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5 5: 55 E555 FOREVWDRD 5 E E E As we look to the hills from our school in the valley, we visualize a 1 brave spirit that filled the early pioneers, helping them ford torrents, to 5 si 1 'Hi leap cliffs, to surmount almost impassable barriers in order to explore the F If inviting unknown. Is it then strange, that under such an inspiration and E5 E 5 5 5 E 5 E E E E E E E E E E E 5 BE E 5 E E gg EE with a desire bequeathed by preceding classes, we are stirred to attempt I '1.EE1-5?LgELEE'-EEE EF: EHEFEEE- E EE E s E EE. 5 5 E E E EE HE EE EE EE EE BE EE EE EE HE EE EE EE EE Ei E5 EE s 55 a book, a permanent record of our school's history? Begging the readers to forgive the errors of our ignorance, to over- look the shortcomings of our youth and to seek rather a. trace of the pio- neer spirit in our endeavor, we, now as a Senior Class, present the first year book of the Ellenvllle High School, "The Blue and Gold" of 1930. We are very grateful to all who have rendered assistance and encour- agement Perhaps together, like a band of pioneers, we have blazed a trail The Editors Hi . EE E . si H5 . EF, . if ii gf? - E'-E. for the classes that follow. HE . l I EE ei rl E wvfxyvfwfffl-W If 'Y l 1 rf Wiff-Q we me-zffli'-Sfwu , t,I4,M g,,. ' f" .L E f-H5u'v3'H:sH:1E5 ':FH5H5'f'5f:1-'35 '15-Er?u"viH3'-'EF'-'5f5"H:a EH- 35555 Ef:1'1-Ef?h'5'f35'iFlf -55 gi. 551 gf 95 rl 5? E5 Ei ea E5 1' Hi 55 ae 95 r' 95 5 gf 5? ' QF: 'EE I' DEDICATION 1 ' QE 1' QF' '15 1' J l Because he has been with 'ji 95 Hi Q through all our High School days not IEE, E5 ly s i t t b t 1 y :EI 59 on a ns rue or u a so s m- l pathic friend, and heca he has 1 ? h lp d us ith a lfish spirit in ll. Q E3 55 I' IEE this w enterprise the class of 1930 EE, 1 'I I EE EE dedicates this first Year Book of E. QE QE 55 A 3? E H. S. to our class advisor, Ada Cor- H EE nelia Holmes. V C gf Hi f' Ei ':Fn u - f Eta Hz' I gg 1 11 E45 55 ea E9 I ' 1' '15 55 , ., el Q I Q5EEEEBE EEEEEE EE 351295.35919 A51 ai L-3 55 AE T1 EE 5 Ha Ei AA A A EE E EE EE VF' . gm? 5 5 5 EE Ei EP E45 EQ 5511 iii ILE E P53 PIL. H54 5 M 5 ai 5 is HF ' QW 5 E 5 MJ 55 JU F lf! ?S 5 H 5 5 EE 55 L 55 SE A EE 55 A ' 55 Q ADA CORNELIA HOLMES, B. A. EE 55 bil gd 55 1 5 55 gi ME' EE Fm " r' F' T' lf' 'L F V7 r V r" r" U' 1' ff' 1" " ' UW "VH 'J 'J ' f' ME gagagagagagagagsgagaggf QF. as 55 QE ga ara QE 55 QE EE ga QE QE QE as 5 as 55 5 as ga Q 55 QE 5 559 ga QE 5 as ga 55 535555555 55555525 E E 5 E55 55 EEEEEE 5 5 5 EE 5 o 5 EE 5 ga E "' E QE 5 'EH' 55 I 5 5 M 55 as 3 55 E g 5 55 5 Els? EE 5 55 LU E QEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEHQEQEQEQEQEQE 55 55 55 Q5 5 51 5 QE 55 as 55 55 QE QE QE 55 as ga gs 55 as ga ga as QE ga 15 E5 5 5 55 QE QE QE UEEEEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQEEQEQEQEQEQSQE 5255 5 EE FEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEE A Centur of Progress in Education By E. C. Hocmer, Supt. - The- flrst schoolhouse in this district was built in 1830, at the corner of Warren and Market Streets. This was known as the brick schoolhouse. Nine years later a lot was pur.hased at 52 Canal Street upon which was built a frame schoolhouse. By November 1864 these buildings were considered unfit for use and the trustees were directed to se-ll them and to construct a new building on the corner of Main and Warren Streets. This new building was completed during the following summer. With the opening of the new building the trustees were requested to "employ a married man as teacher." The Iirst men employed were W. S.l Northrop and John H. Van Wageneu, the latter of whom continued ln educational circles for many years. ln 1853 a stock company acquired a site on the northerly side of Maple Avenue and erected thereon a Private Academy, of which John H. Van Wagenen was Principal. He was later succeeded by S. A. Post, who in 1859 purchased the property, reorganized the School and subsequently incorporated "The Ulster Female Seminary." The Semin- ary had a prosperous career until the death of Mr. P-ost in 1873. Ten years later the property was purchased for a High School as will hereafter appear. At a special district meeting February 15, 1866 it was voted to organize a Union Free School. The annual meeting -on October 9, 1866 authorized the purchase of a site on the east side of Canal Street and in July of the following year a schoolhouse known as No. 2, was erected upon this site. At the annual meeting in 1878 a sum of S625 was appropriated for the purchase of a lot and the erection of a building at Cantonville. In 1883 the district authorized the purthase of the Post property and the expenditure of 31,000.00 to repair the building. Ira H. Lawton became Principal on January 1, 1884, and served the district for several years. Thus was inaugurated a new educational system which had been gradually expanding until now twelve teachers were employed. EEEEEEHH 55 5555 55555555 EE5SEEEEE ' The district, having oomplied with the requirements ot the State Education De- partment, application was made in 1887 tor the school to become a Union School under the jurisdiction of the Regents. In 1887 an addition was made to the Academy build- ing and ln 1890 another room was added to School No. 2. The tlrst Music and Drawing teacher was engaged in 1892. In 1894 the Teachers Training Class was organized, with Miss Elsie J. Roat instructor which position she filled with exceptional skill and suc- cess for several years. In May 1895 the district appropriated funds for the erection of another addition to the academy and for the ins allation of a- heating plant. The Can- t-onville Schoolhouse and grounds were sold in 1895. In Jaruary 1899 the Ellenvllle Union School became Ellenvllle High School It was in 1906 that the Commercial De- partment was established and has been maintained as a valuable addition to the High School Step by step gradually expanding in scope and usefulness, the Ellenvllle School System devel-oped until its restricted facilities were quite inadequate. On May 23 1913 the voters of the district voted an approprlatlcn of S55 000 for the purpose of building a new Central High School and repairing S h901 No 2 Wpork was begun on the new building in April 1914 and the building dedicated in January 1915. It ls believed to be one of the best and most economical buildings of its kind to be found ln the State 'of New York It will be seen from the foregoxng that many changes have been brought about and much progress made since the flrst school was organized The school system of today consists of a Superintendent of Schools a high school department of ten teachers, teachers eleven grade teachers a kmdergarden teacher special teachers of Music, of Public Speaking of Drawing and of Physiclal Training There are also employed a registered nurse and a dental hygienls It may be of interest to add that the present enrollment is over eight hundred and that there are two hundred sixty-one pupils in the high school department of which number one hundred forty-five are non-residents. The amount of State aid depends upon the average daily attendance and the num- ber of non resident pupils This year the dlstrict received over S45 000 from sources other than taxation This financial help from the State has made it possible for the Board of Education to engage better teachers and to otherwise promote the usefulness of our schools to the end that all puplls may receive a training iltting them to become more useful members of our Community - fl . teach of whom has had special training in her departmentjg four junior high school EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE llll ' EH EE 551 5 gi HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY gg E E. C. Hocmer-Superintendent I Ethel M. Doig-Principal .ani E E 5 ' ' E U! EE Q55 ga Hi BE Em ESE an HE Hi EEG EE EE 5 32 E EE EE HE ill ' of HE Lit' tml gil Upper row ileft to rightj 5 Hi Q IQ Allice C. Rogers, A. B., Syracuse University, Romance Languages: Mildred F. Suther- E QE land, A. B., N. Y. State College for Teachers, History: Eva M. Van Kirk, Potsdam Nor- EE FEI mal, Music and Art: Kenneth Clark, LaCrosse Teachers' College, Physical Training: ig Margaret Elizabeth Tunney, Plattsburg Normal, Commercial, Lillian E, Taylor, A, B,, Em BE 5 Oberlin College, Latin: Esther M. Fox, B. A., Elmira College, English. EE 5 5 gg Lower row ' EE Qleft to Fight, EE 5 EE M. Edith Williams, Ph. B., Syracuse University, English: Esther Phelps, B. A., Elmira gg gg College, Public Speaking: Ada Cornelia' Holmes, B. A., Syracuse University, Sciences: gg E5 Ethel M. Dolg, B. S., N. Y. State College for Teachers, Mathematics: Frances DuBois, B. S., N. Y. State College for Teachers, Mathematics. 5 QE EE 5 EE gn . lfii EE IUC ME IQ' f.LUQlihiihiiiibiigiggiiigibqgigagl.EEQEEEEHEEEMEHEHQ .u E1 ' ,J L , 'J 3555M555HEHWE5 lUT:l' iw E ali 5 l 5 IU? gg lil! P45 ,ml Ulm 5 M QE' f-Ull ml lllf' 51151 . Ull Raul LE flirt' 1 A - ill? W 'H AQ Mm Eli iw flli' Hill Lani ill' lui! JU! 5911! Ulm M iw lLl?" f-llll 2311 lllfi' up-1 I-Ill! all lllli W W lui ill! ITE 5,21 :Liu M LW lgjfl l ,Yi , Uh L51 THE BLUE AND GOLD STAFF if M EE F' Q gig Alice clark-Edit0r-in- chief ml Isaac Weinstein QBusiness Managerj, Lyle Young QManaging Editorj, gm Gordon Krum fCircuIation Managerj, p Rita Cushner Uokes Editorj, Eugene Plunkett QAdvertising Managerj, gn AIvin Lupp qAdvertising Mariagerj, gi Rose Cocper lGrinc!s Editorj, QQ Charles Hamilton fArt Editorj, Eugene Gusker fSports Editor! Li .ml . p fu? me .ani .gli W 5 .JU UCF ,nil 5 5 5 E lklii Rlp - Rlp - Rip E Rap - Rap - Rap E 2' Ellenville High School ME EQ Clap - Clap - Clap EE -H3 IF me eutil W W C ,C W up W 55 55111 15595 H51 .':F'51-EEEF1 EE 59 ':Fl'l.EE'1-EFT?-EH':F159 EE EFnEH':E 55 .av'Nfsr P UQQES N'- 1 M N Jsv Y I ,.-N,,,,,. fxx--X.. ' Zap ofspga, ,flgfsfgg u.f"L.4 ' fg1Nvv'NfNf 139 W., QZN.-.av ... jf, :N "Lf Qff W' ,,,N ,AA -f 5,4s.-l"'s..vsf E55 CE E QE I, QE QF.. 'ff 5 .aa f E f 55 X f 55 55 X Q jx QE 55 X QF, E QE 55 QE QE 55 BE HZ ga 55 55 as HE 5555 555 555 555 STI E E 5 5 E E 5 5 5 5 E 5 5 5 E 5 E E E E E E H555 555555 i SENIQR CLASS HISTORY Four years ago our class was formed with Clarence Kile as president. Although we were innocent of any misdemeanors, we were subjected to the malicious taunts of all upper-classmen. We survived. As Sophomores we broke all records, not only in exhibiting our new- ly acquired importance., but also in our activities. Our Sophomore party, held in the High School auditorium, satisfied our desire for a good time at dancing and card-playing. During intermission we were entertained by some special dancing and by a sketch staged by some of the boys of the class, impersonating Romeo and Juliet. One night we hired a bus and at- tended a basket ball game in Middletown. This was an exciting battle be- tween the Liberty and the Ellenville teams for the Catskill League cham- pionship. Much noise-much cheering-much disappointment followed for us. Another evening the Seniors served a dinner at the Hunt Memori- al building and our class attended in a body. Above our table we proudly displayed the class banner. The dinner was delicious and certainly we did it ample justice. In our Junior year we presented our first play, "Peg 0' My Heart." Pearl Cohen took the part of Peg and Eugene Plunket played opposite her as Jerry. They had to be on their guard, however, for Eugene Glusker was the villian. Miss Phelps, who directed the play, pronounced it a very great success. And financially the class considered it so, especially those who visited Washington, Atlantic City and Philadelphia during Easter va- cation. Then in June we held our Junior Prom, a very delightful affair. The decorating committee transformed the school auditorium into an enchanted garden. Beautiful garlands of Wisteria, our class flower, were draped about the doorways and lights. The music, rendered by the "Night Hawks" Orchestra, was most alluring. Now we have attained the dignity of Seniors. Our first activity this year was a movie benefit, "The Sophomore," a side-splitting picture of college life. Next followed our class play, "The Three Wise Fools." Gor- don Krum, Eugene Plunket and Anthony Mistretta fwho insisted upon having his chocolate doggie presented to Miss Phelpsj, were the three wise fools. Pearl Cohen again was leading lady, while Jerome Rampe was the dashing young hero. Both nights of the play the Senior girls served refreshments at the sign of "Ye Olde Wisteria Tea Room." Once more at Easter vacation, many members of our class joined the Hocmer tour. We are justly proud of our class rings and pins which insure us against the loss of these precious memories. But, because we have accomplished what others have longed to do, and have really produced a year book, we are especially happy: and the whole school, having helped in accomplish- ing this, joins with us in a feeling of satisfaction and pride. Soon we will be leaving this school, taking with us memories of four years of happi- ness, four years together. We are very modest, but have we not been a model class? --La Verne Sheeley EEEE5EEEEE EEEE EE 5 E 5 5 Q5 5 5 es ss as E as as as as ss E ss as ss ss as as ss as as as as as as as as H3353 EE'1-':Fn5'aE F51-EH EE EE ':l5'+- QF'-3'-'sF1'i-bca F555 EE 359235 SDOCDU1 sera ZTEJELS. W sam cn DSM: YQ! FJ --:',I.'