Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY)

 - Class of 1941

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Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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EDITORIAL Let us prepare ourselxes for a brlef NlSlt through Ellenvxlle High School vuth the senior mascot Nlr B A Duck xx ho I am sure ulll lmpress us vslth the democratlc sp1r1t of the students here1n rlI'St ue enter the mam door and proceed xnto the offlce where we are glven a pass to vxslt classes Wzth Mr Duck as our escort and guide we enter the gymnas num where at thls tlme, the boys are practlcmg thelr basketball techmques Proud Lets as targets mstead of shooting bullets NV1tl1 men as their targets Upon entermg the home economlcs class we fmd each and every glrl busy wlth kitchen utenslls As Mr Duck mquxres vw hat the girls are cookmg up' we hear them respond that they are makmg mullins today From here we go upstairs In the old building where we VlSlt such classes as SCICIICC soclal studles languages mathema tlcs and commerclal subjects We note that each student possesses an expresslon of interest m hls particular class He IS usually on the alert and prepared to answer when he IS called upon Luckily we are back on a Thursday afternoon when our mascot lllSl5tS that we attend an assembly program Here we fxnd such mterestmg presentatxons as plays movlng plctures and musnc Thus our WlSlt ends and our mascot slncerely hopes that you have enjoyed your day xnth us Edlth Strml and happy are most ofthem to be in a land where they may shoot basketballs with bas- .5 V T X 5 x v ' FACULTY Mavbe anyone else wouldn t thmk thls IS hard work but belrewe me 1t s no easv job savs our ma. cot He IS trymg to declde how to mtroduce the faculty members and feels that thxs mtroduc tlon inf no otherj should be done properly What would Nlrs Sanderson say rf he used some mcorrect grammar? For th1S reason he IS maklng hls speech short ea E' S-I ff, Cluezvae The next few pages contam pictures of the hlgh school teachers and may they al xx ass llflllg' hack happy IHCIUOFICS WALI ACL H STREVELL Our Superuslng Prmctpal Mr Wallace H Strevell has been nn Ellenulle for etght years Mr Strevell has re cened A B and M A degrees at the New York State Edu canon Depmrtmcnt Hls many actxutxcs Include Councxlman of the N Y State Assocnauon of Secondary School Vrlncl pals he IS now Presndcnt of the Noonday Club 'leachmg a Men s class of the Dutch Reformed Church us another of his actnmes and he ns also a member of the Board of Con sxstory of the Dutch Reformed Church ORVILLE P BATES Vernon 'Nl Y ns the former resldence of Mr Orville P Bates our Vxce prmclpal Mr Bates ts a graduate of Colgate College where he received hns B S deg e At the N Y State College for Teachers he obtamed an M S degree He ns a post president of the Teachers Assocxatxon of the thxrd superusory dlstrxct of Ulster County Also he ns .1 member of the House of Delegates of the N Y State Teachers Assoclatlon LE 5 QJMBQRN Pi ER r A r Y5 1- 1 ' ' ' 1 f v I A xml D "' ' ' M 1 If '1', ': " ' : . , f siiik H AY V L . . X , K l"'p - L X., - f 1 X X -P A V . u J . ' X f' , f ' A X' I I 'tl X I V ,f , 'P' If , gf eff 7 K! S, SOCIAI S I UDII S Our Socxal Studrcs Den r"r' 'mt conslsts of Mrs lath rop Mnss Harter and Mr lerguson Mrs Marjonc Lathrop comes formerly from lort ld ward She IS a graduate of the Barnard College where she obtuncd a B S degree lrom the good old htlls of Wrllsboro comes Miss llcanor M Hartcr She taught English and History an took graduate work at Syracuse Unnersnty Her home xs ln Herkxmer N Y Mr Harold S Ierguson comes from Salem N Y Mr lerguson got out of hrs oyster shell when he obtamed hrs B S degree nn the New York State College for teachers FNGLISH Haung recened an A B degree nn New York State Callege for teachers Mrs Dorothy Sanderson mastered the teachxng of English She has taken graduate work at Colum na New York State College for Teachers suppltes us with has taken graduate work at Teachers College Columbta UHINGYSIIY Mxss Kathryn S Wxlkxns checked tn from Deposxt N Y after recenlng B S and B A degrees at the New York State College for Teachers she has command of English and rs our llbrarxan as well LANGUAGE Miss Lrlltan I- Taylor ns the Lattn teacher from whom our ambrtlous students learn Lrnguam latmum dxcere Miss 'laylor comes here from Oswego N Y and attended the Oberlnn College where she attatned an A B degree lf you jeunes hlles et wish to learn to parler fran cols take a course from our French teacher Mlss Esther M lox who comes from Penn Yan N Y She has obtained an A B degree at Elmlra College SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS I-rom Troy N Y comes M1ssManon E Stevens who rs a graduate of Cornell Untverstty Mtss Stevens teaches our future Etnstems the screntthc facts In the fteld of sctence also IS Mr Theodore Eckert who has obtatned hrs A B degree at the N Y State College for 'Ieachers Mlss I-rances DuBo1s the mathematrcs teacher recxeved her B S degree at the New York State College for Teachers Her home IS tn Newburgh N Y . ' Q I a .. .cr ' .. . - 5 . I , V ' . ' - , d . t , ' I I . .W v - b' . the English and Dramatic teacher. Miss Agnes Torrens, who . , . . . I . -,M COMMERCIAL Mxss Leonore Sxlverman teaches future stenographers shorthand and also other busmess subjects She has always lived nn Ellenvxlle and has obtamed her B S degree at the Skxdmore College and her M A degree at Columbta From Sodus N Y comes Mass Ethel M Seymour who attended the New York State College for Teachers where she has recelved a B S degree She obtained an M A degree at Columbia UHIWEISIIY Mxss Seymour also attended Albany Business College THE I-INE ARTS An artxst s llfe rs the ltfe for me So says Mrs Eva M Van Kirk who mstructs E H S students m that field She has attended Crane Normal Institute and Potsdam Normal De Kalt Junctton N Y rs her home To the musncal xnclxned courses are made possrble by Mrs Ruth B Rencher who IS a graduate of the Crane Instx APPLIED ARTS lhc soups on IS one phrase whlch Mass Arlene Behn has undoubtedly heard much smce she has been gradu ated from Syracuse UDIYCISIIY As already hunted she rs of the Home Economrcs department Her home ns nn Syracuse Yew York Mr Raymond C German IS our mdustrlal arts teacher and comes here from Watertown N Y He has attended the Oswego State Normal School PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrss Adelatde Ott the grrls physncal drrector comes from Troy New York She constantly stnves for good sportsmanshxp and havmg more gurls don gym sunts tn therr classes Mrss Ott recenved her B S degree at Russell Sage College and she attended the Cortland Normal The boys physical dtrector Coach Alfred W Rob erts comes from Bndgeport Connectlcut He attended Ru! gers College ' I . .A I . tutelof Music. Her home is in Ogdensburgh. N. Y. , . I '. Q 1 . I 659 -sth if NIOR Vy ILL Vye he Sentor Class of the Htgh School of Ellenytlle tn the county of Ulster and State of New Xork betng sound of mtnd and memory do make publtsh and declare thts our ltst Wtll and lestament tn the manner followtng Fdtth Botwtntck leayes her Sarah Bernharclt atr and aettng abtltty to Cttnny Dacto7k Playboy Raymond leases hts sophtstteatton and aloof ness to Shtke Rosenstock and Vktlly Nathan who need the Hnal touch to thetr great loyer makeup 'Vlay Ztpperman bequeaths the techntque of her allurmg stde yxays glances to l unk Rose vtho looks too tnnocent Sbtrley Cohen leayes her stngtng mhtltty to the mem ortts of her svtee swung sty e xt ohel letyes Danny ltsktrt th of course a std expertence ldtth Strtnt ltttes her clear httdtd thtnktng and ea nt tt Xlont B man md Shtrley lenn mg enxt e 1 1 o lt s a out UTIL Nltldred ltmore and Amtel Cetselhtrdt letye thetr tom yltxtons to those who are wut enought not to ttk sun btths through screens ma Rostkrtnse d R 1 Culyer la thetr ro nouneed femtntntty and frtlls IO Ruth Russett lxeuren who needs tt Carlte Craft leayes Htstory C class for yyhteh both he and Nlrs lathrop are well sattsfted Ida Hechtman leayes the dance partnershtp ot Hecht man and Harkayy 'Vlarytn Goldenherg lettes hts abtltty n french schol tp and hts htghly t n e nt a e lreneh I hopefuls Btll Hart yytlls hts studtousness to Donald Sherry Sol Ntssenbaum leayes cotehs basketball bench but ee s hrs e e on the bas e 'Vlarton Dottghty d H rrtet Smtth letye thetr blo l ness to Bob XVendl1nd Jack Hoffman leayes the woods of Ntpanoeh so thtt Rtp XX entg can go hunttn tn peaee 'Vloey Rosenstock w lls hts shtrp eollegtate outftts to Joyce Jaeobowttl 'Norma Stern leayes her phtlosophtes of ltfe to h n eluded tn a book of Socrates ln wttness whereof me hue hereunto ensertbed our ntmes We hope your feeltngs mren t hurt for thts ts only done tn fun These cracks were only me nt for qutrps A frtendly jest to eyeryone But tf you re mad because your name Appeared tn prtnt aboye Or angry for 1 loss of fame Because you mtssed thts more N e wtsh to take thts ltt le sp c lo show our stncere feeltngs And beg to haye your humble grate These wounds wtll soon be healtng You mtght as well restgn yourself lo e tt on the c Cause curstng wtll lend ltttle help She prtnted now YOUR ttme to grtn 5 M - I V ', t t X ' ' . " , 1 Q . ' ' ' ' : . L l . I . . Y . ,r y ,, . fx I . Y 'Y V V ,. D ,, V ' , l K 4' ' t " " . 'l , ll '. M '. ' . ' .--wh: , ' , is t .' . cz e t t' ' " 3' . Irv' 1 levtne leaves lfll- 'll' H'gl Sch ol. Q b 1 'f Al '. . ' an tt. ' 'H uve ' p - Donald Sprague leaves his height to "Rich1e" Van arsh' 4 ' ' ester' ned Pre ch I a'ce to ll th C V1 V , V 1 . C V' e I I knp ' , k I, . ' ' an A V f x " V nc- V ' ' ' t ' . a e g' " 'me ' -' hin.". C .L- lm ll tm is Q 'D K,- a 'is 4-E' F.- 1. 1 's?,fL. L- A 5551:-T IF f Q lfiiillinlil , A SEINIIORQ NVh1le wanderlng through the xurlous home rooms one mornlng B X Dunk found hlm self wlth txou guessed It the grand old suuors lu Room 74 How did he know where ht w .tsp VVhx ln the Cllkllll-lill and Intelligent t.XpI'CSSl0llS on th pupxls fates of tourse lltre he lmeuuut ltqtnmntul with the class master nund l'LlIl!l Struu and her Boston accent How ever to put jlllxlllg aelde 'Xlr Dunk wxshes to sax lhe ntxt SECTION of the 19-ll Blue .and hold IS devoted to photographs and w rlteups of thus une s grulultxng tluss NNN X x xx x X I , rnmmumlmmww NN II I IAXI JOSI IH HART Pusulent Sf-mor fl ss Trafhr mluh Arm hely aluh I ym Llub Slhool Serxue tlub Thesplan I lttle Theatre Student Count ll Tre-avurer Junlor Class Blll ot' Fare L'1dy of Letters NRATHRX N Al ll L RODF Student tounul school uwue Ilub Iresuent Thesplm Inttle Thents-1 Iady uf Iettexs Neue xml I 1 Intllmural spoils X ue preside-ut SL mm 4 s I I s X usxtv Sure! ,nu-. an .l l1ll'H ANNA STLINI Smhool Suxue dub hym I uh fuls Shop I u X tledutorltn bdltox ln 4 hlef Blue and hold Semletfuy Junlol and Se nun diss Athletlt Board rw Al NIA Rl TH HON XRPANSF Spoxts Pdltor of Qlllll I 'sNIl1lltt' Qlllll Tx efvsur er N mm I ltss I lttle he Liu Q , Xl l 'XNXM A i V -. Xxl ,- I X . I4 lu. . f ,Q- , 'I I ' l .Q QL , 6, . X V . U . X -l 5 H . ' , " , ' - I E., E., H I . , , Y A- -Q , ,v. N... ',' ', :rv . . i . . I S ' v . -1 . 