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Emu! - 7213 f' ,, x f""' Xu . R . s YRS, f 2.1 X.. THE ELLISIAN FIELDS IQ53 G5 5 -:rf 7 f, if NX ? w -mug QW D Q 7 - ' I QL THE ELLIS SCHOOL PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA MCTTO 'I Think I Can! I Think I Can! IJ li DIL' .X T10 N YVO, the Class of 1953, clcclivzlfc our yC2ll'lJOUk fu :L person whom we shall always l'ClHClI1lJCl' for his gentle ways, his chccrflllrlcss, and his C0IlSJf2lllt willingness 'fo help. YYU wish fo say 'ufllmlk you" to one who, 'flmrouglm thc yczws, has boon a helper and El fl'iCIld, M1 I,I,lCll FOREWORD As our days at Ellis draw to a close, and we prepare to face a new and unknown future, we compare our lives to a train, pulling out of a station, and continuing on its journey until it reaches its destination. The years we have spent here at Ellis have been a vital pa1't of our lives, in which we have grown both mentally and spiritually. As a train receives fuel at the station for its journey, we have gathered knowledge and a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, in preparation for our coming years. Many times the roadbed on a railroad track is rough, compel- ling the train to slow down, and making the going difficult. We experi- enced similar hardships, which sometimes make us wonder if the goal which we set for ourselves was too high. VVQ often became discouraged and lost the spirit to tryg but, as the engineer and conductor on a train keep it going with determination, so our faculty and staff urged us on, helping us to rise above disappointment and discouragement, and praising and encouraging us when we progressed in the right direction. Our time is up. VVe must leave now, to go on to our next stop -college. As the train of life pulls out of the station, we look sadly back on our wonderful years at Ellis, so full of memories, then, p1'oud of our back- ground and sound education, we look optimistically forward to our ultimate destination. Erlitor-iz:-C'l1i1'f 1,if1'r11ry Ifldi-fors .ll rt Ezlitors 1,ll0f0gl'll1JlIil' Editors Iiusirmss Jlznzager lizlsizzmv lfllllfll I"111-1111.11 ,l1l:"iSvr Year Book Stall: 1 1 1 Mz11'ily1111 cll'2IWl:0l'll . Sylvia C0llCl1 Mary Louise Jewell . xxllll l'opcla11cl 1'lliz11l1c'fl1 SCIICHI 1'ls'fl101' Sioglc IiClL'Il lVcsf . Hom-y Ban-tlcy lNI:11'y Cl121l'lU'fll: Baylus lisllwl' Sicglc Bliss l'l21lI'l?llllll Upper, Middle and Lower School Faculty UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY lst row M. Zirklc, M. Hogg, tl. Crook, M. Band, D. Benson, l, Cooper. Zml row lil FUXV Ind row lst row Zur row K. Stolzlrcvsky, Y, Stuvuusou, N. Amundfon, M. l'l2lll'lilllll'W, C. W'ylic, B, Vwliu MIDDLE SCHQOL FACULTY M, Pearce, E, fVlcVickcr. K. Stolurcvsky, M, Baud, L, slcilrcy. M. A, Rodcs. lull D Blnon l D. Kellncr. l. Camp - . , ' f . . Cooper, bl, Crook, B, Vfick, R. Henry. LOVVER SCHOCL FACULTY H. Moescr, B. Hzlrvcy. H, Shaw, E. Sharp. E. Becker, M, Martin, bl. Alexander. L61 VPPER SCHOOL FACCLTY llarjorie L. Tilley . Virginia P. Stevenson lNIarg'aret F?Lll'l2IlIllJ . lXIarg'aret VV. Bancl . llfatllilcla VV. Zirkle Altllea L. Johnson Nora G. Amunclson Joan T. Crook . lllary B. Hogg . VVinifrecl E. lXIan'tell . Dorothy R. Benson . . Katlxryn Fell Stolarevsky lXIargaret VV. Cook . Blanclle C. Wick . Carrie L. VVylie . Ida Cooper . Slmirley Pearl . Ruth Evans MIDDLE SCHOOL 1il2lllCllC C. Vviek Suzanne Gillen . Inez L. Campbell Ella B. lNIcYicker Ruth B. Henry Bfarie H. Pearce . Blargaret VV. Band . Joan T. Crook . . Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky Lesley B. Jeffrey . . lNIary Ann Rocles . . . . Head nl istress .-lssistant H eadmistressg History . . . . English . Englishg History Biology g lllathenzatics . . . Physies . French . . French . . . . Latin. . . History of Arty Art Director of .-Ithleticsg Latin . . . . Piano . . . Librarian . . . M athematies lllathematiesg Study Hall . . . Bible . . Dranzatics Choral Director FACFLTY . . . lllathematics . . . English . Historyg Geography . Fifth Grade Home Room Fourth Grade Home Room . Arithmeticg Visual .-lids . . . English . . . French . Pianog Singing . Physical Education . Arts and Crafts Margaret WL. Cook . . Librarian Icla Cooper . . . Bible Shirley Pearl ........ Speech LOVVBB SCHOOL FACFLTY Beatrice F. Harvey . . Director of Primary Schoolg First Grade Jane Alexander . ..... Kindergarten Ellen Becker . . ..... Kindergarten Kathryn VV. Terrell . Helen li. Shaw . Helen H. lloeser . Elizabeth A. Burnetti . Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky lNIary Ann Bodes . . Kindergarten Assistant . . . Second Grade . . . Third Grade rlssistant in Primaryg Games . . . Pianog Singing . . . . . Art OFFICE STAFF , Claire Hasson . .... General Secretary Helen lNI. Conway . . . Financial Secretary V71 wwf M 9 A 0 S ZX X ,f X 'x .ffl 3 0 gf J pq 5? 54,5 .X iw 3 E H1'ZI.l'IN BICIQICNNY B,x1:'1'l,1f:v "I10nz'y" Born July 9, 1935 Iiuieredz liiglifli Grade l'1'epzu'i11g for E ik Jlnrjorlz' U'z'bst4'r Junzor C'0Ilf'g1 'sl"1lir is my low, but not so fair as fi1'luI4'." "I ealft live with ,CIIl, but I cauft live witliout 'emi' . . . clothes, elotlies, clothes. . . Blue Bullet . . . wliieli oue,s lie? . . . ISM iueli waist . . . generous . . . 6'How Could You Believe Me XXvllCIl I Said I Loved You Ivlien You 99 Know I've Been A Lim' All Bly Life? .yflcfivifirfs lflllis Guild . . . 1, 'P 'S '14 Ifllisian Fields . . . Business Manager I,I1f!'I1Tl'UI'L' . . . Chi Btu Plii . . . 2. -3 L L Skating Club Green 'IR-:un Dramatic Club .... 2, 3, 4 Librziry Committee U01 . 1 -1- BIARY l'll.xll I,U'1"l'lC 1gAYI,I'ZS HC'lIIll'I1'IjN Born SCIJl'CllllD0l' 18, 19555 l'll1'fel'ecl: llllevelltll Grzule l,l'ep:u'lllg' for Syl'n1'11sz' Vllizlersify vs g'lVl111l' 1121 eye Sill' lIIIS.l Jlefllilllrs if 801111118 Il purley of 1H'0T'0lYlfi0ll. "Oli well, IICVCI' llllllfl . . . lll2Lt,S 0.K .... I donut care . . . Beally, Ialll kiclclillgf' . . . party girl .... Ulorets . . . "Does anyone llzllve :L eooky?', SL leftel' il clay . . . that eyebrow . . . wilcl-elif lll'lVC1' . . . "Blue Kleen." Class Seen-t:lry-'l're:ls11rer 3 4. llfllisian Fielrlx . Business Board VVII ite 'I'e:un illl uof .fielizrities Student Council . . . . ,ll IJ!IfCllTl'lH'L' . . . . 3, 4- Treasurer Glee Club ....... 3, 111 Section l,e:uler . . . 3, -if Class President . . . . '1- Business NIQIIIEIQIUI' . . . 4- llllls Guild . . . . . 3 "3W1'1l'lC ----- 3, 'L SH ti ' me im elli lim Plll . . . . al, ll SYLVIA ISIZVEHLY Connex anqylas Born June 26, 1935 1'lI1tC1'CClZ Ninth Grade Prepariiig for N01'tl1rc'e.9ter71 U 71iT'l'7'Sif'lj "So diseord oft in music 7111111768 the sweeter lay." S'Uh, ssssstop it,' . . . going steady? you'1'e crazy! . . . intellectual . . . Queen . . . cashniere sweater girl . . . driest . . . "I don't even think thatas funny!,' . . . golf . . . lunchtime meetings . . . S. B. C .... "Dance Me Loose? Activities Class President Class Secretary Ellisian Fields Literary Editor Ivy Board . . Business Manager . . Patchwork .... . . 