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ELMS ELMHURST Editor: CAROLE ROESKE usiness Manager: R. J. HEIN dvisor: MRS. M. JOHNSTON COLLEGE Contents Elmhurst College 1962-1963 4 Administration and Faculty 52 Organizations 64 Athletics 84 Classes 106 ELMHURST COLLEGE ELMHURST, ILLINOIS 3 Elmhurst new students gathered during Freshmen Week for group singing and fellowship led by Bobbie Brodt. A Week of Initiation Toward a College Education A typical Freshmen Week at Elmhurst College began again in September, 1962. Traditional ly, the week included a full schedule of events which provided orientation, relaxation, and fellowship for all the incoming students. Faculty ad- visors aided the new student in selecting a schedule, while student counselors initiated the newcomers to Elmhurst Col- lege living. Other events included an afternoon of games and fun at Wilder Park; an evening of group singing; and eve- nings of dancing. It was during this time that the group received their blue and white beanies and " E " Books both of which are constant companions of the students until Homecoming. The annual event sponsored by the Student Council gave new students an opportunity to meet Elmhurst. 4 Gail Humphreys shows her skill and enthusi- asm toward freshmen games in Wilder Park. . . . Freshmen Week One, two, three go! Jim Koob excitedly offici- ates during a sp irited freshman group contest. [ Km Gary Balgemann gives answers and suggestions to puzzled freshmen. Confusion of New and Old Registration A new start in college— name tags and beanies. The mess and confusion of another year. This bird ' s eye view of the campus proves to be an interesting sight for the Elmhurst students in ' 63. Elmhurst College is a small liberal arts school located in the center of the city of Elmhurst, Illinois. This year the campus consisted of fifteen buildings, but it will be expanded greatly, within the next eight years. This spring construction was begun on a new student union building, which will stand at the main entrance of the college. Other future plans include a new fine arts building, a science building, a field house, and a new dorm to be completed in 1971. The Decade of Development plans an aerial view of Elmhurst to look like this for the 1971 centennial. A Decade of Building Changes E. C. This new science hall is just one of the buildings planned to be added during Decade of Development. In 1971 Elmhurst also plans to have this new Fine Arts Building at the southeast corner of the campus. Spring brought the beginning of construct new student union at the entrance of E. C. Special dinners at Commons provide special entertain- ment. The Hawaiian dinner included native dancing. Chow down! Students learn the art of tablespooning. Return of the natives for a special Commons dinner. 10 FOREIGN STUDENTS: Young Won Oh, Korea; G. Bir- gitta Hedenquist, Sweden; Hanne Mygind, Denmark; Robert Hoo, Malaya; Gilles d ' Aigremont, France. Foreign Students Brighten the Campus Homecoming 1962-Broadway Show Theme Weeks of planning and preparation by a combined student and faculty committee under the direction of Student Coun- cil were finally culminated in one short weekend, Homecom- ing, 1962. Activities began early in the week with float con- struction by dormitories and commuters. Following the as- sembling of the floats Friday afternoon, was a Homecoming show, both based on the theme Broadway. The original stu- dent theater production, " Pills From Paradise, " told the story of a football team aided by angels and pep pills. The 1962 court included Gail Humphreys, Janet Scott, Jane D ' Isa, Jane Radspieler, Sandra Gloss, Karen Ben- son, Barb Mowchan, Donna Due, and Marty Uthlaut. 13 Happy Homecoming fans gather around the victory bell to cheer a whining team with Dr. Stanger. Decorations, Dance, Victory Mark the Weekend Homecoming activities continued on Saturday with the game and dance. This year Elmhurst ' s team broke its Homecoming losing streak by winning the first game in fourteen years. The win was celebrated by a car cavalcade through town and display of the victory bell. Enthusiasm continued into the evening at the dance held at O ' Hare Inn. At this time Queen, Karen Benson, and her court were presented to the student body and alumni. The weekend ' s activities came to a close with the Sunday morning service held in Hammerschmidt Chapel. All in all Homecoming, 1962, was enjoyed by students and alumni alike. Elmhurst students celebrate their victory in a car pa- rade around campus and through the streets of town. A variety of programs are offered at Elmhurst College each year with majors in many fields. The science department provides majors in biology, chemistry, and pre-medical areas. Those planning to enter the teaching profession also find Elmhurst to have a fine program. One may chose a major in elementary education or in subjects such as English, his- tory, foreign language, or mathematics for secondary teach- ing, plus majors in business administration or economics. 16 Special events throughout the year provide an opportunity for Elmhurst students to par- ticipate in activities that are of particular interest to them. Periodic recitals help the music students gain practice in their field, while such events as the science fair and art festival create extra areas of expression for students in these respective departments. These events, however, are not only for those in the field, but also for all students and fac- ulty members on campus who have an in- terest. This student music recital features Elmhurst voice major, Carol Willie. Mr. and Mrs. Fischer observe the biology experiments of their daughter, Martha, at the annual science fair. Broadway show " Bye, Bye Birdie " inspires the E. C. students to present this skit at an informal dance. Weekends Bring Informal Dances and Skits Two students entertain at It ' s hard work, but the tivist is a necessary a dance held in the gym. part of each dance as displayed by this couple. Sophomore, Linda Benzel, becomes a sailor for her evening on stage. It ' s a back breaking job, but the limbo was tackled at the spring street dance. Shirley Shingu and her partner twist at a party held in the S. U. Lounge in the basement of Neibuhr Hall. Dick Kroll puts his audience in a Hawaiian mood with his grass skirt. 21 J When the Christmas season comes, it comes in full force at Elmhurst. The weeks pre- ceding the holiday vacation are filled with special events. The annual Choral Union presentation of the Messiah highlights the season. This is followed by the Student Union Christmas party, the Dinkmeyer party, a morning chapel service, and private parties with dorm friends. Elmhurst ' s own version of Santa Clause sees that President Stanger receives his gift. Dr. Krueger directs the Choral Union in their presentation of the Christmas program. 23 24 Book, Notes, Library and Late Hour-Exams January and May might be ordinary months for most people but not for college students. At Elm- hurst it means exams, and that usually means a change in schedule. Textbooks and notebooks be- come a students best friends, or at least it seems that way for they are never separated. However, at the same time sleep seems to lose out, for the longer one stays awake, the better the grade. It might be late, but his eyes are still open, and to- morrows exam begins to look like a possible success. ! Elmhurst College ' s religious affiliation with the Evangelical and Reformed church lends to another spirit on campus. Wednesday morning chapel provides the weekly religious service, where students may chose to hear guest speakers or often members of our own faculty. On Monday morning an assembly is held where the emphasis is on academic and cultural aspects of our learning. Here again both guests of the school and faculty members are found speaking or performing in the dra- matic or musical arts. Chapel service was not exactly normal when Mr. Gentry ' s Volkswagen was found on stage. Administration and faculty are presented at the opening convocation each semester. Students were invited to participate in afternoon discussions such as this with special guest speakers. Chapel and Discussion Add to Learning Suburban Elmhurst is the Home of Our College 28 Looking north on York Street, the center of the city of Elmhust, E. C. students see many familiar places. Directly across the street from the college is the city park where this new museum was recently built. Lounge Look-Lose Labor for Life of Leisure Neibuhr Hall residents relax and find Time out from study calls for a friendly some time for evening television viewing. game of cards with other dorm residents. The commuters and dorm students alike use the lounge for an afternoon of chess or checkers. Just to out do the ordinary fifty mile hikers of the nation, E. C. fellows go for fifty-one. There always seems to be some fad that presents a challenge to the nation ' s college students. This year the fifty mile hike as proof of physical fit- ness was the trend. However, the Elmhurst men were not satisfied with the ordinary. They pushed themselves fifty-one miles. Naturally, not everyone who started the hike finished, but a few determined fellows did return, and were seen the following week with sore feet and a stiff, tired look. I To entertain the children, the E. C. clowns form a pyramid at the annual Women ' s Union Circus. I Circus Big Top Filled With Clowns Again Each year the Women ' s Union of Elmhurst College sponsors a circus for the enjoyment of both the students and their guests. Traditionally, orphaned children are invited to the school and are adopted by students for the evening. To begin the fun, all are invited to participate in games of skill where prizes are awarded to successful players. After games the children and their temporary parents attend the Big Top. Like all circuses, it includes clowns, a ringmaster, and other entertainment. All of this provides a good time and an evening of laughter for everyone, but when the show is over the children must leave until next year. 32 i ; fj s I I Lee Yunkerand Rich Harbart have hi Schick Hall the women use their lounge for a late Head resident of Neibuhr Hall, Gordon Pederson, leads a meeting where freshmen are introduce to rules. Living in a dormitory with one hundred stu- dents naturally requires rules, but these rules are usually both made and enforced by the students themselves. The two men ' s dorms, Neibuhr and Irion, and the three women ' s dorms, Shick, Dinkmeyer, and Lehman, all have a dorm president and council which gov- ern the dorm. Each building also has it ' s own lounge and television room where students may relax and entertain guests. The dormi- tory is for living. 35 36 mall Talk in the Language Lab An addition to the college this year was the language lab. Under the direction of Dr. Wellington, Spanish professor, the lab was used weekly by all foreign language students. Through the aid of this new equipment, students could hear a language being spoken in a manner that they should make an effort to imitate. They could also record their own speech and discover the areas where improvement was needed. The new lab proved to be an added asset to the department. Dr. Wellington demonstrates the language lab to President Stanger, Dr. Couchman, and Mr. McNair. 37 Steve Danko ' s semester in Washington included this group discussion in Attorney General Kennedy ' s office. Elmhurst sent Steve Danko, senior, to Washington for his last semester. Folk music and laughter filled the room at this year ' s special concert featuring the Limeliters. Limeliters in Concert Delight E. C. Featuring Lou Gottlieb on the bass, Alex Hassilev on the banjo, and Glenn Yarbrough on the guitar, the Limeliters were nationwide entertainers this year. Having them at Elm- hurst for just one evening was a pleasure for all. The trio began their program with the rousing " There ' s a Meetin ' Here Tonight, " and from then on the evening flew. Two hours filled with folk ballads, comedy verses, jokes, ad libs, and loud sounds of laughter and applause were enjoyed by all. The Limeliters closed the concert with an invitation for the Elmhurst students to join in making up their own verses for " Hey Li Lee Li Lee. " After the program students were allowed to meet the Limeliters and talk with them over some coffee. E.I.I. Draws Competition for Track Men The race is on, and trackmen must Bill Sir, an Elmhurst College participant fly over the hurtles at top speed. in the E.I.I, meet, tackles the high jump. Each spring our school sponsors the Elmhurst Intercollegiate Invitational track meet. As usual participants in the meet came from many of the midwest colleges, and were wel- comed by the E.I.I. Queen and her court. A variety of events including the high jump, broad jump, disc throw, shot put, hurdles, and the relay fill this active Saturday afternoon. 41 Parents begin their weekend on the college campus with registration in Lehman. Students and their families enjoy a program planned for parent ' s week- end. If parents want to know what their son or daughter is doing while away at school, it ' s a good idea for them to join in the parent ' s weekend activities. For one weekend each spring parents are invited to visit the Elm- hurst campus for special events in their hon- or. Often parents stay on campus in the dormitories, and are always welcome to eat with students in Commons. They are also in- vited to join in the regular activities on cam- pus, as well as those planned for them. Looking east on campus, we see the Commons and Kranz Hall plus the start of a new S.U. When spring comes students move outside. Some be- come ambitious and begin an annual room cleaning project, while others put their energy into spring sports such as tennis, bicycling, and hiking. Others prefer to leisurely enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with their friends, Which ever you prefer it is avail- able, plus many special events that spring always brings such as the E.I.I, track meet and the Junior Prom. However, it is also at this time that students seem to forget their books and begin to cut classes more often, and this is not profitable for May exams. After a hard game of tennis students gather outside on the dorm steps to talk and enjoy the warm weather. ring weather also means spring house cleaning so girls at Lehman Hall put a shine on the windows. Spring Turns Fancy to Outdoor Activities E Club members gather behind Neibuhr Hall for a car wash in the welcome spring air. 45 Formal attire and use of the M if M Club make the spring Prom a special event of the year. Spring time is Prom time at Elmhurst. This year the junior class sponsored the Prom on the first Friday evening in May. Seniors were the special guests at the M M Club of the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago. The evenings festivities were highlighted by the crowning of the Prom Queen, Barb Mowchan, by her predecessor, Karen Benson, senior. Junior-Senior Prom Held at the M M Club in ' 63 Elmhurst students not only enjoy the dancing at the Prom, but also the modern scenry of the M M Club. Barb Mowchan officially receives the 1963 Prom crown from ' 62 Queen, Karen Ben- son. 46 Honors are Given to Future Executives The administration and faculty join students at the dinner for the newly formed business honor society. 