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 - Class of 1958

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Ellensburg High School - Klahiam Yearbook (Ellensburg, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Klnhhm Advertiser Blnce 1918 FARRELUS FOR MEN AND BOYS "Quality Is Remembered Lung Alter Prlce In Forgotten" 401 N. Penrl WA 5-2481 Klahlum Advertiser Since 1935 Kluhinm Advorilser Slncc 1924 Schaake Cascade BOSTIC'S Packing Co. Lumber Co. "'I-Iome of EIIensburg's For the nes: in Quamy Grain-Fed Beef" Rt. 1 WVO 2-1484 Rexall Drugs 4th and Pearl W0 2-6261 Klahlam Advertiser Since '13 EI Iensburg Te Iepnone Company Scrvlnr Klttllas County Since 1902 S05 N. W0 2-1425 WHITE-FITTERER CO. Real Eslure and Insurance 318 N. Pearl YVO 2-4921 J. C. Penney Co. COMPLIMENTS of EI Iensbu rg NICIWOISOH Iron Works Dru S-to re Klmlun Advertlur slum 1913 g MRS. TOM HAMILTON C. 8 YOUR PRESCRIPTION AND SON . PHARMACIST C2213 2i'.Z'5I"25J51Xi5?.IZ'."" 315 N. rem-lmci 1939 WA 5-2261 201 N' PM" Elkmb g H9 N- Mah' WA 5-B357 Klahlaxn Aavemw sum mn KIEENQQEIEERQWZQBI5 Morgonls NATIONAL BANK U'T2ff'Em OF ,mm ca coMMERcE MIZISEEE ""cE"m5"TE Hhilgrssr YYO 2-11421 211 me Fourth Ave. wo 2-use fm' d P ' El' buf! am mm Euclld WA 5-1151 I Klalllarn Advertlser Since 1947 MILLS Heinrich Herbert 1 Saddle n Togs Auto Snowden EVERYTHING FOR YOU AND YOUR House EVERYONE ml and Mm wo 2-2312 los N. 1111111 wo 2-sm 246 N. Pine W0 2 4067 Klahlum Advertlser Slnce '49 J Il Klahlum Atlverflsbr Slllce 1925 SITO S ' , Handy-Stop B I L L S Ostrander s EA, AN, SHO, sromma noons Drug Giighlsxdsggllxfiin Your Beanri. Health pcumah, genice and Subscnphon Center 111 E. sn. wo 2-41s-1 111 11 uh wo 2-8627 401 N- Pear, WA 5.5344 Klahlam Adverllser Since 1939 Hank II1e Plumber Plumbing and Heating "Where Everybody Goes" 502 N. Plne WA 5-5878 The Steak I-louse BREAKFAST LUNCHES DINNERS 8th and Maln VVO 2-9933 Klshlam Advertlser 50 Years Mme THE HUB CLOTHIERS sm N. 1-1-an KVA 5-8201 ELLENSBURG CEMENT PRODUCTS, INC. SVCS! 7th XV.-1 5-8671 W. BROTHERTON SEED COMPANY, INC. 802 S. l'l-url KVA 5-538l 2,2-K 4 Klnll Ad tlwr Since 1918 K C D.A. Darrgold Products Frozen Dvnserl Cottage Cheese Buttermilk Chocolate Milk Sugar-Free Ive Crennx Tiffany Agency OE Insurance Is the Best Policy Take If From Us 0 MW, x 1' wo 2.6251 N Y CAFE CHINESE AND AMERICAN DISHES 118 W I d WA 5-2181 Klahlznm Adwvrtl QI 1918 T. G. I-leofon I5 NEWS Cb Bpos. . Q Optometrast SPURTS quamy I Since 1896 104 w. Filth XVA sfzzsv "voice of me Buudogsu : I I Lunstrurn Willie strange 5 Anderson Point ond Gloss Sporting Goods Qil Company CONTRACTING "EVERYTHING FOR THE Shell Produch PICTURE FRAMING SPORTSMANH 418 N. Pine WA 5-8461 506 N. Plnv TVAX 5-7881 Souih 11.11. Ave. WO 2--1157 BUTTERFIELD fB.fi.L....1""1-iii 194' CHEVROLET COMPANY We SPe::l:En:?n:ll Kinds FAMILY SHOE STORE. 51h and lliun 110 2-1459 Pio- Box 'no ,vo 2-1413 321 N' Pearl wvo 2-3447 EVENSON MERRY'-AND RINK PHARE PAINT STORE FUNERAL HOME SKATING 107 west 5th Ave. ,f.21'AT.1i:Ll?'E"XIt?.21 w--If--my. Him --4 Ser-rdf-v ""L"'NGS Sum' 301 E. Thlrd Ave. 11'0 2-1441 ,7 MANC-5E'S Buster Brown Shoe Store A t p l-'edwln u xr Id Rohlc- N P wo Z-3011 UrrLY MOSER S CLOTHING scum cLomss PP"""'5 GARMAN srloss Z2 ' -Mk X 33-37 1-3:1 'I We ' fkfgra South Muln WA 5-6161 South Main St. MID-STATE CO-OP Purina Feeds and Z3 If .Rxy ",.V y , 'Q QM Petroleum Products 500 W. Std VVO 2-N11 We 5' 1 'TT qwx4"'I I L Sv 'Ll' f 3 fi"r " L-5 5 110 608 YI fo- , s-hu ,...q+ :...-4 ,xx A 3 x . 6 k -Qf X ,' Q A N A x Ns. -,, 11, ...xx x Y SJ , R' .x I x P M f s S 1 K rL N lx ' R I IV! El 'X W, f I M F v' A41 WL. J IL, 4 fii J -'rl' lj v J' F' x, 1 4, , J Gym My fffff C FO OM NJ A X 474 5? 3 51,12 f f QM OU 5 KQ wf' Q wh Aiviwawf QQQXQLUL A! MLN '63 CN 8 ISA QE: QQ VJ 445f'b?:D x4 4,0-fwg R MW? y 2 C4794 QQ HAHA 236922 ,Of 6,0 f AXQQML AMJZ. .eaQ5,,,.,U WM x M Awww ,L zh LWQWKMQ A WM Y 15 Qjkhkgf Maj my X fgfjfffi 'gif 4' A M ff Lf' DW 2ff'J'Zf7f"L 7117 QW ?1ftq eau of Progreu Klohlom 1958 Ellensburg Hugh School Ellensburg Washington my 1 2, Q 95 Q . 0 , P f Q, 4'c4, MMA 0 'Z - we Q -X f 764 50 fi, '.lJ NYJ JI Q16 L , Q Qu! .671 JUL A J RQ l N H, 5 , X951 UW MJ' I . K x C, UF' VX CHQ p ww 4-M JN Nfl I E 3 'lm' ? !V0f' 'eil egx xo el 9 u . Uy Jph ' 0' X J ' , I Q v V OJ. .- - .A J f Q zgcfo xx r j Q6 A5 . , f , rein, 4 0 A V h 'Zh I ' Jlalxloxkif ,U ,Sb 2 V X f M ix- JL 0 UM 0 471- ,f , J 7 fi 5,56 I ,fo I w, . ,K 12 f f' ML Sw ' .. Qygux N l CJ pk. c'!iL' tl ' LTV ,"fJ'x fjjhlal .X r 9 ' A , Qjfbmx MM, ol' ' rv I f 4 ' X' . -'WI K N-,I - ' XV JZ I 5 . ! - V MV .4 ,QW I ' Mp Ldv. Q.,-,. ,AQ 'Q,f..,.... -4 6 , I . I ' , ' fl 4 M '1 0 . , I , hy '- it Q QED? Q S wt , UQ? . lic? N?3fp CQS?W Qff5:D web ixfsvv Xp Jw nj f iz my ffm W' 7f4""' 1912 .. K I ' 4 ,J , . I ji U' VM ,jfQ?.,?Q.fLwZu-.' PM W F FN If 5,-3' lf i ,MI ,. r.llZljIy'vJl PJ' 5 rsV"' 'Wjgikgxii f iffivif fi mf' EGG t ..,0fW A J, og,,fvUfgw1y OC My Qajjifffw' C ly N h d r, Editor DI Cfc' 1 i i i i l .Z L G d Historian E L"ff""C"-Jef J S th B ess Mcmag r , i M M I Kbb ,Adviser gil, -f ,JCL Cf 01V 4f1,L,.,,L Qfw S0-M17 ' A QC, 'Q luv- to u gsk' . N N-S" wx ' 'l OOWV , G A lu X ' sow ss Q00 W-0 or 40' 09350 s dltlgfioylpqgb Qgwswigx 3 L3 E jd W Wig? 4, pf' fb L X61 Wig Q '956--- ,, V K , wmbw4fQU,Q wx, J TQXJCHQ Jw ' .WX wiv? XWQ km 1 7 qw W Www f , I 0 gg? , "fu WM By Way of Introduction DEAR FRIEND: I come to you, as a brief record of your High School life and activities during the year i909-IO, as a memorial of the dear old happy school days. Take me, read me, keep me, and years from now you will again turn my pages, slowly and thoughtfully, while memory wanders back over the scenes of the past to those glorious days when we were chums at school. Yours affectionately, HKLAHIAM 'I I This was the first foreword to appear in a Klahiam. Though written forty-nine years ago, the staff's desires have not changed. We still want to give you as complete and accurate a record of our school's activities as possible-one that you will enioy now and one that you will enioy fifty years from now. To give a more complete account of a school day, shots before and after school, between classes, and in the classroom have been included. By comparing the old and new, we hope to show you "Fifty Years of Progress." yb X For forty Y6OfS.MlSS Baker has given freely of her time and energy to advise an Instr c HS students Always she has been concerned a ou Q, Xa d mte sted e ch one of us, she worries lust as much about our plans U O! E Sho sQas she worried about our fathers' or mothers' plans and Q4 act: s a f w years ago. Concerts, basketball games, Amla Retam events, or banquets-she attends and enioys them all because she is interested in us. "Exercises each hour plus a fast game of basketball-how can she do it?" marvel her admiring students, tired out after iust one PE class. Her enthusiasm is catching. Girls that were sure they hated volleyball soon discovered that the game wasn't "half bad." After a hard day at school, Miss Baker, their GAA adviser, still had enough energy to turn out with the girls twice a week, playing another game of basketball, baseball, volleyball, or ping pong. The sounds of, "One, two, three, kick, one, two, three, kick," could be heard not only in the gym during PE classes, but also after school was excused. She was coaching the song and cheer leaders. EHS is Miss Baker's home. lt always will be. Yes, few teachers have ever become so much a part of EHS. f f SMS: , lf?ig1,?Qpa'gg.w:Z K fa bww fg,.Ax1xgx QR., ' Lyn ' 'gimx V, M. M, 2 if , U " ig zz if K , ggfiy 2. " , i 5523: I 5, gyx k j is 'gk i , ... 'W ,i f -igigjg' ig: ,fy gg QW el. mfg , , K! ,, gi NH j .1 4 K fn? , Ii 1 "W- y x ,Z , k':L w . 1 - M, fi . Q , ' Q L 1 W 3' ' A, 3 X 'L ln reviewing the changes and progress of the last fifty years as they affect EHS,the most consistent but paradoxically the least predictable variation has been in the per sonnel. Along with the obvious yearly change of faces-one class leaving and one en tering-a million other unobtrusive transitions have left their mark on EHS throughout the fifty years. From one or two modest bicycle racks in front of the school, to a parking lot, assigned parking places, and cars, cars, cars .... From navy skirts and middy blouses, to shorter skirts and more sophistication, then back to the middies .... Through a depression, part of a recession, and two world wars .... From Rudy Vallee, to Frank Sinatra, to Elvis Presley .... These are a few changes both from outside and within EHS that have had some effect on the personnel since 1908, and which have helped to make those years memorable. Q if JM ,W W4 PERSONNEL WWWWMQ ygywvtfifiizffr J! This pensive group of ASB officers ruled the roost in 1913. Judging by the thoughtful expressions on their faces, they must have taken the responsibility of governing the student body seriously. ln 1927, the students of EHS were moved to organ- ize a Board of Control in addition to the existing student governing bodies. These representatives, some of whom should look familiar to a few present- day EHS'ers, were members of the Board. Gathered around a table in the library of the old high school are Mr. Brown and the student body officers of 1941. Could they be discussing the per- ennial problem facing ASB officers-how can we carry on this business most efficiently? 1 1 15" , if When p o6lemA MR. BROWN The road of progress would never be traveled if there wasn't a blazer for the trail. EHS has been very fortunate to have Mr. William Brown as our trail blazer. Starting as Principal in 1930, he has seen us through two schools and twenty-eight years of success. Mr. Brown had the unbeliev- able power of knowing all the students, their weaknesses and strengths. He was always ready and willing to assist each individual or group, and to help with any activity. May we salute him as our leader of progress! MRS. ROBINSON "Mrs. Robinson, where is room 3l4?" asks a bewildered Sophomore. "But, Mrs. Robinson, it's not my fault I'm late!" complains a Junior. "Mrs. Robinson, do you really think I played hooky?" asks a Senior. With this daily bar- rage of questions, our Office Secretary, Mrs. Virginia Robin- son, was continually kept whopping." Her fair decisions and logical advice were called upon daily by administrators, teachers, and students. MR. ERICKSON "How can he stand it-having to see our same old faces for twelve years ?" wondered High School students, but Mr. Ed Erickson, our Superintendent of Public Schools, seems to consider it a privilege. His friendly "hello" and warm smile greeted all students whenever they met him. Interested in all of us, he was continually trying to improve both classes and facilities so we would receive the maximum benefit from them. 10 'iwwfl' 3 Ln, is A 5 I Auddenlq arwe we uk tl: em to adalwe Vfwnif MZMJ A4 ZLJLM fhff W ffm! 55, ,Zim O O it X!!-Q4 M . - Wi 61 . , V Oki Q 5 I x This is one means of getting home buf oh, it's noisy! ,pofk N , ' vi 4 ' Q , f -aff L, W -Tm' . I I f 'yy I .125 ZLAALL I , -.-1P!p.g ' , iffy.. i The students of EHS ' . A Ad ?v e alae d MR ANDERSON What a day' was often Ed Anderson s reply at the end of snxth period He was kept actne teachxng Geometry adx rsmg the Sophomore Class and acting as boys counselor Hopeful that many would apply for scholarshlps and attend college he spent much of hrs tlme aduslng college bound Sennors MR ANDREOTTI Now class the bell has rang ' Arch1e Andreottr re mlnded his classes whrch mcluded Algebra Tngonometry Math Analysxs and Physxcs Asrde from h1s teachlng actm tres he was head track coach assrstant football coach and was nn charge of girls lockers MISS ARGALL Ex en though they entered Ruth Argall s room wxth shak mg knees and qulvermg hands students gradually conquered mentals and Englrsh she advised students partrclpatmg m school assemblxes and she ass1sted Seniors MISS BAKER An alumna of our school Glades Baker m her years here has become well acqualnted wxth almost all EHS students Her classes rncluded Gxrls Health and PE and unlor Com posrtlon and Literature She adv1sed GAA the Songleaders and the Cheerleaders MR FORRESTER The students of burldxng number sux flndmg themselves 1n the hands of an expert Eugene Forrester were able to accomplrsh many worthwhile projects He taught Voca tronal Agrlculture and larm Shop and was the adviser of ITA MR GOODELL Already famxlnar to many of us because of hrs student teachmg practnce at our Hugh School last year our school welcomed another new teacher Allen Goodell He taught Sophomore Lnterature and Composntxon and spent many hours worklng with hrs Raduo Productlon class O nderson . sf 7 ' , ' r ' 1 : A 'U 7 'N l' 9 r - ' ' 1 A K' I . 7 ' I - . . n reott' U ,U 7 U all? nervousness. Her classes Included Speech Funda- y 7 .Y 1 . . . . Y . . , . c . .. , . . 7 Q . , J - ' 5 '7 M sArguIl . . Y . . . K , , , . 1 , K ' . 7 . . 7 N .. ,, , ' M sBcke hiyg l .E 7 1 were tl: 61 wo d MISS DUNSTAN Ex ery trmc 1 class dame approached Marre Dunstan and members of the decoratron commrttecs could bc found work mg, drlrgently TITIODKL, werrd frgures fantastrc dcsqsns and unusual colors Hcr tcachrng, lctnrtres lIlLlLILlCl.l flxc classes of Art MR BURNETT Thrs year thc vnclcome mat wls put out for our new rzrng drrectrnf., and helping the Chorus prepare for therr many concerts MRS BROWN Instead of lrstenrng to the chatter of students as most teachers do Alrce Brown faced a darly barrage of clrckrng typewrrters In addrtron to typrng she also taught Economrcs and was rn charge of the Study Hall from 8 OO to 8 45 a m MR BARNHILL One of the two Merles at EHS Mr Barnhrll rmpressed the boys rn hrs classes wlth stern but farr drscrplme and the grrls rn the halls wrth hrs polrteness He helped advrse Bulldog Guard and though rn a maze of planes drrlls and saws taught Industrral Arts M Bown "9 O ' I A 4 If 1 ' ' 1 ' , 1 U ' .x 1 I v "7 'K 7 ' 'r Q1 S KQV' ljlvjvt 1 ' ' ."'z""',"' ' " '. ' " ' . if Chorus teacher, Coyne Burnett. He was kept busy reorgan- , . I- ' K -, - . . . 7 . 7. 7 . 1 . . . 7 . ' y . . 3 7 7 R7 . 17 Mr. Barnhill LAW We we e enliglr ten ed MR. ELLIS: If anyone moaned or complained a little too long they were sure to be greeted with a teasing smile and the com- ment, "That's just about a tough break!" from our new Biology teacher, Don Ellis. Besides teaching Biology, he advised the hard-working Bulldog Guard. MR HENRY Because he has taught at EHS since 1943 Dutch Henry must know millions of boys inside out How about gn ing us girls a tip? Besides teaching Boys Health and PE he had a new yob this year coaching the tennis team during both fall and spring turn out MRS KAARING Fingers were burned and mistakes were made but Astrid Kaaring was always there to iron out the difficulties At hristmas time EHS ers were lured toward her room by the nticmg smell of holiday cookery She taught Home Economics and adyised the FHA MR KIBBE If you were looking for something and couldnt seem to find it just look on Merle Kibbes desk Its bound to be there Besides teaching Photography Math and Year Book Production he was the film co ordinator MISS KLOBUCHER Marion Klobucher s wit good solid adyice and remarks that really hit home made her classes both enjoyable and profitable She taught Senior Composition and Literature unior Composition and Literature Creatiye Writing and Greek Classics She was also the Senior Class and Assembly Adyiser MR LA BRECQUE The Inspector Gerard Labrecque is the only EHS teacher that can pretend he s a Roman at one banquet and a Frenchman at another His classes included Latin French and Literature 1 . I 1. Q ,, H , . 7 - ' . 5 ' . Q Y I l . Y. 7 . . . . , 7 1 . . . . . . , K .Q Y ' . . I 1' y 1 . '- f .1 . 1 - ' . . . , . . 7 ,. - - - - - . ' ' y - ' - v' . . i V. . I . 1 . , , . . . . , , , . . , . ' 7 ' . XX . . X . , . 1 . . 1 , 1 M K , Y ' , . .. . ,, - ' 9 J , , Y. . I . , , . , . . , , .' ' , ' , her Mr. lcbrecque til .ti 'la if? , K1 K: ... at gy, "H 'ri A9 , 34- ,ful . L W lx it . '-' . , A S .Z gg 4 , :..,.s'Q gf . Zi r,-1,'- ,ga R :we -g - . .Swwi-f f A at Jfwf sff' -Er W' I 4 A we s V' s We , l Jw., .1 Y MR LINDSTROM H1s1ng prcxiously t1ught it I-Iighllnd 'lllcl Wcst Vlllcy at first it was 1 little hlrd for H1rold Lindstrom to lcnovs cxactly who to root for at our athletic exents Now of and Chemistry MRS MQCDONALD With college requirements tightening and college boards getting harder Ilorence MacDonald w1s xery interested in helping each student get as much as possible out of High School She t1ught unior Composition and Literature Sen ior Composition 1nd Literature and adused the unior Class MRS NYGAARD If you were looking for an exciting book such as e World Atl is Who s Who or the Thes1urus Alice Nygaard was always glad to aid you in your search A School Librarmn Mrs Nygaard also supervised the unior Librarians 9 MR ROWLEY We mon' was the echo Stub hclrcl mlny times this year lftcr hc coached our footb1ll team to 1 second plice position in the State football poll 1nd first place in the co1ch 1nd superxised four Study H1lls MISS SHUCK Miss Shucla may If Miss Shuclc would you' Miss Shuclc Better known as Anna B Shuclc to the faculty Miss Shuclc was perhaps one of the busiest members of the faculty teaching classes in Bookkeeping 1nd Office M1 chines serxing as girls counselor and Sophomore Class and Pep Club Ads iser MR SNGDGRASS Due to acl-. Snodgrass hard worlc the Moscow exchange concert this ye1r was a great success Mr Snodgrass sms lcept busy directing the band adxising Pep Band and Dance Band working with numerous ensembles and giung pri x1te lessons S 15 2 'lg K, A Af 4 ,..1-- i L. Mr. Lindsfrom Mrs. MacDonald Mrs. Ny cord 4 V - " Q 4 f 2 'Y 2 4 2 ', H ' uf H " li 1 ' ' ' I 1 I 'cf 4 i i c I .i ' i ' i L ' ' i 4 S a ' c .i 1 L i ' S i ' ci. ', I i A c 4 i .S c i i course, he's an avid EHS fan, His classes included Biology Valley League, Mr. Rowley was also assistant basketball V1 Y. W K - , C S v.. K -1. i r i i 7 ' r ' 7 ' H ' " ' ' S 7' ' ' Y - V ' ' V 1 ' - 1 ' ' U 7 , I 4 S ' i '.' I ' . . .H ' i . ' i, ' Y . g. 7 I g. ,' ' 7 ' . . . , 5 A K ' . 