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. is Qjffsfeffiyl f,j,fX L' p, a,,, , f,,AL2,, A I 4 1 1 0 1 'l wil , 7 I I .6 ,f ll? I ull Mr ' ' ' .'F7,5g5,v ff? ' ,',,,, , X M' 1 ' ' 1 J ,V X-xg. x 0 - -wrff' 'H -' .Mu ' 1. 1, 'M' 1 M "" ' , J ,A 2,4 I x f '. v ,x , I ,,M:vQff.! -,fm r, The Udusseu 1957 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS Ellerbe High School Ellerbe, North Carolina , W " fTs Dedication The Odyssey Staff ot 'I957 has chosen to dedicate this yearbook to MV- -lfimes A- Williams who has devoted his time, efforts, and abilities toward making this yearbook and the yearbooks of past years possible. His earnest devotion, loyal friendship and faithful guidance to the Seniors of Ellerbe High School will never be forgotten. Hdminisiratiun P MM ,, I R I N C I P A L I ? I , I . Y I Q """' ANNABEL S. NANCE Secretory LEE C. PHOENIX ELLERBE HIGH SCHOOL vt i4 3517! - fy , 4- I kIbz'5!,f Faculty wi' JAMES A. WILLIAMS Eastern Carolina College English and Spanish JUNE E. PRATT Peabody College Mathematics and Civics LULA OVERTON University of North Carolina English MRS. B. J. PAGE W. C. U. N. C. Business Education B. J. "BUCK" PAGE Western Carolina College History, Physical Education, and Coach CATHERINE HOLCOMB Georgia State College for Women Bible Foculty 1r"r'-"P ' i Q ,X DIETITIAN J. FRED BAILEY North Carolina State College Agriculture MILDRED WINFREE W. C. U. N. C. Home Economics MRS. JAMES A. WILLIAMS W. C. U. N. C. Public School Music MRS. FAIRLEY BAXLEY QNot Pictureclj Eastern Carolina College Science and Economics ,,,.,.-.1 44.1-1 MRS . JIM MEACHAM MRS . MARY HEUT ESS All are architects of Fate, Working in these walls of Time: Some with massive deeds and great, Some with ornaments of rhyme. Nothing useless is, or low, Each thing in its place is best, And what seems but idle show Strengthens and supports the rest. MRS. NORA GABLE ROBERTS Hold high the torch! You did not light its glow. . . 'Twas given you by other hands, you know. 'Tis yours to keep it burning bright, Yours to pass on when you no more need light For there are other feet that we must guide, And other forms go marching by our side, Their eyes are watching every smile and tear, And efforts which we think are not worthwhile Are sometimes just the very helps they need, Actions to which their souls would give most heed, So that in turn they'll hold it high And say, "l watched someone else carry it this way. It brighter paths should beckon you to choose, Would your small gain compare with all you'd lose? 43111 Cilliemuriam -f""' Most Valuable Students BETTY M FAYDEN EISSBS I MASCOTS , IX QQ 1 X , I I - Q. BARRY CLONINGER BETH MCFAYDEN Seniors CLASS OFFICERS LESTER HAYWOOD EUGENE MCINTYRE ELIZABETH MQFAYDEN President Vice-President Secretary .IEANNETTE DeWITT BARBARA ROBBINS JOHNSIE BROOME Treasurer Historian Prophetess slr ' WESLEY ANDERSON JIMMY BRIGMAN Seniors IU' if JANE CARDWELL TOM CARTER CAROLYN CHAPPELL 7 JERRY CLONINGER ALLEN CULLER BOBBIE DARNELL 4'- IRMA ROSE DEATON LARRY FULP S e n I o r s Af... GAIL GRANT ELLA MAE HANCOCK PHILIP HOGAN j,,,,,A0 MARION INGRAM GLENN MABE BETTY LOU MABE NANCY MABE SYLVIA MABE Sen lors - ROBERT McFAYDEN CHARLES MCINNIS JAMES MCINNIS fm WY W. LARRY McKAY PERRY MILLS HELEN NELSON lx 1' 41" EVA MAE PANKY JOHN BILLY RAINES WILLARD ROBSON ' Sen IO rs Wu. - Z' ad' 'N K ff JO ANN RUMLEY JERRY KAYE RUMMAGE DAVID SMITH QA 4 WAYNE SMITH LEON TERRY BENNY THOMPSON BETTY ANN TREECE JERRY VUNCANNON SARA EI-I-EN WARNER Se n IO rs rv'-'Wi -d""15 HQQP' JACQUELINE WILLIAMS JOHNNY WILLIAMS ANNIE MAE WILSON 94' Q' 5' 33,4 JEANNETTE WILSON PAUL WILSON ROYLE WRIGHT M..-f 5-4 4, - 34 fn-."' ff' asks- vi'-rin K " ut ns, I 'A x"'Q,1'yZ'.: ' " "ffihlLQJV fp I I I ' X ' 5 5' . 'F N .ff Ex 1 K N gi N, VTP' K Q. A . 1 K S . -X53 3 . 9 16, Z ' Vi? . ' 5 s X XL K. 2,0 .- .Jn 'Q , 3 r. . -Ik 1 Sd. X . 'X xxx -L, . ' '. '. . ' . - .L-ll'-2 ,- " 5 ' K' -in y .. ,, , - . - . 3 x - - ' -' V- . , A! . QM if 'Sy N sl ' I 1.4 L f H f X ' r 'A h ' -,. a v 4.1 , 3 xg, 'flfufv J . A V Y 1 xx '4 ' 1' -4 5,-"'5 is 4 , .5 Aix s 'N . in-ik , . 4 t i. D ,5 Q ,N .1 .V. X 1, , .U A 9.5-' ."'.s, .Uh .' ,I ,U N .H A v. A,r .4 r.. m m .LS .w , 4-. .- .1 , .7 r ff 4-.. 4 29- 1 xg., ,. ' '.Av,l w 'rv ..s ". . fx -I' ss -. I 4 . 4 , a ' ' . 2 , V- ..,.x..' . ,-. T ...K-In-4 fr.. . ...,4 1. PULAR Jerry Kaye Rummoggvqggzd Jerry Clomnger 1195445 ' p...w-..... NK,-,.. M-wunipv. '02 1 5 E 4 6 as Class Prophecy Gosh! lt was grand seeing some of the Senior Class of '57. As I am driving home from our IO year class reunion, I think of them all and unconsciously turn on my car TV. The Robert fBobD McFayden show is on the air, and he is singing his latest hit, "S eptember Blues." His guest tonight is that famous dance team, Eugene Mclntyre and Marion Ingram. The last minutes of his show slip by, and he says his guest next week will be Betty Ann Treece, who has taken Minnie Pearle's place in the entertainment world. The eleveno'clock news flashes, and Leon Terry is the news commentator. He is noted for the "reel" story. He announces that the latest invention of Charles Mclnnis is the "Keep Awake Plan. " Students listen to his records to keep awake in class. My mind wanders from the TV program as lthink of each grand classmate. Bobbie Darnell and Jeannette DeWitt are nurses for the Red Cross, now stationed in' Germany. Sylvia Mabe is head of the Mabe Dairies, her associates being Betty Lou, Glenn, and Nancy Lee Mabe. Their slogan is "Try our products. They 'mabe' good." Anne Wilson, Eva Mae Pankey, and Jacqueline Williams are happy housewives. Sara Warner and Jeannette Wilson have opened a beauty shop in Norman. Larry McKay is a contractor. He is going to build Ellerbe's first five-story building. Helen Nelson is happy working in an orphanage. The children all call her "Mom. " John Billy Raines has a successful tree farm. Perry Mills, who is a forest ward- en, talked him into it. Irma Deaton is a high soprano for the Metropolitan Opera. Two people passed out from the vibrations the last time she sang. Wesley Anderson really slays them. He is now a wrestler. Jimmy Brigman has bought a cricket ranch in South Carolina. Everyone calls him Jimmy Cricket. Philip Hogan, a famous doctor, likes his job at the Mayo Clinic. Lester- Haywood is noted for his "black dough." He owns a share in an oil field in Texas. Betty McFayden's latest book is "The Horn Blows at Dawn. " Writing was always her joy. Paul Wilson, a mechanic, works for Eastern Airlines. Barbara Robbins is at Flora McDonald teaching moth. Royle Wright is iudge for Richmond County. He always makes the right decision. Willard Robson is Ellerbe's new patrolman. They call him "Red" because he never lets anyone run a red light. Larry Fulpmakesafine coach at the University of North Carolina. JaneCardwell is now teaching Home Economics at Ellerbe. Herstudents call her "Hardwell. " Tom Carter iust wasn't satisfied until he became one of our Senators. Carolyn Chappell and Gail Grant are at the top as famous mountain climbers. They have iust returned from the Alps. Ella Mae Hancock decided to make history as a stewardess for TWA. Jerry Cloninger is hitting hard for the Yankees. lt was his home run that won the Series. James Mclnnis is now author of that famous comic strip "Dennis the Menace. I' Jerry Vuncannon is working at the State College Experimental Station. John Williams is success- ful in New York as a lawyer. Benny Thompson is connected with A 8. P stores. Dave and Wayne Smith have formed the SBI, the Smith Bureau of Investigation with Jo Ann Rumley as their girl "Friday" secretary. Allen Culler is a dentist in Hollywood, California. 