS Program Committee — Seated: Barbara Dammen, Mary McPherson, and Kenvi Sheehan. Standing; Dr. Wellington, Jane Leabhard, Karen Nottrott, Judy Schmidt, and Pat Parulis. 75 Men ' s Dorms Both men ' s dorms, Niebuhr and Irion, had committees which established and enforced dorm policies. The dorm councils were re- sponsible for forming policies regarding con- duct in each dorm. The councils were also in charge of the open houses which were held each month. The purpose of the Judicial Boards was to decide what action is to be taken against an offender when a dorm regulation has been violated. This year the Niebuhr Dorm Council ap- pointed a new Cultural Life Committee to pro- vide cultural activities for Niebuhr residents. The committee provided free transportation and often reduced rates for these events. The first event sponsored was a trip to Chicago to see the movie " Dr. Zhivago. " The Irion Hall " J " Board, seated — John Bizer, Dave Mc- Curdy, Ken Aim. Standing — Stu Holman, Roger Horn, Kurt Traugott, and Dick Fischer, advisor. The Irion Hall Dorm Council, seated — Kurt Traugott, president, Gary Tebo, secretary-treasurer, Jim Harsh. Standing — John Bizer, Christian Rohlfing, Bob Herbster, Russ Landolt, and Dean Roberts. 76 Provide Cultural Activities The Niebuhr Hall Dorm Council members, seoted — Rich Benbow, treas- urer, Jack Terrill, presi- dent, Tom Mattern, vice- president. Standing — Don Sutton, Roger Rumpf, Foster Thayer, Jon Neuse, and Paul Minarik. Ernst Jolas is not present. The Cultural Life Committee members seated — Dick Fische r, advisor, and Roger Rumpf. Standing — Jon Neuse and Arnie Koriath. Don Riemer is not present. The Niebuhr Hall " J " Board members, seated — Glenn Myers, Glen Kistner, Paul Litzinger. Standing — Dick Fischer, advisor, Hal Youngblood, Don Stahlhut, and Tom Mattern. 77 Greater Elmhurst Serves E. C. Greater Elmhust provided students the opportunity to offer their services to specific programs of Elmhurst College such as; ad- missions, alumni, fund raising, and public relations. The organization served at the invitation of the administration. During the year members participated in Senior High Day, Inauguration, Homecoming, and Spring Weekend. The members also conducted tours of the campus for prospective students and guests. The officers are Don Smarto — president, Judy Kessler — secretary; Rand Henson, Pam Martins, Ken Fletcher, and John Brache are coordinators. Greater Elmhurst Members — First row: Susie Swise, Bonnie Pazur, and Tomi Kachians. Second row: Sonie Lomax and Judy Bree. Third row: David Kaiser, Waye Kendall, Marcy Babearz, and Art Kay. I Greater Elmhurst Members — First row: Marti Miller, Priscilla Alden, and Freya Barger, Second row: Rand Henson, Kathy Hooton, Jack Brennan, and Mory Mc- Pherson. Third row: Chris Rohlfing, Honna Iverson, Dave James, and Carol Andre. Honor Society — First row: Joan Beerhalter and Phyl- lis Maack. Second row: David Hoefer, Paul Mey- er, Paul Anderson, and Tom Bentz. College Honors Campus Scholars The Honor Society of Elmhurst College recognized the fine scholastic achievement of all students who received a superior grade point average for five or more semesters. Members were chosen in the spring through election by a faculty committee appointed by President Kleckner. The Society members attended an annual spring banquet. Honor Society — Seated: Naomi Poltrock and Mrs. Susan Ellinger. Standing: Carol Hoefer and Sally Tucker. 79 Choir — First row: Kay Grunewald, Bonnie Lengefeld, Judy Streich, Nancy Pumphrey, Kenvi Sheehan, Jeonnie Adams, and Shirley Samonek. Second row: Judy Jess, Mary Bowers, Elizabeth Pawlas, Terri Schreiber, Vivian Swanson, Ellen Kolmon, Jan Warzyn, and Ann Gonser. Third row: Pom Carpenter, Carolyn Geldbach, Kathy Kinn, Jon Neuse, Judy Southard, Roger Hanz, Karen Baer, Ken Fletcher, and Chris Rasche. Fourth row: Steve Hepner, John Brache, Bill Kruse, Don Smarto, Roger Horn, Al Hohl, Bruce Krejci, David Hoefer, Tom Uphous, Gary Kopitzke, and Barbara Witt. Choir Sings At Inauguration The Elmhurst College Choir was a forty member organization of mixed voices, serv- ing both the college and the surrounding community. The Choir was kept especially busy with off-campus concerts during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Spring Tour took the organization through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Michigan. The tour acquainted people throughout the Northeast with Elm- hurst College. The highpoint of the year for choir members was singing at President Kleck- ner ' s Inauguration. Choir Officers: Jon Neuse, Tom Uphaus, Ken Fletcher, and Mary Bowers. The Men ' s Glee Club under the direction of David Austin headed to the southeast quadrant of the United States for the 1966 Spring Tour. Concerts were given throughout Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Was- ington, D. C, Maryland, and Ohio. The Glee Club served as a public relations agent of the college while on tour. Highlight of the season was a joint concert with the Men ' s Glee Club of Northwestern University. The combined groups performed Philip James ' setting of Vachel Lindsay ' s descriptive poem, " General William Booth Enters Into Heaven. " Glee Club Officers — seated: Randall Brakemeyer, David Schimelpfenig, and Joe Fraccaro. Standing: Barry Warren, Tom Bentz David McCurdy, and Richard Happel. Glee Club Tours Southeast Glee Club Members — Front row: Ward Barrows, Joe Fraccaro, Rich Grebe, Gary Lawler, Gary Tebo, Dick Hap- pel and Bob Foose. Second row: Joel Ayres, Stu Ramsay, David Rota, Glen Nardin, David Schimelpfenig, Ron Aisen- brey and ' Barry Warren. Third row: Tim Kehl, Axel Weyerstall, David Kuebler, David Rasche, Dwight Borden, David McCurdy, Rich Gerber, and Randall Brakemeyer. Fourth row: Steve Loolis, David Ostendorf, John Strong, Tom Bentz, John Bettman, Stanley Czaplak, and Art Wille. Polyhymnia — First row: Becky Lattner, Judy Bree, Emily Tooker, Carol Hoefer, and Linda Petersen. Third row: Gape, Susie Sebastian, Judy Meyerdieiks, Judy Kehl, and Diane DiLullo, Jean Stupecky, Kathy Hooton, Susan Drese, Jackie Zayer. Second row: Ruth Marcus, Lynne Goodbread Jean Tschudy, Penny Seibert, Judy Kessler, and JoAnne Linda Nelson, Pam Martens, Judy Schaefer, Donna Lambert. Poly Tours Northern States Polyhymnia, the Elmhurst College women ' s chorus, was under the direction of Mrs. Viola Repp. During the year Poly gave weekly concerts in the Chicago area. These concerts served to finance the annual spring tour. This year the tour took members through the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa. One of the purposes of the tour was to acquaint people throughout the country with Elmhurst College. Polyhymnia Officers — Seaed: Judy Kehl and Becky Lattner. Standing: Pam Martens, Jean Tschudy, Donna Tooker, and Carol Hoefer. 82 I Band Appears At A.W.S. Circus A full concert band, absent on the Elm- hurst College scene since the pre-war thirties, reappeared this year under the baton of Mr. Dale Hamilton. The well-balanced 50- member organization was built through reg- ular appearances at all home football and basketball contests to full concert presenta- tions in the spring. Keynoting the spring season was the Spring Concert in April. Ap- pearances at the AWS Circus and in an evening program in the college mall com- pleted the year. During pre-game activities, Mr, Dale Hamilton di ects the band in the fight song to build up the spectators enthus- siasm. Band members entertain with lively marches dur- ing the half-time at the Elmhurst - St. Procopius game. -38 83 Editor Keith Karau discusses copy for the organization section with Karen Nottrott and Jeon Jackson. Keith Karau, editor, and Sue Stoker, copy editor, often confer with Mr. Johnson, faculty advisor. Marie Eble, business manager, balances the accounts 84 More Pages and Color r This year the ELMS ' staff spent many long hours putting together a larger and more comprehensive yearbook. Compiling a total of 200 pages — for the largest ELMS ' book ever printed — they included two extra colored pages and utilized the services of professional photographers to a greater extent than ever before, while trying to give the reader o true picture of the college life. Next year, the staff is looking forward to a larger sized ELMS ' — nine inches by twelve inches — with more color and continued progress toward an All-American book. ELMS Stoff — First row; Pom Dittrich, Freya Borger, Emily Gopa, Diane Taylor, and Gloria Foster. Second row: Karen Nottrott, Jean Jackson, Carol Barrett, and Mary McPherson. 85 Elm Bark Keeps Students nformed on World Events The Elm Bark, the college newspaper, was in its forty-sixth year of publication. This weekly newspaper covered local, national, and international happenings as well as cam- pus events. The Elm Bark served as a means of communicating information about coming events to the student body. Editor-in-chief for 1966 was Arthur Kay. Serving as faculty advisor this year was Mr. Arnold Davidson. Staff Members: Terry Moye, Edward Roth, and George Koch. Staff Members: Seated: John Bizer, Don Stahlhut, and Jim Langdoc, Standing: John Bolcnd and Tom Bentz. 87 WRSE Broadcasts for First The summer of 1965 was a " first " for WRSE-FM in that programs were broadcast throughout the summer vacation. During the academic year, the station was on the air an average of 40 hours a week. Another " first " was broadcasting all football games both on-campus and away. Still another " first " was the broadcasting of home basket- ball games from York High School. The station continued to discover uses for the United Press International news service installed in April of 1965. Community organizations continued to use the station ' s facilities for broadcasts of their projects and areas of concern. WRSE Executive Commit- tee — Clockwise: Louis Ciaglia, chief engineer; Dr. Donald Low, faculty advisor; Brian Reynolds, station manager; Thomas Teuber, program director; Jan Midgely, music direc- tor; and Robert Foskett, business manager and news director. 89 Pi Kappa Delta — First row: Sally Tucker, Linda Apicella, row: Art Kay, Anita Sherburne, and David Kaiser, Carol Grossenbacher, Kathy Hooton, and Dr. Low. Second Honorary Fraternities Interest Students 90 Honoraries Sustain Interest Sigma Alpha Eto — First row: Iris Gardner, Jane Fred- rickson, Sandy Centner, and Geraldine Rostan. Second row: Miss Whelihan, Betty Smith, Cheryl Hefner, Cheryl Kloer, and Judy Kessler. Third row: Anita Sherburne Peggy Simpson, Cheryl Patton, and Sue Jordan. Psi Chi — First row: Diane Landefeld and Susan Ellinger. Second row: Cliff Pensyl, Page Brink, Joy Smith, and Ray Tra- vaglio. Third row: Don Riemer, Bill Eilers, Bill Layman, and Axel Wey- erstall. 