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Elm Creek High School - Gold and Blue Yearbook (Elm Creek, NE) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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g M mf gf nr AZ' A17 11' 7959 lib 0 ue ' f 1 c , N b . ' X I fl gl , xl' E' AQ' E' Ai' V 1 A 1 .. . Y I T , . -' V V Ai 5.44 You're WOk1Hg Ie that you, Bobl 'm DO9klHq er etal at ver downheartedo o' ann ' MNH..-el Do I have to? Sandra m 111 omeone Goshv Ould plea e 11 ten' How dum' Bruno 1 I Qea lv: HO Jhot' U Danna Loel y 111 U boy' Here come Ro er Narlene 5 41111 is Www where's Impalag Gary Best foot 'hat'S the V 4155 uhat on earth' lwrlenel forward hurry, Fred Basnful hlrley P Gam A v tv DOH't kld Bob' here are Gen lt over Wlth' U1 u' :at Iarllyn L Z Bonnle J me Davld 1 in-vm . . , V U VA . X m r x. X 4 'fe 1 . P 7 ' gj . N . : C. I , of L' I . S' 'M 'VJ' mf' ,--nl " 5 ' igggiiiiwf' ew . C 5 'S . ' , 0 ,1 A f D ' " " ' A 1 J' 3 v L5 D. A ' tl A, in P -fb A gn, .fe ' A '?Zf I , r Q' , ' - E " V Q 'fewer , 9' 58 K -. 0 We A My K - ,W a' . 4' e 1 N-an . e . 7? W- 'E QZSME egg. Q .T .V K K' . ?? xi mil' Erma my Vfijw , - V Mm : . X, , 0 A e. .. ?,QgT 5 L A Q 'V rf .J Q . r Y :Q - TI' S 'mi 5' C If y Q : I JE: H , ' ,Wi 21a'M,? g V my J .M ' , . . h . .L , - v ' s A- . o . M V . J. yo f Q F. H ' . ' ' emora 7 59 ALWAYS REMEMBER the shy little kinderqarteners we were and how exciting the first day of school was to us Our Grade School Ooerettas when we found all of the hidden talents in our class Q? nifrzrl mller Personality to the 'nth' degree Catherine Parrish Class Sponsor President Patricia Fox Vice President Bob Mitchell Secretary Darlene Schroeder Treasurer Fred Gewecke Class Flower Rose ff c She is usually found with another party Prefers a Buick and its driver 3 4' Class Colors........Pink k White efL....J,.. pf 21, kgwalrfffa Ifqnne 7701 :VER r9DPf1 the ble steo we took from the slxth vr e to the JUH1OF Hlvh locitec on the too floor w e crept into each room the f1TSC av we were Freshwen 1n Hivh School The aarticloatlon we had 1n the JUHIOF qenlor Banouets Our c'ass oartles which hlvhllvhteo the semester How we kent the secret of our S9n1OT Day from the JUWIOTS CD LR Lf?I If silence were goloen, she'd be a millionaire in-1 949991 was 5 An exception to the rule A SCUHIOUS athlete! 9 69511 Quiet and attentive the answer to a teacher's prayer q Qllgx If I can't lauvh nor smile, I'11 gleele OP 10211 EX'I It's great to be a Senior, but a Junior has my heart 4 THL SV IORS Droduction of the Yearbook Strugvle of wetting the Class Play on stave The memorles of olr exciting day in Lincoln, selling ads for the yearbook in Kearney, finding enough words for our research theme, and last but not least, the tears we shed as we sang 'Halls of Ivy' at Commencement lj? f Cl? flllz L U He used to be a bashful little boy, but look at him now!! The phrasenQuiet as a mouse' dj CW7 , W was probably lnsnired bv her Just livlng is a pleasure Q71 O11 L If silence 1S volden, I m some nugvet' gn, K, jf Cmzze, He hasn't been here long, but he's made a lot of friends. 5 ,, 'N AJ eJ.' I C C I I I I l I 0 0 l C O l I I I I J 5 . 3 ' 1 . A f L 4 ' u er ynn -- 1 c e Quarflyn gum ogarson . C5 resa rene on gome Qlzarlcne ' JCI W' 'GJ y I 5 , I R - OF 1959 Our Appreciation to our many teachers, to the friends we've grown up with and made to the success of the underclassmen, and finally to our success in climbing the ladder YJL custom of blushing, and punctuates it well with dimples Qf1.1 51 9 'Tis quiet people who do the work Q 1966 P One of life's little mistakes! Dependability plus capability David ,Ref If there isn't a Way, I'l1 make one gp JCQab,vlagPf 6 I O O l O I I O U U cenooasoooao A I : - ' U Qarlene IC aye C c roeljnr She revived the ancient C Q, gy 'Ui een ffl' anfe . J Ium mmf a nee Q warlwooa, ai 4 3 SENIOR TRIP We met at the school house on Monday, March 2, at 5:30 o'clock, to begin our annual Senior Day. A chartered bus was waiting to take us to Lincoln- We were able to get away without being discovered by the Junior Class. Upon arriving in Lincoln, we took trips through the Capitol Building, the Historical Society and the Planetarium. Reserva- tions at the Hotel Lindell made a convenient place for us to rest.The afternoon was spent with friends sight-seeing, and fun in general. We went out to supper at Kings. Later we went to see the broadway playnLi'l Abnern at Pershing Auditorium. It consisted of the orginal cast and was a marv- elous production After the play, we worn out seniors entered the bus and journeyed home Upon arriving in Elm Creek at 3 30 o'clock, we met the tired and unhappy Juniors Mrs parrish accompan ied us on the trip 'X A The governor's mansion Doors to the Supreme mural in the S0VGPnor's across the street from Court Chamber P6C6Dtion room the Capitol Here's where you get Seniors pose for a off, Dan!! quick snapshogg Wide awake Seniors Oops" 7 UN IOR SENIOR BAN QUET rant r ldln Lego , onnle AltC ell C11 Touu 01 Qno Jnerr lvno Jo, 4 e el1 lon PARADISE ISLA D if-35-V, If 8 - . Quay: Igltrgsgff if 99 I ,4 55:2 . , Z-5: D-ii- ig: l:,,:R -'L .If IV '1Z?1- --, "FH lffzfp ' ' A 4 - - , o iglrfai -4 yr A Q . X 1 -U " e A ' R C " K' .h . ' 2' g ' s..r , ' ". Q H -TC. Back r-3-:f KQLU "j ne Flor? ., D Ber5 L,.H:' Jecuyron. .x ?vHW .2 W' :V , st: E Y ?V :lags Q7om,Cr--gq,gy su D,n I , , 5 'Y . ..h- I COM ENCEMENT El.f'l CREEK HIGH SCHOOL High School Auditorium 1 8 O0 p nlor Motto Lot top but cl1 bln Class llowtr Rose Class Colors Plnk and Uhlt C1159 Sponsor Catharlnt L Parr1sh Cliss Roll hnn Wlnnlfred Chandler Sardra Lee El Bruno F Mllltr Robert Lynn Mltchell Patricla Anne Donna Ruth Fulmcr rredd1e Leroy Gcwccke Gary L Johnson Merreta M Kerscy Locl Wllllam Kugler Marllyn Jean Larson PROCESSIOIN-XL formu Nlrchfll Tresa Irene Montgomery Marlent X11 e M 1FhC3l Shirlty Ellccn Pcttt Dalld Ralph Rlpp Darlen Fay: Schroeder Danlel H Stump Bonmta Rentt Swartwood Brlg n J RDIWC Ol SCIOIXRSWIIS In Utavtnly LovL Ann Ch1ndltr Trad btxt ke Nt tta Ktrs Dan Stump Nendcsson VALJDICTCLLM TU FC IAN PRESh TQTIOK Or DIPLOWAS Pwt lox T lls of my Lotl Kutltr hlrl O5 N 5 BLNEDICTIOK Bonnxe Swartwool oH1T19y Petet ln, Chsncler Hrs Il Cu mln s S n or Group Rev Lee Brlgdcn rollowlna tht B DLd1LClOD,ChO las wxll rcmwln fDDRLD5 B ' 5t't5 1 on stagt to FLLLIVG th grttt1ngs of th D 11 of Stud nts audienuc Ktarn y St tt College Nay gg, l959 7 -m- Sc ' - ' at thc , 'm ' g . I A . C A . . i , X A ' SQ ' ' Fox 1 X' 1 A Q . ' f F . , . . 1- , , u 1 ' ' , , . Q , Tbsp IH ,Qivler Zinml, VTLVYE Uclrce er - Roy, Loo ' dc l1.X 1 1 ' E M A ' Nr. Paul Wilmot lNVOChTION ' ,V A . gg, Ts' Z A'.1 -H ' - 'N X N H .7 ' . 3 wi' g I' 1 , J' . A w K , o f - "'n.- :za 1' " t Q, ' B 'XJ n ' ' J I rr, - ,Cy S ' oy Ptttt I B . i choll F ' ' - ' - . X G N .i . C S . .N - 4- . ', 1 lQ't 1 I l.,' J W, ' C o.. ' .Q .,. H .Q a H ' Senior Play -ff'-Q: 'UTHQ lcgie Touchn Robert eradaock Bob Mitchell June urdddock A1n ohdnoler bobbe te or ddocx Boxnle awartwood 1155 Blod t onlrley Hefet DQr'ene Scnroeder HaSI1H ton ldrlene Illrqeed oocko Loel Angler Hanx Dan Stump Chucx Fred Gewecke Umhella lat rox 41ll1e DdV1d Rlpp hrs otockdale bdndr nlse Irs Clarence Donna Fulmer brled Flsher IGPPSZG KeLsey SUU1Ht Gdr Johnson Cllnt Bruno Mlller btyle show Models N rllyn Larson Tresd Iontbomery UlF9CtOF Irs Parrlsh 10 ll , - I' ocrLn'fv lH The llght unior Play .7 in I 66 Sylvla Lee Barbara Illler hable Crane Joan Else Eddle Beach Pat uorthllg Nona Pollard Sharon Conrad hmrcella Bender Annette Henderson C11ff0Fd Newklrk J1m Lemrer J T iutledve urant Terry Bob Schroeder iose Jordan SD1Fl6J Stump Sam Flsk J1m Fox Sandra Klng Carol Illler Dlrector Bsther Bay Bob ACk1nSOU 11 is fi 7 C Velda Stephens--::::Bhlrley Adems r . VW! shi gggpywqhimkf 59' S A . 1- lmf gang QNSZ rf --H .HHH EDITORS 5 ' ,I QM? af ,,, FIRST RON r Fox, Ann Chandler, Sandra Liee, bhlrley Petet DLCMND ROW Gary Johnson, Dan Stumn Fred ueweche, Darlene ocnroeder, xarlene Lulrhead PHOTOGRADHERS TYPIST BUSINESS MANAGER No D1CCUF6 for Sandra Else, Tynlst and bflrley Petet, Art Ed1tor QI 12 fx ": 'at ' rx Q A : I I , .I H. M M . I 4 W ' , W ' yt ' ' . . l r P10 ' v - f i Q A 0 Q A Student Council Dan Stump, Senior, Sharon Beavers, Freshman, Loel Kugler, Senior, Sharon Sear, Sophomore, Ann Chandler, Senior, Robert Schroeder, Junior, Lanny Neese Sooho more, and Jim Lemmer, Junior Sponsor Paul Wilmgt Queen Kung ANN CHANDLER BOB MITCHELL ttendants Pat Fox, Darlene Schroeder, Dan Stumn, Gary Johnsonfinsertl Bus Drwer Cooks CuStOd13H -Q Mrs Shubert, Mrs Kugler, M 3mit5 and Mrs Bryan MY For 13 ATHLETICS I A17 H' l : fi I' f .qw 'rp-rv N ' f X I XY 5 Ag, if A ' Q K 4" F 15' fs : "K ..,, .V X LW tk , LM CREEK BUF F ALOES RECORD l':1f,0,f2 f2,f,1,,FQffgf1','lPXElm Creek Buffs Trample Loomis Wolvesg 0 UTSTANDING FOR SEVERAL YEA:,53an5'g'3:eteffej"6g'ap':, To Play Axtell Here Toniglntt To Pleasanton PREPS BY lOl' lendgndeozngfgadffl Next Tuesdayg T9 Dgfgnd winning Record The Elm Creek Buffaloes Scoring tn every quarter ot o . noon or nolnuln 2' 138 nd sophomore V " D YIGH1' POI LEAD - ted the Amherst Broncoea the play. the Elm Creek Buffa- P011 ull GEEK lhulld Y ,k EC :REEK man otthesportsrnanshlp f -20 ln a battle for 2nd place the Fort Kearny conference t Amherst Frlday nlght. After ' Brat half Amherst was no r ln shooting distance as they '- -'-- two 'l'D's at the half nd three shortly after the 2V lf started. by Coach Bennett ac' l ln-the second mm tin team all year fn at -,mn bmke hong " and Axtell. both season wlll . Elm Creek Held and ln their lone deleltw ds and 6 more ' '-rloes, blocking and Dan Stump, Pat Worthlngg .5 ,,,,. g lqt gmrpef 1 l Kuglel' and Jim Lemmtltl week, Sqmner logon two amened all the P0lnl'5 bllf Fila ,s this year so will be very lved plfnib' Of WT' helftough next year. 'l'hey're golng m an ll "fed Uhvll Olto make thelr presence felt the nemen all did lhremalnder of this year as all tstandlng jo on dEll'l1 Creek followers can testl me and on Bob Mitch ,emi an, The Buffaloes wlll not have tlon and sob e playin, nly on offense 1 the llrs alt belng out al mt evened p the weight with Amherst. For Stump lf ngler Mitchell, ppandl 61' E ere Con o years, e game lson this was 1 school game vears have bgea boys play 5 game and tn the prooem nce Champions fd' lnd missed hv nnlv a game this Frlday but play Hlldreth here October 3rd half D -se or polnta wi running t Ike lt 28- make lt right ba l0yard pa extra pol asain nn 'efl rtlhlll the Wlhlllljl I gh. Lemme, . ai tr "ut lday. Oct. 17? lr AM, hw th' bu, .M 3 flwhat pron. aes to be tl. ' Lei of repe uon. lf pages of turned back and replayed, it n 3 years undef 'mn Pom' fe mf thrilling game of the seal V Amhem tried to the Fort Kearny Conf!! 