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 - Class of 1955

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Ellsworth High School - Yearbook (South Windsor, CT) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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I asv Q af-ko.,La,.go.44fn-a,u6..A-v if ,JW if! W Jfjiipif W ,330 W mm ,W My 5 O9 A wi? . My 2 DK F W N My .ik ' -.5 A 1 Ib 'Jr EUJLD -7 "Q Q! li l X N J . . ,ik 4. i .Q 1 - A U K, 3 gl x ' ,- .V - X . Q E' 4 fn , ,N s NN fi: , X, Q- , - , ESX ,ig gm .1 fx ' g7ff5lfU0l"iAL6l,I'l I Llbllshul by .7112 Cfaw o!f955 ELLSXYORTH fNIIifNIORIAXL HIGH SCHOOL South XVindsur, CIPIEIICCQHCLII U MR. STEPHEN G. ROMAINE Physics, Chemistry, Biology B.S. Trinity College 5-aww ,wwgi For your help in the field of science we the Class of 1955 are honored to dedicate to you Mr Stephen G Romame our publication of the Ellsu ortlrmzn l86LC6tfl0l'L 3 1 Y 1 - - 1 . . f . I O 7 2 ff! 1 11,3 IIXIIIQ 111x111 111 1 IL S1111 1 1118 1f1s1u1111x 1111111161 1l11s 111 I1 111 s 1 111 1111 111111111 L IS f11r1 s 1111 111s 1111111111111 N 3 X X XX", thc Class of Q", la " 1 1 " ll - 1111-- Q - 11w1 ' lp I' 12" 1"- 1f11'1g1l 11ccf111111 uf 11111 l1:1ppy yczlrs 111 I'1,uSVVf1ffll 111111 1 1111'c Lilly' W' lllllf' 1111111 11 Nlx 1 I bc 1'c11 ' - nf ll 11111- 111 11111 liws Illlll 'vcr 1141.14 114 "fl A " lI'Ck. .xdclm inizi fr-afion MR. MERLE B. WOODMANSEE Superintendent B.S. Teachers College of Connecticut M.A. University of Connecticut MR. HENRY J. ADAMS Principal B.A. Acadia University M.A. Brown University fm. H. MISS ESTHER V MOHN English Guidance B S Ed Teachers College of Connecticut M A University of Connecticut MISS KATHRYN N MCCUTCHEON Office Secretary Ellsworth Memorial High School 4 5, K. A MISS IDA M BFINTOIN Commercial Subyects BS Lnlverslty of Vermont MISS MARY In DAVEY English BA Samt joseph College MRS CATHERINE L BRIGGS Engllsh B A Colby College M A Mxtldlebury College Certrhcat d etudes FIHHQZISES Unlversnty of Parns MISS ANN G DUFFY General Sucnce English BS Unlverslty of Connecticut M S Unlversxty of Connectrcut MISS MARY A CAFFREY Engllih Iatm Saint joseph Collep.,e MISS ANTOININA M DZIOB Musxc Mus B New England Conservatory of Musnc M A Umversnty of Rhode Island Muffy NIR HARLAND A CASS Engllsh French BA St Mnchaels Colleae 5 HCM XIRx DURUIHXI XIKRIXN XI1tI1unxru L N Sprlngm fu L Xllbb II AIN IAVFI II PIusx1.1I ELILIL.ifl0I'I Lulu B III Plxmourh Tcfulucrs College lv wi XIR IOI-IN XILXIILIAIN. PINMLAI I Iunmun B51 I Panzcr LuIILLL NIR HAROLD I IxIBBI In IuStr1.1I Arts I5 N IL.14I1Lrs LQIILLL of Qonncntuur Aff NIR NI II MUINQ HI I R Phxslcal Iduc mon Huron Inglnsh B A 'I rmxty Lollcu NIISN UIC A IxISH Cumnic-ruaI SLIIWILLIS BN Irma sm of Xunmnr NI A 'NL rmrk Lnngrim XIIQS IOAN XI I NOX Arr Ii SI I XIJSNILIILIQLYIN S mul UI IDLSILII 6 Y lib, SpI'lIIllIIA'InIA IUIILALJQ MQ. Q I' -I.I , II-,uc K I I II A ' I . I' r I 471 , I , , ,. xh 4 -px' , wt' LI ' ,T -," If 1, f '3gfE"' BLR VERNE H OLSEN Socnal Stutlrcs in' B S Ed Mass State Teachers College i' at Brnleeu ater MR STEPHEN G ROMAINE PhySlCS Chemistry Blology BS Trmxty College MRS MARGARET S ORDWAY School Nurse R N Worcester Mem Hospltal School of Nursmg MR JOHN S ROSSITER lndustrnal Arts B S Teachers College of Connectlcut MR ROBERT S ORDWAY Mathematics A B Clark UDlVCfSlfy MRS JANETH F TAPLEY Home Economxcs B.S,E. Eramingham State Teachers College MISS EDITH A. PERSSON Mathematics B.A. Boston University 7 Cldlky if fs-...... Q 3 t Kneelmg oanne Kenny Mules Grant Standing V1ce Presldent Secretary Treasurer G65 ECQP5 Carol Wheeler john Malrn John Ma11n Joanne Kenny Carol Wheeler f ,qi x A' I: J , ' ' . President ..,.......... ...,r . .. .,.,. , ..Mi1es Grant GAIL AGNOLI Gazlr never heard to boast So lo her we gwe a toast Gan Broad Brook Class Soclals 4 GILBERT M ANDERSON Look on the brxgbl nde or polzrh up the dark 1 South Wrndsor Freshman Basketball 1 Base ba 2 3 H1 Y 3 Stu nt Councnl Committee 1 Class Socrals 3 gl, Clam 1955 9 BETTY ANN AHERN A rcbolaf and cheerleader thu wgorour lar: A model .rtudenl m our clan Betty Ann South Wnndsor Cheerleader 3 4 Captam 4 Class Treasurer 1 Student Councrl Committee 2 3 4 Class Marshal 4 Gnrls Varsn ty Basketball 2 South Wrnds 1 2 Class WrllWt1ter4 Intramural Basketball 3 NORMAN ANDERSON Qurrk of un and quick of .fmzle Her a nerzd youll d uonhuhsle Norm South Vfmdsor Bas etball 1 2 3 4 ase 1 2 3 4 Soccerl 2 4 Track I 2 Class Socrals 3 Srudenr Councrl Commmee 1 HrY 3 ROBERT AUSTIN Wzlb hu rkzll and hu car be shall go far Bo Warehouse Pomt Intramurals 2 3 4 Class So cla s 3 4 CAROLINE D BANCROFT Sher pretty and ambmour oo And to ber duty xr always true Gnrole East Wxndsor Hull Student Councul Commnttee l 3 Txcket Seller at games 3 4 Coke Seller 2 Class Socrals MARY BARNES Her fnendlmerr and good na ture Make knowmg ber a plearure Mary Warehouse Pomt Library Asslstant 4 South Wnnds 2 3 4 Coke Seller I 2 Student Councnl Commnttee 4 Class Socxals I 2 3 4 NANCY LEE BADSTUBNER Trim and neat .rbort and H0621 Nancy Broad Brook uth Wrnds 1 2 Head Mxmeoscoper 4 S C H E I Imramuralsl Cheer leader 4 Student Councxl Commxttee I Coke Seller 2 Ellsworthlan Staff 4 Class So s I 2 SHIRLEY BARBRICK Carefree and gay happy all day Taffy South Wrndsor Cafeterra Workerl 2 3 Bas ketball 3 Varsnry 4 Coke Seller 3 4 Intramuralsl 2 H E 2 3 4 Sou Wxnds 3 4 Typist 4 Student Councnl Commxttee 1 3 Class S0 lals I 2 3 4 PATRICIA E BARRY The twznkle m ber eye never fazlr at South Wxndsor Intramurals I 2 Class Socnals I 2 3 4 Basketballl South Wmds 2 4 Typnst 4 Student Councxl Commnttee 2 3 4 S C H E 2 Coke Seller 2 Ticket Seller at games 3 4 JANET BOYNTON Ready for mucbrel ready for un Wfxllzng to lalk lo anyone an South Windsor Basketball u 4 Varsnty n tramurals 3 4 JAMES BROWN Full of fun and murluef too Dawg tbmgs be Jbouldnl do Brownne Broad Brook lntramuralsl 2 3 4 Socxals 5 4 Assnstant Basket ball Manager l Tncket Taker at games 5 4 THOMAS BUTLFR AJ Ong df I am tapalzlc l buyng gum You II aluau lml me Jim mg some Tom Broal Brook Auto Club l Class Socxals l MORGAN J BRADLEY We ree hzm and u e knou bam But we hardly ever bear bm: Morgan South Wmdsor Technical Servnce Squad 1 2 3 4 Student Councnl Com mmee 4 Photography Club 3 Stage Crew 1 TIMOTHY BURNS A Jenfe of humor sometimes J Make: ur all lzke thu :well gu Burnsy South Wxndsor Intramurals 3 4 Baseball 4 Soccer 4 Class Soclals 3 4 NANCY CLARK Once a friend aluayx a rxeml Nancy Broad Brook Class Socnals 3 4 Teachers Secretary 4 BETTY LOU CONNORS She enyogt uork and fun She but a Jmzle for ezergone zz East Wnndsor H1Il South Wrnds Typrst 4 Coke S er 4 S C H E 3 ss Socralsl 2 3 4 Intramurals NORMAN F COTTON To take tbmg: at they be That! my platlorophj Norm Wmtlsorvrllc Freshman Basltethall l Intra murals l 3 4 Sou Winds I Technxcal Servzte Squad I 7 Horseshoe Cham pron 2 Txcltet Taker at games JOAN H. DEMIKAT .S'lJe'J gentle and kiml. dirinely tletigned. "Joannie" Windsorville S. C. H. E. 3g Coke Seller 'lg Class Socials l, 2, 3, 43 Ells- worthian Staff 4g Intramurals 25 Style Show 3. JEANNETTE COTE A :beefy uord a :beefy mule That: ubat maker ltfe 14 ofth u bile Jeannette South Wrndsor S C H E 7 3 4 Treasurer 4 Style Showl 7 3 Basket ball 2 3 4 Varsrty 4 Coke Seller 3 4 South Wrnds Typ rst 4 Intramurals 2 Class So s 1 JUDITH GAIL DALY Het cheerful laugh and wtttj tongue Brmg forth a Jmtle from ez eryone udy Warehouse Pornt Cheerleader 3 4 South Wrnds I 2 3 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Class Nrght and Graduatron Usher 3 Class So ctals 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 7 Class Prophet 4 Student Counc1lCommrttee1 2 3 4 JOHN DESROCHER A little work, lotr of play. Tbafr my motto for every day. "Jack" Warehouse Point Intramurals 4. CORNELIUS DOLLAK A zery zery frfendlg guy Wzth lon of mucbzef nz bu e e Corny Warehouse Pomt Track l Basketball 2 Student Council Committee Co Chaxrman of jumor Prom 3 lntramuralsl 7 4 All State Chorus 4 Class Souals l 7 4 CHESTER DRANGENIS Murhref maker full 0 Il And Jo ue!! lzked by ezeryone Chet Warehouse Pomt Freshman Basketball I lntra murals I I Student Countxl Arlmrnnstratxve Assrstant 3 TINA FLORIDIA A merry fare and a tu mblmg Jmrle Tma Wappm: Lnbrary Asslstant 4 Class So cxals l, 7, 3 4 Intramurals 7, Cafeterla Worker I 7 3 4 VW 13 GARY DONIHEE He never u orrzef Ol er trouble Life for htm 15 one grand buh e Gary Warehouse Pomt Baseballl 2 4 Basketballl 3 4 Soccer 1 2 SHIRLEY ELLIS Ezer Jmzlmg aluajr glad 1Nezer haze ue seen you mad Shrrl Warehouse Point In ramuralsl 2 3 4 ketballl Class Socnalsl 2 3 C H THERESA FORTIER Happy go lurky alert and gay Why be ang other 14459 Terry Warehouse Pomt Cafeterna Worker 1, 7, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 7, 3, Student Councll Commxttee 3 rryfjw Jiffy MARIE GILBERT Sn ee! and neat :be cant be beat Pete Wappxng C ssSoc1alsl 2 3 4 S C E 2 3 4 Vrce dent 3 Presndent 4 Style ow I 2 3 4 Stu Counc1lComm1ttee Z 3 Class Night and Graduatlon Usher 3 Coke Seller 3 4 Teachers Secretary4 LUCRETIA GRAHAM Sher :hy and ru eel qfute bard to