91 SNEA Members — First row: Carol Andre, Geor- gia Smeryage, and Ruth Lindquist. Second row: William A. Johnson, David Proctor, Wayne Kendall, and Chris Rohl- fing. Batchelder Speaks to SNEA The Student National Education Associa- tion was open to ail students who were interested in teaching as a career. Prominent educators were invited to the campus to speak before SNEA. Speakers included Mr. Richard O. Batchelder, President of the I Notional Education Association, and Mr. V. A. Jones, Principal of York High School. At a spring banquet awards were pre- sented to members for their outstanding contributions to SNEA, and next year ' s officers were officially announced. SNEA Members — First row: Jeanne Kellough and Bar- bara Vegter. Second row: Nancy Wangerin, Mary Mc- Pherson, and Pauline Castic. Third row: John Biehl, Naomi Poltrock, Barbara Beam, end Pat Schwer. 92 Honoraries Are Active at EC Beta Beta Beta (Biology Honorary) — Seated: Les- ley Kolkmeler, Linda Apicella, Pat Schwer, and Page Brink. Stonding: Mr. Honour, Dr. Jump, Laura Mueller, Dale Mahal, and Steven Fry. Pi Gamma Mu (Social Science Honorary) — Seated: Chris Larry Bunger, Roger Rumpf, John Jeffrey, Jim Bracher, Rohlfing, Jan Pedersen, Karen Morkel, and Rich Happel. Ed Scheck, and Dr. Schade. Standing: Alfred Erickson, Jim Cain, Mark Wissehr, 93 Presents Chayefsky ' s GIDEON 95 EC Views The Days Between ' ' Using her artistic abilities, Cindy Cleveland helps paint scenery to be used in " The Days Between. " Cast of THE DAYS BETWEEN Barbara Ives Mavis Madsen Mrs. Walker Susan Moskos George Hawkins Robert Grothe David Ives Mr. Garry Colburn Roger Ives Alec Barclay Ted Sears Charles Bond! David Ives, Mr. Colburn, considers a passage from a book during a conversation with George Hawkins, Robert Grothe. Barbara Ives, Mavis Madsen, and Ted Sears, Charles Bondi, express their deep feelings for each other in " The Days Between. " 96 Getting in some sight seeing are the Chancel Ployers — first row: Tom Gardner, Mavis Belgrad, Ellen Simchuk, Paree Sekeris, Carol Kramsky, Bud Radloff, and Jim Bracher. Second row: Gary Miller, Ray Wood, the bus driver. Glen Novak, and Neil Longo. Chancel Players Tour Texas This year Chancel Players performed Casey on Spring Tour throughout Texas. Casey is about the Crucifixion and Resur- rection of Christ. The action takes place both in Jerusalem on the first Good Friday and in a town called Calvary at the present time. The group was under the direction of Mr. C. C. Arends and Mr. Gary Colburn. Boarding the bus which will take them to Texas are Chancel Player members Ray Wood and Neil Longo. 97 Spi Sic Sez Prowls Campus A variety of fund raising activities were sponsored by the Campus Chest to raise money for a scholarship fund. This year ' s activities included slave days and a campus auction. The scholarship was presented to a high ranking foreign student. The anonymous members of Spi Sic Sez sneaked about campus late at night putting up posters which backed the athletic teams. The group was composed of two representa- tives from each class. Spi Sic Sez was formed to create more school spirit. The senior members of Spi-Sic were Hal Schippits and Dave Ek. The other members will not be revealed until the end of their senior year. Co-ordinating fund raising activities for the Campus Chest is the job of committee heads Richard Gerber and Annette Nolte. On their nightly prowls, Spi Sic Sez members plaster the campus with posters backing EC athletic teams. 98 Squires Members pictured — First row: Fred Meyer, Don Terry Moye, Bill Eilers, Lee Wolf, and Jim Harsh. Riemer, Robert Mutton, and Dale Hempen. Second row: Squires ' Brotherhood Serves Campus Squires Pledges — Hal Berg, Ron Wilde, Robert Foose, Mark Hamilton, Larry Meyer, John Rooney, Neil Longo, David Kuebler, Dale Wietzke, John Boland, Scott Mernitz, Dean Roberts, Al Mason, and Don Sutton. International Club — First row: Sun Ja Lee and Carol Chou. Yeoh, Cooper Spence, Solomon Idowu, Louis Colvis, and Second row: Hiroko Matsunaga, Delores Hamilton, Miriam Richard Nyako. Basch, and Joanna Hamilton. Third row: Hock Cheng Club Furthers Understanding At the International Club American and foreign students met on a personal as well as a cultural and intellectual basis; thereby fos- tering better understanding and friendship among members. The club sponsored short programs to acquaint the student body with the various cultures represented on campus. The organization also served to acquaint the surrounding communities with different cul- tures through talks given by the foreign stu- dents. Diverse cultures are represented by Sun Ja Lee from Korea, Carol Chou from China, Richard Nyako from Ghana, and Cooper Spence from Canada. 100 Clubs Keep E.C.er ' s In Shape Judo Club — Kneeling: Bibi Ann Wind, Jack Bogert, Art Geen, Don Hoffman, Karen Ramlot, ond Phil Becker. Paul Cameron, and Jon Chestnut. Standing: Barb Kruse, 10] Editor Stanley Schmidt Art Editor Arthur Holder Public Relations Marc Knorr Business Manager Ron Kennedy Editorial Board Brian Reynolds Sharon McCoy George Dalton Bob Peterson John Cecot Gary Kopitzke Faculty Advisor Dr. William Barclay Variations of this inkblot are used on the cover of THIS, the campus literary magazine. Creativity Abounds In THIS This Members — First row: Arthur Holder, Vicki Healy, Krengelis, Jean Honke, Stanley Schmidt, Gary Kopitzke, and Christine Leonard. Second row: Marc Knorr, Nils and Ronald Kennedy. Tutoring Project — First row: Judy Streich, Pat Zilka, Karen Zolezzi, Ellen Kolmcn. Second row: Tomi Kachians, Marge Bullamore, Kay Kupper, Mary Kay Wallace, and Barb Vegter. Third row: Linda Grotefeld, Becky Fritz, Chris Rasche, Phyllis Maock, Tom Bentz, and David Hoefer. Fourth row: Phyllis Jewell, Jayne White, Linda McEwan, Barbara Boatright, Tom Mattern, David Kuebler, Sharon McCoy, and Rand Henson. Tutees Visit E.C. Campus The tutoring project, whose main attention was focused on the Lowndaie area of Chicago, especially at Howland School, concentrated on the tutoring of reading and arithmetic. Its main concern was to enable the college stu- dent and a child of this area to come into closer contact, not only through help in aca- demic ways, but also in personal ways. There were no membership requirements other than " an openness to others and an ability to re- spond, ... to take as well as give. " The proj- ect included a Christmas party for the chil- dren and a benefit in April. Tutoring project chairman Jon RItt chats with some of the tutees at Howland School while waiting for the bus to arrive. 103 Sports are an integral part of the life at the crowds — all add to the excitement of the Elmhurst College. The talk in the locker rooms, games, whatever they may be. the pep of the cheerleaders, the enthusiasm of Highlighting the fall are football and cross- 104 105 Storting Offense: Row 1: W, Phillips, G. Hajny, J. Neuse, J. Terrill, J. Harden, H. Schippits, co-captain; T. Rodgers. Row 2: T. Gardner, S. Knapp, D. Ek, co-captain; J. Lund- quist. John Boland catches a high yardage pass against Iowa Wes- leyan. Jays Win Six!! The Jays once again overpowered their op- ponents on the ground as they totaled 1705 yards rushing — -opponents, 1044 yards. Small school ail-American, Dave Ek led the ground game with 790 yards boosting his total to 2,298 yards, thus establishing a new c areer high for Elmhurst. Ek was not a one-man show, however, as Lundquist and Gardner contributed 348 and 423 yards respectively. The passing of Skip Knapp surprized the Jays as he completed 57% of his passes for a total of 1106 yards and 14 touchdowns. The scoring leader, Ek, had 53 points, followed by Gardner and Rodgers with 37 points each. The 1965 Jays will be remembered as a high- powered offense which averaged 353.1 yards per game and scored 22.4 points per game. The defensive Jays complemented the pow- erful offense well as they held opponents to 252.6 yards per game which is more than 100 yards less than what Elmhurst gained. Special recognition must be given as opponents aver- aged only 130.5 yards rushing and 121.8 yards passing per game. Defensive leaders were linebackers, Hotle, Kloepping, Grobe, and Petersen with 47, 46, 41 and 32 tackles respectively. The 26 fumbles of the oppo- nents indicated a great deal of hard tackling. Excluding the fiascos in Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Jays would have allowed only 3 touchdowns with 1 1 interceptions. On the season, however, the Jays allowed 8 aerial touchdowns and had 12 interceptions. Pass defense was led by Petersen, J. Boland and Berg with 4, 3, and 3 interceptions respec- tively. Harold Schippits leads the blocking for speedy half-back. Rich Benbow. Starting Defense: Row 1: J. Karr, J. Driskall, K. Jurkones, D. Hotle, B. Kloepping, J. Boland, R. Grobe. S. Boland, R. Miller. Row 2: L. Mar inocciO D. Petersen, Reserves: Row 1: R. Kennedy, S. Mernitz, J. Samonek, L. Hinchley, J. Moraitis, R. Thrasher, H. Berg, C. Ehlinger, McClain, P. Page, R. Sinon, L. Curtis. Row 3: R. Benbow, E. Page. D. Roefer, R. Lyons, B. Nelson, P. Minarik. Row 3: J. Members of the Cross Coun- try team with their Rock- ford invitational trophy are: D. Stahlhut, C. Pensyl, Coach Langhorst, J. Swart- out, A. Vernasco, J. Bizer, and P. Anderson. Distance Men Win Invitational SCORES E.C. North Central 16 40 Rockford 50 15 Trinity 32 25 Carthage 26; North Park 46; Concordia 92; 54 Augustana 19; North Park 50; Illinois Tech 0; 66 The Elmhurst team took first place out of 10 teams in the Rockford Invitational. no Roger Rumpf gets the rebound. Rumpf Receives Press Publications Award Roger Rumpf was named the outstanding student athlete at the athletic Convocation for his Achievement in basketball and track. 1 1 1 Lundquist drives down court toward a lay-up. Cagers Have An 8-15 Season John Dancy goes for another basket. The highly talented roundballers were once again plagued by injuries and the scholastic standings committee on eligibility. Individual stars will long be remembered — especially the long jump shots of Leo Boughton, the flashy drives of John Lundquist, the amazing leaps of John Dancy, the persistent rebound- ing of Roger Rumpf and the teamwork of Don Anderman. Early critics winced at the lack of height, but the Jays overcame this handi- cap as they out rebounded their opponents 1195 to 1107. Rumpf provided most of the rebounding as he set the school record with 411, as well as being elected the most valu- able player for his fine team play. The high scoring Jays, 80.2 points per game, were led by Dancy ' s 306 and 13.3 points per game, Boughton ' s 8.3 and Lundquist ' s 12.5. Although many games resulted in disap- pointing losses, this team will always be re- membered OS a fast-breaking and sharp shoot- ing squad. Anderman takes a free shot. Pat Goy goes up for a jump shot. Opponent- Varsity Concord ia 75 71 North Park 74 87 St. Procopius 101 98 Illinois College 85 75 Principio 78 68 Kalamazoo 79 72 Carthage 102 90 St. Procopius 87 78 North Central 71 93 North Park 72 75 Illinois College 80 92 Wheaton 85 59 Lake Forest 91 76 Kalamazoo 103 72 Rockford 71 1 1 1 North Central 87 77 Lake Forest 69 79 Mac Murray 87 79 Augustana 60 61 Concordia 74 71 1. 