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Ellettsville High School - Llamarada Yearbook (Ellettsville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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L if E i 5 2 Q I e 5 E 3 5 z I 1 f 'Xvwp Q N.- vs' Q xr w N. ,. .. 'K , , , 4 3 X . -Q A Day A Week - A Month - A School Year As told by M- A Q. g Q A . Q my ww, Q si .M g " .X 1 11 Ke, Y HMM. 7 . R "N pw 'K xr. xi 'fig W - NNN AM, K AM.,-.wmmw.,..K. - . x-wg? ,....,..W . fmM-,,,.1,s M .www W..- M-,wi , Muay, ffm' -- .,.,1,mk Ml M., Tk 5 4 5 .' u A 1 x-, - A LMKKVKK ' ' z IE s . yrkk K i N KZKQK.. .K .. , WK., M-A+-'A 'M 2.332-.. L MQQK. 4 Q Z 4 up .L 1 E? L5 E lk' 2 , ji' A iii., 'LHR K I K V ,,... ..,.M.,... Af? MXH. K '-'Zz-?'AfNK'f K' S I, fy' F I x K . X ...9-x?iff?" f A 1 N K.,.. .Adm-. K.--.Nf'K33.9"xg-L AK M51 M553-.K ' 'N iw, f 3 V KY . K?fs.',,1fK1,:fl :if.sg.g KM ,f X f"',gwgS9Sfff' fl Mgxv N M7 53+ ' Y gf V223 ',,- T A ., . N rm-gpfsi if ' .-sw.-ww jx 1 i l Q13 MSKKg,.i-K ' ' - a AK., X gf j ' .... I ' X. -gm' 'N L V f .,1. K' . KK 1-Jg4,h.g R in wg K....... . . A H . .-K-Q63-1.X5 g 'MA --WN-f ,ff 5. K .,- - -- -1 ' , - .K-wx... 5 X K .K A - ,eQf'iTTrg.,,, K KKK K K V ' K Q 14 ix M Es N '-...Mmm , K. .',...,..,-,. Nam ... W- ' - , .K K, 5 ' wmnm. -2 KK, W-'R-X -smY1"lfiZJ"1 ,lligxxwgx ' - 5' "1 K -- L ' .. X f k X K"- wgyffi' M " --"- " 1 31' ' j 1.. ,K--,-' "3" AM ' 1, ' K. YK n..-wed ,,,,,.,,KKK - ' A --1-.. 1- - ' A K - , --K--X35 1 K ' ---k- X' .- -,.........w-fwsw.. 5.5.2 vqgpy- -- f ,.... . .. :.Q......A K. f- - , fi ,WK K -f . - ,,,K.KK, ' K . .- ' - .. - WN- W-,fvbfmgh ""' -""'?.M.,K, -W 'K -- ...wtwwsm , - K -33m ,W g My... . ...V K K 0' t . mu.. x ""' ,NK K. , .mQ,,.4.m QV- , sul6""'. .. T - ,.w"siQ2f, K,-ff' - YM. W , KX!" K M4 ,H -wx .w.5Qf1w:vr.g..r . g ., T . I, K I u -K. M... , www ..,.p,,.- iii., - , KQTKK WI 1 X in ijxgz, -":::..,a-mg. Mm . A ,,K...,,,,N...-..Q3? ' 4- W"-A -- -.,........ . W. ...V - 'L -A ff KK M X '-:fqz ' ' ,.K..K... L' 0nwmMMdsL':f,,M?M,V .. K. .. K s A . K. gKK,g.K141.. .. I, , A Q J 12 E1 KM .3 x ,, " . 5 " - M "'A"""' 'M --'Hawk .ff-'QS -' ------ . -.fkzaslififilf V - fimaafhsaf - K ' ff: ,max A - f MWC1 . .1 ...,.... .1 wwwwupmmw-K K Mvwhwiigxu K k X K Lk gk. ,W K, , , K.-fy. Q . fx K -s-M.-N 1 KW, ,..... ,W N -.SK K. Kfwi5?7SfI:gQK' xLLL K K. '-awww. M- 53:1-:X . W vw... W ,..-...ygqpnu , . "WW2w,L.... - ..,.,.,KK..,,M,K.K,,.z.,m,X3qfn75m,L QSQQQQ1..-6'.-MM.-vsnmif . f'-M-w!"w. . 'w.,Qf......,- - ...MMM KWMNWK5 ' K 765' W' 7 g -wa-.Q A gg., N .zfriffff T , ,, K L. K 4. A. -5, f-7 M Q TNQ Q 5 A-W.. KW, ., , A 1 A is , v .. f- A ' Ever Changing Ellettsville School is changing greatly in population. At present it boasts an en- rollment of 1,08O smiling faces Cas pictured on the end papersl, almost double that of 1958. After the forty-one hard-working seniors are graduated this year, not one class remaining has less than sixty-three students. Although the senior class is small in proportion to the rest of the school, it would appear huge to the one lone graduate of 1887. When more students come to a school, inevitably new buildings are needed. In 1957 a wing of eleven rooms was added to the old building for the elemen- tary children. Since this building was outgrown in three years' time, in 1960 the kindergarten and the first, second, and third grades moved into a new home on the hill behind the old high school. Today E.H.S. is once again hurting for space. As a second story to the wing was recently approved by the State Board of Tax Com- missioners, construction will soon begin on this latest addition. But even so, the problem of insufficient space will be remedied for only the next few years. A new high school building and gymnasium would be a dream come true for all of Elletts- ville and Richland Township. "l . 'Y viii ff' Senior Memories For the 1963 graduates the past twelve years hold many happy memories. The most vivid ones, of course, began in September, 1962. At 8:15 every morning, there was an early rush of school bus riders and students who walk or drive to reach their lockers in time to have a few minutes of visiting with their classmates before the ring- ing ofthe 8:30 bell. As soon as the morning gos- sip had been exchanged, all students hurried to get to class on time, longing for the lunch hour when once again they could talk. At 12:15 their wish came true. While eating a hearty meal in the cafeteria, they found ample opportunity for a "gab session." The fast eaters always found time to patronize the iunior concession stand and dance in the "Eagle's Nest." But the poor unfortunate few who were always the last to be served and leave the cafeteria bare- ly avoided being tardy to their fifth period class. Very few students remained to be seen in the halls after 3:25, unless, of course, it was the LLAMARADA staff toiling away! Community Participation and Night Life E.H.S. is always alive with the voices of energetic souls. From the magic ot the Mon- roe County Fall Festival in September with its many beautiful floats and its proud Queen . . . to the enthusiastic practices of the basketball boys, so eager to satisfy their fans' Hoosier hysteria, the school is a constant source of activity. Few seem to realize just how much time a stu- dent spends on extracurricular activities-unless, of course, it happens to be teacher who blames poor grades on time spent on matters other than studying. Many have said that school would be a very dull place without clubs and such interests. Truer words were never spoken!! F.H.A., G.A.A., Pep Club, Radio and Press Committees, Chorus, Band, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Cross Country, and the LLAMARADA Staff all are very much a part of learning. A Note From the Staff We, the 1963 LLAMARADA Staff, have worked hard to produce a yearbook of which all students can be proud. ln spite of delays due to break-downs in the heat- ing system, sub-zero temperatures, and other hindrances, we surmounted our problems and produced, in our estimation, a yearbook of superior quality. lt is meant to be an historical record of the 1962-63 school year and thus a treasured keepsake, especially for the seniors. As the story unfolds with the turning of these pages, we hope that Ellettsville School will come alive to the readers. lt so, we have accomplished our purpose. 5 Vex X, The Monroe County Fall Festival always adds a bit of spice to the lives of Ellettsville students. They thoroughly enjoy themselves from the time actual prep- aration begins on designing floats and putting up tents to the closing night. Students participate in the Festival in many ways. The seniors operate a food stand and in this way earn money for their senior trip. Most classes and clubs enter floats in the Education Day Parade. The Golden Eagle Band marches in both parades and also plays a stage concert. Last year an Indian show was performed by the maiorettes. The school chorus sang during the historical pageant in which many students performed. But perhaps even more enioyable than all of these is iust the thrill of watching! Administration and Faculty 8 L Princi Pal Clarence Stewar t MV- Stewart . Was d quired a BS d Qra uated from S ' - I ' J ' esfe f mnhvili H- igdgaa Ugiversity. Sis rgrgchgenlral Norma? Cglzgschofll in 1922 Later h Br I-eek I , Ing expe . . e and a . e ac- Marshail To ' ndlan Creek Hence mclud fi Nl-S. de ' - ' d Ri hl es approx' gree fforn School in SWnsh'P In Lawre an C and Tow h- , 'mately for, llivan C nee C0unf H HS 'PS in M Y Years schools any f Ounfy, In 1951 Y- e also ha Ortrge CDU t I he b S been ,-- - nY and ton Mem, Vrom 1957 to 1961 h ecame Supel-inf p 'nC'PaI af H S Poltan Sch 6 was H endenf of M Ymera Ch00l three times: froOr3Ii'9M"- Stewart hzse'gianC9 counselor for tflgfoe County 38 fo 1943ifrom1 en principal of EH blooming- 945 to 1951. and ag ettsville High ' an Since 1961 El.l.ETTSVll.l.E SCHOOL DlANA February 14, 1963 CLARENCE STEWART PRiNciPAL X l wish to congratulate the members of the graduating class of 1963. The quality of this class will be hard to equal or surpass. Nluch of our future will be in their hands. Did someone question the cost, of educating them? What is the alternative? lt would be growing numbers of inadequately educated and thus less productive members of society. Which is really the greater burden: developing the skilled, self-sufficient young boys and girls or bringing up a future generation of un- employables who would be a burden on society? Everyone knows that the num- ber of iobs which can be filled in our economy by inadequately educated people is declining because of automation even while our total population mushrooms. We should not and must not think of large numbers of students as a problem, they are a blessingl For effectively trained and properly educated, our future generations represent our greatest resource and our maior hope. For two hundred million people, uneducated, cannot protect what they hold dear in a world of three billion people. We must excel in trained and educated