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High School Akron. Ohio FOREWI-XRD We ot th Elletron Stott h ve ottemptecl to copture Fllet Hlgh School l le iurmor tlee schoo year ot lO5l 57 lt Vs ou hope tho' we rfrve clone thts ozcct rotely the Ptll'l1CCIllCVl t ll he one tc v letch ,ou l e proudly omit Cherlso referertly through he rernommg yeors ot QOJI' l le e ' ' CI . A l 1 il I L, . l ' 1 .1 - J, I. . f 1 t , L , 1, o ' Y A , ,l .4 ond entertoinirtgly lt is likewise our smoere hope thot 4. . , ' l ' A Vi oo . J J r 'lf wi l r ,fer l V Y 1 . 1 - ' ' ' 1 . . 3' ' V ay M fi Er fl fm, .,,, A.3J A., ,:g, Y ff. A W, Wwgmwww , ,Aj N, ,M , M 4 Aw 4 . f ffmfm, -5. , . '11 . .- ,V , 4:05115 " ffl- fy 4 A ' 4 M' vw 'T ' u "7"',, '.f'.l:' ,!.,1"r,,5:Qf,y2' V 4 5 ff' N X f 2, 'Www ...W , , , , ' ,f ,. QM 1 U V 'MW n 5 H' , . mfvgb f qw J ,K- -yn , A ,M 'A 1,15 V E," ' " :r, A12'4 - .W ' I A ' G' ma . , ' A - r' Af' ' -'T 1' rv 'wt . 5 Ffff A 'rg' f 4 N A ' A M 'Q . ,, . gf. L 'L . ' : I-v -,Q . , 4' A Iwi. 4 , V ,,,, f A I M pw if , ' "gg e 111 f-:edgy V I I , A , , z 4 ,wjmj,3 A H , A ' fy ' 277' 'W "Ulf '55 - f. ' ' ,. ,,., 4 ,iwivya A fwwfw .. 12 1 HI IH I!! H! "2 H1321 Bl Ill ' ' m1,,,, V .kv 474' Ellet High School Alma Mater Ch ldllet lllgh School row to tloee We smg o song ot loyolty We smg hy glory ond thy tome All prolses to thy honored home Chorus Come ond Jo h us Jhlle me smg Our heorts ore goy our heorts ore llght hurroh for Ellet s Grorxge cmd Whrtel The Mme rs possmg oll too lost Qur doye wrth thee wlll soon be post So greet eoch doy Wrth heorts ohoht And do eoch toslc Wlth oll thy mlght The yeors Wlll come the yeors Wlll go Bot whether weol r Nhe he woe Our lo1th m thee sholl never che We love thee olwoys Ellet Hlgh J , 74 , ' 1 4 A A 1 A A . 1 , . T I - V .I ' I . Well moke the heorby hillsides ring. ' ' 1 ' 1 O ' 1 l I' ' ' ' l S+! We dedlcote thls pubhcoxtlon to those who are m1sunderstc1nd1ng It 1S our hope that our serv1cemen cmd women ore not stnvmg 1n vcun cmd that tk World w11l soon be at peace 3' serving our cojmtry fo fight the forces of greed and CONTENTS , :my 116 J .4x,f.f, -.,,k,.,,, XJWJ4 .ms x1 147 'SMH 1:' 1' Uff,-2 ',. , fx, . ., .- . X. ...k...,,l,. W i, ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL R. G HYRE C H VINCENT SUPERINTENDENT AKRON BOARD OF EDUCATION Mrs. Anne T Case President Dr Mabel Rerdmger Vxce Presxdent Dr Chnton D Barrett Mr Anthony D Eastman Mr Willard Selberhng Mr Clarence R. Foust Mr Walter N Kxm Mrs. Hazel Fleek. Clerk CLERK OTIS C HATTON Mns.Mmmn.n ms. LOWE . . . . . . . . . I I l I - . . . . . . . - . . . - I eq, FACULTY L. ' t fax - ., 4 B. . . ,gy E X if I Ns RUTH ANDREWS IUANITA D BELL IOSEPH BURKS EARL BONAR BA MA B A BS MA Language Arts English Englzsh Latm Mathematrcs Football Coach PSY SOC Sf Problems Counselor PAAITHBIEECKIEXR LOUISE DONNELLY HELEN DUVENDECK MABGIE EBERLE 5001111 Studies Foods Mathemattcs Soctal Studres Practrcal Arts W f JBWELI. H ELLET CLARICE FINLEY NERITA GRANDSTAFF MILAN HAYDEN B s B s B S B s Spantsh Englrsh Boolckeepmg Typtng CIVICS B1Ol0QY Wood Shop Busmess Trarnmg J , ,,t, 0, E A .. E .S.,B.'.. 'B,S. ,. B 7 2 an EB-Q 4 .1 M4 . ' B.S. BA. Q bB.S, I M ttz FACULTY xl 14 N IAMES I-IUDICINS NORMA HULL PRISCILLA D KING LADONNA KOLEDIN Musxc Socxal Studres Shorthand Typmg Language Arts Mechamcal Drawmg Ottxce Practrce A IUNE LAUNTZ MARGERY LINTON DEAN MCINTOSI-I PAUL MCKEEVER B S M S Language Arts Counselor Language Arts Hxstory Soczal Studxes Metal Shop 5- WILLIAM A MOONEY ELDON MOTZ JANE PARSHALL ALBERT PETE BS MA Iournaltsm Englrsh lnstrumentalMus1c Art Ctvzcs Economzcs Health Track Coach FACLI LTY b 9121! 92915 H870 GEORGE F SEIGMAN RICHARD R SMETTS ELIZABETH SMITH LEONARD F SNYDER AB BE BS MA HISIOFY Chermstry Physms Socxal Studzes Mathemahcs Photography Socxal Studzes :nl-L.. AHLENE SPAHR DQMINICK TRIFERO VIRGINIA VAN ORMAN MARGARET VANDER VOORT B S M Ed BA A B B S M A Physzcal Educahon Mathematxcs LUUQUGQG ANS Home Economzcs Health Cafetena Manager "4 I-1 EUGENE VINCIGUERRA MURIEL WALKER STELLA WILSON WILLIAM E ANDERSON BS AB BE AB AM AB Pg1g'5IiZ?lQGf-Flgcifcifzn Llbranan Enghsh, Drama Duvet Tmmmg Baseball Coach 233 25514 ,,q. CJ, ' V .F As 9 Q 7954 ram 7""' ' ' r-, .. Zr N "' 1 ji S . 'I' Sn 2, , vs:-1 .sm :M , 'gif I. B.S, BS. , ,, , , . ., . . , f,g,k ff' 'waih ,HW I ,, . 6' E ,S I 2 I ,W , I I T, ,Q ,Z M ,, -A ' I I K , 7131 MR. HURT HISSAM MR. H. W HODGES Presldent Bond Boosiers Presldeni Boosters Club CUSTODIAL STAFF MR. SUDLER MR Mel-'ARLAN Asslstcnt CUSlOdlQl'1 MR COLLIER Utxhty Man MRS SNYDER Icxmtress Custodxcn MR WILLOUGHLY Asslstcmt Custodlcm MRS HARPER Icmltress MRS PATTERSON IGDIUGSS MRS H. WALLICK Presxdent Potent Teacher Assoclotxon CAFETERIA STAFF MRS LOWERS Head Cook MRS STUCK Assxstcxnt Cook MRS HICKEY MRS KELLEY MRS. WINGER -,Q-5 X - f 1 is ,f .I 5 2 . - L i I . . l A ' iffy SENIORS MANHOOD AWARD 5-I O :r : O n 91 0 9. 27"-'5O"'l0'-'UI"Il"Dl4 Velma Iean Olson Peggy Ann Bates ohn Runner up WOMANHOOD AWARD Dxck Zaveson Peggy Bates 3 x W Van Doren Slurley Ann Lexb K .ds Rrchard Earl Zaveson Palncxa Ann Parman Nancy E Shmplel all' Barbara Ann Davxs an n B 0 :: sz su 0 an Q :I 27.-:Ov-lb"-lC1l"?'V' ' 1 I - r V I V Q ll '. aff' Z ,Y N 3' ' Q' Susan Anne I-'lxgor Shirley Mae Bxshop CLASS HISTORY The graduatrng class of 52 has obtarned a goal that was but a dream rn therr mrnds as freshles tour short years ago As we look back upon our journey through the years of hrgh school the vrsron of many happy days events and actrvrtres rs evrdent As freshman our class had members rn such organr zatrons as the Art Club Ir Red Cross FH A Spanrsh Club Y Teens Student Councrl Band and Orchestra Many of the boys devoted therr trme and energy to football and basketball Iack Van Doren was the only freshman to make the reserve basketball team The grrls not to be outdone organrzed therr volleyball and basketball teams The Mountarneers one of these teams survrved the years and rs strll gorng strong The freshres were qurte proud that one of therr mem bers Dora Danrel ach1e'ved the honor of berng the 1949 Sweetheart Queen The Homecomrng attendant was Helen Pultea the May attendant was Nancy Conley When the second September rn hrgh school rolled around the sophomore boys boasted frve members on the varsrty football squad Brrghtenrng the football season as mayorettes were strll Ioan Olson and Marr lyn Capotosto Many new club opportunrtres were opened to us as sophomores For the boys rt was Hr Y for the grrls Horomano and GAA For both the Latrn Club and Glee Club could be consrdered Iack Van Doren as a Sophomore made the varsrty basketball team and many of our boys donned the reserve unrform The grrls who made the YTeen basketball team and had to drag themselves to school early rn the mornrngs to practrce were Barbara Davrs lean Olson and Shrrley Oelt1en Homecomrng attendant was Barbara Denmrre and representmg us rn the May festrvrtres as attendant was lean Olson red and whrte sweaters on whrch to sport therr new emblem After a summers rest we came back to school wrth renewed vrgor rn September of 1950 Srx of our boys worked for their rrght to wear the orange and whrte football unrlorm Those who earned a letter and garned the rrght to belong to the honored Varsrty E Club were Duane Grbson Iohn Davrdson lack Van Doren and Albert Grrffrth The grrls who were out on the freld grvrng the boys support wrth loud acclarm as varsrty cheerleaders were Barbara Denmrre Iean Olson and Ioan Olson Shrrley Lreb was on the reserve cheermg squad As the second semester brought many responsrbrlr tres and actrvrtres rt became necessary to elect class offrcers Those whom we chose to gurde us were Drck Zaveson as presrdent Barbara Denmrre vrce presr :lent Ioyce Turyung secretary and Brad Osborn treasurer Chosen as our Grrls State Representatrve was Pat Parman Iohn Casteel was the representatrve at Boys State Our attendant to the Homecomrng queen was Shrrley Lreb our May Court prrncess was Donna Pntt The attractrve queen was our own Barbara Denmrre The class rrngs were debated on looked at debated on agarn and frnally ordered and recerved rn our yunror year Iunror members elected to the Natronal Honor Socr ty were Drck Zaveson Pat Parman Jack Van Doren :md Peggy Bates The class was qurte proud of Helen Pultea who was lected presrdent of the Summrt County FHA Those who had the honor of speakrng for the class rn student councrl were Danny Starr Glenn Taylor Dale Hartong Barbara Darby Barbara Davrs Dora Danrel and Nancy Strmpfel These were the students that spoke our cause and upheld our rrghts for two years Thrs brrngs our hrstory up to the senror year We strll had several of our boys on the football team They were Drck Zaveson Charlre Davrdson Duane Grbson lack Van Doren and Ray Hackworth Duane through hrs hard work garned the honor of bemg on the All Metro Team The semor attendant to the Homecomrng Queen was Delores Baker The Hr Y elected as their queen Helen Pultea She represented them at the All Crty Hr Y Dance The Y Teen grrls chorce was lack Van Doren Shrrley Lreb was voted Basketball Queen and Charlre Davrdson kmg by the Basketball teams lack Van Doren and Ioan Olson as captarns were crowners Shrrley Oeltjen was the senror attendant The senror boys had three representatrves on the varsrty basketball squad Iack Van Doren Charlre Davrdson and Ray Hackworth were those who made the grade Iack made the thrrd strrng of the All Crty Team New cheerleaders who made the varsrty squad rn therr senror year were Nancy Strmplel and Shrrley Lreb There were four senror grrls who made the Y Teen team rn therr senror year They were lean Olson Shrrley Lreb Donna Cramer and Peggy Bates Ioan Olson and Barbara Davrs strll remarned on the team from therr sophomore year Through therr four years the senrors have not only Jorned and partrcrpated rn the clubs and have been on the athletrc squads but they have also been rn the varrous Chrrstmas Pageants Mmstrel Shows and Musrcal Varrety Shows In the 1952 Dramatrcs play Mlrss three semors had leadrng roles They were mer Smrthl Ioyce Turlung as Mlrss and Albert Grrffrth rn the role of Yuba Brll Two new actrvrtres were started durmg the 1951 52 school year Thrs was the proyectron club and the PA radro statron WEHS There were erght senrors rn the proyectron club and three senror announcers The chref announcer for the frrst semester was Drck Zaveson for the second Iack Van Doren Peggy Bates was the thrrd announcer The new members to Student Councrl rn therr senror year were Donna Prrtt and Iohn Casteel Danny Starr was elected to lead Student Councrl Our frrst semester class offrcers were Pat Parman presrdent Iohn Casteel vrce presrdent Peggy Lakrns secreta y and Ray Hackworth treasurer Those who had the job second semester were Duane Grbson presrdent Dave Carey vrce presrdent Nancy Conly secretary and Ray Hackworth treasurer Those who were elected to the Natronal Honor Socrety were Walda Shanaberger Barbara Davrs Shrrley Brshop Ioyce Teryung and Shrrley Lreb Those senrors who had the honor of berng presidents rn varrous organrzatrons throughout the year were Drck Zaveson Spanrsh Club and HrY lack Van Doren Latm Club Natrona! Honor Socrety and the Teen Age Board of the Peoples Hosprtal Dora Danrel Y Teen Nancy Strmpfel and Ioyce Teryung Horomano Pat Parman band It has taken the class of 52 many years to reach ths coveted and honored posrtron of semors Good luck, to those of you who wrll follow us rn the years to come 1 I I I . I I I I I . I I I II I ' I I ' I I ' ' I . l I I l I I I I . 1 I I I I . I . - r I , . . ' I - I I I ' . . , , . ' ' ' I 1 . . . . I l ' V I ' - . . . . . I ' 1 . , . I 1 I I After much discussion, the class of '52 chose cardinal Dick icveson chqrd to recognize in the 'part of Bum- . I . , . K r r I I ' , . . I A I . . .- i r - ' ' I I 1 7 1 I I ' , I 7' I , . 1 , '- , , - . J , : , I , : , , , , . I . . . I . . I I ' I 1 f - J . . . - I .5 I . I . - 1 , 5 . . .h , . e ' , , , ' 2 I I . Patncxa Ann Parman a Ambltron To get my BA de gree secondhand ofcourse Spanish Club l 2 Treas 2 A A 2 YTe ns 2 Ha mano 2 4 Llterary Letter 3 Na tlonal Honor Soc1ety 3 4 Sec 4 Gtrls State 3 Class Pres 4B Fun Vs Vandallsrn Essay Wm r l and l 4 Pre Inter H1 Orchestra l 2 3 M y Pesttval l '7 3 Gl e Club 2 All C1ty Band 2 3 Chrtstmas Pag eant 2 3 4 Mrnstrel Show 2 3 Cholr 3 4 Treas 4 Mount brlon MUSIC Festrval 3 Orchestra 1 2 3 Elletxan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 Class Hxstorran 4 mce to be natural you re naturally mce x V Peggy Iane Laluns Peg Ambrtron To get a good lob at Goodyear so I can spend my vacatlon rn the west and rope a certam boy rn stH1ghl ZGAA4 Teens 4 Grex Dramatls 4 Class Sec 4B Perfect Attendance 3 Dramatlc Play 4 She that was ever fcur and never proud had tongue at w1ll and yet was never loud Iohn H Casteel Iohnny Ambltron Loaf and live off the lnterest Hower l-hgh l H1 Y 3 4 Pho tography Club 4 Sec Treas 4 Student Councll 4 Class Vlce Pres 4B Boys State Rep 3 Per tect Attendance 3 4 Red Cross Rep 3 Hall Guard 2 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Efletlan Stall 4 Keen sense common sense and room for nonsense Ramon L Hackworth Ray Ambltlon To go hshmg IH the Gulf of Mexrco and catch a mermaxd Basketballl 2 4 Football 4 H1Y 4 Class Treas 4B 4A Var Slly E Club 4 Band l Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elletran Staff 4 He IS a boy well lxked by all arid not bashful wxth the girls at a Kg P Q.. . .. ,. - V A V Q . . W I . ' , , . 2 ' 1 '- , z - G. . . 1, 5 - e 5 ro- , ,- . 5 , 1 1 - : , , . 1 . 1 . : - 1 - J , J . - - 2 f , 1 Ile J B , 2, 3, , S. 45 7 . ' , V I C1 " , -, L: 9 1 , : - , . 1 , 5 . . . , , 1 I ' I 1 ' 7 , . : 1 1 . ..h.S . if 5. G' - Y 1 , . 4 , 'Q , 5, ,E . n u U U - , , : : Ea ' , 2 - - - JY- ,' 5 - f 5 I ' I I A I . 