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I I Ti? I QHBm 'wK5h:f' 1941 ELLI IA FIELD l'UISl.lSIIliU ANNUALIX lSIIIL'l'LIlli SIINIIUR CI.Y."XSSNYCJF T H E E L L I S S C II O 0 L PI'l"l'SI5lIRCTH. PIiNNSYl.X'.-XN ISI INI NN NIXNV I R IXNI I lxl IIINI R Cfhrouqh The Heats This year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Ellis School For Girls. ln the heginning the school consisted of one main huilding, in which classes were conducted, and a pavilion, Where assemblies and gym classes were held in good weather. On cold or rainy days the narrow front hall and present reception room served as auditorium and gymnasium. Before the new gymnasium was added, the girls played hockey on the old Shady Side Academy grounds and practiced haslcethall in the recreation rooms ol the Church of the Ascension. As the student enrollment and teaching staff increased, the West Building was added. in 1953, when the Shearer School merged with the Ellis School, the East Building was bought to accommodate the ever increasing student hody. international conditions seem to he much the same today as they were when the school was founded. The world was then engrossed in World War 1 and it is now in the midst of World Vvar 11. The three patriotic minded Seniors ol 1918 carried Hags at their commencement, hut the twenty-six graduates of '41 will carry the customary Howers. The two graduating classes are similar in that while in school they lcnitted husily and rolled handages for soldiers. A comparison oi Cooperative 'Government rules with early official regulations illustrates another way in which the school has progressed. Formerly for punish- ment a girl had to remain after school and copy the Constitution of the United States. Today her period of detention depends upon her offense and is used for study. Neatness as well as deportment was checked upon hy the faculty in 1916. Deslcs were inspected every Friday afternoon, whereas now there is no such inspection, the responsihility for good manners and hehavior resting largely with the girls. They watch each other more rigidly, on the whole. than the faculty ever did. ln 1916 the Student Government was conducted on the demerit system, while the present Cooperative Government is hased on the detention system. K During the past twenty-tive years the school has established a record for sound scholarship and has huilt up interesting traditions. School customs and ideals when well established put their stamp upon pupils and, in a measure, form a type. May this "Ellis typeu continue to he one that will hring honor to the school 'through the college years and eventually in the wider social world. ELLISIAN FIELDS Page T100 C Niiss SARA Fuixzrak firms Ma,Q'6!Z1gy iounfier and prinripai oi'Ti1e Ellis Svimoi which is reieimrerling its lwenty'iii'ii1 anniversary lilis year. ugi- 'l'lmfv l'iI.I.lSI.XN lim FGRFXVGRD IN this puhtication ot the Ellisian Fields the Ectitoriat Boarot has endeavored to present to the student hocty a tasting record ot the school year, 1940-1941. Lite at the Ellis School is active and varied, and the students range in age from tour to eighteen. Vve have sincerely tried to portray this varieot activity throughout the pages ot our book. It is our hope that in the years to come when you took hack at this year hook, you will experience true pleasure as you re-tive in memory the happy hours We have all spent together at Ettis. ELLISIAL. he is Page Four MRS. XVIILARIJ C IVIQCULLY ' THl': Sc-nior Class of Nil1c'lc'efl1 Hluulrccl j Forly-om' clvclivnlvs lllis vcliliml of IIN X lfuisiun Fields lo NIRS. XIVILLARD IxfICCLVl.l.Y. This is mlomf in Ql'illl'!vllI upprc-c'iniion lbor In-r ff Q lllli'4'2lSiIlQ pzllivmw-. lwr clcvp llIlll0l'SlilIllhIlg, um' In-r siozullusl loyully lo all of us. l 1 l '1' lfnusux lunns l t:u0N'l' Rim tl:-ll to riglltl-Bliss tlierson, ixliss cil'kltilll1'2lCt, ixliss yliss Sluelcton, Ntrs. Hogg. BACK Row tit-ll to riglxtl-Ntiss Roessing, lvlrs. Newcomer, lxliss Burlituouse. ixlrs. Koptil, ylrs. lxlcfiully. ivtrs. Ferguson, ixliss l.lntc-lnxlll. Nliss Xvillianls, lxtiss Nia-inning. UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY Since its organization, tl1e principal aims oi Tile Ellis Sctiool liave in-en to stimulate interest in ttle cultural studies: to create in eactl stuctent an interest in tlle important activities tlmt the times ctemanct: to teacll consideration tor anct uncterstancling ot otllersg and to imlvue eactl stuclent witty a spirit ot sell reliance. so ttmat tt1ere can spring torttl tlle powers ol intelligence. sympatliy, appreciation. anct integrity wl1ict1 lie cteep wittlin eact1 inctivictual. Atter twenty-live years ttuese aims remain unctlangect even in ttlese cllaotic days. It is necessary to ieel that tllere is and will remain some stabilizing intluence in ttle lives ol ct1ilctren. parents anct sctlools must serve to turnistl tllis requirement. it tlwe stuctents ot Ellis, witll time aicl of ttle parents and time faculty. will steadily lceep tmetore tl1em time icleals anti purposes ot tt1e sctmool, it is to ive lloped ttlat eacl1 student will ttlen succeed in Cteveloping tier inflivictual interests anct almility to tier tligtlest potentiality. lil.l.ISlAN I'-IPLDS Page Six SENIURS 1 1 1916 1 194 NANCY JANE GELLATLY Edgewood Park Iunior College President of Senior Class President of I urren Q? r C t E r-1. 'FfiGnClSllip,,f-1 4 u0ur Prexien-long, blonde locks'-fuVVe're just frienclsn,-a wow on an accordion-still wears a lower school uniform-UHOW about the Whiskey Rebellion, Miss Pierson?"-she,s gingervatingl.-1 tI1ere's always a gang at Geuatlys-bowling fab '-1 bewitching laugh f- holy terror at volleyball ,- big week ends at P. A. - J. C. Baby, whew! '- cute vanity Cases. ELLISIAN FIELDS P1199 Eighf HP1l.EN MARIE BRADSHAW NVvHvslvy Collvgv Ibn .,,1i1 uf Club Fr: -n1a' tu Clutm Cilll'I'l'llt tiVl'lltS t.?ilCt6l' I clilfitell Ctlltl -"I'm Forever Blowing Butztntesu-1 Gift tor gfutr-swilnming ixve-Uvvett, t fun utways go wittl my tmrottlf-rn --1 retreats -4 quoting ttw tumity-ftButmtmtesu-favorite pastime. twcmn- ing vntnngtect wittl tire tlyCtl'2ll1tS '- Ctrenms ot iournntism-nmytw stwttt tw nn opvrn star-ltmt wonctf-rtut rvct suit-spontnnvous tuugtm-Ufarry Nts ttnrtx to CDH Virginnyn -- SlI100ttl ctinnvr purlivs. Puggv Ninn- til.l,ISl.XN t'-Il'l NANCY' ELIZABETH DONALDSCTN Sullins Iunior Collvgv French Clulu Art Clulm 0 0- Uarclen Clulm QQ 'v Class Day Conuniliocsrxr- Ur X M. Q9 l NX J! OJS ff Sr Q? Qi' ' D -HYou Are lvly Slznslzinei- Jitlerluug -1 lwirling a long. lmlarlc curl - Revlon's l-uvorile Customer-Creator ol' recl slwirt lad -1 Cllampion ol the uncler-clog - Ola. tlmsv lrrotllersl-srrewlmll-sl1e and Harlman are jusl lilce that lll-prolplem clmilcl-iusl a clrilter'-Hail lo Pitt-slci-jump nose-Detention fgueen-smooth sports Cloflles-still n loyal Willkie supporter. 1 - J LLISIAN l'lll.ll9 'UF' HARRIE1' RIDGE FLEMING Slfilllllllfl' fwoiivgv IL. A. A. W! L lf' if f 'MJ aff ' W I Wlfvdfjl bv I , 1 ,L' 1 N I riff! Wy , 'pf fL,1' X i c 7 li ff ,rf 6 K 7 I la rvlffb : iii fm - 5 X N fl -V f .oficlx '1 - 4 M1 f WN5 miiake Nic Out To Tile Bail Gannon , AL. ,gfz N ' g d , Niniiu silnrix -- iunriies wilil lime Juniors -- lilervis liml siiirl agnini '- Saturday afternoon movie inn - runnin for ringing npnrlmenl ilouse cioorimeiis ,- "All i wunl is soCiniJiiity" - Ken .iovicellev 9l1iilllSiklSi -- Longue Vue ilaimilllee '- icevn sense oi' ilumor-exceis in sports-pixie ex- pression-lrying lo mnsler an irisil iJrogue--i1ih'i1- ing ricies iiomv irom srilooi-Biii is irouimif-. I' ' lil ' H . . W" 'H H i',Ll.lSIAN I ning GERTRUDE JEANNE Fniesriu. Igraflfofd Illflioi' College President of French Ciuim Glee Club E. A. A. Uarcien Ciuiu ,-Hpractice Makes Perfect",- Time Paraciox'-ati-around atimiete-S. A. devotee-tile go-getter. in more ways tilan onei-1 Frizzie '-1 bigger and iJetter weeic-encis -1 tile tate commuter-Dad of gridiron fame-coid victim - ilas two marveious ivrotiwrs - ilot Christmas presents-good danfer--sort of in ax iog-uHeaci over iweeisu-little sister trouixie. N i'n1x.ni plllll ANN CAIQX' CJRISVVOLD Ufwrlin fwouvqv 1 1 fc fur " an . J 4 'n IH ommi PE sf' f-H14llQ0Iuf-1 TIN' pm-rfe'r'l Iancix'-Iilvlwlrx' Qmlills--Cllulllnnl village lass-:moves nnmngj us in n quiel sorl of way,-womlvrful clisposilion-frvmny romplc-xion unrl corrm-rolorvcl 'mir-Howe-rAlilu---HI jusl lmlrnvcl IIUNX' lo play lrriclgcf'-cXz1ll11, rvsf-rvvcl, mul digni- lied-rornpnnimmllle-I ll grin if you'H grin all mv -poise' of an Soullnern In-Hv. 