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OKOTA YOKOSUKA paKVsVan Arabia -—•hong Vs. hTip4oSg f (•kaohsiung Ethiopia i AFVVBIAN EA COLOHlBO 5 BAY OF BENGAL SRI LANKA V HAIPHONG (. Philipines GUAM Go den Shellback Seychelles DIECtLGARCIA s% Tropic of Capricorn Australia INDIAN Tasmania y Kerguelen Q BERING SEA . -» NORTH PACIFIC O « SAN FRANCISCO ' ( United States ui. f Cancer UJ Midway Islands -1 C Wake O z 1 •-.. ™ Hawaji,, - ' t ' H0NOLULU RBOR Island LONG BEACH SAN J ? PACIFIC D den Dragon I (Ltfual, % Christmas Island auaipr % Equator » , H. Phoenix , y Islands . 1i 0c. ' f . ' « . I Samoa Islands iL • " Tahiti oi ( YDNEY ,1 SOUTH PACIFIC § - " t WELLINGTON JU J J , y «N. Vl r ■ " il M qjuj J ' f£ USS ELLW (D West Pa(p993 D967) ■ 94 09 July " 93 Depart Sui Diego, CA 17 July Pearl Harbor, HI 26 July Guam 06 August Singapore 10 August Phuket. Thailand 22 August Bahrain 31 August Bahrain 12 September Jebel AM. U. A. E. 26 September Bahrain 18 Octobe r Dubai, U. A. E. 25 October Dubai. U. A. E. 12 November Dubai. U. A. E. 15 November Bahrain 23 November Bahrain 05 December Diego Garcia 14 December Frcmantle. Australia 23 December Sydney. Australia 27 December Suva. Fijii 02 03 January ' 94 Pearl Harbor. HI 09 Jinuary ' 94 ARRIVE SAN DIEGO. CA II I Ship ' s Coat of Arm ' s The coat of arms of USS ELLIOT (DD 967) serves as a heraldic remembrance of the ship ' s namesake, Lieutenant Commander Arthur James Elliot IL The red, white and blue partitions of the shield are patterned after the insignia of Lieutenant Commander Elliot ' s command, River Squadron Fifty-Seven. Red is the heraldic symbol of courage, zeal, and leadership; white symbolizes integrity; blue represents devotion and perseverance. The unsheathed sword is symbolic of command, and its position on the shield, point downward, is significant of death in combat. The crest composed of a mainmast and mainsail, symbolizes the Elliot family ' s long association with the nautical heritage of the native state of Maine. The pine tree emblazoned on the sail is the symbol of the state of Maine. The ship ' s motto, " Courage, Honor, Integrity " , is representative of those values which characterized Lieu- tenant Commander Elliot throughout his career. The mottor serves as both a guide and inspiration for the men who will serve on USS ELLIOT throughout her commissioned life. Commanding Officer Commander Barry M. Costello is a native of Vermont. He attended Holy Cross College and was commissioned as an Ensign through the NROTC Program in 1973. His past assignments include: Communica- tions Officer, Combat Information Center Of- ficer and Navigator in USS BROWNSON (DD 868); Navy Recruiting District Boston; Weapons Officer in USS WHIPPLE (FF 1061); Opera- tions Officer of DESTROYER SQUADRON 5; Executive Office r in USS HARRY W. HILL (DD 986); the College of Naval Command and Staff; and Joint Planner in the Operational Plans and Interoperability Directorate (J-7), the Joint Staff. He has also attended Albany Law School where he earned a Juris Doctor Degree in 1981 and was admitted to the New York State Bar. Commander Costello has a wife, Luanne, and two sons, Aidan and Brendan. Executive Officer LCDR Gregory E. Antolak is a native of Westport, WA. He graduated from Oregon State University and received his commission from Officer ' s Candidate School in 1981. The Executive Officer ' s prior assignments include 1st LT, Damage Control Assistant, and Main Propulsion Assistant aboard the USS JOHN YOUNG (DD 973); engineering instructor duty at SWOS; Chief Engineer aboard the USS GUSHING (DD 985); and a tour as an examiner at CINC- PACFLT FEB. LCDR Antolak