'am' 5' 'hey cam' Excitement runs high' for 7 points on 5 'tell, under the coachl' Phy 'nd 'an the former Elm Creek gun Ill Eugene Turner, have set that Elm Creek scored slghts on the wlnnlng score. 25-yard run by WWhlle Elm Creek's Bufhloes, UD on a 30yard :undefeated since 1955 are dog tu Kugler The rgedly lowerlng thelr heads for CXU5 Polnt was nfthe stampede of the Wildcats the only missed traway from the goal posts win' by Elm Creek On Tuesday Oct 21 the Buf M128 ended 3420faloes journey to Pleasanton the home av Eleven roll call ey were Iwi. armlstlce Jened the the flag My Coun Amherst opened s night on me n ' Elm Creek was nt into the wind I land from the 20 nts scoring from tl tempted pass for nt was broken up ovfever as Dau yards up the mlt sys atter the four ned for the TD ing again ran tl tle' 'polnt a.al..al uaxnaaa CONFEREN1 SUMNER FF The Elm Creek Buffaloes con tlnued to successfully defend thelr conference championship at Sumner on Friday night but this one came qulte a bit harder as they continually had to stop Sumner ln the sha dows of their own goal posts It was a great team victory ll the way both on offense Elm Creek opened the scor ng ln the flrst quarter a ey took the opening kick od nd marched down field for he touchdown with Dan Stump reaklng through the center of llne from the 15 a orthlng ran for extra point In the second quarter Elm lt scored just seconds be the half ended ln a battle th the clock, as well as the umner Trojans. A pass Pat orthmg t Lanny Neese erlng the last 9 yards and points Worthing agaln ran xtra polnt to make it 140 t the rest stop During half trme the Sumner d performed on the lleld, laying tribute to both the utlaloes and their followers. 1 n to their own school 'l'he Second half was even scoring as Sumner scored the third quarter on a 15 ard end run and ran the tra point After the H11 the Elm Creek Admlsslon be Stump. The Buffaloes back and sprun loose on a 50 ym and went ahead things run for t and that was a in the lst quart n the second herst again wer 3 yard plunge the extra polnl. The Buffaloes down as they v stay on a head. Jim Lemmer around left end by two defenslw and lateraled wr who stepped ln t Worthing ran f point for a 141 Racing wlth tl the half ended wldeaslfto ru dred a strike t I' 4 loes trampled over the Loomis Wolves ln a 40-Z? wln, in a Fort Kearney conference game at Loomis Friday night. Lemmers, Worthing and Stump each scored in the first uartar, maklng a score ul ' at the end. Jlm Lemme: -..opted a pass, running 32- yards for the dnt touch down. Dan Stump making the extra polnt. Pat Worthing ran 35- yards sro "l the end, second T ' ra was good. The ' fared lll Un 0 Stump laadt d but filled tl extra polnt on penalty Corder scored for Loomis the last faw minutes of te second quarter wlth an 8 1 plunge and the extra po 'swim' Elm Creek wl' half time Loomis scored 35 yard dash by the game went 1 the tlur-.l quarter making me extra polnt for a point again when dash built the score pass from Mit er but lost the he score at the rd quarter 33 14 uafrter T D was yard pass from lump Worthing point d Byarda for a Loomxs ln the vlng Elm Creek capped by for td only 15 boys :n Creeks coach they kept turn Amherst backs acklng of Jim lad Amherst off cmng with his md the running r r score anu neu-rner OA stump and Worthmg stood mechanical ehllllffl, point to make the anal gm, as wen as the me pm, EvENTs'C0l PM BHUW -'the read 4820 and end an ka Alr Natlcnalmhe, une season fo, the Bug lou quickly took can gf um' Ul1lV2l'SlfY Kfidu fnloes The end play continued 'oc' 'O' WPI? 001' I weaker for the lr-nldreth ureyhounds to Tussle Wnth Elm aloes Tonrght, Hulu Hoop tween Halves on Local Fxelcl k vs Wrlcox have their open th Wilcox tonight the home field are for a good eturnlng include 190 pound senior eavers 152 pound Gary Johnson nlor guard Bob 6 pound jumor tone 195 pound Larry Wxck 140 uard Loel Kug 140 pound jun 1 lemmer 140 pack Dan Stump senlor halfback 132 pound junlor Tool 125 pound k and Gordon round halfback was all alone for the 'li"" W' "W """""'a W mers are Bob Atkm mrner ran the extrawonhmz 1 mud quanc' 5 pound junior end ended hers 7 which was :lair Lilrgean zifgaclos for comfort The Buffs Neese 152 pound soph Elm Creek Buffaloes wlll be hounds on the home lleld game startmg at 8 00 p m This will be the 3rd game for Elm Creek wrth 2 wms and no lcsses 'Dtls is Hlldretlu fourth game with a standing of one loss one wln one tle lt should be a good game HULU HOOP CONTEST AT ELM CHE!! FIELD BETWEEN BALVBS TONIGHT QPBIDAU Friday evenmg Oct 3 there wlll be a Hula Hoop contest be tween the halves of the Elm Creek Hlldreth game The con test will be open to all ages. A flve minute contest wlll be held for the glrls and a Eve minute contest also for the boys A king and queen wlll be crowned and each given a prrze The contest ls sponsored by the Student Council and the de cxsion of the judges wlll be tlnal , , . g , . 11- .t fy. . ' 1 - 1 .r - V . , v . 