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 - Class of 1931

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1 I i 1 4 3 E 4 w I i 1 u 1 . 1 A v W P 5 i 5 I I s I 5 5 3 A I N N M I A W WM K M nd N N M M 0 I I H I I .Ulf I M J H K J M N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N 2 N lm Im add uwnwn nap 0 U R L.G"ll"..l" xxsfsrtww' Ammxmfylilaifffik ww Q N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N 2: 22 N 2 Z E 2 22 S N N N N N N N N N 'Q Mfr I Q Dedication Q N It is fitting that we, the Class of 1931, should dedicate this second N x edition of "The Blue and Gold" to the Class of 1881, who half a century N N ago established customs that all succeeding classes have followed. Each x N in turn has repeated: 5 H 5 Q "We are the music-makers, M x And we are the dreamers of dreams N N Yet we are the movers and shakers x Q Of the world for ever, it seems. Q N For each age is a dream that is dying N K Or one that is coming to birth." M Q O'Shaughnessy Q 2 m Q N To the Class of 1881 - s K Lillie Fuller, Mrs. Bernard Merriam, South Farmington, M:-1ss.g Sara N 3 Hornbeck, Mrs. William Shearer, Bloominghurgh, N. Y.: Kate Mackey, N Q Ellenville, N. Y.g Silas A. Van VVagener. Ellenville, N. Y. Q is N Q In Memoriam K i Edith Beers Mrs. lsbel Minnie Fuller Mrs. George F. Andrews N Q Lillie lrlawxhurst Q W Illlllfllfl my L- 3? 2 P-1 O Z 111 2 A N ik N Our Principals 1881 to 1931 I III!! F. A. WOODVVARD J. W. CHANDLER 5 E. C. HOCMER Q T. W. HARRIS S 3 Q Iliff!!! S. E. HEASON E. C. HOCMER .l" '40 F953 We-P "1 Snr-r fe 5240 "4SD H U' 5"'4O CD31 Qaf SD :S 33 QQ:- --:S O"'f'0 wen v-nm'-0 Pc: 0 'U O52 5.-14 03325 93 E22 51,5 Egg Sai al -4 -50 nv-'QS E127 ai, 525 EQ? .fill 4l'fLFf.J".LR"' III! 149' 'JI' H Z Z 3 3 Q Z Z 3 x 3 Q Q A 2 s s x u x x x x x 5 s WF guidance during our h1gh school days 'S W. W xv- w' wv' X X X N X ,. ..-,J .xy ,wx A-qxf ,x ' ,-qwz' V-vs' ,-gxxr' . 1 , X , .zgiif A A . QNZIWKL NW" lffiffl xx W: f 1:1 S65 -xswf' 559 S5265 ,issxiv,mf-X,.Qfs21f wiv ,Q X X wif f 1-if' f Y--f ' 7?-,' 12,3 :QQ Eh Q- " 21, Z2 '21 5422 Qfzf 4 ,M fo , , 'Q fy ' . '45 iff, Q ' CZ, :',, , ' If , , 1, 5, 'f Wi 62 . '4 42 gy. 1 Za FZ 44 7 A 9 4 :fic Z ' VL 9 4 2 'f ff? , - ,,,. . fog V, ?n 2 4 L 42 5529 Q ' 2512 fic ., 'fi '73 VUL. ' 'Zi ,, ig? 535 I " jf? C' 192, I 12? ,3 55: 2-X2 552 257. ' il WY 'T I QQ 7. Q71 l 1 " '35 w v 4 ' ff- X 77, U 4, wm Curtlss Hocmer V ,1 W ' ' '4 145 uf-in , ' az iz ' ' 31, 2144 41' Q? 24:-.J Q C W 47? 1 'f R . . , , V K Hx. N , N. ,X --,qv -ww -x - : .- x f - ws-N qw .- -ya' ,-X., X , - xr.: "3 fm ve- A-1-v -V wmv' -5 Q-x 0' ANSI? Q: K-' --"N '-FV -,LRF NNN NN' X-'AYP QNX-0 .-Q Yy Q-' txfbfx . msg?-' xsxfb- - XV .QPF N539 N-33' ,152 2 :M .A 5 -, 5??l'5' C5555 as .csisiissiilg .ASMRQF .mikmw .AN .,-QQ .Sw .mf ,AN Nw Aw ,Aw X N V W 2 W , 9 gi? 5 l 7 , 1 4 it 2 - 4 . Q a Q THE OLD ACADENIY Q The original building was purchased in 1883 as a part of the Post property on Maple Avenue. VVith later additions, it was used until re- placed by the present building about thirty years later. VVe, the high school students of today, are told that the members ,.. of the first graduating class were trained in the "Brick Schoolhouse." at 9 the corner of VVarren and Main streets. ln 1883 the original building Q of "The Qld Academy" was purchased as a part of the Post property on Maple Avenue. 1 Also. we are told that the Class of 1881 enjoyed their graduating . 9 exercises in "Masonic Hall," on Canal street. while the churches of the Q town were opened often for similar occasions for many years. Q But the Class of 1931, like all other classes since 1915, will re- 4 9 ceive their diplomas in the auditorium of the high school, which our 4 Z older friends frequently call "The New Central High School on Maple , Q Avenue." There, too. will be held the class day exercises and the ., 2' 4 Baccalaureate services. There most of us have spent all of our school 3 i days. We have grown to love its dark, red brick walls. XVe cherish the 9 friendships we have made. We appreciate the thoughtfulness of the r 'Board of Education, not for us alone, but for the boys and girls oi the Z surrounding districts in their efforts to establish a central school. 9 4 What will we lind when we return in 1981, fifty years from now? i Already the student body has outgrown even the "new building," proper Q Z . 2 ' W' Allb 2 .A . . .S .am .SX .Q .R .Ak .STX ss .S .Q .v4.A .A .xx .dx 4 9 '1 5 Q 1 Y! I 9 a' f Q :P 9 1 at gf l if if I ' 1 I ' i 9 I " A N , is lx l --ke 5 'lr 5 ,FF-:E 1 C 5 G 2 '-1 2 4 fag 4 Q4 Z 94 77 2 gf 2 3 1 5 35 old Brick School 5 4 52 Q lmreatliing space is lacking, floor space is too small. seating' Capacity is over-taxed. ls it possible we shall come back to sueli crowclecl rumns? 1 We hope-we prophesy-sometimes we think we almost see- , Z1 "Centralized School Districtng a modern, well-equipped, massive een- tral school, large enough for allg courses to meet the needs of everyone: 4 a complete emnlnereial course. clmnestic science and domestic art: a f library and a gyllllllltillllll. P if 7 Lx. . . . X- . . -em' . 3,3 in-, ...... . . K . . . A . , K . . 1 Q1 qv Q gl' was llll amsfzsffsx. .wie N. film N N N Q Z Z Z 2 5 Z Q 5 N 3. 5 S 2 1.51.3 .5 I h S S il N Q W V A V Mm-V Q ilrriilifllillil F A Q lzlflllfllififm' I cu O 5 rf H 2. U2 O 'J' O 2. if I .J 4 r l Q High School Faculty S 5 Rosalba Reba Avitahile, B. S.. A. M., Middlebury College--Modern N k Languages. x Q Ieanette Beclelle, A. B., Hunter College-Civics and English. x x Kenneth Clark. La Cross Teachers' College-Physical Training. 5 K Ethel May Doig, B. S., N. Y. State College for Teachers-illatheinatics. x Frances Du Bois, B. S. N. Y. State College for Teachers-Science and Q x Mathematics. X Esther Mae Fox, B. A.. Elmira College-English and French. x Hazel S. Giroux, Cornell-Music. N Q Helen L. Hann, A. B., Kenka College-History. N Ada Cornelia Holmes, B. A.. Syracuse University--Sciences. N Ruth Richardson Hunt, B. L. I., Emerson College of Oratory-Oral K x English. 5 If II' Fl 4 F9 ? '11 F5-7 1,1 4 9-7 C3 Ill fr 'I 77' "Cl C f'f M C- '13 5 .-4 Z O 'S Z3 I-4 E. "f N 1' fl 5 UQ Lillian Elizabeth Taylor, A. B., Olmerlin College-Latin. ill!! 9,2 Q .25 N frm 'iq ga 2 4 z- 2 Q 2:2 Q 22 2 94 5 53 il me Wi C? . 5-5 .45 x 5 Will! ww- Asjjgfir 2 I E fs. . ,-4 4 ga SXSQKREQS K Q Q 5 PE Nov. QA, 2' ' 'P . 2 Q 9 1 a 4 5 ' 4 3 Q l 2 1 5 2 3 3 QQ? 2 Www- ,gi W 5 Awww if 1 qi -tl!! I 4 4, MZ Q5 xx ' Q X ,-, .5 x X X- SQ .v Xmw A -Q Q t- ,X . X- X X rw- .Qty t -iv .X w- We-X Q' wr typ X --gf by 4 SQ:-W' is S -w gv K S- K -.yy ' 22 .sb , , , , P,,' 7 54 , ? . V4 - A 9 3 7 V , ,: Z 4 9 V yf . 4 y 4 Q, W Q 7 2 6 Z 7 Z E, aj A L 5 5 6 Q 4 Z ' Za Q A Q, . , f I 9 4 Z W 4 Q 4 , f, 9 ' A 2. 1 4 'f 7 r- 7 f I THE BLUE AND GOLD STAFF 7 . , 1 Z3 Webster DePuy, Business Manager John Condren, Advertising Manager Z Madelene Hornbeek, Editor-in-chief Z4 Clyde Budd, Advertising Manager 9 27 Daniel Siniek, Associate Editor 4 ii Phyllis sarine, Jokes Edirol- Jennie Lesowitz, Art Editor ii, 'Q a 2 2 4 Nellie Furman Jokes Editor Vx Marjorie Barkley, Circulation Manager ,W . . 9, 1 1 4 C l Lo , C lat Ma a e fly aro yn w ircu ion n g r Ethel Silverman, Grinds Editor z- f M QQ 'Lfjf Z 2 1 4 f '44, 3 4 , C Va Ziff . Q ii -:sis-qllg' xq-iNXxiv" SK xx f:SlfXxQ:9,.l ' -1551 .3 Q X tx Ni-' aims NRQSXAS was livbx Senior Class History Our class was organized four years ago with "Bob" VVolf as president. VVe were regarded as "Know Nothingsn by our superiors. After a year of suffering the taunts of our upper-classmen. we entered the Sophomore Class and elected Frances Atkins as president. Did we feel dignified? We certainly did! BUT-our bubble soon burst as we were still subject to the maliciousness of the sophisticated .luniors and Seniors. At least we had one consolation. lt gave us a deep feeling of satisfaction to see the "Freshies" look up to us in awe. So passed another uneventful year. After what seemed an eternity, we became juniors. We were now a force to be reckoned with. VVe elected Meyer Tanenblatt for our president and were now ready for a prosperous and eventful year. At our second meeting. we chose the daisy. because of its simplicity, for our class flower, and "Onward and Upward" for our motto. ln October, our president moved to New York City and Margery Barkley succeeded him. We immediately made plans for raising money for the coming VVasllington trip. VVe held luncheons, sold popcorn balls and candy, and had our first play, "His Uncle's Niecef which was considered a success by everyone. We now had enough money to pay the expenses of all who desired to go to Washington during the Easter vacation. So closed a happy year which was full of cooperation, work and fun. lfVe met again this year and formed the well-known Senior Class. Our first activity was a luncheon which netted us a good sum of money. ln December, "The Beloved Vagabond" was chosen as our annual play. Financially and in every way it was considered a great success. Later in the year, we had a motion picture benefit, Will Rogers as "Lightnin'." This also added some money to our strong box. At Easter vacation, many members of our class again joined the Hocmer Tour. We are now nearing the end of the happiest four years of our life. .Although we may wander far, we shall never forget the many friends and happy hours we spent together in Ellenville High School. Mildred Weisberg. 1 5 . 2 Z SENIOR CLASS RECORD 5 x Motto: "Onward and Upward" Q Flower: Daisy Colors: Yellow and Vtfhite s Q Class Officers K President-Mildred NVeisberg Secretary-Madelene Hornbeek x 5 Vice-President--Irving Rappaport Treasurer-jack Rippert x Q Class Advisor--Ada C. Holmes x Q Honor Students D E Daniel Sinick--Valedictorian Q S Sadie Shulman-Salutatorian Q Jack Rippert and Jennie Lesowitz Elections for Class Day Program Q Poet-Ethel Silverman Statistician-Abe Cohen Q Historian-jack Rippert Musician-Ruth Schwille 5 2 Prophet-Daniel Sinick Essayist-Phyllis Sarine x Q Attorney-VVebster De Puy Orator-Henry Rothkopf x Q Onward and Upward Q Onward and Upward. our class battle cry, S ' . Inspiring our best in all that we try, Q Q With it before us, to what heights we shall go! Wfith our banner unfurled. we'll daunt every foe. Q Through four years of toiling. mingled with fun, N It spurred us on--now our journey's begnn-- x Onward and Upward. hear it ring out! x Q 'Tm the motto of hearts brave and true," so it shouts. A 2 So come now, each senior, with will true and strong. Q Let's up and be doing, singing our song. Q In life's coming battle. who knows what we'Il meet? x E But remember-each task with a smile we will greet. N Q Mildred weisbefg, '31. Q 1 11 ' 5 in 4 MARJORIE BARKLEY 4 Quest: Nurse's Training, X Deeds: President 131: Dora Hale in "His N ' Uucle's Niece" 1315 Luncheon Committee 131 Hb: Circulation Manager of "Blue and Gold" 141. CLYDE BUDD Quest: Eastern Cliiropraetirf Institute. Deeds: Stage Manager f-or "The Beloved Vagabond" 145: Luncheon Committee 145: Advertising Manager of "Blue and Gold" 145. '1 ABE COHEN Quest: New York University. Deeds: Luncheon Committee 143: Statis- tician 141. I JOHN CONDREN Quest: Drexel College. Deeds: Property Manager of "The Beloved ' Vagabond" 1-lb: Advertising Manager of N "Blue and Gold" 14,1 Luncheon Commit- tee 141, I 9 V2 9 ' Y Z , 1 9 - 9 Z l . f 4 . 4 f 4 Q 4 1 ' , . LEE CUDN EY Z 'Z , e it ' . Y . , 9' Quest: syracuse Lmversity. Deeds: Luncheon Committee 1-ll. 2, 52 4' ' . 9 4 ii: ? ' lllli Q wr 4 vt 'Q 9 4 il ' FZ WEBSTER DE PUY fill? 2 ,441 s 4 Quest: New York University. Z 9 Deeds: Silas Sickelmore in "His Unclds Niece" ICH: Tubby Clark in "The Be- loved Vagabond" Hb: Business Manager Z ,Et . ,, . yi ot "Blue and Gold I-li: Property Mann- 94 ger in "His llncle's Niece 133: Baseball 1' I 9 42s, men, mg 'rr-ack tm, mass, mg At- Q I torney 4-lb, ' 4 9 F52 f f 4 3 ' 9 ' it 9 4, it Z NELLIE FURMAN 7 Q ' at Quest: Nurse's Training. Q Deeds: Alice in "His Fm-le's Niece" UU: ,Q Luncheon Committee fill, 143: Jokes g 4 Q . . , ? Q Editor ot "Blue and Gold' 4-H. ?Z 7 ' e Z . 1 9 4 9 4 ? ' Q 2 a Q ? . 6 2 4 MARY GEORGE a 4 Q Quest: Buffailo State College. Q 5 4 Deeds: Marchioness de Monsay in "The Beloved Vagabond" 145. ,Z 22 l . 