Ellsworth High School - Hub Yearbook (Ellsworth, WI)

 - Class of 1950

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Ellsworth High School - Hub Yearbook (Ellsworth, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1950 volume:

am The Hub represent the sp1r1t of helpfulness and good w1ll have a1ded 1n bu1ld1ng a better h1gh school have brought the undergrads and the alumn1 Into a closer relat1onsh1p And have cemented the bonds of good fellowsh1p Between teacher and pup1l I am a memento of school days to be long cher1shed My p1ctures Jokes class h1stor1es and recorded events I requ1re much txme and pat1ent effort In preparatlon For me the members of the Staff Have labored that my readers may be pleased I am publ1shed every year By the Jun1ors and Semors of Ellsworth Hlgh School Together w1th the co ope rat1on of the faculty And the student body I help to recall the fr1ends and pleasant memorles Of h1g'h school days I shall be treasured 1n future years I am the Sp1r1t of E H S I am The Hub Courtesy of Larson Qulnn Company 1 I . I . . . u I . . . . . . I . Make me dear to all who own me. X 8, ,hyat ...nv , Ns. Q. M.. 4 ,Q NM 'Y wwf, Nix, 4. -4.x --0-,. 1 om. ...- q,.-.....- .-..,,.s QTQWV 4-1 in , -f ,, ,fmuwmww Wm , Z +15 . Nw. ,, ' ,4 's V ...-1.1. .. ,. - va-..uf,.,, . ii -fl . A A -.,-P..-..a.,s.s.......,,, 9. 1 ',s""w. .- . ev ,,o. A A , A ,,,....--1 A " "'1--X-. -'wav-v. .....a.sa,f ., .-..-1-....-. ,.n-......- . - .-oe--aa-,- .Q..,,,.,.,..,,.,W. , ... ff-J AU Published by the Junior-Senior Annual Club of Ellsworth High School Ellsworth, Wisconsin 1949-1950 3 Dedication 'V' " gun as L We are proud to ded1cate our 1950 annual to our Agrlculture mstructor Mr Wall who has taught xn E H S for eleven years the longest of any of our present faculty members Mr Wall has donated much t1me to d1rect1ng of the F F A a popular boys organ1zat1on and to coachxng the undefeated F F A basketball team H15 fnendly personahty and wlnmng Sl'F1l6 have earned h1m the frlendshmp and respect of the student body and the ent1re commumty We can thmk of no one who better deserves thxs ded1 catxon Courtesy of Cook s Floral Shop 4 lmvmnssmmfncvm R R ROHDE Prmrlpal MR ROBERT AAMOTH MRS RACHEL AMES MR ERNEST BRICKNER Geometry Junxor Englxsh Cherrustry Algebra Freshman Englmh Physxcs Advanced Mathematxcs AUIICUCS MRS KATHLEEN DEISS MISS DOLORES FISCHER MR DELMAR FREDRICKSON Home Economxcs Bxology Socxal Problems Cxvxcs Speech U S Hxstory Courtesy of Lord Abstract Company, Wllham Moran and Charlotte Saxton 6 Typing Secretary Bookkeeping Stenography MR KENNETH WALL RUSSELL WHALEN MRS BERNICE WIBERG Agrxculture Bgnd Latin Glee Club Semor Englxsh Mxxed Chorus Sophomore Enghsh 1 MISS CATHERINE YANISCH MISS ANNABELLE RITCHIE MR DAVID RUHSAM Cxvxcs World Hxstory General SCICDCP Library Athletxc s Courtesy of Bank of Ellsworth 7 MRS. MARCELLA HAMMER MISS LILLIAN HILDEN 1 M C M - MR. . QW All My wig? gffwhjgi Q? iwwiwifw W7 W V! My 3-9QfwW"y QNX? W Qwggflgw ffj, dcgfawl lik Sf! W! JM MM W W fi' ' ' , if 4' ' A CGW , 'Uv , ' E .Qg6f'9V,. M5 ex IQ Sp ,iff we , , r 2 Ri L x. 0 01. YQQXMATJ nib, H X -'f 1, Dmgmw nlyfffdfo wav ' WJ M 0 Km- ,, . ef . " . 545 bm . 8 CHMIMUMWES Class H :story On the brlght and sunny mormng of September 9 1946 the halls of Ellsworth H1gh were darkened by the presence of smxty e1ght fresh Freshmen We were as green as usual but lt d1dn't take long for us to learn the ropes Vernon Allxe was elected Class Pres1dent to gu1de us through our toughest year Bonme Bjornson was V1ce Presxdent Mary Jane Haessly Secretary and Joy Seyforth handled our mea ger funds Came October Z In1t1at1on Day and a new fashlon was set for us by the Sophomores The boys were requ1red to wear women's hats dresses and over shoes and the g1rls were rather odd looklng 1n overalls shuts and hlgh heels wxth thelr ha1r 1n many p1gta1ls Our advlsors Mrs Schroeder and Mr Wall supplxed us w1th much needed ass1stance Betty G1pford and Audrey Bloomstrand were chosen from our class as cheerleaders Our h1gher learn1ng was contmued 1n our Sophomore year when we elected able offlcers Pres1dent Mary J Haessly V1ce Pres1dent Jaclne Swanson Sec retary M1l116 Hulverson and Treasurer Joy Seyforth That year we had the d1s t1nct pleasure of 1n1t1at1ng the new crop of Frosh Betty and Audrey were aga1n chosen cheerleaders and our class advxsors were Mr Br1ckner and M1ss McMahon We started our xmportant Junlor year by elect1ng Jack Eugene Swanson as Pres1dent of the class and therefore Prom K1ng Betty Gxpford was V1ce Presl dent Mary J Haessly Secretary and Dor1s Eaton Treasurer Our f1rst success of the year was an attempt at drama the Jumor Class Play "Professor H Could You? under the d1rectxon of Mrs Russ and Mr Aamoth was one of the the Junlor Prom the soc1al event of the year' Our theme was 'Somewhere Over The Ralnbow wlth musmc by Bennet Greten Orchestra The decorat1ons mcluded a huge crepe paper ralnbow across the gym ce1l1ng wxth sky blue background and s1des A pot of gold at the end of the ra1nbow was the novel punchstand The stage arrangement cleverly depxcted a cloud upon wh1ch the orchestra floated ' The rezgmng K1ng Jack chose Bonme Bjornson as h1s queen wmth Betty Gxpford and her escort as attendants Our class advmsors were Mr Whalen and Mmss R1tch1e As Sen1ors we made our f1nal showxng 1n E H S Joe Kl1ngensm1th was elected Pres1dent Kathleen Glebler Vmce Presxdent Don Krause Secretary and Arlene Wxskerchen Treasurer Th1s was the year 1n whxch we xnvaded Home commg' Our Semor float Skunk Menomon1e won fxrst place m the Home cozrnng parade and Semor Dons Eaton was chosen Homecommg Queen by the foot ball squad Her cho1ce for K1ng was Ralph Lmdstrom and Arlene Wlskerchen another Sen1or was attendant The Semor Class Play Angel Street" was pre sented on Apr1l 28 under the d1rect1on of Mr Delmar Fredrmckson Mr Rohde Mr Aamoth Mrs Hammer and Mrs W1berg were our adv1sors Durmg our four years at E H S we have been well represented m mus1c groups athlet1cs and forens1cs We hope that the classes followmg us through E H S w1l1 prof1t by our m1stakes and wxll remember and 1m1tate our trmmphs Great class th1s class of 50' Courtesy of Halls Prmtmng Company 10 . ' ' ll ll - ' ' ' ' . 4 J . ' . . ow biggest money-makers in the history of E. H. S. plays. Next on our agenda was ' ' - ll ' ll - ' ' - - - u , - ' ' , X I9 Class Ring Class Motto The best of today must b xmproved for tomorrow ' Class Colors Gold and Wh1te Class Flower Tal1sman rose SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kathleen Glebler Arlene W1skerchen Joe Khngensmlth Don Krause Courtesy of Erlckson Electnc Company l 1 - " e' . - . O S l . D . , . . , . ALFRED BETTERLEY JR F Speecn Club Speech Club Officer RICHARD BJORNSON Football Basketball Boxxng Baseball Track Dance Club Dance Club Secretary . .... Dance Club Treasurer . . . . . BONNIE JORNSON Band Marchxng Banu German Band Class Offxcer Press Club Dance Club Nlxxed Chorus Glee Club Annual Staff Press Club Ed'llOl Pronm Queen Prorn Commmttec Strut and Frei Lllnu Hand Atnlctu Banquet Commntee Float Commxttee Class Play AUDREY BLOOMSTRAND Band Glee Club Mxxed Chorus H Dance Club Horn Solo Pxano Solo .................. Cheerleader ................. Annual Club ................. Strut and I-'rel ............... VERNON ALI-,LE DORIS ALTAFFER Football Basketball Baseball Boxmg Track Dance Club President Annual Club Speech Club Mxxed Chorus Mxxed Ensemble Quartette Octette Speech Club Offxcer Class President Prom Committee RONNIE ANDERSON Football Basketball Boxxng Track F Hobby Club Homecoming Attendant Red Wang Hlgh and Calxforma Glee Club Mxxed Chorus A Capella Choxr Dance Club Annual Club All Class Play .Tumor Class Play Volleyball Team Captam Dance Club Float Commlttee Jumor Choir VIVIAN ANDERSON Glee Club Mixed Chorus 3 H Z 5 3:- DONNA FLEMING Red W1ng High and Eau Clalre Annual Club Mixed Chorus Glee Club DISCUSSION Club Jumor Choxr BERNARD GIEBLER Dance Club Speech Club MERLIN GARLID Football Basketball Boxing Track Chess Club Dance Club Hobby Club Pres1dent Student Councll Annual Club Class Play Cast. Baseball KATHLEEN GIEBLER F H G A Dance Club Photo Club Lxbrary Club Strut and Fret Annual Club MARLYS BOLIN F H A F H A State Fan- Booth Jumor Band Clxmc Band Glee Club Semor Band Gxrls' Sextette Vocal Duet Vocal Solo Mxxed Chorus Marching Band Strut and Fret Physxcal Educatxon Debate Annual Club F H A Offxcer Speech Club F H A Float Commxttee Jumor Prom Commxttee Forenslcs NEILI.. CADY F F F A Presxdent Student Councxl Member KATHY BROOKSHAW Glee Club Mixed Chorus Dance Club Strut and Fret Annual Club Annual Staff Photo Club Press Club DORIS EATON Pep Band Junnor Band Marchlng Band Concert Band Mxxed Chorus Glee Club Lxbrary Club Offxcer Athletxc Banquet Comrnxttee Class Offxcer Strut and Fret Strut and Fret Presxdent H F H A Presndent Photo Club Annual Club Speech Club Trombone Trxo Homecomxng Queen Float Commxttee rv M9253 ff 4 13 5 . . ........... -.-.. .-........ . - .S . ' ......l ' .. ..... g ................. l,Z .----.... 1 " . ................ 3.4 . -....... 5 ..... .----...... 1 ' ........ .. ...... .3.4 - --------.----- X . .............. U! --'-------- - Q ..... . .............. 4 A ' . ........ . .... . 3,4 A ' .. ......... 3.4 2, M ................ 4 V Q., " 'i Q ' ' ..... ..z . Ag' .... . ..... . ....... .....4 fy' ................... 4 1, A . . . ' ' llc' . .......... .. ..... .4 V I . 1 . . ..z,anti Q .............. ... . , H . ............ . ' .. .......... ...... . 4 Vw A .. ......... .. . ' .... ,... .... . 1 L. F. .A.. ..... .. ...... ...... 3 .4 ' U ' f- . . . ' .... . ..... ..-1 A .1 5, ' ........4 .... ......... P il Q V .... . .... ,"4. . a F. .A. ..... . .... Z ,uf V, A ...... , .......... , .......... . 4 1 . ........ ' " A - .... Q Q H 5, Prom Committee. ..... . . . . . -:'f ' , 'z 1 4 ' . A 1 ' ' ......... ........ 1 ,z.3.4 do ' . ...... ., ..,....... 1.2.3 ................. 1.2.3 ' ' ....... . ......... 4 ....1......... ...... 1 ,z.4 . ' ' ............... 3 ......... . .,....., 2.3 ' . ................. 1 . .... . ..... 4 V f . 3 ................. 1.4 X ' I-X-vw. l,Z,3,4 . . .A...................2.3.4 lgff . .....,......,,..... 3 ll . ............. .z.3 ...,.......... 3.4 gag, ' BEVERLY HANVELT F H A Z Dance Club Boxxng Baseball Hobby Club Dance Club CLAIR HOVE MAX Glee Club Mnxed Chorus Strut and Fret Annual Club Dance Club Junxor Band INE HINES DAVID HUBER Football Ba sketball Boxxng F Hobby Club Dance Club Speech C lub BETTE Glee Club Mxxed Chorus Cheerleader Strut and Fret Annual Club Dance Club F H A Prom Attendant GIPFORD Class Vxce President ALICE GUTTING Glue Club Z Mxxed Chorus F l-l A Dance Club HE LE N GREEN Dance Club MARY JAN Marchxng Band Concert Band Pep Band German Band Juxuor Band Brass Sextette Trombone Trlo Glee Club Mxxed Chorus Vocal Solo Mxxed Ensemble Mxxed Octette Vocal Duet Gxrls' Sextette Forensxcs Debate Strut and 1-'ret Lxbrary Club Dance Club Photo Club E HAESSLY Photo Club Treasurer Class Secretary Class Play Press Club Reporter G A A Annual Staff Editor f 5 14 5 .............. 1.2.3 I .... ..... . ........ 3 . ........... ......l,Z . ..... . ...... . .... 3,4 I .................. l,4 l Qu, I . . .... .......... . ...... ..3 - -.'U......1' 1 , . .. .... .. ........ 3 H ' V ' "" """ 3 .... . ........ .. ' ......... ......1, ' ...... .. .... l, ' ....fQI.ffff..il -"- ,,, ,,,..,.., ,...l, ,3,4 ...... ......... . A .. ...... ......Z,3,4 .. .......... .. . . ...... ......... . ...... .l ' ....... L V' N Class President .... . . . . . ... N ....... . . . . ...... . ....... xi .................... , I l 1 L' I . . ...................l, .3 ...... . ..... .......l,Z -f ....................4 ' ................3,4 ' ...................3 " .......... ....... . 1,4 ' ' ..... ..... ..... .l X 1 lf ' L gf o I ' -'--'---- ---------- ---1.2 ................ ...l ..... ...... l ..... ........ .... 1 QL' , ---------- ---- l .2 ' .... ......... V ' ------ -------3.4 F. .A... ..... . ...... . ...... .l ' 17 A .. ...,. Z .....4 , h n LILA JEAN KINNE MAN BRIAN KIRBY Glee Club FHA Z Physical Education JOSEPH KLINGENSMITH Westfield High ............... Drama Club ................. Forensics ................... Art Club ..................... Band ..................... Clarinet Solo .............. Marching Band .............. Class Play .................. Mixed Chorus ............... Photo Club .................. Clarinet Quartette ............ Press Club .................. Annual Club .................. Pep Band .................... Class President .............. Instrumental Duet ............. Prom Committee ............. Mixed Chorus Forensic s Prom Committee Football Basketball .................... Basketball Manage r .......... Baseball ......... ....... ...... Baseball Manage r ............ Photo Club ....... . . ........... Photo Club President ..... . . . . . . Annual C lub ....... ...... ClassPlay .. ..... ..... Dance Club ........... . ...... MARY ELLEN KOPP . H. .................... . Photo Club . ................. Photo Club Treasurer .... . . . . Glee Club ................. Mixed Chorus ................ Annual Club .................. Library Club ................ Library Club Vice-President . . . Strut and Fret . . ........... . . S. and F. Reporter .......... G. A. A. .... .............. . Speech Club ............. .... MILLICENT HULVERSON HELEN JANISCH Glee Club Class Play Mixed Chorus Hobby Club Dance Club Annual Club Annual Staff Forensics Class Vice President Student Council Press Club Strut and Fret Strut and Fret Officer JIM JOHNSON Football Basketball Baseball Boxing Track Dance Club Annual Club Speech Club Photo Club Mixed Chorus Mixed Ensemble Quartette Octette Dance Club Officer Speech Club Officer Prom Committee Float Committee Strut and Fret Class Play Cast Annual Club Mixed Chorus Glee Club Speech Club G A A Vocal Duet Forensics F H A F H A State Convention CAROL KING Glee Club Mixed Chorus Strut and 1-'ret Strut and Fret Vxce President Photo Club Annual Club Student Council 15 ROSEMARY NELSON Marchnxg Band Dance Club Library Club Annual Club Speech Club Strut and Fret G A A Class Play FRANCES ORTWERTH F H A Z lhxed Chorus Glee Club Z GAA Physmcal Educatxon Strut and Fret DON KRAUSE Football Basketball Boxxng Track Baseball F Photo Club Speech Club Class Officer Z BEVERLY MARKLEVITS Red Wmg Hugh School F H A Press Club Annual Club Press Club Ed1tor Mxxed Chorus Strut and Frei. Prom Comnuttee Class Play RALPH LINDSTROM Football Boxxng Basketball Baseball F F A F F A Basketball Homecoming Kxng VIOLET MUHLHAUSEN F 11 A 1 Lxbrary Club Speech Club Strut and Frei GILBERT NOR THE Y FI-'A Z JUANIT Glee Club Press Club A PARME TER Dane e C lub Photo Club Annual Club Annual Staff Strut and I-'ret 16 s A A ' ................. 1. ,3,4 ----- - 3 ' . ............. ' ---- i ' ........................ 1 A .................. 1.3.4 - - F. .A .,................. l,Z,3 - - - . .................... 4 ' ' .................. 4 ' ' ........... 1 . . . . . .......... . ........ ..z - . .. ' .............. 4 ' .................. 3 ' ............... 3 ,', , . ' i , U , . Band .................... 1.z.3,4 . . ................. 1, ,3.4 ' ' ........... l,Z,3,4 . ' ' .................. 4 A . ' , 1 V- y W . . . ...... ........ ...... Z , 3 :A 1, , ." "V 5 x ff' 4' ' In . .1 . ....... ..... .... 1 , ,3,4 --.-.------.-------- l.2 ' ,,,.,.,,.,,,,,,, 3,4 ............,....... 1 '3,4 . . . ...................... z -.---------------- ---4 - ' .,,..,,,,.,,, 1 .................. 3.4 ELROY SANFORD Football Baskelball Boxxng Track Baseball JOY SEYFORTH Band Marchmg Band Pep Band German Band Jumor Band Trombone Tno Glee Club Nlxxed Chorus Annual Staff Strut and Fret Dance Club G A A Offxcer A Speech Club Speech Offlcer Lxbrary Club Photo Club Class Treasurer Class Play Forensxcs Student Councxl Curtxs Campaxgn Captaxn Lxbrary Club Offxcer Strut cmd Fret Offxcer Q up TOM SEQUIN Dance Club Mxxed Chorus Speech Club Hobby Club MARY SHELDREW Cahlorma Antnacb Hugh Dance Club Glee Club Mxxed Chorus A BONNIE PETERSON 1-'.H.A. ...... ....... . .. l,Z,3, F. H. A. Officer Band. .............. ......... . G.A.A ....................... .Tumor Band . , ............... Z, WILLIAM QUINN Football Basketball Baseball Forensxcs Debate Student Counc xl Student Councxl Presxdent Annual Business Manager Annual Asslstant Busxness Manager Band Class Play Prom Chaxrman Badge r Boys' State RITCHIE PETERSON Football ....... Basketball . .... Track .... . .... MARI ANNE RAEBEL Red Wmg and Seattle Class Treasurer Student Councll Annual Club Glee Club Mxxed Chorus Dance Club Dance Club Float Committee Girls' Choxr 17 .v - A ' sr ,. jjj ................. 1, z, 3, 4 ' A " ............... l,Z,3,4 - i X . ............... 1,2,3,4 A. - ' ............... 1,2,3,4 , ........................ 3 ' .............. 3,4 ' .. ' ' ....... 4 Y ' ....... 4 , "" ' ......,............. .3 j, ..................... l,Z,3 A . A .................. 3,4 A 4 f ' ........... ....3 Q , ............. 3 R ,, ,ak if 'Z , ...............l.Z.3.4 ' ............l,Z,3,4 - ' ...................... l.Z ................... 4 , ' " ......,......r...l,Z,3,4 N i ,,',,, ,, . l"f:?ff ' ........... 1,2,3,4 2 , .4 2 4 1 ' ................. 1,2 gf 'gf'igI,' ' ' ................ 4 4 - ................ 3,4 ....,............. 1.4 2 . .......,........ 3,4 ..................... 1 - ' ' .........,..1,2.3.4 G- . . . ' .............. .4 4 G. .A .... ............... 2 ,3,4 2 ' ............ 1,2,3,4 . v ' .............. Z,3,4 , ' ................. 4 , . ' ' ' ...... 2,4 A 3 1 ' ........ l,Z,4 ' f - ' . ' ..,..,.. 3,4 " ARLENE WISKERCHEN ROBERTA WIDER DAVID SOBOTTKA Boxxng F Z ELSIE SWARD F H A F H A Offlcer Glee Club Forensxcs Speech Club Strut and Fret JACK SWANSON Class Secretary Class Presxdent Football Basketball Boxxng Track F Hobby Club Hobby Club Vxce Pre sxdent Prom King SHIRLEY SWENSON F H A. F H A Float Committee 2 Glee Club Mxxed Chorus 2 3 4 Forensxcs Pep Band Marchxng Band Mxxed Chorus Glee Club Lxbrary Club F H A Class Offxcer Strut and Fret Homecomxng Attendant Physxcal Educatxon Curtxs Captaxn Annual Club Prom Comxmttee Homecommg Committee Physxcal Edxuahon F H A Dance Club Athletic Banquet Commxttee BON1 Strut and I-'ret Glee Club Mxxed Chorus Dance Club G A A Junxor Band Semor Band Marchxng Band Baton Twxrler Baton Trxo Baton Solo TA YOUNG ' ........................ 1 ......... : 1-. .A .................. 1. .3,4 ' ...... , ................ .1.z.3,4 C A if ' ................. 1,z,3 A A ' ........,............. 1,2 A ' ..................... Z,3,4 , F. .A. .................... 1,2 - l .................... 4 3 - - ' ...... 4 ' .................... 3 "' ' ' . . . ................ . . -.-.--- 4------ - -1-2-3-4 . . . ' ............... 4 . . . ' ...1, .3 ----------------1-2-3-4 . ' ............. , ..... 3,4 ' ------------- 1 I l ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 ' . .................... z . 1 ................. 4 ' ' . Band .................,.... z,3,4 . . ................... 1,z,3 1 ' ............. Z,3,4 ...,................ 4 ' ' .............. 2.3.4 A ................l,Z,3.4 ' ' ................ 2,3 3 . . . .................... 1,2 V -f ' . ................. 4 . .............. 3,4 ' 3 ' .......... 4 ' ' .........,. 1,z ,A 3 ' ' ................. z va .3 '- ...................4 , "1 N3 '21 xx, ' ............... 3 A llll 5,011 , ' - ,,,,,,, 3, 4 --,.e,-,,- 3 ,,.. M.- ...igwyc A ' ' ...3,4 V ' ................ 3,4 ..............l,Z,3,4 s. . . . .................... . z 1' ' .......... ....... 1 ,z ' ....... ........ z ,3,4 ' ............. z,3,4 ' .............. 1,z,3 ' .................... 1 K A W 18 Personalrtzes Doris Altafer I..1fe's a serious proposition men too Vernon Allie Oh fellows t's great to be in love Ronnie Anderson Always ready always there Always ready to do his share Vivian Anderson A quiet tongue shows a wise head Alfred Betterly Individual in his thoughts and actions Audrey Bloomstrand I love him when he's near but when he's gone there are others just as dear Bonnie Bjornson Eternal sunshine settles on her hand Dick Bjornson What's study hall for if not to monkey in Marlys Bolin Always a smile for everyone Kathy Brookshaw Happy go lucky and fancy free nothing seems to bother me Neil Cady A man of deeds but not of words Doris Eaton Earnest honest and industrious Merlin Garlid A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing Bernard Giebler I hurry not neither do I worry Kathleen Giebler Though small m size she's wonderous wise Bette Gipford Small but so is a stick of dynamite Helen Green She says little but thinks much Alice Gutting They say she 1S quiet Maxine Hines Off with the old love on with the new Beverly Hanvelt The friend of everyone Clair Hove Once we caught him studying just once Mary Jane Haessly She laugheth with light good humor Millicent Hulverson The only way to make a friend is to be one Helen Janisch Full of pep but ambitious too whatever she starts, she carries through Jim Johnson Anything is worth an argument Carol King It is our actual work which determines our value Lila Jean Kinneman I chatter chatter as I go Brian Kirby Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday Joe Klmgensmith Quiet musical and studious Mary Ellen Kopp A mind for fun and a mind for work Don Krause The world knows little of its greatest men Ralph Lmdstrom Me and my red pickup away we go Beverly Marklevits Dxvinely tall divinely fair Violet Muhlhausen The mildest manners and the gentle st heart Rosie Nelson She looks like an angel and acts like one too But you never can tell what an angel will do Gilbert Northey I never let studies interfere with my education Frances Ortwerth Good humored merriment twinkles in her eye Juanita Parmeter She hath heard the chimes of midnight Bonnie Peterson A specialist in the philosophy of mischief Ritchie Peterson His only fault is that he has no fault Mari Ann Raebel Oft on summer evemngs studied she the stars Donna Flerning Quietness often speaks to the point Elroy Sanford One of our athletic stars at least he shines at night Joy Seyforth A merry heart is the best of medicine Mary Sheldrew Let every dawn of morning be to you as the beginning of life David Sobottka 'We live only one life why not take it easy? Courtesy of Haverlandt's 19 ' --Il - i , ' . ll- . ' 1 1 l . - . - , . l - . . ' . David Huber - There should be more time for sleeping in this institution. I I . ' n 1 ' . - , . . . D ,, Jack Swanson I ve got a mmd of my own and no woman can change lt Tom Sequln Much knowledge 15 found 1n books Elsxe Sward A sunny d1spos1t1on 15 half the battle Sh1rley Swenson She always has her d1gn1ty w1th her Roberta Wlder I do my work xn a qulet manner Arlene Wlskerchen A Wlnnlng way a pleasant smxle Bonlta Young Boys may Come and boys may go but B111 Qulnn If a man could only hve on athlet1cs Courtesy of Hallxday and Corman Z0 I go on forever I . 1 . .. n I ' . - , ' .. 4 Y "Top T en" Valedxctorman Joy and Salutatorxan Janxe Joy Seyforth Mary Jane Haessly B111 Qulnn Dorxs Eaton Joe K11ngensm1th M1lhe Hulverson Mary Ellen Kopp Arlene Wxskerchen Bonme Bjornson Courtesy of Hansons' Corner Cupboard Z1 . . . . . . . . 95 . . . . . 94 ' ' . .... . . . 94 ' .... . . . 94 Carol King ..... .... 9 Z ' ' . . . . . . 92 ' ' . . . . . 91 . . . . . . 91 ' . . . . . . 90 ' ' . . . . . . 90 Sen zor Prophecy You know I had the strange st dream last night' It was about my class the Semors of 1950 I seemed to see them all as 1960 will find them' I don't know if dreams come true or not what do you think? ? 'P I saw Councilman Jack Swanson at the Svea Town meeting With Mr Swanson as guest of honor was the distinguished Senator B S Quinn who has risen to great heights in politics Helen Janisch was in Washington D C serving as Mr Qu1nn's private secretary Then I saw Don Krause coaching his own pygmy basket ball team in South America It seems they wouldn't let him coach in this country he d1dn't want to go by the rules' Joy Seyforth was head trombomst for Spike Jones and his City Slickers Bonnie Bjornson and Beverly Marklevxts were livxng in a two family house both happily married There were so zrxany kids running around you couldn't tell the Mernmans from the Parmeters' Merlin Garl1d had become a successful mouthpiece for the underworld of Ellsworth He became proficient in such matters during those days spent 1h "ball and chain ' in Ellsworth High' Vernon Allie was a very successful Doctor of Psychiatry For some unknown reason the greatest number of his patients were women Joe Klingensmith had a popular flow er shop in New York and he had done extremely well Violet Muhlhausen was his right hand helper It seemed Bernie Giebler had his own bowling alley in California and a large one thirty one alleys Betty Gipford had her own home bakery She was selling wonderful pies made with her own little hands Audrey Bloomstrand was chief operator at Pierres exclusive beauty salon in New York I saw Beverly ing for Daisy Mae in the comic strip You know Mary got her start 1n Ellsworth High School Carol King was running the most exclusive restaurant in Beldenville doing fine' Clair Hove was selling cars for the Hove garage Alice Gutting was the new owner and operator of the Ellsworth Farr Grounds Pavxlion fSt1ll there every Friday night' Arlene Wiskerchen was playing drums for Vernon's Orchestra famous in the Bay City area An outstanding Ellsworth farmer I recognized as Alfred Betterly on his eighty acres Lila Jean Kinneman was the wife of General Hobbs now stationed in Washington D C Mrs Dewayne Huber the former Millie I-Iulverson was a happy farmer's wife and mother of ten lovely boys Ralph Lindstrom had a large horse breeding ranch out West and was the owner of many famous racing horses Maxine Hines had a trucking business and was followmg in her father's footsteps She knows now that bookkeeping was good for her Elsie Sward was running a day nursery using Mr Fredr1ckson's technique for putting kids to sleep Shirley Swenson was head nurse of the Prescott hospztal and seemed very happy 1n her work She likes to talk to the inmates Vivian Anderson was runmng Riverside Roller Skating but it seemed she had lost some of her interest of late Dick Bjornson was a carpenter at F1sherman's Rest fixing chairs and part time bouncer at Tommy's Rosie Nelson was the most famous bubble dancer at the Alvin and 1S a great crowd drawer The secret of her suc cess is a bathing suit under the bubble Marlys Bohn was speaker of the House of Representatives first woman to achxeve this position Elroy Sanford was coachmg six man football for the El Paso Professional team Kathleen Geibler was touring the world in her new rocket ship and seeing the wonders of the world Mary Courtesy of Hove Bloomstrand Company ZZ . . . , . . Hanvelt married and living luxuriously in Mexico City. Mary Sheldrew was model- 1 1 ., Q u ' . . C . ,. n . 