1. T. 91 88 Principio 74 77 Carthage 90 86 Coach Schousen gives a short pep talk. 1 13 ft i Members of the track team are: Standing, W. Phillips, KringI, D. Ek, D. Stahlhut. Kneeling, R. Benbow, R. Wilde, J. Fulton, Coach Langhorst, L. Wolf, J. Henschley, L. J. Nielsen, J. Bizer, and J. Swartout. Trackmen Unofficially Set Relay Record Members of the track team are: J and R. Wimmerslage. McGinnis, R. Rumpf, 114 Lee Wolf nips competi- tors at the tope once again. At Three Area Meets Although scores showed o definite losing season for the college track team, the 440 relay team unofficially broke the school rec- ord three times — at the Wabash Relays, the Beloit Relays and at the Chicagoland Invita- tional. Roger Rumpf tied for first place high jump with a 5 ' 10 " jump at the E. I. I. but lost out in the number of attempts. Senior Roger Rumpf is up and over for another 1st place. 1 15 Wiemerslage takes to the air for a place in the broad- Fulton pushes on for another 100 yard dash victory, jump. 1 16 Members of the baseball team are; Stonding, Coach K. Spiroff, H. Youngblood, C. Reed, J. Mohr, C. Ehlinger, W. Bieskow, R. Radke, T. Sullivan, and S, Rice. Kneel- ing, W. Shigetani, P. Minarik, M, Mason, C. Pensyl, T. Canato, and P. Litzinger. Spiroff Has ' ' Most Improved Teamf Coach Spiroff gets another ball. A combination of veterans and rookies led the pilsockers to one of their best seasons in recent years. Led by seniors Cliff Ehlinger, Cliff Pensyl, Paul Litzinger, and Harold Youngblood, and first year stars Terry Sulli- van, John Canata, Willard Bieskow, and Jim Schultz, the Jays accumulated a 10-7 record. Ehlinger led the hurlers with a 5-1 record and a 2.08 ERA. Sullivan led the offense with a .309 average followed by Bieskow ' s .292 and Litzinger ' s .291. Special credit must be given to Coach Spi roff who was given the award for having the most improved team in the Chicagoland Conference and to Bill Shige- tani who was elected to the all-star team. SCORES E.C. St. Procopius 7 1 Chicago Circle 8 1 Aurora 6 12 Lake Forest 3 5 Lake Forest 1 6 North Central 1 4 North Central 4 5 Illinois Teachers 16 6 Wheaton 8 8 Concordia 3 4 Concordia 1 6 Lewis 5 4 Lewis 5 4 Aurora 3 8 St. Procopius 3 4 Lewis 12 3 Chicago Circle 1 5 Chicago Circle 4 0 Steve Rice warms up. Elmhurst Pillsockers Win 10 Terry Sullivan hits a short one down the third base 118 r Members of the tennis team are: Coach Arends, D. G. Kistner, M. Hamilton, S. Stratton, K. Wyant, J. Cionca, Roefer, C. Buzek, D. Moyer, D. Gerfen, G. Stinchcomb, S. Holman. Racketmen Have Winning Season Elmhurst tennis had another winning sea- son as the netmen won their own tournament on the E.C. courts. Two of the team ' s three Dual Meet losses were by only one match. Glen Kistner and Mark Hamilton led Coach Arend ' s young team at first and second sin- gles, followed by Scott Stratton, Ken Wyant, John Cionca, Stu Holman and Dave Moyer. Hamilton did not lose until the last match against powerful Lake Forest. Scott Stratton, 1966 captain, will be co-captain with Glen Kistner for next season. Chuck Buzek returns a net volley. 120 121 Buzek strokes a long forehand. The E Club, kneeling: William Shigetani, Karl Ludwig, Rich Grobe, Jon Neuse, Dale Hempen, Tom Tyrrell, Cliff Pensyl, Gary Tebo, and Hal Berg. Standing: Dave Hotle, Ross Lyon, John Bizer, Karl Jurkonis, Roger Mil- ler, John Dancy, Bill Nelson, Don Stahlhut, Carl Reed, Hugh Knapp, Ron Radke, Jack Terrill, Al Vernasco, Bill Kloepping, Gene Stinchcomb and Gien Kistner. E Club Sponsors ' TIayboy Dance ' ' Elmhurst College ' s E Club was composed of all student body men who had earned varsity athletic awards. It was organized in 1936 to encourage good sportsmanship and high standards among athletes and to show the campus that athletes do more than just par- ticipate in sports. Officers in 1965-1966 were Cliff Pensyl, president; Roger Miller, vice-presi- dent; Rich Grobe, secretary; Bill Kloepping, corresponding secretary; and William Shige- tani, treasurer. The club held monthly meetings in which various coaches, athletes, and authorities on sports were featured as speakers. It also spon- ored two annual dances, the Kick-Off Dance at the beginning of the school year and the popular " Playboy Dance " in the spring. Mem- bers of E Club distributed programs and acted as ushers at football and basketball games, and, they served as judges at the Ell track meet. At the Athletic Convocation in May, Bob Smith, NBC broadcaster was featured speaker; and Roger Rumpf, senior, was selected as the athlete who contributed the most to the stu- dent body. 122 From left to right: Sandy Centner, Freya Barger, Melody Budach, Mane Johnson, Sue Vorhees, Marty Uthlaut and Lynn Engman. Cheerleaders Arouse Enthusiasm With two new members to the squad this year, the cheerleaders combined their ex- perience with enthusiasm to form an excellent squad. The cheerleaders not only performed well on the football field end basketball floor, but also created team spirit through their pep rallies, dances, team receptions and send-offs. Special recognition should be given to their ambitious advisor Vivian Johnson. Next year ' s squad will undoubtedly miss the able services of Senior Marty Uthlaut. With only one member graduating, next year ' s squad should again be quite excellent. Freya, Melody, and Marie look on. 123 The Elmhurst College faculty is marked by a wide background in education and experi- ence. Each member must do far more than just teach his subject to students. He is called upon to guide scholastic work, sponsor clubs, coach athletics, direct theatrical productions, advise publications, serve on campus com- mittees, hold fireside discussions, and act as 124 125 Members of the Board of Directors are: Row 1: George P. Wirth, Fred C. Allrich, Louis M, Hammerschmldt, Erwin J. Goebel, Herbert H. Wintermeyer. Row 2: Louis H. Goebel, Thomas H. Price, Albert G. Gonser, Wesley W. Bornemann, Alfred E. Studt, Arthur H. Morstadt, Donald W. Bulk, Bruce C. Hammerschmldt, Charles C. Hoskinson, Roberf S. Solinsky, Paul C. Bloesch, Michael Baas, Paul E. Kaiser, Eldred C. Strobel. Board Makes College Policies Dr. Robert Clark chats with Reverend Bloesch, Dr. Herbert Wintermeyer and Eldred Strobel at the inauguration. President Donald C. Kleckner 127 Dr. Donald C. Kleckner was inaugurated as the tenth president of Elmhurst College on November 12, 1965. Dr. Kleckner was well known to the students before his appoint- ment, serving as Dean since September, 1962. Dr. Kleckner is the youngest president in Elm- hurst ' s ninty five year history and suceeds Dr. Robert C. Stanger, who served as president of the college for eight years. President and Mrs. Kleckner attend the annual Bachelor ' s Holiday Dance. I Chods Skinner James Hartman Donald Sinclair Wilmo Goldsborough I Director of Ad- Assistant Director Assistant Director Publicity Director p missions of Admissions of Admissions Robert Gentry William Denman Thais Kishi Melvin George Assistant Dean Dean of Students Assistant Dean Head Librarian of Students of Women Personnel in Dean of Students are: Joan Tschudy, Phyllis lovino, Kay Keating. f I 131 After Convocation, Classes Begin Wendell Harris Physical Education Marian Howie Spanish Marie Hernandez Music W. O. Johnson Philosophy T. B. Hoiliday Physics Miriam Jones Spanish John Honour Biology John Jump Biology Faculty Can Also Be Fun! Bob Swords and Bill Bar- clay play " Cleans and dirties " at the " E-Club " Variety Show. John Jurjevich Geography 0. M. Langhorst Physical Education Emily Kirby Psychology Armin Limper Religion Maybelle Kohl Bus. Administration Donald Low Speech T. Howard Krueger Music Maude Meyer Physical Education Work For and Relaxation With Students Dr. Priepke sets up a simple experiment. In Memoriam Percy H. Hylton, better known to all of us as " Gov " , will be remembered not only as the head librarian but also as a friend. No prob- lem was ever too large or small for this man; he was always ready to lend a helping hand. This was the fifth year that " Gov " was a member of the college community. This year he was appointed advisor of the E Club; he was chairman of the athletic committee and a member of the library committee. He was also the Senior class sponsor. In the past, he was the Elms ' advisor. After becoming head Librarian here, " Gov " began an extensive program of change and improvement in the college library. At the time of his death, he was looking forward to the construction of a new library in the near future. Percy H. " Gov " Hylton 1907 - 1965 ' ' Gov ' ' The Librarian and Friend of All " Gov " opens a gift at a student party in Nie- buhr several years ago. iiiiiiiwiitwiiMiii lid iiMiiiMi-iiiiiHf Many kinds of people — with different back- munity at Elmhurst college. Though no two grounds, talents, interests, and educational ob- people are alike, many common experiences jectives — join together to compose the com- are shared, all helping to mold adult individ- Paul Anderson Biology Kirkwood, Mo. BetK Archibald Oak Park, III. Bruce Archibald Psychology Oak Park, III. Dale Balgemann Business Education Lombard, III. Ward Barrows German Oaklawn, III. David Barth History DesPlains, III. Joan Beerhalter Christian Education Duluth, Minn. Thomas Bentz English Sheboygan, Wisconsin 142 Curtis Bevington English Lombard, III. Marguerite Bodem Education Villa Park, III. Charles Bondi Hillsdale, III. Leo Boughton History Chicago, III. Class For Senior Year Karen Bowman Sociology Grand Haven, Mich. Diane Braiden Elementary Education Chicago, III. William Brettman Sociology Bensenville, III. Poge Brink Psychology Oak Park, III. Anita Bucholz Elementary Education Berkeley, III. Morjorie Bullamore Elementary Education Elmhurst, III. Larry Bunger History Tripoli, Iowa Charles Buzek History Brookfield, III. 143 James Coin History Wheaton, III. Philip Cargill Business Ed. Dolton, III. Richard Cargill English Hillside, 111. Joyce Carlson Christian Ed. Chicago, III. Michele Cascino History Hillside, III. Fred Cerequas Engl ish Elmhurst, 111. Ruth Clevenger Sociology Chicago, HI. Chorles Davies Political Science Maywood, III. Education Majors Learn New Skills Monika German Elmhurst, Denk Richard Derr English Melrose Park, Kenneth Dorn English Melrose Park, III. James Driskill Business Adm. Elmhurst, III. 144 Gary Fink Business Ed. Westmont, II Paul Fitzner Philosophy Bensenville, I Richard Flewelltng Business Ed. Lyons, 111. Michael Flickinger Psychology Oak Park, III. Diane Foster Elementary Ed. Chicago, III. Joseph Fraccaro Psychology Richton Park, III Jane Fredrickson Speech Correct. Elmhurst, III. Gary Friebus Speech River Grove, III. Alvin Frost Psychology Forest Park, John Fulton Business Ed. Chicago, III. Iris Gardner Speech Mount Prospect, Carol Gilszmer Elementary Ed. Pork Ridge, III. 146 