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I f .4A.v12tw. . . l. -J ..- 'rs ,,:q'-nog IVA --' .-. 1- xwawzz.,-1. ur. L., zz r' A 1. Ll xmnulu, KAXNAS,.h-1.1. v . ... .,. n.. v 1 .. .. 2.1-:N - , KFW.. .- . ,,Q.-n -" V' ..-............, , 1 wq ff .4 , - ' - 'V ' 'R' . 5 g f 1 1' M, 9 . Y -. ., . r- b u . . . ,, - I f 9 ' 5 i . . k . - ,. - -- . Q . '-""'. B u W- -,. , ' 1-' 4. . F 4 U, -.mr dgryi- V 4? Q "x , 1 .n"k"'Xf j , - "' -I.. ' ,Q - - ' 'I-'s ' 'AMY " ' I 1.-. curkwxn . .- .I U . . , ,Vi A , . "' :A'.g1fq5mA' , . - Y - , L ' ,F ,..- J f' -,,,J,v' 1- mfr. ""' ,,,..1-v" " , ,-eq' ...ff ' -'-.'.'.,, 41" .--v' . 941: I- ' -Q . '1- 11' ---A un an -x V, -. Q--r wr Q! U! l I ' 5 z " , Y .k i!'L"i..r- V "' 1,5 --'F 'ef s Y V 4 ,i . ,. ,,., my M 'sea ,N 1 lil' -. .. W-' U 'T """":" .wf' 'f ' 'f in A. ' ...I "'.4 -,, a All V l . S , .. . ,p '- . - I 2- ' 1 'K " -f ' 1: ' ' 'ME' 4 ng , A ' - A ,I 3' , . : -' ., . v ,. ' F N :V v..V,.!x51- U ,N ,, 1, It .F . 4 - f3"'3.3':I . A ' . g V . .p, ' , n 3 w v rf 4 ' - ' "LL A' , , 'fy' , VK 1 . W '-'A .V I.. ,, , . ,- . Wx :7. V' VT -f. , ,'3e.'m ., V5 .L-1, W- -'nf ' ' A . , .. . . , 1. -L-1- , , . .,, j u , f 1 ' , . x 1 1 Q 1 , -. ,n, ... A ' ' - . 1 , . V ' 4 Y x 1 , . 3' ' .1 - -, , , , , . , :, , YS ,. ' V. W " - ' - . , .-,w-f-- . ' ' - . !,. -' , - V ' ,V ' ,, , L ,,. rf . ' w I ,. 3 : 1 M' 4' a Q. ,. .1 . -,- L , L. . Y' ,J , I ,:,. 5" ll ,.4 -, , 151,--L 41. .- -1,,'.w' . 1 V , , .V I 1 ' ,' qw. -2 4 - - A . , , , .. , V w .Q '. 1 - , -f-.---na-. 3 " . 11 "H, 4 , LJ- , - r , 11,5 . 'lu A -. .4 A y Q 1 , ,i W 1 ' , , Qv., W , ,' .H 1' , .Gin .fmf - W, ,:- Y 1 .1 1 f V ' . A ' 'Jia-'55-N M." iq' -.nmj-7'v"' 1 ., . . , . .1 , , F .. . . -. ,l.. ,T lH,X,u,. I .lv Zn., ,,-- . , v I aww-.:J3.lH .,M-'.,.'.5.,.r.-a.s:.'.i.xJ4 ' ' f.7.1S..L . .N :mel.vs,-...main lf, M uri! '2- ..g V 1, --w 1 AW M ., FL QL? 1 . .VJ g, , ,g-5 -1 14, ., ya If vf ,, . :.,.4.- .A,. k . . .r ,jf -,x -. Q. f :fre . , xzaurrfsgzzi ,, L , F w 1? 11 ,,4 1 .liesaanu 'QT 7 w , THE HERITA GE Ellsworth High School 1 883 1959 4 Ellsworth, Kansas 1 959 1883-1959 Because the high standards and principles of both faculty and students of the past years have become a part of our present school, we, the class of 1959, cleflicate THE HERITAGE with the highest esteem, to the preceding seventy-four classes of Ellsworth High School. President, CLASS OF 1959 Editor, THE HERITAGE I 4 :gig x V. 1 . ' e I L x f ea? W Fl, 2' 4 if 5? i gl f l 5, m'ww6 gr' Y., . e 1 1. 1 4' "On 1 , f , ' . HA U 64 f ' ., Q, v , 'Liv 1 e 3V ,r . , -Y'-Zi 'X ' if 91.Q1 QV K" ' . 'Al' . 1 1 A ,V f. I 3-5f.1',n.','n' f' 'Y . , -,,.3y,H1!: 31. . .',gl.: mfi"':.Iffi if '-'."ff"f , ,',y!im',',, fE,','g,'.', fl H., ..,,f-f,,g,v f ,fr , f,,,,',-vfa,ggy,ifm Yr- ..,'m..,'Q.,'f .'f'Ji..,'x'::-., AL -' ff , -?1v.,.s. x K WM, V . M... X -Af..-Q .. 4 fiiiyiffil Main strc-vt. looking toward the first high school building First high school liuildingz, lruilt in 1875 1883-Carrie Foster-McCoy 188-I-Anna Cadwell-Goffe, Lizzie Flanders-Card 1885-Ada Dean-Yoxall, Georgia Long-McLaurin 1886-Blanche Spicer, Agnes Long-Hodgden 1887-Carrie Jaycox, Nellie Spicer, Louise Herzig-Hain, Charles A Cadwell, Oscar E. Powers 1888-Alice Long-Teague, Belle Carhartt-Florer, Gertrude Garrett-Cranson Hattie Hodgden-Curran, Henry Chase 1889-May Boggs, Agnes Lacey-Shellenberger, Jessie Kininger-O'Donnell Blanche Card-Montgomery, Sarah Jewell-Minor, Emma Leudde-Patterson Alice Draper-Sanlry, Charles C. Caffe, John Shade 1890-Valentine Hank, Bessie Gebhurdt-Beatty, Mollie Baldridgc-Marshall, Daisy Str-vrns-Farr, Earnest Evans, Robert Vance, Edward Jolley 1891-Bertha Hank-Coffe, Kate Hopkins-Johnson, Louise Macaulay Blanche Cadwell-Hoy, Tessa Hamilton, Eva Baker-Wilson, Lids Sherriff Davis, Sarah Chase, Lennra Herzig-Howell, Anna Hopkins The class of 1883. Miss Carrie Foster In 1884 Anna Cadwell was the first of seven Cadwell brothers and sisters to graduate from Ellsworth High School 1892-Ella Cadwell, Valeria Anderson4Bean, Grace Flanders-Wolfe, Ella Rowe-Cadwell, Frances Bull-Antiobus, Mary Piper-Long, Helen Baker- Brown 18934Hans B. Seitz, Lillie Creighton, Beatrice, Hall-White, May Flan- ders-Seavers, Louise Weick, Eugene Hopkins, Peter Rirhardson, Hal Johnson 1894fNelliv Parker-Gregory. Ada Bvyler-0'Donnvll. Lillian Coclirnnv- Larkin, Graco Riddell-Brenner, Tillie 0'Donnf'll, Anna Phillips'Maloon, Dot Burns-Cheairs, Lorena Brooksalfleming, Frank Bruner, Lola Gebhardt 1896-Helen Russell-Johns, Elva Tullis, Bertha Roy, Lee- Lafferty 1897-Madge Cochrane-Hamilton, Hannah Fornberg, Ida W'eick, Maymc Charvat-Moore, Sollic Arnold, Will White, Sophia Long-Porter, Frank Flanders, Mattie Funk-Maxuy, Charles Moore, Bertha Sweet-BL-alby, Doris Huycke 1898-Nettie E. Beyler, Alma Tullis, John Shanelec, Florence Lyons- Robinson, May .laycox-Jaco, Clarence Pohlman 1899-Daisy Lafferty Seitz, Charlie Spicer, John Wagner, Rhoda Phil- lips-Radiel, Emma Schmitt-Pflughoeft, Kate While-Nichols, Lizzie Runzel- Horst, Ethel 0'DonnelI-Schwartz In 1894- the graduates posedtwith the superintendent, Mr. Malaby, and the principal, Mr. Short. Four members of the 1894- class now living in Ellsworth are pictured in 1958. Seated are Miss Lola Gebhart and Mrs. Grace Riddell-Brenner: in the back are Mrs. Ada Beyler-0'DonnelI and Miss Tillie 0'D0nnell 1900 ffSarah Getty, Ella Bradley-Stoddard, Pearl Robinson-Alden, Francis Huycke, Ray Krebs, William Seaver, Dora Young-Wilhelmi, Pearl Sher- riff-l.aIft-rty, Isaac Hall, Charlotte Sternberg, Earl Flanders, Sadie Moore- llansnn, Maude Flanders, Metn Zessler-Zorn, Margaret Hall 1901-Freeman Alden, Harper Bower, Grace Carpenter, Tena Collett- Foil, Gertrude Essiek, Ida Fowler-White, John Getty, Louise Higham- Berkeley, Bessie Hopkins, Mildred Long-Holt, Lola Lafferty-Sparr, Charles Seaver, Anna Wagner, Emma Weick 1902.-Bertha Allen, Charles Brown, Florence Binns, Olive Cadwell, Lulu Cadwell, Will Carpenter, Laura Free-Carpenter, Jessie Harmon-Johnson, Pearl Pliillips-Radiel, Ethel Neal-Hogan, Ida Stuart-Sheridan, Ethel Thmnas, Gladys Flanders-Fox 1903-'Clara Albright-Clar, Florence Andrews, Gertrude Bower-Kunkel, Eva Beylvr-Pohlman. Hermine Barofsky-Byers, Katherine Curry, Belle Carpenter, Margaret Froning, Carol Getty, Mayme Henry-Day, Rose Nemecek, Carrie Smith-Grnth, Dorothy Spicer, Dewit Thomas, Luella Wagner, Waldo Wellington 1905kClarcnce Albright, George Brown, Jessie Essick, Edith Essick, Alma Eschbaugh, Edna Flanders-Carpenter, Ethel Freeman-Radiel, George Lafferty, Edna Phillips-Talbot, Lois Thorpe-Bower 1 883-1 900 IN THE BEGINNING, as Carrie Foster-McCoy accepted her diploma in 1883 the history of Ells- worth High School was in its first chapter. Since then there have been more than 2,000 graduates, two successive school buildings, and many tradi- tions and customs. Graduation from EHS has become a family tradi- tion among families such as the Flanders, Seitz, O,Donnell, Cadwell, and Allen families. These are only a few of the families in which succeeding generations have gone to EHS and acquired an undying loyalty to their school. Above and to the left is the class of 1894. When they were seniors there were only three years of high school-Freshman, Junior, Senior. There were few electives and school was from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. The class motto was, "To the stars through difficulty." In order to graduate all the girls had to read an original es- say and each boy had to give an original ora- tion. This was done at the commencement exercise on the stage of the Masonic Hall, now the Golden Bell Theatre. After the establishment of Ellsworth in 1867 and the coming of the cattle trade in 1871, Ellsworth had become a cowtown of the frontier. In 1875 the railroad moved west, taking the business which had made Ellsworth famous and infamous. So Ellsworth turned to agriculture, and religion and education were part of this new life. 1906-Emma White-Hummell, Edith Fishburn-Trubey, Lillian Brown, Dollie Flanders-Allen, Carol Pohlman, Charles Wahl 1907-Florence Cadwell-Bates, Carrie McLaughlin, Jessie Hissem, Nora Phelan, Henry Hoffman, James Nelson, Susie Phelan, Roscoe Holt 1908-Harry Becker, Lena Bender, Fred Curry, Georgia Forkner, Ruth Freeman, Emma Grubb-Rolfe, Leo Hain, Lee Hoffman, Ruth Huycke, Bernice McLaurin, Florence Shade, lzora Summers-Strstman, Blanche Thorpe, Roy Baldwin, Louis Barofsky, Bessie Helm, Alma Hummell, Carl Nienke, Mary Kulick, Edda Higham 1909-Grace Allan-Sheridan, Florence Anderson, Elizabeth Bisbee, Mabel Brown, Ray Eldridge, Mabel Faris, Josie Flanders, Ruth Flanders, Rita Work, Ethel Nunamaker, Grace Cook 1910---Agnes Fisbbum, Florence Wearing, Julia Murray, Leila Schmitt, Dessie Hall, Pearl Sheldon, Helen Becker, Edna Cook, Pearl Smith 1911-Violet Cochrane, Vera Beyler, Mildred Harmon, Edna Shade, Lillian Allan-Bailey, Stella Duley, Clair 0'Donnell, Willie Spicer, Thomas Hite, Harold Huycke ,Ma 2, 1. l' .Q ' A - ,M A-...Atty f 1 la. . 1.1. . lata. asas-Iain-klslkbex-Jf-M The class of 1901 was the first in this century to graduate from Ellsworth High School. Among the graduates are Ida White, Harper Bower. and Mildred Holt who are residents of Ellsworth. This statue of the civil war soldier stood in Fairchild school yard and was a link with the past for all the students. l9l2fBeatricc Allen, Pearl Bradshaw, Hattie Dunbar, Ira Freeman, Blanche Higham, Myla Jennings, Joe Novak, Ethel Palmquist, Mabel Resume, Paul Rogers 1913-Edith Allen-Sheridan, Rena Boston, Helen Demuth, Eugene Brown, Stella Fishburn, Verna Fowler, Hugh Greenough, James Holt, Genevieve McLaurin, Eva Meek, Lurie Moore, Frederick 0'Donnell, John Pressney, Faye Resume, Ruth Sheldon, Lucille Work 191-t-Bruce Baker, Marie Bower, Fred Coover, Florence Cox, Christine Doleeek, Nettie Homhurg, Charles Jandos, Frederick Lewis, Charles Msaopust, Jennie Myers, Ermyntrude Parker, Arleigh Schmitt, George S4-itz, Maude Sparks, Henry Warts, Allene Wilson 1915-Alice Boston, Mary Boston, Ray Bradshaw, Blanche Cox, Howard Demuth, Victor Dolecelt, Ella Dolecek, Vada Durr, Eva Fowler, Hazel Freeman, Patil Hoffman, Clarence Huycke, Geneva Ingram, Edward Jilka, Neva Robbins, Neita Schmitt, Gertrude Shannon-Bailey, Carrie Sparks, Joe Svuboda, Agnes Wearing, Morton Wilson is - if ' F m aiaa . as 4 xx, , in as-tt: wr savanna can N55 """"' ' sa- wr 4.- ELLSWOR TH HIGH H091- . SC suxiww aww ' 1, , , . ? Us-1 ,-. K, ,Y .. nm ' - mb' I mans uv .' ,.,, .A K aL I 02" UQ! A su- ralrw sun.. rw. -favour!! runnin mln' am... 1900-1910 At the turn of the century Ellsworth High School was greatly different from the one today, academy was a better description than high school. Basic education was the foremost purpose with college preparation the final product. There were few ac- tivities, organizations, or athletics. In 190-lv there was no graduating class because in that year EHS became a four year high school. ln 1906 EHS fielded its first football team. Football lasted only two more years because of lack of interest. 