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,N 1 1 4 13 r H. L.. x. C V' Pull" S' 4.41 uv 1 i ff H . -. l'Xw 'Xf1,ff- ,.,,,w---- """""""' """""' K J ' d V ,X S. Vv 1 yf , ,....,.,-...... , . D-.. 77 - 4 ff? f ,f X .,, ,- 6. f .1 I f.g X. sims 1" ' f 5 lf. Aw! f c"J3.,-..L,.,.,...-.-:L 5 V I I 'f iz ALMA MATER On our city'S northern border, Reared against the sky. Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Onward ever be our watchword, Conquer and prevail. Hail to Thee, Our Alma Mater, Ellerbe, All Hail! 41" FIIREWUIIII Ellerbe High School seeks to fit its students for a world in which they can meet life's situations intelligently, by giving them responsibility and the highest intellectual growth possible through activity on everyone's part. Since this book is a sketch of our twelve years in striving together on this long journey toward our highest ideals, we have chosen E Odyssey as the name of our book. "I am at part of all that I have met." Page Two 8- YZF' CUWMT The Odyssey has been d1v1ded 1nto four sect1ons The f1rst sect1on conta1ns 1nd1v1dua1 p1ctures of the members of the sen1or, Jumor, sophomore and freshman classes and the1r class offxcers It conta1ns general features such as sen1or class superalatlves, prophecy, and most valuable students The second sect1on conta1ns numerous 2Ct1V1t1GS of the student body The thlrd sect1on contams p1ctures a colorful and successful year of sports "R"1"' 1 P g ,ff IIEDICATIU Through the inspiration and guidance of our faculty advi- sor, Mr. Howard McCa,11ister, 'E Odyssey of 1950 has been made possible. In appreciation of his untiring efforts and unceasing devotion to the students' extra-curricular activities we dedicate 'lie Odyssey. Page Four if A+ fr . MR. LEE CLYDE PHOENIX This year our school has been honored by having Mr. Lee Clyde Phoenix as our able guide and leader. We are very fortunate in having this capable man as our principal. gf E' Mr. Howard McCa11ister M155 Margaret Wayne P Page Five 'HY'-iff' Mr. James Bradford Mr. John Phillips Miss Jane Beachum Miss Esther Taggart L.. Q "lr'7' Q29 Mr. Richard Lauffer Mrs. Katie Myers Mr. Willis Bryant Page Si: THE MOS'l' VALUABLE STUDENTS 0F ELLERBE HIGH SUHIIUL 194950 WINNERS Q 'ur' R by T y Em ag C 26 RUNNERS UP P 1 W 11 I1 -1 , 5: f AY' 4 ,Hi E l0R CLASS HI TURY In the fall of 1946 we were a proud group, for we had at last become freshman and had started on our short high school career. For the first few weeks, high school was a little confusing for the most of us, but we finally caught on to changing classes and learned our way around. The homeroom teachers for the A and B sections were Mrs. Robert Colson and Miss jane Beachum, respectively. Anne Ewing returned to be with us again, after an absence of several years. Fred Henry, the athlete of the class, came from Rockingham to join us. We enjoyed our year of Health and Physical Education under Miss jane Beachum and our year of English under Miss Margaret Wayne. But what most of us enjoyed a great deal was our second semester of math under Mrs. Frances Leggett. We liked everything about high school except that thing called exams. We were all very glad when the summer vacation came, because we had all worked hard to achieve success. In the fall of '47 we returned again to the famed Ellerbe High School. This year we were sophomores, which Mr. Little informed us meant "wise fools." The task of getting our schedules arranged was not so difficult as the previous year. Second year math was not to be required. We were all so overjoyed that only a few took math, but Lhe rest regretted it later in the year. Everyone enjoyed Miss Thrift's biology class and especially on days when we went to the lab to dissect earthworms, frogs, fish, starfish, and other things. jean Frazier enjoyed this more than anyone else in our class except Edith Greene who hung out the window during the process of undressing the frogs. We were snowbound at home for about two weeks after Christmas, but of course we enjoyed making up the lost time on Saturdays. Armie Kate Lentz and Leatha Greene left us this year. Our junior year was filled with exciting events. We enjoyed preparing and giving a play entitled "Here Comes Charlie" under the direction of Miss Margaret Wayne. The junior-Senior Banquet was the highlight of the year. We entertained the seniors at Sidney's Grill in Rockingham. lack Frazier had the mumps and wasrdetained at home. The honor of being marshalls at the Baccalaureate sermon, the Class Night exercises and the Commencement exercise was bestowed upon eight of our classmates, who were Ruby Terry, jean Frazier, Anne Ewing, Ann Hunter, Peggy Harris, Margaret Ussery, Mary Ann Nicholson, and Meredith Bynum. We missed Bobbie Greene very much this year. She attended Central High School in