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 - Class of 1958

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Ellsworth High School - Jester Yearbook (Ellsworth, ME) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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V , .- H ,,:,. .vg 1. 1 -. -- . . mf: ff-'iv-fiat-1-.-'-:+F.?'ff'fM1 ' ,V -,-.-. -m4M: 1,, .,. ,,, f ... -.n . I. .. U.. . .. .. . -- ff- , . - -- -- : - '- -. --A 13. - - 154 -,.- .N -3- Y Y i li f.. V f ll 7 iff Vi W.. x , M ., if r I , L The Editorial Board of Ellsworth High School presents r The Jester 1958 if -v lmda E des marlon cough L, rosa 18 Jones peggy S rnlth Velma wh1tmore Joan s rrrmer 1rer1e mu h bea Tr1ce ph11l1ps 1'aC el sargent faye getc ell ud e alley enev1eve carhn Judy c Hattley Jean a kerman clorot y carter berta rnadoocks car ol flynn nancy goul-d Vern rockett dona. d os1er ndy scott albert S mlth gary Jenk1n ted-J 0 Y andy ennelly dana Chard dow pete Farrell om power bobb Y Carr Jack k Elley ll fernald eorge openshaw bob Herrlck barry h1l'ron ,jf ' O A RC. . . H H j I S any b1aisde11 ' C H ro ' C L . A . ' . S F' Fox 1' I T b I G . Kl1lUl'lillIl l 'N 'Wm mmm 1 HARRY JUDE The students of Ellsworth H1gh School recall w1th happy memor1es our custod1an of grammar school days Mr Jude H1s ready sm1le and fr1endly ways made the1r 1mpress1on upon Ch11d1Sh hearts wh1ch have s1nce grown to remember h1m fondly always. f K - .. ' -. .r-- 4 I'!fQ'fgT IX 'gf lc--,trf W - -.lg, I Pnl' nv- M. ' In.. I ral. l M.,,,mV :A. Us I , ' , Q 4 ' If if , -fflrf ' f lx N I I J' ' ' , ... ' I I ' H ff XX I V fT p . -.lllfl vw fl 1 at Y n ' r , ' . ' I M -r Q. ' A , Vw , , s Ny , 1 IW' I :iid X. D rl, v 'gl ' 'l'4'l . ' - v-'. y 1 -:ls , . . as , ,1- MR CHARLES KATSIAFICAS MR RICHARD BICKFORD DEDICATION We wxsh to show our s1ncere apprecxatlon for all the wonderful th1ngs Mr Bxcldord and Mr Katsiafxcas have done for us Mr Bickford has had supreme patxence and has dxhgently worked to help us through the elementary school Mr Kats1af1cas has helped us buxld the essentlal qual1t1es of sportsmanslup and self confldence We are very happy to dedmcate the 1958 JESTER to Mr Bickford and Mr Katslafxcas APPRECIATION We w1sh to express our thanks to Mr Harland Dunham for lus enthusiasm and effort 1n helpxng us wxth the Jester, and for hls wllhngness to assxst us xn many ways as our teacher a.nd frlend. We would llke to thank Mrs Estelle Sprmger for the guxdance and lnndness she has shovm to us durmg the past years, both m our studxes and xn our personal problems 'Uh Rav Af. l MRS. ESTELLE SPRINGER MR. HARLAND DUNHAM C0l'l'll7lel'lCel'll6I'lt W Lpl'0gI'al'Yl Frlday June 6 9 O0 P M Commencement Ball Sunday June 8 8 OO P M Baccalaureate Tuesday June 10 8 O0 P M Class Nlght Pres1dent s Address Class H1story Class Prophecy Class Glfts Vernard Crockett Rosal1e Jones Robert Lal-un Jud1th Alley Thomas Power Peggy Sm1th Rlchard Aldrxch Robert Carr Wednesday June ll 8 00 P M Commencement Salutatonan Honor Speakers Joan Sommer Jack Kelley Vernard Crockett Valed1ctor1an Patr1c1a W1lbur Jeanette Ackerman Sally Bla1sdell Rachel Sargent NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sen1ors Jack Kelley Joan Sommer Sally Bla1sdell Vernard Crockett Jeanette Ackerman Mar1on Coughhn Rachel Sargent Jud1th Alley Carol Flynn Rosal1e Jones Robert Lak1n Peggy Sm1th Jun1ors Rlchard Beal Jud1th Brown Barbara Clarke Rosamund Jude Ph1l1p Johnson CLASS OFFICERS Pres1dent Vernard Crockett V1ce Presldent Joan Sommer Secretary Rosal1e Jones Treasurer MRTIOH COL1gh111'1 CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose CLASS COLORS: Blue and Wh1te CLASS ADVISORS: Mr. Sprague, Mr. W'hltIIlOI'G ee , , : . . .. . . ... ... , , : . . ... . . . ' ' 1 Class Will .................. . .. . . ..... Carol Flynn , , : . . . ,... li . .l " Jv ssmon SPECIALTIES R. Sargent, J. Sommer, M. Coughltn, J. Kelley K- x9 89 N' -S' 49' wg .atv o ,c QQ 26' 5- O4 5' 9 5-991.9900 Geist fi? 'QT' 06,055 .Bags 4' oi sk +4393 go ester . I YEARBOOK TYPISTS C. Sargentg E. Awalt, J. Brown, R. Jones EDITORIAL In the beginning when God created man after Hts own image, He placed within his being three wonderful thlngsg a mind, 's conscience, and a heart. Each of these He gave to man for a purpose, the mind to understand, the conscience to guide, and the heart to love. ln the years between kindergarten days and graduation diy from Ellsworth High School we, as students have used over and over again our three wonderful gifts and now, as we are getting ready to step into the mysterious realm of the adult world, let us pause a moment to reflect over these, "the best years of our lives. " With our minds we have solved problems, grasped the meaning of age-old ideas, and created new ones. We have delved into the wonder of books and slowly begun to comprehend a little of this vast universe of which we are a part. Our consciences have seena lot of active duty in the past years for it is during that time that they must be trained. The difference between right and wrong must be discerned, a set of moral standards must be established, and the small voice of our conscience must become loud enough to be heeded. Our hearts, perhaps, are the most important of the three gifts for with them we learn to love. We not only become surrounded with a growing love for our parents, our friends and our God as each year goes by, but if we keep our hearts Board 0. i Q' L ' A 6,0470 if 300' Q00 ' 2 5 153404 649431, 9' 0 QSO! C80 ep QCGGQ fo . Oo I 65 48 '10 Q, 0 45, 0 +G- 584, 4, 4- Z -044-' -4 'fr 'iz -oo-zqiigoicgo 4- oq: oq?Z,af554b 9- C7 Back Row Left to Right: J. Nesmith, E. Lin- ' O .if scott, N. Moore, E. Madrell J Front Row Left to Right: P. Wilbur, S. Sar- gent, J. Alley, Absent: J. Sommer - - Q vit, 1 U I . . iii? OP!-In we are endowed with a warm tolerance for all our fellow- fb , men. Love is the very cornerstone of humanity and as we go .KY into the world it is our duty and privilege to spread that - 1 . which we have. . f' Through our years at Ellsworth High School we, as pupils, are given a chance to cultivate all the values of life so necessary to happiness. We find the need of guidance X3 I HI Q lil - l IM, Ei - i gu ll- through our teachers and parents, we learn to get along with JUNIOR EDITORS other people as we work and have fun with fellow students, and we reap the reward of hard work invested in our studies. Frgnt Row Left to Right: M, Carney' J, Brown, Finally, as graduation draws near, it is time to examine L. Hanson, B' Clarke ourselves to see if we are ready to travel the road ahead. "When l was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when l became a man, I put away childish things. "ll Corinthians 131111 Scott- This verse from the Bible speaks a world of truth to us especially now for we are no longer children and must act accordingly. God is ready to draw back the curtain of our future and show us what is to be our lot. Class of "58", WE are tomorrow! How can we fall! Back Row Left to Right: S. Sargent, B. Holmes, R. Beal, W. Nickerson, P. Johnson, E. Lin- Sally Blaisdell j'58" Editor -in -chief 4- ff"-' ,ga-vi-. 'if Z I 4 1' ur School Staff X R It IS essentxal that young people have guxdance Prmcxpal A 'fin GEORGE D LUCE Submaster Head of Scxence Department OLIVE E FORTIER Languages 1-.I RACHEL LINSCOTT Enghsh JOAN VIOLETTE Enghsh ln educatxon We are devoted to our teachers for the msplratxon traxnxng and leadershxp they THURLOW PITTS have Wen to '15 SARAH RUSSELL Head of Socxal Scxence Department E WILLIAM PEDDER English JOHN M WHITMORE ADA R MOORE ESTELLE SPRINGER Mathematmcs Home Economlcs Commercxal vt X7 I fl -VX ' ' . 1 . 'A V A f N 1 ,r Hole 'T 'Tie "Z: . , ,. D522 fi: 1' ' f't22Lf4S'L-fx K gi f? ' 'Z fix' f, A ,saw If .1 5 'W , . ,,LD" L - lv , K x ,,. 4 .. ' Q X1 Ft: aff A I:' I A , 5 WW I FRED A SPRAGUE HARLAND L DUNHAM CHARLES K ALLEN JR lndustnal Arts Commercxal Driver T1-aimng Sv'5 "' RICHARD ARSENAULT EUGENE LOVELY HENRY FASANO Social Sclence SCIENCE Musxc 'US 'Ps MARJORIE PLAISTED CLIFTON DAMON JACKIE ROGERS Girls Physical Educatxon Boys Physical Education School Secretary and our friend MAC, BLACKIE, and WOODY Our custodxans and pals lass of 19 8 ELL WIIRTII HIGH Ull00L ies-ov' RACHEL SARGENT Rach Genxus does what lt must talent what 1t can Valedxctorxan Hnggxns Classxcal Instxtute 3 Band 1 Chorus 2 Debate 2 Stage Crew 1 2 Dramatlcs Club 2 Intramural Basket ball l French Club 4 Bowlxng 1 2 4 Semor Varlety Show Commxttee 4 Fresh man In1t1at1on Commxttee 2 Yearbook Staff 4 Semor Ball Cor-'mttee 4 National Honor Soclety 3 4 lPres 41 PATRICIA WILBUR Patsy True mtellxgence IS always modest Salutatorlan Cafeterxa Personnel 1 2 3 4 Alternate Jumor Speaking I-'lnahst 3 Ltbrarxan 3 Ulead 41 Stage Crew 4 Chorus 4 Yearbook Typlst 3 4 French Club 3 4 She set her eyes on the goal not the pnze Flrst Honor Speaker Varsxty Basketball 1 2 3 4 1Co Captaxn Varslty Softball 1 2 3 4 Intramural Bowlxng 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball I 2 3 4 Natxonal Honor Society 3 4 QV Pres 45 Bank Teller 3 Glee Clubl 3 Commercxal Club 3 Athletlc Councxl lStudent Memberl 4 Yearbook Typxst 3 4 Dnrxgo Gxrls State 3 Governor s Hxghway Safety Conference 3 Snow Ball Queen Candxdate 3 Jumor Speakxng hnalxst 3 Yearbook Staff 3 4 Honor Sweater Award 3 Typmg and Shorthand Awards 3 4 Jun1or Prom Commlttee 3 Class Vxce Presxdent 3 4 Basketball Usher 2 Athletic and Student Assocxatxon Cashler 3 4 D A R Representatxve 4 Varslty Club lTreas J 4 . . ' ' 9 1 9 L ,L 9 2 ' ,,: 9 Q Q u.A Q , . XA? 51 :T H lv n ' - ' vw ' ,,,: 4 ,4 A 9 9 1 -nf .L ,L JOANSOMMER ' - 4b ,,.1 ,,: 1:11 v - -9 1 , 5 5 5 IV 1 3 . V , ' ,L L ' ,Q ,. E . W f Q . 6 M 1 Q fc- 15" ill 2 X JEANETTE ACKERMAN "Jean" "And ne'er did Grecian chisel trace a nym- ph, a naiad, or a grace, of finer form, or lovelier face. " Band lg Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Bowling 4g Dramatics Club 25 Office Asst. 3, 49 Varsity Basketball 25 Librarian 4g Yearbook Sta.ff 3, 4g Bank Teller 45 One-Act Play 4g Senior Variety Show 4, French Club 3, 4 tSec. 415' Freshman Initiation Com. 2, Junior Prom Com. 3g Graduation Ball Com. 45 Grad- uation Com. 4g Typing Award 2g Youth Safety Council KPedestrian Committee Chairman1 45 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award 4, Junior Speaking Semi-Finalist 3, National Honor Society 3, 4 fTreas. 415 High Honors RICHARD ALDRICH Dick Happy am I from care I m free! Why aren t they all contented like me? JUDITH ALLEY Judie The very room coz she was in seems warm from floor to ce1l1n Class President 1 Band 1 2 Chorus 1 2 Dramatlcs Club 1 Bank Teller I 2 3 Hot Lunch Ticket Personnel 3 4 F H A 1 2 3 4 Intramural Bowllngl 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Debate Club 2 Office Asst 3 4 School records Personnel 4 Stage Crew Wariety Show1 4 Junior Prom Com 3 Yearbook Sta.ff 3 4 Yearbook Typist 3 4 Student Council 4 tSec 1 Typing and Shorthand Awards 3 4 National Honor Society 4 Honors JEANETTE AWALT Small but how dear to us Majorettes 1 2 3 4 Ulead 41 Intramural Bowling 1 2 3 4 Girls Varsity Basketball 3 4 F H A 2 3 4 Nice Pres 41 Variety Show 3 Dramatics Club 4fTreas 1 Chorus 3 4 Assistant Bank Teller 1 CARALYN BEAL Kay A good disposition is more valuable than gold Chorus l 2 3 F H A 1 2 3 4 Intramural Bowling l 2 4 Cafeteria Personnell 2 Intra mural Basketball 1 2 MARALYN BEAL Mgy Moderation the noblest gift of heaven F H A 1 2 3 4 Intramural Bowling 1 2 3 Chorus 1 2 3 Hot Lunch Personnel 1 2 3 Intramural Basketball l 2 3 She does all things well and she does everything Bandl 2 3 Chorus 1 2 F H A 1 French Club 3 4 Nice President 41 Dramatics Club 2 Stage Crew l 2 One Act Play 2 Variety Show 4 Junior Speaking Finalist 3 Snowball Queen Candidate 3 Librarian 3 4 Junior Prom Com 3 Office Asst 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Bowling 1 2 3 Yearbook Staff 3 4 fEd1tor in chief 41 Varsity Club 4 Varsity Basketball 2 3 4 tCo captain 41 Student Coun cxl l 2 3 4 fTreas 2 Vice Pres 3 Pres 41 National Honor Society 3 4 QSec 41 Gradua tion Committee 4 High Honors JANE BOULETTE Let mirth and Joy reign Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 Variety Show 4 Stage Crew 3 Dramatics Club 2 French Club 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Intramural Bowling I 2 3 4 Graduation Ball Committee 4 YZ- . ,fh- 4?-1 N.. Q-.., 1-'I f""' ll ' ll ll . I Y ' ' vv 11 11 11 - 1 . . ,, 5 1 1 1 S X Z 1 1 1 , 1 Q . . . , , 1 1 1 1 ' N 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ,. , Y . . "1- ' 7 Y F V 1 1 1 1 v 'W , Q I VY IV 1 1 1 1 1 . I . , . Y l l 3 , , . . . , , . . "W Y ' Y 1 5 - ,. 'Y Il ,, . . . ...f 'Vo " , , Q . . . . . . , 'lb' ' ' Q ' ' - ,Q 1 - Quo ll ll .Lu 5 1. Wi YI ' 1 ' I' - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 'A A I," 1 1 1 1 1 1 H H' N if , , . tau. x ,- ,W SALLY ANNE BLAISDELL gm, -f fg-' , 4,7 I... .1 H -- A 'L ck 1 K. ' YI Y Q 1 I I ' ' ' Y 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 , ,, . - . . ':'r1., 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V J fu. ' ' S 1 A ' 1 R 1 1 ' - 1' , 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1-1 - - . 