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5 . 5 ' f A Auf , rr A fx A kv' ,f -Q.":".1jf J JJ: ,f .kgwgx - H ff' Pr, ' ' 'IQ ! , ,J Ns --"f"'h"""' j N N f7+7 E7! ?'Es., ,fig ' g TTKP Q- ! It -5 -3-.Q Uk , X ....... 1 1 ,1 YA --'M h m."" "L,.V1" A QQ, GY 1-,L' ' 1' ' x-fir, xv' I .g, pl lx L. F, ' t J t g ig f i r' 'M . , 'gg ' X J A Q, a fy Q N M11 - 1 y I", Qs TQ N J X S 0' 424. na Viygff X . 56 N' WC -c I ' .'. ' Q I, l IX! 1 I QW f Q vf',31vghb - 2' I. SQL gt ,gli Lfgli' -55 'WP ' 1 -- X "s.v.N. M its I , 4 f+- 3? X K I I I I ' -f' .-v,v '-.f!7"'j'J 'K' 'N X l ,Q ' lk'-'5 5 5 LLof-g:"f:,,, 2 'E ' H- Q ' Qf'-'-' QQ-1 ""'-' v lf .: 1 'Zh Qi' '4' fl - lil ' -wx f' ' X ' X K-1 : ,Q lx S. X x N ,V , if ,A xx I E" w N J Qi X-1 I ' -fmnmffnu x r Q X '11 S N J' X ' " I S Q Q LR! I , 1 7 Q qi 'V X. 7 rn V' F 5. 1 I , X 17, - ' r," if I ' X l 12 X ll JJ ,IZ r . X, -el f Xl 1. S' :ws f '13 -lx X ! TN - "wa P Q If X mx , - 1 It y pl xxx ji! l X X ' ,X f y z 7 I X X! 5 ' ,f2- r 1 1 lx , ff I 2' f f XV I 1 I X1 X 5Q , Ss I e I, AQ My g 2 I MMM -X9 : JW W R' A UW u XQJW' G 55 of ff ' 3 is fffww I WM M xff w fi . ffl? Q gi: 5 WWWVWHM 33135: MSW W? 5 is i' v ,3 42 35 Q Q95 XW YQ gl XSQEEOS. n 5 I ,X iw u MW, I H X jf MW' Cloquallum I94I PUBLISHED BY THE Associated Student Body OF Elma High School ELMA, WASHINGTON O 0 O Student Body Officers lnlstratlon xww,.wmmMm x Q.fQ1W+wwwMw,,v Www -A . 1.xt . -in X Q .-.3 FIRST ROW: Holmes, Lougheed, Winders, Olson SECOND ROVV: Borden, Cowan, Bechtold THIRD ROW: Crain, Holmes, Brown Big Office Mr. Davis' Office Filing Room FRONT ROWi Cross, Watkins, Murray SECOND ROW: Marlon, Reinhardt, Jacobs BACK ROW: Lavcndar, Strike, Hicks, Koch, Nigh, Lane. FRONT ROW: l-lowes, Campbell, Mitchell, Phelps. Librarians l 'f awful .......... as L .I 'I 'f'll'r'l O lil IQ! f' fl ,,, ,' We-l , Lil! K0 l f-nrrl f-fufnln Facult IF www -vm 2 e - A f 1 X vi Q . 4' , 5.i:,,,:r., vw' I xx MILLER"-A, - ' '- JMYHRE MINARD ,E Mlkur ' ISAKSON 0 'x A - M -1-W f X vw ,. ,. 4, W . 4 -www x K ' h x g fm h X5 , , :PW Q t g , 1 E X 5 "". - Q P f 4 . 111 ' , , - 1 2 ""' f VQ'- . - '-,:-Q :.' T' , Af e ... . H 453 ff, . A ' K A "" 553: 1 f "" 1 5 , ' K - fa. f- X Q 4 " L'-'L ' . ' y , 'b' . Q A A es, N"X-'- A Ag: -"--, ., v.,-,-- ,Q A . yr l Y Q r I - Mm- 'xmnff - L5 ,LUV J-f-lm ROE 'CMV'-VX JONES. LAMBERT HALL 'F' . v 9 NGEN HERMES WALLEN f RICE BEAL SHANK DAVIS SMITH N' .? - f'- 4- Af "fc-4,4 Nlujn 4. A "WNY 'v FACULTY Paul A. Davis, B. A.--- ------------------------------- -- ---- Superintendent University of Washington HDon't loiter in the halls, folks.U Charles H. Shank, B. S. ------------------------------------------ ---- Principal University of Washington NWhat's on your mind?N Ada Miller ------------------------------------------------------ Commercial Subjects . Nebraska Wesleyan College, Lincoln Business College NGet right to work, folks, let's not lose any time.H Clara Minard, B. A. ---------- - ------------------------------------- ----- Library . Washington State College HThe bell has rung.n Arnold O. iyhre, B. A.--- ---------------------------- ---- Social Sciences University of Washington HNOW you know my chickens.N John S. Nykut, B. S., M. S. ------------------------------------- Commercial Subjects University of Oregon nSay, about that fish I just about caught - N Anne Isaksen, B. A., M. A. --------------------------------------- English, Dramatics University of Washington - NPick up your cueslu ' Howard E. Roe, B. S.--- ----------------- L ------------- ---- Sciences University of Washington UDid I ever tell you about the -- W Maryann Jones, B. S.--- --------------------------------- ---- Home Economics University of Rashington ULet's settle down, girlsln John W. Lambert, B. A. ------ --------- - --M-------------------------- English, Speech University of Washington HLet's have it quiet in the back of the room.H Beth Hall, 3-yr. Certificate -------- - --------------------------------- ---- Art Central Washington College of Education UCalm down, childrenln George F. McKee, B. E., B. A. --------- W ----------------------------- ---Music Washington State College Hiait for the hel1.n George Hermes, B. S.--- --------------------------- - ------------- History, P.E., North Dakota State College Athletics HGet out a pencil and a niece of paper.N Grant Packard, B. A.--- ---------------------------------------------- Mathematics University of Washington NSsssshhhhhhhhlH Bonnie Jean Uallen, B. A.--- ------------------------- ---- Foreign Languages, Morningside College English, P.E. nl bog your pardon.H Alan R. Rice, B. A. ------------------------------------------------- Industrial Arts Whitworth College, Washington State College nGet a broomln Lloyd Sweringen, B. S., M. S. ------------------------------------ --Agriculture Oregon State College Nwhat are you doing?n Winnie Beal ---- ------------------------------------------- ---- Office Western Washington College of Education NGet to class, no' I mean itln Charles E. Smith ---- ----------------------------------------- ---- Mineralogy Albion College SPIRAL CLUB Disregarding the lengthy arguments of the disagreeing Spiral Elub we feel we can truthfully say that this year highlights have been many, thereby building a bigger and better schoolQ The Spiral Club consists of the student body officers, president and representative from each class and club, edit- or of publications, yell leaders, and song queens. One of the most outstanding accomplishments of the year was the purchasing of the school land for the benefit of the whole student body. The Lettermen assisted the Spiral