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 - Class of 1943

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V - ,.,L -iq'--"'rf'W "-' -,Sw 2 ' " f 7 gh W ', is' '- H r A4 M 'Wh ff 4 Qs , X 4 ELL? WQK THMN Pu6fisf1ea! By The Cfass 0111943 Effswortfz emorio! H136 Scfzoo! JOLITH WINDSOR Ellsworthian 2 1943 FEW: L53 i Dedicated to MR. JOHN B. HENDERSHOT In sincere acknowledgment of his eforts in main- taining the principles of democracy, tolerance, under- standing, and friendliness in his capacity as Superintend- ent of Schools, we, the Class of 1943, dedicate our issue of the "EllszL'orthian,' to .Miz john B. Hendershot. ' f yn J lj! ,l 4 1 J I ! 'X , . ' A .V i f . Izllsworzfhzrzzz- Af 3 X-J IJ 1.74.3 W af. f W l 1-. .57 I v f f if f ,Q-cfvf FACL LTX '-5 ,, .. liifjf Row. Left lo Righl: Miss Szilipnntv. Miss Sfluilu-1't, Miss Kl1K.l11.lA , Mis. Cliw-1i1', Mi-Q Mohn. 5171197111 Now. Lvf! I0 Right: lwfr. Furcy, KIT. Stoughton, KITS. illuplvy, Bliss Slim-Iilivlil, Mi-s Yonikri, Mr. Hcndrrshot, Mr. Czlsinghino, 'l'hir1l Row. Lefl I0 High!! BIT. Rcnrdon, Mr. Lovflln-1', B112 fil'K'l'I', Mr. Brnnctt, Mr. Urdwnx FACULTY DIRECTORY Rom-:RT W. STOUGHTOA, Harvard ljnivtwsity, XB., Brown L'nivm-rsity, A.M., Prinripul. llvtsix fiRl-RER, Univvrsity of Connecticut, AB., Springfif-ld llollcgt-, M.E.. Assistant Pl'lIllillJ.ll, Scif-rift-s, Dirt-ctor of Athlm-tics. KERMIT BENNETT, Kc-c-no 'lll'1lCl1l'l'S Collt-gr-, B.S,E,, Industrial Arts. Exizltto CASINGHINO, Brown Univvrsity, .'X.B., Bfzithemzxtics, Sficzizw-s. jiuu-is FURIQY, Aiiwricuii Intvrnzitionzil Collvgv, B.S., Coniinvwizxl Sulrjcrts, N'I:1tl1c111.ntivs, Yisu.1l Edufzition. Mks. HUGH S. GREER, Bzitvs Coll:-gc, NB., Sri:-rim-s. MILDRED K.A.vANAGH, Salt-ni 'l't'znCh4'1's Collc-gs-, B.S.E., Coriiixicrcizll Sulmit-cts. .-XLR!-ZRT Lol-LFFLER, University of Connecticut, .-XB., Soriul Stuclics, Pllysivaul Edutwition, Cmn- munimtions. ESTIII-QR V. Monx, 'll-ncht-rs Collm-gc of Llonm-ctifiit, BE., English, lDI'2lIlI.IllK'S. ROBPIRT S. ORDNN'AY, Clark Univt-rsity, A.B., English, French, At-ronnutics, h41lIllClll2lIll'S. JOHN 'lf RPIARIJON, Holy Cross Collcgc, .'X.B., English, Latin, Faculty Manager of Atlilvtiu. Br1ATRic:r: L. SALIPANTI-1, Salt-ni 'lk-znchcrs liollt-gc, B.S,E., Conmicrcizil Suhjvrts. Lois A. Scznum-ZRT, Boston Univ:-rsity, B.S.E., English, Civics. lN1ARcsARi-iT SHEPHERD, Univvrsity of Lloniwctifllt, B.S., St'i0m'cs, Phxsictil Educzitilm. JANHTH FORD 'l'AI'LHY, Fmininghznn Tcathrfrs Collvgv, B.S.E., Dirvctor of Honw Evonornirs. JULIA YONIKA, Ellsworth Mvmoriul High School, Oflicc- Assistzmt. Ellsworthian 4- 1943 F521 LAW First Row, Left to Right: Evelyn Kocarnik, George Phillips. Second Row, Left to Right: Russell Hack, Edward Wells. SENICR CLASS OFFICERS P7'l'SZ'dl'7Zf . . . . . EDVVARD WELLS I'ice-Pwsidmzt . . . RUSSELL HACK Sf7L'1'l"f6ZT'1' . . . EVELYN KOCARNIK 7l7'l'd5LH'I'l' . . GIQORGE PHILLIPS CLASS COLORS Blur and Silver CLASS MOTTO 'Do what you can with what you have wheizf you anal' Ellsworthian fix: PATRICIA BANNOCK if Patv "Her friends are many, Her foes-has she nn,v?,' Glcc Club, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, 2, 3, Prom Committee, School Paper, Typist, 4. if f I , I 1 f -,V .K , av. sf :H PHYLLIS BANCROFT f'Phil" "She,s preffy and ambilicus too, And to her duty is always Iruefl School Paper, Typist, 4, Class Night Usher, Gradu- ation Usher, 3, S. C. H. E. Club, Sports Dance Com- mittee, 2, Intramural Basketball, 2, Clas Will. 4, junior THELMA BARRY '-rm-aff "A glamorous girl, a live wire, The kind of which you never liref' Class Secretary, 1, Glee Club, 23 S. C. H. E. Club 2, 3, 4, Sports Dance Committee, 2, 3, Interclass Bus ketball, 2, Junior Prom Committee, Dramatic Club 4, FieldIHockey, 2, Freshman-Scphomcrc Party Com 'ttee, 2. his.- 5 1943 uid Ellsworthian 6 1943 FR! xii 1 , EUGENE BOURKE ifGujJJ "In quietness shall be your strength." Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4g Interclass Basketball, 3, 43 Junior Ring Committee, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Senior Get-Together Committee 3 Interclass Soc- cer, 4, Interclass Track, 4. l Q! . Jew lj! 'MJ P' X7 M 1, ANNA BOYLE , 'A' 'fzaedf' "Her smile is bright and cheeryg While near her, life is never dreary." Glee Club, 2, 3g S. C. H. E. Club, 2, 3, 45 Sports Dance Committee, 2, 35 Minstrel, 2, 35 Freshman- Sophomore Party Committee, 1, 25 Intramural Basket- ball, 4g Interclass Basketball, 4 5 Badminton Tourna- ment, lg Class Night Usher, Graduation Usher, 3. DELTON BRAGG rrsyeby "His ambition is to be the finest mechanic Between the Pacific and the Atlantic." Freshman-Sophomore Party Committee, 1. Ellsworthian 7 1943 fig.: 1.55 at falif ffff' e-- . jf!!--y 1 ' fffff ' 'A e -IVV' iijlqlfalimffky ARTHUR BROWN "Brownie', "Every man has his gift, and the tools go to him that can use them.', Soccer Squad, 2, 3, 45 Interclass Basketball, 2, Track Squad, 3, 43 Interclass Soccer, 4, junior Prom Committee, Intramural Basketball, 2. FRANCES BUTENAS "Blondie'J "A smile is worryls defeatf' Interclass Basketball, 15 Interclass Volleyball, lg S. C. H. E. Club, 4, Glee Club, l, 25 Minstrel, 2, 3. .J :ff THOMAS CADDER X "CurIy,' "As an artist he does his best, Working with vigor and :est.', School Paper, Art Editor, 1, 2, 3, 45 Minstrel, 2, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain, 45 Hi-Y Club, 3, 45 Treasurer, 45 Yearbook Staff, Art Editor, 4. Ellsworthian R 8 YR.: R t Lxxpl H, hx, ' 'XI t.. X N-,Q Xl, JAMES CALLAHAN 'gl rflirnn '- "And none so busy, yet, for all his buzz, Methought he seemed busier than he was." Yearbook Staff, Editor-in-Chiefg Basketball Squad, Assistant Manager, 3, Manager, 4g Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, Athletic Manager, 3, 45 Basketball Team, 3, 45 Bowling Team, 43 Class Vice-President, 35 School Paper, Boys' Sports Editor, 45 Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 45 Properties Committee, 2, 3, School Play, 45 Student Council, 1, 45 Christmas Card Committee, 45 Interclass Soccer, 4, Interclass Basketball, 2, 4, Intra- mural Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 45 Senior Get- Together, General Chairman, Freshman-Sophomore Party, 1, 25 Soccer Squad, 2, 3, Track Squad, 1, 25 Varsity Club, 45 Photography Club, 2, First Aid Squad, 4. 'J - l ' . Q A, W H Jef" JJ Jail , QV 4 1 I Mwfb f ffl. v J ,J MARGARET CLAPP ,fi "MargarelH "A little smile for everyone, From morning until the day is done." Freshman-Sophomore Party Committee, 1, 25 S. C. H. E. Club, 4, Sports Dance Committee, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Get-Together Committee. MILDRED DAVIS , I ff ,J X r if ,J Bettye - ' jj J' "Be t nd brains, an excellent combination." lj D atic Club, 3, 4, Properties Committee, 3, Sclilool Play, 4, Glee Club, 3, 45 Treasurer, 4, School Paper, Typist, 4, S. C. H. E. Club, Treasurer, Sports Dance Committee, General Chairman, 43 Minstrel, 35 Interclass Basketball, 35 Junior Prom Committee, Senior Get-Together Committee. Ellsworthian 9 1943 fl.: A x4-45 I jf! J 1 -X' jk -fl- U if 1 rf ll ,N .J 4 0 ' JOAN DIVENERO kfD0lly1! "No perxon is happy who does no! think herxelf so." S. C. H. E. Club, 1, 2, 3. I HAROLD DODD fITuH'yJJ "The great end of life is no! knowledge, but aclionfj Intramural Basketball, l, 2, 4, Interclass Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, 4. FRANCES DOYVD "Dowdy,' "Alw1zyx working, alwayx jolly, To her, idlenesx is pure folly." Minstrel, 2, 35 S. C. H. E. Club, 4: Glec Club, 'u'?"'fn 4 a.,.M ax ' 1-ff" 2 X ' f . I x s- MJ Ellsworthian 10 1943 fkvi 1-53 HELEN DZEN "DzermyU "With Helen Ihls is the case: High are her marks and steady her pacef' Sophomore-Freshman Party Committee, 2, Class ' Night and Graduation Usher, 3. S 9 LAWRENCE ENES "Snazz" "Cheerful yesterday: breed confident tomorrowsf' Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4g Interclass Soccer, Basketball, and Track, 49 Hi-Y Club, 4, Junior Prom Usher. 47,-f WT MARGARET FLAHERTY ffsi-cl! "A witty lf1dy,gay and happy, Debonaire, friendly, and mappyf! Varsity Field Hockey, 1, Varsity Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Minstrel, 2, 3, S. C. H. E. Club, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club, 2, 45 Interclass Basketball, 2, Sophomore-Freshman Party Committee, 2, Senior Get-Together Committeeg Junior Prom Committee, Sports Dance Committee, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, 4. fy, Ellsworthian 11 1943 mis' fx: 33 K X -,,,,,Lf.x2 UQ-s5'lff-fxt rfv ix -.-.J xl 4 Q Q .- X . .wg Cx - . sr--A.,-rv , ,J r ' "' 'lfxl PRISCILLA GOETTLER "Prillff "Bur for all her laughter and frivolous ways, She says ir"s study that really pays," Varsity Basketball, 1, Interclass Basketball, l, 2, li, -lg Varsity Club, 2, 3, 45 Field Hockey, 2, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Hospital Committee, 2, Chairman, 4, Intra- mural Baseball, 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Year- book, Business Manager, 45 Intramural Soccer, 45 Class Motto Committee, 45 Senior Get-Together Com mittee, Intramural Basketball, 4, School Play Usher, 4. affix fl .