1 ' Q 9 4 2 t 1 4 k W - 6 1 4 y Q , . ' 2 NmmS'QXsmsmemmeSNSmw' wx www Nwwxw H5 Q. 5 1 2 2 2 2 P 5. 3 F1 94 s 3' 22 34 5 FQ 32 1 1 1 4 L or S M , . LILLIAN GOLDSTEIN Quest: Hunt's Point Secretarial School. Deeds: Luncheon Committee 131, 141: Lady Theresa in "The Beloved Vagabond" 141. MADELENE HORNBECK Quest: New Paltz Normal. 1 4 Deeds: Luncheon Committee 131, 141: Re- cording Secretary 141: Assistant, Coach in "The Beloved Vagabond" 141: Ring Com- gf mittee 141: Editor-in-Chief of "Blue and Q Gold" 141: Movie Benefit Committee 141. 6 Z 1. IDA KATZ s I Quest: Private Secretary. ' Deeds: Luncheon Committee 131. 141: Lady Jane in "The Beloved Vagabond" 141. ya be Q 4 5 DOROTHEA LAUBER v 1 Quest: Delhi Teachers' Training. , , Deeds: Choral Club 141. Z 5 'E Z S Q. 1 . l 1 JENNIE LESOWITZ 4 Quest: Hunt's Point Secretarial School. Deeds: Luncheon Committee 1433 Choral Club 441: Art Editor of "Blue and Gold" 7 ' ' 143. 2 4 4 CAROLYN VIOLA LOW 4 Quest: Oneonta Normal. Deeds: Bridget O'Flynn in "The Beloved Vagabond" Hb: Circulation Manager of 4 , "Blue and Gold" 143: Luncheon Commit- tee 131, Ml. 4 9. EUGENE RAMPE Quest: College. 4 Deeds: Lighting effects for "The Beloved Vagabond" 141: Luncheon Committee fill. 4 4 2 4 2 IRVING RAPPAPORT ' 'Z Quest: New York University. 9 Deeds: Vice-President 143: Ring Committee 141. B V l i 9. X 2- 'Z QQ Z 32 g i all Z 3.4 gi 32 g,. 2 sf 4 '4 5 if Z .-1 9 as 3 4 3. gi 9 is A 2 .4 9 2 1 ai 5. :Rs '4 9. gi gg ' e 9 1 Zur NNXNNWWQNN W JACK RIPPERT 1 Qluest: U. S. Naval Academy. Dee-ds: Jimmy Smith in "The Beloved Vagabond" 14l1 Financial Secretary 1-H: Tennis 13il. 14M Baseball 12lg Basketball 11I. 12l. 12ll, 14l: Ring Committee 1412 Glee Club 1413 Vice-President 111, 12lg Land O' Cotton Minstrel 1413 Historian 1-ll. HENRY ROTHKOPF Quest: University of Maryland, Deeds: Timothy Haye in "His Uncle's Niece" 13l: King of Boozay in "The Be- loved Vagabond" 145: Tennis 13l, 141: Orator 149. PHYLLIS SARINE Quest: Post Graduate Course. Deeds: Choral Club 1431 Princess Mary in "The Beloved Vagabond" 141: Cheer Leader 141: Jokes Editor 143: Luncheon Committee 131, 14lg Essayist 143. RUTH SCHWILLE Quest: Kingston Business School. Deeds: Alumni News Reporter 141: Music- ian 14l. X i 'Z 5: Z E '4 Q.. Z ?. Z Q4 Z4 Q. ?2 Z 94 Q si Z ?4 Z4 ,C yi si Z. ,. . ,. .x .em x N' N , 9- .A Q., 1 4 fl Z 'Q if 1 2 P- Z H5 S Z 2- 'Y 1 Z ' I 7 3 . 51 . s 2 9 1 4 7 y . I 3 52 y. Q yi 9 5 1 Q 4 Z 9 yi 22 Q2 Q 4 ETHEL SILVERMAN Quest: Kindergarten Teacher. Deeds: Sphinx Reporter 111: Secretary 131: Luncheon Committee 131, 141: Property Manager of "His Uncle's Niece" 131: Movie Committee 141: Grinds Editor 141: Poet 141. SAM SILVERMAN Quest: Cornell University. Deeds: Baseball 121, 131, 141: Basketball 121, 131. 1 CELIA SIMINOWSKY Quest: Business School. Deeds: Luncheon Committee 131, 1111 Mrs. Sarah Ann Mullen in "His Uncle-'s Niece" 131: Ch-oral Club 141. DANIEL SINICK Quest: Cornell University. Deeds: Basketball 141: Baseball 141: Ten- nis 141: Prime Minister of Moreno in "The Beloved Vagabond" 141: A. A. Sec- retary 141: Associate Editor of "The Blue W and Gold" 141: Prophet 141. 4 :Hi Q- .xv ev- 3119- X- 45- V. X- W- ,X 1- any ,.. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . , N dl? 1 1 4 , 1 9. 4 4 4 4 ?- f 2 , '53 Wi P4 haf F13 yi, 12 a ,, f. 3 1 3 1 ., A -5 I 2 .N Q em N N N 9 .-me .sw S' 454831 We S 3' i' Y s 5 9 5 9 Z 2 4 SADIE SHULMAN Quest: Albany State College. Deeds: Usher Senior play 149: Usher at Junior Prom 1311 Salutatorian 141: Candy Sales Committee 141. NATHAN TABACHNICK Quest: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Deeds: Prince Albert in "The Beloved Vagabond" 145. MILDRED WEISBERG Quest: Columbia University. Deeds: President 141: Luncheon Committee fill: Subscription Manager of Magazine Contest 131: Business Manager of Maga- zine Subscriptions 14l: Ring Committee 14l: Choral Club 141: Princess Patricia in "The Beloved Vagabond" 14J: Movie Benefit Committee 14b: Captain Girls' Team for Sale of Concert Tickets 141. aint sw ,emi sw QW me was ss ss my-,pgs S . Embed 536 325525. U32 Eng?-w4 QENEQEBWPQ HBCU 5225: 03254 'Ea m505Um0QEOH -350523505 EES! :mmm EEO 2256 Egvam Naadm wigs, :Sam Etmmwno Sngwnano :Saga EEG 022 :gm EEHAE HBCU qemaig CUPE bzsm 205325 lm .D no :gamma 52:03 U2 Smmgem E33 mwmgm HO -Exgaw 'swim EQHO P0323 SOUW :E mwgmgw QED EEZ ,Sage .GENES Spam ,hi Jzegwgwb .22 E.-NEHOOSOW 0,83 Ewstxg 'UQ EOVEQOMH we Emu EMEHINUOW HH EEG 2 EES? 'ED im-Sxgz MO C55 E505 EESEEOO QEOEMWEQWENE m:OEd-rm 'Sag Q05 Sgizs imgwz bam: .MESS 0:03 NSEUOW .m .m lm :aw-Data 83555 MEEGQ 093:65 37:3 S4 .SEQEND -amass E-E6 EBU 25532 :gum ENE Q-:SHE 5-:won :or A325864 Mgigm my-dum GQ:-HD' Imwhm HBNAEQ Smmggm mage ggi hm:Sgw,n0,u5M 58225 Situ aug 'Swami OSQSESE 3:59 .U .nm Simi! gem gm SUSE emgawmx .5-Sava gsm 4 ,sxdgmmgi 2:56 SETS mmmwg-5906 mg-S04 amzagagd STFOMSOE gngyw Snggwgugm NSEEUQ MES, game .Suggs S502 Pgm S20 gay? ENDS Hmm-Ea 3.52 22:6-E4 WEEE S7 I, g V M5055 -gim wggei EO? :E QE miami mkgggq -Engdz wgzgm 230m Z5 eg? wifi M5589 Manheim EERE ME ME?-Dam wgzam mac! waging gag M535 M5502 wsgzgm mggm 320 E MEUEQM 3550 ,Siam mezmm miata :Eh wig- miami wggimgwm MEMEWB E33 WEOQ UE: gow N 9:3 OF SEG mimi :Eg M5320 M:OU'maw-as mg wgutrs 2500 Q waits temp! NEOQ 5032580 ur'-Cam PM mm AU 16 :EE M35 55 MEA-M121 mmmagxfsgm ,SEEN no aim mmgtoam STE'-5 :kr S5 mmmwgyayso 55554 :Em M-mmamgzwgrm GROSS? wands 5:34 50-3 Ugg ggmim MSEMES mmggggmg mga! ECU EWWEEHO E953 ENE mggfa Bgwxi 5595 migcjw ugwgm EEO? 'Sw PEA mmmwigz 0:-Em 'eu E502 wvapmmss vac-M2 S535 :gsm MEEBBBNF 52:62 Cdehgim adm 55335 Ei Rgmadg-Em EEO EEEEW Egm MEWEW BENQ 2:5929-w ESM! Uigm W:-N25 Eagan Egmm ta-Bm V-og tgsnaam EEE! gang Ogwgm E5 F29-do NE50mm5 OEIS' EAEQH 55055 EMM NE MHUQDEOWH 132252 522:06 Ewzzd mwhgc :QE 55:5 2:02 kgmmn gasps 35:5 25 5,6200 -EE' EEOC gd Swim 21:0 32:5 020282 Us-Nz .30 fllllffllff gf' IS' Zin? 2 W Q" 2- ' 22, in I 21 f fcgf, V' 246 'c Zn VV, 22 22 2 2 22 22 22 22 22 22 V. in wg, 5 1 ZW: .1 7 V: 1 22 22 22 22 22 4 22 f 2 2 2, 4 22 7 ,,. Play ior Class Sen ndv d Vagabo e ,.Bel0V from scene d" bon Vaga ed L1Be!ov from nd ed Vagabo ..Be10v from scene .-Q' XSS- C N, N Y NN w NW x QQ, Q xw' Nba X wx A AQ' 'iw . X X, N Q, X , N W' W N X k X WV SX N ,Q QS .XM A X-.N .xx N X- - .QX9,Sx .N wx J X Ay .A ,-25,9 if-A , xv NYSN SX , 'X XX. N' -A X A Y KN xx Q .55 A N AX X ,xx X -A ,S SQUIQ: 2 V 22 22 Q 22 22 22 22 22 5 , X 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 2 Z2 A 3 C Vx y , .42 ig, Q W 4 xv' Q- ,Swv Y RN Q' .X . xx- xlby- Xxx wx X .QS Wk V' N wmv, X , V X V Nw X K K Q. +35 . xv W xxx N ' xx 'N A . AW N xr xx N iwg. , ,,, X SN wx .N A .N -N Ky. ku x A .S ' Xw Akx H .N .A Sv 1 ,Nw ., ,A AN xv .SN Q ,ax sm' 5 w' -' - w v - w N- -N - w w w w s- N- - -v 15- Q- v y- N- w v V .. .V ,. W 9 Z Q Senior Class Play A Q ' 4 4 g, 4 ? 5 , 4 Z f 9' 4 4 54 , l I 7 Z A A ! Scene from "Beloved Vagabond" Scene from "Beloved Vagabondu A, 5 A v 7'.4 "1 HL. l'Zl1l,CJX l'.D X .'XC,AXle1ON ID Q 5 4 cll1Zll'IlClt'l'S 4 , .linuuie Slnitlm-I-'rom A'Xn1ericz1AA A .vlzlclf Rippcrt 'llulmlvy l'lz1rlcvl"lis pal. ..,., ,A AA ,... ,A A ,XX'clxster llelluy Z l'rinCess Nlury S King' lqilllliillli 1 Phyllis SZl1'lllC 4 7 . '. . V ' .' v , l'r1ncc-ss l'z1tr1c1:1 2 ClZillg'l'IlC1'S, ,.... A AA K Klllrlrecl XX61SlJCl'g 4 Q lxlEll'fll1lS cle Klonsuy-l'rnne NlllllSlC'1' oi Moreno A AA A A Dzuuel Suuck 9 A A A A 4 Q lllarclnoness de Blonsay-H15 wlfc ...... A ...,., A AA A A Mary fleorgc y '-i .. 4 Q Rolnune ll-lung of lloozay AA AA .... A llenry Rotllkopf 4 ,, . . . . . 4 l-acly lheresn S Lzulxes of 1 l.1ll1:1u flolclstemn 5 4 Lady .lane 2 the Court A AA ..V,.,.. .,... A A lclu Katz 4 g -l:Cl'llU-Llillltlllll of Prince ,rXllmert's liuarcls AA AAAAA A A AA .'lx2il'Ol1 Brodsky 4 f 4 Aliriclget O'l'lly1u1gl"ro1n Dublin, via New York A A AAAAAAAA Carolyn l.ow ' - Un llecmulmer 3 and 4. wc Jresentecl "The llc-loved Yalfalmomlf' l rs f a romantic comedy. which was a great success. ln this play. ,lll1'l1lll6 Smith. the dashing young Yllgllllllllll, is the newly found heir to the , throne of Moreno, zx kingdom S0lllt'XVllC'l'C in Europe. According to an affrcclnent, the lilllifillllll is to mass into the hands of the Kino' of Hooza 4 25 6 l 5 yfi QA' 1 " 'xxx N' N "'e'.my' ms' Nm.-mv ' 'A ' ',,g:Q:f ' -me A' - "Q-1' -my' ---r-' ..- ? 4 X W X Q Q K W Q' W' Y X Y .i Z WN ms N Q' within a day if a sum of one million francs is not paid. Princess Mary, who is engaged to Prince Albert, the villian. succumbs to the charms of Jimmie. Prince Albert, who plans to gain control of both the kingdoms of Moreno and Boozay, is foiled in the attempt by Tubby Clark, who is aided by Princess Pat. Much humor is added to the play by King Romane who has a very domineering manner, and Bridget O'Flynn, who makes us laugh with her Irish brogue. Other interesting characters in the play are the Marquis and Marchioness de Monsay, two dignified elderly people, Ladies Theresa and Jane. two beautiful young women of the court, and Captain Ferdo who gives a military atmosphere to the play. Special credit should be given to Daniel Sinick who learned the part of the Marquis de Monsay in three days, after Irving Rappaport gave up the part because of the death of his father. Mildred NVeisbe-rg Contemporary Authors "The Conquest of Science"-John Divine "Breezy Stories"-Miss VvllllIl1llS "The Human Chest"--Ruth iieilhard "The Extraction of Knowledge"-Miss Doig "The Frailties of Men"-Mr. Clark "How To Be A Lady"-Louise McCartney "My Nights with 'Virgil' "-Miss Taylor "The Senoritan-Miss .Xyitable Real jokes are very few. So don't mind if the joke's on you? Madeline H.--"Give me a round trip ticket, please." Ticket Seller-"VVhere to?" Madeline-"VVhy, back here, of course." Chas. Cross-"Wl1ere are you going ?" Clyde B.-"I'm going to a lecture." Chas.-"But you can't go to a lecture at 3 o'clock in the morning." Clyde-"Yeah! but you don't know my father." M I 5 WM-vf all aw' al' The Pot of Gold "Tell us a story, Grandfather," begged the children. "VVhat would you like F" asked the grandfather. "Tell us about the pot of gold," piped up the smallest boy, Peter, whose clear, blue eyes were wide with anticipation. "Wait till I till my pipe," he said, and proceeded to do it with exasperating slowness, "And l will tell you a new story about it." "Oh hurry, hurry," cried the children, excitedly jumping up and down. But he took his time, filling the pipe with precision and finally, after lighting it, he puffed once or twice and then began. "Well, one upon a time, an old man lived all alone in a house which stood right on this spot. Of course this is a different house but it was built on the same foundation. His children had all grown up and gone away, leaving him alone in his old home in which he said he wished to stay until he died. No one kept house for him although a woman came for a few hours each morning to keep things in order. Everyone thought he was rich, for he always had enough money and was kind to everyone who had none, so you can imagine their surprise when, upon his death, not one penny could be found after searching the house. He had passed away in his sleep so no one was with him at the time. His children ransacked the house and even tore away part of the walls, looking in every place where one could hide anything. Still the loss of the money was a mystery. Finally one night, the house burned down, leaving no trace of what started the fire. Of course, the ruins were looked over but nothing of value was found. The quest for the fortune was then for- gotten. 