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-1n?sw f'5Y"V""'rffvsf'wrE -1 ' -' W, . ,A V - A-L 4 V -- -1 4 1 gl- ' -Lima!--'asv 31.1451-xv n..,:.-....u..4l-L.i1.,. ,. L -'.4,.....a .. p..aM.1,...,. .. ,, ....i.-..g,,-J.. 4-..::,.,.I..,..... XX I fa fa ff:-9 8 i W 4 ' - an Q , Y A my In A A , Q . 25 ' N' W ii, in '5- 3 Q o , Ang . Z. ' J if Qf9"1i'l ' V 1, Q .. g. ik- -vf G Ji .. ,VESA lf. , .V K x - 2 IN I Ii- 3. Lv' F J A .wb THE ELLISIAN FIELDS IQ54 X X A ELLISI new THE ELUS SCHOOL PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA c .u Mr 5'x-.lyric--n ". ibm, V E .f ,, .. .'f- , .1-. is . '. 23? .J- . , I . x- 'f - iff' A ' , L JF: 9 Z ., :iff fe, .gf , . 'ay , in 1' ' D in . .A , -62, , x. I, ' ' N X.. .L:s,"gy , 5" .f "P!"QL'1,'z ,W , ul 1 U if J! 4213 il A i - " Q.. ,ns-qu-.sau JL g 7""'w. ff'-I ' Y f- ' ,Q EEA yi ' ,,,f'i?-4, . 4, , - D15 D I CATIU N In zmpplvcintioll of your interest in us tIll'0llQl1' out H10 yours, wc, HIL' Class of 19541, rlcmliczlfc Hlis lmok 'ro you . . VIRGINIA l'.x1c Ii I-in STI-:V lcxsox THE FOREWCRD Today when last the school bell rings, We put away scholastic things, And taste the future, bitter sweet, And see the world beneath our feet, And say with youthful certain way, "At last we graduate today." But ah! To graduate today! When our impatience does betray Our eagerness to break the bonds That chain us to our parents' arms, To make our block in life our own, Upward step, or stumbling stone. Oh, effervescent Youth, rejoice, For ours was not a birth by choice, And yet we live within an age That holds a universe encaged, That gives, or takes, That makes, or breaks, That shapes the untried clay of land To form a coward or a man. The world and life care not for birth, But weigh a man for what he's worth. To graduate in such a day! When the very heavens seem to sway, And hold atomic prophecy In the turning of a century. When the relentless march of time Catches hearts and souls in rhyme, And drives them on with wings and wheels To hear a glorious freedom peal And ring a universal good Above a united brotherhood. Oh Youth, we live, Perchance to give, In such a day as this, a self-created plan To bolster up Humanity in man. Oh Youth, be very proud to say, "We graduate in such a day." Ed i for-'i 11-Cl: iff l,lfl'l'1Il'4Ij Ellifors .-1 rf Editors . Phofogrzlpleiz' Editors 1glISiIIl'S.S' H111 NIIQUI' . Bu.wim'xs Ifllll rd . l"1u'uIfy .-Ir1'r'is4'r Year Book Staff L51 li:u'lm1'z1 Mullen .lumliflm Cohen Ruth l"r:nne Betsey Beeson Sallie Mc' Kee Jllllllll Allen Nancy Johnston Betsey Boslxell Annelly Bnyles Suzanne Brown Diane King Miss l"z1irlmnlm FACU LTY UPPER SCHOOL MIDDLE SCHOOL PRIMARY SCHOOL E63 UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY Marjorie L. Tilley ........ H eadrnistress Virginia P. Stevenson . Assistant H eadfmistressg History Margaret F airlamlo Margaret W. Band Sally Growall . Mathilda W. Zirkle Althea L. Johnson Nora G. Amundson Germaine J. Guenin lhlary B. Hogg Blanche C. Wick Carrie L. Wylie . Winifred E. Mantell Jean lNIcWilliams Dorothy R. Benson Ann Rader . . ..... English . English 5 History . Englishg History . . Biologyg Mathematics . . Chemistry . French . French . . . Latin . . . Mathematics . M athematicsg S tndy Hall History of Artq Art . . . Art . Director of Athleticsg Latin Assistant in Athletics Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky . .... Piano Ida Cooper . . . . . Bible Shirley Pearl . . . Dramaties Ruth Evans . . Choral Director Margaret W. Cook ........ Librarian MIDDLE SCHOOL FACULTY Blanche C. Wick ........ Arithmetic Marie H. Pearce . . Arithmetic, Remedial Reading, Visual Aids Inez L. Campbell ...... H istoryg Georgraphy Germaine J. Guenin . . . French Ella B. McVicker . . Fifth Grade Teacher Ruth B. Henry Fourth Grade Teacher Ida Cooper . . . . Bible Shirley Pearl . . . . . Speech Lesley B. Jeffrey . . Physical Education Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky . Pninog Singing Mary Foner ........ Arts and Crafts PRIMARY SCHOOL FACULTY Beatrice F. Harvey ....... First Grade Marlene Herzberg . . Primary Assistant Kathryn Terrel . . Junior Kindergarten Jane Alexander . . Senior Kindergarten Phyllis Spitz . Assistant in Kindergarten Helen H. Moeser . . . Third Grade Helen E. Shaw . . . Second Grade Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky Pianog Singing Mary Foner . . . Arts and Crafts MARJORIE L. TILLEY Hfadmistress SENIOR GIFT TO THE SCHOOL A new couch for the locker room. E81 smaoag I HM 0 OO J UDITH PIERCE ALLEN "Judie" Born August 30, 1936 Entered: Seventh Grade Preparing for Centenary Junior College Never do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow" "Listen to this." . . . "Is that nice?" . . . boy's hair cut . . . a misplaced junior year . . . Triangle . . . dents in cars . . . from Saturday until Friday . . . "I Want a Place to Hang My Hat !" 4 Activities Class Secretary Ellisian Fields Patchwork . . Proof Editor ...l ChiEt:1Phi... Secretary ,,,4. Glee Club .. Ensemble . . . . . 4, Skating Club . . . 4 Green Team 101 "",.,.. 1 L -'L -1.- ...- g. ..., .. .......... .,...... , ... " -... .... Jn-:AN Bm:c'H AuM1cNTn0U'r HJFIIIIH Born July 20, 1936 1'lIltCl'CKlZ Sixth Grade P1'Cpill'lIlg' for Duke' l7Ili'Z'l'7'Si'tlZj "Hitch your wagon to II efm "'l'lmt's 11 boy?', . . . the lake . . . alsmxs lllllIllllltCll C0 ed col lege . . . elmnge of heart . . . ski jump nose Just Ont of llmse '1'1m,gm 0 Q Student Council Secretary . . President . . Class Secretary Patchwrzrl' . . E.A.A... Secretary . . I 11 l ANNELLY BAYLES SIAM!! Born October 28, 1936 Entered: Tenth Grade Preparing for Barnard College "The higher we soar on the wings of science, the worse our feet seem to get entangled in the wires." "I canlt stand it." . . . Philadelphia . . . courteous driving in the park- ing lot . . . efficiency expert . . . hates decisions . . . oxfords . . . usually on telephone . . . "It's 4:00 in The Morning." Activities Student Council Treasurer . . Ellisian Fields Patchwork . . Copy Editor .2,3, Chi Eta Phi ....2,a,4 Board Member ..... 3 Glee Club ..... 2, 3, 4 White Team L12 I .1-1" LASIQ1. 'I V '--"-"1-f--vi 'H- ELIZABETH BLAKESLEE BEESON "Been" Born April 16, 1936 Entered: Fourth Grade Preparing for Allegheny College "Happy and from care I 'm free. Why aren't they all contefnted lzke me "I see said the flea? . . . hypnotized . . . "neat eyelashes loves to laugh . . . crazy poetry . . . Dorothy Dlx "Lonesome Gal Activities Class Vice-President . . . 4- Glee Club . . . . . . 1, 4 l 3 Ensemble . . . . . 1, 4 I Ellman Fzelds ...... 4- Cheerleader . . . . i 1, 4 E. A. A .... . . .. 4 Green Team U31 JETTIE LOUISE BERGMAN "Jettie" Born September 1, 1936 Entered: Eighth Grade Preparing for Mary Baldwin College "Then she will laugh - good gods! How she will laugh." "Hey listen, you kidsf' . . . perpetual announcements . . . laugh . . . clotheshorse . . . Big Boy Hamburgers . . . Italian hair cuts . . . felt skirts . . . Cinderella . . . "Pm Wild About Young Men." Activities Class President Patchwork .... E.A.A.... President . . . Chi Eta Phi . . . Board Member Glee Club . . . 1. 2, Section Leader .... Ensemble ........ Skating Club . . Green Team Captain . . . E141 ,..- Biirrsi-:Y Bosiinm. GSB09! Born January 20, 1937 1'llltCl'CCl! Tenth Grade I'1'epa1'ing for Vassar College "There are some feelings time cannot bcnumbf' '6Bye - Byef' . . . Florida . . . Europe ..., Phone calls . . . 1lIlg'0llC face - but . . . jazz nmniae . . . "I have to see Miss Hnssonf' . . . love those bikinis . . . "Moon Over Miami." 