'ugw llurlwvn l':l.l.lSIAN l"n1 RACHEL HALL Wellesley College Eclitor-in-Chief ol Year Boolc Dramatic Cluh French Club Current Everits Leacler rfb I I ,-ul Canlt Rememluer To Forgett- Fascinating eyes and eyehrows -- tops in scholastic ahility -f reacly, willing, ancl ahle '- lunch-time chauffeur - has more clouhle joints than anyone else in gym class--'often amuses the policeman - notecl lor her hospitality -1 "Dont worlc too hard"--Glenn Miller swingeroo-uDear Editor"-clothes lrom New Yorlo-ul donlt get it." ELLISIAN FIELDS Page Fourlee JANE AILEEN HARTBIAN I A Swurllnmore College i Dramatic Club ' French Club Art Club Q Garden Club V ' I ! 0' .-"Our Love Affairn,-1 Unforgettable St. Louis woman! -1 toujours glamour!-loquaciousness in classes--Hollywoocl eyelaslles-HBut I wasn't told about cletentionu- ultra leminine -1 spertacles wittmout lens - ltlal come-tnitlwer loolc-Brencla-lilies ttlem upuncbyn -"Oh, l clontt lcnown-ber pet bale is Keally biting ber nails -- Pitt dances - frequently seen pulling down long sweaters. 3 I 5' ii 1 1 lug' l'll"" t:1.L1sl.w t'1m.ns MARY Louisa HEIDENKAMP Sflrflh LQl17T9nCQ President ot Cooperative Council Dramatic Ctutn French Ctuio Art Ciutl Current Eve ts Leader X fri' , My L- fl? F,'f0niy Forever"- From nigtlt owt to morning star '-1 summer souvenirs-torn between ranctming anct skating- presicientiat worries and governmental Hurries '- wtmite a Cigyiboo was burning-Hutctlis tor me-1 petite. tout oh, myi-just lo ticiiie tt10SC ivories again-pleasure tor pteasureis sake-my tcingdom ior a CtlCCS8iDLll'gCI'f-'plltS wave totion in her drink- ing glass. . 7 1 9- U , ELLISIAN FIELDS Ing' ' 'Mun v CYYNTHIA Ix1AS'I'IiN HIDl4QN'El.liR lxlflllllf XVUVHUII Sl'llliHllI'y fwnplnin ul' ilu- Xvlnilv VIQKHIIII 1 . V, -rf X Class Um' Cs0lllI!liHf'l' 6.x J-JA - 3:- ffo 3 , 'N - rv' w iv my C, xX 9 - xr O"' ' ' rc fe-f5'rvX vo X AYYW, 'fx uvs .-nfwlzurrnillfl little' Fl1,IQl?F.,'-1 Spirilvcl Qynumsl - lllilSK'lllillL' ullirc - 'wr 'vmlVOI'ilK' pvrimls ure- rvrvss mul LSYIII--D011 for ilu' lx-mn-uIl's an Ilooli-I-Cyllfir'j-H:Xl'1- you going! lo ilu- IJrllgfgjicfft-f.niIIllqlll Rollin IIOUKIPI'--UXXWIU salifl RonsvxvhYH'-lmllllls llu' liIrl'.1l'y--.Sm'rlll1 Nlnnm Xvilll .n Boogie- He-.mln-mar pal-ralmlmlc' ruusvr-llnxxilling lllll lr:-quvnl Inxlmilllvc' ol' Ille- lllIHkIll'00Ill. 4' S""""lf'1"' l'iI.I.l5lXN l"lll Ixus: X, RUTH HEl.EN JENKINS IJGIIIISYIIPUIIIZU Cxflilvgfl for XXVOHIPII Cplef' Clllll ITFCIICII Clllll CJQIFCIPII Club 43..fw - .hGU8SS Go Back Home SUfYllllf?l'H Lnlfxsl nclcliiion lo our floss-clzlily lreks from Nl0IlOl1Qklhfi'lii - wiflvsprvnfl illxflllililllilIll'f'SI1ifJ - lllircl pvriorl worries-inlblnreviulerl slalure-Tyronf' Powc-r's ,Qrculvsl fun-nl rm-nfl only Iwo Frmmflm books lfxsl summerVV-Conlrelfl-c'r21zy-drives lwo Hlnlsfmyu N'lvrrurys-pllysics cllriolls-ulmirxmel -fevcn-lclnpcrc-rl-"Ulu. lluose flisgusling purple uniforms llml I Inari lo wear lzxsl year." . , y. .xx Fu Los 'UW' I-'5 CAROL PHYLLIS JOHNSTON J xvillium mul lwary College W Presiclenl Ol Dranmlir Clulm Ulee Clulm Frenell Clulm na ,ya I f X! .- Frenesz ,-1 fi Class play lleroine-wears spilce lxeels lo malce ller loolc taller-fuvalley Forge, llere l rome!" '-finlluenlial lvig lmrollwr-not l1igl1lmlls, lmut Arclxy lmlls-supreme sopllisliealion-must have memor- izecl tl1e clivlionary-Spanisl1 l-iencl--new lmaircloes - Uinnie's pal -1 always on tlle run - Howard .lolmson ancl Dulrll lxlill lan'-sliiing al Seven bpri ngs. 91' N5'H'l1'1"' E1.Llsl.xN FIELDS DOROTHY ANN KEALLY Sullins Iunior College Garden Club Class Day Committee i 0-,M at F 'HGV C31 f I fx ' tv Chatterbox A ll Never a dull moment-always being separated from Tociciyf-iuudding poet. tile Ogden Nasim type'-syipil-iiice--weii-dated-iiimerty ioving-Penn Stale iiouse parties-passion for Convertiimies and California -1 'il-2-3 Honestn - ioves to argue ,- usweetieu-just hates ianguages-iuiice race fan- imer main competition is imer sister'-feveryoneis welcome at Keiiys ELLISIAN FIELDS P090 'I JANET Lou KUEHNER Sa FCI Il LG IUTPYIFC CNONCQP Presiclenl ol Art Clulm Business lvlanager ol Year Ffl'IIl'll Club Currenl Events lraflc-r E. A. A. '1 fi . iv 'l ' ' ' 1 PQ , L ' Q' I 1 ll 'a' A 1' ' . YJ' .,-' -I, " of 'D .' 5 . v I ' .. 1.1 I .2 12 'rage' Tluwlly om' Boolc Skatefs Waltz Classy maroon converlilmle-exrellenl Rye- Krisp model-College vacillation--our Claim lo lame in the slcaling circle-s-smllplurecl features-f ran lallc lor lmours on llle "glorious west'--enviecl lmy many-Sonja Henle warclrolme-garage floors gel in lwer way-a wlxiz in physics'-'nalllrally curly lresses-arclent lipsticli and nail polish purrllaser -violenl plaicl Coal. ELLISIAN IIILLDS l IJOROTHY ANN LIND Pino lX"1f1H0l' funior Collvgv l 1 ljrzunalic' Clulm Clee Club - Fremll. Clula 5 My ,QQ lf,,,.06 1-fuljeep 'fl A Kbfeflffluf-1 Hmurling Sl'iiu9l'lJI'EllIlu - sperinl lilcing lor Englisll males-expressive lmncls'-fHBul my lillle sisler is loo mlllkll rompelilionu-'tilerlny Linclu- snappy clollws'-Vwlznllz Queen-rates orchids for llle prom-"Good Heavens"-all my clollles are nl tlw Cleans-rys-llses lwo cle-slis uncl neecls lllrc-c: -sccrclariul lroulnlv-Hlxly anliles wmfl llolcl mv up." ELLISMN lin Ins pull" l""""3' H' 1' F I l'.LIZABliTll MCNARY 5 I Nuliorml Park Iunior Collvgv 1 Cnplaxin of ilu' c1Tl'f'l1 ,I-Pillll F ci0UlH"l'iltiV0 Counril WW L film- Club ' l le. A. A. VW XM! H f n M wwf .-"Boots and Sacfdfeu,-1 All-American girl-sparkling good humor- ller lmolyfry, horses'-Camels lo curl: the c'urve-s-- impisll dimples-Ml lllouglxl that bell would never ringn'-ev:-ryboclyvs pel pall-fupapun-lweps us on lllc slrniglll and narrow palh UP -1 winds ille- slucly-hall Clock claily'-keeps Iler feel in llle aisles -chief door-opener for the fnrully. Puyv 'l1ll'l'HfV lllrw' Fl-USMN VIH MARCELLA IVICNULTY Hollins College Clee Club French Club Art Ciui: Garden Club 97 l f 5 , by gy , og Y J. sy if v", X tabs S xx ck 9 by v' 9GE0RGfA'BAY ,-USO Long",- Hifgiii ixfiari-a Senior at sixteen-original quips'-HaiioWe'en fun-iipsticic-reci dress'-no enci of surprise for Miss Vviiiiams-tilal fishing camp I on Georgian Bay-sister trouble-iasting suntans -good iooicing relatives-evening ciotiies gaiore -Curt Magee, everyibodyis Ciloice-fsmoolil and sweet'-fiyeixinfi liwe masic of mystery,-dreamy time gal. 5 if K4 ,, gs? 4. K . 'Wg ELLISIAN FIELDS Vvellvsloy Vive-lyresidenl ol lime Senior Class Assislanl Etlilor ol' lime Year Book 1 w l'rc-nrlm Qlulm Currenl livenis l.emler ,Dum Mwfya va. - Ifl.lzABETH ANNE METZ fiollvgv .U k HiY1:5 kaxlvxfx 1-1 005. um kk QZKKK3 'Vx X611 of S Suv" .xsof Nr. 'xxx VJOT ltr. C GWR sC!1W'linlt 3. Lqwl 2. ' 'Bat' 0'-ML. VIQUHIIJIQ-l,JOll7ll Shfllik Ligonier monomaniaf '-1 envialule poise - Ufloocl olcl Dormonlu-llmree Prinvelon lnrotliers --ullis il panici'-wllolesonle laugll-volulmilily-f lmunlecl ivy slreel Cars-lallcing almoul Emilie- iiunger sirilces lolm, ye-al1?l-College Boarfls or no College Boards? r- 'lien o'cloc'li sclxolar -- clis- linguisllecl lmy lmer wiclow's pealc ancl climples- luscious Silky l1air--lmil lwo, purl Iwo beginner. Puggv ,l'll'l'llly filfv I'l I 1 'nw I ll 11 I X . ELIZABETH IJRAVO MORRIS Sflrall LflU7rf"ll'9 CNOIIPQP Vive-ljresiclent ol Stuclent Government ljlwolograplny Eclilor ol Year lloolc Glee Club 1 Frenclm Clulm Class Day Committee X-1 -- e e X - fx , 5 'XY ,.x xi s X J'My Bill"- Class slcyscraper - cliampion slmulder- slrrugger-lascinatingly languicl lmncls-Hcome lrnere. Goolnerll-tirsl to llme lunclw Counter-Beta attractions - promising lmusiness woman - llme Homesleacl lmriclge is ller fatal clxarm--successlul evening get-togetliers -- Mlllle clashing Captain Valentine Brownll-llilcingf across ttuc street to tlrie Druggie-arclent lioclcey lan-attractions at llle ljlayllouse, lmtli upstairs ancl clownstairs. W LISIAN l:n1i,ns Page Twenty-six I SUZANNI-Q MM' CDF!-'lI.l. 'grflfl'-flrf' ,Ulliffr fN0!'l'Qf' mrmnulir filulm ' Ulm- filulr :Xrl cflulr . 32271575 -nl Vxfunl To H0 Huppyur- ,- uxvllellls in an mum'if..--vslllvlin' SCIISI'--l0YK'ly spvnkilmg voirc-vxlxlwrnnl urlimms-lmigj xvm-li-vnmcls all lilllv Xvnsllinglon-Svcs llw funny sirlc-fnvorile vxprvssion is Hf1incH"-exlxwnys vrooning--ullml waxy" nlmoul c'oH'cc- irc- c'rf-mn-fric-muy forever- .luvlx ln- nimlmlc-. .lurk iw quick-slurs and slripvs I0l'C'X'f'l'-'llifjlrliIS--!H'I'f' hmm- llw rc-Inliw-sf yn' 'l4u'u'lllx'wl'1l1 IZLLISMN I HI 1 I Marymount College f r bf x- "'. 'TJ To Loverys Lullaby Ginny-roly-poly clweerfulness-Sir Malcolm Campbell, H-lone brunette in a family of blondes -ice Cream lunches-suppressecl desire to make whoopee in New York-passion for ear-ringsl- Cute, but hates to be Called it-south or west, she Can't make up her mind-always going to Carors house. I N Fleurs I VIRGINIA LOUISE REINEMAN I Ellis Guild GIGS ' French Club I 1 fx lr ,S-V' . - , f jywaw be f -4 'J ,Ari f VymvMMl I Pu ge Twenty-eiglll C1!NS'l','XNCI-Q Russian. f'unrwr'lic'ul Collvgv - 4 CQIHSS Cxlliliflllilll J + ZW ll f 4 -Hfwusic, fwaeslro, P1oase".