Club in organizing a much needed school patrol and court. This eliminated con- fusion in the halls and showed an independent gesture of the students toward governing themselvesg ' Due to financial conditions the A. S. B. was able to donate towards purchasing a camera for the betterment of the year book, Another accomplishment worthy of mention was the repairing of the stage, Last but not least the constitution was revised follmr ing a hot discussion in the Spiral Club. Robert R00krivor................... .........PreSident Douglas CamerOn.............Q..... ....Vice-President Pauline Olson..... . .....,Secretary Mr. John Mykut..,, ....Treasurer Spiral W WV ' H g .., g f- , 4 lo 4? s a if 623, : ' N we S ' Jw if C ' 23? Ng , M" lv' A 'G is f 4 5 , XRS gi. QMS FU' W 0 ka 4, R y C , E. ne' A S S A ummm LLX2 1 D bbzsi Q X A hL I TOP: Bob Rochriyer, TOP ROW: Anderson, Bechtold, Bolung, Boling, Briley, Burke. SECOND ROW: M. Callow, F, Callow, Cameron, Currier, Cloud, Dawson, THIRD ROW: Dyer, Fields, Fisher, Holmes, Hughes, Marion, FOURTH ROW: Murphy, Murray, Loomis, Olson, Osgood, Phelps. FIFTH ROW: Ransom, Strike, Sund, Sund, Swenson, Tauscher, Mellen, White. Club szfrd- ,jd I !v'.S-1, as 1: Cf, Q . r .N , f I F T - T' 45 ' , 0 W .,,. , Q Q 1 SQ K5 1 SX T uv up Executive Council 'Y' 4 l new 1' Publications Annual Staff TOP ROW: Rochriver, photographer, Swenson, artist, Dawson, ad manager, Smith, artist. FRONT ROW: Crain, assistant editor, Rohleder, typustg Cal- Iovv associate editor, Marion, adv. manager: Swisher, editor: Beclntold, assistant ad. manager. Student Court Elmanac FIRST ROW: Richardson, Farrar, Rob- inson, Wunders, Rhnnelnardf, Strke. SECOND ROW: De-Young, Lavendur, Cloud, Cershtout, Burke, Thorntmm THIRD ROW: BOWIHQ, Marlon, Lvug- heed, Tolmes, McArdIe. FOURTH ROW' Crain, Watkms, Bcchtwlrl, Cowan, Lambert, Srnuth, Burden. Seniors lEANNE AVRANK Tmnslerretl from Owen, Wus lla lf'3B, Orchestra 4, Btrlng Ensemble 3, -l, Girls' Glee 4, Prompter for ir Play -l GENE ANDERSON Spiral Club l, Class President l, Advertising: Chairman ul Renter Pay Assembly, l-li-Y 3, 4, Lettermen's Club l, 2, rl, Sec nf lettermerfs Club 4, Basl-.etball l, 2, 4, Baseball l, 2 4, Boys' Club Council 4, Tltanlsrgiving B.1sl.et Drive 4, A B Advertising Corn 4 LLOYD ANDERSON E. F A 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 4 HENRY BECHTOLD Bpiral Club 4, Br Ball Cemrnlttee 4, Camera Club 4, l-lu-Y 4, Flrnanac Sports Eclitnr 4, Annual 4, Office 4, A S B Advertising Com 4, Cbat- terlng Termites 4. BETTY IEAN BOLING Qplral Club l, 4, Sr Ball, lr Prern Cum, Peppers, G A C, Ass't Editor and Editor nf Flmanac 3, 4, lr Play and ir, Girls' Club Treas, Member of Council, Mr. Davis Otflce 3 GEORGE BOSLER Transferred from Atwood, Kans, 'lent l'lll'l Hi-Y Club 4, Stage arrangements for fyeninr Play 4, Senior Pay Assembly 4, Track 4 PERRY BRAY Clmllerlng Termites Club 4, Public Speaking Assembly 4 MARIE BROWN Peppers 3, 4, Girls' Club Paper l, 2, Girls' Club Council 4, Mrxed Glee Club l, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Sextette 3, 4, Octelte l, Rest Room l, 2, 3, Office 4, of FRANCES CALLOW Spiral Club 3, 4, Class Vice Pres -lg Class Rings 4, ir Night 4, Chairman of Sr Ball 4, G AC. 3, 4, Cbalterlng Termites 4, Annual 4, Elrnanac 3, 4, lr, and Sr. Plays, Basket Drive 4, Boys' Girls' Club Dance lCbairmanl 4, Sr Breakfast 3, Yell Leader 3, 4, Student Court 4, Prog Clwarr Mothers' Tea 4. MARlORlE CALLOW Spiral Club 2, 3, 4, GAC. l, 2, 3, 4, Peppers 3, 4, Elmanac l, 3, Sr Play, Band 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Office lg Yell Leader 2, 3, 4, Co-Chain man of Sr. Nlght, Sr Pay Assembly, DON CAMERON lresbman and lr. Class Plays, Baseball 2, 3, Boys' Club Council 2, PATRlC!A CAMPBELL Girls' Clee Club I, 4, Library 4, IUNE CARR Senior Pay Assembly, Camera Club 4, Senior Play Properties, Father-Daughter Banquet Decoration Committee, Mothers Tea Decorations, Maiorette 4, Cbatternng Termites Club 4, Peppers Club 3, 4 l BARBARA CLOUD Sr. Dinner Committee, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Peppers 3, 4, President of Glee Club 4, Elrnanac 3, 4, GAC. 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Library. IACK DAWSON ' Spiral Club 4, Senior Dance Cbalrrnan, l-ly-Y 3, 4, Camera Club 4, Vice President nf Camera Club 4, Annual 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, -l, Ceunfll Representative of Boys' Club 4, Tnwn Hall, lint! Club Movie, Thanksgiving Day Drive Z' Q-il-' 'vi H sk. .amQ -w '1 "vii ,pw l QP 'F 3, ass, ll FG? Off, C:,r"'3' 1 75 5? .IH taxa' , 3 4220-.J wr an-or QE an is S r- v . v f QA as .auf tin' 136' 'P an di ' --:xi , . aye. we wi lil ,I .ai '--ang., uf WF A... Seniors MARIORIE EINERT Girls' Clee Club 4, Senior Class Committees IIM FISHER Spiral Club 3, 4, lunlor Class President, Hi-Y 3, 4, junior Play, Boys' Club Rep, Band l, F, STuCl9nt Caurt -I . RALPH FREDERICKC Transferred from Shelton '30, Clwatterrng Tor- VTWITCC Club 4. MIKE HARTSTROM Bsxsi Olee Clulw 4, Clwattering Termites 4 LILLIAN HICKQ Sr Pax Assembly 4, Rest Room -l, Father- Daugliter Banquet 1, Tr Breakfast lnvor Co 4, Girls' Clee Club 4, Vepncrs -I, Aclv Com For lr Pram and Sr, Ball GRACE HILES ARDITH HOLMFV Fpxral Clirtm 3 l All Hr Assonilrlx 3, Peppers 3, 4, Speed, Club Elnmnnc -1, Cwvl, Clmrrrnan -I, Cirls' Clee Club l, Office 2, 3, I, A-tuclent Leader Conference rl, Clmirman of A'-I3 Adv Com fl, lurior Prem Aclv , Sf Ball Arty' LENA HORA Girls' Cleo Cltrb 4, Senior Class Corn QHIRLEY IACOBH junior Prtirn Invitations, Sr Ball Refreshments r Senior Night 4, Christmas Program -l, Annua I, 3, Elrnar-af: 