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ff - av- f mrfyiy saw' wax Ajsiffvy 9,0 1e1jv'39'- . ace if X:'oUC3.,r."xq,u,p-5 A ,WWW 0:15 jp P' SLQQPQS 255-W' Dian Suzie., N- bu ham ,yu uL. laivuq iv C.lu4-Llmioqinwm l-LfLQJuuuJ.n.,hQxua lu.l.UU +0116-h.n,q +0JLa.mwG-ll-th., G7-N49-J-IIKLH uddlrvua.-u '-JVM-1 nruad- 111.550 C!-mol HUA-ulha -loam-Lula. 'PDDLJ ibm-eheu. as - Q1 SOUND. ld-00'-G + L-ouLLA.n...pn0C,U'LL 'aff'-U 0-1YUvu..1QMhnAd. s I i n I s V THE ELLISIAN FIELDS l952 V x -i 5 T+- S w "WU QW ' 'f t i f - ' 1 . 1 X THE ELLIS SCHOOL PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA MOTTO What it is, I ain't studied it, but I' ll do it whatever. iPENNSYLVANIA DUTCH SAYING D IC D I C A T I 0 N liccaulsc of . . . Your patience :xml scnsc of lllllll0l'2 Your Collsfzult willingness to put in il good word for usg Your CllC0lll'2lg'CIllCIlt in this our most illIIl0l'tElIlt your at lillisg Your zmpplvciamtioll and recognition for cucleuvor YZIHICI' fllilll p1'ofic'ic11cyg Yvc, H10 class of 1952, clcdic-atc our ycawlzook to you Donorur R. BENSON FOREWORD It's here at last-the day we,ve looked forward to for so many years-June 12, 1952. As Freshmen, in our first year as true Upper School girls, we made our mythology notebooks, wrote our autobiographies, and had our first "real" dates. In that yea1', Seniors and Commencements were things far removed from our little world, but nevertheless they were ever present in the backs of our minds. As Sophomores, we did our Latin pro- jects, faced geometry for the first time, and had our first chance to be on Varsity teams. Our Senior year seemed suddenly closer. As Juniors, we were elected to certain major offices, made our first applications to colleges, took the Junior S.A.T.,sg then it dawned on us that our Commencement was but one short year away. Throughout our senior year, filled with hard work, extra-curricular responsibilities, and the constant thoughts of col- leges, we looked forward to June 12 with great expectations. Now it is here, and we leave our green uniforms for white grad- uation dresses, we realize that our Ellis days will soon be only a memory, a memory which will stay with us forever. For, here, we have learned, not only our lessons, but also how to think and how to accept responsibility. As we prepare to go forth to college and life after that, we feel an awareness of all that Ellis has meant to us and given to us. We leave this yearbook, not only as a remembrance of our class, but also as a token of our appreciation for what we have learned through the help and guidance of Miss Tilley and the interest of the faculty. Year Book Staff Iffliflll'-ilIAf'Iliff' . . Louisc l"lv,u,'cr 1,itt'l'fll'.lf Erlifor . . Mnrgof l'opm-luml .lssisfuuf I,ita'rnry Ezlifor . Susan Kyla- Plmfngmplzif' Editor . . Bzlrlmrzl Ynux .Is.vi.s'1'r1nf Plmfogrrlpllir' lfrlifnr Luuisc Mulvrf ,lrf Edifor . . . Limlzm lilwlltllll .lSSi.VflIIlf .lrf Erlilm' Norilm Dorlwitz l1'uxinv.v,w ,lIllIlllfjt'I' . ch'CtC'llCll ci2llltIl0l' .lxsishlnf IfIlSiIH'SS Jlurzugzv' 1iL'll0C'l'1l Byvrly l"rrr'ulfy .I1Iz"i.wn' . . Miss Fililqlllllll I'7I Upper, Middle and Lower School Faculty UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY ltruw D. Benson, Tlmtclmcr. M. Hogg. M. Flllflillllll C. Amllndr-on. Y. Stcvcrymw B. Xvick. M, Band. L. Suulc, M. Zirlilc. MIDDLE SCHOOL FACULTY ' row R. Vsfitlwcmw, 1. Thatcher, Huntoon, I. Campbell. M. VJUI. M. Pcnrcc. B. Wick llllll lI1 k B. Hciningcr. E. P' a , R. Henry, K. Stulurcvs y. LOVVER SCHOOL FACULTY row Alcxalndcr. B. Harvey. I. Ivlcffunc. Ll ww M. jcnkim. 13. Kuta. E. Roady. E. Rvvd. I6I UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY Marjorie L. Tilley . Virginia P. Stevenson Margaret Fairlamb Margaret Band . Lucy L. Soule . Blanche Wick . Mathilda W. Zirkle Althea Johnson . Carol Amundson Joan Mary Thatcher Mary B. Hogg . Winifred E. Mantcll . Dorothy Benson . ltlary Jenkins . . Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky Henry Ready . . MIDDLE SCHOOL Blanche C. Wick . Inez L. Campbell . Margaret T. Weil . Ruth B. Henry . Marie Harmer Pearce Jean Witherow Huntoon Joan Mary Thatcher Sally K. Sarver . . Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky Dorothy Benson . . Ellen L. Pittman . Rosanna O. Witherow . . . . . H eadmistress . Assistant H eadmistress . . . English . History, English . Mathematics, Bible . . Mathematics Biology, Illathematics . . Chemistry . . . French . . French . . . Latin . . History of Art, Art . Director of Athletics, Latin . . Assistant Director of Athletics . . . . . Piano . . . . . . Choral Director FACULTY . . . . A rithmetic . . . English, H istory, Geography . . . Fifth Grade . . Fourth Grade Arithmetic, Visual Aids . . . . Art . French . Speech, Bible . . . Piano, Singing . Director of Athletics Assistant Director of Athletics . . . . . . . Readin g LOWER SCHOOL FACULTY Jane Alexander ...... Junior Kindergarten Isabel E. McCune . Barbara E. Kutz Beatrice Harvey Ma1'y Jenkins . Elma Ready . Elizabeth Reed Helen M. Conway . Ruth E. Andrews . Claire Hasson . . Senior Kindergarten Kindergarten Assistant . . First Grade First Grade Assistant . Second Grade . . . . . Third Grade OFFICE STAFF Secretary-B ookkce per Secretary to the H eadnzistress . . General Secretary E71 MARjORIE L. TILLEY Healdmistrcss OFFICE STAFF H. Conway, R. Andrews, C. Hansson ISI SENIORS i. ' "-X 21 K MV, 7 lei 'IVIY ' Jr ft ,i ,L cf if jjtlif' ijvy , ffl. A' ft' VW f wf W' n IKEBECCA ANN 13YlCRI.Y 5CBewIl Entered: Seventh Grade Preparing for Wflzeaton College "Mother's going' to Chautauquff, . . . cocktail parties . . . "c-avorting beastiesn . . . Florida . . . notes to herself . . . "Hi, babe" . . . keeper of the bottle . . . "Sunnnerti Activities Council . . . . . 2, 3, 4 Secretary ........ 41 Ellisian Fields ...... 4 Chi Eta Phi Board . . . 4- Guild Vice-President . . . 3 E.A.A ..... .... 3 , 4- Secretary Glee Club .... l, 2, 3, tb President . . ..... -1 Ensemble . . . . . 3, -L me." Bridge Club . . . Crafts Club . . . German Club . . . Skating Club . . E.A.A. Emblem . VVhite Team Captain . . ll0 l 2 ...l ...3 2,3 2,34 3 9 ,Weir til W w0f'y gs MAuoo'r HUNTER COPELAND i "l'Vlargot" Entered: Seventh Grade S'v Preparing for fbf LY e Smith College u 6 f' My as N. r. at qpw 0' " ' WM ,ii A "Fold up your pinnies" . . . ulcers . . . mental bloc . . . "Deep Purple" . . . W ufLlll'tl1ll'Slll1,, . . . unrolled sleeves . . . long black stockings . . . "pepper, the only undigestible COUdllIlCIlt.,, Ellisian Fields . . . Literary Editor Chi Eta Phi. . . . Guild Secretary . . . E.A.A ...... 1, 2, President ...... Ivy Board ..... 2, 3, Business Manager . Patchwork ......... Copy Editor I 11 l Glee Club .... Librarian . Ensemble . Bridge Club . Camera Club Crafts Club . . German Club Skating Club E.A.A. Emble Green Team Captain . . Ill Activities l,2,3,4- ....4 1,2,3,4 . ...l ...l ...3 ....1,2 1,2,3,4 ..3,4 NonIN,x Donnmfrz "Nol.'lry" lintcrcclz First Grzulc l'repzu'ing for Ihvzisorz IlIIi'Z'l"l'SitL1j "Oh, I just clon't, know what I'm going to flow . . . always writing letters . . plutfornl shoes :intl ankle straps . . . No-Doz . . . lvcelccncl trips . . . ict Crezun cones . . . MIAHICSOHIC Gulf, ,f1r'fi'Ui!i1'.v Class Vivc-l'rc'siclcnt . Ellisian Fields .... Assistant Art Editor Chi Eta Pln ....... S, Ivy Board . liridgu Club . . Czum-ru Club . G1-rxnun Club . . Skating Club . . Drznnutic Club lvhitc- 'I'1f:un Z l l Lo UISE F1,1+:o1-zu "Louise" lintcredz Sixth Grade Preparing for l'Vellcslcy College i U3 :SOO . 