- I if if 'U 'if V!! -1 ' ELAINE GRANT , ' ffrzdggrf fl "Full of fun and laughter foo, E. j. Gran! is never bluef sketball, l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Soft- Intramural Ba ball l 2, Interclass Basketball, l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Squad, 3, 45 Badminton Tournament, lg Photography x , Club, 25 Field Hockey, 25 Soccer Team, 3. f i A . X ' ii l S 2 1 I A K . f , f ' .1 f. SHIRLEI-I GRANT :.fShi7All'f,,j "Singing or dancing all the day, She's as happy as the monih of May." Field Hockey, 1, 2, Photography Club, 2, junior Prom Committee, Sophomore-Freshman Party Com- mittee, 2. 1 4 VK-1 I-V x55 Ellsworthian 2 1943 MW RAYMOND GRIGLEY "Tra 11 per" "A good sport in more ways than onef, Basketball Squad, 1, 2, Varsity Basketball, 3, 4, Track Squad, 1, 2, Varsity Track, 3, 4, Athletic Association, President, 4, Varsity Club, 3, Presi- ' dent, 4. M l RUSSELL HACK -4' : 4 SRHSSQJ 'hi ,'JbRTowels, water, uniforms-managing, working ' all the while, At the end of a task well done, all that is asked is a smile." Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Interclass Soccer, 4, Interclass Track, 3, Varsiy Club, 4, Interclass Basketball, 3, 4, Student Co il, 4, Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Class Vice-P ent 4, Soccer Squad, 1, Assis Ma ' I a , 4. f 9 7 if 9' 5? AO 1 oz! WILLIAM H B ll .7 , .9 "The pen is rnightier than the sword." Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, Dra- matic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, 4, South Winds Staff, Reporter, 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief, 4, Freshman- Sophomore Party Committee, 1, 2, Junior Prom Committee, General Chairman, National Honor So- ciety, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 4, Captain, 4, Track Squad, Assistant Manager, 3, Manager, 4, Senior Get-Together Committee, Class Marshal, 3. Ellsworthian . 13 1943 FA.: xA'3 it ALLEN HQWLETT ' if' rc - J: X ' , ye Rzltr -sr 'pt "His watchword through thick and thin- l ,v"" keep srniling.", l if K Basketball Squad, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball, 25 Interclass Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Soccer, 4, i Interclass Soccer, 43 Interclass Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y - .5'l,f.,5t,,g: Club, 3, 45 Student Council, President, 4, Varsity Club, 4. EUGENIA HUBBARD Kjearmev "In her dancing her fortune lies, We hope to stardom she will rise." Junior Prom Entertainer, Sports Dance Enter- tainer, 2, 3. RICHARD JCHNSON "RUN "Let uf be merry, for life is but a short adventure." Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, junior Prom Committee, Class Night Usher, 35 Intramural Basketball, 3, 45 Inter- class Track, 3, 4, Interclass Soccer, 4, Interclass Basketball, 3, 4. Ellsworthian 14 1943 Fixx . 1,-63 .. , r At, 1,1 ,. ' M-fjwf 'J I 1 ' ,-"'! SHIRLEY JOHNSON ff'IOhnnyJJ "Enjoyment is the product of an active rnindf' Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 35 Badminton Tournament, lg Interclass Basket- ball, 45 Intramural Softball, 1, 25 Field Hockey, 25 Varsity Club, 4, Girls' Soccer, 3. GUNILLA KEHOE R ffsisli "Here is a person, both happy and gay, Doing her work, but finding time to play." Basketball Squad, l, 25 Field Hockey, 2, 35 Min- strel, 3, Interclass Basketball, 25 Nutrition Club, 45 Varsity Club, 4, Girls' Soccer, 3. EVELYN KGCARNIK 9' rfcvorkyu Q "Here'5 to our class secretary, this popular miss, The essence of individuality and friendliness? Class Secretary, 4, Interclass Basketball, 25 Field Hockey, 25 Varsity Club, 45 Student Council, 4. Ellsworthian fx: D 1943 u46'3 1 JULIA ANTOINETTE KRIVICKAS "T0ny" "A wonderful person is Antoinette, Always busy wilh no need to fretf' S. C. H. E. Club, 2, School Paper, Typist, 4. , .y , 1 4 Q lj l " T ,f' ,f ' ' M j E if f , N N i , - ' ' 'v ' A 0 M4 L X f' N J ff , si Vx 15 , 1' A . .ft . A 1 A A X 1 ' I' l' . 1, X J! l I f . ff. , ,f J X , , 1 , .1 4 I IITENE LA BRECHE rrlrenen "A word not said is often worth more than a thousand spokenfl Glee Club, 3, 4, Minstrel, 3. PRIVATE FRANCIS MAIZON frBabe:J "Sports are his trade, he excels in them all." Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Interclass Baskctball, 1, 2, 3, Coach, 4, Varsity Soccer, 1, 2, 3, 4, Inter- class Soccer, Coach, 4, Interclass Track, 1, 2, 3, Coach, 4, Varsity Track, 1, 2, 5, Class Treasurer, I, Class Vice-President, 2, Athletic Association, 3, Vice- President, Minstrel, 3, Varsity Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Qlnducted into the United States Army March 8, 1943.5 lf p f or ' f fi 1 I Ek i ft-ftijsf Ells 045: zajhfj 16 1943 2 I.. BERTHA MASIUNAS "Tillie1' "Here's the girl who sells our eandyg With a basketball she's also handyfl Interclass Basketball. 2, 35 Glee Club, 2, 4, Dra- matic Club, 4, S. C. H. E. Club, 45 Varsity Club, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club, 45 Cheer Leader, 3, 45 Sports Dance Committee, 45 School Play Usher, 4, Basket- ball Squad, 3.g Field Hockey, 2, Freshman-Sophomore Party Committee, 13 Photography Club, 2. APPRENTICE SEAMAN EDWARD MCCANN CiEd2! "Fleet of foot, alert of mind, Happy, intelligent and kind." Varsity Track, 2, 3g Interclass Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4g Yearbook, Subscription Manager, 4. fE.nlisted in the United States Navy March 15, 1943.5 DAVID SHERWOOD MCCORRISTON frMac:J "Nor sharp of speech, nor easily indignant, But, in his dealings, gracious and benignantf, I 1' 4 ' I ' ,I l f l ff f I X I x JI' 1 ff , f f Ezzfwofihian ,,f !,f'f17V, if ff" 1943 AJ 'I 5 ,fn ' A lvm J fl ff ,lip , 1' ,ff ' 1 , I- 1 I ,rf ,. f '.- ,,5 i ,ll l - ,l N' fPHYLLIS METCALF l "Phill, 'fShels friendly, clever, and full of fun, And gets along well with everyoriefl Field Hockey, 2, S. C. H. E. Club, 2, 4, Sports Dance Committee, 43 Glee Club, 2, 4, Intramural Basketball, 2, Senior Get-Together Committee, Min- strel, 35 Intramural Baseball, l, 2. MARGARET MILLER Margv "Capability is the spark of progress? Glee Club, 2, Freshman-Sophomore Party Commit- tee, lg S. C. H. E. Club, 4, Dramatic Club, 45 Senior Get-Together Committee, Intramural Soccer, 4, In- terclass Basketball, 1. 2 ,jk - . ,fu 'l ll ' , HAZEL MORSE "M0rsie', "A little song, Il liflle smile, Laughing, singing all the while." Sophomore-Freshman Party Committee, 25 Sports Dance Committee, 45 Junior Prom Committee, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, President, 4g Dra- matic Club, 4, S. C. H. E. Club, 43 School Paper, Gossip and Exchange, 45 Student Council, 4. 1, ,A , 'nk if lf! Vfff' .1 J fjlswarthian 18 X We-I f' riff , A , 4 fr K ,f Y 2 as , if ,ji f j p , lr! 1' ,D AMUEL MUIR ffsamfi "To have or not to have-sto have what? Why, fun of coursefj Intramural Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Interclass Bas- ketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Interclass Soccer, 4, Interclass Track, 3, 45 Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, 35 Min- strel, l, Class Historian. l 1-41 5 fav' , ,l,1'4' all-1 P V I , I . l r LOIS PACKE Rusty A newcomer zn our mzdst s e But as popular as an be Michigan, March 17, 1943 MADELINE NORTON "Madeline" "Knowledge, ambition, and friendliness, Will open for her the gate to success." Interclass Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basket- ball, 45 Varsity Club, 2, 3, 4, School Paper, Typist, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Get-Together Committee, Freshman-Sophomore Party Committee, lg Sophomore-Freshman Party Committee, 25 Na- tional Honor Society, 3, 43 Minstrel, 2, 33 S. C. H. E. Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Student Council, 4, Field Hockey, 25 Dramatic Club, 45 Glee Club, 25 Class Marshal, 3. l rr ' ' h I Transferred from Sexton High S , La in , I al 1943 125 ,f If f, Ellsworthian 19 ff 1943 FR.: u.J'7 dl, " f ELINOR PALOZIE "T0otsieU "Her pleasures are manyg her fares are few: She'll always be happy in whatever she'll do." Glee Club, 2, 4, Dramatic Club, 43 S. C. H. E, Club, -lg Junior Prom Committee, Intramural Bas- ketball, 2, 3, Interclass Basketball, 2, 3. ANNIE PASTULA rcAnn:: "Her jokes are the delighi of eueryonef' Junior Prom Committee, Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Field Hockey, 2, Intramural Softball, 2, 35 Photography Club, 2. We ft, GRACE PATINSKY 'fflraciel' "Assistant Editor, S. C. H. E. Club, Dramatic Club--Whee, A popular and vivacious miss, as you can plainly seef' S. C. H. E. Club, 4, Dramatic Club, Properties Committee, 4, Glee Club, 45 Junior Prom Committevg School Paper, Typist, 4, Minstrel, 35 Senior Get- Together Committee, Field Hockey, 25 Class Night Usher, 3, Yearbook Staff, Assistant Editor, Sports Dance Committee, 4. - O a Ellsworthian 20 FR-1 ELSIE PERKINS "Perkie'f "The thing that costs the least and does the most is a pleasant smile." S. C. H. E. Club, 2, 45 Sports Dance Committee, 4, Glcr- Club, 33 Intc-rclass Softball, 2. GEORGE PHILLIPS "fume" "A smilefsvmbol of coumgef' Class Treasurer, 43 Hi-Y Club, 3, 45 Bowling Team, 43 Student Council, 4. 