meet Bu! uben you do :tr :ure 4 treat Cretxe Wappmz Class Secretary I 2 Cheer leader 4 Student Councnl I 2 Student Councnl Commit tee 3 South Wmds Typnst 4 Intramuralsl S C H E I Cl ss Soclals I 2 3 4 Co Chaxrman of junnor Prom 3 Grrls Basketball I 2 3 Var slty 2 3 Captaxn 3 WILLIAM GREGONIS I dont lbrnk laughing II a crime In fact I do 11 all the time 1 South Windsor Ellsworthxan Staff 4 Student Council Committee 3 4' Pho- tography Club 3 4' Class So- ' s 1 . L JOSEPH GOLDEN Happy go lufky farr and free Nothmg lbere II ez er bother: m oe Warehouse Pomr Intramurals 3 4 Class Socnals MILES W GRANT JR A :port a scholar a leader UI our school In clan he abzder by the gold en rule Shorty Warehouse Polnt Class Presldent 3 4 Basket b l234Vars1ty234 Soccer 3 4 Class Socxals 1 2 3 4 Student Councll Presr dem 4 If IRLEY ALL 13I e doe: Joes! Worklrpg tb 11 and usth zen Cantlc 4' - w hx Sta . EDWARD B HARRISON Don I be muled by hu innocent look Pete South Wtntlsor Soccerl 2 3 4 Basketball 4 VBFSIYYS 4 Intta murals 1 Class Souals 7 3 4 Student Councxl Commnttee 7 Baseball 7 H1 Y 3 JONATHAN HOSKINS H11 trot each morn 15 quit a run Bu! be Jhjly guru aml my 111 fun ohn South Wmdsot Cass Soclals l ESTHER JOSLPH She gzgglet all the time Her mxrlh anal laughter un fonhrled Esther Broad Brook South Wmds 1 Latm Honor Socnety 2 Teachers Secretary 4 Othce Assnstant 3 Class So sl 7 3 4 lntramur 1 7 4 Student Counctl Com mtttee 3 JEANNE HARRISON W ell knoun but a lzttle :by We like lbat rpafkle in her e e jeannte Wapptng Class Ntght and Graduatnon Usher 3 Student Councll Commtttee 3 South Wmds Chtef Typtst 4 Magazme Campatgn Secretary 4 Class talsl 2 3 4 S C 2 3 4 Secretary 3 4 ryle Show 2 3 Intramutalsl 2 Coke Seller 3 4 CONSTANCE JANET JANSKY Noi quiet nor loud noi :borl not tall But a pleurant mingling of them all Connne Warehouse Polnt South Wmds 1 S C H E 3 Sty ow 1 Coke Seller 2 Student Coun cal Secretary 4 Teachers Sec retary 4 Intramurals 2 Class cxals l 3 KAY M RARLSEN lun look mio ber lumklxng eye! And a ln! of mmbref you ufll J Kay Wappnng Ellsworthtan Staff 4 Student Councll Commxttee 4 Office Asststant v 4 Class Soctals WIILLIAM L KATKAVECK He IJ bashful he 11 :hy Bu! ue zhmk her a pretty mae guy Kacky Wapprng Basketball l 2 3 4 Varsty 4 Intramural Basketball l Class Soclals 3 4 JUDY KOBYLANSKI A: merry af the day :J long udy South Windsor S C H E 2 Class Socxals I 2 5 Student Councrl Com mittee 2 JOSEPH KRAWSKI JR Though I cannot out rote them I will out argue them oe Wappnng Inttamuralsl 2 3 4 Class Ofhcer 3 Class Prophet 4 Ellswotthnan Staff 4 Class S :als I 2 3 4 Gene al Chairman juntor Dance 3, Senlor Get Together 4 I 3 JOANNE KENNY Allranue gay and zery me Her dupontzon II hard ed! Wappxng Class Treasurer 3 Class Se' retary 4 Student Count Commlttee 2 4 Studen Councrl 3 4 South Wrnds 1 3 4 Basketballl 2 worthlan Staff 4 lntramur I 2 Class Nrght and Grad atnon Usher 3 Class Socxa ELIZABETH ANN KIMWSKI Would my account: halame I couldn t alu ay: tell But at ncket Jellmg I dzd zer ue Betty Wapplng Student Councxl Commlttee 1 4 South Wrndsl 2 3 Tcl: eSel1er4SCHEl 3 Class Soclals 1 2 3 Style Show 1 2 MARIE LAFOUNTAIN She 1: gentle Jomewhat .rby Bu! there if fmxchref in he e e Mane East Wlndso Basketball 2 3 4 Varsxty 3 I ramurals I 2 Class Socxals 3 4 CAROLYNI LAPIFRRE er bdlf U df hgh! 45 h r Jrmle 15 brztbl arolyn Xwarehouse Point tudent Coumil Committe All State Representative I ouals I PETER A LUCHINA good natureil 11151005111 1 zzlh pfeilll 0 1111 Ill mn 1151111111 Jcpcmz' fl Peter lo lzzeu Ihlflgt up 11 e e Warehouse Point udent Council Committee l I Intramurals I I Co i iard v Class Will Write ass Socials l 7 1, Crew 7 a OHN EDWARD MALIN bard uorier, an afzfe fearf- mfiarl all-arrzunl 5111-ff el- aux lohnnyu East Vilindsor H'lI llsworthian Staff -lg Sou h ' ts 2, el, Sports Edi or Editorial Board -33 Nut- eg Boys' State Representa- 16 33 Class President I, Vice iesident Z, -lg junior Varsity asketball I, 2, 3g Intramurals , 4: Class Socials I, Z. 5, 4: iiagazine Campaign Captain lg Student Council I, 2, 43 itudent Council Committee I, Z, 4. ELIZABETH LUCHIYA Her dfflllflfff are quite a feu She alma 5 har a fob 11 do Bett, South Windsor Ellsworthian Editor 4 South inds I I Edito itorial Board 7 I ui and Scroll Honor Society ass Souals I 7 I dent Council Committee Class INiieht and Graduation er v S C Teaghers Sceretary I RAY MAI-IER Creme arm' 011 bring me glee for 11 nierhariw l 1111111 10 be Ra Broad Broolk Class Socialsl 7 3 -I Tra lc CHARLOTTE LC IRRAINE MANSFIELD She is not rmiry. loud, ur gay. B111 enjoy: li e in 11 flute! uay "Lorry" East Windsor Intramurals 1, 23 Class So- cials 5, 4. GAIL INIATHER Clezer Jmzppx and alums IMPPJ Ga: Warehouse Pomt Intramurals l Class Socrals 4 ROBERT NOBLE, Iouv T't04YDkIf0qQ'l1JN7lT171 agmg uorkmg al the ubzle JA! the e d of a tfxllxuell 7done 1 1152!-'ii affed IJ z sm e Warehouse Pomt I-In YIS freshman Basketball 1 Intram mlsfl 2 a 4 B ketbaIl,4I3Zseball Track Man a er 2 5, 4' 1' PATRICIA PALOZIE Ezer in molzon help ul and cheery Am office uorlzer uho nezer Jeemr uearg at Warehouse Pomt Coke Seller 3 Ofhce Assrstant Class Socnals I 7 Teacher s Secretary 4 6 SALLY MCQUEENEY Studmur happy carefree A gona' fport If fur Mrrkeg Mrcltey Wappmg afeterra Worker 2 3 4 Class Secretary 3 Intramurals 1 7 3 4 Studen Councr Commrttee 2 3 Class Socrals l 2 3 4 Laurel State Rep resentatrve 3 Class Nnght and Graduatlon Usher 3 S QJXFISWAY read3 a g eum 1 r e e bzmyon I b 75 M ,Wk Y 4 Busr s a C H Q urer 2 rran 4 Var lt 4 St te Rep resentatl e In ra rals I 2 C ss Socx s 4 Student Councrl Student Councnl C rttee 3 LAURA PASQUALINI Load: of fun fheerful and bright Sbe :J her frzendx greater: de lxgbt Laura Wapprng Girls Basketball Manager 2 3 4 Student Councrl Com tee Z S C H Class Socralsl 2 3 4 Teach ers Secretary 4 Intramurals 7 South Wmds Typlst 4 ROSE MARIE PICOLLO Althzrtwe, cheerful 114115 and Lind One lzke thu If bard to mf Rosie South W inclsor Class Night and Graduation Usher 5 Class Socials I 7 v 4 Teachers Secretary4 South incls I 7 -4 Ty 3 Show I 2 3 Intramurals 2 EDWARD PLATT H15 rhzng md bu rrapr bu gun I-led nezer trade or nzmm or Jun Cyrus South Windsor Intramurals Basketball M nagaer 7 a 4 Class So cials 4 Student Council Com mittee 2 4 DONALD RICE He'5 little. 17141 belt H1151 Hek 4 IOYL67 for hir tize. "Donnie" East Wlindsor Class Socials I, 5, 43 Student Council Committee I. 5 2 at SONX A PINKHAXI Alzzan mlkmg full of fun She brzngr joy to ez erione Dolly South Windsor ramurals I dent Council Committee 7 4 Cass Socials v I ROBERT RAULUKAITIS Tall lean and lanky mo I 511011 him and to do you Bo East Windsor Xarsity Basketball I 7 Tack I 7 Soccer I 7 7 4 Class Socials 4 Hi Y 3 lntra murals I freshman Basket b I JANE RICHARDSGN Here I5 a girl Il bn ir nice will Ju eet. The kind ,mu alziayr Izie lo VPIEEI. "Janie" XX'arehouse Point S. C. H. E. I: Style Show Z3 Coke Seller 5: Class Socials I, 2, 3, 4, SALLY ROCHETTE So free .ro frxendlg ro full of fun Sally Warehouse Pornt JEANETTE SACZAWA A quiet burznesr woman to the majority A yoker to the rmnorzly Jeanette South Wrndsor ALBERT E SCHAEFER JR Look for Albert bebxnd tbe wheel Of bu convertible automobile Wapprng Juruor Varsity Basketball 3 Intramurals 2 4 Student Counc1lComm1ttee 4 Photog raphy Club 3 4 Class Socrals WALTER RUSSAK He 11 ro quzet ue nez er knou uben ber around Bobo South Wlndsor Intramurals 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Class Socrals 4 SHIRLEY SARGEANT A nurse Jbe uanlr to be And so the uzll fart wart and .ree Shrrl Warehouse Pomt Class Socralsl 2 3 4 South Wmds 5 Intramurals 2 3 4 Class Nrght and Graduatron Usher 3 be W XXQ ILLIAM A SCHORTM N rometsraer a ot 1 ad Brook ass S 3 4 tu dent Councrl Commmee 1 2 FRANCES SETSKY Befidef heing nire and neal. Sher alto pretty and sweet. "Fran" Broad Brook S. C. I-I. E. 2, 35 Intramurals I, 25 Class Socials 3, 4. ROBERT SPIELMAN A gay young chap wizh a mind of his own, With a plearant :mile and a cheery lone. "Bob" South Windsor Photography Club 3, 4, Pres- ident 45 I-Ii-Y Vice President 35 Student Council Committee 45 Ellsworthian Staff 45 Mag- azine Campaign Captain 45 Technical Service Squad 35 In- tramurials 45 Class Socials 1, 2, 3, . A I1 cials 15 Style EDWARD SHARP Hi: ambition ir to be the finer! mechaniz Between the Pacific and the Allantic. "Ed" Wapping Intramurals 2, 45 Student Council Committee 45 Stage Crew 1, 25 Class Socials 3, 4. MARLEN E STANAT Quiet at firrl. but look again. You'll find in her a very good friend. "Marly" Broad Brook Class Socials 1, 3, 45 Class Marshall 45 Teacher's Secretary 45 Intramurals 2. ROGER VERMETTE By playing hir violin he rare ly will par: AJ the mor! talenled maxinan in our flair. "Rog" East Windsor Baseball 3, 45 Soccer 4: Bas- ketball Score Keeper 3, 45 Class Socials 3, 45 Intramurals 3, 4. nfl OL N :su A mph or a rou mg tall st Wrndsor rel Stat eptesentatnve Class r and Us Class T rra Worker 4 tary 4 Class Intramurals 2 Style BERTHA WINN Full of fun and laughter too Bertha Wrnn if never blue Bert Scantuc Intramurals