4S Much of the time this past year of President Stanger and the Board of Directors was spent in making building plans for the next several years. Special attention in the ' 62- ' 63 school year was given to the new Student Union which was begun in the spring. The new building is to serve as a student center, cafe- teria, and as offices for student government and publications. A great part of the original funds for the building have come from a United States government loan, while other funds have co me as donations from interested corporations. President Robert Stanger displays the plans of the new S.U. building, begun in spring. Representative from Automotive Electirc presents Dr. Stanger with a gift donation for the building fund. Senior Recognition for Achievement WHO ' WHO: Standing: Gary Balgemann, Karen Panter- muehl, Dick Wohlschlaeger, Joann Schneider, Ed Hoefer. Seated: Charlene Gibbs, Ellen Rasche, Doreen Tuxbury. HONOR SOCIETY: Standing: Dick Wohlschlaeger, Ellen Rasche, Glen Trost, Marian Thiele, Tom Bauer. Seated: Carol Hostetter, Doreen Tuxbury, Linda Brandt, Joann Schneider, Carol Speekmann. 50 President Stanger confers degrees and congratulations to the 1963 class at the ninty-second commencement. Commencement Comes But Once a Year One hundred and eighty-five graduated at the ninty-second Elmhurst College commence- ment. Bachelor degrees in Art, Science, Science in Nursing, and Science in Business Adminis- tration were confered by President Stanger. The address to the graduates was given by Chicago Sun-Times Editor, Milburn P. Akers. Following this, honorary degrees were awarded by Elmhurst College to Mr. Alben F. Bates, Doctor of Laws; and to The Reverend Mr. Hugo Leinberger, who received the Doctor of Divinity. Seniors march from Old Main to Chapel for the Sunday morning Baccalaureate service. 51 Administration From his office the Preside?it is able to view the college campus first hand. Dr. Stanger, President of Elmhurst College finds time to pose for a picture. President of Elmhurst As chief administrator of the college, Dr. Stanger is con- tinually hard at work in his campus office in Lehmann Hall. 52 BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Seated: Mr. George P. Wirth, Jr., Rev. Fred C. Allrich, D.D., Mr. Arthur H. Morstadt, Rev. Her- bert H. Wintermeyer, Rev. Norman C. Zulauf, D.D. Standing: Rev. Michael Baas, D.D., Mr. Louis M. Hammerschmidt, Mr. L. H. Goebel, Mr. Eldred Strobel, Mr. Daniel R. Lang, Ph.D., Rev. Albert G. Gonser, D.D., Mr. Paul E. Kaiser, Mr. Alfred E. Studt, Rev. F. R. Daries, D.D., Rev. E. J. Koch, Ph.D. Directors of the College Plan for the Future Dr. Robert C. Stanger, as the president of Elmhurst College, has completed his fifth successful year in forming the policy of the college and leading the administration in its many and varied activities. He is also a member of the Board of Direc- tors which meets three times a year to decide the major functioning policies of the college. The members of the board are leaders in their respective communities and come from all over the country to give us their time and energy in developing, expanding, and managing the college. This year much of the board ' s planning was directed to the build- ing of a new student union for Elmhurst College. The Academic Heads of E Changes in school administration also brought Donald C. Kleckner as Dean of the College. During her first year at Elmhurst, Miss Hensley is Assistant Dean of Students. An addition to the staff, Mr. Trevor Pinch, handles the school finances as Controller. This year Elmhurst has welcomed many new adminis- trators to the campus. Among the new faces were Donald Kleckner, Robert Gentry, Margorie Hensley, and Trevor Pinch. These new members of the staff have worked with those who continued to administer Elmhurst to maintain the traditional intellectual, religious, and social aims of this liberal arts college, while involking the progressive element which is needed in any institution such as ours. This year Mr. John Soma assumed the position of Business Manager. Mr. Robert W. Swords is Registrar and Director of the Evening Session. C. C. Arends, M.A., 1929-Professor of Speech; B.S., Bradley University; M.A., Northwestern University. David R. Austin, M.M., 1952-Director of Glee Club, Instructor in Voice; B.M., M.M., American Conservatory of Music. William R. Barclay, Ph.D., 1953-Professor of English; B.A., M.A., Michigan State College; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Latham Baskerville, M.F.A., 1947- Assistant Professor of Art; B.F.A., M.F.A., School of the Art Institute, Chicago. E. Viola Bloom, Ph.D., 1960— Associate Pro- fessor of Psychology; B.A., University of Akron; M.A., Ph.D., Western Reserve Uni- versity. David Brittain, M.A., 1955— Assistant Profes- sor of Biology; B.A., M.A., DePauw Univer- sity. Neal Blum, M.A., 1959— Assistant Professor of History; B.S., M.A., Uriiversity of Minnesota. James Case, Mus.D., 1961— Assistant Professor of Music; B.S.M., Illinois Wesleyan College; M.S.M., Union Theological Seminary; Mus.D., Philadelphia Conservatory. Robert Clark, Ph.D., 1957— Assistant Profes- sor of Philosophy; B.A., Elmhurst College; B.D., A.M., Ph.D., University of Chicago. Garry Colburn, M.A., 1959— Assistant Profes- sor of Speech; B.S., Texan Wesleyan College; M.A., Northwestern University. Gordon Couchman, Ph.D., 1958— Professor of English; B.A., Iowa State University; M.A., B.S., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. James Davis, M.A., 1960— Assistant Professor of Geography; A.B., M.A., Marshall College. Robert DeRoo, Ph.D., 1950— Professor of Psychology; B.S., North Central College; M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University. Robert Eaton, M.S., 1954— Assistant Professor of Economics; B.S., Northern Illinois State Teachers College; M.S., University of Wis- consin. Elsa Fischer, 1948— Instructor in Piano; Jul- liard School of Music. George Gazmararian, M.B.A., 1961— Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.S., M.B.A., University of Detroit. Ruth Glazebrook, Ed.D., 1962-Professor of- Education; B.S., E.D., Central Missouri State Teachers College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Missouri. Joseph Gorsic, Ph.D., 1959— Assistant Profes- sor of Biology; B.S., University of Illinois; Ph.D., University of Chicago. John Gow, M.A., 1962— Assistant Professor of Speech; B.A., Allegheny College; M.A., State University of Iowa. Donna Gras, M.A., 1954— Assistant Professor of French; B.Ed., Northern Illinois State Teachers College; M.A., Northwestern Uni- versity. Shirley Grobe, B.A., 1953— Assistant Librar- ian; B.A., Rosary College. William J. Halfter, Ph.D., 1948-Professor of Philosophy; A.B., Elmhurst College; B.D., Eden Theological Seminary; M.A., Washing- ton University; Ph.D., Yale University. William Holladay, Th.D., 1960— Assistant Professor of Religion; B.A., University of California, Berkelye; B.D., Pacific School of Religion; Th.D., State University of Leyden (Holland). Marian Howie, M.A., 1962— Instructor of Spanish; B.A., Smith College; M.A., Smith College Graduate School. Percy Hylton, M.Lbn., 1961— Head Librarian; B.A., George Washington University; M.Lbn., Emory University. Mary Johnston, M.A., 1954— Assistant Profes- sor of English; B.A., Parson College; M.A., University of Chicago. Miriam Jones, M.A., 1950— Assistant Professor of Spanish; B.A., M.A., University of Illinois. John Jump, Ph.D., 1958— Professor of Biol- ogy; B.A., Swarthmore College; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. Helen Kettner, M.M., 1947— Instructor in Piano; B.M., American Conservatory of Music. Noretta Koertge, M.S., 1960— Instructor in Chemistry; B.S., M.S., University of Illinois. Maybelle Kohl, Ph.D., 1956-Professor of Business Administration; B.A., University of Wisconsin; M.A., Northwestern University; Ph.D., Columbia University. Suzanne Kohut, M.S. ED., 1962- Assistant Professor of Speech Correction; B.S. ED., Northern Illinois State Teachers College. Carl Kommes, Ph.M., 1944— Associate Profes- sor of Chemistry; B.E., Superior State Teach- ers College; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. T. Howard Krueger, Ph.D., 1950-Professor of Music; B.M., University of Wisconsin; M.M., Eastman School of Music; Ph.D., State University of Iowa. Oliver Langhorst, M.S., 1933-Professor of Physical Education-B.S., M.S., University of Illinois. William Lecklider, M.M., 1961— Instructor in Music; B.S. Ed., Bowling Green State Uni- versity; M.M., University of Michigan. Armin Limper, Ph.D., 1954- Associate Pro- fessor of Christian Education; A.B., Elmhurst College; B.D., Eden Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Frances Lipp, Ph.D., 1961— Assistant Profes- sor of English; B.A., University of Michigan; M.A., University of California; Ph.D., Yale University. Frances Lohr, M.A., 1955— Assistant Professor of Speech Correction; B.A., Michigan State College; M.A., Northwestern University. Doris Long, M.A., 1963— Instructor in Mathe- matics; B.A., University of Missouri; M.A., DePauw University. Donald Low, Ph.D., 1953-Professor of Speech; B.A., M.A., State University of Iowa; Ph.D., Northwestern University. Joseph McManus, M.B.A., 1961— Instructor in Business Administration; B.S.B.A., M.B.A., Northwestern University. Maude Meyer, M.S., 1939— Assistant Professor of Physical Education; B.ED., Northern Il- linois State Teachers College; M.S., University of Wisconsin. Harold Mohamed, M.A., 1960— Instructor in Geography; B.A., Indiana State Teachers Col- lege; M.A., Northwestern University. Constantino Nagro, D. Mus. Ed., 1962— In- structor in the Departmnet of Music; B.A., Albright College; M.S.ED., University of Pennsylvania; D.Mus.ED., Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. Harold Owen, A.M., 1956— Assistant Professor of Physical Education; A.B., Wm. Jewell College; A.M., University of Missouri. Rudolf Priepke, Ph.D., 1933-1936; 1960-Pro- fessor of Chemistry; B.S., Elmhurst College; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University. Viola Repp, 1949— Director of Polyhymnia. Instructor in Voice; American Conservatory of Music. Rudolf Schade, Th.D., 1946— Professor of History; B.S., M.A., Columbia University; B.D., S.T.M., Union Theological Seminary; Th.D., Northern Baptist Seminary. Royal Schmidt, Ph.D., 1948-Professor of Political Science and History; B.S., Lewis In- stitute; M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. Donald Shult, M.S., 1962— Instructor of Mathematics; A.A., Kendall College; B.S., Northwestern University; M.S., Southern Illinois University. Tekla Story, M.A., 1946— Assistant Professor of English; B.A., Lake Forest College; M.A., Northwestern University. Charles Taggart, M.A., 1960— Lecturer in Education; B.S., Ohio Wesleyan University; M.A., University of Chicago. Dorothea Thorpe, B.Ed., 1957— Instructor in Physical Education; B.Ed., University of California. Gertrude Tripp, B.A., 1957— Instructor in Secretarial Training; B.A., University of Wis- consin. Walter Wadepuhl, Ph.D., 1946-Professor of German; B.A., College of City of New York; A.M., Columbia University; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Wisconsin; Fellow of the International Institute of Arts and Letters. Marie Wellington, Ph.D., 1954— Professor of Spanish; Director of Language Laboratory; A.B., St. Mary-of-the-Woods College; M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University. James Williams, A.M., 1960— Instructor in Greek and Religion; A.B., Emory Univer- sity; D.B., Garrett Biblical Institute; A.M., Northwestern University. Harold Wukasch, M.A., 1954— Assistant Pro- fessor of Education; B.A., Valparaiso Univer- sity; B. Music Ed., American Conservatory of Music; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. Mary Zink, M.S., 1943-1944; 1948-1949; 1958 —Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.A. in Ed., Iowa State Teachers College; M.S., State University of Iowa. Robert Schieler— New E. C. Chaplain This year Elmhurst was without a Chaplain until February 1, at which time the Reverend Robert D. Schieler assumed the position. In his new capacity Mr. Schieler directed the college chapel programs, often speaking to the students himself. In addition he advised the campus religious organizations, taught one course in the Department of Religion, and was available for individual religious counseling for students. Mr. Schieler came to Elmhurst this year from Ripon, Wisconsin, where he served at the E. and R. church. The Reverend Robert D. Schieler this year took on the duties of College Chaplain at Elmhurst. SECRETARIES: Seated: Mrs. Langhorst, Mrs. Koss, Mrs. Mac- Kenzie. First Row: Miss Davis, Mrs. Gaulke, Mrs. Schaffer. Sec- ond Row: Mrs. Lake, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Dalla, Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. Decker. Health Center Heals This year the health center, located in the base- ment of Neibuhr Hall, was expanded in both equipment and staff. Along with regular school nurse, Miss Hazel Ober, students were served by three others including Miss Betty Barron, R.N., Doctor Samuel K. Lewis, and Doctor Reid Martin. Each had campus office hours for stu- dent convenience. The College health center provided the ser- vices of registered nurse, Miss Hazel Ober. " You can ' t please all of the people all of the time, " but these two cooks at Commons certainly try to do it. 62 Mrs. Inga Albright, dietician for Elmhurst College, is found in the Common ' s kitchen with her staff. Inga Plans Our Three Square Meals a Day Preparing meals for all E.C. students is a big job, but it is handled well by Danish cook, Martin Larsen. Cooperation, compromise, and planning with other students with similar interests makes a basis for all organizations on campus. Talents may be incorporated in the fields of student government, the fine arts, professional Interests, Talents, Service, and Leadership Cause Students to Unite aspirations, and hobbies. Elmhurst offers musical opportunities in the Choir, Glee Club, Polyhymnia, Choral Union, and Orchestra. Writers may express themselves to their readers through the newspaper or yearbook publication, while speakers may enjoy debate, radio announcing, or the theater. 