1 5 2 . ll ' ' ' I I l .. Duane C Gxbson Ambxtron To graduate from college get a good Job and then get marrred Football l Z 3 4 Basketballl 3 Bas ball l 2 Trac Spamsh Club 1 2 3 4 Photog raphy Club 4 Pres 4 H1Y 2 3 ars1ty E Club l Class Pres 4A Chrlstmas Pag eant l May Festrval 2 Glee Club 2 Mmstrel Show 3 4 RC1dlO Operator 4 Hall Guard l 2 3 Cafeterra Stall 3 Elletxan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 He has achleved success who has llved well laughed often and loved much Davxd I.. Carey Dave Ambxtxon To be a professronal f1sh1ng plug tester for some brg frshmg tackle concern Basketball l Football 3 4 Track 3 4 Baseball 3 H1 Y 3 4 Varslty E Club 3 4 Perfect At tendance 3 4 Class Vrce Pres 4A Radxo Operator 4 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 Wherever he goes ln hte he wxll make a good addltlon ,5- Nancy Louxse Conley Nan Ambmon To marry a certam saxlor namely Don and 1ve happrly ever after East Hrgh lB YTeens 2 3 4 Spamsh Club 2 3 4 Grex Dra mans 4 Class Sec 4A May Court 1 Glee Club 2 May Festl v l 2 Chrlstmas Pageant 4 Dramat1c Play 4 Good groomlng and person alrty make the woman 'N Ramon L Hackworth Ray Ambltlon To go hshtng rn the Gulf of MSXICO and catch mermald Basketball l 2 4 Football 4 I-l1Y 4 Class Treas 4B 4A Var stty E Club 4 Band l Ellettan Star Staff 4 Elletxan Staff 4 He IS a boy well llked by all and not bashful wlth the gxrls at all X , n li ll . Il " . Ox , 7 , ' f 2, 5 e I 5 k 3, Q , : : - ,: , , , : - ' ' . ' 45 V , 2, 3, 45 1 , I . 5 - ' ' . , : , : - : , , : : I . ' I ., 1 W , g, Q ' 2' ref f . ,, -v' u ln ll V' " ' , . lt ' U ' : - , , 1 , , 2 2 , , Q - - 1 - 1. I h ' 1 . : : I 1 1 '- : ' G 2 I " ' A Koo Q Danny Wendell Starr Dan l Ambxtlon To ftsh 1n every lake ln Canada and catch some thlng besldes a cold Football l 2 Student Councll VICE Pres 4 Alumn1Rep 4 Cholr 3 Chrlstmas Pageant l 3 Hall A learned man has always wealth ln hlmself Susan Anne Flxgor Susxe Amb1t1on To make the sweet est guy l know the best possrble wrfe I can be eens l 2 Art Club l Lat1n Club 2 Treas Z I-laromano 4 Homecomlng Court l Ma1or e l 2 4 May Festval l Mlnstrel Show 4 Most learned of the fatr most falr of the learned Glenn A Taylor Glenn Amb1l1OU To complete college and then get Lanced tPhyll1s tha 1Sl Bas etball l 2 3 4 Span h Club l 2 3 4 Photography Club 4 H1 Y 3 4 Perfect Attendance B n l 2 3 Chrlstma Elletlan Staff 4 Good nature and good sense wtth plenty to spare Paul Ioe McKee Paul AmblllOD To graduate from Ellet Hlgh School go to college and stay out of the Army Photography Club 4 Spamsh Cub l 2 Glee Club 2 ll Guard 3 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elletxan Staff 4 Tho modest on h1s unembar rassed brow nature had wntten Gentlemen Clara Ann Wxthrow Claxre Ambttxon To travel around the world Sprtngtreld Hrgh l Y Teens 2 3 Photography Club 4 Latrn Club 2 3 Grex Dramatls 4 Per fect Attendance 4 Chnstmas Pageant 4 Hall Guard 4 Dra matxc Play 4 Good nature and good sense must ever Jom Bradlord A Osborn Brad Ambrtlon To sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep Photography Club 4 Spamsh Club l 2 3 Class Treas 3 Band l Chrlstmas Pageant l Mmstrel Show 2 Hall Guard 3 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 A httle nonsense now and then IS relished by the wisest men ,Y 'V V N , , V- x Y i , wizjlrf 1 . . . I I I I , 5 ' Y-T , 5 , 2: lc , , 2 is l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, ' , , 1 V I , , , 2 5 ' 4 I I5 ett , , 5 il ,21 ll 4i ard' , . I ' S Guard 4. Choir 25 Christmas Pageant 2, 45 Pageant lg Elletian Star Staff 4, l f J ' l 5 HCI l , 5 'I 5 - 1 I I I :l I' Glona I Sheets 18 Amb1t1on To collect my grad uatlon gtft from my parents cmd conttnue spendrng tt the rest of my hte Iennmgs Ir High l Sprlngflelcl Hrgh 2 Y Teens 3 4 Photogra Club 4 G A A 3 4 Club 3 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Ellettan Staff 4 Laughter was her constant compamon Lowelll Wolfe I Laddle Ambttton To be an Electronlc Engmeer East Hlgh l 2 Track 3 Span 15h Club 3 4 H1Y 4 Per ct Attendance 4 Chotr 3 Chrlstmas Pageant 3 4 Hall Guard 3 Cafe terra Staff 4 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elletxan Staff 4 It IS a great art to be superlor to others wtthout lettlng them know Shxrley Mae Bxshop Shnrley Ambxtton To earn and save enough money to VlSll Florida and Caltforma Spamsh Clubl 2 3 4 Hao mano 2 3 4 YTeens 3 Treas 3 Grex Dramatls 4 Dramattc Play 4 Hallguard 4 A good drsposrtton IS more valuable than gold lohn Charles Davidson Charhe Ambttxon To become a m1l ltonaxre and rettre at the age of 27 Basketball l 2 3 4 Football l 2 3 4 Student Counctll Span rsh Club l Pres 2 1Y Varslty E Club 3 4 Basketball Kmg 4 Hall Guard 2 4 Men of few words are the best men Barbara A Denmxre Barb Ambrtton To satl the b1g broad ocean blue and catch ct certam satlor tool Garheld Hlgh l Y Teens 2 3 Grex Dramatls 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Homecommg Court 2 May Queen 3 Class Vtce Pres 3 Chnstmas Pageant 2 Dramatlc Club Play 4 M1nstrel Show 4 A pleasmg personalrty has s e :K Mary Iean Baer Bare Ambxtton To work a couple of years and meet some sweet guy then happmess forever eens l 2 3 4 F H 3 G A A 2 3 4 Photography Club 4 Vtce Pres 4 Haromano 2 3 4 Treas 2 Alumm Rep 4 Glee Club 2 Ellettan Star Staff 4 Ellettan Staff 4 To know her IS to ltke her .fx Q ' , 1 2 ' " ' A ' , I - Q fe I ' I I . A . i . . : I I I ' : - . : - f I V i ' 2 , f phy 5 , . . , 5 Art 2 I - AF 1 : 2 - , F ' I -. V ' I , tt - ' H ' ' Ziwg . V-'67 2 Af . . I , ' I r - I , I 5 U , Y-T , , , 5 , , A. l, 2, , , 1 - I I 4 1 f I A I ' 1 - . 4' . , , ' 5 ' , . 2 H - 2, 3: , . 1 5 , r I V , 1 - I - I t. . . . . 5 , , 5 ' ll ll ' I ll Fred A Rucker Ashby Amb1t1on To be star pmboy at Gran Alleys Ambndge Hlgh I 2 Shenan doah H1gh 3B Hall Guard 4 N very tall yet not o small but full of m1sch1ef and llked by all Dolores Anne Baker Dolores Amb1t1on To sw1m the Enghsh Channel Kent Roosevelt I-hgh l 2 3 I.at1n Club 4 Hornecommg Court A worthy add1t1on to our class '57 Allan F Lemmon Worm Amb1l1OH To someday snow coach that I can play basketball Basketball I 2 3 Football 4 H1 Y 3 Vars1ty E Club 4 I am a man of few words therefore I dont have to take so many back Velma lean Olson ean Amb1t1or1 To get my MRS de qree and IGISS a blg athlet1c famlly Teens I 2 3 4 Student Counctl l2GAAI234Haromao 2 3 4 Sec 4 YTeen Basketball 4 Cheerleader 3 4 May Court 2 Perfect Attendance I 3 4 Chrlstrnas Pageant l 2 M1nstrel Show 4 Red Cross Rep 2 Glee Club 2 I.1brary Staff 3 Cafeter1a Staff 3 Elletlan Star Staff 4 El let1an Staff 4 Class Prophet 4 Her frxends they are many her foes are there any? Albert E Gnffxth Gnff Amb1t1on To let the teachers have thelr way for me to get out of thelr classes permanently ack 3 4 Lat1n Club 2 3 VICE Pres 3 4 H1 Y 2 3 4 VGYSI ty E Club 2 3 4 Grex Drarnatls 4 Chrlstmas Pageant 3 MlDSlf9l Show 3 4 Red Cross Rep I 4 Hall Guard 3 Dramat1c Play 4 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Ellet1an Staff4 God bless the g1rls I love them all Walda lean Shanaberger Walda Amb1t1on To attend Akron Un1vers1ty and become an strumental mustc teacher eens I 2 3 4 Spams Club l 2 3 4 Sec 2 Haromano 3 4 Glee Club 2 Band l 3 4 Orc estra 2 4 ner I'I1gh Orchestra l 2 All Clty Band 2 3 Mt Umon MUSIC F6511 val 3 Ellet1an Star Staff 4 Elle ttan Staff 4 Intelhgence IS hke a nver the deeper 1t IS the less H0156 1t makes fe , 3 :L K 7 . Q R 1 " ot , - I to 44 A " f A 5 63 1 I G y ,A ..I ,. . . . .. . ,. 'I . I ' I , ' ' - in- Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 45 Y- Football l, 2, 35 Basketball l, 25 I - , , , : ' TT 1 J 'I , , Y-T , , , 1 ' h , 7 . . vftf I n , . J - , , : - , , , , . J , . , . : - n 1 I I I 2, , p. z , 2 I . 1 I : ' , 5 h , 3, 1 I 1A Dale G Hartong Hot Rod Ambttton To travel 1n my Hot Rod to Cahforma tnot mth the Armyl and be successful ln everythmg that I attempt Student Councll 3 4 H1Y 4 Qutet and unassum1ng but a mrghty guy Margaret lane Weakland Moulle Ambltron To grow to be sxx feet tall and then JOIH the Sky Scraper Club East Htgh l 2 Oulet as a mouse but do we know her? Shirley Ann Oeltpen Slnrley Ambttlon To send out a stg happy l1fe rn Washrngton frshtng wrth Dxck A YT l"lromano234 GAA23 4 Grex Dramatxs 4 Y Teen Bas ketball 2 3 Basketball Court 4 Perfect Attendance 3 Chrlstmas Pageant l Red Cross Rep l Lrbrary Staff 1 Dramcxttc Play 4 Her votce was ever soft gentle and low and excellent thma tn women Manan F Hustle Mcman Amb1t1on To attcun success l1fe fespecrally wtth Ralphl L tn Club Z 3 4 Sparush Club 4 Glee Club 2 Cholr 3 Chrtstmas Pageant l May Festt vol 2 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elle t1an Staff 4 The xmage of devotton Monte Lee Post ee Ambltlon To graduate from college and llve to the year 2000 A D wrth D M Band 1 ChOlf 3 Chrrstmas Pageant 2 Llbrary Staff 3 A gentleman small rn stature but not mmd Donna Eloxse Pntt Donna Ambrtlon To be happy and be to do F H A l 2 ArtClubl Hao mano 2 3 4 Sec 4A YTee 4 Student Counctl 4 May Court 3 Perfect Attendance 1 Chrxst mas Pageant 1 Class Poet 4 Elletxan Star Staff 4 Elletxan Stuff 4 Easy to know and mce to know 'T J I ll ll "L " A x I- I A, f nal for an S.O.S. and to live cz and -hcppigss throughout my a success in whatever I attempt . . V . ' Gt, I I I 4 y A b I 5 Q I' 1 FH. . 1,25 - eensl,2,3,4g I I ' I . 1 f E- F ' Us G , , 5 ..,,, ' . L 'q g I - Leona Lute Toots Ambrtton To travel and to be of help to others at all tlmes H 2 3 Y Tee Spamsh Club 4 Perfect Attend ance 4 Chrlstmas Pageant l They are never alone that are accompanted wtth noble thoughts Helen Pultea Helen Ambxtton Some day to use my hldden talent housekeep- 1ng A 2 3 All Cnty r 3 YTeensl 2 3 4 Haromano Queen 4 Homecomtng Court 1 Perfect Attendance l Glee Club 2 Chrlstmas Pageant l brary Staff 3 Hall Guard 3 Elle ttan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 Frlendly and small and H1 for all Iohn E Mmor ack Ambltlon To be the ftrst rlch teacher at Ellet Htgh School Football l Basketball l Pho tography Club 4 Latin Club 2 3 4 Perfect Attendance 2 3 4 Llbrary Staff 2 3 Elletxan Star Staff 4 Ellettan Staff 4 HIS atms are h1gh fr Barbara Ann Davxs Barb ra1se a b1g fam1ly and l1ve long and happy l1fe YTeens l 2 3 4 Haromano A A 2 3 4 Stu e Councll 3 4 Y Teen Basketball 2 3 4 Perfect Attendance 2 3 4 Chnstmas Pageant l 2 3 Glee Club 2 May Festival 2 Cho1r 3 Hall Guard 4 Elletxan Star Staff 4 Ellet1an Staff 4 Athlettcs tn all forms appeal to her Merle Hardman Squxrrel Ambttton To be a seamstress and to have my own shop someday H Y T Cwrex Dramat1s 4 Glee Club 2 May Festtval l 2 Lrbrary Staff Adrrtred by a host of frlends Donna Mane Cramer Butch handsome man wtth money to burn so that I can own at least one Ltfe Saver Company A Y T s Art Club l 2 3 Grex Dramatts 4 YTeen Basketball 4 Cheerlead er 4 Glee Club 2 May Festtval l 2 Chrlstmas Pageant 2 Mm strel Show 3 4 Dramatlc Play 4 As full of mrschlef Wll and glee as any human form could be 4 F. . A. 1, , 5 - ns. 3, : : - - I ' , - 5 ' , , F. . A. ll, 2, - eens l, 25 - - 5 ' I I . 3. I I 5 l , Q? kk, A f .xr Q 4 4 -' n - H ' Ambition - To get married,l Ambition-To meet a tall, dark, . H I , , ,4 I , Q , F. H, . lj , , ' Pee. , I I , ', A : - I V f 1 2,3,4gG ...,, , dnt PH. .1,3, -een l,2,3,4p 2, 3, 4, G, A, A, 2, 3, 4, Ht-Y - I , - , , , - , 1 ' ' , 2, Li- ' , 'Q ' j , f A I , -- l Robert Thomas Engle Dxngle Ambrtron To be a successfu archltect of modern homes and settle down Wllh Pat H 3 4 Band l 2 3 Chrlst mas Pageant l Elletran Star Staff 4 Elletran Staff 4 Never a dull moment when hes around Nancy E Stxmpfel Nancy AmblllOn To succeed 1n what ever I undertake to do YTeens l 2 3 4 Latm Club eas 2 Haromano 2 3 4 Pres 4 Stu dent Councll 2 3 Treas 3 Cheerleader 4 Perfect Attend ance l 2 Haromano Cup 2 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff4 Who sard brarns and fun dont m1x'? A Ramona Mane Reagan Mome Amb1llOn To glve Moore happlness all my l1fe Youngstown Hgh N Y 1 2 Haromano 4 Mmstrel Show Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 To be humble IS courageous for many lack m thrs honor Ambltron To attend Akron Umverslty to be a elementary teacher then settle down m small town and marry a certam Floyd Poholskt Rockmart Hlgh lB YTeens l V P es Pres F H A12 3 Haromano23 4 Student Councrl 3 4 Sweetneart Queen 1 Hall Guard 4 Elletran Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 Blonde halr and blue eyes up to date and very wrse Joseph P Szoke oe Ambltxon To go to college and be successful at whatever I attempt to do Spamsh Club l 2 3 4 H1 Y 3 4 Chrlstmas Pageant l Hall Guard 4 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 Makes the best of th1ngs Ambrtron To graduate from Akron UUlV6fS1lY and be success ful 1n whatever I undertake to YTeens l 2 3 4 Chaplam 3 4 Spamsh Club l 2 3 4 Vice Pres 2 Haromano 2 3 4 Vxce Pres 4 Student Councll 3 4 G A A 2 3 4 Perfect Attend ance l Hall Guard 3 4 Elletxan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 Smart and wxtty and lots of fun ffl . , . - 1 . . - A . .. .. . . - ' A i , . ., , 1 n - 1-Y , : , , 1 ' - 1 I 3: 4 , , . : - , l 1 1 J I : I . . I 5 . V, M , . 4 l 4 V ' . X . ' " " Dora C. Daniel "Dodie" BGl'bCl'U D- DUYbY "Rmb" . - , ' a ' - I I I I . 2, Tr . g G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 , ' , ' - . ' I I I I I ' . . . 1 I ' I ' I F A f ' ' ' . I - 2, 3, 4, xce r . 3, . 45 . 5 , , , I I V j - ' - f f in ,' , I - I I I ' j I I - . - I 1 I I ' 1 5 2 f I ,, . . . 5 ' . 