Charlotte but returned to be with us in her senior year. Worth McNair joined us while she was away. The B section had lost several members of their class in the last few years, among them were Addie Belle Melton, Edward Floyed, Margaret Lefler, and Annie Mae Cox. The first day of school for us as seniors was one very different from the three previous ones. We had a new principal and several new teachers - three of them men. We were all proud of our new coach, Mr. Lauffer. Mr. Howard McCallister was our senior teacher. We enjoyed the year with him immensely amid his many lectures. We appreciated him most of all because of his efforts in helping us get an annual, the first the school had ever had. The A and B section were combined into one and we had a lot of fun working together. We elected as our class officers the following: President, Peggy Harris, Vice-President, William Howell, Secretary, jean Frazier, Treasurer, Pal Williams, and Historian, Ruby Terry. Several of our classmates decided they'd rather marry than finish school. Among them were Edith Green, Annie Mae Greene, and Anne Hunter. We also regretted that Larry Hogan wouldn't graduate with us. He attended a military school in Alabama. As each day rapidly slips away, we think back over the joys and the sorrows that we have shared together in the past twelve years, and it is with remorse that we approach our graduation date of May 26, 1950, and the end of our Odyssey. Ruby Terry Page Nine President E lllli Vice President Peggy Harris William Howell Colors Green and White Treasurer 'Sd 4 xi, V Wifi-Q. if . 4, -,,' , ' 37 V'-fs fl P A . ' '- ,Ca Q TPI-7' 2- Secretary Jean Frazier Flower Red Roses Historian Pal Williams Ruby Terry Motto: "In Ourselves, Our Future Lies". Page Ten I J 6, E l0li ULASS .' I, I " 1 fe MV - Q X f Jeter Allred, Jr. d X gg ' .N ' V 06 J Q60 Oyce ef B XY 6 'QJQL lu7!?tt O10 ,wp Meredith Bynum Eldridge Carter XASEB 012, 8 X.-0 G9 1' Jack Frazxer page Eleven oef one' SE lllll ' r 213-Zac'-:V 55 Q,,w:v"'A5ff, Bobbie Greene 0006 2-M cpe O 1-6,00 gi ' Q' X. g5'::,"' ' A Fred Henry Lewis Jenkins R k E: ene J McFaY den QV e0fge ce Junior Mabe G Page rwelue gvf 2 N Q Q09 Lkffiil 4 sa- if ,-2 1:7' s. I X Jac que line Rankin J' pl, anc es Robjnso H E WHS Mary Anne Nicholson 4? 5 Mack Rankin Peggy Robbins kr' 1,-5' Carl Thompson Margaret Us Page Thirtee 5eYY Most Popular Walter Abbott Bobbie Greene Best Looking Mary A. Nicholson Jeter Allred Friendlie st William Howell Peggy Harris Most carefree Jack Frazier Bobbie Greene Best dressed Pal Williams Mary A. Nicholson Most athletic Joyce Bennett Fred Henry Most likely to succeed Jean Frazier Billy Cloninger Most Dignified Eldridge Carter Margaret Ussery Most dependable Billy Cloninger Ruby Terry . Most studious Eldridge Carter Ruby Terry Cutest Margaret Ussery George McFayden Best personality William Howell Mary A. Nicholson Best all-around William Howell Mary A. Nicholson Wittiest Joyce Bennett Mack Rankin SUPEltLATlVEi ffi-EFTQI ' 6 A 'f a WSW G ' ."' :af f"f gg M 1 ' ix ,Z " 5 4 xgi A v f TY, . 'EL-V J, f 4 6 if Ev-vfaf . X -I I K' Ls. -"." R G W if w 5 V I U . lfjtxlt J l. 1 W X , .. rv g ,IU ax K3 14-4 f J. tl' viii x 2 rl, eu rgvk " 4 if i,'v fur N Liz f5?sJgf"N' A 1 GA QW-qll,: i fi jgfkfks M "Q ' ff x W 5 ff " X, -, r ' ' ca. 4 ' V 1 . AHL, .xii : J , .f. .. fn-4 -'D' X M 1 f 'E ' xx 'f'fxQ,' M' X -4' 'why fi? . 'ill Q,--1 If in 5 6, y xl 9 54 - Q. K: LL f AJ si-I LD W ' i if J ,gp -s EE A ,, Il f ? 4 S l I as jk, S A Q -N f' , s -ag, C lg ' O 'V ' fX ' Q -j' . N Q I j st . w A, X 2 'rw U - ' a A " , ' EX' Vi? . ' , -.... fl ,fi QQ V J' lc V JFQQA cg ill! ilei , t Page Four te -..-4 CLASS PIHIPHECY On December 23, 1960 as I was doing my last minute Christmas shopping in Raleigh, North Carolina, who should I meet but William Howell, who is teaching Agriculture in one of the Raleigh High Schools. He told me that Pal Williams is head of the Construction Company that is build- ing a bridge from New York to Liverpool, England. After leaving William, I went into a very exclusive shop to buy my best friend, Ruby Smith, the former Ruby Terry, a gift. As I walked through the store, there was Joyce Bennett, a great actress, looking down on the fur coats with a nonchalant attitude until a model came out wearing a beautiful mink. Under the coat was Mary Frances Robinson, who told us that Peggy Robbins was now married and the mother of five fine boys. Joyce made our hearts skip a beat when she told us that Jacqueline Rankin was secretly engaged to the Vice-President of the United States, Meredith Bynum, whose secretary is none other than Betty Lou Craven. Recovering from that shock and realizing how late it was, I bought my gift and started down the street. CI was so tired I decided to catch a bus. As I stepped into the bus, I