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I THE ELM LEAF ELM VALLEY HIGH SCHQUL Graduating Class 95 mt tx Q f FOFCVVOFCJ e scarcely need a book a record of school events durmg the xmportant years of our llves to remind us of the joys pleasures and happy Clays we have spent together We have trled to record ln words and pxcture the lmportant events of this school year beyond the realm of academrc subjects We hope you get as much pleasure readmg It as we antxclpate ln the future as we return to 1ts pages and llve again the memory of our school days CLASS OF FIFTY FIVE of 1 p ati tk XX ' if ff 1, 'X X ' N f . Mrs. Pauline Gardner, secretary, treasurer, R. B. Warner, superintendentg Joy Graham, Lester Pendleton, vice president, John Sticlcleng Charles Chadwick, president, Virgil Van Sickle. BOARD OF EDUCATION The graduating class of 1955 would like to talce this opportunity to express our gratitude to the board of education for their constant interest during our high school career. We feel they have been very generous in permitting the use of all school facilities necessary for our education and enjoyment. We believe they have provided us with the best teachers and equipment available. Problems they have, and we are not kidding. Some have been solved, others are increasing. They got consolidation underway and then due to rising costs there is a need for more money. 'T he money is voted and then due to increased enrollment they need more building. A jump from 550 in 1945 to 718 in 1954 is only part of the story-by 1960 there will be over 820 in the district. With a present increase of 168 since 1945 and an anticipated increase of 270 by 1960, it is not difficult to see the need for more building, and especially more need for a larger high school, that will be here before a building can be completed. Board of education, we lcnow you have a problem and feel certain the people of Elm Valley will follow your leadership in providing the needs of our district. Again may we say thanks for a job well done. CLASS OF 1955 4 s"""i 'f 1 ...":.f... SUPT. R. B. WARNER MR. ALBERT 1-IIRTH Ohio State University B.S.-M.A. 2 Indiana State Teachers College AB Columbia University 1V1.A. V51 ASHLEY ELM VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL Xxx nu nn nu III: 1 sun nn 'll' 'U :ul nu llll Ill' "U -wg Ill :Ill llll llll sv BROWN ELM VALLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 3 ls- - if if . 3 t ,ni . .' rg QE Ay. 4, 9" 1 . , . s ,A , g x ., , A -W 5' ...xg 'r nys- . rl " 0- In , ., , . 1 C r win-A , ' .,. 4 4 ' ' u . 1 ll ' nz: ' -1-in-14 .l.,......... ' -r , , N, .., ,.,.. . - 'LTI-7 N.:--.: ---: '..'--: -v-- --ww 1 : . fu . . - 'FY O "7 be '25- ou pimp? 'if liar! FACULTY Mr Paul, BA General SCIENCE Phys1calEducat1on Health Otterbem College Mrs Warner BA Ohio Wesleyan MA Columbxa Unlversxty Soc1alStud1es Mr Barrett BA Agrxculture Ohio State Unxversxty Mxss Cornell BS Typing English Boolclceepmg Shorthand Butler College Ohlo State Unxversxty Blxss Col lege Offlce Trammg School Mr Kessler BA Musxc Educatxon CapxtalUn1vers1ty Mrs Lehner BA Edu canon Ohio State Unxverslty Mr Dlckerschexd BS Mathemaucs Mlaml Unxversxty Ohio State UDIVEISIIS Mrs Dlclcerscheld BS Home Economlcs Ohlo State Unrversxty Mr Powers BS MA Chemlstry Physnc Bxology General Scxence Ohlo State Uruversnry Mlss Boyles BA Englxsh Educatxon Spamsh Otterbem Col e ge STUDENT TEACHERS lm Prallee, Bedford Ohio Marjorie Ament, Ashtabula, Ohlo B111 Johnson, Marlon, Ohxo anet Gordon, Cedarvllle Ohlo Mary Hosheld Cuyahoga, Ohio Beth Cory, Washmgton C H Ohio Barbara Stewart, Fmdlay Ohxo Don Glaser, Sharonvllle Ohlo Ann Swmehart, Cleveland Ohno Clalr St Clalr, Ene, Pennsylvama can Farqukar, aclcsonvllle Florlda Rnchard Oschwald South Euclid, Oh o Ann Stahl Delaware, Ohxo Sherlee Wxnget, Wooster, Ohxo Suzanne De Weese, Delphos, Ohlo ames Green, Galena, Ohro Dxanne Ward Cleveland, Ohxo 10 Amerlcan Democracy Amerlcan Democracy Physical Educatlon Amerlcan Democracy Home Economics Shorthand Amerlcan Democracy General Science Musxc Vocal General Scrence Algebra II Geometry r Physical Education, Englxsh Home Economtcs Mrs Amerxcan Democracy Chemlstry Music Vocal Mrs 4 Mrs Warner Mrs Warner Mr Paul Mrs Warner Drclcerscheld Miss Cornell Mrs Warner Mr Powers Mr Kessler Mr Paul Drclcerscheld Mrs Lehner Dzclcerscheld Mrs Warner Mr Powers Mr Kessler ' , gvgfigig 1 1 ' f'.tt - - 1, . , 3, .a- 1 'Q sf- I , A A I .III I , , or ......"' f 1 fi: 1 .A PQ I Q lf-if-, 9 5: gn I - I W ' ' 'Y I . I 1 I . I AI 7 7 . I g ' I 7 ' 1, I I I , - -, I I , I 9 . , Q -, I , I I I 9 I 1 - I '1I 1 1 1 I ' 1 I I 1 I I 1 ' .' . . .9 ' . ' 1" .' . . . .9 1 ".".' Y . . 9 I . 1 , I ., . 1 Y , . . ,z I - , I- -, I I, I I 1 - I , - -I, - 1, I , I S, 1 1 1 1 1 ' '1 1 1 1 ' J' , ' ....,,.,,....,..,. ,.,,,,,,.,,,..-,, I ' ,,,,-,,,, as .,,.,., a . 86 Shorthand , ,, Miss Cornell J ' , ' 1 ,,,....,,,,.,,,, a sasasaasa Q ' .,,.,,,,,.,,.,,,,.,. .,,,,,- ..,,,,a,. 1 . 1 ' ---- T -----------------------A ---f-----------------'--- - . ., ,..,......,s.s,,. .... s,,,,,,,,,,,....s,,,.,,, . , ..........f......,.....,V,,,,.,, f ,......,,,..,..--...........,................ , -.............,......,,.......-f.. VV,..............,......,, . , ,.............,,,.,,,,.s,,..,, ..., A .,.,.,,,.....,,...,,,...,...,.,,, . J J ' , ' av.. ..........,,..,... ' ....,................... a . .........,,....., . J 1 -----------------' 1 ------------------ M - , ...,..............,...,......... .........,.,--f 1 . ' , ' ...... - ........................ ' K J .................,...................... . v v Q Q Q Y V 9' 4' is ,gym OAK Q C f, CffV!dVj KV WMP x 2 0 L4 , v', n x' f Qfff 335538522 Z' 51985 ll! ""'-.'.!.5'-1' 'R Judith Anderson Judy A3 Al Chorus-1, Z 3 4 Homecomlng Attendant-4 Class Plays 3 4 Whats the use of hurrymg when there s plenty of time Robert Ankrom Bo Chorus I 2 ack 1 2 3 Basketball 1 Z Football-4 Class Plays-3 4 Prmce of Peace-1, 2 3 4 Nauonal Thesplan Socxety Class Offmcer-4 One Act Plays 2 3 4 If fame IS to come only after death I am ln no hurry for xt I Howard Augenstme Augle ack 12 Football 1 2 3 Baseball l 2 4 orus 1 2 3 A 1 Class Play-4 Class Offxcer 3 A lxttle work a lxttle love and IES all over Kenneth Bowsher Chorus 3 4 Class Play 3 The unspoken does harm a llttle sleep Eugene Lee Borden Beame Track 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Bas etball 1 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 3 orus 1 2 3 Class Plays 3 4 Class Offxcer 1 Z Natxonal Thespxan Socxety 4 Buckeye Boys State 3 HIS head 15 far from has eet but both are well developed Kenny word never 6 Q7 Marilyn Kay Brmgle Marilyn Mary Clark Mary A 2 A 3 orus 1 2 3 Class Plays 3 4 National Thespxan Society 3 4 nd l 2 Chorus-l 2 3 4 A l Class Plays-3 4 One Act Plays--2 4 Prince of Peace 1 National Thespian Society-4 It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness Homecoming Attendant Z A light heart lives long Shirley Coen Shud Robert Curran Bob ootball rack l Z Bas etball 2 3 4 B seball Z 3 4 A Buckeye Boys State-3 National Thespian Society-4 Class Officer Z C orus l Z 3 4 Class Officer 3 National Thespian Society 3 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Class Plays-3 4 Homecoming Attendant l A l Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society I like work It fascmates me I can sit and look at it for hours Carolyn Ann Duerr Carolyn 7 Cheerleader 3 4 n l 2 Chorus-l 2 3 4 Class Officer 2 3 A 1 F A 3 4 Prince of Peace-2 National Thespian Society-3 4 Class Plays-3 4 National Honor Society-3, 4 Homecoming Attendant-3 "One of those who uphold our reputation for learn ing." nl' Romue A Gnlhland Ace A C orus l 2 3 Basketball l Z Class Play-4 If msuffxcxently I lut the hay I make xt up m class next day Phllhp Ingmnre P A F otball 1 Z 3 4 ack 1 Z Class Plays 3 4 orus l Z 3 Class Offxcer-4 Natmonal Thespxan Soclety 3 4 james Lee Goodman ee' Basketball I 2 3 Football I Z 3 4 Track 3 4 A Class Officer-4 Class Plays 3 4 orus l Z 3 Natxonal Honor Socxety 3 4 Nauonal Thesplan Society 3 4 Nor a sam: nor a smner but just the best of chaps There s a good time commg boys a good time commg Dons Ann Jones "Dons C orus l 2 4 Class Plays-3 4 The world was made to enjoyed. Catherine Kanniard Katy orus-l Z 3 Class Plays-3 4 We may be as good as we please if we please to be good. 8 T? 32 Edward A. Keltner "Bd" Class Plays-3 4 Chorus- Track 3 4 Foosball l Z 4 Basketball l H Y 3 Wrestlxng To clog a. foes bram ns a mlghty gaxn Evelyn Kanmard "Evey Chorus I Z A l F H A 3 Class Plays-3 4 Her ways are ways pleasantness Sarah Kern Sarah Chorus-l 2 3 4 Class Plays 3 4 A I Natxonal Thesplan Socxety-4 Natxonal Honor Socxery 3 Cheerleader Z 3 Homecoming Attendant I Homecommg Queen-4 The only way to have a frxend lS to be one Lorrame Kern 'Lorrame Class Plays-3 4 A Z Natnonal Thesplan Society-4 Natlonal Honor Socnety 3 4 A wondrous combmatnon of ever changmg moods Chester Laird Chet T ack Z 3 4 Natnonal Thespxan Socnety-4 Class Plays-3 4 FFA Offxcer 3 4 A man IS a worker If he IS not that then he IS noth mg Grace Keys Gracie Chorus-l 2 3 4 A I Class Play-4 Talk to her of acobs lad er and she would ask the number of steps 9 1, 2, '3, 4 .. I 2 1. - ' -3 ' ,9 hu T 1 7 3: 4 G.A. .- , Z -x n . .l , Q! it n if ,L VLJLY, A ,4 G.A.. .-- , 2, 3, 4 1 . ' ' - , 4 ' Q ' 7, y ' G.A. .-, 3,'4 lety j Chorus-l, Z, 3, 4 ' 1233? . - ' ff Y, r T 1 x . ll ' Y, "3 1 G.A. .- 1 21 sf 4 3 K rr? u J 1 D U . li a y All Lois Ann Lockhart "Lois" Chorus-l, Z, 4 National Honor Society-3, 4 F.H.A.-3, 4 Class Officer-Z Class Plays-3, 4 Prince of Peace-1 Z Latin Club-Z The laughter of girls is and ever was among the - lxghtful sounds of the earth Karen jean Main Jean nd 1 2 C orus 1 Z 3 National Honor Society 3 4 A l A 3 National Thespian Society-4 Class Plays 3 4 Buckeye Girls State--3 Class Officer l 2 3 Prince of Peace l Z This world belongs to the energetic Marilyn McGrath 'Marilyn Class Plays 3 4 F H A 3 National Thespian Society 4 A 1 , orus 1 2 3 A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market Anna Lee Roth Annie orus 1 Z 3 Prince of Peace-1 Z National Honor Society 3 4 Class Play-4 Latin Club 2 Dramatic Declamatxon Good cheer IS no hindrance to a good life Doris Ruggles Rllggle A 1 Majorette-3 4 orus 1 Z 3 Class Plays 3 4 A good laugh IS sunshine in any house Lonnie Shults Lou E A National Thespxan Society 3 4 Chorus-1 2 3 4 Class Officer-4 Class Plays-3 4 We treasure him he treas ures our money 10 John Stein "Jack" Football-Z, 3 Baseball-3, 4 Class Plays-3, 4 'lBecause of his appetite, he's not a little mite." Duane VanSickle "Duane" . A.