brain power. We can hope to meet this grim challenge through the efforts of our great American school system. lf we agree that our children are our greatest resources, then we must insist on adequate building facilities properly equipped with sufficient supplies for educational purposes. We must have a comprehensive curriculum that will offer the best structure and content for fulfilling the American ideal of adequate educa- tional opportunities for all youth. We must have competent teachers who maintain their tenure on the basis of merit. We must have a local trustee or school board that is interested in the full education of all our youth. We must have a citizenry that is interested in providing quality education for its youth and is willing to pay for it. We must have administrators who are resourceful-who can exercise educa- tional leadership that is astute enough to hold on to the best of the old and try out the most promising of the new. easure up to it? This is our challenge. Can we m Best wishes for your future ELLETTSVll.LE, lN - AQWM I LENZY C. HAYES Richland Township Trustee I 954-1962 ROBERT MILES Richland Township Trustee I 963- RONALD G. WHITE B.S. Indiana State College Biology, Driver Education, Physical Education SUSAN FELDMAN A.B. University of California at Los Angeles Mathematics HALLIE COZIENE WEATHERS A.B., M.S. Indiana University Shop, Mathematics JAMES LUN DY B.S., M.S. Indiana University General Supervisor MADALINE BAYN ES B.S., M.S. Indiana University Typing, Shorthand RICHARD P. BLANDFORD B.S. Indiana University - History, Government CHARLES M. KNIGHT B.S.E. Oakland City College General Business, Bookkeeping, History MINA JANE AHLEMEYER B.S. Indiana University Elementary and High School Art ETHEL A. WALL B.S., M.S. Indiana University Mathematics, English COZIENE L. WEATHERS B.S. Purdue University Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture DENNIS F. GRAFE A.B., M.S. Indiana University Mathematics, Science BEATRICE L. OVERSTREET A.B., M.A. Indiana University English, Health, Geography JAMES THRASHER B.M.E. Indiana University Instrumental Music JANET K. GOOLDY B.S. Indiana University English, Speech JEANETTE HOPKINS B.S. Indiana University Girls' Physical Education, RAYMOND F. TATE B.S. Oakland City College M.S. Indiana University English, History JOHN M. HOLMES B.S. Indiana University Home Economics Boys' Physical Education, Geography, History CAROL RUSH RUSSELL B.S. Indiana University Home Economics, Science FRANCES M. HARDING A.B., M.S. Indiana University Library Science, English, Latin FALLE D. NELSON B.M.E. Montana State University M.M.E. Indiana University Elementary and Junior High Mus ic, Chorus 6 ll I 3 1' Y SEATED: Miriam Albrecht, Lorene Weaver, Beatrice Tapp, Beulah Young, Leota McNeely. STANDING Lois Martin, Phyllis Shuman, Miriam Elkins, Iona Fish, Mary Kleinclorfer, Gledifh Baynes, Jean Voigfschild James Lundy, General Supervisor. SEATED: Justine Harrell, Marjorie Carter, Fiscus, Hubert Williamson, Ann Cramer. Jean Hayes, Wilma Summitf. STANDING: Dorothy Barnes, Belva fo C227 ' . 4- as mf if a 55 may lg: fgl gsm 1 School Secretary The school's first full time secretary, Mrs. Ruth Fish- er, is the apple of everyone's eye. She has a pleasing personality and the ability to keep the office in order. School Treasurer Inter-office communication is only one of the many facets of the iolo done by the efficient school treasurer, Mrs. Betty Nary. Office Staff Jane Bowles, Barbara LaSota, Mari- lyn Hendricks, Mrs. Ruth Fisher. Typing, dittoing, and running er- rands are only a few of the iobs these trustworthy girls perform under Mrs. Ruth Fisher's direction. Very seldom are they caught loafing. I3 if Howard Abbitt, Charles Records, Robert Ridge, Edward Helton, Robert Franklin, Paul Stanger, Corliss Christie, Leon Mitchell, Robert Miles. Absent: Everett Miles. Custodians Clyde Harris, David Christie, Mrs. Florence McClung, Jim Holsapple. "Our tireless ianitors take a break for a good Iaugh." Bus Drivers "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." VER? Cooks Mrs. Laverne Anderson, Mrs. Virginia Campbell, Mrs. Elmira Gibson, Mrs. Carol Russell, Mrs. Bessie Sparks. ' Chili! That sounds good. Let's have it every Wednesday. Seniors DONNA RAE HEISTAND RONALD GORDON GIBSON CARLA JANE WELLS Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-Pres. 2, Chapel Committee l, 2, Science Club 2, Cadet Teaching l, 4, G.A.A. l, 2, F.H.A. LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Science Club Pres. 4, Band 2, 3, 4, l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Parliamentarian 3, F.H.A. Vice-Pres. 2. Band Vice-Pres. 4, District Solo and En- Historian 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Office semble Contest 3, Class Vice-Pres. 3, Practice 3, Student Council 3, LLAMARADA Class Pres. 4, "Grandpa Goes to College" Staff 4. 3, LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4. The Less You Know, the More You Find Out. BEATRICE KAY BUCK ROGER LEE KINSER JACQUELINE KAY CLENDENING Chorus lf 2, 31 G-A-A 2, 3: F-H-A- Ai Chorus 1, Track I. Pep Club 'I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. Chorus l, 2, 3. BARBARA ANN LASOTA RONALD LARRY HASCHER BINNIE DIANE KANITZ Class President 'ly Chorus I, 25 E.H.S. Columbus Jr. High Ip Track 2, 3, Science Indian River Central High School I, 2, 3, Vocal Ensemble I, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 47 F.H.A. Club 2, 3. F.H.A. 47 Cheerleader Af LLAMARADA Pres. 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' State Staff 45 Chorus 4. Delegate 3, "Grandpa Goes to College" 3, LLAMARADA Editor 3, 4, Office Prac- tice 4. The More You Find Out, the More You Know MARIA LOVE BAXTER RUSSELL LEON YOUNG Chorus I, 4, Chorus Librarian 4, Radio Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. Committee 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, A, G.A.A. Pres. 4, LLAMARADA Staff 4, E.H.S. Vocal Ensemble I. SHELLEY DIANE LOESCH Band I, 2, 3, 4, District Solo and En- semble Contest 2, 3, 4, Maiorette 3, 4, Band Librarian If Band Uniform Custodian 2, G.A.A. 2, 37 F.H.A. 3, 4, F.H.A. Song Leader 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Chorus Pres. 4, "Grandpa Goes to CoIlege" 3, LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4, Office Practice I, 2. JERALD LEE ELLIOTT LINDA LOU DUSTIN LARRY DEE KINSER Band 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Chorus 'l, 2, Chorus T, 3, LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4, Binford Junior High and University High 3, 4, Basketball 1, Press Committee 4, G.A.A. 3, "Grandpa Goes to College" 3,- School I. LLAMARADA Staff 4. Vocal Ensemble 'l, The More You Know, the More You Forget. GARY WAYNE MIDDLETQN Bowdist Jr. High 1, Central Valley High 2, Freeman High 3, Basketball 4, Base- ball 4, Track 4, LLAMARADA Staff 4. CAROLE LYNNE ROBERTS Cheerleader T, 3, 4, Pep- Club 2, Band T, 2, 3, 4, Band Librarian 'l, Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Class Sec. l, Radio 3, 4, G.A.A. l, 2, LLAMARADA 3, 4, "Grandpa Goes to Col- lege" 3, Science Club 3, Science Club Sec. 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, District Solo and Ensemble Contest l, 2, 3, 4, State Solo and Ensemble Contest 3. CHARLES E. MAYO Basketball 1, Cross Country 2, 3, LLAMARADA Staff 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, "Grandpa Goes to College" 3, Track 2, Class V.-Pres. 4, Press Commit- tee 4, Radio Committee 3, 4. DANNY W. SARE PHYLLIS NADINE RICHARDSON DANNY JOE HARPER Basketball lg Chorus l, 2, 45 Cl'1Ol'U5 PGP Club 3, 4: Cl1OfUS lf 2: 4F-l'l.A- 41 Chorus l, 3, Basketball lg Baseball l, Treas. 4, Bancl 2, 3, 4, Proiector Club 4. Office Practice 4. Track l. The More You Forget, the Less You Know. DONALD EMERY BURCH ELIZABETH ROSE MCGOWEN KENNETH LEON BURKS Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Bloomington High School l, 2. Track l, 2, 3, Cross Country I, 2, 3, 47 LLAMARADA Staff 4, Class Vice-Pres. lf Class Pres. 2, Track Statistician A. Bloomington High School l, 2, Class Pres. 3, Track 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Science Club Vice-Pres. 4, "Grandpa Goes to Col- lege" 3, Basketball Statistician 4, LLAMA- RADA Staff 4. ELIZABETH JANE BOWLES F.H.A. 3, 4, LLAMARADA Staff 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, Office Practice 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club Pres. 4, Class Treas. 3, Class Sec. 4, DANIEL LEON DENNISON Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, Baseball Stat. 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country I, Class Treas. 2, LLAMARADA Staff 4, Proiector Club 4, "Grandpa Goes to CoIIege" 3, Science Club 2. GENOPLE SMITH 'Band I, 2, 3, 4, Solo and Ensemble Con- test 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Treas. 3, Band Librarian 4, Chorus I, 3, Pep Club I, 2, 4, Cadet Teaching 4. The Less You Know, the Less You Forget. PATTY KAYE NEILL Band I, 2, 3, 4: District Solo and En- semble Contest I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Band Pres. 4, State Solo and En- semble 3, Chorus 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Sportshead 4, F.H.A. 2, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, "Grandpa Goes to College" 3, Class Treas. 