l 2 3 4 CVM Walla One Step Toward Llfes Destmy Clan Colm Blue and Whlte 22 RICHARD WHITEHOUSE Refned gentle quiet and kind To be like hun we wouldnt mind Dlck Broad Brook Ellsworthnan Stal? 4 Class Presndent 2 Vxce Presxdent 1 Soccer 1 4 Track 1 I-I1Y Secretary 3 Student Councnl l 2 Student Councxl Com mxttee l 4 Class Socxals 3 4 Baseball l 2 4 n a murals 2 5 4 RAYMOND ZAGORSKI Good natured full of fun xer well wstb everyone Ray South Wxndsor Class Socxals 3 4 Intramurals 2 3 4 Auto Mechanics Club Cfaaa Aalor Dear Class of 1955 Here we are seniors and ready to go each his own sepa rite wry lt hardly seems possible does lt, when we look back on the wonderful memorable days that we have spent at Fllsworth together Now we are leaving behind a chap tex in our lives that never will be forgotten by any of us Do you remember the hrst day of school in our fresh man year' lr was all so very new and exciting' At hrst we were afraid of the seniors but after we realized that they weren t going to eat us alive, we began to like our new school We were naturally underprivileged ungainly illiterate, little freshmen but that didnt stop our class of livewires No sir we had descended upon Ellsworth like an atom bomb There were so many of us running loose that our advisers thought that they would never get us organized Finally, after two or three years, we began to settle down Soon after school started the senior class invited us to their Senior Get Together Most of our illustrious, noisy class honored them with their presence As a result of this to top off an action packed evening pert Carolyn La Pierre was crowned queen, which created a big sensation, because Carolyn was one of us a freshman l mean And so continued our hrst year until Christmas ln jan uary we elected our class officers john Malin President Dick Xwhitehouse Nice President Lucretia Graham Sec retary and Betty Ann Ahern Treasurer They were our representatives in the Student Council During the sprint, of the year we cave our hrst party the Freshman Sophomore Party We decided that a carnival been used several times before Under the constant guid ance and careful scrutiny of Mr Olsen we began to or eamze the wittlest party ever We struni. colored blinking lights from basket to basket along our midway One thing lll never forget was the eager looks on the girls faces when they eyel the boys who incidentally tried to beat a l my retreat from the dance tloor on the other side of the rm My how times hate changed but it was fun wasn t it' Do you remember the tire drill that turned out to be disastrous for several members of our class' Well beini., underpriyileced undertlassmen Judy Daly Marx Barnes and Theresa Tortier unwittingly marched down the front steps durini., the tire drill Now that in itself was all right but listen to this They had the nerie to scamper playfully right back up them The seniors turned crimson with re sence and a trial unbiased of course was held FUILTY was the verdict Two weeks later three chattering underclassmen could be seen, armed with tooth brushes and buckets of muddy wa ter, scrubbing the sacred front steps under the critical eyes of the seniors Oh, those sore knuckles This type of thing was always happening in our class One member even went as far as to get her head caught in her locker but we wont mention any names I lt was a successful year, and we looked forward to the summer as a rest at least some of us did The long summer preceding our sophomore year came to a close and we all filed enthusiastically to school or the first three days that is then back to the grind We chose our class ofhcers right away and sent them to the Stu dent Council They were President Dick Whitehouse, Vice President, john Malin Secretary, Lucretia Graham, and Treasurer, Sue Ordway Time then flew by and before we knew it our Sopho more Freshman Party rolled around We worked hard in preparation as this was to be one of the highlights of the year Yes, it was now our turn to welcome the new ar don the expression freshmen It was a riot' Naturally our decorations were the best' We chose Hobo Camp for the theme of the affair which came in time for the Halloween Season We would never settle for anything but the best, so we decided that ue would have some realistic surroundings for a change Thus, sticky decorators dragged pine trees from near and far and planted them in every nook and cranny in the gym Then colored leaves and branches from the trees surrounding the parking lot were collected We little pool with a stuffed fox drinking water from it All thus and a tent with grass from the Cemetery Association too In the midst of the rollxcking party, one of the pine trees was shaken loose from its moorings and crashed to the floor lt didnt hit anyone gust scared them' It was soon raised again by our masculine members and the party continued to become a smashing success Among our many activities and banquets a memorable one was the Father Son Banquet, sponsored by the Industrial Arts Department naturally in co operation with the cook This contributed to the education of the parents as far as shop work goes At this time honors were beginning to be passed out One of our versatile classmates, Betty Luchina was selected to edit our Soulb U mdr for the following year She did a wonderful rob, too If I remember correctly we won a few national awards, a couple of hrst prizes maybe? O . ' 'Q ' ' . ' A , I A I l . , - ' - f . g ' . ' I y . f' ' I ' V ' ' i p . . y . , ' 1 Q ' I , ' . ' v v W ' v ' A , with all its trimmings was a unique idea, even if it had turned the basketball hoops into bushes and even had a t . . i . i K V ' V l ' -' . ,V ' , A - - - T - . , . . f y y - , ' ' ' y y . 7 . . vl.. H . Y V ' ' .' y ' ' . - ' - I V ' 7' A . ' 23 Pep packed Judy Daly was chosen a cheerleader Every one uumped for yoy So dud udy but that uSnt unusual as udy was always uumpunu, about one thunc or another Bet ty Ann Ahern mas puclccd at the same tume and the tvxo gurls at last breathed a suu.,h of reluef no more crawlung up the staurs tull next year Then came the year fulled vnuth actuvutues We were now squeezed unto two homerooms and had a hard tume breath ung The best part vsas the fact that we were now uunuors The furst thung we dud was to hold a class meetung and se lect our class officers Mules Grant Presudent joe Krawsku Vuce Presudent Secretary Sally McQueeney and Treasurer Joanne Kenny One of the sensatuons of the year was that gorgeous yel low Mercury convertuble druven by Al Schaefer Wou' You should have seen everyones eyes open wude Naturally beung red blooded Ellsworthuans we went all out for sports rught from the start Yes sur we had the smoothest gurls and boys basketball teams ever at least for a vrhule anyway Ill never forget those Fruday nughts durung the wunter when we all used to go to the games and cheer the team on to vuctory We even cheered them unto the tournament l stull cant figure out how we ever man aged to utter even the meekest cheer as the bleachers were so crammed We wouldnt have mussed ut for the world despute the comfort problems Under the leadershup of our bouncy cheerleaders Captaun Betty Ann Ahern Judy Daly Nancy Badstubner and Lucretua Graham we cheered our selves hoarse' After the games wed all make a mad dash for the puzza place and try to get there before anyone else dud Those wuth cars usually ended up wuth eughr un the back seat go mg home but they dudnt mund a but Do you happen to remember the mysteruous case of the mussung Coach? Well the half tume of one of the basket ball games was over and the boys were out on the floor ready to play but somethung was mussung the coach The whustle blew no coach' Where was Coach' lll tell you where he was He was madly bangung on the gym office door where Ed Platt fCyrus to all athletesl had locked hum Cyrus after ponderung the strange absence of the coach for several munutes hurruedly unlocked the door to fund the coach nervously pacung the floor wuth sore fusts from brutally beatung the door I guess Cyrus has been more careful lately but If Coach us ever mussung agaun youll know where to look for hum The gurls basketball team had some memorable and amusung experuences too One day whule on our way to Rockvulle to defend our undefeated record a strange thung happened We were happuly sungung and talkung luf thats unusualj on the bus when suddenly ut stopped' We smell ed smoke' The bus was on Ere' We all pumped out of ut and ran up the road un case of an explosuon There wasn t one much to our dusappountment The fire was soon out but the bus couldn t be moved and we were late for the game Soon a Connectucut Company bus came by and seeung our preducamenr stopped and took us to Rockvulle Luttle dud we know that our troubles weren t yet over Dur ung the game Slugger Lucretua Graham slammed jacquue Daly un the eye and sent her to the hosputal for seven stttches We rraun them rough here but ut pays doesn t ut' just look at our record The follosxung sprung was lam packed wuth varued ac tuvutues Onc of the furst vnas the All Ellsworth