09 a 6 D 'oo' Class Treasurer . . Ellis Guild . . . Treasurer .. Ellisian Fields . . Business Manager E15l Pafchrcwrk . . . News Editor . Stencil Editor Chi Eta Phi . . VVl1ite Tezun zlcfivifif' 'R 3, , - ..z, .s, SUZANNE L1N'roN BaowN "Susie" Born September 6, 1936 Entered: Eleventh Grade Preparing for Bryn Jllawr College We look before and after and pine forr what is not." "Pooh,' - as in Wirinie thef, . . . dreamy look about her . . . hiding a mind as sharp as they come . . . a personality full of surprises . . . lullaby voice . . . "In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia? Activities Ellisian Fields Patchwork .. News Editor Chi Eta Phi . . . . . 4 Glee Club ....... 3, 4 Ensemble Accompanist 4 fx fx ' ' ' 4 Dramatic Club ...... 4 G ' ' ' 4' Library Committee .... 4 5 . 3, 4 White Team E161 EL1sANon IREN1-1 CLARK "Ellie', Born September 22, 1936 Entered: Eleventh Grade Preparing for Greenbrier J imior College "A good picture is worth 10,000 wordsf' "Seriously.,, . . . mad artist . . . red chevy convertible . . . Goldie . . . horses, horses, horses . . . leather fiend . . . boogie woogie . "Birth of the Blues? Patchwork . . . . . 3, 41 Dramatic Club Chi Eta Phi . . . . 4- Skating Club Glee Club . . . . 4 Green Team E171 . . Activities . . 3, 4 JUDITH BERKMAN COHEN Sieludyi! Born May 8, 1936 Entered : Eighth Grade Preparing for Connecticut College "Nature forms us for ourselves, not for othersg to be, not to seem." "Pm so scared of the test. I only studied 12 hours." . . . J2 C2 . . . New York City . . . classical records . . . The Purple Cow . . . raised eyebrow . . . Brooksy clothes . . . "Beyond the Sea." Activities Class Secretary. . . . . Ellis Guild . . . . Secretary . . . . . Ellisian Fields ...... Ivy ......... 1, 2, Business Manager . . . Associate Editor .... Patchwork ..... 1, 2, Chi Eta Phi. . . I, 2, 3, Board Member . . . 1, President ........ Dramatic Club . . . 1, 2, President ........ Skating Club . . . . 1, Cheerleader . . . 1, 2, Green Team U81 lNI,xnJ onus IFRABI 14: "1lIa1'gic', Born llluy 10, 1936 Entered: Tenth Grade Preparing for Hf1'0d C0llc'gv Ns-ur "To be born, with the gift of laughter and thc sense that thc world is Ill!lll.H "Guess wl1at!,' . . . ballet . . . artist . . . "D0n't you wish we had the jumping legs of u g'1'tl,SSll0PpC1'?,, . . 6u.llllCl'C,S No Business Like Show Business." zlcfivilicux- Ivy .... . . 41 Dramatic Club . . . 2, -lf Skit' Cl l . . 2, 3 '11 Patchwork . . . . 4 I mg up ' AN Art Editor . . . . 4- White Team E191 RUTH FRAM 1-1 "Ruth,' Bo1'n May 10, 1936 Entered: Tenth Grade Preparing for Sweet Briar College "The pen is the tongue of the 'IlL'l7Ld.,, '6Oh Crumb!" . . . Ivy Meetings . . . amateur Shakespeare . . . mis- spelling' . . . cellist . . . fear of fire . . . "The Hot Canary? Activities Student Council Ellisian Fields ...... Ivy ...... Editor . Dramatic Club . .... . 2 Skating Club .... 2, 3, 41 YVhite Team I 20 NANCY CHANDLER JOHNSTON "Nance" Born December 28, 1936 Entered: Ninth Grade Preparing for Pennsylvania State University "Happiness is a wine of the rarest vintage." "Really tremendousf, . . Lake Erie . . . upset lunch trays . . . hair- 99 do . . . absentminded . . . sloppy men's shirts . . . "Did Anyone Call? f l Ellisian Fields Patchwork . . E.A.A.... .1,3, Secretary . . . . . . . Chi Eta Phi . . . E213 1, 2, 3, Activities Glee Club ..... 2, 3, 4- Business Manager . . . fl- Section Leader .... 41 Ensemble ...... 3, 4- Dramatic' Club .... 1, 2 Skating Club . . . . . 1 Cheerleader . . . . . 4- White Team IAOUISE SKIDMORE KELLEY Cfllouii Born September 28, 1936 Entered: Tenth Grade Preparing for University of Colorado "The proper study of mankind is man" "I dote on his very absence." "Didn't crack a book last night." . . . Cowboys and Indians . . . trans- continental friends . . . loquacious . . . Charm school . . . "He's Got Eyes of Blue." Activities Patchwork ....... 3, 4 Chi Eta Phi . Typing Editor .... 4' 4 Glee Club . .... 2, 3, 4- ...dp-. White Team 22 DIANE 1'lLIZAHlC'l'H ICING HDF! Born May 16, 1936 I'llltf.'1'CdZ Fifth Grade l'1'Cpa1'ing for lVelIs College "Ill-ti med lzmghtcr is II rlzmgerovzs evil." X B., "Pnl going bug hunting, Mom." . . . IlliLIll1fLtC1' . . . always takes !1llll,l'C . . . wild week-end tales . . . hypnotist . . . paper towels . . . house guests at the farm . . . "Collegiate" i Hllisian I"ieIr1.v ...... 11- Ivy ....... . I, 2, 3 Patchwork . . . . 2, 3 E. A. A .... . . 3, 41 Chi Eta Phi .... I, 111 Board Member . . . 3, 11- l 23 fl Glee Club . . Skating Club CIIIIICYLL Club Green Teuin Captain . . Activities l,2,3,Al- ...1 ..l ..4 S l PATRICIA ANN LLOYD "Patti" Born December 21, 1936 Entered: Eleventh Grade Preparing for Bennett Junior College "I know everything except myself." S6 You know what I mean." . . . running out of gas . . . usually late . . . plaid notebook . . . cat hats . . . hanger antenna . . . "I'll Al- ways Be True to You Darling in My Fashion." Activities Patchwork . . . . . 3 Chi Eta Phi Glee Club . . . . . . 3, 4- Green Team 24 fx Q ...4 tj' SALLI14: ICLEANOR MCKEE "Sallie" Born November 17, 1936 Entered: Ninth Grade I'repa.1'ing for Vassar College "Variety is sweet in all things." "Really, Elizabetlifl . . . no driving for 30 days . . . Pike Run . . . pl'0Cl'ilSl',lIl21tl0ll unli nlited . . . hair behind ears . . . knee socks and saddle shoes . . . Maine . . . "The1'e'll Be a Change in Me." 17 Class Secretary .. Ellisian Fields ...... Patchwork . . . I, 2, Chi Eta Phi .... 1, Z, Glee Club ..... 2, 3, Librarian . . . . . . .. Section Leader . . . Ensemble ...... H71 Activities Dramatic Club .... 1, 2 Secretary . . . . . 2 Skating Club . . . . 1 Green Team SUSAN ELIZABETH MCKEE "Sue" Born November 17, 1936 Entered: Ninth Grade Preparing for Mount Holyoke College Diligence is the Wlother of good fortune." "Really, Eleanorf, . . . Pike Run . . . wavy hair . . . "VVho has open- ing eXercises?', . . . diets . . . shirts and sweaters . . . engaging smile . . . "Sailing, Sailing." Activities Student Council . . Class President . . . Patchworlc . . . 1, Typing Editor . . Business Manager Chi Eta Phi .... 21 32 1, 2, 2 Glee Club ..... 2, 3, 4 4' Section Leader . Ensemble .... 4- 3 Dramatic Club . . 4' Skating Club . . 4- Green Team E261 BARBARA DORo'1'Hif:A lx'IULI.EN "Bee Dec" Born April 18, 1936 Entered: Kinclc1'ga1'tcn Preparing for lVhz'at011 College M ufllcwzory is the diary that we all fvzrry about with us." "Now girlsln . . . blind as a bat . . . fabulous WEl,1'lll'0lJC . . . striped sun lasscs . . . 'rccn dia Jer bav' . . . Occ-an Citv . . . red and mink g 2 l ra . l . . . uSOJlfCllllJ0l' Son .', l 2' Activiiies Ellis Guild . . Glue Club .... l. 2. 3. 4' P sl President ....... . 4 nhuent ' ' Section Lender ..... -1- 1 Il F I EDSl'Illllll' . . . I, 2, 3. fl' C ' ' ' 1' . , Egan was Skating Club ..... l, 2 , .t -. - .Vf lor In ue CEIIIICTIL Club . . . . . 1 E' A' A. I l Library Connnittvc . . . 3 Prcsidvnt . ....... 3 Secretary . . I. Chi Eta Phi . . I 271 Cheerleader . . . I, 2, 3, 4- Grecn Team IJOROTHY PATRICIA NASH "Patti" Born March 28, 1937 Entered: Eighth Grade Preparing for Carnegie Institute of Technoldgy "Oh whistle, and I'll come to ye, my lad." "What ai re-e-ot!,' . . . inulti-colored hair . . . knitting . . . Friday uniforms . . . Vice-President in charge of nouns, now retired . . . "Dear John? Activities Patchwork . . . . 2, 3, 4- Glee Club . . . . 2, 3, 4 Chi Eta Phi. . . 