Marilyn Goltl Sociology Commerce City, Col. Anna Gregoriodes Education Detroit, Mich. Sylvia Gruel Education Crown Point, Ind. Thomas Guenther Religion Denver, Iowa Delores Hamilton English Chicago, III. Roger Hanz English New Braunfel, Tex. Richard Happel History Parma, Ohio James Harsh Biology Granite, III. Cheryl Hedgecock Education Elmhurst, III. Albert Heisel Psychology Pekin, III. Dale Hempen Philosophy Warsaw, III. Cindy Hepner Christian Education Hingham, Mass. 147 David Hoefer Thomas Hood Ernst Jolas Susan Jourdon Philosophy Business Ed. German Speech Corr. Elgin, III. Mt. Prospect, III. Evergreen Park, ill. Elmhurst, III. Virginia Holter Glenn Hunt John Jeffrey Ellen Karasek English Psychology Business Ed. Elementary Ed. Elmhurst, III. Chicago, III. Matteson, III. Elmhurst, III. Informal Dean William Denman takes time out from work on his doctoral thesis about the college to talk with Senior Dick Happel. i Judy Kehl Sociology Cleveland, Ohio Wayne Kendall Dolton, III. Ronald Kennedy English Elmhurst, III. Leah Kinney Melrose Park, III David Kinsman Psychology Fairfield, Conn. Robert Kleck Physics Joliet, III. William Kloepping Physics Pearl City, III. Martha Klybert Elementary Ed. Oak Park, III. Conversations Occur in Snack Bar Barbora Kruse Math Broadview, III. Judith Krusinger Business Ed. Peoria, III. Carol Kurmann Elementary Ed. Belleville, III. Gay Landmier Elementary Ed. Bensenville, III. 149 Seniors Branch Out In Many Wilfiam Layman Psychology Elmhurst, III. Peter Lewis Psychology Elmhurst, III, Paul Litzsinger Chemistry St. Louis, Mo. Charles Lockyear English Pleasantville, N. Y. Gail Lopatka Education Elmhurst, III. Walter Lueder Political Science Lombard, III. Phyllis Maack Sociology Valparaiso, Ind. Dale Mahal Biology Hinsdale, III. 150 Dave Rasche and Paul An- derson seem to be in deep thought as they discuss a conference they are at- tending in Washington, D. C. Areas Gary Marburger Sociology Houston, Texas Roberta Marsh English Chicago, III. David Masters Chemistry Clarendon Hills, Duane Matthews English Wheaton, III. Barbara McComb Speech-Theater Lombard, III. Paul McKee Bus. Ad. Aurora, III. John Meier Economics Elmhurst, III. Ruth Metzger Elementary Ed. Schiller Park, I 151 Fred Meyer Geography St. Paul, Minn. Paul Meyer Philosophy Chicago, III. Martha Miller English Birmingham, Mich. Margaret Mitchell Elementary Ed. Elmhurst, III. Jeonne Moese English Medinah, III. Kathleen Moore Sociology Matteson, III. Donald Moore History Villa Park, III. Karen Morkel Sociology Mansfield, Ohio Charles Morris Physics Clarendon Hills, Terry Moye Business Adm. Elmhurst, III. III. Ruth Mueller Chemistry Elmhurst, III. Robert Mutton Philosophy Tonawanda, N. Y. 152 Alfred Nations English Park Ridge, III. Linda Nelson Sociology Arlington Hgts., II Ann Nlensted Psychology Bensenville, III. Annette Nolte Education Webster Groves, Mo. Susan Of fill Bus. Ad. Villa Park, III. Susan Ottoman Elementary Ed. Elmhurst, III. Joanne Pantermuehl Christian Ed. New Braunfels, Tex. Cheryl Patton Speech Corr. Rockford, III. Nancy Payne Elementary Ed. Chicago, III. Ann Poziotopoulos Elementary Ed. Oak Park, III. Clifford Pensyl Psychology Newark, III. Leslie Perdriou Business Ad. Glen Ellyn, III. Glen Pertle Business Ad. Chicago, III. Dennis Peterson Biology Villa Park, Robert Peterson Pol. Science Chicago, III. Virginia Polk Elementary Ed. Wheaton, Henry Pope Geography Evanston, III. Lynn Poreher Elementary Ed. Elk Grove, Ruth Rohmeier Elementary Ed. St. Louis, Mo. David Rasche English Belleville, 111. Seniors Student teacher Barbara Ubele (center) talks with her principal and super- vising teacher at Yorkfield Elementary School. Anne Reeder Speech Corr. Elmhurst, III. Alice Reinertson Music Westmont, III. Donald RIemer Psychology Bensenville, III. Brian Roberge Sociology Manchester, N. H. Carmine Robertson Elementary Ed. Wheaton, III. Christian Rohlfing History Franklin Park, 111. Judith Rohrbacher History Chicago, III. Roger Rumpf History La Monte, Mo. Teach For The First Time Janine Rust Mary Rutecki Edward Scheck Lucia Scheu Elementary Ed. Speech-Drama Pol. Science Elementary Ed. Oak Brook, III. Elmhurst, III. Oak Park, III. Burlington, Iowa 155 David Schimelpfenig Harold Schippits William Schmidt William Schuitz Philosophy Psychology Business Ad. History Norwood, Minn. Chicago, III. Forest Park, III. Addison, III. Arrange Class Schedules For The Alyce Seegers Moth Melrose " Park, III. Margaret Simpson Speech Manhattan, 111. Betfy Smith Speech Corr. Oak Park, III. Joy Smith Psychology LaGrange Park, James Smyth Psychology Elmhurst, III. Ronald Snavely Business Lombard, III. Albert Sponzilli Physics Northlake, ill. Don Stahihut History St. Louis, Mo. 156 Mrs. Anne Reeder, Judy Rohrbacher and Pat Schwer arrange their last semester schedules with Dr. Alfred Friedli. Last Time 157 Thomas Tople Political Science Maywood, III. Roy Travaglio Psychology Business Administration Addison, III. Barbara Uebele Elementary Ed. Chicago, III. Martha Uthlaut Elementary Ed. Freeport, III. George Vann Math Elmhurst, III. Karen Vollertsen History Elmhurst, III. Geroldine Vrana Elementary Ed. Brookfield, III. Lynn Weesner Business Ad. Oak Park, III. Guy Wegener History Elmhurst, III. Axel Weyerstall Psychology Chicago, III. Meher Wharton-AU Sociology Elmhurst, III. Michael Wild History Northbrook, III. 158 Linda Yacob Harold Youngblood Ronald Yunker Diane Zeumer Geography Psychology History English Abadan, Iran Danville, III. Mokena, III. Northloke, III. 159 The Junior Class Officers are Stephen Boland, treasurer, Margaret Griesinger, secretary, David Hotle, president, and Glen Kistner, vice president. Juniors Work Toward Their Prom Members of the Junior class returned as weath- ered veterans to old E.C. They increased their class funds by selling Junior Goodies in the dorms, at football gomes, and at many dances. These sales helped to stage a Junior Dinner-Dance at McCormick Place in May. 160 Jeannie Adams Ronald Aisenbrey Kenneth Aim Richard Anderson Linda Apicella Joel Ayres Frank Baker Thomas Barber Carol BarreH ' Dorris Barthold Philip J. Becker John Bettman John Biehl Judith Bluemel Karen Bobeng Steve Boland Mary Bowers Karen Bozarth James Bracher Randall Brakemeyer Joel Brash Gary Bricker Michael Brun Donald Burden .1 1 jjj , .mm msm: " - « - - 1 S. 161 Sandra Centner Margaret Chapp Jon Chestnut Carol Fang-Ian Chou Jane Christiansen Irene Ciongi Charles Corley Ronald Cottrell Norma Cump John Dancy Alphonse Didominicis Dan Eschenbrenner Thomas Esbrook Mary Engelking Andrea Eimer Marie Eble Richard Forneor Robert Fredrickson Ruth Froeschner Patricia Gass David Gerfen Ann Gonser Thomas Goodwin Margaret Griesinger 162 David Kaiser Jack D. Karpenske James Korr Arthur L. Kay Carol Kemp Karl Kindt Mary Beth Kirby Edward Klomo Deborah Klaus Beverly Klemme Cheryl Kloer Hugh Knapp Ellen Kolmon Gary Kopitzke Carol Koppang Margie Kraft Carol Kramsky Bruce A. Krejci James A. Look Rebecca Lattner Jane Leabhard Sun Ja Lee Barbara Lemmons Priscilla Lester 165 Gregory Martin Paul Martin Deloise Marvine Hiroko Matsunaga Leslie McCloin Carolyn McGawn Mary MePherson Mike Meinhardt Rodger Miller John Moraitis Michael Nojdowski Albert Nehls Becky Nelson Jonathan Neuse Keith Newberry Ruth Nolte Thomas Palmer Glen Pasvogel Jane Patterson Janice Pederson Robert Peiler Dennis Pietrini Naomi Poltrock Ronald Radke % kSki MC St(kL Wo» 167 Juniors Mary Jo Schmidt, Jane Leabhard and Sue Groves compare their new class rings as sophomore Gail Dannenberg watches. Shirley Somonek William Scheib ElizabetK Schmiechen Mary Jo Schmitt Patricia Schwer Paree Sekeris Kenvi Sheehan Dale Shermon 169 Kenneth Smith Cooper Spence Katherine Spross James A. Stowarz George Stehlic James Stillmonk Gene Stinchcomb Scott Stratton Lillian Sutter John Terrill Donna Tooker Kurt Traugott Sally Tucker Doniel Urban Janice Urbank Sue Vorhees James W. Nelson Mary Kay Wallace Nancy Wangerin Barry Warren Dale Wietzke Ronald Wilde Richard A. Wilson Mark Wissehr 170 Barbara Witt Raymond Wood Jacqueline Zayer Patricia Zilko 171 The Sophomore Class Officers are David McCurdy, president, Christine Rasche, secretary, Robert Herbster, vice president, and Arnold Koriath, treasurer. Sophomores Initiate Freshmen With a year of experience behind them at E.C., the members of the Sophomore class returned to harass the new freshmen. Proving their capabilities they successfully staged and planned, " It ' s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, " the annual Sophomore semi- formal dance. The dance finally became some- thing more than a catastrophe. 172 William Albrecht Priscilla Alden David Allen Barbara Ashton Denise Asimakipoulas Karen Baer Susan Banks Freya Barger James Beach Barbara Beam Chris Beardsley Donald Bello Thomas Beran Dennis Bergner Jerry Bicker Robert Bottoms Phyllis Breitenboch Derek Brouwer Robert Brown Richard Burton Edward Butler Judith Carlson Kenneth Carson Mary Casto 173 John Cionca George Cunningham Christine Curschmonn Barbara Dammen Gail Dannenberg Kathleen Darlas Jean Davia Harriet Sue Dickey Peter Dickey Pamela Dittrich Susan Drese John Drummond Lynn Engman Carl F. Eschenbrenner John Farrell Jeanne Finley Barbara Fisher Kenton Fletcher Bonnie Folz Charles Forman Judith Frazer Helen Fricke Steven Fucile Nancy Garnaas 174 Shoron Hedeen Steven Hepner Robert Herbster Sarah Jo Hermanson John Hinchley Ernest L. Hook Roger Horn Walter Huebner Scott Hull Bill Humphries Christine Hysler Augusta Jackson Jean Jackson William A. Johnson William E. Johnson William R. Johnson Jerord P. Jordon Richard Kantner Keith Korau Judith Kessler Arnold R. Koriath Stephen Kotwicki William Kruse Diane Kurtz 176 Donald Lama Joanne Lambert Donna Langlas Ann Linford Phillip Livingston Roland Long Pamela Maitens Michael Mason Thomas Mottern David McCurdy Linda McEwan John McGinnis Dennis Marrifield Mary Millen Paul Minorik Gary Moll Susan Moskos Diane Mueller Laura Mueller Wayne Nocker William Nelson Alfonso Nicastro Wilfred Nickerson Karen Nottrott 177 Parker Pace Diane Pagenkop Barbara Parker James Petersen Warren Philips Marianne Pitello Barbara Plati- Mary Posejpal Cordel Price Christine Price Gail Rezabek Linda Riefenberg Margo Rife Ronald Robin Rodney Rodriguez David J. Roger Darrel Rook Donna Salchow Camille Sautel Judith Schaefer Judith Schmidt Robert Schmidt Richard Schworz Susan Sebastian ' mm jjjj jj i i SIl in w 4 - 178 The Chapel clock is turned into a Walt Dis- ney creation, as com- muter students carry out their homecoming prank. Susan Sharp Anita Sherburne Ellen Simchuk Donald Smarto Bill Smotherman Thomas Soderberg Judy Southard William Sperandeo 179 Jean Stupecky Gary Tebo John Thockray Carol Thiesing Louise Toston Robert Treichel Jean Ann Tschudy Dianne Turner Vivian Turner Thomas Uphaus Constance Urban Robert M. Urbos William Valkner Maurice Vanden Eykel Gail Van Goethem Peter Vestal Kathleen Wellies Harold G. Warp William Harry Welch Karen Wiessner Bibi Wind Katherine Zupan 181 The Freshman Class Of- ficers are, standing, Har- old Berg, president, and David Roefer, treosurer, and sitting, Richord Ben- bow, vice president and Kay Kupper, secretary. Frosh ' ' Begin College Careers The members of this year ' s Freshman class, with beanies on their heads and " E " Books in their hands, quickly and completely became part of the Elmhurst campus life. Their char- acteristic enthusiasm and spirit will long be re- membered. 