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wi QW , , S91 Oo! -VV ff ff MZ QU , U0 J! Q3 ,rm J' 6? 07 X -2 ,V 5 'gk v' 5 V boo ' C15 lm 1? x 05' JP , for , JV ff J? 04 P Lf sy W 91 3 we EW W yffwfgffffiff Mfg ,".u V- , JECMN Skbmgk , Visxe, Quo Qklnfb 0065 X Q Skuwi QZOQO Q50 Cfnxm 309-LX . wax Gb M QVC O Qgvbgjik Q,XQDQ-07? A .N ir0e,c50"y QAQXQ gDV9g' 9 6,9-0"Q QCQQKQ 'Cx dive 5..p-FCAQMGMS-DJ xt KOLSYQQ' T. S. Q, Sm wwf' swf' i 1 V THE ELLISIAN FIELDS I95I Z vw g -:,-T25 1+ f, , . xx :YET ? is .mm Q ho w 3 W5 -'V jg L ' .rg THE ELLIS SCI-IOCL PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA liz. lf... 4 1 H' s.. . 1, . ' I 'fff . . "- . , I' 'V f I' - -.I -ta b .ny ' , ' ,1,,',p ' - Y' L r I , ., f ,T " f"b lk. JH?" ,5 f',.. . .... ,f-fi . .',,. f.r'b3?5?!j :A-' - H 3 J:,Lc.. wif l,J'.'HLg.'. hlgrxl.. Ti, A i:gY,3': , - 5-...ff -' :fiihiflvv 1 . ' gil:-N 'ff 3 "' fit' ' V J- 'a ' . If I ., H, . ' :ff ,4Y1r.:.. . .. -:- . A ,M . , " 4 m..-.'A--- L ' ' , I-.i.4?,' I 4. ' , .A 1. Q "VP, . . . -Aff. 9 -, fy.. ' ' G-Y '..' I'."-. - .J .. ,ff , 1' ,",fv A , .. , . 1. , -wr fl ,nf -sf J--N 1 .- 5 A . x Y V 11 v . .. t, -- . 3 . , v I, . Y., v . r 44. ' L V 4 -53 .I fm.. T. .SV,, '-Q' M D. . '.,,.. -fn. , V . ,i I -4 V L "'.4f.,r 4. . my' . ' . - x , Q,-.-. U N.. Y 1 n r 1. e ,Q tw J- N ..,. Q 17- I.. .', 1 H"W'A I-115-1 1 ' f M 5 Msg Q rg, ,f' L . 1 3,195 f: nf W' . . J!" , ,., .. U.. L., 1 -1 'i.., v. , L ,M ' r . f . . 4 i .p .1 - SQ Q pi W. 4 w 3, . W..-.-N ' A ' A 1 ..-.,'k- L uw. -. "V -H-ui, ' n 'ft .1 -. Q , .Q 1' , ,' .1 , ,. ' ' . .:, .. . ' ,.Qg'1,.::"ffJ' - ' 'W ,..w..Mm... f 1,. . ,. .4 -4, . ,, . 1 1 ,- DEDICATION Because she has urged us on to greater ac- colnplislnnents when we were discouraged, and helped us live up to being young ladies of Ellisg because she has scolded, praised, and tutored us, as we deserved alld helped us to acquire the voices of angelsg and because she has always been so understanding, we, the class of 1951, with all our love and appreciation, dedicate our yearbook to Catherine Ann Cook. FOREWORD As we walk by Rec Hall, we hear the Glee Club joining in the familiar strains of Pomp and Circumstanceg and we suddenly realize how close we are to commencement-this time our commencement. For us the word commencement has two meanings. First, it is an end, an end to all of the things that have made Ellis dear to us- thc Glee Club, those spirited interclass hockey games, the red and green study halls, and even our green tunics and brown oxfords. These are all things we may forget in the course of time, but the friendships we have formed with teachers and girls can never be erased completely from our memories. We have learned much more at Ellis than that which can be found in books. We have learned to grin at defeat and to work in a common group striving for a common goal, and we have increased our understanding of people. But connnencement has another meaning for us. It is a beginning-the beginning of a new life in which we will use all these things we have learned at Ellis. We are sad, some of us even a bit tearful at the thought of leaving Ellis, but we are looking forward to the future confident that our school and our teachers have given us what we need to make our lives successful. We are proud of Ellis, may Ellis always be. proud of us. The Year Book Staff Ezlifor-in-C'l1i4'f Lifl'7'lll'.Ij Edifor . A-'lSSi.9fllIIf l,iff'rnry Editor Pllofogrnpllir' Edifor . .-lssisffnzf Plmfogrnplzif' Eflifor Art Edifor . .'ISSiSfIIIlf Art Edifor I3lI.S'iIll'SS 111 llllllfjfl' AS.S'i.S'flIlI1' liusim's.v Jlznzngvrs L51 Suszmnc lqgilll B:1l'b:u'n Hoop l':1tl'iciaL Hinkc-1 lic-Hy Soilwork Bzu'lmm Ritter lg2ll'lJ2Ll'ZI Hood flarzm Blair Claire 1"1'0cl0Ho jf lg2ll'll2Ll'E1 Cook l Judy Ycnton l'1f1'If:II SCIIIJIJI 1' xc I I 15 xIII7lll,l41Sl'lI0Ol 1 xr I I IX ,owlcn SVHUOI U51 Upper School Faculty Marjorie L. Tilley . Virginia P. Stevenson . Margaret Fairlamb Elizabeth D. Morgan Adelaide Oakley McKim Lucy L. Soule . ltlathilda W. Zirkle Althea Johnson . . . H eadmistress Assistant H eadmistress . . . English . . . . English, Speech Hi-story, Economic Geography, Current Events . Matliematics, Bible Biology, Mathematics . . . Physics Nora G. Austin . . French Joan Mary Thatcher . French Mary B. Hogg . . . . Latin Winifrecl E. Mantell . . History of Art, Art Dorothy Benson . Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky Catherine Ann Cook . Mlcl Blanche Campbell Wick Inez L. Campbell . ltlargaret Thompson Weil Margaret Moore Hanson Adelaide Oakley McKim Marie Harner Pearce Jean Witherow Huntoon Joan ltlary Thatcher . Sally K. Sarver . Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky Dorothy Benson . Barbara G. Heininger Director of Athletics . . . . . Piano Singing, Choral Director clle School Faculty . . . . . . Arithmetic . English, History, Geography . . Fifth Grade . . Fourth Grade . . . History Arithmetic, Visual Aids . . . . Art . . French . Speech, Bible . . . Piano, Singing . Director of Athletics . . Assistant Director of Athletics Lower School Faculty Barbara L. Marley ...... Third Grade Mary M. Crumrine . . . Second Grade Beatrice F. Harvey . . . . First Grade Barbara G. Heininger . Assistant in First Grade Marjorie Mercer . Isabel E. McCune . . . Kindergarten . . Kindergarten Dorothy Benson . . . Games and Rhythms Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky . . Piano, Singing Helen M. Conway ..... Secretary-Bookkeeper Mary Louise McManus Secretary to the H eadmistress Claire Hasson . . . . General Secretary lit ry 1,1111 Silxi I lllhlld Ramp Q l'111'c I'xl'L'xlA'1lL' slu Iqflllll amd Q lfllfk' FFCJCI 1 C . Lllftllyll IlUI'IlL'V . lmrlwzarzi Ritlcx' 'giuizx Byc-rly . mlly Nuylur nc 'l'llL'kC'f I 3 I . Jud P xt y YL-:mm llinkcl Burlm ra Cum . Chu.: Blkur mm Frzmkliu ,fi- ,ann-wg ummm! " Sl X 2 .,m 7975.4 SJ. f CLARA BROWN BLAIR iisistyii Entered: Ninth Grade Preparing for Bennett Junior College Curl in the middle of her forehead . . . Beaumaris . . . Rolling Rock . . . Thomas . . . grey skirt and ballet shoes . . . "Sign the book again???" 66 Acfivitizus' Class Secretary Chi Eta Phi ....... 4- Assistant Art Editor . . 4 Ellisian Fields Oh Miss StCZ'l:'71S07l.,, German Club . . ....1 Skating Club . . . . 2, Class Hockey . . . 2, 3, Class Basketball . 1, 2, Glec Club .... . . . 4- Camem Club 1 9 Class Softball . . 2, 3, Bridge Club . . . . 3 White Team U01 S i Q Vg, EF L.