Ellsworth High School - Jester Yearbook (Ellsworth, ME)

 - Class of 1981

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fff S2 'Ku' A-2 Cgg N XQSBNCYQ5 Q r-- 1 - 'QE' ef J' " -IJ .JJ Q slag? BQ f f' Q Z, .3 Kr A I - .-Djxlw DESK V JG, YQQGB Q nf 52? ww gm vig' QJSQ, .5563 JD by fgfiw 9 at Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy . . . The Jester .v -1' f..-' " f is.:"3'Q ' . k ' ' . ' W , X 4.2. ' A '.,Q'.l,:' ', . f. N. ff. ' W' - s,-.W-so ' :Mrs W. - so . f ' me es- . X ,. .qs gzgsw, ,Y , fx., N . s ff ' " WR. HU- bm 552: if P: Q - . ' px "NN . ' is R3 s p ffm' 'Q-v...,f DEDICATION The class of 1981 would like to thank Mrs. Guinta for her help in making our high school years more productive. Not only was she available to help with junior prom decorations by making tissue flowers, but she also gave us all a boost in spirits when nothing seemed to be going right. She continued to advise our class while taking a year off to continue her education and we are very grateful for all her efforts. Thank you, Mrs. Guinta, for your advice and aid. Class of 1981 SENIORS NOT PICTURED: TAMMIE ANDERSON DONALD NICKERSON RON CORMIER ANN SARGENT OWEN FARREL TROY TAINTER GEORGE FULLER KEN WESCOTT PAUL HUDSON DAVID WILKINSON PATRICIA LINDSEY TIM PRESTON WIGGINS KRISTIN HIGGINS WILBUR 1 1 E N If H S 4 1 S 9 il v 1. One Bn V' ei i X VICTORIA LYNN BENNETT TODD C. BENOIT VERONICA BSTTNER S. Happiness isn't something you Any color you like! Doing what you like, is Freedom: experience: it's something you Liking what you do, is Happiness. remember. -ti fv-Y Q I' 1' x. rm 'K ZZ ' if 'N-1.'1g..: tl JUANITA BERNICE CARTER DAVQD ROYCE CHASE , JEFF CLARK "You never have a second chance to Sooner or later, it comes down to make a good first impression." fate. -me 'VV' J gf 7 Ns 1-gg 'wif -R '21 sg in-w ima .JU .3 LYNN ELEANOFK D039 V ALBERT H. DOW JR. JAMES DUNN "5-5f9'S truest HSPPMGSS is found Fifst rule of Grand Prix racing, in the FfiGndShiD we make 61009 the forget whafs behind you and pay wav-" attention to whafs in front of you. 'X K 5 : A E I rv....,, 9 2 S e 2 E 2 3 5 S E I E .4 9 Q'- efgefe., GA!L A "A flowe People grow receive. ' ' Om any seed: they GIBEAULT WENDY JEAN GOODRICH "lf ever there was a time for class J friendship, then friend this is the time, for we soon viii!! be departing 11 1 I 4 YT TN K l BRIAN M. JORDAN MARY "Remember aiways our high schoo! l know you befieve YOU UUGGYSTGUU days, the way we were, and the what you think I said but Vm not friends we made." sure you reaiized. fue? my GAII. LORD I had no shoes, and I compiained until I met a man who hd no feet VN , X25- . 17' Q 'Q' 1 1 " MCKENNEY i N-...fn E 0-"2 N 7, ,ailnioulw JILL MESSER ANN KATHERINE MOORE JAMES MOORE When you love someone, all your lf you are not by my side, this saved up wishes start coming out. world seems to be a cold and lonely place. lt is you my friend that makes this day worth living. 17 fbtx P' usA KAY may cARoL sue novvusv Take time to share because life is too Grow from what you are into When you have nothing to short to be seifish. what you desire to be, - nothing. A13 17" si' Kids as-Q161' ,, ,X-wo. -'mm .mfuv-. 4 20 gr, . rx' ah f ,df 'U , 'K Lisa r Ie R ,ff Q , ,f 1 Q e We VJ ' f S. Y SEAVEY RICHARD SILSBY Q31 1 can do for my ffignd is An honest man does not make to be his friend. ,,.-., M, himself a dog for the sake of a bone I- . 3' r ' SPENCER rrier l go, the behinder I -. . 'Q -.1 5 e 5' A rr- ,r ,, K J , HARRY DAVID STACKHOUSE Traveling is a never ending process of learning. Everywhere you go you learn something new. 21 s 5 5 E Z 5 i 2 2 2 5 ? ,,,,.,,m U MD 6 M 6 an ,Mm , .5 1 :ww vW,,,,,M, U MM ,MQ 1, MV: in ,W M, immz awww Uk, , W 1 K :vm W . ,NM ,GM ,W D D U D W 2 ,K 1 1 :Q 1 Fw, M - X H 9 W U UW N ,F A , .M , W W, . wg D w m 6 W W 4 WM, .W wg 1, 5 U ff w ww W M, W .w . 6-Mwfm Q 5 Q D U U ,Mm Q t 1 W U W, W 1 W W M N Q 0 U U M X mmm ,MW M 4, 11 1-, ,lf ln 1 f V My V W V V ,WV Q V A W f-vp W5 2 E 5 T! 3 2 2 5 2 sf s 1' ff if fe if 32 ii 5 3 s 5 23 E fi 5 5 EE K3 3 3 sf 3 2 2 5 5 Q E 3 5 3 3 52 Q 5 5 2 3 ,Z if Q2 E 5 3 Q Z 2 2 2 3 , Z S ri www W W-mm as M M.M.Mb4fww,wMmwmq M515 aazwwcwww eeowwfzzmwwwwf nm-www wwwww 4 HWWAWWN mMw..,.MWm,mQ1f.v wfwwww Www XMW M MW,.,M,MMMm My NNNNN ,M WNWWWM,,WWWMWWMM hhhh AWWA, h,h,,,, f W,W,,,1,,...,,,.,,,MmmMw.M,,MVN., ,,,.,, , ,, , ,WM M3 annals-im 24 'lu-sn- -.Mah O I E 25 .nfs 5 49: in 1 ' , ,. 1, 4' , , M20 , Q 5 ' ' . G ,zzfmg , wi ' 'V 1.2 ' i ii Y if is 5' 2 sr' fftr i an ' H1357 2 . H,,,,,.,.-wfvff', f W fm A , A,,.f- ifl' ' r, "f"- 1 , P WM'-uw 'f'-' L. 3' ' -L . I! xx ini? ' ef 3,3 SQ f Q , 'ku N f 5 QMILIA' U H 5, 0 Q .,.. qi.-:frm-'.rfQf , - ,.1- V, ,,,L 13 f 2 8 Nlost Talkative Gail Gerow 81 Clark McDonald VW 4, ,z-.N Teachers Pests Harry Stackhouse gl Suzanne Norwood KM? Teachers Pets Richard Srlsby 81 Beth McKenney 2' 'r 6, K ., . iff f , N X , , v 4 Q ff 51 I 1 'Y 1 ' l Af . 4 5, , - 'W A ' ffl ' lxvzx' QQ-N' 1 O r , ' ' ' X LLA' A , , 'em VL:,,.. A f - hh, ' . L1 4- yn., f 5 Q-,ik ,' ag Q ..f .Q:j 5 ., V - V, 3 X grgrs ififr K A iii if -g ' . .. Q 511 f' 5 A I K ff 5 ' 3 i , X 2 , v X. , .. 5 i .N 3? 113 my A-.sn r! 5-f . Q Ouletest Elaine Hanscom 84 Dan DeSautels 29 Tallest Carol Rowley 81 Albert Dow Shortest Dan DeSautels 81 Honora Marshall Nlost Likely to Succeed Julie Lord 81 Nljke NlcGlothlin 'E- ' 'G 0 30 ,Pai .. 5 uf ' fall' ,lil -1 f ' f ,, I af, V N 1 'i"'fq ' J X JF? ,f 94 I Q f if 4, was Most All-Around Lynn Dorr 81 Kurt Bauersfeld Most Athletic Alison Poulin 81 Dick Scott Class Brains Joey Patten 81 Elizabeth Cravey " 1 31 ,, wry' Z f Q C .Q l'lN x if It 0 'Hi Most School Spirit Class Clowns Pam Tinto 31 Jim Dunn Shelly Sawyer 81 Ken Liberty 99" Friendliest Jeff Beal Si Sarah Leonard .mel 32 Best Dressed DQ Most Artisic Ruth Gray 8: Paul Hudson Dan Sargent 81 Carol Garrity fd' 59 ' x X x M Q. X N - , u .,. . W-W.. .MN0 K I V ,Agfa we J? . X K: :X , 'Q ' F I if W, ff: C yi , I I 9 A 1 sf., Mr. 81 Ms. Physique Kristy Smith 81 Dave Sailor Class Flirts Scott Toothaker 81 Ruth Hellum Favorite Name Nickname Expression Noted For Zodiac Pet Peeve Idol Linwood Linnie Mrs. Farnham Block M Cancer Mr. Scott Maynard wi Abbott b l don't care Furgeson Elizabeth Beth The gate's Music Scorpio, Mr. Scott ii- J.F. -ik. Aldrich closed. No school Brian Ames Amie Dirty mind Gemini Girls that i,Miss Conley.-. say "no" Cinde Red You silly Dancing Taurus Green teeth T,,Baryshnikov i Anderson mongoose Tammy ii-Androscogon Keep your Late to HR Taurus Pimples Kent Novak mi Anderson shirt on Rebecca ,,-,Becky In a minute Being Gemini Mr. Scott ,,,,,., Ross E. ....,.... Austin w!Vicki Glen Baez Glen ls that right? T Being w!Sue lAquarius Smoking Lynn Swann .1 Kurt lv.. Curtis .li What a Funny Taurus Crowded T- Lasse Viren i Bauersfeld pinel remarks hallways Jeff Beal ,w. Bealie .......i Piece of.i... Being late .i Aquarius School begins Sugar Ray .l cake to school too early Leonard Vicki ..TT. Vic l.......l'magine. Cruising Gemini. Moochers 1.80 Duke wl. Bennett Todd Bucky Very Straight Aries Assemblies i God .. Benoit interesting shooter Veronica 1... Veronica ....... lt's 0.K Chilean Gemini Apathy My Parents T Bittner Poncho Stacy Chuger l do C.J.'s wife Pisces Nellie Robbie BOYMQV' Gordon Wilbur Donna Donna No 2 different Libra Mr. Tracy 1.-Bruce Boynton colored eyes Daniel Braily Gyad Aries Physics lab l Beach Boys T Braley Linda Branml Brandy q,, This is true -.... Humming a ,. Pisces. MDI girls 1Mrs. Moore? tune James Carney Jimmy Go for it Bugging Gemini Mr. Otterson ?Clint people Eastwood Daniel Butch Food! Flipping Taurus Flat water Grizzly Carter canoes Adams Diane i Dunkin k Ask me if Laughing Leo Jocks Mrs. Moore l Carter l care Glen Carter Glen That'lI Stupid jokes,. Gemini . Ted Donnell l Nat Moorel learn ya Juanita gi Jonathin ..-1 Happy crap .Camera Leo Mr. Tracy .i.Alan AIda.?. Carter David Chase l Chaser .l Bad Scene .T Arguing with Pisces Danny Edwin Moses administration Higgins Gwen Condon Gwen . A-Okay Stupid jokes T Sagittarius Water -....- My mother?- freezing Elizabeth l. Liz Crazy, Ca, c'est la ,. Ribboned l. Gemini ...,. Indecision ..T..-............ Cravey guerre conversation 34 Ambition Have own store Veterinary medicine Finish questions Dancer Make a record Graduating Receiver for Cowboys travel Own a Rolls Royce Graduating Finding a pot of gold College rich To teach the deaf Business Make lots of money Computer programmer Pro Boxer Shoot Colorado river Happiness College football To succeed G0-RILLA slam dunk Private investigator Nobel Prize Favorite Ambition Marine biologist Make money Welder Special Ed. teacher Make money Music Ed. Secretary Graduation Graduation Success College Money To be rich 8i famous College Nursing 81 family life Artistic Expression Graduation Horse Trainer Perfection College Architect Get married Mechanic Name Nickname Expression Noted For Zodiac Pet Peeve Idol Geoffrey. Looking like , Sagittarius, Overweight , Rick, Deforest my brother people Burleson George,Nad, I can't wait, Looking like, Sagttarius Howard Deforest III till Friday my brother Lawpaugh William Bill Reallyl Quietness , Cancer Surprise Deraps tests Mike,Dim Witt Being Capricorn ,School ,Mike Davis , Dewitt w!Lisa Lynn Dorr,Lynn , I don't know Different , Sagittarius Being called Hagar , hairstyles Julie Albert Dow , Willie , Who me? , Driving , Gemini Ford General crazy Motors Karen Emerson Emerson , Remember Music Taurus, SAT's Beethoven, Boozer when . . . Terri Field, Chorty , Yessah, I , Thinking of Aries Stuck up Mrs. Moore, imagine Billy people Jane, Janezo, Hey man , Donny L, Sagittarius Spastic Tidybowl Forsythe people man Trudy Foss Buggy No-no. Partying Capricorn ,Kelly .... ,Mr. Davis., ' Young Jane Foster, Goob , Spare me , Being , Aquarius , Mr. Mouse, Mrs. Moore, wf Brad Michael, Mikey, Gad zooks! , Portable, Aquarius , "Ginger" , Foster locker Lucy George, Fuller , Smoke onel ,.Leaving lights, Capricorn, "Porky", Cheech Si , Fuller on in car Curtis Chong Carol Garrity, Frenchie , No, but , Making others , Sagittarius JP , Sally Field, really wait Gail Gerow ,, Peachy Talking Pisces Mr. Tracy, Grimace , Michael- Track Surel Last name, Aquarius ,People who,Bob Greacy , Gillette lie Wendy, Pooh , Get off my , Big mouth , Leo , Stuck up, Goofy , Goodrich casel people Ruth Gray Granola Oopsl Having hands , Sagittarius Ignorance , Hi Bosch , on backwards Kerry ,KK,I'magine-,,-Chewing gum ,Virgo , Mr. Scott,Walter , Grindle Elaine, Elaine , That's gross Riding Virgo Mr. O Flash G. Hanscom Ruth Hellum, Rufus, I'm gonna, Gymnastics, Sagittarius BFBS -..,.- Xavier Hollander kill you Dana , Gimpy , She's so Tl-55 Cancer Miss Uncle Howie , Hodgkin selfish Whitmore Paul Hudson Technical rock Virgo Warren . climbing Harding Laura Jacobs , Laurie , l love you, Giving Mr., Sagittarius Ken Liberty, John Jordan , too! Scott hard time Brian , Biscuit ,, I imagine , Driving a , Taurus Luann Jordan Ford 35 Favorite Name Nickname Expression Noted For Zodiac Pet Peeve Idol Mary E Maarry Reallyl Restriction 1. Sagittarius Ruth Helium 1 Burt.1 Jordan Reynolds Mary K.1 Mur 1 Hey Honeyl Being Cancer Joey Patten 1 Mrs. Moore Jordan w!Mike Michael 1 Tubby 1 No problem 1 Dumb stunts Leo RK Lynn Swann Jordan Timothy Tim Playing .Taurus Steelers . Keith Jordan chess Hernadez Betty Sue Sagittarius Kimble Sarah 1SchnitzeI 1 Are you Talking in Libra Snobbery 1 Mr. Edward Leonard serious class Steinbach Ken Liberty 1 Ken 1 What's it1 Unusual 1.Cancer. Liz. .Jackson worth to you? behavior Brown Lisa Lietz 1Lietzy 1 Oh gross 1 Being 1 Scorpio School Mike w!Mike Dawn Delta Gay Laugh Pisces Mrs. Moore 1 Kermit the 1 Linscott Frog Michael.1 Mike 1 I imagine Riding. Cancer. .Billy Field 1 Linscott around town Julie Lord 1 Julie 1 Abused Bt 1 Reading Maps Sagittarius Being called 1 Dan D.1 confused Lynn Pat Maguire 1 Pat 1 No problem 1 Gator shirts 1 Libra 1 Scott Spencer 1 Lynn Swann Teresa Mann Teri Hi Sis Being late 1.Pisces.1Alarm clocks 1Air Supply 1 Honora 1 Munchkin1 High? 1 Being Absent Taurus Tina My father 1 Marshall Bouffard Clark Clarkie What? Talking Scorpio 1 People who 1 Alvin 1 McDonald think they're better Michael.1Mike.1 Ow badl 1.Race Cutless Pisces ignorant J.R. McGIothlin customers Beth1 Red 1 Oh, Yeahl Coughing Leo Skinner Tammy McKenney Brenton Jeannie 1 Jeannie 1 What do ya 1 Leaving class Taurus Rufus Cheryl Merchant think early Jill Messer1 Mess1.Go for it1 Giving out Pisces. Lori M Ron. cigarettes Ann Moore Ann Aha Writing Leo overdues1 1 overdues Duane 1 Big D1 Tell me 1 Body 1 Aquarius 1 "Muscles are 1 Dr. Franco 1 O'Halloran Building grossl" Columbo Joseph Patten Colonel Welll Being trainer 1Cancer 1Liz Cravey.1.Wes Jordan Slopes Nancy Peasley Worm 1 Let's leave 1 Being absent Virgo School Yoda Terry1TJ 1Praise the 1 Dresses 1 Sagittarius Jesus Peletier Lord Robin Kinkey Giving Mr. Cancer Father "My Dad"1 Piskura Mouse a hard time, 36 Ambition Graduation Secretary Succeed Pro football Salad Chef LPN Biology major Marriage Air Traffic controller Truck driver Multi-million S corp. Live until l die Pediatric nurse Accounting Pharmacist Own a Mercedes and a Porsche Wealth College Marry Ron Accountant Own business Sports doctor Artist Get married To survive Name Allyson ,1 Poulin Lisa Riley 1 Carol Rowley 1 Dave Sailor 1 Nickname Ally 1 Shortie 1 Carol 1 Dave 1 Favorite Expression Noted For Zodiac Pet Peeve l'm only Sports Taurus .Cheerleaders joking I forgot Smiling Gemini Jane Foster1 Oh nol Music Taurus Gong Show 1 I don't care 1 Sprinting1Aquarius 1Slow drivers Idol Mr.1 Mieszkowski Brian Ames 1 S.J. 1 Alan Wells 1 Patricia 1 Piglet 1 Leave me 1 Being teased 1Sagitarrius Becky Austin John 1 Salisbury alone Travolta Ann Sargent 1 Annie 1 Ask me if I 1 Getting Pat 1 Taurus 1 Snodgrass 1 Gilda Radner care jealous Dan Sargent 1 Gus 1 For shame Golf Libra. Physics. Roberto . Duran Wilbur Bub Qui a pete Whaggs Leo Sister Liz Saunders Michelle 1 Shelly 1 Well, you 1 Taking Abuse . Virgo Scott Mr. Bill Sawyer know Richard Scott 1 Dick 1 Take it easy 1 Playing .1 Moonchild Winter 1 Bugs Bunny sports Richard Rich l'm Sending Sagittarius Parents 1 Geddy Lee 1 Silsby compressed deficiency notes Kristina 1 Halfpint 1 l'm a mighty 1 Gymnastics 1 Capricorn1 Homework 1 Carl 1 Smith midget Hokanson Harry 1 Traveling Really Homework 1 MichaeI.1 Stackhouse Carot A Jackson Karen 1 Stretch 1 But, Jeff you Music Scorpio Mr. Scott 1 Private 1 Stratton don't understand Benjamin Dennis Disco Rightl Dance Fever 1 Cancer 1 Burger King 1 Ray Croc 1 Theriault Pam Tinto 1 Pamie Jean Oh Crudl Colorful Gemini, MDI girls 1.Ziggy1 locker Karen 1 Tread 1 My God Laughing Gemini Mr. Scott 1 Barto1 Treadwell Scott 1 Scottie 1 Unreall 1 Basketball 1 Pisces1 Pam Tinto 1 GarfieId1 Toothaker C3flD6. Well, er 1Accent 1Capricorn1 Jell-O 1 Edgar Allen 1 Vanden Driessche Poe Teresa Varney 1 Terri 1 Oh Godl 1 Chewing gum 1 Aries 1 Wooco-MB 1 Danny 1 Carter Jeri1 Jeri 1Yeah, Really Printing Aries Cold Whitmore classrooms Tim Wiggins Twiggy Buddy Rich 1 Kristin 1 Kris 1Whatcha Florida Gemini Liz Cravey 1 Wally 1 Wilbur doing Ambition To be 5'3" Art Teacher Physical Therapy Own clothing store Get married College! marry Pat Live in Florida Mayor of Surry Happiness 81 Success Pro Baseball player Rock star Beautician Travel the world Travel Management at McDonald's Live in town Accountant Destroy backboard See the world Pro Current Card dealer College To be the best Sportswriter Yes 37 Remember when Tubby pulled his stunt Liz forgot her skirt The gym was ambushed with arrows Cinde had a mouse sandwich Pot was a cooking utensil We had tie day, suspender day, lzod shirt day, etc. Paper clips were lethal weapons Things we'll Bomb scares Snow days Mrs. Guinta's tissue flowers Gong show Miss Whitmore's ballet Mrs. Stanton's presence Rowdie section Mr. Otterson's spelling Class competition 38 miss What if . Joey was a jock WDEA played hard rock Wicked wasn't a word Hector had a quiet class The bathrooms didn't smell Liz lost her ribbons The MDI girls stayed on the island We made Yearbook deadlines Ken wasn't crazy Dana lost his Tl-55 Things we won't miss Morning announcements Mid-years 81 finals Mrs. Stanton's December air conditioning Dissecting cats in Advanced Biology Hot lunch Pep rallies SAT's 8m Achievements Songs More Than I Can Say - Liz Celebration - Graduation night Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Mike Foster On the Road Again - Weekends Never Be the Same - EHS More Love - Dances Armed 81 Crazy - Us One Voice - Chorus Killing Time - Detention Sailing - Outdoor Skills Winner Takes it All - All-Points Trophy Heartbreak Hotel - Holiday Inn Shows St Movies Stir Crazy - Senoritis Any Which Way You Can -- To Graduation Facts of Life - On the bathroom walls lt's a Living - Working at Doug's Cosmos - Physics Dance Fever - Dances Breaking Away - Senior Class Those Amazing Animals - Underclassmen Trapper John, M.D. - Trainer Joe Guiding Light - EHS diploma Good Morning America - Announcements 1. Glenn B. 2. Ann M. 3. Ann S. 4. Patty B. 5. Karen E. Qs.. 