heard one of Mack Rankin's famous re- marks and lo and behold! there he was making eyes at a beautiful blonde when he should have been driving. Among his passengers was Jack Frazier who was on his way home from the Navy. He told me that Jeter Allred was a famous geologist in Calcutta, seeking hidden treasures. He also said that while waiting over in San Francisco he saw Bobbie Greene, now the wife of John Derek, the handsome movie star. They are living in a thirty room mansion, designed by Mar- garet Ussery, a famous architect. He said that he was planning to visit Arnold Raines, owner of an asparagus farm in South Carolina. By this time I had reached the other side of town, and as I stepped Bill Cloninger, now a policeman, directing traffic. He took time from his few minutes, and told me sity of North Carolina, after completing four successful years of football off the bus, there was duties to talk to me a Justice at the Univer- there. After Bill had that Fred Henry was Assistant Coach to Charlie held up traffic long enough for me to cross the street, I decided to stop somewhere for a snack. The sign "Glady,s Grill" caught my eye so I entered, only to find that Gladys Raines was the owner and manager here. Gladys and I sat down and as I sipped the delicious coffee, she added to my information about Ellerbe School Cafeteria versity of Colorado. our classmates by telling me that Louise Gardner was a dietitian in the and that Ruby Goins was working in the Science Department at the Uni- As I hurried up the saw Eldridge standing in street I noticed a sign "Carter's Florist". Looking a little closer I the door. I stopped to speak and learned that he'd just returned from a Florida vacation. He told me that as he boarded the plane he glanced up at one of the hostesses and to his amazement it was Peggy Harris. Just then a delivery boy came by with Eldridge's mail among which was a Christmas card from Jack Martin. Jack wrote a little note inside tel- ling Eldridge that he and Lewis Jenkins were ABC officers in Vermont. As our conversation con- tinued about our classmates, Eldridge told me that the day before he'd sold George McFayden, a dozen roses for Mary Anne Nicholson, now a nurse in one of the larger hospitals there. It was getting late, so I started on my way. I remembered that Ineeded a pair of shoes, so I stopped in at Worth McNair's shoe store. I sank down in one of the large chairs and up walked a friendly clerk, who Iimmediately recognized as Essie Lee Greene. After exchanging greetings, I asked to see Worth. She said that he'd gone to Charlotte to see Walter Abbott who was injured in a boxing match with Junior Mabe, there. Just then, in walked Marlene Broome and her two little girls. After looking around I found a pair of shoes that suited my taste. I looked on the label and to my surprise found that they were designed by Carl Thompson. Glancing at my watch, I realized that I was late and got ready for a lecture on punctuality from Mr. McCa1lister, the Superintendent of City Schools, who is my boss. Jean Frazier Prophet Page Fifteen 7' " ' -W ,-f,-7-'W . ,YWW YYYW Y -K V H i ZQJJ :lull IIIH W-Mx ff-'fw-Q ,, W., , f A W' arm: H -' ' :if?," 'WDW 4--W , g ' -' I. ' A - I I at .-gpuww N -. 'fx-32' irw-un' f"m. 4 FT' Page Sxzteen JUNIIIR CLASS A ll UFFICER af, ' fl F, ' YT' wr , ,A A. 'X , 1 Lydia Currie Bill Lawrende Marion Chapell President Vice-President Secretary and Treas. In September 1947, we entered high school as a group of excited freshmen. That year we chose as our class officers: President, Billy LowdermilkgVice-President, Bill Ballardg Secretary, Ellin Briggs. Our dreams of changing classes, having a different teacher for our different subjects, and having parties together were really coming true. Later we found that it was not all parties but much hard work. When school closed in May 1948, we were looking forward to being sophomores with only three more years to go. We chose in the fall of '48 as our officers: President, El- dridge Carterg Vice-President, Billy Lowdermilkg and Secretary, Lydia Currie. This year slipped quickly away with many pleasant memories. When our junior year rolled around we looked forward to our Junior-Senior Banquet, our junior play, and the many other interesting events. We chose as our officers this year: President, Lydia Currie, Vice-President, Billy Lawrence, and Secretary, Marion Chappell. This year promises to be a happy year for the juniors. We are excitedly looking forward to our senior year in the dear old Ellerbe High. ,ign- G , . 