1916-George Allen, Meryl Baker, Albert Brubaker, Flossie Clemmnns, Myrtle Curtis, Agnes Dolecek-Hloucal, Sylvia Dolecek, Nellie Duley, Roy Flanders, Alice Flanders, Wilber Hoffman, Bruce Hutchins, Emil Janou- ack, Olive Jennings, Minnie Mayer, Gladys 0'Donnell, Arthur Palmquist, Robert Patterson, Glen Patterson, Vera Rogers, Chester Rogers, Evclina Watt, Francis Wearing, Vin:-ent Wilson, Hazel Work 1917-Lloyd Bryan, Dorothy Carter, Marie Church, Dorothy Day, Vera Fishhurn, Tommy Foote, Leslie Fowler, Hortense Hoffman, Christine Kyler, Lewis Meek, Kenneth MeCrory, Eva Merkel, Adena Nienke, Albina Novak, John Novak, Emil Prochaska, Anna Slechta, Adaline Souchek, Ralph Veatch, Nat Woods, Elmer Huseman 1918-Bessie Adams, Gertrude Allen, Mary Bartunek, Allan Beatty, Eva Bower, Mary Brink, Ethel Chapman, Hazel Cline, Blanche Doleeek-Allen, Clara Grant, Elsie Huseman, Katherine Johnson, Nannie McCoy, Bessie McCoy, Kathleen O'Donnell, Nira Robinson, Anna Saunders, Viola Schmitt, Joe Seitz, Katherine Shaw, Mabel Smith, Mildred Storey, Vera Svaty, Robert Tanton, Raymond Urban:-k, Daisy Warner, Rose Warner, Tommy Wilson, Louise Woods Main street at the turn of the century The biggest event of this decade was the arrival of O. J. Silverwood in 1908. For 39 years he was to be the superintendent of Ellsworth Schools. In 1908 music was first taught by Miss Culembeck. The Fairchild building was the home of the high school during this decade. The city library was in Fairchild until the new classes in domestic science and manual arts required classrooms. 1919-lrene Adams, Charlotte Albright, Arthur Armbrust, Amalia Bren- ner, Janet Day, Ruth Fishburn, Fred Flanders, Earl Gamber, Lou Grothusen, Ernest Keelcy, Hazel King, Ida Kottman, Richard Malaby, Stephen Moravek, Emil Nienke, Ruth Radiel, Evelyn Schmitt, Eunice Seitz, Fred Souchek, Harvey Storey, Blanche Tanton, Beatrice Wanasek, Helen Watt, Magdalene Wolfe 1920-Carlisle Albright, Iva Allen, Ruby Allen-Sniischny, Albert Allen, Amalia Bartunek, Dorothy Beem, Myldred Beighley, Edna Carey, Doro- thy Carhart, Elizabeth Day, Leonard Durr, Jessie Flanders, Nell Funk, Virgie Graham, Edwin Harris, Hazel Hart, Robert Hein, Grace Hohl, Anna Koltmann, Arthur Krachy, Archie Kyle, Lawrence Larkin, Ruth Nemeehek, Marie Patterson, Harold Reaume, Rose Reiter, Marjory Rice, Eilert Schwerdtfeger, Janice Shaw, Edna Warner, Harry Wilson, Georgia Zcrzan 1921-Ethel Bryan, Georgia Brenner, Melvin Campbell, Grace Cox, Lucy Cline, Lydia Erdtmann, Laura Freeman, Leon Griffin, Harold Grothusen. Agnes Hudson, Inez Hudson, Blanche Hohl, Georgia Jiricek, Alfred Johnson, Lawrence Kirk, Margaret Kelly, Lucille May, Otto Nienke, Bernice Nemccek, Rosalina Nienke, Eleanor O'Dnnnell, Ira Patterson, Olga Pflughueft, Dale Sherriff, Mona Silver, Dora Silver, Helen Slechta, Lillie Smith, Boyd Swayze, Paul Urbanek, Louise Veatch, Frank Wilson, Ray Wolfe Graduates of the class of 1908 were Harry Becker, Lena Bender, Fred Curry, Georgia Forkner, Ruth Freeman, Emma Grubb, Leo Hain, Lee Hoffman, Ruth Huycke, Bernice McLaurin, Florence Shade, Izora Sommers, Blanche Thorpe, Roy Baldwin, Louis Barofsky, Bessie Helm, Alma Hummell, Carl Nienke, Mary Kulick and Edda Higham awww twwutw-.V Mr. Silverwood , Superintendent 1908-1947 1922-Carlton Albright, George Alden, Helen Campbell, Gilbert Caswell, Helen Coover, Frances Crane, Donald Day, Josephine DeMint, Jeanette Eaton, Audrey Evans, Albert Goedde, Wilmer Gregory, Elizabeth Hall, Louise Henlte, Dale Hutchins, Henry Janouselr, Dorothy Johnson, Harold Keesee, Peoria Kolacbny, Harry Lung, Harry McCoy, Charles Munson, Russell Peppiatt, Henry Prochaska, Rose Purma, Blanche Rt-itcr, Hclcn Sekavec, Ben Shaver, Helen Silverwood, Kathleen Storey, Tony Svaty, Eleanor Svaty, Irene Sweeney, Frances W'catfall 1923-George Andersen, Alla-uc Allan-Woodxuansec, Vera Allf-xi-Pa-ppiutt, Jennie Brown, Lou Belle Bryan-Shoemaker, Helen Bunzel, Arthur Colc- man, Paul Carhart, Ralph Cox, William Dcarsmith, Glr-un Cullum, Vlasta Doubravu, Gertrude Gilhanl-Hohl, Chauncey Grubb, Mary Hannon, Viola Huseman, William Janousek, Joe Jilka, Margaret Johnson, Josephine Long, Marian 0'Donnell, Ermal Ogburn, Bessie Rt-urtluu-Coleman, Lynn Rice, Frank Schmitt, Rosaline Scbeuch-Seltavee, Goldie Schroeder- Jelinelt, Ruth Seevers, Stephen Scltuvcc, Anna Rose Shanelcc, Florence Shannon, Henrietta Schmischny, Rose Urbanelr, Margaret Varns, Albina Vodraska-Wanek, William Shanelcc, Perry Warner, Maxwell White, Anna Marie Wild, Winifred Wollc, Jack Terry XS b 4 . -.-.--..Q .au From 1898 to 1952 the Fairchild building served Ellsworth as a school building In 1912 the first classes in Do- mestic Science were taught by Miss Lulu Cadwell of the class of 1902. . 'QI Time out for the open air movie or a ride in the Prochaska Ford lt . J 1928-Dorothy Allen, Jean Beatty, Jessie Bailey, Lesley Boston, Erna Choitz-Bender, Ethel Cox, Ruth Carhart, Oscar Chapman, Kenneth Crippin, Clara Edcnburn, Horace Flanders, Thomas Flanders, Sharon Foster, Oma Freeman, Grant Gwinner, Mart Gwinner, Ralph Grubb, Neita Hooper, Howard Holt, Clarence Healey, Blanche Janousek, Jessie Johnston, Earl Kirk, Rudolph Knttmann, Thyra McManes-Prochaska, Georgia McCall, Clarke Mcllree, Robert Moore, Viola Nienke, Earl Payton, Lloyd Pohlman, Frank Purma, Atlaline Pejsha, Sylvia Pejsha- Cannon, Elsa Pflughoeft, Lola Pflughoeft, Edith Querry, Anna Reed, Helen Remlcy, Bruce Richardson, Mcrrit Scott, Harry Sauberli, Daniel Santry. Joyce Storey, Marie Slechta-Boyer, Violet Swehla, Clarence Thomas, Ethelyn Vance, Marnol Webb, Marvel White, Waldo Weinholdt, Nellie Johns, Thelma Reed 1925-William Adamek, Mildred Atkinson, Naomi Beem, Louis Bender, Willard Bovill, Sadie Chapman, Albina Greaer, Ralph Grothusen, Ben- jamin Hokr, Paul Huggins, Velma Huseman, Carl Jiricek, Roy Kelley, Aaron Kipp, Olive McCall, Ruth Moore, Naomi Nemecek, Evelyn Novak, Lloyd Ogburn, Margaret Payton, Lloyd Rice, Bernadine Showman, Kermit Silverwood, Mary Soukup, Bessie Taber, George Taber, Dale Thomas, Leota Veatch, Lloyd Veatch, Marjorie Weidman, Gladys Williams, Wil- ber Wolfe, George Zavesky 1926-Mary Andersen, Janet Chapman, Dorothy Easterly, Olive Gay, Eva Griffin, Ruth Grubb, Betty Hamilton, Clara Henke, Catharine Holt, 1 91 0-1 920 This decade was a period of progress for the schools of Ellsworth as well as for the rest of the world. At the beginning of this decade girls were the proficient EHS basketball players. But after the construction of the gymnasium addition to Fair- child the boys' teams were good-taking the 6th District Championship in 1916. The academic side of education was stiff. One of the two foreign languages offered-Latin and German-was required. There were few electives. In 1912 Manual Training and Domestic Science were offered for the first time. The topic of the 1912 Debate Team-Harry Hahn, Paul Hoffman, Fred Coover, Howard De- muth-was, Resolved: that the pending amendment to the Kansas Constitution granting women the full right of suffrage should be adopted. The class of 1918, first to be graduated from the new high school building, started the tradition of handing the key to the next graduating class. 5 The Taller, an annual, appeared in the spring of 1912. Push was a monthly magazine written by the students during the 1912-13 school year. ln 1920 the Athletic Association published the pam- phlet Oh Boy! to tell about all the activities of the high school. This was the decade of 1910-1920, full of prog- ress, new ideas, and fun. Barbara Janousek-Foote, Ellen Johns-Dawdy. Juanita Lessig, Virginia Lewis, Helen Miller, Clara Miller, Mabel Newsome-Huseman, Frances O'Donnell, Thelma Payton, Neita Pflughoeft-Gwinner, Ethelyne Radiel, Laura Sauberle, Lillian Slaight, Evelyn Slechta, Anna Soukup, Dorothy Terry, LaVerne Wesphal, Frances White, Ruth Woolsey, Louis Allen, Edward Armbrust, Frances Bartunek, Herbert Bender, Frank Birks, John Dick, George Fox, Robert Freeman, Emest Griffin, Virgil Griffith, Lloyd Grothusen, Roy Hart, Harry Harmon, Rudolph Hokr, George Jelinek, Harold Johnson, Lynn Kelley, Albert Kottmann, Cecil Lessig, Jimmie Little, George Long, Ernest McCall, Everett McCall, Virgil McKinney, Victor Smischny, John Stowell, Victor Strella, George Tercy, Will Vanek, Albert Warner, Howard Williford, Clarence Williford, Elmer Lessig 1927--John Alden, Marion Andersen, Ada Bates, Ruth Bates, Frelda Brown, Max Coffey, May Cox, Helen Cox. Bernice Goedde, Harold Grant, Lee Gregory, Howard Gregory, Neva Hammer-Wilson, Agnes Hodgden, Frank Hokr, Ruth Keesee, Irma Kraft, Joyce Latham Scott, Mary Martinek, Winifred Marts, Graydon McKinney, Alice Peppiatt, Walter Pflughoeft, Clyde Reed, Eunice Reed, Thelma Richardson, Harry Shannon, Joe Swehla, Alpha Tercy, Bill Trump, Alice Vanek, Alex Vodraska, Frances Wcsterman, Raymond Zavesky, Pauline Zorn, Louise Root, Reuben Sparks, Alfred Wondra, Rose Kepka-Hochman In 1917 the present high school was built. For 42 years this building has served school and community and, with careful modernizing, has kept pace with the needs of the school. In 1918 the Americari History class, with Literary Digest in hand, included: Ethel Chapman, Gertrude Allen, Clara Grant, Eva Bower, Vera Svaty, Mabel Smith, Hazel Cline, Daisy Warner, second row: Mary Brink, Nira Robinson, Viola Schmitt, Mildred Storey, Blanche Dolecek, Louise Woods, Bessie Adams, Rose Warnerg third row: Kathleen O'Donnell, Katharine Johnson, Katharine Shaw, Elsie Huse- man, Nannie McCoy, Annie Saunders, Bessie McCoy, back row: Robert Tanton, Thomas Wilson, Joe Seitz, Raymond Urbanek, Allan Beatty, 1928--Czuptolu Andersen, Margaret Bates, Warren Bennett, Tena Birka, Margaret Bolton, Martha Brink, Fay Brown, Ross Bryan, Pauline Buck- ner, Lois Bunzel, Floyd Butcher, Margaret Cadwell, Chester Carpenter, Roscoe Collins, Sylvia Doubrava, May Gregory, Doris Hamilton, Irene Hodgdz-n, Austin Huggins, Helen Hnscman, Marie Jiricek, Florence Johnson, James Johnson, Harold Judes, Eugenia Klaus, Mary Klaus, Alwildn Krohoth, Faye Lessig. James Malir, Willie Markham, Thomas Miller, Rhoda Munson, Evelyn Pflughoeft, Sophia Pflughoeft, Katherine Purma, Joyce Radiel, Dennis Radiel, Flora Ruetz, Horace Santry, Ruth Sch:-ur-h, Inez Schroeder, Mabel Schroeder, Nettie Shepherd, Lillian Snowball, Jane Sparr, Karl Svaty, Vincent Terry, Vernetta Warder, Evelyn Welch, Dorothy Wellington, Marjorie Wellington, Elmer West- phal, Joe Zvolanek, Josephine Klaus 1929--Louise Bender, Edith Bohl, Inez Bohling, Ralph Chapman, Arthur Choitz, Ernest Cipra, George Erdtmann, John Freeman, Frieda Geb- hardt, Dorothy Goff-Gilkinson, Dell Grill, Dorothy Grothuscn, Esther liaasc, Albert Hcnkc, John Herzig, Joseph Holecek, Adolph I-lomolka, Alicc Huggins, Mildred Jelinek, Evelyn Jiricek, Philip Kniselyl John Korinek, Ellanora Kritzer, Homer Latham, Vera Malir, Cyril Marta, Virgil Ranker, Ruby Rathbun, Ralph Ray, John Shanelec, Dorothy In 1919 the Senior Play was "Seventeen" First row: Blanche Tanton, Charlotte Albright, Harvey Storey, Eunice Seitz, Beatrice Wanasek, Richard Malaby, Irene Adams, Ruth Fishburn, Amalia Brenner, Helen Watt, Fred Souchek. Back row: Emil Nienke, Magdalene Wolfe, Ernest Keeley, Ida Kottmann, Earl Gamber, Evelyn Schmitt, Mrs. Sadie Van Aiken, principal, Lou Grothusen, Arthur Armbrust, Hazel King, O. J. Silverwood, superintendent, Janet Day, Fred Flanders, Stephen Moravek, Ruth Radiel Shannon, Jack Silverwood, Sylvia Smischny, Melvin Sparks, Julia Storey, Leroy Stowell, Edith Trump, Elsie Ulrich, Olga Wamhoff, Mable Warren, Blanche Wienholt, Edna Bennett, Elmer Bender, Leonard Chapman 1930-Clair Allen, Leola Andersen, Brewster Bartlett, Phil Beatty, George Brenner, Dora Carpenter, Mabel Choitz, Alice Cushman, Lloyd Essick, Virgil Flanders, Agnes Hajny, Adrian Harts, Jessie Hart, Pauline Hed- rick, Clarence Hooper, Zella Huff, Helen Kyler, Joe Lank, Harold Little, Edna Malir, Genevieve March, Vivian McCoy, Arthur Mcllree, Leroy Meador, Mary 0'Donnell, Everett Ogburn, Clarence Pflughoeft, Karl Pflughoeft, Zdenlta Polach, George Reed, Margaret Remley, Benton Rice, Wayne Riggle, Evelyn Ruetz, Verona Scheuch, Olive Strella, Elmer Stroede, Jack Terry, Ernest Vanck, Dorothy Vlcek, Carrie Warren, Mary Warta, Genevieve Weinhold, Edward Williams, James Vlcek - IK ,. A -, - lfnek row: George tKayol Fox, Frank fMoosejawJ Birka, Cecil tliriekt Lessig, Albert 1KottieJ Kottmann, Harold 1Smokr-I Johnson, Mr-lford tWatticJ Watson, William llluekt Vanek, Paul lllopeyl Lessig. captain, Coach Peterson. Fronl row: Clarence lClownJ Williford, Donald ljoet Long. Albert tlluzzlet Warner. Jimmie klazzl Little, Alfred 196 Yard! Wondra, Leroy 4Macl McCall, William ISU Trump, George tjudget Tc-rey 1920-1930 l'anorama of the sehool and all the students in the fall of 1921 l'-Jill lint Xlh-u, Gordon ll:-ndr-r, Gram- Cathryn Bennett, Mary llirka- lhrlf-rvk, Lillian Ilrauda, Edwin llurrnaaler, llliurleq liurnu-ister, William lfzirhnrl, Klluru tlluvitz, Nliliis llouhrnva, Ralph Douhravn, llc-tty llryden, 0.