1, 2, 3, 41 White Team f28 IXNN REX'NOLlJS uA'Il17l1l6,, Born March 30, 1936 Entered : Seventh Grade S Preparing for Pennsylvania, College for Women "Such highbred mmmers, such good-matured witf' "But Mrs. Amundson - I am speaking Frenchln . . . cute clothes . . mad Merc . . . "Really, Peopleln . . . Emily Post's Etiquette . Love Paris." 9? Student Council . . . . Vice-President . . . . Ivy ............ Patchwork ..... 1, 3, Chi Eta Phi. . . 1, 2, 3, E291 SCI Activities Glee Club . 2, 3, -1- Dramatie Club . . . 1, 2, 4 Skating Club White Team ..1 66 JOANN SH EDDAN "Joann" Born June 22, 1936 Entered: Tenth Grade Preparing for Gomfher College "She is in Charity with the wdrldf' Oli, Really?', . . . Princeton . . . ice-skating . . . friendly . . . del- icate taste . . . quiet . . . sun lamp burned kid . . . "Uh.,, Activities Class Treasurer . . . 3 Skating Club .... . 2, 3 Patchwork . . . . 3, 4- White Team Glee Club . . . . 3, 4 U01 .. ,...... 'N.F0llW". Ro1.1NDA S U is WIN s'roN CCLindZl,, Born December 30, 1936 Entered: Ninlli Grade Preparing for Carnegie Institute of Technology i "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." "Face it, kids." . . . Aunt Judy . . . record pantomines . . . female Jerry Lewis . . . patching the Patchwork . . . Kleenex . . . Candy . . . "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." V Class President . . 'W47 il Euis Guild . . Ivy ..... . "Ma 4 Patchwork ..... 4 Business Manager Editor-in-Chief . E311 ...3 3,4 ...41 2, 3,4- ...3 ...4' Activities Chi Eta Phi. . . 1, 2, 3, 4- Glee Club ..... 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club .... 1, 2 Skating Club . . . . 1, 2 . . . 4- Cheerleader . . White Team The Class Prophecy Step by step, and year by year, VVe've seen our friends assembled here Prepare to take their cap and gown And face the future with renown. Now comes the day that we must part, Yet deep within each aching heart There lies serene a loyalty That binds us with its memories. Yet memories are not enough, For friendship's made of sterner stulfg And we would not forget the past And pause a moment to forecast The things the future holds in store For the Class of Nineteen Fifty-four! So now with crystal ball in hand, We search a future wonderland, Where Judie Allen fmarried firstj In children's care is richly versed. And where Jean Armentrout will hail A waist still tiny as a nail's. Annelly Bayles by some misrule Now heads a private driving school. While Betsey Beeson, born with gills, Swims in aqua-watermills. And Jettie Bergman's clothes of fame Make Paris fashions blush with shame. Now meet the worldls best alchemist, Betsey Boshell, mad scientist. And hear that glorious music sound From the concert grand of Suzanne Brown While Eleanor Clark's world celebrated As a talking horse reinc-arnated. Therels Judy Cohen who cavorts Upon the bench of the Supreme Court. While poor Pavlova's no longer "prima Now that Marjorie Frame's a ballerina. E321 1 Ruth Frame's an author with aspiration Who hopes to find some inspiration. And Nancy Johnston's really very Happy as Milton's new secretary. T-ourists now hide their winter's pallor By basking at Louise Kelleyis ranch of glamor. Svengali has fallen as a mesmerist Now that Diane King's a hypnotist. Today pedestrians strengthen their defense Since Patti Lloyd's got her driver's license. And poor old Hungerford went down the drai When Sallie McKee a cartoonist became. While Susan McKee to carry on tradition, Married, and now has pairs of additions. A new star rises above the Met, As Bee Dee Mullen sings her opening duet. While the Vick's sponsors somehow or another Acquired Pat Nash as a third Smith brother. Ann Reynolds' book on Etiquette boasts A larger sale than Emily Post. And Joann Sheddan's performed for czars As the World's Olympic Skating Star. Il And last, but not least, Cwe know she won't lnindj Lindy Winston's cheated Fate we find. Tired of being at the end one day, She married a man whose name begins with "Aa' These things the future holds in store For the Class of Nineteen Fifty-four. And now that we've forgot the past And paused a moment to forecast, Our friendships stronger now will he, Bound by more than memories, Bound by more than loyalty, Bound by the happy jeu-d'esprit That each of us within our hearts Feels although today we part. Happy we are that we have known Friends like those our school has shown, Friends whose futures were predicted here, Step by step and year by year. E331 .Most dependable Most original . Most considerate Most optimistic Most pessimistic Best sense of humor Best sport . Best dressed Best mixer . .Most easy-going Most fickle . Most efficient . Most unrealistic Most versatile Slowest eater . Biggest bluffer . Most sophisticated Most dramatic . .Most sentimental Most gullible . Most tactful . Most typically Ellis Hair Eyes . E yebrows Lashes Nose Mouth . Smile Teeth . Dimples . Freckles . Complexion Blush . Profile Hands . Nails Waist Legs . Ankles Voice Figure If eight . Posture Senior Statistics Senior Features U41 Jean Arrnentrout . Ruth Frame Susan McKee Nancy Johnston Betsey Boshell Lindy Winston Jettie Bergman Louise Kelley . Judie Allen . Ellie Clark . Patti Lloyd Annelly Bayles Marjorie Frame Betsey Beeson Suzanne Brown . Diane King . Judy Cohen Sallie McKee . Patti Nash Ann Reynolds Joann Sheddan Bee Dee Mullen Marjorie Frame Sallie McKee . Patti Lloyd Betsey Beeson . Diane King . Judie Allen Susan McKee Ann Reynolds . Judy Cohen Ellie Clark . Patti Nash Nancy Jolmston Betsey Boshell Joann Sheddan Jean Armentrout Annelly Bayles Bee Dee Mullen Lindy Winston Suzanne Brown Louise Kelley J ettie Bergman . Ruth Frame UNUERCLX-WEN oors rs P5 7'o ffvowaf 1:45 Back row - M. L. Minarcl. I. Beall, S. Sayers. S. Flannery, I. Mathews, M. Flagg, M. Wentwrmrth. Front row---V. Gantner. Z. Addcntvrook. M. Bell. T. Horning, N. L. latte. D. Fischer. M. Cohen. The Junior Class l'r1'.virlenI . . . Toni Horningg View I,7'l'.VilI'1'IIf . . . Zoe Addenhrook Seerefnry . . . Sally Flannery Treasurer . .. Mareia Bell "Cinderella, Cinderella. all I hear is Cinderella." This song eehoed in the ears of the .luuior Class as they prepared for the annual winter prom. The sehool was soon transformed into a fairyland of gilded carriages, and magic- slippers. Ferns. eandles, roses. and hannisters heeame covered with a feathery hlue mist making the sehool a wonderland of wishes and dreams. The evening was elimaxed hy the an- uouneement of the winner of the tiny. slender silver slipper. .lettie Bergman. the winner. then led the eouples in a lilting waltz. This junior class worked very hard and deserves mueh eredit for giving the girls an enchanted evening. The Juniors, work did not stop with the prom. They continued to ereate the sa.me enchantment in a "Small VVorld." the theme of the annual spring Guild fair in whieh the Juniors eontrihute a great amount of time and energy. E361 wk row M. Braun. M. Smith, A. Lcc, .-X. Gully. llillkl row -I, Mufnslin. L. Gmssiiiiiii. M. XXLIICVINLIH, tl, Kcllsy, Nl. lsmus. N M-mimi row S, Murry, VI, llimtoii. M, Mglxfuillgm, ll. Rial. Al. lhvis, Nl, ivliixiiin-x, , , . . , . lrunl row l.. llcgcr, lv. l'lL'lllII1Q. li, flimsv, li, 5 lwlimli, AI. .X. Limlstiw-iii. The Sophomore Class l'r1uvirlr'lll lgIH'lHll'Jl Closi- I'il't"1,l'1'-X'illll'IIf Margo ixliIXlllllH iYl'I'l'l'llll'.If .lwm llrlvis 7'f'1'llNlll'1'l' l,iml:i l"lm-gm' "Ill", is vumingf' Signs 1-urrying tllvsv tllrm- worils lxlystwiulisly JllllH'Ill'l'll on 4x'n'l'v :1v:ill:ilulv lmlli-tm lmurml --:n-lv Ill ilu- l-ill l'x'm'rv girl who s:1w tliv signs 1lll1'SlflUllt'll. ll lm is Hia: lwut 1-mild limi rm mn' lu :mswvr lu-r qln-stiun. :is rm urn' ilsv Hl'l'lIll'll to know. Aitm-r IlIlll'll SlN'k'lllflll0Il tin Qoplmiiiurvs in-u':1lml tin-ir sm-wt. Ill-. was hir l',tln'llwi't. :x Ilillllt' trikvn lrum tin-ir .'xlll'iK'lll History vuiiiwv. Sir lilllvl ln-rt tlll'Il1'll out lo ln' il pm'l'l'1'ctlv :ulurulwlv Lfl'l'l'Il -xml wllih' 11-It ming N'llll lzllls Nsrittvn mm liis wir. 