'bn -a 4 425- "' ge '1.'fft A Bill Ballard James Bennett Buck Blue . , Ellin Briggs 'Q Paul Caudle "' - Q 4+ 4.1 - 'ar' eb, .ffl 5: g g ,, , Mac Comer ' u r Q ' N 5. if Curtis Covington 'A 1 L F' 1 ii' li' Josephine Greene Page Seventee C' F 1 is W I I 9 QI we "2 R -r Lf' Q.: vi, , Q1-, is T l G 1 , : N 1 ?:f-- 'Qs Eighteen Sue Hancock Agusta Hartman Lucille Hartman Ed Hawks Vernon Henderson Robert Jenkins Lucille Lockhart Golia Lofin Billy Lowdermilk Hazel Lovin Baxter Mclntyre Clara Mae Mclntyre Thomas McQueen Dallas Meacham Rachel Nelson Kathryn Nicholson Billie Olive Bruce Rankin Betty Joe Rush Minnie Russell Johnnie Shelton Virginia Shepherd Joe' Sugg Ralph Terry Jack Treece Barbara Tilly Claurice Webb Phyllis Young IIPIIUMURE GLASS and IIFFICER fa-., , 3 L X QQ'-v .I Q... .1-., X - I 5 K- x if Q' 5 x i , , Harris Rummage President Lawrence McRae Vice-President S: L- 6' i , if .If if 2 516.4 IT! Y" ft---' 9:6 wt.. ' w' . .zi'..j , f-- It WF' It l ' 'X . ' i Ri 1 ,K , 5 y 1 Q: 1' y A 5: M W tvs 'ai D 52.5 ZA? Gale Cloninger Elva Fulp Secretary Treasurer Stella Bowman 4 Anne Broadway .1 i Mollie Chappell Thomas Covington 5 James Frazier 7' M 3 Sally Gardner Mabel Gibson J. D. Greene ' Joe Greene it N 4, David Jenkins X 'W V il .- in I A a. w 56- , fl 1 Xxx X ' I ' A ,K M XXX f Lg - QI 5 9- 1275 it J Fi Page Nine te S38 W? Sa' X35 Henry Jenkins Harlan Joyce .Timmy Martin Betty Jean Mclmmis Lillian Mclnnis Mary McNair Ruth McQueen Archie Meachum Bobby Miller Ethel Myrick Louella Nunn Maxine Parks Douglas Rabb Jane Rabb Nellie Raines 1 X ,, . Absent: Grady Shepherd Graham Snyder Hazel Terry ' Van Terry -nw... f-5 Gordon Treece Hawk Clementine Webb Jimmy Williams Kitty Williams George Wilson SBK, David Thompson ' ,., if SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY In 1948 about forty excited students entered the Freshman class. We were noted for being the smallest class to enter high school in years. Our homeroom teachers were Miss Esther Taggert and Miss Jane Beachum. We chose as our class officers the following: Tom Covington, Presi- dentg Herman Stutts, Vice-Presidentg Ethel Myrick, Secretaryg and Susann McLean, Treasurer. 4 Entering the Sophomore class in 1949, we felt very dignified. Mr. J. D. Bradford and Mr. John Phillips were our homeroom teachers. We chose as our class officers this year, Harris Rummage, Presidentg Lawrence McRae, Vice-Presidentg Gayle Cloninger, Secretaryg and Elva Fulp, Treasurer. We are patiently waiting our junior year of hilarious events to come after two hard years of patient striving. u Gayle Cloninger Page Twenty 5. FRE HMA CLASS Q Q' Q, m 4' iff. ' tn , Q-wx Lax .Q , ' , V' 5, 1 tty lf 4 A a Clegg Covington Johnsie A. Sugg Shirley McFayden Reba McCall President V-President Secretary Treasury 'wT."'j : .' 5' 1 Un. uf f M wa R 'Q 4, W gg ' . e- ' y.. ,. h fo I. W Q l P 52 W If 74 V 6 I any Q E A B -, " . Q . .-1 . -ax X' f A at x , I! :a'...f ' -1 'Mx l a 'K G-1 -" 'L' ' g dl ' 75" Q, R49 12, fe-H A fig' D ef' 5 5' ' .l by ' I 'Q . ,. 'J A 'x ' f i 72 A , or S l Q,',,,- -, t. 'TS' 1 Richard Abbott Buck Baxley Moses Bennett Rotha Bennett Phillip Blakely Estelle Campbell Dorothy Chappell Larry Chappell Hassie Cobler Ardale Covington Bernie Cox Harold Cox John Walter Davis Marie East Paul Graham Patsy Hall Betty Harris Robert Heath Carol Henderson Kenneth Hill Maggie Hill Richard Holloway Betty Sue Hollingsworth Reese Hunsucker Robert Ingram QE 9 3- K gf 1 in Q, 4. . 9' ,fa y N . xr L K 'S , 'f .1711 i ...b is 2 . IQ gf, 'cr-I 5 fp.. -7.- 'vu ...gw .N out , sr. 'M 5 , S.. W, . ,ff E , .,... T in -i ... C- A lg, ff' fmt T . bl , ' 3' lim x 9, x as V dj 1 , .wif-' eip S 5 Hg, Page Twefty- two ' " o 6 Q ., K A- ,R xv 5? In 'Gr' 2 L K, my 7.1 9 ' Lois Kiger John W. King Betty Jean Liles Lillian Lisk R. D. Loflin, Jr. Doris Mabe Mildred Mallock Thomas Culler Benford McFayden Billy McFayden Robert Mclnnis Lorine Oakleyi Annie L. Puckett Agnes Raines Mary C. Raines Olive Rankin Thomas Rankin Annie R. Reynolds Polly Richardson Mary Robbins Richard Russell Mary L. Shepherd Mary L. Smith Wilma Smith Boots Sugg Archie Thompson Dwight Treece Ella J. Treece Larry Vuncannon Carlene Warner '-Ci? 1 N l l I ll "I'AIlF Editor Associate Editor . . Assistant Editors. . Business Manager- ......... . . . Associate Business Manager. . . . . . Assistants . Sports Editor ........ . . . Associate Sports Editor . . . . . . Assistant Sports Editor . . . . . . Literary Editor. . . Associate Literary Editor. . . . . . Assistants. . ....... ... .....- Joyce Bennett Lydia Currie Marion Chappell Eldridge Carter Jeter Allred Bobbie Greene James Bennett Rachel Nelson Joe Sugg Pal Williams Fred Henry Bill Ballard Clara Mae McIntyre Ruby Terry Billie Olive Baxter McIntyre Peggy Harris Jean Frazier A-:fi JVM ly- three P0 S0ll MRS. EVELYN BENNETT Ed.