4 v a ,' . n . , . . 4 - Ellen Kopp was assistant 'Geometry ' teacher in the University of Beldenville Jim Johnson was operating a dancing school called "Carol and J1m's School of Popular Dances " Miss Roberta Wider was the Marshall of Beldenville she d1dn't have a y trouble keeping track of the local boys there Bonnie and Ritchie Peterson had formed the Peterson's Perpetual Protective League I d1dn't quite get the reason for setting up of the League clouds seemed to block my vision Ronnie Anderson had just been named Mr Multiple Muscle Man of 1960 In Times Square I saw a sign "Charity Kisses Under the sign were Juanita Parameter and Kathy Brookshaw busy as bees Bonita Young was a lady missionary 1n the South Sea Islands her biggest Job being to keep clothes on the natives It seems David Huber keeps setting fire to grass skirts Tom Sequin was the head of Elevated Shoes Company in Michigan And there was a Pond s girl named Frances Ortwerth in Woolworth's 5 and IOC modeling Pond's face cream Frances was happy to an nounce that she started her career when she was in high school at Ellsworth found Mari Raebel and Doris Altaffer engaged in teaching the Arthur Murray's Dance the hopefuls flying" around the gym! Then through the haze I saw an imposing building inscribed "Eaton's Escort Agency" of River Falls Doris had left the management of the place to a fellow named Pachachek Donna Fleming was secre tary to the secretary of the under secretary of Camne Control Week of Bay City David Sobottka is now head of the United Mine Workers taking the place of the bo1s terous John L Lewis who kicked the bucket Neil Cady was Secretary of Agriculture in the Pres1dent's cabinet and he told me that Senator Quinn was the one who used his pull ' to get him the Job Gilbert Northey was head of salesmen's un1on they sell the Toni Gilbert got into the Toni business when in high school Mary Jane Haessly has now set up her own studio in River Falls and she colors pictures while Jerry works for her 1n the darkroom Helen Green had pulled down a great honor as the first Mayor of Tr1mbelle Brian Kirby who we hardly recognized in that red wig was playing the part of Father in the stage play "L1fe With Father" Well it was an lnterestlng dream anyway Courtesy of Finstad Implement Service Z3 . , , . . . . . . . . . 4 . n Q ., 1 1 1 ll ' ll. ' I ' ' ll . , ' II. .' . . . ,, . . Q 1 . . . I . , , . 6 Q ., - ' ' . I method. It seems Arthur himself visited one of the E. H. S. dances, and discovered ,, . -H . . . ,, , . . . . Class Song Tune We Just Couldn't Say Goo bye We knew that school was over That we were really through We sa1d we d1dn't care much That we'd beg1n anew And you can all belleve us We re st1ll 1ntend1n' to But 1t's so hard to say good bye The books and desks and lockers They broke r1ght down and crled The wlndows started calhng For us to come 1ns1de We ll tell you conf1dent1ally But we just had to say good bye The clocks were strlklng four o'cloek They smxled on us below Twlth outstretched hands they seemed to say We ll m1ss you when you go But we'l1come back to see her And look around once xnore Remernberxng games and part1es And fun at every door And we re not very happy Although we knew before That we d just have to say Good bye Courtesy of Wxberg Federated Store 24 4' - ll dh lv, I ' ' ' The tears were hard to hide, I1 I ' ll I I ' ll - . I1 Sen zor Class Wzll We the Sen1ors of E H S real1z1ng that we are about to pass from thls world school 1nto a greater l1fe do hereby leave our last w1ll and testament T the Class of '51 we leave The Sp1r1t of the Hub To the Sophomores we leave our studlous ways To the Freshmen our good w1ll and fnendlxne ss The followmg Semors w1sh to leave some of thelr cherxshed nghts and possessions to the xndxcated benef1cxar1es Vernon Allxe leaves Shxrley Huppert 1n school for another year Dons Altaffer wmlls her long blonde ha1r to Manlyn Oberg Ronme Anderson wxlls h1s shy qumet ways to Sal Holden V1v1an Anderson leaves her roller skatmng ab1l1ty to anyone else whose xntere st IS Red Wmg Alfred Betterly w1lls hxs knowledge of agrxculture to "P1lls" N1lssen Bonme Bjornson and Beverly Marklevlts won't leave themr "sparklers" to anyone Dlck Bjornson wxlls h1s curly halr to Wxnton Johnson Audrey Bloomstrand wllls her wntten excuses to anyone else who can get by w1th them Marlys Bohn wxlls her fnendly ways to Norma Place Katlue Brookshaw leaves her ' lost week ends" to Eunlce Klmgensmath Nell Cady w1lls has znte rest 1n bookkeepmg to anyone who IS foohsh enough to take It next year Dons Eaton wxlls the thrxll of bemng Homecomlng Queen to next year's re1gn1ng beauty Donna Flemxng leaves her A's to Jack Doyle to make certaxn he won't forget what they look l1ke Merlm Garl1d wmlls hzs self confmdence to "D1z McConnell and hms rruddle name Benome to anyone wxth the hrst name Fuller! Bernard Gxebler wzlls hxs energy and ambmtxon to Donna Coblan Kathleen Giebler leaves her expenence as waitress to Mary Beebe Betty Glpford wmlls her stubbornness to Carol De1ss Ahce Guttmg wzlls hex' earrxngs and low cut dresses to her sxster Rosemary Mary Jane Haessly wxlls her partxcxpatxon in school events to Martha Wzberg Beverly Hanvelt walls her small stature to Waldo Bostrom Maxxne Hmes wzlls her late hours to Bernadme Wussler Clazr Hove leaves has perfect attendance to Marvm Larson David Huber wzlls his abxlxty to sleep during class to anyone else who can get by wxth Milhcent Hulverson wxlls her way with the Hubers to Delores Hmes Helen Jamsch wllls her notes to Bill to anyone else who's young and foohsh James Johnson wills h1s way with the Red Wxng glrls to Snooks Gilbertson Carol K1ng wills her pleasing personality to Janet Gerdes Lila Jean Kmnneman wills her piano playmg ab1l1ty to Lave rna Saueresszg Brxan Kirby just leaves thank goodness! Joe Klxngensmnth leaves his daslung ways with women to Jim Gxlbertson Mary Ellen Kopp leaves her appendicitis operatmon to anyone who likes make up work Donald Krause won't wxll Janet to anyone Ralph Lzndstrom leaves his initials on the study hall desk to Melvxn Courtesy of Larsons' Red and Whnte Store Z5 , ' ' . . . , ' ' ' -of- . ' . ,. . . . . H . . 1 . , 4 a I a I - Q , 1 it. Vxolet Muhlhausen w1lls her servmg ab1l1ty to any boy who plans on bemg a bachelor Rosemary Nelson bequeaths her qu1et d1gn1f1ed manner to Mary J Trok G1lbert Northey leaves h1s stra1ght A's 1n school work to Bruce Stelner Frances Ortwerth leaves her s1ng1ng ab1l1ty to her s1ster Edna Juan1ta Parmeter leaves her green letter sweater to anyone elso who l1kes Maxden Rock Bonn1e Peterson w1lls her sense of humor to all the teachers W1ll1am Qu1nn B1ll has plenty to leave but one tlung he won't w1ll IS h1s way w1th the women Man Raebel leaves her peaches and cream complexmon to Jean Campbell not that she needs It Elroy Sanford w1lls h1s deep mascuhne vo1ce to .hm Peterson Thomas Sequm leaves h1s ab1l1ty to get to school on txme to J'1m Qu1nn Joy Seyforth bequeaths her talent at gettlng along wlth teachers to Jumor Meecham Mary Sheldrew leaves her old flames to anyone who wants to burn her fzngers Davxd Sabottka w1lls h1s constant gurn chewmg to anyone who l1kes gurn that well Jack Swanson leaves hxs pos1t1on as off1c1al heartbreaker to Ralph Schommer Els1e Sward w1lls her ab111ty to sleep 1n socxal class to next year's Semors Shlrley Swenson w1lls her glft to gab to Audrey Grote Arlene Wlskerchen w1lls her many clothes to anyone small enough to wear them' Roberta Wxder leaves her unsettled romances to Kathleen Kelly Bomta Young w1lls her purse and all the stuff that seems to be m mt to the Lost n Found drawer Helen Green w1lls her dark eyes to Dorothy Sheldrew R1tch1e Peterson leaves h1s wxnnmg sm1le to Vzrgnua Peterson Courtesy of Boothe Hardware Store Z6 Q Q I l , . . - " 1 . . . . . . . . . . . " u . . . . . 9 1 I . - . UUDUIEIELQCILLSSESEUEZR7 Junzor Class Offzcers fLeft to Rxghtl Treasurer Bernadme Wussler PTCS1dEht Clark Gense Vxce Presxdent Clan- Gense SCCFCUITY Jean Campbell Sophomore Class Officers flseft to Rlghtl Vxce Presxdent Dellvma Gross Pre sxdent Denrus Nordstrand Secretary Audrey' RUSS Freshman Class Officers fLeft to Rxghtl Treasurer Audrey Place VICE Preszdent Laura Kind Presxdent Halsey Halls Secretary Patsy Culbertson Courtesy of Guy Kay s Stat1on Z8 . . W x 1 L Treasurer ........... Janet Gerdes . , . Jumor H :story We the class of 51 began our Jumor year by electlng as Pres1dent Clark Gense Vxce Presldent Clalr Gense Secretary Jean Campbell and Treasurer Bernadxne Wussler Our Student Counc1l representatlves were LaVerna Saueress1g and Jam Quxnn As ln the past two years many members of the class took part 1n musxc athlet1cs and forensxc act1v1t1es At Homecom1ng our float entxtled 'De raxl the InJuns" won second place and Carol Place and Don Murphy represen ed our class 1n the Royal Court At Halloween our class won fxrst on the skxt 'Cancer r Turnor? I November we sponsored the "Sad1e Hawk1ns Hop when the ladles treated the gentlemen! Our Jumor Class Play A Date Wmth Judy ', was one of the hlgh lxghts of the year Tentatxve plans have been made for the Prom wh1ch we are certaln w1ll be a great success Our adv1sors to whom we owe much credxt for our flne year were Mrs Ames Mr Whalen and Mr Frednckson Sophomore Ilzstory Our Sophomore year started out successfully at the first class meetmg when we elected offlcers Denms Nordstrand Presxdent Dellv1na Gross, Vxce Presxdent Audrey Russ Secretary Janet Gerdes Treasurer In the Halloween program we placed second 1n the w1nner's clrcle w1th the stunt A Day 1n Freakv1lle Hxgh School Our Homecom1ng float was labeled The Last of the Ind1ans" and repre sented a lot of hard work Our able advxsors were Mr Ruhsam Mlss R1tch1e and Mr Buckner Freshman H :story Dunng our Freshman year there have been many exc1t1ng experlences Fxrst of all we elected our class offlcers who were Pres1dent Halsey Halls Vxce Pre s1dent Laura Klnd Secretary Patsy Gllbertson Treasurer Audrey Place We were 1n1t1ated at a party g1ven 1n our honor by the Sophomore Class At Home commg our float was called "Bury the Ind1ans" and lt came 1n thxrd If we have as much fun ln all our future years as we dxd thms year we're sure our hlgh school career w1ll be a great success Our advlsors were Mr Wall and Mrs Dexss Courtesy of John T Lowe 29 I C ' . . . 1 1 1 . . . . I l 1 " 1 1 1 1 1 . ' I I I U Q I . . - , t n ' . n I ' I Il ' ' ll ' 0 . D " ' ll ' 1 I . ' 1 , . , . , . . O . 0 . . . . . - . . ' I I I 1 F 1 1 . . . . H . . . 1 ll ' ll ' - . . . , , . Q . , 1 . I . . . - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . - , 1 . . . 1 . HUMOR I see no reason why some folks Never chuckle at my Jokes Unless perhaps It somehow bears Upon the fact I don't at G1rls Room Between Classes 'Have y u got any l1pst1ck? What's our Geometry today? " our dress 15 sxmply darhng I l1ke your halr that way Who took you to the party? I had a wonderful mght' ary s had her haxr cut"' I ll say she's a crab all r1ght Darn there goes my compact ' romxse you ll never tell? What mark d1d you get on that one? Good grxef there s the bell' M1ll1e H asked Juamta P what the defuntxon of a w1ll was Her answer A dead g1ve away' Mr Brxckner ln Chem1stry Lab chxsel Snooks For heaven's sake use your head' ' The most dangerous part of an auto mobxle 15 the nut who holds the steer xng wheel Marx Anne R What's dandruff'? Dor1s A 'Ch1ps off the old block' Jlm J If you keep look1ng at me l e that 1'm go1ng to klss you" Carol H "Well I can't hold th1s ex p esslon much longer' Jack S Can a boy be pumshed for somethmg he hasn t done? " r Aamoth No hy do you ask? Jack S I haven't dore my Geometry Nuts are Just l1ke Jokes they're no good untxl they're cracked theirs' Vernon A Shir ley H amateur May I klss you? ' 'Heavens another Freddle H legs " Joe K Just long enough to reach from me to the ground How long are your Ode to Athletes the fall football the wxnter basketball the sprxng baseball the surnrner Can't study 1n Gotta play Can't study 1n Gotta play Can't study 1n Gotta play Can't study 1n Gotta g1rl Don K I m just a poor guy tryxng to get ahead need one' Coach Br1ckner 'Name the most lmportant thlng about basketball Number ZZ e Bonnle B sat gaz1ng fondly at her new engagement r1ng "Is lt a real d1 mond? she asked Merl1n answer Well 1f It 1sn't I got stung for half a dollar' Carol K "D1d you read about h b y who swallowed h1s spoon?" Mary Ellen K No what happened? Carol He can't stxr Elsle S g1v1ng a speech She arose w1th her speech And read It She had nothmg to say And sald xt Courtesy of Nelson Implement Company 30 1 0 ' ' ll ' I : 1 , . ll . Ill HY ' ' - I ll ? ll ' . .ll I - ll HM I ' I vu I ' . rl , " l n " . IP ' I II ' - ' I' ' I ll ' ' l - vl I ' ' . I , ' . . . I' "You'll never break that rock with a Janet G. - "That's fine, you certainly ll ' ' - - - :nM ' vu . ' 0 - Il I Il , ' . - -ah- ed: "- , ' ' ' , ' . - ll ' .ll ik ' ' . ' - - , ' - . - ' t e 1. ' .ll 0 - . - u - - ll . - " . n l , , i N1 . - ll ' w ll ' . ' ' : . . . ,, l Courtesy of Farmer Store Red Wxng 1 - L '. 