'Mr. Williams, our old English teacher, is studying the rock and roll language so he can under- stand his students. He says it's harder than English or Spanish. As for me, I am director of nursing at High Point Memorial. l hope my students under- stand me when I say there's no time like the present to make the future great. JOHNSIE BROOME, Prophetess Senior WESLEY ANDERSON "Mope" School Bus Driver 3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 President 4, Vice-President 35 Monogram Club 3,45 4-H I5 Football 2,3,45 Baseball 3,4. JIMMY BRIGMAN F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Glee Club 4. JOHNSIE BROOME "Johnsie" Safety Patrol l,25 DramaticsClub3,45 F. H.A. 35 Science Club 3,45 Bible Club 45 ClassOfficer 35 GleeClub 3,45 Superlative 45 Junior Play. JANE CARDWELL "Doodle" Basketball l,-25 Cheerleader 3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Re- porter 45 4-H l,2,3,45 Science Club 3,45 Glee Club'3, 45 MarshaI5 Safety Patrol 45 Junior Play fStudent Directorl. THOMAS CARTER "Tom" Football l,2,3,45 4-H l,2,35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 25 Safety Patrol l,2. CAROLYN CHAPPELL Bible Club 45 4-H I5 Junior Play5 May Day Court. JERRY CLONINGER "Jerry" Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 25 Science Club 35 Junior Play5 Superlative5 May Day Court. ALLEN CULLER F.F.A. l,2,f3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 4-H l,2,3,45 Glee Club 25 Bible Club 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Basketball 2. BOBBIE DARNELL Safety Patrol l,2,3,45 Science Club 3,45 F.H.A. 3,45 Bib I e Club 45 Beta Club 3,4, President 45 Marshal 35 Junior Play5 GleeClub3,45 Student Librarian 3,4, Chief Librarian 45 "Echo" Staff. IRMA ROSE DEATON t "Rosie" Basketball l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 BibleClub l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Pianist 45 Dramatics Club l,2,3,4, Play 2, Secretary and Treasurer 45 National Thespian Society 2,3,45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Accompanist 3, 45 Piano l,2,3,45 Music Club 2,3, President 2,35 Beta Club 3,4, Vice-President 45 ScienceClub 2,3, Reporter 2,35 F.H.A. l,2,3, Song Leader 35 Student Librarian 2,45 Annual Staff 2,3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 45 "Echo" Staff 3,45 Junior Play 35 Chief Marshal 35 Class Treasurer 3. JEANNETTE DeWlTT "Nette" Basketball l,25 F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Dramatics Club T,2,3,45 BibleClub 3,45 Junior Play5 Safety Patrol 25 GleeClub 2,3,45 National Thespian Society 45 Class Treasurer 45 Bus Driver 45 Superlative5 F.F.A. Sweet- heart 4. Activities LARRY FULP 'lCOI'lOl'1" Football l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Monogram Club 3, 45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 4-H Club I5 Superlative. GAIL GRANT F. H. A. 2,3,45 4-H Club I5 Superlative. ELLA MAE HANCOCK "Little Lucy" Safety Patrol 2,3,45 Olee Club 2,3,45 Bible Club 45 Science Club 45 Basketball I. LESTER HAYWOOD "Les" Bus Driver 3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 F.F.A. l,25 May Court 35 Class President 4. ' PHILIP HOGAN "Phil" Football I,2,45 Basketball l,25 Baseball l,2,3,45 Mon- ogram Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 25 Science Club 2,35 Bus Driver 3,45 4-H Club l,25 Music Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Junior Play5 Class President 2,35 Superlative 45 Marshal 35 May Day Court l,2. MARION INGRAM "Noonie" F.H.A. l,2,3, Parliamentarian 25 Science Club 2,3, Secretary and Treasurer 35 Glee Club 2,35 Bible Club l,2,3,45 Safety Patrol 25 Student Librarian 2,45 Jr.-Sr. Waitress 35 Basketball l,25 Cheerleader 35 Junior Play5 Superlative. BETTY LOU MABE 4-H Club l,2. GLENN MABE F.F.A. l,2,3,45 4-H I. SYLVIA MABE "Sylvania" Safety Patrol l,2,3,45 F.H.A. 35 BibleClub 45 Science Club 45 4-H Club 45 Junior Play. NANCY MABE F.H.A. 3,45 Bible Club 45 Safety Patrol 2,3,45 4-H I. ELIZABETH McFAYDEN "Betty" F.H.A. I,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Pres- ident 45 Science Club 2,3, Secretary 25 Beta Club 3,4, Reporter 45 ClassSecretary 45 Student Librarian 45 Annual Staff 3,4, Business Manager 45 "Echo" Staff 3,4, Asso- ciate Editor 45 Marstral 35 Superlative. ROBERT McFAYDEN ilBobu F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Monogram Club 45 4-H Club I5 Superlative. CHARLES McINNlS "Charlie" F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Bible Club 3,45 Bus Driver 4. Senior Activities JAMES McINNIS BibleClub 2,3,45 F.F.A. l,25 JuniorPlay5 4-H Club I, 25 Safety Patrol 35 Bus Driver 45 GleeClub 3,45 Science Club 2,3,4. EUGENE MclNTYRE nchinu 4-H Club l,25 Safety Patrol 2,35 Bus Driver 3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, Play 2,35 Junior Play 35 Football l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 May Day Court 35 Class'Vice-President 45 Monogram Club I,2,3,4, Vice-President 35 President 45 National Thespian Society 3,45 Superlative. LARRY McKAY F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Bus Driver 4. PERRY MILLS F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Safety Patrol I. HELEN NELSON Safety Patrol l,2,3,45 F.H.A. 35 ScienceClub 45 Bible Club 45 4-H Club 45 Superlative. EVA MAE PANKEY "Shortie" Safety Patrol 45 Bible Club 45 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 4-H Club I. JOHN BILLY RAINES IIJ. B. ll F.F.A. l,2,35 BibleClub 3,45' 4-HClub l,25 Bus Driver 3,45 Basketball I,2,3. BARBARA ROBBINS "Bobs" F.H.A. 3,4, Treasurer -I5 Basketball 2,45 Bible Club 3, 45 Safety Patrol 25 Bus Driver 3,45 Class Historian 45 Junior Play Usher5 F.F.A. Sweetheart I5 MayCourt 2,3. WILLARD ROBSON llRedll F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, sabieciub 2, Bqskefbqii 2,3,45 4-H club 2,3, Jo ANN RUMLEY IIJOII Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, Vice-President 45 F.H.A. 3, 4, Secretary 45 Cheerleader I,2,3,4, Chief 45 Bible Club3,4, Vice-President 45 GleeClub 2,3,45 4-H Club I, Halloween Queen 35 Superlative5 Office l,2. JERRY KAYE RUMMAGE "Little One" Beta Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, Reporter 4, President 3, Play 35 "Echo" Staff I,3,4, Associate Art Editor I, Editor 45 Bible Club I,2,3,4, Secretary and Treasurer 3, Reporter 35 Science Club I, 2,3, Reporter I, Vice-President 35 Annual Staff-Asso- ciate Editor 4, Business Manager 35 National Thespian Society 2,3,45 Cheerleader I ,2,3, Chief2,35 Halloween Queen 25 Student Librarian 45 Office 2,35 Junior Play5 Marshal5 Superlative. DAVID SMITH "Smut" Bus Driver 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Bas- ketball 45 F.F.A. l,2,35 Junior Play 35 Safety Patrol 35 Monogram Club 45 4-H I,2. WAYNE sMnH Bible club 3,4, F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. LEON TERRY "Tick" F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Reporter 3, Treasurer 45 Bible Club 2, 3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Junior Play. BENNY THOMPSON "Benny" DramaticsClub I,2,3,4, President 45 National Thespian Society 3,45 Superlative5 Baseball I. BETTY ANN TREECE llBQi,Il Glee Club 2,3,45 4-H Club 35 Safety-Patrol 3,4. JERRY VUNCANNON F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,4, Annual Staff-Literary Editor 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Superlative5 Bible Club 45 Stu- dent Librarian 35 Junior Play. SARA ELLEN WARNER "Doodle Bug" F.H.A. 