.':! 399.-:: I11 'uTmm""'lE"lZ 5'Upq"'2r" - W 2. 5' c .... cb go-5m"'Zn.Zcg03oZg SQ: "' 2 C n. Q Q2 D 04,99-gopoaoson-OD. rv-,.,,UQ fp -l 25'3'm9-f9+'4.ff'+a."'o2fpf?+W QS 'H - uQ"'n." W m"w we "1 O 'U oo'4.U9QP'4'o9-0,,'U'w 2 Q93-:mC'D:.mw'gpD5" CD '2S,:fDo2""3 2'-5029 'D 9. "g,0....m 3' ... EQQEEQZEEEOQEEEZZ 3 gpm m- 9-mgUq-,,...-- 13 if-f+:flo'fsnw1" 2 Wa'Oomf.mp -. 0 UES HE-ggmmvmwsm-'m r- QQ-g-tgqgrblqg-o-U2-nF'v"'9D1 07 P Urw- 32' "'pmS5'020 ITI U7 Q5-Smsssegs-Q19 m w c:Q.o.3-2n.c:of.9..:"2Q51" - Egvgm U "'w3U1 mm W m"'D"' '4 w 'Iv 539- -QQ-,SKQSSQQQ mggm S'E-n.g'I25'5.::o0o20:: 9235-gf '4 gm r',,9g5" 5."'-4 'Eng-s.:-u mpg- N 4"e4n'5Q. IJ 'swf was O 1:55 'QUIZ' 0 -OQUQ Orb? T fm saga 5 Q- p-.',:: Wg gjOmCD,:: -cc, qodmm sr GOO s -'eng gd 'Ei'i':0m WB: 2 om cn :sg E' 21 -4 D' CLASS RECORDS Motto: The Road to success is Work. Flower: Wisteria Colors: Orchid and White EE CLASS OFFICERS President-LaVerne Sheeley Secretary-Fannie Solomon Vice-President-Pearl Cohen Treasurer-Helen Lane Class Advisor-Ada C. Holmes HONOR STUDENTS LaVerne Sheeley-Valedictorian Ruth Ahrens-Salutatorian Rose Cooper and Eli Weiner Honorable Mention-William Ellsworth EQEEESE'SE5555552EEBESEEEEEEQEEEEEEEEEEEEEQEEBEEEBEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 5555SEQRESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEFJSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEBEEHEBEEEEEEEEEEEH LAVERNE SHEELEY "Her shy and simple words are clear as the musi: of the birds after raindrops." President 131: Mrs. Chic-hester in "Peg O' My Heart" 131g Cheer Leader 141: Girls' Glee Club 1411 President 1413 Saunders in "Three Wise l-'.m::.s" 1411 Giddy Girl in "E1lenville Follies" 1411 Ceneral Manager, Magazine Contest 1415 Debating Team 1413 Valedictorian 141. PEARL COHEN "More dainty than words can tell, with smiling eyes and happy countenance." Peg in "Peg O' My Heart" 1313 Play Com- mittee 131g Vice-President 1413 Sydney in "Three Wise Fools" 1413 Subs:-ription Manager, Magazine Contest 141. FANNIE SOLOMON "Built to music, therefore never built at all, And therefore built forever." Secretary 1413 Douglas in "Three Wise Fools" 1413 Orchestra 13, 415 Girls' Glee Club 1413 Costume Manager of "Peg 0' My Heart" 1313 Musician 141. HELEN LANE "Not heavily do the worries of this world weight upon her frame." Ethel in "Peg O' My Heart" 1315 Treasur- er 141g Financial Committee 141: Mana.- ger of "Wisteria Tea Room" 141. EEEESEEEEFEEEEEBEEEBEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.EESEEEEEEESEHEEEEEHEEEEEEESEEE 5H5555EEEEEHEEEEEHEBEHEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEESEEEBEEEBESESEBEBEEESEEESEEEEE 5 RUTH AHRENS I "Once there was a princess known E ,l throughout the land for her learning and gi her modesty." .551 "Wisteria Tea Room" Committee 1413 De- hating Team 1415 Salutatorlan 141. 5' Efr 'si EE TL EE EH LE .ill 4 MARGARET sarz 'H "She took her responsibilities gravely." : ij' "Wisteria Tea Room" Committee 1413 5 Ll Committee for Announcements 141. LZ G2 -L '25 .fl ll ETHELYN B URGER - l "With lips sealed to idle gossip of any aff: kind." E Junior Luncheon Committee 1313 "Wis- Q: teria Tea Room" Committee 141. H+? 2 HI' 1 gg ALICE CLARK AU 1:9 lf-fi' QF' "This girl is agreeable- and ready for any gi EF' sport." 133' Basketball 1313 A. A. Secretary 131: Eli F' QE, Girls' Glee Club 1413 Junior Prom Com- E IEP! mittee 1313 Girls' Basketball Manager E51 E 141: Editor-in-Chief of "Blue and Gold" QE, ga 1411. X 'ji gli Bi I1 l E5 l ul :gg Er qi, 911 -1 '21 -u ' q ' H -1-M5555 HREF'-EFF El2-'sfws?.5E15HtEEH'sl5555f35'?-H3El5'sl5lH3H?5?Eli'5?'EHEEH5 555555 EEBEEE EE l ft ee ea I 1 fl? ea JI M? ea Q45 Rose coopan 151 "Her color comes and goesg IEE EE, But it is always Rose." 13: lg l Bennett in "Peg o' My Heart" 1313 Chair- H5 ALE' 1 man, Social Committee 149: Ring Com- 1' QE mittee 1435 Grinds' Editor of "Blue and 125 Gold" 1495 Honor Student 141g Essayist H5 1' 441. EE! 55 SQ 59 'gli RITA cus:-INER 5G 55 H2 gg "A presence like the air, Il gi Scattering her gladness without care." EF' gi Junior Prom Committee 1315 Girls' Glee EE L5 - Club mg Joke Editor of "Blue and Gold" ggi I UU- I l All Ill! ' 1 155 i' lg' HAROLD DEWIT1' QE "He frowns on you-for seconds: He smiles on you-for weeks." Qi Basketball 13, 47g Gray in "Three Wise L., lg Fools" 145: Baseball 13, 413 Boys' Glee gil Club 147: Orator 141. ll, All I 96 EE WILLIAM ELLSWORTH EE "Always a' smilin' L35 Never a' lookin' sad, ,li For he be a true bonuy lad." ,gi Junior Prom Committee 133: Committee 'BE' for Announcements 141: Statistician 143. 1 I ee 1 BE al ' I '56 lf- EE 5 I. I 5555555 EEEEEE5E5EEE5E EEEE5EEEEE ' Q555555EE5 5555 5 EUGENE GLUSKER -- - "He was light and nimble and ne'er felt - any wearinessf' Vice-President 111: President 121: Vice- ' President 131: Brent in "Peg 0' My Heart" - . - 131: Junior Prom Committee 131: Presi- dent of A. A. 141: Manager of "Three Wise Fools" 141: Basketball 12, 3, 41: A Trazk 141: Baseball 141: Ring Committee - 141: Boys' Glee Club 141: Girls' Basketball Coach 141: Sports' Editor of "Blue and Gold" 141: Debating Team 141. 5.5 fl? Q 5 E EF , EE: - EE Ei 5 E3 EE i -1 CHARLES HAMILTON .., ' "O, wha: may man within him hide, -, Though angel on the outward side." Property Mana.ger, "Peg O' My Heart." A .J A 131: Junior Prom Committee 131: Clancy in "Three Wise Fools" 141: Social Com- - mittee 141: Orchestra 11, 21: Sex-retary 121: Boys' Glee Club 141: Serretary 1312 ' Subscription Manager, Magazine Contest 141: Art Editor of "Blue and Gold" 141. EE I EF: E 5 1 1 5 E T CE 5 as E3 E 11 E52 fn 3 5 55 Eff 5 5 3 Q Tl EQ F LEONARD HERSHKOWITZ "I ran recall no word of anything he said. 5 55 E-E: Say then 'he lived': it is an ample fame." gi Basketball 12, 3, 41: Baseball 13, 412 11 Crawshay in "Three Wise Fools" 111. HELEN 1-nu. , "Merry and pleased as Punch." ' ' "Three Wise Fools" 141: Poet 141. 5 E 11 E5 ?i ei 5 IEE, Girls' Glee Club 141: Costume Manager of ' Il, T CELIA JACOBOWITZ She seemed as happy as a wave that dances on the sea Wlsteria Tea Room Committee 143 SAM JACOWITZ EE "Truly, one so tall must be able to gaze a555me5555555 E 1 55 95 E EE ei 5 E over all the world." Q EE Financial Committee 1415 Track 1333 , 1 IgE Basketball 13, 473 Boys' Glee Club 149: 152, Baseball 131. 5 Ill Ei E 1 ga' SARA KAPLAN plyeth her work in a way worthy of "Wisteria Tea Room" Committee 145: Senior Luncheon Committee 141. JULIA KING "She smiled upon us with eyes full of the color of lake and sky." Property Manager, "Three Wise Fools" 1435 Junior Prom Committee 1333 Prophet 143. emmmeeesmemme W 5EEEEEEEE EEEEEEE GORDON KRUM "Thou hast a purpose joyful, a courage blameless." Financial Secretary 1313 Baseball Mana- ger 1313 Junior Prom Committee 1313 As- sistant Business Manager of "Peg O' My Heart" 1313 Debating Team 1413 Judge Trumbull in "Three Wise Fools" 1413 Subscription Manager, Magazine Contest 1411 Circulation Manager of "Blue and Gold" 141. ANTHONY MISTRETTA "Are you not he Who frights the maids of the villagery?" Junior Prom Committee 1313 Alaric in "Peg 0' My Heart" 1313 Boys' Glee Club 1413 Ring Committee 1413 Dr. Gaunt in "Three Wise Fools" 1413 Subscription Manager, Magazine Contest 1413 Prophet 141. EUGENE PLUNKET A friend said, "He is one of the best chaps I know." Secretary 1112 Junior Prom Committee 1313 Jerry in "Peg O' My Heart" 131: Baseball 13, 413 Findley in "Three Wise Fools" 1413 Sarah in "Ellenvi1le Follies" 1413 Francis in "His Uncle's Neice" 1413 Debating Team 141. JEROME RAMPE "Ah, he is loved by high and low, adored alike by simple and wise." Stage Manager of "Peg O' My Heart" 1313 Gordon in "Three Wise Fools" 1413 Track 1313 Boys' Glee Club 1413 Junior Prom Committee 131. 5EEEEEEEEEEEHE 5555555555555555 5 E 5 5 QE ELI WEINER EE "And you will know me still, 1 H9 l shall be only a little taller Than when I went." QE EE Basketball 13, 415 Honor Student 141: QE 5 Historian 141. EE EEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE ELY WEINER "You scarce can understand the half of his speeches, his phrases are so grand." Basketball Manager of Frosh Team 111: Baseball 13, 433 Basketball 13, 43: Benny, the Dunk, in "Three Wise Fools" 141. 5 55 5 EVELYN WEINER EE QE "Nobody in the neighborhood but knew EE SE her sympathy and loved her warm smile." EE EE Girls' Basketball Manager 1333 Basketball gg gg 1413 Girls' Glee Club 1413 Sozial Com- EE QE mittee 147, Manager of "Wisteria Tea 55 Room" 1475 Financial Committee 1495 At- IIEE torney 145. 5555 5555 5 xv xv 0 E E z 03 -0 T z EE "That's child's play to a fellow like me." E Reporter for Sphinx 1135 Basketball 5 ' 13, 413 Boys' Glee Club 1433 Hawkes in QE EE l -'Peg o' My Heart" 1335 Baseball 13, 41: EE Business Manager of "Blue and Gold" 143. BE 1 E 5 155 as 5E55555E5EEEEE EE as as as 5 sa as ss is es ss as as ss ss as E es ss ss si is ss es ss es es ss as es ss -sa 55555 5 HENRY WEISS "Right faithful true he was in deede and word: but of his cheere did seem t-so sol- emn, sad." Orchestra 12, 3, 41. LYLE YOUNG "He might he that, or he might be this, But we all admire him for what he is." Financial Secretary 1215 Track 1113 Play Committee 1313 Junior Prom Committee 131: Assistant Business Manager of "Three Wise Fools" 141: Debating Team 141: Managing Editor of "Blue and Gold" 141: Attorney 141. ALVIN ZUPP "Last, but by no means least." Poole in "Three Wise Fools" 1415 Stage Manager of "Three Wise Fools" 141: Stage Manager of "His Uncle's Neit:e" 141: Advertising Manager of "Blue and Gold" 141. Other graduates of 1930 are: ALICE VAN GORDER CHARLES PLUNKET CLIFFORD WESTCOTT 5 555 555555 5 5 E 55555555555 55 55555 gas 5 5 5 555 5 5 ss ss 5 ss 5 5 5 5 5 ss ss 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ss ss H F,-1 1. 1, 1 ,1 Q L 1 11111 - 1 ,1 1 . ,f11'1,i'11.3-111,111.1 3g1L3.11113,11'1'1Lfg31w"111'11113111512 'TLIQLI1 rv1f1L1f'11fiiUF1'fL1icifb . g1' Q1 51111 ww X 111 11113113 1.11ff:11f-1111311112'1i.151,J1111l11f'-QH25115fNff1P?5V115iWTQ111fl1f1f2111?f1F1515112-11q11,u5DF1f,1f11'-i 111131115U,g111,11'.,11u'1:E1UL 4111 15-1111 EH 1111' 11195 1412 91111 2 V 15 91111 231 - 9551 11,141 '1 1:11 Hi H '1 Q111 Q21 U-fl 17-F ffm 11111 1154 1121131 .2111 ' 11:95 52111 H1111 mf 7 UP 4111 L1 f 1511 115191 file! P111 E51 Hifi 'QLY1 if? 11:1 5111! L31 M11 5152 115: FQ! 1 '. 1 1111.1 Mi' rib 492 421 E11 1111 11111 ' Hi W1 T 21 U U51 M112 11151 Eg 151111 QU11 2-11 -l gal 11 11' J 11111 11111 cn 11? J:-11 CD 5111 U-M 1 4 111' an .1 1111 5111 O M11 oc Mu Ig--1 O UF 51111 - 11111 Ek Z UF1 11112 D 11,2 213, -.1 15:11 E12 Mil 1111.1 LUAYI: .3111 L19 3111 5511 P531 21111 11111 ME f 1 9.1111 UF 11111 1113 Q11-11 511 Rini EV11 4111 1 E151 Q16 W1 W H113 QE. 4-1111 11 11-. '11 1, ,arg 1 ILFF11 91111 U11 HES 11111 5 Us 911 E151 15111 152 21111 Q36 F1111 1111J 1 111 f. 119 1 E151 .4111 ' 155 UH 1 IFF' 1,111 1,11 11111 F1' , JIU U-Q11 1 -1f1111111u111111511q1J1g11f11J1-1111f111911.11 Q11-1 131-11:1-A1,'r11111ii1f1r.1f'n111111 1 V17 -11 111 111- 1 11 11.1,.,.,1. 3.1 11,11 11.1111114111121M103511311191i11e11 11911L2111911114115511.i1111fJ1 H2g1r1Lg11211151U41111.g1Qg11'b2112 U11 1 1111 "1 1 1 11.1 V 117111111 -I 1 411 1L'111Ei!V!1111111119f11lV?-31l111T'1111 '1 15' .r.11r, 1,,1.,r . SESS EE EE EE EE E55 EE 55 HEI EE EE BE EE BE EE EE SE EE E EE Hi Hi EE BE HE EE EE EE EE BE 'EEE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1931 Pres.-Meyer Tennenblatt . Treas.-Herbert Weiner Vice Pres.-Majorie Barkley Rec. Sec.