- RlIj'l,lIIl on llw lwys-lf'l0pl1on0 ililllifl-SLIIIA unlrllilmgf 'mir-nol ax slmnluxx. iusl Qilllllliln-'llllt' '4I'l'l'liIf'S -- vigilnnl Virgililv - IllIH'IlI'0Il purlivs - clvun snclcllv slum-s I F Y - Ivllc-rs from Culx'm'- inlvrmission cnlc-rlninmvnl-on ilu' look-uul furmn lllc' vroxxfs lwsl-upuln-illgf nruuncl will: ilu' S0pII0I1l0I'1'S-'Mc M1055 NYIIOITT I IIPQITKI I1l'llllln?'- llml sliff m-cla. Palm' ,l1II'l'lllX'YlilIt USMN 'SHI DORO'FlIY HARRIET TODD National Puri? junior Coiiego . of Eaxlfflfi, :gf ij HU 1 W is ,U fig, W ww ,W O 3 fb , ,Xi WM JW ,M aff? W wwf x WW 16, f Wulf All Comes Back To Me Q E55 W HHOI Tociciyn-menace to pedestrians-Hsarls soufin'-Sviieniey Riding Stables-always borrow- ing-"Oi1, Niiss Craigiweacln-peppy and Willy'- Copyrigill on all excuses-iirsl half of lime Keaiiy- Todd Cominination'-fviCiim of spring fever'-whal a iaugiii-Tommy DOrsey's most ioyai fan-frm quent Bible Class aimsenlee-can'l imagine life without her imig lvroliier. E AN FIELDS Pflyf' Tllifly PEGGY LEE VVENTZEL New Yorle School of Fine mul Applied Arls View--llrvsiclvlml ol' Art Club Arl lfclilor ol' Your liooli Pl 9 '22 2 X-qlifjsg-VAX. 'JW " 'P Ox Q Q! '5 Q2 2 2 V .-nlwy Hearl Belongs To Drulrlyu,-. 0- YA 4 doa f v tj 9 0 U 1' Ar! procligy-fluinly-clulvel voifv-slurlling lxllw oy:-s anal jel-lmlnflc lmir-Qclling llcr lwauly slc-vp - annual moclel nl Alumnus- lu-nelils - gr-ns-rous will: lwr lalvnl ,- an 1-ye lor lwnuly - snlvly lirsl-smoolll c'om'vrsulionulisl-slnvlc lovrr -rc-nownml lor giggle in sluzlylmll.-wlqllerf-'s no plow lilw llonme-"-rzxgv lor llle rllumlm mul IIUIUC -roolxf-cl me-als. 'uyv llllnirlv om IQLHSMN I-'IH JANE LAWRENCE WOOD Swevl Briar College Secrelary-Treasurer ol Senior Class C-lee Club Frenclm Clulu Current Events Leacler E. A. A. V Carden Cluln - r" .b JW AJ! V I 1 K JL0 A V , ,ff , - Lf I fl! YW. lub, . rf 1 nf 4,1 if ,LA .ffl ,J ff fy' ' ' K I rf' U1 f .givufbl B - l -limitl- if' XVOOJp9Cl28FyS Song I ll 0 l l ll lll L,llN'0llll'0lillJlt' giggle--xliss Piersorfs inler- rogalor-lenping l-f'l'lEl-'UAAXFC you going my way?" -pe-nclulum server-clues ll0l1Illl-'NNGEITS plaicls uncl lwvecls galore-simply iflolizes Clarlc Gable -wlm, wlmo llus slolen lmer lwurl away, .lusl wllo? -wullcs lwr clog up lo Cyniels every clay. Pav 1' Tlnirly l llllslxx l'lx.L11s q liffrsv ANNE XNKIRIGHT fwounl Vvrnon Seminary ljrnnmlic' Club c:ll'f' Club I:l'i'lH"l cwlllll Ii. A. A. Bell Ringer Uurclf-nm Club ,,,51c,..,v fr-..1.,4.a x--L.,.:' fin-,f AZ,-fV'1V-5-1 1--fu -304,4 f-Q-4.AL4.4,x L7 -'JLLL .v KL!!! 8 L-Ll.:-1 ? ? Cf4L"-'-'ulrf-a J- .Y r-psfggf 0.4.1, ' 54,-4-gal.. .. , LAAAJ' Lffr-1,1-c, -Af., -.,J,4.,4.f A , .., 12, mul., QJE4, "Mc1ybe,' . f ? i Pugu' Tllirly lllrw' Clos:--Clippvcl l'orelo1'lQs'-vuricly of super 41 s -Sulurclny night fun ul lbv Colle-Q0 Club imnwnsv ungoru socks. ber own spefiully--ul1c'ul' -HFor XNVIIOIH lbs- PWM 'VO'ISN'-'ilI1l6l'AClill1l'f' purlic ul lwr bousv am- il gjrnncl lrvnl-lellvrs from lb: tlx-sc-rl-inllmuwllnlvly clrvssvcl-jzllllllilmg up lo lbs rounlry-lols ol vuusins. suv I-lll HALL OF SHAME P I I llff UNDERGRADUATES 1 1916 1 1941 FRONT ROW tl.-ti to riglxll-Pliof-ln' Xvilson, .loanne Kuvlmer, Patricia ciUl'llI'iIl1. ixlilflf' l.ouis1' Conley. BACK Row tlelt to riglntl-Anne Xxilson, llelen L:-e Dinlu-y, ,lo Anne Nlrfiullougln, Peggy Xxorslnain. Ann linvreiuw-, Eleanor Davis, fflara Hunter. ABSl'.N'l'tQl:-'l,l'gQ.fj' CiH'lllifl!. THE JUNIOR CLASS Xve welcome you into tl1e inner sanctum ol ttle .lunior Class. Xve l1ave always lleen a small class, and tllis year tliere are only twelve oi us. Socially, we lilce our size, because we clo not lvrealc into tiwse famous Hcliquesu, lout. atliletifally. we wislw we were more, sinee tllere are lwarclly enougln ot us for a goocl team in any sport. Even so, last year we won all tlwe cllarnpionsllips exrept one. However. some ol our star players have gone. and we are not progressing as well tllis year. lxlentally, we are supposecl to lie non tlme lmalln. lnut we really lrelieye tllat is only an illusion lielcl lby some wlwo are not well arquaintecl will: US. Xve tlave no particular universally lavorite clisli, unless it migilt ine ltalian spaglmetli. Ut Course. tlme type ol clotlming worn most olten is sweaters and slcirts. Hats are, in general. clislilcecl. ln our opinion Artie Slwaw is again coming into llis own. clue to some ol llis HSIl'l00ll'lU arrangements ancl luis Hclivineu new orclleslra. As a Class we are typifally Ellis ancl tllerelore. typieally American. .LXNNE XVILSON lfl.1.lsl.xN l'-Il-,LDS Pug., '1'l,g,fy ,fx I Ile INN I'i,4i.ul FUND Row QI.-In In riglnll-limlxy llnye, Nlnrilyn Anil:-rsnn, lil:-amor Rvmunm, fimyrgiqqnnn fiillilgmfl virgiliu lngruln, xlurv fic-llnllv, Alim' lmlm-r. Dullii- l.nlln. llnlririal Slum-runl, ixlurgin- Nlmliulln-x' llllv-n lliullmmn, lm' lXilllu'ln.n1, lbllfllllly .l.nym' 5IlIiUl, Nilllfy l.isI, ixldflllll llnlnmlx. ' m Xlmslxll ls-lun:-I lx:-hlnun, lmlitilu lu-iili. THE SOPHOIVIORH Cl .ASS lllix yi-.nr our flaws lms pul miflfl rllilnlisll lllilIQS mul luis 1-nl:-recl inlo aulull lllf'. 1'Yll'IJl Lll,ll'IllLf l'4'l'Q'SS. Sllllly-llilll. illlll l'l1lSSl'S. XXI? llilY9 illSl l'Pl'0X'C'l'K'll lflllll ilu- slmrli ul ln-ing l"rz'slnm'n uncl uri' now lusling lllc joys ol uppvr-sflmol lille, Hlllllilll :lily fli9llll'lP1lINl'5 Sllfll EIS Ci0llf'Q1' li0ill'il5. .XS yuu um lIllmlQ'illl'. lwvllly-llll'1'v girls clo :ml live- in pvrlvrl lmrnmny. lllll lu ilu- oulsirlm- worlcl wi- prvsi-nl u solirl lronl. Xxilwn our lvmn plays il gfnnv. xxx- cle-sf 1-ml on lin- Gym on masse lo wc-vp mul slmrii-li lor llmv Mgoorl olcl 'lie-nllu fllllfli' . fll'NlHll' llw lull llml wr' may lmw' lwvn ul oflcls llml morning on ilu' lllll'Sll0ll ul llilSS Kllll'S. flur gruili-sl nwsvl is 4-nlllllsiansm, mul il slmws ilscll in lllv lnrl llml llle-rv .uv S0'lll0lllUl'l'N in vvvry sflmul znrlivily lor XYllll'll wc- uri- 1-ligilmlv. flux' illllllilillll. ul pri-wnl. is lo will ilu- Sflmul rllumpimmslnip in ullllc-libs, xxlmlu xw- lmw- nm-xc-r alum: mul lu pmnmlr- 1-lass .mil sf-lmul spiril. All gre-ulcr llnmm xxx- lmnw- lo our .lunior amcl Sc-nior ye-.nrs. JAN!-'T Kl.Tl'IlllN. limp llmlx xi 1 1 in ' ' ' liIIlSIKN linux NI Hou llvll In rigllll-lmllis' llvlu-rling.!, lsnlwl ixlillvr. Sli-ll.: Rvim-maui, lmlilin lvllll. Allin' l".uir l'iRONT ROW llelil lo righli-Ruth Schaller, Nancy Large, Ven Bennell, Sally Smith, Kathleen ibalzell, Rulll Xviclx. Belly Blaclilmrli, Virginia l-lf'idClll'i2lI!lP, Caroline Hartwell. BACK Row llell lo righll-Catherine Hays. Sue Hare, l.inclsay i"iirlh, ixlary Ellen firannell, Elizalmelli Eierman, ljolly Kinnear, Louise Rirlinger, Annette Doolittle, Pal l'lcnclrnn, .luanne fjliver, fxusiawrl-,r.-Mary XXX-il. THE FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman Class excels at noise, Xvith constant thoughts ahout the lmoys. To us, our hoolis are seconclarv, Xvilh a heigh cli hol ancl lelis he merry. ,ioANNE Ouvmz Xve are the class ol I044. Nlost ol us lnegan our careers at Ellis at an early age. anal we hone that vve will all he mighty seniors in our iteens. From the ixinclergarlen to the sixth gracle we spent our recesses playing Uhorseu, as many will rememher. Now we spencl them practicing hasliethall. Although we were clelealecl haflly in volieyhall, we have high hopes lor lnasehall in lhe sprintf. There are a lew geniuses among us who excel in class worlc, art, ancl sports. Hall ol the class wants to he marriecl hy lhe lime they are lwenlyg anal the rest want to spenfl their time lalxing part in their lavorile sports. Because lxliss Pierson has a thorough unclerstancling ol each one ol us: we consicler ourselves very lortunate to have her as a home room teacher. Vve sincerely hope that the next Freshman class will have as much fun as we have hacl this year. BETTY BLACKBIJRN ELIZABETH EIRMAN CAROLINE HARTWELL lfLLlslAN l'-llfl.l7S Page Thirty eight THE LUWER SCI-IGOL LUXYER SCHOOL l"ACUL'l'Y 'QRONT ROW U4-lvl ln riglltl-Niiss Xyuncl, Nlrs, Hill, xliss Sinmnsmm, fxliss Ellis, Ixiiss Slwlmlurx. N SACK Row flvll In right,-fxliss Ewins. NIl'il'l', fxliss Nhry Sh-vvnsun, Nliss Virginian Nm-vmxsurl, Flrs. lmwis, fxliss Bulnovk, :wks f1iH4'IlIIl'I', Nlise Gr:-y, Niiss Hnlrln. EICEIITH ClRADlf IVRONT Rim U4-H in Yigllty-.!xl11lI'1'il IVIIIIIIIYIITPBS. l.nuisz- Nlurslx, If-nn fXlm'Ur'm-xv, Plnyllif lL.II, lflvan Lilllv, ,fum-I .Auulm-rsuln, Lrmuisv Xvilsun, .Ivan Runnin, Hvlsy xlzlmml, fxlsmiu Svutt. 1,1-ggy H4-Ural. BACK Row Us-H lu l'igIlH-Bflrlmru Amlvrsull. xllnrjoriv AI1'X.ulul1-r. B4-lly Blair, Innvl xlilvlwll. Slllnlllu Lalllllmmll, Ilulsy Srllnvll, Sully Hiunmll, I.4'i!.u lullr-s. Ijzlllx' Iinllun, lg-ll'IhlI'2l fImwxx'v5, xI21l'g.SuI'1'l Sxxanglm-r Nlaurgir- Nlurrny. JXIQSINTIIS-Rull1 Rullimmm, Sully lymnxmlxsuuu, I ILISIXY I-II'l.llS Ihlwl I-1, lllf I -. - SIWICN I I I UR.-XI JIQ I ICIDNI Ifmx II'-Il In rigIuII-II4uIm.n'.u fqruriga-r, Virginia furry. IIa-ggy III-nI.m, Imm XY:-nlv, I.ouiw 'InIlc-n, ILunIIn FIIIIIII, NIuIu-II:- IIurIw, ITIIIIX N.-,IIN-m. IMIIX Ifnxx III-Il In rig4I1II-I'.IIn fEI.1I,I.