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Pm-www" ' Wxt W, x .f,' s 1 E . r rv of R I, ' f V. 'j4,. o ""'- :dui W I E.. Tir -wud- ' .uw x I 0 1" - v Q ' I s 425.-,'I-f,-'.-NH 11--'Tky1.45:-5,,2-31551-'SFLJQT1-,5' -"" 'fifii-QQ-f"7' -"Y,"-'L ,J -'flf P4 Z-. Sp " ' ' " 'L , 3-3 ' -"" ' " "' " " ,'!!v-an-new 2, V' 'gnniinn -' -f tiff? , sf " - ' A WL A , f ly J .. -V , ,W 4 1 - : -z -- - rf 0 T TRIVI 1 323 'fn "All hands, this is the Captain speaking .... " Commanding Officer CDR David O. White Cdr. D. O. White, a University of Central Arkansas graduate, has had varied assignments prior to his assignment as Commanding Officer of the "Fleet's Finest Frigatef' USS Elmer Montgomery. Upon commissioning in 1966, he reported to USS Constellation CCV-645 and assumed duties as Radio Officer. His next assignments were as Communications Officer at the Naval Ammunition Depot, Hawthorn Ca. and on board USS Little Rock CCG-47 which on many occasions served as flag ship for Commander Sixth Fleet. Other assignments include USS Lang CFF-10605 as Operations Officer, Naval Ocean Systems Center in San Diego, Ca., as head of the Multi-Sensor Integration Division and the ANXWSC-6 Satellite Communication Project and Executive Officer of USS Downes CFF-10705. Cdr. White reported from staff duty, serving as Program Element Manager for exploratory development in Navy Counter-measures for Chief of Naval Material. Cdr White took command of Elmer Montgomery injanuary, 1984. He lead the ship through a rigorous and extensive refresher training at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and shortly before the deployment in the Mediterranean, his ship set new records for ASW excellence during special operations in the Atlantic. In May, 1985, he completed the 7 month Med Deployment. Time for some reflection during a busy day Q,,J ff wi Ja Q f W3-f Lcdr W. Britt Watwood January 1985 to present Lcdr R. L. Williams was commissioned in 1972 through the University of Kansas NROTC program. He has served as Communications Officer in USS C. F. Adams CDDG-25, CIC Officer in USS W. S. Sims CFF-10595, and as Operations Officer in USS Paul QFF-10805. He has also been an instructor in Ship's System at the NROTC Unit, Savannah State College and has served as Staff Combat Systems Officer, COMDESRON Ten. He holds a Master's Degree in National Security Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, Ca. He assumed duties as Executive Officer in September, 1984. an-41 Executive Officers Lcdr W. B. Watwood is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. Prior sea tours have been in USS Power CDD-8395, and USS Jonas Ingram CDD-9385 as well as Staff Operations Officer for Commander, Destroyer Squadron Thirty-Two. He has also been an instructor at Officer's Candidate School, Newport RI and last served as Ship Scheduler for Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Lcdr Watwood holds a Master of Science Degree from Old Dominion University. His awards include the Navy Achievement Medal and Navy Commendation Medal with Gold Star. He assumed duties as Executive Officer in January, 1985. Lcdr Russell L. Williams September 1984 to January 1985 ic. ,alice ' .Q- iw rf' L5 il 1 I. v -. P F' Q rf if i . "1 "" " mnwcnunn:a:vwsv+2v-e-'1vl1'P11.M'M'W"v' ' D.. ,,,,.,,, ,M , . 'zu . WSQIZZWH Master Chief Petty Officer of the Command STCM CSWH C. E. Roche Master Chief Petty Officer of the Command Our Senior Enlisted Advisor f,,,,,,NA Master Chief Ed Roche reported on board Elmer Montgomery in July 1984 after a tour as supervisor of the Nuclear Weapons Assist Team CNWATD at the Readiness Support Group, Mayport Fl. His sea duty assignments have been on board numerous ships including USS Turner CDDR-8345, USS Belknap CDLG- 26D for two tours, and USS Patterson CFF-10615. He has also been stationed in Puerto Rico and has instructed at the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare CASWD Training Center, Pacific, in San Diego Ca. , The duties of Master Chief of the Command provide a boost to the efficiency and morale of the crew. Master Chief Roche keeps busy by chairing some very important advisory groups such as the Human Relations Council, Striker Selection!Professional Development Board, Sailor of the Quarter Board., and the Command Advancement Board. He coordinates such activities as Chief Petty Officer!Petty Officer Indoctrination training, Enlisted Surface Warfare training, Indoctrination for newly reporting personnel, Captain's Calls and Awards ceremonies. The Master Chief is the Senior Enlisted Advisor who has a ready ear for problems of the enlisted community on board and whose advice is heeded by all levels of the chain of command. In addition to all of his duties, he coordinated a very utilized and popular tours program while in the Mediterranean. Waiting the start of PB for T ,yf ,f ,W W W, liee iiv fler ff 1 vfee 1 A' x f ""i- 97' V. if f Q, ' 7 - ' ff ettf ,., " ,' i-i, " V .,,.. t, i,... ll , .... , L .A mimi! Y X, W ,A 3i5.QlL.'