1 K 7 J . . . . y - - N . Y . , r . Y K . in .. V.. , fi " A . ', , - 1 , , , s 1 Y K , . th J ' , af," N ,H " 1 J," " ' " . ' . Y .. '. 7 -N t S y . . r S ' . . Y 7 . K -K , -I , B J - , ,- , ' - K, ,- ,- , '. Q' if S. 4. MV- ROWIGY Miss Shuck Mr. nodgross XXX I i r I+ ' MrV I They Ateadilq ur ed cw vn M Mm, MR. SORENSON: Still eligible and handsome is an alumnus of EHS, Stan Sorenson. As head basketball coach and assistant football coach, he coached the Bulldogs to their many victories this year. He also taught History and Civics, and "umpired" one Study Hall. MR. VANCIL: EHS students voted Arley Vancil, baseball coach, the honor of being "Grubs Nelly" for a day. His classes includ- ed History, Civics, and World Past and Present, and he advised the newly formed Delphians. MRS. WILKINS: Lina Wilkins was interested in all students and enjoyed mentioning the achievements of our High School students that often went unnoticed. She became acquainted with many girls through her business classes, Beginning Short- hand and Secretarial Training, and as adviser of Triple E. Mrs, Wilkins The teachers gather for u bite to eat and to discuss their problems Iusl. 6 'T' The students sit down for u "feost." COOKS "Don't they ever get full?" thought our Cooks, Mrs. Alice Phillips and Mrs. Leona Ellison. Serving over a hun- dred students a day, they must try to satisfy the varying tastes and appetites of each individual. Think of the trouble a Mother has trying to feed her own small familyg then KW JANITORS The Janitors, Dale McCartney and Willard New vxorlted hard each night and over the weekends cleaning and polish ing our floorsg each new day brought the necessity for rep etition of the same "old" duties as EHS students littered papers, wrappers, hooks, and mud. Let's be a little more imagine having to feed a "family" of over a hundred. considerate. Billie McPherson helps Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Ellison in the kitchen Willard New and Dole McCartney, the ionitors helped as they dish up the hot meals for the students and teachers. keep our school neat and clean. 1 if as FD JF' .J The Senior Class Officers, Allen Faltus, vice-presidentg Alec Stewart, treasurerg Miss Klobucher, adviser: Mike Maior, president, and Katherine Pedersen, secretory: worked diligently throughout the year to make all class proiects u success. AKER, JUDITH Uudyl Bulldog Club Representatixe 2-4, Chorus Z--lg Amla Retam Planning Committee -lg Dance Chaxrm in 2 g Music Festival 2. ANDERSON, ELLEN ARCHER, DOROTHY G. A. A. 2-5--lg F. H. A. 1--lg Band lg Pep Band lg Dance Chairman 3 g Music Festival 2 5 Student Leaders' Conference -l. ARNHOLD, SANDRA iFrenchiel Pep Club 2--lg French Cluh 3, Student Leaders' Conference 35 Amla Retam Planning Committee 53 Dance Chairman lg Song Leader 5. Judy Aker Ellen Anderson Dorothy Archer Jim Burnhart Ron Bartok Donna Bender We 71 al ay THE SENIOR CLASS "It was a year to remember," thought every Senior as he or she walked down the aisle to receive the long awaited and hard earned Graduation Diploma. Class activities began with the Senior Ball, "Harlequin," held on November 25, 1957, in the High School Multi- Purpose Room. The year ended with a delicious breakfast sponsored by the Ellensburg School Board, a hilarious class- night program, the Senior Reception, and the annual Senior Party held at the Elks Club till the early hours of the morn- ing. Officers included: President, Mike Major, vice-president, Allen Faltusg secretary, Katherine Pederson, treasurer, Alec Stewartg adviser, Miss Klobucher. BAKER, JOAN lBc!kel Pep Club 2-3--lg Klahiam -ig A. S. B. Council -ig Amla Retam Plan- ning Committee 2-55 Senior Reception Chairman lg Dance Chairman Z-3--lg Tennis 2-3 4123--lg Y. X. I. A. A, ltennisl 5g All School Play 5. BANGS, ANONA French Club 3 g Office Assistant -S g Tri-Hi-Y 2-3. BA RTAK, RON Band Z-3-4 5 Pep Band 2-3 Q Track 2-4. Sandro Arnhold Joan Baker Anona Bangs Mickey Bennett Barbara Blattner Laura Braoten 5 .fun Qi 'W I8 A tride with pride Don Brown Ann Bruketta I Y A Wayne Burkheod l.atin Club 2 5 Cafeteria Assistant 2-3. BLATTNER, BARBARA lBarbyl Office Assistant 45 Klahiam 3 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2-3. BRAATEN, LAURA French Club 3-4 5 junior Librarian -l. BRUKETTA, ANN lAnniel Triple E 2-3-45 G. A. A. 3-43 Pep Club 3-45 Chorus 25 Cafeteria Assistant 2-35 Office Assistant 45 Amla Retam Planning Committee 31 Senior Reception Committee 25 Tennis 2-3 QE!-45 Music Festival 2, Larry Butler Penny Button Nikki Buxton BURKHEAD, HUBERT lWoynel Transfer from Cabot, Arkansas 35 Football 2-3-4 lEl 5 F, F, A. 2-3-45 Annual Staff 2 5 Student Council 2 5 Track 4. BUTLER, LARRY Bulldog Guard 2-3-45 Cam Club 45 Klahiam 45 Baseball 3 lMl- 4 lMl 5 Sports Announcer at Games 2-3-45 Football 2 IMI. BUTTON, PEN ELOPE lPennyl French Club 3-45 Electronics Club 35 Hand 3-45 Tennis 35 Music Festival 3-4. BUXTON, NIKKI GI""'g C"":": Transfer from Kittitas 45 Song Leader 35 Choir 2-3-45 Music Festival en amp e 2-3-45 junior PlaY 35 Class Secretary 35 Pep Club 2-35 Amla Retam B"'bu"" Cuflmn Queen 4. CAMPBELL, GLEN F. F. A. 3. CARLSON, BARBARA lBorbl Electronics Club 3 5 Chorus 2-3 5 Tennis 2-3 QE!-45 Music Festival 2-3 CARROLL, EDWARD lEdl Chorus 2-3-4 5 Music Festival 2-3--l. Ed Carroll CHOYCE, BEVERLY lBevl Be' CHOYW French Club 5-45 Band 2-3-45 Pep Bama z-45 Dance Band 3-4: Hflfvev Cleem Klahiam 2-45 junior Class Secretary 35 Tennis 25 Music Festival 2-3-4 5 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. CLEEM, HARVEY lHarvl CONSER, CECIL lCecl Bulldog Guard 2-3-45 Latin Club 35 Student Leaders' Conference 45 Football 2-3 fEl 5 Track 2-5. COREY, ROGER IR. J. Hunsuckerl Klahiam 45 Football 25 Basketball 25 Baseball 2-3 flij 5 Hi-Y 4. CRANE, CAMILLA lCamyl CMN CONN' French Club 2-35 Band 2-3-45 Ensemble 2-3-45 Pe Band 2-3-45 R09e' CUNY Dance Band 45 Klahiam 45 Music Festival 2-3-45 Tiiii-Hi-Y 35 All Camy Crane State Band 4. K' 'nl 1' V. jf 4--... W 5' f Fifa Senio - Wealeing Betty Crites Tom Dell Dan Derrick Charlotte Perry Nancy Eldridge Gene Emerson Tom Engel Allen Foltus Sally Farmer Doial Fields Phil Filterer Judy Foley Phil Fusselman Jerry Gage Roger Gardinier CRITES, ALBERTA lBelsyl Transfer from Bothell. XYasl1ington 35 Chorus 3-45 Sophomore Librarian 2 5 Pep Club Z 5 'Treasurer Z. DELL, TOM Track 2. DERRICK, DANNY lDanl ELDRIDGE, NANCY Pep Club 25 French Club 35 Chorus 5-45 Ensemble 5-45 Ufite Assistant 55 Tri-Hi-Y 55 Klaliizim 45 Music Festival 4. EMERSON, GENE Bulldog Guard 2-3. ENGEL, TOM EVANS, TERRY FALTUS, ALLEN French Club 2-35 Bulldog Club Representative 3-45 Klahiam 45 Stu- dent Leaders' Conference 45 Amla Retam Planning Committee 45 Dance Chairman 2-45 Sophomore Class President 25 Senior ilass Vice President 45 Tennis 2-5 IFD-45 Y. V. I. A. A. ttennisl 55 Basketball and Football Game Announcer 2-5-45 A. S. B, Council 55 junior Representative 3 5 Hi-Y 4. FARMER, SALLY Pep Club 23 French Club 5-45 Radio Production 25 Student Leaders' Conference 45 Amla Retam Planning Committee 35 Yell Leader 4. Heins, DOIAL tooyieei Bulldog Club Representatixe 25 Radio Produttion 2-5-45 Tennis I 1 lit- 5 QE!-45 Y. V. I. A. A. ttennisl 5. FITTERER, PHILIP lPhipl Latin Club Z5 Bulldog Club Representative 35 Senior Reception I 21.111- man 25 Football 3 lf!-4 lEl 5 Basketball 3 llfl-4 lEI 5 Baseball 2 tEl-5 KE!-45 Y. V. l. A. A. lfootballl 45 Basketball CAPKJZZI 45 Honorable Mention All-State Basketball 45 All-State Football -3. FOLEY, JUDITH Uudyl fihorus 2-5--l5 Ensemble 4 5 Music Festival 2-5. FUSSELMAN, PHILIP lPhill Band 2-35 Football 2-5-4 lEl 5 Music Festival Z-5. GAGE, JERRY Track Z-3. GARDINIER, ROGER lllogl Bulldog Club Representative 45 Chorus 25 Dance Chairman Q--L5 Basketball 2-3 llil-4 llil 5 Track 2 tEl-3 IE!-45 State Tourn.1n1ent ftrackl 35 Placed fourth in High jumpg Hi-Y 45 All-State B4-ken ball Team 4. GILMOUR, MERLE Gary Garthe Merle Gilmour with the pa t GLASPEY, HAROLD Transfer: Garfield, XY'aslxingtong Basketball lg Football 3 IMI 1 All-School Play 5. GOAD, MARY Ilauriel Pep Club 2-5-'Ig Fremb Club 51 Klahiam 1--Ig Student Leaders' Con- ference 45 Amla Retain Planning Committee -Ig Dame Chairman 2: Tennis 2 1El-S IE!-4g Y. V. I. A. A. Itennisl 2-33 All-School Plat' lg P. E. 0. Award 2 g Yearbook Conference 24. I GRANT, JAMES IDcIeI Iilectronits Club 3g A. S, H. Council -Ig Klahiani-Igf..in1 Club -I. GRAY, GLORIA KGIOI GUNNOE, ALTON Transfer: lNIiIwaukec. Oregon 'ing F. F. A. and Audio-Visual Club Z. HANSEN, CHARLOTTE Pep Club 2-3--lg Frenth Club 53 Klahiam 21 Radio Produttion 3-43 A. S. B. Secretary 43 Student Leaders' Conference 43 A. S. B. Council 4g Girls' State Delegate 3g Amla Retam Planning Committee -I: Dance Chairman SQ Seabeek Conference -Ig Tri-Hi-Y -I. HAWLEY, JILL G. A. A. 2 5 Pep Club Z-5. HEIMBUCH, JOAN Dance Chairman 'I 3 Tri-Hi-Y 5-rl. HENLINE, HARRIETT Triple E 5,4 g Otfite Assistant -1. HINER, ANN junior Librarian -lg Office Assistant SQ Tri-Hi-Y 5--4. HOPKINS, CAROLE French Club 51 Band I-5-Hlg Pep Band 2-3-4g Offite Assistant -tg Klabiam Ig Amla Retam Princess 3g Tennis lg Musit' Festival Z-5--Ig Majorette for Iiand 3--I g Tri-Hi-Y 3. HUPPERT, DUANE F. F. A. 2-3-Alg judging Crew 2-35 Student Leaders' Conference -IL Dance I Iiaiiman 4. Dale Grant Laurie Good Harold Glaspey Gloria Gray George Gross Alton Gunnae Chcrlolte Hansen Jill Hawley Joan Heimbuch Harriett Henline Ann Hiner Carole Hopkins Duane Hopper! s Larry Inks Charles Jeans Bob Jenkins Don Johnson Jerry Jolla Marci Jones Richard Janes Gayle Kastning Jaan Kibbe John Killian JoAnn Kinkeade Doug Kunz Eleanor Leinbuch Mardelle Lewis Jesse Lynch Senior - me ing INKS, LARRY Band 2-3-43 Ensemble 2-5-43 Football 43 Track 2-5 KEJ-4: Pep Band 2-5-43 Y. V. I. A. A. ttrackl 5-43 Music Festival Z-5-43 Lettermen's Club. JEANS, CHARLES lDukel Frentli Club 5-43 Band Z-3-43 Ensemble 3-I3 Pep Band 1-5--lg Dante Band 43 Music Festival 1-S-4. JOHNSON, DON Transfer: XValla XY'.1lla -lg Choir-Mikado-Equites Hi-Y3 Chorus lg Ensemble 43 Amla Retam Planning Committee 43 Hi-Y -l. .IOI.LO, GERALD Uerryl F. F. A. 2-5--lg Chorus lg Student l.e.iders' Conlerente S. JONES, MARY lMarcil Ci. A. A. 23 F. H. A. 43 Cliorus Z-5. JONES, J. inichmdi Band 2-3-43 Ensemble 2-3--I3 Pep Hand 2 5-43 Dante Band I-5--l3 Klaliiam 13 Music Festival I-5--l. KASTNING, GAYLE Pep Club 23 French Club 5-43 Bulldog Club Representatise 2-53 Chorus 2-3-43 Ensemble 2-5-I3 Klahiam Z3 A.S.B. Council -I3 Music Festival Z-4. xmas, JOAN uoanie semi Bulldog Club Representative 43 Band Z-3-43 Pep Band 4 3 Dante lland 2--I3 Y. V. District Ortliestra 33 All-State Orchestra 43 Tri-Hi-Y 5. KILLIAN, JOHN Latin Club 3-43 Bulldog Club Representative 5-43 A. S. B. fiountil 43 Amla Retam Planning Committee 43 Tennis Z lEl-3 lEh-43 Y. V. I. A. A. ltennisl 2-33 Hi-Y 43 Basketball Scorekeeper 2. KINKEADE, JOANN Ci. A. A. Z3 F. H. A. 43 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Office Assistant 4. KUNZ, DOUG Transfer: French Morocco, Africa. 33 Football 2 lEil-3: Baseball Z3 Student Council Vice President 23 All-Stlionl Play lg School Paper 33 Sophomore Representative 13 Basketball 2 IEI. LEINBACH, ELEANOR Pep Club 2 3 Dance Chairman I-3-4. LEWIS, MARDELLE Triple E 2-3-43 GAA. A. 23 F. H. A. 13 Cliorusxl 3AK,al'eteria Assist- ant 23 Office Assistant 33 Student Leaders' Conlcrence 33 Amla Retam Planning Committee 4 3 Music Festival 2. LYONS, MICHAEL lMikel Latin Club 23 Electronics Club 33 Science Club 23 Delpliians 43 Band 2-5-43 Ensemble 23 Pep Band Z-5-43 Dance Band 5-43 Cafeteria Assistant 43 A. S. B. Council 43 Student Leaders' Conference 5--I3 A. S. B. Treasurer 43 Sophomore Treasurer 13 junior Treasurer 53 Basketball Z 3 Track 2-3--l 3 Musit Festival 2-4. MAJOR, MICHAEL lMikel Latin Club 23 Bulldog Club Representative 43 Student Leaders' Con- ference 43 Sophomore Representative 23 Amla Retam Planning Com- mittee Z3 Dance Chairman 43 Senior Class President 43 Football Z IEP-5 lEl-4 lEl 3 Basketball 2-5 lEl-4 IEP Q Baseball Z lEI-3 IEP- 43 Speefli Award 33 l-I1-Y 43 Inspirational Award lfirotballl 53 Co- captain ol Football Team 4. with the uture Mike Lyons Mike Maior Gary Marquissee MARQUISSEE, GARY Radio Production 5g A. S. B. Council 2.45 A. S. B. Vice President 43 Student Leaders' Conference -tg Boys' State Delegate 55 Amla Retam Plannin I Committee -lg Dance Chairman 33 junior Class President 33 Footbilllgl IEP-5 lEI-4 lElg Basketball 3 QE!--HEI Q Tennis 5 lEIg Inspirational Award lbasketballl 55 Y. V. I, A. A. llootballl 3-43 All-State Teiim lfootballb -lg Honorable Mention, All-State Basketball -I g Lo-C,.ipt.lin ot Football 'I'ean1-!g'I'mck 2--I. MARX, MARGARET Ueanniel F. H. A. -lg 'lennls 2. Jeannie Marx MAYBERRY, CAROL Pep Club 2-5--lg Frentlm Club ig F. H. A. -lg Klahiam -lg Lee Mcelfresh Tri-Hi-Y 5--I. Carol Mayberry MCELFRESH, ROGER fleel Bulldog Guard lg Stage Crew 3g Radio Production 5--lg Spotter for KXLE -I. MCINTOSH, DARWIN lMacI Hand I-SQ Pep Band 2-3. McKINSEY, EDITH lDedOI Tri le E -lg C. A. A. Z5 F. H. A. 2--lg juni r Libr.iri.m , I iitleteria Assisitzint 5--I. U 3 D0'w"" Mclmosh Edith McKinsey Billie McPherson MCPHERSON, BILLIE F. H. A. -tg Office Assistant -I. MILLER, BEULAH F. H. A. -I. MILLER, GEORGIA iGeo.l Transfer: Cle Elulm -lg Pep Club 25 Chorus 2-3--lg Ensemble 3 1 Junior Librarian -lg Office Assistant 35 Dance Clmirmnn 35 Tennis 2-33 Music Festival 2-5--I. Beulah Miller Georgia Miller MILLS, LANNING llannyl Lanny Mills Bulldog Guard Z-5-lg Football -I if P. MOE, CATHERINE lCathyI Pep Club 5--ig French Club 5-43 Bulldog Club Representative 2-53 Student Leaders' Conference 25 A. S. FI. Council 1--lg Amla Retam Planning Committee 5--Ig Amla Retam Princess 2g Dance Chairman 2-3--lg Yell Leader Zg Junior Class Vice President 3. MORFIELD, JACK lAceI Bulldoig Club Representative Zg Chorus lg Football 2g Basketball lg Bziseba I Z, Cathy Moe MORRISON, CHET lTuffyI Jack Moyfield Cam Club -lg F. F. A. Zg judging Crew 2g Lhorus 2-33 Klahiam -lg Cher Morrison A. S. B. Council 2-35 Track 2-3. our ir, gifwlw 15. 23 Judy Moser Pal Mullin Bill Mundy Barbara Neeley Carolyn Newschwundai Helen Nicoloisen larry O'Conner Allen Olander Gracie Palteson Jazk Pafteson what li MOSER, JUDY Pep Club 2-3. French Club 5-41 Chorus 2-53 Ensemble Z-55 Music Festival Z-55 Tri-Hi-Y 5--l. MULLIN, PATSY ivan Pe Club 5-4g Cam Club 23 llulldog Club Representative Zg F. H. A. 5--lwg Office Assistant 43 Klaliiam -lg Girls' State Delegate 5g Anila Retam 25 Senior Reception Chairman 25 Dame Chairman 5-4. MUNDY, WILBUR lBilll F. F, A. 2-41 Band Z-5g Ensemble Z-51Pep Band 2-5g Hi-Y 4. NEELEY, BARBARA lBarbl Pep Club 2-5: Klahiam 53 Student Leaders' Conferent 5: .Xrnla Retam Planning Committee 55 Song Leader 5. NEWSCHWANDER, CAROLYN Pep Club 1-5-43 Chorus 55 Ensemble 2-53 Student Leaders' io'iter- ence 51 Senior Reception Committee 25 Dance Chairmai 1-5--lg Sophomore Class Secretary 25 Tennis 2 IE!-3 YE!-4: Y. V. I. A. A, ltennisl 2-35 Yearbook Conference 5-41 Klahiam Staff 2-53 lland- book Editor Zg Klahiam Editor 4g Valedictorian 4. NlCOl.AlSEN, HELEN Ci. A. A. 5g Cam Club 43 Klahiam 4, O'CONNOR, LARRY Cam Club 1-3-4g Klahiam 5--1. OLANDER, ALLEN lFire Headl Latin Club 23 Amla Retam Planning Committee 55 Football 2-1 'El- 4 lElg Track 2 1123-5 lEl-4g State Track Meet 25 Hi-Y 4. PATTESON, CLARA lGraciel F. H. A. 41 junior Librarian 5. PATTESON, JACK PEDERSEN, KAROLINE Chorus 2-5--lg Ensemble 43 Klahiam Ig Dance Chairman 2-5-43 Xlusu Festival 2-5-4 g Tri-I-li-Y 5-4. PEDERSEN, KATHERINE Chorus Z-5-4g Ensemble 45 Klaliiam Z3 A. S. ll. Council 4g llamu Chairman 1-5-45 Senior Class Secretary 4g Music Festival 2-5--lg 'l'ii- Hi-Y 3-4. PEDERSEN, MARY Pep Club Zg Latin Club lg Klaliiam 1-53 Tri-Hi-Y 2-5-4. Mary Pedersen Katherine Pedersen Karoline Pedersen the di tant iw i on PURE, KERRY lPelel Klahiam 43 Radio Production 3-43 A, S. B. Council 4g Football Zg Tra,fc 2-3-43 Hi-Y 4. PHILLIPS, CAROL Chorus 43 junior Librarian 43 Cafeteria Assistant Z-3-43 Dance Chair- man 3 3 Music. Fcstixal 4. POWELL, DAN Lhorus 4 3 Klaliiam 43 Track 2 3 Hi-Y 4. Powsu, DAVID qoqvei Bulldog Club Reprexcntatnc 43 t.liorus 43 Klaliiam 43 Track Z3 Hi-Y 4 3 Musit Festival 4. PRALL, JERRY Transfer: Mary M. Knight Scliool 53 Basketball 33 Baseball 53 Class President 3 3 Track 5. QUICKSALL, SHARON Chorus 23 Triple E 3-43 junior Librarian 33 Cafeteria Assistant 43 Student Leaders' Conterence 43 Tri-Hi-Y 5-4. RAIRDAN, EUGENE Hand 2-'ag Pep Band 2-53 Music Festival Z-3. RANDALL, TERRY Pep Club 2-53 French Club Z-53 Bulldog Club Representative 23 Chorus 53 junior Librarian 43 Student Leaders' Conference 43 A. S. B. Coun,il 43 Amla Retam Planning Committee 4g Dance Chairman 2-3 3 Yell Leader 4 3 Tennis 5 3 Tri-Hi-Y 5. REIN, PAT Band I-S-43 Ensemble J-3-43 Pep Band 2-5-43 Dance Band 2-5-43 Dance Chairman 43 Music Festival 2-5-4. RIEKST5, GUNARS Bulldog Guard 2-5--lg Track Z-5-43 Student Leaders' Conference 4. ROBBINS, RODNEY lRodl Football 2 IMI-K IF!