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Ellis Technical High School - Eagles Yearbook (Danielson, CT) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1983 volume:

ELLIS TECH 83 Danielson, CT MATTHEW CLANCY IT is wiTh great pride and deep appreciation that we dedicate this yearbook To Mr. Mahhew Clancy, our class odvisor. Capable and efficient, yet sympathetic and understanding, proud of out successes and Tolerant of our failures . . . he has attained a lasting place in our hearts and memories. We, The class of 1983, wish Mr. Clancy continued happiness and success in all his fuTure endeavors. ACULTY Administration ArThur Quimby Director Richard Cheney AssisTonT Director George Agosfo Aircraft Mechanics Raymond Bolick Machine - Tool Edward Boronski Aircraft Mechanics Gerard Cionars Social STudies Matthew Clancy Moth! DepT. Head William Desoulniers Carpentry Raymond Erskine Corpen'rry Edward Esborn Mechanical Droffing John Filpulo Guidance Counselor Maureen Y. Fish Media Specialist Pondely GiTy Machine Tool Poul Grondelski Masonry John Haskell Social Studies - English Charles Heidelberger Physical Education Joseph Jankof Machine - Tool Michael Kowol Electrical RuTh Twomey Moth Science Michael Lojeunesse Moth Donald Lopoin're Science Lawrence Leboeuf Blueprint Reading Jill MocDiormid Physical Education 1 2;, g! 33 k gaggps,. a. e :x 9,7 , ix; , t , 3:33: :33: .3 g? Richard A. Moilloux AdminisfrcTive Service Officer 1 Dennis MeTeII Electrical Donald Morrissey AuTo Mechanics Ralph Orleck Special Educofion Patricio Pcpini Reading Mitchell Pietros Guidance Counselor STephonie Przelomiec Nurse Toni Ritchie Hairdressing PeTer Serofin Architectural Droffing William Simmons Aircraft Mechanics Theodore Smith English Wilfred STreb Electronics Scott Temple Social Studies John West Aircraft Mechanics Helena Wifkowski Hairdressing Jean Wierzbinski Special EduccTion Eileen Taylor Special Education Clerical Staff Virginia Moumouris Joanne Jolly Elizabeth Omerod Linda Brodeur Georgiana Gcmmordello Eva Lomondy Joan Hon Virginia Thomas Veronique MoThurin Arlene Renaud Custodial Staf q H - V; , Kenneth Hiscock Raymond Jolly Daniel Hicks Howard Ingrohom Fred Nelson Donald Nelson 1'1 jReoch uT, 'reocl'f' i ; mas. . .1 did ypu dd . spagwti?" '14 o wax Nil; ,' 9V6: Vi. 1'" Qx' f ' 1 5. z , v' Fleshe, Sec. Vic Cruz, Vice pres; Grenier, Pres. Class Favorites Color - Blue Flower Yellow Rose Song - "Stairway to Heaven" Senior All Junior - Craig Giguere Day of The week Friday Date - Graduation Day Time - 2:20 Teacher - Mr. Haskell Subject - Gym SponL - Soccer Food - Pizza Drink - Beer Cor - 55 Chevy CLASS OFFICERS .u Debbie Tondreou, Treos.; Mandy Lo- Anne Animal Dog Movie Rocky III T.V. show Benny Hill Show Actor - Clint Eastwood Actress Loni Anderson Commercial - Coke commercial Post Time - Partying Radio sToTion - 107 WAAF Cronk it up!" Group - Journey Album - Journey Esc0pe" Mole vocalist - Bob Seoger Female vocalist - POT Benofor Mole commedion Richard Pryor Female commedion Carol Burnett 15 GETTING TO KNOW US . . . Our nicknames ombiTions, sayings, and our gifTs To you. Fronk Abreu FriTTer To make a IoT of money and To be wiTh freinds whom I can laugh wiThr Dovid Bernhow Crash Flower To IiTTIe Bipie I leave The hassles known as school, Ed BorTnikowski Fred, BorT To be successful in my Trade, and I'd like To ploy fooTboII for The NY GionTs. TiYou Think so." To KeiTh Pigeon I leave my weighT IifTing seT. Kevin Bergeron Kev To marry Deb Tondreou in May, 1984. "Live your life Todoy because you may noT be here Tomorrows" To Rodney Young I leave my boskeTboIl TolenT. Alicio BenoiT Lee To geT The mosT ouT of life. Tilf you love someone, show iT." lleove Mr. PieTros and Mr. SmiTh my dim- ples. STeph BIoncheTTe STeffie, STuff, Peoch To be successful as a Mechanical DrofT- sperson, To Travel, and To spoil myself roTTen. "Following The crowd can lead no- where." "A good friend is one you dare To be yourseif wiTh" Urey To anyone who con fill a size 9M, I leave on exTro pair of my HGoodie-Too shoes". Jim Bodo Pig former, Bozo Be 0 body builder. "No problem." Brod Bonin Bod Brod To be 0 independenT Trucker. "I am noT conceiTed because concei- Tedness is a foulT and I have no fauITsf' I leave all my obsenTee noTes To The of- fice. Susan Booker Jacuzzi To Tome Tim Ferris and To become 0 model. HIT you love someThing, seT iT free. If H comes back To you, H is yours If H doesn'T, iT never was" I leave Miss WiTkowski a clipping of my hair. Michael Brodley Mikie To be The besT mechanic oroundr iiOh, noili I leave Mr. Morrissey all The brake jobs he scheduied for me To do. Emile V. BreouIT III One eyed Iove bondiT, To own my own ouTomoTive repair shop. HYou burnT iT." All The pens and pencils I IosT, I leave To whoever finds Them. Morc Briere Frenchy To own my own business. "Live and leT live." Tracy Brown To make my cor We 0 beTTer show car. "You wonT To run Them?" To Mr Esborn, I leave my parking sTick- er. Thomos Campbell Tombo To be successful in owning by own busi- ness IiJusT like you read obouT." I leave my inTelligence To Rodney Young. William S. CoThcorT ScoTT To do everyThing mm is possible and succeed oT iT. iiAIwoys believe in Murphy's Law." I leave all my broken angles To Mr. Sero- fin. Kelly Chouvin Midge To make The mosT ouT of my life. I leave Miss WiTkowski and Mrs. Ric my spIiT ends. Dove Chenoil Dove To be rich and make my dreams co True. iiReolly Iove your peaches, won shake your Tree." I leave The school, Koren Cholewo To become 0 professional hoirdress and make The mosT ouT of my life. I leave all The good Times I had befo school. WiIIiom CIork Bill To be a sToTe Trooper. TIA penny saved is o penny eorned. Robert E. Colli Bob To be successful in corpenTryr iiHow's iT going?" I leave all my memories To The gorbo- can in The Iov. RoberT Coombs RoberTo, Roc To have 