.5.-a?E.2S3'55.29-5 1' .TH 'Ll " - 4 ,...,.... Y mg, LWLA,-Ak? Y 6, ,C r H IQRIISIIY-U jfglfg The C. O. and Mrs. "C" The job's not complete 'till the W! paper-work's done. The answer has got to be here somewhere! ll D! The Skipper takes a look-see ,muf f Summit Conference on the X Port Bridge Wing. "This IS my best side!" 5 , , , ... .- k v ,. .,1ulLf--my-.---w e llkllfiliiuuwimmmmer 1 SSA- N U , A I3,,??ga,nii,gifsQ,R,,,2,,,A',1,Q,y,,,,gM x5xil'lll3lWf-"7avcJxwh1Pn?5741!ar.mwum' . HE L V T . 1 ' an ff V M, WL, 11,54 ""' A A f N , no L f y f 3 , my yfyffvm .N f A J K 1 it ,gms cg 3112? 3' 444444 i n 43 2 A 1 ' V fffff f , 5 'Nu-...wf AXC Lane King and Lffi g Mike Brooks L LCDR Reece Beck I I r 1 1 i 5 l ,. , , E ' P Q f "The Deck is green. . .Standby to recover Helo." Q F i 5 LT Gary Cooper and LT Rob Mankoff Q HSL 36- ub-Busters' Eyes Aloft The "MECHS" The HTECHSH 4 fl 5, 'x i k x 4 li, ii 'ef L to R-AD3 Andfiella, AMH3 Taylor, AMHAN Kissel, AD2 Seward L to R-AE3 Vollmer, AX2 Unger, AX1 Coulter, AE3 Bickford HSL 36, Det 2 proved themselves as able members of the Sub-buster team. The mechanics and technicians worked many long hours to keep the "bird" in the air. The flight crews had many' different missions to do. They provided tracking of assigned submarines, information on surface contacts, personnel transport and an occasional photograph. Their presence also helped crew moral with their mail runs. They were professionals and quickly became true shipmates Our "Airdales" had a can-do attitude and contributed to Elmer Montgomery"s reputation as a top operational asset to the Sixth Fleet. Leftz' "Look at all Right. Earning his flight pay. them dials." S Th Lamplighters Lt Mankoff in the driver's seat The Chief takes a short break CZ "One more rubber band should do it." wx- Coulter and "our Mr. Brooks" Q.. Vollmer, Deep in thought 8 Kissel and Unger in the hangar The shades make the man -. ..,, --2.4.0 Rll!lm! v3'f""?4X I3 A A- , The Engineers Repair. . .Damage Control. . .Propulsion LT Hampel-Main Propulsion Assistant LT Spiker-Chief Engineer EMCS Cuaresma LT Darley-Electrical Officer LT Bogdanowicz, Chief Engineer X , B Division Officer ENS Monroe C. Auxiliary Officer Damage Control Assistant ENS York LTj g Albritton Wg W ' ' A M A ff ICC Sakuta and BTC Wiswell HTC Cortes and MMCS Crosby 1 1 MM3 Cuevas N , . 'sts-gfvfnvifv-f'M4tx!l1?'iHlNiNf4 ' EN 1 Bennett 8z MM1 Owens In addition to maintenance responsibil- ity for the air conditioning, emergency generators, small boat engines, and refrigeration units, A-Gang was tasked to ensure fuel for the Helo was in supply and of high quality. Their hard work greatly contributed to the success of Elmer Montgomery's many missions in the Med. ' is, f MM3 Miracle EN2 Coomes EN3 Betts L. to R.-MM3 Perez, FN P. Jones, MM3 Quinn 10 ' X X 1 , f MM3 Chopp - ANG I 1 A i FN Glover and FN K. Jones 1 X su.,-, ya" .gd , ,-,... . .- , ,, ,, . ..,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.. .mv - .. ,, .. , . , JS" 5 L , s :fag X J 'Tm bUSY- G0 HSk BGUSS-H Cuevas at work on the Gig M F nnnn n so ,M ,, S ,. K f WW f .-X5 A" AW, ff V Y ta3g,x.X,,g "Where is that definition of ' "I say let's rig another pulley." 'opposed stroke?" Hey James, how was chow? "How about checking the hood While I gas her up." 1 1 X llhkllznnmna Kicking back 11 ,s.., , ' - ,.,, f' B DIVISIO fm, 'iii'- BT1 Bickhart 8z BT1 Meggett M -- ff 2 L. to R. -- FN Salsburyg BT3 Lewisg BTFN Fiegl gl BTFN Lampley fffw f I .XX . u 3 f W5 ' f BT3 Thompson BT3 Ramson Wwmw, 2634 2 ? M ' f, ff ,, ijfw ' BT2 Phillips BTFN Collis L. to R.-BT3 Deermang BT2 Karkg BT3 Bullaro V X , I, . ..,J.'. ,, it - ?!5f7'?333 2337?. The "Steamin' Heathens" W' L. to R.-BT1 Bevvseeg BT2 Morgan, BT3 Stewart ' BT3 Haselbauer 81 BT3 Tappan it ,,,,, i 23 Q yi, X f 'CW gf,j1S,,, s Q v Q N 1 ,,a. 5, , f 9 f , f V .z , r X L. to R.-BT2 Peddycordg BT2 Raines, BT1 McNeil L. to R.-BT3 Scott, BTFN W. Harmon, BT3 Salvatore BT2 Glennon 8a BT3 WilQiams v f BT2 J. Harmon 111 In -Wmt.ff,. ff f 5 aw' f Q! 91' ' .dm Q, ,, ,fl fmt 'f My Q 1-fl I' Li A ,, ffn"'iv-f" Eiiw'-Q ' as-..'i5'nw1emnn.u1xexmI . The Boiler Technicians, Monty's "Steamin' Heathens" provided steam for propulsion, steam for hot water, steam for electricity, and ensured that We had enough fuel in the tanks to do the job. They also tested fuel and Water to keep the engineer- ing plant running efficiently. No strangers to high heat, hard Work, and long hours, the BT's proved themselves to be adapt- able tothe many different situa- tions which they faced. No group of BT's could have done it bet- ter than the "Steamin' Heathensf' iw ,55 Z ?,f, 'f-dusuilmwtmv-Wu--ev H - Q V . ,- s.s.,..a..r-.g....i.L.J,..- ,:.,.., il' Q e f XWvY ,,,.i,,-.1ll : 4 gil," W Z :f , A. f , W. , N 1 ff f , fp fn ff .. f Z r , I Y 1 , 2 1 fi M NX , NNN fires in one-bravo boiler. 