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 - Class of 1950

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THE ELLISIAN FIELDS I95O R 7:31 7 g f, xx S E I -:nm GIWh0 vff . J, Q I THE ELLIS SCHOOL PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA After the verb 'to love', 'to help' is the most beautqrul verb in the world! U Your You 1' Your Q Q Q Because .... good advice and sympaitlietie L in all our prohlemsg lllCl01'St2l.llIllllU' ielp in ability to teach with eleverness and Cl1tl1LlSl1lSlll 1118111118 un to do our host: lllCI'1'y laugh and gentle way Nth degreeg And most of all because lve want to, VVO dedicate this yearbook to Lucy L. Soule s make you 1 ladx to the yo u FOREWORD The time . . . June 13, 1950. The place . . . the Third Presbyterian Church, where we, the graduating class of 1950 are about to march down the aisle to receive our diplomas. We are feeling a little bit sad, a little bit nervous, and more than a little bit proud. VVe are proud of ourselves for having successfully completed our high school years. VVe are proud of our classmates, girls with whom we have worked and played and formed friendships which will last for many years to come. VVe are proud, too, of our school, and all we are leaving behind us. We a1'c feeling grateful for the opportunities, great and small, offered to us such as the understanding advice and willing cooperation of the faculty in all our undertakingsg the pe1'sonal interest shown to us as individualsg and the various activities which have enlarged our horizons. Perhaps the most important of all has bee11 the broad academic background we have received which is so vital to our success in college work. These advantages and many others have furnished us with a deep sense of security and assurance in what lies before us. We are, there- fore, not timid in facing the future, rather, we are excitedly anticipating it, confident in our preparation. VVe shall always reinember Ellis with affection and appreciationg and, though we are sad at leaving, we are not regretting a chance to prove ourselves worthy of being called Ellis graduates. VVe hear the strains of uPomp and Circumstancef' VVe are marching forward. fsfllllililigl C. Iingeldcr, XI. J. Ruhimun. Nl. Rmvlzmxl. S. Run-rl. K. Russell. Rl. xICCOT!X1if1i Cbczltcrlb C. j. Lummflrrl. Nliw Iriliflillllll, il. fmrrlmn The Year Book Staff Editor-in-C'l1i4'f Litvrnry l'JIIif0l' , Assisfnvli Lifl'l'fI7"U Erlifm' Photogrnplzir' Editor . Assistant Pllowgmplzir' Ezlifor Ari Edifor Assisfznzi Jr! Editor Busilzvss Jlllllllgfl' , , ICQIVYII Russell Asszsinnf IgIlSllIt'.S'S .1lrn1ngcr.s . l5I . Jzmc chl1'1'iSOI1 lx2lHlC1'ill0 lirlgclrh-1' Pzx't1'ici:1 Cl'2llJt1'0C AIEIVQV Jzxuc li0lJilIS0ll M:11'ilyl1 llowlzulcl Susan Hcccl t'll2ll'I0tfL' BICciil1I1iS f'ill'lCy Jn I1C0I12l1'fl BIA Vgot Md x0l'llliCk Upper School Faculty NI211'-l0l'lC I.. Tilley . . Bfargaret 1'lEl.ll'l2Illll7 . Marguerite Kaye Talmor Katherine Alvarez Virginia Stevenson Lucy L. Soule . Xlatliilda Zirklc Althea Johnson . Nora G. Austin . Joan Mary 'I'l1atcl1cr ltlary B. Hogg . Vvinifred F. Mantell Dorothy R. Benson . Kathryn Fell Stolarevsliy Catherine Ann Cook . Hortense Young . . Middle Blanche Campbell YViek . Adelaide Oakley llelfiin ltfargaret Tlionipson lveil ltfarie Harner Pearce . ltlay VVllll!1lIlS . . Joan lllary Tliatelier . Kathryn Fell Stolareysky Dorothy R. Benson . Barbara G. Heininger Katherine Alvarez . Lower Elizabeth Huntoon . . lilllflljiltll D. Cliarpie Vera Hartford Gillespie Beatrice F. Harvey . Barbara G. H0llllllQCl' ltlarljorie Mercer . Patricia lXIcNally Jean Luke . Dorothy R. Benson . Kathryn Fell Stolarevsky Katherine Alvarez . H md nz istrvss . . . . English English, Erolzonzif' fff'0f1l'1l1llly C,'11r1'1'11f Ercnfs . . S11f'l'l'1l . . . H isfory . . , ,lI111'l1cn111l'i1's . Biology, All!lfl1l'lIIIltl!'S, Gvlzvrnl S4'ia'111'v . CIIL'7l1lSfl'.U . Fl't'lll',1 . Fl'L'II!'ll . . . Latin History of lift, Art Dirvr'for of .rl HIlUfll'S . . . Piano Singing, 67101711 Din'f'f0r . . . . Con nsvlor School Faculty .1 riff: 711 rfic' I i Einglislz, History Gvogrnplzy . Fifflz Grazia' l"ou1'fl1 ffl'lIlIl', 1fl'7lIl'lIlIII limding School ,lrts and Crafts . . I'll'C'IIl',1 Piano. Singing . . llinwfoi' of 4ll'lII6fll'8 .48SfSflllIf 1JlI'l'l'lL0l' of ,lilzleiivs . . . . . Sl1t'l.'l',l Faculty . .'Is.vi.sfnnf to Third Grndc . . Third fffflllf' . . Svrond Grazia' . . . Firsf Grrulv .lSSiSfIl1lf To Firsz' Gratis, . Four Yvnr IlYllll1t'I'!jIll'f6'll . Fin' Yam' 1X,lIIlIt'I'!jIl7'ft'21 4lSSi.Yfllllf fo 1XYl1lIIl'I'fjIlI'lll'1I Urnmus' 111111 Iflzynlvs Piano and Singing . . . Sjlvwll Office Staff Elizabetli Blaefarlane ..... Gvlzvrnl S4'z'n'lr1r'y Helen H. Conway . Sz'1'rvfnry-13orJlfL'f'vpf'1' ltfary Louise Land Sl'l'l't'fHl',lf fo I14'rr1In1ish'vs.v l7l LIARJORIE L. TILL!-:Y ELLIS, HEAR US Ellis, hear us, for we bring' to thee, Our deep devotion as we sing to thee, Steadfast and loyal thou would have us live And for all we learn of thee, our thanks we give Ellis, hear us, as we raise our song To happy school days and to friendships strongg Keep ever burning bright the flame of truth, May the years redeem the promise of our youth. . N . s l3l v S E I 'My LQ"e,s one damnil hard grin U Dickens, NICHOLAS NICKEI BX O M -4, , Q , I , I C' as, SUZANNE HELEN BARTLEY G5 99 Suzy Preparing for Blount Vernon Junior College Activities Dramatic Club . . . . 3 Bridge Club . . Camera Club . . . . 3 Green Team "The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps coolv . headed for success . . Big white convertible . . . long weekends . . . eye- brow tilt . . . long pageboy . . . always saying: "Tl1at's for surely . . . 5 appropriate song: "Sophisticated Ladyf' KATHRYN LoU1sE BAUR "Louise" Preparing for Linden Hall Junior College Activities Glee Club . Camera Club Bridge Club Skating Club ....3, "A still an "'GPmHcm3 Q. Q' 4 Class team basketball . . 3 3 Class team hockey . . . 3 4 Class team softball . . . 3 3 VVhite Team el quiet conscience." Sailor hats . . . vests . . . Gammons . . . good looking brother . . . sweet nature . . . always saying: '6Oh, youlre tearabulf' . . . appropriate song: "Every Little Breeze Seems to VVhisper Louise." l 10 l IIICLEN PlTTA f'01.I.IICn '6VnZ" Preparing for G1'nr'c' City Foilvgz' Glee Club . . 'P 'V Camera Club ..... l 2 . 1, -, .s. 4 Dramatic Club . . . . 3 Bridge Club . I ' .L Class tczuu l Skating Club . . . . 3 Green Tn-ani "Begonia dull rare, thi III and I slmii ni' Duicli lmy lJolJ 21. ll1ll'l'Cl of fun . Varsity busketlmll . . . 3, A1- Clziss tvzun lmskctlmll 2. 3. '1- .'icfi1'iii1's ioekvy . . , 3. -L wr llfjl't'!'.n . . . hot rod . . . loafcrs . . . sllorl CY0l1lllg' dresses . . . . always saying: "l"unuy, I llltlllglll I'cl click!" . . . appro- priate song: HYou Quill Be True Dear." l3A'l'RlC'1A l'xAB'1'1cm1 "Pai" l'1'epzu'ing for A-lilvglzwzlzj C'olIf'gc' .'1cti'vities Class Vive-President . . . 41 Czuneru Club ..... . . fl Assistant Literary Eclitor Ellixian Fields Q ' I . 1- Varsity lmsketlmll . . . . 4 Gln-u Clull. section li-:ull-r -1- lvliite Team tKE.l'f'l'l'f1i7lfj zvisv, fflil'-spokwi, mul lIIt'I'SlllIfIiIlg.H Smiling brown eyes . . . vV2l.Slllllgt0Il,S loss is our gain . . . "lmsiz1 ln vista" . . . sincere in every way . . . lives in suits: bunny, union, and lmix-tlulay . , . ' always saying: "VVll:1t is your l1'0ulJle?,' . . . 2lpIll'0pl'lillQ song: "Oli the ,iw Sunny Side of tllo Slreet. 9? llll "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthnsios1n. FALIZABETH CRoUT ccLiZs9 Preparing for lfV6St7Ili7lStL'7' College Activities Glee Club ....... 3, 4' Varsity basketball . . 3, 4 President, Dramatic Club 3 Varsity softball .... 3, 41 Bridge Club ....... 4 Class team hockey . . . 3, 41 President of E.A.A .... 41 Class team basketball . 3, 41 Green team captain .... 41 Class team softball . . . 