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 - Class of 1955

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if A lf g afgfktzlt -gifigwxr gif!-,ti f QN1 wngj- "M" Qi ,I .nf sh ,paver DE PICA7' I0 -'sr We the Gold and Black staff of I955 conslder It an honor and pleasure to dedrcate thus year book to you Mrs Colve Nbrrrs the head ofthe hat lunch program In our school You Mrs Marrrs have been wrth us durnng the last fuve years and durung thus perrod of tame you have cantrrbuted a great servnce to the entnre student body Through your tame and effort we have enloyed those delrcrous hot lunches that you have prepared and served So to you Mrs Morrrs to whom thas annual of I955 ns dedlcated we wash to express our thanks for the wonderful servuce you have rendered us You hold the admuratuon and respect of the student body and we hope that you wrll be wnth us for a lang tume to come IN APPRECIATION The members ofthe Gold and Black staff wash to take thus tnme and space to thank the busmess men of Elma Cresco New Hampton and Alta Vista for their co-operatuon and support In makmg this annual a success To each class sponsor and rnduvrdual who contrrbuted has efforts we also say Thank You 2 3 . U f tg."-'f ,-I .g 2 , v A. I I Il ,. . 1 x A V ,Q . A . .Q s 9 ' mug". T ,' . or , Av .lui Q ' I l' .- f J' 5 f IV' . 3- , ,h , ru : K 5 l l ll" -Pr L' V- 'i. I ' Ll' 'I I F I I ' I - I " - I ' I I ' I I ' I I . . . . . . . . . . I I . . . . . ' I ll ll xg-it ADMINISTRATIG Prmclpal E A Ludley Mrs D Brundmlll Supe rmfendenf D Brandm u I I M, www Fa,-me, 4 Mr Donald Frost Qi, School Moinfenonce V K . I Y 5 xg is F V? Cooks r K . P Jomfor Bus Drnvers 'MQ ""'v S sw-es 'Y .5 if ROSANNA BRUMMOND--SHE HAS HER OWN INDIVIDUAL MANNER. Basketball I- Assembly Committee I 3. Glee Club I 2 4' Financial Committee 4- Class Treasurer 4. DUVVAYNE KIRCHNER LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT Basketball I 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 3 4 Annual I Boys Glee Clubl Class Pres 2 Band 3 4 Operefm2 Athletic 2 Jr Class Play 3 Library 3 Assembly Committee 4 Student Council 2 N ROBERT WHITINGER--THE LESS YOU LEARN, THE LESS YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER. Finmcial Committee I5 Class Treasurer I5 Glee Club I5 Annual Committee 25 Gmerleader 25 Base- ball 35 Basketball 35 Jr. Class Play 35 Drivers Club 4. ALICE LAUE--JUST A LITTLE GIRL, BUT FULL OF PEP AND PERSONALITY. Cheerleader I,2,3,45 Library Com mittee I5 Girls' Glee Club I,25 Declam I,45 Class Secretary 25 Assembly Committee 25 Band 25 Qzeretta 25 Class Vice-Pres. 35 1. Clcss Play 35 T.T.T. 3,45 Student Council 45 Drivers Club 4. DALE BODERMAN MEN OF FEW WORDS ARE THE BEST OF MEN Baseball I Drivers Club 4 LOIS FOUNTAIN LITTLE GIRL BIG SMILE Basketball I 2 3 4 Class Hes I Library Committee I Student Councill 3 Bandl 234 Sr Class Play I 3 kclam I 2 4 Girls Glee Clubl 2 4 Qeretta 2 TTT 234 AthletrcCom mittee 2 4 Assembly Committee 3 J' Clcss Play 3 Declam Play 3 4 DcnceBand3 ClassViae Pres 4 MARGARET SMITH THE HIGHEST GENIUS IS WILLINGNESS Lourdes l Glee Club 2 4 Socual Commnttee 2 Lnbrcry Commnttee 4 JOHN LUND HOW HE ENJOYS l. Boys Glee Club I 2 Baseball 2 'i RITA HASKOVEC A MODEST MANNER BENEFITS A WOMAN I 4 Glee Clu 2 ketbcll l 2 3 4 Declomatnon 2 4 erettc2 Class Pres 3 Jr Class Play 3 Student Councul 3 4 S0 Cuul Commuttee 3 Drnvers Club 4 FRED SCHWAKE BEWARE I MIGHT DO SOMETHING SENSATIONAL Baseball 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Class Secretary I, Boys' Glee Club l, Bond 3,4, J' Class Play 3 "- 9,45 s..J C' ...,, 'Mi H MARIE BERRY SING AND BE HAPPY Bond I 3 4 Glee Club I 2 Declomotnon I 2 3 Operetto 2 .i Class Play 3 Socuol Com muttee 4 E- A ' 1 X I I A ! ELSTON ASHPOLE I M PRE SERVING MYSELF FOR THE FUTURE Ookfneld I 2 New Hampton 3 T T T 4 Declcm Pluy4 Basket ball 4 Baseball 4 Druvers Club 4 Taxi, Gb' C' O . I :glib -I . ' I . ' ' . . Z ,. , . any T fgi-, l if 4 T EPJ' A -- I I ,it IFE , E 3,45 Drivers Club 4. J Tig , I - 4.-'-' , ' it x. ' Q-"Q, ' . , I 'QTL' I I' I , , 2 I I 2 Hg-'W I 9 J I- . I ... S Ig. I K 2 T T.T.T. ,g bl, gBosJ X Q I il I I - 9 . I I ' . ' . I . ' ' 1 ,ix ' ' ""'-sv in-r -uv MARCELLA LUDWIG SHE TAKES THE WORLD AS SHE FINDS IT Drnvers Club 4 Grrls Glee Club nd 2 3 Declam 2 3 4 Class Secretary 3 Annual 3 4 Student Councul 4 Cheerleadmg 4 Class Pres 4 Declam Play 4 RITA SHOCK NICE IN EVERY SORT OF WAY Girls Glee Clubl 2 4 Band2 3 4 Junlor Class Play 3 Ibclam 2 Annual 4 Drivers Club 4 T Brandmr II Class sponsor At' 'Q ARNOLD TONJES KINDNESS IS THE FOUNTAIN OF GLADNESS Basketball I 2 3 4 Baseball I 3 4 Athletuc Commntteel 2 Boys Glee Clubl 2 Fmancnal 3 Class Treasurer 3 MARY PROCHASKA SHE HAS TO BE KNOWN TO BE APPRECI ATED Basketball I 2 3 4 Grrls Glee Clubl 2 Class Treas 2 Flnan cral Committee 2 Declam 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 .Ir Class PIay3 Annual Commnttee 3 4 Sr Class Play 3 T T T 4 Class Secretary CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS CLASS MOTTO I0 For Get Me Nots Lavendar and Wmte Clrmb as though you were to Inve Forever Inve as though you were to due tomorrow emot gfau uyutoty Away back un the year l95l twenty wude eyed freshmen were seen talcung theur seats un the southwestern sectuon of the assembly They are the follov unq DuWayne Kurchner Lous Fountaun Arnold Tonues Aluce Laue Fred Schwalce Rosanna Brummond Robert Vvhutunger Ruta Haslcovec Ruta Shock Marcella Ludwug James Carter Ralph Murray Dolores Quam JOhn Havlulc Mary Prochaslca Donald Volbrecht Marue Berry Ralph Hal weg John Lund and Dale Boderman We began our sophomore year wuth the loss of James Carter but regauned our old