'O ll.. . ,ww i 6. Julie L. 7. Elaine H. 8. Kerry G. 9. Vicki B. 10. Ruth H. Clark M. 16. Ruth G. Juanita C. 17. Honora M Bub S. Dave S. Lynn D. w Q 8 . 1 a n 5 xeigf 16 1' ,r . I 40 1 V. . I 'wwf :fl 1 A K 18 . .,., .. 'X " 'E LW" 'J ' 1' R 7355.111-zajffk w VV a la...--'fa :wk -K N 50 1 T e .X S . aa ..........-.--4 V 1 AX' .mf i w. 2 4. LW,f,1.'-4 'LL1fLfL,f, ,. gs X - ...W 18. Kurt B. 19. Jane F. 20. Nancy P. 21. Linda B. 22. Diane C. ' .2 - K W--...f ' f-f,..iy, f Y' J, I f '5 ,. , D 1 's - 25 le X by .1 'Z 1 . HU - i 1 . Glen C. Terri F. Mary J. Trudy F. Tubby J. Q x fi .mg 3 K V o I ish: X Ken W. Gail G. Carol R. Sarah L. 41 Terri V Beth A Kelly G. Jane F. Billy D. 6 7 8 9 1O Beth NI. Donna B. 12. Becky A. 13. Pam T. Liz C. Jill M. 16. Dianna F. Dennis T. 17. Carol G. Dana H. 18. Dave C. Lisa R. Cindy A. 'N ...,. 9 'fy 1 I 'b .f rv v N 1 fm.. X 'mir VJ? fu.. M 4. ,- 9 nk N.. 1 1118 , . 'wwf 1 1 ..,, I . H ."f 1 'I -.- ff" .gp-.... ,A,,,, l : 5 R ' - QW5, ,A yay' ' -,,'. A gf f Ma, 'wf Laura J. Karen S. D. Twins Lori S. Randy S. Duane O. Jeri W. Tammy A. Dick S. Vicki T. ' 55 f .arf Ken L. Mary K. Pat Nl. Shelly S. Kristy S We in 'R' 'nf Tl .53 0 4 .j ,"- -51 . :Y is by 3' gill' , .g ' vm?-'w ' .,g- - - :xb m ,yyy 2 . .55-, ,fr v . -.'x'.",: 1'2- . . - X.. ...tu an 0 1 i I f .3 , 4 9 '43 34 f L 35 X, I 34. Bill K. 35. Tim W. 43 35' K5 5 ,dm 'uf Y u lil ..-,...1'f 45 .i ., Q1 - if w11,3,. ,guullv ,.,..-M -fs rv 46 x I 3 i ,4 --...W a ,,,M.,,, , A, Q..i!i!35, Vi' f?fWT7f'17" "1 ' W f . ge rm A ' V 1 Lgn . : ' .'7Q k 'yZZi: 'f7 ' f:"L!f,-. , ' . ' w ., 1 Z ' ,' rr , " f nm? wif Z-5547: 4-,I . uhm: Q: ,, W- ff mi 'sa , gg X, A W Y-.,,.,,,. ,..,,., i 3 my , ara 4 .1 .f ,A-4 4 7 sf .1 3 I SR a V.P. - Allison Smithg Treas. - Chrissi Maguire: Pres. - Becky Sargentp Sec. - Karen Proctor get JUNIORS Boy, time flies when you are having fun!! Are we really Juniors?? We've finally got spirit. Hurrah!! Does History last all year?ZZZZZ. Pep rallies can be fun: now they are peppy. Would you like to buy a magazine? Or maybe a raffle ticket or . . . Miss Rogan, do you REALLY think that I don't remember Poe's significance? lyou are right!! Congratulations to our National runners and many varsity athletes. So long Elinda . . . Welcome back Margaret. PSAT's are a bummer. What?! SAT's in June? lgroanl We don't want to worry about colleges yet! That was the best Junior Prom Ever . . . T'f',29'?5 1 H l ,...e -' -IW-M - 50 X f is - gy I SOPHOIVIORES Back again, this time in the Big time B-wing. Now that we know everybody it seems like the school is getting smaller. We never acted like Freshmen did we? Thinking seriously . . . will we ever 'utilize' anything we learn in Patterns? Or ever be able to find the clams' crystalline styles? Now that we have two Gong Show victories, what will we do for an encore? Boy, February can get dull, except for vacation. Then only eight more weeks until the next break! Drivers Ed is a drag: it would be better if we could just cruise!! Euclid, the Pythagorean Theorem is WHAT? Who needs participial phrases anyway? This is springtime!!! Pres. - Peter Houston: V.P. - Russell White: Treas. - Steve Smith, Sec. - Julie McGlothlin 1, , 1- 3 Q 52 I 4509565 mx 53 FRESHIVIEN Hello High School!!! We're finally here! lt doesn't seem too different. The lockers are the same. We get to pick our own classes through. All those new out-of- towners to meet too. Now that We're settled, Civics and Algebra don't seem like weird subjects. Did we really almost start World War lll during the elections? lt's fun to be able to participate in the assemblies instead of just watching them. Spook Day was fun!! We've got good runners and our own basketball team too!! Study Halls with Mrs. Piper seem like a tradition now - even though we don't study. Our mutual opinion is that "Ingles es mas facil que EspanoI." All the clubs and activities we can do - WOW!! But still there is schoolwork lughi. No- one ever told me that we'd have to know ALL that for a final! V? f' i Rigs QX 2 xi id it m Sf N Q Q F KK 5 -Q: Q inf' ., 57 Administration and A ii 88 Guidance N A' Mrs. Stanton Dean of Students Nlr. Taylor Principal Nlrs. Merritt Secretary IVlrs. Joy Secretary 60 """" Ms. Albert Guidance Counselor Nlrs. Hessler Guidance Secretary Social Studies Mr. Donaldson Curriculum Coordinator l l in- ....... Mr. Tracy Mr. McDonald or ill Ms. Whitmore Dept. Head C! 5 ae.e C if' Mr. Moore ar. -s..,..,f" PM . . ,kgpef . Mathematics Science .ah is f Mr. Lawpaugh Dept. Head Mr. Whitmore Dept. Head . c liiii ' i ii , Q . fi t """' Y i Mrs. Hill V Nlr. Davis Nlr. O'ConneII fiiii. ,... Z IVIr. Buswell L ' Mr. Otterson 62 English Nlr. Sailor Dept. Head Ms. Harbour i Q Ms. Rogan Nlr. Lindberg Mr. Coffin Mr. Mieszkowski 63 Fine Arts Foreign Languages Nlr. Mike r Nlr. Scott Typing MF- Wad 64 Mrs. VanTine Mr. Diaz B siness Education e t. Head Accounting 5 R X- K .,, . 1 I ,N Industrial Arts ff' , Q., A Y' ' X Mrs. Tainter Mr. Webber Dept. Head Nlr. Den wir. Neieski Physical EdUCatlOn l. S- , N. G4 - 'L .. N I .A r Mr. Higgins Mrs. Sha 14" IVIr. Henderson Special Services I Miss Conley Librarian Mrs. Gray Library Asst. 66 E.H.S. Janitors Y ff Mrs. Clark School Nurse E.H.S. Cooks E e f ' 4 Cap e I Cap m Cap c raised 2? You think you have problems! mi, 67 X xx,',. S ri . i I " J if V i 'x WX, 3 f - Msgs 1 5 Els.. . 1 . TPC? .- wr an I A24 W. Y 'W s . I E1 -'lk N. 0 'V v . M.f,:.xf., , gffili? ' L Q " W j5f'rwx-sam! L,,E..MKj if 1' ix ' cw fw- , I , . 1 -.NX ' V '- f . x I 5 0, W ., W :11a.A4,,, , : ,S 'qv fn-eggs' W it s vw, A 7 Q " . f .J vp r Us Q V -f H.-. 4 4 A .ff , " Q 72 , ' ,, v- -gf ' 0 ' JV' ' ' .. I 5 ,7 if ' 0 f eawwyw' - Y"- Q ,,, vw A X L.. . ,- x 5' -ww K .yul , VJTLL , lr ... ,VA v L . 4-: If-A fl, R2 -V. .. 1'-J -4 L,A,. J, ,y,.'J -4 w .. ggi ,1 k fi-iv , K .. xx, A 69 , iv . w A , 1 T It V If 3 T ' . S Q A ' Q 1 if x 4' A 3 x x -qi I W Q n , . ., xw-YM-496 R Boys AND GlRL'S STATE Standing Il to rl - J. Patten, D. Sailor, S. Toothaker Ialt.I, D. Scott. Seated Il to rl Y C. X . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 4 Pres. - K. Bauersfeld, V. Pres. - J. Lord, Sec. - P. Tinto. Treas. - J. Patten. Rowley Ialt.I, P. Tinto Ialt.I, E. Cravey, J. Lord, Absent from photo - Lynn Dorr. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society was able to begin a successful year with nine returning members from the Class of 1981. Six members were capped from the Class of 1981 in the 1st semester capping, to increase the membership to fifteen. Activities of the Society bring in money which provides for scholarships awarded to the senior class. The Society also takes an active role in tutoring students in all areas of study. We are in hopes of a large group to be capped from the Class of 1982 to continue the Society's service and to participate in district activities. 72 T Seated Il to rl - Treas. - J. Lord, Pres. - J. Patten, Sec. - S. Sawyer, V. Pres, - K. Bauersfeld. 1980 members l2nd rowl W. Saunders, D. Sailor, E. Cravey, D. Scott, absent from photo - C. Rowley. 1981 members I3rd rowl - L. Dorf, M. McGlothIin, J. Whitmore, A. Moore, absent from photo - T. Varney, E. Hanscom. FBLA Standing lL to Rl - A. Moore, V. King, T. Hamel, J. Hardison, S. Norwood, B. Austin, T. Foss, L. Beal. Seated lL to Rl - M. Jordan, L. Brann, T. Field, P. Bouffard, V. Bennett. FHA Seated lL to Rl - P. Salisbury, V. Cloak, V. Lindsey, L. Ranco, T. Joy, L. Whitmore, S. Burns, Fl. Young. Standing lL to Rl - K. Seavey, A. Whitmore, K. Dow, L. Swett, D. Stackhouse, S. Stover, T. Wilbur, B. Curtis, C. Jordan. gg A FS The goal of American Field Service is best stated by its slogan - "Turning places into people". This goal has been seen this year as we have shared with our three exchange students, Carine Vanden Driessche from Brussels, Belgium, Veronica Bittner from Osorno, Chile, who were with us for the 1980-1981 school year, and Scott Buchel from Kewaskum, Wisconsin, who was at EHS for the fall semester. Karen Treadwell spent the fall semester in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. We also sent Harry Stackhouse to the Dominican Republic and Shelly Sawyer to Chinook, Washington while Julie Khulman from Minneapolis spent the summer here in Front row lL to Rl - T. Schoppee, A. McEIdowney, B. Urh, A. Tilden, A. Smith, P. Tinto, P. Ellsworth. Pellon, J. McMahon, S. Lee, B. VanPelt, R. Bishop, B. Sargent, Miss Whitmore. 