-urge lr1.id-Q, I.:-on llughey lrlakea, .-Klum l-Irdtinann, Arthur Grubb, Faye Uvriniivr, Ethel llnnd, Xlaihel lluruion, W'illiuul Hokr, Mzihel Hunter, Upul Jzirksou, Lorvne Jem-k, Erliest Jirirr-k, Rose Kolaehny, Stanley Lnlhnnr, Klnxiue Light. l'atrin-in 0'Donnr-ll, Sylvia Pospisia, Anna Joyce l'urnin, lidwiu Reed, Fitzgerald lleifat, Laura Swv-hla, Jailnes lionl, Hob While, tllnreuvn- Wdld, Ilalph Williams, l'iunir't- Wioliv, Stephen Zavesky, l-'red lxnlam-k l'IIl2 Xlrrgnret Xhlvn, Xlnry l"rnner-A liartletl, Kate Hales, Arliue lletten- uroek, livrnif-v llurluviatvr, llurold lluruieistcr, Williuni Erdtnmnn, Mar- Lzuret Green, Mildred lluud, Kvnuelli Hurt-i, Sylvia Mm- Hloltvul, Lucille llorst, llu-ou-ll Johns, George Kirk, Georgia Kyler, Genevieve Maloney, Walter Xlillvr, li:-eil Nr-murine, Genevieve Novak, Dorothy Pfluglioelt, lleh-n ltr-ed, Joi- Reiter, Ralph ltoot, llert llozn-Ile, Renata Schultz, 1 N' 7 I'-rr--n .'-ltr-r, liar:-r l'lrir-h, Rose Wurta, Doris, W:-ightruan, Ivan Vein- hold, ,lnlm Wild, lhivluonrl Wild, Klarguret Wilson, Jaek Wondra, Lovilm Wood, Illant-he Zan-ekx 101414 Yioln -Xdarnu, llurnlltj .Nnrlr-rar-n, George llarlunek, Harris Bennett, Laura Brenner, Elizabeth Bryan, Donald Flanders, Donald Cor-ddr-, Blanche Homolkn, Stephen Homolka, Marian Johnson, Lester Katzrn- meier, Juanita Kincaid, James Kincaid, Bridgetta Klaus, Louise Knisely, Lucille Maloney-Jezek, Xina Meador, Elva Pflughoeit, Joe Polnch, Jnmea Ray, Margaret Ray, Jack Rice, Anneliese Renter, Doris Riggle, Mur- guerite Showman, Rose Schneider, Bertha Setter, Adolph Slechta, Elvira Stroede, Helen Svoboda, Audra Taber, Charles Terry, Marston Weidman, Ester Weinholt, Eunice Wild, Jonathan Wolfe, Rose Zvolanek, Paul Pflughoeft 19344Jcssie Adalnek, Richard Allen, Evelyn Barta, Eniil Bnrta, Rosnm Bates, Harold llurniaaler, Erlna Burinaster, Arlir-ne Cnrhart, Fern Chap- man, Helen Chapman, Vera Choitz-Hoopes, Rebecca Ewing, Kenneth Fox, Cecil Grubb, Lucille Harta, Donald Helm, Lloyd Harmon, Howard Helm, LaVerna Katzenmeier, Wilma Helus, Alma Homolka, Billie Hooper, Leon Johnson, Rudy Klema, Woodrow Kipp, Charles Knrinek, Myles Korinek, Raymond Kroboth, Edward Layton, Verna Loaket-Leuty, Mar- garet March, Patil Markham, Ronald Newsome, Milo Novak, Ray Og- burn, Helen Pflughueft, Edna Shade-Cray, Allen Shelkett, Billie Sheridan, Marjorie Shively, Carrie Sless, Ralph Snowball, Cecilia Soukup, Bernice Talsky-McAtee, Richard Tauber, Harry Trubey, Leore Walker, Nora Wartigg. Meta Weinholt, Claude Williams, lrl Yeo, ll:-rrnnn Hoover, Frank Huna, Marie Shively sh- The class of 1921 at their 25th reunion included: Back row: Melvin Campbell, Blanche Hohl-Campbell, Otto Nienke, Ethel Bryan-Wright, Lawrence Kirk, Ray Wolfe, Dale Sherriff, Helen Slechta, Leon Griffin, Rosalina Nienke-Kihn, Lillie Smith-Gibson, O. J. Silverwoodg Front row: Fern Silver-Manwarren, Georgia Brenner- Staehourias, Georgia Jiricek-Matoush, Laura Freeman-Wolfe, Mona Silver Prochaska, Inez Hudson Lindahl, Bernice Nemecek-Berkeybile, Eleanor O'Donnell, Margaret Kelly-Krupp, Agnes Hudson-Handlin, Louise Veateh-Wilson This was a period of progress. Hi-Y and the Na- tional Honor Society were two of the organizations which contributed to the growth of the school. ln 1025 Coach M. N. Peterson had the cham- pionship football team of the CKL. The largest class ever to graduate was the class of 1926. This class published the yearbook Red and Black with George Jelinek as Editor. On the staff of the Red and Black of the next yearbook was Harold Grant as Editor with Horace Santry as associate editor. In 1928 the Red Hot Peppers was the girls pep organization, sponsored by Miss Mabel Lineback with Louise Bender as president. Bowers, ii Dndiu lflmci Erhardt Ralph 1-rhardt Clara Green oin Harmon yn 1 , o Hluucal, Barbara Hokr, Lloyd Hoo ver, Theresa Hopper, Avis Higgins, Lawrence Hulnlnel, Franklin jeu-k, Roher Katzen- meier, liex Kelly, Sammy Klaus, Elizabeth Knisley, Arthur Kratzer, Leonard Lille, Helen Maloney, Alvin Markham, Leona Novak, Clarence Oghurn, Maureen Radiel, William Ray, Frank Root, Lewis Rozelle, Douglas Colleen 1935 - Yada Arias, Floyd Andersen, Emil Bohata, Kenneth .I'n -, I f- , - T , . -- , ll ttol -rt lIt-.lt-'ek On . - - 1 ' 1 I Be-rneiee Sheridan, Dorothy Sehneider, Margaret Schroeder, Smith, Odessa Southworth, Loren Stroede, Aaron Svohoda, Terry, J. ll. Terry, Dorothy Urbanek, George Warren, Verna, Watta- Sprutl, Leo Gerald Yeo, Bernadette Warta-Johnson 1036 --- Florence Andersen, Vivian Beatty, Betty Bennett, Arlene Bowers, Donald Boyle, Mona Chapman, Maxine Cole, Fern Cook, Ben Douhruva, Ramona Funk, Mary Gaston, George Harris, Daisy Hart-Smith, Fred Hokr, Joyce Hoover, Alice Hummel, Blanche .ielinek-Helwiek, Frederick ,lennings,,Viola Jones, Franees Mae Kerns, Louis Kottman, Geraldine Mullen, Joe Novak, Edna Rizor, Freeman Ruetz, Henry Seheueh, Margaret Schultz, Bernard Shanelee, Bernadine Svoboda, Leon Svohoda, Everette Steiner, Paul Taber, Donald Terry, Edward Vondra, Adeline Wanek-Cunningham, Esther We-lk, Ray Weinholt, Wilbur Wild, Chester Wood, Eleanor Zorn, Stephen Zvolanek Singing Bernice Nemeehek In World War Il, 60 of the alumni of this decade were in the service with 17 holding commissions. Outstanding career officers are Brig. Gen. Lessig and Col. Silverwood. Brig. Gen. Cecil Col. Kermit J. P. Lessig, USAF Silverwood, QMC 1937 - Erika Abeld!-Dick, Freda Boots.-lost., Otto Choitz, Charlotte Cox, Raymond Curtis, Viola Douhrava, Ellen Galloway, Paul Girlon, Velma Green, Leo Grill, Jennie Grubb, Leo Helus, Joe Hana, Leona Katzenmeier, Lewis Katzenmeier, Helen Klaus, Danellda Lange, Gert- rude Murkhart, Dorothy Miller, Paul Need, Frederick Pfluglioeft, Ruth Reed, Wilma Reed, Donald Riggle, James Setter, Marion Sheridan- Kanak, Eleanor TaberfConrad, Harold Vague, Charlene Walker, Janice Walker, Dorothy Wanek-Kremarik, Irene Wfanek-Hummel, Thomas Woods, James Novak 1938 - Wilber Andersen, Pauline Bnroisky, Betty Beatty, Harry Bru- baker, Gilbert Burlneister, Edward Cajthanil, Robert Dryden, Neitu Mae Eaton, Quentin Eklund, Alden Flanders, Jaek Grothusen, Vietor lland, Robert Hart, Richard Harts, Marian Heins, Martin Hokr, Harrison Jackson, Thomas Kerns, Victor Loskot, Janet Maloney, Ben Mayer, Hubertine Mug, Richard Mug, Irene Peterman, Frank Polach, Nadine Rhodes, Loren Riehards, Orville Schultz, Charles Shoemaker, Dorothea Sleehta, Marjorie Smith, Delorn Steiner, Christine Thatcher, Richard Truhey, Edward Trussel, Harold Urhanek, Alice Valenta, Ida Man Vlcuk, Leon Warta, Anna Wild, Jaek Williams, Albert Zorn, Leroy Hoover sailors were Dora Silver, Mona Silver Nerneehek Ruth gina . .,,4' 1930 FOUTBALI. TEAM -- back row, Moffct Eakes, asst. coach, Donald Flanders, James Kincaid, -, Raymond Wild, Chuck Vt-alvli, Kenneth Hurts, Jack Kirk, - -, --, George Kirk, Ralph Snowball, Frank McAtce, Pete Peterson. coach. Second row, Jack Ries-. Wm. lfrdlmann, Emil Barta, Jack Wondra, Bob White, Gordon Bender, Roy Allen, Steve Homolka. front row, Art Sli-ss, Fitzgerald Rt-ist, 'Monk' Miller, Ivan Weinhold, Paul Markham, Clarence Wild, Arthur Grubb, Bill Carhart, Joe Reiter. Harold Burmaster. A backward look in '34' hy KPUUY The senior quartet in 1933 included Jonathan Wolfe, Jack Fox, Donald Covdde. and Richard Rice, Marston Weidman, Jim Kinkaid. Tllllbef . Q i I t 1939 -W Hlrene Rana, Harold llender, Jack Bettenhroek, John Born- Lorna Schroeder, Norman Schroeder, Joseph Sf-itz. Harry Setter, Mary srllriu. Marian llowv-rs, Jann-Q Boyle, Doris llradshaw, Helen Brokes, Rose Setter, Richard Setter, Viola Setter, Fdith l'lri:-kmon, Arthur Yr-Ima llruning, Viola lirnniug, Frank liajthaml, Mona Cunningham, Charles Vanek, Leo James Wham-k, Wilona Mae Webster, Opal Wg-i,,l,l,l,1. lfllimln-th Curtis, Mona lffaton, Edith Erdtmann, Amalie Fr-lhaum, Vada Bgnnetl, Harold Welk, Dorothy Woldt. Margaret Yeo, Thoman Zouzn Gregori-, l-'ant-hon Groth, lin-tty Jane Grnbh, Kenneth Harmon, Ruth lledrcick, Delmar llloueal, lmroy liokr, Joseph Holt, Marjorie Hooper, 1911 '- Orvin Artas, Robert Barofsky, Cornelia Bla:-lc, John lloggn, Kathleen ,lv-:ming-4, lirne-xt Katzenma-ier, Gilbert Katzcnmcier, Dorothy Leona Bruning, Arthur Droegemeier, Orion Drube, Ruth Dryden, John Ling:-tt, llillv l.iliestrom. .loan Mohr, Raymond Mullen, LaVerne Nienkc, Helus, Robert Hudson, George Huff, Janet Janousek, Robert Janonnek, William l'f-nny, Pilda iii:-hard, Melvin lluctz, Marvin Schell, Bertha Karl Johnson, Dorothy Larsen, Amos Katzenmeier, Catherine Klaus, Mae Schneider, Yvillwrt Schneider, Beulah Schultz, Eunice Srhultz, Enola Naegcle, Donald Patterson, Marie Pccllnrek, Kathryn Preinker, Lou-lla St-lmertllh-avr, ll:-rm-lla Setter, Roh:-rt Sheridan, Clair Som- John Ray, Raymond Root, Joan Rothweiler, Norma Jean Shaneler, mer-4, Gram- Straliuann-Wild, Sarahel Trail, Dale Urhanek, Delbert Miriam Sommers, Lloyd Stonebraker, Dallas Tanton, Kenneth l'rhanck, l'rhanr-k, Thaddeus Warren, Rohr-rta W1-hh, Arvid Weidman, Betty Fred Vondra, Georgia Wiggins W'r-idinan, Eugene W'f'inhold, Leo W'f-inhold, Dorothy Wliggins, Ray- mond Wood, llarvey Wooulinamaee, Willxur Sehwerdtfcrzcr 19-12 - Everett Andersen, Elizabeth Bailey, Winona Boyer, Alhert llrokes, Evelyn Bruning, Neil Byer, Alfred Choitz, Emest Donhrnva. Verona 1910 ' Harold .rknflerur-ri, Rohert Baghy, Nancy Bates, Gladys Bender, Erhardt, Lucille Gaston, George Grill, Irene liolveck, Janiee Hooper, llolrvrt lioggl, 'Vlargaret Hoyle, Virginia Britton, Edith Rruninp. Nina Betty Johnson, Mary Mt-Coy-Burns, Marilvnne Mm-er. Margaret Meehan, llnrun-ister, Gene liycr, John Chayrlnan, Vfnllcr Choitz, Elsylnar' Dolezal, Marilyn Miller, Betty Nicnke, Betty Nelson, Gordon Novak, Marvel l,or:-nv l-fklund, Pauline Hrdlmauu, l.oiw lirhardt, Doris Jean Gaston, Novak, Leota Pankan, Allen Pauli, Betty Pflughoefr, Betty Pietorn, liillll Grill. Warden Hand, Harriet Holt, Maryjcau Johnson, liclcn Russell Rutherford, William Sr-itz, Madeline Sheridan, Marioric Sheri- Katn-nmeii-r, liz-ttv Kernw, -Kda Ruth Kirk, Marjorie Kirkendall, Arthur dan, Patricia Shoemaker, John Smith, Adaline Svoluoda, l-'mnrig Syn. Kimi.-v, l7ul'iH Kottnrann, Yiolf-ue Lank, ,loaf-ph Millf-r. Clare Mog hmla' vflma 5v,,b,,,1,,v Pwnc,-5 rr,-bam-kl japk rwlmnpk. jm-k vm.,-,,,,. Klan' Nlorrieon, Dorothy Neue:-hafvr, John Novak, Dr-rniee Payton, cells, Kathryn Wanek-Fleming, Tum Warren, Edmund Warts, Georgia Hit-loml I'aoll, I..