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M mms N581 HLSWUHH4 HEEH EEHUHL N ,f -31 X I 1 QNX ,gil .ofoogr to Board of Education Scott Brinton, President Clifford Dalbey Carl Nelson Ray Thompson Burnice Holt VV. A. Marshman, Secretary L. E. Williams, Treasurer Miss Esther Mansager Sec'y to the Supt. 0 Mr. R. Sup F. Vanclerstoep t. of Schools s u,',., famine X Q ,gm . ,. .. ,. Q-sq y, Q ., ...yn Xe . if 'ci' fu Qfn. Q, , n, ' Hu. .- ,', i . 3 - ' nz' ' ,N 'H' mi ol' 1 . ,nn U' Q U ,s o-,H 6 Q' 'fi MISS AMANDA HANSON Dedication With deep gratitude and sincere appreciation for her many years of teaching and for her eheerfulness and gen- uine kindness and thoughtfulness in so doing, the Seniors of 1947 dedicate this annual to Miss Amanda Hanson. 3 N X Jak 'sf I N . ,f X . - E31 XVe too, consider it a privilege to join the Seniors in paying a special tribute to Miss Amanda Hanson ldris Thorcson Donald Thoreson Duane Danielson Avis Danielson The Junior Class The Sophomore Class The Freshman Class Seventh and Eighth Grade Fifth and Sixth Grade Mrs. Anna Lindehak Third and Fourth Grade Mrs. Virgean Lathrop First and Second Grade Mrs. Amos Thompson Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Vanderstoep Mrs. Ruth Kallcm Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Kline Miss Theresa Holt Eleanor Olson Martha Anderson Esther Mansager Harold F. Miller Ruth Hanson Patricia Olsen Dale Thompson Virgil Twedt XV. M. Ryberg Otto Kalvig Mcrvin Johnson Mrs. Effie Hanson Maxine Kallem Mahelle Twedt Beryle Twedt Norma Knutson Lola Arneson Mrs. Emma Caudle 4 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. M r. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs 0 Dan Knudson Oscar Gorman O. B. Iverson Vernon Peterson Ralph Olsen James Stenberg T. M. Kallem Ole Danielson Steve Amundson Ed Ward Raymond Classon Merle Shade Francis LeMaster Sterling Vold L. E. Williams Pierre Pounds Leonard Lindebak Dwayne Hill Earl Farwell, Sr. Harris Hovda Martin Risetter James Wm. Ryan S. M. Neuenschwander Noah Valde Frank Doyle Jesse Hill Oscar Thoreson Tom Peterson Clifford Dalbey Geo. A. Hanson W. A. Marshman Raymond Metz Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mr. G. C. Rorem and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. . 1 Axel Magnuson Raymond Skartvedt Harold Sogard Orval Peterson Albert Hill Clifford Grund Carroll Kuhfus Clarence Johnson Axel Vold John Gimre Sigvald Holt Glen Clem Lars Tjelta George Johnson Roy Johnson Otto Daniher Ray Skartvedt Leo W. Olson Lyle Espeland George Hemphill Levi Espeland Olaf Berg Ed T. Johnson Willard Johnson Iver Vallem C. R. Anderson Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Naglestad Mrs. Martha Hovda and Maxine Avis and Joan Hovda Earl, Don and Bonnie Farwell Ossie and Bill Hanson X N I X ii A 1 ,SQ ,, s X 1 X I S A ff' Ei Ai bf 4 1:9 Foculiy Front row-Mrs. Accurso, Mr. Kline, Miss Hanson, Mr. Vanclerstoep Csu- perintendentj, Miss Anderson. ' Back roWAMiss Holt, Mrs. Marshman, Miss Olson, Miss Huhn, Mrs. Kline. 6 SENHIHS Class Officers President ...................... Kathryn Sogard Vice President .... ..... 1 Uorothy Johnson Secretary ...... .... G ene Ballantine Treasurer .... Darlene Peterson Sponsor . . . ................. Mr. Kline Motto "Life is a picture, paint it Well" ' Colors Blue and'White Flower American Beauty Rose I R f xx ff Q3 ,J s Xxf Q 1' is , 5 i N Al'II'lUCli Editor-in-Chief .... Assistant Editor.. . Business Manager. . Assistant Managers ..... .... Glass Will ..... Class Prophecy. . . Class History. . .. Snapshots . . . Sports .... Music ...... Calendar .... Grades ..... Sponsor .... Dorothy Johnson Norma Thompson Darlene Peterson Kathryn Sogard Arthur Espeland Norma Thompson Dale Magnuson Darrell Kallem Gene Ballantine Hazel Koop Wallace Caruth Stanley Valcle Bonnie Johnson Max Appelgate Helen Kantak Bill Pomeroy Kenneth Magnuson Gene Ballantine Bill Pomeroy Bonnie Johnson Editors Helen Kantak Hazel Koop Mark F. Kline ,I Q f 4' SX ' f 12,3 S! 6 - 9 Y SX , L ,Zhi X 1 S . I -A233 gf 5 S N f Kathryn Sogard "Kitty" Gloe Cluh--'44, '45, '46, '47 Band-'45 Junior Play-'46 Class Secretary and Treasurer-'44 Class President-'47 Hrlskcthnll-'44, '45, '46, '47 Operettxi-'44 Assistant Business Nlrmzurer Annual-'47 Newsimiifzi' Reporter-'47 X-Ray Reporter-'47 BIRTHDAY-MAY T, 1929 Helen Kantak "Kantak" Junior Play-'46 Glec Cluh-'44, '45, '46, '47 Vocal Solo-'47 Mixed Chorus-'46, '47 Sextette-'46 Cheerleader-'17 BIRTHDAY-APRIL 6, 1930 Dorothy Johnson "Dot" Librarian-'44, '45, '46, '47 Glee Club-'44, '45, '46, '47 Mixed Chorus-'44, '46, '47 Clzuss Vice Preside-nt-'47 Editor of Annual-'47 Cheerleader-'47 Junior Play--'46 O perett 21-' 4 4 Editor of X-Huy-'47 Newspaper Editor-'47 Class Treasurer-'45, '46 BIRTHDAY-SEPTEMBER 10, 1929 Hazel Koop "Koop" Mlxed Chorus-'44, '46, '47 Glee Club-'44, '45, '46, '47 Band-'44, '45, '46, '47 Basketball-'44, '45, '46 Librarian-'45, '47 Junior Play4'4ii O ne rett a-' 4 4 Cecillifms-'46 Senior News Reporter-'47 X-Ray Stuff-'47 BIRTHDAY-OCTOBER 13, 1929 10 Kenneth Magnuson "Gunner" lmszkutlmll--'44. '-15. '46, '47 li1INl'lHIll'-"ll, 'el5. '46. '47 .Iuniur l'l:1yf'-Hi liIR'l'l'lIDAY--MAY 22. 1928 Darrell Kallem "Sunny" linsm-Iuzull--"lil, '-IT 14:wlu-mul:-117411. 'm. '47 .luniur Play--'alll lilR'l'llIDAY--JANUAICY 7.193-I Stanley Valde "Vig" lins0lmllg'fl1. '45, '40, '47 Glow Club-'I-1. '45, '46, '47 Iinnd--'H Mixed Clmorus-f--'11, '46, '17 Junior Play---'46 Hxlskn-th:1ll4'l'l. 'HL "IT lilli'l'HI3AY-'Al'Rll. 4. 19220 Wallace Caruth "Wallace Jlllllfll' l'luy-- 'lli l'l'4'Hi1l1'lxt- 'll liIli'l'll'llAY- -llI'X'l'IMlSl'lli 18. lil!!! ll iN x If I X I, S X- sg? nl 5,5 6. S 1 1 f X 1 NX ,f Edwin Eugene Ballantine "Jess" Mixed Chorus-'46 Junior Play-'46 Bnselsnll-'46, '47 Basketball-'46 1'iI1iTHl'JAY-AUGUST 31. 1929 Ci 1? Max Appelgate Max Band-J4-1, '45, '46, '47 Junior Play-'46 Glee Club-'-14, '45 Base-ball 1Yf!ll12'l.2'0l'i"'l7 BIRTHDAY-JANUARY 17. 1925! William Pomeroy "Bill" Junior Play-'46 Basketball-'45, '46, '47 Baseball-'46, '17 BIRTHDAY-JANUARY 20, 1930 Dale Magnuson "Coke" Basketball-'44, '45, '46, '47 Baseball'-'44, '45, '46, '47 Junior Play-'46 BIRTHDAY--JULY 13. 1929 12 Arthur Espeland "Art" Mixed Chorus--'44, '46, '47 Glce Cluh-'44, '45, '46, '47 Junior Play-'46 lin:-ikvtlmrlll-'44, '45, '46, '47 lim-wlizill--'44, '45, '46, '47 Assistant Business Mnn:ig'or Annual-'47 Roy S' Qu :irtotte-' 4 7 BIIVFHDAY-NOVEMBER 2. 