- Chorus-l 2 3 4 Class Plays-3 4 Natxonal Honor Society 3 4 National Thesplan Socxety 3 4 But do the Republxcans ever thmk about the farmer? Joan Wells Joan A 1 Class Plays 3 4 orus 1 2 3 She studnes hard but talks harder Dons Whipple "Dons C orus I Z 3 A 2 Class Play 3 Natxonal Honor Socxety 3 Class Officer 3 Band 3 Q, Janice Whxpple Jan Cheerleader 1 2 3 Band 1 2 FHA 1 G A 3 4 Class Plays-3 4 National Thespxan Society 3 4 Natnonal Honor Society 3 4 Chorus-I 2 3 4 Prxnce of Peace-1 Her vo :ce was ever soft an excellent thmg nn a woman Myrna Faye Zent "Myma Majorette-3 4 Chorus--1 Z 3 4 Class Plays-3 4 A 1 Knowledge may be power but lf wont take you to Pans 11 NAME Phll Ingmlre Sarah Kern Shnrley Coen Bob Curran Jean Mann Eugene Borden Lorra1r1e Kern Lo1s Lockhart Duane Van Sxckle Chester Larrd Marxlyn Brrngle Dorxs Jones Anne Roth Ken Bowsher Bob Ankrom Lonme Shults Mary Clark How Augenstme udy And erso n Cath Kanmard Janxce Whrpple Ronme Grllrland Myrna Zent Manlyn McGrath Joan Wells Evelyn Kannnard Carolyn Duerr Lee Goodman John Stem Grace Keys Eddie Keltner LIKES Varlety To cut classes Athens Glenda Tall boys Basketball A certam fellow People Sheep Dem class Fllrtxng Cab drivers Physrcs Sxlence Speech Krlbourne Dlmples Neckxng Everythlng Most anything Red convertlbles Sleep Dancing Typrng Talkmg Shorthand A jumor umors Hot cars To argue Marmes DISLIKES Gomg steady School Gettmg up early Buymg gas Traxnmg rules Glgglmg Norsy classes Lazy people Grrls School Pepper Gettmg rn early Workmg Noxse Democrats Dem class Am Dem Early hours Nothmg To talk Bleached blondes School Staymg home nights Stallecl cars Studymg No one Sardmes Work rn general Patrolmen Am Dem Study Hall FAVORITE FOOD Mashed Potatoes Whtte Castles Steak Sloppy oes Przza Buttered Pecan 1ce cream Scallops Strawber 1ce cream Roast Lamb Anythmg Mrlk Whxte Castles Cherry Pre Chrcken Root Beer Ch1l1 Cherry le Pizza Ham sandwrches Beans French frxes Whrte Castles Hamburgers Spaghettx Shrxmp Lrver Pmeapple Dehte Bananas Most anythlng Whxte Castles Cream puffs 12 AMBITION None Mrs Bennett Secretary Engmeer Home Ec teacher Coach Elementary teacher Engllsh teacher Ag teacher Dalry farmer Secretary Beautlcxan Nurse Farmer Dlsc jockey Trade school operator Receptronxst Hxstory teacher Restaurant work Work College Tool and dre maker Offrce work Typlst Secretary Secretary Home Ec teacher Farmer To graduate Housewxfe Mlllxonaue DESTINATION Pool room operator Mrs Bennett Housewrfe Flea breeder Housewrfe Alhgator breeder Dxme store clerk '2 '2 '2 9 Sheep rancher Hot rod driver Bosss wrfe Woman taxx dr1ver Preacher Lrfe guard Congressman Pawn shop operator Penc1l sharpener Used car dealer Frlllng statlon owner Burlesque queen Who knows Judge Spxnster Bass sxnger rn a quartet Owner of Hal s Bubble dancer Old mand school teacher Town loafer Thln man ln c rcus Chxcken hatchery owner Bum . J . ' - ry ' .... Doris Ruggles Roller skating Mt. Gilead French fries Telephone Hill-billy singer J . . . . . . l ' ' ' ? J ' ' - CLASS PROPHECY In September 1962 I Lucxe Applegate decxcled to take an auto tour through the Umted States to renew acquaintance with my classmates of 1955 Before leaving I decided to have my car overhauled I took It to Lalrds Garage where Chester himself dad the work smce I was a fellow graduate of Elm Valley Hugh I started out early ln the mornmg About noon when I was getting pretty hungry I spotted a beautiful bag drive ln restaurant The car hop came out to take my order and I was surprised to see that lt was Evelyn Kanmard From her I learned that Catherine Kannlard was the chlef chef I was even more surprlsed to learn that this drlve ln and many more like xt across the country were owned by Judy Anderson As I contmued on my way I turned on the radxo and happened to tune nn Bob Ankrom a NUTZ disc jockey who was splnnxng the top hillbilly record of the nation sung by Dons Ruggles and Myrna Zent At a red lnght rn Pnttsburgh Pennsylvama I pulled up beslde a bus The lettermg on the side read Bob Curran s World Trotters Back ln Ashley Ohio I drove around my old Alma Mater Elm Valley Hngh I looked mto the wmdow of the home economics room where I saw ean Mam s class bemg glven a demonstra non by Carolyn Duerr the Gas Companys chnef representatxve As I drove on through Ashley I passed the oseph Bennett residence where I saw Mrs Bennett the former Sarah Kern hanging up diapers an the back yard I waved and sand hello and continued on down the hlghway past the Noltxng Greenhouse where Lorraine Kern was arranging a wmdow display Whale ln Columbus I attended a convention for cheerleaders I was not surprised to find that anlce Whlpple was the president In Indlana I called at the home of Reverend Eugene Borden and was sorry to learn that he had just left for hls newly organlzed recreation center When I was out tn the country I passed a huge farm owned by Lee Goodman While ln Chxcago I vlslted the office of the Internatlonal Steel Company where Marllyn Brmgle was employed as a prxvate secretary While eatmg lunch I picked up a newspaper and got the surprise of my llfe There on the front page was a picture of Chicago s No l playboy He had just broken his engagement wlth another heiress I learned from Marllyn that Howard had ln herlted 50 000 000 from hls rxch uncle and was now the talk of the town After lunch I VlSltCd Mary Clarks Beauty Shoppe and had my hair done As I wandered on down the street I came across Madame Lockhart s Salon I went m to see lf It was really Lois It turned out to be her all rrght Before I left she showed me many of her famous orzgmals As I continued my journey on to Nevada I ran mto Phil Ingmlre Ambitious as he was he tried his sales talk on me You see he was a ladies lmgerle salesman I bought some of his pro ducts and sand good by Stlll m Las Vegas I declded to take m some of the famous gamblmg houses Whlle ln one of them I ran mto a professional gambler It was none other than Kenny Bowsher' He has just taken the place for all lt was worth I stayed overnxght ln Las Vegas and in the morning started for Albuquerque New Mexico While there I went to vnsnt Manlyn McGrath President of McGrath Corporatnon We had a mce long chat and as I was about to leave she told me that oan Wells was m town with her circus I drove to the lot where the cxrcus was staked out and surprised can She sand that two of our classmates were workmg for her Duane Van Sickle was the Bearded Lady and John Stem was the Motorcycle Daredevil After a long vlslt I hurried on my way I notnced my gas tank was almost empty so I stopped at a llttle wayside filling station I overheard a group of farmers dxscussmg the champxonshzp wrestling bout between Knller ake and Angel Face Ed Keltner Of course everyone was betting on Ed to wm At the edge of Fresno Calxforma I notlced a bng sngn over a Pontiac dealers garage It read Gracie s Pontxac Palace Grace Keys always dxd llke Pontlacs Los Angeles was my next stop and Anna Lee Roth was the next classmate I saw She was now a famous sctentnst workmg on a cure for pigeon toes She dxrected me to the Arr Force Tralnmg Fxeld where Ronnie Gnllnland was ready to take off on a test flnghr lh a new rocket to the moon After talking with Ronme I went back to my hotel for a rest In the lobby I bought a news paper and went up to my room to read I opened the paper and there on the front page was the news that the newly elected Secretary of the Treasury, Lonme Shults was takmg a busxness trip to Europe Hrs secretary Shxrley Coen was gomg to accompany htm Well by now I had seen most of my classmates and quite a but of the United States No one seemed to know anything about Doris ones I went back to New York and settled down to a falrly normal lxfe again One day from a newspaper I learned the whereabouts of Dons She was preparmg to go over Nlagara Falls ln a barrel Lxfe IS crazy and so are my classmates 13 1 1 1 1 . . . . , , . ' 1 1 1 1 1 9 1 - - Qt 1 77 , . 1 1 1 - . , . . , . 1 J , - - 1 , . . . . . , 5 7 Y ' , . - , . . . . 1 ' 1 . . . , . . . . , . ' - l , , . 1 1 A ' , J - - - ex 11 - ex - 11 - - - . . . . . . , 1 1 ' u - 1 - 77 - - - , . . , . 1 ' ' v . , , . , . - 1 , . CLASS HISTORY In September 1944, two members of the '55 graduating class Gracie Keys and oan Wells enrolled in the Brown Elementary School Mrs Hnrth our first and second grade teacher taught us the fundamentals of our school subjects In addltlon to the 3 rs which we learned m the fu-st grade Mrs Dunlap added geog raphy to our subjects in the third and fourth grades Lorraine Kern Doris ones Lois Lockhart Duane Van Sickle and Kenneth Bowsher jomed the class ln the fifth grade when Mxss Kruger was our teacher In the slxth grade she also taught us the forty eight states and their capitals During thls same time at Ashley Carolyn Duerr Marilyn McGrath Anna Lee Roth Shlrley Coen ean Mann Dorls Ruggles Lee Goodman Eddie Keltner and Lonnie Shulrs were under the guidance of Mrs Ruark now Mrs Wortz Mlss Cllne greeted us ln the second grade In the thlrd grade we jomed Mlss Hexmllch As fourth graders with the help of Mrs Lea we improved our wr1t1ng Durmg our fifth year Mrs Lawrence s room was home to us As sixth graders the final touches were put on us by Mrs Bor lng before we entered junior high By the end of the slxth grade we had acqulred Catherine Kan mard Mary Clark Robert Ankrom Eugene Borden Robert Curran Phil Ingmlre Judith Ancler son and Sarah Kern In the seventh grade we were very reluctant to give up our two recesses but then It was sort of made up to us by our being able to change classes and to have dlfferent teacher for each perlod When we were elghth graders Myrna Zent and Howard Augenstme jomed us During our freshman year Brown and Ashley consolidated Later on that same year we had more additions to our class ohn Stem Ronnle Gilliland and Chester Laxrcl jomed our ranks Our jumor year was full of many excmng events We galned another present member of our class amce Whipple As we approach our graduation we are lookmg hopefully to the future and the posltlon tt holds for us CLASS WILL Section A Doris Ruggles bequeath my nlce slim figure to eanmne Cramer Mary Clark, bequeath my abllntzes to get Democracy to anet Gephart Judith Anderson bequeath my height to Nancy Swam Marilyn McGrath bequeath my cool temper to Powers Catherine Kannxard bequeath my loudness to David Bennett Myrna Zent, bequeath my war pamt to Aletha Overdorff Ronnie Gilliland bequeath my love for school to Max Bunker Lorraine Kern, bequeath my love for Butch to Barb Dlx Anna Lee Roth bequeath my Spanish ab1l1t1es to Dallas Coffee Lonnie Shults bequeath my love for Freshmen girls to Bob Rebov ohn Stem bequeath my penetrating volce to Charles Crump Eddle Keltner bequeath my masculine physique to 1m Groves amce Whipple bequeath my pretty golden hair to Frances Chambers Carolyn Duerr bequeath my scholastic ablllty to Katherlne Clark Ken Bowsher bequeath my ab1l1t1es to get along wlth the coach to Perdue Shirley Coen bequeath my drxvlng ability to Muggs Anderson Sarah Kern bequeath my ab1l1ty to do bookkeepmg to Bev Boston Marllyn Brmgle bequeath my flrey conversations to Carolyn Plttman oan Wells bequeath my clean saddle shoes to Glenda Dart ean Mam bequeath my large shorts to oan Carper Grace Keys bequeath my love for Marilyn B to Fred Reld Eugene Borden bequeath my basketball abilities to Dale Pendleton Lee Goodman bequeath my bumpy old Ford to Tom Kohler Bob Ankrom bequeath my football abxlmes to George Conklin Howard Augenstme bequeath my love for Greeks to Mr Kessler Lois Lockhart bequeath my catty halr ribbon to amce Edgerly Bob Curran bequeath my convertible that runs to Ron Stults Doris ones bequeath my giggles to Shelba Prmce Duane Van Sickle bequeath my love for Betty to Harold Kannlard Chester Lalrd bequeath Donna to Don Owens Phil Ingmlre bequeath my class rmg to anyone who 11 wear lt Sectnon B e the semor class leave our quietness and abtlxty to study nn Home Room to the juniors e the semor class leave our ab1l1t1es to be tardy to the freshmen e the semor class leave our abxllty to get along durmg class meetings to the sophomores e the semor class, leave 14 ' , ff Y, ' , ' J , '. , , J , .. , . , . . . , 'J . , . 1 7 Q 5 . . . ' . f ' 7' . . . . . . I, . , . 1 . J . D l, ' ' J . I, ' , I . I, ' A I , . I, , ' - I, - ' . I, Evelyn Kanniard, bequeath my even temper to Mr. Kessler. I, . . . , l I, ' ' . I, , . . . . i Iv l 9 . ' I, J . , . . i I, . , . . . I, J . . , . I I, , - . . . . u L 7 . . . . Jim I I, . , . . . . i I, , . . . i I, . , , . . . I, J ' , . I, .I , J - I, , ' . ' . I, , ' ' ' . I, , . I, , . . . . I I, ' , " . . I, ' , ll 7, ' ' J ' . I, , ff ' 77 l I, . J , . . I I, A , ' . I, ' , . I, . . , . , . u W , . , . . . . W , n . , . n 1 . W , . , . . . . IHA' M211-. . ff . f-,E : ' S - ' I 1 , . . -.11---.-' .- .". .0005 .. . g 'O ..0' 0 ' I 40 I N GY' Sx A x T Q. YQ, 3 15 Y' 5 X fr, A -A X .. f 1.- 'In 616k -. . nb I N . 194, I gp j u 2 , s m. 