Nught whuch replaced thc annual Sports Banquet Outstandung uunuors and senuors from all the dufferent actuvutues un the school were honored by a speaker who had an extremely good sense of humor He probably was put unto such a uokung mood by that delucuous roast beef supper Mmmm' About thus tume vse started vnorkung on plans for the junuor Prom After much duscussuon and debate we decuded that our theme would be My Blue Heaven Then the commuttees went to work The home of the dccoratuon com murtee was un the attuc They worked luke slaves pauntung staplung cuttung and laughung Remember how the attuc looked before and after? What a mess' I thought wed never get ut cleaned up There certaunly were plenty of prob lems The buggest one was the ceulung Sunce we couldnt use any tentcloth to cover up the beams we decuded to try somethung new We ordered blue and whute crepe paper by the bushel and made certaun that the wude rolls had sulver stars on them to guve the umpressuon of a star lut nught Thus was a fine udea untul we started strungung ut up What a yob' The boys scrambled from one lofty beam to another aduustung punnung and strungung for two whole days Fu nally ut was completed and we breathed a hearty sugh of reluef Not for long however because when we returned to school the next mornung we found that someone had beautuful ceulung unto a messy mass of nothung Broken hearted we reported our fund to Mr Ordway who was as dnsappounted as we were We straughtened ut agaun decud ung that thus wasn r goung to happen agaun We fuxed them' A brave boy clumbed to perulous heughts and took the fuses out of the fans They were kept our of sughr untul after the prom The bug nught finally came Many excuted raduant faces could be seen as the gurls all dressed un new gowns and the boys decked out un dunner yackets walked through the receptuon lune Nervous' Yes but happy The gym was a beautuful sught to behold Heaven couldnt have been any prettuer There were spun glass clouds of fluffy blue and whute a castle un the horuzon and a blue star studded sky above Soft blue lughts cast a ro mantuc haze on the dance floor as the srrauns of Earl Mutch ells orchestra provuded a dreamy background of heavenly musuc Hughlughtung the prom was the crownung of Caro lune Bancroft as queen wuth a crown of rhunestones and pearls Her glowung attendants were Betty Ann Ahern and Sue Ordway All were presented wuth a bouquet of muxed flowers Yes that certaunly was a nught of nughts and wull never be forgotten Then came our fashuon show wuth costumes fur for a queen presented by the members of the S C H E Our models were our own gurls dusplayung the crafts that they had made themselves un theur varuous classes of home eco nomucs They were really beautuful clothes too Lord an Taylor doesnt carry any more stylush Marue Gulbert was the narrator and dud an expert uob The show took place un a Garden of Fashuon whuch was decorated wuth real lulacs set among pucturesque arches As the end of the uunuor year was drawung to a close Betty Ann Ahern and Marlene Sranat were chosen as Class Marshals Soon after the ushers for Class Nught and Gradu arson were announced Our Yearbook Staff for the follow , - . , - a I , rl y ' y u ' . ' I - - . . - , J , ,, ' ' , . ' . ' , . . - ' 1 ' ' u B I-s, ' v 1 i u . , - u - . I - . '. . A I 4 ' V '4 I . , Y Y , , y - A A . . 1 . ' V V v 'A a' - . ' ' ' Y ' . . . . , . 4 v I v ' Y . . . , ,, ' ' Y ' , . , . , , y . . , . .- . 1 Y - , . I I . . A ,H V ,. Y' , , . . ' , . , . , , ' A1 U . . , - , , 74 I ' l , . , . . u . . , . r ' I Y , . . , . . . . , ' A Y A Y . . . ' ' , , Y u - , 1 . . . y . , Y , . . - v 1 . , ' Y , , . h ' turned on the blowers in the gym and had twisted our - 1 Y 3 ' l I ' ' , 5 I - , - , . . , - Y , , . Y . , Y . Y . l - 7 . . . . , . . ' - y ' V D Y -' . 1 a 7 I 7 , . . . A Y ' I YT ' ' Y ' , . . 'A Y v l . , , , . . I - . 4 h . , . , . . . 7 , , . ' . 'U ' '1 A r ' 1 . 3 I 9 1 V ' . Y I 7 Y. . . 1 ' Y , - u . A u Y . , . r , - . . ,. Y . . , . ' ' ' - ' . . . l . I l 4 - u u u . 3 , ' U . , . d ! y ' . , - .. 4 , . I ' , . I Q ' , Y , . Y 7 .. I .. . . , . Y Y. , , u , - - , 24 mg year was chosen Betty Luchma Editor John Malm Kay Karlsen Shtrley Hall Joanne Kenny Joe Krawskt Rrchard Whrtehouse Joan Demzkat Robert Sprelman Nan cy Badstubner and Btll Gregoms We elected Sally Mc Queeney Carol Wheeler and John Malm to represent us at Laurel and Nutmeg States durmg the followxng summer lncrdentally they all had a wonderful tnme Our semor year at last arrtved wlth the commg of au tumn We were now all rn the cafeterra all erghty two of us' We had a lot to do and to start off on the rrght foot we elected our class officers at once They were Mules Grant Presldent John Malm Vice Prestdent Joanne Ken ny Secretary and Carol Wheeler Treasurer All of the actnvrtres around Ellsworth started lrke clock work In the S C H E Marne Grlbert took over as presn dent and Jeannette Cote and Jeanne Harrnson were elected to the posmons of treasurer and secretary respectnvely Several members of our class were on the edrtorral board of the South U zndr They were Irene Stozus Nancy Bad stubner Sue Ordway Betty Luchma and John Malm Thxs was strll a top rankxng paper John Mal n was a very 1m portant and mdrspensable person on the paper too He was our A number one sportswrnter Our Sensor Get Together was the best and btggest party slnce we the prom Our theme was Sport! and rn keepmg wnth the theme we played a game that a few of the senlors wxll never forget l am sure lt had to do with run nxng arount a bat Remember7 I never saw so many drz zy semor boys tn my ltfe The entertatnment was the mort' Out beauty queens for the fashnon parade were supported by slmky dresses and bal loons Are there the men of tomorrow' One never knows' The officers selected a freshman sports queen Sandra S mmons who relnned for the rest of the evenrng We even spent some money out of our sacred treasury to buy a box of candy for the queen We had stooped to prnchmg pen mes for our Vashnngton trrp The class as a whole was doing all rlght scholastrcally Our class braxns were announced The top ten were as fol lows Joseph Krawskt Joanne Kenny Elxzabeth Ahern Ca rol Wheeler Wllllam Katkaveck John Malm Sally Mc Queeney Marlene Stanat Jeanne Harrnson and Robert Spnelman Sports were agam commg., unto the prcture wrth the open ml. of the soccer season The team had a good record and almost ,cot into the tournament but we were the fifth rum and couldnt be squeezed rn That was too bad but lust Wdlf tlll next year' On November tenth the Maaazme Party was r.,rven for Bob Spnelman s Blue Team by the members of John Malm s fufdflkf? Team Dxd we have fun' Mr Klhbes rendmon of lit Thing was enough to send us gurls out of thrs world 1S1ahJ We saw several movres whrch Included a sneak preuew of the Ellruorlh Storm Prtzes were awarded to the four top salesmen John Ma lm Betty Ann Ahern Nancy Badstubner and Wrlllam Gre Lonxs There were gorgeous pttzes' They deserved them too' Thus cltmaxed our magazine campaign It was a long hard pull and although we dndnt quxte reach last years quota lt was a mrghty close call We sold S5 091 80 worth and made a proht of S1471 Well all be readme mag3ZlnES for the rest of our ltves A change was then brought about at Ellsworth The boys new basketball unrforms had been changed to a new color whrre wnth maroon and gold trrm The cheerleaders not to be outdone decrded that therr colors should be changed nn order to match the teams If we ever forget our wonderful musncal organrzatrons theres one person well never forget Thats Mrss Dzrob' Because of her never endmg pattence and our betng mu srcally rnclmed wnthtn a few short weeks we were able to squeeze out some sounds on our varnety of Instruments In the meantrme we learned to read mustc at least most of the tnme In Orchestra there was never a dull moment One day whtle we were tryrng to play the Murknzt Ramble Mrss Dzrob was gorng through her usual acrobatnc routme of countmg out everyones beats at the same trme Her arms were wildly flytng and the baton whtch for once was rn one ptece was lymg forgotten on the desk After several tortured moments and hysterxcal screams of one and 2 and I and 2 and there was complete sllence One by one the mstruments dted down and stopped We all stared wide eyed at Mlss Dzrob It was the first trme that she couldnt utter a sound Her paw had locked tn an open posltton and she could nerther talk nor close her mouth Soon the word was passed around the school about the catastrophe and Mr Adams and Dr Wrllnams who hap pened to be tn the bulldmg f1led grtmly onto the stage armed wrth towels and a ltttle hammer Fmally after a break of about two months Mrss Dztob mustered up the courage to work agam on the Murkrat Rumble No more locked jaws' The Chorus had nts share of fun too but most of the whnch met only once a week From thus group several mem bers attended the All State Mustc Festtval They were Caro lyn LaP1erre Sue Ordway and Comeltus Dollak ln the meantime we voted upon our choice for the D A R award We all walted anxtously for the outcome rn the South Wfndr Fnnally rt came and we were all pleased to find that the wmner was Betty Luchma one of our hard workrng editors It ns through the efforts and hard work of our class ad vnsors and the Ellsworthlan staff that thrs yearbook has been made posstble We want to thank you all for your trme and help As the years pass there wrll be many many memortes that we wrll cherrsh nn our hearts A large part of these wrll be of Ellsworth and the fond frrends that we have ac qurred here We may never see some of these people agam but the thought of them wrll flash through our minds ev ery once rn a whtle In a way tt ns sad to part but nn partmg we strrke out on the path unto the future a path wrth many branches that wrll lead us to happmess hardshrp contentment and suc cess Thus as we draw near the forks tn the path we wave a fond farewell to our past and extend our arms rn search of our mdrvtdual goals hopmg that one day we may meet ar.,atn and knowing that we have completed One Step In Lrfe s Destmy Stncerely yours Suzanne Ordway Class Hrstortan t t . I I Y 1 7 Y Y y 1 ' , Y Y ' . . V - - y Y ' 1 V . l . A - . , 7 T , ' 3 ' , ' ' 1 - t . ' Q , - . , . , . . ' 3 . . , n ' - 1 u 1 - I , ' ' U . . - , ' . 