-Ethel Silverman The first meeting of the class of 1931 was held early in September, under the supervision of Miss Margaret Tunney, our class advisor, who Ha had been appointed by the Superintendent to guide us to safety through l our Junior year. There were twenty-three at this meeting, during which E election of ofticers took place. The colors chosen by the class were yel- H5 EE as 555555 low and white., to represent the stability and loyalty of the classg and the daisy, the corresponding flower, was selected for its simplicity. Our motto being "Onward and Upward," we were then ready for a prosperous year. Plans were immediately made for raising money. We sold candy and pop- corn balls, and held luncheons, clearing a good sum, which was set aside for the coming Washington trip. In October our president, 'Meyer Tennenblatt, moved to New York City, and afterwards our vice-president, Marjorie Barkley, succeeded him. - Toward the end of January, "His Uncle's Neice", was selected as the V annual play. The cast was soon chosen and rehearsals began. The com- , . edy was presented March 27th and 28th, after four weeks of hard work , and fun, under the supervision of Miss Tunney and Miss Richardson. The play was a great success, so many more dollars were laid away and we had stored in the tin box enough to pay expenses of all who had expressed a desire to go to Washington, during Easter vacation. Preparations were then made for class day, which took place May 12th. The Juniors had charge- of the chapel program, at which they wore their colors, carried their banner and sang their song, which had been composed by Mildred Weisberg. During the program the history was read by Marjorie Barkley, the class poem by Jack Rippert and a faculty poem by Saul Birnbaum. All joined in the school song at the end of the program, and the Juniors ruled the day. The year of 1930 has now closed. We shall soon be Seniors. Yes, dignified Seniors, but we regret leaving our junior days, which have been so full of fun, cooperation and work. We feel that we have had a very suc- cessful year, and we wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Miss Tunney who has helped us to make this the outstanding year of our high school days. if -55555555 as E si an ':F as E EE EE 5 E3 ei 55 as as Barkley, Marjorie Birnbaum, Saul Brustein, Ida Budd, Clyde Condren, John DePuy, Webster Furman, Nellie Goldstein, Lillian Hornbeck, Madeline Jacowitz, Morris Katz, Ida Low, Carolyn Rampe, Eugene Rappaport, Irving Rippert, Jack Rothkopf, Henry Sarine, Phyllis Silverman, Ethel Silverman, Sam Siminowsky, Celia Tabachnick, Nathan Weiner, Herbert Weisberg, Mildred EEEE HE EEEEEEEEEESESEEEEESESS.-'SEEEBEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEHQEEEEESEEEEEEEEBEEEEE A QiQE5335BidESLEEEEEEEEHHQEEHSEEEFHEEEEEEELUEEEEEEEEFWEEEEEEEHEEBE JJ , Eg ig MF HQ HU 1 yi! ?-'I ll - .I lfll AH ' Hifi' dm Y ,, :HI 5 EEE EE HE gf! 1 ,Us 521 gg EE um ,, UE QF QE ,J L, I, .v Sill if am EE im EE W' QF EH! lm am EE Uff RJ . U11 gm H5 1 UIQ swf HQ gif, U7 .2111 ii! 5 HU ca QE EQ ca EE am 2 EE IUC' Q r I-1 firm? I f um RQ' .9111 UE 'LE' ' if! Fifi Q51 E jlrr' 59 EE iw , EE E me gm! QE UF U55 E Egg Eg EE lm E me f em QE U VF' Jil ' EE url C gm! HE 51:5 u'1. '5 11 :xi ' 1 W z A 'nfl ,, , gigigigigggigggggigggggggigigggggggg gggigggggggggggi .595555555555 1 ' SOPHOMORE CLASS Motto--Carpe Diem Colors-Green and White Flowerl-Laurel The Class of 1932 was organized in September 1928- Miss Fox, Miss Smith, and Mr. Clark were Faculty Advisors. Francis Richard was our first President. No activities were carried on during our Freshman year. On September 23, 1929, we met with Miss DuBois, our Class Advis- or, to hold election for class ofiicers. When the excitement had died down and the smoke cleared away, it was found that Aaron Brodsky was to be President, Jane Taylor, Vice-President, Rose Dekofsky, Secretary and Jack Bagliebter Treasurer. We started off the year with a luncheon, held in the School on Octo- ber 30, 1929. This was a very successful enterprize and the first time, known in the history of the School, that Sohpomores had held a lunch- eon. On February 7, 1930, we took a bus to the Newburgh Basket Ball Game. Everyone had a good time, even though Miss Doig and Miss Du- Bois did go along. We hope that you will hear from us again this year as Sophmores, but if not, we will surely meet you next year as a Junior Class. -Jane L. Taylor OFFICERS Aaron Brodsky-President Jane Taylor-Vice-President Jack Bagliebter-Treasurer Rose Dekofsky-Secretary Miss Frances Du Bois-Class Advisor PERSONNEL 1 Dorothy Bell 13. Louis Lazarowitz 2 Louis Berger Evelyn Levinson Abraham Bernstein Lillian Levy Florence Boyce Bessie MaS0rS Alvenia Eck Ida Moshier Ruth Geilhard David Osterhoudt Mary George Francis Richard Helen Hecht 20. Abe Rogow Seymour Hoifman Harold Rothkopf Marie Irwin Zelda Siminowsky Mabel Johnson Sadie Shulman I IEE 12. Milton Kossar 24. Josephine Spadaro Lili ge Rip saw, rip saw, rip saw, Bang 'QE' gf' We belong to the Ellenville Gang! EE' ll Are We in it? I should smile il EE We've been in it for a long, long while. Q 1 IEE 1 59 5 - E55E55EEEEEEEEE E , E , 5 5 5 5 5 E E E E E E 5 5 5 E E 5 5 5 E 5 5 E 5 5 5 5 5 E E E E555 ss 555 m 5 O E E 2 SF BE 2 EE I u E2 if E H EEEE5555 EEEEE55 5 E E 5 55 5 E EEE 55 5 55 5 as as 5 ga QE Hi 55 55 55 as 551 HE 5 5 QE QE 55 as 55 5 H5 Q5 EFLI 525 156 55 M5 ga 55 ga ME E5555555555555555555555555555 55555555 5 as 5 5 5 ll 5 5 ll T hh! li' Til 5 I' I" ORGANIZED FRESHMAN CLASS Norman Kellar--President -- A' Evelyn Schoonmakei'4Vice-President Julia 'Butcher-Secretary, - Horaee Coons-Treasurer MissFox-Class Advisor Dorothy Andrews Irene Backman Donald Barkley Harold Birchall May Brill Melvin Cruver Kathryn Dayton Esther Garlinghouse Ella Krom Anna Levine Max Lieberman Josephine Otens William Prichard Pearl Rand Regina Rappaport Viola Rode Eleanor Rosenthal Alger Royce Jewel Krieger Harriet Moore John Eck George Relder La Tllda DeWitt PERSONNELL Madeline Ryan naar Seigel Anna Shapiro Sidney, Silverman Louise. .Spadaro Charlotte Spindel Ethel Schoonmaker Pearl Weiner Sidney K-ellar Harold Wenig Alice Moshier Gertrude, I-Iechtman Ruth Rosenberg Violetta Sherman Rose Gutkin ' Lillian Slutsky Minnie Goodkin Mary Smith Ida Belmont Frank Dryganchuk Joseph Mistretta Louise McCartney David Simrin 1 T 5 5 abil gi 5 5 5 5 fi - 5 lim . 1:5 5 . .. 3 . 1 1 . 1 T11 Q - . ' ...I ' j .avg .Ip 5 ., ,Q . E Hi More valuable to man are they 4 5 .. 'ah W, 5 U5 - ' . p -- gg! EE - - 5 V QE 'IE . . , lg-5 lla" ' 'I' . , ' . . E? 135, - , l . ' , - A J!! . . h-. - Hp I 5 555555 5555555555555555555555555555 HISTORY On November first the Freshmen had a Hallowe en masquerade par ty It was very well attended there being thirty six members present be sides the guests During the evening games were played and there was .- dancing The prize for the prettiest costume was awarded to Regina Rap paport and the prize for the funniest to Sidney Silverman Then refresh ments were served by members of the class THE TREASURE CHEST Life s Treasure Chest holds memories As dear as a mlser s gold Than all the wealth untold J. Within our Treasure Chest we find Rare thoughts of school days dear And buried deep they seem to grow More precious year by year Inside our Treasure Chest are thoughts Of friends we hold ln faith The years may bring us what they will We have our memories safe So dig from memory s Treasure Chest The thoughts of friends of old Hold them well within your heart Let the misers keep their gold' Helen Hill Class Poet 55 5 555 5 ' l l ll LTD ll! I n il? l ll' F 5 f' .3 .EEEEEEEEE 55 i H L JE' EF rn TH 51 .J F' V' .J .J ALUMNI DIRECTORY Any assistance the reader may be able to glve ln order to perfe wlll be gratefully received by the edntors 1881 Silas A Van Wagner Ellenville N Y Llllle Fuller Mrs Bernard Merriam South Farmington Mass lf ate Ma key Ellenville N Y xlinnle Fuller Mrs George D Andrews-deceased ldith Beers Mrs Isbel deceased Sara Hornbeck Mrs William Shearer Bloomingburgh N Y Llllle Hawkshurst deceased 1882 Hattie Bailey Mrs Chas F Taylor-Ellenville N Y Retta Russell Mrs Addison Stratton--deceased Milton Smith deceased Arthur Finch Washington D C Libble Penny Mrs Frank J Potter Ellenville N Y Anna Wood Mrs Dolson 20 Bedford Place Stamford Conn Viola Mackey-deceased Nell Deyo-deceased Adda Budd Mrs F G Gardner-deceased 1 883 Jennie Van Gorder Mrs Alonzo Stratton deceased George Lorln Dutcher-Newton N J Jennie Marshall Walden N Y Clara Count Mrs William Emerson 12 Carl Place Brockton Mass La Verne Tlce-806 N 9th St Philadelphia Pa Mame Connelly Mrs Mayo-Campbell Hall N Y Lillie Smith Agnes Scott Institute-Decatur Ga Georgia Penny Mrs Saul Porter 231 Midland Ave Syracuse N Gussie Russel Mrs Gaylor Marshall-deceased Rachel Morse-Mrs Geo J Hornbeck Ellenville N Y Julia ONelll Mrs Phillip Clearwater Brooklyn N Y Lulu Frantz-411 W 57th Street N Y City Jas ONell deceased 1886 George B Holmes Ellenville N Y J J Russell-deceased Ben I-Iardenbergh address unknown c this record will 1 ea ei I .-J V' ln' Lim 1 EE Eff: lgl if We --- H 5 ill it ai if t Em I 53 .fl 1 -T .U - U gi ' - . - , . . pw 5 ' 5 ga -. , I - . . . , . . M . . - , . . as - e - ' ' - li Lena Cudney-Mrs. Chas. Godfrey-Hlgh View, Sullivan, Co., N. Y. Q- - . . . 1 .U EE ,EFI l l Eli Q - g he gi - , . . Eh I .. . - - G sa llq I r 'ji - . 4, . . gg 1 - I 5 - . - ' ' . .1 Zi - . ' ' if - ' - i4 Em U H5 5 wi 'f .Tl gg .l 1 - n 5 M55 5 if 5 3 E5 E5 ei E Ei ei ll ?5 EE 'L H3 E45 55 QE I I 1 I I 515 55 EE Ei 5 Hi E E5 Elf QE Eli li LEE W Hi Us I I 5 di lui EE H5525 5555555555 EEEEEE5E 1 887 Mame Smith-deceased Carrie Van Aken-Mrs. Emory Burllson-Butler, N. J. Emma G. Warren-71 Merbrook Bend, Merion, Pa. Mary B. Schoonmaker-Institute for Blind, 34th St., and 9th Ave., New York City - Lottie Beers-Mrs. Joseph May-Newburgh, N. Y. Lizzie Lawton-Mrs. Jackson Shultz-Ridgeway, Pa. Elsie J. Roat-deceased Anna M. Crans-Mrs. George Holmes-Dairyland, N. Y. Lena Nicols-Mrs. Richard Southgate-Good Ground, L. I. Iantha Schultz-Mrs. Livingston Cantine--Ellenville, N. Y. Jennie Cantine-Mrs. Bert Pierson-Ellenville, N. Y. Kate Van Wagner--deceased 1888 Celia Hicks-200 West 81st St., New Y-ork City Lola Terwllllger-deceased Inez Lawton-Mrs. V. D. Hand-Halstead, Pa. Lilah Deyo-Mrs. J. C. Johnson-Ellenvllle, N. Y. Jennie Harris-Mrs. Crist-Orange, N. J. 1 890 Nellie Briggs-Mrs. J. M. Horubeck-deceased Frank Campbell-Ellenville, N. Y. Amy Childs-Mrs. William C. Rose-Ellenville, N. Y. Cora Eaton-Mrs. Carl Germer-Berlin, Germany Louise Frantz-420 W. 123rd St., New York City Hart S. Fuller-4Fern Park, Florida Eloise Grimley-Mrs. Nelson Moneypenny, Ridgewood, N. Jennie Myers-Mrs. Burt Johnson-Montclair, N. J. Ollve D. Schoonmaker-7 Gramercy Park, New York City 1891 Lionel Booth- Bridgeport, Conn. J. May Campbell-Mrs. Edwin Miller-Perth, Ontario, Canada C. Dwight Divine-Ellenvllle, N. Y. Jessie Donaldson-Mrs. C. Dwight Divine, Ellenville, N. Y. Daniel J. Kelly-U. S. Envelope Co., Springfield, Mass. Joseph A. Smith-82 Granite St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Ben M. Taylor-Ellenvllle, N. Y. Bert H. Terwilliger-Ellenvllle, N. Y. Anna Van Aken-Mrs. Elbert Simons-10 High Lawn Road, Emma Cameron-deceased George F. Wilklow-deceased Anna Dutcher-Mrs. Justin Schoonmaker-deceased Brattleboro, Vt. lF33E'5?'EF1'5H':F'5? EHS? 9333553357551 EFTL-HH - 1 5 QE ta L.: ta I3 Qi es EE if V- -J F' -lil ff Em ef 5 se 55 '55 ee Qi e :ff et we Hi its ee 'ltr as et at Eff' T E R-L13 i5F1'bH-EF'-E51 .. El?3aU7LEr'?3-WEE '33 2513551553 5513 253-5?3'3L T13-smE3'Effl'lkl?e 'JEFTEF1 'QEEFHE-'eq EE-Hi'sl5'-El?',H?35E-E?T33'5'kl5'H-EWR? I F' .J Grace K Ryan-Mrs. Edward B. Kimble-Bogota, N. Y. Ruth H Fuller-Mrs. Parisen-Perth Amboy, N. J. Raymond G. Cox-Ellenville, N. Y. El Teresa M. Flesler-Mrs. Lawrence Herman-Columbia Park, Middletown, N. Y. -E John W Van Ostenbrigge-fn, Flint and Homer, New York City 'EH Jessie Terwilllger-Mrs. Robert Harris- Nell M I-Iardenberg-611 West 152nd St., New York City Fdward B. Kimble-deceased 152 'l I EE .ll I 1 .-I ll' I 1892 EE ESE Augusta Kuhlmann-Mrs. Max Goodyear 'QE QE Mary Helnzman-Mrs. Bert Goldsmith-Ellenville, N. Y. EE if William Thomas Kelly-90 Oakley Road, Belmont, Mass. 5? Lili John T. Smith-Amaganesett, L. I. gli, TE Kate C. Elsenhart-Mrs. Joe Burns- IEE Q55 Dr. Elijah ostermudt-Newburgh, N. Y. ,I ECI Chester Young-Napanoch, N. Ya Eli :il George Young, Ithaca, N. Y. 'ji if Eliza Cox-Ellenville, N. Y. W E llr' I ff 1893 gil W El lg Altana Boothroyd-Mrs. Eugene Grimlley-Ridgewood, N. J. 'U llli Jennie Divine-Mrs. Chester Young-Napanoch, N. Y. lil .iw Phoebe Nichol-Mrs. J. Terwilliger- 5 Edna Terwilllger-Mrs. Jose-ph M. De Garme, Conn. 5? "ful Alice White-Mrs. William Epple-5427 Lakewood Ave., Chicago, Ill. L55 Ro e Lambert-deceased gg :lil ll if '55 HQ 1894 gif. ki? Margaret Claire-Mrs. William Schmonses-Brooklyn, N. Y. '55 Bertha H. Frantz- ffp Emma S. Holmes-Mrs. William E. Webster-Sherburne, N. Y. if Etta McMullen-Mrs. W. D. Cunningham-Ellenville, N. Y. up 15' Ellie Van Aken-deceased -E .T P. Dubois Bunting-Elizabeth, N. J. E51 Abram Elmendorf-deceased Ur, QQ Maurice Schultz-199 Washington St., E. Stroudsburg, Pa. 'U 'if Fred H. Young- X EE ill' Mary Boat-Mrs. Dayton-deceased ll .5 5 1895 5-EI 'Llp ' 1 E5 Fred H. Bunting-315 Herkimer st., Buffalo, N. Y. 