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X,. 1 JH.- in 141 "rm ,' 1. 'wha' 1 .... 2 4 4 .. .1 Lap D1-all M! ,wi T, f J ' ,,, ' X1 r I: IS? x 0 b 2 I A F" gal' ll Mn ' W.: ' jlf' :v5 ,. X4 J. . ,n fi ' ,4,X,5' Q. I L-, ., w 1. 1 "ZX ' ' nl," "L ' ,V 'W ' 1 Xfgfun fig, ' - XXX N X. 4 y 5.5 4 "' Q I 2 K H, 'X T671 ' f.XX -1 7 .1, 'aku-K W " 7' QA " 'L f,,,' ,ww Aft ' WV ""- 'TQ' A 1"-"'p'."'y-:,.,- - 'Ji'-x.f W um? 5 1X1 ww .gun V . ' ' 1, N' --. H I ,K , I W ' " , 1 '. , .x , L' ,Q 4' ' 'ff ,4,. X X wg 'VV' , X , 1 V : ,Ag ,V LW , ' 4 ,W , '15 XX J , nw.. I f awxi' , ng, ":gj1,,A,, ' H' ,1 ,4kQw,PX,Xg!f,7.QE34, X i Xif-'A P wg-j " um .1 ' r P V 'fzfs' f 'wSI Q , '-' 'fu V 4 L ' -Cl? 4 , X X -M X r ' f, -XXX XXXL X, ., 5111. -1-N ' - wfXX n. ,,:f,.' Hn, rw wnd '..,, V' X,-fc. I .L 11, ' " . .I ' ' 4 fu gp: ' -' We, 53 -5? ' HQ . Q7 " 'w'-' , ,'rw,, 'Xvw ' ,. 'XX,3?1' ' w. lf: xx gi! ,, . . J' "'iaJxf'ff", fb H'-ng! , JQPQVF "" N- 1 A ,X X 1 ,. ,, , , 1 ..fgXX.,XX, ,5 .K XH.,XX'.' I v 'W' , ,. , X 5 Y x 'ffm 'v 4 Q rw" K MXH"-'C.X: ,. X X X, ,qi HN X ,V . ,. .1 4 4. I rf X 'I Ng, ' , W, 'kv gjjx,-qgm' ' 'A ,1,5w,K hm :F - .L.f.,.., ' 1 'H 1,73 fglff 'I QINA .f , fr W . Nh lg!! 'Lf l,"l'fv sg J .V X' ,T H , rv A ,. , w ". - X I r ,4 ' ' 1 t. 1 pl . gg, i 'Hn , K, 5 4 , .M 14 I w.. 9 kv "N , X 'x 'VM I X xy! vf: 1 .Wh ' "M 'X g ,f,'3 K X X.'l.5f'.i, Q N- JW' U.-. X- W. w ,' ' -.N f, 4-K ..uJ- ' W. ,,s,y,,I.!:-41 w -. ,I .1 . 5 , W, . pn WWI wwfhqMQh,Tw- fmww , , 'gI:.,A,, '5,,"pIf'Q- W- .. ," wp' X V H W" .-4-. gr' 'QL '4 - ,,f . W , V .- W , '.'1Jw - W 1,1 - 1 V V vm AUJQ w' h'wwfH5M'MQQwL FhwuNWgn' - , ,X W f?"f".937" ' L' 'wfk 1 ' W m ' v w' 5V"v 'U' a,nWw.w-,L , A y mm, A wa- ,ww V-A V Q wH fa ' ' - '- 1:-' V 4 , lf, J " "'17' 'Tw' 1 ' f- X JV ' Lu X 'A I A In 5 ' .?i...Nl--x ' MJ' ' mg 'f-' ' 'll 1' "f f 9 "I Ag' V M , F' ,. .," '.w-, In I, 1 BEAR TRAP NINETEEN FIFTY-ONE Published by the Senior Class of ELM CITY HIGH SCHOOL ELM CITY, NORTH CAROLINA OPQLUOI' Pa ge Two IT is the hope of the BEAR TRAP STAFF of 1951 that in years to come this hook will serve as a chronicle of memories to each anal everyone of our fellow class- mates. To make this, the sixth volume of the BEAR TRAP, a hook of cherished scenes and experiences is the sincere wish of the entire staff. eclicafion WE, the Senior Class of 1951, dedicate this edition of the BEAR TRAP, with love, to MRS. HELEN M. SIMPSON, whose cornradeship, understanding and undying love has led us successfully through this, our Senior year. Page Three -gr V wr.: fy -1 . .L jf I . 5 l Q i XJ' Y 2 3, 0 3 T "7 Page Four IIULTY MR. P. T. FUGATE Superintendent First How NIISS CJLARA BASS Mu. CHARLES L. BATTEN MRS. SADIE BRASWELL MRS. YIWHOBIAS COBB MRS. B. FARIXIER Mn. AARON FUSSELL Q Second Hou' MRS. VVILTON PRIDCEN MRS. L. M. SIIXIPSON MRS. LILL1AN SKINNER MRS. T. B. WINSTEAD MISS EDITH LEWIS LVIISS HATTIE IVIAE LEWIS Secretary SE IDB ELAS5 UPPIEEPI5 BOYD OWENS .... ..... I Jrusidewt GERALDINE QWENS . . . . .Vice-President JEAN BATTS .... . . .SGcretn:'3' MARIAN LANGLEY . . . .Tfanszzrer A IDORIS COOKE ..... ......... I icporter CATHERINE FARMER . . . . .PVUIQVITIII C7Ill'!fl'l1ll7lI K1 5 I I - :Zigi 1 , A- M431 . I .I '-A-2 ,S N' 3 I ' ' . MASEUT5 BONNIE KATIIEIIINE IDAVVES CTARLTON EDWARDS CILASS QTOLORSI Green and Uflzitc CLASS FLOWER: Uflzite Cnrzmtiolz CLASS AIOTTCX Not finished: just begun. Page Fi ve J I r , - SE IDRS DOIJNIE CZRAY ADAIX-lS "CHICKEN" "lVe should know to pursonl before we love." High School Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Safctv Patrol I, Z, 33 4-ll Club l, 2, l3.ll..'X. l, 2, 3, BoSE DIEANETTE BASS "Ni-"r" HFl'iU1HlSlIlll often wills in love, hut lovu in friumlsliip never." High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Safe-tv Patrol 2, 31 4-Il Club 1, Student Council 3, 4. Ofliccr 43 F.ll.A. l, 2, 3. KENNETH RUDOLPH BATTS "Bon" "The bigger, the better." F.F.A. l, 2. 3. BETSY JEAN BATTS HJEANNEH "Mun still has more tlusirc for lwuzftt' than for lCl10lFlUllQl!." Beta Club 3, 4, Class Olliccr 1, 4, High School Chorus lg Safctv Patrol 1, Z, 3, 4, Bear Hi Staff 3, 45 Baskctball 1, 2, 3, 45 BEAR 'IVRAP Stall' 4g Student Council Olhccr 4g F.H.A. I, 2. ARTHUR 'lOSHUA BEAN! AN HBUSTERH "Nothing is lQll'L'11 so profusely as ml1'iL'0." F.l7.fX. l, 2. CHARLES LINWOOD BRASWELL HSLIMH Hlvltlll is to mm: either zz god or ll wolf." Beta Club 3, 43 Class Ofhccr 1, 2, 35 High School Chorus l. 2, 33 Bear Ili Stall 3, 49 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, 4All Club 1, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4: Bus Driver 3, 45 3 Football 2, 3, 4g li.F..'X. 2, 3, 4, Marshal 3: lrophct 4, Baseball l, 2, 4. NANNIE ELLEN BRITT "ISH" "Love foul u cough cannot be hill." Bcti Club 3, 4, Olliccr 3: Class Olhccr 2, 35 lligh School Chorus 1, 3, 43 Safctv Patrol 1, 2, 3, 45 Bam' Ili Stall' 3, 45 Basketball 2, BEAR rllRAP Staff 4, l7,lI.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Olhccr 3, 4, Cirls' Trio 41 Marshal 3. AGNES BURNES , "SHoR'rx"' "Of czifflily goods flu' lwst is u gootl u'if'u." s , 4ll Club I, 2, -' Doms Cl0OKE rf "CLiNin"' 44 - ii ' l,.Ill'l' IS flzu flllllllllif of louf. . Class Ollicur 4, Safclv Patrol 3, 4, lligh School Chorus lg Basketball 3. 4: BICAR 'l'it,u' Stall' 4g C'l1t-crlcatlta' 41 l7.ll..'X. 3, -45 Bvtlr Hi Stall' 3. l.,AYNE'll'I'E cl0OLEY "Luc:x"' "l"Vii'us nrt' marry vat l1o1ws1." Class Olliccr l, 2, lligh School Chorus l, 2, 35 4-ll Club l, 2, 3, Olliccr 25 BEAR FFIIAP Stall' 4. SE IUHS RUBY MORRIS DAWES SIRAINYH "It is soon that 1 am clone for5 I wonder what I was begun for." Beta Club 3, 45 Class Officer 15 High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Marshal 3. CLEO CATHERINE l:AR1N1ER I:CATyy "Home-keqoiiig hearts are happiest." High School Chorus 15 Bear Hi Staff 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 BEAR TRAP Staff 45 Student Council 45 F.H.A. 1, 2. ERNEST STRICKLAND FINCH UCHINCI-I" "Do you know a young and beautiful woman who is not ready to flirt-just a little?" Class Of-Hcer 15 4-H Club l, 2, 35 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT KEITH GREEN MRAB!! "Let the worst come to the worst." 