3, Property Manager Clss Plays 3 4, Mothers TL-a 2, Orclirwtrn l, CIOC Club llvllxecll Crrls' CIOD Clulw 3, -l, 'fextctte 4, Office 4' DICK IAQPIER Lettermerfs Club I, 2, 1, 4, Boys' CI-Ib Council' Football 2, 3, -l, Basketball 3, -I, Boys' Club Council LettQrrrien's Rep, Boys' Cleo Club 4, Clnattering Termites Club -l PHILLIP KELLY Class Plays Properties 3, 4, Boys' Cleo Club, Movie Machine IRENE KOCH Properties for Senior Pay Assembly, Peppers 4, Asst Business Manager lr Play, Girls' Club Council, Library 4, Rest Room RICHARD KOCH Class Committee Senior Ball, Chairman of Boys'-Girls' Club Dance, Sergeant at Arms of Hi- Y 4, lr Play, Football 4, Band I, 2, 3, President of the Band 2 FRED KOMISKI FAA., Baseball 2, 4, Basketball 3, Boys' Club Club 3, 4. VIOLET LANE 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, String Ensemble 3, 4, LI- brary 4. Seniors BLANCHE LAVENDER Sr Dinner 4, Girls' Clee Club 4, Peppers 3, 4, Vice Pres of Clee Club 4, CAC 2, 3, -l, Library -l. RALPH LOOMIS Vice president of ASB 3, Spiral Club 2, 3, -l, Senior Class President 4, Ir Play, Sr Play, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Town Hall 4, Music l, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, Student Leaders Conference 4. IUNE LOUGHEED Christmas Program Chairman 3, 4, Refreshment Chairman for lunior and Senior Ball, Sr Night Co-Chairman, Camera Club 4, CAC 3, 4, Sec 3g Elmanac 2, 3, 4, Sr Play, Prompter for lr. Play, Girls' Crlee Club 4, Office 2, 3, -l, Major- ette, Chattering Termites 4. CATHERINE MANN Sr. Ball Decorating Com, Candy Seller, Class Com. 4. FRANCES MARION Spiral Club 4, GAC. l, 2, 3, 4, Thanksgiving drive, Father-Daughter Banquet 3, Sr. Ball and lr Prom, Peppers 3, 4, CAC l, 2, 3, 4, Chat- tering Termites 4, Elmanac l, 2, 4, Annual 4, Sr Play, lr. Play, Mr. Davis Office I, 2, 3, 4, Hobby Clubs. BERNElCE MARTIN Invitations and Checking for Sr Ball, Chairman of Assembly, String Ensemble l, Z, Mixed Clee Club l, 2., Ciirls' Clee Club I, 2, 3, -l, Trio l, 2, Student Conductor -lg Peppers 4, Ass't Teacher in Mr Shapely's Office. CHARLES MCDONNELL Transferred from Quincy High School in l94O, Chattering Termites Club 4. FRANK MCPHEE Vice Pres of Freshman Class, Class Play 4, Sr. Pay Assembly 4, Football Second String GEORGE MCPHERSON Senior Ball Decorations, Hi-Y, Letterrnen's 2. 3, 4, Football 2, 3, -l, Basketball 3, Baseball l, Sr, Play. LESLIE METZGER Spiral Club 4, junior Prom Committee, Hi-Y 4, F.F A. l, 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President of FFA 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 4, Quartette 4. MERILYN MITCHELL Clee Club l, Sextette 2, Octetle l, Library 4. MILDRED MOBERC Transferred from Seattle in '38, Peppers 4, CAC. 4, Library 3. DON MORGAN Senior Ball Decoration Committee, H-Y 3, 4, Lcttermen's 2, 3, 4, SARA MURPHY Spiral Club, Peppers 3, President -l, Rest Room, Chairman Mothers Tea 4, Sr Play, ERMA MUSCROVE Peppers 3. -lg Girls' Glee Club -l. ey. rs : 1, 4, f!'x f .3 4' , 'av r , ... C-- 'W-5'3" 5 al 5 -LJ N 4 W, 'f1'f', 2 '92 f fgfl A QL- If fd? ..l- ' -'rr ' ,www -.W-QM., ,swf ,Af "X lf icq wx? ft ' s..-fair lx A-. .4 fl l as Q'-law: Cf Q o. 476 414 W' . A 'vs' ,,,, A' V wi if", at--tv' 'IBM' if -i H 'fs , . 4 154' 'T' ' . Q, A lv ' i , Q it -2 l .viii mf? Seniors LON MUSGROVE Lettermen's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4. BETTY NIGH Sr. Breakfast 3, Advertising lr Prom, Gir ls' Club Council 4, Library 4, Rest Room Chair- man, Office 4, PAULINE OLSON ASB Sec 4, Spiral Club 4, Class Council 2 3 Sec Treas l 3 Vice Pres Z Sr Bill lr. Prom, Peppers 3, 4, Camera Club 3, GAC 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres of The Peppers 3, Elmanac l, Prop. Manager for lr, Play, Girls' Club Council l, 2, 3, 4, Mistress of Sports 2, Toy Drive 3, Office 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 3, 4. ALVIN OSTERGARD FFA 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3. HELENE PHELPS Transferred from Olympia in l03S, Advertising Com., Peppers, Spiral Club 4, Chairman of Sr Assembly and Cr Dinner, Pepper Rep for Girls' Council, Properties of lr Play, Candy Chairman, Library, Rest Room 3, Head of Entertainment for Sr. Breakfast 3, Entertainment for Fatherillaugh- Er Banquet 3, Chairman of Stage Crew, Poppers lub. BOB PIERCEY Spiral Club 2, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Lettermen's Cluh l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club Vice Pres 3, President 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Base l 2 3 4' Track 2' Boys' Club Counci ., ball , , 3, , , I 3 4, Boys' Club Political Rally, Boys' and Girls' Cluli Christmas Drive, Thanksgiving Drive, Boys' Cleo Club 3, 4, Boys' Club Student Director. CHARLOTTE PORTMAN Transferred from Aberdeen in l9-lO Girls' Cleo Club 4. PAUL RANSOM Transferred from Prescott High School Spiral Club 4, F.FA l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club Council 4, Boys' Clee Club. ' ' VINA RAY String Ensemble, Girls' Glee Club LA VlNA ROHLEDER Spiral Club 3, Sec of Sr, Class, Chairman of Sr. Ball Decorations, Elmanac Reporter l, Typist on Elmanac 4, Annual Staff-Typist, Sr Pay Assembly, junior Play, CAC. l, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Girls' Club Council 4, Senior Council, Chairman of Father-Daughter Banquet, Chairman of Senior Breakfast, Office Girl 3, 4, Peppers affix '5,gTm'3 .ar WLT' 3, 4, Drill Team, Chattering Termites 4, BOB ROCKRIVER President of Student Body, Spiral Club 4, Hi-Y Club 4, Camera Club 4, Movie Staff, Good Will Committee, Public Speaking Committee Critic, School Photographer. DOLORES