'llllis SOIilIOIll0I'l' pi'u'i4'ct. tlw sulv ol' bn' ltllivllu-r'l. l'l'l't'IYl'll U1 ..,'a':il rvspmisv fritni tll1'gil'lS1:llI4l soon flu' ll ills um In su lllllllll' Xlllll 4'lIlS Nllll 'Nil l tlivllwrt lllvlivil lxvntlv In tin- 1-rmmk ui l1llt'll' -1 I. P rw ' 'l'lin' SlbllllUIll0l't' 4-lass also vrih'1'l:li11c'il tin' lippm' si-limi :il :I must llvliglilllll pin-nil' in ilu- vnrly l':i'l tn:u'qll:1inl tin- nvw girls with tin' old girls. Asimlv from this. tliv lvntli grrulm' luis lwrn vxtiwiiivly lmsy trying to limi suitnlaln' UlllllIlll'IIl'l'llll'lll gifts lm' ilu-ir sistvr vlnss. tin' Hvniurs. H71 Huck ww A. Rmlgcrf. G. Fi'icl1urtslia1L1sci', M. Irwin, D. Mcrccr, K. Mcffrrcry, L. Strain, . , , . 5. l3c1'gcr, X. Xmgt. L. Baton. N , . ,. . lnwt row L. Cfciitw, CM Cmpclziml, M. vl. lxiclialrdsun, D, Aldcrtlicc, H. Brush. VI. Frvclsiml, N. fiillnplwll, H1lNK'Ill'Ll. 5. Srrmlcs, M. ."Xiinlrcws, The Freshmen Class I,l'I'.Y-lf1!'llf Ilzinnnh Bfllsll l'i4-1'-1'1'r'.vizlf'1lf liillllil Stl'1'lll iYf'f'1'f'lIIV"If .Grc'tc'ln'n Fl'll'lll'l'tSllfll1Nl'l' Y'I'l'lI-X'IlV't'l' .lnliv llnwnrrl 'iYoll trilu' thc' high rorul :xml I'll trilw tln- low vomit" hut which vu-r ronml you clmosv. you will num-t thi- fun loving l'il't'Sl1lIlfll1. During hint-h iw-wss. it is inipossilwh- to walk tllfilllgll thi' ll1lHK'Illl'Ilt without living "lmppm1" on hy il ninth gr:ui1'1'. To lu- iimrv 1-xplivit. thx- lzitvst rnga' of this vlnss is to "lwunny limp." At nm-ss. in thi- hulls. up :incl down thi- stairs. or in :mv :lV:1l zulu' nnuli. vnu will hml mxtviisivv przwtim-ing ut' this nvw mlrnicn- stvp. Asirh' froin this invigorating pustinn- thi' l"rm'slnn:in will hm' fnuml :xi-ting out :1 nvwly :xc-qiiirrci llrziinfitic- Clnh rolv. trying to c-:irry il tum' in nrclvi' to lvrxrn tht-ir ni-w Glu- Club songs. or sitting in :1 L'lll'Ilk'l' listing highly liiirmswm-rnlmli' lll1k'Slfi0Il'4 for C'hi l'it:1 Phi. This class has no ch-linitv projm-t for thi- yn-:ir 4-xcvpt to lu- :is llvllllilll :mil s :ia-tivc' in fn-lnml ziliriirs :is pussilmfv. YYllic'lrvy'n'r roncl thvy tukv. llllllliillgf :along 1- l'il'l'Nlllllk'll will mln :i fini- juli ol' making thvir 'iuu1'm'y into thi- lllltllfl' il llfllitlilll ind vxciting onv. l3Sl :gl lilth ltlllflll ck row M. Mcfflcnahan. ll Brown, C. Tltzfl. S. King. B. Annan. P. Muflahill, C. Scott. row Nl. A. ZlI11lIIk'FII1LlI1. f.. Mat-on. S. Rial, C.. XX nt-rrlwlq, L. ZllIlHlUI'III1lIl, lx. l'ilQ1lIl row l. Run. Cf, Cfainphcll, FI. XYlntchill. N. fVluQinll.xn. C. l5uN1nno, M. McGraw, Thnml row M. Stinson, M. ffmmtlcrinan. A. XYlll1L'l', :N Ehhurl. lvl. Nvlson, lf. livin. 'cond row K. Hytlc. P. Bowser, C. kYPn'iun. M. Sllflllll, E. ffouliran. :X Nlyvrs. lion! row I.. Pmimlluy, L. Hall. l'. llraplnlon. The Eighth Grade I'rw'.s'i1l1'r1f Susan lligginlsotlnnn lviK'l"1,l'I'-Villl'lIf l,incla llall Sf l'l'1'f!ll"lf i'onstam'm' 'l'itm-I 7ll'l'!I-S'I1I'l'l' Sarah King ,Ks tht- girls in tht' limit-r sc-hool "go OYl'l' hill. ovvr clalv. and hit tht- mlnsty tl nl tht-y arc .ioinml hy thirty-ninm' sure- ancl swil'tffi'ootvcl Utgjlltll QI'Illll'l'S. 'l'ln-sc' . . . .. V. ,, lll'l'lllt5 'lplillvll lor t'llllStllIl'Ilt. wvrn' :iw-vptvml. anml .l0lllt'll tht- lullls ranks. lla- nlcl U'll1lI'll lillis soltlivrs arm' in a constant statc ol' illllflZl'lIll'Ilt and :nnnst-ina-nt as 3-. vy witnvss tht' antics of this yonngvi' ge-n1'ration. 'l'hn ml iss whivh :u'q11il'n'1l its training at l,ilu-rty Sm-hool. "Oh to lwalu: to svw. to clvan ohl solmlie-rs look with a gIl'Q'l'lI m'-vm' on tln- honn' lllilklllg ahility ol' this -'t'is :L i'U!I!wlllIl,lIliItlUll rlvvontly to hm' wishm'1l"' sigh thx- ohlvr gnarmls. 'l'In- 4-ightll Hlaclm' has also Ill2ll'l'll1'll into many ol' tht- svhoul avtivitim's. aclmling zvst to van'h mwanization. g-. l'or wlwra' om' von go. Von will always known that tht- 4-iglutli gramln' is llllI'llllIl"' with lin-lv stm-ps into tht- rm-alins of lilllHYll'llg4'. and IlllYk'lltlll't'S. Stu-In 3-. lv stvp. thvv will rv:n'l1 tha- top of tht- lfllis l:uhlm'r to tinml tht-y haul lllilllt' fl i'l'1'NSllll lllIIl'l'll. U91 Seventh Grade Lck row Bnhcock, P. Crawford. A. Donaldson, L, Scott, B. O'Ncil, B. Bickcl, L. Rust A. Bzlylcs, S. Rosenthal, H, Bell. C. Erving, N. Evans, H. McAlccsc, L. Bell, L. Pzxrkcr E. Murphy. llrst row M. L. Meyer, H, Dennis, S, Arcnshcrg. L. Arrott, P. Foftcr, M. Bowfcr, E. j Mcifuflin, P. Porter. L, Mullingcr, C. Schzlrfc. 'W. Wzlrgi, S. Armcntrout, P. Tcrrcll, Sixth Grade tck row A. Acheson, F, Burgess, Vvycincr, P. Fisher. K, Murphy, Patterson, E. Brown E. Arcnshcrg, K. Rock, N. Gillies, P. McMahon. lint row S. VVYQIUITINZIH. M, Hyde, L. Tulhcrt, K. Hcppcnstull, P. Hamilton. VJ. Mycr4 H. Shoemaker, E. McLaughlin, K, Et'-hart. K. Vv'atson. M. M, XYIIUX, M. Marks. L 401 Fifth Grade dt Lu right E. Huwurd, M, Ciundcrmzm, Cf, McGraw, C. Drew, S. Hcnry, V. .'xhHTl'ilIlLIl , . . , . . -lgxckrurr, f., Stormy A. Rccxl, S. Clrlnnnnglc, In Plxlvy. I., Pmtun. E, l'r.1:1lL, IW, l3u'x'L'tnu lf 'UI'4'l'I1NUH S BL-ll ' . c- A V ' ' Fourth Grade ck ww -I. Cfhccvvr, S. SCl1llIl121ChCI', P. Hutclwkis-, S. Sch.1c1'cr, C. ENwrt. .-X. Xx'lHlllHlr M. Morris, B, Schmidt. K. Haumzllm. S, Erwmg, S. Bulll. llrxt row B. Parngdwn. M, Spinrllr, S. Eamm. D. Ballwwuli, H. Swan. Cf. Mclirndy, D, Dlckuy K. Roll. E411 Third Grade ,xx Back rows fS. Wilmer, M, Barnes, A. Willcmcli. C. Wzlltcmli, H. King, Sclmycr. Center ruw Houston. C. Mcconnon. Fmnt row S. Patterson, B. Gillies, L. Love, R, Love. B. W:lrLl. Second Grade Huck row M. Hmvcr, L. Gcllutly. E. Brcrctnn, M. Garvin, S. Swnc. A. Vwfurd. K. Gmsscu Ccntcr row E. Sliaclicr. M, Arnold, A. Collins, M. Miller, K. Lockllzlrt. K. Brown. Front row -L. Vw'clls, S. Gorman. A. Robinson, M. McClung, S, Glock. L. Longcncckcr. U21 First Grade nil' ' 'funk ruw G. Ulivcr, 4Vv'cigllcin, M. Rullin. A. Hzlnnailn, M. Rim. LYNL-il, Cl. Elwlwrt l.. Bcrglizuis, C. Vw'i1ltun. S. Dickey. L. Hillman. runt row l., Spinelli, M. Dsirrisnn. S. Hiiqlfrm, S. McCfr'vci'y, ff. Craig, E. lily. U. Raw ntl lvl. Mr-fili ic. Kindergarten Rack ww Mcfllung, Vvlcidlcin. M. Clark. D. Holliday. M. Hillman. S. Gcllallly, B. lllziii 3 B. Vfriglit, L. Hudson, M. Ren, l. Brown. lrunl rim' A. Mcrccr, C, Vfnmls. L. Heinz, N. Brown, A. VS'lElIQI'1l1C1l1. A. Bcnnimn. L. Murphy u 1 P. Lucklinrt, P. Grnsscip. l 43 l 44 51 AQ Q if v Student Council Prw.virl1'nf .Ivan Arim'ntrout I'if'l"I,l'1'Ni1ll'lIf Ann Rt-ynulds iSl1'f'I'l'fII7"If Anncllcy lluylvs l'ln lillis Stuclvnt Umm-il is tlu- sm-lmnl orgznnizutimi t'or1m'rl to discuss :tml tulu- :ia-tion on L-vrtuin prulmlvms arising in tht- tivo llppvr clusst-s. Tllm' C'oum-il lllllll'I' tht- supt'1'x'ision of Mrs. ixIllllYNlSllIl :md Miss Fillflillllll. lms l'K'gIlll1lI' wvvklj lllt'k'tlllgS to discuss its :lctivitivs wllicll lllCllllll' tllm' I't'g'lllIltl0Il of IIUIIOI' Study llull xml tllt' 4-mitral of tllv nvwly initizntvcl C'mmm-nt Systvm. Tlit- ntlivr ilutivs of tht Vuum-il im-lumlv l1l'0t'l10I'lllg.f tlu- lilmrary :md study lmll. :mtl t'0YlllllL'tlIlg Illl 0L't'IlSl0ll!ll nsscmlmly. .Xsimlv frmn tln-sv various prnjvcts. tllt- t'm1nc'il vmlvuvors to pronmtv :in llllll1'I'- strnmling lwtww-ri tht- stuclvnts :mel tlu- f:1c11lty. Its initial purposv is to gin- :in lHK'l'l'flSt'ti spirit ut' intm'rm'st :xml unity to tllm' girls in tllt-ir sclmol lift-. P461 The Ellis Guild l'f'f'xirl'r'lll Nluxiiu' l'nlu'n SI'l'I'l'llll"lf Susan S:iy1'i's Tr'f'rl.v1lrf'r' Nvllii- Lon .l:1ll'n' llu l lllu fninlil is :in UI'Lf!l!IlZIltl0lI wluw-u' initial piirpnsi' is in I'!llSl' nunuw' lm inml lllNlIlllllt1' nunu'y :inning vziriunf. win-tliwliilv i'li:1ritim's :ill uvvi' tlu' wurlml. 