0 car before I graduate. HGo for iT." Jeff Corey Corky To have my own garage and Ieo more in mechanics. iil'm jusT TesTing yo," I leave This place willingly. Mark A. CoTe CoTe To be 0 eIecTricoI engineer, To ploy The N.B.A., and hold a world record The SquoT. ITIT's as simple as ThoTK' I leave my defensive player of The ye Trophy To my broTher Cloy. VicTor Cruz Vic To accomplish whoT I have seT ouT ConIT'on p. i William Clark Masonry Likes: Guns, cars, traveling Dislikes: Barking dogs John Dziengiel Carpentry Likes: Fast ccrs-n-women, rock-n-roll. lunch Dislikes: Economics, 'rrig Kelly Chouvin Jeff Winslow Hairdressing Tool 8 Die Likes: Mr. Temple, music Likes: School spons Dislikes: English, study, snotty people Dislikes: Homework, Tests John Williams, Jr. Brod Davis Aufo Aufo Likes: Shop, motorcycles UkGSI Forming Dislikes: Classes, homework, Mondays, Dislikes: Homework, dumb ?GGChefS rainy days '17 Kevin Bergeron Debra Tondreau Frank Abreu Machine h Tool Architectural Drafting Carpentry Likes: Being wiih Deb Tondreou Likes: Being with Kevin Bergeron Likes: Rock n' Roll, Dallas Cowboys Dislikes: Not being with Deb, liars Dislikes: People who Think They know Dislikes: Freezing weather, wise freshme everythin Tiwfptk math Dole Dumas Mark A. Cote Victor M. Cruz Auto Electrical i Carpentry Likes: Nice cars, girls in fight Calvins Likes: Girls, sports, sleeping eating Likes: Playing guitar, martial arts Dislikes: Spot checks on 52, shoving weight lifting Dislikes: School wise guys DISllkil-LSTeworkfi SNV jfzzuuuh WWW Jr KW OX 53 . WM WW I M04 I i I W w Wwvgj ugh $$$in 48 him 59mg gawk? m WWEIQ Ed Mursko Mechanical Drafting Likes: Sandy, my truck, the beach Dislikes: A t1 P, Pin heads, homework Woody James Machine - Tool Likes: Mustangs! music, Michelob Dislikes: Police, hangovers Sandy Romonek Beoufy Culfure Likes: Ed, my white dog, woferskiing, summer Dislikes: Being lofe, being bored, exagerofers Henry J. Plan're Carpentry Likes: Sports 8 Dotsuns Dislikes: Losing, broken ankles Mark Scepanski Mechanical Drafting Likes: Sports, animals Dislikes: Homework, work Kerry Lambert Mechanical Drafting Likes: Elaine, cars, music Dislikes: Having no money, Monday mornings 49 Chris Gamble Lorry Gollsneider Likes: Skiing, B J.S kegs Dislikes: Snow Likes: Geffing out early on Fridays. girls Dislikes: English Richard A. Moilloux Machine Likes: Beer, Fridays, motorcycles Dislikes: Mondays, homework. brown nosers Gary R. Lehoux Architecfurol Drafting Likes: Cars, sports, shop Dislikes: Homework, classes Likes: Getting The most out of life Dislikes: Hitting buses Peter Poulin Electrical Likes: Rock 'n Roll Q; 52 hristopher J. Ramos orpenTry ikes: Parties 01 the beach, Kowasaki's, omen, beer Dislikes: DFC's, related, homework ohn Miller lecfronics ikes: Atari, going home after school, ock, punk, funk Dislikes: Teachers, Intellvision, country 8 esTern Tom Campbell Carpentry Likes: Cars, Donna Dislikes: English Jeff Corey Auto Likes: Motorcycles, shop, partying Dislikes: Homework, classes 8 Monday Brion Kallio Ccrpenfry Likes: Cars, parties Dislikes: Relomd Robert Dix Corpemry Likes: Parties, women, Pink Floyd, 8 The beach Dislikes: Rednecks, homework, and D.F.C. 2'1 . KeiTh A. Dawley Sidney E. Wing Roberf OTTO Carpentry EIecTronics Machine Tool Likes: Lunch, break, getting out early on Likes: Science, TFOCk: US- Army Friday Dislikes: Thick books, boring classes Dislikes: Physics X Edward A. Bartinkowski Stephanie BloncheTfe Lorry Kullo Electronics Mechanical Drafting Electrical Likes: 4 + 4, Likes: Soccer, drawing, music Likes: Sports, girls, money sports, shop, peaches Dislikes: Snobs, rainy days Dislikes: Warning notices in gym Dislikes: Cows, classes, school lunch 0.xe Allen L. Pigeon Mechanical Drafting Likes: My job, money, Rock 'n Roll Dislikes: English! homework, Mondays Brian K. Winslow Architectural Drafting Likes: Sporfs Soccer, baseball; movies, being out of The house, girls Dislikes: Soap operas, economics class Janice Lee Plourde Electronics Likes: Photography, The beach, men Dislikes: Homework, rainy days, spring snow storms Edward ST. Onge Machine Tool Likes: Music, Rock 'n Roll, jam sessions Dislikes: Aufhorify, social restrictions Likes: Art, music, photography Dislikes: School, conceitm We Troy Tefreoul'r Machine Tool Likes: Sports, skiing, girls Dislikes: Homework, tests 23 James Loliberfe Marcus C. Jones Roger Lyon Architectural Drafting Tool 8c Die Machine - Tool Likes: 4 wheeling, baseball, swimming, Likes: Obtaining a Trade, sporTs music Dislikes: Not enough good looking girls, Dislikes: Tomatoes, cafeteria food bod locker room Marc Briere Scott S. Phillips Tom Lawrence Automotive Machine - Tool Carpentry Likes: Girls, fasf corS, a cold brew Likes: Truth, honesty, bicycling, sports, Likes: Horses, girls, Ford pickup Trucks Dislikes: Homework. a wise oss, good friends Dislikes: Rainy days, Chevys, Mondays assemblies Dislikes: Unfoirness. laziness, broken bicycles AI Menard Dawn Pace Trocy Brown A 656 Machine - Tool Hairdressing Electrical Likes: Barbara, partying, my Truck, Likes: Weekends, parties, Led Zepplin Likes: Cars, motorcycles, money r Corvettes, Michelob Dislikes: School Dislikes: Homework, English getting COMM! Dislikes: 9096 of school, police, work on caught weekends Wayne Lincoln Karen Cholewc Jimmy Glennon Machine - Tool Hairdressing 8K Cosmetology Carpentry Likes: Wild woman, Chevy trucks, Likes: Roses, retreats, and a good time LikGS: Driving, sports, girls Michelob Dislikes: Being bored sI fwo-foced Dislikesr English. science, homework Dislikes: When Al 8t Woody don' T skip people SChOOl gm? COMM WMM db Dona Suggs Rich Mockin John Soler Automotive AuTomoTive K Machine Tool Likes: Mory, fast cars Likes: Nancy, my car, p x , Likes: Summer, women DislikeS: Weekdays during school Dislikes: Classes, rul s Dislikes: Underclossmen Mike GauThier Eddie Eckard Bob Young Automotive Carpentry Automotive Likes: Fast bikes, food, women! 