Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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, 'rn'- 'Y - - , . B, . , . . ,-,fk P ,M - A 4, L, -M .Af ,, -y--.. ' H 'EW-Q f2r1'nAAuenm!w,:.-W- ,..ff"" .,,..,-, ,ul - W1 A my-5 1 , +V 1 4 N .L 'M , W" i "5 " fl .4 ' ', M iff? 'rib Q!- 'WL Ar- api snip if ff? fi , Ari I .512 A g l wi g ' VK-9' . if E x ' A: 'V , r". , i FTIQW Q ' 1 1 in Q55 5 5 . 'ef ' , I T , Ii ?' K 1 f i if ., f- L Q I - F A 131 if , . x I izcw' 'lj rA, 5 A, FWF' was ,.1 1 QQ FA emmfwimiwvwixuffdmwhmwwwwwbmQ,",:m2!1'aiwii-Eififawfi F Ellenv Ile NY E E X f VI A . , K ' .JQSSKLK R L I , . . THE KEY TO FREEDOM Knowledge is defined as the act fact or state of knowing The absorp tion and application of knowledge are most important since they are determining factors for a prosperous future and a successful way of life One absorbs knowledge for a purpose he has an immediate goal lts attainment is contingent upon the success with which the knowledge has The formative years are a time for learning chiefly in the home and schools The acquisition of knowledge is fundamental in developing an appreciation for the good in securing a more satisfactory adgustment in a complex era and in furnishing an incentive for making worth while con tributions to the world Knowledge is truth the key to freedom been transmitted to the individual and the extent to which it is retained. DEDICATION devotion to The improvement of education and your inspiring example as a Teacher and citizen we the Class of 59 dedicate The fifth volume of The Shawangan To you Mr ClarkO Bloom In appreciation of your unselfish participation in class activities, your I . . , . . I I I , . . . Editor . ,, .,...,,..., A Associate Editor ,..,.o.. SHAWANGAN STAFF Leslie Kaplan Nancy Altman Advertising Editor os,.oo, ,E ooo.,o..o,o..,oo.,..,s.o. Susan Levitas Art Editors .....o,....-,o.. .,-,.. S andra Rosato and Linda Ross Business Editor .o,..,. ,.oo.o,,.,...,o.,s,.., J ohn Passmore Photography Editor Feature Editor o,....,u Literary Editor ,..-......,,,,.,.-,,,.,.,-,.,,...-..,,,.,..,.... Sports Editors .-..-,..-o,. Advisor ....,........ Financial, Advisor ..... Douglas and Arthur Simon Gretchen Kahl-Winter Maura Katz Marsha Kornblau and Martin Kramer Mrs. Belle Warsoff Mrs. Dora Kaufman DMINISWATION FXCUW "Our knowledge is The Thoughr and experience ' - erable minds." ,X 5 ADMINISTRATIO BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated Mr Ben Muller Presndent Mules Furman Mr Ben J Cramer Mr Reuben A Benson Standing Mr Sol Sfelnhoff Mr Leonard Wood Mr Harry F Gorman Mlssmg from Prcrure Mr Naihan Kushner Mr Rodney Terwllhger MR JOHN C BRAUN MR VINCENT P GILLEN Supervising Prrnclpal Jr Sr Hugh School Prmclpal OPPORTUNITY With doubt and dismay you are smitten You think there's no chance for you, son?" Why, the best books haven't been written The best race hasn't been run, The best score hasn't been made yet, The best song hasn't been sung, The best tune hasn't been played yet, Cheer up for the world is young! " And DAUGHTER, too. With apologies to BERTON BRALEY Dear Seniors, Your world of 1959 is small. Yes, much smaller than when you entered our high school as Freshmen in September 1955. In that short period of time Man has wrought many wonders, both good and bad. He has developed aircraft for both peacetime and military purposes which out- speed sound. He has discovered new drugs for the relief of suffering, the cure of disease and the prolongation of life. Dreaded polio is now on its way to extinction. He has devised the "H" bomb and even more powerful weapons of destruc- tion. He has harnessed the power of the atom for peace time uses. He has conceived and built intercontinental ballistic missiles. He has made great progress in conquering and revealing the mysteries of outer space. He is painfully developing a science of Peace as well as of Destruction. All of these achievements are opening new areas of opportunity for youth. With Commencement Day will come your departure from the protected environ- ment of your high school days to the more or less impersonal, cold world of further schooling, business, industry, farming, or homemaking. Your world is young. And you are, too. You possess the priceless assets of youth and optimism. Take advantage of a world, full of opportunities. All of us who have had the pleasure of working with you during these past four years are wishing for your future happiness and suCCeSS. Good lUCkl Sincerely, 7- Q - ' JOHN C. BRAUN Supervising Principal FACU LTY MISS IDA BESDESKY English MR. CLARK O. BLOOM Maihemaiics MRS. ALICE B. CRUMLEY English MISS FRANCES DUBOIS Guidance Director MRS. JANE DUQUETTE Home Economics MR. ROBERT ELLISON Science MR. ROBERT FEYH Indusirial Arts-Driver Ed. MR. JOSEPH C. GARCIA Science MR. RAMOND C. GETMAN lndusirial Arfs MISS J. OLGA GIBBS Girls' Physical Education MR. HOWARD C. GRAVES, JR. Science MRS. WILMA GRAVES Spanish-Art MISS JEAN GUTHRIE Librarian MISS S. EVELYN HAWKSLEY Girls' Physical Education MISS MARGARET HORNUNG Home Economics MR. RALF KATES Science MRS. DORA L. KAUFMAN English MR. MORRIS D. KAUFMAN Science-Mathematics .4irfv'9" FACU LTY if FACU LTY ,1 3 MR. WILLIAM KESSELMAN Citizenship Education MRS. FLORENCE KIRBY Mathematics MR. ANDREW KOOISTRA Art MISS ARLEEN KNUPP English MISS AMY LEFTENANT Home Economics MR. MURRAY LEHMAN Business Education MR. ROBERT A. MALOY Citizenship Education MRS. ANNE MARCUS Mathematics MR. WILLIAM MARTINEAU Science MR. LOUIS NEWMARK Music MR. LAWRENCE OSTRANDER Business Educaiion MRS. MARY OSTRANDER Citizenship Educafion MR. PIERCE A. PALMER Guidance MR. HARRY O. PEARSON, JR. Science MR. ALFRED W. ROBERTS Physical Education Director MRS. MURIEL A. SASHIN Science-Mathematics MRS. MILDRED E. SAUCEMAN English-Latin MR. JOHN C. SMEAD Music ACU LTY 'E' .W .55 . 