-.tis IH-1-tim-4-k, I-'f-Iv-1-ie Elem- Rudi:-1, Mary Ripple, wmbslcr' Cha,-1,-5 Wood, William SL-lwgfill Alnm gfhrnedvr, Arthur Schroeder l .Bit 1 'V ,WE , ti,-IL. 391' , 1 . af, -I1 r ,, , F -an Joe Seitz, class of 19410, was the first third gene- ration graduate of EHS. 1930 TUMBLING TEAM with Verona Scheuch, Mabel Choitz, Alice Cushman, Mary Bartlett, Carrie Warren, Helen Kyler, Zella Huff 1 93 0-1 940 During the decade from 1930 to 1940 school ac- tivities were varied and exciting. GAA sponsored tumbling teams and a pep club. The Milestone, of the class of 1938 was the first annual since 1931 because of the depression. From the alumni of this period 151 entered the Service during World War ll. Certainly it was a great challenge to attend high school in the thirties. Despite the depression and drought this generation achieved an education and built loyalty to their school and community. The Operetta Chorus in 1938 included Marie Pechacek, Ruth Alice Dryden, Norma Shanelec, Miriam Sommers, and Janet Janousek 1943 - Earl Boyer, Lawrence Burmaster, Clarence Cikanek, Maxine Cikanck, Ernest Cornwell, Sammy Curtis, Doris Dysart, Herbert Fel- baum, Robert Gwinner, Alice Hart, Frances Hokr, Victor Holecek, Mary Hurt, Dorothy Huseman, Faye Hysell, Betty Janousek, .Joyce Kerns, Joy Kluher, Clarence Kolachny, Williani Kenser, Vivien Liggett- Atchison, Kenneth Lockhart, John Markham, Duane Miller, lda Mlynar, Betty Mug, Margaret Nelson, Mildred Oldehoeft, Blanche. Pechacek, Phyllis Peppiatt, Evelyn Phelps, Ermon Richards, Earl Scheldt, Evelyn Sehneider, Edith Sehwerdtfeger, Gail Shanelec, Allen Sheridan, Kenneth Smith, Earl Thornton, Veatress Thornton, Arlene Urbanek, Harlan Vague 19-H - Mary Applegate, George Barts, Kenneth Bender, Marjorie Bender, Etta Mae Bettenhrock, Evelyn Bowers, Edna Boyer, Edward Boyle, Leroy Britton, Edward Burmeister, Naomi Burmeister, Alfred Cajthnml, Dorothy Cornwell, Edith Erhardt, Edmund Felbaum, Betty Grill, John Grubb, Joseph Gwinner, Paul Helus, Imogene Hoffman, Anne-tta Libby, Robert Mlynar, Joseph Morrison, Leonard Nienke, Donald Paull, Frederick Pflughoeft, Vernon Pistora, Kenneth Prochaska, Robert Schaefer, Doris Shull, Donald Slechta, Richard Slechta, Alyce Stefek, Lila Strntmann, Lois Stroede, Kenneth Tanton, Gilbert Toman, Rodney Truhey, William Ulrich, Norman Vague, Frank Vondra, Betty Wagner, Mary Wagner, Nancy Walters, Marian Welk, Fem Westerman, Norman Wilscvn, Harry Wood 1945 - Nina Marie Barkow, Viola Barkow, Kenneth Barta, Kenneth Birrher, Godfrey Cajthmal, Norman Chapman, Harold Choitz, lrma Jean Eilrieh, Ruth Emrieh, Edith Wllen Haase, Norma Jean Hnase, Frances Klaus, Arlene Lawler, Eugene Markham, Robert Miller, Bonnie Mlynar, Loyola Mog, Helen Naegele, Jean Paull Need, Wilfred Olde- hoeft, Marjorie Pankau, Lorinda Pflughoeft, Betty Redman, Harriet Remley, Gerald Richards, Shirley Sheridan, Evelyn Soukup, Joyce Steiner, Marie Svoboda, Yvonne Taylor, Marion Toman, Belva Urbanek, Evelyn Vopat, Mona Mae Waehs, Norma Wagner, Betty Wanek, Lola Wild, Albina Zvolanek 1946 - Clayton Andersen, Donna Lee Bailey, Dorothy Bettenbrock, Donald Bireher, Helen Boggs, Lila Lee Clark, Clark Danner, lla Mae Dees, Alice Donley, Steve Doubrava, Marjorie Gates, Delmar Haasc, Edward Huycke, Rose Marie Kubick, Mildred Kueser, ElDora Lockhart, Major McCoy, Donald McCracken, Patti McCracken, Thomas Maze, Thyra Peppiatt, Lila Pflughoeft, Joseph Pistora, Carol Proehaska, Joan Raney, Anna Reiehel, Claudia Rice, Phyllis Sheridan, Nathalie Shively, Joan Shoemaker, Danny Shull, Donald Smischny, Elizabeth Soukup, Dorothy Tanton, John Tanton, Danna Ulrich, Robert Ulrickson, Mary Frances Vitek, Lena Webb E L 1 1017 l'.l.nnv- Xnglin, l.utln-r llnilr-5, llonnlrl llvmlvr. l.ilvlni4- llorvrkv, n.-..,.i.i tem., 1:1...,........, l'1.irl iv.-.rt-wir...-at-r, i-...,1.-iw rum.-.', im..-ft ic....i.-i.. init.. il...i.it-f.. lx...-t....-.. i'....t.-, n,.r.,n., car.-gmt. om. tif.-gm-, ll'-in-r ll.irts, Klirv llullnmnn, lisa llywll, Alulm-rn Kohls, Yfivrifrf-tl xii,-r. xiii, l,.... l..t.t.-f, 1..,-.-.- i,...41tim.-i. J...... long, K4-ith r..m.lv, I:iur.r Xtrllall, Puulnn- Xlar.-om-, llonald Nliakn, .ftnonti Nur-gi-lv, Doris N11-nkv, l,orvn l'.uull, lluy l':iylon, llvnry l'1-vlmrok, Ruth Prppiatt, lt:-ltx l'.-tr-iinznv. Kvnm-tli ltinn-x. lirnu Srlnividr-r, Anna Sclirot-tlvr. Doa lon-s Swhtlltl. llonurnl Si-liwvrrltln-por, l'Iln'anori- Sheridan. Clayton Sh-int-r, ltonzild Str-pam-lt, l'.utl Stoiwlmrtikn-r, l,nrt-no Svohmla, .lov 'l'oman. Nlnrilin lvlunn-k, Xittor lrh.nn-k, Mona Nan' Vnpnt, ltutli vopill, Dt-lla Wm-li-, Xrlvn W ilil, Yittor fvolunt-k ltlttl l'.iul '1xlu.tvrI, lfllvn lla-.ittx, ll:-rnirv 111-mmn, 111-tio Czlitlmntl, llonnu tl:--in.n-R, Itovotlly llir-lwnson, lmrotliy l"l4'rninp:, l.ynn l"l4-niintl. cami.. c:..ii.,t...,, i:r..1.i.-,..- cami..-r, nuttin cam, Ralph Grill, lllnry i 114-nnrnliolrr. lxtt llopnn, llivltarnl lloln-rw-lx, filttrr'm'o l.n llnrr, llolu-rt limi:-r, Put l.ipgf-tt, l.orrninr- l.ockhnr!, Harriet Long, Billie Maze, Wal' In-w Xluvl-ln, ltov llldr-hot-lt, lithvl l'tnlon, Twiln l't-tvrnmn, llonalrl l'llii4gli-it-lt, G1--.lpn l'i-wlmskzi, ltolu-rt Ram-y, l,orvn llichnrds, Sipriana LLOYD R. HOOPER, AMM 2fc Soenda Straits. ,lava February 28. 19-I2 LT. DELORN L. STEINER, AAC Venlo. Holland January 31. 191-1- LT. HENRY F. SCHEUCH, USA Anzio. Italy March 1, 191,-1 RODNEY F. TRUBEY, AKC Stamford. Texas April 25. 19-lvl RAYMOND R. ROOT, S lfc USNR Sicily July 11. 191.4 LT. ROBT. A. HUDSON, USMCR Oceanside. California August 5, 1911 C. KENNETH WOOD, RM 3fc South Pacific December 1911 PFC. ROBERT H. BAROFSKY Belgium December 25, 194-1 CPL. EMIL C. BARTA, USA , Luzon, Philippine Islands .lanuary 31, 1945 F. O. ARVID M. WEIDMAN Tomigliano, Italy March 29, 1945 PVT. RICHARD C. PAULL, USMCR Okinawa May 14, 194-5 Rodriguez, Ray Srhf-idt, Donald Schultz, Darlene Schwerdtfcger, Homer Srott, Sliirlvy Shannon, Faye Sheridan, ,loyvv Slmvnmkf-r, Mnryjlmc Shull, Bill Stonvbrakvr, Dorothy Suhvrlv, Alvin Svobotln, Dr-nn Tnvlur, Charles Truhlnr. Hill Trump, Charles Yondra, llvn Lrlntillvk, Rohr-rt Walters, Rirlmrd Wanrlioff, Doris Walker, Harold Wright, Donald Jirirr-k 1919 ff Joyce Amir-rss-n, Myrvnr- Artas, Kathryn Bartn, Cnrvlv llr-mlr-r, Shirley Hr-tt:-nhrork, Mary llvzr-nu-k, Ray Bom-ttchr-r, lirlnn Dori-rkv, Fred Boyer, Allred Brokes, Ovotta Brown, Gladys Bruning, Loren Dees, Joseph Dolezal, We-slr-y llrof-germ-ier, Mary l.ou Enirirh, Jiwk Erhnrdt. Tom Foote, Myrna Graham, Donald Hans, Betty Hoffman, Kenneth .liri- rek, Dorothy Kohls, Lila Kruger, Ramona Kurser, Ronald Kylvr, Rob:-rt Larsen, Dunne Lundy, Donald Mehl, Francis Mueller, Clan-nrt' Nic-nke, Edith Ni:-nke, Doris Pr-ppizitt, .lean Peppiatt, Ka-nn:-th Srliroetlvr, Lloyd Srliultz, Maxim' St-lrworrltfvgvr, Edwin Sheridan, Suniolnm' Sinis- rhny, Margaret Soukup, Anita .lo Slwallcy, Frances Sunderland, Max Tnnton. ltirlmrd Taylor, Darn-ll l'lrir-li, ll:-tty llrlmua-lx, Roland l'r' bnnek, Ed Vopat. Roy Wall:-rt, Mary Ann Vfanek, Alan Wilson, Mary- vllen W'oo1l, Gilda Wright, Marion Souknp An alumni party gives grads a chance to visit between dances in 1946. Straight from classroom to service went many of the students of this decade. After thirty-nine years of school leadership, 0. J. Silverwood, superintendent of Ellsworth schools, was succeeded by Joel Martin. There was, also, a new campus building added - the industrial arts and agriculture building. Senior baseball team at the school picnic in 1942. asia? 1950 ltolmrl Kllan, Patricia Aylwnrd. Doruthv Hath, llirllard llarkow, lrnni- lloyvr, l.i-:dvr liorvn-kv, Marilyn liilrirb, Mary Alive Fleming, Dorothy Foote, l"nvv Gregory, William Gwinnvr, Della Haasc, Elizabeth llabarta, Dolores llvnillvy, Virginia Judy, Donald Kilm, Alvin Kolils, lmorin Kolila, Di-lor:-s Kralik, Maru-l Man-, Robert Mchl, Ke-nn:-th Misha, Kathryn Mueller, Edwin Nelson, Joan Norris, William Ogan, ltir'bnrd Pattvrsou, Dvan Pflnglior-ft, Edmund Qnorrvy, W'illialn Rankvr, l.npr- Rodriguez, Lloyd Snnniann, Glorenc Schr-idt, Joyce Sonimcrs, Frank- lin Sli-in:-r, Evan Stunt-brakcr, Marian Svoboda, Donald Thiclen, .lean 'l'rnn1p, Clifford llrbnnrk, Joronn- Wagner, Melvin Wagner, Rose Marie Wnnvk, ,lov Lac Wright, Donald Whitt-hor Betty Zorn, Anna Zvolanck 1951 -- Keith Hailey, Onall Bvndcr, David llogna, Donald Bohl, Donald Ciknnm-k, W'illian1 Clark, Jerry Dnlrymplc, Robert Erickson, Vivian Unlnln-r, Marian Grosnivk, Harold Grubb, Lois llalln. Shirlrv Holtnlann. Rt-vorly Jnnonsok, Barbara Jordan, Joe Mau-lc, Margaret Mulir, Norma Mantl, Donald Muze, Ann Mi'Crar'lu'n, Donald Mlynar. .lambs ltlontgonwrv, Peacetime and stepping high - EHS Band at Hays, October 25, 1947. Alumni Dinner of 194-6 when grads and teachers get together Keith Murphy, Arlene- Ni:-nkv, .lnnicv Novak, Erwin Ps-trrrnari, K1-nm-th Pt-torniann, Lillian ltoie-ln'l, Maru-ns ltrnlrignez, Douglas Slnwvbarl, Nicholas Sl:-vlita, Kay Soobv, Rob:-rt Spoustzi, Nr-al Stvplu-n, William Tolnan, Bertlla Yitvk, Ali:-v W'am'lis, Carrol Yvnnok, liilu Wlirtu 1952 g,Marsl1all Barrington, Vivian llarln, ,lamvs Hath, Coristam-re Rcrkcylsilv, Ludwig Bc-zz-nir-k, Floyd llowvrs, lhadford lloylv, Kr-nnvtli Brown, llcvvrly Clioitl, Janice Duubrava, Yvonno lfklund, liclty Horll- man, Mary Franvvs Hokr, Marilyn lloward. .lolin Kntsaros, Dr-nicrr' Kolils, Donald l.nlnbutt, liavlwl Long, Larry Mnlir, Ronnie Montgonwrv, Born:-itn Nienkr-, Donald Ogburn, Fred Pcppiatt, Gilbert Pruyn, .lack Ranoy, Ray Rirliards, Iacquclin Robinson, Ruth Schroeder, Mary Lou Svllwartzol, Shirley Srliwonltfogr-r, W'illinrn Shannon, Marvin Sisson. liobort Sonunors, 1,nr-y Soukup, Earl Stun:-brakvr, Robert Slowvll. Shirley Tnrnvr, Phyllis Urban:-lc, Ronald V'agn:'r, Cr-nv Warner, Donald Williford. Dolores Vinod, Estlwr Wood, Dolores Wright ,-Q ., THE FAIRCHILD BUILDING, which served from 1898 to Constructed in 1952, the new elementary sehool is an ex- 1952. From 1898 to 1917 this was the high school. Entrance to new gymnasium and junior high building, com- pleted in 1956. N733 Georgia .-Mlauiek, Arthur Arrulrrust, Rosemary fhtrta, Shirley llerlnauv-lt, lohu llireher, Viola lloreelcy, Kay tihoitz, ,loan Clark, llill tiurti-4. Aunetta lloleial. Louis l-iilrieh. Rielmrd Hayes, Eugene Hite, Xlelva lluseluan, Joy-ee Janousek, Alfred Johnson, Everett Kohls, Gail Koriuek, ltiehard Lundy, ltohert Lutz, Colleen Meltlillen, llernadine Klart-k, llon Marker, lluthene Marlin, Lawrenee ltiikuleeky, Harold Nllruar, Juno Nluellf-r, llarolil Oghurn. Warren Patterson. Sam Peppiatt, Darlene l'r-tr-rrnan, linnztld lleterlunu, l,oyee l'r-terrnan, Kenneth Ranker, Nlnru-Ilen ltanker. ll:-ri-rly lterlmau, Angel Rodriguez, loyee Fehwerdt- fog.-r, Larrv Slaight, Shirley Slaight, ,loan Strella, Ne-lva Trapp, Norma l'rlnan1-lt, Shirley l'rhanek, Randall Yveeksi, lluhert Vflriteher, Cynthia Zan--du. Larry fave-kv 1931 lflla llezeinvk, lfrnest ffhoitz, Cnrnell Deming. Cary Dees, ltohert ltodtoui, llaxitl lf-.sin-ls, Sharon Fox, 'Xuflroue Criflitt. Ann Crothuuen, llarold llausou, Shirley lleadley, Virginia llerlog, Orville Kohls. Law- renee Kolla-1. l.r-nis Nl:-'Ut-1-, ,loyee Nlefioy, llolrert Maze, veliln llloyer. I-ivolui Naeg:-lv, Xlarlyu Need, llulda Nienke, l'atrii-in Nienke. Donald Norris, Nlnrv Kun l'istora. lilarsha ltathluln, Gladys: S4-hultz, Jane Shoe- lntlkf-r. Lonnie Si-won, ltohr-rt Soukutl, lflivalvetli Spousta, l,orene Svaty, Wanda 'l'iudu-rs. Keith l'rlutuek, Lillian Wnnek, Jaek Williford, Duane Srlrvrr-ruin:-r, Vary ,lane fave-du' ample of modem school planning. 1 950-1 959 Long range planning has resulted in new or re- vised facilities. This was an era of progress. The football field in a natural bowl east of the campus. the new gymnasium. newly surfaced and lighted tennis courts, the music room in what had been the gym - all these, as well as the new buildings were changes in step with the times. Student Council. student governing body, lieearne part of the school in this decade. Senior Work Week became part of the spring program and gave seniors on-the-job training. 