'ji 'MQ Mame Miller- Mrs. Robert Driver-Union Hill, N. J. EE, ,fl Hattie Schoonmaker-Mrs. William Moseley-Ellenville, N. Y. E51 Charles H. van Kirk-Ellenville, N. Y. ,I IE' Ora Russel-Mrs. Charles H. Anthony- 2,5 55 Edith Pillsbury-Mrs. George Van Wert-Napanoch, N. Y. Q5 William D. Cunningham-Ellenville, N. Y. QE ,lf Alice R. Tonery-deceased 1511 im Margaret Heinzman-Mrs. Howard Humiston-Kerhonkson, N. Y. mf! if Jessie Hume-Mrs. Stephen Durland-Ellenvllle, N. Y. ji J gg 1897 gg 915 ' dl' Ji H45 . fm J ' JE Elm El H139 551-E51-EE -Ei? F.' -k1f5 1El5.H55'l-El5'l.El3-5'L.'gE'1-5'1-El?kl5 EFL 33 H5153 5555 I 1898 Estelle Berg Augusta Clark-Mrs. R. G. Cox-Ellenville N. Y. Adah Cornelius-Mrs. Fred Simpson- Mlnerva Denman-Mrs. Walter J. R. Wilson-Ellenville N. Y. Jessie Irene Myers-Mrs. Louis V. Snyder-Mt. Vernon N. Y. Kate Rosenbaum-Mrs. Philip Goldsmith--deceased Anna Schultz-Mrs. Joseph Doyle-Kerhonkson N. Y. Alice K. Snyder-Mrs. Wilcox-New York City Jennie Van Homer-Mrs. Herman Muhler- Goldie Wood-Mrs. Fred Ward-Brooklyn N. Y. 1900 Olive Hartwig-Mrs. Henry D. Frost-270 Linwood Place Norma F. Parsells-Mrs. Stanley Heason-Albany N. Y. Fannie Dann-Mrs. Clifford O. Perkins-Stamford Conn. Etta Howe-Mrs. Willet Parliman-La Grange-ville N. Y. Jennie W. Mowell-Mrs. Geo D. Edsell-Ellenville N.Y. William V. Berg--New York City Louis V. Snyder-Mt. Vernon N. Y. William Heroy- Mary J. Roper-Hackensack N. J. Edith C. Irwin-Mrs. William Bunting-Bloomfield N. J. Evelyn Bailey- Riverslde Lal. lk Rev. N. L. Heroy Accord N. Y. Mrs. Leon L. Watson--Box 209 Hendersonville N. C. 1901 Kate Sltzer- Nora Wood-Mrs. Aranson Short-Port Ewen N Y Jennie E. Doyle-Mrs. Joseph Bell-Norwich N. Y Etta L. Robinson-Mrs. F. S. Pickle-621 Pemberton Ave Queen City Terrace Plainfield NJ Anna Fiesler-Mrs. Harry Albrecht-218-41-105th Ave., Queens Village, L. I Jennie Sherman-Mrs. Ralph Smith-Kerhonkson N. Y Mrs. Carl Rossmlan John F. Church 1902 Elizabeth Cleveland-Mrs. George R. Van Aken-Ellenville N. Y Olive Berry-Mrs. Fred H. Benedict Lurane B. Taylor-Mrs. Edward Miller-257 Kingshore Ave., Gloversville N. Y Jennie L. Ryan-Mrs. Howard Hornbeck-New York City Anna E. Leipold-Mrs. Howard Jones-Mountain Lakes N. J Nora Morse-Mrs. Eugene Plunkett-Lackawack N. Y Ida M. Falrchilds-Mrs. Henry Carman-Ellenville N. Y William C. Douglas-Ellenville N. Y 1903 Mame Wilhelm-Mrs George A. Wfortman Florence S. Terwilliger-Mrs. B. M. Taylor-Ellenville N. Y John W. Rapp-deceased Harold H. Lyons-Syracuse N. Y Nina V. Sheeley-Mrs. Willliam C. Douglas-deceased Elizabeth Parker-Mrs. Robert Gould-16 Forest Park Ave. Larchmont N. Y 1904 Gaylord B. Van Kirk-26 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y Alfred L. Coons-Elizaville N. Y Agnes L. Nichols-Mrs. William Eypper-'Weehawken N. J Helen Hardenberg-Mrs. Robert McCartney-Ellenvllle N. Y bf bP1d5EE5,Fl.EaEEFHH':l3EF' 9H3Ez'54"53H3lj3E1wEu'5+EF59Ef3lElwEl5EE5J Il ll' E? gg Q22 gli in sl af-1 if T1 I " Ll.. gill 5 u l r ' - . . H33 - H2 . . gl? - sl. , . E -. Jw , : ' Egg 1 , . I' .. i- 5' ill? r ' Mary W. Hartwig-Mrs. William Douglas-Ellenville, N. Y. ' ' M 1 7 ' gl , EF . . an ' ' El? at-1 In Ge Tu: il -rn 'A Lu -nn in -yn ,nl -QF -ln - -n ll dl- -nu dau 1 -lu ul 1 Eli, Ll? JE an LVL . '11 JE ,I .1 PE Jia . ll , ,. ER1 95 -il LIL? .1111 Hi .1- ar 51511 51 af, UE UH, fig .. 1 Ula WI? ..1l 1'1f .1711 ...P UC 542 L61 uf? sf!! .tiff iff? gli' ffl li. ,'T1l lf? ,f1l lil' 1K ill? I I ll? ..1l :ii ,111 .If -.Q ,I I ! l!1. -111 lil" - up ug: U E 'W Jig. af, L1 1. -Tl HL? -' 1 G? - 1 il G4 . .. 11 LU? -4 1' aa .. 1 il EEEFTi5 M555-57211-L9-5T-55-T5kFEl'3l5E?5-il?.afwQ?a?l3F4?a?timing H?-il? BM M' 1 -414' L-VI .1 ul ra -ll l 1-1-4 fi fi -.L-4 -4 T111 Elizabeth G. Keeler-10 Park Ave., Bloomfield, N. J. Teresa McMullen-Mrs. John McNamara-Brooklyn, N. Y. 1905 Jetta Hartwig-Mrs. Henry D. Frost-5501 Amboy Road, Huguenot Park, S. I. lone DeVany-deceased Ethel I-Iornbeck-Mrs. John Dunlop-Ellenville, N. Y. Jeanette Berg-Mrs. T. R. Gillespie-Washington, Iowa Anna Van Horn-Mrs. Joseph Hyatt-Napanoch, N. Y. Olive Bears-Mrs. Service-Dansville, N. Y. Florence Burhans-Mrs. Irving T. McNally-Ellenville N. Y. Henry D. Frost-5501 Amboy Road-Huguenot Park, S. I. Harrison Terwllllger-Albany N. Y. Z-arah Whiteley-Mrs. Howard Sullivan- Anne Carver-Mrs. Frank Lechner-7048 East Seven Mile Road, Detroit, Mich. Helen Keeler-Mrs. Helen Holcomb-910 Seward Ave., Detnodt, Mich. 1906 Grace Elting-Mrs. Justin U. Schoonmaker-Ellenville, N. Y. Richard Elting-deceased Mark Hills- 1907 Barbarba Deyo, Mrs. Frank R. Bealer-122 Riverway, Boston, Mass. Francis D. Andrews-Ellenville-, N. Y. Frederick Fleckensteln-323 West Ostrander Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. William P. Glass-County Court House, Kingston, N. Y. Clarence Hornbeck-Ellenville, N. Y. Lena Rosenbaum-Mrs. Clayton Burgher-West Shokan, N. Y. 1908 Dorothy Irvin- Mabel Fredd-Ellenvllle, N. Y. Ethel Gilleran-Mrs. Egan-Horseheads, N. Y. Maud Dutcher-Mrs. Earl Haley-17 Dawn St., Kingston, N. Y. Sara Wood- Raymond Potter-86 Harrison St., East Orange, N. J. Ralph Booth-2417 Hartzell St., Evanston, Ill. Dan Vanderlyn-Ellenville, N. Y. 1909 Charles S. Hick-Jeffersonville, N. Y. Gerald Terbush-Miami Beach, Fla., Box 567 Frank Douglas-deceased Tracy Sheldon-Mrs. Dan Vanderlyn-Ellenville, N. Y. George Fleckenstein-50 Wheeler Terrace-Stratford, Conn. Guernsey T. Cross-Albany, N. Y. Arden Freer- Arch Freer-Jeffersonville, N. Y. Virginia Taylor-53 Pierpont St., Rahway, N. J. Josephine Carver-Mrs. George Taylor-Ellenville, N. Y. Greta Rapp-Mrs. Robert Graham-Middletown, N. Y. Minnie Carver-Mrs. R. E. Dedrick-2236 Oak St., Napa, Cal. William Cooley Mathilda Berg- Edward Misner-91, Farm Management Dept., Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Vivian Fredd-Mrs. Frank Terbush-River Edge, N. J. Anita Gould-Mrs. Chester Talfour-Lynnbrook, L. I. Stanley K. Booth-West Palm Beach, Fla. Stanley Vernooy- 951 H5 -I 55 3 as E51 M '35 H111 gli Qin Ili E .. 9-A Ehl 51,1 ll? -,lf 511 El. .111 uf' ,lr EY Lt I af' gg' 1,. 3. Eli. sg. ew E+? I df. fl sf-1 .eg .J Ulf f! Efv Elm '55 El? 53337551 '1iFw55'+5iil?Q'i'5aP'l53'H'1lLELF-QHMEEEHTSEQWQWELETAEL SEQRES WET 'EEE EE L HMB-EEEEBE EEEEBEMEEEEBE WH- Sylvia Kuykendahl Mrs Scott Schlexeromanker Poughkeepsie N Y Eleanor DuVall Nananoch N Y Howard Van Keuren Mary Hitchcock Mrs Amory L Wllliams 11308 Hessler Road Cleveland Ohio Mary Vernooy Mrs F D Andrews Ellenville N Y 1910 Lucy Lord Edna Wright Mrs Max Taylor Klngston N Y Edna Dutther Mrs D H Valentine 1053 Dearborn Road Palisade N J Helen Opal Bessie Decker Mrs Gross Schoonmaker Accord N Y Ethel Terbush Mrs Floyd Wright Hohokus N J Chauncey Miller New York City George Taylor-Ellenvllle N Y Robert Graham Middletown N Y Gorman Mance Harold Sherman 50 Vincent Place Lynbrook L I lt auri e Friedberg 1911 a-1etBo1ryman lVrs Ro'and Thompson Deposit N Y Xlrgma Derman Nrs Albert J Reynolds 189 Hillcrest Ave Morristown N J Rl ard Foster fNew York"J Adrie W Fredd Mrs Edward Benson Patterson N J Alva M Glleran Mrs Kmg Washington D C Jeanette B Carrison 'V'rs Selah Tcrwilliger Kerhonkson N Y Larolyn Hit hco k Carolyn Hltchco k Wellesley Hills Mass Herman Melsel Al'en D Potter-Ellenville N Y Pele Parker-Mrs Frank Dyuglas Ellenvxlle N Y Norris Sherman Kerhorkson N Y Harry Terwilliger Kerhcnkson N Y Pauline Tay or 1V'rs Willxam Pearson 57 Pierpont St Rahway N J Ward Wll-'low 52 Carmen St Cedarhurst L 1912 Samuel K Adams New York City Walco C okxnvham Phelps N Y Pearl Clyne Mrs David Freer Ellenvllle N Sara Depuy Ldward C DeWitt Long ls'and Fred M DuVall Madison Ave Montclair N J Elbert Ellsworth 44 Tiona Ave Belleville N J Naomi Fater Ars F A Federer 218 Carrol St Waukesha Wis Gertrude Fran es Mrs Clifford Benedict Warwick N Y Beatrice Gray Mrs Gordon Grant Ellenvrlle N Y Wllllam J Glllerau S arsdale N Y Helen Gaskell Elizabeth Lelpold Mrs Edward Nee-Dover N J Theda Leipold Alice Mofllt Ellenvllle N Y Hilda Myers Mrs Tuthxll McDowell Ellenville N Y Adoph Stern Nellie Schoonmaker Frank A Terbush Rlver Edge N J ,J l I' -1 'I .1 Qt' 52 QE' 1 ' ' ' LQ EE - . F ,fp gi - -- . . - l . , If IEE . . . , , . . 95 if gi ' 1 . - 'd , . . gm . . . , , . . EE - . , - , . . - ,F gg - . - , . . as - 1 at eff' I is , . . l'.d 211' . 91. 'iv in . ll -'-1. . A '- , , . . ,IIE 12 f , 4 ' - ' 2 " ' ' E Glark C. Sherman!-Kerhonkson, N. Y. , 1 ' ' ea Qi '1 -L, - , . . gg :jg : . - ' , .Y. X33 1 . 1- f ., , . . aw 125 -a .",, ' ' ' an lg: Q 4 . . . u - , . EE :SEI i 1 N -' , . . L-Hi IEE . . , . . 'lr I 1 . , . . 1351 .- 155 , IEE -' , l. . ILE ll '- ' 1 , . . -I 45 - Eh E35 - gi - -' l 1 - Em u is 'lm A A .1 . ".. 'fisilsa 555555 EE'EHlzl?EEsH5E'1-EEs'zl5'E5?1fli?lQ .. . -r ,..,.-. .-.- -- Y-,-.--,vm-gr-nv-.-zwvq H5 'ir ..,.,...--- , , T gvmssmsfress-rss ss msaeees-5 esenemts asmesesenmf I Um 115 GE! -1 LEE' tn H5 I Elf JF vs ll 1' U5 5 as Hn W jf- :fl 0.21 ,il fi' '11 Q: rl fi ,- T 1 I fn 4 v H9 .I I as -la 3 59 'I I 'I 1913 Alice G. Brooks- Mildred Cl-emens- Adlean Clyne-Mrs. Keener-Ellenville, N. Y. Bertha Cushner-Mrs. George Rogers-51 East 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Louise Schaffer-Mrs. Arthur Wright--Ellenville, N. Y. Viola Wright-Port Jervis, N. Y. 1914 Zelma Ahrens-Mrs. Joseph Rauner,-Ellenville, N. Y. Joseph Kendall Alletcher-Miami Beach, Fla. Solomon Nathan Blackberg-New York University N. Y. Mildred D. Carman-45 Grove St., New York City Helen V. Chadwick-Mount Vernon, N. Y. Benjamin Cohen-Woodridge, N. Y. Edward C. Douglas--Port Jervis, N. Y. Alice R. Ellsworth-Mrs. Paul Hall-11008 Second St., Juniate, Penn. Mathllda M. C. Enkler-Ellenville, N. Y. Bernard B. Goldenson-New York City Bernice M. Gray-102 Lynbrook Ave., L. I. Edwin Green Philadelphia, Penn. Lucrita I-Iarrls-Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Jansen K. Hoornbeek-Hudson View Gardens, 183rd St., New York City Tuthill R. McDowell--Ellenville, N. Y. A Lewis Vrooman Miller-L. I. Brice Moore-Grahamsville, N. Y. Clara Anna Scherb- James Leslie Shurter-Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Emery Boyce Terbush--Ellenville, N. Y. Henry Byron Thornton-deceased Norma DeVany-Mrs. K. S. Coliln-Sound Beach Ave., Conn. Bernice Gaskell-Cal. Morris Meisel Thomas Thornton--Saugertles, N. Y. 1915 Harold C. Black- Philip Buckholtz-New York City Anita M. Clearwater--Mrs. Fives-New York City Donald W. DuVall-Cincinnati, Ohio Marion Irene Furman-fEllenville, N. Y. Emmons T Gray 73 Garden St Poughkeepsie N Y David R Johnson Fields Earl Newkirk-Greenfield N Y Dorothy Vera Parkrose Edna H Rexford Paul Standard Helen Louise Stewart Olive M Wells 1916 Sarah Alice Brown Geo-rge Dwight Cook-deceased Edward Davenport-Accord N. Y Joseph G. Fieseler Raymond H. Fleckensteln 409 West Sth St., Wilmington, Del Deyo W. Johnson-Ellenville N. Y LV T. 1 I '1 EE 55 si I 1 EE' E2 si In E5 E5 ?1 15 E5 E11 as in .l l I 55 . - ., , . . gg ' ,.. 5 - 5 - - M. - - es ' an - EE ' - 5 Robert W. Keeler-3564 81st St., Jackson Heights, L. I. l Q5 Leo J. Larkin- '25 H5 5 I ' " mir' 'l.-runs kmmwmm-wwwmnemenfwssmwaww -'s.+wfa1Er15H'EHEl?':EEE H1 '1-LnfT1'l-Eli EEE?-i1'fg 5515355 EE EE H?-EE H35-EE ' 'FEE 59 55515 l I ' I 1 I . , Lily S. Levitt-Mrs. Harry Golden-Ellenville, N. Y. 11 95 . I Clyde B. Menvin- ll LE' Harry D. Moore-Grahamsville, N. Y. I Samuel K. Munson-Kerhonks-an, N. Y. 'll Joseph Rosenthal- ga Qtr Sanquel Standard- gl EE Percy De Penal 'rerwilliger-chicago, 111. 15 Paul Westbrook-Middletown, N. Y. V HE gil Gladys Kathryn McDonald-Mrs. Roy Staulcup-Mount Vernon, N. Y. lj? QE, 1917 ag, William F. Booth-Ellenville, N. Y. QE Sarah Bucholtz- LE. il Earl W. Count-State Teachers College, San Jose, California QCI lfgl Nellie Davenport-Accord, N. Y. '55 Gladys L. Decker-Ellenville, N. Y. np '51 Carolyn C. Divine-Mrs. Benjamin Sykes-Mechanicsville, N. Y. QE Pauline L. Edson 5 5' Wlnifred Irene Galbraith- Q51 I? Ruth anna George-Mrs. Floyd Murray-Grand Gorge, N. Y. Jane azel Godfrey- 113 ga, Arthur W. Grimm-deceased 51 lag Nadia Hillman- 1' Abraham A. Jafobson- gg LQE' Kenneth G. Merwin- I' ljlil George Childs Rose-Mineola, L. I. QE, Norbury Terwllllger-East Orange, N. J. 132' Jane Reba Turner- E? li M-adellne Tinsley-Mrs. Ho-ward Smith-Spring Glen, N. Y. QF Abagan B. scmpper-canal sn., Euenville, N. Y. if' 1918 '12 lil' Leslie G. Barley- 'jp Aaron Benenson-102 East 22nd St., New York City Lji QE, Helen May Campbell-Bedford Huis, N. Y. gg Mary Ruth Carman-Ellenville, N. Y. ll Ella Bush DeVany-Mrs. F. M. Sutton-67 Riverside Drive, New York City 11 Qi Alice Louise DuVall-Mrs. Albert Deyo-Locust Valley, L. I. EE' lil Kathryn Welb Eaton-Hotel East Orange, East Orange, N. J. 