5 . ICG!! WGQBOXI Ieqnng Ambltton To travel and al ways be happy eensl24FHA The flnest are the qu1etest 'Jnes Shirley Arm Lexb Shxrlee Ambxtlon To be an Arrhne Hostess and have my red con vertlble and a plentlful bank account wattmg for me when come down to earth Club 1 2 G A A l Teens 1 2 4 Haromano 2 4 Latln Club Z 3 Grex Dramatts 4 Cheerleader 3 4 YTeen Bas ketball 4 Basketball Queen 4 Homecomlng Court 3 Perfect Attendance 4 Chrlstmas Pageant 1 May Festlvall 2 Bandl 2 Mlnstrel Show 3 4 Ltbrary Staff 3 Mount Umon Panel 3, Dramat xc Play 4 "Fltrtat1on, attentlon wtthout mtentxon' VWWU hw' S955 'V' Vxrgmxa Louise Bell Gxnme Amblflon MUTTY G Ceflflm QUY Ambltton To have my l1fe named llm Und IIV9 hUPP11Y Chuck full of happiness ever after A The pleasmg smtle proves The grass stoops not she pleasing nature treads on lt so hgh! Ioyce Mcmon Tenung Ioyce Amb1t1on To go through Wheaton College on my S85 67 Mount Unlon H1gh 1 2 Span 1sh Club 3 Haromano 3 4 Pres 4A G A A 4 YTeens4 Sec 4 Grex Dramatxs 3 4 Class Sec 3 Perfect Attendance 3 Mount Umon Panel 3 Co Edttor Elletlan 4 Dramatlc Play 3 4 Red Cross Hep 3 4 Treas 4 Ltterary Let ter 3 Radto Operator 4 Chrtst mas Pageant 3 Hall Guard 3 Ellettan Star Staff 4 Ellettan Staff 4 Varxety lS the sprce of life shell make some man a spxcy wlfe ' Margaret Ioan Olson one Ambttron To see the world marry the man I love ratse a famtly of cheerleaders and foot ball players and always be happy Art Clubl 2 YTeensl 2 3 4 G A A l 2 3 4 GrexDramat1s 4 Haromano 2 3 4 Majorettel 2 Cheerleader 3 4 YTeen Bas ketball 2 3 4 Basketball Klng Crowner 4 Glee Club 2 VICE Pres 2 Mmstrel Show 4 Radto Operator 4 Cafeteria Staff 3 4 Hall Guard 4 Elletxan Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 Class Prophet 'The greater the fool the 'bet ter the dancer! I Qfsg ,1 A 8 'A : E V 5 s ' We 1 . iff ' ' ' fi, " 1 5 ' , . W H H - - - I H . . . . .. . . ,, 1 ' ' 'A ' 1- ff - . Y-T I . 1 2 A' F. H. . l, 2, .. , ' ' f ' East H1gh l, 2g Y-Teens .4. .. . . G in U 1 I . .H 'R m . . . .. . ., - - - ' -- H --I " . . I ' 1 , I , I A I ' 1 . . -u : - . . : ' Art , 5 . . , ,2g-Y- . 5 . : I I ' I I 'ti ' I I ' 5 - J , . 1 . : , J - - 2 1 I, 5 ' 5 ' . ' g 5 - , l I . I I ' f f I - ' 1 I F ' f ' . 5 ' I I ' f A I : ' , 1 . : I 5 A . ' 5 -F A ' ' , . ' 4f ' Charlotte M Ferguson Fergxe Vlfginifl FIIUION learue A A 3 4 YTeen Ambrtron To be a school 2 3 Chrlstrnas Pageant l Glee SeCfefUfY Club 2 East Hlgh l 2 A feCIdY Smile and Cl generous A fr1endly regard for all she drsposmon Richard Earl Zaveson Dxck Ambrtlon To go to college and be a success 1n l1fe Monroe Hlgh l Football 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 H1Y3 4 Sec Pres 4 Spamsh Club 3 4 Pres 4 Varsrty E 3 4 Gr x Drama txs 3 4 Natronal Honor Soclety 3 4 Vxce Pres 4 Class Pres 3 Iumor Rotarran 4 Edrtorln Chief Elletlan Star 4 Perfect Attend ance 2 3 4 Chrrstmas Pageant 3 4 M1nstrel Show 3 4 all Guard 3 4 Radro Operator 4 Touchdown Club 4 Class Re porter 3 East Akron H1 Y Coun l Sec 4 Dramatlc Play 4 Elletran Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 It Capabrlrty and personalrty brought rlches hed be a mtl lronalre meets Peggy Ann Bates Peg Ambrtron To take up Psychol ogy ln college and come back to Ellet Hrgh School and stralghten out a few mlnds tmeanmg the students naturallyl Club l 2 YTeens l Grex Dramatls 4 G A A 2 3 4 Photography Club 4 Haromano 2 4 Y Teen Basketball 4 Perfect Attendance 1 4 Natronal Honor SOC1elY 4 Treas 4 Iunxor Town Meetmg 4 May Festrval l 2 3 Orchestra l 2 Band l 2 Gl e Club 2 Chorr 3 Mmstrel Show 3 4 Class Hlstorran 4 Elletlan Star Staff 4 Elletran Staff 4 Not srmply good good for somethmg Shirley Ann Kemp Alabam Coventry High l South Hlgh 2 Grex Dramatls 4 Its good to talk 1ts good to smrle ns good to be serrous once rn a whrle Iohn W Van Doren lack' Ambltron To have a beautx ful wrfe a beautxful home a new car every year and retlre on a m1ll1on a year 1DCOme ttax freel a 18 Footballl 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Baseball l 2 3 4 Trackl Varslty E Clubl 2 Latm Club 2 3 4 Pres 4 H1Y 3 4 Basketball Queen Crowner 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Pres 4 Peoples Hospltal Teen Age Board 3 4 P YTeen Kmg 4 Perfect Attendance 3 Iumor Rotarxan 4 Co Edltor El letxan 4 Glee Club 2 May Festrval 2 3 Chorr 3 Pres 3 Mmstrel Show 2 3 4 Chrrstmas Pageant 2 Radlo Operator 4 Hall Guard 4 Elletran Star Staff 4 Elletlan Staff 4 Eat drlnk and love the rests not worth a ftlly n I n ' v n s n 0 ,, G. . . l, 2, , , - S l, '-' 1 i I I I ' . - tr 1 . 1 1 - , .. . H A . . , . I 1 . , . 11 11 . . ,1 his x . . n In I ll II ll " ' . . 1 1 ' . I 1 1 1 . , . . . 1 1 1 - 1 1 . 31 t 1 I 1 . . . 1 1 1 1 1 5 , 5 e - Art , , - 1 41 1 1 1 1 1 I 5 j . . . , , 5 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 V 3 4 . t. 11 3 4 , , , j A Q J 1 1 1 1 1 1 j - - 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' , s . U 5 - 1 , 1 1 V , 5 1 . I 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 H 1 1 1 1 - f 1 I 5 , I ' 5 g , , ISS., - 5 - 1 1 1 I I I h . - , Q , - - Cl , . 5 5 1 . V 1 A 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' A . . I H I 1 I ,, . . . I , . p . I . . 11 5 . ' n ' 1 1 1 1 . 11 Barbara lean Gearhart Barb Ambll1OH To get the other rmg to match the one on the thtrd fmger of my left hand A 3 Y Te G A A l Spamsh Club 4 Per fect Attendance 3 4 Cafeterta Staff3 Her ways are ways of pleas antness Geraldme McGmms Gerry Ambltton To be stenog rapher Glenvllle Hrgh l 2 3 Cr Dramatls 4 Chrtstmas Pageant 4 The mtldest manners and the gentlest heart Elxzabeth H Lowe Betty Ambltton To be successful tn everythmg l attempt and make a certam BF happy YTeens 1 Spanlsh Club 2 3 Staff 3 Qutetness ts a vtrtue Mary Louise Morgan Mary AmblllOn To always be a good Wlfe and mother to my hus band and chlldren H 3 Art Clu Club 2 Qtr: easy mmcled soul and al ways was Edward Kramer AmblllOn To be as lucky as lack Hodges and be able to take L12 out Shade Townshtp H1gh l 2 Maybe a qutet man but quxte a man Dorothy Dudxck Do Ambmon To work at Good year A1rcraft then take accor dlon lessons F H A 1 Grex Dramatts 4 Dramatlc Play 4 Perfect Attend ance 4 One who ts quxet IS often thmktng 5 1 f , P. H. .1, 2, ,E - eng 1, 2, 3, . ,M - ' , , F. . A. 1, 2, ', b 1, - - A I J V- 45 Grex Dramatis 45 Cafeteria Grex Dramatis 4, Choir 4g Glee . . - n u llEdH ' " t" . . -1 G - . . -F - - , 1 ' ' A , , 1 - ex I - l - n 'I . . CLASS PCEM The t1me has come but much too soon To bld each one goodbye Now we have reached our Journey s end We the sen1ors ot Ellet H1gh lt seems hke only yesterday When hrst we started to school To learn readmg and r1t1ng and rtthmetlc And to practlce the Golden Rule We have spent so many hours Wrth study w1th work and play And now our school days have all gone 5: But we enjoyed them day by day Before we knew 1t the years shpped by And our school days were done We have had our ups and downs But now our drplomas we ve won Thomas McCelland Tom Ianet Ruth Mcl-lllxster Ian Ambxtlon To travel Art Club l 2 Grex Dramatls 4 Chrlstmas Pageant 2 A sllent tongue and a true heart are the most admxrable things on earth We shall recall our h1gh school days As the happlest we ever knew And w1sh Godspeed and good luck to all We the class of hfty two Ambmon To ltmsh school and open a blg new Beverage Store East Hxgh l 2 Perfect Attend ance 4 Good hearted always ready for a good tlme Prltt Donna Class Poet BACCALAUREATE CLASS FLOWER Rev George W Te-flung Cardmal Red and White Carnation Pastor Arlrngton Street Baptlst Church CLASS MOTTO Rev karl C Morgan Today we iollow Pastor North Sprmgheld Presbytenan Church Tomorrow Rmg Commxttee Dlck Zaveson Ioyce Terlung Ramona Reagan Danny Starr Iohn Casteel Sweater Commxttee Dora Damel Iean Watson Danny Starr Dtck Zaveson We lead Rev LeRoy M Hast1e COMMITTEES Prom Commlttee Senxors Duane Glbson Danny Starr Iohn Casteel Drck Zaveson Dora Danxel Peggy Bates lean Olson Iunxors lack Sypherd Irm Underwood Charles Bachus Fred Butcher Barbara Brshop Iackle Tnche Pat Fasnacht Pastor Ellet Nazarene Church Pxcture Commxttee Paul McKee Ioyce Terjung Pat Parman Walda Shanaberger Albert Grlfhth Lowell Wolfe Announcement Commxttee Barbara Davis Mary Baer Glenn Taylor Brad Osborn Iean Watson 1 ,, , ' ii" X r 1 "-1' 4 su . , . . , . . U , 1 I f ff I 1 11 1. 11 1 - 1 . n 11 1- 11 1 J 1 ' g . .- 1 I ' , 1 ' u tt ' - I 1 ,, . . . . 1 1 11 1 . . . . . W. U ky JQZM CDZQLGQZM 3 yfqwswmgam WL' E1 M' PG-Q 3' i ...AL X fffqfeg, .UM '7"yJ,,-' Q M'1 QWG A 'i:fw,e rfvgffff 777 Zfwf aw, mf ,, Q' - , -+3 0 iifefl Y r swgfggffw J S1 WJKW i ia XWMGW qgjffww M ,ww iibqxffijooa 1 A ,dfhlf ,gym CLASS PR The dawn was Just breaking on the mornmg of October 3rd 1964 The a1r around me was damp and the fog was just begtnnlng to ltft As I looked toward the space Shlp I notlced the words DGSIIHGIIOH Moon could be dlstrngutshed even ln the dull grey of the mornlng It was still early but I could see the people commg up the srde of the htll and yes 1t mlght even be the last trme they would ever walk on earth agam lust one hour to go and we would be on our way lf only everythrng comes off all rrght I must not get nervous Ive got to be calm My crew of Graduates of 52 were all here and tenston was h1gh No one spoke above a whlsper Ierry MCGIHHIS stenographer for the trlp was checklng all passengers Only the clxck cllck of her typewrlter broke the sttllness Suddenly a group of people loomed 1n the drstance sort A large srgn could be seen and on 1t the words Happy Landrngs Ah 1t was a farewell band' Walda Shanaberger of the Elletaxre Band Club was leadtng the musrc and Dorothy Dudxch famous accordronlst played us her farewell song So Long Its Been Good to Know You The stralns of that song followed us mto our space shrp Flnally everyone was 1n the shtp but me I turned around for one last look and the sound of screechlng brakes caught my attentlon Turmng qulckly I notlced a long black car had stopped only a few feet away from the shlp I noticed then that rt was Szokes Llmousxne SGTVICG Ioe hlmself Jumped out of the car and opened the door for his passenger To my surprlse I saw that It was Dora Damel co worker w1th me on thls tnp to the moon How could I have forgotten her? Hurrtedly she lumped aboard Once agam I took one last look hopmg nothlng more would slow up our leavmg The only person now VlSlble anywhere around was Peggy Bates who I had to re1ect from takmg thls fllght because her mentallty wasnt hxgh enough It was really too bad that I couldnt let her come, but she probably would never make the tr1p anyway The poor thlng was crymg her httle heart out PHECY On enterlng the shrp I looked at the urgent faces tn front of me Everyone was wa1t1ng expectantly for the takeoff Lowell Wolfe our Electronic Engtneer notlfred me that all was ready But frrst one last check on the crew and passengers Both drlvers Charlotte Ferguson and Shrrley Kemp of the Hell Dnvers Assocratton were rn thetr desrgnated seats Nancy St1mpfel world Speed Typist handed me her typed 11st of the mem bers aboard Glanctng down the 11st I wordlessly checked off the names Iack Mmor famous teacher Donna Cramer and Iean Olson co owners of the Cramer Olson Llfe Saver Company lack Van Doren multl m1ll1ona1re who made th1s trtp possrble by back xng the venture famous professor Dtck Zaveson who Wlth hrs keen mmd deslgned the shtp Monte Post and Glen Taylor proprtetors of Postaylor prcture shows Ioyce Terjung teacher of Iournalrsm at Ellet Hrgh School Dale Hartong world known hot rod racer Margaret Weakland Presldent of the Skyscraper had to dlspense w1th my checkrng and get the ship under way Nervously I watched the seconds IlCk away and ordered all to fasten therr safety belts Everyone was formlng the seconds wordlessly as I counted off 5 4 3 2 1 Dora and I pushed the take off lever A great roarmg deafened any sound and then all was black Awakenmg from my deep blackout I nottced Shrrley I..e1b our Spaceshtp Hostess helprng our marrled passengers Mary Morgan Starr Donna Prltt Werner and Susan Fltgor H111 After a few mmutes everyone had come to and we were on our way Steppmg for ward to go to the front of the shlp I trlpped over Brad Osborn ptanlst for the Dlngy Keys Quartet sleeprng as soundly as a baby Tlme flew fast and before long we were to reach our destrnatlon I could see everyone was keeplng themselves busy so that they wouldnt thrnk about the approachlng danger Merle Hardman who owns her own Sewmg Shop was talk1ng wlth Romona Reagan and Mary Baer After observmg the surround 1ngs of the shrp I sat back and walted for what was to come rn the next few hours I I ' ' A I - ' - - ' 1 , I 1 .. ,, 5 As they came closer I noticed it was a band of some C1ub." Noticing that time was quiCklY fumliflg O'-lf I U 1 I - 1, . , , . , I V I , , I . I I H I 1 I I I 1 I D . . I I 1 I I l , , Around 60000 lrght mrnutes later our atomxc power ptll ran out I reported thts to our chemrst Paul McKee rmmedtately I-le GdV1Sed me to stop on a Floatmg Fuel Statton and refrll our p1ll box Glorra Sheets from the Instltute of Photo Technology checked wrth our Radro Beam Scope for slgns of the nearest statron She rnformed me that we were only 200 llght mlles from McClelland Fuel and Beverage Shoppe As the shrp was gorng quite fast we slowed down for the stop we would make at McClelland s As the shrp started losmg 1ts drrve and momentum a few of the passengers became excrted Shrrley Oelt ten and Nancy Conley trred to quret them Allan Lemmon star of the Globe Trotters made wtth the Jokes to calm therr tense nerves Clara Wlthrow V1g1n1a Bell Betty Lowe Leona Lute and Barbara Gearhart co authors of that famous book Cheaper by the Gross sang songs led by Patrrcla Ann Parman graduate of Lucys Ltltmg Vorce College qutte relreved Two women came toward us the taller of the two had a navy cap on her head the smaller one was carrytng a tray of refreshments l then notrced that they were Barbara Denmrre and Helen Pultea graduates from our class Barb smlled and sald they saw us commg through thelr telescreen and prepared us a btte to eat I asked Ed Kramer the shrps mechanrc to go 1n the shoppe and buy the prlls He started toward the sta tron and as he drd so he trrpped over a bum lyrng at hts feet It turned out to be Iohnny Casteel also a former graduate of 52 He grrnned up at us and sald Thrs IS the ltfe I turned to my crew and made the announcement that we would rest here for 30 lrght hours Danny Starr and Dave Carey grabbed up the1r frshtng gear and headed for a near by lake located on McClellands floatmg Fuel Statron Barbara Davts and Charlte Davrdson brg league stars of Davtes Fabulous Var srty started up a baseball game to entertarn every one as well as themselves Albert Grrftlth Duane Grbson and Ray Hackworth part of the shrps crew known as the Sobby Ray Trto suddenly rushed up and shouted that Danny Starr had fallen rn the lake Immedlately Delores Baker worlds renown Channel swrmmer started to the rescue We all followed on her heels We watched her magnrfrcent