4, Office Staff 4, LLAMA- RADA Staff 3, 4. NORMAN G. WAMPLER Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Proiector Club 4. BETTY LOUISE STIMSON Band I, 2, 3, 4, Dis. Solo and Ensemble Contest 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, Class Treas. I,' Cheerleader I, Chapel Committee I, 2, Band Librarian 2, 3, Band 'Sec. 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, "Grandpa Goes to CoIIege" 3, Office Practice 4, LLAMARADA Staff 4. LOU ANN MAY Band I, 2, 3, 4, Maiorette 2, 3, 4, Band Publicity Officer 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. News Reporter 4, Chapel Commit- tee I, 2, Class Sec. 2, 3, 4, LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4, Press Committee 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Good Citizenship Award 1, National Honor Society 3, 4, D.A.R. Award 4, Girls' State Alternate 3, Office Practice 3, Betty Crocker Award 4. RICHARD A. SUNDT Chapel Committee I, 2, Student Council 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club Pres. 3, National Honot Society 3, 4, Band 2, LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4. The Less You Forget, the More PANDORA ANN WRIGHT JERRY LEON ABBITT Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Elementary Office Chorus 1, 2, 4, Basketball T, Track 1 Staff 2, Cadet Teaching I, 4, F.H.A. I, 3, Band 3, 4, Band Uniform Manager 4 4. LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4. MARILYN SUE HENDRICKS Tecumseh Junior High I, Chorus 2, 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Sec. 4, Office Prac- tice 4, LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. You Know. DARBY ANNE EARLES Student Council Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Drum Maiorette 3, 4, Band I, 2,'3, 4, Chorus 3, Cadet Teaching 4, Office Practice 4, "Grandpa Goes to College" 3, LLAMA- RADA Staff 4, District Solo and Ensem- ble Contest 2, 3, 4. 22 SANDRA LYNNE BURNETT PAULA ANN BOLINGER SANDRA KAY MCCLURE Pep Club 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Cl1orus l, 2, F.H.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, F,H.A. Lafayette Jefferson 1, 2, 3, Band 4, Pep Perliamentarian 4: Cl10I'US l, 2, 3- Song Leader 3, F.H.A. Proiects Chairman Club 4, LLAMARADA Staff 4, F.H.A. 4, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Sportshead Cadet Teaching 4. 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Office Practice 4, Student Council Treas. 4, LLAMARADA Staff 4. Those Who Seek and Use Knowledge Wisely Have Wisdom. NllLl.lE DAWN FREEMAN KAREN SUE CLENDENING Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, District Solo and Ensemble Office Practice 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Ccntest l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A.. 'l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Cl'1OrUS G.A.A. Sportshead 4, F.H.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, 4, "Grandpa Goes to College" 3, F.H.A. Parliarnentarian 2, Chorus 'l, 2, LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4, Pep Club 'l, 2, "Grandpa Goes to College" 3, Office 3, 4. Practice 4, LLAMARADA Staff 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. S e n i O I' Charles Mayo, Sandy McClure, Lou Ann May, Milly Freeman, Betty Stimson, Patty Neill, Donna Hiestand, Susie Clendening, Marilyn Hendricks, Lynne Roberts, Shelley Loesch, Bea Kay Buck, Genople Smith, Maria Baxter, Don Burch, Gordon Gibson. eedfmwl Zfamea, Vw. CHARLES H. MAY AGENCY MERCHANT BUILDERS IHSUFSFICS and Real Estate P. o. Box 69a Tel. TR 6-2623 102 North Sale Street 'f Telephone TRinity 6-4929 ELLETTSVHLE, lNDlANA ELLETTSVILLE, INDIANA Danny Sare, Ron Hascher, Buddy Elliott, Linda Dustin, Sandy Burnett, Jacque Clendening, Jane Bowles, Carla Wells, Barbara LaSota, Binnie Kanitz, Pandora Wright, Phyllis Richardson, Paula Bolinger, Darby Earles, Richard Sundt, Russell Young, Jerry Abbitt. C 0 1' d S 23 Class History In 1951 this year's seniors were delivered into the capable hands of Mrs. Leota McNeely and Mrs. Gledith Baynes for Their first taste of school. Having mastered the ABC's and carried home several word sheets, they were promoted to the second grade where they devoted themselves to learning how to read and write from Mrs. Martha Frye. The third grade brought the novelty of a "split room" and a new subiect, arithmetic. Mrs. Fane Steinbeck and Mrs. Beatrice Tapp soon passed them on to Mrs. Frances Deckard in the fourth grade where they tackled world geography and map drawing for the first time. Miss Lillian Lockridge and Mrs. Marjorie Carter helped them to sell seeds in the fifth grade for a trip to Spring Mill Park. Mr. Gilbert Hudson and Mr. Arthur Winslow paused in their sixth grade instruction to plan a trip to Bradford Woods. Weather con- ditions made the class settle for a damp day at the Morgan-Monroe State Forest. Mrs. Beatrice Overstreet helped the seniors take the big step from elementary to iunior high where they experienced the excitement of changing classes, teachers, and rooms. The seventh grade also offered trips to the Coca-Cola Bottling Company and the Johnson Creamery in Bloom- ington and the Grassyforks Fish Hatchery in Martinsville. Mr. John Holmes sponsored the class in the eighth grade when they climaxed their study of Indiana history with a trip to Vincennes. Mr. Dennis Grafe guided them through their first year of real high school with parties, elections, and the traditional Freshman Banquet which had a Dutch theme. The big event of the sophomore year was the choosing of class rings under the guidance of Mr. H. C. Weathers and Miss Frances Harding. Then Mr. Weathers returned to sponsor the class through their busy iunior year with the sale of candy, combs, and magazines, the operation of the concession stand, the production of "Grandpa Goes to College," the planning of the Prom, and the choice of National Honor Society members with the assistance of Mr. Richard Bishop. Mr. Weathers is with us again this year and is assisted by Mr. Michael Knight. They are help- ing to plan the senior trip to New York and Washington, D. C. The seniors have been a happy group through their twelve years. They've lost a few and gained a few. Now numbering forty- one, they can look back over their participation in sports, clubs, LLAMARADA, and other activities with pleasure mixed with the proper sadness of graduation. My-Q These hard-working senior officers do a good iob of managing the business affairs of the class: Charles Mayo, vice-president, Patty Neill, treasurer, Gordon Gibson, president, Lou Ann May, secretary, Jane Bowles, secretary. E I Sw .Q AX Strike a pretty pose. 1. and the vampires came from their humble abode . . ." Danny, do you really want to be a librarian? Now, girls, don't congregate in the halls. ' S Senlor 4g naps CHITWOOD HARDWARE "The Friendly Hardware Store" Ted and Virginia Chifwood, Owners ELLETTSVILLE, INDIANA Goldilocks and her "Prince Charming." THE VILLAGE INN Parties-Sunday Dinners Short Orders Highway 46 Ellerisville 25 'Y Name Jerry Abbitt Bea Kay Buck Maria Baxter Jane Bowles Paula Bolinger Donald Burch Kenneth Burks Sandra Burnett Jacqueline Clendening Sue Clendening Danny Dennison Linda Dustin Darby Earles Jerald Elliott Millie Freeman Gordon Gibson Daniny Harper Ronald Hascher Marilyn Hendricks Donna Hiestand Binnie Kanitz Larry Kinser Roger Kinser Barbara LaSota Shelley Loesch Lou Ann May Charles Mayo Sandy McClure Elizabeth McGowen Gary Middleton Patty Neill Phyllis Richardson Lynne Roberts Danny Sare Genople Smith Betty Stimson Richard Sundt Norman Wampler Carla Wells Pandora Wright Russell Young Nickname Rabbit Peach Baxt Janie Paula Bugs Kenny Sandy Jacque Sooz Duke Dusty Darb Buddy Pedmont Gibbie Harper Ron Mildred Donut Beanie Kaiser Rog Barb Slush Dewie Muck Sandy Lizzy Gary Pat Richie Caro Danny G'nope Betty Sooty Norm Cookie Pandy Ruffles Who's Who in the Senior Class Most likely to be Farmer Waitress Missionary Secretary Housewife Bachelor Scientist Clerk Cartoonist Nurse Accountant Married Star Pilot Old Maid Minister Construction worker Sailor Housewife Secretary Wealthy widow Racer Lumberiack Airline Stewardess Army wife P.T.A. President Salesman Mother of twins Bloomington resident Electrician Medical assistant Secretary Medical secretary Grocer manager. Beautician Teacher Artist Businessman Teacher Baton instructor Farmer Imagine them Not talking about farming Not flirting With short hair Not bashful with boys Without Gilbert 6' 6V2" tall Married Not writing to Short At a loss for words Doing the "leg" Serious Mother of twelve Not on the stage Without Darby Making sense Not blushing Settled down Not sketching pictures Quiet Not worrying about a boy Driving a car Making noise in class Without his convertible Not giving parties Without her "Pin" Not winning awards Acting sane Not with the "Gang" ln short skirts Modest ln ruffles