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 4-H Club l,2,35 Safety Patrol 45 Superlative. JACQUELINE WILLIAMS "Jackie" F.H.A. 25 Dramatics Club 3,45 Junior Play5 Marshal5 National Thespian Society 45 Safety Patrol 3,45 Glee Club 3,4. JOHN WILLIAMS llslimll F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Officer45 Bus Driver3,45 GleeClub 4. JEANNETTE WILSON "Nette" F.H.A. 2,3,45 4-H l,2,35 BibleClub 45 Safety Patrol 4. PAUL WILSON "Junior" Bus Driver 3,45 Bible Club 3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 4-H l,25 Glee Club 4. ANNIE MAY WILSON "Ann" Class Secretary andTreasurer I , Vice-President 3, Secre- tary 35 F.H.A. l,2,35 F.F.A. Sweetheart 35 Dramatics Club 3, Play 35 BibleClub 2,3, Secretary and Treasurer 45 4-H Club 2,3, Secretary 35 Beta Club 3, Secretary 45 "Echo" Staff 3,45 Basketball I5 Safety Patrol 2,35 May Day Court l,2,35 Marshal 35 Student Librarian 4. ROYLE WRIGHT F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Bible Club 2,35 Bus Driver 3,45 Junior Play5 Safety Patrol l,25 Baseball I. Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of Ellerbe High School of the year T957 seeing that we are about to depart from this beloved institution and feeling that in our twelve years here we have acquired some desirable qualities, honors, and possessions which we desire to see dispensed, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament. Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item tem tem tem tem tem tem tem tem tem tem tem tem tem I: II: III: IV: IV: V: VI: VII: VIII IX: X: XI: XII: XIII XIV: XV: XVI: SECTION I To our dear Alma Mater, we leave our loyalty, love, and deep admiration. To Mr. Phoenix, our principal, we leave our deepest admiration and sin- cere appreciation for his teachings and able guidance through the years. To the faculty, we leave our sincere thanks for all their patience and per- sistence in trying to make our school career a successful one. SECTION II To the rising SeniorCIass, we bequeath all our dignities, privileges, honors, and pleasures which rightfully belong to Seniors. To the oncoming Junior Class, we leave our desire that they be successful in their two remaining years of school. To the rising Sophomore Class, we bequeath all our joys and hard work at Ellerbe High. To the oncoming Freshmen Class, we will our sincerest best wishes for four successful years at Ellerbe High. SECTION Ill I, Wesley Anderson, will my ability to get out of Mr. Pratt's study hall to anyone who succeeds in doing it. I, Jimmy Brigman, will my ability to whoever can find out what it is. We, Johnsie Broome, Sylvia Mabe, Helen Nelson and Bobbie Darnell, do will ourlong lasting and everloving friendship to anyone who can stick to- gether through thick and thin as we have done. We, Jane Cardwell and Jo Ann Rumley, will our close companionship to Barbara Dunn and Jeanine Russell. We, Carolyn Chappell and Gail Grant, will our ability to study in study hall to Edward DeWitt and Billy Vuncannon. We, Jerry Cloninger and Philip Hogan, take all our abilities with us. I, Allen Culler, will my ability to win freshman girls to anyone who can have as much luck as I had. I, Irma Rose Deaton, will my ability to put my foot in my mouth to anyone with legs long enough. I, Jeannette DeWitt, will my love for Ellerbe High School and all the activitiesito Nancy DeWitt. Have fun, Nancy!! We, Larry Fulp and BennyThompson, will our seats in Algebra Il to anyone who thinks he can work those problems. I, Ella Mae Hancock, will my black hair to Odell Raines. I, Lester Haywood, will my ability to sleep in class to Leon Bennett. I, Marion Ingram, will my ability to get up and walk out of class to any- one who thinks he can get away with it. I, Betty Lou Mabe, will my seat in the Senior Class to Janice Dawkins. I, Glenn Mabe, will my ability to get my English homework to Richard Ingram. I, Nancy Lee Mabe, will my shortness to Margaret Lee. Last Will and Testament tem XVII: , Betty McFayden, will my naturally curly hair to Betty Lou Rumley. tem XVIII: , Robert McFayden, will my ability to get out ot' school in thirteen years to Eugene Vuncannon. tem XIX: , Charles Mclnnis, will my desire to sleep in Economics to anyone who can get by with it. tem XX: , James Mclnnis, hereby will my crewcut, blue eyes, and ability to pay attention in class to Wayne Bennett. tem XXI: , Eugene Mclntyre, will my blindness to Dale Treece hoping he can find a way to wear glasses while playing football. tem XXII: , Larry McKay, will my ability to drive a school bus to Virginia Hamerin hopes that she will take good care of it. tem XXIII: , , Perry Mills, will my seat of knowledge in English Class to whomever can use it. tem XXIV: , Eva Mae Pankey, will my ability to make B's in Senior English to any Junior who is capable of making A's. tem XXV: , John Billy Raines, will my slenderness to Linda Cloninger. tem XXVI: , Barbara Robbins, do hereby will my love for walking with the male bus drivers to any girl who feels she is capable of keeping up with them. tem XXVII: , Willard Robson, will my red hair to Frances Glidewell. tem XXVIII: , Jerry Rummage, will my big mouth to David Parsons. tem XXIX: , David Smith, will my ability to talk in class to Joe Baxley. Use it right, Joe! tem XXX: , Wayne Smith, will my ability to make good grades to John Blakely. tem XXXI: , Leon Terry, will my height to Bob Bostick in hopes it will be of some use. It never was to me. tem XXXII: , Betty Ann Treece, will my weight to Eleanor Cox. tem XXXIII: , Jerry Vuncannon, will my ability to make good grades to Raleigh Hartman. tem XXXIV: , Sara Ellen Warner, will my love for the sq uare dances to Marv Lea Wilson and MerIeVuncannon in hopes that they will become better dancing partners. tem XXXV: , Jacqueline Williams, will my love for the Air Force to anyone who is capable of catching and holding on to a blue uniform. tem XXXVI: , John Williams, will my height to Presley Spivey. tem XXXVII: , Annie Mae Wilson, leave my seat in the SeniorCIass to Betty Ann Lovin. tem XXXVIII: , Paul Wilson, Jr. , leave my seat in the Senior Class to anyone who can fill it. tem XXXIX: , Jeannette Wilson, will my love for "Rock 'n RolI" music to Linda Mabe in hopes that she will keep on "rocking. " tem XL: , Royle Wright, will my ability to stay away from home to Lois Mclntyre. tem XLI: , Tommy Carter, being supposingly of sound mind and having nothing to eave have decided to take it all with me. Signed and sealed this I7th day of December inthe yearofour Lord nineteen hundred fifty- six at Ellerbe High School, Ellerbe, Mineral Springs Township, Richmond County, North Carolina, United States of America. Witnesses: Testator: LARRY FULP BOBBIE DARNELL EUGENE MclNTYRE JOHNSIE BROOME Class History As we, the Senior Class of l957, glance back over our past tour years in Ellerbe High School, we recall many happy events which will long be remembered after we graduate. In September, W53, as we entered high school, the doors opened to sixty-eight ambitious and excited students. Miss Catherine Holcomb and Mr. Bedford Page were our homeroom teachers and our class officers were as follows: President, Philip Hogan, Vice-President, Edward Myrick, Secretary and Treasurer, Annie Mae Wilson. ln October we went to the State Fair