-, S.IIIx f2uinIw, I'orxIy S1.uiIv, I5iIIi1- llmlgl-, Sllhllllll' Iiln-I. Imm ,XrI.ulus, JXIIIII' I'.1x.llll.ull, IIIIII' II.lIwl', I'.III'll IILIISIIIA: :Xuan x Il lx-NIMH 11.111-N, II:-I4-nv I-mnIric In, .Inu 1- I IvmIr1-n. , 5311. Q W A ' A ' " '11 QW ,.. ." I . 4 ,V .- bf " :Ai-I-L'A N ' P ."' ' , .. , SIX I II KLRM 1I'f IIUIXI Ifrnx II4-II In liQIlII-.'XIi1z- IIllIIinglun. Iam- IIux-, Nauru' IInll1InIivI4I, II4-Iwn IIUIIU-1, II4nIli4n1 IIumpIn1'xx. I4INir- YUIII-, II4'IIx I-5luI1I, fIm4Iz'Ii.u IIIIIIIII, IJi.uu' I5..III.-, NI.ulx Xyviln-I, IIN lx Ifuxx II.-It In rlQIuII-Nmuy I'.x.mN, Immn I,.nluln-, l ImvIuIIu- I I1,uppIn', xIIni.un II4uIg4-rx, IluIx XYIIMIH XIII.: IInlIniI1, XI.nlj1rvi1- frlllllllillgx, f'1'1iIx IImvgQ, fwnlluix- 5Iu.eI1-I. Iwnm XIIXYIIILIIIIN. nw' I Iulv mn' I I IINIXX I In I px l , lfllflilnl GRADE ONT ROW ficil Io rigiili-Ei:-anor Axim' iiush-r, ixiury .Ianv irricizuy, Virginia Bvrciun. Nancy Rr-mi, i R ISACK Row fivil in rigilli-Anita Xxiaiiic-r, Amir- Pic-rev Aiivn, ifiizairc-tin Lymicimx, Prisriiin Rnynmnri, SUZHHIII' Cifhlliiklii. Al59l'lN'l'l"fS-xlilflllil i'iurr'y, Sally Roixinsun, Silirivy Sanisun, i"runc'inv Sivvpixc-ni. THIRD AND l7Ol,7R'I'H GRADES IIROYT ROW iivii lu figili,-KYRITUIQH Cilappiv, Bvlly iinslvr, Didfiilil R01-fi, Saliiy Annu- Kr-nni-miy, Bruin Rini, ixi2lTQll1'I'iil' flag:-ll, Pvggy Lcwv, Nina Ciimnsnn, ,lnzm Di1'in'y. BACK Row iivil in riginli-fiinirv i.isl, ixinrian Nicfinrgn, xiury Ninrgzm-I igllflivii, Sally Lyricion, Nidfiilkl N Snowriun, Nnluiiv Auslin, Aiil-rrvii ixinrvianri, .Annv Nimicix, Domliuy fwzm, H1-lly iimxlu-Q, Sur iXmnpir-r. :XIkSFN'l'l-l,S-I4-ann Birmingimm, iXnfiiir'm1 iiornv. i' .LISIAN ij!! LDS Pugyi' iwzrlx' lun vm.. 5-Q5 K" 1 0 A ,- N HRSI' AND SIKYJNI5 GRAIJIT I-H1181 Row flvll In riy.LlnU-I'n'rlIm Xvnllu-r, Nlimi Pnlrxlulhif-lal, lflisc' R2iYIlllblHl, Russ :xl4'f'1Huxxr11-y. I ' yfH'll. Ann KiTkl!2lIl'ilL, Kvnrol xlvllull, l'mrlmm NliHl'l'liIlg. KIVUNIP Row ll:-H lu ri4.,luU-I.:-ulruv XXu fix Mm IXIOTPIN 1' l.m'LIulrl, I.ynnc- Snmlx-r, Slllll U1-ll In riglllf-Nlaurinvll S1 uuy, Snllx Nnrinn Dnrlnriiv. Pvggy Ann INIII-I,1'g.lj.1X 51.9, KINDHRC IARTICN l4RHN'I' Rim' U4-ll In riglrlf-Nelly' '.m'v, Nlzurgul B1-H, :Xlury Blair. Priuiilu lulmslon, l,vnrem1 ll:-nrv .lllllilll Ninrelmll. flN SIIIII fl!-II lu riglll,-Rulmin R4-ml, ISIN Sululvr, fillnrlnllc' Tmlmly Rmlgvrs, Nasllqy' Ililflll' 'X ,'XISSlNlllS-'fu-lyrl Ussinm-r, .lo Anne- Hopkins, ,luniv 511 Kr'1vf-y. Iflsu Rmlgu-ls, Bm' Dm- fuuvn. ,uqv I 1-rlx' Illrm' 141.1 lglyyg I I1 POLLY Once there was a parrot. He was a very bad parrot and was aiways getting into trouble. When the telephone rang and someone would answer it, before the person could say a word, the parrot would say, "Nobody home, Nobody home." MARGARET LOVE, Fourth Grade. BAMBI Bambi is the story of a deer that lived with his mother in the woods. As he grew older, his mother showed him how to be cautious of other animals. One day he had been in his bed of bushes, when he woke up and found that his mother had gone. From that time on he had to took out for himself. He went to tive with his three cousins, but he stiii had to took out for him- self. One day he heard a great, banging sound. It came nearer. He became frightened and ran for his life. He hurried to a ciump of bushes and cuddied down in a heap, so as not to be seen. He knew that the noise was hunters coming to kilt deer, and he was a deer. Now one of his gayest cousins thought that he was smart and jumped in front of the hunters, faces, but he was too smart and was shot. Bambi cried for his cousin. Bambi tinaiiy realized that the hunters were gone as everything became quiet. One day when he was playing in the meadow, he looked around and saw a familiar deer. It was his mother, and they lived happily together after that. HELEN FORKER, Grade 6. RHYMIN G RIDDLES He iives in the woods, He has short ears and a very iong taii, Has dark brown hair, To eat some cheese, he never will fait, His babies are cubs He iiices to sneak around the house, And he's known as a ................. He says, "Squeak, squeak", and he's called a .............. .. ANNE NIMICK, JEAN BIRMINGHAM Fourth Grade. Fourth Grade. SUE AND NE-NE Sue and Ne-Ne are iaid up in bed, Cramps in their tummies and colds in their heads. Sue has the chicken-pox, Ne-Ne, the mumps. Sue has dots on her face. and Ne-Ne has bumps. MARY JANE FRIDAY Grade 5 ELLISIAN FIELDS P096 F0'fY'i0'l' ACTIVITIES ' 1941 X TIRONVI' ROW fivii lo rigiili-ixinry i.ouisf' i'ir'iric-niszunp. NTiss Ellis, Holly . iorris. Bum Row iii-il io figilli-Iil1'IIllt'iiIll' iii-in-riing. fivorgimm fiiiiiiunmi, ifivmior Davis, Eiiililillqil Nirxury, ixirs. i"m-rguson, ,io Arun- BTKQTIIHUIIQID, Suv Hur:-, iiinrisny ir-ifiil. Ninriory ixiurrny, ilvggy iivnrci. THE COOPERATIVE GOVERNMENT miiiic- ciulif-s oi lim Cooperulive Council wiii imc- lo promole- an active spiril oi cooperalion in-lwevn lin- slucicnl imody anti tile iucuily. and to Gniorfv uii tile ruies set iiorlim in lin- Constiiulion. All slucienls and tenciiers oi time cigiwiim Qrucie- lilrougii lime iligil S4'il0Ui simii ine nwmimers oi time Assoviulion. The officers oi lime Counvii wiii fonsisl oi an presicienl. an vivo pre-sicivnf. anti il svfre-lury. lo be vivcleci ul lim ciosv oi Cilliil sriiooi year." Timese quolulions zxrv irom lim new Constilulion wimicix wus aciopleci ily lim Uppvr Sfixooi lilis ivnii. Tin- Qovvrnmeni civscriiwci is iruiy represenlnlivth sinu- vncim wevii lim Councii nwels wilii Miss Eiiis. Txiiss Crnigimeuci. unci Nirs. Fcrguson lo iieur fompininls oi inciiviniuui slucicnls. XNIIIQII it is lilougill nefessury, time founrii ciisfusscs ils poiifics in Ixssmnimiy nivvlings. So iinr. lim fiovernnwnl inns imc-en SIICCCSSINLIT in its purpose oi promoting voopc-rulion ipclxveen tim leucimcrs and students. The prontors' nmrixs are average-ci wiliw liw incllily armies lo oimlnin El recorci oi time ,qirisi fitizflnsimip cm'i1 monlil. lim new Qonslilulion and line entiiusinslic spiril oi time giris are u iirnl imsis iior lim iulurv Pxislcnnf' oi our sluficnl Qovcrnnwnl, Ei,l.lslAN ifu Lns Pago Forty sis Novi' Rim' llvll Io rigllil-llvlly Ann xl:-lf, R.u-In-I llnll, ,lam-I Ku:-luu'r. , V l'rx1'K Row llf-ll lo rigllll-l .ulririu fxofllmn, Annu' XX ilson. lmumm' l"l'ivsa'll. ll:-Hy Nlorris. lflm-.mor Davis. :Xnn Grisuolrl. llc-ggy l.:-v XXY!'I1l7f'l. THE EIJITORIAL BOARD From 1-urly Full until lllc- mul of Xvinler. llw lfclilorial llourcl is lmusy pre'- puringj lllc- annual plllmlirnlion ol' llw l5HiSillll Fivlrls. ,l'llf'I'P ure svvvrnl lnrgfv prolxlvms N'Vllll'll nrv involvetl in ilu- lllillilllff ol llw yvur lmooli. Firsl ol ull. vnougll .ulvvrlisingf musl lw sc-vlurvcl in orcler lo vovc-r llw lolnl vos! ol prinling! mul vngfruvillg nlmosl two llllllilTf'Cl copiers. rlillllll. runclicl sllols mul lormul ,Qroup pirlures musl ln- lulien. nml some always llilVt' lo lie rvlulwn. Allen' C.wlll'lSlIlhl5 x'm'nlion llrc- girls lmvv f'l10lILfll lilerilry nmlvriul. so llml llw copy lor lmollx lllv llppvr mul l.owvr scllools may lx' svlvrlvcl uml lypvll. Of roursv. all llmis linu- llu- Ar! lfclilor annul llc-r nssislnnls urv puinling llle clivision page-s. lo say llllllllllg ol' lllz- symlxols lor llle Sc-niors. ,l1llf'S? ure- lmul il lvw ol ilu- clilwlirullif-s willl wlliclx llw Stull is ronlronlvrl, Tllis yn-nr llw Stull' mul Xlrs. ljvrguson worlu-rl pnrlic'ulurly lmrcl lo prvsvnl , xl lvnr llooli wlricll woulcl lm ol spcfinl signilim'um'0 lo f"ll'll lfllis ffirl 'xml Hive 1 ,, c ,,, lu-r an lamgilmlo olwjvfl lo rc-mincl llc-r ol lwr prvpnmlory Sl'll00l clnys. 