'f ' JUNIORS First Row Barbara Dlx anxs Mann Marxlyn Anderson Barbara Hour Mary Van Meter Alice Wells Marxlyn Anderson Carol McGrath Amy Lou Rodenfels Sondra Lowther Shelba Prmce Twlla Graham Shlrley Ebert Second Row Ronnle Stults Thomas Kohler Carolyn Kanode Betty Perdue Mary Lou Redd Phyllis Caudxll oan Nlchols ohn Reely Raymond Hewett Gerald Cole Robert Baslger Mrs Warner Thlrd Row Howard Trmmble udy Bennett Rachel Hendrtckson Robert Henry Edward Johnson Edward Panknm Mernll Chadwrck Beverly Boston Rlchard Perry Absent Martha Benedlct Dorxs McKee Fred Rezd Robert Rebov THE JUNIOR PLAY Desperate Ambrose , a three act farce comedy by Donald Payton and directed by Mrs Lols Lehner, was presented by the JUHIOI' class on Aprxl 21 and 22 The begmxnng of the play finds Ambrose Groves and Bert Muller, two would be vaudeville comedlans, crosslng the desert going out to Callfornla Throughout the play these fellows get mto a number of odd situations such as bemg put off the tram ln the middle of the desert, and an illegal marriage The closmg scene finds both fellows endmg up wzth the rxght gxrls after all Danl Raymond Hewett Eddne Johnson Ambrose Groves Rxchard Perry Bert Mlller Sherlff Crandell Hoot Owl Pete Judge Stmkweed Nancy Martm Anne Martm Posxe Beth Howard Tumble Gerald Cole Merrzll Chadwxck Robert Henry Marxlyn Anderson KAI Jams Main Edward Panknm Rachel Hendrickson Beverly Boston Sondra Lowther udy Bennett Twnla Graham Barbara Hour Joan Nichols Phyllxs Caudlll Mrs. Sprool ..... ,..... .. ..........,.. L ....,...,.........,.........., ,. .......... ,...- ........... Barbara Dix - Mary Lou Redd Lena .-...-... ...... - ..............................,... --...... ......, .. ........ - ................... Shirley Ebert - Amy Rodenfels First man .........,. .. .......................... -.... ...... - ...... - ........ ..... ....................,............. ,. ...,..,.... J ohn Reely Second man ....... .......---...--..--.-.. ...., - .,.,... .. .............. - ...,....,. - ........................ - ......,.... Robert Basiger WW' swggky Ht SOPHOMORES First row Dale Pendleton Dean Bowman Everett McCloud ames Perdue Edward Wells George Conklm Edward Moore John Shxvely Second row Eldon Baldwm James Wornstalf Donna Goodman Vxrgmla Powell osephlne Clark Carol Howard Larry Westbrook Phyllxs Rexchardt Vlfglhld Caudxll Marsha Vanausdle Freda Clark une Martm Ruth Bushee Harold Kanmard Third r0w Janet Gephart ohn Veley Donald Owen Wlllxam Griffith Frances Chambers can Carper Glenda Dart Louxse Mathews ack Howard Carol Ham mond anxce Edgerly Hazel ohnson Sylvxa Pyne Marjorle Kldwell Carolyn Pittman Ruth Ann Ankrom Betty Lou Dennis Fourth row Mlss Cornell Rxchard Ray Max Bunker Wesley Borchers Roland Augspurger ames Martln Powers Dallas Coffee Davxs Dlldme Merle Master John Doubxkm Harold Augenstxne Duck Hxckson Clyde Sherman Vonna Wxse Nancy Link Carl Flsher Mxss Boyles ,hx larval FRESHMAN First row Wlllnam Irwm Eddle Martin ohn George Russell Knauber ames Freeman Ken dall Powell ames McCloud Wendell Fisher Charles Conklin Robert Curran Second row anet Smlth Aletha Overdorff udy Stults Norma Lockhart Keith Brxngle Stanley Thoman Barbara Hall Nancy Swan Catherlne Clark udy Maples ames Morgan ames Caudlll Florence Owen Alvm Masters Mae Hemlem Third row Carolyn Nxchols Davxd Bennett Phyllxs Sheets Rosemary Crum Marjorxe Adams Floyd Nichols anxce Hxllard Charles Crump Helen Urban Mary Allce Bnrchfield Nancy Hultz Betty Hatten anet Ackerman Sally Ott john Cleland Fourth row Rlchard Thurston Claude Laxrd Clarence Wlrxck Gary Somerlot eannme Cramer Thomas Cramer can Yarhouse Marlon Maxn james Groves Jane Hxllard Gary Lee Mxchael Flsher Juanita Rouse Leonard Vertrees 17 I' sf' t-4 l EIGHT B Kllbourne First row Sue Ellen Dray ohnny Augenstme udy Gxbson Steve Conk lm Loxs Caudlll Davxd Brxngle udy Campbell Second row Delores Down mg Rxchard Adams Rlchard Drake Arthur Fultz Norman Eclgerly Alma Barker Sue Hammond Slurley Hen drlckson Third row Mrs Decker Robert Dart ean Hxllard amce ohnson Sharon Brokaw m caud Rxchard Innls Davld Hatten Fourth row Wxnnxe Anderson Rob ert Flemmg Harold Fussnecker ean ohnson udy Carpet Ronald Cor bm Absent Rlchard Cochran Davxd Dux Harold Hewett Marxlyn Huck son Paul I-hckson Harley Hmes Es ther Bushee EIGHT A Kxlbourne First row Elbert Reece Maxme Ur ban Darrel Smlth Lueva Plttman anet Wfmgert Donna Lou West brook ohn Ramey Second row Paul Kerr Lee Matthews Eddle Pnttman Dune Kerns imes Sheets Larry Powers Danlel Masters Third row Mrs Carpenter Judy Peterson ames ohnson Rlchard Lmk Fred Travxs Fanny Perdue Elleen Schxlllger Mar garet Ann Young Fourth row Patty Redd Wxlma Wood Mary Anna Shaw Harold Martm ohn Rothwell Pnscnlla Kmg Donna Wxrnck Myrna Muller Absent Rodney McGonxgle Mary Alxce Pendelton ohn Mc Namara ames Moore SEVENTH GRADE Kllbourne Furs! row James Edward Caudxll Ir ene Bushee Bobby Steele Rodalne Sal mon Rxchard Smxth Rlchard TYHVIS Eugene Trxmble Second row Shxrley McGrew Donald Anderson Larry Hart Paul McCloud Carolyn Ott Richard Bxrchfield Jesse Bnerce Third row Margaret Myers Carl Cook Har old Wells Kenneth Drake Betty De Bolt Mrs Baker Fourth row Mary Carolyn Fleming Plulxp Lmk Danny Ferko Vlolet Gross Chester Van Meter, Dxck Martm Absent Sue Horner, Robert Platt SIXTH GRADE Kilbourne First row Warren Mussard Bernice Kanode Betty Swam George Clark Henrietta Baldwin Dale Morgan Sandra Sheets Second row Larry Hillard ohn Henry Jerry Conklin Maurice Knouff Frank Bierce Mel ocly Reece William Fleming Douglas Caudill Third row Charlotte Stiles Gary Skinner William Cleland ohn Blain Steve Martin Donald Kanocle Elmo Bierce Michael Sheets Richard Augspurger Mrs Irwin Fourth row Nancy Fultz Donald Blair Paul Per due Aouieda ordan Okey ordan Bernard Basham Nancy Chambers oyce Fleming William Hedges Ab sent Eugene Aleshire FOURTH GRADE Kilbourne First row Nita Link Helen Bierce Arlene Knouff Patsy Blackledge Lin da Sheets Cheryl Farner Patty Arm strong. Second row: Richard Smith, Mike Zent, Barbara Hillard, Kenneth Moore, Mary Johnson, Reggie Lang- ford, Marilyn Augspurger. Third row: Rebecca Wolhnger, Bradley Fisher, Raymond Cook, Gene Cummins, Joy Brokaw, Mrs. Conger. Absent: Steven Armstrong. 'fx W!-emu.. FIFTH GRADE Kilbourne First row Donald Pxatt Alice Miles Lowell Stratton James Anderson Roger Van Sickle Brenda Coffee Second row Anna Caudill Donna Link ohn Drake Mark Miller Frances De Bolt Doris Cloud Patty Birchfield Miriam Martin Third row m Johnson Vida Van Meter ohanna Irwin Gerre Martin Bob Blain Cheryl Fultz Mrs Fleming Fourth row Pam Link Nancy Myers Leland Hart Clifton Basham Lynn Bunker Ronnie Hickson Absent Judy Fisher Jimmie Wirick SECOND GRADE cKllb0Ufh8j Fxrst row Lxnda Ferko Judy Beacom Jeanne Hunt Wanda Barnwell Gary Evans Pat McClead Vxcky Wood Jane Baldwm Mary McCloud Second row Nancy Shxllxger Larry Coffee Sherry Hav1land Bobby Eckard Su sxe Sheets Franklin ordan Nita Hxckson Brenda Lester Tom Smlth Thxrd row Mrs Tnppett oyce I wln Pam Skmner Richard Brenner DeRoy Snlveous Charles Brown Larry Moore Norma Chambers Bev erly Drake Claudia Sherman Absent Bobby Aleshlre Shelby Basham Ann Platt Danny Crank THIRD GRADE Kllbourne First row ames Schxllxger Roger Stevens Melvxn Wxgton Charles Edg erly Sondra Cummms Evelyn Schll llger Wllllam D Swan Elalne Arm strong Rxchard T Jones Judy Sal mon Sandra Bushee Second row ames Van Dyke Wllllam Basham George S Caudlll Raymond Cam Davld Wood Theda Clark Paul or Clen Cheryl Hollis Connie Martm Helen Drake Mary Sheets ohn Yar house Margaret Potter Third row ames Wells Davld Mussard Eddie Cleland Linda McCloud Gary Mor gan Rlchard Flemlng Sondra Klng Fred Smith Emma Moore Loren Ka node Donald Inms John Lockhart Marlene Langford Helen Van Meter Mrs Dunlap Absent Nancy Van Dyke Delbert White 0,125 LL! FIRST GRADE Kxlbourne First row Judxth Baldwm Susan Drake Connxe Steck Rebecca S11 veous Lmda Wallen Lxnda ones anet McGrew Conme Huddlestun Lmda Hart Second row Sarah Clel and Mary Lou Potter Gene Cloud Tommy Armstrong Rlchard Lester Ralph Martm Gerald Bxerce Andy Howard James Wymer Third row Mrs Hxrth Mac Clark Larry Gross Bllly Wood Fred Johnson B111 Ka node Ronald Stevens Gene Jumper Absent Charles Kelly Harold Ale shxre SEVENTH GRADE fAshleyj Flrst row Martha Groves Mary Rmg ler Suzanne Powers Fred Duerr Roger Knauber Grace Powell ack McLlaxn nm Lloyd Beverly Dye Davld George Ronme Varner Carol Hultz Second row Rnchard Nxchols Nancy Welser Betty Lou Clark Billy Stults Gertrude Thurston L'1rry Smrth Gene Clme Don Zent War ren Masters Richard Wxgton Mrs Stlcklen subsntute teacherj Third row Regxe Henry Mxchael Corbin Peggy Pendleton Gary Howe Ruth ella Jones Rxchard Curran Carol Goodman Betty Cochran Absent Ronald Young and Mrs Urban SIXTH GRADE fAshleyQ First row Paul Flmg Helen Augen stnne Eddie Reely ean Powers Don na Mathews Bxlly Fxsher Roger Ing mxre Wxlllam Smith Grace Dean Patty Wxgton Robert Young Tana Dart Dean Hall Second row Beverly Borchers, Beverly Crist, Dianne Sav age, Betty Rouse, Erwnn Russell, Jxm my Hauhlel, Rebecca McNamara, Betty Hammond, Rohert Ebert, Larry Dlldxne, Damel Hatten Third row Tommy Mam, Florence Kmney, Davxd Weiser, Richard Penhorwood, Marion McGrath, Jack Redd, Larry Roberts, Kav Ringler, Nancy Goodman, Mrs. Boring. FIFTH GRADE fAshleyj First row Carl Peterson Barbara Young Sandra Panlcnln Sue Huff man Lauren Vanausdle erry Glh son Ronald Legg Kenneth Young Lmda Foor Barbara o Smxth Sec ond row Ronald Lurkart Roger Pet erson Phyllis Crump Mxchael Welch Larry Lookabaugh Kenneth Barber Daniel George Clyde Lowther Ron alcl Downmg Charles Clark Miss Clme Third row Patty Clme Wayne Noltmg Maxine Ruggles Burton Kerns Alice Hlte Charlene Whxpple Robert Powell Donald Martm ohn Sncklm 21 ww, Q THIRD GRADE fAshleyj First row eri Bates Kim Kohler e George Craig Paul Kenny Roush ack Varner Paul McCurdy Patty Luikart lmmy Foor Becky Dart Judith Kable Fred Crist Second row Pam Porter oanna Wigton Rosella Dean Bobby Smith Third Jones errie Rouse Harold Powell Ronnie Bash Carpet Freddie Barber immy Judy Varner Ralph Miley row Crystal Lowther Emma Rodney Knauber Billy Travis Main Charles Fisher Karen erry Lookabaugh Dorothy Groves Miss Heimlich. Absent: Rick Edington Eddie Rapp Patsy o Fox Arthur Hite and Phil Gibson. FOURTH GRADE fAshleyj First row Gerald Smith erry Lang Sheila McNamara Leon Snyder Da lene Martin Diana Wigton Pam Adams Eddie Powers Paul Breece Dolores Huffman Andy Duerr Ruth Kanniard Carolyn Peterson Clyde Ebert Billy Ringler Shirley Cochran Second row Frederick Rothwell R berta Bobb Sue Pace Roy Powell Eric Piper Ronnie accaud Gene Kinney Marlie Stults Barbara Groves Larry Cline Eddie Weiser Roberta Lee Larry Landes Charles Dennis Shirley Rouse Terry Barker Third row Jimmy Frey Peggy Henry Dana Roberts Everett Rawlins Phil Cramer Colleen Laird Betty Dewitt Kay Jef frey Sonny Steed Ralph Jaccaud substitute teacher Mrs Lea Absent Lyndall Corbin Betty Shaw Mrs Moyer SECOND GRADE fAshleyj First row: Roger Green Jerry Piper Dorothy Powell Dolly Powers Gary Young Cathy Hines Donna Cun- ningham Peggy Staley Dianne Bates Larry Luikart oyce Ringler ane Hewett anie Clark Barbara Hor- vath, Linda Kay Frye, Lana Kay Dil- dine, Second row: Ronnie Nolting, Jimmy Raines, Arlene Westbrook, Linda Sue Vanausdle, Eddy Bobb, Terry Miller, Billy Kanniard, Larry Weiser, Sue Wallace, Judy Lloyd, Donald Goodman, Patty Taylor, Billy Adams, Leroy Martin, Jimmy Raw- lins, Jeri Haubiel, Jo Ellen Travis. Third row: Miss Fry, Danny Hire, David Rothwell, Patty Jeffrey, Eddie Schollman, Joanne Dickens, Madeline Williamson, Ann Kinney, Dickie Ro- berts, Frank Hickman, David Powell, Mrs. Wigton. FIRST GRADE fAshleyj Flrst row Sherly Cramer Lynn Dll dme ane Bxggs Jackne Clawson Russell Smxth Marilyn Radel Mary Cochrane Marlene Powell Jeanette Fxsher Sue Burgxtt Bxlly jacobe Rnch ard Clark Lmda Knauber Kathy Al brmk Second row erry Ashbrook Mlke ackson Carolyn Knauber Francxe Hxckman Donnre Rouse Steve Paul Luxs Hout Kathy Serles Phylls Landis Cecelia McCurdy Ka ren Mlles johnny Dennxs Gene Mc Curdy Audra Cline Rocky Brandes Third row Vnrgmxa Wortz Bruce Bowman Bxlly Porter Clara Hmes Kay Johnson Robyn Rose Tern Breece Bonnle Bash Danny Dart Carolyn Dickens Paul Groves Mrs Wlgton ANNUAL STAFF Edltor Carolyn Duerr Business Manager Eugene Borden Typlst Marilyn Brmgle AdVCI't1SlI'lg 86 Sales Mgr Duane Van Sxckle Social Edltor Mary Clark Class Plays Catherme Kannxard Commencement and Baccalaureate Doris R ggles F H A Loxs Lockhart Snapshots Doris ones, ohn Stem Lonme Shults Class History Grace Keys, Lonme Shults Art Edltors Lorrame Kern Sarah Kern Music can Main, Marllyn McGrath F F A Chester Laird Duane Van Slckle Calendar amce Whlpple Ann Roth oke Edltors Phll Ingmlre, Ronme Gnllnland Athletlcs Eugene Borden, Lee Goodman Faculty Evelyn Kannlard Board of Education Bob Curran Classes oan Wells Seniors Shnrley Coen, Myrna Zent Actlvltles Mary Clark Class Wlll Ed Keltner, Ken Bowsher Class Prophecy Ronnxe Gxllxland Dons Ruggles Semor Class Trxp-Howard Augenstlne Our Sponsors Judnth Anderson, can Maxn, Bob Curran Speech Bob Ankrom 23 , J V ., , 3 Y . Y , . , . Y I Y Y . A 1 y ' , - :J , t J ' , A , . Y Y . ,. . , , A 1 . 