number when Marlene Keck was added to the group Funally we became uunuors and had gauned the tutle of upperclassmen Donald Volbrecht .bhn Havlulc and Ralph Murray had left our ranks and so we were now a group of seventeen Thus year we held the .bnuor Senuor Banquet and Prom and also our class play Oh Promuse Nle Dolores Guam but much to our surpruse we gauned a new one Elston Ashpole On Moy 27 l955 Marue Berry Marcella Ludwug Ruta Marue Shock Ruta Haskovec Lous Fountaun Nbry Prochaska Aluce Laue Margaret Smuth DuWayne Kurchner Arnold Tonles Elston Ashpole Fred Schwalce Robert Whutunger John Lund and Dale Broderman proudly re ceuved theur duplomas sugnufyung theur graduatuon from hugh school Of the ll prumary stu dents who started here un l942 only one DuWayne Kurchner has completed hus enture twelve years un the Elma Publuc School The rest ofthe present senuor class has uouned hum euther un the grades or un hugh school Though we at tumes thought thus day would never arruve we wull always have pleasant memorues of our fellow classmates and patuent unstruct tors We also wush success to the class of l956 May they also have a wonderful senuor year I Q . I . - . . . 1 . I n J. X I . , . I 1 . I D 1 1 1 l F F I F I F I F I I I 1 . 1 1 1 l 1 - .I I I ' I , ' 1 . . . ,I . ' 1 1 ' H We started our last year in E.l'l.S. with the loss of Ralph Halweg, Marlene Keck, I I . I T I ' I I . I . , . . I . I . . I I F I T I T I T I 1 1 . . 1 1 1 - . I . I . . I - I . l . . l 4 emot 61444 predictions Vtkuule vusutung the Vtbrld Four un Chucago lllunous un the year l979 we were somewhat surprused at the results the senuors of 55 had accomplushed We are unformed on some through the crystal ball and others we met un person As we gaze unto the crystal ball we see a large room fulled wuth chuldren of all suzes and races Some are playung whule others are workung hard At the front of the room suts an elderly lady at her desk and can you umagune thus she has along stuckl Well she not only has one but three lt looks as uf she has guven up the slogan of Sporung the rod and spoulung the chuld No wonder the chuldren are studyung so hard As she glances up from her desk we recognuze her as beung none other than Marcella Ludwug graduate of 55 from E H S Congratulatuons Marcella and keep up the good work We glance further unto the crystal ball and we hear soft musuc druftung out of nowhere We are lustenung earnestly when suddenly we see before us a tall blonde actress sungung l ll be down to get you un a taxu honey Her vouce gave her away ummeduately as beung Marue Berry from the class of 55 We dudn t get to talk to her but we were told that she was the favorute actress and sunger un Guucago lt couldnt have happened to a more talented gurl and the best of luck Marue un the future We now see a huge crowd gatherung around a small booth Thus looks suspucuous let s see where ut leads us The people are buyung chances and votung Thus sure us an unusual way to do ut Beg your pardon r but could you tell us what s goung on here'7 Yes of course was our answer haven t you heard about the only lady who us now runnung for Presudent of the Lhuted States? Our country has been run by a man so long that everyone wants to see what a woman can do HUSHI Here she comes now as hqapy as a lark lt can t bel But yes ut us Nlargaret Smuth of the 55 class of E H S Guess those assugnments un hustory and govern ment classes went to her head Well good luck Margaret un your 'ob We guve a sudden turn to the crystal ball and somethung a luttle dufferent seems to be happenung lt seems there us a bug fught takung place All we can see us two fu ters un the rung At one sude a tall blonde haured self You really shouldnt be fughtung over me gurls but he usn t makung too much effort to stop them Though we dudn't recognuze the muscles we funally recognuzed the face of Arnold Tonles He has really come up un the world and we wush hum luck un hus gurl fughts and un gust plaun ordunary fughts Ps we agaun glance back un the crystal ball we see bug machunes at work un a small fueld and several wagons are beung fulled wuth graun Thus sure has been a lucky year for someone Comung unto the pucture we see the famuluar face of Fred Schwake Hu there Fred thus sure us a pleasant surpruse to see you workung here we were expectung to see you as presudent of some labor unuon We were told that Fred saud he wouldnt change to town lufe for anythung He saud he planned on buyung another 0 acres of land as soon as he got hus graun un storage We see that Fred has reached success un farmung We all hope he enloys ut We now see a luttle tent where there us to be an exhubutuon of the woman who luved un the shoe and she had 27 kuds Sunce we dudn t have anythung to do we thought we would go un and see It As we entered we realuz ed there was a slught resemblance to someone we knew lt was none other than Mary Prochaska of E H S class of 55 We asked her uf she luked her fob playung the Old Woman un the Shoe Che saud What do you mean Job'9 I m here to present my famuly as the largest un the world these are my chuldren NM-z were glad for her but ut was quute a shock consuderung that Mary always saud she was goung to be an old maud We now take tume out to see the champuon pruze wrestlers We see un one corner a small mudget weu ung about 99 pounds ln the other corner stands a man about 7 lf2 feet tall black curly haur and weughung about 250 pounds The bell us about to rung When ut dud the wrestlers ummeduately leave theur corners and are off The mudget has the other one cornered now he s gotten hum down The referee counts to three Now the u guy us panned The champuon comes out to take a