'ogy' Iiorlv sul 4 ll l"il.I.ISlAN l'1Il',LI!S 'ARONT ROW tlr-lt tn riglitl-.ioanne KllPlll10f, Anne Vxlilson, Nlarir- Louise fiooley. BACK Row tlt-It to riglntl-Virginia Reinenlan, lmtitia Dull, Annette Doolittle. Eleanor Little. THE ELLIS GUILD Our Ellis Guild is tlwe lnatpy ol all tl1e sclmool activities. lt was organized tllree years ago. and eaclm year il tlas given money to worttmy cllarities, suclw as tlle Frontier Nursing Service and ttie Grenlell Nlission. ln our Guild meeting we. ttle representatives. and tlie laculty advisors. txliss Pierson and lxliss Nlanning. recommend a gilt lor a cause agreed upon, and tlie student lxody malies tlle linal decision concerning llle exact amount. Xve llave given many l3enetits. Last year we sponsored a llalie sale and in tlle Spring we liad tlle Ellis Fair. At tlle latter tliere were relresliments and sucli exlliljits as tlle Side Slmw and Ring tlle Ducli. Tlmis year we llave already lleld a dog stiow and are loolcing lorward to anotlwer Fair tliis Spring, wlliclx we llope will lpe as successlut as tl1e one we tmad last year. Our gilts tliis year were two liundred dollars to tlle Community Fund. ten dollars to tlle Junior Red Cross and two or ttiree lmoxes ol ctotlwes to Hill City. Early tlwis Fall we luegan a memlderslmip lund lor everylyody. including tlwe teaclmers. Tile Guild dues and activities lxave eliminated all collections lor cllarity in tlle scliool. lT1,l.1st.'w l'-II,I.l!S Pugf- Forty-vigil! TSRUNT Row llc-lt to righti-Helen Lee Dinlwy, Jeanne Fries:-ll, Elizalmeth lVicNary, Nancy .lane Gcllatly. cTyl'l'llii'l TiUf'Vf'lf'r, .lilnvl KllPllnf'r. .'0flnn1' KIl0lll1fr. BATR Row ll:-lt to righti-Ciara Hunter, Dorothy Todd, Betsy Anne Xvrighl. Harriet Fleming, Connim RuSSf'll, .lilIlK' xxyflftd, Ann? Nxiilsfln. THE ELLIS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION To belong to the Ellis Athletic Association a girl must have one hundred twenty-live points in sports, which consist ol hocliey, volleyball, basketball, and irasehail. Consequently, a memhership is competitive and honorary. A girl is awarded points in the following manner: twenty-live lor playing on a lirst team. Tilteen lor playing on a second team. ten lor playing on a third. and live for each succeeding team. Xvhen the hundred twenty-live points have heen ohtained. the girl is then pledged lor a period ol three weelcs. Alter she has shown herseil qualified to he a good sport and has proved herself to he truly interested in school as well as competitive sports. the Association then appoints the girl a memher. There is always great rivalry among the class teams. and also between the Greens and VVhites. The latter teams represent the two divisions oi school athletics which compete at the end ol the year lor a candle their own color. lNIrs. Kapil, the advisor. is lacuity head ol hoth the Athletic Association and the Green and Xvhite teams. I Page Forty nine Ei.i.ismN I'-IELD5 I I1 I PI I Xvit Domttmx I incI Pxttv Cochrwn Ntwrv Iou Heirtentiamp Ianet ITIRST ROW te! to rig I : mf-we son. .' - - i X 1 , . 1 Y u . I Kuetlner Virginia Reinennan, ,Ioanne Kll4'IlI1l'F, 5teIIa Reinenian, Anne VX'iIson, .Iackie I'IeImerIing. SECOND Row Ietti to rigIllI: Ctara tiunter, .Io Anne Nicfottnugh, I'IeIen Bradshaw, Ann Fair. Connie Russett, .Ieanne I'irieseII, Cami .InIlnsIon, Dorothy Ilatta, VI ish DUII, Ruth .Im-nttins, .Iane Vvood. 'THIRD Row tiett to rightt: Isnlwf-I NIiIIer, Niarie Louise Cootey, Ractlet Fiieanor Davis, Virgitiu I ' I QI II Ingram Nancy Dunatctson, .Iane I'Iartlnan, Betsy Anne Xvright, A ine i'osIr'r, Patty S lerrar , ixtarce in NIicNuIIy, Betty Ntorris. EIIQ-n Buctuanan, Cc-orgiana GiIIiIancI, Niarityn Anderson. .Ioy Kinneman. Dorothy .Iavne Smart, Niarian Bahcoctt, Becky Hays, Nancy List, Etc-anor Rowan, Ann frriswotct, Betty AllI1f"Ix10tl. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS I.e Cercte Francais, under the Ieadership ot Ntrs. Newcomer. is an organiza- tion composed ot all girts who are in the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior French ctasses. Iwieetings are hetd twice a semester in the torm ot parties. There is a Christmas gathering, when humorous gifts are exchanged. and a springtime picnic, which is usuaIIy hetd at Fricic Park. The Art and Dramatic Ctubs join the group. matcing the picnic an important event. French quizzes, patterned after the radio program. utntormation Pteasefi have heen tun. and have stimutated French conversation. Entertainment and refreshments are the highiights ot meetings. and a good time is atways had hy everyone. The reaI purpose of these meetings is to gain a Ipetter speaking Ifnowiedge of French. For this reason a ruiing was made that there shouid he a tine ot one cent tor every word ot Engtish spotcen. hut passing the ruIe was easier than cottecting the Iines. Untit this year new members have heen admitted without heing initiated. However. Iast Gctoher they were allowed to enter the Ctuh only atter taking part in an initiation question-hee. ' ELLISIAN I:ll'l.l1S Pugp Ilifpy likovl' Ram fl.-lr In riglnll-llm-lu-ll ljnrlu-r, Sulnnnv Crumlnll. Nnmw' liVilIlS, Virginia lim-nl.m, lxlnry lflillllnvlll xv:-ilywl, Slrlwlm Ron llc-ll In riglrll-lfulli Rnlninsnn, llully Kinnm-zur, Sully llillnmn, llvggy firm-ulirli. Annu- lfiszllrlzun, Pvggy H4-rclnn, Billy Hoclgv, Pnlririn flnrlrrml, Dorullmy Smillr, .lunnnv Xvvnlz. Ellvn fiulsf luv. llxrn Row llvll lu riglnll--llvggy l.vs' Xvonlm-l. Nlury l.uuisv llvillz-lllmrlxp. lzmvl Kuvlmn-r. Suznnm' fbllil. Allyn- lnslvr, l'll1-mmf llawis, Ann firiswolrl, ,lnllv Ailvvn llnrlnmn. llnlriviu llignll, Nnnry' ljnnnlclsun. 'l'Hli ART CLUB llig girls, lilllf' girls. in lnfl any girl in tlw graclvs lrom llw llillll llH'0llL!ll lllf- lwvlllll may join tlmf- .Axrl Clulm, il slle lms lllv clvsire, lxliss Xvillinms, lllc' Nllllf'l'VlSUl', lu-lps lln- girls in paninling ol all liincls, nnll in rrnlls sucli as lenlller work, rlny moclc-ling. xvvznvirmg, uncl lmslwlry. ilqlw .lunior uncl Senior girls may mlmosc- fxrl .'Xpprs'1'inlion lor onv ol llwir sulyivfls. ln znllvrnnlv yvzlrs il is il survey ul Arm-ricnn uml muclc-rn url. uncl in survc-y ol' mf-flieml url uncl lrislory ol painting. illliv ye-nr is plensnnlly inlc-rruplf-cl lmy u liew lexus nnrl llw annual pifnic' in Nluy, romlmim-tl will: llw l:f'i'lll'll nncl ljrnmulim' Cllllms. Also llwrc' are various lie-lcl lrips plunnc-cl lor llmsf- wlm wunl sufli aclvnnlugvs. Some ol llle excursions urv lo slu-lrll oul in llw opvn. wllilv ollwrs lulw lllv sluclcnls lo url Q-xlrilmils :mtl plzrfvs wllifll lmvv Sillllllllflllll nml nrc'llilc'c'lllrv. :X nc-w lf-nlurv llris year is llw lmnclling ol- ull poslers mul zrclvvrlisvnrwlxls lur sovinl 1-vc-nls ol' tlw sl-lrool. ililu-sv nssigmnenls urs- clone- lmy lull-limv girls, .mil lry ml lf-w wlm lulu- lirm- nlmul lwirv ax monllm lo lmlp. 'uw' l'iltv our lil rrsrw l'rl-I ns FIRST Row llelht to right,-Ruth Shalzler, Annette Doolittle, lxfiarilyn Anderson, Marie Cooley, Carol Johnston, Virginia Rein:-man, Ruth Vvicli, Dorothy Lind. Cynthia Hoevelcr. Helen Bradshaw. SECOND Row ilc-lt to rightl-Betsy Anne Vvright, lsahellr- Niillcr, Dorothy Todd, Peggy Greulich, Ruth Jenlcins, Peggy Lee VVc-ntzel, Virginia Heiclenlcamp, Jeanne Fries:-ll, Suzanne Olilill. BACK Row flelt to right,-Louise Ridinger, Sue Hare, Clara Hunter, Catherine Hays, Virgilia Ingram. Eleanor Davis, Aline Foster, Elizaheth lvlclxlary, Elizaheth Eierman, Betty ylorris, Harriet Fleming, Nlarcella lVic:Nulty, Patty Sherrard, Connie Russell, .lane Vvood, Dorothy .layne Smart. lviarion Bahcoclc, yiary Ellen Crannell, Patsy Hendron, Phoehc Vvilson. THE LA Tl DO CLUB The memhers oi the La Ti Do Cluh are forty girls who like to sing. and who are willing to rehearse every Vvednesday afternoon from three until four ovcloclc. All year the cluh was husy preparing for its various concerts. Their first appearance ol the year was in Assemhly the day before Thanksgiving. when they sang Mlqhanlcs Be To Ciodn, hy Stanley Dickson. preceding the Christmas holidays the girls gave a more amhitious program. in which were included Clementine Vvards uHarlc the Christmas Bells Are Ringing" and Nlansiields Hshepherds Rejoiceu. The climax of the choral year came on the evening oi April fourth. when the La Ti Do Cluh comhined with the A Capella Choir ol! Shadyside Academy to sing Uljehestraumn, hy Liszt. and an arrangement of Brahmis uvalse in A Flat". On the following day the Shadyside choir hoys were the guests of the Ellis singers at school, he-lore hoth groups went to hroad- cast a fifteen minute program. Niiss Katherine Ellis is the director ol the La Ti Do Cluh and lvliss Helen Roessing the accompanist. ELLISIAN Fleurs Page I7ifQyYfw0 liRUN'l' Row fl:-ll Io riglnll-R1-ln-rin lluys, V1-o ilu-nm-I, lllnovlvr- Xvilson, ixlnrir' Coolvy, llulriciu cxlbillfiill ixlnlfy 'Jill lIl'ill4'Illxillllll. Q 4 SIVUNID Row fir-ll hi riglull-Rnrlu-l linll, Nully Nnillv. fnrol lolnnslon, llf-li-n imc- Dinlu-y. lluk Row ll:-ll Io rigllll-virginia ll:-imlvnlsznnp, Anne-llv lloolilllv, Doroilly l.ilul, Suv lliurv, llvlvn lzlraulslnm, .lunv llnrlnmn. l.imls.iy l"iril1, llwlsy AIHIL' xxifiglll, Sumnnv flliliil. fivorgi.num fiillilunml Ielllll ilInlIili4'f, l,1'gHf' Nxrllffillnllll, ixllll l.4lXXf1'lN'l', i'xlllH' NXYHSUII. THE THRESHOLIJERS ililw ilillrc-sllolclm-rs lorm llw llranmulix' flulm ol' line Ellis Srllool. 'lillis orQ.miz.nlion is clz-vols-cl Io lllosc- wlio love clrnmu nml ilu' llwnlrr. Nliss firvy, wllo is our liurlllly uclvisor, lulivs nn zlrlive' purl in inslrllflingf us in ull lzrumlws ol llw llwulrv. Xve' ol lin- Drunmliv Clulm woulcl leel quilv losl willioul Nliss firm-y, lor llc-r In-lp mul zulvirv ure' 1-ssvnlinl lo us. 