1928 Bonnie Johnson "Johnson" Glen Clllhv-'44, '45, '46, '47 Trio-'44 Mixed Chorus-'44, '46, '47 Sextette-'46 Ruud--'44, '45, '46, '47 State- Music Contest-'46 Music Contest-'45 Vocal Solo-'47 President of Class-'46 Junior Play--'46 OlJC+l'6!tt1l-y 4 4 Music- News Reporter-'47 Vic-v Presidont of Class-'44 X-Ray Reporter-'47 H:iskz-thrill-'44, '45, '46, '47 TiIR'l'HDAY-DECEMBER 18. 1020 Darlene Peterson "Pete" Business Manager of Annual--'47 Hand---'44, '45, '46, '47 Glen- Club-'44, '45, '46, '47 Mixed Chorus-'46 Junior Play--'46 Operottu-'44 Class 'Treasurer-'47 Class Secretary-'46 Basketball-'4bi. '45, '46, '47 Cheerleader-'47 X-Ray Editor--'47 Newspaper Assistant-Editor. '46 Newspaper Editor-'47 BIRTHDAY-NOVEMHER 21. 1930 Norma Thompson "Norm" Glee Club-'44, '45, '46, '47 Mixed Chorus--'41, '46, '47 Sextette-'46 Assistant Editor of Annual-'47 Junior Play-'46 Basketball Manager--'47 Operettn-'4 4 HIRTHDAY-JANUARY 8, 1930 13 km - ff , I is Z f 25 if 4 X xxx X X 1 X 4' E- 1 i gg X. QiCISS iDI'OPi'1eCy The cycles of time had rolled by since the class of 1947 had completed their preliminary courses in dear old E. H. S. Madame Raija, known to us as Helen Kantak, a famous World-wide fortune teller of San Diego, California,, was aroused by a rap at the door. When answering the door an elderly gentleman entered. He seated him- self across the table from her. He told her that his purpose in being there was to locate an old friend of his from Iowa. All of this time Madame Raija had been combining familiar traits and characteristics. "This is Mr. Vanderstoep, my senior superintendent," she said to herself. After having conversed for awhile Madame Raija discovered that the friend was Mr. Kline, her senior sponsor. Looking at her crystal ball she was able to locate Mr. Kline. He was broadcasting the Rose Bowl game from Pasadena, California. He could see Kenneth Magnuson playing football as he was broadcasting the game between Iowa University and U. C. L. A. Suddenly his face beamed with delight as Kenny made a stirring sixty-three-yard dash for a touchdown which won the game for Iowa. Mr. Vanderstoep was very much interested because Kenneth was a graduate of Ellsworth Schools in the year that he was superintendent there. This interest caused him t-o inquire about the other graduates of this class. Madame Raija, in her quiet manner, began to explain what the Ells- worth seniors of '47 were doing. Dale Magnuson, the cartoon artist, was busy in his for his next cartoon in the 'iChicago Daily Sunf, Hazel Koop had completed her course at Capital City lege in Des Moines and was now a secretary to the United Rubber Company at Tampa, Florida. A After a few minutes of concentration she began to studio preparing Commercial Col- president of the speak again. "I sec Max Appelgate and his orchestra tuning up for their nightly perform- ance at the Stork Club in New York. Further west in this continent she saw VVallace Caruth at the Des Moines air port giving his final speech before taking off for his sena- torial position in Washington. Bonnie Johnson has continued with her 4-H work and is now holding the position as a state 4-H leader. 14 Qloss Proplwecy In a large building on Oak Street, in Denver, Colorado, Darrell Kallem walked into his laboratory to begin research on a new disease that was spreading over Cuba and was threatening many lives in the United States. ' While Dorothy Johnson was in high school she cared for children and now had made it her profession because she had opened her day nursery in Walla Walla, Washington. Our Russian Ambassador Eugene Ballantine was in conference with General Stinosky deciding on world peace. . Kathryn Sogard now owned a very exclusive Salon in Hollywood, Cali- fornia. At the present she was giving Jeannie Darnell a latest hair-do. Bill Pomeroy was bidding farewell to his wife before taking off on his transoontinental flight from New York to San Francisco. Arthur Espeland, wi.th his skilled salesmanship, was found in his pri- vate office giving last minute instructions to his associates before they left on their business tour. In the Black Hills, Darlene Peterson was an executive in a large mail order house that was located there. Stanley Valde was approaching his graduation day from Harvard. After receiving his diploma he would begin practicing law in Augusta, Maine. The results of the Kentucky derby were very surprising because an un- known individual had oome down and won the title against all odds. Madame Raija can see Norma Thompson accepting her award and can hear the cheers from the crowd as she rides her horse, Napoleon, off the race track. Madame Raija lifted her head and told Mr. Vanderstoep that she could see no more in her crystal ball. Startled, Mr. Vanderstoep asked, "What had become of the sixteenth member of the class, Helen Kantakf' With a slight chuckle, Helen stood up and walked across to the window and stood looking out for a moment. She then turned and said nonchalantly, "I am Helen Kantakf' From then on time passed very quickly because there were so many enjoyable happenings of the past to discuss. 15 X I ix 51 Qgig f it ff 1 1 Q 45 , .333 Qioss oem The senior class of '17 Are in number five and eleven. Although most of us know not what welll do When we find out weill sec it through. No doubt some will go to college To gain a little extra knowledge About this world we're going to face To make it a stronger and safer place. Mr. Vanderstoep is our superintendent this year In physics and geometry he makes things clear And Miss Huhn our principal dear Has worked with us throughout the year. Now Mr. Kline we like so well To our class he's been so swell Class sponsor and annual too XVithout him weid know not what to do And as for our music the credit goes T-o Mrs. Marshman who always knows The songs to choose for us to sing, For the contest that's held in the spring. And Mrs. Accurso with her patience so rare In bookkeeping no one else could compare And Miss Holt with her winning smile Has helped us in English all the while. Thereis a clever kid whose name is Eugene But we call him 'i.less" just to be mean. And then there's Stanley with his eyes so brown lVe're very