2, Editor-in-Chief Chi Eta Phi . . Board . . . Dramatic Club . Skating Club . . YVhite Team E121 ,XNN SICWALI. Cor1f:1.,xNn "Jun" Born lllarch 25, 1936 Entered: Seventh Grade Preparing for Hoorl College My if "In her tongue is the law of Lrindzwssf' MI l12lVCIl,lf got a prayern . . . Ann IH . . . Buster Brown haircut . . . llliddle School favorite . . . chats with Bliss Benson . . . elastic face . . . God's country . . . class infant . . . ties and boys' shirts . . . racoon coat . . . art . . . HVVC Gotta Be Free, The Eagle And Me." Activities Class Vice-President Class President . . Class Secretary-Treasurer Ellis Guild .... President Ifllixian Fields . . Art Editor Patch-worlr .... Art Editor U33 2, 3, Glu? Club . . . Chi Eta Phi . . Skating Club . E.A.A... President Emblem . . . Green Team 1, 2, 1, 2, si, Ai .z, 5, 4 ..l ..4: 3,4 wwffvsazm- f BI.x1uI,YN N IJY lili CRANVl"0liIJ UdIlII'iI'1jl1llH Born Uviolicl' 141, 1935 Entered: Fiffli Grade l,l'CIHll'illg' for C'011m'r'fi1'11f C'0Uc'gc' V X "I.r111gl1, and ZLIIL' world Inuglzs with you." i , . . . "Pretty slyw . . . "Hoy, you guysw . . . I lllVCl'Slty of '1'0l'0Ilt0 . . . lunch- time ensemble 1'ol1ca1'sz1ls . . . fancy glasses . . . BC2ILllIl2ll'iS . . . always giggling . . . Cilillltilllqllil . . . "Music, llusic, llusicf' J cfiZ'iii1'.S' lillis Guild . . H lreasiircr lu'lli.vian Fivldx . . Editor-in-Claim-f Ivy Board .... Assistant Editor Paz'chworL' . . Glvv Club . . . I. 2. -S Pwsidcnt Svction Lcadcr . Ii nscnlblc Chi lite: Phi .......,v Board . . Skating Club .... H. A. A. Board . Ura-cn Tcznn U41 RIAILY I.ol'lslf: J1cw1cLL Hillzzry Lou" Born April 4, 1935 Entered: lileventll Grade Y . , .I ' . l iepailng lOl H oofl College "Nothing is more silly than Il silly laugh." "Oh, helpln . . . going heeeeezerk . . . long telephone conversations . . squeaky laugh . . . her lJ1'0lllC1' . . . 'cLea.pin' Lulaw . . . cute clothes . . 661,111 dyingn . . . Lehigh hook covers . . . President of the Granunar Club . . . perfumed sheets . . . "She,ll Be Coming 'Round The Mountainf, Literary Editor Board Member Patchwork . . . . . 4 VVhite Team U51 Activities Class Vice-President . . . 4 Glce Club . . . . 4 Ifllisian Fields . . . . 44 Chi Eta Phi . . . . . 4 X x xx H X i . ' .,.. e A 15 ANNE S'1'l1:1u,1No Krmc "Annu" Born August 20, 1935 Entered: Sixth Grade Preparing for Wfelleslcy College "Laughing lips and rogziish eyes." "Holy toot 1" . . . that laugh . . . Anne II . . . a whole car . . . innocence . . . one lllIIlplC . . . bow ring . . . 1'otten uniforms . . . athletic . . . clothes . . . funny remarks . . . blushing . . . two hamburgers and a choc- olate inilkshake . . . "In A hlistf, Activities Student Council . . . Class Secretary . . 2: 3: Patchwork Staff ...... Business Manager Glee Club .... 1, Chi Eta Phi .... Secretary . . President . 2, 3, 3 Skating Club E.A.A... Emblem . XVhite Team Captain . . .1, 161 2: Hrrrii Fn,xNc'1cs Lfxwlu-:Nom "R'1n5lz', Born June 29, 1935 Entered: Eighth Grade Preparing for Smith College "Reason and calm judgment, thc qualities .specially belonging to Il lender "Go, Ruthv . . . Southern aeeent . . . knitted dress . . . Bl1'Il1lll,Q'l1HIIl C I K U B . . . funny walk . . . Illild scientist . . . hates her middle nfune . . . identification ring' . . . rolls her eyes . . . slowest eater . . . easuil . "There XVi1l Always Be An 1'll1glHl1d.,, .'1cfi'Uifif'.v 1, 1, .s, 4- Student Couneil . . 2, 3, 4- Chi Eta Phi . . ", '3, President . . . . . 11- Board Member Ivy Board ..... . . 3 Skating Club, Editor-in-Chief E. A. A. Emblem . Glee Club .... I, 2, 3, 41 Librarian . ..... 4 White Team Ensemble . . . 4' 317 3 Hs'1'HicR C'L,x11z1f: SIICGLIG "Esthcr,' l'lnte1'ed: Eleventh Grzule Prepariiig for Hoofl College '21 college joke to cure the dumpsf "How about it, huhim . . . frat parties . . . Atlantic City . . . beautiful lmir l . . . loves red . . . her eat . . . tiny . . . eyes that light up when sl1e laughs . . . sincere . . . gentle . . . always happy . . . "Sophisticated Laclyf' Activities Class Vice-President . . . 3 Glee Club . . . Ifllisian Fields ..... 44 Chi Eta Phi . Photographic Editor Green Team Patchwork ......... 3 U31 Ni K 1QL1zA1zm'H Tnnvou SICNEFF S6LiZ99 Born February 28, 1934 Entered: Eleventh Grade Preparing for . . I' Zllary Washmgton College SG Y' 99 bmg away sorrowg cast army care. '6Did he kissya?" . . . always eating . . . two-toned hair-do . . . guitars and liillbillys . . . friendly . . . blue ltlondays . . . loquaeious . . . beautiful soprano voice . . . Aunt Polly . . . diets . . . serawled-up note books . . S'Oli, How I Hate To Get Up In The lNIorning.', Ellisian Fields Art Editor Patchzcorl' . . Glec Club . . Ensemble . . U91 Chi Eta Phi E.A.A... Emblem . . Green Team Activities . . ss, 4 . . 3 . . 3 HELEN CAROL VVEST "IIclvn" Born October 29, 1935 Entered: Twelfth Grade Preparing for lVcfZlcslUy Collage' "Quiet to those who don't know her-but oh! to those who do!" Activities "Kil1heem,7 . . . cute . . . curly hair . . . S S A blonds . . . hockey troubles . . sense of humor . . . 4'Old Ironsidesv . . . Chinese restaurants . . . sweet . . new girl . . . seven A.M. shampoos . . . cries when she laughs . KI Just Gotta Have Another Cigarettcf, Ellisian Fields . . . Chi Eta Phi . . 4 Photographic Editor E. A. A. Board . 4 Patchwork Stall . . . Glee Club . .. Ensemble . . . Green Team X201 Senior Autographs U11 ' 7 I XX '.':'vl'1. if if I 1 7 Ili 'NQLL 2 49255 wx dbfg, 7 ul XX i 1 il g i? M Class Prophecy On the twentieth day of January, in the year 1976, large crowds of people gather around the new monoerail train which will make its first trip to the United States capital, where its passengers will witness the inauguration of the first woman president, Miss Chardy Bayles. The crowds give particular attention to the car which has been prepared for the Ellis class of 1953, the guests of honor at the inauguration. There is great excitement as nine intellectual women float down the thick white carpeting towards the end of the car where a smoke-filled television room is located. As the women file into the room, Helen Vl'est. world renowned cheerleader, leads them in chanting the well-known cheer recited daily in their senior year at Ellis. Helen makes a few remarks and dedicates the cheer to President-Elect Bayles. Now that the good old Ellis spirit has been renewed in their hearts, the ladies seat them- selves in the green plush seats. The nine ladies. looking around, notice that someone is missing. Everyone asks the same question at once: "VVhere's Honey?" Among the nine voices a foreign accent can be heard . . . "Ou est lIonie?'i As they turn to see who this French woman is, they see a shining spectacle, Esther Siegle, wearing her newest Parisian earrings. J11st as they are about to comment on Miss Siegle's earrings, they are startled to see a Rolls Royce limousine