7 .WW -ua... . U...-. ff . ..-.. -,-. .-W. ,... - - . u : , ,f .. I A f l 2 4 Q K q, E Z f as :gyyy f W5 r, ff' 'Www BT3 Tappan keeping the records straight. -X1 BT1 McNeil supervises console booth watchstanders. "You want it when.' 7 'P sl aimllnllimmm' Fireroom reports 8096 boiler load." just Whistle. 5 l --.. L. to R.-IC3 Langstong EM1 Lyonsg EM3 Respess L. to R.-IC3 Gilbertg ICFA Riversg IC2 Cunningham IC1 Kvamme EM3 Ireland D EM3 Zellars Overseeing the proper distribution and main- tenance of the ship's electrical power and internal communica tions is the responsibil- ity of the men of E Division. The Electri cians and IC'men con- tribute to the operation of the ship, as Well as the safety and comfort of the crew -gl" X f-...N-Q' y 4 Tift' IC2 Wheelahan and FN Johnson EM1 Pickett ,Q t + X , A ,,, A EM2 Vincent i,ii X ' FN Woodbury and EM3 Shepherd IC3 Hall and FA Br OWI'l 16 i ' J x S:-M57 f -N , ,,f,fw,9sN ' n.,nf'f"f',f Bert counts his pay. ngmvfm, . "On the Elmer Montgomery, there are men ' Working aloft." "Shep 1 - "Hey Woodberry, I hope you have a bandana. I'm Mlke Stand? 3 501111411113 and wearing the last parachute." security Watch. K 5 ICCYND1 Wheelahan checking out another Engineering manual. Cunningham explains GQ phone-talker procedures to ICFA Rivers. 17 M Division-The Machinist Mates i I X W W f I 6 E lvsfw i , ff' MM2 Houseman MM1 Healey MM1 Knight 8z MM1 Cardello 4 mi S E 4 Af' . L. to R.-MM3 Boweg MMFN Taneog MM3 Osborn L. to R.-MM3 Wilsong MM3 Cremeringg MM3 Whetsell 9 1 1 i fav 'WX ,Z 1 ss ' 3 h H MM2 Vansyckle MM3 Rottier Sz MM2 Coleman AIN:-bein Lf.L11v!A.'A:A-+- ' ' . .. 'zzz :.c:.f:c:"-i:- - rm 4 -V , V H V l A 4 ,Q V -V V g Y , - 1 . Ente.. H. ,N - 5, uf, ,, ,.,:.,-Txfhi,.f,J,,k,LVj,f,f5,Wy M W fl A A Y ',""?"4 -em at gaaa - g --- as WW MO TY'S PUWER AND WATER WORKERS MM2 Seevers Sz MM3 McCoppin MM2 Bunker The MM's of Main Control and Aux 1 operate and main- tain the vital machinery that provides mobility for the Monty. Making feed Water for the boiler and fresh Water for cooking, Washing and drinking, another task W assigned to the MM's, has a major impact on the ship's ability to operate. Monty's MM's contributed greatly to the ship's superior opera- tional readiness While in the Mediterranean. iii L. to R.-MMFN Kellyg MM3 Smithg MMFN Johnson MM2 Sanders vw!! 2 Q t Q iii! y 9646 7 f s ix...-" tt afrrf s X , , cv ,X mf f A MM3 Seifrit MM3 Benford NV! 7 W FWW' ga W 2 Q Hof 7 , , ,. Y L 5 Seevers shows that being a MMOW isn't all bad. HJ-armies: X "I'd rather be driving my Jag!" JW "Tim" Red Ryder, a true Snipe 1? Relax Cros-maybe the Redskins will win next Sunday. ?,Xf 4 ry "QUT-HAM Wilson helps load the tax free booze. Whetsell works on the Evap Bowe stands ready to unrep. As Mess Decks Master-at-Arms, MMl Cardello updates the menu board for the next day's meals. W FN Mills Throttleman Dave Seifrit WWW' X Van takes a breath of fresh air. f el,, r K :dvi General Military Training: Lock-picking !7 us too? I'll trade you this cold soda for a cold beer." MM1 Knight makes one of the many log entries while on watch in Aux One "Room, board, and they pay 1 ? 1 S ly Q f , KA i . X X 56 QS-4' . 1 f 21 W...--""Y+ ! ! "Ei-Q41?UW':Yf"'l"5Q!'!'!'l5f4"i"3f""' ' """'i HT1 Guthrie Sz HT2 Obrien .NX if R DIVISIO i i . 0 0 ff z HT2 Null Sz HT2 Morta I I , I it 'WW-x.,,. V ,,,.,-.Nm V L ff HT2 Champion Sz FN Kane FN Waldecki Sz FN Barcellos l 22 FN Jackson Sz HT3 Martin HTFN Bouchard Sz HTFN Gingras Maw. f ' 7 it f 577 , ff W 1 hh I ff ' n,2pi?'Mf , , S I f W , " .x 'V M74 F S Qi 7 , 2,4 4 I Z 'W f 0, .af Ze- , , 71-if' X ., '4 I ' A 5,3 fel Aw 'f ik f ff. z f, xv X Z z f f W 0 f fffff M 'Q ,, 4,4 , f X5 'jf ' , ,, 7 V ' ff' 7 Z W X" '.1f2'f", 1' , 1 .1 ,, , Q, In A :Mm ',,,,, f , , , , ',,, if 7 L. to R.-HT3 Mathiesg MR3 Beynong HT3 Fitzgerald Hull and Damage Control Specialists 'No-one ever told me that We had a laundry aboard." Scene leader, request permission to enter the space." Repair and damage control are the fortes of R Division. Our HT's are the ship's Welders, metal Workers, plumbers and resident experts in Damage Control. They provide the necessary training and expertise to keep the crew safe and keep the ship afloat during any emergency situation. ,, ww U' AXNNYV' HTFN Bouchard checks out the next drill for Repair 2. ,mv t 'X ,fm ffm, ,, 'M f si, f f Q h u ,. M vw , , . f , fp. ss, QNX? , ,. ny, ,, ' MLNTMQQX YQ Waldecki cleans up excess fuel spilled on deck. ,. of 5 ' A S. LT. Smith, Operations Officer LTjg Bobola, Combat Information Center Officer OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT The Officers and Chiefs of Opera- tions Department Work to allow the ship to meet all assignments. Safe navigation and plotting, Electronic Warfare, and the maintenance of associated equipment is of para- mount importance. LTj g Fink, Electronics Material Officer LTj g Clarke Caboveb, ENS N uenfeldt Cbelowb Communications Officers rl, f . A li Wir I f' ETC Wallace Sz RMC Britton ETC Belsky 8z OSCS Nerenberg SM2 Chase and SN Losa RMSNGro1eau 8z RM1 Stefani L. to R.