-in-Chief, Joyce Bennett MISS JOYCE HENDERSON Bus. Mgr. Bobbie Greene umm M' 1 W, 4 fm , VN a A ar MRS. BURGESS MORRIS Literary Editor, Ruby Terry Page Twent S MISS ANNE EWING Sports Editor, Fred Henry I I u I I , Q is fl MVK ff 5 fi' , , wg i5 if .4-f' QA, lgmx aww. , J! K . fl 3 Eg.. Q, 'F' ' . .1 Page Twenty-flue fi ,ff QQ LOS COMPANEROS ESPANOLES Organized in 1949, the Spanish Club enables students to gain a fuller insight into the folkways, customs, and mores of the Spanish speaking peoples. Programs consist of plays and general discussions. This year the members have been on hikes and enjoyed other recreational values to promote interest. First Row: Clara Mae McIntyre Bobbie Greene Joyce Bennett Second Row: Eldridge Carter Mack Comer .Toe Sugg Lydia Currie Billy Lowdermilk James Bennett Baxter McIntyre Virginia Shepherd Billie Olive The Spanish Club On A Hike 3531255534 was is is 5 f aww ff ia sm W fx Q", A sg ' Page Twrn ty- y The Senior 4-H Club meets the first Tuesday of each month in the school auditorium. The meeting begins with a short program lasting about thirty minutes and the boys and girls separate to have separate classes. The leaders are Mr. Robert Flake and Miss Frances McCraw. The club officers are: Neil Covington, President, Reba McCall, Vice-President, Clara Mae McIntyre, Secretary and Treasurer, Dallas Meachum, Song Leader, and Eldridge Carter, Reporter. The 4-H Club endeavors to help boys and girls take an interest in the home and farm. Each member carries out a project that interests him and helps to teach him better farm methods. Each member is expected to keep accurate records of each project taken. It is interesting to note the variety of projects taken by the members. and the progress they make in the process of carrying them out. """'W""'!! First row: Harold Cox John Walter Davis R. D. Loflin. Second row: Golia Loflin, Paul Caudle, Philip Blakely, Richard Abbott, Kenneth Hill, Bruce Rankin, Harris Rummage. Third row: Ralph Terry, Dallas Meacham, Joe Sugg, Buck Blue, Boot Sugg, Neil Coving- ton, Archie Thompson and Archie Meacham. , Y Page lwenty ' . .m.,.Q :- First row: Reba McCall, Jane Rabb, Catherine, Raines, Carol Henderson, Doris Mabe, Johnsie Sugg, Mary Robbins. Second row: Molly Chappell, Gale Clon- inger, Clementine Webb, Carlene Warner, Clara Mae Mclntyre, Nellie Raines. The Ellerbe High School Bible Club was organized in May, 1949. The first meeting was held September 29, 1949. The following officers were chosen: President, Ruby Terry, Vice-President, Baxter Mclntyreg Secretary, Billy Lowdermilkg Treasurer, Mary Anne Nicholson. The purpose of the club is to help others in worship and recreation. It publishes a monthly newsletter. The p1u'pose of this letter is to have a small devotion and inform the former Bible students as well as the club members of the happenings of the school. The members have been working on community projects and writing to missionaries. The Club started with nineteen members and now has forty-eight on roll. With this number the club expects to accomplish many things for the betterment of others. JU lllli PLAY UA 'P First row: Ruby Goins, Anne Ewing, Joyce First row: Betty Joe Rush, Barbara Tilly, Josephine Greene, Lydia Currie, Rachel Nel- Bennett, Jean Frazier. son, Clara Mae McIntyre. S d : F d H ,W'll' H 11, econ row re enry 1 lam Owe Second row: Tom McQueen, James Ben- Pal Wi11iHmS, and MiSS Margaret Wayne- nett, Eldridge Carter, Joe Sugg, Billy Lowder- milk, and Baxter Mclntyre. Pagz- Twenty-englrt F.ll.A. In October 1949, a group of high school girls met in the Home Economics building for the purpose of organizing a Future Homemakers of America chapter. The following were elected officers, President, Ellin Briisg Vice-President, Rachel Nelson, Secretary, johnsie Sugg. Mrs. W. S. McRae was chosen as our chapter mother. q--is fi Fourth Row: Peggy Robbins, Olive Rankin, Carol Henderson, Reba McCall, Josephine Greene, Mrs. W. S. McRae, Doris Mabe, jac- queline Rankin, Rachel Nelson, Mary Robinson, Marlene Joyce. Third row: Betty Hollingsworth, Barbara Tilly, Hazel Lovin, Betty Lou Craven, Kathryn Nicholson, Ellin Briggs, Lydia Currie. Second row: Annie R. Reynolds, Lillian Lisk, Minnie Russell, Agnes Raines, Lois Kiger, Lorine Oakley, Betty Liles. First row: Mary Lou Sheperd, Wilma Smith, Kathryn Raines, Polly Richardson, Estelle Campbell. ui! Fourth row: Mary Robbins, Marie East, Ella 1. Treece, Miss Huggins, Patsy Hall, Margaret Ussery, Gladys Raines. Third row: Carlene Warner, Clementine Webb, Sue Hancock, Zonz Covington, Mary Louise Smith. Second row: Ardele Covington, Betty Haris, Iohnsie Sugg, Clara Mae Mclntyre, Maxine Parks. First row: Shirley McFayden, Kitty Wil- liams, Jane Rabb, Annie Lee Pucket, Mildred Mallock. Page Tbenty-HID? F.F.A. The following were chosen as officers: President, William Howell, Vice-President, George McFaydeng Secretary, Billy Cloninger, Reporter, Lewis Jenkins, Treasurer, Neil Covington, and Chapter Adviser, W. O. Bryant. Meetings of the club are held every first