-l llilg Blocking Award lfootballl 1957. 4. Danny Powell Carol Phillips Kerry Petre David Powell Jerry Prall Larry Quicksall Sharon Quicksall Eugene Rairdan Terry Randall Pat Rein Eugene Richards Gunars Rieksfs Rodney Robbins -'PP Q bzivq TIS -mwx "Fmt bf it NNW T7 43 I '3- Ri C' Sharron Robbins Jay Roberts Paul Rogers Frank Ruckman Elsie Schoessler Bill Seuben Bob Scheckler Linda Shull Donna Shurfs Charles Sisk Jeanie Smith Leslie Sorenson Connie Sparks Billie Staples Gary Smrkcvich We lovleed ah end ROBBINS, SHARRON Ulliic Assistant-lgTri-H1-Y3, ROBERTS, JAY Latin Club lg Klaliizunl Ig Ratlin Pi'ivtluttiiin 2-5--lg A. S. B. fiJUl"lLIl 2-51 Amla Retain Planning C iimmittcc -I. ROGERS, PAUL SCHOESSLER, ELSIE QPunkyl Ci. A. A, -lg Cam Cflulw lg F. H. A. 1-Hg Stutlcnt Leaders' fi-inturcnic lg'I'ri-H1-Y 5 3 Triple E 4 g junini l,ilxr.ii'ian 3, SEUBERT, WILLIAM IWilliel I..it1n Llulw 21 Student Lcatlcrs' C-,rift-rL-ritu lg Dante f,li.urn1.in 2-3-I. Iiiiiitlmill 2g'l'cnn1s Zllfl-S4121-lg Y,V.l,A.A. ltcnnisl 2-Eg All Stliiiiil Play 'ag liaskctlmll .intl Fiiiitlvall Cigirnc Announcer 5-lg Anil.. Retain Planning Ciiimmittcc 3. SHULL, LINDA fNinniel Pcp K Iulw 5--I. SHURTS, DONNA 'I'r.insfcr: Muses Laku Scnwr Higli Siliiiiil, Ottiilwcr T l'JS'. SISK, CHARLES lCl'luckl F. F. A, 2-55 judging Krew 55 Fiiiitlvall ig Baseball 3-4. SMITH, JEAN Ueaniel Pep Club 2-3--lg Chorus 2-3--Ig Ensemble Z-3-45 Klaliiam 2-5--lg Hantlhiiiik Etlitiir 2--I1 Radio Priitluctnin 2-5--lg Student Leaders' Lun- lcrcncc 5-43 Amla Retam Planning Kaimmittcc Z-5--Ig Senior Reception flhairman lg Dante Chairman 2-5-lg Music Festival Z-5-45 P, E. O. Award 5g Yearbook Cfwnfercnfc S--Ig Stlmul Klurrespiindcnt 53 All- Statc Lliiwrus 4 g Klnliizun Business Etlitor -I. SORENSON, LESLIE lLesl F. lf. A. 2-5--l. SPARKS, CONNIE Hantl I-33 Enst-mlmlq 2-53 Pup Ilanil 2-S5 junior Lilwrarian -lg Ratln- Prmluttion 5-lg Musit Fcstixal 2-53 P. ILO. Award lg Salutaliu- ian l. STEWART, GLENN lAlecI l..xtin Club 25 Elcntmnits C lulw 53 Stun-ntc f.lulv Zg Dclpliiiins -lg Iiantl 2-5--Ig linscmlwlc 2-3--lg Pep Band 2-S--lg Dance Band 1-3-45 Seniiii Kllass 'l'lL-.isurcr -lg Music Festival 2-5--lg All-Niirtlixxcst Bantl 3: All-State Hand I. STOHR, THEADORE ITedl 'I'r.inslci: Clit-lialis. XYLLLSIIIFIMLHD. lg Ii. F. A, I-5-lg Rand 2-3 Pup Baml 2-3. Alec Stewart Ted Siohr rtffm' lab mfg' z-,ax- N-1, with expec tativn STOLTMAN, JOSEPH U0-Jol F. F. A. 23 Radio Production 2-3-4g A. S. B, Couneil 2--Ig A. S. B. President 43 Student Leaders' Conference 43 Amla Retam Planning Committee 5-4g Dante Cliairman 33 Seabetk Conference -Ig Football Bonfire Cllairman -I. SUMMA, MARGARET lMidgeI Bulldog Club Representative 33 Chorus S-43 Ensemble 43 Office Assistant -lg Radio Produetion 25 Amla Retam Planning Committee 43 Senior Reception Comrnittee 21 Musit Festixal S-lg All-State Cliorus -I. THELEN, LAUREL Triple l. -lg Ci. A. A. 2-3-4. TOZER, ROSANNA lRinkl Ci. A. A. 2-5 g Clioius 2-5--Ig A. S. B. Countll ig Music Festixal 2-i- I. TRAMMELL, AGNES l.1xtin Club lg Ollne Assistant -lg F. ll. A. -lg Klaliiam 2-5 Trl-HI-Y 5. TUCKER, NORMA Transit-1: Nexada lg, Ci. A. A. 2-S-Ig Pep I lub 2-33 F. H. A, R -Iunior C lass Yue President S. TURLEY, PANDRA Ci. A.A, 2-S3 Band 2-3--lg Pep Band 2-3--lg Radio Produition s Musit Festixal 2-5--lg Band Maiorette 2-3--l. TYLER, FLORENCE TFIOI Triple li 2-53 F. ll. A. 21 Student Leaders' tionterente VORIS, CAROLYN lBelsyI Ci. A. A. 33 Tennis S, WATSON, MIRIAM Bulldog Club Representative 25 Cliorus 2-31 Music Festival 2-5. WEBLEY, JOHN IWebI Latin Club 25 Frentli C lub ig Football 2 llil-3 IEP--I YE! Q Blotking Award ltootballl -lg Basketball 2-5-4 IMUQ Track 4. WETCH, GARY Cam Club 23 Bulldog Club Representative 51 Basketball 2. WILEY, ROSEMARY Lam Club 23 Bulldog Club Representative 2-33 Klahiam 'IQ Student Leaders' Conference 53 A. S. B. Council 2-55 Amla Rctam Planning Committee 2-Eg Senior Reeeption Chairman 25 Dante Chairman 2-5--lg Song Leader 5 5 Tennis 2. WILLIAMS, PRESTON lPresI Latin Club 23 Electronics Club 3g Scienee Club 21 Delpliians -lg Band 2-3-41 Ensemble 2-3-43 Pep Band 2-5-45 Dance Band 2-3--lQKI.lIllL1H1 45 Music Festixal 2-3--Ig Student Director. Pep Band 4. WILSON, RAY Band 2-ig Pep Band 2-33 Music Festival 2-3. WILSON, SHEILA lShyI Latin C,lub 2g Frencli Club 3-Ig Office Assistant 4. WIRT, MARGARET Joe Stollman Midge Summa Laurel Thelen Rosanna Tazer Agnes Trammell Norma Tucker Pandra Turley Florence Tyler Beth Voris Miriam Watson John Webley Gary Wetch Rosemary Wiley Ken Wilkins Preston Williams Sheila Wilson Ray Wilson E' yt. 'il 1' 'R E, . f'1::f? ' E i 2'i' ? -, G--6 1 ' E t .L 'ii' www xlfi 4.,,,,..--va Asa 27 ff,-. The Junior Class officers were, sitting: Treasurer, Sheila Room: secretary, Berdie Mitchell. Standing: President, Stan Smith, and vice-president, Soren Sorenson. They combined their efforts to make the Junior Prom, "Wistaria Way," held April l2, a big success. Tony Adsley Ken Allen Don Allred linda Anderson Dick Baker Bill Ballard Duane Bangs Linda Bark .5 ,W 4-,, 4, -were - h 3? ' 'G' Q ' X t . ,. ' X f ,c My NX Y f 'X ,AQ ' ' K ff r A A l 5 ff ,tk S., , c c big A -Q' r at sf A K .. H 4.1 ' est. ' .- , if 'team-ll' , ' Me" . no V, my A xx KV xx X eq? A X og, 6 A 2 28 's 14 I tvo quickly JUNIORS "lust think, next year we'll he the mighty Seniorsefor at least most of us will he," remarked many rt junior last 'ear One of their hi Nest wroects, the unior Prom, was 5 H- l l held April 12, 1938, in the Multi-Purpose Room. Everyone combined efforts to make the dance it cherished memory. lilowers hought hy the class lent an air of heauty to the graduation ceremonies. Few juniors will forget the Suprem- acy Contest when they actually got a "legal chance" to chal- lenge those "mighty Seniors." Participating in many cluhs, all sports, and in numerous activities, they were an important part of our student hody Officers included: President, Stan Smithg vice-president. Soren Sorensong secretary, Bernadine Mitchellg treasurer. Sheila Roang adviser, Mrs. MacDonald. Loren Anderson Janice Beach I , , 'Q A., S' Sharon Anderson Dixie Bender fl .J ers. l Bill Baker Janis Bender apr- mb. e yea ml! ly lat on by Harold Bennet! Make Besl Pal Blackwell Bull Borger Gary Borgslahl Bonme Brooks Bull Brolherlon Paul Brukeila Tom Brunsan Bcnnne Bryant Joyce Buxlon Paul Charllon Chrlsllne Chase Ron Chrlsllan Tom Cleman Alison Cooke Bob Cook Wayne Cox Sherry Crawford Darrell Eason s 'f .1 1-9 'Kham'- J up-W WY" wi ,gow ggi? 1-vm ik Shlrley Danlels Roger Edwards WW qs-wr W Sf, MYVK ...faq X L Geof Davns Elouse Ellnson foe vu-K fx" Jack Davns Barbara Emerson ..- 4- 1 -...ff John Davis Morgue Engle A up. sw x .44 ,pa-. jul' xX4 4- ww .MQ Judy Davis Robcrla Davis lrvnng Everett Jannce Fangboner 'S x '45 .fv"" ,,15"1'f -4-V Trudy Dole Rrck Farmer -sqf- YQ' X A 1 r 'fig ', I M ., I I i :sgw 3 h Wh' , lin 6 A: if s ' ik. f .7 E I :IQ l Vera Hicky Christy Hitchcock Kay Jones David Kanyid 5 'i z-P 9' U K- ' x N 1 QT A I S' , I 755 I W S Li K Q ts. is 41.2, 30 254 -J 've uv If 1 -- , bf :A in ' f w -' si i"'f? ,.r,, ly i ' x-' Ask Virginia Habright lynetle Kay I . are '5 .' xg ' I g 'inf -Q- 1 s,f""g ,ah - x 4 at K ww ' . 8-- l ,ill ,Q , Q .JY aw Merlin Ferris Darlene Field Jack Fifterer Lawrence Fletcher Ron Frilch Steve Gage Sharron Gordon Gary Galch Myrna Green Nan Grunden John Haberman Colleen Haines Christine Hall John Hamilton Kirsten Hansen Patricia Hawkins Jane Heaton Craig Heimbigner Bryce Herbst Sandra Hertz Shoot for Aucce A Marlin Houghan Alva Howe Walter Jackson Ted Jensen Duane Jones Duncan Kelso Bob Kerr Fred Kilmer larry Kladmk Helnle Klocke ugh -. K x i A -,ease at ' ' f ' ' MQ! , , 'Yu 'i ,N . A . if 4-- ' 1 Q v . ' . z. , z I " R. Af -, Q ' 5 , l, 1 ' ' Y " ,. U PV -1,- Q il' Q l if JM 'G' . X f s. , 'Jac it f in 'cr il r 1 is ive' -YA 33215 , . ,, 1 'SHN -eg:5Q,, ,. - , 4 W Q 4""'T , ww..f- M- . - t. . , 2 5 V f? X X H ' . - x J 2 , S I , s . 5 7! sr, 'l J l ' W fy Jack Kaoy W K ren uchenbuch en Lawrence W y Lyons ai Lyans f Lynn Monn um Mapes John Mapes QW Loss Marche! Shirley Marian Ted Marian Karen Marhnen Janice McCoury Mary Sue MacMahn Barbara McQueen Georgia Mellclnder Danna Melkus Bernadlne Mrtchell 'F lfwx ,,,, ,ie Wm 085' ,af QQ gr- XX X 'ww We 1tA worth e fvrt Bob Morgan Ron Pahesan :- Q 1254 1 "' Nance Avon Paheson NU' 'Dr Dorothy Nreison Pat Pafteson M' Marcla Nrelson CarIPh1Ilxps 4 Rf- 'knew 'QW Jan Noble John Prull W-r ref for all X Margie Oren Loss Oliver Pahy Praier Alene Purnell Na- 'O' Ann Page Bonme Randall in M Q 'CY Q' L . f-""" ,Am M r wr ..,. K 'A W S, I V47 I 7 :if , get A - U Jig? 32:5 25225: 5 .f JF' i f .,,. if ,:.:,.- S S 1? 8 , aff? Charles Reed ss -K Marian Robinson 'Wi 1 6 -'Z' Q - 'S S Q 3, E 5 xr W gi, ,...,. ff tj 1 V 1 'N' f' 'CL S 1 V AX QSM? 'R Gerry Reifsch Loren Rhodes Brad Rice Jim Richeson Jack Richmond Sheila Roan Darrall Robbins Ruth Ann Robinelte He elf to Sharon Shull Gail Smilh Merton Stamplly Sam Steele Wal " " '35 ,. 5 555213 f 5251 A ' W Q N321 sriiim -, 4 4215 fx' A 'E if 1 55? iff gs 6, .fi-gi Yr., 1 f r If . - Ar ah I, a. - ' Mig. X ,.,., S 32 Slam Smith Bill Stern C" : 9 . Mike Sainik Bob Schnebly if , wma ,wi ca mv, , ,Miro W ,gi , H X .UE E . .194 Y , S 'if gf sg 'F , .15 5 ,.,,.. 4 ' C N, '. -an , gf i j. 3 6 fra l If K 'Q , fi K , Bruce Schulfheis W f oAwjQ,14w'f'li if John Sherman A Q A Q 4 ' N f 'SQ if LYl'1l'l Seiward A W N if s me 2' E5 - x If K fs 'XY' if , , l 7 1 S , X 1 Becky Shaw 2 Pai Shea af ' 2 Allen Sherman S wvr d le an pl-ogre A, ., :W Don Snowden Mike Snyder Belly SI. John Frank Smoky -. , ts... W J 4 'Milf 1. Rf' i Ks Ei 1, EX . " 1, c K if f V A ,mi lj 16 G- ' Q .Q ff ' -le. 1 I Soren Sorenson Alice Sparks John Sulherland Bill Thorp , 'fiTw1,f, 'ES-QQHKVW is V, mf. :,g.,, W . . 1 ligfk' ,.f". fm, K 5 25' , 'Q' -6. Jil 1 , 1 1 i 'I 'L Y M 1 J4 .asf xi., a 'f E X Ga. . J M'-f-f"l'fw 5 Q 'Tw J., X J V 3 WE Here came the earlh men. They were one of the many groups who helped make Amla Retam such a success. TUWQQ, 'ic .K wr E J if 5 u...' ,, H' +5 is V sage' W Byron Thomas Harold Thomas Don Turner Pat VanDorn Kay Voss Shirlie Wales we ie re ly 6elaind you all the may Nikki Ware Larry Ozanich Jud Weaver Jerry Weber Linda Webster Jane While Jeff Whitman Bob Wilkins Ivan Williams John Williams Tony Wilson Emily Winterer Howard Yeher - .,.. 1? N ' "M V iff? " 1 'ff , 'K ,,.J ini M X7 I 45 ,- 1 , 2 345? me '. - , Wu 5: g , rw ---- iff: !'Yi""""-' ' z 'iii X ,..,. - . , M1111 Ak A xref Dj E5 3 '7?j,3'i Stan Youngberg 'ui .-A 3 2 X r t Vituzv- .. V1 as we 'H H rl -J . ,f A . 1- Miss Shuck and Mr. Anderson were helping the Sophomore Class officers plan their meet- Engs, The officers were: President, Jerry Eatong treasurer, Pat Johnson: vice-president, Tom Reubelg and secretary, Linda Key. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Sophomores often wondered, "Was it better to climb the stairs at the and rain while School?" After better here-we junior High or to be exposed to the wind running between buildings at the High debating they would admit, "Maybe it is are awakened brutally between classes." The "youngsters" "infiltrated the ranks," participating in all events, lending pep, ambition, and a desire to work hard to "fire-onl' the "oldsters." The Sophomore Dance was a great success with all the class working hard on the various committees needed to plan a dance. President, Jerry Eatong vice-president, Tom Ruebel, secretary, Linda Key, and treasurer, Pat johnson, under the supervision of their advisers, Miss Shuck and Mr. Anderson, polished up on their social pleasantries in order to be the proper and polite hosts and hostesses at the Sophomore Class sponsored Senior Reception. In Kathy Abel John Alder Robert Anderson Betty Ballard Jim Bangs Joan Beckett Sherman Bennett Della Bird Eldon Bird Judy Bademan Gary Boresman John Bopp Bob Berger Gaylord Bruketta Terry Bryant John Bull Daryl Bunger Gaye Button Judy Carlson Gary Chapman Pat Casey Faith Christapherson Kathie Church Betty Cook Richard Crawford Paul Crites David Crum Pat Dell David Demorest Carrol Derrick Jeri Ann Dodge Kennie Doering J - - ---f1 sf t ' T a' ' I A ,,,,, , ,Q J ,. . f 'Ni - U ' . 2' ' ""' ' T125 '-':'f" " ' " :f ' H I f? :gI'g: ::1 - li f '- 5 ' n w , X we ,rs DD- 'QQ - W N -V 3-. , 1 y 4 Q , X- ' ,. Q I Q , .- :?'Q,I.i t ' ' E, me r si E ' ' A " at M ef r , J it , 5' 1 1 A, N533 , ef ffm W Q ' K xiqfi E F' 5 ,l K- , , e N -f1- , T UM J " . W . . - ' Vi ff f Q 5 R . - JN ya , , ss- '- Ju .Q ' 'Nga i A :Q ' 'E " r 3 in dw" "' J, f '-- J 'J J M 7 c ' 51 if T 1 , J K be C, - or B -W- . V 1 -, M4 Z by -as I i i gg A .,,. V LV , ..,. g is jig, iw my 34 6 'young te " Jess 'N fn Maureen Doolan Sherry Easlbu rn Jean Enloe Emma Jane Fnrlerer Larry Gauderle Allen Goldade 43.5- il Q' 3. Bull Dorsey Jerry Eaton Kay Erickson Karen Flam Jancle Grlberl Kerfh Gran! pl! qos Q., ew. .r,r ,.,r T . M T . ,f f V, x Frances Dyk Chrlshne Eklss Sandra Fields Geruldme French Bob Good Dan Harnnglan Jerry Farrell Tom Fosier Terry Gnlmour Bull Hamnlfon ,QS may 031 ar-561 ,ur .fe ls.. gave x W 'GB' David Hawk Terry Heayilin Thelma Hedrick Wrlllam Helmlck Joan Herron Merlin Hucks Bob Hocfer Karen Holloway Harald Holmes Carol Hougham Edufh Huhn Mary lou Hunt Ken Jensen Po? Johnson Paul Johnson Jane Johnson Jones Mary Jane Kay hm Kelly Steve Kelso Lrnda Key Rasae Klocke Lynn Knudson Jerry Groger 'Z' , . 1 , 2543 gf: 1- - A .. P ur 4 2 , , use no yu K 't f 3 ' Q , H ,-.rrr.lr. Q, ff -,sf-, J 3. nr 4' nun vd, fi 'NJA 'vb 1-11 'W ,... Q-Meg mar' '15 WS' Nw an ning un. W Irvs, ..f We 35 pm Vt... 2 lk Q so, if we-.J'f l + Fm, ff k wwk X fig .r K' 'KD 'E n.. if' 3 'im 319' 1' m 19-Q fo. sys 36 W' i gmx vs-r E. r Ai N., f wg is Q jo- f' Charlene Kuchenbuch Thelma lee Kay Lym undo Mackner Janet Manor Pol Marchel yllus Marchel Shirley Marchel Vnvnan Marchel Heclher MacDonald Scoll McCa be Karen McClure Ken Meyer Mary McManamy Wally Messmger LeRoy Muller LeRoy Mnlchell Lmda Mrlchell Marylou Monforl Geri Morrison Tom Morrison John Moreau Bob Mundy Jock Munson 984 ...A- Delmer Nuckell Doug Parlrldge Barbara Pelersan Carol Powell Lauue Raap Gall Robbms in ltr- F f 'U' 6lfh76Z60l,h7 ere V: 'Xe f ea. o. --1 RW!-a rg, in-u-ev Ray Oren Chesler Pedersen Donny Prke Delphla Powell Vlrglnua Raurdan Herb Robbins .ve fo- nik' 'X Julncl Olander Teresa Peruk Delsue Pske Sharon Powell Faye Read Carol Rogel Mb- rf Q Mm 'Q Q"v-.e 1 It l Q 'Q HQ Q3 A , we' 3 -4 A He 'W A 5 l Bob Page Jam Perkins Duck Poll Jackie Probasco Sondra Read Carolyn Rogers ui 'Nw Jaffe-5 M' ., - or A0 it Aee ed ,N J 5 , Q if mx? " I'-R 'F il? Dick Rosenberg Susan Schnebly James Sienia Jeanne Smith .NQX V J ns. y E . .'-- - W ' Q Q. In ,M Tom Ruebel Margaret Seeley June Sims Jerry Smith Z an I --1-f ..,. if Eric 5099e Lynn Sorenson Pat St. John Howard Stohr ,L-sq! f 4: 124- . ' S -1, f I V iw A all Si! J 2 S fmvibfliizfs ..,.. f . N Vykk . S N4 K , l ,gpg - 5, . xy , i 1 V.'.Vf ig if .. fi f 4 K J' ' ff? U -,J .M K -A I ia in L Q' ,, .. H- 'ls I 'M ' gif .5 Q s 'A . 3 im 1' as. M 4. V? - s.. 95. f , Q., x it rw J 1 J zi Frank Taylor laVern Taylor Sheila Thomas Stan Thomas Robert Trammel Kim Turley Jim Turner Janette Ulmer Chris Vining Sandra Voyles Ben Wall Judy Walton Allen Waters James Watson Ron Webster Jane Wehr Skip Wescott Cecile Whitehursl Tom Whiteside Elton Williamson Brenda Wilson Carol Wilsan Gary Wilsan Maralyn Wilson Mary Wilsan Mary Windnagle John Winston Susan Wipple Wayne Worgum lawella Young Sharron Ziemba Lloyd YTlfl'lefl'l'lCn 4 2 ,sf r V, -.f we ff U IC AND DRAMA Music? Drama? The question mark in this division is whether or not another fifty years will complete the cycle started and broken off in the past five decades. Since 1908, EHS has seen the passirg of the high school orchestra, boys' and girls' glee clubs, Mask and Dagger Club, the all-:chool play, operettas. From the first musical groups and dramatic presentations dating even farther back than 1908, activities of this nature have been an important part of EHS although the form, from year to year, may have changed with the times. Now, however, interest has declined to the point that for the first time in years, we had no organized dramatics this year. Perhaps there is more emphasis on quality. Perhaps the impact of moving pictures, radio, and tele- vision was too much. Perhaps the trend will change. The next fifty years will tell. These millinerial-minded dramatists of 1913 are masquerading as faculty members in the school play. Perhaps they feel that they're letting the teach- ers see themselves as others see them. Included in the musical program of EHS in 1914 was the high school orchestra. Either they are ex- tremely business-like musicians or they iust finished playing some serious music. One era in dramatics at EHS boasted the Mask and Dagger Club. This group of 1914 actors looks as grave as the orchestra of the same year, but per- haps they're only living up to their title by masking their emotions. Still another remnant of the past in the music and drama department is the Girls' Glee Club. ln 1917, these thirteen young belies lall sopranos and altos, believe it or notl were the ones who put the songs across for EHS. Members of the Chorus were - Front row. Roberta Davis, Jerry Farrell, Delsey Pike, Susan Wippel, Bill Borger, George Gross, Dan Powell, Bill Helmick, Sam Steele, Alison Cooke, Helen Ozanich, Donna Melkus, Charlene Curtis, Janet Manor, Carol Phillips. Second raw Katherine Pedersen, Faith Christapherson, Mary Smith, Janice McCoury, Eloise Ellison, Ted Jensen, John Sutherland, Kerry Petre, David Powell, Roger Edwards, Dick Pott, Ben Wall, Marylou Monfort, Betty Cook, Mary Jane Kay, Avon Patteson, Jeanie Smith, Third row: Georgia Miller, Kay Mitchell, Karo- line Pederson, Nancy Eldridge, Judy Aker, Kirsten Hanson, Marlin Hougham, Terry Bryant, Ed Carroll, Byron Thomas, Arnhold Cleveland, Stan Smith, Gayle Kastning, Midge Summa, Carolyn Rogers, Rosanna Tozer, Judy Foley, Betty Norwood, Chris Vining, Sharron Black, Christine Hall. Mr. Burnett was the director, with Tom Clemens and Karen Flam at the piano. made bfi lat by pe ect lea mvnq These students participated in the All-State Music Conference held in Yakima. Front row: Camy Crane, Jeanie Smith and Midge Summa. Second row: Sam Steele, Alec Stewart, Sandy Hertz and Joan Kibbe. The Hi-Kords participated in a number af concerts and special presentations. The members were, front row: Karoline Pedersen, Katherine Pedersen, Judy Foley and Jeanie Smith. Second row: Eloise Ellison, Kirsten Hansen, Kristine Hall, Chris Vining and Don Johnson. cs ,iq lsr rp f Sauk 41 vaqg ,Y U '-1, ,f AQ M X HT! 