1 wh ,. , ,kde 3 gi ww 5 gi! X MR. OWEN SMITH, JR. Citizenship Education MR. ROBERT SMITH French-Spanish MR. CHARLES WALSH Physical Education ,K 4 MRS. BELLE WARSOEE MR. SEYMOUR WARSOFE Citizenship Ed. English -Citizenship Ed. MR, WINSLOW A. WILLIAMS English fx e MR. ROBERT WOLF Industrial Arts- Driver Education HEALTH STAFF OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Marion Carr, Mrs. Leah H. Heroy, Dr. Eola M. Conkling, Mrs. Mrs. Norma Rosato, Mrs. Juliet Calhoun, Mrs. Norma Higgins, Mrs Helen J. VanKirk, Mrs. Adele Mance. Sadye Katz, Miss Mary Mitchell. MR VINCENT P STANGER MR ANTHONY PERCOCO Elementary Principal Asslstant Elementary Prlnclpal L Q SIXTH GRADE Mr Paul Keener Mrs Margaret Gallagher Mrs Emma Bennett Mr Harold Duamond Mlsslng Mr Rlchard Davus FOURTH GRADE Seated Mlss Betty Grosfent Mlss Marguerlte Homrnel Mrs Teresa Dnetsch Mxss Helen Shrlver Standing Mlss E Frueda Krutenat Mrs Murlel Callura FIFTH GRADE Seated Mrs Mary Wolf Miss Joan Boxer Mrs Eluzabeth Denning Mrs Jean Roberts Standing Mr Edward Russett Mrs Leota Slater THIRD GRADE Mrs Dorothy Hocmer Mrs Pearl Ruppert Mnss Elnzabeth Scherer Mlsslng Mrs Josephune Conroy . , , , . , . . . , , . , . . . . . . : . , . . 4 'Q ., .1 f Q ,.- Y M : , , . - I - 1 - , . : . , . V f v SECOND GRADE Seated Mass Ethel Morgans Mrs Mlldred Solomon Mrs Helen Mulkeen Sfandlng Mrs Phyllls Peet Mrs Cafherlne Folletie KINDERGARTEN Mrs Grace Terwlllnger Mrs Phyllls Renson FIRST GRADE Miss Jennie McDowell Miss Vlrglma Hawks Mrs Marlon Get man Missing Mlss Irene Mohr Muss Roberta Slutsky -...if SPECIAL TEACHERS Seaied Mlss Charlene Hollander Mrs Alnda Rose Muss Jean elle Wong Mrs Lllllan Pedno Standing Mr Ronald Ander son Mrs Shlrley Landesberg Mr Peter Stellalo PINE GROVE NAPANOCH RURAL ANNEX Mrs Shlrley Palmer Mrs Nancy Anderson Mrs Florence Newmark Mrs Carolyn Kuhl M,-S 0le1a M,lle,- M,-5 Berfha Rlseley M55 min MVS Marian Har'-nan MISS Helen Mary Olens Mlsslng Mrs Lenore Wrlghf Cushner ,l mv .4 ' H, 5 ' ' sl 4 ' lr , . . , . , . I , , Q - 5 - f - ' . : , . l' ' as X , A Yi V, 1 , . , . . : , . , , . . : . , . , . . A ln 5 . , . . . . , . ' I , , I 1 - 1 . : . The direction In which education starts a man determines his future I 9 PLATO JAMES ALLEN Transferred from Gary, West Virginia. ROSEAN N BARON E Varsity Club 2 3 4 Intramurals 2 3 e ers Club 4 O eretta I brary Club I AA Board 4 Math Club Secretary 3 4 KAREN BLADES Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 GI 1 2 Intramurals I 2 4 SLT 3 Service Board 4 T IC Club 4 Quill I 2 I6 NANCY ALTMAN Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, Secretary 47 Quill i, Feature Editor 2, Editor-in- Chief 3, Band 2, President 3, Glee Club I,v4f SLT 3, Student Council Ig Yearbook Associate Editor 4- Honor Society 3 4. RICHARD BENSON Ban I 2 3 4 Orchesta 2 3 4 Dance Band 4 e Club I NYSSMA 2 Soccer 2 4 Intramuralsl 2 3 4 Protec tiontst Club 1 KAREN MAE BLICKSTEIN n 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 I President 3 Math Club 4 AA Board 3 Honor So ciety 3 4 Operetta 2 4 CAROL BLIDEN n I 3 Orc t SLT 3 JV Cheerleader I Var stty Cheerleader 2 Intramurals DANIEL CALLAGHAN Intramurals 'I Track Team 4 NRA Club 2 ROBERT CONNOR Field 81 Stream Club 2 RICHARD BOCKMAN Class President 2 Student C uncul 2 3 4 SLT 3 O er etta 2 4 Radlo Club 2 Math Club 3 4 Honor Soclety 3 4 Intramurals 2 3 Varsity Ten 2 JOHN CIHOCKI Prolectlomst Club I 2 Intra murals 4 DOROTHY COOK Glee Club I, Intramurals I, 3, 4 Ba d , 2, 7 hes ra I, 2, . ' . 7 " - I ' 0 ' , , 1 2 P - 1, 2, 3, 4, cies club 1. ' K . ' , nis , 3, 4. NANCY COPPAGE nramurals I 4 Varsu Club A CHARLENE CRAWFORD nramurals I 2 Glee u BENJAMIN DAVIS e ers Club I 2 Pres: en er 3 Cap Bas e bal I Varsl Basketball 2 3 Captain A Var stty Baseball I 2 3 Captain A I8 JOHN CORWIN FANNIE CRAWLEY a ers Club I 2 A sat Club 2 3 President 4 In r murals I 2 3 4 Stu e ouncul 3 Boar Honor Soclety 3 Preszdent 4 Traffuc Club 3 SHIRLEY DERELLO a ers Club 3 Gnrs ntra rals I 3 Glee Clu Student Counctl 2 ROBERT DEVOE MATTHEW DUBINER cer I 2 3 4 .IV Bas b I 2 Junior Vars y Base Le s u 4 Intramurals 3 4 Ran Club 2 WILLIAM EXN ER Intramurals 4 BEVERLY DISTEL n ramurals I 2 C eerleader I Ca tam 2 NYSSMA 4 Varsnty Cheerlead er 3 Captain 4 Student Coun 2 3 4 Honor Socn 34C sTasurerI2 Band I 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus Varsity Club 2 3 4 Leaders b IRVING ECKSTEIN Qunll 3 Prolectuonust Club I 2 3 4 Library Club I De ate Club 3 Intramurals 2 3 Traf fnc Club 2 3 Tennis Team 3 SYRL FERGUSON Transferred trom Annandale Hugh School Annandale Vlr gunna It , , 3, 4, J.v. I1 , P ' : cil I, , , 5 'ety , g las re , , 3, 47 1,2,3',if' " ,, 7 ' Clu I, 2, 3, 47 Operetta I, 2. Soc , , , , .. ket- all , 1 ' it - . . . . . ball I, 2g ader ' Cl b I, 2, " . . b ' 3, I I I db , , , . - MARION FERRARO Mixed Chorusl 2 3 A Oper a 1 DONNA FORKAS I 3 Intramua DONALD GRAY J.V. Baseball 1, 2, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, J.V. Basketball 1, 2, Leaders' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sludent Council 4, Math Club 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3. 