3, 4- fii ff Varsity hockey ..... 3, fl Green team as Princeton . . . cozy cottages for two or more . . . baritone . . . two way stretch . . . North Park . . . class athlete . . . always saying: "Hi, handsomef' . . . country house . . . appropriate song: "A Swinging and a Swayingf, CATHERINE ANN ENGELIDER "Cathgf, Preparing for Cornell Uni'oersity Activities Secretary of class .... 3 Dramatic Club . Editor-in-Chief of Ivy 3, ft Camera Club ' Ivy Board ........ 1, 2 French Club . , Literary editor of . ' . Ellisian Fields .... 4 bkdtmg Club ' ' Glee Club . . . I, 2, 3, Qg Varsity hockey ' section leader . . . . . 41 Green team "To know is nothing at all, To imagine is everything." Long dark eyelashes ..1,2,3 ..1,2 .wi ,,:3,1i . ..4- qu . . . Yale fencing team . . . moonlight sailing at Ocean City . . . a charming personality . . . vivid imagination . . . always saying: "Oh honestl 'Vi . . . a 1 ro riate son : "I Can Dream Canit IPU 1 5 lp P 8' Q U21 ANNE Cixicoi, Flsliic "Fisluic"' f P1'epa1'ing' for l,'11i1"c1'.sity of Pittsbzlrgfl llL'1iz'itie'.Q Glee Clull . . . 3, 1 Varsity lwzisketlmll .... Z5 Camera Club . . . . 3 Skating Clulv . . , . fl. L Sewing Club . . . . ,L Grccn 'l'c:i1u V "Put of thy work, wr lzrlivc IIIUIISIIIY' lncforv us." ji ll Ice skates . . . Stauforcl . . . sentimental rccorcls . . . vivucious and full of life . . . always saying: "Do you want a sliol iu tllc l1e:ul?', . . . app1'op1'iz1tc song: "Bell Bolloiu 'lll'OllSCl'S.,, livin' .Io.xNNic l'llil"l"lSIl" "ln'11b,1f" l'1'0peu'ii1g for Illflllll f'0lIc'g1' .flcfivifir Vim--l'rcsi1lm'nl of class . ' Srimic-L' Clulx Zi: l,l'K'Sllll'flt Glcu Club . . . , . I5 lirirlgv Cluli . - lmfllllllllll' Clulm . . 2 Skating Cluli . . - 3, ufff'llZ'lt', IIIt'l'l'lfIll, IIIIII just." Hand-knit cable sweaters . . . lioctsclalc . . . l'l.H.A. zlwurcl . . . such ai littlu girl in such a big Cdl' . . . cam always lic rlcpouclccl upon . . . good orgauiizci' ' X . . . always saying: '50l1, gollylv . . z1pp1'op1'iul:c song: MXYUIIIIIQQCI' Tliziu U Springtime? 1 13 1 J ANE DARSIE GARRISON "Janie" Preparing for Vassar College Activities Student Council ..... 2 Crafts Club ...... President of Guild . . . Editor-in-Chief of Ellisian Fields .... 4 Ivy Board ..... 2, 3, 4 3 EAA Representative . . Varsity basketball . 2, 3 Glee Club . . l ' D U ' . 3 Varsity softball .... Vice-President of Camera , , , , 3 Class t6aII1 basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Green Team Sewing Club . . . . 4 French Club ....... 2 "There's nothing worth the wear of winning, But laughter and the love of friendsf, Contagious laugh . . . give a cheer for Eli Yale . . . bridge fiend . . . favorite pastime: talking . . . loves to be around people . . . vivacious . . . Marchardls orchestra . . . EHA award . . . always saying: "Oh, my dear!,' . . . appro- priate song: "Leave It to Jane? JUDITH JAN HAZIAPZTT sseludyss Preparing for the Activities Ivy Board 2, 35 Business Manager ....... 4 Glee Club, .... 1, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club ..... 1, 2 Green Team "Sing away sorrowg east away care." University of Pittsburgh Bridge Club . . Dramatic Club . Skating Club ..... 3, 4 . ..4 ....1,3 cc s P95 Sweater girl . . . Pitt frat. houses . . . haven t you ever heard of Tarentum . . . Louis Jordan . . . long skirts . . .6 a.m. blues . . . those interesting train rides . . . always saying: "This may sound rather weirdf' . . . appro priate song: 'Tm A Big Girl Nowf' i141 Varsity hockey ..... Class team hockey . . . 3 l'7iLIs,x is 14:'1'H H 1' NN ENV iam, H Emi nllig., l"1'cpa.1'ing for Swvcz' Briar Collvgv .'lcfiz'i1i1'x Glee Club . . . . 1. 3 Varsity lion-key . . . . . L Camera Club . . . 2, 'L Class twnn busketlmll 2. 35 Dramatic Club . . . 1, 2, 3 Class tezun hockey . . . -1- Skating Club ..... 4 Varsity basketball .... 2 Xlvllltl' Teznn Class tcznn softball , . . 3 "A friend in nvvd is ll frimld iIlllCl?l1.M gi Soincwlierc on zu little island in clilllflllil . . . long walk up Neglcy Hill . . . Princeton book covers . . . solicitous friend . . . lionor is licrs . . . always saying: "My friend Irina!" . . . appropriate song: "Youill Never Kiiowf, Doiconn' l'1I.lz.xisi:'1'ii HouM.xNN "Dorling l'rcpzu'ing for IYIliTt'l'Sllf'1j of illirliigrlli 's S1'c'rl't:1ry of Guild . . . Glue Club ...... Il. Bridge Club . . . . ",U11sir' lf 4 ll1':11n:1tiC Club Skating Club Green Ta-:un has I'l1IlI'lIl.Y.' Rhinestone earings . . . car trouble . . . deep laugh . . . sonic loafors! . . Wednesday morning rides . . . beautiful singing' voice . . . violin . . . friendly and sensible . . . always saying: "Fil see YOI' latcrli' . . . appro- priate song: '6Just ai Kiss in the Dark." l15l .lclfvifirfs ....2i .3 DIARY LAWRENCTI JACOB iiP0lly5, Preparing for Bennett Junior College Activities Glee Club . . . . . 3 Skating Club . . French Club . . . . 4' Green Team Dramatic Club . . . . 3 "A horse, d horse, my kingdom for a horse Colorado Ranch . . . boots, saddle, and stirrups , . . tennis enthusiast . . . big brown eyes . . . T.V. fan . . . talks thick and fast . . . full of "Wim and Wigorl, . . appropriate song: "D0n,t Fence Me Inf, ELEANQRE BENNETT LARGE Sl-EZ!! Preparing for Pennsylvania College for Women .letivities Glee Club 1, 25 Section EAA. Representative . . 3 Leader 3: 43 Student Con' Green Team captain . . . 3 ductori Manager ' ' ' 4' Varsity softball . . . 3 Camera Club - - - ' ' 2 Class team hockey . . . . 3 Fl'C1'lCl1 Club - - - - 4 Class team softball . . . 3 Dramatic Club .... 1, 3 Green Team "Nothing ever succeeds which exuberant V p p spirits have not helped to produce." ' E I Chautauqua . . . cute figure . . . long sleeves and tie . . . mad about Jazz W . . . excitable . . . always saying: "Well what do you expect?,, . . . app1O priate song: 6'Sing, Sing, Sing." l 161 ClAl!LliY JUSl'II'HINl'l IACUNARIJ "Curley Jo" l'1'epa1'ingg Class Treasurer . . . . Business Manager of Ellixian Fields ..... 3 for ffllllfllfl' Collvgz' 11 Glee Club ..... . 2, 'S Camera Club . . . Sewing Club . "The swcctfrst lin 3 1- 'S .Ir'fi1'i1im' Crafts Club . . . 2. 3 Skating Club ..... 3. I- Class team basketball . 12. Z5 Class team lloc-key . . 2. 3 YVl1ite T4-ani are Hzosc to llllffj M211 1'll'CllCll pal . . . ICHA Naturally curly liair . . . award . . . Cll2lLll'liClIl'lllQ l1e1' brotlier . . . boys named "Bob" . . , gray cadillac . . . allergies . . . l executive ability . . . always saying: "Holy eowf' . . . appropriate song: Hlllayl me It's lleeausc-." l,l'c'lix lnlixli l,oNc1 "Loan Preparing for IV,It'lIf0Il C'olI1'gc' Class Vim-n--l'i'4-sicla-lit . . . Ji Cauiera Club . lc'ffi'iif4'.v ....,5.lf Class Secretary ..... 2 Crafts Club . , . l Class 'I'l'CZ1Slll'l'l' . . . 2. L Skating Club . . ZS Glen Club . . . . l. 2. 35 fi1'l'l'U Tvllill V "Thu bm! of llvzllvrx ix good l'lIL't'l'.li limi' And a cheery good lll01'Illllg' . . . dog collection . . . late Mt. Lebanoii cabs . . . l63l'I1C1',S permits . . . Harvard . . . n1'l1'lSCO,, . . . Cl1tllllSli1SllC and excit- able . . . always saying: ufxllytlllllg 11ew?', . . . "linen-os" . . . inyste1'5l,of A tk ' x the lost ticket . . . appropriate song: "Take Me Out to The Ball Game. l17l ,W-M RIARGARET Tm-zvon RICCORMICK Assistant Business Manager of Ellisian Fields . . . Varsity basketball . . 2, 3, 41 IU!! Board -'-----' 4 Class team hockey . 1, 2, 3, 41 Glcc Club . . . . . 1, 4- C1355 team Camera Club . . . . 1, 2 basketball . . . 1, 2, 3, 41 French Club . . . 1 Class team baseball 1, 2, 3, 4- Bridge Club ....... 4 lVhite Team X "As good nalured ll soul as ever trod on shoe of leather." Loves perfume and jewelry . . . always in a crowd of people . . . unique laugh and lots of it . . . you can't help liking her . . . always saying: 6'Heaven only knows !" . . . appropriate song: "I Never See Maggie Alone? CHARLOTTE JONES RIUGINNIS "ChardyU Preparing for Pembroke College Activities Secretary of Assistant Art Ellisian Fields ..... Glee Club .... 