Monday night of each month. The highlight of this year is the father and son banquet which is to be held sometime in February. J fs , 32 First row: Harlan Joyce, Kenneth Hill, Junior Bennett, W. O. Bryant, Robert Ingram, Richard Abbott, Moses Bennett, Richard Russell. Second row: Jimmy Williams, Phillip Blakely, Archie Meachum, Johnny Shelton, Richard Henderson, Vernon Henderson, Jimmy Martin. Third row: Jimmy Martin, Larry Vun- cannon, Carl Thompson, Billy Cloninger, Mack Rankin, David Thompson, Joe Green, James Frazier, and George Wilson. , J, , .,.g,,,z, R 4-' 1-.mmf , fs i-. First row: Allen Bennett, Paul Caudle, John Walter Davis, Harris Rummage, Golia Loflin, Robert Mclnnis, and Billy McFayden. Second row: Lawrence McRae, Jack Fra- zier, Ralph Terry, Bruce Rankin, Junior Mabe, Worth McNair, and Arnold Rains. Third row: Curtis Covington, Mack Comer, William Howell, Lewis Jenkins, David Thomp- son, Meredith Bynum, Neil Covington, and Tom McQueen. N I g Thirfy , 'ae ULASS PICTURE N TYPING. CLASS SENIOR BIBLE CLASS HISTORY CLASS .. -'t"""w--I v'5,Q:,f' f' snip 'Z - 'N i?'!F'?41:,mijw1t-W,-:. fjsww -W, -f-.-,,,g..'w-QQ, .PQI Mu, -" .- 'Was 4 A M, I, .LM M, ,, , , I BIBLE CLASS GYM UNDER CONSTRUCTION MR. MAC 81 STUDENTS ,JL ' Q, S- I V' - .af ,, 'f , V i' 3 , , -,f ig nv Wikia b f ' -'Q I , 'ig 4 . v.,. , ' I' "Af-I 1" --... .V,A,.A I 1 L Iv?-.5 .I 3, .. ' f" I 1. . f fm IQ, WW M Zz! M ' ,Q S Miigyglf Mk Eg 1,2215 Ai YZ ai' 'ii I 5 " in at A J 4? In 'T" I A II, X5 Y ,Q , Q V I " YU, 1' , ,Z AL - 5, r III' I ' BIBLE CLASS IUNIOR COOKS LIBRARY WORKING IN SHOP JUNIOR I ENGLISH CLASS m 1 W A -fu- ,. i gn 2 -'rf Eldridge Carter Lydia Currie Joyce Bennett Peggy Harris Bill Cloninger Jr. Rep. Pres. of Ir. Class Sr. Rep. Pres. of Sr. Class President Bill Lowdermilk OUR STUDENT GOVERNMENT . Re . Jr p Our Student Government plays a most prominent and effective part in the activities of our school. jd Organized from a president, officers, faculty advi- 'ss K L, f' sor, and representatives from every room, the 1-. an 4- 1 W , V. Z' . an 1 Miss Jane W :Z TQ Beachum 8 ,M ' Faculty Advisor M Q 'ff wx sf -y X . c Harris Rummage Pres. of Soph. Class Henry Jenkins Tom Covington Soph. Rep. Soph. Rep. I 4.21 , - eh. W Q W' w ,,, 1 -P .L ' - e if aan, X Ji! 5 QA, , 1 'f I U . if council is efficient and capable of handling almost any problem connected with the school. The main purpose of our student government is to enforce the by-laws of the constitution. Every student and every faculty member recognizes the council and appreci- ates its efforts to make our school more democratic. Clegg Covington Mary L. Smith Marie East Fresh. Pres. Fresh. Rep. Fresh. Rep. Q 'Ti 4' Q GN ff is :L , ra- 42 .1 tm' , ' X, Page Thirty-l f NEW TEAM The year 1949 marked the first foot- ball season for Ellerbe High School in twenty years. This year the school obtained its first coach and it has begun progressing in sports. Wonderful train- ing by Coach Lauffer led the six-man team to a successful season. The team was very good on offense and went on to win six and lose two. Most of the team was made up of seniors who put forth all they had to win. The seniors were as follows: Rankin, MacFayden, Jenkins, Frazier, Williams, Clonniger, and co-captains Allred and Henry. ftp- Q s '1 4 , Q-Page afw2q4?n.l .,5..,..,g.w. 1ii51?,!'!F'sMlllstelifgijr x ,Z ei an J ,M 4' E, ,aff , NA , .. X Q3 K ' - f any ffl "2:',,.f,, A , ,f , H ff 1 1 1 ,W E 5 'u ,wg 'tries Q 'fi:,Z,f , "al "3" r 3, v HM: nl? ' ' 'A'A.f:C' ff f -XT , . if 2.,A."! A .E ' First Row: Treece, Rummage, Henderson, Frazier, MacFayden, Rankin, Bemxett, B. Henry. Second Row: Hunsucker, DeWitt Sny- der, Blue, Meachum, Williams, Rabb, Coach Lauffer. Third Row: Sugg, Clonniger, Jenkins, F Henry, Allred, D. Jenkins, Ballard. Page T hlrty-three PURT 0F 49'50 Fred Henry, Jeter Allred CO-CAPTAINS Yrs. Ballard, Allred, Rankin, MacFayden, Clonniger, Henry 4 t, ,v 1? Q . w Q. , "'w ' jx-'N 4 ' ew'fef53L3EgQ Snatch and Grab It" "Hold that Lion" -4 ,, W . 1 3 ' , i "The End" "Watchout" Ellerbe . . . . 6 Ellerbe . . . . 43 Ellerbe . . . . 19 Ellerbe . . . . 38 Ellerbe . . . . 50 Ellerbe . . . . 24 Ellerbe . . . . 63 Ellerbe . . . . 50 Page Thlr I Pittsboro Troy . . . Mt. Gilead Pittsboro Carthage . Candor . . Biscoe . . Lilesville y- four "All the Way" True-toe Clonniger . . 38 ..0 ..13 ..27 ..13 ..36 ..13 ..13 mils' . N I - x A h1i1': N5 fi ,-.Ji W' "Let's Whup'em" Dynamite! I , .14 f Q?