1 SAK" A -W. ., 3- ', ' x 1 . x Q. , 8, Q' 3 Twenty thlrd Psalm Ellsworth H1gh Vers1ons Mlss R1tch1e IS my boss I wxll not deny lt She maketh me to s1t at my desk when I enter the study hall She leadeth me 1f I don't She restoreth me back to grace after send1ng me to the off1ce to be lectured on my conduct for the school's sake Yea though I walk w1th a smxle on my face I shall get no rest For she IS beh1nd me her reproof and her desk bell do everythang but cornfort me She prepareth a sermon for me 1n front of all the students She annomteth my head w1th a glance My feet run away when they can Surely her teachlngs shall follow me all the days of my l1fe and She shall dwell 1n my memory forever Mr Br1ckner 15 my teacher I am done for He maketh me study equatlons he checketh my answers He arouseth my fear he asketh me to reclte though my knees shake Yea though I walk through a maze of chlorldes and nltrates I shall not get through and many are wlth me Hls oxxdes and h1s valences they worry me He reporteth my marks mn the presence of my classmates He useth no mercy my grxef and experxment' runneth over' Surely zeros and fa1lures shall follow me all the days of my l1fe And I shall dwell 1n E H S forever more TO JUNIORS Lxves of Semors all remlnd us And departmg leave behlnd us Footpr1nts on the h1gh school staxrs TO SOPHOMORES ' hat do we go to school for? Asked a Freshman of a Soph We go to school to have lots of fun And keep the seats dusted off We go to bother the teachers And get them good and mad and the madder they get and the qulcker the more xt makes us glad We don't go to get our lessons If you do they ll say you're o So you needn't th1nk you'll study Rephed the w1se old Soph' TO FRESHMEN I Thou shalt not take the names of thy teachers 1n vaxn they mlght overhear and mark thee accordmgly II Thou shalt not swlpe more than a tablet of paper from thy nexghbor one tablet xs all thy own notebook w1ll hold III Thou shalt not congregate 1n the hallway lest thou be asked xf thou art lack lng work IV Thou shalt not leave the study hall to wander at thy w1ll about the bu11d1ng lest some teacher 1nqu1re whlther thou goest V Thou shalt not whxsper aloud 1n study hall The teachers love not the sound of thy gentle vo1ce VI Thou shalt not chew thy gum loudly mn the classrooms for 1f thou doest thee and thy gum must part VII Thou shalt not let thy socxal dut1es mterfere w1th thy study hours lest thou faml Courtesy of C and L Motor Frelght Company 32 s ' C ' .lp . We can make our lives like theirs, IW -ti- -1 l ll K 9 D 1 ' 1 I ll ffll ' , ll WP 2 ul, '7 Courtesy of Dexss and Nugent Feed Company 33 Freshmen Anderson Gerald Anderson Howard Anderson Jeanette Bartlett Wayne Bennett, R1chard Bjork Cecxl Bjornson Colleen Blaxsdell Norma Bork Paul Brenner James Br1sk1 Barbara Brmstol Vzola U nderclassmen Leonard Allan Leonard Duane Leonard Elwood Lzen, Pearl Lynner LaVerne Melstrom Dale Molander Dzck Nelson Gordon Nelson Norma Noll John Peterson James Peterson Mar1lyn Peterson Vn-g1n1a Brooks, JIIIIITIIB Brown John Buck Nolan Campbell Claudette Cook Dorothy Dahlln Rochelle Delss Carol Dxercks Stanley Eldem Norma Esteb Evelyn Falkofske Noel F1rl Albertha Freeman James Gald Charlene Gllbertson Mlchael Gxlbertson Patsy Glrdeen Rolland Hagestad Ruth Hall Gerald1ne Halls Haye s H1nck Hxne s Hoyer Huppe rt Jamsch Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Halsey Joyce Sharleen Be rnadmne Jacob Chester Gladys Audrey Beve rly Delbert W1nton Kelly Be ryl Kxnd Laura Klein George Koller Donna Lange r , Laurence Langer Leo Larson Leroy Place Audrey Place Sh1rley Prisk Beverly Pr1sk, Gerald Raechke Jean Rock Ferne Sheldrew Dorothy Schnmpf Wesley Shannon Ardxs Sobottka Sh1rley Suckow Sharon Wznger Edward Young JoAnn W1ll1ams, Nancy Zeyhe r Har r1et Z1elk1e Darlene Sophomore Clas s Ande r son Ande r son Ande r son Ande r son Beve rly Lloyd Orlando Wayne Bauer John Beebe Mary Beebe Ted Blomgren Manlyn Boleen Betty Boothe W1lma Brxckner Burton Close Mary Coblan Donna Dahlby Lo1s DeGross Leo Denzer Lavon Ecklund Glorxa Enckson Dewaxne Erlckson Franczs Courtesy of Ferber Irnplement Company 34 Esteb Mary Falkofske Beulah Falkofske Gordon Fxscher Thomas Fre1er Dale Gerdes Janet G1ebler Lo1s Gxlbertson Ins Gxlles Calvm Gotzman Carol Gross Delv1na Gutt1ng Darlyne Guttlng James Hageman Patncza Hague Nev1lle Hanson Dorothy Hanson Ruby Harrxngton Patr1ck Hjermstad Carol Hunter Donald Huppe rt F r e ddy Ingh Joe Ingh Orven Johnson Clarence Kay Mary Kelly Kathleen Ke nall D1ck Kxng DuWayne Khngensmxth Eumce Koller Arlene Landry Lamolne Langer Beverly L1nd Marvm Lostetter Barbara Mlller Lee Mornson Leon Mounta1n Glona Muhlhausen Merle Murphy Manlyn Murphy Robert McConnell Kenneth Nelson James Nelson Roland Nordgren Patr1c1a Nordstrand Denn1s Olson Margaret Pearson Donald Phernetton Donna Place Norma I I I I I I I I I . . I V l I I ' I . I I . t . , . . ' . , , . , . . D ' . , . I I I , ' , . . .. n . . ' . ' . , . . . . , . . . , . . 1 , . ' . I I I I . I ' , . , . . . , . ' . I I I . , . , , . , ' . .D I I I .I . . , ' , ' , Johnson, Shirley I I I I ' . I . , . , . , . . ' . . , . , . . . . , . , . I . I I - . . . , , . , . ' I I I . ' . , . ' I I . I , ' . , . . , , . , 1 , . . I I ' I I . I 3 I l I I I ' l I I . , , . , . . , , , I . Q l I I ' I , . , . , ' . , . , Prine Danny Riley JoAnn Russ Audrey Sanford Beverly Sather Richard Snow Shirley Sobottka Roger Stafford Patsy Steiner Betty Steiner Bruce Thompson Jim Thompson Louetta Watkins Janice Williams Neil Winger Beverly Nielsen Marilyn Junior Class Bauer Charles Birkel Kathryn Bjork Delores B oothe Barbara Campbell Jean Crownhart James Dahlberg Manford DeLong Stanley Doyle Jack Ecklund Eugene Gense Clair Gense Clark U nderclassmen Gilbertson James Gilbertson Wayne Grote Audrey Gulbranson Alice Gutting Rosemary Hauschildt Daune Hines Delores Holden Sally Huber Leland Huppert Shirley Johnson Carolyn Johnson Nila Kassera Velma Kind Janice King Raymond Klecker Eldon Kreye Donald Langer Bernadine Larson Jeanette Larson Marvin Leonard Gaylen Madsen Richard Meachem Clifford Me lby Dean Miller Raymond Morrison Kenneth Mountain Jame s Muhlhausen Melvin Murphy Donald Murphy Kathleen Murphy Mary 36 Nelson Helen Nelson Phyllis Nickel Frank Nilssen Jerome Oberg Marilyn Olson Elizabeth Olson Juanita Ortwerth Edna Peterson Barbara Peterson Irene Peterson James Place Carol Quinn Jim Radkey Tom Saueressig LaVerna Schroeder Marcella Schomer Ralph Schumaker Dale Stoetzel Robert Swenson Donna Thompson Emmett Thompson Marion Thoner Joan Trok Mary Jane Van Allen W1ll1a..rn Wiberg Martha Wiff Susan Winberg Norma Wittig Marilyn Wussler Bernadine Zeyher Kenneth Bostrom, Waldo Marklevits, Adeline Thompson, Norma Courtesy of Ellsworth Hatchery mcswwu TEES Y-7 Courtesy of Fel1man's Bakery 38 Prom 1 94 9 The Jumor Class presented the annual Jumor Senmr Prom on the even mg of May 5 1949 1n the transformed' gym of E H S Our lovely theme was 'Somewhere Over The Ra1nbow carrxed out 1n a brxllmant raxnbow across the ce1l1ng w1th background and s1des of sky blue crepe paper Our excellent orchestra Bennet Greten was s1tuated on the stage wh1ch has been trans sent a huge Pot Of Gold Cha1rman of the decorat1ng and plannlng comm1t tees was Bxll Qu1nn The Royal Couple K1ng Jack Swanson and Queen Bonme Bgornson led the Grand March wzth Attendants Betty G1pford and D1ck Jablonskx after wh1ch they were formally crowned by 48 Royalty Gerry Arndt and Jean Allxe Danc mg contmued unt1l 1 A M and several house partles completed the gala evenxng Courtesy of Nybo's Cafe and Bowlxng Alley Red Wxng 39 , . ,, . . . . . formed into a fluffy white cloud, and the punch stand was decorated to repre- v ' , U! 41 40 Homecoming! The biggest event on the E. H. S. school calendar more than lived up to expectations! The many planning, decorating, and entertainment committees all helped to make this a bang-up celebration. "Rush 'Em With Ruhsam" was chosen as our slogan for this year and adorned our Homecoming pins, which were students Admission Badges to all the festivities. Strut and Fret Club directed all Homecoming events. On Thursday night the Bonfire and Snake Dance were held and, being the night before-Homecoming, a lot of pep was shown by the students. Talks were given by the Senior football players and coaches, and pep-yells and songs made the night air ring with enthusiasm. Coach Dave Ruhsam introduced the Homecoming Royalty - Queen Doris Eaton, King Ralph Lindstrom, Attendants Arlene Wiskerchen and Don Murphy, Carol Place and Ronnie Anderson. Following the Bonfire the cheerleaders led the Snake Dance through Ellsworth to East End and back. After this exertion the "kids" crashed the gates at the theatre for the late movie. At last Friday came - the day everyone had been looking forward to! The stu- dents were busy in the forenoon, putting the finishing touches on their floats. At two- thirty everyone reported to the gym for the biggest pep-meeting of the year, which consisted of a "Midget Quartette" pep stunt, talks, formal introduction of the royalty, and more songs and yells. After the pep-rneeting students lined up their floats in front of school and the impressive parade began, led by the band, the majorettes and cheerleaders, and continuing to East Ellsworth. Every club and class was represented by a float, making one of the biggest and best parades in E. H. S. history. The Queen and her Royal Court rode in state on the beautifully decorated Strut and Fret float. The Seniors took first prize on their float, and the Juniors second. Float chairmen were: - Seniors - Mary Jane Haessly, Juniors - Jim Quinn. Next on our busy program was the event which all the others had been leading up to - the GAME! Our team, which had won from all opponents so far, was finally taken by the powerful Menomonie team, 7-0. Our boys put up a wonderful fight, how- ever, and every Homecoming fan was justly proud of our outstandingly "game" team. A very large crowd attended the Homecoming Dance, held in the attractively arrayed gymnasium after the game. Those attending danced to the music of "The Falconaires", an excellent orchestra from R. F. S. T. C. At eleven P. M. Coach Ruhsam crowned Queen Doris and King Ralph at the throne platform along the south wall. Refreshments were served throughout the dance, which continued until midnight. All in all, our 1949 Homecoming celebration proved to be a lot of work, and a lot more fun! ! It was one we'll remember for a long time! Courtesy of J. C. Penney Store, Red Wing 41 l. Senior Float - First Place 5. Future Homemakers Float "Skunk Menomonie" "Heap Sick Indians" 2. Junior Float - Second Place 6. Freshman Float "De-rail the Injuns" "Bury the Indians" 3. Future Farmers Float 7. Sophomore Float "Conference Champs or Bust" "The Last of the Indians" 4. Dance Club Float 8. Photo Club Float "Photo Finish - Necessary? "Dead Reds" 9. Girls' Athletic Association "Snip Menomonies Line of Victories" Courtesy of T. B. Sheldon Memorial Auditorium, Red Wing 42 HN HELP WX s . ..-.-n- I, .223 '-. iwf' lfgg X iq, , Ml mlm gain Wmkma 44 Sadze Ha kms H p The Sadie Hawkins Dance presented on the night of November 15 1949 was a real success Sponsored by the Junior Class this dance was held at E H S for the first time Judgmg from its popularity however we are looking for it to become an annual event Our gym walls were decorated with "little brown Jugs ' corncob pipes was situated on the stage Wh1Ch had been convincingly transformed into the interior of a mountain cabin At intermission a lunch was served and a contest held to select Mr and Miss Dogpatch" They were Vernon Allie and Mary Sheldrew whose pic ture appears on the previous page This decidedly informal dance was enjoyed by all who attended especially as the boys transferred financial responsibility to the girls for the evening and had a lot of fun with this turn about" plan! Courtesy of Pierce Pepin Electric Co op 45 as ' Zu ' O n . I , 1 , q 1 ' ' . and paper pumpkins, with bales of hay lining the sides. Eddie Dougherty's orchestra Athletrc Banquet The Athletlc Banquet sponsored by the Strut and Fret was presented on the everung of March 2.7 1949 Our theme was done 1n athletxc murals of purple and whxte wlth the symbols balls pennants etc part1cular to each sport murals for each arranged around the gym walls The F H A gxrls served our del1c1ous dxn ner and a program of musxcal numbers was presented Guest speaker of the evemng was Mr Floyd Krause of Eau Cla1re State Teachers College who gave an excellent talk to the students Those attendmg xncluded all athletes and more talks were g1ven by Coach E Br1ckner former teacher Goldme Campbell and Strut and Fret Pres1dent Dorxs Eaton It was a b1g evemng for all concerned a spnng "fash1on parade" for the g1rls and one of the real socxal hlgh hghts of the E H S school year Shown above 15 one of the numbers on the program a duet by Greta Jelen and Mary Jane Haessly wxth parts of three murals 1n the background At lower left IS the speakers table at lower rlght the boys gomg up to recelve themr athletlc awards Courtesy of P1erce Pepxn Electrxc Co op 46 .eew at 3 as S 'tu x l E H S Annual Xmas Concert Presented on the evenxng of December Z1 1949 by the musmc department Ellsworth I-hgh under the dxrectxon of Mr Russell Whalen 1 Mlxed Brass Curls' Band Mlxed Chorus The Prologue Lo How A Rose E'er Bloonung Wh1le Shepherds Watched Thelr Sheep Holy N1ght Chou W Boothe D Cobxan M W1berg J Seyforth J Haessly M Murphy, Cant1que de Noel March of the Three Kumgs Oh Lxttle Town of Bethlehem Glee Club Today There Is R1ng1ng Cradle Hymn We Three K1ngs Hark The Herald Angels S1ng The V1rg1n's Slumber Song Chapel Shrmne Hallelujah Chorus Ave Marla All Men Now Smg REJOICC Gesu Bamblno Wh1te Chr1stmas Chr1stmas March Octette QM. Wlberg, J. Haessly, K. Bmrkel, M. Murphy, B. Wussler V. Alhe, J. Johnson, W. G1lbertson.l Two select1ons froxn the "Chr1stmas Cantata". Courtesy of Boxrud Company, Red Wing 47 W J rmiazl F ?Jf' 'FQTQ4 ' l a i of 11. ' -4 . , . - , . - , . , . , mn . c . . I g . 