bow It usn t untul then that we recognuze hum as beung Bud Ashpole graduate of 55 lf ut hadn t have been for that fruendly smule we wouldn t have known ut was you l2 o o a . . . . . . . , . . I . I . . ,, ,, . . . I . . . . . . , . . . I . . . I . I I I , . . . . ,, . . . . . .,f ,, , , . . . - I I ' ' ' uu u ' - I I I ll ' ' ' ' ' II II ' I . , . . . . . , , . I I I ' . Q . . . F , . . . . w . . . u I Si I I ' II II II I ' I I I II I . . . ,, ,, . . . - , -d . . . ' I I I ' muscle-man is dancing around showing off his muscles. He glances at the group and sort of whispers to him- , II I ' ' I ' III ' I ' . , . I . . ,, . . . . . Q ' I I I . . . ,, . , ' I - r ' . . . . , Il II ' ' ' ' II ' II ' II . . , , . . I . ,, . , , , . ' I I ' , ' ' . . b'g II II ' I ' ' I ' I ' I Bud. ln the next tent we went un there was an act beung sponsored by the Amerucan Poluce Assocuatuon We hear surens screamung A car us gettung away Bang' The ture blew out The car us out of control There s a curve ahead Crashl Look' Someone us tryung to get away Stop or I ll shoot shouted a poluceman Some one had stolen tour hub caps off a car The person stopped and upon turnung around we saw who ut was We gasped No ut couldnt bel But ut was Bobby Vuhutunger We dudnt get to talk to hum so Idon t know how he got such a uob but I ll bet the hub caps off my car ut was because he had experuence un doung ut before Now we step up to the race track and see the cars luned up ready for the race 'Vhat s thus? A maroon Ford on the far end Say ut looks famuluar Why yes l remember seeung that car sometume before I can see the druver now Yes ut s good old John Lund class of 53 He sure has come a long way sunce those speed crazy days at E H S Now there us a shot a squeal ofthe tures and a roar ofthe motors Aluttle later the dust us luftung and there we see .bhn lust barely movung He cant be that slow' Of course not we were lust unformed that ,bhn has been around twuce already andthe race ss all over John has done ut agaun He set another all tume speed record of 2l6 mules per hour and us now SPEED DEMON ofthe Unuted States of Ameruca Congratulatuons John The next place we came to was a trube of Afrucans They came durectly from Afruca and use theur own customs Because they couldn t use guns or other weapons they hured a whute guru as a rabbut catcher Thus gurl would protect them and catch theur food whuch wcs rabbut When a demonstratuon of catchung rabbuts was guven we could see by the method of chasung ut was Aluce Laue of E H S class of 5.9 Next we came to a tent that had a pucture of a bearded lady on ut We paud our quarter and went un Thus was to be the last appearance of the Bearded Lady She was goung to shave off the beard and reture Wnen she began to shave off the beard we thought she had a resemblance of someone we had seen before Sure enough ut was Ruta Haskovec of good old E H S We talked wuth her and wushed her much success un Next we came to the great luon tent There were two luons un a cage There we saw a woman trauner whose name was Qnet Rosanna She was very good at makung them obey and traunung them The doy be fore the same two Irons kulled two trauners We thought we should know her so we asked someone who she was but before they could answer we saw ut was Rosanna Brummond of E H S As we were walkung along we accudentally came across an old newspaper We notuced a famuluar leg on a full page advertusement by the Nylons a Gal Can Trust Hosuery Company After closer scrutuny we duscovered ul was Lous Fountaun who after wunnung the contest forthe most beautuful legs un the world us now the most beautuful model un the busuness Prettuer legs to you Lous As we were walkung past the Katz on the Green Lanes we see a great crowd wautung outsude After I funally shoved and pushed my way though what do I seel hbne other than Ruta Narue Shock of E H S class of 55 Ruta has now changed her name to You Set Em and I II Knock Em Down Shock She us now bowlung champuon of 79 As we walked along we heard there was a famous ludge who was goung to ludge the Bathung Beauty Con test of I979 He had never fauled to puck the best one un all hus uudgung After the contest we were untro duced to hum and to our surpruse ut was DuWayne Kurchner of E H S Thus sure was a surprrse to us because we always thought DuWayne was scared of gurls un E H S We hope he keeps up the good work and us always honest un ut As we look agaun unto the crystal ball we see two busuness places Dale s Ice Cream Plant and Dale s Cugar Plant Two ofthe best un the country Now we see the boss druvung up to the cugar plant now He us druvung a I979 Bodemobule whuch he made un hus own factory ue forgot to tell you he also had a car fac tory It was Dale Boderman He got all hus druvung experuence un good old E H S He was smokung a cugar he made un hus own plant also We wush hum much luck We always knew he had the get up-and-go to do thungs Now that the day us comung to an end we decude to leave the faur grounds It was a very long day but we saw every senuor from E H S who graduated un 55 We are all glad they have 'obs of one kund or mother and hope they have much success un the years to come I3 I . I . . , , . . . . . , ' ' ll I ll ' - . . . , . , , . . . . , . , 1 I I ' . , . . . . . , . . A , . . . . If 4 1 . , . i I I . . u ' ' I ll 'Il ' . , , . . . . , , . . . . . . . Q , I I . . , . , . . . , . . . , . , . ' ' ' ' ll I-ll . . . , . ' ll ll ' ' growing her next beard and went on. ll ' ll ' ' ' I . . . ' , . . . ' ll ll ' ' I ' I . I . . I . . , . . I . . . l , I T . . ., ll ll ' ll I lb I l IQ ' . . , I . . . - . . , ' . . . , , . . . . ' . . , . . amor glass WI! We the