2nd row - D. Linscott, M. DeVane, K. Proctor, M. Guilford, A. Jordan, B. Tuite, T. Varney, W. Merritt, K. Proctor, B. Holt. 3rd row - S. Buchel, K. Bauersfeld, C. Vanden Driessche, W. Saunders, R. Silsby S. Hayes, V. Bittner, T. Holt. 4th row - J. Whitmore, K. Liberty, H. Stackhouse, R. Carlisle, R. Gray, E. Cravey, J. Lord, S. Sawyer, N. Carter, J. Patten. Officers Exchange Students Front row lL to Rl - T. Holt lv. presl, T. Schoppee lpresl, Miss Veronica Bittner, Carine Vanden Driessche, Scott Buchel. Whitmore, 2nd row W S. Sawyer lsecl, E. Cravey ltreasl. 74 STUDENT COUNCIL Seated lL to Rl - B. Sargent, C. Maguire, B. VanPelt, S. Smith, A. Tilden, C. Merrill, M. VanPelt, A. Smith, K. Proctor, K. Hughes. 3rd row - A. Jordan, J. Whitmore, A. Brown, L. Dickes, L. Crosby, J. Poulin, B. Maguire, J. Beckman, J. Moore, B. Holt, C. Garrity, Fl. Silsby, L. Simpson, J. Lord. 4th row - C. McDonald, C. Nesiba, P. Houston, M. DeVane, T. Holt, J. Lascase, S. Sawyer, K. Proctor, M. Oleson, R. Carlisle, J. McGlothIin. OFFICERS L to R - T. Holt ltreasl, E. Cravey lv. presl, L. Dorr lpresl, S. Hayes, lv. presl, J. Whitmore lsecl. The Student Government had its largest membership ever this year with new members from all classes. Our annual Spook Day and Gong Show were big successes and class competition is extremely close. ln January, we had our Biannual bloodmobile which brought a large turnout even though many donors were turned away because of colds and flu, another bloodmobile is planned for the spring. We would like to thank all of the members who have helped to sell soda and candy during home basketball games. The profits raised during the games and through soda sales at lunch are used for student activities such as honor sweaters and the painting of an eagle on the gym wall. We would also like to thank Mr. Moore and Mr. McDonald for their assistance and guidance. DRAIVIA CLUB Seated L to Fl - S. Walker, P. Nazzaro, L. Cravey, B. Holt S Hayes M McGlothlin M DeVane K Shea P Sala, K. Liberty. 2nd row - T. Holt, A. McEldowney, J LaCasce M Oleson K Emerson R Nazzaro M Bartosenski R Carlisle. 3rd row - B.J. Williamson, T. Grindle, S. Buchel On Stairs A Lacasce M Saunders S Smith C Rowley, L. Haskell, K. Eggleston, B. Walker, M. Hancock E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy's "Finian's Rainbow" was presented December 4, 6, and 7 - receiving very enthusiastic reviews. Heading the cast was Larry Haskell as Finian McLonergan, Maureen Devane as Sharon McLonergan, Stan Walker as Woody Mahoney, Marjorie Oleson as Susan Mahoney and Bill Walker as Og la Leprechaunl. Our company of 34 also included one faculty member, Mr. Wm. Neleski as Sunny, a harmonica player, and three sixth graders. The play was a blend of multiple creative forces drawn not only from our school but also the community at large. Our final production for the year will be an entry in the One Act Regional Play Competition to be held March 20 and 21, 1981. CHESS CLUB i X X t Standing lL to Rl - Mr. O'Connell, P. Sala, T. Wilbur, P. Warren, D. 0'Connell, Seated lL to Rl - B. Moore, A. Edgerly, S. Smith. FENCING CLUB lL to Ri -- T. Grindle, L. Haskell, T. Randolph, T. Wiggins, C. Falvey, B. Hodgkin. Absent from photo - T. Tainter, D. Hodgkin, T. Benoit, M. McVay, D. Tyre. IVIATH TEAM Back row lL to Rl - M. Morris, S. Smith, J. Gulick, P. Warren A. Bartosenski, M. Saunders, Mrs. Hill. Front row lL to Rl - T. Holt, V. Bittner, T. Pelletier, K. Danico. The Ellsworth High School Chess Club was re-activated this year. Under Steve Smith's presidency, intramural matches were held all year long. Chess Club members are looking forward to the formation of a Chess Team next year which will travel around the county to chess meets and will also host chess matches at Ellsworth High School. The Fencing Club has been active for many years, competing in both individual and team competitions. Though they are the only active high school club in the state, the EHS talons have consistently brought home a respectable record against many Maine colleges. The Math Team participates in several meets during the school year with six other area schools. A competition consists of six categories with three questions each. The participants have ten minutes to complete the tests which are then scored. Ellsworth placed third in the first meet of the 1980-1981 school year. 77 BAND iA'.v"'9 lst row L to R - V. Cloak, S. Lee, B. Preble, L. Maddocks, A. McEldowney, T. Carter, K. Eggleston, L. Piskura, L. Riley, M. DeSautels, K. Chisholm. 2nd row - J. Ballard, K. Waite, S. Buchel, R. Carlisle, R. Hass, S. Dow, K. Stratton, E. Mietzch, R. Bunker, C. Lockhart. 3rd row - L. Dickes, K. Emerson, M. Bartosenski, R. Crawford, B. Crooker, J. Smith, B. Aldrich, T. Kennedy, M. Guilford, T. Jordan, 4th row - Mr. Paquette, B. Linscott, J. LaCasce, M. Hancock, R. Mietzch, T. Grindle, B. Walker, C. McDonald, C. Rowley, A. LaCasce, L. Haskell. This year the band has undergone many changes. With our new director, Mr. Dean Paquette, both the size of the band and the enthusiasm of the members has increased immeasurably. We have played at many sports events, helping to increase school spirit. Our concerts have been well received and we enjoyed the opportunity to play in public. This was a great year and we have high hopes of many more to come. 78 CHORUS Front row lL to Rl - L. Hunt, S. Pahel, T. Mann, K. Stratton, B. Aldrich, K. Jordan, M. Saunders, A. McEldowney, K. Emerson, P. Riggs, L. Haskell. 2nd row - L. Jacobs, D. Linscott, A. Hanscom, T. Anderson, C Anderson, C. Rowley, A. Ober, R. Young, M. Guilford, S. Buchel, Absent - T. Grindle. The chorus was very active this year, we toured local grammar schools where we were well received. Interest is growing in the chorus and with the band. We are engaging in an exchange with Milton, New Hampshire in the spring. STAG E BAN D Front row lL to Rl Y S. Lee, C. McDonald, K. Emerson, K. Stratton, S. Buchel, E. Mietzch. 2nd row A C. Rowley, B. Walker, B. Aldrich, M. Hancock, T. Grindle. 3rd row - T. Wiggins, S. Connors, R, Crawford, M. Guilford. VARSITY CLUB Back row lL to Rl - D. Sailor, M. McGlothlin, J. Patten. Middle row - D. Chase, S. Toothaker, J. Beal, D. Sargent. Front row - K. Bauersfeld, D. Scott, Mr. Higgins. Library Aides Office Aides Ann Moore and Robin Piskura Left to right - P. Hudson, P. Riggs, G. Couture, M. Guilford, A. Moore, L. Simpson, D. Kane. FRENCH CLUB Front row lL to Rl - J. Moore, B. White, K. Conners, A. Payson, L. Crosby, P. Williams, S. Lee, D. Levesque, C. Nesiba, B. Holt, R. Nazzaro, B. Walker, K. Eggleston, T. Randolph, L. Murphy, K. Chisholm, Mme. VanTine. 2nd row - G. Colley, L. Lietz, A. Tilden, P. Sailor, M. VanPelt, A. Brown, J. McGlothlin, D. Kane, V. Hodgkins, M. Colwell, A. Bartosenski, T. Deraps, D. Gray, R. Haas, S. Conners, T. Holz, L. Simpson, S. Hayes, E. Gray, Fi. Carlisle, N. Torrey, 3rd row - K. Hughes, P. Pellon, D. Linscott, M. Morris, M. Edgecomb, S. Carlisle, B. Sargent, A. Wescott, B. Fowler, T. Holt, M. Bromley, K. Allen, B. VanPelt, A. Smith, M. Saunders, A. Lacasce. 4th row - C. Vanden Driessche, E. Cravey, J. Lord, K. Liberty, W. Saunders, S. Sawyer, T. Varney, P. Timo, J. Whitmore, J. Patten, L. Crosby, J. Lacasce, J. King, A. McEIdowney, C. Lockhart, B. Tuite, M. Harding, A. Holdsworth. This year, the French Club was very active as we earned money for our Quebec trip in the spring. This was one of the largest French clubs in years with many underclassmen joining. We raised money in a great number of ways and, in general, had fun doing this. But besides raising money for the annual trip, the French club succeeds in building interest in France and its language. Cest a dire, nous avons appris quelque chose! J. Lacasce lsecl, B. Urh lv. presl, J. Whitmore lpresl, S. Sawyer ltreasl. 