1 5 Qi T ' ' V . . ' 1 ' , - ' v ' . , y . - , , . . t , A ' . i ' f seniors had to be content with joining the advanced chorus, A V - V A . l v A 7. . . . . I , , . . , . . D ' I Y l . ' ' ' . A Y ' 1 V t - r . V V I v ' Y I , , . ' . . . -1 ' ' A V x ' . V V Y 7' I I A Y . - A K . . ' D - - ' ' , ' . 7 I . v V . . I , V 'I ' ' ' A lf A 9 Y Y - . Y - . I V ' V I ' , . . . 7 - r 5 V A ' 1 ' 1 . ' tt . . , . t V Y . ' - ' ' , ' ' ' v U ' K . V 1 25 Cl L Q0 Pamdmg, Under the Stars Remember This? Top Angel nn My Blue Heaven I Officers Lead The Lenrer of Arrracuon IUNIOR PROM Nexr on the Program . . . . . . The Latest Creation from A Deserving Reward Paris via Room 11. FASHION SHOW ,jvlw for? Tommne Bnlhe Bobble M1mm1e T1mm1e Semors Select Sandy Cornelna Munel Dollak SENIOR GET TOGETHER Plomng the Cqmpfugn and the Wlnners' MAGAYINE CAMPAIGN Captivating Lady Caroline ' Bob SENIOR DANCE Cam' - My add We the exalted Senror Class of Ellsworth Memorral Hrgh School berng of surprrsrngly sound mrnd and body after the past four harrowrng years do thrnk rt flttrng and proper that we should at thrs trme bequeath our most valuable trarts to the untalented underclassmen To the Junror Class we yoyfully leave the cheerful thought of becomrng round shouldered from carryrng therr Englrsh IV books To the Sophomore Class we leave a book of dancrng rn structrons so that they wrll be able to dance at therr own prom next year To the poor under prrvrleged Freshmen we leave the honor of changrng therr trtle to lowly Sophomores To the halls of E M H S we once agarn leave the quretness and tranqurlrry whrch rt has not known for four years To anyone who excels rn both athletrcs and leadershrp Mrles Grant leaves hrs versatrlrty Connre Jansky leaves her ever ready smrle to Beverly Byrnes Dont forget Bev a smrle a day wrll chase the blues away Bertha Wrnn relrnqurshes her varrety of earrrngs to Do reen Drxon Do you have a drfferent part for every day Do reen? Bertha drd Wrllram Gregonrs bestows upon Bob Krlpatrrck hrs trtle of best cook Do you thmk a Fanny Farmer Cook Book wrll help Bob? Nancy Clark and Jonathan Hoskrns regretfully grve up the seat on the bleachers to Marjorre Hrggrns and Bobby Mrlkre Please don t carve too many hearts on the seats Frances Setsky leaves her neat appearance at basketball practrce to Dotty Lou Morrrs Press your shorts after each practrce Dotty Lou Rose Prcolla and Carol Wheeler leave therr everlastrng frrendshrp to Ruth Hallowell and Cecrlra Balf Dont forget gurls no argurng Tommy Butler happrly leaves hrs frequent vrsrts to the office to Robert Hudson Would you lrke a reserved seat Butch? Betsy Bond rs to be the recrprent of Marne Grlbert s trtle of best dressed Judy Daly and Pete Harrrson regretfully leave therr abrlr ty to talk therr way out of embarrassrng srtuatrons to Brlly Krawskr Dont forget the old sayrng Brll Practrce makes perfect Sue Ordway surrenders her love of srngrng to Joan Mey ers Promrse you wrll srng at all the school partres Joan To any strugglrng Typrng l student who rs desperately strrvrng to get the requrred 30 words a mrnute Pat Palozre leaves her typrng abrlrty Lucretra Graham and Bob Raulukartrs relrnqursh therr tr tle of most athletrc to Ruth Jurgelas and Lenny Anderson Betty Luchrna leaves her posrtron as yearbook edrtor to anyone wrth patrence and no fear of deadlrnes Carolrne Bancroft wrlls to larry Morse her long walks to school Why dont you call a cab Larry? Jack Desrocher and Norman Cotton leave therr record for berng late to class to Joe Burns and Peter Enes To any underclassman who rs plannrng to take physrcs Ed Sharp leaves hrs mechanrcal mrnd Wrllram Schortman entrusts the care of hrs beloved Broad Brook to Ellen Smrth Do as good a Job as Brll drd Ellen Joanne Kenny and Donald Rrce leave therr many frec kles to Bernard Krawskr The Senror Class always was very generous Bernre Ray Maher leaves hrs lead foot to Francrs Chester Try to keep rt under 90 mrles per hour Francrs Carolyn La Prerre and Cornelrus Dollack leave therr tr tle of best dancers to Carol Kerkrns and Rrchard Burnham Sandra Srmmons rs the recrprent of Kay Karlsen s dreamy eyes Don t break too many hearts wrth them Sandra Trna Florrdra and Theresa Fortrer leave therr posrtrons as Mrs Reed s assrstants to any grrl who has study L perrod Norman Anderson leaves hrs burld to Lyman Whrte Do you thrnk the Charles Atlas plan wrll help? Wrllram Dezso rs to be the recrprent of Chester Dran genrs s yearly seat rn Mr Olsen s hrstory class Better pay at rentron Brll or you mrght be there for too many years Raymond Zagorskr sadly bestows upon Albert Pranckus hrs collectron of grrls Dont you thrnk one at a trme rs enough Albre9 Walter Russak leaves hrs beloved flock of ducks to How ard Jorgenson Better watch them carefully durrng duck season Howard Janet Boynton and Shrrley Barbrrck leave therr herght to be drstrrbuted between Jackre and Pat Weldon Thrnk rt wrll help any grrls7 Jeanne Hartrson leaves her trtle of most drgnrfred to Ar delle Smrth From now on Ardelle you should say How now brown cow Garl Agnolr wrlls her beautrful long harr to Marcra Ad ams Promrse not to get an ltalran cut Marcra A lrttle of Jeanette Saczawas and James Browns quret ness rs to be left to Peter Frles WU! 1 9 y , . , . . . . . . - , r , , . , ' , . . . , , . . , . , . , . . Q - , . . , . - a 1 . , ' - - . , . , . r - - - , . . . . . , . ' ' ' ' ' - x , . r - . , . , . . . , , . , - 1 - . , . - a , . . - - l I I A ' 1 n 1 . .. , . . . . . ., . - . . . , . - 1 v ' . . , , . . - , , . . , . . Jean Vermette 15 the recrprent of Garl Mathers notes wrntten durmg class Well Jean do you thunk you have enough to publrsh a book? Shrrley Ellls and Marte LaEounta1n leave their love of gxrls basketball to Sandra Jaworskx Dont forget Sandra only four fouls allowed rn one game Mary Barness good natured dnsposntxon rs to be bestow ed upon Judy Greer Dont forget Judy control that tem er Robert Noble nmparts a llttle of hrs basketball knowledge to Stephen Karser Do you know the lme up of all the Ma lor League teams Steve' Betty Lou Connors and Joan Demlkat leave therr merous travels to any two grrls who can get along as well as these two Irene Stozus s posrtxon as Parade of Youth correspondent rs left to any rumor who promrses to do as good a rob as Irene drcl Tum Burns gladly bestows upon Gary Mercter hrs dlfhcul ty nn gettmg through the crowded halls Thmk a parr of stllts would help Gary' Joseph Krawskr s reputatxon for bemg the center of nolse ts happily grven to Harvey Della Bernarda Dont forget Sally McQueeneys frnendlmess IS to be left to Jean Ellr son Remember Jean frrends can be the key to success Jane Rrchardson and Al Schaefer leave therr fleet of cars to Harold Schortman Thmk youll ever have that many cars at one tame Harold Robert Sprelman leaves hrs ambntron to become a taxr dermnst to Geor e Bastren Please Geor e confme our 3 'rl Y practlce to four legged animals Bob McClatchey wrll recenve Gtlbert Andersons hearty laugh Don t knock the walls down Bob Bob Austln and Gary Donlhee leave their after school Jobs to anyone mterested rn makmg money The lnne forms to the nght boys Judy Kobylanskl leaves her abnlxty to play the prano to Sally Newberry Nancy Badstubner leaves her cheernng ablllty to Jean Moore and Judy Woodmansee Arch those backs grrls Ann Barry bestows her artrstrc abrlrty upon Maureen Boyle We hope you wrll enloy maknng about a mnllton posters next year Maureen Sonya Prnkham leaves her abrltty to get along wrth boys to Glenna Pond and Marrlyn Forbes Douglas Zregra rs to recerve Ed Platts wrttrcrsms Better vsatch where you use them Doug Patty Barry entrusts the care of her beloved French II book to Sherla Sargent Treasure rt always as Patty dnd Sherla Jeannette Cote leaves her sewmg abxlrty to her srster Ju net Joseph