attempt to save Dannys ltfe But a great wave washed them farther and farther apart The qutck thrnkmg of Ianet McAll1ster saved the day Grabbmg a lrfe saver from Cramer and Olson she threw rt to Danny and Delores towed htm rn After all thrs excltement we commenced once agam on our way Shtrley Brshop and Peggy Lalclns two Wall Street secretarres happened to glance out of the shrps vxew w1ndow and saw much to their amaze ment Barbara Darby on a speclal bullt Space O Brke peddlrng desperately to catch up w1th the shlp Some how she had been over looked when the passengers were checked rn after thelr rest Marran Hastle a world famous explorer rmmedratey rushed to the prlots quarters and had the shlp slowed down Fred Rucker Presrdent of the Amerrcan Pm Boys Assocla tron Inc ran over to the a1r lock and threw 1t open Barbara caught Freds hand and was drawn 1nto the shtp Barb collapsed from severe shock Ieannre Fxle setta cr school clerk on vacatron and Iean Watson a multl mzllronalres prrvate secretary picked her up and carrted her over to a seat The excrtement soon cleared After an mterval of about 3000000 lrght hours the time neared when we would reach our long awalted destlnatlon the MOON Bog Engle a famous photog rapher for the Chlcago Nightly Sun began to set up hrs equrpment to photograph the frrst close up of the moon At last we would be the ftrst humans ever to reach the moon successfully Such a feellng as I had never experrenced came over me Through the Screenoscope everyone was watchmg the moon come closer and closer The shrp now was barely movrng for we had shut off all power m the shtp We were now com1ng m for the landmg All safety belts were fastened and I braced myself for the xmpact The shrp lurched and crashed down I was thrown agarnst the stde of the shrp Ftnally the shlp came to a halt Qurckly I prcked myself up off the floor and lnvestrgated the damage Everyone was all rlght ex cept for a few mlnor cuts and brulses I pressed the door lever and the great door of the shlp opened Iust thtnk I would be the very frrst per son ever to set foot on the Moon The unusual llght made rt hard for me to see at fxrst As I became ac customed to rt I notlced a form of some kmd was srttmg not more than frve feet away from the ship I looked closer There sat Peggy Bates a grm on her face from ear to ear Class Prophet Ioan Olson . , lv 13 .ra ' ' ' ' I ' - 4 Q I , I . . - - . I l ,H A I , I D 1 1 As we pulled up beside McClelland's, everyone was and everything went back to normal. A I I ' I ' I - I I I ' ' - , . I I N. . I I ' , , . . . , CLASS WILL We the graduatlon class of I952 of Ellet I-Itgh School Clty of Akron and state of Ohto betng sound of mmd and memory do hereby make publtsh and declare thts to be our last w1ll and testament manner and form followmg hereby revoktng any wxll or wllls heretofore made by us ARTICLE I I Iack Mtnor do hereby w1ll to Bob Showalter my abtltty to get along so well wtth Mr Bonar tn Senlor Problems class I Barbara Davrs do hereby wtll to Iackle Trlche my basketball ab1l1ty flf thats what 1t tsl hopmg she makes good use of tt next year I Mary Baer do hereby wtll to any 1un1or gtrl who has the nerve to take tt the tmmortal phrase Dld you ever see Mary Baer7 fI'Iow about 1t Pat7J I Glenn Taylor do hereby wtll to anyone tn Mrs Wees classes my extenslve vocabulary consxstmg of well and oh I Nancy Conley do hereby wtll to Sally Wtsor my seat rn dramatlcs class rn hopes that she can make better use of 1t than I dtd I Dave Carey do hereby wtll to anyone who would have them my blrds butterflys and w1ld flowers I lack Van Doren do hereby wlll to anyone who needs a grade tn a certam sctence course my posltxon chtef goldftsh feeder I Glorta Sheets do hereby wxll to Barbara Beal and Ieanne Kauffman my ways wrth Mr Smetts tn Photography I Clara Wltherow do hereby wlll to some deservmg person my abtltty to get out of 5th perxod study hall to work ln the darkroom wlthout gettmg caught IBetter luck I I Charlte Davxdson do hereby w1ll to Floyd Keath ley who doesnt need tt my ab1l1ty to get along w1th gtrls ARTICLE II I Ioan Olson do hereby w1ll to Pat Roman and Ieanne Contt my cheerleadmg txghts Dont ftght over them gtrls and watch out for the safety ptns I Marlan Hastle do hereby wtll to Ieanne Kauffman and Ray Fretz my record of gomg steady for such a long time wtthout breakmg up 1f they care to follow the same path and I belteve they do I Allan Lemmon do hereby wtll to Weed my abthty to understand Mr B I Delores Baker do hereby will to Sylvia Smtth my perfect attendance record I Tom McClelland do hereby w1ll to Earl Iohnson my abthty to get along wlth Mxss Fmley I Iohn Casteel leave thats enough I Charlotte Ferguson do hereby wxll to Florence Morgan my abtltty to leave class wtthout gettmg caught I Shtrley Kemp do hereby w1ll to some poor un fortunate soul my abxllty to mtss school and get away wtth 1t I Shtrley Btshop do hereby will to anyone who lrkes solxtude and needs trme to study my 7th and 8th pertod hallguard duttes I Ed Kramer do hereby wtll to lack Hodges my cat my ablllty tn Enghsh and my gtrl frtend Ltz ARTICLE III I Barbara Denmtre do hereby wtll to Ioanne De Mass my ablltty to lose fountaln pens and to keep up a Ftbber McGee locker I Dale Hartong do hereby wtll to Bay Fretz my abtllty Clsnt that enough7l I Dorothy Dudtch do hereby wtll to Wtlma Lafol lette my herght rn hopes she can keep her head out of the clouds I Peggy Lakms do hereby w1ll to Sally Wlsor my horse laughs tn Mrs Wees Englrsh class and all the good ttmes Ive had at Ellet Htgh I Ray Hackworth do hereby w1ll to hm Weed Underwood football Jersey number 33 rn hopes that tt w1ll see more actlon tn 1952 than tt dxd tn l95l I Dora Damel do hereby wtll to Ioan Ruth my ab1l1ty to bleach halr but I am wondermg If she needs 1t'?'?'? I Nancy Sttmpfel do hereby w1ll to any glrl who IS worthy of 1t my prlvelege of walktng home from school wtth Btll Beal Barbara Darby do hereby w1ll to Marlene Chew m neat and orderly locker hopxng she wont mlnd e long search each morning before homeroom Leona Lute do hereby wtll to Gertte my abllxty to go to ftrst pertod late I Peggy Bates do hereby w1ll to Dean Kxlgore my number of pertods a day tn the photography dark room ARTICLE IV Duane Gtbson do hereby w1ll to Fat Provmce m name Ox Donna Pntt do hereby wtll to Mardelle Deutsch my naturally curly halr so that hers wont come stratght tn rarny weather I Donna Cramer do hereby will to Marlene Chew and Susle Bishop my ablllty to get mto so much trouble and mtschtef tn just one year--along wxth all the good trmes , , . , - A ' ' in ' . , . . , , 1 . , , , , . , , , . , ' 1 1 , , . , , , - , . ' ' 1 1 1 , , ' I 1 as .. . . ,. , ,A H A ' 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 ' 1 , , I 1 1 ' 1 I f I, . , , 1 Y , I, , , ' ' 1 1 1 , . . , , , , , 1 , . Y .. .. 1 1 1 I ' ' . . u 11 ' ' I 1 1 A ' . , I I I I 4 P X 1 A , ' I' .- in t : 1 ' - Q X ' ' . T' ' 'rr - ' : ' 1 ' ' 'X ' ' K .' 1 'f , . V. , - .5, I ' 1 ' ' 1 I ' ' 51 15: 3 'lf- ,. ,, . I , - , 'g J 1. 1'-I. .,: 1L1:i no , rxf ' 4 ' fr f'- 'L F-.liTf'lI.I V! CLI1 'J 1 . bm ' 4 .' 1 K' A w , 1' 'lf I1 ' : V ' Jw ,z l. n 2 ll? I . I " ' - ' ' A ' R11 A Q N7 V VV 1 , ' X 1 i , 1 , A- j , - A 51, . 1 , - i. ' S SUPERLATIVES MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING MOST VERSATILE Dxck Zaveson lean Olson Delores Baker Ed Kramer Dave Carey Ioan Olson BEST PERSONALITY WITTIEST Ray Hcrckworth Mary Baer Donna Cramer lohn Ccsieel MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST DRESSED ATHLETIC MOST FEMININE 7 1 Iqck vannoren pai pm-man Nancy Conley Tom McClelland Chaxhe Dcxvxdson Helen Pultea l l l fl . ,zz S in 1 l fl f O l , i . X CLASSES JUNIORS The Jun1or class started the year off by rece1v1ng the1r blue cmd wh1te class sweaters shortly after school started Elected to lead the class for the year were Floyd Sypherd pres1dent Iames Underwood v1ce pres1dent Pat Fasnacht secretary and Charles Bachus treasurer The 1un1or home room teachers were our adv1sors If you would have passed the football held anytrme after 4 OU PM dur1ng the school week you would have seen Danny Blough Fred Butcher Ray Fretz Floyd Keathley Dean Kllgore Luc1en Lamb Ronme May Charles Oldham Gregg Powers Dale Provmce Floyd Sypherd L1onel W1llgues Don W1ll1ams and I1m Underwood carrylng the ball for Ellet Car1ng for the equtpment you would have found Tom Cannon Kenneth Henkel and Dxck Iones. Co-Captain for Ellet this year was Floyd Sypherd. On the basketball court were Dean Ktlgore Gregg Powers Lronel W1llgues Don Wrlhams for vars1ty and Tom Cannon Iack Hathaway and Charles Oldham for reserves Thelr man agers were Ed Carter and Don Whrtmer Cheermg the basketball and football teams onward were Marlene Chew Ieanne Cont1 and Pat Roman Members 1n the Band were Sally Hayes Ioyce M1chaels Betty Gflllln Marxlyn Stmms Roger W1lson and Don Whltmer Ioyce M1ch aels was thelr reporter for the Ellehan Star Leadmg the Band across the held were Barbara Beal Ieanne Kauffman loan Ruth and Ela1ne Zuelsdorf mayorettes The Y teen basketball teams conststed of mostly 1un1ors thts year Dorls Baker Barbara Btshop Marlene Chew Iean Conn Pat Fas nacht Betty Gflllln Ioyce M1chaels Bobble Pearhac Iamce Robmson Pat Roman Betty Sweeney Iaclue Trlche Shlrley Tnplett and Ela1ne Zuelsdorf Mrss Spahr was thelr Adv1sor The G1rls Athlettc Assocrauon was lead ex clus1vely by the yunxor g1rls Barbara Blshop pres1dent Pat Fasnacht veep Ioyce Mtch aels secretary Marlene Chew treasurer We are proud of the followmg students who were ofhcers 1n var1ous clubs Delorrs Lllley treasurer of Haromano Iarnce Robrnson v1ce pres1dent of Haromano Marllyn Slmms asststant secretary of Haromano Pat Fas nacht v1ce pres1dent of Y Teens Betty Sonne berger secretary of Chorr Ed Carter secretary of Latm Club Dave Bonner treas urer of Lat1n Club Ilm Underwood v1ce pres1dent of Student Counc1l Fred Butcher secretary of Student Counc1l and H1 Y Bob b1e Pearhac treasurer of Student Counc1l hm Underwood v1ce pres1dent of H1 Y and Dean Ktlgore Chaplam of H1 Y Pat Roman was our Homecom1ng Queen Ieanne Kauffman was our attendant Our 1un1or Red Cross representat1ves thrs year were Ianice Robinson who was secre- tary of the club Vonda Harper Floyd Syp- herd and Dave Bonner. Ioy Scheiller Brooks Allen Ieannelte Walkin! Kenneth Pri!! Clara Weakland Gregg Powers Elaine Zuelsdorf Iames Nlcols Sandra Sauer Charles Oldham Mary Szxlagy Luclen Lamb Barbara Toth Ronme May Dons Rearxck Rxchard La Du Sally Wrsor Floyd Kealhley Carole Velleca Dean Kllgore Shxrley Wxllxarnl Dxck Iones Lou Ann Walllclt Gerald Iohnson Shirley Tnplell Edward Holman Iaclne Tnche Dxck Hrdllcka Betty fhornton Kenny Henkel Lois Thoenen Marshall Hodge! Belly Sweeney lack Hathaway Loretta Slalnaker JU IORS 'WC al? .ay if 5 X Dale Hendershot Betty Sonneberger Norman Faslg Slurley Snyder Ray Fretz Manlyn Snyder Tom Cannon Betty Slx Ed Carter Duane Snowden Pat Roman Donna Snyder Ilm Barnes Sylvxa Smxth Ianet Smith Marilyn Nrcholson Fred Butcher Ianxce Robinson Dorothy Shumaker Roberta Pearhac Robert Barnes Ioan Ruth Danny Blough Manlyn Slms Dave Bonner Dons Baker Charles Bachus Ioyce Mxchaels Dale Provmce Elrzabeth Iones Florence Morgan Delores Lxlley Margaret McKenna Mary Hammett Ioanne Brewer Shirley Bender Carol Carruthers Marlene Chew Vonda Harper Ieanne Kauffman Ray Scovem Barbara Beal lohn Rxddel Barbara Bishop Shirley Cntes Don Whitmer Patncxa Fasnacht Richard Swartzman Betty Griffin Colleen Jones Wilma Banner Robert Showalter Grace Banner Barbara Keelmg l-'lonme Doan Alice Gearhart Iames Underwood Thelma Green Gertrude Lute Shirlee Davls Floyd Sypherd Betty Hammitt Roger Wilson Earleen Barron Mardelle Deutsch Don Williams Sally Hayes Larne Yeich Richard Hall Cheryl Kurtz Keith Hall Elain Korman Marvin Buchanan Mary Kura Stanley Brown Virginia King lack Hodges Anna Kelso Roy Barr Alice Kenepp David Hendershot Betty Baker Richard Hardesty Virginia Iohnson Robert Brenneman Ruth Hexmberger Iames Carlisle Sondra Hall Gary Heberlme Mary Harland lack Holcomb Mary Glasgow Larry Bnttain Sally Guntherberg Conrad Hexdt Edna Foote Richard Bisho Ianet Etlmg Bmce Bachus Ianet Du Pratt Raymond Furbee Ruth Dresco SOPHOMCDRE lA I0 1 X ' vt ,fi 'R-5,7 'Nr A l 44 I Y V f . K -9 1 .X . . . W if B ' 1 " V 1 ' I . , ,., V , , 7 'Q' .' l B x - B' 4 B V I. ,Al Q ' ' P 1 H A A ' 1' Q 8 1 I 'Jan 5 ,V Q ' , Q ,o . . 1 1 R .1 William Beal 3 XX . ' Evelyn Wnght Gerald Lockhard Iacquelme Dewey Rxchard Hxles Ruih Hexmberger Ianet Vamca Larry Ford Barbara Boone lack Clxfi Sharon Deanng Patrxcla Wxlner Don Goodpasture Shrrley Barta Patncla Wearley Loxs Ake Ioyce Claar Ierome Bean Ioanne DeMass Douglas Davxdson Mary Lou Davls Shrrley Crum Richard Fllgor Edith Cummlngs Duane Brown Carol Conley Nancy Creel Donald Dodd Delores Cmocca Wlllxam Brown Carol Coburn Irene Campbell Wayne Castner Sarah Cheiio Roger Cummmgl Paincxa Bnthan SOPHOMORES --vs .