-I 7, VIRGINIA WAKEFIELD BYERLY CCJin'ny,! Entered: Seventh Grade Preparing for Wellesley College Curly hair . . . contagious giggle . . . assembly speeches . . . cute little walk . . . pepsodent smile . . . stocking-footed Charleston . . . Florida . . . Princeton. J E if f 5 ef ill ' 7' - 'AFV . if 33 V. L d, President, Student Council .... Class President ..... Guild Vice-President Glee Club .... 1, 2 Assistant Business Manager ..... Section leader Camera Club . . French Club . . llll Activities German Club President . 4 Skating Club . . . 2, 3, 4 ChiEtaPhi.. ...4 Varsity Hockey . . . 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3 Class Hockey . 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Basketball . 1, 2, 3 Class Softball . . 1, 2, 3 Green Team BAILBARA NEWELL COOK "Bobbie" E11te1'ed: Twelfth Grade Prepzmring for Centenary Junior College Cream-colored convertible . . . Sak's Fifth Avenue . . . baby face . fabulous anectotes . . . Princeton . . . "mucho" . . . "Oh my Doodnessf' l M -mr- l AQW 5 sunny f Activities !' ,- f f In: . 114 Assistant Business Glee Club . . . 'tgrdjfl L- - ' :SJ Manager ........ 4 Cl E Pl qw W -1' 1-'- ,T li ta li.. ..4- -' 'I1 Fllman Fields Dramatic Club President 4- Green Team ,, ' l ' ' ' 1 12 SUSANNE EGAXN "Susie" Entered: Ninth Grade Preparing for Wellesley College "The Judge" . . . pink shirt . . . television at Claire's . . . golf always eating . . . Yale . . . brothers . . . "Bilge.,, d Zlfg 11111 I Q9 ,d E Student Council . 2, 3, 4 Secretary ...... 3, 41 Editor-in-Chief ..... 41 Ellisian Fields Glee Club . . . 1, 2, 3, 4 Section leader Chi Eta Phi Board . . . 4 E131 Camera Club President . Skating Club Class Hockey Class Baseball White Team ...1,z, Activities fa ..2,3 ...2,3,4 .2,3,4 ....3 JOAN MARGO FRANKLIN "Joan" Entered : Eighth Grade Preparing for University of Arizona Learneris permits . . . parties . . . "Rosen . . . cocktails . . . California . . . clothes . . . "Pm having a party, when do you want it?" -Q. l llulu 4' V nv 50 'I ,ri f X i F 'ff 41 H Activities 'A Class Treasurer Glee Club . . . Camera Club . E141 . . . 41 Dramatic Club . . . . 4 White Team . ..l Im+:Ni: CLAIRE FREDETTPI "Claire" Entered: Ninth Grade Preparing for Pembroke College Art . . . clothes . . . multi-colored hair-do . . . careful driving . . bird-dogging . . . fickle . . . Hoof geesf' . 4-t 'QQ X . r eo Q 'Ge l B a lil' '3' Guild ..... . . Z, President . . E. A.A .... Secretary Patchwork . . . Business Manager . Ellisian Fields GleeClub... ...2, Chi Eta Phi Board E151 Activities Dramatic Club . . . 2, Vice-President . . . Camera Club . . . Bridge Club . . . . . . Skating Club . . 2, 3, Class Hockey .... 3, Class Basketball ..... Class Softball .... 2 Green Team 4: 4 1 3 4- 4: 3 3 PATRICIA HINKEL I5Pat,, Entered: Tenth Grade Preparing for Wellesley College Golf . . . "Country Gardens" . . . platinum blond . . . diets . . . "Pasty" . . . cute 'n' quiet . . . mysterious smile . . . the old country. Activities 6 'ft 'W O if-M N fl f T s' Class President . . . . Dramatic Club . . . . Assistant Editor . . . . Secretary 5 IW skating Club . . . . L Business Manager . . . , , A Patchwork Chl Eta Phi . . . . . Glee Club .... 2, 3, Class Hockey - 2, 3, I Bridge Club 0 . illl Class Softball .... 2, , German Club . . . . White Team I 16 BARBARA VVILSON Hoon "Bobbie,' Entered: Eleventh Grade Prepaxring for Beaver College Tiny and talkative . . . displaced knees . . . mad scientist . . . R0op,s night club . . . Betty's twin . . . HAH my sons' '... Mercersburg. 'SS Class Treasurer Camera Club . . ' Art Editor . . . Dramatic Club ' ' Ezzirian Fields Class Hockey . f j Patchwork Class Basketball Glfrc Club . Class Softball . -4 rf chi Eta Phi . . White Team E171 Activities ..3 . ..3 ..3 CAROLYN IQEMPICII HOIKNI x "Lynn" Entered: Seventh Gram e Preparing for W'ells College Dark eyes . . . inountains of music . . . Yale . . . infectuous frifwle Jctivitivs the clay after the night before . . . "the sun did itf' Class President . . Class Vice-President . . E. A. A. Treasurer Assistant Business Manager . Ivy Glue Club . Chi Eta Phi ..1, 1, .s,-i Board Camera Club . . . 1, 2, Skating Club . . . 2, 3, Class Hockey Class Basketball . 1, 2, Class Softball Green Team ..1,z, 18 bhb .-1' - I l , VIIONQ V SARA VIRGINIA NAYLOR CKSalZy!! Entered: Seventh Grade Preparing for Sarah Lawrence College Linen tunics . . . Shearing records . . . English tweeds . . . symphonies . . . Ford convertible . . . pink lemonade . . . Veronica Lake hair-do. Student Council . . E. A. A. Treasurer Ivy ...... . - N Q Editor . Il I Q' Editor .... ,X ,Q P - , ' atchwork B Q ,EM 1 - Glee Club .... . Chi Eta Phi Board E 19 J Activities Camera' Club .... 1, -2 Bridge Club . . . . . 3 Skating Club . . . . . 2 Varsity Basketball . . 2, 3 Class Hockey . . . 1, 2, 3 Class Basketball . 1, 2, 3 Class Softball . . . 1, 2, 3 White Team BARBARA RITTER "Barb" Entered: Twelfth Grade Preparing for University of Mianzi Long curly eyelashes . . . mad gestures . . . lion, hunts . . . crinkly leather jacket . . . eat-eye glasses . . . "let's go to sleep? Activities Patchwork . . . . Glec Club . . . Chi Eta Phi ...... Assistant Photographic Editor ...... Ellisian Fields Skating Club . Dramatic Club . . Cheerleader . . Green Team E201 ww "',, TT' -iali BARBARA ANN Roof' "Ro0pie" Entered: Seventh Grade Preparing for Pembroke College Little red truck . . . smoke-Hllecl convertible . . . taped bracelets . cruiser on the Allegheny . . . superoxide . . . Yale. -'kb if :qi ' tl N ,SF Zj' ', H Ag, i N K ' ' In Us X1 f ,C ' ' Guild Secretary Literary Editor Ellisian Fields Ivy ....... Patchwork . . . Glee Club .... Chi Eta Phil . . E211 Activities Camera Club . . . 1, 2, 3 Dramatic Club .... 1, 4- Skating Club .... 2, 3, 4 Class Hockey . . 2, 3, 4 Class Basketball . . . 2, 3 Class Softball . . . . 2, 3 Wllite Team ELIZABETH J ANE SEIBERT iigettyii Entered: Tenth Grade Preparing for Connecticut College Short stuff . . . over-sized men's shirts . . . personality plus . . . beautiful, beautiful blue eyes . . . "and then I went into hystericsf' Activities Photography Editor Ellisian Fields Camera Club . . Crafts Club . . . Skating Club . . . 2: 3: Varsity Hockey . . 