3' .ar h 2 Z 32 Z, 2 5 2 Q E! 5 5 S S W it E hiv' "Several years later, a grand-daughter of the dead man dreamed three nights in succession of seeing the old man standing under the apple tree in the yard. He seemed to say to her. as she stood by him 'The money is buried under your feet.' Being such a weird dream, she became frightened and told her mother of it. Her mother was a superstitious person and believed in dreams so she asked her husband to dig for the money. He dug for several days, but then becoming discouraged, he gave it up. "VVhen the mother went to the city one day, acting on an impulse, she went to see a crystal-gazer, who told her that the money really was there, but that the man had not dug deeply enough. Accepting this as truth, her husband dug more but was unsuccessful, perhaps because he still had not faith enough. "So, you see. to this day the money is still hidden out there under the apple tree that you can see from this window," concluded grandpa. gf in "ls it really true?'l asked Peter breathlessly after the tale was finished. And the other children chimed in with their questions, but the old man merely shook his head and said, "That's all l know about it and my grandfather told me the story. so unless the fairies have stolen the money. it must be there yet. The old man was my great-uncle Peter. for whom you were named little Peter." Seeing this was all the information they could gain, the two oldest went away, but little Peter stayed, and climbing on his grandfather's knee. he asked many questions about the story. Seeing the little fellow had been greatly impressed, Grandfather told him all he could remember and at last when his information had run out, shooed him away to bed and went to see that everything was locked up for the night. But the little boy did not forget the story and often thought about it seriously. Une day, grandpa fell sick and Peter heard his mother and father wondering what they should do if he became worse. The next day he was still worse and the doctor thought he ought to go to the hos- pital. At that the mother broke down and wept. saying they had no money to pay for the necessary operation. The kindly doctor. believing in Providence said that something would surely provide the money. Finding they must either see the old man die because he did not have the proper care or else run deeply into debt, they chose the latter course. Peter. hearing his mother weep, had come closer to hear what was the trouble, and went away sorrowful that he could do nothing to help. He thought long and deeply to find a way to literally grow money and with these thoughts in his mind at last went to sleep that night. He woke up in the middle of the night with a start and realized he was sitting up, reaching out for something. Then he remembered his dream. lt was about the gold buried under the tree that he could see from where he sat. This at once aroused in him the determination to try his luck at dis- covering the treasure. He awoke bright and early the next morning and having dressed himself. quietly crept out side without waking anyone. VVhen the rest woke up they saw him digging and jokingly asked if he were digging for fish worms. He kept at it all day. stopping only at intervals to do some chores which his mother asked him to do. Being small, he accomplished little. That night he was so worn out, his mother said he could not start again the next day. He would tell no one of his intentions and this aroused much curiosity. ' Q tug Two days later, he was again permitted to start in digging and this time he kept at it for several days. His persistance amazed every- one. It was hard work for such a tiny fellow and when there were so many more interesting things to do, it was only his determination which kept him at it. His brothers teased him and kept questioning him about it but he answered none. After he had been digging steadily for three days, he went to bed early, completely tired out. In his dreams again he saw the money and the kind-looking old man who urged him to keep on digging. The next day started his real work. He was now down to where the roots of the apple tree were closely entwined and these had to be cut out, tak- ing some time to do it. Finally he struck one bunch which seemed more solid than the rest and he could hardly get the dirt away from them. He ran to get an ax and chopped away at the roots until finally he had a number of them broken off. Pulling these out, he found under them an old rusted pot. Digging excitedly now. he uncovered the whole thing but it was so heavy he could not lift it. He sat down for a minute to rest and try to think what to do. Most likely it was just filled with dirt, but anyway there was the thought that it might be interesting. Trying again to move it out, he decided he could not do it alone. He then ran to call his father who was at work. However his father was farther away than he had supposed. so Peter had to search some time before he found him. They then returned together to pull out the pot. By that time the rest of the family had gathered around and were eagerly waiting to have Peter open it up. The father motioned them to let Peter do it by himself and he at last pried off the lid. Underneath was a box of iron which was locked. It was very much rusted by the wear of the years. After breaking this open, they saw it was partly Filled with old coins, some old books and papers. while on top was a small slip of paper yellowed with age and frayed on the edges. On this was writ- ten in old fashioned script, so faintly that it had to be held close to a strong light to make out the letters: nlierseverance conquers. The per- son who finds this will be eternally blest and will always be followed by luck. If it is possible. return this to one of my descendents. Peter Marr." The coins turned out to be very old and at that time, valuable. Underneath was a diary and some important documents which were valuable as relics. "Now we can help grandfather to get well," cried Peter exultantly. -P. J. Sarine. WW sfal' SVQ Pages From A Senior Diary April 4th, Saturday-A brisk morningg a crowd at the stationg good-byes. admonitions. Finally the train arrived-more good-byes, and we were off for VVashington, the longed for Easter trip. Everyone was happy and cheerfulg we had lots of fun. VVe arrived at the VVashing- ton Union Station at 6 P. M. Busses were waiting to take us to our respective hotels. Thinking our time too valuable to waste we went to a movie. April 5th, Sunday--All were up unusually early for Sunday morn- ing. Some attended church while others went sight-seeing. During the afternoon most of our party visited the Smithsonian lnstitute and National Museums. Mary, Ruth and Ida visited the Wlasliington Monu- ment. Mary being very ambitious, like "Squirrel," climbed to the top. Being weary, we are retiring rather early. April 6th, Monday-This A. M. we went on To11r of Public Build- ings. The first was the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Oli! VX'hat money and stamps we saw! Greenbacks and goldbacks, red stamps and blue stamps. yellow stamps and green stamps were being counted from huge piles. Next the Pan-American Union Building and Congressional Library where we saw the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Last. to the Capitol, beautiful and impressive. This P. was free. Perhaps Carolyn can tell you about the size of the hall which she thinks twice as wide as her height. Madge, is there Unguentine for another blister? April 7th, Tuesday-All except those in No. 906 visited the Franciscan Monastery. What a ride home! Eight in a taxi is entirely too many, especially with Daniel's ten pound coat. Bureau of Fisheries, Lincoln Memorial and Navy Yards were visited this P. M. Clyde was quite an attraction. while Lee got along with his pipe. .lust returned from a movie. Did Daniel forget his shoes? April Sth. Weclnesday---VVould have had a very enjoyable trip to Annapolis Naval Academy this A. M. if it had not been for the fright the little Ford gave us while trying to force the busses off the road. This P. M. we took a boat trip up the Potomac to Mt. Vernon, the real home of George VVashington. On our way back by bus. we stopped at Arling- ton. "The Home of the Dead." This evening a dance at the Arlington Hotel for the Hocmer party. jack, will you have souvenirs for all your friends? April 9th, Thursday--Philadelphia. llxhausted ears listened for the Liberty Bell: Blood-shot eyes looked for Betsy Rossg Blistered feet limped through Independence Hall. Oh! Yes. Ellenville. Home at last. Thanks, Mr. Hocmer. 2 22 Z 2 Z 2 Z 2 Z te Q 5 N Q S N h 2 Q .E ' .HREF 'i QS" 7 Latin Club Early in the school year Miss Taylor took the names of those interested in a Latin Club. There were very few out of all the classes in Latin who did not wish to participate in our activities. At our first meeting we elected Ruth Geilhard President: Ida Moshier Yice-presi- dentg Florence Fatt. Secretary. and Jeanne Weinberger, Treasurer. VVe were anxious to get at work right off, so Miss Taylor was kind enough to make a list of topics which could be used for posters, showing the use of Latin today. even though it is considered a dead language. Each member had an opportunity to choose his own. Many posters have been handed to Miss Taylor, which are indeed a credit to her classes. Special mention should be made of VVillis Ryan. a Freshman, who has made a Roman Camp. This and probably some of the posters will be presented at the fair this year. I Science Club The first arrangements were made for our Science Club by six people, three elected by the classes and three announced by Miss Holmes according to class standing. Two were taken from each Physics class and two from the Chemistry class. At their private meeting they decided that membership would be open to any boy or girl studying physics or chemistry if he would keep a scrap book. write up the biography of a scientist and some problem such as the mechanism of the telephone or telegraph office. Miss Holmes then suggested that in May or june prizes should be given for the best productions and the idea was accepted. Abe Rogow presided over our first meeting and spoke on Thomas A. Edison and his achievements. Then he read portions from a book on Edison's works. This was so interesting that we were very anxious to hear the next week's program which was presented by Rose Dekofsky. She spoke on the life of Madam Curie. Since then. Regina Rappaport has discussed "The Origin of Physics," David VValterman "The Manu- facture of Paper Pulp," Daniel Sinick "Ceramics.'l and Helen Hecht "Robert Koch." At one meeting Mr. Delaney was kind enough to show us some reels on the telephone lines. workmen, equipment and other interesting features. We saw how wires are spliced. how swiftly cur- rent travels and some of the hardships encountered by the telephone linemfn. These meetings have proved most successful in arousing interest in physics and chemistry. We have learned many points which are not printed in our text books and the material collected by each member of the class, may be useful in understanding the coming Regents questions. M N N N N N N S S N S S 2 Z it 2 N .3 If JF' 9 The Lincoln Debating Club ln the early part of November a meeting was called by Miss Williams. English instructor. for the purpose of organizing a debating club. Members of English lll and ll' were eligible. The organization was named The Lincoln Debating Club. A committee was appointed to draft a constitution and otiicers were elected: Norman Kellar, Presidentg Bessie Masors, Yice-president. and Rose Dekofsky. Secretary-Treasurer. Among the several debates held the following topics were discussed, "Resolved, that the school should furnish text books to the students," and "Resolved that every automo- bile driver should carry liability insurance." The first debate in New York State Debating League, which the club joined, was with Monticello High School Debating Team. The question was. "Resolved, that chain stores are detrimental to the best interest of the American public." Members representing the aFhrmative were Sidney Binder, jack Bagliebter, Rose Dekofsky, and Pearl Rand, as alternate. The affirmative won. The negative team consisting of Norman Kellar, Pauline Strober. David Walternian, and Ida Moshier, as alternate, were defeated by Monticello. Mr. H. VV. Coons presided as chairman: Mr. Herman Levine. Mr. Clarence Hoornbeek. and Mr. Vernon Kelder were the judges. ln the league debate, the affirmative won six times. at Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Monticello, Ossining, New- burgh and Ellenville. al' These are a few of the verses grave and gay written by the students of the high school in their second year project. ODE TO THE COW Listen children and I'll tell you now Of the nicest animal the holy cow, The cow that lies in the fields all day With nothing to do: no bills to pay. Which is pretty soft. I should say. Cows are always perfectly happy Altho' their expression is not so snappy. They are very well content Because their lives are happily spent. When you look at the lucky thing: You half expect her to dance and sing. All in all, her's is a placid life You can not think of a more charming wife. The more I think, the more I feel She has thoughts, she doesn't reveal. Now this bovine ode is ended I think the cow has us transcended. -By JOHN DIVINE 5 A . ... mx www NN Q ww W- QQ Q QQ W Nw www W XQSW NWN wx wx- Q N X X v. fl A 'QNX X.. NX X.. -AS .