-RM2 Atchisong RM2 Osbor '.:,-if SM2 Redavid RMSN Doaner 8: RM3 Dickens SM1 Corbin RM3 Baldwin 8: RMSN Lefavour nec RMSN Tharp L. to R.-RM2 Graceg RMSN Davisg RM1 Rinko COMMUNICATIGNS 25 r S , Ktzpfiif y f Da-Da-Da-Da "Ah, . .the cool sea breeze" Maintaining a vigilant Watch, 24 hours a day, for incoming communications is the job of OC Division. Their listening ear and keen eye are often required to keep the ship's company informed of changing opera- tions and world events. Being "The first to know" is often the fame of these sailors. .pun i s i "Say What. . .?" The "S GSU "Just thought I'd say Hi!" ts t f ,, ,y , . wa '? M .Ain f ,W,,,,,,,f.WN, ,"M'W "I hope that's not for me!" NOW SMILE! W ,W "Radioc:entral just Qike home" RMSN Tharp, a brief moment topside RADIOMA "H h ' ' ave t ey passed rev1l-e yet, is it time to get up?" 27 F931 f DIVISIO A.. ,rrf mf ir 4 fi I 0 rn 5. 93 E1 S. 2. O I3 S Fr. IIT' E1 41 FD "1 CD 5. is P-3 73" C'D CD C'D 5 S eg 4 FD "1 CD U7 'U O F5 vftlisfxhfe tion equipment. Their vast knowledge in electronics Warfare enables early detection of enemy vessels and helps to identify the potential threat. y-f-N... .,.. . ffm- 3 EW2 Chicoine sible for proper operation of the radars and communica- JL. nl --,-- .fp Q-f 5' 5' F X V ivwfghn 'Ns ' X K gb as Se' f ET3 Wooldridge 81 ET3 Miles M.. EW3 Moses 81 EW2 Ingbretsen W . . A EW2 McDermott ET3 Foust l g ? Z -y- xx X X SN'- QWQ . XX X . T f 1 1 X i 1 wa rw.. I I I I N nf I I 'X if W Z 3 an what a m 5 ,WN Z f W WV, ,f M 42 CW 2 9 ,q""q ,, s x WW ik, 2 'W . S E Q f V w' f X Y Wx x ,2 ,nf Nw een 0u,Sp t haYe5iet S' Y FOufOn,S Ja H6 hns JO Z Z E z N il if Q f gl K ,l Q f , if 6 J .QRIM , X Y . 46 1" . S- tfon derStand t un t don IJUS W f U 3 7 f f ,,,, 4 W0 X " f-N A V , If , f f - ,, "What the hell is that?" f A, X Q f men 4- . 14 A I 6 Q j5iwHqgau"55.:4f94e-.gawmnlgygggyvavrlw - .AQM1 -- '-f-1 " ' r p. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,A,,A,A . ,,,,,, ,,,, . ,, r , """ffff,Wff ff f 4 .X .gif ' ,, f ,.,, , OS1 Lash 81 053 Sullivan L. to R.-OS3 Friedmang OS2 Krygierg OSSN Phi1Qip ffs, ., f f X f W sf K ' ,fa ' ff- 21 'U QQM, " ' 2 . ji Mk f WS , , . 2 ff , WW , ,fa if f xX7Z nw! i s ,V WZ xi 0 ,yfr .5 X is if .swwf Q 'st 1, L. to R.-OS2 Mollyg OS3 Tungolg OSSN Cooper L. to R.-OSSN Vierag OSSN E. Johnsong OSSN D. Johnson OI Division serves as the ship's eyes during close maneuvers and on the open sea. They are tasked with seeing beyond the horizon and keeping track of air, sur- face and sub-surface contacts to main- tain a safe path to navigation. The OS's - Ukgy 1 proved their professionalism in all as- pects of operations, communications OS3 Gaines OSSN Hannahan and tactics. ...-l""" 32 W H 4 g L V , W M ' :..,...:i.ua2e4..:.:w:.r:a:.,.-.gA:FL 4 , '16 E OS1 Hughes and OSSN Reid L. to R.-OS3 Renfroeg OS3 Slaughterg OSSN Rose L to R USSN Hughes OSSN Sontag OSSN Pape OSSN Marsh was OSSN Lynch S 'WNNISM 31-mf' M ug "Sure, I saw the Wive's Christmas tape, Why?" "Well Senior Chief, can you tell me what l mashuganah means?" A bb-u. Sontag does some D C PMS Molly helps redo the Crew s Lounge l Wilson ala Cheshire Cat smile I sure need a cup of hot coffee. Thinking of home, Ken? EUC "COOP" Lash has the deck. I .....l.......,.,. , ,,, V 7" ,. Q A ig. 2 i ,numb 2 f X fig f li, Q?-TX l HKCHUYH "I love Working parties." It seems that the temperature is not to fa OS's in the Crew's Lounge. ffiwae Djohns liking. Joe-Pat has had "Where are the seamen A busier Watches. when you need them?" ': Q X Il HFFHUH OSSN Rose passes the word as Messenger of the Watch 'DraW, you varmitf' Catching a little T.V. during off hours. -4 'aww' i , l l l 3 ll l - -X NAVIGATION! DXECUT IVE D LTjg Smith, Admin Officer EMCS Bray HMC Rhynard 8z PNC Dickinson NCC JHTVIS 81 MAC LIDUHP NX Division duties encompass nav- igation, administration, andymedical functions onboard. The adminis- tration of programs ranging from Material Maintenance Management to those of various personnel sup- port and safe navigation during underway operations are all within the cognizance of NX Division. X ,, 4, m4.....agM., ...N Al WW f Rlght HN Castleman Below YN1 Treclda L toR QMSN S1mpson QM2 DHVIS QM2 B1rd Above QM2 Yurus Above YNSN H111 Below PN2 Chancellor Below PC2 L1psm1re B ,mf-"""j Above PN3 Hall Below QMSN Taylor 'fa-:iveur-see-mrfvgrrzlgizf-'l'l'-'Q ' ' - ' LA YN2 Archambault 8z YN2 Edwards PNC and YNI getting the admin straight SN Kunz 8z PN3 Long QMSN Caravaglia 8: QM2 Crosby A Aw at ,.x, .wkg "I sure enjoyed the book I just finished, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde." Head gear by Gucci Sluggo minds the helm. 38 Money, Money everywhere and not a dime to spend. Four years of Med school and now this!" "This is so neat, it would make a freight train take a dirt road. Know what I mean?"