182 Roy Adams Lesley Anderson Carolyn Andre Leonore Arne Marcy Babiarz Barbara Boker William Balling Miriam Basch Richard Benbow Nancy Benson Joseph Bestwina John Bizer Sheila Blatti Barbara Boofrighl ' Dwight Borden John Bracke James Braun Garret Brauer John Brennan Kerin Brennan Steven Brooks George Brown Gregory Bryce Bernard Buchanan Ml 183 Judith Bree Paul Cameron Sharon Cannon Frances Corpenter Judy Charanvas Paul Chromek Armand Ciuffo Cynthia Cleveland Ellen Cunningham Rita Cunningham Gerald Curran Stanley Craplak Virginia DeLong David Dietie Diane DiLullo Robert Drake Deborah Dubin Gloria Due Patricia Eckert Susan Elmgren Judith Evans Jean Eyrich Beverly Fabain Jeanne Fehr 184 Frosh gather on the rear steps of Irion for a short " Hootenanny " during Freshman Week. Thomas Ferenc Darrell Finemon Carl Follstad Robert Foose William FoskeH Gloria Foster Steven Fry Jon Gaillard Emily Gapa Carolyn Geldbach John Gills Diane Girard 185 Harlan Goodman Patrick Goy Judith Habenicht James Hagan Charlotte Hall Joanna Hamilton Mark Hamilton Robert Hamm Howard Hansen David Hardt Judith Harten Don Haufe Charles Hays Vicki Healy Rand Henson Donald Hoffman Stuort Holman Rich Hotz Jan Hootman Betty Hutchins Solomon Idowu William Igoe Hanna Iverson David James 186 Lynn Latoria Bonnie Lengefeld Stephen Ligman Christine Linn Sondra Lomax Stephen Loomis Richard Lovell Kathryn Lyon Randee Lyon Ross Lyon Priscillo Maclean Sharon Magnetta Barbara Marsh Alan Mason David McConaughy Sharon McCoy Scott Mernitz Laurence Meyer Judith Meyerdierks Janet Midgley Barbara Milkert Michael Miller Peter Miller Michele Moldovan 188 189 Dennis Ferryman Linda Peterson Laura Picerno Linda Pollitz Sharmaine Poltrock Janis Porter John Prescott Nancy Pumphrey Maribeth Ramsey Robert Ramsson Harvey Randecker Kathryn Remmel Linda Reynolds Dean Roberts Richard Roberts Rebecca Rodes David Roefer Diane Roeske John Rooney David Rota David Rutherford Richard Rutkowski James Ruzicka James Samonek 191 Robert Schmidt Michael Schmidt Terry Schreiber Earl Schuff Penelope Seibert Susan Shaffer Ronda Simonin Yvonne Simpson Richard Sinon Jerry Slonsky Georgio Smeryage Craig Smith Carole Spain Roger Stand Linda Steele Marcia Stoikoff Linda Stolt John Strong Hugh Studebaker Donald Sutton Diane Taylor Larry Teckenbrock Foster Thayer Bobbie Thomas 192 Roy Thrasher Warren Tiarks Horatio Tocco Ronald Vanderstuyf Alan Vernasco Garth Vince Patricia Walezak Steven Wornke Janet Worzyn Dana Wegner Jayne White Arthur Wille Karyn Williams William Wood Bonita Woodard Kenneth Wyant Dennis Yarosh June Yoshinori Robert Yeisley Jean Zimmerman Janet Zwetz 193 This, the 1966 Elms, is completed. Nothing is left but for you the reader to examine, to read, to exclaim and to remember. This is a record of events, games, dances, fun, studies and people. A record of what Elmhurst College was during one short year. This is the product of hundreds of hours of work, fun and fellowship. In spite of the disappointments that have been encountered, here is the end product of the toil, the frustration and the love. This is a thank you. Especially is it given to the members of the staff without whom there would be no layouts, no copy and no book. And it is given to Ed Johnson, the advisor, who came through with valuable bits and pieces of sound advice. To Bruce Heinrich, Gary Marburger and Harold Warp, the thank you must be given for their photographs. To all these people, a sincere thank you is extended. This, the 1966 ESms, is now presented to you — Dr. Kleckner, faculty and administrators, and students. Look at it, read it, and think about the future in the light of what you see here. Keith A. Karau Speciol Photographic credits go to Koehne Studios of Chicago, Lennox Studios of Northfield, Mel Dobsky of The Elmhurst Press, and to Clarence Sikes of Delmar. VIDE BIMUS fryo 1966 n 194 Senior Appendix ANDERSON, Paul Pres. of S.G.A. 4, Pres. of Senate 3, Senator 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Track 3, 4, pres. Advisory Council Honor Soc, Beta Beta Beta, Comm. on Student Affairs 3, 4, Elm Berk 2, 3, 4, I.M. 2, 3, 4, Agora 1, 2, Homecoming Show 2, Band Orchestra, Cultural and Intellectual Comm. I, 2, Who ' s Who Comm. BARROWS, Ward Keith Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Choral Union 2, WRSE 1, 2, 3, 4, Theater I BARTH, David Alan PI Gamma Mu 4, WRSE 1, 2, (Pub. Director) I.M. 1, S.N.E.A. 4 BEERHALTER, Joan Helen Religious Life Retreat 2, 3, Frosh Week Comm. 4, Who ' s Who Comm. 3, AWS (Trees. 3) Religious Life Comm. (Chr.) Religious E mphasis Chr. 4, R.A. 4 BENTZ, Thomas Orrin Religious Life Comm. (Chr.} 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, (Vice- Pres., Pres.) Homecoming Show 2, Greater Elmhurst 2, 3, 1. M. 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Orientation 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Homecoming Comm. Campus Chest Variety Show 2, 3, (Dir.) Debate 2, Elm Bark Staff 3, 4, Schick Speech Contest First Place I BEVINGTON, Curtis H. Psych. Club 3, WRSE 3, 4, (Prog. Prod.) S.N.E.A. 4, Cubes 4 BOUGHTON, Leo John Basketball 3, 4, E-Club 3, 4, Football 3, (manager) BRETTMAN, William Arthur Choir 1, WRSE 2, 3, 4, (prod.) I.M. 2, Elm Bark 2 BRINK, Margaret Page Psych. Club 3, Psi Chi 4, Beta Beta Beto 4, WRSE 4 BULLAMORE, Marjorie Ann S.N.E.A. 3, 4 BUNGER, Larry Hankner Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4 CARLSON, Joyce Ann Senator 1, 2, R.A. 3, 4, Prom Court 3, Religious Life Comm. 4, Who ' s Who Comm. (Chr. 3) Homecoming Court 4 CASCINO, Michele Theresa 5. N.E.A. 4 CULLOM, Carrol! Elizabeth Hall Council I, Schick Hall Pres. 2, Inter-Dorm 2, Elm Bark 2, Women ' s Union Pres. 3, Junior Prom Comm. 3, AWS 4 (Vice-Pres.), Inaugural Ball Comm. 4 DAVIES, Charles F. Football 1, 2, Elm Bark 2 (Advertising), E-Club 3 DENK, Monika A. Ski Club 2, 3, 4, S.N.E.A. 4 DORN, Kenneth Richard WRSE 1, 2, 3, 4 (director) Chief Engineer; Music Director DRISKILL, James Newton I.M. 2, 3, Football 4 EHLINGER, Clifford Joseph Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, E-club 3, 4, Senate 3, S.N.E.A. 4 EILERS, William Jordan Football 1, 2 3, Basketball 1, Track 1 , 2, 3, I.M. 1 , 2, 3, 4, Squires 3, 4, Social Life Comm. 2, E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 3, Homecoming Show 2, 3 EK, David F. Track 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4 (Copt.) 1st Team NAIA- District 20, 3 and Team All State, 3 ELDRIDGE, William Ellsworth Ski Club 1, 2, (Pres.) WRSE 3, 4, (Publicity Dir., Bus. Manager) Elm Bark 2 EMMERING, John Alan Economics Club EVANS, Lesley Annette Theater Guild 1, Choral Union 1, Wing Rep. I, Women ' s Union Circus 2, E.I.I. Court 2, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Comm. 3, Junior Prom Court 3, Judo Club 3, Social Life Comm. 4, AWS Ex. Board 4, Inter-Dorm Council 4, Pres. Dinkmeyer Hall 4 FERNANDEZ, Dennis James Debating Team 1, Senate 2, Baseball I FLADUNG, Leonora Eileen S.N.E.A. 3, 4 FLICKINGER, Michael Charles Baseball 3 . ■ FOSTER, Diane Carol Greater Elmhurst 2, 3, 4, Choral Union 1, Homecoming Play 1, 2, I.M. 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Judo 3 FACCARO, Joseph William Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Band 2, I.M. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Class Pres. 4 FREDRICKSON, Jane Bucholtz Band 1, 2, Polyhymnia 2, J -Bd. 1, Homecoming Comm. 3, Frosh Week Comm. 2, Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4, (Vice-Pres.) FRIEBUS, Gory Chris WRSE 1, 2, 3, 4, (Ex. Staff) Actors in Training 3, Theater Prod. 3 FROST, Alvin William WRSE 3, (Staff Eng.) Project Mentol Health 1, 2, 3, 4, Psy. Club 2, 3, 4 GARDNER, Iris Elaine Choral Union I, 2, Comm. of Nine 2, 3, (Sec.) Campus Chest 1, (Sec.) Sigma Alpha Eta 2, 3, 4, (Pres.) Who ' s Who Comm. 3, " This " 3, Ex. Board AWS 4, lAWS Contract 3, 4 GOLTL, Morilyn Sandra Elm Bark 2, Senate 3, Agora 3, 4, (Chr.) GREGORIADES, Anna S.N.E.A. 4 GRUEL, Sylvia Ann S.N.E.A. 3, 4 HAMILTON, Delores Jean S.N.E.A. 3, 4, International Club 3, 4, Retreat Comm. 4, Homecoming Comm. 4 HANZ, Roger B. College Choir I, 2, (Bus. .Manager 3, 4,) Chapel Bell Ringers 1, 2, Rel. Life Comm. 2, 3, Retreat 4 (Chr.) Agora 4 (Chr.) Cultural Life Comm. 4, Freshman Week Comm. 4, Choral Union 1, 2, 3, Homecoming Show 2, 3, Theater Prod. 2, Pi Gamma Mu 4 HARSH, James Robert Wrestling (most valuable 2, 3, Cap. 2, 3,) Tennis 1, 2, R.A. 4, Irion Dorm Council 4, E-Club 1, 3, 4, Homecoming Comm. 3, Frosh Week Comm. 4, Squires (Treas. 3, Pres. 4) HEDGECOCK, Cheryl Lee S.N.E.A. 3, 4 HEMPEN, Dale Arthur Football ], 2, E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4, (Act. Chr.) Squires 2, 3, 4 (Chaplain) Class Vice-Pres. 2, 3, S.G.A. (Treas.) R.A. 4, Home- coming Parade 1, 3, Comm. on Student Affairs 4, Who ' s Who Comm. 3 HOEFER, David Donald Niebuhr Dorm Rep. 1, Pres. Advisory Council 4, Cultural Life Comm. 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, (Bus. Manager, Pres.) Senator 3, 4, Am. Guild of Organists Student Group 3, 4, (Pres.) Honor Soc. 3, 4, Frosh Week Comm. 3, Chapel Handbell Ringer 1, 2, Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4, Forensics JEFFREY, John Bliss Basketball 1, Dorm Council 1, Pi Gamma Mu 4, Class Vice- Pres. 4, I.M. 1, 2, 3, 4, Bus. Club 3, 4 KARASEK, Ellen Annette Prom Comm. 3, S.N.E.A. 3, 4, (Vice-Pres.) Homecoming Chr. 3, AWS Convention Rep. 3, Social Life Comm. 4 195 KEHL, Judith Anne Poly. 2, 3, 4, (Pres.) Senate 2, 4, Tutoring 3, SGA 3, (Sec.) NSA Delegate, Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4, Comm. on Student Affairs 3, Frosh Week Comm. 4, Circus Comm. 4 KENDALL, Arthur Wayne Greater Elmhurst 1, 2, 3, 4, Senate 3, S.N.E.A. 3, 4, I.M. 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Psych. Club 4 KENNEDY, Ronald S. Associate Ed. of " This " 3, Ski Club 3, 4, (Pres.) Football 4, Elm Bark 3 PAZIOTOPOULOS, Ann Poly. 1 PENSYL, Clifford George Basketball !, 3, 4, Basrball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Dorm Coun. 2, E-Club 2 (Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4) R.A. 4, Pres. Advisory Coun. 4, I.M. 1, 2, 3, 4 PERTLE, Glen Allan WRSE 1, 2, 3, 4, (Bus. Manager, Station Manager, Remote Co-ordinator) Greater Elmhurst 4, Pres. Advisory Coun. 4 Inaugural Ball Comm. 4 ' KINNY, Leah Geraldine S.N.E.A. 3, 4 KINSMAN, David H. Choral Union 1, Homecoming Comm. 1, Greater Elmhurst 3, 4, Frosh Week Comm. 3 KLOEPPING, William Samuel Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager 1, Elm Bark 1, 2, E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4, (Sec.) I.M. I, 2, 3, 4 KLYBERT, Martha V. S.N.E.A. 3, 4 KRUSE, Barbara Jean Judo Club 3, 4, Senate 4, Newman Club 4, (Vice-Pres.) Cubes 4 KRUSINGER, Judith Ann Band I, 2, Res. Coun. 3, Jr. Goodies Co-Chair. 