in Raleigh. We had been looking forward to going, therefore, it was en- joyed by all. Students lost that year were Barbara Jeffries, Mildred Reynolds, Leo Greene, Steve Lowdermilk, Ralph Raines, and Wilbur Mabe. We then entered our sophomore year still ambitious but not nearly so excited. Mr. Bedford Page and Mr. Clyde Swofford were our homeroom teachers, and our class officers were as follows: President, Philip Hogan, Vice-President, Jerry Cloninger, Secretary and Treasurer, Annie Mae Wilson. Early in the year we made plans to attend the Ice Capades in Raleigh, and we went in November. The lce Capades were beautiful, and they were enjoyed by everyone. We lost Edward Myrick, Betty Jean Craven, Rachel Raines, Larry Clark, John DeWitt and Barbara Hill that year. We then entered our Junior year. As homeroom teachers, we had Miss Lu Oventon and Miss Lucia Elliott, and our class officers were as follows: President, Philip Hogan, Vice-President, Johnsie Broome, Secretary, Annie Mae Wilson, Treasurer, lrma Rose Deaton, Reporters, Nancy Faye Wallace and Jerry Cloninger. Early in the year, we began plansfor the Junior-Senior Prom, and it was held on April 20, using the theme "Hitch YourWagon To A Star." It turned out to be a great success through our many efforts. On February 3, we presented our play, "Honey ln The Hive," and it also was a success. Six of our members qualified for the Beta Club. Classmates lost were Mary Blanche Thompson, Sophie Chappell, Fred Simmons, Tommy Long, and David Scott McRae. Now we come to our Senior year, which we have all looked forward to with much enthusiasm. We have Mr. James A. Williams and Miss Lu Overton for homeroom teachers, and our class officers are as follows: President, Lester Haywood, Vice-President, Eugene Mclntyre, Secretary, Betty McFayden, Treasurer, Jeannette DeWitt. We have many interesting events to which to look forward, the Junior-Senior! Prom, and above all, our trip to Washington. We feel that all these events will turn out wonderfully for all of us. We have lost two students this year, Annie Mae Wilson and Nancy Faye Wallace. We are all looking forward to graduation, and after graduating, l'm sure all the many happy events will long be remembered by each of us. BARBARA ROBBINS, Historian Class Poem MQHQ HDEAR ALMA MATER.. To seek, to find, to strive, and not to yield Farewell, Alma Mater, School we love so well l N You'll be our guiding light, As future years shall tell . Pink and While To you, dear Ellerbe, We raise our songs of praise For what you'll mean forever Through all the coming days. For youth will 'have more courage Pink Carnations And life will be more true. Because of the loving service Which you would have us do. , 1 4 'l. '. S' f - ' . ' shit: I six , -.. Jxkinsn -M v-1-U ,ff ,gf fp, . f "iw J' "",, , 4y4QW A' ,f . W G Em. ,. W ., .. ,. ,0 , X wg L- 45-,W 1. -V mv 'L - :4 , .if fy K' .,,. ? y f f ' 1934-' if " .rn ,f wx -w4.f'z , -Ti W K! fy, 1 . . . s Q Q 4? , 4 5' Y I' s 5505. fx 4' Y 4 Q X 1 4, 1 2 ' 1 3 K V1 ,MAX q ... 4-'1' . -no 5 11 5 'ff' LRF CLASS OFFICERS -sw' gl.. I 5 I C I I RICHARD INGRAM JOHNNY COMER WAYNE BENNETT JOE BAXLEY President Vice-President Sec. and Treos. Reporter Juniors VW ffm, . 6, 44. l K' F . 'lag-7 I , , - JEAN ALLRED LEON BENNETT JOHN BLAKELY BOB BCSTICK fn. f I 'rf ,JSV V-xjay, 'ikxht ggi I LINDA LOU BYRD DOROTHY CARROLL ELEANCR COX DARRELL CROUCH Y! JANICE DAWKINS LL I P .au 3, sm S 1, I I -"' Z ALICE FESPERMAN CHARLES FLOYD ALAMEDA GREENE Juniors PEGGY GREENE REGGIE INGRAM SHIRLEY JOHNSON BETTY ANN LOVIN F -z ' qqbl m V 'ls-uf I M ANNIE KATE MABE LINDA MABE BOBBY RAY MCINTYRE EDITH MCINTYRE EARL MCQUEEN I 'Dummy- fa I ,' ...Q :ff 0 9. 4: I .51 J ww T way ' Sy 4 I WV K, t su W- I , Yagi I A 5 'Qs I JERRY MEACHAM RAY MILLS LYNETTE SMITH SYLVIA SMITH l V5.1 TOMMY SPIVEY tf ttf , 'SIL 41 A as DOTTY RUMLEY PEGGY THOMPSON SYLVIA WEBB Sophomores CLASS LOFFICERS mfr A-w 0- w f I- K I Q, vw an-'V' " ..,,..... PX I- Q I I i y 1 ,Q BOBBY SEDBERRY DELMA SUE SHEPHERD SANDRA BLAKE GLORIA MCINTYRE President Vice-President Sec. and Treas. Reporter f "" I 4TP0'f ,M - 4 J 'x ' W ffl .sv 'M ' -, vm Af, BX: Ex'S ,Il 1 f . , X LAWRENCE BLAKELY JOHNNY BOWMAN MARY LEA CARTER I I X 5 ' 'A I f 4-J 1 1 V5 I I , E - I vw ff xx I NI X " 90 I BETSY CRAVEN ALVIS CRISCO - s PHILIP CULLER W. C. DARNELL !""'Y I 45154 , Si L B any al JUANITA GALLIMORE HARVEY GERALD FRANCES GLIDEWELL up lil W- Wy 'QP' HERMAN HAWKS Loss HEATH CAROLYN HOLLINGSWORTH EVELYN HUNSUCKER 'U' EARL CONNERS SHIRLEY COVINGTON Nr--f' R NANCY DeWITT is 'nga-.f OLIVER GRANT VIRGINIA HAMER I x, I- MARGARET LEE al' SHIRLEY LOVIN --'Q W I BUTCH MEACHAM ,WM V5 , MEILIA SMITH CLAIRE THOMPSO N 'WSI' I, Sophomores ., Wx 4 , fi , A my T ' :jj ig! ' RO BERT MAB E fs. 4: I 1 if' 'IN X. 5 Q' 4 '79 'Ii gm IV 1 Q :Pi Ilan! 81 A if Q 'V xx . BERNIE MILLER 'Q' I ,., Q I Q FRANK ST EWART ' ,w 'f f I iw " 1 V' -.V. iv-1 DALE TREECE af I' ,A f, I , s I I A 'K FRANK MAULDIN I I5 NELLO NELSON mv' f 91 2 - L. if 2,51 vi JERRY TALBERT JO ANN USS ERY 4' 1,1 V I ROBERT MCCORMICK DAVID PARSONS .wi .nb vv 1 LW" 4 , . f S I MARY FRANCES TERRY LEWIS TERRY '3 ,S pq. X S GAIL McLEOD w-L.. NANCY ROBERTS if a - if 2 f,g,w' 6 I .pi I I EUGENE VUNCANNON MERLE VUNCANNON , . . gl '-W '14 .Twin - 1' V 'P' Fivv TA ' if A guyz-4e'ii,F"' WQI5 qmleql' 1954115 Iii: R 'K KR-k.:z.M911:I4,!W'L Sinn SHELBY WILLIAMS MARY LEA WILSON MARY M. WILSON MARY LOU WILSON DAVID WRIGHT 'I 0:7 L, OFFICERS ,x Presldent Vice-President Sec, and Treqs, Freshmen HORACE COMER BRENDA CO NNORS JEANNETTE COOK CARLTON CULLER HERBERT DAWKINS EDWARD DeWITT HARRY DICK BARBARA DUNN BETTY EAST HELEN FLOYD BOBBY FULP NEWELL GALLIMORE EDWARD GERALD MORRIS GIBSON WENDELL GIBSON BRENDA GREENE HELEN HAOIN RALEIGH HARTMAN TOM HAWAKS JOE HILL JO ANN LEWIS MACK LOVIN KENT MABE LOUISE McCORMICK LUCILLE McCORMlCK LINDA MORGAN Reporter THELMA AUSTIN RALPH CARRIKER NANCY COBBLER Q-Aviv n. .H I S I, 95 ... Q2 'R 'TI V - . if x 'N X W ,Q f ff' . ff 'PI , ' ff , .f I r 1: f 'S' f I NAI K , ,Rr gf ,far 3 I I I LI I I I -I , I II A - EI V LV M . If , ' II HIL , Q I I ,,, I I I L I I TILL: CAROLYN McINNIS JOHN McINNIS LOIS McINTYRE BOBBY MILLS MARIE MILLS BERNARD NANCE CAROL PANKEY CRAWFORD PANKEY WALTER PANKEY JOE PARSONS PAT PRICE ODELL RAINES THELMA RAINES LARRY RICHARDSON JACK ROBBINS LIBBY ROBSON BETTY LOU RUMLEY JEANINE RUSSELL HORACE RUSSELL MELVIN RUSSELL MARY FRANCES SAUNDERS I CHARLES SHELTON FRANK STEWART SUSAN STEWART Freshmen fan 6. 513' I. if--v .I X "' ff f f , L Z Y l , ,Q , 'I' T 117924 Y ' I '0- Jil 'JA VJ f 7, 1 L, xg 'W , 1 It , fb, I .V ,,, . ,, .2 A B...- Lf' - ., If 'Li I ' 'SV' I?-In I .f I- I L fn Qs 'S L. q,,, H ,, 4' 63 Vi , M, 5: if ' K , Q N 44. I Vyfiw X Ly li ik, Q . I y fat lvz ., dt, X y! I xi .X ,4 NK VY , ,, ivy. R J 1 ,, ix 'V In a I .I I fl ' nw--ox" 1 4 X1 'W BZ V J ff' if iK'Rl IX W 5 lf!! Q it H gf Qlfffxali' Q-L, JOHN SLJOO JERRY THOMPSON -WE f x CAROLYN USSERY N I A 4, A, BILLY VONCANNON -'- 41 ' sw K., O -- I ' 3 ELAINE VLJNCANNON . TQ, 1' 5: - A Yagi, 42 522 JESSE WEBB " Eli? f A V T, Ai 1 ' JO ANN WEBB ,I+ p I X " fx J 'T 6' JUDYWARNER QXQSQI , K .. N -L, 1 J ' , ,J LL QQJIIMNIIIIIII. , ,,Lf1'LL.? 2 LL. I I' ctivities ff ' J rug- . - K J Ed' . . f : g-..