8K '58 Likes: Tommy Spear, bikes, Gibson SG Likes: Women 8 fast cars Chevy Apache 34 Dislikes: Pointing Dislikes: Homework 2k Mondays Dislikes: Homework, school, speed limits Brion Rondeou Traci Elliott Gory Douphinais Carpentry Architectural Drafting MOSOWY "I get by wifh a little help from my Likes: Music, sports, Mustangs Likes: Fast bikes. Touring, keg parties, friends." Dislikes: Snobs, English Budweiser, skiing Dislikes: Homework, Miller Beer Mark E. Foisey Mandy LoFleshe Wayne Simonecu Jr. Tool ER Die Mechanical Drafting Carpentry Likes: Motorcycles, Fridays, work Likes: Billy 81 weekends Likes: Having a good Time 8 bfs of fun K Dislikes: Smu'rs, work Dislikes: Some teachers 27 Jeffrey R. Roy Carpentry Likes: Baseball, football Dislikes: Having any test on Fri. Jim Skrzypczok Carpentry Likes: Beer, guns, women Dislikes: Homework Sandro Pelkey CosmeTology Likes: Close friends, The sec, Jesus, 2:20 Dislikes: Physics, prejudice Fred WebsTer Carpentry Likes: Cars Mark Munger Machine Likes: Pizza, MusTongs Dislikes: Mondays, school Gerard Fontoine Machine - Tool Likes: PorTies, Fridays, long weekends, summer vacation Dislikes: Rainy days, Mondays, The strict rules of Ellis Tech. Bryan L. DeFosse Dove Bernklow Keith Pion Electronics Electronics Electronics Likes: Kimberley, cars, music Likes: Early morning parking lot, 80.0., Likes: Michelle, rock music, Chevys Dislikes: Homework, people doing the my '72 Chevy Dislikes: Homework! speed limit! 3 0; r Dislikes: Homework, Monday morning Kevin A, Rumrill Toni Generous Marc James Schrofh Ccrpenfry Hairdressing 0 Cosmetology ArchiTecTurcl Drafting Likes: Fords, loud music, cold beer, Likes: Guys, Fridays of 4:28 Likes: Fast cars, gym, rock 8: roll good Times Dislikes: Mon. - Thurs. 8:00-2:20 Dislikes: Homework, cafeteria food Dislikes: School rules Dave Chenoil Brod Bonin Dove Morris Tool ER Die Masonry Aufomofive Likes: A good Time, fast bikes, dusters, Likes: Going out with friends, Chevy 4 + Likes: Parties, Denny, Vans Tunes 4, motorcross Dislikes: Homework Dislikes: Slow speed IimiTs Dislikes: Ugly women, homework, Pabst blue ribbon Mike Bradley Chris Morkis Emile V. Breault Ill Automotive Hairdressing 8 Cosmetology Carpentry Likes: Baseball, cars Likes: Roy, partying, playing guitar Likes: Moforcydes, friends Dislikes: Chess, fights Dislikes: Mondays, snobs, being bored Dislikes: Certain teacher, homework Bob Colli Carpentry Richard M. Dawson Carpentry Likes: Money to spend 8 friends to be with Dislikes: English 8 short weekends Brenda Pellerin Hairdressing Likes: Swimming. biking 8 hiking Di likes: School 8 homework Alicia BenoiT dew Hairdressing 8 Cosmetology Likes: Blue eyes, f0 watch snow fall. quiet places Dislikes: Rainy days, conceited people, Mondays Dennis Thomas Mechanical Drafting Likes: Brenda, moforcycles, parties, the beach Dislikes: Underclassmen, homework, rednecks Guy FrecheHe Carpentry Likes: Bodybuilding, bicycling Dislikes: Homework Patrick A. King Electrical Debra A. Morrisseffe BeouTy Culture Anne Grenier Electronics Brenda Robichaud Beauty Culture W. Scott Cafhcarf Archifecfurd Drafting Mike Messier Auto Roy Mitchell Elecfricol Warren B. Solvos Robert A. Coombs Susan E. Booker Tool 8 Die Carpentry ArchiTecturol Drafting 32 YEARBOOK STAFF Row 1 T Sandy Romonek, STephonie BloncheTTe, Ann Grenier, Janice Plourde, Richard Dawson Row 2 T STeve Gosselin, Chris Morkis, Tracy EllioTT, Debbie Tondreou, Kevin Bergeron, Amanda Lofleshe, Sue Booker Editor Pi; STephanie Blancheffe Advisor Maureen Fish We, The cioss of 1983, Take This opporTuniTy To express our sincere opprecioTion To Miss Maureen Fish, odvisor To The yearbook sToff. A firm hand and efficienT manner are indispensable To a person who has This responsibiliTy. We have found These essenTiol quoliTies in Miss Fish. We are groTeful for her Time and guidance, wiThouT which This yearbook would noT have become a realiTy. GETTING THE JOB DONE Dawn 8 Barbara - HC Troy - Moch-Tool Bob . Auto Brenda 8 Corinna - HC 1 Ed - Electronics 8 Traci - Arch. Draft. John - Carpentry Woody - Moch-Tooi Bob - Carpentry John M. - Electronics 2 Dave 8 Dona Auto Tracy - Electrical Kerry 8 Ed - Mechanical Drafting Marcus - Machine Bill - Masonry David ti Ed Electronics POT - Electrical James Machine Jim Architectural Draft. Pete - EleCTricol This page was sponsored by Wauregan Package Store Wauregan, CT 06387 SENIOR Class Pests Tallest Down 8 Dennis Most Tclkafive , MY Ann 8L Mark Changed Most Sandy 8 Ed Nicesf Eyes Brenda 8 Allen Chris 8t Gory Class Athletes Best Looking Sfeph 8 Ed Nices'r Personality Traci 8 Jeff Toni 8L Vic Deb 8L Jim 38 SUPERLATIVES Quie'resf Nicesf Hair Most Likely To Succeed : Chris 1k t Dove Class Daydreomers STeph 8L Ed Shortest Kelly 8 Bill Class Flirts Sandy 84 Peter Class Couple Down 2i Brod Toni 8 Rich Best Dressed W Most Courteous Sandy 8k Vic Deb 8L Mark Francis Aubin Doug Borreffe Robert Cofan Dennis Courfemanche J. Doyker Peter Ducof Frank Durinick S. Heckmon Kevin Hoyt Ken Julian Micheal Lopes Joy Lyman Clifford Mc. Clellan Kevin Mozzarella Daniel Navarro Edward Podzinski Jeffrey Polliff Robert Rice Steven Sontangelo Jeff Skorcdovski Scott Slonski Dave Tronior Steve Wolinski Keith Woliver 40 Seniors P-G s This page was sponsored by Loring Studios Warwick, Ri. HHHHHI J ; erclassmen Class Officers Judy Boron Chris Bellovonce William Bentley Chris Berord David Breoult Rene Breoulf Chris Byrne Susan Campbell Harold Charbonnecu Terry Chcuvin 42 Donna Allard Thomas Allyn Lisa Armstrong JUNIORS UWBSV'M m. w o autumn a -waummw w Todd Chouvin Jock Chesonek Kevin Chiros Mark Cloufier Wendy Yaworski Scoff Corey Rod Corriveou Marc Cournoyer Clayton Cote Donald Dauphinois Richard Dexter Michelle Dcuphinois Jon Donovan Cherie Dufresne Daniel Duquetfe Deon