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'1'f'rr Q. """v-., -.mag-www mann sv x we wa, i... vmfawp 'vwwwmygv .1 l ,m, W. --.... 41 I-1 5- E UBIM Through the past, comes a memory which will be ours down through the years It is with great sorrow that we pay tribute to Larry Helget, who passed away February 214, 19514. We are happy to have known Larry and though he has been taken from our midst, he will always be in our memory X . . O e 0 M L Annual ? R' M E 6 t Us H 1: 9 k If 7' O i 2 Nlaff O X' I, , ski Society Fashion Business Manager Circulation -f B Kahn C Paul D Haas B Herritt Sponsored by Alloway Body Shop P Riedel Sports Editor - ,. , 3 n A. A . kll 'Q 'Q U Q K A F . XA- . t Bill' Alice Balcombe Clerk lfllldfl0ll ale Director HIGH SCHUUL El S axe Sue? W B 1la1'501'ie ob H0l11le1- Sponsored by Bell 66 Service CuStod1an P v'L""e'etJ u J 1 Eleanor Bogart English George Bray Don Buehler Industrial Arts Eighth Grade Jr. H1 Coach 3 1: P 1 0 1 n 1 ' s 0 1' Q E d v b Z 7 1 Lois Cummings Hazel Levis Commerce Home Economics ,1 ul 0 Bfooora amos 1. 1 1' 19 37 " Chops: Meryl Garey Football Coach Phys Ed 1.0115 Lori, Grade Dspeech B Parker Agriculture 119' in xcgenii Sponsored by so ,gels L! S G5 B theme. Qsjretb qc. is Gamble! Store 9.11 -1.53: gg.. 'wsu '...,+. X Betty Ann Gnad William Goede Mixed Chorus 2,3, Football 1,3,h45 hy Y-Teens 1,h3 Track 33 Chorus 3 Pep Club 1,hg Girls Glee 2,3,h3 Sec-Trees. M. hi Junior Play 33 E-Club hs Class Vice-Pres. M. MOTTO Qui non Football 1 2,3 H4 Track 2,3, 4, E Club M, Class President , Cho rus 2,3, FFA 1,2, 3, , Treas 3 Boys State 3 01' POQSO 99 proficit, deficit Who does not advance, falls behind CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS gdb Rea Rose Green and White i 4 of X583 55 K0 z , F? Gu Diana Brown Y Teens 1,2,3 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 , Pep Club 1 2 , Girls Glee l 2 3, , Student Cong ress , A Cappella M, Band 3, Class Secretary 3 leader 1 Agnes rlax Y-Teens 1' Girls Glee 1,2 53 Cho- rus 1 Znni Pep no A31 augn Teens l,2,3 ixed chorus 1,2,3 Robert Bongartz , Girls ulee 1, 2 h, A Cappella M FFA 1,2,3,h, Track Club 1,2,3 2, Chorus 2 1,2,3, Pep President of FFA h l,2,3, Cheer 1 3 h Junior Play 3 Ray Eaton Clayton Engel 129:34 Football 1, FFA 1.2,3 M E Club 2 Vice President Club 1:g,3 FFA h, Chorus 2, Track 2,39 Q Track 2, Basket 1,2,3 ball 2 Class Pres 3 Sponsored by Jade Cleaners Glenn Chambers Chorus 2 3 Freshman Basket ball iola Flax ixed Chorus hg irls Glee Club 3 -Teens lg Pep lub h. June Band Band G1ee Chorus 2,31 A Capp e11a 3, Y Teens 1,2 3, , Junior Pla 3 Pep Club 1 2,3, Girls State 3, Clar inet Solo 3, Stud ent