-,'f'fi:i'!'1Ifj.QI 'H-'-11'-tE:l5i5Ri"1-' ODYSSEY STAFF Seated: Betty McFayden, Business Manager, Irma Deaton, Editor, Jerry Rummage, Associate Editor. Left to right: James A. Williams, Faculty Advisor, Leon Bennett, Associate Literary Editor, Philip Hogan, Sports Editor, Carolyn Hollingsworth, AssistantSports Editor, Bob Bostick, Associate Sports Editor, Nancy DeWitt, Assistant Business Manager, J erry Vuncanno n, Literary Editor, Wayne Bennett, Associate Business Manager. NotShown, Jean Allred, Assistant Editor, MargaretReynolds, Assistant Literary Editor. ECHO STAFF Seated: Betty McFayden, Associate Editor, Irma Deaton, Jerry Rummage, Editor: Ann WllS0nf Bobbie Darnell, Business Manager. Left to right: Richard lngram, Sports Editor, Johnny Comer, Sylvia Webb, John Blakely. Not Shown: Miss Lula Overton, Faculty Advisor. - -' W ' If xx uw. XXXX ,Z .X ,s-gif . - Z sw I? A Ag l , , DRAMATICS CLUB First row: BennyThompson, President, Jo Ann Rumley, Vice-President, lrma Deaton, Secretary and Treasurer, Jerry Kaye Rummage, Reporter, Miss Lula Overton, Faculty Advisor. Second row: Dotty Rum l ey, Tommy Spivey, Reggie Ingram, Darrell Crouch, Joe Baxley, Wayne Bennett, Shelby Williams, Nancy DeWitt. Third row: Eugene Mclntyre, Betty Lovin, Alameda Greene, Lynette Smith, Shirley Johnson, Jackie Williams, Johnsie Broome, Jeannette DeWitt. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY Left to right: Eugene Mclntyre, Jackie Williams, Johnsie Broome Jerry Kaye Rummage, lrma Deaton, Jeannette DeWitt Benny Thompson 1x-tespmfvs W li wx,-I ., B BETA CLUB First row: Betty McFayden, Reporter, Ann Wilson, Secretary, lrma Deaton, Vice-President, Bobbie Darnell, President, .lerry Kaye Rummage, Treasurer. Second row: Johnny Comer, Sylvia Webb, Richard Ingram, John Blakely. Not Shown: Miss Lula Overton, Faculty Advisor. b BIBLE CLUB Officers: President, Mary Lea Carter, Vice-President, Jo Ann Rumley, Secretary and Treasurer, Betsy Craven, Reporter, Gloria Mclntyre, Pianist, lrma Deaton, Faculty Advisor, Miss Catherine Holcomb. ,,,,,,, it that A f II , num. A 4 0- 1422 I it Txlilltl' ' l L l gy 2 R GLEE CLUB Mrs. James A. Williams, Director, Irma Deaton, Accompanist. SCIENCE CLUB Seated: Jimmy Wallace, Reporter, John Blakely, President, Bob Bostick, Vice-President, Dotty Rumley, Secretary and Treasurer. First row: S. Williams, J. Robbins, N. Gallimore, R. Carriker, S. Webb, J. Sugg, J. Mclnnis, B. Darnell, L. Richardson. Second row: J. Mclnnis, E. Hancock, J. Cardwell, L. Morgan, S. Mabe, J. Broome, H. Nelson, B. East. Third row: V. Hamer, J. Comer, J. Baxley, E. Mclntyre. Not Shown: Mrs. Fairley Baxley, Faculty Advisor. .......,.....,.... ..............W...,.., C e.............ff 8 - fads MARIA. wiv Nfw H QSM ' cg, s x 14 Z' 1 rft m EPGJQIJ 2 - I It i A? aj ' ,i 'st QYPD OV-or S FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Officers: President, Betty McFayden, Vice-President, Nancy DeWitt, Secretary, Jo Ann Rumley, Treasurer, Barbara Robbins, Parliamentarian, Mary Lea Carter, Historian, Jo Ann Ussery, Reporter, Jane Cardwell, Song Leader, Gail McLeod, Faculty Advisor, Miss Mildred Winfree FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Officers: President, Wesley Anderson, Vice-President, Jerry Vuncannon, Secretary, Allen Culler, Treasurer, Leon Terry, Reporter, Royle Wright, Sentinel, Johnny Williams, Faculty Advisor, Mr. J. Fred Bailey. ' M ' M an L19 5 ..-. " s' -D ll --,. I fffflivs, nf' - - or-Tlohb Q0 "'-1,6 wx l Q D :ia -7,'1 ' x Clogs tx L J QG I .I 4-H CLUB Officers: President, John Mclnnis, Vice-President, Linda Morgan, Secretary and Treasurer, Ann Anderson, Song Leaders, Newell Gallimore and Betty East. MONOGRAM CLUB First row: "Buck" Page, Sponsor, Tom Carter, Eugene Mclntyre, President, Wesley Anderson, Larry Fulp, Jerry Cloninger, Vice-President, Richard Ingram, Charles Floyd. Second row: Philip Culler, John Blakely, Business Manager, ,lohnny Comer, Philip Hogan, Robert McFayden, Jimmy Wallace, Reporter, Larry Richardson. Third row: Dale Treece, "Butch" Meacham, Horace Russell, Carlton Culler, Mac Lovin, Joe Hill, Bobby Fulp, Jack Robbins, Newell Gallimore. . BUS DRIVERS First row: J. Dawkins, P. Hogan, J. Mclnnis, L. Terry, J. Bowman, C. Mclnnis, J. DeWit'r, B. Robbins, R Wright, A. Culler, R. Ingram, P. Mills, J. Meacham, A. Greene. Second row: J. B. Raines, J. Blakely P. Wilson, R. Mills, J. Vuncannon, L. Haywood, E. McQueen, J. Williams, L. McKay, W. Anderson B. Bosriclc, E. Mclnfyre. SAFETY PATROL Captains, Sylvia Webb and Jacqueline Williams, Lieurenanrs, Jean Allred, Bobbie Darnell and Tommy Spivey. June E. Praff, Faculty Advisor. i' ,M yr,-. A 1' 'FVVU' ,- .. ,M...,-ef-nf.. , A gF?-'--:r'---- -1- --M-'Mm-1--AQ-1--'-fh.2f A M..-.....r.......,...4 .L 4- Y'5-e...g5fQL....r.8.u.4ai...c..-1. Mm.1Lifi?...-4g4gg..,fdf?i.?Efld'!:LFLunganv ,. gm ...as .e - 71-- X -1 , tl, '.V ,f,w i 5. ' ,.-'cf XJ lj 'Mgmt f ' .- 'r - I V X'5:5,v" . 'f A A , V .,.,1j,, t t ,f ' , Jw . . 'Mf g 'W X x etics Kittens Wlldccats can LARRY FULP , 153 lbs.. f . Senior, End -11 Tom CARTER ' JERRY CLONING 170 lbs. 180 lbs. Senior, Fullback 4 4 DAVID SMITH 145 lbs. Senior, Wingback Senior, Ful lbcck 'v fi 4. iififj Q M f M 4 .rf fi ' , 2, ' vi-.42-1' . f f L Q PHILIP HOGAN 140 lbs. Senior, End FLOYD 140 lbs. Junior, End LEON BENNETT 135 lbs. Junior, Quarterback X JOHNNY COMER Rx. 1' 4 155 lbs. Junior, Center KYB!! 1 ,c- . MM-W. f sl A Q ff N Q 'c , ff V Wfffef sf Z? wifi Q' 4:42 mm X f A ,rv Q J 45? iw., fav bf! ds- ,,, Footbol EUGENE MCINTYRE 135 lbs. Senior End WESLEY ANEIISCN 155 I Senior, infer BUTCHMEACHAM 150 lbs. Sophomore, End Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 bct. 5 LARRYCARTER CC-ici' 12 140 lbs. 26 Sophomore, Ful lbock Nov. 2 l I 1956 FQCXBALLR Ellerbe 14 Ellerbe 141 Ellerbe 26 V Ellerbe 141 Ellerbe 381 Ellerbe 20 Q Ellerbe , Ellerbe Ellerbe 36 1 36 I! 22 Hill. Team Y l55 I lor, DALE TREECE 'RSON BERNIE MILLER l 135 lbs. X Sophomore, End Q 145 lbs. Sophomore, Ful 2 .LJ FRANK STEWART 140 lbs. Sophomore, Center 7 , 1. 5 'X s m ' Qu V .N 4 ., qi. W 55,54 152, fixaigff X 95' 5 Y X K f 1 R f A M .2 5364 1 J , , if ag zbb '-.,,. Q 'f " 'f ,,. - :-A l jf l .Q 0 A 1 .1, 3 ' T BQ Q. 5 535 fsf' 1 qv ,rf in W wie ,gli iiidfi' .fb 2,..s.gyfgisx5 ,- Zawfggii-2593 Q , V V ' Q., fs ..,, S' U V pi ..,.i-sw Q X ff f I ffxssvwa 4 W M .sys fl f 4' ss ff 5 4 f fx f' ' 'ffiffif N fs 1 lun .fgiga lf' 11 MQ. .life ff ' 'X A 451, 4 f 1, f A' 5' in f 4x34 nv f Wage! P! ,JS ff' 1' ' r ' S as 511 11- 491 ,Q W ,gee f vrvriyr u JACK ROBBINS L' 120 lbs. Freshman, End IFUCBALL RECORD ' ell Roland 12 ell' Laurel Hill 21 EQ, 1 Biscoe 18 ell V Pinehurst 8 ,elf Candor 20 MAC LOVIN le Mqxfon 50 100 lbs. le J, Mt. Gilead 19 Freshman, Center Carthage Aberdeen i ll ' 3 JIM WALLACE . 135 lbs. 1 Freshman, Fullback LARRY RICHARDSON 125 lbs. Freshman, Quarterback BOBBY PULP HORACE Russeu. '30'bS- Holbs. Freshman, Wingback Freshman, Wingback CARLTON CULLER 110 lbs. Freshman, Fullbaclcj NEWELL GALLIMORE 115 lbs. Freshman, Quarterback JOE HlLL 2 lu- , .L "' 1 . 95 lbs. 1 I ".s. N Freshman, End , . s A W' ' f V 1 Q . 6 1, f Y X 23' , . I le 2 ' 15 J gl. JOHNNYCOMER Center Q! 'N' , Q 4 ay ,L JERRY CLONINGER Guard BOB BOSTICK Center LJ v w l 'Y no CHARLES FLOYD Forward ,rr . , . Y 5 fi - QV? 921' ' ml ,f , ig E . W ALARD ROBSDN Guard A if 'F-5 ' Q ' r LARRY RICHARDSON 1 Boys Basket .JOH N BLAKELY Forward 2 f + 5, RICHARD INGRAM xl ,L Forward H-4 NJ f nd H -4 li A ' 1 J JERRY MEACHAM Guard F' 'L fr-Xu f gi, Guard J NE tocull Team JIM WALLACE Center NEWELL GALLIMORE Guard 2 RALPH CARRIKER Guard , 2. h HORACE RUSSELL Guard - ftowmzo Dewnr 'S .QQARD NANCE EJ Cenfel' 1 - , Forward U Yi :WN 2 ' . JACK ROBBINS Forward 5-. JOHN MCINNIS Guard I i Bl 'YJNUNCANNON x . ,A Forward ' w J gt if 4 Ve ? IRMA DEATO N Forward f 5 d SHIRLEY JOHNSON F? N' Forward A ' SARA ELLEN WARNER S N Forward MARY LEA CART ER Forward ....,,-......