20 LORETTA FINCH Transferred from Margaretville High School Margarefville New York FRANKLIN GOLDBERG In ramurals 1 2 3 LARRY GRAY em Council 1, 2, 3, A, . . Basketball 1, 2, J.V. Baseball 1, 2, Soccer 1, 2, 35 Varsiiy Baseball 3, 4, Math Club 3, A, Class Vice-President 1, 3, Lead- ers' Club 1, 2, 3, Radio Club 2, Opereifa 2. ELIZABETH HARTLEY Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Club I, 2, 3, 4, J.V. Cheerleader I, Varsity Cheerleader 2, Glee Club I, 2, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, NYSSMA I, 4, Operetta I, 2, 4, SLT 3, 4, Class Vice-President 2. VIRGINIA HUNDERT Library Club I 2 SLT 3 BEVERLY JONES Intramurals I 2 Glee Club I Service Board I Leaders Club 2 3 Traffic Club RUTH ANNE HENDRICKSON Operetta 2, 4, Glee Club I, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, SLT 2. JOAN IRWIN Intramurals 3 Quill 3 GRETCHEN KAHL WINTER ramurals I 2 3 S T Qui I 2 3 Student Council I Operetta I 2 4 NYS MA 4 Traffic Club 4 Yearbook 4 Mxed Chorus I 2 3 4 LESLIE KAPLAN Quill 2, 37 Library Club 31 SLT 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Year- book Editor-in-Chief 4, Mixed Chorus 45 Honor Society 3, 4. WILLIAM KELLY S ccer I JV Baseball I o lectnonist Club 3 HAROLD KLESS Safety Patrol 2 3 Prolechonlst u I 22 MAU RA KATZ Honor Society 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, President 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Traffic Club 4, Intramurals 'If SLT 37 Operetta I, 47 Glee Club I. LANE KLEINNIAN Intramurals I 2 Glee Club I MARSHA KORNBLAU ers Club I 2 4 Club 2 3 4 nd 4 Glee Club I Intramurals I 2 3 4 Yearbook Sports Ed tor 4 Quill 3 NYSSMA 4 MARTIN KOSOFSKY Basketball I 2 Vers: Basketball 3 CoCaptam 4 ers Clubl 2 Baseballl ELAINE KREVER Intramurals 2 3 4 Glee Club S CHARLES KROM ectuonlst Club I 2 3 Stage Crew 3 4 Library Club Tra uc Cu 4 Sa ety Patrol 2 MARTIN KRAMER Math Club 3 4 Honor Society Q I 2 3 Year o Sports Edltor 4 Tenms 2 3 Operetta 2 Prolectlonlst Glub LYNNE KRISTOFF ANITA LAIMANN WENDY LATTERI ee Club I 3 4 Opere ta NYSSMA 4 SUSAN LEVITAS Stu ent Courtcnl I 2 3 4 Var Club 2 4 Treasurer Class Prestclent I Intramurals O c estra I 2 3 Cho us Operetta I NYSSMA I Yearbook 4 Honor Society 4 SLT 3 JV Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader 2 RICHARD MCKENZIE 24 JOSEPH LEVINE .IV Basketball 2 Varsnty Bas ketball 3 Varsity Baseball 3 L ers Club 2 3 4 Pro nlst Club I 3 4 Sta Cew 2 3 4 RUTH NICCOMBES Library Club I 2 Glee Club 2 Intramurals I THOMAS MCKENZIE P ecttomst Club I 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Intramurals 3 GI , , 45 Quill I, 2, 1 ' 1 3i SLT 31 1 I Ai Sad ' 1 1 1 ISC- . tio' ,2, , 1 ge r , , . l l l I d ' 1 1 1 1 - Slty I , 3, I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, , . rh 1 1 1 V .li ' ' 1 1 Ai ' 1 ' 31 7 1 .. If roi ' ' 1 1 1 DONNA MARKLE Intramurals I, 2g Leaders' Club 2, 35 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 SLT ily Operetta 4. ROBERT MICHEL Leaders Club 3 MARC MILLER PFOSCIIODIST Club I 2 WALTER MAXWELL Soccer Ag Stage Crew 4. BONNIE MILLER Intramurals I Llbrary Club I eretta I SL NYSSMA 4 Glee Club I 2 3 4 PATRICIA MILLER JOSEPH MITCHELL CAROL MONDESIRE Operetta 4 NYSSMA 4 Intra murals 4 Transferred rom Morris Hugh School Bronx New York KATHRINA MULLER ramuralsl 2 3 4 Vars Club 2 3 4 JV Cheerleader I Varsnty Cheerleader 2 3 ers CIub12 3 4 Ba O Glee Club 'I 2 3 4 NYS MA I 2 4 Operettal 2 4 Hon r Society 3 4 Class President 3 4 SLT 3 Student Council I 4 Octette 3 26 LINDA MITCHELL Intramurals I 2 Glee Club I MARY ANN MOORE Varsuty Club 2 3 4 Leaders u I 4 Glee Clu 2 3 4 Operetta murals 'I 2 4 NYSSMA 4 Band I Mixed Chorus I 2 AA Board 3 n MAGARY NIXON Glee Club I Intramurals 2 3 4 Varsuty Club 4 Traffuc Club 3 4 Servuce Board 4 A Board 4 MINNIE NOUMOFF V rsnty Club 2 3 4 Ba d 2 Secretary 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 Secretary 4 Chorus Operetta 2 NYSSMA 1 2 n ramurals 'l 2 4 ard 3 SLT 3 Quill SAMUEL PAINTER JV Basketball l 2 JV e l Varsuty Baseball 2 Soccer I 2 3 Student Councnl 2 Leaders Club 3 Prolectlonlst Club 3 MICHAEL PAVUK JV Baseball 1 Math Club 3 4 CAROL OAKLEY Operetta I Mnxed Chorus 3 n ramurals l 3 SL Glee Club l JOHN PASSMORE ers Club I 2 3 4 dent Councul l 4 Soccer Baseball 1 and l 4 Orchestra 3 Intramurals 2 4 Class Vuce Presndent 4 Oper a 2 u NYSSMA 4 Yearbook 4 FRANK RAY Lea ers CI b 2 3 4 Prog mst Club 1 2 3 4 Sta Crew 3 Soccer Team 1 Baseball 2 Glee Club 4 27 ROCHELLE RIEGER Varsny Club 2 3 Treasurer 4 JV Cheerleader l 2 Varsuly Cheerleader 3 lnlramurals 1 2 4 Ba A O ra L ers Clubl 234 Oer ella l 2 4 NYSSMA 4 IRWIN ROSENTHAL ers Club 2 3 Qu ll l S ccer 2 3 SLT 3 Tennus 3 Captain 4 ABRAHAM RUDNICK 28 SANDRA ROSATO Student Councll Secretary 3 C ss Secretary I 2 3 ull l 2 3 Yearbook Art Edllor 4 Glrs Stale 3 Orcheslra l 3 Leaders Cl b 2 3 4 s Club 2 3 A lnframuras LINDA ROSS Q I l Intramurals l 2 eacl er Club 3 Trafflc Clu 3 AA Board 3 Servlce Board 3 SLT 3 4 Yearbook Ar Edu To 4 ROBERT RUGGIERO Ban l 2 3 Orchestra 2 3 4 NYSSMA A GEORGE SCHLEIN Chorus I Accompamst 3 4 Operetta 'I 4 ARLETTE SHILDKRET Iniramurals I 2 3 4 Orches I 3 Presrdenf 4 Band Leaders Club 2 3 Traffic Club 3 Service Board 2 3 4 VALERIE SMITH Intramurals 3 4 Glee Club I QI 3 YK. JEFFREY SCI-IOONMAKER Leaders Clubl 2 Prolectlon Club I 2 So cer I 2 Baseball 'I BEVERLY SIMPSON Transferred from Kerhonkson Hugh School Kerhonkson New York ELLA STEDNER In amurals 1 2 3 A Vars y Club A SUSAN SYRACUSE rslfy Club 2 3 Q 3 SLT 3 Leaders In ramurals I 2 4 CATHERINE UNVERZAGT ramuralsl 2 3 4 Vars Cu 2 3 Muxed Chorus 2 ee Club I 2 JV C r leader I Varsny Cheerleader 3 Ope etfa 2 Lea u 'I DIANE WAGNER ee Club 'I 2' Imramurals 4' Ser ' ard 2 ' L ers Club 4- SLT 3- Qu'II , 1 ix d orus , , f eretfa 4, A.A. Board 5 Traffic Club 4. BARBARA TRUIVIBULL Gee Club I Intramurals 3 4 DONALD URELL JV Baskeiball I JV Baseball I Soccerl 2 3 Leaders ub Orchestra I 2 3 4 Muxecl Cho r 4 Opereifa 4 S1u ent C uncnl 2 Dance Band 3 4 NYSSMA 4 JEAN WALKER ee Club I 3 4- Var ' u 2 3 4- Leaders Cub - c esfra I, 2, , g Ban , , , 5 Op a , 4, n - rals I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed - rus 2, Octetfe I. BARBARA WEEKS Intramurals I 3 Varsnfy CI b 3 4 Siudent Councn Leaders Club 4 Class Secre tary 4 SLT 3 ALICE