5 s 1 -' l V' 5- ' l I -Z'j?-- K.:-f N ' . fe-T' 4 9 , fl' - 7 V - ' -' ' - .. X N I. . . , I . . W ll A I - . -. , X. ' Y l . ' . ' . ,' . . . ' . . . . I' :itltf , . ul , 1 1 Y il I I l ll ll I ' , . -A i" m t e 1- h s , H. f I 1 I ' ' ' X 1 5 K N mx - x I . "zu: f.. .,,: - - F QAV. Q. if , ,,, 'il v ws' 4. , v . , . ,..I . . M 1:.,N 5... sl-.vii U. J '. J, ' ' '2l.'.', 'l ,-t"':" S D 'l-b, 'lg' , A Editor oil s 'I , j ,z ', " ", -' In ", ' , S -' - So ' ' ':.'.', L T - ta"' llul, t ': 1' 2 '- h ' ' ."lus.-,- ?'l'l,: 'z b 4-lub, " ary. WILLIAM lDMOlND BAKER Intlamurxl -.port-1 Junmr Vtrsity basketball team ARTHUR BLOCK Lhefs dub photography vlub, sports club Frenrh club Varsity track base ball Intramural Sports EDITH BOTWINICK Little Theatre Thespxan Debate club Trafflc club Knitting club French club FRANKLIN WILLIAM BROOKS Archery club Traffic club photography club Dane mg club Program for Se mor Play RUTH MARIE BROWER Little Theatre Glrls Glee club Archery Arts and Crafts club Intramural sports Varsity E girls, Qtage crew Senior Play ,A-v,,,,x 11,3 1 ALICE BERTHA Bl DD Intramural sportw Tramf' mlub Girls gym club N 'lrsmty F girls Folk Dam mg c lub FORNELIL 9 1 AWRENFE PLEARY Orthestra Sclence club pre-tident Rl SQLI I ARDFLI 4 OOK1'Nl IIANI I md md 014 hvxtra e Theatre Ar s am 1 mfts 4 uh BFSbIE A CANFIELD I lbrarg club Quill dub SHIRLFY POI-IEN Llttle Theatre Lih 2 v club Sewmg club Knit tmp., Llub president A -.mmte Editor Quill Homeroom Qecretqrv PHARI ES EDWIN CRAFT Student Council Photo gr'1phy club Gym club RITA EI IZABETH LULVER Knitting club I-Ilstort club Journalism Quill and Scroll Secretary Re porter and Mana me Vfl ltox Quill Senior Re porter Blue and Gold French Club Backstage for Senior Play ROQFRTA VIVIAN CURRY Tramc club Library cluh Dancing club Jun'or I lt tle Theatre Alice s Blue Gown EDNA MAE CUTLER Cast of Cmderellas Fa- shion Show Folk Danc- ing club Secretary Dag'- uerreotype club Red Cross club and Sewing club president. CHARLES LESLIE DEVOE Art club vice-presid nt School Service Art Fdlt- or 'Blue and Gold! ii SHIRLEY MAE DOUGHTY Traffic club Mixed Glee club Girls Glee club School Service l u b Quill club DONIALD HARRISON DUBOIS History club Chefs club Dancing club School Ser vice club Programs for Senior Play Minstrel show MURRAY EPSTEIN Intramural sports Sports club Library club Arch ery club Leathercraft club Radio club GLADYS VARIE VERONICA FAH! hirls Glee club Presi- dent and Treasurer Lib- rary club Vice-president Junior Class. AMIEL LOUIS GEISELHART Chefs club Aviation club Archery club Traffic club. VARY IN 1.01 DENBERC Pl mys Drums DURIS AINNA GRFEN Rf-d L row 1 lub blee club Ar1hery 1lub Danum., 1lLlb I I ORIA 1 QFENIBERPER Sewing club knlttmf., 1lub Intramural spoxts llbvary club buh shop 1 um Xarlsty F hir x 1luh X 111- presxdent SCL letdrml Pra1tx1e 1lub 'HAI N I' RN H 1 RISV5 Ol D 1 m lu X IISIQW B N lm ull 1 'lptflm li uket ,all Tr 11.11 and S001 er IDA TORX HF1 HTH XY en1h l1ttl1 The ltre Nature 1luln kurt img lu l Pr1-xlunt 1191811161 XAISIIV 1 uh if wx W' pgyx ,ti ,pm-V rw- is gm-. V611 Q14-2 an f Wax W s I ll H ARD D011 LAS HI' RLIINL A11her3 1lub Art club Xxutmn 1lub Chefs 1 ub -rv 1-r 'W-4 lllfl FN I Ol A HOAR knxtunp., 1lub Nllxed blee- 1 uh nlls Clee 1lub 1 Ig., 1l1h TIIPNIHIIIX little 'Vlwfxtle I adx of I vlters The Newt X u Nfnslty F 1 uh 1 lull Re poxter Blue and 11 1 XIR1IXlA PI IYABFTH HOFI- P 1 N 1 xm 1lub Trwffis 1 um n s lee 1 SQ-'lllllf' 1 av Husnwxs Klan ILK-'I' 116 dill 1 ll Intl llTlllI"ll Spm lx R1Vl lil Il- lfklill s tlllll md Se lA1lx HUPPNIAN 1ther1I1ft 1 u fhef II Axlitmn 1luh n U!-.l IDN! 1 ub Q1 hoo! Serxlre 1 J Qs MGM mf 'w an-1... mg xg! J 'xi' 5-If? w 5.59 IJXNIIII RAD Ix Intramural xpurtf- Arm +rN mttv t 5 I' me md ifII H1 mu P KI I ID Ill A :hm 4 um h ogrtphv club S 1 ,Q nn! muh Nunttry Nt huul S IXII f- 4 h knitting duh Vue pre-:I 35 tvnt tur ent imma ll The Next War I llv of letters Ilttle T e-'1 re 'ifsh KI NNIPTH RRONI phum V'1Dhw club Sports club I 6-ttex man Tlafk .ds ,111 NIPI I XHR A uxlty 0 tt tm x N' l 'I' III' Tl 'ml A lllltlll ' I I lub Spur s 'I Qlll Plue md M' f A d IRUTHX XXX X fx I fx' 1 ll 4 ux 4 + X4 ISI RX XRD Nt I S xml Student fn IH 'an-fn 11" WHY' I W 4-lr G'- N. s 3,8-QL :NYM N35 in An. 'dvr I-nv -P' qu... IPANI 'FTF YIAINPFI 'seuettrml flub knittln .lub Nuurll, dub Nllxef he 1 THOXIAN IAI VIIN XII ARNN Susme num 'sports xml If Thanks x ll 1., VITA RH IVA XII NTNI 1 H Ilbvdry club Intmmux 11 NDOIIH :ul I., tu: 1 v tum, 1 u at prev: 1 It IN! IU NI! tux Nr wt 1 only f v l 9' l I1 tfin JUNE DELL Nr SBI Intramural Sports, Danf- lng elub Design club, Fra-nch club Arche club JOHN J O BRIEN Intramural sports JOQFPHINF KATHLEEN OPONNVJR Glee club Library club ANNA MARIE ONEAL knitting club Girls sham vlub Secretarial club Secretary Fanny Woxk club President Cinder ella Fashion Show , So s You Old Antique JOSEPH A RALNER Museum club Orcheetra Band School Serx ue tlub Track team Base ball manager -me CHARLES DENMAN RAXMOND JR Lady of Letters Llttle Theater Thesplan Gulf 'GRIN M6 'QP NIAURICE JAMES FRANK ROVVAN ROQENSTOCK Cym dub Traffic club little Theater Thesplan SU-ldenl COUUCII I lbrary club Chefs. club Photographic tlub Lady f I ettere B1 f Fax e bTANLEY ROSENSTOCK Llttle Theatre Chefs club Debate club Avia tion club Yarslty tennis team I II LI AV SCHLEIFER library club Little The xter Thesplan Lady of Letters A Psalm ot Thanksglvmg iv' MORTON SCHLIFTMAN Band and Orchestra Con stltutlon Committee CEORGE EDWIN bLHWAB R'1di0 club sports HARRIET BROOKS SMITH Presxdent I Museum mlub Tramc club Mixed Glee Club Orchestra, Band Lady of Letters , Blue and Gold FUGENTF FREDERICk SPADARO Qulll club Latm club. Student Council DONALD AMERMANT SPRAGUE Band Orchestra Arts and Crafts club Leather 1 raft club Track Intra- mural Sports. NORVIA FLORENCE QTERN Ilttle Theater Thesplan, Debate club Lady of Letter' B111 of Fare Reporter and News Edi tor Quill Journalisn mlub Yearbook staff RAYMOND GFORGE STK KLFS N ltuxe club Baseball HELEN E STOPKA beuetarml Practice club 'lrmfhc tlub Sewmg cluh birls Shop club Yea! book Blue and bold liter'u3 Editor SOPHIL bTOPKA bewing club Museum dub Secretarial Practice dub ALEXANDER TARTAKOFF Intramural bports Arch erw club DORO'1 HY JEAN TERBUSH "Bargains in Cathay Thespian Lady of Let- ters Traffic club Quill and Scroll President Little Theater Treasurer School bervice club Busi- ness manager of "Quill' I OIIETTA LOLISF Tl RNLR Intramural Sportwx Ath letlc Board Girls Varsity E club Thexpmn Al thery club St'1mp tluh Secretary Traffic club Alue Blue Gown C n derella fe lfashlon Show Lady of Letter-s P-salm of Thank'-xglung Slow Lurmm Setre tmy I lttle Themter bile-4 manager and Senior Writeups for Blue and Gold The Perfett Gen llenvtn HFRBERT ELMER NANKEUREN Vnrsnty Basketball Soc mer Truck and Ba-stball Gym club President Stu dent Councnl JOHN EMFRY WAGFR Prezndent Arn hery tlub N xce presldent S c h 0 ol Servne dub Leathel craft club 'IRVING A WEINBAUM Practical Science club Ilhrary club Photogra phy club Intramuxal Spoxte Manager Soccer Basketball teams ARLA TNE SYLVIA ISINGER QLARENPF LORINE WRU HT Sports dub Arts and Lrftfts club RL TH CLARA IAROBCHIQ K hlee club Debate duh hym mlub Library mlub Thesplan lheer leader Little Thefttex and Fremh club Presldent I -'SI I WINLFNT 7VN EIFI' I Au xtlon club Photogrx pher Blue and Gold 'lhnd President Raflm 1 lub Photography c lub ,wx NIILDRED ZAMORE Journmlism Girls Gym club Little Theater I tramurals Blue and Gold Staff Reporter 1 lrls S p 0 r t Editor Qulll Q4 MAX ZXPPFRNIAN Athletxc Board Lady of Letter-. Bull of Fare Little Theatex Fdltm in t hlef Quill Th9NIDl ln Duso Press President Quill and Scroll mem hex iii xnxxmn YTNQSJTS B 'N 'Q C1 TK N 'A Quo-. Tvnun, BB-NY0-JJ Qx U- W1 V- QLXJXXLL ?5fMQ5q YU-QM X355 HW Rmmlf -x aiqmuwim M O W xTQ.asms F3..mvnQsxQ QQAJ Om CxmmQX-Mm. gwasgn E iw gk QM.. Sym 'hfwmff U wQ'Qv1nQef C'Mm Yxn- vnxcuww nm mx sum Ln A ZR Yfkv L My as N L 1 M .A '0"fS5?':: sw Y QS!-NN xxn as A61 .NXLC . , E ' . - YY.-...,., Y . V- v.,r3-Hxy W QQ V5 PM 2 JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY The .Iunxor Class of 1941 began tts sessnon wnth many new proclamatxons Therr basxc atm was to make thus year s Junror Class the best one ever orgamzed m E H S Damel Nathan was elected presxdent and Vnola Craft vnce presndent Bruce Natl and Ann Cocoran were named treasurer and secretary respectxvely These elec trons were very close dxsplaymg the vaned and overwhelmrng mterests of the members of the jumor class M11 daschund was chosen as mascot and maroon and wh1te as the class colors After a very mterestmg and amtcable confhct penod the Jumors defeated the Senxors m both of the tradmonal Jumor Senror games The encounter netted each class S40 whrch was the most money ever made at thts game tn the hxstory of E H S The next and most xmportant event the Jumor Prom was consrdered It was decrded that the Jumors make xt a fmancual as well as a socxal success Damel Nathan appomted the followxng prom commxttee chaxrmen Program Commxttee Cornelxa Brooks Advertxsmg Committee Patncra Johnson Poster Commxttee Ruth DeVoe Decoratmg Commtttee Dons Coles Bud Commtttee Shlrley Krndberg Bruce Natl thus years treasurer was chosen as the captam for the 1941 42 basketball team at a vxctory dmner grven by Coach Roberts Seven Jumors were chosen m the popularnty contest sponsored by the Quxll Named best all around gurl was Corneha Brooks For the second year Betty Johnson was named pretttest g1rl De clared the neatest E H S students were Patncxa Johnson and Damel Nathan junuor presxdent Lmda George was voted the gxrl most hkely to succeed and the txtle of most studnous John Brown was declared the most stu dlous boy The Jumor Prom and the movrng up exercises at Class Day termmated the 1941 jumor class and began the senior class of 42 DANIEL NATHAN ! at rg' 1- 7, ' we rf , cgx sg I ' I fe. aj ' 4-'xt dred Harkavy and Doris Coles were chosen to assist on the Yearbook staff. To represent the class of "42" a k.,,X Q 5 MTW" X X ff TROOM f MW 5256! .ff Q--,is llll, X Q I lllllllllff X , ll Llp 5, mwfllfulr Lll ,F llQy. LI AQSROOMS fhere are tuo sldes to every thmg even school Fllenxllle Hxgh qchool too 18 not all 1 matter of fun 'md frollc but also has a ser 1ous slde All of us must spend our required perlods 1n classrooms xx hether we are domg algebra or learnmg home economxcs Our semor mascot an old hand at YlSltlIlg