4-H Club 1, 2. VVILLIAIW CLODAS IACKSON "BILL" "Better a had excuse than none at all. " Bus Driver 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. lVlARIAN ELIZABETH LANGLEY HBARRYH "Life is not so short but that there is always time enofugh for courtesy." Class Ol-licer 1, 45 High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H Club 15 F.H.A. 1, 2. MARY ELIZABETH LANGLEY HLIBBAH "Love gives itself, but is not bought." High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 1, 2, 35 4-H Club 15 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Historian 4. WILh1A GRAY LEE HJAYH "A loving heart is the truest wisdom." Class Officer 3, 45 Safety Patrol 35 4-H Club 1, 25 S.udent Council 25 BEAR TRAP Staff 4. BOYD FREEMAN OWENS HSCALEH "It is one thing to he tempted, another thing to fall." Class Officer 45 Bear Hi Staff 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 4-H Club l, 25 Student Council 1, 25 Football 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3. GERALDINE OWENS "DENEU "VVith this ring I thee wed." Beta. Club 3, 45 Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 45 High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3, 45 Bear Hi Staff 3, 45 4-H Club lg BEAR TRAP Staff 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Marshal 3. SE lUl-15 LENA lVlARIE PITTAIAN UBLONDIEH "To be lovezl, be lO1lfll7lB.'l Class Officer 2, 3, High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Safetv Patrol 2, 3, 4, Bear Hi Staff 3, 4: Basketball Zg 4-H Club l, 3, 4, Olhcer 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. BRICE SYLVESTER POLAND "Bun" "Ability is L1 poor lIl!I11lS heart." Bus Driver 4, F.F..X. 1, 2, 3. BOBBY LEE PROOTOR uB0Bvv "One lI0lH',S sleep before 11Ii5l11i,Ql1t is worth three after." Bear Hi Staff 3. 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Beta Club 3, 4, High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, Quartet 2, 33 Marshal 35 F.F.A. 2. MARY DORIS SHARPE uslsn "Love is the pass km' to the heart." Beta Club 3, 4, Class Ofhcer 1: High School Chorus 1, 25 Safetv Patrol 3, 4, Bear Hi Stall 3, 44 Basketball 1, 2: F.H.A. 1, 2. ELWOOD LEE SlX'lITH "SIxfIITTY" "Hope is a working man's clrcmrzf' High School Chorus 1: 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council lg F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Bus Driver 4. WILBUR EDGAR SIVIITH, IR. HBILLYH "A mari is ns good ns his word." Class Officer 4, High School Chorus 3, 4, 55 Bear Hi Staff 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5, BEAR TRAP Staff 4, Bus Driver 3, 4, 55 Football 34 Quartet 4, 5. ,lI1XI1X'IY EARL SUTTON "SI.IvEII" "Keep your misfortunes to yourself." High School Chorus 2, Basketball 4, 4-ll Club 1, 2. 44 Football 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. FLOSSIE IOYCE TAYLOR AIO.. "VVitl1o1It lzerrlilz no pleasure con he tostezl by man." Beta Club 3, 4: Class Oflicer lg Iligh School Chorus 1, Safetv Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4, Bern' Ili Staff 3, 45 Basketball l, 2. 3, 4, Captain lg BEAR TIIAI' Staff 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, l7.1l..fX. 1, 2, Class Laxvvcr 4. ClEORGIA LEE VVEBB HSQLIIRTH 'Tloozlrzuss is lhe oulv llIl'L'Sl1HCHl' ilmt never fails." l7.ll.,X. l, 2, 4-ll Club 1, 2. DIOIIN VVILLIAIW WILZCZINS "BILLY" -I ,...,......,.,. "fl prellv utomuu is ll welcome 'LfIlL'Sl.U 4llCluhl'71lA1"34 - 51210115 DONALD BERKLEY WIGGS UKILLBRH "Not lost' but gone forever F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. ,4 DXTILTON AYERS WINSTEAD HBIILTH 'Aililll'L'L' ruuv keep ll secret if two nf them are rlemlf' Beta Club 3, -lg Class Officer lg Iligh School Chorus I, 2, 33 Bear Hi Staff 3, -lg Basketball 2, 33 4-H Club l, 2, BEAR TRAP Staff 4: Student Council lg Bus Driver 45 F.I7.rX. 25 Marshal 3g Quartet 2. EVELYN .IOYOE BA'rrs Post Graduate. JEANETTE PARKER Post Graduate. Not pictured: BOBBY RAY EAsoN HISTUHY At this time it is very htting that the senior class of 1951 record the events preceding and including this closing year. 1 shall now under- take to record them briefly. ln 1947, sixty-five girls and boys entered high school. We were under the guidance of Mrs. Louise Winstead and Mr. Fussell. lean Batts was president in Mr. 1-7ussell's home room and Ernest Finch was president in Mrs. Winstead's room. We worked hard that year. Some passed and some didn't. ln our sophomore year we were under the guidance of Mr. Fussell. Linwood Braswell was our president. We were placed under the guidance of Mr. Fussell again in our junior year. Ellen Britt was elected our class president. Boyl we had fun that year-selecting class rings, ioining the Beta Club, publishing the "Bear Hi lozrrrfzalf' and greatest of all, having the lunior-Senior Ban- quet and prom. The lunior-Senior Banquet was held April 7, 1950, at the China Chipper. We shall never forget what hard work we did or what a beauti- ful place the China Chipper turned out to be. At the end of the vear, averages showed Lin- wood Braswell to be' the chief marshal. Ellen Britt, Buby Dawes, Geraldine Owens, Bobbv Proctor, and Milton Winstead were the other marshals. None of us will ever forget the candle light ceremony. When we returned to school as seniors, we were placed under the guidance of Mrs. Simp- son. We elected Boyd Dwens as our class presi- dent. Later we sponsored the Curtis Magazine subscription contest. The class sold 331,393.00 worth of magazines. Linwood Braswell received a