11 , K ! ' A oL41" 4 n ' ' ' H A 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 Ngo' . . I 1 7 ! I ! . 1 S - 'Lf VT'--v im. t,-for JOHN BUNKER Johnny Foreward ever backward never Chorus 4 Intramural Basketball 3 4 Varlety Show 4 GENEVIEVE CARLIN Notlung IS 1mposs1ble to a w1111ng heart G1rls Varslty Basketball 1,2 3 4 Softball 2 3 4 Chorus 2,4 French Club 3 4 Intra mural Basketball 1, 2 3 4 Intramural Bowhng 2 ROBERT CARR Bobby A l1tt1e nonsense now and then IS relxshed by the best of men J V Basketball 2, 3 Freshmen Basketball 1 Track 2 Varxety Show 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Intramural Basketball 1 4 Dramatlcs Club 3 4 Junlor Prom Commlttee 3, Stage Crew 4 DOROTHY CARTER Not much talk a great sweet sllence F H A 1 2 3 4 fJun1or and Chapter Homemaker Degreej JUDITH CHATTLEY Judy A countenance 1n whxch d1d meet sweet records promxses sweet Offlce Personnel 4 DONNA CORLISS Fun gxves me a forcxble hug, and shakes laughter Chorus 1 2 Dramatlcs Club 3 Intramural Bowlmg 1 2 4 Band 2 3 Varxety Show 4 French Club 3 4 Junlor Prom Decoraung Commxttee 3 4 MARION COUGI-ILIN To those who know thee not no words can pamt and those who know thee know all words are faxnt Bank Teller 2 Dramatxcs Club 2 French Club Treasurer 3 4 Class Treasurer 1 3 4 Year book Staff 3 4 Jumor Spealung Fxnalxst 3 Natlonal Honor Soclety 3 4 KSec 41 Bowllng 4 Honors JANE CRAIG In frxendshxp I early was taught to belxeve J V Cheerlng 4 Majorettes 2 3 Varxety Show 3 4 Dramatlcs Club 2 3 4 French Club 3, 4, Stage Crew 1, Lxbrarxan 4, Debate Club 1, Intramural Basketball 3, Intramural Bow lxng 3, 4, One Act Plays 2, 1- 'hr' it .z'b mmm -..., 'QU- X W' 'ff or-f ff, VERNARD CROCKETT "Vern" "An honest ma.n, close-buttoned to the chin, Broadcloth without and a warm heart within. " Class President 4g Dirigo Boy's State Delegate 35 Junior Speaking Finalist 35 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 tBusiness Manager 47, Baseball 1, 2, 3, School Bookkeeper 3, 45 Awards in Typing and Shorthand 3, 4g One Act Play 45 National Honor Society 3, 4 tTreasurer 4l, High Honors JAN CROWLEY Always the same throughout the year full of happiness fun and cheer Bandl 2 Chorusl 2 3 Debate Club 1 Intra mural Basketball 3 4 Dramatics Club 2 3 One Act Play 2 Stage Crew 2 3 Variety Show RICHARD DOW Dick When duty whispers low thou must the youth replies I can Freshman Basketball 1 Basketball Mgr KJ V 2 Varsity 3 41 Varsity Club 4 Dramatics Club 2 French Club 3 Track I 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 LINDA EDES Still to be neat still to be drest as you were going to a feast. Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Intramural Bowling 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff 3 4 French Club 3 4 Varsity Club 4 Dramatlcs Club 2 Bank Teller 3 Stage Crew 1 2 Varsity Basket ball Manager 3 Graduation Ball Com 4 Honors PETER FARRELL Pete The manly part is to do with might and main what you can Freshman Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 3 4 tCo Captain 41 Varsity Club 2 3 4 tVxce President 41 French Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball l 2 Cross Country 1 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Football 4 ANDREW FENNELLY Andy Big as life and twice as natural Bandl 2 3 4 fL1brar1an1 2 President 4l Chorus 1 2 tL1brar1a.n 1 21 Drum Major 4 Dramatics Club 3 4 One Act Play 2 3 4 Junior Speaking Semi Finals 3 Dingo Boys State 3 Eastern Maine Music Festival l 2 3 Science Fair 2 Variety Show 3 4 Junior Prom Com 3 Graduation Ball Com 4 Office Assistant 4 Bank Teller 3 4 QHead 41 CAROL FLYNN Youth full of love force and fascination F H A 1 Junior Prom Com 3 Junior Speak mg Finalist 3 Dramatics Club 2 3 J V Cheering 2 Varsity Cheering 3 4 ICO Captain 43 Intramural Bowling 2 3 4 Chorus 1,2 3 Variety Show 3 4 Office Assistant 4 Gradua tion Ball Com 4 National Honor Society 4 Honors DANA FOX Be silent and be saie Stage Crew 2 3--'V vs., '21, FAYE GETCHELL The hand that hath made you faxr hath m Ido you good Intramural Bowllngl 2 4 Chorusl 2 Lxbrnr lan 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 F H A Dramntn Club2 3 PICIUFE Com 3 Freshman Inxtntmn Com 2 Offlce Asst QSubst1tute 41 Vnrxcty Show 4 NANCY GOULD an Blushlng IS the color of vxrtue Bandl 2 Chorus 2 3 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Dramatxcs Club 2 3 Llbrarlan 2 3 Bank Teller 2 Stage Crew 2 Var1ety Show 4 French Club 3 4 Intramural Bowl1ng 2 3 EVELYN MARIE GRINDLE Evxe We meet thee lxke a pleasant thought Glee Clubl 2 3 4 All State Chorus 4 Maorettes134 FHA 1234 Hot Lunch Personnel 1 2 Intramural Bowlxnt, 3 4 Varslty Basketball 3 4 Intramural Basketball 12 34 SoftBall34 BEULAH HARDISON A smlle that turns the sunnys1de o e heart on all the world F H A 1 2 3 4 fOffIC6f 47 Hot Lunch Per sonnel 1 2 3 4 Bank Teller 4 A happy youth IS content and free Track 3 Intramural Basketballl 2 3 4 Football 4 J V Basketball 2 3 Stage Crew 3 Chorus 2 3 4 Mame Musxc Festlval 2 Jun1or Prom Commlttee 3 Yearbook Sta!! 3 BARRY HILTON All thxngs are easy that are done wxllmgly Band12 3 4 Chorus 3 4 All State Band3 4 Eastern Maxne Muslc Festxval I 2 3 4 County Muslc Fest1val 1 Var1ety Show 3 4 Class Mar shall 3 4 Bank Teller 3 Trackl 2 Intramural Basketball 3 4 Jumor Prom Com 3 Plcture Com 3 Band Lxbrarxan 3 4 Band Counc1l4 Stage Crew 2 Lxbrarxan 4 GARY JENKINS In every deed of m1sch1ef he had a heart to resolve a head to contr1ve and a hand to execute Football 1 4 Trackl 4 Cross Country 2 J V Basketball 2 3 Bandl Intramural Basketball 1 4 Yearbook Staff 3 Varsxty Club 3 4 French Club 3 4 ROSALIE JONES Cheerfulness IS a.n excellent wearmg quallty Yearbook typxst 3, 4 Plcture Com 3 Jumor Prom Com 3 Graduatxon Ball Com 4 Glee Club 1 4 Var1ety Show 4 Intramural Bowlxng 1 2 3 4 Typmg Awards 2 Offxce Asst 3 4 Bank Teller 4 Class Secretary 3 4 School News Reporter 3, 4 Natxonal Honor Socxety 4 Honors 4 'J Q'-" Wiv- 9 To T" 11 , . , 1 11 . 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' L11 I' Q , , 9 , 1 . . .4 ' 2 , 1 . 1 - K' , - 1 - 1 a B, i . 5 1 1. 11N 11 it 11 1 1 - .11 Y S 7 1 I I Y 1 Y 2 l L 1 1 1 1 1 1 - .1 A 11 - 11 11 - , 11 1 1 1 1 ' 1 J 1 1 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 ' 1 1 - . , , . ""I 1 1 in. 1 1 1 1 ' V! 11 - - 1 th 11 - - ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - l tl ROBERT HERRICK "Bobby" V' ' 11 5 1 1 1 Q 1 - 1 1 1 J 5 , , 1 ' ,3,4g X 1 1 4 . an ' Q 11 - A - 11 V Qff-1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 ' iw 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 Q . F 1 11 - - ' 1 xx YI , 9 1 4 ,3s - - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . I Y 7 ' Q' 1 11 - ' Q,e r ' YY . 5 . ' Q , - Q - 1 . ' . ' 4 110' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1"n" sub, ?' vw? 1- if THEODORE JOY Teddy Almost everythmg that IS great has been done by youth Band 1 2 Freshman Basketball 1 Varslty Basketball 2 3 4 Bank Teller 3 Varslty Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 Variety Show 4 Jumor Prom Com 3 Yearbook Staff 3 Jumor Speakmg Semx Fmals 3 DIANA KEEPING Her ways are of pleasantness and all her thoughts are peace Newport l-hgh School 1 2 F H A 3 4 Intra mural Bowling 3 4 Glee Club 4 JACK KELLEY Good sense whxch only IS a gnft of heaven Freshman Basketball 1 Varslty Basketball 2 3 4QCo Captain 41 Baseball 1 3 Football 4 Student Councxl 1 Bank Teller l 2 Class Vxce Presldent 2 Class Presndent 3 Varsxty Club 3 4 fPres 41 D1rxgo Boys State Delegate 3 Natxonal Honor Socxety 3 4lPres 41 Hxgh Honors JILL KELLEY Good nature and good sense must ever joln Glee Clubl 2 3 4fVlCE Pres 41 F H A 1 2 3 4fPres 3 State Sec 41 Intramural Basket ball 1 2 3 4 Hot Lunch Personnel l 2 3 lntra mural Bowllng 1 2 3 4 lManager 3 41 Dramatxcs Club 3 4tSec 41 Variety Show 4 One Act Play 3 Jumor Prom Com 3 Dlrlgo Girls State Alter nate Delegate 3 LYNDA KINNEY She IS pretty to walk w1th and wltty to talk with Majorettes l J V Cheerleader 2 3tC.1pt.un 31 Varsxty Cheerleader 4 Jumor Speakmg Flnallst 3 One Act Plays l 2 French Club 3 4 Dramatlcs Club 2 3 Intramural Basket ball 1 2 3 4 Jumor Prom Committee 3 Llbrarxan 4 Varxety Show 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Stage Crew l 2 Intramural Bowhngl 2 ROBERT LAKIN Bobby When there xs a job to be done he IS there Freshman Basketball l Class Pres 2 Dxrngo Boys State Delegate 3 French Club 3 4tPres 41 Jumor Speaklng Fxnals 3 Graduatxon Ball Com 4 Varxety Show 4 Jumor Prom Com 3 Student Councll 3 4fVlCB Pres 41 Natlonal Honor Soclety 4 Honors GERRY LEAVITT Be busy useful amlable servxceable ln all honest unpretendmg ways Stage Crew 4 Boys Home Economxcs 3 ROBERTA MADDOCKS How sweet and faxr she seems to be GleeClubl234 FHA 234 'bf Q-nur av' UC' ?... s. Qilfar f4 - Q 'Q' YI' 'fl' 19' BRUCE IIIERRITT "lie said little but to the purpose. " Track 35 Sage Crew I, 2, 8, 4. CLARENCE MOORE You hear that boy laughmg and you tlunk he s a.ll fun Yearbook Sta.ff 3 4 IRENE MURCH To catch the sunlxght UI her haxr and watch the yellow glxnt reflect Glee Clubl 2 3 Intramural Bowllng 1 2 3 4 Vartety Show 4 GEORGE OPENSHAW It xs not what man does whxch exalts hxm but what man would do Glee Club 1 3 4 J V, Basketball 3 Yearbook Staff 3 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Junlor Speaklng Seml Fmalxst 3 DONALD OSIER Small thmgs are best Sen1or Play 1 Cross Country2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 3 4 Varsxty Club 2 3 BEATRICE PHILLIPS Bea Llfe IS wxtty lrfe IS gay lnfe IS l1ke holxday Glee Club 1 2 Intramural Bowllng 2 3 KCapta1n 41 Intramural Basketball l 2 3 Varxety Show 4 Softball 2 4 Offxce Asst 2 3 4 tStudent Supervxsor 41 Honors THOMAS POWER Tom Joklng decldes great thmgs Freshman Basketball Mgr 1 J V Basket ball 2 3 Baseball 1 Football 4 lCo Captalnl Dramatlcs Club 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 Varsxty Club 4 Jumor Speakmg I-'malxst 3 Spear Speakmg Contest 4 Class Prophecy 4 Stage Crew 1 Varxety Show 3 One Act Play 4 SUSAN REYNOLDS A frtend ms as xt were a second sell' Majorettes I Glee Club I 2 Dramatxcs Club 2 Bank Teller 3 4 French Club 3 4 1-lb1'3J'12-T1 4 Class Marshall 3 4 Honors www: S... C'i is 'VX ar-r 5 S..- MARILYN LOUISE SAUNDERS music is well sand to be the speech of the angels Glee Club 1 4 Commercial Club 3 Bookkeep ing Staff 4 Variety Show 4 Office Personnel 4 ANDREW SCOTT Andy Enthusiasm conquers the impossible Freshman Basketball 1 Varsity Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Football 2 4tmana.ger 23 Cross Country Manager 1 French Club 3 4 Varsity Clubl 2 3 4 Basketball Usher 1 BARBARA LOUISE SEYMOUR A little one shall become a thousand and a small one a strong nation French Club 3 4 F H A 4 Dramatics Club 2 4 Intramural Bowling 4 Intramural Basket ball 2 4 ALBERT SMITH To climb a steep hlll requires slow pace at first Freshman Basketball 1 Intramural Basketball l 2 4 Dramatics Club 3 Football 4 Track 3 4 Trampoline Team 2 Chorus 4 PEGGY SMITH But her zeal none seconded Varsity Basketball 1 2 3 4KCo Captain 41 Chorusl 2 3 4 F H A l 2 3 4fParl1ment arian 3 41 Commercial Club 3 Dramatxcs Club 2 News Club 1 Variety Show 4 Intra mural Basketball I 2 3 4' Intramural Bow- ling 1 2 3 4' Librarian 3' Office Asst. 4' Junior Speaking Semi-Finals 3' Softball l 2 3i4' Student Council 1 2 3 4' Varsity Club 4tSec. D' Yearbook Staff 3 4' Junior Prom Com. 3' Sophomore Ring Com. 2' School Records 4' Lmmch Ticket Personnel 1 4' Stage Crew 1: Honor Sweater 3' National Honor Society 4' Honors. LILLIAN SPRINGER See ln her eyes a reflection of friendship. Glee Club l 2 3' Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4' Intramural Bowling 1 2 3 4' Basketball Usher l 2 3 4' Dramatlcs Club 2' Commercial Club 3' Cafeteria Personnel 2 3 4' Stage Crew l. JOYCE STEELE Of gentle soul to human race a friend. Glee Club 1 4' Majorettes 1 2 3' F.H.A. 1 2 3 4' Cafeteria Personnel 1. ROBERT STEVENS Ne er to speak a word that is bad and to oblige everyone that I can. " Variety Show Stage Manager 4' 'lf ,at 3' 'QM' BEVERLY STOCKBRIDGE Self trust IB the first secret of success Intramural Bowling Chorus Hot Lunch Per sonnel F H A 1 2 3 4QJunior Homemaker and Chapter Degreej DALE STOVER Had tongue at w1ll and yet never was loud Scxence Faxr 4 Stage Crew 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 JANET TORREY Humxlxty that low sweet root from whlch all heavenly vlrtues shoot Chorus 1 Offlce Personnel 4 FRANCIS WATTS X Dxlxgence IS the mother of good fortune Varslty Basketball Manager 2 3 4 Dramatics 5.