'If QE william E. Graham-Ellenville, N. Y. mga Helen Irene Moore-Middletown, N. Y. ll Alice Sheley-Mrs. Orrin Lauber-Ellenville, N. Y. ll 25 Leonard Simrln- H is 'zlfm Myron Smith- Hi '55 Irene O. Vermllye-Mrs. Lewis Bell-Ellenville, N. Y. LE' Dorothy Vernon-Mrs. D. S. Ellerthorpe-Fort Randolph, Canal Zone gil Joseph M. Watson-20 Franklin St., Meriden Conn. gg, 1919 152 Arthur Conner-Napanoch, N. Y. 551 Robert Cooper-10 Park View Terrace, Bronx, N. Y. ll Samuel Divine-Kerhonkson, N. Y. ig EE Vernon Kelder-Ellenville, N. Y. Hi gli Merrian Brown-Mrs. Louis Fredd-Leibhardt, N. Y. 135 Rose Clearwater-Mrs. Raymond Warner- LEC, gg Aimee Derby -Mrs. Leonard Taylor-Ellenville, N. Y. gf ll Teresa Gorton-Ellenville, N. Y. fl EE 'Ruby Gray-Wawarslng, N. Y. Jennie McDowell-Ellenville, N. Y. , Q15 EE Blanche S. Lauber-Mrs. William Colntot-Ellenville, N. Y. gg UL. V el. QE fl 575757519 U5EEl?J5l?El3'33isfT EE EE F335 ,E-315329153-Fai 5 5 5 in 5 5 5 si si In 5 QE 5 ill I" 3? In 5 5 55 I as 5 5 ea 5 'ii 5 si I1 5 E? I 5 55515 5-5 5 515 51-5"-515555555515 555555551555 5 5 555.31 5 1920 Josephine E. Barley- Ethel Baxter- Gertrude Blum- Lucella B. Burlison- Sara Cohen- Jack Evan-s-28 East St., Oneonta, N. Y. Loretta B. Gilleran-Mrs. Troy- Joseph Levine-134 Center St., Ellenville, N. Y. Florence Jollie-Mrs. Ellery Countryman- Ruth Lauber-28 Trendwell Ave., Lynbrook, L. I. Minnie Lechner- Harold H. Marshall-Long Island Margaret Mitchell- John W. Myers- Philip Slutsky-247 Madison Ave., New York City Florence Gould Penney- Gladys Tinsley-Ellenville, N. Y. Clarence Earle Vrooman-Amityville, L. I. Florence Eva White-2223 Cartelyzm Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. Persis Mildred White-Mrs. Frank Massey-deceased 1921 Lloyd P. Barley-Accord, N. Y. William Benenson-135 West 81 St., New York City Sophie Berger-Mrs. W. Polak, 3977 Saxon Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Florence Blum- John Bonomi-Ellenville, N. Y. H. Richmond Campbell-Yonkers, N. Y. George H. Freer-11 Hope St., Liberty, N. Y. Albert J. Gorton-75 Baldwin Place-Bloomfield, N. J. Anna Hornbeck-Ellenville, N. Y. Harold D. Munson-167 Radsora St., Yonkers, N. Y. Rebecca Posnlck-Wurtsboro, N. Y. Frederica Schipper-Ellenville N. Y. Olive Smith-Mrs. Floyd Eck-Wawarsing N. Y. Ruth Walker-Summitville, N. Y. Ellen Watson-Ithaca, N. Y. Samuel Weinberg- Arthur Ewlgkeit-12 East Strand St., Kingston, N. Y. John S. Lathrop--334 3rd Ave.,New York City Abram J. Moore-72 Eastern Ave., Lynn, Mass. Lillian A. Evans-Mrs. B. E. Harwith-248 Morris St., Albany, N. Y. 1922 Clyde Benson-Ellenville, N. Y. Rolla B. Castle- Horace M. Divine- Raymond H. Evans- Linda M. George-Mrs. Harold Smith, Grahamsville, N. Y. Leo R. Gosselin-Buffalo, N. Y. Paul J. Glaister-Napanoch, N. Y. Marion H. La Mont-Mrs. Chester Gray-Ellenville, N. Y. Mildred A. Larkin-New Haven, Conn. Charles Kenneth Lynam- Ella A. O'Neil1-Canal St., Ellenville, N. Y. Gussie T. Reider- Gomler J. Rippert-Jeifersonville, N. Y. William R. Rose-Ellenville, N. Y. EE si 5 gf: 5 H5 5 55 5 55 5 5 5 5 1 EE 1'- EE' In 5 5 EE as 55555 5 5'L-55-5'L5'1-51-5'L55 555 51515 '15 5'l-5l-5L- 55 . EE5E 55l55le9 lFLF-EE HHHHEHYLFBFBWEHMHQWPEE ll .ll 55 3 QE Evelyn H. Sheeley-Eureka, N. Y. gi Sally L. Taylor-Mrs. Moe Weber-Clinton, N. Y. l K I QE Nettle L. Tetervin- QP Thelma D. Tinsley-14 Park St., Ellenville, N. Y. ll Alden J. Townsend--Ellenville, N. Y. 5- tigl Anna E. Watson-New York City If L5 Albro Brown--Lackawack, N. Y. 15:1 John B. Glllerun-wnlte Plains, N. Y. ll I: Hi 1923 lg, Sara H. Barkley-Q, Owega High School, Owega, N. Y. ga Hazel M. Bliss-Ellenvllle, N. Y. 5 ,Bi D. Meade Brown-deceased , 155 ,L Myrtle P. Burton-Elleuvllle, N. Y. Lili! Julia R. Clearwater-New York City 'Q' QE, Marion A. Clearwater-New York City Elil QE, Grace M. Collins-Mrs. Ben Terwilliger-Woodridge, N. Y. QQ LEE Helen A. Cudney-Summitville, N. Y. lg ,I Charles A. J. Dunn-170 Cleveland Trust ce., Cleveland, onle gg 25 Leota D. Edsall-Mrs. Eugene Slater-Ellenville, N. Y. afl' Eli Harriet Ewigkeit-Mrs. A. H. Shapiro-395 Maple St., Brooklyn, N. Y. .IQ gg John B. Fleelrensreln-Ellenvllle, N. Y. QT ll Inez M. George-Eureka, N. Y. lBfQ li' Rennie Green- ,ii gi Ruth Green- Eli Edytlre M. Hill Q5 Mildred J-elrnsen-50 Nevins sl., Brooklyn, N. Y. bg ug Alta M. Kane-Liberty, N. Y. lg: Louis Kaplan-Q, Millman, 73-83 East 96th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Ipit! Dorothy M. Ketner-149 North College St., Carlisle, Pa. Ji di Bernlee M. Larkin-Lynbrook, L. 1. ji Miriam Lahtrop-Mrs. Einar Sunde-925 Union St., Brooklyn, N. Y. EV Q5 Thelma M. McDowell-Mrs. Jose-ph Lllliard QE lg Vera K. Rochetort-Ellenville, N. Y. im 1' Grace Roosa Kindberg-Middletown, N. Y. 25 Walter Sarlne-1 Walnut Grove Place, Troy, N. Y. 5 'ni Kathryn R. Shurter-Ellenville, N. Y. ug QE, Abagail E. Stokes-Kerhonkson, N. Y. If QE' Earl C. Terwilliger- if! 15:1 Le-nore M. Townsend-Mrs. Harry Wright-Wawarslng, N. Y. ill Charles Guy Veruooy-deceased jp if Saul wllnnd- arg E Edmund zunp-Ellenvllle, N. Y. .gf QE, Kathryn V. Russell-New York City f.!' lag G. Chandler Yo-ung-Napanoch, N. Y. 1' Mary P. Watson-Mrs. M. Mols-2163 E 17th St., New York City Eli Eli Gladys sllvermnn-Ellenvllle, N. Y. gb EE 1924 alll Arthur 'rerwllllger-Ellenville, N. Y. gb lj Wllllunr J. Brewn-sununltvllle, N. Y. lg- QE Harold Booth-Ellenville, N. Y. ,U 13:1 Morris Cherney-Ellenville, N. Y. ,' Anna Cudney-Mrs. Walter LeVa.n-Summitville, N. Y. EE' Bertha Cudney-Summitville, N. Y. Hi Evelyn E. Dann-'Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio QE Q5 sldney D. Delaney-Ellenvllle, N. Y. gg Christine DuBois-Mrs. O. M. Savels, Jr.,-Worcester, Mass. il ,ll Carl Hernberg-Ellenville, N. Y. fjil in we .,- rr 7 L C cl E Y' 6- . ll"l T' 1 'lV'l l I YE' TQr'TQfTi.TJy? -EFL 'ii--. 153-555555 Egan :ESEHEESTEHEEE-EE-EH6eFe?e?4. ...U 's:4.sFTi5333'.- "-'QE .LFE 5555195575755 H5 531-15 W3 5T3-il5'kF'Q?l5'L,lTi'5TQ?5i'LwFTb13'- f I, J? in ,lr sig' W L5 11:11 .It- .19 is I" I1 V 1 I, 5551 eip .I -Y its its T' Lillian Horowitz-Wawarsing, N. Y. Florence F. Kirby-Ellenville, N. Y. Jac-ob B. Krinelott-Kerhonkson, N. Y. Esther B. Lyons-Mrs. Pratt-Stone Ridge, N. Y. Edward R. Mance-Ellenville, N. Y. Margaret L. Moore-334 West 85th St., New York City Thelma A. Palmer-Mrs. George Kingswood-76 Hudson Ave., Englewood, N. J. Mae Frances Potter-Mrs. R. L. Shurter, 601 West 110 St., New York City, Apt. 11M Jullus Rosen-Ellenville, N. Y. Helen A. Sahler- Fred Sherman-Kerhonkson, N. Y. Kenneth Sherman-Washington, D. C. Harriet Shulmarm-Mrs. H. Markowitz-348 Mechanic St., Camden, N. J. Robert Shurter-601 West 110 St New York City Apt 11 Dorothy P Terwilllger Mrs Clark Sheley Ellenvllle Grace G Tice Mrs William Murray Poughkeepsie N Y Frank G Backman Fordham University New York City Mildred E White 77 Woods Ave Rockville Center L I 1925 George Ahrens Karma House Clarkson College Potsdam N Andrew Anderson Kerhonkson N Y Joel Bolotin New York City George W Boyce-Clarkson College Potsdam N Y Rae Berger 3977 Saxon Ave Bronx N Y Edna Carman 500 West 140th St New York City Apt 3G Mary E Coons Middletown Conn Sadie M Constant New York City Edwin Craft-1El1enville N Y Emil Z Crystal Accord N Y Mary B Dann Oberlin College Oberlin Ohio Arvilla L Davis High Falls N Y Anna L Glusker 11 Maple St Flathurst N Y Ruth Gordon Patterson N J Edwin R Hoar deceased Carlton L Johnson 864 Sumner Ave Syracuse N Y Mary Kanter Mrs Malnick 10 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn N Kenneth R Kile Middletown N Y Catherine Kindbe-rg Mrs Harry Cudney Middletown N Y Hazel Markle- F Willard Mance Poughkeepsie N Y Adele B McDowell Mrs George Sheeley Ellenvllle Ida Maskowitz 936 E 172nd St Bronx N Y Thomas J Plunkett Fordham University New York City David Posniok Spring Glen N Y Harry Rieger New York City Alexander Rosenblum Pearl Rmsenstock Mrs Joel Balotin New York City Carl M Sciple West Point N Y Anita Schonbachler Napanoch N Y Ruth Tufford Mrs Thomas Ingham Ellenville N Y Jack Van Deusen New York State Troopers Middleburgh N Alice R Watson Max Zaifert I-4 -4-41-4 JE ., , . -1 - - N Y ,L . . , . . . - . - , . . I 1 ' T v iz! . - . 7 7 ' ' in 151 Lili ,A T Gig' , , , . Y. :I W , . . ul- 3.1 - Ll!! l , ,151 ' ' ' ' gblg - ., , . . 'W .7 , n f if ' ' ' ' ll!! - W ' . - ', '. '. .lf ' W' W r 1 . - , . . .fl . - ., , . . QT - - , . . iq, . gg . 1 - ., , . . ' ' '-' . 1 , , . Y. LET . - , . . Ai' W . " , . . 'rff JL., ' . - , . . - N Y 1 - . ., , . . fri: Floyd J. Parliman-U. S. Navy Hospital, Washington, D. C. 'EIL , - gg - ' - .IV , , 'QFD ur' ' - . , 'LTD - - , . . Lit? - I h- y I . gg? . . , .Y. - ' 4: .f!' .Ei I, 'str lfinfhf' "' "' ii-i'i'Ei'-'-HF' "' in "-ni' 'ii--,N-4f, ' 'A fir:-Erfirlv-sfo-I1-'TE 'l-EF7eruEC1ij1211F31Q'1rd1ie115naCzfi1'1g.w'f5!f1e1-lilo-Ju-awf2'l-all EH-kts west-it .q..4Ll' fl! V f' -ml-41.41" dt lf' f' -4 -4' EE I - 1926 Virginia M. Barkley-Mfonticello N. Y. Baxter Constant-Ellenville N. Y. Alfred Coons-Wesleyan College Middletown Conn. Ester P. Cushner 143 Cortland St. Groton N. Y. Marie Groppe--Ellenville N. Y. Kathryn M. Henry--Ellenville N. Y. Evelyn D. Hill-Mrs. Jack Huntsberger-Grahamsvllle N. Y. Merritt Lauber-Summitville N. Y. Beatrice Little-224 Garfield Place Brooklyn N. Y. Benjamin Miller-Columbia University New York City N. Y. Ka.hryn E. Moore-Grahamsville N. Y. Louis Schwartz-New York City Evelyn She-e.ey-Albany State College Albany N. Y. Harry Thayer-469 E. 15th St. Brooklyn N. Y. Walter N. Thayer-Colgate University Hamilton N. Y. H. Thatcher Van Kirk-Tufts Dental College Boston Mass. Berni e I. Fitzgerald-Ellenvllle N. Y. Esther Albert-Ellenvllle N. Y. Howard Anderson-Accord N. Y. lsadore Beyer-JEllenville N. Y. Mary Cherney-Ellenville N. Y. Hester Craft-Ellenville N. Y. Lena Frey-Horton Memorial Hospital Middletown N. . Louis Garelick- Margaret G0s.elin-Napanoch N. Y. George B. Holley-Summitvllle N. Y. - He-len V. Johnson-Carson Peck Memorial Hospital Brooklyn N. Y. Benjamin L-anstein-New York University, New York City, N. Y. Emma M. Otens-Ellenville, N. Y. Cornelia Rampe-Ellenville, N. Y. Nathan Rosenberg--Fordham University, New York City Charles Rosenstock-Mlaryland Unlver ity W'1lllam S?hacht-Ellenville, N. Y. Marion Simpson-Accord, N. Y. Ben Jo'eph Slufsky-Villa Nova. College, Philadelphia, . Olive M. Smith-Ellenville. N. Y. Carol R. Stevens-Middletown, N. I Lorcia Terwilliger-Montela, N. Y. . Marguerite Townsend--WKingston City Hospital, Kingston, N. Y. Irving Trarhtenberg-New York City Sadye B. Welsberg-Napanoch, N. Y. Sarah Wengrow-2114 Mapes Ave., Bronx, N. Y. 1928 Eli Berger-Fordham University, New York City lsadore Binder-Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. Paul Cc-oper-New York University, New York City Dorothy M. Daniels-Kingston, N. Y. Dwight Divine-U. S. M. A. West Point, New York Anna Mae Edwards-Ellenville, N. Y. Flossie H. Edwards-Ellenville, N. Y. Jules X. Ewlgkeit-Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. William M. D. Falk-Ellenville, N. Y. . 331- 13333-.. 1 33313333333 33333 333333 3 I H L' 1 , I 1 E Pearl E. Green-Kerhonkson, N. Y. lljg . Q V . ,ga , . U l , , 3 . . 25 , gig ' , , Y eg , E v ei ei if P.. 5 . Eli e Eli 3 3 ee e Hi Eu TT it H15 fn all i gl W F its lb- fs! 133 5 52 e 1 Qtr ?5 3 ,,.. Br ei El: im 55 Ev Eff ee Eli ee ,- ,- Li at 3 11. 37333 3333 3333 3 3333-333333 3333 33: 3:fTEQ1?l3?Ee.1:. .EEE-5935 'aT-373' -il?Q?!e9-BSEHE'-5573751-5 1 . In Qtr E5 we If U JL? 5 Jr F llr' -.- JI! TF iii I 25 its lu rg' ly, , .1 lf 413 UL 1 1 fig if! 33? JE 51' ,,. nt., ff. df, FET , l lil Elji dig, iii EE. gl as fl EE ,fr 55 if 5? elf em els 25 uf' -TF' l!C .J ll EQ 55 5 I l.l'7'lLC,L'4l l'1l"4l.,'?1.I:"'l l-ll -1 -4. 'LV' -il-4 T' lV'L"lViEI.T5EI'lj,'-4'Q'V' Ruth E. Goldsmith-Albany State College, Albany, N. Y. Henry Joseph Groppe-Ellenvllle, N. Y. . Florence Ruth Grunfeld-Ulster Heights, N. Y. - Esther H. Lefkowltz-Spring Glen, N. Y. Sara Levine-Ellenville, N. Y. f A Hyman J. Luster-Wawarsing, N. Y. James Mantone-New York University, New York City Cecelia H. Otens-Flatbush College, Brooklyn, N. Y. Vida L. Pierson-Spring Glen, N. Y. Fannie Post-Summitville, N. Y. , Nathan Post-Summitville, N. Y. Ruth R. Rand-Ellenville, N. Y. Ethel Rashkin-Ellenvllle, N. Y. The-mas Karl Richard-Ellenville, N. Y Helen Christine Rippert-Webb Horton Memorial Hospital-Middlewsvn, N. Y. Helen V. Rose--Ellenville, N. Y. Herman Solomon-New York University, New York City, N. Y. Elizabeth H. Starmont-Albany State College, Albany, N. Y. Julius Slutsky-2171, Phi Sigma Delta, New York University, New York City, N. Y. Bernard I. Weiss-Fordham Unlverslty, New York City Horace Wood-Ellenvllle, N. Y. 1 929 Abram Benenson-Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Beatrice A. Weinberger-Ellenville, N. Y. A Miriam Fay Weinberger-New York University, New York City, N. Y. -. Samuel Beyer-Ellenville, N. Y. Joseph Brackley-Ellenville, N. Y. Harry B. Brooks-Grahamsville, N. Y. Helen L. Cushne-r-Cortland Normal School, Cortland, N. Y. Dorothy George-Sundown, N. Y. Richard A. Goldsmtlh-Cragsmoore, N. Y. Jessie J. Herron--Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Rose S. Jacobowltz-Ellenville, N. Y. Philip D. Korn-Fordham University, New York City, N. Y. . Bertha Kofssar-Ellenville N. Y. William D. Lane-Ellenville, N. Y. Fred R. Lepke-Ulster Heights, N. Y. Walter C. Little--Cragsmore, N. Y. Donald S. Moore-Delhi N. Y. Mary E. Moore-Elmflra College, Elmira, N. Y. Robert T. O'Neill-Ellenville, N. Y. Bertha C. Otens-Ellenville, N. Y. Clillord R. Rampe--Ellenville, N. Y. A Adele E. Rand-Ellenvllle, N. Y. . Estelle Rappaport--Ezllenville, N. Y. Beatrice Relder-Cortland Normal School, Cortland, N. Y. Rose Shulman-Philadelphia, Pa. Mary Silverman-1861 85th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Rose A. Spadaro-Arlington Hall Penn. Ave. Station, Washington, D. C. Sylvia Spindel-Ellenvllle, N. Y. A Ellen Tennenbaum-Ellenvllle N. Y. Beatrice O. Tinsley-Pratt Institute, New York City Hazel B. Townsend-New Paltz Normal School, New Paltz, N. Y. Margaret Z. Van Gorderf-Ellenville N. Y. 55 ll ii E112 Qi.. dill Q , ml ll? F gill 'l El? Q I l H5 ea. Eli E3 3 E3 5 5.5. 