senaor class resadang an the caty of Elma Howard County Iowa beang of sound and daspos Ing mlnd and memory and not actang under duress menace fraud or the undue anfluence of any person whomsoever do hereby make publash and declare thas our last wall and testament an manner and form followang Sectaon I Bequests of undnvaduals I Rosanna Brummond wall my qunet personalaty to Bally Havlak and my 'ob at the popcorn machane to .lack Brandmall l Alace Laue wull my heaght to .hck Brandmall and my battered braans to anyone who can use them and last of all my gullabalaty to Barbara Kozlen I Robert Whatanger wall my curly haar to Bob lkVraes and my muscles to Raymond Havlak I DuWayne Karchner wall my abalaty to stay awake an classes to Jack Vlmatnnger and my cbalaty to keep out of trouble to Bally Havlak I Rata Shock wall Maraon Hyke my abalaty to get an early and a lock of my haar to James Fasher l Dale Boderman wall my superaor dravang abalaty to Eugene Schwake and my good grades an Eng lash to Duane Rnmrodt l Bud RITPOIB wall my good looks and abalaty to get along wath garls to Raymond Havlak and my abalaty to play basketball to Stephen Ludley l hkzrae Berry wall my freedom nn keeping late dates to Irene Cable and a few anches of my ex cess headwt to Machael Eastoe I Rata Haskovec wall my abalaty to play basketball to Donna Cummungs and my abalaty to drave safely to James Fasher l .bhn Lund wall my baseball abalaty to Gene Deterdang and my abalaty to stay out of trouble to .hmes Fasher I Fred Schwake wall my abalaty to leave the garls alone to James Marak and my good behavaor to Duane Ramrodt l Loas Fountaan wall my place onthe honor roll to Verla Maseman and n y pos utaon as guard on farst team to Irene Cable I Marcella Ludwag wall my baofocals to anyone who wants them and my abalaty to stop at every stop sxgn to Adolph Ludwag l Amold Tonles wall my qunet personalaty to Robert DeVr1es and my abalaty to play basketball to Gene lkterdang I Abrgaret Smuth wall my back desk to Betty Hanz and my maaden abalaty to blush to anyone who wants It l Nary Prochaska wall my shy unflarty manner to Anna Moe Laue my saster to bckae Whntmger md my abalaty on beang able to wank to Dean Schroeder I4 U I . .. . . . . I I I I I . . . . I I I I . . . . I I I . I - I I I . I I I .. . . . . I I I - . . .. . .. .. I I I I I I ' . . .. .. . I I I . . . .. . . . I I I .. I I I ' . . . . . .. . .. . I I I . . .. . .. I I I . I I I . . . .. . I I I I . . . .. I I I . . . . . . . . .. I I I . . . . . .. I I I . . . . . .. I I I I I .. . . section Beque ts to the faculty fe r e senior r Bran mr a perrscope so ne can see ar und orner r scooter to save htm l that walkrna auring afternoon study halls Je ne sentor Mrs 5 andmrll a baby grand piano ana a rttle noteoook o that sne may lot down tame o idle ngllsh v e senro s r arrre a I ge a geora C ass an a ass tnat wr r oe :eve nts war stories J e seniors M t-ros a good lawye so he can hare someone to argue with rn commercial aw art a .nook entitled How to get along with Little Nfbnsters e enrors l M. Lu e a lie detector and hot Jads so he won t burn his finger in rcs Sertton lll Bequests to our successor e enrors will the tuna A lace onthe honor roll Honor ot being the seniors of IQD6 le the enrors will the sophomore Ability to pro woke the teachers Our innocent looks Ne toe seniors ill the F eshmen A lf? 8 State Basketball Team The honor to sit closer to the door You find that you can get out ot the school building taster Sectvon IV Bequests to the school We the seniors v ill the school A band that will go to the state contest New cheerleading uniforms Bigger office Atull time band Inst uctor Venetian blinds for a one sided bus Another pretty teacher so M' Frost ana Mr Farmer won t have competrt ron A candy wrapper disposal and drinking fountain on every desk Another successful magazine campaign Less work, more play One hour noon More back seats Longer vacation And finally we appoint as our executor, our sponsor and upernntendent, Mr Brandmrll to be made sole executrtx of this, our last Will and Testament ln witness whereof, we, the above name testator, have hereunto set our hand and seal, this twenty fifth day of May rn the year of nineteen hundred and ftfty five Weed? ' L liars. s Senior Class I5 ' ' ll: s' . J., h ' 3, r'lllNl. d 'll ' ,' ' . cr 1 u,anoal'ttle r ' al r 'gl ' .. N' ,tl "s, will . r 'l ' , Q s I ' i v Q fi rsinE ' lll. V , the ,' r', will M. F ., r og r l ' l , d cl' l 'l'i l' ' Wo, th, ' , will .r. r t t r - ' ' ' l , ' l " i" " ' l i ". fb, th 5 ' , wil r. 'dl y ' , ti. r l ' " ' s' pliys' '. Me, th s ' , ' ' 'ors l. gl, . . 2. ' ' ' . 2. ' , 'T , l ' ,sw f l. 5 . I I I J l. ' ' . 2. ' ' . 3. ' ' . 4. ' -' ' r . 5. ' ' -' . 6. . ' . ' " . 7. ' ' ' ' . 8. ' ' . 9. . IO. - . ll. . l2. ' . ?f,,,l-- x v v K xkM - x SP' BETTY HINZ Class Presldenf Sfuclenl Council kcual Committee mor Class Play MILDRED PROCHASKA Band Basketball Assembly Commuffee Declam Declan Play mor Class Play Sfudenf Councnl SHARON TEEPE Llbrary Commntfee Girls Clwour unioz 6145: is 3 , v C331 5 4,1 JAMES FISHER Band .bmor Class Play Class Vnce Presndent Annual Commuffee Sec of Drivers Club JACK WHITINC-:ER .hmor Class Play Cheerleader Funarxcual Oomrmlfee Class Treasurer DEAN SCHROEDER .bmor Class Play Assembly Commnffee Gleerleader Baseball Progecflomsf RAYMOND HAVLIK .bmor Class Play Baseball A A K l ADOLPH LUUWIG Band Baseball Baskefball AM Annual Commlftee Class Secretary Drlvers Club ROBERT lkVRlES .hmor Class Play Baseball Drnvers Club VERLA MASEMAN Band Basketball Atblefnc Commnffee Declam Declam Play .lumor Class Play Girls Cboxr LP' CAROLYN LUDLEY Band Declam Sfudenl Councul Fmancual Committee Gnrls Cbonr Jumor Class Play EUGENE SCHWAKE CAROL DYBEVIK Jumor Class Play Declam Play Baseball Mgr Band Social Commuffee RALPH ST EV EN SON T Sf! , 5 rf!! A . . . - . ri . . JJ . . . . A L+ xl- , A 4 R , Y O B Y l OZ, Q L . X I - Q l l A A 14 T , ll . I . N. M ll ' X "Q .,.l N - r 3314, . 