Congress 2, Sec Treas Norbert Honas FFA 1,2,3 h FFA Secretary 3 Track 2 Edmund Giebler FFA 1 2,3 A Foot ball 4, Track 3 ID Hladek uden Congress Y Teens 1 2,3 1.6611 ary , Girls 13, Chorus 1 2, , Pep Band 1,2, q oapella M Junior Play 3 Homecoming Attend Ent h, Class Trea surer 1, Pep Club 122139 William Kahn Basketball 1,3g M Kenneth Keller F tball 4 P Bggd 1, B252 1 ep Chorus 3.h, Track Chorus 3'h, E club 3 M Basketball l 3,u, Track 3v,uv Junior Play 3 Victor Kinderknecht FFA l,2,3, Chorus 2 Buddy lerritt Basketball l,2,3, M45 Track l,24,34, M43 Football l,2i, 34,hi3 Captain kg B Club 2,3 L, President L5 Band 1,25 Chorus l,2,3, M5 Ju ior Play 33 Forensic Play 33 Class Pres. 1,2. Ronald Lang J Kroeger 'mes Football 1,2,34 4, FFA l,2,3 Track l,2,3w, 4 Cl b u FFA Secretary l Sponsored by Ellis State Bank Robert Kelsoh E Club 3,h E Club Treasurer , Bask etball 1,2,34,h4, Class Treasurer 3 Junior Play 3 Track 3, 4 Gaye Ooamb Bend 1.2,3,l+: Pep Band l,2,3,L3 Girl Glee l,2,3,h3 lix- ed Chorus 1,2 3,hg A Cappella 3,53 Vocal Solo 2,3,h5 Pep Club l,2,35 Y-Teens l,2,3,h. Carolyn Paul Student Congress M, Y Teens l,2,3, , Y Teen Treas urer M, Mixed Ch orus l,2,? Girls Glee 2,3 A Cappella M Cheerleader l,3, Pep Band l,2, R1 fle Club 2, Jun lor Play 3, Home coming Queen Girls State 3 Lyle Scheideman Football l,2, Basketball 1, 1:25934 has Band l,2, ,h, Chorus l, 2,3, , Student Congress l 2 Vice President , E Club 2,3,h, Cornet S010 213: s Pap Band l,2,3 Mary Ann 11 1 Riedel Humans Y Teens l 2 3 1 357-P' Girls Glee ij, tain M, TPBCK M, Mixed Chorus E Club 3 11 2,3,l1, Pep Club 1, Rifle Club 1, 2 3 he Sponsored by Northwestern Typewriter Co James SS ibel Eddie Waldschmidt Band lazsinhi PSP Track l4,24,34,h45 Band 2,3, I Bask' 1,2 Footu Otball 1.2,3,1++f: ban aim student Junior Play 35 Congress 3,h3 C1- E Club Lg Cornet ass Rep. 23 gho- S010 3,l1: Track 1, rua 2, E Club 1, 2,3,uS Student 2,3,h. Congress Presid- ent he Ptaschek Football 3, Track 2 3 4, Class Sec Treas l Alle n Schoenthaler Football l 2,3u,he Track 2,3, 4 FF l,2,3,h, E Club Mary Ann Wasinger Y Teens l,2,3 Student Congress 3 Pep Club l,2,3, , Pep Club Treas k Sec M, Mixed Chor us l,2,3,h, A Capp ella h Girls Glee l,2,3, , Band 2 Junior Play 3 Jerry Younger Football l,2,34 Basketball l,2,3. 