classes has been ln every class m Fllenv1lle s lllStltlltl0ll of learmng l erhaps however you you and you haxe not all had this oppor tumty Therefore let s Jom our able escort and hsten as he mforms hrs readers to Pollsh your apples and come xuth me, rf you xx 'mt to fmd out how the majority ot the students spend thelr tlme I-LFMENTARY THEORY OF MUSIC leammg about notes scales and various other musxcal terms IS the dally task of the Elementary Theory of Mus1c students With Mrs Klrkhoff as xnstructor many pupxls are taught the fundamentals of musm composltron Ir any of your fnends become glfted composers don! be suronsed' JOURNA'L'l'SM Two ttmes each week the Journalrsm Class trres to per fect therr wrmng abtlxty to frll future posrtrons on t e Qurll They do practrce work and study the work of others HISTORY C very student rn hrs school days has the opportumty to take History C whtch rs a summary of the works of our CHEMISTRY Smelly gases penetrate the atmosphere as a result of the cxperxments of the chemtstry students However they have gamed a great deal of satrsfactron by lncreasmg thetr knowl edge of scrence LAT IN III Latm lll rs the smallest class rn hlgh school Real work ts required to master tt Aside from Latrn translatron and readrng bulletm boards are arranged 1 . E . . l forefathers and our contemporaries. DESIGN These nndustrtous workers are members of the Desxgn Class and are supposed to be able to draw .1 stratght lrne wrthout a ruler when they have completed the course SALESMANSHIP The Seniors could hardly get along wlthout the Sales manshlp Class to get ads for this book Besndes you see them behlnd counters ln local stores domg thexr practtce selling HOME ECONOMICS Even though gurls are preparmg for xocatxons outsxde of housekeepmg they seem decrdedly mterested rn home makmg courses offered ln our school Food preparatnon clothmg and decoratxng are all taught LIBRARY Thls year the lnbrary clrculatnon IS well oter loo books a day and he students are recetvmg more help from the lxbrary each year They are allowed one perlod xn the lxbrary each day M--" CIVICS Non resident freshmen in their cuics course haxe planned a model community and hate based their year s work around practical aspects of community life TYPINIG For those who are commercially inclined .1 year s course any student to master GEOMETRY Parallelograms trapezoids triangles and squares are among the figures constructed by the students of the Geom etry Class This course is taken to develop the reasoning ability of the individual SOCIAL STUDIES Upon entering high school freshmen take up a course of Social Studies including material about our government history and geography in typing is a great help. Typing is a valuable skill for BOYS GYM CLASS Much more vigorous are the acttvmes of the Boys Gym Class than those of gurls Outstandmg among thexr acnvmes are basketball bar work soccer soft ball and mat work GYM GIRI S For four years two times every week the gurls hate par uclpated rn all krnds of sports and exercxses to create good sportsmanshlp and develop good body structure 1 INDUSTRIAL ARTS and numerous other noises we come upon Mr German tcachtng boys of E H S how to use vanous machmes sum as lathes saws and swrvels In these classes many useful and attractive arncles are made-even hammerlng out brac lets for the best glrl frrend I UNCH ROOM In Room 13 each noon hour the non resndents enyoy thelr lunches accompanied by milk lce cream salad and candy vthrch xs sold by Semor Class Home Economic Class and Archery Club Above the buzzing of saws, the pounding of hammers, , lpn' CX., '35 D 'BI LJ X ibgxx October II 1940 shoulda seen Datsy n me trxp the lrght fan Boy y tastrc at the Student Counctl Tea Dance Well tr1p anyway October 25 1940 Doggone but those black faced students certa1nly d1s played the1r talent at the Mmstrel Show tonxght That melodrama Fnreman Save My Chnld nearly spllt my sldes October 26 1940 G G Golly but I got scared by those skeletons at the Halloween Masquerade tontght Had a swell ume though ducktng for apples and watchmg them award the prrzes for the prettlest costumes and for the funniest and most umque Only thrng IS I don t see why I d1dnt wm them all? 7 P P November ll I5 1940 Well Book Week was certamly celebrated rrght xn ontests concernmg books QOn the Q I' I entered two n each to be sure to Wm but I d1dnt J Ladles of L1tera ure 1n assembly Thursday was cute too lNovember I5 16 1940 Say us Semors are pretty good play actors Our Semor lay Lady of Letters by Turner Bullock was snazzy ay Rode was a knockout ln the t1tle role December 1940 .lee ers but the operetta Seven Splnts h ld 1 observance of Chnstmas made me feel just full of Chrrstma spmt January 31 1941 Hey but that Evemng of Games sponsored by the Studen Council was swell elegant The games were followed b smore trlppmg that fantastxc And of all thmgs Mrs Sanderson won first pnze rn one of the contests and gues who she got? Porky the Png March 4 194 Doggone xt all those darn jumors w re too good fo us tomght Imagme they scored a complete vnctory ove us at the Jumor Semor game Aprll 4 1941 Boy oh boy what a grand day for the Dramatxc Meet And what swell plays too Lxberty gate Lawd Does Yo Undahstan an xt was so sad that I nearly crled Montr play was The Patchwork Qurlt And balls o flre bu our play The Perfect Gentleman had everyone roarmg wxth Lnttle Puff starrmg M3 Q 1941 Oh boy! I actually went formal to the jumor prom 2-:els tgsgkbme for 3 gentleman lThats a new expenence June 1941 The art exhrblt those hy gh sch l good Where IS my palm brush? a oo artlsts are really' ,gf CF-f' 44f'3l1 20. I . P - I , H ' ' ," 9 X . . .-Q -l . . I S 1 H , . , ' I ,I ll . l , . . C r I . I V I F tyle this year in old E. I-I. Spwith all those literary and art Y Aa 1 'vt Y I E Y Y 0 To ' of f - X , T+:f-,VZTT ' WK-, ' X f f , fi ,iv , N , ,f jj? 5 Tfi 9 , x 5 , , 1 Ni ,Yi A Q- M V f" - , ,Fifi xg Y, l sl LU A Q ,x X il CLUBS Clubs clubs and more clubs' evclalms our mascot I ve watched SClCl1tlStS athletes seamstresses secretarles vocallsts orators and journahsts all m one short perlod For those who are not famlllar wlth Ellen vxlle Hugh Schools club program the club perlod comes once a week on Monday durmg the elghth perlod 1 lNow our mascot vushes to say a few words Let s lend an ear to h1s announcement The pages followmg thls mtroductlon con tam wrlteups of the clubs whlch meet each 'vlonday You ll also fmd plctures of the mem bers xn each group Look closely and see lf your frlends are recogmzable f Zi? , 1 I A , We I ' QL ' I an u ' ' U U I ' H ,' . . '. 4 A u Ml A G A A A . . A 1 .vi I9 y I . .' . . ' .' ,, ' GY' CL Y A s. .. - Howl 4 A , 2 at . . , a 5 l f 25 dvgi Il - K- G ' 'l . - I 1 , ' . 9 V' N . . . . l A xr' . . ' , vi::,?'fL5-' Q v . . - -' l' . - lt:-,QT Qi l 1 . ,f'.li U 53, T vs- , - L -G A e.1 -, ri- 4? vi' 3 :LEA A L . 15' I .8 ' : . , ' I , I . I 0 I . 0 0 H Q . o o . 0 " ' ' . . A e o o , , O Q . . 0 G : . . . U 0 0 0 . ' . . " - la Y A 'dl 7 ,V E AY V-' A Y A , , 8 . . . O . . e 'aio . : e e e , , ' 0 0 g I . ' e e ' Q . . , .- i l , . . A . 0 .V '.o e . O. Q .. . ... . I DEBATE CLUB Sec B McGrath Adv Miss Harter LIBRARY CLUB Pres H Taylor V Pres D Buchs baum Seo D Wenig Adv Miss Wilkin TRAIPFIC CLUB Capt I Moshier 1 t L t C Dggrfelter 2nd Lieut V Hctf ec M Rosenevei 'ilu-ihlll' SECRETARIAL CL Pres S Sto ka V res G rem erger Sec J Manpel Adv Miss Silverman ART CLUB Pres D Coles V Pres C DeVo Sec S Berkowit Treas H Sutta J SCHOOL SERVICE Pres K Rode iv Pres I Wage Sec G Kelder Adv Mr Strevel ARCHERY CLUB Pres J' Wagar V Pres F Keil Sec and Treas H Newkirk Adv Miss Ott MUSEUM CLUB 1 res M Bernkra ec D Mansfiel Treas V Daioczo dv Miss Taylor STUDENT coUNc1L s N 'lhnnenbaum Pres G Kelde ec M Taylor reas C Brooks dv Mr Bates RADIO CLUB Pres P Zweifel Sec and Treas S Nissenbaum Adv Mr Getman SC HINGE CLUB Pres C Cleary Sec and Treas R Balderson Adv Mr Eckert RED CROSS CLUB Pres E Cutler V Pres D Green Sec d Tre s L osens ock Adv Miss DuBois FANCY WORK CLUB Pres A O'Ixeil Sec V Huson I Adv Miss Fox DANCING CLUB Leaders L Pivin l S Wicentowsky Adv Miss Seymour DEBATV CI LB Our mascot expenences an tnteresung penod when he drops rn on the Debate Club He frnds there a group ready for a good rouslng argument These debates are connected mostly wrth current problems The members have joined the Debate League and have debated at Hxghland New Paltz Noon Day Club and durrng one assembly program I IBRARY CLUB On one of Mr Ducks tours through the llbrary he dnscoxered members of the Lrbrary Club workrng mdustrrous ly repamng damaged books arrangmg bulletin boards and performing duties for the hbranan An mterestmg assembly program was sponsored by thrs group dunng Book Week It has been announced that the boys have taken an mterest rn and Jorned the lrbrary members? TRAFFIC CLUB In the halls our mascot hears such remarks as Hey go through the nght door Cant you go down the starrs rn srngle frlel And he stands rn wonderment at the order created by the Traffxc Club members Asrde from these dunes the members have charge of the seatrng for assembly and durrng the sprung members are stationed along the school walk to help keep up the appear ance of the lawn SECRETARIAL PRACTICE CLUB Clack' Clackl Clackl go the typewrrters as the members of the Secretarxal Club type chemnstry stencxls report cards and tackle other duties asstgned by the faculty Asrde from the beneftcral dutles they perform for the school the grrls have recerved excellent experrence Strrm rs known to be the whrz along thrs lme If you need any help just call her 694 I club. Could it be because their "gal" friends are active 1 n I ' ART CLUB Of course F H S has artists too Fnne Important' Arust and lartxstsl Thus year they have been doing mdx udual pastel pencnl pnntmg and poster work Much of their work was on exhnbltxon at the art exhlblt nn May MUSLUM CLUB Our mascot says that the model of Wyltwxch fongmal Kmgstonj made by the members of the Museum Club seems just about the right size rn whlch he could settle down tned and to hls surprise he was qulckly tossed out H says he knows there must have been some Jumors rn the room because the treatment he recexved was dog gone mean RADIO CLUB Another new club that has begun this January IS the Radxo Club The boys have taken a great deal of rnterest m thxs type of work and have bunlt several small radlos and broadcastmg sets The boys buy thexr own parts but con struct all thelr own cabmets and bases Calvm Malxnka IS known to be the top man among the members and has buxlt both a recenvmg set and a broadcasting set . y , , for a nice rest - if he had the chance! But one day he . ' . . , I e SCHOOL SERVICE CLUB The School Servxce Club IS not an honorary club as most people thrnk Its members must possess