55. 5 gm 25 El?Je?51,".- "5 532551 EE 7555 E532 555 EEEEEEEEEEE 55 55 QD Zyigsk iEgyHEEQQ ' f?555S:: xx x 'is J' if T5 M U VIH ? E Sf"-L+ ",..,-4-L-.Q 5 E 5 5 5 55 M 5 5 5 E E 5 5 E E E E 5 E E 5 5 E E 5 5 E E EE E E 5 E E E E E 55 55 555 EE EEE 55 EE EEHEEEEE 55 5 E 5 E E E E E5 E E E M 5 E5 EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE BE EE EE 55 SE BE EE EE E 95555 l I' EE Tl E F Q9 LE ---l is 3D 'ffm I-fri u 0 0 1 1 4 n QP . . EE , .y . v .-. . . 7, . . "'. 'A ' -C" . . ew - I I D V , ' li-,ru . . . . ' . ' A . . - . ' r' X' if T v l r 5 . , L. EF! g,1..-4-4' ' A .ll ' ' O . 1 rl - ,- - ' 5 'S M --'L - ' JU' rl .., '-- , 1:1 A - . a T SF' V .A E s- V Lili , .4 J D t LE' ' f: ' ,I A - Q p. E5 . ,, I ' -- ' - 1 7 D I E H .e'f . ' . 5 ,. Hai' f - . '. .... -. E9 ' ' ' ' . lfn I - F ' 5 , A 55 ' . 5 s E ' 55EEEEEEHEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEBEBEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEELEEEEEEEEEBESE ATHLETICS , H2 Eli 55 H3 In E HE llh ll' In 5 Ellenvllle Hlgh School entered 1nto a new phase of history by Jommg the Duso League This league composed of five clty teams-Kmgston, ge, 25 EE H5 LE 5 5 6 A 'F Newburgh Port JGTVIS Mlddletown and Poughkeepsle lnvxted Ellenvllle g to joxn the league 1n order to take- the place of Poughkeepsie who was dropped out Thls lnfitatxon was accepted and later on Liberty Hxgh School our old time rlval was also asked to joln the league Liberty also accepted thls 1nv1tat1on The result of Jomlng thls league was that our teams were put up agamst some strong opposltlon and although Ellen4 ville stood only ln second place in basketball It IS consldered very good - for the classsof competltlon met It also shows that we have a very good Ei I chance of makxng progress IH the next few years Here s hoplng our fu-" 'rw ture teams come out on top The Duso League also lncludes baseball track and tenms Although we have had both baseball and track teams ln prevxous years the students had a pleasant surprise when Coach Clark announced that there would be a tennis team also We certalnly owe a great deal to Coach Clark for reawakening many - spring sports which we have thought of only hazily in the past and that s he has made such wonderful progress even under the encumbrance of A- gh EE '5 EE Eli EE EQ Us Eli Eli llfi all Ji l poor equlpment We are sure that tennls w1ll be ln a few years one of E. H S s major sports In baseball thxs year Ellenvllle wlll agaln encounter ui will 991 .gl ll F .All uh .fi M Q-I Eh some real opposltlon as she d1d 1n basketball Most of the games are be- ' ing played out of town but we are qulte sure our boys w1ll make a.good showing anyway In track the mam event 1S a meet lmld ln Newburgh In , ' this meet all the teams of all the schools in the league particlpate It is a. stiff competition and intenslve tramlng Wlll be needed to get our boys into ' g shape for it ff e M 5EHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM eeeasseseaeaeseaaeeeaeseaeaeseaeaeseeeaeeeaeaesgl ea ea as as ea is E ea ea ea as ea a as ea as ea as ea ea as ee as as ea ea ea 551 as 55 a 1 se es E eaeaeaeaeaaeaessai eaeaeaesaea eaeaseseeea I l ME 5 5 E-E A ee 5 GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD gi Top row, left to right: Ruth Gel hard, Ida Brustein, Katherine Traphagen L0uise Mc- EE Cartluey, Alice Clark, Coach Clark. EE Bottom row, left to right: Bertha Selz, Dorothy McConneI, Ethel Silverman, Evelyn EE ' Weiner, Ethel Schoonmaker, Ruth Wolf. EE 5 The girls' team was weakened a great deal by the leaving of practi- QS gg cally all last year's regulars. In spite of this handicap the girls showed a EE fighting spirit that could hardly be surpassed. They kept up their practice gg 5 faithfully and although they did not win any of their games they always EE EE took defeat with a smile. EE BE The following girls were awarded their letters, Ethel Schoonmaker, Dorothy McConnell, Evelyn Weiner, Ida Brustein, Katherine Traphagen, gi and Alice Clark Kas nianagerl. EE E 5 QE The prospects for next year are much better as many of this year's EE QE regulars are returning and with the experience of this year to profit by, QE they will be able to start right oif in a whirl. Schedule. EE QE Jan. I5 Monticello vs. Ellenville-home EE Jan. 24 Ellenville vs. Liberty--away 'T . CL IO 33 E' : 2 E : 'D 4 En I-4 s. c- it '1 1'9- T 2 an '4 E555 5555 E EE Feb. 28 Flllenville vs. Liberty-home 5555555555555 555EE5HEEHEEEEE 5 ' ' i i i V l H BoYs'BAsKET BALL EE 5 E :EEE Top row, left to right-H. Coons: S. Ja owitz: H. Rothkopf, Ass't., Mgr.: K. Clark, EE 5 Coach: H. Weiner, Mgr.: H. McConnell, Ass't. Mgr.: I. Bower: E. Weiner: 5 Middle row-H. DeWitt: I. Weinstein: Fl. Wolf: E. Traphagen: M. Jacowitz: M. Wide- Ugg EE img E. Giuskerg QE EE Bottom row-S. Silverman: F. Richards: A. Bernstein: J. Rippert: F. Craft: S. Binder. ffl E. H. S.'s big game of tl1e year was when our boys went up gg against the fast Alexander Hamilton High boys of New York City. gi Through the influence of Coach Clark's father, who holds the head of the chemistry department of that school, their team was sent up here with EE the full regular line-up. This is the first city team that E. H. S. has played ggi in many years. Losing by only five points showed that our boys were play- KE EE ing a good brand of ball. The next game in order of importance was with E our ever rival, Liberty. This game proved to be a very close contest being ME- QE won by Liberty by only one point after two overtime periods. The repay- dll 5555 W PV' 9. : 5,5 55 "'C'D 2- 32 fo 5.5 '30 CD: pa... zz: QM-r 35' QCD 33 0:3 Q5 5:2 75 KD 25 EF' SE gm :QE gm --1 Q, gr P4 wx we rg I 'S 5.5 QI' FDT UU-In-IVTJZ3 555m ment for this defeat was the fact that our boys defeated Liberty on their own court for the first time in four years. We are sorry to see them go, but by balanced training Coach Clark has prepared for just such happenings. These two boys and the manager, Her- bert Weiner, were presented with sweaters as is the custom. y EEE E55 'SE The following men were presented with letters: "Bob" Wolf, "Moe" QE ggi Widelitz, "Ike" Weinstein, "Ed" Traphagen, "Gene" Glusker, "Mush" EE EE Jacowitz, "Lenny" Herskowitz, "Jake" Rippert, "Hassy" DeWitt, "Eli" 5 IEE Weiner and "Ely" Weiner. gl .JU W E EEEEEEEHEEEHEHMM B5ElanEE5'EE55EEEEEEEliEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEE355555555555555 eel 55 EE ali ltr: life .ani . , , ull llllf' ll Ii" Q! l EH 52111 .em EE 553 555555555 SEEEEEEEEHEEEHEEESEEESSEEEEEYBEEHE' 'U 555.5555 55 3' 3110-5 o?-"1 30270 11x42 ob"- Firm'-E 5326 ,,-+9-2. 00240 12.13 -mu Kiffl I o !'?55f wU:?tS Q0 8 .2292 0:23- 'sro-0 4-...ig w ?Ur'1"3 5 sm " m 25 5' m 'E 2 1: mx 2 F ilw F ' M1 :rg I 21' " H2 Q 3m gg 23 2 Eg 5 gx ,-.na I'l'l Ng ' -. -' 909' 5 U E155 F2 0 73 E . m l 3 ? l 'LE '-'L 5555355555555 EE Baseball, like basketball, now starts a new phase of history for E. II. EE EE S. because of its joining the Duso League. EE At the call for candidates, quite a few turned out including all the re- QE gulars hut .loe Knlhlnan who is now at Pratt Institute. gi E. II. S. started off with a hang hy defeating both Kerhonkson and .EE Highland the. first two games of the year. By defeating Keronkson, E. H. EE EFS S. partly made up for the two defeats received from Kerhonkson last year. The hard games of the year are yet to come when the boys meet the 5 Duso League teams, but if they keep up their good work we expect the111 gi EE to end up near the top of the list. EE QE Widelitz holds down the mound with Wolf as his catcher. Traphagen 5 at first, Evans at second, Silverman at short and Glusker at third finish the infield np in pretty good shape. Depew, DeWitt and Weinstein make ggi SE np the fast outfields. So far the hits by the boys have been numerous and 5 with praetive many more can be expected to be piled up. ?E gg Jacob Wengrow holds the job of manager this year with Abe Bern- EE U: FV P' -1. ... ... ,. F' ,.. .., C- F' C Z m .- L 9-3 N F-7 -z C E. ff N S17 w -'T .... m 99 C' ... ci: 93 Un 2. U2 FV' P3 .... P' FY' F" 5555 55 55 553 55' .EE 5 5 li 5 5 :E 5 EQ in E EE EE 55 5 EE 5 55 55 55 5? EE EE EE EE 5 SE SE 5 EE 5 5? SEEEEEEEBEEEEQ r. 5 EE Eli EE 'LE EE H71 5 155 E E 5 LE 5 E 5 E Hi 955 rf E s H si E ii Q is Hi 5 EE gg TRACK EE Top row, left to right-A. Bernstein, Ass't. Mgr.: J. Bagleibter: S. Jacowitz: E. Trap- E,-HI hagen: R. Barkley: L. Lazarowitz, Ass't. Mgr.: I. Boxer: ai Middle row-M. Jacowitz: A. Brodsky: H. Weiner: W. DePuy: M. Widelitz E. Giusker: E C. Silverman: K. Clark, Coach: HJ QE Bottom row-J. Kuhlman: M. Cruver: F. Richards: W. Backman: F. Craft: S. Binder: 5 gil J. Wengrow. :UF ri ,EIU Track aspirants welcomed warm weather and clear days as was E IUF' . . . i 1 . , shown by figures going around the circuit and by many others engaging QE Hu in such things as shot put, discus throwing and broad lump. EE A thing which caused much interest in the school was a trip to Troy which was taken by Coach Clark and three boys, Morris .lacowitz gg Sam Jacowitz, and Eugene Glusker in answer to an invitation extended gg 5 to the school. This meet was composed of schools from all over the state gi and was quite a treat to the boys. The events entered were disc-us, shot iff put and the 880 yd. dash. EE JU The big meet of the year is the Duso League meet which is to be M held at Newburgh. All the teams of the league participate in this and it is gi the only meet that the Duso League holds. Although the boys work hard ME 5 for the other meets their main object is to get in trim for this one. The other meet of the season is an invitation meet to be held in El- lenville. Various schools have been invited and have accepted the invita- :vig :frm tion. f 1 Many of last year's men are back and the prospects are quite bright Tig for a successful year. till Eg Louis Lazarowitz holds the position of manager. 5-ii EE HES EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEHSEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEHEE H551 EE as 55. as Em 5 5 a ee ee EE as ee 5 75 5 ee 5 5 as as se VE 55 i cm' ss 555555555555 5555555555555 sd . ei EE EEEWELHEEEEEEEEEHEHHEHEEFWEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEMPEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ,, TENNIS gi Top row, left to right-Lyle Young: John Divine: K. Clark, EE lla-ffl Coach: Jos. Brackley: gg ME Bottom row, left to right-Anthony Mistretta: Jack Rippertg gc, EE Sid Binder: Henry Rothkopf. gg EE E. H. S. plunged one step forward when for the first time in the l1is- EE E tory of the school a tennis team was introduced. Questioned by the league 5 EE as to 'whether we had a tennis team, we replied "Yes" and were put in the H5 BE schedule. Of course, we do not expect our team to do wonders but we take QE QE pride in the fact that we have established a new sport in the annals of EE QE E. H. S. history. BE 5 A fine spirit was shown by the boys and they have practiced faithful- gg QE ly from the time the thing was started. It might be added that this sport EE EE gives a chance to some of those students who have not participated in 51-5 any of the other sports and it has been made a letter sport. EE About fifteen candidates turned out, among them being Joseph Brack- EE gg ley, Jack Rippert, Jolm Divine, Ely Weiner, Henry Rothkopf, Lyle Young, QE EE and Anthony Mistretta. gg ? The schedule calls for four gamesg two to be played at home and two gg 'qi away. EE 5 5 as ii Ea E ea 5 Qi! E l. ii E 5 Eli ea as 5 ss E55555 HMHHHHEH HTHREEIWHSEIWDOLSN H555 5555 EE Ei Q 5 E 5 in 555 5 l 5 EEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEHEEE E I CAST vw A A I we 55 QE LE P45 5 25 QE 5 55 5 55 55 55 55 55 25 55 QQ 55 QE 55 55 QE aa' QE 5 5 QE 55 5 55 ga Hi E5EEEEEEEEEEE55 Q . E DRAMATICS E 551' .... EE 55 EE 553 ss RUTH RICHARDSON, B. L. I. 55 BEE EE e n EE Tl1e Class of 