75' ' ' ' ' T. .T. umoz glass play fl ,aff A The annual lumor play was presented October I9 l9g3 Black lkrby a mystery comedy by Frank ohn was ably presented by the members of the rumor class under the direct ron of M's Brand m The play was as follows mcludang the characters Ted and .bne Bronson fDean Schroeder Betty Hlnz brother and suster are llvlng un a house that thenr father was recently purchased and are fundnng lrvnng decrdedly dull when lots of thmgs happen There has oeen a murder a crrmmal escqaed from the nearby pemtentuary and notes left to them by The Cobra to leave the house by mrdnrght or Jane would be kulled Betty Kay Nerla Masemanj who us supposed to have wrecked her car comes to the house on the pretense of seekrng help Then here rs the rest of the case Tom Randall Uack Whrtmgerl 0 supposed college boy who turns out to be an enturely dnfferent person Mrs Benlow fMrldred Prochaskaj the housekeeoer who as certarnly a suspncuous character Cora Knpper fCarolyn Ludleyl the mard, .bhn, the caretaker chauffeur fRobert DeVruesJ, Muckey fEugene Schwakej, who seems to be no one specral, but who un realuty us an Inspector in the U. S Secret Servuce, and Wumple Uames Flsherj, a small town detectlve. I9 0 .r' ,. ' 'A .J T sf- T ' - ' lt' , - 15 3 if .. sm U V' ll if f ' drift. "f ' I 1 . X, 9 - ' - ,523 .Aj .1 - - , ,Qs-+f',, - ' ' ' feqg f ' Q df- l l 0.0 'fl A g y . . I . 3 . ' l .Jn I 1-'Q A 1 1' 'J . - - r' u Il ,- I ' I SJ I I l - ' il I . ' I I I I ' I ' ' ll N I ' ' I ' I ' I l D n 0 0 . X I , 1 F - 1 , I f I wi STEPHEN LUDLEY Class Presrclent Basketball Baseball Athletic Commrttee Declam 'it rrlent Councnl JAMES MARIK T T T JACK BRANDMILL Band Class Treasurer Baseball Basketball Fmancral Commlflee Pfolectuomst .fophomoze glass BARBARA KOZLEN Class Vlce Presldent Band Basketball De-clam Declam Play T T T ANNA MAE LAUE Basketball Socnal Commrttee X LOIS BILLINGTON Band Basketball Q, ' WAN DA SCHROEDER Band Cheerleader Lrbrary Commrttee Grrls Cborr C' T' IREN E CABLE Band Basketball Declam 41 1- DAR LYS De VR IES Basketball . wi- SH ERYL VO LBR ECHT Band Annual Commuttee Declam RUBY SIMONS ROSE MARY THEILEN MARION HYKE Elslcefball Band Declum Declarn 22 EDWARD TONJEl Band Basketball Class Secretary Declam Play ,fe DUANE R IMRO DT Basketball Baseball Athletrc Commrttee LES L I E M I LLB! Basketball Baseball Assembly Commuttee 'Q' :X l' 1, DONNA CUMMINGS 3 " " Y - X, .1 X Y Q lt ! V -' .- .l Qty why " xx ex QA 'g' ' 4 V' ' el . 1 L 4 M F' ' 2. lg Il FV S gr!! Ar' T x -N4 ex 4 if ' I' px x A . - E. W ' A " s 14 , x sr A B' Lu T ' ff' -Q. 1 "il-cr L.. -1 .ai-an HW, yi-lvuv run' Ms n-Qi., 5 -as -14. ,f ,., -2' Wu. 1 ,,...-4- 4- JAMES JOHNSON Baseball Basketball Lubrary Committee Band Class Presndent Student Councnl GENE DETERDING Baseball Class Treasurer Fmancnal Commuttee MICHAEL EASTOE Tzesiman 6145: CAROL RILEY Basketball Class Secretary JANICE TEEPE Soclal Commuttee Gnrls Choir KAREN DYBEVI K Library Commuttee Basketball DARRELL DeVRIES ROSAN NA FLUGGE Basketball T Band ALVINA FLUGGE Gurls Clmolr MURIEL JOHNSON Annual Commnttee SHIRLEY TONN RONALD SCHROEDER Baseball Basketball Nlwletnc Committee Class Vice Presldent ALVIN MEYER Baseball Band vi BILLY HAVLIK Q I I , I Q 5,3 Q wx 5 ' '4 16. l, i ' l T. .r. - ' lm 4 fl Q f Q .. I ' -I '1 " .HA E Fi 24 7'te5Lman .gnitiation Your wish is my command. ' in "The Los? Male " f ,141 ,--.3 Q K ,,,f.x. J 1 - :"' .'...u,5.,h. ' Caught him cn lost. X A X I In f Oh me! Oh my! This younger generation. N11 Tho? Englush accent. I T-I :.f..v4.'Z5k!as """"- lil!!! -D...-A EE!!! -,.,.. 1" iv 17? If if-5: Q' -i 'sf r vt! yi V Y r ' 5,5 ' ' Y.-"X-an "QU Almighty Seniorl" 25 r' u 4' . :-g TI fhmeflf 23255 W 335' Qfmwfff -ss, ' ggi, 4 5 A 9 'first and .fecond grade: lyincletgatte A x v in f'f"5"X'Q' Cf "fig 'A :"l V if Tijfk 1 and .gixti Q 14425 FN. , Thu! and 7'ou'ctA grade: grade 7aculty I Pwr i Seated: Mrs. Grace Sfreitmatter, Miss Anastasia Herald, Mrs Slanding: Mrs. Frances Towner, Miss Sadie Noonan. 4- 4. even tl and Ziff tl 714424 Anna Mae Lammers XXAN ,. -rv gn 'X Editor rn Chaef Assocxate Edrtor Business Manager Sports Edrtor Class Edntor Feature Edrtors Advertising onsor Marcella Luclwrg Mary Prochaska Ruta shock Adolph Ludwig Sheryl Volbrecht Murlel Johnson .bm Alrce Laue Mr Ludley es Fisher 2d2600l .91 Seated Alice Laue Ncry Prochaska and Marcella Ludwlg c6dIfOI'SD Ruta Shock Sheryl Volbrecht Standung Muruel Johnson Adolph Ludwng Mr Ludley James Frsher The Annual Committee drscovered that there was a large amount of work combmed wrth same amount of fun In edrtrng an annual We hope you will recerve as much enloyment out of your annual as we have had eclltlng nt. 32 X . X .J . . . . .. . . . u . . ' I .- ' ' 17?-ll V .A W if . 1 ' ' ' - , -. .V . H, , , y x W- . . , . A ff kg -- ,. ,. t - . I . . . ' I I I ' : , , . , . . . . . . . . - - - . .gtadent eouncll Seated Mr Brandmull Meldred Prochaska Alxce Laue Ruta Haslcovec Carolyn Ludley Stondlng .hmes Johnson Stephen l.udley Varcella Ludwug Betty Hnnz Under the dnrectuon of Mr Brandmull supermtendent the Student Councul has agaun th1s year rep resented the student body nn problems concernung our school The offucers were chosen by classes Other council members were selected from the freshman and sophomore classes by the freshman and sophomores Each member of the Student Councnl ns the chanrman of a commuttee I X Q Presldent Vuce Presudent Secretary Treasurer fvbmbers Sponsor Alice Laue Mlldred Prochaska Ruta Haskovec Carolyn Ludley Marcella Ludwug Betty Hunz Stephen Ludley James Johnson Mr Brandmull I it N ig -le 5:- ' o 'b 1410? '.,x'.0.0, l ..O,61QA I ' . Q X . o 5 ,vf '.