-, ., ,,,,, - .ink ANN ANDERSON irls' Basket DELMA SUE SHEPHERD Forward 5. CHRISTINE JOHNSON ' Forward Forward i 1 x 1 i I 1 Forward 1 L Guard LINDAMORGAN Y ag LINDAMABE g ' r L -M o r .ln MARY M WILSON Guard CAROLYN USSERY BRENDA CONNORS BETTY LOU RUMLEY JO ANN WEBB f , W BARBARA ROBBINS Guard -4 X. '.. rf 'Q it ... -Juan.. ..-...,.L.. Y .t. ,L 7 ? ' wa 'Y X Q' 51 .,.. , , ,,. is ff. 2 B 'TJ'-Y-57' ",.L',,' ,N firm K, v ' n ,,, X . v ,,, . AM' 1 .h af yt. l 'uwlw ' ' 1 sv? ' . , , . , ft ' G f 5 .A , 6 A , li. Q f 1 145 rg.: M4 ,, 'V vs A fin 'fi f' 13' f f 'I Q-Mg . kgmxwwgv 115 4 :M if . .' .1 ' ' ri, - -an , W f' . fdfg' ry , X, 13 hifi ' 'S CHEERLEADERS ,Q 2,51 Kneeling: DottyRumley, Wayne Bennett, Jo Ann Rumley, Chief. Stand- ing: Jeanine Russell, Carolyn Hollingsworth, Brenda Greene, Shelby Jean Williams, Jane Carclwell, Gail McLeod, Nancy DeWitt. Not Shown: Ellen Deaton, Assistant Chief: Barbara Dunn. 'iI!T? w Y ,p-4-"iv" , .,,,,,mf . ,,...,,.,.-q f M. ' , ,, i Q it V v w I w f 2 , ff ,, W f xv' 22 an f 4?-31' 'E 1 5 IEZIZQ If L 'I I .,.,, ir, 5 5 .A., ,. ..,. . I 2 Z 1 n Q! WY V' Sm 4 ' X 4 I, 4 . xl X., - hw:-gg. 1 . -. fb 2. ' A D' . 55"-w.. fy: , I 1 - ' 'Q' ' q .f j M I Ex 4 , .. 5 ansffi' 1 X ,W 'ff .- ' ': ' F ,, V 'X ' '4 X ,, I - 4 1 - 4--4 5 ,, e ., I, b if Y wa M I x Y ' Hdvertisements RICHMOND COUNTY BANK Rockingham, North R. L. Phillips President G. Brogden Spence Vice President R. E. Bartlette Executive Vice President C. G. Lowdermilk Cashier M. F. Grantham Vice President Trust Officer E. V. Hogan G. B. Spence Dr. W. H. Parsons A. S. Monroe SAFE Carol ina Member: Federal Deposit Insurance OFFICERS: W W4 9 X49 ff ff Gr? . T- X2 fax Infilf-:lg .Qi 15: ':.::.'..-rs' 3 lx-,il ZDIXIIVDIF E 'iasizf Rx--Z DIRECTORS: R. L. Phillips SOUND "The Bank of Friendly Service" El I erbe, North Carol ina Corporation John D. Chalk, Jr. Assistant Vice Pres. Ellerbe Branch Mgr. Monnie M. Kime Assistant Cashier Virginia West Assistant Cashier Thomas J. Covington Assistant Cashier Dr. Mark Lindsey J. Frank Lowdermilk John D. Chalk, Jr. Thomas H. Leath CO NS ERVAT IVE -N. V .I K , ,.,, N , 1. pf-5l.f-f2f +2 , ,- W . A f 1 A4 ,f, f ,zz .- ,B ., 4Iyj"g'i!j'-,,Z - - --H ,, ,H - 1- .cf . , 4 :I ' 2? -'ffgji --, I W L: A - b v is of ' if "' - 6 . ,f. ' - , J l , A out-Y.. fif' .' ' li ' 'TT . I ,' ' ,,: f v V X Je L 51 ,f A' -E' A . Pi 'P' V 451'-r ijs 1 . ,, p M 11,1 .- ff, , , . I if A I X I -fiixff' E' 7 - - - A .s..""' - - ' ' -17 ' . " sf. ,N " ,552-.x"1lf I ' f 'ff A -nf " . 'E'-1' ' - :-,U "XL "yy - 5 ' . N ev, 134 "-'tlxf 15" 1 A-ggi p .. 5 w if ,I- fv X - , 1 5-- ,ul Li 1. , " . Q' . -. -S. -I f. Compliments of L. G. DeWlTT SERVICE STATION L. G. DeWitt, Prop. Phone 26ll Ellerloe, North Carolina Phone 2246 Condor, North Corolino ,it flfb ilgjlgilfi I xl! :,-,gg H ltlw I if W rlfsilgitsi f ,Mx tax W , he- Q., I Sell Your Tobacco ot the FARMER'S WAREHOUSE John C. Wyott L. G. DeWitt Telephone 3l5l Ellerbe, North Corolino lf you don't sell with us, sell in Elierbe Tobocco sells better in Ellerbe -A-----,----A----- .... ---- fx.4e..,.,vv-- Compliments of NEW ABERDEEN WAREHOUSE Tom Faulkner George Mobe Owners ond Operators A Sole Every Day with Full Set of Buyers Aberdeen, North Carolina -4f::.:.:.::-:v:e---- ---A f::D'9'7:::: 9f:::::' ::::::'I1 4 Compliments of HARLAN JOYCE FEED AND GRIST MILL Custom Feed Grinding cand Mixing fWholesoleD Meal - Flour - Feeds Phone 2897 Ellerbei ' North Carolina Lac--::.: ::: :::::: Congratulations to the Class of l957 BUTTERCUP ICE CREAM COMPANY Hamlet, North Carol ina Ashboro-Sanford-Fayettevi l le-Lumberton Wilmington, Sumter and Conway, S. C. A F1UilIW4D 1 g -J ,, QI-l - g - Ford Sixes Eights MCINNIS MCTGR SALES, INC. Sales Service Lincoln-Mercury Dial 2432 , Rockingham, North Carolina --vvv,--------v-v'0::: .1-so-a4f0.'.ra.d-.,0 Call For MONTGOMERY DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 5321 Troy, North Carolina NORMAN LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers of Lumber F looring-Cei ing-S iding Framing-Sheathing-Crating Phone Candor 2241 Ellerbe 3848 "If You Have Timber to Sell, Call Us." Norman, North Carolina 'L J 444- BOOSTERS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE H. E. GIBBONS, JR. SAN D1-IILLQ MANUFACTURERS OE ODD BEDS AND BEDROOIVI SUITES WEST E N D NORTH CAROLINA -:v--v-v,vv---v-------------v--....--v-v----,--v-V,v.r-.0-:J 4-0., V r 1: , I I I 1, b In 1 I 1 1 1: 1: I 1+ 1, 4 ., .1 5: Jon-IN sExToN E: AND COMPANY I 1 I I 1 1, l 1 4, I 1 1 I National Wholesale Grocers il I 1, I 11 I I P. O. Box 4I24 II I I 1 ,: Atlanta 2, Georgia ', 1, I 1 1: tl l I I I I 1, I 'I I 1 1 I ::::::: ,:::: J Compliments of WILSON'S GROCERY Phone 3251 "Your Patronage Appreciatedu Ellerbe, North Carolina :: : :::::::::::::: :::::::::::: :::::::::::: ::::: ::::o:4- 444 ..-.4-dr' RICHMOND COUNTY BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Save Today For Your Needs ot Tomorrow Current Dividend Rate 4,0 Pres. f- W. S. Covington Sec. iii Treas. - J. I'I. Haywood Rockingham, North Carolina -A------,-------------A----AA., 4-sr-a,,p.a..r, .- Compliments of THE FARMER'S BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Organized T901 "The Dependable Bank" Rockingham, North Carolina ALAAAA ------ ff: ::: Compliments of J. P. STEVENS AND COMPANY Fine Fabrics Since T813 Hannah Pickett Plant Rockingham, North Carolina MA- - 40- ::::: Compliments of LONG'S MEN'S SHOP Men and Boy's Wear Opposite Courthouse-Rockingham, N. C. :::J-t::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::v E. E. VUNCANNON Agents for Leading Brands of Fertilizer We Sell Feed, Hay, and Buy Your Grain Give us a Trial Ellerbe, North Carolina ----.r-oa-o-4---------A-AA------- , .... vvvv vvvv-v v - -vvvv v v :J-4-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::, Compliments of HALLUM FURNITURE COMPANY Rockingham, North Carolina Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1957 ::::::::J-4-:::::::::::::::::::::::::- ::v :::Jt::::J'f::::::::::::::::::::::: ------vv-v v Y v v v v :::::- Compliments of MUNN'S COAL AND OIL COMPANY Green Street Coal - Fuel Oil - Kerosene - Ice Rockingham, North Carolina l P 4 'P P l l L 'L l P '---- ------"--"---"---- L fl 'L l' 1' ECO N OMY 5 L ll 4l ' ll tl lg AUTO SUPPLY , P. W. GQODMANQQ 1, 4, 'L ly 1, EE 1936-1956 :I : lb JJCNQC E i ll ', Furniture and Clothing ll 2 "On the Square" l' if B. F. Goodrich Tubeless Tire 'E Phone 3045 l 3 Westinghouse Frost Free Refrigerator If ll :E Laundromats, Ranges IE South Lee Street :E 'L Water Heaters it L C M k 1: Rockingham, North Carolina ll . . GS 6 , :L Phone 4005 4 l Rockingham, North Carolina 1' 5 I ,,,L,,,,,,,,LL,LLxemu, l :ml I 'li 4, I 1 3, L lr : E1 1 Ll Compliments of 4: Compliments of lg II ll MACK HARDISTERL l , 5, RUSSELL HOSIERY, l General Merchandise 51 ll Le , MILLS, INC. EE Telephone 4127 ' 4, ll Mt. Gilead, North Carolina ll Slarf North CGVOHUO 4 lp l l ' l 5' l :' 5? fl 5 LHS, L 'L F lr 'T " Congratulations to the Class of '57 'C BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE j Home of Better Values ll Rockingham, North Carolina lL......,.,,,,,,..