ROMANESKI Spiral Club 3, Chairman of Freshman Party, GAC. l, 2, 3, Peppers 3, 4, Camera Club Pres, Elmanac 4, Sr. Pay Assembly, Freshman Assem- bly, C-irls' Club Sec, 4, Girls' Club Council 2, 3, 4, Old Clothes Drive, Office 2, 3. MILFORD ROWE Senior Pay Assembly, Stage Crew for Sr. Play, Baseball 3, 4, Band 4. STAN SARVINSKI Vice Pres junior Class, FAA l, 2, 3, 4. DON SCHOUWEILER Glee Club 4, junior Play, Senior Play, Boxing 3, Band l, 2, 4. Seniors GEORGE SHERWOOD Sr. Class Treasurer, Hi-Y 3, 4, Forestry Club Sec 4, lunior Play, Senior Play, Boys' Cilee Club 4, Movie Crew. ED SPALDINC Lettermen's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 4, Boys' Clee Club 4. ERIC SUND F.F.A Representative, President 4, Treas 3, Boys' Club Council 3, Boys' Glee Club 4. FRANKLIN SUND FFA. Reporter '39, Sec. '40, Reporter '4l. CARL SWENSON Spiral Club 2, 3, 4, Sr. Council 4, Hi-Y 3, Public Speaking Club President 4, Annual Staff 4, lr. Play and Sr. Play, Boys Club Council l, 2, Liquor Control Board 3, Food Drive 4, Town Hall 4, String .Ensemble 3, 4, Mixed Glee Club l, Boys' Clee Club 3, Sextette 2, Octette 3, Boys' Quartette 4, Vocal Solo 3, 4, Office 4, Song Leader 2, 3, A.S.B. Advertising Com. 4, Senior Play. - KATHRYN SWISHER Spiral Club 2, 3, 4, Pres Soph. Class1 Annual Editor 4, CAC. 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club Vice Pres 3, Council 3, Decoration Committee for Sr Ball, Office 2. 3, 'Business Manager for lr. Play, Peppers 3, 4, Student Court 4, GLENN THAYER Spiral Club 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club l, Z, 3, 4, Vice Pres 4, F F.A , Pres 2, 3, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Old Clothes Drive, Movie, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4. ARCHIE TINCANI Boys' Clee Club, Band. IEAN TOBEY Peppers 3, 4, Camera Club Sec -Treas 4- Helper on Father-Daughter Banquet 4, Chairman of Father-Daughter Banquet for Decorations 3, Clee Club, Girls' Glee Club, Office 3, 4. BUD WERTS Transferred from Aberdeen, Cilee Club Vice Pres, 4, Chaltering Termites Club, FRANK WESSEL Lettermen's Club, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Class Committee. MARCELLA WESTCOTT Girls' Glee Club 4. HOMER WHITE Sec of Boys' Club 4, Baseball 3, 4, Boys' Club Council BEN YANDA FFA 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4 MERL ZICLER Arkansas l937, Boys' Club Council: Band Orchestra. -fi, .41 gi 244 G Q Owl 4 .ia QQ wr' 1 , .3 Si -IJ 63 'ms --um, 1-aqgnw avi", Qi? wear 3,53 w -R' 'exif' auf' you ,-ov ,fo Rholcdcr, Holmes, Callow, Loomis. Senior Class Gfficers :AX . x 'RPM ' Hep Cats nybodys brawl rwo flfher Pm Q if Piggy back KX W9 3 .L .,.A. ..., ziii 25 Q?bMwmJ -Qfgg lfig. ":,,gns is ,n52i?f5f?j . .N-, ' J U N ' Q R JUNIOR HISTORY The officers elected were: President ------------------- --------------- Ed Briley Vice President ------------------------- Galen Jacobsen Secretary-Treasurer-- ------------------ Shirley Farrar Spiral Club Representative ----------------- Bob Hughes The Juniors can truly boast of a year full of fun and successful social eventsr Right from the first, we planned our events of the year and carried those plans out with fly- ing colors. The play was a huge success with a east that we were proud of. Besides the playcast, there were many other com- mittees in charge of the program that did their part. Also, . due credit should be given to Miss Isaksen who directed the play, and showed each member of the cast how to put-the bust of his talent into his part. The rest of the A. S. B. must have liked it too, because they were just as enthusiastic about it as we were. Every student realized just how much the Junior Prom means to the Juniors. It's something looked forward to all year and is planned in advance down to every detail. This year was no exception. We, like all classes, could hardly wait to see our Prom turn out to be a huge success. we worked hard to reach our goal of a successful Prom, but it was fun at the sale time. The decorations, music, and in- termission seemed to be enjoyed by every one. So we say nThree cheers for the Junior Prom of the Class of l9L2N, Now we are looking forward to the Senior Play, Senior Ball, Senior Night, and all those events of the Senior year, Senior Courtesy, here we come!!! SENIOR HISTORY . "W-'??f:4?fAfiff' '.-'-kl'Ey1iI-5358.1 Q' - ' ' -if .F 1'g'3:.:,.. h ii N. N 1 Lt. ..... ,... .. A rr ,.. -........ .. V. .. .. ,, .,, ' '.f'f"l""L 1CIfQ..f.fl, .' imb ' . ' as-I: 'ei- i". -' 'L ii-tv 1 - -- . On August 30th, 1937, one hundred and ten students enrolled as Freshman in the Elma High School. This peppy group of students were filled with ambition and highhopes. Their first assembly, known as the Freshman All-High Assembly, was an overwhelming suc- cess and the class established a reputation of being over abundant with talent. In 1938 they became the Sophomores of the Elma High School, but lost none of the pep and enthusiasm, for which they were known, The Sophomore Dress-Up Day, Class Party, After-Rally dance, were a few of the activities sponsored by this class. The year was top- ped off with the winning of the Annual Plaque for selling the most annuals over their quota, In 1939 this same group became NUpper Classmenn as they enter- ed their Junior year. The two outstanding events of the year were the Junior Play and the Junior Prom. The Juniors were especially thrilled about theiri Junior Play, NCross'My'Heart,N because the authors attended. A new idea for a Christmas Program was 1.' introduc- ed, wherein each class gave a short program, which was judgedfby,a committee composed of