-A Club 2 Football 1 Track 1 Yearbook Staff 3 4 is i' 'rw VELMA WHITMORE Blessed are the meek for they shall 1nher1t the earth F H A l 2 Drxver Education 4 LORNA WILBUR Vxrtue xs bold and goodness never fearful Cafeterxa Personnel 1 2 Lunch Ticket Asst 3 Ulead 41 Softball 3 Llbrarian 4 Stage Crew 4 Shorthand Awards 3 Student Bookkeeper 3 4 Red Cross Com 1 Commercxal Club 3 Junlor Speakxng Seml Fmalxst 3 Honors 4 WILLIAM WONCHOBA Nothmg IS xmpossxble to the industrxous Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Honors 4 ROGER HIGGINS The mildest manners with the bravest mind. Stage Crew 1, 2Q 3, 4. R' 13.3 -es., YOUR HIT PARADE This Ole House Twenty-six Mile This Wfill Make You Laugh Day In, Day Out Say As Sweet A5 You Are Fm An Ordinary Man Little Blue Man Short Shorts Mutual Admiration Society Young Love Speak Low l'1l Remember Today Hey Joe We re Gonna Move That s When Your Heartaches Begin Oh -Oh l'm Falling In Love Again I' m Confessin Stolen Moments Fm ln the Jailhouse Now Rip It Up Breathless May l Sing to You Don t Be Cruel Diamonds Are a Girl s Best Friend Tune on My Hands E. H. S. Graduation Procession Andy Fennelly School Mrs Lmscott Albert Smith Teddy Joy Gym Class National Honor Society Tom and Nancy Tests Graduation Sally Blaisdell June ll 1958 Office Lynda Kinney Who Broke the Glass ? ? ? Gary and Tom 8 15 3 00 Flunked Tests Chemistry Class On the Plains of Abraham Finals Senior Girls Sudy Hall The glitter of diamonds on several senior girls handsl' Dick Aldrich s School bus for girls Andy Fennelly s late jokes Bobby Carr s quick witll The big wink from Teddy to the many lucky underclass girls Our Historian from Waltham Sally Blaisdell s grassy eyelashes Our athletes Joan Peggy and Genevieve Clarence Moore s cough in 7th period study hall The pltter patter of Peter s little feet' I What E. H. S. Will Miss Next Year NAME Ackerman Jeanette Aldrlch Rlchard Alley Judlth Awalt Jeanette Beal Caralyn Beal, Maralyn Blalsdell, Sally Boulette Jane Bunker John Carlxn Genevleve Carr Robert Carter, Dorothy Chattley Jud1th Corl1ss Donna Coughlln, Mar1on Cralg Jane Crockett Vernard Crowley Jan Dow Rlchard Edes Linda Farrell, Peter Fennelly Andrew Flynn Carol Getchell, Faye Gould, Nancy Grmdle Evelyn Hard1son, Beulah Herrxck, Robert Hllton Barry Jenkms Gary Jones ROSHIIB Keeplng Dlana Kelley, Jack Kelley J111 Kmney Lynda Lakm, Robert Leavltt, Gerry Maddocks Roberta Merrltt, Bruce Moore, Clarence Murch Irene Openshaw, George Osler, Donald Ph1ll1ps Beatrxce Power, Thomas Reynolds Susa.n Sargent, Rachel Saunders, Marllyn Scott, Andrew Seymour, Barbara Smxth, Albert Smlth, Peggy Sommer Joan Sprmger, L11l1an Steele Joyce Stevens, Robert Stockbrxdge Beverl Stover, Dale Torrey Janet Watts Francls WIl1tmOf8 Velma Wllbur, Lorna W1lbur Patrlcxa Wonchoba W1ll1am FAVORITE SONG The Twelth Of Never Skxnney Mlnney All The Way He s Got The Whole World In H1s Hands He s Got The Whole World In Hxs H mds Maybe Tomorrow Greensleeves He s Got The Whole World ln Hxs Hands Too Soon To Know Catch A Fallm Star All The Way Young At Heart Rock N Roll ls Here To Stay All Shook Up Laura He s Got The Whole World In Hrs Hands The Llttle Blue Man Chances Are He s Got The Whole World In Hxs Hands Harlem Nocturne Sweet Little Sixteen O Come All Ye Faxthful All The Way He s Got The Whole World I H15 Hands Moonglow Sall Along Sllvery Moon Four Walls 26 Mlles Wonderful Tlme Up There Put A Llght In The Wmdow' Chances Are Tell Me Why Who s Sorry Now Sugartlme Stardust Let s Dance You Are My Destxny Peggy Sue I Can't Help It D1ck1e My Boy Oh Oh, I m Fallmg In Love Agaxn Don't Be Cruel Tequlla He s Got The Whol 'I Can t Help It Someone You Love Speclal Angel Walt And See Are You S1ncere Teenage Queen Who s Sorry Now e World In I-hs Hands He s Got The Whole World In Hms Hands After School Lonesome Saturday Night Don t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Sugart1me Da O Lonesome Saturday Nlght Sugartxme Sugartlme Sugartlme "We Wlll Make Love Sugartxme ., ., 7 ' ' I1 ' ' lv 7 ' I1 V1 7 V1 I ' I 1 7 u I v A , v , . N .. ' - II IV I1 I - v 7 YI 1I 7 ' ' II ' I V1 7 11 11 7 II II ' II I 11 . 7 ' II I1 7 ' ' II II ' II I ' v I II ' 11 7 II II 7 ' II I ' 1 7 ' vv ' vv 7 II ' ' II II ' II 7 Il II 7 II I ' V Il II II ' II ' ' II 7 ' II 11 ' lv ' H ' II ' 11 7 ' II ' ' I 7 ' II Il 7 II II Joy, Theodore Stardust ' ' II II 7 II I II ' II ' II 7 ' II II 7 ' II I II II ' II 7 ' II I1 II II II ' ' YI 7 II I ' ' 11 7 ' II II ' ' ' II ' II 7 II I ' I I II 7 II II ' II ' II II ' II II ' II ' II II ' II I II I1 I ' 7 ' ' ' II I1 II ' 7' 7 II I yy ' II ' II 1 Y II y - II II ' gg 7 ' 'V ' II 7 ' II ' II 7 ' 'I ' II 7 . ' ' 1' ' rv 7 PASTIME C F P My Car Green Chevy A A L Biskctblll Ronme BCIIIQ., Busy Dillllllf., Slllglllg, Boating, Judnc Loaflng Slngxng Fllrtlng Musu Fllrtmg Huntxng Sm1l1n Cow Women Creatxng Sports Parklng Mus1c Richard Ronnie Loaflng Eatmg Parklng Rxdlng Around Wearlng Blue Danclng Ford Watchmg Jack Danclng Dolng Thmgs Working Readmg Sleepnng A Glrl Dlck Parkmg Goof 1ng Off G1v1ng Blasts Nancy Muslc Carl I T G Sports L E W Eatxng Sports Sports Basketball Dancmg Velma Eddle My Car Watchlng T V Eatmg Bob Teasmg Marshall Eatmg WHAT I ENJOYED MOST IN SCHOOL Mr Smlth Mr Arsenault Mr Allen s Drnver Ed Class Noon Hours El1g.,llSh F H A Trlps Mlss Russell Varlety Show Noon Hour Sports Clowmng wlth Tom Frxday 3 O Clock Noon Hour Trlp To Canada Mr Smith Cheermg Varlety Show Joan Trlps To Qzebec Gettmg Out 3 P M Mrs Lmscott s Englxsh Foolm Around Trxp To Canada Mlss Russell s Refresher Class Home Ec Ec Geography Class Thlrd Period Boys Basketball Student Teachers Mrs Lmscott s Englnsh Class Perlod 1 Englxsh Class Mr Smlth Thmgs I shouldn t Do 3 O Clock Bell Mr Lunt 3 O Clock Bell 3 O Clock Bell Mrs Lmscott s Englxsh Class Mrs Lmscott s Englnsh Class 3 0 Clock Bell Fr1day Mrs Lmscott Clowmng Wxth Bob Mormng Llbrarles Graduatxon Mr Smnth s Classes Geography Class 3 O Clock Sports Mr Whltmore That ls A Most Questlon Noon Hour Graduatlon Noon Hour Noon Hours Teachers Gettlng Out Gettlng Out Home Ec Classes Mrs Lmscott s Engllsh Classes Mrs Lmscott s Engl1sh Classes A MBITION Buyer Mechamc Eldorado Nursmg Clerk Housewlfe To Be Us eful Nurse To Graduate Reservatxomst Housewlfe Hostess Operator Hostess Admlral Teacher Blonds Desxgner N Y Yankees Dentxst To Do Thmgs Well Operator Marrxage To Travel HOUSeW1f9 Rlch Bachelor To Be Rlch Vern s Secretary Pxlot To Graduate Englneer Nurse Secretary Doctor Mechamc Soclal Welfare Mechamc To Be Rxch Wlfe and Sec Rlch Bachelor Electrlclan Marrlage Home From Quebec Beautlclan Housewmfe Stewardess Headhunter Marrlage U S Navy Secretary Prxvate Secretary A1r Force Alr Force Chef Housew1fe Test Pzlot Housew1fe Food Tester Housewxfe Nurse Housewrfe U S Navy , , . 1 1 ' 7 1 ' 1- 4 1 7' f ' 7 ' r' 7 ? ' r , l . Y . , . r . V , i , , ' r' I ' Y Y , Music Ec. Geography Class Rich Bachelor ' v . , . . ' I . , ' . - y A ' U , , . . 9 ' I . . , . . . , . Sargt K y xl D M.L ulhl R.Du 1:-' Vail: J Su K 1111! 'JFNIOR SUPERI ATIVES v' 1' .fr Cl VWht ILS JAH RC EBV' li' 'Y HQ Wad fwfr? 1 i flu-1" pl ugh PLS 11" 1 J J V Wi Y 1 y ' , . 1 KX , fr , 4 3 l X x J : 3. A. 2 .f ,f ,J 'Tv A f M ,N g ' - KX, 4 " V A QV - ,Q ' , A 4 V, V S .Q , N ' kg Ls- M 1 . , Q -.. ' A K 64 H L u Class uup es 4 . .4 1 - MUS: C',Lnff.,u5 ost lnleulgenl . I more - PKUYIEI , PV ' . .iff Y A , ' , M. LN, lux - . Q-wrp. en - J. elle Q -llf. . K 3' I Q . . I T 'J .1 A A 5 - I 1 5 I I M 7 U . g Q K as X 5 VN , A Q5 wg L ZA Y- x H ' , -4 - x .. 9. V 5 V ' . , -i r H 4 . ' ' . xx . ' ' I , f -X, Q' f ff 9 ' ' , W " ' J w ve 1 1 ' A Be-sl x:puQ11:4m ,I C145 1" 'H' My-at T.! 1,-1 , 'nu gn- vu I HI.-1"1gf-H 'I ' V A he-1-'r ri Y Z L V 2 ' X , 1, X, . n , A ik' J ' W, - , I. . v k ' 4 1 f , ' fl ,A l , K - E Q- 1 5 S ,x-....- f I K I Y 3 ' , . qw- 7 P,-..x,,A, I zu V 5 v Q 11 i M051 swhms n it x 1. L , z ., -, it , 1 f f. E N 7 5. 1 , Mf P. ' ul A v, umm' Q A ff 5 . 1 g A 5 1 R ., , .1 , I x , - .. 1 1 ' ' ' si - , , r 3 1 H ' V f : is A v- A L LW W ' f r P dl fy 3 X V J ph H , f' tg , If , 1 . 4 N . we ff 5 J , K iq ' - 5 . .. g- W . -,X , I . K X I k V ' Q, L Vg bv- , F Z , 4 H' I A A E-'kftl in t7f' W I f I 5 , .f I ,J V , ' Q X Q 1 ff M 1 .,n 1 , ,N 1- 1 ' 1 x - . . . 1 ' 1 ' - ' Bran umm- - I ' ,W 3 H' , ' runny f J, ' A THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD Rin Tin Tin Great Challenge Name That Tune You Asked For It I've Got a Secret? Navy Log The Line Up Thin Man People Are Ftmny Sky King Court of Last Resort Verdict is Yours Western Theater Silent Service The Girl Most Likely? Merry Andrew Escape From San Quentin D0n't Go Near the Wate Band of Angels Richard Beal Honor Roll E. H. S. Band Demerits Jane Craig Jean Ackerman Boys Gym Class Robert Carr Freshman Andrew Fennelly Office Student Council Mr Pedder Faculty Linda Edes Andy Scott Graduation Shore Road Senior Girls HOW ABOUT AN IDEAL SCHOOL STAFF ? 'I Sixpenntendent French Phys Ed Home Ec. English History Jerry Lewis Corrinne Calvert Jayne Mansfield Rock Hudson Diana Dors Johnny Saxton FROM THE NEWSPAPER Voice of Broadway The Lone Ranger and Tonto Alley Oop The Lyons Den Mary Worth Beetle Bailey and Killer The Phantom Archie Little Iod1ne Linus Dennis the Menace Ozark Ike The Little Klng Charlie Brown Irene Murch Dick Aldrich a.nd George Openshaw Conference Room Marion Coughlm Robert Carr and Tom Power Pete Farrell Jack Kelley Jane Boulette Billy Fernald Gary Jenkms William Nickerson Ralph Buckmmster Teddy Joy Bobby Herrick J M. IDENTIFICATIONS TO E. H. S. CANDIDS SNAPSHOT INDENTIFICATION CBaby Pictures! Lakin Wilbur Coughlin Sargent 1. R. 2. P. 3. M. 4. R. 5. J. and J. Boulette 6. M. M Saunders Gould Corliss Wilbur Kinney Torrey Herrick a.nd C Moore Ba.1rd andR Jones Gould Carlin Sargent Sargent and R Sargent Stevens andV Crockett Hilton Herrick and C Moore Murch and J Form Boulette Saunders and R. Saunders Sittin' pretty! ,W The serious type Dainty doll Cuddlesome cutie Young love Nice doggie! Bathing beauty You' re under arrest That Ipana smile Who me ? Sure I can dance tool Why so shy? He men? Ladies of distinction Stick ' em up Got an itch? The sun's 1n my eyes! Refreshment Two httle gentlemen I don't wanna! Young and mnocent Blond bombshell Little angels Cutie pie J enkms McKenney J Cralg L Kinney Brown G Davis M Carney Scott M Coughhn Herrick P Farrell R Carr Davis M. Francls B Budway Awalt Phillips Coughlm R. Lakin Seymour G Carlin P Wilbur Power Torrey Herrick R. Aldnch G Openshaw Craig Craig J Mclienney J Boulette Carney L Kxnney M Whltney Coughlxn Blalsdell D Corlxss Chattley V Whitmore Torrey M Saunders Smith Edes Sargent C Magoon Blalsdell Alley Sommer GROUP B Happy Birthday Judie frxends forever Just a little et to ether bathxn beaut 8 Y Put your arm around me honey Tlme for bed. Tom There s dad. Anyone for pxzza? sleepy time gal The Athletnc type Smile for the bxrdxe! I love that new haxrdo That lpana smxle Am t love grand? Down behind the bed. Surprxse Rasn t changed a but Denms the Menace in person J Ackerman S. Blalsdell J Kelley R. Dow Room J Freshman Day P Jones Carlin Maddocks Fornl Ackerman Carlin D Corllss Murch Kinney D Corliss Boulette T Joy C Phillips Fennelly RoomJ Freshman day G Carlin M. Jordan P Wilbur Phillips B. Phillips Blaisdell L Kinney Igsixlolds P Irving J Craig Flynn So Cute! mlhflll type! QC1ass d 58' I Sleeping beauty Blondie! The studious type What ls it? Class games How handsome! !Class of 58' J You look happy! At the bunk house Gym Class 7. . ' 8. N. 9. D. ' ' 10. L. ' 11. L. ' , 12. J. 13. R. ' . - 14. D. ' . ' ' ' ' 15. N. ' 16. G. ' ' 17. R. ' 18. R. . 19. R. . ' 20. B. ' 21. R. ' . ' 22. I. 23. J. . ' ' 24. J. ' ' 25. G. ' ' ' J. , . ' , . ' " ' , ' " 23. . 1 J. , . , . 24. . A. , . ' - 25. R. ' , . , . 26. . " ' W. ' , ' , . ' g - -g 27. . S. Blaisdell Buddies goom J. Freshman Day lC1ass of"58"! 15. ' - ' ao. nf - , ' , 1 31. J. B. , , - , , - - az. J. T. v- , ' -- aa. G. , . J. Hi! 34. I. R. ' , ' , , 35. L. , . , . , J. ' J. , . , . , J. ' , . , . , B. M. , . ' , , ' - ae. A. M. ' ' 37. . " ' S. ' , . ' A 38. . J. , . ' ss. , . J. , . ' ' ' 40. J. ' , P. ' ' . 41. S. , . , L. A s. , . , R. , . A ' B- il' S. ' ' J. ' J. ' ' . -I sf afffir 'Y' 6 U S nf' in VT I kjy QW I ii! Wwr m, 'No' J, I, K 1.11 'B 'ii i3OXJ T Qffmra 3 3 'Wind Iih.J3ll..4d41.,,. f-Q. 'XIFI 4 K at i sd' , S3 if ' . 5 ,1- . 'Q' f X' 1 5 If 51 1 - V J 4 . ' W H : 1 A 1 ' ' 'fi' M' .,. M T' ,G lv :lf figs? v - , 5 Q , :I Q ,, 5 W X, .si f "" , pl , I . 7, ... , ,, M, " 1 W ,-xA 5 , 4 M Mf 1 if ' , E . Y bi' Q' "V, ' 'j nas' - ' J ' Q .'J: t f gg.. Ri Q' I I x ,Vt - K 3 . . at ' . by 1 I J, . i ,S E x ' S K 1 K T-I ix i L' r i' . ,4rL ,' is-5 'L W ' l B' A l NA A Q -"V x xx 3 ,i- '- Y X x xx F' ' V - ' ... . 