'WO d.pw7m9,i?JxQi2s1umu.5ew sp fl' "For Pctc's saken . . . foot twitching . . . country hick . . . disappearing rings . . . soap and water . . . to bed with the birds . . . "Wl1oopsic,' . . . lllJSCl1tlIllIldCdI19SS. Z1 Council Treasurer . Class Vice-President Class Secretary . . Ellixian Fields . . . Editor-in-Chief Chi Eta Phi ...... 3, 4- Guild .... . . . 2, 3 President . . l13l Patchwork . Art Editor Crafts Club . . Skating Club . Camera Club . . . Sewing Club . . E.A.A. Emblem White Team Aclivitivs . . . . 4' . . . 2 2 .1,2,3 l,2,3,4 'QW' -nn? Gu 1-:'1'c'H lex A N N GA NTN ICR I "Grcfc'h" l'111tc1'ccl: liigbtll Grade I"1'cpa1'i11g for lVvlls C01 Iegc' "'I,ll novel' tclll, . . . blind as a bat . . . Cl1llCl1'Cll admitted free . . . "I Cilllst sec" . . . mail . . . broken glasses .. tucked-in-cliin . . . open convertible. .lcfivifiznv Class Trcasllrcr . . lillisian Fifldx . . . Business Manager Chi Eta Phi .... Board Member ..... Patch 'work ..... Edit0I'-ill-clllltff . Bridge Club . . . ..3 ..3,1l- 41 ..3,fl1 -1- 2 Crafts Club . . Skating Club . . . Camera Club . . Prvsident Dramatic' Club . . E.A.A. Emblem Xvlliti' Team 4 S 1- Q W, M WW 4 MW' 44" 0' W C ,C W l'h1to1'0cl: Seventh Grzulc llropawing for lVz'IIe'sIz'y Collvgv "Uh, stop it" . . . clothes, clothes, clothes . . . sarcastic rcnmrks 4. . . "Como 0n'n My House" . . . lmlf il car . . . ll0l' H0V0l'C03lt,, . . . zivcrsion to socks . . . first-floor lJClll'00Ill . . . always eating . . . pedal-puslicrs. .lrfizvilif Council .... . 2, -1- Gln- Club ..... l, 2. 3. Prcsidvnt . . . . . -L Busincss Msmagvr . . . Class Prcsidvnt . . . 2 Calm-ra Club . Class Vicc' President . . . I Iflli-Yillll I"iPl11.v .......A L Assistant l,itc'r:1ry Editor Clli Eta Plli ...... 3. '1- K ' E.A.A. 'iwasurt-r ..... 4 l15l Crafts Club . . . Sm-wing Club . . . . Skating Club . . . ..l, l'l.A.A. l'llnblm-in . . . -3, WVl1itc Tcrun EMILY LOUISE MULERT "Louise" Entered : Fifth Grade Preparing for Wheaton College "Oh, get it out of here l" . . . weekends in New York . . . hysterics . . . subtle remarks . . . "Call the police P' . . . whistling nose . . . "the drawerw . . . driver's tests . . . Florida sunburn. Activities Council ...... . . 3 Class President ....... 4 Ellisian Fields ...... 4 Asst. Photographic Editor Chi Eta Phi ........ 3 Patchwork . . . . 4- Camera Club Crafts Club . German Club Skating Club White Team 6 6 LINDA ELLEN RUSHTON iSLynn!l Entered: Eighth Grade Preparing for Carnegie Institute of Technology "Oh pooh" . . . West Elizabeth Lumber . . . feed-bag purse . . . yellow Buick convertible . . . "Six of one, half dozen of another" . . . fraternity parties . . . bleached streak . . . 21 inch Waist . . . "slowpoke." Activities 3 .. Class Vice-President . . . 4- ' Patchwork ....... 3, 4: U Class Secretary . . . . . 3 Glee Club ..., 1, 2, 3, Elgigagggifjs ' ' ' ' ' 4' Dramatic Club . . . . . . . Chi Eta . . I I 3 Sewing .....-. e Guild ..... . . .4 Skating Club - - 1, 2, 3, 4 Ivy Board . . . . . . 3, 4 Green Team E171 1 1 "Holy dingle" . . . hockey . . . Beta Theta Pi . . BARBARA BRANT VAUX " Vauwien Entered: Sixth Grade Preparing for Bucknell University . "If I had the wings of an angel" . . . battles for the Chevrolet . . . duck talk . . . masculine whistle . . . figure skating . . . impish grin . . . horse tail. Class President . . . Class Treasurer .... Ellisian Fields ..... Photographic Editor Chi Eta Phi ...... Board Member . . . President .... . Guild Treasurer . . . . . E.A.A. Treasurer . . . Activities Glee Club .... 1, 2, 3 Ensemble ...... Camera Club . . . . Science Club ....... Sewing Club ........ Skating Club . . 1, 2, 3 E.A.A. Emblem l, 2, 3, White Team Captain ...... . . l13l 1 QF 5462 1 2,1 Seniors . . . at ease , ,yi Q sf-f .wifi l. 'flu' ELMIUI' 2. 'flu' Alclwllllsl 3. Thv Ixtlvl XYHIN -J. Tlw Timmy 7. 'TIM' Umtwr 6. Tlw Sk-llfl' 7. Thx' Artmst 8. Tlw Dwaxzxwm 9. Thr Nmmffimxfmlnuxl IWI Fifty Years Hence It is thc year 2002. and the Class of 1952 has decided to get together for its fiftieth reunion at Norina Dor- britz's estate on Mars. Two members of the class. Margot Copeland and Louise Fleger. are permanent members of the newly-created Martian colony. while Norina and Louise Mulcrt have homes both on Mare' and on Earth. Louise Mulert arrives. somewhat behind schedule. with the rest of the class. It seems that she had :i little trouble piloting her Cadillacron. Never having gotten a license to drive the now outmoded automobile". she finally managed to pass the test two years- ago for her jet license, after 69 failures. Settling down to our Frozen llaiquiries. we cliscuwa our lives since leaving Ellis fifty years ago. Uni' major objective in life. that of getting married. has happily been realized by all of us. Outside of thit. we have led varied lives. This is Hex Byerly's first inter-planetary trip. She and her ball-playing husband were just too busy rais- ing their ten children and buying pianos. to find t"c time. She is still living in Pittsburgh and spending her summers in Chautauqua. There are ten pianos in each of her houses. one for each child. Because of a phobia acquired in her youth, the first song taught her children was "Soothe Me," which they play even now in a "dectet." hfargot Copeland. who lived on lNIars for ten years. is very happily married to a slightly mad scientific genius. Her six homely children were evidently holy terrors in school and were continually criticized for their laziness and mental blocs. This comes as no sur- prise to us. Margot. after an incentive given to her in her junior year at Ellis, holds the distinction of organ- izing the first radio station on the planet. Norina Dorbritz. having married quite young. is the first in the class with great-grandchildren. Her chain store magnate husband has recently opened offices on Mars. and maintains homes on both this planet and Earth. She promises to have her two youngest grand- children come in soon and entertain us with some "par- lor magic." containing tricks they learned from several of their great-uncles and aunts. Louise Fleger and her 7' 3" husband have lived on Mars for many years now. They decided they liked the countryside after being stranded here for three months. due to a breakdown of their very ancient rocket ship. Shortly after their decision to move. I,ouise's mother moved into the city, and divided her 88.9 aerc SJ' New fri' xx, in ol I G LJ Fifty Years Hence estate in one of the remotest sections of Earth, Allison Park. between her two daughtersg Louise traded her share of thc property for her present home. Gretchen Gantner. after reportedly turning down seventeen proposals. finally married a man ten years older than herself. Her four children were all on the llcan's list in thcir college days. For the past thirty- thrce years. she has been treasurer of no less than fifty- seven organizations. Several of hcr children have cs- tablished a hospital here. so that their children could have a place to set up a junior auxiliary connected with thc hospital gift shop. Right now, she is busily writing letters to her many friends spread over four planets. Susan Kyle and her family have remained in Pitts- burgh. This is ber first visit to Mars as hcr railroad magnate husband has always been very strongly against rocket