- -N X.. X 'X' Ax Y- 'KX .NYY ... X ,N Q... xl X W -N X... -ASX. X... iw... W AQ. xv. -QS W x ... ' ,www X.. xv .sara 3 E 9 4 ? 4 I. 7, I' 3 f . 1 Q, fi f A 4 , 4 , Q f 24 Z Z 2 9 2 Q Z . f . f ' sf' 4 7 4 9 4 Z Z 1, 4 7 4 W ' ? ' Q2 I ' W ' ? f 2 4 ff 2' .4 Q' Z .4 U 4 Q 76 DS bg 9 7 Z O .Z 24 I-'I Z 4 W4 V 4 ZZ '5 6 W Q -4 4 4 9 4 E ? 4 W . X . W W 7' W Z f 4 , 9 2 7 A V ' 7 '.,. W' WN AN ' QW. Y EQ .aw X .. QNX.. v 9 , A6255 .Sv 5 Q QW. Q 4 .SN ww, 7 -SX Wy, 9 -4 Adm' ' 1 -N Q.. 6 .wx wx 7 .N Q. Z 4 .M we Junior Class History ln 1928. we started on our career in high school. as Freshmen. VVe tried our best to look important. but everyone seemed to realize that we were "only Freshmen." Our Sophomore year was better. Aaron Brodsky was President, and Miss DuBois faculty advisor. In the fall we had one of those famous "High School Luncheonsf' and in October, we tried our best to have a Hallowe'en Party. but somehow. we never found out just how, the Freshmen got in ahead of us. VVe still think they must have had some "pull" with the office! ln February, we took a bus to Newburgh to the basketball game, and then having decided we had done enough for one year, we subsided for that year. Here we are juniors. now. .lane Taylor is President: Louis Berger, Vice-president. and Miss VVilliams. "Stage Manager." repre- senting the faculty. VVe've done many things this year. VVe had a candy sale. a benefit movie, "Good News"-it was good news for us too! In February. we started practicing for our play "Oh Kay."--Now. it's not many casts that have to contend with what that one did-infantile diseases-but that's what happened. Mumps broke out, and for a while it looked as though the results would be serious. but the rest of the class came nobly to the rescue and with Mrs. Hunt's help, we put "Oh Kay" over with a bang. We've been quiet for some time now, and something is bound to happen soon. Perhaps it's our junior Prom, which we plan to have in May. Backman, Howard Berger, Louis Bernstein, Abe Binder. Sidney Brodsky, Aaron Brustein, Herbert Budd. Edward Dekofsky. Rose Doughty. Clayton Divine, john Eck, Alvenia Fatt, Florence Faughnan. Kathleen Geilhard. Ruth Jacowitz, Morris johnson, Mabel Kanfer, Selma Kossar. Milton Kuhlmann, John Langaheer, Marjorie Lazarowitz. Louis Class Roll ,lane Taylor. Levy. Lillian Masors, Bessie McConnell, Dorothy McConnell. Harold Moshier. Ida Osterhoudt, David Rogow. Abe Rothkopf. Harold Sashin. Gertrude Schaelier. Rebecca Spadaro, Josephine Silverman, Charles Siminowsky, Zelda Slutsky, Lillian Storman, Yincent Sullivan, Bridget Taylor, -lane VValter. Ethelyn lNeinbaum. Leo XVest. Nellie 1? P 9 ? 2 9 P f f J 4 4 f 4 4 1 4 4 4 SS A L C E R O M O PH SO E H T Z. 9 .wx- v. WW Wh X W W W SR S S wx S W W. wh xv' Nt' S .UQ .S W W N W X. Q N W X. W X'A N 3 X, W X. N. WW X. W Y W W W NW X. .9 NB W GW W W W W W N N 'Z 7 4 9 2 Q 4 1 , 1 7. 4 4 I 4 4 4 W . W W, h W W W. xg X Q. W, W, Q, Q. W. W, S Q, W W W, Q W W li N N Q Sophomore Class History Q 5 The Class of '33, was organized in September, 1929, with Miss x Q Fox as Advisor, and Norman Kellar as President. During the Fresh- x N man year we had a Hallowe'en Party and also several candy sales. Q x In September, 1930, the Sophomores met with Miss DuBois as N x Advisor, and elected Eleanor Rosenthal, President: Francis Richard. N K Secretary, and Sidney Silverman, Treasurer. On March 20, the Sophs x i chartered a bus to go to Liberty to the basketball game with Alexander N K Hamilton High School. x 5 The most important event of the year was the movie benefit, x "New Moon." Q g You'll read about us again next year. when we're juniors. Q Q julia Dutcher. Q 5 2 Class Roll Q ,ar Q Ackerley, Evelyn LeRoy, Raymond Q Andrews. Dorothy Luster, Gussie 5 ls Bagliebter. Jack Utens. Josephine Q Bell. Dorothy Picker, Carl Bell. Roscoe Rappaport, Regina s x Blltlfl. Rfllleft Rosenthal, Eleanor Q Lfherney. Ida Richard, Francis i Q Cherap. Evelyn Schoonmaker, Evelyn 5 Cruver. Melvin Silverman, Myron N Q Dixon, Muriel Silverman, Sidney N Q Dutcher, julia Siminowsky. Abe N A Falk. Catherine Simrin, David N E Faughnan, Marie Smith, Margaret Q 5 iiutkin. Rose Smith, Mary x x Hecht, Helen Sklar, Lewis N Hoffman, Anna Steinhorn, Esther x 5 Kellar. Norman Strober, Pauline N R Lapp. Elizabeth Vllengrow, Jack N Q Weiner. Pearl Q ,-J 1 1 .,, 3 3 6 9 4 9 ' 9 4 1,' a 4 9 ' 9 4 7 ' , 42 4 ' .Z Z , A 4 7 4 .QB .NX ...N .S .AN ...SAN .ANN .wk AS .M .mxmw .S .A .AN .SN ...S .AN AS N k S S S SX 2 3' S 5 Q Freshman Class History : K The Class of 1934 was organized October 6, 1030. The following M S officers were elected: john Eck, President: David Hasbrouck, Recording S N Secretary, and Norman Drucker, Treasurer. N On December 8, 1930, a basketball team was organized at a meet- N 5 ing of the class. During the remainder of the season the team was P S victorious over the Kerhonkson Freshmen and lost one game to Sum- Q Q mirvine. Q N The class assisted the music department in making the concert, N x which it sponsored, a success. N x At present preparations are being made for the Frosh party. The Q Q date of which has not been selected. N 5 With grateful appreciation to Miss Fox, our Advisor, we pre- s S sented her with a bracelet at Christmas. x x Our Freshman year has been a happy and enjoyable one and we Q hope that the next three years of our high school life will not only be Q Q happy, but add a good measure of success. S Q Class Roll E Hackman, VValter Moshier, Alice x K Bonomi, Mimi Palmer, Helen x N Carberry, Eleanor Phillips, Mildred N Charap, Alice Rampe, Virginia K Delancy. Clifford Redl, Rita N 5 DeVVitt, LaTilda 4' Rider, George N 3 Dolan, Duane Rosenberg, Marie N 5 Drucker, Norman Russett, Elizabeth N Dryganchuck, Frank Ryan, Willis N Q Eck, john Schoonmaker, Charlotte Q Efath- 162111 Seamen, Florence x E Frank' David Seiken, Dorothy N Q Lieiselhart, lsilllian Sell. Bertha N Q Eofidklili 351111516 Sherman, Violetta N N NWO ' ml , Short, Marjorie Hasbrouck, David Sh gt k DOI-Oth Q Hechtman, Gertrude S iiihac d y N x Henry' Evelyn 4 imlt , ertru. e Q ' Kimble, Evelyn bpadamf Louise x s Lawrence. Mrytle Sprague- .lack x Luster, Fannie Stephens, Shirley Ann N i Meal-ng, Margaret Tabachnick, Beatrice x N Metnech, Irene Weinberger, Jeanne Q nine lk Z 2 2 ii Q 52 Z 5 5 5 5 3 3 2 Z -4' .Elf af' faikf' al' ..l"' IHXIJ' aff ll Z Z 3 Z 3 n s s s x s x u 5 s WN' Name Marjorie Barkley Clyde Budd Abe Cohen Iohn Condren l.eGrand Cudney Welxster De Puy Nellie Furman Lillian Goldstein Mary George Madelene Hornbeck lda Katz Dorothea Lauber Ienuie Lesowitz Carolyn Low Eugene Rampe lrving Rappaport lack Rippert Henry Rothkopf Phyllis Sarine Ruth Schwille Ethel Silverman Sam Silverman Celia Siminowsky Daniel Sinick Sadie Shulman Nathan Tabachnick Herbert VVeiner Mildred VVeisberg The Grinds Nickname Grinds Marge Why gentlemen marry brunettes. Buddy Our Hercules on wheels. Abie He has a way with women. Jack Six straight feet of responsibility and efficiency. Lee Slow, but sure. Web lust an all 'round good scout. Nell VVhy gentlemen prefer blondes. Lil The Seniors' delight. Georgie The girl who puts the nice in nice- ness. Madge lf efficiency wins, Madge is a victor. lde Potow's Ellenville representative. Dot Always reliable. Jen Such popularity must be deserved. Carol Yes sir, she's our lady. Gene Our Gary Cooper. Sonny Phat perfect swagger! Jake Darn clever, these Chinese. Red VVhy ladies prefer red-heads. Phil And can she swing a tennis racquet- Ruthie lt's the little things that count after all. Et VVe thank whatever Gods there be, for her unconquerable sense of humor. Sammy Iust one of those strong, silent men. Ceil You can't afford not to know her. Danny Vvhen in doubt. ask Daniel! Sade The girl who takes the laurels for faithful studying. Nate Silence is golden, speech is silverin. Herby Good ole Herby! Milly The sweetest president who ever presided. SPORTS Z L fi . -1 . 1' ! -. 9 A G , 'N Q Q1 of' .YQ xy A at g 'XX Q, 6, qw ' .u J J ILSSOUITZ Z 25 35 2 Z 4 Z 4' 94 Q ?1 7 ? Z Q Z Z K 94 Q Z Z Q4 Z 2 Q. Iliff!!! I If 53.37 WM' .HQ ..J'.Q".J",l',J",l',..Y'.J'.9".1-9"..9',.W",.f9" If If .WJ ,lf 2 Z. gf Z Z 2 Zi yi Z 3, fl 9: 31 Q6 Z 26 gr WMV' A ' W S 9 'Z 7 N 7 1 ' 32 2 '1 4 2' M Q . 4 , 6 4 4 5 , 4 7 BASKET BALL , 5 Back Row, left to right-H. Rothkopf, F. Craft, D. Distel, S. Finklestein, N. Drucker, ' C. Hasbrouck. Second Row from back-M, Cruver, H. Rothkopf, A. Bernstein, D. Sinick, H. Weiner, H. Coons, L. Lazarowitz, H. McConnell, Coach Clark. ,I , Third Row-S. Binder, J. Rippert, M. Jacowitz, E. Traphagen, R. Wolf, M. Widelitz. Q 9 F. Richard. Q 5 Front Row-C. Evans. W. Backman. L. Berger. , 2 a 1 .Xllxl LAN h. Q . 4 4 Z I'd like to take an airplane 4 And fly up in the sky. 1 Q I'd like to race the birds, Y 4 Up in the clouds on high, . 4 And listen to the humming , . Of the motor as it roars, Way above the tree tops, ' Where the eagles love t-0 s-oar. 4 Q 4 Yes! I'd like to be an air-man The proud eagle to outfiy, And be the wind's companion In its hangar in the sky. 9 4 By IDA MOSHIER 4 ' 4 , a. . 4 xy ' W' ' .SF 9'3" V' -AW' 9' ,Sv ' ASFAQ' .KV YY"',eiY"' " N' "T 4 Vlll a 4 Q 4 ,Q ,, Q 36 Q . ! Z 1 V, Z-4 ,Q Q' QQ ' 24 Q Z4 ,Q ?1 ,. 21 Q bd 3 4 ?4 Q 9 6 QQ Q Q. Q gQ Q Q 6 Q Q Q 9 4 Q ,, Q ya Q 4 4 Z I 4 v I Q Q Q 1 Q Q Q GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD Top Row, left to right-E. Misner, J. Weinberger, L. Slutsky, Coach Clark, K. Faughnan, Q E. Rosenthal, D, Langabeer, J. Otens, V. Rampe. Q Bottom Row-C. Traphagen, R. Geilhard, R. Wolf, L. Jacobson, B. Selz, E. Schoonmaker S. Drucker: D. McConneI. l like the birds I like the trees I like the busy I like the sun I like the flower Iillll humble bees. s I like in while away the hours I like to forget What tmnormvv To reineniliei' Ili will bring 1 sozimv only to sing. Q XTIUN I like to help The old, rtlrl man To water flowers, with ii sprinkling mn. I like the stars Thar shine above Sj'1l1ll0lS of God's VVflllllI'0llS live. Before I sleep I like to pray Anil thank Him for my mluy. 4.2 Q 1 Q4 Q Q 6 Q 1 ,0 4 Q 7 Q 4 4 Q Q Q 4 4 Q , . Q Q Q 4 4 ga ,4 Qf gi 7 ,4 5 4 I like the world Q!! And all therein I know it eunn-of be full of sin, By MABISL A. JOHNSON I ?4 Q gc Q nf Q4 .Ask 'NWWWW' I'W'W'WW' WW Q W N W N YW NX W V W W' W' K' W' KVM X - .x ga . 9 Q 4 2 in gi Z 5 I Z I 54 ai 34 ii 34 3' 32 Z Z Q 3. . 9 - 4 5 Wm 'Z Z 2 Q Z ?4 I ,. 47 42 Q. ?. Q4 ?1 3. 2 34 Q. ?. Z gi Z 2,2 2 9, !, 2 2 94 .2 FZ ,. Z. 9. 5 BASEBALL Top Row, left to right-J. Bagliebter, Ass't Mgr.: C. Evans, H. Weiner, E. Traphagen, C, Delaney, S, Silverman, Coach Clark, M. Silverman: A. Berstein, Mgr. Bottom Row-A. Steinhorn, D. Sinick, W. DePuy, W. Watson, M. Widelitz, R. Wolf, F. Richard. .F I'U1i'1'R Y This poetry business is the hunk, If I have to do it I'lI surely flunk. Reading p-me-try is O. K., I'Il read poems any clay. But write ite-Oh, my goodness me! I think I'cl sooner climb a iree. +By MABEL JOHNSON XY.-XX DER l.L'S'l' 'Fhei'e's a calling within me Beck-oning to a foreign shore 'Tis the call of waves, the wide. wide sea That will haunt me for evermore. -By HORACE COONS 3 1 4 Q4 4 ii 94 I 9 4 4 4 2 5 4 .4 5 42 1,4 42 nl 4 4 3 4 pi? in -4 2 7 1 2 Z Z, . - V X- .