1, 2, 3, 41 Camera Club class . . . 41 Sewing Club President . 4- Editm- French Club ....... 2 4. Dramatic Club . . . 1, 2, 3 EAA Secretary ..... 3 Class team hockey . . . 3, 41 . . . . . . . 1 White Team "Fair and softly goes far." Letter sweater . . . Shady Side rings . . . long fingernails . . . High C . . . Seaside Park . . . Cary Grant . . . contagious giggles . . . impersonations . . . always saying: 6'Vat a bizznessf' . . . appropriate song: "On a Sunday by the Sea." l 13 l "IlIargot', Preparing for VVilson College Activities Student Council ..... 3 Dramatic Club . . . 1, 2, 3 Treasurer of class .... 1 Skating Club ...... 3 41 Varsity softball .... 2, 3 Srsxx Hlclcra Hslllfifv Preparing Art Editor of Ellisiun Fields .....' L Skating Varsity Student Photograplier of Ellisian Fields ..... L Varsity Class to for Vassar Collugl' Club . ll0l'lil'y lHl'xkt'tllflll ....- 1- am lrlskvtliglll . . 2 ,ln-Iivifim . . . fi. N11 ' l GIGS Club ---- lv 2: 3, 4' Class tvzllll llUClik'y . . . ii. fl Camera Club . . . 1, 2, 3, -1- Class tl'Zilll Slllitllilll . . 2. 3 V Science Club . ..... 3 Vl'l1itc ,1lL'iill1 .4 ' -A .. rf As the sun- colors flowvrs, so IIULZY Ilff valor Ilfv. ',., , , N K , 'A N 4 5 l"il.IIl0llS for llL'l' art . . . upcra at tllo Syria Mosque . . . a callill ill VC1'IIl0llt X . . . Tcvll . . . crazy about clclmatos . . . rtwiplc twoublc wif treo lJ1'LlVC1'S,, . . pcrsevcrlllg . . . sense oi lllllllill' . . . 581,111 Olil-i'2lSl1l0llCfl', . . . always saying 'lYcs inclcccleclo!" . . . appl'upriate sung: "And Lot tlic Rest of the lvorld Go Byf' lllmli' JANE IROHINSON l,l'C'lJ2ll'lll2Lf for ff0llf'Ill'l' Follvgl' .lclivitif Stullvnt CllllIli'll . . . ll- ciliIlli'I'2l Cllll! ..... 2, Guild licpl'vsvlit:ltix'l- . . -l- liridgl- Clull ...... . Prcsiclvnt of vlass . . . 3 '1lY'L'Il5lIl'k'l' of Crafts Club PllOifL71LZ1'i1IJlllC' liditor uf Dlililliltil' fllllll ------ lfllixian Fiwllls ..... ll Skating Club , , , 3, Glu: Club ...,.. 1, 2. 25 Grucll Team 'iNOH1i11g is illzprzmilnlv to flu' willing lIt'IlI'f.U Piano Virtuoso . . . Cleveland . . . "wl1iskcl's, 'flier clogj . . . silent imp troubles . . . sweet and zipplfciativc . . . always saying: "Ur SOIllCllllIlg known . . . 21.pp1'0P1'li1tC song: '5Kitt0l1 on tlic Kuysf, l19l you If . : V 1 X-ff Activities I Ivy Board . Manager . Camera Club French Club Assistant Photographic Edi- tor of Ellisian Fields . 4 Glcc Club 1, 2, 33 Section . . . . . . 4 BIARILYN Rowraxn "llIi7ni', Preparing for lfVestminster College Dramatic Club . . . . Science Club . . . . CraftsClub.. Skating Club ..... 3, 1, 2 Class team hockey . . . 4' VVhite Team Variety is the Spice of life." Bathing suits . . . bccchnut chewing gum . . . two eyes peeping from a load of books . . . that sweater that will be someday . . . Lily Pons . . . "La Bohemev . . . lively and cffervescent . . . always saying: "Oh, you do?" . . . appropriate song: '6Say It With ltlusicf' ICARYN ICAY RI'ssELL "Kara" Preparing for Carnegie Institute of Technology Activities Student Council .... 2, 44 Vice-President of Guild , 3 Class President ..... 2 Assistant Business Manager cf Ellisian Fields ..... 4- Glee Club ...... 1, 2, 3 Camera Club .... 2, 3, fi Dramatic Club ..... 1, 2 Skating Club ..... 3 Varsity basketball . . 3, 4 Varsity softball .... 3, 41 Class team hockey . . 1, 2, 3 Class team basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class team softball 1, 2, 3, 4- VVhite Team "Laugh and the world laughs with youf' in .15 Future architect . . . those shoes just wontt stay on! . . . she was swinging on a vine when . . . Farley Granger . . . personality plus . . . always laugh ing . . . always saying: "We were scronchedft . . . appropriate song . 6'You Adorable Redhead? l 20 l Class team softball .... IUOROTHY L11: 14: SWAN "IJ0ffy" Preparing Student Couneil . . . . 3' President ....... fm Trezisllrer of Guild . . . 3 Ivy Board 415 Business Manager . . 2, Ii Glec Club ....... 1, 33 Camera Club . . , . ZS Sewing Club . . . . fl for lVvIl1'sIz,'y Collvgr' .'1c'fi1'ili4',v , French Club 'I're:1surer . Varsity lion-key . Varsity b:1skvtbz1ll Class tvuui lncr-key Class team buskvtl 1. :Zi 3. -1- xvllilflf Tezuu Jil , . 3. vl- . . .-3. 'L ulVlL6ltU'Z,U7' is rvorilz doing, is rcorflz doing well." .Z Il- Smztrt sport clothes . . . Boston , . . scurub in-fu-sluts . . . sliort llIlll'01 1115 sancltmps zuul rough . . . HI'IV2IIlIllSlJ0l'l' by tbe sou" . . . cute stusr luunor . . . wonderful disposition . . . ulwuys saying: "Oli, iuuulll' appropriate song: "Long Ago mul Fur Away." Sue Bartley Louise Buur , ., Helen Collier .. Pat Crabtree Liz Crout Cathy Engelnler . Carol Fiske Ruby Freeble Jane Garrison Judy Hazlctt .. .. Liz Helm Loolc What We've Got ,. . .Posture Lonpj eyelashes , . .Date book ,. .,,,., . Smile , , Personality ..l"lyes Complexion . Sweet nature Sense of luunor . . Clothes ,, .Friemlliness llll Doclie Holunrmn . Polly .lac-ob , lil Large , ., , . Curley .lo Lconzircl Lucia Long .,., .. Mnrgrot Mr-Cormic-k Cllarcly McGinnis Suzie Reed Mary June Robinson Mimi Rowland Karyn Russell llotty S xw':x n Musical ability . .. Vibruncy Hand-writingg ,l'llIIg'l"l' nails Teeth ,I.2ll1gIll ,linmls Art ability Figure Legs .llnir Goorl taste Senior Prophecy ' 1 4430 :JQU ff. if Y ' 5 S 4-in 'W C: 'KThis is station C. D. Ballgame.-40 on ycur dial, bringing to you highlights of the sports world. 'tWell, folks, it certainly is a beautiful fall day, and there sure is a lot of excitement in the air here at Forbes Field. Yes, sir, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the VVashington Sen- ators are preparing to fight to the finish at the 1980 IfVorld Series gameg and it certainly is a great pleasure for me, your old friend, "Sunny Liz Helm," to bring to you a throw by throw account of the game, with little bits of this and that as to what's going on in the crowd. Spectators are filing to their seats now. Down in section A we see "Lucky Kingsi' box. occupied by his wife, the glamorous divorcee. the former Helen Collier. Through the cloud of smoke I can barely make out who is sitting beside her. Ah, yes, folks, her guest seems to be the famous composer, Eleanore Large, who has just won universal acclaim for her A Minor Concerto in C major. I can't quite see What is happening down along the third base line among the VVashington fans, but there's great confusion. Now I seep everyone is turn- ing to watch the entrance of Miss Pat "Perle Mestau Crabtree. the VVashington socialite hostess. As I see her now, she is laughing with her companion, Jane Garrison, the first U. S. ambassador to Brooklyn. The place is really beginning to fill up. Here comes Carol Fiske, the wife of General ----------- , mobbed by het' six little boys in sailor suits. You know, these children have been the subject of much discus- sion as they were the first sextuolets ever born. "The game is about to begin, and during the short lull I'd like to say that this broadcast is coming to you through the courtesy of the "Margot School of Charm and Beauty." "Slim" McCormick guarantees to roll the pounds off Without pills, diets, or massage! Her method: Tapeworm. "VVait a minute, word has just come that Miss Bartley has rocketed into the stadium wall, crinkling her bright. shiny '48 convertible. Fortunately, she was not hurt and her only C0111- ment was, "You needn't park it james." There's only a few minutes left now, so I'll just briefly review the celebrities here, Susan Reed has slid down the North Pole, where she is pho- tographing the new ice age. Carley Jo Leon- ord, famous mountain climber, has just returned from climbing Pike's Peak, having got her ex- perience on Negley Hill. I see over here, Poloing Polly up from Polovia. still dressed in boots and saddle. Shouts of 'Adown in front" are echoing from a box in the balcony where we see Catherine Engelder, first woman editor of "Esquire" 'fHear that ovation for Ralph Kiner as he hobbles to the field, supported by his attractive wife, Lucia Long. He takes a bow and now the players are taking their places. l22l 5 'fs A132 A A, J :vsp 1,21 I 4 f 'Y' ,sf lxl 650 5 fi? ,B X155 Senior Prophecy i " ' 'ls ' 0 ' ' ' 1" will now hear 1 ED , ,.., X1 lillldllll i K ,' '1l'4S'l11lllg, el A '1 i , V' ' ' 9 Doro 1y 1 mound Just JI first woruxu pi A , mt - A 1 4 -' ' 9 1 ' 1 '- Vers-s ic' one. 1, 'ia 1 ga '. t tis ' promises to he, 'ffl ' A , 1 X lathe 1llLl,kl1lll!llLll in 1 the J A St. fl d Iknnu sune hx trilhne tl ff ,dx 1, Htl o th Xlet Q if 'lg "On th 1 . 