Fensley Laura Fernandes Joy Freyer Jeff Godue Lynn Goffney Raymond Gcgne Chris Gognon Allie Gamble Charles Gerrish Craig Giguere Lorry Groh Kenneth Hones David Harris Michael Hill Bruce Huber Mark Jolkanen James Joneczek Victor Johnson Brod Kettle Randy King David Korzeniewski Kim Krupula Ronnie Kuszewski Norman Lobbe Michael LoBonTe Lee LoFlomme Scott Lamironde 43 Ernest Lehoux Nancy Lukin George Moerkle Robert May Jeff Mills David Moody David Morrissefte Peter Newth Jamie Normandin Michael O'Connor PeTer Ouellefte William Pace Michael Peckham Sharon Rovenelle Down Raymond David Riggs Charles Roberts Wayne Robfoy Roxanne Rojeski Michael Rouillard Raymond Sanfor Bill Soboleski Chris Sherman Brion Simmons Glenn Smith Chris Sfearns Mike Sweet David TeTreaulT Mark Theroux Poul Thibaulf Mork Thivierge Sandro Tourfellof're Virginia Trudeau Mike Tyler Mike Violette Mark Walker Robert Webster Ralph Wells Frank Whiteley Steve Winslow Mark Wilson Scott Wozniak Sophomores Class Officers K. Laflomme, Treas. C. Cribby, Sec. D. ST. Onge, V Pres. B. Dexter, Pres. David Bellisle Arthur Benwoy Tina BiTgood James Berry Poul Bloke Tina Bleau Kevin Bley Micheal Blonigen Tina Brisson Tina Buskey Jonell Carpenfer Charles Carroll Timothy Clark Kenny Clements Jeffrey Clendenen Patrick Cline Mark Collelo Mark Comtois Raymond Coombs Colleen Cribby Glen Curtis Kathi Curtis John Davis Deon Demers 45 Bruce DexTer Gino DiBonavenTuro Tino Doiron Bruce Dumais Michelle Durand Brenda Dyer Dole Fifield SCOTT ForTin Benjamin Franklin Robert Freifos George Godue Michael Giguere Heofh Gingros William Glennon Timothy Gluck Gregory Godzik Joseph Gould James Green Q Jeffrey Greene Nancy Greenman Koren Heath Barbara Hefu Daniel Higgins Phillip Houle Kathleen Hughes Melinda Hunt Michael Jenny David Jolley Kenneth Kirk Michael King Kevin Kosaczko Dennis LoBelle Robert LoBonTe Michael LoChonce Kurt Loflomme Laurie Lomironde Duane LaRose Lionel Lovollee Sondra Lozarou James Lee George Lewis Kenneth Long 46 Peter Moerkel Thomas Main PoTrick Morkowifz SCOTT Mason Steven Merchant Cassie Mercure STeven Michoud Riley Moore TimoThy Morrorty Rebecco Miller Michael Murowski Kimberly Nobozny Debra Neff Michael Nowosodko David Pepin Corinna Perry Keith Pigeon Michael Provost David Romsdell Glen Rovenelle Michael Reenstro Joseph Rickey Michael Robillord Ernest Robitaille Jeffrey Sabourin Clarence ST. Jean Donald ST. Onge Darrin Schmeelk Poul Sevcik Tamara Singer Lisa SmiTh Brian Smurro Gordin Spink Timothy Sfeorns Michael Sullivan Arfhur Syriac Phillip Therrien William Wade Todd Wilcox Poul Wolinski Calvin Young Rodney Young Freshman Class Officers B LcComforo, Tres: B. Hart, Vice Pres: K. Ander- son, Pres; D. Sanchez, Sec; Mark Accomozzo John Alexander Kristen Anderson James Bockofen Jerry Bollard Ed Borbecu Scott Bcribeoulf Holly Belknop Mark Benord David Benoit Donald Benoit Jeff Benoit Darren Bergeron Michelle Bionchi Eric Bissonnef're Jill Blonchette Tim Bollinger John Bonneau Debbie Boulef Joseph Briere Scott Burton Jeff Clark Dennis Coufu Casey Cyr Jeff Dohl Chris Donielson SCOTT Douphinois Chris Davis Joey Wojciechowski Ellen Wolchesky Melissa Wozniak Lee Yoworski Edward Zaforski Chris Zurowski Mike Zurowski 48 Jeffrey Deloge Chris Przelomiec Doug Duorfe Rich Duponf Dean Robinson Scott Defocy Chris Dyer Mark Elliot Corrine Farrell Lisa FonTcine Michael Franklin Eric Frecheffe Mark Frechef'fe Christina Godue Terence Gill Robbie Gray Carlton Greene Claudette Guerfin Brenda Hort Bill Houser Ronald Howe William Hryzan David Joxheimer Katrina King David Krull Neal Kuszewski David Lobossiere Robert Lobossiere Rebecco LoComforo Rick Laflesh Mark Lomonmgne Deon Laporle Shannon LeClerc Scott Lewis David LeiTe John McCommos Peter Litchfield Donnie Mogill William Moilloux Mott Morriotf Jeff Mortinelli Fred Micholski 49 50 Tim Miller Charles Moffiff David Moron John Normingfon Alan Poquetfe Jeff Patterson Steve Pepin Laura Perry John Pesccfello Bert Phillips Kennefh Racine SCOTT Reynolds Mark Roberge Todd Robfoy Brenda Rodio Kimberly Rojeski Melliso Rosich Desi Sanchez Jeff Souvogeou Edmund Schorilii Carl Sceponski Robert Schorlock Erin Seney Kathy Sheffield STephen Sherman Stephen Sleboda Gary Smith Richard Sposh Robert Spielvogel Kimberly Spink Anthony Sychevsky Barbara Tucker Trccy VonFloffern Joseph Verroneouh Dole Voyles Martin Wojer Mark Weaver Gloria White Roger Williams Chrisfine Winkler SCOTT Winslow Michael Wilson mm : wuur L ,0 .0 3 C s vH LU t uh... a A m mum: at u l!!! m W swam. mum". ACTIVITIESAND SPGRTS CROSS COUNTRY Ellis 20 - Woodstock 35 Ellis 15 4 Wheeler 48 Ellis 15 - Tourfelloffe 48 Ellis 26 - Marion Hill 29 Ellis '16 - Pu'rnom 47 Ellis 45 - Plainfield 50 Ellis 48 - Norwich Tech 40 Ellis 45 - Lyman 44 Ellis 24 - Prince Tech 34 Ellis '15 - Griswold 49 Ellis '15 - Cheney Tech 48 Ellis 16 - Vinol Tech 48 Ellis Tech beat WoodsTock in The QVC Championship meet 245-255. Ellis Tech ended The season in WVC 1-45. Overall season was 1-49. 54 Row 'I - B. DeFosse, W. James, M. Cote, J. Winslow, L. Kullo Row 2 - Coach Temple, J. Souvogeou, G Rovenelle, S. Winslow, T. Gardner, C. Bryne. 