three members of the faculty, and the winning class got its name engraved on a Gold Cup. The "Jrs. tin-thi cup! In March 1940, the Junior Girls won the Girls' Interclass Basket- ball tournament, On April ith, the annual Junior Prom took place, this year the school gym was decorated in blue and white, with stars adorning the ceiling. The lighting scheme gave the effect of a beautiful moonlight night, with hundreds of stars glittering over head. The Juniors chose blue sweaters with gray emblems. Finally the Class of 'Ll came forward as Seniors. The .Senior Pay Assembly was one of the first events of the year, followed by Senior Night at the Graham Theatre. This year Senior Nigh consist- ed of a very entertaining program based on the Class History. The Senior rings were selected but each member chose his own setting. In the spring, the Senior Play entitled nFootlooseU was presented in the Graham Theatre. At the Senior Dinner on May 12th, the class Will and Prophecy were read, and the class song was sung. The year ended with Baccalaureate and Commencement. The Seniors owe a great deal of'their success to Miss Miller, the Class Advisor, and the capable class officers: President ----------------------------------------- Ralph Loomis Vice President -------------------- ----------- -Frances Callow Secretary --------------- ---LaVina Rohleder Treasurer -------------------------- - --- ------ George Sherwood Spiral Club Representative- ---- -- ---- ---------- Ardith Holmes Junior Girls THIRD ROW: Prouse, Watkins, Ciirstout, Knudsen, McArdIe, De Young, Osgood, Burke, McHatton, Fuller. SECOND ROW: McSperritt,'Jameson, Nermo, Swensen, Whitaker, Walkup, Strike, Boling, Cross, Winders. FIRST ROW: Reinhardt, Motz, Lancaster, Richardson, Nelson, Farrar, Robinson, Farrar, Howes '- A551 1 1 i ... i . -va BRILEY JACOBSON FARRAR HUGHES Junior Boys FOURTH ROW: Bennett, Fields, Brickenback, Boyd, Kolos, Lofgren, Campbell, Boyer, Hora, Carr, Self. THIRD ROW: Cowan, Winders, Crass, lngham, Trohomovich, Husk, Sollers, Murray, Briley, Jacobsen. SECOND ROW: Curran, Osgood, Smith, Whiting, Cameron, Orfanos, Franklin,lackson, Malone, Boyer. FIRST ROW: Borden, Smith, Mooney, Prante, Mooney, Livingston, Taucher, Wade, Smith, Calleson. l 4 1 1 A 1 ig 1 Sophomore Girls FIFTH ROW: Brown, Barry, Murray, Taylor, Jensen, Morrow, Sackrider, Shamehorn, Lindholm, Doyle. FOURTH ROW: Moberg, Inman, Kock, Carey, Price, Baranic, Shelby, Howard, Williams. THIRD ROW: Sackett, Lovejoy, Wessell, Corden, Thornton, Currier, Teagle. SECOND ROW: Murray, McPherson, Badgley, Sheets, Lofgren, Tro- himovich, Dyer. FIRST ROW: Brinker, Soller, Borden, Amderspm, Comber, Borden, Hartstrom. 1 . I AUSQHER BECHTOLD BARRIE MURRAY ,gl f!,4iv"f", by 4 Sophomore Boys FIFTH ROW: Boling, Sackrider, Aarhaus, Knowles, Halferty, Graves, Swenson, Hasbrouck, Einert, Jacobus Kinnamon. FOURTH ROW: Hallowary, Graves, Walker, DeHart, Robinson, Prosch, Sutherby, Boling, McMaster THIRD ROW: Laudberg, Lovgren, Murray, Kearney, Sterns, Harris, Pajala, Phelps, Barger. SECOND ROW: Bena Lofgren, Tauscher, Bechtold, Claflin, Jones, Stott, Zigler. FIRST ROW: Fehlberg, Troyer, Boulden, Sheets, Fields Hink, Corden, Tetreau, Howes. Q - V w4i.s.s ,f.Ql 111-mmf we A , ,, The officers 33 N. X , X H ' - 5 1 -. , -. 17-. ,-b..nr--n.' ', 45' ' 'P - - , -L . .,-- QW ,f WX Xwuw i3 ,iQ,,,. '-'l f.j5i1CDlV1ORE SOPHOMGRE HISTORY ctti vert: - ----w--------------------4Joe Tauscher President--- Mics Preridviz ----------------------- Elmtr Ecchtold Seirubiry-fgcm5ur,r .-.--.-......-.---- Bonnit Barrie Spxril Club P-r?b5CHtQtlV6 ------------- Peggy Murray Our Qixuul Sxptvusre pzrty held in Jlnuary pcpged up the entirw clues fnd it its stiytd 'ith .',- ua. Th- dress-up day, which is for Suphovortt wloht, mms in the latt spring. The majority of thi ti agpgt 5 Took idviutage of this sports day and cvhry Ong had fun, Tut cnthusi gm inQ industry of thv class hws been hot- Jd with aoprwvgl, Lith thg iii Cf Kiss M If nn Jones, our xd- vismr, and our iudwstr.fws wvmss vffivtrs w, huvc provwh our- selvus capable for th: tisPs nhith lie ah nd of us. . ' -1- ,',-5.9-Inli ' -,:. gag., - ' 1' 24' Q65 1 Q x7 Q59 'Y QQY , 'f- 6 , 4. QS S Q .. iw sh ' 'W ip do 553 V Mgr JEEQ' - Str N .J 'Pkg ,Q Q iljg'g3pg k NHFQQfig . "y A Lili l- '5f2:?F9d fmlf f5f",f':FQ3f""25 I 115a':'S6'. FRESHMAN FRESHMAN HISTORY On September 9, 1940, the Freshman, with high hopes, en- rolled in E. H. S. The officers elected were: 4 President ----------- - ---- ---- Frank Shovlain Vice President --------- -------- Bob Myers Secretary ----------------- ---Fargaret Crain Treasurer ----------- ---------- ---- Vernon Downs Spiral Club Representative --------- Henry Cloud Father Time has taken the Freshman Class success- fully past the ninth hour in the march to graduation. Iesides maintaining a high standard of scholarship the Freshman Class this year nas tried to create pep at all games and to support their Alma later in all ways possible. The Freshman also had the honor of introducing a yell to their uoperclass members. . The Freshman Class is represented in nearly every activity, and when they start to put anything over, they bring victory to their class. The Freshman Class held a successful party which brought about more friendliness among the students. The class feels it has completed this year success- fully and is looking for more worlds to conquer, Members of the Class of WLAN look forward with great' anticipation to the three years of school ahead of them, We, the Freshman Class of ULLN take this oppor- tunity to thank our class advisor, Mr. Mykut, for his sin- cere