11:-l1ll's ' .' ' 1 'teh- mib ,Q er and tl1e Pirates' pride and joy. l.iz Crout. her , lot on the iuhhti tilts tht stretch 1nd de. X I ln trtl 1 l Ol wl 1 1 nu l 1 hi 1 "XXX: have now l'L'2lL'llL'll the top half of the seventh 11nd the seore is Stl-Sh. From right field stand eenies the strong' eall of "Red hots. get your red hots here." as Louise llaur. Y11le's most etifieieut waitress, gives us the privilege oi her serviees for this game. 'l'here is ll Russell in the air . . , lt's Karyn up there in the hlue, rlraggiug' lmehind her plane an advertise- nient for delicious food at l7reel1le's lfeast Ilouse. featuring Charlotte Kleiiinnis. red hot hlues singer, and owned hy Ruhr lfreehle. eele- lmrated author of "FreeI1le's Feehle Ifahles On Feasting Fast," The last out 11nd the players disperse. 'l'he erlwwd rises Zlllll we see ,ludy Hazlett, world renowned tlaneer slink to a ten1por11ry platform in the middle oi the field to give her version of the "Seventh lnnine Stretehf' lironi the dugout. there's 11n odd- looking' ohjeet ZllJDl'U2lL'lllllQ'. XYhat is it? It looks like a eolleetion of instruments: eyuihals. elarinet. tronihone, drums and tuha. XYhy it's the versatile Mimi Rowland and leading' this one- niau hand is Mary jane Robinson. .Xs they inareh around the field. Mimi strikes up a spirit- ed rendition of "l'ittsl1urgh. Beautiful l'itts- hurghf' aided greatly hy Mary .l2lllC.S haton, "Wie are now heginning tl1e last half of the ninth. the seore is tied. Hihat ll game this has been, it will make hasehall history. lloth teams have heen in great shape and the tenseness now as the llirates go up to hat for ll final ettort is aptialliug. The pitcher winds up: XYhat's that? The pitcher has fallen, some sort of small. round hall has hit hini. .Xnd there's 21 StI'2l.ll,LZC-lO0liiIlQ figure in lcnielcers and hrand- ishiug a golf eluh onto the field. XX'ell. what do you know, it's lletty Swan. Contender for the .Xuierirau National .Xuiateur fiolf Title. She l1as just l1ad a long dri"- during her Touruanient in Sehenley I'11rk, 'l'he XYashi11g- to11 pitelier is replaced and the suhstitute winds up and hurls 21 heauty over the plate. frout is up at hat and connects, sending 21 powerful drive out over the right field line. It looks lilce, yes it is. Il hvnie-run. XYell that means the Pirates win. No. wait. the xY21Slllll2I0ll -:ide has risen en masse. They elaini the hall was foul. and the lJll'2lIC4 elaiin it's fair. This niomentous eontroyersy is referred to l'iupire lilllflilllllb. Her decision means the game. May- he we can pielq up her words. Hold your hats. folks. here it is! Go ahead Lvlll15il'L', "Fair is foule and foule is fair. llover througli the ailing: and filthy air." 12.21 1 A I ls!!! I x EVERY Fnqmm 1. n F D Q31 1 M 1 EAT . I ' V553-D202 41 -5:20 4 -Ez: .I-2:3 EOL: -:miata E '25 9 UVM N :M Q 2-Em wcasm -ETCNE Swim 'BEET :gum-2 we he MEVZOMS -ENE EO C41 -O-V E Q55 MEKSOEM W 5.3550 EEE uzgmm .gum N mg-SNS QD MEM began H55 .QE UMBFOU .ascumum USE N MEX! E 152555 Nagy bewm lcmwuc-F-you N w-lwm imc'-lHOw:mU H: m:W?WA .wwr-Gig -MEM UPC webmm COHMCEZWPQ E IWEZYH :Nz-ON5 -DEERE 4 C41 -mei me E EO OE wzsm 'Minn'-UNVEOQ JN WO Henman .ENEFEUB 525022 N Us OH .mcg U2 O EEO: Bgbwwg N gg OH .EE 353 E QUEUNAH Enom: RSE OH 'UWA-EMUDH-OU VQUNFA AW gg OF ttszkmmag UH: :W S0500 2: :O ag? 2 Ou OH .uvgemm yhwmbxo E EEFEO NAME OH Ummpzg wood .W H5 OH ,bn-ME N V32 OH -:mm WQEENU Um OCUUHEU gigs? U5 ENE OH -Ugig we 3:2 w on Oh .ro 2-Oocxsam RSE!-m U23 OH EMMOD Ewmgnazm I-'N-I dg mwhgm OMMEOU -:E E2 Em wg HES Ulm .ENB :wage 5-SUS O: :I mrnm M28 gg :SE 0:0 .gal-Bngtm Hs: on HES RQESECD EOUESW A-UEKHOQ' HZZVH-gm HL-ob? gm? ig 35: Thom ,UMTS PE Ei -EOOFQUW :W fog 2 SE 35 MMEEOE RAEEEA R233 Om ww Dim 0:20568 :O Wksov MHNML vim 5:5 whmvcog Edmm mHMm4mHAm FHMANQHL ,WQDH ZOEMMQU H2421 MAMHMML VMDM HVEHM JOMQU MMQAM-UZ! HZHMMHHMFQU PDOMU HIHHHMQNHQH mmmgmdgqmu r-ki MWHHYHAOU Zmdmm Lymqrwmlqim mZZ44NDm MDQMH MWHDOWH QENZ I A. 2 FL Z H Success. In the village choir. e Met. rry a rancher Owning a breeding stable Manager of a raise eolts. fm thorouglihrecls, flea circus. nt the bricks in thc The Glec Club singing Singing in the bath th a C Z 'H 'S C .- 5: 1, 11 'Il in o in To O T T Y School is N compulsory. Ellis hasn't more tennis enthusiasts RE Ihs school Ivnfc POLLY Z A if H O5 CC f mm O Q OO U i DI 'C 'T I-., LL cv. -I -I 51 I1- .1 9 f J ,1 Q1 JI U 5 Q 4 'Z L.. rv 5 H L+ .. 11:1 LARGI-I rc f L1 .. 11 2 5 FJ 5L 2 f C T1 O P1 :J C 1 U :L T1 5 Q1 i. O V H F A as ff V ... .. ..- Z1 J R ICONA .L ..- If f A 11 P. S ,:. i 1- ,.. P -4. 1 Ps :f f P 11 L1 ,- Z L1 .1 LC .. bm ONC- I. 11 -1 1 1 11 P. 2 I L1 11 SL L1 11 f I.. :1 .1 ... Q 5. 11 5 1 11 11 A V Z , I.. A .L .2 :L E LJ Q E Q 1 11 7 L7 EI i. CL Q .JI Z Q f :L 1, i-C ez ,- .. A Z C Q L2 l35l 1 1 .,- .4 12 2 5.5 E 'JE .- 1111 Q -rf- f- r! 4 A 11 E :fr 5 3L'E Q ':,: Z 2: 1. f' 1' :Q Z7 xv. 1 :L '- E5 7 1.2 A1112 532 1.1- ., f.,:' :Lfl --H :: 4, 'E vt .., J: 1. 3- Q, .E- -L5 gb 1, 'E .A A- L5 'di .. 1' 114, :- Pl 5: m ,Z Fw fs,- YA , -VZ fre ".. fr- f.. -., f- .,.L Z"'- -1' .1A mc: P , 11 K Cl II OW :incl sprunt wings VU lizlvc ull XYL' smnncflzlv IC JAX X IZ Y XI. C 2. f Ili INSI X ROI! 5.- L -L 11 il ek Q 1 11 Q 11 7 EI. iJXX'I..'XN J R 4 1. 'J L1 1- EL 5 f :J .Z P 5 ... L 11 3 11 L A P' rv 1- 1 2 ,,' 11 I ff, L1 11 RVSSIELI. -L V1. 11 f -5 ,TO T': ml fc Eu "'.Lf C,- Q , 2311 P -:LI is .LC 23 lf. PU, 515 L4 A- 755 v-if The Last Will and Testament VVe, the members of the class of 1950, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. FIRST, we direct our executor to pay our just debts and funeral expenses. SECOND, We, as individuals, make the fol- lowing bequests: Suzanne Bartley leaves her famous blue and gold bathing suit to Miss Land to use to its best advantage. Louise Baur leaves her seat on the 73 street ear to Anne Tucker. Helen Collier leaves a bottle of peroxide to Susie Foster. Pat Crabtree leaves her little green hat to Anne Tucker. Liz Crout leaves her amorous nature to Nancy McKay in hopes that she won't use it! Catherine Engelder leaves her dropped stitch- es to Miss Stevenson. Carol Fiske leaves a subscription to the Post- Gazette for one year to Barbara Vaux. Ruby Freeble leaves a can of rattlesnake soup to biology class. Jane Garrison leaves her vitamin B complex to Sisty Blair. Judy Hazlett leaves her smoke rings to Ginny Byerly. Elizabeth Helm leaves her Princeton Uni- versity book covers to Bunny Beeson. 