2, 3, 4- Varsity Basketball Varsity Softball . Class Hockey - . Class Basketball Class Softball 221 N5 Qt? li xl V W L ll ELIZABETH LOUISE SILVIS "Betty Lou," Entered: Tenth Grade Preparing for Wellesley College Stuffed celery . . . fits of hysteria . . . Princeton . . . lllt. Lebanon cab . . . Brooklyn . . . dream house . . . fuzzy wuzzy was. fl? Class Vice-President . . lg 'gf Patchwork . "L"'::a'5' if? '11, Glee Club . ' I ff 'J , Chi Eta Phi Board . . . f- '-"1'4'h 4 X11 J 'Q" 7f: camera Club ....... Bridge Club l23l German Club . Skating Club . . Class Hockey . Class Basketball Class Softball . Green Team Activities ..4f ...2,3 2,3,4 ..2,3 ...2,3 ANNE IRALSTON 'FUCKER "Tuck" Entered: Ninth Grade Preparing for Indizma State Teachers College Camel walk . . . green bug . . . picnics . . . lineups . . . broken glasses . . . "Hardly at all.', Acii'vitie.s' E.A.A... ..2,3, President ...... Glee Club . . . 1, 2, 3, Chi Eta Phi . . . . . Dramatic Club . . . Camera Club ..... 1, Bridge Club . . . German Club . . . Skating Clul w...... Varsity Hockey . 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, Varsity Softball . 1, 2, 3, Class Hockey . . . 2, 3, Class Basketball . 1, 2, Class Softball . . . 1, 2, Captain, White Team . . E241 3 4' " t 4 gf, 4 pi 4 -:fig 1 4 flip 3 gli? J L J UDITH WARD YEATON GSJudy!9 Entered: Twelfth Grade Preparing for Bennett Junior College Boston . . . Dartmouth . . . accent . . . personality plus . . . apartments . . . "Gee Wl1iz." Activities Assistant Business Manager .... . . 4 Ellisian Fields Glee Club .... . . 41 Dramatic Club . . . . . 41 Guild Representative Skating Club . . . Varsity Hockey . . Class Hockey . . White Team E251 l 2 gg , 1 zz ' if: C C .W W 1 ..-4 4--o Q-1 gcpimm gm: EEZ voow Oarw LOW EREUOU mymm Spy E WSU UxOEw 5 U we E swgdhm 44 was Em wi exif BO? U30 H-EWU H mwi LH UmOF-H WO UGO ami! gsm Bdmashaq SRDM of :O Es :ow E O2 VESA S G3 we mg:-on H2 Un 9 CUBE Tsom Umom we on 8 UEENEM on 2 mcglvsgr no :OEWtOmmENb at 2:2 2 :NL RQEW E BASE 2 UEMEUEE an H-semvm E-N BEM F23 COENEUFEOU api N 205 S Big vgganum WUSEOL 5 31260 MEHE-OU 3520 megan mgtma MECEWE aw we go megan UUEEEW EW FE? EEE AW 2 32 E wiv-Sam asm gags. PN- IU -hogs Bam tgobi mg? Em kgs?-E mg? :OE QPRE SOE Ea Hag EUEOEWE SOE MEOUUOHH gsm AMMZHE FGM HHHMQHML MMHQAU ZHAMZQMHH ZQOH ZQUM MZWDW MOOD QMQMMQQ PAMMVMM WZZHU MHQQM QMQAU QENZ E261 waom OU OH MSS we UE ao-am BE wsom HHH Kagan QEEH L2-Com vmwrg 55 HH EE EQ QED H ELUEUQ BOMA WO MERCER EURO 2:5 6: H-EWU Edin E6 H 02 LO QED MEG :ow LO 2:5 OHENNH ESU Saleem OU M528 Us CO 555 Ou are Seam 303 2 wzggsm ES :E Us 2 2:50 N Un 2 BEM HUM N UL 2 E33 we ESOMN wcrgdb msg 3-EH Exam 2 A 'swim S82 N Un 2 SBE Um -Egg N 3 8 com:-Dug E M-:Este EOMUOM E 1 ,EEBOU EO we E ENTBNA wigs WE?-USE Mensa KA-ENE wEhEmUw MHOBSUHNQ we MEF-Bda UGO-E we :O E510 OH MEOM gg: SE USU?-5:5 ZOE 03653 EOE noon 5:3 bxuzmlbmu 50505205 ZOE Em5L3:WUm EGOMHOEOHE :oe go SEG UE ZOHQMW VQDH MHMUDH ZZ4 mHP!:m DOA WHHMM HMMMEMW WHHMMN MOON QMJNWMQM MMHHHM QMQQMQMH MOAWQZ Wdwiwm WMZMOE ZNAOMQU DOO! WMZHOMH E271 Class Prophecy It is the year 1970, and Broadway is bright with the lights heralding the opening of a new hit comedy, starring Betty Seibert, the lively comedienne, who in real life is married to her third and, she says, last husband. As the curtain rises, Miss Seibert and Miss Bobby Hood are doing a duet, a sister act. They were once told that they looked alike, and have been acting together ever since. From the orchestra pit is heard a brilliant piano duet by Misses V. Byerly and S. Egan. They have been playing Jamaican Rhumba by request for so many years that it is now the only thing they can play, but a great many people still seem to like it. And now a new comedy act comes on. It is billed as Hinkel and Silvis, and as a starter Betty Lou crawls onto the stage with her eyes crossed singing "Ellis Hear Us." Pat covers her face to hide a grin, and they begin their sad little song, "The Whole World Hates Me." Sud- denly a hush falls over the audience as down the aisle walks the renowned artist, Madame Claire Fredette. She has just returned from France, where she witnessed the hanging of one of her paintings in the Louvre. She is now very prompt and would have undoubtedly been on time if it had not been for her protege and lady-in- waiting, Cisty Blair. She has the distinction of never having been on time for anything in her life, and it is rumored that she was so late to her own wedding that her tall English fiancee gave up, left, and was never heard from again. During intermission, we overheard the conversation of two slightly greying old maids. "I had a friend who sang that same song much better at the Met," the baby- fa-ced old lady is saying. Her companion, who doesn't i281 Class Prophecy seem to be listening, is softly humming "Abadaha Honey- moon." We recognize these two immediately as Barbara Cook and Barbara Ritter. Now we turn to another familiar face, a very well-dressed, glamorous woman walking beside her distinguished looking husband and surrounded by their six children. As she draws closer, we recognize her as the former Sally Naylor, now the wife of the U. S. Ambassdor to South Africa. In the rear of the theatre, a chorus of "Happy Birthday," rings out. It seems that .Ioan Franklin is having another of her fabulous birthday parties and has brought her guests to the show. She is now a well-known fashion co-ordi- nator, and the originator of the newest new look, baggy skirts and sweaters and turned up socks. The orchestra begins to play, and the curtain rises revealing "Slim Horney, the red-headed torch singer, who has every man in the U. S. sighing. A popcorn vender hops up and down the aisle selling her product and yelling, "C'mon, folks, buy your popcorn heref, The voice is recognized as that of Ann Tucker, who has graduated from the baseball field to the theatre. And now the play is over and everyone is going home. As I step into my cab, I hear a familiar voice. It is Judy Yeaton, who rushed up to tell me that she has just received her fifth degree. So far, she has at- tended Vassar, Wellesley,' Smith, Bryn Mawr, and Dartmouth. My companion for this evening, Barbara Roop, has followed in the television footsteps of both Ed Sullivan and Milton Berle. She gave up her world- syndicated column to become the new Tuesday night hero of the kiddies, Aunt Barbie. Be sure to tune her in next week. E291 Class Will We, the Class of 1951, do hereby make our last Will and Testament, and revoke All Wills by us at any time heretofore made. We give and bequeath our personal effects as