9, Track l,2l, 9 E Club 2,3 E Club Vice Pres , Class Vice Pres 2, Boys Glee 2,3,h, Mixed Chorus 2, , , A Cappella Baynard Rupp Football l,2,33 Basketball 23 Track l,2. Karen Young Girls Glee Mixed Chorus Sponsored by Snider's Electric Esther Waldschmidt Y-Teens l,2,3,h3 Y-Teen President hz Pep Club l,2,3,Lg Pep Club President hy Student Congress 1,33 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,L3 Girls Glee 1,2,3,ug A Cappella 3,h3 Band 2,33 Jun ior Play 33 Foren sic l,2,3' Cheer leader 3,5. Francis Younger FFA 1 2,3 h Weaver Chorus l,2, 3, Forensic Play Thonas Zimmerman Football 1,2 3 L Basketball l 2 3 U Track l, 4 L C A 2,3,h, Junior Plav 3, Forensic Play 2 3 Chorus 2 3 M Speech Contest 2,3,h e f f' f Back in the year 1951, we arrived on the scene at Ellis High School As freshman we started out with 55 members who were Robert Bongartz, Shirley Jacobs, Clayton Engel, Agnes Flax, Betty Darlene Haas Norbert Honas, June Horner, David Seibel, Jimmy Shadbolt, Eddie Wald Schmidt, Esther Waldschmidt, Mary Ann Wasinger, Janet Weber, Virginia lhitten, Karen Young, Sandra Ashbaugh, Diana Brown, Viola Flax, June Garrison, Loretta Gnad,Pat Harper, Joann Hladek, Wilma Huber, Patty Keagy, Gaye Ocamb, Agnes Flax Carolyn Paul, Patsy Wheatley, Betty Windholz, Tom Zimmerman, Donald Bixby, Glenn Chambers, Ray Eaton, Edmund Giebler, Art Glass, Bill Goede, Larry Helget, Bill Kahn, Kenneth Keller, Bob Kelsch, Victor Kinderknecht, James Kroeger, Ronald Lang, Bob Lewis, Bud Merritt, Eddie Ptaschek, Paul Riedel, Baynard Rupp, Lyle Scheideman, Allen Schoenthaler, Jimmy Seibel, Eugene Weber, Richard Wendling, Jerry Younger, and Ronald Rhotoh Officers for that year were President, Buddy Merritt, Vice President, Darlene Haas, Secretary, Eddie Ptaschek, and Treasurer, Joann Hladek Class representatives were Esther Waldschmidt, Lyle Scheideman, and Larry Helget Our sponsor was Mr Gilman Coming back our sophomore year we found we had lost five members They were Eugene leber, B111 Kahn, Virginia Whitt en, Loretta Gnad, and Patsy Wheatley However, we gained three new members Norma Ward, Francis Younger, and Richard Weaver, making a total for that year of 53 Cllll officers were President, Buddy Merr itt, Vice President, Jer Younger, Secretary Treasure Jimm Seibel Re relen ativel were Esther Waldschmidt, Ar Glall, and Eyle Bch eideman Our Sponsor was Mr Perry W9 started our junior ear with 6 members At the beginning of the year we lost 1 r members June Horner, Jimmy Shadbolt, Pat Harper, and Larry Helget We gained two however who were B111 Kahn, and Baynard Rupp This year, you might say we slaved away so we could give the seniors the usual Junior Senior Banguet and Prom This event took place on May l We elected our officers and they were Ray Eaton, presidentg Jimmy Shadbolt, vice president: secretary, Diana Brown, and Bob Kelsch, treasurer. Representatives were Esther Wald- schmidt, Lyle Scheideman, and Art Glass. Our sponsors were Miss Quinn and Mr. Mills. We started our senior year with hh members. We lost one