'N 1 W., may , :ba x K-'EQ7 ' ff.: ' "' W f U A X 'xx A Q 53 AQ! D ' i MXN' 'mr 991 uf 1 fig' ' 'Q 3' ' AQ -5 .Y V X S ' Q .' . xi u It mn, Q y X NN X ' if ' ig"zi ffYx, 6' 39? .yi Axw, . Xjxw 5 :S A QM- ,i 1 ' ' H aff F ' g f V f " 'L W 97" rr K'iFQ.?5Qfk fkx fx f f . ., A H iw X D Ai' 9 sw.--NMA. X "Off an RL A iw L f ' A,xx X E X , x rx - , 4 pe M2 W' ' ii if 4 , ,L EN v '5' 9' 5 5 f ' bx lgijffliiiif r ' it - 2 Q, Z W f.i.:fif?f , ' 3' f' " ff U' I . W 5 V ,J -- Y - 2 Li, 5, ' N- we 5 h Q ,w W' .A WAS, 2 -, lb 'Q-XJ I A 1536 - Q.. ' 2,3 .' 'J ' , '. Q I E Q Q 5 fwg 1 XY , QS Z I i 'gf ' ' - M ,X ,, 5 X A f S.- - Rx V ,K 1 gx x M, Nigga. y 1 Xl' 5" Ai- 1- 'Q' A I' G ' "' i Oi m ix .NX 4. Jr, Q .- . gun ,., K 9? M V XX mm Q.-1 f E J W g 1 , rl ASB officers for the 1957 58 school year were standing Mike Lyons treasurer Mr Brown and Gary Marquissee vice president Seated Charlotte Hansen secretary- Terry Gilmour Sophomore rep- resentative- Gerry Gotch Junior representative- and Joe Stoltman president. Small picture: Ukulele Club 1919. Whatever happened to that Ukulele Club? And the Sewing Club? And the Creative Writing Club? These organizations, as such have disappeared from the scene, but their fates have been varied. Students with ukuleles who used to wield a wicked felt over the strings apparently now run the needle over the platter instead. Others, with an interest in creative writing or iournalism can now give vent to their talent in regular classes. Some organizations that folks fondly remember as part of the good old days are still very much in existence-the ASB, Bow Wow Club. Still others-Lettermen's Club, French Club-are innovations that made their appearances sometime during the past fifty years. The earmark of almost every organization that has ever been connected with EHS, however, whether in '08 or '58, is the purpose: a chance for students to make the most of their individual bents toward a more active and interesting high school career. URGANIZATIONS One of the oldest organization stall IH existence at the present time the Pep Club IS shown here as nt was nn 1927 under the name of Bow Wow Club Compared with plctures of the mlddy uniforms worn part tume by Pep Club In 1957 these gurls look en tlrely In vogue L Z"l LL! uf 4 fb X, !LLf Lxnl 1,751 ALL f ff A t gr Z f rf 7' 3 AL, 1 if ZLL Two years later In l929 Bow Wow Club was stlll gomg strong promoting all the school splrlt they could The mlddles went out and at thus pomt the uniforms were vaguely umform werent they? Another change In umforms was In effect by l93l as the club stall callmg themselves the Bow Wow Club went from lnght to dark sweaters and added an emblem We wonder how they accomplnshed thmgs wuth only mneteen members since It takes all fufty odd of the club to do the work now , - - . ly ,Cys PQ - pm C l ft ' C ' J V W! s Qj L,,f-zAkA' 7LV ! 0' L V U 1,6 5 , fbzt,W' W V, X I I, I 'lf I ' , A-or flee c' ,, ft WM ' ff if W lk' " . if Q ' ft fl 14 'f C? .Q XJ ,N era Q7 K ..- 4 mm- ---...... li --up-p Q 1 1-f fa ,. The members of the active Pep Club were, front row Ann Bruketta, Carolyn Newyhwander, Laurie Good, Linda Webster, Judy Davis, Linda Anderson, Pot Mullin, Second row Julie Olander, Shirlie Wales, Jane Heaton, Charlotte Hansen, Cathy Mae, Joan Baker, Carol Mayberry, Darlene Field. Third row Margaret Seeley, Pat Johnson, Nan Grunden, Shirley Marlin, Bernadine Mitchell, Marcia Nielsen, Mary McManarny. Fourth row Terry Heavilin, Judy Bodernan, Sharon Powell, Kathie Church, Shirley Daniels, Heather MacDonald, Carol Rogel, Janet Sharp. Fifth row Susan Schnebly, Jeri Dodge, Pat Dell, Marilyn Stevens, Susan Wippel, Gaye Button, Trudy Dole, Thelma Lee, Cecile Whitehurst. Sixth row Joan Herron, Sheila Roan, Joyce Buxton, Christine Chase, Karen Martinen, Janice McCoury, Pati Prater, Lowella Young, Seventh row Karen Kuchcnbuch, Jan Noble, Teresa Perak, Carol Wilson, Bonnie Bryant, Beckie Shaw, Emrnaejane Fitterer, Christy Hitchrock, Mary-Sue McMahon, Margie Oien. U, , 3 Y Te Rt-mumlxct' xtlxt-it lap Clulv ,girls xxt-11 trotting tloxxn tltt- l1 tlls xx'1tl1 tlxt-ii' s.1tl-gs ot lltc XX in-ltl N lmust C,ltOc0l.1tcs.' . i llxt- moucx' ltclpt-tl tux' lim' the Spring Sports Hftllkllltl. xx liltli xx.xs xpomorul lvx' llclx Clulm ' ' r lzx L-rx' XX t-tlnts -tl.1x' .mtl ,lvl1tll'xxl.lN' xlcclxx'-L-xt-tl Ittuiltlx-iw mlm' to stlwol .ll H tftltitle to Vixtttut- lm' tltt-ir iimrtliing tlrills .tt ttmtlmtll .intl lmtsltctlmll tlldllltw. Mt-mlxxrs tlt-titlt-tl it xx.ts mtt' to .llxX.lxN lmtixx xxl1.1t ui xx t-.tr Lnttli l'-l'lxl.ly .mtl .ll .tll llomt- gtitit-N lxut. lax' tlxt t-ntl ol tltc vcu' tlxtx xx't-rc xcrx' gl.ttl to 1101 lmx c to xx'u.1l'll1L'lWlLlL' . t .mtl xxliitu tmiliurms .my longer. 'lille tlulw xx .ts origm.1llx' tttlltitl tltt lltixx' XY'0xx Cltllx xxlttit Ol'KQ.lllIZQtl in lvlw It xx.ts i'co1'g.ti1izt-tl .mtl I'cll.lIlM'tl lk-,N fllllt in lllll.'l'l1t'0ll1tul'wl.1st x'u.tr xxuru: llrcsltltnt. letmt Smith. x1tulxi't'sitlt-111, l.lllLl.l Ixlltltlxllll. wt'tlL'l.llN, lllxll , , . . . Dax :sg tru.1stlrt-11 l.n1tl.1 XX ulwstcrg tlrxll lt-.uit-1'. l..lLlI'lL' Citmtli .intl .ttlxiscri Miss SllllLlsL. 46 i ' ' or and itality- they The Peo Club forms a booster line for the boys to run through ot the Ellensluurg-Cle Elurn game. The cheerleaders, Sandy Hertz, rry Randall, and Sally Farmer, told the sign, 4x sz? af FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Nw' Doggle doggie wheres your boner what stringe sounds to he comrng from the Hlgh School Home Economrts oom The luture Homemalters of Amerlca were grung 1 Tots md Teens Party for youngsters between the ages of rour and sex en Sxnce lt vms during the Chrlstmas hohday seuon, Smti Claus xnsuted the youngsters and dlstrrbuted 1 s Other projcnts xmludcd Selllng food 1t footbill grrmes waking Chrlstmis boxes for needy fimllles 'md gnlng 1 C1 for teuhers ,.,, Offxters lI'lLlLldCl.l Presldcnt Pit Mullrn ure president blurry ElStl7LlAl1 se retlry olnn Kxnlxelde treflsurer Dorothy Archer 1LlXlSLI' Mrs Kurrng 'Ihe group one of .ff he newer rt EHS xx is OI'g'lHlZCLl rn 1919 FHA president Pal Mullln hands out maternal to the club s members poAAeAAed mo e than tlaez Alma e FHA members gafhered around the fable are Sherry Easfburn Maureen Doolan Gracie Palleson Blllle Lou McPherson Dorothy Archer fhelr adviser Mrs Kaarmg Pai Mullin Carol Mayberry Anne Page and Judy Carlson The gurls are planning for 'he Tot and Teen party are 4 7 4 , . ' . i c . 7 F F4 s 1 ' - .. 1 . 1 . A .-. :rft Q.. K , . lf- A ' A I . . . w v,- A- 1 . Al F' - ',' 1 It , . 4. ' f , 4 1 NZ' .tr we A2 .. Q w . . . , . , - . , ' ' 4' "1 'a ', ja '1 g .S , I ' ' - ga '34, iz . , ' 'A 4 , '29 4 rf . I , 4 1 I r i - - I 5 ll WWE. if Members of Triple E who planned Blue Flamingo the Triple E tolo r font Laurel Thelen Pat Ha k ns Ann Bruketta Sharon Qu ck sall Harriet Henlune Lanette Kay Sondra Felds Karen Hollo ay Seco d o K rsten Hanson Freda Wa pole Ed th McK nsey Marge Engle Betty St John Roberta Davis The adviser for the group as Mrs W Ik ns Klt 61, 61t 6ut a 106 well done LETTERMAN S CLUB Pity the poor reporter that had to make a write up on Letterman s Club' The adsiser and president knew little more about the club s actixities than thc reporter The only information as ailable sms that a person must haxe earned at least one lctter to be eligible for initiation and that the club was responsible for selling programs at games Und pocketing the profits?j. This year they had 1 president Gary Marquissee and a 'few members, This was an "ideal" club' there were so few members arguments and disagreements rarely arose. Originally organized in 1928 we wonder how long it will as . DELPHIANS It has often been sud that the clubs at EHS talk too much and do too little Well last year a new club the Delphians was organized especially for talking The group met esery other week and discussed cxcrything from Plato to rockets This led to critical thinking on the part of each member and presented a great deal of intellectual enlight enment for them singly and as a group. Among the years highlights were the programs presented by Dr. Funderburk on classical music 1nd 1 panel discussion on Africa presented to the AAUW. Next year three more students will be selected to "carry on the quest for knowledge with the adviser Mr. Vancil. IPAQ' Taking time out between classes are the members of Lettermen's Club- The newly formed Delphians talk over the world situation with their adviser, Mr. Vancil. Front row: Gary Marquissee, John Webley, and Steve Gage. Second row: Mike Maier, Roger Gardinier and Rod Robbins. 48 Alec Stewart, Preston Williams, and Mike Lyons were the members. TRIPLE E Ever get hungry at our ball games? Thanks to the girls in Triple E, there was no need to suffer from starvation. Since 1936 they have not only donated their time selling candy at the games but also ushering at our home games, assisting teachers, designing bulletin boards, taking care of the nurse's room, making coffee for the teachers' lunch room, and filling baskets for the welfare department at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. The Triple E Tolo, "Blue Flamingo," held on November 2, 1957, was the highlight of the year's activities. Officers were: President, Mardelle Lewis, vice-president, Sharon Quicksallg secretary-treasurer, Margie Engleg head usherettes, Harriett Henline and Roberta Davis, adviser, Mrs. Wilkins. ra oi, ra ra 4 CAM CLUB Cam Club was organized strictly for experience and money, both of which are pretty important to all teenagers! Above average students in Photography were selected by Mr. Kibbe to do extra work outside of school. jobs ranged from individual shots and portraits, pictures for the school files, and pass pictures to dance shots. Stu- dents were paid by the hour for their effort, net profits being used to buy new equipment for the dark room. Wlhen it was first organized in 1940, the club was both a social and work group but, due to financial matters, in 1956 the club was revised to the present work group. More work now gets done more quickly. Found in their natural habitat were Larry O'Con- ner, Dale Grant, Chet Morrison, Larry Butler, Helen Nicolaisen, and Brenda Wilson, the mem- bers of the Cam Club The Bulldog Club planning another one of their weekly dances. The representatives were Don Johns n Bob G ad All Faltu B cki Shaw o , o , en s, e e , John Killian, Bonnie Bryant, Gary Wetch, linda Anderson, David Powell, Sandy Hertz, Sharron Gordon, Mike Maior, and Mr. Pattison, their adviser. 6attle won BULLDOG CLUB Anyone wanting to celebrate the New Year or the team's latest victory usually went to the Bulldog dances held each weekend at the YMCA. For only twenty-five cents they danced to music from records, a dance band, or from KXLE. Profits from the dances went to the World Service, a fund to help create and maintain YMCA's in European and Asian countries, for a hundred dollar bond from the High School for the construction of football bleachers and lightsg and to the Ellensburg YMCA. Officers included: President, Allen Faltusg vice-president, John Killian, secretary, Beckie Shawg treasurer, Judy Main, adviser, Mr. Alan Pattison, secretary of the YMCA. 49 The following are members of lhe hard-working Bulldog Guard - Fronl row: Chester Pedersen, John Williams, Jack Bull, John Moreau, Marv Swainson, Scoll McCabe. Second row: Cecil Con- cer, Bob Cook, Don Pike, Roy Vidonne, Bob Mun- dy, David Demoresl. Third row: Ken Wilkins, Gunars Rieksis, lorry Buller, Lanny Mills, Eldon Bird. W0 le un, Aucceu and ai u e - GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The GAA girls turned out in full force two nights a week after school. At these sessions they learned the rules and skills of various games and then put what they had learned into practice. When the weather was not quite up to par the group played basketball, volleyball, ping pong and shuffle board in the gym, but as the weather improved they moved outside to play badminton, softball, and archery. The girls enjoyed the spring play day held in Yakima. Officers included: President, Dorothy Archerg vice-presi- dent, Elsie Schoesslerg secretary, Ann Brukettag treasurer, Frieda Wampoleg sergeant-at-arms, Laurel Thelen. Miss Baker has been their adviser since 1930 when the club was first organized under the name of Point Club. The Girls' Alhleiic Association mel after school io learn new games. Front raw, kneeling: Laurel Thelen, Dorothy Archer, Mary Wilson. Second row: Miss Baker, adviser, June Sims, Sharon Ziemba, Norma Tucker, Jane Wehr. Future Farmers l?l and members of FFA were-Front row: Ronnie Fritsch, Larn Anderson, Duane Hupperl, Dan H ' U J 'th B'Il M arring on, erry Sm: , I undy, Ron Webster, leRoy Mitchell, John Moreau. Second row: Allen Goldade, Bob Schnebly, Heinie Klocke, Chester Peterson, Gary Siarkovich, John Davis. Third row: Gaylord Brukeffa, Wayne Worgum, Leslie Sorenson, Glen Campbell, Roger Gardinier, Merton Stampfly, and their adviser, Mr, Forrester. aced 61, time clu6man or cluhwman BULLDOG GUARD Too few of us noticed the "men" behind the scenes at our football and basketball games. While their main duties were assisting at the games, collecting money for admission to the games and requiring students and adults to show their passes, the group could be called upon to help at various school functions such as the Donkey Basketball Game or the school bonfire. Each week the group had a recreational meeting in the school gym and all members thoroughly enjoyed the camping trip held in the spring. The group was first started in 1959. Officers included: President, Cecil Conserg vice-presi- dent, Gunars Riekstsg secretary-treasurer, Lanny Millsg advisers, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Barnhill. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA join FFA and be a member of the fprivileged?j group that can learn parliamentary procedure and enter parlia- mentary procedure competition with the group. The main activities of the group were the practices and participation in parliamentary procedure contests held in Wapato and the sub-district contest held in Ellensburg. Six members of the club applied for the State Farmer award last year. Officers included: President, Duane Hup- pertg vice-president, Glen Campbell, secretary, Heinie Klockeg treasurer, Ken Wilkins, sentinel, Merton Stampflyg reporter, jerry jollog adviser, Mr. Forrester. 51 THLETIC Fifty years of sports at EHS bring back memories of champions and championship teams in every division. Baseball, basketball, track, football, tennis-we've been on top at least once. But to temper the triumph of the victorious years, there have also been the lean ones. Remember that crushing basketball season in l955, when our only claim to fame was an incongrously spotless record of no wins? Throughout the fifty years, ath- letics in some form have highlighted almost every school year. Andprobably more than one recollection-athlete can proudly blame that tricky football knee on his. sporting days at EHS. ' This picture is unmistakeably identifiable as a cham- pionship team. "The grit they showed through the grilling games of the tournament" earned these boys the state championship in 1932. Nelson, Fitterer, and Hamilton were big names ath- letically at EHS in 1932 iust as they are now. We all remember Paul Nelson from our Junior High days, and shouldn't Phil and the Hamilton boys be ,+R 0,1251 ln a pose that is slightly reminiscent of a musical revue are the seven girls who dominated the 1914 feminine sports picture at EHS. If they handled the ball with their hands as adeptly as the girl in the middle does with her feet, they couldn't have missed. ln 1952, these boys brought fame to the school, the town, and the game of basketball by winning second place in the State Tournament. rls' Basketball, 1913. 