WILLIAMS n ramurals I 2 Cheerleader 2 Varsxty Cheer leader 3 Ocieile 3 Mlxed Cho rus I 4 Student Councnl I 3 VacePreslden1 4 Opereffa 4 Leaders CI b 3 4 CONNIE WHITTINGTON Intramurals I 2 MILO WILLIAMS Prolectaomst CI b 3 Stage Crew 3 JEANNE ZELANO Transferred from All Saunts Commercial School Brooklyn New York 3I HIGH HO QR SENIORS Valedrcfonan Salufaforfan MARTIN KRAMER SANDRA ROSATO Average 95 75 Average 95 00 RICHARD BOCKMAN ELIZABETH HARTLEY Average 9281 Average 925 DONALD GRAY LARRY GRAY SUSAN LEVITAS Average 91 94 Average 91 94 Average 9182 LINDA ROSS LESLIE KAPLAN MARSHA KORNBLAU BARBARA WEEKS Average 9175 Average 9131 Average 9101 Average 90 04 HONOR SOCIETY SPAGHETTI SUPPER BOOSTER BUTTONS SENIOR HISTORY Full of pep and vigor we entered high school in September 1955. Led by president, Susan Levitas, vice-president, Larry Gray, secretary, Sandra Rosatop and treasurer, Beverly Distel, we stormed the gates of old E.C.S. and started things off with a cake sale, which was followed by the Freshman-Sophomore Bas- ketball Game and the Farewell Square Dance for the seniors. Our sophomore year was even more successful with the selling of pencils, which served to enlarge our treasury. President, Richard Bockman, vice-president, Elizabeth Hartley, secretary, Sandra Rosato, and treasurer, Beverly Distel proved most competent. Finally we became juniors and received our long-awaited class rings. That proved only a starter, for we also had a successful cake sale, sold Booster Buttons, had Junior-Senior Day, and then ended the busy year with a terrific prom. Our class officers were president, Kathrina Muller, vice-president, Larry Gray, secretary, Sandra Rosato, and treasurer, Beverly Distel. As seniors, under Kathrina Muller, president, John Passmore, vice-president, Barbara Weeks, secretary, and Beverly Distel, treasurer, we successfully started the year with the annual Senior Class Spaghetti Supper. Then came Junior-Senior Day, the senior trip to Washington, and a bang-up senior reception, which ended our glorious days at E.C.S. ?'4"5 33 Rufus, S 'ii' 4-G MOST COOPERATIVE Fannie Crawley Larry Gray BEST ALL-ROUND Susan Levilas John Passmore MOST MUSICAL Jean Walker George Schlein MOST DRAMATIC Linda Ross Richard Bockman SENIOR NICEST PERSONALITY Beth Hartley Billy Kelly MOST ATHLETIC Mary Ann Moore Ben Davis PERSONALITIES WITTIEST Marsha Kornblau Matthew Dubiner CLASS CHATTERBOX Alice Williams Frank Ray MOST LITERARY Nancy Altman Martin Kramer BEST DANCERS Carol Bliden Martin Kosofsky MOST ARTISTIC Sand ra Rosato Joe Levine MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED THE SENIOR CLASS SENIOR WILL We The Senror Class of I959 berng of unsound mind and body declaring thrs to be our last Wrll and Testament do hereby make The followlng bequests DONALD URELL leaves hrs car to anyone who thrnks he can pay The garage brlls TOM and RICHARD depart to lorn The MCKENZIE Rarders JEFFREY SCHOONMAKER and LINDA MITCHELL leave Together GRETCHEN KAHL WINTER vvrlls her golden tresses to The lunror grrls who have to resort To the peroxrde bottle FRANK RAY and FRANK GOLDBERG peel out WILLIAM the last of the EXNERs exrts FANNIE CRAWLEY leaves Two quarts of melted rce cream to next years Varsrty Club president DONNA FORKAS and DONNA MARKLE exut wrth each step brrngrng them closer to the arsle MINNIE NOUMOFF departs trrpplng over her pony tarl MATT DUBINER sells hrs physrcs lab book to any worthy lunror after all rt s as good as new A FINCH flres out LORETTA rs her name Beep Beep' SHIRLEY DERELLO departs tellrng PAT MILLER that a Cadrllac rs not a car to scorn CAROL BLIDEN leaves wrth a carload MARSHA KORNBLAU leaves wrth her lrfes companron a car that Irstens' BONNIE MILLER exits srngrng Wheres CharIre'P SYRL FERGUSON leaves crankrng down the horse MARTY KOSOFSKY wrlls hrs spectacles to Peter Roberts so he can see hrs dreams better KATE MULLER as lookrng for I5 pounds to leave HAROLD KLESS leaves qurckly before the Teachers have a chance to change therr mrnds MAGARY NIXON strolls out NANCY ALTMAN bequeaths her front row seat rn math II to anyone who thrnks he can frll rt SHELLEY RIEGER exits callrng GEORGE' GEORGE' Lrberace'-7 No SCHLEIN DICKIE BENSON wrlls the results of hrs last three harrcuts To Yul Brynner KAREN BLICKSTEIN leaves her pocketbook to anyone wrth enough muscles to Carry rt ELAINE KREVER exrts to the sound of crashrng prns BARBARA WEEKS wrlls her recerpts to Mrs Kaufman WALTER leaves hrs MAXWELL JAMES ALLEN bequeaths hrs brother To Coach Walsh LANE KLEINMAN departs vvonderrng Does Rothkopfs tell Eddre s'? WENDY LATTERI leaves her porson pen ROBERT RUGGERIO departs mrnus one vlctrola Glgglrng Gertre alras ALICE WILLIAMS trtters her way out of E CS Mr Maloys loquacrous Napanoch Gang VAL SMITH DOROTHY COOK BAR BARA TRUMBULL JANE ZELANO CAROL OAKLEY JOAN IRWIN SUE SYRACUSE and RUTH McCOMBES leave E C S wrth the drstrnctron of berng the only team that kept talkrng for 200 hours In wrtness thereof we hereunto set our hands and seal thrs the twenty second day of June I959 THE SENIOR CLASS I , , E 1 1 - - 11 . ,, 1 1 - . , . 1 . . . . . , 7 1 1 . 11 11 - - - , . . . , . , , . - - - 11 1 ' 11 , . - 11 11 11 11 - - 11 11 - , , . . . , . . ,, 1 - 1 11 I . 11 - - - 11 - ' I , . . 1 - - . 