'lilnis yi-,ir wc- lmw- 1-mlm-uvorm-cl lo improvv :xml lo ln-ll:-r equip our slugjr. in lin- lull lin' rurlnin was l'K'llllIlQ lo Qivv alpproximnlvly Iwo morn' livvl on t'ilClI siilz- ol' llu- slum-. Sims- ilu-n. :nom-y lrom flulm cluvs Im lDf'l'Il sc-l usicls- Cilfll nlonlll lo In-lp lilly' more' ligjlnlingj lixlurvs. lo 1-nlurgv our wzwilrolw clvpzxrllllvlll. .mil lo rc-slorla lin- nmlu- up liil. XVr- lmvz- worlu-cl pvrsislcnlly lo lu-vp :xml lo puslm luiglwr our slfmclnrcls ol play pri-sf-nlniion. Xvv llopf- llml our flulx lms give-n lin- vnlirv scllool inlvreslingj t'Ill1'I'lrlllllIll'lll. mul lms sc-I an :ww lligll lor ilu- lllrc-sllolclvrs lo live- up lo in Ille- BPEITS lil 1'0llN'. "luv lillv lim-v lf: LISIXY lin I os FRONT Row llc-lt to righll-.luemne Kuelnwr, Nlnrie Cooley, hlary l.ou Heiflenlxamp. l3AClx ROW llelt to riglltl-Nnlivy ,lzxne fiellntly, Rnvliel llull. llelen Bmrlslluw, Betty Anne Fletz, .lnne Xxiunsl, l'ilz-anmr Davis, Anne Xvilson, lzinet Ku:-liner, ljntritin fotlirnn. CURRENT EVENTS ufurrent Eyentsn is that time lrom 8:30 to 0:20 almost every Friday morn- ing whifli is clevotecl to the presentation ol topics ol present clay interest. The Upper School is cliyiclecl into small groups. xyhieh present their topifs helore the stuclent hocly in whatever manner they clesire. ucurrent Events" hnye heen presentecl ns slaits. as clehutes. anal as cletailecl zxncl interesting tatllcs. These presentations are juclgecl hy an committee ol three lneulty memhers, chosen hy the ,Qroup leaclers. The stanclards hy whieh they are iuclgecl are lll worth ol material. lll originality. l3l clietion. ancl organization. The group hest meeting these requirements is myurclecl u prize at the close ol the school yenr. Topivs are also presentecl hy outsicle spealcers. This year we were privilegecl to hear lxliss Annu XV. Pierson. our lfuulty aclvisor. speala on uBrz1zil Vliocluyzn Nlrs. R, Templeton Smith, presielent ol' the l.ee1g1ue ol Xvomen Voters. ancl hliss Anne Vviiggin. secretary ol the Committee lor Christian Relugees. During the year we also enjoyecl hliss Cuslnnunls illustratecl message on U-lqhe Crenlell Nlissionu. as we-It as hir. Rohert Fergusonis colorecl lilms on Awlexicocmii. Xve were lurther entertnineel hy ixlrs. Florenee Fisher Parry. who gave an interesting speevh on HSIAQC anal Screen". lfl.l.lsl,'w lfirrns Page Filtylmu LITERATURE 1 1916 1941 WINTER'S SILENCE Down from the north a wintry lolast Has come to spread its wrath On Ioirds, and trees, and living things, Whiph dare to loar its path. The Ialces no longer shine and gleam, Their waters cannot llowg A tight, white cover seals them up Against the sparlcling snow. The moonlight casts its still, Cold rays Upon the barren trees, And lends to them a glow serene Lilce lights upon d-arlc seas. No cheery song, no hright-hued wing To malce the forest glad, The white-Clad cloalc of hope lies there, So why, oh World, Ioe sad? MARIE LOUISE COOl.EY, Iunior. CONTRAST The trees stretched out their laden houghs: The snow descended still. And Man once more regained his faith In God and His good will. The strife ol warfare seemed remote From calmly frozen lalces, As sleepy vales, in silence wrapped, Ignored the drifting lialces. The cannon stood in solitude Among the small, white stars, Whose wispy lightness seemed to fall Direct from distant Mars. The misty sheen overcovered all In gentle, tranquil quest Of hidden fissures clelt in earth, And soothed the world to rest. .Io ANNE' MCCOLLKJUGH, Iunior. ELl.lSlAN FIELDS AN ABANDONED FORD Here I am, an abandoned Ford. Oh, I wish I weren't so hored. My gauge is gone, and headlights, too Am I a mess? If you only lcnew. The mucI's up to my running hoard: The cushions all are lioored, And in my roof the pigeons co-o. Am I a wreck? If you only Icnew. MARCIA Scorr Grade 8 OUR DOG My Iittle puppy's name is Jaclc. His feet are hig and his hair is hlaclcg He whines all day and howls at night, His temper is had and he lilies to fight. He harlcs at the millcman and chases all cats: He hunts out the mice and Iceeps off the rats. While we all thinlc .lacles a line little hound, The neighbors all say he's clue for the pound. LOUISE WILSON Grade 8 VVINTERS PICTURE FOR A LITTLE SICK CHILD The moon is up, and it's not yet four: The wind is howling 'round our door: The sparlcling snow is on its way To malce tomorrow a different day. O changing world, around my feetl How nice to tramp in snow so deep, To play and prattle in crystal dell. To watch the snow as it softly fell. Drifting earthward with suhtle ease, Turning, shifting, through the trees, It chilled my toes and froze my nose But the joy I had-no one lcnows. PAT COCHRAN, Iunior. Page Fifty-six OUR CHRISTMAS TREE Opening the parior door, T beheid a wondertui sight: A tree surrounded by presents, and topped by a star for a Tight. The tree was fa mass of coiors, which gave it a briiiiant eiiiectg There were many odd, iittle trinlcets, with which the tree was deciced. The tights were ot aii different sizes. There were fruits, candies, and balls: And there were smaii, yeiiow candies, whose tiames shone on the waits. The siiver strips ot tinsei were hung from bottom to top: From one branch hung a monicey, which, when wound, was abie to hop. A poiiceman on a motorcycie, whose gun showed sparics of fire, Was tied on a branch beside a man who was trying to waiic a wire. The popcorn baits were iarge and round, and there were appies red and shining: Candy canes and sugar doiis for which we aii were pining. Now at the end ot Christmas Day, the tree is neariy bare: Oniy the iighted candies and tinsel stiii hang there. The gifts are gone, but the shouts of children you hear And the tree remains a symboi--of happy Christmas cheer. PEGGY WORSHAM, Iunior. OLD AGE There he sat in the part ot the yard that was entireiy his. it was Spring again, and it was nice to feet the warmth of a May sun beating down on his head. He was not so young as he once was. As a matter of tact, he was, according to the latest tabulation, eighty-tour, and was treated with the greatest respect by ati the tamiiy. He was even aiiowed to eat in the yard, something never permitted him before he became oid and tame. They gave him many delicacies and were aiways bragging to their friends that. even it he was oid, he never complained or whined. He hated to thinic ot whining. It was such a babyish thing. One aiways thought ot a spoiied chiid in connection with whining, but he was oid and experienced now. Many were the times. when he was younger, th-at he piayed with the youngsters: but now, they did not bother him any more, just ieit him aione to rest. Sometimes he wouid start to piay a iittie, but he couid not move about for more than tive minutes at a time without becoming exhausted or wraciceci with pain. Another troubie was that he did not hear very weii. He aiways had to iean forward. straining to hear through his iett ear, and puclcering his eyebrows a Iiule. Many were the iong waiics he had taicen in his youth, but he reaiized that he could never do this again and became resigned to a narrow, restricted icind of iite. Often since he had become iame, he had experience-ci excruciating pain which ran up his iett ieg to his ribs. One day he experienced that pain again, but it did not stop at his ribs. It went aii the way up to his heart, which stopped, because it couid not stand the strain. The tamiiy aimost went into mourning when the taithtui tamiiy dog, who had iived tor iourteen years, the equivaient ot an eighty-four year oid human iite, died, but it was a great satisfaction to reaiize that he had gone to Dog Heaven. ANNE WILSON, Iunior. P099 Fii1y'Sf"'1"l E1.l.lsmN Fiurns FRAILITY, FRAILITY Squeeic, Squeeic. Squeetct HI give up. I can't go through with itf' 'SMortimer Smith, if you would only stop pacing up and down like a hahoon and calm yourself. everything would he all right." "No, I canlt do it. lvm leaving." "Oh no you dont It took me two weeics to get you here. Donst move untit the doctor is ready for you." Uconfound itt When I walk through that door, l'll he going to my doom- Listent Vvas that a scream?" ' "Cf course not. You,re making an awful fuss about such a little thingf' uiviatcing a fuss! Why rm tremioiing like a leaf, and heads of perspiration are standing out on my forehead-just took! I can feet my blood pressure rising now. By the time I get in to see that man, l'll he ready for the grave. As it is, lim a wounded manf' HOh dear, the nurse wants you to go in now. Try to he brave, for my saicef, "He-hello. Dr. Thompsonf, Helio there, Smith. You donyt took well. What is wrong?u UI have a terrihte cut on my arm. rm afraid that it will get infectedf, That sounds had. Rott up your sleeve and tet me see it. It may need a tot of attention. Easy there, man. Roll it up easy.n as uLet's see now. Hmm, that's funny, it was here this morning. Fm sure I had a terrihte cut." uvvhy, it's only a pin prick: nothing that a tittte iodine won't fix up." Hvvhat? Oh Doctor, not Anything hut iodinet Oh-h-h-ht" uNurse, quick, hring some water. This man has faintedtu VIRGINIA HEIDENKAMP, Freshman. SIR oswALD SEND Sir Oswald was a rahhit, And one of quite high rank. He was a good ctean rauhhit, He never smoked or