9 V1 - l ' 'lp M. ' 1 :- , . D f ,, v ,A -f,..--JJ---.. .... .... - --,,-A g---- , ' , " " ---.1-e--'-----Y ----- , '1 -1'---I ' . . ' " ' ---"-- ----- ------ ,Q.:'eLh--- 1, 7 l ' . l 'v A , ' I- ' t -V -'QV' n'M'--U-n"l TS'--5 f A 1 --- .Q----'-----------.. ', ,..---- - " lat! 'e .. . H my ---Al-- - ixn V. V. xy' 8 ' " ' f -t ' f, Q. A I - NB ll 'V --- '--------------. . Yrs. e--- . -Wx un ...SAL -,..-... I Ti' ' , ' Q v ' ' e l ' z tt 1 ' I A - J t .. . 4' . g ,. sl... : . . , . , t I. I a ff . , . . L, nf.sL.r L..,,.,u,, Q A 'L 'Tl' ' i . l f l pf lt , 6 f . f rlyssaga, s-.-.n.-.-us - - .qu ' , gg 4 . I I 4 I ' , ' fi .. .J--gf' .Lip -141, J :. 2 ' '- . u Q. , fri Lf 2, .og - " .r,.r, . Q 3 5 f - " 1 . 1 U X .. L, . . " . '. 4 'A ,,-- l L, defwv- ,, J 7 . , Q ', , , . hosts to me Hlldrelh Grey- - . . .1 " " ,J , ,, ,, 1 I 3 Y? ..,..T'Q - ., , 5 , ' g , , Y , ' rr' -- ', 1' . :',o'p1- I A 1 Y .. fig, fn A - , JI .4 1 .A M rf, 5 . -. . . . - . -M ' . Pt ' ' ' I . . -' a i 'V . .F , 1 " ,l,", , . - . if-A f , A- A1 ' -' . - . sa, , . .e . . Q' . A , ' : 5 ' --,Q 'tn . f ' 1 et .- ' --f 1 o All : .. ' . .. , , , 'la C-.. , - ' ' o 1 ' 3.32 . 1 'ilfh '13 I - ' ' ' . f . ,, , - . ' -it-Ar' ,JP .f L F ' 'Ui t ' . . 1 V, ..-. A 'fr li . . - .-AA, ........ ,..,x.'i-.. .". , I alnl. ',1f, A 4- -.11 ., vt' NVT i .,.. .. - , .,. . . .. ' ' .ff ex er.1 .,13,1, g , V: ' ,oe 3:1 qiefrilfg .wg-.ff',: 5 ' K Qgsisxnn, Q91 Q.: lf-l - 'I D 1I. Clie: JE. 3: . I. , , , ' I . o '- . ' - Le ' 5' ' : ' ' l"t . t . BASKETBALL "A" Team olm reek If Stuoent Tens er, Iarr vlck, Jerrx Vance, L nn, Yfeee, Hob 11tchell, narl s dryd , Bob AtV1HSOH, Coach Harold dennett Jlm Lem1er,Loel Kugler, Uavld Rlop, Qtqoenn lend tooe t ochroe er onelton hOOP1S Amher t Uvexton Brcxdj Axtell Pleasanton Hlldretn IX at OFtU1H , Dan Stump Elm Green ounner AFCdUl3 f1lCOX dertrend uallawag Kearne, Tournament nmnezst D1StF1Ct lournement Palmer Fort 16 emo ' 'A K. fjer, 4 'or W 5 A d A. A 3 65 h.du,fvi11e no - C 1 5. 1 5 1,3 Q, .- 7? m . 5o ' .f 32 e- ' T ,. no S 52 O5 , V Y 22 A ' 23 " N ,av 71 V L9 71 xfff' I Qvxqg 02. E L ' 51 f 47 Y , ' " " 57 ' QA " ' 50 BASKETBALL "B" Team Gordon Beavers, Ron Ber , BJ ene Florell, Fred e ecke, Dlck Beavers tojth H old Bennett, Bob Stone, Bob Lerrer, tddle Lhdnoler Dlck Tool ano Gaylord Peterson 455 ' WIN 17 mlm treek pddyvllle bnelton Loom1s Amherst Overton Bradx Axtell Pleasenton Hlldreth Snmner AFCGOIQ Wllcox Bertrand o41lawd " 1 , ' rw ar BU HL 1 ' Bn. W ' r I , , r ' ' . ez- xafhj X X N Neff! X 2-Xiig 4 A32 ' jo 27 ' 30 A .. 19 . 31 J 28 35 'Y 1 29 H 23 ' 2h , "' 23 ' 19 ' 25 'F C5 QU ,635 4141 Coach Harold Bennett QTUDLNF HHNAGLRS MILL RHLAY MILA mUN 880 RLLHY QFUDBWT NHNAGt1b Edd1e Chandler, Wy NHLE RBLAY Pat WOPth1Hg, J1m Lemmer, Gvrdon BQQVQPS, J1m Fox D1ck Tool Bob schroeder Bob Atk1nson 880 RLLHY Dan Stump, Dave Rxpo, NIH Dlck Beavers, Gary Kaps MILE RUN D1Ck Tool, Dale Swartz 100 220 DASH Gary Kaps, Dan Stump, Dave Rlpn Loel Kugler, Pat Worthing HUKDLLQ DIQCUS QHOT ALO DHsH J1m Lemmer, Fred Gewecke Dlck Beavers, Gaylord Peterson, Bob Lemme? Bob Mitnhell, Gary Johnson, Bob Stone, Eugene Florell, Jerry Vance 880 RUN Ron Berg Larry wlck' Lanny Neese We ' HUHULLQ 1oo DASH uno DASH U1QbUQ 220 DASH Q80 RUN QHUF 18 , f 1 " ' -' ' Av'-' 'Q 1' 1 W 1, A-I W , K -. -L' 11. 'A . -'xxx Ik- ' v "N A ' ' x - ' - 0 . . Y 1 ' . 1 ,I 9 - D " a J A' v- ' ' - 4' A 2 - - f. . - '1'w 'N I1 ' . - .. ' 9 . I V , . . ' oi . MP3 if . 7 ffglgg I - E' ' .xv I ' K -', is J .99 . I mx: If Q , ,, -. ,. . , VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE BUF1-'ALoE'1"rEs LQOMIS ANHERST OVWRTON AXTELL 6 A HILDRETH SUMNVR WILCOY 1 wr TOURNAMENT BUFFALOETTES I-OOMIS 23 w1Lcox 31 ovER'roN 25 Front row Blanche Journey, Myrtle Larson, Doris Larson, Mary Moore, Neva Swartz, Karen Clark, Sharon Sear, Jane Fulmer, Judy Henderson 2nd row Carol Miller, Sharon Beavers, Marlene Muirhead, Beverly Moore, Ann Chandler, Barbara Miller, Mr Peterson, Tresa Montgomery, Joan Else, Annette Henderson, Darlene Schroeder, Pat Johnston, Shirley Petet. 19 --35 ,, ..,, --23 - ------------- 3h 2 . --23 --------------S6 Q ' S ---9 ---- ---------23 fa 29' ' --21 --------------51 2 , M PLEASANTON--16 --------------52 , Q --11 --------------23 1: '.ajQ u,--17 -?-- ---- -- ---. I .,,,, . . I --28 --1,0 -- --------------29 ' -- --------------28 -- J JUNIOR CLASS President Shirley Stump Vice Dresident Carol Miller Secretary Sharon Conrad Treasurer Barbara Miller SOPHOMORE CLASS President Gaylord Peterson Vice Presldent Connie Mitchell Secretary Gary Kaps Reporter Pat Johnston L.L... FRESHMAN cuss President..........Jerry Vance Vice President..Donna Richards Secretary...........Mary Moore Reporter.......Richard Hoffman Z0 WMS' Shlrley Adams Sharon uo!1I"1d Jlm Lemmer 50 LA Connie Scott h1rley Stump LHSS UF I Bob D1ck Atkln OH Beavers Joan Jlm Else box Barbdre tarcl Plller 1111er IV D1Ck Rgn Slmmerman otauffer fordon Beavers Annette Henderson Kenneth Ott Bo stone 'YY Dale Jlcy Larry owqrtz Tool -lck Z1 Ronald Ber Don1van Holre Bob ochroeder Dewaxne street r Pat forthlng -r n r Q 2. W 5 -e - - A r f X-Y f n 1 K3 V , We , I mf, ,A , 1, gh 0 ' '1 I J L .