--x--xx--,-----------------x- , - +1 x:xxxx:xx:x:xxxx::::xxx::::x:xxxx BRISTOW DRUG CCMPANY ll Prescription Specialists 71 Complete Lines 5 Yardley, DuBarry, and Cara Nome Cosmetics I: Whitman Refrigerated Candies l Rockingham, North Carolina :Jf::!2:5!::::::::J':J':54':::::::5:555:-A3555 - l IE For More Profits in Poultry, See ELLERBE PCULTRY CGMPANY, INC 1: Live-at-Home St Swift's Feed I: Phones 3081 - 3086 li El lerbe, North Carolina l.,,,..-,,,,,,,------ -------------------------- ' " AIf"" A-AA-'---- AAQAAAAAAAAAAAQAALA AAAAAA--- A lr lr El SWINK GIL COMPANY 'T 4 l Heating and Tobacco Curing Fuels ' Wilson Brothers-Distributors for Ellerbe l l 1' Rockingham, North Carolina- T - .... .... - -- ........A --- I' I I I In In 'I L. G. Fox DRUG coMPANY l "On the Square" ll Prescriptions Our Specialty Phones 2456 - 2457 Rockingham, North Carolina Make our store your headquarters SOUTHERN PACKING AND PRESERVING COMPANY Preserves-Jams-J el I ies-Canned Foods 7I2 Morris Street Charlotte, North Carolina RICE-STIX, IN-C. SAFIE Telephone 4046 Rockingham, North Carolina RICHMOND COUNTY WAREHOUSE W.H. Rummage Roy L. Smith "Tobacco Sells High" Ellerbe, North Carolina L,,,,,,, ,xg ' ,Iiii , I f-:::::::::::::: : : : :: .- .- : ::::: : ::::: I PENEGAR MOTOR COMPANY 'I 'I Olds-Pontiac-GMC Trucks 24 Hour Wrecker Service Q Phone 2409 I I if Auto Body-Repairs and Painting II Rockingham, North Carolina L - -,,,,:,,,,,,x,,,,,:,:::,x,:, RICHMOND INS. 8: REALTY COMPANY Insurance of all Kinds Phone 4593 IO3 South Hancock Street Rockingham, North Carolina 17-:J-f::::::-f-f::-:ff"-f::-w1-::-f--f::-'- r---H-:f'f::fff I I EE 1: IE Compliments of BOTTLING COMPANY " I : BEAUNIT MILLS CORP. I Hamlet Norm Carolina I Rockingham, North Carolina I ,I S ,:,:,,,.,.lE L..-----:---------- I A 'xxx'T fI"""T:xx:xxx:x:::: I EE WALKER-CARP I VAN B. HIX ,, MOTORS, INC. I I Distributor ESSO Products ., Q Clfrrylslea ' PIZTSZIII Atlas Tires and Accessories EI 1. V3 PP PPS , ht Candor, North Carolina jf Qtson e'9 S I I I Rockingham, North Carolina FT"""":x"':::: ::::x'7I Ifxxx xxxx::""":x:: II II Ir 4, Ii Ii 71 ff C. B. DEANE fl TAYLOR CHEMICAL COMPANY I, II I Complete Insurance Service 1, of Aberdeen and Candor, Inc. , 1 228 East Franklin Street , 4 . Phone 446I I, Condor' North Corolmo , If Rockingham, North Carolina :E 1: " L.,,,, ,::,,U L,,:- ,::, - - A ::::::::::::::o:::4 ::o 131 li 'r 'r li 'r lr li lr li 'i lr lr lr 'r lr In li lr lr lr lu 10.4 C5 Q r- n-1 2 IP Q Ln U7 Z T rn FU U7 rn FU 4 F5 H1 Z3 JP Il. O Z ll Compliments of SANDHILL CHEVROLET CO. 4 l li lr lf D. W. Coleman, Prop. fi 225 E. Washington St.- Phone 3486 Z ---- ti Rockingham, North Carolina fl Sales Service 1: ji Phone 4073 Rockingham, N. C. A ll Ig VV. H. PARKER 51 JESSE P- PHWER " l INSURANCE af REALT C li CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 'I Y O' 3' Phone 3250 fl 3 All Kmols otzgmggrance Rockingham, North Carolina 'I Rockinghomonaorfh Carolina , if l l " E-BCVNLES BANK OF BISCOE , BLQUKRNITGRE ll Biscoe, N. C. Robbins, N.C. ll 1' if Member of Federal Deposit ll lnsurance Corporation I l lf Store of Courteous Service li lr T' Rockingham, North Carolina 4, lr L ....v v ..---v v---vv-- vvv----v v v v-vi :::::::::::::::::::::::- v -'1 ll EE ELLERBE AUTO PARTS AND 3: " APPLIANCES COMPANY :E 'r r 'l if Crosley Appliances-Home 31 Auto 1: Supplies-General Repairs-Welding Ig ll Painting-Wrecker Service ll l gr Phone 2291 ' l Q El lerbe, North Carol ina L 1 :Ta-c ...- ------- --v-v v - -V-ff - 'Q Compliments of l .4 HAMLET gg COCA-CCLA BOTTLING Co. 1 4 4 ll :E Hamlet, North Carol ina L-: ::::::::::::::::J-0-:::: frfflii ff ,,,---J-o4-----v--v------- SUGG MOTOR COMPANY ' Used Cars - General Repairs Dunlop Dealer for Tires - Tubes and Batteries Gas - Oil - Lubrication - Washing - Polishing 24 l'l W I: S our rec er ervice ay Phone 3651 Ellerbe, N. C. Night Phone 2741 :ance-0f::J'-4-::: :J-4? :::::4-:::: ELLERBE LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials Frigidaire Appliances Phone 3271 Ellerbe, N. C. GIBSON FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings Phi co Westinghouse Speedqueen Appliances Telephone 3931 Ellerbe N C RUMMAGE BROTHERS S ERVICE STAT IO N Sinclair Products Phone 2101 or 2581 For Fine Furniture Trade at Hortons and Save HORTON FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 2311 Ellerbe, N. C. D. 8. D. MOTOR SERVICE Auto Repairs - Accessories Standard Oil Gas Phone 3301 Ellerbe, N. C. MCCASKILL S ESSO SERVICE Greaslng Washing Polishing Tires Tubes Accessories Phone 9021 C ndor N C ELLERBE TRACTOR COMPANY Phone 3171 Ellerbe North Carolina f55If1f55fI Iffff5fA I I I 0 u U . O O . . I I - - I, ' r -u I , , 4: I 0 0 AAA--AAA-----AAAAAAA-AAAAAII ::::::::vv---v- v--v--vv -vv----v' H E In O I 2 ' . 'I I I' . Ir I II Ellerbe North Carolina , THE GORE COMPANY I' COLLINS DEPT. STORE I Rockingham, North Carolina Grogjgsggghwjjgliigsjtoil h "The Store for Thrifty Shoppers" 607 W. Washington Street 'I Rockingham, North Carolina 4, IE Jmimgm, V::::::,::,,x:x::::x:::,::' ix C:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,, 5E C. T. HOWELL WOODS 56 81 104 STORES I fl Rockingham, North Carolina In In I :I 'I Radio and Television Service Sales, Installations, and Service Phone 3311 Ellerbe, N. C. Residence 2881 -:::::::::::::::::J-c: ::4.':::Jf-47: H. E. GIBBONS, JR. C I. T f All Forms of lnsurance 24Main Street Telephones 172-1072 Hamlet, North Carolina omp Imen s o MAYFAIR GRILL Ellerbe, North Carolina I 1 ,I I 'I 'I lr I 'I lI 'I 'i 'I ll 'I - - - - A A A A A A A A A::::::::::::::-':: ::::::::::::::'-:::::::::::::::lg DIXIE LUMBER CORPORATION .. if 655 South West Broad Street glmafffmgjggiiii 3121112 l Telephone 2'785l W. ROCKCINGHAM, N.IC.w U fi Southern Pines, North Carolina :C Q ::::I:::::::J.,4-:::::::::: ,,:::--:: ::::::::-o-4-:::-1-I-0-0-0-0-0-0-J , S 3. S EARWIEEu1i5UEIQT:c6ffTIiE'1 Compl Iments of HN DEE II cADDv's 30 I R' 5 Lads, Lassies and Ladies ,,,,,.,,,, ,ARM ,T Rockmgham, North Caroluna uFb9Pig,,1?lu ::EUE5l32L:IjL:g!A,E BIGGERS BROTHERS, INC. ,, I if Wholesale 3 D. T. WARNER S GARAGE Fruits, Produce, and Eggs 1, Phone 3850 ' I, Charlotte, North Carolina 'I Norman: Noflh C0"0lm0 I "'::"':i " ':":x"x::":xx: VNS T? E IfIF6EER:ZiIS:I3ETfE1ET3':TE CANDOR DRY CLEANING 1, 1: Investment Securites E, Laundry Service :E :E Herber J. Dietenhofer-Phone 26262 1, jl Telephone 3631 Candor, N. C. ff 570 5- W- Bf00Cl Sffeei l' 'I ' II out ern Ines, ort aro Ina I, If E .,.......,,,,,, I 'I 1' A fi 51 1' 51 If s ROYSTER FERTILIZER il ll A FRlEND E Qi Ellerbe, North Carolina , ll I l A 1 Lx-:--umm:xmmmxxxm1 New --AA1- emmmef --AEA J:J00f:Jf::::::::::::::: 'P f""4':::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 3, gg :g MECASKILL ll WARNER PRUP CPMPANY ll ll Furniture and Oil Company 1 I, PrescrIptIons-ToIletrles-SundrIes I, It East Rockingham N C I, Il Drugs-Hollingsworth's Candies 'I " ' ' ' I, It EH b N h C I, , Q Phone 4285 I, 1' er e' ort Gro mo , 1: "We Strive to Please" Il 4:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- - I -::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I, :I 1 1 51 QI C0mPl1me"'15 O1 :I 1: Compliments of 'l il COMMONWEALTH HOSERY MILL IE I, HARRY-5 E559 SERVICENTER ' Il Ellefbel North Carolina I: ll Ellerbe, North Carolina 1L,,xmx,,,x:,mx,,::,, ,mg Lx, ,:,,mm-,:,mm, J i i, ...L ,,,i,, L rilimw- -- SOUTHERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. Ralph Harris - General Agent Intelligent Insurance Service Rockingham, North Carolina lRA'S DEPARTMENT STORE Furniture Clothing II4 South Lee Street Box I78 Rockingham, North Carolina BLAKE'S RESTAURANT "Home of Good Food" Curb Service Private Parties U. S. Highway 220 Phone Candor 288IA-HCM :TZRTSTEGERAZTEKETEYEEST: Caroline Street Farmall Tractors International Trucks Rockingham, North Carolina ----:,,.,,4.