9 ff? 9' f , xw Proud of their fathegaeik G-O BULLDOGS' FOOTBALL The Ellenshurg Bulldogs were showered with well-earned awards for their outstanding foothall season. Besides rank- ing first place in the Northern Division, their impressive record of nine straight wins placed them second in the Associated Press state foothall poll. Nine Bulldogs were selected for the All-Valley teams, and Ellenshurg claimed the high scorer in the league. Starting out the season with the expectations of an aver- age team, the Bulldogs surprised the coaches, townspeople, and even themselves. Their record hegan to grow with every game, and the name of Ellenshurg hegan to appear on the Associated Press foothall poll and was heard around the state as a top foothall power. After downing three of the toughest teams in the league - -XVest Valley, Marquette, and Xvapato-f the Bulldogs con- tinued their winning streak hy defeating Sunnyside. Naches, Grandview, Prosser, and Highland, with a comfortahle lead at the end of each game. The 58 to 0 victory over Cle Elum in the traditional Veterans' Day game was a triumphant climax to one of the most successful foothall seasons in the school's history. The e wa no de eat or the e Ron Webster and Ted Martin, along with an unidentified Bulldog, head off cn AI Olander battles it out an the ground to recover the ball from the Marquette opponent as Phil Fitterer comes in from behind, team as Phil Fusselmon, Mike Mcior, and Ron Patteson get ready to help. 511 -5-S' 3' V- 'r T! x ,4- A 5 Q -D- Q Members of our champion football team were, front row: John Haberman, Lloyd Zimmerman, Ron Patteson, Roger Edwards, John Mapes, Phil Fussleman, Danny Pike, Terry Gilmour, Jack Munson, Dick Rosenberg, Carl Phillips, Lanny Mills, manager, John Alder. Second row Soren Sorenson, Jerry Smith, Gary Marquissee, Phil Fitlerer, Ted Jensen, John Webley, Rod Robbins, Allen Olander, Wayne Burkhead, Jack Fitterer, Larry Inks, Skip Westcott, Ted Marlin, manager, Allen Sherman. Third row: Dick Baker, Bob Wilkins, Tony Wilson, Allen Goldade, Allen Waters, Mike Maior, Herb Robbins, Dave Crum, Loren Rhodes, Richard Crawford, Bill Boker, Mr. Brame, Mr. Rowley. Fourth row- Harold Holmes, Ricky Farmer, Gaylord Bruketta, Jim Mapes, Ron Webster, Bob Kerr, Bob Hocker, Craig Heimbigner, Wayne Worgum, John Winston, Gary Wilson, Mr. Andreotli, Mr. Sorenson. tough 6094 who coal n 't 6e 6eat BULLDOGS' FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Gaylord Brukefla Wayne Burkhead Jock Fitterer Phil Filterer l Xwcst Valley 6,, ,,,,. Ellcnslwurg I3 ,,,, ,,,,,, S apt. 15. There ALAFLILICLYC . 6 ,,,,,,,. Ellcnslwurg 27, H ,,S:pt. 20, Here XY'apr1t0 . . 7 ,,,,,,,. Ellcnslwurg I l H , Sqn, 2, There Sunnyside lei ,,,,,,,, lillcuslvurg I9 , ,Om -1. Hcrc Nacllcs . l S ,,LEllClT5l5Lll'g SS Oil. ll. Hcrc Grimlvicw 6. ,,,lillL'll5l'lLlf3Q 15 Ort. IS. Tllcru Prosser . I5 ,r,, lillcnslmrg H4 cial, li, Hera Higlllmlil 15, ..,,,, lfllcmlwniixeg ll Nm, l. illicrc- li Clc lllum . . O ,,,,,,,, hllcnslwurg 58, ,Noy ll. Hurc 55 A all nc in Os.. X Q , psf- fu., Phil Fusselman Terry Gilmour John Haberman Craig Heimbigner Ted Jensen Mike Moior Jim Mapes Gary Marquissee fl enA6u High f ged else d and Q1 Ted Marlin Lanny Mills Allen Olunder 0- bi IW! -as-A l l Loren Rhodes Herby Robbins Rod Robbins 4- in FQ Y Allen Waters John Webley Ron Webster In 1 56 Craig Heimbigner sprints through the line on his way to u touchdown. Phil Fillerer, Rod Robbins and Gary Marquissee hold off th CI EI Terry Gilmour, and Rod Robbins get ready to block out same of the Cle Elum as a Bulldog fights his way forward th th b Il Warriors for him. th U . ,I t U Hd I 4 B Craig Heimbigner easily out-runs Th Cl EI W in our last game of the Although the backbone of the team this year was the tremendous teamwork displayed by the Bulldogs, many members received individual honors as well, Nine team members were selected for the All-Valley teams, including: Rod Robbins, Phil Fitterer, john Vfebley, and Gary Mar- quissee on the first team, Mike Major, Wrlyne Burkhead, Ted Jensen, and Loren Rhodes on the second teamg and Allen Waters on the third team. The Bulldogs, coached by Stub Rowley, were top scorers of the Northern Division, with Gary Marquissee topping all scorers and Ted Jensen in third place. At the football ban- quet, sponsored annually by the Rotary Club, Mike Major received the inspirational award, and shared the coecaptain award with Gary Marquissee. The blocking awards went to Rod Robbins and john Webley. BULLPUPS' FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Marquette . 0 .,...,.i Ellensburg 13 ,..,.,,,..,,.,,. Sept. 23 Here Cle Elum . . O ........ Ellensburg 14 .,,,,.,...,..... Sept. 30 Here Davis . . . O ........ Ellensburg 19 ...,,i..c...,,.. Oct. 7, There Marquette 14 .,...... Ellensburg 12 ,.i............, Oct. 14, Here Cle Elum . . 0 ........ Ellensburg 12 ............,... Oct. 21 Here Ted J ensen crashes through the Cle Elum line as b e B Ild g bl k f h Wayne Burkhead and Loren Rhod The members of the team that came in seventh in the State Tournament this year were, front row: loren Rhodes, Gary Marquissee, Phil Fitterer, Mike Maior, Roger Gardinier. Second row: Darrclll Robbins, Gerry Gotch, Craig Heimbigner, Brad Rice, Ted Martin, Jack Fitterer, and Coach Stan Sorenson. They we e the winne while we we e Jack Fitterer Phil Fitterer Roger Gardinier Craig Heimbigner 58 BULLDOGS' BASKETBALL It didn't take Donkey Basketball games or the world- famed Globe Trotters to draw large crowds to the EHS gymnasium on Friday and Saturday evenings. All it took was the Ellensburg High School Bulldogs, under Coach Stan Sorenson, who finished the season with a fifteen win and nine loss record. In the YVIAA Tournament at Toppenish the Bulldogs were beaten by Richland but defeated Pasco Sunnyside and Wapato cinching a second place in the Distriet Tour nlment and a berth in the State AA League Tourn1ment At Seattle after losing to Lewis and Clark of Spokane they downed Highline of Seattle putting them in position for 1 crack at fourth place in the State Tournament Luck passed by the Bulldogs during their last game the one against Moses Lake Ellensburg led until the third quarter when suddenly the Chieftains went on a scoring spree winning the game and taking fourth place The Bulldogs finished seventh a mighty fine showing considering the Bulldogs were expected to be the first team eliminated Hats off to another champion team' BULLDOGS BASKETBALL Wenatchee Cle Elum Cashmere Wenatchee 5 Yakima Dax is Kennew ick Wapato Yakima Ike Richland Toppenish Sunnyside Sunnyside Yakima Dans Ixennemck 1 Wipato Pasco Yakima Ike Richland Toppenish Ellensburg Ellensburg Izllensburg Ellensburg Illlensburg Izllensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensbu rg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg 7 L 7 Dec Dee Dec Dec Dec Dec C C1 ea C5 C5 C Here Here There There There Here Here There Here Here There Here Here There There Here Here There There M YM Rhd R , K 2 . 7 ,. , . , 2 ,, , 5 . ,5 , K. , y , ' .' D 4' I 5 I V I 2, ' ' , , .' , ,l YK. D I' ' , " ' I ' ' 'l al ' Mike aim our are the e u6e ant 1-vote - 4 good te m . . ..,... Q 7 48 ...,., . 6, '57, Loren o es Durroll ...as .e.... : Y 51 ccccc, -. I-i,'57, . . . . 39 ...... ' Y 4 Y 45 cccccc .2o, '57, ..c8 .,..cc Y g Y 50 cccccc .2l,'57, Y' , . 71 ..cccc A - g Y co cccccc -. 27, '57. " ' . . 46 ...r,, ' I Y 59 .,.... .28, '57, ' . . . . 52.,,,,, A I Y 57.....1jan. 3, '58, Pasco ..... 43 .,.,,. Ellensburg 56 ....,. jan. 4, '58, There .Y' , Y H45 ,.,..c : Y -48 .,.,.. jan. 10, '58, - 'Y . . .76 ...c.c .Y Y 52 c,e.,. jan. 11, '58, Y- . . . 52 rc,ccc 1 Y 47 ccccc. jan. 17, '58, Y ' " 1 . . . 54 .,.1,, Y 5 Y -I7 ,,,.,. jan. 24, '58, - - ff' . . . 34 ...,,, 3 Y 42 ...... jan. 25, '58, 1 . -' , . 48 .,,,,, A .Y Y co ,,..,. jan. 51, '58, - '- - . . 42 .ccccc Q Y 58 ..,,,, F-I5. 1158, -- a 1 ..... 50 ,,.,,, ' I ' 38 ,,,,,, I7'l. 7, '58, ' ' . " ..... 46 ,.,,,, A J Y 61 ,,,,,, F-l. 8. '58. ' ' . 'A , ' N48 .,.,,. J Y 56 ,,,,,, F l. 1'-1, '58, A 1 'Yi . . .87 cccc.. Q Y48 ccccc, F1l.15,'58, YY - ... 50 ,,,... : Y 58 ,,.,,, F b. 21, '58, Phil Fitlerer goes up for a desperation lay-in shot Jack Fitterer battles it out on the backboards for Loren Rhodes sizes up the situation as Gary More in our first home game against Wenatchee. a rebound with an Eisenhower player as Gary quissee tries a one-hander from the corner. A Marquissee and Roger Gardinier look on, ready Pasco Bulldog tries in vain lo block the attempt. to help. Nnother cliam ion team or 945' F Last year's B squad and prospective members for this yecr's A squad are: Front row: Bob Hacker, Terry Gilmour, Lynn Knudson and John Winston. Second row: Ron Webster, Dick Rosenberg and John Hamilton. Third row: Keith Grant, LaVern Taylor and Bill Dorsey. Fourth row: Wayne Worgum, Eldon Bird, and Allen Waters. ' 913,25 if '-'Ii2L2. 1" Q Ti T rf" v-3 - - , -1' f, Y-TTT? ' i T KJ - QML 5009: VL DU0li Q- L n ,1 4 is st, .v 5 W lebxli ,yt f , i WE Em F' ' L Da , id- U00 i L Da P: 1 TM' ,yeh ,-,- 6 4,-if 0 G -"P-'B f 2' so-fi?-'32Nvt 5 , 2 Wi' U00 4 i n I e 146 me 51 we s Q ' , l ,, fy l ' - s Z oss' psf, were A F21 , A 'fi 'X ' i4T,5lEe, ,ii 60 BULLPUPS' Xweriatehee . Cie Elum . . Cashmere . . XX'enatchee . Yakima, Davis Kennewick . XVapato . . Paseo ..., Yakima, Ike Riehlaml . . Toppeiiish . Suimysirle . . Suimysirle . . Yakima, Davis Kennewick . XX'apato . . Pasto .... Yakima, Ike , . Rirlilaml . . Toppemsh . . , BASKETBALL SCHEDULE '16 Sl 53 57 -lil ,li -12 -16 29 il A16 -I7 ,li 57 li -ll S6 -lf 7.2 Si Ellenshurg Ellenshurg Elleiishurg Ellenshurg Ellenshurg Ellenshurg Ellenshurg Ellenshurg Ellenshurg Ellenshurg Elleiishurg lil leiislvurg lil leiislwiirg Elleiislwiirg Elleiislvrirg lillenslwurg lllleiislvurg lfllemlwurg Lilleiislwurg lllleiislvurg -15 vii -13 5 9 rl-l ,ri Tl 50 -li i6 56 29 ii 35 31 li Tl -16 Dec Dee. Dec, Dec Dec Dec lan. llan. jan. jim. jan. jan. jan. lan. lfelw lielw lfeh lfelw Ifeh heh , Here Here There , There , There Here Here There There Here Here There Here Here There There Here Here There There Roger Gardiniar and Jack Fitterer fight i ou wi 1.1 ew i d i I t I th l dCi k U f p oyer in our secon s a e ourncmen game. TOURNAMENTS AND AWARDS Pasco 49, Ellensburg 63 ...,.,Y,,,...,.,., February 28, Toppenish Sunnyside 52, Ellensburg 65 ,,,..,.....,.,.. March 1,Toppenish Richland 71, Ellensburg 55 Y.,..,. .,.Y,,,. M arch 7, Toppenish Wapato 58, Ellensburg 72 ,.,,,,.........,.... March 8, Toppenish Fort Vancouver 50, Ellensburg 53 .,,,........ March 12, Seattle Lewis 8: Clark 62, Ellensburg 40 ..,.,.,,,,,,,, March 13, Seattle I-Iighline, Seattle 60, Ellensburg 63 .......,,. March 14, Seattle Moses Lake 61, Ellensburg 52 .,,...,,t,,i,,,.,,c, March 15, Seattle The Bulldogs earned a runner-up position in the District and fought their way to seventh place in the State Class AA Basketball Tournament. Phil Fitterer, the team captain, placed on the first All-Valley team and Gary Marquissee and Roger Gardinier, the inspirational award winner, re- ceived honorable mention. Roger placed on the second All-State team and Phil and Gary received honorable mention. p ide and glory d hile th Mike Maior, ull alone in the corner, puts up cz right-han er w Sunnyside Grizzlies hold their breath. BULLPUPS' BASKETBALL "Practice makes perfect," was the motto of Stub Rowley, "B" Squad Coach. The Bullpups promised to have some excellent material for the "AU Squad next year for, with practically all Sophomores, they finished with fifteen wins and five losses. They started the season with a loss to We- natchee, but, had a winning streak intermingled with only a few losses later in the year. Despite the early playing time f6:45j, many parents and students turned out to view the contests. It looks as if Gary Murquissee has attempted a drop kick while Rog Gordin'er excl i "D 't lr' k I" W d fth E h i u ms, on ic me e won er i e isen ower C recovered the ball? cd Sleve Gage gels ready for a baton switch from Lynn Knutson in a fast relay race on the college track. W Up nd over goes Roger Gardinier as he clears 6' l" in the high jump. BULLDOGS' TRACK Fifty years of Klahiam and fifty-four years of track final- ly saw EHS with its own track, a track which ranked with the best in the state. The EHS Cinder squad got off to a slow start last year with a loss to West Valley in a dual meet and a second place position in a triangular meet with Grandview and Cle Elum. In the Moses Lake Invitational Meet, EHS failed to place. The following week, however, times looked better for the track men as they defeated Eisenhower and Davis by wide margins. The main strength of the team was laid upon the shoul- ders of the following men: Steve Gage and john Mapes- sprintsg Larry Inks and Bryon Thomas-880, Gunars Rieksts, Mike Lyons, and Gary Gartheemileg Allen Olan- der and jerry Smith-hurdles, jerry Gage, john Mapes, jerry Smith, and Allen Olander-relays. In the field events: Rod and Herb Robbins, Wayne Burkhead, Kerry Petre, and Allen Waters-discus, Rick Farmer-javeling Ted Jensen and Kenny Meyers-pole vault, Roger Gardinierghigh jump, Ted Jensen and Roger Gardinierwbroad jump. 62 BULLDOGS' TRACK SCHEDULE March 28 at West Valley-West Valley 66, Ellensburg 56. April 1 at Ellensburg-Grandview 7OV2, Ellensburg 56, Cle Elum 13V2. April 5 at Moses Lake-No place. April 12 at Ellensburg-Ellensburg 79V2, Yakima QDavisJ 56V2, Yakima fEisenhowerj 15. April 19 at Ellensburg-Ellenshurg 58, West Valley 28, Highland 15, Grandview 51. April 26 at YakimafMoses Lake 38V2, Wenatchee 28V2, Ellensburg 20, Walla Walla 20, Centralia 19V2, West Valley 175, Richland 13V2, Yakima fDavisj 141fQ, Yakima QEisenhowerj O. May 2 at Toppenish - Grandview 38, Ellensburg 34V2, Sunnyside 29V2, Wapato 1515, Toppenish l4V2, Highland 11, Naches 8, Prosser 3, Marquette 0. May 10 at West Valley - West Valley 37V2, Yakima fDavisj 36, Ellensburg 28V2, Highland 15, Naches 13, Moxee 13, Yakima QEisenhowerj 7, Cle Elum 3, Selah 1, Marquette 0. May 17 at West Valley-YVIAA District Meet. May 23-24 at PullmannState Meet. he cinde A flew AI Olander and Jerry Smith are out ahead as they clear the hurdles in the low hurdle event. .s.1,aQge,g,5a.'w,gv w yy vw i,s,,s5.w5Q,j-r .SEV , k E M .1 araagg ,Z M157-wa., VSTJL' 1 ,fif 1335-a f . -1 ' f V- .heirs-Giver -f ewyes s , ' fra 'U ' A . fw.E::if4 27: 31772 Q Effie- f A ' ' X , - Q QQ, ' Na V.-. 4.4 .1 1 an Members of our industrious track squad were, front row: Roger Gardinier, Gunars Rieksts, Rodne Marauissee and Gary Garthe. Second row: John Webley, Byron Thomas, Steve Gage, John Mapes, Larry lnks. Third row: Carl Phillips, Tommy Thomas, Gerry Reitsch, AI Sherman, Marlin Hougham row: Herb Robbins, Allen Waters, Jerry Smith, Wallace Messinger, Kenny Meyers, Bob Hocker, Hamilton, John Haberman, Robert Cook, Archie Andreolti and Marshall Herron. ,vu y Robbins, Wayne Burkhead, Mike Lyons, Kerry Petre, Al Olander Gary Bill Baker, Darroll Robbins, Ted Jensen, Ri:k Farmer, Ron Patteson and , Jack Munson, Al Goldade, Harold Holmes and Sherman Bennett Fourth Steve Kelso, lynn Knudson and Jim Perkins. Fifth row: John Williams Bill while the gem ty, dam ty wind New Craig Heimbigner crucified the ball. We wonder Another oppo if il was a home run. 3 A K5 s g. qs, 4.1" S iii 1. - Hgv,,f.,Af.gm'i-f' ', .M XM-M' ' ws? ' ' K ' ' -,X ff -wt: ri ' -A - 4: , .f 1 , J f M J '- ' 3 iW'i:f,.' ' 'Q L 4-65, Ji' ,. ' i -353' ' we ,kwa V, if V3 V V , i V V , M ' V. . '-' ,. V V. ', N ' ' L 'V-is 1. .4 -7 3, ,V , , gf 4. .V , VV y Ml Vg, V ,rl y..z,4yV ZV V V5 , .1e5MVff, VV VMV -L nuff We wg ,QL ., ,K 'af' g,,,f9vm,f, cr A' 'L sing player is struck out by an EHS pitcher as Terry Gilmour calls the signals. i If W-4 Q Members of the "windy city" baseball leam were, first row: Skip Weskoh, Charles Sisk, Bill Dorsey, David Konyid, Marv Swainson, Terry Gilmour, and Lloyd Zimmerman. Second row: Keith Grant, Harold Thomas, John Alder, Mike Snyder, Jack Fitlerer, Ted Marlin, and Gary Wilson. Third row: Coach Arley Vancil, Jim Mapes, Loren Rhodes, Phil Fmerer, Craig H b'gner, Gerry Goich, Mike Mai d S S Ea 426411 and tenni , e cle ,zur ued or, dn oren arerlson. BULLDOGS' BASEBALL SCHEDULE Ephrata 9 ..,..... Eastmont 4 ...,.a Eastmont 1 .,.,.,..,.,..... Wapato 0 ...... Marquette 0 .,,,.,........ Marquette 3 ...........,,. Yakima, Ike 19 Wenatchee 5 t,,,...,.,,, Marquette 3 r,.,.......,,. Highland 1 ....,.....,,,. Selah 11 .....,,.,, Toppenish 4 ,,,,,,,,,... Yakima, Davis Naches 17 ....., Cle Elum 6 ...... 