1 ' 1 A v ' , -, . y .. , , 4 Y VY 7 Y ' Y Y A , , - Asso. Editor-Jean Main u 1 . l 1 l . , 'J . . . ' li 1 s , ff . n . J - ' - . 'J . - . . . , . . - ' 1 WLIIIIWDNHIKVW A 6 C7317- 4 x We R 12 ,, ' S ci 2 Mi vb E g xi W Wg x 1 X XX ., ev ' x Q N ? if 1' ,' ,LL 5, wall'- rl t-,J I -08' 17 SENIOR PLAY Tattletale a three act comedy by Ann Coulter Martens, was presented by the senior class on November 18 and 19 The success of the play was alded by our dlrector Mlss Carol Boyles Mrs Lo1s Lehner, Mrs ean Dlckerschelcl, and Mrs Paulme Urban were greatly ap preclated for then' wonderful job of helping w1tl1 make up The play centers around a novel, a borrowed typewrlter, and a diary that IS publlshed by mxstake Patty Mrs Blame Mr Blaxne Isabel Arne Ida May Tod Paul Cummxngs Mr Nxxon Mrs Nzxon Mxss Wxggam Walt Kennedy Louella Momca Barney Mr Wblttaker Mr Bxxley CAST Annle Roth Shlrley Coen Lorra1ne Kern Marxlyn Brmgle Robert Anlcrom Sarah Kern ean Mann Edche Keltner Lonme Shults Lols Lockhart Carolyn Duerr Phxl Ingmxre Duane Van Sxckle Robert Curran Eugene Borden Joan Wells Grace Keys Myrna Zent Doris Ruggles Lee Goodman Dons Jones Mary Clark Janxce Whlpple Howard Augenstme john Stem Ronnie Gxlhland .......,.,......-...,,,,,,.,,,Evelyn Kannlard Mrs. Lorimer .........,,.,.,,..r..........,..............,,, .-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hetty Heaton ...............,............,,,..,................,,......, L ....,v,,,,,.,,., ............t.,,,-,,,....-,,e,,,,Judy Anderson U12 .......,....... ,. Y,.., . ....,,...,.,...,.....,,,,....,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,.,,..,, --,,,,,,,.-, , nv Marnlyn McGrath Marie ...-.A.- V..........f...... - ...,,f............. ....,........ ..,....... - . .- .,,..... ,,... ................,,........ C a therine Kanniard Ermmtrude de Lacey me ...............,...................4 ,,,,..,.,.,,,,,,.,,,,,-....,,,,..,.,,,,.........,.............. T he dummy an-t vwnlqw 25 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Flrst row Shnrley Coen Jamce Whzpple Robert Curran Gerald Cole Carolyn Duerr Sarah Kern Second row Anme Roth Loxs Lockhart Jams Mam Lee Goodman Beverley Boston Duane Van Sxckle Jean Mann Lorraine Kern Twnla Graham 1 4. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY First row Janxce Whipple, Phzl Ingrmre, Robert Ankrom, Lonnxe Shulcs, Carolyn Duerr Second row Sarah Kern, Shxrley Coen, Jean Mam, Marnlyn Brmgle, Eugene Borden, Manlyn McGrath, Mary Clark, Lorraxne Kern, Miss Boyles Thxrd row Chester Lanrd, Lee Goodman, Duane Van Sickle, Robert Curran 26 AM V, 'W' M? 3' iw W , we 1 5 A ' s , 4' ' 1 ' , 5. ref' v A l fl, 4 Q Q A I T ' ' W4 k ' Y Y 7 , 9 ' 4 . U 1 . 5 I , , , s 1 r - ,M ,- , A V SPEECH First row James Powers Janet Gephart Betty Dennxs Kathy Clark Nancy Hultz Ruth Ann Ankrom Shelba Prlnce Janice Edgerly Howard Augenstme Second row Joan Carper Man lyn Anderson Ashleyj jean Mann Gerald Cole Jams Mam Max Bunker Carolyn Kanode Joanne Yarhouse Robert Ankrom Barbara Dlx Davxd Bennett Barbara Hour Mrs Lehner SPEECH The speech actnvxtles at Elm Valley ln 1954 55 consisted of the Prmce of Peace contest the County and State speech contests and a one act play entltled Mooncalf Mugford Mrs Lols Lehner was the speech dnrector The Prmce of Peace contest was held in three churches Westheld Ashley and Kllbourne ean Mam won first place and Ruth Ankrom second at Ashley Martha Benedlct Shelba Prlnce and Barbara Hout also spoke here At Kllbourne the first place wmner was Carolyn Kanode Sec ond place was won by anlce Edgerly The other speakers were Gearld Cole and Barbara Dlx an1s Main and Robert Ankrom won first and second places respectlvely at Westneld Marllyn Anderson and oan Carper were also speakers on thns program Betty Lou Denms won flrst place at Berkshire ln compet1t1on w th several speakers from Olentangy This year Elm Valley dld very well m the County Speech Contest We won four of the first ten places ln the five mdlvldual events Robert Ankrom won first m Humorous anet Gephart placed first ln Orlgmal Oratory ean Mam won second ln Oratorlcal Declamatlon, and David Bennett won second ln Humorous The people who won first place xn the county were qualzfled to partxclpate m the state contest anet Gephart rated very hugh ln the state by placmg thxrci in the fmal round Robert Ankrom won fourth m the first round ln the state The county one act play contest was held March 29 n the Elm Valley audxtorlum The dra matic play presented by our school was Mooncalf Mugford Members of the cast were ean Mam, amce Whlpple Marxlyn Brmgle Robert Ankrom, and Gerald Cole NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY The Elm Valley Chapter of the Natxonal Thespzan Soclety had a very actxve year under the leadershlp of Robert Ankrom presndent Lonme Shults vxce president anlce Whipple secre tary Carolyn Duerr treasurer Phnl Ingmlre, scrxbe, and Mxss Carol Boyles sponsor Among the years actxvltnes of the Thesplans were two dances Harvest Moon Dance and Santa s Sock Hop an mmatlon in anuary m whnch seven semors became members an evemng of one act plays on March 11 attendance at two Thesplan conferences one m Freemont and one nn Delaware and an alumm banquet m Aprnl 27 1 l l - ! 7 Y ! 1 1 1 1 5 1 ' K ! 1 . I 7 7 Q D I 7 ! i ' ' ' 1 - u 73 - 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ' J ' 1 1 . , - ' . . . . G . , J 1 J , 1 . - ' tt 77 , J J 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 J 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 - - 1 - tc 11 1 N , ,, . . . . . . . . . 1 1 ' 1 1 , . FFA Flrst row Dale Pendleton Dean Bowman Robert Henry Edward Wells ames Perdue Edward Moore Edward Panknm Marlon Mam ohn Stem Second row Charles Conkhn Wzlham Irwm WendallF1sher Merr1llChadw1ck Rxchard Perry George Conklm Chester Laxrd Lon me Shults ames Goodman Wlllxam Gflglfh Duane Van Sickle Stanley Thoman James Caudxll Harold Kannlard Alvm Masters Third row ames Freeman Thomas Cramer Rus sell Knauber Floyd Nlchols Ronald Gzllxland Howard Tnmble John Veley Donald Owen Jack Howard Charles Crump Robert Curren James Wornstaff Eldon Baldwin John Cleland Larry Westbrook supervxsor Mr D C Barrett Fourth Row John Shlvely John Reely Wesley Borchers Gerald Cole James Martm Clyde Sherman Robert Basnger Rlchard Ray Tom Kohler Roland Augspurger Merle Masters Davls Dlldlne Claude Lalrd John Doubxkln Harold Augenstme Richard Thurston Rlchard Hxckson FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA This year the Ray Flfe Chapter of Future Farmers of Amerlca of Elm Valley Hlgh school has had an excellent year under the supervlslon of D C Barrett The boys have had numerous Held trlps and have seen the more modern farmmg methods used today An a1r tour was taken last year m whlch the dxfferent farms were seen from an a1r vxew The officers thms year were Presldent Lonme Shults Reporter Merrxll Chadwlck Secretary Wxlham Grnffxth Student Advlsor George Conklm Treasurer Chester Lalrd Most of our judging teams ranked excellent Wllllam Grlffxth Roland Augspurger, and ames Wornstaff judged at the Ohzo Hereford Day at Washington Court House and placed as the fourth team ln the entlre state Wllllam Grnfflth won first ln the state and rece1ved a S250 00 scholar shlp The boys also took part ln the judging at the Ohlo Angus Day, Van Wert, Ohlo, and at the Ohxo Dairy Day, Wooster, Ohno Last summer fourteen of the boys went to F F A Camp held at Camp Muskmgum In the fall five boys spent a week at the Natxonal Future Farmers of America Conventlon nn Kansas Cnty They were accompanied by thenr advisor, Mr D C Barrett Several boys showed thelr projects at the State and County falrs and received hngh honors on them Thns year a pest hunt was held with Blg Walnut as the opposmg team It seems as though they must have more pests over that dxrectlon because they won We held our annual F F A F H A Banquet the first day of Aprll The Chapter raised a beef cow which they butchered and served as the meat course at the banquet Beverly Boston, the F F A ueen, was crowned at the banquet by last years queen, Mary Clark Beverly will partlclpate ln the queen judgmg contest at the State Fair this coming year Delaware County has recently started the JUHIOI P C A Loan Assocxatxon for boys m F F A work This assoclatlon IS for the purpose of loamng money to these boys lf they need nt George Conklm IS representing our Chapter as an offxcer this year 28 V V W A V A f u W' " 1 -wie : . I . I I ' I I J ' I I I . r 1 I . 1 ' b 9 ' 1 s ' . 7 J ' Y . . I Y I a . x D -. : J A 1 1 ' I I I I .Y l Y ' I I 7 I I 7 , , . . . . . : . , . , I I I I .I ' I. I . Y I . ' Y ' I . I Y I I I ' Vice President ............ .. ,............. Lee Goodman Sentinel ...,..,............... ....,,,........ R obert Henry ' 1 . . . Q ' Left to rlght Larry Westbrook Rxchard Perry James Wornstaff Roland Augspurger Wnllxam Grnfflth FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Thxs year the boys were very proud to w1n the Lnttle Internatxonal Lxvestock udglng Contest held Saturday March 5 at Ohlo State UHIVCISIIY They brought home a large rotatlng trophy to wm the trophy three tlmes gets to keep If ln their possesslon Members of the judging team were Larry Westbrook Wllllam Grlfflth and ames Wornstaff Alternates were Rxchard Perry and Roland Augspurger The contest was open to forty one teams from Central Ohno Four rmgs of lrvestock were judged The rmgs conslsted of sheep swme beef and daxry cattle HONOR ROLL We submit the following llst of names as evldence that some students are still scholastlcally mclmed at Elm Valley High Our honor roll lS m recognmon of the students who do consxstently good work and keep thelr grades ln all studxes better than a B average We hope the 11st wxll grow FRESHMEN Davxd Bennett Mary Bxrchheld John Cleland James Freeman Nancy Hultz Gary Lee Norma Lockhart Judy Maples ames Morgan Carolyn Nxchols J uamta Rouse Phyllns Sheets Nancy Swam Rxchard Thurston Joanne Yarhouse SOPHOMORES Max Bunker can Carper Glenda Dart Betty Denms Jaruce Edgerly anet Gephart Donna Goodman Dale Pendleton Carolyn Pittman James Powers JUNIORS Beverly Boston Gerald Cole Rachel Hendrickson 29 SEN IORS Shxrley Coen Robert Curran Lee Goodman ean Mam Anna Lee Roth Carolyn Duerr Janice Whrpple Lorrame Kern Duane Van Sxckle Lons Lockhart Marilyn Brmgle Joan Wells donated by th,e late John F. Cunningham, Dean Emeritus of the College of Agriculture. The team l 1 a , 1 Q. 1 - , J ' ' .J b . J . J . . J h . U . FHA Flrst row Donna Goodman parlxamentarxan Louxse Mathews treasurer Carol Howard song leader Beverly Boston vxce presldent Jean Mam presxdent Carolyn Duerr secretary Marsha Vannausdle news reporter Twxla Graham hxstorxan Second row Nancy Swam Catherine Clark Suzanne Maples Florence Owen Judy Bennett ane Hxllard Maryorne Adams Hazel Mae Hemlen Vxrgmxa Caudxll Thlrd row Mrs Dxckershend Vxrgrma Powell Rosemary Crum Mary Van Meter Mary Clark Helen Urban Mary Ahce Bnrchfteld anet Ackerman Loxs Lockhart Betty Hatten Amy Lou Rodenfels Josephme Clark Nancy Hultz Sally Ott Aletha Overdorff Norma Lockhart Barbara Hall Shxrley Ebert June Martin Fourth row Phyllxs Caudlll Joan Nlchols Jams Mam Nancy Lmk Carol Hammond Carolyn Nichols Barbara Hout Marilyn Anderson KBJ Marxlyn Anderson KAI Ruth Ann Ankrom Phyllns Sheets Janlce Hlllard Glenda Dart Joan Carper Marjorxe Kxdwell Carolyn Pxttman Freda Clark Judy Stults FHA AUGUST 18-We xnvlted all xncomxng Freshmen to our meetxng to gxve them the general Idea of the prxnclples and ldeals of our Chapter SEPTEMBER 15-Our Chapter mothers were guests of honor We elected a v1ce president to fill the vacancy left by Frxedel Remtjens Plans were made for the fair booth Ut won a blue ribbon J SEPTEMBER 28-We had a kltchen shower for Mxss Dearth We hope she wxll be able to use everythmg OCTOBER 3 Freshmen mxtlatnon Its a good rhmg they dont have to dress lake thls all the tzmel The new members were gxven rxbbons symbohzlng their newly acquired membershxp OCTOBER 26-County Rally at Wxllls We had charge of suggestxons of things we could do during F H A Week NOVEMBER 3 Mrs Lxtta Roberson gave us a very xnterestmg talk on datxng DECEMBER 3 We held our regular meetmg durlng which we sang carols DECEMBER 23 We went carolmg wxth the F F A boys JANUARY 3 A demonstratxon on parllamentary procedure was presented tonxght FEBRUARY 7 Tonlght was Daddy Date Nxte The gxrls who recerved thelr Junlor Homemaker Degree are oanne Yarhouse Nancy Hultz Mary Alxce Bxrchfield Carolyn Nnchols Twlla Graham Helen Urban Judy Maples Suzy Maples Phyllis Sheets and Juanxta Rouse MARCH 1 We elected delegates to go to the State F H A Conventxon whlch IS held Aprxl 29 dt 30 m Columbus The delegates are Bev Boston Marsha Vanausdle Carolyn Pnttman Suzy Maples Lots Lockhart and Joan Carpet MARCH 29-County Rally at Blg Walnut We were in charge of the reglstratlon Chapter Degrees were con ferrecl at this txme The girls workxng for this degree are Marsha Vanausdle Loulse Mathews Ruth Ankrom Twxla Graham Jams Mann and Marllyn Anderson fAshleyJ APRIL 1 F F A F H A Banquet Mount r Dean of Agnculture at Ohio State Umverslty was our guest speaker Bob Henry was crowned F H A Kmg at the banquet APRIL 29 BL 30-State F H A Conventlon MAY 3 We held our regular meetmg MAY 7 We sponsored a carwashmg and waxnng project MAY 14- Hobo Swntcheroo The girls do the mvmng and provxde transportatxon for the fellows 30 Q N r :V - ' C' , . . 8 . L, I .,, V ' l . we A . , V ...K .gig ly A V of ., 1 'Y' rf MJ A V 'FN wwf' ' , A F f N' I M -Y . . . ' 2 t , U ' ' : g ' g , s , : , t 9 D , I 9 , z 1 5 S 7 ' I : . I 3 7 1 - 1 D 9 J y . v ' Johnson, Joanne Yarhouse, Jeannxne Cramer, Judxth Anderson, Juanxta Rouse, Ruth Bushee, 3 ' : ' I 1 h ! -7 9 7 7 . l J 7 1 3 Y ' Y . 7 7 t I Y I 'Y . l . Y ' l : 1 l D Y . 7 Y .7 . Y I 9 . V 7 l 7 1 7 7 7 3 5 , . . . . . . . . , . ' , . . . I in , ,, . ,, . . . I . J 1 I I . -1 . Y I , , , I 3 ' - ' . ' I . 1 , , ' , , ' , . . . . . . . I , . , , , , J . - 1 a 1 "-' . . . - . . . . , . , 1- U . ,, . . . . ' . . 'WL 5 uv .1-.,, ,TN is ww ' " FRESHMEN SOPHOMORE CHORUS First row Thomas Cramer Kendall Powell Gary Somerlot ames Powers Floyd Nichols Charles Crump Keith Bringle ohn George David Bennett ohn Cleland Stanley Thoman Second row Betty Hatten aner Gephart Aletha Overdorff Josephine Clark Sally Ott Nancy Hultz anet Smith Norma Lockhart Virginia Caudill Marsha Vannausdle Barbara Hall udy Stults Nancy Swam Catherine Clark udy Maples Florence Owen une Martin Ruth Bushee Third row anet Ackerman oanne Yarhouse eannine Cramer Vonna Wise Nancy Link Carolyn Nichols Phyllis Sheets Ruth Ann Ankrom Louise Mathews Glenda Dart oan Carper Carol Hammond anice Edgerly Hazel ohnson Marjorie Adams Rose Mary Crum Carolyn Pittman Sylvia Pyne Betty Dennis Mae Heinlen Fourth row R1chard Thurston ane Hillard uamta Rouse ohn Doubikln Gary Lee Michael Fisher Dale Pendleton George Conklin ames Groves Max Bunker Wesley Borchers Janice Hxllard Helen Urban Mary Bi chlield Mr Kessler ,,,, I 4' .. GA- .,..u If , . 'ai 1 ' -. J ,H 11 M '-vtfars. J r K W J. ' A - N tn I til, J., , I awk, J J f 'T - , f , ,,, , - ff ,J 'K V ,'A1j3"'s'v545 , Y ,,. ,. ' ' I - ,. V 'wi' ,. JUNIOR - SENIOR CHORUS First row: Lonnie Shults, Gerald Cole, Raymond Hewett, Howard Augenstine, Merrill Chad- wick, Eugene Borden, Dorse Counts, Lee Goodman, Phil Ingmire, Robert Ankrom. Second dow: Shirley Ebert, Janice Whipple, Twila Graham, Anne Roth, Lois Lockhart, Shelba Prince, Marilyn McGrath, Joan Wells, Barbara Hour, Mary Van Meter, Duane Van Sickle. Third row: Evelyn Kanniard, Phyllis Caudill, Mary Lou Redd, Marilyn Bringle, Betty Perdue, Rachel Hendrickson, Judy Bennett, Beverly Boston, Judy Anderson, Marilyn Anderson lAshleyj, Lorraine Kern, Marilyn Anderson lKilbournel, Amy Lou Rodenfels, Kenneth Bowsher. Fourth row: Robert Curran, Janis Main, Joan Nichols, Barbara Dix, Carolyn Kanode, Grace Keys, Carolyn Duerr, Sarah Kern, Shirley Coen, Jean Main, Myrna Zent, Doris Ruggles, Eddie Keltner, Mr. Kessler. 51 BAND Fnrst row Eldon Baldwxn Barbara Dux Loulse Mathews Glenda Dart Marsha Vannausdle Ruth Ann Anlcrom Phyllis Caudxll Marilyn Brlngle Beverly Boston uamta Rouse anet Gephart John Cleland Sue Ellen Dray Second row Dons Ruggles Larry Powers Twxla Graham Rosemary Crum Mary Alxce Bxrchheld Carolyn Duerr ean Mann Mary Lou Redd Marxlyn Anderson lAshleyj Barbara Hout oan Carper Mary Alxce Pendleton Phyllls Relchardt Eddie Plttman Judy Campbell Third row Nancy Hultz Carol Hammond Carolyn Pxttman Powers ams Mam Gerald Cole eann1ne Cramer Myrna Zent Merrnll Chad wxck oanne Yarhouse Max Bunker Mary Van Meter Robert Flemmg Amy Lou Rodenfels Dxrector Robert Kessler BAND AND CHORUS The Elm Valley Band had a very successful year under their new dlrector Mr Robert Kessler The marching was greatly lmproved as well as the musxclanshxp The forty plece marchlng band marched at all home games and traveled to Utlca One of the most outstandmg shows this year was the Travelogue at the Olentangy game Several dxfferent forms of travel were presented The first was an alrplane buzzing down the field wxth the major ettes as propellers Then gomg lnto a boat formatlon they played Crulsmg Down the Rnver A locomotxve was then formed and the band rang out with I ve Been Worklng On the Raxlroad The wheels of the locomotlve turned and smoke came out of the chxmney The last means or trans portatlon dlsplayecl was the walkmg horse wlth the band playmg The Old Gray Mare She Am t What She Used to Be The band then formed an O representlng Olentangy and last but not least, they marched into an E V to play Across the Field and the Elm Valley Alma Mater Since the band wanted to hold some social gatherings thls year, they thought It would be a good ldea to elect some offzcers so lf would seem more like an orvamzatxon ean Maln was elected presldent, Marilyn Anderson A , v1ce presldent, Amy Rodenfels secretary, Carolyn Duerr, treasurer, Max Bunker, manager and Gerald Cole asslstant manager In spite of the heavy schedule of the band members, there were three partles squeezed m I the fall a wemer roast was held at Amy Lou Rodenfels s house A Christmas party was held ln the band room An event the band looked forward to all wmter was the Steak Fry ln the sprlng It was held May ll at the State Lakes Park ln Mt Gilead A wonderful time was had by all The band IS very proud of their new sousaphone purchased this year It adds a lot to the bass sectlon Thls year for the Sprlng Concert held May 6 the band played Llghr Calvary Overture, Overture to Annle Get Your Gun Stars and Strlpes Forever, Londondery Air and others Next year the band hopes to be mcreased to sixty and stlll be progressmg Thus year the school has acqulred rlsers for the choruses to use They were mltlated at the Sprung Concert on May 6 For thls concert the choruses sang Old Knng Cole, Halls of Ivy, Oh What A Beaunful Morning, Clxmbmg Up the Mountain Chxldren, and Battle Hymn of the Republic The following members of the choruses sang at the Dlstrlct Muslc Festlval ams Mann, Ger ald Cole Shlrley Coen, Carolyn Duerr, Max Bunker, Raymond Hewett Wesley Borchers, Marilyn Brmgle can Nlchols, ames Powers, Glenda Dart, and Betty Lou Dennis 32 J 4 1 1 . , , , , , : 1 7 A Y 3 Y , , , , J , J 1 I ' : I 7 , , , , J . , Y Y ! J 7 3 n y - 5 y Q , J- J- , J , , J , , - , J , , , , , , . , . . ' ' tc an ' - u - n - - . . . U . . . ,, ' - rt 7 - - as . . . . . U . , an tt as - - ' 9 - tt as tt ' 1: u as . . . ' . . . . ., - J I D . , . 9 , , - . II . , . . ' tt an ' - , . . . ' - tt - n 1 rc - n tt ' va tt - xr v 1 - - tt - va u n tt - - n ct - - - - 97 tt - va 9 x , J J - 131 ,--F-' mu' Seniors of '65 One Specxal for Doc Sully Mary' Their favorite time of day Howdy Partners Nature Boy Coach" Soup s on' Snxth grade girls Doesnt he ever smxle" Champions" Junior lugh Mary Alnce H I 1 n A v 1 5: 4 M 5 53 I Q t! A ' I V if N rl J ' j -1 4 T A as I I :I W , ' rv, 1 'ff , , ' VV ll., 'EN A , 3 1 l M" 'iff ff ' rf' , Q65 6 X - ' 1 'M , r r y 4 s f 1 . I fy I V ' a ' Mya V I 1. ' ' " 7. ' . 2. N - 3, - . 3. ' A . gf 1 ' ' , 4. ' ' . 10. ' .. 5- , . ll. ' ' . 6- .. 12. ' . 35 Ale!" 5 'Z A T fc. N V .. 'EW f , f VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Carolyn Duerr Jamce Wh pple Manlyn Anderson Amy Lou Rodenfels VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Last year we started a new polxcy at Elm Valley by havmg four varsity cheerleaders from the junior or semor classes and four reserve cheerleaders from the freshman or sophomore classes In the fall of 1954 we chose Carolyn Duerr anlce Whipple Amy Lou Rodenfels and Marnlyn Muggs Anderson Carolyn IS a semor and this ns her second year of varsity cheermg She was chosen to help Judge the jumor hrgh cheerleaders of the county amce has been a cheer leader for four years although only two of those were for Elm Valley She was selected for the Delaware County All Star Cheerleadlng Squad Amy a junior served last year as a reserve cheer leader and was chosen agam thls year for the varslty group Marilyn also a Junior began her first year of Cheeflng ll'llS YCSI' RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Our reserve cheerleaders who I m sure will soon be trymg for varslty honors are Glenda Dart oan Carper Louxse Mathews and Sally Ott Glenda and oan both sophomores served thexr second term as reserve cheerleaders For Louise a sophomore and Sally a freshman how ever lt IS only their hrst year Smce we have no reserve football team the reserve cheerleaders lead cheers for the hrst ha and the xarsnty for the second half of the game Both of our quartets of cheerleaders have done a fme job this year Teacher Robert have you Whlspered today wlthout PCFIHISSIODD Robert Only vsunst Teacher Frank should Robert have Sald wunst7 Frank Nom he should have said twxced Max Here comes the parade novs Betty wxll mlss lf lf she doesnt come to the wmdow Where IS she? Ianet She s upstalrs wavmv her halr Max For heaven s sake hasnt she got a Hag? Fred Reld Dxd you strlke that man In the crc1tement7 Ilowlrd Trlmble No s1r I struck hlm ln the stomach' Sarah I sau Kessler the other day treatmg hls xufe the way I wx ouldnt treat a dog Clrolyn Great Scott' What was he doing? Sarah Kxssmg her' Ronme Teacher would you scold anybody for somcthmv they dldn t do? Mlss Cornell Of course not But why Ronn1e7 Ronme Well I didn t do my Bookkeepmg Y I 7 , ' a J 7 . ,, ,, . . . . . . , . . . , , - ' x 1 . , . . . r y J 1 1 ' .I 9 x - 1 9 9 9 ' , . a . , I 1 - 4 ' x - v Y V' I r 7 . , - xc an . 