1930 has presented two very successful plays. "Peg O' EE My Heart" by J. Hartley Manners, was given in the Junior year and EE QE "Three Wise Fools" by Austin Strong, in the Senior year. EE "Peg O' My Heart" EE Characters gg Mrs. Chichester-Le Verne Sheeley gi Alaric, her son-Anthony Mistretta gg EE Ethel, her daughter-Helen Lane EE Montgomery Ward Hawkes-Isaac Weinstein EE Christian Brent-Eugene Glusker SE EE Jai vis, the butler-Joseph Distle EE Bennett, the maid-Rose Cooper EE "Jerry"-Eugene Plunket EE "Peg"-Pearl Cohen EE HE "The Three Wise Fools" SE Characters QE Mr. Theodore Findley-Eugene Plunket 1 CI.. Dr. Richard Gaunt-Anthony Mistretta EE Hon. James Trumbell-Gordon Krum EE EE Miss Farichilds-Pearl Cohen EE EE Mrs. Saunders-La Verne Sheeley Gordon Schuyler-Jerome Rampe EE EE Benjamin Suratt-Ely Weiner EE EE .lohn Crawshay-Leonard Hershkowitz EE Poole-Alvin Zupp EE Gray-Harold Dewitt BE Clancy-Charles Hamilton gg Douglas-Fannie Solomon EE THE ROOSEVELT PRIZE EE QE A friend of the Ellenville High Scholl offered a prizee of ten dollars to EE QE the student of the two upper classes who should write the best summary EE SE of the life of Theodore Roosevelt. This summary was to be in one para- EE-I graph, not exceeding one hundred and twenty-five words. About eighty students entered this contest. Miss Williams selected the ten best sum- BE maries, signed by fictitious names. These were handed to Superintendent QE Hocmer to be judged. The winner of this contest and the donor's name will EE be given on commencement night. HE P.T.A.PREES EE Other prizes to be given for the first time this year at Commencement EE time are offered by the Parent-Teachers Association. There are two EE prizes of ten dollars each, one for the boy and one for the girl of the gradu- QE ating class to be chosen by the faculty and class. The points to be consid- EE QE ered are attendance, promptness, general demeanor, courtesy, coopera- EE tion, popularity, share in school activities and habits. ME EEEEEEEE55EEE ELEHEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEE1EEEEEEEEEEEEEE :JH BE ,EE 'LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEFEE EHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEE EE PE 5 Hi Hi EE E5 v- 5 EE , E E QE BOYS GLEE CLUB E EE s g 1 f g 3 Ronald Dixon, Francis Richard K k c HE E C b C Silverman, Louis Berger. gg QE S g K gh D J Di i , William F P d R b B gg H y gg E5 E gi Room :1 Lu:-a, Boon I 5 EE EE Bow Wow Wow! 5 ama uc EE CI ' l ' CI ' ' I EE 555555 55555 l fl Lava CI gg Rp Zlp Boom EEE -H' 1 -1 QE HE G L R EE gi 55 E-E 5555555 EE E EE EE EE EE EE Em: EE EE EE E '55 EE' EE EE E 5 5 EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE hi E? EE EE EE 5 EE Hi EE 55155555 LlillEi!filHiHli!fiifllilllfll?EEEFEEElliEE55555555555555llEELilliS2lEEEM5iEEi5E5.Tm55liiEEE55E5E ll lt L sul EE Mi' L Jr 5 llli' UE Jil , gm 533 ' UE 5 Ci fir" Uv JU UE, 55 Ei, 5 ji QVF' gg ji 'nm EE llfi 55 Srl as M55 EE if Q 5 Egg EE L ll E H2 H fu EE UE uf-l GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 'la .151 EE 5 HH Ll? Top row tleft to rightj, Dorothy Cole, Alberta Doolittle, LaVerne Sheeley Alice Clark, EE Julia Dutcher, Eleanor Rosenthal, Dorothy Andrews. 9 'QU Middle row, Ruth Geilhard, Jane Taylor, Helen Hecht, Mabel Johnson, Louise Mc- E5 gn Cartney, Helen Hill, Muriel Dipon. lim Bottom row, Irene Backman, Fannie Solomon, Mrs. Van Kirk, Ethel Schoonmaker. EE iii EE rll M3 SCHOOL SONG E alll HV fi-E Nvsllml in u vzillvy, by m-tmntziius gtmrtlvtl from all 1lill'Ill, QE Lies u pleasant little town, whirh boasts of Illillly at t-liurni. EE EE 'l'lwrc we have thu High St-hool, which is to us most de-ur, QE llli Tlwrv we have the High Srhool, which is to us most tlvlar, E 'l'lu-rv wi- go kIl0NVl9tlgl' to gaitlwr, from nlzir :is well ns near. HE C' gg Clmrus: EE DUE Now. :ill togvtlim' il song wtfll raise QE L9 . L Wa- will praisv Elleuville t'orever, 5 llc-r hand ot' students, guy happy students, EE gli Rath! Rah! QE nun! mth! Rim! gg Um' llUill'lS are lovzil, our spirits true, 5 and with these we urv sure to win. gg llziytiml- or night time, work lime, play time, EF XX 1- rt- tor the Blue- and Gold. QE Some may boast of numbers, and others of their treasure fair: E gl VVQ1, in size- and beauty, with them may not compare. Qi Yet we have the qualities which in this world are of at-count, EE 5 And us down lit'e's road we travel, we will sure be heard about. 5 EE EE ' lF"ll"'ll"'lVflFlfrflFI'ill,l.,'lQ:fllIF'l7'l1 ": l""IllFll fllr'fl7aill"ll5' r: ELI-'l,l'U','lJc1 J.l ' ' "'1llE2 llgllrllblrhpjllgll SEQ ig LL5 Lil L14 uf J., L. .tm ilgilruiilllgifllglrllglillggl uglglbmimalllglLuLl.lgl"igEgigigigEglrll,1n fu 1111 ll 1 uf ljllflllj 1 1 M"Wff1f1J1-QPLV 1 rg 1 11rP ll UE lj 1 11111 1' 'arf 2 if ri 111311 -1 -11 J 3111-1 V1 Y Q 1 SP1 P Ji11r.3Q'1,I1f1- 1 ' 'J 11.1 T3H1"1U1' gmbmamambnamamamghghbmaiamgmbmgiahamaiamamahgigmammmsmamamam1EaH5mam5mamamim "1 V 1 1-11 111 H111 - L1 1 1 11111 ,111 , UL 1 59 gm ffl! ' 1.1i11 ah lj 51 E lf-' iiud 'Ui illr' --"ll Will I I Q1 15, UV iii? 1 1115 -J ,111 iqru 11113 Cl ui Ill?" I C1111 LE 1111" run 1, fi VW U11 llll Una HW .111 11,1 Ulf. 1,111 .HI iiifii ill ' ' -1 L51 lk fllrj inj LU11 1, 1l11' 5111 vw C1i11 V1 iid lim Una IU 1 . 'lfli 11111 111-5 W, . 1 Lend 11153 1111' , :Hg qifli LU11 V' A ,, 21111 YU iifli ORCHESTRA 11111 2' 1 1111 ' 11111 Mrs. Van Kirk, Fannie Solomon, Henry Weiss, Solomon Levy, Jake Bagliebter, Robert Q11 Wolf, Donald Barkley, Josephine Spadaro, Dorthea Langabeer, Vincent Storman, Zip- PM Q51 porah Balotin, Rose Dekofsky, Ida Moshier, Richard Elting. 1LEi 1' 1 fill HH wv 113115 UH! 1 111 - - Wm WE have 1111 1-ry Wlfl have no yell! 1,.1 I F1111 But when wi- yell HE 111' -a-, ilill we y1-11 like llff Ur' will 01111 Zipzi Two P151 C1111 , . , . , ll-FF' Iwi Ama three A1113 Zum 1 Ill C' lllf' Wc+'1'0 the boys that rl-:111't will illlf ME lim Give a lloorzxll, lmm'nl1 HF L21 L1 21111 sis! 1111111111 131111: 11112 11" HU' 11111 11:11o11v11111 High S1-1111111 11115 1111" f ,H 56111 1111111 Ilillly 1111111 111111 igid ME 1 4' r. QE llaml c-ur, Push cur! 5 H11 lingim- fullu Stl-111111 mf- 11 QD! 1-111Q11v1111- 1111411 S1-1111111 llg' 1 EU? 'Uni Basket Ball TOZIIH LQUU 11111 U-IE 1111 9111 ,1 1 11111 IUI, 'llyf : A , , W e 1 11 , , a a ,, il 1 N11 EEEHEEHEEHHHEiE5EEHEEEEHEEWHHHEEHEHEEEEEHEEEEE!5EEEEHEEEHm55ESEEHEHE?E?HEmEm JOKES QEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEXJEEEEESEEEESEEESEHQEEEEEESEHEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE5555555555 I I1 1 :E -- --- EE CLASS EMBLEMS S . . 1. . .,,.. ...,,L ,...0.. 12 E ggglgiiig Place ..... ....... Ig' all: EFI .................. ..... .... .... ' E Favorite Character ................................................ ..... H amilton Eli '25 E ei EE 25 Occupation ............................................... .......... .... . . . . . Cooper WHAT WOULD HAPPEN If AL VAN GORDER got locked up in school all night? If ELI WEINER came to school at 8 A. M.? If IKE WEINSTEIN got lock jaw? If MISS FOX forgot to ask for excuses? If CLIFF WESTCOTT sat in his seat for five minutes? If CHARLES CROSS passed Algebra? If THE GIRLS B. B. TEAM won a game? If MISS DOIG was out of school for a half day? If ETHELYN BURGER opened her mouth? If GENE PLUNKET made no noise sneezing? ii Q5 - i gg A VEGETARIAN'S LOVE LETTER , - My Sweet Potato, EE D ll f 'P M 11 b f y 11 y l o you carrot a or me. y eart eets or ou. W ere have ou bean? My eyes are radish from weeping and my corn aches. If we canta- EE1 loupe, lettuce marry. Our onion will make us a happy pear. You little 513 peach, you are the apple of my eye. I am plum crazy about you and have 'ji cabbage enough berries for us to live on, even if I am a poor prune on a I small celery. E If I don't turnip to-nite, I will have a message left in the garden, so EF just cauliflower and she will give you my direction. Our secret must not Il leek out. E Lovingly, I remain, 1 IE WOMEN AND ELECTRICITY When a woman is sulky and will not speak-EXCITER If she gets too excited-CONTROLLER 1 EE If she talks too long-INTERRUPTER if gf' If her way of thinking is not yours-CONVERTER 1!,. ,1 If she is willing to come half way-METER Tr Q5 If she will come an the way-RECEIVER Q Qi If she wants no go further-DISPATCHER ,g EE If she wants to argue-TRANSFORMER Q11 'QE1 If she goes up in the air-CONDENSER EFI gif, If she wants chocolate-FEEDER 5:1 QE, If she is a poor cook-DISCHARGER Hi EE If she eats too much-REDUCER QE ,EE If she sings wrong--TUNER EE ,ga If she is too cold-HEATER Hi If she gossips too much--REGULATOR 512' 1 52 EE I H HEEE5E55EE555EEEfEEEE EEEEEE 5EEEE5EEEE SEEEE55E5E5E5E5E Tom-ato. 5 EE 5 F' Eli' gil Ir' F 99 5 we l I.. W QF E 5? l Q me ei I 5 5565 5FFEEEEI A1 Glusker- Angel in the moonlight your teeth are just like pearls! Gene Glusker- Oh indeed' And when were you in the moonlight with Pearl? Alvin- What is a ten letter word meaning hold-up? Julia- I ll bite. What is it? Alvin- Suspenders' Charles- Do you pet? Helen- Sure animals. Charles- Go ahead then Ill be the goat Tony- How is Charlie coming along in Latin" Gene Plunket- Like a native Tony- How s that? Gene- Throwing the bull Miss DuBois to Bob Wolf in Geometry class: Miss DuBo1s- Bob I am only punishing you because I love you Bob- I wish I was big enough to return your love Jack- LaVerne, I m burning with love for you LaVerne-"Come home, Aloysius, don't make a fuel of yourself." Ike-' Every time you contradict me Pm going to kiss you." Alice-"You are not. Miss DuBois- 'Alvin, can you resolve to sit up and guard your mouth?" L - -'-T-'-'LTL I ills ' as n il I - IEE l I lla as - as . EE EQ so 2 in . I I cc H EFI QE ' 52' E ' - cc , ' in 1:5 1 as ' n gif' we - .1 .JI EFI U 1 iff ,, , . . .,, EE 55 at Li si Em 4 an Il Alvin-"Miss BuBois, how did you know I had false teeth?" Miss Holmes-"Ely, can't you stand up, or are you afraid of losing your equilibrium ? " Ely-"No, Ma sewed a button on last night." Miss Doig to tardy people-You people who were tardy, come up to the front seats and I'lI tell you where to go. Mr. Clark fin Girls' P. T. classy- "Bend over and touch your right foot with your left toe." NAME Mr. Hocmer Miss Dolg Mlss Fox Miss Taylor Miss Tunney Miss DuBois Miss Holmes Mlss Sutherland Miss Roger Miss Williams Mr. Clark Miss Phelps HOBBY Speech making Making kids feel knee high to grasshoppefs hips. Finding "Marty" Barry. Passing kids in Regents. Horse back riding to reduce. To write a book in Geom. Finding experiments for boy crazy girls. Singing Jazz. To pass a rule so that kids can talk in S. H. Doing the Charleston. Eating ham sandwiches. Coaching plays. FAVORITE EXPRESSION I have assembled you here for- My figure is very easy to explain. Stop your talking please. Translate the last line over again. What is your lesson for today? Sit down and be oulet. Any trouble with the lesson today? Now that will do. Leave the windows alone. Take a front seat. Shut up! Now, I'Il hear from you. MWESEEF L' I H5 5? 52 I ei i ta ei EE EE 5? a E 5hEEEEUiEEESE5E5EE?55'EEE5E5E5E5E'5EEEEEEE5E5EEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEE1 im EE Ulster County's Cjrea test Store E QE Everything for Evervbody -- Everything for the Home E Better Quality -- Fair Prices EEE EE BE EE x E f'M 1 ' tx 1 A .Y,, 1,,,,g2lnaUqiQ-LC Q VU K f-5 'Elggii 't'e- , X ,fx A-fx QE fe 4, fri..-uni ff: e it n. fx 55 el. we NE HE - J eee ew, w I' li !-:fi A if 505f7iENiii X 4 X- N W ... - 'wmmwmunsm i'i "' Emi ' M' 'A an fli er-sw f wWSnf:ff V f ' 55 -- if 1 ' i f R il: ---'3'-""' - fied- in EEE Competent and Courteous Service EEE RCSE and GURMAN EEE 'SESS KINGSTON, NEW YORK gl ME BE E Quality Portraits if SESS E555 555555555555 U1 3 Fl 2. 3 5 CEE. 2. 25 2 w Q 3 FD en. :J z 'rs CF 5 -U B :- 'U O F' FF 3, c af 3? 9+ E. 2 if : UQ. 555555555555 '55 EE was on I 3' C7 G 2 F' D' Z U cn '-I Cf 9 O 5555 BE CASPER s. COSENZA, Prop. EEE 'Phone 22 M '55 EE D ELLENVILLE, N. Y. E 555555 E555 J SE SE BE PSE E BE EE .EE HE EE SE EE EE BE EE EE EE EE HE EE EE BE EE EE SE E H B 5355555EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHQEEEEBEHEEEEEEEEEEESEBEEEEESEHEEESEESEEESEEEEEEESE BE Geo. J. Hoornbeek S F Y S E E li llllll Ill ll Ullllglll lil 55 EE Staple and Fancy Groceries Egg EE Teas, Coffees and S ices QE Fruits and Vegetables I: Season We invite yOU to visit OUI IWW EEE gg? Potted Plants Cut Flowevs department store and select your E gg? Telephone 1 Euenvme' N. Y. new Spring attire Every courtesy E EEE will be extended :ond satisfaction E SE g arant ed. BE Eg? Compliments of U 6 E gg EE eo ' SE lrvmg ostrander Montgomery Ward 8 llomoooy E EE ELLENVILLE, NEW YORK 26'-269 ""' Sfmt E EE ,Phone 295 KINGSTON, NEW vom: E e 5 Telephone 488 Compliments of BE r - 55 E Geo. Bueltmann E. Weinberger E . "THE SHOEMANU 55 gg? Gift Shop Walk-Uver Shoes Buster Brown Shoes 55 EE 74 Clad st' Euenvmef N' Y For Mm and Women For Boy and Girl SE EEE KODAKS . FILMS I 35 Cm! St. E EEE D""'P"ffujQQ'fyP,2Q2"g of 'he Ellenville, New York gi gg EE gg BE J. 