personahty cheerfulness tact a nxce appearance and must have an erghty average They are often needed to work durmg study hall to conduct vnsntors about the school to help ln the mam office At school affarrs they are often asked to usher ARCHERY CLUB Our archers dont profess to be skilled but at any rate they are much better than they were upon frrst entering the ,Archery Club When the weather rs permrssable they learn about shootmg and ordmary target shootmg and when bad weather pr varls they stay mdoors and learn about the orrgrn our mascot They re so good at hxttmg the bulls eye that Im glad I am a duck' STUDENT COUNCIL Our mascot dares not end hrs tour wxthout mentlonlng the Student Councxl whrch he thlnks IS just about tops and I thmk everyone agrees wxth h1m Its members are chosen by popular vote one from each home room I'hexr dutnes are to lay out plans concernmg the students relat1onsh1p 1n the offnce Several school affaxrs were sponsored by them durmg the school year V C . . . . of archery and make their own quivers and arrows. Says SCIENCE CI UB The Scrence Club under the supervnsron of Mr Eckert has made several outstandlng projects Among them ts a geologrcal map of New York State an electrrcal questron board and a panel showmg the metals and therr ores Mr Duck wrshes to report that he has recetved hrs best grade of bakrng powder harr shampoo and water softener from these lndustrtous students Quack uack are they rm portant' RED CROSS CI UB Takmg the place of the sewlng club thrs year ns the Red Cross Club It was started ln September 1940 and has been of untold help to the Red Cross organrzatrons The members have made srx parr of rompers etght school aprons eight dresses and twelve baby krmonas for the Junror Red Cross and for the Ulster County Red Cross they have made twenty four skrrts and thrrty srx parrs of short trousers FANCY WORK CLUB Our mascot whrle venturing through thus department regrets to admrt that he was not very successful rn manrpulat mg two knttttng needles at one time However some of the members are more skrlled and have accompltshed much rn the lme of embrorderrng tattmg crochttlng and kmttmg DANCING Cl UB By and by Mr Duck says Ellenvrlle Hugh School wrll even have students gorng to Hollywood He has watched them Improve rn therr dantlng srnce the new danctng club vtas organr7ed rn January During the club penods the members have a short busmess meetnng wrth drscussrons on dancmg etrquette and danctng A Dancrng specrallst was their guest durrng one club period After school on I-rrday they have conducted dancing classes for the benefrt of the begmners IT SEEMS ONILX X ESI ERDAY Let us go back a few years ago xx hen xxe xx ere freshmen and the semors xx ere to be graduated Who xx as nn the class of 319 It seems only yesterdav that Wrllram Ixelb noxx a toxxn tax collector xxas selected as the boy most l1kelx to succeed xx hrle Gertrude Schlelter xx as selected as the glrl most llkely to succeed She IS noxx an asslstant d1et1c1an at one of Wool xxorth s frrms Do you remember the semor glgolo Manuel 'Nlrllera Well conflden tlallx I bet that he IS breakmg g1rl s hearts 'Ihe reason an armx umform xxhrch he IS sportrng Selma Carberrx xxas predicted as most llkelv to haxe an early marrlage and that IS correct for she ns happily marrled to Earl Robmson 'Noxx that xxe haxe peered mto 37 let us glance mto 38 Ah there IS George Barthel Cornell Lmversrty man xxho IS engaged t our oxxn Kav Rode Attendmg Bennmgton rs salutatorlan Helen Levme xxho 1s studxmg statrstlcs as part of her xx ork Helen has just completed sw xx eeks rn the De partment of Agrxculture rn Washmgton D C The great athlete at that year Manme qergel has just enlxsted rn the U S Armx and xxrll be statroned m Haxxan Roose xelt Hospltal clarms Patrlcla Taylor vxho IS learnmg to become another Florence Nllghtmgale Iet us close the pages of 38 and go on the 39 Senlor class presrdent Isadore Cohen popularlx knovxn as Izzy IS studx mg agrrculture at Cornell Umverslty xxhlle Izlxse Cox remember her m the bhost Tram IS studymg dramatlcs at Carnegle Tech Hovx can anx one forget Chrppy Robmson s hopes to become another Knute Rockne By attendmg Ithaca College Chlppy hopes to accomplish th1s feat At least one grrl plans to spent her t1me ln our faxr xlllage of Ellenvllle xxorkmg That IS the case of Sara Zamore or Red who IS xx orkmg rn the offrce of the Novelty Works and lrkmg nt At last we are up to our rlvals class of last year the class of 40 xx 1th xvhom vxe had manv troubles Honor student Morton Slutsky IS attendmg Cooper Umon rn New York C1tv xvhere he IS studymg the fundamentals of engrneermg Popular Peg Hopkms rs attendmg Alfred Umxerslty xvhere she IS takmg a lrberal arts course and major 1ng rn mathemat1cs and history Amer1can Umxesrty clarms Mlflanl Berman vxho IS golng to become a soclal servrce worker Last but not least IS Franklyn Max man who hopes by attendmg NOfNWlCh Umversrty to become a commlssroned offlcer ln the U S Army And so at last I close my book of memor1es and store them axx ax untrl the future when perhaps we too the semors of todax shall be apprecrated bx the semors of tomorrow v v Q L v v r ' 1 1 . , .- 4 V T K . v y Y Y ' ' ' J ' v s .V 3 ' . . . V . . . . - V , . V 1 . . . . - . V . . . , 1 V - V - . . Y v . . V . . 7 H Q . . . . . N , ' v v . 4 - n - v A , . i v ' . , x . U V U ,, . . . . . v .Q J I V Y. . . I .4 V - . . . a ' U . ., , . . b. 1 . Y v T I . ' 1 1 W - - 9 7 A . 4 Q ' ' V V rl V vu ' 1 V ' 1 ' I I V- . . . . ' V . 1 . . H - y - F . ,, . . . . 7 Y H . v,, . , 7 . - x 44 ' Yu ' ' - . V. . V V. . H ,, - v 1 . 7 . . . Y . . . . A 7 . , , . v ,i v v J . y y . .1 . . . U ,, . 7 V. . . - i , , . . . , , I '- v . v. . . Y . . . .- x v v ,T . Y' . Y . 1 ,v , Q '-"Tl DRANIATTCS LITERARY MUSIC Oh Romeo where art thou? Clackety clack, clack clack D me fa so l Qmx pomt elght pomt twelve pomt' N0 the prmter dldnt get hrs type muted fl The precedmg are just some ofthe sounds our mascot heard 19SLllllg from the musxc, llterary Y, El, B! and dramatlc departments ' In case there 1s some doubt the clackety far- -'4 clack clacks refer to unll members typmg NtCllCll5 'md the slx erght and twelve pomt expressnon IS some technical prmters lang uage which our edltor ln chlef on the Year hook had to master stand nn openmg paragraph lets fmd out from the folloumg pages uho as ln thls sec tnon CL DIV 4 OFFICERS OF LITTLE THEATRE THESPIANS Front row Norma Stern Helen Hoar Llllxan Schlenfer Vue pl-esldem Russen Cookmgham Ruth Zarobchrck Vxrgxma Danoczok May Zlpperman Edxth Secretary Loretta Turner Bofwmlfk D an Ra mond Second row Loretta Turner Dorothy TerBush Wrl Treasurer enm y ham Hart Denman Raymond Maurlce Rosenstock Presldent Ruth Zarobchxck The Thespnan orgamzatxon 15 a natronal dramatnc honor socrety founded for the purpose of creatmg a more actxve and mtelllgent interest rn dramancs among the boys and grrls of our secondary schools One of lts objectxves IS to glve adequate recogmnon to students who attnn excellence m hugh school dramaucs The students shown rn the pxcture have satrsfactonly canned out the functnons of our lnttle Theatre and are ehgrble to enjoy the pnvxleges that the Thespnan Socrety affords Dramatxcs wxll lxve on and we re certam that these people will prove to be assets to its cause - l fo----L or F r 1 ,l H v v Y -U ' 1 ' , . o, rae, , , al P' . l .ffl F l ' - ll 1- ,H L 4 S 'K . v 1 V' fl 1, ,v 'Z i . .Q . W A at 4 Ia ' I, 5. . 1 . . , - ' 5- V . . -. - . H - A W 14W -F -7 "Now", says our mascot, "that you under- 1 E, , , - w - T J r F- E F T 1 T 'll I , I A,v L e s o t ,E L .. J - N rg l y, .M When the fall term of school resumes itself and the various activities are well under way the Senior looks forward with much anticipation to the coming of the Senior play Tryouts are in order and the chosen cast starts rehearsals with a great spirit which we hope is going to last Fortunately it did and the cast shown in the picture put on a performance that surprised even the prompter whose beautiful diction had an astonishing affect on the audience ln the play Lady of Letters Adelaide played by Kathryn Rode is a naive wife of Gilbert Willifer played by Denman Raymond who is professor in a small college town in the South She feels herself neglected and shut out from college society and the learned pursuits of her husband She buys the manuscript of a novel f f l h rom an unsuccess u aut or played by William Hart She then sends it to a publisher under her own name and before she realizes it the book is published and becomes a best seller Fnghtened at the possible consequence Adelaide resolves to keep it a secret and becomes the chief object of interest Her lightest word is interpreted as an utterance of genius and her fame raises the obscure little school to national prominence although her own family contmues to remain skeptical The publishers representative played by Maurice Rosenstock exploits her for his own purpose while Adelaide accepts fame interviews and celebrations with childlike Joy Just as the college has inwented a new degree for her Lady of Letters the inevitable exposure comes from a jealous wo l d b N man paye y orma Stern who had previously known the real author In the resulting confusion the col saves her Adelaide promises to buy no more books and is reconciled with her husband who realizes that much of the trouble has been caused by his own lack of sympathy and attention Dorothy TerBush Lilliam Schleifer Helen Hoar May Zipperman and Loretta Turner are the remaining characters in the Senior play Lady of Letters After functioning successfully for a number of years the Shawangunk Little Theatre thanks its advisor Miss Torrens for its successful function this year This organization affords to those students interested in dta matics an opportunity to show their ability in acting and doing backstage work it mcreases one s knowledge of the stage and provides entertainment for its audiences Besides puttmg on the Little Theatre Frolic which mqludqd the Duso plays shown on the following page the Little Theatre members have also presented The Congo by Vachel Lindsey and Bells by Edgar Allan Poe in an assembly program and later a Variety Show These presentations were done as choral reading and we e greatly appreciated by the audiences Hitler may plun der Europe businesses may suffer bankruptcy and people may commit suicide but dramatics will live on For this reason let us hope that the Little Theatre will continue to thrive m Ellenvrlle High School and as future Thespians its members will remember the proverb Act well your part for there all the h0Il01' ll0S 4 Y 41 Y H 3 I l ' lege authorities, played by Irving Levine and Oral Bilderback, turn against Adelaide, but her very innocence Crswm HMB How the chance reading of a psalm by a rough