5 3 f . Q 1 , R A - N A . - 8 V' 4 -Q N SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Treasurer. en for 661.65 Weird The class of 1958 entered their senior year with the knowledge that this would be their last year in Ellsworth High School. As a class, we have learned many valuable lessons in this high school, and now we must separate and go our different ways and put to good use our acquired knowledge. Our class this year, consisting of 68 members, used Study Hall A and Study Hall B section as a home room with Mr. Sprague and Mr. Whitmore as om' home room teachers. Although this was our last year at Ellsworth High School, we feel that we have made this year one of our best. Rosalie Jones "58" Secretary. unior 644.55 Wofw We, as Juniors, realize that our High School Education is almost complete. With hard work we have tried to do our best as the oncoming seniors in the Class of ' 59. Throughout this year with the careful guidance and help of our advisors, Mrs. Linscott, Mr. Lovely and Mr. Pedder, we have worked together to improve ourselves and our school, and we hope that next year will be as successful as this year. Secretary Mary Carney J. Sommer, Vice President, V. Crockett Presidentg R. Jones, Secretaryg M. Coughlxn JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS J M. Carney, Secretary, B. Clarke, Vice President, W. Nickerson, Presidentg P. Boss, Treasurer. NV '24 1155 l " Q , 547, SJPKKJRE CLAS OFFICERS P. Behr, Vice President, R, Rogers, Treas. W. Knight, President, P. Sullivan, Secretary SJIJA OIH OIT Vyfll 'J After one very difficult, but happy year as Freshman we entered E. H.S. as Sophomores. New Sudents came in, while others left, but we all worked together to make this, our second year of high school as interesting as our first. Under the careful guidance of our class advisors, Miss Plaisted, Miss Violette, and Mr. Dinham we truly had a wonderful year. Patricia Sullivan "6U' Secretary SMA On September 4, 1957, 118 pupils enrolled in the freshman class. After Freshman Day, we became full fledged members of Ellsworth High School. Class elections were held on November 23 and elected were: Judith Haynes, President, Joan Springer, Vice-president, Ann Carney, Treasurer, and Patricia Ramsdell, Secretary. We, of the freshman class are looking for- ward to our future years at Ellsworth High School. Patricia Ramsdell "61" Secretary FRESHMAN CLAS OFFICERS P. Ramsdell, Secretary, J. Springer, Vice President, A. Carney, Treasurer, J. Haynes President. 4L , C "mi" ' WV l J, X CLASS OF 1 959 ROOMA First Row Left to Right: J. Haley, L. Gonzales, L. Hanson, S. Fowler, S. Gerrish, M, Keep, R. Jude, E. Madrell, R. Maddocks, J. Mclienney Second Row Left to Right: Mr. Pedder, B. Fogg, W. Linscott, C. Dillon, R. Foster, J. Johnson, W. Gray, E. Hooper, E. Linscott Third Row Left to Right: G. Moran, D. Dow, P. Johnson. R. Lovell, C. Frost, R. Kane, G. Grindle, B. Holmes. P. Higgins. ROOM B First Row Left to Right: K. York, J. Phillips, M. Skofield, S. Sargent, C. Sargent, N. Moore, J. Nesmith, E. Awalt. Second Row Left to Right: B. Rogers, C. Moon, B. Sherwood, J. Forni, G. Pickard, S. Smith, G. Wescott, Mrs. Linscott. Third Row Left to Right: J. Shea, G. Thomas, A. Wilbur, A. Worden, E. Seymour, W. Nickerson, W. Sratton, J. Tracy. BIOLOGY ROOM First Left to Right: G. DeWitt, G. Davis, M. Carney, G. Badger, J. Brown, B. Clarke, T. Clough, N. Carter, N. Anderson, J. Carpenter. Second Row Left to Right: Mr. Lovely, J. Daley, J. Clilk, E. Awalt, R. Buckminster, C. Crowley, E. Budway, B. Clark, D. Bull, J. Ashmore, P. Boss. Third Row Left to Right: H. Cheverie, D. Archer, R. Davis, H. Ashmore, K. Debeck R. Beal, E. Applebee, D. DeRaps, K. Clark, G. Clark. CLASS OF 1960 ROOM C First Row Left to Right: K. Dunbar, K. Emery, J. Forni, J. Esterberg, P. Crabtree, S. Alley, P. Behr, M. Fulton, C. Fulton. Second Row Left to Right: N. Dolliver, S. Collins, B. Budway, S. Higgins, J. Goodale, N. Buzzell, J. Cousins, L. Herrick, J. Eaton, Miss Violette Third Row Left to Right: J. Braley, S. Holmes, P. Archer, L. Beal, J. Gordon, T. Beal, W. Ingalls, K. Awalt, R. Guite. ROOM D First Row Left to Right: G. Jordan, P. Jones, K. Mallock, E. Milliken, R. Lurvey, J. Kazutow, P. Marsters, C. Merchant. Second Row Left to Right: R. Jenkins, Miss Plaisted, M. Maddocks, J. Laffin, B. King, G. Jordan, R. Maddocks. Third Row Left to Right: D. Morrison, R. Madrell, C. Kane, S. Macy, W. Knight, C. Marshall. HJOKKEEPING ROOM First Royv Left to Right: J. Saunders, J. Whitmore, M. Tapley, L. Sawyer, A. Springer, P. Sullivan, P. Sterling, R. Rogers Second Row Left to Right: P. Smith, G. Worden, J. Whitmore M. Wilbur, l. Whitmore, L. Nichols, E. Wentworth, R. Springer, Mr. Dunham. Third Row Left to Right: J. Smith, T. Taylor, P. Sylvia, W. Shea, R. Saunders, V. Tainter, T. Stevens, L. Romer. ROOMF First Row Left to Right: S. Austin, C. Archer, J. Cornish, H. Brown, A. Anderson, I. Bell, B. Carroll, S. Beal, J. Badger, R. Carlisle Second Row Left to Right: F. Bull, J. Bragdon, N. Brown, E. Omningham, J. Bussell, G. Clark, M. Blaisdell, G. Carter, C. Campbell, A. Carney. Third Row Left to Right: R. Allen, N. Brown, A. Chamber- laln, R. Ackerman, J. Ashmore, H. Conners, M. Bragdon, C. Brown, A. Carter Absent: Class Advisor Mr. Arsenault, N. Clough, D. Bell. KONG First Row Left to Right: S. Giles, C. DeBeck, C. Fuller, N. Dobbins, S. Goodale, L. Firlotte, F. Frost, L. Gray, I. Grlndle. Second Row Left to Right: Mr. Allen, P. Davis, J. Day, J. DeWitt, T. Gray, E. Finch, L. Grindle. Third Row Left to Right: R. Fogg, D. Fowler, P. DeBeck, G. Gordon, M. Hawkes, E. Grindle, H. Gordon Absent: A.D0v, E. Garland, J. Grindle. CLASS OF 1961 First Row Left to Right: L. Mortimer, E. Higgins, J. Haynes, L. Monson, J. Hopkins, M. McLea K. Myrick, J. Johnson. Second Row Left to Right: R. Hardison, R. Moon, M. Hall, J. Hastings, R. King, R. Hart, A. Merril, G. Maddocks, J. Maddocks, T. Kinney, Mrs. Fortier. Third Row Left to Right: K. Linscott, D. Hamilton, E. Lewis, D. Maher, G. Karst, H. Mortimer R. McIntyre. Absent: K. Reed, C. Morrison, A. Lyons, D. lngraham, L. Hubbert. ROOM J First Row Left to Right: S. Tapley C. Nickerson, P. Ramsdell, J. Springer, R. Sabo, C. Wonchoba, S. Wilson, B. Seavey, S. Pickard, P. Saunders. Second Row Left to Right: Mr. Lum, A. Williams, D. Norwood, R. Wescott, J. Pickard, N. Tllden, I. Tate, J. Stewart, C. Springer, M. Povich, L. Young, Miss Russell. Third Row Left to Right: D. Sargent, D. Wouri, L. Stratton, F. Sprague, C. Phippen, P. Wilbur, R. Wescott, E. Scott, T. Scott, R. Pinkham, K. Shea, L. Williams, J. Piper. X SQ SQ X C SeatedL toR Mr Pitts J Brown, Treasurer R Lakin Vice President S Blaisdell, President J Alley Secretary P Smith G Thomas Stand1ngL toR B Holmes S Goodale T Kinney S Austin P Marsters K Dunbar S Tapley L Nichols -A ' Stud nt ouncll SZ f l X The Student Council is not a club The members are elected by each of the four classes to represent them It lS the duty of each of these members to bring to the attention of the Council any problem or suggestion which is pertinent to the welfare of the student body The class representatlve then reports the action of the Council to his class All of the decisions of the Student Council are under the superusion of Mr Pltts The Student Council is responsible for electing the Junior and Semor editors for the Jester handling the financial difficultles of any club or organization whtch needs help deciding which clubs and organization have concessions, and setting up a.nd carrying out the point system by which honor sweaters are awarded each spring During the past year the Student Cotmcil sponsored a book drive for the benefit of the school library as a spec1al proJect At the first meeting held in October, the following officers were elected to serve during the following year President Sally Blaisdell Vice President Robert Lakin Secretary Judith Alley Treasurer Judith Brown Each year the Student Council sells Student Association tickets and season tickets for basketball. I order for a student to play any sport, join any club, or hold an office, or receive any award of any kind from the school, he must hold a Student Association membership card. Several students have worked to earn these cards. Judie Alley 58 -I-. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY F1rstRowL toR V Crockett, J Sommer S B1a1sdellJ Ackerman R Sargent M Coughlxn J Kelley Second RowL toR B Clarke, P Johnson, J Brown, R Lakm R Jude, R Beal, Mrs Fortxer Th1rdRowL toR C Flynn J Alley, P Smxth R Jones atlonal Honor Soclety Under the supervxslon of Mrs George Fortler, the Natlonal Honor Society of Ellsworth High School began another actlve year wxth the followmg students elected ln thexr Junxor year as members Marlon Coughlxn, Joan Sommer, Rachel Sargent Jean Ackerman, Sally Blaxsdell, Vernard Crockett, and Jack Kelley Accordmg to the Nauonal Charter, electxon of offlcers was held twxce durxng the year Offxcers Coughlm, Secretary Jean Ackerman Treasurer Those chosen for the second semester and presently presldmg are Jack Kelley Presxdent Joan Sommer, Vlce Presldent Sally Blaxsdell Secretary Vernard Crockett, Treasurer The annual cappmg ceremony was held 1n the audltorxum February 28 wxth the followmg capped as new members of the socxety semors Rosahe Jones, Carol Flynn Judlth Alley Peggy Smlth Robert La.k1n jumors Barbara Clarke Judith Brown, Rosamund Jude, Phxllp Johnson, Rxchard Beal The formal xmtxatxon for these new members IS scheduled for May 2, 1958 The Natlonal Honor Soclety xs one of the most lmportant and slgmfxcant organxzatxons of our hlgh school In order to attaxn membershlp 1n the socxety one must excel nn these four ments leadershxp scholarshxp, cmzenshxp and servlce The students chosen as members should mamtaln exemplary conduct at all txmes for the rest of the student body Sally Blalsdell 58 Sec retary ' TT ' if T 'A . , . . . , . . , . , . , . , . Q O chosen for the first semester were: Rachel Sargent, president, Jack Kelley, Vice Presidentg Marion ' ' , ' S A ' 5 ' , , . I . 5 . u I . . . . ' 1 F. H. A. OFFICERS Seated L to R: G. Badger, T. Clough, Treas., J. Awalt, Vice-Pres., J. Kelley, Pres., S. Fowler, Sec. Standing Lto R: S. Holmes, J. Whitmore, S. Alley, B. Hardison, E. Awalt, Mrs. Moore glflflfe OIHUWIU 20115 of .Z4l'Ylel'iCa As an integral part of homemaking program, F. H. A. provides opportunities for students to have idditional experiences in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. Any student currently enrolled in home economics or has had one year, may become a member. F. H. A. have eight purposes each year, members of local chapters develop a program of work including projects and experiences which will help them work toward these purposes. JUNIOR AND FRESHMEN MEMBERS First Row L to R: J. Braley, B. Spurling, R. Moon, J. Bussell, R. Wescott, S. Beal, B. Seavey, E. Higgins, S. Fowler Second Row L. to R: L. Gonzales, G. Badger, K. York. S. Smith. C. Moon, J. Ashmore, E. Cunningham. S. Gerrish. E. Awalt Third Row L to R: Miss Thomas, J. Haley, I Grindle, L. Mortimer, L. Monson, T. Clough, J. Clark, J. Nesmith, C. Sargent, M. Skofield, N. Carter, B. Sherwood, R. Springer, Mrs. Moore Shirley Fowler, Sec. Class of "59" SENIOR AND SOPHOMORE MEMBERS First Row L to R: R. Rogers, G. Jordan, K. Dunbar L- Herrick. S- Holmes, C. Wonchoba, J. Cornish, , P. Smith, J. Whitmore, R. Lurvey, G. Worden f second Row 1.10 R. N. Buzzeii, K. Beal, J. Aiiey, P. Smith, J. Steele, J. Awalt, D. Keeping, B. Seymour, J. Kelley, S. Alley Third Row L to R: Miss Thomas, J. Laffin, J. Whitmore, M. Wilbur, I. Whitmore, M. Beal, F, Getchell, L. Springer, D. Carter, B. Hardison, B. Stockbridge, Mrs. Moore .,-s-vi' 8963 First Row L to R: G. Davis, L. Edes, R. Sargent, Lakin, Pres., S. Blaisdell, Vice Pres., J. Brown, P. Wilbur, M. Coughlin, Treas. J Ackerman Sec R L. Kinney, J. Craig, J. Boulette, D Corliss Second RowLto R: G. Moran, P. Boss, M. Carney, N. Gould, J. Phillips, F. Getchell B Clarke R Jude, S. Reynolds, G. Carlin, L. Hanson, B. Seymour, R. Buckminster, Mrs. Fortier Third Row L to R: T. Power, J. Shea, P. Johnson, E. Applebee, R. Lovell, T. Joy, R Beal G Jenkins W. Fernald, H. Ashmore, R. Davis, A. Scott FQIICL September 19, the French Club, composed of all juniors and seniors who have had two years of any language met under the guidance and supervision of Mrs. Fortier. The following officers were elected President -------- --- Vice President--- -- Secretary ------- -- - Treasurer ------------ ----- -Robert Lakin -Sally Blaisdell -Jean Ackerman Marion Coughlin Money was raised by selling cake for the annual trip to Quebec, Canada over Memorial Day week end Jean Ackerman, "58" Secretary ENTIRE BAND BAND MAJOR Andrew Fennelly KT1 xi A , I IF' The Band At the flrst meetmg of the band electlons were held Andrew Fennelly was elected pres1dent Mary Carney, secretary Barbara Clarke, head lxbrarxan Barry Hxlton, assxstant l1brar1an The band partlclpated 1n the Santa Claus Parade at Bangor and has played at all the home basketball games A concert IS belng planned for May Barbara Clarke 59 Flrst Row Left to Rlght P Behr J Nesmxth J Shea P Sullivan A Carney S Colhns N Txlden T Kmney B Hllton, K Emery T Scott A I-'ennelly Second Row Left to Rlght Mr Fasano J Bragdon M Keep P Sterlmg A Chamberla1n B Clarke P Crabtree, J Whltmore, C Fuller M Carney, S Austm Thlrd Row Left to Right P Sm1th R Jude P Dav1s W Llnscott R Foster, R Maddocks L Flrlotte J Esterberg, M Povxch kd an 005050 Q Q First Row Left to Right M Saunders, G Carhn J Eaton L Sawyer S Hxggxns B Budway J Goodale P Marsters J Esterberg P Behr M Blalsdell S Tapley M Tapley S Beal R Sabo N Dobbms Second Row G Clark A Anderson S Blalsdell J Kazoutow L Herrick K Dunbar G Jordan R Carllsle, B Seavey E Mxlltken S W11son P Sterlmg P Sulhvan P Crabtree S Collms J Whxtmore P Ramsdell L Flrlotte J Badger K Mallock R Rogers S Alley S Gerrnsh E Lmscott J Maddocks G Gordon, J Ashmore A Fennelly R Herrxck