61 Dorothy Hohmann leaves "Agnus Deii' to Marilyn Crawford. Polly Jacob leaves her handwriting to any- one who wants it. Eleanor Large leaves Frankenstein to Marnie Becker. Carley Jo Leonard leaves the Ellis Fair kitty as a mascot for the school. Lucia Long leaves her awkward load of books to Louise Mulert. Margot McCormick leaves her ability to ad- vise the lovelorn to Claire Fredette. Charlotte McGinnis leaves a pacl: of cigar- ettes to Betty Seibert to bring to school on Friday. Susan Reed leaves her pink-eye to the whole school. Mary Jane Robinson leaves her alarm clock to Sisty Blair so she can get to school on time. Mimi Rowland leaves the lost chord, that she found, to Miss Fell. Karyn Russell leaves her ride to school to anyone who likes a hospital. Dotty Swan leaves her irrelevant questions to Mrs. Zirkle. THIRD, we bequeath our ashes to our sister class to be sprinkled on the icy basketball court. LASTLY, we hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Miss Fairlamb to be Executor of of this, our will. lVe authorize and empower our said Exeeutor to use full authority over the incoming senior class. -The Class of 1950 UNDERCLASSMEN QROW Zj P. Hinkel, S. Egan. C. Fredettc, C. Horney, V. Byerly, B. Silvis, A. Tucker fRow lj J. Franklin, B, Roop, C. Blair, B, Hood, S. Naylor, B. Siebcrt Juniors Time: Much too early on Monday morning. Place: Green study hall. Scene: Several girls are talking animatedly about week-end happenings. Miss Benson, our class advisor, tries to restore order. The setting just pictured is that of one of the most important times of the day at Ellis: the period of discussion before opening exercises. VVe see a bcdraggled figure enter the room. It is Clara Blair, well-known for her last minute appear- ances. Now we have our little group all assembled-that is-all except Susie Egan, Claire Fredette, Ginny Byerly, and Carolyn Horney. It's Judge Egan,s time to drive, and his motto is "Better safe than sorryf' Here they come, and we are all together DOW. So called order has finally been restored, thanks to Miss Benson. Now we can begin our discussion on the date for the annual Junior Promg on important reforms such as the color of buttons we can wear on our uniformsg or on the big plans we have made for the school year. But come what may, we'll do our best to live up to the name of upperclassmen. l2Sl fRow 29 J. Slzihl. I-. Rushton. C. 'l'yNm1. I.. Xlulcrt. Rl. L4U1M'l2lIlll. 5. li5'lK', ll- ll5'4'1'l3' llicvw IJ 5. l7wNtci'. ll. Yuux. l., lflcycr. ii. ijzlutci' l2lllhU1Ill N. llurhriu. KI. hx,lll'llk'll, X. Klrliziy Sophomores Mmuluy uioruingfl 'I'lu- first he-ll hum just rung. :mud iuuwt of tlu- claus is unw Scritell in Mrs. Austin?-. l'llUIll. Margot cllllivltlllil is ulrusuly in-luting llt'l' uvwvst drcnni to Mary Louise Wlirmlcil znml Suziv l"ustvi'. who uri' unw iu llYhtL'l'iCh. In thc' opposite cornui' of thi' YOUIII. Gl'1'tc'lu'i1 Gziritiivi' :xml l.iuml:1 RllSlltlHl :uw doing suuu' last minutv stumlyiug. whilv lizxrlrzirzi Yuux is trying to vxpluin thc- un-:ming of :i new word to thi-ui. At thih monivut vi'ui'ymu' in intvrrilptul as Iilllllhl' l"ll'gK'l' dzislu-s in to tell us who shi' saw in thi- lvusvs. Aftvr shi' luis finif-limi. Xorinu lJ0l'lDl'ltZ and Susan Kyli- rliric-uvvi' Souix' vvry uuunuril :u-tim-li-s iu Nancy 5icKuy's lvluzci' pocket. Louisi- fXIuli'i't riislum in just lu-forv thi- mu-urul lwll hut iu tiuu' tu gin' Bucky Bye-rly thc' nuw :ulnlrvss of C':miill:i 'l'ysuu. Vlvhilv :ill thix huh ln-vu going on. Johns Stahl has lumix trying to vxpluin to Hrs. Auntin that only twu lu-lla huvr rung. .lust :nt tha' uuuucut thi- third In-ll ringw :lull the- S0llll4lIll0l't' Class mlm-parts for anothcr day of school. IN! CRow 31 S. Love, E. Rodgers, S. Hughes, R. McS0rley, H. Bartley CROW 29 S. Cohen, M. Crawford, D. Beeson, A. Harper, J. Ewing CROW lj M. Bell, M. MeCargo, A. Copeland, R. Lawrence, N. Horne, A. Kyle Freshmen The Freshmen Class, as usual, files into Mrs. Zirkle's Biology lab for their Vlfednesday class meeting. The room quiets down to a dull roar as the president, Margot Bell, stands up, blushing, to bring order. Anne Kyle's notebook falls to the floor with assistance from Sally Love and Roberta McSorley, as Anne rises to read the minutes of the former meeting. Vie hear a morbid sigh from Nancy Horne, as Bunny Beeson blurts out the same old treasurer's report, "VVe,re broke." A loud uproar is heard from the other end of the room as Ann Harper and Jane Ewing discover a tapeworm Qin a jar, of courseQ I After that excitement has ceased, we see a flurry of paper flying across the table as Shirley Smith and Silvia Cohen stand Susan Hughes and Margo McCargo in a game of what seems to be table tennis, with Elsa Rodgers refereeing. Our brilliant vice-president, Ann Copeland, drenehes Mrs. Zirkle's newly acquired tradeseatia with Parker's Quick Drying Ink while explaining the sixth math problem to the bewildered Honey Bartley. Up to now absorbed in her unfinished Latin, Marilyn Crawford seizes the chance to get her name read in the minutes next week and moves the meeting adjourn. The class .makes a beeline for the door -recess! l30l KROW -ll M. llcclcur. J. Allen. ll. Cliasc. ,l. Colicn. M. Clifford CROW 3j ,I. Mcliclvy, S. liutlcr. -I. llcrgniz Q11. M, Howard, IE, Mullen QROW lj li. llccfon. IE. Sclicclz. .X. XYolfolk. j. Lewis. hl. .Xrnicntrout lnlirw ll IJ. King. C. RL 1x11g-1 ' , M. Illair. .X. Ruynoldf. I5 Naali Eighth Graders I llad almost finislwd with tllosl' uiglltll grads CXRIIII papcrs. and I was an slvrpy I thought perhaps I would listcn to the radio for a XVllilL'. Tln- ru-ws was to ln- followcd by tlic quiz program I likvd so wcll. As I sn-ttlcd down to wait for it. I seemed to licar a voir-v announcing that Mary Blair. tln- diving cxpurtg Bvtsy Beeson, tlic track starg and Carol Kunu-r. riding .Im-an Arinvntroufs Ilcrlmy winncr were going to appear in a sports show in Now York wlivrc last wr-ck Jana Mc-K4-lA Vy's dogs won tlu' cllanipionsllip. It is said that Barbara Cll2lSi'. Marnin' livckvr. and Diane King, wull known son-ialitvs would luv pri-svnt. Mimi Howard. a mcinlmcr of tlie prcsidvnt's cabinet and tlu- fanuius lawyvr. Barbara Sc-lux-tx. will fly on from VVasliington for tlic vu-nt. Among tlic liostn-:asm-s for tln' gala aifair will lic Judy Allen, Marion Cliiilord. .lulic Imwis. and .Ivttiv Bvrginan. sllpvrvisccl lvy Ann Reynolds, tlu- ru-ognizvfl authority on otiqiu-ttv. Ann lVoolfolk. Sandra Bntlcr. and Barlwara IlIullr'n, will ln- among tln' cl'l4'lvritim's from PlttSlllll':Ill. .ludy Colwn will Wclconlc guvsts witll om' of lu-r clvvvr monologuus. 'flu' voice scvilicrl to fade away and I realized that I liad lic-cn liftilllllllg about thc ciglitli grade- class of 1950. l3ll Seventh Grade KROW 21 L. Bell, S, Flannery, B. Lewis, M. Tronclle, A. Ewing, C. Calhoun, J. Bell, Z. Addenbrook, E. Babcock CROW lj S. Sayers, L. Robinson, L. Straub, J. Mulert, D. Xvcir, M. Bell M. Cohen, V. Gantner, D. Mellon. N. Jaffe, G. McCargo Sixth Grade CROW 23 E. Vaux, M. Dauler, N. Bayard. P. Smith, B. Close, E. Mclildowney, L. Fleger QROW lj P. Blaxter, H. Schmidt, C. Copeland, M. Braun, J. Davis Qabsentj M. Taylor, A. Arnd ' l32l Fifth, Fourth and Third Grades IROW 23 D. .XIcIc1'rlicc. I.. Iiatrm. M. Irwin. IJ. Mercer. UI. l7rceIancl. S, Smiles IROW lb H. Brush. K. Klcfrccry. tl, Howard. X. Canlpbcll Row JJ .X. Iibbcrt. KI. Zimrm-rmzm. C. IJcXiunu. XI. Xulfmr. Il. .XIIIIZIIL L.. CHIIIDIJCII I.. ZIIIIIIICYIIIIIII, S. King, X, Rodmzm. C. Titzul. IZ. KluL'Icn:xI1zm. I. Rui. S. XYCZIIJCI' IRIN' IJ IJ. PCIIIIIIIQILWII. I I"m'cI. Xl. Slirum. C. Stott. S. XYUIFI. I'. I3r'agcIo11. I.. IIAIII. I.. Uilirllcv Ii. lllliliriill r KNOW 31 Li. Stiizxrfvs. XY. XYHHI. II. Ilirkcl. I. .Svwtn Il. IFTKTIZIIIII IRIN' ll I.. Host, S. .Xx'c1iJm1'g. I.. Xrrut. II. Dennis. tl, Ilzxhcock, I'. XYaIIacc CROW III H. IEQII. L. Bull. RI. Iivzuix. I.. .XiiJI'ig'I'If. IE. O'Xcill. .X. XYcir, I-, .Xrmuntrou I3.3I -he C'----.l-,,l l",nfl I Il' I 1 CRoW 41 J. Rodman, N. Gillies CROW SJ A. Acheson, M, Vaux, S. VVhitmore, L. Borigard, K. Rock CROW 21 A. Crouch, P. McMahon, E. Arensburg, K. Ebbert, K. Heppenstall, F. Burgess CROW lj L. Sturrock, N. Anderson, C, Derdeyn, I. Patterson CROW ZH L. Pixley, B. jorgenson, S. Bell, L, Baton. C. McGraw CRoW ID I. McGurk, S. Shchnire, C. Henry, S. Furlong, C. Higgs, I. Jackson Cabsentj C. Stone CROW 35 C. Gordon, S. Byrnes, K. Rea, S. Eaton, P. Campbell, C. McEldoWney, L. Arrot, K. Hartman, M. Morgan, L, Peck CROW 21 I. Vlfeisser, S. Schaefer, D. Babcock, H, Arensburg, B. Bragdon, S. Chancellor, L. Scoville, H. Swan, G. McCready CROW 15 N. Beckwith, P. VV0lff, B. Gillies, E. Tim, S. Martin, H. Foster, H. Redman, B. Swan, M. McDonough A "" C12 ACTIVITIES is d E ATHLETICS 3' Ii Student Council KROW Zj Miss Tilley, M. J. Robinson. S. Smith, B. Byerly, S. Naylor C. Tyson, M. Howard CROW lj K.Russcll, D. Swan, S. Egan Ellis Guild A. Harper, M. J. Robinson, Y. Byerly, C. Fredcttc, B. Roop, B. Mullen, L. Flegcr, B. Seibert l36l E. A. A. I. Rczx, lx. Klvkrvrry, Il. QM,-4-. NI, Illzmz I.. IM-N, S. Xzmylm- .X. 