3 LANDOLT, Russell Harold Sen. 1, Soc. Life Comm. 2, R.A. 3, 4, Homecoming Play 1, Jud. Bd. 2, 3, Frosh Week Comm. 2, 3, 4, Frosh Week Co- Chair. 4, Pres. Advisor Comm. 4, Dorm Coun. 4, Who ' s Who Co-Chair. 3, Circus Comm. 2, 3, I.M. 1 , 2, 3, 4 LEWIS, Peter R. Psi Chi 4 LITZSINGER, Paul Shubert I.M. 1, 2, 3, 4, E-Club I, 2, 3, 4, (Seer. 3) Elms Sports Ed. 3, 4, R.A. 3, Baseball I, 3, 4, Chancel Players 1 PETERSON, Dennis H. Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 4 (Capt. 4), E-Club 2, 4 PETERSON, Robert Bruce Theatre Guild 3, Ski Club 3, 4, " This " 3, 4, Homecoming Comm. 4 RAHMEIER, Ruth Louise Choral Union 1, Greater Elmhurst 2, Bachelor ' s Holiday Comm 2, I.M. 1, 2, 3, Comm. of Nine 2, SNEA 3, 4 RASCHE, David W. Theatre I, 2, 4, Senate 2, Glee Club I, 2, 4, Frosh Class Vice Pres., Band 2 ROBERTSON, Carmine Patricia SNEA 4 ROHLFING, Christian Frederick Greater Elmhurst 4, SNEA 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4 (Co-Chair 4) Inon Hall Dorm Coun. 4, Soc. Life Choir. — Irion 3 ROHRBACHER, Judith Mary Dorm Coun. 2, S.N.E.A. 3, 4, Comm. of Nine 3, I.M. I, Home- coming Comm. 4 RUMPF, Roger Erwin Basketball 2 3, 4, E-Club 3, 4, Cultural Life 3, Dorm coun 3, 4, Track 2, Senate 3, 4 RUST, Janine Kay SNEA 4 LOPATKA, Gail Susan Poly. 3, 4, Soc. Life Comm. 4, SNEA 3, 4 ROBERGE, Brian Elliott WRSE 1, Theatre 1 LUEDER, Walter A. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Pres. 3, Senate 2, 3, E-Club 3, 4, Dorm Coun. 2, Elm Bark 3, I.M. 1, 2, 3, Republican Campaign Manager 3 MAACK, Phyllis Ann Choral Union 1, 2, 3, Religious Life Comm. 2, J-Bd. 3, Tutoring Project 3, 4 MAHAL, Dale Raymond Beta Beta Beta 3, 4, (Pres. 3) MARBURGER, Gary Edward Elm Bark 3, 4, (Asst. Ed. 3) Choir 3, Choral Union 3, Homecoming Comm. 4 MILLER, Martha Lynn Schick Hall Con. I, Senate 1, Am. Guild of Organists 1, I.M. 2, Elm Bark 2, Greater Elmhurst 2, 3, 4, Elms 2, 3, 4 (Asst. Ed. 4) NELSON, Linda M. Band 1, 2, 3, Poly. 2, 4, Choral Union 2, Dorm Sec. 2 Elm Bark 2 NIENSTED, Ann Marie Bond 1, Hall Coun. 2, 4, I.M. 1, Frosh Week 3, 4, Campus Chest Co-Chair. 3, Resi. Coun. 4, Dorm Vice-Pres. 4, Class Treas. 4, Choral Union 1 PATTON, Cheryl Ann Class Sec. 4, Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4, Dorm Sec. 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Women ' s Union Circus 2, Homecoming 3. PAYNE, Nancy Ann Jr. Class Sec, Tri Beta Sec. 4, AWS Sec. 4, Women ' s Union Circus 3. RUTECKI, Mary Elizabeth Newman Club 3, 4, (Treas. 3), College Theatre I, Theatre Guild 2, 3 (Soc. Chair. 2, 3) " Taming of the Shew " 4 SCHEU, Lucia K. 1. M. 3, Jr. Prom Comm. Campus Chest 3 (Treas., Pub. Chair.) Union Circus 3 SCHIMELPFENIG, R. David Glee Club 2, 3, 4, (Bus. Manoger 3, Pres. 4, Varsity Quartet 2, 4) Senior Recital 3, Homecoming Prod. (P. K.) 2, Cultural Life Comm. 4, Squires 3, 4, Choir I, Swim Club 1, 2, Choral Union 1, 2, Elm Bark 1, 2, Percy Hilton Memorial Award 3 SCHIPPITS, Harold Joseph, Jr. WRSE 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, (Co-Capt. 4), Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Homecoming Comm. 4, Greater Elmhurst 3, 4, E-Club I, 2, 3, 4, Inaugural Comm. 4, Social Life Comm. 3, 4 (Chair. 4) Union Board 4, I.M. 1 , 2, 3, 4 SCHMIDT, William Michael Business Club 2, 3, 4, (Pres. 4), Ski Club 3 SIMPSON, Margaret Ann Frosh Week Comm., 3, Social Chair. Dorm 2, Residence Coun. 3, Homecoming 3 SMITH, Betty A. Sigma Alpha Eta 2, 3, 4, (Recording Sec. 2, 3), Choir 3 SMITH, Joy Marie Psych. Club 4, Tutor Project 4 SNAVELY, Ronald Edward Baseball Team, Wrestling Team 196 STAHLHUT, Don Allen R.A. 3, 4, Frosh Week Comm. 2, 3 (Co-Chair. 4), Class Officer 1, 2, Irion J-Bd., Elm Bark 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sports Ed. 3, 4), Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Parents ' Weekend Chair. 1, E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chairman Soph. Semi-Formal, Homecoming Comm. 2, 3, I.M. 1 2, 3, 4 STREICH, Judith Ellen Choir 3, 4, Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4, S.G.A. Sec. 3, 4, Senate 1, Theater 2, J-Bd. 2, Tutor 3, 4, Pres. Advisory Comm. 4. SUCHOMEL, Richard Raymond Wrestling, Senator SWANSON, Vivian Lee SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4, (Sec.-Treas. 4), Choir 3, Choral Union 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Theatre Prod. 1, Tutor Project 4 SWISE, Suzanne Mortschinke Senate I, Greater Elmhurst 2, 3, 4, Tutor Project 3, Resid. Coun. 2 TABATT, Carol Ann Resid. Coun. 2, SNEA 3, 4, Chair. Homecoming Comm. 4 THOMAS, Mary Melisse Social Life 4, Agora 3, 4, WRSE 3, Union Board Sec. 3, Retreat Comm. 3, SNEA 4 THORSEN, Diana Lee SNEA 3, 4, Union Circus 2, 3 TODD, Sandra Alice Dorm Council 3, Elm Bark 2, 3, 4, (Ed. 3), Senate 4 UEBELE, Barbara Louise Choral Union 1, 3, Tutoring Project 3, 4 UTHLAUT, Martha Elizabeth Greater Elmhurst 3, 4, Cheerleoder 3, 4, WRSE 2, Social Life 2, 3, 4, Choral Union 1, S.N.E.A. 3, 4, Bachelor ' s Holiday Co-Chair. 3, Soph. Dance Comm., Prom Court 3, Homecoming Court 1, 2, 3, 4, Women ' s Union Circus 3 VOLLERTSEN, Karen Elaine I.M. 2, 3, E.I.I. Court 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Elms 3, 4, Jr. Prom Queen, Co-Chair. Union Circus 3 WEESNER, Lynn Bradford Golf Team 4, Business Club 4 WEGENER, Guy Edward I.M. WEYERSTALL, Axel Glee Club 2, 3, 4, (Asst. Bus. Manager), I.M. 1, 2, 3 WINTERMEYER, Lois Ann Class Sec. 1, I.M. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4, Home- coming Court 2, Homecoming Comm. 2, Bachelor ' s Holiday Comm. 3, Dorm Coun. 1, Interdorm Council 1, Choral Union 1 WOLF, Lee Wayne Track I, 2, 3, 4 (Cap. 4), Cross Country 1, 3, 4, I.M. I, 2, 3, 4, Squires 2, 3, 4, (V.P. 3, Pres. 4), Jr. Prom Chair. XINOS, Catherine JoAnn Class Sec. 2, Elm Bark 1, Who ' s Who Comm. 2, SNEA 3, 4, Women ' s Union Circus 2, Homecoming Vice Chairman 3, Jr. Prom Chair. 3, Homecoming Court 3 YOUNGBLOOD, Harold Dale Union Bd. 3, Athletic Life Comm. 1, 2, 3, (Choir. 3) R.A. 3, Frosh Week Comm. 4, Religious Life Comm. 4, Dorm Coun. 1, 2, Interdorm Coun. 2, Elm Bark 1, 2, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Football 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, I.M. 2, 3, 4 YOUNGREN, Robert Harold I.M. I, 2, Economics Club YUNKER, Ronald Paul Baskeball 1, 2, SNEA 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 4 ZIMMERMAN, Paul Roger Choral Union 3, Homecoming Show 3, Am. Guild of Organists 3, 4 ABBREVIATIONS Intramurals I.M. Chairman Chr. Director Dir. Freshman Frosh President Pres. Secretary Sec. Publicity Pub. Residence Advisor R.A. Treasurer Treas. Judicial Board J-Bd. Faculty Index ARENDS, C. C 132 AUSTIN, David 132 BARCLAY, William 132,135 BARGER, George 132 BARTLETT, Doris 132 BASKERVILLE, Latham 132 BLUM, Neal 132 BORNEMANN, Wesley 132 CLARK, Patricia 133 COLBURN, Garry 133 COUCHMAN, Gordon 133 DARIAN, Marina 133 DAVIDSON, Arnold 133 DeROO, Robert 133 DEVAUD, Ariane 133 DROEGE, Geart 133 EATON, Robert 134 FAILON, Keith 134,135 FISCHER, Elsa 134 FLANINGAM, Jeanette 134 FRIEDLI, Alfred 134 GAZMARARIAN, George 134,135 GLAZEBROOK, Ruth 134 GLOGOVSK, Robert 134 GOETZ, Ronald 134 GOW, John 134 GRAS, Donna 134 GURECKI, Arthur 134 HACKMAN, Eileen 134 HAGENER, Maria 134 HALF TER, William 134,135,133,132 HAMILTON, Dole 134,135 HARRIS, Wendoll 135 HERNANDEZ, Marie 135 HOLLIDAY, T. B. 135 HONOUR, John 135 HOWIE, Marian 135 JOHNSON, W. O. 135 JONES, Miriam 135 JUMP, John 135 JURJEVICH, John 136 KIRBY, Emily 136 KLECKNER, Donald 20,21,22,23,26, 127,128,128,43 KOHL, Maybelle 136 KRUEGER, T. Howard 136 LANGHORST, O. M. 136 LIMPER, Armin 136 LOW, Donald 136 MEYER, Maude 136 MOHAMED, Harold 137,135 NEILSON, Keith 137 PEALE, John 137 PRICE, Devona 137 PRIEPKE, Rudolf 137,136 OWEN, Harold 137 SCHADE, Rudolph 137,132 SCHIELER, Robert 137,132,30,31 SCHMIDT, Ervin 138 SCHMIDT, Royal 138 SMIETANA, Walter 138 SMITH, Morgaret 138 STONER, Donald 138 STRANGMAN, Kothryn 138 SWORDS, Barbara 138 WELLINGTON, Marie 138 WHELIHAN, Ann 138 WILLIAMS, James 138 WYLY, James 138 ZINK, Mary 138 197 Students Index AOAMS, Gladys Jeannre 161, 80, 70, 48 ADAMS, Roy Jackson Jr. 173, 46 ADOLFSON, Robert F. AHMANN, Kothryn Marie AISENBfiEY, Ronold Arthur 81, 161, 70 ALBERT, David Michoel ALBRECHT, William Vincent 173 ALDEN, Priscillo Ann 173, 78 ALLEN III, David Bushnell 19,44,45, 173 ALM, Kenneth Kodel 76, 161 ANDERMAN, Donald George 113 ANDERSON, Lesley John 173 ANDERSON, Paul Lawrence 142, 64, 79, 66, 71 ANDERSON, Richard 161, 71 ANDRE, Carolyn 173, 92, 78 APICELLA, Linda Rose 161, 93, 90 ARCHIBALD, Bruce 142 ARCHIBALD, Elizabeth 142 ARENS, Arthur ARNE, Leonore 173 ARNOLDS, Jomes ASHTON, Borbaro 173, 41 ASIMAKOPOULOS, Denise 173 AST, Estelle AYRES, Joel 81, 161 BAAS, William BABIARZ, Morcy 173 BAER, Karen 18, 26, 173, 80, 67 BAKER, Bor ' ooro 173 BAKER, Frank 161 BALORIDGE, Rondolph 8ALGEMANN, Dole 142 BALLING, William 173 BALTRUKONIS, Romunos BANKS, Susan 173, 101 BANNING, George BARBER, Thomas 161 BARGER, Freyo 45, 173, 84, 78, 123 BARRETT, Carol 161, 85 BARROWS, Word 142, 81 BARTH, Oovid 142 BARTHOLD, Dorris 161 8ARTLETT, David BASCH, Miriam 173, 100 BASTIAN, Joeseph BEACH, Jomes 173 BEAM, Borbaro 173, 92 BEARDSLEY, Christine 173 BECKER, Philip 161, 101 BEERHALTER, Joan 12, 142, 67, 79 BEESKOW, Willord BELLO, Donoid 173 BENBOW, Richard 107, 108, 77, 173 BENECKE, David .BENSON, Jomes BEWSON, Noncy 173 BEbHZ, Thomos 81, 65, 142, 67, 87, 103, 79 BERAN, Thomas 173 BERG, Harold 12, 14, 108, 122, 99 BERGNER, Dennis 173 BESTWiNA, Joseph 64, 173 BETHKE, Donald BETTMANN, John Chorles 81, 161 BEVINGTON, Curtis 143 BICKER, Jerry 173 BIEHL, John 161, 92 eiEKER, Jerry BIRK, Paul BIZER, John 76, 173, 120, 57 BLATTL Sheila 173 BLUEMEL, Judith 161 BOATRIGHT, Borbaro 173, 103 B08ENG, Koren 161 BODEM, Marguerite 143 BOGERT, John BOLAND, John 106, 107, 87, 99 80LAND, Steve 107, 161 BOLD, Phillip BOIDON, Richord BOLT, Kenneth BONDL Charles 143, 96 BORDON, Dwight 81, 173 BOROWY, Chester BOTTOMS, Robert BOUGHTON, Leo 143, 113 BOURKE, Ruth BOMRS, Mary 60, 161 BOWMAN, Karen 143 BOYD, Gordon BOYKE, Pool BOZARTT, Koren 161 BRACHE, John 173, 80 BRACHER, Jomes 12, 64, 65 , 93, 161, 66, 71, 97 BRAEN, James BRAIDEN, Sione 143 BRAKEMEYEil, Randall 81, 161 BRANDENBURG, Koren BRANSTROM, Virginia BRASH, Joel 12, 161 BRAUER, Gorett 173 BRAUN, Jomes 173 BRAZINSKL Albert BREE, Judith 174 BREITENBACH, Phyllis 173 BRENNAN, John 173, 78 BRENNAN, Kerin 173 BRETTMAN, William 143 BRICKER, Gory 161 8RICKMAN, Edward BRINK, Matgoret 93, 143 BROOKS, Steven 173 BROUWER, Derek 173 BROWN, George 173 BROWN, Robert 173 BRUN, Michael 161, 71 BRUZAS, Robert BRYCE, Gregory 173 BUCHANAN, Bernard 173 BUCHHOLZ, Anilo 143 