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ww ww ww wwwxw wx bww w 'c W f. vwh. 5 aw ww ww. 4 . ,Et 2.1314 1 :li ' w ' ww 'I-.0 'rwg wx? w .M w 1' I w w' 54 ww V. ww i,u1'g,'. 'fw ww aw" Lwiwwzfgw L".- 'Q'-,' ', ' 1-zfw' ww 'Ia :ww wvv ww 'fs- wif if . .w w,ww ww w, f ,ff . 26 P1 52 Il mx ff fg l w Pv 3'l ww ww 4 wxg w wfifiw w w f ' w wwf w w I r' W 'ul w 55' 1 'w in M 4 1":?2'I w HF: - -.6 : 'nm vw '- . wwvwq, gm .w,w ' wwwjgw 2 UH! 4 w'w w1'v4W Q . 1 w, w .41.w2 -www . wa - I' w ' Nfl?-f ,-w . ww . ww ,9 54 ' 417 ww U, if wi 4- !,"'w 1 "wwf ukmgwt .gwwww Nflhww, w,.x5, w Z' ww-'r wwf .X w'w 3.-' "w ff. wwwwwiwww.: Pw'-T31 4: -A My ,3eg,., www , M w ..1.w 'Q i .' ,',ay". ' w www: V ww w "www - w F 1' L W w 'w lw', ,w,w w w w wwwww w www, wwww w' JA rw ', ww w w. w ww ww w w ww ww w - ww wwww w ww," wwww w ,ww ww. r JJ ,wx ,www .N www I w w w 4 "wg "', - K w ww .w 'wwwwwl ,, wig' w. I W Aw! A- ww, ww, ww xw we ww qu w Wilsfp. PN.. .. .11 - fir Puhgic Library 72744 fgfcm wvnfg 1950 EA R 'I' Rf ' Published by the sew Class Of ELM CITY HICH SCHCOL ELM CITY, NORTH CAROLINA FOREWORD R 'bw .ir fri L., I f, in later years, when nternories are olinirneal, you open the BEAR TRAP to refresh your recollections of the pleasant tirnes spent at Elin City High School anal the hours slip rapially hy as you turn the pages, then we, the staff, will hnow that our efforts to inahe this a treasure hook of scenes, experiences, anal associations o f our stuolent tlays were successful. That each coming year rnay aolol a new value to the BEAR TRAP is the wish of the staff! DEDICATION Love, interest, devotion, loyalty-these have made nina a faithful servant of, and a great friend to, oar school for the past thirty-yqve years. In deep appreciation of this service and friendship, we, the senior class, dedicate the annual of 1950 to the cfzairinan of the Elin City School Hoard, MR. B. A. HARRELSON Page Th MISS CLARA BASS MR. CHARLES L. BATTEN MRS. SADIE BRASVVELL MISS TXqARY VIRGINIA BUTT MRS. TOM P. DIXON MRS. B. FARMER MR. AARON FUSSELL MRS. WILTON PRIDGEN MRS. L. M. SIMPSON MRS. LILLIAN SKINNER MRS. T. B. WINSTEAD MISS HATTIE MAE LEWIS Secretary FACULTY MR. P. T. PUGATE Supe1fifnte1'zdent in ,. ' Q f -515 3.324 1 I 33- .V fx ,.-DL I- rf' ts ' W' E71 A . . , ,N .., ac M .e"' 6 le... SENIOR CLASS Page Six 1 V.A I If 4 I ?3V E OFFICERS IOYCE BATTS .... .,.......... ...... P 1' esiclent BILLY SMITH ...... .... V ice-President PEGGY WHITEHEAD . . . ..... Secretary IACK EDWARDS . .. ..... Treasurer LA RUE BAILEY ....... ...... ...... R e porter COLORS: Red and Wlzite FLOWERS: Red and White Roses MYRA LAIVIIXT AND BOOART WINSTEAD, IR., Mascots MOTTO: "The will to do, the S0111 to flare." 'WF A A ' -A 141.1 az. , . ,:1.f'e' 's"1f'v2 ',s'e:f14-"f'f wr 4 1' fl l1f1f"'f,??54e'w fy .f"' 5 mfg -A .4 ffllp' 'A ' 5? ef, 2 11 1 ' , f - W . ,, , ' . - Lfmzgzfllfj , J -A I r DELLA LA RUE BAILEY . ,. 1, Q A i "DooDLE" V- A' "The blushing beauty of a modest maid." In l J , W Beta Club 3, 49 Class Ofhcer 49 High School Chorus lg " A 7 3 Safety Patrol 3, 4. ' X ?Q,M,,,f' tw.-f EVELYN JOYCE BATTS N ..,O,. A "Kindness gives birth to ki1ulness." lf Bear-Hi Staff 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 49 Class Ofhcer 4, F.I1.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Ofheer 2, 4, High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4. BRENT MCCLEES BRASWELL UBONESH "The world is always really to receive talent with open arms." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 49 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, Quartet 3, 4, Football 3, 4. JA1XIES MILTON BRASWELL, JR. IIBILLI! "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." BEAR TRAP Staff 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4, S, Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5, Bear-Hi Staff 39 Class Ofhcer 49 Football 4. 55 Safety Patrol 25 Student Council 3, 4. JACK RAYMOND CAREY llMCL1NDY', "He who means no mischief does it all." Bear'-Hi Staff 43 Bus Driver 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 4, Omccr 2' Football 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 4, Ofhcer 4. 1 AIYIBLER REDIVIOND DAVIS "POOK1E" "It's love, it's love that makes the world go round." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 45 Cheerleader 2: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 Football 3, 4, High School Chorus 1, Quartet 3. IMOGENE DAVIS AIJEANII "Every man is a volume if you know hon' to reatl him." F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-H Club l, 3, 4, High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Safety Patrol 1, 25 Softball 1. JOHN JACKSON EDWARDS, JR. QAJACKH "In this world a man must he either an anvil or a hammer." BEAR TRAP Staff 4, Bear-Hi Staff 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Class Ofheer 4, Football 3, 45 4-H Club l, 2, Safety Patrol l, 2. MARY LUCILE EDWARDS HlX'lARY'l "To love, cherish, and obey." Beta Club 3, 4, Bern'-Hi Staff 3, 4, F.1'1.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Safety Patrol 1, 2. vi 4 Q! W 'yi 'WCW qi!-Nav" 6. V-"vi fm ' Q .. --4, 4 3, 1 -.Q 415 "Cv WN ls fn 5, .lv .fl 1 Y. 4+ Walk- f 1-. ' skies - tt X' . 1 'Y t A. W . , ' Lf ' A .::?" 1!f."' lg: A-' li ,JPY 24 1 " 1 Y- -' . ,. Jing M1 SENIORS MOURNEN MAVIS FARMER KIPUGII "He who sings frightens his ills away." Beta Club 3, 4g Class Officer 25 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Oflicer 35 High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 2, 35 Student Council 4. DORLESE JOYCELYN FERRELL ttDoTun "He that can have patience can have what he will." Beta Club 3, 45 Class Officer 25 F.H.A. 2, 3, 45 High School Chorus 2, 35 Safety Patrol 3, lVl,ARTHA ANN JONES HSHORTYH "l exhort you to he of good cheer." Basketball 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Ofhcer 35 Bear-Hi Staff 3, 45 Beta Club 3, 45 4-H Club 15 High School Chorus 15 Safety Patrol 2, 3. DORIS MAE LANCLEY "DELORES" "No one knows what he can do until he tries." High School Chorus l, 25 Safety Patrol 2, 4. EUGENE WESLEY MILLARD llSLIMII "The cautious seldom err." Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Football 45 F.F.A. 1, 35 High School Chorus 1, 3, 4, Quartet 3, 4. JEANETTE PARKER uPETn "A wit with zllmces-and a rlunce with wits." Bear-Hi Staff 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 1, 3, 45 High School Chorus 15 Safety Patrol 1, 45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Ofhcer 2, 3. EULA MAE PHILLIPS 4tFuLAl! "She could he moved to smile at anything." Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. l, 25 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 45 High School Chorus l, 2. DADUAL EUGENE POLAND l'GENEH "l know not on nthich side my brenrl is lJutterezl." F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Ofhcer 3. MAv1s KATHALEEN PRIDCEN HSPARKYH "Rich in good works." BEAR TRAP Staff 45 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 Class Officer 35 High School Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Marshal 35 Safety Patrol 25 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Ol-Fleer 2, 45 lVho's ll'l1o 4. ii SENIOR HELEN ROBBINS "SPORT" "A husband is a plaster that cures all the ills of girlhoodf' 4-H Club 13 High School Chorus lg Safety Patrol 43 Softball l. JUANITA GREY ROBBINS HSALLIEGALH "Rare is the union of beauty and virtue." Cheerleader 23 F.H.A. 1, 2, 33 4-H Club 1, 3, 43 High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Safety Patrol 1, 23 Soft- ball 1. FRANCES LOUVENIA SHARPE HFRAPUCIEH "The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid." BEAR TRAP Staff 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 23 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 3g Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Chief Marshal 3g High School Chorus 1, 23 Safety Patrol Chair- man 23 Softball 13 Student Council 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 43 Who's Who 4. MAMIE SKINNER IIBERTII "All things come around to him who will but wait." Beta Club 3, 4g Class Ol-licer 23 F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 43 Officer 4g High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Safety Patrol 3, 43 Softball 1. WILBUR EDGAR SMITH, IR. UBILLYH "What quick wit is found in sudden straits." BEAR TRAP Staff 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Bear-Hi Staff 3, 43 Bus Driver 3, 43 Class Officer 43 High School Chorus 3, 4, Quartet 4. ANNIE MORRIS THORNE UBUBBLESH "lt is the mind that makes the body rich." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 43 High School Chorus 13 Marshal 33 Safety Patrol Chairman 33 Softball 13 Student Council 1. IEAN WOOTEN TROUTMAN 3 IIJEANU "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." BEAR TRAP Staff 43 Bear-Hi Staff 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 33 Cheerleader 2, 33 Safety Patrol 3, 4. ARTHUR KENNETH URQUHART HRODH "The world uncertain comes and goes, the lover rooted stays." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Ol-Hcer 13 Football 3, 43 High School Chorus l, 2, 3, Quartet 3, 4. AILEEN GREY WHITEHEAD IKDINKU "All is fair in love and war." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 43 Bear-Hi Staff 3, 43 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 4g Cheerleader 3, 43 Class Lawyer 4: High School Chorus l, 2, 33 Safety Patrol 33 Softball 1. .. i1...l :-1 A : 55,3 X ss of as is 4 Q' A v. A , .2 if-.v ff 12 f "" vi, b.,-,H , HA' 4 59, ia- ls Z: at z 6345 . . LH. t M is r A. s Lf' 2 A' A,41' J' ,V xiii? ff Gif . t ..... i, E XM , V at 4.. . . K if I Q.. Y Qt.-ff ff -2 an -. -, . i -, ,, -. -:Az-"tid,-:,f. , -., . , ,, ' , lg ,Wx Af I-If ,wr.,'g,2 v. ' ,ff g A ' ft Pe t- f f' ,nfs ':, '.zL," -f .5 " '12 ' ' iifgif N ' S '. Ing' .-.yi of- sr 5 K , A -"' sL 'i. vQ5l' if B-ww, SENIORS PEGGY JUNE WHITEHEAD HFUSSIEU "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." Beta Club 3, 45 Bear-Hi Staff 3, 45 Class Officer 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Officer 2, 35 High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Historian 45 Marshal 35 Safety Patrol 15 Student Council 1, 2, Of-Fncer 25 VVho's Who 4. DONALD BERKLEY WIGGS "DUCK" "As for me, all I know is that I know nothing." F.F.A. 3, 4. BARBARA JEAN WILLIARIS uIuLEPn "To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first." BEAR TRAP Staff 45 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 45 Class Officer 25 F.H.A. l, 2, 3, Officer 2, 35 4-H Club 1, 3, 4, Officer 35 High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 35 Softball 15 Student Council 3, Officer 3. LULA DORIS WILLIAMS "LITTLE LuLu" "The price of wisdom is above mlaiesf' BEAR TRAP Staff 45 Bear-Hi Staff 3, 45 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 Class Officer 1, 35 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 35 High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Marshal 35 Safety Patrol 2, 35 Student Council 45 Who's Who 4. ROBERT HARRISON WILLIAMS "BOBBY" "All may have if they flare try, a glorious life or a grave." Beta Club 3, 45 Bus Driver 3, 45 Class OH-leer 35 Football 3, 45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 1, 2, 35 Marshal 35 Safety Patrol 1, 2, Chairman 45 Student Council 1, 3, 4, OHicer l, 3, 4. ELWOOD MOCOY WILLIFORD "BILL" "Might have gone further and have fared worse." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. DORIS NELL WINSTEAD HBABYH "lt is not good that man should live alone." F.H.A. 2, 35 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 High School Chorus 15 Safety Patrol 45 Softball 1. EUNICE VERA WINSTEAD "Bum" "Be not simply good5 be good for something." Basketball 3, 45 Beta Club 3, 45 Class Officer 25 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 High School Chorus I, 25 Safety Patrol 4. IUDITH LOUISE WINSTEAD HJUDY!! "So little done-so much to do." BEAR TRAP Staff 45 Bear-Hi Staff 3, 45 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 35 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 49 High School Ch0ruS 1, 2, 3, 45 Prophet 45 Safety Patrol 35 Student Council 35 Class Officer 1. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT ARTICLE I We, the senior class of the Elm City High School, being of sane mind after twelve years of unceasing, laborious grind, do hereby declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. ARTICLE II To Mr. Fugate, our superintendent, and to all members of the High School faculty, we leave our appreciation for their patient and understanding services to us during these past four years. To those "sweet" rising seniors, we leave our best wishes that they will all graduate. To the sophisticated sophomores who think they know all the answers, we leave this thought! you have a lor to learn! To the young freshmen, we leave our patience and a map of the school. VVe feel that they will need both. To our mascots, Myra Lamm and "Bogie" VVinstead, we leave our best wishes for a long and successful life. ARTICLE III And now we come to the personal bestovvals that have been awarded to certain members of the student body. La Rue Bailey wishes to leave her bashfulness to Joyce Taylor. Joyce Batts and Jeanette Parker leave their silly giggles to Delphia Skinner. Imogene Davis leaves her ability to flirt to Ruby Dawes. Mary Edwards leaves her ability to get her man to Lib Dawes. Dorlese Ferrell leaves her absences from school to Jean Batts. Martha Ann Jones leaves her shortness to Betsy VVells. Doris Langley leaves her blond hair to Mary Doris Sharpe. To Jeanette Bass will go Eula Mae Phillips, love for basketball. Mavis Pridgen bequeaths her freckles to Ellen Britt. Helen Robbins leaves her talkativeness to Marion Langley. Juanita Robbins leaves her ability to reach high notes to Dot Thorne. Frankie Sharpe would like to leave her 94.8 average to her brother, Billy. Mamie Skinner's quietness will go to Catlierin Farmer. Annie Morris Thorne wills her "sweet" disposition to Elizabeth Jenkins. Jean Troutman leaves her typing skill to Bobby Proctor. We, Aileen Whitehead and "Pookie,' Davis, will our love for each other to Doris Cooke and Boyd Owens. Peggy Whitehead wishes for Josephine VVallace to receive her figure. Barbara Williams leaves her big mouth to Lena Pittman. Doris Williams would like for Derwood Winstead to receive her good grades. Doris Nell Winstead wills her ability to make boys henpecked to Marie Oakey. Judy Winstead's Hckleness will be inherited by Peggy Clark. Vera Winstead leaves her ability to make first strong guard to Kathryn Winstead. Brent Braswell wills his athletic ability to Bay Bottoms. Jack Edwards wills his cute remarks to Keith Green. Jack Carey leaves his ability to incite trouble to Arthur Beaman. Eugene Millard leaves his height to Warren Proctor. Eugene Poland leaves his ability to make things in agriculture to R. G. Ferrell. Billy Smith isn't leaving . . . he's staying! Kenneth Urquhart wishes for his wavy hair to go to Bruce Brice. Donald Wiggs leaves his middle name to Sylvester Poland. Elwood Williford leaves his ability to win Soil Conservation Contests to Ernest Finch. Bobby Williams leaves to C. Winstead his ability to get his picture into every issue of the Wilson Daily Times. To Don Pridgen will go Bill Braswell's "way with the women." Inasmuch as we, the class of '50, have traveled thus far along the road of life and are now ready to journey to new horizons, I, the Testatrix, do hereby set our seal this 25th day of May, in the year nineteen hundred and fifty. . AILEEN WHITEHEAD, Testatrix Page Eleven I 'N f I 1 Q Most Popular PEGGY VVHITEHEAD BRENT BRASWELL Prettiesf Girl .IUANITA ROBBINS Cutest AILEEN WIEIITEHEAD l -IACK EDVVARDS Page Twelve Best Dressed AILEEN VVHITEHEAD UPOOKIEN DAVIS Best Persozmlity PEGGY VVHITEIIEAD BRENT BRASWELL .4 THE SENIOR I Most Talented ,IUANITA ROBBINS BRENT BRASWELL Most Conceited AILEEN VVHITEHEAD BILLY SMITH Most Bnshful LA RUE BAILEY ELWOOD WILLIFORD ...,-hu Lf ,RM-,sw 7""'-- Most Athletic BRENT BRASWELL Most Athletic AILEEN WIIITEIIEAD Most Likely To Succeed D ORIS WILLIAMS BOBBY VVIILLIAIVIS SUPERLAT IVIES Frienelliest JOYCE BATTS BRENT BRASWELL B est Looking Boy "POOKIE" DAVIS Biggest Flirts IIXIOGENE DAVIS IACK CAREY Wittiest JEANETT BILLY SMITH E PARKER Most Depemlalnle DORIS VVILLIAIYIS B , OBBX WILLIAMS Best All-Arouifzol DORIS WILLIAMS JACK EDWARDS Most Stmlious FRANKIE SHARPE BOBBY WILLIAMS Prze Thirteen CLASS HISTORY At this time it is very htting that the senior class of 1950 record the events preceding and including this closing year. 1 shall now undertake to record them briefly. ln 1946, thirty-nine shiny-faced boys and girls entered high school. Doris Williams was the class president and Mrs. Braswell was our home room teacher. We did nothing of special interest that year-just worked and worked. Our highest aim was to pass. Some didn't. Next, sophomores! We felt very wise as we branched out into the fields of general business, home economics, biology, agriculture, algebra, chemistry, and English. That year Vera Winstead as class president and Mrs. Braswell as home room teacher guided our activities-Mrs. Braswell mostly guided us into work. When we reached our junior year, we were again placed under Mrs. Braswells guidance. Bobby Williams was elected the class president. What a year! VVhat work! But what joys as welll Selecting class rings, joining the Beta Club, publishing the Bear-Hi journal, going to the Beta Club Convention and the Student Council Congress, and, greatest of all, having the junior-Senior Banquet and Prom-these