3. Burton, R. Wells, R. Sposh, N. Lobbe Row 3 - M. Hill, M. Elliott K. Lafbmme, R. Coombs, M. Walker, 5. Winslow, Coach Larson, Missing: B. Winslow 56 Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis 58 46- 53- 49- 498 50- 53- 30- 48- 48- 54- 538 618 b8- 628 6'1- 68- 65- 54- 62- 54- Hole Roy Boy Path Lyman Lyman Boy Path Woodsfock Putnam Ploinfield Marion Hill TourTelo'r're Parish Hill Morionopolis Woodstock Putnam Plainfield Marion Hill TourTeloTTe Parish Hill Morianopolis Hale Roy BASKETBALL 4O 45 62 78 54 44 86 64 49 7'1 65 68 4'1 98 84 89 58 45 81 37 Roxanne Rojeski, Down Raymond, Nancy Lukin, Michelle Douphincis, Brenda Rodio, Tina Brisson Mark A. Cote Kevin Bergeron holds holds school record for school record for rebounds - 444 Total points 8 815 Varsity Team m mukvvmuwwwv. , , L L L '9 A x . . Row 4 J. Winslow, V. Cruz, D. Dumas, S. Souvogeou, H. Planfe, M. Elliot Row 2 Coach Paul, M. Cote, D. Fensley, C. Cote, M. Cournoyer, R. Young, K. Bergeron JV Team Row 1 T. Gardner, T. Gill, E. Bissonnefte, D. Benoit S. Souvogeou, Coach Grochmol Row 2 H. Gingros, M. Elliott, R. Coombs, B. Sherlock, D. Mogill Row 3 - J. Sobourin, S. ForTin, G. RoveneIle. M. Nowosadko, D. Bellisle 59 Girls Basketball Nov. 30 Ellis Windham Tech Dec. 6 Ellis 33 Windham Tech. 36 Dec. 9 Ellis 24 Tourielloiie 32 Dec. 44 Ellis 20 Cheney Tech. 27 Dec. 22 Ellis 40 Woodstock 27 Jon. 4 Ellis 34 Porish Hill 29 Jon. M Ellis 29 Cheney Tech. 22 Jan. 42 Ellis 31 Parish Hill 27 Jan. 'I7 Ellis 43 Woodstock 39 Jan. 27 Ellis 29 Tourielloiie 36 Senior player Sandy Romonek Row 1 - Elaine MacDonald, Desiree Sanchez, Jill MocDiarmid; Coach Row 2 2 Debbie Neff, Colleen Cribby, Gloria White Row 3 - Kristen Anderson, Kim Rojeski, Joy Freyer, Tina Doiron 62 GOVERNORS YOUTH ACTION COMMITTEE The Governor's Youth Action Committee is in iTs first year 0T Ellis. lTs purpose is To make valuable conTribuTions To society and improve The school's image. For example, in December, the committee sponsored a canned food drive for The needy. Over 600 cons of food were collected and distributed all over Northeastern Connecticut. Row 4 - Sfephcnie Blanche'ne, Sharon Rovenelle, Row 2 B OY S , STATE - Mark Cote, Troy Thetreaun, Roberf Colli g. a cum iW-Nn-Ill Ellis Tech had Two representatives To Boys' State in June of 4982. They were Troy Thefreoulf and Edward ST. Onge. 64 7 Officers STUDENT COUNCIL Mark Cote, Pres; Traci Elliot, Sec: Debbie Tondreou, Treos.: Brion Winslow, Vice Pres. rsh Row 'I - Brod Bonin, Stephanie Bloncheffe. Bruce Dexter, Brenda HorT, Chris Anderson, Melissa Rosich Row 2 - Brenda Pellerin, Traci Elliot Brion Rondeou, Debbie Tondreou, Brion Winslow, Mark Cote, Clay Cote, Mark Deloge Row 3 - William Cofhcorf, Rebecco Miller, Wendy Yoworski, Anne Grenierl Edward St. Onge, Richard Mockin, Dennis Courtemonche, Scott Slonski, Scott Winslow, Mark Walker 65 ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Kevin Bergeron, Debbie Tondreau, Sharon Ravenelle, Stephanie Blanchetfe, Mark Benord PHOTO CLUB Row 1 - Laura Fernandes, Sec; Down Pace, Treos.; Sandy Romonek, Vice Pres; Janice Plourde, Pres. Row 2 Steve Gosselin, Gloria White, Rob May, Ed Mursko, Michael Jenny 66 SKI CLUB munuw IL lktl. Iiml. ac!!! Officers m mm " e Roxanne Rojeski, Pres.; , aegmm? 4-: ' a . , Stephanie BlancheTTe, Sec.; 2:: at t 1 . 1; ' . Sondra Romonek, Treos.; Wm? em'?" $ " , Chris Gamble, Vice Pres. E13: Mass me u SW1? 60:! $312? There over 150 members in The Ski Club. The Ski Club goes skiing once a week and on 0 weekend ski Trip in February To New Hampshire. 67 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1 - Bruce Huber, Daniel DuqueTTe, Michael O'Connor Row 2 - Mark Walker, Wendy chorski, Christopher Gcgnon, Michael LaBonTe Row 3 e Stephanie Blonchetfe, Treos.; Troy Thetreault, Vice Pres.; Sondra Pelkey, Sec; Edward ST. Onge, Pres.; Janice Plourde, Historian The Henry E. Burgess chapter of the National Honor Socie'ry held its annual induction ceremony December 17, 1982. In order To gain membership in the NaTionol Honor Society, a student musT excell in four categories: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Seven new members were inducted during The ceremony. They were Daniel DuqueTTe, Christopher Gognon, Bruce Huber, Mork Walker, Wendy chorski, Michael O'Connor, and Michael LaBonTe 68 do. "Dream on, dreom unTil your dreams come True." To Rodney Young, I leave my peT rock. pry Douphinois Duffy To move ouT wesT and become 0 lum- berjock, "Go for iT." -iTh Dowley To geT my 70 Charger on The road. "Turn around Brown." chord N. Dawson Rich To gain a respecToble posiTion in life. "I need lost nighT's homework." To underclossmen. I leave Mr. Erskine and his jobs. on Defosse "If you have 0 IoT of dreams, some are bound To come True." aberT Dix Dix To live life To The Max IiYo, righT." To Mr. SmiTh, I leave a sheep skin rug, :le Dumas DidiT - DidiT Dole To own my own garage. 'Hey, buddy!" I leave my facial hair To Cloy CoTe. hn Dziengiel Zingle To groduoTe from Ellis. "Yo righT, Tell me onoTher one." I leave my scraps of wood and a roll of pennies To The Juniors To peg CT The wimpy freshman. ldie Eckord Ed To have a greoT life. "Live To ride, ride To live," I leave The Teachers some Tylenol for Their headaches. oci EIIioTT STinky, Tro To live 0 full life. "Live for Today, you may noT be able To Tomorrow." I leave good luck To The undercloss- men. They'll need iT. ork Foisey Fuzzer To be successful and To graduate. iIHey, son." lleove The shirT off my book To Mr Cinq- Mars. Gerard FonToine Red To groduoTe ond geT a good machin- isT's job. I jusT leove! Guy P. FrecheTTe Mogillo To be a successful corpenTer and build legs The size of Tom PloTz. "Be quieT, Bob." I leave my exTro muscular size To my broTher Mork. Chris Gamble Oscor To be c firsT class mochinisT. "You know I've been To The edge, ondl sTood and looked down. You know I've IosT o IoT of friends There baby, and I've goT no Time To mess around." Mike GouThier Mike To own my own business. B.F.D. I leave, 0T IosT. Toni Lynn Generous Lips, LiTTIe one To groduoTe, To be happy and To be successful. iiLisTen here bucks!" llA good friend is one you dare To be yourself wiTh". Uhonks $.89 lleove os fosT as my legs will carry me!!! Jim Glennon Zoofer To geT ouT of school. "Scumbogu Lorry Gollsneider The devil Drink Michelob and To sToy high and free. To Mr. SmiTh I leave a loT of bad Times and more To come. STeven Gosselin Leo To become a compuTer proccessor. "ThoT sounds kinky." I leave my camera To The PhoTo club. Anne Grenier Annie To rule The world and To pchy wiTh The J. Geils