Fat!!! Without long eyelashes Bald Without make-up With freckles Not sketching With a girl Without an argument With blonde hair Talking Famous sayings Huh? You're ignorant Now . . . ! I'm chicken! That's tough! So what! Too bad! Let up! Charge! What now? That's real You wanta bet! Yeah We'll see Well! Gosh!!! Sure Bye, Ace Oh, really! Whatfs new? That's all right Nothing lt's a very nice dance What'd l do this time Forget it! But anyway Aw shucks! Gee Whiz! l can't do it! Cut it out! No-o-o l don't care I was afraid of that! Yep Hi!!! Listen Come on O.K. I don't think so. Listen, kid! Gee! Talent Arguing Driving Wearing boots and leotards Giving book reports Getting her diamond ring Typing Teachers' pet Drinking cokes Teasing Making impressions Wising off Barn parties Smiling Dancing Walking Telling a lie Skipping class Poems to Mrs. Gooldy Talking Going steady Being different Being inconspicuous Twisting Dancing at the Armory Waiting Eating early imitating people Giggling Sitting Falling on the gym floor Breaking up Eating Cheerleading Combing his hair Fixing hair Keeping up Dating girls Being quiet Keeping long fingernails Exercising Singing Oops! One less senior. Carla Wells poses for the Fall Festival parade. Maria, Jody, and Linda work busily to meet a deadline. ge. I. A memory snap of last year's junior play. "Limbo lower." How low can you go, Bugs? Those Swingin' senior girls are at if again. More Snaps ALEXANDER ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR FIXTURES, SUPPLIES AND ELECTRICAL HEATING R. R. No. 6 WHITEHALL PIKE BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA 'kkvfwuc TR b'2245 um er compagq V H YW-V ,, 1- .i. Underclassmen 29 ROW I: Susie Bowles, Vicki Sims, Mary Beth Van Hook, Paula Rowse, Ann Stines, LaVerne Bain. ROW ll: Sammy Sare, Margie Robertson, Nancy Elkins, Eddie Rushton, Marsha Beaumont. ROW Ill: Tommy Bottomley, Greg Robinson, Ronnie Taylor, Chris Harrison, Jeff Young. Juniors ROW l: Julie Judah, Gloria Schooling, Georgia Lucas, Jill Welsh, Beverly Scott. ROW ll: Becky Smith, Jody Petmecky, Richard Landgrebe, George Webb, Dennis Wagner. ROW Ill: Phillip LaRoche, Sammy Williams, Steve Todd, Richard Whitford, Danny Anderson. 49' ROW I: Sherron Carder, Sandy Grubb, Trudy Chitwood, Joy Ann Brown, Vicki Hudson. ROW ll: Sally Campbell, Steve Glasgow, Phil Bastin, Ronnie Arnett, Charlie Chandler. ROW lll: Bart Acuff, Kenneth Freeman, Howard Lanam, Jerry King. Juniors ROW I: Rick Sutherlin, Lola Axton, Anita Bond, Roberta Beard, David McCoy. ROW ll: Paul May, Larry Sims, Larry Rushton, Ron Royer. ROW Ill: Paul Jackson, David Swafford, Rick Williams. Q17 I J ROW I: Susie Litten, Kathy Harris, Linda Robinson, Alice Kelley, Becky McClure. ROW II: Cheryl Oliphant, Linda Robertson, Gloria Clark, Lana Chitwood, Ralph May. ROW III: Dexter Luck, Jean Curry, Dick Brower, John Kleindo-rfer, Charles Howerion. Sophomores ROW I: Joyce Carr, Margaret Hall, Donelta Conder, Patty Harper, Elaine Elletf, ROW II: Ron Warfhan, Linda Arnold, Judy Sipes, Diana Cooper, Donald Burks. ROW III: James David, Ronald Baldwin, Jimmy Durnil, John Cramer, Danny Lee. QW' Y s ROW I: Rila Williams, Colette East, Susie Skirvin, Susie Johnson, Andrea Stout. ROW ll: Elaine Headley, Cinda Winkler, Brenda Vest, Linda Weddle, Jimmy Gardner. ROW Ill: Larry Simes, Paul Taylor, Bill Price, Jimmy Lindley, Charles East, Van Holtsclavv. Sophomores ROW I: Diana Thrasher, Jan Welsh, Claudetta Kelly, Mary Ellen LaRoche, Donna Sanders. ROW ll: Delores Spriggs, Connie DeWar, Peggy Baxier, Clint Glasgow. ROW lll: Robert Miles, Gary Gibson, Arnold Shields, Ralph Jackson, Tommy Hudson. 1,1 Q in 0 ROW I: Debbie Ranard, Joyce Knight, Jean Wright, Dixie Wampler, Teresa Curry, Mary Jo Rowse, Connie Campbell. ROW ll: Keith Mattocks, Marsha Elliott, Steve Mitchell, Danny Clayton. ROW Ill: Don Evans, Larry Sutherlin, Danny Wickens, Billy Guthrie, David Archenbron, Donald Fisher, Mike Barger, Mike Cantwell. Freshmen ROW I: Linda Prince, Elaine Moore, Sandra Baxter, Judy Luck, Robin Kelley, Carol Brower, Wanda Paul, Judy Ranard. ROW ll: Rona Rushton, Donna Small, Sandy Tate, Jim McGowen, Danny Swafford, Mike Sims, Eddie Westfall. ROW Ill: Carroll Westfall, Ronald Sears, David Robertson, Ed Narey, Dennis Goodman, Robert Tosti, John Sheldon, Fred Hunter. ROW l: Donna Byrd, Susan Miles, Jane? Freeman, Dewie Hudson, Rita Brinegar, Ruth Ann Hackler. ROW Il: Carolyn Pairick, Randy Richardson, Robert Dunbar, Don Evans, Steve Curry, Steve Miichell, Sandra Crites. ROW Ill: Wayne Warthan, Bruce De Lapp, Jim Welsh, Jerry Trueblood, Lincoln Fiscus, Danny Wickens, Charles Bowles. Freshmen ROW I: Teddie Sare, Gloria Cowden, Nancy McClung, Teresa Snyder, Connie Aynes, Vivian Bennett. ROW ll: Randy Middleton, David Young, Tommy Pryor, Donna Duncan, Janet Shields, Doyle Cain, Steve Campbell. ROW Ill: Eric Britner, Ollie Underwood, Bob Porter, Ricky Roberison, Chestley Wright, James Choate. i llfkiiy lf i .f , . ROW I: Ruth Ann Smith, Joan Moore, Lana Robinson, Donna Stogstill, Janet Curry, Janice Sears, Anna Dephue. ROW ll: Loretta Siscoe, Terry Jensen, Deward Gregory, Tommy Carter, Robert Burks, Dave Jackson, Donetta Morgon, Jody Wylie. ROW Ill: Steve Royer, Jimmy Reynolds, Roger Spoonmore, Tommy Mayo, Barry Robinson, Danny Ragle, Mark Beard. Eighth Graders ROW I: Debbie Evans, Rita Crum, Dana Rumple, Diana Christie, Linda Young, Terri Elliott. ROW ll: Frank Anderson, Carolyn Hunter, Rolanna Carr, Sharon Morris, Lois Ridge, Kent DeFord, David Craig. ROW lll: David Collier, Mike Hall, Larry Hayes, John Freeman, Philip Pryor, Jerry Arthur, Jerry Harlow, Mike Page. ROW l: Alberta Landis, Linda Bowles, Carol Brower, Vicki Nikirk, Marilyn Howerton, Linda Hardy, Wanda Buck. ROW ll: Diane Bain, Carol Young, Edmond Stines, Steve Hanna, Steve Harmon, Larry Mitchell. ROW Ill: Kenny Thickstun, Dale Stickles, Richard Grimes, Kenneth Hinkle, Danny Boruff, Mike Gooldy, Mike Scott. Eighth Graders ROW I: Melody Ramsey, Suzanne Hall, Vicki Norris, Cozeana Pfaff, Linda Jacobs, Pamela Boltinghouse. ROW Il: Mike Scott, Gary Bennett, Edmond Stines, Susie Kale, Sue Cain, Pam Hudson, Joyce Rowse. ROW lll: Steve Settle, John Arnold, Mike Jacobs, Jim McClure, Barry Keith, Ronald LaSota. 5-Y ROW I: Diena Webb, Annette Collier, Jane Ann Loveioy, Carol Simes, Linda Patrick. ROW II: Teresa Henderson, Belinda Pryor, Brenda Wolfe, Malcolm Abbott, Kenny Scales. ROW III: Sieve Arnold, Doug Sims, John Sundt, Terry Sears. MCNEELY STONE COMPANY, INC. FABRICAIORS OF INDIANA LINIESTQNE Seventh Graders Phones 2233 - 4934 -4- Postoffice Box No. 8 ELLETTSVILLE, INDIANA ROW I: Mark Snyder, Dennis Martin, Donna Criswell, Susie McLaughlin, Teresa Henderson, Laurel Stines. ROW II: Mike Good- man, Mickey Tarman, Linda Webb, Diane Dalton, Jana Fowler, Mary Finn. ROW III: Mike Perry, Don Sipes, Mike Moore, Billy Robertson, Terry Robbins. ROW I: Marty East, Steve Daniel, Gregory Acuff, Danny Byrd, John Welsh, Lucky Clark ROW II Linda Ranard Mary Beth Headley, Linda Cramer, Sharon Clayton, Lynn Francisco, Gary Vest. ROW Ill: Sharon Bastin Melinda Wright Kathy Elliott Virginia Bennett. 214 west 7TH STREET ,fgjgfge Seventh Graders fx Curry Buick-Cadillac, Inc. 17 25' V ' X K BKJICK C5 V J X V , BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA ' g-5214 ROW I: Sandra Davis, Glenda Truesdel, Linda Miles, Dorena Heady, Diana Prince Darlene Roberts ROW ll Jenny Dustin Terry Adams, Mike Evans, Randy Stephenson, David Dillman, Ronald Covey. ROW Ill John Goodman Barbara Sheldon Melvin Bell, Joey Bolinger. if! JUNIOR Larry Sims, treasurer, Rich- ard Landgrebe, president, Margie Robertson, vice- president, Steve Todd, sec- retary. SOPHOMORE John Cramer, secretary, Bill Price, president, Patty Harper, treasurer, Van Holtsclaw, vice-president. Class Officers EIGHTH Mike Gooldy, secretary, Susie Kale, president, Linda Jacobs, vice-president, Marc Beard, treas- urer. F543 FRESHMAN Rita Brinegar, secretary, Eric Brit- ner, viceepresidenf, Ed Narey treasurer, Randy Richardson president. SEVENTH Carol Simes, secretary, Linda Ran ard, president, David Diliman vice-president, Timmie Campbell treasurer. IXLAQ eofvfes C5 fazle am! Mu ELLETTSVILLE, INDIANA Phone TRinity 6-2228 sl Y' 59133, Qi aims? 40 ""zu v" 1 'F X Elementary Grades E ..+...,,, ROW l: Patty Stogsdill, Carol Stout, Jane Webb, Rhonda Welding, Norma Winkler, Susie Webb, Sammy Harper, Dickie Shields, Jim White. ROW ll: Roger Robertson, Bill Sanders, Della Moore, Michele Rice, Sherry Siscoe, Barbara Dunbar, Beverly Scaggs, Beth Roberts, Keith Wrightsman. ROW Ill: Malcolm Sink, John Tosti, Don Skirvin, Ricky Steele, David Price, Mark Britner, Tommy Stephenson. ROW IV: John Terrell, Nancy Robertson, Janice McLaughlin, Jackie Winland, Sandy Tate, Mrs. Jean Hayes, teacher. Sixth Grade ROW l: Linda Loveioy, Janice Grimes, Carolyn Howerton, Bonnie Keith, Sue Haviland, Brenda Jones, Debra Keller. ROW II: Dennis Fisher, John May, Janice Lee, Donnie Keith, Robert Mitchell, Linda Jensen, Debra Nash, Sylvia Hudson, Nikki Ragle, Phyliss Morgan. ROW lll: Virgil Jones, Larry Richardson, Danny Robbins, Ken Wrightsman, Jimmy Jackson, Jimmy Harlow, Phip Oliver, Mr. Hubert Williamson, teacher. ROW IV: Bobby Gregory, Paul Oliver, Harold Lyle, Bruce Litord. . . L. .eww-1-A-sv...