-...R 1"9 IQ' 490 ...I i's "mi ,JAX 'R un 4 Mary Lakins Wlllxam Robenstme Emma Lance Kenneth Sxbley Norma Lowery Harold Shrelner Barbara Lynn Kenneth Spexcher Iuamta Marshall Malcolm Rush Louxse McKee Iohn Selx Carolyn Mexghen Robert Kennedy Barbara Metz Don Rxdenour Kay Muller Iohn Varhoe Rose Mxller Bob Iohnson Donna Nxederhxser Charles Hlce Ianet Ohlnch Terry Merghen Vxckxe Papaxoan Morns Tzpton Iackze Patterson Walter Rxce Lmnea Powers Ioel Marcxnko Ioanne Roudebush Mark Kavalx lean Rupert Warren Summers Shxrley Smsel SOPHOMCDRES Viv' 'FX Qi f Qu 'Nw -9 nl'-r oft dui x 3 xii Elva Boggs Mabel Wells Modma Smith Leslxe Morgan Ioyce Thomas Susan Bnshop Robert Reid Ianet Smoot Dxck Rxle Patncla Thomas Iudy Wxse Iames Sauer Bonnie Shnard Harold Kmg Ioyce Towne Mary Barbuzza Charles Wxse Ioyce Summers Harold Houseman Darlene Tschantz Evelyn Wiley Sally Turner -0? ri 'Q ':'f? SQPHOMQRE SQPHOMCRES The sophomore spotltght fell on many people thts year We were very well represented by the boys tn sports ln football Doug Davtdson recelved a two year letter and Morrxs Txpton recetved a letter for one year The rest of the boys who played football were Conrad Heldt Larry Ford Warren Summers Bob Iohnson Malcom Rush lack Holcomb lack Cllff and Duane Brown In basketball Dxck Rlfe played varslty Conrad He1dt played both varslty and reserve Also playmg on the reserve team were Harold Kmg Malcom Rush Moms Ttpton Iack Holcomb Larry Ford Duane Brown Iohn Varhoe Iames Sauers and Bob Hummel The gzrls were not to be outdone by the boys The Iumor Y Teen basketball team consisted of all sopho more glrls Gmger Iohnson played on the team for her second year The rest of the glrls were on the team for the1r nrst year They were Mary Ann Barbuzza Susan Btshop Pat Brtttlan Edlth Cummlngs Ioanne DeMass Iackle Dewey Ruth Dresco Ioanne Roude bush Shxrley Smsel Ioyce Summers loyce Thomas Ioyce Towne Darlene Tschantz and Sally Turner The glrls also had volleyball tournaments The Sev en Fxreballs came tn ftrst the Sttnkers second and the Racket Squad thlrd The people who represented us tn Student Counc11 were Mary Ellen Glasgow Susan Btshop Malcom Rush Doug Davldson and lack Cltff We were also very proud of Pat Brttttan and lack Cliff Pat was presldent of lunlor Red Cross and lack was vlce prestdent The other representatlves of the sophomore class were Harold Schretner Mabel Wells Altce Kenepp and Frank Cummmgs The Chrlstmas Pageant had a few sophomores rn the cast they were Iack Chff Rrchard Httes Gerald Lockard and Iames Carhsle The boys who were elected rnto H1 Y thls year were Moms Ttpton B111 Beal Harold Shremer lack Hol comb and Doug Davtdson The g1rl who represented the sophomore class 1n the Homecoming Court was VICKI Papaxoan Ioanne DeMass was the only sophomore on the cheertng squad The httle lass who led the Ellet Band across the fteld was our drum majorette VlCkl Paparoan The only sophomore malorette who marched tn the l1ne was Susan Btshop The sophomores IH the Ellet Band were Mary Ellen Glasgow Sondra Hall ludy Wlse Walter Rxce Gary Heberlme Kelth Hall and Rlchard Httes Last but not least come the sophomores who wtth therr grades placed the class very hlgh on the scholas t1c ratlng of the school The only two people who were on the ftrst honor roll all the t1me were Mabel Wells and Iames Sauer The followlng were on exther the ftrst or second honor roll for the entlre f1rst semester luantta Marshall Sondra Hall Mary Ann Barbuzza Cheryl Kurtz Mary Ellen Glasgow Tom Anderson Rrchard Fltgor and Malcom Rush Class Reporter Ioyce Thomas FRESHM N We the class of 55 have been gomg strong ever slnce school opened on September 5 l95l At the begmnmg of the year Charles Nutter Charles Iones Pat Mlller and Donna Ward were chosen to represent the Freshmen class 1n Student Councll Helpmg out m the lxbrary were Sh1rley Ann Grant Mary Lou Blsset and Dorthajean Coleman Mary lane Stalnaker lon Galtt and Lynn Zlrkle had the Cpleasure7J of patrollmg the halls Representattves to the Red Cross were Maxlne Rlggs Carolyn Hone Shlrley Ann Grant Darrell Crawford and Dave Whttmer The Freshmen partlclpated 1n qutte a few sports thls year The Freshman basketball team was made up of Charles Nutter Eddte Mathers Darrell Crawford Al Evans Aaron Lavendar Eddle Vrable hm Coburn Dave Whttmer and Darrel Hxll Cheertng the team to some v1ctor1es were the cheer leaders Mary Iane Stalnaker Vxrgmta Stevenson Donna Ward Beverly Royer and Dorthayean Coleman The all stars were Iumor League Volleyball Cham pxons and also placed fourth tn the school The team was made up of Nancy Cottle Io Havens Donna Ward Dorthalean Coleman Barbara Kldwell Glorla Trenell Mary lane Stalnaker and Rose Mane Martm Ed Rlfe was the only Freshman to play on reserve and varstty basketball teams Mary Lou Reschke was the Freshman Homecomtng attendant Taking part tn mUS1C actlvtttes were qulte a few Freshmen Partlcxpatlng ln the band were Ioyce Farndon Donna Watson Dorothy Duff Carol Sowers Carol Stevens Marla Washburn Charles Portz Donna Wxtner Bar bara Montgomery Ronald Combs Kay Fasxg Joyce Gordon Charles Butler and Gertrude Mertens Then there were some who were tn the orchestra Charles Portz Donna Watson Dorothy Duff Pat Lxnn and Ioyce Farndon Havens Mary lane Stalnaker Iune Thelss Dlana Cratg Donna Wrtner Patty l.1nn Loralne Lew1s Iuanl ta Coleman and Do IS Cozad Seen at most of the YTeen meetxngs were Rae Rotondo luanlta Coleman Kay Fastg Donna Ward Dorthapean Coleman and Lynn Ztrkle Not to be outdone by the uppe classmen the Fresh men upheld thelr class by havlng many wtth perfect attendance Among the boys were Robert Dotson Alfred Evans Davld Frase Ilm Householder David Iones Ray Manges Harold Nelson Iack Schonaver Chuck Snowden Charles Turner and David Whttmer The gtrls were Dorthalean Coleman Dlana Cralg Mrldred Cutting Barbara DAm1co Iune Dellapa Ioyce Farndon Kay FQSIQ Shlrley Grant Alma Holler Ioanne Keefer Barbara Kldwell Barbara Montgomery Rae Rotondo Carol Stevens Iune Th91SS Marla Wash burn Donna Wttner ancl Ioann Yerrtck WOTKIHQ very hard and making the flrst Honor Roll were Gertrude Mertens and Mary Lou Reschke Com mg up close behmd on the second honor roll were Dtana Crarg Darlene Fenn Nancy Golns Sue Grlfflths Barbara Ktdwell Pat Lmn Barbara Montgomery Car olyn Hone Shlrley Robmson Pat Rotondo Beverly Royer lacquelme Unger Lynn Zlrkle Dave Frase Ernest Bell Charles Nutter Iohn Thomas and Dave Whltner We thmk that the Freshmen have helped to make thxs an lnterestlng and successful year at Ellet Hlgh Class Reporter Donna Ward . I I . l I ' I A I ' I . I I ' ' ' ' I I , - Y V I I I I ' I I I I I ' ' ' I I I I I l . I I I A ' I I I . I I 2 . ' . I f ' I I , I ' I I I , . ' Nlne glrls were ln the Sxngers group: they were lo I A I I I I I ' I I I I - . . r. I I l A ' I I , I I I I I I I ' ' . r I - I ' D I I I I I I ' I I I I ' I I 1 , , I I I I , l , I I I I ' - I I I - ' I I I ' , . . - l I I , ' I I I , . I I I - I I I - Ion Galit Iuanita Coleman Alfred Evans Nancy Arnold Hugh Fortney Nancy Cottle George Albertonl Nadeen Deutsch Ixm Lutes Ioyce Farndon Harold Leek Carol Evans Roy Lxggett Dons Cozad Ierry Legg Nancy Ellrs Stephen Kovac Dorothy Duff Aaron Lavendar Margaret Beltz Alton Kenepp Kay Fasxg Clifford Kxdwell Dorthajean Coleman Davld Iones Barbara D Amxco Charles Iones Patrlcra D Amlco Mxldred Cutting Ian Holmes Iohnn Campbell Iames Householder Dxana Cralg R1chard Hoover FRESHME 3 . . Darrell Hill l fltl . . ' E gf? , ' , ' I . Q K 4 V . l 3, A t " W f I, , lik . Donna Gnfflth Brxan Iones Sandra Davrs Davxd Frases Carol Barnard Bernard Harland Sandra Bramhall Ronald Combs Bettxe Bertsch Ronald Conrad Mary Bxssett Robert Ellrot lune Dellapa Robert Dotson Lmda Curtis Edward Delarxa Delores Desure Darrel Crawford Shrrley Grant Charles Clxff Darlene Fenn Art Clappe Wrlda Fulton Iames Coburn Ioanne Greathouse Charles Clark Nancy Goms Iohn Buehl Ioyce Gordon Charles Butler George Burch Robert Buckey Donald Boltz Ernest Bell Robert Bishop FRE HMA '1' O J. Q I Carl Antes Harry Beach loann Harland Tlmothy Barron Margaret Io Havens Carolyn Hone Roy Manges Alma Holler lames Marsh Hose Mane Martm Stan Murdock Larry Teelmg Harold Nelson Gertrude Mertens lohn Thomas Patncxa Mxller Charles Mason Carole Moore Edward Mathers Patrxcxa Morgan Ioyce Nicely Davxd Miller Ioanne Iensen Charles Nutter Ioanne Keeler Gary Perkms Margne Kennedy Ilm Thornton Ioyce Kmney Donald Rednck Martha Kovacxch Devon Reed Betty Lalro Harold Held Gerald Matthews Carolyn Hardesty Kenneth Rxcks Maureen McClung Lane Rrclrs Donna Mrlls Eddie Rrfe lack Schonauer Phyllxs Lance Bob Shover Lorame Lewrs Manan Longstreth Richard Sxers Donna Marcmko Charles Snowden Barbara Marshall Barbara Montgomery Harold Starkey Lynn Zxrkle Rxchcxrd Starkey Charlotte Stover Edgar Wergand Vtrgxma Stevenson Davxd Whxtmer Carol Stevens Fred Watson Robey Smrth Charles Turner Carol Sowers Roy Varner Gloria Trennell Mxckey Vasrl Iune Therss Robert Waltenbaugh Phyllis Trout Robert Spencer Beverly Royer Iacqueline Unger Nancy Walter Shxrley Walker Marla Washburn Chnstme Vahadel Eddxe Vrabel Donna Watson Rxchard Strelch Donna Ward Ioann Wood Donna Wxtmer Mary Stalnaker Ioann Yernck Maxme Rxggs Beverly Radonovxch Charles Portz Mary Reschke lack Twyman Karen Ricketts Rae Hotondo Helen Robinson Shlrley Robmson Betty Hobbms Barbara Rosser Barbara Underwood Sue Gnfhth Patncla Lmn FRESHME Robert Brxttam Marlene Spcud Thomas Turner Adranth Lxght Rrchard Flsher Iudxth Vanxca Harold Wells Carol Schlossnagel Kenneth Dunlap Darlene Mason Wllllam Burse Sally Hechel Iohn Crowe Ruth Boggs Hlchard Bam Shxrley Boone Richard Merrxll Mary Huddleston Iohn Lawhorn Barbara Haft Howard Meyer Alice Mxlls Robert Hexdt Faith Buchanan Kenneth Kavall Marsha Davls Donald Groves Lois Wiley George Lewis Linda Gandee Russell Terjung Ianice Ainscough Donald Soulsby Eileen Campbell Ned Anders EIGHTH GRADE V O9 JW ,nl It Q rl? '48 N4 'Y , ,,,,- 545 if rl ll! X Donald Mohan Carole Edwards Harry Rxchter Iudy Myers Iohn LeMaster Margaret Arble Ierry Marteney Marlene Deanng Kexth Watson Rochelle Hartz Donald Nlchols Beverly Rutheriord Davxd Burton Helen Sutton Raymond Towe Hope Snyder Lester lanes Sandra McCracken Ralph Grant Sharon Wxlhxte Dewayne Fearer Maryone Robbms Iames Breznak Dorothy Carney Eugene Graham Sandra Gandee Wxllxam Clark Cleo Long Wxllxam Emenck Mary Scovern Gerald Mullms Nancy Edwards Robert Putman Loulse Hoover Ronald Marsh I EIGHTH GRADE 'YT ifx I f ' 1 3 1 "'1P al X I M Ioyce Razer Wxlfred Smvely Zelda Thomas Gerald Worstell Mary Ann Semlck Donald Payne Ioyce Wrlson Melvm Boylen Patricia McKee Iohn Smvely Nancy Roser lames Pulhum Alxce Pope Robert Hxggens Dorothy Burch Lacldy Kmght Hazel Blakney Thomas Carroll Donna Smyth Ernest Long Martha Forney Benlamm Fought Mary Dove Rxchard Bxllmgs Shxrley Helems Fred Walker Ioyce Butera Paul Pratt E1leen Bnttam Beth Balley Nova Watkms Peggy Kxhble Ioanne Roman Donna Sypherd Iuamta Heckerman EIGHTH GRADE '23 f A2 Q, 'Q 4 M 4 Patty Gartland Mary Sell Dorothy Houston Pat Lowe Pat MCDlVlll llm Trpton Ioan Nrederhxser Arthur Yenglrng Wrlma Burton Dale Basham Ioyce Brenneman Robert Mohlmaster Cheryl F enn Wesley Smoot Beverly Layne Phylhs Damels Robert Werner Robert Keeler Mrldred Frazxer Marvm Hensley Alrce Westren Robert Srbley Carol Senrx Iohn Wagner Barbara Queen Ronald Drllard Daurx Bonner Roddy DeWalt Carol Duke Veromca Varhoe Alzce Smith Sandra Clark Betty Farrman Donna Wrlkxnson Nancy Tipton Sandra Mexghen Maryone Lutes Ioanne Brodwrck Madge Russell Nancy Wzsor Catherme Henkel Wrllxam Salxsbury Ioan Geller Leroy I.1nton Marxlyn Strllwell Patncxa Ruth Rlchard Holloman Ianet Santee Iames Foster Sylvxa Ranker Geollrey H111 Marporxe Showalter Thomas Gearhart Donna Whlte Donald Brown Nancy Orcutt Ierry Thornton Claudxa Mathras Theodore Yenglmg lean Wrxght Wllllam Butcher Manan Adey Richard Underwood Rosalie Miller Larry Kelly Karen Van Hook Larry Martin Tomalin Yoder William Webster Martha Hyre EIGHTH GRADE ff f I '-4 117 I I if dll De Ann Stxpe Eddxe Hlssam Charlotte KyKer Clyde Corley Betty Parman Chnstma Crum Bob Dotson Blll Boyle Tom Thompson Elmer Raney EIGHTH GRADE GIRLHOOD AWARD BOYHOOD AWARD J Beth Bcnley Robert Bnttam Martha Hyre Robert Putman Runner UP Runner up " li ' . , L 2 xg 1 A- , l , 2 5 1 t I 3 , , ' , EIGHTH GRADE The present e1ghth grade the class of 56 1S proud ot the place 1t has made for xtself In September the Iunror Hrgh football team was formed The e1ghth grade boys who made the team are Iohn LeMaster Eugene Graham Bob Putman Irm Trpton Roddy DeWalt and Paul Pratt Also in September the Seventh and Erghth Grade Y Teens held therr hrst meetrng The othcers were elected at thls meetrng They are Rochelle Hartz presldent Suzanne Layne vrce president Nancy Edwards secretary and Tomalrn Yoder treasurer Representrng the e1ghth grade 1n Red Cross are Ieanne Roman Marsha Dav1s Nancy Ed wards Nova Watkms Larry Martrn and Robert S1bley Sent to Student Councrl thrs year were Daun Bonner Claudra Mathras Robert Bnttarn and Robert S1bley Ioanne Roman was chosen as the erghth There were four exghth grade teams entered 1n the glrls Iunror I-hgh Volleyball toumament whrch took place 1n October They were the Ellet lnd1ans the Comets the Babes tn Blue and the Hotshots Srx of the erghtu grade boys made the Iunror I-hgh basketball team They are Davrd Burton Eugene Graham Kenny Dunlap Roddy De Walt Bob Putman and Ernest Lona There are tour e1ghth graders rn The Smg ers a group of thrrty grrls They are Dorothy Carney Suzanne Layne Betty Parman and Claud1a Mathras Robert Br1tta1r1 and Iohn Crowe belong to the Choral1ers a group ot Seventh and Eighth Grade boys The German Band called Der Wrenerschnrt zles IS made up of eleven erghth graders The manager IS Rrchard Holloman the leader 1S B111 Butcher and the vocal1st IS Claudra Math ras Others are Larry Martrn Clyde Corley B111 Webster Harold Sal1sbury Rrchard Dotson Iames Foster Rrchard Underwood and Tom Gearhart Mrs El1zabeth Smrth rs thelr sponsor and Mr Eldon Motz helps them strne Carol Schlossnagel Mar1or1e Lutes Syl v1a Ranker Dale Basham and Tom Gearhart We know wxth the help of our teachers we wlll have 1ust as good 1t not a better freshman year here at Ellet SEVENTH GRADE The 1951 school year was really exc1t1ng We 7th graders ran around completely lost rn the brg new bu1ld1ng Movlng from class to class crowds rn the halls and atrald ot be1ng late for classes all added to the confuston Then we met new teachers and frrends How ever rn about a week we were pretty well adjusted to the bulldrng knew our lnends and teachers qulte well and could fmd our classes wrth llttle trouble Then football season came and we were all anxtous to root for our team The homecomrng game was approachmg We were to select a grrl from the 7th grade to be one of the queen s attendants We chose Lou Ann Myers Later Mrs Smxth formed a band called the 'Gypsy Band It consrsts ot hve gxrls, Donna Lustrc Luclnda Cable Mary Clark Sally Ann Cumm1ngham and Marylyn Lyn Another band made up of D1ck Kemph Gary Splres Alan Sltfe Ronald Heavner and Ioe La Du was orgamzed Those on frrst Honor Roll for the frrst semes ter were Iarnes Ma1n Davrd Sauer Rue Neldra Clark MIYIGH1 Feeman I-larrxet Rush Ltnda Elmore Zaney Ross Beverly Prmgle and Wayne Bennet Those on second Honor Roll were Barbara Demary Charlene Haylett Denna Muslene Sandra Steen Gerald Goodpasture Brlly Washburn Kay Kramer Iudy Rank lack Bowers Mary Kenepp Pauhne Baskey Fran ces Karss Larry Lushbough Iudy Globxt and Lyn Meyers I I I I l ' , .