64 Ellensburg 10 Ellensburg 1 Ellensburg 14 Ellensburg 9 Ellensburg 6 Ellensburg 2 Ellensburg 1 Ellensburg 0 Ellensburg 141 Ellensburg 4 Ellensburg 2 Ellensburg 8 Ellensburg -i Ellensburg 16 ,,,.,,,,,,,t Ellensburg 2 March 28, Here ....April 5, Here ..April 11, Here ..April 12, Here April 18, There April 19, There April 26, There ...,..May 2, Here ....May 3, There ......May 9, Here .,May 10, There ....May 16, Here ..May 17, There BULLDOGS' BASEBALL The EHS diamond squad started practice late last year due to the state basketball tournament. Lots of rain also hampered turnout. In spite of this delay, Ellensburg de- feated Ephrata 10 to 9 in their opening game. The follow- ing weekend they split a doubleheader with Eastmont. The pitching staff consisted of Loren Rhodes, Ted Martin, Phil Fitterer, and Craig Heimbigner. The squad was almost equally made up of Sophomores, juniors, and Seniors. Al- though many of Coach Vancil's starters were Seniors, he is assured of excellent material for the '59 season. BULLDOGS' TENNIS The EHS tennis squad had a successful year under their new coach, W. B. Henry. In spite of bad weather, the team got off to a good start. The roster was changed somewhat during the first of the season but, as the date of the sub- district neared, it remained fairly consistent. Lettermen back last year were: Beckie Shaw, Barbara Carlson, Laurie Goad, Carolyn Newschwander, Ann Bruketta, Allen Falk tus, Doial Fields, john Killian, and Bill Seubert. l I 1 Egg " , 1,4 it 1 Q 2 -A 'gif -- nga of ' Ha 'J ll refer . k if 1 I , , i 1 7 fi 4: A 3 . V, ,f K 1 it A i f i 4 f f X A i , -i l X ,,, - The members of the active tennis team were, front row: Alice Sparks, Laurie Good, Beckie Shaw and Margie Engel. Second row: Carol Rngel, Barb Carlson, Berdine Mitchell, Ann Bruketta, Carolyn Newschwander, and Joan Baker, Third row: louis Raap, Tom Ruebel, LeRoy Miller, Scott McCabe, and Paul Bruketta. Fourth row: Ray Oien, Allen Faltus, Bill Seubert, John Killian, Doial Fields, and Ken Allen. with en tl: uAiaAm BULLDOGS' TENNIS SCHEDULE ,,,,,,,K,,,,,, Yakima, Davis 5 Eisenhower 3 .,,,, ...,i7 Cle Elum 5 .... Selah 2 ....i,i,, Wzlpato 7 ......4,.,. ..,,, Toppenish 2 ...,A,. .,.,. Eisenhower 3 .,.,,i,,,,,.. Yakima, Davis 5 Toppenish 4 ,,.i..A i,,,, Wfapato 6 ,,,,, Cie Elum 5 ..,,,, Selah 3 ,i,,,, Ellensburg 3 .,.A,,Y,. Ellenshurg 5 .March 28, There ......,,,...MarCh 29, Here Ellensburg 3 ,............,,. April 1, Split Ellensburg 4 .,,,,,,....,., April 4, There .Ellensburgl ..,..r,,,,...... April 5, Here ,Ell6IlSbL1l'g6 .,..........,. April 12, Here .Ellensburg 5 .,,,.,,.,... April 18, There Ellensburg 3 ,.......,,,... April 19, Here .Ellen5burg4 .,,,,,....., April 25, There Ellenshurg 2 .,,,,,,...., April 26, There Ellenshurg 3 ....,r,,,.,.., April 28, Split Ellensburg 5 ,.,,...May 5, There 1 ,X ,My Q' , ,. 1 1. 4, J, Bill Seubert Barbara Carlson Laurie Goad NM H l New '71, Carolyn Newschwander P 1 if , ii P Q25 NZ 1 X . - 1 W -..,f,vr' ei .,45,g, , .5 '- . ,X 4,4 .,.,, 4,5 'Hd it 65 1""H ,-...-4, 'Rt Debate, oratory, declamation, domestic science . . . all these were familiar terms around EHS at one time. Now it's class discussion and Home Ec. It used to be manual training, too, but isn't shop more descriptive? These were then the comparative "fun courses matched today by chorus, Klahiam, library, office training, etc. Unlike other phases of school life, there has been no complete metamorphosis in the curriculum. The singing, sewing, and secretarying have always been firmly backed up by the basic classes in English, math, and science. Fifty years have also seen the coming and in some cases the going, in others the staying, of various foreign languages. The outstanding fact con- cerning academics at EHS is that regardless of the subiect, whether it's shorthand or higher mathematics, creative writing or photography, our students can, and have, ex- celled during the past fifty years. Debate in 1923 lby John Clymerl. "Like his mother used to make" was the title of this picture of the 1916 Domestic Science class. Don't they bring to mind the proverbial mad scien- tists in those chic white outfits? These boys white shirts ties and all were the busy builders of 1916 The manual training room and equipment seem thoroughly antiquated compared to our present facilities In this picture of the girls' PE class of 1916 we are again struck by the similarity land the lmpractic abllrtyl of their dress to certain contemporary out fits Despite the cumbersome pantaloons they seem to be very well lined up C RRIC LUM I I I I I ' 1 Laurel Thelen Judy Foley Kay Voss and Bev Choyce help prepare for the Home Economlcs Smorgosbord huch they served to school admlnnstratars OFFICE PRACTICE The grrls you saw hurrymg down the halls at the begln mng of each perrod werent just running around Under the superx rsxon of Mrs Robrnson they were performrng one of the dutles of Off1ce Practlce-collectmg attendance slrps Other dutles included answerrng the telephone keepmg the nurses room neat puttrng water on to boil for the teachers coffee frlmg countmg the lunch and mrlk money rssumg tardy and admrttance slrps wartmg on people who came mto the offrce and performrng other odd jobs whrch were necessary to keep our school runnmg smoothly Tr cling new HOME ECONOMICS Oh why do they torture us so' remarked classmltcs as the tantalxzmg smell of cakes or coolues greeted them That admitted Home Economlcs students was the best part of the class you could eat what you cooked wlnle others could just smcll Besrdes cookmg students learned more about selectmg preparrng and stormg food choosmg home furnlshrngs md sewmg The only trouble wlth the class no boys LATIN Conjugate declrne and translate-oh I wrsh Id nex er heard of such words' slgh Latln students as they learned their A B C s or rather therr a ae ae am a s of Latrn Dxspensrng wlth Sodalntas Latma flsatrn Clubj th1s yelr the buddlng lmgursts concentrated entrrely upon Latrn md were well rewarded for thelr efforts For a b1t of recreatron the flrst and second year groups combrned to hold the annual Latrn banquet thoroughly en joyed by their teacher, Mr Labrecque students and guests Brllne McPherson and Sharon Robbins dll gently check over Ernc Sogge Tom Thomas and Davud Demorest first year Latm students the afternoon attendance slips rve the luncy plg for the annual Latin Banquet rf--uf'-"""' ef N 68 K+ Wy E- 'iid - I .. H V I A, , . L ,T L -I T . V T . , . . . , , I . , , , . s Q 1 1 ' 1 I 1 I l W . . . . ,, . . . , 7 7 7 - - , - .. - ,, H - . V. . . . . , . , . ' 3 7 5 1 5 7 7 ' - 1 , - - 4 , . , . . . . . J 5 7 9 7 7 v I ' ' ' , ' . . . . . , , . ,. I- I . . . ' . ' . se . . af- fa.. f ' - ' Ek W. 1 2. .E . . , , ,, M Qi ' K , , 1. .. fi 4 - ,X . , Q , -, - K - -1 I 5' ,514 -4 K ' 4, Q . X X-xi! ., .. A 1 . . laid? EQ cha! engmg patlw INDUSTRIAL ARTS It you were vsalkrng up the EHS corrrdor between or durrng classes and heard strange loud norses eomrng from vs mg fue lt IS safe to bet that the Industrial Arts el1ss was worklng on another project w1th thenr saws axes hammers pl mes and other such norsy equrpment Sophomores stud1ed meehamcal drawrng and eleetrlcrty Iumors worked on wood and metal and the Seniors learned more about auto mechanres and blue prmtrng under the drreetron of therr teacher Mr Barnhlll GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Oh my achmg muscles' groaned each gurl as hey went through the exercrses rn P E In the end though the frrm muscles were worth the effort Besrdes exercrses they played basketball baseball and lme soccer Volleyball w1th the Boys P E classes pros 1ded extra excitement for both 1 roups ln the classroom Sophomore gxrls studred drner s tram me home nursmg and flrst ard Mlss Bakers bandaged frrst and uctrms were a srght to behold will 1 ,If Nm The boy: rn Shop class Iuok pretty busy hammer ng metal nto d fferent shapes and suzes Wonder hat they are mak ng, LIBRARY 6417 FB22 look l1ke a secret code7 Well rt IS unless you are famrhar w1th the hbrary The students who took the unlor Lrbrarran course learned w1th the help of Mrs Nygaard how to read these numbers and to do other jobs that mcreased thenr sklll and ab1l1ty 1n usrng the library and rn helpmg others to use rt also They checked out processed and shely ed books learned how to use the Reader s Guide and card catalog and worked on bulletm boards Mrs Nygucrd our L broncm was always kept busy The g s engoy a v gorous game of volley ball help ng students f nd reference material fl .4-ff' Wh 69 . We K 'T A ni! f -s If f gy 4 l v ' " ' ' va "N ' V v ' 'l ' I ' . 'l fe .', 4 T., 1 ' ,, U l '.', 1 ' .' ' . 7 ,gr . I -l ' 4 , 1 ' ' I .I e ' 1 1 I 'S U I 7 '- ' - - ef 'I A ' ' ' " be 'mf ei:..f. ' - UT -3- " - a a ' i ' , w I , ., y . 7. N t y 4 I - . 3 y general consensus of opinion was that the flat tummies and , , . . . . . . 1 ' 7 ' ' , , A . . . . . N . 4 .. , ' . . . . . . . . D . , I D ' I . - . - V . , , A 7 7 ' I -F Y . , V . . . , I ' , m in P. E. ' a , I r ' , w I -N-.,, 5 ., S ,sa so . ,ff I ., A why, eralv, 1 5 ' I x. ' V. in 1 .dpi hi Dale Grant and John Klllran go up for he lump un Boys P E :I The Klch am stuff was never out of o lob as long K bbe os od s ng Iherr och es lea mug tv 11 e wlule 11 :ng BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ior those he men that were always gettnng xnto con drtron for what lt IS often wondered J P E was lust the class Exercrses football basketball yolleyball softball and hockey constltuted a well rounded program drrected by Mr Henry DISCUSSIONS of the game of the day occasronally brought a humorous argument or a rather wet water f1ght but when the period was ended they were qurckly forgotten 70 KLAHIAM All rnght qult goofmg off' We haxc 1 Klahram to put out you know' was a constant remmder from Mr Krbbe when the staff started complanamg We want busy work We cant write wrlte ups' No one exer reads them any how But eycryone couldnt haye busy work there w as copy to check wrlte ups to wrlte ads to sell art work to to COIDPOSC RADIO PRODUCTION Llstenlng to the programs eyery Thursday exenlng one would dream of the frantlc goings on at the other end of the wlre Broken tapes wrong cues mrsplaced sound effects wrong musrc IH thc wrong places mlspro nounccd words and lost scripts all added to thc list mmutc confusnon In addltnon to the scrlpts and contmuntles the Radlo Productlon class presented a program featurlng news from EHS The class undcr the dlrectlon of Mr Goodell gue students cxperlcncc cxpressrng themselxcs ll'l wrltrng and IH speaking whlch wlll be of yalue ln futurc years Mr Goodell instructs Bonn e Brooks Lndc Anderson and lee McEIIresh n the opera! on of the tape eccrder JI , W: 3 ? 5 r " ' ' ' . . ass. i ' as I Mr. I w vii ' 'viii . O O O O O l , . 1 '. V Q - - .V . Y 'vw ' a a a a 7 y ' ' I . I r " ' ' v ' , V V- '. . , h - - .. .5 I rv I ' I It 7 4 -I -I 1 I ' .. ,. Y . create, pictures to take, layouts to make, and running heads 7 E Xl 2 I G 5 . . . H+ 'A 5 ' ' . no g 5 ' ' , , N., L. . .' l L 5' I h . C--I C I . ' ' JS, ' n A . , 1' h- 5- . ' . -. A y ' rap ' r A ' 6 ' Q 4 'I I I' 'I ' vc I ' 4 . ' I , I , I i -r . F-'ffe 'swam It was a rare moment when the hard workrng Klahnam staff could be found all together Front row Jeanne Smnth Rosemary Wlley Lourne Good Nancy Eldrudge Carole Hopkins Bev Choyce Carol Mayberry Sheila Roan Drxre Bender Carolyn Newschwonder Second row Chet Momson Davnd Powell Joan Baker Roger Corey Nan Grun den Allen Faltus Dale Grant Preston Wllllams Brenda Wnlson Camy Crane Helen Nlcolarsen Pat Mullin Larry Butler Larry O Connor to dv a 106 well AT HIIOLISIVIIOLIL thc yur uhm 1 klCS1gl'l vsnsnt flhlllllflllll LllOLlgll fngurcs wart tntnrcly out of PFOPOFLIOII lctttrmv xx ls tcrrlhle or sculpturmg nucr sccmed to lv nomplctet Scnst of color design md l51l1llCC vxcrc ttught Sopho mol umor md Ads mt d Art tllsscs hy Mlss Duhstm who hld to LOl'lflllL11lly rcmmd our mdu trrous stutcnts th If Art not only mcludcd Lftlflllag hut llso thc putting ux ll ol mltcrllls GREEK CLASSICS Htphlcstus Hermes Hlhstrthcl Artcmls Ahthmous Acglsthus Phomlus Polyphtmus Possldon Odysseus 'ltlc muhus oh hows will I utr ltccp thcm strught thought Gnd-. Cllssus studtnts LLACIIYLIIHE though, cuh chlrac III wl IL Tha Ilhld md thc Ody sscy rcld studlcd, .md dlstussed hx thc students md Mlss Ixlohuthnr wcrc Lomplred with duly hte. It xx 18 tound th It thc ndclls of people so long ago sxcrc rcally CILIILC Slmllaf to ours The Grccls Banquet, held IH txpltal Greum style vt 1 1 sprung, llliljllllfwhf of the class No one had tume to waste nn Art class wrth so many nnterestung protects to be completed HP' M fs' -sxqek ,P Mass Klobucher pounts out the route ofthe ancn nt Greeks to John Webley Charles Jeans Donal Frelds Sally Farmer Lau ue Goad Charlotte Hansen Judy Moser Barbara Carlson Jeanne Smith Alec Stewart and Mike Lyons 7l ' . ,, . F ' 4 . ' " 'SQ . . - -f. , - fs . ..4 - ' Q ' , ,f .- .., , , . - :I ' V 5 , A . " fb ' 1 2 . , l' . " '- , . - - t . N - .... -' ,, l ' . ,, ' 3 . , .s ' " -.- ' . . 'X ' ' "f . ,V '. 4 ' V V ' rr . . f f . ' 2 ' . V ' V , V . J '. , '- ' f - A . 4 o . ' ' Q ' f , . ,e -o t if . V V , V.. V V. " V -V V A V . . , .- rf f- ' I V. . V V ' A I V . ,-, f' .l ' z f: 's ' is . . , V V . k , . C ' 1- . . f - . , .L . fl L , ' B fr V V V . - 4 f - - f- , 3 .. - 4 'N v-0 ' . A V no 'N V ,V Ln e , A - 4 J. , A -f s Q ,, - A- 5 , . , V , VV VA V :J . . X ' J ' , . ' - ' I f "' ' , . , A 4 L 'X ' 3, ' ,, t 'N f L: f ' ' 1 fl' , ' . ' P L L ' l A A rt ' ... '- to ., I- 7- 5 N , . V , ' , . ' M -- 74 , , V , V 3 l 4 ' , I . ,X .... . fe 2 1 4 ' ' L' r-4' ' ' ' 1 l . ' L - ' f-1 1 ' rs -J ' , f rr ' I - . ' . . - ' . ' , r T" 'J' 'J' Ln ' 5 . 4 , X fa . V 7 V .YN - . er ' ' ' n . at ' ' f , .V , v . - V - . ,, . 4 V ' ' V 'Q N 1 ., ' . ' - 1 5 tl. 's A , 5 pw 1 ' , ' , 'T A- as -' X pm A Q I ' , g--5 ' I "' W 1' Milf? . 1 , L L N - 4 l' J - ' ' s. y V , ..,. j A V X X s . . -Vf:-:,gy:,g:- VV , ' '1 .i:.5:'3" s V VV? ,V... , , V VSV. V ul Karen Flam doesn t look too attentnve today In looks lIke lab day In ChemIstry class Darrall RobbIns Jack Rrchmond Mrs Brown s Typmg class and Pat Re n conduct an exper ment In bend ng glass flee tuIeA that cal t1 ted the mmd TYPING Oh Ill nexer get above thlrty words a mmute at thls rate' Its hopeless' was a common statement heard at the begmnlng of the year from all Typmg students The con tlnual problem of h1tt1ng the rlght keys the frantlc feehng that accompanles t1med Wfltlflg and the frayed tempers whlch are a result of trymg to type errorless papers all made the Typmg class one nes er to be forgotten Typmg was offered rn a two year serles and taught by Mr Rowley Mrs Brown and Mrs W1lklHS PHYSICS For nIne months Mr Andreott1 s Physlcs students tangled and unthreaded pulleys cllmbed staIrs dropped welghrs ran kIddy cars up and down lflCl11'16d planes we1ghed measured stretched condensed broke and compared The major unlts mechanlcs heat sound llght electrlcmty md nuclear physlcs were supplemented wlth moues experI ments demonstratlons an assembly and lecture by Mr Anderson of the Oak R1dge atom1c laboratory and a rocket project sponsored by the school These experuments In Physlcs class look more luke fun than work for Davld Powell WIII that explode? CamI Crane Joyce Buxton Allen Olcnder Preston Wllllams PhII Fntterer Harold Thomas Mrke Lyons and Alec Stewart Mlke Dunnmg Carolyn Newschwander and Paul Rodgers had better be careful wlth those Physucs experlments 72 W 2 . it F ll I . d 'X I 1 g 1 Q - 1 1 . . I I I . ,, , . . . . ., . , . . . , . , ,, . . i . . . . c , , ., . . . ,, . ,, . . . - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . ,, ,, . . . . T I . 1 . 7 . . , , . ' 1 . , . , . . . l 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 CHEMISTRY If welrd smells greeted you as you entered hurldrng three the Chemistry cl1ss was at It agaln lor two days students and teachers could hardly breathe whlle the class under the superxrsnon of thenr teacher Mr Lundstrum expernmented wlth sulfur Umts of study xarled from 'ur matter and family trees to eirhon fuels aelds and equatlons Though at tlmes the el1ss was xery COI1fLlSlI1g erroneous thrnes 11 ways seemed to hue stralghtened themselxes out 1nd ex pernments that seemed completely mrsealeulated suddenly mme out right problems that just couldnt he solxed sud denly had in answer 1nd tempers that Ind stlrted to ruse were suddenly calmed Don Derrnck and Bryce Herbs! zeulously conduct on exper ment n 'he Chem stry class BIOLOGY STUDY HALL Mentlon Brology and lmmedlately ex eryone thmks ot the aquarlum whlch had more than 1ts share of attentlon last year It was amusmg when so much algae collected on the Semors you mrght recall the echolng norses of the Study Hall rn the old school and the dreary old brown desks wrth the loxely hand earxed tops Wfell now the predommant M165 of the aquarlum making It hard to men See the fish nolse rs only that of the a1r eondrtloner and the tables hue but rt was tragrc when the nxnety two goldflsh that ex eryone a smooth blond hard surface enjoyed watchmg were found floatrng hellles up one mornnng the result of too much chlorme ln the water The questxon To work or not to world was qurclely The Blglogy 5135565 taught by Mr E1115 rind My Lmd answered under the watchful eyes of Mrs Brown Mr Row strom studled plants ammals and human hemgs ley Mr Sorenson and Mr Vanc1l Pon Prater Ger Morrnson and Linda Mcckner are huvnng fun'9 Thus ns the Study Hall here u lot more goes on than mere study ng d sect ng u crayfush nn the Bnology class Oops' We uren t supposed to say that' ,..,,,t 73 Va' - V 1 ' ' - - a s . I I -- ' 4 V 4 - - 1 4 f A ' 4.'.', . . , . . , ' f . ' . ' 4 , 4 ' , 4 4 ' T4 ', S , t ' L 4 D 'f ' ' 4.'.' ' f ' ' , ' ' f I 'f 4 - VKV-L-.. . KV B- s s V.: ,Q , A ' f t ."' .N4 ' 4 ' .' ' A , 7 , K L 1 L Vs L - , A V. . A - V VV . V. 4 4 4 . , 4 . 4 t . 4 , I i i . ' ' ' ' V ' N A . . . . . . . . 