81 J YEAR BOOK Back row lL to Rl - J. Patten, P. Tinto, K. Smith, T. Holt. 2nd row - Fl. Gray, J. Lord, J. Whitmore, C. Vanden Driessche, V. Bittner. Front row - M. McGlothlin, E. Cravey, S. Sawyer, K. Bauersfeld. absent - T. Varney, L. Dorr. Editors 81 Advisors AD STAFF If t I' f' ,H-. .f. Jxlffsyfiz t Mr. Mike, Mrs. Harbour, Julie Lord lEditor-in-Chiefl, Mike J. Patten, J. Lord, P. Tinto, C. Garrity, absent L. Dorr, C. McGlothlin lAssistant Editorl. McDonald, T. McKenney. This year we decided to return to tradition by naming our yearbook The Jester. To most people a jester is a symbol which brings smiles and happiness to their faces. We hope that this book and the memories reflected within it will do the same for you. We would like to thank everyone for their efforts and cooperation. Every effort to help in this production has been greatly appreciated, whether it was selling advertisements, typing pages, or putting a whole section together. This has been a great learning experience for all of us since we have learned not only how to set up a layout but also how to work together in order to reach our goals, which were usually to meet our deadlines! We would also like to give special thanks to our advisors, Mr. Mike and Mrs. Harbour, who have been both patient and understanding. Julie Lord Mike McGlothIin 82 THE JUNIOR PROIVI l- ,f S Y. X Q-QL, P' r i 0 f 5 I LQ Glass of 1081 gunicr prom featuring 'TRS DOGS may I 7 3:00 ic IC2:00 pm. 33.00 foupie S-2.50 single THE DOGS Jeff Fortier and harem 83 84 'Nik .iff sxlgl' fro Vs in mi Q "-pmw, 4 p 'I ' 54, 1. f 1, I 51' K 1 V f V s 1 A ' 113 F V,-sf, , . 5 uuwuuuxi- A ' ' 4 I XX yjjllflt E ? k xuux.. .. ,,,,,,,..M . 2 f . , ,su X Q. 'Q' Sw 85 19' X35 -- W,., 91 mf iw E R W ,. Q J f f Z E 3 0,1 W ,fi f W ff 2 , ' f i unW,N I... Q l I4 ' X A Q A 1 A E f l s 1 n Y.. 'Q 2 88 ? new-W, ,MQ gm-Q., A , M2 4, . ,, M C? .WN .QW W TQ MW 5 'ZW 1 9 f fa? " 3 1 W 6 J., ggi 2 WH. W 5, , , 4,4 -mf AW 'iii L in 3 ' ff? Mx 'f - V v.,f,M WM, f,,k,..,,. A WJ, :aww Q' A .,M,. 4, f vw: , f- ,P ,. Wi and the agony of defeat. C Q Y L, VP 89 '- , 5 .of 1 3 NN xv 5. sxmf 1ig Front row, L to R - T. Saunders, J. Bennoch, T. Domagala, K. Hanscom, T. Wiggins, Second row - D. Scott, S. Everett, D. Kane, B. Lane, G. Lounderg Third row - Coach Scott, T. Bennoch, P. Austin, lVl. Jordan, D. Awalt, J. Wilbur, JV Coach Boynton: Fourth row - R. White, J. Neale R. Proctor, Fl. White, D. Kane BASEBALL1980 Though the Ellsworth Eagles posted a 9 - 1O record ioveralli and a 6 - 9 PVC record, it proved to be a successful year for the Eagles in recruitment and development. Veteran pitcher Brian Lane, 1980, posted a 3 - 2 pitching record and recorded the 2nd highest batting average of the team with a .346. Russell White, 1983, posted a 2 - 3 record in his first high school debut as a pitcher. Dan Kane, 1983, posted the highest batting average of the team with a .385, with Dick Scott following 3rd with a .316. Peter Austin, stand-out catcher, will return next year as a sophomore. The Eagle club also produced some big hitters and came away with an excellent batting average of .232 for 1980. The Eagle team should prove to be successful in the 1981 season, losing only seven members from the Class of 1980. 90 was -..SjM. .. x. I 531' . A 1 If-ave: V-M , X43 Q 1, il ai.: W 11 rl ITC" H 4 - A 'VW 1 gp, .Qs jf N 3' xv fix YQ'a'. ,yifli lr: , Vg ' , I 1152, Afzsew , Dil Q ,Y ' .ian K "luv 3. ,k, x'i1' '1 l+salQ1sx-h ,.A.'IT17: -' x "T W' ' ,zwlrffzfw , -Q ' V' V .., A K, I 3 a t , x x V ,V . Q 4. w K 4 ,F . iQ ug, W., ,, 4 . U fag . 2: E, RW. 55 A, W 4 , 'kv 4, .5 f' , Q, A 'Q ' A 4 ' Ax fp Aw I ' ., H I Q , , "fig ' ' S 19 45 ,f ' L Sf ' V4 ' . 1 , f . '-14 Xf-arm, A4525 -V", H '. , " 21? A all 2- -3? ' '35'75"f'f' . :T,f7?fQ A 1 14 , ' " Wf ,gif ' fgbj P. Q . g, , , ' ' 91 panama iatwagaa ,.X, xxixssgmm L 3' A '--wgkk SOFTBALL 1980 The Softball team showed a marked improvement in the 1980 season, posting an 8 - 8 record and playing some very good games. With a few breaks, the record could have been 12 - 4 very easily, four games being lost by 2 or less runs. While four members of the Class of 1980 will be sorely missed, the team should prove to be very successful with its many underclasswomen. This 1981 season should be another good one for the lady Eagles with some new promising talent on the team which is already dedicating itself to working hard for a PVC championship. V Kneeling, L to Fl - B. McDevitt, L. McCarthy, L. Lincoln, P. Neleskig Standing - JV Coach Moore, A. Smith, S. Hayes, A. Poulin, M. Logan, L. Lincoln, K Proctor, L. Simpson, J. Springer, B. Merchant, M. Katsiaficas, Coach Wolfahrt 92 fg- I ,xi rj 4 I Xi f 'IXXX wif !,, . ., .f f, Af' 73? Q-4' ,1s.ig5-153, --. -V 2' ' -if ""'QfK-, 3. N- 2-4' ,. r'? f wg1.1f 1 ' .P I ,431 ..-, ,H - X. 45" ' ' fii.,-" fW..,.,y K, . ,LX 1:.n.ff,-- I kg-4..M4Zgg,.:5.j.:5,Q1 '-'L 'QR .--M 'fjki -' -' ..- wx-"2"ih'A-.x nw "T',g4L"fl", 5"v .'f'ff"- we .,-'N w,, , SPRING TRACK 1980 !,,W 1 I WX FALL GOLF 1980 Bottom row, L to R - Alan Lounder, Stan Walker, Joe LaCasceg Top row - Dan Sargent, Scott Toothaker, Matt Sargent, Buzza Moore, Coach Ken Nlikep Standing - Paul Sala The Ellsworth Eagle Golf team enjoyed an exceptional and unexpected triumph in the Fall of 1980. They finished number one in Eastern Maine Regional Competition, with seniors Scott Toothaker finishing first l75l and Dan Sargent right behind in second i76l. This also qualified them for the state individual championship to be held in the spring. Out of the eight member team, we will, of course, miss the strength and consistency of Dan and Scott next fall. But with two returning juniors, Joe LaCasce and Stan Walker, four returning freshmen, Paul Sala, Buzz Nloore, Alan Lounder, and lVlatt Sargent, and a promising new group of freshmen on their way, we can expect to have another strong season in the Fall of 1981. 5 ,- 46 ' 1 , ' ,1i. ki in ir E ,- -f-W-,, -1 + . 1 . ' 'ffl' spring Golf Team 1980 Kneeling, L to Fi - B. Moore lManagerl, J. Allen, S. Watson, J. Beal, Capt. D. Scott, D. Sailor, K. Bauersfeld, P. Austin, Capt. M. Jordan, D. Higgins, J. Neleski, J. Scott, T. Wheeler, J. Patten itrainerk Standing - M. Petry, L. Colley, R. Haass, K. Bauersfeld, S. Buchel, S. Gashlin, A. Enman, P. Guthrie, T. Hoglund, M. Sawyer, B. Neleski, B. Smith, T. Donnell, G. Colley, J. Wilbur, R. White, P. Nazzaro, J. Wadman, D. Kane, D. Flae, JV Coach Collier, Coach Higgins BOYS SOCCER The Ellsworth Eagles continued their domination of Eastern Maine soccer by capturing their third title in five years. The Eagles were led by All-Stater Dick Scott, who scored a team high 26 goals and 10 assists. Completing their season with a 16-2-O record, the Eagles finished in first place in the Eastern Me. standings. Also contributing to their success were Jeff Beal i8 goals and 7 assistsl and Dave Sailor l8 goals and 1 assistl. ln his second season as goalie, Peter Austin recorded 9 shutouts. Also protecting the goal were backs John Neleski, Mike Jordan, and Jeff Scott. All Eastern "A" player Kurt Bauersfeld contributed both offensively and defensively, especially during the play-offs. Dan Higgins, also in the mid-field, scored two game winning goals in the play-offs. Jason Allen, Dan Kane, Jim Wadman, Scott Watson, and Todd Hoglund rotated the positions of halfback and wing to key the Eagle offense. Coach Higgins feels that next year the Eagles should remain as strong due to their strong defensive and offensive teams. Captain Dick Scott, Coach Brian Higgins, Captain Mike Jordan X L5 v iff A , M .,,,, ,. V -ff ' A xwlfs LKV' Qlllenii i 96 EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS Orono Hampden MDI Mt. View Nokomis Hampden Penob. Valley Mt. View MDI Nokomis Penob. Valley Orono Sumner Bangor 'X G3 98 Y -' . ,iw .-iz ii, f .fag . '95-'Q ,. 44 yew me 'Q' aww 391 WWWW Q -A 'ff' ., . ,. ' ' A , , j if .Q Q, 1 A ' H Q , ,' lf R iy Q in Q, , .,,, gi: fl I -ff Q + f ,7q fi 2 l 41. V V ,- V". 