watch and loyce Taylor received 35.00 in magazine subscriptions for reaching the high total. The class received a Benjamin Franklin Plaque. Undertaking to publish the BEAR TRAP was not an easy job. We feel, however, that we have succeeded. By this time we, the seniors of 1951, will have presented a senior play, will have taken our trip to Vlfashington, and will have attended the ,lunior-Senior Banquet. As our commencement draws near, we feel that our high school days have been memorable ones-full of work and play. To those who have helped make those happy memories, 1, on be- half of the Senior Class, take this opportunitv to express our appreciation. ELIZABETH LANGLEY 4 A Most Popzzlm' QIEAN BATTS BOYD OVVENS Z: Y it 3 Prettiest Girl -IEAN BATTS Best Dressed ELLEN BRITT KEITH GREEN Most Talented Affggf Athletic .ELLEN BRITT IOYCE TAYLOR BILLY SIXIITH BOYD QWEN5 .M-f-Tim 6 Best Persorztzlity CTATHERINE FARMER BOYD OWENS CjllfL'Sf' Blast Conceitect 'DORIS SIIARPE IOYCE TAYLOR 1 '1 QILODAS .IACKSON LINWOOD BRASWELL BEST 1 15' -N. '. 1- Most Likely to Succeed Vifiletiest ' RUBY DAWES CATHERINE FARMER f MILTON WINSTEAD CLCDD.fXS -IAOKSON Biggest Flirrs Best All-Hozuzd IEAN BATTS QZERALDINE OWENS LINVVGCD BRASWELL BOYD OWENS .gfffwwf A ,pw -, I V ,c vi L , A. - fb-. , ' ,1 ,fl 5141951 34 MRS W 5 wa Am as M6041 I I I , . , "H L ' N, R LI ,ISV my f If P I I IJ: yu L F Most Bashful Most Depezezdrzble MARIAN LANCLEY LAYNETTE COOLEY KEITH GREEN IVIILTON WINSTEAD Best Looking Boy Friewglliegf N!IILTON WINSTEAD CATHERINE FARNIER BOYD OWENS ff? L-7' if , 13? I-fx A, ,-C'-' P55 , , :JI 35, -H 72: ur M H M.. 55 lf! LAST WILL A U TEST IVIL T ARTICLE I We the nineteen hundred and fifty one graduating class of the Elm City High School. being of sound mind, and knovunv that our high school days are nearing an end, do make and declare this our Last will and Testament ARTICLE II To our superintendent Mr Fuvate hrs secretary, Hattie Mae Lewis, and members of the Hivh School Faculty we leave our deepest appreciation and undying loyalty for their patience and unfailinv services which hare led us through our high school years. To the rIs1nU senior class we leave our home room in the new building and sincerely hope they enjoy their senior year as much as we have enjoyed ours. To the sophomores, who think they are wise, we leave the thought, you have a lot to look forward to To the freshmen we leave our deepest sympathy and wish for them success in their high school years To our mascots Bonnie Dawes and Carlton Edwards, we wish them success and happiness rhrouvh life ARTICLE III Now we have come to the personal bestowals which have been awarded to certain members IH hi h school Doonre Gray Adams leaves her ability to tell "libs" to Delphia Skinner. eannette Bass wishes for Marie Oakey to receive her tallness. To Elizabeth enkrns will Oo ean Batts popularity. Kenneth Batts leaves his lon0 beard to Bobby Bay Batts. Arthur Beaman wishes for Tom ohnson to receive his ability to write poetry. Lrnwood Braswell leaves his Hrrtrnv ability to Dot Thorne. Ellen Britt leaves her little used much abused chemistry book to Alma Thorne. Aones Burns leaves her shortness to Louise Gooch. Doris Cooke leaves her typ1n0 ability to her sister, Bertie Leigh. Laynette Cooley leaves her friendliness to Shelly Page. To Lucille Barnes Goes Ruby Dawes ability to break up with boys. Bobby Eason leaves his ability to out talk anyone to Sue Parrish. Catherine Farmer wishes for her witty ways to go to lean Beaman. To james Garner will oo Ernest Finch s wewht. Keith Greene leaves his short leos to Bruce Brice. Clodas Iackson leaves his ability to diacram sentences to Adrian Winstead. Elizabeth Langley leaves her economics and sociology book to anyone who is crazy enough to take it. Marian Lanvley wishes for Helen XA71lll3TI1S to receive her bashfulness. To ean Davis will Oo Wilma Grey Lees dimples, in hope that they will win her as manv boy friends Boyd Owens leaves his athletic ability to Billy Williams. Geraldine Owens leaves her love for shorthand to Edna Mae VVilliams. Lena Pittman leaves her ability to sew and cook to Betsy Wells. Sylvester Poland wishes for Linwood oyner to receive his good grades in shorthand. Bobby Proctor leaves his ability to stay out of school to Franklin Davis. Doris Sharpe leaves her ability to Oraduate to her brother, Billy. To Don Pridoen will o Billy Smith s ability to foul out of basketball games. Elvxood Smith leaves his vxay vxlth the Girls to Carl Rick. Immy Sutton leaves his ability to play football to Bufus Hawley. Georvia Lee Webb leaves her 0r1nnIn0 to oyce Gillars. To Helen enklns will oo Donald VV1c1gs crazy ways. Billy Wrgvms wishes for Immy Freeman to receive his curly hair. Milton Wmstead leaves his ability to be a soda jerk to Billy Sharpe. I oyce Taylor lcaxe my ability to play basketball to Frances Taylor. ARTICLE IV Smee vxe the class ol 1951 have been successful during four years of hard work and know tliit vxe vull each separate to new vxalks of life, I, the Testatrix. do hereby set our seal this 29th div of IXI ix ID the ye Ir ol our Lord nlnetten hundred and fifty-one. Iovcia TAYLOR, Tesmtrix 213 . ,S , . 545 Y ' ,- 532 ' ' I' 'O ' . . D as I ' Q ' ' 0 ' ' I I . P . ! , . I ' a - fl ' iii I , . I . . - TF' K 7 . I I X 'ii . ' xr. I , an O ' . .g ' ' I V J A Q ax I F153 . . . ' , film J D I ff ! D 5 5. . I . if o . ' H ' 77 KA LY 1 D - ' 5' . Q - - ' 0 11 ' . , . . ff' ' I o . , , . i 3 b t n iii f I T 0 E N . . . . 5 .px . . q, . 4.. . . V . . . 1- A ,, . . . , 1 . . a I 1. ' , 9.1 , I . . f fl ' I.. , ' ' I :C , C, I .... , l . . li: rn .ga , ,Q V . Q . 7 V. . Q I . . C l 2 I ' 2' ' 'Q W X an J' Y rw 0 I If I 5 ca o -Qs ' D . . tl ,V . . S J I 3 .k . . k A ' v I v 'I Y 1 I l Iv 'lf ' .R y . -- I m tsl ' L' ' ' 2 I 2 I V' 5 f . r- I 5- 'A ki . T - . 