- " ' S fr CJ Q if MQ? A'!K . . ' " 'L I It A I ' A- A :Qi w g tn' if film? n' C' x ' n s .L ff ne w 1 'Q ixwq,g, . , , 1 1' W' v ,Qi X xr 132 L 9, 1: R33 L if' weft 3 elif . li rye .A 5 X ms '11 ix v A- . , N- I N , 8 f- ' -H i ' W , . b , J . xl q , 9 .5 lllry f 'I QQ 'JEQQQ 1 V,Af5 ,T-my V 1 , 1-A Q Q1 , f , Q E no, L.. .- f. ' s ' f ex 4" 1 0 E I" I -f '.' N ff V. H 'ff-? , 'HL .l'f-'-'J S ' K V' , ' I , L I. ' . SUPHUHWURES hddle Chandler hlalne Leach Connle M1tchell 6 3 CLASS OF 5 Kathleen Earl Sharon Seap Gaylord Peterson Eugene Florell Lanny Neese Sherry Stephens Sherry N1cks Donald Berg if Dor1s Larson Clarice Wood Gary Kaps K X 'Q W 1, A l ty e t , .. fn st . ,:er.1 Ey y ZZ Jane Fulmer Mary Moore Myrtle Larson ,rar Bob Lemmer FRESHMEN CLASS OF Charles BY'Yan Sharon Beavers Larry Galloway Charlotte Refior Marilyn Amen 1 Richard Hoffman Z3 Donna Richards Lynn Sutherland Jerry Vance Judy Henderson Neva Swartz Jim Mlller g5'fewf3 Shirley Wright Blanche Journey Xxx L, , I ' Q -Q-' ,A M Y A A - L L ifwnewmeefli, A ,Juv 5,11 naar" Wi, il 1 - 5 X 754' I 2 I A Q 'N' 1 XX, if " e Q L Q1 It V L A A ...Q , K xVhT'!, K5 I xf 1.- 5 x M ' LL' - A ,. ' QYND if un1or Hlgh 6 , Mrs Helen Duncan luv if X 1 H main beventh Grade Flrst row, 1 r Fred Beezle A1lC1a Buettner, Connle rulmer, Jean Johnson, mddle Journey, Gall neBaron, Leslle Moore, becond row, l r sharon heese, Ronnle Ottman, rhyllls Petersor, Marlene Reflor, D1anna R1shel, Llnda near, Corllss bullwold Thlrd row, l r Arlene WlCk, Jack WllSOn, Jaynette Nrlght No P1cture Ruby Clark 'w X. I... J mx X Plghth Grade F1TSt row, 1 r Joyce Amen, Brenda Atklnson, Ronald Broe, Carla Buettner, Bob Kearney, Danny May, Second row, 1 r: X i KX X Barbara Pettett, Emll Rlpp, Donald fuck, Robert woolley, Bonnetta wrlght, Gary Jrlght. X 'A K A No Plcturez -Sharon Aoubek. Z4 . I 4. -"W 1-EW. , - T of f f' or , 3 'Y . , VV , 'fiwfj' ' " S',v 'I K y 3 K' I., ' t r .,,,. af neg ' l y L' 1 -' l ,n'- , VK -' r F-W f H l - ,' y l Q A ' I l ,A A gy A P Q. figii p .J ...'. ' A f , - 1 LY: .'-1 W if .:,. . 'ar' 4 ip, ' ' , ' 'V .vw , g f s ae .Y . , e ' , 7 N S-a n 5 . E . h " ff'fg , " i I.: Q . I' f"f g, , ' ' MU A .,V It F -1 - - -r ' . .I I 1 , 1 , 1 - Q : . . L ,' ' ' E! , x ' 1 I Q be ., XI nfs-fn r ,, U - ' , ' . IUNIOR HIGH Basketball Basketball 1 r, Edd1e Journey, Donald N1ck, Robert N003-leY, Danny May, Ronald Broe, Mr Bennett CCoachJ, Fred Beezley, Gary Wr11ht, Bob Kearney, Emll Rlpp, Jack wllson PEP CLUB Pep Club Back row, 1 r Arlene :Lck Corllss oullwold, Sharon Reese, Gall Le Baron Ihyll 1s row, l r D1annaR1shel, Llnca Sear, Alicla Buettner, Brenda Atklnson Joyce Amen Bonnetta wmght Cheerleaders, l r oarla Blettner, arlene rceflor Barbara rettett, Con 19 rulmer 25 s U - U . 'A : H- : ' .V , 'I Peterson, Jean Johnson, Jaynette Wright., Second . I . , ffl' ' ' , ' ri' 1' . Front row, l r, Jane Buterbaugh, Connie Swartwood Louise Zlmmerman, Jane Nelson, Deborra Hahn, Kathle M1ller, Sondra Wilmot, Sharon Ray 2nd row, Timmy Bennett, Marv1n Crawford, Keith Plckerlng, Joyce Envbrecht, Janet Maas, Kristy Buettner, LuAnne Gruver, Janlce Stlll, Cathy Mu1rh ad 3rd row Tommy Wick Ronny Fulmer ana Poulson, B1lly Orsborn, Mrs McHale, Douglas Younv D1ck Sullwold, Lee Peterson Kenneth Taylor Front row, l r Steven Leno, Terry Amen, Bonnie Myers, LaVonne Hoffman, Cheryl bwartwood, Brenda Wr1ght, John Beezley, Danny Moats 2nd row, Judy Buterbaugh, L1nda Galloway, JoAnn Se rest, Marlene Taylor, Barbara Cummings, Terr1 Saum, Rosalee Sullwold, Sandra Nelson 3rd row, John Woods, Sammy Pearse, Duane Maas, Mrs Wrlzht Ronnle Gewecke, Danny Buettner, Paul Ref1or Front row l r Pamela Gruntorad, Dana Gruver, Judy Patterson, Janet Saum, Susan M111er, sandra Wr1ght, Nancy Engbrecht, Jeanne Beavers 2nd row, Gary Haberlan, Stephen Bowle Billy Rigas, Eugene Petersen, Mrs Lenstrom, Randy Taylor Newton Sk1les Joe Broe Ronald Wlck Z6 K I N D E R G A R T E J N T D - . W ' O7 F G 1 R R A 5 D T E 7 S E C O N D G R A D E 's Front row 1 r Lynn Swartwood, Conn1e Smith Mary Marshall V1ck1e Stauffer L1nda McHale Judy Vance, Marvln Swartwood 2nd row Davld Worthlng Karl Sullwold, Carol Engbrecht, Loretta Maas, Dlanna Pflaum, Greg Pettett, Benny Bruce Moats, Cllfford Myers, Alv1n Beezley F t l r Mar1an Ripp Ruth Myers Pamela Broe Marylln Journey, Joyce Keggeyfozinda Miller, DeAnn Galloway Evelyn Nelson 2nd,r'0W, Jlmmb' KSPSSY, DHUUY Wick, Lana Stauffer, Kathy Riggs, Mrs Lindstrom, Edith Ref1or, Burdette Amen, Perry Wr1ght, Dave Hoffman Absent, Kev1n Stauffer Z7 T H I R D G R A A D E . "1 . I ' ' z.". I 'Z '. I " Muirhead. 3rd row, Calvin Moore, Delwyn Wright, George Refior, Mrs. Harrelson F O U R T H G R A D E Front row, l r, Raymond Stlll, Douglas Hoffman Mary Johnson, Mary W1ck, Ann1s wood, Anlta Patterson, Phyll1s Ottman, Steven Lllfhorn, Edward Myers, 2nd row Larry Holmes, Nancy Marshall Vicky Muirhead Sue Wr1vht, Phyll1s Sullwold L1nda J1mmy Mltchell, Mrs Taylor, Gary Br1gden, Lonnle Plcke 1ng, Max McHale Front row, l r, Marsha Knobel, Ruth Nlcks, Ellen Buettner, Valorie Ottman Carolyn Moore, Carolyn Parrish, Cheryl Amen, Janice Wright, Lei Lonnie Wood, 2n row, l r, Dee Allen Wright, Dennis Hoffman, Mary Lou Else, Janet Beavers Charlene Moats, Mrs Shepardson,Kathleen Maas,Judy Montgomery,Ruth Ann Beezley gatsv M'-lirheadf 3rd row l r, Charlie Reflor, Richard Marshall, Joe Buterbaugh QUHY Miers, Keith Swartz, Karl Sk1nner, Rodney Wood, Mike Haberlan, Gordon 28 F I F T H G R A D E 7 l .O 'I 7 l Knebler, Beth Buettner, Monty Knobel. 