1955 e Richard Rlaekhurn, Margaret Boggs, Ruth tlhoin, .lnnire Dole- Znl, Margaret Foote, Keith Fort, Darlene Gregory, Larry Crulrli, lllnde- line Gust. Otto Haase, Sidney Hoopes, Lois lludwon, Louise lludfo-u, Clara Huggins, Allan lirilt, Rhea Jordan, Carolyn Kihn, Yerl Loek- hart, George Lutz, Marlene Nlattnsl Mary Maze, ,lalnes ltliltllleelug Clennys Naegele, Gayle Paull, Gerald Peterruau, Ronald l'1-tn-rruan, Dolores Pruyn, Kay Raney, Euniee Renard, Donna Riehurde, Claude Shawlev, l-ilizaheth Snr-ath, Bernard Foukup, Janet Syaty, Louis Vopnt, Alex Vodraska jr., Rohert Whitt-her, Weldon White, Ann Wilson, Phillip W'oorlrnansee, Ronald Zvolanek 1956 -- Charles Andrews, Dean Armhrust, Carl lletteuluroek, Ro-aliud Uezeruek, Dr-loise liolrl, Larry llorruan, Verona Buruu-ister, Carol Daniels, Sandra lilavisson. llhyllis Doleeelc, Charles lloleml, l'iruest Doulvrava, Carol Engle, Warren Farrington, fflalvoru Fi-u-her, l-Yslln-r Gregory, Paul llaase. llarhara llaferrnann, 'Nlargot ltr-lwit-k, Nlarilvn llenrv, I'irnln:tlene llerlnreek, Barbara Herzog. Frank lloehruan, Shirlev Hoehruan. Larry Hulse. Arthur Jordan, Nina Kohls, Retry Koriuek, Carol Korinek, Rohert Long, Erma Loseruau, Howard NleNlilleu, lleverlv Mantz, Jack Mlynar, Lenette Moyer, Pntriria Nash, Kent Patterson, Elaine Pr-terlnun, Harold Proehaska, Xlona Haney, Cv-no llt-oil, .lolru Renarrl, Joe Rodriguez John llomlrigue7, Virgil Seliwerrllleger. Douglas Sears, Lila Soultup. Klooydeen Thayer, Charlotte Thornton, WH-nilell Truhlar, Carol Vopat, V'illiarn Vltrlrs, lliicie Lee Vtalker, Frauees Wagner, Larry V'ehh. Hillv Zavr-sky. Sears waits for a fast shot Trimming the tree in the hall is part of Christmasg Kathy Dumler is tops at this. Think of the Mr. O'Dell se next point ems to say AS WE WERE: First row: Patterson. VVOodmansee, Hulse, Put Root, Haase, Thomas, Schultz, Kruse, Urhanek. Cwinner, Leuty. Seeonrl Row: Gregory, Jenkins, Zorn, J. Weinhold, Knorr, Sehwartzel, Deming, Holt, Sears, Nash, Warta. Third Row: J. Peterman, Beaushaw, Nienke, Haase, Dumler, D. McCoy, Norris, R. McCoy, V. Nienke, Burmeister, Barta, Vanderhilt. 1957 - Mildred Doreeky, Eva llrnning, Donna Collins, .lane Cook, Vernon Dolezal, Don Dnlnler, Marlene Eilrirh, Douglas Erway, Larry Garrelts, Larry Griffilt, Marlyn Kay Hoffman, Robert Hokr, Robert Honiolka, .laekic Hoopes, Alvin Katzenmeier jr., Linda Kntzenrncier, Roy Katzenlneier, Sharon Knorr, Harvey Kohls, Darlene Kottnian, Marilyn Kruger, Frank MeAtee, Mary McConnell, Lyle Mikulecky, ,Iinnny Milhradt, Ralph Naegele, Keith Peternian, Roger Prochaska, Dennis l'rnyn, Theora Quade, Donald Rirhnrds, Lueialee Richards, Gloria Schneider, Shirley Sehnltz, Donna Sehwerdtfeger, Carol Sheridan, Ellen Sinelair, l'aula Sparks, Frank Tornan, Donald llrbanek, Phyllis Vander- hill, Gerald Vodraska, Jon W'anthoff, Patrieia Wanek, Mary Wagner, Hill Westerhana, Janet Wilson, Mary Louise Zavesky. 1058 -- Kathleen Allison, Richard llarta, Rodney Beverly, Dorothy llohl, Rrian Ruston, Marvin Bush, Anita .lo Cunningham, Larry Cunning- ham, Carla Daniela, William Diek, Margaret Dodson, Millieenl Doleeek, Gary l.ee l'Iilrieh, Rrnee Engle, Judith Enhank, Wayne Fager, Rosa Griffitt, Virginia Grnlulv, Lon Haase, Carmen Haferinann, Gary Harmon, ,loan Hnhl, Karen Hulse, Carole Jirieek, Rose Mary Johnson, Norwin Kohls, Donald Long, Harry Long, Robert Lowe, Anthony Martin, Neal First row: Korinek, Parrish, Hokr, L. Weinhold, Griffitt. Adamek, Panzer, Pruitt, Renard, Kanak. C. Fox. Seeonrl Row: Buehler. Bohl, Choitz, D. Fox, Coerher, Voeltz. M. Katzenmeier, Phil Root, Long, Snowball, Fager, Vaupel. Third row: Kohls, Hoopes, Andersen, Aylward, E. Peter- man, Armbrust, Hemmann, Sisson, Redetzke, Daniels. Heff- ner, Cunningham, W. Thomas , E Dglnurn, Larry Paeey, Patrieia Parrish, llernila Peterrnan, Karen Pflnghoeft, Stanley Ray, Lynn Reed, Leon Rodriguez, Janiee Selnnoekel, Edith Sheridan, Lois Slaight, Karen Sniisehny, Patsy Sonkup, Rohert Steigleder, Carol llrhanek, Mary Vodraska, ,lanel Walton, Carol Whitt-her, Robert York, .lean Zavesky, Marsha Zvolanek. 1959 - Larry Adamek, Janet Andersen, Edward Armhrunt, Peter Aylwarrl, Donna Barta, Larry lleanshaw, Janiee Bohl, .lay llnehler, Eugene Burrneister, Lee Choilz, Robert Cunningham, Riehard Daniels, Kathleen Dnlnler, Edward Egbert, Lois Fager, Connie Fox, Diane l-'ox, George Gregory, Garry Grilfitt, Nancy Gwinner, Delvin Haase, Wilma Haase, Yit- ginia lleffner, Joann Henimann, Leroy Hokr, Carol Holt, Roger Hoopes, Myrna Hulse, Ivan Kanak, Ramona Katzennieier, Raymond Katzen- meier, David Knorr, Kenneth Kohls, Patsy Lenty, .-Knnetta Long, Donald Mm-Coy, Ronald Metfoy, Ella Nienke, Velma Nienke, Rim-hard Norris, .loyee Panzer, Gene Parrish, Rarhara Patterson, Loreen Redetzke, Rar- luara Renard, Phil Root, Patrieia Root, Marvin Sehroeder, Janiee Sehnltz, Larry Sears, Kenneth Snowball, Rosemary llrlsanek, Ren Vanpel, Riehartl Voeltz. .linnny Walker. .laines Wlttrlat, Janey Vleinhold, Laura Weinhold, Gwen Woodniansee ,f-x. .J '7 v x X! QQ 4 , rif- E Wiz! f R Y' W . Af?" JE? ,-faux I all QL , 4 f U1 xmr 1 xwW'k'DN f 8 n f SIIHTWOO cllrcrtul thm ,Vu ,Lit ,M vJV'iSgg,q,i ,Milf-r-' "' ' Ad S J Z ,H ,- . If f ,agfix V x Q ff' N - -- ,A ex- Jil if. ' ,, 3 L :VA 1 'H - ' , .T . X- Q44 ti . - FEI 1 1 5? - Hllgll A C ,, x fl - xg. 3? .L JJ r I V N i' LA 9 ,Wm " , Jw WL F i Q 1 K. Q ,bg I n A 5 E "' n R . 1 '4 I '4- 1 4 K- , o L . , , .3 Y A Y .7-...Al.4." fl-".ZH:.. .,- ,Zi 1 V! I if 1,1 , 12 Ursx f lIIiIS J" 4'Q1P ki S 7 xx 1 E 2 E Q I 54xh gx kyf, 2 EWFIIII El 2 x 'iilWH .4 , . E ffm, X lllmltul -1-17' ' ,I'1iC X ' ' ,Q A, ,.-'ww , I if 5Q,v f 4 -fQg,gf'f51:..:q.: : 5: -- - 1 , ,f 5 ' fig ' - i Q Q. - Q4 'X - "H ' -gr ' ,, 1- .1 ,- , Wd' , -- -ep -A .Ali 4 4 i f-2-f 4 LL EL 4. -P pf 5- 1. E, ,Q jf '113 5 wr if. Q 1 - -.-- . - , 351:15-557-I r 43 E h 5 fx I-if-,fs-f-1 -1 FE' EE f A :ZF-k . A , 1..f f il 5 ......-- f- 'if' 'x -E. ..f 1 - f - .f.'1..:-5:12515 . H4 :Q 3, -. 1- wwf 5 .-,- 'fiigfzfpgiaff " ' sf-"f-ri g Ni MINI 'E " 2 ' 2 2 TS E . , '31 5533 .. .ill lfl -1-- "I 5 1 : PM -- - 2 SH :Ng 1+ -71 .1 f , 'HIT - T 22: -2 W EK -h x T-'32 -lug' K' -i"-.Q f-1' g 1.-N, s Y .,,'3J - in . .,.p ,,,,,., ... nf, ' 'x .wwf-' C-"x,,N.T:f:JZ"Ad- f r ,,,,lL ,fwlm " 'ninistration JOEL N. MARTIN, superintendent of Ellsworth schools Admmrstratwn . .. 'f 4, M'-R I . v-'AVID sefkv.. 4 - . ' fs!" BOARD MEMBERS Ellsworth District 1 Director. Clerk. Treasurer. LLOYD CROTHUSEN Class of 1926 MRS. CLAYTON SOIVIMIQRS Class of 1919 MRS. KENNETH HELWICK Class of 1930 Board Members, CECIL CRUBB Class of 193-lv JAMES L. ANDREWS Top: Mr. Grothusc-n, Mrs. Sommcrs Bottom: Mrs. Helwick, Mr. Grubb, Rev James Andrews EDNA BENGTSON Bethany College, A.B. Commerce Sponsor Senior Class J. K. BUEHLER University of Kansas, B.M.E., M.M. Music Sponsor Sophomore Class DARLINE CONOVER Kansas State College, B.S. English, Journalism Sponsor Heritage, Bearcat, Freshman Class LESTER CRANDALL Kansas State College, B.S. Vocational Agriculture Sponsor FFA, Freshman Class PAT DODSON Kansas State College, B.S. Home Economics Sponsor FHA, Junior Class MARVIN RYDEN, principal of Ellsworth High School and Facult PHILLIP ERICKSON Fort Hays Kansas State College, B.S. Scicncc Sponsor Hi-Y, Sophomore Class ESTHER ERREBO K.S.T,C., Emporia. BS. Physical Education. English Sponsor G.A.A., Cliccrlcaclcrs, Y-Toons EVA FUNK lfnivcrsity of Kansas. A.H. Latin, English, Library Sponsor Y-Toons HENRY HAHN NlcPhcrson Collcgc, HS.: Pittsburg K.S.T.C.. MA. Industrial Arts Sponsor Hi-Y, E Club. Junior Class MABEL LINEBACK Bakor Univ:-rsity, A.l3.g Univcrsity of Kansas, MA. English, History Sponsor Studcnt Council, Junior Class TOM O'DELL Mcphcrsoii Collcgv, A.ll. Social Scicncc Basketball, Track. Football Sponsor E Club, Freshman Class ROBERT PARKS University of Kansas, HS. Maths-matics Sponsor Stuclcnt Council. Junior Class GAIL SHANELEC K.S.T.C., Emporia, ll.S.g North Tvxas State Collogc, 31.5. Psychology, Driver Education Football, Track. Basketball Sponsor E Club. Senior Class JEAN SHANELEC K.S.T.C., Emporia, BS. Dvbatc. Spf-'Q-cli, Dramatics Sponsor De-batv ROBERT SHIELDS, Junior High Principal lfort Hays Kansas State- Collcgc, B.S., XLS. Eighth Gratit- Football, Tennis JERRY BAMESBERGER Bakvr Univvrsity, ILS. Seventh Cratlv Junior High Coach MABEL HERZOG Kansas Statx' Colle-go, ll.S.g Columbia Te-ache-rs Collcgo Eighth Cruelt- ORPHA THAYER K.S.T.C., Emporia, ll.S.g Univt-rsity of Kansas, Fort Hays Kansas Stato Collvgc Sc-vonth Grade- VlVlAN ATCHISON Secrctary to the School Board ANN MCCRACKEN High School Secretary . ki' 'Q Ag " , 'Na N-:.'.: ' 'f . X m, . 4 .MN ' f-M' ' 'ww fx x -Q l ,X X .Q-ir'-.: 5. 7 s ' l 5'-X X X z L X ll in jf' 1 A I N. X XXd"' V Q , W, F11 - 4 X y ,XXX 5 'S XX XXX - ,, W, vllww, LARRY ADANIEK Hi-Y l. 2. 3. 4: .Ir Play. JANET ANDERSEN Y'Tvf'nc l. 2. 3. 4: FHA l. 2. 3. 4: CAA l. 2. 3: Chorus D l. 2 A 3, 4: ElKan-ll'-arvat 3: .lr Play Rui. Nlgzr. EDWARD ARNIRRITST National Honor Socie-ty: Class Prmfsiclmtt 4: Ftuffo l. 2: Hi-Y l. 2. -lt, Cahinf-t 3: E Clulm 2. 3. 4: Chorus H l. 2 A 4: Band l. 2. 3: FFA 4: Footlmall l. 2. 3: Ha-kat hall 1. 2. 3. 4: Trark l. 2. 3. PETER AYLWARD National Honor Soc-ie-ty: Class Prvsiclvnt ll Hi-Y l. 2. 3. Prvsitlvnl 41 FFA 1: E Clult 2. 3. 4: Daskt-tlsall l: Footlmll 1. 2. 3: Travk l. 2. 3. -4: Dvhatt- 3. 4: lforrn- sics 3. 4: Ranfl l. 2. 3. 4: Chorus ll l. 2 A 4: Rvarvat. l'lvritag1f' 4: Boys' Stan- Covvrnor 4. Boys' Nation 4. DONNA DARTA Y-Tvvns 1. 2. 3. 4: FHA l. 2. 3. 4: Chorus D 2. A 3. 4. LARRY REAUSHAW Hi-Y l. 2. 3. 4: Dvlmtv 3. 4: Football 1. JANICE ROI-IL Y-Te-f-ns 1. 2. 3. 4: FHA l. 2. 3. 4: CAA l. 2. 3. JAY DUEHLER National Honor Soc'i1'ty'Z Na- tional Mvrlt Scholar Canflimlatt-: Roy! State- 4: Hi-Y 1. 2. 4. Cahinvt 3: E fflulv 2. 3. 4: Chorus: R l. A 2. 3. 4: Rand l. 2. 3. 4: llaslu-thall 1. 2. 3. 4: Tvnnis 1. 2. 3. 4. EUGENE HllR'NlElSTER Hi-Y l. 2. 3. 4: FFA l. 2, 3. Calmint-t 4: Foothall 1. 2. 3. 4: llaskvt- llall 1, 2: Travk l. 2. 3. ARTHUR LEE CHOITZ Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4: Foot- ball 1: llaskvthall l: Travlc l. BOB CUNNINCHAM Hi-Y l. 2. 3. 4: .lr Play: Baslwtlwall l. RICHARD DANIELS Class V. l,I't'Sltll'lll 4: Hi-Y l. 2. 3. Cahine-t 4: E fflulm 2. 3. 4: Chorus B 1. 2 A 3: llanrl l. 2. 3. Foothall l. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Trark 1. 2. 3. 4: ,lr Play: ElKan King 3. KATHLEEN DUMLER Class Svc. 2: Stuffo 3. 4: Raskotlmall Que-on 2: Y-Tw-ns 1. 2. 3. Cahinm-t 4: FHA 1. 2. 3. 4: CAA l. 2. 3: Chorus ll 1. 2 A 3. 4: Choerlrader 2. 3. 4: ,lr Play. EDDY ECBERT Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4: Jr Play. LOTS FACER Y-Texans 1. 2. 3. 4: FHA 1. 2. 3, 4: CAA 1, 2, 3: Band 1. 2. 3. 4: ,Ir Play. CONNIIC FOX Y-'IH-vm 1. 2. 3. 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2. 3, llvarvat-ElKan 3. Hcritagc 4. l7IANl'l FOX National llunor Suvivty, DAR Guml llilizvzmsllip Awurml -I, Stullu 2: Y-'l'e'1'ns 2, 3, 4. lfalzinvl l, FHA 1. 2. Galvin:-I 3, -I-1 GAA 1. 2, Glmrus ll 1 A 2. 3. -I-3 llund 1. 2. 3. 4, Dvlmatc 3, Ill'l'llzl,L1' AI. GFORGIC GREGORY Hi-Y 1. 2, 3, 4, E Glulm 2. 3, fl, Chorus li l. 2 A 3. -I: Fomlmall 1, 2, 3, -1-1 lluslu-llmall l. 2. 3. Al-1 'llravk 1, Te-nnis 1. 2. 3. -I. GARY GRlFlfI'l'T Hi-Y l. 2. 3. 4: Ghnrus B 2. A 3, 4, llanml 1, 2. 3, -l-1 Fuotllall l. 2, 3. 4, Iran-k l. -1-, liaskvllrall 1. NANGY GWINNFR Y-'I'vcl1s 1. 2. 3, 4, FHA 1, 2 Galvinvt 3. 4: GAA l. 3 Galrim-t 2, Clmrus Il 1. 2 A 3, 4-1 llaml 1. 2. 3. 4, jr. Play. l1l'1l.VlN HAASI-I Class Trvasllre-r 2: Hi-Y 1, 2. 3 llillllllvl 4, FFA 1, 2 Galninvt 3, 4: F Glulm 3, 4, lwuotlball 1. 2, 3, 4, llravk 1, 2. 3, 4. Wll.lVlA IIAASE Y-'llm-11s 1, 2. 3. 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: GAA 1. VIRGINIA HFIFFNER Y-Tvvns 1, 2. 3. 