1 y Y - 4: ' rr ' ' ' : . ' ' 4 . - 2 I . . 1 ' I . . 1 I 7. . . . . . - v ' Y - . . , . U , v . . . ' ' ' 1 ' D ' . . Y V ! 1 1 1 1 . , . . , . FOOTBALL First row Mgr Robert Curren Robert Curran Howard Trlmble ohn Doubxkln Merle Mas ohn George Charles Conklm Kexth Brmgle Mgr 1m Morgan Second row Coach Kenneth Paul Rlchard Perry DAVIS Dlldme Wesley Borchers Roland Augspurger Robert Ankrom Raymond Hewett Harold Augenstlne Dlck Hxckson Harold Dlckerschexd Asst coach Thrrd row Dorse Counts Marlon Maxn Gary Lee George Conklm Dale Pendleton Eugene Borden Dean Bowman 1m Groves Absent Kendall Powell Brlly Irwin Ron Stults Merle Masters ohn Doubxkln Fred Rexd Alvm Masters Tom Cramer FOOTBALL Although experlencmg a rather unsuccessful season wlrh no w1ns and elght defeats, the Aces gained valuable experlence for commg years Our faxthful coaches were Kenneth Paul and Harold DlCkCfSCh8ld The followlng boys were letter wlnners thls year Bob Curran a trlcky runner performed a double job as signal caller and halfback th1S year Eugene Borden honored as Mnd Ohlo end, was an mvaluable man on both offense and defense Rxchard Perry IS a junior tackle who wlth his added experlence should be hlttlng extra hard next year Fred Retd was of great asslstance to the team, playmg a number of posltlons wherever he was needed Ron Stults a converted halfback, moved mto the startlng lxneup as an end Raymond Hewett was the blg boy 1n the mndclle of the lme He will be back fightlng hard next year George Conklm, a bug sophomore back, has gamed valuable experlence for hls next two years Dlck Hxckson who has gamed experlence m the backfleld thls year wlll be an important cog on the team next year Dale Pendleton, a sophomore thls year, wxll be counted on to throw hxs welght at hxs opponents next year Roland Augspurger has proven hlmself a valuable player that will be welcomed back next year Harold Augenstme known as Tough Tony , was constantly plugging up the holes ohn Doublkm was mlssed greatly because of an early season leg mjury Rlchard Thurston, Charlle Conklm, and Gary Lee, freshman letter wmners, wlll be seen on the Aces grldlron for the next three years Along wxth these boys are Dean Bowman, Dave D11 dme, Marlon Main, lm Caudlll rm Groves B111 Irwm, ohn George, Tom Cramer, Eddle Martln, Alvin Masters, and Keith Brmgle 36 ' 1 - V , ' I , H ' , J ' ' , - J I , ' ,A A 7 ' J ' : 7 a V 9 . A v V A y y ' 9 Y . I T 1 - 1 ' . l , J ' - . 2 , , , , J , , , - , . , . . . . Howard Augenstme was a hard hitting fullback who was constantly hammermg at the lme. , ' Q , , , . . . . . . . . . . . . ,, ,Q ' ff 7, ' ' , . VARSITY BASKETBALL Fxrst row Mgr Robert Curren Robert Curran Howard Trlmble John Doubxlcm Merle Mas ters Rxchard Hxckson Mgr Raymond Hewett Second row Ronald Stults Lee Goodman George Conklm Edward Wells Eugene Borden Robert Henry Coach Kenneth Paul VARSITY BASKETBALL The Aces had a good season nn spxte of their handxcap nn hexghth The average man was about 5 10 Overcommg their handlcap, the Aces relied highly on their reboundmg to wm games They also regarded thelr defenslve play as hxghly lmportant, and utllxzed a zone defense through most of the season They f'll'llSl'lCd m a tie for second place m the county league play In the tournament the Aces lost thelr first game to Olentangy but came back to wln over Scioto Valley and Radnor by dCClSlVC margms The next game Elm Valley lost by one pomt which prevented them from getting a dlstrxct bnd Thls happened when an Olentangy forward sank a last second shot from about mid court to wm the game 65 64 Thls put the Aces m thlrd place The graduating Aces this year wlll be Eugene Borden, wlth his valuable experlence at the pivot shot proved to be a potential scorer Bob Curran the teams sharp drlbbler and ball handler, showed hls determmatlon through out the season Lee Goodman, a scrappy forward This was his first year on the startmg lineup Those players returnmg next year Bob Henry Ron Stults, and Howard Tumble juniors and George Conklm Merle Masters, Duck Hxclcson, Ed Wells, and ohn Doubxkm, sophomores Wlth these fellows returning and the materlal commg up from the reserve team, next year s team promlses to be one of the top teams ln the area SEASON PLAY Marengo Radnor Scloto Valley Mt Gnlead Prospect Lexmgton Frederlclctown Olentangy Cardmgton Rlchwood Big Walnut Scioto Valley Radnor Delaware St Mary 5 Olentangy Marlon St Mary s Prospect Bug Walnut COUNTY Olentangy Scnoto Valley Radnor Olentangy Em Em Em Em Em m Em Em Em Em Em Em Em Em Em Em Em Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley TOURNAMENT 56 m 43 E m 51 m 65 lm 57 Valley Valley Valley Valley , : . . , , S ' . . . J ,' ...-............--..L...-... 50 I 51 l ' ...................... 57 l . ' ........................,... 76 l ..... ....,...................... 63 l ' ....... -.-.. ............... 54 El ' ...................... 82 I -........-.a...--.......... 56 Elm Valley ' ............. - ........... 63 l ' ....... ...- .......,,......... 58 l ' .....-- ...,......,...... 68 l ' ....... - ...... - ,...... 46 l -.-..-..-.....-.--.-........-.. 50 l . ' ............ 44 l .....-..............-,..--.. 51 l ' . ' .-,- ......... 57 l .-.........-.......-...,..,,... 72 l ' -.-......- .... -......- 65 l .-.,-..-.......,..,,,.,-... El ' -.--n- -.--v--'-'- Q- I ..-..,,,..--..,....-..,-..,-,.- El .-............-...,..-... E awe. RESERVE First row Mgr Robert Curren Davnd Bennett Wesley Borchers Mnchael Fisher Dean Bow man Gary Lee Thomas Kohler Alvm Masters ames Morgan Second row ack Howard Gerald Cole Merle Masters Merrlll Chadwxck Dale Pendleton ohn Doubxkm Rlchard Thurston Rxchard H1clcson Coach Harold Dlckerschend Thlrd row Wxllxam Irwm Charles Conklm james Groves James Freeman ohn Cleland James Caudlll Mgr Raymond Hewett 951 so RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Sally Ott Joan Carpet Glenda Dart Loulse Mathews 38 0 . , V' f 'G ,uk M I 2 E R , A ll I , ' : ' 9 . . 1 9 l l 1 ' .7 . ! U 7 . l Y J I Q ' 7 . ! 1 ' V : 7 3 7 7 J 9 ! ' ' -,- 5 1 Elma l . I , 1 5 A ' E X K .A l A 4' ! l U - ' QM . . er - . - fn' r afar f r rs:-Q . ' ts? jf- T . .. . ' fl, . . 5. . ' 3 . Q ' - ' N ' ,...'l.. M,..r,...,,,,t.s.,. ,M . rr . J-, X ' , - no ,eil evo-1 uuauwrcaeauau 11 . ....--e..,Nw..s.,..,,. gap, , 1, I M . s, vttif 7 x w,,,W,r-a wr Q in . . , as asm.-'f-Q bf 11 'ff ' " yu l . ,F -K A v is . fl ' , Y I 3 sa ' ' R . ' . . lt . - . x W ., . Q . . ' ' I ' fi ' 1 , .. . 5 J N-.K , I . ' , . , f f N ' 1,4 N. , ' ' A '.. , - " , -.. Q L-4 ' v . l,..4.m. m""xM, S4 . ' -4 ' A un eh ' v v . I . Q . . I I I . I . I it nam ooo Betty Lou Dennxs sophomore Mary Allce Bnrchfield freshman Sarah Kern queen Janis Mam junior Judith Anderson senxor HOMECOMING Sarah Kern was chosen queen by the student body The attendants were chosen by each 1nd1 vxdual class Judy Anderson was chosen senlor attendant, anls Maxn junior attendant Betty Lou Dennis, sophomore attendant, and Mary Allce Blrchfleld freshman attendant Llttle Vlcky Voss, the queens niece, came from Columbus to be the crown bearer for her aunt Ir was a wet muddy night when the queen and her attendants made thelr showxng It was too muddy for them to ride around the football Held ln convertibles whlch has been the annual tradx tlon so they had to wade through the mud out to the stands After a short speech from the queen, the glrls presented thexr mothers Wlth flowers and were then escorted to their honored seats Although our boys lost the game, they made a very good showxng, and mud ram and cold ness didnt stop the queen or the team The Alumnx clzmaxed the evenmg wxth a dance m the school audxtornum BASEBALL The Aces 1954 baseball season was not very successful The boys ended the season by wm nmg only one game from seven starts Lettermen were Merle Masters, Walter Borchers Eugene Borden, Ronme Thomas Eddxe Vanausdle ohn Stem, George Conklm Dxck Hxckson, ohn Doublkm, and Ronme Stults Thls year the Aces have no set schedule clue to the always unpredlctable weather around this tnme Delaware County w1ll have a smgle elzmmatxon tournament m whnch Elm Valley wxll compete Merle Masters, ohn Stem, George Conklin Dick Hlckson ohn Doublkm, Ronnne Stults, Eugene Borden, Gary Lee, Alvin Masters, Marlon Maln, Russell Knauber ohn George lmmy Groves, Billy Irwm, Mdce Fnsher, and Charlxe Conklm are probable competltors for pos1t1ons on the team thxs year TRACK As soon as the basketball season was over and the weather warmed up, the track team could be seen running, Sprlhtlng, and jumping around the field The track team had an average season last year, although there were only fifteen boys partxcn patmg Hugh hopes are had for a larger squad this year The boys earnmg letters last year were: Ed Vannausdle Rxchard Masters Chester Laxrd Robert Curran Robert Henry George Conklm Walt Borchers John Humes Howard Augenstlne Eugene Borden Robert Ankrom 39 SOCIAL VVHIRL MOTHER DAUGHTER BANQUET The Mother Daughter Banquet was held on October 21 A dellclous dmner was served by the W S C S Mrs Sarah Wornstaff presxdent of the W S C S gave a warm welcome I0 all A toast to the daughters was offered by Mrs Darlene Curran wlth ean Mann responding wlth a toast to the mothers The Glrls uattette composed of Marxlyn Brmgle Carolyn Duerr Sarah Kern and Shlrley Coen sang two numbers The Henry Slsters presented the group wxth a tap dance The speaker of the evemng Mrs Paul Maxwell gave an mterestmg talk and showed colored slldes on her trlp to the Holy Land FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE PARTY On October 7 1954 the freshman and sophomore classes held a party for the purpose of lnltxatmg the freshmen The freshmen had to eat crackers and then try to whlstle If they were unable to whlstle the consequence was to stand in cold water or push a peanut across the floor with then: nose Refreshments of doughnuts clder and root beer were served After refresh ments dancing was held ln the audxtorlum HAYRIDE The G A A sponsored a hayrxde on October 16 for the hngh school After a wmdmg rnde we finally reached Amy Lou Rodenfel s house Although lt was a wet evemng the hayrlde was en joyed by all SCHOOL CARNIVAL The P T A and the school jomed forces and produced a bang up evemng open to the pubhc at the annual School Carnlval The freshmen and sophomore classes presented a mmstrel Each of the grades presented a program too Another feature attractlon was Mr Power s Nlte Club The stars of the show were Hawauan Dancmg Glrls they were really boysj CHRISTMAS PARTY The Elm Valley senxors entertalned the faculty with a supper on December Z0 ln the lunch room The senior glrls sure can cook' The lunchroom was gaxly decorated wlth crepe paper and a lnghted tree which created a cheerful atmosphere After the dlnner Ruth Ankrom gave an oratlon The Llttlest Angel While Phll Ingmxre was readmg the semors Letter to Santa who should appear but olly Old Saxnt Nlck hlmself He had presents for everyone smce they had all been good boys and girls Meantlme the other grades ln hlgh school were also enjoylng separate partles ln the dxfferent school rooms Later ln the evemng all the classes joined xn the audltorxum for another short program and round and square dancmg CHRISTMAS PROGRAM The school presented thexr annual Chrlstmas program December 21 The grades each put on a llttle show of their own The clos1ng number was a pageant of the Natlvlty Scene pre sented by the hlgh chool chorus wlth the seventh grade acting out the story ln pantomme GAA The G A A was orgamzed at the begmnmg of the year with 70 glrls slgmng up as mem bers We elected Sarah Kern president Marilyn Anderson A vice presldent anet Gephart treasurer and Loulse Mathews secretary Several of the glrls took part ln the basketball clinic at Wlllxs and the volleyball clmlc at Olentangy Our most active team thls year was the volleyball team whlch conslsted of Sarah Kern ean Main Carolyn Duerr Shxrley Coen Manlyn Brmgle Betty Purdue Beverly Boston udy Bennett Rachel Hendrickson Marsha Vanausdle Carol Howard and uanlta Rouse 40 . . . . . , - - - -9 l I ' . , - ' . , 1 P 1 1 ' . , . 