'l'lns inn is u1onlplislu'1l:1t tlu':innn:il Spring l":iii' in wliivli tlu' vntirm' wluuvl p:ii'lii'ip:1h -i l ull class luis :I luumili wliu'li is ml1'L'ni':iivcl in :u'cm'1l:iiu'm' XYIill ilu' lllilill ul ilu' l':ili llu nunu i misi-il :ll this i'Vt'lli is lu'lil until ilu' following Sl'lllt'IlIlN'!' :il Wllltll Iinu ll is ilnulul :nul wut to tlu' l'll:l!'ilii's cluwsvn by tlu' girls in ilu' svluml, llns u':ii'. lliulvi' ilu' 3illllt'l'Yl5lllll ui' Miss llniul. llu' Cinilnl inili:ilu'4l :i n inuiul ll liru nirulc :tm-ll lIll!llIl'lJlllV l't'NllOlINllTlk' lm' :1 l2lll'0l7l'Illl wni' m'pli.in l ull il iss wrihw llu' girl :i If-th-r :ilmnt tl-v si-luuwl :iiul in rvtnrn ilu' m'pli:in wri llu gills iluinl lu'r scluuwl :incl lu'i' lifi-. 'l'lu' Cinilil lurprs tlizit in mluing tliis. ilu flilx will iii-wlop :i gi'm':1t1'r inlm'i'i'st in tlu' young pvuplm' ol' l'illl'0lll'. N71 fs The Ivy Hrlifnr Ruth lcfllllll' li11.vir1r'.s'.v Jlrlllrlffrl' .lllmlitll l5m':1H Tin- Ivy is tliv si-imol'w litvmrv in:ng:izim- wliicli is pillilislivml nnnuznllv. This nur lH'Ullllh1'S to living Ill'll1V nm-W 'xml original :uhlltlmis XVIIICII :nw in-ing kvpt sc-011-1 md :nrv l'2lllSlll!1 IllllL'll llltl'l'l"-it 'md sliwlilxxtinil. 'l'liv Ivy, plllwlislivd unch-r tlu- mln-rvisimi of Miss l":1irI:milm. im-ludvs pm-ins. wlmrt shirivs. :md svniur vssnys slilmiittvd for clvvisiuri to tllv Ivy Board. l'illl'il girl. frmn Hn- first to Hn- twclftli g1l'!l4it'.l'4H1tI'ii7lltl'Stl!tlI1'lIl2lQQJlZiIll'. This yvur. Hn' lmrirnl liY'gjfIlIliZ1'li il short story cmitwt whim-In ilim-iwzism-cl intvrn-st :incl t'lItlll1SiJlNlll tlll'0llQ.fil0llt tln- wlmlm' svir N81 The Patchwork lfrlilor Lindy lVinston lfIlNllll'.Y-X' .llllllllffff Susan Nl1'Km'v 'l'ln- 1'11lf'l1rc'rn'l.' is tllv st-liool m-wspnpci' wliicll is lnllwlislivrl six tinivs ilnrin, tln svllool yt-nr. Originritvml four yvzlrs ago. tln' l'r1f1'l11c'rn'f.' lms llliltll' tln' stnmlvnts nuoim' :iwuru of :incl illt1'l't'Nll'll in tln' nvws ol' tln- sq-liool. In t'fll'll issnr. tln' nvws I :pi-r stall :nttvinlmts to nnprovm' its lournnlistu' st:in1l:n'cls :xml proallicv :i pzipvr rm-li Il si ntzltivr of tht- svllool. l'lns Vl'fll'.tll1' stall 4-onsists ol tlnrtv-six llll'IlIlN'1'S ol tln' iippri' sm-liool. :incl lms nlmlvml two iw-po1'tm's from tln' nnmlmllm- Sl'llU0l so tlmt tln' lll'WSIHllN'I' min gin' :is lull . . .- vw . .. . . - 1 Low-1':1gn':1s possilmln- ol scllool lllv. Ilu- in-wspzipvr is mllvlmlml into 1-iglit stalls. t'SlK'lI 1 its own vclitor or Ill!lIltlQl'I'. A nvw iclwl. wliic-ll prmx-cl vvry SllQ'l'l'ShlIlll. was tln' pnlmlim-:ation ol' tln' iwwspzipvi tht first llily ot' scliool. 'l'l1is issln' contuinml inforinution lllillllt tht- :n'tiviti1's :intl i U niizntions of tln' Sl'll0lll. :xml prmm-ml livlpful to tln- nvw girls :inml olml girls :alikm l49l Chi Eta Phi IIIY'-Vifll'Ilf ,, Judith C'uhm'n S1'r'rr'I11ry Judith Allcn Chi I' ta Phi is thi- sc-huol's non-dcnoniinational rn-ligious urgzmization. Anyonm in thi- uppvr school who is intcrvstud in rvligion may lwvoiiu- a lllt'lIlill'l'. This yn-ar , . till ICM Phi h id in , . ' : : ova-rwlu-inning rvsponsm- from thv studvnt hociy. Chi. Pita. and l hi arm' thi Circa-k lvttvrs which stand for C'atl1olic. Hn-hrvw. and l'rotm-stant. Thu purpose of C'hi Iita Phi is to proinotc a hvttvr uncicrstamiing of thx' diitvr- 1-nt rvligious hclicfs and traditions. In ordcr to attain its aim. C'hi Eta Phi holds disc-nssitm im-Q-tings monthly at which tinu- rcligious prohh-ins and idcas arv dis- cliasm-rl. This yvar. tht' organization has had many finc spcakvrs who have- givvn thi- hasiv principivs and customs of thvir faiths and COIIlP!lFi'li thvni to thi- othvr faiths. In this wav. 1-an-h girl may sm' how hi-r rcligion parallm-ls that of hm' sclnmliiiatvs rm-ligion. U01 i ws W N The Dramatic Club I'r1'.vi1l4'r1f .... Toni Ilorning I'if'l'-I,l'!'Xidl'lIf . , Muxinc Cohcn 7'I'I'!ISIl7'!'7' .,,. Sully Flzmncry Lilzrarian , Linda lflcgcr Gcnrfral .1lfI7lI1f1!'T .... , . , . .... . , ,.Ncllic Lou .lzxiic YVc'rc not likc famous Slmkcspcarc Nor Hanilct with his Ghost VVc'rc just thc Hllis Mcrry Musqucs Doing thc plays wc lovc thc most. Thc Mcrry Mnsqucs is thc ncwly :idoptcd nznnc of thc Ellis School llfillllfitil' Uluh. This cluh has nrouscd lnuch intcrcst among thc studcnts and :ulfordcd much cnjoyincnt for thc girls :md thcir familics. Anyonc in thc uppcr school lnziy hccoinc :1 incinhcr. Thc big lll'0llll'lll of this yc:1r's cluh was thc production of Oscar WVildc's British foincdy. "'l'hc Iinportuncc of Bi-ing Ezirncstlu Undcr thc dircction of Miss Pcurl. thc girls lcarncd not only how to uct. hut also how to spcnk corrcctly and distinctly. Thc Druinzltic Cluh provicicd thc Christinus party with :in :unusing play. HcillTiHtllIIIS in thc M:1rkctpl:1cc.'i zlctcd :md produccd hy thc cighth grzidc incinhcrs of thc cluh. till The Glee Club Prcxiflcrzl Barhara Mullcn l5'11.vinc.v.v .llanagcr Nancy Johnston Iiillfllfillll ., . . . ,. ,. ,. ., .Sallic McKA'c 'l'hc lillis Cilcc Club. unmlcr thc clircction of Mrs. JIIHIUS Evans, consists of girls ivoin thc ninth through thc twclfth gracics. 'llhc cluh had an cspccially intcrcsting scar. Aside' from singing for hcncfits and at many hoincs for clisalmlcd pcoplc, thc Crlcc flnh participatcrl in thc annual "Unitcd VVQ- Sing" at Carncgic Music Hall. lhc girls gavc joint conccrts with Kiski. Mcrccrslmrg. and thc annual onc with 'Shady Sirlc in thc carly spring. Thu Glcc Clulm has an aclclcd attraction in thc cnscnlhlc which is nlaclc up of ninm' girls from thc Gln-c Cluh. This group sings at many hcncfits. and always givcs L spccial ninnhcr with thc Glcc Cluh at such tilncs as Parcnts' Night, and thc Thanks- Ving and Clll'lStIllZlS programs. Thc Glcc Cluh also plays a most important part it thc .lunc K'onnncnccnicnt. l52l Ellis Ensemble Skating Club Representatives Library Committee Safety Patrol Qwmacs 'K Jr: Q I QQ I,I't'.Vllll'IIf . S1'l'I'1'fIH"Ij 1lY'I'II.YIll'I'I' E. A. A. lx-ttiv lg1'l'Qlll1lIl Nrnxvy .lolxnstoxi .lx':xn ll:x vis 'l'lxx- li. A. A. is tlxx- lillis Atlxlctix- Assoc-i:xtimi. lin-ry girl frmxi tlxx- fxxxxrtli grnrlm' tliroxxgli twclftll gr:xxlx' lwlongs to tliv li. A. A. 'flu' llosxrcl is nxxxxlx' up ol rvprx-sx'nt:xtivcs from v:xx-ll 4-l:xss :xml of tlxx- Urwn :xml YVlxitx- tx':xnx x-:xpt:xins. 'l'lix li. A. A. fxxrxc-timxs xxmlx-r tlxv sxxpx-rvisixm of Miss Hx-nsxm. 'lllll' pxxrposc of tlix' li. A. A. is to x-ncoxxrzxgv good Sll0l'lSlllflTlSlllll :xxmxng tlxe- girls ,,. . . . . . lliis :xlxix IS zxcllxcvvxl luv lnxvmg lixt1'rm'l:xss QJQIIIIIUS in lluvkvv. sm'c'x'r. lxsxskctlnxll. :xm luxsvlxzxll. 'l'lxx- xnxu-lx :xrxticip:xtx'xl vvvnt of tlxv yvrxr. org:xnizx'xl lxy tlxv lt. A. A.. is tlxr stmlx-nt-f:xc-xllty lx:xsclx:xll g:xxm'. wlxiclx brings tlxx- girls :xml tvsxx-lxvrs togvtlxm-r for :x fxxn-fillvrl zxftvrlxxion. 