-in Q J I I ,I 2 ffxf Big Three Good-bye Seniorg The Forward Wall" MacFayden, Henry, and Clonniger Q P g Tlnrry-flve 4 BA K Looking at the number of wins and losses, the 1949-1950 boys basketball team was per- haps not the best ever experienced by the school, but the team produced more thrills than those of more successful seasons. The team was always near the top in the county, they were never a pushover. It was a fighting team that beat Troy in the last ten seconds to get sweet revenge on them for their defeats they had handed us in previous years. The team has won 9 and lost 6 games up to date, and are expecting to win many more. Lacking in height but having more than their share of speed, the team, under Coach R. A. Lauifer plays a very fast game. The highest scoring game so far was against Biscoe when the team scored 54 point only to lose in the last five seconds. ,gk ETBALL B. Sugg, J. Sugg, B. Ballard F. Henry, P. Williams First Row: Meachum, Chappell, MacFayden, Rankin, Rummage, Blue. Second Row Coach Lauffer, Henry, VonCannon, B. Sugg, J. Sugg, Williams, Page TflI.Viy'5 Bennett, Ballard. Ballard connects Tense moment! Ellerbe Candor . . . Ellerbe Wingate . . Ellerbe Biscoe . . . Ellerbe Hoffman . . Ellerbe Biscoe . . . Ellerbe Mt. Gilead Ellerbe Troy .... Ellerbe Star .... Ellerbe Wingate .. Ellerbe Rockingham Ellerbe Lilesville . Ellerbe Hoffman . . Ellerbe Mt. Gilead Ellerbe Hamlet . . . 3 N 3 Poor Biscoe! . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . Joe pushes one. "I surrender" "Footsie" hits for two FUCI1 GIRLS' SPIIRT The 1949-1950 girl's basketball team of Ellerbe is in the process of organizing a good team. Although actual experience is lacking, the team promises to offer scrappy and tough competition to anyone who challenges. Fresh- men make up a large part of the team and despite their youth and inexperience they have captured coveted first places on the starting team. Under the direction of Coach Lauffer, the team has made several good starts but lack the reserves to keep the score in their favor. In the years to come the team should be an excellent one because they only loose three seniors who are Marlene Joyce, Joyce Bemiett, and Bobbie Greene. The team, so far, has won 5, tied 1, and lost 9. Judging from the attitude of the girls themselves, it is evident that they will win more games during the latter part of the season. Now Girls 11 First Row: McFayden, Chappell, Fulp, Myrick, Joyce, Henderson, Mabe. Second Row Coach Lauffer, Rush, Sugg, Chappell, Bennett, Greene, Currie, McIntyre, Rains. Not present McCall Hancock. Page Thirty-e lghl Elle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe E lle rbe E lle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe Elle rbe "Defensive Crew " Varsity Squad Candor. . . Wingate . . Biscoe . . . Hoffman . . Biscoe . . . Mt. Gilead Troy .... Star ..... Win ate g .... . . . Rockingham Candor. . . Lilesville . Hoffman . . Mt. Gilead Hamlet. . . '19 37 28 40 30 36 42 23 24 29 30 22 38 30 26 fi M, "Rebound Rush" McCall in action. I....--..-.. I Phone 51 I : iciiuivco iiilfliilmihoir' C-OfilHlilD an in 'JV I Lmilfm .mf 13i.ia1f,1f, sufspzif, I ifiicrlir, WILSON and CROUCH Phone 67 I Groceries and General Merchandise I F. C. X. Feeds and Farm Supplies I YOUR PATRONACE APPRECIATED I . Ellerbe North Carolina N. fC. Compliments of COMMONWEALTH HOSIERY MILLS BOSTICK'S ELECTRIC SERVICE C. S. Bostick, Owner Phone 89 Frigidaire Appliances All Electric Appliances Serviced Wiring Contractors I I' NANCE HARDWARE CO. Phone II Dealers in Allis Chalmers Farm Marchinery and Kelvinater Applainces Ellerbe North Carolina Compliments From NORMAN LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Norman North Carolina RUMMAGE BROS. SERVICE STATION Ellerbe North Carolina TOURIST CAFE HOT LUNCHES CAP'S SERVICE STATION I SHORT ORDERS L. E. Ballard, Mgr. SANDWICHES -I - - - Gasoline - Oils - Tires - Tubes I Finest Weatherstrip Equipment accessories Properly Installed Ellerbe North Carolina L. w. GREENE --1---1 Phone 99 WARNER DRUG CO. Ellerbe North Carolina Prescriptions Toiletories Sundries MEEKS SERVICE STATION D rugs Ellerbe North Carolina AMOCO PRODUCTS P F y- SUGG MOTDR CDMPAN Used Cars General Repaurs DUNLOP Dealer for Tires Tubes and Batterues C S Oil Lubrlcatnon Washlng Pollshung 24 Hour Wrecker and Road Servnce Blenheim Blocks General Truckmg Vllerbe North Carolma L G DEWITT INC Produce Carrner Ellerbe North Carolma Phones L G DEWITT Ellerbe 2 B Manager Candor 49 F21 Compllments of McNAlR SERVICE STATION ELLERBE TRACTOR CO Ford Tractors 5 Dearborn Equlpment Norman North Carolina Pgf' h a--.n ..u .u .. DayPl'1or1e165 .. .. .. .. Night Phone:7-4 RHEW S IEWELRY HENDERSON DRUG COMPANY Guaranteed The Rexall Store Watch and jewelry Repairing Phone 124 Ellerbe North Carolsna Ellerbe North Carolnna FARM SUPPLY COMPANY johns Manvulle Buuldnng Supplies Farm Machinery Insecticides Phone I5 Ellerbe North Carolnna C omplzments of WEBBS 00 ERAL T000 WE00 F000 0 TER Ellerbe North Carolina P e Forty-four PlCKE'I"l' and LANIER 5 - I0 Cr DEPARTMENT STORE ffm' XXX Lf 1 fl - ex z ff! A jf f ,,.' X A Ellerbe 'X North Carolina Q3 A ELLERBE