-PN CS Gwynn Blackmon n.'y,,4mx.Q,1x:.-zu i..4x:, , el Arch works. . .Jim Watches 5 "Hey Kunzie! I just cut myself a set of orders for 5 years of shore duty. How 'bout HMC at flight quarters ' Signin' ,C1T1?,' QM2 Crosby uses the sextant to shoot sunlines for a "Port. Is that left or right side?" Sweet Lou" Bird The price of a COBRA strike ,1..w1 i Retention is a serious business .... . . .So is 3-M. "...andno anchovies please. b - .mfg-.ABQ-.anna ' l l L LT Henry, Supply Officer i l L MSC Escaler Zz' ll. ml 1 14 5 :li I! xi' l E, Above: SH3 Barner S Below: SHSN Weiss Sz SN Adams LT Young, Supply Officer SUPPLY Ordering and stocking maintenance parts is only the beginning of the job for the Supply Department. Food for the , crew, fuel for the boiler, a needed hair- 4 cut now and then, a shopping spree at the Ship's Store, pay for the sailors, and on and on are exclusively the jobs of Supply. if by ,, X x gl. SH1 Warren ENS McQuilkin, Disbursing Officer 'W' ,qi ll-gf, SKC 'Hess SH1 Sands DK3 Matthews 81 DK1 Spangler L. to R.-M52 McKibbing MS1 Hustg M53 Lyon 2 41W of 'lpn , ,,,A X, F W 'Z f X x l X X fy vw , A f ,f ,4 ff A? -Q -54, x Z Cf, g 'Tr '54, , -1. :Mft W' MEM' f 5 X f K Q X X f Z ' w gs X fe , A. , W1 f 4 X W, 14,4 Mm f 7 2: 2 .yf 7 Zi W W Ls- , mf f 5 f Z X f 9 A if DK1 Gaffney MS2 Mogg MS1 Santos MSSN McDonald . K fy J f a L, to R.-MSSN Mullang M51 Banks? MSSN Clemmons SKSN Anderson Sz SKSN Leeper MS3 Jimmerson SK1 Houston SK1 Pabalan X SK3 Dortch "Fun ain't the word." MS1 Hust checks the food supplies. Ensign "MAC" and the payroll "Yum-Yum" A M A X -.nr ,, U W MM3 Benford gets hrs "ears lowered" by Ship's all fl ,,f ,- ,f5'f o ' barber, SH3 Barner. -,K W N. , an The Baker .,. 1.-.t.mnrh.zs.arxy.g1 l l '-A -had -Quig M,-L,-itu, ..t,.,t,,,. ,, ,, , ' r M We Z "Hit me. . ." "Lifer heLl! 20 years and I'm out!" -wmv: X g vw-"...,,, L6 7' And I thought my mama had it bad. Service with a smile! h N "Ain't he cute?" t W ' 4 X ff i "This is better than a letter from home." y I ' Q , igygullhmitiralunununsw . ., . . ..,. - ..., 2'-f,i",i,jj,.-i..2 '-Z: '5 - Y - . A .NE t H Wm 1 V t 1 pn- Above: Below: LTj g Tipton, First Lieutenant BMCS Neal wc X ,f f , 5 2? i, ff X ff x ff NSA 1 , Above: LT Cornish, Weapons Officer Left: LT Henderson, Weapons Officer ww Q , Q, sk , 9 at Above: L. to R.-STCM Roche, GMTC Miller STGC James Left: LTjg Manas, A.S.W. Officer Left: LT Aguinaldo, Gunnery Officer Below: FCC Ferrill Sz GMGC Gorgas WEAPONS DEPARTMENT -H!!! V ' rMwmmmzw. s ra fi ' -Z' 'l " " 5 ' N A : Wi g h t T - ' ' ' " ' f . : i -fini . " Ai' M: -K f ' - -sJ'5?k:' 1st Division BM2 Yancey 8a BM1 Strom L. to R.-SN Taylorg BM2 Echeverriag BM3 Engelberger L- to R.-SN RCYCS3 BM3 Evans: BM3 LHFSCHY L. to R.-SN Guyeg SN Mauleg FN T. Williams Left: BM2 Tillery Right: SN Huggins Maintenance and preservation of top- side spaces, maintenance and operation of the ship's boats, manning the helm, and standing look-out while underway are the primary tasks of Deck Division. , Our Boatswain's Mates stood countless . hours of watches and spent many man hours keeping the hull free from rust. Our small boats operated efficiently and SN M. Davis the boat crews were always ready. ? Left: SN Neher Right: 45 - N, . . ,. ,,L..AMA,Jm iltllllakbfllruewnsazse u.....-u.......i.... 'iz JW 1 W W W . W W . QW :IW NW WW . .-.J . gg... , WA.. un innr W--- - L. to R.-SN Albrightg BM2 Gessnerg SN Larson BM2 Fischer: SN G1'imSh21W3 SN M- McDonald L. to R.-SN Maitsg FN Muehleiseng FN Landolfi L. to R.-SN Starrg SN Gresserg SN Wood Left: SN Casco Below Left: SN N. Smith Below: SN Makey I 0 . W "fe, f V SN K. Thompson ,,, , . .V , Y ' -l, - 32 uzm.m:m,.m:,mw 5 , zpgag1m igg f "Now away the gig." ffcwfrq ff , WZ, c '53, "BMI Strom, starboard boat pocket." BMSN Largent prepares a 2-Kilo. Hey Gessner, think you can out-press the BMCS? H ' -.fr :uv..aQ..m.:gn.m- "Hey Fish, do they sell those hats in the Shipfs Store. !? After lookout, SN Grimshaw, reports a contact. Q!! The Boatswain's Mate of the watch passes the word. St d b t . y McDonald mans the helm. an mg y Ounrep ' 9. lllldllwlhvl , f ll, f . I-th-. I v'-X t 'i uf" 1 Qg.i.,.,. i1f'X?f-WiFl"52.xf-imff ' 'f-'v-A JNL- f--5l'S'.'f1x ,- Q ,ff -Wu . ,- . . X , "k'L 1 -- f JSs+.Q,.,gijKg-15.3-54mJ5:XB1,1:.,, .!,.t.5,J of ,',,,,a.Q BM2 Echeverria mans the ZJZ during G.Q. drill Q X , , , f , ,, I, ,a , 2 4 1 f 1 1 ' I X ' 4 4 I ,y ,K Aj , "Rainy days and Mondays. . . " Preventing rust is a thankless task. Taking "five', X x if H This is a pipe, not a Whistle! if Below: - 4 X x 2 X gg !l 7 ii Who you callin Boats ? Supervision keeps the job going 3 Changing the helmsman "Gimme a pack of M8zM's" ' ' --ELM . ell-wqv-H.- Y A- W ' H- Y ,M mjwhlg, , r ,, ' - Q, ,-M91 ':'-f -f +J,,f -,- T- - I .1 A .H . ' ' ' ' ' .'I','I'frfI' . '. ,,:a. 1:g1-4g-A- - . . - W -www, ZND DIVISION I The Gun IlC1'S I L. to R.