1 I ' f f 1 . ' I . I I SENIOR PROPHECY Beep Beep' Look out' Here comes COOKIE MOORE Flash' LYNNE KRISTOFF has lust loaned the WACS her loyal fans are stormang the barracks ABE RUDNICK returns an a car? MIKE PAVUK has lust computed the square root of two to 225 places CHARLENE CRAWFORDs smart shes not part of the Bell Gang Flash' LARRY GRAY returns wath a pack of has own gum MARION FERRARO as stall runnang an staff competataon wath the clack clack of the typewrater ROSEANN BARONE lust flew the coop Cander ELLA STEDNER carved out a new road down the mountaan wath the aad of her faary godmother and a daamond studded pumpkan The Ellenvalle Dravers Educataon truck has fanally met ats match an BEVERLY SIMPSON ANITA LAIMANN has become ECS s farst foreagn correspondent BETH HARTLEY has succeeded Ann Southern as The Pravate Secretary Flash' Class reunaon to be held at COOKIE KATZs gym where many dormant senaor braans have been reauvenated BOB MICHEL MILO WILLIAMS JOE MITCHELL and BOB CONNORS have lust re turned from Afraca wath a phenomenal bag four wald Afracan faeld mace DANNY CALLAGHAN famous author has lust completed the play My Mothers Nose whach has been runnang all week KAREN BLADES as now studyang the Arts JOHN CIHOCKI has lust been admatted to John Hopkans for study He as doang fane but says ats a bat cramped an that bottle degree BEV DISTEL as stall lookang up to BEN DAVIS NANCY COPPAGE as seen Ieavang the BowIOMat an a custom bualt Jag JOE LEVINE as now allustratang Mad SANDRA ROSATO has lust been commassaoned to paant the portraat of a kang' Hotel WHITTINGTON has lust announced the arraval of ats new beautacaan CONNIE By untarang effort and the applacat on of the latest mathematacal prancaples MARTIN KRAMER has fanally succeeded an raasang a luxuraous growth of grass on Mr Bloom s front lawn SUSAN LEVITAS and JOHN PASSMORE have aust graduated from MIT Summa Cum Laude an physacs DIANE WAGNER has anstatuted a new course How to Change a Tare an One Easy Lesson CHARLES KROM and SAM PAINTER are collaboratang on a new book How to Become General Manager of the A8.P MARC MILLER as hammang at up on the stage? No on has short wave radao VIRGINIA HUNDERT has vowed that she wall be on tame for graduataon ROBERT DEVOE marches on to the sound of aanglang spurs IRVING ECKSTEIN has fanally devased a fool proof bus schedule Mass Besdesky has replaced Katradge wath Sar RICHARD BOCKMANS Interpretataons of Shakespeare Due to the rasang cost of transportataon RUBY HENDRICKSON has taken up per manent resadence an Newburgh BEV JONES and CAROL MONDESIRE are now head demonstrators for the Ellen valle branch of the Maybellane Co CATHERINE UNVERZAGT has lust been voted the speedaest waatress thas sade of molasses DONALD GRAY has antroduced a new perfume Naght of Glycerine The Fallsvaew has announced the presentataon of the Best Book Aw:rdFtp LINDA ROSS and ARLETTE SHILDKRET for thear revealang novel A Vaew of t e a s IRWIN ROSENTHAL returns staff as a board LESLIE KAPLAN has lust returned to the E.C.S. Language Dept .... for her M.R.S. ' ,, . - 11 NDERCLASSES He who binds his soul To know ledge steals The key of heaven N P WILLIS L 1, . . ' ll JUNIOR GIRLS CLASS OFFICERS President JACK ERCEG Vice Presrclenf ROBERT WOOD Treasurer LENI COHEN Secretary , H ,,,, H , LYNN WARREN JUNIOR BOYS This year was a bug ore for The Class of 60 Their mam ac Tlvmes were The Jumor Prom and The purchasmg of class rmgs They also had a successful cake sale and an excuTmg Jumor Sensor a SOPHQMORE GIRLS CLASS OFFICERS Presrdenf FRANCES PAVUK Vice President JUDITH URELL Secretary KATHLEEN CRAFT Treasurer ELLIOT KINBERG SOPHOMORE BUYS The sophomores had an excntrng and prosperous school year Thenr outstandrng actnvrtres Included a concessron at sectuonals a record hop nn January a cake sale and the Freshman Sophomore Basketball Game I NN sp 5,4 -5 1 -A . f ' i 2 .gy . 1 ,Wo 'AM' ' in J, g g ' i iff wif .QM frm Q52 new H? fav- X 'Q' 3 w , A ' N , My R 5 f 1 :mil k-Q-N ' , ii ggi 1 5 Q 4.7S? ' Z.: ,,X: 2' - may ff X is Q H. T t -ry 1 .,. , 4 W? E W my 3 2 fy SJ. Gui- 33 gear? i 'iifdzx gg 1 QL, f ,Q .U Q 4 Q 'B A x I x f w f WA f gi 5, ev " fxkvr-iQ ml. fv Q 9-1 if K5 Y H iii fT.,,fi,f,aaE,, a,.-M ' ff 1 6 A 2 , I if 5 1, ,-ek , W , , ,,,,, W' I M ' 3 1-12' v m L W A A F 5 2. avi? 9 W.. Y XR wa pw, On Ui? , y , Q 5 S i- Q , 1 if ' s 2 FRESHMAN BQYS With outstanding scholars and a large representation in athletics many plans for an active year Included in these plans were a cake sale the sale ot freshman beanies and the Freshman Sopho more Basketball Game and other activities, the Class ot '62 entered high school with ArT rs The r1ghT hand of NaTure The The former made Us men SCHILLER SR laTTer only gave us being, buT 'Tvvas V THE NEW YORK STATE SCHOOL MUSIC A SSOCIATION AND THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT OI HE ELLENVTLLT HIGH SOHO T CENTRAL DISTRICT NO 2 PRESENT THE AREA ALL STATE MUSIC FESTIVAL CHORUS BAND 0RcHLsTR x m Ellenvllle Hxgh School Audxtormu 15 P M C1 1958 8 Saturday Evemng November Zzn The Area All State Muslc Festival presented nts Saturday November 22 concert to a capaclty audlence whnch filled every seat ID the new audltorlum of the Ellenvnlle school and left many to stand through the entire program The two day festival sponsored by the New York State Music Association and the local schools Music Department was under the chalrmanshup of Louls Newmark of the Central School faculty Over 370 students representtng twenty schools from Orange Ulster Sullivan and Dutchess countres partvcupated In the program Saturday evenung Selecttons under the drrectlon of vlsltlng conductors were presented by an 80 piece orchestra a lO7 student band and a 183 vonce chorus It was the culmlnatlon of two days of preparation by the local and the vlsrtlng students l f-OF'-' l Q 4 1 4 1 , - 1 1 3 AL 5 S - l l - I I 1 - . . . , I I I I I I 1 ' I , ' 1 - I . ' BAD Advisor Mr LOUIS NEWMARK President MAURA KATZ continue to play at assemblies and other community affairs All State Music Festival Band This year the Band will again present its annual Spring Concert and will kd! MIXED CHORLI Advisor MR JOHN SMEAD The Mnxed Chorus smgs at Teachers Conferences In opereftas and at varmous other school funchons All State Music Festival Chorus . K r C 1 I K7 SENIOR LITTLE THEATRE Advisor MR JOHN SMEAD Semor Little Theater IS an orgamzatlon consrstmg of members Interested In the STAGE CREW Advlsor MR JOHN SMEAD Manager ROBERT SARR The work of the Stage Crew cortsusts of bulldmg and moving scenery tor musucal and dramatrc programs theatre. Its main purpose is to teach the fundamentals of stage work. FUR Q W. ' K '1 1 s if if 1. W I Y ' ' 45 W'-'f ,az I T? li 3' 1.5359 we if A3 1 Q 3 v -, ! f gi, .Vs fi, fi x '-L-.fl X f . ,E ff - fi fp il . .gm if Egihxlifif' 4 ik? V' fi' Lf 'ME 1 Nj! , zi- 'yiiffjf Q f , A W6 gf? W4 1,4 x Rf , GQ' if ' 'JV f- 3 if , .,i -ij, ? 