-fel H, I Q ' ' . V 5 ,yi , f 114- 1 ' I I I r ' 2 , , , ' - ' I I z ' l I Social Committee wife Anna Laue, Janice Teepe, Mr. Farmer, Gene Schwake, Betty Hinz lchairmanl. The Social Committee has charge of planning parties for the high school for the year. They designate which class will sponsor which party and plans call for six parties during the year. Karen bevrk Sharon Teepe Margaret Smith Wanda Schroeder Mr Frost James Johnson lchairmanj Library Committee Some new books have been added to the school library. Each year about S200 is spent on the library to replace worn out books and keep it up to date. The committee did a fine iob keeping it in order. Assembly Committee ' Mildred Prochosko lchoirmonl, Deon Schroeder, Leslie Miller, DuWayne Kirchner, Alvin Nbyer, Mr. Ludley. The high school enioyed the entertainment furnished by the Assembly Committee. This yeor os guest speaker we hod: Mr. Jenneth Hcigberg, the Recruiting Service Men, Mr. Lyons ond others. We olso had o number of good movies. 191 l'l Athletl Commlttee Lois Fauntaun Verla Maseman Ronald Schroeder Duane Rlmrodt M Frost Stephen Ludley fchalrmanj The Athletnc Commrttee dud a tune 'ob thus year an phoning un the results ofthe games for reumbursung the treasury wnth sellmg at the basketball games and numerous other 'obs New scoreboard Q O in A . V LV. A , V 'I . L F?" A li-72. -' K -YL' ' f '-52.12 23. w x , ' 1 1 " 1-'57 , - V e . -1-fwfr, K .' 4 5 ' 4 I C" ' ,b-QE. ' I s 1 ' x Q ' X5 3. X -1:1 2 - ,gt '-'f N -- 7 - x , I xg xg,,f..u,"4lj'- ' fiff: 1 I I I I ' I f Tom Thumb Times 1' xl l Staff Barbara Rita and Lois QSCQITOFSJ, Carol, James, Rosanna, and M's. Brandmill. Typists Margaret Alice Rosanna Mary, Rita, Marcy. Congratulations on the fine gob The Tom Thumb Times was always on time. They put out their own paper twice a month They really put a lot of work into making it a big success. They are also a member ofthe Iowa High School Press Association Some of the members attended the Iowa Press Association at Ames where they attained much useful information on the subject. Editor-in-Chief: Assistant Editor: Sports Editor: Class Editor: Grade News: Special Features: Social and Personal: 37 Rita Haskovec Lois Fountain .bmes hhzrik Rosanna Flugge Carol Dybevik Margaret Smith Barbara Kozlen Flnonclcl Commrtfee Seated Rosanna Brummoncl Mr Brandmrll Carolyn Ludleylcharrmanl Standlng Jack Nmltrnger .bclc Brandmrll Gene Deterdnng The Fnnancual Commnttee rs composed of a treasurer from each class and the Student Councnl trecs urer The actavnty tuncl rs handled through the office and as quite an amount of money goes through th as as a very responsuble rob Gtanrman Carolyn Ludley treasurer of Student Council Members Rosanna Brummond treasurer of sensor class Jack Wmtnnger treasurer of rumor class Jack Brandmrll, treasurer of sophomore class Gene Deterdung treasurer of Freshman class onsor Mr Brandmzll gf! ga 38 o Q , K , . V11 ll . v 1 . I It 1 'Y . ans....N.A ' . an I . -:-tv'-4.1" : , . , - : , , . ' I 5 1 3 1 I I S I . ,- v af' 7 I ff ,-f l I Sk? sfif ' xx.. ' K ' .' - s X ' as X ' O Drivers Club 1-s -v-v, LK Seated: Alice, Rita, Mr. Ludley, Elston Qores.J, James. Standing: Marcella, Eugene, Rita, Dole, John, hbry, Adolph, Roben The Teen-Age Drivers Club was newly organized this Year. Its aim is to make better drivers of each student. lt has I6 members and it is gradually increasing. lt also has regular meetings and at several ofthe meetings we had patrolmen to speak. Mr. Ludley is the sponsor. President: Vice-President: Secretary-Treasurer: Reporter: .vi N Ns D- NG nap! Elston Ashpole Rita Haskovec .bmes Fisher Alice Laue Girls' Chorus W 'N 044' c vf YQ TQ i if Firsl row: Sharon, fvhrgaref, Verla, Janice, Wbndo, Lois, Dr, Rainy. Second row: Carolyn, Alvina, Rita Marie, Marie, Rosanna, Marcella. T ' l' I O Lois F., Rita S., Carolyn L '-7 f I 'X 4 I First row: Verla, Lois, Nhry icast of "Dark Windj--winning play. Mrs. Brandmill Qdirectorl James Jolwnson was absent. Second row: Mildred, .bl1n, Eugene, Rita tcagt of "The Elopementuj. Third row: Marcella, Bud, Edward, Barbara Least of "Sod"J. 0- R o J.. First row: Alice, Margaret, Marcella, Rosanna, Lois, Mr. Ludley Second row: Stephen, Marion, Jack, Mary, Alvin. Declamotuon Furst row Margaret Aluce Irene Verla Muldred Ruta Barbara Lous Carolyn Second row Mr Ludley Ruby Marcy AFIOF1 Stephen Mary Morne Rosanna Sheryl aun thus year the Elma Hugh School partucupated un the state wude declamatuon contest Mr Ludley deserves very much credut for workung wuth the students and coachung them The contest ratungs are as follows Raduo eakung Rosanna Brummond Let s Reduce Our Hughway Death Rate 'Margaret Smuth Unuversal Mulutary Traunung Marcella Ludwug .Lust a Follower Oratorucal Ruta Haskovec Thus Traguc Adductuon Muldred Prochaska And Sudden Death Aluce Lcuue Brother s Keeper Dramatuc ' erla Maseman Lord s Prayer rene Cable Daddy Doc Mary Prochaslca Mary Stuart Humorous rolyn Ludley Hey, Duckie Barbara Kozlen Gentleman Farmer "Lois Fountain Speech Judges' Nightmare Interpretive Readung 'Irene Cable Annabell Lee 'Maruon Hylce Day us Done 'Carolyn Ludley Casey at Bat 'These students contunued to the contest at Cresco. "These contestants were entered un the succeeding contest at Cresco 42 0 1, - 'sl . -. A VL - . T,-' KN" in ' in : " ' . . y V -C V ,Q ' ' 2' C ,. - -1 - A 43 - ., 1 5 -Q .: . , ' A 'i -L s I 1 l 1 1 1 A 1 l 1 1 l I - 5 - 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 D 1 1 - Ag . . I . . . . . . . i . 