'V x V ,.,1.y,,,,,n, ,.z-,, V, 4 M, ,, 1, f.,1Wf-' Qu, if Q, In-M ,, M J, wr v, '- , V, .f ,vm -5' Trim, ,Q W M 1, , Front row, L to R - M. Katsiaficas, B. Merchant, J. Springer, A. Poulin, D. Lincoln, M. Jordan, C.Maguire, K. Proctor, A. Smith, S. Hayes: Second row - M. Logan, J. McGlothlin, R. Stratton, K. Allen, J. Poulin, B. VanPelt, J. Beckman, R. Piskura, Coach Dizap Third row - E. Gray, A. Brown, M. VanPelt, A. Tilden, P. Sailor, K. Hughes, D. Gray: Fourth row - T. Robidoux, M. Sawyer, K. Proctor, L. Crosby, M. Oleson S Emerson, K. Danico. GIRLS SOCCER In their third season of soccer action, the lady Eagles proved to be one of the stronger schoolgirl clubs. Led by Allyson Poulin, with seven goals, and Jackie Springer, with six goals, the girls outscored their opponents 15-18. Finishing the season with a 6-6-3 record, the girls finished fifth in the final standings. In quarter-final action, the Golden Does of Bucksport edged by Ellsworth with a score of O-1, which came late in the fourth period. Dodi Lincoln compiled six shutouts in her second season as goalie. The girls will be losing some valuable players from the class of 1981, yet a good season should be expected for the fall of 1981. S 4 , , 'X .dl 100 N1 ,M 'Qsnmsv .-V nw -one-Ju Q Nw -,w -4? -. Wh,-Y, 1 -f-me ws ,. 4 u ' r X v -, ,, 4, .fwffvfvkw , ,Wy in-gQk..:, qt ., ...e.- vn- IN 3, T 4 Q 5. T 3' lx if, 101 , . , ,CK A BOYS CROSS COU NTRY -3 ' . BEN Q 6 A Kneeling, L to R f D. O'Connell, C. Nesiba, R. Tupper, A. Johnson, T. Nesiba, J. Merchant, M. Danico, E. Higgins, Coach Coffin, Standing - B. Merchant, D. Chase, S. Smith, J. Edgerly, R. White, C. Everett, J. Dunn, C. Holt, G. Everett, C.P. Maguire, W. Saunders The boys cross country team continued its state-wide dynasty with an amazing 83-3 record. In the state meet, the Eagles were led by Captain Chuck Holt who finished sixth. Following close behind were Greg Everett, 11th, Chris Everett, 15th, Russell White, 24th, and Pat Maguire finishing 23rd. The Eagles finished second in both the regionals and the state meets, just points behind a tough Maranacook team. For the sixth year in a row, the boys captured both the Hancock Cty. and PVC crowns. The Eagles should prove to be a strong team next year with the hopes of bringing home a state title. 102 . v Q -' Z K 5,1 .N Q TX , S - :WV 4 X Y 1, 3 1 f of 'NE--GQ in - .'-Q, , .f .af '--135-h. 9 is fir 4 .MM nv-a Y3 "W 56.9 ff' Y 1 m ww? M Tx z wr, Q. 4. A .A,:,i1 i ? , AA L' Q V .A WVII M 'Q K, gy, f fu- ,, I N , ' eff? ' . 4 X amy -mm 2 4 ki ' if , ,f-- "t..,55efwi , ,, ' 1 " W ' ff K if C O3 ' 1 Sitting, L to R - A. McEldowney, P. Tinto, M. Kane, B. Maguire, L. Beal: Standing - T. Brenton, M. Bromley, S. Everett, L. Simpson, M. Saunders, D. Kane, Coach Coffin GIRLS CROSS COU NTRY The girls cross country team continued its rebuilding process this year, yet showed much improvement. Finishing out the season with a 26-19 record, the girls ran on for a fifth place victory in the regionals. Outstanding lady Eagles include Brumbi Maguire, vvho finished 9th in the state meet, and Cala Kane, who finished 1Oth in the states. Other key runners on the team included Shelly Everett, Mary Bromley and Mary Saunders. The girls should prove to be a strong team next year since they will lose only one runner from this year's team. Coach Coffin wishes to extend his thanks to Pam Tinto and Laurie Beal for their dedication to the team as managers. Without their continuous effort, the season would have been much less organized. Thanks, girls! 104 Sitting, L to R - C. Harding lManagerl, R. Silsby, D. Scott, D. Sargent, S. Toothaker, M. DeWitt, J. Patten lTrainerl3 Standing - Coach Lindberg, D. Higgins, T. Saunders, P. Austin, M. Oliver, D. Norwood, J. Scott, J. Allen lScorerl3 absent - D. Kane The 1980-81 basketball season proved to be a good one at EHS. The large crowds that followed the Eagles were treated to some of the most exciting basketball performed by an Ellsworth team in years. The wizard of fastbreaks and passing, Dick Scott, achieved the goal of scoring 1200 points in his varsity career, a feat only achieved by the greats at Ellsworth. Again, Dick made Eastern A 81 B All-Stars with Scott Toothaker receiving honorable mention. Dick was complimented by lay-up specialist and sharpshooter Dan Sargent. Forward Scott Toothaker amazed fans and opponents with his accurate shooting ability and his power at the boards. Mike DeWitt and Peter Austin were big defense contributors to the team's success being called on to out-rebound and guard much taller opponents. The small but lightning quick Eagles got off to a slow start but came back with a ten game winning streak. lt went right down to the wire at most of the games, with luck favoring the Eagles most of the time. The Eagles completed the season with a 15-6 record and eighth in the standings. The Eagles were eliminated from the tournament by Orono in the quarter-finals. Outstanding contributions were given by Rich Silsby, Dan Higgins, Jeff Scott, and Don Norwood when their skills were needed to relieve the starters. Though the Eagles will lose some very fine seniors, Ellsworth should still be in the running for the Eastern Maine crown next year. the MMI-P' g' W 2' k V' J Hx r .3 1 in O ,V -an , - Q ' f .. 1 tg 5 hd- a . F f , , if 3,1 QT, , , , ,X lx!N'S, Q . . I 8 a 1 ' 3' 'v A ' 1 4' . A 1 N 9 ff' 5504 .l N5 ' ". :aqui nf A X ' L 1 'VY Q Q X N K if j ' ,C 4 5 A' ph 2 K K, ,. ww-"'X'b' 'll 5 .Q f., , lj' A 5 Q. ,' .K ' N' , .b b - I ' it -Q. Am 5 " .wwf--Mmm' - 5 3 fx b x Q 'faxfilf "MR 'r f ru Ai-I I' - '4' ,J .K W 'T W Q z S .. K is A1 ,A . fe. f .Q Q K SQ 5 3-.4 ,EEL Q, 4 fin- Q F A v :N Ka s ' 1. "Q-1 'ff 'R N v -N X .. Vi 1 O7 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling, L to R - M. Katsiaficas, Capt. J. Springer, , Capt. C. Maguire, Capt. A. Poulin, L. Simpson: Standing - J.V. Coach Osgood W. Merritt lManagerl, B. Merchant, C. Garrity, K. Allen, D. Gray, K. Jordan, B. Fowler, M. Logan, A. Jordan lManagerl, Coach Shaw The very young lady Eagles finished the season with a 2-14 record. Although this season may have seemed dim to some observers, these fine young athletes improved immensely. The lady Eagles are a team about to burst from its shell. This young club graduates two fine senior players, Allyson Poulin and Carol Garrity. ln addition to Allyson and Carol, Jackie Springer and Chrissi Maguire contributed in leading the team offensive drives and Chrissi out-distanced everyone in the rebound department. With a fine group of juniors, sophomores, and freshmen returning, the 1981-82 season looks very bright. lt won't be long before these lady Eagles will have to be dealt with seriously by other teams in the future. ,M . O8 Q ' we 'A-i-M-MQ... . ,... Vf'm'M'4W'M' 6 W L to R - B. Mclienney lScorerl, Fl. White, K. Braley, S. Conners, B. Smith, J. Gulick, T. Domagala, R. White, B. Neleski, J. Wilbur A Brown, Coach Boynton. 110 J.V. BOYS BASKETBALL The JayVee season was again very successful posting a 15-1 record from a group of dedicated players. One freshman, twelve sophomores, and one junior displayed excellent defensive skills that should elevate our Eagles to greater heights in the years to come. Along with their fine offensive talents, Eagle fans should expect a few more years of fine basketball in Ellsworth. The starters, Maury, Tom, Russ, and the two Dannys, showed great leadership qualities, as did the rest of the team, which will hopefully be carried over into their other endeavors. .-nal' 1 . 2 4, A, l . r J F FRESHIVIEN BASKETBALL 5515 gawk sf-We A 'U 4 il Kneeling, L to R - A. Lounder, T. Philpott, B. Neleski, S. Gashlin, K. Bauersfeld, S. Holler, C. Nesiba, Standing, L to R - Coach Burgess, A. Enmon lScorerl, M. Sawyer, B. Moore, H, Fogg, B. Saunders, G. Saunders, T. Jordan, J. Gilleyg Absent - Ted Stanley The freshman basketball team, under the reign of Coach Burgess, completed their season with a 7-5 league record. With Billy Neleski leading a balanced scoring attack and Buddy Saunders fighting off taller opponents to lead a strong rebounding effort, the rookie Eagles barly missed a tourna- ment berth. An exceptionally tough press, anchored by stalwarts Scott Gashlin and Kevin Bauersfeld, allowed Alan Lounder and Tim Philpott to direct a strong fast break. From the bench, Gary Saunders, "London" Fogg, Buzza Moore, Ted Stanley, and Jim Gilley were frequently called upon to pro- vide relief for the starters, and performed admirably. Shawn Holler, Chris Nesiba, Gary Mann, Todd Jordan, and Mark Sawyer all showed tremendous improvement during the year, making valuable contributions despite limited playing time. Andy Enmon was nearly flawless in his scorekeeping role. 111 Front row, L to R - T. DeWitt, K. Conners, P. Sailor, S. MacGregor: Back row - Coach Osgood, L. Crosby, A. Payson, K. Bell T Gellerson, T. Flobidouxg Absent '- B. White. J.V. GIRLS BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity girls finished the best season in the history of the J.V. program here at Ellsworth High School. After three losing seasons, this year's team compiled a respectable 9-7 record with big wins over teams like Orono, Bucksport, Schenck, MDI, and Hyde. Karen Allen led the team with 195 points and 1 12 rebounds. Paula Sailor was the best foul shooter with a percentage of 73fX1. Kim Jordan led the team with 54 steals and 23 assists. Lynn Simpson was the best shooter from the floor, connecting 49'X1 of the time. Future varsity teams will profit from the valuable experience and knowledge these players gained during the year. W vivf i .ww-f.:ez.' f .. .2 ' "--' . 