help and guidance through our first and most trying year of high school. Freshman Girls FIFTH ROW: Watkins, Alexander, McHatton, Ford, Crass, Richards, Smith, Crain, Hasbrouck, Kosenski, Daniels FOURTH ROW: Strike, Campbell, Bogar, Hollis, Damon, Williams, Briley, Studer, Boling, Fitzgerald, Doughty THIRD ROW: Kilgore, Mock, Wennberg, Vanderwall, Cleator, Rohleder, Camp, Wedekind, Harstrom, Morrison SECOND ROW: Badgley, Jones, Nelson, Ray, Prante, Mowry, Husko, Musgrove, Huss. FIRST ROW: Bosler, Evans, Moore, Purcell, Rowton, Harrison, Thayer, Westover, Moore, I FIFTH ROW: Nickel, Bailey, penter, SHOVLAIN MYERS CRAIN CLOUD Freshman Boys ROW: Daniels, Lavender, Foley, Boyer, Ayles, Brown, Taylor, Osterhout, Jacobs, Weaver. FOURTH Byrd, Petty, Emerson, Cloud, Olp, Werts, Kelly, Lowe, Smeyers, Schinider. THIRD ROW. Mitchell, Schouweirel, Evans, Lind, York, Williamsen, Svobada, Shovlain. SECOND ROW: Salzer, Sherwood, Winders, Winnings, Michlak, Cowan, Jasper. FIRST ROW: Doyle, Morrison, Cirt, Slater, Elliott, Car Canison, Balch, Hyde -.-L.. - 111 -M1 1 :.l1.-,.niisl1u1.- I. Lw fl, Girls' Club Council THIRD ROW: Dyer, Holmes, Romaneski, Rohleder, McArdle, Hucks, Nigh. SECOND ROW: Strike, Phelps, Olson, Robinson, Farrar, Wellen, Rohleder. FIRST ROW: Teagle, Strike. l-Q 1 A w-wmv-ww STRIKE MCARDLE ROMANESKI WELLEN """ mkgli Town Hal' Thanksgiving Basket Drive l l PIERCEY WADE 3 , , ,J K , O 1, R if 1 fi Al gf! O f Boys' Club Councll X ' ' TOP ROW: Fnsher, Whute, Wade, Dawson, Henk, Ransom. BOTTOM ROW mf. ..-- Emerson. Sund. Piercev. Jasper, Anderson, Winders As another year again proved itself ing organizations, ures throughout the The club had for GIRLS' CLUB draws to a close, the Girls' to be one of the school's most having attained success in all year. its officers at the opening of Club has outstand- its vent- school in September the following group of girls: President ------------------------------------ Imogene Eaton Vice President --------------------- ----- Viola Strike Secretary -------- ----- ----- Maxine .McArdle Treasurer ---------- - ---- Delores Romaneski Mistress of Sports-- - ----- Patricia Teagle Advisor ----------------------------------------- Miss Jones A few months later, the presidency was given to Viola Strike, when Imogene resigned. The Girls' Council had a membership of seventeen girls and met at various intervals. Our Girls' Club was represented at the Southwest Washing- ton Cirls' League Conferences in October and April and in Nov -ember, a representative attended the 1940 Annual Student Leader's and Journalists' Conference at the University of Washington. Worthwhile affairs sponsored by the Girls' Club were the Thanksgiving Basket Drive, the old Clothes Drive at Christmas The Mothers' Tea, The Senior Breakfast and, perhaps the one to be best remembered, the Father-Daughter Banquet. The first two functions were sponsored together with the Boys' Club. All in all, it has been a remarkable year in the history of the Girls' Clubg and may we take this opportunity to ex- press our thanks and appreciation to our able advisor, Miss Jones. BOYS' CLUB The younger of the tvo institutions that ur: similar in their aims to work for the common good of the school---the boys' Club---has seen another year in its life terminate This year, undor tho loidcrship of tha follovin5 boys, the club carried out one of the most outstanding events in the history of Elma High---the Boys' Club, HTown Hallzn President ---------------------------------- Bob Piorcoy Vice President ----------------- ----- ---Lo Roy Endo Secretary-Tr-dsursr ---- ---Hombr White SCTgtJHt'3t'3FmS ---------- ----- Dick Hink Spiral Club Representative ------------- ---- Jim Fishcr Advisor -------------------------------------- Mr. Myhrc This political rally staged by ths boys was one of the largest and one of thc finost rallies the town has cvqr known. As A result of cnroful planning and co-operation, it proved to bc a hugo success. A crowd fu' ostimatid bot -.'- son five and six hundred attondcd tho program and tho luncheon that followsd. At Christmas tht boys aided in the struct decorations. Tognther with the Girls' Club, they more able to out over thoir annual holiday drivcs. Their Father-Son Banquet is not to bs ovqrlookod, nor are tho two danocs sponsorod by them. The your has proved to be one of achievement. Many thanks to hr. Myhro, our advisor, who has contributed greatly to our prossnt state of fine cooperation and prog- ressivencss. Song Queens ANDERSON BURKE Senior Play Cast Junlor Play Cast SECOND ROW: Schouiller, Sherwood, Swenson, McPI'rcr- SECOND ROW: Cameron, Murray, Fuelds, Bruley, Tausln son, Sund, Loomis. FIRST ROW: Marion, Bolmg, Callow, er. FIRST ROW: Bolmg, Wellen, Motz, Cerslwtour, NCI M Callow, Lougheed, Murphy. son. Robinson. , y Yell Leaders FAIIFXXAI CIPID C r'Allrxu1 elf ri ,R-52' j'je'i"'?,""I.q,fQ2.3F'j rf 5 'Y 'Q 9 G.A.c. I TOP ROW: Dyer Warkins, Moberg, Smith, Spalding, C. Moberg, McHafton, '3 3 F. Callow, Hink, Cloud. THIRD ROW: Murray, Lavender, Richards, Crain, Crass, McPherson, Boling, Lougheed, M. Callow. SECOND ROW: Jones, DYER MURRAY Currier, Thornton, Havtsrrom, Trohimavuch, Morrow, Jensen, Olson, FIRST CURRIER MARION ROW: Marion, Reinhardt, Bailey, Morrison, Robinson, Badgley, Bosler, . Combes. fi ,J ir, iiwmmwwi M-w.,,, I Av 4 Peppers TOP: Brown, Burke, Fuller, DeYoung, Nermo, Swenson, Holrnes, Swisher Marion. SECOND ROW: Murphy, McSperriH, McHatfori, 'Windcrs, Mc- Arclle, Moberg, Creene, Jacobs. THIRD ROW: Callow, Martin, Cloud, MURpHy FARRAR Phelps, Howes, Strike, Nigh, Koch, Olson, Vxfhitaker, Wellcn, Robinson NELSON