were the junior highlights. To finance the banquet we had a popularity contest throughout the school and sponsored the picture, "That Lady in Erminef' which was presented in the Elm Theatre. The Junior-Senior Banquet was held April 8, 1949, in the Womans Club. Shall we ever forget the hard work we did turning the club house into a night club, or what a fair-yland it turned out to be? We had the very best time of our lives. At the end of the year averages showed Frankie Sharpe to be chief marshal, and Annie Morris Thorne, Doris Williams, Peggy VVhitehead, Mavis Pridgen, and Bobby Williams to be the other marshals for commencement. The rest of us won't ever forget the rose chain. Shortly after our return to school as seniors, we elected loyce Batts president. Later we sponsored the yearly Curtis Magazine subscription contest. The class sold 951,728.05 worth of magazines. This topped all former classes of Elm City High. For selling the most magazines, Bobby Williams and Billy Smith received watchesg for reaching the high total, the class received a Benjamin Franklin Plaque. Undertaking to publish a better BEAR TRAP was not an easy job. We feel, however, that our able staff has succeeded. By this time we, the seniors of 1950, will have presented a senior play, will have taken our senior trip, and will have attended the junior-Senior Banquet. As our commencement draws near, we feel that our high school days have been memorable ones-full of work and play. To those who have helped make these happy memories, we wish to express our sincere appreciation. On behalf of all thirty-six seniors, 1 take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Braswell for her helpful guidance. To Mr. Pugate, and to all teachers, we wish to say, "Because of you, we are worthy of our motto, 'The will to do, the soul to dare." PEGGY VVHITEHEAD, Historian Page Fourteen CLASS PROPHECY Calling for a command performance of ten years hence, I sec our class of 1950 representing all walks of life. leiere they are as I have seen them: Mrs. Sam Tosto, the former La Rue Bailey, has just announced the birth of her first child. loyce Batts, our class president, is well on her way to becoming the hrst woman president of the United States. Leading her campaign is the well-known comedienne, Ieanette Parker. Brent Braswell has replaced Walt Disney in the field of art. After struggling several years washing cars, Bill Braswell has hnally been named president of the Chrysler Corporation. 'lack Carey, the most troublesome bov in the Senior Class, is now a peaceful officer in the U. S. Navv. 1 Imogene Davis has finally made up her mind to get married in june. "Pookie" Davis is the player-manager of the St. Louis Cards, who have just won their fourth consecutive national pennant under his management. Because of his brillant contributions to medical science, a hospital was named in honor of jack Edwards, the great baby specialist. Mary Edwards, our first bride, now has two children, Lucile and Cecil, jr. Ilkflavisd Farmer is teaching typing at West Edgecombe where her husband is at letic irector. Dorlese Ferrell is the "Silent Lady" on "Truth or Consequences." Martha Ann jones is engaged to a multifmillionaire from Chicago. Doris Langley's work at Davis' helped her to become owner of a chain of drug stores. "Slim" Millard has risen from pitcher to president of the VVilson Tobs. Eula Mae Phillips is the girls' athletic director at the University of Stantonsburg. Eugene Poland has obtained an additional 100 acres for his huge farm. Their work on our school paper and annual helped Mavis Pridgen and Doris Williams to become publishers of the magazine, Clmtterlnox. Helen Robbins has at last settled down as a happy wife and mother. Juanita-Robbins and Barbara Williams are the stars of the new Broadway Musical "Lovers Delight." Mamie Skinner is the owner of an orange orchard in Florida. Frankie Sharpe entered the field of journalism, and wrote a book which promises to acclaim her the worlds greatest novelist. Annie Morris Thorne is assisting joe in his work at .Ioyner's Funeral llome. She says business is somewhat dead. Insurance salesman Bill Smith is playing pro basketball with the New York Knickerbochers as a hobby. Bod Dawes is the owner of a chain of grocery stores called "Urquhart's Super Market." ' jean Troutman is President at Kings Business College in Raleigh. To keep herself busy while her husband "Pookie" is on road trips, Aileen W7hitehead teaches St. Louis girls to play championship basketball. Peggy Whitehead has become one of those rare women who can successfully mix a career with marriage-she's married to Bod, of course. Donald Wiggs is an Agriculture professor at State College. Bobby Williams is the outstanding minister of a famous New York Baptist Church. Elwood Williford is chairman of the National Committee of Soil Conservation. Doris Nell Winstead leads a quiet life as the wife of Bandolph Xvhitehead. Vera Winstead is still searching for her favorite male. As for myself, I see a promising career in social work. 'Iunv WINSTEAD, Prophet Page Fifteen 14",5Z' ' z 5 W 1 F g fn E , ww ' A ' Psi N .- .f' 'ff' 1 1 fr WSW Ani? I , I a f, + f A . .- '-A L 'Q "3" V54 A I-A A , - W., .,,. , - ' ,r'f'3 f- of .. ff , ' .. A . . ' ' 25 :iff ,. ,Sv-'fri 5 ,. ' J Z, I ,. 5 ' 'I 'f' H A W3 iff . N A' ' ' ' ' 732 ' iff. 4 .. r HS -3-A ' as 4'- A . Y. ,V . fy ,,,Y, , ..., 'Q' 31 VQ 12' Nf- -N K t - ..,, , , tg, M , Apfgf A , I. skis: ' ' E X? fi Page Sixteen JUNIORS DOONIE GREY ADAMS JEANETTE BASS RICHARD BATCHELOR IEAN BATTS ARTHUR BEAMAN ELLEN BRITT LINWOOD BRASWELL PEGGY CLARK DORIS COOKE MARY ELIZABETH DAWES RUBY DAWES BOBBY EASON CATHERIN FARIVIER SUSIE FARMER R. G. FERRELL ERNEST FINCH KEITH GREENE MARVIN GRIFFIN JUNICRS CLODAS JACKSON MARIAN LANGLEY ELIZABETH LANGLEY WILMA GREY LEE BOYD QWENS GERALDINE QWENS LENA PITTMAN SYLVESTER POLAND BOBBY PROCTOR WARREN PROCTOR ELWOOD SMITH MARY DORIS SHARPE JIMMY SUTTON JOYCE TAYLOR GEORGIA LEE W'EBB BILLY WIGGINS DERWOOD WINSTEAD MILTON WINSTEAD Not Pictured: JASPER BATTS KENNETH BATTS RAY BOTTONIS MARVIN ROBBINS POLLY STANCIL DAVID WINSTEAD gym, Y . X4 I ,... , ,. ...,I . ..,, 3,4 " JR-S 145 4 ' , B- - J Y, ,I f ' W 1 M1 ,1" 45 'Q YW W B" ,, 513' f 9 Mikey 4344 WP' l f, 1 Ri jfif 1 ij? 2 ' ' ' .' 