1943 1.53 EARL PERRY "Head" "A quiet little chap, Yet always ready if there's a scrap." Intramural Basketball, lg Junior Prom Committee, Senior Get-Together Committee. 1 , xi-- f , ii ',m1Q'Y.1 wt -r -1 x.. tX?'.1i-I ff'-f.jQLJlf"f!xjjv X SUI Sr . 01 r , I L. Ellsworthian 21 1943 fs.: LAW IRENE POLIAK "Renae1' "Sweet is her smileg soft is her voiee,' For a friend she is our choicef, Glee Club, lg School Paper, Exchange Editor, 3, Feature Editor, 45 Dramatic Club, 4. 4 ff-'Ta V '5Lf,,-f ' 4Q,::, QU- IDA ELIZABETH REED sa. f'--- ' ffgettyil "Fearless minds climb sooneth unto crowns? , FRANCIS RITTLINGER "Folly" "Busy as a bee is he, And helpful as zz friend can be." Track Squad, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4-5 Interclass Soccer, 4g Intcrclass Basketball, 35 Inter- class Track, 35 School Paper, Art Editor, 45 Senior Get-Together Committee, Junior Prom Committee, , Hi-Y Club, B , 3, 45 Minstrel, 3. I 410 pil wT"l4gff " Ellswort 'an 22 1943 fkvl Lafx ALBERT ROSE ICA!!! "A little laughter now and then takes us away from the dayls caresf' Minstrel, 15 Junior Prom Committee, Senior Get- Together Committee, Dramatic Club, 45 School Pa- per, Feature Editor, 45 Yearbook Staff, Assistant Editor. NI' ..' ' f' 2' g 9.7, xi .. IRENE SIMIENSKI fIHeZy!J "A friend to all is our Irene, Helpful, thoughtful, so serene." fl , - --A Ju , . XMI . x ., 1' ' -f ", A-,J . 1 t - -1, . - ,Stair MABEII' SARGENT ,X fCSaTgeJJ "Among good citizens she's Ellsworthk choice of bestj In life, as at Ellsworth, she'll surely meet the text." Interclass Softball, 1, 25 Badminton Tournament, lg Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club, 1, 2, 43 Vice-President, 4, School Paper, Girls' Sports Editor, 4, Class Secretary, 3, Class Treasurer, 2, Athletic Association, Treasurer, 45 Dramatic Club, 4, Four Town Fair Committee, 2, 3, D. A. R. Award, 4. Photography Club, 25 S. C. H. E. Club, 4, School Paper, Typist, 4, Minstrel, 3, Intramural Baseball, 1, 25 Interclass Badminton Tournament, 15 Interclass Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Play Day, 13 Sports Dance Com- mittee, 4. Ellsworthian fx.: i BEATRICE SINSIGALLI 1rBea11 "She's as popular as a girl can be, And lovely to look at, as one can plainly see." Cheer Leader, 2, 3, 4, S. C. H. E. Club, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Junior Prom Committee. 23 1943 1-A53 V f, - ff, - .J DOROTHY SIMLER 'i'D0lli8H HA talent for making people happy is an allribule of greatnesxfl Intramural Basketball, 1, 3, 4, School Paper, Typist, 4. 1 J 0' ,f U jf! n , fi v-I' ROBERT SKI NNER NBOIJJJ "A genileman and scholar in every way." Hi-Y Club, 3, 45 Program Committee, 4, Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President, 3, 41 School Play, 3, 4: Student Council, 3, 45 Christmas Card Committee, Chairman, 4, Photography Club, 25 First Aid Squad, 4g Yearbook Staff, Art Editor, Freshman-Sophomore Party Committee, lg Senior Get-Together Committceg Class President, 3, School Paper, Art Editor, 45 Min- strel, 1, Class Will. Ellsworthian 24 fix: 1943 LAW Q , v N 1 r A1 , . 4 I j - ' , 5 ELEANOR SMITH ' "Srnitty', "She loves fo dance, she loves to singg ,lay I0 all she loves to bring." Glce Club, 2, 3, 45 S. C. H. E. Club, 3, 45 Min- trvl, 2, 3. C, get all Qooe lxp XP vw, WILLARD STEANE "Uncle Bill" "His literary talent the school paper does grace, An idealist, a wielder of the journalisfs mace." Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 45 School Play, 2, 3, 45 School Paper, Feature Editor, 3, Assistant Editor, 45 Hi-Y Program Committee, 35 County Council Representa- tiveg Hi-Y Basketball Team, 3, 45 Bowling Team, 45 Basketball Squad, 25 Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Interclass Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore-Freshman Party Committee, 25 Interclass Track, 2, 3, 45 Hos- pital Committee, 2, 3, 45 Junior Pro-rn Committeeg Senior Get-Together Committeeg Class Night Usher, 33 Class Motto Committee, 45 Interclass Soccer, 4. AJ!-lj.,-I . ,Af SIDNEY SMITH qflvmogiv 'KA jinshed gentleman from top to toes, He will make friends wherever he goes." Transferred from Littleton High School in 1942. Hi-Y Club, Basketball Team, 45 Interclass Basket- ball, 4, Track Squad, 45 Interclass Track, 4. fi Jfl- .J I ,,rr-f'- ' W I I 'L -. 1 ' Ellsworthian fx: 25 I 9 4 3 1.41 CHANCEY STOIQGHTON "Chan" "A smiling fellow, on excellenl ncfor, With him personality ix fhe grea! factor." Dramatic Club, School Play, l, 2, 3, 43 Studs-nt Council, 2, Hi-Y Club, Basketball Team, Bowling Team, 4, Track Squad, 2, Intvrclass Soccer, 4, Class Night Usher, 3. xl Y. l ff l X.: A 'N ,, Q- JOSEPH TERAZZI 3 ' "Quanta" "foe with hix accordion plays, f X Brightening up the gloomy dayxf' S Minstrel, l, 2, 3. X NN S lx xg Q lx ' 9 , eg! ry ,IX .4 'QQ X ' J ' ' 1 ,Q , 1 Tl 1 1. G RTRUXBE THOMAS ll udy., 'I mer yhlflff ma IlaQrl cheerful rountenanref' S C. . ,' Club, 2' 45 Sports Dancr- COIIlII1lllt'C, 43 G C bflg Inxnq Ss Baskecba1l,2. f I x l ll U Ellsworthian 26 1943 FEI 31,53 HERBERT TSCHUMMI 'fBottle" "A born comedian in Il world of sadnessf' Varsity Soccer, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball, 2, 45 Interclass Basketball, 3, 4, Interclass Track, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Student Council, l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Varsity Club, 3, 4, Freshman- Sophomorc Party Committee, lg Interclass Soccer, 45 Soccer Banquet Committee, 3, 4. pl i I . U 0 - - JEAN WALL "feannie,' "She's pleasant and friendly to everyonej To be with her is lots of funf, - Glee Club, 23 Junior Prom Committee, Dramatic Club, Properties Committee, 4. l a . EDWARD WELLS "Hank, "Respected, clever, and studious is our 'Hank'g For all this, he deserves our highest rank." lnterclass Basketball, l, 2, Intramural Basketball, 1, 25 Varsity Basketball, 3, 45 Class President, 45 Stu- dent Council, 45 Class Night Usher, 3, Varsity Club, 3, 45 Interclass Soccer, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Interclass Track, 43 Graduation Usher, 3. Ellsworthian 27 ' 1943 fs.: '-55' LUCY WELLES frL0uJJ "Wisdom and leadership, the unconquerable twof: Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4, School Play, l, 2, 3, 4, Hospital Committee, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer, 3, School Paper, Reporter, 43 National Honor Society, 3, 4, Class Prophet. CHARLES WESKOSKY "Tank" Hlnlelligenl, friendly and aihletic is our Charlie: With all this, why not be jolly?,J Class President, 1, Student Council, 1, Hi-Y Club, Bowling Team, 3, 4, Basketball Team, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Sophomore-Freshman Party Committee, 2, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club, 4, Varsity Soccer, 4, Interclass Basketball, l, 2, 3, In- terclass Soccer, 4. .2 , .M-N I I ,X N jj A I , t f--f -A ii. . 217' Q ,I 92 HAZEL WHITE "Hazel" "The voice so soft, the words so fair, As some soft chime had stroked the air." Sophomore-Freshman Party Committee, 2, Min- strel, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Dramatic Club, 3, 4, School Play, 4, Senior Get-Together Committee, School Paper, Literary Editor, Typist, 4. Ellfworthian 28 fkvl PRIVATE CLINTON WHITEHOUSE "Clint', "Popularity is the reward of great ejortsf' Soccer, 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer Banquet Committee, 45 Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 45 Class President, 2, Class Vice-President, 15 Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, School Play, 3, 45 Student Council, 2, 45 Minstrel, 2, 35 Varsity Club, 2, 3, 4, School Paper, Subscription Manager, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff, Busi- ness Managerg Class Prophet. Qlnducted into the United States Army March 19, 1943.5 f ,f 5 ,ff jf! EDITH WILSON CLASS SONG Four happy years behind us To look upon and say, We wish you were before us And not so far away. But thanks for all we've gained here, Our learning's just begun, Good-bye dear friends and Ellsworth We'll make you proud, each one. -WORDS AND MUSIC BY CfEdieJJ "She'x greeted with smiles wherever she goes She's the kind of person we like to know." Field Hockey, 1, 25 Dramatic Club, 3, 45 Freshman Sophomore Committee, 15 Interclass Basketball, 2 PRISCILLA GOETTLER Ellsworthian 29 fi.: Q CLASS POEM 'SOUR PRAYERN We're leaving you, dear Ellsworth, And this is our good-bye, It's hard for us to say that word Without a tearful sigh. Wherever we shall wander, We canlt forget that we Have been with you, have learned from you, Have shared your company. We'll carry forth your spiritg We'll praise your facultyg Weill work and laugh and love and play According to your plea. And as we bow to pray each night Welll say this prayer for you: "Dear Lord, keep Ellsworth High a school Tha't's strong, th'at's clean, that's true. Make every person enter it With a willing heart and hand, That we as seniors will be glad To leave them in command? And so we leave this mighty school And sadly say good-bye, Dear Ellsworth, we salute you, We'll remember you till we die. HAZEL WHITE Ellsworthian fin.: WILLIAM HERBERT CLINTON WILLIAM 30 BOY HIGGINS TSCHUMMI WHITEHOUSE HIGGINS GEORGE PHILLIPS JOSEPH TERAZZI THOMAS CADDER WILLIAM HIGGINS FRANCIS MAIZON ROBERT SKINNER EARL PERRY CLASS BALLOT Best Dancer Class Clown Most Sociable Best Dressed Best Natured Most Musical Class Artist Class Actor Most Athletic Most Dignified Most Bashful ALBERT ROSE SIDNEY SMITH RAYMOND GRIGLEY FRANCIS PETRAITIS EDWARD WELLS HERBERT TSCHUMMI Wittiest Youngest Member Most Talkative Best Excuse-Maker Model Student Most Optimistic GIRL THELMA BARRY PRISCILLA GOETTLER MABEL SARGENT BEATRICE SINSIGALLI MABEL SARGENT HAZEL MORSE PRISCILLA GOETTLER LUCY WELLES MABEL SARGENT EUGENIA HUBBARD EUGENIA HUBBARD ELAINE GRANT ANNIE PASTULA ELAINE GRANT ELAINE GRANT MADELINE NORTON GRACE PATINSKY 1943 R53 Ellsworthian 31 1943 fx: i ni? CLASS HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1943 I Bright and early one morning in September of 1939 an intellectual group of young pupils embarked on their respective careers at Ellsworth. After getting lost a few times, we were given an initial party by the Sophomores. Returning the party was a great honor for us as Freshmen, and a number of us participated to make it a success. As is the tradition at Ellsworth High, the election of class oflicers wasn't held until after Christmas so that we could acquaint ourselves with our classmates. Those chosen to lead us were Charles Weskosky, President, Clinton Whitehouse, Vice-President, Thelma Barry, Secretary, Francis Maizon, Treasurer. Having elected our class oHicers, we passed on to another year. This year Clinton Whitehouse was President, Francis Maizon, Vice-President, Gladys Coty, Secretary, Mabel Sargent, Treasurer. We entertained the incoming Freshmen with a Sophomore-Freshman Party, which was gladly returned by the latter. This year several romances budded and we courted in the best way we knew. Our romantic intellects having progressed somewhat during the summer, most of us looked forward to the Junior Prom. We elected our class officers, did our studies, and participated in the various clubs and sports activities at Ellsworth. Our leaders during this year were Robert Skinner, President, James Callahan, Vice- President, Mabel Sargent, Secretary, Lucy Welles, Treasurer. Mr. Greer taught Francis Maizon, Raymond Grigley, Edward Wells, Allen Howlett, and Clinton Whitehouse, all from our class, to play basketball, while Mabel Sargent, Elaine Grant, Priscilla Goettler, Bertha M'asiunas, Annie Pastula, Phyllis Metcalf, and Shirley Johnson starred in girls' sports. Edward McCann, as well as the boys on the basketball team, starred in both soccer and track. With the thought of graduation embedded deeply in our minds, we elected our officers for our senior year: Edward Wells, President, Russell Hack, Vice-President, Evelyn Kocarnik, Secretary , George Phillips, Treasurer. Several new courses were introduced and many senior courses were altered. Boys' gym was taken five days a week. As a result, the boys are as husky a group 'as Ellsworth has ever graduated. We were busier than ever this year. Almost everyone participated in some activity. Many senior boys participated in Hi-Y activities. Beatrice Sinsigalli and Bertha Masiunas were cheer leaders, as they had been for the two preceding years. Francis Maizon, Raymond Grigley, Edward Wells, Clinton Whitehouse and Allen Howlett again starred in our sports department. Several seniors distinguished them- selves as managers of the various sports: Russell Hack in soccer, William Hig- gins in track, and James Callahan in basketball. Ellsworthian 32 1943 rx.: 1,46 Our Washington trip was cancelled because of transportation difficulties. Despite these handicaps, we worked hard to make a success of the S. C. H. E. Sports Dance and the Senior Get-together. These events, headed by members of our class, were enjoyed by many. Joseph Terazzi, Eugenia Hubbard, Hazel Morse, Hazel White, Priscilla Goettler, as well as the senior members of the Glee Club, supplied entertainment for our social events. Through their talents our class became noted for its entertaining ability and good sportsmanship. This year the '6South Winds", under the leadership of editors William Higgins and Willard Steane, 'achieved the largest circulation in the school's history. Other seniors who contributed to the success of the paper were Hazel White, Irene Poliak, Albert Rose, Hazel Morse, James Callahan, Lucy Welles, Thomas Cadder, Robert Skinner, Mabel Sargent, Francis Rittlinger, Dorothy Simler, Phyllis Bancroft, Patri- cia Bannock, Grace Patinsky, Madeline Norton, Irene Simienski, Bettye Davis, and Clinton Whitehouse. The Dramatic Club claimed several members of our class. William Higgins, Clinton Whitehouse, Lucy Welles, Samuel Muir, Bettye Davis, Willard Steane, James Callahan, Hazel White, Chancey Stoughton, Robert Skinner and Albert Rose proved to be talented heroes, heroines, or villlains in several of the school plays. Our class was fortunate in being the first 'to have members elected to the Na- tional Honor Society during the Junior year. Those who have been members for two years are Edward Wells, Madeline Norton, Lucy Welles and William Higgins. Also, we were the first class to have any of the members inducted into military service. Francis Maizon and Clinton Whitehouse were inducted into the Army and Edward McCann enlisted in the Navy. From this brief account of our life at Ellsworth, it is impossible to realize fully the merits of the class, Perhaps in later years, in yearbooks, in civilian life, in the service, or in newspapers will be found further evidences of the accomplishments of the Class of 1943. SAMUEL MUIR, Class Hirtorian. Ellsworthian 33 1943 YR: v,AW THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1943 As we, the Class of 1943, depart from Ellsworth Memorial High School, we leave the following testament of our affection for our Alma Mater: Patricia Bannock surrenders her 'title of "The Vanilla Maid" to Helen Muska, a probable candidate for behind the ice cream counter. Eugene Bourke leaves his quiet manner to Charlie Callahan. Alice York is the proud recipient of Thelma Barry's vivacious personality. Take care, Aliceg don't let it get the best of you. Arthur Brown bequeaths his job in the cafeteria to Romeo Boldway. , AH-died, 5 K 014126 Anna Boyle estows on Id'a Smith the h norof becoming'1eader of the Town Street Gang. Tom Cadder wills his artistic ability to Vincent Sullivan. Frances Butenas and Frances Dowd leave their enthusiasm for the terpsichorean art, commonly known as dancing, to Eunice Woolam. Verbose Jim Callahan leaves his talki-ng ability or title as manager of the basket- ball team to Donald Woolam. Which will you take, Don? Margaret Clapp leaves her ability to obtain, use, and dispose of chewing gum, a commodity rarely seen these days, to Betty Kirchhof. Waich your step, Bettyg Mr. Stoughton thinks the doors need dusting again! Harold Dodd and Delton Bragg leave their mechanical ability to Eddie Hack. Bettye Davis' numerous male admirers are left to next year's most popular deb. Lawrence Enes wills his good manners and red hair to Luther Kendell. To Elinor Bastien, Helen Dzen leaves her great efficiency and many skills required in the business profession. On second thought, Helen, you may be needing them soon. Trapper Grigley lends his long powerful arms to Ernie Sunega. They ought to be good for hugging, Ernie. Margaret Flaherty leaves her nickname "Shorty" to Elva Johnson. Don't abuse it, Elva. Russell Hack abandons his study periods in the library to Carol Wadach. A great deal of sport can be talked over there, can't it, Carol? Ellsworthian 34 1943 fix.: mai? To Betty Havey, Priscilla Goettler, who plans on specializing in psychology, leaves her great interest in the nursing profession. William Higgins sadly leaves the beautiful girls on his book covers to Russell Burnham. That's one pleasant way to look at your homework, Russ. Elaine Grant leaves her witty personality and vast knowledge of Cute Little Moron jokes to Betty Barry. Allen Howlett bequeaths his good looks and personality to Mervin Waldron. Shirlee Grant, the class chatterbox, leaves this characteristic to Eileen Koetsch. You're riskin our life Eileen. S Y : Richard johnson abandons his corny jokes in English class to Joey Grigley. Eugenia Hubbard bequeaths to Shirley Maher the outstanding skill which she possesses as a professional acrobatic entertainer. Francis Maizon relinquishes his athletic ability to Billy Muska. Keep up the good work, Bill. Shirley Johnson leaves her position as forward on the Girls' Basketball