-GMG3 Nelsong GMG2 Keadleg GMG3 Hubbard GMGSN Luenser 8z GMGSNJacobus The Techs v Q lg .I 4 V, , ,R FTG1 Martin Sz FTG2 Mason FTM3 Randall 81 FTG3 Allen - ......r I N L XX , r FTG2 Jackson 8z FTG3 Bunch FT G3 Ehlich The CIWS Gang Naval Gunfire Support, Small Arms, Close In Weapons System- All of these come under the cogni- L ft zance of 2nd Division. Our gunners e - keep the 5-inch gun and all small 8ZFFTI,Cg2E6IiEfEIly arms in top shape. Our Fire Control Techs take the guesswork out of shooting the gun. The CIWS gang keeps "Robby" Working to provide for ship defense if needed. ,, ,,, if K """"-wmmxx I In f I ,f X, "Isn't the CIWS Working?" Bfmg It On' Chuck Norms' Coming out of hibernation. Just hangmg around. , W y , Checking out a schematic. and S.- I know I put my tweeker in here somewhere." Standmg tall for IHSDCCUOH. f f ff X, Im, ,W A -Y..-4-f--'-- - , ., ' -- 1f"r' '-" J f I Q yt "What's a seven letter word for CIWS?" Roy "All things considered, I'd rather be in dungarees. " Jackson perched on the director. Check the onfoff switch, Marki' Little Gunner" at Meunt 51 KK ! Let s see, who needs-a mid watch?" f Hubbard super- vises "fam-fire" on the 50 cal. -N 1 I T 1 ,x 1 54 .K-,fl -. ag... nxfhk AS DIVISIQHW Back row: STG2 Tillmang STG2 Wardg STG2 Good S Front row: STG1 Huntg STG3 Mabryg TGSN Crampton STG sf GMT SXTM S STG3 Buckwalter GMT3 Footeg GMT3 ScantQang GMT2 Dermody STG1 Snowy STG2 Jonesg STG2 Ditzler STG3 Ramos 'X V ff x 60' 52 . -'-Ji .4 Q f ,,,, J,,,. , ,, .. 4 'I if fi TM2 Mulvey STGSN Cook 'H GMT3 Turner STG2 Good Sz STG2 Nance STG2 Coll1ns 8z STG2 Blanchard TM3 Moseley Sz TM3 H1sler STG2 Doane STG2 Hlgglns Sz STG2 Burchett L to R STGSN Evertsen STGSN Smlth STG2 Chfton STG3 Skaggs F1nd1ng Ident1fy1ng and Destroymg enemy submarmes 1S the m1ss1on of ASW and AS d1v1s1on carrles out that m1ss1on extremely well The ST s found 1dent1f1ed and tracked fore1gn subs whenever called on to do so The GMT s were ready to prosecute any hostxle submar1ne The torpedoes and dehvery systems were kept 1n top shape by the TM s Our ASW gang proved second to none W X X49 f E KW f W f Q W ea IQ Qzlhmm I B111 and Buck stand a late Watch 1n Naples. Let S See' pre heat OV n F1111n out another 1250 7 ,V 2 M WWW? Z , I J, W W X CCBO'b'by79 TJ gi The muscle is there, really." "Sure, I love working with Jan." Shawn proves that sleeping while standing is possible. T ,4y,iwM4 V x Mi J ma W If ! ll,,,,,i, yffzwmfm Blanchard makes a modification to "Up against the bulkhead!" his equipment, "I wonder Where Looks like a slow Watch for STG2 Burchett. Pressurizing the Sonar Dome. as W-N..,.,'iI!f this goes." r - B A IES ft , 1 'Cf 1 3 1 1 I i 1 W , Eg l 4 , Q 1,7 . M Ajff sf , 1 4 2355 2356 At midnight beards are a thing of the past. 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 Ii 1 . 1 ' f, 27,7 J . , nfu iff , , 1 ,.,tfc..V.af f V f 1 1 2357 2358 1 1 1 i It's late so We must get rid of them fast. . . i I 2359 Midnight 1 , 1 f - 1 f f 1 A ex ,i1w ,,m, . .1 . i w. X fe- W . A Az X . X S F? t ,M x i X 4 5 x . Whiskers are gone, clean shaven at last. . . 56 " M- ,YA,...-i-.4... Underway Replenishments up Giving orders to the helm. The BM's rig the kingpost. Q ZWWW xwnkxg The underway replenishment is one of the most important evolutions to an operational ship. Our replenishment ships gave us fuel, parts, food, mail and an occasional movie. These pictures depict the most valuable assets to a safe unrep-the professional sailors who take part in the evolution. p BMCS NeaQ awaits our approach. .5 . 1 lhili Ulm" ' li n N i W 1 i I 4 31 . X A w , if I The XO oversees small boat operations. 1 1 ln 1 I I i a 1 i K6Biii77 XXX. -Ms-.5 gf 2 K xxvx X! X L ,, t. ini-' - m' 'L- '- Th GFFICERS ASF 'N XS, st X ,Wg x wwf, ffff is is "So I figures, 7 months in the Med and I'll be a lean, mean, fightin' machine." M f vm Www X ca H X QL A H1, F ran' N 'Zi 4 Xi' ,, ' ess A fW 'Rv 9 ' ' X psf!! xml J if yu i I t X 1 f ,N v zgg-jg t .wise , , of as , ' Q t Qi Q ... N on f' ,Q . -i.. A s A se :,,,. .,, X X ., ,, 1 s X sm . ' w f x ,f ' fm 1 5 so 5 A Q Q, e X iii ,M e 4 X 'X 'isa X N If Q. X X if , ' X Nqy8B5"?! X- ,fx X Q, S W ' XJ, ' A-X V W H ' f 'ks pi eseee. M' I 4, 4 r A g it M A-.1f...t av... X- I 'W' ' -Q-i f i f """"""iuH ' M SFX, fx zygn lmf - 'm ,tx I 55 , yy t G3 A gf ""' A' Y ,..., , 535 ' . ' A Q- f Q SX 4 N A 4' ,nv R Z3 ft N w A ' A' , -..A,s.,f.. The Captain ...fl-'Ni CG ' 7 ' 39 Ain t no thing, Cobra. The CHIEFS if is v You'd best tell them to Contact the DUTY Master-at-Arms." And 1f elected, I prom1se. . . "T his is the biggest cracker I ever saw." "I want my battle lantern fixed, caManny11 n0w!!" v O . 1 X Q f .f. . . I 1 ffm M. ',,,,f44' ' I FACES IN THE CRQWD Q Z 3 K ' x ' ' MA X. A picture is worth a thousand Words U3 T ' 4 v W M' f Z MQ? , x F S Face I-C MO ew Z' W. ,ZW ' ' .1 hw ,f Q Q' ' 2 af 0 ff 4 W! H Z! w Z 1 Z Z , Q Q M 4, , 0. i ff 024, A:-mill--A-L .