'Ah 2 I Q y ,Z Y 1 - .4 ,- 3' I I N, CLASS PHUPHEEY Looking into the future ten years, I see the members of our 1951 Senior Class representing all walks of life. Time has seen them going about their duties with a never-failing spirit to make the most of life. Here they are as l have seen them: Mrs. Luther McKeel, the former Miss Doonie Gray Adams, is keeping house for her husband, the coach of Charles L. Coon. Jeanette Bass has just opened one of the most modernized beauty shops in the state. She has two well-known beauticians employed in her new shop. They are Marian Langley and Georgia Lee Webb. Kenneth Batts is one of the best known detectives in the East. They call him "The Fat Man." Jean Batts and Doris Cooke are employed by Biltmore-Atlanta Hotel. Doris is head typist and jean works as a switchboard operator. Laynette Cooley and husband, Millard, are taking their second honeymoon in London. Arthur Beaman, one of the Twentieth Century's best known poets, has just finished his fifth book. The title is "Beaman's Poems for Enjoyment." Ellen Britt has just replaced Miss Clara Bass as French teacher at Elm City High School. Agnes Burns is keeping house for her husband, who is chief of police at Whitakers. Catherine Farmer is now head typist at the Peoples Bank in Rocky Mount. Ruby Dawes, the girl who doesn't care for marriage, is now a poet and English teacher at Appalachian State Teachers College. You'll never believe it, but Bobby Eason is teaching English at Gardner's High School now. Ernest Finch has just been promoted to general :gales manager of the Clegg Motor Company in Wilson, N. C. Dr. Keith Greene has just taken the high position as head of the Richmond Medical School. Clodas Jackson, the most troublesome boy in the Senior Class, has just returned to the United States since the Korean War. He is a Captain, stationed now at Fort jackson, South Carolina. Mrs. Malcolm Flowers, the former Elizabeth Langley, is working as stenographer in the Branch Bank of Wilson. Wilma Grey Lee, who majored in commercial work at Atlantic Christian College in Wilson, is now teaching shorthand and typing in a Chicago high school while her husband is stationed there with the Air Force. Boyd Owens, who was the most valuable football player in Wilson County, is playing his first year of professional ball with the Washington Redskins. Geraldine Owens and 'lhubbyf' Graham Braswell, have just moved into their new home near Town Creek. Lena Pittman has been teaching the second grade at Rock Ridge now for three years. Sylvester Poland, one of the most profitable farmers in this state, has just bought a large cattle ranch in Texas. Bobby Proctor is proprietor of the new Pure Oil Station in Elm City. His motto is "We never close." Mary Doris Sharpe, the new seamstress at Sharpsburg, is now Mrs. Lloyd Webb. Since Elwood Smith became so fond of driving a bus in high school, he is now driving for the Greyhound Bus Lines. Billy Smith has made a very successful year in his work as coach of the City College of New York basketball team. jimmy Sutton has just received All-American football honors. He is the smallest boy ever to receive this award. Joyce Taylor, now Mrs. Floyd Brown, is a happy wife and mother of two children. Billy Wiggins has finally settled down to be a mechanic. He specializes in "hot-rods." It has just been announced recently that Donald Wiggs, the millionaire Crosley Dealer of Rosebud, N. C., will be married in june. Milton Winstead, a registered pharmacist, now owns a Rexall Drug Store. As for me, I have just finished college and started setting up my practice as the first doctor of Town Creek, N. C. LrNwooD BRASWELL, Prophet i. .. fy .1 v . 'vs ta k . .ffgq in if , E ,ng st I 'zz a, 1. . Lf L1 Q 7 5' I 5. 4 3 c fd Q1 I I R Q it .51 if '.z Ei" r p '. ,. ,, ,.,. .-. . .,......,- ......A....-., -... .44....-x.. -s....., liuiqnn 17 ,za X ,Q if sf,AE,5 ,, I, W 19 ihiifam yi 9 q H! A. 696 .- ,,,,..1 P W N ., gm 1 'x 5' . 9 ' ff 6 My Y ,I 'Ie'- 1uv-4.r""d A O Girlfa 4 STA. fc TQS ' ,,.-....,..1.444.J4h-..,. ' ' -' ix 5 V H iff Av i - W. A- . Q a ,T J ' 3150 ' ' ' Y. K C Xxx M nba up Q Q 'nn 9. LUCILLE BARNES MILTON BASS BOBBY RAY BATTS JASPER BATTS WILLIE TYSON BATTS U JEAN BEAIxIAN I f BRUCE BRICE . 1 LOIS BRYANT I 4, J, ,Ik 1. Y - FRANKLIN DAVIS . ' CHARLES DAWES JOYCE FARIXIER THOIQIAS FARIXIER 4 DOUGLAS GARDNER JAIWES GARNER BILLY GAY ELIZABETH JENKINS HELEN JENKINS LINWOOD JOYNER MARIE OAKEX' PATRICIA O,BRIANT Page Sixteen U 1 .,g,, A1 JJ., L' X' .1 Q' . ,.f I, A ,J H+ X A Q lik! ini . ' ' f 2 ia 'V ' , f-4 V , , ' C f ,5,L A , ' E, ' - f . 4,155 , LN I U P1 Sf fLf9CV A,fQw A - ,LL "' . ,, C I 'eff 'CY' c' ' V P l U7 A' " I TK,-iff' ' ,. H Af - V I 479 5 'L L, A of A, a SHELLY PAGE 1 ff" N M BILLY PARKER Y 113' GJ' fy , V Yam-j SUE PARRISII ' ' 1 W A RREN PROCTOR ,,,4,,,, Aj fu+ff2'2w1fv QA! Cb JUL' CARL PYICKS V 973,-y-J.. f jA7,,f,,Lf71Zif-o-2 FRANCES ROBBINS DELPHIA SKINNER 1 POLLY STANCIL DOROTIIX' TIIORNE ALMA FIPHORNE JOEL THORNE RAY TROUTMAN 73 if' ANN HOLDEN XAZHITEHEAD JOAN Wlccs BILLY W1L1-1AA1S EDNA IXqAE VVPILLIAAIS PIELEN VVILLLAMS DERWOOD VVINSTEAD I. C. VVINSTEAD NANCY VVINSTEAD 5 A if Page Severzteerz CVW.J, P L-'lj 'A l X1 , , f ,Af Pl ,Q 5,34 ,f 'mu X2 - N gn 'a At. N ff: , -"Li ' 'Q . 51. "SE ff? Zyl, ,vu Wd: p. A - V, J . e'.'1 7153! "'h We ,L FX SS I A'Y J 7475 f fat 11? Af- rlfl. u vr iejg sf' 'W V riff, VW? "+fr- awed , . ,, ,, r ' . . 271 . 5 Il 5 . ' EQ? X 5:51 .VQTQ jug Xu 7. 1-i aa .' ' I-pa YS"':B"- '- A .Ak viz! riff 17.225 fill-2 ' .V .Qlf -.fx fx-1?-' aff ,f -1 En, s 3 .4 A .'-L' I. E-ff?