'iff A 2245 few fig my-X A ye Km. :K WA, iw 3.51 iz: 5531 X2 ,HZ H . W W . 38, si, .3 fi I- . ki. L, ,. ,, Am ,md XI' Nw: -' .gms if-1 if i'!':"X f 535. . M, P,Q.,,., I Qi? " x M f, 7052 Sfff .YS , S? . A . 5 5... ff. . f , 2 if TS, X 'X 'X' . i . .Q J wi fi is-f 14 'S .f we N ,.. 7 VIS . , 51 'ef .1 A 1 5. .W ., -W K Y 1 ---,fi 5 fm ggi, M' 4 Y. ,qbjig , 5? iifxp . yt -ge? :fix ,. ' Lv . . , g 5 'Kiwi fx A .xntg .5 . . i X f 3 ' 733 i f ,Q . V 2. M - J f W. h vii?-I Qi .- .- .,. . 3 5 , if K 2 J MIS: -vw' , ITIES Variety s The very spice of life WILLIAM COWPER STUDE T COUNCIL Advrsor MISS IDA BESDESKY Presfdent ROBERT SARR Vtce Presrdent ALICE WILLIAMS Treasurer KATHLEEN CRAFT SCCVGTGVY CHAR'-ENE HAYES The Student Council fosters a spnrlt of cooperatxon wlthm the student body provldes a recreational program tor the students and serves as a medium tor HO OR SOCIETY Advisor MR MORRIS KAUFMAN President FANNIE CRAWLEY The members of Honor Socnety are eIected on the basis of character leader ship scholarshrp and service The organnzatlon planned to publish a handbook for freshmen The members assisted teachers In proctorrng durrng exams the students to express their ideas and to discuss their problems. PROJ ECTION IST CLUB Advisor MR WILLIAM MARTINEAU This organlzahon serves The school with :Ts members showing films and film straps To classes and at assembly programs LIBRARY CLUB TRAFFIC CLUB Advisor MISS JEAN GUTHRIE Advsors MRS MARY OSTRANDER The Library Club rs an orgamzahon which helps The Traffic Club clnrects The studenr Traffnc while To keep The library affrachve The gurls process books students are passing to and from classes for clrculahon The members learn valuable llbrary work techniques and routrnes ' g I : . Presidenf: CHARLENE HAYES MR. ROBERT SMITH PORTS JOHN LOCKE "A sound mind in a sound body. SPORTS IN ECS The athletuc program at ECS does more than produce teams for unter school competutuon It turns out good sportsmen who wun well and lose gracefully It also provudes a nucleus for the growth of school spurut The Varsuty Baseball Team funushed the season as league champuons They were undefeated un league play untul the last game of the season Captaun Jum Reed was voted the Most Valuable Player for hus outstandung putchung Larry Gray had the hughest battung average The JV Baseball Team under the guudance of Coach Owen Smuth had an unsuccessful season un terms of theur won lost record However team sprrut and cooperatuon were exemplary Alfred Tuzzo and Roy Lepke were the Most Improved Players and Ruchard Eck was voted the Most Valuable Player The Ellenvulle Tennus Team under the durectuon of Coach Donald Smuth was unable to come up wuth players equal rn caluber to the members of the other teams un the league Abe Perutz was voted the Most Valuable Player Thus years prospects look brughter wuth the return of fuve lettermen The Ellenvulle Soccer Team under the leadershup of Coach Anderson and Captaun Ben Davus funushed the 1958 season by tyung for second place wuth Muddletown They had a 3 3 league record The team showed outstandung teamwork and druve throughout the season whuch was hughlughted by an abundance of close hard fought games Benny Davus was voted the Most Valuable Player for hus excellent goalkeepung Matt Dubuner receuved the Best Team Player award Although they were long on spurut the lack of spurut took the upper hand and cessful season The team won four games and lost ten but never once un all the munutes and un all the hours of practuce dud they let down The futur should see funal standungs more representatrve of the effort spurut and heart shown by the players To date the Varsuty Basketball Team durected by Coach Walsh has a record of 4 lO Although the record doesnt show rt the team excels over that of last year Improved defenses and offensuves have resulted un many close games that could have gone euther way Captaun Ben Davus Ellenvulles chuef scorer and a top rebounder us a leadung candudate for all D U S O honors The Ellenvulle Hugh School gurls started theur 1958 59 sports season wuth an undefeated hockey team They battled such schools as Pune Bush Luvungston Manor and Luberty The secondary team was undefeated alSO Durung the wunter untramural program the gurls contrnued to push ahead V1 basketball and volleyball and enuoyed several long to be remembered playdays Approxumately fufty gurls partucupated un bowlung actuvutres and thoroughly enuoyed thus phase of the program ln the sprung competutuve softball archery and tennus were the hughlughts and brought fun and comradeshrp The hours spent together on the athletuc fuelds and courts of good old ECS wull long be remembered the Junior Varsity Basketball Team, led by Coach Ralf Kates, had a rather unsuc- . . . . A 1 :S Rf .. . K W MN' 'Bev' it , in 5 . 4' 4. 3 :V in Q P' . 1 F 'Wk 3' Q ,Q , 7155. 