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3: llllliY'llS 11 1, 2 A 3, Jr. l'lay. ,IOANN HEMMANN Glass V. Prvs. 3, Y-Tevns 1, 2, 3, 4, I-'IIA 1 Calminvt 2. 3. 4, GAA 1. 2, 3, 4, Glwrus A 4. LFIROY HOKR Hi-Y 1. 2, 3, 4, FFA l. 2, 3. CAROL H0l.'l' Y-Tm-n 1. 2, 3. 4: FHA 1, 2 Guluim-I 3, 4 Distrivt Trvasurx-r 3, GAA 1, 2, 3: Ghurus Il 2, Hand 1, 2. 3, Jr Play: Debate 3, lClKzm-llc-urcat 3, Hvritage- 4. ROGER HOUPES Class Pres. 2, Tre-asurvr 4, Slulfu 3, Hi-Y 1, 2. 3, 4, E Club 2. 3, 4 llalwim-I 4, Chorus B 1, 2 A 4: Jr Play, Forensics 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baskvtlmall 1, 2, 3. 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Bvarvat 4, Hvritagc 4. MYRNA HULSE Y-Tn-1-ns 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3 Galrinvt 4, GAA 1, 2. 3, 4, Bvarcat- ElKan 3, H1-ritagv 4. IVAN KANAK Glass V Prvs. 1, StuCo Prvs. 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 4, Chorus B 1, 2 A 3, 4, Jr Play. RAMONA JEAN KATZENMEIER Y-Teens 3, 4, FHA 3, 4, CAA 3, Chorus A 3. 4, B Tvum Glwr-rlvumlm-r 3. RAYMOND KATZENNIEIER Hi-Y 3, Calminvt 4: Football 3: Baf-kvtball 3. DAVID KNORR Hi-Y 1. 2, 3. 4: E flluh 3, Calminf-I 4: Chorus I3 I: Football I. 2. 3. 4g Ilaskr-llnall Nlanagvr 2: Tr-nnis I: Trzu'k l. 2, 3. 1. KENNETH KOHLS Hi-Y 1. 2. 3, 4: Ifl"A I. C8lJII'lf'l 2. 3, 4: Ifootlmall 3. 4. PATSY LEITTY Yffvc-I1 l. 2. 3. 41 FHA I, 2, 3, 4: GAA 1, 2. 3: Chorus Il I. 2 A 3, 4: Rand 1. 2, 3. 4. ANNETTA LONG Nalional Ilunor Suc'i1'Iy: Y- Tm-ns 1. Callinvt 2. 3. 4: FHA I. 2. 3. -lg GAA I. 2. 3, 4: Iluuus li I A 2. 3. 4: 4.ll1'l'I'll'2l1ll'l' II 2 A 3. 4: IM-lsatv 4: jr Play. IJONALIJ NI1-COY Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4: FFA 1. RONALD NIAIOY Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4: FFA I, 2. 3, Cabinvt 4. ELLA FERN NIENKE Y-Te-1-n I. 2. 3. 4: FHA 1, 2. 3. 4: CAA 1. 2. 4: Jr Play: I'llKun- Rc-ar Cat 3. VELNIA NIENKE Y-Te-e-ns I, 2, 3. 4: FHA 1, 2. 3, 4: CAA 1. 2. 3. 4. VVILLIANI NORRIS Class Prvsiclvnl 3: SluCu 2. 4: Hi-Y I, 2. 3. 4: E Club I. 2. 4, Czllrinv! 3: Chorus B 1. 2: Band 1, 2, 3: Footlmll I, 2. 3: Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4: Trark 2: Tvnnis I. JOYCE PANZER Y-Tee-n I, 2, 3, 4: FHA l. 2. 3, 4. Cabin:-I 4: Chorus ll 1, 2 A 3, 41 Jr Play: El Kan-livarvat 3. GENE PARRISH StuCo 3: Ili-Y l. 4, Caluinvl 2. 3: E Clulm 1, 2. 3. Calminrt 4: Chorus II 2: Football 1, 3: Baskvthall I. 2. 3. 4: T4-nnis 1. 2. 3. 4. BARBARA PATTERSON Y-Te-en 1, 2, 3. Cubin:-L 4: CAA 1, 2, 3: Rand 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus Il I, 2 A 3, 4: Jr Play. LOREEN REDETZKE Y-Te-en I, 2. 3, Calvin:-l 45 FHA 1. 2, 3. 4: GAA I. 2. 3, Calvin:-I 4: Chorus B 1 A 3. 4: Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Jr Play. RARIIARA RENARU Y-Teen I, 2, 3, 4: FHA I, 2, 3. 4: GAA I, 2, 3: Chorus R I, 2, A 3. 4: Jr Play. I'Hll. ROOT Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, Jr Play, B1-areat 4, Heritage 4, Football 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2. PATSY ROOT Y-Teens 1. 2. 3. 4, FHA 1, 2, 4, Cabinet 3, CAA 1, 2, 3, 4, El Kan-Bearcat 3, Ileritage 4. MARVIN SCHROEDER Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 4, Jr Play, Heritage 4. JANICE SCHULTZ Class V. President 2, Sec. 3, Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 4, GAA 1, 2, 4, Cabinet 3, FIIA 1, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, Chorus B 1, 2 A 3, 4, Band 2, 3. 4, Jr Play. LARRY SEARS Hi-Y 1, 2, 4, Cabinet 3, E Club I, 2, 3, Cabinet 4, Chorus B 2 A 4, Football 1, 2, Tennis 1, 2. 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH SNOWBALL Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus B 1, 2, Jr Play. ROSEMARY URBANEK Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4. BENJAMIN VAUPEL Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate 3, 4, Heritage 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, E Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, Track 1, 3, 4. RICHARD VOELTZ Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Bearcat 4 Heritage 4, Basketball 1. JIM WALKER Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4, Chorus B 1, 2 A 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr Play, Football 2. JIM WARTA Hi-Y 1, 2. 3. 4, FFA 1, 3, Cab- inet 2, 4, E Club 4, Jr Play, Football 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. JANEY WEINHOLD National Honor Society StuCo 3, Y-Teen 1, 2, 3. Cabinet 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, CAA 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Jr Play, Debate 3, 4, Heritage 4. LAURA WEINHOLD Class Sec. 2, Treas. 3, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 4, FHA 1, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, CAA 1, 2, 3, Chorus B 1, 2 A 3, 4, StuCo I, 4, Football Queen 4. CWEN WOODMANSEE Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, Cabinet 2, 3, 4, CAA I, 2. 3, Chorus B l, 2 A 4, Jr Play, El Kan-Bearcat 3, B Cheerleader 3. JAMES VANDERBILT Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Jr Play. in Pictu re Not Available 91 0l"l"ltIlCliS AND SPONSORS Slllllllfllgf Xlr. Sllalln-loc. Nlr. Rymlcn. Sefzletl: llclvin Haase, st-cr:-tziry: llicliartl llzmicls. vice-presimleiitg Miss Hengtson: litl 'hl'llIlH'lI'4i. president: Roger lloopes. treasurer. KIIASS KIOIHRS Sth' 4-n' und ltlue I Nltl'l"l'0 With tht' rope of tht- past we will ring tht- hells of the future 9 I"l,UWlCR Cu r':i ation 5 9 KlNlJl2RflAR'l'lCN 19-1.6-17 -- Slamling: Nancy Nash. lfclwarrl Armhrusl. Palsy Root. Connie Fox. ,lancy Wc'in- holtl. lliclizml llcrln-r. Donna Ilarta. Nliss fiehhart. Sitting: llonaltl Starvcr. Richard llanii-ls, Kenneth Snowlmall, Cary llrilfitt. Roger Hoop:-s. Tim lfolt, 1959 Our school life together started long ago. Many of us started kindergarten together. ln l914T in the first grade at Fairchild were 21 of this year's Senior Class. This was the first class to start school after Joel Martin became Superintendent. And this is the first graduating class to have attended school in the new grade building. for that huilding was finished for the sixth grade. The Class of 1959. with T0 members. was one of the largest classes in EHS as freshmen. Since that first year the class has lost lil students and gained four. a net loss of ten. Out of 38 student offices in EHS. 26 are held hy seniors. With the exception of the freshman year the class has consistently headed the honor roll. Accomplishments . . . yes! But we will remember . . . painting the streets . . . the junior-senior Prom . . . the masquerade party . . . the Hi-Y Bean party . . . the CAA initia- tion . . . all of these will be a part of the rope of the past for the senior of 1959. Smnding: Terry Zorn. x, Cary Curtis, Richard Zorn, Bill Norris, Larry Sawyer. Clarine Peterman, x, x. Miss fl4'llll8I'i. Sitting: Diane Fox, Pete Aylward, David Knorr, x. llarlmara Patterson. Gwen Woodmansee. Janice Petennan, x. -L pr- ,emi 43 g -. Y- ' E V '- 4 -'A "l, I .f - mil, ' 'fa ' K . ' Underclassmen L1 In the Race JUNIOR PLAY CAST: Standing: Ed Fishbum, Sharon Schneider, Pat Novak, John Grothusen, Randy Mills, Judy Belt, Sue Erway. Seated: Jeannine Smallwood, Jeanette Schroeder, Brian Rozelle, Arlene Korinek, Barry Burkhart. "THE UNGUIDED MISS" Junior Class Play Tuesday, November 18, 1958 Director: Miss Lineback Business Manager: Joyce Daniels Stage Manager and Crew: Roger Novak, Bob Black- burn, Fred Lutz, Keith Ogburn, Duane Borman, Rudy Rodriguez, Barbara Dolecek, Carol Katzen- meier Only one more year and we shall leave the halls of Ellsworth High School behind us. But we, the Juniors, shall always remember this year. The most thrilling event of the year was the J unior-Senior Banquet and Prom at which we showed the Seniors our respect for them and the leader- ship they have given us. We proudly wear our class rings which signify that we have lived up to the responsibilities of being Juniors. Our successful magazine sale and produc- tion of the Junior play have prepared us for some of the tasks of leadership. With these experiences we look toward the privi- leges and responsibilities of next year - our Senior year. CLASS OF 1 9 6 0 U .. xvva ix' ' -. liz' .o-s' 'J 1 V7-it v'. A -e 5 X. I'1I'l.Nf wuz' llznid K1v1'41l1-k. livlh Dick. fzllfill K1'IIlllkl'. Clll'I4'll4' .Nlxlvrz lJ111111:1 II1'111'y.JL1111-I Sll1'l'iIl1lIl, .'X1'l4'111' Kv11'i11v'k. Ilmvzxlxl Sully, Sf-1'1u11l wuz' Pang Iiivk, xlilflllil Yillllwl. l:1ll'Ilill'll liuhl, 5114- I'1I'Wllj'. Phyllis I,Ll1'l'y. 5111111111 S4'l1111-1111-1g l'I111111a1 ll:-.lm-. l.ul:1 Y111'lIl.l1ll'l'X 54llll'xl'IF. Hfllnwl Y1-1l1x1Nk:1. TlIfIllI'U1l'f l3411'1'y l!111'kl1:11'I. H1v1111i1' Killl!'Illll4'il'I'. Hllll flilllk lklviil Nulwlv. I.1lIl'f 5:11111-r. l'fl1I1111 ll:111-1: lmwll xyllltllvll. Rillllly Mills. liwgvr Nmuk. l51'i:111 Nom-llv. Hass of 1960 g A A ? ? 1 , , mflfuzlfilzs .mm slfmsulzs ? Q 1 1 55 Slumljrlgf I.llI'Iy 1Jllll1l1'. Nlr, l'111'kw. liugvl' Nmuk. Svrllfwl: 1 1 1 ' 5 1 Nils. lmlfuxx, Xli-N I,illl'Ib1ll'l'x..l"l1ll ll1'nl1111-v11, .Indy Sh-l1l11'11s. SW I'l'l'.Sl'llt'IIf. ,IHI111 ll1'wll111N1-11 I lm' l'le'.v14lf'lll. Nngvr Nwalk St't'l't'HlIv5, .Imly S11-pl1v11 TIf'1I.NlII1'I, l,:11'ry Qluulm' ,sang L lfirxl l'l7I4'f l'11l1'im'i:1 llukr. l'a1I1'i4'ia1 Nwwuk. 5111111111 l'l1ll'll4'l', l3a11'l1z11':1 llulcmw-k. IAli5 Kuhlf. .fully Uvlt. Rim UI'IiLlll4'k. 1111111 N4-1-ml. lfnml Kali:-11l11vi1'r. SQWHIIII ruux' ,l.v:1114'll1' S1'l11'm-1Iv1', ll11:1111' l3:11't11111'k. Larry 1-111114112 Huh lil:11'kl1111'11. Kvith l,glllll'll. I-'11-11 I.uIf, Alnlm tjillllluir, K411'v11 .-Xllison, Rudy lil1lll'illlll'L. Tfllhfll 111147 IMI1- I-I'llLllll'l'i. H11 l"isl1l1111'11. 1511511101111 'I'hu11111Q, lylllllll' l5u1'111:111, IM-rrill llwi11111'1'. HUHIIH' Sully. Jlvllll ll1'11lI111s1'11, Holm Rir'l1111'1Is, Jwyvm- l3z111ivIS. I.y1111 Ilulfv, Judy SIl'Illll'Il. NUI 11ir'Il1re'fl: .Iva11111i11v SIlIL1HWlIl1li. to gg -,Qc so 33 C9 45" P. AJ 45 ,QD ' i',' V' ,lQ, 'Q K. if .gn 5 ' ' go. no ' 'W , x q, .oo agp: 35 lfirsl mir: llnn Svaly. Norman Kanak. ,lucly Nuvotny, Laura Amlamek, Francis Rodriguf-L Sharnn Kruger, Nancy llolil. Svrurzrl row: Gary Curtis. Rolla-rt Sclnnmfke-l, Arlan Lowe-, Karvn Schultz, Billie Wright. Margie Hummel. Laura Lnu Svliwi-rellfvgy-rg Phyllis Km-si-r, Slmrun lluntvr. Orvul Yue-liz. Thirrl row: .lzxnu-s lirlmm-lx. .lun Rumi. lim llunnirk. IAITTX' Km-wr, liivlmrll llummo-l. Alvin ,Ium-s, Eu-rm-ll llurlu-r. Karim- Hr-udlvy, ffluir Sl'llVVK'l'1lli'l'Qll'l'. Curl llusm-main. WLXIYIH' Sniil-mp. .Mit piflzlrf-rf: Nillll'y llullsf-luvll:-r. President , 7 ,IOII Html Vice President Sandy Ul'lD2lllCli 0 homores ' p Secretary ,u.., uuu. B illie Erdtmann Treasurer L Pattic Durlancl Hrs! rnw: llillin- lfrmllmunn. Normal llngvrs. Rnlwrtu Cray. ffurola- Livingston. llvrna lk-un Wall:-rs, Nliflllil Norris, Sandy llrlmm-k. Svrnlzrl ruuz' llonulil Sl'lllllll. Sllalrun Sli:-ridun. Us-rulilinc Riclwr, lluttiv llurlunfl. .lc'uI1nvttc' Andrvws. Sliuron Farringmn, Janim- Lyn:-, Linrla Clmitz, Dale Fox, Rnlland Kuhls, Larry Hnnu-ic-r. Third row: Jon Sm-atli, K4-ith Kirk. Max Huston, john Anal:-rson, llnli llarzlwa-ll, ,lnhn Russ, Pat MCAWP, Danny Be-ll. Richard Schafer. Guy Sunil:-rlanml. 510 P IO 3 QI4 1 ' l l. 