-an ROW l: Walter Doyle, Alan Arnold, Tommy Edwards, Mike Farmer, Bobby Clayton, Mike Curry, Sammy Baynes. ROW II: Annamae Hayes, Margaret Cox, Donna Coatney, Pamela Arthur, Lois Robinson, Kathy Chaney, Paula Fiscus, Mary Fields, Suzanne Ray. ROW lll: Millie Clark, Gloria Truesdel, Gail Crocker, Janet Blum, Pamela Breeden, Mary Ann Freeman, Tia Freeman, Terry Burch, Mrs. Justine Harrell, teacher. ROW IV: Larry Durnil, David Bushnell, Mike Butcher, Jerry Covey, Philip Chupp. Sixth Grade Fifth Grade ROW l: Terry Keller, Terry lnnis, Ricky Wampler, Donnie Jones, Steve Deckard, Mary Beth Klootwyck, Denise Lane, Diana Petmecky, Marcia Porter. ROW ll: Ronnie Ford, Donna Kuruzovich, Brenda Miller, Patricia Perkins, Debbie Page, Karen Linko, Billy Hudson, Billy Dunbar, Trent Kerr. ROW III: Richard Jenkins, Allen Headley, Dennis Overall, Glenda Royer, Connie Prince, Melodee Michalares, Mark Godman, Dewain Lyle, Mrs. Marjorie Carter, teacher. ROW IV: Marsha McQueen, Sharon Masters, Linda Martin, Randy Nikirk, David DeForcl. ROW I: Jerry Bushnell, Linda Worstall, Connie Stewart, Vicki Steele, Kathy Scaggs, Avis Anne Winkler, Kevin Sears, Jimmy Richardson, Keith Criswell. ROW ll: Barbara White, Susan Young, Mark Trenta, Steve Williams, Everett Porter, Terry Young, Steve Rumple, Darby Wampler, Peggy Shepherd, ROW lll: Joanna Settle, Susie Small, Shannon Terrell, Kay Wright, Gary Rosenberg, Tommy Weddle, Debbie Thomas, Mrs. Ann Cramer, teacher. ROW IV: Jerry Rushton, Mike Woolery, Randy Perry, Kenny Rowse, Sam Skirvin. Fifth Grade ROW l: Debra Titus, Deborah East, Lloyd Davis, Ralph Bond, Randall Bowles, Brenda Howerton, Paula Doyle, Mary Jayne Kelley, Connie Haviland. ROW ll: Sandra Moser, Alice Arnet, Catherine Stewart, Carla Jacobson, Dennis Duncan, Carl Branam, Kenneth Chambers, Eddie Cowden, Lee Ann Curry. ROW Ill: Mark Daniel, Penny Price, .lim Francisco, Randy Cain, Christina DeLapp, Darlene Bell, Denise Denni- son, Sandra Curry, Mrs, Wilma Summitt, teacher. ROW IV: Karen Goodman, Trudy Holler, Connie Borutt, Paul Stradtman, Robbie Arthur. ,,-r ROW I: Georgia Sorrow, Kathleen Warthan, Mickey Tosti, Shirley Wrightsman, Keith Russell, Connie Wagner, Glenda Loveioy, Kathy Welding, Scott Shepherd. ROW ll: Kathleen Weathers, La Donna Felton, Randell Perry, Scott West, Lou Ann Stephenson, Patricia Hardin, Lynn Weatherwax, Charlotte Workman, Vanessa Thacker, Paula Skirvin. ROW lll: David Webb, John Veal, Chris Van Hook, Gary Scott, Janis Weddle, Mike Scaggs, Karen Stogsdill, Becky Litten, Mrs. Olif May, teacher. ROW IV: Robert Patrick, Rodger Tate, Loretta Stimson, Mike Scales, Rhonda Vickrey, Richard Stines. Fourth Grade ROW I: Billy Welch, John Litten, Beth Ann Sims, Rachael Lane, Sue Ann Mitchell, Rita Hendricks, Linda McQueary, Peggy Rosenberg, DeCarla Porter, Vicki McCoy. ROW ll: Cathy Boltinghouse, Carolyn Hood, Kathy Overall, Kathy Hendricks, Randy Keller, John Mayrose, Jeffery Evans, Charles DeFord, David Lee, Lana Jacobs. ROW lll: Barbara Robertson, Carolyn Hall, Diana Siscoe, Robert Hunter, Tommy Perkins, Betty Wrightsman, Mary Beth Warthen, Julia- Ranard, Mrs. Dorothy Barnes, teacher. ROW IV: Steven Love, Keith Elliott, Mickel Fiscus, Rocky Frye, Patty Skeen. gufhgt xl ui, 5 Q r 4 SEQ .Ni 4.2 ROW I: Patty Baynes, Patty Gibson, Donna Buck, Diana Grubb, Ann Burton, Jeanne Arthur, Nancy Francisco, Julia Harmon, Judy Criswell, Patty Boruff. ROW ll: Timmy Cowden, Paul Davis, Jerry Clayton, Scott Brown, Junior Cooper, Tim Ellett, Bobby Dalton, Richard Morris, Jerry Daniels, Mary Egan. ROW III: Steve Liford, Ramona Elkins, Sue Dillman, Sandy Beard, Danny Covey, Christine Clark, Penny Hall, Lavina Carter, Alice Fiscus. ROW IV: Mike Warthan, Ricky Axsom, Gordon Burks, Dennis Bastin, Diane Chestnut, Sarah Daniel, Mrs. Belva Fiscus, teacher. Fourth Grade Third Grade ROW l: Jay Holmes, Lynn Jacobsen, Steven Farmer, Norma Liles, Brent Godmari, Beth Kelley, Robin lnnis, Kathy Kale, Debbie Olsson, Julie Marlin. ROW ll: Roger Hawkins, David Moore, Donald Branam, Brenda Wagner, Jacqueline May, Sheri Lucas, Bonnie Lee, John Scales, Roger Graebe. ROW lll: Richard Masters, Morey Barnes, Pam Perry, Steven Libkie, Michelle Linko, Richard Kuruzovich, Linda Patton, Tony Andrew, Mrs. Mary Frances Kleindorfer, teacher. ROW IV: Philip. Middleton, John Grimes, Rebecca Bowles, Valinda McQueen, Nicky Michalares, Dennis Harper, Jim Hudson. -.......L. ROW I: Tim Shick, Douglas Wolfe, Scott Mitchell, Mary Beth Fisher, Sandy Scaggs, Robin Turner, Penny Titus, Kathy Taylor, Barbara Ray. ROW II: Tommy Stevens, Ricky Richardson, Danny Webb, Mickey Narey, Ray Nash, Debbie Wagner, Rusty Stephenson, Terry Cain, Donald Oakley, Jeff Taylor. ROW III: Joe Stines, David Paul, Steven Porter, Curt Hayes, Paula Trueblood, Sandra Stephens, Lana Wright, Ricky Sink, Andy Snyder. ROW IV: Barbara Wagner, Gary Skirvin, Susie Underwood, Debbie Robinson, Marsha Knight, Betty Wilson, Mrs. Beatrice Tapp, teacher. Third Grade ROW I: Julia Chaftin, Marilyn Gooldy, Diana Wampler, Rhea Dawn Hendricks, Kathy Hacker, Joetta Hamm, Bobbie Bough, Kathie Sue Hawkins, Jodie Evans, Mary Beth Godsey. ROW II: Emery DeFord, Stephen Ellis, Titus Edwards, Rodney Arnold, George Bower, Danny Hyde, Billy Baxter, Danny Bowles, Darlene Essig. ROW III: Robert White, Dennie Lee, Tony Cramer, Scott Curry, Mike Bennett, Jeff Elinsky, Billy Dephue, Rusty Brown, Mrs. Lorene Weaver, teacher. ROW IV: Terry Webb, Karen Blum, Joyce Baxter, Walter Huff, Bobby Joe Dalton. 'Q ...,,,,... -4 ll l47 ROW l: Karen Loveioy, Diana Jacobs, Mike Burton, Frank Hawkins, Robin Freeman, David Hamm, Stephen Jones, Donna Deckard, Holly Dutton. ROW ll: Gary Rumple, Debra Sipes, Mickey Cox, Kathy Robertson, Brian Kale, Tony Strain, Rachel Hall, Alisa Bales, Denny Bell, Mrs. Miriam Albrecht, teacher. ROW lll: Elaine Hudson, Mary Brower, Timmy Cratton, Carl Landis, Jr. Hughes, Kenny Myer, Mike Brickert, Wayne Bottomley, Rusty Nessler. Second-Third Grade ROW l: Joan Axsom, Susan Fields, Carol Arnold, Kathy Carpenter, Kim Bennett, Andy Campbell, Roxanne Carmichael, Terri Thomas, Joni Taylor, Mickey Cowden, David Duncan. ROW ll: Judy Glass, James Arnett, Dale Bruce, Beth Ann Brown, Nancy Dalton, Laila Davis, Betty Bell, Teresa Holler,..G-auf' Hendershot, Debbie Bedell. ROW lll: Billy Christy, Jamie Albrecht, John Abbott, Richard Dillman, Gregory Second Grade ' Davis, Sharon Higgins, Denise Chestnut, Mike Davidson, Julie Boyer, Sara Conner, Robert Dillman, Mrs. lona Fish, teacher. A 4 'EE' I ,Y ROW I: Debbie Christie, Kenneth Underwood, Alan Wilson, Karen Higgens, Kathy Shumaker, Debbie Wampler, Gerry Steinhagen, Billy Taylor, Jim Workman, P. J. Mitchell. ROW II: La Donna Webb, Kristine Weathers, Marilyn Grimes, Cathy Thomas, Leon Welding, Jerry Veal, Barney Wells, Mary Lou Robinson, Janet Skirvin, Vickey Stephenson, Lindy Williams. ROW III: Karen Sanders, Sandy Hudson, Mary Lou East, Sharon Robertson, Steven Weaver, Jeff Stouder, Jimmy Tosti, Gary Truesdel, Bryan Hood. ROW IV: Paul Weatherwax, Joy Flynn, Karen Dunning, Jill Middleton, Mrs. Jean Voigtschild, teacher. Second Grade ROW I: Robin Roberts, Melody Reynolds, Dana Moffatt, David McGuire, George Petmecky, Michael Head, Carol Daniels, Mary Ann Doyle, Brenda McQueary, Janette Masters. ROW II: Terri Inman, Dirk Peterson, Robert Egan, Bruce Glasgow, Steven Sheldon, Phillip Roberts, Pat Woolery, John Harmon, Rocky Plouff. ROW III: David Perry, Donna Morgan, Chris Kleindorfer, Leroy Spriggs, Vickie McCammon, Brady Porter, Barbara Porter, Roger Perry, Howard Pollock. ROW IV: Tamara McConnell, Teresa Lucas, Barbara Settle, James Oakley, Mrs. Beulah Young, teacher. at . R x ROW I: Carol Campbell, Jennifer Chaney, Brian Ingels, Tony Sink, Ricky Gray, Bobby Gibson, Mark Deckard, Debra Strebeck, Rhea Freeman, Brenda Lee, Billy Eagon. ROW II: Sherry Chambers, Sheree Godman, Pamrny Harris, Penny Dutton, Joyce Jacobsen, Nora Francisco, Karen Davis, Randy Kinser, Tim Kerr, Aaron Fiscus, Donnie Hunter, Gary Farmer. ROW III: Randy Fancher, Danny Jackson, Marty Hesfer, Sherrie Dephue, Gary Moser, Scott Inman, Billy Hillenberg, Ricky Fiscus, Carol Godsey, David Elkins. ROW IV: Mrs. Miriam Elkins, teacher. First Grade ROW I: Jeanette Buker, Kimberly Breeden, Suellen Shields, Joni Bales, Teresa Bayne, Pamela Branam, Susan Bastin, Kimberly Abram, Debra Bennett, Ruth Ann Abbott. ROW ll: Daryl Buck, Billy Bastin, Doug Chaffin, Carl Steele, John Burch, Gary Davidson, Mike Chitwood, John Wilber, Pamela Abbitt, Debra Shields, Teresa Brummett. ROW III: Robert Wiard, Dwight DeFord, Richard Bower, Ray Baynes, Gregory Breeden, David Cain, Frank Thoman, Timmie Covey, Steve Coatney, Larry Butcher, Larry Parsons, Mrs. Phyllis Shuman, teacher. if sy-rrp' , ,L if 1 ,.gf...e. 5 ' I K , nf ,, .... 