whiz past the train and stop with a screech. Newspaper reporters from all over thc nation snap pictures of the magnificently dressed Miss Honey Bartley. Miss Bartley, now a great social success, has just fainted, recalling a habit acquired at Ellis. To her rescue rushes Miss Mary Lou Jewell, president of Johns Hopkins Medical School, with her newly patented reviving fluid. Dr. Jewell, however, is having some trouble in plowing through the minks in which Miss Bartley is wrapped. After this preliminary excitement, everyone boards the train again. Now all of the class of 1953 are present except Chardy. As everyone is getting settled once again, a low mumbling is heard as if someone were in a trance. Everyone is relieved, however, when they see that it is only Liz Seneil' reading from her treasured dictionary, The Serzeffvs Amcricall. Liz is taking her dictionary to VVashington with her so that it may be dedicated as the national dictionary, replacing the VVebsteris flollegiafc. Next to her, Esther Siegle is explaining the way in which she discovered the cure for cancer a few 4 W 1 S 1 I 'Ani 1: -4 'S 4 X e' i I llx X -Q i 71 .f l T7 6.5 1 '- l 'U' , ' s . 1g.'g'f" ' L . K, sf 'F fieigytfi, ,f 4 ffmgS',ZNi1a'- if .,1-X2- ' Aww lin Q .7 O H hi' 4 "1 a ' E ye Jkzlgjilgk' Yltxl 4 ' . fyf4,S"W-I fl J - f.4!ftf ,ifmrt i 3 X . - , .QA 'p months ago, and the many tests through which the medicine 'tin 47' D B 'ia K had to pass hefore it was accepted hy the American Medical WJ". '15 0 ff' 'Q' Q , 'ffoffvl untill .QI Q L OL li . Q Q '. , 7 l Esther, however, finding she is talking to a deaf ear. de- Z .1 - 37' cides to listen to Sylvia Cohen, whose twelve children are Nh 'F also in the ear. Sylvia is telling how she secured the stock Qmwifgi of Scripps Howard and Hearst after her newspaper over- '-' Q , whelmed the nation. Just as Sylvia has finished explaining I this to the group, wild yells are heard from the television ":Q5al'99ml"f'i room. Sylvia, recognizing the voices of her children, rushes I ' back to find them in a fight with Anne Kyle's five children. ' I 1 After separating the children, Anne decides to keep them quiet hy trying to teach them to enunciate and sing "The Star Spangled Bannery' with spirit. Anne's children do quite well, V' X ,airs O T U as ! x , I hx K hut Sylvia's. for some unknown reason, cannot seem to carry a tune. Now Marilynn Crawford, who has just replaced Eugene Ormandy as conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, comes to the rescue and takes over with great musicianship. She has just said that she was oifered a position with the Metropolitan Opera Company, but turned it down for the present. Ann Copeland, unahle to hear the singing any longer. decides to interrupt the choral group hy making a last plea for class dues. At this moment, a shrieking noise resembling a fire alarm frightens the passengers. Ann, being well trained in conducting orderly fire drills at Ellis, leads the crowd oii' the train. After a few moments. one of the naive children. guiltily admits pulling the alarm for a joke. Ann, taking over with the efficiency acquired at Ellis, immediately begins to count to see if everyone is present. The group is startled to hear that Ruth Lawrence is missing. All board the train once more to find Ruth huried deep in thought in her seat where she is conscientiously writing her acceptance speech as Chief Justice of the Supreme Courti in Bayles' administration. She is a little nervous, but Dr. Jewell has promised to supply her with some medicine to keep the hlushes away. After discussing the past twenty-four years of their lives. the ten ladies find themselves at the National Capital. They all descend from the train and walk together to the Capitol to attend Chardyis long anticipated inauguration. J . rag was? i .N ' it J If W' 'F-J . l thx' lf! x x W M. fy lf g X., ,QV MCQMEQ WHOSE mwaoa WO Wea NCEE mga NEEUOO2 EDS O8 MCECEF Viet SL NCEE 633333 M500 :OOD we Ba UMDL HW MCT?-:NU 'CO Q8 EL Lum? aug MEJNE W . MEESM mugs MFEOCWH wucwxxwwa he MCSSA :Www P33-Q wtyfohgobm OuxbNMM mwou 'HUA CO :QL .mamma bg CO MMF-2 vas, UEHN: DECX 235 Em 6-N52 HU: mmizm Sm SEOQ -E5 86? WDOIUOQECD RUSLU VWOOH :age MSF FGNHUFASME am W V' iii!!! X N NN! N! MB HN CO was OH EEE AW :ga OH Mama EUAEOW N QOMUZ-U OH Emwwamsm 3 OH 30523 EO gms OH EE VEW3 NEB 9:3 OF QUEBEC: UL OH BSR E38 m,5r-Usa N swag OH ECOE N Sw SUE OH XLGWOQEM mb CASH if BME OF BENQ -gmmmgagm F-UNL dw NCES mtg? SL? WEB MEOFE mwucgmru MCOA 56 :Ngo 655 O8 3:28 2-W SL :S OE? caan mCULOU LUCUMm SED O Um-'sw A OC HE? QEOQAH ESOL UD-m GEM WED VMHOBUEOE Naam Hom ELEOEQN- OM 9-Eu-0E0m: HVBUIEU2 Dmoz QOOQ gsm tgobg UWUMNNWQ UEUEQF U32 wg? EOE SSOCOE knew Uuggmgm U32 25 USE EEK rvoowxruoow mga EEUQ-m Um'-om Hmm? Zmsmm mzoew Mmmvwwm mmmmzmgw N5 mOzmM2!fJ HIEKDM MSN! M224 AwHmT,?m: DOA VMQE QMOHQIVCMO ZZMTEMQE QZQHEEOU ZZQ ZMEIHOU 6A?w:ww mmswfm VQMQEO NMEFMQQ PMZOI UE-WZ 1- 4 2 YL , ,111 ,I X71 f". X , ,. a X , 9 f ip? ' IP 0 0 BW' eff' lst row -S. MCKQC, P, Nash, L. Kelley D. King, R. Wiristcmli. A. Bayles, Shcddan, M. Clifford. Znd row --S. Brown, A. Reynolds, B. Mullen, Bergman, P. Lloyd, R. Frame, B. Boshcll. 3rd row--N. Iohnston, j. Armentrout. J. Cohen, S. McKee, E, Clark. M. Frame. Junior Class Prznvirlwli ....,.. Rolinda VVinston Svcrviary ., ., Judith Cohen Trf'a.sA11rf'r ,.,, .. . .Joann Sllt'dd11I'I This yczir the Junior Class hopvs that it has stzzrtvd thc precmlcnt of having :in annual Junior Prom, for, thanks to the hard-working committees, this yuziris prom was I1 hugv sur-cvss. But, of coursv, success wus to he uxpected, for tht- Junior Class has shown, hy thc' amazing popularity of its hook covers, that it is zi class with :1 fine scnsc for husimfss and profit. This oliscrvution could also hi' nmdc in rcgurd to their hooth :it the Fair. In fact. throughout thc past school yuzir. Room 1 has hc-on simply humming with svorvs of ,u1onc'y-iimking icluns, some of which were considorcd so cxvullurit that they uri- lacing hold ovur for ncxt your. whvn thu Juniors will finally :incl Il1il"Qll'l1l011Sly hccoxm- Si-niors. H63 Ist row' -M. L. Minard. L. Sturgeon, Z. Addenhrook, S. Sayers, D. Fischer, l. Bcall, N. L. julie. Znd row V. Gantncr. M. Flngg. vl. Matthcws. M. Trondlc. B, Lewis, S. Flannery, T, Horning. M. Cohen. Sophomore Class Prcsirlcui ..,..... Susan Saycrs IyiCl'-I,I'I'Sil1l'71f .,..... ,.,. N Iarfvot Flaw' 1' FH IW?" Sccrciary-Trcaxizrcr . .. .Maxinc Cohcn '1'hat's our picture you scc above. We may look dead on our fcct or wc may cycn look ust plain silly, but actually wc are witty. charming, and cxtrcmcly intclli- gcnt. Ask our tcachcrsg thcy'll tell you! You should hayc sccn us at our Sophomorc Picnic! Our arms still achc from carrying those cascs of pop down into Frick Park and thcn carrying the cmpty cascs hack up again. As for our famous "skinlcss" wicncrs. wcll, somchow they managcd to fall hctwccn thc gratc and thc firc. But thcy rcally rccrc tasty! As thc year rollcd on. our cnthusiasm and yivacity sccmcd to gradually decrcasc. f'hrist.mas vacation dcsccndcd upon us. with thc happy thought of facing mid- ycars upon our rcturnl lVc shall skip thc results and procccd to thc Fair. 