'W', -ff if , Y '.'s 5 or lfaclr row: Tom Sawyer, Lloyd PI'0CllllSl'i1l. Ronald Long, Allicrt Vaneli, Eugene Hcrgcnrcidcr, Dcan Patterson, Roland Crosnick. Donniv Slicllliorn, Carl Clioitz. Sccond row: Barham llurland. Maudic Pruitt, Gracie Giblcr, Jeannie Thor- ton, Cccil Wliitc. Jaincs Hoinolka. Dali- Wcinliold. Dclvin l'utr-rman. Firxl row: Arlcnc Holiday, .lolc-nc Nacgelc, Carol Snowball, Dianv Kc-inpkc, Virginia Scllncidcr. OFFICERS Pl'f'Sll1l'I1l , , Mik6 Novak Vice President Y7,, D, Gracie Cililer F resh Scwctfzry Mary ,lo Pfluglioeft 'l'1'cns11rf'r D -D D Diane Kempke l, l' Iinck row: John Urbanek, Iiarcn Rcdctzkv, Laircn Moyer, Micluu-l Novak. Eugcnc Hclnmann, Rolland Bircllcr, Ned llokc, llarold Holccck, Patrick Hiatt, Jackic lloston, Tom Wzirlzl, llolm Wcstcrliaus. Svconrl row: Dclmar Kolxls, Mary Houdysllcll, Nancy Waclis, Ccnc Ogburn, David Durycc, Waync Wild, Donald Porter, Roger Bender, John Mclil, Bill Irwin. First row: Nancy lfilrich, Nlarjoric Bohl, ,lackio Defining, Janicc Johnson, Mary Jo Pflughocft, Lois Schultz. ,lola-ne Prochaska, l.inda Harmon. Carolyn Ray, Roger Sco!l,,lol1n Kricr. 1 -ti CB all --uni X- ' '4 -'f 4'-2.2.71 21g'en1f' Q -' , ' 'Y w ir '11 ' , ., ., .A M rk xgfqgfsf' -TT.. Fnurlh nur: fil'Cl'll1l ZllIlllIL'I'lllllIl, Nluxine' We-lk, 'l'l1c-ri-su R1-iclu-I, 1,4-slcr .lem-s, ,lolm .'x!'I1llJI'l1Fl, ,Iuhnny Rvguludw, 111111- nis K1-nl. .lim Nlurlin. Doug llonlvy. Fred johnson, Danny Rodriguez. Buddy Slnullwoud. Third mir: Gary Multus. Kvn- Il4'lll Krulvvr, llillllll Hvslu-r, Judy ll1'lllI1lSt'l'i, Shirley Lyne, Shirley Dm-iling. llliflbllly llnkr, Kuy Alllrigrllt, Carol Viclu-IN, liolwrl lliflm-rfvldl. lluvirl Sheridan. Svvarzd row: Robert Dick. .ludy SL'llVYt'l'tlllQ'gL'I', Cheryl Kelupkv, liurlwurzi Huy, Sum Nl4'lf011114'll. Sundy wlf'lIll1'TSlZl 0, Alun Pflllgrlloeft. Donald Alder. llul Efllllftll. l,urry Cornwell. Nlivkvy Sll!l1lg1I'l'Il. l"1'r.wl mux' il .ludy Rlly. Sliurmvn Snukup, S111-llvy lfklund, llurlmru Avwis, Nlury 0'DunnvIl. .ludy Wurtu. Di'-kiv fllwilz. Vlullllllly llivlx. Nl:-lviu Nlvlfury, Dun Miller. Seventh Grade Junior Hiyh Eighth Grade lfnnrth rout Hivllurd Jirku, lluvid Kutzvrlrmic-ivr, Mike J0lIIl40Il. li2ll'Ul Al'Illl1rllSl. l'il1'u11f11' llildvlwrundl, lililliil l'ruiII. liirki Slvvlllil. Durri-ll Hanson. l,1'l1'l' FI'Llllt'iS. Lawrence HCflllTkWl'li. lA'0IlilI'fl liurmcislcr. Dick Ku:-ser. Rll'llkl!'il lluuily- slwll. Thirzl ww: ,lurke TllC1yl'I'. .lunv Pfluglioefl, Calc Pcrrymun. Guylc Uriffilt, Ruth llcl"u1'vaI. llutli ,ln lll'I1tll'l'. Arnvitu Barra. Yirki Hulse, Linda Rumi. Nlnrinic Miller, Bvnji Smith, lillilY'lf'S Turner. Bvltir- Zvcspor. Carol Nlvlnl, Serolrrf mir: Bob Irwin. Ronnie Hf'nkf'. l'luwur1l Droegenwier. .lim Lfwkllalrt. Klux Remley, ,Iulm Strellu, llill Slltffillilll liulu Kirk. Sluurt Nuwlny, ,lolln Fvuty. First row: Putty Hayvs, Mary Sully. Dvunne O'Do11n1-ll. 01111110 l.f'uty. Julyni- Nluin. Sur' ffurliw. Lvlu Slrutmunn. ,lunv Grulllm, Mary Ann Mdor..l0lr'111- Niiklllc'ClQ'. lfllPITl Kllllilk. - f?'-2--I-- - - ACTIVITIES We Play Our Parts A Choru l"l.l i'l'liS lhane- lmx ,It-anninv Stnallwuml Nanvi lluinnvr ll:-ralsline' liivke-r llvannt- U'Dunnvll llatti llvmlvr Nlary Sxaty Ullllli Xlarmiv Nlilln-r IM55 tIlAlilNl'l'l' llarlvara I'altf-rsmi lIl,.rKlilNlI'l'S .lumly Slvllllvll llarlmra llnlt-wk Iiillit- liraltmann Sandra llrlianck Cary llriffitt Lois l'lLlg1.t'I' .'Ki'l1'i11' Kurim-k .l4'-Illllvllt' :Xmlrvws Rita llrlvanvk lfarul xkrmlrrusl lilllll ll1'l'lnrt'sI Nlarjm'im- llummvl Sliarnn Slivritlan Slivlle-y lfklunal liurl. mir: Y. llcffncr, L. Redctzkv. H. lluopcs. ,l. lluvlilvr, li. Armlirust, K, Duinlcr, .l. Daniels, ' f Music IIOHNETS .lay Bu:-lilcr .lanws Walkvr Ruhr-rt Blackburn Jnlin Grotliitsc-ii .lack Bnslnn Jann-s Humolka Ranrly Mills Gayle Griffitl llunald Svaty Raymond Curtis llvne- Sinallwood l.al'ry Curnwvll ,ltbllll Armlirusl llavixl lihlryuv lh-an l'attm-mm lIlARlNE'l'S .l0lt'Ill' Navggvlt' Arncita llarta lfonniv lmuly lluwartl Drum-germ it r Clivryl Kanak Carol ML-lil lim-nji Smith Carol Vickvrs Barbara Annis .ludy Br-mlnasck if V Ellsworth ALTO F-AXOPHONES TENOR SAXOPHONES ,lam-y WK'llllllblil Suv Erway Lnrcvn Rcclvtzkc Tum Warta Patti Hayes Waync Wild Sara McConnell Sandra WCll1ldTSlUg,C S Sliarun Svliiicidvr Sharon Kruger ISAICITUNES Edward Fislilmurn Rnnalrl Svaty Rollancl llirrllvr ll.-XSSES Graviv flilnlcr Jvanniv Tlmrton Ronnie Katzcnmeier, K. Ogburn, D. Urbanck, K. Snowball, D. fiwinncr, C. Reed, J. Sllcridan. Third row: B. Bolil, C. Livingston, D. Fox, A, Long, ll. Patti-rsnn. ll. Burkliardt, R. Novak. E. Fisliliurn, S. SClll1ClClf'T. .l. Sclirncclcr, J. Belt, R. Urbanck, .l. Stcplivn. Scmml nur: if. Katzvnnit-in-r. A. Kurinvk. Ramona Katzvnnicitr l l 1 ll' fl ' ' M'l .l V 1 U1 SCU' I ,xy-lwurrl, D, Barla. .l. Andersen, N. Cwinnvr. First row: P. l. Kanak. ll. lllacklnurn, .l. Walk:-r, J, Svlidltz. ,l, Wcinlmld, 'ann-r. Ca y yriffltt, R. ils, . Lrotlus' , L, . 1 s. '. L1-uly, l'. Hokr. S. Erway. P. Paccy, ll. Dnlccvk. C. Grc-g10l'y. B. Rcnard. L, Woinliold, G. Woodmanscv. . . w .J 1' Q - , ""' 5 WL' la' K .W Qi vb f 4 4 ' 4 "-iK" - .fiifi i ' - as s Tig", . ,- . R .- . ,'is'iP!1'. .sm f -W 'AM'-ww -'x1g:Q2...Q,.4 ..f,,,m,.:s.:m1'.wvM.,m:f'-ff faq, fum? High chool Band 'l'liUNllSONlCS IDHIZNIS l'14lW1lI'll .'xI'lllliI'llSI Vvtvr :Xylwurd D4-rrill 1:WiHllK'l' .lilIlil'Q' Sflllllll R44g4'r Nmxxk KllI'l'Il SUIIIIIIZ .l:'4u14'lIn- Scllrm-414-r lfarnlv I.iNiIlgSI0ll Rulwr! Scllnwm-kvl Hnlmcrtu Gray Rugvr H1'llKll'I' Fr:-mi ,IUIIHNUH llulm- l"41x ,lunly NUXUIIIY 'l'nm Salwyw-r ,lnlm Sxillw' - - .lim Martin IHZIALE I.Jlil'1'll Woyvx' Norma Rmlprg ll4n'A' r4m': N. Hokc, R. llummvl. H. Burmlwvll, A Nam 41 44 .14 4, R B4n4 Nlr. llllvlmlvr. Third row: S. Sln-ridnn. Nl. liulll. J. UL IN W ull I H mc-mr np 44 I 41 NI. l'fIuglm4-l,I. I.. Sclmltz. N. Nnrrix. Sm-411141 mu 4 4 44 lm r .l. Sllvkllll, G. Kim-kvr, S. Iluntvr. J, Xmutm. .l. Pn 4 4 4 ll. Xv4'illllHlll. W. Wild. ,l. lI4mmlk.1. ll. liuryvm-. 4 11 Pl r : ,. .... . ...aa CJ ... ' . 1 E .C X X ,iyg . in tum mul 1'1'llll'I'S llfilllllfl cl:-vulimlal mul rvliffious ullxlhvs. lxnllny llumlvr, vim- pn-siclvzulz Laurel W1-inhuld. ww-tary: Carol IXlllZt'llllll'il'I'. lrvusurvrz Izmir? xlhlllfl. .l1'znnu'll4' nhulrvws. lmrwll livclvlzkv. Sue llmlim- liivlwr, l'UIlIIlIiul'l' vlluirlrls-11. Sponsors are 1 Y-Teens IIN- N - lwn IIIQQQIIIIZQIIIUII IS ll c,llI'lSllLlII urganlzzl- . . . h 'Hn' 1'lll3ilI1't mvmlwrs: .'XllIN'Uii I,m1g:. prvsidvllt: mu. Lens lxulrls. ,lamvy XVPIIIIIHIKI. and Imr- Nlrx. lfxu lfunk mul Mrs. lfsllwr l'Irrf'l1o. f " N- llirl lh-svru-S ilu' first girls' rvligiuus organ- 5,,,,,11,',,g: J4.a,m,,,,,. -,xm1,,.w,- 1l,,,m.n R,.,1,.,,k,.' gm. lg,-W ll :lion lwglilll in l'72f5. 'lllf' ltllswortll group Luis Knhls. Alam-y W1-inhnld. livralrlim- Rn-km-ri brnml: Nl: ,h,m,,,.4j ilu. Wmu, il, X'.'l'f.,.n.4 in 10.10 lfrn-lm. Carol KZllLl'lIlIll'if'l'. ,Xnm-Hu IA-ng, fxulhx llum . I, . . . Laura Wvinhuld. Nlrx, Funk. A L .m.. 1.1 ix Q-.- -in 3- 'tm ' l W Y 25i m-Y 1' , I c. no , ' Q6 C 5 .gfx KL at Ml. CQ .. I it . Sfflll!lfI1,Q'.' llivliaril Dani:-ls. Ronald Svaty. Bob Blackburn. .lim Walk'-r. llogvr Novak. Srulvrl: Mr. Erickson, Raymond Kalzviinn-ivr. lb-rrill llwinna-r. l'4-tor Kylwarcl, Dvlvin HLlJSl', Mr. llalin. H 1,-Y lli-Y is a young nn'n's organization to llftllllilli' Christian fellowship. Tho lli-Y Mmlel lfgislaturv. helsl in 'llopelxa in April. antl thc' lli-Y mlato party are the highlights of tho year. Olficors arf- P010 Aylwarcl. prvsiflcntz llcrrill Cwinnvr, vice president: llaynioncl Katzenmvicr, SCi'l'Plt1l'yl lklvin Haasc. treasurer: and Jim Walker. chaplain. Richard Daniels, Bob Black- burn. Marvin Scllroeclvr, Roger Novak, and Ron- nie Svaty are committee Chairmen. 'l'lw ICHS lli-Y Club was started in the early l,920's by a few boys. Through the years thc Hi-Y has grown lff'Il1CINi0llSlyQ today it is the largest organization in EHS and it is the only organization opvn to all boys. ff' K ' .mimi The 1959 FHA llahinet includes: Diane Fox. president: Carol Holt, vice-presidentg Gwen Woodmansee, secretary: Joyce Panzer. treasurerg Jeanette Schroeder, song leader: Beth Dirk. parliamentariang Joann Hemmann, degree chair- man: Pat Novak, socialg Barbara Patterson, historiang Sharon Hunter. publicityg Myrna Hulse. serviceg Nancy tlwinner. photographer. Mrs. Frank Dodson, the advisor. Mrs. Nlilo Novak and Mrs. Vona Cwinner are the chapter mothers. F.H.A. The FHA colors are red and white. The flower is the red rose: this stands for health. ln FHA. mem- bers may work for a junior. chapter. or state home- makers' degree. The state degree is the most difficult. Pat Novak, Beth Dick, Barbara Patterson. and Diane Fox re- ceived their state degrees at the State Convention at Topeka on March 14. 1959. The local FHA organization was started in 191-8. The cabinet included Frances Sunderland, presidentg Lila Kruger. vice-president: Myrna Graham, secre- tary: Edna Boresky. treasurer: Wanda Ulrich. Betty Urbanek. Delores Kralilc. Miss lean Selhy was the advisor. Mrs. Hochman and Mrs. Crosniek were the chapter mothers. t" ll T ...f.. ...... 'jT'l'jElQ 5 L , M, 74. ..,. K Ex 1 ii lfavlr row: Ruin-rt Vodraska, Ronnie Long, David Noblv, Holland llircller, Ed Armlirust, John Russ. lvan Kanak, Duane Iiartunvk. Tlzirzl row: Duane Rt-dvtzkv. .lun Root, Jim Urlmnek. Carl Husvman, Tom Warm. Allie-rt Vanck, John Urban:-k, Mr. llmmlqill, Sm-,tml rmv: Urxul Ym-ltz. Ilmmlql Sully. Rulnntl tlnmxivk. l.nrim-n Nluyvr. l.luy1l llmvliusku. llc-linux' Knlila ,Iolin Mm-lil, llulc Wvinliulsl. Dt-lvin l,l'll'I'lllLlll. Firsl raw: llnxitl Ktmilt-lt. pmggiulln l'llilil'I!lllIlI .lini Wzirlai, st-ntinvl: liuiiw- llt-Quilt-y,N-1-I-vim-yg lfllgviiv lillI'llIl'l4lt'l', rm'pol'te'r: llvlvin llll1lNl'. tim- lH't'Slllt'lllI linnnia- Sidlly, lI't'klSlll't'l'I Rlfllilltl Mvtfuy, liisturinlig K4-nnvtli Knlils. pn-sitlt-lit. Wiiuivrs lllSlI4lL'l I llllllt' 5lPl'Lllilllt1 4.01111-fl: llnlt- NM-inlm . 0 O frm-Nllniuilg .lun limit, NHlillllIll0l't',Q Runnif- Sixty, .illllllll .lim Wurtu. at-iiinr. lln-sv stutlvnls in Vmutimml .'xgl'il'l1llllI't' liaw u lmusx 1'lllt'lltllll' wlnvli invlutlvs lllllCllillSt7ll lsllil' liamlolpli. Lanul ,luclging Svp. I3-lil - Svp. 22 V ltl w St-p. fill f- Salina. Nlvzlls ,lutlging Uvl. 2-'M l'll't'SllIllllll llairvnt Night 01-t. tim- liulilvr. lA'lltlt'I'Sllll7 S4-howl Uvt. 125 l'illsxm1'tli. County Lamcl Judging Nm' 8-M lfllswurtli. lilistrivt l.aml Judging Nov l'J-- Gl't't'll llantl Clmptvr Initiation Dov. I5-A l'ulvlit' Speaking llinnvr Jain. Zfrw Simpson. Spa-ukiiigzg Cmitvst lw-lv. tif - llvlplms. Pmnllry Contm-st lfcli. 23 - llvringtun. Crops Cuntvst Mar. l-'lf - Clay tit-ntvr. lfarm lVlc-vlmnit-s Mau' 28 lvlllllllllllilll. l,iwslm'li Clllll0Sl Apr. lt! Salina. lluiry Cattle Contvst Apr. 28-29 - lvlilllllllllilll. Statv Cmnt-sts May tl' l"l"fX Part-nt and Sun Banquet , f 1 Buck row: Jolene Naegelc, Janice Johnson, Carol Snowball. Cecil White. Carol Reed. Sharon Farrington, Sharon Hunter, Nancy Wachs. Billie Wright, Joann Hcnunann, Joyce Daniels. Karen Schultz. Jeanette Schroeder, Velma Nienke. Sharon Harper. Lynne Hulse. Second row: Ginger Schneider. Jeannie Thorton. Gracie Ciblcr. Diane Kempe, Barbara Durland, Lois Schultz, Janice Lyne, Kathy llumlcr. Lore-en Redetzke. Ella Fern Nienke. Annetta Long, Myrna llulst-, Karen Allison. Patsy Root. First row: Nancy Eilrich, Nancy llohl. Marjorie Bohl. Jackie Deming, Mary J0 Pflughoc-ft. Carol Katzenmcicr. Barbara Dolecelc, Barbara Bohl. Patty Durland. Judy Belt. Arlene Korinek, Norma Norris. QLXX MAIZINET Swivel: Mrs. Errf-bo, sponsor: l.oreen Heilctzkc. president. Sfllllllliflgf Jeanette SC'lll'Ul'dt'Y'.'B.ll'- barn llolt-wk. liarbara llolll. G.A.A. GAA. Girls' Athletic Association. is a school spon- sored organization. Only girls participating in physical education may join this organization. The girls in the organization participate in many activities such as basketball. volleyball. tennis. and baseball. CAA also serves as a pep organization and helps to create school spirit. Both and "B" Team Cheerleaders. chosen by tryouts. are sponsored by C.