ships, and it was only with a great deal of per- suasion that he allowed her to come. Hack on Earth. she has gained considerable fame writing historical novels in French. She has now increased her shoe col- lection to 1,003 pairs. Louise Mulert now lives in New York. always hcr favorite city, with her out-of-state lmsband. She is now engaged in peeking under thc tablecloth, a habit acquired in her youth. Linda children. It seems that l1er husband proposed to hcr over the phone while they were doing their homework back in college. She has been having a Rushton is very happily married. and has three together great deal of trouble keeping on the ground bce.iuse of the very slight gravitational pull here, so Norina, cn- vying Linda's still slim figure. has lent her a pair of lead bottomed shoes. Linda takes turns letting her children park her rocket ship. VVe remember her trouble with car-parking back in her Ellis days. Barbara Vaux is quite used to visits on Mars, having traveled extensively a few years back with her hockey playing husband in connection with the activities in the "Inter-Planetary Hockey League. Barbara created a great sensation in the medical world in thc early years of her marriage. It seems that all four of her children were born with ice skates built on their feet. Her greatest joy, next to her family, has been her own little rockct ship. which she may pilot any time she wants. It is growing dark. and so we decide to break up our little party. Barbara Vaux. quite distracted by the trip up. has insisted on piloting Louise Mulert's space ship back to Earth. VVith a great whoosh thc hugc ship takes off. and the class of 52's fiftieth reunion is over. llll 6529522 Al. .. 'S -.J Last Will And Testament We, the members of the class of nineteen hundred and fifty two, being of unsound mind and body, do hereby declare this to be our last Will and Testament. First, we direct our executor to pay our just debts and funeral expenses. Second, we , as individuals, do make the following bequests: Rebecca Byerly leaves her blue Buick to Pat Nash to carry on the driving pool on Lytton Avenue. Margot Copeland leaves her feminine, black book bag to Sandra Butler, who has already been duly advised concerning its uses and advantages. Norina Dorbritz leaves her letter writing technique to Anne Kyle, in hopes that she can keep up her contacts with Harvard successfully. Louise Fleger leaves her seat in the car-pool to Linda Fleger, so that she may be able to get to all the Shady Side games. Gretchen Gantner leaves a picture of a mutual friend to Maxine Cohen, with the hope that she will take care of "it" when she is gone. Susan Kyle leaves a 97.50 bottle of champagne to Ann Copeland, to satisfy her expensive tastes. Louise Mulert leaves a bottle of coke and a radio to Justine Mulert, so that she may be able to study better. Linda Rushton leaves a bottle of peroxide to Lindy Winston, to keep her streak shining. Barbara Vaux leaves an autograph of Tim Horton to Michele Catalano to keep the tradition of having at least one ardent hockey fan in the school. Third, all the rest, residue and remainder of our estate we bequeath to our sister class. Lastly, we hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint Miss Fairlamb to be Executor of this, our last Will and Testament. We authorize and empower our said Executor to exercise full authority over the in-coming senior class. THE CLASS OF '52 l 22 l 3- m Ch L o .o E an E an Z o -IJ Ui C LE -u 0 E O Sf' bably Be Will Would Like To Be Suppressed Desire Famous For Pet Peeve 'ons Horse El Name w .M C --1 L- 'U o J: 3 z: N E o B .:: -2 In 'C u u 4: In -EJB U7 on -G63 Bo U Sv, E Al C-U C ed -C .2 3 h as wi N 7- N C O o 3-E .C U -- L. 42' -ca c: .2 U sl o O '33 'C uscles ID s Her fm unifo Us .2 .5 3 U va L-4 O IE m w 2. O 5' 52 Urn mb- an mm nd EE 5.2 L4 U .Q .Q o Ln . .2 'o A1 L-4 O s.- ca -I u O In 1 Aa -- 'U rs K1 U D- ,- ia U P- M 'if 'C Vocabulary Indiscretion tactful Most ND MARGOT COPELA Dairy maid of my husband just the wife kids all team -:E ge Q N Us EE .E O ou l" -1 .- -- .D Av C O -C Q 2 aa P' ld eu E E rd ln az -C rn I-"1 DD C li-l U - -M U -- va u m O 2 N EI ,tm E2 SQ z bomb atomic by an ed Kill ife Aw ge brid 3 off iumn To t Rhythmical foo Writing letters all u -u -. O D1 O 3 na E at D-l O B-I E5 Ol-H n-I I singer Cfa 2 OP detention A student in A proctor in detention weekend G D Q- nu o E-' In U 'va -o :G .- B .Il Ill -o I-4 o 'O-U x O 0 D- O sa -C aa G N E od E2 UE Pd: 220 o d a at the Biltmore w U O .-C1 va 'U 2 U 0 -F 3 .2 -H O L-1 U sa A1 U 3 U7 U o .c ill -c if U U 'F ..r: -E' 4: 'il o In U I-4 IB S S U N -4- x- U m N L- U C N c: 3 O J-1 -'II gm E 33 STE U5 3 rn u I O bt I: -- in va O L.. O u In --4 u sa N m In G .- O B-I is-' ID DM VJ C358 Mental Psychiatrist n the New Haven Subtle remarks YC onal Saying goodb ost unemoti M E BRT OUIS MUL v-I Railroad Store window dummy w decorator do Store win in : S M Fm SE 6-I -5,2 NE QM I" va -- -- N gem ornings lil .E in -- O O -C U rn O u oming n Monday Oo C s.. D A-I -.- u ns A-I 12 o E .5 Mi- Q5 QD gm r-I report Crime Crime reporter nister all e down ba ront h t's st in mle gho '4- Slid Father's ev I ... o o .a U ID o ... at c: ..- E o O 'U 5 3 -34 3 re u vi O E Ex 'SD 2-C Q: Q aw. ,, es-Nu. C Q, ' UNDER' Q' CLASS- MEN lst row E. Scncii, E. Single, H. Bartley, M. Crawford. Q- 1 4' .. Znd row M. C. Baylcs, A. Kyle. S. Cohen, A. Copeland. R, iwrcncc. N24 'ft it :X Junior Class xq 1 I I'rr.virlcnf .. Silv V llt'll lYfl'l"I,l'f'.Vi!ll'Ilf . ,... ,. Esthcr his ,Lf c !,x Trcaxurcr . . , , Mary Charlottc Baylcs It is thrcc o'clock on a Monday aftcrnoon, and thc Juniors filc noisily out of Miss YVylic's study hall and run pcll-mcll down thc stairs. You'vc gucsscd it. It's Armory tinic again. and Miss Bcnson can look forward to anothcr dclightful aftcr- noon with thosc cxccllcnt haskcthall playa-rs, thc Juniors. Aftcr cvcryonc is squcczcd into thc calms and thc motors arc started, wc hcar a scrcam. "VVait for us l" Varolinc Clark and Hsthcr Sicglc. cach with enough hooks to sink a battlcship. comc racing down thc drivcway and slidc gram-cfullyQ?j into thc calms. causing a mild uproar. '1'hc doors arc slammcd. and wc arc on our way. ln thc first cah, Honcy Bartley. Annc Kylc. and Ann Copcland arc giving thc various spicy dctails of thcir wcckcnds, whilc Ruth Lawrcncc, thc studious onc. lamcnts that shc misscs thc logarithm study in math class. In thc othcr taxi our Italian Trio. consisting of Chardic Baylcs. Marilynn Crawford. and Liz Scnclf. cntcrtain us with scvcral choicc arias. whilc Silvia Cohcn adds a charming dcscant that can hc hcard for milcs around. As wc pull up to thc Armory door and tumlrlc out of thc calms. thc taxi drivcrs pull away with a rclicvcd sigh. as if to say. "'l'hank gomlncss that is ovcrf' - l36I lst row S. Butler, P. Nash, A. Reynolds, K. Kumar. D. King, -I. Bergman, S. MCKCU. R. Fralnc S, Mclfcc, M. Howard. Ind mw A. Baylcs, N. jnlmstnn, B. Chase, j. Cohen. -I. Allen. B. Boshcll, M. Calalanu 3rd row B, Mullen. M. Bcclccr. R. Vfinstnn, M, Clltlurd. M. lirarnc, WI, iAflllt'llU'lilll. Sophomore Class Przuvirlz-nl .lcttiv Bm-rginan Sm'r1'fary .lvan Arinvntrout Tra'n.vur1'r Bvtsy lloshvll Um- for all and all for onvngis thi- cry of thc mighty Soplioinorm- Mliskvtwrs. .Ks lhinias fainous 1-lmraoh-rs. wa' arc' in Q-vm-rytlling-1ln'tn'ntimi. pm-nalty tiim' and lm':u'ln'r's hair. Plvcry girl is a participant in scum- school organization or am-tivity. l.ilu' thc ihIllSkt'tl'l'l"S. wa' cnjoy roniamw-. aclvcnturc, and tha- arts. liach girl rlovs hvr part to llliikl' this class a hcttvr unc. This ym-ar wv arc' glad to wclm-o.im' llctsy lioslic-ll. Ann Baylcs, Joanne Sliccldan, and Marjory and Ruth l"r:imv to our ranks. l,ikv thc Muskctvcrs, wc' ll5lYl' many talcnts. Scum- of which arm- writing. singing alarming. and c-lim-rlcacling. Tha' girls in our class arm' always rvacly tn hm-lp mn- :vnotlicr sn that our Suplimnurv class is unite-cl. Au rx-voir. im-s amivs- I 37 l KJ 'U' - -' JA- X0 u'-, l1J'3 U I -,'.g,y Off' . JEL. V l I -5' ' ' .