- I ' . 1 I , . l , . I I I J , i ' . . I . I . I I I . I . . ' . I ' grqde Homect-,ming Attendant, The students in Dramatics are Barbara Sum- ' I I I . I I - I I ' I 1 I I I I I I I I I I ' ' I I I - Celxa Axkey Robert Banner Barbara Bxshop George lackson Anna Buchs Thomas Krght Lmda Elmore Floyd Lule Terry Cross lack Mnlhoan Betly Cruse David Norrxs Mary Kenepp Iohn Bowers Beverly Gougler lack Cole Penelope Iackson George Robertloll Nancy Morgan Iohn Thoenen alene Nxcely Floyd Younglnn Rosemary Rader Terrence Vernon Nancy Ross Paul Cuihng Anna Smxt Gerald Hahn Carol Underwood Larry Beam Rue Neldxa Clark George Thompson Hamel Rush Gary Rrle Ioan Blalcney Iames Mxlls Suzann Worstell Gary Nutter lean Iohnson Bill Iohnson Myrna Smith Gradie Daniels Becky Osborne Richard Graham Miriam Freeman Harold Smith Iudith Rank Richard Conley Eleanor Bama Iames Main Wilma Morgan Wayne Bennett Kay Kramer David Sauer Nancy Buckner Billy Washburn Georgia Vafiades Quentin Hancock Ruby Barr Gerald Goodpasture Ameia Barron Dale Doyle Carol Boggs Iohn Burton Charlene Campbell David Cool Helen Coburn Robert Bailes Barbara Demary Iames Goodpasture ,L I 'Z ,grin 09 SEVE TH GRADE v 1 A 1 n . --1 'Q -.1 'l X H If ,J ff . . I. Q. ' fr n l' B 0.1 y l A Q A 'A 0 I . Y ff , .-J J. x 1 X 5 il ll fl .fl . Af, 5 Q A 66' tag if K, f E 1 1 r " 'R 'U 1 'Q X fl Charlene Haylett Bill Kays Mxla Holler Robert Marsh Mary Iohnson Edward Muir Regma Iones Robert Postma Sarah Kura Iames Benyx Donna Musleve Nelson Baker Shlrley Peck Lyle Rxttenhouse Dxane Schmxd Rxchard Schnexder Sandra Steen Iames 'l'ntt Glona Varhoe Gary Wetzel Mary Towe Ray Haier Beverly Schuckert Royal Houston Clara Scoarse Marvm Bowen Sandra Ice Benny Hurt Donna Smzth Clyde Shearer Barbara Bexge Robert Roberts Mary Crme Glenn Barnard loan Wxllnnson SEVE TH GRADE fi 'Y Nlf -l ,a-1? in no 'Q 'll if .17 1 I Xa Bob Nelxsse Flora Younlnn George Wright Lynn Myers I acl: Swartz Patrxcxa Queen Davxd Vance Donna Chapman Tom Reanc Iudy Globxts Larry Lushbaugh lane! Ellxs Ierry Schrop Mary Reld Kenny Carson Manlyn Hummel Donald Greenman Rose Mohan Robert Lxggett Beverly Prmgle Ralph McClain Dons Boone Larry Wmdgrove lleih Gallxon George Kegg Roy Nelson Don Neal Carne Werner Ed Twyman Barbara Zucha Gene Roberts Luann Meyers Clyde Banner Carol Dxemer Davxd Hadclxiie SEVENTH GRADE 1 1 1 1 '95- 'il' .4 412,15 I 4,1 .fr . 'iq J, ,J , , A A v 6' 4 I ,, x, ld' -- E, L ee, ". M xr . .JP .H A I 3' : . k fy . , , n ,L l E l V ' lf -z 1-.til f ' rl 44 .Ln My ., A G fl ' 5 , ln M ' ' - E 'N 1 - f . . 1 - 1: Q .f .I .Sy gi . , ' fl ': l' i - 401 l .W . .1 M ' ' , l N I of , .Q 4 ' 'vw or l , fr! if ,E , 3 ' n A Q-2 1 A - ' I , . ff, , ' . A ,. Paulme Baskey Bill Ellxson Frances Kaess Daruel Kmg Lorelta Booth B111 Culver Pat Regan Robert Txplon Sandra Wexghtman George Sovak Maxme Ioy Fredenck Benko Donna Lustxc Mary Ellen Clark Gary Spxres Delores Siem David Coe Sally Cunnmgham Edward Hayman Sue Lynn Charles Slaybaugh Glen Anderson B111 Graham Sandra Synder Ronald Heavner Linda Prait Ioe LaDu Karen Elle! Txm Ioseph Kathryn Knott Donald Ellxs Wxlla Singer B111 Antes Mary R1chter Allan Slife Robert Brown Lucmda Cable Donald Creel Delores Mocher Dick Kemph Karen Kesselnng Pau Rettew Blllle Ann Wolf Eleventh Grade Charlene Burkhart Ieanne Cont: Delores Denms W1lma Laiollette Reena Greenaway hm Duncan Steve Galxt Erme Putman Dwxght Reddrck Tenth Grade Tom Anderson Carl Cole Lynn Combs Albert Hensler Robert Hummel Iames Legg Norman Lund Duane Margrofl Iames McKenny Wxlham Robertson I.1onel Wxllguess Iames Wllllams Barbara Maag Mary Marko Carol Quartz SEVENTH GRADE NOT PICTURED Nmth Grade Patncxa Greenleaf Donna lean Grove George Barnman Marlene Underwood Shxrley Walker Donna Watson hm O Neill Burt Porter Arthur Seckel hm Schaffer Barbara Kxdwell Elghth Grade Gordon Callahan Carl Edwards Robert Golkov Bobby Pxckelsxmer Edward Stlvey Betty Campbell Patncxa Godsey Bxlly Molson Iohn Wilkerson Iames Doyle Donald Holman Iames Burch Paul Crine William Duncan Barbara Boyer Eugene Roberts Barbara Sumstine gl '23 l x Seventh Grade Iames Bader Charles Reed Iames Shxelds Mary Lou Church Gary Boyer Carl Bussle Betty Smrth Ronald Hoover Carol Mabry luamta Crxne Wxllxam Dtckson Amta Tallman Donald Burch Iames Smxth Mary Ann Flower Karen Thomas Ross Anderson Gary Curtxs Rxchard McFadden Stanley Saunders I CNG HQ!! 5 aff J' SCHCDCJL SERVICE GRCDUPS TUDENT COUNCIL President Vlce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Advxsors Danny Stcnr I1m Underwood Bobble Pecxrhcrc MISS Lcuntz, Mr Snyder Butcher JU IOR RED CRGSS Presldent Vlce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Advlsor Pat Brlttcm lack Chff Icmxce Robinson Ioyce Terlung Mrs Smxth ANNOUNCERS PRCJECTIGN CLUB PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Presldent Vlce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Ad nsor Duane Glbson Mcxry Baer Iohn Casteel Mr Smeits HALL GUARDS CAFETE RIA STAFF GN O My QA . W Q f ff W NES , 1-1 i , .af 2 V? W, gf aww ww" 'L 'M qv -'rf "5" W5 46,3 4 Www -W "' 'iivfiif was-sw? - 'fwi-:1,., 4 ,W + f wawHWM'g' an . 'jg X HW lv CLUBS ATIO AL HONOR SCDCIETY Presxdent Icxck Van Doren VICE Presldent Dlck Zcxveson Treasurer Peggy Bates Advlsor Mrs W11son , 4 S 9 C T9 tcr TY ..v...,.. . . PGI PG Im G I1 ROMANO Flrst Semester Second Semester Presxdent Nancy Stxmpfel Ioyce Teryung Vlce Presldent Barbara Darby Iamce Robinson Secretary lean Olson Donna Prnt! Treasurer Delores Lllly Delores Lllly Advxsors Mrs Wllson and Mxss Grandstaff PANISH CLUB Presldent D1Ck Zaveson Vlce Presxdent hm Scxuer Secretary Mary Glasgow Treasurer Harold Kmg Advisor Mrs Ellet LATIN CLUB Presldent Vlce President Secretary Treasurer Advlsor Icxck Von Doren Albert Gnfflth Edward Carter Dcxve Bonner Mrs Bell RT CLUB Presldent Vlce Presldent Secretory Treasurer Advlsor Mcrrlorle Lutes Ahce Kenepp Rochelle Hartz Kay Mlller Alton Kenepp Mxss Pcxrshcxll GREX DRAMATIS Presldent Donna Cramer Vlce Presxdent Pct Roman Treasurer Colleen Iones N l secretary ...A.e.... ffffffffffQfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffmn Olson HY Ftrst Semester Second Semester Presldent Dtck Zuveson Ray Hcrckworth Vlce Prestdent Ilm Underwood Donny Stcnr Secretary Fred Butcher Don Wl111QmS Trecxsurer Glenn Taylor Dale Hcrtong Advtsor Mr Smetts SENIOR Y TEE Presldent Dom Dcxnxel Vxce Presxdent Pat Fasncxcht Secretary Ioyce Teryung Treasurer Betty Sonneberger Advlsor Miss Hull JU IOR Y TEE Presldent Vlce Presldent Treasurer Advlsor Suzle Blshop Iocmne De Moss Vxckle PCDIOGH AIICS Kenepp MISS Grcrf' tcffi I Secretary ..,....,......,...,.,........,........,...........,.,,...., , .... ....,..,..........,.....,.......r, ' ' ' ' ,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,4,r,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,...,..,.,,...,...,....r,,.,.......,,.4,, ' Ns SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE Y TEE Presldent Vrce Presldent Secretary Treasurer AdVlSOfS Rochelle Hartz Suzanne Layne Nancy Edward Tomalrn Yode MISS Van Orman Mrs Lmton GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATON Presxdent Barbara Blshop Vxce Presxdent Pat Fasnacht Treasurer Marlene Chew Advlsor Mlss Spahr 6 Y 9 Secretary ......,.. - Michaels X s 5,79 y M Mx il PUBLICATIONS 41 H it , 0-Q0-11, Zr,66'-QZQIBU ,ginfnf iii? SJ x Z I--W ,-,....,., -U , Aa y I 5-:AAG-1, fl bw --"K Z 'iwsx E. ,T UMW Q?g.f 544, .IWQI iii. 125' 3 77 WMMM faux MW Ee-Dv 2 i 1 over the teaching ELLE STAR vu. 2 Y ' W Kl2i5N. OH IO, Sr. Choir Presents 'Crucified' Ca On Friday, April 4, the Senior Choir gave an Easter cantata, called "The Cruciliedf' for the last Lenten assembly. "The Crucifiedf' by George H. Debin, was divided into ten parts. Each part contained within it a certain time in Jusus' life before He was crucified. These were: The Upper Room, Assurance, Benedic- tion, Gethsemane, Betrayal, Judg ment, Calvary, Resurrection. :ml the final great' chorus of "Lives Again Our Glorious King." The story began with the- fr-an 04' the Passover, which wus ce-lv' brated in remembrance of the bvndage which their Israelite an- cestors had suffered in Egypt. The Master and His friends met in the upper room and there He told the N fareweii and gave them the asf surance that "in my Fath0r's house are many mansions," and if they believe in Him they had nothin! to fe-or as he had overrome the world. They left the upper went to the Garden of and 'here Jesus bade hil wait while he went Suddenly the peace of and m an y of Both members schools. ments, for strings, sole bv each .tu are sight ages of music on playing pus- judxzed musicianship. and sizht and are placed according rating in these things. Lucinda Gable, a seventh grader on flute: Dick Holloman, ln eighth grader on sax: and an eighth grader selected fur the Chestra. Gertrude Mertens, sax Hall, saxg and Pat were chosen for the chestra. The Inter-Grade one night of the May while the Inter-Hifi 'pll other. Among the Inter-G1 lections are "On the Tflll, is used as the Philip Morrl song, "Folk Fantasy," and ular "Song of Love." Instrumentalisgs from through 8 are eligible chestra. They meet every afternoon from 12:30 Harris School. 1 fl'-he Inter-High Orchestra selec- tions are "Three Brothers" Over 'PQ 'f""1r broken as a hoard ol followers advanced was here that Peter Master by a kiss. Jesus was given a trial and voices that had not lonfg befor! shouted Hosanna were now scream- ing "Crucify Him!" He was con- demned to hang upon a cross, re- jected and mocked, with A crown of thorns upon his head. Tm-n mme mf- l-Iasler mornin: when Jesus arose from the dead and went to his disciples. The can- tutzi closed with the glorious an- thf--n, "Lives Again Our GIUHOUI King." which re-jim-ed in his vic- tory over Lhe grave. The choir did a beautiful job on the cantata as did the soloists. The solos were as follows: Garry lie-be vrline, haritr-ne solo, "The UPP9' solo, alto R,mu": James Nich: tenor "Bene-ri:L'lmn": June! solo. "Judgnn-nt"1 and Morgan. the soprano solo, Nation." We will be looking hearing the choir, of Mrs. King, in the of Easter musn- at the assemblies next yi-ar. senior prob- a field trip perxksed Massillon --Ns which impressed were the Everything and the build! lttractive. The hos' 1. ' '- rd cottage pan vihizh rather misleading the patients are ing to their pare mental disturbance and live in separate cottages. These "cottages" homes. term. -I, segregated A... 5 ticular type of are really large served as Joyce .. . ' Also in the group were Ramon ture, Der Rosenkavalierf' and the , MW wnullr "Blue '1'm:o." iifkvi-ifrfh'3ilf cfffy'5lfii.ii.Sfi. APRIL I7. 1952 NO- 7 Senior Government Set For April 18 ODQ nt Day' that at Ellet High day of each ,year is, -4 program chairman f YT? the count, lt' 1:30 hours. o ns d last from This year 1- seam tress who both of Patil. Apoet i from use theirs. and girls who have gone for seieral years will tell you that they have a wonderful time and will nevcr forget the experience tha Boys Alice Kenepp Blecled To Office ln Ir. Red Cross This is again the year when Ellet was allowed to enter along with other chosen schools a delezate' oH'ice of vice president of Junior Red Cross. Kenepp, a sophomore, and on February 13 her campaign speech school with children lll over Akron was from honors for Ellet to the position of in training for senior year Alice will position of for the Ind exceptional program Cross, Each Qnonth ee-tings are held for of the young people of training it is odicers are then position, summer Alice will be national convention at Previously, Janet Fish- er, n Zfhduate of last year, who served as president of the Jr. Red Cross, was sent to New York City with all nvnannn- nnid Dqqidnn 55.4 the operation of On April 28, the 1952 class have a chan:-e to shnvw the-ir in handling the affairs of High. Members Chosen recently Lhe names of members of the National Society worm- announced. the eleventh grade are: .Ihr Rn- the anne Brewer, Coleen Jones. berta le-arhax Lou Ann Wullick, Frmd Butcher .ind Dean Kilgore. The twelfth grade members are: Barbara Davis, Shirley Bishop Shirley da Shzinabergf-r, Society is that is sponsored ssociation uf nigh At the request who is the faculty the entire faculty is called elect th Mrs Wilson presents ltudents who are ing to their They must at least their high the upper students 12B and choose the uve leadership siderable service t posses good character having the m8Jorlty elected to the Society O! students, 15 per cent choseng 10 per cenl of and 5 per cent of :he The National Honor . a .highly recognimd all over the United Van Doren is president: Dick Zave- son, vice president: Peg-gy Bates, treasurer: and Pat Parman, secre- lary. members Bl! 'nie P.T.A. meeting in the ll! Robin very much, Miss Ruth Whorl give us an inside view of art being taught in our city. N., Hs. . ., 1. -. The students who have the honor of being a teacher, maintenance man, or some other person, are chosen by that individual. The senior class president of the sec- ond semester always takes the ol- fice of principal. Following is the list uf positions and the seniors who will hold them this year: Teachers A Student Teachers Mr. Snyder., .... , ........,, Miss lkib Mr. Mmmey ,,., ...... , ,ML Zaveson Mrs. Donnelly .............. Miss Reagan Miss Vander Your! Miss 'lk-rjung Mrs. Rllht .... ..,,... ..,. M i ss Gearhart ,.. ,,,Mr. Griffith Miss Jean Olson Mrs. lioll ., Mrs. Wilson., . Mr. Svigmmn , Mr. Mn-lntosh. .. Bliss Davis ., Mr. Stair Mrs, Yun Orman .. ....... Miss Lute Mr. liuyden , Mr. McKei-ver. ,......,.,. Mr. Davidson .. ., .ML Harmng Mr. Hudkins , ......... Mr. Engle Miss Andrews... ....... Miss Pligor Miss Lantz. .... .Miss Hastie Mr. Casteel Carey Conley Stim pf el Gibson Pritt Van Doren Taylor Bale! Watson Pnsr Minor, Szokv- Xf e' iss Baker .ma Kola. u Pultea Mrs. Linton ........., Kiss Baer Mrs, Eberle, ,................. js Daniel Student Government Day is nor a declared vacation for underclass- men. Classes are expected to be carried on in the game manner as ulunl. It is up to you. the stu- to make the tradition follow I to come by your :tion in every way. Club Feles Groups High School football squads, cheerlead- lnd majorettes were urday, March 29, in the sleria. This annual event lid by the Booster Club. Nth watering menu ton- lwiss steak. 