Team to Margaret La Breche, a newcomer in the field of sports. Sherwood McCorriston leaves his ability to drive a tractor and do farm work to Joseph Kizis. Gunilla Kehoe wills to Evelyn Whitehouse her constant giggles and silliness. Don't take this seriously, girls. Samuel Muir surrenders his ability to miss the morning bus to Arthur Koehler. Evelyn Kocarnik reluctantly leaves to her sister Sylvia her popularity and fame as an all-round good sport. Earl Perry submits his cool manner when in the face of homework to Jake Kennedy. Antoinette Krivickas, one of our quiet, bashful seniors, leaves her interest in typing and stenography to Frances Metcalf, a promising business student. George Phillips wills his ability to wear flashy sweaters to Jewell Burnham. You won't be able to wear them in a blackout, Iewell. Irene La Breche, who plans to become a specialist in infant care, leaves her enthusiasm and interest in this work to Nancy Potwin, a fellow student with similar ideas. Francis Rittlinger respectfully bequeaths his wavy hair to Bradley Willson. Keep it up, Bradley. Ellsworthian 35 1943 KKJ I 4 H L45 Bertha Masiunas surrenders her job as the candy counter clerk to anyone who might like it. Here's hoping the candy shortage doesn't last too long! Play writing A1 Rose and advertising Ed McCann leave their respective abilities 'to anyone who can persuade Mr. Stoughton to let him use the loud speaker. We hope ear muffs won't be rationed. To Lois Miller, a tyro in the field of business, Phyllis Metcalf leaves her ac- curacy and speed in typing. Be careful, Lois, there are still speed laws in effect. Sidney Smith, the youngest boy in the class, leaves his easy ways to Stanley Williams. Margaret Miller, our expert first-aider, leaves to Dottie Davis her interest in this work. Incidentally, she really is good at applying the jaw bandage to Prillie Goettler. I wonder why! Willard Steane wills 'a little of his altitude to Herby Duke. Don't grow too fast, Herb. Madeline Norton surrenders her flaming red tresses and the traditional temper which accompanies them to John Ahern. Chan Stoughton relinquishes his ability to break dishes, eat bananas, or over- come villains in school plays, -to future actors. Elinor Palozie, who is noted for inventing new hair styles and starting fads, wills this charactertistic to Frances McCann. Remember the green nail polish? Joseph Terazzi contributes his accordion to the line in the cafeteria at noon. It's hard to tell the line and an accordion apart anyway. Anna Pastula relinquishes her great sense of humor to Marjorie Richardson. Herb Tschummi, the class jester, willingly hands over his title to Bob Jillson. Grace Patinsky, the gal with an ever ready smile, leaves this trait to Ann McGrath. Carry on, Ann. Edward Wells bequeaths his swift cultivator's stride to Tom Dillon. It will get you there, Tom. Elsie Perkins bestows upon Laurel Parent her many freckles and matching auburn hair. Iodine isn't the cause of them is it, Laurel? Charles Weskosky leaves his never ending farm logic to Eddie Broughal. Irene Poliak leaves her love for nice clothes, especially zoot suits, to Carolyn Arnold. Betty Reed wills to Georgianna F irszt her very quiet but pleasant nature. Ellsworthian 36 1943 Fin.: 1-45 Mabel Sargent, winner of this year's DAR award, leaves the many qualities necessary to accomplish this feat to next year's most deserving student, To Martina Loftus, Irene Simienski leaves her excellence in speed work while at a typewriter. Dorothy Simler surrenders to Carol Wall her quiet, reserved manner. Beatrice Sinsigalli, chief of the school's cheering section, leaves her great abili- ties in this field to Shirley Cooper, one of the eligibles for the honor. Eleanor Smith surrenders her friendliness toward all to Gloria Bragg. How about that, Smitty? Gertrude Thomas leaves to Dorothy Howlett her pleasant, amiable disposition. Jean Wall relinquishes to Ann Duffy her artistic ability, which has aided her greatly in light machine shop work and mechanical drawing. Lucy Welles leaves her fame as a talented actress to Phyllis MacDougald. Look out, Hollywood, here she comes. Hazel White leaves to Florence Boroski her job of caring for the teachers' cafe- teria orders. It's an easy way to get good marks, Florence. Edith Wilson bequeaths her quietness to Kenneth Stone. Don't be too hard on yourself, Kenny! Joan Divenero leaves her dimples to Carolyn Wadsworth. Robert Skinner, an expert with the Scotch dialect, leaves his acting ability and past experience in this field to William Arnod. Phyllis Bancroft leaves her efficiency in her school work to Tiger Waikznis. On this, the fourth day of june, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-three, we, the President, Edward Wells 5 Vice-President, Russell Hack, Secretary, Evelyn Kocarnikg Treasurer, George Phillips, set our hand and seal to this testimony and last will. Signed and sealed and declared by the Class of 194-3 of Ellsworth Memorial High School for their last will and Testament in the presence of us who at its re- quest have hereunto subscribed ourselves as witnesses this fourth day of June, 1943. Witnesses: - Kermit E. Bennett Albert Loefller Esther Mohn Signed : Phyllis Bancroft Robert Skinner T . ,!,,,., ,L., Ellsworthian 37 1943 fk-J 1: ,Q - fs 1.453 CLASS PROPHECY Last week I was instructed to interview the mayor of Broad Brook, Connecticut, for the "Big-Little City" column of Life Magazine. Imagine my surprise when I learned his name! Clinton Whitehouse, one of my old Ellsworth classmates! What a coincidence-meeting him as mayor fifteen years after graduation. He had a lovely secretary. As I waited to be admitted into the inner office, a flash of recognition came over me. "Pardon me," I said, "but have you always lived around here?" "Yes," she said. "Why?" "Did you go to Ellsworth High School?" I asked her. "Wait a minute-I know you! Aren't you Lucy Welles?" "That's right, and you're-you're Bertha Masiunasln "Of course," she said. "How are you?" We were interrupted just then by a buzzer, and I was shown into the inner office. 'Tm Lucy Welles, from Life M agazinej' I said. "Oh yes-haven't I heard your name before?" "I think you have. We went to high school together." "That's right! Oh, excuse me a minute. Tillie!" 'fYes, sir?" "Cancel Wednesday's 'appointment with Senator Callahan, please." "Callahan! Wasn't there a Callahan in our class?" 4A Ellsworthian 38 1943 fin.: L53 "Yes-James Daniel Callahan. He's our state senator now, you know." "Wasn't he manager of the basketball team at one time?" "He certainly was. In fact, the basketball in that trophy case over there still shines from the last time he polished it!" "What a lovely case!" "Would you like -to look it over?" "Very much!" We walked over to the case. He took out the basketball and set it on the table. As we talked, we seemed to see the figures of some of our old classmates passing over its shining surface. There was a beautiful debutante reclining on the lawn of a South Windsor estate. Thelma Barry! Who was this working with bottles 'and chemicals in a laboratory? Willard Steane-discoverer of the famous Vitamin Q, which is used by farmer Dodd to produce potatoes as big as watermelons. This wonderful vitamin is contained in an Eastern States fertilizer. Anyone interested in trying it should contact the manager, Chan Stoughton. Then we saw an artist working at his easel. It was Tom Cadder! His beauti- ful model 'turned out to be-Shirley Johnson! A scene from Earl Perry's Night Club on Broadway slowly took form. Evelyn Kocarnik is hostess there, you know. While we were watching, Bettye Davis, the famous actress, sang. She was evidently stopping there for only one night on her tour of the country, "Little Joe" Terazzi and his orchestra are featured there. He's the one who used to play the accordion, remember? And Francis Rittlingel is their drummer. I hear they're going on a world tour this summer. We found Babe Maizon coaching basketball at one of the large high schools near the shore. His old cronie, "Trapper" Grigley, runs a barber shop in Broad Brook. A unique feature of this shop is the comedian, Herb Tschummi, who en- tertains the customers while they wait. We saw a group of children playing. With them was Edith Wilson, head of that big children's home in Wapping. In the distance we could see the burlap bag factory. Sam Muir has just been made superintendent. . l. Ellsworthian 39 1943 fl.: 1 - -u L.A'5 We recognized the woman in the white uniform as Helen Dzen, head of the South Windsor Red Cross Chapter. Someone was coming out of a pretty little white house. It was Gunilla. She married a major after the war, you remember. When television broadcasting station CORN was pictured to us, we saw a great many of our classmates. Sidney Smith is an announcer. The Fanny Fletcher program was on the air, and you know that Fanny Fletcher is really Elaine Grant. I think that program is a lot like the Gracie