3rd row, Randy Sear, Richard Cummings, S I X T H G R A D E d - 29 Admin: tratlon SUP RINTENDFNT DAUL ILMOT, in additlon to h1s dutles as d m1n1strator of the school system, teaches B1o1ovy and General Sclence A native of Nilsonville Mr Wilmot devre s from Kearney g state Colleve He is Ailv comoletlnv his second V' year of teachinsf 1n A: Elm Creek He served All three years w1th All' the Mar1nes,inclu H' dino' a nerlod f A! tlme 1n Haw-1a11. A- He 15 marr1ed Ag and 1S the fa A-7 ther o three chlldren E' AQ' ASV A-I A-' -V 50 HAL SAUM, Principal o E C H S -I teaches Dri Shop, Instru mental k Vocal lusic, Shop and Crafts now f1nish1ng h1s 6th year of teach 1ng here A grad uate of the Farnam Public Schools, Saum received his B A degree from Kearney State Colleve, he N111 recelve h1s M A deoree th1s summer He spent 27 months 1n the lnfantry, 18 of them overseas, he won two Bronze Stars 1n action in Germany He is marr1ed and 13 the father of four dauvhters o o 0 , , X If . V N. E N 3' , . f. 72. ,", - -A - . . . a - A so li I ' Ag: f ' a . 7 iq I O O 1 ' . r . received his BIA. and MA. ver Trainln? 1- ? S Q , .- '- A . .He as . 3 .' 0 ..6 Mrs ' . . l. 7 0 0 l 1, K . f - - C' Q . P A 7 . ' 1 . . . U V BOARD OF EDUCATIGN The Board of EdUCaClOH 1S made up of a cross sec lon of our COmmUn1Cy It 1U cludes a hOUS6Wlfe and a farmer, as well as busi nessmen heetlnvs are held every month on the first Monday and Speclal meetln S are called lf needed The maln duC1ES of the board are aetnlng up the DOl1C1eS of the school, h1Tlng of the faculty, and nrepar1ng an approprlate bud et Darrel L Dear Nllllar o Haj Q57 yn Clyde R1UUS Ila LUfW1HgS Gordon otlll at new Broe 31 N, 2 ' - U ' 3 , - 3. 1 , A is , , y-. ' V o . I 5 7 , . . 4 . 7 N 1 L, 4 1 . A x ' . . ' U V. ..h,-1' wx . . 3 I I -gf' , If i , .M y f . V ," , ,G s,, A K 4 K r I ,1,' f v ' ' , ' 91,9 I.. I1 . M 5 'X Urganlzatlons f l fb O I ' , 5 f 3' I X fav s ff AI' AH' gl ,if 417 AH' H , W A17 Algr 5, A 1' Y L' , A V 41 MT Saum, Dlrector Carolyn Parr1sh Flute Duet Mary Lou hlse 'Q That 'grin' will knock 'em dead WHark, hark, these gentle larks These students prepared numbers for the Fort Kearney Conference Instrumental Clinic, held in Axtell, Nebraska A good rlght armn nSma1l but mlghtyn Trombone oolo Baritone Solo Diana Rishel Mar ha hnobel 'Their smlles' a winner' nsweet harmonyn Brenda Atkinson Gall LeBaron Carla Buettner Linda Sear Barbara Pettett Sharon Neese 33 . . . . . . fa. - - 221i21i?f , MQ' a - C551-I rg- K . -I ,A ik, ,xl .5 , i , u W 'f was n I n - - 1 A A 3 r A 'a BAND Back r 1 r, Barbara Pettett, Gail LeBaron, Bonnetta Wright Beverly Moore, Mary Moore, Annette Henderson, Marlene Refior Ann Chandler, Charles Bryan, Loel Kugler, Joan Else, Mr Saum Bob Atkinson, Marsha Knobel, Joyce Amen, Row 2, 1 r, Carla Buettner, Corliss Sullwold, Jerry Vance, Lanny Neese, Jimmy Miller, Bob Lemmer, Gary Wright, Danny May Karl Skinner, Mike Haberlan, Gordon Beavers, Barbara Miller, iana Rishel, Connie Mitchell, Jaynette Wright Row 1, 1 r, Carol Miller, Brenda Atkinson,Linda Sear, Sharon Neese, Shirley Wright,Pat Worthing Mary Lou Else, Carolyn Parrish, Sharon Conrad Majorettes The Band Parents Organizatlon has been very active this year Mrs Carl Buettner is President, Mrs Dale Neese is Vice President and Mrs Art Haberlan is Secretary Treasury Because of the great increase in band, new uniforms were needed The Band Parents sponsored the Birthday Calendar in an effort to raise the money 34 , - M 15 Tr .ni K, 12, XX V44 x , I K A 1 -5" f. ev f i jg' 1 1 .hav ffl ' 'wk f - x f VKKLV fi .l Jrmw 'xfm 1 . fag-Q Boys' Chorus rIRoT RON Robert Schroeder, J1m Lemmer, Jim Fox, Ed Chandler Hal sawn, Ron suauffer, Ken out, Gary Kaps s comm now G01-d5n Beavers, Dan Stump, Fred Gewecke, Bob Atklnson, Bob Mitchell, Loel Kugler, Bob Lemmer, Pat Worthing THL NEW BORN KING A Christmas Cantata Process1onal Adesta Fldelis Choir Glory to God 1n the Highest Choir O Holy Nlght Sonrano Alto Duet and Choir Annette Henderson Meretta Kersey Ann Chandler Sharon Conrad where is He? Cho1r and Men's Unison Chorus They Found H1m Sonrano Solo Ha1l to the Lord's Anointed Choir Fa1rest Lord Jesus Sharon Conrad Contralto bolo Stlll w1ll He Come Sharon Conrad Mixed Octet He Shall He1gn Forever Choir BAND Chr1stmastide Overture E De Lamaser Burch of the Three Klngs Hark the Herald Angels Sing It Came Unon the M1dn1ght Clear Silent Nivht While Shepherds Watched Thelr Flocks Joy to the World The First Noel Come all Ye Faithful The Chr1stmas Suite Harold L Walters O Come O Come, Immanuel Gregorian, 8th Century The Sleep of the Ch1ld Jesus French Noel Ring Chrlstmas Bells Ukranlan Carol what Child 1S This' Old English A1r W1ll1e, Play Your Llttle Drum Burgundlan A1r The Twelve Days of Chrlstmas Tradltlonal lbth Century 36 '1 A' 1 u . u . 