-Qdmr 0 f 2 ,,, -WW! fw Q f f W, 'WW W! MQW ,f S ? v W WA af Q THE CREW AT WORK J NW OSSN D. Johnson checks contacts on the scope. -r A . ly I 14 1 E 1 1 fwywagyd 9 CHM- I 'm Q ' 7 , ' ' 1 ,.,AAA Hmiken GMGC Gofgas IOVGS BT3 Williams Standing by his bemg photographed. unrep station. The Crew at Work, Part H Above: "My name is Wilson. . .I Wear a badge." LT Cornish, interim XO Lefty 'jeff' Breaktime on the messdecks f E... ..,. f X W The "Cook Look" BTOW, BT1 Paul R. McNeil Kissel takes a nooner. 5 4, i i i 4 1 1 i if Z 22 . 1 5 f x '1 2 ' f 2 f 1 f ,J 1 f 7 4 , , 7 6 ,rl V57 ,Aww mn , V ,M..,,,, ,.,,, , ClEdH lf 77 DJ Skaggs on watch in AROU THE SHIP A 1 Sonar Control "Do you have the 'need to kr1oW'?" f W M Surface Warfare Officers 4 ,W Y M are 3 a fa? 3 f 9 2' f W WV f Z2 Q 2 Q, fr QW? 2 45? cf My Six feet and rising." 3 ., ,ll nf, Z 4 7 Z W Aja "You cruise-book guys will do anything for a picture." ' I , M4 , 1, V 2 if my My , ' 5 X A QQQA 52Z7' ff W wwf, 7 , ,, , If ff , I gf J ig! Zf QQQZZZZZWWV if ' Them pearly whites M 5 X xxx S XX x kc 51- SQ X X X gm X XSQX X . rg S XX X S SNX f mr R Xxx X 5 X Q Y Nj mm SK -5 , 'NX X 1 gwx nsxxx Watching the Evaps Saluting "Old Glory" uJ0hf1, how 'bout a chaw?" BELLA ITALY , 4' ,,,, , ,, , , EN LISTED SURFACE EWZCSWD Paul Chicoine GMTZCSWJ Ed Dermody BTZCSWD David Morgan GMGISCSWD Bill Hubbard GMGCCSWD Marty Gorgas EWPJCSWD Mike Smith RFARE SPECIALISTS EWZCSWD Doug Iflgbretsen ETISCSWD Paul Wooldridge Z ,, ff EWZKSWJ J oe Traylor EWZCSWD Dan Calvert X XX S OS ICSWD Stu Hughes FTGZCSWD Skip Jackson REX 3 X :x 5 SZ exxeee. eNe.ee...,,, X , 1 fm Q: x 11 ,,4JX..:X We QfiQFXgg5 aff, 4 "ff: , X , XX X 1 N: fyf 0' xg XLX 111'-W ,nge -' fx X ' ' e e ' ,f 5 X X XX X X x -, XQfg7 ,Ag f X ,a if X X X 2 hm :NX ,MM 'NXQX-X , XX , ,W gg? x W X . X h X ms A X, . .KX e JW X X ' e X-'X Q vXXXX X f X ' X K N X X X f , X , fx ' X x KX ' J' x " ff X "1- , , X, X X ' A " N X ' XS-X1 XX 6 f zrif 1 X e X58 X G wr X X X ,- X5 X f X .X f1XXX Q ' X f Q X e eeee X S f 5, X I' Q- X 1 sp X X X I .XXX x X -5 ' ,, l gm k XX - X X . ,XX fg ki 1 X j X r, ,X N' X QQX X A g X X X, 3 1, ' awe X ' X X ' -XXXX MW X Q . . X XQ X XX X XXX X - XX 1 ,Umm NX . X Q , - Sew f Zf2Z1t'i3 3i:- ' rg-. Z - ,f N xl: N ' fi - Q f ' '12 QNX 3553 X f Q ,N w X XXX 5 - f Y O f X X:-LSSXQXX' ' Xxx , .1 5 ' 2- : X- V X XXWXMM XXX-:X 1.2"- X X f x X X Zi g, XX XX ,,,,, The Pin -..-mf.A.-a....M.fm..- V - ' -mgggmwmur 4- i 1 Y l 3 f Q Q 4 Q , .I ! '1 l Q! 5 ii ii Zi i 4 I1 gi A I li X ,-:4 J. -Nha f Q 2 6 1, I VIVA LA rl .A 'fa k 'sl . fm. 3 " A Q 4. i l Colorful decorations for Mardi Gras Parc de Ville, a le Soir Nice, France I ll Arch de Triomphe, Paris Skiing in the French Alps ... , . f-1.-lf, ' - "y::aail:-ur:-m'.u1:r. ' by fp- ' Af: A. A .4.,.. , FRAN C Castleman, Casco, Lampley and Bird take part in Mardi Gras festivities Port of call, Villefranohe sur-Mer, France 12 through 26 February, 1985 The World Famous Eiffel Tower 69 ' ' If UM? Jl1 I 0 f' WWW ' ff .:1f23ZM wZL?ff.74?ZfJ'.'f f - ff , 'Www' " ff' " ,iff ..fffQ4- V f 'Lf v ' "W 'f . f s ff Q -MW , WW!" 'IUC ' , fff ww- WW 1f1?Zzf.s2,4fV, ' 5 5 "ff vmm - My wwf" 'WT K, V k Q . ' HMWML. , Q , aww, ,mem 'pffgfg ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Q ' s- 5 If .. . , r ,I 3 -'ms' QSM .6 4, th Qu J,-, .2 . p . 'X ssh-elhihwuu .ya-an-qs -ff df L' - . i if ' yn!! fxfsI':x,! A." 2' an 1 ', 9-.,.' 'wg . ' 5.1 gg 37 5.1121 bv ' D I - 'X I b All, f :'sfff,"f9.-s'gf.'1ig1ff: Y.. , -, 'N 5 ff-f Ks"1ff-iri. -filffi ' F ilu 'S' fl. if Q F? Q' N' ,Ag ilih fi 1 f 2 . Q! s i , Q ' fi u-Jew f.f- f "This stuff drives me crazy" The Skipper holds a Captain's call on CCTV. 11m Maule sk1s the French Alps g!! Wh1Ch button do I push Repeat after me T2llk1I1g1tOVCI'11'1th6 Chlef s mess 70 H ' If 99 . . . . . . . . , 1 . 1 rx 1 ii A ,S 0, , :WI I MW ff f MM! X ff 7452 dv ' RADM Flatley, COMCARGRU 8, pays us a visit. "That Way, , .3 ". . .OOPS!" little more. . ." "I LOVE THIS GUY!!" I "Yessir, Mayport bears 265, 2,700 miles." ----F. ll 7! I are smart, I are ET. 2 'X n if J 2 f""m- - Q f wx, "W 0, Monty's men play a rough, contact sport. . 