McLEOD SANDHILL CLEANERS M951 Esso SERVICE -fwe pick Up and Delivern Ellerbe North Carolina Phone I4 TREECE'S MARKET Quality Meats and Groceries Eilerbe North Carolina Phone 49 A. W. Treece, Prop Ellerbe North Carolina P ge Forty-five l l IACK R. HORTON GIBSON FURNITURE CO. FURNITURE COMPANY The Home of Real Bargains General Groceries Complete Home Furnishings Ellerbe North Carolina Ellerbe North Carolina CURRIES STORE Compliments of Oliver Farm Machinery McLAURIN'S AUTO PARTS jackson Springs North Carolina MAYFAIR GRILL Compliments of Steaks Chops FRIED CHICKEN ELLERBE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE Grade A P F E. E. VU CANNON Agents tor Leading Brands ot Fertilizer We Sell Feed, l-lay, and Buy Your Crain Give Us A Trial Ellerbe North Carolina Compliments of Meet Your Friends at STRIDERS LUNCH COX BARBER SHOP Dinners - Sandwiches - Milkshakes Ellerbe North Carolina Mt. Gilead North Carolina D. R. McASKILL Plumbing Service Popular Makes of Bath and Kitchen Fixtures Water Heaters and Pumps Installed and Serviced Ellerbe North Carolina P g F y Compliments of JACK MCAULAY SHELL SERVICE MT GILEAD N c UNITED MILLS CORPQRATION Mt. Gilead North Carolina Makers of Cotton Rayon Nylon KIRKS DRY CLEANERS Dependable Dry C leanlng Service Slups and Brasslers Mullllllll llllllllllll CROSLEY ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Flrestone Home and Auto Supply Store CeneralRepalr Weldnng Panntlng Wrecker Servnce Phone 24 Ellerbe North Carolnna , , . . O D 7 W 3 . J . Telenhone 34 P F - I1 Compliments of ROCKINGHAM FURNITURE CC. Congratulations to the Class of 1950 ROCKINCI-IAM NORTH CAROLINA CLEANING LAUNDRY Mt Gnlead North Crolma I l CITY DRY CLEANERS Agfp I I ' N I Compliments of 'IIIIIIIWIIII ELECTRIC IIIIIIIPIIIIY Everything Electrical Phone I I ROCKINGI-IAM NORTH CAROLINA I " I Compliments of I WOOD'S 5 8: l0c STORES I Rockingham North Carolina I f I PHONE: 348 LAND TRUCK 8: TRACTOR CO. 4I I West Washington Street ROCKINGHAM, NORTH CAROLINA INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS e FARMALL TRACTORS o McCORMlCK FARM EQUIPMENT INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER REFRIGERATION FOX DRUG STORE Compliments of O h S " n T e quare" KAY S Prescriptions First Phone ZO or 340 Rockingham North Carohna Clothes of Charm Rockmgham Hotel Bunldung BQB 5 CLEANERS Ph I72 one 217 W Washnngton St Rockungham North Carolina Rocklngham North Carolsna Shop Wrth Confidence and Wear With Prvde - Y l 1 9 1 . . . , ifffif fffflff T Page Fzfty-one HILLSIDE FLORIST Congrafulation to the Class of '50 l THE Hua 2l4 East Franklin St. S. Lee ST. Phone 585 T I h eep one 83 Home of Richmond County's Only Rockingham North Carolina Bargain Basement Compliments of 'illllE Mil lllFilCTlllllllll Ulllllllil Y Manufacturers of Cotton Goods Phone 57 ROCKINCHAM NORTH CAROLINA Page Fifty- two Compliments of IIICIIMO II UIIUIITY BUILDING and LOA ASSIICIA'I'IlI "SAVE TODAY FOR YOUR NEEDS OF TOMORROW" Current Dnvudend Rafe 3X ROCKINCHAIVI NORTH CAROLINA BRISTOW DRUG CO The Rexall Store Rockmgham North Carolma WALKER CARR MOTORS INC elm ff 'Tl L Seuuce Telephone 281 Hr wefsen Helehfe G4 f U E 6 ,ID ROGKINGHAM N C . . of . ll " Y w 2 9 . 8 ' ' Q L, . Uv' - rr ' n KWE Lffl O Q E, Q15 O LLT 001.772 9 0 0 f ECCNCMY AUTCD SUPPLY GOODRICH WESTINGHOUSE EVAIXS OIL HEATERS Congratulatrons to the Class of 50 HALLUM FUIWITUHE C0 ?10gILLgf5, ?10n1 , , I Roclzinglmam, N. C. l . C P Ff-f CITY MARKET Fresh Meats Crocerles Frozen Foods Phones 551 552 L M Wullnams Owner Rocklngham North Caroluna MclNNIS MOTOR COMPANY INC SALES SERVICE Lnncoln Mercury Ford Tractors Body Repanrlng and Repalntlng Phone 139 Rockungham North Carolina Complzme nts of R035 S I0 6' 256 STORES Always Furst With the Latest Rockmgham North Carollna 2 - . . " , Q 0 9 ll - u ,D Page Flfty five CAROLINA STANDARD CORPORATION WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE T. C. l-lollowell, Owner I W, P. McRae, Pres. L. V. Page, Sec. "Everything tor the Auto at Less Cost" All Kinds of Builders Supplies I lO7 W. Washington St, Rockingham North Carolina Telephone 473 .,,.,.,,,,,,,,-,,,.,,,,,,-,,,,,-1,, DALRYMPLE RESTAURANT Lumber - Paint - Hardware - Roofing ..FOr Food at HS Best.. Millwork - Gypsum Products Our Specialty Rockingham North Carolina Steaks Clcllcken Rockingham North Carolina LAND and COVINCTON FURNITURE Co. R. L. SAUNDERS Telephone l3 Rockingham North Carolina Buy Sell Trade WEBB'S ESSO STATION Terms S. l-lancock and U. S. No, l Rockingham North Carolina Page Fifty-slz 1-ff ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 . 1 11 1 . 1 11 12 1? 1 , 1 1 11 1 I f , I ,P 4 I 'EL 11 w r 'I , I I 1 A I r V V M J H is ' f if Y fl. Q 1 il in I E I I fl 51 I ' x 1 Y - 'r ,. 1 ,,,,4L : :.: 'S ,,

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