bond. nWhoIT's up?" Woodrow D. James Woody To be successful of whoTever I do and To enjoy life To iTs fullesT. "ThoT's life." I leave my dream of on undefeoTed season To The fuTure Soccer Team Morcus C. Jones Mork To become a successful businessman. I leave The implemenTs of knowledge To a person wonTing To sToy in The quesT for more. Brion Kollio Kol your pol To groduoTe from Ellis. liYe ho! Brew Doggy." I leave my car sTereo To Dole Dumas, my fuzzy dice To Tom Campbell, and my racing Maverick To Vic C. PoTrick A. King King To become on elecTricion. "I love H and laugh in you face." I leave 1,000 pennies To The class of "84" for Their group of freshman during The iniTioTion. Lorry N. Kullo Lorry To be successful. "Do you have a complex?" I leave my booT To Mr Lebouf. Amanda LoFleshe Mandy To love Billy my whole life long, and To never sTop looking for The end of The roinbow . . . illn This world There are Kings and Queens who will Blind your eyes and STeol your dreams." Heaven and Hell." I leave Donno Allard a reminder ThoT poybcck is Hell! Jim LoLiberTe Lib To be successful in life oT ony goal I Try To achieve. You dumb dipsTick. Kerry LomberT Lomy 2 years of college, The Air Force, 8r mor- rioge "You're ouT of your Tree". To Mr. Esborn, o pre-heoTed oven 8r greased cookie sheeT. Tom Lawrence Farmer To go To college, and someday To a successful harness horse Trainer and driver. Ulf you can'T ride in a Ford, you mighT as well walk." To Tim MorraTy, I leave my hickname "farmer". Gary R. Lehoux Crash To own a consTrucTion 00. "Oh, shooT!" Wayne Lincoln J.D. BroTher To drink Michelob and To chase wild women. "ThaT's life in The big ciTy." I leave my aTTiTude To Mr. SmiTh. Roger Lyon To do as much as I can. "Always do your besT." I leave gracefully. Rich Mackin Rich To own my own garage and To have a show car. - "Sad". Richard Mailloux Roofer To be in The alcoholics hall of fame. AI Menard AI J.D. Menard Drink Michelob and geT married To Bar- baral "ATTiTude check." I leave my aTTiTude To Mr. Smith Mike Messier Mess To be a Top mechanic. "When's vacaTIon?!!" I leave, Thank God!! John Miller RockeTman To finish school and go To college. "LeT's parTy!!" I leave my ping pong paddle To Mr. SmiTh. Raymond MiTcheIl MiTch To live life To iTs fuIIesT. IIGo for H." To my doubeuI maTh Teacher, Mr. Clancy, I leave all The days I didn'T 70 make H To school. Chris Morkis To marry Ray and live life To iTs fullesT. "I love Ray" I leave Ma Richie, knowing I will miss her very much! Dave Morris Hippy The sky is The IimiT. Debra A. MorrisseTTe Deb, Ma To become a hairsTylisT and To have a good life wiTh Sarah and Gary. NoThing is more precious, or gives life more meaning Than The Touch, The smile, and The IaughTer of a child - especially when ThaT child Is your own. I leave The underclassmen To enjoy The resT of Their years here. Mark Munger To own and run a machine shop, I leave all my cheaT noTes To Judy. Ed Mursko Eddy To make Mega bucks. "Coops!" I leave Mr. CIonars a map To The FounTain of VouTh. RoberT OTTo Bobby 0 To work in a machine shop. "Do we have any homework over The weekend?" Dawn Pace Oops To be a Teacher for auTIsTic children and To fall inTo a poT of gold. RighT? To Mr. Clancy all my empTies, To The lowereclassmen I leave Miss WiTkowski, To Mr. SmiTh a gold buckeT, and To Mrs. Richie besT wishes. Sandra Jean Pelkey Baby Huey To work wiTh our naTion's wildlife and geT a degree in marine biology. "Lunch Time!" My besT wishes To The friends I leave behind. Brenda Pellerin Curly, Krinkles To be a greaT hairdresser and To geT The mosT ouT of life. "You're gonna geT iT." I leave my comb To Mr. LaPoinTe. ScoTT Phillips Psycho To live and have God lead me. "If aT firsT you DO succeed, Try T conceal your amazemenT." Good luck in The fuTure To all!!! Allen Pigeon Pij To be The besT mechanical enginee "Wrong" I leave all my gum and newspape books To Mr. SmiThl Janice Plourde Jan To become a compuTer repairma and geT my piloTs license. "Major bummer." I leave my job as wandering good vl ambassador To Mr. SmiTh. Henry PlanTe Hawk To own my own auTo shop. I leave my baskeTbaII number To ar fuTure sTar. PeTer Poulin Pele, PeTe To be The besT dirT bike rider. "Who cares?" I leave all my lefT over gum in The desk Chris Ramos To be successful. Brenda M. Robichaud BreT, Troubles To always remember and To never fa geT. "LeT's noT and say we did." I leave my unbuTToned shirTs To N SmiTh. Sandra Romanek Sandy To own a beauTy shop and have a l of money. I leave Miss Mac all The rebound missed. Brian Rondreau Pic TILive free and die free" My name To The fronT office. Jeffrey Roy Benny Hill To marry a woman wiTh a loT of mone To do The besT ThaT you can do on e eryThlng you do. To The carpenTry seniors, my sTer and TeIevision To raffle off among Themselves. pword ST. Onge Ed To Tour in a rock and roll band. TII used To be IosT In The shuffle, now IjusT shuffle olong wiTh The IosT." To Mrs. Wierzbinski, The publishing rIghTs To all my excuses for being IoTe To class because I was ouT wondering wiTh Cherie. Jorren Solvos Be on independonT Trucker! ITOn The road again!" lleove all my memories of Alleyoop's To The senior class. ark Sceponski Spank To play baseball for as long as I can "I'll do if Tomorrow . . . " I leave my Polish ingenuiTy To Mr, Esborn. arc J. SchroTh Marcus To become a millionaire and own 0 VeTTe. "WhoT I could do Today, I can puT off unTiI Tomorrow." I leave my parking spoT To PouII oyne Simoneou Jr. Jr. To be we" off in life. IIAnoTher doy onoTher way." My name To The from office. mes Skrzypczok Skripjack To make IoTs of money. "Go for iT." hn Soler To never see The inside of Ellis again. I Ieove Mr. SmiTh The books I never used. onny Suggs To be successful. Become a Tool maker. "ShuT up, Bob." nnis Thomas Den To be a mechanical engineer and To be The besT. I leave