member, Betty lindholz, and picked up another from Wakeeney by the name of Irene Brayton. Our class officers for the senior year were David Seibel, president, B111 Goede, vice-president, and Betty Gnad, secretary treasurer. The representatives from this class were Diana Brown, Carolyn Paul, and Joann Hladek. Our class sponsors were Mr. Crawford and Mr. Tyree. SP0n50P9d by Sponsored by Mi1ler's Super Market seibelas Shoe stare W e Q Class p Ill.'1ol', - ' . . ga: 2 . .' . --L., M. ' ,Z ft J if fr A x -1 , 5 n QUTLINF. or V 'tus New HMB HlS1'gRy .id ' A Hurt 1' OF J K -ag +-,X xxx SED fx . 1 4 ,,, N. X-NN Mrs Lewis Armbruster si Ewa A Augustine 'MMF' H Aust 40 J Bongardt Secretary Miller Nicholson B Rep , A J Seibel President K Fitzgerald Vice Pres We D Ashbaugh Sponsored by ros R Bartell Treasurer C Fuller Motor Co Mr Mills Q I U9 I' E Brungardt X X M Dietrich , GI W Dietrich Rep Rep J Payne L Herman M Dreher 95 E Engel D Erbert R Fisher Gie 1 A Honas f Honas M Houston H H'-lbef' L Keller Kuppetz Ptaschek E Reed 1 J Matteson Sponsored by Kinzy Plumbing Co '49 Y? N E. Weaver M Ocamb Schuster' V SChl1S t6I' If l and rf!-QM J, short R. Stebbins K. wolf J. Workman Q r A A E. x V my O O Al Aix . 1' . If AV, , 1 Qfl le' l L f f D. .. . , 4 My I ff . VAV ' . 9 ,,?! n'J , 5 Y Q 1 ga J. - - ' I Y i Ga o R' 0 e Vs qv W Caskey X ophomm 1' Glas bv K J r D Armbruster Sponsor D Ashbaugh I :mix 'I Aust J Begle B Bongartz Q L Augustine 'N D 1 Augustine cnozior Mr Garey T Brashear T Hillman Rep D Johnson Sponsored by Ske11y's Service Station L Th0UlPS0l'1 Q 9iIIII'? 1 , .4 f sd , 15 J' 050: 5' 1' If 1 Y' , e. Lees. Ppest' W 5 0 1 1 I 'rf' I in s' -V bv 'J . who L3 f 'P f 5- W H V W V Q , V , .A I A 5, -, ' ' ar ,A A 1 . ' S. n i3 1 4f2jf ' 1 ,L Vw f '.'.. 395 T ffl' 'P D D ' D -it s I f ' ikk ,. n D ff' 5' s'D ' t 1 V I I M' ws.: 1, , s C. . r , B . E , 'ig . 5 ' n ., ,f ra X , A 1 . 4 ,K . ' Z T. E005 , . R R A P' P. ,. Ik D Brown I BYBPS ochran C Deutscher D Edwards D Engel D Engel Gabel I Wi M Erbert C Fisher Sponsored by Turner's Firestone R Farm Implement Co N X .,Q,F" A, J Groff M King J. Henrickson L Herman A Kinderknecht ' Herman C Drei ing J Erbert R Geschwentner E. Helget A Koh-lrus J Listz N nom-oe E Riedel D Rupp Pinney H Rupp Schlotterback J Schoenthaler Sponsored by Ellis Hardware 3 Smith W Waldschmidt H Short M Weaver R lindholg R Young K Zach an V Weber xi Mr Bray Vice Pres E Deutscher WW I Armbruster Bongartz Rep 1 President D Gabel TSP MISS Quinn Sec Trees A Boos G Armbruster Rep L Dubach H Augustine L Armbruster Rep J Chambers R Augustine R. McDonald J McMahon I ! xeorsored by Blue Star Motel 8 Steele harbor Shop il f, G. Deutscher I+"'h ' flw f S K f I f K S ' , p P o O n n u M 3 s O o T fb Xxx P I1 fir' A A e "eL 42 Z 1 VX K i si' , an N- C SL-' ,, K 'Qu Q, ' Q s , in F X' N 'n 'J I, X Y Y. . 