-af Ltfgg ,- K, 'Z Lis, . an 5.m'5g ,u it C951 HSE fili- Q53 7511! Fi ff SUPHUMUPIES ARTHIIR BARNES CHRISTINE BARNES DONALD BARNES LESTER JEAN BATCHELOR MARY ANN BRADSHAW MARY ANN BRASWELL PEGGY CAREY M. C. CORE JO ANN CRUAIPLER BJARIANNE DAVIS MARIE DAWES JEAN IDIXON JOAN EDWARDS CJUYLEP- FARIYIER IDEVONA FERRELL JO ANN FLOWERS RAEFORD FLOWERS IIORACE FLORA JANIES FREIWAN BOBBY GAY ORA LEE CJAY RICIIARD CJREENE JXJARVIN JJAWLEY lava Eighteen MYRA HAYES BXIILDRED JENKINS JACK JOBE TOM JOHNSON CQLADIOLA JOYNER BOBBY LANCASTER ELLA LEE LANGLEY EDWARD LEE SHIRLEY LUCAS CECIL BJEEKS LJIRAIXI BJORTON BOB 0,BRYANT JAIXIES PARKER PATSY PARKER PAUL PARKER MVILLIAIXI PARKER BETTY JEAN PETWAY CQRADY PITTIXIAN JEANETTE PITTAIAN DON PRIDCEN DEL ROBBINS CAROLYN PYORRINS FRANCES ROBBINS JIAIAIY ROBBINS MAUDE ROGERS CYNTHIA RUTH BILLY SIIARPE JOAN SHARPE SHIRLEY SHARPE ELLA LEE STANCIL BEDAIOND YIJIIURNE CJLENN VVALLACE CQERALD VVALSTON JOYCE VVEAYER RRAXTON VVEBB ROBERT WEEKS BETSY WELLS REX VVIGGS JANET VVILLUMS CJRAYNELL VVILLIFORD RUBY VVHITEIIEAD IADRIAN VVINSTEAD KATURYN VVINSTEAD PAT VVINSTEAD REBECCA XAIINSTEAD VALMONT VVINSTEAD . V ' FPIESHME ENIIXIA DONNIE BAILEY LINDA BATTEN PATTIE BATTS BLANCHE BEAIVIAN WILLIARI BULLOCK BOBBY CAREY ROBERT MCCLESS CAREY WILLIABI B. CAREY DON BREIVER COBB BERTIE LEIGH COOKE ANITA DAVIS JOHN DAVIS JAIXIES DIXON VVESLEYN DOLES JALNIES ,DONALD EASONP 'SARAH ELLA EDWARDS' BEBECCAiFARIxIER' REATHER FIELDS JI JAMES GAJRDNER I JOYCE' GILLARS I I MCfNTRES,S 'DELL JGREENE BILL CRIEEIN I ELIZABETH GRIFFIN LOUISE CTOOCH LTOLTON IIANIIVI JUSTICE IRIARDISON CHARLES HATHWAX' ELUIVIIAL HODGES TVIYRA JEAN TTODGES BUEUS HOVVLEY CRAVEN HUNT BARBARA JACKSON LORINE JOYNER PATTIE JOYNER CELIA LUCAS JOHNNIE RAY LUPER MONA GREY MATHEVVS JEAN MATHEWS PAUL MILLINDER DAVID MOORE AUDREY O,BRIANT FATE PARKER SHIRLEY PITTINIAN OBRIA POLAND LLEIXIPIE POLAND WILBLIR POWELL CIIIXRLIE PROCTOR VICTOR RACKLEY CTEORGE ROBBINS WARREN SESSOLIS TNTILDRED SYKES BILLY SHARPE BOBBY SHARPE LITHELIXIA TANT FRANCES ,TAYLOR TVIARIAN TAYLOR IRENE TREVATHEN LOIS VIVERETTE JOYCE VIVERETTE BETTY LOU TURNER ELIZABETH TURNER FRANCES WELLS BOBBY RAY WILLIARIS HORACE VVINSTEAD .JOYCE WINSTEAD PAUL WOOTEN Page Nineteen ,JS .VV ,- 1 ff fm ff fx. iff- ' 'Wh Wi R15 PTH:-4 Il f In I QT fi.: -CIF- I, - A '-+1 -fag 'um f,-1,-+4 L I ,-Q: 171.5 'wat Rh -1 if ima H .,., . af! 'WV rf- 2 FN? ff' Ff'!3'vg TPY1'-5 if as-1 . 1, ' 421 'Li L - ' 'v K ,..., I -Q S ,, 1, 1 5- EEC: E, ' LJ! o,'.h .4 N 7 ., I V' ' fa , J TTR '- Y: XR' vw LVL J . J X ,J K I J c . . , J afg 15: al 5- Hi- -f KV., 4' J L7 I ,, ' 'X ' "TS A 'I-A T, Z9 , 'X xx J Qt: fi 1 . -A ,I Q c X L " . ,Jr J If J Aj' Q-sm, Y f '11, ' I J cw C, I ,Ly .TPR L J 1 TL, -I lf ,, Y W x 9 . J I, ., T, -.1 RLJL 'gg fwvggf . 1 K ' A'-. Liu I ALTON ADAMS GEORGIA ANN FARMER JOSEPHUS PARKER2- ,A C f - ' aft C' "I K, ga QL CJAROLYN BARNES RUBY JEAN FARMER RXIARVIN ROBBINS A 1' v, 1 4 ff, , - , A 1 YJ ' JJAROLD BASS IQUNICE GARDNER CIERALDINE SKINNER' 'TQ I 'f . LUTHER BASS JDORIS JACKSON 'DORIS SUBIAIERLIN 'JP V' ,C Q L fffpf, JAMES BATTS RACHEL JENKINS VVILLIE IHORPE .5 fm , K , W JEAN BATTS RACHEL LANIER JDICK YYSON 21 , V I PEGGY BRICE LUCY PAUL JXJATTHEWS LINVVOOD VVEEKS J"-A ITIERMAN COBB PAULINE RJILLINDER RJARGARET VVILLIAIXIS .,r, BETTY JEAN IDAVVES RIARY RUTH CRVVENS REBECCA VVINSTEAD , . f' JOE LOYD FARMER LOUISE VVINSTEAD ' '-75 V ll' K, ,.n "' I 11,5 -' Lv' 4' I ' " : L -X , J, N ' 'F 0 A' Y Q? 'v K- -ig fl. I RN 1 N S -4 N -1 ,Q Q a ' 1 . I '- ' "X u - if S lf' h 1 Ls --, , , UNK. -. ' . 5 v l I s ' ' Page Twenty ' J' J .,, - Seated: Ellen Britt, Art Ifttitorg lovee Tuvior, Cirezttutiotz Uttrzttgerg Doris B E H T Cooke, Typist, Geraldine Owens, Eziitorlilz-Ctzief. X STAFF Smtzciizzgz Jean Batts, Assistttxzt Cirezttatimz .Uzzzzttggcrg Vvtllllkl Grey Lee. Typist, Catherine Farmer, Typist, Lztvnette Qoolev, tfztsitzvss Hftxzttgerg Milton VVinsteati, Assistant Etiitorg Mrs. Helen Xl. Simpson, Spozzsor. 12 ,Maj BFAHJH STAFF Seated: Boyd Owens, Sports Editor, ,lean Butts. Hztsitzess ltuxntgerg Gemlcline Owens, News Eziitorg Doris Cooke, Art Iftiitorg .loves Tzivlor, Society lfttitorg Milton VVinstead, Eciitm'-itz-Ctzief. Stmzdizzg: Linwood Hrztswell, zissistttut Sports Editor, Bobbv Proctor, Assistant Business Mfirztzgerg Doris Sharpe, Assistmzt News Etiitorg Lena Pittman, Humor' Editor, Catherine Farmer, Assistmzt Society tfctitorg Ellen Britt, Assistant Etiitor. Page 'lqwczztyhotzc ST DE T E ITNETL .V Jvjglfkfylwy' fiffjlss J L, aw, f ' ! I 1 ij ' J' I J ff! yy! yr ffxyd Y I J f V -s. Lf!!! J Zu W . l 1 jf? w ,ffp 4 if 'fr ' jf! .Wi ,J ' -f Z 1 X .1 f i FJ X ,f f M 1' 'fl ' I ,f Jeannette Pittman, Secretary, jean Batts, Presidentg Ieannette Bass, Reporterg Catherine Farmer, Treczsurerg jean Beamon, Rubv Dawes, VVeselV Doles, Peggv Carey, Jo Anne Crumpler, Elizabeth Anne Crilhn, Marian Taylor. Uorothv Thorne, Victor Piaekley, Patsv Parker, Joan VViggs, jimmv Freeman, Don Priclgen, Nanev Vvinsteacl, Linwood Braswell, Anne Turner, Fave Lucas. l 1 BETA CLUB Geraldine Owens, President, Nanev VVinstead, Vice-Presitlezztg Lucille Barnes, Seeremrvg Billv VVilliams, Treasurer, Linwood Baswell, Beporterg Iovee Tavlor, Bubv Dawes, 'Ioan VViggs, Delphia Skinner, Marv Doris Sharpe. Bohbv Proctor, Jean Batts, Ellen Britt, Jovce Barts, Milton VVinstead, Billv Parker, Patsy O'Brvant, Miss Edith Lewis, Sponsor. .4l7SClZfZ Jovce Farmer, Billy Gay. r N Page Tweulyflwo ,-Xrthur Barnes, Donald Barnes, Milton Bass, Jasper Barts, XVill Bullock, Don Cohh, XI. CI. Cobb, liohhx Conv, Bill Davis, Franklin Davis, Bohln Lason, Donald Eason, ,Xuleie Lee larmer, Cuvler Farmer, 'lhomas Farmer, Horace Flora, Haeford llovvers, Jimmie Freeman, Dick Gardner, Douglas Gardner, llillv Gav, Bohbv Gav, Richard Green, Holton Hamm, Charles Ilathouax, Nlarvin llaxvlev, Rufus llavvlev. Garven Hunt, Jack Jobe, Thomas Johnson, Shelhv Langlev, lidxvard Lee, Cecil Meeks, Paul Millinder, David Moore. Hirom Morton, Bob U'Brxant, Dervl O'Brvant, Fate Parker, James Parker, . . . , Gradv