follows: Clara Blair and Barbara Ritter leave a box of Saltines to Mrs. Zirkle. Ginny Byerly leaves her Latin notes to Roberta McSorley. Barbara Cook leaves a broadcasting system to Margot Copeland to use on mornings. Susie Egan leaves the remains of the poor driving pool to Becky Byerly. Joan Franklin leaves her parties to Marilyn Crawford. Claire Fredette leaves her free week-ends to Ann Copeland. Pat Hinkel leaves her calorie counter to Becky Byerly. Bobby Hood leaves her Tech stickers to Marion Clifford. Monday Carolyn Horney leaves a dog to Louise Mulert to keep her company on the way to the dentist next year. Sally Naylor leaves a magnifying glass to Gretchen Gantner to help her fi for the "Patchwork" Barbara Roop leaves her Fox Chapel taxi service to Norina Dorbritz. Betty Seibert leaves her over-sized shirts to Carol Kumer. Betty Lon Silvis leaves her cheery morning rides to Louise Mulert. Ann Tucker leaves her picture of Liz to Judy Cohen. Judy Yeaton leaves her conquest of English to Norina Dorbritz. Signed by the above named testators by their mark, the testators having declared their inability to write their names. 4 X E301 nd gossip Place Pastime College Sport . Food . Drink . Song . Clara Blair . Ginny Byerly Barbara Cook Susie Egan . Joan Franklin Claire Fredette Patsy Hinkel Bobby Hood Carolyn Horney Sally Naylor Barbara Ritter Barbara Roop Betty Seibert Betty Lou Silvis Ann Tucker Judy Yeaton Class Favorites . Rodgers . Dieting Where we can get in . Hunting Mrs. Hogg's Lunch . H adacol . Be H appy, Go Lucky Ideal Senior E311 Friendliness . Smile Dec p Voice Brothers . - Dim ples A rtis tic talents . Blushes . Vivacity Eyes Clothes . Jewelry . Cars . Charleston Sun tans A thletics Figure S Reflections . A Wonderful Guyv ....,........ Some Enchanted Evening" ...... ,......The postman phone call ...,.,,.......i..,.....,.....i.Science Test Seniors Doing Their History Outlines How Deep Is The Ocean" .,.....,s...s.s...s,.,.. , Bewilderedn .s.,........,ss....s.. I ..,.., The Better Lack Newt Timev Bye-Bye Baby" .,....,,...,. .. Why Can,t Y on Behave" ..... Here Comes Heaven Againw ...,. Beyond The Blue H orizon" .... So Tired" 4......s...,................ Why Was I Born?" ,....4.,. Swinging Down The Lane', I Can't Begin To Tell You" ..... Day By Dayi' .,i..............,.., That's My Desire" . ...i................, . Yon'll Always Be The One I Love" fsz .......,Grammar Test ,. . , . . , ,Proctored Study Hall ....,....,....Friday at 2:30 ...,. . .Commencement Tenth Period Night Before A Geometry Test Drill i,...,,.Recitation in any class ...,...i.....l..,..,.Homework . . .A , . .Passing College Boards .....,.....The Ellis School 1 u 1 55 N A jd Q, I mm-I x. 1 ' W Hn, N- 1 g-su- 71 I f U mg U X an 0 C 5 'Z Juniors WT inviti- you into tlu- intvrsunctuni of that lllyStt'I'l0llS room on tht- third floor. thi- Junior honu- room. As you look through thc kvy-llolv. you can scv whut's going on insidv. In ont- c-ornvr of thc- room. Louisv Flcgvr und Susan Kyle url' discussing tht- driving tvst, which SCVIIIS to hm' giving Louisa- :I lot of trouhlc. In thc oppositc cornvr. Linda Rushton is protccting hi-r rvc-cntly opcratud on tot: from thu vugcr fvvt of Margot Copa-land, who is troublcd hy things coming in tllI'k't'S. In tht- ca-ntcr of tlu- rooin, Norina Uorhritz is tvlling Louisv Mulvrt :md Gm-tc-lu-11 Guntne-r :nhout hvr trip wt-st. Louisa' :incl fil'CtClll'Tl wish thvy 1-ould go Northcust :incl Rust ri'spcc'tivm'ly. Tha' lust littlm' group vonsists of lin-1-ky llyvrly :md liurlmru Vuux, who :irc talking uhout "K:ilphl' of thc Pirutvs und ulllllllu of thc Hornvts. Oh, ohl Tllvrv gous tht- bull :incl Klrs. Austin is informing hcr littlv clmrgcs it is tinu- to go to :nsscnihlyg so wr- li-:nvc thn- Juniors for unothur tluy. 1.441 Sophomores Tun xninutcs after tlu- 2:35 hvll rings on Friday, SCYUII rvd cups como trouping out of Glu- Cluh and thc eighth, Ghouluh Cohen crllcrgcs from study hall singing tlw Hl1lCIlIlt'SSQ'l' VV:zltz" at thc lillttillll of hcr lungs. l"r:1m-is Qlllulvj Lawrcncc gocs shricking down tho drivm-way, ulllll oil' for :mother l1:1ircut," followed by llunmorix Burlap Crawford and one of her hilarious jokcs. lilzzard Nyurp :npproacllcs the- liull':nlo-hound Shady Side Bus which is awaiting hvr. Czmxnmntzllocdis Kylcf--CHNSORl'll3l Disnlo llartlvy slinks down tho strvct wlwrm' thx' Hllartlcy l50:111X" await hcr. Ononlzxtopociu Copclund und Cwcuscr Mc-Sorlcy hid :1 fond farcwvll to thvir lun-kivr cl:1ssIn:1tc's and trudgl' wa-:lrily to Friday Aftcrnoon "Study Hall" for om- hour of Lutinifor is il Gr0x'k?j H51 Freshmen llllll' class of 153511 is om- of tllu largm-st :mil most 1'rltl1l1si:1stiv clussvs in ilu' scllool. lts IllL'llllM'I'S url' wcll rc'prusL'r1t1'4l in all parts of scllool lifm-, from tllm' llonor roll. of XVllll'll tllcy usually constitutv tlw umjorily, to tllc various tK'IlIllS. '1'Iu- I'lf'l'HllIlll'Il lmvr- tlll'll' slmrm' of musiciuns, would-ln' zlclrcssvs. cu.mm'r41 Hvmls. :xml linguists. wllo tukc part in ull tln- cxtru cl1rric'ul:1,r :u-tivitirs. Tln-y :Irv :also prominvnt in school utlnln-tics. :xml will :ulal :x great dvzrl to varsity tn-:rms m-xt yn-ur. fflol 9' Y , x att e 15 X s ' it J My -5 .-. , -5 t Q, l fb . my if -1 ' Eighth Grade 1, A li rr SAT first a hit svarvrl at the- thought of lmovonling Uolclcr girls," wo founcl thy merit syste-m discouraging and clvtcfntion a prospuct for many Friday aftewr- nqpnsl But now nnmlvr thi- sympathvtic' guiflanm- of Miss 'l'l1:1tc-lwr, wi- have rxpproachml tho stanclarcls of thc upper-Olassmcn. X Our interests arc- many and variccl, whilv some- of us discuss thi' last Shady Side gaxnc-. othors talk about :1 c-oming Latin tcst. A fcw moro amhitious class- -ninati-s try to disc-ovvr what happcnvml to thc- picturos they took in Camora Cluh. and the-rv is much rlohatc' ova-r what movie is Coming nvxt to East l,iln-rty. 'Y' Three nvw rirls haw 'oincd our ranks: Julia. Linda and He-len. and wo arc- , f- . vc-ry happy to welcome thcm. dAbovc all, we wish to thank thc wonderfull tCllCll0l'S who have lu-lpccl and . . . . . W . 9 wrt glllavd us m this. our hrst yvar. in xthv Upper bc-hool? ' ,-J ,A r ,,' J' -T, if -Q Y f ' 1 an , it Q 'N N , MT 1 .D , A H, N , F, 'fi 'fl If . fn S O 0 Q N -1 gp A w 5 U f '. V G5 3- ff -N gh if tl - 4 f' H 4 5 , .7 M 1 K? TW Rl f37j 1, 79 , . rl U 1, pl 0 it J, s w 1 Q. ' jg , F' V' , S1 ' 'Q . 