'I'hc Fair was. as usual, a grcat succcss. cspccially whcn Shady Sidc arrivcd. Duc to our cxpcrt planning. wc managcd to comc out without dchts. which is frc- qucntly unusual. VVcll. finals arc ovcr, and it rcally sccms strange not to hc thinking, UOh. wc havc that miscralmlc cssay to writc for Monday." or 'fI'vc got fiyc hundred page-s to rcad this wcck-cnd for my hook rm-port." But nonc of us can dcny that wc'yc had a full and marvclous ycar. and comc ncxt Scptcmhcr. wc'll all hc hack. U71 let row B. Fleming. H. bchnudt. A. Blaxtcr. H. Rxal. j. Dzxvls. 'lnd row--V M. Jones. L. lllcgcr. B. Mllse. McCaslin, M. Taylor. Punton. A. Arncl. 3rd row'--S. Murray. Al. A. Lindstrom. B. Close. E, Vznux, B, Scholniek. M. Vvlntcrrnun. J. Kelley. 4th row Braun. M. Dauler. P. Smith. N. Bayard. A, Cl-alley. lviergenhxlgen l Freshman Class Pr1'.vi1l4'71l .. . . .. .... . Anne Blaxter IYil'l"I,I'4'-S'illl'lIf . .... Jennie Ann Lindstroiu Secretary . ,, Margaret Ilillllfl' The Freshnmn year has been very important to the eluss of 1956. By the heginning of this year, we were, of course, mostly :leeustonied to the Upper School. hut we have had new experiences. too. For the first time, we were eligible for the Glee Club, and we were very proud when four of our elusslnaltes lllflfililllt' members. Also. for the first time. the class of '56 was represented on the Pafclmwnrlr stall, the Ivy hoard. and in the llfiillliltii' Clulm. Several FI'l'SllIlll'll ll0i'2lIIlt' IllQ'IlllN'l'S of Chi l'1t:L Phi. Our class of twenty-six is the largest in the Upper School. YVe were. nrnturally. divided into two groups: :md unfortunately, because of this, we were together as :1 eoinplete eluss for only two periods :1 day. Thus is was diificult :it first to :wliil-ve the unity necessary for :n strong. well-eoordinziteml elnss. VVe, :ns :1 class, helieve that we have been successful in entering entlu1si:1stie:1lly into all phases of sc-hool life. H81 ig J Left to right- Irwin, L. Streni, C. Copeland, D. Alderdice. D. Mercer, S, Sturgeon, L. Baton. -I. Freeland, H. Brush. N. Campbell. j. Howard, S, Srodes. Eighth Grade I,l'f'NiIlI'7lf ...,..,. Louise Baton l'icc-Prc.Yi1lcnf . .,..,. Nancy Campbell Secretary .. ,.H1lHYl21ll Brush Trcasurcr , .. . .. ,Linda Strem In its first year in thc Upper School the liightli Grade has found a new anal mlill'crent lifc. lvitli the help of Mrs. Crook. the fears of grades and teachers have left us. She has given us this year. a feeling of hcing at home. VVe are glad to welcome hack Diane lNIcrccr, and to have with us Linda Strem and Susan Sturgeon. YVQ- feel the subjects this year are new and interesting. VVe are all very happy that the Middle School teachers have prepared us for the Eighth Grade. and we hope that with the help of the Upper School teachers we will keep up to par with our marks. Our class is known to he rather clisoherlicnt. Vvhercycr you hear a chatter there is hound to he an eighth grader. Our class. though very talkative and noisy, seems to get along rather well with the teachers. Although there are very few in our class. we have a number of athletes and three or four very musical students. 'l'hroughout the year we have tried to be as much of an asset to the Upper School as possible. t29l Seventh Grade lst row- A. Iviycrs, I. Ren, L. Bindlcy, P. Bragdon, P. Graham, S. Higinbothuin, C. 0'Bricn. M. Condcrnian, P. Bowser, 7nd row' S. Wcziher, K. Fagan, C. Scott, E. Cochrane, L. Hull, S. Vwfolhf, M. A. Ziinincrniainn. M. Nelson, E. Licni, A. Ehhcrt, M. Stinson, F. Vwlzishhurn. 3rd row--C. Recd, C. DcNinno, C. Cznnphcll, D. Brown, L. Ziinincrinun, C. Matson, S. King, C. Titzcl, P. Mcffziliill, B. Annan, B. Nlcclcnuhun. M. MCGr:1xx'. M. Shriini, Sixth Grade XV. 4 lst rowfl.. Ind row-'E Mallinger, E. j. McCaslin, H. Bell. Murphy, S. Rosenthal, S. Arenshcrg, P. Crawford, H. Dennis. A. Baylcs, N. Bowser, M. Evans. 3rd row--P. -ith rowfB. Sth row-- B. Foster, L. Rost, C. Scharfc, S. Armentrout, E. Bell, B. Freeland. 0'Neill. M. Dunstan, A. Donaldson, VU. VV'ai'd, C. Erving. Bickcl, M. L. Meyer, Babcock, L. Scott. U01 Filth Grade lsr row'--S. Xklxtcrnmun. VU. Meyers. K. Rock. E. McLaughlin. K, Murphy. M, Marks, P. McMal1un. N. Gillies, Zucl row'--F, Burgess, E, Arcnslwrg, H. Sllocmakcr. P, Fisher, Pzlttcrsun, E. Brown, K. Eblvcrt. K. Hcppcnsrull. Fourth Grade ht row -N. Recd. blncksun. E. HLJW'2lIALl. P. Cundcrmzm. B, jorglcnson. G. Allwrzmdt E. Stone. Znd row-- L. Baton, L. Pixlcy. S. Bell, D. Brcretrm, S. Henry, C. McGraw, S. Autcnrcitlu K. Drew. N11 Third Grade lst row----B. Brugdun, S. Eaton, B. Schmidt, D. Babcock, K. Rea, L. Scuvillc, S, Schaefer Ind row K. Hzmnuh. B. Hotchkiss, G, Ebbcrt. A. Buflmzmzm. Chccvcr, A. Vkfrlliuxns 5. Schumuchcr. V1 Q o f L U I, ' A ' nh. L '. -L., I :BT vvibhcb Qing f..4i.-iL,r,..:g 'w'..1. I Ls v A. AH . A Second Grade - ' ff f . . lst row L. Luvc. R. Love, B. Gilllcs. Schoycr, S. Pattcrscm, M, Bamcs. Znd row B. Wilfii, M. Kelly. C. Wzxltgmlu. A. VV1Hm:k. C, Mcfinnnon. HlDllSlClI1. H. King. '+P' W3 First Grade .ww A N lst row- -L. Wells, A. Collins, M. Miller, A. Robinson, E. Sclizusicr, S. Evans. , . A Znd row 'Vs7illcy, P. MCClung, S. Glock, L. Longcncckcr. K. Brown, K. Crosscup, S. Stonc, S. Gorman. 3rd row- K. Lockhart, Sheridan. Brcrcton, L. Gcllatly, A. Wlird. M. Garvin, M. Hower. M. Arnold. Kindergarten Seated'-M. Darrison, M. Ruffin, M. Rea. D. Edwards, A. Tim, M. McClintic, M. Rust. L. Hillman, C. Ehbert, B, Wright, G. Ross, C, Craig, S. Hudson. Standing M. McDowell, J. Vv'eidlein, C. Buchanan. L. Berghaus, C, Oliver, M. Blair, L. Hudson, S. Gcllarly, M. Hillman, C. Welton, A. Hannah. L 33 l 341 no n 9 . 6 S ,I EQ f 0 ' 'egg' 'Q 30 VWV 249 . A 4 C' X ge? f ,Q if ' Left to right- j. Howard, N. L. latte. R. Frame. B. Scholnick, il. Bcall, A. Kyle. j. Armen' trout. R. l.z1wrcncc. C. Baylcs. The Student Council Prvxiflrrzf .liuth Lawrvnco Svcrvfrzry .. . .... .. .. . .Joan Arnicntrout Trf'asur1'r ..... Mary Churlottc Buylvs Thr 1110St iniportzmt 'ioh of tht- lillis Student Council is to huilcl up :nu honor systm-in in the school. Yvith this goal in mind thc Counvil has orgunim'cl :in Honor Study Hull for thosv girls who arm' willing to follow ccrtuin restrictions without :1 provtor. By trizxl :ind vrror the Council is gradually improving thc- systcm used in thc study hull :md the library. Other :wtivitir-s of thc- Sturh-nt Council clmngm- sonwwlizit wich ye-ur. For r-xzunplc. this yvnr thx- Council has sturtvcl giving grzulvs in 4-itizcnship :md has :uldcrl :L Citizenship Honor Roll that corresponds to the Avmlvniic Honor Roll. lniportunt ln-sirlcs the spvcific :wtiVitif's of tha- Council is thx- duty to xneclizitc lmvtwcvn the stumh-nts and thc- faculty. 