9 ' 9 - - cz as 1 a 9 ' 1 1 ' ' , . , . . . . , ' - 1 cr - 77 ez -- - + as 4 , , - ' s If ' Y, ' ' ' ' ' 7 if 77 ' l a ' . . . ' QQ . . ,, - 9 , ' . 'Q . . . . J . . . . - , 9 l D, , J , a 9 - , J 1 x 1 1 9 1 ,I 9 , , , J - - SENIOR TRIP In September of 1951 the students of Ashley and Brown hlgh schools were assembled t gether to form the new Elm Valley High School After the newness and confuslon wore away we started thlnklng of ways and means of raxsmg money for a senxor trlp We collected sales tax stamps promoted bake sales and rummage sales sold Chrlstmas cards and statxonery worked ln the concession stands put on class plays and trled numerous other methods of earnmg money Now we want to express thanks to our patlent and helpful parents and the people of the Elm Valley School DISIIICI They made our trip to the natlons capltol and to the largest city ln the world posslble Late on Sunday afternoon of May 15 we drove to the New York Central Statlon 1n Gahon Ohlo leavmg there ln the early evenmg We traveled all mght arr1v1ng xn Washlngton D C on Monday mornmg We had chartered a Greyhne bus and started our slghtseemg of the clty down Massachusetts Avenue observmg the embassy buxldmgs of many natxons These buxld mgs are bullt by the mdlvldual natlons on land whxch they have purchased They are used to carry on the busmess of each natlon wlth the Umted States government We stopped at the Na tional Cathedral which has been under constructlon for more than fifty years and may not be completed wlthm a century from the t1me lt started We then traveled through Georgetown to Arhngton Cemetery where we saw the changmg of guards at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier We also vxslted many other hlstorlcal places mcludlng Lees home tn Arlmgton Cemetery I Washlngton we passed the Pentagon Bulldmg and saw Washington Airport where planes arrlve and leave at the rate of one every two or three mmutes We went on to Alexandrla wlth stop at Christ Church and the famous Washlngton Masonic Memorlal Our next stop was at Mt Vernon the former home of George Washxngton and lts hlstorlc grounds whlch have become a natlonal shrlne We returned to Washington and stopped at the Lmcoln Memorial and the Wash mgton Monument We fmlshed the day at the Nation s Capital Buxldmg where we watched Con gress ln session On Tuesday mornlng we Vlslted the Bureau of Prlntmg and Engravmg where pa per money IS made and went on to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and then toured the Whlte House We also VlS1tCd the beautiful Pan American buxldmg efferson s Memorlal and the very ln terestmg Smlthsonlan Instltute and Museum of Natural HISYOIY After a good mghr s rest we went to Phxladelphla where we VlSltCd Independence Hall saw the Llberty Bell and had a fine trlp to Valley Forge Natlonal Park The same day lt was on to New York C1ty arrlvmg at the Hotel Commodore and another mght of rest Thursday mornlng we took a boat rtde around Manhat ten Island seelng Brooklyn shlpyards and the Statue of Lxberty and a full three hour rlde of ex Citing lnterest In the afternoon we took a land trlp through upper New York observing Columbla Umverslty and Samt ohn the Dnvme Cathedral Thus trlp took us through the famous Central Park and through the Harlem sectlon of New York Cnty also through lower New York the Bow ery and Chinatown From there to Wall Street whlch IS said to be the money center of the world We also saw and toured the beautiful lmpresslve United Natlons bulldlngs at Lakeside New York In the evenmg we attended the world famous Rockette Show ln Radio Clty Muslc Hall The next day we returned to Radio Cnty and took a trxp through the broadcastlng studlos Then we took the elevator to the top of the tallest buxldmg ln the world the Empxre State Bulldtng We rested m the afternoon and at eleven oclock P M boarded the tram at Grand Central Sta. tion and arrxved home at two o clock on Saturday tlred but glad to be back m Chlo Agam we express our thanks to everyone m the d1str1ct for helpmg us make a dream come true We feel very fortunate to have raised practically all of the trip money through the support of the community and the teachers ln our school Thank you agam for your most whole hearted s ppo t 41 1 0' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , . , . . 1 ' ' . D 1 . 3 1 . . . , . . . 1 ' ' 1 1 ' . . . . . . , 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , . . , . , . . ' . . , . . . , . U Y. ,AH ,4-ffbv L. Future stars! Is ll fun? Be there in a minute. Congratulations, Ed! Redheaded Texan. Am I seeing double? Shhhh What's in those bottl Huba-hubs Well, Santy! Champs?? Western show. The Good Old Days. SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Teachers meeting What are they rhmkmg up for us now? School begms wlth half a day Everyone anx1ous to get started How long w1ll It last? Election of cheerleaders They did select good looklng ones didn t they? umors order thelr class rmgs You would thmk they were d1amonds' Fllm Cool Hot Rod shown at assembly Better slow down boys and glI'lS9 Seniors have thelr f1rst class meet1ng Elect class offxcers What happened g1rls7 Did the boys kmd of take over? F H A and F F A dance and welcome Seniors choose 1nv1tat1ons and hope for d1ploma5 Flrst football game wlth Rmchwood there Better luck next game boys 20-Delaware County Fa1r beglns Bxgger falr less school 21 You would thunk everyone was a fair exhlbltor from the absence llst I ll bet they re havmg un' ZZ Same as yesterday 24-No school Girls m parade on 4 H day Football game with ohnstown no comment Thes p1ans have a dance afterwards 28-F H A has shower for MISS Dearth we brlbed her' 29 Senlors have their plctures taken at Cubberlys When the faculty sees our pictures they are certain to graduate us What dlgnxty' 30-School as usual today OCTOBER No school today because of teachers meetmg at W1ll1s Yea' Olentangy here for football game Thespxans have a dance afterwards Wonder what Drckerscheld and Dearth are domg today? Are weddmg bells rmgmg or 15 that just my lmagmatlon 4-F H A and F F A 1n1t1at1on What a mess' 6-Mrs McDowell and Mr Thurston take over for the Dlckerscheld s Wonder where they are now? Freshmen and Sophomore IHIIIRCIOH Poor freshmen Dont they look cute"' Football game wlth MBIIOH St Mary s there They beat us then proved to be excellent hosts What sandwlches' Natlonal F F A Conventlon at Kansas Cnty Mo How many boys can get m one car any way? Wasn t lt kmd of crowded boys? Band Boosters sponsor Arturo the Maglcxan Say klds where d1d Marllyn B disappear to? Better watch that stuff Marxlyn' School as usual Teachers pllmg on the work Blg Walnut football game Never to be forgotten mud' What four Semor glrls got lost ln Columbus or were they just pretendmg to be lost? G A A hayrlde tonxght Wasnt It a llttle wet k1ds7 What IS the attractlon ln the study hall boys? Couldn t be the plctures of some pretty gnrls could 1t9 Cubberly takes group plctures for the annual Was It really necessary to miss so many classes Sen1ors7 Assembly thls mornmg Mother and Daughter Banquet tomght Heard that you sounded real ood 1rls Semoi gettmg ready for the Talent Show Saturday Look at the dlrt fly" Dad s mght Played Mt Gilead A Miss Amerlca ln our class' Watch for the headmes Marxlyn Brmgle Wlns Bathmg Beauty Contest 1n Talent Show Sarah Kern was chosen homecommg queen Congratulatlons Sarah and your attendants' Slumber party at Carolyn D s house What IS this I heard about Wiggles the nervous dog? Play Ut1ca tomght Come on boys lets get m there and go go go NOVEMBER Homecommg queen and court have the1r pxctures taken at Delaware for the paper Smlle real pretty g1rls Band party at Rodenfels F HA and F F A meetmg Mrs Lttta Roberson gave a talk on datlng Wow' Speech class glve plays 4-Homecommg game wxth Cardmgton Too bad we had to lose ueen and court really looked mce Dance afterwards 5 Everybody happy No school today State Teachers Meetmg Why don t they have them more often? 10-Mr D1ckersche1d talks to the semors Lets hope lf dld some good I2 P T A Carmval Who would have guessed Hawauan dancers looked llke that" Surprnse party afterward for anxce W and Lee G 15-Semors have play practxce 43 6- ' ' . ' ' . 7- ' 5 . ' . ' ' . 8- . ,I Q . . 7 . , p 9-J . . . . . , ' lp- ' ,QQ 7, I -i. ' . 14- . , . ' , i . ' . 15- . . . . '. . . ' ' ' ' ' . 17- ' ' ' , . , . f . ' . H . . - I . J - ' U 1- ' ' ' '. . P . - 1 I . - . . Q 7- ' ' " ' . . ' 9- ' ' . ', . , . 11- ' . . f ' ' , . ' - lzi ' ,, . . . . - , . . . . . 15- . " ' . 15- ' . , . 16- ' ' ' A , ' ' . . . . l8 I . - 1 , , . . , - I , 20? . . I . . , 21- ' ' ' . ' . ZF . . . , I . .. , . I 23? . . D . . D . 1 H . . . . 25- l ' . ' . 27- ' . ' ' ' , . 29- ' ' . , ' , , . 1- . . . ' . 3- ' . . . . . U t Q ' J U' . . 16-Play practice again tonight What senior boys delight in teasing Miss Boyles? Day before the play Seniors in a dither First night of the Senior Play Name of the play IS Tattletale Where are all the Seniors? Why did the party break up so quick kids? Last night of the P 35" Democracy class goes to Delaware Visit the courthouse and city hall Whats wrong Mr Pralle? Too many girlsll Thespxan meetmg 24-Last day of school Thanksgxvmg vacation begins Everybody is in gay spirits 30-Show on astronomy Now we know all about the moon and stars First basketball game with Marengo Don t feel bad boys, this IS only the first game DECEMBER Thesplan initiation tonight Nice job Thespians too bad there couldn t have been more there to see it The punch was terrific' Every pupils tests Game with Radnor Won 61 51 4-Surprise party for Bob Curran 6- unlors get their class rings Aren t we proud F H A and F F A has party What a commo tion' 9 Carolyn Beanie Duane and can go to Columbus with Mr Warner It must be mce 10--Pep Rally Played Scioto here and won Keep up the good work boys ll Santa s Sock Hop Where was everyone? Music was out of this world 12 Music department takes two bus loads of students to Columbus to hear Capltal Choir present Christmas program What two girls missed the bus? What happened girls? 13 Band party 14-Assembly 17 Game with Mt Gilead What happened boys? Z0-Christmas party Supper turned out to be a success Where did Phil get the material for his humorous article? Very good Phil Whats the matter with Mr and Mrs Dxckerscheld? Don t they like to sing? Christmas program see you Last day of school 29-Carnival at Marlon Lost to Prospect and beat Lexington JANUARY Happy New Yearll Vacation ends with a sigh Was Santa good to everyone? Game with Fredericktown Oh well we can t win every time Thesplan meetmg Belled Kesslers tonight Where was everyone? Game with Olentangy there Too bad Elm Valley Remember you have a few more games yet to play 8-Tangle with Cardington tonight Good sportsmanship is more important than winning 10-Seniors have class meetmg Mr Warner takes over 11 Game at Rxchwood Good game boys Where is everyone? Oh that IS right, exams start morrow Study hard 12 Exams start Don t be scared it will all be over in another day Chest X rays taken today 13 Last day of exams Thank goodness, this day has ended' 14-No school today We sure earned thls day off 17 A11 s well that ends well Learn the outcome of the finals and get our grade cards 18 Played Scioto tonight there Won By the way what two couples got sort of twisted aroun ? What is the matter Phil I and Bob B time for a change? 