5 :.r.::::5f'k ' . 1 1 A ' Y A '5 sv I 44 X I Q 7 242.5135-L 92' '-C 3 I " ,,,,, A . "' i . - Q -was-4.5-f ' '3 N, ,EA Q, QW 3 4 f ff Xian , , ff 5, f sf f , , 7 A f 623 f + 1 gm Y 5 , ' MK , y I if , 9 5 ,B I, , , ,gay f , 2 A Y ," is 1 1 A I f 1 9 'S 4 f 'E ' X Y, 1 f ' ' W Y 1,4 f Iwi f ,f . f f Q 4 I ny ,,,e.,,. .W .. YWE .Wy ,Aziz R I' 1' .6 NV r 'Q ,244 I I sf 1 :-- -,fc xr. ""' "WV ""-Y' 1' ,Rie s , ,,,. , Y.,, ig I A 3? :Y 3:3 " AW 2 A We .: ' ' , ,: A A 1 A ,,n, v' IWW- , ,. .- IM, -' ' f ,V I -f . ,- , 1 4 1 l 0 DD RR.B RRI ' 66453 f, E f j I A f A " X' A 2 W 1 f , R ' If fb X f I 1 Af, if 4 9 v 4 f 3 'W Q if I ,,,., -5 f 4 T , I, l,V,, . Z, fi r, W! I if W Q .,,. f' I M- MVK ff ff , 6 ff fu, If f ff z 'M 1 I, ,R f fof, Biff y ' f 25 4 W ff if 'Q ' V 4 'V,,:11" " ""L' - lf A E I T A D D 1 ,g A Page Seventeen MRS. T. B. VVINSTEAD Home Room FTEACHER Vonnie Lee Baker, Lucille Barnes, Milton Bass, Bobby Ray Batts, Lawrence Bullock, Franklin Davis, Aulcie Lee Farmer, Joyce Farmer, Douglas Gardner, Anne Holder, Elizabeth Jenkins, Helen Jenkins, Lynwood Joyner, Marie Oakey, Shelly Page, Billy Parker, Susan Parrish, Marcus Proctor, Delphia Skinner, Alma Gray Thorne, Dorothy Thorne, Redmond Thorne, Helen Gray VVilliams, Nancy Wiristead. wifi' fit? 3 Miss BASS I loixfns Rooixr FLEACIIER Page Eiglzlewi ls M522 E Ui! QW Jean Beanion, Bruce Brice, Lois Bryant, Annette Carey, McLindy Carey, Charles Dawes, Thomas Farmer, James Garner, Clyde Gay, Billy Gay, Richard Lanier, Patsy O'Briant, Carl Ricks, Frances Robbins, Randolph Robbins, Grady Sharpe, Joel Thorne, Ray Trout- man, Robert Vveeks, Joan VViggs, Billy Vvillianis, Edna lVlae Vvilliams, Nannie Leigh VVilliams, Adrian VVinstead, Maggie Jane VVinstead. MRS. PRIDGEN llOIN1E. RooM PIPEACHER Christine Barnes, Billy Carey, Peggy Carey, Bertie Leigh Cooke, Jean Dixon, joan Edwards, Horace Flora, Ora Lee Gay, Richard Greene, Marvin Hawley, Myra Hayes, Elumial Hodges, Jack Jobe, Ella Rec Langley, Shirley Lucas, Hiram Morton, James Parker, Patsy Parker, Williain Parker, Jeanette Pittman, Don Priclgen, Carolyn Robbins, Jimmy Robbins, Maude Rogers, Bill Sharpe, Joan Sharpe, Beatrice Summerlin, Joyce VVeaver, Braxton YVebb, Bobby Weeks, Janet VVilliams, Pat VVinstead, Rebecca VVinstearl, Valinonte VVinsteac. MRS. FARMER MRS. SIMPSON HOME RooM TEACHERS we i'-- 1' ,M i'fff7'4vW 'fiffwfw Alice Abbott, Arthur Barnes, Donald Barnes, Ann Bottoms, Kenneth Bottoms, Mary Ann Braswell, Robert Carey, Cuther Cobb, M. C. Cobb, Jo Ann Crumpler, Mary Ann Davis, Nlarie Dawes, James Dixon, Cuyler Farmer, Deyona Ferrell, Jo Ann Flowers, Bobby Gay, Bill Griffin, Mildred Jenkins, Thomas Johnson, Gladiola Joyner, Bobby Lancaster, Rossie Lancaster, Edward Lee, Cecil Meeks, Bob O'Bryant, Paul Parker, Shirley Peacock, Betty Jean Petvyay, Grady Pittman, Nannie Pridgen, Del Robbins, George Robbins, Frances Robbins, Shirley Sharpe, J. E. Stancil, Glenn VV:-lllace, Josephine VVallace, Betsy VVells, Norman Whitehead, Rudolph Wliitehead, Rex VViggs, Graynell VVilliford, Horace VVin- stead, Kathryn Winstead. Page Nineteen SUB-FRESHMEN Ida Mae Bailey, Lois Baker, Joseph Bass, Linda Batten, Pattie Mae Batts, Blanche Beaman, Will A. Bulluck, Robert L. Garey, Don B. Gobb, Glenice Lou Cobb, Martha Goley, Wesley B. Doles, Pauline Dunn, James Donald Eason, Sarah Edwards, Rebecca Farmer, Dick Gardner, Louise Gooch, Montress Greene, Sam Green, Elizabeth Ann Griflin, Holton Hamm, justice Hardison, Gharles B. Hathaway, Rufus Hawley, ,lean Hodges, Barbara Ann Jackson, Randolph G. lenkins, VVilliam H. jenkins, Frances Jones, Pattie Joyner, Shelbey Langley, Gelia Faye Lucas, Mona Grey Matthews, Shelba jean Matthews, Paul Millinder, David Pete Moore, Audrey O'Briant, Mary Ruth Owens, Fate Parker, Shirley Pittman, Wilbur Powell, Gharlie Proctor, Warren Sessoms, Bobby Sharpe, Geraldine Skinner, Thelma Tant, Marion Taylor, Ann Turner, Bettie Lou Turner, Lois Viyerette, Shelley Walston, Frances Wells, Johnnie Wells, Randolph Whitley, Barbara Ann Williams, Bobby Ray VVilliams, Elwood Williams, Joyce Nlarie Winstcad, Paul VVooten. I wenty ' QW mf gi ZE.. BEAR TRAP STAFF Seated: lX"Irs. Braswell, Sponsorg Mavis Pridgen, Typistg lean Troutman, Head Typistg Doris VVilliams, Typistg Billy Smith, Business Manager. Stanaling: Judy Vllinstead, Editor-in-Cltiefg Frankie Sharpe, Assistant Editorg Brent Braswell, Art Eiiitorg Barbara VVillia1ns, Assistant Circulation Managerg 'lack Edwards, Circulation Manager. NEWSPAPER STAFF Scaled: Doris Willianis, Assistant Circulation lllanagerg Martha Ann Jones, Assistant Sports Eclitorg hlary Edwards, Society Etlitorg Joyce Butts, News Editorg Brent Braswell, Art Editorg Peggy VVhitehead, Assistant News Eclitorg Jeanette Parker, Humor Editor. Standing: lylrs. Tom Dixon, Faculty Ativiserg lack Edwards, Circulation Eiiitorg lack Carey, Sports lfditorg Aileen VVhitehead, Assistant Society Eoiitorg ,lean Troutman, Editor-in-Cltiefg Judy VVinsteud, Assistant lfditorg Billy Smith, Assistant Humor Editor. I age 'llwenty into HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHORUS Mus. Loursip XVINS'l'I:,XlD, Direelur Alice Abbott, Doonie Grey Adams, Christine Barnes, Lucille Barnes, Jeanette Bass, Bobby Bay Batts, Joyce Batts, Ann Bottoms, Brent Braswell, Marv Ann Braswell, Bruce Brice, lillen Britt, Lawrence Bullock, Peggy Carev, Bertie Leigh Cooke, Jo Ann Crumpler, Imogene Davis, Mary .Xnne Davis, Buby Dawes. Jean Dixon, Joan Edwards, Joyce