8 aA..,....u:w.:-. N iiillllllliii-iwlsxslnx-lui!! ' ' "Just a puddy kind of guy. 1 One special way that Montgomery Sailors took advantage of our inport time in Italy was to visit The Vatican. We saw the splendor of Saint Peters Basilica including works of art by Michaelangelo and other renown artists. We had the privilege of an audience with His Holiness, Pope John Paul II and on Christmas Eve, many of us attended Midnight Mass said by the Pope. The Vatican was a place of beauty, love, and peace. VATICAN CITY P HAIFA, ISRAEL Step off to the Holy Land J ,, ,,,. ,, , V W , W 2, fx, y, , THE CRUISEBOOK STAFF The contents of this book, its pictures and text, represent the devotionof some 350 sailors serving their country onboard USS ELMER MONTGOMERY CFF-10825. It is a tribute to the effort they put forth and produced to provide a lifelong remembrance of a job Well done. The making of a cruise book is not a small task. As editor, I make a special mention of the men pictured on this page. Their tireless efforts and hours of labor made this book a reality. NCC Jarvis-Asst. Editor!Layout Photography EW2 Chicoine-SalesfLayout!Photography MM3 Smith-Layout!Photography PN3 Kunz-Layout!Photography BT2 Morgan-Layout!Photography I would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions: FCC F errill GMG2 Keadle FC2 Jackson SN Guye ET3 Bellgraph RM2 Baldwin STG3 Mabry EW3 Smith HTC Cortes MAC Liptrap T.M. Manas, Editor .... i . H -w-inns ....,,,-,' ...W - ' . - ,,1,. I ' ' A:..... xxm.4:,:w-:.'::gg..p' , G M W Acted Goofy. . . R 'N Johnny Ray entertained us We played games. . . f if, f 4 Grilled a snack. . . G Ate a lot, , , 5: , s 9 . . .With a great Presley act. . . mwwtwr E f 1 Shot the bull. . . and just felt GREAT!! Y, ii V X E f , Nr F WI A D 1 . I I V I H 1 I Ii , , i , fl E K Q P 0 EQ ,Z l 2 I 4 1 l 2 , Qi' Ny E Z 1 1 ', l L fi?iJ 5 f1??fi M, 1, , f,.,, , ,,,,-,,, :J 1 1 , . 'A-, fl 1- , 1 ,, ' -"' 1 , , : ef 1. 1 , ' z 7' I 4 f V. fx ' 2 3, , Q 23, EV , f M 1 X3 A x f A f ,N KK-:k.-g .. -V -- fr .sig V ,1 A I ' ,f::f"'Xf'Z . 9 ,dgXQ'yx, -' -' .S Q, - 3 Q X I J, iw . .. z-.' 'Uv 1 4 J Vi 1 -C '-Y L4 , T 1- , W-- ' v ,fj 'ffl .,3,f3ii5M H "wh f A . Q VA- " --w- Ma ip W- Y li- .um .ff vl,j:,U.n,, f- j ' " "' -7""x1 7 - , -ZQ . . -1 f . f , Hx sf? ' ff-' f 1 A 'Z X f f iz? Y s' " . .,: 1 1 YQ - ' W Z In !..12C'Z."F- " ' .f I 1,9 f 3 1ir'??5ff ., .gi n wk ' ' f 5- 'Ta T:+i'f'w-- g eff- - A "QM ' ,g',v5-.,ff,'g wr f , a k'r1rLf'b"' ' 'Wfsw 'rr " 1-mx, wr, f1'fe5.1w.-v,5N5,i1Ju?:2:?" 1 'wif , ' xg ' ' Q sf Q , lei iIEYQtxfs?m5T , 1- A , - ' in a11.a . fsff?lff4: g Q gg- , ,- fx " 1:,1.jV .uf-1'g,'J,31g. 7-A ftp -- , V, 'gjfg t 1 41:5 'f,L4j fgpiif ' Eb, .- , ' 'rf W2 ' ' A 'S :,l+?2:"A gg: , f fn- fy f x fs: , ,:'-'r .- V T.-f V ,,:Ezf32'fgg,7Qg: ' Aizatsbg. , 1 I - -- L , f- , . "1-T-1-vu-vvfvw,-V,, " K f7EQ1'5L.LQ.1r54: f 11.'ff21fff:Hfrf-af. 3-,ff--frfa-nv-fwrw-Cf.n1-f.-vfp QW... WA.-,.-, ..,,, ,,,,,. ,. .- -., . . ,., , ' ' ' P' ' 1 VJ'-' f' f S f Lfiasffxfz-Q' 1512?-'iff-1i.13if ,:v.-'-x-- -- I w A V Q 1 1 s s l V w 1 1 1 i 1 X 1 Q ls 71, 3 Z L m W , W 4 44 ,WW X ,ww N Qmwww xv 1. 3 WMV .A 2 Ni i 5 1 5 af W4 Mf , A , N 7, f w Q, ,. , Q f F XV, V , ,fwf . ff ?- f xwxmf. .M f mg 4 Wx! ...mf Q . Www- Wx mv' ,Af A W me f W-Q i H0 CUM N N L. Th1S book 1S dedlcated 1 o lToy all of you, ou'r loved ones NCC Jarvis THE MED I REVIE The MON-TV News Team 5 1 'x . 5 The anchormen-Prank and Cheap Doug with Monty Memo Scooter Skip with Sports f'You want it up when??" 2 41 Q ? fa 3 23 z 4 +1 If s SUB BLKYEQ5 Who you gonna call. . . Go ahead-make my day" RMC spreads good cheer Q, --, Z 1 , ,...,,,,Wf i QM!! 1? MMA X is There seems to be a slight misunderstanding here. Morta awaits his money. .I p 'wvwnww-lququeun-rm . M... ,. ,.,.- J--- ' ore Med in Review f 11,4 Oh boy, another Never ending paper work Hitting the books flight quarters." ff f J Q , . WW f X f 'W 4 Oh, radio is in that direction." X W is Wins "I didn't know he could read." 011 the bridge "Now, where's that recipe for banana quiche?" , Q sz Q 1 ZW 4 ZZ "Sorry dude, no Echo pier in sight. Woolite onboard." "Hey Benford, take the rest of the day off. :.f5:L'1s52f:'r:.v4,Zi5'ggg,gig 51-' VA J , Qi AY ,Y Avia-KF, . , , ' , . . .. . Still more Med in Review Recognition for a Job well done. r j ! The Admino These guys could pass for twins. The Johnson triplets-Eric, Eric Sz Eric. saw "1984. . Departing." Now muster today s Shore Patrol iz' if ' ,A How do you spell relief. . .T-R-I-P-P-E I xr, f Q I I I I y . i , "See no libs, Speak no libs, Hear no libs." ' azxsfww wwf The OS's carried Mr. B. through the whole cruise. , 1 nlihkhrli -, 1 1 li-rf Xa Q-ii 1 LTI: L-015 Li K . lk 5 'W an if ,W 4 . f W A fi Q7 7 iff! W.. af,,a M 83 1 ., ,P 5 w Parting Shots N x X X E141 ' fn x X 5 ig f Q, as f f :sf r V Q, 5 7 ,W Q f gm , ,I , 5 Rx W f 2 , W7 "Weapons Rover reports all secure." H , . H I d Walk a m1le for a camel. "No, it still ain't Working." H , , , , , PrankPo tl ' th Pl Insan1ty1s not contag1ous,1s1t?" ers e plxes e 3 YHX' 1 WMM Hey Master-chief, what about the Paris tour?" 4 ,f 1255 H20 for 30, no exceptions." 4 p 'Wav-"' "Sam, don't eat the sound powered phone!" 0--rf, WALSWORTH CRUISE BOOK OFFICE PUBLISHING 1203 West Little Creek Road COMPANY Norfolk, Virginia 23505 Marcolino, Mo. U.S.A. mn li1l4lllIMJ19k1n'l:5u-.uensqfvgw 1 I 1 i K 1 l I 1 i 5 I X Q., R, """'H5vlF4u- ' x A. X ,WY , 4 S -N W s w' R 1 . 4 X Q. N 01 I .M ., .1 ,A- ,,x v 3 ,V I ,. V+ a . . 1 M, 1 1 v 4 av Q., 1 4 'MN , ms 7:2 -liiwfmwfv-ff T2 1. . 1 My 6 Mm ,WZ

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