65 Government S.U. OFFICERS: Seated: Charlene Gibbs, Secretary; Ed Hoefer, President; Ellen Rasche, N.S.A. Representative. Second Roiv: Dave Ford, Commuter Representa- tive; Ed Long, Business Manager; Russ Weigand, First Vice-President; David Gro- enemann, Social Life Chairman. Third Row: Ned Shevelson, Second Vice-Presi- dent; Ken Ross, Religious Life Chairman; Bob Wenzel, Treasurer. Not pictured: Don Taylor, Athletic Life Chairman. Senate and Cabinet Govern Elmhurst SENATE: First Row: John Pantermuehl, Becky Daugherty, Mike Murray, Lynnette Keller, Steve Furman. Second Row: Dave Dickbernd, Carl Zimmerman, Jim Leamon, Andy Ludanyi. Third Row: Pat Stock, Sharon Shevelson, Sandy Hopkins, Paul Anderson, Bev Stebel. Fourth Row: Joan Yokel, Shirley Stroetker, Bob Kendall, Jan Scott, Donna Wartenbe. Fifth Row: Monique Boyd, Donna Dent, Irma Holub. Sixtli Row: Kathy Kratzer, Sue Martschinke, Judy Streich, Eileen Leber, Larry Urbaniak. Seventh Row: John Michalek, Al Matthei, Russ Landholt, Jim Tschudy. Eighth Row: Carol Hostetter, Joyce Carlson, Al Christopher, Don Plautz. SOCIAL LIFE COMMITTEE: Standing: Bob White, Bobbie Brodt, Donna Due, Barb Kring, Kathy O ' Neill, Gary Balgemann, Jim Tschudy, Dennis Secrease. Seated: Barb Scheer, Sandy Gloss, Al Paul, Dave Groenemann, Barb Mowchan, Rich Harbart. Good Planning in All Areas of College Life Elmhurst student government was directed by the Student Union Cabinet, which was headed by President, Ed Hoefer. Each student was then represented by a senator to this central body. Special areas of concern were controlled by committees appointed by the cabinet for the school year. Three such committees were active on campus this year. Films, a special concert, and other events were planned and organized by the Social Life Committee, while the Athletic Committee handled all sports. In addition the Religious Life Committee controlled activities in its own area. RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE: Standing: Dale Speckman, Rev. Holladay, Ken Ross, Carol Willie, Rev. Schieler, Bruce Hansen, Dr. Limper. Seated: Dean Henseley, Bobbi Wells, Dr. Friedli, Shirley Richards, Lee Baum. i ftl Ellen Rasche, David Ford, and Andy Ludanyi repre- sent E. C. at the national N.S.A. Conference. N.S.A. Links E.C. with Nation ' s Colleges The National Student Association was formed to connect the plans and policies of the college students across the nation. Elm- hurst sent their represen tatives to the national meetings to gather ideas voiced by other college students on foreign affairs, racial problems, and typical school problems. This year Ellen Rasche, Student Union N.S.A. Coordinator, headed the program on campus where she found a great deal of opposition to the N.S.A. HEAD RESIDENCE: Standing: Gordon Pederson, Doreen Tuxbury, Robert Gentry. Seated: Esther A. Martin, Lydia J. Hermann. LEHMANN DORM COUNCIL: Seated: Barbara Schaack, Mary Essebaggers. Standing: Ruth Folk, Hilde Ambacher. Drafters of Dorm Dogmas DINKMEYER DORM COUNCIL: First Row: Sue Davies. Second Row: Lynne Price, Nan Schuldt. Third Row: Carolyn Johns. SCHICK DORM COUNCIL: Seated: Lois Helm, Jean Rahmeier, Sherry Demlow. Standing: Lois Warkentin, Martha Miller, Marilyn Berg, Lois Win- termeyer, Birgitta Hedenquist. NEIBUHR DORM COUNCIL: Standing: Bill Wood, John Jeffery, Gary Balgemann, David Hoefer, Dale Speckman. Seated: Ed Kurmann, Dennis Stock, Dale Marshall. IRION DORM COUNCIL: Standing: Bob Schantz, Andy Ludanyi, Ray Birkner. Seated: Spencer Browning, Harold Youngblood, Bob Lenz. INTER-DORM COUNCIL: Seated: Barb Schaack, Natalie Rose, Dean Hens- ley, Sherry Demlow, Lynne Price. Standing: Andy Ludanyi, Dennis Stock, Mr. Gentry, Dale Marshall. 70 Choir Voices Ring Out The Chapel Choir, under the direction of Dr. T. Howard Krueger, is a choral group of mixed voices. They sing not only at college assemblies and chapel services, but also have concerts at many churches in the area. This year they visited the eastern states on their spring tour, perform- ing at many E. R. churches. A special division of the Choir known as the Bell Ringers also perform concerts throughout the year. David Austin directs the Glee Club at one of their practice sessions. BELL RINGERS: Front Row: Clarence Collins, Allan Dempsey, Dennis O ' Brien, Roger Hanz, Duane Werner, David Hoefer. Second Row: Elaine Bohl, Roberta Brodt, Annette Herness, Marita Krage. Third Row: Gail Windham, Carol Willie. Glee Club men meet in Chapel Hall to prepare for future con- certs. Polyhymnia Girls Are Heard POLYHYMNIA: Front Row: Lori Collins, Sandy Holt- man, Wilma Ruhl, Barb Scheer, Becky Martin, Linda Benzel, Donna Wartenbe, Karen Spreiter, Karen Schoen- ing. Second Row: Sandy Gloss, Karen Novarro, Irma Holub, Miriam Blaufuss, Sandy Schaefer, Joy Hartman. Third Row: Diane Gayle, Kathy Waltz, Karen Wojahn, Sandy Hopkins, Joanne Pruess, Cherie Bootz, Joyce Le- vinson. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB: Third Row: Dale Speckman, Dennis Fred- rickson, Bill Gruen, Dick Hemann, Jim Tschudy, Ken Ross, Jim Baur, Ed Briggeman, Don Plautz. Seco?id Row: William Wood, Dennis Secrease, David Rasche, Gary Balgemann, Neal Nicolay, Harold Schippits, Dick Wohlschlaeger, Paul Froeschner. Bottom Row: Rich Harbart, Dennis Hotle, Allen Gebala, Al Paul, Tom Bentley, Dave Groenemann, Dick Kroll. Men ' s Voices Unite in the Glee Club The Men ' s Glee Club Quartet plus one join v, barbershop tunes and show tunes such as " Lida R Vocally talented students at Elmhurst may chose to join one of the four choral groups. The Men ' s Glee Club, just one of these groups, is composed of approximately twenty-five male voices. Their material throughout the year ranges from the strictly religious hymn to musical-comedy songs, all of which become a part of their regular con- cert. Performances are given for the E.C. student body, for local churches, and for churches throughout the country on spring tour. Those who wish a rememberance of the Glee Club may purchase a recording of their regular concert. MUSIC CLUB: Seated: Joanne Preuss, Irma Holub, Karen Spreiter, Miriam Blaufuss, Pam Streich. Standing: Becky Martin, Dennis Stock, Robert Valen- tine, Mr. Lecklider. Musical Collaboration This year for the first time the Elmhurst students who have a special interest in music education formed their own organization. Most of these students were not only involved in an academic program of music, but were also participants in one or several extra curricular music activities. Many of them have talents in both the vocal and instrumental fields as well as in directing groups of these types on campus. This trombone player tunes up for a Tuesday night orchestra rehearsal. 74 Mr. William Lecklider again directed the Elm- hurst College orchestra this year. The students were asked to practice once a week, and were later to prove their talents by performing for the college in special morning assemblies. The or- chestra is composed of all students who are interested and willing to work with their musi- cal talents, because it is an extra curricular activity. This is only the second year that this newly formed organization has been in existence, and it has definitely improved to a point to prove its worth. The orchestra is not only an asset to the appreciative audiences, but also has its rewards for those who give their time and talents in a manner which they enjoy. At the weekly practice for orchestra members, Mr. Lecklider patiently directs the musicians. E.C. Notes the Music The College orchestra and its director, Mr. Lecklider, arrange themselves in concert style for the camera. 75 Thespians Play the Part Theater productions began this year at Home- coming with an original drama called " Pills From Paradise. " The season continued with several of Edward Albee ' s plays such as " The American Dream, " " The Sandbox, " and " Fam and Yam. " Some of these plus " Christ in the Concrete City " were used on the drama tour. Participation in theater activities of any nature- acting, back stage aid, scenery design, prop man, costumes, or lighting— were open to anyone who had an interest. Dramas were often directed by members of the speech department faculty such as Mr. Colburn or Mr. C. C. Arends. However, students who had a special academic interest in drama also had opportunity to direct E. C. plays. Being in front of an audience for the first time is a frightening but rewarding experience for students. The Theater Guild is a membership club for qualified thespians, and it is under the direction of Mr. Gary Colburn and Mr. C. C. Arends of the speech department and the president, Jack Dawson. Toni Haas, often seen on our stage, performs in " The American Dream. " Martin Brackin and Jerry Mohr in " Three Men on a Horse. " Extra! Extra! Campus News Every Week Campus, local, national, and international news are all an intricate part of the Elmhurst weekly newspaper, the Elm Bark. This year the staff was headed by editor, Dick Hemann, and Asso- ciate Editor, Denny Klass. Others responsible for informing the student body were News Edi- tor, Pat Stock; Feature Editor, Bill Gruen; and Sports Editor, Steve Furman; with photos by Joe Johnson. Editor, Dick Hemann, and Associate Editor, Denny Klass, look over the latest issue of the Elm Bark. ELM BARK STAFF: Editorial Staff Seated: Russ Weigand. Denny Klass, Pat Stock, Dick Hemann, Steve Furman, and Joe Johnson. During their first week on campus freshmen are introduced to the tradition of Firesides discussions in the faculty homes. Faculty and Students Express Ideas Together Dr. Robert DeRoo hosts an evening Firesides program at his home for interested students. Miss Noretta Koertge takes this opportunity to express her opinions to the students. Special Interests Leo Fitts and Tom Burke carefully plan their ma- terials and tactics for their next debate contest. It was a special year for the college radio station, WRSE. At the beginning of second semester the station was able to begin broadcasting on FM. This brought a definite enlargement and im- provement in the WRSE programing. The sche- dule included music of all types, discussions and interviews with students and guests, and news. Don Juday is seen installing some of the new FM equipment needed for improved WRSE. WRSE Rates FM Rating WRSE station director, Bob Wittick, broadcasts for E.C. aw WOMEN ' S UNION OFFICERS: Seated: Joyce Levinson, Jane Radspieler, Vinni Wheeler, Diane Gayle. Standing: Ruth Kolze, Carol Speekmann, Roberta Wells. BUSINESS CLUB: First Row: Loyd White, Bob Hughes, Barry Wilson. Second Row: Gary Wilson, Craig Steging, Al Paul, Mr. George Gazmararian. Third Row: John Mathe, Bob Wittick, Russ Weigand, Willie Anderson, Ray Schmidt, Joe Johnson. Fourth Row: Bob Mills, Bob Wenzel, Don Jacobs, Don Ehlers, Jack Dawson, Jack Monson. S.N.E.A. members listen to a guest speaker at one of their monthly meetings. Speakers at the S.N.E.A. meetings allow time for questions from future teachers. S.N.E.A.— a Meeting of Teaching Minds The S.N.E.A. is a national as well as local or- ganization for those intending to teach in our public schools. This year the club was led by president, Judy Gronemeyer, who planned monthly meetings with guest speakers and dis- plays. In addition to attending these meetings, members received the helpful education journals. S.N.E.A.: First Row: Judy Gronemeyer, Alvina Yoerges, Meta Buerger, Diane Gayle, Mary Furlong, Gudrun Schottler. Second Row: Marian Gruel, Lee Wise, Lenore Ahrens, Jane Radspieler, Donna Dent, Gail Dietrich, Ginny Benz, Carol Lillard. Third Row: Joyce Levinson, Jean Schmidt, Catherine Curran, Ellen Groeneveld, Barb Kring, Linda Heerwagen. Contemporary Philosophy and the Arts LECTURE SERIES COMMITTEE: Standing: Ken Musil, Jim Mennerick, Mr. James Case, Mr. James Davis, Mr. Wilmer McNair, Mr. Royal Schmidt, Mr. William Holladay. Seated: Kathy Uthlaut, Dr. William Barclay, Joann Schneider, Carol Hostetter. " Contemporary Philosophy and the Arts " was the theme of this year ' s annual spring Lecture Series. The three principal speakers for the series were decided upon by the Lecture Series Committee headed by Dr. Royal J. Schmidt. The series was opened at the March 18 assembly by Dr. Chad Walsh of Beloit College whose address was titled " The Nightmare and the Mirror. " The following Monday, Dr. John F. Hayward, a pro- fessor of theology at Meadville seminary talked on " Modern Painting and Modern Thinking. " A final lecture was given on " Art and Theology " by Dr. Paul Tillich, a professor at Harvard University and at the University of Chicago. 83 I Athletics at Elmhurst are organized at both the intramural and intercollegiate levels, and are open to both men and women. Each season has its own program and includes such sports as football, basketball, tennis, hockey, golf, Both Participants and Spectators Enjoy Organized College Sports track, baseball, cross country, table tennis, and volleyball. Physical education courses also include instruction in swimming, bowling, badmitton, and archery. The men ' s sports are controlled by the Athletic Committee and E Club, while the Women ' s Union handles their program. 