Pittman, Obria Poland, YVilhur Powell, Don Pridgen, Charlie Proctor, U'arren lroctor, Victor Racklev, Carl Ricks, George Rohhins, Jimmv Rolihins, Randolph Hohhins, XVarren Sessoms. Billx Sharpe, Bohbv Sharpe, Rav Troutman, Glenn XVallace, Braxton XVehh, Bohhv XVeeks. Rudolph XVhite head, Billv XVigggins, Donald XViggs, llillv 'iYilliams, Bobhv XVilliams, .Xdrian XVinstead, David XYinstead, Derxvood XYinstead, Valmont Vl'instead, Paul XYooten. PH , 1 ,I c 15 n I-I1lTI1l llailev, Christine llarnes, Lucille Barnes, Linda Gail Batten, Joxce Halls, Palsv Baits, Blanche ieamon, Marv Ann Bradshaw, Ellen Britt, Jo Xnn Crumpler, .Xnita Davis, Marianne Davis, Marie Duyes, Rubv Dawes,nSarah Edwards, Rebecca lfarmcr, Reather Fields, Ora Lee Gav, Louise Gooch. Nlqntress Greene, Libljv Grillin, Mvra llaves, Jean llodges, Barbara Jackson, Mildred Jenkins, Gladiola Jo'vner, Lorine Jovnelf, Pattie Jovner, lfave Lucas, Shirlev Lucas, Jean Al2lfllll'XVS, Mona Grev hlatthews. Geraldine OXX'CI1S,,lXi'lIlC Oakev, Jeanette Parker, Patsv Parker, Jeanet e Pittman, Lena Pittman, Shirlex Plittman, Shellv Paige, Tempie Poland, Garolvn Robbins, Maude Rogers, Shirlev Sharpe. Delphia Sv .y Skinner, Thelma Tant, Marian Tavlor. Alma Thorne, Dot Thorne, Bettv Lou Turner, Jovce Yiverette, ,X X 1 ,lQ, 5, Lois Ann Viverette, Joyce VVeaver, Helen XVilliams, Janet VVilliams, Gravnell NVilliford, Jovce XVin il X 2 I I StC2ld,frQil11CV Wfimstdad. xxx. fl l ll l v l li 'll l ' 5' l., ' Q l l J v' J ' . i ' A l' ' ,ll A 'X ll x l N' ll: lk I 1, lx J W, -Q l t Page Tuicizty-three l . ill gll il Xl i l 5 U L ' ic! rs -' ' X , Q l I ll' li l ' 59 'l l X l g ll l f sr ll J 59 72 35 A Iv If 'X Sd' bl't9r'tlYx .il ICP' .J '..-.559 Q, iff' .QT 7.9-' vi MJ.-5 ES!wF3S'i1T+'5. T1 J"WEE1-l'5El2gT'Q, ,.1iij56'?h7Y??iE55l4'5z ' i i?i?Ii!F3gW?Z5S" ftsffilk it 323531233 ' fw 5't'iE1ZfEtT'zfg5'iEiZals2i'?f. i'1:Q11?liQ237'1EL'i",5iL 1520 if K 5 Z :W ,If nw, kfz: 3 ff, ! I cf' 12 Pixy ' :YKXCZSEZC KQV r,,3f3lf 1 R WI, x M95 9 ,M v it x , x M 22 ,, x .. , sv ' f Q 4 Vw? HHH HW li FCEM HK 1 '-K Ii l T ejiffw Qvgwm Page 'lw'll'L'lIl1' fum' I 1' 1 'Wi f fn ,ws J' ' M 5 1 4 2 wo ' yr W I M W 44 si W wg , ,,,,,,,. N . f y 4 n ? 1 .. wa. :2 ' 5 4 ff l 4412 if Y 4' su A SK 2+ ew it WFS' an MIK has an 4553? lil!! Ki Uw ag, w ,, ff . :Si ww W wk ia if g' , IXEU EHUHU5 limma Bailev, Dunalrl llarnes, Lucille Barnes, Bulubx' Rav Barts, Jovce llatts, Pastv Batts, Ellen Britt, XVill Bullock, Dun Colxb, jo Ann Crumpler, .Xnita Davis, llill Davis, Ruby Dawes, Vlleslev Dulles, Sars Edwards, juvee l5armer, Rebecca Farmer, Iuvee Gillnrs, llulton llann, Jus.iee llarclison, Charles llatliawav, jean Hodges, llelen jenkins, Niltlretl jenkins, 'liltmnaa Iulinsrm, Claclula Joyner, Lorine juvnei, Bnlulw Lancaster, Ella Hee Langlev, Sliirlcx' Lucas, Johnnie Rav Luper, Marie Oalxcv, Geraldine Owens, Billx' Parker, Sue Parrisli. Jeannette Pitt- man, Lena Pittman, Sliirlex' Pittman, Vicmrv Racklev, llillv Sharpe, Alma Tlwrne, Dot 'l'lmr11e, juel Tliorne, lrene 'l4l'CY2lIll2II1, Lois Ann Viverette, Frances XYt-lla. Pmex Xl'iggS. lltililnx' lVilliaina, llelen Crav XVilliams, Janet lVilliams, .Mlrian XVina1earl. Nlilwmn XYin- steacl, Nzincv NVinxte.icl, Pat XxTlI1StC1!tl, Rebecca XVinQteacl. ff. IXEU UUAHTET Alma Thorne, Dot Thorne, Billv Smith, Billv Sharpe. Dot Thorne, Nancv VVinstearl, Ellen F Britt. -.V F l 4-H CLUB Maude Rogers, Montress Greene, Justice Hardison, .Xnita Davis, Lena Pittman, Eunice Fave Gardiner, Lorraine Jovnor, Emma Bailev, jean llodgers, Betty' Smith, Rachel Lanier, Ann Bottoms, Shirlev Sharpe, Mildred Farmer, Donald llason, Pegggv VVil liams, Bertie Leigh Cooke, Audrev O'Brvant, Charles Beaman, Herhert Camphelle, jean- nette Pittman, Barbara Jackson, Josephus Parker, jovce Cillars, Peggv Carev, Frances Tavlor, David Moore, Shelbv Langlev, Lester jean Batchelor, Elsie Staneil, Kathrvne Ulin- Stead, Norris llunt, Sue O'Brvant, Loretta Barnes, Jean Dixon, Don Cohh, Lihhv Griff Hn, Victor Raeklev, janet Vililliains, Tom johnson, Evelyn YVehh, Dora Bell Barnes, Jean Baits, jean Matthewi, Mona Matthews, Ann Turner, Barbara Ulillianis, Billv VVil' liains, llolden llam, Rubv Jean Farmer, Rachel Ienkinw, Blanche Beainan, Doris Suinmerlin, Marv .Xnn Bradshaw, Bettv Jean Petwav, Marvin Ilam, Elwood Smith, Billv Smith, Jinimv Sutton, jovce VVeaver, Carolvn Rohhins, Gravnell Vililliford, PCSZSIV Brice. Freddie Langlev, "Happv" Rohhins, Arthur Barnea, Cradv Pittman, Io-Ann Flowers. Marie Dawex, .Xlton Adams. Cuvler Farmer, Charlie Proctor, Braxton VVeblJ, Dick Tvson, Dervl O'Brvant, XXI. C. Cobb, Bill Sharpe, Jack johe, Rudolph VVhitehead, Bohhv VVeeks. B 5 DRIVERS Carl Ricks, Clodas lackson, VVarren Proctor, David VVinstead, Randolph Robbins, Milton VVinstead, Billv Smith, Adrian VVinstead, Linwood Braswell. Elwood Smith, VV. T. Batts. MAHSHALS Geraldine Owens, Rubv Dawes. Ellen Britt, Milton VVinstead, Linwood Braswell, Bobbv Proctor. "5 '12 litre?" , ' b - 32355 Q VW X if 5 we Java, Page Tuieufyffire First row: jimmy Dixon, Boyd Owens, Donald Barnes, Derwood WlHSfGdd Llnvxood Brawvell Rav Bottoms, Kenneth Bottoms, Bill Griflin, M. C. Cobb. Second row: Aricie Lee Farmer, VVarren Proctor, Jimmy Sutton Billy Parker Paul lvllllinder Marvin Hawley, james Parker, Dick Tyson, Mmmgerg Aaron E Fussell Coach Elm Elm Elm Elm Elm Elm Elm Elm Elm City City Cityu. City City City City City City 1 IL lqwenlv-six PUUTBA Belhaven . . . Gardners . . . Rock Ridge Stantonsburg Wliitakers . . Lucama .... Roanoke Rapids Saratoga . . . Opponents . 'Is 4 J fr .1 , vi' X .- il .Y . 