BUOACH, Melody 45, 123 BUEHLER, Jennifer BULLAMORE, Morjorie 143, 103 BUNGER, Lorry 93, 143 BURDEN, Donoid 161 BURKHART, William BUS, Rolph BUTLER, Edword 173 BUZEK, Chorles 143 CAIN, Jomes 93, 144 CALABRESE, Poulo CALDWELL, Georgionno CALLANDER, Jeon CAMERON, Sharon 174 CAMPO, Jeon CANNON, Sharon CAP, Chorles CARGILL, Philip 144, 71 CARGILL, Richord 144 CARLSON, Joyce 15, 16, 67, 144 CARLSON, Judith 173 CARPENTER, Frances 174 CARPENTER, Pomelo 5, 80 CARROLL, Allon CARROLL, Dennis CARSON, Kenneth 173 CASCINO, Michele 144 CASTIC, Pauline 92 CASTO, Mory 173 CECOT, John CENTNER, Sondro 12, 162, 69, 56, 123, 48 CEREZUAS, Fred 144 CHALEK, William CHAPP, Margaret 162 CHARANVA5, Judy 174 CHARNEIA, Gory CHEBOSKI, Roymond CHE5NUT, Jon 101, 162 CHILTON, Anno CHRISTIANSON, Jone 162 CHROMKE, Paul 174 CIAGLIA, Lucien CIANGI, Irene 162 ClONCA, John 174 CIUCCI, Ronald ClUFFO, Armond 174 CLARK, William CLEVELAND, Cynrhio 174 CLEVEN ER, Ruth 144 coble] Trumon COLVIS, Louis 100 CONFORTI, Joseph CORLEY, Chories 162 COTTLER, Donald COTTON, John COTTRELL, Ronold 162 CREIGHTON, Alan CULLOM, Carroll 45, 75 CUMP, Normo 162 CUNNINGHAM, Ellen 174 CUNNINGHAM, George 174 CUNNINGHAM, Rita 174 CURRAN, Gerold 174, 111 CURSCHMANN, Christine 174 CURTIS, Lonce 108 C2APLAK, Stanley 81, 174 D ' ADDIO, Jerry DALTON, George OAMMEN, Borboro 24, 44 45, 75, 174 DANCY, John 162, 122, 112 OANNENBERG, Gail 26, 44, 45, 75, 174 DARLAS, Kathleen 174 DAVIA, Lois 174 DAVIES, Charles 144 DAVIS, Jomes DAVIS, Suzonne DAY, Dwight DE LONG, Virginio 45, 95, 174 DEMEUR, Jomes DENK, Moniko 144 DE PINTO, Sondro DERR, Richord 144 DICKEY, Hortiet 174 DICKEY, Peter 174 OIDOMINICIS, Alphonse 162 DIETLE, David 174 DILULLO, Dione 15, 174 DINGBAUM, Joseph OITTRICH, Pomelo 12, 15, 16, 19, 26, 84, 174 DOBBERFUHL, Dovid DOHNAL, Robert DORN, Kenneth 144 DRAKE, Robert 174 DRANE, Terry DRESE, Susan 174 DRISKILL, Jomes 107, 144 OROBISH, Dione DRUMMOND John 95, 174, 71 DUBIN, Deborah 174 DU BOIS, Williom DUE, Glorio 174 DUNDERDALE, Pool DUPIGNY-LEIGH, Theresa EAGAN, Michoel EAGAN, Williom FAMES, Patricio EATON, Janet EBLE, Marie 64, 65 , 84, 162 ECKERT, Polricio 174 ECKLEY, Steve EDWARDS, Mory Ann 145 EHLINGER, Clifford 108, 145, 117 FILERS, Williom 24, 145, 99 EIMER, Andreo 162 EK, David 106, 145 ELDRIDGE, William ELLINGER, Susan 79 ELMGREN, Suson 173 EMMERING, John 145 ENGELKING, Mory 162 ENGMAN, Lynn 174, 123 ERICKSON, Alfred 93 ERICK50N, Russell ESBROOK, Thomos 162 ESCHENBRENNER, Corl 174 ESCHENBRENNER, Daniel 162 ESTERLINE, Charles EVANS, Judith 174 EVANS, Lesley 12, 75, 145, 69 EYKEL, Maurice 181 EYRICH, Jeon 174, 86 FABIAN, Beverly 174 FAILON, Nancy FAIRCHILD, Lenore FARRELL, John 174 FATZ, Carl FAY, Joseph FEHR, Jeanne 174 FERENC, Thomas 185 FERNANDEZ, Dennis 145 FERRER!, Arthur 145 FINEMANN, Darrell 32, 185 FINK, Gory 146 FINLEY, Jeonne 45, 174 FISH, Christyne FISHER, Borboro 33, 174 FISHER, Joonne FISHER, Scott FITZNER, Poul 146 FLADUNG, Leonoro FLETCHER, Kenton 80, 174 FLEWELLING, Richard 146 FLICKINGER, Michael 146 FOLLSTAD, Corl 185 FOLZ, Bonnie 174 FOOSE, Robert 81, 185, 99 FORMAN, Charles 174 FORNEAR, Richard 162 FORRESTER, Virginia FORTELKA, John FOSKETT, Williom 185, 37 FOSTER, Dione 146 FOSTER, Gloria 85, 185 FOSTER, Noncy FRACCARO, Joseph 7, 81, 142, 146 FRANKEN6ERG, Lorry FRAZER, Judith 174 FREDRICKSON, C. Robert 162 FREDRICKSON, Jone 146 FREIE, Jomes FRICKE, Helen 174 fRIEBUS, Gory 146 FRITZ, Rose FROESCHNER, Ruth 162 FROST, Alvin 146 FRY, John 185 FRY, Steven 93 FUCILE, Steven FULTON, John 146, 57 GAILLARD, Jon 185 GALLAGHER, Thomas GAPA, Emily 185, 85 GARDNER, Iris 146, 75 GARDNER, Tom 106, 109, 97 GARNAAS, Noncy 174 GASS, Potricio 162 GATTERMAN, Kathleen GAUNTT, Holly GEEN, Arthur GELDBACH, Carolyn 185, 80 GENTILE, Donoid GERARDI, Gerald GERBER, Richord 81, 175, 98, 71 GERFEN, David 162 GIBSON, Eric GILLS, John 185 GILSZMER, Carol 146 GIRARD, Dione 185 GLANDER, Dennis GOECKS, Robert GOETHEM, GAIL 181 GOLDBERG, Stanley GOLDSTEIN, David GOLIK, Ronald GOLTL, Marilyn 147 GONSER, Ann 19, 162, 80 GOODBREAD, Lynne 24, 175 GOODMAN, Horlon 186 GOODWIN, Thomos 162 GOY, Potrick 186, 113 GRAHAM, John L. GRAIBER, Lowrence GRANGER, Patricio GREGORIADES, Anno 147 GRIESINGER, Margaret 162, 41 GROBE, Richard 16, 107, 43, 81, 175, 122 GROSS, George 175 GR0SSEN6ACHER, Carol 175, 90 GROTEfELD, Lindo 103 GROTHE, Robert 175, 180, 96 GROVE, Susan 75 GRUBE, Korl 163, 71 GRUEL, Sylvio 147 GRUNEWALD, Mory 163, 80 GUENTHER, Thomos 147 GUGELER, Frederick GUMP, Ronold GUMPER, Dovid lu GURGONE, Borbaro 175 GUSTAFSON, Suson HABENICHT, Judith 186 HAEGER, Corolyn HAFNER, Gail 163 HAGAN, Jomes 186 HAHNE, Dole HAINES, Susan HAJEK, Gerord HAJNY, George 106 HALL, Chorlotte 186 HAMILTON, Deletes 19,147,100 HAMILTON, Gene HAMILTON, Joonno 186, 100 HAMILTON, Mork 186, 99 HAMILTON, Richord 175 HAMM, Robert 186, 94, 95 HANKE, Jeon HANNA, Randall HANSEN, Howord 186 HANSEN, Lowrence 186 HANZ, Roger 45, 147, 80, 70 HAPPEL, Richard 147, 81, 93 HARDEN, Johnny 106 HARDT, Dovid 186 HARLAND, Borbaro HARRIS, Kothy HARRIS, Robert HARSH, Jomes 147, 76, 99 HART, Jon HARTIN, Judith 186 HARTMAN, Robert HARTV IG, Jerome HARTWIG, Richord HARVEY, Joon HAUFE, Donald 186 HAYES, Mortho HAYES, Williom HAYS, Chorles 186 HEALY, Helen 186 HEDEEN, Shoron 176 HEDGECOCK, Cheryl 147 HEFNER, Cheryl HE IN, Robert HEINRICH, Bruce HEISEL, Albert 147 HEMPEN, Dole 45, 147, 66, 71, 122, 99 HENSELMAN, Lester HENSON, Rand 186, 103, 78 HEPNER, Cindy 147 HEPNER, Steven 176, 80 HERBSTER, Robert 76, 176 HERMANSON, Soroh 176 HERRON, Norman HESLER, Kenneth HEYNIS, Mortin HILL, John 163 HINCHLEY, Jomes HINCHLEY, John 176 HINES, Merrie 163 HIRMIZ, Sordon HODAN, Diane HOEFER, Carol 163, 79, 66 HOEFER, Dovid 64, 65, 80, 148, 103, 79, 70 HOFFMAN, Anne 164 HOFFMAN, Donoid 101, 186 HOFFMAN, Sue 164 HOHL, Alvo 80, 164 HOHMAN, Sheryl 164 HOLDER, Arthur HOLMAN, Stuort 76, 186 HOLTER, Virginio 148 HOLTZ, Daniel HOOD, Thomas 71, 148 HOOK, Ernest 101, 176 HOOTMAN, Jon 186 HOOTON, Kathleen 164, 90, 78 HORN, Roger 80, 176 HOSTETTER, Dione HOTLE, Dovid 45, 107, 164, 122 HOTZ, Richard 186 HOWARD, Donoid HUEBNER, Walter 176 HULL, Scott 176 HUMPHRIES, William 18, 176 HUNT, Glenn 148 HURLBUT, Elizabeth HURLBUT, Jomes HUSTED, Royce HUTCHINS, Betty 186 HUTTER, Stephonie HYERS, Albert HYERS, Don 90 HYSLER, Christine 176 IDOWU, Solomon 186, 100 IGOE, William 186 INSERRO, Joseph IVERSON, Honno 186, 78 IVERSON, John JABLECKL Michoel JACKSON, Augusto 176 JACKSON, Jeon 85, 176 JACOBY, Gail 164 JACOBY, Morcio JAHN, Hilda JAMES, Dovid 186, 78 JANECEK, Corole JANIS, Wolter 164 JEFFREY, John 93, 142, 148, 46 JESKE, Gerald 164 JESS, Judith 80, 164 JEWELL, Phyllis 187, 103 JOCKHECK, Anito 187 JOHNSON, Christine 187 JOHNSON, Morie 15, 187, 56, 123 JOHNSON, Patricio 187 JOHNSON, Terry 117 JOHNSON, Vivion 45, 164, 56, 48 JOHNSON, Warren 187 JOHNSON, William Allen 176, 92 JOHNSON, William Corl 18, 176 JOHNSON, William Regan 176 JOHNSTON, Robert JOLAS, Ernst 148 JONES, Benito 187 JONES, Carole JONES, Stephen JORDAN, Cathy JORDAN, Jerord 176 JORDAN, Robert JOURDAN, Susan 148 JURKONIS, Korl 107, 164, 122 JUSKO, Dennis KACHIANS, Thomoseen 31, 103 KAISER, Dovid 165, 90 KALLMAN, Paul 187, 101 KAMM, Sue 5, 101, 187 KANTNER, Richord 176 KARASEK, Ellen 148 KARAU, Keith 176, 84, 67, 66 KARLING, Froncine 187 KARPENSKE, Jock 165 KAVANAGH, Judith KAY, Arthur 19, 86, 87, 165, 90 KAYSING, Dennis KAZALE, Thomas KEEFE, Dovid KEENAN, Richord 187 KEHL, Judith 12, 149, 64 KEHL, Timothy 18, 45, 81, 187 , 64 198 KELLER, Frederick KELLOUGH, Jeonne 92 KELLY, Lynda KEMP, Corol 165 KENDALL, Arthur 149 KENNEDY, Rooold 108, 149, 101 KENNEDY, Wayne 45, 187, 92 KERKSTRA, James 187, 70 KERO, Jeon KERRUTT, Jairam 71 KESSLER. Judith 176, 41 KESriNG, Williom 187 KIM, Moon Ju KINDT, Karl 165 KINN, Kothy 187, 80 KINNEY, Leah 149 KINNY, David 187 KINSMAN. David 149 KIRBY, Mory Beth 15, 16, 19, 165, 69, 56, 48 KISTNER, Glen 77, 122 KLAE8, Virginia KLAMA, Edward 165 KLAUS, Deborah 165 KLECK, Robert 149 KLEIN, Mary 30, 64 KLEINHOFFER, Dennis KLEMME, Beverly 165 KLOEPPING, William 107, 149, 122 KLOER, Cheryl 165 KLYBERT, Mortho 149 KNAPP, Hogh 45, 65, 165, 122 KNIGHT, Horry KNORR, More KOCH, Ernest 87 KOLKMEIER, Leslie 93 KOLMAN, Ellen 12, 65, 67, 80, 103, 165 KOMADA, George KOPITZKE, Gory 165, 94, 80, 95 KOPPANG, Corol 165 KORIATH, Arnold 44, 45, 77, 176 KOSIK, James KOTWICKL Stephen 176 KRAFT, Morgie 165 KRAMER, Wayne KRAMSKY, Corol 19, 95, 165, 97 KRAUS, Dione KREJCL Bruce 165, 80 KREMPELS, Alan KRENGEL, Lowrence 187 KRENGELIS, Loilo 187, 64 KRENGELIS, Nils KRIEGER, Kathleen KRIVANEK, Vincent KRUSE, Borboro 149, 64, 101, 67 KRUSE, Williom 67, 80, 176 KRUSINGER, Judith 149 KUEBLER, Kenneth 7, 12, 81, 103, 187, 99 KUECHMANN, John KUISEL, Ulo KUNDERT, Karen 187 KUPPER, Key 187, 86, 103 KURMAN, Carol 149 KURTZ, Dione 176 KUYPER, Theodore LAAK, James Alferd II 165 LA BOUNTY, Greg 187 LAMA, Donold 177 LAMBARTH, Daniel LAMBERT, Joonne 177 LAMPMAN, Linda 187 LANDEFELD, Dione LANDMEIER, Goy 149 LANDOLI, Russell 12, 76, 150, 66 LANGEFELD, Bonnie 24 LANGLAS, Donno 12, 26, 27, 75, 177, 70 LANGOC, Jomes 87 LANGOHOR, Morelene 150 LATORIA, Lynn 188 LATTNER, Rebecco 64, 165 LAVENGOOO, Gerald 150 LAWLER, Gory 81, 150 LAWSON, Curt LAYMAN, Willion 150 LEABHASD, Jane 75, 165 LEE, Sun Jo 165, 100 LEIMBACH, Kothleen LEMKE, Michael LEMMONS, Borboro 75, 165 LENGEFELD, Bonnie 188 LENGLR, Donno LEOMARD, Christine LESTER, Priscillo 165 LETO, Kenneth 12 LEWIS, Peter 150 LIGMAN, Stephen 188 LINDBLOM, Lorry LINDER, Potricio LINDFORD, Ann 177 LINDOR5, Robert 166 LINDGREN, Goil 166 LINOQUIST, Rulh 92 LINN, Christine 188 LINNARTZ, Bernard 166 LITZSINGER, Poul 15, 16, 150,77, 117 LIVINGSTON, Phillip 177 LLOYD. Robert 166 LOCKYEAR, Chorles 150 LOMAX, Sondro 45, 188 LOMBARDL John LONG, Rolond 177 LOPATKE, Goil 150 LOOMIS, Stephen 81, 188 LONGO, Neil 19, 65, 166, 66, 71, 97 , 99 LOVELL, Richord 14, 188 LOVITZ, John LUDWIG, Korl 166, 122 LUEDER, Georginonna LUEDER, Walter 150 lUEHR, Normon LUNDQUIST, John 106, 109, 112 LUPORL Aleso LYON, Katherine 188 LYON, Ross 64, 108, 188, 122 MAACK, Phylis 103, 150, 79 MAATMAN, Robert MACHEREY, Nanette MACKAY, Edith MACLEAN, Priscillo 188 MADSEN, Mavis 96, 97 MAGNETIA, Shoron 188 MAHAL, Dole 93, 150 MAJOR, Thomos MALLY, Charles 166 MALLIE, Janice MARBURGER, Gory 19, 151, 86 MARCUS, Ruth MARINACCIO, Lee 32, 107, 137, 166 MARQUARDT, Thomas MARSH, Borboro 151, 188 MARSH, Roberto MARSHALL, Deon MARTENS, Pomelo 177 MARTIN, Gregory 167 MARTIN, Poul 167 MARVINE, Deloise 167 MASON, Alan 188, 99 MASON, Michoel 177, 71, 117 MASTERS, Dovid 151 MATHEWS, Duane 151 MATSUNAGA, Hiroko 167, 100 MATTERN, Thomas 14, 77, 103, 177, 53, 70 MATTHEL Alan MEACHAM, Clifford MEIER, John 151 MEINHARDT, Michael 167 MELIA, Corlos MERNITZ, Scot! 13, 108, 188, 99 MERRIFIELD Dennis 177 MESKAN, William METZGER, Roth 151 MEYER, Frederick 152, 90 MEYER, Laurence 188, 99 MEYER, Poul 65, 152, 79, 70 MEYERDIERKS, Judith 188 MICHALAK, Gerold M IDG LEY, Janet 188 MIGIT, Dovid MILES, Anita MILKERT, Borboro 188 MILLEN, Mory 