3 . . .k -- , . . -- . . . . . 'ki' ' -- . . .k . -- . . . . . mu- - -- -k ' --My u . I V -- , il -- if -- : 'CG -- ' t 11 3' lr' as 3 . -E ,Q u 98 'U'-1" vje' 'rixii' , - Ir I " ,, if f' f - J ,sys .f 3 11 bf ., 1 7? . 2 8 E 1 ,, i x' : ' 5 1 , f we . ,K Q 1 9 1 if I 9 5 , T 22323 A' Among The Classes 19655125 61444 H0012 fconomic5 X 1 X9 .L ruin-1 s sg i in n , " ,X"c . 15.5.2 N ' :- Ty,2l'ng 61444 eginning fund 1-Q Carnuval Kung and Queen On F uday evenung December 3 the Elma Hugh School Cuarnuvol was held Gross uncome of fhe evenung was approxumately S300 00 Pupuls represented the school durung the evenung un acts whuch ranged from wrestlung and tumblung to dancung and sungnng At l0 30 the kung and queen ofthe carnuval were crowned Candudates for the honor were Mary Prochaslca Aluce Laue Marcy Ludwug Lous Fountoun and Ruby Sumons James Fusher Jack Brand mull DuWayne Kurchner Arnold Tonues and James .bhnson Lous was crowned queen DJNayne kung 11' pt in S Spellung Chamo Agaun thus year a spellung contest was held wuth all students partucnpatung ln the funal round Lous Bullungton and Sharon Teepe were the only two students left After much concentratuon on the part of both lcuds Sharon funally spelled the word Lous mussed and attauned the tutle of Spellung Guamp of E H S Congratulatuons Sharon Representatuve Gurl and Boy As un prevrous years a gurl and boy are chosen by popular vote to represent the hugh school Among the qualufucatuons needed for thus honor are personaluty scholarshup athletuc abuluty sportsmanshup md cutuzenshup Thus year thd honor went to two senuors Marcella Ludwug and DuWayne Kurchner both of whom have proved theur worthuness of the tutle un theur four years of hugh school Marcy us presudent ofthe senuor class oFfuce gurl and has been a cheerleader the past year DuWayne played forward on the basketball team all durung hus hugh school along wuth baseball Both have not been tczdy nor cbsent from school ever sunce they began un the grades Gongatulatuons kuds we re proud of youl Pung Pong Tournament The annual pung-pong toumament was held agaun thus year at E H S wuth Qproxrmately I0 con testants talcung part Arnold Tonues and .hclc Brandmull were left to battle ut out for the charpuonshup wuth Amold the vuctor Followung thus the doubles tournanent wen held wuth the same nunber of entrants corrpetung Arnold Ogoun wuth the help of hus partner DuWayne Kurchner succeecbd un defeatung .bmes Naruk cmd Carolyn Ludley for the chanpuonshup tutle. . U ft I I . I ' I I I 1 , ' . . . , . X ' ' ' ' I I ' rl 111' - :3"Y. v 5-ul 'I :T 3 5 e 1 - Q no 1 . 5 . kit.. E ll . . . . ' I I . . . , . 0 Q . . . . . . . . . . . - I I I I 1 I . . . . . . . . . . . I I ' , . . . . . . I I I I 1 , . . . . - . , . . . . . I . . i 1 . . l D . , . . . I I ' - . . Joke rs Wanted he K-1 ' For He's a .blly Good Fellow Relation, no doubt. pn- Apple for the Teacher f x The friendly Undertaker. , 'I There comes that Mon again. l found a lndma olace. "School Daze " 1 We sow you, Adolph. I X- I lil x ' V f . l V l . u . H Q r , .J is Mcmo, l wont fo moke Rhyilwm. S li Boshful ? No. ll! 3 -gg A noble womm in o quiet place. 1.1 5? I Roofus The Phsoner s Song 'Q Q' Q rl-I1 Our Ideal Miss Cutie Snapshots' 3 , ll 1 After the Battle Walking My Baby Back Home 'iw L'l Gals rw-A X S1 14 ff 'l T71 The 11-links A Helping Hand Three isn't a cno wd. -v-.,-NN ..-,2- '25- us-'KQV fitff' 54416216411 Team Nxwxx if Lois F., Rita H. , Verla M., Ruby S. , Carol R., Ihzry P., Rosanna F., Mildred P., Irene C. , Anne L., Barbara K., Darlys D., Miss Herolcl, Nr. Frost. Student Rita Haskovec Mary Prochaska Lois Fountain Verla Maseman Mildred Prochcska Annie Mae Laue Barbara Kozlen Darlys hVries Rosanna Flugge Irene Cable Carol Riley Karen Dybevik P' '- L-7-in Year in School Number Position Senior 24 Forward Senior 30 Forward 8. Guard Senior 22 Guard .bnior 20 Forward .hnior 33 Guard Sophomore 21 Guard Sophomore 31 Forward 8. Guard Sophomore 25 Forward Freshman 23 Forward 8. Guard Freshman 32 Guard Freshman 35 Guard Freshman 34 Guard Rita md Nnry both broke the school scoring record of 37 points. Mary made 38 points and Rita set the school record with 44 points. The highest scoring game was 89 points against Little Cedar. Girls' heard Conference Non conference R: int Ave rage Rita 593 pts . Ver Ia 362 pts wry 312 pts. ---pts. Average ---pts. Average ---pts. Averag ,-1 Won Lost Kofi' 54416416411 Team AM 3725 S.: 31 ,Lu 23 vi L silitlflyig Back row: Ronnie S., Stephen L., .hck B., Duane R., Edward T., Bud A. Front row: lmanagerl Adolph L., .hmes J., DuWayne K., Leslie M., Arnold T., Fred S., lcoachj Mr. Frost Student Arnold Tonies DuWayne Kirchner Fred Schwake Bud Ashpole Leslie Miller .hck Brandmill Edward Tonies Stephen Ludley Duane Rimrodt .hmes .bhnson Ronnie Schroeder Year in School Number Senior 2l Senior 3l Senior 25 Senior 33 Sophomore 32 Sophomore 20 Sophomore 30 Sophomore 24 Sophomore l0 Sophomore 23 Freshman 22 Arnold Tonies broke the school record of 33 points set by Daniel Halweg, he scored 34 points against Mitchell. lhe highest scoring game was l07 points against Chester. Boys' Record Won Conference 4 l0 Non conference 4 5 Point Average .Arnold 390 pts. ---I7 pts. Average DuWayne 289 " ---l3 Leslie 262 " ---ll Position Guard Forward Forward 8- Guard Forward 8. Guard Center Forward 8- Guard Center Guard Forward Forward Guard ov NPA Eagles '31 1 Name Elma Elma Elma Elmo Elma Elma Elma Elma Elma Elma Name 'Elma 'Elma Elma E ma Elma E ma E ma E ma 'Elma E ma Overtime Name