'Phone 13 Ellenville, New Yorle -E THE TERWILLIGER AGENCY E QE smimmy sporting Good' Insurance and Real Estate BE EE Novel les School Supplies EE g B k SAVINGS BANK BUILDING 165 Cum! Street Euenvme, N. Y, Established For More Than Half A Century E E Telephone 81 I 580 The "Seronpn and Ben" In All Form: of Insurance EE MP EE eeeoeooooeoeeooeeoeoeoeoeeoeoeooooeeoeoooooeoeoeoeooooeoosfoeoeoooeoeoeoeosoolg 55-EEEEEHEEEBEEEEEEE5555EEEEHEEEEEEEEQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBE' EE EE P 71 4 DI 5 Q. 0 1 'Q 9 'U 'I fb S' J.. -.. ON '52 Sa 0: Ei-4' HEIHEEEBTH SEER EEEEEEBEEEEESEEHEBEEEEEEE EE EESESEHEEEEEHESEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEBEEEBEELQBEEEEEEEEEHEEE EEHEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEE 'EJTI 55555 55 an QE Q5 5 5 55 55 5 E 511' 55 Q5 55 55 Q1 as as E 55 Q5 HE QE as 55 E 55 55 5115555555535 liilIIl6llYIl,S llfllilgll, lllll. Compliments of ELLENVILLE, N. Y. Oakland and Pontiac Allen D. Potter SALES and SERVICE INSU RANCE - ' '- F t e Tires and Tubes Firestone Battery Service Compliments of Compliments of Schipp's Diner E Ue,, Shaduwland Ihanlrn Watch Your Order Cooked N. Y. O M Cl liness - Q l S Tel. Ellenville 70 M ll'lEQNl1SllllW Marshall-Jaunsnn Ilumuany Tel- 346 Ellenvillef N- Y- 413117 Canal st. Ellenville, N. Y. 55555E55 EEEEHEEEE Z! 'E' 0 '1 B 9 D G 3 E' E2 3' U0 5' 'O 15 EEEEEEEEEE HIGH GRADE -- gf Clothing, Shoes 8g Furnishings Tlxos. J. Mc Mullen For Men and Women 85 Canal Sbreeb Telepho l29 shadowland Theatre Bldg' ' EE gg ELLENVILLE, N. Y. Ellenville, N. Y. E E 55 5 EE eomplimenfs of COIIIPHIIICDIS of F55 gi BFE gg Harry Rosenstock 55 Hi S. ll vlll wllglllllll E Sporting Goods, Gents Furnishings EE EE - l I- and Traveling Equipment EE QE Corner Canal and Market St e s E E gslabfished 2856 Ell ville, N. Y. ga E5 55 5 ig EH Geo. B, H0lmeS sonoml CLUTHING s. co., Youngs and Munsons Hats and Ready made suits for men and boys. EE QE Caps-Ralgtgn Shges-.Inter Wgven Prices very reasonable. Special de- QE Socks--Gordon Phoenix Silk Hosi- . ery-Kayser Silk Under Wear and partment for suits made to order. EEE Gloves-Ladies and Gents .. Z.. Furnishings, J P B ' EEE' E l07 Canal Street Phone ll . . QE Ellenville N Y gg EE 5,0 open Thurs. d S L E i 8 122 cami sneer Ellenvllle, N. v. EE 55 55 5555555 EE55555 Compliment.-s of Wm. F. Schacht Ngw Shire E - - For the most complete line of EE QE, School Books and School Sup- 55 E :soc isfmif Ellem n N v. plies, Fine Stationery and Full H5 'Phone azz Line of Sporting Goods m 5 5555555555555555555555Qasaeagseaeasagamagaeaeaeaeasagig EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEE5I'i'5Fi1'5E5i5'if5l5E5EEEEiEEEE'.5'E'.5E5E55i5EErl EE COMPLIMENTS OF Benny Dekofsky Ellenville Cash Meat Market 9 MARKET ST. ELLENVILLE. N.Y. COMPLIMENTS OF Harold B. Gillette Ellel1Vlll6, N. Y. 0 A L LONE STAR CEMENT Compliments of FATER And SANDERSUN Tonsorial Parlor 2 C' nal ST l' Ellen 'll N X. Good old Home Cooking and Pastries Easmans Restaurant Peter W. Easman, Prop. Pleasing You keeps Us in Business 80 Canal St Ellenvill N. Y Compliments of 5, Compliments of . , 55 . , Binder s Market EE Ladenheim s Garage Canal and Main St. 'Phone 236 and Ellenville, N. Y. Ellenville Chevrolet Sales and Service Produce Market 9 Market St. Compliments of John Dunlop EEEEEEHSEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEHHEEEEE Let's Dine And Dance at the Shamrock Restaurant Ellenville, N. Y. American and Chinese EEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEBEEEEEEBF-355555555555 I 5EE555EEE555 Miss Williams-"It gives me great pleasure to give you a 'B' in English." Cliff Westcott-"Aw, make it an 'A' and have the time of your life." Some girls prefer a chaperone, but others prefer a chap-alone. - Margaret-"Jerome, would you put yourself out for me?" , Jerome-"Of course, I would, dear." fmushy likel. Margaret-"Then will you? It's after twelve and I'm awfully sleepy." . Senior-"In Siberia they don't hang a guy with a wooden leg." - Freshie-"Why not?" Senior-"They use a rope." -J '35 Alice Clark-"Say, whatcha doing with that magnifying glass?" EFI Gordon Krum-"Trying to make. this dime look life a half dollar." D 1 ei E2 ei EE Ei H F Julia King-"Ireland should be the richest country in the world." Rose Cooper-"Why is that?" Julia-"Her capitol has been Dublin for many years." Lg Pat McConnell-"The Scotch people are beginning to walk backwards." -J. Nell-"Why is that?" W1 Tr Pat.-"So they can save their front steps." -3 5:1 Lyle-"I learned to dance in one evening." 55 Ethel Schoonmaker-"I thought so." Miss Doig- When did you first suspect that your husband was not all right mentally? Mrs Hocmer- When he shook the hall tree and began feeling around on H the floor for apples. Ethel Silverman Say Dot I hear you flunked English Is it true? Dot McConnell Yea the teacher asked us to write an essay on the sult of Lazlness and I handed in a blank sheet of paper Did you go t oa speakeasy when you were in New York? He- I want a girl who IS clever good and beautiful She- You don t want one you want three' .J 55 EE H EE E U E Eli EE Qi g l ::', , , , i . 9 . "Re- EF, M H n 5 5 ' W L5 "Nami: I don't like them Talking Pictures." H . li .fl 'EE fl 555 EEEEEEEEEEE 555555555555555555555555EEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEBEHEEE Customer: "Hey, waiter, there's a fiy in my alphabet soup." Waiter: "Beg your pardon, sir! Where was he, sir?" :QE Customer: "X marks the spot." Sailor-"Help! I can't swim. Drop me a line." Facetious Captain-"Yes, and you write me some, too." Mr. IIOCIIIBT-USO your son got his B. A. and M. A.?" Mrs. Van Kirk-"Yes, indeed, but his P. A. still supports him." Q as Helen Hill-"What do you think of the-se electric reducing machines?" Madeline H.-"Frankly, I prefer the old-fashioned food." EE .J L Henry Weiss-"How about a little ride, cutie?" Marjorie Barkley-"Are you going North?" QE Henry-"Yes, Iam." Marjorie-"Well, then, give my love to the Eskimosf' un l ' Complimenbs of C. H. VanKirk l Dentist Q RUSE l IJIIUIILHS CU. 55 Plumbing SL Heating Telephone 202 ... 0 - Refresh Yourself At I PAINTS And OILS CA Farm Machinery 131 Canal Street - 0 - ' - 0 - 'Phone 143 Ellenville,fN. Y Delicious Sodas Sundaes and Frappes fn. H-f X A Schrafft's and Park sirilfofws candies .. .1 ' ' ' - -M U, if J if '-M il 'Q V 1 5555555EEE5EE EE5EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEE .lf F' .J .I .I as The Class of 1930 Gratefully acknowledges the assistance and the many favors of The The The The Faculty Press Photographer Mr Cosenza Advertisers Our Classmates The Blue and Gold A few copies of this year book fcontaining a. complete directory of the alumnij are still for sale. Price one dollar. Address "Blue and Gold", E. H. S., Ellenville, New York. Commencement Season Programs The Class Day exercises will be on June 21st. The Baccalaureate sermon will be delivered by the Rev. Perry Van Dyke on June 22nd and the Commencement exercises will be given on June 23rd. Each of these programs will be given in the High School Auditorium. The hour is 8:00 P. M. EEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEHHHQFMEEFEE if 5 E - 1 5 E 1 QE . EE EH 55 5 . ' ' 5 Qi? The Subscribers '+R It -fl Q 5 l ii is l E 1 H? F '55 ai W F we F EE555 HHHEEE H E 5 5 5 E SE E 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 C5110 Ellenfvillo rP'ress Go, Inc. HWL'iMMMR1H55555555M E 555 5 SE 5 5 .5 QE . 5 'EE E 5 EE X 5 E E E . 5 5 E E 5 E 5 E H555 55 55555555 ef? E 555555H55555555 'Prmters 'Publzs hers 555555 5555555555 5555555555555 5.555 HEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE A. O. Kurz JEWELER Telephone 659 97 Canal St. , Ellenville, N. Y. We Do Not Sell Campbell's Soup but when it comes to Drugs and Sick Room Supplies WE ARE RIGHT THERE We also carry a very nice assort- ment of Face Powders, Lip Sticks and Face Creams which helps to keep that school girl complexion, and Oh, how the girls like Huylers Candies. We sell them too. Remember the name CAMPBELUS DRUG STORE when in need of anything in the Drug Line Finish High School First Then Take a Course ln a Private Business School. Work for some successful business man dur- ing vacations and use the knowledge and skill thus attained to make your College Course fit you for your Life Work. Ramsdell School 16 Montgomery St. Middletown, New York For men who dress smartly without Extravagance We specialize only in men's dress wear, this is one of the reasons you can buy better values at a lower price at our store. When you need a suit, hat, or shirts, do not hesitate to come to us for better values. s. J. STERN Clothier -- Haberdasher 137 Canal St. E E E sa' as E as 55 sa E E E QE E 5 E as 5 ss E as EE 555555 555555 H5555 555555555555 SF: BEER EE' EE EE EE EE FSE EE 55 EE .EE EE EE EE EE EE- HE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE HE IEEE5555555555525SEEEEEISEEEEEEEEEHEBEEEEEBEEEEEISEEEEEEEEEHEEBE55555555525 I1 32 ,I Miss Holmes fin Chemistry c1assJ- Q5 "What is the most outstanding contribution that chemistry has given 'gli to the world?" E Rita-'-Blondes." ' 'Bi Rose Cooper-My dear, do you file your finger nails? gg, Evelyn W.-Oh, no, dear girl, I simply throw them away after I cut them. Hi HEI H ' la E U .li Hi EE' H5 H EE rl EE I EE Ida Katz- Why are your socks on wrong side out? Leonard H.- My feet were hot and I turned the hose on them Bob-Why didn't you answer that letter I sent you during vacation? Edna-I didn't get it. Bob-Didn't get it? Edna-No, and besides I didn't like some of the things you said. 55555555 Mr. Clark-I just bought a set of Shakespeare. Mrs. Clark-How many times have I told you not to buy those foreign tires. si HE '15 Miss Holmes-I think you would have passed this chemistry, if you had ' paid a little attention. Pat McConnell-I paid as little attention as possible, I'm sure. CHEESE Charlie Plunket-I always sleep with gloves on. That is what makes my hands so soft. Miss Rogers-Hum, do you sleep with your hat on, also? 'EF-EF"aF Ef5'E'5'-E1-Ef5'-E'L-'sl5Tf-El5'f-il?',-'af?'-3'-ELi'- 'l-H5151-EF QE-1 mud F' 353 50556 I nm- QS miigrfg:-1 E.:-E. 5 greg ?g' Qggomgm D'SE.'-2' .3 g'-or -H :Swag 'El U3 Q-Eg F73 :T""2TS.'L. '1 s-+5T ig! U,-4 3571 5,55 2- T5 as Us WS T 'Q as U EU: 555 2 Sft mo 9' :ips 'cs U2 -am Io Q' 'Q'- "' ' O Q' t'+Q,rQ- r-u O 5. cn'-5" 7,-,':',: ' ' ,cr B ff D' Pm VN 5' 5. N 14 S :E QI r-'J ffl " 'rm cum 2 H g gg 9 5' l ff' r-u gg 5' N C! 5 5 2 pin-5 5 Ui W X Q.. 14' -. g 2 a' za Og 52' 'cs '-If sw UQ uq Ug er CD 'U :S O fp '5 553 2' U 3 '4 ga EF go Sc ca. Z1 E g U2 :gy 'FS 8 3 2 "4 "Q 3 3 sg - gl FD 3 ::' gre "' N rg -- Q 2. E-'E '4 E E. 53- '4 'D '1 2 UQ 5 SI cf Sa S H 3' -+ ff 2 fn cz. ::' "4 , 'D ev 'D D' KD 9: Q .... gg- x Ph E 54" O 5 2 S' -4 m O S U1 U1 2 O m E' '11 Q CD - Q 2 .Q I 2. 97 Q ,Lu : sw I5 U' an 5 L73 UQ '-4 U 90 Q- ,4 o gi 'S 3 o E pa In O s: -. o 4-f Q ' O 3' S E' 5' -1 ff: -Q fPearl and Gene go into Candyland. The waitress brings their orderj. Pearl-Did you order this sundae, Gene? Gene-Goodness, have I been here that long? Julia King fin Chemisty classj--"We are now importing quartz from South America." EQEEE EEE EE5?EEEEEEBEEEEEBEEEEEEEEE EEBEEEEE 5EEEEE 55555555555 F. A. Bueltmann Optometrist and Jeweler Flanagan-Archer-Watkins sa - 0 - E e 0 - QE Ulster County's leading EE Scientific Eye Examination E Sh""o"'F'ameS Clothing Store for Kodaks r Developing and Printing E Jewery 0 Men and Boys Silverware EE Fountain Pens -i EE Greeting Cards 1 S. Cohen's Sons EE EE 4 Market St. T I h ju H N Y 331 Wall St. Kingston, N. Y. 552 if EE EE Schoonmaker's E Drug Store 111 C al St. Ellenville N Y Elfablilhed 1869 'Ph 45 Wm. H. Deyo Sr. Co., Inc. gg - : - Lumber and Coal 5555555555 Drugs, Paints Soda and Ice Cream Whitman's Candy Everything in Building Materials 'Phone Ellenville 600- 601 ELLENVILLE, NEW YORK WN LEEEEEEEHEEHEEEEEEEEEEEBEHEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEESEBEBEEEEEEEBQESBEEEEEEE we E sa an ea L45 55 55 55 55 aa' ea QE QE QE as QS QF., ea' 55 55 E 5 E E5 ea ea 55 an as ea saga C5 5555555555155 5555 EEEEEEU' E555 -I-fr-,gnnu1,:.:...... , ,A wnwp- ,Y-4--.T aQq,,W,?3w,a,:k5:4f5v5-an-1. x Hm, new .. - ' ' - ,I 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 autographs 455459 55 ai 212 5 935 ei E5 5 25 5 ge ga ,l. 5 5 5 5 Q 5 5 IUE ' 55 fn' Ei Ei ga EE .1 5 5 5 5 5 5 55 5 bi E3 5 ea es 5 25 5 5 an 55555555 5 5555 5 5 5 ? 1 5 I 5 5 X '1- 1 E Q E FK Z F5 3: 33 2 2 E H I 0. 2 F' 'E 7?- 95 E 3 fa Q KU1 ' B F.TK1QSZE' 37177: HRLUIDu3El Ix'1AAi"l7iT' isbf , ' Y

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