84 Football victory brings greatest joy to the players as they enter the locker room following the big game. Three Victories Make a Bright Season in Football For best results on the playing field, the team mem- bers often consult with the coach on the side lines. Coach Pete Langhorst ' s last year of managing the football team at Elmhurst proved to be a very successful one. Early in September the team began their routine practice under the guidance of " Uncle Pete " and Coach Blum. The first test of strategy and technique came when Elm- hurst was pitted against Northwestern College. This contest was followed by games against Navy Pier, Earlham, and Illinois College. Elm- hurst ' s first victory of the season came in the game with Rose Poly Tech on October 20. Led by the team co-captains, Elmhurst stomped over the opposing team by a score of 27 to 6. This first victory was followed close on the heels by another win against St. Procopius College dur- ing the Homecoming weekend. The game was fought to a close end— the final score Elmhurst 7; St. Procopius 6. The next week brought yet another victory for the Blue Jays. In the game against Concordia College the Elmhurst eleven scored three touchdowns to lead the team to a 18 to 13 victory. This pass appears to be ending in the wrong hands as players try to intercept. Action like this was nothing unusual on the Elmhurst field this year as the Jays work for another victory. Loyal Elmhurst students join the cheerleaders in supporting the Blue Jay team for another game. Elmhurst College ' s general enthusiasm toward the football team ' s victories was mirrored in the crowded bleachers at each home game. Away games, though not as well attended, were pre- ceded by a pep rally and the team sendoff. Home game victories were followed by car cav- alcades through the streets of the town com- plete with horn-blowing and cheering. Each win brought the victory bell into view together with the campus school spirit. The Blue Jays Homecoming victory over St. Procopius was rewarded by a school holiday on the following Monday. Amid these demonstrations of victory the Elmhurst team chalked-up a 1962 record of three consecutive wins as compared to the single win of the 1961 football season. It ' s Saturday afternoon and the stands are filled by eager fans enjoying an Elmhurst home football game. When the football team has an away game a few fans are available for the sendoff. FOOTFALL TEAM: Front Row: Ed Briggeman, Hal Schippits, Paul Kalk- brenner, Don Taylor, Dick Kroll, Jim Leamon, Don Wintermeyer. Second Row: William Kloepping, Dean Hackett, Dennis Bilen, Harold Youngblood, Dennis Hotle, Danny Mell, Bill Eilers, Tom Riess. Third Row: Bob Rotgers, Larry Hodgkin, Paul Litzinger, Chuck Davies, Gary Miller, Willie Anderson, Dale Hempew, Ray Schmidt, Philip Cargill, Steve Grande, Coach Blum, Coach Langhorst. Spirit is an Asset to Football Season Elmhurst players huddle during time out on a muddy field to discuss their tactics for the next big play. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Bob Mills, Cliff Pensyl, Don Sin- clair, Jim Harsh. Long Distance Runners Compete Elmhurst man, Tom Riess, leads the competi- tion in hurtles race run on his home track. A cross country team was formed on campus again this year for the first time since 1960. The only returning runners were Don Sinclair and Bob Mills. Others who joined the two veterans were Art Rock, Mike Shewchuk, Don Stahlhut, Leroy Griffin, Cliff Pensyl, and Jim Harsh. Meets for the fall season were scheduled with the Uni- versity of Illinois at Navy Pier, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Whitewater, and Illi- nois Institute of Technology. Unfortunately, the E.C. harriers had to bow to these opponents, although it sometimes was only a matter of a few points. This year the cross country men had to face the problem of no home course. The old course had been removed and replaced by parking lots, so meets were always scheduled away. However, if there is a continued interest in the sport a new course will be planned. Once Around the Track Trackmen at Elmhurst start practice early in the year with trial runs around the circle drive when the track is still too wet. When the season officially opened in March the E.C. cindermen were ready to run. This year the athletic de- partment was able to buy several pieces of new equipment for the team such as a fibreglass vaulting pole and hurdles, thus the trackmen were well prepared. Throughout the spring sea- son meets were held with the individual colleges in the area, however the climax of the track season at Elmhurst is always the E.I.I, meet where many schools represent a greater chal- lenge. An Elmhurst cinderman tries his talents on the broad jump at the E.I.I, meet. TRACK TEAM: Front Roiv: Don Stahlhut, Don Sinclair, Bob Mills. Second Roiv: Art Rock. Third Row: Don Taylor, Hal Brueseke, Coach Langhorst. Traveling To Victory The Elmhurst College basketball team ended their ' 62- ' 63 season with a 7 and 13 record. The Jays beat Chicago Teachers, Principia, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Rockford. The record was not one of the best but, the season will long be remembered. Some of the highlights were: Bruce Murdock ' s thirty foot shot with three seconds left in overtime to give the team a one point victory over North Park; the mira- culous comeback victory led by Moe Dobrowski in his final game at Lake Forest when the flock was down by sixteen points in the second half; and the 106 point scoring spree against Rock- ford College. We hope that basketball player, Bill Sir, will be able to repeat this performance during practice at the game. The team uses the college gym for their practice, al- though the home games are all played at York High. BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row: Coach Blum, Cliff Pensyl, Ken Spiroff, Lee Yunker, Ralph Cooper, Bruce Murdock. Second Row: Steve Furman, Manager, Tom Riess, Bill Sir, Phil Boden- stab, John Jeffrey, Coach Schousen. In this game against Concordia, Lee Yunker makes a good shot for the Elmhurst Jays. For this season top honors went to Phil Boden- stab, who led in scoring with a 14.2 average; Tom Riess, who was the leading rebounder with 198; and Ken Spiroff, who led in free throws making 29 out of 42 attempts for a percentage of 69. Together the team had some good games with an exciting double overtime victory against IIT and a stand out performance by Lee Yunker in his last game at Principia. The outlook for next year is good although the Jays will be without the services of two of their great players — Moe Dobrowski and Lee Yunker. The Elmhurst College tennis team under the direction of coach, Mr. C. C. Arends, was small but hard working. They started practice early in the season on the Wilder Park courts. Net- men, however, are looking forward to next year when the college will have their own courts. Tennis matches this year against local schools gave the Jays a successful record for the season with a total of seven wins and only three loses. Golfers at Elmhurst get an early start with their practice by using Irion Hall Assembly as a substitute for a grass course. This proved to be a profitable program, for the team was able to end the season with a record of nine wins, nine loses, and one tie. The team was directed by Coach Owens and captain, Ned Shevelson, who was later voted the team ' s most valuable player with a putting average of 31.5. E.C. Eagles on Ice The Eagles, Elmhurst ' s hockey team, were led this year by Coach Rich Jungfer. Since the sport is relatively new to the campus, there was often a problem in recruiting enough players who were willing to practice as often as neces- sary. Thus, the season did not end with a suc- cessful record, but improvement was seen. Meeting such teams as St. Procopius, North- western University ' s B team, Northern Illinois, and Wheaton, the Eagles had a rough schedule. They opened the season with a game against Wheaton, but recorded an 8-3 lose. Steady im- provement was apparent in the following games played at the Y.M.C.A., and the pucksters were able to come out with a smashing victory over opponents from St. Procopius with a score of twelve to four. HOCKEY TEAM: Ron Eppert, Bill Lamb, Don Eppert, Thomas Penney, Larry Clayton, Paul Froeshner, Al Paul, Ed Galapeaux, Rich Jungfer, John Moyers. A home game played by the Jay ' s baseball team becomes an addition to their successful record for the season zuith ten wins and seven loses. Hit and Run is a Good Motto for a Batter Baseball players at Elmhurst had a very successful season in 1963. In tournament play the Jays won two and lost two, and the season ' s record was even more appealing with ten victories over only seven loses. The first victory of the season was against Illinois Institute of Technology which involved two wins. The first game ended with an eleven to six score, and the second game finished thirteen to five, which was made possible by the outstanding performances of David Bowers, Dennis Peterson, and Steve Grande. Other runs were brought in by top players Paul Litzsinger, Danny Mell, and Clifford Pensyl, while defensively pitcher, Ralph Cooper, was able to strike out as many as seven of his opponents in one game. An E.C. outfielder gets his throw- ing arm ready for the game action. E.C. Base Runners Spring is here! The uniforms are clean! And the E.C. baseball team is ready to go! Being the major sport of the season, baseball receives the greatest support of the college fans. This year that support was well deserved by the team and by many of the individual players who had an outstanding record for the season. Steve Grande, voted the most valuable player of the year, had a .293 average, led the team in R.B.I. ' s with 13, and led the team in total bases with 24. His teammate, Dennis Peterson, held the season ' s lead in batting with the average of .395. BASEBALL TEAM: Front Row: Ken Spiroff, Ralph Cooper, Steve Furman, Dave Bowers. Second Row: Cliff Pensyl, Bruce Hansen, John Jeffery, Bruce Murdock, Steve Grande. Third Row: Bobby Prescott, Gary Phillips, Russ Weigand, Danny Mell. f .. f m m " E " CLUB OFFICERS: Jim Leamon, Willie Anderson, Bob Rotgers, Tom Riess. E. C. Athletes Unite Under the leadership of officers James Leamon, President; Thomas Riess, Vice-President; Wil- liam Anderson, Corresponding Secretary; Bruce Murdock, Recording Secretary; and Bob Rot- gers, Treasurer; and sponsors " Pete " Langhorst and " Gus " Hylton, the " E " Club had a success- ful year in serving the campus. The planned social and athletic activities for the entire col- lege, such as the Kick-off Dance and the " E " Club-Faculty basketball game. This past year they were also instrumental in securing a date for the first athletic convocation in which the entire student body honored Elmhurst ' s varsity athletes. The club closed their activities for the year with the annual spring banquet. At this time special honors were given to " Pete " Lang- horst, who has served his last year as head foot- ball coach and sponsor of " E " Club at E. C. " E " CLUB: First Row: Steve Grande, Ralph Cooper, Dean Hackett, Don Sinclair, Jim Leamon, Willie An- derson, Bob Rotgers, Dennis Bilen. Second Row: Hal Brueske, Bob Hughes, Andy Ludanyi. Third Row: Bob Mills, Mike Thomas, Rich Kroll, Gary Miller, Denny Hotle, Dale Hempen, Harold Schippits, Bob Konne- man. Fourth Row: Paul Kalkbrenner, Don Stahlhut, Ed Briggeman, Larry Hodgkin, Barry Wilson. Fifth Row: Denny Klass, Kurt Kunze, Warren Singleton, Paul Litzsinger, Bill Eilers. Sixth Row: Tom Riess, Don Taylor, Harold Youngblood, Dave Bowers, Bill Sir. 100 Uncle " Pete " Langhorst Retires as Coach Although Uncle " Pete " Langhorst is retiring from his position as head football coach, he will remain at Elmhurst and maintain his duties with the cross country and track teams. His re- tirement did, however, bring special recognition from the E Club at their spring banquet. These are the men who knew him best through work- ing with him continually in sports. However, it was not only the athletes who knew and liked " Pete, " for everyone on campus this past year had their attention drawn to him at football victory celebrations. All of the E.C. students were proud of Coach Langhorst ' s record for his last year, and showed it with a seranade at his home after the first big victory. The victorious team and elated fans give Uncle " Pete " a ride on their shoulders. Coach Langhorst is seen with the team before they board the bus for an away football game. No basketball or football game would be complete without the fans and the cheerleaders that direct their spirit. This year the Elmhurst cheerleaders did a good job supporting their team at both home and away games. They not only led the cheering of the fans well, but also looked especially good in their new uniforms, which were purchased by the athletic department. The squad this year was under the direction of fourth year cheer- leader, Captain Linda Moore, and also their Advisor, Sue Davies. CHEERLEADERS: Standing: Karen Koehler, Joyce Carl- son, Barb Mowchan, Linda Moore. Front Row: Karen Benson, Kathy Kratzer, Keiko Tajii, Gail Humphreys. In order to be at their best for games, the cheerleaders prac- ticed several times a week under the direction of their advisor. However, . cheerleaders did not center all of their attention on the games, but also organized pep rallies and team send-off rallies for away games throughout the year. They must also be given credit for arousing the Elmhurst school spirit and making the fans realize the importance of their attendance at the games. Next year the squad will have an even more difficult job, for they will be losing two members, Linda Moore and Karen Benson. 105 Whether you ' re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior at Elmhurst, you always find friends and classmates at every level. Dormitories are organized so that students will live and work with members of all classes each year. Class Loyalty Provides Elmhurst With Both Organization and Spirit Yet there always remains a class loyalty which is held together by individual class governments and class projects. Freshmen readily recognize classmates in the fall by their traditional blue and white beanies, while sophomores and upper classmen have be- come well acquainted in past years at Elmhurst. 107 New Frosh Class - ' 66 With beanies and " E " Books in hand, following a week of formal orientation to the Elmhurst fellowship, the freshmen class quickly and completely became part of the campus life. The first all class project took place on the Saturday pre- ceding Homecoming. At this time the freshmen class participated in an all campus clean-up campaign in order to ready the campus grounds for the busy weekend. Beanies identified the freshmen until Homecoming; then the class chal- lenged the sophomores in half-time con- tests. By removing their beanies they berime an intergral part of Elmhurst. Bottom Row: Jim Arnolde, Ralph Hemminger, Douglas Miller, Ron Cram. Second Roil : Lee Lawson, Ed Bodene, Bill Martin. Third Row: Eric Baker, John Emmering, Arthur Runyan. Fourth Row: Dave Benecke, Bob Bruzas. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: David Rasche, Vice- President; Lois Wintermeyer, Secretary; Don Stahlhut, Treasurer; Charles Lockyear, President. 108 Bottom Row: Don Eckhardt, Clif Pensyl, Bob Youngren, Dale Balgemann, Rich Lavin, Ruby Spevacek. Second Row: David Marshall, James Thomas, LeRoy Griffin, Bruce Berkes, Robert McGee. Third Row: Ronald Yunker, David Rasche, James Meyers, James Tompkins, Denis Scodellaro, Larry Fuller. Bottom Row: Richard Happel, John D. King, Joseph Fraccaro, James A. Gerali, Roger A. Wolfe. Second Row: Robert Mutton, R. David Schimelpfenig, Brian Roberge, John Shepard, Gary Friebus. Third Row: David Hoefer, Jerry Mohr, Clarence Collins, Carl Fatz, Preston Bailey, Tom Bentz, Larry Bunger, Albert Zuspann. 109 Bottom Row: Elaine Styczynsky, Marty Uthlaut, Alan Matthei, Joe Bastian, Lynnette Keller, James Harsh. Second Row: Barbara Uebele, Derinda Ver- stege, Kayleen Hillebrand, Glen Pertle, Wayne Whelpley. Third Rou : Gary Lawler, Ken Douglas, Michael McClain, Dave Barth. Fourth Row: Bob Kelley, Harry Nichols. Bottom Row: Nancy Payne, Gail Humphreys, Lois Win term eyer, Diane Drobish, Janet Slade, Estelle Ast. Second Row: Ward Barrows, Annette Nolte, Karen Eager, Shirley Miller, Carolyn Pugh, Kathe Schmidt, Carol Molnar. Third Row: Russell Kahl, Chuck Lockyear, Don Stahlhut, Gerry Lavengood, William Kloepping. Fourth Row: John Jeffery, Phil Sleep, Joe Selak, Phil Cargill, Ernest Kock. Bottom Row: Dave Sikorski, Bill Strand, Marchan Carney, Marti Miller, Marylou Rogge. Second Row: Don Eppert, Diane Zwygart, Fran Mascetti, Nancy Schaefer, Pat Storm, Diane Zeumer. Third Row: Jane Buchholtz, Norma Deal, Joan Knapp, Mary Etta Wleklinski, Diane Thorsen, Iris Gard- ner. Fourth Roiv: Thomas Kippeny, Judy Kehl, Phyllis Maack, Karen Bowman. Bottom Row: Linda Meiners, An- drew Jacobsen, Ruth Metzger. Sec- ond Row: Christy Skow, Ginny Whiting, Alyce Seegers, Terry Drane, Arthur Ferreri. Third Row: Harold Youngblood, Mike McKee, Paul An- derson, Larry Bowers. Fourth Row: Jonathan Hale, Frederick D. Rei- man, George D. Vann, William Schultz. Ill Bottom Row: Fran Nessel, Maria Basic, Helen Hill, Carole Johnson, Barbara McComb, Lynn Terrell. Second Row: James M. Murray, Karen Vollertsen, Page Brink, Vivian Lee Swanson, Mary Essebaggers, Demetra Kartsonis, Elsie Blum. Third Row: Dave Johnson, Mary L. Rutecki, Steve Miller, John Michalek, Axel Weyerstall. Fourth Row: Art Holder, Ken Schultz, Alvin Frost, Paul Zimmerman. Bottom Row: Pat Etcheson, Suzanne Martschinke, Margaret Mitchell, Cheryl Patton, Carol Polcyn. Second Row: Louis Colvis, Roger Hanz, Diane Foster, Millie Williams, Ann Niensted. Third Row: Russell Landolt, Paul Meyer, Grady Casey, Dale Hempen, Carol Tabatt. Fourth Row: Jerry Koob, Ray- mond Birkner, Harold Schippits. Bottom Row: Carmine Robertson, Cathy Bohl, Michele Cascino, Sarah Shepard. Second Row: Donna Schultz, Cynthia Rob- son, Judy Kovarik, Mary Krusinger. Third Row: Pat Schack, Diane Braiden, Bonnie Eime, Linda Nelson, Cathy Xinos. Fourth Row: Diane Kasjaka, Ellen Karasek, Ruth Rahmeier, Elaine Baumunk, Marilyn Berg. Bottom Row: Lesley Evans, Judy Rohrbacker, Maureen Kneeland, Joy Hartmann, Yvonne Wulke. Second Row: Ron Mochel, Dave Bates, Kathy Moore, Sandy Stillwell, Judy Streich. Third Row: Lois Hogstedt, Joyce Carlson, Judy Miller, Peggy Simpson, Linda Trimmel. Fourth Row: Cindy Raitt, Beth Antal, Paul Litzsinger. Bottom Row: Becky Roussin, Mary Landwehr, Car- roll Cullom, Jean Zornow, Lynne Lindelsee. Second Row: Jesse Nelson, Barbara Sturtevant, Cheryl Hef- ner, Glenn Hunt. Third Row: Richard Ream, Donald Riemer, Don Hyers. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Paul Froeschner, President; Robert Strong, Publicity; Donald Plautz, Vice-President; Marilyn Goltl, Secretary. Second Season— Sophomores First Row: Carole Andres, Bruce Archibald, Donna Bauer, Ed- ward Beaver, Alan Bennett. Second Row: Tom Bentley, Linda Benzel, Marilyn Berg, Miriam Blaufuss, George Bockes. First Row: Elaine Bohl, Loren Bol- inger, Dennis Brethauer, Bill Brettman. Second Row: Dave Brewer, Ed Brigge- man, Roberta Brodt, Spencer Brown- ing. Third Row: Sandra Burgard, Pat Burke, Ron Cerepa, Lee Conners. Fourth Row: Jeff Cornwell, Joyce Damm, Chuck Davies, Sherry Demlow. Fifth Row: Barbara Dennison, David Dickbernd, Donna Due, Gretchen Egger. Sixth Row: Genita Ehlen, Dan Em- mett, Marynelle Engelhardt, Dennis Fernandez. 115 First Row: Raymond Fink, Marty Fischer, Larry Fontaine, Mary Forrest. Second Row: Dennis Frederickson, Paul Froeschner; Mary Ann Furlong, Steph- ane Fylpaa. Third Row: JoAnn Garcia, Brian Gar- rison, Phyllis Gaulke, Carolyn Godsil. Fourth Row: Joanne Goetz, Glenda Greenwell, Richard Greenwood, Bill Gruen. Fifth Row: Mike Hahne, Rich Harbart, Gail Hart, Birgitta Hedenquist. Sixth Row: Lois Helm, Maryann Helt, Sue Henerfauth, Annette Herness. 116 •s ?4 First Row: Larry Hodgkin, Ed Holder, Irma Holub, Robert Hoo. Second Row: Dennis Hotle, Ruth Hotz, James Hurlbut, Dennis Johnson. 1 M 1 Tfo ' rd .Row: Jean Johnson, Karen John- son, Ron Jorgensen, Ruth Juengling. Fourth Row: Kathie Kalal, Carol Kep- pel, James Kirby, Carolyn Kish. Fifth Row: Pat Kloepping, Randy Knudsen, Dick Kroll, Kurt Kunze. Sixth Row: Marlene Langohr, Ruth Laubengayer, Mary Lauer, Carolyn Lauritzen. 117 First Row: Eileen Leber, Bob Lenz, Pat Lyke, Russell Maas. Second Row: Karen Maronn, John Mathe, Don McCullough, Marilyn Meinhardt. Third Row: Dan Mell, Pete Menconi, Gary Miller, Marjorie Miller. Fourth Row: Sally Mohamed, Ronald Mohr, Don Moore, Harold Morris. Fifth Row: John Moyers, Bruce Mur- dock, Bob Natzke, John Neall. Sixth Row: Joe Nesseler, Karyl Nevaril, Neal Nicolay, Diane Olson. 118 First Row: John Pantermuehl, Fred Panzo, Joyce Pearce, Ted Peterson. Second Row: Don Plautz, Sally Pohl- man, Virginia Polk, Ann Potamianos. Third Row: Carolyn Prehn, Jean Rah- meier, Carolyn Reid, Art Rock. f L A 7 h Fourth Row: Barbara Schaack, Sandra Schaefer, Bob Schantz, Jan Scott. Fifth Row: Susan See, Walter Sentenn, Warren Singleton, Bob Stantus. Sixth Row: Carl Stock, Pat Stock, Gerald Stringer, Ken Strong. 119 First Row: Robert Strong, Stan Sum- ner, Barb Tague, Margaret Taylor. Second Row: Clyde Townsend, Richard Tribble, Linda Tschopp, Kathy Uthl- aut. Third Row: Ted Voska, Bill Walker, Lois Warkentin, D. T. Warning. Fourth Row: Donna Wartenbe, Joan Weiglein, Don White, Judie Wiebke. Fifth Row: Barbara Willin, Andrew Winnecke, Bill Wood, Fred Young. Sixth Roiu: Gerald Youstra, Cherie Zeiger, Carl Zimmerman, Cathy Zulauf. 120 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Dale Speckman, President; Marilyn Lammert, Publicity; Ruth Kolze, Secretary; Ed Kurmann, Vice- President. The Class of ' 64--E. G. Juniors First Row: Hilde Ambacher, Anita Anderson, Bonita Bakken, Carla Bastian. Second Row: Richard Behringer, Fred Berchtold, Terry Berg, Charles Bodenstab. Third Row: Janice Boone, David Bowers, Sue Bracewell, Mary Broadhead. Fourth Row: Harold Brueseke, Karen Buchholtz, Cathy Carlson, Verna Clark. First Row: John Colando, Barbara Cooper, Ralph Cooper. Second Row: David Cottier, Catherine Curran, Sue Davies. Third Row: Darlene Davis, John Dawson, Allan Dempsey. Fourth Rozv: Daral DeNormandie, Alice Drees, Charlean Dubsky. Fifth Row: David Engler, David Field, David Ford. Sixth Row: Larry Frank, Stephen Furman, Steve Grande. Seventh Row: Joanne Gunnemann, Dean Hackett, Paulette Hatmaker. 122 First Row: Linda Heerwagen, Sharon Heimburger, Jennifer Hensel. Second Row: Rose Hesler, Bonita Hoffmann, Rich- ard Hoglund. Third Row: Sandra Hopkins, Corinne Hughes, Ed Iborg. Fourth Row: Judith Jackson, Warren Johnson, Richard Jungfer. Fifth Row: Paul Kalkbrenner, Bob Kendall, Ruth Kolze. Sixth Row: Paul Komada, James Koob, Jack Kosson. Seventh Row: Marita Krage, Kathy Kratzer, Tom Kuepers. 123 First Row: Gerald Kupperschmidt, Ed Kurmann, Dorothy Lammert. Second Row: Marilyn Lammert, Marcia Lavery, Grace Liljestam. First Row: Joyce Nussmann, Dennis O ' Brien, Kathy O ' Neill. Second Row: Rose Osinski, Ross Paterson, David Pauletich. Third Row: Virginia Porter, Joanne Preuss, Lynne Price. Fourth Row: Bob Randall, Thomas Riess, Penny Ross. Fifth Row: Wilma Ruhl, Karen Schoening, Dennis Secrease. Sixth Row: Erla Sharer, Ted Sheldon, Shirley Shingu. Seventh Row: Bill Sir, Jim Snyder, Dale Speckman. 125 These happy members of the class of 1963 have been looking forward to this graduation for a long time. Seniors Make Their Last Year a Good Year After spending four years with the same class- mates, seniors have acquired a class spirit that always makes for a good year. This past year the seniors were led by class President, Jim Baur, Vice-president, Dick Wohlschlaeger, Secretary, Joan Yokel, and Treasurer, Judy Gronemeyer. The seniors were also guided by their class spon- sor, Dr. Rudolph Schade. Business and plans of the seniors were handled at class meetings called whenever necessary by the President. Most im- portant and dominating were plans for grad- uation, which included ordering announcements and purchasing a class gift for the college. Class spirit got an early start this year with a senior gathering at Rex ' s restaurant in the fall. However, greatest festivities took place dur- ing senior week when final exams were over, and seniors worries were over. The week includ- ed a day at the sand dunes, a 6:00 A.M. base- ball game, an evening campfire-songfest, and a farewell party at Koenig ' s. As the week came to a close, the seniors were busy with grad- uation plans. Saturday morning the seniors gath- ered in the chapel for graduation practice. Thus, the following day, June 2, all ended for the well prepared students with commencement. MARGARET AHLGRIM Elmhurst, Illinois LENORE AHRENS River Grove, Illinois WILLIAM ANDERSON Chicago, Illinois JOHN ARMENTANO Northlake, Illinois ANGELA ASSIM Chicago, Illinois PHILLIP BAEWER Milwaukee, Wisconsin GARY BALGEMANN Hinsdale, Illinois JUDITH BARNAS Maywood, Illinois GEORGIA BARNES Mount Prospect, Illinois JUDITH BASSETT Elmhurst, Illinois THOMAS BAUER Hudson, Kansas BRUCE BAUMUNK St. Louis, Missouri JAMES BAUR Salem, Virginia JANET BENSON Elmhurst, Illinois KAREN BENSON Elmhurst, Illinois 128 STEWART BENSON Elmhurst, Illinois VIRGINIA BENZ Chicago, Illinois DENNIS BILEN Hammond, Indiana BEVERLY BOND Bellwood, Illinois DOUGLAS BOYS Elmhurst, Illinois JANET BRETTMANN Elmhurst, Illinois THOMAS BURKE Bensenville, Illinois LORETTA BUSH Menominee, Michigan BARBARA CANADY Maywood, Illinois ALEXANDER CHRISTOPHER River Forest, Illinois JAMES CLARKE Elmhurst, Illinois LORELEI COLLINS Western Springs, Illinois SANDRA CONE Buffalo, New York WILLIAM CORDELL St. Petersburg, Florida STEPHEN DANKO Southgate, Michigan 129 DONNA DENT Northlake, Illinois ELEDA DETTORE Ottawa, Illinois GAIL DIETRICH Downers Grove, Illinois ROBERT EDWARDS Lombard, Illinois DONALD EHLERS Lombard, Illinois T. ESSENBAGGERS Muskegon, Michigan GARY FITTS Glen Ellyn, Illinois LEO FITTS Wheaton, Illinois SHARON FORKE Elmhurst, Illinois DIANE GAYLE Aurora, Illinois ANNE GEADELMANN Mapleton, Iowa JACQUELINE GENTEMAN Chicago, Illinois CHARLENE GIBBS Maywood, Illinois SANDRA GLOSS Chicago Heights, Illinois CAROLE GORDON River Forest, Illinois 130 GERALDINE GRAFLUND Wheaton, Illinois DAVID GROENEMANN St. Charles, Missouri JUDITH GRONEMEYER St. Louis, Missouri MARIAN GRUEL Port Huron, Michigan RONALD GUTZMER Berkeley, Illinois ALAN HEFNER Lombard, Illinois RICHARD HEMANN Burlington, Iowa KAREN HENSIEK Des Plaines, Illinois EDWIN HOEFER Elgin, Illinois SANDRA HOLTMAN Quincy, Illinois SANDRA HOLTZSCHER Granite City, Illinois CAROL HOSTETTER Palos Park, Illinois DONALD JACOBS Bensenville, Illinois SHARON JENKINS Chicago, Illinois GAYLE JOHNSON Elmhurst, Illinois -- - - i jUikf, jdH ' tj! M ■to 1 Ik ■-■ 1 ■ i ■ m 131 JOSEPH JOHNSON Elmhurst, Illinois NORMA JOHNSON Elmhurst, Illinois PHILLIP JOHNSON Bensenville, Illinois DONALD JUDAY Mishawaka, Indiana EDWIN KEPPNER Elmhurst, Illinois NATALIE KING Hinsdale, Illinois DENNIS KLASS Waukegan, Illinois LYNN KNUTSON Elmwood Park, Illinois CLARA KREBS Villa Park, Illinois BARBARA KRING Roselle, Illinois LUBOMYR KULCHYTSKY Westchester, Illinois JEANNINE LAPORTA Chicago, Illinois JIM LEAMON Easton, Pennsylvania SANDRA LEISHER Aurora, Illinois JOYCE LEVINSON Elmwood Park, Illinois 132 CAROL LILLARD Richmond Heights, Missouri ROBERT LINDQUIST Elmhurst, Illinois ANDREW LUDANYI Long Island City, New York BONNIE McCLAIN Elmhurst, Illinois RONALD McCLAIN Elmhurst, Illinois THOMAS McGURRIN Norwood, Ohio SANDY MIELKE Glen Ellyn, Illinois JACK MONSON Elmhurst, Illinois LINDA MOORE Berkeley, Illinois LOUANNE MUELLER Evansville, Indiana DALE OLAFSON Roselle, Illinois JUDITH PACKARD Bellwood, Illinois VICTORIA PARIAN Villa Park, Illinois ALFRED PAUL Ann Arbor, Michigan VIRGINIA PEMBERTON St. Louis, Missouri GARY PHILLIPS Villa Park, Illinois ANNA PIDONE River Forest, Illinois LINDA PILARSKI Villa Park, Illinois STEVEN POLCYN Mount Prospect, Illinois ROGER PSCHERER Elmhurst, Illinois JANE RADSPIELER Grand Haven, Michigan ELLEN RASCHE Belleville, Illinois DAVID RASMUSSEN Elgin, Illinois RONALD ROBERTS Kahoka, Missouri BRUCE ROBERTSON Villa Park, Illinois DONNA ROBERTSON Villa Park, Illinois JACK RODRIQUEZ East Dundee, Illinois CAROLE ROESKE Arlington Heights, Illinois BRUCE ROSENE Elmhurst, Illinois ROBERT ROTGERS Ackley, Iowa 134 ESTHER RUSIN Oak Park, Illinois BARBARA SCHEER Monee, Illinois JEAN SCHMIDT Grand Haven, Michigan JOANN SCHNEIDER St. Louis, Missouri NAN SCHULDT Chicago, Illinois IAN SEIVWRIGHT Western Springs, Illinois EDWARD SHEVELSON Elmhurst, Illinois SHARON SHEVELSON Elmhurst, Illinois DONALD SINCLAIR Elmhurst, Illinois M. CAROL SPEEKMANN University City, Missouri KAREN SPREITER West Concord, Minnesota DENNIS STOCK Jamestown, Missouri SHIRLEY STROETKER Washington, Missouri FREDERICK SUEDMEYER Baltimore, Maryland SIEW LIAN TAN Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia ■L Aft — l H |||f ' .