3 1 ... saw, -,.: a 2 5 ' Rf' ' f 2 .i , W , www? . , ,, QE 'gem N N N M?QQBgWE5miVi!E ,i VQ3i,: ?,1fLi?f2 H , A. I , +V 'Q 343, W, M ,MM ,Wi fl I f A 'Lf AY 355 3'f2fff4'3 wvfwf- w K l?f1Qg ,fwi59 5 L41,,w' ,-wh?4 ww. mlm mg?" ,, V , , , V H J A: V1 I , Uh K , , M , ,,V, W-MA. , 6' fn' 'M 10'a0Hmwgijg,, AQ , '. .a Z A -...,g. 5 f 14, s s W' 1 I I + A Q 5 Q z , V 'W 'uv ,, iw ' g Mai? ff V Q ' ,fix ' . ,. iigg ff? C . gy2'rf ff' 5, ' , A 5 x Q 5 xi Q A xw 3Lg 2 j gn E SA l ,. VJW WHW W p M, 2 .4 Qf12T+ wff-ffl af f f -2 i fi' Q ' fn' I ggi L 4, 53: WL f4 ff .,A li? 'hffg 36? ' Qi, l W' iw? Ww1wh.f7 w if Q45 Lx 12" A , rim, I r HA K . 'V' . V f-'J .M W ' f x X . 1 Sfff Wffff -l ll 2? T 211.523 bvgz ' if-QT . . V 4 E .V fQ -153 in mit' mf- +'V A -Q my w E ' ' qQi? ii? 5?Z wif'Q 5 :QQ ?N X r I f L ,, raw 'N :xsv A k I 3 V 56MFVZffA A'RM Wg,ifQ??3 Q ima, , Ei Wk' 5f iif It W Nh we 1 fa av ll if igzgru. A I A I 8 i 6 ,A Q23 , vim? 1 4' Qs, K A 46 1 , Ag. , 1. ' jg, fffvqklig yeh!! Y q I 53 my ' t gb x K! :li 1 i g? 5, MA H Vx ! ,E LE 2: , ' 'mv K ? 'sw 'W 1wwmNe:ss: F! .'i6333?g i elf 2 if S fxwQj4 dw- gi, "K A ' 322 1 . , 'Q f A , Q A 1 ff A Q,1. gk 3:-it W' Q 5 , I if , ' -' f A ' 2 ' wkf if K' 55 f W N f 9 , WI. V i- ' ' V Q? V. . qw -F xg W1 M , I ., - nj In .lg A as 2 i Y U, .Q W, Ei 4 I I ,qxgsfxf ,gland N Wim was 'fs - - wmv- 'gk J..-,M L Q 421315 eng .w...,.,f. --.-.-..f.,,.W, M i f-M ---.-f.m.....M. fifgf -if . in-x W 5 f vii f A aS'uX?g5f, mg an '--sw Q is www ,img is 35 i Q 3 Mx X, .54 av 5, 3, ,,, .ffgr 11 1: ,259 VH. . 'jj.,,.i,' L' Y' ' ., , L- . f- lug' Q .Q ba Q lL ey Q! 5,3 as 5 S- Q ,Q an ww' il? V Al A Mi . A ig i W wg, gl M 5695 QW vx I , 1 ' 01 X f' M Q 'Q P94210 fp QX X! Q N XX , A ELLENVILLE PHARMACY MILLER AND LEVINE NATHAN sREsLow,-Ph.e. BEN MILLER, Phe. IRVING LEVINE, Phe. ELLENVILLE DRUG ASSOCIATES CLYDE MATTHEWS Ph G JULES ROSEN PhG MATTHEWS' PHARMACY ROSEN"S PHARMACY CCUNTRY CLUB MR AND MRS JOSEPH SLUTSKY AND FAMILY NEVELE COMPLETE GRADUATION SERVICE Class Rings Commencemeni' Announcemenfs Caps and Gowns Medals and Awards Diplomas Taylor made Yearbooks L G BALFOUR CO BENTLEY 8: SIMON TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO Your RepresenI'a+uve HODGKINS 0F BALFOUR Gus Hodgluns Don Nash Bob Gray ancl Jlm Gerdmg SCHENECTADY NEW YORK Ph 3 374 Congratulations to the Class of 59 PENNINGTON STUDIO KINGSTON NEW YORK PHONE FEd I I3l64 I 72 Main Sfreei : era - Best Wishes to From CHANNEL MASTER CORP ELLENVILLE NEW YORK TV ANTENNAS AND ACCESSORIES ELECTRONICS ALUMINUM TOYS the Class of '59 to the Class of 1959 Fo CLYDE MARLS SERVICE STATION Congratulations r m I Best Wshes to the Class of 59 THE ALUMNI OF THE CLASS OF 34 KELLYS SAND AND GRAVEL i I From 1 Compliments of 1 ELLENVILLE BOWL O MAT OIL COMPANY DlS+I'IbU+0I'S of CALIFORNIA OIL PRODUCTS AIR CONDITIONED Parking Space for I00 Cars EI' ll N Y ROUTE 209 PHONE 2209 PHONE ELLENVILLE II2 DevoI'ed Io YOUTH AND PROGRESS Our FuI'ure Crhzens EDDIES COUNTRY FAIR SUPER DEPARTMENT srone - - B. B. INC. Resfaurani' Soda FounI'ain ' envi e, . . I FALLSVIEW BEAUTY SALON ELLENVILLE N Y TEL 22I5 GI1 ROSS p B cl ELLENVILLE N Y TEL 295 CARL OF THE ST MORITZ Compliments of The Levlnson Family TAMARACK LODGE HOMESTEAD COLONY GREENFIELD PARK N Y CompIimen+s of Ulf N as DOUGHER L d Car en+ers- uil ers Complimenfs of fhe ELLENVILLE HANDLE WORKS Compliments of THE FALLSVIEW BEN IDA AND CHARLES SLUTSKY ELLENVILLE 600 KERHONKSON 23I I WM. H. DEYO AND COMPANY, INC 9 ALEX J NIRENBERG FRESKEETO ATTORNEY AT LAW FROZ E N FOOD CO Compliments of ELLENVILLE NATICNAL BANK M b F FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Con raiulafions To H1 CI 'F'59 Complimen+s of e ass 0 I em el' 0 Compllments ot SPRAGUE 81 DECKER INC Real Estate and Insurance TEL 2300 IO6 CANAL ST ELLENVILLE N ELLENVILLE DAIRY SEALTEST MILK ELLENVILLE TRAVEL SERVICE TELEPHONE 2262 262 I I8 M ELLENVILLE N Y 1 0 . ' , . Y. Compliments ot Compliments ot INC. aln Street EDWIN E. HOAR FRIGIDAIRE AND MAYTAG Sales, and Service 44 N. MAIN ST. TEL. 83 Compllments of TH BERGER AGENCY 99 MAIN STREET ELLENVILLE N Y TOM COOKS GARAGE Used Cars INSPECTION STATION 5659 ROUTE 209 PHONE II63 E INC. Complimenfs of SAVE ELLENVILLE SAVINGS BANK MEMBER F D I C TH TERMINAL DINER SHORT LINE BUS DEPOT EIIenvuIIe N Y pl me I' SAM S RESTAURANT BEA AND I RV JARGOWSKY AND HESH for Your College Educaiion E Com i n s of I LONSTEIN 81 STAPLETON BENJAMIN LONSTEIN ROBERT v STAPLETON pl e of HOMOWACK LODGE SPRING GLEN ROSE AND DOUGLAS Complimenfs of Com im nts LOUCKS FUNERAL HOME TELEPHONE l60 79 NORTH MAIN MR AND ECHO HOTEL MRS SAM an FAMILY WAGNER KUSHNER S ULSTER PAINT AND WALLPAPER SUPPLY CO. Xl CompIeI'eIy Air Condifioned I d WAWARSING SPORT SHOP JOHN F GEARY Hunhng Hardware Sporhng Goods Congra+ulahons +o +he Class of 59 From MARK NAN ELLENVILLE l459 WAWARSING N Y RONDOUT PAPER MILL, INC JEWELTONE TISSUES r Phone R+. 209 I Complimen+s of SAUL'S MOTORS DESOTO PLYMOUTH FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST C0 MEMBER OF FDIC C g + +he F 9 BRODSKY S I50 CANAL STREET ELLENVILLE 972 Serving This Communi+y Since l863 on rafulaiions o Class o '5 I mei' ELLENVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY AND DIAPER SERVICE A LEVINE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MEATS AND PRovlsloNs C plm NORBURY AND SHADOWLAND THEATRES AND SNACK BAR Compli n s of Complimenis of om i en1's of Complimen+s of Besi' Wishes +o fhe Class of '59 ELLENVILLE F-I-gm GROUP DR FEINBERG MCDOLE DRDRKAIZTCZQSENSTOCK CONSTRUCTICN DR welss CORP Compl me is of RAY BLACK FORD MERCURY EII II 0 i n ,ea W Y 1 Main and Canal Sfreef 40 MARVIN MILLWORK ELLENVILLE N Y WATERVLIET N Y CHEVROLET LADENHEIM S GARAGE ELLENVILLE N TEL 236 ULSTER KNIFE CO Complimenfs of I INC. INC. 46 Canal SI'reeI' , . Y. ELLENVILLE B + W hes PAINT STORE + Se 0' AB N MASORS 1' PHONE 726 E SUGAR BOWL 9 'rhe Cl s of 59 A G BARONE FAMILY WURTSBURO AIRPORT es is +0 he ni s 