proud that he lives in our town. llazel with her ambition and all Will enter college in the fall. And Wallace Caruth who is quite a lad Will do the farming for his dad. 16 Qlass Poem Our basketball games require pep Into this bracket Dorothy and Helen step. We're grateful for the way they take the lead, When the basketball players are lacking speed. Dale has artistic hands we say Lets hope he continues drawing after May. As for his brother who we call Kenny A finer person there isn't any. And Kathryn with her winning ways Was our president during senior days. And Norma, our basketball manager true Who always knew just what to do. And Bill's alertness is at a high rate He's bound to get someplace in a near future date. And Darrell who is growing so tall Will we know him in the fall. Darlene can really play basketball She makes a good guard even though she's not tall. As for Bonnie who's in the swing She likes to play and also sing. Of Max we hardly know what to say He managed baseball in the best way. Last, but not least, we come to Art Ile's always ready to do his part. We'll say farewell-not good-bye To our good old school Ellsworth High May this dwelling continue to bc A place for our posterity. 17 f is f' SX , Q xxf 1 X I ' 1 S ' N-f 1 in if 13 5 5 E 2 I' , A ,435 Class ARTHUR ESPELAND wills his ability to get along with the teachers to Joan Naglestad. DALE MAGNUSON wills his curly hair to Donald Twedt. GENE BALLANTINE wills his wiseoracks to Donald Isvik. MAX APPELGATE wills his height to Betty Berg. BONNIE JOHNSON wills Donnie Twedt t-o Shirley Ward. DARLENE PETERSON leaves her ability to drive a jalopy to Hannah Thompson. DARRELL KALLEM wills his eyebrows to Ruth Twedt. STANLEY VALDE leaves his twinkling brown eyes to Shirley Isvik. KATHRYN SOGARD wills to Shirley Ward her desire to keep her class ring in her own possession. "Experience is the best teacher." NORMA THOMPSON bequeaths her horse, Napoleon, to Mark Kline. "He knows whyf KENNETH MAGNUSON leaves his place on the basketball team to Har- old Zager. BILL POMEROY leaves his excellent flirting ability to Shirley Isvik. WALLACE CARUTH wills his ability to give a speech to Wayne Flyg- stad. DOROTHY JOHNSON bequeaths her shoe skates to Hannah Thompson. HAZEL KOOP leaves her long fingernails to Betty Berg. HELEN KANTAK wills her shyness to .loan Naglestad. In witness whereof We have hereunto set our hand and seal this 23rd day of May, 1947. SENIOR CLASS. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of Mr. Mark F. Kline, Spon- sor of the Senior Class. 18 CICISS Song iTune of "Five Minutes More"J We are leaving you now, As we take our last bow, Though we'd love to remain another year. But the juniors so dear, Will take over next year, And we're sure that we need never fear. U All twelve years we dreamed about our graduation, Now for the problems we must face in our great nation. Though the stairs be many a flight, We will strive to the light, And we hope we will reach our own goal. 19 .Qu I Q 1 Qi! f I Q 4. Class l-lislory There were nineteen already studious students who came to E. H. S. in September in 1935. Naturally, we were all very anxious to begin our "life of learning." Those who began were Stanley Valde, Norma Thompson, Gene Ballantine, Gene Swenson, Richard Staples, Donald Sogard, Frances Olson, Doyle Nelson, Kennie and Dale Magnuson, Darrell Kallem, Bonnie Johnson, Reuben Hinderaker, Donald Freese, Art Espeland, Kenneth Brekke, Dick Brattebo, Betty Berg, Dick Benson. Miss Lauer started us on our learning career. In our second year, Reuben Hinderaker, Donald Frccse and Donald So- gard left, and Pauline NVeaver, Kathryn Sogard, Donald lsvik and Dick Krogstie became new members of our class. Our teacher was now Mil- dred Voga. By the third year we all began to like our teachers and sch-ool. Donald Isvik, Richard Staples, Kenneth Brekke and Betty Berg left us, and Ho- mer Peterson and Don Obe came in. The fourth year we liked even better, although Pauline Weaver, Homer Peterson and Gene Swenson left. We Ulearnedl' this year from Miss Wick. The fifth year we felt "grown upl' going to the second floor of the school house. But we soon got tired of climbing the stairs. Miss Hanson was our teacher. Theola McGonigle joined us and Doyle Nelson left. In the sixth year we felt pretty big. Miss Hanson was again our teacher. This year Dorothy Johnson and Helen Kantak came in. In seventh grade we enjoyed our classes QD. Those who left were Dick Brattebo and Theola McGonigle, while L-ouise Chesling, Donald Holt, Virgil Loux, and Robert Hoverstein became members of our class. Our teacher in the seventh and eighth grades was Mildred Brown. 20 Class History Louise Chesling and Bob Hoverstein left in eighth grade, and Hazel Koop joined us. This was the year when the long awaited eighth grade gradu- ation day came. When entering high school some of us were sorry, because of initia- tion. Anyway, we all survived--but barely! This year we had the big- gest class in high school, with twenty members. New "kids" were Max Appelgate, Wallace Caruth, Theola McGonigle, Bill Gabrielson, Dorothy Gruefe, Darlene Peterson, Leslie Peterson and Bill Pomeroy. This year we lost Dick Krogstie, Dick Benson, Frances Olson, Donald Holt and Gene Ballantine. B In our sophomore year, Dorothy Gruefe and Theola moved, and Bill Schneider came to town. The next year, as juniors, we had our play and the banquet to look for- ward to to encourage us. Virgil, Leslie, and Bill Gabrielson moved away, and Gene Ballantine came back. The name of our play, directed by Miss lluhn, "Everybody's Crazy"--which proved everyone really Was,-and the theme of our banquet was the Gay Nineties. Everyone seemed to en- joy themselves-all during the evening and morning. At the end of our senior year we have sixteen members. They are Max Appelgate, Gene Ballantine, Stanley Valde, Norma Thompson, Wallace Caruth, Kathryn Sogard, Art Espeland, Bill Pomeroy, Bonnie Johnson, Darlene Peterson, Dorothy Johnson, Kenneth Magnuson, Darrell Kallem, Dale Magnuson, Helen Kantak, and Hazel K-oop. We had our pictures taken, skip day, the senior play, and the banquet given to us by the cap- able juniors. Then commencement came and we left our position as seniors for the juniors to fill next year. 21 sf Q ' Es, ' f it 5Ci"IOOi