2 IV. - . 3 J . I . 3 . 1 . . V . - . . 1 -Q 1 Junior Class Play "A Date With Judy", a well-known comedy, was presented as a three-act play by the Junior Class of E. H. S. on November 10, 1949, under the direction of Mr. Delmar Fredrickson. The cast was as follows: Judy Foster ..... Melvin Foster . . . Dora Foster ..... Randolph Foster . . . Hannah ........... Barbara Winsocket . . Oogie Pringle ..... Mitzi Hoffman .... Mr. Martindale . . Mrs. Hotchkiss . . . Eloise Hotchkiss ......... Mrs. Shlutzhammer ........ Rexford Meredith O'Connor . . . Susie...................... . . . . . Jean Campbell . . . Clifford Meacham . . . . . . . Sally Holden .. . Richard Madsen . . . Edna Ortwerth . . .Mary Murphy . . .Jerome Nilssen . . . Martha Wiberg . . . Dale Shumaker .. . . . .. Delores Bjork . . . Rose Mary Gutting Barbara Lee Peterson .. . . . . . .Jim Peterson . . . Velma Kassera Sen :or Class Play The Sen1or Class Play goes 1nto rehearsel on March Z0 under the d1rect1on of Mr Fredrlckson w1th the assxstance of Mrs Wlberg and w1ll be presented on Apr1l Z8 The play chosen for thrs f1nal dramatmc product1on of the Class of '50 1S Angel Street better known by the t1tle of the mov1e verslon Gashght wh1ch starred Ingr1d Bergman and Charles Boyer as Mr and Mrs Manmngham The play has a very small cast three women two men and two extras but one of the greatest respons1b1l1t1es falls on the stage manager The sett1ng of "Angel Street IS London the t1me 15 the late 1800's The plot revolves around the attempt by Mr Manmngham to dr1ve h1s w1fe Bella 1nto xnsamty and then to lose h1mself 1n the confus1on of the world Unknown to Mr Mann1ngham Inspector Rough has been on h1s tra1l for a murder and robbery wh1ch he commxtted many years ago 1n the same house m whlch he and h1s wxfe are now l1v1ng The manner ln wh1ch the play unfolds provxdes an even1ng fxlled w1th sus pense and tens1on able to keep anyone and everyone on the edge of h1s seat Those Sen1ors producxng the play are Vernon Allle Dons Altaffer V1v1an Anderson Alfred Betterly Bonnxe Bjornson Audrey Bloomstrand Marlys Bohn Merl1n Garlxd Kathleen Gxebler Bette Gxpford, Al1ce Guttmg Mary Jane Haessly Beverly Hanvelt Max1ne I-hnes Cla1r Hove Davld Huber Mllhcent Hulverson James Johnson Llla Jean Kxnneman Brxan Klrby Joe Khngensmxth Mary Ellen Kopp Don Krause Ralph Lmdstrom Beverly Marklevxts Rosemary Nelson Gllbert Northey Frances Ortwerth Juamta Parmeter B111 Qulnn Mar1 Anne Raebel Tom Sequln Joy Seyforth Davld Sobottka Jack Swanson Elsxe Sward Shlrley Swenson Arlene W1skerchen Bomta Young Courtesy of Boxrud Company Red Wmg 50 0 ' l ' I Q ll Il ' ' ' ll ' Il ' 1 1 1 . - . - , . - e . H . . . 5 n I 1 1 Q 0 I 1 . - , . : 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' l MAJORETTES Shx 1 y Huppe t Betty Ste n Band The band has been the most actxve orgamzatlon xn the mus1c department I has partxclpated 1n the R1ver Falls contest the cl1mc at Hudson has led parades and played several concerts Band dlrector 15 Mr Russell Whalen Several mem bers have gone out for solo work th1s year and small mstrumental groups have been shapxng up also There are forty students 1n band ten of whom are graduatmg tlns year Courtesy of Farmers Un1on O11 Company 51 QUARTETTE W Gxlbertson V Allxe J Johnson G Ecklund M uszc Department 'Vhxed Chorus The M1xed Chorus 15 quxte a large mus1cal group composed of gmrls and boys from Sophomore Jumor and Sen1or Classes Thls organ1zat1on has met two perxods each week under the d1rect1on of Mr Whalen and has taken part 1n a the concerts of the year The1r large repertoxre of mus1c mcludes sacred songs popular and sem1 class1calmus1c and spmrxtuals Glee Club Glee Club conslsts of nearly seventy gxrls from all four years of h1gh school The group has practxced on Tuesdays and Fndays throughout the year 1n preparatxon for Xmas and Spnng Concert and Sprxng Mus1c Festmval Then many lnterestxng arrangements have been heard at varxous publlc appearances durmg the year M1xed Octette The Octette was formed shortly after the start of thxs school year and has conszsted of three boys and f1ve grrls Thls group rarely had more than one prac tlce a week but nevertheless sang exceptzonally well at all therr publ1c appearances rncludmg the Chrlstmas Concert and Sprrng work The group 1ncluded Sopranos Kats1e Brrkel and Jame Haessly Altos Manlyn Murphy and Bernad1ne Wussler Tenors J1m Johnson and Martha W1berg Basses Vern Allre and Snooks Gxlbertson Instrumental Groups Trombone Tr1o Joy Seyforth Mary Jane Haessly Dons Eaton Clannet Quartette Joe Khngensmzth LaVerna Saeuressxg Bonnxe Bjornson Francms Enckson Brass Sextette Cornets Martha Wlberg and Nev1lle Hague Trombone Mary Jane Haessly French Horn W1lma Boothe Barltone Bernadxne Wussler Bass, Tom Fxscher French Horn Quartette W1lma Boothe Audrey Bloomstrand Mary Murphy Eumce Khngensmxth Band The band has been the most actxve orgamzatron 1n the mus1c department meet 1ng for an hour each mormng It has part1c1pated mn the R1ver Falls Musxc Fe st1val the cl1n1c at Hudson has led parades and played 1n several concerts Band d1rector 15 Mr Russell Whalen There are forty members in band ten of whom are gradu at1ngth1s year Members oppos1te page, are Rowl G Mountm V Kassera Nelson, B Bjornson S Holden L Saeuressxg J Klmgensmxth F Erlckson Grote C Place I Peterson J Kmd M Wxttxg J Quxnn B Young Row II Murphy M Bohn J Haessly Seyforth D Eaton I.. Landry Standxng Stemer M Wxberg N Hague Nelson D Coblan P Hageman K Morrxson Fxscher Seated B Wussler Thoner A Bloomstrand E Klxngensmxth Boothe M Murphy Row III Meecham K Bxrkel A Wmskerchen Gerdes B Stezner S Huppert B Sanford J R1ley D1rectorR Whalen Courtesy of E H S Music Department 52 . I . . . , U . H i I ' ' . Q ' : - . ' , . . R. . ' , . , . ' , . ' ' , . ' . A. , . , , , . ' , . ' ' , . ' , . . - M. , . ' , . , J. , . , . . ' - B. ' , . ' , . , H. , . ' , . , . ' . T. ' . - . , J. , . , . ' ' . W. , . . - C. , . ' , . ' , J. , . ' , . , . , . ' . ' . . M zxed Chorus ROW 1 ROW Z M l' Whalen B Peterson J Klnd S Holden K Bxrkel J Campbell A Guttxng M Hulverson Wxskerchen K Morrison J Klmgensmzth B Steiner H Anderson S Dzercks M Murphy Riley D Cobzan S Huppert C Hjermstad Schommer S Swenson J Bauer B Stemer J Seyforth M Kopp D Eaton C Kxng Place H Nelson N Thompson D Altaffer V Anderson B Young F Erxckson A Grote Sheldrew D Swenson I Gxlbertson B Bohn M Hmes M Maessly P Hageman Thoner G Mountam J Olson M Murphy Alhe D Mollander J Johnson W Gzlbertson G Ecklund L Larson L Landry B Murphy Kenall M Wxberg J Gerdes B Falkosfske B Wussler M Trok W Boothe M Kay Wxff P Stafford L Saueresslg Glee Club ..x. ...J 0 ROW l ROW Z ROW 3 Mr Whalen B Peterson B Stexner J Bauer F Rock E Sward A Guttmg S Swenson Wzskerchen R Dahlxn C Dexss J' Olson I Gllbertson A Grote F Erxckson C Hjermstad Hxnck G Hall M Peterson Place A Russ H Zeyher A Fxrl D Cook D Koller C Gald N Enden M Kopp Campbell D Eaton Watkms B Langer Radkey A Johnson Sobattka B Brxskx Gulbranson H Jamsch D Flemmg M Raebel B Johnson M Sheldrew, D Swenson Wmger M Kay I Kxng D Altaifer V Anderson M Bohn K Kelly P Olson Peterson B Kelly D Halls A Place C Johnson D Znelkxe Shannon D Sheldrew L. Sauressxg C Campbell P Gxlbertson R Hagestad P Lxen S Place V Bnstol Peterson C Gotzman E Esteb S Wxff E Klmgensmxth G Jamsch Young B Hxne s Courtesy of Ellsworth Creamery 53 I 1 - - ig f 11-- E fy V 2 7 -' ' ' .g.:'d? N . .-Z V. -4-- 1 1 J fs . .jak ' Q. '25 ,. H V' i , -33 f " 4' , .1 K- r A , -"-. ' if 'Lf . 'W 'X A. ' , . ' . . ' ' . . ' . - A . - ' . - . J. ' , . ' , . . . ' . : R. , . , . , h. ' , . , . , . . - ' . C. , . , . . . , . . . . . ' . - . M. , . , . ' , . ' , . ' . . . - . J. , . ' , . , . . ROW 3: N. Place, A. Russ, N. Johnson, ,V. Kassera, M. Raebel, D. Fleming, H. Janisch, M. Bolin, V. A , . , . , . ' . - . - , - . - . D. , . ' , . . . , . , . , . , - , S. ' , . , . ' . I ' . x I . t ' A C ff . 1 A . .. . ' I 4 . L I. :XX 1 . L, - S. ' , . , . . 1 N- . . . . , . ' , . . . . . , . ' . . , J. , . , C. ' , . , . , . ' , . . . , J. ' , . , V. , . , . , . , . , . ' ' . J, , . , A. , . , . ' . : S. , . ' ', . . . ' , . , . ' , . , . A , A. , . ' , . ' , . , . , . . , B- ' . - . . , . . . , . ' , . ' A , . ' , J. . . ' . ROW ROW ROW 3 Pres1dent Vxce Pre sxdent Secretary Reporter Treasurer Sentxnel Future Farmers of Amerzca Anderson C Huppert G Anderson E Wxnger R Gxrdeen J Brenner C Bjork L DeGross Leonard S Dlercks E Leonard J Noll J Brown Leonard M Gnlbertson D Pearson N Hague D Frener G Falkofske W Anderson Fischer M Muhlhausen R Mxller R Sobottka P Harrington W Johnson R Madsen Inglx Mr Wall Lxndstrom .I Guttmg D Molander B Buckner L Larson M Dahlberg G Nelson Van Allen E Klecker E Thompson J Crownhart A Betterley N Cady N Wxlhams Stoetzel Offzc ers Nell Cady Eldon Klecker B111 Van Allen Raymond Mxller Wayne Anderson James Guttxng Courtesy ofE H S Future Farmers 54 I or , sl' ,. R R ' wf f ' ' ' w fa . I 1 . . 5 1 'X " - . ' l. 1: H. , . . , . ' , . ' . , . ' , . Z: G. , . ' , . . , . ' . , . . G. ', . . : R. ' , . ' , . . , , . , . , . , W. , . . . . . . . , . , . A ' . R. . N Future Farmers of Amerzca F F A The F F A is a natxon wxde orgamzatmn made up of local chapters located ln every school where vocatxonal agrlculture 15 taught Any person taklng vocatzon al agrxculture may become a member and work for the awards offered These a wards are Green Hand Future Farmer State Farmer and Amerxcan Farmer The purpose of the F F A 15 to develop agrncultural leadership co oper atxon and cxtxzenshxp Its mtere stmg motto IS 'Learnmg to do doing to learn e rmng to l1ve lxvxng to serve ' Act1v1t1es wh1ch the chapter stresses are Farmmg Programs, ln whxch mnety percent of the members carry product1ve projects Co operatlve Act1v1t1es for en couraglng greater co operat1on among members Leadershlp ACt1V1t1e5 whxch train members to take leadershxp ln the held of agrxculture and Recreational Ac t1V1t1ES The Chapter has ra1sed funds for 1ts act1v1t1es th1s year by sponsoring a team had movxes 1n the chapter room and held several partles Future Homemakers of Amerzca F H A The Ellsworth Chapter of the Future Homemakers 15 affzllated w1th both the Wlsconsln State F H A and the Natmonal F H A dues were pald to both as soc1at1ons by each of our flfty s1x members Jean Campbell and Helen Jamsch were elected to be sent to the Wlsconsm State F H A Conventxon at Chula V1sta Resort Wlsconsxn Dells, m June of 49 Velma Kassera Merle Mulhausen Marlys Bohn Jamce Watk1ns and Barbara Lostetter w1ll recexve awards on Class N1ght for the1r outstand1ng summer experx ence work 1n '49 Among the many thxngs the F H A has done thxs year are lncluded attend mng a d1str1ct rally at Baldw1n send1ng Chrlstmas presents to Chxldren s Relxef Orgamzatmn overseas deslgmng a Homecommg float for the parade and servmg a potluck supper for 1ts members On December ZZ twenty new members were m1t1ated at an 1mpress1ve candlehght ceremony Chapter advxsor was Mrs Kathleen Delss Home Economlcs lnstructor Courtesy of Ellsworth Creamery 55 ll . 0 0 ll a 1 1 , u n . . ' . ' Home Talent show and a Magic Review show. They also sponsored a basketball . . . . . . , ROW ROW ROW ROW FH 450 Swenson V Anderson N Johnson M Oberg J Young N Blaxadell, A Johnson P Lien Place J Thoner J Hayes Place A Grote V Mulhausen B Peterson A Place V Peterson F Ortwerth E Sward Bohn M Mulhausen I Gxlbertson Mrs Dexss Dahlby P Mordgren D Hanson M Blomgren S Wxff D Bjork C Johnson E Ortwerth Sobottka M Beebe I.. Thompson B Wmger K Murphy Jamsch P Thompson D Phernetton E Khngensmxth B Lostetter B Anderson S Snow Offzcers' Presxdent Vlce Pre sldent Secretary Treasure r Reporter Parlxamentarxan Hx storxan Song Leade r Also Bormxe Peterson Nxla Jonnson Carol Place Joan Thoner Marlys Bohn Elsxe Sward Carolyn Johnson V1 rgmla Peterson Courte sy of E H S Future Homemakers 56 Q I I ... , -4 ' 4 ' A ' ' . K K ' V Q . I Y f i 'Q' " 0 . 7' R ' 3 " ,,.,..., s h . Y, M-Q L I X I .. , V :A 4, 1' . f' 1: S. , . , . , . , . , . ' . , C. , . , . . Z: N. , . , . , . , . , . , . M. ' , . , . ' , . ' . 3: L. , . , . , . , . ' , . ' , . , S. , . , . , . A , . . 