- v W- x- T v v v- - v v X- x- - Z, SYS P, 4 W .AN W. dk ,. YN 9 9 1 5 1 4 XS? ASS xv x A .N TRACK Top Row-N. Drucker, Nl. Baskin, D. Barkley, D. Osterhoudt, J. Seigel, E. Traphagen, E. Budd, Coach Clark, H. Abel, I. Shapiro, S. Eiseman, A. Brodsky. Bottom Row-M. Silverman, A, Berstein, W. DePuy, J. Bagliebter, R. Budd, C. Silver- man. F. Craft. F. Richard. E. H. S. Song Hits H I f . . . . . ,. , - . . ll l llzul ,X lzzlkm-f Vlcturu ul Mm --l'm'll1s 5Zll'l!lL' 5 . ".X111m1g My S4n1x'c11i1's"-llcpmnrt i'zu'cl:. "Hull ll:111cc'!flJ1111icl Siuiclc uSX'x'CClllC2ll'lS fill l,Zll'2lilCUff4Ul'l'lCl4ll'S :lftcr 3331.3 ullllllljf' llzlys .Xrc llcrc .Xg'zliu"- 'X-IlL'ZlllHll "lt fhrcs Like 'l'llis"-Hrs. llirwux "Hu SlJlllCllllllQH- -Bliss XX':1sl1lm11cl "l'm ,lust .X Xvllgjillbllllil l,llYL'l'U 'lflk'li Rippvrt Hlllllltllll-lllllf l'm .X IllllllulliZlSliClll2lH Ilitxlllll HXYIICII Your lluir ll.1s 'lilll'llL'fl To Silvc1"'- '.Xll1ll'CXN' llullflis "-lust .X fllg'fllllu1f1lllll'ICS Vrwss "Nfl ibut Of lllll XN'zmt 'lla llv I.m'ccl"--hlulm l.Ull1ll'L'll "X'N'z1lki11g' My Ilzllmy I-luck IIIIIIIQH-.lllllllllL' Quick ,"Nly lclczlluf-Nellie l"u1'm:m XXNQY VWQNWVXWNNXWWNXWNNXNXNNW WMV 1 Q -2 -A Q 'e W ? 94 ?4 ? , 9 2 ?4 I. Z 24 ?e W ?4 Z Q ,4 V4 9 W .Q yd Z 344 V 7 1 af Q2 9. W ,e W Z 24 94 1 Z 4 Z Q Z I 94 Q6 9 4 Z. ,, it TENNIS Top Row, left to right-S. Kellar, H. Rothkopf, J. Divine, N. Kellar, K. Clark, Coach: M. Silverman. Bottom Row-N, Drucker, D, Sinick, M. Widelitz, J. Rippert, L. Berger, S. Binder, A. Brodsky. Mrs. l'iark-"Uh, Kun. thc car is ruuuiug' away!" Mr. Clark-"C'au't you stop it?" Mrs. Clark-"Xo." Mr. l'ia1'kw--"XN'cii. then see if you can hit something' cheap." Sadie S.--"Hello, Lillian, i hear you've had the mumps." Lillian fi.-"'Yc-ah. hut when the doctor told me it wasnt asthma, i breathed a lot easier." Horace K death . ff-".Xml do you mean to tell me you laugiied iu the face of ,.. Mahei 'i.-"i.aug'h? I thought i'ci die." Wilt ' Nazi WYNNNNVVFWXXWN WW" .tug . E 9 2 3, 4 Q 52 7 W Q , 4 1, V4 Q Z 3.4 6 4 2.4 2 fi 42 , 34 ,. a? 9 Z fi 9. Q We Q 5 N N Q Who's Who Q -M x Q Neatest--Rose Dekofsky N x Least Romantic-Miss Taylor Q Q Most Athletic-Morris VVidelitz S x Least Athletic-Louise Spadaro Q Q Best Dancer-jane Taylor x x Best Singer-Muriel Dixon N Q Most Bashful-Abe Cohen Q N Most Extensive Vocabulary-David Walterman x x Most Silent-Nellie West N x Queenliest-Marie Faughnan N N Most Stuclious-Margaret Smith Q Q Most Musical-Marjorie Langaheer Q Most Executive Ability-Mildred Vifeisherg N i Most Contentecl-Dorothea Lauber N Q Most-to-he-looked-up-to--"Al" Van Gorder x Q Most School Spirit-Madelene Hornheck Q E Biggest Bluffer-Madeline Ryan x 3 Most Childlike--Lillian Goldstein Q Most Congenial-Marjorie Barkley N Q Most Tomhoyish-Ethel Silverman N Q Most Gentlemanly-Horaee Coons N Z Most -Romantic-'Bob VVolf N 5 Sleepiest-Charles Cross x Q Busiest--Rita Cushner ' N Q Most Conceited-Charles Silverman N X Most Modest-Kathleen Bliss Q Q Happiest--Do 1'cm thy Andrews 5 s Most Talkative-Louis Berger x N Most Ambitious-Florence Fatt Q x Least Ambitious--Ielarold McConnell x Q Least Responsible-jack Rippert Q 4 V S MQ Q 9 ' ' 4 1 ' ' a 4 f 4 i z 1 1' 4 Z .4 - 4 7 4 7 ' Z a 4 . , 2 ' 92 2 4 , . Q 1 Q , . in 2 94 , I V 62 3 4 --- - H--- it .46 1 9 4 ORCHESTRA 1 a 4 b. 4 94 Top Row, left to right-D. Dolan. D. Barkley. R. Elting. F. Wager, J. Bagliebtcr. , , Bottom Row-N. Weiss, R. Dekofsky, M. Langabeer, J. Balotin, E. Schoonmaker, R. Wolf, Q 42 . 1 31, D. Frank, M, Cruver. 1 ? . 1 52 fe - , M Z 914 Q, Y IQRSES 2- 4 291 Spider webs. j Thin. silvery wisps of nothing, M 1 . . . . . lhreaded with drops of silver rain 3, Like tiny strings of crystal beads. Q H-1 Q2 3? M IQMORY f Z' .X thin silvery wisp ol nothing, ' f . , , Headed with tear drops . 5 i . . ,. , X ' 4 Like a shinning thread through nfe s 1 tangled skein. ' 1 Z . . . , . 7 ' Marjorie Langahecr. accompanist. 5 . 5 4 Z WMV 3 Z ' 4: AF' ' .Rf v . .y ld' ,. A. 9 I if .EX v- u ,. l I' ,,. BOYS' GLEE CLUB .f "You eau take it from me." said Miss Doig, "if you want to be Z1 success K you must start from the bottom." "How about SNK'IIllll1Illg'?n asked Harold VYeuig', from the bottom of the class. VVebster IJ.-"You know, I am going to be married tonight." Mildred VY.-"VYell, what of it P" VVebster--9'XYomau. dou't take it so uouchalautly, dou't you realize that if I get married to-night thirty girls will go back into circulation l" Miss Doig-"Ks soou as you stop acting' like fools, I'll begin- "I wonder". mused the burglar as he did his jobs. "if men in the Vliiezlgo stock yards, who kuock cattle oh the head. could be called :miuml crackers F" .lack R.-"livery morning' you are my lirst thought." Phyl. S.--"Pat tells me the same tliiugf' ,lack R.-"Uh, but I get up an hour before he does." ' 1 v - v w- - f 4' N- - - v v - v - y- - sv X- ,. ,. ,. . ,. . L .125 ,. .rf 5 yu gs- v S' 9 K l GIRLS' CHORAL CLUB 4 "HIS UNCLE'S NIECE 4 The Class of l03l has presented two very successful plays since its forniation. The first one, "His L'ncle's Niece," by Raymond VV. Sargent, was given in our junior year and "The lfleloyed Vagabond," by Lawrence .-X. VVorcester in our Senior year. "lllS UNt'l,E'S Nllit'li" Characters 4 Francis lfeltonf-A young bachelor .......... .. . Eugene Plunkett Richard Tate-A young lawyer .....,. Saul liirnbanin Dora Hale-Francis' fiancee ,,...,.,,. .Marjorie Barkley Alice MalcolniAeRichard's fiancee ,...,.,.i..,.... ....,, ....,.., . . Nellie lfnrinan Mrs. Sarah Ann Mullen-From Happy Valley junction ,4 .. . .. .. Celia Silninowsky Q Philancler l'hiln1ore--Her husband ., . ..,-'Xnthony Mistretta Silas Sikelmore-A sheriff ,..,............. .,...... N Vebster IJePuy 4 Timothy llaye-A gardener ..,.......,. .....Henry Rothkopf Simon lf. l"elton-lfrancis' uncle ..., ,,i,..,. . . ,.i.,, .. .. .nloseph Brackley On March Z7 farce. Francis Felton, the young hero, receives a letter from his Uncle Simon, who has always supposed that Francis was of the opposite sex. The letter states that the Lfncle has selected a husband for his niece and that they both were on their way to New York to arrange for the wedding. Richard and 28 we presented "His Uncle's Niece," a hilarious Tate, who lives with lfrancis in a bachelor apart- 5 Z Y X 'Q X X W X X X-QQQXWQ " as , . ' 'i 4 5 4 5 4 4 4 1 4 Q 4 4 z 1 , E 4 4 1, 4 V2 e 4 , , MINSTREL CLUB 2. 2 Not such a bad group, vou must allow. l'Yhicl1 presented the Minstrel Show-and how 3. 4 Next year we'll give another show-- 'l'o which we home vou'll alan to wo. l . is Z So boost the iilee Club and li. ll. S. VVe boost the school-should you clo less? 4 4 ment. helps him to assume the role of a young girl in orrlcr to carry out the provision of a will whereby he is In receive fl million-rlollar bequest from his Uncle. The explanations which Francis and Richard have to ' make to Dora Hale and Alice Malcolm, respectively, are very amusing. ' 4 More humor is aclclecl to the play by Mrs. Mullen, who comes to New 1 York to consult lawyer Richard Tate about finding her husband who , ran awav. taking' with him manv of her valuables. lle turns out to be 1 , , ' ,. . . ' .. i . . , 3 4 lhilancler lcilniore, the villain. that Simon l'elton has chosen for l'ranc1s husband. Other interesting characters are Timothy llvye anml Silas Sikelmore. who is always chewing' tobacco. , Prizes Of 1930 One of the notable events of the year W30. was the awarding Z of prizes to students of the high school department. The Roosevelt K Prize, given anonymously, for the best tribute to Roosevelt of a hundred 9 4 and fifty words. was won by Miss l.aX erne Sheeley. Miss Julia lung Q and Mr. Gordon Krum, members of the Senior Class. were selected by their class-mates and faculty as being most worthy to receive the ten- 1 dollar pieces. presented by Miss VVilliams, on behalf of the Parent- Q Teachers' Association. These prizes were offered to the boy and girl in the Senior Class who, having spent three of his four years in Ellenville 2 High School, excelled in punctuality, attendance, deportment, good Q 'e habits, courtesy toward all. cooperation in school activities and who had , 4 ' the best influence upon others. M 5 "' I . Z 2 4 9 4 V Y 5 ' 'Q e t fl LA VERNE SHEELEY f E GORDON KRUM JULIA KING : 6, 4 Ellenvillfe High School Alumni CLASS O F 1Z881L Silas A. Vanwagner-Ellenville, N-. Y. Lillie Fuller-Mrs. Bernard Merriam. Mrs. Bernard Merriam of South Farmington, Mass., is especially well remembered by the memlberg of her olass, because of- her literary work. They tell us that she wrote a col- loquy including every member of her class. Last year she rene-wed her acquaintance-s here when her play, "The World Do Move," was given at the Wayside Inn. Recently another one of her works has been published. Kate Mackey-Ellenvllle. N. Y. Minnie Fuller-Mrs. George D. An- drews-deceased, Edith Beers-Mrs. Isbel-deceased. Sara Hornbec-k-Mrs. William Shearer -Bloomingb-urgh, N. Y. Lillie Haw-kshurst-deceased. CLASS OF 1882 Hattie Bailey-Mrs. Chas. F. Taylor- Ellenville, N. Y. Retta Rutsse-ll-Mrs. Addison Stratton -deceased. Lina Cudney-Mrs. Chas. Godfrey-- deceased. Arthur Finch-Emzoloyled in Law Li- brary at Washington, D. C. Milton Smith-deceased. Libbie Penny-Mrs. Frank J. Potter- Ellenville, N. Y. Anna Wood-Mrs. Dolson- 20 Bedford Place, Stamford, Conn. Viola Mackey-deceased. Nell Deyo-deceased. Adtda Budd-Mrs. F. G. Gardiner-de- ceased. CLASS OF 1883 Jennie Van Gorder-Mrs. Alonzo Strat- ton-deceased. George Lorin Dutcher-Newton, N. J. Jennie Marshall-Kerhonkson, N. Y. Clara Count-Mrs. William Emerson -12 Carl Place, Brockton, Mass. La Verne Tice-806 N. 9th St., Phila- delphia, Pa. Mamie Connelly-Mrs. Mayo-Camp- .bell Hall, N. Y. Lillie Smith-Agnes Scott Institute- Decatur, Ga. Georgia. Penny-Mrs. Saul Porter- 3204 Midland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Gutssie Russel-Mrs. Gaylor Marshall -deceased. Rachel Morse-Mrs. Geo. J. Hoornlbeek -Ellenville, N. Y. Lulu Frantz-411 W. 57th Street, N. Y. City. Julia O'Neil1-Brooklyn, N. Y. Jas. 0'Neil-deceased. C LA SS OF 1886 George B: Holmes-Eillenville. N. Y.. J. J. Russell-deceased. In-formation concerning Ben Harden- burgh is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1887 Mamie Smith-deceased. Carrie Van Aken-Mrs. Emory Burli- son-Butler, N. J. Emma G. Warren-71 Merbrook Bend, Merion, Pa, Mary B. Schoontmaker-In titute for Blind, 34th St. and Sth Ave, New York City. Lottie Beers-Mrs. Joseph May-New- ibturgh, N. Y. Lizzie Lawton-Mrs. Jackson Shultz -Ridgeway, Pa. Elsie J. Roat-deceased. Anna M. Crans-Mrs. George Holmes -deceased. Lena Nicols-Mrs. Richard Southgate -Good Ground, L. I. Iantha Schultz-Mrs. Livingston Can- tine-Ellenville. N. Y. Jennie Cantine-Mrs. Bert Pierson- Ellenville, N. Y. Kate Van Wagner-deceased. CLASS OF 1888 Celia Hicks-200 West 81st St., New York City. Lola Terwilliger-deceased. Inez Lawton-Mrs. V. D. Hand-Hal- stead, Pa. Lilah Deyo-Mrs. J. C. Johnson-Ellen- ville, Ng Y. Jennie Harris-Mrs. Crist-Orange, N. J. CLASS OF 1890 Nellie Briggs-Mrs. J. M. Hornbeck- deceased. Frank Camfpubell-Ellen-ville, N. Y. Amy Childs-Mrs. Wi-lliam C. Rose- Ellenville, N. Y. Mrs. William C. Rose, accompanied by her husband and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cox took a very interesting trip to the West Indies during the spring. Mr. Cox was a member of- the graduating class of 1897, and Mrs. Cox of the class of 1898. Cora Eaton-Mrs. Carl Germer-Ber- lin, Germany. Louise Frantz-420 W. 123d S-t., New York City. Hart S, Fuller-Fern Park. Florida. Eloise Grimley-Mrs. Nelson Money- penny, Ridgewood, N. J. S' ..