'l'h1- aims of thc Council somvtimc-s seem lwyond rom-li. hut vncli your adds expr-rivncc and nm-w iclvus that help this group to near thc goal of :1 rcsponsible honor systcrm in Ellis. U61 liiglit to lclt lvl. lrwin. lvl. Braun. M. Trundle. L. Vwlinston. B. Buslwll. B. Milllcii, -I. Civlicn, The Ellis Guild Prrsidmzt ..,,.,. B:1rlm:1r:1 lNIull0n Srcrftary ...., Judith Colne-n 1vl'I'IlS1l7'I'T , .. .Betsey Bosllell Tluw lflllis Guild, which was cstublislicd scvcrnl years ago, is rm orgimizution to luflp tliosv who :irc in noccl :md to support various vliaritzilxlc organizzxtions. Sonic' uf tlltf orgrmizutions to wliicll tlla- Guild contriluiti-s :irc CARE. Heart llousv. Care-lv ral Palsy lfuml, Grvnfcll Mission. United Negro College Fund, Red Cross, :md tlu' 'Fulwrculosis lmuguc. ln orclcr to support tlu-sv dilfcrvnt groups, tlu- Guild spon- sors :A fair e-vary spring. The procvcals go iuunm'ali:1tcly to tllcsc zissoviutirms. This yvur, tliv Guild is unclvr tlu' :llmlv ll'illlt'l'Slllp of BIll'll2ll'!l Mullvn. prcsimlvnt. :md Mrs. ,-Xmumlson. l':u-lllty advisor. EY-7l flczxtcd--M, Trondlc, Colwn, R, Frzune. S. flolicn, M. Duulcr, Davis. Standing ll King. Bcull, The IVY W lZlI1iflll"f7L'Clll.ir"f ,. Ruth l"r:uiu' fl.v.wciaf1' Ifrliior , ' .. Juditli Colicn lfIlSiII1'.S'S ,llnnaywr Sylyizi Colin-n Poems from tlic Middle Sl'll00l+Sll0I't storivs from tlu- Uppvi' Sclioolfwlivrv? ln the Ivy, of course! For that long ziwziitvd day is lic-rv :nt lust, tlic dziy tliv Ivy is published. Sw tlic 4-ditor's :ind the lmusine-ss IIl2lIl!igk'l'lS f:ia-vs limiinl '1'lu-ii' liurd work is over. No more- dashing brick :md forth from the printerls witli niilv-long galley slice-tsl No more prodding amd 4-orixing to get tliosv storiss inf No inorc- frantic iiivvtings with Miss ljillflillllll and no niorv lu-ctic ,niovie-s wlu-iw' 21 dozvn 4-:indy liars fly from the box :ind only seven nickn-ls fly inf Ali, pwicvl It's wondcrfull I can just sit quietly livrc in tlu- lilirziry :indfllcyl Lcggo niy :irinffYVli:it's going on ?fAn 171,11 iiicvtiiigf' Oli. ol' courscl Now tlic Ivy voinvs out Ifvicv :i ywirl E?-Sl i Left to right S. MCKQC. B, Boshell, R. Vvlinston. Cohen. A. Copeland, Davis. The PATCI-IWORK Edifor-in-l'hi1'f .,.., .......... S ylvia Cohcn IfIl.S'lIlI'.9.Y .llanagfr . . .,.Rolincla lvinston Vnpy Ifdiior . , .lean Davis flrf Editor , ..... Ann Copeland Nvruv Editor . .,.... Bvtscy Boslu-ll Typirzg Iflllflll' , Susan MCKMX Thr' 1'11f1'l17t'0rL', tht- school Yll'NVHpIlvt'l'. puhlishml monthly at Ellis. originatcxl two years ago with thi- purpose ol' making tht- stumlvnts IIIOTL' awarv of nt-ws within tlu- school. This yvar thi- stall' has consistrd of about tllirty-five girls from tlw Upper School. Tllere- arc five smallor stalls within the largo stall, with an editor or llltlYlI1gt'l' at tlu- lu-:ul ot' nach. 'flu-su stalls covcr the five' xuain dn-partluvntsz husi- nm-ss and circulation. copying, typing. nm-ws. and art. This aiul ol' tht- Q-ntirv stall' is to improv' tht- journalistic stanclarcls of tht- I'11f1'l1zc'orf.' and to xuakn- tha' papvr rvprcsf'ntativ1- of Ellis lifr. U91 l lst row Davis. Y. Gzlntncr, M. Colicn. M. L. Jewell. M. Cliillurd. A. Kyle. Cnlicn. L. Strain L. Flcgcr. D. King. lnr naw -E. Sicglu. B. Scliolnick, H, Rial, L, Baton, A. Reynolds, P. Nzlsli, S. Browli. 3rd row- Howard, N. L. Jaffe, R. Luwrcncc. H. Vwfcst. Arcnintrout, M. Braun, S, SnycrS Z. Addcrilvrouk, S. Smdcs. 4th row C. Copulunnl. N. Johnston. T, Horning. Colicn. E, XIIIIIX, A. Cnpclzind. Ftli row .l. Mutliuxxs. M. Crziwfnrd. B. Buflicll, C. Baylus. R. XVinstim, E. Scnclli. A. llayles M. Danlcr. Chi Eta Phi PI'I'Si!Il'IIf . . . . Anne Kylc Svrrrwfary ...Virginia Gzmtnmfr Chi Eta Plii is tln- nondenmninzntional religious 0rg:iniz:1tion :it lillis. Its namf stunmls for tln- Ciiwvk lcttvrs wliivli i'cpi'vscnt Czitlmlic. IIc'ln'f'w. :mil l,l'0tL'3-ltilflt rm-ligions. Tlin- nmin purposv of tliis group is to gin' tln' girls :1 liettvr inidcrstimling nf fuitlis otlivr tlmn tllK'll' own. Tliroiiglinnt tlic yvrzr spa-:ikvrs rcprvsvnting tllu dif in-rmfrit rlvnominations spnkv to ilu' girls. :mal infnrnlznl disc-nssion groups wuru licld fm' ilu- plirposm' of 1-xvlmnging rc-ligions lu-livfs. l40l lst row M. Bziylcs. Crawford. R. Lawrence, A. Copeland. Ind row- .l. Slicdclan. vl. Duyif. H. Suliniidt. L. Kelley. H. Rial. S. MCKCU. D. King. i B, Mullen. A. Reynolds. 3rd row- P. Smith, P. Lloyd. D. Fisclicr. Sayers. E. Sicglc. P. Nairn. S. Brown. -ltli row- N, jolinston. xl. Bcrginnn, R. Vvlinston, Arincntrout, A. Kyle. Bcnll, A. Bnylcs. Stli row--M. L. Minard. M. Flagg, S. MCKQC. B. Lewis. E. Scncll. M, L. jcwcll, H, NVQ-st. The Ellis Glee Club Prr'.s'idf'n1 , , Murilynn Crawford H11.vinf'.9s Jlmzagvr . , .Mary Cliurlottv Buylc-s Lilzrarian .. .Rutll I.2lW'l'CHl'0 Tliv Glvv Club. 21 group of tliirty-five girls. lms lawn :i vc-ry succvssful organ- ization tliis yvur. Unmlvr our yr-ry :ilvlc and finu 4lirf'c'tor. Mrs. .laiinvs l'lv:1ns, wv lmyc zu-coiiiplisllcd :1 grwit dual :incl 1-njoyed oursclvcfs :lt tllc same tiinv. WT lmiw' tzikcn trips to Kiski :mil St. .l:uncs Scllools for joint convvrts :mil mluricvs. Our zinnunl concvrt with Slimly Sidi' :xml the our with BIl'l'l'l'l'HlJllI'g wt-rv l liotll grvznt s1lcc'n'ssc's. XVL' also lmcl il Purcnts' Nigllt pl'0Ql'illIl in wliicli wa- sung for our pnrvnts :inil fzic-ulty. :ind tnlil tlIt'lIl sonu-tliinggg ulmut tlu- HlTlI'lC'l' workingsl' of our olulm. 'l'lic l'lnsc'n1lmlv. :i group ol' uigggllt Juniors :md Sn-niors 1-liosvn from the Glvu flulm. IJt'l'f0l'lIlt'1l spvc-i:il nuinlmers :it all our conccrts. Tlu- group invt cyl-ry Sunday to i'i'lic:1i'sv :it tlu' various im-iiilmx-iw' lioincs. unclvr tlu- dire-ction of Mzirilynn Cruwforml. tln- sturlcnt lvzidcr. 'flu' Glu- Club has vxpvi'ie,-rivvcl zu wonmlvrfully HllL'Cl'SHi-lll ycnr. :mil tliv Ontllusi- :min of tliv iiivnilwrs will km-p it om' of tln' most iinport:1nt orgxznizutions in tlic scliool for yi-:urs to Come. i41l lst row7T. Horning, N. L, Jaffe, M. Clifford. 'lnd row-N. Campbell, C. Copeland, A. Gaely, D. Alderdice, S. Sturgeon. 3rd row--I. Freeland, L. Fleger, I. Kelley, M. Waterman, A. Lindstrorn, M. Dauler. 