has a wife Diane, and two daughters, Dana Marie and Stephanie. Command Master Chief ELLIOT ' S Command Master Chief Petty Officer Kermit L. Cain is a native of Fullerton, CA. He enlisted in the Navy in March 1969. Master Chief Cain ' s assignments include: AS WOC, Adak Alaska; Forward Air Controller and NTDS operator, Tac- tical Air Control Squadron Eleven; staff duty at COM- NAVAIRPAC; airplot supervisor with VQ-1; instructor duty at Naval Training Center, San Diego Ca, and RM " A " School; Leading Communciations Petty Officer aboard the USS RANGER (CV 61); NAVCOMMSTA, San Diego; Leading Chief Petty Officer, USS CONSTELLATION (CV 64); and Communications Officer for DESTROYER SQUADRON TWENTY-THREE. Master Chief Cain ' s awards include the Navy Commen- dation Medal, and the Navy Achievement Medal with three gold stars. — r ■ %M| nimDEc m H l " pB! l ' ' ' 9R( ' . H ■ -. N taHBH ? Underway! WestPac ' 93 began late in the afternoon on July 9, 1993. Scheduled to pull away in the morning, ELLIOT did not leave San Diego until 1700 due to some unexpected repairs to one of her weapon systems. The delay did give the crew one final day to spend with loved ones prior to leaving for the next six months. Deployment would be a long journey for the entire crew and their family members. The ship was scheduled to visit some exciting ports but also spend three and one half months in the Arabian Gulf. As the afternoon of the 9th drew to a close, the crew said its final good-byes and soon, we took in all lines and an- nounced " UNDERWAY, WESTPAC ' 93. " West Pac ' 93 P i U . W ' j . ' m 1 4.-- 1 P iM r Pearl Harbor HI 15-17 Jul ' 93 2-3 Jan ' 94 Brief Stops For Fuel Guam: 25-26 Jul ' 93 Diego Garcia: 5 Dec ' 93 Suva, Fijii: 27 Dec ' 93 Singapore 01-06 Aug ' 93 j ii H 1 Mj 1 - w 1 ' - ' i 1 1 1 K!lt « liT i = i T V : ' -;.:; - tA N V 1 ffl L rp- j - i -inyi m . Phuket, Thailand 08-10 Aug ' 93 . • ' «■ Bahrain 17-22, 30-31 Aug ' 93 20-26 Sep ' 93 14-15, 22-23 Nov ' 93 United Arab Emirates Jebel Ali: 05-12 Sep ' 93 Dubai: 11-18, 22-25 Oct ' 93 08-12 Nov ' 93 ■V ' .aeswawjm--VL .- ■ rx Fremantle, Australia 12-14 Dec ' 93 iBHTwufnMfiwffnafflmwFnfffi Sydney, Australia 19-23 Dec ' 93 Liberty Call!!! ■r n 1 w n 1 y 1 r ■! - ' — — M H H nM 1 Ml " - v 1 h ir VT H OIC HSL-49 DET-5 LCDR Cuilik LT Latrash LT Truetler LTJG Demers LT Fitzgerald AMSC(SW) Reid AT3(AW) Alghrim AEAN Feather AW2 Hicks AMSAN Holiday ADl Joseph AZ3 McMahon AMH2 Mescher AEl(SW) Powell AT3 Prieto AD3 Sills AWl Vasquez .■:..V. ' ?I. ' 3 ;-tiCst fSiii ' -ki- -:. ' Ss ' H Ma cso COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT LT Ailes CSA LTJG Acoba STGC(SW) Connors STG2(SW) Bellina STG2(SW) Cook STG3 Femino STG2 Ganzer STG2 Gilbert STGSN Gregory STG3 Holden STG3(SW) Johnson STGl Lake STG2 Lenz TMSN Mayes STG3 Moore STGl Munn STGl(SW) Paulino 22 ft f f i t CSE LT Julian ENS Viafore ET3 Camargo IC3 Curtis IC3 Felix ET3 Frost DS3 Kirk ET3 Lager ET3 Darr ET3 Garcia ET3 Moore DSC Elliott ETC(SW) Patterson ET2(SW) AUain 1 IC3 Davis DS3 Mulholand ET3 Ellis DSl Gerdom DS3 Hammell DS3 Ring ET2 Roth ETl Routh ICFN Sicard ET3 Sims DS3 Splichal 25 ET3 Swainson ET3 Washburn IC2 Tassin DS3 Walker ET3 Williams 26 - CSF iv: LT Bernaldo FCl Pena FC3 Stallings FC3 Kidd FC3 Cox . i FC3 Hernandez FC3 Collins " - l 27 FC3 Weiss ENS Wagener FCC(SW) Wimmer GMC(SW) Obannon FC3 Gresens FC3 Zetterberg FC3 Rulifson FC3 Honn GMGl Melat FC3 Stanley FC3 Gertos GMG2 Okert GMG3 McCarter FC3 Lee § J V FC3 Gailey FC3 Grunke FCl Fountain GMGSN Allen FCl Heath GMG3 Rogers GMG3 Trippler GMG2 Keels 29 CSM LTJG Parra GMC Huntsberger FCS Beebe GMMl Buttleworth GMM3 Calhoun FC2(SW) Ferguson