station agent affects the lives of several ptrsons and brings them the real meaning of lhanksgrvrng rs shown in the development of the simple plot of the play A Psalm of Thanksgiving his Duso play was given in Monticello under the direction of Miss Harter and the mem bers of the cast fshown in the prcturel were greatly acclaimed for the splendid performance they put on ALFQSQQQJ Jawa 0' Q T ??r-.mfofi-'rflwhf Perhaps one of the most extraordinary plays put on by the Lrttle Theatre was The Next War The author Hans Gross in writing this was very psychic since the play takes place in 1970 when he believes that gas will be very highly developed Miss Torrens and the cast Qshown in the ptcturej journeyed to Liberty where Ellenville with triumphant smiles on their faces Minsk JWKLZAVW Chemistry is by no means the best liked subject taught rn high school Howexer rn the play The Per fect Gentleman dtrected by Miss Wilkins a young high school student Margaret Ends herself worshrppmg the subject because she has a crush on her chemistry teacher Mr Crawford She mvxtes him to dinner but when he drverts his attention to her sister who has just returned from college Margaret decides that chemistry is no longer interesting and turns to poe ry and then art Margaret has been having all sorts of trcuble trying to make Bob her younger brother act like a perfect gentleman He has been instructed to say Dmner IS served M Frawford but we reach the climax of the play when he says instead, Soup s on u ! QQ- . K . . ... rl - ' . . . , , D ' ' - 0.2 1' this second Duso play was presented. The outcome 'nf the presentation was evident when the players returned to BIUI- ANDCOIDSIAH loretta 'lurner Ruta Culver ldrth itrmt lcdttor tn chtef Norma Stern Crrayce Kelder Kay Rode Helen Hoar 'Vlrldred lamore Dmttl lasktn Charles DeVot Helen itopke Mtldred Harkavy Dons Coles ltttre Currte Paul gunna Hoff and Mrss Harter QUIl L CLUB During tts mne years of extstence he Qutll has been changed from a very small four page prrnted paper to a mtmeographed publtcatron that for the past five years has been rated Grst class tn contests sponsored by the Columbta Scholastrc Press Assocratron Thus year the E H S paper was one of sux mtmeographed publtcattons m the state to recerve an all New York State rattng Last Ottober members of the staff were hosts to vtsrtmg delegates from seventeen nearby schools who attended the fall meetmg of the Duso Press League At that ttme the Qurll recened the banner for obtatntng the most potnts tn the journaltsm contests sponsored rn connectxon wrth the Duso conference Thts lub rs under the dtrectron of Mrs Sanderson THE BLUE AND GOLD lhts year the members of the Yearbook staff have been workrng drltgently to make a brgger and better Year book Mass Harter actrng as faculty advtser has helped the staff wtth the development of many tdeas whrch make this edmon of the Blue and Cold really dtfferent from that of prevtous years lor rnstance the arrangement of the Semors ptcturrs form the school tnttltals ts somethtng that has not been attempted before Also the department such as clubs fac ulty etc are grouped dtfferently and certarnly one cant 'help notxcrng the cluer drawxngs made by our Art Ldttor Charles DeVoe lhts years Yearbook staff was chosen by a commtttee of Semors selected for that purpose who asked teachers to recommend students who had the necessary 1btl1ty After thrs the Semors themselves voted on the people selected by the commtttee and rn this way the members of the Blue and Crold were elected I-xeryone at one ttme or tnothtr probably feels that he would lrkt to turn back the hmnds of trme and although thts Yearbook wall not actually perform such a task tt wtll serve tts purpose to rettxe old memortes IHI OUIII AND SCROII The Qurll 1nd Scroll as a Natronal Honorary Socrety whtch ts open to Journalnsts who must be jumors or sentors m the upper thtrd of thetr class and who n'ust have done outstandtng work on thetr school paper or school annual Thetr work must be approved by the Nattonal Organwatron The Rarnbow Rexue consrsttng of poems short stones and essays wrttten by students ts a yearly publrcatron f thts group Officers are Dorothy 'lerBush prestdent Ruta Culxer secretary Other members rnclude Qhrrley lauber ltnda George Marlon Doughty 'Vlay Ztpperman Damel lasktn Shtrley Cohen Shtrley Brodsky loyce Jtcobovutz Mrs Sanderson Mtss Harter md Mr Ferguson l""1 1, - . I 1 . 37 - - 'V 4 A ' U C, . V . 7 . A ,l I ', l Zlwliefel. lfva Mohel, Ruth Zarobchickll Harriet Smithl. Vir- I . . 'L . f O' s 4 . v ' I gf A nv V L- BAND Meetrng under the dlrectton of Mr Castnllnon IS the hand with a membership of about thtrty Although we havc not yet heard thus group many ttmes xt played for the Benefit and Mustc l-estlval Each year Monttcello Ltberty and Ellenvrlle hate a trtschool musrc exhtbttton The bands glee clubs sextettes and orchestras take part on a destgnated day Thrs year rt was held at Montxcelio MINSTREL SHOW One of the outstanding events of the E H S muslc world thts past year was the Mmstrel Show ln the were Jtmmy Rowan end men Henry Solomon Tommy Mearns Murray Bernkrant a'1d Fred Suter rematmng chorus representatxves of the mlxed glee club and sextette Dtrected by Mrss Wxlkms Mrs Rencher Mxss Ott and Mr Ferguson thrs performance conslsted of jokes solos and dances as well as old and new songs A Grtswald gave her all to Flreman Save My Chtld and H Solomon re sponded nobly 'lhe four jumor htgh ptckanmmes danced well even rf one of E Mearns legs suddenly changed from black to whlte We srncerely hope th1t F Suter s and T Mearn s feet are really not quxte as large as then shoes were' MIXI-D GI EE CLUB AND SEXTETTE Both the mlxed glee club numbermg about thirty and the sextette are directed by Mrs Rencher Playing thexr part tn the school life these two groups helped m the productton of the Minstrel Show Chrlstmas Operetta and by stngmg at the Mustc lesuval By ratslng their voices ln song at Baccalaureate and Graduatton hey will end the music actlvltres for thts school year Now all together a song well raise We will praise lllenulle forcv r CHRISTMAS OPERETTA Seven Sptnts written by Miss Torrens Mtss Wtlklns and Mrs Rencher was presented last December The Spmts were Splut of Chrtstmas Kathryn Rode Spmt of Happt ness Grayce Kelder Spmt of Story Vrola Craft Spmt of ltght Cornelia Brooks Spmt of Peace Joy Staulcup Spmt of Generoslty Patrlcn Johnson and Splnt of Song lnlltan Schlelfer Adding much to the operetta were the two pamttngs done by Dons Coles Vtvxan Wretz Mildred Harkavy and Sally Berkow1t7 wlth the help of the Desrgn ll Classes and under the dlrectlon of Mrs Van Kirk Carol mg offstage by some of the mrxed glee club and dancmg helmd to make thus an lmpressne and approprtate last pertod before Chrlstmas vacatxon . 1 1 ' lc -." 9"1 ' ' l : t . 1 - c . . . 3 , ' . cast z 1 , , , , . : V . ' 1 , . A, If U 5 fx QRS-TNR QBDQQN 41- S ADVERTISING THE I: H S Alma Rosakranse tAt bank tellers wmdowl I wtsh That Schoolgtrl Complexton Betty McGrath open an account here Cream Of me Cff-'P Marlon DOUSITIY Bank Teller Very well Mtss How much do you want Fattgue' I just postpone tt Robert Wendland deposltv Im Over 6 Dennl' Raymond Alma Why nothtng I want to draw out forty dollars Mrs I.a7arow1t7 CTO son who has just recetved a cookte Mrs Rencher what key are you playing ln, whtle vtsttmg at nexghborsl What do you say P ff? Hafner smnh Skeleton key Plff Wan' another Mrs Renche Skeleton key? Kay Rode I'ather may I go to a wedding? Harrtet S Sure fits anythtng Father MUS! YOU 80 Mrs Brooks Cornelta I have good news for you Kal' Rode IWPP059 50 lm the bn'-le Cornelta lwtthout enthustamj Is Altce home from Il 7 Danny Laskm What ttme are you expectmg me? co Islgcfther Yes but how dld you know, Eva Mohd Im not expectmg you Cornelia My bank wont rattle any more Danny Then Ill surprtse you Eugene Spadaro I had a good ttme last ntght at Dottxe s party Rtch V Dtd you? Who all was there' Eugene Me and Dotty Mtss Taylor tTo Mtss Stevens who looks worrrtedj Whats the matter' Mtss Stevens CA-bsentmxndedlyj Matter ts composed of atoms molecules and electrons Betty J For four years Ive wrxtten my thoughts m a dlary Joy S Gee you must hate the ftrst page practtcally u Clothmg Salesman There you are Str These trousers look good on you Maurtce R Then I dont want them I want some thmg that 5 styltsh Vtola C .Ioan rntends to keep her youth Patty J I know She never mtroduces htm to anyone I-Iesh W I though you belteved wxth Ida that the earth was flat Harriet T I dtd unttl I had gone rtdtng tn Rtps sec ond hand Ford W ' K Joseph Rauner T e future tense of I gve ts take Mrs Lathrop Who can name one thmg we hate now that we dtdnt have too years ago? Henry Solomon Mtss Behm I want a mce fresh chtcken for a chtcken roast Market Man Do you want a pullet7 Mtss Behm No of course not I want to carry xt Mrs Sanderson Thts ts the worst composttxon tn the class so I m gotng to wrtte a note telltng your father about Herb VanKeuren I dont care nf you do because he wrote ll Russell Cooktngham Wake up Sprague your car ts the door Don Sprague I know I heard tt knocktng Norm Tennenbaum Nathan s gxven up the rdea of bemg surgeon Joyce Jacobowttz Why? Norm Tennenbaum It tnvolves too much tnstde or 5 2 ix 1L gg? Jun.- -zr Lt- -br 5 U U I T4 - - t 1 ' Q ' A ' - " to 1 ' 4 I I -"' to ' ' , . . .A 4. 1-.. I '-. 'I 4 in N ' ?., --M , H .. V - - - --" h ' i ' ' 'you . . - -"Me," .iu v y ' ' l t - Tv- . . f 11-" ir." ' at ' ' a - l D., k.' ' ,gfri ' --- K 'wil -V -VX , 'ff ' ----ff'-" f" ' -xi iii, . - ,, K xxx S- J'-fr, I K V Vg , . f 4 , 2? , t -I T , s to I .. I ec, f, - be fl- GOLF BASKETBALL ,Y .-L EEHEEEIEH EEFJEE AAAAA AAAAAAAAAl4Al A fi EW :fi-.g -5- IHI SL.-IEEE.. Nl my Hay Hay Xlay Aprll May Vlay 'vlay May Nlay Nlay May June June Nlav Nldy 'Slay Hay June June June BASEBALL Walden Nhddletovw n Saugertles Montlcello Klngston Newburgh Llberty Port Jervis Montlcello Llberty Nlontxcello Newburgh Klngston Nllddletown Port Jerus Llberty Hudson Valley School Champlonshlp TRAC K INTTERCI ASS Freshmen xs Sophommes Jumors xs Senlors F1nal Interrlass Meet Duso Nleet 'mt Kingston SPORTS Our mascot wlshes to make lt known that he has partxclpated m everv sport thls school has to offer soccer baseball basketball ten ms and track He states further that although he dld enjox every actnltx xerv much the sport he was forced to take part 111 most fre quently xxhlle v1s1t1ng our establlshment was walklng up and down stalrs QWho ever saw a duck walk upstairs Pj Nevertheless ln order for the reader to know xx hat follows, Mr Duck saws The next lssue on the program IS Sports and here one can flnd plctures of hrs faxorlte athletxc hero and xx rxteups of all sports m xxhlch students of Ellenvllle Hlgh School partlclpate SPORTS CALENDAR 19 0 41 Septembel Septembel September October October October October October October SOCCER Lllenyllle Them NPIIHDIOI IS Fallsbul gh Wallklll Montleello Saugertles Kelhonkson 10-Wallklll 14 NIRIHIIIUIRS 18 Kerhonkson 25 points 10 pomts 7 WIHS 1 ose 2 les November 'Nlovembex Nlovember December December December Januarv January January January February Februar y Februax y February February Nlarc h Klart h 15 Season opened WVe Z0 'Nlonroe 29 Fallsburg 6-Beacon Montlcello Newburgh Kingston Middletown Polt Jerxls Lxberty Montlcello Newburgh Kingston Middletown Port Jervls Llberty 14 .Tumor Senlol glme Them -1 i.:'zf?' - I 1 - . N , 3 , . . . . 