'l'uClccr. M. L-U1N'lll111l. li. frullt Ivy Board low lb -I. llzlrri-mx. Xl. L-U1JL'lIlIIIl. S. Xzxylur, XI. Rmxlzunl. Xl. Hr X Himx ll U. Swan. -I. Hilzlvll. L, ltllgulflvl' 1571 Bridge Club Row SD S. Hughes. E. Crout, M. Copeland. S, Bartley, R. McSorley, M. I. Robinson CRow 43 C, Fredette, E. Rodgers, C. Blair, B. Byerly, A. Tucker, P, Hinkel Row 35 J. Franklin, A. Copeland, B. Silvis, D. Holrmann, S. Cohen, C. Tyson, A. Kyle CROW ZJ S. Naylor, M. Cravrforcl, H. Collier, -I. Ewing, R. Lawrence L. Baur, M. McCormick Row lj R. Freebie, j. Hazlett. M. MeCargo, A. Harper, M. Bell, G. Ganter, B. Seibert W M French Club li. Large, P. Jacob, M, Rowland, C. Engelcler, V. Byerly l 40 l White Team Green Team l41I HOCKEY VARSITY Byerly, B, Engelder Foster Copeland Garrison Gantner McKay Helm Flcgcr Crout Reed Swan Tucker BASKETBALL VARSITY Byerly, B8zG Naylor Garrison Crabtree Fleger Vaux Leonard Reed Foster Collier McCormick Helm McKay Crout Tucker Seibert l42l ROUN THE CLUCK "Slum 4lnxx'11f" Such pleasant anticipaticn! HL Hu, Its uf! lu work wc go." l-13 I XVandering mind trouble! Our future America! Facts and figures, put 'em down! H41 Turn over a new leaf! -VL-11. 5111110 ClL'Y1'Il 1. I can do that too! Yo-Yoing, our lllilill sport. H51 Push ,ll Boots 'Htink pleasant lu Brush up your Shakespeare" A bevy of beautiful women You be frank and I'1l be earnest? H61 Xcxtftlm explosion! smell 3 rat! ww l47l 1t's a cinch. rn-ally nothing at all! Hawaiivwlmat a place to live! Typical! Now on the moors H Ah, ha, gorging again! of Scotland H81 "Young ladies of Ellis!" "Hurt her . . ull . . dignity?" A stitch in time saves . . I-191 Trumpcfl your own acc Camera. lights . . trouble! VVho's the next victim? Glue Club at tllc Christmas Pageant, l50l DCtC1ll1l011-tl1HtlS what you get, you angel! The Christmas Pageant -, L ,S "Swan, what is your trouble?" The "take ten" class! I7asciuz1li11g rhythm Show 'em how to Hghtl VVOW, such form! Show me the way to go home! i521 The patter of tiny feet Phew! what a relief. The Junior Prom I5-31 FINIS! n Acheson, Adrianne 6844 Penham Place C81 MOntrose 1-8481 Addenbrook, Zoe 407 Glen Arden Drive C81 MOntrose 1-9120 Albright, Ethel Lynne Claridge Aartments 5604 Fifth Avenue C321 ATlantic 1-5100, ext. 2463 Alderdice, Deborah Bliss 1359 Shady Avenue C171 HAzel 1-3208 Allen, Judith Pierce 4211 Bigelow Boulevard C131 MAyflower 1-3175 Anderson, Nancy Martin 119 Bayard Place C131 MAyflower 1-6451 Annan, Barbara Green Woodland Road C321 HAzel 1-4473 Arensberg, Eve Murray 1172 Murrayhill Avenue MOntrose 1-2890 Arensberg, Hope D. 1172 Murrayhill Avenue C171 MOntrose 1-2890 Arensberg, Susan Hays 2 School House Lane C321 MAyflower 1-5423 Armentrout, Jean Beech 102.0 Highmont Road C321 MOntr-ose 1-4242 Armentrout, Sally Ann 1020 Highmont Road C321 MOntrose 1-4242 C171 Arnd, Anita 773 Shady Drive, East C161 LEhigh 1-3194- Arrott, Leslee 6819 Reynolds Street C81 Hlland 1-7769 Arrott, Clare Lynne 6819 Reynolds Street Hlland 1-7769 Arthur, James Gayn le Heights 1-0204 Dorothy Drive C151 1-2431 Jean Caird Drive C151 1-2431 Ellen Dund Drive C151 1-2431 C31 5602 Map SChenley Ct. C321 Babcock, Pasadena STerling Babcock, Pasadena STerling Babcock, Pasadena STerling OTE Directory Bartley, Honey M. 420 S. Dallas Avenue C81 MOntrose 1-0519 Bartley, Suzanne H. 420 S. Dallas Avenue C81 MOntrose 1-0519 Baton, Caroline Louise 126 Penham Lane C81 MOntrose 1-1879 Baton, Linda Carpenter 126 Penham Lane C81 MOntrose 1-1879 Baur, Louise 1209 Farragut Street C61 Hlland 1-1978 Bayard, Nina Walton 223 Gladstone Road C171 MUseum 1-2825 Beall, Judith Marjorie Evergreen Hamlet C91 Mlllvale 1-2194 Beauregard, Linda Jeanne 172 Shaler Drive, Glenshaw Glenshaw 9 Becker, Marion Jaynes 320 Richland Lane C81 PEnhurst 1-7688 Beckwith, George Nicholas III 1772 Beechwood Blvd. C171 JAckson 1-2036 Beeson, Dorinda White Edgewood Road C151 STerling 1-6025 Beeson, Elizabeth Blakeslee Edgewood Road C151 STerling 1-6025 Bell, Elizabeth Ewing 5235 Westminster Place C321 MUseum 1-1588 Bell, Hester Craig 5235 VVestminster Place C321 MUseun1 1-1588 Bell, Louise Nesbit 5235 YVestminster Place C321 MUseum 1-1588 Bell, Marcia Marilvn 315 S. Lexington Avenue C81 FRemont 1-7297 Bell, Margaret VV., 5811 Howe Street C321 MOntrose 1-3834 Bell, Susan Reed 5811 Howe Street C321 MOntrose 1-3834 Bergman, Jettie Louise 2436 Craftmont Avenue C51 WAlnut 1-5300 156 Bickel, Blythe Morton 819 St. James Street C321 MAyflower 1-6603 Carr, Ronald 5506 Fifth Avenue C321 MUseum 1-2475 Bindley, Louise BrackenridgeChancellor, Suzanne 5450 Dunmoyle Street C171 MUseum 1-2427 Blair, Clara Howe Woodland Road C321 Hlland 1-6060 Blair, Mary 5479 Darlington Road C171 HAzel 1-5831 Blaxter, Anne Penrose 6420 Beacon Street C171 HAzel 1-7086 Boyle, Candace Leigh Apt. 109 Claridge Apts. 5604 Fifth Avenue C321 EMerson 1-0435 Bragd-on, Barbara Elizabeth North Drive C151 STerling 1-6848 Bragdon, Mary Penelope North Drive C151 STerling 1-6848 Braun, Marjorie E. 6828 Penham Place C81 MOntrose 1-2423 Brush, Hannah Elizabeth 1127 N. Euclid Avenue C61 MOntrose 1-5777 Burgess, Florence Marian 1156 S. Negley Avenue C171 Hlland 1-1357 Butler, Margaret Sandra Oak Hill Farms Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 1846 Byerly, Rebecca Ann 205 Lytton Avenue C131 MAyflower 1-8142 Byerly, Virginia XV. 205 Lytton Avenue C131 MAyflower 1-8142 Byrnes, Susan 215 S. Linden Ave. C81 MOntrose 1-8889 Calhoun, Constance C. 1321 Bennington Avenue MAyflower 1-2775 Campbell, Carol Martin 4367 Schenley Farms Ter. MAyflower 1-2844 C171 C131 Campbell, Nancy Jane Edgewood Road C151 STerling 1-1386 Campbell, Patricia Ann 5433 Kipling Road C171 HAzel 1-8032 l 5440 Fifth Avenue C321 SChenley 1-0334 Chase, Barbara Hancock 311 Juniata Court C81 MOntrose 1-3470 Clifford, Marion Brent 5463 Kipling Road C171 HAzel 1-8030 Close, Barbara Jean Edgewood Drive C151 STerling 1-2334 Cohen, Judith B. 1235 Malvern Avenue C171 SChenley 1-29,00 Cohen, Maxine L. 1277 Bellerock Street C171 HAzel 1-7712 Cohen, Sylvia 3307 Beechwood Blvd. C171 JAckson 1-1743 Collier, Helen Etta 131 Carnegie Place C81 FRemont 1-6084 Copeland, Ann Sewall Oakhill Farms, Allison Park Glenshaw 406 Copeland, Caroline Lysle Oakhill Farms, Allison Park Glenshaw 406 Copeland, Margot Hunter Oakhill Farms, Allison Park Glenshaw 406 Crabtree, Patricia 7034 Thomas Boulevard C81 FRemont 1-4054 Crawford, Marilynn Dyer 318 Richland Lane C81 CHurchill 1-1414 Crouch, Ann Fleming 926 S. Aiken Avenue C321 MUseum 1-1645 Crout, Elizabeth R. D. 1, Babcock Blvd. Allison Park, Pa. Perrysville 2431-M Dauler, Margaret Hodge 5414 Kipling Road C171 MAyflower 1-4404 Davis, Jean Miller 5130 Pembroke Place C321 MAyflower 1-9031 DeNinno, Mary Carolyn 4533 Stanton Avenue C11 STerling 1-4234 Dennis, Helen Butler 5800 Aylesboro Avenue C175 HAzel 1-1926 Derdeyn Claire Land 1022 Murrayhill Avenue C175 EMerson 1-7749 Dorbritz, Norina Fox Chapel Road C155 STerling 1-1933 Eaton, Susan Williamson 5033 Castleman Street C325 MUseum 1-0978 Ebbert, Ann Singer 1441 Squirrel Hill Ave. C175 MUseum 1-2381 Ebbert, Kay Murtland 6603 Kinsman Road C175 JAckson 1-0281 Egan, Susanne 260 Lytton Avenue C135 MAyflower 1-3725 Engelder, Catherine 4323 Andover Terrace C135 MAyflower 1-9168 Erving, Clarissa 6820 Juniata Place C65 HIland 1-1418 Evans, Margaret