1 Q D4 dw QW R ru X., 533 3,35 3 First row: James Parker, Billv Sharpe, Bovtl Owens, Linwood Braswell B U Y S l Billy Smith. l BASKETBALL x 4 1 I f I , 1 1 E , First row: Jovee Tavlor Frances Robbins Barbara VVilliilIllS Louise Gooch, N U I Pl L 5 l Betsy Wells, jean Batts,v Katherine VVinstead, Catherine Farmer. Second row: Barbara Jackson, Marv Ann Braswell, Libbv Griffon, 'lo Ann JH A 5 H E T B I-fm Flowers, Sue Pg 'sl.1, Ann Turner, Hellen VVillia1ns, Doris Cooke, Aaron E. Y N Xi Fussell, Coach., .Sf X , .Al , . Sl ,Q it f .J . i fy' - X X Q NJ 9 OX K rx aj A Y X FH , . , -. , f ' . nge wen! 'SCUCII NJ l ll w kj Y 1 i A l 0, X "J 'fi - W 0 'J' ', J, lx, Second row: Don Pridgen, Dickv Greene, Derwood VVinstead, llillv VVilliams, Iustiee Hardison, Billv Parker, illcizztixgcrg Aaron E. Fussell, Cmlelz. rw I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,....q. , , -,. ,Y -71- 1 1 o ' 1 o I ff x 1 n 1, . . n Dlrivlfcglilior, Hellen VVilliams, Shellv Page, jean Barts, -Iovcc.Gillars. Top left: Libhv VVhitehead, Ruth Ann Tvidn. Top right: Lucille Barnes, Alma Thorne. Klarv Ann Brasweil, Bruce Brice, VVi1l Bulluck, Betty 'lean Davis, Franklin Davis, Carroll Dixon VVesIeV Dolce Georuia Farmer, Io Ann Flowers, Beckv Gardner, lusrice I ,. , , , Y ,, H ' , llardison, Charles Hathawav, Barbara jackson, Gradv Jaclwon, Leon johnson, Thomas Johnson, Ann Owens, Hillv Sharpe, John Llovd Sharpe, Delphia Skinner, Alma Thorne. lilessin Thorne, Dot Thorne, joel Thorne, Glenn VVaHace, Betsv VVCIIS, Bobbv xA7iIIi211TlS. Karhrvn VVinstead, Louise VVinsteacI, Pat VVinstcad, Reb VVinstead, Rebecca VVinsteacI, Mrs. Louise G. VVinstead, Director. Page vlwll'C'1llj"CiNQ11f T. B. WINSTEAD RAINES AND COX Authorized R.C.A. Victor Photographers Sparton Dealer Nationally Known Radio 5 Electrical Appliances WILSON N C 27 Years Experience Assures You The Best in Service "ff Ir'5 Electrical I Have It' Or Can Cer lt For You" Box 209 Phone 4046 Phone 5206 Elm City, N. C. BEST WISHES BRASWELL SPORT JENIQRS ROSE DRESS SHQP i Phone 4611 Complzments of TQWN CDF ELM CITY Page Twen A WH-SON, N- C- RocKY MOUNT, N. c. 111 e BEST WISI-iES T0 THE SENIOR CLASS BRANCH BANKING 81 TRUST CDMPANY Compliments of I PIEIIMIINI WHIIIISAII IIIIIIISI I L. S. FARMER 8L SON GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 55II Elm City, N. C WILSON, N. C I GENERAL SUPPLY STORE I and A ELM THEATRE ELM CITY GIN Always The Best In Entertainment" Alton Sharpe, Prop. Elm cafy, N. c. Complimemfs of SOUTHERN DAIRIES G' C' COBB 85 SON I WILSON, N. C. GENERAL MERCHANDISE I Seolfeyr ICG Cream Farm Supplies-Fertilizers and Dairy Products Phones 2134-2135 Elm City' N' C I gefi ty RAINBOW RESTAURANT Wilsoefs Finest IIO South Goldsboro Street WILSON, N. C. ee THRIFTY BUY MUTUAL INSURANCE WILTON H. PRIDGEN Phone 4551 Elm City, N. C. Ideal Gas 81 Appliance Ee. BOTTLED GAS SALES--SERVICE P. O. Box 607 Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of Taylor and Sharpe ROSEBUD, N. C. CARL MEYER'S "Your Friendly Store" Phone 5751 ELM CITY, N. C. The LONDON SHOP Exclusive not Expensive WILSON, N. C. All Kinds of Farm Tractors, New Automobiles, Sheppard Diesel Sold Here and Repairs Illilsen Ierm II Equipment, Ine. Roger Page, Ir. WILSON, N. C. Page Thirty-o e B 8: B GROCERY Fresh Meats, Fruits and THE COFFEE SHOP HOME cooKiNG Vegetables Steaks, Seafood, Barbecue, Etc. I T BIZVZ Lodge Street We come eenogers Phone 2179 wilson, N. c. ELM C'TY' N' C' , . . Randy s SSFVICC Statlon BL AUVEL1-,S PURE OIL PRODUCTS Wilsons Oldest Jewelers 24 Hour Service WILSON, N. C. ELM CITY, N. C. Stedman Stores Company GROCERY, FEEDS, SEEDS AND MEATS Since 1923 Elm City, N. C. Phone 5161 Tom Langley, Mgr. Elm City Pharmacy Marvin L. Davis, Owner Your REXALL Drug Store "Meet Your Friends At Our Soda Fountain" Cora Nome-Max Factor Parker 21 5 51 Whitman's-Pangburns Blanche Bridgers' Grocery Store General Mdse. Cr Service Station Elm City, N. C. Route No. 3 Page Thirty-t1 Compliments ot CRADE A KNOWLES DINNER Knowles Nursery Gardens Compliments ot JOHNSON FURNITURE -Certified- Azaleos-Comellios WILSON, N. C. ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. HUNT'S MOTEL 30 MODERN ROOMS PRIVATE BATHS-STEAM HEAT Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Hunt, Owners U. S. 301 SMILEY O'BRIEN Gun, Saw, and Leather Shop 207 South Street WILSON, N. C. TUM WIITSIlN'S GIIIIIIEE Phone 449I Elm City, N. C. Auto Repair, Acetylene Welding" CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSI Qmkmi Biff' Shop, if Page Tlliriysrlrre YELLOW FRONT VISIT STARLITE OROOERY AND 3 PINE VALLEY Fresh Meats, Frults, Vegetables D , I Th lt 1"Z'Ue' 72 ea Te Phone 5I4I Elm Cary, N. C. 301-som Wilson N Compliments of Complzmemfs of CITY GROCERY WILLIAMS LUMBER w. w. Wells COMPANY ELM CITY, N. C. WILSON, N. C. WILSON DRUG CO. HEILIG-MEYERS THE OLD RELIABLE FURNITURE SINCE 1888 "For Wise Buyers" WILSQN, N, C, WILSON, N. C. THE CREAMERY MARKET AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE W'L5ON' N' C' EASONBURG, N. c. I gc Thirty-four GARIIEIVS GIIIIDERY "Where The Best Sells For Less" C. Floyd Garner, Owner Meats-Fruits Vegetables Phone 5931 Elm City, N. C. Compluments ot WILLIAMS' LUNCH ELM CITY, N. C. Compllmehts ot Thomas-Yelvertun Company Better Furniture FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE EMBALMERS Wilson, N. C. Phone 3121 W. B. DOLES Heavy and Fancy Groceries FRESH MEATS FROZEN FOODS Phone 5491 Elm Cary, N. C "IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL" Wylie's Barber Shop ELM CITY, N. C. ELM CITY SUPPLY 00. Electrical Contractors Myers Water Systems Phone 4451 Elm City, N."C Bridgers Paint 81 Wall Paper Company Paints, Wallpaper, Venetian Blinds, Er Artist Supplies Nlvloke Your Pomt Problems Our Bosmessu 1255 Ta rboro St. Phone 4428 WILSON, N. C. C. A. "Buck" Bridg ers, Owner Page Tlzirty-fiv P gm Y Motor Sales New Cr Used Cars I Mile East of Shorpsburg B. B. PITTMAN'S STORE 1. E. WILLIAMS General Merchandise Phone 8950 Shorpsburg, N. C. TOWN CREEK Route No. I ' FOR SALE Gramm Southern Corporation OF WILSON, N. C. V C Dia' 4105 FERTILIZER