9 . , Y - , , - - - 1 ' ' ' 1 t kt ' ' v ' . IO . . . . I A F3 1. , 1 1, , - ' I 6 ...-.. i H i Y . - 1 1 ll ll! + - - V W I0 ,J ' . 5 . , X I . H 2' . , - . . v H K A 3 ' ' A 1 v v ,- -: fi c . . . . ' . f e- 13 - , ' vqfg, Z: . Y 7 . . V . L'-,f!4, ' '1-.L ' ' ' ' - av i All 1 Malt:-. -.. - 1 -- F ' :-I 2- l 4 - 19 ' - 19-1 . 1 .' 5 2 "24- .' ' 3 0 26- ' 1 5 - 1- ' 0 2235 r,.,.,,...l,........ A A 7 5- . B 5 1 . 10:f:f::l:f::::::f:f ' . 7- ' . - 5 1 13 ......,...,.....,., . ' Y I 5 2 - . -1 . A ,........,...... - S 4 1 A 26'jQjfjjjjjjjffffjQf" 4 or-:Uber 26-lxromicelm 1 0 29 ...,....,........,., ' . ,A 2 ............,.,...,. 1 ' ' 6 ...,............,. ' ' . -- l , - t' . , 10 ...,.,,,....,..... . ' - , , 1 ' ,,...,,.,.........., I A , . -A 27 18 . ' 31 r..,,...,....r... I . A V - B, , 40 24 . .3 ..................., 1 V. , 29 37 5 ................,.. ' 13- . 16 28 14 ,....,...,......... 19-X, 21 47 M . - N 10- , 18 38 ' ' .17-1 ' ' 14 40 ' 21- ' 19 22 3 24- ' Y 20 21 7- ' 24 40 . , 1 ' 14- ' ZR 38 , , m ' H , .- 18- 23 36 . 1 lg .,...,,.,..,..... .l t H .. A -1 21-A 30 29 . 22- ..,,.,..........,, V . Mi Q 281 'L. 18 53 - 31 .,.........4........ 1 ., A . 7- - 29 35 . .,.,......., . .,... , 1 L ' A . ,- ' - ' . 1 16 8 HOCKEY lda Hechtman captauned the senuor team throughout tht hockey' season Under her effucuent management the team rtmauned undefeated The sophomore team led by Lduth Reuchel was a close sccond Hockey season ended wuth the yearly game between Resudents captauned by lrus Stedner and 'Nlon Resudents cap tauned by Glorua Greenberg w 8 P,-sorb or 559 UA yogblc' K 9 ,I 3,0 to 00 XV qi CC V Y YN, Oc N' S Q35 XZA Y, QQx V ci N626 gum S 9' 'l ru 'C K Q9 'XYZ 0x0 o su X236 rxwloaxhlll A A mc 3 su lb All 0 will Q wi X 09 O wx 'QOQA Q5 e 5 X o M Q99 a AC dill oiq :WW NS o Q1 of K UQ' e .r Fred P 8:3-ul I ez S ,J V '77 a 170' U If O Ca Skgtb 1,0 A J ro 6 9 F10 S 13,0 all es r .r .9 of e 'C Ld 1713 'I 9 ere ,dell Ce I If lo, d I1 Capri' e lr, Opbo ode' o gf s he ""'d 'Pd 0' 50, be ea He ff on ef 8 es, as 51 '7 60 'ir 9 'I dp D, S w 1 I1 If F re S by dye ga -ir W I7 C efl -it along? ,ap41,,rC f I Plz Ofer 'fu 8-2 es fa P17 T W1 1 1 lg I' a tb A10 of P mo' or e re robs url be 1, qw get Shar ner Ur Q- 0 U 'I 509 ova Q99 wut oi we a 039,18 JO, 110, 9,11 Pleas 0 Xe lcflgoxx ei xg fone Pl 1109 D11 a Q, e N AQQX Xe S U 7 all 49 ,161 Q9 'YV V vs GIRLS INTRA MURALS reel, mor Up nap mor ees arf, -ir O"1r x eSl6Q0 XVho thunks that gurls belong to the weaker sex? That person us wrong uf one us to judge from the amount of actuuuty goung on un the hugh school gym Durung noon hours and after school the resudent and non resudent gurls take advantage of the untra mural sports program whuch us under the durectuon of Muss Ott Thus past year has shown that the sophomore team has been superuor un all gurls sports However un the case of the non resudent gurls competutuon has been much keener Q90 Xu 0 2961 xi. O94 co 5060 js I' 'I fn,,,f'6'b Pr Xf .400 ws X 10 ,D f- V QW Q. 090 Q9 6? X' OK Q9 Q0 Los 0 e C6001 cv XS 5 N are .0 'A o N Y '11 Leif' X Qxzqvxlalo 005 '11 800 Ofv 1 xl e v o O ev N' as rl C6 A a ue Cafe? W' wb we P 1 "uso Q0 9011 X610 Q' 17 0 Pe O is a C1 a qu so 9 K '50 I7 O'-s Q Q isnl Xiaxfb ,100 ,Sp Q1 ui PI AY DAY Qld Fllenvulle gurls are not too busy wuth theur own e S T ,r r ' 6 .d B S I ag , M t a 4 RPT ' g 9 I . S 8 L QA kai b0,?Xr n U ll D -S I '17 I l Q8 Q 9 ' , 2 K Ab b sn? J 9 I r W A , I O rx X Quia ll' 8 ,ff - fig s u 5 O ' O '- ' T8 d D ll Du and S ofe SOC. fo Q9 j . D J 9 y I1 r Q' ' 0 A wc K I - u 'f S - lv 1' bu' ' bf,-1641. -r 6 d '11, A . I . , s - - I1 8 f' e Q9 1 Q S Q' Q 000 11,90 r ' d 'hi' Aer, 12 S A7-9 ' 175, Pd CQ Q t Y 9 ,WX 00 re R 0 b F J J, J, ,U I1 Sixll Q. Pla' X256 UU: ZW' 1' 6 14-e Ya or 'Y P ll, we were 9 0 . Q: Y U 3 Q Q I I ye' 5 e 3 R 6 Qnixogxb 'qua PSGAK A A 3 ll cc W 1360 ef R Ju FJ!! .690 S 3175. d to 0-Thy fi 3 Q Q -X A 'fd s s 5 Ira . X - us Nl G . ' ' 'Vo ' 9 .r 6 ' Q, 5 Wl g' 6 'I J 8 - - C be - 2 o ll 4 A K 1 ,O - , 1, ' lv ' ' S . . . I I . K . . I . ' l, 4 . I . 5' 4 s K 5 KRS . e . Q ,S Xa. Ye S Q ,0 O S 3- 15 ,L blk Q y ,. .xg K e Q, '6 gf? Y x 55. QQJE' ll d .r Q0 .6 A ri, 0 2-K Xxx 12, .Dov 9 X 'oe O at Q' Q Op Q4 . 06 Q' ' ' '02 Q" Q 003 00 G . A x 5 'L QQ rl '6 I X' Soi 1 Sf 5 6'-Vie . 0' 5 X, Ns- 'N' 'J 'Zz Q. K Q69 .1 d I. Q96 , S s ad X O .s" sro - - 4 . . Pat athletuc actuvutues to be fruendly to other schools Under the durectuon of Muss Ott and the newly formed Cuurls Varsuty E Club they have been havung playdays wuth such schools as Montucello Luberty and Kungston All who belong to the Gurls Varsuty E Club of whuch Loretta Turner us presudent must own an Pllenwulle E for one year of sports Thus year Senuor gurls who haue partucupated un sports for four years who have the requured number of pounts wull receuwe gold medals Others who have had three years of sports wull receuwe suluer medals CHEERLEADERS Ruth Zarobchrck Grayce Kelder Harold Sutta Betty McGrath and Mary Frances Taylor help keep up the team s morale and the students school spmt by cheermg at soccer and basketball games Therr cheermg throughout,the year has made competrtron among drfferent teams and schools much keener - BASEBAI L VVrnnrng but two of then erght scheduled games the Blue Dexrls completed one of the most luckless seas ons rn many a year H rndrcapped from the start by a lack of materral on the prtchrng staff Loach Robert s nrne proved to be an easy target for the brgger guns rn Duso competrtron However our two smashlng xlctorres mer our arch rrval Nlontrcello proxed a great satrsfactron to the enthusrastrc fans of EHS The Devrls fought to a 1 1 standstrll wrth Walden rn the openrng clash of the season After Jumprng to a qurck start wrth one run rn the frrst rnnrng the Robertsmen weakened rn the srxth and allowed the boys from oxer the mountain to push oxer the tyrng run lt was a real heartbreakrng game Losrng to Saugertres 4 2 rn the second game of the year Ellenvrlle came back to pound out a 14 5 wrn oxer the Nlontr nine on Nlay 8 Every man on the team got at least one hrt and scored one run Prosrng easy prev for the other Duso teams the Dexrls contrnued to lose the next three games Howexer they again hrt therr strrde to crrck out a 6 2 xrctory ox er the Blue and NN hrte rn a return game on June 3 Nlalxern urrswrld rs the captarn of the 1941 Blue and Gold team TRAC K Wrnnrng two of therr three meets and taking three places rn the Duso tr rck meet the 1940 edrtron of the Blue and I old track team enJoyed one of rts best seasons rn many a vear Putting a great emphfrsrs on track the Lllenvrlle Hrgh School produced many new runnrrrg and field stars thrs season Among the newcomers were Charles Hartman half mrler Art Block two twenty runner and Bruce lNarl long drstance runner Kenneth Krom also proxed a great asset rn the mrle department Openrrrg the season agarnst Narrowsburgh the EHS Blue Dexrls ran to therr frrst vrctory by the score of 60 29 Vkalderr proxed a great rrval for the Lllenvrlle team but when the frnal score was tabulated EHS had conquered 50 35 The Blue and Gold Squad had rts frrst taste of defeat on June 4 when they fell before the stronger Nlontr team 59 30 Ellenxrlle was well represented rn the Duso meet and they returned wrth three second place ribbons The wrnners of these were Nrssenbaum rn the hundred yard dash Crurrson rn the broad Jump and XanKeauren rn the hrgh Jump Thrs year due to the lack of scheduled schools tr ack wrll be run is an rnterclass exent with medals to he awarded the frrst second rnd thrrd place wrnners of each event rn the frnal meet The outstandrng performers of the entrre program wrll represent Ellemrlle rn the Duso Nleet tnrrrson rs captrrn of the 1941 track squad TENNIS PHS Blue Dex l doubles tennrs team brought Ellenvrlle rts frrst Duso Lhamprorrslrrp rn many a year In the srngles LHS also proxecl to be one of the leading pow ers of the le rgue rnd frnrshed second only to the strong Newburgh teanr Opening rts season agarnst a well balanced Kingston squad the Blue and Gold easrly conquered the Nlaroon and White by the score of 5 1 A week later Nlontrcello fell before the on sweeping Blue Devrls and farled to wrn a srngle one of the srx matches Meetrng their rrch rrxals Newburgh on May 17 the team acquitted rtself well wrnmng the doubles 2 1 and losrng the srngles 3 0 The tenrns squad 'rgarn hrt their strrde agamst Saugertres and easrly won 5 1 ln a frnal burst of pow er the Ellenxrlle team swooped to the champronshrp wrth a 5 0 vrctory over the Nlrddres Joe VVerss was the leadrng srngles player holding a record of four wrns agarnst one loss Don Bradford and Robert Sarr also had excellent records The entrre group drd outstandrng playing In the frnal results the srngles team won nine matches and lost fue The Doubles team had a 14 1 record Coach Ferguson has done a grand Job wrth thrs vear s tennis team and he deserxes the congratulations and prarse of all INTRA NIL RALS Whrle the xarsrty rs recerxrng most of the publrcrtw there rs another type of athletrc program going on behrnd the scenes of Ellenxrlle Hrgh School that rnterests far more boys than can be found on the regular xarsrty squads Thrs rs the rntra mural program These boys do not play for letters or for glory of the school but because they Just lrke to play Under the superwrsron of Coach Roberts an extensrxe program rs carried on rn whrch each boy gets an equal chance to partrcrpate Holdrng the mam rnterest this year was basketball The lsotre Dame team led by lrvrrrg Wernbaum and Bob Wendland easily walked off wrth frrst place honors rn the non resrderrt league havmg lost only one game rn 24 L I U captarned by Dan1elKaduk NI Y U headed by lrx Nloshrer and Purdue led by Jack Hoffman trarled far behrnd In the Resrdent league the Redskins finally won out over the Jewels after a hard battle whrch extended throughout the entire season The Rebels and the Red Rarders were tred for thrrd place Wrlkrn Nesbrtt captarned the Redskrns Bob Baker the Rebels Mel Karow the Jewels and Tom Mearns the Red Rarders Notre Dame pr ox ed too strong for the resident Redskrn qurntet They easily clinched the school champion shrp by the score of 28 20 Nledals were awarded both the wrnners and runner ups by the Student Council An rnnovatron started this year was the Saturday morning gym class for Junior hrgh students to enable them to learn the fundamentals of the various games The boys that turned out were taught how to pass, shoot drrbble, and guard rn the game of basketball Frnally teams were chosen and the boys played between halwes of the varsrty games This trarnrng should grxe the students a better knowledge of the game and rt should greatly ard rn producing greater teams rn the future ' L , I 1 I ' ' V A ' 1 ' -. 