- Q, 2 92 Q 5 5 4 V1 Z 5 Z Q 4 Jennie Myers-Mrs. Burt Johnson- Montclair. N. J. Olive D. Schoonlmaker-7 Gramercy Park, New York City. CLASS OF 1891 Lionel Booth-Bridgeport, Conn. May Campbell-Mzrs. Edwin Miller- Perth, Ontario, Canada. C. Dwight Divine-Ellenville. N. Y. Jessie Donaldson-Mrs. C. Dwight Divine, Ellenville, N. Y. Daniel J. Kelly-U. S. Envelope Co., Springfield, Mass. Joseph A. Smith-82 Granite Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Ben M. Taylor-Ellenville, N. Y. Bert H. Terwilliger-Ellenville, N. Y. Anna Van Aken-Mrs. Elbert Simons -10 High Lawn Road, Brattleboro, Vt. Emma Cameron-deceased. Anna Dutcher-Mrs. Justin Schoon- maker-deceased. Geo. F. Wilklow-deceased. CLASS OF 1892 Augusta Kuhlmann-Mrs. Max Good- year, Mary Heinzman-Mrs. Bert Goldsmith -Ellenville, N. Y. VVilliam Thomas Kelly-90 Oakley Road, Belm-ont, Mass. John T. Smith-Amaganesett, L. I. Kate C. Eisenhart-Mrs. Joe Burns. Dr, Elijah Osterhoudt-Newburgh, N. Y. Chester Young-Napanoch, N. Y. George Young-Ithaca, N. Y. Eliza Cox-Mrs. William Hutt-South- ern Pines, North Carolina. CLASS OF 1893 Altana Boothroyd-Mrs. Eugene Grim- ley-Ridgewood, N. J. Jennie Divine'-Mrs. Chester Young- Napanoch, N. Y. Phoebe Nichol-Mrs. J. Terwilliger. Edna Terwilliger-Mrs. Joseph M. De- Garme. Conn. Alice White-Mrs, YVilliam Elpple- 5427 Lakewood Ave, Chicago, Ill. Rose Lambert-feceasel. CLASS OF 1894 Margaret Claire-Mrs. William Sch- monses-Brooklyn, N. Y. Emma S. Holmes--Mrs. William E. Webster-Sherburne, N. Y. Etta McMullen-Mrs. W. D. Cunning- ham-Ellenville, N. Y. Effie Van Aken-deceased. P. Dufbois Bunting-Elizabeth, N. J. Abram Eilmendorf-deceased. Maurice Schultz-199 Washington St., E. Stroudsburg, Pa. Mary Boat-Mrs. Dayton-deceased. Information concerning Bertha H. Frantz and Fred H. Young is re- quested for this record, CLASS OF 1895 Fred H. Bunting-315 Herkimer St., Buffalo, N. Y. M.ame Miller-Mrs. Robert Driver- Union Hill, N. J. Hattie Schoonmaker-Mrs. Willdain Moseley-Ellenville, N. Y. Charles H. Van Kirk-Ellenville, N. Y. Ora Rus-sell-Mrs. Charles H. Anthony. Edith Pillsbury-Mrs. George Van Wert-Napanoch, N. Y. William D. Cunningham-Ellenville, N. Y. Alice R. Tonery-deceased. Margaret Heinzman-Mrs. Howard Humist-on-Kerhonkson, N. Y. Jessie Hume-Mrs. Stephen Durland- Ellenville, N. Y. CLASS OF 1897 Grace K. Ryan-Mrs. Edward B. Kimble-Bogota, N. Y. Ruth H. Fuller-Mrs. Parisen-Perth Amlboy, N, J. Raymond G. Cox-Ellenville, N. Y. Teresa M. Fiesler-Mrs. Lawrence Herman-Columbia Park, Middle- town, N. Y. John W. Van Ostenbrugge-M, Flint and Homer, Nefw York City. Jessie Terwilliger-Mrs. Robert Har- ris. Nell M. Hardenberg-611 West 152d St., New York City. Ed-ward B. Kimble-deceased. CLASS OF 1898 Eistelle Berg, Augusta Clark-Mrs. R. G. Cox-Ellen- ville, N. Y. Adah Cornelius-Mrs. Fred Simpson- Accord, N. Y. Minerva Denman-Mrs. Vifalter J. R. Wilson-Ellenville, N. Y. Jessie' Irene Myers-Mrs, Louis V. Snyder-Mt. Vern-on, N. Y. Kate Rosenbaum-Mrs. Philip Gold- smi-th-deceased. Anna Schultz-Mrs. Joseph Doyle- Kerhonkson, N. Y. Alice K. Snyder-Mrs. Wilcox-New York City. Jennie Van Homer-Mrs. Herman Muhler. Goldie Wood-Mrs. Fred Ward- Br-ooklyn, N, Y. 35 S AFR. tilt CLASS OF 1900 Olive Hartwig-Mrs. Henry D. Frost- 270 Linwood Place, Riverside, Cal. Norma F. Parsells-Mrs. Stanley Hea- son-Albany, N. Y. Fannie Dann-Mrs. Clifford O. Per- kins-Stamford, Conn. Etta Howe-Mrs. Willet Parliman- La. Graugeville, N. Y. Jennie W, Mowell-Mrs. Geo. D. Ed- sell-Ellenville, N. Y. William V. Berg-New York City. Louis V. Snyder-Mt. Vernon. N. Y. William Heroy-92, Rev, N. L. Heroy, Accord, N. Y. Mary J. Roper-Hackensack, N. J. Edith C. Irwin-Mrs. William Bunting -Bloomfield, N. J. Evelyn Bailey-Mrs. Leon L. Watson -Box 209. Hendersonville, N. C. CLASS OF 1901 Nora Wood--Mrs. Aranson Short-- Port Ewen, N. Y. Jennie E, Doyle-Mrs. J-oseph Bell- Norwich, N. Y. Etta L. Robinson-Mrs. F. S. Pickle--- 621 Pemlbert-on Ave., Queen City Ter- race, Plainfield, N. J. Anna Fie-sler-Mrs. Harry Albrecht- 218-41-105th Ave., Queens Village, L. I. Jennie Sherman-Mns. Ralph Smith- Kerhonkson, N. Y. Information concerning Kate Sitzer. Mrs. Carl Rossman and John F. Church is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1902 Elizabeth Cleveland-Mrs. George R. Van Aken-Ellenville, N. Y. Olive Berry-Mrs. Fred H. Benedict. Lurane B. Taylor-Mrs. Ediward Miller -257 Kingslboro Ave.. Gloversville, N. Y. Jennie L. Ryan-Mrs. Howard Horn- 'beck-New York City. Anna E. Leipold-Mrs. Howard Jones -Mountain Lakes, N. J. Nora Morse-Mrs. Eugene Plunkett- Lackawack, N. Y. Ida M. Fairchilds-Mrs. Henry Car- man-Ellenville, N. Y. William C. Douglas-Ellenville, "I, Y. CLASS OF 1903 Mame Wilhelm-Mrs. George A. Wort- man. Florence S. Terwilliger-Mrs. B. M. Taylor-Ellenville, N. Y. John W. Rapp-deceased. Mwary W. Hartwig-Mrs. William Douglas-Ellenville, N. Y. Har-old H. Lyons-Syracuse, N. Y. Nina V. Sheeley-Mr-s. William C- Douglas-deceased. Elizabeth Parker-Mrs. Robert Gould -16 Forest Park Ave., Larchm-ont, N. Y. CLASS O F 1904 First graduating class under the supervision of Mr. Hocmer. Gaylord B. Van Kirk-26 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Alfred L. Coons-Elizaville, N. Y. Agnes L, Nichols-Mrs. William Eyp- per-Weehawken, N. J. Helen Hardenberg-Mrs. Robert Mc- Cartney-Ellenville, N. Y. Elizabeth G. Keeler-10 Park Ave., Bloomfield, N. J. Teresa McMullen-Mrs. John McNa- mara-Brooklyn, N. Y. CLASS OF 1905 Jetta Hartwig--Mrs. Henry D. Frost- 5501 Amrboy Road, Huguenot Park, S. I. lone DeVany-deceased, Ethel H-oornbeek-Mrs. John Dunlop-- Ellenville, N. Y. Jeanette Berg-Mrs. T. R. Gillespie-- Washington, Iowa, Anna Van Horn-Mrs. Joseph Hyatt- Napan-och, N. Y. Olive Bears-Mrs. Service-Dansville. N. Y. Florence Burhans-Mrs. Irving T. Mc- Nally-Ellenville, N. Y. Henry D. Fro-st-5501 Amlboy R0ad--- Huguenot Park, S, I. Harris-on Terwilliger-Albany. N. Y. Zorah Whiteley-Mrs. Howard Sulli- Vail, Anna Carver-Mrs. Frank Lechner- 7048 East Seven Mile Road, Detroit, Mich. Helen Keeler-Mrs. Helen Holcomb- 910 Seward Ave., Detroit, Mich. Mil- linery buyer for J. L. Hudson of that city. CLASS O F 1906 Grace Elting-Mrs. Justin U. Schoon- maker-Ellenville, N. Y. Richard Elting-deceased. Information concerning Mark Hills is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1907 Barbara Deyo-Mrs. Frank R. Bealer -Boston, Mass. Francis D. Andrews-Ellenville, N. Y. ami' 'G' Frederick Flecken-stein-323 West Ostrander Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. William P, Glass-County Court House, Kingston, N. Y. Clarence Hoornbe-ek-Ellenvil-le, N. Y. Lena Rosenbaum-Mrs. Cl-ayton Bur- gher-West Shokan, N. Y. CLASS OF 1908 Dorothy Irvin- Mabel Fredtd-Ellenville, N. Y. Ethel Gilleran-Mrs. Egan-Horse heads, N. Y. Maud Dutcher-Mrs.. Earl.. Haley-17 Dawn St., Kingston, N. Y. Sara Wood-Nyack, N. Y. Raymond P-otter-Physician of East Orange, N. J., specializing in mater- nity work. Ralph Booth-Travelers' Insurance Co., Chicago, Ill. Dan Vanderlyn-Ellenville, N. Y. CLASS OF 1909 -Charles S. Hick-Jefferson-ville, N. Y. -Superintendent of Rural Schools of Second Supervisory District, Sul- livan County. 'Gerald Terbush-Miami Beach, Fla., Box 567. Frank Douglas-deceased, Matilda Berg-New York City. Tracey Sheldon-Mrs. Dan Vanderlyn Ellenville, N. Y. George Fleckenstein-50 Wheeler Ter- race, Stratford, Conn. Guernsey T. Cross-Albany, N. Y. Arch Freer-Jetfersonville, N. Y. Virginia Taylor-53 Pierpont St., Rah- way, N. J. Josephine Carver-Mrs. George Taylor -Ellenville, N. Y. Greta Rapp-Mrs. Robert Graham- A Middletown, N. Y. Minnie Carver-Mrs. R. E. Dedrick-- 2236 Oak St., Napa, Cal. Edward Misner-'A Farm Manage- ment Dept., Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Vivian Fredd--Mrs. Frank Terbush- River Edge, N. J. Anita Gould-Mrs, Chester Talfour- Lyntbrook, L. I. Sftanley K. Booth-West Palm Beach, Fla. Sylvia Kuykendahl - Mrs. Scott Schleiermaker-P-ouglikeelpsie, N. Y. Eleanor DuVall-Napanroch. N. Y. Howard Van Keuren- May Hitchcock-Mrs. Amory L. Wil- liams-11308 He-ssler Road, Cleve- land, Ohio. Mary Vernooy-Mrs. F. D. Andrews- Ellenville, N, Y. S Information concerning Arden Freer, William Cooley and Stanley Vernooy is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1910 Lucy Lord- Edna Wright-Mrs. Harold Herkimer, 2408 Niagara Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Edna mtcher-Mrs. D. H. Valentine- 1053 Dearborn Road, Palisade, N. J. Helen Opal- Bessie Decker-Mrs. Gross Schoon- maker-Accord, N. Y. Ethel TerBush-Mrs. Floyd Wright-- Hohofkus, N. J. Chauncey Miller-New York City. George Taylor-Ellenville, N. Y. Robert Graham-Middletown, N. Y. Gorman Mance-Syracu-se, N. Y. Harold Sherman-50 Vincent Place, Lyn-brook, L, I. Maurice Friedlberg- CLASS OF 1911 Janet Bonnyman-Mrs. Roland Thomp- son-Depfosit, N. Y. Virginia Den-man-Mrs. Alibert J. Rey- nolds-189 Hillcrest Ave.. Morris- town, N. J. Addie W. Fredd-Mrs, Edward Ben- son-Paterson, N. J. Anna M. G-illeran-Mrs. King-Wash- ington, D. C. Jeaneftte B. Garrison-Mrs. Selah Ter- williger-Kerhonfkson, N. Y, Carolyn Hitchcock-Wellesley Hills, Mass. Allen D. Potter-Ellenville, N. Y. Belle Parker-Mrs. Frank Douglas- -. Ellenville, N. Y. Clark C, Sherman-Kerhonkson, N. Y. Morris Sherman-Kerhonkson, N. Y. Harry 'I'erwilliger-Kerhonkson, N. Y. Pau'line Taylor-Mrs. William Pear- s-on-57 Pierpont St., Rwhway, N. J. Ward Wilklow-52 Carmen St., Cedar- hurst, L. I. information concerning Richard Foster and Herman Meis-el is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1912 Samuel K. Adams-New York City. Waldo Co-okingham-Phelps, N. Y. Pearl Clyne--Mrs. David Freer-Elleiv ville, N. Y. Edward C. DeWitt-Lo-ng Island. Fred M. DuVa.ll-Madison Ave., Mont- clair, N. J. Elbert Ellsworth--44 Tiona Ave., Belle- ville, N. J. Naomi Eater-Mrs. F. A. Federer-218 'Carol St. Waukesha, Wis. v W J'.4F"..F"..-FINlafSIQ"..sSf-SLVJFT..S'leWf'.fi'f'.J".sSfJ".JIIIllIlF'.II,E 3 MQ Gertrude Frances-Mrs, Clifford Bene- dict-Warwick, N. Y. Beatrice Gray-Mrs. Gordon Grant-- Ellenville, N. Y. William J. Gilleran-Scarsdlale, N. Y. Elizabeth Leipold-Mrs. Edvward Nec -Dover, N. J. Alice Moffit-Ellenville. N. Y. Hilda Myers-Mrs. Tuthill McDowell -Ellenville, N. Y. Frank A. Terbush-River Edge, N. J. Information concerning Sara DePuy. Helen Gaskell, Theda Leipol-d, Nellie Schoonmaker-and Adolph Stern is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1913 Adlean Clyne-Mrs. Keener-Ellen vine, N. Y. Bertha Cushner-Mrs. George Rogers -51 East 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Louise Schaffer-Mrs, Arthur Wright Ellenville, N, Y. Viola Wright-Port Jervis, N. Y. Mildred Clemens-East Orange. N. J. Information concerning Alice B. Brooks is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1914 Zelma Ahrens-Mrs. Joseph Rauner- Ellenville, N. Y. Joseph Kendall Ailetcher - Miami Beach, Fla. Salomon Nathan Blackberg-Professor -at New York University. Mildred D. Carmen-Vice-president of I-Iearn's Department Store in New York. Helen V. Chadwick-Mount Vernon, N. Y. Benjamin Cohen-Woodridge, N. Y. Edwand C. Douglas-fPort Jervis, N. Y. Alice R. Ellsworth-Mrs. Paul Hall- 1008 Second St., Juniate, Penn. Mathilda M. C. Enkler-Edlenville, N. Y. Bernard B. Goldenson-New York City. Bernice M. Gray-102 Lynibrook Ave.. L. I. Edwin Green-Architect. Just complet- ed a large building on State Fair Grounds. Lucretia Harris--Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Jan-sen K. Hoornbeek-Hudson View Gardens, 183d St., New York City. Tuthill R. McDowell-Ellenville, N. Y. Lewis Vrooman Miller-L. I. Brice Moore-Ellenville, N. Y. Clara Anna Scherb- James Leslie Shurter - Ellelnville, N. Y, Emery Boyce Terbush - Ellenville, N. Y. Henry Byron Thornton-deceased. Norma DeVany-Mrs. K. S. Coffin-- Sound Beach Ave., Conn. Bernice Gaskell-Bernice Gaskell an-1 her sister are running a chain of tea .shops in California. She visited El- lenville this past fall. Morris Meisel- Thomas Thornton--Saugerties. N. Y. CLASS OF 1915 Philip Buckholtz--New York City. Anita M. Clearwater -- Mrs. Fives --- New York City, Donald W. DuVlall-Cincinnati. Ohio. Marion Irene Furman-Mrs. John Fleckenstein-Ellenville. N. Y. Emmons T. Gray-73 Garden St., Poughkeepsie. N. Y. Fields Earl Newkirk-A Federal Pro- bation Officer-Ellenvllle, N. Y. Dorothy Vera Parkrose - Married --- Lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. Paul Standard-Lawyer. Information concerning Harold C. Black, David R. Johns-on, Edna H. Rexford, Helen Louise Stewart and Olive M. Wells is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1916 George Dwight Cook-deceased. Edward Davenport-Accord. N. Y. Raymond H. Fleckenstein-409 West 8th St., Wilmington, Del, Deyo W. Johns-on-Ellenville, N. Y. Robert W. Keeler-Chase National Bank-New York City. Lily S. Levitt-Mrs. Harry Golden-- Ellenville, N, Y. Harry D. Moore-Grahamsville, N. Y. Salmuel K, Munson-Naipanoch, N. Y. Percy De Panai Terwilliger-Chicago, Ill. Paul Westbrook-Middletown, N. Y. Gladys Kathryn McDowell-Mrs. Roy Staulcup-Mount Vernon, N. Y. Joseph G, Fieseler-Chicago, Ill. Information concerning Saralh A-lice Brown, Leo J. Larkin, Clyde B. Men- vin, Joseph Rosenthal and Samuel Standard is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1917 William F, Booth-Ellenville, N. Y. Earl W. Count-State Teachers' Col- lege-San Jose, California. Nellie Davenport-Accord, N. Y. Gladys L, Decker-Ellenville. N. Y. Carolyn C. Divine-4Mrs. Benjamin Sykes-Mechanicsville. N. Y. Ruth Anna George-Mrs. Floyd Mur- ray-Grand Gorge, N. Y. Arthur W. Griffin-deceased. 