liarmer, Mavis Farmer, Deyona lferrell, Ora Lee Gay, Myra llayes, Ann llolder, Elizabeth Jenkins, Mildred Jenkins, Thomas Johnson, Glatliola Joyner, Bobbv Lancaster, lilla Hee Lanvley, Elizabeth Langley, Marian Langley, Shirley Lucas, Eugene Millard, Marie Oakey, Geraldine Owens, Shelly Page, Billy Parker, Patsy Parker, Susan Parrish, Shirley Peacock, Lena Pittman, Jeanette Pittman, Maris Pridgen, Bobby Proctor, Juanita Robbins, Maude Rogers, Billy Sharpe, Grady Sharpe, Shirley Sharpe, Joan Sharpe, Mamie Skinner, Delphia Sltinner, Billy Smith, Beatrice Sunnnerlin, ,Xlma 'l'horne, Dorothy Thorne, Joel Thorne, Kenneth Urquhart, Joan VViggs, Peggy' Wlhitehead, Graynell XVilliford, Barbara XVilliams, Doris XVilliams, llelen Grey XVilliams, Janet XVilliams, Nannie Leigh xxilllrllllllls, .Xtlrian XVinstead, Judy XVinstead, Kathryn XVinstead, Milton XVinstead. Nancy XVinstead, Pat KYinstead, Rebecca XVinsteatl. V . , W , ,sh V J ,.,:... f, ..,, Y Y Leg ,,,., , ,V , 151 'W-f -r--v.,ry,m- ,,,, ' - - W W , x f . W- W... DOUBLE QUARTET Grady Sharpe, Milton Wixistezicl, Kenneth Urquhart, Bill Sharpe, Brent Braswell, Eugene lVlillard, Billy Smith, Bobby Proetor. Page Twenty-tliree STUDENT COUNCIL Bobby Vvilliams, Treasurer, Frankie Sharpe, Presizlenlg Mavis Priclgen, Secretary, Jeanette Pittman, Ruby Dawes, Lena Pittman, Janet xA7llll3IT1S, Helen VVilliams, Marie Oalcey jean Beamon. I Billy Sharpe, Betsy VVells, Doris VVilliams, Mavis Farmer, Kathryn VVinstead, Ioan Wiggs james Garner. Jeanette Bass, Mrs. Torn Dixon, Nancy VVinsteacl. Absent: Linwood Braswell, Reporter. BETA CLUB Doris Vvllllllllli Prcsicienig Ellen Britt, lfiCL"Pl'E'SitlCllfj hlavis Priclgen, Seeremryg Aileen Wlhitef head, Treasurer, Annie Morris Thorne, Pl'U4QVf1H1 Clmirimnzg Barbara VVillia1ns, Reporter. Mary Doris Sharpe, Ruby Dawes, jean Troutman, La Bue Bailey, Mavis Farmer, Peggy VVhiteheacl. Ioyee Taylor, Geraldine Owens, Linwood Braswell, Jack Edwards, 'lucly VVinsteaLl, lVlrs. Helen Simpson, Adviser. jean Batts, Mary Edwards, jovee Batts, Mamie Skinner, Frankie Sharpe, Bobby VVilliams. fllnsenl: Milton VVinsteacl, Bobby Proctor, Dorlese Ferrell, Martha Ann Tones, Vera VVinstead. Page Twentyffour F. H. A. Donnie Adams, Vonnie Lee Baker, Christine Barnes, Lucille Barnes, Joyce Butts, Kline Bollolils. Jlllvli llfill- Jeanette Bass, Jo Ann Crumpler, Mary Ann Davis, Marie Dawes, Ruby Dawes, Joyee liarnrer, Devona lferrell, Dorlese Ferrell, Mary lirlwards, Ora Lee Cay, hlyra Ilayes, Ann Ilolder, lilizabeth Jenkins, llelen Jenkins, Mildred Jenkins, Gladiola Joyner, Elizabeth Langley, Shirley Lucas, Marie Oakey, GeraldinelOxvens, flu-Ili Page, Jeanette Parker, Patsy Parker, Sue Parrish, Shirley Peaeoeky, Jeanette Pittman, Lena Pittman, Nillllllt' Pridgen, Maude Rogers, Carolyn Robbins, Shirley Sharpe, Delphia Skinner, Mamie Skinner, Beatrice Sum- merlin, Alma Thorne, Dorothy Thorne, Joyce VVeaver, Doris NVilliams, Janet kxlllllillllm llelen xvllllLlIllN. Graynell XVilliford, Nancy Vklinstead, Betty Jean XVray, Marv .Xnn Bradshaw, Ella Lee Staneil. F. F. A. Arthur Barnes, Donald Barnes, Milton Bass, Bobbv Rav Barts, Jasper Batts, KV. T. Balls, Kenneth Bottoms, Ray Bottoms, Brent Braswell, Linwood Braswell, Bruce Briee, Lawrence Bullock, Billy Carey, Jack Carev. Robert Carey, Cuther Cobb, M. C. Cobb, ,Xmbler Davis, Franklin Davis, Charles Dawes, James Dixon, Bolilu Eason, Auleie Lee liarmer, Cuyler Farmer, Thomas Farmer, lloraee lilora, lirnest Finch, Billy Cay, Bobbi Cay, Clyde Gay, Douglas Gardner, James Garner, Richard Creene, Bill Crillin, Marvin llawley, lllumial Hodges, Clodas Jackson, Jack Jobe, Thomas Johnson, Linwood Joyner, Richard Lanier, llzlxvard Lee, Cecil Nleeks, Hiram Morton, Jaek Oakey, Boyd Owens, Bob O'Bryant, Dervl O'Bryant, Billy Parker. James Parker, Paul Parker, VVilliam Parker, Grady Pittman, Sylvester Poland, Don Pridgen, Xlareus Proctor, XVarren Proctor, Carl Ricks, George Robbins, Jimmy Robbins, Randolph Robbins, Elwood Smith, J. E. Staneil, Jimmy Sutton, Joel Thorne, Ray Troutman, Glenn VVallaee, Braxton XN'ebb, Bobby XVeeks, Norman XN'hiteht-ad, Rudolph VVl'1itehead, Billy Wiggiiis, Donald Viliggs, Billy VVilliams, Elwood XVilliford, Adrian X'Vinstead, David Vifinstead, Donald VVinstead, Iloraee VVinstead, J. C. NN'instead, Valmonte XVinstead, Derwood XVinstead. ,, W , 4-H CLUB Ida Bailey. Arthur Barnes, Christine Barnes, Donald Barnes, Ann Bottoms, Kenneth Bottoms. lklary Ann Bradshaw, Brent Braswell, Jack Carey, Don Cobb, Glenice Lou Cobb, BI. C. Cobb, Martha Coley, Bertie Cooke, Ambler Davis, Imogene Davis, Marie Dawes, Bobby Eason, Donald Eason, Joan Edwards, Cuyler Farmer, Rebecca Farmer, Dick Gardner, Ora Lee Gay, Richard Greene, Elizabeth Green, Elizabeth Griffin, Myra llayes, Ilolten llamm, Myra Hodges, Randolph Jenkins, Jack Jobe, Thomas Johnson, Frances Jones, Gladiola Joyner, Mona Mathews. David Moore, Audrey O'Briant, Deryll O'Bryant, Shelly Page, Jeanette Parker, Shirlcx Peacock, Betty Petway, Eula Phillips, Jeanette Pittman, Lena Pittman, Shirley Pittman, Wilbur Powell, Charlie Proctor, Carolyn Robbins, Juanita Robbins, Maude Rogers, Joan Sharpe, Shirley Sharpe, Elwood Smith, Billy Smith, Polly Stancil, Beatrice Summerlin, Thelma Tant, Redmond Thorne, Joyce VVeave1', Braxton VVebb, Billy xvlllltllllii, Bobby Ray XVilliams, Gene VVilliams, Helen XVilliams, Janet VVilliams, Robert H. XVilli:ims. Graynell VVilliford. Donald YVilliams, Doris VVinstead, R. ll. kklinstead, Paul VVooten, Betty Jean XVray. 5 ifagf tt igafv 3 ittt t' if , P , fs.: 1, ,, 'A C '-f f? 5 L .b f I BUS DRIVERS 1949 MARSHALS Jack Carey, Linwood Braswell, W. T. Batts, Billy Frankie Sharpe, Chief illnrslznlg Doris VVilliams Smith, Bobby VVilliams, Warrcii Proctor, Richard .i , -h h - , K WI- Batchclor, Norman VVhiteheacl, Nlarcus Proctor, Carl Annu Minus Thumb Indus Prldgul' Pcggv um Ricks. head, Bobby VVilliams. Page Twenty-six -L id Q af V 9 ,At , nm ,fn 4 t f V icq. W 0 e - 5 t M rf . v f 5 KV, MW' M 1 ss wr FL. '- " ' A .ff 5452? W, . - A - V -,-v ' -V 4 Q X," WW, 4, ,5 rv' , I Koh L F 'rt A ,m'3.fv, M 3 9 4 ',3wf-M.. ' A in 4? 