'nashed po- gravy. salad, green milk, pie and ice the stomachs were large audience was .en- by the German Band. selections were: "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here." "Sparrow in the Treetopf' and the "Hrvfbrau Medley." lncidentally, this group state- .M has won first place in the ufhk MUSIC THE ELLET BAND MAJORETTES CRCHESTRA PQLKA KINGS DER WIENERSCHNITZLES GYPSY BAND TH CHORALIERS SENICR BQYS QUARTET CHQIR JUNICR CHCIR THE SINGERS SPORTS f 1 FOOTBALL RE IEW Ellet , Orangemen under the rule of thetr new football coach foe Burks fmtshed the 1951 season wtth a record of four w1ns four defeats and one t1e for a fourth place btrth tn the Metro standtngs The Orangemen had a complete change from the fast opentng T formatton to the power of the s1ngle wtng The hnemen averaged about 185 pounds whlle the backfteld averaged 170 pounds Ellets 1n1ur1es were held to a mtntmurn Charlte Davfdson suffered a twtsted knee lack Van Doren a pulled back and Dean K1lgore a charhe horse Ellet 7 West 7 The Orangemen of Ellet played West to a 7 7 dead lock tn the annual Greater Akron Football Prevlew at the Akron Rubber Bowl Although tt was a stngle quarter contest both teams emerged wtth a seven point tally Ellet landed ftrst wtth Floyd Keathly gotng over for the 5 poxnts and spltt the uprxghts for the extra pomt West came ln with a lateral pass and nts extra pomt to knot tt up 7 7 Ellet 0 Lxsbon I2 It was a beauttful mght for football as Akron Ellet Orangemen traveled to Ltsbon Ohto to play the L1s bon Blue Devils It was the opentng contest other than the Prevtew for both teams Lisbon took the opentng ktck off and after several changes of hand Llsbon rambled 30 yards over tackle for the ftrst score The thlrd quarter netther team was able to move but LIS bon agam found pay dtrt when they flooded the a1r with passes and scored on a 14 yard pass into the end zone Ellet came close to scormg several tlmes durlng the game but yust dtdnt have the fmal punch The score wound up w1t'h the Orangemen on the short end 12 to 0 Ellet 6 Norton 7 It was early ln the openlng seconds of the game when Wayne Pressler of Norton tossed a 35 yard aertal mto the end zone for 6 potnts The converslon was good and Norton held the advantage 7 0 Ellet bounced nght back wtth a pass from Van Doren to Floyd Keath ley for Ellets 6 pomter The pomt after the touchdown was missed The second half found Ellet restlng for almost the enttre 24 mlnutes on the Panthers 15 yard ltne but betng unable to have the play to go over When the ftnal whtstle sounded the scoreboard read Norton 7 Ellet 6 Ellet 26 Spnngheld 12 Ellets thtrd contest saw them roll over thelr bxtter rtvals the Sprmgfteld Spartans at the latters stadtum The scormg came when Floyd Keathley sprtnted 55 yards for the flrst score Then Charlte Davldson some plays later drove over from the 2 yard l1ne for the next 6 pomter ln the second half Ellet flooded the a1r wtth passes a pass from Van Doren to Powers made 1t an other touchdown for the Orangemen But the Spartans not to be outshtned tossed the ptgsktn for two qulck markers Ellets ftnal talley came when Ray Fretz ln tercepted a pass and raced for the touchdown As the gun sounded Ellet wound up wtth a 26 to 12 romp over the Spartans Ellet 13 Kent State 20 The Kent State Blue Devtls upset the Orangemen for their thxrd defeat ln four starts A Van Doren to Powers pass and a sneak by Van Doren was the only Orangemen tall1e Ellet led at half ttme 13 7 but the Blue Devtls of Kent scampered to a 20 13 vtctory Ellet 6 Howe: 6 On a hot Saturday afternoon Ellet played host to the Hower Bulldogs Hower scored flrst but mxssed the extra pomt and the score stood 6 0 Hower Ellet then drove back but was stopped short on the one mch ltne Ellets score came late tn the fourth perlod on a long drxve that covered 60 yards The extra pomt was blocked and the score ended up tn a 6 6 deadlock Ellet 7 Coventry 6 Ellet held back by a great number of penaltles barely skxmmed by the Coventry Comets The Ellet score came after a 40 yard ran by Don Wtlltams and then on a reverse Dtck Zaveson dashed the re mamma yardage The pomt after the touchdown was good The Comets htt pay dlrt on a 60 yard run but fatled to convert leavtng the Orangemen a 7 6 vtctory Ellet 7 North Canton 6 The Ellet gndders overran an undefeated North Canton team ln a real thrlller The Canton eleven were the fxrst to regtster on the score board Thetr converston was low and thls was a break for Ellet Ellet con after Powers klck down to thelr 2 yard ltne On the ftrst play after the kxck the Vlkmgs fumbled Wlth Ellet playmg alert ball pounced on 1t and then ram bled on to a 6 pomt marker The extra pomt was good Ellets defense played an tmportant factor by holdtng the North Canton team to only one T D as the score wound up Ellet 7 North Canton 6 Ellet 19 Stow 6 In four mches of snow mud and a blmdmg snow storm Ellet traveled to Stow to play the Stow Bulldogs Ellet was f1rst to score as Dale Provmce blocked a punt and Floyd Sypherd recovered It tn the end zone Ellet made the polnt after the touchdown Ellet agatn hxt a 6 pomter 1n the second quarter Stow on two long passes scored but falled to convert Ellet agaln scored ln the thlrd quarter The ftnal score was Ellet 19 Stow B Ellet 7 Tallmadge 19 ln the last game of the season Ellet traveled to Tallmadge to play the Tallmadge Blue Devtls Ellet was ftrst to draw blood on a spectacular 67 yard ramble by Floyd Keathley The pomt after the touch down was good Ellet led 7U but the Orangemen defense was unable to hold and Tallmadge qulckly rolled over to make 1t a 7 7 deadlock at the half ln the second half the Blue Devlls of Tallmadge scored once 1n the third quarter and agam ln the fourth The f1nal score was Ellet 7 Tallmadge 19 The sentor members of the team who played the1r last game for Ellet were Duane Gtbson Charlte Davtdson Dlck Zaveson Iack Van Doren Dave Carey Allen Lemmon and Ray Hackworth Ellet placed only two on the All Metro team These were Floyd Keathley and Duane GIDSOH The Orangemen wtll lose only two of the sartmg offenslve team and two of the starttng defenstve team . 1 , I - , I 7 . 7 . - . I - I , . - - ' s. ' - , I - A 1 I 7 ' 1 , I . ' - - trollecl the ball all the second half. Ellets score came , . , , I . - .- . . . 7 I I I 1 4 , ' 1 ' ' . . VARSITY FCGTBALL TEAM VARSITY E CLUB 1-L. '91 k CJRANGEMEN ON THE GRIDIRON KEATH SYPH Dlctc oN JAQK., WELD DLAN Rom F-AT Flzeo RAY Noe. Bao: Gu B Luna. Dunes.. 4 A an-J ' ' A f' f-w, X .g :Lyi- , we , ,, 44 O i- FRESHMEN FOGTBALL TEAM FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS Reserve BASKETBALL TEAM EI.LET HIGH RESERVES OPPONENT ELLET Coventry Tczllmcxdge Buchtel Alumni Stow North Canton North Hower Coventry Sprmgfleld Tcllmadge Sprlngheld Central South Stow North Canton Kenmore 45 Duck CONRAD G REG BASKETBALL REVIEW The Ellet I-hgh Orangemen ftnrshed up on top of the w1n loss column agatn thrs year Playrng the toughest schedule ever handed to them the Ellet Cagers ended up w1th 11 wms and 7 losses Ellet traveled to Coventry to open the season agamst the Co'mets Playmg as an rndependent basketball team the Orangemen suffered thelr frrst loss to the tall Coventry team by 16 polnts 48 30 The Orangemen trarled 22 15 at the half but only by 34 33 at the three quarter mark Coventrys btg surge 1n the last stanza was too much for the Ellet varsrty Qulckly recoverlng from therr f1rst loss the Orangemen playlng therr frrst home game won a vtctory over the Tall madge Blue Devrls Ellet s sconng punch was at tts best 1n the second half when a po1nt splurge allowed them to grab a 48 42 court verdlct lack Van Doren was h1gh scorer for the Orangemen as he collected 13 polnts Play1ng thelr frrst c1ty team of the season the Ellet vars1ty traveled to Buchtel Hlgh Dave Burnham Buchtel s All Clty man got the Grtffs off to a good start as he sparked them to an 8 1 lead early rn the flrst stanza Pourmg on the steam the Ellet Cagers made 1t 9 7 at the perrods end and tled the game 14 14 at half t1me Ellet held a 29 27 advantage at the Close of the thrrd perrod After a farr perlod through out the fourth frame the Orangemen fell behlnd ln the closmg The Alumnl team proved to be too much for the Ellet varsrty as they rolled over the Orangemen to a 38 29 wm hm Ross and Red bpercher were h1gh pomt men for the Alumnx wlth 7 and 6 po1nts Don W1ll1ams and Dtck Brie took the honors for the varslty wlth 7 polnts aplece The frrst easy wm of the season came on Ellets home court as they downed the Stow Bulldogs lack Van Doren s 14 pomts helped the Orangemen roll up quarter leads of 13 8 28 20 and 40 29 1n handmg the Bulldogs thelr thrrd defeat of the year Mov1ng on to North Canton the Ellet Orangemen led by Dean Krlgore overcame a flrst half def1c1t to knock out a 56 51 dec1s1on over the V1k1ngs Tra1l1ng by 30 25 at half t1me the Ellet crew moved out to take a 44 40 lead at the end of the thrrd stanza and went on to w1n as Krlgore col lected 13 of hrs 19 talhes 1n the second half Ellet s fourth defeat of the season came from thrs years Crty Champs North 1-hgh School The Vlkmgs of North had therr hands full all the way as they led 9 8 25 21 and 40 34 at the end of the frrst three perrods The Orangemen got hot rn the fourth frame and out scored the Norths1ders 14 ll 1n the closmg mtnutes But that wasnt enough the V11C1I1gS wound up w1th a three po1nt dec1s1on 51 48 Ellet defeated the1r frrst clty team as they downed the 1-lower Buckaneers 59 52 The Orangemen exploded for 18 Contxnued J-HCI? SWG JETS 0 Af f"W"'-M LIONE I 1 . ! 1 . I I 1 i xx , ' , . V N5 VA . . . . . ff 'xg ff' - I M A 1 seconds dropping a three point decision to the Grlffs, 38-35. S 7 , 1 - . . . . I . . Y - y A ,A ' , . ' . r 1 . , . 1 . NX - . - I ' 1 I VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM BASKETBALL SCHEDULE OPPONENT ELLET Coventry Ta11madge Buchtel Alumru Stow North Canton North Hower Coventry Sprmgheld Tallmadge Sprmgheld Central South Stow North Canton Kenmore Hower Stow 39 Name I Van Doren Kllgore Powers R1 e Wrlhams Wrllgues 1-1e1dt Hackworth Cannon Dav1dson R1 e Oldham VARSITY STATISTICS FGA FGM FG X 7 7 7 1000 100 0 Ave 1135 1106 Total 1 'Q FA FM FZ . 46 ,,.,,,,,-,,-,-,,,,-,,A 30 . 215 59 27. 123 76 31. . 193 42 .,.............,...... 48 D. ' 228 81 35.5 41 26 63.4 . 188 , 38 44-,-----4,4-4,----4-- 35 G. 212 63 29.7 87 38 45.2 9.11 164 38 -----'-1--AA41---'-'-- 28 D. 'f 182 52 28.5 30 24 80.0 3. 128 if """"5""""' D. " 120 28 23.3 57 33 61.0 5.23 89 51 llgv jjjjjQQjQQQQjjjj'48 L. ' 133 37 25.5 37 18 52.9 5.37 86 52 ...................... 59 C. ' 36 12 33.3 20 9 45.0 1.94 33 D I 4.44,.,....4.......... R. 3 3 50.0 3 4 66.6 .7 10 14.jiiij1i1ii1i311 Q . 12 f 22-Q Q f 5-U -Q Q A A 32111ii1111LQiiifE5 Hf If 2 1 3343 3 2 6616 i6 4 39 ...,..,,,.,,,..,..,,,, 37 c. 1 0 00.0 3 3 . 1.5 3 50 ............,...... 62 47 ...................... 73 58 ..............,....... 57 41 ...................... 61 FRESHMEN BASKETBALL TEAM SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE METRO CHAMP .i... ,sixgl '- sl YWHWAQ...--v,-fwa-. W ' w ,v al T A I A 63' 'I' f ' V . ..,. ,Q , 2 Y , 5 V Y Q s ' r T X T i F . ,, V , 47 . 'E E' In q - I O . . ' fx 9 . A ,J ' A .3 ff? X I - . .KN - TRACK TEAM Aww ,uxj-ff X.l.t,' S,X.L BASEBALL TEAM C0 ED CHAMPS GIRL CHAMPS ' Q Kg x Y 'Y . Berg' Eli? q 5 gif? pomts 1n the thrrd quarter and the blast made the dlfference for the Ellet crew led by only two pomts at the half way mark 25 23 The Orangemen s greatest v1ctory was over the Cot ntry Comets rn the1r second meetmg The Comets were unde feated ln nme starts and the varsrtys record stood 4 4 Although Coventry held a 19 16 edge at halftlme the Ellet Cagers t1ed lt at 31 31 1n the thrrd perrod Wlth the score 319 37 favortng Lllet ln the fourth perlod the Orangemen made the1r brd and rt was successful K1lgore Don W1ll1ams Greg Powers and Iack Van Doren all h1t on freld goals to xce the wrn and g1ve the Ellet crew a 49 41 v1ctory Ellet now known as the glant krllers suffered a 64 51 up- set handed to them by the Sprmgfleld Spartans Tallmadge bowed to the Ellet comb1ne 1n the next scrap 1ng 60 44 Led by Greg Powers and Don W1l11ams the Orangemen held a substantlal lead throughout the four quarters The Ellet Orangemen proved that Sprmgfreld s v1ctory over them from the prev1ous was strlctly an upset but they d1dnt have an easy ttme dorng rt The Orangemen had to come from beh1nd rn the fourth quarter to galn a 41 38 dect sfon over the1r rrvals On the followlng Tuesday the Orangemen added the Central 1-hgh Wlldcats to therr upset lrst by hand1ng them a 53 46 defeat The hxghly favored Central team held a 27 25 edge over the Orangemen at halftrme but Ellet took over 1n the thrrd cmd fourth quarter never to be drsputed Heavrly favored to cop the1r n1nth wm of the season the Orangemen were surprtsed by the South Cavaliers 39 37 on the Ellet court South tra1led 16 ll at the end of the frrst quarter but squeezed to 24 22 advantage at the half Ellet led 30 1.8 at the end of the th1rd perlod but South held the two po1nt advantage as the feSl1V111eS ended Stow suffered the1r second setback from the Orangemen followrng a 16 po1nt surge ln the fourth quarter Thts gave the Ellet crew a 62 50 v1ctory and the1r n1nth w1n of the season Ellet led all the way as they chalked up an easy 73 47 v1ctory over the North Canton V1k1ngs Sophomore Dlck Rrfe scored 23 po1nts to lead the Orangemen to the wtn It was the htghest total for an Ellet Cager thrs season Playmg the1r last game of the regular season the Orange men were surprrsed by a 58 57 upset thr1ller thrown at them by the Kenmore Cardmals Tournament trme was then rn the a1r Ellet drew the 1-lower Buckaneers for the1r frrst tussel Playmg at the new Kent State Gym the Orangemen were led by captaln lack Van Doren who was rnentloned on the All Crty team as they defeated the Buckaneers 61 41 Van Doren netted 18 pornts and sophomore Drck R1fe followed closely Wlfh 15 polnts The followmg game matched the Stow Bulldogs agcunst the Ellet Cagers Stow was defeated twtce before 1n the regular season by the Orangemen The thrrd t1me proved to be the charm for the Bulldogs as they brt out a 39 36 v1ctory over the Orangemen This game brought to a close Ellet's 1951 52 basketball season The Orangemen had a falrly successful season end mg w1th an 11 7 record Although Ellet w1ll be faced Wlfh the sttff compet1t1on of the c1ty league next season should be one of Ellet s best sxnce 6 lettermen wxll return 1 , ' . 