Gray 1026 Highmont Road C325 MOntrose 1-9008 Ewing, Ann M. 1307 Beechwood Blvd. C175 MOntrose 1-1324 Ewing, Jane K. 1307 Beechwood Blvd. C175 MOntrose 1-1324 Fiske, Anne Carol 1207M Chislett St. C65 MOntrose 1-5042 Flannery, Sara Elizabeth Fox Chapel Road C155 WOodland 1-8782 Fleger, Linda R. D. 2, Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 567 Fleger, Louise R. D. 2, Allison Park, Pa. Glenshaw 567 Ford, Janet A. 350 Maple Avenue C185 CHurehill 1-7795 Foster, Howard Kennedy 6 Colonial Place C325 SChen1ey 1-6787 Foster, Pauline Edwards 6 Colonial Place C325 SChenley 1-6787 Foster, Suzanne Ruth 305 Juniata Court C85 MOntrose 1-3555 Franklin, Joan 1425 Wightman Street C175 HAzel 1-0575 Fredette. Irene Claire 248 Lytton Avenue C135 MAyflower 1-7578 Freeble, Ruby Joanne Oakhill. Leetsdale. Pa. Sewickley 848 Freeland, Brigit R. 5622 Northumberland St. C175 HAzel 1-1920 Freeland, Jane H. 5622 Northumberland St. C175 HAzel 1-1920 Furlong. Sally Jane 5820 Elwood St., Apt. 34 C325 EMerson 1-2937 Gantner, Gretchen Hawthorne Road C155 S'1'erling 1-5162 Gantner, Virginia Hawthorne Road C155 STerling' 1-5162 Garrison, Jane Darsie Cathedral Mansions Ellsworth Avenue C135 MAyflower 1-8100 Gillies, Barbara Rust 714 Devonshire Street C135 M.-Xyflower 1-1463 Gillies, Nancy Lee 714 Devonshire Street C135 M.-Xyflower 1-1463 Gordon, Katherin 1221 XYightman Street C175 Care of R D. Baker HAzel 1-8035 Hall. Linda 712 St, James Street C325 MAyflower 1-6799 Harper, Ann 1226 Murrayhill Avenue C175 HAzel l-7841 Hartman, Kathleen 5921 XValnut Street C325 MOntrose 1-8288 Hazlett, Judith 1112 Highland Street Tarentum, Pa, 'I'arentum 4002 Helm, Elisabeth H. 6600 VVoodwel1 Street C175 HAzel 1-1693 Henry. Suzanne B, 6836 Penham Place C85 EMerson 1-4723 Heppcnstall, Katherine A. 6815 Edgerton Avenue C85 MOntrose 1-8817 Higgs, Carolyn limes 446 Salem Drive C165 Flieldbrook 1-2126 Hinkle, Patricia 803 Delafield Road C155 STerling 1-7749 157 Hohniann. Dorothy E. 1012 Parkview Ave. New Kensington. 1'a. New Kensington 1-3411 Hood, Barbara NYilson 5420 Plainfield Street 4175 SCl1enIey 1-7411 Horne, Nancy Sheldon 1040 Devon Road C135 SChenley I-2323 Horney, Carolyn K. 203 Tennyson Avenue C135 MAyflower 1-9908 Hotchkiss, Patricia J. 6927 Penn Avenue C85 MOntrose 1-6143 Howard, Julia Morgan 536 Briar Cliff Road C215 l'Enhurst 1-1363 Howard, Macon Lee 536 Briar Cliff Road C215 l'Enhurst 1-1363 Hughes, Susan Mackey 540 Cilen Arden Drive C85 MOntrose 1-8834 Irwin, Mary Lindsay 5305 1Yestminstcr Place C325 M.-Xyflower 1-2759 Jackson, Jenifer A. 5029 Amberson Place C325 M.-Xyflower 1-4411 Jacob, Mary Lawrence 1336 Bennington Ave. C175 Mlfseuni 1-5422 affe Kellie Lou J ,V A . 1310 Squirrell Hill Ave. C175 SCl1enley 1-8576 Jameson. Kathryn XY. 5878 Avlesboro Avenue C175 HAzel 51-3618 Jorgensen, Elizabeth C, 6830 Reynolds Street C85 1iMerson 1-3532 King, Diane 1425 Beechwood Blvd. C175 J,-Xckson 1-2003 King, Sarah 1112 Shady Avenue C325 MOntrose 1-7818 Kumer. Carol M. Pasadena Drive C155 STerling 1-1215 Kyle, Anne S. Hillcrest Road C155 Slerling 1-1465 Kyle. Susan Camden Hillcrest Road C155 S'l'erling 1-1645 Large, lileanore B. 5826 Marlboro Street C175 HAzel 1-8389 1 Lawrence, Ruth Frances 229 E. 1Valdheim Rd. C155 S'l7erling 1-7018 Leonard, Carley Josephine 5734 XYilkins Avenue C175 HAzel 1-6047 Lewis. Barbara McDonnell 1515 XYightman Street C175 HAzel 1-6479 Lewis, Julie Currier 1515 XYightman Street C175 H.-Xzel 1-6479 Long, Lucia Irene 1 Midway Road C165 lfleldbrook 1-6568 Love, Sally 5920 Braeburn Place C325 Hlland 1-5663 Marks. Mary L. 7 Dunmoyle Place C175 MOntrose 1-0676 Martin, Stephanie 1156 Murrayhill Avenue C175 Hlland 1-7993 Mellon, Diane S. 111 Yorkshire Road C85 MOntrose 1-4121 Mercer, Diane E. 701 St. James Street C325 SChenley 1-7418 Meyer, Mary L. 31-1 S, Dallas Ave. C85 MOntrose 1-6673 Morgan, Mary Louise 5747 Fifth Avenue C325 MOntrose 1-5117 Mulert. Justine 197 Longue Vue Drive C165 Ll-Ihigh 1-0767 Mulert. Louise 197 Longue Yue Drive C165 Llihigh 1-0767 Mullen. Barbara D. Royal York Apts. M.-Xyflower 1-5727 C135 McCarg'o, Gretchen YVoodland Rd. QQ 5th Ave, C325 EMerson 1-5391 McCarg'o, Margaret 1Yoodland Rd. 8: 5th Ave. C325 1iMerson 1-5391 MeClenahan, Sallie 5840 Solway Street C175 1-1.-Xzel 1-4881 McCormick. Margaret T. 5935 Alder Street C325 H1land 1-1436 McCready, Gail Dianne 5715 Ellsworth Avenue C325 Hlland 1-4196 McCreery, Kathleen 6337 Jackson St. C61 EMerson 1-2272 McDonough, Mary Agnes 217 Tennyson Avenue C131 MAyflower 1-4114 McEldowney. Elizabeth 4 Von Lent Place C321 MAyflower 1-6822 McEldowney, Carolyn Plant 4 Von Lent Place C321 MAyflower 1-6822 McGinnis, Charlotte J. 521 Glen Arden Drive C81 HIland 1-3282 McGraw, Marban E. 1101 S. Negley Avenue C171 EMerson 1-0515 McGraw, Mary Constance 1101 S, Negley Avenue C171 EMerson 1-0515 McGurk, Jan Clarke 3242 Beechwood Blvd. C171 HAzel 1-2724- McKay, Nancy 3 Von Lent Place C321 MAyflower 1-.0983 McKelvy, Jane Sheldon 1400 Bennington Avenue C171 MAyflower 1-3455 McMahon, Perrynell MCG. 6101 Fifth Avenue C321 MOntrose 1-6221 McSorley, Roberta 1300 Inverness Street C171 MAyflower 1-0833 Nash, Patricia 4136 Bigelow Boulevard C131 MAyflower 1-1394 Naylor, Sarah Virginia 1283 Beechwood Blvd. C61 EMerson 1-4161 Nelson, Molly Christine 5432 Kipling Road C171 M.-Xyflower 1-3973 O'Neil, Barbara E. 932 S. Aiken Avenue C61 MAyflower 1-6711 Patterson, Judith Ann 6671 Kinsman Road C171 JAckson 1-5288 Peck, Linda McKay 5923 Kentucky Avenue C321 MOntrose 1-1719 Pennington, Dolores Ann 5170 Beeler Street C171 SChenley 1-5681 Pixley, Lynn Cisel 1902 Beechwood Blvd. C171 JAckson 1-1181 Rea, Ingrid 5825 Fifth Avenue C321 Hlland 1-7489 Rea, Katherine Howe 1177 Murrayhill Avenue C171 EMerson 1-7672 Reed, Susan Ellison 6676 Kinsman Road C171 JAckson 1-1330 Reynolds, Ann 714 Hastings Street C61 MOntrose 1-3282 Robinson, Lucia W. 1401 Bennington Avenue C171 SChenley 1-5544 Robinson, Mary Jane 1400 Squirrel Hill Ave. C171 MUseum 1-1955 Rock, Katherine Lenore 5823 Elmer Street C321 EMerson 1-5071 Rodgers, Anne Bennett 5916 Howe Street C321 MOntrose 1-0233 Rodgers, Elsa 5916 Howe Street C321 MOntrose 1-0233 Rodman, Hugh III 5606 Northumberland St. C171 HAzel 1-0793 Rodman. Jennifer Q7606 Northumberland St, C171 HAzel 1-0793 Rodman. Nancy 5306 Northumberland St. HAzel 1-0793 Roop, Barbara Ann 1Iillrise Farm, VVagner Rd., R. D. 2, Allison Park. Pa. Dorseyville 1-R 12 C171 Rost. Linda 541 Glen Arden Drive C81 MOntrose 1-4550 Rowland, Marilyn Ruth 217 Lytton Avenue C131 SChenley 1-2321 Rushton. Linda Ellen Maryland Gardens 5822 Elmer St. C321 MOntrose 1-1965 Russell, Karyn Kay 392 Anawanda Avenue C161 LOcust 1-3502 Sayers, Susan Margaret 577 Moorhead Place C321 SChenley 1-0528 Schaefer, Susan Ann 5665 Bartlett Street C171 HAzel 1-6662 Scharfe, Carol Louise 903 Amberson Ave. C321 MUseum 1-1583 Scheetz, Barbara B. 607 Pitcairn Place C321 SChenley 1-1532 Schmidt, Helen S. 1060 Highmont Road C321 HIland 1-0399 Scott, Caroline H. 65,00 Beacon Street C171 HAzel 1-2052 Scott, Louise Evans 6101 Kentucky Avenue C321 MOntrose 1-2071 Scott, Joellen 202 Ross Avenue C211 FRemont 1-3467 Scoville, Lucile Lewis 5031 Castleman Street C321 MUseum 1-6027 Seibert, Betty Jane Field Club Road Ext, C151 XVOodland 3-8645 Shelmire, Mildred Suzanne 5604 Fifth Avenue C321 Apartment 112 Hlland 1-5425 Shrum, Maxine K. Fox Chapel Road C151 STerling 1-0101 Silvis, Betty Lou 1381 Terrace Drive C161 LEhigh 1-6723 Smith, Mary K. 204 Lingrove Place C81 MOntrose 1-8387 Srodes, Susan 604 Pitcairn Place C321 MAyflower 1-8580 Stahl, Viola Joline 1800 Beechwood Blvd. C171 JAckson 1-1493 Stone, Cynthia L. 5721 Lynnhaven Road C171 EMerson 1-5293 Straub, Lucy E. E. VValdheim Road C151 STer1ing 1-2775 Sturrock, Mary L. 5530 Fifth Avenue C321 MUseum 1-6878 Swan, Dorothy Lee 532 S. Aiken Ave, C321 SChenley 1-8044 Swan, Hollie S. 1418 Browning Road C61 MOntrose 