2' MQ George Childs Rose-Mineola, L. I. Norbury Terwilliger-East Orange, N. J. Madeline Tinsley-Mrs. Howard Smith -Spring Glen, N. Y. Abagail B, Schipper-Canal St., Ellen- ville, N. Y. Information concerning Sarah Buc- holtz, Pauline L. Edson, Winifred Irene Galbraith, Jane Hazel Godfrey, Nadia Hillman, Abraham A. Jacob- son, Kenneth G. Merwin. and Jane Relba Turner is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1918 Aaron Benenson-102 East 22d Sa.. New York City. Helen May Campbell-Bedford Hills, N. Y. Mary Ruth Carman-Ellenville, N. Y. Ella Bush DeVany-Mrs. F. M. Sutton -67 Riverside Drive, New York City. Alice Louise DuVa1I-Mrs, Albert De- yo-Locust Valley, L. I. Kathryn Webb Eaton-Hotel East Or- ange, East Orange, N. J. William E. Graham-Ellenville, N. Y. Helen Irene Moore-Middletown, N. Y. Alice Sheley-Mrs. Orrin Lauber-El- lenville, N. Y. Irene O. Vermilye-Mrs. Lewis Bell- Ellenville, N. Y. Dorothy Vernon-Mrs, D. S. Ellen'- thorpe-West Point, N. Y. Joseph M. VVatson-20 Franklin St., Meriden, Conn. Information concernin-g Leslie G. Bar- ley, Leonard Simrin and Myron Smith is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1919 Arthur Conner-Nalpanoch, N. Y. Robert Cooper-10 Park View Terrace, Bronx, N. Y. Samuel Divine-Kerhonkson, N. Y. Vernon Kelder-Ellenville, N. Y. Merrian Brown-Mrs. Louis Fredd- Leibfhardt, N. Y. Ro-se Clearwater-Mrs. Raymond War- HST. Amiee Derby-Mrs. Leander Taylor- Ellenvil-le, N. Y, Teresa Gorton-Ellenville, N. Y, Ruiby Gray-Wawarsing, N. Y. Jennie McDowell-Ellenville, N. Y. Blanche S. Lauber-Mrs. William Coin- tot-Ellenville, N. Y. CLASS OF 1920 Jack Evans-28 East St., Oneonta. N. Y. Loretta B. Gilleran-Mrs. Troy- Joseph Levine-134 Center St., Ellen- ville, N. Y. Florence Jollie-Mrs. Ellery Country- man-Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Ruth Lauber-28 Trendwell Ave, Lyn- br-ook, L. I. Harold H. Marshall-Long Island. Philip Slutsky-247 Madison Ave., New York City. Gladys Tinsley-Ellenville, N. Y. Clarence Earle Vrooman-Amityville, L. I. Florence Eva White-2223 Cartelyon Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. Persis Mildred White-Mrs. Frank Massey-deceased. Information concerning Josephine E. Barley, Ethel Baxter, Gertrude Blum, Lucella B. Burlison, Sara Cohen, Minnie Lechner, Margaret Mitchell, John W. Myers and Floy- ence Gould Penney is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1921 Lloyd P. Barley-Accord, N. Y. VVilliam Benenson-35 West 81st St., New York City. Sophie Berger-Mrs. W. Polak-3977 Saxon Ave., Bronx, N. Y. John Bonomi-Ellenville, N. Y. H. Richmond Campbell - Yonkers, N. Y. George H. Freer-11 Hope St., Lib- erty, N. Y. Albert J. Gorton-75 Baldwin Place, Bloomfield, N. J. Anna Hornbeck-Ellenville, N. Y. Harold D. Munson-167 Radsora St., Yonkers, N, Y. Rebecca Posnick-Wurtsboro, N. Y. Frederica Schipper-Mrs. M. E. Clark -Ellenville, N. Y. Olive Smith-Mrs. Floyd Eck-Wa- warsing, N. Y. Ruth Walker-Summitville, N. Y. Ellen Watson-Ithaca, N. Y. Arthur Ewigkeit-12 East Strand St., Kingston, N, Y. John S. Lathrop-334 3d Ave., New York City. Abram J. Moore-72 Eastern Ave., Lynn, Mass. Lillian A. Evans-Mrs. B. E. Harwith -248 Morris St., Albany, N. Y. Information concerning Florence Blum and Samuel Weinberg is requested for this record. ' CLASS OF 1922 Clyde Benson-Ellenville, N. Y. Rolla B, Castle-Nebraska, Horace M. Divine - Poughkeepsie. N. Y. Sw Raymond H. Evans- Linda M. George-Mrs. Harold Smith -Grwhalmsville, N. Y. Leo R. Gosselin-Buffalo, N. Y. Paul J. Glaister-Napanoch, N. Y. Marion H. LaMont-Mrs. Chester Gray Ellenville, N. Y. Mildred A. Larkin-New Haven, Conn. Charles Kenneth Lyna-m-Kingston, N. Y. Ella A, O'Neill-Canal St., Ellenville, N. Y. Gussie T. Reider-New York City. Gomer J, Rippert-Ellenville, N. Y. William R. Rose-Ellen-ville, N. Y. Evelyn H. Sheeley-Eureka. N. Y. Sally L, Taylor-Mrs. Mox Weber-- -Clinton, N. Y. Nettie L. Tetervin-Nurse. Thelma D. Tinsley-14 Park St., El- lenville, N. Y. Alden J. Townsend-E-llenville, N. Y. Anna E. Watson-New York City. Albro Brown-Lackawack, N. Y. John B. Gilleran-White Plains, N. Y. CLASS OF 1923 Sarah H. Barkley-L70 Owega High School, Owega, N. Y. Hazel M. Bliss-Ellenville, N. Y. D, Meade Brown-deceased. Myrtie P. Burton-Ellenville, N. Y. Julia R. Clearwater-New York City. Marion A. Clearwater-New York City. Grace M. Collins-Mrs. Ben Terwilli- ger-Woodridge, N. Y. Helen A. Cudney-Summltville. N. Y. Charles A. J. Dunn-LZ, Cleveland Trust C., Cleveland, Ohio. Le-ota D. Edsall--Mrs. Eugene Slater- El-lenville, N. Y. Harriet Ewigkelt-Mrs. A. H. Shapiro -395 Maple St., Brooklyn, N. Y. John B. Flenckenstein - Elleuville, N. Y. Inez M, George-Mrs. Vernon Gridley -Eureka, N, Y. Mildred Johnson - 50 Nevins St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Alta M. Kane-Liberty, N. Y. Louis Kaplan-70 Millman, 73-83 East 96th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Dorothy M. Ketner-149 North College St., Carlisle, Pa. Bernice M. Larkin-Lynbrook, L. I. Miriam Lathrop-Mrs. Ein-ar Sunde- 925 Union St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Thelma M. McDowell-Mrs. Joseph Lillard. Vera K. Rochefort-Ellenville, N. Y. Grace Roosa Kindtberg-Middletown. N. Y. Walter Sarine-1 Walnut Grove Place. Troy, N. Y. Kathryn R. Shurter-Ellenville, N. Y. Abagail E. Stokes-Kerhonkson. N. Y. Lenore M, Town-send-Mrs, Harry Wright-Wawarslng, N. Y. Charles Guy Vernooy-Cleveland, 0. Edmund Zupp-Ellenville, N. Y. Kathryn V. Russell-New York City. G. Chandler Young-Napanoch, N. Y. Mary P. Watson-Mrs. M. Mols-2163 E. 17th St., New York City. Gladys Silverman-Ellenvllle. Ir.,form-ation concerning Rennie an.l Ruth Green, Edythe M. Hill, Earl C. Terwilliger and Saul Wiland is re- quested for this record. CLASS OF 1924 Arthur Terwilliger-Ellenville, N. Y. William J. Brown-Summitville. N. Y. Harold Bo-oth-Ellenville, N. Y. Morris Cherney-E'llenville, N. Y. Anna. Cudney-Mrs. Walter LeVan- Summitville, N. Y. Bertha Cudlney-Summitville, N. Y. Evelyn E. Dann-Oberlin College- Oberlin. Ohio. Sidney D. Delaney-Ellenville, N. Y. Christine DuBois--Mrs. O. M. Savels, Jr.-Worcester, Mass. Carl Herntberg-Ellenville, N. Y. Lillian Horowitz-Wawarsing, N. Y. Florence F. Kirby-Ellenville, N. Y. Jacob B. Krinelolf-K-erhonkson, N. Y. Esther B. Lyons-Mrs. Pratt-Stone Ridge, N. Y, Edward R, Mance-Ellenville, N. Y. Margaret L. Moore-334 West 85th St., New York City, Thelma A. Palmer - Mrs. George Kingswood-76 Hudson Ave., Engle- wood, N. J. Mae Frances Potter-Mrs. R. L. -Slnnrter-Cleveland, O. Julius Rosen-Ellenville, N. Y. Helen A, Sahler- Fred Sherman-Kerhonkson, N. Y. Kenneth Sherman-Washington, D. C. Harriet Shulman-Mrs. H. Marko- witz-34S Mechanic St., Camden. N. J. Robert Shurter-Cleveland, O. Dorothy P. Terwilliger-Mrs. Clark Sheley-Ellenville, N. Y. Grace G. Tice-Mrs. William Murray- Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Frank G, Backman-Fordham Univer- sity, New York City. Mildred E. White-77 Woods. Ave., Rockville Center, L. I. CLASS OF 1925 George Ahrens-Karma House, Clark- son College-Potsdam, N. Y. Andrew Anderson-Kerhonks-on, N. Y. MQ Joel Balotin-Ellenville, N. Y. George W. Boyce-Clarkson College-- Potsdam, N. Y. Rae Berger-3977 Saxon Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Edna Carman-500 West 140th St., New York City, Apt. 3G. Mary, E. Coons--Middletown, Conn. Sadie M. Constant-New York City. Edlwin Craft-Ellenville, N. Y. Emil Z. Crystal-Accord, N. Y. Mary B. Dann-Mrs, Elmer E. Count -West Point, N. Y. A.rvilla L, Davis-High Falls, N. Y. Anna L, Glusker-11 Maple St., Flat- hurst, N. Y. Ruth Gordon-Paterson, N. J. El-win R, Hoar-deceased. Carlton L. Johnson-864 Sumner Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Mary Kanfer-Mrs. Malnick-10 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. Kenneth R. Kile-Ellenville. N. Y. Catherine Kindberg-Mrs, Harry Cud- ney-Middletown, N. Y. F. Willard Mance - Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Adele B. McDowell-Mrs. George Sheeley-Ellenville, N. Y. Ida Maskowitz-936 E. 172nd St., Bronx, N. Y. Floyd J. Parliman-U. S. Navy Hos- pital-Washington, D, C. Thomas J. Plunkett-Fordham Univer- sity-New York City. David Posnick-Spring Glen, N. Y. Harry Rieger--New York City. Pearl Rosenst-ock-Mrs. Joel Balotin- Elle-nville, N, Y. Carl M. Sciple-West Point, N. Y. Anita Schonlbachler-Napanoch, N. Y. Ruth Tufford-Mrs. Thomas Ingham- Eillenville, N. Y. Jack Van- Deusen--New York State Troopers-Middle-burgh, N. Y, Information concerning Hazel Markle, Alexander Rosenblum, Alice R. Wat- son and Max Zaifert is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1926 Virginia M. Barkley - Mrs, Foster Little-Monticello, N. Y. Baxter- Constant-Ellenville, N. Y. Alfred Coons-Wesleyan College-Mick dletown, Conn. Esther P. Cushner-143 Cortlandt St., Groton, N. Y. Pearl E. Green--Kerhonkson, N. Y. Marie Groppe-Ellenville, N, Y. Kathryn M. Henry-E-llenville, N. Y. Evelyn D. Hill-Mrs.. Jack Huntsberger -Grahamsville, N. Y. Merritt Lauber-Summitville, N. Y. Beatrice Little-224 Garfield Place. Brooklyn, N. Y. Benjamin Miller-Columbia University -New York City, N. Y. Kathryn E. Moore - Grahamsville, N. Y. Louis Schwartz-New York City. Evelyn Sheeley-Napanoch, N. Y. Harry Thayer-469 E. 15th St., Brook- lyn, N. Y. Walter N. Thayer-Colgate University -Hamilton, N. Y. H. Thatcher Van Kirk-Tufts Dental College-Boston, Mass. CLASS OF 1927 Bernice I, Fitzgerald-Ellenville, N. Y. Esther Albert-Ellenville, N. Y. Howard Anderson, Accord, N. Y. Isadore Beyer-Ellenvi-Ile, N. Y. Mary Cherney-Ellenville, N. Y. Hester Craft-Ellenville, N. Y. Lena Frey-Horton Memorial Hospital -Middletown, N. Y. Margaret Gosselin-Napanoch, N. Y. George B. Holley-Summitville, N. Y. Helen V. Johnson-Carson Peck Mem- orial Hospital-Brooklyn, N. Y. Benjamin Lonst-ein-New York Uni- versity-New York City, N. Y. ,Emma ML Otens-Ellenville, N. Y. 'Cornelia Rarmpe-Ellenville, N. Y. Nathan Rosenberg-Fordham Univer- sity-New York City. Charles R-osenstock--Maryland Uni- versity. William Schacht-Ellenvi-lle, N. Y. Marion Simpson-Accord, N. Y. Ben Joseph Slutsky-Villa Nova Col- lege-P-hiladelphia, Pa. Olive M. Smith-Ellenville, N. Y. Carol R. Stevens-Middletown, N. Y. Lorcia Terwilliger-Monte-la., N. Y. Marguerite Townsend-M, Kingston City Hospital--Kinfgston, N. Y. Irving Trachte-nberg-New York City. Sadye B. Weisberg--Napanoch, N. Y. Sarah Wengrow-2114 Mapes Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Information concerning Louis Gare- lick is requested for this record. CLASS OF 1928 Eli Berger-Fordham University- New York City. Isadore Binder-Syracuse University -Syracuse, N. Y. Paul Cooper-New York University- New York City. Dorothy Mg Daniels-Kingston, N. Y. Dwight Divine-U. S. M. A., West Point, New York. Anna Mae Edwards-Ellenville, N. Y. Flossie H. Edwards-Ellenville, N. Y. .33 Q 4 7 4 i 5 ' 4 If 5 9 2 Q , 1 Jules X. Ewigkeit-Ellenville, N. Y. William M. D. Falk-Ellenville, N. Y. Ruth E. Goldsmith-Albany State Co!