5 f Bottom row, L to R - B. VanPeIt, M. Harding, M. Jordan, R. Carlisle, B. Tuite, Capt. P. Tinto: On shoulders - K. Allen, Capt. E Hanscom: Top - R. Stratton: Advisor - P. Boles VARSITY CHEERING 113 J.V. CHEERING Front - S. Awaltg Bottom row, L to R - M. Colwell, L. Lietz, J. McGlothin, L. Dickes: Top row C. Merrill, A. Tilden, M. VanPelt3 Advisor - P. Boles r 114 SWIMMING ROSTER ROSTER Tina Holt Cala Kane Danielle Kane Kelly Hughes Jessica Moore Kathy O'Halloran Pam Pellon Karen Proctor Allison Smith B.J. Williamson Carla Nlagoon Coach Neleski j 5 Sitting, L to R - K. Rogers, A. Brown, L. Tucker, S. Emerson, Kneeling - M. DeVane, M. Oleson, S. Hayes, Standing - Coach Shaw, A. Mac- Eldowney, P. Bouffard, M. Brornley, S. Carlisle, R. Crawford lmgr.l1 On beam - R. Hellum, K. Smith. GYIVINASTICS The gymnastics team continued its winning ways this season, setting a new meet record high score of 1 17.50. This year also saw the graduation of the team's first "four-year gymnasts," senior co-captains Kristy Smith and Ruth Hellum. They have been vital team members since the sport was introduced at EHS during their freshman year. The girls qualified for the second year in a row to participate in the state team meet and several team members have also earned the right to enter the state individual championships. The following have qualified: Bars: Kristy Smith, Karen Rogers, Sarah Hayes, Paula Bouffard Beam: Anne McEldowney, Sherri Carlisle Vaulting: Sherri Carlisle, Maureen DeVane, Sarah Hayes Floor: Sarah Hayes, Karen Rogers 6 .W W.-..W,..,WmM .,,..,, . 'f,' i Q 7 Kneeling, L to R - A. Johnson, T. Nesiba, M. Tinto, D. Rae, Capt, B. Maguire, S. Everett, D. Macko, V. Hodgkins, Capt. D. Sailor, K. Bauersfeld: Standing - Coach O'Connell, N. Torrey lmanagerl. T. Jordan, D. O'Connell, Fl. Kane, J. Merchant, G. Lounder R Tupper, M. McGlothlin, P. Maguire, B. Merchant, G. Everett, D. Chase, C. Everett, Coach Tracy. INDOOR TRACK The Ellsworth Track team had a successful season, compiling a 12-10 record. Towards the end of the season, the team really began to blossom. In the Eastern Maine Championships, the boys finished a strong third. A week later in the Class B State Championships, Ellsworth was the surprise winner with second in the meet. Throughout the season, the boys team was led by a group of strong experienced seniors. Dave Chase, who won the MVP Award at the Easterns, led the team in scoring throughout the season. Chase scored consistently in the long jump, triple jump, and the 300 yard run. Dave Sailor, team captain, always was in the top three in his specialty, the 60 yard dash. Mike McGlothlin also added points in the high jump and hurdles while Kurt Bauersfeld remained strong in the 300 and 600. Pat Maguire contributed in the middle distance and the hurdles as Tim Jordan added points in the 60 and high jump. The phenomenal foursome of Sailor, Chase, Bauersfeld, and McGlothlin broke the state record in the 880 relay with a time of 1:35. 9. The Ellsworth girls, with a team of only four members, had a good season in which a nucleus of next year's team was formed. Brumbi Maguire, girls - team captain, was outstanding in the distance events, ending her season with a third place finish in the mile run with a time of 5:30. The girls 880 relay team of Maguire, Everett, Macko, and Hodgins, finished sixth place in the state meet. VARSITY GRAPPLERS: Kneeling L to R - C. Carter, M. Sargent, J. Lane, Capt. J. Dunn, J. Wadman, L. Colley, Standing - L. Beal lManagerl, M. Macy, R. Edgecomb, T, Haslam, S. Logan, G. Colley, E. Beal, R. Spencer, Coach Henderson. WRESTLING J.V. GRAPPLERS: Kneeling, L to R - C. Higgins, J. Robidoux, P. Guthrie, G. Hamer, G. Haass, R. Morris, J. Soucyg Standing - L. Beal, T. Allen, M. Danico, M. Morris, R. Merritt, D. LeVesque, R. Bragg, T. Macko, M. Jordan, Coach Henderson, Absent - C. West, R Bragg, S. Holler, JV Coach Patten, JH Coach McEIdowney. 120 The 1981 wrestling team is one of the best in the history of Ellsworth wrestling. For the past ten years, the Eagles have wrestled in Class A, enjoying some very fine seasons. This year finds Ellsworth in Class B with an extremely bright future. Currently, wrestling a very tough A schedule, the grapplers have only lost to two A schools, Belfast and Skowhegan. With only four seniors, Capt. Jim Dunn, Randy Spencer, Mike Fox, and Mike Jordan, the Eagles will retain a core of talented underclassmen to assure a continued winning tradition. If everyone remains healthy for the remainder of the season, the Eagle Grapplers should win the Eastern Maine Class B Championship. Cony, Winslow, and Mexico will prove to be real challenges for Ellsworth's bid for the state crown. No one works harder than the Ellsworth wrestlers, who have adopted the philosophy that with hard work and dedication, any obstacle can be overcome. Look for Ellsworth at the top of Class B wrestling for many years to COTT18. f f' . 9... 121 ,,, . F, M... 4, 1 Q. -- 3.5. wb- ," ,og Nm-Va 1 ff:3i.5'2f' 1 QQ. tif an 24 fs fvmf 3 05 "xi im. i s X 5 QR Nw gggigiii ig QRQZSQX NS QQ' X X 2 WM wa x 235.5 X - Sfgf X 2 f Q KWSN K xx X x QQ haw 127 M Ski 2 , I , -.-5 ,W ,,,4 Just try 81 take my lunch away! fV . li 'DON'T FALL ASLEEP DAN!" K, 'W-4-f,,f . ' 'L in was 129 LOOK, YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA! 130 5 :QQ . h ia 131 S' . In X. W ii. 'S' 'Adi -ir 133 L 34 qv li 1 5 W an W if J' Nlargit Studio Pittsfield Maine - 487 - 5434 4 M. A. CLARK, INC. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 136 MORRISON CHEVROLET, INC. CHEVROLET SALES 81 SERVICE WATER STREET, ELLSWORTH, MAINE PARTS - ACCESSORIES DIAL 667-2513 667-2514 Q 0US IiI in the "Upper Attic" Bar Harbor Rd. Telephone Ellsworth, Me. 667 - 9368 O4605 XA HATHAWAY FACTORY SHIRT OUTLET QUALITY SHIRTS FACTORY PRICES MAINE COAST MALL un 'on . I 9 1516 of "f wi I3 , I l ,E as if an fplf I I I 'I Q . fl Q 5 sf F I , G ' 2,1 6 2 KA ,, , Q- ., ,HI , S tuff 6 , QPSK- 6- .. 66' Su rry Road , COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE HIGH STREET ELLSWORTH, MAINE SKI-DOOS STIHL CHAIN SAWS GOODYEAR TIRES GILSON REAR-TINE TILLERS ALLIS CHALMERS ,, ffl K' Rf hem' 8166556 Ellsworth COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 D 81 E DAIRY BAR BEST WISHES FROM SARGENT REAL ESTATE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1981 STEVE FLANDERS BOB YOU NG PARAGON AUTO RT. 1A ELLSWORTH, ME. 04605 667 - 8848 FOREIGN 81 DOMESTIC CAR REPAIR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION REBUILDING COMPLETE VALVE SERVICE OUALITY WORK AT REASONABLE RATES 37 1 ' -an RJ.. Mcllevill In Son TRANSPOHTENS ELLSWORTH, MAINE Compliments of R. L. lVloDonald Builder and Developer IVloDonald Ave. Ellsworth, Maine l207l 667-5536 724251 Ffzcmfzlzg eampcmg PLUMBING 81 HEATlNG CONTRACTORS ENERGY AUDITS HIGH STREET ELLSWORTH, MAlNE 04605 8 Associated Builders Inc PARD Hardware Kitchenware I BICYCIC 8: Ski. Shop 91326 W M' s m 5,255 Eif35mr3M:2ii 04605 5,3 EEE, my .zo74567-8675. Carpet Vinyl Installation Professional Clearning OASTAL ARPET Best Wishes from HIGH STREET SHELL D.VV. SIVIALL AND SONS, INC. Good Luck Graduates Wai-ev Su EIIsivorih, Ma 667-7166 COMPLIMENTS OF ELLSWORTH GIANT SUB me .mnmvmh fffwhf ffff' '64A,,,, I P 17AfLYA?y Qrgfiff rrqgf, .Www 'K 545101 lf! f'W!W Aiiceas gasfiions ZOO High Street Inext to Jaspefs Restauranty Eilsworth, Maine Jun 81 NI S zes 39 Compliments of Bangor Hydro - Scandinavian Imports - THE NURSE CLOG SHOP lVlaine's largest selection lVlaine's largest selection 135 lligh St., Ellsworth, Maine 60"-R645 COM PLIMENTS OF J.J. NEWBERRY CO. 142 MAIN STREET ELLSWORTH, MAINE Compliments to the Class of 1981 Y 4. Nb Mill! ln be xgg favnnle illlfl' .. 