1 ,-' 'I N f , ' Y' - 'Qi W Deutscher P Erbert 401 R Dinkel H Dinkel Erbert R Fries M42 M Fisher G Ga111aon B Houston H Gnad 5 J Helget Y i . I, . I 1 .J I. .N gs: t I ,,g3- ew , Q 9 NS Q E. Kuhn T. Kohl L Honas . Wi Q. vb, X I wi' 'Q 1 L, Kingsley Sponsored by W1esner's Dept. Store L. Lang C? " sf 'rv x 1 , ,, g. cfauin O A , I M Langley Sponsored b B Moon B Rowland D Schoenthaler ,A -4 , 1:7 G L Miller y Central Kansas D Scheck X C Mondero Power Co D Nemlowill A Rupp G Smith I' '. 1 I , Ml, ei -mf. 1 Ay . o ' 0 I' ! H55 Q , ' I v . . be "' yt ' ' 17 1 iq' J , 'Y 6 'wfa, f A, 5 J A I o o M. 11' ' S ' Q 8 . , 1 r ' b . M - ,' e oe if ' L -' Q H R' ,if of - X V ' S ni, Q C. A G' e : xv W ' W r ' 6 8 U '., a A b b :-:Q C fx 6 Q e fl 1' -. Q 6 x I' 4' :fir I' ' " 'N-fi' , vu ,l . . ' ,ga1' L. J. A' W W W 4 6 1 A 2 1 Q ' s Q S r 0 n 1 e var C Colborg I ia! 'Q D Kinderknecht A Nelson gefrs'-bt Q af ,Wal D Fuller "er A Keller B Graff B Honas A l J Lenz T Mixer lr Buehler L Ocamb Sponsored by Nelson's Store J Pinney S Smith B gchmm B Thomas S lol! Mrs Sponsor Arnold B Douglas N4 Fitzgerald E Honas Y B Allen C King B Kingsley He N-n M Reed President M Dorzweiler N av B pfeifer vii Dubach 3 U L Rowland Vice Pres on J ed o en e o n Loan I All: C Hagen M Schuck N Schuck P625 Bie1er's Tin Shop B Keagy B bcduck K YOURS V 1 TH ' ?l5?M V . AV ' 'Q ' o gw v 'V' n , A x V !,??r ,,V, WU FLW ZZ?i,w i??7Mu V "1 In' . , Q' ff, all 5 , V , ' V 1 , Wg X M. . , M l . . 5 lgfo M,o, ,,,, ,W ,,,,A , W Zggyy W ,,.AA qw ,AVN ,VVVV V Q ,Vs .fuzzy . e 4 L ' .. ru.. 6' - A, .K , B, . 3. P rxoy , fa yi Sn str by V - G ld . 7 lt Navi.vs 2 Q 1,39 ' . Vx n + lx To 'u ' V ' 4 5 'kg VX . ,, F. ding ,. 9-c.-T . 5 X U ,! N A V , .1 pf, . L ,' , J Vg, A X.- Q2 my Sp 0.95 OT Che f Us g b 0 as 'Ill Clllllll II Sponsored by Hubws Insurance Bc Real Estate . I SEQHSOI' I' Jo Pres 0 Lg . pf: ef ce 9 0 G .fq QQ Q, . . K W 1 lr. Parker Advisor R. Bongartz C. Engel President Vice-Pres. Future Faimer of America ' ,y1' 'nf' A I M My I YM xl lt, 'f' . E. laldechmidt Rep. J Seibel Secretary D Engel A Schoenthaler Treasure Reporter N Honas Sentinel O xiii QL .ff . - j Y V1 Sponsored by Gabel Barber Shop asv' o Miss Quinn E Waldschmidt President 'ge Us Sponsor Sponsored by Geschwentner Jewelry fb-,alter Q 'Y G . 'Z' 5, 80? as 1128- f f fs 7 Sponsored by Keller Furniture T1'68.S Vice Pros Sec E Waldschmidt J Garrison C Paul T E E J Hladek 6 Ml-Xlil Sponsored by Max The Cleaner Mills H G F TEE Back row left to right L Keagy B Houston, R Fries, S Smith, J Pinney, and D Gabel w left PO right J A Nel son, M Seibel, I Armbruster, and Mrs Long, Q.