•v»B " jBlsSilp I Mm B | m 1 V i Wm " Y - 41 K ' - ft .V " j 135 GLENN TROST St. Louis, Missouri DOREEN TUXBURY Manchester, New Hampshire ROBERT VALENTINE Glen Ellyn, Illinois JAN VANFAASEN South Bend, Indiana ELGA VEITMANIS Chicago, Illinois RICHARD WASSENAAR Cicero, Illinois ROBERT WENZEL Bellwood, Illinois DUANE WERNER Peotone, Illinois CAROL WILLIE Palatine, Illinois DON WINTERMEYER St. Louis, Missouri R . WOHLSCHLAEGER St. Louis, Missouri JOAN YOKEL Creve Coeur, Missouri LEE YUNKER Mokena, Illinois RICHARD ZIMMERMANN Louisville, Kentucky 136 Senior Activities AHLGRIM, MARGARET S., Elm- hurst, Illinois, Elementary Education. Choral Union 1, 2, 3; S.N.E.A. 2, 3, 4; W.R.S.E. 3, 4, Chief Engineer 3; Elm Bark 2, 3; Sophomore Semi-Formal Bids Chairman 2; Junior Prom Committee Secretary 3; Homecoming Show 2, 3. AHRENS, LENORE MARTHA, River Grove, Illinois, Elementary Education. Class Secretary 1; Dorm Council 1; S.N.E.A. 3, 4, Vice-president 4. ANDERSON, WILLIAM RALPH, Chicago, Illinois, Business Administra- tion. Football 2, 3, 4, Co-captain 4; Wrestling 1, 2; " E " Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4; Business Club 3, 4, Vice-president 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. ARMENTANO, JOHN FRANK, Northlake, Illinois, Political Science. Pi Gamma Mu 4; Senator on Finance Committee 3. ASSIM, ANGELA, Chicago, Illinois, Elementary Education. Campus Chest 1. BAEWER, PHILLIP ALLAN, Mil- waukee, Wisconsin, Psychology. Dorm Council, Treasurer; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; W.R.S.E. 3, 4. BALGEMANN, GARY MEL, Hins- dale, Illinois, English. Who ' s Who 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Director 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, Business Manager 3, Vice-president 4; Intramurals 1; W.R.S.E. 2, 3, 4; Class President 2; Christian Vocations 3, 4; Theater 2; S.U. Parliamentarian 3; Social Life Committee 4; Freshman Dance Chairman 1; Sophomore Dance Band Committee 2; Junior Prom Dance Band Committee 3. BARNAS, JUDITH LYNNE, May- wood, Illinois, Speech. Polyhymnia 2, 3, 4; E.I.I. Court 2; Queen ECI Wres- tling Meet 1; Homecoming Show 3; Chairman of Bachelor ' s Holiday Dance 3; Intramurals 2, 3. BARNES, GEORGIA LOUISE, Mount Prospect, Illinois, Nursing. Choral Union 1, 2; C.C.F. 1, 2. BAUER, THOMAS ANDERSON, Hud- son, Kansas, Biology. Homecoming Show 2, 3; Track 3; Choral Union 4. BAUMUNK, BRUCE JOHN, St. Louis, Missouri, Mathematics. Golf 1; " E " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Senate 2. BAUR, JAMES ANDREWS,. Salem, Virginia, Chemistry. Glee Club 2, 4; Dorm Council 2, 3; Senior Class Pres- ident; Swimming 3. BENSON, JANET MARY, Elmliurst, Illinois, Chemistry. Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. BENSON, KAREN ANN, Elmhurst, Illinois, Elementary Education. Senate 3; Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, Co-captain 3, 4; Prom Queen 3; EH Queen 3; Home- coming Queen 4; Women ' s Union Se- lection as Best Dressed Woman on Campus 3. BENSON, STEWART WARREN, Elmhurst, Illinois, Geography. Theater Guild 2, 3, 4; Elm Bark 4; Elms and Elm Bark Photographer 3, 4; Swim- ming Team 3; Senator 1, 4. BENZ, VIRGINIA LOUISE, Chicago, Illinois, Elementary Education. W.R.S.E. 2, 3, 4, Producer 2, Engineer 3, 4, Traffic Manager 2, 3, 4; Choral Union 3; S.N.E.A. 4; Women ' s Union Election Committee 3; Bachelor ' s Holi- day Dance Committee 2; Women ' s Union Circus 4. BILEN, DENNIS RICHARD, Ham- mond, Indiana, History. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-captain 4; Wrestling 3, 4; " E " Club 1,2, 3, 4; Theater 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Union Circus 2, 4. BOND, BEVERLY ANN, Bellwood, Illinois, English. Choral Union 3; Theater 3. BOYS, DOUGLAS DALE, Elmhurst, Illinois, Business Administration. BRETTMANN, JANET MARIE, Elm- hurst, Illinois, Elementary Education. Theater 1; Theater Guild 1, 2, 3; S.N.E.A. 1, 4. BURKE, THOMAS JOSEPH, JR., Bensenville, Illinois, Political Science. Senate 1; Debate Team 1, 4; Social Life Committee 2; Publicity Chairman Special Events Concert 2; Freshman Week Committee 2; Publicity Chair- man Women ' s Union Circus 3; Chair- man Commuter Homecoming Float 3; Pi Kappa Delta 4, Vice-president. BUSH, LORETTA EMMA, Menomi- nee, Michigan, English. Elm Bark 1, 2, 3; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; WRSE 3, 4, Librar- ian-secretary; C.C.F. 1, 2. CLARKE, JAMES HUBERT, Elm- hurst, Illinois, Business Administration. COLLINS, LORELEI JEAN, Western Springs, Elementary Education. Elm Bark 1; Choral Union 2, 4; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; Polyhymnia 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Business Manager 2, Business Manager 3, President 4. CONE, SANDRA LOUISE, Buffalo, New York, Spanish. Elm Bark 1, 2, 3, Assistant Editor 3; C.C.F. 1, 2, 3, 4, Commission Chairman 3, Steering Com- mittee 4; Church vocations 1, 2, 3, 4, Steering Committee 4. CORDELL, WILLIAM MICHAEL, St. Petersburg, Florida, English. Football 1,3; Baseball 2; Track 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter- Dorm Coucil 1 . DANKO, STEPHEN G., Southgate, Michigan, Political Science. Pi Gamma Mu 4; Band 3; Orchestra 3, 4; Foot- ball 3, 4; " E " Club 3, 4; Elm Bark 3; WRSE 3, 4, Producer and Engineer; Washington Semester Plan Student 4; Senate 4. DENT, DONNA JEAN, Northlake, Illinois, Elementary Education. Choral Union 2; Theater Guild 3; Senate 4; S.N.E.A. 4. DETTORE, ELEDA MAE, Ottawa, Illinois, Music. Choral Union 4. DIETRICH, GAIL ANN, Downers Grove, Illinois, Elementary Education. WRSE 3, 4; Judicial Board 4; Chair- man of Elections for Bachelor ' s Holi- day 3; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; Transfer from Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Penn- sylvania. DOBROWSKI, CHESTER RICHARD, Chicago, Illinois, History. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Elm Bark 2, 3; Student Union Athletic Chairman 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; WRSE 3, 4. EDWARDS, ROBERT M., Lombard, Illinois, Elementary Education. Foot- ball 3; Intramurals; " E " Club. EHLERS, DONALD CLAUS, Lom- bard, Illinois, Business Administration. Pi Gamma Mu 4, President; Business Club 3, 4; Lab Assistant Geography Department 3. ESSEBAGGERS, THEODORE CUR- TIS, Muskegon, Michigan, English. Tennis 1; Development Committee 1, 2, 3; Religious Life Committee 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Class President 3; Orchestra 3; Lecture Series Committee 4; Elm Bark 4; C.C.F. 1; Theater 3, 4; Who ' s Who Committee 3; Honorable Mention Poetry Contest 3. FITTS, GARY, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, History. FITTS, LEO C, Wheaton, Illinois, Speech. ' Third Place Shick Speech Con- test 3; Varsity Debate 3, 4; Phi Kappa Delta. FORKE, SHARON LYNNE, Elmhurst, Illinois, Elementary Education. Fine Arts Committee 2; Honors Day Com- mittee 2; Parents Day Committee. GAYLE, DIANE MARIE, Aurora, Illi- nois, Elementary Education. Polyhym- nia 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Union Trea- surer 4; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Women ' s Union Circus Commit- tee 2. GENTEMAN, JACQUELINE C, Chi- cago, Illinois, Elementary Education. Choral Union 1; Intramurals 1; C.C.F. 2; Sophomore Semi-Formal Decora- tions Committee 2; Sophomore Break- fast Entertainment Committee 2; Bachelor ' s Holiday Election Commit- tee Chairman 2; Women ' s Union Cir- cus Committee Chairman 3; Home- coming Show 3; Theater Guild 3; Theater 1, 2, 3; WRSE Producer 3, 4; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; Freshman Week Enter- 137 tainment 4; Committee-of-Nine, Dink- meyer Hall 4. GIBBS, CHARLENE, Maywood, Illi- nois, History. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Lab Assistant 2; Social Life Committee 3; Women ' s Union Presi- dent 3; Women ' s Union Circus Co- chairman 4; clown 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Freshman Week Committee 3, Chairman 4; S.U. Cabinet Secretary 4; Who ' s Who 4. GLOSS, SANDRA RENEE, Chicago Heights, Illinois, Speech Correction. Polyhymnia 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2; Women ' s Union Intermurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3; Social Life Committee 4; Homecoming Court 3, 4; Prom Court 3; Choral Union 2; Dorm Council 3; Women ' s Union Circus Clown 3, 4. GORDON, CAROLE PATRICIA, River Forest, Illinois, Business Ad- ministration. GROENEMANN, DAVID WALTER, St. Charles, Missouri, History. Class President 1; Social Life Committee 2, 3, Chairman 4; C.C.F. 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; S.U. Cabinet 4; Senate 1, 2; Intramurals 4; Homecom- ing Show 2; Freshman Week Com- mittee 2, 3, 4; Choral Union 2; Who ' s Who Committee 3; Women ' s Union Circus Clown 2, 3, 4. GRONEMEYER, JUDITH ELLEN, St. Louis, Missouri, Elementary Edu- cation. Class Treasurer 4; S.N.E.A. 3, President 4; Bachelor ' s Holiday Week Co-Chairman 3; Bachelor ' s Holiday Elections Co-chairman 4. GRUEL, MARIAN RUTH, Port Hu- ron, Michigan, Elementary Education. Choral Union 2, 3; S.N.E.A. 3, Pro- gram Chairman 4; Women ' s Union Circus Ticket Chairman 2. GUTZMER, RONALD HERMAN, Berkeley, Illinois, Business Adminis- tration. Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; Busi- ness Club 4. HEFNER, ALAN BRUCE, Lombard, Illinois, Biology. HEMANN, RICHARD PAUL, Burl- ington, Iowa, English. Elm Bark Photo Editor 1, 2, 3, Editor 3, 4; Elms Photo Editor 2, 3; S.U. Business Manager 3; Intramurals 4; Homecoming Show 3; Freshman Week Committee 3; Wom- en ' s Union Circus 1, 2. HENSIEK, KAREN MARJORIE, Des Plains, Illinois, English. Elms 1, 2, 3, Editor 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; S.N.E.A. 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. HOEFER, EDWIN THEODORE, El- gin, Illinois, Philosophy. Chapel Choir 1, 2, Vice-President 3; Senate 1, Social Life Committee 2, 3; S.U. President 4; Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Committee Treasurer 3; Winter Re- treat Committee 2, Co-chairman 3; Who ' s Who 4; Band 1, 3; Orchestra 3. HOLTMAN, SANDRA SUE, Quincy, Illinois, Elementary Education. Poly- hymnia 1,2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, Business Manager 4; Band 3; Orchestra 3; Choral Union 3; Chairman of Wom- en ' s Union Christmas Tea 3; Co-chair- man of Bachelor ' s Holiday 2; Intra- murals 1, 3, 4; S.N.E.A. 4; Dorm Council 3; Inter-dorm Council 3. HOLTZSCHER, SANDRA JOANNE, Granite City, Illinois, Speech Correc- tion. Polyhymnia 2, 3; Campus Chest Secretary 3; Homecoming Committee Booklet Chairman 3, Secretary 4. HOSTETTER, CAROL, Palos Park, Illinois, Psychology. Social Life Com- mittee 3; Senate 3, 4; C.C.F. Retreat Chairman 3, 4; Judicial Board Com- mittee 4; Lecture Series Committee 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 2, 4; Freshman Week Committee 3; Who ' s Who Committee 3. JACOBS, DONALD YIDING, Bensen- ville, Illinois, Business Administration. Business Club 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4. JIRKA CHARLES CYRIL, Elmhurst, Illinois, Mathematics. E. C. Bowling League 1, 2, Secretary; National Coun- cil of Secondary Mathematics Teachers. JOHNSON, GAYLE RUTH, Elmhurst, Illinois, English. Senate 1; Homecom- ing Committee Decoration Co-chair- man 1, 3, Chairman 2. 4; Elm Bark Assistant Business Manager 3, 4; Elms 4; Intramurals 4. JOHNSON, JOSEPH LAWRENCE, Elmhurst, Illinois, Business Adminis- tration. Elms 3, 4; Elm Bark 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4; Fine Arts Festival Committee 4. JOHNSON, NORMA AMILIA, Elm- hurst, Illinois, English. JOHNSON, PHILLIP H., Bensenville, Illinois. Business Administration. In- tramurals 3, 4; Business Club 3, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4. JUDAY, DONALD LEROY. Misha- waka, Indiana, Speech. WRSE 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Director 3. 4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Chairman of Sophomore Semi-Formal 2; Elmhurst College Theater 1, 2, 4; WRSE Chief An- nouncer 2, 3. KING, NATALIE, Hinsdale, Illinois, History. Pi Gamma Mu 4; S.N.E.A. 4. KLASS, DENNIS EUGENE, Wauke- gan, Illinois, Psychology. Elm Bark 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 2, Assistant Editor 3, Associate Editor 4; Wrestling 1, 2; " E " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; WRSE 3; Intramurals 1, 3. KNUTSON, LYNN CHARLES, Elm- wood Park, Illinois, Psychology. WRSE 3; Prom Publicity 3; Homecoming Publicity 3; Women ' s Union Circus Publicity 2. KONNEMAN, C. ROBERT, Univer- sity City, Missouri, History. Wrestling 1; Football 1; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Club 2, 3, 4; Dorm President 1; Dorm Council 2; Chairman " E " Club Dance 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. KRING, BARBARA H., Roselle, Illi- nois, Elementary Education. Social life Committee 4; S.N.E.A. 4. KULCHYTSKY, LUBOMYR, West- chester, Illinois, Chemistry. Orchestra 4. LAPORTA, JEANNINE MARIE, Chi- cago, Illinois, Elementary Education. Elm Bark 1; Theater 1; S.N.E.A. 2, 3; Intramurals 1. LEAMON, JIM WILLIAM, Easton, Pennsylvania, History. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4; Dorm President 2; Dorm Council 3; Senate 3, 4; Most Valuable Wrestler 1961-62; " E " Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Inter- Dorm Council 2. LEISHER, SANDRA LEE, Aurora, Illinois, English. C.C.F. 1, 2; Elm Bark 3; Church Vocations 1, 2, 3, 4, Steering Committee 3, 4; Vesper Committee 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 3. LEVINSON, JOYCE ELAINE, Elm- wood Park, Illinois, Elementary Edu- cation. Women ' s Union Circus Com- mittee 2; Chairman Homecoming Queen and Flowers Committee 3; Bachelor ' s Holiday Publicity Chairman 3; S.N.E.A. 3; Polyhymnia 4; Women ' s Union Secretary 4. LILLARD, CAROL ANN, Richmond Heights, Missouri, Elementary Educa- tion. C.C.I. Queen ' s Court 1; Chapel Choir 1, 2; C.C.F. 1, 2; Church Voca- tions 2. 3; Choral Union 1, 2; Intra- murals 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Semi- Formal Bid Committee Chairman 2; 5. N.E.A. 4. LINDQUIST, ROBERT JOHN, Elm- hurst, Illinois, Mathematics. Intramu- rals 2, 3; WRSE Business Manager 3, 4, Engineer 4; Women ' s Union Cir- cus 4; NEA Committee 4; Lab Assis- tant 4; Math Assistant 4. LUDANYI, ANDREW, Long Island City, New York, History. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Wrestling 3, 4; Senate 4, Campus Awareness Committee; Hun- garian Club 1; Elm Bark 4; " E " Club 3, 4; Dorm Council 4; Inter-Dorm Council 4. McCLAlN, BONNIE LYNN, Elmhurst, Illinois, Elementary Education. McCLAIN, RONALD EDWARD, Elm- hurst, Illinois, Economics. McGURRIN, THOMAS P., Norwood, Ohio, Psychology. Choral Union 3; Class Gift Committee Chairman 4. 138 MIELKE, SANDY L., Glen Ellyn, Illi- nois, Elementary Education. MONSON, JACK ALLEN, Elmhurst, Illinois, Business Administration. Sen- ate 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2; Business Club President 4. MOORE, LINDA JEANNE, Berkeley, Illinois, Spanish. Cheerleader 1, 2, Captain 3, 4; Homecoming Court 3; Junior Prom Court 3; Elm Bark 4; Elms 2, 3; Junior Goodies Chairman 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee 3. MUELLER, LOUANNE CAROLINE, Evansville, Indiana, Elementary Edu- cation. Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Librar- ian 2; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; Choral Union 4; Class Treasurer 2. OLAFSON, DALE WILLIAM, Roselle, Illinois, Psychology. Intramurals 3, 4. PACKARD, JUDITH L. KLEAN, Bell- wood, Illinois, Speech Correction. Cho- ral Union 1, 2; Orchestra 3; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3; Senate 3. PANTERMUEHL, KAREN ELIZA- BETH, New Orleans, Louisiana, Ele- mentary Education. Elm Bark 2, 3; S.N.E.A. 4; Firesides Co-Chairman 3; C.C.F. Retreat Committee 2, 3; Who ' s Who 4; Senate 1, 3. PAUL, ALFRED J., Ann Arbor, Michi- gan, Business Administration. Pi Gam- ma Mu 4; Chapel Choir 2, 3; Glee Club 4; Hockey Team 3, 4; Social Life Committee Treasurer 4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Freshman Week Com- mittee 4; Choral Union 2, 4; Women ' s Union Circus Publicity Co-Chairman 4. PEMBERTON, VIRGINIA LEE, St. Louis, Missouri, Biology. WRSE Pro- ducer 2, 3, 4, Program Director 3, Director 4; Choral Union 1; S.N.E.A. 2, 4. PHILLIPS, GARY ALBERT, Villa Park, Illinois, Mathematics. Baseball 1, 2, 3. PIDONE, ANNA, River Forest, Illi- nois, Elementary Education. POLCYN, STEVEN ROBERT, JR., Mount Prospect, Illinois, Business Ad- ministration. Elmhurst College Thea- ter 4, Publicity Manager 2; Theatre Guild 4, Business Manager 1, Vice- President 1; Business Club 1, 2, Steer- ing Committee 1. PSCHERER, ROGER LEONARD, Elmhurst, Illinois, Biology. Intramu- rals 2. RADSPIELER, JANE IRENE, Grand Haven, Michigan, History. Women ' s Union Cabinet 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Class Treasurer 3; Dorm Council 2; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; Homecoming Committee Chairman 4; Homecoming Court 4; Who ' s Who Committee 3. RASCHE, ELLEN THEODORA, Bel- leville, Illinois, English. Senate 1, 2; NSA Coordinator 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice- President 3; Homecoming Committee 3; Who ' s Who 4; Retreat Committee 2; Homecoming Court 1; Prom Court 3. RASMUSSEN, DAVID R., Elgin, Illi- nois, History. WRSE 3, 4. ROBERTS, RONALD JAMES, Ka- hoka, Missouri, Psychology. Dorm Council 1; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; German Club 2; Women ' s Union Circus 2, 3; Theater Tour 3; Senior Class Dance Chairman 4. ROBERTSON, BRUCE CARLISLE, Villa Park, Illinois, History. Pi Kappa Delta 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Football 2, 3; WRSE 3; S.U. Cabinet 3; Student Affairs Congress 3; Athletic Publicity Director 2; Who ' s Who Committee 3; Debate 4; Choral Union 3. ROBERTSON, DONNA M., Villa Park, Illinois, Elementary Education. Choral Union 3; S.N.E.A. 4; Intra- murals 4. ROESKE, CAROLE ANN, Arlington Heights, Illinois, English. Elms 1, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-Chairman Bache- lor ' s Holiday Dance 2. ROSENE, BRUCE A., Elmhurst, Illi- nois, Political Science. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. ROTGERS, ROBERT LLOYD, Ack- ley, Iowa, Bi ology. Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, 4; " E " 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Intramurals 2, 3; Homecoming Show 2. SCHEER, BARBARA LYNNE, Monee, Illinois, Speech Correction. Polyhym- nia 3, 4; Choral Union 1; Class Secre- tary 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Court 3; Freshman Week Committee 4; Social Life Committee 4; Women ' s Union Circus Clown 4. SCHMIDT, JEAN A., Grand Haven, Michigan, Elementary Education. In- tramurals 1, 2; Homecoming Com- mittee 3; Bachelors Holiday Co-Chair- man 3; Prom Committee 3. SCHNEIDER, JOANN LOUISE, St. Louis, Missouri, Sociology. C.C.F. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3; Lecture Series Com- mittee 2, 3; Special Events Committee 4; Senate 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Who ' s Who Committee Co-Chairman 3; In- tramurals 4; Winter Retreat Commit- tee 3, 4; Homecoming Show 1, 3. SCHULDT, NAN RUTH, Chicago, Illinois, Christian Education. Choral Union 3; Elms 3; Bachelor ' s Holiday Co-Chairman 1; Women ' s Dormitory Constitution Committee 3, 4; Inter- Dorm Council Secretary 4; Dorm Presi- dent 4; Church Vocations Group 4. SHEVELSON, EDWARD HARRIS, Elmhurst, Illinois, Philosophy. Golf 2, 3 4; S.U. Second Vice-President 4; " E " Club 2, 3, 4; WRSE 4; Intra- murals 2, 3, 4; Dorm Council 3; Stu- dent Development Committee Chair- man 4; Freshman Week Committee 4; Debate 3. SHEVELSON, SHARON ANN, Elm- hurst, Illinois, English. Intramurals 2, 3; Senate 4; Dorm Constitution Committee Chairman 3. SINCLAIR, DONALD WALTER, Elm- hurst, Illinois, Psychology. Cross Coun- try 1, 2, 4; Track 1, 3, 4; " E " Club 2, 3, 4; WRSE 4; Pep Band 1. SPEEKMANN, MARGARET CAROL. University City, Missouri, Psychology. Polyhymnia 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 3; Women ' s Union Circus Committee Chairman 2; Women ' s Union Social Chairman 3, 4. SPREITER, KAREN AMELIA, West Concord, Minnesota, Music. Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Polyhymnia 1, 2, 3, 4; C.C.F. 1; Intramurals 1, 3; Dorm Council 1; Bachelor ' s Holiday Dance Co-Chairman 4; Polyhymnia accom- panist 1, 4, Student director 2, 3, 4; Art Festival Co-Chairman 3; M.E.N.C. 3, 4; S.N.E.A. 4. STOCK, DENNIS PAUL, Jamestown, Missouri, Music. Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Business Manager 2; Class Officer 2; Prom Chairman 3; Re- ligious Life Committee 2, 4; C.C.F. 2; Dorm President 4; Inter-Dorm Coun- cil 4; Band 2, 3; Orchestra 2, 3; Hand- bell Choir 2, 3; Track 1; Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4. STROETKER, SHIRLEY MAY, Wash- ington, Missouri, Elementary Educa- tion. Choral Union 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Senate 4; S.N.E.A. 4; C.C.F. 1, 2, 4; Campus Awareness Committee 4; German Club 1. SUEDMEYER, FREDERICK PAUL, Baltimore, Maryland. Chapel Choir 1; Homecoming Show 1, 2; Elmhurst Col- lege Theater 1; WRSE 1, 2, 3, Pro- ducer 1, Chief Engineer 2, Assistant Director 2, 3; Vespers Committee 3; Creation Soloist 3; Campus Chest 2, 3; Women ' s Union Circus Chairman 2; Prom Committee 3; Track 2; C.C.F. Retreat Song Leader 2, 3; Recital 2, 3, 4. TAN, SIEW LI AN, Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia, Pre-Medical. TROST, GLENN HARVEY, St. Louis, Missouri, Philosophy. Chapel Choir 3, 4; Senate 3; Elm Bark 1, 2; Home- coming Committee 3; C.C.F. 1, 2; Church Vocations 1, 2, 3; Intramu- rals 4. 139 TUXBURY, DOREEN OLIVE, Man- chester, New Hampshire, Psychology. Choral Union 1; German Club Vice- President 1; Dorm Secretary-Treasurer 2; World Relatedness Commission 1, 2, Co-Chairman 2; C.C.F. 1, 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Development Committee 3; Ad- ministration-Faculty-Student Commit- tee 3; Senate 1, 2; Orchestra 3, 4; Head Resident Schick Hall 4; Who ' s Who 4. VALENTINE, ROBERT SCOTT, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Music. M.E.N.C. 3, 4; Band 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Or- chestra 3, 4, Vice-President and Con- certmaster 4. VANFAASEN, JAN ELLEN, South Bend, Indiana, Christian Education. Elm Bark 1; Forensics 1; Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; Bell Choir 2, 3; Homecoming Committee 2; Conference Coordinator 4. VEITMANIS, ELGA, Chicago, Illinois, German. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Thea- ter 1; German Club 2, Secretary 1; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; C.C.F. 4; Choral Union 3, 4. WASSENAAR, RICHARD C, Cicero, Illinois, Business Administration. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4; Choral Union 3. WENZEL, ROBERT E., Bellwood, Illi- nois, Political Science. Resident Ad- visor 4; Student Union Treasurer 4; Student Union Business Manager 3; President ' s Council 3, 4; Student- Faculty Committee for New Student Center 3; Freshman Week Committee 4; Who ' s Who Committee 3; Senate 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club 1; Homecoming Committee 3. WERNER, DUANE HAROLD, Peo- tone, Illinois, Music. Chapel Choir 3, 4; American Guild of Organists 3, 4, Regent 4; Choral Union 2, 3, 4. WESTROM, RONALD LYLE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Business Administration. Business Club 3, 4. WILLIE, CAROL ANN, Palatine, Illi- nois, Music. Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Senate 1, 2; Campus Chest Co-Chair- man 3, 4; Religious Life Committee 3, 4; Bell Ringers 1, 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir Assistant Director 4; Junior and Senior Recitals; C.C.F. Cabinet 1, 2; Intramurals 2, 3; Choral Union 1, 2, 4; Brahm s Requiem Soprano Solo 2. WINTERMEYER, DON ROBERT, St. Louis. Missouri, Political Science. Pi Gamma Mu 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Club 2, 3, 4; WRSE 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. WOHLSCHLAEGER, RICHARD R. E., St. Louis, Missouri, English. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 2; Senate 1, 2, Activities Committee and Elections Chairman 2; Elm Bark 2, 3, 4; C.C.F. Retreat Co-Chairman 2; Who ' s Who Committee 2, 3; Freshman Week Committee 3; Choral Union 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Theatre .4; Class Vice-President 4; Women ' s Union Circus Co-Chairman 4; Firesides Co- Chairman 4; S.U. First Vice-President 3, Parliamentarian 4; Student-Faculty Committee on Judiciary 4; Who ' s Who 4. YOKEL, JOAN MARIE, Creve Coeur, Missouri, Sociology. Choral Union 1; Elm Bark 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Church Vocations 3, 4; C.C.F. 3, 4; Senate 4; Secretary of Class 4; Resi- dence Council 4; Judicial Board 4; Chairman of Entertainment Commit- tee for Women ' s Union Picnic 2; Chairman of Food Committee for Women ' s Union Picnic 3; Committed Group 4. YUNKER, LEE EDWIN, Mokena, Illi- nois, Mathematics. Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; " E " Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ZIMMERMANN, RICHARD LOW- ELL, Louisville, Kentucky, Business Administration. Glee Club 1; Football Manager 1, 2; " E " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1. Student Index Adams, Susan Ahlgrim, Margaret 128 Ahrens, Lenore 82, 128 Ambacher, Hilde 69, 121 Amundsen, Janet Anderson, Anita 121 Anderson, Paul 66, 111 Anderson, William 81,90,100,128 Andres, Carole 114 Antal, Anna 113 Archibaid, Bruce 114 Armentano, John 128 Arnolde, James 108 Arp, Gerald Assim, Angela 128 Ast, Estelle 110 Avers, Kenneth Backer, Diana Baewer, Phillip 128 Bailey, Preston 109 Bailey, Trevor Baker, Eric 108 Bakken, Bonita 121 Balgemann, Dale 109 Balgemann, Gary .... 5, 50, 67, 70, 73, 128 Barcus, Patricia Baren, Betty Barg, Wayne Barger, Marjorie Barnas, Judith 40, 128 Barnes, Georgia 128 Barrows, Ward 110 Barth, David 110 Bartlett, Dennis Bartlett, Sharon Barton, Lawrence Basic, Maria 112 Bassett, Judy 128 Bastian, Carla 121 Bastian, Joseph 110 Bastian, Louis Bates, David 113 Batte, William Bauer, Donna 114 Bauer, Thomas 50, 128 Baum, Lee 67 Baumunk. Bruce 128 Baumunk, Elaine 113 Baur, James 73, 128 Beaver, Edward 114 Behringer, Richard 121 Benecke, David 108 Bennett, Alan 114 Bentkowski, Camille Bentley, Thomas 73,114 Benson, Janet 128 Benson, Karen 12,13,46,105,128 Benson, Stewart 129 Bentz, Thomas 109 Benz, Virginia 82, 129 Benzel, Linda 21,72,114 Berchtold, Fred 121 Berg, Marilyn 69, 114 Berg, Terren 121 Berkes, Bruce 109 Bevington, Curtis Bilen, Dennis 90, 100, 104, 129 Birkner, Raymond 70,112 Blaufuss, Miriam 72,74,114 Blecher, Evelyn Block. Thea Blum, Elsie 112 Bockes, George 114 Bodene, Edward 108 Bodenstab, Charles 121 Bodenstab, Philip 95 Bogen, Dorothy Bohl, Catharine 113 Bohl, Elaine 71, 115 Bolin, James Bolinger, Loren 115 Bomberger, Dale Bond, Beverly 129 Bonesteel, Robert Boone, Janice 121 Bootz, Cherie 72 Bowers, David 99, 100, 121 Bowers, Larry 111 Bowman, Karen 111 Boyd, Monique 66 Boyle, Kelvin Boys. Douglas 129 Bracewell, Karen 121 Brackin, Martin 77 Braiden, Diane 113 Brandt, Linda 50 Brethauer, Dennis 115 Brettmann, Janet 129 Brettmann, William 115 Brewer, David 115 Briggeman, Edgar 73,90,100,115 Brink, Margaret 112 140 Broadhead, Mary 121 Brodt, Roberta 4,67,71,115 Brown, George Browning, Spencer 70,115 Brueseke, Harold 92, 100, 121 Brunke, Thomas Bruzas, Robert 108 Buchholtz, Jane 111 Buchholtz, Karen 69, 121 Buerger, Meta 82 B unger, Larry 109 Burg, Philip Burgard, Sandra 115 Burke, Patricia 115 Burke, Thomas 24,80,129 Bush, Loretta 129 Canady, Barbara 129 Cargill, Philip 90, 110 Carlson, Catherine 121 Carlson, Joyce 66,105,113 Carney, Marchan 111 Carter, William Caruso, Arthur 125 Cascino, Michele 113 Casey, Grady 112 Cerepa, Ronald 115 Cerequas, Fred Chilton, Edward Christopher, Alexander 66, 129 Clark, Verna . 121 Clarke, James 129 Clayton, Larry 97 Cody, Vera Colando, John 122 Collins, Clarence 71, 109 Collins, Lorelei 72, 129 Colvis, Louis 112 Cone, Sandra 129 Conners, Leona 115 Connolley, Kathleen Cooper, Barbara 122 Cooper, Ralph 95, 99, 100, 122 Cordell, William 129 Cornwell, Jeffrey 115 Cottier, David 122 Cox, Leo Cram, Ronald 108 Cullom, Carroll 113 Curran, Catherine : 82, 122 DAigremont, Gilles 11 Damm, Joyce 115 Danko, Stephen 38, 129 Daugherty, Becky 66 Davies, Charles 90,115 Davies, Susan 69, 122 Davis, Darlene 122 Dawson, John 81, 122 Deal, Norma 111 Demlow, Sherry 69,70,115 Dempsey, Allan 71, 122 De Normandie, Daral 122 Dennison, Barbara 115 Dent, Donna 66,82,130 Dettore, Eleda 130 Dickbernd, David 66, 115 Dietrich, Gail 82,130 D ' Isa, Jane 13 Dobrowski, Chester Douglas, Kenneth 110 Drane, Terry 111 Drees, Alice 122 Dressel, Maryann Drobish, Diane 110 Dubsky, Charlene 122 Due, Donna 13,67,115 Dvorak, John Eager, Karen 110 Eckhardt, Donald 109 Edwards, Robert 130 Egger, Gretchen 115 Ehlers, Donald 81,130 Ehlen, Genita H5 Eilers, William 90, 100 Eime, Bonnie H3 Elliott, Elizabeth Emmering, John 108 Emmet, Daniel H5 Engelhardt, Marynelle 115 Engler, David 122 Eppert, Donald 97,111 Eppert, Ronald 97 Essebaggers, Mary 69, 112 Essebaggers, Theodore 130 Etcheson, Patricia H2 Evans, Lesley H3 Fatz, Carl 109 Fernandez, Dennis 115 Ferreri, Arthur HI Field, David 122 Fink, Gary Fink, Raymond 1 1.6 Finne, Bruce Fischer, Martha 19, 116 Fish, Ralph Fitts, Gary 130 Fitts, Leo 80,130 Folk, Ruth 69 Fontaine, Lawrence, Jr. 116 Fontanini, Kenneth Ford, David 66, 68, 122 Forke, Sharon 24, 130 Forrest, Mary 116 Foster, Diane H2 Fraccaro, Joseph 109 Frank, Lawrence 122 Frediickson, Dennis 73,116 Friebus, Gary 109 Froeschner, Paul 73,97,114,116 Frost, Alvin 112 Fuller, Larry 109 Furlong, Mary 116,82 Furman, Stephen ...... 