CCliSl'lCiCll' September 2-Fifty-three students and the faculty entered upon the threshold -of another school year. R. F. Vanderstoep and Mrs. Accurso were the new additions to the faculty. September 13-Friday the thirteenth was always known as an unlucky day and proved true for the freshmen. Although lacking in quantity they were exceeding in quality. Six members were fully initiated into high school life. Fun was had by all as we welcomed the Freshmen. September 13-Disappointment came when we played Blairsburg and lost. September 17-Three cheers for the boys who showed Randall they could do it by defeating them on their baseball field. September 21-The baseball sectional tournament was held at Rad- cliffe. VVe played the Blairsburg boys and were defeated. September 24--The alumni proved victorious when they played the high school team. October 1-We played Jewell and won. Nice going, boys! October 4-Played Williams here. Oh, well, someone had to lose. October 8-VVe did it again! Yes, Randall had tio suffer the conse- quences. October 11-At 2:30 P. M., the senior class, Miss Huhn, and Mr. Kline were all awaiting their turn in the photographer's room at Hart's Studio in Ames. ' October 14---The baseball boys journeyed to Stanhope and lost in spite of a hard fight! October 18-V-Jewell was the destination for the baseball boys today. Much to our sorrow they lost, but come on boys, you can do it next time. November 6-The Juniors presented to the public a swell play entitled "The Darling Bratsf, Everyone seemed to enjoy it. November 15-We opened the basketball season by meeting Radcliffe on our floor. True it was, the girls lostg but the boys came out with fly- ing colors. November 20-The VVomen's Study Club organized a carnival in the school auditorium, the purpose of which was to raise funds for a movie projector to be given to the public school. November 26K-Randall came to visit Ellsworth and took home one vic- tory. The girls put up a good fight and were only defeated by a small margin. December 3-R-We traveled to Kamrar and it was the same story. December 4--A band concert was held in the school auditorium under the direction of Mr. Tjerland. December 6--NVilliams visited Ellsworth and their boys were defeated. December 10-The alumni versus the high school girls and they proved to be out of training. 22 5Ci"lOOi Cdieflddl' December 13-We left our rabbit foot at home as the girls were de- feated by Jewell. Our boys won, though. December 17-We played Kamrar here, and our boys again proved their ability. December 20-A Christmas Assembly program was enjoyed by the stu- dents and faculty. Lunch and gift exchanges entered into the festivities. December 20-The tables have turned for the basketball teams as they battled with Blairsburg on our home floor. I January 3-Ellsworth really brought home the bacon by defeating both Roland squads. January 10-Our boys beat Jewell on their floor. Come on girls. January 14-Stanhope came to Ellsworth, but it was proven that their boys should have stayed at home. January 17-It was Williams tonight on their floor. Nice games boys. January 24-Two outstanding games were played at Blairsburg. Our girls did it again. January 30-31-How sad! No school! B-l-i-z-z-a-r-d! February 3-Our .Ir. High and second team boys played Webster City. February 4-Bad weather again prevented us from going to school. February 5-After a hard fight the girls were defeated by Colo in the the Girls' Sectional at Roland. February 7-Still stormy weather! February 14--Another assembly program was held in honor of St. Val- entine's day. February 25-Our B. B. boys along with the enthusiastic crowd beat Gilbert in the sectional tournament held at Jewell. February 27-Another round of the sectionals and Ellsworth again de- feated their opponent, Jordan. . March 1,--Ellsworth was District bound when they defeated Kelley in the last round of the sectional tournament. March 3-A chorus clinic was held at Perry in which a quartet, com- posed of juniors, entered. March 4-Boys lost to Blairsburg in the district tournament at Ames. March 12--Another band concert was presented in which three bands took part: Primary band Cwhich proved comicall, junior band and senior band. The high school vocal department also took part, namely, the mixed chorus and soloists. April 22--We played Randall on their field. April 29-Jewell came to Ellsworth to pay baseball. May 9---Randall boys visit Ellsworth. May 14-Our baseball boys played Jewell there. Special Events-In the early part of May, work on the Senior Play and preparation for skip day were high-lights for the seniors. 23 xx f gs. I of .is Ullltlllltg Miss Doris Huhn Director "Everybody's Crazy" On November 2, 1945, the seniors gave their junior class play, "Every- body's Crazyf' lt was their opportunity to prove they were crazy and everyone passed with flying colors. Miss Huhn directed the play. "You Can't Take It With You" Should a girl who has a slightly insane family keep her hoy-friend away from the house? Alice Sycamore had a houseful of trouble when her fam- ily and her boy-friend's family got together unexpectedly. This hap- pened in the Senior Class Play presented April 25, 1947. Three boys from the sophomore and junior classes were used to complete the cast. T HE CAST Penelope Sycamore .................. ..... ' . . .Darlene Peterson . . . .Dale Magnuson .. . .Helen Kantak . . . .Gene Ballantine . . . .Stanley Valde . . .Donald Twedt .. . .VValIaee Caruth Alice .............. .... I iathryn Sogard Henderson ...... ..... A rthur Espeland . . . . .Billy Pomeroy . . . .Darrell Kallem . . . . .Max Appelgatc Mrs. Kirby ...... .... N orina Thompson . . .Dorothy Johnson Kenneth Magnuson Raymond Danielson George Lawson .Bonnie .lohrson ESSIC ................ . Paul Sycamore . . . Rheba .......... Mr. De Pinna . . . Ed ............... Donald ............ Martin Vanderhof .... Tony Kirby ...... Boris Kolenkhov Mr. Kirby ........ . Olga...p... G-men..f. 24 UI'liOl'S front row-SI1irlvy Ward, Ruth Twcdt. .loan Nuglcstud. Hannah Thomp- mn. im-li row lic-tty livrgi iinsctb. llurolcl Zugcr. XVuyn0 Flygstucl. Miss Iluhn. Ilcmznlcl Twccll. Domllcl lsvik linsm-tl. Class Officers l'r1-siclcnt ...... .. ...llurold Zugvr Vive Prvsiclvnl ............. ,..Shirloy lsvik Sl'l'l'l'I2ll'X :xml VI-l'C'2lSlll'L'I' .... .Immun Nzlglc-stud Sponsor' .................. ...,.. N liss lluhn aj' ...J Xl i fi I Q , 4 S I f X X 1 - f' 9 5OPl"lOI'TlOl'eS Front row-Phyllis Denekas, Bonnie Pomeroy, Elaine Clem, Mavis Eide, Mavis Johnson, Marilyn Daniher, Ruth Berg. Second row-Lars Tjelta, jr., Gene Brinton, .Iunior Appelgate, Robert Hall, Miss Holt Csponsorj, Raymond Danielson, Donald Obe, Peter Johnson. Back row-Orlan Magnuson, Dean Doyle, Phillip Hemphill, Bobby Cau- dle, George Lawson. Left inset-Bill Haleg right inset-Ruby Berg. Class Officers President ................ Marilyn Danihcr Vice President .................... Bill Hale Secretary and Treasurer ......... Mavis Eide 26 l-:TeSl1l'T'l6l'l I.:-ft to right!-Sterling Dahl, l.aVcrne Kuntuk. Mrs. Accurso lsponsorl. liusullv Kullcm. Gull Sogurd. l,f-fl insvt Align-lim' lsvik: right inset-fXVuyne Czlrutli. Class Officers Pre-simlcnl ............,.,...... Gail Sugurcl Vim' Prvsiclcnt ............ ...Sterling Dahl S0l'I'L'l2ll'X :xml 'l'1'v:1sL1l'0l' .... Rosuliv Kzlllom 27 xx! f X 1 N , f ., , A Xxx f I X S A I ii 1 2-,l 5 i sg N. .' ' ,Q Eighth Grocle Front row-Mary Beth Peterson, Rosa Lee Caruth, Delores Pomeroy. Doris Ballantine, Joyce Jacobson, Dorothy Thompson, I.eOna Marsh- man. Back row---VVayne Koop, Harold Hall, Everett Kantak, Miss Olson, Earl Albertson, Stephen Adix, Donivan Norem. Insets Cleft to rightle-lllziry Beth Holt, Norma Skartvedt, Curtis Caruth, JoAnn Peterson. 28 Sevenili GVGJE + ...M-f" 4 il 'Q wa V jg -Q l lim ,-I rout rem'-Illzlrgery Sugarcl, Elaine Jewell, Gloria Tjernugel, Nolu Amunclson. .loam Ward. lim-li ruw4Mielmel Kulifus, Mark Pomeroy, Wendell Cilflltll, Miss Olson. l.zlVerne Curulh. Frzliikliii V2llIlC. lnsets llc-ft to riglill ivMury Lee Blair. Neil Ols 29 g S- I - 5 e ..,- A I I X Xxx K .cgsg Q 5 xi ' 1 E: ,Z if 5 ' w 1 , N T Sixllw Grade Front row-Nina Nelson, Janet Nelson, Beverly Tjernagel, Elinor Hemp hill, Idella Erickson, Darlene Denekas. Back row-Milford Knutson, Harold Heeren, Gary Kennedy, Miss Han son, Duane Ingebritson, Bruce Baker, Russell Nelson. Left inset-Stanley Adixg right inset-Mons Teig, jr. 30 Fifth Grade Front rmvgl,yl0 Cziruth. Virginia liulluntine, Eileen Butler, Ruth Magnu- son, Alicv Ann Dahl, .lunct Rcisottcr, Raymond Tlionlpson. lim-k row-Runulcl llullmcy, Czirmlcl Knutson, Burncll Ilill. Miss Ilunson, .limmiv Vugu, Myrlc Tjeltzl. lim-t AKOIIIIUUH Light. 31 S X 'i - , xy as ' an Q 2 Q 1 ,Him V N I xxx f I X f S . jf, 'iii ? 5 K. F-Ol.1I'lIl"l GFCIAS Front row'-Dickie Hale, Dean lletlancl, Clair Wepel, John Cauclle, Bobby Jewell, Harold Erickson. Buck row--Dick Holt, Gerald Hill, Ann Thompson, Miss Anderson, Lyla Ann Tjernugel, Allyn Sogard, Richard Valcle. Left inset- -Alice lngohritsmmz right inset-Cleln Carutli. 32 -Hwircg Groge lfrmml row-Carol Norcm, Harluml Butlcr, Robert Swenson, Evcrcll Iirickscm, Maris Nubcr, Gary Caruth. Buck row!Murlyn Ingclmritson, Mary 'l'orgcrsnn, AI2lI'Q2lI'Ct Peterson, Miss Anclvrson, Twylzl PUIIICIWDX, Virginia Tlmmpson, lluwzlrcl 'l'orgcrson. usa-ls flvft to righll- -Luis .lean Szltlu-r,Gz11'y Scvcrsun, Duvicl Tcig,.lz1nct Cr mlvs. 33 fl SX Z Q f X I Q I ff' ?l?2,y bf XX Z X ' X! 1 ax , 2,1 C 4 SX Q g. J V L, 1 CCOl'lC.i Grade Front row'Cleo Torgerson, Marcia Eckstein, Betty Kent, Carole Inge- britson, Rosalyn Adix. Back rowf-Eddie Caruth, Raymond Sogarrl, Lee Swenson, Mrs. Kline lVayne Dalhey, Clair Rierson. Left inset-Dean Ubben: right inset--Ronald Kennedy. 34 l:irsl Grocle l mnt :my Ki-nm-tI1 Noi'0m..lz1niQ0 llill. Nancy .lohnson, Patricia Ligh fil'I 1l'X'1l 'llUl'Lfl'l'SOIl, l.ll2llll14' linutscm, Leon Curr. I, wk rmx' 'CI'2llQ.f llill. Clary Sogzlril. liilly Kent, Mrs. Kline. Hunulrl Ali- rcns, lIl1zu'lvs lim-kstcill. SMS Cui . . ,.. , . . llcll to righll fhlilton Nclson. Ilizmm- Dzmlclsun, Ronin Ima lcllv. 35 I X1 ' I L x Qx fa' 5 i 4, .fil l x xl g 1 1 X SX . 1' 6 S? 4 h ' Xi o unior Boslqetlaou Front row---Rosalie Cnruth, Dorothy Thompson, Doris Ballantine, .Ioyr-e Jacobson, Nolu Amundson, Joan Ward. Back row---Margery Sogard, Elaine Jewell, Miss Olson, Letlna Marshman, Delores Pomeroy, Beth Peterson. Not in pic-ture-I-Mary Beth Holt. Norma Skurtvedt, JoAnn Peterson, Rosalie Kullem. Front row'-Franklin Vulde, Mark Pomeroy, Everett Kzlutuk, Earl Albertson, Mic-liziel Kuh- fus. Back row----Wuyne Koop, Stanley Adix, Wendell Caruth, Mr. Kline. l.aVe-rue Varuth. Harold Hall. Not in picture- 'Curtis Caruth. Neil Olsen. Wayne Caruth, G21ilS0gard. Lu- Verne Kantak, Sterling Dahl. 36 Ci1S6FiSGCi6rS Pictured ahove from left to right, are three of this year's team of five l'Iil'-lJISPENSI-IRS, Dorothy Johnson, Dean Doyle and llelen Kantak. The other members of the team are Hill llale and Darlene Peterson. Always on hand to give their all, at pep-meetings, and at games, their endeavors were greatly appreciated, and did much toward the success of our activities. W- lil I I X: 3 L X NX . f4' 12.3 Q? , e . e X .fd w X 1 S f4' Q ' ,' f ASQ. MHLHIEE Mark F. Kline Coach 38 Boys Bcislcetlnoll Front row -I larold Zager, Bill Pomeroy, Darrell Kallem, George Lawson, Urlan Magnuson, Gail Sogarcl. llack row Mr. Kline Ceoaehl, Raymond Danielson, Stanley Valcle, Dale Magnuson lt-aptainl, Arthur Iispelancl, Kenneth Magnuson, Phillip llemphill. llonalrl 'llweclt tmanagi erl. Season's Record lillsworth Opponents IS ......... llamlc'lil'l'e ......... 16 23 .... . . llacleliffe . , .... 24 20 .... llanclall ....lil Jil .... ... liamrar ... .... 25 29 .... .. lVllll2lIllS .. .... 21 35 .... ... Jewell .., . . . .26 52 .... ..... l ianirar . . . .... 25 23 .... .... I ilairshurg .... .... I 39 112 .... ... Roland ... ....ISS 511 .... Jewell ....2l -10 .,.. .. Stanhope .. H29 39 Ellsworth Opponents 27 ......... XVllliams ......... 13 37 .... .... I Slairshurg .... .... 4 3 26 .... ... Alumni ... ....24 39 ..... ... Randall ... ....2SJ 36 ......... Stanhope ......... 37 24 .... Co. Tourn., Stanhope .... 26 51 ..... See. Tourn., Gilbert ..... 30 60 ..... Sec. Tourn., .lorclan ..... 2-1 67 ..... See. Tourn., Kelley ..... -16 2sl. . .lDist. Tourn., Blairshurg. . .217 VVon .... 15 Lost .... 