PHELPS Nelson, Farrar, Farrar, Carr. gi 'F I kg 1 in WW? :,, . ,, .,,,, -iivgm iilldiiiil Camera Club SECOND ROW: Carr, Dawson, Troyer, Borden, Bena. . H -:s' r nfn: ' FIRST ROW: Currier, Dickson, Tobey, Carr, Lougheed BECHTOLD DAWSON TORFY Pliooico I -. .. W: xg -. I N, ,, . . i , I A ' I . an at . L 'QQ -K Vg Q, " Wd ., , , 'ii I A AI T. I E x , . - .. .. f L , 'K -Qu .V fi ""' 1 M. ,, Q W s X A. M... , Lettermen Ds... Y THIRD ROW: Cowan, Piercey, Wiiwclers Jacobsen, Ingham, McPherson, Koch. THAYER OSCOOD SECOND ROW: Anderson, Wade, Osgood, Jasper, Wessel, Borden, Robinson. FIRST ANDERSON METZCER ROW1 Combes, Smith, Livingston, Jacobs, Loomis, I-link, Howes. FOURTH ROW: Morgan, Boyd. Jacobus, Thayer, White, Bennet. Hasbrouck, Lofgrcn Q I I 4 HI-Y FIRST ROVJ: Rockriver, Loomis, Lofgren, Cameron, Bechtold, Osgood, Wade, SECOND ROW: Swenson, Fisher, Dawson, Fields, Morgan, Swenson, Aarhaus. THIRD ROW: Cowan, Sherwood, Piercey, McPherson, Murray, Anderson, SWENSON GOWAN CAMERON KOCH V' , , I M aw fs , ,A . F. F. A. FOURTH ROXV: Halferty, Spalding, Thayer, Sweringen, Boyer, Campbell, Boyer, - Yanda, Lolgren. THIRD ROW: Hora, Berwinger, Graves. Loertscher, Cowan, Sar- E- SUND yinski, Ransom, Sund. SECOND ROW: Ingham, Whiting, Barger, Landberg, Nickel, F SUND RANSON Lovgren, Cordon, Bechtold. FIRST ROW: Malone, Harvey, Bouldcn, Lynn, Whiting, ' Combes, Balch, Howes. Girls' Glee Club ,JW QU Q H. I 5 E f' if Q it 4 I WEE? I , bbb. 3 I , , Tobey, Camp, Callow, Cloud, Musgrove, Brown, Ford, Dailey, Walkup, Price, Afrank, Boling SECOND K- ROW: Hiles, Martin, Westcott, Einert, Wessell, Crain, Burke, Nigh, Whitaker, Swenson, Sheets, Badgley FIRST ROW: Boranick, Evans, Moore, Jacobs, Lougheed, Lancaster, Borden. Combes, Ray, Campbell. t ' Egg. .,. 4 is Q Q 0 i o - s c I a ui Quartette Sextette Swenson, Swenson, Metzger, Boling, Shelbey. SECOND ROW: Crain, Price, Afrank Brown FIRST ROW: Martin, Jacobs, Hiles Boys' Glee Club THIRD ROW: Komisii, Metzger, Thayer, Spalding, Anderson, Musgrove, Sherwood. SECOND ROW Kelly Piercy, Kolos, Beringer, Hartstom, Oslund, Lofgren. FIRST ROW: Jasper, Osgood, Tincani, Jacobs Schou ...A1IA.- C....,J CL,-Auf T W-Q... Band FOURTH ROW: De Young, Doyle, Smith, Fehlberg, Tetreau THIRD ROW: Zigler, Schouweiler, Murray, Ja- Cobus, Smith, Williamson. SECOND ROW: Mock, Davidson, Callow, Cioud, Smith, Rowe. FIRST ROW. Motz, Howes, Kinnamon, Stott, Hartstrom, Nelson. ,M N1 1 1 MR. McKEE I' 'H' y A -AH . String Ensemble Bolmg, Hink, Aaurhaus, Swgnson, Shelby, Lane, Afrank 1 nw I? M- U""" .Jw ff gm Q fw w 134. z. x X A To ,Ad f Q -, X 5 , X Q x E N, Q S... T NQ? S Eilllll I-.nh 'ulif Football F' METZGER COWAN HASBROUOK JASPER MUSGROVE THAYER an HERMES PIERCEY MORGAN WADE QW S V6 if ' 5 "iw W X V fi. My , T f 1 is L, wi rd .""' N t 5 f ' 'f If 'flkigm .55 'Egg egsff' t i f t QMGf Ql3? Ai ei x . , UQGUBQHU Approximately forty-five boys responded to Coach Butch Hermes's call for football turnout. After a weeks delay by the close of school he hurriedly whipped a team together which very ably represented the Elma Eagles in the football jamboree at the Olympic Stadium in Hoquiam, by defeating Monte and Raymond, On the Eagles schedule three practice games were listed. They were with Chehalis, St, Martin's and South Bend, Elma played nost to Shelton for the first league game of the season on September 28. This game started the Eagle drive for an undefeated season, Monte was next to fall before the Eagle strategy and bc- came a victim of their onslaught. Shelton was once again defeated on October 12 on their own gridiron. A jinx blasted all hopes the Eagles had of an unticd, un- defeated and unscored on season, when the Raymond Seagulls held them to an O to O tie. The Monte Bulldogs in a return game with the Eagles on November ll, were the first and only ones to score against a triumphant and successful Elma eleveng but they scored, knocking off another piece of the Champions banner. The brilliant seasons playing by the squad ncalled for a post season gamen said Coach Hermes. It was chosen to be with Bremerton of the Cross State League on Turkey Day.' So once again, the Central League Champions were called upon to uphold their undefeated record. They did.holding f a more powerful team at bay with another score of O to O, For their excellent work, a dinner of turkey with all the trimmings was served them. FOOTBALL CCONTINUEDD The managers for the season were Frank Weasel and Reese Livingston, Metzqer vas the winner of the sented by the coach. Bob Piercey award given by the Kiwanis Club honorary captain for the year by block and tickle award pre- received the inspirational of Elma, he also was voted the team, On January 15, the coach was presented a trophy of ap- preciation by the eiglt graduating lettermen. BASKETBALL Elma had a fairly successful season by winning four games and losing eight. They ended up in fifth place ahead of Montesano and Shelton. Elma 'had a 'bad start by losing some of the best players. Bob Piercey, our star player was out after playing four games, Ed Spalding was out after the first half of the season had been played, LeRoy Wade was out after the fourth game, and Evan Bennett was out after seven games had been played, This year we had Gene Anderson back from Shelton. He turned in a successful season with the Eagles. He was high point man of our team with a grand total of sixty points for the season, Winders was close behind with a total of fifty- four. Close behind him was big Les Metzger with a total of forty-two, The other team mates scored as follows: Jasper, thirty-eight, Picrcey, thirty, Bennett, eighteen, Spalding, seventeen, Wade, twelve, Grass, eleveng and Boyd, nine. Tho team's total points stood at two hundred and average for twelve games was Elma, twenty-three, opponents, twcnty-nine, which shows the scores eighty-seven. The were very close. In our league games this season the score follows: tood as Montesano 17 Elma 13 Montesano Elma 23 Raymond 43 Elma 37 Raymond Elma 26 Hoquiam 27 Elma 20 Hoquiam Elma l3 Olympia 37 Elma 23 Olympia Elma 32 Aberdeen 38 Elma 25 Aberdeen Elma 26 Shelton ll Elma 31 Shelton Elma 20 The Seniors on this year's squad were: Anderson, Metzger, and Jasper. Those who were out before the year were: Piercey, Spalding, and Thayer, CR T2 ffLi We 11' Y fe glsfiiiu , X ca-- JJ is 5 . .L 'Txf H 1 'nr w ww Tennis ' Golf TOP ROW: Dawson, Boling, Boyd, Smith. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mooney, McPherson, Morzan. Hughes. ROW: Tauscher, Joe Tauscher. Walker, Smith, Davidson Livingston Baseball TOP ROW: Petty, Winders, lngham, Jacobsen, White, Thayer, Einert, Lofgren, Anderson BOTTOM ROW1 Claflin, Zeigler, Waton, Svobods, Bena, Sherwood. A kd Track TOP ROVV: Borden, Bosler, Lowe, Troyer, Jacobs, Schouiller, Cornbes. Smnth, Jacobs BOTTOM ROW: Yands, Hasbrouck, Metzger, Kinniman, Grass, Hora. my-'j 16 T pgs--q:6 QQQ-, Q mx iiexghcy .,f' w.waaaw ' fa A -f7ee-e--gf-fyf5- - --- 4, X +-gag ' 'gf 46, 695 k:7' TENNIS Nine tennis aspirants under the supervision of Mr. Lam- bert developed into a squad of very fine tennis players. Jack Qawssn and Tom Boyd were the only lettermen back, Jack a letterman of two years and Tom of one, A full schedule of seven games were played with: Aber- deen, Hoquiam, Raymond, Chehalis, Centralia, Shelton and Olympia. Members of the squad included Jack Dawson, Tom Boyd, Dick Davidsen, John Tauscher, Joe Tauscher, Varel Smith, Bob Smith, Eldon Boling, and Jerry Walker. The boys received much experience and a fine squad is anticipated for next year. BASEBALL Baseball got off to a good start in the first half of the league which is a fair average. Our team is small but has shown a considerable strength against the big teams this year. Greater success should be theirs in the second half. The runs as compared with their opponents stand as fol- lows: Elma has twenty-seven to their opponents thirty-two. . The league season scores were as follows: Elma f7J vs Monte ill, Elma C21 vs Aberdeen KRD, Elma Q25 vs Olym ia C81 Elma Clol vs Hoquiam CBD, and Shelton Kl2l vs Elma CBS. The second string played only one game this season and one-nazi postponed,l The result was a victory for the Elma squad over the State School in Chehalis. The score was twenty-three to sixteen in a wide open game. Scoring this season is as follows: Winders and Jacobsen both six runs for the lead. White, Einert and I..1ngham three runs each. Anderson and Thayer next with two each then one apiece for Lofgren, Zigler, Gowan and Barger. The players on our squad this year are: Lofgren, BB and Cg Lofgren, C3 Anderson, S53 Thayer, LF3 White, lB and Pg Einert, CFg Jacobsen, P and lBg Zigler, RF, Ingham 2Bg Petty, RI and LFg Barger, 3B3 Gowan, RF. 7s fx ennfkfxifl 1-1- J, JF 1 ,......f-.-in... ....,. , , i TRACK ' Getting underway the 19th of March the track squad pro- gressed very steadily. Mr, Packard, the coach deserves much credit for the success of the season, The first meet was at Hoquiam with Quinault, Wishkah, and Aberdeen participating, Elma was second in this meet. The second meet was with Hoquiam, Shelton and Monte at Hoquiam, The 3rd meet was a duel meet with Monte, with Elma winning the meet 62- 59, The next meet was with Chehalis and Shelton at Chehalis later in the season. The county meet at Hoquiam was taken in by Elma, Wish- kah, Quinault, Monte, Shelton, Hoquiam, and Aberdeen were the other schools, Metzger attended the district meet in Olympia, Lettermen for the year include Borden, Metzger, Jacobs, Bosler, Jacobus, Gehrman, Yanda, Grass and Hora, Much credit is due to the managers of the squad who are Combes, Schouweiler, and Smith. GOLF The 1941 golf team of the Elma High School was "estab lished by the players, and is under the supervision of 'lr, golf team in school since l936. team are: Don Morgan, Reese Living- Bob Hughes, and Fred Mooney, Morgan, Livingston, and McPherson have had two years' experience playing in competition, Hughes and Mooney are playing for the first time this year. The team has Davis. It is the first The players on the ston, George McPherson, been fairly successful this year. The schedule was: Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Elma at Aberdeen April 26 Bremerton, Shelton, nd Elma at Shelton- May 3 Shelton and Elma at Elma --------------- May lO Aberdeen, Elma, and'Hoquiam at Elma ---- May lA Southwest Open --------------------------- May l7 Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Elma at Aberdeen--May 19 C525 a 5 AE? gws J I W ' NAM .. 9' r 4 - l . ,' "f 7 'eh ..-' f "f: X .VII tvgX X 65 X ' 1 . 2 Q fffilifjirsfff ff g Nb 0 '- -f f. 15 I Q 'J' -- "Aff li ' 1 M ' fmmEQ,wQ,mU2ums M ,ffm - f H1 ' Comp! I 4Lff'L'l! M! M ffijffrflfffy J . I If ,Of W 4 'P AMW' ,, I " J! Wf kv My K I lwfflfgggkwfw wf .1 ff! f W ' I ,K ,Vi 1 Q, I if df' 1,7 gk 5 if :ff ffl I 33 fwfiiiil W :Q 5 E32 "W41 W R 'vwl :lf gqzgw 146962 W Xfyxw! . W W wwf: 3W, VU, X W! M I MW WMM I W Qi? Sifligfgf : Mi EAI f il lxxizllfvv 1 x u fad.: iii? EH'- ,ff X L. -X Ky ECN VOYAGE - gg! Q P Q. ff? 'V To all the young men and women who now leave Elma High School to sail the Sea of Life as part of the crew of the Ship of State. 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