George W. Simpson V -President Cr General M g Q Compliments ot D I C K' S Electrical Co. WILSON, N. C. L. M. BATCHELOR Farm Supplies SHARPSBURG, N. C. M. A. BATIIHELUH ANU CU. GROCERIES, MEATS AND HIGH GRADE GOALS SHARPSBURG, N. C. lfly Compliments ot BARRETT'S PRINTING HOUSE Established 1896 Dial 2820 WILSON, N. C. George S. Stancil 84 Co. GENERAL MERCHANDISE "Better Boys For Better Livinqn Town Creek Phone 5125 Jnyner's Memorial Company CEMETERY MEMORIALS Compliments ot MOTHER ancl DAUGHTER 301 Highway South ' WILSON, N. C. Phone 3807-8 WILSON' N- C- DIXDN DRY CLEAN ERS P O. Box 84 Phone 5321 ELM CITY, N. C. Compliments of 0E'.T.'TINGER'S wiLsoN,N.c. FARRIS 109-111 S. Tarboro St. Dial 2649 Wilson, N. C. Bragg Street Grocery Fresh Meats and Produce 312 Bragg Street WILSON, N. C. Welcome, Formers Department Store Page Tlzirtyfseve T. W. C O B B Furniture and Funeral Directors Phone 54ll ELM CITY, N. C. JOHNSON GROCERY Fresh Meats, Seafood, and Poultry 600 Raleigh St. Rocky Mt. E. V. BRASWELL CO Dealers In Coal-Building Supplies Fuel Oil-Dupont Paints Phone 5Zll Elm City, N. BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF l95l Parlcer's Restaurant ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. J AMES E. WINSTEAD ESSO PRODUCTS Phone 5l5l ELM CITY, N. C. Compliments ot M. I. BOYKIN, JR. I WILSON, N. C. Page Thirty-eigl Two Things That Go Tagether-Coke and 54 Compliments ot PARKER'S BAR-B-Q WILSON, N. c. SEE CECIL B. LAMM 8: CO For AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE LONG TERM FARM LOANS G.I. Cr F.H.A. LOANS WILSON, N. C. ELM CITY MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Highway 30l Elm City, N. C. Phone 5351 Compliments ot LEDER BROS. WILSON, N. c. CHURCHWELUS, INC. J ewelers-S ilversmiths Serving Wilson County Over 50 Yeors WILSON, N. C. C. D. BROWN FRESH MEATS FANCY GROCERIES 439 Raleigh Road ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. EM-J AY SPORTING GOODS CO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL High Grade Athletic Equipment Telephone 2256 Wilson, N. C. 106 S. Tarboro St. DENNY'S JEWELERS The l-louse ot Nationally Advertised Merchonclise l98 W. Nash St. WILSON, N. C. If Page Thirty-ni e BRASWELI. MUTURS CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales and Service ELM CITY, N. C. Compliments ol QUALITY BAKERY WILSON, N. c. Compliments of G. JACKSON Phone 5136 G. ELM CITY, N. c. EEST WISHES TO CLASS OF l95l BELK-TYLER Wi lson's Shopping Cenlei' Compliments of MOSS 8z CO., INC WILSON, N. c. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! II8 S. Goldsboro St. Phone 4954 ' z ' DRESS-SI-IOP " Where Smortness Prevoilsn 219 E. Nash St. WILSON, N. C. Pugc For! y COMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL BANK OF WILSON X FOR GGODNESS9 SAKE! umson DHILY TlmEs Wilson COUn'ry's Only Newspoper YQ! .1-,I Circulation More Than 10,000 5' les cazzw 1 1 ' Evening Hours Are Reading Hours "The Meio Feiio " WILSON N- 1 8 Compliments Of WIISOUIS 1:1I'1Q Jewelers Rosenthal and Syracuse ' -CHINA- 106 W. Barnes Sf. GORHAM-WATSON--TOWLE-SMITH Back of MOSS G C0- ALVIN-INTERNATIONAL-LUNT STERLING WILSON' N. C. Wilson, N. C. Phone 4436 HUNT FUNERAL AMBULANCE HOME SERVICE WILSON, N. C. STANTONSBURG, N. C. Dial 3148-3149 Dial 2381 WILSON COUNTY MUTUAL BURIAL ASSOCIATION , Page Portyeo e Ill1ll1'S SIIIIIIIZI SIAIIIIN Van D. Britt, Prop. Serving you for the past 21 years SINCLAIR GAS AND OIL GROCERIES Phone 4351 Elm City, N. C. T. T. Thorne Maytag Go. Deep Freeze Lockers lronrite lroners Philco G Crosley Refrigerators Elm City, N. C. Phone 2251 MllHPHY'S SANDWICH SHIIP Delicious Sandwiches 5 Drinks of All Kinds 310 Herring Ave. Wilson, N. C. lllllllllll Illl IIIIIIIPIIIII, IIIII. WILSON, N. C. Distributors of Pure Oil Products Phones 2500-4201 CORBETT MUTOR CO. Sales BUICK Service WILSON, N. C. RULANE GAS SERVICE FOR TAPPAN RANGES ROCKY MOUNT WILSON Corner Wash. 6 Hill Sts. 121 N. Douglas Phone 8137 Phone 5671 Metered Gas Service lgldlyl SIIIITH IIISURIIIIIZI HISHIIIY . ' -'W GOOD FOOD F o n Main St. ELM CITY, N. C. PLEASED Qt G U E S T S Phone 542' Jom:S2Xf0lla.co. cHlcAG01l0NG ISLAND CII'-Plllllnflpllll Dlllls-'lfllHTA-'PIITSUURGH1BlTR0lT1l0ST0n Compliments of AL DAWES ll-fl? ' fx 1. ,nk , Q -. f '55 AYW f '1- Y STEVE LOULAS -4 JI!-QQ HAMBURGER SHOP A - 10173 H. c. BASS - N' 1' sauce LAMM Dial zozz wu.soN, N. c. ,oo ossfnvfn MU! CHARLOTTE N.C. QR! N Tl NG Page FortyAtl1rec Ffa, 'ln T I X. : ,W ' 5 0, Y 'X .W fy , 1 WJ Qfluto mph! yi' 'K 3 KVM fag M9 g f J' M1 W 4' if X 'fy ,zz W M iff? ya! Kggjwffif my ,J N OW fa AW WW, Hoff M Z9 'gil ,"'NWa?"'y fax' ffjjjfvm ffiwwffjf Q M .IU 41727 r fn? W f WW EW A Xa!! ,ml ffm? JK X 1 W W 36 ,i ' ' 16016 ' QQ? ME fmffa ' W Q e at 7fl2WQ Q A ' 1 2 f Q.A74.,VI'n71' Z 1 J? 4.4 A . - ' . ,.1 , A ff JN . Y 'y,,f.",, N- ,V 1,.v Y V v,,f N .' wif, ' .. ' hu, 'f '- HM I 4, if :V ,Q . ' ,' 31. 41 :T T5 ' v J' X 11, t U ,f,1,Liif..i1'.- H., A., , 1,, ", .L .u 's 5. I 3 ' " ':iJa'Q,dfH 1 f wQA7LfM6AQ'! L -'afli-X41 'Z' , XXJW'-' 'V' 1 'Q L J -6, Nfwf. .4 ' l PQQQQ-fypvv HS fgffgf A HMMQ jj 70,4 'ff 56 7 r Y I'3Qu"f'Mj! 6 ' 10' f !6,d.1A,, ,y,, Jw' ' Z , ,f.1Jf- ' if 1 1' If jj f ll7f0J 6 4,7j'1J W' WY M1 s wif!!! 7 , uf-kg .,M' , ,e V. Q 1 V 1 l , P-gprhiyz! V -,541 V ft, gy ',4.IL. :V -lxfh - N , 'Inf' - 1 ,326- 11 - - ' V 1 7 ' 'ff I' ' J' 'f SML ' ., V- ' 1 N ' n - . f Q. ,H ,M if fi I 1 , if "' wx 4- '- .' D: 1-Qu' lllrg iii .. .1 L1 w v M fe. , I ,, , Y n.. wi I AQ . 'ici Z ifn H mu, -,Av ' Q V me f 2 s' I '- MK ix-1 if ,,.,.VR 1 . ,wa Mm I- "1 W . . fx' gf .. ,, . 'J' 1,5 , 'fy gh. H W Xt s xg M' PJQL' 5 pk, 1155 1 at 'EK l , . -1- ff, I ,, ft! 1 4 w . ,v p ' 1 mm xl up .,,M'r r V-4 .Ya . 4. -,. 54,12 4,+f ll. 555 5.3 'pk , gl". I .7 A HL -. uf, " ' mf N ' H 1 MMV! :X :- Y? bi

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