-5.1, 1 . I I , ' ' ' " . , , . I A--.A -7 - rf. .2.,f.! ' .f .ul I off, .I -,J A vkl YY, t If' Ji f ., . U . ,-., 5, ., .- 1 1'-1' lsc ruw M. Jaffe, L. Straub, I. Mulert, G. McCargo. V. Gnntner, M. L. Minard. D. Fischer Ind ruw Z. Addenhruok, D. Wcir, M, Cohen, L. Sturgeon, fl, Mathews, A. Ewing, E. Bnbcmk Sul row Bcz1lI,C. Calhoun, L. Bell. M. Trundcl. S. Flannery, B. Lewis, T. Hurning. S. Suycr I Freshmen Pra'.vi1I1'nf . l'fl'1"1jI'l'8flll'llf . Sm-rrfary Tr1'11.vurz'r l"rcslunm'n grass. :incl just our tl'5lK'lll'l'S crazy. . Linda Sturgvnn Virginia G:nntn4-r lxlilftllil 'l'romlm'l Toni Hurning :irv r-aupposm-cl to lw tha' worl4l's worst prulvlm-ni cllildrcn. grm-cn is :is lmrd to mow down. 'flu' class of 1955 is no cxcvption. VW' drum VV1- vrwitv mass confusion trying to find out who dm-s not 5.3 licr obligation nu-rit. VVQ- ruin "Iivc" llznll przwtic-ing tln- C'h:irln-stun during lm lwrimlg but by 1955 you will find tlmt. uctllully. wa' lmvc lmrnins. tulm-nt. :xml Cllilflll ln fact. wa- :nrv twvnty-two potm-ntinl :itoln lmiulm .1251 lst row K. Bama, B. A. Muse, -l. I.. McCaslin, H. Schmidt, H. Rial, J. Davis. Ind row K. Lindcrsmith, B. Scholnich. A. Arud, M, Braun, P. Blaxter. B. Close, M. Taylor. 3rd row+P. Mudge, E. Vaux, M. Daulcr. A. Lce, N. Bayard, P. Smith, I.. Flegcr. Eighth Gracie Pr:-.vidr'nf ,. , , Marjoric Braun I'il'l"I,l'l'.VIl1l'Ilf , ,,.Barbar:i Sc-holnick Sf'crf'Iary . . .Polly Mudgm' 7'Tl'!l8ll7'l'l' .. . . . Pvnny Blaxtcr "Oh no, not again." moan:-d Miss 'I'liatcln'r as shc rvvallcd the niglltmarc whim-h shv had just had about thc n-ighth gradv. which was always haunting he-r. As shi' wont to tht- mcdicinv cabinet, to gct an aspirin, shi- rvilwiillwrvrl Ibm-dvi-. Ilvh-n. :md Polly. "'I'lu-y vvrtainly jump fem-cs wvll on horsvback. but I wish thvy hadn't dis- turbcd thi- 6941-th sha-cp I countvd tonight." she- nuunblvd. "Thou tlwrv arm' Jvan. .Ianny I.ou. and Motzin'+I'vn- always wondvrvd what thvy talk about bvhind thvir notn-books." Miss 'I'hatchvr's fam! grvw cu-n morv contortcd as she- l'i'lIlt'll1Il1'!'l'li Pcnny. Linda, and Barbie-explaining to a vvry intvrcstcd gallvry. consisting of Bvtty. Iiizzis-, Nina. Augusta and Hydiv. thvir latcst way to harass the' tl'Ill'll1'l"S. Thvn tlicrl' is Anita. tvlling a vvry confusvd Karon and Barbara that thvy have' be-cn cxvcptionally good this year. As she' wvnt bavk to slvcp. shi' could just sw' Kyra. Patty. and Margic quivtly discussing thvir nz-wvst idx-as for giving the svhool an vscalator. whcn thcy graduatv. four yvars from now. Miss 'I'lll1tl'lll'T rm-turm'd to hed and siglwd. "YVhat's thi- uso? I try and try and try. but I don't know if I'll 4-vvr got anywlirrv with thx- class of '56." l29l Seventh Grade st row S. Srudcs, N. Czuxmpbcll, H. Brush, -I. Howard. K. Mccrccry, P. Ready. nd ww L. Bzltun. D. Aldcrdicc. C. Cnpclzmd, N. Sup. A. Rodgers. M. Irwin. Slxth Grade ht ww M, Slimun, L, Blndlcy, K. Alamwsmm, M. A. Zimnwrmnn. Xml row 5. NVUIII, E. Licm, B. Hanrslmuw, S, Vsfcanlwr. L. Hull, K. Fagan, IT Urgxlmrn I3 lKnnmg,t n ' 'mm wud ww ff, Scull. VI. Taxuffxg. l'. lluwfcr, M. Nrlwn. A. Elwlwrl. xl. lwvrd. V. Br.nggLIm1. Mlm ruw M. SIHIIIII. I. Rul. E. Nulun, S. Mzrlrmmlm, M. McGraw. M. Cundclwlmn. It Vvkxshlwlnrlx ith :uw ff. DUNinnu, B. .LXHIIZIIL K.. Titlcl. S. Kung. C. ffznlnpfwll. S. Mk'cilk'IlillW.l!1 L, LllllIllCl'Ill2Il1. I 311 I Fifth Grade lat row M. Evans, P. Fustcr. C. Murphy. N. Buwscr, H. Bull. AI. Babcock. L. Bell. JK. Dun y . mn. I. Crnwfmd. A. Buylcs. ml row B, O'NcilL S. .Au'cr1shur'g,1, C. Erving, S. Armcntruut. H. Dcnmf, L. Arrntt. I.. Rui wrd row A. Vxcrr. S. -Iulmrmm. M. I.. Mcycr. L. Scutt. B. Blckcl. ff. Sulmrfc. XX", XX':u'd. Fourth Grade lst rnw M. Mnrkr. N. Ullllcs. M. M. Yuux, XV. Moyers, I.. Slurrrrck. nd mw N, Amlcrsmm, K. Rock, P, Mx'MQll11Pll, E. Brown, If Burgcfw, K. Hcppcnsmll. ul ww A. Crunch, E. Arcmlwrg, P. lflrlwr, AI. Pzlltcrfml, K, Murphy. A. Auhuwn, K. Elwlv l3'1l Third Grade lat row P. Cundcrmzm, K. Drrw, E. Stonc, D. Brcrcton. -I, VIIICIQSUI1. nd row B. Jurgcnson. L. Pixlcy. M. Nolan. G. Albrzmdt. S. Henry. C. McGraw, rd row S. BCH. L. Baton. Second Grade lat row S. EZILUII, P, Hutchklss, -I. Chccvcr. S. Schunmclwcr, K. Hamnnh. S. Schaefer T. Sclwrcukcngml. B, Brngdnn. K. Ren. L. Scuvlllc. nd row D. Babcock, B. Schmidt. A. Willizxlmms. Recd. A. Buclmnam, C. McEldnwncy G, Ehlvcrt, H. Arcrmslwrg. H. Swan, M. Spmclli. l3ll First Grade and Kindergartens FIRST GRADE B. Gillies, S. Patterson, M. Barnes, C. Waltcin, R. Love, W. Ward. R. Luvc, J. Sclmycr A. XVillock, M. Willey. C. McCannon, M. Stcinlcirclwnci. H. King. SENIOR KINDERGARTEN lst row K. Lockhart, M. Garvin, S. Stunc. K. Bruwn. M. Miller, S. Gluck. P. Mcfllung L. Limgncckcr. S. Evans. L. Wells. nd row M. Huwcr. E. Sclmcfcr. M. Arnuld, C. Ehlvcrt. A. Vwlaird. K. Gmsscup. L. Gcllnmly -I. Willey. A. Collins. A. Rolwinsun. JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN lst row G. Cliccvcr, M. Real, G. Ross. Rea, M. Ruffin, I,. Sp nclli. 'nd mw R. Off. C. Bucliunzin. L. Hillman, S. MCC-raw, K. -I-ilizz on, M. Rust. L. Bcrglmuf A. Hnnnaxh. S. Gorman. O'Ncil. I 33 I -d CTIVITIE Student Council Pr1'xi1l1'nf . . Susan Kylv Sl'Cl'l'f!1I'VIf . li1'lwcc:1 Byvrly Trvaxurrr , , Louisa' Flcgvr Thu Ellis Studvnt Council is thc school organization fornwd to curry out m'rt:iiu dutics for tht- he-nn-fit of the girls in thc' fivc uppvr c-lnsscs. From can-li of tlu-sv clnssvs :irc 1-lu-tvd rvprmfsuntativcs, who take on thi- rcsponsihility of :im-ting :is :i sort of "go-lwtvvm'n" for thc lIli'IIll3l'I'S of thcir own class and thx- rvst of thc Counc-il. Om- duty of this group is to maintain thi- honor systcni :it Ellis :ind to tukv vlmrgm- of thc Honor Study Hall. This yvzir the Council also pri-sidcd ovvr om: morn- ing ilSSl'lI1llly vacli work. and, of 1-oursc, saw that the rulvs :ind regulations of thi school wvrc carried out. Thus. thc Council continued its job of lwttm-ring thc undvr- standing hctwccn thx' studcnts :md thc- faculty and inaking thx- school yi-:ir :is profit- :ihlc :md cnjoyuhlv :is possihlv. l 36 l The Guild l're'.virl'4'llI Ann i'opvl:nul Sw1'r'rlary Nlury C'lmrlottv liuylvs 7lI'l'll.N'lll'l'l' Nlurilyuu cll'IlWllUl'll It was svvm-utli pcriod lum-h :mud tha- uvw Guild rn'pr1'smlt:ntivvs wvrm- soou :ns ulmlud in Nliss Soulos room with thi' first uu-vtiug of thx' yvur ulmout to lwgiu. 'l'hv first point of lmusiun-ss wus to choosn- Miss lim-usou :is our fuvulty ilIlYlS0l'. lllt'Il wt- irm'm'clm'cl to uhm our coiuinv' vv:nr's work com-1-rninv' tha' distrihutiou ol P' . 2' tha' iuouvv to tht- dill'vrcut 1-ll:1rit:1lilv 0I'g'ilYllZ2ltl0!lS. tht- lfllis l":iir. :md othvr sa-rvicm-s lu which wt' wt-rv participating this ye-ur. 