4: H. ' . . , . , . ' ' , . , . B. Bollen, S. Place, M. Kay, G. Ecklund, E. Denzer, E. Olson, V. Bristol. ,I,:,s,i.? ' 'N fitrg :ffl i' .rg -5, I 1 W ' f . c J A ' ' ' 241' v.,,J , 4' .- A , . . s . . A Y ' ,J K . A If r - ...... .. , -, 1 A, , 1 I ........... ........ 5 X, A - 1' G 0 . . . . ......... .. . . , .1 ROW ROW ROW ROW The Strut and Fret club 15 one of the most actxve clubs 1n school. Its members have charge of all pep meetmgs, Homecomlng act1v1t1es, choosxng of cheerleaders, and spon sorxng of the Athletxc Banquet every spnng Its purpose IS contrlbutxng to school spxrxt at E H. S. Thxs orgamzatxon 15 open to Junxor and Semor glrls only, and thxs year had an enrollment of sxxty one members. Mrs Hammer was the club advxsor selected by the grrls Offlcers Strut 89' Fret B Gxpford M Hulverson A Wxskerchen S Huppert, D Swenson R Swenson K Gxebler Mary Murphy K Brookshaw J Parmeter Kxng M Haessly E Sward H Janxsch J Olson M Wxberg M Hxnes B Bjornson Marklevxts S Holden M Trok V Kassera Campbell V Mulhausen J Seyforth K Bn-'kel B Wussler M Bohn B Young E Ortwerth, Gulbranson L Saueressxg J Kxnd C Johnson F Ortwerth M Oberg Mrs Hammer D Eaton M Kopp D Bjork S Wxff P Thompson A Grote M Wxthg B Peterson N Thompson, 1 Peterson H Nelson J Thoner C Place B Langer N Johnson Presxdent Dorxs Eaton V1ce Presldent Carol Kxng Treasurer Joy Seyforth I-hstorxan Mary Ellen Kopp Courtesy of E. H. S. Strut and Fret 57 1 ' , f V C J . ' Y-- -, ' s ' . . N W Q . - f I I' , ' 3: J. , . , . , , ' , , , , ' , , , , A- . . ' , . ' , . , . . . . 4: . . . , . , . ' , . ' , . . . . . ' ', Photo Club This photography club is one of the most educational and active ones in school, and was only started last year. With the able instruction of Mr. Whalen, the mem- bers have learned to take good pictures, print them and develop film. They have out- fitted the small room above the gym as their nicely-equipped darkroom. Members are: Kathy Brookshaw, Juanita Parmeter, Joy Seyforth, Mary Ellen Kopp, Jim Thompson, Frances Erickson, Patsy Stafford, Dellvina Gross, Lois Giebler, Wilma Boothe, Joseph Klingensmith, Brian Kirby, Dale Schumaker, Kenneth Zeyher, Don Krause, and Kenneth Morrison. Officers: President, Brian Kirby, Vice-President, Wilma Bootheg Secretary, Dellvina Gross, Treasurer, Mary E. Kopp, Student Council Representative, Joy Seyforth. Courtesy of E. H. S. Photo Club 58 Dance Club Dance Club prov1des recreat1on and fun for all xnterested 1n dancmg Teachmg begmners IS one of 1ts mam purposes and learmng new steps 15 fun for everyone Off1cers are Pres1dent Vernon Allxe V1ce Pre sxdent J1m Johnson Secretary Treasurer Glor1a Mountxn Student Counc1lRepresentat1ve Kathryn B1rkel Club advxsor IS M1ss Dolores Fxscher Members are C Gotzman B Langer P Olson B Kelly K Kelly A Ferl Gald N E1dem F Rock C Campbell C Bjornson I Peterson M Esteb Swenson S Huppert R Nelson J Hayes C De1ss B Hanvelt A Guttlng Schroeder D Z1elk1e D Hrnes D Bjornson B Langer J Doyle D Lynner Bennet P Nelson M Sheldrew J Larson M I-hnes B Young K Brookshaw Holden K B1rkel M W1berg B Wussler M Murphy F Huppert J Radke Sanford V Allxe J Johnson M Haessly V All1e A Wxskerchen Hulverson E Esteb J Bauer B Ste1ner T Beebe J Freeman J Bartlett Sauress1g B G1eb1er C Hove F Ortwerth L Huber R Dahlm S Sucko Buck B G1pford A Bloomstrand D Sheldrew M Close B Johnson Kassera J Buckner B Nelson S Johnson G Janlsch N Falkofske Koller A Shannon C I-ljermstad A Russ D Altaffer M Trok J Peterson Peterson B Br1sk1 B Pr1sk D Hauclnldt G Hall C Bauer K Morr1son Gulbranson L Anderson B Peterson R Schommer L Landry M Raerner Anderson J Nelson L Langer G Mountm C I-hnk D Cook H Zeyher Bartlett D Melstrom Courtesy ofE H S Dance Club 59 C. , . ' , . , . , . ' , . , . . D. , . , . , . , . ' , . , . ' . M. , . ' ' , . ' , . ' , . , . , . . R. , . , . , . , . ' , . , . , S. , . ' , . ' , . , . , . , . , A. Koller, D. Gutting, T. Radke, D. Melby, W. Gilbertson, J. Gilbertson, B. , . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , M. , . , . , . ' , . , . , . . L. ' , . ' , . , . , . , . ' , . f N. , . ' , . , . , . , . f V. , . ' , . , . , . ' , . . D. , . , . ' , . , . , . , . 1 M. , . ' ', . ' , . ' , . , . , . ' . A. , . , . , . , . , . , J. , . , . , . ' , . ' , . , . . W. , . . tl Lrbrary Club Thxs club under the able d1rect1on of Mxss R1tch1e 15 an actlve and hard worklng group Among the many act1v1t1es of the members are 1nc1uded mend1ng and checklng of books and keepmg the llbrary neat and up to date L1brary Club IS ex tremely educat1onal 1n that lt tra1ns 1ts members 1n the proper care of books and of a hbrary Outslde of the usual act1v1t1es the club enteredafloat 1n the Homecommg Parade and planned several soc1al events Offlcers below Presxdent J Seyforth V1ce Presxdent MaryE Kopp Secretary Treasurer V Mulhausen Student Counc1lRepresentat1ve J Gerdes Members M Kopp V Mulhausen R Nelson J Seyforth D Bjork Grote S Huppert C Johnson J Kmd E Olson B Peterson D Swenson Thompson S W1ff J Gerdes L Denzer L Cuebler D Gross P Hageman Stafford J Thompson L Thompson M Close B Falkofske I Gxlbertson Kay B Lostetter M Mulhausen P Nordgren J R1ley B Stemer D Cob1an Bauer A Johnson W Johnson L Johnson M Nlelssen Courtesy of Library Club 60 Press Club Thms year the "Panther's Punt publlshed b1 weekly by the Press Club brought the latest school news gossxp etc to the students of E H S Work1ng on the paper gave helpful experzence ln journahsm to the hard workmg club members and reporters The Staff Co Edltors Bonme Bjornson and Beverly Marklevlts Bus1ness Manager Marxlyn Murphy Supervrsor Mrs Ames Sports Ed1tor Wayne G1lbe rtson Student Counc1l Representatlve Jean Campbell Members above from left to r1ght Row I Pat Hageman Marllyn Murph Jean Campbell Jamce K1nd Manlyn W1tt1g Betty Stemer Donna Cobxan Beulah Falkofske Janet Gerdes Bonnxe Bjornson Row II Frances Enckson Helen Nelson Norma Thompson J1m Thompson Joe Kllngensrruth Barbara Lee Peterson Beverly Marklevmts Joan Rlley Bruce Stemer Mrs Ames -f-I Courtesy of E. H. S. Press Club 61 p g . 5 , M, :'Y"' f Y "H- A--f ,- sv- --1 -N --,. . ,., , , . . .A . ,, , M . ,, N, ,VTX . y ..,,, , , .. " lv, , K , f , ' Q . . ' 3 l . Y 2 f ' i'- --'g 1-. 1 .4 . I ,, ns ,b I , 2 5 ' h F' . fl, . X I Q CRA! Q I . ' N319 4 X 61521 , ,.'S5gl,r,'g 1 ,A lu fl . . ,I . . 1 ' 1 , I , Q , . n n . I ' 1 Q ' u ' I . ' I I I l ' D D 7 , . 1 : ' 1 YI . . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' Hobby Club r'-ilif The Hobby Club of Ellsworth Hxgh had an enrollrnent of thxrty one members th1s year Meetmgs were held every other Wednesday to play card games check ers chess and carroms The club also seeks to mcrease lnterest ln hobbles of all types Mr Aamoth was the superv1s1ng teacher Lower P1cture offxcers fLeft to Right, Pres1dent Merhn Garhd V1ce Presldent Jack Swanson Secretary Cla1r Gense Members Langer C Johnson T Sequ1n D Kenall G Kle1n J Nllssen L Lynner Erxckson R Mountaxn D Kreye D Hunter L M1ller J Ingh D K1ng Sather H Halls P Bork W Bostrom D Nordstrand C Gense G Ecklund Meacham J Qu1nn J Nelson J Hoyer M Larson M Garhd D Murphy Swanson R Anderson Courtesy of!-I G Seyforth Roy Swanson Elsme Schorta 62 I 2 -II 4 ' K wi f I 3 . 1' 4 '. .X - I s A fl mv 1 'L ' V 1 . ' I ", 4. 'Q Q01 . , .Q ' 0.-. N x ,5'fL. '-3' 7' I . I . 9 I " ' ' . . . . . . 1 ' L' P ' I ' I I ' P ' . I ' V I ' I D. ' , . ' , . , . , . ' , . ', . ' , R. , .I , . , . , . , . , . C. , . ' , . , . , . , . ' , . , J. , . . 1 . 1 , . The .Student Counczl STANDING B Qumn Mr Rhode S Saueressxg M Garlxd B Peterson M Murphy A Russ J Seyforth SITTING N Falkofske J Gerdes V Peterson N Cady J Quum J Campbell K Bxrkel M Hulverson H Wlberg Lower Pxcture Officers Jxm Qumn Vxce Presxdent B1llQu1nn Presxdent Mary Murphy Secretary Treasurer Courtesy of E. C. Jurgenson, Otto Christensen, Ralph Condit 63 AA The Gxrls' Athlet1c Assoc1at1on th1s year was orgamzed under the capable leadershxp of Nhss Delores F1scher At the1r flrst meetxng the members elected the followmg offxcers for the club Pres1dent Mary Murphy V1ce Pres1dent Joy Repre sentatxve Martha W1berg Dur1ng the year the girls part1c1pated 1n luttenball basketball volleyball and bounceball Extra sport act1v1t1es were badmlnton bowhng and hxklng At the end of the year the g1r1s who have enough po1nts accordmg to tl-e rules of our G A A are awarded an Ellsworth E Oppos1te are two act1on shots and the formal pose of the club members Above are G A A off1cers left to rlght Bernadme Mary Joy and Audrey Courtesy of John Swanson Vxc G1lbertson Ken Swanson 64 Seyforthg Secretary, Bernadine Wusslerg Treasurer, Audrey Placeg Student Council . . . ' Q ' J ' , , , . 5 1 BACK ROW Janet Gerdes Martha Wxberg Bernadme Wussler Miss Fxscher Wxlma Boothe Pat Stafford Delvxna Gross Loxs Glebler Kathleen Gxebler MIDDLE ROW Loxs Dahlby Glorxa Mountxn Peg Olson Beverly Sanford Jo Ann Rlley Marmlyn Murphy Joy Seyiorth Beulah Falkofske Audrey Place FRONT ROW Shxrley Johnson Delores Bjork Irene Peterson Rosme Nelson Ev1e Esteb Coleen Bjornson Mary Jane Trok Sal Holden Donna Coblan Mary Murphy Courtesy of Dr. A. R. Aanes 65 LEFT TO RIGHT A sxstant Edxtor Martha W berg Edxtor M J Haessly Busmess Manager B111 Quxnn Allllf-Ill! M Murphy Edntor mn Chlef Asszstant Edxtor Bus1ness Manager Assxstant Bus1ne ss Athletlc s ANNUAL STAFF ASSIGNMENTS Manager Semors and Faculty Info Dedxcatxon Typx sts Art Ed1tors Clubs Mary Jane Haessly Martha W1berg B111 Qu1nn Mary Murphy Joy Seyforth Bernachne Wussler Sally Holden B111 Quxnn J1m Johnson Merlin Garhd Dons Eaton Carol Kmg Juamta Parmeter Offxcers Marlys Bohn Helen Jamsch Donna Flemxng Mary Ellen Kopp Donna Swenson M J Trok J1m Quxnn Vernon Allie Jean Campbell Audrey Grote Delores Bjork Manlyn W1tt1g Barbara Boothe Gene Ecklund Jerome Nzlssen Jack Doyle Courtesy of Larson Swanson Statxon and Rx1ey's Clothes Shop 66 1 rs' '. i s ' . . . s ' .' 'Q Proofreaders . . . . .. . J 3 In ,, . Annual Club The Annual Club 15 composed of Jumor and Sen1or students formed for the purpose of ed1t1ng and pubhshxng the E H S yearbook The Hub ' Wh1Ch IS put out annually Club enrollment amounts to about f1fty members thxs year and each mem ber has specxal staff ass1gnments Staff c ont1nue d Music Kats1e Blrkel E 11zabeth Olson Barbara Pete r son Undergrad I-I1stor1es Jan1ce K1nd Cla1r Gense Humor Persona11t1e s Class Wxll Prophecy H1 story Se n1o Song Photography Advisor W1lma Boothe Patsy Gxlbertson Marx Anne Raebel Dorxs Altaffer Raymond Kmg Clark Gense Arlene w1SkErChen M1ll1e Hulverson Bonme Bjornson Beverly Marklev1ts Br1an Kxrby Kathleen Gxebler Joe Klingensmxth . . . . Janie Haessly Joy Seyforth . . Dale Schumaker Snooks Gilbertson .. . . . .Mr. Aamoth Courtesy of Attorney Wilbur Brookshaw and Hageman and Sons Grocery 67 Speech Club K? vQ,..... Ib .gk ROWI S rd V M lhausen R Nelso D E to J Johnson A Betterly J S yfo th B M rklevxts Kopp H Jamsch ROW Z F drxck o M Boln C o G J Kl ngen ith D Kra e D H be L. Hu e Seq x Thxs year at E H S the speech class was orgamzed under the tltle 'Speech Club pnmanly to g1ve practxce lh parhamentary procedure The act1v1t1es of the club were l1m1ted but they d1d have a Chrxstmas party wxth all the trunmxngs almost anyhow, the club also attended the St Paul showxng of The Passxon Play wxth Josef Maler zn the leadzng role As the annual goes to press at least one more St Paul trlp IS 1n the mak1ng OFFICERS OFFICERS Fzrst Quarter Pres1dent Alfred Betterley Doris Eaton Jxm Johnson Joy Seyforth Vice -President . Secretary Treasurer Program Chairman . . Vernon Allie Second Quarter President Marlys Bohn Vice-President Bernard Giebler Secretary Mary Ellen Kopp Treasurer Joe Klingensmith Program Chairman Rosie Nelson Courtesy of The Fashionette and Jelen's Drug Store 2 Forensics ROWI Mountaxn K Kelly J Bauer M Murphy S Ho Debate B Wussler B Peterson Mr Fredrxckson B Stexner M BOIH1 lden M Murphy D Cobzan B Falkofske ROWZ Haessly E Sward B Kelly J Campbell B Sanford B Stexner J Seyforth M Wxberg S Swenson B Wussler ROW3 Janxsch J Peterson B Quxnn Mr Fredrlckson B Peterson B Steiner J Rlley M Bohn Boothe an-4 ,Am-. llc-Anais:-vos-0 Courtesy of Hovde Hardware and Mike Young Insurance Agency 69 Ig' nl x -u- and Z Lunch room scenes lJun1or's tryxng to decxde whether or not to swxpe M J Trok s cake' Norma Jean and puppy wonder whxch one got the bath" Practicing Taxl back Vern Quarterback B111 and Center .hm Beulah Baby' Courtesy of Ben Frankhn Store and I-Io.lden's Recreatlon 70 I 'x x qf, Vx X X . A - S .X 1 n A ,O ' If: . In E' gr I .5 A Y V -4,, ' . q?,- . - - . . . . . . Xu 'Y-me Tx our glamour gal secretary Snooks and Don must have won a gaxne' Beryl never reahzed she was so tall' The Jumor girls Jean Donna Bern Katsxe Shxrley Sal Marx Anne and Dons xnformal P, pose Sweet young thxngs Eunxce and Joe. Courtesy of Dr. F. W. Fosmo and Dr. C. F. Cook 71 1. Laura decorating the fields! Z. Doris and the apple blossoms - mmmmm, fsounds like a songlj 3. Playing hxde 'n seek, Norma? Looks like she and Laura used the same shock. 4. Fresh kxds! That's Junior M. being mauled by little Bernadine W. and Mary Alden. 