1-4741 Swan, Robert IV 1418 Browning Road C61 MOntrose 1-4741 Taylor, Marjorie Louise 3938 Evergreen Road C91 VVEllington 1-0129 Tim, Ellen Hartpence 5020 Castleman Street C321 MUseum 1-5985 1581 Titzel, Constance B. Squaw Run Road C151 VVOodland 1-8853 Trondle, Martha J. 1219 N. Sheridan Avenue C61 EMerson 1-2474 Tucker, Anne R. 1111Winterton Street C61 EMerson 1-0962 Vaux, Barbara Brant 1427 Squirrel Hill Ave. C171 SChenley 1-0405 Vaux, Elizabeth Anna 1427 Squirrel Hill Ave. C171 SChenley 1-0405 Vaux, Mary Martha 1427 Sfuirrel Hill Ave. C171 SChenley 1-0405 1Vallace, Elizabeth Louise 1320 Beechwood Blvd, C171 JAckson 1-4345 VVard, VVendy Miller 601 St. James Street C321 MAyflower 1-8577 XVarden, Mary Louise 716 N. Sheridan Avenue C61 MOntrose 1-6632 VVeaber, Susan 4115 Bigelow Boulevard C131 MAyflower 1-1437 VVeir, Ann Harmonson 5544 Northumberland St. C17 SChenley 1-6394 XVeir, Dorothy Denney 5544 Northumberland St. C17 SChenley 1-6394 1Vcisser, Jane 1204 Dennistcn Avenue C171 MOntrose 1-4592 Wfhitmore, Sharon Lee 18 Richmond Circle C91 Perrysville 2603-R XVolff, Donald Dunzee, Jr. 6606 Kinsman Road C171 HAzel 1-4224 VVolFf, Elizabeth Jamison 6606 insman Road C171 HAzel 1-4224 VVoo1folk, Ann C. 6830 Juniata Place C81 MOntrose 1-7763 Zimmerman, Louisa South Drive C151 Fox Chapel Manor STerling 1-1972 Zimmermann, Mary Ann 765 College Avenue C321 Apartment 206 MOntrose 1-5834 J 1 l5fJI The McKay Company 1005 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh 22, Pennsylvania Manufrwturcrs of - McKAY TIRE CHAINS McKAY INDUSTRIAL CHAIN McKAY WELDING RODS McKAY CLEANER-WAX l60l Tl1ere's no other smokeless fuel like HJZE if Smolceless and sootless 'Ir Requires less furnace attention 'k ignites easily-burns completely 'A' Can be usecl anywlwere--furnace fireplace, stove or range. N S L'0AL Order DISCO from your Fuel Merchant-by bug or bulk DISCO is ca trademarked product of PITTSBURGH C0llS0llDA'l'l0N CUM. CUMPMIY Koppers Building, Pittsburgh, Pa. Congratulations and BEST WISHES To THE CLASS OF 1950 i631 ONE OF THE FOUR Only four trust companies between Pittsburgh and the Atlantic seahoard have specialized in the settlement of estates and the management of trust funds for more than sixty years. The financial Well being of your family is their primary concern. IN PITTSBURGH - "is Heli' For full iletezilf about the Jpecialized aid Fideligf 0j6I'J, write for our new book, "For tbe Protection of Your Money and Yom' Family in ez Fmt-claanfgirztg World." EEPEELIXAVBHSESQEFMV I os 1 Gompliments Of Leonard Executive Cpersormel Exafuiivs Qozfzaifa 55 JUNAS gggofogzafzfgsz fox kgs Hfffiiian Qisfdil' 6020 Centre Avenue E t Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. NlOntr0se lA34'5C Uomflgnzsnfi of U55 AHOPQOHZOTS Ufam H51 ESTABLISHED i860 4,59 k?'Q9Y EQIQEQ WWZ4 MAKERS OF MEN'S AND LADIES' CLOTHES Lou 410 SIXTH AVENUE Janna Appleton, Silk Creations , PITTSBURGH, PA. OPFGSITE NIXON THEATER 0 ATLANTIC IIS! McKe1VY 81 Company UNION TRUST BUILDING P I T T S B U R G H Telephone GRant 1-8700 WILLIAM M. MCKELVY MEMBERS G. PEARSON RHODES, JR. NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE G. E. MAY PITTSBURGH STOCK EXCHANGE C. A. BUZZA NEW YORK CURB KASSOCIHIEJ T. W. FRIEND, JR. F. H. HUNTER I66I Hmm Wcgaahne, fm. EIJVV1XRlDS,C3ECJRL3E AND COMPANY INCORPORATED General Insurance 307 Fourth Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. More than eighty-one years co t n ous service Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments Uf D. D. Foster Company ALLEGHENY LUDLUM STEEL CURPURATIUN V 7fze flfaffoid feacfmg pfzacfucm af szwzm 549.514 lift Q04l4'Z4 V HENRY VV. OLIVER Bl'II.DING PIT'I'SBI'RGH 22, PA. Royal Doulton Figurines Margaret G. Burt DISTINCTIVE GIFTWARES OCCASIONAL FURNITURE Three Ten Beverly Road LEhigh 1f77OO Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Stevenson-Chislett, Inc. Center and Highland Aves. "Thr Grorwry C'orm'r" MOntr0sc 1-1665 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 Squirrel Hill N ewstand "The Store of Friemlly Sm'r'ir'v" SI-IADYSIDE ELECTRIC MA 1-4960 5500 Walnut St. Wiring - Appliances - Records - Repairs MISS ROSE - CHAPEAUX Rollier Bros., Inc. East Liberty, Pittsburgh 32, Pa. 226 S. Highland Ave. MO 1-7245 Plumbing - Heating - Roofing - Electrical Hardware - Housewares - Paints HATS - C USTUIII 11111 DE Appliances MA. 1-3731 5501-03 Walnut St. 1691 PEPPER'S FLORAL SHOP ARLINGTON APTS. SC 15555 ALDER PHARMACY Druggists 252 S. HIGHLAND AVE. AT ALDER ST. PITTSBURGH, PA. Liberty Brazing 86 Welding Co. Complete Auto Service 140 S. Beatty St. Pittsburgh 6, Pa. MO 1f1776 Henry Kreiling 86 Sons Co. CHOICE FRESH AND SMOKED MIEATS OUR TELEPHONE NUMBERS ARE Hlland 1-2980 - 1-2981 Hlland 1-2982 SEA FOODS EAST END FLORAL SHOPPE Flowers and Decorations for all Occasions Flowers by Wire MO If607I 5817 PENN AVE. Opposite Enright Theatre Compliments of RECORD CENTER 532 Smithfield St. Pittsburgh 22, Pa. SHADYSIDE MARKET SAM 86 CHARLES CATANESE 5509 Walnut St. SC 135470 We Deliver Aiken Avenue Meat Market JOHN HECK Home Dressed Meats and Poultry Fresh Fish and Oysters Eggs and Cheese 815 So. Aiken Ave., E. E. 1710! MAyflowef 1-5918 Cleaning Materials and Chemicals Co. CHARLES W. HUGHES General Manager ATlantic 1-6382 3139 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh 22, Pa. GOOD LUCK! '5Ofrom'54 MARTIN E? VANDERVORT Pharmzzrists 5618 Wilkins Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa, Phone HAzel 1f7727 Compliments BERGER'S DRUG STORES PAUL 86 LOUIS Reliable Hair Shop 6016 Center Avenue PENNSYLVANIA APARTMENTS Co1r1pli1m'11ts of VOGUE CLEANERS BETTER DRY CLEANING 250 S. Highland Ave. E. E., Pittsburgh GEORGE B. REED OPTICIANS Main Floor Jenkins Arcade Attractive styles of glasses for YOUTH Let us fill your prescription G 90 B OW 2 xg? . ,v.-..,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,. ..., ,....-. V PAINT COLORS distributed by PITTSBURGH PAINT SUPPLY, Inc. SINCE 1901 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES 1950 0113 gfowsz Sffop OF SHADYSIDE We thought we were horses In fifth grade, Now our interests have changed We're afraid! THE F RESHMAN CLASS 1721 Compliments of THE JUNIOR CLASS :fy . ..,.,... ,.l. m.....V......e.u... new .:::. I s A L Y's ' I .M,.......fm.r.,......,......--... 1 ,.n.. . ,i L5 - .am W ' .. V. f me - I QA " is'iiZ'if ICE CREAM and DAIRY I'RODL'C'I'S Compliments of Keystone Wire Matting Co. CARLISLE NURSERY Landscape Gardening Greenhouse Plant DEALER IN Trees, Slirubbery and All Kinds of Bedding Plants 1369 Missouri St., Near Lemington Ave. E. E., Pittsburgh f6j Pa. l73I BEST WISHES Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. A F R 1 E N D Jacob L. Cohen Joyce-Mcfllements Co. PENN AVE. AT SHADY SCHENLEY APTS. f Sth AVE. Compliments R. RUSSELL ROOP CO W I 741 NATALIE DONNELLY SHOP Intvrioring - Ih'z'0rnting 4lI!ltC'l'illlS - Slip C'0r'r'1'.Q - ClllTflllI1S Complimgnts of 5441 Wallmut St. MU 152607 f WWW THOMAS PAGE SONS 735 S. Aiken Avenue Compliments S. GUMPERT CO., Inc. JAS. L. GOOD MARKET Emma 'Dudyik Woodlawn Pharmacy l75l J V, 'tif . N 3 Q .. ,V ' K J J QJ lil AVA YAY- YAYAXI-V1 jll'llg'l'l'lUl'A'1 AY! -VI Qljlhlfllllyrgj - A - ,, ,. 1 'v I r I ' ' ,lf - --Q Wd' 'K l761 W 445K F0,Q 00100144 . 657' 705 5557- C'OII1I1HII1CIlf8 0 V fill zum 0 - I N e cmxams fr J wif' Li by Co1onyciX " l 5, LQ f 1 49 K.. , Q F 11 I 11: N In ,W WH mmm 059 s . Cyp muon nu: nun Wh jmlzialdcwd Sf , M! Q Nnmwmcemenid Smartly Engraved 517.45 - First 100 649 Dfmimq . . at equally attractive prices THOMAS SIVITER 81 CO. Publishers 0fuEllI,Si!1ll Fields' AVCIIUC YEZTS Delzexxdalmle I77I

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Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Ellis School - Ellisian Fields Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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