'l'huu thvrm- was u slight pziusv whilm uvry out' dcvourvd :i fcw uiorsvls of food. XVL- follown-d this hricf outlim- hy u mort- dm't:iil1'd discussion of how tho stu uts would votv ou thc profits from lust ye-:1r's lfuir :md of tha' dum-s to ln- 1-olll-4-tm-ml to :lid thi- local :md nutionul vliuritivs. WH' dm'cida'd that tlu' :muuul Guild Assviulmly would lu- :ilmolislu-d this full. lustvud. vm-li class would vxprvss its vivws to tht- wp llSl'lltJltlYk'N us to how thc uionvy would lu- distrihut:-d. .lust thcu tht- lwll 1-:aug mulling thx- first Guild uicvtiug. :md sn-iulinggf 1-:mln girl to lu-r rvslwvtiu- Q-lass. l37I The lvy Ifrlifnr-ill-l'hiwf Ruth l.:iwrcm-4' ,I.v.vi.vfanI Ifrlilnr , A .. Murilynn C'r:1wf0r1l 1J,llSiIl1'.S'8 Jlnrlrlgwr ,, .lucly C0ll1'Il 'l'lw Ivy is tlw Ellis litcrary lmiguzim' wllicll is pulmlisllcd sm-mi-:mnu:1lly. Tln' girls from tha- first tllrougli thc twclftll grumlvs writv povms, short storics. :md 1-ssnys XVllii'll :irc SlllTIlllttl'll to tlw Ivy Bourcl. 'flu' lwst ln:il1'ri:il. :ici-orrling to tilt' IlK'i'iSlUIl of tln- llmircl is printvml in two issucs of tilt' Ivy. I38l ull The Patchwork I", I5I'l'0 II I AI. 5'I'AI" I" lfvlifor Cin-tvlwrl KIJIIIIIIVI' Fairy lfrlffrrr' NI:u'g1oI i'opvl:m1I .Irl l'.'rl'iIor I,ouisr Iflrgvr 4IrI ,l.s-.wixfzzllf Ann l'op1-luml ISIQS I X HSS ST.-X I" If lfr1.viln'.v.v .llnnzzgywr Annv Kyle' f'irr'ulafion .llanrzyrrx lh-tsy Ifoslwll. Marion Clilforel. Ann Iiwing T'qpir:ySl11ff' Mary C. Iioylvs. Sylvia llllllvll. Sallie' INIc'Km'm'. I,IIllI?l IIIINIIIUII III'II'OIi'I'I'lliS IJ. King. S. Kylv. I,. YVinston. I'. Nash. Suziv N14-KI-v. A. Ilnylcs. NI. l'r:nwfor4I. NI. Ilowurml. S. Iiutlvr. I,. Nlulm-rt. I,. Iivll. J. 1xI'llll'IlII'0llI. "All rwwspupa-r :nrticlvs mlm- NIOIIKIIIYIH fII'l'It'Ill'll issm-s :nn oft In-:ml cry :xml nn lnizutions :mal tllvir work. :ntlllvtiv nwvllts. ITltt'T'YIl'NVS with svllool lwlmlvrs. pnrtivs ssip. IIIISIIIUIIN :xml many otllvr various :mal sundry :nrticlvs of intvrl-st to tlu lmlru' Iillix pulxlivution :xml om' wllic-In. wa' llopv. Ims :I long lill- :mln-ml. l39l mtlnvr l'11Ic'lm'r1rlr is lwgun. XVIIUII it is finisln-rl. it will contain nvws of svllool or- oln- svllool. Our m-wspupa-r. IIIIIIOIIIQQII only two yvurs old. Ixus :nlrvmly lwvoxlu- :n ml Chi Eta Phi l'lr'.vi4l :'ll I linrl r:l1':n XYSIIIN S f,f-1'f' fury A vlrla- Kyiv liflmhllll lla-l um'c'4':1 liy n'1' ly .lcttiv li1'l'QlllillI firvh-limi firnntm-r .-Xi lrle - Kyli- liuth l.:1wrvm-v .lucly l'nln'n N1-llim' l,nu .l:1l'l'v Ile-lvn Sl'llIlllllt Uhi l'lt:n Phi stzmcls for the' sn-lmol's 11n-rl1-nonlinutiomil rm-ligious UI'QJIIllZ!ltlllll s purposm' is to crwntv. :mining tha' girls. il ln-ttur lHlIlt'I'SifJllltllllQ of the- various. liithsz l':itlmli1'. Hn-lm-w. :incl Protc-st:mt. During thc m-mirsv of thu' yi-ur. small mmm- to hulk with the- stmlvnts. Sllillt' I'K'llQl0llS IIl0Vlt'H :Irv also shown. Imp urmnl rlisumsmn groups :nw hold :mal spvukm-rs rn-prvsvriting thi- rlill'vre'nt fuithm The Glee Club 1,I'1'-VlfI'l'llf 6 lti'lwr'm':i llyvrl-V lfl1.vilu'.v.v .l1llllIlf1l'I' Susan Kyle' l.il:rnri11n Margot Ompi-Ianni A gn-at surprise' was in storm- for tllc lillis Glu' Clulfs fortyffunr nn-mlwrs this war wlivn wt' lvarmwl that wi- wi-rv tu ln- flirvm-tml by Hllis' first llllllt' faculty im'n1lu-r. l'nrlt'r tln' alilc clirm'c'tion of NIV. Ri-ally. wx' lvarnvml tln' fllIlKl!lllll'lll:Il5 ol aorri-ct lvrvatliing. rvading music. toni' quality. and tln- voivn- lllt'l'll2llllSJll. Nui ySlt'IllH of roll call. anal of cart' anrl lnaintvnanvi' of our lllllSll' wvrv m'st:1lmlisln'cl wllivll provvd to ln- 1-li'icic'nt factors in tliv organization of our 1-lulm. l5vm':n1sm- wi nwt only twin- a wcvk. it was mx-1-ssary to llolcl rvgular svvtimi rcllvarsals tlirmlglmllt man-li wt-ck. CR-rtain girls wt-rv appointvd by Mr. liwuiy tu In-lp tlu- si-4-tions lvarn tln-ir parts. so wi' unulcl spvncl clulw tinn- on llItl'l'IH't'tIltl0llS ratln-r tllan lvarning parts W cmnlmim-il vom-vrt witll Shady Sidi' Ac':ulm-lily. and provml oursvlvcs a sm-1-i'sst'nl rnup at Nll'FK't'TSlDlIl',Qf1lIlll Kiski. YVitll our hard work and intvnsivv 1-iilmrt 1-anw. not only sm-cvss. but tiinvs full of fun and pl:-asurv that we- will always I'1'Illt'llllN'l'. 1,411 'Q' p:irticip:1tcd in tln- 'l'lIIlllliHg'lVlllg' and clllTlStlllJlS prngrains. In-ld our annual Dramatic Club Prr'.vif1f'nf .. ..... ...... . Judy Cohen l'yiCf"I,Tf'Sidl'7lt .... ,.Michele Catalano Secrefary ....... ,...,.,. S allie Mc-Kee Treasurer ,... ,.., . Judy Beall "The Play's The Thing" was the hyword for this year's Dramatic Club. This organization, under the direction of hlrs. Sarverl, has active members from thc eighth grade through the junior class. All the girls worked together to make this year the host one that the club has ever seen. "Joan of Lorraine" hy Maxwell Anderson was the main project of the year. This play within a play was given as an evening performance at the heginning of 1952. We hope you enjoyed our work as much as we enjoyed participating in this school activity. l42l TI The E. A. A. l,I'l'.N'lIl4'lll Margot tl0IN'lilIlll S1'r'ra'fnr.11 lt4'lN'l'l'fl llyvrly Trf'a.vnrrr liarhara Vaux 'l'hm- lillis Athlctic Assor-iation, mort' popularly known as tha' l'l.A.A.. is one- ot' tht- sn-hool's olflvst and most important organizations. 'l'hc l",.A.A. is in cliargm- of all athlvtic cvvnts, lioth outsiclc' and intra-mural. It is this organization which. lllIllt'I' Fliss ll4'nson's glllllIllli't', siipcrvism-s thx' sclivmlillm-s ot' llovlivy, lmaskcthall. ami softhall gain:-s with othvr schools. firm-n :mil Whitt- c'omp1'tition. class giaim-s. and tha' awarrl- ing of points for partivipation in various athlvtic- contvsts towards thi- l'l.A.A. vmlwlm-ms. At tht- cml ot' can-h ycar, cups ara' awardm-cl to thi' lwst class tm-am in oach of thc tllrw' sports. and silvvr l1race'lcts arc pre-svtitvcl, hy this organization. to tht- sm-vvral scniors who haw' lwvn outstanding in athlctics in thx-ir Uppn-r School yvars. 'l'hv l'l.A.A. also gin- two partivs a yvar for thc si-lmol. a Ilallowu-n party for thu Bliclalli- School. and a Skit Night in thc spring for tha' Uppvr School. All girls from tha' t'ou,rth gradc through tht- twvlfth arc im-mln-rs of thi- l'l.A.A. 'l'hv Board is composcml of tllrcn- oifivcrs. vlcc-tml hy thi- wholc- school. tht- tvam captains. and a rt-prcsn-ntativc from vach class. This yi-ar's rn-prc-scntativvs we-rv l'llizalwth Svm-li'. juniorg Karyl Kumcr. soplioinorvg Judy lim-all. fI't'SllIIHHlQ l.in4la l"lm-gvr, 1-ighth graclv: .luliv Howard. St'Vl'IItll graciv: Ann Hlvlwrt ami Carolina' Scott. sixth grad:-1 Sally Arun-ntrout. fifth grarlv: and Peggy lfisln-r. fourth gratis: l 44 l Varsity lxt ww K. Kumcr, B, Yuux, -I. Bergman. ml ruw S. Kyle, G. Gamtncr, R. Lnwrcncc. rd ww A. Copeland. B, Bycrly, M. Copclamd. L. Flcgcr. A, Kyle. Sub Varsity lst row M. Howard. D. Kung. B. Mullun Ind row R. Frame, M. Cutalamr, S. Butler 3rd ruw B. Boshcll. L. Scncff. L. Rushu I1 N51 Green Team fill li li N 'l'l'lAM Cl I li li R 'l'hv Urvmis :irv un tho lmttlcf'iclcl. Th:- lint lmtfl1'fi1'lcl's hot! you 1':m't hvrit thi' cll'l'l'IlS with thc- stull' tl11'y'v1' gut. VVIH-n you'rv up, you'rv up. :mal when Anil ii.