19-Some teacher should learn not to eat candy in school therefore avoiding the toothache How about it Miss B ? Good luck tonight yxth your disc jockey show Bob Ankrom 21 Did she make you a nice cake, Mr Dxckerschexd? Happy birthday' Game with Radnor other victory for us 24-Honor Society meetmg Won t it be fun initiating the new members? Z5 Game with Delaware St Marys What group of girls usually seen at the games together like pizza from Casey s? 26-Thespian meetmg Hear that was some party you had Carolyn D How was the pizza? Plentv hot? 27-Senior girls stay after school to make aprons and pillow cases for the bake sale Good exper ience girls 28-Seniors take Scholarship Test Lasted all morning Big pep rally this afternoon Beat Olen tangy Now the score 15 even 29-Seniors have their bake sale What a day' 31 Thespians have feud over band room Do we all hate each other that much kids? I hope not 44 17- . ' ' ' ' . ' IST ' ' ' . ' tx nu 19- . u . . , . u , l . 2Z- . ' ' ' . ' . 23- .' G u . . 1- . . . . . . A . . , . , , 2- . U l . 3- I . - . - , ' , . , J ' . . ' . 22-- ' . . 23-Who were the six Junior boys who took cookies from the Sophomore class? Santa Claus won't 27- U' ' . I ' . 1- .. 3- ' ' ' . . 4-4 . . l , , . . ' 5- ' A . ' . . 7- ' , . , . - . ' . U i, . ' I . , ' ' to- - ' ' , ' . . ' ' 4. l- Q l. n . 1 . l a , . . Q . An- . . ' , I . . FEBRUARY P0110 Benef1t What happened to the Alumn17 Cubberly takes the rest of the p1ctures for the annual Game w1th Mar1on St Mary s We lost MUSIC Festxval at Wesleyan What Jumor g1rl was late for the n1ght Dr0gram9 Are you sure If was because he couldn t find the house? I wonder' Game w1th Prospect here Assembly th1s morn1ng Last game of the season w1th B1g Walnut What a game' Crrcus YCVICW th1s morn1ng Now we all know how to tra1n our dogs School out early rn the tournament Olentangy beat us School as usual Everybody sad over 1os1ng the game Play SCIOIO ton1ght We w1n' Everyone s happy agam Mxss Boyles and f1ve Thesp1ans go to Fremont to a d1str1ct meet1ng Hear they had qu1te a day How about If MISS Boyles? Rhythm Aces sang at assembly Weren t they terr1F1c'7 Played our th1rd game 1n the tournament ton1ght agamst Radnor Another v1ctory for Everyone IS t1red out from the tournament Cheerlead1ng tournament tomght Good luck curls' Olentangy beats us by one po1nt What luck" Last n1ght of the tournament Congratulauons an1ce' Speech contest at Wl1llS Assembly th1s mormng Those rece1v1ng honors were recogn1zed Congratulatlons Carolyn on bemg our Homemaker of Tomorrow MARCH Senrors get ready for rummage sale tomght and tomorrow Where IS everybody'7'7 D1d every one do the1r part? un1or class has a bake sale U S Navy here today Navy 11eutenant talked to the boys Wave talked w1th the g1rls Let s all jom Three one act plays presented What were the tears for 1n that last play? 14-Pre school cl1n1c G1rls vollyball team plays Olentangy We w1n" What dld Sh1rley Coen flnd 1n her overn1ght case? Could she wear lt? Elm Valley versus Radnor vollyball Good work boys State speech contest Good luck Bob and anet Z McCrea lV1ar1onettes present The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Why not have more classes presented th1s way? Ag boys tourxng w1th Farm Bureau to CIHCIHHQII What those boys won t do to get out of school Z2 24-G1rls final volley ball tournament at Olentangy 23 Rev Burns gave the jumors and SCHIOIS a very 1nsp1rat1onal talk 26 Sophomores have bake sale That money sure w1ll help out 29 One act play speech contest Glad thats over' 30-M1nstre1 show at K1lbourne What talent' APRIL F F A and F H A Banquet What a Chafmlhg kmg and queen Plans for an add1t1on to bu1ld1ng shown to students for the fxrst t1me Guess we w1ll start bacl to school School out for Good Fr1day Only 24 days left" Z0-Nauonal Honor SOCICIY Banquet at Olentangy School Everyone looked swell rn the1r new formals' 21 22 un1ors present Desperate Ambrose Have fun at those pract1ces9 29 Thesplan In1t1at1on Those poor k1ds" MAY 6-Band and Chorus Concert Well seniors thus IS lt' FHA washlng and pollshmg automob11es dld they get the Idea from Mr Warners car parked outs1de9'7 Band steak fry Mr Kessler got hungry Athletlc Banquet On our way to Washmgton at last" Sen1ors get back from tr1p tlred and footsore Well you can t say Mr Warner dldn t warn us We had a DICC t1me anyway Baccalaureate 25-Commencement 26-Pxcmc last day of school Mr Warner acts llke hes rather happy too 45 1- ' . '. 4- ' . l ' - ' . . 5- . . l . . . . r U . 8-. I , l . . 1 1- ' ' . , ' ' . - 15- ' ' 1 ' . ' . A 16- ' . ' , ' . 18- ' l . ' . ' ' . 19- ' ' ' ' ' . ' ! ZIJ , 77 . . 7 ' . 22- ' ' ' ' . ' us. 23- ' ' . 24- ' ' . C' . ' . 25- H ' . ' , -I ' . 26- ' ' . 28- ' l . ' ' ' . ' , , 5-J ' . 8- . . . ' . 'v ' ' . , . . ! 10-Oyster supper last night. Mr. Barrett looks stuffed today. Anyway the farmers bought them. 11- - . ' . 15- '- . . . 19- . J . 2 1- ' ff 17. 6- . . . . . i . 1 8- ' ' . 15- .. My ll- . . . 13- I . 15- ' .. 21- l I ' . , ' . ' ' . 22- . ' SANTA'S LETTER By Phil Ingmire Catherine Kanniard-A doll baby Evelyn Kanniard-Just .give me my T.V. programs Marilyn McGrath-A white Olds Mary Clark-A Sun Valley two-tone Ford Judith Anderson-Just send me Chuck Doris Ruggles-Please have a boy in Virginia write me more often Anna Lee Roth-A new lphysics teacher Lorraine Kern-Send A den a new car Ronnie Gilliland-A new operator's license, since I lost my other one Myrna Zent-Just send me Eddie Fisher for Christmas john Stein-A pair of can-can panties Janice Whipple-A Rootie Kazootie Space Helmet Eddie Keltner-Send me a Ford so I can win some drag races Lonnie Shults A couple of wildlife books QB1rds and bees preferredl Marilyn Bringle A sponge so I can wash cars Sarah Kern Send me a large wedding ring Shirley Coen ust send me ohnny Kenny Bowsher A couple of valve cores and stems for my car Lee Goodman Send me a cage for my girl s brother Eugene Borden ust send me Madeline ean Main A set of bllnders for my boyfriend oan Wells Chewing gum for Am Dem class Bob Curran ust send me home Bob Ankrom Another pair of yellow trousers Gracie Keys A new algebra teacher Doris ones Please send me a taxi driver Chester Laird Donald Duck rubber boots Duane VanS1ckle Get me fixed up with a certain girl or a Sabre jet Howard Augenstme Please send me a case of flowers 4 roses preferred Lois Lockhart Send me a new joke book Carolyn Duerr Please send me a JUDIOI' class ring Mr Warner Hair restorer or a black toupee Mrs Warner A siren for the lunchroom Mr and Mrs Dickerscheld Send us something so we can hear the patter of little feet collie or cocker Mr and Mrs Powers A new physics class Miss Cornell A new bookkeeping class Mrs Lehner Extra detention slips Mrs McDowell A box of white mice Kessler Send me my future wife r Paul A watch so I can get basketball practice on time r and Mrs Urban Please send us our old Hudson back r Barret Send me the better half of Germany r and Mrs Gardner Send us more work or higher wages Tommy Mother please let me go to the zoo to see the monkeys Mother VVhy Tommy what an 1dea mae me wanting to go to the zoo to see the monkeys when your Aunt Betty 15 here' dont want to et mlrued Lonnie How do you know thft Duane Ive asked them' D1cl er answering the phone You say Pete Crump has a b1d eold and cant tome to school Who lb thrs speakms VOICL CVl1ll1 elssuzneel hoarseness This 15 my father' 46 Mmlyn lVhen I s1n0 people clap then hands 1n1ee leah clap them oyer their ears' Sn 1h l made a cherry ple for dlnn r be LILISL tlns is XVelSl'1lI1i tons blrthcluy Xhs D1LlsLISLllClCl 111 be ready ID just a minute now dear Xlr D1clersche1d Nohurry darhng Ihave to shaxe afaln Mr W .nnei present for the world Sweetheart lye bought a person l loxe best ln all the Mis XX exrnei A box of wars no doubt ' Y . i - . ' ' Mr. - ' M . . - ' M . - Z , - s 1 1-'J : s ' D 1 ' . tg y , 1 ' I I D- .IL " : I L , 'L ' ' . N ' Ll 1 7 ' ' S - .. sl is 'J '. ,p ' 5 '. ' L 7. . . , .. H -' sf , . s - , 'l Duane: Flhere are un zlwlul lot ol girls who -'OL' ll LH' 'mug mt 'I 'muhd 50 I can Cut lt' ,, gi L .', , V: f f ' f 2? ri f " , . E Y I ., I ., l l , . l . Q 'en : ' , , ' 1 . 1 D . Q 1 C N f - 5, 1 ? L N f . ' . 7' - H it V r v '. '. . Y' N . . y . c C-if As-s x -- v . , N D . . . . " ' . 7' "1 'g' , ." BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Sunday May 22 1955 Ashley Methodist Church Eight ocloclc Prelude Carxllon at Sunset C Kohlmann Processlonal March Pomp and Clrcumstances Edward,Elgar anxce Chadwxck and Max Bunker Selectnon Brother ames Amr Hngh School Chorus Invocation Rev R1chard Burns Selectlon Angels of Lxght H1gh School Chorus Hymn No 259 Congregatlon Oh Master Let Me Walk With Thee Responsxve Readlng Page 83 Education ames Lee Goodman President of Senior Class SCFIPIUIC Lesson Rev Richard Burns Selectlon Glrls uartet Sermon Rev Harley Borden Hymn No 501 Congregatxon We ve A Story to Tell to the Nation Benedlctlon Rev Richard Burns Postlude Recesslonal from Athalla Mendelssohn anlce Chadwlck and Max Bunker COMMENCEMENT Wednesday May 25 1955 School Auditorium 8 00 PM Hlgh School Concert Band Processxonal God of Our Fathers Warren Graduates and Concert Band Pledge of Allegxance Duane Van Sickle The Star Spangled Banner Dlrector Robert F Kessler Hugh School Concert Band and Audlence Invocation Rev Harley Borden Selectxon Halls of Ivy Semor Ensemble Salutatorlan Shnrley Jean Coen Saxophone Duet Marxlyn Brmgle ean Main Valedlctornan Carolyn Ann Duerr Address Dr Floyd E Harshman Department of Educatxon Otterbexn College Awarding of Honors Mr Harold DlClCEfSChCld Presentauon of Class Supt R B Warner Awardmg of Dlplomas Charles Chadwlclc Pres of Board of Educatxon Benedlctlon Rev H L Borden 47 Y Y . . , J ' ,Y ' J , 77 ' fl J ' 7, ' ' ' i Tu - an J J -77777 IYSIYYI-YIIIYYY-IIA-vbvvvvrrrrIYEYYYYQYYYIYYYYI-P77777-VPIIIVY--A--777777, I 7 7 Prelude-"Meditation" ,,,,....r,,,.,,,..,,..............,.,....,,,.....,..,,,,,,,,.,,,........,,. ,.,.,,,,., , Massenet ' J 7, 7fw.a5-.521-1:V, ,Cy fiji.,a,L42wiQ Kiwi? 9' of W M QQ sg! Qi? JMVP Xl J 1-3 K lfws 0 Sf 5 QT? ww Yu suf Q M Sig Q S 'fisors Q! iilwfflpgzvwoyapp lj Eff QVZQNXH 442 fzzfdfflfffzjvovfb 339 QM A QQQKWQWM ff WM w2fWdL,3:,,iff W M255 M and Nix- br puff , 3-1 - ,. - 2 1 4' , ' ' Ep V gy 0. M "" -f ' xi I X 95 1 "v -a , 75-. 3? W' ! 11,6242 WJ? fl ' n.5""' QA! A-:qi -f 'X RQi Tw ff C94 ,,, 3 I Q lfoniwt- Q' RMU. B S Ogio jg' . - ' ' X-f Q gg ' . 5 K af 304 in MMM Ri m . 0496! , E X f J, Z gl h 'CY ' - QP W7 ' 4 QQ aAZ,,q4g2,J" PP . ga , g 2-7Z,5zfo 55 WO! Saito - Y f '13 go vf Q pf 9 7 . ff Q . X 'E . V435 - - g . 'flag' N ' l ' 4 . ' ' . 'W , , X Q ya", . ' ' ' gel Q. qv' aggg, jwi. .Cx U ' ff' 2 M' Ig . Us ' Q . -v 3 QB . I ' .Q-6 0' A rack! . .SN qwksv' Q14 l,'h,1' I 'V' 1 Z . . AYZQU 'JM t 7 Q9

Suggestions in the Elm Valley High School - Elm Leaf Yearbook (Ashley, OH) collection:

Elm Valley High School - Elm Leaf Yearbook (Ashley, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 50

1955, pg 50

Elm Valley High School - Elm Leaf Yearbook (Ashley, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 49

1955, pg 49

Elm Valley High School - Elm Leaf Yearbook (Ashley, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 22

1955, pg 22

Elm Valley High School - Elm Leaf Yearbook (Ashley, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 45

1955, pg 45

Elm Valley High School - Elm Leaf Yearbook (Ashley, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 38

1955, pg 38

Elm Valley High School - Elm Leaf Yearbook (Ashley, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 25

1955, pg 25

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