Mr. Cheney my suspension re- cord. bro Tondreou Dee, Bambi To morry Kevin Bergeron May, 4984. "You Toad, pssT." John Williams Wee Willie, J.W, Good job or Army. "Good news!!" Sidney Wing Sid To live and IeT die. Beware of The psychedelic warrior in his geIoTin capsule. To my EquuenT English Teacher, Mr. SmiTh, I leave my odoriferous pungenT sweoT socks. Brion Winslow 30990 To become on orchiTecT and To own my own firm. "IT's obouT The besT cuz I am The besT." I leave my sTuffed TIYogi bear" To Mr. LoPoinTe. Jeff Winslow Wing To succeed in my Trade and live a fulfill- ing life. I leave all my school records in Soccer and Track To be broken by any fuTure sTor. Also, I leave "Shake IN' Bake" To Glen Rovenelle and ScoTT ForTin. RoberT Young Bobby To own my own business and To be suc- cessful. "WhoT's up?" I leave This school To anyone who Will Take iT. Sue Booker A special THANKS, Sue, for The excel- IenT Typing you've done for The year- book! 7'1 Frank Abreu RFD 4 Leha Ave. Griswold, CT. 06354 Edward Borfnikowski 40 Brewster Rd. Griswold, Cf. 06354 Alicia Benoit 6Lee3 RR 4 Pearl Ave. Putnam, Ct 06260 Dove Bernhow Rt. 493 Thompson, CT. 06277 Kevin Bergeron 29 Vondcle ST. North Gros, Cf. Stephanie Bloncheffe RT. 44 Abington, CT. 06230 Jim Bodo Goshen Rd. Moosup, CT. 06354 Brod Bonin Goumond Rd. NorTh Gros.. CT. 06255 Susan E. Booker PO. Box 049 Brooklyn CT. 06234 Mike Bradley 47 North Chestnut ST. Wouregon, CT. 06387 Emile V. Breaulf Ill RFD 2 W. Thompson Rd. PuTnom, CT. 06260 Marc Briere 4 Robert Ave. Danielson, CT. 06239 72 Tracy Brown Box 62A Roper Rd. Moosup, Cf. 06354 Tom Campbell RFD 4 Sunset Ave. Putnam, CT. 06260 W. Scott Cofhcorf Box 727 Major Dr. PIoinfieId, CT. 06374 Kelly Chouvin Box 72 Quineboug. CT. 06262 Dove Chencil RFD 4 Moosup Pond Rd. Donielson, Cf. 06239 Koren Cholewo Snake Meadow Hill Rd. STerIing, C1. 06377 William Clark R4. 469 Canterbury, CT. 06334 Bob Colli 2 North Walnut ST. Wouregon, C4. 06387 Robert A Coombs Hillcresf Box 236 Plainfield, Cf. 06332 Jeff Corey 42 Union 34. Moosup, CT. 06354 Mark A. Cote 40 ToIcoTT Ave. Jeweff CiTy, CT. 06354 Vicfor M. Cruz 446 Laconio Ave. Putnam, CT. 06260 SENIOR DI RECTORY Gory Douphinais RR 4 Box 723 Donielson, C1. 06239 Brod Davis Box 44 Sterling, CT. 06377 Keith A. Dowley Box 740 Plainfield. CT. 06374 Richard M. Dawson Box 407 Soap ST. Doyville, CT. 06244 Bryon DeFosse Rt, 42 Box 958 Plainfield. CT. 06374 Robert Dix 47 Easy ST. Plainfield, C4. 06374 Dole Dumas 267 Woodstock Ave. Putnam, C4. 06260 John Dziengiel Rt. 42 Ploinfield, C4, 06374 Eddie Eckord Box 65 Abingfon, CT. 06230 Traci Elliott Pomfref Landing Rd. Brooklyn, CT. 06234 Mark E. Foisey RR 2 Box 62 Woodsfock, Cf. 06284 Gerard Fontoine 4 Chase Ave. Moosup, CT. 06354 Guy Frechet're Aftowougan Crossing Rd. Doyville, Ct. 06244 Chris Gamble R1. 6 Brooklyn, Ct. 06234 Mike Gauthier 478 Main St, North Gros., C44 06255 Toni Lynn Generous RFD 4 Box 230 Jewe'r'r City. Cf. 06354 Jimmy Glennon Elmdole Rd. Canterbury, Cf. 06334 Lorry Gollsneider South Frontage Danielson, CT. 06239 M. Steven Gosselin RFD 4 North St. JeweH City, Cf. 06354 Anne Grenier 60 Pompeo Rd. NorTh Gros., CT. 06255 Woody James Depot Rd. Canterbury, Cf. 06334 Marcus C. Jones LoFanTosie Rd. Danielson, CT. 06239 Brion Kallio 90 Woodsfock Ave. Putnam, Ct 06260 Patrick A. King 5 Main St NorTh Gros., CT. 06255 Lorry Kullc 25 Linnel Sf. Moosup, CT. 06354 Mandy LaFIeshe RFD 1 Volunfown, C1. 06384 James LoLiberTe RFD 1 Box 1610 Sterling, CT, 06371 Kerry LomberT Box 152 Brooklyn, Ct. 06234 Tom Lawrence Day Rd. Pomfref Center, Cf. 06259 Gary R. Lehoux 63 School St. Danielson, CT. 06239 Wayne Lincoln RT. 193 Thompson, CT. 06277 Roger Lyon New Sweden Rd. Woodsfock, Cf. 06281 Rich Mackin RFD 1 Voluntown, CT. 06384 Richard A. Moilloux RFD 1 RT. 44 East Pufnom, CT, 06260 AI Menard Gendreou Drive Doyville. Cf. 06241 Mike Messier RRL Box 174E Pomfret Cfr.. CT. 06259 John Miller 47 Wilkinson ST. Putnam, CT. 06260 Ray Mitchell 41 Highland 31. Moosup, C1. 06354 Chris Morkis Box 462 Thompson, CT, 06277 Dove Morris 78 Boney ST. Putnam, CT. 06260 Debra A. MorrisseTTe Lisbon Rd Canterbury, C1. 06331 Mark Munger Box 66 Quineboug, CT. 06262 Ed Mursko South ST. Danielson, CT. 06239 Robert 0110 RFD 1 Box 250 Thompson! CT. 06277 Down Pace Christina Hi1l Rd. Brooklyn, CT. 06234 Sandro Pelkey 359 50. Main St. Putnam, CT. 06260 Brenda Pellerin RFD 2 RT. 169 Woodstock, CT. 06281 Scott S. Phillips Bennett Pond Rd. Canterbury, CT. 06331 Allen L. Pigeon RR 1 Box 72 Danielson, CT. 06239 Keith Pion R1. 131 Quineboug, C1. 06262 Janice Lee Plourde 35 Lenox Ave. Jewett City. Or 06351 Henry J. Plonfe 33 Jolcoff Ave. Jeweff City, CT. 06351 Peter Poulin . 5 Mile River Rd. East Putnam, CT. 06260 Christopher J. Ramos 115 Wilkinson St Putnam, Cf. 06260 Brenda Robichoud Box 118 Rick Ave. Donielson, C1. 06239 Sandy Romonek 794 Posoy Rd. North Gros., Cf. 06255 Brion Rondreou Maple St Danielson, CT. 06239 Jeffrey Roy 94 Community Ave. Ploinfield, CT. 06374 Kevin A. Rumrill 198 RT. 12 North Gros., CT. 06255 Edward STOnge RD 1 Box 120 Pomfre'r CTL. Cf. 06259 Warren B. Salvos 5 Mile River Rd. Putnam, Cf. 06260 More Sceponski Hill St. Enf. JeweTt City, Cf. 06351 More James Schrofh Box 764 Plainfield, CT. 06374 Wayne Simoneou Jr. Box 163 Doyville, CT. 06241 Jim Skrypczok Box 32 E. Killingly, C1. 06243 John Soler RFD 1 Box 619 Danielson, CT. 06239 Dona Suggs Box 35A Thompson, CT. 06277 Troy Theheoulf Buck Hill Rd. Canterbury, Cf. 06331 Dennis Thomas 72 Orleans Ave, Danielson, CT. 06239 Debra Tondrecu 150 Yonfic St. Apt. 238 Norwich, CT. 06360 Fred Webster RFD 3 Bethel Rd, Norwich. Cf, 06360 John Williams Jr. Youngs Rd. Pomfref C1r., CT. 06259 Sidney E. Wing RFD 1 Box 350 Doyville, C1. 06241 Brian K. Winslow RFD 1 Davis St. Donielson, C1. 