-y, Con yuifrv clown. you'rv clown. wha-n ymfrc up :igziinst thv flY'l'l'Il tvuni. yu11'rc up sidv clown. hvy. ho. hol 11- ml. firm-mis. la-fs go. 6 Glll'll'lN 'l'l'lAfNl SUNG 'lllftvicz ".lIarc'l1il1g .Hung 7'llfjl'flIl'I' Curry tha- flag of spirit. llziism' it high :llmvv flu' rvst. All thc Grccn 'l'm':un will 1-In-1-r All unite' to do fhvir lwst. Curry tho flag of spirit lVlu-tlicr wx' losr or win. VV:-'ra' llcrc' togvtlivr. lu-fora' wx' With sportsinansliip our aim. Upholrl the lmnnvr czicli lillisiu Fair play will win thi- g:im1'. Sofcurry thc- flag of spirit. Raise' thi- lmnnm-r :is wc lwgin. it: fight White Team Wlll'l'l'1 'l'l'lANI Clllilflli WlIl'l'li 'l'Ii.-XM SON! frm' linking :i c':ilu'. 4' Uillllt li-t it fall. Hn, umm' on lVliih's. l vt s gin' it our ull. X pinch of snow. X gallon of sun. 1-ll nnx it to gin' ur, X vvur lull of lun. Oh. lnuk :nt that 4-:ilu-. Illl'll if risv. lhn- lVhitn-ra :Irv scurin Right up to tha' skim. Nw' gut thi- tt'Illll. ln win this yt'!lI'. Hu tk-llow Whit:-S. lvt s 1-nil our 1-live-i'. H Cilililll YVhitc'sl l-47 'l'l'Xlc: "Thr Kirzyhw .llurr Fight, lfight. lfiglit. Fight you Vl'luiti-s. Fight nn to victory. Onward nn lwforv. Any kind of rivalry. NH-'ll figllt. fight. figlit. Anil fight with :ill our inigght To hc victorious in this grunt lihht Our fuinm' will risr l"rmn thi- vast to wvst. lim-cziim' our ziini ls hy fur thx' vvry higln-st. YVv'll mln our ln-st. 'l'o ilvfm-:nt thi- ri-sf. Anil lu' vii-turinns in this gl'Q':ll ti l glivpm-:it first yi'rm'.j Alexander, Jane 1Mrs. john5 Claridge Apartments 5600 Fifth Abenue 1325 MOntrose 1-1634 Amundson, Carol 1Mrs. C. j.5 234 Melwood Avenue 1135 Apartment 204 MUseum 1-3236 Andrews, Ruth E. 490 S. Highland Avenue 165 Apartment 103 Hlland 1-0791 Band, Margaret 324 Orchard Drive 1285 LEhigh 1-4214 Benson, Dorothy R. 545 S. Aiken Avenue 1325 MUseum 1-4997 Campbell, Inez 1Mrs. W. Jenninr' 5 2020 Frankella Street 1215 PEnhurst 1-1620 Conway, Helen M. 6923 Thomas Boulevard 185 MOntrose 1-8992 Cook, Margaret 1Mrs. Arlin M.5 Shady Side Academy Fox Chapel Road 1155 STerling 1-2400 Fairlamb, Margaret 545 S. Aiken Ave. 1325 MUseum 1-4997 Acheson, Adrianne 6844 Penham Place 185 MOntrose 1-8481 Addenbrook, Zoe 407 Glen Arden Drive 185 MOntrose 1-912.0 Ahlbrandt, Virginia 5463 Aylosboro Avenue 1175 MAyf1lower 1-4144 Alderdice, Deborah 1359 Shady Avenue 1175 HAzel 1-3208 Allen, Judith 4211 Bigelow Bldv. 1135 MAyt1ower 1-3175 Directory Faculty and Staff Harvey, Beatrice 1Mrs. F. Leamont5 4220 Saline Street 1175 HAzel 1-8311 Hasson, G. Claire 7035 Chaucer Street 185 Hlland 1-3093 Henry, Ruth B. 6200 Jackson Street 165 EMerson, 1-0964 Hogg, Mary B. 1Mrs. George P.5 1082 Shady Avenue 1325 MOntrose 1-3354 Huntoon, Elizabeth 1Mrs. Richard5 5634 Northumberland St. 1175 HAzel 1-8967 Jenkins, Mary 1Mrs. Raymond 1.5 633 Clyde Street 1135 Johnson, Althea Lowe 1Mrs. Reginald H.5 216 Melwood Street 1135 MUseum 1-5373 Kutz, Barbara E. 1Mrs. Eugene R.5 Claridge Apartments 5600 Fifth Avenue 1325 EMerson 1-7311 Cleaves, Rachel M. 1Mrs. Henry F.5 5621 Northumberland St. 1175 Garage Apartment Mantell, Winifred E. The Highwood Apartments Highland Sz Elwood Sts. 1325 EMerson 1-3848 McCune, Isabel E. 1Mrs. James, Jr.5 210 Hochberg Avenue 1215 CHurchill 1-3509 Pearce, Marie H. 1Mrs. D. Russell5 S437 Ellsworth Avenue 1325 MAyf1ower 1-7412 Pittman, Ellen L. 1Mrs. C. 1.5 3931 Hosac Street 175 HAzel 1-0708 Ready, Elma 1Mrs. Henry5 5068 Forbes Street 1135 MUseum 2-2427 Ready, Henry 5068 Forbes Street 1135 MUseum 2-2427 Reed, Elizabeth Edgewood Drive 1155 STerling 1-6946 Sarver, Sally K. 1Mrs. Richard H.5 947 Heberton Avenue 165 Hlland 1-0601 Soule, Lucy L. Amberson Gardens 2 Bayard Road 1135 MAyflower 1-8360 Students Anderson, Nancy 119 Bayard Place 1135 MAyf1ower 1-6451 Annan, Barbara Woodland Road 1325 HAzel 1-4473 Arensberg, Eve, Hope 1172 Murrayhill Avenue MOntrose 1-2890 1175 Arensberg, Susan Evergreen Hamlet Babcock Blvd. 195 Millvale 1-2117-J Armentrout, jean, Sally 1020 Highmont Road 1325 MOntrose 1-4242 Arnd, Anita 773 Shady Drive East 1285 L1-Ehigh 1-3194 Arnold, Margot 5715 Elmer Street 1325 Hlland 1-9447 Arrott, Lynne 6819 Reynolds Hlland 1-7769 Street 185 Babcock, Dorothy, Ellen, Jean Edgewood Drive 1155 STerling 1-2431 1481 Stevenson, Virginia P. 5831 Walnut Street 1325 Hlland 1-9941 Stolarevsky, Kathryn Fell 1Mrs. Mihail5 College Manor College 8: Walnut Sts. 1325 EMerson 1-6405 Thatcher, Joan M. 4815 Ellsworth Avenue 1135 MAyf1ower 1-S919 Tilley, Marjorie L. Highwood Apartments 372 S. Highland Ave. 1325 EMerson 1-3848 Weil, Margaret 1Mrs. Andrew5 113 Marlboro Road 1155 Woodland 3-8807 Wick, Branche C. 1Mrs. Robert' A.5 R.D. 11, Dorseyvile Rd. 1155 Woodland 3-8627 Witherow, Rosanna 1Mrs. Charles N.5 4720 Bayard Street 1135 SChenley 1-6238 Wylie, Carrie L. 1160 Portland Street 165 EMerson 2-0023 Zirkle, Matilda 1Mrs. Howard A.5 992 Crest Lane, Carnegie, Pa. Carnegie 611-R Barna, Kyra Country Club Road Monongahela, Pa. Monongahela 10 Barnes, Mary Windsor Place 1155 STerling 1-5616 Bartley, Honey 1054 Beechwood Blvd. 165 MOntrose 1-0519 Baton, Louise, Linda 126 Penham Lane 185 MOntrose 1-1879 Baxter, Elizabeth 5930 Walnut Street 1325 EMerson 1-8613 Bayard, Nina 223 Gladstone Road C175 MUseum 1-2825 Bayles, Abigail, Ann, Marv Charlotte 713 St. James Street C325 MUseum 1-7751 Beall, Judith Evergreen Hamlet C95 Mlllvale 1-2194 Becker, Marion 320 Richland Lane C85 PEnhurst 1-7688 Bell, Elizabeth, Louise, Hester 5235 Westminster Place C325 MUseum 1-1588 Bell, Susan 808 Devonshire Street C135 MAyflower 1-0698 Berghaus, Lydia 700 St. James Street C325 MAyf1ower 1-4976 Bergman, Jettie 2436 Craftmont Avenue C55 WAlnut 1-5300 Bickel, Blythe 819 St. James Street C325 MAyHower 1-6603 Bidwell, Mary Ellen 7526 Graymore Road C215 PEnhurst 1-9900 Bindley, Louise 5450 Dunmoyle Street C175 MUseum 1-2427 Blaxter, Anne Penrose 6420 Beason Street C175 HAzel 1-7086 Boshell, Betsey 5222 Wilkins Avenue C175 MAyf1ower 1-6844 Bowser, Nancy, Priscilla 537 Glen Arden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-1221 Bragdon, Barbara. Mary Penelope North Drive C155 STerling 1-6848 Braun, Marjorie 6828 Penham Place C85 MOntrose 1-2423 Brereton, Dale Old Mill Road, R.D. 11 Woodland 3-8563 Brown, Ellen Katharine 540 Glen Arden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-9127 Brush, Hannah 1127 N. Euclid Avenue C65 MOntrose I-5777 Buchanan, Ann, Constance Crawford, Marilynn 5810 Murrayhill Place C175 318 Richland Lane C85 MOntrose 1-1385 Burgess, Florence CHurchi11 1-1414 Crawford, Patricia 1156 S- Neszley Avenue C175 200 Tenth Street C155 Hlland 1-1357 Butler, Sandra Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1846 Byerly, Rebecca 203 Lytton Avenue C135 MAyf1ower 1-8142 Calhoun, Constance 1321 Bennington Ave. C175 M Ayflower 1-2775 Campbell, Carol 4367 Schenley Farms Terrace C135 MAy11ower 1-2844 Campbell, Nancy Edgewood Road C155 STerling 1-1386 Catalano. Michele STerling 1-0664 Crouch, Ann 5844 Walnut Street C325 MOntrose 1-9719 Dauler, Margaret 5414 Kipling Road C175 MAyf1ower 1-4404 Davis, Jean 5130 Pembroke Place C325 MAyHower 1-9031 DeNinno, Carolyn 4533 Stanton Avenue C15 STerling 1-4234 Dennis, Helen 5800 Aylesboro Avenue C175 HAzel 1-1926 Donaldson, Anne Dithridge Apartments C135 Hawthorne Road U57 MAYHOWU 1,9714 STerl1ng 1-5390 Chase, Barbara 311 Juniata Court C85 MOntrose 1-3470 Cheever, George, Julia 131 Yorkshire Road C85 Emerson 1-2237 Clark, Carolyn 776 Valleyview Road C285 LEhigh 1-9449 Clifford, Marion 5463 Kipling Road C175 HAze1 1-8030 Close, Barbara Edgewood Drive C155 STer1ing 1-2334 Cohen, Judith 1235 Malvern Avenue C175 SChenley 1-2900 Cohen, Maxine 1277 Bellerock