78,95,99,122,66 Fylpaa, Stephane 116 Galapeaux, Edward 96, 97 Galitz, Janice Garcia, Rita 116 Gardner, Iris HI Garrison, Brian 116 Gatzke, Philip Gaulke, Phyllis 116 Gayle, Diane 72,81,82, 130 Geadelmann, Anne 130 Gebala, Allen 73 Genteman, Jacqueline 130 George, Palma Gerali, James 109 Gibbs, Charlene - 50,66,130 Gloss, Sandra 13,67,72, 130 Godsil, Carolyn 116 Goetz, Marilyn 114 Gold, Marilyn r 114 Gonzales, Paula Gordon, Carole 130 Graflund, Geraldine 131 Grande, Stephen 90,99, 100, 122 Greenwell, Glenda 116 Greenwood, Richard 116 Griffin, Walter 109 Groenemann, David .. 33,66,67,73,131 Gronemeyer, Judith 82,131 Groeneveld, Ellen 82 Gross, Stephen Grotefeld, William Gruel, Marian 82, 131 Gruen, William, Jr. 73,116 Gunnemann, Joanne 122 Gutzmer, Ronald 131 Haas, Toni 77 Hackett, Dean 90,100,122 Hagstrom, Carol Hahne, Michael 116 Hale, Jonathan HI Hansen, Betty Hansen, Bruce 67, 99 Hansen, Patricia Hanwell, David Hanz, Roger 71, 112 Happel, Richard 109 Harbart, Richard 34,67,73,116 Harris, Janet Harsh, James 91,96, 110 Hart, Gail H6 Hartmann, Margaret 72,113 Hatmaker, Paulette 122 Hedenquist, Brigitta 11,69,116 Heerwagen, Linda 82, 122 Hefner, Alan 131 Hefner, Cheryl 1 13 Heidrich, Marian Heimburger, Sharon 123 Hein, Robert Helm, Lois 69, 116 Helt, Maryann H6 Hemann, Richard 73,78,131 Hemminger, Ralph .. 108 Hempew, Dale 90,100,112 Henerfauth, Susan H6 Hensel, Jennifer 123 Hensiek, Karen 131 Herness, Annette 71,116 Hesler, Roseclair 123 Hildebrand, Charline Hill, Helen H2 Hillebrand, Kayleen 110 Hodgkin, Larry 90, 100, 117 Hoefer, David 70,71, 109 Hoefer, Edwin 50, 66, 131 Hoffman, Bonita 123 Hoglund, Richard 123 Hogstedt, Lois H3 Holder, Arthur H2 Holder, Edward 117 Holten, Terrence Holtman, Sandra 72,131 Holtzscher, Sandra 131 Holub, Irma 66,72,74, 117 Hoo, Robert H. 117 Hopkins, Sandra 66, 72, 122 Hostetter, Carol 50,66,83,131 Hotle, Dennis 73,90, 117, 100 Hotz, Ruth H7 Hughes, Corinne 123 Hughes, Robert 81, 100 Humphreys, Gail 5,13,105,110 Hunt, Glenn 113 Hurlbut, James 117 Hyers, Albert 113 Iborg, Edward 123 Jackson, Judy 123 Jacobs, Donald 81, 131 Jacobsen, Andrew - 111 Jamieson, Nancy Jeffrey, John 70,95,99,110 Jenkins, Sharon 131 Jerman, Barbara Jirka, Charles Johns, Carolyn 69 Johnson, Anita Johnson, Carole 112 Johnson, Charleen Johnson, David 112 Johnson, Dennis 117 Johnson, Gayle 131 Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Jean 117 Johnson, Joseph 17,78,81,132 Johnson, Karen 117 Johnson, Norma 132 Johnson, Phillip 132 Johnson, Warren 123 Jones, Judith Jorgensen, Ronald 117 141 Jourdan, Robert Juday, Donald 80, 132 Juengling, Ruth 117 Jungfer, Richard 97, 123 Kahl, Russell 110 Kahler, Ronald Kalal, Kathleen 117 Kalkbrenner, Paul 90, 100, 123 Kanitz, Alfred Karasek, Ellen 113 Karras, Georgine Kartsonis, Demetra 112 Kasjaka, Diane 113 Kehl, Judith 111 Keller, Gary Keller, Lynnette 66, 110 Kelley, Robert 110 Kellman, Julia Kendall, Arthur Kendall, Robert 66, 122 Keppel, Carol 117 Keppner, Edwin 132 King, John 109 King, Natalie 132 Kinney, Leah Kippeny, Thomas 111 Kirby, James 117 Kish, Carolyn 117 Klass, Dennis 78, 100, 132 Klauss, Ardelle Kloepping, Patricia 117 Kloepping, William 90,110 Knapp, Joan 111 Kneeland, Marueen 113 Knudsen, Randall 117 Knutti, Paul Knutson, Lynn " 132 Koch, Ernest Koehler, Karen 105 Kohlmann, Norma Kokes, Susan Kolze, Ruth 81, 121, 123 Komada, Paul 123 Konneman, Clyde 100 Koob, James 123 Koob, Jerrold 112 Kosson, Jack 123 Kovarik, Judith 113 Krage, Marita 71,123 Kratzer, Kathryn 66, 105, 123 Krebs, Clara 132 Kring, Barbara 67,82,132 Kroll, Richard 21,73,90,100,117 Krusinger, Judith 113 Kuepers, Thomas . . 123 Kulchytsky, Louis 132 Kunze, Kurt 100, 117 Kupperschmidt, Gerald 124 Kurmann, Edward 70,121,124 Kusiak, Jerry Lamb, William 97 Lammert, Dorothy . 124 Lammert, Marilyn 121,124 Landolt, Russell 66,112 Landwehr, Harold, Jr. Landwehr, Mary 113 Langohr, Marlene 117 Laport, Frank La Porta Jeannine 132 Larrison, Rita Laubengayer, Ruth 117 Lauer, Mary 117 Lauritzen, Carolyn 117 Lavengood, Gerald 110 Lavery, Marcia 124 Lavin, Richard . 109 Lawler, Gary 110 Lawson, Leroy 108 Leamon, James . .. 66,90,100,103,104, 132 Leber, Eileen 66, 118 Leisher, Sandra 132 Lenz, Robert 70, 118 LeVey, Kenneth Levinson, Joyce 12,72,81,132 Liljestam, Grace 124 Lillard, Carol 82, 133 Lindelsee, Lynne 113 Lindquist, Robert, Jr. 133 Litturi, Anthoni Litzsinger, Paul 90,100,113 Lockyear, Charles 108,110 Lokay, Lynda 18 Long, Edward 66, 124 Love, Phyllis 124 Ludanyi, Andrew 66,68,70,100, 104, 133 Lukes, Russell Luther, Lorene 124 Lyk, Patricia 118 Maack, Phyllis 111 Maas, Ellis 118 Machen, Winifred Magnetta, John Maples, Sharon 124 Maronn, Karen 118 Marshall, Dale 70, 124 Marshall, David ' 109 Martin, Mary) Martin, William 108 Martino, Joyce 124 Martschinke, Suzanne 66,112 Mascetti, Frances 111 Mathe, John 81, 118 Matthei, Alan 66, 110 McClain, Bonnie 133 McClain, Michael 110 McClain, Ronald 133 McClaran, Dorothy McComb, Barbara 112 McCuIlough, Donald 118 McGee, Robert 109 McGurrin, Thomas 133 McKee, Michael HI McKee, Paul McLester, Marcella 124 McSweeney, Kathryn 124 Meiners, Linda m Meinhardt, Marilyn 118 Mell, Daniel 90,99, 118 Melon e, Robert 124 Melter, James Menconi, Peter 104,118 Mennerick, James 83, 124 Metzger, Ruth H] Meyer, Antoinette Meyer, Eleanor Meyer, Frederick Meyer, Paul H2 Meyers, James 109 Miccolis, Dominic Michalen, John 66,112 Mielke, Sandy 133 Mies, Kenneth 124 Miller, David Miller, Douglas 108 Miller, Gary 90, 100, 118 Miller, Jerold Miller, Judyth 113 Miller, Marjorie 118 Miller, Martha 69, 111 Miller, Shirley 110 Miller, Steven 112 Millies, Robert Mills, Robert 81,91,92,100,124 Mitchell, Margaret 112 Mochel, Ronald 113 Mohamed, Sally 118 Moese, Jeanne Mohr, Jerome 77, 109 Mohr, Ronald 118 Molnar, Carol 110 Monson, Jackie 81, 133 Moore, Donald 118 Moore, Kathleen Moore, Kathleen 113 Moore, Linda 105, 133 Mowchan, Barbara .... 13,33,40,46,47, 67, 105 Morris, Harold 118 Mount, William Moyers, John 97, 118 Mueller, Louanne 133 Mueller, Marcia Munz, John Murdock, Bruce 95,99,118 Murphy, Cheryl Murray, James 66,112 Musil, Joan Musi], Kenneth 83 Mutton, Robert 109 Mygind, Hanne 11, 124 Naefe, David Nagy, Thomas Natzke, Robert 118 Neall, John 118 Nelson, Jesse 113 Nelson, Kenneth Nelson, Linda 113 Nessel, Frank 112 Nesseler, Frank 118 Nevaril, Carol 118 Nicolay, Neal 73, 118 Nichols, Harry HO Niensted, Ann 112 Nolte, Annette 110 Novarro, Karen 72, 124 Nussmann, Barbara 124 Nussmann, Joyce 125 O ' Brien, Dennis 71,125 Oh, Young 11 Olafson, Dale 1 33 Olson, Axel Olson, Diane 118 O ' Neill, Kathleen 67, 125 Orr, Robert Osinski, Rosalie 125 Ott, Carolynn Often, John Packard, Judith 133 Pann, Vivian Pantermuehl, John 66,119 Pantermuehl, Karen 50 Panzo, Frederick 119 Pardun, David Parian 133 Paterson, Ross 125 Patton, Cheryl 112 Paul, Alfred 67,73,81,97,133 Pavletich, David 125 Pensyl, Clifford 91,95,99,109 Pearce, Joyce 119 Pemberton, Virginia 7,16,133 Penney, Thomas 97 Pertle, Glen no Peterson, Dennis Peterson, Ted 119 Phillips, Gary 99, 134 Pidone, Anna 134 Pilarski, Linda 134 Pilz, Gilbert Plautz, Donald 66,73,114,119 Pocevicz, Ronald Pohlman, Sally 119 Polcyn, Carol 112 Polcyn, Steven, Jr. 134 Polk, Virginia 119 Porter, Virginia 125 Potamianos, Anastasia 119 Prehn, Carolyn 119 Prescott, Robert — 99 Preuss, Joanne 72, 74, 125 Price, Lynne 69, 70, 125 142 Prokop, Betty Pscherer, Roger 134 Pugh, Carolyn 11° Radspieler, Jane 13,81,82,134 Rahmeier, Ruth , — 113 Rahmeier, Jean 69, 119 Raitt, Cynthia 113 Raivio, Mary Randall, Robert 125 Rasch, Clarice Rasche, David 73, 108, 109 Rasche, Ellen 50,66,68,134 Rasmussen, David 134 Ream, Richard 113 Reid, Carolyn 119 Reiman, Fredick 111 Reschke, Dianne Riccetti, Donald Riemer, Donald 113 Riess, Thomas . . 90, 91, 93, 95, 100, 125 Ring, Mary Ritschard, Shirley 67 Roberge, Brian 109 Roberts, Lillian Roberts, Ronald 134 Robertson, Bruce 134 Robertson, Carmine 113 Robertson, Donna 134 Robson, Cynthia 113 Rock, Arthur 92, 119 Rodriquez, Jack 134 Roe, Mary Roesch, Muriel 40 Roeske, Carole 134 Rogge, Marylou 111 Rohrbacher, Judy 113 Rose, Natalie 70 Rosene, Bruce 134 Rosene, Douglas 104 Ross, Douglas Ross, Kenneth 66, 67, 73 Ross, Penelope 125 Roussin, Rebecca 113 Rotgers, Robert 90, 100, 134 Ruhl, Wilma 72, 125 Runyan, Arthur 108 Rusin, Esther 135 Rutecki, Mary 112 Schaack, Barbara - 69,70,119 Schack, Patricia 113 Schaefer, Nancy 111 Schaefer, Sandra 72,119 Schantz, Robert 70, 119 Scheer, Barbara 40,67,72,135 Schell, Edward Schimelpfening, Roy 109 Schippits, Harold, Jr. 73, 90, 100, 112 Schlapper, Fern Schmidt, Jean 82, 135 Schmidt, Kathe 110 Schmidt, Raymond 81,90 Schmidt, William Schneider, Joann 50,83,135 Schoening, Karen 72, 125 Schottler, Gudrun 82 Schowalter, Sally Schuldt, Nan 69, 135 Schultz, Donna 113 Schultz, Kenneth 112 Schultz, William 111 Scodellaro, Denis 109 Scott, Janet 13,40,66, 119 Secrease, Dennis 67, 73, 125 See, Susan 119 Seegers, Alyce 111 Seidel, Annette Seivwright, Ian 135 Selak, Joseph 110 Sentenn, Walter, Jr. 119 Sharer, Erla - 125 Sheldon, Ted ----- - 125 Shepard, John 109 Shepard, Sarah H3 Shevelson, Edward 66,96,135 Shevelson, Sharon 66, 135 Shewchum, Michael Shingu, Shirley - 21, 125 Siffert, Judith Sikorski, David Ml Simmons, Barbara Simpson, Margaret H3 Sinclair, Donald 91,92,100,135 Singleton, Warren 96,100,119 Sir, William 41,94,95,96,100,125 Sittler, Elizabeth Skow, Christy HI Slade, Janet HO Sleep, Philip HO Smith, Janet Snyder, James 125 Snyder, Leta Speckman, Dale 67,70,73,121,125 Speekmann, Carol 50,81,135 Spevacek, Rudolph, Jr. 109 Spiroff, Kenneth 95, 99, 126 Spreiter, Karen 72,74,135 Stahlhut, Don 92,100,108,110 Stamatakos, Sarantos 126 Stamm, Nancy Stantus, Robert 119 Stebel, Beverly 66, 126 Steging, Craig 81,96, 126 Stevens, James Stilwell, Sandra 113 Stock, Carl 119 Stock, Dennis 70,74, 135 Stock, Patricia 66,78,119 Storm, Patricia 111 Strand, William Hi Streich, Judith 66, 113 Streich, Pamela 74, 126 Stringer, Gerald 119 Stroetker, LaVerne 126 Stroetker, Shirley 66,135 Strong, Charles 119 Strong, Robert 114,120 Sturtevant, Barbara 113 Styczynsky, Elaine 110 Suchomel, Richard Suedmeyer, Frederick 135 Sumner, Stanley 120 Swanson, Ted Swanson, Vivian 112 Tabatt, Carol 112 Tague, Barbara 120 Tajii, Keiko 105, 126 Tan, Siew 135 Taylo r, Donald 47, 90, 92, 100 Taylor, Margaret 120 Tepas, Nancy 126 Terrell, Lunette 112 Thiele, Marian 50 Thomas, James 109 Thomas, Michael 100 Thompson, Sandra Thorsen, Diana Tompkins, James 109 Topp, Anthony Townsend, Clyde 120 Tredrea, Ellen Trimmel, Linda Tribble, Richard 120 Trost, Glenn 50, 136 Tschopp, Linda 120 Tschudy, James 66,67,73,126 Tuxbury, Doreen 50,68,136 Tyler, George Tyler, Larry Tylke, Donald Uebele, Barbara 110 Urbaniak, Larry 66, 126 Uthlaut, Kathryn 83, 120 Uthlaut, Martha 13, HO Valentine, Robert 74,136 Van Faasen, Jan 136 Vann, George HI Veitmanis, Elga 136 Verstege, Derinda HO Victor, Roberta 126 Vilendre, Kurt Vollerstsen, Karen 112 Voska, Theodore 120 Walker, William, Jr. 120 Wallace, Jean Waltz, Katherine 72, 126 Warkentin, Lois 69, 120 Warring, Donald 120 Wartenbe, Donna 66, 72, 120 Wassenaar, Richard 136 Weigand, Russel 66,78,81,99,126 Weiglein, Joan 120 Weislo, Aurelia Weitzel, Harvey Wells, George Wells, Roberta 67,81,126 Wenzel, Robert 66,81,136 Werle, Jeanette Werner, Duane 71,136 Westrow, Ronald Weyerstall, Axel 112 Wezeman, Henry 126 Wheeler, Vinni 81, 126 Whelpley, Harold HO White, A. 81 White, Donald 120 Whiting, Virginia HI Wiebke, Judith 120 Wilkinson, Melinda Williams, Bruce Williams, Mildred 112 Willie, Carol 19,67,71,136 Willin, Barbara 120 Wilson, Barry 81, 100 Wilson, David 126 Wilson, Gary 81 Windham, Gail ----- 71 Winnecke, Andrew 120 Winter, William 126 Wintermeyer, Donald 90,136 Wintermeyer, Lois 69,108,110 Wise, Richard 1 82, 126 Witt, Penelope Wittick, Robert .„ 80,81,126 Wleklinski, Mary HI Wohlschlaeger, Richard . 50,73,136 Wojahn, Karen 72 Wojnarowski, Edward Wolfe, Roger 109 Wood, George Wood, William - 70, 73, 120 Wrath, Stephen Wulke, Yvonne 113 Xinos, Catherine 113 Yoerges, Alvina 82, 126 Yokel, Joan 66, 136 Yoshida, Tokuji Young, Frederick 120 Youngblood, Harold 70,90,100,111 Youngren, Robert 109 Youstra, Gerald 120 Yunker, Lee 34,95,136 Yunker, Ronald 109 Zdvoracek, Annabeth Zeiger, Cherie 120 Zeumer, Diane HI Zimmerman, Carl 66, 120 Zimmerman, Paul 112 Zimmermann, Richard 136 Zornow, Joan 113 Zulauf, Catherine 120 Zuspann, Albert 109 Zwygart, Diane 111 143 Organizational Index A Academics 16 Administration 52 Art Festival 36 Assemblies 26 Athletic Assembly 102 B Baseball 98 Basketball 94 Bell Ringers 71 Board of Directors 53 Business Club 81 Business Honor Society 48 C Chaplin 61 Cheerleaders 105 Choral Union 23 Christmas 22 Commons 10 Cross Country 91 D Dances 20 Debate 80 Decade of Development 8 Dorm Councils 69 Dorm Life 34 E E Club - 100 E Club Banquet 104 E.I.I 40 Elm Bark 78 F Faculty 57 Football 86 Foreign Students 11 Freshmen 108 Freshmen Week 4 G Golf 96 Graduation 51 H Head Residents 68 Hockey 97 Homecoming 12 Honor Society 50 I Intramurals 102 J Juniors 121 L Language Lab 37 Lecture Series Committee 83 Limeliters 39 M Men ' s Glee Club 73 N N.S.A 68 O Orchestra 75 P Parent ' s Weekend 42 Photo Index 140 Polyhymnia 72 Prom 46 R Religious Life Committee 67 S Seniors 127 Senior Activity Index 137 S.N.E.A. 82 Social Life Committee 67 Sophomores 114 Staff 61 Student Union 43 Student Union Cabinet 66 Student Union Senate 66 Studying 24 T Tennis 96 Theater 76 Theater Guild 76 Track 92 W Who ' s Who 50 Women ' s Union Activities 32 Women ' s Union Cabinet 81 Wrestling 104 W.R.S.E 80 Acknowledgements Special thanks must be given to those who aided in the publication of this book. We are especially grateful for the assistance of Mr. Edwin Hackle- man, who is the representative from our publishers, Foote and Davies, and to Mr. Bill Snell of the S. K. Smith cover company. Photog- rapher Ray Cowan of Koehne Studios has not only done all of our senior portraits, but has also helped us with special pictures throughout the year. The Elms has also received pictures from the admissions office and from the Elmhurst Press for which we are appreciative. Division pages are the product of professional artist Ralph VanDyke. However, students have done most of the work, and special thanks must be given to Bob Hein who has served as the business manager, photographer and photo editor. The Editor PRESS 144

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