B Hxlton L Young D Keepng R Maddocks H Brown, G Jordan, G Maddocks Fourth Row M Hall, J Steele, G Wescott J Awalt J Kelley S Holmes P Wnlbur J Hastings T Klnney J Haynes J Johnson, P Saunders N Dolllver P Smtth J Hopkms F Frost A Carney R Jones, S Goodale, J Ashmore J Cousxns J Stuart L Nxchols M Maddocks G ee Club The chorus, under the f1ne d1rect1on of our new conductor Mr Fasano, enjoyed a f1ne year of new songs and concerts The enrollment tlns year was large wh1ch helped m many performances We have enjoyed our year of mus1cal study and we, who are to return are lookmg forward to another year of fun w1th mus1c Patr1c1a Sulllvan "60 N MAJORETT ES S. Gerrlsh, J Goodale, E Grmdle L Herrxck, J Awalt, B McKeown 90 ff Q N P .J 3 2 I : . . ' ' , . , . , . ' ' , . , . , ' 1 ' I ' I ' D I ' I ' VI ' D ' I ' 4 ' : ' I '. ' I D 'I I A ' v I ' I ' I ' I . u, . , . , . , . , . A , . V b , . ' , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . Third Row: K. Fulton, M. Fulton, M. McLean, M. Povich, R. Foster, F. Watts, A. Smith, G. Openshaw, . . , . , . . , . I , . , . . , . , . h : . . . , . , I. , .I , , ' , . ' , ' I ' I ' ' b I ' I I ' I ' I ' I . . . , . , . , . , . . . . . ,, it 4545 vv X hp 9 VARSITY CLUB First Row Left to Right: Mr. Lovely, L. Edes, A. Scott, P. Smith, P. Farrell, J. Kelley, J. Sommer, S. Blaisdell, D. Dow. Second Row Left to Right: B. Rogers, P. Johnson, H. Ashmore, B. Holmes, B. Clarke, R. Jude, P. Behr, T Clo h . ug . Third Row Left to Right: K. Awalt, R. Buckminster, W. Nickerson, R. Beal, G. Jenkins. T. Joy, F. Watts, T. Powers. Varsity Club The first meeting of the Varsity Club for the new year was held on Oct. 14, under the direction of Mr. Lovely. It was voted to let the girls who have earned their varsity letter be eligible to join. The following officers were elected: Jack Kelley, President, Peter Farrell, Vice-President, Peggy Smith, Secretary Joan Sommer, Treasurer. During the year the Varsity Club held a record hop and initiation of new members. BASKETBALL USHERS R. Springer, L. Monson, L. Springer JUNIOR SPEAKERS Seated Left to Right: S. Sargent, R. Jude, M. Carney, J. Brown, J. McKenney Standing Left to Right: Miss Violette, W. Linscott, E. Applebee, A. Wilbur, P. Johnson, P. Higgins. JUNIOR SPEAKING EXHIBITION The Junior Speaking Exhibition was held on March 19. Reverend Paul Kirstead opened with the invoca- tion. The Glee Club added several familiar songs to the evenings entertainment. David lngraham and Micheal Povich furnished musical solos. Miss Carol Prentiss, Speech Director at the University of Maine, was the judge. Terrible Miss Dove Spartacus to Gladiators Last Leaf Today and Tomorrow Death of a Hired Man Tell-Tale Heart Edgar Allen Poe Judith McKenney Philip Higgins Kellogg Sixteen Maureen Daly Arthur Wilbur Judith Brown O. Henry Brer Rabbit was too fast for Mr. Fox Joel Chandler Harri Sandra Sargent William Linscott Arsenic and Old Lace Everett Applebee Rosamond Jude Robert Frost Raven Edgar Allen Poe Mary Carney Philip Johnson Richard Beal, Clayton Frost, Joanne Phillips and Lois Hanson served as ushers. The exhibition was under the direction of Miss Joan Violette. meld? The Debate Club, Lmder the supervision of Mr. Richard Arsenault, each year participates in a number of debates, competing with many schools. This club is very beneficial to all its members and it does a fine job in representing our school in the competitive leagues. . DEBATE CLUB Seated L. to R: C. Nickerson, A. Carney, L. Herrick, J. Haynes, J. Kazutow Standing L. to R: Mr. Arsenault, E. Finch, M. Povich, D. Ingraham, N. Tilden .... vii. S GIRLS ls BOYS STATE DELEGATES L. to R: V. Crockett, R. Lakin, J. Kelley, J. Sommer, A. Fennelly, J. Kelley DIRIGO BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE DELEGATES The above students were elected as delegates to attend Dirigo Boys' and Girls' State. This organization, sponsored by the American Legion, provides citizen- ship training for girls and boys of high school age. It gives them an opportunity to live together as self - governing citizens, and informing them about the duties, rights, and responsibilities of American citizenship, in order that they may understand and participate in the funtions of our government. Boys' State was held at the University of Maine and Girls' State at Colby College. D. A. R. REPRESENTATIVE The Daughters ol the American Revolution Good Citizen award was received by Joan Sommer, a senior at Ellsworth High. Qialifications are as follows: dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism, as well as scholarship, which a student must have, to be eligible for such an award. 4422 x Tl ALL STATE BAND Sz CHORUS Evelyn Grindle, Barbara Clarke, Barry Hilton, and Robert Foster represented our high school at the All State Band and Chorus Festival. The students chosen for participation in this program are selected for their outstanding ability in the music field. 'Wi I4 J. Ackerman, ll. Coughlln, P. Wilbur J. Alley S. Blaisdell, S. Reynolds, J. Craig, SCHOOL BOOKKEEPERS Lto R: J. Sommer, J. Alley. L. Wilbur, Mrs. Springer, ll. Saunders, V. Crockett L. Vhlbur LIBRARIAN S The library, under the supervision of Mr. Pedder, has had many books donated to it through the efforts of a book drive sponsored by the Student Council. New metal book cases have been ordered. The librarians have voluntarily given their free periods to keep the library orderly. Plans are alreadv being made for even better use al the library next.year. Patricia Wilbur " 58" Head Librarian OFFICE ASSISTANTS First Row: L to R-C. Flynn, B. Phillips, P. Higgins, B. Budway, J. Alley Second Row: L to R-R. Jones, J. Ackerman, J. Mclienney, D. Bull, G. Wescott, M. Saunders, Mrs. Springer, S. Blaisdell Third Row: Lto R- N. Anderson, E. Madrell, J. Nesmith, P. Smith, C. Sargent, M. Scofield, A. Fennel ly, E. Hooper SeatedLtoR: lr. Pedder, L. Kinney, Standing L to R: R. Jude, F. Getchell, CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Seated L to R: F. Frost, R. Lurvey, B. King, R. Moon Standing L to R: P. Wilbur, L. Springer, B. Hardison, Mrs. Austin CAFETERIA PERSONNEL E X .. The Cafeteria personnel, under the efficient direction of Mrs. Edes and Mrs. Wessel, have given excellent service. The well balanced meals have been popular with the whole student body. 5 I LUNCH TICKET PERSONNEL Front RowLtoR P Smith G Wescott C Wonchoba M Keep R Rogers R Lurxey Back RowLtoR L Grindle L Wilbur K Dunbar A Carney G Clark Hardison J Alley J Maddocks Gus BANKING PRGGRAM Our school banking program was carried out thxs year under the supervlslon of Mr Dmmham and our head bank teller, Andrew Fennelly Bank tellers were chosen in each home room to handle the weekly partxcx patxon ol the students xn the program We hope that more students w11l realize the rising need for a savmgs account and take part ln thxs lnvalu able program ln their future years at Ellsworth Hxgh School Jean Ackerman 58 RICHARD BEAL Richard xs a fxrst prize wlnner ln the chemxstry d1v1s1on of talks and demonstrations in the State Science Fair For his entry of tuberculosls research, Richard was awarded a S200 scholarship and a chance to partici pate m the New England Science Fair We are very proud of this member of our student body and wish him SUCCESS BANK TELLERS SeatedLtoR J Sprmger P Jones J Haynes J Ackerman S Reynolds B Hardxson R Jones J Form Stand1ngLtoR J Hastmgs E Finch P Hlggms Seymour A Chamberlaxn R Allen J Tracy P Sullxvan L Sawyer E Madrell J Clark S Tapley Mr Dmham 17 4? . . "fc ' y 1 A X , MPQQJ A c. Deseck, T..Clough, 0. riorhson, 11. Beal, E. ' 9 , il 't A And S0 Thi' llay Govs- i I! X X X ! Q X "It'S too early in the morning for H2SO4! "Suppose 'Y wmll ever fluut ?" l "COme and get it! Soup'S 0112" "SL1yf Have yuu hL'LlI'd lm- 1.111-at ?" "IFS Ei beautiful 8-fl9I'nO0n- WT10 Wants U3 Study- " "We have that game wuh Brewer tun1tv. Lefs prnctloc thuse cheers! H olffemry STONES As varled as the lands from Wh1Ch they sprxn And var1ed 1n thelr uses near as much, Some stones do not appear to men as such But, rather, as the ransom of a k1ng Some valued are for comforts wh1ch they br1ng Lrke coal, wh1ch heats w1th what seems maglc touch Or lron, prlzed from Esk1mo to Dutch And Jewels, for wh1ch men rlsk everyth1ng Yet all are plucked from out the grasp of earth And all retam the coolness of the1r source Then' value ln men s mmds marks out thelr worth And greed enlarges lt w1th show oi force As monuments, w1th date of death and b1rth, Stones mark each man whose race has run 1ts course Rachel Sargent 58 MY DOG THE KING I l1ke to th1nk my dog, the k1ng Llstens and watches everyth1ng He hears my call and sees me go Out the door to shovel snow He follows me and mmds me well Has he a m1nd, well, who can tell? I l1ke to tlunk my dog the Klng Understands when I say Brmg Whether It s a stxck or rubber ball Or my sheep skm slrppers, From out UI the hall He seems to know my many commands I 11ke to belleve he understands I l1ke to tlunk my dog, the k1ng Would really l1ke to learn to smg For he starts to howl when the flre wlustle blows But what for or why, nobody really knows I know Ins bark IS worse than h1s b1te Yet he may scare people when they walk by at mght And I l1ke to thmk my dog, The Klng, Should have the best of everyth1ng Rlchard Beal 59 HIGH SCHOOL RE FLECTIONS Four years ago I, scared to death Wandered m here and found a desk My heart was pound1ng ln my ear And not a soul would g1ve me cheer New faces saw I, and I thought I know I ll never l1ke th1s lot The teachers faces I d1d eye They looked so str1ct I thought I d d1e The books seemed bxg and tall a.nd thxck Each t1me I looked, I turned back quxck So to the classroom, cold as 1ce, I crept to a seat and found lt nxce Folks I d1sl1ked on that f1rst day Now seem to be very much 0 K Each year I learned to l1ke It more And now those years don t seem l1ke four But here I am a semor now, W1th scarce a wrlnkle on my brow And so today I m glad that I, Attended good old Ellsworth Hlgh Thomas Power 58 WHAT AUTUMN MEANS TO ME When the a1r IS crrsp and the sun IS bold And the leaves fall fluttermg red and gold There s the smell of wood smoke on the breeze As we gather apples from our trees The mountalnsxde IS a pageant of flame, Such rlotous colors no artlst can tame Then I th1nk of my loved ones and of my school And know I must try to follow each rule That was g1ven by God to Moses that day That all men must cher1sh and try to obey Because Autumn comes the last of September Th1s IS the tlme that I lxke to remember Elxzabeth Llnscott 5 . 2 1 , . . , . 2 Q 1 J 1 , . 2 Q . . , . . a ' 1 . . , . , . . I IV YY J , . ' r v , , . . . VV ' VV . , . . , . y 1 1 ' ' u 91: ' 1' VY September October 2 3 4 November 10 16 December 17 29 January 16 17 February March March 1 7 SOCIAL School opened with a class of scared Freshmen and a class of conf1dent Sen1ors Freshman 1n1t1ation They lwed to tell of lt at the evenmg program and soclal Teachers' Convent1on the students see th1ngs reversed as the teachers go to school The Umted States Marine Band gave mat1nee and evening concerts never to be forgotten The newly organized football team w1ns one at H1gginsl We have a week off not much fun though lt seems everyone has the flu Amerxcan Education Week Open House Hancock County Round Rob1n and our f1rst glxmpse at what the Eagles have to offer th1s year Wlllxam Wallace was the guest speaker on Marvels of the M1nd He cer ta1n1y is a very amazmg gentleman Sen1or Variety Show Entertamment Our fzrst game of the basketball season and our first w1n Sm1le Pretty! First group p1ctures for the Jester by Stevens Stud1o Christmas Vacation DIARY Apr1l 9 10 11 12 18 28 May Assembly held to explam the organ1zat1on 23 of a C1Vl1 A1r Patrol un1t Midmte oil for sale M1d years The g1rls opened a successful basketball agamst Sumner An exc1t1ng day for the Jun1ors and Senxors as the new members of the Nat1onal Honor Socxety were capped 1Il the trad1tional ceremony 111 the aud1tor1um As is the custom, he new members had to wear thexr caps all day School closed for the M1d Term Vacatxon Back to school and the home stretch for the Semors P V C Debate at Old Town Harlem Globetrotters held eXh1b1 t1on m our gym 29 June 1 Jun1or Speakers held thexr f1nal exh1b1t1on Surely a.n enJoyable performance One Act Play Contest held at Cala1s Ellsworth's entry was an excellent one Hancock Commty Sc1ence Fa1r held m Blue H111 Several prom1s1ng sc1ent1sts from Ellsworth part1c1 patmg State Sc1ence Fa1r held w1th D1ck Beal a w1m1er He certa1nly IS a credxt to Ellsworth I-hgh and deserves the honor Spec1al assembly was held for the orgamzatxon of a Youth H1ghway Safety Councll Our students are now begmmng to realxze the elements of safety The all State Band And Chorus Fest1val was held a.nd Ellsworth Hlgh School sent a f1ne delegat1on Spr1ng Vacatxon State F H A Convent1on Certalnly a memorable occas1on for those attend1ng as well as part1c1 patmg F1rst game of the baseball season w1th Bar Harbor Band and Chorus held dlnner and dance A well earned reward Jumor Prom held lots of stardust floatmg around Off for Quebec French Club leaves for a weekend tr1p Any m1dn1ght o11 left? lt s tlme for flnals It s the lovehest n1ght of the year Graduatlon Ball Baccalaurate Servxce Class mght H1lar1ty rergns who goes where, when and how? It s a bag world but we feel pretty well prepared after our four years at E H S Who knows, classmates whether we may ever meet agaxn Good bye to Ellsworth Hlgh Schooll We ve graduated to a blgger school whlch never termmates the world Jud1e Alley 58 MaryCarney 59 4 19 . . . ' 21 ' ' - . Q s 14 ' ' ' , 5 . . . . 