'Y l ' V V. h Y V, Q Y - . . . , . C ' 1 ' ' ' ' . . . , . s - s . , . . . . a 4 ' r 5 - , - V V Y - b - .V - VV a s - - . . . . .. V -.V Q . Y L' ' . , . 4, ' ' ' , V V Vp 1 V - ! , ' . 4 . - ' 1 ' - , , , 4 . , . , ' . . i I i . I . . .. 4-V . . W 3 . i i ' ' ' , . ' . .ut ' v 'tfu j X A lf I ':-5, ,-ew CHOOL LIFE The most inclusive classification so far, school life, if token literally, could cover everything from personnel to curriculum. ln this case, however, we depart from the stu- dent-as-a-studier point of view, and are mofe concerned with the student as a person. Anything, really, that a student does or experiences or even sees while he is at school is part of his "school life." These activities could also include out-of-school experiences. The only limitations on this division are that a student be involved. And remarkably enough, many of these activities are the same now, in l958, as they were in '08, 'l8, '28, '38, or '48, because students, as part' of the human race and subject to human nature, haven't changed much. Although this picture was taken in 1947, it could have been taken almost any time before or since. Whether it's at Vantage or the gravel pits, EHS students, sooner or later in the year, take to the water. "Tulip Time in Holland," the Junior Prom in 1937, seems to be a pretty festive, though unquestionably formal, affair. They must have posed for this pic- ture, or did they actually dance that way in 1937? Between classes and after school at the old high school in 1937, students poured from the building as though responding to a fire alarm. We wonder whether the car belonged to a teacher or one of the students. Z Hall picture, 1938. Adding to the pep and enthusiasm that backed our Bulldogs were the songlead- The real pep generators at all the games and pep assemblies were our three ers: Sharron Gordon, Nikki Ware, Karen Martinen, Bonnie Brooks, Judy Main, and cheerleaders: Terry Randall, Sally Farmer, and Sandy Hertz. Christine Chase. SC wtcmber 4 September 20 I . . Another pep assembly. The football team won again Back to the grind for another nine months - yes, . . . . . as we got our first look at them in action. Ellensburg school started. The lines formed as we paid our fees. 27, Marquette 6. September 13 September 27 We had our first pep assembly. The football season Lots of spirit was shown at another pep assembly got started off right as we beat Highland on their before we sent the team off to Wapato to win again. field. Ellensburg 20, Highland 6. Ellensburg 14, Wapato 7. Wee new and the old - - e cl: p d FHA sold food at our home football games. It looks like Ocitoljcr I . ' . Mr- Forrester is fwllv PUf'if'Q Of' the ffwftcfd- We enjoyed our first National Assembly program. 76 Off, i October ai A real busy day. Mr. Goettel started us off on our yearly magazine sale, we had another pep assembly, and the football team "did it again" by beating Sun- nyside here. Ellensburg 19, Sunnyside lei. October 1 1 Octobe Ortobe The football team has gotten into the habit of wine ning. We beat Naches here. Ellensburg 3-l, Naehes 15. rl8 Still at it, the football team won again by beating Grandview. Ellensburg 13, Grandview 6. r 25 After a pep assembly in the afternoon and a bon-fire just before the game, we beat Prosser. Ellensburg rift. Prosser 12. October 30 Thanks to the flu bug, we got out of school for three days. November 1 The football team won again. This time at Highland to cinch the Northern Division Championship. El- lensburg 111, Highland 13. November 2 It was girl ask boy at the EEE tolo, "Blue Flamingo," as we danced to the music of the "Altones." November 9 The first nine weeks grading period ended. We held another pep assembly. November 11 The football team wound up a perfect season, the first since 1936, by beating Cle Elum here in the annual Veterans' Day game. Ellensburg 38, Cle Elum O. November 13 Oh! Oh! Report cards. What the heck, I didn't want the car for a while anyway. November 15 Everyone had a wonderful time dancing to the music of the EHS Dance Band at the Sock Hop November 22 sponsored by the high school chorus. The Chinese The gym shook with music by the Moscow Idaho Auction was lots of fun, too. Say Beckie, did you High School Band and our own band as they pre- ever have that coke date? sented a combined concert. in te e ting and e cle en fdffdihihg "Take a deep breath and hold it to get your picture taken," says the te h and Richard Janes does iust that as he gets his chest X-rayed. The whirl of dances for the year started with the EEE tolo "Blue Flamingo " 77 1 December 2 We enjoyed our second National Assembly Pro- gram. The Football Banquet was a tremendous suc- CCSS. December 3 The homemaking-minded girls competed in the Betty Crocker search for the Homemaker of To- morrow. We held an award assembly, the football team received letters, and the Bulldog Guard re- ceived their emblems, December 6 We started the basketball season off with a pep assembly, and a game against Wenatchee here, which we lost. Ellensburg 48, Wenatchee 56. December 14 We held another pep assembly, and the Bulldogs beat Cle Elum here. Ellensburg il, Cle Elum 35. December 20 We were excused for Christmas vacation. It sure felt good! Hurrah, no homework for awhile anyway. On the road, the Bulldogs collected a victory from November 23 Cashmere. Ellensburg 45, Cashmere 39. "The best Senior Ball ever!" That's what everyone said, and "Harlequin" was just that as we danced December 21 to the music of the Hi-Fi's. . . , Still on the road, the Bulldogs didnt fare so well November 28 as they felt defeat at the hands of Wenatchee. Thanksgiving, and we got a two-day vacation. Ellensburg SO, Wenatchee 68. "Seventeen," presented bv the Home Ec. classes, proved to be a wonderful treat Mr. Walter Snodgrass, band director at Moscow, Idaho, high school, gives the for the style-conscious at EHS. Helen Nicolaisen models her dress. combined bands the word as they prepared for the exchange concert. 78 0 .Neg-M A lL J' Phil Fitterer, team captain, accepts the seventh place trophy at the Slate Basket- Waiting tc get some of that good food, Mr. Brown receives help from Bev ball Tournament from Jim Owens, U. of W. football mentor. Coach Sorenson Choyce and Charlotte Hansen at the smorgasbcrd prepared by the Home EC. looks on. class for the lcculty and admimstrczllon. january 11 December 27 The Bulldogs returned home only to be defeated by gutlwli Qginiidggileictoig lost to the Richland Bombers. Ellensburg 52, Richland 76. i'lSl 'l 1. SLI77, k'lS . It was the worst defeat of the season. january 17 Again we suffered defeatg this time at the hands of December 28 Grt'flmk'tt1 f' 'l ,'-butKl1- . . Fi mfg nc, In O ie Wm LO umm .wc ,U mm Toppenish on our own court. Ellensburg 47, Top- wick here, hllensburg 59, Kennewick 46. . penish 52. to try and Ao much to My january 2 , . . . Shaking the cobwebs out of the "old think-tanks," we started back to school. january 3 We won again. This time it was Walwato who suf- fered on our floor. Ellensburg 57, Wfapato 52. january 4 journeying to Pasco, the team did it again. They won. Ellensburg 56, Pasco 43. january 8 Classes were thoroughly scrambled, but it was well worth it because in the morning we had one of the best assemblies of the year as Mr. Anderson from the Oak Ridge, Tenn., Atomic Laboratories ex- plained the fundamentals of Nuclear Physics to us. In the afternoon he lectured to the Physics classes on more advanced Nuclear Physics. january 10 The most enthusiastic pep assembly of the year sent the basketball team off to win at Eisenhower with a score of Ellensburg 48, Eisenhower 45. 15 -, X Without much trouble, everyone danced away The annual Tri-Hi-Y tolo was held in the multi- purpose room. "Silhouettes" was the theme. anuary 2-4 The school year's half overg the semester ended to- day. No more tests for a while, thank goodness. We held a pep assembly and sent the team off to Sunny- side only to he beaten. Ellenshurg 47, Sunnyside 54. the evening ul the Senior Boll, "HarIequin." january 25 The Bulldogs avenged themselves hy heating Sunnyside here. Ellenshurg 42, Sunnyside 34. january 29 We elected a very pretty royal court for our annual Amla Retam activities. Nikki Buxton was elected Queeng Shirley Martin, junior Princessg and Gerry Farrell, Sophomore Princess. The in Hap wa neu ly in Aiglat . SNA- : M. , 4 -v.,.t,Q, -, 5.,a,,,.M,.,...- W , ,mu g1fisf,c,xxPAo.jrv amass -.A A "aw, r fk A 'A-. ' fy . 9 - I f ff ,. rv fig 2 ' ffl l I "j X 41 i rx X JA i H f 4 .4 1 i tl: ,iii rl Q2 . i, IW! fr ' .f As usual, good food was the order at the Roman banquet and Som Steele, Gory Gorthe, Jock Fitterer, ond Sandy Hertz seem to be enioying it. 1 Q....ar1 vvvf " T55 anu iry 51 The Davis Pirates journeyed here only to be beaten hy our Bulldogs. Ellenshurg 60, Davis 48. lel ruary 1 On the road, the Bulldogs won at Kennewick. Ellenshurg 58, Kennewick 49. lclaruary 7 On the road again, we suffered defeat, Ellenshurg 38, Wexlvato 50. lclwruary 8 We won as the Bulldogs defeated Pasco in the annual Amla Retam game. Ellensburg 61, Pasco 46. After the game everyone had a terrific time at the Amla Retam dance held in the multi-purpose room. c iuary 1-l Continuing the winning streak, the Bulldogs took the measure of Eisenhower here. Ellenslwurg 44. Eisenhower 42. c lulfyli Taking to the road, the team traveled the many miles to Richland only to he beaten. Ellensburg Sl. Richland 72. l chiuary 21 The Bulldogs were on the road again. This time to Toppenish where they won a real thriller. Ellens- burg 58, Toppenish 50. ry 27 Seniors got the "lowdown" on college for next year from representatives of the various institutions around the state. 'W Zi of 5 I .. . ,fame-if-mme,-wi . .Jw K February 28 Playing in the Y. V. I. A. A. Tourney in Toppenish we trounced Pasco handily. Ellenslwurg 65, Pasco F19 March 1 Still in tourney competition, the team heat Sunnyside. Ellenslwurg 65, Sunnyside 52. we we e excited and wi la ul R g q over the Amlcl Remm cchvihes were Queen Nikki Buxton, JU Princess Shirley Martin, ond Sophomore Princess Gerry Farrell. to you, Mike? Oh, well, its all in the spirit nf Amin 9.-J... l 81 March March March March l l Musicians from the vocal and instrumental depart- ments competed in the solo and ensemble contest held at CWCE. A sizeable number of superior rat- ings were received by students. 12 The Bulldogs started their State 'Tournament play properly by beating Fort Vancouver in a real close match. Ellensburg 53, Fort Vancouver 50. We were rated as the Hunderdogsf' 15 We didn't fare very well today as Lewis 8: Clark of Spokane trounced us rather thoroughly. Ellensburg 40, L 8: C 62. 14 Still in tournament competition, the Bulldogs won again. Ellensburg 63, Highline 60. Again we were - rated the "underdogs" Presenting one of the more humorous skits at the Amla Retam assembly, Pat Mullin, Ed Carroll, and Charlotte Hansen gave us all a good laugh. March 15 Pla in Y in the final da of com etition we rained March7 Y S y P ' S' March Back in Toppenish for more tourney play, the Bull- dogs didn't fare so well as they met defeat against the Richland team. Ellensburg 53, Richland 71. 8 We wonl And earned the second place entry in the March seventh place ranking as a result of a loss to Moses Lake. Ellensburg 52, Moses Lake 61. Good work, team. 17 Spring Vacation started. We needed it! State Tournament from the Y. V. I. A. A. by beat- March Q kt Uh I 7 . ft k fl f. ing Wapato. Ellensburg 72, Wapato 58. ac 0 bt OO again a er a Wee O Oa mg' March 28 March Starting the track season, the Bulldog "thinclads" journeyed to West Valley. West Valley first, Ellens- burg second. The Bulldog "racquet swingers" didn't fare too well either as they were defeated by Davis. Ellensburg 3, Davis 5. We enjoyed an outstanding assembly as General Motors presented "Previews of Progress." 29 The tennis team avenged themselves at the expense of the Eisensower team. Ellensburg 5, Eisenhower 5. Starting out just right, the baseball team beat Ephrata on City Field. Ellensburg 10, Ephrata 9. March 31 April 1 We thoroughly enjoyed a very interesting National Assembly program on deep-sea diving. Showing a great deal of improvement, the track team competed in a triangular meet at the college. Grand- view first, Ellensburg second, and Cle Elum third. The tennis team lost. This time to Cle Elum. Ellens- burg 5, Cle Elum 5. The third quarter ended. The tennis team traveled to Selah and won. Ellensburg 4, Selah 1. The Bulldog track team traveled to Moses Lake to compete in the Moses Lake Relays. The trip turned out to be for naught as they failed to place in the field of 32 teams. At home, the racquet swingers fell to Wapato. Ellensburg 1, Wapato 7. Also at home, the baseball team split a doubleheader with Eastmont of Wenatchee. First game: Ellensburg 1, Eastmont 4. Second game: Ellensburg 14, East- mont 1. April io We got report cards for the third quarter. Egad, campused for two weeks and I didn't do badly at all. l Hosting Wapato on City Field, the Bulldog baseballers beat them, Ellensburg 9, Wapato 0. April 12 While the track team was defeating Eisenhower and Davis in a triangular meet, the baseball team split a doubleheader with Marquette. First game: Ellens- burg 6, Marquette 0. Second game: Ellensburg 3, Marquette 2. The tennis team was also active, defeat- ing Toppenish. Ellensburg 6, Toppenish 2. After all this athletic activity everyone enjoyed themselves at the Junior Prom, "Wisteria Way" held in the multi-purpose room. April 17 Seniors selected two boys for honor speakers. That makes two and two for graduation speeches. April 18 The tennis team and the baseball team both journeyed to Eisenhower to compete. a raw in an em ty pan try Bearing the "Mighty Qne" o his throne, his subiects brought "lt's all for a good cause," thought Mr. Rowley as he mounted his trusty Pl Mr. Sorenson into th Amla Retam assembly. steed in the donkey basketball game to raise funds for the stadium. 83 194 .pr .1- Aprrl .5 QM are saw-rf, fswa af fgx for Q3 .S ff J? 5 54 -ala Ev Ea The tracle team competed agarnst West Valley Grlndxlevx and Hrehland rn the flrst meet held on our own track The tennrs team was also actxye as they hosted Dans Comp erely c'-sorbed un mckrng decorahons for the Junior Prom were Bonnie Apr1l25 All three teams were busy today as the trlele fe un eomaeted ID Xalerma the tennls team yltyel lt W1 alto and the baseball telm trueled to Xl r quette Aprrl sO N11y7 N11 v W fr May May 9 The annual Arts and Industrrll Arts fllgllf vu as held Students and parents xrexxed mlny l11ILI'LSlllIi,, l plays The Bulldog diamond squad hosted l-lrehland on Crty lreld vxhrle the erndermen yourney to 'Ioppen Sl The tennrs team met Selah here vshrle the baseball team traxeled to Selah tremendous band concerts ll'l Morgan lL1LllfOI'lLllTl Whrle the baseball team met loppenrsh here the tennrs team was engaged ln the sub dlstrlet meet ll Yalerma The yea end lrut we tra lon The tracle team traxeled to Yalerma to compete rn the sub drstrrct vyhrle the baseball team xy as also rn Yalerma playrng the Dans Prrates At home the sprrng sports banquet was a huge success and xx as enjoyed by eyeryone rn attendance The Pep Club Bryant Bor-nue Brooks Chrushne Chose Nrkkr Wore Moreau Nrelson and Sandy Students greet the chaperones and Junror Class offrcers Hertz siamng off the Prom with o bang 84 4 ' . ' 4 y s T5 , 1 3,3 , ' ur ' I ,. , ' 4, as ip' ' 1 L, A 9 . . . 7 -K :ya ,L - -1 ..1- yn, ki ,K V 1. . . 4 liy xr V v 1 Q . . - . A ,, . 51 ', ' . . , 1 . L . Y .e . ' 1 T 'Jr L" '1"'siS- 5 , i1.,5,A5,xV A 2 eh r .. mx ' 0 . .. , . . . it i Q ,xr Awiwkik , . . - , . - . , 11 A . . 4' 1-1 - - r s. ,u egg ri -M i M ,g,gLwl:i1 A .. K A .44 A A V . A L .4 K H all 1 L ' ' ' - . W'4,.Yff.'V.,..-Aff ,Q , ei, ingwgdjv Q j ff,-f-,,..s" ,iff y Q , , ' , , The musrc department presented another of lts my . Milf, 1 Fjg yy 453 i b 1 Q . V . , , If ,. ' ' HW Y' if-' ' ' - 1 - L 4 - a ,V 1' -' ff t A r wzyij S ' ,se, ,3. , . S A . , .:,,,, f,L1-,wxrlxess-law, , , , , 4 " L. . L Y 19 S . . ' ' z ' L ' ' A ', , . . . . . . K . - ' -1 Y - cf L vt: 1 Q ' ', a Y . I . . . . . . ' 2 ' ' ' el f. ' ' ' i 1 '. l .1 1 ' .h 1 .4 l c .4 . Y V 6 . l ,. S i. 1 m - f ' P . . I . S 1 1 .Q t' V, 'V 3 V . girls really undertook a big project but came out with flying colors. Nl.ry16 T The Bulldog nine met Naches on City lfield. e Slay 17 Wlmile those members of the track team who sur- vived the sub-district meet competed in the district at West Valley, the baseball team journeyed to Cle Elum, and the tennis team competed in the district in Yakima. At home, the Sophomores held a very successful dance in the multi-purpose room. M.1y2O The music department presented a fine choral concert. May 25 The members of the track team who placed in the district meet competed in the state meet at Pullman. May 50 Due to Memorial Day, we got a day's vacation. May 31 Sponsored by the Sophomores, a very nice Senior Reception started Commencement activities for the class of 1958. ching or the cf' Baccalaureate services were held in the gym with fe .lune 1 Rev. Lovett delivering the sermon. .lane 3 As the guests of the school board, the Seniors attend- ed the annual Senior breakfast. Going all out, the Seniors presented a stunt night that will be long re- Wandering what it would be like to have luggage like this for his own, Terry Gilmour tries to handle the loaded suitcase at the General Motors assembly. He is illustrating the principle of a gyroscope. june S '...,,,,-'W 'Vigil This yeur's Commencement speakers were Bill Seubert, Connie Sparks, sol Carolyn Newschwander, valedictoriang and Alec Stewart. membered by everyone. The hard work was worth it. Bidding EHS good-bye, the class of 1958 received their diplomas at a very impressive Commencement ceremony held in the gym. Speakers were Bill Seu- bert, Alec Stewart, Connie Sparks, and Carolyn tant 6eqond june 6 Newschwander. After graduation, the parents of the graduating Seniors hosted them at the annual Senior Party held at the Elk's Club. We came back to school to get our report cards and Klahiams, and then vacation for some and work for Others. 