'lb , .3 QQ! 32 .. W is Eiglili fc af X E 'bl as ,uf ,Jr 4 X g 1 Lin- .. ,I Qui ! , QQ 5 - Vi x Q ' r ROW I: Gerald Webster, Mark Ellis, Jimmy Wilson, Sherry Scaggs, Bea Wampler, Debra Lynn Parrish, Julie Keller, Mark Thomas, Karen Bruner, Mike Veal, Marvin Webb. ROW ll: Timmy Spinks, Roy Workman, Debbie Shepherd, Melinda Moreland, Rosann Tosti, lkie Shields, Michael Stogsdill, Richard Welding, Billy Welty, Linda Ragle, Libby Webb. ROW lll: Scott Stephens, Gary Steele, Kathy Sare, Janda Ray, Fred Essig, Billy Alan Scales, Debra Jean Price, Patty Plouff, Phyllis Van Hook, Ricky Turner, Mrs. Leota McNeely, teacher. First Grade ROW l: John Liford, Mark Mobley, David Lucas, Jeff Richardson, Keith Rubeck, Kenneth Martin, Randy Porter, Marty Shaw, Ronnie Morris, Kenneth Rice. ROW ll: Marisa Linko, Timmy Narey, Alesia Lane, Dana lnnis, Kathy Libkie, Melody Harper, Tony Bales, Mary Beth Hawkins, Gayle Moffat, Vanessa Keller, Paul Richardson, Mark Scaggs. ROW Ill: Mabel Kinser, Ann Klootwyk, Jean Hendricks, Mark Perry, Lester Essig, Bobbie Cardinal, Joyce Jensen, Jimmy Medley, Karen Skirvin, Mimi May, Mrs. Lois Martin, teacher. MHS , F'- "i' alas-sy H.. 135 Q jk 19- Sf. 4 ns- ROW l: Mary Beth Welty, Gregory Briles, Seth Innis, Karen Shephard, Susan Davidson, Scott Wagner, Dean Duncan, Michael Johnson, Kurt Rubeck, Tommy Harmon, Marlin May, Susan Weatherwax. ROW ll: Steven Shumaker, DeLisa Rushton, Cary Curry, Tammy Newman, Vince May, Randy Prince, Marianne Ragle, Tammie Covington, Michael Shumaker, Randy Turner, Jeffrey Litten. ROW Ill: Douglas Chestnut, Donna Tate, Melanie McQueen, Pammy Smith, Jane Kuruzovich, Randy Smith, Stephen Wright, Steven Robertson, Bobby Grabe, Michael Taylor, Ronnie Boyer, Mrs. Gledith Baynes, teacher. Morning Kindergarten Afternoon ROW I: Kathy Flynn, John Edwards, Brian Davey,Connie Clogston, James Hendricks, Kim Worstall, Elaine Roberts, Katie Sturgeon, Michael Stephenson, John Cage, Ricky Keith, Bruce Robertson. ROW ll: Steven Marlin, Mary Burch, Donna Hyde, Lisa Crain, Joni Grayson, Tommy Ragle, Vickie Wampler, Kathy Stogsdill, Raymond McConnell, Curt Patrick, Mrs. Gledith Baynes, teacher. ROW Ill: Jeffrey Olsson, Timmy Reed, Holly Skirvin, Ray Masingill, Burt Baker, Julie Kale, Gerald Crocker, Mark Connelly, James Goodman, Stanley Lucas. sl 'll D A J V 2 Q 1-.Ni 1X.M,--- --A .V x S 'J .v. -wg ww -su QM-1 M, --ww.. " ,Y " -'irq-. Qfi, Q ,--- N ,- --M .1 .,g. g f ...L N . my A I AKA. .5 ...A. ,- N K L'i-..,,--f-,-..w.L - FL: . W ,,.,-A---5+ JH 1 M... -M psi.- , W- Qsggw 1 Q" Tiaffm-'W' -,..,,.-,N - - .- 11--,M M as ' ks ' -wr-m -kg' Nw? . Q5 1----fm - fxffiieii .S MM -. QL.. , . S5-.limi W' ..-QU-, . ,Ny ,,-fw. -- -- A- M? N ,E ,A l , Elementary 'SA Office Staff SEATED: Susie Clendening, Mr. James Lundy, Paula aolinger. STANDING: Betty sfamson, Patty' Neill, Phyllis Richardson, Milly Freeman, Darby Earles. SMITHVILLE TELEPHONE COMPANY Cadet Teachers Pandora Wright, Genople Smith, Charles Mayo, Sandy McClure, Carla Wells. Playground Exercise comes naturally to these youngsters. Ellettsville, Indiana AAL Classes Driver Education Mr. Ronald White explains to Cheryl Oliphant and Danny Lee that in driving, "You are your brother's keeper." FLOWER BOWL 756 South Walnut BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA ED 2-9343 ED 2-9344 ' i .g 5 ,ff S in L f L. ,Qi , 1 ,asia z l ' t L..ef ' W ,, 3 kyhkl ,, A Lf,, Q . Physical Education Steve Harmon thinks this trick is easy, but Mr. John Holmes finds it necessary to help Larry Hays as the other boys watch in excitement. Shop Roger Kinser, Gary Middleton, and Danny Swafford are showing their abilities to use a drill, a sander, and a grinder. Atv 'un . y I ' IN . 5 V Fine Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and Silver Bloomington, Indiana ED 6-5670 Chemistry Are you sure there's something under here, Mr. Weathers? Mr. Weathers look on while Gordon Gibson spies on the microbes. KAHN'S Men's and Boys' Clothing SOUTH SIDE SQUARE, BLOOMINGTON "The Place To Go for the Brands You Know" Art Let's see! ls this the way Grandma Moses would have done it? Linda Dustin adds the finishing touch to an art proiect. is + g . ll, gl l Home Economlcs tl 1 , A little higher please, Mrs. Russell. it Y Paula Bolinger helps with the drapes while Linda K H Dustin sews a fine seam. l as l MAX'S SINCLAIR SERVICE Phone ED. 2-7053-Max Olsson, Owner 17th and Walnut Streets Bloomington,Indiana ,""" L WT., O Engllsh What funny remark did Susie Clendening make to Mrs. Gooldy? SIMS POULTRY COMPANY FRESH DRESSED POULTRY AND FRESH EGGS 219 N. MORTON ST. PHONE ED. 6 5720 Geometry Paul May asks, "What's wrong with the way I did Mrs. Feldman?" 5 Sli' Typing Doesn't that ring slow you down, Brenda. PLUMBING 8- HEATING T200 NORTH COLLEGE BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA www! Government Danny Dennison explains to Mr. Richard Blandford and the class the purpose of the charts they have been making. Library Miss Frances Harding, librarian, works hard to keep her card catalogue up-to-date and to make the library a pleasant place for studying. SERVE 6,1465 Ill. U-L PAY- Oli. Bloomington, Indiana, lnc. Bloomington, Indiana Bookkeeping Mr. Michael Knight and Binnie Kanitz remain serious while Danny Dennison and Lynne Roberts laugh over the mistake they have made. Junior High English Everyone listens to Mrs. Ethel Wall as she reads selections from American literature, except maybe someone in the back of the room. Compliments of THRASHER REGAL STORE Larry Thrasher, Owner Ellettsville Arithmetic Mr. Dennis Grate must be asking a very hard question. Study Hall Mrs. Beatrice Overstreet graciously gives as- sistance to one of her study hall charges, Elaine Moore, and Connie Campbell listens also. HAMM'S MARATHON SERVICE STATION Tires, Batteries, Accessories and Road Service TR 6-2263 Ellettsville Activities X Q xOU if if 83' Url' vlcncl HUDSON ifnb p., K DXPNNA COOPER vw' Honor Golden Ba , ffgL..i' Ssmaxm if if 4 , F 1 Q . Sweaters Eagle nd SHELLEY 1055 DIANA THR MARGARET HALL I I jj! :lil Ax SFC ,wi A .w.,,X. '--.EX x miss? New DARBY EARLES ASHER l The Golden Eagles' Band, under the di- rection of Mr. James Thrasher, has grown to a total membership of eighty. The band members and Mr. Thrasher have put in long hours of hard practice to present concerts and marching shows throughout the year. They have marched at the Fall Foliage Fes- tival in Martinsville, the Fall Festival in Co- lumbus, the Monroe County Fall Festival in Ellettsville, and they participate each year in the State Fair Band Contest. A combination of this hard work and a dash of originality have won many first place trophies and rib- bons for the band. The students ot E.H.S. w and the citizens of Ellettsville are iustly proud ot their Golden Eagles' Band. ROW l: Susan Miles, Betty Stimson, Lynne Roberts, Patty Neill, Darby Earles. ROW ll: Gordon Gibson, Lou Ann May, Jerry Abbitt, Genople Smith. Last minute preparation for the contest. District Solo and Ensemble Winners ROW l: Lynelle Mossholder, Lynne Rob- erts, Patty Neill, Cheryl Oliphant, Donet- ta Conder. ROW ll: Ronnie Arnett, Buddy Elliott, Jimmy Durnil. ROW Ill: Shelley Loesch, Vicki Hudson, Beverly Daniel, Janet Freeman. vw. A ' 'T' S.. SEATED: Richard Sundt, Danny Dennison. STANDING: Norman Wampler, Danny Sare, Jerry Abbitt, John Summitt, Clarence Stewart, principal, Gary Middleton, Kenny Burks, Charles Mayo. Projector Club These lucky boys get to watch all the "movies," or, as Mr. Stewart insists, educational films. Chorus The Chorus really made a grand appearance when it was all decked out in old fashioned costumes for its performance in the Fall Festival opening pro- gram on September 13, 1962. ROW I: Sandy Grubb, Roberta Beard, Marsha Beaumont, Shelley Loesch, Beverly Steinhagen, Donna Duncan, Elaine Headley, Sammie Sare, Brenda Day, Gloria Cowden, Becky Smith, Marsha Lee. ROW ll: Jerry Abbitt, Norman Wampler, Buddy Elliott, Joy Anne Brown, Jill Welsh, Maria Baxter, Susie Clendening, Danny Sare, Russell Young, Falle Nelson, director. K. X Jib- . mm. 9 A Q ,A ,, . I - ik 'V W No.1 -f.-.... me 4... .. - f .. -33 ..,, A QA., ij' -53,9 Q. we i . 1- gg . Jw 4 -.. T' .. 'vagw Bn, ' - "' o ' - V ' U ,dr ' if -ng ' QB + ' ' -' f..i.