19 ' ' ' 26 - 4 -1 a . 16 " . 21 I ' ' Q . ' o v . ' - ' . 26 . . . ' ' . 22 ' - ' t Plus. 1 National Honor Society initiation. 29 . I . I - 1 5 n Q 2 S . - l , 16 ' ' 10 ' ' ' 'u , 24 U . . t I , . 5, 6 . . . , . 21 . . . I . 6 v - - i - ' - 8 ' ' . - - , r 10 ' . ' ' ' - 0 11 ' ' 21 ' - 3 , . ' 4 . . . ' . ' ' " ' Andy Fennelly s problem A c1rcle has no corners An oval has no corners too But not so nearly no corners as a c1rcle has Peter I dream every mght about baseball B1ll1e Don t you ever dream about a.nyth1ng else gxrls for example 'P Peter What and m1ss my turn at bat' Sen1or Glrls When a bunch of g1rls get together, we p1ty the flrst one who leaves Salesman Thls model has a top speed of 130 mxles per hour and she ll stop on a d1me Bllly Fernald What happens then 9 Salesman A l1ttle putty knlfe comes out and scrapes you off the wmdshleld She s so dumb she stands ln front of the m1rror w1th her eyes shut to see how she looks when she s asleep The mus1c ln the jomt was so bad that when a wa1ter dropped a tray full of dlshes, everyone got up and started dancmg Planet Mars Harul lo meckle Oh boy' there s a full earth tonxght Use lump soap Doesn t lather Doesn t bubble Doesn t clean It s just company 1n the tub Fxrst mosqulto What are you so happy about? Second mosqulto I just passed my screen test Glve me a mttch Bob Here lt lS Tom Well can you beat that? Ive forgotten my tlgarettes Too bad guess you won t need the match after all, w1ll you? A skeleton lS a strlpteaser who overdld lt Grandf ither and granddaughter stood watchmg the young people dance about them I ll bet you never saw dancmg l1ke that back m the n1net1es, eh, gramps? Once, but the place was ralded If at flrst you don t succeed, try, try agaln Then stop After all, there s no ISS bemg s1lly about It He Fly to She Fly Say you love me, or I 11 Jump 1nto the f1rst bowl of soup that I see To err IS human but when the eraser wears out before the pencll you are overdomg xt I . IV ' VY ' - , vu v ' ---- ' vw . YV -- ' VI , - . vw ' . ' f ' ' I I " - , vw H . 11 ' ' r A l " , . . . I I ' . V - , ' Y I vw Advertising Doldrumsz Y I V w r Y ' - 4 ' ' . " vl , 4 " ' , Iv . , . , . , Y i' , rv , . . V Y ' II , . z A . Y' . ' rv ' V ' Y ' . . . - - . , . . . , . Star Dust ,A gi Jr! r lx FV ljtngaltg THE ROYAL PAIR Judle Alley and Robert Carr SNOW BALL CARNIVAL On February 28 the Junnor Chamber of Commerce agam spon sored their axmual Snow Ball Carnival at the Ellsworth Cnty Hall The classes chose thexr candidates for lung and queen The royal couple was chosen the night of the dance Robert Carr and Judlth Alley were crowned King and Queen The dance was greatly enjoyed by all and the wxnter decoratlons added to the galety of the occasxon Us CANDIDATES FOR KING AND QUEEN LtoR: J. Alley, B. Budway, J. Nesmith, J. Sprmger, R. Carr R. Ackerman. R. Davls, C. Eaton Ql I I Q4 9531 L 6 , . . - tw eg VARIBT SHU L F1rst Row LtoR B Phllhps J Crowley, N Gould J Kelley L Wxlbur, M Saunders D Corllss J Boulette L Kmney J Cralg T Kmney C Flynn Second Row LtoR I Murch, L Edes P Sm1th R Jones R Sargent J Alley, M Coughlm P Wllbur F Getchell S Blalsdell R Stevens M Pov1ch P Hxggms Tlurd Row LtoR A Sm1th B Merrltt L Hlggms T Joy R Carr F Watts W Fernald T Power J Bunker, A. Fennelly B Hllton D Stover On December 5 1957 the Semor Class sponsored a successful Varxety Show We presented to an attenuve audxence such celebr1t1es as Elvxs Presley Johnme Ray and Debbxe Reynolds known to us as f Q 'N 2934 JR 'F' W' , U pl fi " Teddy Joy Bobby Carr and Marxlyn Saunders Everyone enjoyed our own French Chorus Lme The Dancing Sxsters, and the great smgmg ab1l1ty of Davxd Ingraham Each specxal act made xts own unforgettable bxlhng Lmda Edes 58' 7 ONE ACT PLAYS Dramatlcsl The sou1's self GXIJTGSSIOH Our three one act plays brmg out a httle Shakespeare 111 all of us SENIOR PLAY CASI' Seated. J Ackerman Mrs Linscott S Blalsdell Standing: T Power V Crockett A. Fennelly gems-,Q 'X JUNIOR PLAY CAST QREGIONAL ENTRYJ Lto R. J McKenney W Nickerson R. Poster P Higgins Miss Violette FREEMAN PLAY CAST Seated P Ramldell S Goodale A. Carney Standilllt A. Chamberlain R. Ackerman M. Povich Mr Pedder Flrst Row LtoR P Sterlxng, J Brown L Herrick, M. Tapley J Haynes P Hxggms J Awalt J Kelley S Austm T Klnney J McKenney Second Row' Lto R L Hanson N Txlden K Mallock P Sullivan M McLean J Sprxnger, C Sargent O Ordway J Esterberg P Behr P Crabtree R Carhsle C Fuller J Brown A Carney S Goodale, Mxss Vxolette Th1rdRow LtoR C Flynn J Cralg B Phxlllps R Foster W Llnscott T Powers A Fennelly R Carr, W Nxckerson F Watts J Saunders J Nesmxth Fourth Row LtoR G Worden J Eaton M Carney E Went worth L Nxchols C Fulton M Fulton, S Tapley N Dolliver g Dramatlcs Club The Dramatlcs Club was orgamzed under the supervlsxon of Miss Joan Vxolette Pres1dent Vxce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer The followmg offlcers were elected. Phlllp Higgins Judxth Haynes J1l1 Kelley Jeanette Awalt The club made a trlp to Belfast to attend a drama conference and has been largely responslble for dramatxc act1v1t1es mn the school Jean Ackerman 58' JACK KELLEY vornn uos'r LIKELY 'ro succsmrr The outstandmg student of the Class of 1958 S Bl31Bd9u and R. Lakin . 6 ' : - . ' . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . . ' . , . , - , . , . , . . , . , ' ! ' I ' l ' I ' 7 . , . , . : - . , . , . , . , . , . , . , 1 . . , . , . , . 2 - . , . , . , . - , . , . , . . , . 'hh O 4 P l n U . H . ol f 'Q .2 c - . -1 V, A . . ' 505 Q Sb Co 3 N32 fa C27 O Q3 3 Q Q56 RQ FOOTBALL SQUAD F1151 Row Left to Rlght W Nlckerson A Smlth P Johnson R Saunders R Lowell H Ashmore C Marshall J Jenluns T Power Second Row Left to Rtght G Moran L Patten D DeRaps H Conners B Holmes G Clark P Farre1l,G Jenluns R Allen C Brown Third Row, Left to Rlght J Smxth R Madrell H Chever1e F Sprague R Kane C Eaton A Scott WKmgtJKmW ln, FOOTBALL Once agaln football was revlved at Ellsworth wlth only three letter men returmng Although playxng a l1m1ted schedule the team, under the excellent tutorlng of Coach Damon recexved valuable experlence Slnce most of the players are underclassmen thxs experlence w111 help produce future teams at Ellsworth Hxgh School It IS hoped that 1n the commg years more xnterest wxll be dlsplayed tn thns sport Those recexvmg letters for the fxrst txme were Peter Farrell Tom Power Albert Smxth Jack Kelley Phxlxp Johnson Bxlly Nickerson, Rxchard Saunders Gary Moran, and Charlxe Eaton Prevtous letter wxnnels are Barrxe Rogers Andy Scott, and Robert Lovell Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth 21 SCHEDULE Bar Harbor Bucksport Brewer J V Hlggms Jack Kelley 58 .. Q 'Q . ' . ' . . ' . ' .Q I . . ' 3 . . . . - . t Q, .- S' " A ' 1 7 25 18 13 0 . . 7 ' ' 13 VARSITY TEAM Standmg L to R C Eaton, B Rogers A Scott, T Joy W Nlckerson P Farrell J Gordon B Holmes G Clark W Kmght, J Kelley Kneehng L to R J Form, Mgr R Dow Mgr Coach Lovely F Watts Mgr VARSITY BASKETBALL Although lacklng m hexght, but not ln des1re, the Ellsworth Eagles completed a successful season and almost made the Eastern Mame Tournament After losmg a few games at the begmmng of the season, the team came on to pull the upset of the year by defeatlng Brewer Th1s was due to the excellent coachmg of Eugene Lovely and the sp1r1t of the boys Follow1ng IS the nucleous of thxs year's squa Peter Farrell, Andy Scott, Ted Joy, Jack Kelley, and Barr1e Rogers The remainder of the team was made up of the followmg W1ll1am Nlckerson, Gary Clark Blame Holmes, Jack Gordon, Charles Eaton, an Wllllam Kmght The Eagles posted the1r flrst vxctory when they defeated the Pemetic Indlans Ted Joy paced the Eagles wlth erghteen pomts a.nd Farrell followed wxth Andy Scott contrmbuted fxfteen pomts 1n a loslng cause, as the Eagles dropped a hard fought tussle to Bar Harbor Old Town then entertaxned the Eagles 1n the1r thlrd outxng and defeated the Eagles by seven pomts Farrell led the Ellsworth scorers by postmg runeteen pomts John Bapst poured on the pressure xn the fxnal per1od and went home wlth an 81 64 vlctory over the Ellsworth qumtet Farrell agam led the scorers w1th elghteen a.nd Kelley added thlrteen At the expense of Bucksport, the Eagles posted thexr second verd1ct of the season Rogers paced the Ellsworth attack wlth runeteen pomts and Joy contrx buted tlurteen ln the next game at Belfast, the Eagles lost a two polnt decxslon to the Lxons Barrle Rogers paced Ellsworth wlth ftfteen pomts Farrell and Scott provided the spark as Ellsworth defeated the v1s1t1ng Pemettc Ind1ans Scott had twenty one pomts a.nd Farrell added twenty The Eagles clawed the Tlgers from Rockland for the1r fourth wln Agam Ellsworth was led by Farrell, who swlshed twenty two pomts, and Scott, who scored seventeen Bangor then clxpped the Eagles wmgs as the Eagles went down to the1r fxfth defeat Farrell paced the losers wxth thmrteen pomts Peter Farrell put twenty exght blg pomts through the hoop as the Eagles avenged an earller loss to the Bar Harbor Seaslders Led by sharp shootxng Peter Farrell, who dumped ln twenty one pomts, the Eagles gave the much taller Brewer Wxtches a run for the1r money for three quarters before bowmg out 1n the fxnal per1od The Ellsworth qulntet avenged a.n earller defeat by Belfast by rackmg up an 82 44 vlctory The v1ctors were paced by Farrell wxth twenty one Kelley wlth sxxteen, and Scott addmg fourteen The Eagles proceeded on the vxctory trall with a hard earned w1n over the v1s1t1ng Old Town Indxans wlth twenty three a.nd Teddy Joy who contrxbuted elghteen The host, Bucksport was taken xnto camp as the Ellsworth quxntet made lt three vlctorles xn a row Farrell threw 1n twenty one, and Joy and Scott scored flfteen aplece Commg back from a 17 6 f1rst per1od d6f1Clt the mspxred Eagles staged the upset of the year as they defeated the Brewer Wxtches Tlus was mdeed a team effort and, undoubtedly the best game the Eagles played thxs season The wxnners were paced by Farrell and Kelley who bagged seventeen and fourteen pomts respectlvely Paced by Farrell a.nd Rogers, the Eagles suffered another defeat at the hands of the Bangor Rams The Eagles cllnched the1r second wm of the season over Rockland as they dumped m exghty one poxnts Farrell was the bxg gun for the Eagles as he swmshed thxrty three pomts and Kelley dumped 1n twenty one Tournament-bound John Bapst then defeated the Eagles 1n the fmal game of the season Farrell led the Eagles 1n the losxng cause by scormg elghteen pomts a I , 4 , I. , I , n . q : . . , . , . , , 1 - . . V - 1 ' A d , , - l . . Seventeen- A g U A ' The victorious Eagles were headed by Peter Farrell . A ' ' . , . .I . ' , - . . . . , . . 7 EAGLE STARS I.. Jack Kelley Peter Farrell Andy Scott Teddy Joy Buddy Clark B11ly N1ckerson Barry Rogers l Jack Gordon Charhe Eaton BUZZ19 Holmes Buzzy Kmght l L N .Q , .o o I sa Wh o H S t 1' m S N 4 I lSgll'Lhf'Jl"g1"0 lf A N gs and Fly W ik'-a e if f , , '22-V A V, ' if? . 