79 Cen er S+. A Established I9I6 Con ra'ru a1'ions fo a s ' CompIimenI's of CONGRATULATIONS ALBERT'S BAKERY to the CLASS OF 59 ROSENTHALS ELLENVILLE LUMBER CO INC QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS Co gat lato s ELLENVILLE ELECTRIC ED AND AL'S CENTER STREET H. B. GILLETTE CO., INC. Fuel Oils Kerosene-L.P. Gas Cusfomer Burner Service PHONE ELLENVILLE 20 RINGS e cellenf PINS design MEDALS slulled CHARMS craflsmanshlp CUPS superb PLAQUES qual +y TROPHIES YOUR CLASS JEWELER Frsl' Nahonal Bank Bldg Carbondale Pennsylvana DIEGES 81 CLUST I7 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 8 N Y Manufacfurlng Jewelers BOSTON PROVIDENCE X i Garfield Thomas. Repr., I ' . , i I I ' ' SPONSORS CROWN JEWELERS 76' 2 Cenfer Sfreef EIIenvlIIe 949 JOSEPH K SCHWARTZ Real Es+a+e and Insurance EIIenvnIIe 554 VICTORY CHAIN INC Canal S+ree+ EIIenvrIIe N Y DR MARTIN E FIELDS Opfomefrrsi' EIIenvlIIe 476 DR AND MRS DAVID WAINAPEL I I9 Sou+I1 Mann Sfreef EIIenvuIIe I I0 KUHLMANN S DAIRY 3 Washungfon Avenue EIIenvuIIe N Y SAUL S PHOTOGRAPHY 6 HrII Sfreei' EIIenvlIIe 2376 JOHNNYS SERVICE STATION Mann ai Cenfer Sireef EIIenvlIIe I524 THE ELLENVILLE JOURNAL 67 Cenfer Sfreef EIIenvlIIe 72 KEN S LUNCH 95 Norfh Mann Sfreei' EIIenvlIIe I233 FRIENDLY SERVICE STATION Rouie 209 EIIenvlIIe I723 D 8: J CLEANERS Nor'I'I1 Mann S'I'ree'I' EIIenvlIIe 777 SPRING GLEN MOTORS Sprung Glen N Y EIIenvlIIe 349 J McAULIFFE S SUPERMARKET Rouie 209 EIIenviIIe I007 KRAMER 8: KREITZER 29 Norfh Mann Sfreef EIIenvlIIe 29I VAN GORDER S GARAGE EIIenvlIIe 887 BILL SCHACHT SERVICE STATION Roufe 209 EIIenvnIIe 762 J GRANIT HOTEL Kerhonkson N Y Kerhonlcson 3I4I WENIG S Napanoch N Y EIIenvlIIe 645 WAWARSING SERVICE STATION BaHer Tires and Repanrs EIIenvlIIe 2393 Wayside Inn EIIenvnIIe N Y ART AARON AUTO ACCESSORIES Canal and Mann Sfreefs EIIenvlIIe I292 STROBER S I I7 Canal Sfreef EIIenvlIIe I I78 MOTHER GOOSE KIDDIE SHOP I I I Canal Sfreei' EIIenvlIIe 274 SINICK S STATIONERY I23 Canal Sireei' EIIenvlIIe 505 WHITTAKER S 82 Canal Sfreei' EIIenvlIIe I290 HANK 81 MAC S SERVICE STATION Mann ai' Cenfer Sfreei EIIenvlIIe 2007 SUMMITVILLE TRAILER COURT Roufe 209 Marvm and Blanche CIarIr Besi' Wrshes MARATANZA REBEKAH LODGE. NO 4I f . . ' ' ' ' KOOPERMAN a KOOPERMAN DR AND MRS WILLIAM BOCKMAN 49 Cenier Sfreef EIIenvlIIe N Y ELLENVILLE ICE 81 FUEL OIL CO J Glovannlello EIIenvlIIe 846 and 2483 WESTCOTT S SERVICE STATION Roufe 209 EIIenvlIIe 473 J TAYLOR S INN Pnzza Ple Klichen 27 Norfh Mann S+ree+ WILLARDS FLOWER SHOP I2I CanaI Sfreei' EIIenvuIIe IOO3 CompInmen+s of L FINKLE 81 SON NC CompIlmen'I's of CENTER DELICATESSEN Syd and Frank Safz Compllmenfs of CENTER BAKERY Cenfer Sfreei' Complumenfs of BURTON H WOOD Furnrl'ure Besi' Wlshes COOK TAYLOR POST III The American Leglon Comphmenfs of ZALKIN S BIRCHWOOD LODGE Greenfueld Park N Y Compllmenfs of MARY AND CONNIE Nevele Beaufy Salon CompIlmenI's of MARGARET KERR AND JOE HAIDER Nevele Dance Siudlo ELLENVILLE WOOD NOVELTY CO.. INC EIIenviIIe, N Y Complimenfs of MR AND MRS. MICHEAL PAVUK Complumenis of THE SHOWCASE Fallsvlew Ho'I'eI TEDDIE AT THE FALLSVIEW EIIenvlIIe N Y SILVERMAN BROS OUTFITTERS 85 Canal SI'ree'I EIIenvnIIe N Y Compllmenis of T"'IE SHAMROCK RESTAURANT CompInmen+s of HARVIE COLEMAN Comphmenfs of KAY MAC MOTEL Compllmenfs of THE MAYFLOWER KINBERG BROS AUTO PARTS CO Complnmenis of NICKS TIMES SQUARE Compllmenfs of MR AND MRS AL JARGO Compllmenfs of FALLSVIEW COFFEE SHOP COMPIIMSDTS of JUDGE HERBERT POPPEL Compllmenfs of MR AND MRS HERBERT LEVITAS Compllmenis of SHERRY AND HENRY SOLOMON AND FAMILY CompInmen+s of THE CASSINO GRILL Besi' Wishes DR LEAH KRIEGER HARRY RIEGER 81 CO Wayside Inn Bldg Complimenfs of THE WAYSIDE INN BEAUTY SALON CompIimen+s of ELLENVILLE FLOOR COVERING EIIenviIIe, N. Y. INC . , I . , summswalle, N. Y. C0mP"men+S of BOOSTERS AL'S GIFT 81 TV SERVICE MR. AND MRS. ROBERT ECK DR. LEVINSON BEN'S SERVICE STATION OTTO MARL'S GARAGE MR AND MRS. SIMON EPSTEIN S VILLA ZWEIFEL CAMERA SHOP FINKELSTEIN BROS MRS SADYE W KATZ AND FAMILY MRS LEOTA SLATER ROGAS SERVICE POLLEYS DRESS SHOP ARTHUR LEHRER REV ARTHUR CALIANDRO KLEIN 81 BLOOM FAMOUS RESTAURANT LOU S CENTER FOOD MART WEST END DAIRY MRS OMEGA JONES AND FAMILY STEVE AND LINDA MICHAEL TANNENBAUM ENID TANNENBAUM DR AND MRS S TANNENBAUM MR AND MRS H KLESS MR AND MRS F CIHOCKI MRS WILLIAM OAKLEY NORMA ROSATO AND AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS BRIGGS COPPAGE GEORGE McKENZIE MERRILL WILLIAMS EMIL KAHL WINTER ROBERT BLIDEN MR AND FAMILY MR AND MRS MARTY AND CAROL SAM KORNBLAU . MR. . ' MR. . . DOLE'S FOODLAND MR. . MR. . MR. . MR. . - ' ' MR. AND MRS. S. WARSOFF MR. AND MRS. ANDREW KROM CHARLES KROM MR. AND MRS. DONALD KELDER MR. CLARK BLOOM AND MRS HENRY KRAMER AND MRS FRANK BLADES ECKSTEIN S TOWN BARBER SHOP NAPANOCH PARENTS CLUB MR AND MRS FRANK MULLER MR AND MRS EDWARD D HARTLEY MR AND MRS NATHAN LONSTEIN ELLENVILLE PRESS EDS AUTO REPAIR TERRACE MOTEL MR AND MRS I FAGIN EVERETT S STORE WRIGHTS SERVICE STATION MR AND MRS MR AND MRS MR AND MRS FRANK BILYEU ERNEST BOLLIN MR PHIL KANOVER MORTON SONTAG CHARLES COHEN AL HAZEN ANGELO SYRACUSE MR AND MRS ROBERT MICHEL BILL CLAYTON HARRY CHRISTIAN MAIN 5 8: I0 NEEDLEMAN S BUNGALOWS BURTS ESSO STATION SPECIALTY PRINTING CO SAM AND DORA NOGID JULES AND FREEDE ROSS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY s1fM.ax-1-.ay- -w.,..,a1m..av "1'1m:--iL44....fAk.J4'9'...4iQnaM- L 1- ,v lb kgs 23 --1. . F5274 :iffiS9'a1 "--' Yam , "hw 1 -V - Wi' 385 A as af. -'f ' ., 'S f, 2 ' , AQ. X1 .FQWLPF W 118 5' Mr Q-sf! 4' 4- ld' n -5 hp 511'-', AW' 44" N ,I 'fx 9- '3' 11 -5 -ar J' if 90' Wf- IAQ ,ar i' f' is 41,4 za? f fl ii: 'gf ' 533551 ik? Q 33 49 : 53 'E si! 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