Golden leaves hrs platd shrrts to Barry Hoffman Don t make them too loud Barry Shlrley Hall leaves her shorthand notebook to Dlanne Nreld Dont forget Dnanne the T and D are made up Rrchard Whrtehouse leaves hrs yearly Job as publncrry chanrman for our parnes to John Ellsworth Roger Vermette bestows hrs musxcal talent upon John Schanck Keep the orchestra hummtng John Stephen Hopkms rs the recrprent of John Malms posr tlon as Sports Edrtor for the South Wind: Rrchard Hensel surrenders his saxophone to Skip Chap man Take good care of lf Skip and polish rt every a Betty Krawskt leaves her 1ob of selllng lunch tlckets to Esther Lathrop Be sure to glve everyone the right change Esther Charlotte Mansflelds shy and quret ways are left to her are often worth mtlhons Ronald Larson ns to recerve Wnllnam Katkaveck s love for huntmg and lishrng Dont tell any fish storres Ronnne Shnrley Sargeant leaves her job as a babysltter to Marnlyn Burnham Dont forget Marrlyn use chlld psychology Marlene Stanat leaves the honor of bemg Class Marshal to any pumot who has the ablllty to stand perfectly still for hours and then walk for mrles Morgan Bradley leaves hrs reputatron for havmg the earlnest crop of tomatoes rn Wappmg to Carol Hrggms Bet ter start them rn March Carol Esther Joseph Laura Pasqualrnt and Pete Luchtna leave t e ahem honor 97 of being Class Clowns to any one who can make people laugh as well as these three do Betty Ann Ahern leaves her posttron as Class Wtll wrrt er to any yunnor gurl with a lor of spare trme We the graduates of l955 do now declare thrs sacred document stgned rn the presence of wrtnesses to be out Last Wtll and Testament and hope that our wrshes wrll be farthfully carrred out WITNESSES Ida Benton Robert Ordway Srgned Betty Ann Ahern Peter Luchma . , , - , l 7 . - . , p . . , nu- . . Y ' . ' , . . ', ' , ' ' d y. Y D . your own motto, Harvey, "Silence is golden." brother Edward, Remember, Ed, a few well-chosen words ' 7 V ' ' n I . ' , . Y . , . . A Q , . . . . 7 . . , . , , h - - .. ' - ' ! ' ' U U I , , , . V , ' ' 29 CAM Marlene Sranar Morgan Bradley Carolyn I.aPrerre Roger Vermerre Miles Grant Lucretla Graham MOST BASHFUL MOST MUSICAL BEST MANNERED John Mallfl 5l'lll'lCY Hall Peter Luchrna Judy Daly Cl-ASS ARTl5T5 MOST OPTIMISTIC Mrles Grant Jeanne Harrrson MOST DIGNIFIED ,Y Betty Am' Ahern 5'-lf 0l'ClW3Y Miles Gfaflf Sue Ordway Joseph Krawskr joseph Krawskn Marlene Stanat MOST VERSATILE Sally McQueeney MODEL STUDENTS MOST SOCIABLE 30 M wr I N A ' v- S l i f. ' , elf - S -M or , X A ,v S X- E A, , lf x V l 'g I V . . f Y 4 ' li l Joseph Krawskx Marle Gxlbert BEST DRESSED Lucrena Graham Bob Raululcantns MOST ATHLETIC Y I Cornellus Dollalc, Carolyn LaP1erre BEST DANCERS gaffol Lucretia Graham John Malm MOST SINCERE Laura Pasqualmx Peter Luchma Esther Joseph CLASS CLOWNS James Brown, Judy Daly YOUNGEST MEMBERS 31 Joseph Krawskl Joanne Kenny MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Judy Daly Pete Harnson BEST EXCUSE MAKERS Mane Grlbert, Bully Gregoms BEST COOKS A -, 7, 7 ggi.: f 1 Y K -' I 2, 5. 'lm if ..I'J K 'A , A '31, N s - ' A T3 L f , , S . , . , r L ! 7 .Y 1'. I 1 f., . F, .. , , , , 6165 F I9 QC? Scene Hartford Hosprtal Operatrng Room Joe rs standrng over Judy ready to operate He pulls off the sheet whrch rs coverrng Judy oe udy Daly' What are you dorng here? I thought you oanne Kenny and Shrrley Sargeant were practrcrng nursrng tn the St Francrs Hosprtal udy Well Joe Krawskr you old butcher' I hear that you have really been cuttrng up the place Incrdentally I am a nurse but I have an rn grown toe narl that needs strarghtenrng out so here I am' Joe Talkrng about strarghtenrng out remember that old class of 557 Now most of them are pretty successful For example remember how Bob Raulukartrs and Brll Katkaveck used to rack up those pornts rn basketball? Well they are presently playrng for the Globe Trotters Judy That rs wonderful Drd you know Joan Demrkat and Betty Lou Connors are also flyrng hrgh these days? They are employed by the Pan Amerrcan Arrlrnes as therr two top arr lrne stewardesses Joe No I drdnt know But lust about everybody has heard that Chet Drangenrs and Gary Donrhee are owners of the Two D Ford Mercury Company udy Swell I was talkrng wrth Judy Kobylanskr last week who rs Mrles Grants prrvate secretary She told me that Mrles plans to run for re electron as mayor of the growrng metropolrs of Warehouse Pornt Joe Yes rt was also rumored that Pete Luchrna and Walter Russak who were Mrles strong arm men are now huntrng brg game rn Afrrca Judy Oh Joe I Just must tell you before I forget I prcked up the phone yesterday and heard two telephone operators talkrng Youll never guess who they were Joe I don t thrnk you need to tell me srnce I have a pretty good rdea already They are Laura Pasqualrnr and Lucretra Graham After all Judy I used to be on Lauras party lrne' Judy Well Joe I wrll bet that you dont know that Corny Dollak my old buddy has bought the charn of Frrst Natronal Stores rn Wrndsor Locks oe No but I do remember hearrng somethrng about Pete Harrrson enlargrng hrs grocery store charn rn South Wrndsor udy Incrdentally speakrng of busmesses Carolyn LaPrerre and Garl Mather have a thrrvrng beauty salon for blondes only Joe By the way rrght next door rs Wolves Inc owned and operated by Jack Desro cher Joe Golden and Tom Butler In case you drdnt know Shrrley Ellrs Connre ansky and Nancy Clark are therr prrvate secretarres Judy Those fellows surely are carryrng out the old sprrrt of 55 Al Schaefers televrsron program Wee Words of Wrsdom to Women also rs a brg hrt these days espec rally srnce he has Roger Vermette first vrolrnrst Esther Joseph TV comedran and Rrch Hensel trumpet player The crrtrcs say that Rrch rs a second Harry James oe Oh I almost forgot to tell you that Betty Ann Ahern Mary Barnes and Nancy Badstubner are now sellrng one way Rocket Trrp trckets to the moon These grrls clarrn rt was therr conscrentrous Saturday nrght study of the moon that helped them a great deal towards therr recent success Judy Trna Florrdra and Theresa Fortrer have opened a new restaurant on Broadway wrth Brll Gregonrs as chref chef You know Brll got hrs technrque from Marre Grlbert and Jeanne Harrrsons cookrng school Also Shrrley Barbrrck replaced Betty Furness as commentator on her program oe Thats wonderful Trm Burns has certarnly got a rrsrng busrness these days sellrng elevator shoes to Morgan Bradley the brggest vegetable grower rn Connectrcut Judy By the way Drck Whrtehouse Ed Sharp and Bob Sprelman chref screntrsts for research on the H Bomb are makrng a movre entrtled How To Get Back After You Get Blown Off Sue Ordway and Pat Palozre star rn thrs melodrama Joe C Starts Hummrng Song J 32 . . ,J , J - , , . ' 9 9 ' , . . . . , . , . ' 9 - 9 . , . . . , . . . . . . , . J - - , Q . . - , ' 9 9 , . . , , . ' 9 , . . . . , . .. . , - 9 9 . ' ' ' 9 9 9 9 J- 9 J ' 9 9 ' 9 9 '9 ' . , . . . 9 9 - 9 9 J 9 - ' . .. , , .. 1- . n - - - 9 9 9 ' 9 9 9 9 , . . I' ' ' 9 9 9 . . , . . . ' 9 , . ' 9 9 9 9 , . . ,, ' 9 9 ,, . .- . Judy That song sounds famrlxar Joe oe It should Its Pat Barrys top record You know she rs the top recordrng star for RCA I understand she was lucky not to get mto Brll Schortmans noted column called Wlth Malrce Towards All udy Talkrng about wrrters Marlene Stanat has recently fimshed her book rn etrquette I understand xt IS already up for the Nobel Prrze Also Irene Stozus and Sally McQueeney are both workmg for the Unrted Natrons Irene IS a correspondent for the Umted Press and Sally rs an Interpreter for the UN e You know Bob Noble and Ed Platt out old basketball managers are now officers m the Marrne Corps Bob and Ed were tellmg me that they went AWOL when they met the new women ofhcers anet Boynton and Jeanette Saczawa You know Parrrs Island gets pretty lonely udy Remember those two dynamrc women Rose Prcolla and Betty Luch1na7 Well they have a pretty wonderful ofhce crew for therr thrrvmg publrshrng busmess Therr ofhce assrstants known as the Noxsy Two are Marne LaFounta1n on the typewrrter and Charlotte Mansheld on the teletype oe I walked yesterday rnto Parnless Malrns Tooth Extractron office organrzed to put people rn mrsery My cousrn Betty Krawskr straps the vrctrms rnto the charr and eannette Cote holds them down They are hrs two assrstants On my way out I met Bob Austm owner of Austrn Autos and later Carolme Bancroft drrector of the magazme called Hzgh School Fad: on Tbezr Way Out udy I thmk that rt rs wonderful that our schoolmates sponsor one another Joe That remmds me of Ray Zagorskr and Donald Rrce They have merged thexr mammoth tobacco companres nnto one Bertha Wrnn rs head of the personnel de partment for thrs company I hear they are dorng qurte well udy G11 and Norm Anderson have gone mto open competrtron wrth Andersons Woodworkrng Shop and have formed the Anderson Iron Shop Those two always were aggressrve oe Norman Cotton and Jrmmy Brown are runnmg therr new establrshment called the Insomma Motel The reason for the sleepless nrghts rs Jonathan Hoskrns tnght club