-XA and are directed by Mrs. Errebo. GAA sponsor. . ' Q Q QC "E" CLUB-f-Buclf row: Mr. O'Dell, Roger Novak. Richard Daniels. Edward Armbrust, Derrill Cwinner, Jay Buehler, Del- vin Huase. Duane Bormun. Mr. Shanelec. Second row: Gene Parrish. Randy Mills. Ronnie Kutzenmeier, Bob Blackburn, Roger Hoopi-s, Ben Vuupel. Ronnie Svaty. First row: George Gregory. .lim Warta. John Crothusen, Robert Schinoekvl, David Knorr. Pete' Aylward. Larry Sears. .Yot pictured: Bill Norris. E Club "li" CLUB is an honorary athletic organization with membership limited to boys who earn a letter in any sport. This group selects the candidates for Basketball and Football Homecoming. Moms, Night, during Basketball season. and Dads' Night, during Football season. are also sponsored by the "E" CLUB. The initiation of new members every spring is the culmination of the year for all "E" CLUB members. The boys being initiated, the neophytes, endure .a week of initiation, ended by the "E" CLUB picnic. The "E" CLUB, which was founded in 1925, has been linked with the athletic history of Ellsworth High School. CLUB CABINET'-Seaten'.' Nlr. Shanelee, sponsorg David Knorr, vice presidentg Gene Parrish, presidentg and Mr. Hahn. sponsor. Standing: Larry Sears, secretary-treas urer: Mr. O'Dell, sponsor: and Roger Hoopes. initiation captain. ax 0 Jourmllzsm This is the 1958-50 journalism Class. usually rv- ferrecl to as The Beareat Staff. The stuflents in this class write news stories. erlitorials. heafllines. and make up Tlw Bearcat. which comes out once every month. lnsteacl of having a vhief editor. it is lountl much more efficient to have page eclitors. The Bearvat Staff is important in giving the sc-hool good puhlieity ancl in keeping rlear ancl permanent records. The journalism elass was also the hasie staff for wllhe llerilagef' The staff. in many ways. cloes more than its share in school life. T011 rnnm en! Record P1111 " ' Russell W 5 L T Great Bond ll T Mounflrirlge 5 5 Dodge City H ltt Burrton T fi fff-fl Osluornc 5 T Carden City T 3 lllffff lllysses 2 lt? sauna 2:4 0 fff-if Ellinwoocl T l -WFUYWI Derhy 4 'lt llutchinson . T 5 tlisn-ici 4Srerlingt T 3 Svfvml State twichitat 8 o fffllffll n Vuupel. .lay Buvlilef. .lohn Crotlmsz-n. lloh Blilt'lillllI'l1. l'm-ter Rita llrlmm-li. Mrs. Shunclcr. V Q i fI i l JL li i STUDENT COUNCIL-Standing: Roger Scott '62, Clair Schwerdtfeger '61, Norma Rogers '61, Carol Snowball '62, Mr. Parks, Ronnie Svaty '60, Pat Novak '60, Tom Warta '62, Robert Schmoekel '61, Seated: Sharon Schneider '60, Derrill Cwinner '60, Miss Lineback, Ivan Kanak '59, Kathy Dumler '59, Laura Weinhold '59, Not pictured: Bill Norris '59. Ellsworth Hi h School tudent Council The Student Council of EHS was established in the school year of 1950. and was sponsored by Mr. Marvin Ryden. The first president of Stu-Co was Nick Slechta. In 1953, Miss Lineback became a sponsor and in 1957 Mr. Robert Parks became a sponsor. This organization gives the students the opportun- ity to work with the faculty in outlining t.he functions and policies of the school. The cooperation of the Stu-Co members helps build a basis for a better and more democratic school. The Student Council has done many things through- out the years to help the students. As the 1952 El Kan said, "They put out a handbook which is given to all students. It contains valuable information which students might need. The council sponsors dances after both football and basketball games school party." The president of Stu-Co is responsible all the necessary announcements and for programs in assemblies. He is elected by body and the other officers are elected by members. Student Council representatives and an all- for making introducing the student the council are elected by the class members in a class meeting. The president is Ivan Kanak, the vice president is Derrill Gwinner and Kathy Dumler is secretary- treasurer. The seniors and juniors have four representatives from each class. The sophomores and the freshmen have three representatives from each claw. There are now two sponsors, instead of one, as it was in the beginning of the Student Council. , QQ ,A 2? in M. 3 0 4 ' ff W Q? 5' I E 1 W : g 1 U LI gp ' , , .. Q . V Q ' X05 ' 11 'KA' it - - V 1 1? 'W'- V . , 4 ' f ' ! ' VTR - ft g, .-4 A LJ basmgb 4 QQ! ' ,. A 8 'NN W E vu ,J , s o- Q Q if? P P p Q1B, 1B E 7 ,SS if 8 E1 1953 FOOTBALL SQUADfBack row: Ben Vaupel, Alvin Jones, Richard Daniels, Jay Buehler, Derrill Cwinner, Del- vin Haase, Eugene Burmeister, Ronnie Svaty, Max Boston. Second row: Coach Shanelec, Ronnie Katzenmeier, Roger Hoopes, George Gregory, .Ion Root, Bob Blackburn, Larry Quade, Roger Novak, Duane Borman, Kenny Kohls, Keith 1 sw Ogburn. Third row.' Jack Boston, Clair Schwerdlfeger, ,gd , Roger Bender, Tom Warta, Jon Andersen, Mike Novak, ' Q Dave Knorr, Bob Schmoekel, Rudy Rodriguez, Assistant X 4 by Coach O'Dell. Front row: Jim Homolka, John Krier, Roland Crosnick, Dale Weinhold, Harold Holeeek. Larry Kueser, Rolland Bircher, Bob Westerhaus, Rance Headley. K COACH QAIL SHANELEC. left ASSITANT COACH TOM O'DELL, right X is 'ff' do ' "' Top row: Kohls, Buehler, Quade. Bender. Boltom row: Knorr, Svaty, Daniels, Oghum. in Football 1 953 Ellsworth Opponent Ellsworth 6 Lincoln 7 77 0 Ellsworth 0 Lindsborg 7 77 Y,,7, 7719 Ellsworth 7 77 7 7 7 7 6 Hoisington 7 20 Ellsworth 7 . 7 26 Lyons 77 777777 77 77 6 Ellsworth 77777 7 6 Ellinwood 7777 7 Ellsworth 77 7 31 Sterling 7 7 7 7 Ellsworth 7 7 14 Stafford 7 7 7 Ellsworth 7 7 7 32 Claflin 777,777 77.7 7 0 Ellsworth 7 7 26 St. John 6 TEAM CAPTAIN 77777 77777 R oger Hoopes HEAD COACH 7777777..77 77777 G ail Shanelec ASSISTANT COACH .77. .777777 T om O7Dell FRESHIVIAN COACH 7777 7777 R ohert Shields SCOUT 7. . .777..7 77 77.7777777.7 7777 H enry Hahn Top row: Burmcister, Haase, Hoopes, Rodriguez, Katzen- meicr. burn, Bottom row: Vaupel, Gregory, Roger Novak, Black- Cwinner. 'T' L, SENIOR LETTERMEN: Vaupel, Knorr, Kohls, Boehlcr, Haase, Gregory, Hoopcs, Burmeister, Daniels. Bearcats were CPL Champs in 1947. First row: R. Wam- hoff, R. Lawler, G. Prochaska, D. Pflughoeft, W. Trump, W. Stonebraker, R. Walters, W. Droegemeier, A. Svoboda, D. Taylor, R. Holecek, P. Aylward. Second row: Assistant Coach Hahn, Coach Krionderis, A. Brokes, R. Scheidt, B. Maze, R. Larsen, L. Richards, K. Schroeder, T. Foote, D. Pflughoefr, D. Lundy, Mr. Martin, Mr. Phillippi. Third row: Oldehoeft, Hamrick, Dees, Ulrich, Mehl, Kyler, Slechta, Wagner, Wallert, Schultz, Ranker, LaBarr. . ru .:7,1,ww77, ,. , 7 , A 7 77 77 7. .Y V 1,3 Q ,. . L . - .Then .4 -1.f'h- 5 . f g .! V ff -9-92. SITY SQUAD 1959: Richard Dunivls, EIIQVHK' l,LllTiSIl. Emlwurmi Armlmrust. I,.1rry 51-ur-. Dvrrill Gwinnvr, Gr-nr Jry, ,lay ,gll1'hll'I', Rug:-r Hoopvs, Hill Nurri-. Rnlu-rt Sl'llIII4N'kQ'I. Ronald K1llZl'IlIIIt'il'T. J mi, l s.-1 "' ""'n ' fge' 1 Nlxl l mu nlfl Ilnlufk, lfu yvnr- lll'I!lIll'lllll. Kulluml llirvlu-r, Mika l 1 0 ul ll r Il ulvr. llilffj' Qu.ule'. 'llim llgmnirlx. Rolmrl llnrm Q I IX nf Inn Front rnut' HLIQIPIIK' l'urri5l1, Larry Svurs, flmrr 1 1 r 4 1 rml s lvru elxlf r. llill Nnrrif. limmlml hlIlLl'llllll'lt'T. Huge-r llm liulu rl 5 L-.1 XL .7 l. X , K7 X l F x 'Q 2 'fn Fllslrorlll Opponent ll-Ii Llmsc' I5 0 l Su-rling 'if 397 Stafford l-'l 30 Lyons 312 -L5 Vivlorizl l2 30 Llmlslmrg U1 JO ljmlslmrg 12 T3 St. Jlillll 31 52 lflllnmmql 12 3,1 Ftvrllng 12 IT l.im-mln lll lll Sfilffilfll 12 fvl- Lyons -LT .vb ljmlslmrg -1.2 32 lluisinglon 53 Ill St. ,lllllll SL T5 floisuinglmm 51 -ll lfllinwuocl 30 1 . 1 It: 2 I I it 3211 I 1 It l , gi ' 'iii 1 2 i , I it , ,- N wi. I 2+ I f , I I lilll'l'0RlAl. STAFF Buell' rout Ed Armhrust, class president: Phil Root, Richard Voeltz. ,lay Buehlcr, Roger Hoopes. Swonrl roir: lien Vaupt-l. Lynne llulse, liarhara l'att1-rson, ,laney Wcinhold, Pat Root. Carol Katzenincier, Pct:-r Ayl- ward. editor, Front rout Diane Fox, Janet Sheridan, Joyce Panzer. Phyllis Paccy. Sharon Harper. The Heritage Staff PRUNIOTION: Marvin St-lirot-der, sales manager. Seated: Roger Novak. Carol Holt, Myrna Hulse, Mary lloudysln-ll. .ludith Novotny, Connie Fox. ,lohn tlrothuse-n. I i Because our school and our community are rooted in the past we can look with understanding at the present and we can face the future with confidence. From the classes of the past have come those tradi- tions which are part of our school life today. As we go down the halls of the school we see the pictures of those classes-the second and the third generation of students identify themselves with the students who preceded them and who are kinsmen. Of course school was different 80 years ago-or even 30 years ago. So. to give a picture of our school through- out the years. we present glimpses of the school life. the students. the community and we list the alumni. over 2000 of them. who have gone through the halls of this school. Some of them have gone far away. some are still part of our lives here-hut all of them. like us. say with pride, "We are from Ellsworth." PETER AYLWARIJ Editor BEN VAUPEL .4SSOf'l.llfl' Ellilor DARLINE CONVEH .'1lll'tSUl' 1' 9, H " I n n 4 -V ,, Jr. vi . 1 3-I L, 3 . - E .HE-1 ff 11- 'mir' sv - ' 153 ,, ,., V F5111 Jn: ' Y E11 S 'Q .V - ,V Q- L, JI. any - f . 511. 4 ' 'Iii' :Ve ' Hz", ' WE 3 - " RUN, if -ai, . J N v ,V P7 "iii I T - Lt . 4, --1. v., A ,Q-' ,- YJ' , 'f 1r1L 'A "' if Jfgxfn :P ' , wg-' fi V'bH:F3'A- ' 4. 1 ir' :Xu x., up 1 I .I-.1 EV ': 347 -.5 ' . -.'C'.' , 1 4-iw-.'- i A .N nf rv n 1. . ., ,,:,.sALf,4..,.,:-f . "1 u KV, -2'-j"p-1i2q1?,A:fi?'I:5Q3i:?' fi. ,W 1 . , I , s w w 1 1 ,,, 4 w-v X. xx 'f 1 ' f I f w ww 'L 1 ,v 4 41. I V mlgnau ,..1... .-mm. ln R44 1 df TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" I I 4 f -L.. ,I I I -I-' if 'YB' - -.,, I,ulI, " - -ze.. .F , , . ,, , ,,,.-z. if ."' ,wgfcyf FI' . ' 1,2 H .. I5 I gg vw . L Ah ,I 'via' .-1 -1.. J' 1 , 9 . . . ly f"i1:,fv??5 ' 2 . ' l f High ,:Q,"-'1 'ww ': , f- .-2 . 'fi-' A' . - L we M.. - ,. 4, . .I ,I:,, T YT' W , 3, : yi fg I, qv' " Lf - ' .,1:: . -- , 1. 4. I-'H , - 'i -.,'i "'-'fl-," ' 3""-F. '4 , ., , " - , jf53f'7 H, . ,Ik 1..-,Q ,R M51 ,nu - , if -, -1, w. ' js'-YQ: :P , V .fart 5 '- ff: , ,. N355 .gr -- V, K I I I ,, f 3 3-5 , :fy -r LI gm? ' , - ', 3. 'lv ,X f1935EF! F,-.31 - ' 5-Fi'-f ,fi 'f ' ' "V .. " G: ?i"' Sf., 1 - . 1121, " J Q' J mi . 2 me Q, - My' 1 ,' ,,-,NI- I I. 4: I, II 1I ' 411-,, 1 , . , p A , ,W pg iw- - ,- ' ' -f. 3. M . '.-Q., ' 'iw 5? ':1:-F945 I Ii- ,Mhyf I I I II.iI2,5,?5 -' ' W , L11 ' f , ' ""Z1:5-P-' "WL 2- " f .ifa'Qgn1',.-V fvf Ti. ff 'W 3 A fuss I ,, .fat-'53 - vi- , .,,L,,:x:-H x I ,M Q ,if,..1- I-,la--,Ir ,. . - I .J '5 ,,.',' 6 , II I.., , .- ' an 'T' , um . . '- -limi' , - wlf' .I - Qi , ,N 3 .51 gg,lQrNfLf-f?',?!".:'r: f" 'l V --.iff 5' ' 'X:::"' . ,1fa:2im- ,einer v I Ig.,i:5i5,3 .g,,EI .I II iii., .,,,,,:I,. 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Suggestions in the Ellsworth High School - Elkan Yearbook (Ellsworth, KS) collection:

Ellsworth High School - Elkan Yearbook (Ellsworth, KS) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Ellsworth High School - Elkan Yearbook (Ellsworth, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 7

1959, pg 7

Ellsworth High School - Elkan Yearbook (Ellsworth, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 37

1959, pg 37

Ellsworth High School - Elkan Yearbook (Ellsworth, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 20

1959, pg 20

Ellsworth High School - Elkan Yearbook (Ellsworth, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 40

1959, pg 40

Ellsworth High School - Elkan Yearbook (Ellsworth, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 17

1959, pg 17

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