'E ' : I The Prince of Peace Dan Stump Tenor Solo and Choir . Y N . . Q l , . . . , Girls, Chorus FIRST ROW Sharon Beavers, Blanche Journey, Merreta Aersey, Sherry Nicks, Bonnie Swartwood, Beverly Moore, Kathleen Earl Barbara Miller, Ann Chandler, Pat Johnston, Karen Clark, Sharon Sear, Sharon Conrad, Judy Henderson SECOND ROW Marilyn Amen, Charlotte Refior, Mary Moore, Pat Fox, Annette Henderson, Hal Saum, Joan Else, Shirley Stump, Shirley Petet Lynne Sutherland, Connie Mitchell M1XCd Chorus FIRST ROW Sharon Beavers, Blanche Journey, Merreta Kersey, Sherry Nicks, Bonnie Swartwood, Beverly Moore, Kathleen Earl Hal Saum, Barbara Miller, Ann Chandler, Pat Johnston Karen Clark, Sharon Sear, Sharon Conrad, Judy Henderson SECOND ROW Marilyn Amen, Charlotte Refior, Mary Moore, Pat Fox, Annette Henderson, Joan Else, Jim Lemmer, Loel Kugler Pat Worthing, Shirley Stump, Shlrley Petet, Lynne Sutherland, Connie Mitchell THIRD ROW Gordon Beavers, Dan Stump, Bob Schroeder, Jim Fox, Ed Chandler, Bob Atkinson, Bob Mitchell, Fred Gewecke, Ron Stauffer, Bob Lemmer, Gary Kaps, Ken Ott 37 e 4 e , e e e . e 1 o . 1 D . '- e e e PEP CLUB Shirley Stump, Connie Scott Sharon Sear, Sherry Nicks Bonnie Swartwood Lynne Sutherland, Pat Johnston Karen Clark Barbara Miller Annette Henderson Joan Else, Mary Moore Shirley Adams, Donna Fulmer, Neva Swartz Charlotte Refior Tresa Montgomery Carole Miller Sh1rley Wright, Sharon Beavers Blanche Journey, Judy Henderson Elaine Leach, Marilyn Amen Kathleen Earl, Shirley Petet Darlene Schroeder The Ambitious Pep Band!" The all important game of football season Decorations for the Halloween Dance sponsored by the Pep Club 38 CHEERLEADERS Downtown Snake Dance! VICTORY! I That's our cry! These scenes were taken from pep rallies which the Pep Club sponsors each day of the game The girls were testing their ability in a game of football Left to right: Pat Fox, Ann Chandler, Beverly Moore, Connie Mitchell, Sharon Conrad 39 I Er 5 gn Q f ', ,I "? its sg , ' i X, V HDVERHSIH6 f I If on to X S - .i fgfifa ' S ' 1 . A' -r .2 A1 A-7 AH' AI' I' fll' A1 All' Al' All' 12' AQ' A17 AIIIV Al' Al' A17 A-V AZ' -V BOOSTERS The Beacon Office Esther's Beauty Shop Jarold Shop Snack Shack Kearney Plumbing k Heating Pau1's Broiler James H Ross V A Y A A I' Y -' Q r . A-V City Coffee Shop C1em's Bakery Sears k Roebuck Sear's Transfer Redman's Shoe Store Wiseman Garage Hoot's Shoe Repair Elm Creek Produce 40 Irrigation lax Kearne Nebraska Equlpment R Tomorrow s Engineer1ng Today Nebraska Propane Gas, Inc Gas 1n Bottles R Bulk Gas Appliances for Home Tractor Conversions Free Estimates Cand1es ""A'-'iff f.f PL School supplies " ' ',,,"',,'lnstitut1ona1 food Industrial chemlcals KLARNLY CANDY CUUEANY Kearney, Nebraska Kearney, Elm Creek, Litchfield : v I Fox PRODUCL col lPANY our Market for Good Egg FARM ROUTE SLRVICL Coca Cola nwfig ' 5 Bottling Company Kearney, Nebraska M6635 Coke Lenofs TV A Electric Phone ZL53 Elm Creek, Nebraska Colored TV Mil1er'a STAN DARD Standard Se rvice is ff. J Elm Creek , Nebraska I 313 41 uf' ir, Y: ' :Z wx !l!!F, ' CO NBELT IRRIGATION '4lj'f7bj?:,f ' Q ,.f, '-.iff . ' I 1 ,..., MJ , a .l,M Q law- I xxxxxl 1, - B' S. all Vtf' ,Y sn "L . . . fp!! Y 'X U 7 5 ,N x X r TV We C ' gn, I -. f Flowers 685 owen ' f Kearney Lie V +6 CE 62501 f LJ for all occasions 'S Good Luck Seniors from ACE IRRIGATION l Q1 The Best in Irrigation Supplies Kearney Nebraska ,,. CONFRATULATIONS TO Anyt1me is the right t1me FROM A FRIEND MLL'C SERVICE Elm Creek Nebraska stgp EE5iii5V! qw MILLER'S CAFE f' 1 CONGRATULATIUNS W ,A gnu? CLASS OF 1959 RON'S T V SERVICE Prompt Serv1ce On All Makes of Radlo R T V Lowe Qqll C F'-1 J Elm CALEB WORTHING REALTY CO Real Estate and Farm Management R se Creek Phone 3791 Nebraska 42 . . l ssss so My Q' X ,N f. ' li l NW N XX ra - l ' :X THE SENIORS OF 1959 to f .. I :JN 3 7 , Q -w ,N,.1, D x , -5. X Fx I - ba I ' ,.1.s3 V4 , f Pas. gg! F D ' . W l I WJVITWC O L 'DOC' ERICKSON O L WJACKW ERICKSON, Jr KEARNEY, NEBRASKA H H A S I C - i E2 Ele tric Organs Band Instruments Sheet Music Pianos YOUR EXCLUSIVE MUSIC STORE Kearney, Nebraska WINK IMPLEMENT CO New and Used Farm Equipment J0l'l E ll il? 4-'qv Elm Creek, Nebraska AL'S MOBILE SERVICE Complete Mechan1cal Service And Lubr1cation Mobllgas Elm Creek's One Stop Service Centex Phone 3b51 J A D M A R K YOUR CO PLETE FOOD STORE k MEAT PROCESSING CENTER 4 NNN- KN.J 4- Thur Jack8JiIl Make Your Apoolntment w1th us for Livestock Slaughterlnv, Curlnv and Processing Wholesale Pr1ces on Dressed Beef a Pork by Quarter Sid Elm Creek, Nebraska or e Phone 3781 65? E? B A R - S C A A L 0. V1 U Q C O. . . , F'W QUQ 1 ,R f - ' A , v' :Z 0 - il' ' s 7 nun-anal H 0 L M C K E J I L L F 0 O I E.T 5 I 'lI1IIIIIlIIlI', 3 fx CONGRATULATIONS from 8 KIT!-'TLST Well Drilling r L A Wihdmllls ff 0 7 7 Water bystems WINK IMPLEMENTCO New and Used Farm Equlpment Elm Creek Nebraska E Q, f 4 4 Good Luck to the oenlors FARM and HOML SEHVICLS, ING Miscellaneous Feed Seeds Fertilizers Chemicals Darrel Seal' Kearney Elm Creek Buda Hlll TDP BOWllNG LANES 4, commznzw am CONDITIONED wk 16 ruuv Auroxvumc Lanes -A, snacx san SERVICE -A, mm: puma Phone Cd 68291 NORTH KEARNEY LOCHTBD ON H1 WAY 10 N i 012514 33 Efficient Servlce System 25th Sc L Kearney We Give Natlonal Red Stamps Dale' s Barber Shop Barbara ' s Beauty Salon "It pays to look we " Phone 3092 lRanown1s , SV CSNTQHL K I Rent t "' Ewm ER Safe Service 43 0 Your Complete School Supply Store N : . L K. . 