located across the street udy Have you notrced how thrs hosprtal rs decorated wrth such exqursrte taste? It was done by Mademorselles Kay Karlsen and Shrrley Hall o Yes I drd notrce It certarnly rs the most to say the least You know Judy as I was dorng some research on the weaker sex I happened to walk rnto Sonya Prnkhams dress department out at Lord and Taylors and saw Franme Setsky modelmg the latest creatrons from Parts Judy Really? Well Frannre always drd have a flarr for styles I hate to break away from the subject Joe but I vrsrted dear old EMHS last week Ill bet you will be surprrsed to hear that Carol Wheeler rs now semor class supervxsor and Jane Rrchardson rs presently grvmg the down beat to the school orchestra and band Srnce Mrss Kathryn McCutcheons recent weddrng Gall Agnolr has taken over as office supervrsor oe Wonderful I took my huntmg dog to Ray Mahers cat and dog hosprtal but unfortunately the dog dred Of course you have to understand the facts udy that Ray never qurte got over the shock of shootmg hrs huntmg dog ba k rn the old hrgh school days Judy Well Joe summmg rt all up I would dehnrtely say that our class has been pretty successful' Dont thmk tt hasnt been fun drscussmg all our colleagues bu I have to admrt that thrs rn grown toe narl rs srmply krllrng me so would you kmdly proceed wrth the operat1on3 oe Certamly Judy I am glad to hear that your toe narl rs krllmg you now because after thrs rs all over you won t ever feel any pam agam I wrll see you after the operatron I hope and then we can remrnrsce strll further about the good old days at Ellsworth CLASS PROPHETS Judy Daly and Joe Krawskr 33 lf - - . . , U.. - l H' J: , u . . . ' . . l. , . 501 . r . I . ,J . - ' nl . , . , . . J: . - ., I . , - ' U' ' if J: . .. p -I 1. - . ... . , J: .'.. . U. ,. p Je: .U . I ' ,H 8 , Z . , . . . . . J: . U ' ' ', I' : , , D... y, .. . ' ., .- .. . .. , t ' v 51 ' , .'f . I .. . . 7 1 Sql 'N CALM p0el'l'l OUR SENIOR YEAR SEPTEMBER opens each school year To bulld the mmd by eye and ear The Semor Get Together screens A class of Freshmen for a queen OCTOBER IS hlled w1th hope and fear Whxle vrsrons dlm or brrght appear To cast a shady doubt Of Honors Passmg or just About NOVEMBER-cards mark the grade m Of progress we have or have not ade A socml party holds the prrze ln clnmax of subscrlptlon drrve DECEMBER trme for vunter sports Wrth basketball mvadmg courts W m lose or draw the team w11l hear Thelr schoolmates cheering loud and clear JANUARY Happy New Year Guys and Dolls' As Semors throw a full dress ball To celebrate wrth dance and song Four years that seemed both short and long FEBRUARY leaps short and sweet By reason of a restful week To better yet prepare the way For MARCH agam rs long 1n days APRIL a welcome month ln sprrng To realrzatron also brmgs A long awaxted golden dream Of Washxngton rn real lrfe scenes MAY blossoms forth a junror Prom Trrumphant students thrrll wrth song Commencement garns and obgectnves due JUNE arrxves wrth exerclses Class nnght and graduation prrzes In trrbute honor four farthful years Of struggle heartbreak joy or tears We prepare to tread new paths or lands thened to meet the worlds demands. Feel streng In severance the class of 55 Buds farewell Our Ellsworth High By Shrrley Sargeant E . . . - 7 , , - . ' . . . , '. ' For education's merits prove 3 ,. . . . . . I , ,. y . - , y h , . , . 34 Qk SW Q J+JJ J "R u....,3m ,my VJ bgxxi .Je L gsngkvcwc of '1 s I ikzkl wcg L xa M -YM" X- s Q. ik .1 s A xx ra? s wa NRM "'f'1m+M+"' " K 5 59 N1 LII 5771 Ll!! 1L I 3K6 Z Il I -'Til Fx 57 7 Yihii 555' I, gn5wqTKmQ9x3 free 5, 1 'J' so . R S 5 SNA wovA qs Si YC go TIN aeelixetfr I Yijmksia V?-tvtwik :calc ho?e an v mfs 0 ou . g 3 - a - Q - Q 4 J J ' -j . H A QV' Y ' 0 we , er rx-Q lg V' 9 nv ' W-Q Sew X05 nd 'To ov gh' :onyx :, 1, lgnses 100 sk ntve. c C' we :LQ 9 r iv- 3 9 O 3 5 cs 'Xie xo J 4 F J J J gh ::,,10Y1x mix wow- P PCS En t,?r,g:t? sffmsav gqvc U, H L4 Q 5 3 J , Qbov-ug I Q J r f P Q JV: 'S " C 1 A Uktm E K! A Q 'PON 15 Lena n , Q r J J ij ,Q r 4 . IK, A WWII ' w u Q was na ov, hu-wi Q wiv. 5, e e we K Qf' -0 , 'n our n u '4 A 1 I' J ' ' 35 I 'Q ft.: Class Marshals lfLf6f6Ll'l lil? Semor Scholars Sxtuate Selves on Steps Mrles Grant Class Presrdent Marntams Fron Steps Tradxtron History, Prophecy, Will Writers Teachers Secretaries Type Tough Tests I9 Trlo Trnes Teacher s Techmques en iam Top Salesmen Possess Persuasxve Powers 55 Scholarly Students Seat Spectators Laurel and Nutmeg Representatlves Parade of Youth Correspondent . l or Ex x"vsff..f4" ample Unexpected Study gn-4 'NR' Tl i'f47 NX! H Q I Alb Studxous Senlors Sewmg Sartonal Splendor How Now Brown Cow Ruler wlse iz? Studymg Stenography A Wexghw Problem School Atrennon' 55f0 . "1 l ,' -., MA ' Olflfl Z' A Conference Concernxng., a Career Sgrvlge Wlqh 3 Smllg OU, 4.4 Teachers Tell Tall Tales Mldmofnlnk Mun'-h Strxct Supervxsxon R -x. Fmal Punch Here There and Everywhere Eager Beavers Our Dleunans .l , Q ' . :J ' I1 , I I I .. . 5 k .P v N, K, . W' 'I Q li K " Q l -X l . I X ip l 0 V xg h V a 'f' x ,I x . K . , X I Patnent Partners One Two Three Go' I"0lfUfl Gill 'Ns-of f Boardmg House Reach Our Rammg Beautxes A Pause That Refreshes Faculty First Feature Attracnon Dont Svsoon Gnrls' 40 Plllow Case Stuffer Suffers ,616 uf ffdwow Roy alry Relgns Sprnghtly Sprung Songs Season Show Smgers Sons, Sends Students jolly joker jells Jamboree hxllu Imax Iutuses on Fashions Students Sell Soda 41 Lee Learns a Lesson Musnc maknm. Masters Tantalnzmg., Tango Tangles Toes EWJJS .!4fLlil5 1954 1955 GMP? -.,..,,,,W .W 5 From Row Left to Rltht john Malm Connre jansky Mtles Grant Joanne Kenny Carol Wheel er Setond Row Dotty Lou Morns Mr Adams ohn Ellsworth Paul Frost Lmda Grant Bob McClatthey Dlanne Nerld janet Stoddard Thnrd Row George Bastlen Stephen Grant Sandra Snmmons Lots Sharp Sfudent C0lfLI'lCl Bermuda sktrts was the mayor topxt of dlSLL1SSlOl'l of the Student Counctl thts year Class rxngs the Po1ntSystem the Attntty Fee md the Ellssxorthnn Story were rlso tmportant 1tems discussed A subdtvnston of the Student Councll the Tr tdmons 1nd Gowernment Commxttec presented an assembly entxtled Is the Student Counul Effecttxcf no Commtttee Chairmen Committee Setretarxes T R999' faq? Front Row Left to Rrght Kay Karlsen Blll Gregoms john Malm Joanne Kenny Betty Lu chlna Second Rom Shrrley Hall Rlchard Whrtehouse Nancy Badstubner Sue Ordvxay judy Daly Thlrd Row Robert Sprelman Shlrley Barbrrck Betty Ann Ahern Mnss Ann Duffy Ad vrser Mrs Dorothy Martyn Busrness Manager 1 Art Etlntors Wo Busmess Managers it 6 15l,U0l"fA Lan Thls year our publlcatlon was mcreased to pages enablmg us to lnclucle lntroductory pages for act1v1t1es and sports and also PIC tures of the J V basketball teams Lrterary Edrtors Front Row Left to Rnyght Marlon Hewes jeannc Harrx son Que Ordyyay Nlancy Badstubner Stephen lxanser john lxldllfl Marua Adams Betty Luchma Second Roxy Helen lxrayyslcn Donna Butenas Rose Pxcolla Mary Clark lanct Stoddard Maureen Kenny Ieanncttc Cote Dnannc Nelltl Carol Wfheeler Charlotte ichlrchtlnc Thnrd Roxy Hazel Devyalne Betsy Bond Patty Barry Beyerly Byrnes ludy Xkoodmansee Barbara Csaszar Sally Newberry Sue Day Sandra layxorsltl lrenc Stozus Fourth Row Gall Lchtoncn ouflr lpldncfa The South WlDdS now entermg nts nlnth year of publlcatlon has contlnually expanded ln both qualxty and quantlty Its clrculatnon nov numbers oyer three hun dred coples per edltlon vshlch not only coyers our school but 15 also dnstrrbuted across the schools of the country Under the experlenced guldance of Mr Har land Cass xt has contmually been the recnpxent of many awards Marllyn West Marlorne Hxtzgms Betty Lou Connors jean Lavclle Ruth Hallovxcll Marlorle Krawslcl Loxs Sharp lllcn bmxth Fnfth Row Nancy Frarze Mary Ann Welles Nmcy Harrnncron Lutrcna Graham Mary Barnes Carol Hxcems Marco Reardon Marllyn Bahler Ardelle Smnth ny Linda Grant Ruth jurgclas lean Ellxson Laura Pas qualmn George Anms Mr Harland Cass Advxser 11141 I Mxmeoscopers 45 L H i Typrsts Edntonal Board V . I 1 ' v I Y 1 I v ,I ' Q G I ,V v D I v fu S . 1 1 ry f 2 4 B . I A L' I v lvlll kv 1 Y Af Q Q ' V ' Q' , , . ' ' ' ' ': ' I Sixth Row: Cynthla Pelton, Shirley Barbriclc, Joanne Ken- " . - ' V ' ' '- 'V v .V 'bv , ,' lv ' r ." l , - w ' 'V , , , , , ' , 1 , , , ' , . ' ' , ' ' I . V . . . v C ' ' v ' K v , . V K . U . V Y Y . . I . I V ' Y Y , . L ' . . Y . . 