5. Beverly S. - wonder il' she always swxms with her shoes on! 6. A matter of balance - Shirley and Glona. Courtesy of Campbell's Ice Cream Spot and E1-ic's Barber Shop 72 129' 1 "Q Vxrgxnxa the Fresh charmer Norma P poutmg? Pills Wlndy Jxm Gettmg ready for a pep stunt Shxrley Beryl Beulah and Jlm P Beverly another outdoor gxrl' Don Frosh Inxtxatxon Day 1 461 cute hlll'l7 Courtesy of Deluxe Cafe and Bernstems Store 73 P' 1 MELVIN He rambles through the rooms He wanders through the hall Wxth dust pan and wlth broom From surnmer untll fall Every day All alone For then' beauty teachers sleep But 11' we should e'er come back Whlle the furnace he does keep There are Jokes that he could crack So they say Be It known! Lunchroom Cooks and Student Workers Courtesy of E. N. Opsal Real Estate and P1erce County Abstract C0- 74 5 '+ 1. w, nog, , IK 5 , ,." , M", ? . K Xb MQ, Il ll U I . . I - . l Q BXTIEUEIETUCCS Ralph Lindstrom J1m Johnson E lroy Sanford Vernon Allxe Don Krause Ronnxe Ande r son B1ll Qu1nn Jack Swanson Bnan Kxrby R1tch1e Pete r son Me rl1n Garhd Ralph turned out to be a rugged gr1dder for us th1s year On offense he was our best downf1eld blocker and on defense .he kept enemy backs from runnxng h1s end Ralph had a good year and h1s play was steady He was a two year letterman J1m played good ball for E H S th1s year from h1s center pos1t1on On offense he performed h1s Job of ball snappmg w1th the best but lt was 1n defense that he really shone J1m was always ready to get anyone who got past our l1ne He was de pendable h1s play was very conslstent Jlm was a three year letterman Elroy came through very well even though he performed from an unsung pos1t1on Any close observer could tell that he was usually the last man up rzght at the bottom of every pxle H15 presence helped make our forward wall one of the best Elroy earned h1s second football letter Lafe had h1s best season for us th1s year mamly due to the fact that he wasn't szde lxned by h1s old mnjury Jmx Vern was a hard worker and a good ball carner He d1d most of the pass1ng the puntmg and our place k1ck1ng He was a two year letterman and was awarded the pos1t10n of co capta1n Don played good ball for us 1n '49 from h1s tackle fleft pos: txon He used h1s long arms to an advantage as he repeatedly reached out and snagged many a ball carrxer Don always kept f1ght1ng earnmg h1s second football letter Ronnle had the Job of understudymg our regular flankers H kept the regulars workmg as he was tough both 1n pract1ce B1ll p1loted the club th1s year from the quarterback pos1t1on Has Job consxsted of some passmg from the T clearmg the ball carrlers path beS1deS selectlng the plays B111 won h1s thzrd football letter as he rounded out h1s career Jack1e ' d1dn't see much act1on but he was always plugg1ng away 1n pract1ce or play Jack won h1s f1rst football letter thns year and he always gave h1s all to the game Br1an came through for us thls year wmthout much prevxous game exper1ence He performed at the left guard spot wh1ch kept hxm on the ground a good deal of the tlme Kxrb was always a good worker and won h1s second football letter R1tCh1e a good guard who, although h1s game t1me was lxmlted gave the f1rst team a rough t1me ln many practlce sesslons He always was ln there worklng and recexved h1s f1rst E Merlm was a very rugged man thas year espec1ally when he wanted to be He had a real mght aga1nst the Falls as he was all over the held' Merlxn f1n1shed up his thxrd year as regular r1ght tackle and won the pos1t1on of co capta1n Courtesy of Ellsworth Dry Cleaners 76 D , . . -nn -an . 1 n . ' . l 0 . , . ' u n ' - - .. , I - . I . g . ' . , . . G , . ' . . . . ' ' ' . e . , . . and in regular competition. Ronnie was a two year letterman. . . . . ,, ,, . ll - . , . . . . Il ' I ' - ' , . ' ' ll ' ll . . . . ' , . . . . , . . . . . . D ' ll ll . . llooonc . I I . Q I 9 - I ' Semor Squad Ralph Lxndstrom Jun J0hlllIl Elroy Sanford Vernon Allxe Don Krause Ronme Anderson Bxll Quxnn Jackie Swanson Bnan Kxrby Rztchxe Peterson Merhn Garlxd Courtesy of Pzerce County Herald 77 lg- 'li Qx4f,"T X 4 Q i I i ,X f iixxi- fu. . , ' if 'pm AQ' 'N , f 'L S I 'I 'UM x ,..rf .K 1 .,, : vvwi . R '-f , Q s , Q.. 4 Wk - N g "f?1'. f ,' 5 51 , Q y n, +w5 ?.5',T:. ' , , - -Q, 1 J. A L 'ffm fa -. -- ., ' W-. r ,6 5-.mr Q O Jn. W 'fha-Q ,- . w ,ir l v W .1 .I X 5 ,Wu --SFP . as Lb 1 +V Q f f.. 5 gg W2 W A N! V, U J Q A B ,ff 4 I xi W, R' Q W S ai S55 , 9 1 . . gf ,ff .. ,U .. 4, .. " '1t.- 141- 5 NM ff x ' s Q, Q1 . 4. I ,K A 'Q x ff "Mx 17 ,X ,. Q ,, , tl if - ' iulaihif D1 Wim, .sw , .iii 'iles fz.'f?a.'uS:, . 'V . -'fy f'r'5MeJ,r,J2v'EQJt"Eiw , ni- gf 1 'S gg Qggiqt-f.,p,fq,,,gy..g1, , 4. -f f ii' A t- fyigig, Q by - ,A ,. .i.,,,??!5?2 ,- " f:,"rc '35- i I4 . wg E ei W. 3 A ,1 A Q A i,'3Q"d , aol' Ellsworth vs The Purple vs Baldwin Our third conference v1ctory was at the expense of lowly Baldwin Remembering our defeat of the previous fall the Pan thers were out to redeem themselves and they d1d just that by rolling over Baldwin w1th their best score of the year Z7 0 After taking the opening kickoff the Hubbers marched down the field to take the lead with tail back Allie going over for the s1x pointer and addlng a mce kick Although the Hub had an early 7 O lead the Baldwin team was coming fans a good game and when they took the offense they began to riddle the powerful Purple line for good gains Only after putting together several f1rst downs were they stopped The Panthers sounded again in the second quarter this time with Jim Gxlbertson crashing off tackle for the counter They scored their extra point on a pass from All1e to Snooks to take a 14 0 lead at the half Ellsworth scored again in the tlurd quar ter with Jim G scoring that touchdown The try for point failed so the score stood at Z0 0 In the last half Jim Gxlbertson went over for our fourth touchdown of the n1ght Lafe kicked the ball squarely over the goal and the score read Z7 0 Spring Valley The Panthers traveled to the Valley de termined to show Cub Brookes that Ellsworth had more spirit and guts ' than Spring Valley could handle since Cub had broadcast his confidence of an easy Spring Valley victory The Purple boys took the Valley 7 0 and with a l1ttle help from Lady Luck it could have been better' After flndlng out that the Valley forward wall would be hard to pierce the Panthers caught the Valley flatfooted with a quick kick As a Valley back tried to Snooks was on the ball The Hubbers crossed the Valley goal with J1m Gilbertson carrying the mail around three plays later and Murph crashing through for the extra point While their stubborn defense held the Valley in check the Panther backs went to work although they lost much good yardage on penalt1es In the second half the Panthers continued to rack up yardage and the Valley line be came a stubborn bunch to crack Spring Valley threatened to score in the final quarter but there the Ellsworth line rose to great heights The Valley boys could n't counter against the Purple on four attempts' The game ended 1n the locals favor as the score read 7 0 The Pan thers deserved much credit for defeat ing the b1g Valley eleven and pre serving the1r victory string Courtesy of John Oltman H5 l . fairly stubborn about giving their Home- pick up the oval he fumbled it, and ' ' - , ll ll ' 80 Panthe r s vs Boyceville After scoring four consecutive conference wins the Panthers took on a non-confer- ence foe in Boyceville However it took excellent defensive work by game captain Jim Johnson to keep those boys from get- ting away on some dangerous jaunts The Panthers scored early on an end run by Lafe Allie who put on a good running display in this particular play An Allie- to-"Snooks pass scored the extra point and the I-Iubbers took the lead 7-0 I the second half the teams played even ball for a quarter, and then E H S started to move down the field After a sustained march which took them to the visitors' two-yard line the attack bog- ged down On fourth down Allie threw a pass to Snooks which was taken in the end zone but was nullified Snooks' taking a Nilssen-aerial sped thirty yards to make the score 13-0 Next year's team received some valuable ex perience during this contest especially since Brian Kirby and Bill Quinn regu lar left guard and quarterback were out of the game with injuries Let it be said that Boyceville had one of the scrappiest teams to play here m a long time! Panthers vs. Menomonie Ellsworth's r0ugh'n tough football team lost their big game of the season to a rug- ged Menomonie eleven Prior to the game both Ellsworth and Menomonie were tied for first place but after the struggle Menomonie was left on top of the roost. The weather played a big part in the final outcome of the game as the mud and a stiff wind limited both team's passing attacks However the game proved to an interesting one as both teams knew it was The One they had to win Menomonie took no chances and scored their line touchdown in the first quarter looking far superior to the E H S. eleven This touchdown seemed to pep the Panthers up and now they began to play ball some what up to par The rest of the game was pretty much of a standstill as neither team became a scoring threat. Although Menomonie came out on top they knew they had been in a battle Let it be said that our team never gave up fighting al though few of our fellows were at their peak for the game " , . , be I ' n I ll I ,,,,Y,T, . .- .t 171 Courtesy of Hoyers' Mortuary 81 Panthe r s vs Colfax Eleven Semors ended then' football careers 1n llsworth I-hgh School by beatmg an old enemy Colfax 12 0 The Panthers reahzed they had to w1n over Colfax to 1e for second place m the M1ddle Border Conference so they d1d just that Under he leadership of game captaln Brxan Klrby the boys went out to score two touchdowns twelve pomnts more than Colfax could round up The f1rst touchdown came on a had d1ff1culty gett1ng an attack goxng and Ellsworth although able to roll up a good deal of yardage could not manage to score aga1n The Panthers came back 1n the second half and cont1nued to grlnd out yardage but were always thwarted when they came close to CoLfax's goal Well mto the fou th quarter Ellsworth marched down for the1r second tally wmth Vernon Allxe carrymng the ball over The game ended w1th the score read1ng 12 0 the Panthers takvlg second place 1n the football confer ence Thus closed one of the most successful seasons 1n the annals of E H S Courtesy of Andersons Cafe and Bus Depot 82 ' , - I . . t. . . l . . . t thirty-yard run by Jim Gilbertson, and put the Panthers out in front, 6-0. Colfax Front Second Third Fourth Qbtthqd . n 4 A I ' ,fl X Football 24" Squad - Jack Swanson, Ralph Lindstrom, Ritchie Peterson, Elroy Sanford, Merlin Garlid, Don Krause, Ronnie Anderson, Brian Kirby, Bill Quinn, Jim Johnson, Vernon Allie. - Jerome Nilssen, Jim Gilbertson, Don Murphy, Bill Van Allen, Waldo Bostrom, Wayne Gilbertson, Eldon Klecker, Dale Shumaker, Charlie Bauer Clair Gense. - Dick Kenall, Richard Mountin, Jim Gutting, Jack Doyle, Gene Ecklund, Ken McConnell, John Hagested, Cliff Meacham, Danny Prine. - Clark Gense, Lloyd Anderson, Dean Melby, Coach Dave Ruhsam, Coach Ernie Brickner, Managers Jim Crownhart and Duane Hauschildt. Courtesy of Kellers' Produce and Ellsworth Frozen Food Lockers 83 Mzddle Border Athletzc Conference Menomome ELLSWORTH New Rxchmond Hudson Sprlng Valley Colfax Rxver Falls Baldwxn Menomome ELLSWORTH Hudson New R1chmond Spr1ng Valley Colfax Glenwood Clty Baldwln R1ver Falls Offxcxal Football Conference Standlng Off1c1al Basketball Conference Stanchng Courtesy ofJ S I-hnes Transfer and Dr C R Rxley 84 1000 833 8 3 7 4 33 Z50 000 1000 750 750 500 00 3 3 444 Z50 w. L. T. P. ' 6 o o 5 1 0 ' 5 1 o 3 4 z 0 66 ' z 3 1 16 2 4 o 3 ' 1 4 1 Glenwood City 1 5 o 166 ' o 6 0 w. 13. P. ' 12 o 9 3 9 3 ' 6 6 ' 6 6 5 4 8 3 ' 4 8 . 3 9 ' z 10 166 fTop to bottomj Beryl Kelly Jxm Peterson Beulah Falkofske COACHES Dave Ruhsam and Erma Brxckne Courtesy of N1lssen Pharmacy and Lubnow Grocery 85 The Pan thers 1 94 9-1 950 November December December December January January February February November December Decembe r January January January January February February February Schedule Home Games V1ctory V1ctory Vlctory Vxctory V1ctory Vlctory V1ctory Vxctory Away Games Vlctory Vxctory Defeat Defeat Defeat Vxctory Vxctory Vmctory Vxctory Vmctory Prescott Hudson R1ver Falls Boycevxlle Baldwln Glenwood Clty Colfax Sprxng Valley Prescott Glenwood Cxty Baldw1n Sprxng Valley Menomonle New R1chmond Durand Hudson Rxver Falls Boycevxlle Courtesy of Gamble Store and Huber Brothers Servlce Statxon 86 15... ... .. . . .. ' , 58-37... ......... . . ..... 9 .... ........... ' ,43-37 .... ....... . . . ....... 16 ........ . .. ..... ' , 46-22... . .. ..... ' 22 .......... ....... ' , 48-35 ..... .....,... ...... ' 13... ... ... .. .. ' , 56-40... ... .... ........ ' 24... .... ... ... ' , 52-31 .... ........... .. ' 3 .... . .... . ..... ' , 53-57.. .... ............ ..... 14 .... . . . ...... ' , 49-37... . . .. ...... ' 29 .... .. .. .... ' ,44-18... .. Decernber Z .... ... .......... Defeah 34-37... ... ... ...........CoHax 13 ...... ... ........ ' , 34-30... . ... ... ' 20... . . .......... , 31-32... . . ... ....... ' 6 .... .. .... .... , 30-31... ....... .. .... ' 20... . .... ...... , 34-55 .... ... . ........ ' 27.. .... . .... ... ' , 53-39... . . ...... ' 31... . ........ ' , 52-31... . . . . .. ........ 7... . . ... .. ' , 32-25 ...... . .. ......... 10 ..... ..... ... .. ' , 57-31... .. . . . ... ' 17 ................... ' , 49-46 ...................... ' I ,L 11 F ll I S 'ZS DON KRAUSE VERNON ALLIE WAYNE GILBERTSON JEROME NILSSEN JIM JOHN ON BILL CUINN L1-,,,,,2 Courtesy of Beede's Cafe and Ellsworth Bakery 87 M W .MDM CRW KEN McCONNEL1. DON MURPHY JIM QUINN FX . rx CLARK GENSE GENE ECKLUND CLAIR GENSE Qjqai Sense 88 Courtesy of Ellsworth Bottling Works and Dr. F. B. Klaas Suspense l November 15 Ellsworth 58 Prescott 37 The Panthers opened the1r basketball season with a 58 37 victory over Prescott The Prescott Cardinals gave them a after that their advantage in height was just too much for the smaller lads This was the Panthers' first attempt at bas ketball after their successful football season but the boys play was surpris ingly clean Snooks Culbertson count ed for twenty six po1nts a good total for anyone ' November Z9 Ellsworth 44 Prescott 18 The second game of thxs season was w1th Prescott whom we had already beat en two weeks prevzously The game being on the Prescott floor we had reasons for concern even though the Panthers hadn had much trouble wlth them before Such suspicrons were correct for we had plenty of trouble' The team had to start h1tt1ng 1n the second half to pull away from Prescott, for the score was nearly even at the half Jim Johnson led the team with fifteen points as he hit from all angles in the second half December Ellsworth 34 Colfax 37 Here is the Killer' Colfax rose up from the cellar and toppled the Panthers who were supposed to have a good chance at as the Colfax fellows led to Ellsworth' downfall although they led by two points at the beginnlng of the final quarter That didn t bother the Colfax boys who con t1nued to pile up the points and came out on top as the final whistle blew The Panthers' only regret was that the whistle hadn't blown enough all night for rt was a rough game! May the fallen rise Courtesy of Ben Wieberdmk and Milton Thoms , t ll ll 2 "rough" time of it for two quarters, but the title. Their inability to snipe as well . . . S . ll , ' ll 89 December 9 Hudson 37 Ellsworth 43 After belng tamed down a b1t by Colfax the prevlous week Ellsworth went out and gave Hudson a good trouncxng 43 37 Hudson had a good outf1t but the Panthers were hxttmg and showed the boys from there just how the game IS played' A fxne defensive thxrd quarter helped the Ellsworth fxve xmmensely as they were able to bu1ld up quxte a lead Hence when three regulars were lost 1n the last quarter they d1dn't have too much cause for alarm Anyway the boys were h1t t1ng and clawed out thelr flrst confer ence vxctory of the year Let's have some more of them! December 16 Ellsworth 46 R1ver Falls ZZ Last year Ellsworth made the headlmes by talung the Falls twxce so th1s year they cont1nued to pour rt on and beat the Falls by the bxggest margm rn the hmstory of the senes between these two teams QAnd don't thlnk It d1dn't feel good' The Falls Jumped off to a fast lead but that was erased as the Panthers went on to a 46 22 vxctory The old Bay C1tyan Snooks G racked up seventeen for a n1ght's good work J1m Qumn also play Bay C1tyan .hm Johnson who was con valescxng December 13 Ellsworth 34 Glenwood C1ty 30 On the road the boys hlt a foremgn floor thexr luck on forexgn floors 1sn't too good and had qu1te a game before pulhng xt out 1n the last quarter Glenwood Clty a new add1t1on to the conference gave he Panthers a rough t1me t1ll they settled down and played the cahber of ball they' capable of "Nook Gllbertson fcus todran of the large st apartment house m Ellsworth came through wxth elghteen po1nts whlch dxd the trrck Glenwood had substantlal leads but they couldn 't stop the Ellsworth fxve when they started to churn Ahhh, Ballet! Courtesy of Marvm Struve and Anderson Shoe Store, Red Wmg A I ' Il ll . ' - ed good ball as he filled in for the other , . . . ' t ' re P - . 90 Hands at home Pzlls' December Z0 Ellsworth 31 Baldwln 32 The Chnstmas Splrlt caught up wxth the Panthers as they handed the game wrapped up and t1ed to Baldwm Hope Santa made note of our generos1ty!l Any for the season and Baldwln be1ng v1c tory hungry capltahzed on thls 1nab1l1 ty to put the bxg b1g ball through that tlny t1ny hoop The only consolahon was the non conference status of the game December ZZ Ellsworth 48, Boyceville 35 In the last game before vacatlon the Panthers went out and racked up Vxctory N 6 To do that they had to out score a bunch of sharpshooters from the fall' cxty of Boycevxlle The Panthers d1d out smpe them though mamly because of "Sleep" Krause's exghteen pozn s Boycevllle had a good outf1t but the Pan thers are hard to beat when they get golng January 6 Ellsworth 30 Sprmg Valley 31 On the mght of January 6 the team traveled to the Valley for one of themr tradltxonal games Ellsworth has had a JIIIX on the Valley for a number of years to thexr wmmng streak over them The Valley players had other thoughts and showed the Panthers they can't take the1r vacat1ons so serlously by beatmg us 3l 30 Ellsworth unable to get started tra1led throughout the contest and only began to perk up near the end At that t1me Ellsworth lost two men on fouls and the Valley talung advantage of the loss held to themr one poxnt lead Courtesy of Weber Muslc 8: Radlo Co Red Wlng and Most Implement Co o. . - ' ' t . . , . . K . . . way, Ellsworth hit the lowest percentage now, and were hoping to add another game 91 January 20 Ellsworth 34 Menomome 55 Early on the 20th the Panthers boarded the school bus to Menomome the home of the League leaders Thexr task was to beat the lead1ng team m the conference on 1ts home floor Even though they fa1led xt was not from lack of effort for the Panthers really fought Menomonxe had one of the1r better nxghts and pulled a ans were a good team and deserved to w1n as they put on a good dxsplay of basketball The team wxll try to change around tournament txme ! January Z7 Ellsworth 53 New R1chmond 39 On our 'unlucky floor Ellsworth had a good n1ght Smnce they had lost two con ference champ1onsh1ps on New R1chrnond's floor durmg the last two years the Pan thers were determ1ned It would not happen aga1n Ellsworth estabhshed leads twxce only to see New Rmchmond even lt up Then by feed1ng Nook" and Sleep the stantlal lead When the game was over each of our tall boys had a twenty pomt total, a mght of great accomplzshments' January Z4 Ellsworth 52 Glenwood C1ty 31 After hav1ng the game cancelled for two successwe mghts the Panthers went out and poured lt on to the Glenwood qum tet The Ellsworth crew knew they had to have thxs one to stay m the race so they were TOUGH never rel1nqu1sh1ng the1r lead dunng the entxre game Don Krause paced the home team w1th e1ght een pomts as "Snooks' and Bxll Qumn each added ten polnts to bnng up the totals The Panthers h1t the hay as early as pos sxble that mght as they had a tough game comlng up the next mght! ' Basketball or "Leapfrog"'7 Courtesy of B and B Market Basket and Nelson Barber Shop I ll ' ' . , - ' ' ll ll IJ, way near the end of the game. The Indi- Panthers succeeded in building up a sub- 92 "C reepmg Qumn' January 13 Ellsworth 58 Baldwln 40 Even though lt was Frxday the 13th the Panthers d1d not let It affect them one b1t and went out to get revenge for an earl1er defeat from thxs club Revenge was were hot that was the whole story Everyth1ng they tossed up went 1n Snooks G1lbertson talhed twenty four B111 Qu1nn fourteen and Don Krause th1r teen Thxs was one game when the subs got a chance to show the1r stuff an op porturuty they really enjoyed! January 3l Ellsworth 52, Durand 31 Ellsworth went down to Durand deter m1ned to even up last year's score They got off to a fly1ng start and pxled up a bmg advantage whlch enabled them to coast along through the rest of the encounter not that they were lazy Once agam the bxg boys had the say as Durand d1dn have the helght to cope w1th them Each added to thelr totals as they contlnually lut the old bullseye February 3 Ellsworth 53 Colfax 37 Ellsworth was out to revenge an earher defeat at the hands of Colfax and that they d1d They outscored Colfax 53 to Z7 The v1s1tors made qu1te a f1rst quar the second quarter enabled the Panthers to clalm v1ctory number eleven Th1s game marked the appearance of three bearded Panthers although they weren't v1s1ble to many of the spectators The beard must have mspmred Lafe for h had one of Ins best mghts swxshxng them m from all over Courtesy of East End Varmety and Stexner Brothers Grocery K J- ' . , . ,t . - . , theirs to the tune of 58-40. The Panthers ter of it, but a twenty-six point splurge in . . , as . . . . . , ' , I ll - ll ' ' , . ' , - ' ' ll ll, e 93 February 7 Ellsworth 32 Hudson Z5 Th1s was a must game for the Panthers To have any chance at sec ond place ln the Mlddle Border Con ference ratmgs they had to w1n thxs one and they managed lt very nxcely The Raxders wlth the1r control style of ball cap1tal1zed on an "off mg " by the Panthers and made It an xnter estnng evenxng The game was marked by enthusxashc d1sl1ke of the referees on the part of the Hudson followers, as demonstrated by both team and spec tators As the Phys1cs class would de lt was a satxsfyxng one to wm but we're lucky they aren't always that close and rough' February I0 Ellsworth 57 R1ver Falls 31 The Panthers journeyed to 'the Falls" for a game wlth thexr r1vals from the North Usually such a game 15 a n1p and tuck affa1r but the Purple fxve showed the1r supremacy as soon as the game began They fed the bmg boys and at the end of the f1rst quarter the score read Z1 to 1 " After th1s the regulars were used spar1ngly The subs took over and played the Orange clad boys on even terms for the re malnder of the game Four straxght wxns over the Falls 1n basketball' February 14 Ellsworth 49 Spr1ng Valley 37 Play1ng thas one on the1r own floor the Panthers contmued the1r wznnmg streak by beatmng the Valley Cardmals 49 to 37 Thms trlumph avenged an earlxer defeat by the S V boys and It also xnsured E H S of that second place Conference berth The Hub men establxshed an 18 to 5 lead by the end of the flrst quarter enough for them coast to another vfctory Bmg Don Krause h1t twenty fave polnts on one of h1s best mghts but B111 Qumn surprxsed everyone 1n the closmng second of the through the bucket" from way way ou about 3 4 of the floor! February 17 Ellsworth 49 Boycevllle 46 Boardmg the old bus for the last txme, the Panthers headed for Boycev1lle for a non conference game Boycevxlle had a record of flfteen strazght wms on their floor untxl they met the conquenng Panthers! The boys agaln racked up a good lead by 1nterm1ss1on 33 to 19 but then the t1de of battle changed The Boycevxlle men took the offensxve dur 1ng the second half and pressed the Panthers who had to really work to wm then' eighth straxght ball game Blg Snooks was really mspxred h1tt1ng hrs season's h1gh twenty seven pornts Courtesy of Coast to Coast Store and Aaby Bros Weldxng Shop ' ll ll ' - - , . . . ht . ' ' . ' , to fine it, "There was SOUND!" Anyway, first quarter, by putting the ball straight t--- 1 94 "B" Squad ROW l Dxck Kenall Bob Murphy Joe lnglx Dale Sh maker Waldo Bostrom Dean Melby Jlm Gxlbertson Rxchard Mountm Mxcky Hunter ROW 2 Coach Bnchacr Jxm Bartlett Jnkg I-layer Lee Maller Gordon Nelson Paul Bjork Halsey Halls Dale Melstrom Coach Ruhsam F A Squad LEFT TO RIGHT Pat Harrmgton Wayne Anderson Jxm Crownhart Eldon Klecker Rolland Nelson Bill Van Allen J1mGuthng Rlchard Madsen Mr Wall Courtesy of Consohdated Lumber Company and McDonne11's Daxry Baseball Team WWWNW rv Standxng Coach Buckner D Kenall B Murphy E Sanford E Klecker R Mountam J N1lssen C Gense L M111er Kneehng M Hunter J G11bertson K McConnell C Gense B Qmnn .I Johnson D Murphy W G11bertson V Alhe Courtesy of M1dway Implement Company and Mydma Care, Red Wlng 97 I EnfL01 rwlth apolog1es to K1pl1r1g When the last test paper 15 wx 1tten And the xnkwells are blackened and drmed Whe And You You T1ll And n the stalest test has vanished your notes have been laid 35166 may sleep and 1n fa1th you ll need 1 may loaf for a month or two the old bell rmgs mn bepicrnber you IC called to your work anew Then those that have worked w1ll be happy They shall gloat o er thexr A's and B s Vuth a Slgh of regret at parhng From those who have only D's Thny shall have new teachel s to face them New stunts on ihe Freshmen will fall They shall study at nlght and be happy And never shall blaff at all And all your l1fe may you chc rxsh Memomes of Lllsworth H1gh Of the part1es and games and pxcmes And pleasant days now gone by And each IH hms own Lorner Anc exch ln hxs pfrmal Class Wxll make the nine o our High Qchool One WhlCll none can sulp ss xt o 1 r 15 anclD1yCleanc 08 1 N - .J 1' 1 , 1 - 1 , . I .' , t. 1 v V. , . I ' I I 1 L Qu ' , . .. , I 1 ' 7 -f?l , l 7 ' ' . 7 . I . ,- . .Q A D I 1 2 ' s ' 7' 2 1 f ' - . 4 i 1- a it w11'msy'flle2d Vfng Lau ni ' 1 - ' Q f A llf0,Q'I'Il1JllS A zz tog.g'r'uplzs rbwfy .sl rm Bk 'TM 1 f 1711010 Studfv hlvz rfill lb ...- - 9lAF'v-155-Lrulv 'I' O . L lhb llwuhln lc U E I 1 uwy O1 Gerxv Erowr P .' 1 , " gr "' "O

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