4 h -ffwf I 'W S' is sh Q f - In w I! , ak 1 V at u ' 1 1 C-'33 wwf, A5 I Lg. ll im U Coach Lovely and Managers Forn1 and Watts Name Peter Farrell Jack Kelley Ted Joy Andy Scott Barr1e Rogers Jack Gordon Gary Clark Charles Eaton Wm N1ckerson Wm Kmght Bla1ne Holmes ,K INDIVIDUAL SCORING F G F T GAME SCHEDULE Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellswo th Ellsworth Ellsworth Ells Ellswo Ellswo Ellswo Ellswo Ells Ells Ells Ells Ellswo Ellswo Ellswo t Ellswo tn OPP Pemet c Ba Harbo Old Town Joh Bapst B ckspo t Pemet c Rockland Bango Bar Ha bo B ewe Belfast Old Tow Bucksport Ba go Rockland John Bapst 6 Total 137 78 352 71 49 191 55 64 174 56 35 147 ' 56 26 138 21 28 70 20 10 50 6 4 16 . ' 1 6 8 . ' 2 1 5 ' 0 2 2 on nt 66 i 45 r 54 r r 63 47 5 1' A' 64 n 81 RM worth 78 u r 54 7' Ellsworth 44 Belfast 46 rth 66 i 58 X-I r 78 5 Q? rt: 46 r 78 Y rth 68 r r 63 J worth 59 r r 69 I worth 82 44 ' worth 64 n 60 worth 77 71 rth 55 Brewer 52 rth 64 n r 89 r h B1 47 r ' 60 82 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Llttle publlclty ts gxven to tlus group of boys who under the capable dlrectlon of Coach Luce hate COmD119d a record of mne w1ns and slx losses Thls team should supply future varsxty teams wlth good materxal .,.ht5h,f5 rl. JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Q Seated L to R: P. Johnson, H. Ashmore, R. Morrison Dow, K. Clark, D. DeRapps, G. Moran, Mr. IQ Whitmore JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL After sex eral changes from freshman to J V and fron tarsltw. to J V the J V s complled a record of ntne wms a.nd nme losses The team scored a total of 817 pomts for an at erage of 43 4 pomts per game Leadtng scorers were Blame Holmes wxth 148 polnts Rxchard Kane wlth 14a and Alfred Chamberlaxn wxth 94 pomts One of sex eral outstandlng games was a 4a 41 or ertxme wln ox er Brewer at Brewer Schedule Freshmen Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth FRESHMAN TEAM Blue Rlll Mt Desert Surrner Blue H111 Bucksport Deer Isle Stomngton Brooklin Bucksport Sumner Deer Isle Stonxngton Old Town Brooklxn Old Town SeatedLtoR Mr Luce A Chamberlaln H Conners M Hawks C Brown C Phxppen R Ackerman G Karst R Hart Mgr Stand1ngLtoR M Povxch Mgr H Gordon D Fowler R Pmkham, T Scott R Allen L Stratton K Shea, R Kmg Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Ells Pemetxc Bar Harbor Old Town John Bapst Bucksport Crosby Pemetxc Rockland Bangor Bar Harbor Brewer Crosby Old Town Bucksport Brewer Bangor Rockland John Bapst fox er t is Toti 317 Poxnts Opp ment Total 729 Lovell, A. Wilbur, R. Kane, R. Saunders, D. Standing L to R: R. Beal Mgr.g D. Archer, D. lrrej ttwrs mug tm 'S' :Fw M BASEBALL TEAM We vi? ' 'P lax' WV? sg vw 'fa SeatedLtoR W Rogers F Gordon G Moran G Clark J Form J Awalt R Kane D Archer A Scott W Knight Mr Whitmore StandxngLt0R R Buckminster J Kelley A Wilbur R Davis R Lovell P Farrell W Nickerson J Gordon J Walsh H Ashmore R Beal BASEBALL 119571 Wh The seven returning lettermen this year were Walsh, Awalt Rogers, Farrell, F Gordon, Moran and Lovell Those receiving letters for the first time were R Kane, G Clark A Scott, J Kelley, and J Gordon Those receiving numerals for the first time were D Archer and A Wilbur The team closed the season with a 10-7 win over Bar Harbor to tie with Bucksport for first place in the Hancock County league SCHEDULE AND SCORES ,' J Ql957j Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth ' Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth 2 Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth X X x ..- 1 1 3 O 5 3 10 Bar Harbnr Bangor Brewer Orono Pemetic Old Town Bucksport 2 John Bapst 8 Sumner 4 Bangor 7 Bucksport 1 Bar Harbor 7 Home Home Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Home Away William Nickerson "59" TRACK TEAM Knee11ngLtoR C Eaton G Grlndle F Gonzales D Osler K Awalt J Smlth B Fogg J Tracy D DeRaps P Sylua Stand1ngLtoR A Call A Smxth J Ashmore F Jordan P Johnson P Hurley G Thomas J Boulette R Dow Mr Allen TRACK 1 9 57 The track team part1c1pat1ng xn many meets worked at a dlsadvantage last year Because the Squad was few ln number certaln members had to compete ln three or four events w1th1n the spread of a few mmutes Fred Jordan set a new record for the dxscus and the shot put at the county meet at Bucksport Wxlltam Nxckerson 59 CROSS COUNTRY Perhaps the least recognlzed of our xarslty sports but certalnly one of the most arduous IS cross country The boys coached by Mr Sprxpue worked falthfully to pro duce a good squad Captaxn Donald Osler Howard Dorr Charles D1ll1on and B1ll Lxnscott carr1ed much of the load for the Ellsworth team thxs season W1ll1am "hckerson 59 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Front RowLtoR Mr Sprague D Sargent W Llnscott T Scott A Chamberlam P Archer Back RowLtoR A Wxlllams G Karst H Dorr J Gordon C Dxllon D Osler had-s fN Q CHAMPS! L to R.: J. Goodale, P. Crabtree, J. Esterberg, J. Forni, K. Emery, M. Tapley, P. Behr. 00 Go SENIOR AND JUNIOR BOWLERS First Row L. to R.: B. Seymour, R. Jones, J. Ackerman, J. Awalt, J. Craig, B. Phillips, R. Sargent, L. Kinney, C. Flynn, J. Phillips, L. Edes, D. Corliss, J. Boulette Second Row L. to R.: K. York, R. Springer, J. Clark, K. Beal, E. Awalt, M. Carney M. Coughlin, 1. Murch, L. Hanson, G. Carlin, L. Springer, R. Maddocks, J. Kelley, J. Alley, Miss Plaisted. Third Row L. to R.: D. Keeping, J. Nesmith, J, Brown, J. Sommer, F. Getchell, B. Clarke, T. Clough, R. Jude, M. Skofield, N. Anderson, P. Smith, S. Gerrish, M. Keep g0LUAl'lg FRESHMEN 81 SOPHOMORE BOWLERS First Row L. to R.: C. Fuller, J. Haynes, S. Austin, R. Carlisle, T. Kinney, K. Emery P. Behr, M. Tapley, J. Forni, J. Goodale, P, Crabtree, J. Esterberg, R. Sabo, B Seavey. Second Row L. to R.: H. Brown C. DeBeck S. Goodale, A. Carney, M. Blaisdell M. McLean P. Sullivan, J. Eaton, L. Sawyer, L. Herrick, S. Higgins, J. Whitmore P. Sterling, S. Alley, O. Ordway, Miss Plaisted Third Row L. to R.: L. Monson N. Dobbins, S. Tapley, J. Hopkins, E. Cunningham C. Merchant L. Nichols M. Maddocks, N. Dolliver, C. Fulton, M. Fulton, S. Collins M. Hall, R. Moon Fourth Row L. to R.: P, Saunders P. Ramsdell L. Mortimer, J. Badger, G. Clark, B. Carroll, S. Beal, P. Smith, H. Guite, L. Firlotte, J. Maddocks YT Q 1 1 X N-f VARSITY SQUAD L. to R: C. Flynn, J. MCKenney, P. Behr, J. Brown, L. Kinney, M. Tapiey, G. Davis COMBINED CHEERLEADERS Front Row L to R: M. Carney, K. Emery, J. Craig, P. Boss, T. Kinney, S. Austin, J. Ester- berg Back Row L to R: G. Davis, M. Tapley, L. Kinney, J. Brown, P. Behr, J. McKenney, C. Flynn 'S 6? J.V. SQUAD Standing L. to R: J. Craig, K. Emery, S Austin, T. Kinney, M. Carney, G. McKeown P. Boss, J. Esterberg ! 48 I I l The cheerleaders were organized under the superv1s1on of M1ss Russell The varsity cheerleaders were provided with new maroon jumpers made by the home economics depart- ment. Both squads gave welcome support to their teams. v-.wax-lu GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM StandingL toR E Grlndle G Carlln L I-Ierrlck P Sullxvan T Clough N Clough B Clarke J Philhps R Jude S Colhns, J Awalt J Form Mxss Plalsted Kneel1ngL toR. J Eaton Mgr S Blalsdell P Smxth J Sommer Co Captalns A Carney Mgr g..,lef4,.fz The Ellsworth High School basketball Eaglettes have enjoyed a successful season this year of seven wins and no losses under the skillful coaching of Mlss Marjorie Plalsted The Ellsworth Eaglettes have averaged 48 points compared w1th23 Mor the opposition Leading scorers were Joan Sommer 113 Barbara Clarke, 97 and Peggy Smxth 75 Start lng in the guard position were Sally Blalsdell, Thelma Clough Rosamond Jude and Joanne Phillips Others seeing plenty of action were Evelyn Grlndle, Jeanette Awalt, Linda Herrick, Jean Fornl, Nancy Clough Genevieve Carlm Shlela Collins and Patricia Sullivan Managers were Joan Eaton and Anne Carney Ellsworth SCHEDULE OF GAMES AND SCORES Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth Ellsworth 43 Sumner Oppos1t1on 23 Deer Isle Deer Isle Sumner Mt. Desert Bar Harbor Bar Harbor f 1 u ' K' .I .. . . . ' f . .. - f . . ' ,M Q . 1 . we l ,- v .. - . E h A M , --,t........ . . f ---Nha " ,..,...-4. . 1.-......-,.. 0 I ,l - . i Q ....... .,.,,,.,... ' m f - .- -X ' . , . GIRLS IFTBALL TEAM Standing L. to R.: L. Whlte, S. Closson, M. Tibbetts, B. Clarke, B. Kane, J. Phillips N. Anderson, G. Carlin, 1... Herrick, E. Grindle, J. Forni Kneeling L. to R.: Miss Plaisted, P. Behr, S. Butler, J. McKenney, B. Smith, P. Smith, L. Wilbur, R. Jude, J. Sommer, C. Baker GPA , Under the excellent coaching ability of Miss Marjorie Plaisted, the Ellsworth High School girls' softball team has compiled an extraordinary record of no defeats in the last tour years with 9 wins and 0 losses this year. After winning the P. V. C. trophy permanently ln 1954, the team has been un- defeated for the last three years to win the Hancock County championship and P. V.C. title, earning the right to keep their second P. V. C. trophy. The team's starting llne-up and batting averages are as follows: Connie Baker, lr. f. J, . 806g Joan Sommer l1.f. J, . 625, Barbara Clark, 11st basej, . 523, Rosamond Jude, ich, .474g Patty Behr, 12nd basel, .472g Peggy Smith, Qs. s. J, .4445 Betty Ann Smith, tc. f. J, . 410, Beverly Kane, lp. l, . 333, and Sharon Butler, 43rd basel, . 300. Other squad members with playing experience: Pitcher, Joanne Phillips, Catcher, Genevieve Carlin, Shortstop, Judith Mclienney, Third Base, Evelyn Grindleg Second base, Linda Herrick, Outfielders, Lorna Wilbur, Nancy Anderson, and Meredith Tlbbetts. Beverly Kane's outstanding pitching record consisted oi 51 imtlngs of play, 49 strikeouts, allowed 15 bases on ball, and 37 hits. The substitute pitcher, Joanne Phillips, played 12 innings, struck two out, allowed two bases on balls, and 3 hits. Ellsworth Opponents Ellsworth Bar Harbor Ellsworth Sumner Ellsworth Brewer Ellsworth Orono Ellsworth Old Town Ellsworth BucksP01't Ellsworth Mt. Desert Ellsworth Bucksport Ellsworth 17 Bar Harbor 2 T55 total runs '2'8'tBtal runs 20. 6 game average 3. 1 game average Joan Sommer ' 58 CEM, .. 1923 Alexander, Loulse fRoyall Milhnocket Beal, Alv1n deceased Bonsey, Arthur deceased Brxdges James, North Arlmgton, V1rg1n1a Brown, Pers1s QRobertsJ Ellsworth Carhsle Carlton, Mason Surry Carter Byard, Plalstow, N H Colp1tts, Hazel lBlackstonel Western Umon Ellsworth Crabtree Dorothy QBa1rl Wlute Plams, N Y Davxs, Margaret Ch1ef Operator, New England Tel 8tTel Ellsworth DeWitt Curtxs Dorgan Robert Dyer, Ethel Uordanl Ellsworth Freder1c, Kenneth Mill Mgr Strong, Mame Gasper, Manford, Raxlway Express, M C R R. Surry Hlggms, Kenneth, Portland, Mame Jones Beairlce Uonesj Ellsworth Jordan, Madehne QRod1ckJ Tel Operator Ellsworth Lmnehan, Ehzabeth lMahonl Ellsworth Moon Ralph N E Tel 8: Tel, Ellsworth Moore, Dana, Electr1c1a.n Ellsworth Moore, Margaret fCO0lldgE, Ellsworth Rlchmond Ferne 1Tracyl Auburn Round, Elwood Round Gerald, Veazxe Royal, Donald Great Northern Paper Co M1ll1nocket Royal Raymond, U S Post Offlce Ellsworth Sawyer, Sherman, Bangor Smclalr, Harvard Southwest Hbr Carpenter Smclalr, Leon Tracy, Clyde, Gulf 011 Corp , Auburn CVM, of I928 Adams, Edlth, K1neo Store Ellsworth Brovum, James, State Dept of Educatlon, Augusta Mame Campbell V1rg1ma lBlackmanJ L1berty Natlonal Bank, Ellsworth Candage Marlon deceased Carney, Rodernck, Eastman's Store, Ellsworth Carter, John deceased Clark, Russell, Greenhouse employee, Plula delphla, Penn Conley, Pr1scxllaQSmartJ Stewart, Nev Damels, Freda fMlu1k9l'l, Freeport Dav1s, Dora fReevesl Drllon South Carohna Davls, Jeanette deceased Day, Robert, C K Foster, Inc Ellsworth Drummey, John, Bangor, Mame Duma Evelyn QDeW1ttJ Ellsworth Dunn Madelyn lBrownj Ellsworth El1ason, Karen tMonroel Clyne Court Newport R. Fletcher, H Gerald, Bangor Hydro Electr1c Co Ellsworth Fort1er, Frank, Tuttle Fortler Plumbmg C0 Essex, Mass Foss, June fSm1thl Ellsworth Goodwm, Greely, Warrant Offlcer U S Navy H1ggll'lS, Fred, Proprletor of Electrlcal Store, Taunton, Mass Johnson, Sylvxa fHamorl Bar Harbor Moon, W1111S deceased Moore, Carl, Typewr1ter Store, Bangor, Mame Saunders Harr1et deceased Sadler, Charlotte 1Morsel Teacher, Ellsworth Sm1th, Henry, Perhn s Store, Ellsworth Sm1th, Robert deceased Spurhng, Dorothy lwhltneyl Southwest Harbor Mame Thorsen James, Danvxlle, New Hampshxre CEU, of 1933 Arnold Betty QLancasterl Lmncoln, Mame Arnold Ruth, Proofreader, United Lutheran Publication House, Phrladelphla, Penn Ashmore, Beulah lBakerJ Ellsworth Austm, Kathleen lStackpolel Ellsworth Beal Franklln FredW Beal Inc , Ellsworth Bragdon Erva fHaynesl Bangor, Maine Clough, Mary, Waitress Hancock House, Ells worth Cochrane, Marguente lMarleyl Ellsworth Coleman, Jeanette QChevervl Ellsworth Conley Olive, Teacher at Old Town Hxgh School Conners Herbert, General Electrxc, Lynn, Mass Cushman Al1cefWoodburyJNat1ck Mass Davls, Anme QGunualdl Bucksport, Mame DeMeyer, Everett deceased Denms Lawrence, Denms Botthng Co Ells worth Dodge Dorothy fYorkl Hancock Mame Dorgan, Lawrence Dorxty, Audrey lBullJ R N Eastern Memorxal Hosp1tal, Ellsworth Dorlty, Mathel lBelllOt1s Mame Dorxty, Mxldred fSm1thl Stratton s Ellsworth Eldrxdge Gladys fWeartJ Emery Marjor1efDeBeckJFrankl1n Mame Googms, ElvaKJuddlSpr1ngf1eld Mass Gray Carl, Portsmouth Navy Yard L1ves at York Beach, Mame Gray, V1v1a.n lStackpoleJ Ellsworth Hanson, Rxchard Bangor, Mame Henry Lewls deceased Hlggms Estella QI-'rederxcl Strong Maine H1gg'1IlS Wxlllam Carpenter Dow Fxeld Bangor, Mame Hlllgrove, Leonard deceased I-lodgluns, Marxon tGalonl South Pans Mame Johnston Jack Teacher at Sumner Memorlal High School Jude, Judson Lawyer, Newport Mame Lmscott Kathenne fBl'ldg6S, Newberry's Ellsworth Lord, Shlrley United States Army Lovell, Lee, Constructlon Co , Hartford Conn Lowell, Madehne QNoell South Brewer Maine Loweree, Helen lReynoldsJ deceased Marshall, Paul deceased Meader, Persls fK1mballl deceased Ray John Plumbmg Contractor St Peters burg, Florlda Reed, Claxre fMoorel Carlbou Mame Robxnson, Ella, tBodel Atlanta, Georgla Sahsbury Charles Assoc1atedBu1lders, Ellsworth Sahsbury Lucllle CBraleyl0t1s, Mame Sallsbury Marjorie fNumeyerJ Kansas Clty Sm1th, Lorene, North Blue Hlll, Mame Smlth Robert, Reta.1lF1sh Business Ells worth Slow Gllbert deceased Spnnger, John, Statlon Agent, Waukeag, Mame Sprmger, Robert, Umted States Army Studer, Helen QSIIIIVZIIJ Cambrxdge Mass Txlden, Arthur, Atlantlc Machme Toolmg Co Hartford, Conn Tllden Jasper, Restaurant Km Motel, Ellsworth Walker, Davxd, F B I Washington, D C Warren Eugene deceased Wh1te Embert Southwest Harbor F1sh Co 7 I 1 ! . ' 7 , . . ' 7 ' -- 7 7 . . . , . . . . , , . . . . , , , , , . . ' ' . 7 7 . ., , . 7 . . , 1 'r - . 