'l'lxx: li. A. A. lmlds two p:xrtix-s ywxrly. tlxc first of wliiclx is :x H:xllxxwm'x-ix l':xrty gin-n for tllx- xixirlfllx- sclmxxl. Tlxx- otlix-x' party is :x sxxrprisx- pix-nic fur tllx- xxppx-x sx-lmxxl wlxicli is :xlwnys gn-:xtly mxjoye-ml. l56l I-loclcey Varsity Class Song l'unight :ls wt' stuml llvrv pri-p:irm-il to mlcp:u't WH' L'llt'l'lSll fond im-m'rim-s with s:ulm'ss of hwirt. lvl' hiel fmul f:n'm'vvcll to 1'IlK'll frivml that wi' Illllllt' Xml tv:u-In-rs who In-lpvrl us :ns wi' workvml :md wx' play Kil'llIlll?ltlHgI'S :i llll'ilSlll't' hut h':iving's :1 grivfl YV1' rvgrvt that our stay licrv has lwcn Illlll'll too l int l"rum Ellis S4-liuul Ilnrlmr. wt-'rm' sailing tonight Pull up tha- :im-hm' our Goal is in sight. Cheerleaders i571 Green Team GRlCl'lN TEAM CHHICR J ittcrlmug-.l ittvrhug-all around l H1-rc L-omvs the GREEN tvam A-struttin' through town! With a flat-foot flugiv And a flm--fluc VVu'vv got a tvam that'sfO, lmoyl Put 'cm all together. And this is what yo11'v0 got- A clarn good team that's -elilill HOT! H81 GREEN 'PRAM SONG Thi-re is one tCJllll that wn"ll fight for WH- will uphold its namc. 'I'l1c-rv is om- girl whom wt-'ll follow. Slut- will lcarl us on to fiillllx Rah. Rah. Rahl Green Tearn, vvn-'rc always with you. Yvorking as a wholc. For we-'ll fight with spirits high V-I-C'-T-O-R-Y Team mates so loyal and trum- Figllting all thc way, YV1' will plcclgc' our llC'11l'tS to try: V-I-C-'IYO-IifY White Team YVlll'l'l", 'l'l'lAM i'lll'll".ll lVlll'l'l'l 'l'l",.-XXI SUNG im was in :l llllmlillv. lllll m':1pi:1in llurls :irv :issvmlili-ml fm' thi- Xl'liih' ,ll1'flIll luwvrvil In-r lll'!lIl. To fit tugi-ilu-r willl llll'll' W-ry lwsl l g:lllll'l'l'Il rouml. :xml this is wlml scllvimu slut mid: llmmi for vuvli Sl'k'llUll. 1'c':11ly in slnrl. got to go. gn. go t1'Jllll go. XYflll'll it liliilcl up :ls wx- :ulcl lu m':u'li lrnrl gut to fight' fight' fight tmun NVQ-'ll plum' SI3Ul'tSlllSlllNlllll :mal spirit. fight. A -Mill m-mmmpm'i':ilioll :xml ilu- Ullll'I'S in got to win. win. win tvum win. wliltiml got to go' yn gut tn fight' yu got Xml :is tlivsi' pin-vs join will: tlrv rn-sl. lu win tl'Illll win. XVllitm- 'll-:mi will prow- that ilu-ir puzzli X1 1 Xvllilvsl is lwst li9l L 60 Alexander, Jane CMrs. John5 5510 Beverly Place C65 Amundson, Nora CMrs. Carroll5 234 Melwood Avenue C135 Apartment 204 Band, Margaret 324 Orchard Drive C285 Benson. Dorothy R. 545 Aiken Avenue C325 Campbell, Inez CMrs. W. 1.5 2020 Frankella Avenue C215 Clark, Hugh S. 5659 Darlington Road C175 Cook, Margaret W. CMrs. Arlin M.5 Shady Side Academy Fox Chapel Road C155 Cooper, Ida College Club 143 S. Craig Street C135 Con wa Helen M ! -- -up W. -A --:rj-r-w-wwqy --rrnfgq ' Directory - Faculty and Staff Evans, Ruth T. CMrs. James5 476 Carnegie Drive C165 Fairlamb, Margaret 545 Aiken Avenue C325 Foner, Mary 923 N. Negley Avenue C65 Growall, Sally 234 Melwood Avenue C135 Harvey, Beatrice CMrs. F. Leamont5 4220 Saline Street C175 Hasson, Claire 7035 Chaucer Street C85. Henry, Ruth B. 718 Maryland Avenue C325 Hirsch, Vida Jane 426 S. Graham Street C65 Hogg, Mary CMrs. George P.5 1082 Shady Avenue C65 jeffrey, Lesley B. Mr 1 y, . C s. C. Dw'ght5 6923 Thomas Boulevard C85 1139 Jackson Street C215 Acheson, Adrianne 6844 Penham Place C85 MOntrose 1-8481 Addenbrook, Zoe 407 Glen Arden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-9120 Ahlbrandt, Virginia Johnson, Althea CMrs. Reginald H.5 216 Melwood Avenue C135 Apartment 201 Katz, Shirley Pearl CMrs. Larry5 5559 Bartlett Street C175 McVicker, Ella B. CMrs. Carl G.5 2026 Fairlawn Street C215 Mantell, Winifred E. 372 S. Highland Avenue C325 Moeser, Helen H. CMrs. Henry A.5 601 Whitiiey Avenue C215 Pearce, Marie CMrs. Russell5 Georgian Apartments 5437 Ellsworth Avenue C65 Rader. Ann 9 Elizabeth Street C105 Shaw, Helen E. CMrs. H. Stanley5 1821 McNary Boulevard C215 Spitz. Phyllis CMrs. Richard M.5 5816 Elmer St'eet C325 Students Arensberg, Susan Evergreen Hamlet Babcock Boulevard C95 Mllvale 1-2117-J Armentrout Jean 1020 Highmont Road C325 MOntrose 1-4242 5463 Aylesboro Avenue C175 Armentrout, Sally Ann MAyflower 1-4144 Alderdice, Deborah 1369 Shady Avenue C175 HAzel 1-3208 Allen, Judith 1020 Highmont Road C325 MOntrose 1-4242 Arnold, Margot 5715 Elmer Street C325 Hlland 1-9447 4211 Bigelow Boulevard C135 Arrott, Lynne MAyflower 1-3175 Andrews, Martha 430 Spring Street New Kensington, Pa. EDison 5-6901 Annan, Barbara Woodland Road C325 HAzel 1-4473 Arensberg, Eve 6819 Reynolds Street C85 Hlland 1-7769 Babcock, Dorothy Edgewood Drive C155 STerling 1-2431 Babcock, Jean Edgewood Drive C155 STerling 1-2431 Barnes, Mary 1172 Murrayhill Avenue C175 Windsor Place C155 MOntrose 1-2890 STerling 1-5616 Baton, Louise 126 Penham Lane C85 MOntrose 1-1879 Baton, Linda 126 Penham Lane C85 MOntrose 1-1879 Bayles, Abigail 713 St. James Street C325 MUseum 1-7751 Bayles, Annelly 713 St. james Street C325 MUseum 1-7751 Beall, Judith Evergreen Hamlet C95 Mlllvale 1-2194 Beall, Susan Evergreen Hamlet C95 Mlllvale 1-2194 Beeson, Elizabeth Edgewood Road C155 STerling 1-6025 Bell, Susan 808 Devonshire Street C135 MAyflower 1-0698 1611 Stevenson, Virginia P. 5831 Walnut Street C325 Stolarevsky. Kathryn F. CMrs. Mihail5 College Manor College Sz Walnut St. C325 Sutch, Helen M. 1990 McNary Boulevard C215 Terrell, Kathryn CMrs. Willard5 1126 Jackson Street C215 Tilley, Marjorie L. 372 S. Highland Avenue C325 Wick, Blanche C. CMrs. R. A.5 568 Dorseyville Road C155 Wishart, Josephine 21 Creighton Avenue C55 Wylie, Carrie Lee 1160 Portland Street C65 Zirkle, Mathilda CMrs. Howard A.5 992 Crest Lane Carnegie, Pa. Bell, Marcia 315 S. Lexington Avenue C85 FRemont 1-7297 Bell, Elizabeth 5235 Westminster Place C325 MUseum 1-1588 Bell, Hester 5235 Westminster Place C325 MUseum 1-1588 Bennison, Alice 6230 Fifth Avenue C325 EMerson 2-3174 Berger, Susan 5367 Fair Oaks Street C175 MUseum 1-3296 Berghaus, Lydia 700 St. James Street C325 MAyflower 1-4976 Bergman, Jettie 2436 Craftmont Avenue C55 WAlnut 1-5300 Bickel, Blythe 6410 Beacon Street C175 JAckson 1-7609 Bindley, Louise 5311 Westminster Place C325 MUseum 1-2427 Blair, Margaret 5714 Lynn Haven Road C175 EMerson 1-3617 Boshell, Betsey 5222 Wilkins Avenue C175 MAyflower 1-6844 Bowser, Nancy 537 Glen Arden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-1221 Bowser, Priscilla 537 Glen Arden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-1221 Bragdon, Barbara 1085 Devon Road C135 MUseum 1-0904 Bragdon, Mary Penelope 1085 Devon Road C135 MUseum 1-0904 Braun, Marjorie 6828 Penham Place C85 MOntrose 1-2423 Brereton, Eugenia Old Mill Road, R.D. 11 C155 Woodland 3-8563 Brereton, Mathilda Dale Old Mill Road, R.D. 11 C155 Woodland 3-8563 Brown, Ellen 540 Glen Arden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-9127 Brown, Katharine 540 GlenArden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-9127 Brown, Nancy 540 Glen Adren Drive C85 MOntrose 1-9127 Brown, Polly 5817 Wayne Road C65 HIland 1-6978 Brown, Suzanne 1407 Denniston Avenue C175 HAzel 1-3502 Brown, Diana 1336 Bennington Avenue C175 MAyflower 1-5794 Brush, Hannah 1127 N. Euclid Avenue C65 MOntrose 1-5777 Burgess, Florence 1156 S. Negley Avenue C175 Hlland 1-1357 Campbell, Carol 4367 Schenley Farms Terrace MAyflower 1-2844 Campbell, Nancy Edgewood Road C155 STerling 1-1386 Cheever, Julia 131 Yorkshide Road C85 EMerson 1-2237 Clark, Eleanor Hillcrest Road C155 STerling 1-5505 Clark, Joan Hillcrest Road C155 STerling 1-5505 Close, Barbara Edgewood Drive C155 STerling 1-2334 Cochrane, Eleanor Guyasuta Road C155 STerling 1-1426 Cohen, Judith 1235 Malvern Avenue C175 SChenley 1-2900 Cohen, Maxine 1277 Bellerock Street C175 HAzel 1-7712 Collins, Alice 804 Maryland Avenue C325 Hlland 1-2318 Conderman, Margo 4916 Bayard Street C135 MUseum 1-8661 Conderman, Rebecca 4916 Bayard Street C135 MUseum 1-8661 Copeland, Caroline Oak Hill Farms Allis-on Park, Pa. Glenshaw 406 Craig, Carolyn 1141 Wightman Street MUseum 1-3210 C175 Crawford, Patricia 