4th rowfI.. Strem, E. Vaux, S. Murray. S. Flannery, M. Tronclle, L. Sturgeon, M. Cohen, M. Irwin. ith rowfj. Cohen, I. McCaslin, M. Braun. N. Bayard, L. Baton, H. Bartley, Z. Addenbrook. V. Gantner. Dramatic Club Presirlevzf . ..,,.,..,........, ...... N ellie I,ou Jaffe Secrr'fury-Tr1'a.s'urer ..... ...... T oni Horning Bu.vi11e.x's fllanager ..... ...... IN Iaxine Cohen Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Hammerstein. look us overg here we are. In the future we may be stars on Broadway, but this year we were actresses in "Our Hearts Ivere Young and Gayf' by Emily Kimbrough and Cornelia Otis Skinner. In addition to our major production for the year, we have produced several one-act plays. The easts consisted of members from the Dramatic Club. All props, make-up, and lighting were ably managed by the girls themselves. hiiss Sharp. our line leader, has contributed new ideas and helped us in every way possible, solthat this year,s Dramatic Club was the most fun ever. VVC are now quite ready to take our places among the Broadway stars. l42l I, 0 l 9 I wwf 9 K Q-4' ,QS COUNU ., l Q -90 5301 H Q 6 4 Qf s in gag' N90 Q-NW f Q, 1, Q dppx 49 P .6' 49' 0199, A f 1' .Z Seated Davis, S. Henry. E. Brown, M. Nelson, A. Donaldson, B. Annan. Standing D. King, L. Sturgeon, Bergman, Arincntrout, A. Copeland, A. Kyle, C. Copeland, H. West, Bcall. The E. A. A. Prcsirlzfnf ,... ....... A nn Copeland Secrefary . , Jean Aruientrout Trr'asurr'r ,. ....... Linda Sturgeon The Ellis Athletie Association, or E.A.A., is one of the most important organ- izations of thc school. All the girls from the fourth through the twelfth grades are inenihers of thc l'l.A.A., and the hoard consists of a representative from each grade, the captains of the Green and the VVhite teams, and the oliicers. The R.A.A. is in charge of all inter-inural and outside sports events, under the supervision of Miss Benson. Awards are given at the end of the year to the girls who have played in enough games to earn the number of points required. Bracelets are also given as awards to the Seniors who have achieved the hest athletic records in their high school years at lillis. Cups are given to the best class teams of the three upper grades in each of the three sports. The E.A.A. gives a Halloween party for the girls of the ltfiddle School each year, and a skit night for the Upper School each Spring. Under our leader. Ann Copeland. the l'l.A.A. has completed a very sueeessful year. which has heen fun for all. l44l Cheerleaders cft to right-J. Colman, R. 1.axx'rcncc, H. Vwlcst, B. fvlullcn, Bcull, N L 1 L Class Song lVllL'Tl lifm-ls sctting sun Says lifcys lmok is clonv. Wt-'ll turn tllm' lJI'l'i'i0l1S l1':1vn's To tlmsv swvvt Ill1'!Il01'li'S1 And go buck mu-v morn' To softball scorvs, Buck to frivmls whom wn' :ulm'c. lvl-'ll stroll Illl'IIl0l'lCS, lum- 'll0g1'tll4'l' again: VV4-'ll lock tlll' l'll2lll'l of frivmlealxip And though wx- may drift znpurt. 'I'llm- love' in our lu-:arts XVill cull us lnwk. l'lllis. to you. N51 lrum 'i-'Eff' Green Team Captain , .Jcttiu Bvrgnian GREEN TEAM CIIEER '1'lwx'c!s :1 reason to huy, and a reason to svll '1'liv:'c's :1 reason to shout, und :x reason to yell So shout, Greens, shout! Hziliclujnh! Shout, Greens, shout! Hallelujah! So shout! 5463 filililix TEANI SONG TI'Nl'II "Tramp, Tramp, Travnyf' Let us raise our voices high Sing tlzi- praises of our tmun A nc Jl'K'!1ll'l' o liffl zinc win :main ,iis A i t tblt i ,., t' ycur. Sportsxnzinship will he our :aim As wc fight with spirit kccn And our victories will show wmfvc niught to fm-ur. cuonrs: Fight! G11-vns! Fight unrl win the buttlv. 'l'hcrcf's :1 Vic-tory in sight. Praise will 1-Cho fur and nuur And wu'll gin' ai mighty clicvr As wo sm: thu Green Tcunl crincllc burning hright. Qui-:PEAT cuoiwsj White Team Captain Anne Kyli- VVIIITR TEAM CHEICR On this countryls grunt reservation Thcrcls zz team thutls host in tho nation. Bllllllllfl. jumbo, spirit of the VVhitc 'IVCJIIII limits in our hcarts with il boom-l:1y-boom! VVhcn wc svnd out our Warriors YV1' know thvylll coma- hack victorious Humho. jumbo. spirit of the lvhitv Tcuni lin-:nts in our hcrirts with :1 lmooin-luy-booml YVith Z1 hoom-luy-hoom-I:ly-boom-l:ly-lmoom YVith 21 lmooi11-lriy-lmoom-l:xy-boom-l:xy-boom W'ith :1 honin-lzly-hoom-lany-hooin-l:xy-boom Boom! Rah! Yvhitvsl I47 VVHI'l'l'l TEAM SONG TUNE: "lVlzr'n Thr' Saints Form' llfarching Inv Throughout the years, our couragv high, Our hzinncr waving to thc' sky, YVQ-'ll mzirch along together Nothing C'0r crm still our song. In rain or shinc. by night or day Our hvzids :irc up, our hc':n'ts :irc guy. For thi- tC21II1,S undying fzunc WH- will try to win the QIIIIIU. Oh. VVl1itrs :irc wc. the world will sw Oh whcther skios :irc hluu or grvy And though thvrc :irc odds Ilg'IllYISt us lVv'll nt-vcr stop 'til wc'rv on top. 'IlllK'Y'l' :irc for-s to four. :md frivncls to clit-vr But wi-'ll fight right to tlw Gnd lVhr-n the- vit-tory's won for the lVhitn's Yvs, wc'll know our work is done. Alexander, Jane 1Mrs. John1 Claridge Apartments Apartment No. 207 5600 Fifth Avenue 1321 Amundson, Carol 1Mrs. Carroll J.1 234 Melwood Avenue 1131 Apartment No. 204 Andrews, Ruth E. 490 S. Highland Avenue 161 Apartment No. 103 Band, Margaret W. 324 Orchard Drive 1281 Becker, Ellen 1Mrs. Gordon M.1 1121 Wightman Street 1171 Benson, Dorothy 545 S. Aiken Avenue 1321 Campbell, Inez L. 1Mrs. W. J.1 2020 Frankella Avenue 1211 Conway, Helen M. 6923 Thomas Boulevard 181 Cook, Margaret W. Mrs. Arlin M.1 Shady Side Academy Fox Chapel Road 1151 Acheson, Adrianne 6344 Penham Place 181 MOntrose 1-8481 Addenbrook, Zoe 407 Glen Arden Drive 181 MOntrose 1-9120 Ahlbrandt, Virginia 5463 Aylesboro Avenue 1171 MAyflower 1-4144 Alderdice, Deborah 1369 Shady Avenue 1171 HAzel 1-3208 Annan, Barbara Woodland Road 1321 HAzeI 1-4473 Arensberg, Eve 1172 Murrayhill Avenue MOntrose 1-2890 Arensberg, Susan Evergreen Hamlet Babcock Boulevard 191 MIlvale 1-2117-J 1171 Directory Faculty and Staff Cooper, Ida College Club 143 S. Craig Street 1131 Crook, Joan T. 1Mrs. William G.1 448 S. Graham Street 161 Evans, Ruth 1Mrs. James1 476 Carnegie Drive 1161 Fairlamh, Margaret 545 S. Aiken Avenue 1321 Harvey, Beatrice F. 1Mrs. F. Leamont1 4220 Saline Street 1171 Hasson, Claire G. 7035 Chaucer Street 181 Henry, Ruth B. 6200 Jackson Street 161 Hogg, Mary B. 1Mrs. George P.1 1082 Shady Avenue 161 Jeffrey, Lesley B. 1Mrs. C. Dwight1 1139 Jackson Street 1211 Johnson, Althea L. 1Mrs. Reginald H.1 216 Melwood Avenue 1131 Apartment No. 201 McVicker, Ella B. 1Mrs. Carl G.1 2026 Fairlawn Street 1211 Mantell, Winifred E. 372 S. Highland Avenue 1321 Martin, Marjorie E. 1Mrs. Russell W.1 Webster Towers Apartment No. B-7 240 Melwood Avenue 1131 Ivloeser, Helen H. 1Mrs, Henry A.1 601 Whitney Avenue 1211 Pearce, Marie H. 1Mrs. D. Russell1 Georgian Apartments 5437 Ellsworth Avenue 161 Rodes, Mary Ann 402 W. Hutchison Avenue 1181 Sharp, Elizabeth F. 3334 Niagara Street 1131 Students Armentrout, Jean, Sally Ann 1020 Highmont Road 1321 MOntrose 1-4242 Arnd, Anita 773 Shady Drive, East 1161 LEhigh 1-1394 Arnold, Margot 5715 Elmer Street 1321 Hlland 1-9447 Arrott, Clare Lvnne 6819 Reynolds Street 181 Hlland 1-7769 Babcock, Dorothy, Jean Edgewood Drive 1151 STerling 1-2431 Barnes, Mary Windsor Place 1151 STerling 1-5616 Bartley, Honey 1054 Beechwood Boulevard 161 MOntr0se 1-0519 Baton, Louise, Linda 126 Penham Lane 181 MOntrose 1-1879 Bayard, Nina 223 Gladstone Road 1171 MUseum 1-2825 Bayles, Abigail, Annelly, Mary Charlotte 713 St. James Street 1321 MUseum 1-7751 Beall, Judith Evergreen Hamlet 191 Mlllvale 1-2194 Bell, Elizabeth, Hester 5235 Westminster Place MUseum 1-1588 1321 Bell, Susan 808 Devonshire