1' " . . i 3 7' x X ' T s. - 'K in U l fl AAN '-'EXIT'-v Front Row Left to Right Marxlyn Forbes Roger Vermette Marcla Adams Carol1ne,Bancroft Sandra jaworskx jane Rnchardson Ray Zagorskx Larry Morse Carol Kerkms john Schanck Second Row Bob McClatchey Bruce Martin Dick Hensel joan Myers Judy Daly Sue Ordway jean Moore Cornelius Dollak Third Row Nma Aleshm Paula Bancroft Mxss Dzlob Sall, Newberry Every year the orchestra band and choruses under the superv1s1on of Mtss Antonma Dzxob present a Pops Concert Thls enables them to secure funds to help support the musxc de partmenr The twenty five p1ece orchestra played at the Chrxstmas Assembly regular assemblnes Class Nwht and at the raduatron Exerclses All State Represenrauves Ure 05 tfa Informal jazz Session 'nn li OOO! Ml I ,arre- Front Rovs Left to Rrght Stephen Grant Connxe Dollak Cynthxa Felton Helen Chamberlam Marxlsn Forbes Bruce Martxn Paula Bantroft Iohn Ixnxbcl Maryorte Stratton Maryorte Dollak lohn Sehantlk Setond Rtm Lattx Moore lnnathan Hoskrns Warren Antlrulot Barbara Dolltaff Boh Xidffbuikl joan Eckert Robert Watson lohn Illsvmrth Daxld Loreruen Thxrd Row loe Rtzzo Wayne Besavw Renate Mxles Rtthartl Burnham Rnthard Weler Donall bharp Claw ton Hardtng jean 'Nioore Edmond Wlatson Fourth Row Nitss Dzrob Lnder the dtrectton of Mrss Antontna Dztob our EMHS blnd played ar assemblres Memo rtal Dax parades and the Pops Concert The thtrty Exe members are attlred rn pert mtroon gold and vnhtte umforms at all pub llc appearances Ntne Nxtt Saxophonrsts MHC! Blow Gabrlel Blom Q fx f. ' U l -lf , jlyg ' 1 V. --X-rAr,1,f4, e I . ex f p - Q N- -ge , .Q xt ' J , ,f.fz+:'z'14 r , ' ' , ' g t -:: q1-:3- N 4'o'ot I ' ' ' " 'W nb r . I 1 J' . I W ihlk ' "'Z43.'.,l , -"' - 2 A D ,je lfwf -1-1:4QL-.-.lf..-Q55-.-a'k '.--"::55:-fr ' 2 ' U ' ' N 4 7 ' - - L l Seated Peter Enes Bertha Whnn Standxng Left to Rnght Morgan Bradley Edwm Davls Joe Bloznalls Wxllnam Thompson Taylor Grnmshaw jeC lllCd SBFULCQ qua afllefd, Left to Right: Al Schaefer, Mr. Olsen, Ronald Benicak, john Ellsworth, Wayne Raichle, Bob Spielman, Wayne Besaw, Bill Gregonis. Front Row Left to Rreht Donna Patna judy LaPlanre 'viarearer Collrns Ieanne Harrrson Marne Grlbert ean nette Cote Nancy Peelt Patty Srlyer Setond Rom Bertha jarvrs Vrvran Hemes Gae Drrseoll lN1na Aleshm anet Stoddard Marrlyn Burnham Dorty Wfoleott Helen lxrayy slen Thrrd Roxy utly Landry Beyerly Byrnes Lots Sharp Krawslu Gall Lehtonen Lrnda 'Newberry Fourth Roxy udy Wfoodmansee Sandra Srmmons Sandra Sargent M1 rron Hevxes Cynthia Pelton Rose Petersen I'llen Smrth Barbrra Csasmr Fnlth Rom ean Lavelle flrzabeth Hood Murrel Maslak Ruth Hrteheoelt Bernree Graushmsky Ma rlan Hrlls Barbara Mareelony Ruth Ann Smrth Marlorre Hreerns Srxth Roxy llame larvls Naney llarrrneton Shrrley Barbrxtlc Helen lNl.1IUlI9 Margo Reardon Sheila Ruth ureelas lean Lllrson Isther Lathrop Mrs janeth 'lapley Alyrser Mrss Ida Benton Assrstant Advrser The SCI-IE Soeul Crrfts md Home feonomrcs Club begm the year by grvrng 1 Bug., Srsrer Prrty to tequunr the neyy members vyrth the club rrs actrvrtres and the other members The seventy or more members meet rn the efrfererm br weekly Thrs yefrr some of therr proyeets meluded mrkrng tn rfehrn md Red Cross erps for the Red Cross Chrrst mrs candles pocketboolcs md stoekmes were nude md sold to help secure funds for the club Wtmrkrne for the Red 1 ross Afehan Takes Shape 1 Ruth Hallowell. Cecrlra Balf, Marrlyn West. Marjorie Sargent, Betty Raulukartrs, Marrlyn Bahler. Seventh Row: J , L., xr by , xx I, Q 3- ', ,., k ,Q , y h - f 4 O I I C . . 2 .7 . I A 1 M A. A A 'XAV , y . . . . , 4 ' ' A ' 1 F 1 1 ' L 4 ' TL . A - Q , , 1 ' l ' " A . ' A X , J . ' J xv, its ' -A Q L x y Q , 49 ZWJJS Sa i5 U! 7 954 Ol' I 955 11 xv v , 1 ' ,Lv Q- . yy f Nz' y U if 61 V Q . , , 1" ' ' ,, -T ' . f' Z1 5 -, - . , t '4.4 r I l . to 3 ek! f 'V A 5 QQPLCLJQP5 S5 y L- I lid' r . . X' A 1.. ' Z.. , ff . 1 ' K H V I' I' If 7 ' X ' 4 3 f A J Q s Q L I Q . 5 I 1 f 1. M I . I I - JA A Big Cheer 211:10 Column-Right! Judy, Cretie, Judy, Nancy, Berry Ann, jean Stafford Sprmgs J. : ' I" Eli "L- I-7 I DIA ms 14 u-5 p,5'U -4.4 Front Rovs Left to R1Lht Slap Chapman Gary Domhee M1165 Grant Bob Rauluka1t1s jack Rose B111 Katltaveclt Back Row Coath lohn lxlklvlllldli B111 W1lson Norm Anderson Doug, Ymgra B111 Dcszo An ly johnlrovs Cotxth Nul Nutsthlcr 0 4 amd? Z?a6LefLaf! SCHEDULE Ellsworth St Anthony Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsvx orth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsvw orth 5 65 77 85 Bacon Amdemy Bloomheld Smfford Sprmgs Thomaston Cheslnre Sufielcl Bloomfield Bacon Academw Watertown Portlfrnd C,llCSlllI'C Thomaston Watertown Suffield BOB LETS GO BOYS' MILES V' -Alf t M ,gf -1 P Q., uu,.',, f 4 : W. , , , f " 'Q .' 1'-4 " . 1' .2 . "' 1 r 1 : 1 ,- fl 1 ' u A 4 I0 ata M- V 2 57 . Y 40 Q 51 Q 59 54 . 21 g 65 27 67 . 5 64 , 1 70 42 K2 ' 29 95 43 1 67 44 94 3 20 A 66 1 46 4 61 1 45 - 1 47 ' ' 25 Q I , Front Row Left to Rlght Janet Boynton 5antlra JaworSk1 Ruth Jurgelas Sue Ortlway Jeannette Cote Sh1rley Barbrntlc Batlc RMA Mane Lz1Founta1n Dotty Lou Stratton Claudette Pattmhall L1ll1an Repak Coach Jean Janelle Ellsxx ortl1 Ellsworth Ellsxx orth Ellsvx orth Ellsworth fllw orth Lllsvxorth SCHEDULE Bloomfield St 1fTord Sprmgs S1msbury S1rr1sbury Rockvxlle St tllord Spnnbs Bloomfield Morne Judy Smlth Maryorxe ll' 6 Z?a4Lef6a! GERRY JFANNETTF CFRRY SANIDX SLI MARIE 7 7 O ' 36 45 ' ' Zfl 1 A 50 1- Ellsxxvflffh 40 Rockville 42 a P5 if 1 45 ' Y 51 1 li ' V 41 ' ' 116 ' 49 1 ' ' 53 1 r Y' 48 3 , 4- 1,14 ax' s . X L s I L X g K Front Row Left to Rrght Andy johndrovs Roger Vermette Charlxe Bulgayewskx Norm Ander son Bob Raulukantrs Lenny Anderson Mlles Grant jack Rose Pete Harrison Bob Mullen Larry Moore Second Rom Lyman Whlte Rlchatd Dwyer Art Cushman Ronald Larson john Sauer Tlm Burns Bob McClatchey Drck WhlI6hOUS6 Doug, Zregra joe Burns Steve Hopluns Thrrd Row Ed Platt Bob Marouskx Russell Anderson Duck Marouskx Coach john McM1llan Ellsworth Ellsworth SCHEDULE Rocky xlle Sufheld Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Portland Rockvrlle Bloomfield ED DAVE OCCQI' Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsw orth Ellsvx orth Newrngton Wllllam Hall Manchester Wethersheld Bloomfield Portland N ew mgton TIMMY S TEN TOl:S TOUCH TAR Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsvs orth Ellsvx orth Ellsw orth Ellsworth Ellsvs orth Ellsvs orth Ellsworth Front Row Lett to Rnght jack Rose Lenny Anderson Dale Moore Gordon Snow Norm Antler son Ted Renthle Bark Row Coach ohn MtM1ll.an Walter Russak Charles Dengler Harvey Della Bernarda lrm Reardon Roger Vermette Herb Hunt SCHEDLLE Bloomheld Slmsbury Sutheld St Thom rs Etst Hrrtlord IV E1st H1rtford j Stmsbury Bloomhcld St 'lhomts TEAM TAlxEb TEN DALE DART5 DOW Nl BANL I.l'NE Manga! k V '- A4 ,fx ,I ZQHJ ', j , Y ' . l K, 3 , ' 5 ' 1 4 lf . -E -W' ' Q, ' 5 ' 2 ' ' 6 N 4 , I -Q Q 4 ' ' 0 . 1 8 ' 5 A Q A x. , 4 ' lO 'L t .V, 5 I V ir, , V 7 Us Y ,L . 8 5 . ' r' 6 , l.l...L fs, Eront Row Left to R1g.,ht Gary Mettler john Mxtchell Guy Boyle Bob Mullen Bob Marousltl oe Burns joe Rlzzo Rnchard Weller Larry Moore Floyd Alkms Back Row Coach 'Nlexl Mutschler Ronnle Larson Stuart Blalfte john Sthantk Rxtharl Dwxer Art Cushman Stexe Grant Coach John McM1llan 05 Ugaa efa ,vb Q 'U Kneeling: Steve Hopkins, Ed Platt. Standing: Bob Noble, Roger Vermette. Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsw orth Ellsworth 56 SCHEDULE X St Anthony Stafford Sprmgs Bacon Academy Bloomfield Stafford Sprlngs Thomaston Cheshrre Suffield Bloomfield Bacon Academy Watertown Portland Cheshrre Thomaston Watertown Suffield 'Z -.-f.t.....-- Fllsxx orrh lllsworrh lllsxxorrlm lfllsxxorrh Ellworrh Lllsxwrrh Lllsxsorrh fllsxx orrlr Front Row LefrmR1Lhr Fllen Sdliaxxa Marlon: Dollalx Buerly banrlone Bertha arvns Marx lyn Wcst Maureen lxcnny Shirley Petersen Betts Raululxalrls lean Cuihmm lNl.1rth.1 Butnhcr H Lum Linda Cmnt jun llll n Couh lun Ima L Ll':5 ,Ugdd Qi Ct SCHIIDLI E W '! Bloomflclcl St xtlord Sprung Roclrx rlle Srmsbury Snmsburw Ronln xllc Sr rrlord Sprrncgb Bloomhelal 7 5 CANDIDS 'T ? I-7 Y ,M ilu x 9 1 ' 1 1i,J. 1 .?,,f. 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' ' 1' I 1 X Compliments of -. 1 Yearbooks by Offset I 0 ualit Crafrsmanshl ' ' l ' 9 O , O X . W, S X f if L' f .X , . w 1' 1 il tw yj f V ' x z 5 F' II i X V , ,- if f- ' X , 5 r ,. 4' W Il p - V ' 'A X ' ' 1' :' VJ I 'A x GLA A A' X '-'. 1 J! A X.. 'k " LL M r ,, 197 jaw f y . ff? ,12 'X-4 g'Ki-Zfdff . .Aff fflggd,-4,A,.f'f xf2"e2.f5fcAf'rf'! pf! .- f Ef I xx' L 1 1. 5 X , y , if . uf J x-ff'f.fffA-4M7ff, , - 2 ,PN ,ff,.i,,,,57' , Q fr CQNMJVC F x. rg L c kr, J ff! ,J 1. L ,J ?X W 'HW 1 V g ' I M.-in If ,N f f Q X , , , , ., N'-"' 'fl ,ff f '.,f f' QJQ.-f L 1' . F! xx L' ,f Xu 3, 4' f fy I ! f N- 725 ' 1' V V . , la . ,N .75 ,Q 4 J ,. ilgmfyfy f Q. 7 f: , . VI, L jf! xx-Jjfwk, l-'gil' 4 'ffm , 'Jada 45, a fx ik, J, gi, f , f5' i- Tp'f: ' : '- fi4 : , . - . -' A - Y "" 5' 1.- X: -.J

Suggestions in the Ellsworth High School - Yearbook (South Windsor, CT) collection:

Ellsworth High School - Yearbook (South Windsor, CT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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Ellsworth High School - Yearbook (South Windsor, CT) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Ellsworth High School - Yearbook (South Windsor, CT) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Ellsworth High School - Yearbook (South Windsor, CT) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Ellsworth High School - Yearbook (South Windsor, CT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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