200 Tenth Street C155 STerling 1-0664 Darrison, Marcia 6835 Penham Place C85 EMerson 1-1798 Davis, Jean 5821 Elmer Street C325 EMerson 1-7530 DeNinno, Carolyn 4533 Stanton Avenue C15 STerling 1-4234 Dennis, Helen Fox Chapel Road C155 Woodland 3-8279 Dickey, Diana 5800 Aylesboro Avenue JAckson 1-7123 C175 Dickey, Susan 5800 Aylesboro Avenue C175 JAckson 1-7123 Donaldson, Anne Hawthorne Road C155 STerling 1-539.0 C62 Drew, Catherine 6550 Beacon Street C175 HAzel 1-9222 Eaton, Susan 5033 Castleman Street C325 MUseum 1-0978 Ebbert, Genevieve 6630 Kinsman Road C175 JAckson 1-0281 Ebbert, Kay 6630 Kinsman Road C175 JAckson 1-0281 Ebbert, Ann 1441 Squirrel Hill Ave. C175 MUseum 1-2381 Ebbert, Carol 1441 Squirrel Hill Ave. C175 MUseum 1-2381 Ely, Eleanor 7 Dunmoyle Place C175 EMerson 1-5111 Erving, Clarissa 6820 Juniata Place Hlland 1-1418 Erving, Joan 6820 Juniata Place C85 Hlland 1-1418 C85 Evans, Margaret 1026 Highmont Road C325 MOntrose 1-9008 Fagan, Kathleen 800 Maryland Avenue C65 Hlland 1-7382 Fischer, Diane West Waldheim Road C155 STerling 1-3301 Fisher, Margaret 5565 Northumberland St. C175 MAyflower 1-8822 Flagg. Margot 325 Sixth Avenue C225 EXpress 1-1127 Flannery, Sara Fox Chapel Road C155 Woodland 3-8782 Fleger, Linda R.D. 2, Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 567 Fleming, Barbara Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1953 Foster, Pauline 6 Colonial Place C325 SChenley 1-6787 Frame, Marjorie Forest Drive C385 Woodland 3-7836 Frame, Ruth Forest Drive C385 Woodland 3-7835 1 1 Frank, Elizabeth 920 Wellesley Road C65 MOntrose 1-3941 Freeland, Jane R.D. 2, Ligonier, Pa. Friebertshauser, Gretchen 1356 Denniston Avenue C175 JAckson 1-6703 Gantner, Virginia Hawthorne Road C155 STerling 1-5162 Garvin, Margaret 610 Pitcairn Place C325 MAyflower 1-2323 Gealy, Alice 1322 S. Negley Avenue C175 HAzel 1-7710 Gellatly, Lynda 115 N. Murtland Avenue C85 MOntrose 1-9226 Gellatly, Susan 115 N. Murtland Avenue C85 MOntrose 1-9226 Genter, Louise 6625 Ridgeville Street C175 HAzel 1-6918 Gibbons, Mary 5130 Pembroke Place C325 MUseum 3-1772 Gillies, Barbara 714 Devonshire Street C135 MAyflower 1-1463 Gillies, Nancy 714 Devonshire Street C135 MAyflower 1-1463 Glock, Sandra 1450 Wightman Stree C175 MUseum 1-0544 Gorman, Sandra 732 S. Millvale Avenue C135 MAyflower 1-6633 Grossman, Linda 1640 Dormont Avenue C165 LEhigh 1-5237 Grosscup, Katharine 5310 Westminster Place C325 MUseum 1-2234 Grosscup, Pamela 5310 Westminster Place MUseum 1-2234 C325 Grunnagle, Suzanne Pasadena Drive C155 STerling 1-6884 Hall, Linda 16 North Drive C155 STerling 1-7878 Hamilton, Patricia Fox Chapel Road C155 STerling 1-1227 Hannah, Annette 4752 Bayard Street C135 MUseum 1-2241 Hannah, Katharine 4752 Bayard Street C135 MUseum 1-2241 Heinz, Louise 426 Glen Adren Drive C85 MOntrose 1- 1085 Henry, Suzanne 6836 Penham Place C85 EMerson 1-4723 Heppenstall, Katherine 6815 Edgerton Avenue C85 MOntrose 1-8817 Higginbotham, Susan Apartment 8 552 N. Neville Street C135 SChenley 1-5909 Hillman, Audrey 1415 Squirrel Hill Avenue C175 MUseum 1-2078 Hillman, Juliet Lea 1415 Squirrel Hill Avenue C175 MUseum 1-2078 Hillman, Madeleine West Woodland Road C325 HAzel 1-7656 Holliday, Diana 1360 Denniston Avenue C175 HAzel 1-2711 Horning, Toni La Todami Farm Wexford, Pa. Wexford 5-1091 Hotchkiss, Patricia 6927 Penn Avenue C85 MOntrose 1-6143 Houston, Jean 300 S. Lexington FRemont 1-4107 Houston, Roberta 300 S. Lexington Avenue C85 FRemont 1-4107 Howard, Evelyn 536 Briar Cliff Road C215 PEnhurst 1-1363 Avenue C85 Howard, Julia 536 Briar Cliff Road C215 PEnhurst 1-1363 Hower, Marguerite 1333 Bennington Avenue C175 MAyflower 1-9212 Hudson, Laura 505 S. Linden Avenue C85 EMerson 1-6249 Hudson, Sarah 505 S. Linden Avenue C85 EMerson 1-6249 Hyde, Keithlyn 2509 Mt. Royal Boulevard Glenshaw, Pa. Glenshaw 434 Hyde, Marcia 2509 Mt. Royal Boulevard Glenshaw, Pa. Glenshaw 434 Irwin, Mary 5305 Westminster Place C325 MAyflower 1-2759 Jackson, Jennifer 5029 Amberson Place C325 MAyflower 1-4411 Jalfe. Nellie Lou 1310 Squirrel Hill Avenue C175 Schenley 1-8576 Johnston, Nancy 1154 Wightman St. C175 SChenley 1-6164 Jones. Marjorie Guyasuta Road C155 STerling 1-8878 Jorfzenson, Eliabeth 6830 Reynolds Street C85 EMerson 1-3532 Kelley, Josephine 1531 C-ochran Road C165 LOcust 1-1453 Kelley, Louise 1531 Cochran Road C165 LOcust 1-1453 King, Diane 1425 Beechwood Blvd. C175 JAckson 1-2003 King. Helen 1112 Shady Avenue C65 MOntrose 1-7818 King, Sarah 1112 Shady Avenue C65 MOntrose 1-7818 Lee, Augusta 510 Roslyn Place C325 MUseum 2-3420 Liem. Edith 1.037 Murrayhill Avenue C175 EMerson 1-3046 Lindstrom, Jennie Ann 5718 Fifth Avenue C325 Hlland 1-8444 Lloyd, Patricia 810 Hulton Road makmont, Pa. Oakmont 2913 Lockhart, Katharine 5215 Westminster Place C325 SChenley 1-2225 Lockhart, Pauline 5215 Westminster Place C325 SChenley 1-2225 Longenecker, Laurie 222 Lytton Avenue C135 MUseum 1-8877 Love, Leila 5535 Beeler Street C175 MUseum 1-5465 Love, Roberta 5535 Beeler Street C175 MUseum 1-5465 Mallinger, Luise 5295 Forbes Street C175 SChenley 1-8426 Marks, Mary 5620 Dunmoyle Street C175 MAyflower 1-1179 Mathews, Julia 715 Amberson Avenue C325 SChenley 1-5707 Matson, Christine 509 S. Linden Avenue C85 MOntrose 1-3873 Maximov, Margo 6410 Beacon Street C175 JAckson 1-7609 Maxwell, Catherine 31 Churchill Road C355 PEn-hurst 1-5970 McAleese, Helen Hillcrest Road C155 STe1'1ing 1-2077 McCahill, Patricia Fox Chapel Road C385 STerling 1-5190 McCaslin, Ellen Jane Oak Hill Fams Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1173 McCaslin, Janet Louise Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1173 McClenahan, Bunny 5840 Solway Street C175 HAzel 1-4881 McClintic, Miranda Fox Chapel Road C155 STerling 1-6234 McClung, Judith 6600 Kinsman Road C175 HAze1 1-7341 McClung, Marv 6600 Kinsman Road C17 HAzel 1-7341 McConnon, Cathy 4912 Wallingford Street C135 MUseum 2-4251 McCrady, Cardv Cliff Road C215 1-3791 545 Briar FRen1ont Kathleen McCreery, 6337 Jackson Street C65 EMerson 1-2272 McCreery, Sheila 6337 Jackson Street C65 EMerson 1-2272 McGraw. Constance 1101 S. Nepzlev Avenue C175 EMerson 1-0515 McGraw. Marban 11-01 S. Negley Avenue C175 EMerson 1-0515 1631 McKee, Sallie 714 Amberson Avenue C325 MAyflower 1-0536 McKee, Susan 714 Amberson Avenue C325 MAyflower 1-0536 McLaughlin, Eleanor James Ross Place C155 STer1ing 1-8525 McMahon, Perrynell 6101 Fifth Avenue C325 MOntrose 1-6221 McQuillan, Marilyn 2407 Mt. Royal Boulevard Glenshaw, Pa. Glenshaw 535 McQuillan, Nancy 2407 Mt. Royal Boulevard Glenshaw, Pa. Glenshaw 535 Mercer, Ann 220 S. Homewood Avenue C85 PEnl1urst 1-0713 Mercer, Diane 4636 Bayard Street C135 SChenley 1-7418 Meyer, Mary Louise 314 S. Dallas Avenue C85 MOntrose 1-6673 Miller, Margaret 802 Maryland Avenue C325 MOntrose 1-5954 Minard, Mary Louise 1432 Browning Road C65 MOntrose 1-4394 Morris, Marny Windsor Road C155 STerling 1-1312 Mullen, Barbara Royal York Apartments C135 MAyflower 1-5727 Murphy, Eloise 1000 Sheridan Avenue C65 EMerson 2-0377 Murphy, Kathleen 1000 Sheridan Avenue C65 EMerson 2-0377 Murphy, Lysle 1000 Sheridan Avenue C65 EMerson 2-0377 Murray, Sarah 5415 Northumberland St. C175 SChenley 1-4785 Myers, Wendy 1236 Murrayhill Avenue C175 JAckson 1-1788 Myers, Abigail 5809 Marlborough Ave. C175 JAckson 1-6898 Nash. Patricia 4136 Bigelow Boulevard C135 MAyflower 1-1394 Nelson, Molly 5433 Kipling Road C171 JAckson 1-6697 O'Brien, Carolyn 1400 Browning Road C61 EMerson 1-1201 Oliver, Gail 5238 Ellsworth Avenue C321 MUseum 1-2517 O'Neil, Barbara 932 S. Aiken Avenue C321 MAyflower 1-6711 