06239 Jeff Winslow RFD 1 Davis 81. Donielson, CT. 06239 Bob Young Box 126 Oneco, CT. 06373 73 74 :- H Robert Nethercotg, TREET JEWETT CITY CTO6351 : ' R W R $ SKATE'NN Gulf Service N Plainfield, Connecticut06374 COI' - Loke ST. Thompson Rd. $95 ' Webster, Ma. 04570 i Proprietor: Jock Romonek Congratulations To our daughter Sandra and Thevcloss of 4983' '! LAWRENCEWS FARM PDMFRET CENTER. CT 06259 TEL. WZDSM 923-7058 75 Mummgm dOMAINSIREET-PO B 203 928 1747 PlllNAM VONNFCHCUY PHONE 8 BOUGHT 8: SOLD . CONNECTICUT 06281 ' 203 928-856! Ram- 10mm ml. 1?an qusnmmu mu ch. Connmxcn 2 locations 1 Office and School'syubplies V I . Rt 404a , L LDoyville; T5, 7 , chLuc owsuosu: aMc nucxs L; L, ma. 4. RANGE ous 2.50.41 , NORWICH, counooaoo mousyutim 2037 N6 ARMS OUR SPECIALTY hopping Center L TS 138 84 465 JCT 49 norm rVqunTown, Conn, 06384 Bronson C "Celebrohn ebhone 1 76-0605 4 ' L SOREL'S GARAGE, INC. GENERAL REPAIRING L BODY WORK TEL DANIELSON 774 4514 NIGHY CALLS 774- 4407- 774 1302 774 2437 BROOKLYN, CONN. C 8 M MARKET Main smut III. 138 VOLUN'I'OWII CIHTlIl 0PIlsm-Opln mnuS-I. MMI- snmluy V 315.49" AGENCY, INC. Professional Insurance Services. Specializing in young drivers insurance The Toll Housewoute 32 '- Franklin PO. Box 4267Norwich, Conn 06360 Tel. 0030642755971'0" Free 1-800-9620434 Entertainment: Thurs. Thru 801. Y ANTIC featuring v - finest in beef and seafood 4 RIVER Daily luncheon and dinner specials INN YonTic Flats m. 32 Tel, 887-2440 Banquets 35 To 65 77 Concrete Sealing Parking Lot: Sweeping LAUREN! DAPsri-nop, , '1, Box 404 onn 06354 'TOMOTIVE CENT -564-2791, ,1 , , ' onmounmumn 3' Y DAVIDSON ENTRAL VILLAGE L hr. 12 x muss, CT 05332 . 554-2074 094 lQntucky Fried Chickem We Do Chicken Right 54 East Main Sf. Webster, MA 943-6945 M4355 REAL ESTA re a INSURANCE I ALL UNDER ONE ROOF l 408 Main ST. JeweH City, C. Eos'r Killingly Aufo Rep Aufobody E1 Painting RT. 101 E051 Killingly, CT 06239 Busmtsl ZOSoDZB-MBQ Lisbon Printers Printing with Distincfion ?SHERMAN SATTAR Box 203 - Blissville Road Lisbon, Conn. 06351 PHONE 889-3972 ! 912; Big 0,9245 1 fresh frwls and Vegetables m Season ' mm Baskets om Spewlry l thmqqlu Puces mt Glonp Occawns l swan - wtasrm wuss - Tn au-ZJGJ : 's MINI $PEED PARTS w MAC 84 mm PARTS ' ' NEW ,3" gDEH'RQr' WOODSTOCK 80 ; ROUTE 44 Pom TV Soles 8 Service 15 School S I cfronics Panasonic TV am, CT 06260 Sandy Success 'rEddy M Sandy, best of ;lucy,l 82 5A A v- hr; VSxW 46 5R 0 Afkw 100' o 7'0 3 ,2: a l, 84 WZV$ a god 77mg ag ?Om y;e 4715a 0W SJJQ 0 340,1 ht; NXCAH for 1'?! fg; 7L,56 file; 21 , 5 j5V j5yc mC anal 5i -f,zC 1L ,2 ,. -. CT pct $4 ?Vf X; ;, 4,21, Far "1Q. gevf WuAGI l'n XVQ XNILL'RL X94 70 Java :QJ-L mil 5M ow? 0Q mm NJ 1993 "An Evening to Remember" SENIOR PROM May 14, 1983 at the Thompson Speedway King and Queen Debbie Tondreou 8t Kevin Bergeron gym; SENIOR TRIP On April 45, 38 seniors IefT for The senior class Trip To Florida. There They spenT six days in The sun, visiTing The Kennedy Space CenTer, Disney World, The EpcoT CenTer, and WeT 'n Wild. As we drove To Orlando AirporT To deporT, There were many backward glances cosT Toward The places where we all had had so much fun. GRADUATION HARVARD H. ELLIS REGIONAL VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL Danielson, Connecticut Thursday, June 16th, 1983 - 6:30 p.m. Kevin Johnston Stephanie BIcncheHe Edward St. Onge Guest Speaker Valedictorian Solufoforion State Senator 29m Disiricf Moffhew Clancy L IL Arthur Quimby Class Advisor ' Director Anne Grenier Class Speaker Steven Link Post Graduate Speaker wag VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIA Front - A. Pigeon Standing - M Lofleshe, D. Thomas, E. Mursko, S. BloncheTTe, M. Sceponski, W. Cofhcort 51h ANNUAL SPORTS AWARD BANQUET Senior Wearers of The E" 32 mm Row 'I J. Winslow, M. Cote, V. Cruz Row 2 - D. Dumas, M. Sceponski, R. Young, B. Winslow S Blancheffe, S. Romonek, T. Elliott SOFTBALL The Ellis Tech Eagleffes had 0 super first year with 0 record of 5 and 5. In the first few innings we were behind, but by The end of The game we usually caught up. Row 1 w D. Pace, S. Romanek, Tw Elliott, C. Cribby, S. BloncheHe. R. Rojeski Row 2 - C. Dufresne, G. White, T. Doiron, L. Fontoine, D. Sanchez Row 3 - J. Boron, J. Freyer, C. Winkler, Coach Lopoin're Senior Players D. Pace, 3. Romonek, T. EIIioH, S. Blan- cheffe GOLF TEAM B. , , - Senior Players Kneeling - D. Loporle, J. Gould - Standing - Coach Filpulo, T. Lawrence, E. St. Onge, Tom Lawrence 8k Ed 5f- 0099 D St. Onge. C. Gognon, K. Long Kneeling - E. Borbeou, J. Normingfon Standing - Coach Esborn, B. Simmons, 8. Merchant, C. Prezelomiec, P. Lifchfield TRACK 83 FIELD Jeff Winslow QVC AIl-stor - Class M QVC Champion Sfofe Champ for Pole Vault 02'7'3 Team Captain 3 3 Row 1 - 8. Burton, M. LoChonce, J. Souvogeou Row 2 3 S. Winslow, C. Dyer, K. Loflamme, L. chollee Row 3 - Coach Gibeoult, R. Wells, 8. Mason, P. Moerkel, J. Winslow, Coach Lojeunesse Senior Players BASEBALL The 1983 baseball team had a year of disappointment in the win-Iose category. The team won three out of the first four games and then went on to lose ten in a row. The team played two good games with QVC champs, Tourtellotte. Ellis lost both games by one run. Most of the games lost were close. No team ran away with the ball game when they played Ellis. Row 1 - Coach Grochmol, H. Gingros. M. Cote, D. Duquette, Coach Gity Row 5 2 e R. Lobonte, S. St. Pierre, M. Counoyer Row 3 - S. Fortin, K. Kozaczka, C. Sceponski, R. Coombs, M. Elliott, R. Young, Row 4 - D. Belliste, M. Sceponski, C. Cote, Ct Bellavonce, K. Hones. M. Bradley, w. Hryzan 3+ FIELD DAY v 5. t r A L ; v

Suggestions in the Ellis Technical High School - Eagles Yearbook (Danielson, CT) collection:

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Ellis Technical High School - Eagles Yearbook (Danielson, CT) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 14

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