-1' H ll W, ga 2 24 J H. ' . I I Vice Pres Sec Treas Hr Criswell Director J Seibel D Johnson L Scheideman President I. Huber Rep e Sponsored by Hays Music Co H. Aust L- Kingsley Librarian Librarian Librarian VLH-1 L1lUb Qual UU la Sponsored Ellis Fashion Shop f 'Ompi Sponsored by Mary's Snack Shop ' racfice session Diane nMajorettes Boys Chorus Girls Uhnrus O onsored by C-eyer's Rexell THE JUNIOR CLASS OF EHS presents A Comed in Three Acts ll The Guests Florence Hannibal Fairy hay Jenlfer--- Mrs Paddy The Staff Kay Fitzgerald Elizabeth Reed Carol Fuller Herrine Fuber LaDonne Keller liss Hilhelmina--Rosemary Stebbins Dr Em ett ------- Warner Dietrich The Family Titus Samuel Lily Belle Ethel- --- Director ---- Student Dir - Property Man - Business Man - Sponsored by Muhlheim Jewelry John Short Jack Seibel Delores Erbert --Judy Payne -Miss Sue Quinn -Evelyn Weaver Felen Aust Vivian Schuster 1 f f -4 Z, 1 W Z f 145 4 4 X411 f I' A , P2 1 'A ' V V 1 Q jf ' iyyfj sv f gf f 6? ff mx Joann H ! of E11 xl A A wg im , Hg Qqn Qzr'f1'v 'figiii N -., ,. . nv. -. sw RQ wif I E C O H I du P A R A D DOH' 5? 55 ,, LITTLE Qmazsns Sponsored by Ostmeyers QW SOPHOMORES ...QM rv? 7 Jliikii ' FRESHMEN SR Y TEENS JR Y-TEENS SOPHOMORES JUNIORS ,QW B4 UUTH A Giebler K Fitzgerald D Ashbaugh M Ocamb Fuller E Engel EWU T op ca Mo Frozen Bamboo o Paim Leaf ak S peme Sl e Deams Beach Pebbles 0 5 Sea H Ocean DeT gh? Coco uf M lk F Dietrich Fisher Seibel Herman Matteson Honas Spons ore d by Fairlaln Dairy Er' 7? Waiting for your men Sonething you ate, Tom? 4' line! I A Open your eyes Art All alone Nervous kids? Gooa program, eh? Make yourselves comfortable! Love birds? Sponsored oy H111man's .Li ? Camera Queens ve a little' 1 Better things to come! ag! ffl What's the matter, Kay? , 1 ala 'fl be fl Someone told a joke, yes? Another stag line! 1 , ! L I' , r-r wx X i V T:i g, 1 F' ' D ' 8 J' fl. 4 fi 1.fT " L Fifi X f J a . 8 ' 1 E jgxx , A F 1 ,5 ni ig 5 3 ?iNL .J-. M. . X 'K m y -g g Q rl ' A f --gh f A . I 'Q I f ' ,N X RY,L ,. 1 , K e .. , 'X V TL 3 Xf fy f ee 9 e of ' I f x-. I . y - t ,tx Y: X' t t' E.5"" . P N .aw ' ' . ,M t" V A s' i!'gr3eQ j J vi 5 ff' . f Q, n " -0 gr, 5 M X Qu 6 , Q1 'V Z1 F L f W 9 ' Vx f' 5 ' 4' 3 22 If nik i A l fi Back row left to right Coach Garey, W Dietrich, L Herman, D Seibel, A Honas, A Glass, R Lang, B Kahn, R Eaton, B Merritt, E Waldschmidt, A Schoenthaler J Seibel, Coach Tyree Front row left to right T Zimmerman, E Brungardt, L Scheideman, J Younger, P Riedel, E