drank. His paws were quite as white as snow. His ears were also white: And he wore a Howered nightgown when he went to hed at night. Sir Oswald had a faithful maid. Her name was Mary Hupper. She washed and pressed his clothes And gave him cakes for supper. He was to he a banker, But he didrft get ahout, And all the hantcing he had done Was to 'draw his wages out. each day at He had much handsome clothing. He was high in social life. And was always asked the question, Vvhy don't you tatce a wife?H Sir Oswald then decided, I will marry Mary Huppern. And Mary said, 'Til give him cakes For tea instead of supperf' Sir Oswald was so happy That he stood right up and swore. fit always love my Mary. For now and ever more." This is the story of Sir Oswald Send. The End. MARGIE MURRAY Grade 8 ELLISIAN FIELDS Page Fifty e gl-It INTERLUDE The stars were twinkling high over the skyscrapers on a warm evening in Nlay. There was serenity ahove, hut helow-crowds. automobiles, policemen, shouting, and pushing. And the reason lor this commotion was that the two most talked ahout movies of the year were having their premieres that night. Outside the Centre Theatre throngs of loyal fans were watching for the entrance ol Noel Nlerson. who was starring in "Come Back to Me." A chorus of nohsn greeted her as she drifted hy in a dazzling white fur evening wrap. Three blocks away. in front ol the Palace Theatre, crowded the devotees of Lucas James, to see their handsome hero in person. lit was an exciting evening for the city. Noel Merson. walking up in her luxurious hotel room the next morning. thought with horror of the appointments she had lor that day and lor the rest of the week. The studio had promised her a weeks vacation here in the East. a vacation crammed with interviews and cocktail parties. Just then her maid entered, carrying a steaming breakfast tray. "Miss Lempis 'phoned and said she'cl he here at eleven instead of eleven- thirty, Miss lVlerson." "Oh she did, did she," snapped Noel as the maid went out. While Noel sipped her tea she was thinking how wonderful it would he to have just one day to do as she pleased. Then slowly she put down her cup. usophieln she shouted impulsively. The maid came in with a look of surprise. "Sophie, where's that dress you wore yesterday on the Plane. and the hat?" said Noel. Kilim going out, and tell anyone who comes here, that l won't he hack until this evening." Fifteen minutes later Noel looked like a different person. Her dark hair, which was usually so carefully dressed by Sophie, was now pushed carelessly hack under a Floppy hat. The dark hlue dress was a little large at the shoulders, hut Sophie's coat lit perfectly. Then hastily glancing into the mirror she wiped off any traces ol make-up, and saying good-hye to Sophie, she gaily scampered down the service stairs and out into the street. Noel spent the day window-shopping, walking in the park, and sight-seeing. Every once in a while she would think she heard someone say. "May I have your autograph, Miss lVlerson?" But on looking around she would see no one. Toward evening she found herself in a crowded and smoky restaurant, and was rather annoyed to think that she had to wait in line, as there were no tahles available. Finally a cheerful little waiter came up to her and said, ul have a place for you. if you do not mind sitting with some other people." "Uh no, l don't mind," she replied. Noel was ushered over to a table in the center of the room. The table was already occupied hy an elderly man and his wife, who was talking away at a great rate hetween mouthfuls. The other occupant was a soher young man who apparently did not know the couple. Alter ordering, Noel looked around the room rather self-consciously, for she lelt the young man staring at her. Soon the couple left, and Noel and the man ate in silence. Suddenly Noel carelessly knocked her purse out of her lap, and leaning over to pick it up. humped heads with the man, who was down for the same reason. Pvuv Fif1v'l1i'1P ELLISIAN FIELDS u0h, I beg your pardonf' he said, embarrassed, as he retrieved the purse. For the first time she reaiiy iooiced at him. His face seemed strangely familiar. but she couidn't remember Where she had seen the broad forehead and rugged features before. "Do you come here often?" he asked. 'Tye never been in this city before." uoh. Where are you from?" he continued. Ui, er'-1, I live in California most of the yearf, uYou dot What a coincidence-so do I. I tiew from Los Angeles day before yesterday for the prem'--,H then he stopped. HNow I icnowfy Noel said abruptly, "you're Lucas James. I met you at Mrs. VVeston's party two years ago. Don't you remember me? Fm Noel Merson." "Noel Mersont Of coursei You were the giri with the gardeniasf' The evening passed swittiy as they talked of anything that came into their heads. The foiiowing morning Noel woice up, biissfuiiy happy. For a moment she couidnyt remember why. Then she recaiied Lucas, eager face when he asiced her to meet him the next night at the same restaurant. Her thoughts were interrupted by Sophie's entrance. uiVliss Merson, you have an appointment with Mrs. Dorsey immediately," she announced, Hand here is a iiorist's box that just camef, Noel opened it quiciciy and took out a single, beautifui gardenia. She iaughed happily as she tucked it into her hair. "Teil Mrs. Dorsey iyii be right there," she repiied gaiiy to Sophie as she caretuiiy wound the shiny ribbon from the iioristvs box around her finger. fm going to keep every one ot my appointments today-very punctuaiiyf' she added, -smiling happily to herself. ANN GRISWOLD, Senior. YOUTH You say to us, HHOW ioveiy to be youngf, Youth to you is giittering life and joy. You picture youth standing on a hill, White sunlight giows and wind sweeps vistas ciear. Far, far beiow stretch many lands, Some in shadow and some in youthis reiiected aura. Ah, but youth is not standing on a hiii. Youth does not feet warm sunlight or see vistas ciear. We are in a vaiiey tilted with tears and doubts. We Wait, undecided. We ask, but no one answers, For they have passed this vaiiey and do not heed our cry. Yet We know so iittie and must iearn so much That We ask again. Stiii no one answers. We blunder on. SUZANNE GFFILL, Senior. ELLISIAN FIELDS P099 Sixfy LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIENT WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FCRTY-UNE OF ELLIS SCHOOL, do malce, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, and hereby revolce any wills heretofore made by us. FIRST-We direct our executor to pay our just debts and funeral expenses SECOND-Vve give and bequeath, as individuals, the following: I, Helen Bradshaw, do give and bequeath my garrulity to Ixflarian Babcoclc: I, Harriet Fleming, do give and bequeath my reticence to Elizabeth Eierman: I, Jeanne Friesell, do give and bequeath my impetuosity to Ann Lawrence: l, Nancy .Iane Gellatly, do give and bequeath my assurance to my sister Mary: l, Ann Griswold, do give and bequeath my independence to Peggy Greulich: I. Jane Hartman, do give and bequeath my sarcasm to Mrs. Newcomer: l, Mary Lou Heidenlcamp, do give and bequeath my glibness to Beclcy Hays: I, Ruth Jenlcins, do give and bequeath my conscientiousness to Catherine Hays: I, Carol Johnston, do give and bequeath my subtlety to Helen Lee Dinlceyz I, Dorothy Keally, do give and bequeath my argumentativeness to Peggy Worsham: I, Dorothy Lind, do give and bequeath my flutter to Mrs. Mccullyg I, Elizabeth McNary, do give and bequeath my rabid Republicans to Margie McCaffrey: I. Marcella McNulty, do give and bequeath my aggressiveness to Mary Weil: I, Betty Anne Metz, do give and bequeath my stability to Patty Cochran: l, Betty Morris, do give and bequeath my suavity to Veo Bennett: I, Suzanne Offill, do give and bequeath my love ol gay colors to Miss Craighead: I. Connie Russell, do give and bequeath my musical talent to Anne Wilson: l, Dorothy Todd, do give and bequeath my audacity to Phoebe Wilson: I, Peggy Wentzel, do give and bequeath my giggle to Miss Pierson: l. .Iane Wood, do give and bequeath my deportment to Cordelia Scaile: I, Betsy Anne Wright, do give and bequeath my athletic exuberance to .Io Anne McCullough. THIRD-We give and devise, as individuals. the following: I, Nancy Donaldson. do give and devise my curly hair to Phyllis Hall: I, Rachel Hall, do give and devise my shiny car to Miss Ludebuehlg l, Cynthia Hoeveler, do give and devise my loud soclcs to Isabel Miller: I, .Ianet Kuehner, do give and devise my pep to Dorothy Jayne Smart: I, Virginia Reineman, do give and devise my high heels to Lindsay Firth. FOURTH-All the rest, residue, and remainder of our estate, real and personal, wheresoever located and oi whatsoever Icind, we give, devise and bequeath to the lcindergarten. We hereby appoint Miss Sheldon to be the executor