7 1, 1' 5. . 1 - 1 1 . V K y 1 1 . ' , . C I , , ' I :' 5 , I V f' - 1 v ' ' ' ' 1 , 1 ' , ' 1' 1 , 1' ' ' ' 1' . -' ' ' f ' 1 . ' - " ' ' 1 h l 1 . 1 ' .1 . 4 . 1 I V' V . A1 pl 1 U l S, .4 B. , ' A, -,D , , ,' I . K I .1 . 1 . 1 - . . 1 1 ' ' ' . A 1 V - ' 1 't- . . ' K l 1 . - 1 ' 1 l l - ' I , A. ' ,, I I , Y . . 3 1 - 1 - 1 J 1 1 t. N. A , ,l ' 1 r -' 1 1 ' ' ' - V 1 ' ' V . . . 1 , 1 . ' ' 1 ' 1' . 1 ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' Y - I V - K - 1' Q ' ' ff 1 ' .' .' ' ' 1' 1' ' , 1' " ' ' ' ' ' ' 7 v 1 ' ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 ' . . ' ' ' 1 - I . 1 1 ' ' 1' , ' N' . 1 , - . ' s . A 1 ' 1 ft' ' ,' y 'f ' ' ' v " ' 1- , -' 1- ', 1' " as ' ' , " N D 1 I 4 h I . 1 , 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 Led by Sid Solomon, Mort Sutsky, Bob Mearns, Rich Bradforcl, Stanley Rosenstock, and Julius Stock, the I ,A 5, - . 7 - . -. 5. 1 A . . 5 r - ,- - ' ' ' 2 0' 1 .' - ' 1' ' ' - ' ' 1 1 V ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 1' ' A ' , ' ' . . ' I .fi 1" .I ' , ' . I ' 2 ' ' . ' ', 1' ' ' , I I , ' . ' h 5 ' , Q - ' ' 1' - . Q ' . 1 ' D A I . 1 , , 1 51. ' ' .1 1 ' 1 . 1 ' 1 1- 1 J 1 . 1 ' V' 'Lv L . ul. K y 1 V A1 ' K V - V ' 1 ' 1 ' 1' 1 ' .' 1 1 ' 1 . 1 ' - cr ' . ' ' . . . ' ' ' , 1 1' 1 1. 'J ' 1 ' K - I .1 . . . . 1 ' LV v' 1' I , Lv' v 1 'K1 1 1' ' ' 1 V . . I . i i Y . . ' VL V. .M L . - . . , . t v . . . . 1' , 1 . . . '. 1 1 , 1 ' A J, 1 ' 1 V 1' 1 ' 1. 1 y ' I . ' A ' - x l . ' V, 1 . y L ' v 1 '. Q.. . 1 1 I v 1 1' ' , .M-"""' 1 , B Xblxl' TBAI I lnsprte wrnnnrr. only thru ut ti than frftun sthtduled gums the IHS blue Dexrls ended the bea-son strangely enought by pulling. ont vf tln lrrggest upsets rn lluso hrsturrv Rrdnrg hrgh on the vxrngs of a nlne gume urnnrng streak the strong XllddlQl0X!ll term rnxadul lfllenxrllt on Fehrurrx 'l only to be trashed to defeat by the store of 30 20 rn one of the most thrxllrng games rn the history of I-H5 basketball Hrtting on all cylln ders for the frrst ttme during the season, the Dexrls Jumped to L qtrrck lb 10 le td at half tmre The end of the thnd quarter found the Blue rnd bold strll holdrng a smrll tno pornt lead 1 osrng 2'O 26 wrth but one mm ute left to pln the Robertsmen sprang rnto attron when 1 tsltrrr drrbbled through the entrre Nlrddle team to nrng up tvxo pornts Vkrth but sexen setonds to go Tennenhaum toolt L treful arm and let flv vklth what prmed to be the detrsrxe set shot of the game Among the hwstern ll the-ers of the fans Pllenxrlle Hrgh hxd toppled the Blue and Vklnte from tlnrr hrgh prnrrrtle I nzarowrtz Terrrrerrluum I rskrn lepke X rnkeuren, and Nall all played trutstrndrng bxll xnd helped to brrng about the xn tory In Dunn sompetrtron howuer, the EHS Blue Dexrls uruld urn no more than one glme XIUXTIS 1 azarowrtz nas taptarn of the 1941 squad The lrxrng Lexrne foul shot trophy went to Nlalvern urls xxdld wrth '1 r00 per tent utr tge 501 Q I- R The ILHS Blue Dexrl soccer team tln rts string., of ganrcs non to rs thls tear btforf they flnally had it The Dexrls stuted tht 1441 exson off wrth 1 btng nhen thex exsrl defea e "Nm in fl Wild HANK bv tht V019 ut' tr 'P Un September '4 tht sr ur team int tdetlllfdallglirrgls0ro?1lyMtlota:'2tJ:r2?r: 'um 'mother Vtlmv Uliked W' W IN thi! V011 0 Vt tllkrll met the Ulm rrrd hold on September 06, and the game ended rn a 1 1 de lcllotk after a goal hx mol Nrssenbaum xx ts t tllezl brelt for an off sxde penalty Dlsastel befell the undefetted squid on Octoher 1 when Ellenxrlle frded rn tht tm rl sttonde of the game and was gon zlllifed 2 0 by Wluntuello This tus the fnst trme rn frxe gmres thrt the Nlontrs hate beqten the Blue and .od Fllemnlle ag.un hrt on all tvlrnders agarnst Qruggrglt-, u,,H,n,k 1 ls HOXE, equalled xmsenbaums old Wvflfd Uf 111109 goals rn one gnme The Ilurls tontrrruul to urn then next three gtmes and they tled one It-Tfzlnit :latanroras Z 2 on Uttolrer 14 llonexer rn tht ftn. g,rrrre of tht setson I-llenxrlle agarn met Montrcello, nellllffie l:ndIY1uXK3N unchfe rtul for e se 1 0 lht yt rr s frnal record naw seven wms Xlbilllbdlllll IN tle ptx rr 1 tl rs g gm, 1 l ' ' I . . Y .5 ' -' ' r - ,, , ' .. l 5 .F-' Q L' r 1' K l 1 K- A. ' ' ' f 1 r - ' .' .' C ' .' 'C - . ' ' V ' I - , H - L, - - -. ' .4 K. ' 4 I ' . '- 2 . , ' I " ' z ' ' ' sz '- " ' 1 ,H .- ' '- Y 2-V, I. L. - ' . . ' Y V A ., . . -A ' .' . . 4 1 V - -' .t . ,vs 1 - ' v' ' r ' ' . , . it , b . 1 . . , 4 - . ' ' ' f- ' ' 1 - . .1 ' " , a , .1 .' , 1 . 2 I .' 1 ' 2 z " ' ' - ', A v 'A' 4' ' ' I ' .4 ' 'I . .V ' . ' ,I YA 'f ' V . i I ' " " . ' - 1 '-1 . s -. . . , , , 1 SV .- A. ., . .1 . V, L, ,. T I Q 1, 1 A V! Y , I Snapped by then' old rlvzrls, Alontivello. ' V - " S sa ' + 1 s z.' " 1 4 ' r if v V . . , . .- '. . I .' .. , . "fl . ' ,, 'J ' """"' ' I '4 1' ' ' 1 ' V , . . H . . U- . 1 A 1 -1 K k H - 2 1 ' ' ' 5 ' 1 .- -2 1 1- - -5 - . 2 ' .' 2 I 1 - - -' r ' l " 2 M . - ' - F . l' I. .' 'z .' ' ' ' ' -5 h- 1 A HA. , K . 4 ' ' , ri ' r ' 5 L: ' ' ' , 5, QA. -Y . ,vr . , 1 z ' : t . ' ' '- - - - V . - - .1 , ' . 'i ' . . . . f , ' ' ' ' ' " ' U 1-' r 4 ' ' ' wh rrc 1 - -z - ' th j rar, :lrnl trwrrrrrvt-rl th rrrr l- . " - '11 ' f - -V r , 5 - . 0 A' v 2 ' ties. " -F ' ' wa .' 1 cu zi 0' t'.' yezu".' .' au. PUBLICATIONS ELLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL OUII rm Bl UI AND COI D Issued I4 txmes math school year by the ulll lhe annual yearbook publmhed by the Blum and Club Gold staff Qubstrxpuon 6ot ptr year Subscnptnon S1 oo and Sl 50 I HI RAINBOW RI VUI An annual maganne contznmng the hterary gems of the Lnghsh classus publmhed by Qulll and Qcroll Subicrxptnon xsc SENIOR POILM Ks freihmen green they name unseen Thelr work msplred to brlng them higher And llflllg to them a token Fl hey pereex ered thelr sophomore year Ihexr spxrxts stlll undaunted VVhere knowledge farled thenr courage prewalled Thexr mmds became more haunted I'he1r JUIIIOI' xear xx as tar more dear The knowledge came much qumclter hxentuallx thex gun some fame With Qenxors none ulll hhcker If employeee you utah the future to renondmh' X ou had better u rlte them a letter' Alexander lartakoff OI: True 'lllll .l, ' Q I Q , 4 ' ' T V f j AF ei - 'V Q .Q x , These doors to them swung open. ' 1 I I ' ' c l .1 , f ' , ' . ,ww 1' 1'-Swv iv by 0-v-4 5:45 M-:iff W 411' u 1" V V ii ,fa 7 '57 6-5: f A595 ADVERTISEMENT S l or paints and dances and rugs Ifood gas and drugs Ifor flowera and food just dandy Wall paper toal and Lands In fact for all the needs of lxfe Ur Duck gtves you some advlee Ihe advertwements are okax bo patrouwe these merchants today COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF MILLER ELECTRIC SERVICE F ooRDMoRE FARMS AND BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS MAYTAG AND THOR WASHERS Mxlk and Cream l THOR AND IRONITE IRONERS Telephone Ellenvllle IIB PHILCO AND R C A RADIOS CROSLEY SHELVADOR REFRIGERATOR GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR PHILCO CONSERVADOR RERIGERATOR UNIVERSAL I-IOTPOINT RANGES I ' I ,, Hi Q A -- l Il I I ' If ll' 15' I ' . ' Al: I l ' ' - .lr Q - - , ,I l I , , V 5 ' I ' ' . '- - 55 , . 'X K I" . ' S ' l' I FF DHI' I I .. 4 RAIN OR SHINE COLD OR HOT Wmter or Summer you ll always fmd just what you want at our counter and at sur fnends and come here after a-ll socnal affanrs SCHIPP S DINER HAROLD B GILLETTE CO INC Coal Wood Kerosene Fuel O11 ESSOTANE METERED GAS SERVICE GAS RANGES COAL STOKERS G E HEATING AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT Sales and Servnce Phone zo Ellenvtlle SPENcER'S BUSINESS SCHOOL KINGSTON NEW YORK Complete Busmess and Secretanal Courses Announces NEW LOW RATE ALL DAY HALF DAY COMPLIMENTS OF MEDICAL STAFF A M or P M Veterans Memortal Hospital S12 oo per month 8 oo per month Lowest Rates Enroll Now Summer School July 7th Fall Term September 2nd Send for Catalog , , ,-..-,, - . - - ., . . ptisinglyl lovy pIiceS. IVIeet youl' l .ld ' 1 9 HHIIIP1' 5 igharmarg Alfnags Qfielrahle COMI LINII WTS OI MR 8: MRS MICHAEL WIDEIITL SAMUELJ LIPKA Stauonery Sportmg Goods School Books Ph nc 8 CANAI ST I INIVII LI KORN S PHARM AC Y Rehable Prescrlpuons 9 M n aa SI ELIINVILII' N Y CONII I IMI NIS OI BERNSIEIN S BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY SALON Mc MULLEN S GIPT SHOP Graduatlon Glfts Jewelry ELLENVILLI: N Y UNITED CICAR STORE CORNER CANAI AWD MAIN DR SIMPSON TANNENBAUM Dent1st Telephone 610 Izo CANAL ST IQLLENVILLE N Y KINBERF BROS 9 Phone 487 Auto Supplles Radlos THE GLADYS BEAUTY SHOP Indlvxdual Han' Stylmg MARKET ST PHONE 222 COW LINIENTS OI LEW S BUSY BEE COMPLINIENTS OF ABE SCHWARTZ, the Tazlor COVIPLINIENTS OF PALMER S 5 AND 10 D1ne and Dance at FINKLE S SUMMITVILLE N Y COW LIMENTS OI JAOR SEIKEN COMPLIVIENTS OI GEORGE ZEITZ Optometrlst LOUNSBERRY 8: LONSTEIN 19 CA Scenmc he fm at NAL SI' IIILNVIIII M W E. 1 T - Q Y as ' ' " ,- C , , , , , , 1 s 3 I U ' I 3 ' - 0 x n A . P 1 ' F O I I65 . Q . EI. . 2. , 3, N. Y 9 1 . - L A A . , 7 , 1 . ' as ' ' ' H V1 , 1 1 Corn r arket a d C n I Q reeks I V L -V CfONIPI.IMF2N'I'S OI: X , 1 1 - 4 1 1-In in ll A Ill I 'H 1 L 1 . - -' 64 Canal Str et I 3 . 7 . . I. . , I . I I f s I A 3 A ' A 2 9 ' U. I 3 , , i I f' 1 I in I I .. . , I - . 1 . . ' . , 1 W, I- COMPLIMENTS OF A. MASOR'S I ELLENVILLE PAINT STORE Phone 726 79 Center St. COMPLIMENTS OF JOEL'S FURNITURE MART 82 Canal St. ELLENVILLE, N Y. NORTH END GARAGE E. MARL Telephone 1399 18 North Main Street THE CORNER SMOKE SHOP Papers and Magazines Canal Street HALEY, Prop. L STRAND SHOE SHINE PARLOR Hats Cleaned In the old postoffice bu1ld1ng COMPLIMENTS OF BELLMAN S RESTAURANT Tk 286 'NAPANOCH N Y COMPLIMENTS OF KATCHER AND DAVIDSON General Store NAPANOCH N Y COMPLIMENTS OF AFFRON S DEP T STORE LEO BUSCHBAUM Prop COMPL IMENTS OF UNVERZAGT S BARBER SHOP CANAL STREET COMPLIMENTS OF ULSTER GARAGE Telephone I75 44 Canal Street COMPLIMENTS OF THE WAYSIDE INN Your Bakery WINTER S BAKERY TELEPHONE 54I Success to Class of 1941 GOLDIN S T Frances S What dxd Mrs V3nKlfk mean when she sald Polxceman QTO teacher who has wxtnessed smashb You say you saw the, accldent Mnss What was the number of the car that knocked thxs man down? MISS DuBoIs- Im afraId Ive forgotten II But I re member noucmg that If II were multIpl1ed by Itself the cube root of the product would be equal to the sum of the dIgIts reversed never to darken her door agam? Chlef Porter What part of those students Fords causes the most wrecks? Officer Cnroppe The nut that holds the steermg wheel tp: 7 ' ' l. , , . 