177 MILLER, Lowrence MILLER, Mortho 152, 78 MILLER, Michael 188 MILLER, Peter 12, 188 MILLER, Robert MILLER, Robert MILLER, Rodger 107, 167, 71, 122 MILLISER, Stephen MINARIK, Pool 77, 177, 108, 71, 117 MINER, Alex MINER, Andrew MITCHELL, Morgoret 152 MITCHELL, Mory MOCHEL, Ronald MOESE, Jeone 152 MOKEL, Koren 93 MOLDOVAN, Michele 188 MOLL, Gory 177 MONTANARI, Loretlo MONTERASTELLI, Michael 189 MOORE, Donald 64, 152 MOORE, Elsie 189 MOORE, Kothleen 152 MORAITIS, John 108, 167 MORGAN, James MORRIS, Charles 152 MOSIER, Fred MOSKOS, Susan 95, 96, 177 MOYE, Terry 87, 152, 99 MOYER, Dovid 189 MUEHLER, Dione 177 MUELLER, James MUELLER, Louro 93, 177 MUELLER, Ronold MUELLER, Ruth 152 MULLIGAN, Mory MURPHY, Thomas MUTTON, Robert 19, 64, 69, 152, 99 MYERS, Glenn 77, 189 MC ARDLE, Mory MC CLAIN, Leslie Arnold 108, 167 MCCONAUGH, David Thomos 188 MC COMB, Borboro Ellen 151 MC CORMAC, Robert Horold MC COY, Sharon Christine 186, 103 MC CURDY, Dovid Bruce 76, 81, 177 MC EWAN, Lindo Lee 177, 103 MC GAWN, Carolyn 167, 65 MC GIBBON, Donald Graham Jr. MC GINNIS, John Potrlck 177 MC KEE, Paul Horry 151 MC NEIL, Michael F. MC NULTY, Dovid Paul MC PHERSON, Mory Anne 167, 75, 92, 78 NACKER, Wayne 177 NAJDOWSKI, Michoel 167 NARDIN, Glen 81 NARDINI, Tim A. NARDONE, Poul Joseph Jr. NATIONS, Alfred L. 153 NEFF, Marguerite Florence NEHLS, Albert Mervin 167 NELSON, Jomes Wolloce 170 NELSON, Linda M. 45, 153 NELSON, Rebecco Ann 167 NELSON, Williom Allen 108, 177, 122 NEUSE, Jonothon Lee 106, 43, 77, 167, 80, 122 NEWBERRY, Keith Williom 167 NEWITT, Doniel Lougheed NEWMAN, Mory Fuller 189 NIBLICK, Susan Jane NICASTRO, Alfonso Wilson 177 NICKERSON, Wilfred C. 177 NIELSEN, John Lourids 189 NIENSTED, Ann Marie 142, 153, 31 NOLAN, Corole NOLANO, Gory J. 42 NOLTE, Annette Kay 145, 153, 98 NOLTE, Ruth 167 NORDIN, Glenn Roy 189 NORDIN, Robert Albert NOTTROTT, Koren Kate 177, 40, 41, 75 NOVAK, Glenn Dovid 95, 97 NOVAK, Richard Joseph Jr. 190, 189 NYAKO, Richard A, 100 NYMAN, Lourie Lee OBERG, Jennifer O ' DONNELL, Caroline 64 OEI, Hobort OFFILL, Suson 153 OLIV Lucia OLLENDORT, Thomas OLSEN, Dole 190 OLSON, Lawrence 190 OMAN, Ruth ORM8REK, Vernon OSTENDORF, David 81, 86, 190 OTTOMAN, Suson 153 PACE, Jomes Porker 178 PACENTE, John Richord PAGENKOP, Dione 178 PALMER, Thomos Hoys 167 PANTERMUEHL, Jo Ann 153 PARKER, Borboro Koy 12, 178, 64, 65, 67 PARKER, Thomos John PARSONS, Christopher Dono 190, 101 PARULIS, Patricio Marie 75 PASVOGEL, Glenn Edgor Jr. 167 PATTERSON, Jane Louise 167 PATTON, Cheryl Ann 142, 153 PATZER, Robert Allen PAVA, Barry M. PAWLAS, Elizobeth Diono 190, 80 PAYNE, Noncy Ann 153 PAZIOTOPOUIOS, Ann PAZUR, Bonnie Joyce 190 PECK, Robert Stuort PEDERSEN, Jonice Goil 167, 93 PEILER, Robert C. 167 PELCZYNSKI, Wolter Fronl PENSYL, Clifford George 153, 122 PERDRIAU, Leslie Crosby 153 FERRYMAN, Dennis Sfonlcy 191 PERTLE, Glen Allon 154, 66 PETERSEN, Jomes Robert 178, 101 PETERSON, Dennis H, 107, 154 PETERSON, Linda Carol 191 PETERSON, Robert Bruce 154 PETROVICZ, Marion PHILLIPS, Worren Charles 106, 108, 178, 57 PICERNO, Louro Dione 191 PIEPENBROK, Fredric Williom PIETRINL Dennis Roy 167 PIETSCH, Corole Suson PITELLO, Morionne 178 PLATT, Borboro Morio 178 POCUCA, John Peter POLK, Virginio Louise 154 POLLEY, Joon E. POLLITZ, Linda Ann 191 POLTROCK, Noomi Eunice 167, 191, 92, 79 POLTROCK, Shormolne Oro POMIAN, Mory Louise POPE, Henry DeWitt 154 PORCHER, Lynn Dione 154 PORTER, Jonis Foith 191 POSEJPAL. Mory Alyce 178 PRESCOTT, John Frederick 191 PRICE, Cordell 178 PROCTOR, Dovid 92 PUMPHREY Nancy 191, 80 PYLER. Bob 71 RADKE, Ronold 43, 167, 122, 1 17 RADLOFF, Charles 18, 168, 47 RADIN, Thomos RAHMEIER, Ruth 154 RAHN, Herbert RAMSAY, Sloort 81, 168, 191 RAMSEY, Jeon RAMSEY, Moribeth 71 RAMSSON, Robert 191 RANDECKER, Horvey 191 RASCH, Theodora RASCHE, Christine 64, 80, 103, 178 RASCHE, Dovid 7, 18, 81, 154 REAM, Richord 168 REED, Carl 122, 117 REEDER, Anne 155 REEVES, Williom REID, Moe 168 REINERTSON, Alice 155 REMMEL, Kothtyn 24, 191 REYNOLDS, Brian REYNOLDS, Lindo 191 REZABEK, Goil 178 RIEFEN6ERG, Lindo 178 RIEMER, Donald 155, 99 RIFE, Morgo 178 RISSKY, Ellen RITT, Jon 19, 168, 70 ROADS, Vero ROBERGE, Brion 155 ROBERTS, Deon 76, 191 ROBERTS, Morgo ROBERTS, Richord 191 ROBERTSON, Cormine 155 ROBIN, Ronald 178 ROBINSON, Edith 168 RODES, Rebecco 191 RODRIGUEZ, Rodney 178 ROEFER, Dovid 108, 191 ROESKE, Dione 191 ROGER, Dovid 178 ROGERS, Theodore 7, 106, 109, 137 ROHLFING, Christian 155, 76, 93, 92, 78 ROHRBACHER, Jodilh 155 ROOK, Dorrel 178 ROONEY, John 191, 99 ROOT, Doniel ROSE, Kurt ROSS, Douglas ROSNER, Shirley ROTA, Charles 81, 191 ROTH, Edword 168, 87 RUMPF, Roger 155, 77 , 94 , 64 RUSSELL, Cheryl RUSSELL, Ed ward RUSSELL, Jonet 168 RUST, Jonine 155 RUTECKL Mory 155 RUTHERFORD, Dovid 191 RUTKOWSKL Richord 191 RUTT, Douglas RUZICKA, James 191 RUZICKA, Vlosto SAFAR, Jock SALAMON, Jacob SALCHOW, Donna 178 SAMONEK, Jomes 108, 191 SAMONEK, Shirley 65, 80, 169, 60 SAND6ERG, William SANTUCCL John SAUTEL, Comille 178 SCHAEFER, Judith 15, 19, 12, 26, 178 SCHECK, Edward 155, 93 SCHEI6, Williom 169 SCHELL, John SCHEU, Lucio 155 SCHILLINGER, Dovid SCHIMELPFENIG, Dovid 81, 156, 70 SCHIPPITS, Harold 7, 16, 42, 44, 45, 65, 69 106, 107, 156 SCHLOSSER, John SCHMEICHEL, Kenneth SCHMID Robert SCHMIDT, Judith 75, 178 SCHMIDT, Melvin SCHMIDT, Michoel 192, 71 SCHMIDT, Robert 178, 192 SCHMIDT, Stonley SCHMIDT, Williom 156 SCHMITT, Borboro SCHMITT, Mory Jo 169, 75, 66 SCHMITZ, Gory SCHNEIDER, Lewis SCHREIBER, Terry 80, 192 SCHUFF, Eorl 192 SCHULTE, John SCHULTZ, Gole SCHULTZ, Williom 156 SCHULZ, Lindo SCHWARZ, Richard 178 SCHWEER, Suzonno SCHWER, Patricio 93, 169, 92 SCHWIND, Glorio SEBASTIAN, Suson 178 SEEGEBS, Alyce 156 SEIBERT, Penelope 192 SEKERIS, Poree 169, 97 SELLAR, William SENIUK, Ronald SEYMOUR, Rolph SHAFFER, Suson 12, 192 SHARP, Lindo SHARP, Suson 179 SHARPIESS, Williom SHEEHAN, Kenvi 75, 80, 169, 70 SHEFFER, Alyce SHELTON. Jomes SHERBURNE, Anito 179, 90 SHERMAN. Henry 169 SHIGETANL Williom 122 SHOPHER, Patricio 5IEGERDT, Worren 5IMCHUK. Ellen 179, 97 SIMONIN, Rondo 192 SIMPSON. Morgoret 156 SIMPSON, Yvonne SINOELAR, Borboro SINON, Richord 108, 192 SKARSHAUG. Curtis SLANSKY, Jerry 64, 192 SMARTO, Donold 80, 67. 179, 46 SMERYAGE, Georgia 192 SMITH, Befty SMITH, Croig 192 SMITH, Dorthy SMITH, Joy 156 SMITH, Kenneth 170 SMITH, Samuel SMOTHERMAN, Williom 12, 33, 179 SMYTH, Jomes SNAVELY, Ronold 156 SNEDEKER, Robert SODERBERG. Thomos 179 SOUTHARD Judy 80, 179 SPAIN, Corole 192 SPARKS, Eric 5PENCE. Cooper 170, 101, 100 SPERANDEO, Williom 179 SPONZILLL Albert 156 SPOONER, Clifford SPROSS, Katherine 170 SPRUTH, Lourel 180 STAHLHUT, Carolyn 180 STAHLHUT, Don 77, 87, 156, 122 STALZER, Gerold STANCE, Roger 192 STAWARZ, Jomes 170 STEELE, Lindo 31, 192 STEHLIC, George 170 STELCHER, Suzonne 16 STERLY, Donold 180 STEVENSON, Corole STEWART, Philip STILLER, Korin 180 STILLMANK, Jomes STINCHCOMB, Gene 170, 122 SIOB, Forrest 5TOIKOFF, Morcio 192 STOKER, Suson 84, 180 STOLA, John STOLT, Lindo 192 STONE, Bruce 157 STOROE. Sondro STRANBERG, Richord STRAND, Williom 157 STRATTON, Scott 31, 101, 170 STRAUSS, Leslee 180 STRAUSS. Terry 199 STREICH, Judi 80, 103, 157, 66, 71 STRESSEN-REUTER, Mary STRIKER, Mory 95, 180 STRONG, John 81, 192, 47 STUDEBAKER, Hugh 192 STUPECKY, Jeon 24, 181 SUCHOMEL, RicKord R, SULLIVAN, Terrence J. SUMMERS, Wanda 171 SUTTER, Lillian 170 SUTTON, Donald 7, 43, 77, 192, 46, 99 SWANSON, Vivion 80, 157 5WARTOUT, Jeffery SWISE, Suzanne 157 SWISTON, Andrew 5Y0OW, Dennis TA8ATT, Carol 19 TALAGHANI, All TEBO, Gory 43, 64, 76, 81, 181, 122 TECKENBROCK, Larry 37, 192 TERRILL, John 69, 77, 106, 170, 122 TEUBER, Thomas THACKRAY, John 181 THAYER, Foster 77, 192 THIESING, Corol 181 THOWVS, George THOMAS, Mary 69, 157 THORSEN, Diono 157 THRASHER, Roy 13, 108, 193 TIARKS, Worren 193 TISON, Roy TOMARAS, Leo TAYLOR, Dione 192 TOCCO, Horatio 64, 193 TODD, Sondro 64, 65, 157 TOOKER, Donno 170 TOOIEY, Maty TOPEL, Thomos 158 TOSTON, Louise 181 TOUSSAINT, Rebecca TRAUGOTT, Kurt 19, 76, 170 TRAVAGLIO, Roy 158 TRAVER, Daniel TRICHEL, Robert 181 TSCHUDY, Jean 64, 65, 181 TUCKER, Floyd TUCKER, Solly 170, 79 TURNER, Dionne 181 TURNER, Vivion TYRRELL, Thomos 43, 122 UEBELE, Borboro 158 ULICK, Thomas UPHAUS, Thomas 80, 181 URBAN, Constonce 170, 181, 71 URBAN, Doniel URBANK, Jonice 170, 48 URBAS, Robert 181 USAS, Lynne UTHLAUT, Mortho 14, 15, 16, 158 VALKNER, Witliom 181 VANDEN, Eykel VANDERSTUYF, Ronald 193 VAN EEDKHOUT, Susan VAN GOETHEM. Gail VANN, George 158 VAN SLYKE, Charles VEATCH, Margery VEGTER, Barbara 84, 103 VERNASCO, Alon 193, 122 VESTAL, Peter 181 VINCE, Gorfh 193 VOLLERTSEN, Koren 15, 16, 19, 158 VORHEES, Alice 12, 15, 170, 32, 69, 56, 123 VOSAHLIK, Nancy VOSKA, Theodore VARNA, Geroldine 158 WAHLIN, Richord WAKEMAN, Jeon WALEZAK, Patricio 193 WALLACE, Mory Koy 103, 170 WALLIES, Kathleen 181 VIALTEH, Thomos V TANGERIN, Nancy 170 WARD, Ronald V ARDECKER, Kothe WARER, Allen WARNE, Douglos WARNKE, Steven 193 WARP, Horold 181, 71 WARREN, Barry 7, 81, 170 WAfiSON, Mory WARZYN, Janet 80, 193 WEBB, Alvin WEESNER, Lynn 158 WEGENER, Guy 158 WEGNER, Dono WELCH, Williom 181 WEYERSTALL, A«el 81, 158 WHARTONALL, Meher 158 WHITE, Doryl WHITE, Joyne 103, 193 WHITEHALL, Cheryl WIEMERSLAGE, Roy 57 WIESSNER, Koren 181 WIETZKE, Dale 170, 71, 99 WILD, Michoe! 158 WILDE, Ronold 7, 170, 99 WILDER, Robert WILKIN, Jusy WILLE, Arthur 81, 193 WILLIAMS, Donald WILLIAMS, Koryn f, 193 WILLMAN, Jane WILSON, Clyde WILSON, Elsie WILSON, James E. WILSON, Ralph 159 WILSON, Richord A, 170 WIND, Bibi 101, 181 WINTERMEYER, Lois 159 WIPRUD, Susonne WIRTH, Robert WI5SEHR, Mori 93, 170 WITT, Barbara 64, 80, 171 WITT, Cheryl V OLF, Lee 159, 99 WOOD, Roymond l2, 171, 97 WOOD, Williom 193 WOODARD, Bonito 193 WYANT, Kenneth 65, 193 XINOS, Colherine 159 YACOB, Linda 159 YAROSH, Dennis 193 YEISLEY, Robert 193 YEOH, Hock 100 YOKEL, Corolyn YOSHINARL June 193 YOUNGBLOOD, Horold 19, 77, 159, 117 YOUNGREN, Robert YUNKER, Ronald 159 ZAYER, Jacqueline 171 ZEUMER. Diane 159 21LKA, Patricio 103, 171 ZIMMERMAN, Jeon 193 ZIMMERMAN, Paul 159 ZINSER, Howard 171 ZITT, Arthur ZOLEZZL Koren Ginger 103, 171 ZUFAN, Denise ZUPAN, Katherine 181 ZWET2, Janet 86, 193 General Index Athletic Life 68 Bachelor ' s Holiday 42 Bond 83 8oseball 118 Bosketboll 111 Beto Beto Seta 90 Compus Shots 62 Cheerleaders 122 Choir 80 Chri Clo. 26 56 140 Commencement 58 Cross Country 1 10 C.U.B. Committee 6 Cultural Life 70 Cultural Life Progron E-Clob 121 Dormitoty Government 72 E.I.I. 52 Elm Bark 86 Elm 84 Faculty 124 Foil Activities 14 footboll 106 f ireign Students 93 Frosh Week 12 Glee Club 81 Greater Elmhurst 78 Homecoming 15 Honor ' s Society 79 Inaugural 20 New Science Building 28 Porent ' s Weekend 50 Presidents Advisory Council 71 Prom 46 PsiChi 91 Religious Life 67 Religious Emphasis 29 Retreot 30 S.G.A. 64 Sigmo Alpho Eto 92 S.N.E.A. 92 Social Life Concerts 36 Spring Activities 53 The, 94 " This " 87 Trock 115 W.R.S.E. 88 200 - I ppiMTINIB COMPANY • Chi I

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