6 f I K1 X f Q f if i - K S 1 rip ' f ?3 5 .A 4 X Boys Boslieilbclll Pictured on the opposite page are the twelve letter-winners for the 1946- 1947 season. Seniors, who have played their final game for Ellsworth lligh School are: Arthur Espeland, forward, Kenny Magnuson, center, Stanley Valde, guardg Captain Dale Magnuson, guardg Bill Pomeroy, centerg and Darrell Kallem, guard. Art, Kenny, Stanley and Dale, along with Raymond Danielson and Phil Hemphill, both sophomores, who aternated at a forward position, were our regulars. The other letter-winners, all of whom saw much action during the sea- son, were Orlan Magnuson, guardg George Lawson, guard, both sopho- mores: Harold Zager, forward, a junior, and Gail Sogard, forward, a freshman. These men, along with Robert Hall, Gene Brinton and Bobby Candle, will provide Ellsworth with the makings of another strong team to uphold our past record for good, clean competition. Stanley, with 161 points, led the team in scoring for the season: followed hy Kenny, with 154: Art, 143: Dale, with 116: Phil, 743 and Raymond, 58. This even distribution of scoring is good evidence of team play. All of the hoys were more concerned over the team's welfare than their own glory. The hoys reached their peak during the Sectional tournament at Jewell when they swamped their opponents with a barrage of points, a result of aggrcssiveness and eo-operation. 41 Xxx I I N I. in f X!! X N -5 eg f iv' 1 w- -znlgl f AQWUEPQ wr ' wwf 'Qw- f,l E 3 If WWNWVN X 1 . 5 I xl . ff wx ff' ig, 5 f A i fHH, yf H X N , Xxx ' 1' gr! 5 Z gg f Girls Bclsiietinon Front row --Kathryn Sogard. Shirley Ward. Ruth Twedt, Ronnie .lohnson. Ronnie Pomeroy. Ram-k row Miss Eleanor Olson leoaehl. Phyllis Denekas, Shirley Isvik. Rosalie Kallem, Elaine Clem, Norma Thompson fmanagerl. Not in picture-Darlene Peterson, Betty Rerg, Doris MeGonigle. Season's Record lillsworth Opponents Ill .......... Randall .......... 551 26 ......... Stanhope . . . .... 38 33 ..... ..... C Iolo ... .... 57 ll .... ... Radcliffe ... ....RO 26 ..... ... Radcliffe ... ....M 32 .... .... I Randall .... .... I 38 25, . . .... Kamrar .... .... - lil H .... ... Williams ... ....RS .yi 1 t -. .... ... Jewell ... ...-ll Ellsworth Opponents 20 .......... Kamrar .......... 39 31 .....,... Rlairsburg ......... 29 29 .... . . Roland .... ..... 2 7 13 .... .lewell .....28 Sl .... ... Stanhope ... .... 35 Ill .... Williams .....46 23 ......... Rlairshurg ......... 19 Ill ........... .lewell ........... 40 Won .... 3 Lost .... 14 X I S ff 3 f f 1 MISS ELEANOR OLSON Coach Girls Bosiietboil Pictured on the opposite page are the ten members of the girls squad who won letters this year. Playing at forward were Bonnie Johnson, Ruth Twedt and Betty Berg, ably assisted by substitutes Elaine Clem and Shirley Isvik. Holding down the guard posts were Kathryn Sogard, Shirley Ward and Darlene Peterson, whose substitutes were Phyllis Denekas and Bonnie Pomeroy. The other members of the travelling squad, who didn't see enough ac- tion to win their letters, were Rosalie Kallem, a forward, and Doris Mc- Gonigle, guard, who left us before the end of the season. VVC lose, by graduation this year, Kathryn Sogard, Bonnie Johnson and Darlene Peterson. Returning for next year's team are Betty Berg, Ruth Twedt, Shirley Ward and Shirley Isvik, juniors: Elaine Clem, Bonnie Pomeroy, Phyllis Denekas, sophomores, and Rosalie Kallem, freshman. These girls, along with Hannah Thompson, Mavis Eide, Mavis Johnson, the Berg twins, Ruby and Ruth, will form the nucleus for the team, with several promising candidates from the eighth grade. Betty Berg led the forwards in scoring, collecting a total of 217 points, following by Bonnie Johnson, with 104 points, and Ruth Twedt, with 82 points. 47 K 1' Ex ' f fi x 1 3 Jil I 5,1 ....1il....Ng we-1---Q . Bcselmll f I I Rx X' if ' T523 5 i if J ' .Q ' X Front row-Raymond Danielson, ss.: Stanley Valde, p.: Dale Magnuson lf.g Arthur Espeland, 3b.3 Kenneth Magnuson, e.: Darrell Kallem, rf. Back row-lVIr. Kline, coach: Gene Brinton, 211.3 Gene Ballantine, cf.g Phillip Ilemphill, 1h.g Gail Sogard, ss. Not in pieturedMax Appelgate, manager. The boys had a fair season last fall, winning three and losing six games. The ten players who saw much action were: Danielson, ss: Espeland, 3113 K. Magnuson, eg Ballantine, efg Valde, DI D. lVIag.inuson, lf: Kallem, rf' v llemphill, llig Brinton, 2lJ3 and Zager, infield. Fall Scores Ellsworth Opponents 0 ......... Blairsburg ......... 4 7 .......... Randall .......... 6 0 .... .... B lairsliurg ......... 10 14 .... ... Alumni .... .... . 18 8 .... .... J ewell 5 2 .... Williams .....20 13 .... ... Randall .... ..... 1 2 4 .... .... S tanhope . . . . . . 5 2 ........... Jewell 5 The batting averages are as follows: Danielson, .2763 K. Magnuson, .393g Espeland, .2861 Valde, .2333 Ballan- tine, .242g D. Magnuson, .2223 O. Magnuson, .500g Kallem, .0843 Brinton, .0951 Zager, .1251 Hemphill, .077. 49 xlx ff N 5 X f 134.1 5 2 S? 4 , 5, X Girls Giee Front row--Dorothy Johnson, Kathryn Sogard, Shirley XVard, Mrs. XV. A. Marshman, director, Joan Naglestad, Ronnie Johnson. Second rowehlavis Johnson, Hazel Koop, Hannah Thompson, Phyllis Denekas, Norma Thompson, Marilyn Daniher. Back rowwHelen Kantak, Ruth Rerg, Rosalie Kallem, Elaine Clem, Shir- ley Isvik, Ruth Twedt. Not in picture-Betty Berg, Ruby Berg, Angeline Isvik. USlC As in previous years, the music department, under the capable director- ship of Mrs. Arvene Marshman, was quite active. The musical groups formed were the girls, glee club and the mixed chorus. A mixed quartet composed of juniors-Ruth Twedt, Shirley Is- vik., Donald lsvik and Donald Twedt-was formed to attend the music clinic at Perry, Iowa, on March The boys, quartet-Donald Isvik, Don- ald Twcdt, Raymond Danielson and George Lawson---sang at the Father- Son banquet this spring. 50 Mixed Chorus X ff iii f Front roweliathryn Sogard, Shirley Ward, Helen Kantak, Shirley Isvik, Joan Naglestad. Bonnie Johnson, Ruth Twedt. Second row-Dorothy Johnson, Mavis Johnson, Hazel Koop, Hannah Thompson, Phyllis Denekas, Norma Thompson, Marilyn Daniher, Rosalie Kallem, Elaine Clem. Back row-Ruth Berg, Donald Twedt, George Lawson, Phillip Hemphill, Raymond Danielson, Gail Sogard, Sterling Dahl, Mrs. Marshman, di- rector. Not in picturee-Ruby Berg, Betty Berg, Angeline lsvik, Bill Hale, Donald Isvik. On March 28, 1947, E. H. S. was represented at the music contest at Iowa Falls by seven vocalists and the mixed chorus. However, we failed to come home with any ratings. Credit must also be given to our accompanist, Joan Naglestad, who has more than done her part in playing for the musical groups, as well as all soloists. Christmas Program Procession, "O Come All Ye Faithfulv Songs .................................. ...... F irst and Second grades "This Night" ...................................................... . . . . . . .Third and Fourth grade group and High School Mixed Chorus "Toy Shop" ................................... Third and Fourth grades "Christmas Bells" ............ ........... G irls Glee Club "The Lost Star" ............... ............ Q irade school "O Little Town of Bethlehem" "As Lately We Watchedu ....... ...... . lunior High Sextette "Joy to the Worldn "Come Into My Heart" ...... .... I iigh School Mixed Chorus Recessional, "Silent Night" 51 'sf N ,- X , - E31 .4aJS., Band The band, with approximately twenty-five members, is under the di- rection of Reginald N. Kjerland. The band did not appear at the music contest, but was represented by two soloists, Phyllis Denekas and Max Appelgate. Phyllis received a Division II rating on her clarinet solo. The band has presented two concerts, those being the Winter and the Pre-contest concerts. The members of the senior band are as follows: Cornets-Harold Za- ger, LeOna Marshman, Mary Beth Holt, Bill Hale, Rosa Lee Caruth, Mi- chael Kuhfusg clarinets-Phyllis Denekas, Darlene Denekas, Milford Knutson, tromboneswDonald Twedt, Raymond Danielson: French horn -Wayne Caruthg Saxaphones-Dorothy Thompson, Max Appelgateg bari- tone-Bonnie Johnson, drums-Hazel Koop and Joyce Jacobson. Those in the junior band are: Cornets-Junior Teig, Burnell Hill, Ron- ald Dalbeyg clarinets-Bruce Baker, Nina Nelson, Darlene Denekas, Bev- erly Tjernagelg French horn-Margery Sogardg saxaphones--Beth Peter- son, Sterling Dahl, Earl Albertson, Curtis Caruthg drums-JoAnn Peter- son, Doris Ballantine, Delores Pomeroy, baritone-Joyce Jacobson. Due to illness, there were no band pictures taken. The Pre-contest concert was given on March 12, 1947, at 8:00 p. m., in the High School gym. This consisted of both vocal, directed by Mrs. Marshman, and instrumental numbers under the direction of Mr. Kjerland. Pre-Contest Concert Rhythm Band ................................. First and Second grades Vocal solos .............. Elaine Clem, Shirley Isvik, Helen Kantak, Bonnie Johnson, Donald Isvik, Raymond Danielson, Donald Twedt "Homing," "Go Down Moses" ............................. Mixed Chorus ... . . . .Junior Band . . . .Michael Kuhfus . . . . . . .Bruce Baker . . . .Darlene Denekas Tenor saxaphone solo .... ....... lv lax Appelgate Marches ................... Trumpet solo .... Clarinet solo .......... Clarinet solo ............. Cornet solo ............. ..................... .... L e Ona Marshman Clarinet solo .......................................... Phyllis Denekas "Empire Builder" March, "Moonlight and Roses," "The Silver Talis- man" Overture ........................................ Senior Band 52 James Stenherg Custodian Well known, :incl likecl hy all the students ol' Ellsworth, is lllr. Stenlierg. Ile keeps us warm in winter, and tries to keep us eool during the spring and full. Ilis position is very essential to the school system and we are happy to in- elucle him among us. XVe hope he is with us for many years to eome. 53 I fl it 1 L wx I 4 5 Sf x qxf I X I Sr 'f E543 2 5 X. Dfmiewfz PE f,Ef?.soN DAm?Ell KAIIEN HEIEN TAA! KAN DME MAQNUSON Shaw 7 Bofvrvfi JbHNSoN VA U15 Espatazvoqoegoe YA xv H RX 49X so wwf? . R 1596 go 5-1 A-ppE.LGATE CARINH W MAX VVAHACE U 9 V , puma' S'poNSoR, ' nie 1400 MR. KLINE. ' KAW sz xii? ASOGVR DOWWZ 5,,HN50 v N N X Q mx! N , f I K1 xl I 5 ex 4 5 1 I A, X 4 S 'xv I km Z L 1 X N . f4' 5 Six X X A ! L' 1-5' 2 E: X if , , S 4 E Q EhS "x i m ANNAANEINE Kgfwy 2fflfi101!?bA2?.J KIWI! Qmf WJ IZ 0 ,xif2f1?24fJ ZZQ47 THE ELLSWORTI-I NEWS Geo. A. HANSON, EDITOR THIS ANNUAL WAS PAINHZN IN HLSWUNTH NY TNA NEWS Good Luck h EONARD LINDEBAK Class of 4 Stock Buyer FARWELL'S SU R S ELLSWORTH, IOWA MERLE SHADE Refrigeration Service PHILCO Radios and Refrigerators Telephone 127 - Ellsworth, Iowa L. V. WESSEL Building Contractor Ellsworth, Iowa V. H. Wehrheim Commission Firm Auctions Every Wednesday and Saturday Webster City, Iowa BRIN'S FURNITURE Complete Home Furnishers Telephone 4413 Webster City, Iowa Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF 1947 STAR LAUNDRY Dry Cleaners Webster City, Iowa BEST WISHES WEBSTER and ISIS THEATERS Webster City, Iowa J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Webster City, Iowa HANS MEIN DERS STATION D-X Gas 760 Motor Oil Jewell, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 Ellsworth Mutual Telephone Assn. Ellsworth, Iowa Speedy Chores RALPH DRAPER John Deere Farm Equipment Tractolube Oil Goodyear Tires Telephone 11, Jewell, Iowa SKARTVEDT PRODUCE Poultry and Eggs Telephone 8 Ellsworth Sales Service FORD MATHISON-SAWYER CO. General Repairing Phone 21 Jewell, Iowa FRANCIS REISETTER D-X Motor Oils and Greases D-X Tankwagon Service Ellsworth, Iowa SEED CORN i' Scott M. Brinton ,,,3 .e.,,,5,., COL. B. J. Scott E. wg- mm :"zh2'1a'h. '- Iowa's Midwest Auctioneer ' 'ff Livestock, Machinery and Ellsworth, Iowa ' S' Household Sales Phone-Ellsworth 11-57-Collect SUPER-VALU FOOD STORES RUSHING'S JEWELL, IOWA Congratulations Class of 19-17 PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION "Molly" Knutson A Jewell, Iowa HAROLD LATHROP MEATS GROCERIES - FRUITS ELLSWORTH 1 OUTSIDE PAINTING Interior Decorating - Floor Sanding PIERRE POUNDS Ellsworth, Iowa Congratulations, Class of 1947 HI-WAY GARAGE Ernie Carnell Ellsworth, Iowa DR. J. B. HARRIS Dental Surgeon Jewell, Iowa PURCELL'S GIFTS NOTIONS li EADY-TC D-W EAR Jewell, Iowa HOTEL COFFEE SHOP Jewell, Iowa Meals. Lunches, Candies, Ice Cream Chicken Dinners Sunday 0400" CAFE 2-1-HOUR-DAY SERVICE Jewell, Iowa R. A. FORSLUND LUMBER CO. Complete Building Service Phone 5 Jewell, Iowa PETERSON SERVICE Blacksmithing and Electric Welding Orval Peterson, Proprietor Phone 140, Ellsworth MERLIN E. WILLIAMS InsurancewBonds American Legion Building Jewell, Iowa O'CONNOR CAFE .lust a Good Place to Eat Jewell, Iowa DR. L. M. JACOBSON Dentist X-Ray Equipment Jewell, Iowa Phone 24 Will you he sending your boy or girl to college. MAKE IT CERTAIN with a Northwestern National Life's Child's Educational Endowment Policy. GUS AASLAND, Agent, JEWELL Anderson Bros. Seed 8: Feed Store Seeds, Feeds, Plants, Potatoes Fertilizer, Grinding and Mixing Story City, Iowa A. MCDONALD "The Friendly Pharmacyi' Jewell Prescription Service Day or Night Phone 23 Res. 61W M. H. PORTER Diamonds, Jewelry, Kodaks Silverware, Cut Glass C. 81 N. IV. VVatch Inspector Jewell, Iowa GERALD O. BLAKE Attorney Jewell, Iowa A. G. FORNEY DRUGS Prescriptions and General Drug Service Jewell, Iowa DAVIS STANDARD STATION Standard Oil Products Your Past Patronage Apprcciated: Y-our Future Will Be! F. G. Davis Jewell, Iowa IVERSON 8: SON HATCHERY Husky Baby Chicks Feeds Poultry Supplies Jewell, Iowa Phone 14 , N Wliere Prices Are Low ' On Foods You Know . 