9 9 3 , I i I 9 7 9 H , . . '42446 CANAL ST' ELLENVILLE Ed Rose-"Oh, I was just drawing on it with charcoal." See Us II YOI WANT Style comfort ease of handlmg economy large hydr1ul1c brmltce s ps senger body space 8 cyl1nder performance QUICK startmg motor speed and power I-ORD DI AI I RS N SL Cl 9 MARSHAI JANSIQN COMPANY WW YORK S11 NPRMXN BROS Head to Foot Outfitters II CONII I IMI NIS OI DR LHARI FS VAN KIRR 177 Canal Strett IIIINVIIII NIXV YORK Cow 1 IXII NIS C1 1 ON B MURRAY THI4 MAY1 I UWPR D1amonds Watches jewelry GlftS Wateh Repalrmg COMI I INII NTS OI JOE S LUNCH XII I INII S B DEKOFSRY 9 MARKET STRFIT IIN Y VALLEY GARDENS IIORISTS AND NURSYRYMFN ACCORD NEW YORK Telephone Ellenulle 9693 GROSS B SCHOONVIAKER COMPI IMENTS OIA Wu E NATHAN EDDIE S Army and Navy Store SPORTING GOODS MEN S AND BOYS WEAR Phone 24 J 145 Canal St EI I ENVII I E N Y COVIPI IMI N TS OI KARL S BEAUTY SALON EI I ENVII I E 135 COMPLIMENTS OF RAII WAY EXPRESS AGENCY W H PEET Agent COVIPLIIVIENTS OI SAULS SERVICE SAUI POI ONSKY Prop r 98 Center St Ellenulle N GENERAL SAI ES C0 The Fnendly Department Store 1oU1S ROSENSTOCK Prop I MILLER WHOLESALE TOBACCO AND CONFECTIONIARY Inc 112 Canal Street Phone 178 KORN'S PHARMACY "Rel1able Prescr1pt1ons" Corner of Market and Canal Streets EI I I-NVILLE NEW YORK SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OI IQ4I VANDERLYN,S GARAGE BUICK FRIGADAIRF I' 5 ' ' I 1 . - 7 ' - + I ' . .-ix J'- R 5 .2 5 - . .. Iil,I.I2 VlI.l.Ii, .IN 3 1 ll ' ' A ' ' ' I Q I31,I.I5Nv 112, N. Y, I 5.1 ,.3, 2 ' ' OV 157 CANAI. S If Izl 1 IiNVIl,I 15, N, Y, N X ' - - - ' E v M I Co. ,.1 fl '11' Oli Q 0 S R V 'f ' ' 13 IEI, , i 'VIl.I,Ii, N. "1 1 . Q 9 ' 1 , 2 f ' Q A : ' 9 . J 1 - A '- Complzments of THE STRAUSS STORE Automobzle Equzpment 74 Canal Street ELLENVILLE N Y COMPLIMENTS OF MARGARET S AND SCOTTY S Formerly Roses Grzll ELLENVILLE N 1195 Center Street COMPLIMENTS OF ABEL FURNITURE CO I hone 998 ELLENVILLE ECONOMY ELECTRIC CO JOSEPH LEVINE Supplxes and Wxrmg O Box 363 Phone 596 R M HASBROUCK Florlst WE WIRE FLOWERS KUSHNER S Ulster Pamt 8: Supply Co Inc P Ints Oxls Varn shes U Wmdow Phone 254 138 Canal St THE TERWILLIGER AGENCY, INC Insurance and Real Estate COMPLIMENTS OF PHILIP SLUTSKY I2I Canal Street ELLENVILLE N Y M GLUSKER AND SON Wholesome Candy and Tobacco ELLENVILLE NEW YORK COMMUNITY COAL SUPPLY RAYMOND S LEROY Na a h N Y Telephone 256 W COMPLIMENTS OF EO S LUNCH C nal Street JOSEPH S BEAUTY SHOP Beauty Culture At It s Best ELLENVILLE NEW YORK 21 Can l Phone 992 Success to the Class of 1941 CON WISDOM Movmg COMPLIMENTS OF H WEINSTEIN 159 nal I ELLENVILLE N COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY REICER 39 Ca nal ELLENVILLE N Y BREAD ROL KORN S BAKERY THE BEST LS PASTRIES , . . , I I W Y TE' ' . 7' ' 9 s . , . Y. J P. . L . , - a' , ' , i ' Full Line of Wall Paper and Supplies ' , p noc , . . - """"' Al ' i 7 , . 3 I a St. - Ca S . , . Y. , r St. , . . - S - PEPSI COLA Ellenvllle Bottlmg Company Inc KINFSTON ROLLER RINK AND PURE ROCK Mmeral Sprmgs Corp VISIT THE SPRINGS Co nell St and Ten Broeck Ave KINGSTON N Y YUS7 P COMPLIMENTS OF Lawrence Craft Manager COMPLIMENTS OF H B HUMISTON Phone Elle w lle 290 Best W shes for Futu e Crowded wxth Success nd Happ ness COMPLIMP-NTS OI- WM H DEY0 8: C0 , INC ALBERT P FILLIQN Lumber Buxldmg Materlals Fuel Monumental Works ELI ENVILI E NEW YORK O HW' ri Xl' ' "" . . , . I r . . ' . - Skai :3o-II . m. 102 CANAL ST. EI.LENVII.I.E, N. Y , . n 'I i a , r ' , S a I , DUI I ICAPI IRINTS OR ILNI ARC ILMFNT5 Senzors Photos m Thls Book May D6 Obtarned At SHADOWLAND STUDIO N Telephone 22 W Vlxllram rs a semor As all of you should know XVhxle Edward rs a Freshman But watch htm he aunt slow Nlow Herbxe 15 the ndeal Of all the gurls around S When he goes down the corrxdor They most all turn around Helen N rs the hlgh school xamp 331 Wall Sr KINGSTON N Y If she exer hollered gold Shed gne us all a scare l suppose we ought to menuon Jack Wager somewhere here STIJFSON HATS VIANHA FTAN SHIRTS To frmsh Helens name And make this thing seem dear WILSON BROTHERS FURNISHINGS Dorothy s are qurte plentxful HOLEPROOF HOSE I UGGAGE In the Senror Class thrs year There s TerBush and there s lepke And they re known hoth far and near B055 Depanmem 'Ihe Donald s also number two 10 Years I0 18 Wllh therr brrghl eyes and blond harr Though drfferently 1n other ways ENTIRE SECOND FLQQR They both are rather fart There are prctures of Brooks upon the wall But the Brooks we know hangs out In the hall IASHION PARK CI O'l HES i r 3 , ,, ' S D II T . T T1 --I T OF El.l,ENVIl.l-E, . Y. ' A . . 1 . V , ' I I . J With IOCVRS of golden hairy' ' The me for Dad and the Lad I ' Q A , . . V I 4 4 1 . I Y 4 ref SENIORS' N arm Irunlnq w1ll LIUIP 1 fine. c1reLr rn lwusxnesi Adxanced Post Graduate Courses SI CRFTARIAI AND ACCOUNTING Day and Iuemng In College 'ihorth1nd CIYPCWYIIIHQ etc OPLN AII QUIVIMFR Joeeph J Morgan Irmclpal KINGSTON N Y HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT INSURANCEO ro ure Your Parents Perm1ss1on To Haxe nl hclr Pol1c1es An1ly7ed We XV1ll Vlake 1 Complete Surrey and Explam It Vklxthout Obl1gat1on To You A1 1 BN D POTTER Hunt Vlemorlal Bldg PHONII- I2 ROSE 81 DOUcLAS COMPANX Plumbing and Heatmg Matemals PAINTS HARDWARF I:LECTRIC-XL SUPPI IES Phone 14, llenxlllr N1 COMPI INII-N T9 OI MCGRATH S PHARMACY Two Reglstered Pharmaclsts COMPLIMRNTS OI ELL ROSE RESTAURANT Bar and Gr11l II6 'Vlam t N intl 1- ROSEN FHAL S Ellenvllle Lumber Co , Inc SOI ICI I S YOUR PAT RONAGE Phone 267 ,, , ,, Q ,W ., 5' 0 O I ' P c ' ' ' ' .IL . ' ' 1' ' L ' 'L ' vou for ' ' ' ' . . 1 , ' 1 I . ' A s 3 4 4 L I , , . . ' 9 ' ' A I I " Burgevin Bldg., Corner Fair and Main Sts.. A I I . . ' . 7 1 I2 " ', I , Y. ,W -, - . A V 9 . ' S .. I2l.l.IiNVIl,l.lf. . Y. WEST E D DAIRY MILK CREAM CHOCOLATE MILK CHEESE VITAMIN D MILK Wholesale and Retazl lllllllllillllllllll 206 Phones 1092 ELLENVILLE N Y Lv IIIIHIIHIIIIIIIIII 9 9 . ! l'Il'lllIIllIIlIIII,I'I?l. 1 .. , . COMI LIMENTS OF CENTRAL VALLEY INN WAWARSING, N. Y. COMI l.lMl2'Nl'l'S OIT EL1 ENVILII' STEAM LAUNDRY I t- 1 1' Stx . Th t' ' ' et t m ' ' d cle. , ".2 ENIEN . SHELEY S SERX ICE STATION GEORGE F SHELEY Prop NAPANOCH ROAD ELI ENVII I E NEW YORK Ido H ppy Motor ng See Us Phone 396 SH ADOWLAND THE ATRE AND MITCHELL HoUsE T avel the A e ca Way A Ser Ice Stat on of Integ ty AMOCO SERVICE DICK CAMERON Operato 120 South Ma n St CHESTER SATZ CO 2 cANNoN s'r POUGHKEEPSIE N Y L C Smlth 81 Corona Representatlves P I A 1 t y Il A Q N 7 Send your clothes to he Fllenulle Lam a s when youll g he whm an un lcl 63 I I l Vll I Y I. l l , v Best NVishes to the Class of IQ4I ' r a 1 . h 1 E X K 1 I 1- A A I. r m ri n I . v' i ri , . . r O i . v 0 , ,- .-- . . -.--. ,I , 1 SINIICK s Athletlc Supphes and Equipment VAN KLEECK Sc F REAR INC Cor 'Nlorth VIBIH and Sprnng Streets ELLENVIILE N Y Lubrlcatlon Washmg Storage Tlres Tubes and Batterles Hudson Cars Diamond T Trucks Terminal Eagle Bus Llne Busses and Sedan Cars For I-Ixre TI LEPHONE ELLENJVII LE 420 LH no P PULLUNI Funeral D1rector I XXI II 'XEXV YO THF BARN YOUR IRIE,NDI Y NIGHT CI UB UI I VIUSIC IN 'VIODFRN 'VIODIS KIN sT01x,N Y B IXX shcsl A Iutu c Crc ded wllli Success nd H pp ness ALBERI P FILIIOIN Monumental Works COXIPLIVIKNJ rs OF WM H DEY0 8: C0 , Iwc Lumber Bu11d1ng MBICYIHIS Fuel FI l LNX II I E INEW YORK I . , A. , Y i II I . Ly I ,XRN , J ST.-XNI,IfY 9 N. Nlain Street Phone 160 AND HIS ORCHESTRA ISI. ,Iff ' I. . I, RK .'. 1 .'. I If I . . cs 'I nor 7 r uw V . I' ,. . . fl '. .1 A i 1 . f ' ' . T - ---- -lf T If X in Z? WHO SAYS omeniri spur! IS NEVER DONE? It's done quickly and easily in an K all electric kitchen. Phone t0- MODERNIIE day for modernizing cost estimate. ELECYRIFY 61' ELLENVILLE ELECTRIC COMPANY COMPLIMEINTS Ol- COMI LIMLNT9 OP HUMISTON A 8z P 1oz CANAI ST ELLENVILLE N Y Phone Lnemme 290 Lawrence Craft Manager OTTO MARL Dodge Plymouth Passenger Cars RIDER COLLEGE Dodge Trucks 8 C I St t one E envxlle 1 M13 fee Of Busmess Admznzstratzon Ph H 79 5 Bachelor of Sclence Degrees COMPLIMENTS OF In Commerce and Buslness QUALITY BAKERY 149 Canal St P1'lOI1C W Speclal Intenswe Courses COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN R HUNT FOUNDED 1865 TRENTON N 158 Center St ELLENVILI E N Y I W1ll1am Baker l certamly envy Richard Herlmg when Mr Eckert to Murray W What IS the bronch1al tube he laughs and where lS ll located? Jack Hopkms Why? W Murray W It IS an underground passage between Bronx llllam There seems to be so much of hnm that IS and New York havlng a good t1me I , , I Q N I . '-7 A 261 , . J- W Food, Feed and Farm Supplies BEST WISHES TO THE Cl ASS OF 1941 A FACULTY MAX ROSENSTOCK ND KRAMER AND KREITZER E erythmg In Gas and Elect c Eqmpment For Homes a d Hotels Kelvmato Ref ge ators Zemth RadI.os 82 Center St Telephone 291 COMPLIMENTS OF TOM S BARBER SHOP NIAPANOCH NEW YORK COMPLIMENITS OF LADENHEIM S GARAGE ELLENVILLE NEW YORK RIPPERT AND MATTHEWS THE NYAL STORE Prescrlptlons Our Speclalty PHONE 45 ELLENVILLE N Y R LFVY Electrlc Shoe Repalrln 81 Cente St ELLENVILLE N Y COMPLIMENTS OP H DANIEL S Meats Grocerles Sportmg Goods NAPANOCH N Y THE BRIDGE FILLING STATION MARION MCCLAY P op WAWARSING NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF KALAMAZ00 Stove and Furnace Co KINGSTON N Y Best Wnshes to Class of lQ4I COHEN S BAKERY Telephone 2I3 75 Ccnte Ste COMPLIMENTS OF INDIAN VAILEY INN BILL JOY! E COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY CHRISTIAN Magazmes and Newspapers NJAPANOCH N Y COMPI IMENTS Ol' JAMESA LIGHTCAP, D D S ELLENVILLE NEW YORK CAMPBELL S PHARMACY Drugs House Pamt Wall Paper ELLENVILLE NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF DOCTOR L E VERNON COMPLIMENTS OF ROSE LEVITT Grocerles Frutt Feed Canal Sr ELLENVILLE N Y COMPLIMENTS OF ASTOR BAR AND GRILL 8 I Thomas St KINGSTON N BILL CLARE P op GALLE BEAUTY SHOPPE Canal St ELLENVILLE N Phone 1481 When Permanents Matte More GALLE S ls The Place Q - - ll - I v ' ' ri ' 4 n ' I' ri I' - ' ' , 9 9 r ret l I Y . , 'fl A 1 cs ' ' ' n ' A ' ' ' 1 V . . lg 4. ' O .1 4 . . . g . . . . . I Market St. Phone 1375 r . I , . , - 9 , . . I , ' ' 9 1 1 1 . . I l I A , r . I O . . . 42 . I , . . - Ai 1 -1- I u nu . 70 . I - Y - 0 . , . Y, - , - ' r , . r . - -- 7 -T

Suggestions in the Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) collection:

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Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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