55' 9-1 Q J Sr1vr:N'l'H KQRADI' SIXTH fiRAlJlC N31 Fw'1'H Gmxlalfz 'YOIYRTH filiAIJl4 'Pmun CQRADIC H91 Slcvoxlm Glmlmlc l"11cs'1' CQRAIJIG K I N nlf:1u:,x1z'1'lcN 5403 0 if Q gif N YY X35 S2 44 ,x W 09 fi Qfgb Q 1' W - ,Q 1 N mm, Q V4 J HI i X i K- fwx '25 Zfn- 1. Sllim! ,xigi A7.. YI?-f XW Th Student Council Virginia Byvrly 1'rw.viflrr1i Suzunnm' l'lg:xn Sf'1'rf'Iary is your. tln- Stumlvnt li'onm'il has again alrvotvcl most of its 4-llorts to strvngtli- 4-ning tln- honor SyStl1lll in Ellis. VW' liolw that soiiimlay soon thc llonor stuclv liall will lwoonu- part of tln- inziny Ellis trmlitions :incl that it will finally invliulm- tln wluolv uppvr school. 'l'l1 1- Counvil also workx-cl with rvprm-sm-iitritivs-s of tln- faculty on prolmlc-ins wlivrc tllc' studvnts' point of vivw was iinport:mt. In tllis way, tllc f'onnc'il ln-lpn-il to lllilkt tln' scliool yvur more' profitulrlc' :mil K'llj0ylllDlt' to lllltll tliv stmlvnt lmoily :mil tlll fzwlllty. 1431 The Ellis Guild Ol"l"IC'l'2liS Louise- Flvgc-r .. . . , Prr'.vif1'4'nf Margot Copm-land .. ,.Sf'f'rf'fary Barbara Vaux , . ,Trf'a.vur1'r Judy Ycaton Hom-y Bartlcy lic-lmccc:1 liyvrly Mimi Howard Lucy Straub 'flu' Guild is an organization wllosc niain purpose- is to raisv and donatv nionq to wortllwllilc vllaritics. In tlu- fall, gradrs cigllt tllrougll twa-ln' cam-ll 1-lm-t a rvp- rcscntativn- to spvak for tllcir class. Likv any organization. tlu- Guild lias a prcs- idcnt and olficfws. Eflitll May tlll' Guild sponsors a fair, livvry class in tln- sr-liool dccoratvs a lmooth YVlliC'll carrivs out tlu' tllvnn- of tln' fair. 'l'lu' nionvy raiscd lay tliis cvvnt is lic-ld until tlu' following fall wllvn, in a large' Guild 2lSSt'lllllly of tlu- wliolm- scliool plans arc inadm- for its distrilultion among tllc' vliaritivs. Tllc' Ellis Guild is an organization wllicll im-ludrs all tlll't't' divisions of tln sc-liool: tlu- lowvr, tln- iniddlv. and tlu- uppc-r. Thus n-va-ry girl can liavm- a part in its outstanding work. L 43 3 Chi Eta Phi Chi l'lt:i Phi is :i nmi-all-rmininntionnl I'l'llg.fl0llS grmip livrn- :it l'lllis which 1111-1-ts 1-wry otlwr lVm-1lm's1l:iy. Chi. l'lt:1. :xml Phi urn' thi' firwk lm-ttvrs for "U" II", :lml "PH which stuml for Critllolic. IIL-lm-w, :incl Pr0t4'st:1nt. 'llln' group is :i nvw nm- :xml was Ul'g,IIUllZt'll this ymir hy :i lmzircl of nim' girls from thi- foul uppa-r 4-lnssvs. llisuussion groups :irc hm-lil :incl slw:ik1'rs l'l'l!l'l'S1'Iltlllg,f thx- v:irio1xs lt'llgl0IlS :Irv :iskwl to our :nssm-iiililics. llvsirlvs lm'c'h1rvs :mel fllSC'llSHlllll grmllis. thu m'g:iniz:itioii sponsors 4-lirmrihilmlv :lc-tivitivs sm-li :is p:u'king gift lmoxvs for thi- liml ross. Thi' p:1rtic'ip:ition of ovcr fifty girls in Chi l'lt:1 Phi is proof of the' intvrvsl shown in this grmlp. I44l E. A. A. OFFICERS Ann 'IlllCliUI' , .. . ,.,. , . . Prrfxirlrvzt Carolyn Horncy . .. ..,.,. Trf'n.vur1'r Clairc Frcclcttu , , ...,.. Svcrrffary Every girl in tilt' middlv and uppcr school is a IIlCIllllt'T of tllc 1'l.A.A., tlin- or- ganization in Cllllfglf of tllc athletics at Ellis. 'flu' E.A.A. Board is made up of tllu prcsidvnt. tllc two tram captains, and tllu rvproscntativcs from caclx class. This board arrangvs tllv varsity gaincs, tlic' annual Gwen-VVllitc competition, and tllc intcrfclass sports. It also rin-cidcs which girls have earned I'l.A.A. awards by tlu-ir outstanding athletic' rccords tllrougll thc year, and plans the Hullowccn party and tllc talent party. l45l TI-1 E Sully Naylor ,. . l':1trici:i Hinkvl .. . Margot Copvland Sylvia Coliun Burlmru Roop The lvy EDITORIAL BOARD STAFF ..Eflitor-ill-l'l1i1'f .-Issisfanl Editor 11,Il8illl'8S illanagvr J udy Cohen Linda Rushton Tha- Ivy is tho Ellis magazinu which was formcrly pulmlislwd lvi-annuillw ll lwcullsm- of tlw :ulclition of tliv mrwspupcr to the scl1ool's litcrury ciforts is now lu-ing publishvd annually. It consists of 21 collection of tllc best stories, poems, md vssays writtcn by girls from tllc first grade to tho twvlftli. H61 Patchwork THE 1'lDITORIAL BOARD Sally Naylor . , , Patricia Hinkel Clairc Fredctte , ., Barbara Hood Gretchcn Gantncr Betty Lou Silvis Barbara Roop Ann Ewing Marc . ,,.,.,.,..,,....,...,.............,..... , , ,.,. Editor ........ b'u.s'in1'ss lllanagcr , . Ldztor REPORTERS Barbara Schectz Sylvia Cohen Judy Cohen Mimi Howard ia Bell Marlyn Crawford Barbara Rittcr The Ellis newspaper, Pafclzwork, appears in its llliIIlC0gl'ZlpllCd form four tlmcs a year. It is managcd and gotten out by the girls and they, alone, contribute to it The reporters are from grades eight through twolvc. It contains character skctchcs fashion and sports columns and various other articles on both school fiiifurs and outside happenings. I-171 Glee Club Virffiniu livvrlv .,., IJTl'.S'i!ll'l1,f z- . . Thu Ellis Glu' Cluh is :1 vcry important orgzniizutimi to both its inumhcrs :md thu rest of thu school. Although, or pi-rliups hccsiusc, it requires very hard work, it has 1-xc-1-llcnt group spirit. The Glcc Cluh sang with Shady Sidi- :ind Murccrshurg this ye-ur. :ind both concvrts were very successful and thorouglily enjoyed hy all. H31 Dramatic Club Barliara Took I,l'f'Nifll'llf Claim' l"rn-clvttr Vim: Pr1'xi1l1'nf Barham ltittvr . . S1'r'rf'iar.11 Rohvrta MOSorl1'y , , yiI'!'!l8llI'l'I' This ycar this lillis lifllllliltli' Cluh has a largu and vvry cnthusiastii' uu'inlwr- ship. Old Man VVintcr has vallcd oil' inany of thu uivvtings hut wi' still wvrc' not dis- couragvd as we trudgvd to thv IIll'l'tlIlgS, fearing nothing, cvcry Tllursday aftvrnoon to un-ct with Mrs. Sarvcr and Mrs. Morgan. Since- it is practically iinpossihlc to find a group of girls with one connnon intvrcst, tht- cluh has lim-n dividvd into various groups. Sonuk study 4-ostinning ami produc-tion, whilc otln-rs may study thc actual spcaking rolcs. It was not possi- hlc to pn-sunt an cntirc play this ycar, howcvcr, thv club pn-scntcd scvcral om- or two act plays. All in all wv do have a grvat dval of fun in llrainatics, and who knows some-day om' of us may ha- on Broadway. i491 German Club Virginia Bycrly .. , . .I'rr'.vi1lr'nf Norina llorliritz .. Smrrf'tary-Trvaxzlrf'r 'flu' Gorman Club is :i now orgzmizution :nt Ellis this yvur. lt was orgpmizvrl lay Mrs. Austin, who iIltI'0llll1'l'll Mrs. Bogi:mckino to llvlp us. VVQ' road Gvrman plays :incl wc also sing Gcrnizm songs. Uradllzmlly wc lvarn tliv gfilllllllill' :md vocali- ulzlry of tlu- lzmguagc. On sonic days war play cards and almost always und up yr-lling uSl'lllllll-ll'h'l. wliicli im-:ms figurutivcly "I doubt it." VVc lmvc rvally lmd il lot of fun in Gcrmun Club and have' lvurm-cl zu lot about tlu- Ch-rinzm lilllgllilgl' with tllv uhh- ussistznnci' of Mrs. Austin :ind Mrs. Bogianckino. 