Street 1131 MAyflower 1-0698 Berghaus, Lydia 700 St. James Street 1321 MAyflower 1-4976 1481 Shaw, Helen E. 1Mrs. H. Stanley1 1821 McNary Boulevard 1211 Stevenson, Virginia P. 5831 Walnut Street 1321 Stolarevsky, Kathryn Fell 1Mrs. Mihail1 College Manor Apartment No. 1 College Er? Walnut Sts. 1321 Tilley, Marjorie L. 372 S. Highland Avenue 1321 Wick, Blanche C. 1Mrs. Robert A.1 R. D. No. 11 Dorseyville Road Sharpsburg 15, Pa. Wylie, Carrie L. 1160 Portland Street 161 Zirkle, Mathilda W. 1Mrs. Howard A.1 992 Crest Lane Carnegie, Pa. Bergman, Jettie 2436 Craftmont Avenue 151 WAlnut 1-5300 Bickel, Blythe 819 St. James Street 1321 MAvflower 1-6603 Bindley, Louise 5450 Dunmoyle Street 1171 MUseum 1-2427 Blair, Margaret 5714 Lynn Haven Road 1171 EMerson 1-3617 Blaxter, Anne 6420 Beacon Street 1171 HAZel 1-7086 Boshell, Betsey 5222 Wilkins Avenue 1171 MAyflower 1-6844 Bowser, Nancy, Priscilla 537 Glen Arden Drive 181 MOntrose 1-1221 Bragdon, Barbara, Mary Penelope 1085 Devon Road 1131 MUseum P0904 Braun, Marjorie 6828 Penham Place 181 MOntrose P2423 Brereton, Eugenia, Mathilda Dale Old Mill Road 1151 R. D. No. 11 Woodland 3f8563 Brown, Diana 1336 Bennington Avenue 1171 MAyflower P5794 Brown, Ellen, Katharine 540 Glen Arden Drive 181 MGntrose P9127 Brown, Suzanne 1407 Denniston Avenue 1171 HAzel P3502 Brush, Hannah 1127 N. Euclid Avenue 161 MOntrose P5777 Burgess, Florence 1156 S. Negley Avenue 1171 Hlland P1357 Campbell, Carol 4367 Schenley Farms Ter. 1131 MAyflower P2844 Campbell, Nancy Edgewood Road 1151 STerling P1386 Cheever, Julia 131 Yorkshire Road 181 EMerson P2237 Clark, Eleanor Hillcrest Road 1151 STerling P5505 Close, Barbara Edgewood Drive 1151 STerling P2334 Cochrane, Eleanor Guyasuta Road 1151 STerling P1426 Cohen, Judith 1235 Malvern Avenue 1171 SChenley P2900 Cohen, Maxine 1277 Bellerock Street 1171 HAzel P7712 Cohen, Sylvia 530 Linden Lane 181 EMerson P6968 Collins, Alice 804 Maryland Avenue 1321 Hlland P2318 Conderman, Margo, Patsy 4916 Bayard Street 1131 MUseum P8661 Copeland, Caroline, Ann Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 406 Craig, Carolyn 1141 Wightman Street 1171 MUseum P3 210 Crawford, Marilynn 318 Richland Lane 181 CHurchill P1414 Crawford, Patricia 200 Tenth Street 1151 STerling P0664 Dauler, Margaret 5414 Kipling Road 1171 MAyflower P4404 Davis, Jean 5130 Pembroke Place 1321 MAyflower P9031 Darrison, Marcia 6835 Penham Place 181 EMerson P1798 DeNinno, Carolyn 4533 Stanton Avenue 111 STerling P4234 Dennis, Helen 5800 Aylesboro Avenue 1171 HAzel P1926 Donaldson, Anne Hawthorne Road 1151 STerling P5390 Drew, Catherine 6550 Beacon Street 1171 HAzel P9222 Dunstan, Melinda 5806 Fifth Avenue 1321 Hlland P2140 Eaton, Susan 5033 Castleman Street 1321 MUseum P0978 Ebbert, Ann, Carol 1441 Squirrel Hill Ave. 1171 MUseum P2381 Ebbert, Genevieve, Kay 6630 Kinsman Road 1171 JAckson P0281 Edwards, David 1120 Wightman Street MUseum P2278 Erving, Clarissa 6820 Juniata Place 181 Hlland P1418 Evans, Margaret 1026 Highmont Road 1321 MOntrose P9008 Evans, Sally 1405 Browning Road 161 MOntrose P6240 Fagan, Kathleen 800 Maryland Avenue 161 Hlland P7382 Fischer, Diane W. Waldheim Road 1151 STerling P3301 Fisher, Margaret 5565 Northumberland St. 1171 MAyflower 1-8822 Flalig, Margot 325 Sixth Avenue 1221 EXpress P1127 Flannery, Sara Fox Chapel Road 1151 WOodland 3f8782 Fleger, Linda R. D. No. 2, Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 567 Fleming, Barbara Calc Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1953 Foster, Pauline 6 Colonial Place 1321 SChenley P6787 Frame, Marjorie, Ruth Forest Drive 1151 WOodland 3f8736 Frank, Elizabeth 920 Wellesley Road 161 MOntrose P3941 Freeland, Brigit, Jane 5622 Northumberland St. 1171 HAzel P1920 Gantner, Virginia Hawthorne Road 1151 STerling P5162 Garvin, Margaret 610 Pitcairn Place 161 MAyflower P2323 Gealy, Alice 1322 S. Negley Avenue 1171 HAzel P7710 Gellatly, Lynda, Susan 6839 Juniata Place 181 MOntrose P9226 1 491 Gillies, Barbara, Nancy 714 Devonshire Street 1131 MAyflower P1463 Glock, Sandra 1450 Wightman Street 1171 MUseum P0544 Gorman, Sandra 732 S. Millvale Avenue 1131 MAyflower P6633 Graham, Susan Sample Road Allison Park, Pa. Perrysville 4f5192 Grosscup, Katharine 5310 Westminster Place MUseum P2234 1321 Hall, Linda 712 St. James Street 1321 MAyflower P6799 Hannah, Annette, Katharine 4752 Bayard Street 1131 MUseum P2241 Henry, Suzanne 6836 Penham Place 181 EMerson P4723 Heppenstall, Katherine 6815 Edgerton Avenue 181 MOntrose P8817 Higenbotham, Susan Apartment No. 8 552 N. Neville Street 1131 SChenley 1-5909 Hillman, Juliet Lea 1415 Squirrel Hill Avenue 1171 MUseum P2078 Hillmann, Medeleine W. Woodland Road 1321 HAzel P7656 Horning, Toni La Todami Farm Wexford, Pa. Wexford 5'1091 Hotchkiss, Patricia 6927 Penn Avenue 181 MOntrose P6143 Houston, Jean 300 S. Lexington Avenue 181 FRemont P4107 Howard, Evelyn, Julia 536 Briar Cliif Road 181 PEnhurst P1363 Hower, Marguerite 1333 Bennington Ave. 1171 MAyflower P9212 Hudson, Laura, Sarah 5818 Kentucky Avenue 1321 EMerson 1f6249 Irwin, Mary 5305 Westminster Place 1321 MAyflower 1-2759 Jackson, Jennifer 5029 Amberson Place 1321 MAyflower 1f4411 Jaffe, Nellie Lou 1310 Squirrel Hill Ave. 1171 SChenley 1f8576 Jewell, Mary Louise 275 Orchard Drive 1281 LOcust 1f0878 Johnston, Nancy 1154 Wightman St. 1171 SChenley 1f6164 Jones, Marjorie Guyasuta Road 1151 STerling 1f8878 Jorgenson, Elizabeth 6830 Reynolds Street 181 EMerson 1f3532 Kelley, Josephine, Louise 1531 Cochran Road 1161 LOcust 1f1453 Kelly, Margaret 1519 Wightman St. 1171 HAzel 1f0082 King, Diane 1425 Beechwood Blvd. 1171 Jackson 1f2003 King, Helen, Sarah 1112 Shady Avenue 161 MOntrose 1f7818 Kyle, Anne Hillcrest Road 1151 STerling 1f1465 Lawrence, Ruth 229 E. Waldheim Road 1151 STerling 1f7018 Lee, Augusta 510 Roslyn Place 1321 MUseum 2f3420 Lewis, Barbara 1515 Wightman Street 1171 HAzel 1f6479 Liem, Edith 1037 Murrayhill Avenue 1171 EMerson 1f3046 Lindstrom, Jennie Ann 5718 Fifth Avenue 1321 Lloyd, Patricia 810 Hulton Road Oakmont, Pa. Lockhart, Katharine 5215 Westminster Place 1321 SChenley 1f2225 Longenecker, Laurie 222 Lytton Avenue 1131 MUseum 1f8877 Love, Leila, Roberta 5535 Beeler Street 1171 MUseum 1f5465 McCahill, Patricia Fox Chapel Road 1151 STerling 1f5190 McCaslin, Ellen Jane, Janet Louise Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1173 McClenahan, Bunny 5840 Solway Street 1171 HAzel 1f4881 McClintic, Miranda Fox Chapel Road 1151 STerling 1f6234 McClung, Mary 6600 Kinsman Road 1171 HAze1 1f7341 McConnon, Cathy 4912 Wallingford Street 1131 SChenley 1f4251 McCreery, Kathleen 6337 Jackson Street 161 EMerson 112272 McDowell, Margaret 5822 Howe Street 1321 EMerson 1f8606 McGraw, Marban, Constance 1101 S. Negley Avenue 1171 EMerson 1f0515 McKee, Sallie, Susan 714 Amberson Avenue 1321 MAyflower 1f0536 McLaughlin, Eleanor 401 Shady Avenue 161 MOntrose 1f3120 McMahon, Perrynell 6106 Fifth Avenue 1321 M0ntrose 1f6221 Mallinger, Louise 5295 