8 . Compliments of L.S. THORSEN CORPORATION Ellsworth Motel Routes I 8. 3 Ellsworth, Maine Phone 667-4424 CMR W F AMZYLIT SLSTEE 14 COTTAGE ST. 18 STATE STA BAR HARBOR, ME, 011609 ' ELLSWORTH. ME, 04605 140 Lounder Power Equipment Inc. Mc Culloch, Partner 8: Echo Chain Saws Complete Small Engine Service Euswoimi Mus, MAINE own TT T Q mov-mu nurns "' 'if 1 is noni 667-7126 C'f"'U.?'!4UP"l Compliments of 4 G4 I o 'Figs 3331? DENTAL ASSOCIATES Bar Harbor Ruud Ellsworth. Mainr' 0-1605 TPI. fN'l7'95fl0 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I 980 John T. Trefethen D.D.S. Joel F. Ackerman D.M.D. Telephone 66 7-7117 Best Wishes from HANCOCK OIL COMPANY Congratulations graduates 0 Craft Supplies ' Artists Supplies 0 Craft Classes the 5 MINIATURES P.o. Box 996 120 MAIN ST. ELLSWORTH, ME. VOUR FULL SERVXCE CRAFTCENIER Nancy and Geoff Adams ELLSVVORTH AGVVAY High Street Ellsworth "--Sa fx xx? I "iW'r'9' 1 CAMPBELL - ZERRIEN MOTORS, INC. RT, 1 TRIANGLE ELLSWORTH, MAINE 04605 667-9503 Compliments of HALE AND HAMLIN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Ellsworth, Maine O4605 Sally A. Bouliard 19A Main Sl. Ellsworih. ME 04605 T I pho 657 9601 II a 5 947 0333 567 9788 9 ll HAR BLOCK C.K. FOSTER Y O Style Center of I24 Main Street Ellsworth, Maine 04605 Tel, 2074667-2511 BRANCHES Bu Harbor uthwest, Ha b 201-24+5423 20"'288'5060 Wafzdm Weed Dubai ?lawe'z ?la164t 5140! MAINE COAST MALL X L, K ELLSWORTH, ME. A 667 - 7417 FOR ALL YOUR OFFICE NEEDS Sea Croft Office Products 2 FURNITURE S SUPPLIES-BUSINESS FORMS H ITS? CASH H Glsrsns " " E CALCULATORSVTVPEWRITERS ELLSWORTH. MAINE 34 WATER STREET PHONE S67-9696 COASTAL FASHION OUTLET JEAN SEEN PLUS Bangor Mall Bangor, Maine 04401 627 Broadway Nlalne Coast Mall Bangor, Maine Ellsworth, Maine O4401 O4605 Q 6 Klaus Ceramrc Tlle BUTTERNI ILK ROAD ELLSWORTH MAINE PHONE 667 - 4371 1 4 A CONGRATULATIONS ' AND Soon LUCK CLASS or 1981 BROOKSIDE MOTEL ELLSVVORTH, MAINE MERRILL'S FURNITURE HIGH STREET ELLSWORTH, MAINE THE OUALITY STORE WHERE YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE Mike'S Restaurant .STEAKS 'LUNCHEON oSEAFOOD SPECIALS GOOD FOOD AT REASONABLE PRICES IN A RELAXED ATMOSPHERE AT THE COLONIAL MOTOR LODGE ELLSVVORTH SHERMAN'S BOOK STORE 'IO8 IVIAIN ST. ELLSVVORTH H7444 pfczce do gwcaee' SUNRISE GLASS Water Street CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 1981 HIGH ST. 667 - 5548 COM PLI ME NTS OF ADLERS TOWN SI COUNTRY SHOP Maine Street Ellsworth U D LEADING AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN VII! KDIIIIVUIIIY llllli KUSIDI lllltlff YUIIIIIS Ill NAIIUI Ill HKSIDIIM IE MHA IEIEFNDNI 107 AU INS Z '-X FQ IIN I I ,:,A Q Y - F T: I., ' 1, II .I Q I 2' If ji ,K N 'fm f 4 I H A fAI,,,,,In X 144 XX fi 456122 CONGRATULATIONS Ffgd Beacqfdd KELLY HIQQ-fiflmgg V4 Specoiiailnstcs ef AMERICAN INSULATION if 23 Water Street Ellsworth. Maine 667-2569 -3 5 MOM 81 DAD , S"""" '- "N " gh, "emu me nuff" 513' Gateway WE -Z-I I LOBSTER TANK 22551 LIVE' on- cooxsn ,,, tobster To mm fbulld Aiso sruivizu cuius omm spscmmes GZ cmcnzn suniiviv SCAL iii on cum mares risn a. cmvs Lonsrsns Pncxso ro co Open May to October 5 Q QAINE lg f f l k A V HNxxn,,,,,,.s' 2 IC l: fr I I 6 I. fi 'ASS' I' 21313: .xxxx-xxg!!5killt1xx'..x DWIGHT A. BROWN AGENCY GENERAL INSRUANCE 67 Main St. Ellsworth, Me. 667 - 2516 Congratulations to the class of 1981 Heating Oils 0 l., l . Gus 0 Television 0 Appliances DONATION FROM G Dr McCann Charlles Auto Center Ellsworth, Maine 04606 667-9532 ff Walker Mufflers - Lifetime Guarantee 725 Tune - ups Engine Sl Transmission Repair QOH Change and Lubrication -Q? Tires Auto Body Repair and Painting CONGRATULATIONS JERI THE CLASS OF 1981 TOWN AUTO SALES INC. ooocss - CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH A ooooe raucics - COLT 4 Sl' GIS PRINTING PAPER DIVISION BJCKSPQRT, MAINE Maine Shellfish Co., inc. 7 BLUE SEAL B A D J, --I- . Water Street f' Ellsworth, Me. 1 04605 FIRST NATIONAL BANK ,N Telephone: Of Bar Harbor "m e, U 667 - 5336 Bar Harbor if Southwest Harbor SEA FOOD Calais if Ellsworth PRODUCTS For dependable LP-GAS service call PETROLANE PETROLANE GAS SERVICE 151 High Street Ellsworth, IVIe. 04605 I207I - 667 -- 7173 146 COMPLIMENTS OF PENOBSCOT SAVINGS BANK , Congratulations Congratulations and Class of --81" Good LUCK CLOUGHS CORNER STORE to the class of 1981 ELLSWORTH FALLS, MAINE 0 NION. THRU SAT. 9, SUN. 8 I 667 - 8522 WE ARE OPEN UNTIL . 9:OO EVERY NIGHT BURGER KING High Street, Ellsworth wEs'rERN Auro W associate Store ELLSWORTH, MAINE 04605 Congratulations Class of "8l" R. D. HINCKLEY CORPORATION Bucksport Road Ellsworth, Mains 04805 Phone: 667-5324 GAF BUILDING PRODUCTS u-HAUL HIGH STREET TRUCK XXQ TRAILERS ub Inc. Ellsworlh Light 8- Heavy Duty 24 hour Telephone: - 667-8601 or 667-8861 Wmcke' Semce NIQIN5 0' HOIIUHYSI "Across the street or 667-9370 or 6674448 80,055 me Siam BANGOR SAVINGS BANK monday - thursday 9 - 3 friday 9 - 6 saturday 9 - 12 EUUAl HOUSING 111 PRENTISS AND CARLISLE TIMBERLANDS FOREST PRODUCTS ELLSWORTH MAINE 47 - - the money you save is the money .5 r UNION of ELLSWORTH T S T v ELLSWqIiTH,EVIAlNE 04601 BLUE HILL - CHERRYFIELD C JONESPORT ' - MACHIAS MILBRIDGE ' STONINGTON ELLSWORTHhSh0pping Center J gm r Federal Reserve Systenyyl Federal Deposit Insurance Corp 1 0 , W ywf' rr e .Q if if Xe - V ,o,, Q W if Ayo,. ,QVXQD-Q q i- 5 L, Q L L QM, " f 1 i x W i o,,, I CONGRATULATIONS E. L. SHEA INC. CLASS OF 1981 ESPECIALLY MIKE BUILDING CONTRACTOR ELLSWORTW MAINE R. F. JORDAN AND SON TELEPHONE 667-2373 .3 mi llllosborough, The Home of Insurance 214 MAIN STREET ' ELLSWORTH, MAINE 04605 207-667-7101 STEEGO AUTO PARTS 119 HIGH STREET ELLSWORTH, MAINE PHONE 667 - 5516 or 5517 THE RIGHT PARTS FOR THE JOB FORTIER ELECTRIC CO., INC. 114 STATE STREET ELLSWORTH, MAINE PHONE 667 -8458 DAIRY PRODUCTS, ICE CREAM H cocK AN cwnfv9""W 68 Franklin St. Ellsworth, Maine 667 - 9413 49 Rainbow Roller Rink Bar Harbor Road Trenton, Maine 667 - 4304 DEDUSITDFIB TRUST COMPANY OF EASTERN MAINE Ivkinbu FDIC I I. VV D Bud Food .f ,. 13.255 ,,, 'E' Pet Su 3 u :PS Ellsworth Feed gl Seed Co. HIGH sr. suaswormu MOTEL JASPER S RESTAURANT 200 HIGH ST. 667-5318 ELLSWORTH, ME. SPECIALIZING IN FINE FOODS STEAKS - SEAFOODS DAILY LUNCHEON SPECIALS in Aer Fifa? I r ru IW' CASCADE FABRICS LARRY'S PASTRY SHOP 241 MAIN STREET ELLSWORTH, MAINE 667 - 2557 COMPLIMENTS OF ,' U 5 , 0 -. P 5 0 151: len SEE WQRTHIN 4 ELL!-'04oo5 FRIEND gl FRIEND TIRE gl HONDA CENTER 199 State St. Ellsworth, Me. 667 - 4688 150 fa., -Nh? Phone: 667-8820 ,. Ihexpenslve and bull! to stay that way -, au a A Sales 1 7 Service U Auto Lease Lf HAIR STYLES IT'LL PAY YOU T0 VISIT US! g9.9'lh I Seacoast Subaru, Inc. tw Bfoofmde Mom RFD 1, Route 3 lBar Harbor Floadl Hgh sheet Ellsworth, Maine 04605 l207l667-4641 Ellsworth Water Co. 14 Water Street Ellsworth, Me. 667 - 8632 Elltworth, ME 04605 ELLSVVORTH TELEVISION INC. I5 High Street ELLSVVORTH, MAINE 04605 Phone 667-9610 PATRONS GOLD "'MADISON CRAVEY, M.D. "'KRUMBHAAR gl HOLT "'DR. AND MRS. BAUERSFELD SILVER "A. C. HANF COMPANY INC. "ADAMS CORPORATION "WILLIAM C. CADDOO, D.M.D. "ELLSWORTH TELEVISION "FOSTER LAW OFFICES "BILL'S MAINWAY "SILSBY AND SILSBY "DICK'S RESTAURANT "THE HOLMES AGENCY "REGAL PRINTING "HODGE PODGE THRIFT AND GIFT "DARLINGS AUTO SUPPLY "PIONEER INSTANT PRINT SHOP BRONZE 'ALEXANDER'S PHARMACY CO. 'ASHMORE COLOR CENTER 'COASTAL AUTO 'GREEN MOTH STORE AND CABINS 'HARMON'S UPHOLSTRY SHOP 'JACK'S BARBER SHOP 'MAINE COAST HAIR STYLISTS 'O'BRIEN'S HARDWARE 'POTTER'S JEWELRY 'POTTLE ENGINEERING 'RADIO SHACK 'SEAR'S CATALOG STORE "'81TAYLOR RENTAL 'TINILITE MOTEL 'VERGIE'S BEAUTY SHOP 'RIGG'S RUGS 'DOWNEAST AGENCY 'OUARTERDECK 'WESCO'I'I"S HARDWARE 152

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Ellsworth High School - Jester Yearbook (Ellsworth, ME) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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