Allen broadcast used to be, don't you? Priscilla Goettler broadcasts "F un and Laughter for Everyone" every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Hazel Morse is the soloist. Frances Dworak sings every Friday night on "Music of America", and on Saturday mornings at nine o'clock Margaret Flaherty runs a radio cooking school. Next week there is to be a big broadcast from the University of Connecticut, I hear. All the leading farmers of the state are going to speak. Ed Wells, owner of Connecticut's largest tobacco plantation, will talk on "The Systematic Manage- ment of a Tobacco Plantation." His business manager, Eugene Bourke, and head foreman, Arthur Brown, will be there too. Charles Weskosky will give a lecture on the advantages of milking by hand. There are a thousand cows on his dairy farm, and they are all milked by hand. He hires twenty-five farm hands, besides his as- sistant, Delton Bragg. Sherwood McCorriston, the big dairyman from Wapping, will talk on the advantages of machine milking. Following these speeches, there will be open discussion among the dairymen present. The next thing we saw was a marriage clinic, and who do you suppose was working there? Pat Bannock! A love-lorn wife was crying her heart out on Pat's shoulder. She should read Margaret Clapp's column in the Times, "How to Get and Hold Your Man." Irene LaBreche is doing social service work. We saw her coming out of an apartment in Hartford's slum section. Several of our classmates have been in the service ever since the war. A parade marched by on the surface of the ball,' and we saw Lieutenant Commander How- lett a-nd his chief machinist mate, Russell Hack. Eddie McCann is still in Panama, I hear. He's a captain, now. There was a company of WAACS in the parade, too, but the only ones we recognized were Lieutenant Bancroft and Sergeant Palozie. Ellsworthian 4-O 1943 FK., p55 At last we were shown some scenes direct from Hollywood. We saw Eugenia Hubbard practicing her dance routine for her next picture. Gertrude Thomas, that famous dress designer, is planning the costumes for it. They're trying to get that lady architect, Jean Wall, to design some of the sets. She's the one who designed the model house for the Hartford Worldis Fair. Hazel White, the radio star, was in Hollywood, too. We saw the building where Albert Rose works as successor to Walt Disney. 1 The next scene was the Hartford Hospital. Irene Poliak was working at the main desk. Farther in, we saw Margaret Miller attending an operation. In a private room Irene Simienski was caring for Madeline Norton, buyer for Fox's Department Store. Miss Norton was hurt last week when the taxi in which she was riding hit another car. Antoinette Krivickas is Superintendent of Nurses, and Eleanor Smith is dietitian. By the way, did you know that Betty Reed has started an experimental kitchen? She's working on nutritional values of dehydrated foods. We saw the White House next, and who do you think is the President's private secretary? Grace Patinsky! Frances Dowd works for the Secretary of State. We saw Shirlee Gra-nt, too. She writes "The Personal Side of Washington" for the New Tork Times. There was a newspaper on one of the desks, and we learned from one of -the headlines that Mabel Sargent has just won the national tennis champion- ship. Then a classroom appeared. The M'ayor thought it might be Professor Skin- ner's history class at Harvard, but what an error! As we saw it more clearly, we recognized Phyllis Metcalf with one of her hairdressing classes. They were watch- ing a demonstration by Annie Pastula, famous beauty culturist. We saw Larry Enes sitting behind a big desk, giving his secretary, Elsie Perkins, a letter. We didn't know what kind of ofhce it was until a man in uniform came in. On his hat we saw "SWFD" QSouth Windsor Fire Departmentl. When the ball showed us a large business college in Hartford, we saw Frances Butenas teaching a typing class. They were expecting a visit from Dorothy Simler, the world champion typist. ' We saw a large dancing class, and who should be teaching it but Bill Higgins and his pretty assistant, Bea Sinsigalli! Ellsworthian 41 1943 fl: 1,63 The big airplane manufacturing center in Warehouse Point was pictured, and there was Richard Johnson, President, conferring with his secretary, Anna Boyle. Joan Divenero has charge of the typing department there, and George Phillips does the designing of new models. As the last scene faded, we turned away from the magic ball. "Weill" the Mayor said, "was I seeing things, or did you see it, too?" "I saw it all right! What a write-up this will make! They'll never believe itis true. I'll have the photographer come over this afternoon to take some pictures." "O. K. But you'll need more proof than that to make the public believe it. I'm still not sure we weren't dreaming!" LUCY WELLES, CLINTON WHITEHOUSE. Ellsworthian 42 1943 rp, iv4w Seaied, Left to Right: Miss Mohn, Priscilla Goettler, James Callahan, Grace Patinsky, Mr. Furey. Sianding, Left to Right: Albert Rose, Edward McCann, Robert Skinner, Frank Petraitis, Clinton Whitehouse, Thomas Cadder. Art Editors THOMAS CADDER ROBERT SKINNER NELLSWORTHIANU STAFF Editor-in-Chief, JAMES CALLAHAN Assistant Editors ALBERT Rosiz GRACE PATINSKY Business .Managers CLINTON WHITEHOUSE PRISCILLA GOETTLER Subscription Managers FRANK PETRAITIS EDWARD MCCANN Fllsworflziaiz 43 1943 fi 'lx' vig '14 Q' W First Roux Left I0 Righl: Douglas Platt, Donald Norton, Jowph Criglvv, Edward Huck. St't'07Ili Rum. Lff! I0 Right: Gvorgv Phillips, jvzln Tronihlvy, :Xllon Howlvtt, Hvrhn-rt vl.SCllllIllIIll, jnnws Cullaxhun. rlllll-VI! Razr", Lefl to Righl: Chzlrlcs chlllllllilll, Dorothy Howlvtt, Evclyn Kovurnilt, M.ud4-linv Norton, Hillltl Morse, Russvll Hawk. Fourlh Row, Left Io Right: Rohvrt SLIIISOIII, Robert Skinn:-r, Edward YV:-Ile, mlllllillll Higgins, Raymond Criglvy. STUDENT CGUNCIL Prws1'dl'11t . . .ALLICN Howrncrr -5'4'l'1'f'ffH',l' . . .lr-:AN l'RoM1f.l.Iix' 'I'n'a.vzm'r ...... , HERm1RT TSCIIUMMI In this yvzir of chauiging conditions. tht- Studvnt Council, which comiqx of tht- Scnior Cluss ofliccrs, tht- prcsidvnts of thc othvr clumw. thv lvzulcl-5 of ull org-gm- izgxtions and 21 rvprcsc'I1t11tiv1- from 0a1c'h operating with Mr. Stoughton in solving thv problems brought .ihouf by thu WM. Thai Student Council has sponsorvd which will hc uscd to pay for ztsscnihly programs, Among other gtchivvmiu-ms of this group arc thc formation of dunring rulcs and thc' l'0I'lflIllll1IlCt' of tht- Nutionul Honor Socivty and of thc' Honor Privilcgv Systcni. homo room, has tukvn tht- initiutivv in co- rhc salc of Christmas wards, tht- rn-turns of X X. L N R.. N . . . I'fIl.s'zUor!l1iz11z , 44 fins- 1943 VR: Q". DAD .. .-M 0 9 Q A ' .- Dx 4 I O X . AQ qv A T Ifiml Row, Lffl lo Righf: Donald Norton, Donald Woolam, Bettie Sargent, Edward Hack, Ls-v I foward. Sffronn' Row, Lefl to Right: Funny Roc, Doris Butlor, Robvrt SZIHSOIII, John Kvnnvdy, Hclcn Ivllwkll, Marian Pzltinsky. I'Z't'4'-Pl't'5Z.Ilt'llf . . Aftjn 0 PI'llVfIfl'IIl' -S LS l't'l't'lLIl7"1' 'l'1'm.Y14wr Pn'.vi11'f' ni I 'iff-Prvxz Sl'I'l'f'f!1l'v1' 'I '1'z'a.vz41'f'7' Pr12s'idf' nl I '14f,'1'-Pwsid Svc Wm ry Y '1'1'f1.vu rm' dfllf Um' LOWER CLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN . EDNNARI7 HACR BETTIIC SAROIQNT DONALD VYOOLAM IQOBIQRT SANSOM .JOHN Kr:NN1cDx' . DORIS BUTLIQR . HELEN IVIVSKA IBONALD NORTON . Lm-2 PIOXVARD MARIAN PATINSRY . . FANNY ROL V1 E x xr: S . S J Q I . 7 L u 1 U Ellsworthian N fl 45 W fig" 1943 55" by J 1-,iw l . J 4 QV gk- lat Fl x X 1 First Row, Left to Right: Eileen Koetsch, Bettye Davis, Madeline Norton, Mrs. Tapley, Elinor Bastien. Second Row, Left to Right: Beatrice Sinsigalli, Margaret Flaherty, Phyllis Metcalf, Elsie Perkins, Gertrude Thomas, Irene Simienski, Frances Dowd, Frances Butenas, Bertha Masiunas, Elinor Palozie, Ida Smith, Phyllis MacDougald, Grace Patinsky. Third Row, Left to Right: Evelyn Morris, Pearl McHugh, Margaret Clapp, Betty Kirchhof, Shirley Maher, Rose Soboleski, Anna Boyle, Bettie Sargent, Audrey Garter. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Laura Jane Pascoe, Frances Metcalf, Ruth Rockwell, Thelma Barry, Hazel Morse, Eleanor Smith, Dorothy Perkins, Phyllis Neelans, Florence Boroski, Margaret Sheridan, Evelyn Whitehouse. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Doris Butler, Carolyn Arnold, Irene Schlichting, Ilene May, Madelyn Daley, Margaret Miller, Betty Barry. Sixth Row, Left to Right: june Armstrong, Linda Grennan, Helen Muska, Margaret Busher, Alice Clapp, Dorothy Davis, Eleanor Chayko. S. C. H. E. CLUB The Social Crafts Home Economics Club is one of the largest clubs in the school. Because of the transportation problem, the girls did not have so many kinds of pleasure as they have had in the past. Under the supervision of Mrs. Tapley, how- ever, they were able to have many enjoyable get-togethers. The Sports Dance, planned and sponsored by the Club, proved to be one of the most successful events of the year. Ellsworthiczn 46 " 1943 fkva gs 1,53 ,X- -,. . ,M -, . Q-. M, x N , First Row, Left to Right: Miss Mohn, Bettye Davis, Margaret Matulis, Hazel White, Clinton Whitehouse, Robert Skinner, Lucy Welles, Williaml-Iiggins, Betty Barry, Nancy Potwin, Margaret Busher. Second Row, Left to Right: Irene Poliak, Margaret Flaherty, Hazel Morse, William Arnold, Chancey Stoughton, Albert Rose, James Callahan, Willard Steane, Ida Smith, June Mather, Ann Duffy. Third Row, Left to Right: Edith Wilson, Rose Soboleski, Annabelle Kupchunos, Phyllis MacDougald, Patricia Bannock, Elinor Palozie, Bertha Masiunas, Anna Boyle, Eileen Koetsch, Frank Petraitis. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Thelma Barry, Carol Wall, Anne McGrath, Laura Jane Pascoe, Grace Patinsky, Madeline Norton, Betty Kirchhof, Eleanor Chayko, Connie Matkof, Bradley Willson. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Audrey Carter, Frances Metcalf, Doris Butler, Bettie Sargent, Margaret Miller, Jean Wall, Shirley Maher, Dorothy Davis, Madelyn Daley. DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club, under the direction of Miss Esther Mohn, presented "Four Cheers for Joan" as their annual production. The club was assisted by Miss Salipante, Miss Schubert and Mr. Reardon as heads of the property, costume and ticket com- mittees respectively. Mr. Bennett supervised the building of the staging and Mr. Casinghino prompted the annual play. In previous years the Senior Class received half the proceeds. Since the war made iz impossible for the class to make the annual Washington trip, the money was turned over to the Athletic Association, who sponsored the sale of tickets. . 9 T ' , 1 ' . - 4 Q .- 1 u "Lt Il .J , Ellsworthzan QX Ny., - 47 , ' 1943 55.2 'f P' i 4 -iimvafi ' 5 X' .- ff -, VV., A I v! U' .1211 A FQQ A Qt, ij t --MY X lf y , .1 .N Af, 1, First Row, Left to Right: Margaret Busher, Phyllis MacDougald, Ann Duffy, Eileen Koetsch, Hazel Morse, Mrs. Tapley, Bettye Davis, Hazel White, Phyllis Metcalf, Grace Patinsky, June Mather. Second Row, Left to Righl: Carol Wall, Lois Miller, Rose Soboleski, Priscilla Goettler, Betty Kirchhof, Shirley Maher, Frances Dworak, Frances Dowd, Gertrude Thomas, Florence Boroski. Third Row, Left to Right: Bertha Masiunas, Pearl McHugh, Jane Muir, Dorothy Sapalia, Adele Luchina, Barbara Buettner, Eleanor Chayko. Fourfh Row, Left to Right: Elinor Palozie, Margaret Flaherty, Frances Menko, Fanny Roe, Laurel Parent, Marion Patinsky, Patricia Bannock, Irene LaBreche, Julia Pazytula, Mar- garet LaBreche, Eleanor Smith, Lucy Flack, Dorothy Perkins. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Tapley, has proved one of the most entertaining clubs in our school. At Christmas time we were favored with a delightful concert from the girls. Ellsworthian 48 1943 FA-J 1.-53 First Row, Left to Right: Clinton Whitehouse, Miss Kavanagh, William Higgins, Miss Schubert, Willard Steane. Second Row, Left to Right: Frances McCann, Dorothy Simler, Irene Poliak, Shirley Cooper, Bettye Davis, Phyllis Bancroft, Grace Patinsky, Irene Simienski, Eileen Koetsch, Hazel White, Ann Duffy. Third Row, Left to Right: Antoinette Krivickas, Madeline Norton, Anna Mae Richardson, Mabel Sargent, Hazel Morse, Lucy Welles, Shirley Maher, Francis Rittlinger. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Edward Wells, Marion Tierney, Thomas Cadder, Vincent Sulli- van, Robert Skinner, Richard Johnson, Francis Petraitis, Albert Rose, James Callahan. Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM HIGGINS ELINOR BASTIEN IRENE POLIAK HAZEL MORSE LUCY WELLES EILEEN KOETSCH THOMAS CADDER ANN DUFFY Girls' Sports MABEL SARGENT DOROTHY SIMLER PHYLLIS BANCROFT PATRICIA BANNOCK SOUTH WINDS STAFF Literary' Editors Feature Editors SHIRLEY COOPER Gossip Editors VINCENT SULLIVAN News Reporters ANNA MAE RICHARDSON DONALD WOOLAM Art Editors FRANCIS RITTLINOER Business Manager CLINTON WHITEHOUSE T y pists GRACE PATINSKY MADELINE NORTON Assistant Editor WILLARD STEANE HAZEL WHITE ALBERT ROSE SHIRLEY MAHER ERNEST SUNEGA FRANCES MCCANN FRANCIS PETRAITIS ROBERT SKINNER Boys' Sports JAMES CALLAHAN IRENE SIMIENSKI BETTYE DAVIS HAZEL WHITE Ellsworthian 49 1943 fkvi 1-55 First Row, Left to Right: Thomas Cadder, Norman Andross, Mr. Loeffler, Herbert Tschummi, Russell Hack. Second Row, Left Io Right: Robert Jillson, Charles Weskoslcy, Raymond Ste-itz, James Callahan, Francis Rittlinger, Ernest Hall. Third Row, Left to Right: George Phillips, Allen Howlett, Richard johnson, John Padeginias, Robert Skinner. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Sidney Smith, Donald Woolam, Willard Steane, Chancey Stoughton, Mervin Waldron. HI-Y CLUB The Hi-Y Club attempted to exemplify its creed of, "To create, maintain. and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community," by its service projects, athletic program, and educational services. One of the most successful aspects of the program was the Christmas Basket Drive. This annual service has been greatly appreciated by the townspeople of East and South Windsor. Ellsworthian 50 1943 FE: 1-63 First Row, Left io Righf: Shirley Cooper, Ann Duffy. Second Row, Left Io Right: Mr. Greer, Mabel Sargent, Miss Shepherd. Third Row, Left to Right: Mr. Stoughton, Mr. Reardon, Raymond Grigley. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION This year the Athletic Association achieved a long-sought goal, the one hundred percent enrollment of the student body. Undaunted by transportation difficulties, many resourceful students enthusiastically supported the team at home, benefit and tournament games. Ellsworthian 51 1943 FK-2 1.63 L Left fo Right: Ann Duffy, Shirley Cooper, Beatrice Sinsigzllli, Bertha Malsililizis. CHEER LEADERS The Cheer Lenders. as in the past, have done an excellent job of lm-.nding the student hody in cheering for Our athletic teams, Three new cheers, the ".37". the "-1-8", and the Fight Cheer, were added to the long list of Ellxworth eheers. The new Cheers and the judgment shown hy the Cheer Leaders prompt us no say, "Three Cheers for the Cheer L0l1di'I'S!,, Elisworthian 52 1943 fkz 1.63 'Wa First Row. Left fo Right: Mr. Loefller, Edward Hack, John Kennedy, Kenneth Perry, Norman Andross, Mervin Waldron, Herbert Tsehumrni, William Muska, Rene Bourke, Adam Wisniewski, John Padegimas, Clinton Whitehouse, Russell Hack, Mr. Greer. Second Row, Left to Right: Raymond Waikznis, Walter Dodd, Charles Morrill, John Ahern, Henry Sheridan, James Blozie, Daniel Bourke, Arthur Brown, Allen Howlett, Charles Weskosky, Robert Sansom, Joseph Grigley, Ted Flack, Donald Woolam, Joseph Dworak, Kenneth Stone. Third Row, Leff lo Rilghff Wilfred Koetsch, Samuel McGill, Albert Borys, Robert Jillson, George Krivickas, Vittie Masiunas, Lee Howard, George Christoph, Stanley Williams, Robert Luddeeker, Wallace Koetsch, Charles Callahan, Joseph Kizis, Louis Sunega, Francis Lasnier, William Schlichting, Erwin Wolfersdorf, George Yoskey. SOCCER SQUAD Under the direction of Mr. Greer and Mr. Loefller, the Saccer Squad experi- enced an extremely successful season. The team won eleven games, losing one to Glastonbury. Making the best of the transportation situation, the team used public buses in traveling to neighboring localities to complete their uawayn game schedule. Con- gratulations to the Soccer Squad for completing a very successful season and for being the first of our athletic squads to solve the transportation problem. if ft Ellsworthian 53 ek it 1943 FR.: Q55 it X X0 JI J' 3 ' J? J A, f' uxW ll it Q ,te i Firxt Row, Left to Right: Ann Duffy, Frances McCann, Anna Mae Richardson. Second Row, Left lo Righl: Elaine Grant, Annie Pastula,'Priscilla Goettler, Shirley Johnson Mabel Sargent. A - Third Row, Left lo Right: Miss Shepherd, Ilene May, Helen Muslca, Florence Boroski, Betty Kirehhof. ' GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD Beeuuse of trztnsporttition difficulties and many postpnnements, the girls' basketball schedule was greatly shortened. Despite this fact, the girls were able to win Five decisive victories over the Alumni and Stafford High School. 1z'!!.s-ww rf li in II il 19-13 fi x55 - Fin! Row. Lffl Io Righz: Rolwrt Szxmom, Ri-nc B ' oscph Griglz-y. Svmnzl Row, Lff! fo Righf: Norman Andross, 1 Howlett, William Kluslm, Raymond Griglvv, Edward Wells. Thin! Razr. Leffl to Righf: Jzinivs Cullzilizm, J0l111 Ken ', Juiiivs Bloyiv, Mcrvin Waldron, lli-nrt' Shvridvri, Mr. Greer. - illziptziin Clinton VYl1itc-hoiisv :ind Frzmvis Kluizon wt-rv'not prose-nt wl1vn pivturv was tzxlu-11.5 BOYS' BASKETBALL SQUAD L nclvr tlut Cl1I'l'i'UOl1 ol Mr. Crm-r and Klr. Locfllvr. tllt' tvzini wvllt tllftlllgll gm L1llLll'l4l'.lU'll wgmni, Ntllllllllg IXYUIIIY-NlX t'o11n'L'111ix't- giiIIll'S. V-lwlll' svzmun with cliI11z1xc'd by tlu- winning ul' tht- Claw CI-ll Clmrlipioiisliip for the fourth timv in fivc ycurs, 'l'l1iw ylxir l'lllswc1rtl1 also Cls'lvutccl two Class B sc'h0olS. Bust Hartford :md lN'i11Cl- mr. Ylllin- tvzlrn also dc'l'c'4itvd Old Saiyhrook in at "lNfIilC of lYjlIIlk'Sl, luviivfit Clfllllilll- l11'11clt'r in llillfl-Offl. 