Geibler, B Goede, J Kroeger, K Herman, J Seibel if Back row left to right: Coach Garey, J. Workman, J. Weber, J. Short, L. Herman, D. Edwards, T. Brashear, G. Begler, W. Caskey, G. Deutscher, K. King, Ty Hillman, G. Deutscher, D. Ashbaugh, Coach Tyree -Front row left to right: I. Fisher, J. Chambers, I. Deutscher, D. Schoenthaler, G. Smith, B. Moon, M. Langley, R. lcDona1d, D. Keller, H. Short. Sponsored by Schuster's Produce 3 Standard Oil Co. 4-f I . , 1 , . I O O O O I I U I O l I I o " 2 n e O C O 0 0 O O o o Hx ' .pf Y" T Q . A r,-m,,Q,,,, QW: NE .ws , A if qw ,1 ug-,Q 3 , .lie vs ,sguwk TRWHK fi"1:fffSxf'!wB fy if 2 if .Q K 5, ' Q e co-eh G-1--1 vm ,f fx 4 'B111' Sponsored by Herbert lotor Sales Ed qw? Ray WBl11 'BudN r Tyree ngob Je'Pyn Mr Garey n Aft Jim N "Tom SPOHSOPCP by Fuller Drug store Sprin er dash Sponsored by Kippes Rendering Co Distance Runners V1 , VI! IrauL 1" ' Weight Throwers Y 'P . QQ aw , Ks' W i 7 fy 1 4 4 1 1 fa aww, if 40 Q 1 W -.A is mv... .N Qt ,Eta .N W A x K 1 3 XS? m newspapers? J V Sponsored by cottage Hotel 5' X Naughty, naughty, girls! Coffee Shop 04" gir ack trance WI Smile pretty: 511119 Look at me, everybody S ing S ing? art Guess who? -lim 5m 2,5551 Sponsored by Desmarteau Bros Hey l secrets 'Ga 7890 2 Psy close attention kiddies! Qtff M5 N I . 'L I 2. ' ' , ,M 9 1 3 v . oo 4 1" 'Q , Y .31 , NX 1 B fgs L, ff o x 55 1 I y 5 My M M as I' ,al s I I v i I I ' , gf xx TT". , , I -' I , , ' it Q H J' 0 ook d? FULILIIY g Bu Qtqb u Come Soin 8151 Marilyn Monroe? 'O 60 A- y, Einstein at work Aw Coach of 'v Study hall angels Sponsored by Culligan Soft Water 5 400 oi be I Running nose? Goose Woodworking Sound asleep again, eh? 1 xv' . .. fa L 1 ff 8 Q I , 3? 8 19 x0 e bxtd pw, x, Q I ge? 3 , sei' I QQ' x 95" 9 X e "la e 'L X' 9 150 By Q4 1 09 O t lk f , so A K' 'COOK' S9 V' ,n X "YM 9 'Ig wx fe, . S - I Q A u Feb Bormip Barbara Nanc .-...,. -L Hunt and peck NPlay pretty' 'waitinq for someon MCL Champs 'Cute chick um, yum ,4lJ::::L.- ,,.. Chorus line Vighth Grade slay class E43ads' yearbooks Rah! Rah! n Char engn Bored or Intranced? Big deal Leroy Ah a look! Beyhe Pd Rosema Kingsley, Seibel, Gabel, McMahon, Dubach PY Deanna if Mary Jane boss struts his stuff ' . 3 0 David 'I don't believe it ' Dave Remember? xy INTER COLLEGIATE P Konsus Cnty P.: s'e's Cafe' MI'.4Yl!f'J'6'i EJ:-B FACTOPY HUME OFMCE w Q-55 ,..4-N4.,-4 - ' nu-w..4.,u -an --.- i W KA va.. .pf J., , fy- stun-a ,- - ' I - -g -wllnallmz., w 1 taitlvlwilvv x w-r'1UY3vH-,avrlr .R x,.,,,, -ng: .mx-frmwmvv' L. ' wtf' oak , xi Xe C-. ,iw . XVI, V- '19 W. X M11 1 5 P? 'fs fn-w.

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