-f"'f '55 uv a ree. X, Lg V ' ' - ears, c c B """"' or w , . .U ' 'if 4 -Si' r . , K T . mi: ,mn , ., Blu, V . , My . ,,.,, ...A mu wiarlkx :K ... M . -- A ,YV LSASZE Q J A 6' is x H gi.. ROW I: Nancy Elkins, treasurer: Beverly Steinhagen, corresponding secretary: Maria Baxter, president, Donna Small, recording secretary, Jan Welsh, vice-president. ROW Il: Robin Kelley, Julie Judah, Sally Campbell, Susie Bowles, LaVerne Bain, Marsha Beaumont, Trudy Chitwood, Joy Anne Brown, Paula Bolinger, Genople Smith, Connie DeWar, Mary Ellen LaRoche. ROW III: Ruth Ann Hackler, Susan Miles, Milly Freeman, Becky Smith, Vicki Sims, Patty Neill, Jill Welsh, Susie Clendening, Roberta Beard, Sandy Grubb, Susie Skirvin, Judy Sipes. ROW IV: Sandra Baxter, Rita Brinegar, Connie Campbell, Sammie Sare, Anne Stines, Margie Robertson, Donna Byrd, Terry Tate, Nancy McCIung, Vivian Bennett, Mary Jo Rowse, Elaine Moore. ROW V: Gloria Cowden, Marsha Lee, Dixie Wampler, Rona Rushton, Donna Duncan, Judy Buck, Linda Weddle, Colette East, Andrea Stout, Peggy Baxter. ROW VI: Mrs. Janette Hopkins, sponsor, Kay West, Teresa Snyder, Sandy Crafton, Diana Cooper, Mary Beth VanHook, Nancy Doyle. The Girls' Athletic Association has partic- ipated in softball, dodgeloall, bowling, and vol- leyball and has accepted invitations to play- days at Cloverdale and Bloomington High Schools. The highlight of the year was the Queen Contest and the coronation at the Sweet- heart Dance. The G.A.A. also assists with the planning of the Athletic Banquet. Awards that can be earned are pins, nu- merals, Ietters, sweaters, and state plaques and are based on a point system regulated by the state organization. Queen Genople Smith was escorted to her coronation by Co-captains Don Burch and Danny Dennison. REQLQKIIAIQRELL 221 EAST KIRKWOOD BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA PHONE ED 2-7421 66 Girls, Athletic Association Activities Future Homemakers of America The Ellettsville Chapter of the Future Homemak- ers of America has been very active this past year. Besides holding month- ly meetings, the club en- tered a float in the Fall Festival Education Day Parade, sponsored a chili supper and a dance, and held a candy sale for the school children. FHA'ers face the future with warm courage and high hopes. fem '-5 S3 Samoa . ' ROW l: Lou Ann May, Sandy Burnett, Marilyn Hendricks, Shelley Loesch, Carla Wells, Paula Bolinger, Barbara LaSota, Mrs. Carol Russell, sponsor. ROW il: Binnie Kanitz, Pandora Wright, Jacque Clendening, Jane Bowles, Phyllis Richardson, Sandy McClure, Susie Clendening, Bea Kay Buck. ROW III: Susie Litten, Elaine Headley, Colette East, Sally Campbell, Jill Welsh, Paula Rowse, Joy Anne Brown, Nancy Doyle, Vicki Hudson. ROW IV: Terry Tate, Linda Weddle, Margaret Hall, Claudetta Kelly, Julie Judah, Roberta Beard, Sandy Grubb. ROW V: Lynelle Mosshclder, Beverly Daniel, Teresa Snyder, Wanda Paul, Connie Craig, Marsha Beaumont, Trudy Chitwood. ROW Vl: Susan Miles, Beverly Steinhagen, Nancy McClung, Janet Freeman, Sherry Westfall, Sandy Crafton. Eailg Erralh-Elelenhnnr BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA ROW I: Paula Rowse, Anne Stines, Milly Freeman, Julie Judah, Sally Campbell, Sandy McClure, Sandy Grubb. ROW ll: Robert Tosti, Lincoln Fiscus, Kenny Freeman, Jimmy Gardner, Gary Gibson, Ronald Sears. ROW Ill: Phillip LaRoche, Richard Landgrebe, Danny Anderson, Steve Todd, Ricky Whitford, Mr. Coziene Weathers, sponsor. ROW lV: Paul May, Phil Bastin, Howard Lanam, Ken Burks, Ralph May, Charles Mayo. Not in picture: Richard Sundt. .AM . ,Q C . .X ,,... ..c...e-, K '35 Science Club at the club's annual Sci Indiana University. ..,.. A , . ,, . 'R' These future scientists work hard all year on their school subjects and their science projects which they will present ence Fair and later at the Regional Science Fair at The loyal support and enthusiastic re- PCP sponse ot the Pep Club is appreciated at the games. Seniors are distinguished by black sweaters and a front row seat in the cheering block. Press Committee ROW lz Paula Rowse, Julie Judah, Danny Dennison, Susie Clendening, Lou Ann May. ROW ll: Buddy Elliott, Mrs. Janet Gooldy, sponsor, Charles Mayo. Radio Staff ROW l: Paula Rowse, Vicki Hudson, Darby Earles. ROW Il: Charles Mayo, Mrs. Janet Gooldy, sponsorg Lynne Roberts, Maria Baxter. OWEN COUNTY STATE BANK - 0 F 'X K , SPENCER, INDIANA ff"-' Efmf, i s x A' 'Vg x s ss s Ax Member F.D.l.C. -'t- 3 1 I E ' ll U ll ,ll I 1: 4. fl , I, I . 1 , V 5, bf Branch Bank At Gosport --' A----.. nu.. -Y.....'....'. F .Y..s.... , 0 68 LLETTSVILLE, INDIANA dm-. ,. , . L. ...,,,.,,.A , 41 ,C l I 1'-LF 3 Llamarada Staff EDITOR TYPING COMMITTEE Barbara LaSota JUNIOR EDITORS Vicki Hudson, Jody Petmecky ASSISTANT EDITORS Lynne Roberts, Lou Ann May BUSINESS MANAGER Gordon Gibson JUNIOR BUSINESS MANAGER Richard Landgrebe ADVERTISING COMMITTEE Shelley Loesch, Jerry Abbitt, Patty Neill, Darby Earles, Betty Stimson, Buddy Elliott, Danny Den- nison, Kenny Burks, Ricky Whitford, Larry Sims Linda Dustin, Paula Bolinger, Jane Bowles, Darby Earles, Betty Stimson, Gloria Schooling ART Gary Middleton, Julie Judah, Ann Stines PHOTOGRAPHY Charles Mayo, Buddy Elliott, Trudy Chitwood, Kathy Harris LAY-OUT Richard Sundt, Binnie Wanitz, Carla Wells, Kenny Burks, Tommy Bottomley STATISTICS Marilyn Hendricks, Paula Rowse, Maria Baxter SUBSCRIPTION AND CIRCULATION Donna Heistand, Susie Clendening, Millie Free- man, Donald Burch, Sandy McClure, Sandy Grubb ADVISORS Miss Frances Harding, Miss Madaline-Baynes 69 l ll3lt-lLlk SEATED: Lynne Roberts, Lou Ann May, Gordon Gibson, Barbara La Sota, Darby Earles. STANDING: Mr. Clarence Stewart, Richard Sundt, Vicki Hudson, Ken Burks, Ricky Whitford, Anne Stines, Richard Landgrebe. National Honor Society The National Honor Society is an exclusive organization whose mem- bership is based upon the four qualities of scholarship, character, lead- ership, and ser- vice. Each year TOCZ of the senior class and 596 of the iun- ior class are elected to the Society by the faculty. S d SEATED: Paula Bolinger, Judy Renard, .limmy Durnil, Darby Earles, Mr. Clarence Stewart, Richard Sundt, tu Paul May, Steve Todd. STANDING: Linda Prince, Marc Beard, Susie Cain, Randy Stephenson, Linda Miles, Council The S t u d e n t Council, which has been organized here for two years, has performed many services for the students of E.H.S., such as a coat-check at each of the home bas- ketball games and a fan bus to most of the games away from home. It has also been called upon at times to settle certain prob- lems in student re- lationships arising during the year. 70 Steve Settle, Diana Prince, Gary Gibson, Elaine Ellett, Eric Britner, Vicki Hudson. 'Q .,-N 3 ' m, 1 'NK .1 LOU ANN MAY, D.A.R. Award and Betty Crocker Homemaker Award winner, demonstrates her homemaking skills by serving tea to Gordon Gibson, valedictorian, and Kenny Burks, salutatorian. Honors and Awards MARILYN LANDGREBE JUDD CRAMER BARBARA LASOTA Legion Award 1962 Legion Award 1962 Girls' State Delegate 1962 -,li C ROW I: Kathy Chaney, Debra Keller, Norma Jo Winkler, Janice Grimes, Marty East, Nikki Ragle, Janet Curry, Donna Coatney, Linda Lou Lovejoy. ROW ll: Tommy Stephenson, Sammy Baynes, Larry Durnil, Millie Clark, Linda Cramer, Philip Pryor, John Freeman, Mike Gooldy, Steve Daniel, David Bushnell, Jerry gushnell, David Craig, James Harlow, Robert Mitchell. ROW lll: Kenny Scales, Mary Jo Rowse, Susie Cain, ana Rumple, Jackie Whinland, James Thrasher, director, David Price, Mike Farmer, Gregory Acuff, Steve Shephard, Danny Byrd. The Cadet Band is composed of young musicians who are usually iunior high or grade school pupils. Under the guidance ot James Thrasher, band director, these youngsters are learning the requirements ot belonging to the A-band. With hard work and talent, they will soon be able to till the vacancies left by the graduating seniors. Calendar of Events Sept. 6 Opening ot school Mar. i Career Day 14 Monroe County Fall Festival 4 National Honor Society initiation Oct. 25-26 ISTA Convention 16 Science Fair Nov. l2 Veterans' Day April 5 Junior Play T6 Llamarada Skit 6 Freshman Banquet 22-23 Thanksgiving Vacation l2-l 5 Easter Vacation Dec. 20 Christmas Program 20 Band Organization Contest 22 Band Christmas Party May 3 Senior Play, County Music Festival 22-Jan. 2 Christmas Vacation l7 Spring Style Show Jan. 21 End of tirst semester 20 Senior Devotions Feb, 2 Sweetheart Dance, District Solo 24 JUniOr-Senior Prom and Ensemble Contest 26 Baccalaureate 7 Senior Trip to Indianapolis 28 Commencement Home Show 29 Last day of school T6 State Solo and Ensemble Contest -lUne l Senior trip ricr ttar ,ir 1370 12.6. 5000 watts day - 500 waits night ,wif Lyyy w T T V - F 92.3 meg, 37.2 kilowaits 12 ,,:,s..,. ,jik 1 gt shr ,S 4 Q W ,T K. mf, f jg, x,i, 4, S iff, ly W K, UQ 5,65 My jj? affix HK: L I Haig!! H 3-'ggi G rp Athletics ' 1 11 M LARRY SIMS JIMMY DURNIL DON BURCH 1962 - Golden MANAGERS Bili Guihrie, Greg Robinson BILL PRICE DANNY DENNISON R m :- I M HN YI YK. - , N, E ,-f""' It Eagles - 1963 PHIL BASTIN JOHN SUMMITT GARY MIDDLETON COACHES Ron White, John Holmes l l R Some of these lucky Eaglets will be the varsity stars next year. ROW I: Joe Roberts, John Sheldon, Bruce DeLapp, Eric Britner, Buddy Miles, Jim Welch. ROW ll: Ralph May, Gene Curry, Larry Simes, Donnie Fisher, Steve Curry, Randy Richardson, Mike Barger. ROW lllz Coach Ron White, Manager Billy Guthrie, Jim Lindley, Dick Brower, Paul Taylor, Howard Lanam, Jim Durnil. Are Danny Dennison and Bill Price waving at the crowd or wait- AH eyes are on the ball, ing forthe ball to come down? Freshman Team Although many ot these boys are on the B-team, t h e y have a fine record of performances to r Their own class. ROW l: Randy Richardson, Eric Britner, Randy Middleton, Bobby Dunbar, Danny Swafford, Mike Barger. ROW II: David Archenbron, Donnie Fisher, Steve Curry, Steve Campbell, Jim Welch. ROW Ill: Bob Porter, Bruce DeLapp, Coach John Holmes, Joe Roberts, John Sheldon. C-C PROPANE FUEL CO., INC. Monroe County 1726 South Walnut Street Bloomington, Indiana ROW l: Jim McClure, Mike Gooldy, David Jackson, John Freeman, Mike Goodman, Randy Stephenson, John Welch, Kenny Hinkle. ROW ll: Lucky Clark, John Arnold, Kent DeFord, David Dillman, Mike Hall, Danny Ragle, Billy Robinson, David Craig. ROW Ill: Tommy Mayo, Steve Harmon, Larry Hayes, Barry Robinson, Marty East, Timmy Campbell, Dennis Martin, Danny Byrd, Coach Ron White. FARM BUREAU CO-OP Junior High Team The little "Eaglets" are learning more ev- ery day toward build- ing another fine varsity team for Ellettsville. Un- der the direction ot Mr. Ron White, they have a good record of wins in their iunior high con- quests. 