1 . 'Q . . , , 1 . 1 . . 1 . , , 1 . . , . 1 . , . . . 1 1 1 I - , ' . ,-, . . ' 1 1 1 I - 1 1 - ' . SPECIAL ACTIVITIES HCDME COMING COURT BASKETBALL ROYALTY . , 4- cg , A 3 I A H Y QUEEN M LA SWEETHEART QUEEN Y TEEN K NG MAY CCURT 5.4 H 9' Wig Peoples Hospual Mus1c Award Clrls S1519 Rep Teen Age Board Boys State Rep Town Meehng Cxty Ir Red Cross Vlce Presldent Iumor Rotarxan G A A Award M'LISS PROGRAM CAST OF CHARACTERS George Smith known as Bummer the town loafer M Llss hls daughter John Grey the schoolmaster Yuba Bxll a natlve Mrs Lena Moftits landlady of the Clytle Mollits her daughter Bess Starhght an actress Clara Hunting from the c1ty Carter Langdon her fiance Judge McSnaggley the Law Rzchard Zaveson Joyce Teryung john Rxddel Albert Grrjith Colleen lones Barbara Bishop Sondra Hall Walter Race jr Fred Butcher 1 1 l ' 11 YI Y 7 , . . . , .... .... - --- ........ ------ , .... .... - .--. ---.---- , - .... .---Q .... -- .... ..------ ' ' 1 "Roarin' Dog" Hotel ...... -- .......... Jacqueline Triche , ---.. .... ..... - --t.---- , .... -, ...... ........ , .... .... .... . - -----. v ----- ------ ---- - ---- r ' Q! il , ---, ..... . .------- 6 I M.A, Q v 1 A v TB , ,, f 1' Wifi gb' N Q 1 -swab 2 1, .- 'v an I I Bl- "f'g"'P I' I .bv . 2 Q. 2 f' .1 5 DMI 11 Q ps 9 fs O -., ...5 AN . ff JW. . r. 'U if J LL 7, 3- , 3 na 0 gx 'Y f T, . as 94,1 Ruth P Andrews Mr and Mrs H L Baer Mrs. Harry Baer Mrs Grace Baker and Mrs H E Bates and Mrs. W1ll1am Beal H D Bell Sr Harry Bell Ir R L Bmshop and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Earl M. Bonar and Mrs. Neil Carey M1tz1e and B111 Carey and Mrs. H I Casteel and Mrs. Clyde Conley and Mrs. H I Damel and Mrs. E. P Darby and Mrs A W Davzs Mlss Barbara Davls Mr and Mrs Robert A Davrs M.1ss Falth Decker Mrs Mary Denmxre Mr and Mrs. Iohn Donnelly Mrs. Marlone Eberle and Mrs. T M. Engle and Mrs Ralph Fllasetcx and Mrs K K Flxgor and Mrs. Wayne Glbson and Mrs. Frank E Gooden and Mrs A D Hackworth and Mrs. H I Hartong Rev and Mrs. L. M. Hastxe M.11an Hayden Mr and Mrs. Burt Hxssam Mr and Mrs I G Hudkms Mrs. P Dackerman Kang Mnss Ladonna Koledm Mr and Mrs. M1ke Kramer Mlss Iune Launtz Mr and Mrs. C L. Lerb Mr and Mrs. A H Lute SPONSORS D C McIntosh and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and lVl.rs Helen Arlene and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Wayman Mckee I C Mmor Wxlllam A Mooney Earl C Morgan Thomas Morter Emest Oeltjen Olson H. G Olson Robert L. Olson L.I Osbom and Mrs. V1rg1l Parman Iane Parshall A Pete and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs Kenneth C Pntt V B Proctor V Pultea Wlllldm C Reagan Fletcher P Senn Walter D Shanaberger Harold Sheets Ralph B Showalter Rzchard Smetts Mrs. Ellzabeth W Smlth Mlss A M. Spahr Mrs. Anna Starr Mr and Mrs R I Shmpfel Mr Harold M. Sudler M.r and Mrs. Ioseph Szoke Sr Rev and Mrs. George Tenung Margaret VanderVoort and Mrs. Ward G Van Orman and Mrs. Paul E. Wagner and Mrs. L I Wolfe Sr Mr and Mrs A M. Walker Munel H Walker Mrs Ida Watson H L. Wllloughby Mr and Mrs. Ray Wxlson Mr and Mrs. S K Zaveson Mr. . . . Dr. . . . . Dr. . . Mr. and Mfg, D, L, Davis Mr. and Mrs. George F. Seigman Mr. . ' ' I Mr. . . . ' - Mr- . . . . . . ' I Mr. . ' Mr. 1 n 1 n I I ML I . I . .. ' "2 5,,.:s9" fu-, W DVERTISING YOU LL ALWAYS DO BETTER AT HOWER S ii-H : 1 Xpfmfg X-xfs E Axnons comme nerr one THREE BIG FREE PARKING LOTS 7 1 I 'ji' -nj -- X- S' TL 1 gk 1 1' 1' L 0 I I ll U I . RE 2231 L AKRON DECORATING SUPPLY CO. R Paints .. .Wa1lpaper.. .Lineoleum.. .Rubber Tile.. .Carpet I Window Shades. . . Venetian Blinds. . .Made to Order 632 CANTON ROAD ST 5918 n m H The Mogadore Savmgs Bank MOGADORE OHIO 9 C k Mrtggl b L Mbe 'fi' . 'gm' fa , I ' -4 u -I I I ' ' A A vi' ' if , 'J .xx Savin s Accounts - hec ing Acco 9 ' A o a e cans - Automo ile oans ' .. I 'fy' . I A efn f 33' , , kk Federal Reserve System , R. T- ,, -N. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 1423. A T 'T T ' A -. 1 A 1, Hy.. I , W Q I - l - Y McMuldren s Dnve HOME COOKED DINNERS Our Specnalhes BELLA S EXPN, clams' P amp' suvk. Home Made Pies Mllkshakes Alterations and Ropalrs Fguntqm Service 2487 T"'Plott llvd Home Made Ice Cream and Custard 57 9122 2146 E Market Sf sr ous Gordon Rnpley Owner E et MARSH HARDWARE CO 9 E AKRON S COMPLETE HARDWARE , Bakery BENJ MOORES PAINTS and VARNISH 612 Canton Road 1356 E Market St at Martha Avo 51- 7124 For Quality Baked Goods ST 8410 Jean Shepherd Dance Studio For Thoso Who Want tho Dost WE DELIVER 325 soun-I umm stain ST 2742 2328 Mogadoro Rd Wllllams 8. McPherson Atlanhc Serv All MASON AND CEMENT CONTRACTORS F. C. Anderson, Owner sr-917s P.0.Box143 696 c"""" Rd' spoon AKRON 12, OHIO W 1 1 1 .. , -In C 11 A T II COMPLIMENTS or A Us KQ9 9 - 9 CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF '52 Come in and receive your FREE GIFT' ABBEY S Obl0 s Most Beautz ul Store or Men 506 Canton Rd The New Eastgate Shopping Center vanety value ELLET BLOCK COMPANY Man a lu ers o 5 sg 0 CEMENT BLOCK 642 CANTON ROAD AND BUILDING SUPPLIES AKRON T2 OHIO STEIN S PHARMACY EIeanor's Beauty Shop 1111 ST 0026 Eleanor Heckma Albrecht Ave Alberta Woods at Hlghgrove Blvd Corner Darrow Rd and Newton Jams Heck ST 21 71 I ' ' 'f f O uf c r f I Open Evenings 2474 Triplett Blvd. ST'-8713 7 . n . . . ' man - ROOSEVELT DEPARTMENT STORE come mv us mst Clothmg for the entrre famlly Shoes of famous brands Ladles hosrery Strutwear and Cannon Buster Brown and Reverlv anklets Bachelor Frrend sox for men sxx palr guaranteed for s1x months Last but not least Consmtulatzon to all of Ellet Hzg ' Haymen and Personnel ST 6470 637 Canton Rd SPORTING GOODS CO 5 S MAIN ST AKRON OHIO IL 3106 and BL 3107 Highest Quality Athletic Equipment Tennis-Golf-Baseball Basketball-Football Sportswear--Fishing Tackle The Finest in Class and Varsity Sweaters With Us Sporting Goods ls a Business Not a Sldellne WHITEY S BARBER SHOP 593 CANTON ROAD QUALITY TOOLS CO O Q. fb 4-1 Q WWELLW Mosman: omo M fat rs f Cornwell Processed Tools PO Box 38 . ' i I - THE CORNWELL - . . , 4 . - go ,Q V HAMMEI. BUSINESS UNIVERSITY East Market and Hugh Streets, Akron 8 Ohlo Oilers unusual opportunlty for students to select a spec1a11zed buslness trammg course from one or more of the departments llsted below Approved Standard D1ploma Courses rn Busmess Adm1n1strat1on SPEEDWRITING or Machxne Shorthand STENOTYPY Ham mel has the exclusxve prnvllege ln thxs terrntory to offer the famous SPEEDWRITING CABCQ system of Shorthand and Stenotypy Call at the OHICC or telephone Elferson 1317 for further lnformatron C A Neale Pres1dent :hide 6hual5.2 CITY CHEVROLET CO Accounting, Secretarial, Stenographic-with a choice of GREGGZ . , J I V 333 EL Market St. JE 4161 Akron. Ohio ELLU Gmxoum-as ousmfrnew. Guns 4 For Oven ZOTems EASTA lvnrmuo new ,W gqylr .IBACIKEIR .8 4 K. and S 1486 E Market St Fountain Service ChlId's Wear Hardware Supplles Notlons Open from 8:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M Every Day Except Sunday BIXQUCIERS LDIEXMIIEEIRY 998 E rv.e.xe.1- A-r Cm 5 1 .ev if :uni QA CX! IIQHILTH BJ Q, x :Kem Q fun XC mme mmm 3 I . il s Z? w fm -9 F My-1w:a,. , qg K' 3 -' 3 , A .1 ...ativf Cecll Kmg Radlo Shop East of Route 8 on 224 sulhvan Bros TELEVISION APPIIGIICS Co Ill Ellef HOME RADIO East Akron Headquarters for ST 2972 AUTO RADIO Appllances and Televlslon T e E et Booster Lawson , S Extends its COMPLIMENTS AND GREETINGS 2523 Mogadore Rd Phone ST 0144 Fresh Dalry Products 7 Days a Week Store Hours 8 A M to 10 P M Serving Oak Hlll District A C Wagner Mgr ro the Graduatlng Class of 52 Ellet Hugh School JOIN THE BOOSTER CLUB AND HELP TO BOOST ELLET Best Wishes to the Class o 52 Dot's Beauty Shop 645 Canton Rd ST 4565 S t ormsr 5 ' on Serwce Q LusmcA1loN Q wAsl-:ING 2514 Mogadore Rd Phone sr 0131 Murlel Kelleher Dance Studlo Tap Ballet Toe Baton 35 East Mill St SPOTLESS SPOT Hotdogs Hamburgers Curb Serv1ce W S ll P Lexington Bldg Akron Ohlo ames U mp BL 0721 1020 S Arlington Open all 4 30 A M 0 0 0 0 O U o ' 1 rl T I . f, Q GAS 1022? ' 0 0 1 2" - , J . ' , . CALL PIOTTER PHARMACY ST 2710 EAST END l'l.0RIS'l' AND GREENHUUSES As Close to You as Your Telephone Weddmgs Corsages I-'loral Designs Potted Plants Telegraph Semen 2527 mocmnon: nom RE 3937 Ellet Service Center 2751 Albrecht Ave Phone RE 'I250 ELLET OHIO Amqgg Prgdugts Complete Home Out tters Roy and Bob F a ks DIGIIC I-ee sCl1dWiCh SIIOP MAY-'AG WASHERS Half Chicken S 95 Reservations for Parties OPEN EVENINGS 3 1039 Trlplett Blvd 'I425 Canton Rd ST 3210 0 , Canton Road Furniture' F Your individual class pictures appear through the courtesy of NATIONAL PHOTO SERVICE LORAIN, OHIO BRUNNER S SUNOCO SERVICE Road Cor Canton and Mogadore Roads Road Service ST 01 68 A I0 Z We Give Lubrication Anon I2 OHIO 5"""" ST OI 68 Tires Washmg Wm Rogers Silverware B""e"'S Polishing Accessories Night Service Coupons Free Pickup Call ST 'I778 Our repeat patrons are our best advertisement and Delivery Paul Bunyan says Best W ashes For The Clan O 1952 1860 E Market ST 1295 ACTUAL offers DAY and EVENING Classes rn preparation for Office Employment as Secretary BLONDHEIM S A clua BUSINESS COLLEGE Inc S S It Pays S S To Tram Accountant Stenographer or Clerk Free EMPLOYMENT SERVICE to graduates Approved for Veteran Trannmg Regnster Now Actual Business College lnc Bl. 4183 105 E Marker sf Akron ohio 1540 South Arlmstvn PA 9889 Tailors 4 Hour Cleaning Service Phone ST 4993 2257 Newton St Akron Ohio Queen and Km W Ch l . est evra ef Inc The Corral Sandwlch Shop 3805 07 Mogadore Rd RE 2217 Arlington Street MOGADORE OHIO PA 0027 Glen W West Owner Mgr 7 B E Pioneer Cleaners and 5 L ' T L - . . E - V: 1' . , 3 E E E s . g N sjfb! B1 44 G. A tbg it af 'z F' 5. ...fi L 1 tgp-H' F BRYANTS DRUG STORE 652 Canton Road PHILIP L BRYANT Wholesale Milk an 211 aslfl lbw DAIRY H 1559 Trlpleh STodlum 1241 d d Retail Deliveries ICC Cream P 610 CANTON RD EllET RE 2120 Ellet Dnve In 'S 731 Canton Rd WOODLING'S GROCERY MEATS - GROCERIES 259 Pauline Ave. Akron 12 Ohio CARLTON SUPPLY INC Leo Walter Preszdent Youngstown Kitchens Let us help you plan the kitchen you have been dreaming of for years Norge Appliances Complete Kltchen planning service Zenith Television Give us a call and we shall be glad to show you how easily and cheaply you can have a bright new Youngstown Kitchen as low as 579 95. Easy Payment Plan 1910 E. Market St. ST-1231 3 l l i l 1 1 1 I un ' I i l 1 1 C 7 o a o A Allyn Ieweler DIAMONDS BULOVA AND ELGIN WATCHES JEWELRY EXPERT REPAlRING ALL WORK GUARANTEED 593 Canton Rd Akron I2 Earl Lauck Studio your neighborhood Mogadore Dry Goods Varsity Sweaters Dry Goods Men's Furnlshmgs Shoes for Dress and Work for the Entnre Family Goodrich P F Basketball Shoes Mogadore Ohio Phone ST 0383 Oh BOWEN HARDWARE CO Dupont and O Brsen Pamt Photographer Glass Tools Housewares Plumbing QUALITY AT MODERATE cosT 'nd 576 Canton Rd ST 6617 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 654 Canton Rd ST 6832 C 81 C RESTAURANT 633 CANTON ROAD OPEN-5 30 A M 9 PM Ellet Auto Servlce 2373 Trlplett Blvd FRONT END ALIGNMENT AND WHEEL BALANCING ST 3668 Akron 12 Ohio Ellet Cleaners Ellets Fmest Cleaners Mogadore Lumber and Supply Co Coal Seeds Hardware Paints Buildin Su lies sos cu-non na Akron, ohio 9 PP ST 4624 Fertlluzers ST-I 281 ' 7 1 Q Q .- I I O O 'l O I O Q, W . 1 . . Q l . . .4 I 0 I o o , 1 Q . I 1 , . , - - , ! Z - 'W W ' 'W I li "I - Y I . - l ' I : . .l - I H 7 I' Q Q 1 gs - 0 N I ' H 1 1 . . . . , T 4' 'W i t WW N I 5593 .455 5 5 ? . Wx. - ,ig if in ik 2'- i 2 3 f a fr A ,, . .2 Q M ' .5 5 f.. Vid, - .fx - T L,m.MM -f-- . V ffl A Vfffg, fe , it Eff W5 r HZ Q S' qi if 3 F fa? ef Q -ff Q Q Q I w HF' Q' gg ,Qs t .XY I may f -af, Vf 1 gf, if ,..,,, :ac ' ., . ,fi F f I Q! af ' , ,Q X ' ,.,ml"" MORGAN 'S Airport Florist 1939 Springheld Goodyear Stores P fem' Phone ST-31 1 5 Complete 1806 E Market St Floral Service ST 5466 Arthur Wearly Prop Bob Gordon Designer Mogadore Hardware Co THE Headquarters for Electrical Supplies Paint and Varnlsh Seeds and Garden Supplies Galvanized Pipe and A Complete Line of Tools and General Hardware Phone ST 8017 Mogadore Ohio Canton Road cIeal1el'5 East Akron Headquarters for Televlslon 1375 Canton Road ST 4118 P 84 Q Appliance Inc National Shoe Servlce The Band Boosters 21 Years m the same location are extendmg an lnvmflon We use only prime maternal for new members U the Club Carolme DAmlco Prop Come Boost the Band ,, . Y I . . I I Y I I . , I O O Sales and Service C O O g G I . . . , H . U i . , . , . EI.I.ET DRUG Authorlzecl Utility Agencles HUTTON S GROCERY PFQSCTTPTIOIIS Congratulatzons and Best Wuhes Dlabetlc Supplles Sundries Frank B Cyphert Owner 643 Canton Rd RE 2045 To the Class o 52 M A HUTTON Grocerles and Meats 585 Alpha Ave ST 2818 Ellet Ohio ARNETT INC Akrons Oldest CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH Boylen s Sunoco Servlce DEALERS Complete Automotwe Service 2490 EAST MARKET ST ST 0079 THE L. A. KURTZ CO. 2510 Triplett Boulevard RE 2268 Lumber Sherwm Wrlharns Palnt Hardware Burlders Supphes Sewer Prpe Burpee Seeds Fertlhzer and Lawn Seeds RIPPLE and VIAI. 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Suggestions in the Ellet High School - Elletian Yearbook (Akron, OH) collection:

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