0 . n , , , I Q 7 L 1 , . . . ' ' 1 'J ' ' 7 ' ' 7 7 , , . . . . . . , . ' 1 , . . . , I ' 1 , . . . 7 7 Y , ., . . . .. , ., ' 7 7 . . , . , ., . . ' 1 ' 1 Wllley, Lucy . . ' . . ' . 7 7 7 7 . . , , , . 7 7 , . . . . . . 7 7 , . . . 1 7 7 7 ' . 7 . , . . 7 . . . . y y 1 ' ' , . 7 . . ., . . - - 1 9 7 f y 1 , , . . . I 7 7 ' , Mo. , . . . - . . . 1 7 - U , . 1 1 , - . - ' . , . . '7 . . 7 . , 7 . ., C5155 of I 938 Duffee, Robert, Musician, Blue Island, Illinols Phillips, Margaret, Instructor of Nutrmon B U School of Medicine Ramsdell Gordon Professor at U M. 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Y , . . ,. , I I ' PATRONS AND PATRONESSES A Frlend Charles A Laffm Frank Abram L M LaFur1ey John Ackerman Joseph L1nscott Arthur Ashmore Sldney L1nscott Edw1n D Aust1n Joseph1ne Luchm1 Henry E Austm Mr and Mrs Reg1nald McDev1tt Fred W Beal, Inc Melanson Jewelry Store Albert Behr Moore s Drug Store Mr and Mrs Blackman Ralph Moore Hazel Blackstone Darwm A Morr1son Beulah H Blance Ella Nason Mrs Mar1e Chr1st1e Xenophon Panos DaV1d Coughlm M 'rguer1te Parker Oscar Cra1g Margaret Partr1dge Harry Curt1s Mrs A J Patten Gerald Dav1s Marjorxe Plalsted Madelme Emery Mr and Mrs Fred Shea Ga1l Esterberg Myrna Skof1eld Lawrence Fletcher Carol E Sm1th Josephlne B Forb1s Edna Sm1th Fred Fort1er Mr and Mrs Henry W Sm1th Margaret B Franklln Barbara Stratton A Frlend Donald Stuart Selma Gerr1sh Mr and Mrs Paul D Tapley Mr and Mrs Freder1ck T Grlndle J A Thompson Co Earl Hanscom Al1ce T1lden Thomas M Holmes Patr1c1a T1lden Joe Howell George Vxttum Mr and Mrs Ralelgh Ingalls Franc1s Walker Isaac Jones Mr and Mrs Charles Ware Thurston Jordan Charlotte Wh1tcomb Charles W Joy W1lson Shoe DSFVICG Hale Joy Leo Doherty John T. 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I . r i sr r n - I CompIimen+s of c r s, sac, I . . Musacol u Ines I ne rm n .25 S llin s in M ine sinc ' n r - I - sw ' I 'I B ZZELL lllL U0. of C STRATTUN C0 Dealer and Dlstrlbutor of GULF PRODUCTS 5C to S5 OO STORES an HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES ELLSWORTH LINCOLN We G1ve S8zH Green Stamps PATTEN Phone NOrma.ndy 7 8596 or 7 2304 FREE CATALOG H U S S 0 N C O l. l. E G E C H Hussow Pres dem BANGOR MAINE Monne s Largest School of Business Trcunmg D O SCS SC efo O Ye O O 9 C CO BUS GSS S OlO CO CSC G 9 O O 6 Cl O ton mnstofo n essE ee eo o eo o Note Husso College the o ly sc ool Mc ne hch ofle o degree Account ng Complamenls of ST REGIS PAPER COMPANY BUCKSPORT MAINIE HI I d . . , i A I I O I l Termi ol C ur 1 S r ri I, S n gr phic, Gen rol leri I, in Admin- ih' i n, Ac unting. Th r f n nd Tw years' cluroi . Degree Courses: B.S. in Secreforiol Science, BS. in Accounling, 85. in Busines Ad i i r i n, B.S. i Busin ducolion. Th s or ff ur y rs' dur tio . z n is n h in i w I rs in i . canunnonuw- in 003 as-Aww. ..,.,,,, " -w..3-sn ., 4- vnu., rdf? 'GP' bi A fi ff '53 Investing In the Itnslness and Industrial Development ei Ilaneeek Ilennty and Eastern Maine our growth has co1nc1ded w1th the growth of busmess 1n th1s area At the present t1me we are act1ve1y helpmg to develop and make avallable the resources of th1s sect1on 1n many hnes and are servmg over 15 000 bankmg customers through our mam offxce at Ellsworth and our three agenc1es at Stomngton Cherryf1e1d and M11br1dge UNION TRUST COMPANY OF ELLSWORTH Off1CeS at Stomngton Cherryf1e1d and M11br1dge 7 T n g Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 3 F" . EIII 'Y That's what this bank has been doing for many years and . , . . . , . . . . . Z , . THE LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK THE LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK' S new bu1lc11ng was planned so that lt w1l1 be more convement for our customers There 1S a customer's lounge a large parklng area and a dr1ve 1n w1ndow, all for your use You are cord1ally 1nv1ted to lnspect our new bu1ld1ng We w1l1 be very happy to serve you LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK IN ELLSWORTH Ellsworth Mame MEMBER Federal Reserve System Federal Depost Insurance Corporat on Umted States Depos tory . ? - a . . I a a ' a Complnments of WILSON S SHOE SERV C WESCOTT S l E SHOE REPAIRING Rale gh L Ingalls P op Of All K nd JOHNSON OUTBOARDS Spe al Atte ton to Pc cel Post e NOrmcndy 7 8474 Ellsworth Al Water St eet Ellsworth Mc e Compl me ts LITTLE 81 GRAY Certted P blc Acco ta t Ells on-th Co pl ents of DONALD R GANONG DO 88 State Street ELLSWORTH MAINE Compliments ot MELANSON JEWELRY CO Autho led Deale Genu ne Reg ste ed KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Compl ments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Sp t g Goods Bcycles Tel NO mo dy 7 2933 pl ets BRAGDON FUNERAL HOME Ellsworth Molne J P ELDRIDGE CO rn g He Mane Compl et PERLIN S MEN S AND BOYS WEAR Mann Street Ellsworth pl etso HANCOCK WHOLESALE TOBACCO Candy Speclaltles Complnments of BLAISDELL 81 BLAISDELL suswokn-I MAINE Compl ments of KINEO MILL END C0 Ells orth Mame I I I . , r , I S ci n I r I r . in T . - I n of m im . , . . II u I un n s w I ' I rI r i i r or In I rel. Normandy 7-2206 Ellsworth, Moana HOME AND AUTO SUPPUES . r n - Com Im n of Plu bIn ancl ating I ' Ellsworth I im n S of Com im n f I W . N H BRAGG 81 SONS BANGOR MAINE Aufomohve Paris and Equspmeni' Indusirual and Weldmg Supplies Pho 0 73II BALTIMORE RESTAURANT Plzza and other cholce Ifallan Foods Telephone 9074 VASCO and BOB BALDACCI Props Besf Washes from S+oIreIys Fmesf Canned an Frozen Foods Avanlable af Your Local Independenf Food Sfore ARTHUR CHAPIN COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Br d S+ e1 a q ESTABLISHED 1836 BOOK BINDERS AND STATIONERS 29 FRANKLIN STREET BANGOR MAINE SALES Dictaphone SERWCE . , . n Under the new Bangor-Brewer Bridge ca re B n or, Maine , . o o I 9 A llll 101 c.,..pn......I, of HAIvIILToN's MARKET DR. G. L. RAND Groceries - Meats - Produce Optometrist Dehvery Porkmg 64 Hugh St Tel 7 2366 Tel NOrmondy 7 8615 Ellsworth, Moune ELLSWORTH, MAINE e +5 0 Compluments of BROWN S ESSO 1' 5 Hsu D ASHMORE BROS Auto Body Pcnnt Shop Twenty Four Hour 24 WRECKER SERVICE 24 Te eph e NOr dy 78515 Ng t 7 8372 Comphmonts of SILSBY 8- SILSBY Compluments of MADDOCKS SPORT SHOP Ellsworth Mauna Harmon s Upholstery Shop Seat Covers and Convert1ble Tops Installe Track Seats Repa.1red and Covered FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY Telephone NOrmandy 7 8612 BEHRS JEWELRY STORE EXPERT WATCH REPAIR Albert Behr Proprletor T C SMITH CCI INC HARDWARE AND VARIETY STORE 52 MAIN STREET NOrmondy 7 21 22 Ellswo th o Comp11ments of M R HEAD MEN AND BOYS CLOTHING Mam Street, Ellsworth, Mame Comp11ments of ACKERMAN HARDWARE DUPONT PAINTS ELLSWORTH , MAINE Complim nl I I I . . , M. . I on mon - I I'1: - Y , I I o l lv u 67 Main SIree1 Ellswonh "Featuring Qualify and Service" Auruonnzso 'rouRAIN: PAINT o:Au:R I - r , M ine I I MORRISON CHEVROLET INC Ellsworth ICHFVROLEU Mume MERRILL TRANSPORT CO MAINE S FLEXIBLE PIPE LINE gManeadNe H p e DIQIS ruce2 1037 Forest Avenue Portland 5, Maine I o .-..-? f'4'I' r, N I I, 1-I -.. f 9 i -'ills Compliments of vr v vw Servin i n w am shir ' P -6551 Phone NOrmandy 7 8221 GUITES AUTO SALES F C WHITE INC NEW AND USED CARS R1chf1e1d D1str1butor Bought and Sold GASOLINE AND HEATING OIL aht 1 b d aft IS on remem ere er Complete Serv1ce on Range and Automat1c O11 Burners R L GUITE Prop NO 7 2487 HIGH STREET ELLSWORTH HIGH STREET ELLSWORTH Newberrfs Family Store Mostly Self Serv1ce ELLSWORTH MAINE HOLSUM PREMIUM QUALITY BREAD Has That New Wondrous Taste Baked by JOHN J. NISSEN BAKING CORP. 1 I I , I Qu ' y ' g ,, . . Price is forgotten." , H I 0 , ' ! H ' VI ! 1 Q9 - 3 6 5 QQ 1 4171.1 Fmfnjar- our +hQ5kS for your cooperoiion and pofronoge. Gfficziol Class Phofogrophefs dis+inc+ive porfroiis by STEVENS ST UDIOS bongor, me. COMPLIMENTS OF C E NOYES COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS OF U S TIRES AND COMPLETE RETREADING SERVICE 244 Harlow Street Bangor, Morne Penobscot Beef 81 PIOVISIOH Co Sausage Jllanu acturers WHOLESALERS OF BEEF PORK LAMB VEAL BUTTER EGGS CHEESE POULTRY TELEPHONE 5633 BANGOR MAINE Ge? your School a d OHM 5"PP"' BOYD a. NOYES JEWELERS Keepsake Duamonds D MERRIFIELD CO INC Towle Sfeflmg Bangor Mme BANGOR MAINE O 64 Pickering Square 87 Broad Street n ' I ai ' 1 of c I . is HO TO H.JORD . L X ILLSWORTIIIOANQBUILDING ASSOCIATION TAPLEY BUILDING 69 MAIN STREET ELLSWORTH MAINE SYS Telephone NO andy 7 8335 THE ELLSWORTH AMERICAN ELLSWORTH MAINE TELEPHONE NOrmandy 7 2546 Publlshers and Commercial Printers mmm' VDKGE Serv at a cdntbe lvlvl-UL SALES and SERVICE Willys - GMC - Briggs 8. Stratton DOW PONTIAC, INC. NO 7 8301 46 I-ugh sr ELLswoRTH MAINE Tracy s Restaurant HOME COOKED FOOD SEA FOOD SPECIALTIES 24 Hour Service ELLSWORTH MAINE Com pl ents of shmore s Color Center Stot St eet ELLSWORTH MAINE Compl ments of Kane s Cut Rate Ellsworth Marne LLOYD AND FEROL DUNHAM pl etso ELLSWORTH LAUNDRY St te St eet Ellsworth Morne Compl e ts of ALLEN S SERVICE STATION of M 8- H gh Ellsworth MERRILL FURNITURE CO P ts and L oleums At Great Sa I gs c kl Street Tel NOrmondy 7 8651 H gh St eet NO andy 7 8737 360 Water Street Tel NOrmcndy 7 2542 ELLSWORTH Comphments of Ellsworth Exchange Hotel 19 SCHOOL STREET ELLSWORTH Tel NOrmandy 7 9888 CARL S GROCERY Hugh Street Ellsworth M0109 Compl ents of CURTIS SHOE STORE I8 State Street Ellsworth Tel NOrmcndy 7 2272 Co pl ments of J A THOMPSON 8. CO 'II9 Mo n Street Ellsworth Mo Compl ments of THE ADAMS CORPORATION DEPARTMENT STORE Ellsworth Morne ALL KlNDs or lNsuRANcE THE HOLMES INSURANCE AGENCY Tel NOrmondy 7 8100 Ellsworth . I I nm A ' ' e I' I . Com im n f D um n I C r Corner oin i I Household Furnishings ain in ' I - v'n Fr n in . - i r rm - I 9 lm m i i - - ine i HANCOCK HOUSE WENDELL T SMART O e T I dy 7 2531 ELLSWORTH NURSERIES HARMON S TEXACO STATION HIGH STREET ELLSWORTH Teleph 7 2062 Comphmenfs LEEN S ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE FOOTMAN HILLMAN DAIRIES Te,ep,,o,,e 94,6 54 WI Complimenfs of . , wner- Manager Ellsworth, Main , e. NOrmcm - Compliments of Complimenfs of :IC . T l I 7 one - Ellsworfh I of ison SI. Brewer, Mai e QE A -N 'Q PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD WILLEY S Clofhmg Sfore ELLSWORTH MAINE HAVEY S MARKET M A CLARK I FISH LOBSTER CLAMS Wholesale and Retaul 14 CHURCH ST ELLSWORTH Tel. NOrmandy 7 2112 NC FLORISTS GRCIWERS ELLS CIRTH M I E ELLSWORTH AUTO PARTS GENUINE GUARANTEED AUTO PARTS 39 HIGH STREET ELLSWORTH Tel NOrmandy 7 2769 41 4 1 Ng. 1' f B N r A if , SX X X N X X my fifwzwf x TQ N I 1 AND . W AN 'Q ! Compliments of J. H. CROWE, M. D. sworf Maine BEAL'S JEWELRY STORE, INC. 97 MAIN STREET ELLSWORTH, ME F B Cushman D0 ELLSWORTH, MAINE ELLSWORTH FRANKLIN NO 7 8185 LO 5 3353 DAVID BRAIDY Coats Suits Dresses and Hats Moderately Priced 14 Broad Street Bangor WHERE YOU SAVE Compiments of ATHERTON FULLER THE HAT SHOPPE ELLSWORTH MAINE Everythmg for the Ladles Compl ments of M A TORREY MD Ells orth Cornphments of PATTEN S SHOE STORE LUCHINI S F1nest Food Th1s S1de of Boston BOWLING ALLEY IN BASEMENT Telephone NOmandy 7 8181 Comphments of MIKE S Water Street ELLSWORTH ME McNALLY S BUS TERIVIINAL Cor Maun and State Streets, Ellsworth Compl me fs TEDS BARBER SHOP th Sf 90 Ma S+ eet Ells rth EH h I I , I l I . I i 1 i o s I s n ' W Maine 9 , . 9 , . 9 i n of lover T. C. Smi 's ore, in r wo PAUL D. TAPLEY, E.H. S. 1917 O. W. TAPLEY COMPANY Insurance, Real Estate, Surety Bonds We write all types of insurance for your protection, whether Slngle p011C16S on your camp or outboard, or scheduled coverage for your bus1ness Package po11c1es or comprehens1ve type all r1sk coverage can be placed for your home on easy terms for long term protect 1on and peace of mmd Comphments of Ellsworth Cement Block Co HIGH STREET TEL NOma.ndy 7 8144 Complnments of LAFFIN S NEWS STAND Mann Street Ellsworth lflel' S USQC NEW ENGLAND s l.ARsEs'r AND Mosr com LE E Music s1-on: 20 24 BROAD STREET BANGOR MAINE M L FRENCH 8. SON Sport Coats Slacks Sport Shurts Jackets Neckwear Footwear 196 EXCHANGE ST BANGOR ME TERRILL cl-mn sAws at F , s we tops IN Powsa 4' ounAau.m' AND smvucm roncommcueoe ons onset D D TERRILL SAW Bangor Mane n nv - ' ' - I . , . I -AIU 5 V ,515 -, TEL. 9494 " 'r "' ZF' We " 2 H' iff .r.,. if IV 0- I u run P T " . . C 0 . - - i f Mame's Fmest BROOKSIDE RESTAURANT Ellsworth Malne W A BEAN 8. SONS Wholesale 45 47 Pcker g Sq ae Bangor Q ng FOX AND GINN INC Movmg Storage Packing Shlpplng Ho d L e Bango Mane PHONE BANGOR 5608 Compl ments of BROUNTAS RESTAURANT Where Particular People Dane A Co clto ed 68 Man Street BANGOR MAINE LOUIS KIRSTEIN 8. SONS Real Estate 8. Insurance Service ron OVER 62 YEARS K ste dg 44 Central St BANGOR MAINE THE R. M. FLAGG CO. I I.AGG's ' BANGORJAAINE 35 37 Franklm Street BANGOR MAINE 01110111 Snyuvlny aiu! pfflllhllf fa. 175 EXCHANGE STREET BANGOR MAINE . fs: 1 O I 1 . . , , Beef and Pork Products ' ' - i in 'u r I2 war an r, i M I . I ll ' ' ll if 'I Il n I ir in Bl . . -, -. 'J 1 1- ':4i.':f..rf,'f 4"fff-' '?ff-L+ '-""!'J -- 4 WJ' 'Z-'fu-" 'f.,- ,-: . ' -- . I '- :-:.f5-'y::-- -.W 1- '- '-FW-321: ?'2

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