7 4 , z , X 5 ll , f ' - 1 SIX " J' fn' iq -'b A ,:- Mg ff 1 ,,'.! My rf ,' ,ff Lv- 'ff' is Y, 1 ,ff ' tiff' A FOOTBALL Iobn L. Sharpe, Ilflalaagerg Boyd Owens, Iaclq Eclwarcls, Linwood Braswell, Jimmy Sutton, Braxton Webb, Bobby VVilliams, Kenneth Urquhart, Mr. Aaron Fussell, Conch, Ray Bottoms, Ambler Davis, Brent Braswell, Eugene lVlilla1'cl, james Parker, lack Carey, Bill Braswell, Ir. Page Twenty-seveiz " rw Y 1? FOOT , BILL BALL 1949 l311AswELL, BRENT BRASWELI. . . TOHN Afmo L. SHARPE . . . N E. FUSSELL Elm City. . . Elm Citv. . . Elm City. . . Elm Elm Elm Elm Elm Elm Elm Elm El111 Eln1 City. . . City. . . City. . . City. . . City. . , City. . . City. . . City. . . City. . . City ........ . . .Co-Captain . . Co-Captain i .... Mmznger ...Coach THE SEASUN . . 30 Stantonsburg . . . 6 . 6 Rock Ridge . . . 6 . 54 Gardners . . 6 . 34 Lucama . . 8 . 48 Saratoga ..... . 6 . . 6 Stantonsburg . . . 6 .. 16 Rock Ridge . . 12 . . 40 Gardners . . . . 6 . . 24 VVhitakers ..... . . 21 . 0 Southern Pines . . . . 38 . 4 Rock Ridge . . . . 13 . . 40 Saratoga . . . . . 12 . . .502 f d team which possessed to Opponents ................. 40 an admirable With tl1e start of the 1949 football season we oun a 2' ' . .. degree those intangible things called loyalty and earnestness, and the desire to express them in a lighting, unflagging spirit. E.C.I'I.S. won the hrst home game of the season, defeating its arch rival, Stantonsburg, 30 to 6. ' " ' 1' d fn 1'sand2ties in the The Bears went on from there to ehalle up an exeellent reeor o I vxln county league. ' ' ' '1 1 7 " 2 if IEI C't for the Northeastern l f the ye ll was betu een Vhll1IdlCLI'S .ine m 1 V The hardest foug it game o 1 -1 , . Championship. The Bears came out of this with a 24 to 21 win. The Eastern Championship was then the next challenge in sight. This game was played in Pinehurst against the all-powerful Southern Pines team. Although our team fought all the way, it suffered a 38 to 0 defeat. For tl1e Bears the county championship game was a heartbreaking affair with Elm City beaten 13 to 4 by Rock Ridge. This, however. does not tell the whole story. Even though the Bears lost two ehampionship games, to us they're still "Cl'lAiNlPS." W, , s Q gf . gf . I . 1 -:gzip 4 5 Page 'I1ll'Clll1"8i-QI - .4..na.,..uann1..na-.gxnau - ff 2 0 aff' Ill gal X BOYS' BASKETBALL J. C. Vlfinstead. illmzngerg Bill Sharpe, Linwood Braswell, Billy Smith, Boyd Owens, Bruce Brice, Brent Braswell, Eugene Millard, Derwood Winstcad, Mr. Aaron Fussell, Coach. Absent: Bill Braswell, Ambler Davis, Bobby Proctor, Milton Winstead. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Martha Ann jones, Aileen Whitehead, Kathryn Winstead, Joyce Taylor, Frankie Sharpe, Eula Mae Phillips, Annie Morris Thorne, Vera Winstead, Betsy Wells, Jean Barts, Iosephine Wallace, Mr. Aaron Fussell, Coach. Absent: Catherin Farmer. Page Tweutyf1zi1fze ELM CHW'BAND MRS. Lou1sE VVINSTEAD, Director Nlary Ann Braswell, Bruce Brice, Will Bulluck, Clenice Lou Cobb, Betty jean Davis, Franklin Davis, Carroll Dixon, VVeslcy Doles, Georgia Ann Farmer, jo Ann Flowers, Becky Gardner, justice Harclison, Charles Hathaway, Barbara jackson, Grady Iackson, Leon Johnson, Thomas johnson, Ann Owens, Billy Sharpe, John Lloyd Sharpe, Delphia Skinner, Alma Thorne, Blessin Thorne, Dorothy Thorne, Joel Thorne, Glenn VVallace, Betsy VVells, Bobby VVilliams, Kathryn VVinstcacl, Louise Wiiisteacl, Pat VVinsteacl, Reb VVinstead, Randy Wliitley, Betty Jean Wray. CHEERLEADERS Frankie Sharpe, ,lucly VVinsteucl, llelen Williziiiis, Aileen Wlritelieacl, lean Barts, ,loyce Taylor. Pave llilrly , ,,,-...,.+-.. a in """ """"""" "".lF""1'Cl,, ., , V... ,. Zin Qilirmnrg nf D1 Izlmuxmm C llADVN1CIx AICCI 1158 I iI1SlllLlU1LL III 1 In sal l 1. 4 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ,5 A 111c'u1l2C1' of tlzc' school lwzzrrl for Hlrlllj' '1fc'f11's U1 Yr 'ff if '1 fri' L1 af f ' Q 'I owl Paige' Tllirtyfn BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1950 BELK-TYLER'S lViI.s011's Slmpping CUIIZLCI' S 2 Q FERTILIZERS BRASWEH MIITIIR llll. CSQQLSQTQPZLQEH BARNES and WHITEHEAU Compliments of 1 TOWN OF ELM CITY IgUl' I ll . ,.,, , n Yllllllll Hllllll ISRIICIIIY Fresh Meats, Fruits, Vegetables ir Phone 5141 ELM CITY, N. C. Thomas-Yelvertun Cu WILSON, N. C. Funeral Directors BETTER FURNITURE THORPE MUSIC CO. ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. New and Used Records luke Boxes WALTON W. SMITH BUILDING CONTRACTOR WILSON, N. C. Phone 2380 .National Bank Building D. B. SASSER We Buy and Sell Home Products Fresh Fruits and Vegetables WILSON, N. C. Ralph Pate, Associate RAINES AND COX Photographers WILSON, N. C. Box 209 Phone 4046 Compliments of S. C. PAGE GENERAL MERCHANDISE TOWN CREEK, N. C. Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO. + + ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Page Tlzirtyetlzree BARNHILL DRUG STORE . Complimenfs of 'fThe Frzefndly Storcf' Come To See Us Five Points WILSQN, N. C. O N G E R'S n I I Complmzents of GEHAM'S JEWELERS 139 S. Main Street WILSUN, N' C' ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. CHURCHWELL'S, INC. Jewelers-Silversmiths Serving Wilson County Over 50 Years WILSON, N. C. Com plim ents of Wilson-Carolina Theatres "The Sfudenfs F'l'i6'12d" WILSON, N. C. Page Tlzirtyefour Bnlx-.-nur' ' : n'.ui- T- in ,TV dviihii!