Street C175 HAze1 1-7712 Cohen, Sylvia 6644 Beacon Street C175 JAckson 1-1743 Collins, Alice 804 Maryland Avenue C325 Hlland 1-2318 Dorbritz, Norina Fox Chapel Manor C155 STerling 1-1933 Drew, Catherine 6550 Beacon Street C175 HAze1 1-9222 Dworkis, Michael Amberson Gardens 3 Bayard Road C135 MUseum 1-0409 Eaton, Susan 5033 Castleman Street C325 MUseum 1-0978 Ebbert, Ann, Carol 1441 Squirrel Hill Ave. C175 MUseum 1-2381 Ebbert, Genevieve, Kay 6630 Kinsman Road C175 JAckson 1-0281 Erving, Clarissa 6820 Juniata Place C85 Hlland 1-1418 Evans, Margaret 1026 Highmont Road C325 MOntrose 1-9008 Evans, Sally 1405 Browning Road C65 Conderman, Margo, Rebecca MOHTYOSC 1-6240 4916 Bayard Street C135 MUseum 1-8661 Copeland, Ann, Caroline, Margot Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 406 Ewing, Ann 1307 Beechwood Blvd. C175 MOntrose 1-1324 Fagan, Kathleen 800 Maryland Avenue C325 Hlland 1-7382 1491 Fischer, Diane West Waldheim Road C155 STerling 1-3301 Fisher, Margaret 5565 Northumberland St. C175 MAyHower 1-8822 Flannery, Sara Fox Chapel Road C155 Woodland 3-8782 Fleger, Linda. Louise R.D. 2, Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 567 Ford, Janet 5406 Wilkins Avenue C175 MUseum 1-4997 Foster, Pauline 6 Colonial Place C325 SChen1ey 1-6787 Frame, Marjorie, Ruth Forest Drive C155 Woodland 3-8736 Freeland, Brigit, Jane 5622 Northumberland St. C175 HAzel 1-1920 Gantner, Gretchen. Virginia Hawthorne Road 155 STer1ing 1-5162 Garvin, Margaret 610 Pitcairn Place C65 MAyf1ower 1-2323 Gellatly, Lynda 6839 Juniata Place C85 MOntrose 1-9226 Gillies. Barbara, Nancv 714 Devonshire Street C135 MAyt1ower 1-1463 Glock, Sandra 1450 Wightman Street C175 MUseum 1-0544 Gorman, Sandra 732 S. Millvale Avenue C135 MAyt1ower 1-6633 Graham, Susan Patricia Sample Road Allison Park, Pa. Perrysville 4-5192 Grosscup, Katharine 5310 Westminster Place C325 MUseum 1-2701 Hall, Linda 712 St. James Street C325 MAy11ower 1-6799 Hannah, Annette, Katharine 4752 Bayard Street C135 MUseum 1-2241 Harshaw. Barbara 80 Woodland Road C65 Hlland 1-4096 Henry, Suzanne 6836 Penham Place C81 EMerson 1-4723 Heppenstall, Katherine 6815 Edgerton Avenue C81 MOntrose 1-8817 Hillman, Juliet Lea 1415 Squirrel Hill Ave. MUseum 1-2078 C 171 Horning. Toni i La, Todami Farm Wexford, Pa. Wexford 5-1091 Hotchkiss, Patricia 6927 Penn Avenue C81 MOntrose 1-6143 Howard,Julia, Macon 536 Briar CliFf Road C211 PEnhurst 1-1363 Hower, Marguerite 1333 Bennington Ave. C171 MAyl'1ower 1-9212 Irwin, Mary 5305 Westminster Place C321 MAyHower 1-2759 Jackson, Jennifer 5029 Amberson Place C321 MAyt1ower 1-4411 Jaffe, Nellie Lou 1310 Squirrel Hill Ave. C171 SChenley 1-8576 Jameson, Kathryn 5878 Aylesboro Avenue C171 HAzel 1-3618 Johnson, Kathleen 1153 Wightman Street C171 HAzel 1-2720 Johnson, Susan Woodland Farms Fox Chapel Road C151 Woodland 3-8812 Johnston, Nancy 1154 Wightman Street C171 SChenley 1-6164 Jorgensen, Elizabeth 6830 Reynolds Street C81 EMerson 1-3532 Kelly, Molly 1519 Wightman Street C171 HAzel 1-0082 King, Diane 1425 Beechwood Blvd. C171 JAckson 1-2003 King, Helen, Sarah 1112 Shady Avenue C321 MOntrose 1-7818 Kumer. Karyl Pasadena Drive C151 Woodland 3-8983 Kyle, Anne, Susan Hillcrest Road C151 STerling 1-1465 Lawrence, Ruth 229 East Waldheim Rd. C151 STerling 1-7018 Lee, Augusta 510 Roslyn Place C321 MUseum 2-3420 Lewis, Barbara. Julie 1515 Wightman Street C171 HAzel 1-6479 Liem, Edith 1037 Murrayhill Avenue EMerson 1-3046 C171 Lindersmith, Karen Windsor Road C151 STerling 1-1944 Lockhart, Katharine 5215 Westminster Place SChenley 1-2225 Longenecker, Laurie 222 Lytton Avenue C131 MUseum 1-8877 C321 Love, Leila, Roberta 5535 Beeler Street C171 MUseum 1-5465 Marks. Mary 7 Dunmoyle Place C171 MOntrose 1-0676 Mathews, Julia 715 Amberson Avenue C321 SChenley 1-5707 Matson, Christine 509 South Linden Ave. MOntrose 1-3873 C81 Meyer, Mary Louise 314 South Dallas Avenue MOntrose 1-6673 C81 Miller, Margaret 802 Maryland Avenue C321 MOntrose 1-5954 Minard, Mary Louise 1432 Browning Road C61 MOntrose 1-4394 Mudge, Polly 1445 Bennington Avenue C171 MUseum 1-4079 Mulert, Louise, Justine 197 Longue Vue Drive C281 LEhigh 1-0767 Mullen, Barbara Royal York Apartments C131 MAyf1ower 1-5727 Murphy, Eloise. Kathleen 6614 Woodwell Street C171 HAzel 1-7253 Muse, Elizabeth Ann Windmere Road Ben Avon Heights. Pa. JUniper 1-3543 170 Myers, Wendy 1236 Murrayhill Avenue C171 JAckson 1-1788 McCargo, Gretchen 1001 Highmont Road C321 EMerson 1-5391 McCas1in, Janet Louise Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1173 McC1enahan, Sallie 5840 Solway Street C171 HAzel 1-4881 P McClung, Mary 6600 Kinsman Road C171 HAzel 1-7341 McConnon. Cathy 4912 Wallingford Street C131 SChenley 1-4251 McCreery, Kathleen 6337 Jackson Street C61 EMerson 1-2272 McEldowney, Carolyn 4 Von Lent Place C321 MAyflower 1-6822 McGraw. Durban, Marban, Constance 1101 South Negley Ave. C171 EMerson 1-0515 McKee, Sallie Eleanor. Susan Elizabeth 714 Amberson Avenue C321 MAyf1oWer 1-0536 McMahon, Perrynell 6101 Fifth Avenue C321 MOntrose 1-6221 Nash, Patricia 4136 Bigelow Blvd. C131 MAyf1ower 1-1394 Nelson. Molly 5433 Kipling Road C171 JAckson 1-6697 Nolan, Ellen, Marilyn 1400 Bennington Ave. C171 ' M Useum 2-1648 Off, Robert 1125 Wightman MUseum 1-2648 Street C171 O'Neil, Barbara, Joan Avenue C321 932 South Aiken MAyf1ower 1-6711 Patterson, Judith, Sandra 6671 Kinsman Road C171 JAckson 1-5288 Pennington, Dolores 80 Woodand Road C61 Hlland 1-4096 Pixley. Lynn 1902 Beechwood Blvd. C171 JAckson 1-1181 1 Rea. Cleveland, Katharine 1177 Murrayhill Avenue C171 EMerson 1-7672 Rea, Ingrid, Marion 5200 Westminster Place C321 MUseum 1-8859 Ready, Phyllis 5068 Forbes Street C131 MUseum 2-2427 Reed, Judith 1217 South Negley Ave. C171 H1land 1-8294 Reynolds, Ann 714 Hastings Street C61 MOntrose 1-3282 Rial, Hydie 5510 Aylesboro Avenue C171 MAyHower 1-7448 Robinson, Ann 830 Amberson Avenue C321 MAyHower 1-0817 Rock, Katherine 5823 Elmer Street C321 EMerson 1-5071 Rodgers, Anne 5312 Ellsworth Avenue C321 MUseum 1-3784 Ross, Geraldine 1221 Shadv Avenue C321 EMerson 2-1964 Rost. Linda n 541 Glen Arden Drive C81 MOntrose 1-4550 Ruffin, Martha 5238 Westminster Place C321 MUseum 1-7327 Rushton, Linda Maryland Gardens 5822 Elmer Street C321 EMerson 2-0955 Rust, Mary Elizabeth 1171 Murravhill Avenue C171 MOntrose 1-6159 Sayers, Susan 577 Moorhead Place C321 SChenley 1-0528 Schaefer, Eileen, Susan 5665 Bartlett Street C171 HAzel 1-6662 Scharfe. Carol 903 Ainberson Avenue C321 MUseum 1-1583 Schmidt, Barbara 5419 Northumberland St. C171 MAyf1ower 1-4212 Schmidt, Helen 1060 Highmont Road C321 Hlland 1-0399 U Scholnick, Barbara 213 Hampton Road C155 STerling 1-1907 Schoyer, Judith 1167 Murrayhill Avenue C175 EMerson 1-3332 Schreckengost, Terry Lee 1358 Paulson Avenue C65 EMerson 1-2475 Schumacher, Susan 1082 Shady Avenue Hlland 1-7584 C65 Scott, Caroline 6500 Beacon Street C175 HAzel 1-2.052 Scott, Louise ' 1047 South Negley Ave. C175 Hlland 1-2882 Scoville, Lucile 5031 Castleman Street C325 MUseum 1-6027 Seip. Nancy 510 Glen Arden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-9799 Seneff, Elizabeth 1082 Shady Avenue C325 MOntrose 1-6645 Shrum, Maxine Fox Chapel Road C155 STerling 1-0101 Sheddan, Joann 48 Amberson Gardens 3 Bayard Road C135 MUseum 1-6015 Siegle, Esther 765 College Avenue Apt. 305 C325 EMerson 1-5051 Kirkpatrick, Mary 204 Lingrove Place C85 MOntrose 1-8387 Spinelli, Lucia, Mary 5302 Westminster