77 Cheerleaders These peppy girls do much to keep the lines and constant support. VARSITY: SEATED: Jill Welsh, Binnie Kanitz STANDING: Lynne Roberts, Vicki Sims. FRESHMAN: JUNIOR HIGH: SEATED: Janet Curry, Carol Simes STANDING: Linda Jacobs, Diana Prince Harding Q9 Cogswell, Inc. cut stoNE coNtRAcToRs ESTABLISHED 1911' + PHONE TRINITY 6-2282 P.O. BOX 38 + ELLETTSVILLE, INDIANA crowd enthusiastic with cheers from the side- Marsha Elliott, Debbie Renard, Judy Ranard, Rita Brinegar. B 3 S 6 b a l l T e a m ROW I: Donnie Fisher, Billy Guthrie, Paul May, Don Burch, Randy Richardson, Gary Middleton, Buddy Miles. ROW ll: Jim Welsh, Ed Narey, John Holmes, Coach, Ronnie Arnett, Jim Durnil, Paul Taylor, Ralph May, Larry Simes, Randy Middleton. Courtesy of JOHNSON'S CREAMERY Phone ED 2-2126 Bloomington, Indiana Jim Durnil, Bill Price, Ollie Underwood, Gene Curry, Buddy Miles, George Webb, Larry Sims, Charles East, John Sheldon, Don Burch, Eric Britner, Kenny Burks, Donnie Fisher, Eddie Rushton, Mike Barger. he K ,. 'Q ,Ao .soil fn. I HONOR JACKETS AND SWEATERS: Gary Middleton, Binnie Kanitz, Don Burch, Lynne Roberts, Danny Dennison. JOHN SUNIMITT Most Valuable Player Award Commercial Photographs Weddings 4' Parties 80 Athletic Awards . .,.4-ni-' ' 129 Zac' S'TUDlg0fif Portraits of Lasting Beauty Phone I54-W BANK BUILDING, SPENCER, INDIANA MARIA BAXTER G.A.A. State Plaque Award PrintFinishing " Groups 'f Copies 1962 Wabash Valley Trophy Co-captains Don Burch and Danny Dennison accept the beautiful Smithville Preliminary trophy from Mr. Louis Chuckney, Smithville principal. Ellettsville's Golden Eagles have done a fine job this season, and we take pride in congratulating them. Basketball Schedule - 1963 8I SEASON GAMES Cambellslourg ..... ..... 7 2 Ellettsville ......... ..... 7 4 Ellettsville ....... ..,. 6 3 Spencer ....... ..... , 77 Ellettsville .... ,.., 3 9 Van Buren ..... ..... 4 9 Switz City .... 30 Ellettsville ...... ..... 5 6 Oolitlc .c,..,.... ,,,-. 3 6 Ellettsville ...... ...., 6 5 Ellettsville .... ,.,. 6 5 Brown County ...... ...., 7 6 Shawswick ....... ..... 5 7 Ellettsville ,........ ..... 7 2 University .... -,-, 4 5 Ellettsville ...... ...,. 6 9 Stinesville .... ...,., .,,, 5 8 Ellettsville ...... ..... 7 3 Ellettsville .... ..........,..... 5 4 Mooresville ....... ..... 5 6 Eastern .c....... - ......,., 65 Ellettsville ...... ..... 7 7 Worthington 64 Ellettsville .................... 81 Ellettsville ..... ..., 6 1 Paoli ...,l,s..............,...... 72 WABASH VALLEY TOURNEY Stlnesville ..... ..,, 6 O Ellettsville ......a....,........ 73 Oolitic ..,.,.. -.-- 6 0 Ellettsville ...... ..... 7 8 Switz City ....,.. -,,-, 4 4 Ellettsville ...... ..... 4 7 ' Shoals ,,........ .,-. 3 9 Ellettsville ...... ..... 5 4 Ellettsville -.... ,-,- 4 4 Monroe City ...., ..... 5 9 Ellettsville ..... .... 6 O Danville ............ .... 7 7 SEASON GAMES Ellettsville ..... .... 4 3 Eminence ------- ----- 4 6 Staunton .... .,-- 6 0 Ellettsville ...... ..... 6 9 Bloomfield ---l ----- 5 i Ellettsville ...... ..... 4 6 Smiiliville ----------- ---- 5 4 Ellettsville ...... ..... 6 9 Qrleans ----- - -------- -.-- 4 8 Ellettsville .................... 78 917Q!OfDVVlfQ'Vlf orfvorafzon NATIONAL H O M E S CHARLES H. MAY, President I Fritz Terrace WALLACE HARMAN, Secretary BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA IvIIDDLETON'S STANDARD Highway 46 Phone: TR 6-2243 ' EIIeI"rsviIIe THE COLONIAL ROOM BEAUTY SHOP WILMA THRASHER, Operafor Highway 46 TR 6-4975 EIIeHsviIIe LI'I"I'EN TRADING POST Highway 46 Spencer Road J81M FEED 81 IMPLEMENT CO. 529 Norfh Rogers Phone: ED 2-2996 Bloomingron, Indiana I:RISOO'S PHILLIPS' 66 Phone: TR 6-4930 2nd and Temperance EIIe'H'sviIIe CHARMETTE BEAUTY SHOP MARY ETTA JEWELL VIRGINIA MACY Phone: TR 6-48II EIIe'HsviIIe MODERN CLEANERS and Shirr Launderers Bloomingfon I22 E. Third Sheer Indiana MEDLEY BROTHERS D-X STATION Phone: TR 6-2242 Highway 46 EIIeHsviIIe, Indiana POGUE DODGE SALES Phone: 829-3446 280 Flefcher Avenue Spencer THOMAS DEPARTMENT STORE Phone: TR 6-2292 EIIeI"rsviIIe Indiana WRIGHT'S SINCLAIR Tires - Ba'Heries - Accessories Highway 46 ELLE'I'I'SVILLE VARIETY STO RE Sundries - School Lunches - Founiain Phone: TR 6-4922 TR 6'48I0 EIIe'HsVIIIe EIIe++sviIIe Indiana Complimems PIETZUCH STUDIO of Official Phofographer RICHARD CARL, D.D. for . l963 LLAMARADA EIIe'r'I'svlIIe Spencer Indiana BLOOMINGTON ICE SERVICE JIMMIE J. NEWMAN 24-Hour Service al' Vendors 502 N. Rogers Sfreel' Bloominglon CONSTABLE'S GROCERY Phone: TR 6-2240 EIle++sviIIe lndiana OWENS ELECTRIC COMPANY ll6 Soulh Madison Phone: ED 6-435I BLOOMINGTON INDIANA STEPHENSON IMPLEMENT CO Massey-Ferguson Dealer ElleH'sville TR 6-2644 Indiana ROBINSON EAeLE's NEST READY MIX 81 BLOCKS RUTH STEVENS, owner Highway 46 Shorf Orders-Shakes-Milk. Colces Phone: TR 6-2647 Nexl Io School Grounds Ellelfsville JOHN R. FIGG, INC. Wholesale Grocers ' Phone: ED 2-2l48 P. O. Box 848 3Il N. Curry Pike ELLETTSVILLE LAUNDERAMA The Cuslomer's Salislaclion Comes Firsl Downfown ElleHsville LAWRENCE and MARJORIE HUDSON Bloominglon, Indiana ROBERTS' SUNSET HILL FEED COMPANY A-I Bloomfield Road Used Cars Bloominglon, Indiana Highway 46 Phone: TR 6-4604 AMERICAN SECURITY CO. ANCO SALES" INC' . H9 Ead Uh Shed Farm, Home, lnduslrral Sales and Service Phone: ED 6-6246 B'00min9+0f' Bloominglon Indiana ED 24628 ED 9-0746 HARDESTY FEED 8. SEED SUPPLY ELLETTSVWLE GARY and ROD HARDESTY. Owners Corner-of Sales and Main SI'reeI' Corner of Sales and Vine Phone: TR 6-4698 Phone: TR 6-4824 ElleHsvllle Elleffsvillel Indiana YOUNG'S Luggage and Lea+her Goods Your One-Siop TraveI Shop I20 E. Kirkwood Ave. BIooming1'on SOUTHERN SPORTING GOODS STORE "We Specialize in Team Equipmen+" II3 E. Kirkwood Ave. BIooming'ron Indiana H 81 H REALTY COMPANY JIMMIE HALL JoHN E. HEADLEY SULLIVAN'S MARATHON SERVICE Specialized BaHery4 Service II3 W. W I I Bloomingiisu 4I7 W.-S+ Faf+h S+. ED 2-7013 ED 99732 ED 99733 Bloomingfon, Indiana HALL'S GROCERY Groceries-MeaI's-Gas and Oil Junciion Highway 46 and S+inesviIIe Road Phone: TR 6-2722 SKYLAND LODGE "On Jrhe HiII" Fine Foods 3 Miles Nor+h Spencer Highway 67 EMERSON DRUG STORE Pain'I's - Varnishes - Wallpaper SPENCER, INDIANA BABB'S RED 84 WHITE SUPER MARKET Beiier Foods Tor Be'r'rer Living 459 W. Morgan S+. Phone: 829-223I Spencer, Indiana INGALLS BUICK-PONTIAC CO. Downfown I82 S. Main S+ree'I' Spencer, Phone: 829-2938 Indiana BLOOMINGTON PACKING CO., INC Manufacfurers of Win'I'erIein Brand Meafs A Compleie Line of Meai Producis Bioomingion Indiana STEWART'S SPEED 81 SPORT SHOP Honda-Cycles, Vespa-ScooI'ers, Hoffco-Kar'l's Highway 46 EIIeH'sviIIe, Indiana LENZY HAYES MOTOR SALES 8: TRAILER COURT EIIe'H'sviIIe TR 6-446I Indiana CHAR-ROY GIFT SHOP Cards - Hose - GiHs - Sporfswear Phone: TR 6-4652 EIIe'H'sviIIe, Indiana KENNEY'S BARBER SHOP KENNETH JACKSON, Owner EIIe'HsviIIe Indiana HARRY STEPHENS 81 CO. JOHNNY'S MARKET OLDSMOBILE Groceries - Meafs 3II S. WaInu+ S+ree+-BIooming+on, Indiana Bloiignjiofwgjfana PRICE ELECTRIC COMPANY MONROE TOBACCO 8: CANDY CO KeIvina'I'or and Wesfinghouse Appliances INC, RCA Vic'Ior Televisions Exclusive Jobbers 350 Soufh Walnui Shed Bloomingfon ED 2-3636 Indiana BIooming'I'on, Indiana BENAVOLE UNIVERSITY SPORTING GOODS LINCOLN -MERCURY, INC. 200 N' Wahui 3I9 N. College Ave. Jhonfi FD Tqjin Bloomingfon, Indiana coming on' n 'ana TIMES CREDIT JEWELERS "II's Easy Io Pay Ihe Times Way" 202 N. WaInuI' Bloomingion NICKLESS MARATHON SERVICE II'I'h and College Ave. Phone: ED 2-7966 Bloomingfon Indiana ALDENS BIoomingIon's Finesi Deparimeni Siores II8 W. SixI'h SI'ree+ Bloomingfon ED 6-6855 Indiana SUBURBAN LANES Phone: ED 2-9345 Rouie 37 NorI'h Bloomingion Indiana GODSEY SUPER MARKET 202 Wesf I7Ih SI'reeI' Bloomingfon, Indiana Open 7 days a week. TOVEY'S SHOES BIooming+on's Largesi Shoe Siore l0I W. Kirkwood Bloomingfon NOBLE KING MOTOR SALES Rambler Sales and Service Lee Tires and Accessories Phone: ED 6-6363 I0'Ih and College Bloomingion DECKARD'S MARKET QuaIi'I'y MeaI's, Groceries and Vegefabies Phone ED 6-472I 90I S. Rogers Bloomingion P V i I Autographs X Al?t0gF3PhS W -M VM? 'iwiqwg TAYLOR PU BLISHING COMPANY A, AN .,.A,,.xr ' I K ,f' ...Q 5,4-scar.. 'V .. k ,Q -1' A A .f X-.uw A ' W r .sw In I 1+ LY ,Na f , W 4 . - V Q I I ' . ' ' - "- H 1 . jaw? 6 ' m f. W aim ..,M ww ' wwf ww f M

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1963, pg 29

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