5501 Camera Club The Camera Club, although one of the newer organizations at Ellis, has one of the largest memberships. It meets every Thursday, when, with the assistance and capable guidance of Miss Tilley, the girls learn the fundamental rules of photography necessary in the taking of good pictures. At some of our meetings, we discuss balance of scenery, distance and lighting. while at others, we take turns in the dark room learning how to develop and print our own pictures. By studying these pictures, we learn our faults and try to over- come them in the future. Even though our aim is to learn new knowledge of photography, we have all enjoyed our work in the Camera Club and have gotten from it great joy and satisfaction. E511 Green Team White Team P531 Acheson, Adrianne 6844 Penham Place C81 MOntrose 1-8481 Addenbrook, Zoe 407 Glen Arden Drive C81 MOntrose 1-9120 Ahlbrandt, Virginia Crossan 5463 Aylesboro Ave. C171 MAyf1ower 1-4144 Alderdice, Deborah 1359 Shady Ave. C171 HAzel 1-3208 Allen, Judith Pierce 4211 Bigelow Blvd. C131 MAytlower 1-3157 Anderson, Nancy Martin 119 Bayard Place C131 MAyf1ower 1-5600 Annan, Barbara Green Woodland Road C321 HAzel 1-4473 Applegate, Betty Grayson 6826 Meade St. C81 EMerson 1-0150 Arensberg, Eve and Hope 1172 Murrayhill Ave. C171 MOntrose 1-2890 Arensberg, Susan Hays 2 School Lane C321 MAyllower 1-5423 Armentrout, Jean and Sall Ann Y 1020 Highmount Road C321 0 MOntrose 1-4242 Arnd, Anita 773 Shady Drive East C161 LEhigh 1-3194 Arrott, Clare and Leslee 6819 Reynolds St. C81 Hlland 1-7769 Babcock, Dorothy, Ellen Dundore and Jean Caird Edgewood Road C151 STerling 1-2431 Barna, Kyra Anne Country Club Road Monongahela, Pa. Monongahela 10 Barnes, Mary Thaw Windsor Place C151 STerling 1-5616 Bartley, Honey M. 1054 Beechwood Blvd. C161 MOntrose 1-0519 Baton, Caroline Louise and Linda Carpenter 126 Penham Lane C81 MOntrose 1-1879 Baxter, Elizabeth 6931 Thomas Blvd. C81 EMerson 1-0883 Directory Bayard, Nina Walton 223 Gladstone Road C171 MUseum 1-2825 Beall, Judith Marjorie Evergreen Hamlet C91 Mlllvale 1-2194 Becker, Marion Jaynes 32-0 Richland Lane C81 PEnhurst 1-7688 Beeson, Elizabeth Edgewood Road C151 STerling 1-6025 Bell, Elizabeth, Hester and Louise 5235 Westminster Place C321 MUseum 1-1588 Bell, Marcia Marilyn 315 So. Lexington Ave. C81 MOntrose 1-7837 Bell, Susan 5811 Howe St. C321 MOntrose 1-3834 Bergman, Jettie Louise 2436 Craftmont Ave. C51 Walnut 1-5300 Bickel, Blythe Morton 819 St. James St. C321 MAyi'lower 1-6603 Bidwell, Mary Ellen 12 Dunmoyle Place C171 MOntrose 1-5881 Bindley, Louise 5450 Dunmoyle St. C171 MUseum 1-2427 Blair, Clara Howe Woodland Road C321 Hlland 1-6060 Blaxter, Anne Penrose 6420 Beacon St. C171 HAzel 1-7086 Bowser, Nancy and Priscilla 537 Glen Arden Drive C81 MOntrose 1-1221 Bragdon, Barbara and Mary North Drive. Fox Chapel C151 STerling 1-6848 Braun, Marjorie 6828 Penham Place C81 MOntrose 1-2423 Brereton, Dale Old Mill Road, R.D. 11 WOodland 1-8563 Brush. Hannah Elizabeth 1127 N. Euclid Ave. C61 MOntrose 1-5777 Burgess, Florence Marian 1156 S. Negley Ave. C171 Hlland 1-1357 Butler, Margaret Sandra Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1846 Byerly, Rebecca Ann and Virginia 203 Lytton Ave. C131 MAyflower 1-8142 Calhoun, Constance C. 1321 Bennington Ave. C171 MAyflower 1-2775 Campbell, Carol Martin 4367 Schenley Farms Terrace MAyf1ower 1-2844 Campbell, Nancy Jane Edgewood Road C151 STer1ing 1-1386 Campbell, Patricia Ann 5433 Kipling Rd. C171 HAzel 1-8032 Catalano, Michele Dithridge Apts. 144 N. Dithridge St. C131 MAyflower 1-9714 Chapman, Catherine and Helen 4745 Bayard St. C131 MUseum 1-8033 Chase, Barbara Hanncock 311 Juniata Court MOntrose 1-3470 Cheever. George and Julia 131 Yorkshire Road C81 EMerson 1-2237 Clifford, Marion 5463 Kipling Rd. C171 Cohen, Judith B. Close, Barbara Jean 1235 Malvern Ave. C171 HAzel 1-0793 Cohen, Maxine L. Edgewood Drive C151 HAzel 1-8030 1277 Bellerock St. C171 HAzel 1-7712 Cohen, Sylvia Beverley 3307 Beechwood Blvd. C171 JAckson 1-1743 Collins, Alice 804 Maryland Ave C321 Hlland 1-2318 Conderman, Margo and Rebecca 4916 Bayard St. C131 MUseum 1-3661 Copeland, Ann, Caroline, and Margot Glenshaw 406 Allison Park, Pa. Oak Hill Farms STerling 1-2334 Cook, Barbara Newell Royal Manor Apts. 765 College Ave. C321 Hlland 1-9131 1531 Crawford, Marilynn Dyer 318 Richland Lane C81 C1-Iurchill 1-1414 Crawford, Patricia 200 10th St. C151 STerling 1-0664 Crouch, Ann Fleming 5844 Walnut St. C321 MOntrose 1-9719 Dauler, Margaret Hodge 5414 Kipling Road C171 MAyHower 1-4404 Davis, Jean Miller 5130 Pembroke Place C321 MAyHower 1-9031 Deninno, Mary Carolyn 4533 Stanton Ave. C11 STerling 1-4234 Dennis, Helen 5800 Aylesboro Ave. C171 HAzel 1-1926 Donahoe, Jerome T., Jr. 6818 Reynolds St. C81 MAyflower 1-2334 Donaldson. Anne Hawthorne Road C151 STerling 1-5390 Dorbritz, Norina Fox Chapel Road C151 STerling 1-1933 Eaton, Susan 5033 Castleman St. C321 MUseum 1-0978 Ebbert, Carol and Ann Singer 1441 Squirrel Hill Ave. C171 MUseum 1-2381 Ebbert, Genevieve and Kay Murtland 6630 Kinsman Road C171 JAckson 1-0281 Egan, Susanne 260 Lytton Ave. C131 MAyflower 1-3725 Erving, Clarissa 6820 Juniata Place C81 Hlland 1-1418 Evans. Margaret Gray ' 1.026 Highmont Road C321 MOntrose 1-9008 Ewing, Ann 1307 Beechwood Blvd. MOntrose 1-1324 Flannery, Sara Elizabeth Fox Chapel Road C151 Woodland 1-8782 Fleger, Linda and Louise R.D. 2, Allison Park Glenshaw 567 Ford, Janet A. 350 Maple Ave. C155 CHurchill 1-7795 Foster, Pauline Edwards 6 Colonial Place C325 SChenley 1-6787 Franklin, Joan 1425 Wightman St. C175 HAzel 1-0575 Fredette, Claire 248 Lytton Ave. C135 MAyf1ower 1-7578 Freeland, Brigit and Jane 5622 Northumberland St. C175 HAzel 1-1920 Gantner, Gretchen and Virginia Hawthorne Road C155 STerling 1-5162 Garvin, Margaret Cooper 610 Pitcairn Place C325 MAyHower 1-2323 Gellatly, Lynda 6839 Juniata Place C85 MOntrose 1-9226 Gentry, Sue 5600 Fifth Ave., Apt. 309 C325 Gillies, Barbara and Nancy Lee 714 Devonshire St. C135 MAyflower 1-1463 Glock, Sandra Lynn 4 Olympia Place C175 MUseum 1-0544 Grosscup, Katharine 5310 Westminster Pl. C325 MOntrose 1-2701 Hall, Linda 