Place C325 SChenley 1-4122 Srodes, Susan 604 Pitcairn Place C325 MAyflower 1-8580 Steinkirchner, Meredith 219 East End Avenue C215 PEnhurst 1-9879 Stinson, Margaret 4421 Schenlev Farms Terrace C135 MAyt1ower 1-3684 Stone, Cynthia, Suzanne 5721 Lynnhaven Road C175 EMerson 1-5293 Straub, Lucy Waldheim Road C155 STer1ing 1-2775 Sturgeon, Linda 905 Wellesley Road C65 EMerson 1-3820 Sturrock, Lynne 5530 Fifth Avenue Apt. 8-B C325 MUseum 1-6878 1 71 Swan, Holly 1418 Browning Road C65 MOntrose 1-4741 Taussig, Joan R.D. 1, Canonsburg, Pa. Canonsburg 1554-J Taylor, Marjorie 3938 Evergreen Road C145 WEllington 1-0129 - Titzel, Constance Squaw Run Road C155 Woodland 3-8853 Trondle, Martha 1219 N. Sheridan Ave. C65 EMerson 1-2474 Vaux, Barbara, Elizabeth, Mary Martha 1427 Squirrel Hill Ave. C175 SChenley 1-0405 Walton, Caroline 6306 Bartlett Street C175 HAzel 1-3716 Ward, Alison, Wendy 601 St. James Street C325 MUseum 1-6421 Ward, Barbara 1043 Highmont Road C325 Hlland 1-9075 Washburn, Fanny 420 Coventry Road C325 MUseum 2-2999 Weaber, Susan 4115 Bigelow Blvd. C135 MAy11ower 1-1437 1 Weidlein, Joan 6814 Reynolds Street C85 EMerson 1-6341 Weir, Ann, Dorothy 5544 Northumberland St. C175 SChenley 1-6394 Wells, Louise 1010 Murrayhill Avenue C175 JAckson 1-0673 Willey, Julie 5637 Northumberland St. C175 HAzel 1-0035 Williams, Amy 5308 Ellsworth Avenue C325 MUSCUITI 1-0313 Willock. Annette 5436 Dunmoyle Street C175 MAyHower 1-5581 Winston, Rolinda 28 Woodland Road C325 HIland 1-8456 Wolff, Elizabeth 6606 Kinsman Road C175 HAze1 1-4224 Zimmerman, Louisa South Drive Fox Chapel Manor C155 STer1ing 1-1972 Zimmerman, Mary Ann 6909 Yorkshire Drive C85 MOntrose 1-5834 ,,,,,-.....-.---- Whatever GULF OIL CORPORATIO I J ALLEGHENY LUDLUM STEEL CORPORATION 756 Waiiafd .feacfmq p 4 af SZQMZQ44 513614 an Q!! 67mm HENRY W. OLIVER BUILDING PITTSBURGH 22, PA. William I-I. Gantner QQCIZING A-l'lantic I-361-L6 THE D. Compliments of L. CLARK COMPANY Makers of the Famous CLARK BAR "Center of Attraction" fdfmafzf V' .:,. " 1 .'. xx-ways! ' . E771 Gompliments of " D U K E " In Estate Settlement . . ws ENDEAVOR to supplement effective business procedure with kindly understanding of human relationships. COMMONWEALTH TRUST COMPANY OF PITTSBURGH 312 Fourth Avenue WILLIAM B. MCFALI., Preszdent DERAI SIT IN l J Compliments Of Kenn Buick, Inc MUseum 1f761O I J ONE OF THE FOUR Fidelity is one of thc four trust companies hetwucn Pittsburgh and thc Atlantic scnhonrtl which have made thc scttlcmcnt of estates and the management of trust funds their principal lausincss for more than sixty years 'he financial well hcing of your family. through careful management of your cstntc, is thc primary concern of thcsc specialists. IN PITTSBURGH lT'S M For full detuilr alarm! tive .rpetiizliqni aid Fi11'e1iU' offeftr, write for our nm' book, "Far the l'ram-rmu of Yam' Monqi' and Your Fwzzifr in 11 Fmt!-rluzzitgizzkg lfVurlfl." 3!!?!iE!IYI'3l! 51 Sszmnauv U91 G Peoples Consumer Discount Co M0ntrose P0900 I J Begining our 75th YEAR in the INVESTMENT BUSINESS Since 1877 the Firm of Moore, Leonard 86 Lynch has successfully served the financial needs of Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania district. We have continuously made available pertinent in- formation on the thousands of companies which are the great American industrial system, and have endeavored to keep abreast of new industries and of new develop- ments in older established enterprises. Our complete services are available to both small and large investor alike. Stop in, call or write us. We will be happy to supply you, without obligation, with information so necessary in formulating your invest- ment plans. Moore, Leonard 81 Lynch TENTI-I FLOOR, UNION TRUST BUILDING Pittsburgh 19, Pa. MEMBERS: New York Stock Exchange-New York Curb Exchange Pittsburgh Stock Exchange Telephone ATlantic 1-03 58 E611 good IME 52 fzom 254 sm MQWW Compliments Of A Friend La-todami Farm Has For Sale Farm Cured Hams, Bacon and S ausa ge Turkeys-During Holidays Call Wexford 54091 R. O. Horning, Prop. lNvsICNIglf31WfIY' eil: CIICJIIIIJZIIIII UNION TRUST BUILDING P I T T S B U R G H Telephone GRant 1f87O0 WILLIAM M. MCKELVY G. PEARSON RHODES, JR. MEMBERS G' E- MAY NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE C. A. BUZZA F. H. HUNTER PITTSBURGH STOCK EXCHANGE G. E. MoRR1s, JR. NEW YORK CURE QASSQCTT-rep R. R. CHURCH W. SHELDON MCKELVY WILSON A. SCOTT I67J Compliments of A FRIEND GEO. S. BATUN 8a CU. Consulting Engineers Cost Analysis . . . . Valuations Mine and Preparation Plant Designs 1100 UNION TRUST BUILDING P1'1"1's1xUuGH 19, PA E661 Compliments of Hillman Coal SL Coke Company ATlantic 1f262O Compliments of HARDY 8. HAYES CO. Wood Street and Cliver Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania E671 Compliments of A F R I E N D THE FIQEIHMAN CLAII Best Wishes of The Junior Class Ahlers 6' Bergman E691 Compliments of A FRIEND COMPLIMENTARY SPACE E701 'rim ELLIS GLEE CLUB Compliments of F. I. Kress Box Company V711 Compliments of BEST WISHES BERGER'S DRUG STORE TO THE CLASS OF '52 FROM AN ADMIRER OF ELLIS GIRLS ANONYMOUS Compliments of SILVER SPRING INDUSTRIES E721 PEGGY'S Since 1880 Furniture Storage Local 86 Long Distance Moving BLANCK'S TRANSFER 86 STORAGE COMPANY 6344 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh 6, Penna Phone: Hlland 1f0-466 Compliments of G A R D N E R ' S 'The Record Shop" LCcust 1-1977 Compliments of A F R I E N D Compliments of THE DRAMATIC CLUB 73 Comoliments of Compliments of A FRIEND THE 8th GRADE Compliments of COI'HP1im6I1tS Of HUSS BROTHERS REPUBLIC OIL CORP E741 Compliments of VILLA CATALANO HUTCHINSON CO. Compliments of Compliments of AMERICAN BARGE LINE CO. THE HIGHLAND GIFT SHOP ORR'S FLOWER SHOP THE SWAGGER SHUP of Shadyside Aspinwall, Pa. Compliments of THE RED QUILL REYNOLD'S MARKET 5411 Walnut Street i771 Compliments of SAM PASEKOFF CO. TOTS AND TWEEDS 5424 Walnut Street DISTINCTIVE CLOTHES for WOMEN AND CHILDREN MAyflower 1f465' 5 E. C. BECK THE CLQTI-IES LINE SI-ICP Groceries and Fruits and 6030 Broad Street Pittsburgh 6, Pa. C. R. MCCAFFERTY Fine Meats 304 Center Avenue Aspinwall WHEN IN ALLISON PARK Honeft Pricef - Faithful Promise: Stop at F O R B E S DAVE MORROW'S NEW SERVICE STATION Route 8 Near Wildwood Road Cleaning 86 Tailoring Co. 284 Morewood Avenue MAyfloWer I-9728 FRUITS FLOWERS GIFTS GRant lfi 67 5 JOHN McCLEMENTS, INC. Saul I. Zeiden 338 Sixth Avenue Oliver Building Pittsburgh, Pa. SCHILLER'S PHARMACY The Shadyfide' Drug Store 811 S. Aiken Ave. at Walnut St. Pittsburgh 32, Pa. MAyflower 1-5900-l-0172 76 J W SMfjc,.,AQ, 0X5 4 ,Any-xl! Q M Q,-Q QM. OM of wr A R, 5 09645 -Jer . S6 X97 v-yr wrxcp 0, 9 m vww 0-Us 0,x::X-9' Q- .P Ngo- 0- M Mao O0 ,JN Lo! CB' N oy O6 5 Ca-.XX Q M ., l J? Q sb OAPIC-'N b MPX Q-PK: Qi 'OJ K5 09' BN V-J 093959 wwf' xp , . ' ef My 505715065 Ay G Y 3 'sofb ' ra vpgry dey Ghgylirojy ' V,-p-"'Q WWW XXQVVQ or 69. Upoln 'JJ 5 O 0-Jr x 0' QS NX '63 099' WSF cffryp-f"O,,,w 'mar' Sung - ss ? M CIW' GLSLSL OJ-P1 EQTQURCQQSQAJA -WXQIVK 055755, 9-A mm, wal, womb scsi'-TWAQJPQ1 phone walks wdwh Ol-2. 15:.:u.r'v'sQ1ou-o muiu an 'M Cffhnr' 'Cvxd.W'2fSC!' pfffi' WO. x.o'dLSs Manu OTGQVJ Ku-my WL 3512-, ma wimfwm ggfmg., mm. Mis. -M '-M' M Amit rum " -- Ulm 61.11.0500 .- Noll, ,.

Suggestions in the Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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