O'Nei1, Joan 932 S. Aiken Avenue C321 MAyflower 1-6711 Ostrow, Donna 5446 Plainfield St. C131 SChenley 1-0754 Ostrow, Lynda 5446 Plainfield Street C131 SChenley 1-0754 Parker, Linda 209 Richland Lane C81 CHurchill 1-4490 Patterson, Judith 6671 Kinsman Road C171 JAckson 1-5288 Patterson, Sandra 6671 Kinsman Road C171 JAckson 1-5288 Pixley, Lynn 1902 Beechwood Blvd. C171 JAckson 1-1181 Porter, Penny 5828 Wayne Road C61 Hlland 1-4893 Punton, Judith 1901 Brush Clit? Road C211 FRemont 1-4544 Rea, Katharine 1177 Murrayhill Avenue C171 EMerson 1-7672 Rea, Ingeid 5200 Westminster Place MUseum 1-8859 Rea, Marion 5200 Westminster Place MUseum 1-8859 Reed, Anica 5448 Northumberland St. MUseum 1-7898 Reed, Lynn 5448 Northumberland St. C171 MUseum 1-7898 Reynolds, Ann 714 Hastings Street C61 MOntrose 1-3282 Rial, Hydie 5510 Aylesboro Avenue C171 MAyflower 1-7448 Rial, Sally 5510 Aylesboro Avenue C171 MAyflower 1-7448 Richardson, Mary Jane 1203 Shady Avenue C61 Hlland 1-9.090 C321 C321 C171 Robinson, Ann 830 Amberson Avenue C321 MAyflower 1-0817 Rock, Katharine 5030 Castleman Street C321 MUseun1 1-4640 Rodgers, Anne 5312 Ellsworth Avenue C321 MUseum 1-3784 Rosenthal, Suzanne 2074 Beechwood Blvd. C171 HAzel 1-0896 Ross, Geraldine 1221 Shady Avenue C321 EMerson 2-1964 Rost, Linda 541 Glen Arden Drive C81 MOntrose 1-4550 Ruffin, Martha North Drive C151 Woodland 3-8061 Rust, Mary 1171 Murrayhill Avenue C171 MOntrose 1-6159 Sayers, Susan 577 Moorhead Place C321 SChenley 1-0528 Schaefer, Eileen 5665 Bartlett Street C171 HAzel 1-6662 Schaefer, Susan 5665 Bartlett Street C171 HAzel 1-6662 Scharfe, Carol 903 Amberson Avenue C321 MUseum 1-1583 Schmidt, Barbara 5419 Northumberland SE. C171 MAyflower 1-4212 Scholnick, Barbara 213 Hampton Road C151 STerling 1-1907 Schoyer. Judith 1167 Murrayhill Avenue C171 EMerson 1-3332 Schumacher, Susan 1082 Shady Avenue C61 Hlland 1-7584 Scott, Caroline 5131 Westminster Place C321 MAyf1ower 1-1854 Scott, Louise 1047 S. Neglev Avenue C171 Hlland 1-2882 Sheddan, Joann 48 Amberson Gardens 3 Bayard Road C131 MUseum 1-6015 Shoemaker, Helen 4,00 Shady Avenue C61 EMerson 2-0108 Shnum, Maxine Fox Chapel Road C151 STerling 1-0101 C64 Smith, Patty 204 Lingrove Place C81 MOntrose 1-8387 Spinelli, Lucia 5302 Westminster Place C121 SChenley 1-4122 Spinelli, Mary 5302 Westminster SChenley 1-4122 Place C321 Srodes, Susan 604 Pitcairn Place MAyflower 1-8580 Stinson, Margaret 4421 Schenley Farms Terrace MAyflower 1-3684 C131 Stone, Cynthia 5721 Lynn Haven Road C171 EMerson 1-5293 C321 Stone, Suzanne 5721 Lynn Haven Rord C171 EMerson 1-5293 Strem, Linda 1314 Beechwood Blvd. C171 HAzel 1-7836 Sturgeon, Linda 905 Wellesley Road C61 EMerson 2-361.0 Sturgeon, Mary 905 Wellesley Road C61 EMerson 2-361.0 Sturgeon, Susan 905 Wellesley Road C61 EMerson 2-36110 Swan, Holly 1418 Browning Road C61 MOntrose 1-4741 Talbert, Lynn McIntyre Road Allison Park, Pa. Perrysville 4-4911 Terrell, Patricia 1126 Jackson Street C211 CHurchill 2-0136 Titzel, Constance Squaw' Run Road C151 Woodland 3-8853 Vaux, Elizabeth 1427 Squirrel Hill Avenue C171 SChenley 1-0405 Vaux, Mary Martha 1427 Squirrel Hill Avenue C171 SChenley 1-0405 Voigt, Virginia 7423 Richland Manor Dr. C81 CHurchill 1-6405 Ward, Alison 2 School House MUseum 1-2073 Lane C321 Ward, Wendy 2 School House Lane C321 MUseum l-2,073 Waterman, Ann 6221 Fifth Avenue C321 MOntrose 1-4713 1 Sally Avenue C321 1-4713 Waterman, 6221 Fifth MOntrose VVatern1an, Marcena Avenue C321 1-4713 6221 Fifth MOntrose VVatson, Kate North Drive Fox Chapel Manor C151 Woodland 3-8800 Weaber, Susan 4115 Bigelow Boulevard C131 MAyflower 1-1437 Weidlein, James 6841 Reynolds Street C81 EMerson 1-6341 Weidlein, Joan 6841 Reynolds Street C81 EMerson 1-6341 Weiner, Judith 4932 Ellsworth Avenue C61 MAyflower 1-3670 Wells, Louise 1010 Murrayhill Avenue C171 EMerson 1-2091 VVentwort-h, Madaline 110 Altadena Drive C161 LOcust 1-6572 Whitehill, Judith 307 Highland Terrace C151 STerling 1-9376 Williams, Amy 5308 Ellsworth Avenue C321 MUseum 1-0313 Willock, Annette 5436 Dunmoyle Street C171 MAyflower 1-5581 Wilmer, Augusta 6104 Kentucky Avenue C321 MOntrose 1-1455 Wilner, Susan 6104 Kentucky Avenue C321 MOntroce 1-1455 Winston, Rolinda 28 Woodland Road C321 Hlland 1-8456 Wolff, Elizabeth 6606 Kinsman Road C171 HAzel 1-4224 Woods, Colette 1200 Bennington Avenue C171 MUseum 1-7858 Wright, Beverly Lee 816 S. Negley Avenue C321 MOntrose 1-0438 VVuerthele, Carolyn 28 Perry Lane C291 Perrysville 4-7656 Zimmerman, Louisa South Drive Fox Chapel Manor C151 STerling 1-1972 Zimmerman, Mary Ann 6909 Yorkshire Drive C81 MOntrose 1-5834 Compliments of THE D. L. CLARK COMPANY --.A..... ig X 1 Q' if W , 'W' ' 4 v M , S ,XmF x 5 F QQ ' xf' f x? 3 ,f ,S Z? Q i651 WESTINGHCDUSE AIR BRAKE CCDMPANY ALLEGHENY LUDLUM STEEL CORPORATION 7212 fI!afZicmZ .feacfmq pwcfncefz Ulf Sfamfeu SZQQQ HENRY W. OLIVER BUILDING PITTSBURGH 22, PA. Compliments of THE D. L. CLARK CGMPANY Makers of the Famous C L A R K B A R "Center of Attraction" E631 Pwfwffm., N0-NOX GAS GULFPRIDE u.n. 0 You'll get lively starts and full engine protection from this "Perfect Pair!" No-Nox Gas and Gulfpride H.D. Oil-a combination that can add miles of pleasure to your driving and keep your car young! at your sooo GULF DEALER'S Il i691 THE RUST ENGINEERING COMPANY Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 'GQh151ctc banking N trust services FmEu1vTnusr Conmivx Main Office: 343 Fourfh Avenue Wesfern Savings Office: Oliver Building Bufler Office: 101 Norfh Main Sfreef, Buller MEMIEI FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CDRIORAHON Established 1886 I7lJ UWWQMQMQ af I. C. P. YORKINS, INC Compliments Of A Friend 17-5 QMWW mw,,'Q""'-Q. .ww mia' vxwfmow C'-f-. 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MAyfl0wer 155900-lfOl72 HOUSING MORTGAGE CORPORATION THE IVY E861 Compliments of MARTIN 86 VANDERVORT PERL 86 REICHBAUM CO. 1950 Murray Avenue Pittsburgh's Finest Food Store Free Delivery LEO'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Leo Greco, Prop. Leo's Invisible Shoe Repair First Class Work 5417 Walnut Street Pittsburgh 32, Pa. Compliments of PI-IILLIP A. BEI-IR, JR. Freeport Rd. and Center Sr. Atlantic Gas STOP AND SOCK Golf - Baseball GOOD LUCK Archery Ranges r 5 4 Route 28, Harmarville THE EDITOR Compliments of THE BUSINESS MANAGER A F R I E N D and STAFF 87 HOUSTON'S ESSO SERVICENTER Beechwood 86 Wilkins Compliments of A F R I E N D MAyflower 1f5905 AIKEN AVENUE TAILORING Cleaning - Pressing - Altering of all kinds 5 436 Walnut Street In the neighborhood for 45 years AIKEN AVENUE MEAT MARKET 815 S. Aiken Avenue To three cute seniors: STEW JIMBO MEMPH EMMA FRIEDRICPIS Dresses - Suits - Coats Blouses - Sportswear 5875f77 Forbes Street Pittsburgh 17, Pa. JAckson 1f2281 THE BIG STUFFED DATE COMPANY Offices in Miami, Spearfish, Oxford Warehouses in Coral Gables, Sun Dance, Indiana HENRY KREILING 86 SONS Choice Fresh and Smoked Meats Sea Foods Our Telephone Numbers Are Hlland 1f298O-1f2981-1f2982 1881 Painting f Decorating f Remodeling Custom Kitchens f Bath f Game Rooms Wall Tile and Floors THE BETTER HOMES CENTER 5419 Walnut Street MUseum 1f639O-1f6496 V E N T O ' S SALON OF BEAUTY S426 Walnut Street TOTS AND TW'EEDS 5424 Walnut Street DISTINCTIVE CLOTHES for WOMEN AND CHILDREN MAyflower 1f465 5' SWAGGER SHOP jAckson 1f9977 GRACE MILES Dresses - Coats - Suits 5867-69 Forbes Street SQUIRREL HILL ssolo Walnut sr. 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Suggestions in the Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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