GMMl(SW) Greene FC3 Hancock FC3 Smethurst FCl(SW) Taylor GMM3 Johnson FC3 Teeter GMM3 McGregor GMM3 Winter FC3 Graves CHENG ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LT Williams i LT Saunders ENC(SW) Lucero ENl Rezanka ENl Torres ENl Moyle EN2 Wilkins EN2 Hulse EN2 Schipke EN3 Ballard EN2(SW) Humphrey EN3 Telles EN3 Stites EN3 Clark EN3 Ventura EN3 Allen ENFN Derrick EN3 Edwards 34 E ENS Mills EMl(SW) Tugade EM 1(SW) Hawkins EM2 Burton EM2 Strzok EM3 Grey EM FN Decker EMFN Prica 35 ; r MP LT Haas ENS Lakamp GSCS(SW) Black GSEC(SW) Rottnek GSMl Christenson GSMl(SW) Hanson GSMl Ross GSMl Deadman GSEl Livingston GSM2 Dye GSM2 Huffman GSE2 King GSE2 Carpio GSEl(SW) Lomibao GSM2(SW) Darlington GSM 3 Farnsworth GSM3 Rodriguez GSM3 Nguyen GSE3 Seaquan GSEFN Ragsdale 37 GSM3 Gonzalez FN Dagdag GSM3 Slate FN Vigil FN Fizak GSEFN Stokes FA Leblanc FN Ebert FA Dobbs FN Nesta GSMFN Anderson FR Freeze GSEFN Kerby FA McPhetridge GSEFN Peot R LTJG Bergin l i ■m. - . DCC(SW) Barnett DCC(SW) Rudolph DC2 Wood MR2 Bridges DC3 Drummond DCFN Shelton FN Duronslet DC3 Salazar DC3 Mayfield HT3 Eavou DC2 Meyers DC3 Hill DC FA Pozos HTFN Guthrie HTl(SW) Maguire HT2 Wiest HT3 Turner HTFA Sanz NAV NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT LTJG Carlson PNC Flood QMC(SW) Marsden YNl Bryant SMI Winters SM2 Kearney QM2 Irwin YN2 Spann SM2 Campbell SM3 Boozer SM3 Eberhart PN3 Witzel QM3 Babers QMSN Danzie QMSA Sailors SN Briggs P YNSN Black YNSN Scott PNSA Boris NCI Bridwell HM3 Jensen 45 SUPPLY SUPPO LT Giacin EWCS(SW) Guinto SKC Fernandez DKC(SW) Flores PCI Delos Santos SKI Fleming m DK2 Carpenter SK2 Fitsimmons SK2 Smiglewski SK3 Hobbs SK3 Moreno 47 MSI Fernandez MSI McLean MS2 Green SH2 Huckeba MS2 Mickens SH2 Utt MS2 White MS3 Cline MS3 Lobos SHSN Zenon SHSN Donnelly SHSN Johnson SHSN Brasher MSSA Fagan MSSN Thompson FA Comeau 48 OPS OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT LT Wiser ■11 1 in f -J!1 Z. M l m j. i l f YOOR RECEIPT HEBE ' , T il JA BMSN Case BM3 Cooley BM3 Galloway BM3 Kelly OD i LTJG Meeuwsen BMl Roberts BMl Wagner BM2 Kraus BM3 Romo BM3 Wiss BMSN Atkins SR Claxton SN Comadoll SN Mcintosh BMSN Miller SN Pendleton 51 SN Harrison SN Huerta SN Perralta SN Reyes SN Sanchez SN Chavez SA Freeman SR Gwinn SN Kulinski SR Parker SR Roman SN Strandberg SA Tornabell SN Wirkkala (- oc ENS Engdahl RMC(SW) Wilson RMl Jenkins RMl Newton RM3 Kelly RM2 LaPorte RM2 Quinones RM2 Sienknecht RM3 Beckham RMS Dixon RMSN Gipson RMSN Eschberger RMSN Williams RMSN Smith RMSN Leonard RMSA Finke LT Sadler OSC(SW) Mulloy OSl(SW) Cuyler OSl Lamacki OSl Meny weather OSl Roberts OS2 Coleman OS2 Dy OS2 Fallon 0S2 Francis 0S2 Gallegos OS2 Huffman OS2 Stephens OS2 Waller OSl Williams OS3 Ayers OS3 Haiden OS3 Rocchio OS3 Walter OSSN Heagney OSSN Seed OSSN Stanek OSSA Selden OSSA Homer OSSR Walston m 1 oz LT Stagers CTR2 Erhard CTM2 Meyer CTA2 Outlaw CTR2 Tallman CTM2 Rovendro CTRC Schlosser CTRC Hammond CTMC(SW) Beck CTOl Feath CTRl Rankin CTM2 Whitaker CT02 Woitalla CTR3 Fairchild r i» : BB ' .iSb). CTR3 Flower CTR3 Huffman CTOSN Jurczyk ISl(SW) Mccurry EWl(SW) Miller EW2 Kelly CTR3 Jennings CTR3 Roberts CT03 Serna CTR3 Watkins CTM3 Williams EW2 Low EW2 Morse EW2 Ochs EW3 Mcdonald EWSN Huskins EWSN Manning 56 SPECIAL Now Man the EVOLUTIONS Unrep Detail!!! 59 Now Set the 60 Sea and Anchor Detail!!! 61 MIO TRIO!!! b 63 REWAR KILLER LITTERBUGi DESCRIPTION: - - .S OUS. WHEN AROUSED: L AU .Hft.vJHkllBHkH!Vt« ] WINDOWS IN Hir D cr -■J . ' - ' W 1 WOG DAY!!! 1 jL ' J ' m ■ MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! TIGER CRUISE ' 94 WELCOME HOME!!! 4 1

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