712 St. James St. C325 MAyflower 1-6799 Hannah, Katherine Mills 4752 Bayard St. C135 MUseum 1-2241 Harper, Ann 1226 Murrayhill Ave. C175 HAzel 1-7841 Henry, Suzanne 6836 Penham Place C85 EMerson 1-4723 Heppenstall, Katherine Ann 6815 Edgerton Ave. C85 MOntrose 1-8817 Hinkel, Patricia 803 Delafield Road C155 STerling 1-7749 Hood. Barbara Wilson 5420 Plainneld St. C175 SChenley 1-7411 Horney, Carolyn Kemper 203 Tennyson Ave. C135 MAyfiower 1-99.06 Hotchkiss, Patricia Janet 6927 Penn Ave. C85 MOntrose 1-6143 Howard, Julie and Macon 536 Briar Cliff Road C215 PEnhurst 1-1363 Hower, Marguerite 1333 Bennington Ave. C175 MAyflower 1-9212 Irwin, Mary Lindsay 5305 Westminster Place C325 MAyflower 1-2759 Jackson, Jennifer Agnew 5029 Amberson Place C325 MAyflower 1-4411 Jaffe, Nellie Lou 1310 Squirrel Hill Ave. C175 SChenley 1-8576 Jameson, Kathryn Winona 5878 Aylesboro Ave. C175 HAzel 1-3618 Johnson, Susan Elise Woodland Farms Fox Chapel Road C155 Johnston, Nancy Chandler 1154 Wightman St. C175 SChenley 1-6164 Jorgensen, Elizabeth Caroline 6830 Reynolds St. C85 EMerson 1-3532 Kelly, Margaret Chatterton 1519 Wightman St. C175 HAzel 1-0082 King, Diane 1425 Beechwood Blvd. C175 JAckson 1-2203 King, Helen and Sarah 1112 Shady Ave. C325 MOntrose 1-7818 Kumer, Carol Pasadena Drive C155 STerling 1-1215 Kyle, Anne and Susan Hillcrest Road Fox Chapel C155 STerling 1-1465 Lawrence, Ruth Frances 229 East Waldheim Rd. C155 STerling 1-7018 Lee, Augusta 510 Roslyn Place C325 MUseum 2-3420 Lewis, Barbara McDonnell and Julie Currier 1515 Wightman St. C175 HAzel 1-6479 Lockhart, Katherine 5215 Westminster Place C325 SChenley 1-2225 McCargo, Gretchen 1001 Highmont Road C325 EMerson 1-5391 McCaslin, Louise Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1173 McClenahan, Sallie ' 5840 Solway St. C175 V HAzel 1-4811 I 54 McClung, Mary Caldwell 6600 Kinsman Road C175 HAzel 1-7341 McCreery, Kathleen Arrott 6637 Jackson St. C65 EMerson 1-2272 McEldowney, Carolyn and Elizabeth 4 Von Lent Place C325 MAyflower 1-6822 McGraw, Marban and Mary 1101 So. Negley Ave. C175 EMerson 1-0515 McGurk, Jan 3242 Beechwood Blvd. C175 HAzel 1-2724 McKee, Sallie and Susan 114 Yorkshire Road C85 MQntrose 1-1493 McKim, Sara Jean 1717 Yorktown Place C215 CHurchill 1-1074 McMahon, Perrynell McGreger , 6101 Fifth Ave. C65 MOntrose 1-6221 McSorley, Mary Roberta 1300 Inverness St. C175 Mayflower 1-0833 Marks, Mary Lindley 7 Dunmoyle Place C175 MOntrose 1-0676 Martin, Stephanie 1156 Murrayhill Ave. C175 HEm10ck 1-7993 Mathews, Julia 715 Amberson Ave. C325 SChenley 1-5707 Matson, Christine Ann 509 So. Linden Ave. C85 MOntrose 1-3873 Mellon, Diane Stone 111 Yorkshire Road C85 MOntrose 1-4121 Mercer, Diane Elizabeth 701 St. James St. C325 SChenley 1-7418 Meyer, Mary Louise 314 So. Dallas Ave. C85 MOntrose 1-6673 Miller, Margaret Lee 802 Maryland Ave. C325 MOntrose 1-5954 Moorhead, Caroline Scott 6500 Beacon St. C175 HAzel 1-2052 Mulert, Emily Louise- , 197 Loiiue Vue Drive C165 LEhigh 1-0767 H Mullen, Barbara Prothero Royal York Apts. C135 MAyfiower 1-5727 Murphy, Eloise 6614 Woodwell St. C175 HAzel 1-7253 1 Nash, Patricia 4136 Bigelow Blvd. C135 MAyf1ower 1-1394 Naylor, Sara Virginia 1283 Beechwood Blvd. C65 EMerson 1-4161 Nelson, Molly 5432 Kipling Road C175 MAyt1ower 1-3973 Nolan, Ellen and Marilyn 1400 Bennington Ave. MUseum 2-1648 O'Neil, Barbara Elliot 932 So. Aiken Ave. C325 MAyf1ower 1-6711 Patterson, Judith Ann and Sandra 6671 Kinsman Road JAckson 1-5288 Pennington, Dolores and Barbara 90 Woodland Road C325 Hemlock 1-4096 Pixley, Lynn Cisel 1902 Beechwood Blvd. C175 JAckson 1-1181 Rea, Ingrid 5200 Westminster Place C325 Museum 1-8859 Rea, Katharine Howe 1177 Murrayhill Ave. C175 EMerson 1-7672 Reed, Judith Adams 1217 So. Negley Ave. C175 Hlland 1-8294 Reynolds, Ann 714 Hastings St. C65 MOntrose 1-3282 Ritter, Barbara Kummer Road Allison Park Perrysville 4-9545-4-7149 Robinson, Ann Keeble 830 Amberson Ave. C325 MAyfiower 1-0817 Robinson, Lucia Woodward Woodland Road C325 SChenley 1-5544 Rock, Katherine Swan 5823 Elmer St. C325 EMerson 1-5071 Rodgers, Anne Bennett 5312 Ellsworth Ave. C325 MOntrose 1-0233 Roop, Barbara Ann Hillrise Farm Wagner Road, R.D. 2 Allison Park Dorseyville 1-R12 Rose, Linda 541 Glen Arden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-4550 Rushton, Linda Ellen Maryland Gardens 5822 Elmer St. C325 MOntrose 1-1965 Sayers, Susan 577 Moorhead Place C321 SChenley 1-0528 Schaefer, Eileen and Susan Ann 5665 Bartlett St. C171 HAzel 1-6662 Scharfe, Carol Louise 903 Amberson Ave. C321 MUseum 1-1583 Scheetz, Barbara Bickley 607 Pitcairn Place C321 SChenley 1-1532 Schmidt, Helen S. Mellon 1060 Highmont Road C321 Hlland 1-0399 Scott, Joellen 125 Peebles St. C211 FRemont 1-3467 Scott, Louise Evans 1047 S. Negley Ave. C171 MOntrose 1-2071 Scoville, Lucile 5031 Castleman St. C321 MUseum 1-6027 Seibert, Betty Jane 5415 Wilkins Ave. C171 WO 3-8645 Selye, Catherine Love 6550 Beacon St. C171 HAzel 1-9222 Shelmire, Mildred Suzanne Shrum, Maxine K. Fox Chapel Rd. C151 STerling 1-0101 Silvis, Betty Lou 1381 Terrace Drive C161 LEhigh 1-6723 Smith, Mary Kirkpatrick 204 Lingrove Place C81 MOntrose 1-8387 Spinelli, Lucia 5302 Westminster Pl. C321 SChenley 1-4122 Srodes, Susan 604 Pitcairn Pl. C321 MAyflower 1-8580 Stone, Cynthia and Suzanne 5721 Lynnhaven Rd. C171 JAckson 1-5181 Straub, Lucy Waldheim Road C151 STerling 1-2755 Sturgeon, Linda Copeland 905 Wellesley Road C61 EMerson 1-3820 Sturrock, Mary Lynne 5530 Fifth Ave. C321 MUseum 1-6878 Swan, Holly 1418 Browning Road C61 MOntrose 1-4741 Taussig, Joan Hawley 5604 Fifth Ave. C321 Apt. 112 440 Cochran Road C281 Hlland 1-5425 Mrs. Nora G. Austin F Ieldbrook 1-8633 Taylor, Marjorie Louise 3938 Evergreen Road C91 WEllington 1-0129 Titzel, Constance Baker Squaw Run Road C151 WOodland 3-8853 Trondle, Martha Jarvis 1219 N. Sheridan Ave. C61 EMerson 1-2474 Tucker, Anne Ralston 1111 Winterton Place C61 EMerson 1-0962 Vaux, Barbara, Elizabeth and Mary Martha 1427 Squirrel Hill Ave. C171 SChenley 1-0405 Ward, Alison and Wendy Miller 601 St. James St. C321 MUseum 1-6421 Ward, Barbara L. 1043 Highmont Rd. Hlland 1-9075 Washburn, Fanny Hubbard 5219 Pembroke Place C321 MOntrose 1-6028 Weaber, Susan ' 4115 Bigelow Blvd. C131 MAyflower 1-1437 Weidlein, Joan 6814 Reynolds St. C81 EMerson 1-6341 TEACHERS Mrs. Barbara G. Heininger The Fairfax Apts., Fifth Ave. 229 S. Fairmont Ave. C61 M Ayflower 1-4030 Miss Dorothy R. Benson 819 