- lege-Albany, N. Y. Henry Joseph Groupe--Ellenville, N. Y. Florence Ruth Grunfeild - Ulster Heights. N. Y. Esther H. Lefkowitz-Spring Glen, N. Y. Sara Levine-Ellenville, N. Y. Hyman J. Luster-Wawarsing, N. Y. James Mantone-New York University -New York City. Celia H. Otens-Flatbush College-- Brooklyn, N. Y. Vida. L. Pierson-Spring Glen, N. Y. Fannie Post--Summitville, N. Y. Nathan Post-Summitville, N. Y. Ruth R. Rand-Eillenville, N. Y. Ethel Rashkin-Ellenville, N. Y. Thomas Karl Richard-New York City. Helen Christine Rippert-Web-b Hor- ton Mem-arial Hospital-Middletown, N. Y. Helen V. Rfose--Ellenville, N. Y. Herman Solomon-New York Univer- sity-New York City, N. Y. Elizabeth H. Stormont-Mrs. Frank Johnson-Brooklyn, N. Y. Julius Slutsky-170 Phi Sigma Delta, New York University-New York -City, N. Y. Bernard I. Weiss-Fordham Univer- sity-New York City. H-orace VVood--Ellenville, N. Y. Leonore Silverman-Skidmore College -'Saratoga Springs, N. Y. CLASS Ol? 1929 Abram Benenson-Cornell University -Ithaca, N. Y. Beatrice A. Weinberger-Ellenvllle, N. Y. Miriam Fay Weinberger-New York University-New York City, N. Y. Samuel Beyer-Ellenville, N. Y. Joseph Brackley-George Washington University-Washington, D. C. Harry B, Brooks-Graham-sville, N. Y. Helen L. Cushner-Cortland Normal .School-Cortland, N. Y. Dorothy George-Englewood, N. J. Richard A. Goldsmith-Cragsmoor, N. Y. Jessie J. Herron-Eillenville, N. Y. Rose S. Jacobowitz-Ellenville, N. Y. Philip D. Korn-Fordham University -New York City, Y. Bertha Kossar-Ellenville, N. Y. William D. Lane-Ellenville, N. Y. Fred R. Lepke-Ulster Heights, N. Y. Walter C, Little-Cragsmoor, N. Y. Donald S. Moore-Hurleyville, N. Y. Mary E. Mo-ore-Elmira College-EL mira, N, Y, Robert T. 0'Nei1l-Ellenville, N. Y. Bertha C. Otens-Ellenville, N. Y. C1iEord R. Rampe-Ellenville, N. Y. Adele E. Rand-Ellenville, N. Y. Estelle Rappaport-Ellenville, N. Y. Beatrice Reider-Cortland Normal School-Cortland, N. Y. Rose Shulman-Efllenville, N, Y. Mary Silverman-1861 85th St., Brook- lyn, N. Y. Rose A. Spadaro-N. Y. Telephone Of- fice-Ellenville, N. Y. Sylvia Spindel-Ellenville, N, Y. Ellen Tannenbaum-Ellenville. N. Y. Beatrice O. Tinsley-Pratt Institute-n New York City, Hazel B. Townsend-New Paltz Nor- mal School-New Paltz, N. Y. Margaret Z. Van Gorder-Ellenville, N. Y. CLASS OF 1930 Ruth Ahrens-Ellenville, N. Y. Ethelyn Burger-Ellenville. N. Y. Alice Clark - Teachers' Training School-Delhi, N. Y. Pearl Cohen--New York City. Rose Cooper-New York City. Rita Cushner-Napanoch, N. Y. Har-old DeWitt-Ellenville, N, Y. William Ellsworth-Ellenville, N. Y. Eugene Glusker-New York City. Charles Hamilton-Ellenville, N. Y. Leonard Hershkowitz-New York City. Helen Hill-New Paltz Normal School New Paltz. N. Y. Celia Jacobowltz-New York City. Sam Jac-owitz-Ellenville, N. Y. Sara Kaplan-Ellenville, N. Y. Julia King-Teachers' Training School -Delhi, N. Y. Gordon Krum-Drexel Institute-Phib adelphia, Pa. Helen Lane-Ellenville, N. Y. Anthony Mistretta-Ellenville, N. Y. Charles Plunkett-Rensselaer Poly- technical Institute-Troy, N. Y. Eugene Plunkett-Rensselaer Poly- technical Institute-Troy, N. Y. M. LaVerne Sheeley-Cornell Univer- sity-Ithaca, N. Y. - Fannie Solomon-Ellenville, N. Y. Alice Van Gorder-Ellenville, N. Y. Evelyn Weiner-New York City. Eli Weiner-New Paltz Normal School -New Paltz, N. Y. Ely Weiner-New Paltz Normal School -New Paltz, N, Y. Henry Weiss-Geortge Washington University-Washington, D, C. Isaac Weinstein-Cornell University-- Ithaca, N. Y. Lyle Young-Eilenville, N. Y. GEO. B. HOLMES Young's and Munson's Hats 8z Caps Ralston Shoes Q Inter-Woven Socks Gordon Phoenix Silk Hosiery 5 Kayser Silk Underwear and Gloves if Ladies' and Gent's Furnishings ' coMPLiMEN'rs LANG,S MUSIC SHOP 2 Kingston, N. Y. it J' COMPLIMENTS EVERYWHERE A Need For Paint HERE A Paint For Every Need .gp .fr 5 WM. H. DEYO 8: CO., INC. Coal - Building Materials - Lumber hi HERZOG,S HARDWARE STORE gi Kingston, N. Y. Paints and Varnishes M Q Coinpliinents of i Q r . LOMPLIMILN FS 2 A. BALOTIN it R. VINCENT LORD Q Clyde Budd fhistenin, t-O radioj-"I must Z have Heaven." 9 4 Lee Cudney-"How come?" Q Clyde-"I've got a harp solo." WHOLESALE it ir if li Marge--"Dad, why do women always keep their chin in their hands while they're thinking?" Father-"TO hold their mouths shut." 3 S 2 2 ..A..+ 2 Z Q Miss Williams-"What did Juliet say to Romeo when she saw him in the balcony?" Norman K.-"Why the heck didn't you get a - seat in the orchestra?" 9 1 S2 if ll' 7 Gene Rampe-"How are a chiropractwr , , and a crap-shooter alike?" Q Kay D.-"Do tell?" f Gene-"They both roll the bones. Q ll if if V 2 Nellie-"What are the two kinds of men?" Q Henry-"The single and the broke." The Dealers' Store A utomotive Equipment 14-16 M0r1tg0mery St. MIDDLETOWN, N. Y. Phone 3618 Z iii 4 9 '32 iii ii 4 iii Z .RS AS' 5' Y' AO" .af .SJ S 2 E2 ea 5 4 .15 fe Z Q . 9, 4 if E 2 2 Wuiiif 1 Q 85 AS Every Clothes Shop will sell you Q N Plumbing 89 H eatin g Cheap Clothes at Cheap Prices. but Q E PAINTS and OILS we sell Good Cloths at a Low Price. Q Q ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FARM MACHINERY , Q S. J. s FERN Q Phone 143 Ellenville, N. Y. 143 CANAL ST. ELLENVILLE. N. v. 5 Q HOLMES MUSIC HOUSE, INC. l'UllllJll1llClliS of K Q 62-64 North St.. Middletown, N. Y. 3 PlANos. PLAYER PIANOS Canal and Main Sf- E Reproducing Pianos G. Musical Merchandise AND i 5 "'GH'GRADE ELLENVILLE Q RADIO REcEivERs AND SUPPLIES PRODUCE MARKET x 5 THE coPEHART ORCHESTROPE 9 Market St. Q Q HERE'S A RECORD HARD TO BEAT Q Q A. B. C. girls take 6 out of 7 highest Q Q ratings in Statewide Competition N 3 In the latest N. Y. State Civil Service examination for stenographers Q 2 there were 3,002 competitors. Albany Business College graduates were N Q 1-2-3 in the Class A examination and 1-3-4 in Class B examination. All Q of this for the entire State of New York. As a result of these examina- Q 5 tions many Albany Business College graduates will join the security of N Q State employ. 595 now in the Service. N it -44 s H New Courses Every Monday Q 3 Send for Catalog or Call for Conference Q ' QCP' N Q ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE Q Q 83 North Pearl Street, Albany, N. Y. , W ,, . ,W ,.. ,. W . . .L - VISIT Compliments of 5 is Z HAROLD B. GILLEI IE 2 Ellenville, New York MONTGOMERY WARD 81 Co. Q if f V .. ,,', . 2 Lone Star Cement Q 267-269 Fair st. Z GO TO 54 QQ KINGSTON, N. Y. I Q PALMER'S NEW STORE Q For the Most Complete Line of E Z lg gg lg gg School Books and School Supplies E Q Kingston's Newest and Most 'Fine Stationery Z 2 Progressive Department Store And 1 Egg. f "ffg..Q.. . "ffff"fl Full Line of Sporting Goods 5 it Bl 2 . , C 1 f VANDERLYN S GARAGE, ING. omp ments 0 - D, F. VANDERLYN, Pres. E- WEINBERGER Q "The Shoe Man" 2 112 Main street Temphone 127 Walk-Over Shoes for Men 8: Women ELLENVH-LE' N. Y. Buster Brown Shoes for Z Boys 8r Girls Z 135 cANAL s'r. 2 Q Oakland and Pontiac ELLENVILLE, N' Y' Q E Sales and Service Q ' . Est. 1889 Q SPENCER,S BUSINESS SCHOOL Q 2 237-239 Fair sr. 2 Z KINGSTON, N. Y. "4 Business Training, Bookkeeping, Shorthand - Q FIRESTONE TIR HS Q TUBES and Secretarial Courses: Civil Service Prep- x Z 7 V aration. New Building, Two Floors, Forty i 3 FIR-E9 TUNE BA FT-ERY Windows. Open all Summer. g 5 SERVICE Our 1931 Catalog Ready Q Z SEND FOR IT TODAY 5 . K, f XXI Q Z L? img 5 Q Z N 5 A 2 Z 2 Z Z 2 Z S AEE Q Bonomi Clothing CO. Compliments of N Q Ready made suits for men and boys. FATER 8 N E Prices very reasonable. Special de- Q Q partment for suits made to order. S S Siif soribl Parlor S A Q Q J. P. BONOMI N 5 122 CANAL s'r. ELLENVILLE, N Y 112 Canal St. Ellenville, N. Y. N I' I 5 RIDER COLLEGE Com 1. t x p imen s S Sound Instruction Q x Recognized Degrees DEMEREST DRY GOODS CO. S N Placement Service N Q College Activities MIDDLETOWN, S wnrrs Fon cA1'AL.oG Q x F N. Y. M , ounded 1865 Trenton, N. I. N N 555555 I'.4Y',f'l' H' Q Now, all together a song we'll raise s 5 We will praise lfllenville forever N H Her band of students, gay, happy students, x Q just hear us cheer now- g 5 Rah! Rah! N Q Rah! Rah! Rah' Q N Our hearts are loyal, our spirits true S N And with these we are sure to um N Q Day time, or night time, work time, plav time Q x wvewe for the BLUE AND corp. S 'fill Will! ULSTER COUNTY'S GREATEST STORE Q Everything for Everbody -:- Everything for the Home Q Q Better Quality -:- F air Prices Q 5 5 K 'N 'A 'li " ' Q X , ' I. 2 Q nw 4Wl'?L' ,.'. ..,..- ' -. ff-X A 7 Q x gil, T ff 2 S ff lil ill 'llllgi L T 1 Q M. W fi ftoglwij -t A4 2 5 Q 5 Competent and Courteous Service 3 ROSE and GORMAN 5 Q KINGSTON, NEW YORK 2 E 2 2 Q Compliments of Q 5 Q 5 E Q 2 2 SCHlPP'S DINER E 2 2 2 Everything Good to Eat 2 E Q - Watch Your Order Cooked E 3 2 E Q Our Motto: Cleanliness, Quality, Service 2 2 N in N Q McGrath's Drug Store A' O' KURZ Q E "The Prescription Store" N Q Regist d Ph t Always in Ch g Jeweler Q N MARY LINCOLN CANDY rcs CREAM 5 2 E Q L S I E R E . . W NN 8 CO. Telephone 659 N K Hardware x Q Distributors of Q A. J. REACH. wmm-n' a. on Q Golf, Tennis, Baseball. Footl:-jltlnand Canal Street x Basketball Equipment N Q SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO SCHOOLS ELLENVILLE, NEW YORK Q .1 328 Wall Street Kingston, N. Y. 2 3 5 S Q CORRECT WEARING E. WINTER'S SONS Q Q 326 Wall St., Kingston, N. Y. N APPAREL , . N Q Steinway Pianos N 5 FOR THE Victor Radios x M Small Musical Instruments x Q School and College R S Sheet Music and Books N Q Miss Q x Compliments of x Q HARRY ROSENSTOCK Q Dealer in 3 Sporting Goods Q N Gents Furnishings Q And Q L- STERN CO- Traveling Equipment Q s Corner Canal and Market Streets Q s Middletown, N. Y. ELLENVILLE, N. Y. 5 SFS' -W .. .L .. 4. .494 IPV32 : O 5 og-Sum--:13 -'my-+P'-mm -'3-B 7:5 an2ga3zgm2zS3,5O0 Z .. C 1 1+ --' 9.35-fTg"'-'f53f5'2f .s'311f-+5552 En"-52-' Q32 :r 3 -'T yi 2:1000 of-1 339 Q S Z 1 .,.Q.1rl-1 005, mm m Q.. ,4 U of-05-Q0 1101 ,.,. O 9. nrhowg-n o .F"Q','f+ 24' 2 su 1 P , ' 5 1 5 2 H F N . 6 32.5 ef-215-0 g2oCf': 3g"'20f-"0-1003 In FD a. -Q f+ ...ff 3 U aw 53iE52S5aW3 igE:f?2 -u6'f,,.:w-f"s9-4 .fmgsiniew "gg'g5'3'og532 Qggrksjg I m 3- . ji? rfgfn5g.E9"'4cn Q25 g- :2a"2..02:-2""'wfZ :m43,',2":r Q3 QB' L, as -2 rn cnc- -- moi' U ' ml un--0 9' -.m C 4 ,- .. mu.v.-.nx'-:,.m :Sn -- -1 4,3 QE I w 52 gr iri 2 Q Q w O 1 Q? 5 'B' SH' S 2 Ei El 11 Q. rt D-'Q 3. om 9:3 mm a 3 S 4 Q-+202m2a Q T 09 ffl 5 9' iigogm 555 9' ' Z I 0 o yx37m" QD Z M .. "1 m .1 94 m 1,4 W IB' 1 Zrgz wfomhwffz Q H Q -QPIJC -UD s, 3' Cb Q 1 D mizgm 25 Z Z M IU b su '4 U - m . U ' g 3 UIQ l-2 UF' m P Z H- ah 4 00515:- "3 5 U 3 M8003 "L M, Q, O S m ,.. E, 3 cc gm ,, 0 Z 'I W 2 .1 lgaxogn Q 2 m s m O aowmmo 4 O 2 M' 5 5 gm mg 31 Q D N- O D " H CO 'f 0 N. Cn ' 5 W 3 SO 3 . Z af :D UQ - to Q Z4 - y- x- 5' .ey , ELLEN , . , CAMPBELL s DRUG STORE VILLE N Y RAPP'S GROCERY ,J iii' 'A 5' E w m 3 -L H U Q ' 5' 3 c 2 W' " m fn O :r rn m 4 2 'U 33. 0 7 2 fb H ri p w " 8 ' Q 0 fi 5 U2 "' 00 "' L55 E5 iw 0? E63 rg S 6 W' C Z T za U Z 5 H rn 3 P L F H n- ' ' 3 ' 5 2 Z 3 m Q I' 2. w 9: gg 4 U m , x Q. n-Q :I '17, 55 ff QS: :Swv Q w :Z 5 5 m 2 5 H' ' -I Q 5 : pq 3' -4 If fb P 2 5 '- 3 "' '4 K' -2 Z as C 5' m 2 ' -1 Z :r G -1 C2 S.. 0 5 1: -4 P Q o O 0 C 5' Z rn 5 'I' H 2 m I m E mi O 1-+ U1 ru F' v1 '-I :U P E m age? gmg 2 5? E2 migm :gm ? Q22 3 5. G 2 Vg. gg Z 3 Q 'T '27 :UQ 4 "' P-1 4 0 5 ff' 9 rv . 5 I E P-I 0 li 2 Q U 2. I 0 'U Ui ri F O O -1 ? 25Or Znr 5 :C--Q I , I' 3 E4 Zw 2 om se 0, 3 Z af' gg E : 4 o - o U 3' Q' N N N N 2 E N - - - N N Uhr fllrnuillr dnurnal Igrinting Gln., ilnr. N W Main and Center Streets Q Q ELLENVILLE, NEW YORK Q N N N N N N N N N E E E 2 N N N - . - N N Uhr iillmmllr dnnrnal N Q BETTER NEWS-MORE NEWS Q Q The P eferred Advertising Medium of Southern Ulster Q N N N N N N N N N F3 N N L32 N N N E E N N S Commercial Printing-From Bills to Books E N N N N E 'Q N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N E N IFJ? Autographs .1123 K 2 32 Q N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N is N N 3 E 3 2 2 N . N N N N 3 N N N 2 9 'IIN' Lrwmxxmm N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N E ,E S"..C".4l".4Q"..l'..l'.4l"'.ILl"..O7'kF'.eF' Autographs 'N Q 2 N N N N N N N N N N N N R N E N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N if gvsamwg N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N . N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N E :xii ..J".Q'..S'.Q'.J'.f4J'..J".H" ,X SA I V MWWO M NH 3 M M W J M N N N N 2 2 E N N N N N N N N 2 N YQ N N 2 22 in N 5 in 3 N N R N N N N N N N N N N N 2 S, Wm' .V i .-4 VV in 'I--.51-nj' e3'gf-V.-4-Vsjq,-QQ,V.-j 332-1555.-Vg..fV:5',q'..V-gear .--gg:-'Vpwv-x21V. " - Vis mm wvfjg- ."5'+j:"--Vfuiffl1555,-'-vi V gf .V . . ' ' V -V' ?"'-.11:f"fS"- VT'--.mga-V-::.' .QTL--?"V4f-'wg'-af L.-.Qf' -Vwa--Vf4.V-Va-iam P- 'VL V J -v'V:5f-i'1-fw--V--ai-i--'WV "Q '- -' FVV'-"G-'-ii'-g'--1 - .V-5 rs?-H'-'gps M5321 iigfgx-I-W +a.rQ5--E-ii'--5?-Qzlik 5- .f. .F35.ys"?2ai- " -'- . --' , mg, 5 -if Kill-2'-1751-V. auf? .-3:13--11,511-ff " JV-vgiiggl-15,321 Tf"f'1j-.f,'. 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Suggestions in the Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) collection:

Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Ellenville High School - Shawangan Yearbook (Ellenville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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