------1.A-- CANDOR FUNERAL HOME Funeral Directors-Emloalmers Ambulance Service Phone Night 260I-Day 25II Candor, North Carolina :NHILLSTEFEORETx: Member Florists Telegraph Delivery Association 2I4 East Franklin Street Dial 2349 Rockingham, North Carolina G. P. FOOD DISTRIBUTORS 2200 West Morehead Charlotte, North Carolina CITY DRY CLEANERS C I earners Laundry Mt. Gilead, North Carolina LMI NORMAN GULF STATION Gas - Oil - Goodyear Tires Washing and Greasing Norman, North Carolina ---Jc--Jr4----J.0.o4- ,,,, ,J-c--vI DUNBAR-STANLEY STUDIOS Rockingham, North Carolina cginerul Axlercicndise EARL'S HATCHERY AND ORCHARDS Quality Meats 8. Groceries Baby Chmksphone 265IPUrmc Feeds Phone Ellerbe 2929 Norman, North Carolina -::::::::::::.r::::::::::::::J1t: Candor, North Carol ina r9 f-o-o'o-o-04-:-f-I-0'4':-"0-0'4':-'-f::-"f:::-"""""':: I SWINK'S MEAT PRODUCTS , STEAGAHL 5 , Wholesale - Reign Radio and Television Service Quality - Meats , Phone 2150 , Hospital Road Dial 3677 Rock"'9hqm' Nom' CQ'O""C' M--,59?lfEf1231'1f3iuA'1f1fil1EPIQUUSLA-- 'nun'VCTJcIfBXI2E'5l3l5I5"""" Phone 4466 Compliments of We Specialize in Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, and Pies. Rockingham, North Carolina HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 2836 Ellerbe, N. C. -:::::::::::::::4-:::::::: A::::::v 4:-ec:J.c::::::.f4-:::::.c:::J-ec:a.oc:::Q ROCKINGHAM RADIATOR SERVICE Specializing in Radiator Repairing For Autos, Trucks, Tractors Phone 6340 West Washington St. Rockingham, North Carolina Compliments of COASTAL PLAIN LIFE INS. CO. Telephone 2479 Rockingham, North Carolina vvx-ffsfoiinii2iiE3:FUrf1EiEKCF6UE:: Watson-King Mutual Burial Asso., Inc. Phone 2626 Rockingham, North Carolina Ambulance service day and night. Compliments of WATER'S RESTAURANT Highway 220 Rockingham, North Carolina T:xistTiEEE:Fi5vifEa:sF3i3:::: Corsages-Funerals Floral Arrangements Phone 4448 203 W. Franklin St. Rockingham, North Carolina::: '::::J04s4-- 104-vv- v v :J-::::::::::::::::::::::::::: QUEEN CITY OIL CO., INC., Be Wise - Economize Candor, North Carolina KAY 'S "Clothes of Charm" Rockingham, North Carolina 'I::::::::::Jc::::: FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Farm Machinery - Equipment Main Street Candor, N. C. +34-::J4-:::::::- :::::::::::-c::: 'r STILWELL 5 TIRE CL'N'C , I 1: JouRNAL STATIGNERY sToRE Dr. Frank Dr. Bull 1+ . Us .I H Y S , H It 1: Richmond County Journal T' We if our ervlce If 1: Rockingham Post-Dispatch RLDCliffY9E640 'Nlgl't5E1l'2:32i?' 3 If Rockingham, North Carolina In am, r aro ma It AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA : ::::::: AN AAAAAAAQAAAAA - ,,,,,,,,. X ,,v,, ,,,,,, - , :- : ,v.v -v-v .--v-- ::::: -v-'--v--- Q ' """ "" 1' YOUNGBLOOD'S DRUG STORE ft PATE'S CLEANERS I Registered Druggist 'l :E We pick up, deliver, and give one 1: Prescriptions I day service with no extra charge. If West End, North Carolina ., Phone 2731 Ellerbe, N. C. I: THE WH-LO SHGP It It CL PES BER'-JICJE STATION 4, , , , , 1, I . . a ar , Manager 1, Wearing Apparel-Gifts-Lingerie 1, In . .. . :, M R M G : i Gasolme-Oils-Tires-Tubes ll rs' ' ' em jf , Accessories If Phone 283i Candor N C I 1: ' ' ' If " Ellerbe, North Carolina n1f:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: '::::":::::f::::::::::::::::::::: If Compliments of I g vvEBB's Foam CENTER :g 1+ THE PCRKY PIG 1: AND FURNITURE 1: ,I Fletcher s Pit Cooked Bar B Q Ig Phone 3911 Enerbe, N. c. Qt Phone 2606 West End, N- C 1L::x:::::::xx :,,,,:,:,:,,:,,,l ,,,,,:,:,,,,v ,,,,,:,:,a,,,,- In 'I 1: W. .I . Thrower I O. E. Appliances E Rockingham, North Carolina SEDBERRY FUNERAL HOME Sedberry Mutual Burial Assoc. Phone 4422 506 Fayetteville Rd Rockingham, North Carolina l'''filiiovvkiz'ELEctie'ic'coivin5fIxNv"'f ' I 'I lr ll A:::::::::::?lgL QA:::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I Q: npefnnff Q foaaviu 62011 WATK'mSeggTi SALES ,, sl - CI ll it Floweri EggNf9E54?ifaS10nS Phone 3374 South Hancock St. I if Flowers Wired 123 Steele SI' Sales and Services 1' i,,,Q WE DEPIXEL ,,:,,fffffiSTilfl,.s :::::::::::::::::::3'f::: ixxxx xx:xi"':"':x":"" x:x:x:x::xxx:::::::::xx:'I 'I , CITY LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS, INC. 4, If Compllmems of Com lete Launal 8. Dr Cleanin I Q: CANDOR coTToN COMPANY P Phonf 233, Y 9 gr ff ' . l :I Gmners and Buyers Troy, North Carolina 'I :Ef3GEKE E5f:' .I ll 0 V' U.-S. 220-4 miles N. E. Rockingham I L 'I' 0' J' GH' COMPANY Rockingham, North Carolina ll :: Pl"IOl'le Phone Q Rockingham, North Carolina A AAegtllqrigfgiASl2L?:iQi:iqyiiE:::JlE ?:::::::::,.'.c::::::::::::::::::w,:v :::::::QQv-4-::::::::::::::: , Bring your Insurance Problems to ' gg R. B. DEATON INS. AGENCY ., ZFARLE S fm SHOP ' It "It's a pleasure to be of service" it Ph 2525 for G I occfslons' Il It Phone 2341 Ellerbe, N. C. i one I Eherbe' N' C' 4, ll ............------- , A A A:::::::::::J25J::::::55:5::::351: ff:::::::::::::: """""""""" If ' ' ' In 1, :I g 1: :E TROY LUMBERSALES CORPORATION 1: Telephone 4382 ' 1: Trgyl Norfh Carolina ROCI4InQl"IGm, IxIOl"I'I'1 COTOIIDCI , iL:::,-.-4-:::::::::::::::::::::::J"0-0-vi Nfffafff:-""4':Q"4':""4'::::::::::::::'f' f.uNNf:,N:::x::::::::::::::::- wf:f:::::1f:e'f:::::"-f::::""'-"1 ll -. A I ' 1 ' I I ' 5 : si C ' E : l fl Fzsiisiffaficxzse jf DEPARTMENT STORE . Rockingham, North Carolina :I :E Rockingham, North Carolina li llnnnvnnvnnnn-nnY-nun' Cflulnnial Zliurxxiture Qlurltpallg fl C0mPlImel'll'S of AUT:-iENT1c FzEPRooucTioNs I if PEPSIFCOLA BOTTLING CO, wEsT END, N. c. ANTIQUES souTHERN Pmes 1' 1: Rockingham, North Carolina PHONE 2531 CANDOR, N, C PHONE 2 S895 IL ............,. - - - EESNE QQ: 4 AUTOGRAPHS .ik LJLQLXJANJW QM f f- 'WRSAKQJU JQSQMQQO- NQM JJNGJ-ku WAX-'viivasxf EW my ww-askmw-may XASLKVAWUA' Qmmwgligg Wk' aw, Q, fsl? SEN Lifmk mtg., MEBXQQ Mix iw, ,Q-Mlw 4. ......- .....-Y. . .. , 1 -V AUTOGRAPHS x AUTOGRAPHS duct AUTOGRAPHS un'I'er ass uwouwx. Avenue w1NsroN-SALEM , N.C. A A , .411- Q---.----4 --AM -L Y- " -in --1 ,Qi .44 4 x A x .123 '.-f 1 Q 1 -If 55 M... 4 .fn P? 5' I D K V J H-V 4 ,lv ix.. Urwlx' 'Nw -"X , I: M F X k , ',' ., :B . ,' sf- -- W C ii., I. ' W ' , '. L ,

Suggestions in the Ellerbe High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Ellerbe, NC) collection:

Ellerbe High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Ellerbe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Ellerbe High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Ellerbe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 44

1957, pg 44

Ellerbe High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Ellerbe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 66

1957, pg 66

Ellerbe High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Ellerbe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 11

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Ellerbe High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Ellerbe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 64

1957, pg 64

Ellerbe High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Ellerbe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 8

1957, pg 8

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