'llw ll'llIlXIJilI'lL1ll0Il proldlcm was copvd with by using public lmuwx. In Illl' K'UlllITlZlN ol NllI'I'0l1IlCllI1Q lll'XN'SpillJCI'S, ull fivc of thc first tc'41111 wvrc cited 4111 tllt' Clam C-ll All Star Tram. At tl1s' 4-low of tllt- svi1sf111 Cg1ptz1i11 Clinton Whitt-- llfllhl' and Frzmrix Mnizon wc'1'v lIlClllf'll'Cl into thc Unitvd Stutvs Army. 'llhv othvr Si-nior boys and lN'illi:1m Muslm wcrc- rt'wi11'dcd by ll trip to Ncw York City to witm-M tln- Cullcgv Bzukt-:lull 'IlOlII'Il2lYl1l'IlfS in lWadiso11 Squurc C11rdv11. 5: Ellsworthian 55 if ' 1943 fig! I KZ3 t A' Q Q' J-X 'Q ,-1 U Z5 S, First Row, Left fo Righl: Norman Andross, Raymond Grigley, Allen Howlett, Theodore Flack, William Muska, Sidney Smith, Robert Sansom. Second Row, Left to Right: Donald Woolam, Joseph Dworak, Leonard Parent, Jams-s Mc- Laughlin, R'ene Bourke, Harold Martin, James Norton, Robert Luddecker, Mervin Waldron. Third Row, Left to Right: George Christoph, Raymond Beck, Charles Callahan, Walter Deveran, Raymond Waikznis, Ernest Sunega, Remo Bonali, Erwin Wolfersdorf, Roland Carter. Fourth Row, Left to Right: William Higgins, Mr. Loeftler, Mr. Greer. TRACK SQUAD Although many schools have abandoned track, the Track Squad is exemplifying the sch0ol's policy of Carrying on with athletics this ycar. Ellsworthian 56 1943 FR.: L55 I PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS As members of the Class of 1943 we are grateful to the followmq concerns Because of the1r support we are able to ISSUE thls ed1t1on of the Ellsworthlan of 1943 If you enjoy your class book the echtors suggest that you patronlze these concerns to show your appreclauon INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 12 MAIN STREET BROAD BROOK CONNECTICUT Telephone W1ndsor Locks 66 2 x X H. WESLEY SARGE T X :IK A If , Ellsworthian 57 1943 4-'KJ - I O63 DFALFRS IN LUMBER AND COAL ROO INC CEMFN'I PLASTER Everythzn or the Farmer and Builder FULL LINE OF HARDVN ARE DuPont and Alonarrh Paznts and I afnzshes Telephone Wmdxor Locke U02 2 BROAD BROOK CONNECTICUT Complzments 0 R C GEISSLER BARBER SHOP BROAD BROOK CONN HALL 86 MUSKA Servzce Statzon Prompt Delivery and Courtexy RANGE AND FUEL OIL 24-HOUR SERVICE Phone Windsor Locks 536-4 664-12 BROAD BROOK CONN. Compliments of BURNI-IA1VI,S SERVICE STATION BROAD BROOK LUMBER 86 COAL CO. f .gf X . f I D Ellsworthian 58 1943 5-Av! 1,53 Complzments 0 HOMER D LANE Electrzcal Contractor YVAPPING ROAD R F D N0 4 LEON ROCKWELL Wrought Iron Reproductzons WAREHOUSE POINT CONN EDWIN G BURNI-IAM General Insurance PLEASANT VALLEY ROAD SOUTH WINDSOR CONN Phone 8 2239 Compliments of A. E. STILES ' f SOUTH WINDSOR, CONN. EAST HARTFORD, CONN. Ellsworthian 59 1943 rg-, pdf' SPRING POND PARK Bathing . . . Picnics . Dancing PLEASANT VALLEY ROAD SOUTH WINDSOR CONN TILEPHONE HARTFORD 8 2708 Ellsworthian 60 1943 V5.1 1,63 Complzmfnts 0 A F G E I S S L E R FANCY MEATS AND GROCERIES BROAD BROOK CONN THOMAS LOFTUS GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS Package Store Complzments 0 E B O S S SOUTH WINDSOR CONN Congratulatzons Best Wzshes' WILFREDJ ROBINSON MD Telephone Windsor Locks 513-12 BROAD BROOK, CONN. ' f P . . E N ' 4 3 . ! Ellsworthian 61 1943 fx: Q63 Complzments 0 STEVE WADACH Pr przeto TELEPHONE HARTFORD 8 2464 HATTIE S BEAUTY SHOP AllBancheso Hazr drszng PHONE 833 KJ EAS WINDSOR yfv Complzments of THE BROOKSIDE MANOR H.C.TSCHUMMI Prpieto BURNHAM 86 ROSE GARAGE WRECKER SERVICE ACETYLENE WELDING AND CUTTING LONG HILL ROAD SOUTH WINDSOR, CONN. ' f SOUTH WINDSOR GRAIN AND FEED r V-ij xes' f J' f ,L :,,1 1 I IZ' if jd 6- ' i T Ellsworfhian 62 194 F51 ' L43 .2f.fQ'e 1,vvl""l ft gif, p flfzfvf BROAD 41 fv f , 312001: COMPANY BROAD BROOK CONNECTICUT Makers of Fine Woolens Since 1849 NA! J' , oi KH ARMY NAVY AWARDED ff' FEBRUARY 12 1943 A f wg f jg! MW 5 ' i 21' I," ,V L .y' 5 r 6 J' A, h 3 1 'JV' . M H , A. jr: f V919 ! A "V" . bf' '. , 292 , , J x 4 H 1 ,ff f' xl ' ' V , , , 'J rf U I , X fy vi I 1 jg I . ie , P' e !,'1 '! 4 f l A, Ellsworthian 63 -I 1943 fp ' I 'V -'X 1,63 Complzments o S M I T H S M A R K E T SERVICE and QL ALI7 1f BROAD BROOK OONNEOTIOUI GRIGLEY S BARBER SHOP It Paw to Look Well E W P I G E O N fReg Pharmacist DRY GOODS DRUGS AND FOUNTAIN SERX ICE Prcscrlptlons Carefully Compounded BROAD BROOK CONN Telephone W L D1v 533 3 Compliments 0 J A HA Nation Wzde Smvzce Grocer Telephone Wmdsor Locks 722 13 BROAD BROOK CONN. fr " ' , ' B' U X ill, I V . ,lflhf , 5 A f f ' f IJ A ' I 7 9 CORNER MAIN AND DEPOT STREETS BROAD BROOK, CONN. . ' D ' f . . L L Ellsworthian 64 1943 KRJY 1-53 I Compliments of . . . WILLSON DAIRY FARMS A B WILLSON GRADEA MILK SOLTH WINDSOR TELFPHONE 8 1269 STATION 36 Q , . . X 5 L K x 53, 4, PASTEURIZED 4 Y Q 5 , Ellsworthian 65 1943 fkv: . 1,55 Complzmentso MAX ADE LSON F W DENGLER LUMBER HARDWARE ROOFING PITTSBURGH PAINT Smooth as Glass Compliments o THORNTON S STORE EAST WINDSOR HILL CONN Complzments of VINING S MARKET WAREHOUSE Po1Nr CONN ' f PHONE 494-2 BROAD BROOK, CONN. ' f 7 7 Ellsworthian 66 1943 fix-I 'LAW X OJ Complzments HOLLAND HOUSE GROCERY PHELPS CORNER WAREHOUSE POINT GAS OIL TIRES Tasty Sandwzches PHELPS CORNER WAREHOUSE POINT CONN PLEASANT VALLEY BRICK CO INC WOOD BURNT FACE RUSTIC FACE SEWER AND MERCHANTABLE PLEASANT VALLEY SOUTH WINDSOR Complzments of THOMAS SMITH SOUTH WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT Le V! Uzff . of PETSCH BROTHERS' FILLING STATION Ellsworthian 67 1943 fx: C455 I COLLINS BUS SERVICE Comfortable Transportation at TOUR SERVICE ANT TIME Catering to Clubs, Fraternal Organizations and Private Parties JOHN A. COLLINS WAPPING, CONN. Rates Reasonable Telephone: Manchester 8915 THE EAST HARTFORD TRUST COMPANY EAST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT This bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WASHINGTON, D. C. W. J. SANSOM GAS, OIL, GROCERIES, COLD MEATS CIGARS, TOBACCO, PATENT MEDICINES, CANDY, SODA AUTO ACCESSORIES WINDSORVILLE, CONNECTICUT "Open Evenings and Sundaysu PHONE 493-2 Ellsworthian 68 1943 fi, QYZW gf wfff T wwf L A, JIU,-,ll sv'- Complzments 0 RQ ROLD M NEWBERRY N be SOUTH WINDSOR N ts- Insurance' CONN K E T T L E EAST HARTFORD BROOKE HAYDEN HALL I ogue Chocolates Burnham 86 Brady CONNECTICUT H Comjblzments 0 f JJ u 'X xx f Q N SOUTH WINDSOR CONN OX 1X ' x . A Il ,wx Q V ..- K. A ', ' ' f' 1,L, , I , ' " f' 5 T' , ", -S- . . f S"I L' ' .L- ,- ,lj yf ',' Q' wat, T 1 37,1 " QT . I! . . I ,Lf ' 1' QL" L X Q f Q Ii :Q ' XIQIA . E 32 Ak X f , 'J N 'xxx Nl' .VJ I 4' ,F 5 .' 1 J ' Y' 2' F' Nu. ' x ! L .ll 'x H Fl, :I , Tfwp J' T - ,N Q . - 'tlyvf M13 fp Q . Il Q r .-, .3 .ii , N . ,Y 9 fy , ' 1 .- f 'X 14. Ju , ' 'X - B-f J ' v". J I .gr Ellsworthian 69 " I 1943 fx.: 1.153 LIBERTY BRAND FERTILIZERS AND FERTILIZER MATERIAL IN THE LINE SINCE 1849 , I '- WATERBURY CONN. EAST YVINDSOR ' 'D IXJOSEPH A. CHESTER I , ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE - ' Except Life Tclcphone 529-14 W, L. Division BROAD BROOK, CONN. X EMIL E. GGEHRING GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS AND SILENT GLOVV OIL BURNERS RYE STREET X I XR I x W Ellsworthian 70 1943 FK.: 1,45 I I xy!! Jflffvfmj f! 1--4112! ' ' f ' I ,,- f, .,I,-J, .- n .4 I if -1147! J Jj!1'JJ,f,Z1' P R 1 N T 1 N G f " 1fff f 6 f'fVW CGMPANY X Q INCURPURATEDQ' .Q JJ F '.I,,, ' - Xxx I , v XNY' .ax XR 4? - pk 3 fp" 5' 5' 'J .4 JI' . x VJ' A -F X- J I 0 1' ,IW - -ff Q1 Q '- .1 ' , Y ' 0 2 fn' I , I, .Q gi QFRUM A CARD Tcl A BDDKH 331 Jf I I Qx JU 1 4.,. ,I SJ A Jil? if Q , eff ' ,' ,A X' X N R Fx ,311 .. HARTFORD, CONN. 54 ALLYN STREET lg 2 TELEPHUNE 6-513:39 Ellsworthian 71 1943 FAJ 1.43 N- gr ND1VI1QUAL PORTRAITS i ALL ' W J' 1- -"V 7? fl I l7Y!1 I M A--AND GROUPS AA 1.1 will , 5-1, " K 1 ff A ,J f J J ,ff mf' -.1 J' .far J! 'X If M, , in b Y .3 fwflyn Hjdtiid! b ! ff yr' J A Y Ax J LGRING STUDICDS M96 -WCW! ,, 1 , 1 41, Q ,fofgj fun v,,, ,ya A jwgjfgjff 86 PRATT STREET JW fy T ' X ' A. HARTFORD, CONN. ,j f y Aff. , If ff f fy' VH 1, PHONE 7-4300 X 1 , 1 A-dfflf' ,A0"4- Q J Zag, Wzyfxa if-gd' I . 12445 Mmfggifg' M S 34 Ellswofihigrzwm 72 VYMWWJ1943 N rg, 1.55 wx' I f dag, I fy' , F I X51 JN! ' fy gum., Zo PM Q K . 1 ' X .fy u J X f 1 "suv WAR nouns fwf- Gxfy J WMQW I 5 W 5 wi CWM' w W GMM WW- 6 fc? X . :IQ HQWJ' V -L +1-and f f ff Xwfff Q X3 Xg ' BMJ i'1'7'7, L,7, Muff' 'ZS Q Q Q X f 51 ,w AQ 1' IX 1 4 f MM? gil FREE THE B0 S Yi E if K gk C MQ I 7 'Wff m 'bb 1- BL xi ' K: ,ql, Iwrfl - , E 'rl-IE ENSLAVED 'PEOPLES." ' :P X .sf 4 my if A 5 , I fpfoy, M T ' ffl - N f XD A - x COMPLIM . ,Q O5 . fA fNj . ,gn L B A Q 'Q ,wr I '. A K L 5, spesl-4."o4 .- - , 'TXXT wlffg' Q85 Y- SL

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Ellsworth High School - Yearbook (South Windsor, CT) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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