Forbes Street 1171 SChenley 1f8426 Marks, Mary 5620 Dunmoyle Street 1171 MAyflower 1f1179 Mathews, Julia 715 Amberson Avenue 1321 SChenley 1f57'O7 Matson, Christine 509 S. Linden Avenue 181 MOntrose 1f3873 Mercer, Diane 701 St. James Street 1321 SChenley 1f7418 Mergenhagen, Judith Marbilmount Farm R. D. No. 1 Wexford, Pa. Meyer, Mary Louise 314 S. Dallas Avenue 181 Miller Margaret 802 Maryland Avenue 1321 MOntrose 1f6673 Minard, Mary Louise 1432 Browning Road 161 MOntrose 1f4394 Mullen, Barbara Royal York Apartments 1131 MAyflower 1f5727 Murphy, Eloise, Kathleen 6614 Woodwell Street 1171 HAzel 1f7253 Murray, Sarah 5415 Northumberland St. 1171 SChenley 1f4785 Muse, Elizabeth Ann Windmere Road 121 Ben Avon Heights, Pa. JUniper 1f3543 Myers, Abigail 5809 Marlborough Ave. JAckson 1'6898 1171 Myers, Wendy 1236 Murrayhill Avenue JAckson 1f1788 1171 Nash, Patricia 4136 Bigelow Blvd. 1131 MAyflower 1-1394 Nelson, Molly 5433 Kipling Road 1171 JAckson 1f6679 O'Brien, Carolyn 1400 Browning Road 161 EMerson 1f120l Oliver, Gail 5238 Ellsworth Avenue 1321 MUseum 1f2517 1501 O'Neil, Barbara, Joan 932 S. Aiken Avenue 1321 MAyflower 1f6711 Patterson, Judith, Sandra 6671 Kinsman Road 1171 JAckson P5288 Pixley, Lynn 1902 Beechwood Blvd. 1171 JAckson 1f1181 Punton, Judith 144 Crescent Hill Rd. 1351 Sycamore 3-0727 Rea, Ingrid, Marion 5200 Westminster Place 1321 MUseum 1'8859 Rea, Katharine 1177 Murrayhill Avenue 1171 EMerson 1f7672 Reed, Anica, Jeffrey, Carolyn 5448 Northumberland St. 1171 MUseum 1f7898 Reynolds, Ann 714 Hastings Street 161 MOntrose P3282 Rial, Hydie 5510 Aylesboro Avenue 1171 MAyflower 1f7448 Robinson, Ann 830 Amberson Avenue 1321 MAyflower lf0817 Rock, Katherine 5030 Castleman Street 1321 EMerson 1f5071 Rodgers, Anne 5312 Ellsworth Avenue MUseum 1f3874 1321 Rosenthal, Suzanne 2074 Beechwood Blvd. 1171 HAzel 1fO896 Ross, Geraldine 1221 Shady Avenue 1321 EMerS0n 24964 Rost, Linda 541 Glen Arden Drive 181 MOntrose 1f4550 Ruffin, Martha North Drive 1151 Woodland 3'8061 Rust, Mary 1171 Murrayhill Avenue 1171 Montrose 1f6159 Sayers, Susan 577 Moorhead Place 1321 SChenley 110528 Schaefer, Eileen, Susan 5665 Bartlett Street 1175 HAzel 1f6662 Scharfe, Carol 903 Amberson Avenue 1325 MUseum 1f1 583 Sch midt, Helen 1060 Highmont Road 1325 Hlland 1f0399 Schmidt, Barbara 5419 Northumberland St. MAyflower 1'4212 Scholnick, Barbara 213 Hampton Road 1155 STerlin,q 1'l907 Schoyer, Judith 1175 1167 Murrayhill Avenue 1175 EMerson 1-3332 Schumacher, Susan 1082 Shady Avenue 165 Hlland 1f7584 Scott, Caroline 6500 Beacon Street 1175 HAzel 1f2052 Scott, Louise 1047 S. Negley Avenue 1175 Hllarid 1f2882 Senelf, Elizabeth 1082 Shady Avenue 165 MOntrose 1f6645 Sheddan, Joann 48 Aineberson Gardens 3 Bayard Road 1135 MUseum 1f6015 Sheridan, Jane Windsor Road 1155 STerling 1-2620 Shoemaker, Helen 400 Shady Avenue 165 EMerson 2f0108 Shrum, Maxine Fox Chapel Road 1155 STerling 1f0101 Siegle, Esther Apartment No. 305 765 College Avenue 1325 EMerson 1-5051 Smith, Mary 204 Lingrove Place 185 MOntrose 1f8387 Spinelli, Lucia, Mary 5302 Westminster Place 1325 SChenley 1f4122 Srodes, Susan 604 Pitcairn Place 1325 MAyflower 1f8580 Stinson, Margaret 4421 Schenley Farms Ter. MAyflower 1'3684 Stone, Cynthia, Suzanne 1 135 5721 Lynn Haven Road 1175 EMerson 1f5293 Strem, Linda 1315 Beechwood Blvd. 1175 HAzel 1f7836 Sturgeon, Linda, Susan 905 Wellesley Road 165 EMerson 1f3820 Swan, Holly 1418 Browning Road 165 MOntrose 1-4741 Taylor, Marjorie Evergreen Road 1145 WEllington 1f0129 Tim, Ann 5020 Castleman Street MUseum 1'5985 1525 Titzel, 'Constance Squaw Run Road 1155 Woodland 3f8853 Trondle, Martha 1219 N. Sheridan Avenue 165 EMerson 1-2474 Vaux, Elizabeth, Mary Martha 1427 Squirrel Hill Ave. 1175 SChenley 1f0405 Walton, Caroline, Constance 6306 Bartlett Street 1175 HAzel lf3716 Ward, Alison, Wendy 2 School House Lane MUseum 112073 1325 Ward, Barbara 1043 Highmont Road, 1325 Hlland 1f9075 Washburn, Fanny 420 Coventry Road 1325 MUseum 2f2999 Waterman, Sally, Marcina 6221 Fifth Avenue 1325 lV1Qntrose 1f4713 Weaber, Susan 4115 Bigelow Blvd. 1135 MAyflower 1f1437 Weidlein, Ioan 6841 Reynolds Street 185 EMerson 1-6341 1511 Wells, Louise 1010 Murrayhill Avenue 1175 jAckson 1f0673 Vv'est, Helen 204 West Drive 1155 STerling 1f4567 Willey, Julie 5637 Northumberland St. 1175 HAZ6l 1f9935 Williams, Amy 5308 Ellsworth Avenue 1325 MUseum 1fO313 'Willocl-:, Annette 5436 Dunmoyle Street 1175 MAyflower 1f5581 Winston, Rolinda 28 Woodland Road 1325 Hlland 1f8456 Wolff, Elizabeth 6606 Kinsman Road 1175 HAze1 lf4224 Woods, Colette 1200 Bennington Avenue 1175 MUseum lf7858 Wright, Beverly 816 S. Negley Avenue 1325 MOntrose 1'0438 Zimmerman, Louisa South Drive Fox Chapel Manor 1155 STerling 1f1972 Zimmermann, Mary Ann 6909 Yorkshire Drive 185 MOntrose 1f5834 Com plimcnts of THE D. L. CLARK COMPANY "N '1-' ff .-:f 2 55? ! W 61 , 4, X ,Q 6 si , , ,X 'aff , , Ql K ' bf viz' gg i 4' , ' P Q o 3 ' H'-. , Xx- ' E 'N I .Q o X fi f ' J 4, WSE rg U23 Compliments 0 "Q"""'f, ' KWHH g et , f I f ALLEGHENY LUDLUM STEEL CCRPORATIQN 7Ze flfallcmi .feacfwq af Sllamfedd Slleefd M all QCVU444 HENRY W. OLIVER BUILDING PITTSBURGH 22, PA. Penn Schenley Land Co 44103C1+lN'FRl'lAYICNVIC U73 FQUST ENGINEERING CGNPANY Complimmzts of THE D. L. CLARK COMPANY D I1zlve1's of thc F mnous C L A R K B A R "Center of Attractioxf, U71 Compliments Of A Friend 6cQm79lLmenQ Crump, Incorporated gay Oqzffgy fyzmfigom Q H C7 W. I. Crowley Company SOPHOMCDRE CLASS f Cowzplimwzts of C. H. Wentzel Compliments of Richard S. Rauh I J MORROWFIELD OLDSMOBILE CO. Compliments of EIGI-ITH GRADE JAckson 14600 2621 MURRAY AVENUE Y E L L O W KEYSTONE METAL COMPANY C A B Non-Ferrous Metals C O . Pittsburgh, Pa. D581 C O M P L I M E N T A R Y C'0mpZimcnts of S P A C E DRAMATIC CLUB Complinlcnts of A FRIEND OSWALD 86 HESS CO X691 FRASER Compliments of ENGINEERING CO. A F R I E N D 93 South Sixteenth Street Pittsburgh 3, Pa. H. F. BEHRHORST 86 THE SON, INC. N EVILLE COMPANY 23rd and Carson Streets C h e m i c a I s Pittsburgh 3, Pa. i701 BIN DLEY FENCE and EQUIPMENT CO. 501 Pressley Street Compliments of C . W . C L O S E JOSEPH WAGMAN Com plimonts of A F R I E N D MERGE MOTOR CO, 24 Hour Service 3600 Wilkins Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. MAYFAIR WOMEN 'S WEAR 5135 Fifth Avenue JOHN MCCLEMENTS, INC. Fruits - Flowers - Gifts GRant lf5675 Complinzcnts of DAVE MORROW'S SERVI E TA Oliver Bldg.-338 Sixth Ave. C S TION Pittsburgh, Pa. SAUL I. ZEIDEN Route 8 Allison Park Best W'isl1cs FEDERAL CANDY ERWIN'S Best Wfishes 15 Brilliant Avenue COMPANY Pittsburgh 15, Pa. NORTHUMBERLAND PHARMACY Compliments of 3872 Northumberland Street Pittsburgh, Penna. A FRIEND Compliments of A F R I E N D MASTER CLEANING and TAILORING 6740 Reynolds Street Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of NORTH LAUNDRY Winifred and Success Streets Compliments of MURPHY'S ESSO STATION U23 .f , N 3 E

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