College Ave. C321 EMerson 1-5633 Hlland 1-7981 Mrs. Ruth B. Henry 4514 Center Ave., Apt. D-4 MAyflower 1-9066 Mrs. W. Jennings Campbell M M B H 2020 Frankella St. C211 PEnhurst 1-1620 Mrs. Arlin M. Cook Shady Side Academy rs ary ogg 1082 Shady Ave. C61 MOntrose 1-3289 Mrs. Elizabeth Witherow Fox Chapel Road N0ft11UfY1bCf13.11d STerling 1-2400 Miss Catherine Ann Cook 4417 Penn Ave. C241 MUseum 1-4500 Mrs. John W. Crumrine 700 St. James St. C61 MAyflower 1-4976 Miss Margaret Fairlamb 819 College Ave. C321 EMerson 1-5633 Mrs. Peter Shaw Hanson Vineyard Drive Orchard Park Gibsonia, Pa. Mrs. F. Leamont Harvey 4220 Saline St. C171 HAzel 1-8311 H Azel 1-8967 Mrs. Reginald Johnson 216 Melwood St. 1131 Apt. 201 MUseum 1-5373 MAyflower 1-2600 Miss Jean Luke c fo Mrs. Oliver M. Rutledge 1019 Devonshire Rd. C131 SChenley 1-0151 Miss Winifred E. Mantell Highwood Apts. Highland Ave. at Elwood St. EMerson 1-3848 Mrs. Barbara CF. W.1 Marley 5413 Kentucky Ave. C321 MOntrose 1-3240 1 55 Mrs. Isabel E. McCune CJas. McCune, Jr.1 210 Hochberg Ave. C211 CHurchill 1-35.09 Mrs. Matthew M. Oakley 1717 Yorktown Pl. C351 CHurchill 1-1074 Miss Marjorie Mercer 701 St. James St. C61 SChenley 1-7418 Mrs H. Hayden Morgan CElizabeth Dai1y1 East Liberty Y.W.C.A. 315 Spahr St. C61 MOntrose 1-2670 Mrs. Marie H. Pearce CMrs. D. Russell1 5437 Ellsworth Ave. C321 MAyflower 1-7412 Mrs. Joseph M. Salsbury 116 S. Homewood Ave. C81 FRemont 1-3877 Mrs. Sally K. Sarver CRichard B.1 947 Heberton Ave. C61 Hlland 1-0601 Miss Lucy L. Soule Amberson Gardens 2 Bayard Rd. C131 MAyflower 1-8514 1 Weir, Ann and Dorothy 5544 Northumberland St. C171 SChenley 1-6394 Wells, Louise Frances 1259 Denniston Ave. C171 JAckson 1-0673 Whitmore, Sharon Lee 130 Richmond Circle C91 Perrysville 4-6803 Willey, Julie 5637 Northumberland St. C171 HAzel 1-9935 Willock, Annette Chester 5436 Dunmoyle St. C171 MAyflower 1-5581 Winston, Rolinda Sue 5818 Elmer St. C321 Hlland 1-7385 Wolff Elizabeth Jamison 6606 Kinsman Rd. C171 HAzel 1-4224 Woolfolk, Ann C. 6830 Juniata Place C81 MOntrose 1-7763 Yeaton, Judith Ward 5168 Beeler St. C171 MAyflower 1-7037 Zimmerman, Louisa South Drive C151, Fox Chapel STerling 1-1972 Zimmerman, Mary Ann 765 College Ave. C321 ATlantic 1-5300 Miss Virginia Stevenson 5831 Walnut St. C321 Hlland 1-9941 Mrs. Kathryn F. Stolarevsky CMrs. Mihail1 College Manor College Sz Walnut Sts. C321 EMerson 1-6405 Miss Joan Thatcher 4842 Ellsworth Ave. C131 MUseum 2-9368 Miss Marjorie L. Tilley Highwood Apts. 372 S. Highland Ave. C321 EMerson 1-3848 Mrs. Margaret Weil CMrs. Andrew1 Thames Manor Negley 81 Ellsworth Aves. 585 S. Negley Ave. C61 Hlland 1-0498 Mrs. Blanche C. Wick CMrs. Robert A.1 R.D. 11, Dorseyville Rd. C151 Mother's phone WO 3-8548 Mrs. Howard A. Zirkle 992 Crest Lane Carnegie, Pa. Carnegie 611-R WMA 'ER J 1 fri ' EOE E . Xggykx XI VTKX' :umm gxnij Q LQLJ in 4 deff WX W ky fki fl I -., X i"1 :NK 5 1 X QW, xx ff ., Pi. , WS X I GULF NO'NOX K X X X BA 5 B 1 X . . . when your car is lubricated wifh ---and wwefev I 4 , , ,,l .,,..,. ,. ,,,..,.....4 ,,A,, A,A ., RN Xxxv Drive in at the Sign of the Orange Disc E561 PATRONS Miss Becky Byerly Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cook Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Judge and Mrs. John P. Egan Franklin Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Fredette Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wood Mr. and Mrs. George E. Horney Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Naylor Mr. and Mrs. R. Russell Roop Mr. and Mrs. C. A., Yeaton Dr.' and Mrs. J. S. Silvis, Jr. WIGGINS ESSO SERVICE Beechwood Blvd. at Wilkins Ave. Pittsburgh 17, Pa. MOntrose 1-3387 MOntrose 1-3388 Compliments of the ELLIS SCHOOL CAME RA CLUB RAMBACKER - KAUFMAN Quality Foods Personal Service Compliments of a F R I E N D E571 X7' I l l ' , fi frVf Ii! " 'ff of x o f f' X Vx ' AS SPECIALIZED AS SURGERY When you select a trust company to safeguard your family's inheritance, choose one of the most highly skilled in this field. Only four trust companies between Pittsburgh and the Atlantic seaboard have made the administration of estates and trusts their principal business for more than sixty years. IN PITTSBURGH ' 1 ' ' " S aklfy For full detail: about the .rpecializcd aid Fideliy ojerr, write for our new book, "For the Protection of Your Money and Your Family in a Fart-changing World." .l9EE!.!!IB.'!5'LQ,!.!14.'!V E581 R U S T ENGINEERING COMPANY PITTSBURGH, PA "Sure, Pm Going To College!" "When I Graduate from Ellis I can take my choice of Col- leges, thanks to Dad's fore- sight in buying an educational insurance pohcy widi Aetnaf' AETNA LIFE INSURANCE CO. Chase 81 Co. General Agents Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Pittsburgh 19, Pa. E601 COMPLIMENTS R. RUSSELL ROOP CO. McKe1vy Ol Company Union Trust Building P 1 T T S B U R G H Telephone: Gmini 1-8700 WILLIAM M. MCKELVY Members G. PEARSON RHODES, JR. G' E. MAY NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE C. A. BUZZA PITTSBURGH STOCK EXCHANGE T- W- FRIEND, JR- NEW YORK CURB fAssociatedj F. H. HUNTER E611 fxafuaiua .CDO 'zffzaifa 55 JOA f'gDA'ofog'zaf1g.s'z fox U25 fffiaian Qllsfcfan 6020 Centre Avenue East Liberty Pittsburgh, Pa. MOntrose 1-3436 Qamfzfimenlld af a E621 Compliments 0 ' of f "WW '4 I zz 1 Wowsz 0 Shadyside William I-I. Gantner R O O F I N G ATlantic 1-3646 E631 Compliments of a FRIEND G A R D N E R ' S THE RECORD SHOP 636 Washington Road Pittsburgh 28, Pa. LOcust 1-1977 BEVERLY DRY CLEANERS Inc. 500 Cochran Road 298 Beverly Road MT. LEBANON, PA. LEhigh 1-2800 Hlland 1-1921 GRAHAM and CONWAY DRESS SHOP 6008 Centre Avenue Pittsburgh 6, Pa. The Thinking Fellow Calls a Yellow GRant 1-8100 E661 ALLEGI-IENY LUDLUM STEEL CORPORATIDN 7fze !Va,ZZan'4 .feacfmq paacfucea af SZQMZM4 Sfeelaf in all gamma HENRY W. OLIVER BUILDING PITTSBURGH 22 PA af GOOD LUCK '51 FROM '54 THE DUBONNET SHOPS 650 Washington Rgad MT. LEBANON LEhigh 1-3131 717 Penn Avenue WILKINSBURG PEnhurst 1-7657 Compliments of A F R I E N D Compliments of HOUSING MORTGAGE CORP. Compliments of the JUNIOR CLASS 68 3 u 5 S A M n v ' , nn:uurnn':rn:m::zxnn:vsanmavuuAm .n. sm .-.1 ew - .nu-L: - n.r.vn:z:unrsnn mafsannuuvm suv.. .n nr. yr.-1:nn1l1z.u.pusa1:v xr ' if X 4 530,91 af' 'Q fffgfls' vw? to efox al 69 pv 58tvvP,jy ' N +i'Qy0jy5gbmJo07icg,. 14,3 5 Siooj O2 gf 4999515593 0 fb ,A 5- 03 x wi vc?

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