-1 T. W. COBB Furniture and Funeral Directors Phone 5411 ELM CITY, N. C. III. ll. llIlllIHllllIl llllll llll. SHARPESBURG, N. C. Groceries, Meats, and High Grade Coals THE DANIEL COMPANY "Your Farm Machinery 81 Supply Store" Phone 2748 Rocky Mount, N. C. .I. I. Case Farm Machinery-Purina Feeds - G. E. Appliances L. S. FARMER GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 5511 Elm City, N, C. E. V. BRASWELL CO. Dealers in Coal-Building Supplies-Fuel Oil Dupont Paints Phone 5211 Elm City, N. C. Growers Co-operative Warehouse, Inc. For The Sale Of Leaf Tobacco WILSON Phone 5097 Radio Service Shop WALTER MEARS G. E. Radios and The Best in Radio Repairs 112 S. Washington St. Rocky Mt. Phone 870 , Page Tlizrtyffzvc Complifnzefizfs of DICK,S ELECTRICAL CO. WILSON, N. C. Conzpliments of BAHSHAY'S LADIES SHUP STEDMAN STORES COMPANY "Your Neighborhood Grocery Since 1923" GROCERIES AND MEATS Elm City, N. C. Phone 5161 ToM LANGLEY, Manager Sales and Service i' ELM CITY MOTOR COMPANY Highway 301 ELM CITY, N. C. Phone 5351 Complinnzents of HNNEIVS WAHEHIIIISE ROCKY MOUNT, N. C, I ll i ' .A-'W TUM WATSIlN'S GARAGE Phone 4491 Elm City, N. C. "Auto Repair, Acetylene Welding" Compltm en ts of J. LLOYD SHARPE MERCHANT-FARMER ELM CITY, N. C. Shop and Save With The Thrifty At BELK-TYLER'S ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Eastern Carolina? Shopping Center For The Entire Family Iillllllil S. Slllllllll 8 llll. GENERAL MERCHANDISE "Better Buys For Better Living" TOWN -CREEK Phone 5125 Meet You At THE CREAMERY WILSON, N. C. THE COFFEE SHOP Home Cooking Steaks, Seafoods, Barbecue, Etc. "Welcome Teenagers" ELM CITY, N. C. SERVICE GROCERY Choice of Meats 8z Groceries Fruits, Vegetables, 8z Seafoods Five Points WILSON, N. C. EDGAR NORRIS Shoes For The Family At CANNON SHOE STORE 200 S. West Main Street ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Page Tlzirlyfscve BRANCH BANK 8 TRUST COMPANY Departments COMMERCIAL-SAVINGS-TRUST-BONDS-INSURANCE Sound Bawlcivzg cmd Trust S6'l'l'iC0 Member of F. D. I. C. ELM CITY, N. C. There's No Time Like The Present G, 85 To Make Someone a Present of Time GENERAL MERCHANDISE Farm Supplies-Fertilizers The House of Nationally Advertised M G'l'ChtI7Ifd'i86 ELM CITY, N. C. 108 W. Nash St. WILSON, N. C. BRIDGERS PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CO. Paint, Wallpaper, Venetian Blinds, Artist Supplies "Make Your Paint Problems Om' BZISZ-'lIl'SSH 125 S. Tarboro St. Phone 4423 WILSON, N. C. C. A. "BUCK" BRIDGERS, Owmfr I 'llllirly-ciglii J oyner's Funeral Home Ambulance Service 107 N. Pine St. Phone 3134 WILSON, N. C. HEILIG-MEYERS "For Wise Buyers" + WILSON, N. C. CITY GROCERY WOODROW W. WELLS, Prop. Meats, Fruits, Vegetables 8z Frozen Foods ELM CITY, N. C. Phone 5391 yo 'Ann SAOPPQ Nash St. WILSON, N. C "Young Miss LQ Ladies' Reafly-To-Wear" Outfits For Any Occasion Sizes 9 to 44 I. W. ROSE DRUG CO Phones 15 SL 16 ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Complete Prescription Service "TODAY'S NEWS TODAY" IHI EVIIIIIIG lllllilllllll THE Slllllllll Iflllllllllll ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. T. S. WEAVER MARKET AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE EASONBURG, N. C. WHALEY FURNITURE U0 Main At Hill Street "Where Quality and Prices Meet' ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Complete Home Furnishings Authorized Dealer For Hotpoint Electrical Appliances Page Tllliflj'-111 7 W. B. DOLES Heavy and Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats Phone 5491 ELM CITY, N. C. DAN IEL'S, INC. The Shopping Center For Women and Junior Misses 108 S. Main St. ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. T. B. WINSTEAD Nationally Known Radio and Electrical Appliances 26 Years Experience Helps Me To Give You The Best In Service "If It's Electrical I Have It Or Can Get It For You" ELM CITY PHARMACY MARVIN L. DAVIS, Owner Your REXALL Drug Store Meet Your Friends At Our Soda Fountain Cara Nome-Max Factor Parker 21 8: 51 Phone 5206 ELM CITY, N. C. Whitemalvs-Pangbums Compliments of 5 :PAR""ENT HUNTS 66 Correct Merchandise At Low Prices "Opposite The Post Office" WILSON, N. C. BRASWELL'S SPORT SHOP Complete Line of SPORTS EQUIPMENT 137 Nash Street Phone 394-W ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Compliments of J. Il. BAIIS RIIIIHNIS CII Anything In ROOFING AND SHEET METAL WORK WILSON, N. C. Page lforty W. C. REID 8: CO. "The Music Center" RECORDS-RADIOS-PIANOS "REID'S-Whenever You Think Of Music" ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. GENERAL SUPPLY SToRE ana' Elm City Gin ALTON SHARPE, Prop. Elm City, N. C. Compliments of QUALITY BAKERY 117 S. Goldsboro St. WILSON, N. C. Smith's Meat Curing Sausage Service ELM CITY, N. C. Phone 5146 "Ask For Smith's Home Made Sausage At Your Grocery" BE THRIFTY Buy Mutual Auto and Fire Insurance Bank The Savings WILTON H. PRIDGEN, Agt. Compliments of A FRIEND The GEORGIAN ROOM Gold Professional Building WILSON, N. C. Wonien's Wearing Apparel Page Fort vo 10 'uunuqf imuqnvyln- army-rp-in-, 4 . L a si F I Garner's Grocery "Where The Best Sells For Less" C. FLOYD GARNER, 01 ffrz er Meats-Fruits-Vegetables Phone 2581 Elm City, N. C. JAMES E. WINSTEAD ESSO PRODUCTS Phone 5151 ELM CITY, N. C. Compliments of F AULKNER NEON Serving North Carolina Since 1937 WILSON, N. C. LITTLEJOHN FAULKNER, Pres. GAY'S FUNERAL HOME UNDERTAKERS-EMBALMERS AMBULANCE SERVICE Telephone Day and Night 6634 120 S. Howard St. ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Em-Jay Sporting Goods Co. 106 South Tarboro Street WILSON, N. C. MacGregor-Goldsmith Sc Spalding Distributors Page Fort y-I wo Compliments of o!,uci!L is :Dredd .SZOIO 219 E. Nash St. WILSON, N. C. 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DIXON BARNES ARRELL C0 DRY CLEANERS ELM CITY, N. C. Phone 5321 Quality carries on -H . Wilson, N. C. ails af' 4 4b HOUSE QR! N Tl NG I If .!4uf0gI'CCl0 J Page Forty-seven Page Forty-eight ..!4uf0gl'6ll0 if i 1 , P 5 's 1 . I U 1 x yn.-vnu--mn u-lnnum-:nf-m-uv -in-5 mn

Suggestions in the Elm City High School - Bear Trap Yearbook (Elm City, NC) collection:

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