8 fe. rv Penny Saver Grocery .4 R4 , , L in lkk LJ"W1I Jewell, Iowa STARKEY 81 KNUTSON CLOTHIERS' -M TELEPHONE 56 "Make Our Store Your Store" Story City, Iowa C. A. HEISE, JR., M. D. Jewell, Iowa ANDERSON GARAGE General Auto and Tractor Repair Ellsworth JEWELL HEATING 8: PLUMBING John R. Reese, Manager Phone 147 CARROLL KUHFUS OIL CO. Mobilgas Products For Farm and Home Carroll Kuhfus, Station Donald Hovda, Tankwagon C. A. JOHNSON Livestock Buying and Trucking Ellsworth, Iowa Congratulations to the Seniors from THE FREEMAN-JOURNAL 'Hamilton Countyis Home Newspaper in Webster City OSWALD DANIELSON Corn Shelling Local and Long Distance Hauling Phone SF4, Jewell, Iowa HART SCHAF F N ER 8: MARX Stetson Hats, Arrow Shirts Webster City Frank Clerff-Verne Lubbers Graduation Clothes Our Specialty FOR INSURANCE AND TAX WORK SEE JAMES WM. RYAN Ellsworth, Iowa W. H. THORESON CA RGILL REPRESENTATIVE Turkey Service Ellsworth, Iowa "lt's Il Pleasure to Serve You" Dalbey's Service Station Dealer in GOOIJYEAR 8: FIRESTONE TIRES D-X GAS PONTIAC AUTOMOBILES Clifford F. Dalbey Ellsworth Royal 400 Super Service General Repair Work GAS, GREASE, OIL, TIRES KAISER-FRAZIER Automobiles Phone 29 Jewell, Iowa YOU CAN DO BETTER at Charlson's Clothes Shop Story City, Iowa The Best Dressers in the XVorld are Wearing Our Clothes. DO YOU? Idse Jewelry Store Story City, Iowa SINCE 1883 ALWAYS THE FINEST VALUES IN DIAMONDS-WATCHES .IEXVELRY AND GIFTS CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to THE CLASS OF 1947 Central States Electric Co CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF '47 HART STUDIO Ames, Iowa CLOTHING AND SHOES FOR MEN AND BOYS QUEENSLAND'S JEWELL, IOWA THE STRAND THEATER ENTERTAINMENT AT ITS BEST JEWELL, IOWA MERL R. TERHUNE FURNITURE FUNERAL SERVICE Jewell, Iowa Phone 42 Funeral Home 109 DALBEY LUMBER CO. Dealers in Lumber, Building Material Cement, Paint, Glass Woven Wire, Fencing Posts and Poles, Hardware E. L. Hanes, Mgr. FARMERS PRODUCE Levi Espeland, Prop. POULTRY EGGS CREAM Ellsworth, Iowa Phone 74 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '47 MILLER'S CAFE HARRIS and BOBBIE, Proprietors Ellsworth, Iowa Meals - Lunches - Candies Ice Cream-Cigars CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Klip 'n' Kurl Beauty Shop BERYLE TWEDT Prop. Phone 31 Ellsworth, Iowa It's a foregone conclusion that only those things, in the line of workmanship and materials that are of P the best can be had at i Kuhl's Co-op Service Clarence R. Kuhl Leo Lindeback ELLSWORTH, IOWA ,ax FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE CO. GRAIN W- SEED - FEED COAL we FENCE -M TILE Petroleum Products Propane Gas and Gas Accessories RAY METZ, Mgr. Phone 6 Ellsworth CENTRAL CO-OPERATIVE TURKEY PRODUCERS O. W. DANIHER, Manager Ellsworth, Iowa BURNICE P. HOLT CO-OP Tankwagon Delivery Service GAS OIL GREASES Ellsworth We Have Installed a CORN DRYER, AN OAT ROLLER AND A CORN CRACKER We aim to operate the most up-to-date elevator and feed plant in the state. TRY US! POTGETER GRAIN COMPANY ELLSWORTH, IOWA "HAMILTON COUNTY- The Blackest Soil and the Whitest People on Earth" WE CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1947 THE FAIRMON-T CREAMERY COMPANY WEBSTER CITY, IOWA Phone 200 We Handle the TOP Lines of Merchandise McCormick-Deering Implements International Trucks General Electric Appliances Firestone Tires Plymouth and Chrysler Cars "The Complete Farm Store" May Equipment Company Jewell Phone 6 Radcliffe Phone 66 "Flowers for Every Occasion" TEMPLER GREENHOUSE JEWELL Congratulations To the Live-wire Young Folks of ELLSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL Who are publishing this HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL 0 O O 'O O O O O O We invite live-Wire Farmers to advertise LIVESTOCK and FARM SALES IN "The Jewell Record" BEST wlsHEs We Extend to the . CLASSOF47 Best Wlshes to the THORESON HARDWARE C I 3 S S 0 f 1 9 4 7 Plumbing A A Hardware H g E' 'App' 'FARMERS STATE Bottle Gas Service BANK E I I s w 0 r t h ELLSWORTH JEWELL Phone 1 js , W ilglfwif UN 1 ,E 0 01' K ef' ef' :AIlfAOZfJ 6016! J066! gf mn iff, ,Zum xf X 1 S A J f x QW 13 glzffvrf After many long and happy hours of Work, We have completed the Annual of 1947. We Wish to thank those who have helped in any Way to make this annual a success. We are especially grateful to Joy Hanson for the time and fine co-operation he has given us. We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as We have enjoyed compiling it. THE STAFF. 70 nfffegwlf XXX! X N f S Aw I 5 4 1,33-xx f ix!! X I Q ' f' is 1 Su 5 2' E 7 S ' 9 Wllhyifflfigf 5 , ,K h xy Q' , ,nw -. , .- ,qf ,o vw ,vu x., 1, --. +,- . . ,M .X A ,xA '.1,. N51 J -V fm 3

Suggestions in the Ellsworth High School - Eagle Yearbook (Ellsworth, IA) collection:

Ellsworth High School - Eagle Yearbook (Ellsworth, IA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Ellsworth High School - Eagle Yearbook (Ellsworth, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Ellsworth High School - Eagle Yearbook (Ellsworth, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 71

1947, pg 71

Ellsworth High School - Eagle Yearbook (Ellsworth, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 13

1947, pg 13

Ellsworth High School - Eagle Yearbook (Ellsworth, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 16

1947, pg 16

Ellsworth High School - Eagle Yearbook (Ellsworth, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 17

1947, pg 17

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