9 - l fm N S' 131 K K Elm Creek, Nebraska Xt U ' I O l A Q2 e. pa ' if ll . X ' PHONE 2h5l Xi 3 L-Umbe J. APPLIANCL HLATING PLUMBING FUQNAC Q R HEATING LQUIELLNT CO1wmHCIAL E HOUQLHOLD R FRIGLRAFION DERVICLMAN FOR LENNOX LBLR RICHARDS ELP CRLEK, NLBRADKA ellcfsen EHro"l' Y 0 Frimggx iz' Ek Kearney R BUILDI SUPPII Phone br. 7 2121 FRNEQL C' RAD CCNPLINFNTS OF f Z The Frzendly Store PROCLQQ no OF DLHYURxT D ALFALFA , ,EAL CONGKATULAFLLNJ ON YOUR PAST Aol-:mm 1r.NTo ELM CRLLK ALFALFA MILLD INC ELM CRmnh, NhBHASKA Ph 3551 Q N C P j x'WQS Ebh, NEBHADAA 535 C ll QC smfflq H elicious Foods BI ' 3 C .i MKLQ-l ' L1 Q Newly Remodeled LL THE -MELDOR WI-IER,r3 THE GANG MEETS TO BAT" Elm Creek Nebraska , T - ' P em' ' RICH ew-s .Q - " --LJ: px: QXXX 3 'N O H ' J, . - h if ,J W 5 and I pleasanto L H S Ea A ' ' ' ' -f ' I ' I gg i 'ji ' 1 , . ' EF ' ' Q - L-H , . ,V K E , , xMX f J ww 'NALT1-M RICHARDS f Q 1 . 1 .1 J. 1 , V- V Q1 h 'Q l L Lf K . S-:w x L' 9 " X - - W " eee ' X N ' b e 1 l ' X- N XX X1 I S . 1 A N-I Ax 'L . V V 'A' ,A -V . Q rg V :N 'Y N U .4 V A x , 5 Q Q. c: f I Q 3 Bl k S OP 1 D U 45 1m.AvEL's DRIVE Il cmnmsns POULSON OIL C0 Two hour service at no extra charge Take advantage p,fe,puL of this while shopping in Kearney p od,Lc:2 NOW! GOLD BOND STAMPS 606 East 25th St Wholesale and Retail Kearney Nebraska Phone 3253 Elm Creek, Nebraska ELSE DRUG CO All Types of Prescriptions Filled gegck IP Z7Zf3ff1f5' FOI PROD CE C0 65? Kearney's Leading 'Your Market for Good Eggs' Ladies Style Shop Kearney Nebraska Kearney Nebraska 46 A H . L O 7' Q '04, 45 Ph Elm Creek Nebraska , xg one 3311 , - L' y A L 9 -pgnllb . 1'ffnl4'Q fs 72 f 'S ML! G C QUALITY AND bLRVICE ALWAYS Manager B111 Max Phone 3191 The best of luck in the future Elm Creek, Nebraska P 3 TED'o SmHV.LCE Hasmngs, X Nebr . .Ag ef N , N Y Elm Creek Nebraska 7 527 1 Be sure your bread box is filled V with delicmous nutritious, DEBU3 'Service Wlth a smile " bread and Mrs Ted Kearney, Owners ,LW El 5 yawn Elm Creek, Nebraska PLATTB VALLEY Phone 9361 TRUCK 51 CARLOADS FRCLLED CORN X f Z 1, 47 Yi 7Z Nxss 1 'fi if X 'Qi Z A ' x , X, ' v mf 9, DEBUS BAKTNG co. 'A nf' A A B 1 ' . 'S 'CX A 5 '5 . Mr. . I I O, X . I , A f, 2-ICKLQ Fnidvl EYUIEX'-RENT CO. KI-JONEUS SPORTING GODD15 Elm Creek, Nebr. Kearney' Nebr' Diesel and Gasoline Sfervicr X we QSSSEFYSNGEQ is Trucks Farm Equipment ' 1 it Parts and oiles f X 7 at - -- Y ESF ., ive if L Ill i Phone 3131 L'-WV "Equipment That Scores." '7Jne A Simba Box 314 14 West 22nd Street KEFLRNEY NHBRASKH 93 O fa Dis lVTC7llOVl WILLIAM LECHNER Dallclous meals and tony snacks Re nl-'et' us make your h ,X ,yew If f u ot M we mg Mya problems our respons:lb11ities J '7 Open from Sevvnce 5 30 A M mud 'x ll 00 P M R C. I - ., C I B111 and Ruth 'ren Eyck M016 j 13 West Railroad Street a C Elm creek nebraska Kearney nebraska ' 48 IWQVL3 73 5 CDV I .. J f 4 7 .Ip ce ,, 'ftbfi . , X t If "NJ Z, RI5HLL's NAHDRUBL DHANPY and INQUR NCL 8 RLAL ooTATh AG NCY Insurance Full Line 959 oo X Real Estate Sales and Servlce 42K,X" my lligy Our Best WlSh9S to the SGHIOPS I R15 el Wearlnv Ap earel For The LHCIPQ Famlly Gifts Llla L R1shel W 7? ARCHUR DANIELS MIDLAND GLNhVA'S CAFh AND DAIRY ELM CREEK, NEBRASKA Offers the key to success D6l1C1OUS and NUtP1t1OUS Food to E11 Creek Nebraska s..,f the senior class of 1959 :!'lK X X JOHN MC:-1uLLh.N f' the 44sEEsgik!!1!!!!! CANPnNFUn I 0 QF hlm Creek, Nebraska Rhone 3171 49 'L' nw 4- ,, - L-v EN. 1 55 .O , A L? ' I . xxQ X N Q: X n. ha ' h ' - ' Elm Creek, Nebraska KW! 71W . A U 11!ll!!I!E7 fsfi . gli' t n ' - 'NEZAXJSJ xii, ' 1? I f D ,, ,jfs ' A ia X 1 . ' D3 5 - Qi ,.- . ,,. 2 .1355 E AC 5929 H YOUR FRIENDLY + K . Mobml Gas uBud' Cline Elm Creek Nebraska m 'Peek CLINE SERVICE YA LL. Congratulations Class of 59 H CLCk5m.Tk H P OCD i TH FL KLL FPLT R X1 Elm Creek Nebraska BILL THE WELDER Phone 441 Elm Creek Nebraska We Deliver MUGHLIN 5 Hocefa Y Good Luck to the Senlors 'ANY E Phone 2261 Elm Creek Nebraska l 50 , 'J' Y if C QC ,, Q CZ Bi '5 ' So 'N THAI ' ' . ,YWI E ,ELL I A be X 45.5K Ji:TJ V Q.. NNN Q -WJ I ELIVI CREEK STATE BANK vw Q 953 IEKQN +135 Y WE JISH U HE B ST OF LUCK FOR THE DIFFICULT ROAD AHEAD ELM CR FK NFBRAQKA MENB R F D STUM mm uma Ya nfl E3 Xxlfin EV6 OV OYIS VUC IOYW CONSTRUCTION NEBRASKA COMPANY MILLER ELM CREEK 51 Q dw 1 O Q .Aff-'Q W5 A A H NX, E, , , . 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Suggestions in the Elm Creek High School - Gold and Blue Yearbook (Elm Creek, NE) collection:

Elm Creek High School - Gold and Blue Yearbook (Elm Creek, NE) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Elm Creek High School - Gold and Blue Yearbook (Elm Creek, NE) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Elm Creek High School - Gold and Blue Yearbook (Elm Creek, NE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Elm Creek High School - Gold and Blue Yearbook (Elm Creek, NE) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 7

1959, pg 7

Elm Creek High School - Gold and Blue Yearbook (Elm Creek, NE) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 59

1959, pg 59

Elm Creek High School - Gold and Blue Yearbook (Elm Creek, NE) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 53

1959, pg 53

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