E ma Emo Emo Name E ma Elmo E ma Name Elmo Elma Games Away Boys Girls Name 44 74 47 47 Colwell Mclntire 43 53 Elma l. C. A. Little Cedar Stacyville 46 60 40 N0 Girls 42 56 Cresco N. D. Mitchell Orchard Carpenter Lime Springs 69 58 34 61 53 53 59 63 Home Games Boys Girls Name Riceville Mitchell Orchard Floyd Carpenter Mclntere Girls Sfacyvulle Emal C Little Cedar Chester 47 62 53 53 County Tournament Boys Name Prot rv n n Girls mal C Lime Springs Sect tonal Tournament Girls Name Ionao Colwell Floyd Boys Name New Haven Orchard Boys 52 49 45 59 56 53 62 66 68 65 Boys 45 45 Boys Girls Boys Girls 69 45 48 51 No Girls 66 47 72 57 70 Girls 35 33 Girls Verla won the Sectional Free Thrownng Contest at Floyd with l9 out of 25 which qualified her to con she made 9 out of I5 tunue on to the District Contest at Mason City where Marcy Jack Wanda Dean Alice lt, P1 9 D Kaaehll , tk, LM4 19' uv Bock row Eugene S manager Robert D Adolph L hon S Alvun M Stephen L James J Ronnie S Coach Don Frost Front row Edward T Xxx Catchers First Bose Second Bose Shortstop Third Bose Centerfleld Left Fueld Right Fneld -.ant ,F .bhn L Jock B Leslue M DuWayne K Arnold T Fred S Luneup Edward T Ronnne S Leslne M Adolph L X DuWoyne K Jock B lkon S Fred S Duane R X Arnold T .hmes J .bhn L xX Unlnty Fuelders Robert D Stephen L Alvrn M Scores of 54 fall season Elmo Gwester ma Chester gmc Emqlc A ma Emal CA The fall Sectnoncl Toumcrnent was held ot Rudd Elma nme won over Floyd by o score of I0 Om hree nnmngs Elmo lost to Rudd un the sem: fmcl round by cr score of l7 3 57 fj T Pa . P5 M if 4 '. ,T CJ' " T 71' E. , I in JAJX Q ELM E .3 E Y' .T ' an ti. H, .J --Lx V -ef Q l ' Il, .7 ' st, 1 , ' ll , D s , f YK Y .lvl l ff . LA ' X Y' rr. lf F-. lr rf. . . Y T x p E' 2+ i ' v 4' J V 4 0 k' 1 xx . Pitchers. . . ........ ..... D uWoyne K., Jock B. ' .... ......... . . . ., ' . pf, XXX 7 ' .... . . . . . . . . ' . XX ' ........... . . . . . f u ..... ..... ....... . , . : w L U -l .... ..... .... . H is 9 8 El 7 3 I9 l . . . l4 El 3 l . . . 8 H WW SCHH . g ivqqg-m Ti' --. -.. ,V ,f r 0 1-Q-.,,-1 lf nr-,zu -av -AQ" ...mr LH ...run Q-43 I asf- , - Q 1. , f,.- i M .- ..,a,5.,.l.: .pivqgg--:1.'.'u.,k. - .-'if e, 3 K., . if E , Iii .' V3 .'1 5"3 ' .. D 7 " J .1 - ,L Q ii fnfmgufo-4 W WML W iv' in .JW Cflw Qfjivim of WWE if IM, ww? AW WM QMJW QM, Wx, MJW swf' Ziff Www W W , W . ,MM 0.011 qff"'E'.4gj,f 95"-far 'WW 95,1552 wb W . ,WM 'Q' L33-6"V4?'0'Qs' MM ' GMJALAGNI 19 I Congratulations WEBER'S To The Graduates Of l955 Keepsake Diamonds CURTIS W. 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' I GUNDACKER SHOE SERVICE Compliments Of Quality Repairing Polish leather Goods HURDLES SHOE STORE New Hampton owa New Hampton Iowa HOLLY S COFFEE SHOP DEAL FLOWER SHOP Good Coffee Home Cooked Nbals Short Orders Keith And Charlotte New Hampton Iowa The Best For Less Phone I O5 New Hampton owa MAC S STANDARD SERVICE Northeast Iowa s Finest Service Ray McDermott Prop New Hampton owa GARDNER DRUG Prescription Service Phone I43 New Hampton owa RAWSON IMPLEMENTS Blenda Lute And Geerhng Feeds Phone IOO New Hampton Iowa ALTS SHOE STORE Ball Band Rubber Footwear Hosiery 8. Men s Furnishings Alta Vista Iowa I Md II H I Gas - Oil - Lubrication A. S. Boettcher, Prop. I I I HEYING SKELLY SERVICE Complnmenfs Of Gas Ol Tnres Baffernes ELMAGROCERY Phone 49 Phone 84 Cresco owa E ma Iowa Compliments Of B 8. 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I I WESTSIDE GROCERY Compl :ments Of D J Conway Proprnetor Low Pr: ces E ma RICHMOND S DRUG STORE Everyday All Week Phone lO9 owa E ma owa BOOSTERS Coast To Coast New Hampton Sheakley and Kennedy New Hampton Dean and Bulls Agricultural Servnce New Hampton Dr McCrallrs New Hampton Sam Trerchler New Hampton Bo Peep Shop New Hampton Sarah s Shop New Hampton Forkuns Super Value New Hampton Messersmuth s Market New Hampton Bluemle s Grocery Alta Vrsta Farmers Store Alta Vusta Clrff s Tavern Alta Vista Ssnnwell Elevator Alta Vista West End Cafe New Hampton Gosen Electric Servlce E ma Art Gansen Elma as .... A uu,a---,.-,-,- . - I . I I n A 1 I I .... Thos. Iverson 8- Son, .hwelers ---- New Hampton I . , ---- , n . . . . . . ---- I BOOSTERS Farmers lnn E ma B 8- H Shoe Store Cresco Leuthold Johannsen Cresco bhnny s Jack Sprat Store Cresco Dr Edward Egen Chnropractor Cresco Marshall Wells Store Cresco Howard Cleaners Cresco Martrn s Super Market Cresco Davns Pannt Store Cresco Frank Church Cresco U Save Food Store Cresco Neely Farm Equipment Cresco Larsen Furnnture Cresco K 8. W Food Market Cresco Lourdes Tavern Lourdes Vandy s Shoe Store Cresco Elms Cafe Cresco Maud Rrte Cresco Cresco Greenhouse Cresco Brllmyer Furnnture Cresco Leuthold O Connor New Hampton Arts Shoe Repanrmg New Hampton ---- ---- l I 1111 . , ---- Dr. Gitchell, Dentist ---- Cresco l 1111 1 ' 11

Suggestions in the Elma High School - Gold and Black Yearbook (Elma, IA) collection:

Elma High School - Gold and Black Yearbook (Elma, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 59

1955, pg 59

Elma High School - Gold and Black Yearbook (Elma, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 40

1955, pg 40

Elma High School - Gold and Black Yearbook (Elma, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 8

1955, pg 8

Elma High School - Gold and Black Yearbook (Elma, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 7

1955, pg 7

Elma High School - Gold and Black Yearbook (Elma, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 33

1955, pg 33

Elma High School - Gold and Black Yearbook (Elma, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 40

1955, pg 40

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