of this. Our Last Will and Testament, and to use full authority over the incoming Senior Class. IN WITNESS VVHEREOF we have duly executed this will this sixth day of June, 1941. THE CLASS OF 1941 PUMP SiXfy'0"P E1.usmN FIELDS Q x i Q W' v fE,:ff2s:' 1 4 S ,, fr. X x 3'4" " ,W f i 1 1, 1 8. -lv A ,gm sg 3 - --ml , . my if Z' gin, Sw 4 T219 ..k,' in fw L, wg M? 5 'Y 5 K 'J ff, , f A wg if' . Q W, , .. , Q . , N N T 2 5 NS QW' 554 A x 1,gSgy3sg,br1, E2-u O 7 S1 1 ff ADVERTISEMENTS 1916 Ellis! THE ELLIS SCHOOL COLLEGE PREPARATO RY and ELECTIVE COURSES af Llsiyfi. Elf 4850 4860 4868 ELLSWORTH AVENUE T I ph Sflhenley 5033 CGMMENCEIVIENT EXERCISIIS of tlue ELLIS SCHOOL Glass or nineteen lnuulrecl ami rorly one FRIDAY, JUNE SIXTH at foul' o,cIoclc TIIE CIIURCII of the ASCENSION Rec:-lxtmn after tlle EXCFCISPS Ellswortll Ava-nuc STEVENSON- COMPLIMENTS CHISLETT INC. OF Save Money on A 'GOOD THINGS TO EAT' at THE GROCERY CORNER" MAIN STORE CENTRE AND HIGHLAND COMPLIMENTS PITTSBURGH, PA. OF LIGONIER BRANCH "THE TRADING PosT" RECTOR, PA. A A FRIEND OF THE SCHOOL COMPLIMENTS OF THE , ELLIS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENT S of the Gulf Oil Corporation A he Sign of the Gulf Orange D The "PittsIourgI1" Gas Flred UnIt Heater for STORES, GARAGES, FACTORY BUILDINGS, SERVICE STATIONS, WAREHOUSES No BoiIer, or Expensive InstaIIatioug FuIIy Automatic: Tt1ermostatiCaIIy ControIIed AUTOMATIC GAS EQUIPMENT CO. Formeriy AUTOMATIC GAS STEAM RADIATOR COMPANY 30 I BRUSI-ITON AVENUE PITTSBURGI-I, PA. THOMPSON'S FLORISTS and DECORATORS L 3909 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH, PA. MAyfIower 523I-32 SHADYSIDE MARKET QUALITY FOOD JAMES CUTRARA Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries Imported and Domestic 5509 wALNuI sr. schenuey 5410 CLARK BAR IT'S JUST REAL GOOD CANDY A Delightfulf Place to Shop or FINEST FRESH FRUITS GROCERIES -- MEATS Philip lndovina 8: Sons 5435 WALNUT STREET SHADYSIDE Kennedy's Baked Goods COMPLIMENTS KERR 8: INGRAM LUMBER I887 I94I COMPLIMENTS R. cs. HENNE OF JEWELER A FRIEND 60l8 CENTRE AVE. EAST LIBERTY 252 Savings Automobile and Fire INSURANCE O c. H. WENTZEL INSURANCE AGENCY 335 FF h Avenue Aila 048 3134? COMPUMENT5 CGMPUMENTS OF QF LEWIS DAIRIES INC. A FRIEND W wg, . , COMPLIMENTS OF The Qlyramatic Glub LOOK COMPLIMENTS YOUR BEST OF THROUGH THE ELLlOT'S GLASSES DE LUCA SHOP You'll easily see your way Through Classes with Elliot's Glasses 8K REICHBAUM CO B. K. ELLIOT CO. OPf'C'ANS F2AOSxL'i'EEE5-- COM PLI M ENTS OF COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND OF THE SOPHOMORE COM PLIMENTS OF CLASS SCHILLER PHARMACY The Fulfillment of Your Plans An Individually Designed Insurance and Retirement Program Will Assure time Fulfillment of Your Plans to PROTECT TI-IE FUTURE OF YOUR FAMILY PROVIDE FOR YOUR OWN RETIREMENT NTVILLIAM NI. IDUFF President and Iwanage THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES Frick Building ATIantic 2800 Pittsburgh, Pa COIVIPLIIVIENTS FRIED 81 REINEMAN PACKING COMPANY Manufacturers of FORT PITT BRAND QUALITY MEAT PRODUCTS FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF Northumberland A FRIEND Cleaning Company 52,1 W7 COMPLIMENTS OF Charles Briskin JOIN THE AMERICAN RED CROSS THROUGH YOUR COMMUNITY FUND GIFT ATlantic 7354 J O R D A N MILLINERY sHoP Proper Hafs For All Occasion 400-2 Granite Building 6th Avenue and Wood Street PITTSBURGH COMPUMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF CORSET SHOP COMPLIMENTS ABRAVANEL OF FUR SHOP A FRIEND cusrom MADE Fuizs JOSEPH ABRAVANEL, Prop. 204 FIFTH AVE. PITTSBURGH COMPLETE INVESTMENT AND BROKERAGE A. E. MASTEN 81 CO. ESTABLISHED IB9I PITTSBURGH WI-IEELING BUTLER JOI-INSTOWN MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE CHICAGO STOCK EXCHANGE CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE NEW YORK CURB EXCHANGE IAssocia'lcI PITTSBURGH STOCK EXCHANGE WHEELING STOCK EXCHANGE COMPCISILVIENTS Dorothy E. Beglen PERSONALITY GIRLS' WEAR BEAUTY Jenkins Arcade SALON and 58I5 Forbes S'cree'c Schenley COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OE OF CLUTTON A FRIEND PHARMACY BLAND B. MURISET Misses FROOKS COMPLIMENTS ARLINGTON APT'S NO. l0l CENTRE AND AIKEN AVENUE TELEPHONE SCHENLEY 2Bl7 OF A FRIEND QOMPUMENTS JAS. L. GOOD MEATS and POULTRY 5966 ELLSWORTH AVE. PITTSBURGH, PA. OOMPLIMENTS OF THE COMMUNITY OOMPLIMENTS MARKET OF HOUSEHOLD LINENS HANDKEROHIEFS A FRIEND Gifts for all Occasions TROussAux Hand Laundering Fine Linens ROSA GOLDMAN I522 DENNISTON AVE. SQUIRREL HILL HAZEL 0I38 PITTSBURGH, PA. - - '7- I . f f Sixty Minutes 9 Well Spent! One man told us that an hour with our Trust Department was one of the most profitable he had ever spent, in terms of peace of mind and added security for his family. He discovered how our trust serv- ices could relieve his wife of burden- some detail, supply efficient manage- mentfor his estate, and provide greater protection for his heirs. We invite you to come in, too. A brief discussion may point the way to a solution of your estote problems. UR5l'l!fl,RRETpS9!! EB!! 'femher Federaz Delmm Insurance Corporaimn THE UNION NATIONAL BANK OF PITTSBURGH Wood Street at Fourth Avenue CEB! Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLI MENTS OF A FRIEND GRINDING MACHINE CO. Engine RebuiIders Automotive Parts Machine Work 5706 HARVARD STREET HILAND 072I PITTSBURGH, PA. S COMPLIMEN-IS FLOWER SHOP OF OF SHADYSIDE MEMBER F, T, D. WCAE AIRLINERS 735 S. AIKEN AVE. PITTSBURGH, PA. EARL TRUXELLI Director PHONE MAYFLOWER 3II4-5 F R 0 M A FRIEND OF ELLIS SCHOOL 1 2ki:'r, 5 4 COurt 4669 EST. I898 Harry K. Iloelp, Inc. CALENDARS and ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES For Publicity and Goodwill Purposes I34 FOURTH AVE. PITTSBURGH, PA. "OVER FORTY YEARS OF CUSTOMERS' SATISFACTION" DRESSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS JSM- ' 0' llbflfflffl 224 SOUTH HIGHLAND AVENUE DGEVIODD 5iraclea1 D 'clean ara heath af djrrirg RANDOLPH 81 CQMPUMENTS McCLEMENTS, INC. OF ESTABLISHED l882 PITTSBURQHS SENIQRS LEADING FLORISTS CGMPLIMENTS Greetings and hBest Wishes to t e OF ELLIS SCHOOL and THE CLASS OF I94I B, M, 01-IANLQN MASSACHUSETTS PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. ATLANTIC 0503 2050 JENKINS ARCADE 'SH OLIVER BUILDING COMPLIMENTS FLORENCE OF HSHER A FRIEND PARRY WISHES THE CLASS OF I94-I HEALTH AND HAPPINESS COMPLIMENTS AN ERA OF PEACE OE IN THEIR TIME PARKING LOT COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HELEN WATT FINE APPAREL FOR THE WELL DRESSED CHILD 226 SOUTH HIGHLAND AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. 532 BEAVER STREET SEWICKLEY, PA. Jules J. Polachek Corporation and Partnership Share Retirement PIans TAXES ESTATE ANALYSIS INSURANCE 1909 OLIVER BUILDING COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND DRESSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS TOWN . . . COUNTRY . . . FORMAL . . . 'mf COM PLI MENTS OF A FRIEND THE ELLISIAN FIELDS takes tI1is opportunity to tilanic its acivertisers, without whose assistance it wouici have been impossitnie to puI3Iist1 ttlis tnooii. WHEN "THANK You" CGMPCQIENTS OR "PLEASE" LYDIA SNYDER IS HARD TO SAY, FLOR'5T and SEND FLOWERS. ANN EDWARDS BEAUTICIAN HIGHLAND FLORAL MQDEL CQMPANY SERVICE CO. 60.0 pm Avenue MASTER CLEANERS PITTSBURGH, RA. LAUQBQRERS MONTROSE ZI44 3 HOUR SERVICE PHONE-SC. 43I3 39I9 FORBES ST WILLIAM J. O'DELL INSURANCE Aetna Casualiy and Surety Co. ATLANTIC 9000 OF RANDOLPH A FRIEND and McCLEMENTS, INC. ESTABLISHED I882 PITTSBURGH'S LEADING FLORISTS EF' I24 S. WHITFIELD ST. MONTROSE 2500 COMPLIIVIENTS QF A Well Wisher .rl- 4.. 4 1- ff ':-if 'X ,. L ,,. pi? .' - "-p,-A ,, X .bf I f q..- x ,Inu if sa- ,-, ' i rf ' u- "G.x.v-I. I-x-!.'Y um, 3 I II nr 4 1 , .IL 1 F f., Q Ei- 5 - ,FI 4 ,. ,, R 1 -1 -ff' 'AIA ,--. ,. - v . vi' 51, '11 fi -L' A zf, P gf.- .-l - ad, ' 1,-'F' .A ..: '- .. 7.1 .. -5, . rv, -4 I Yi jil :jk x-Ely... 'l?"'T"1f we-Tw' 1 ,IIK , 5 -,rat . x ,,,I kf'.', -1,,,.. .I-I, f'c'f:.f,:-H f ' 7- ' ' 6. "1 ff" ' ,v ,-L . 1 vi.. 1, , ' 1 . 1 I u x "' , an 1 X L 4 n-, , -af ' v 'n.. I x J .f -z . . Q F X L -, . 4 A A I fI V -N. r ' f D , wa , lr' X " N 5 H f - L I J I Y I x a I Y I - v. n v , in x o i K D I' x 5 ff" 4 L X f . . ,. . ...V , 4. f 1, " . . 1 X v ' X R I K 0 1 N - y .x'.-1, . qs , .Q ,V , - X 3 . AI 1. .1-I Z ,' ' ' V-I I 4 ' -,-- 5 "7 ' F .-f" 9 I ' 7 Q.-I, F 3 . . - -, . -' :.. -. 4' . Q ' ' - 1 . -'Y'9"' 1:1I":' r' ' '1,"jL'J'. I. 1 W. x . ,-gl' V ,tb - ' I Q ,. -A -.U . . I H I I . I , , 4. 4 - LIN I , - - . , f x L , 'T , f y, . .wg , MM . , - .2 - -. -- I' 3 V--f,x,, Y--' I 4 A - L , Y r X' 'r 7 .. , sf, w 1, . 1 ' I 5 4 ', A I L. I ' - ' x .-r 1 A ' ' ' ' , I f ,I I , r I - :V r - f A 4, x X .,I I , , . " . 0 ,..'v '25::1 :- n , A v' y, 'II' N x, 5' A -1.1- l"I l"l lwll G' si"

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