0 3 Wx ' 1 I' utatoricm 11 Xxx Akv- AM mxm We come now to the real basis of the Klahiam-the advertisers. From the time that the first Klahiam was published fifty years ago, the adver- tisers and sponsors have been the key to its endurance, because, dedicat- ed as we are, it's an economic impossibility to publish an annual without money. In the past ten years, however, Klahiam advertising has risen from the virtual hand-out state that it unfortunately was in at times to a worth- while, long-term investment for the advertiser. There is a definite good feeling toward firms who have been staunch supporters of the school and its publications, which is good proof that these ads do contribute to the success of businesses. We hope, in the next fifty years, that the adver- tisers will welcome our ad salesmen with the same good will and gusto that these young solicitors, out on their first caper, feel toward the busi- nesses they approach. '15 if SJ . X- I DEX Crcii Heimbigner is measured for cz suit S BROS. Gary Morquissee inspects the voult ot the NATIONAL BANK OF WASHlNGTON. Terry Gilmour looks over the business at GlLMOUR'S SUPER-DUPER. The old Washington National Bank. Re. 1... -,N 1050 """ POWER Byron Thomos learns the ropes from his father who owns BILL'S SPORTING GOODS. C fhoyii. Beverly 58. 10.12,-15,1-8, 1, J. 12.114 flirlxtlan, Ronalxl '50, 212 llirlxtoplierson, Faith '00, 31, 40 l,l1ur1li,K.ltlilc '00, H, .10 flecm, lflarxuy '58, lv Kleveland, Amulil '50, 40 Cleman, 'l'ozn-9512. 20, 41. 88 Lonser, Cecil -'58, lv, 50, "2 f 00ke, Alison '5-J.l-J,-10 60014, Iieny--'00, 54, 40 Cook. Rulicrtf--'50, 213, 50, 05 Lorey. Roger -'58, lv, '1, '2, 81, '20 flox, XX'ayne Q5-7. 211 frarle,f,.lITIy--'58,151,ll,41.45,"l.'l.".'Jl frawroril, Rnilhml--'00, 34, 55 f,l'axx'l'oril, Slierry-'50, 29 f,lliCN, He-tty '58, 20 Lrites, Paul '00, 54 Cmuin, Daxnl '00, 51, 413, 55 Kurtis, f,ha1'lenef '00, 10 Daniels, Shirley '59, 211, 40 l3av15,l1eol 7512. 20 13,u'is,j.uk 15-2.10 lJ.ixl5,.l0l1nf-3519.212, 51 Davls,lLulyff'51J, 217, 40 Daxis, R0lvertaf'5-J, 29, 40, 48 Dell, Pat -'00, 34, -I0 Dell, lliulll -'58, IU, H9 lielphians 48 Demorest, Daxl1lff'00, 34, 50, 08 DerrnI:,CQan01 900, 1, 54,175 mi-nik. l5.1nf'58,20,08, '5 Doilge, ,lerif-J00, 34. 40 Iioering, Kennie '00, 34 Ibnle. Trinly --'50, 20, 40 Doolan, Maureen '00, 55, 4" Dnixy, Bill '00, 35, 00, 04 Dunning, Mike - '58, '2, 811 Dunslan,lNlai1e,I.1iully 15 Dyk, lframes '00, 55 Iiason, Darrel -'50, 20, 'J liaxtl1u1'n,Sl1elry '00, 55, I' lpato:1,jur1'y 00, 51, 55, -10 l21lu.xr1l5, Roger '50, 20, 40, 55 likiss, K,hristineff'00, 35 lllilriilge, Naney--'58.10,40,'l, '2,'0,88 Ellison, Elo1suf'51J. 211,-10, 41 lzllison, Mrs,-1' Allen Faltus, president of BULLDOG CLUB, pre- sents o check for o bond for the athletic field to Associated Student Body Treasurer, Mike Lyons. Other club officers: Vice-president, John Killian, secretary, Beckie Show, and treasurer, Judy Main, look on, Lanny, expecting a wild ride from a bronc at MILL'S SADDLE 'N TOGS? l,llis, Donalil. Iaiulty 15 lillenxlwurg lfinanne C,o, 81? lzllenslsuig Iron XX'orks 88 lillenslxuig 'l'elePho:1ef,o. 88 lgmrrsoa. Ciene 58. 20 lzmerson, BL1l'l'l.1l'L1"i'l. 20, -12 Engel, M.1rgie7'5'J, 29, 48, 05 Engel, 'l'omf'58. 20 Enloe, lean' -'60, 35 Erickson, Eilf10 Eriekson, Kay Ann -'00, 35 Exerett, Irvingf'51J, 29 F l:1llLuS, Allc1'lf'58. 18, 20, 49, 05, 'l, 72. 89.5211 Faltus K Rutledge Motor Cfn.f90 Fanghoner, -lanicef'59, 29 Farmer, RiL'kf'5lJ. 29, 55, 03 Farmer, Sallyf'58. 20, -10, 71, 70 Farrell, ,lerryf'00, 35, 40, 81 F:1rl'ell'Sflotl1ing788 Farris, Narlinf'59, 50 Fielil, Darlene-f'5'J. 30, 40 Fields, Doial --'58, 20, 05, 71 liielils, Sanilraf-'00, 35, 48 Fitterei' l51'llfllCl'5""J3 liitterer, Ifmma-jane-'00, 55, 40 FlK161'C1'. ,l11Llii'5'J, 5. 511, 55, 58, 00,01, 6-4. 80. '73 Fitterer, Philipf'58, 20, 54, 55, 5', 58, 00, 04, 72, 79, 95 Flam, Karenf'00. 35, 42, 43, '2 Fletcher, Laurencef'5O. 50 Foley, uclyf'58, 20,-10, 41, 08 11001153 1-54, 55, 50, 57 Forrester, Eugene. faL'ultyf15, 51, 70 Foster, T0mf'00. 35 Fl't'DCl1,CiQTi1lLll!'l2"0ll, 35 Fritsuh, Ronni::f'5'7 30 51 Fusselman, Philf'58,i20, 54, 55. 50, 88 F. F. A181 F, H, A,-47 G ii. A, A, 50 Cage. ,lerry--'58, Z0 Mage, Stevef'50, 20, 50, 48. 05 Liarnliniei, Roger-'58, 20, 48. 51, 58, 00. 01 05, 88 Ciartl1c,Ci.1r'yff'58, 20,42.43,03. 80 Ciaud:-ttc, Larry-'00, 35, 42 Gilbert. Janice-'00, 35 Gilmour, NIerlef'58, 20 Gilmour, Terryf'00, 35,40,-l4,55,50,5',00,04 Ciilmoufs Super-Duper-8' Glaspejf, Harold-458. 21 Ciuael. Bol5f'00, 35, 417 Cioael. Laurie7'58, 21, 40. 05, '1, '2, '23 Most unusual-Mr. Killian of the ELLENSBURG FINANCE CO. doling out money to John Killiar and Bill Seubert? For repairs, the BIG STAR SERVICE is the place to go. Mike Dunning and Tom Dell do, 1.--111.014-.AI 00. 55, 51, 55, 05, '0 Cimnlcll,Al.ln,l.hL1lKy I1, '0 Cioialon, Sharon ff'55J, 50, 40, '0, 85, V5 00011, Gary '55, 50, 41, 58, 01 umm, Dale--'58, 21, 4-J, '0, '1, 80, -20 Grant. Keith- 300. 55, 00, 01, 88 Gray, Gloria -'58, 21 Green, Myrna--'50, 30 Ciroger, -lIJ1'l'Y'f'full, 55 Lil L IVLL '58 'I 10 'oss. wow-f ., - ,- Cirumlen, Nanf'5'J, 50,-10,'I,'2,'J-1 Lrunnoe. Alt0nf'58, 21 Halwrmqm, lohn7'5'7. 50, 55, 50, 05, 81 Haine5,l,ol1eenf'5-P, 50 Hall, Lliristine-'50, 30, 40, 41 llanulron. liillf'00, 55, 03 Hamilton, jolm-'59, 50, 00 Hank the Plumber 00 Hansun,C,lia1lotte '58, 21, 41, 40, 'I. '12, 82 Hanson, Kirsten--'50, 30, 40, -18, 81 Happy's Foods - 190 Harrimgton, lJ.innyf'00. 35, 51 Harr "S Richlielkl 94 Hawk, Dave '00, 55 Hawkins,P.lt1'iLl,1-4517,30, 48 HauIey,jil1 958, 21 Heaton, .lanef'512. 30, 40, 00 Heaton, 'lf 0,790 Hcavilin. 'l'er1'yf'00, 35, 40 Heelrielc. Thelma-'00, 35 Hcimbigncr, !Qraigf'51J. 30,55,50,5',58,04,87 Hrimbuilc, joanf'58, 21 Heinriih Auto Parts-170 Hclmiilc, Hill-'00, 35, -10, '1 Henline, Harriett--'58, 21. 48 Henry, Dutili, I'a1ultyff14 He-nxon. l.eona--- Hg-rl5st, l31'yceff'51J. 50, 42, 08, 5 HerI'on,lo1ln -'00, 35, 40 l'lc1r'on,hlg1i'slIall 05 111-ru, Sanily-9517. 5041, 13, I0,-I-1,'0,x0,HI Hiikey, Vera Marie -'59, 50 Hnks, Merlyn '00, 35 Hiner, Ann '58, Z1 Hitihioilc, f'l1risty-f-'59, 50, 10. 'JI H1-XX'ay Grille' 170 H. K, Robbins 02 Hnlwright, Virginia'-!5U. 50 Hnfker, Rnherr-'00, 55, 55, 00. 05 Holloway. KarenAf'00, 35, 42, 48 Holmes, Harold-'00, 35, 55, 03 l"lirpliir'1S, fi:lrolC:A-'58, 21,-l2,7l,'2.82,9l.95 Home Economics-08 Hougham, Cfar0lf'00, 35, 40 Hongliam, Marlin-950, 50, 05 Jack Morfield and Bruce Schultheis rhefk TV tubes at the JERROLD TV CABLE CORP. MOVING LUNDSTRUM PAINT AND GLASS is a good place to choose housing ma- terials, say Jaan Baker and Carole Hopkins. M , , . M.11nhL-I. I.it 60. x6 M.lrLhcl. Phyllis '60, 56 M.mllcI.SInr1L-y '60. 56 Mamln-I. Vixmn '60. S6 AlL1TlID,Sl1l1'lQj' '50, 31. 46. 81 M.1rtxn.'l'ul 'S-J, 41. Sl. is. SG, 58. 64 Milrtlncn. K.lrcn-'20, 51. 46. 76 M.1rqulswc.lv.1ry -'58, 25. 4-1. -18. ii. S SS. 943. lvll. 61. 65. S' Mnrx. WICAIXHIL' WR. 19 Mnylwuriy, I .lr-rl--WH. 23. -16. -1'. '1. 'Z Mclhlnrlcr. lvcuru1.A--450. 51 Mclliux. lJ6nn.1 VJ 51 40 Mcsslngcr. XX'.lII.nc .7601 56. 65 Mcyci. Kunny '60, 56. 65. '22 Milli-r. lin.-ul.xl1 614,15 Mxllur. liL'lmlul.l WH. 25. -Ill. 'Il Mlllcr. I.L-R65 '60, 56. 65 Mills Silllllu Anil 'lllgsf-Htl Mills. l..l111'l1 W. 15611. ii. 56,2'lI. 811,01 Mltnhcll. llcrrhullm- '50,1l'I,51,l6,6S.?-15,00 MinIwl1.K.ly 466. Srl. '10 Mitahcll. 1.4-R-ly '60, 56, il Alllr.I,.nl1y Wx. JA. -lo, -25 Munlurt. M.lry 1,611 '60, 36. -I0 Murc.1u, -l6I1nW'60. 56. 50. 31 1 Murg.ln'x li-'llmtc-'l'l11W J-l M6rr1s6n,I.l1ctf'iH. 25.40, 71. 72.91 Murrlsun. Cicri-'60, 56, 73 Murrislln. Turn-'60, 56, 'JZ M6scr.jL1Llyf'S8.2,1.'1 M0rl1cIll.j.uIi--'58. 25. 89 M6rl5.xn. Rulwrt 9617. H1 hlL1llll'1.P.1l' -'91-1.2-4.46, 4'.T1.81 Mundy. Hill '98, 24. 51, 81 Munlly. Riihcrt '60. 36, S0 Munsun. Ink '60, 56. ii. as Nilnlc. llill--'50, Sl N.ltmn.il B.mk 61 fiinimcrnc- X8 Ngiti6n.ll Hink ul XY4isIlingt6nf-447 Ncclcy. Hnrlmr.if-'58, 14, U1 Neeley Mayflower-f '11 New, Nlfillgxrd-17 Ncwscliwgindcr, f.g1r6Iynf'58. 24, 46, 65. 70, 71. 85, 94 Nicholson Drug Store-fvl Nielson, Durthy-'SlJ. 31 Nielsen, MarcinA'59. 31. 46, 84 Nickcll. Dclmarf'60, 36, 71 Nicolaisen, HcIcnf'S8. 24, 49, 72. 78. 93 Noble. Janf'S'2. 51, 46. 92 Nurwuml. Betty'-'60. 40 Barbara Neeley and Rosemary Wiley Chet Morrison bu s his lives oc like the safe, fast moving vans used supplies rom NICHOLSON DRUG by NEELEY MOVING B- STORAGE. STORE. Nyg.l.11ll. Alinc. l.1LL1lty 15,617 O'CQ+irinur. l,.1l'l'y WB. 24, 417, 71 Ullnn-l'iglLllLc 634 Ollxur. l.6isf'Sl1. 51 U. K. Ruhhur XX'cl1Isrsf'P1 Ulnmlcr, Allen f'iPl.2-1. 54. ii, 56, 6 Ulgimlcr, julie n'60. 36. -16 OIL-n. Mgliglc--'59, 51. 46. 90 Own. RAyf'60. 36. 65 U'Nu.i1.Ci.E.-01 Ostr.indcr's Drugfflli Umnnli, Helen 959. 40 Omninh, l..irryf'60, 55 P P. 11- rw lingo. Ann 3547. 31.f1' l'.1uc. Rillwit 560. 56. 42 I'.xtturs6n's Shxtiunury -vi lilttuwrw. Amin '90, 51. -I0 l".1ltcs6r1.Cii'.xuy WH. 21. -17 I'.ltIuwn, PM '50, 51 Georgia Muller looks over the supplies at M 8. M UPHOLSTERY Ron Webster and Jerry Prall try out one of the trucks at C. E. O'NEAL CONSTRUCTION CO l'.lttus6n. ,l.1lk-'V-Z. 24 lixttuwn. R-in-69. 51. 54, 55, 63 P.lttmm, Alanffltk Pulcrscn. fihctf'60. 56. 50. 91 Pcslcrscn. K.1rul1ncf"'8. 24. 40. 41 Pulcrsun, K.lfl1CT1HCf'58. 24, 18, 40 Pcllcrscn, Mary-f'S8. 24 Pup filulwf-46 Pcmk, 'I4crcx4if'60, 36. 46 Perkins. jimmy-'60, 56. 65 PL'l'i'y1 I1girI6ttcf'5H. 20 Pctcrwn, Bnrhgir.1f'60. 36 Petra. Kerry-'58, za, 40, 63 Pl1illips,C.nrlf'ilI. 51. Si. 63 Phillips, C.g1mlf'58. 25, 40 Phillips, Mrs,i17 Photo Center Studi6f94 Physics-72 Pike, Dnnnyf'60. 36, 50, 55, 95 Pike, DelSief'60. 36, 40 Powell, Sl131'0f1fI60. 36, 46 Pnwell, Carol-'6O. 36 Puwcll. Dimf'58. 25, 40. 'Il Pl1VY6.'ll,lDflVlLli's8.lS. 40. 49, 71. 77 81 7 n looks mighty proud of Danny Powell is an electrical pros- the International tractor from Lanny Mills watches the tire repair pert for KITTITAS COUNTY P.U.D. RATHBUN IMPLEMENT CO. at O K RUBBER WELDERS PACKING Mr, Rhodes shows Loren the TV It's nice to have a father who A visit to o member of the WASH- equipment ct the WESTERN STORE. owns WEBSTER'S, isn't it, Linda. INGTON STATE CATTLEMEN'S AS- SOCIATION rcnch was a big treat for Helen Nicolcisen and Brenda Wilson. S U 5t.u'k-with, Kmry '58, 26. 51 L'lmur. j.muttr '60, 57 Stuxk Hixusc 01 Stcclu. Sum '50, 52. 40. ill. R0 V Stern. Bull '50, 52. 42. 01 Stevens. M.1ruIynf'60, 57. 46 V.ul's Mirkct fs0S Stewart. Alot-'58, 18. 26. -11. 42, 45. 48. 71, Vamtnl, Arley, t'.1LultyHf16. -18. 64 72. H5 Van Dorn. Pxlt7'50. 35 St. john. Bcttyf'50. 52, 48 Ycrn's Flying "A"--02 St, john. P.xtf'6U. 3' Vldnnne. R0yf'50. 55. 50 Stockdale Rc.1ltyfu,f0-5 Y1n1ng.C hristinc-960. S". -10. -tl Stnhr. H6xx.mrdf'60, 5' Vnrii. Beth-958. 1' Stuhr, Thciidurc-'5R. 26 X'--ss. Kaye-'50, 55. 68. 60 Stultn1.ln,4juu' 558, 2'. -1-4. 01 Yuylcs, S.lndr.t '60, 5' Monkey. l'r.mk-ff 50. 52 Stmngck Sporting Orinda' 03 Strung. juhn '50, 5' Study H.xll- -'S Summa. Midge '58, J', -80. -ll Slxtllurland. juhn-'50, 32. 40 Swmnwn. Mnrvf '60. 57, 50. 6-5 For anything in sport's equipment, Donny Pike goes to STRANGE'S SPORTING GOODS, T Tnylnr. Funk-'60, 5' Carole Hopkins and Joan Boker find Tuylur. l..1Vcrni'60, B", 60. 88 WHITEMAN'S GROCERY o good place to shop, Tcnnxsfr-5 Iharp.H1ll'-'50, 51 'I'hcI.m. I..turcl -'58, 1'. -48. 50. 68, 60 Tlmnms. Hymn -'50, 35. -80. 65. R0 Thiirnns. H,ar0ld 550. 33. 64. 72 Thumqn. Stan '60, 5' 'I'lmm.ts. Sheik: '60, S' 'I'h-xmas. Tumrny '50, 55. 63. 68 w 'I'1tt.my Agcnty -02 Tuzcr. Rusnnnn -'58, 17. 40 Tmck 61, 65 XX' XX' Trammell. Agncsf'58, 27 XY Trammell. Ruhcrtf'60, 57 XY .1Iux.Sh1rllc 50. 35. -16. 05 .xll. Bun 60. 27, 40,41 Jltnn. ,Iudithff'60. 37 ampulc. F1'uidnf'59. 35. 48 Trixmgls Autu Supplyfkkl XY'41rc. Nikki- V '50, 35. 76, 84. 04 Tnple li IH. 74. " XX'.xshxngt6n State llnttlcmfns Awiv1.1t1nnf 05 Tucker. Nurnu-'58, 2', 50 XY'gttcrs. Allcnf '60, 57. 55. 56. 60, 65 Tuckerk Super-Dupcrf0Z XY'.1twn j.xmusf'60. 5' Turley, Kim '60, R' XY.tts-in. Mninmf '58, 2' Turley. P.xndr'.xf'5X,1',4t2.ri' xX'C.HEfl'.JLIkT 750. SS Turncr. Dun 750, 35 XY'chcr, Jerzy- '50, RS Turner. nm-f'60, R' XY'chIcy. ,I-mlm 'w.1',4H,ss if S is l Tyler. F -Hunt' '58, 2' XX'chstul"sfa1tc 05 Typmg 'J XX'chstL-r, l,und.l '50, ii, 16. 05 Laurie Good and Sharon Robbins Bill Seubert and Cathy Moe . , , Look ot Jock und Phil take iteosy wait to be served at the Y-GRILL they're on K. P, at BALCOM 81 MOE, of FITTERER BROS. DRIVE-IN. No.4 M! . 'sl pf shdff - .S 9659 . Susan Schn bl l :itil Nan Grunden thinks STOCKDALE'S the place cold drin M to go for all realty transactions. as N f n A' 1 , ' c 4 D .Q ' 'X of 5 m ' .- S' I fa ' ' W R 1' W x ' "Eh tc , fm '6 , , , so, K 91 l We . nr:-' . , 50 I we - sk' o. 57, ,64 1 BOX ADS ky letch, ar 58. 27, st rn t il? Vhit:-s'de.4 1 I . C. E. Anderson and Sons xx hit imc . 9 . J A. G W. Root Beer Drive-ln urs e 61 3 l IH E' Wiley, ne ary- 7,7l,72,91 57 0' J' J - XX'h . ,L ' - J. , I An X' ltementllm ery79 7 'U A 'r j f 'S , 4 og. 59 33 5 XX'ilki Berry's Department Store Brand Iron Motel and U-Tote-'Em W. Brotherton Seed Co. Burrage Insurance Agency Carolyn Newschwander and Mr. Bostic look through the camera department af BOSTICS REXALL DRUG STORE. I Y t c , , .ll Ni 1 4 X , I Xl I I 0 A X' Mlke Klampher X Lazy-T Drive-in ' ' .. Lynch Motor Service Maier and Thomas Mange's Buster Brown Shoe Store Merryland Roller Rink Wil i ,Kp ' si 27, o ' 'l Ins, Lxn culty-16. 48 -H53 5, h -'59, 33 G A. C. Busby and Son Mldstate Coop '1 ia nf'59. 35. 50. 1, t - ,mia reSmni,58A27'42v43,48'7lv7J'91 Butterfield Chevrolet Co. Moser s Clothing Store . KVM 3 gun, Elmn-'60, 37, 42 Button Jewelers Mundy Real Estate li" n, Brenda-4611. 57. 49. 71. 72. 95 . i -I sh fy il n. Camlrwo. 37, 45' 46 Carl s Service Mundy s Fam: y oe Store yvi ,n, Ma,-yY'60. 57, 50 Capital Finance Co. New York Cafe lg- :z':yf5520'737, 55- 64 Cascade Packing Ca. A. B. Offer Insurance Agency 0, yvilson: Marilynfggh 37' 45 Crystal Gardens J. C. Penney Co. XYll50l'1. Shvlldf 53- 27 DeSoer's Bakery Phare Paint Store XXVIISOFI, Tony-'59. 53, 55 xvindnagle, Mary-'60. 37 Electric Supply Ramsay Hardware XV!f1Sf0n. Phil' 60- 37. 75' 60 The Ellensburg Ca ital Printin Co. Rex Rice Motors XX'1nterc-r Emily-'S9. 33 73 P 9 f wfippelb Sunni-60A vfiov 46, 95 Ellensburg Cement Products Ross Drive-In SECIPPCV5 fggflll M2lff59Z7 il is H, Ellenshurg Coco-Cola Bottling Co. G. R. Stewart Orgum' aynci W ' ' ' ' ' 5 Ellensburg Daily Record Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co. Y Ellensburg Transfer Co. Vaughan's Tire Service Yemen HUwmdA,w. 35' 42 Empress Beauty Salon Ward Rugh Hay and Grain Y-Grille-95 Evenson Funeral Home White-Fitterer Ca. YUUUQZ- l-0WQH2lM'90- 57- '56 Fischer Electric Wood's Hardware Y"u"gbe'g' mn' W' 55 Hibbs racking Co Y M c A Z KeIIeher's Motor Co. Ziemba, Sharmn '60. 37, S0 Zimmerman, Lloyd -'60, 57. SS, fill Jimmy Richeson stops at HARRY'S RICHFIELD Mr. Snowden shows Bev Choyce and Doug Kunz Nikki Ware admires the pictures for car service, several insurance policies. at the PHOTO CENTER. -in . . X, . lurk' Bill Rosenberg and Dick Baker seem mighty .lerry Jollo and Tom Brunson get in on butchering mmm m Ycomfortablef' sigh Dixie Bender interested in the lumber mill at the CASCADE know-how at SCHAAKES PACKING PLANT Dun Kelso as they try ut G sofa LUMBER CO, T N FURNITURE. , ,, , 1 --- BUSINESS PATRONS Q AI-'N-Del's Union Servicep, The Gas Pump R0 CIW e l 7 f X Antler's Hotel .L Harris Bargain House c Ie 's e ac S r ce an arage I Bungalow Auto Court, J. H. J. Jewelers 4 ' elt n k Capital Avenue Florists George Jones Construction Co. Spln e I I K LJ Ify.. Cecile's Apparel Jorgenson Motel Sta d 0 I . Q Coast-to-Coast Store KeIIy's Union Service Sta 'N' 0 Dairy Queen Kittitas County Title Co. t Su R uty a V I i DeIsman's Green House Kreidel's Style Shop ' T o char s n Ii , M I AVR Dick's Pet and Garden Center Lenz Transfer and Storage T Oil Co Ed's Cleaners Light House Motel I v B A. e Rea Ellensburg Body and Fender Works Mode 0' Day t T ew t il Co. C Ellensburg Federal Savings and Loan Association Nifty Barber Shop Valle ni a ospital 6 6 Ellensburg Hardware , 1 Ken Noble Service Station Vic' ance clio , C: t w Esther-Marion Sh0P V S Powell Furniture Co. . J. and Sons 4 If .K C' Evanson Insurance Agency W Raemer Distributing Co. W 't any The Fabric Shop Ray's Market W Print op Frank Haagen and Son J j I Reimer's Farm Equipment I .Service to Z4 Vi '7 LL C 'CJ ' , I PROFESSIONAL PATRONS . QW' ,Q 1' Dr. R. E. Bacon K V7 Kern, Dano and Cone . Robe . fhompson L Cleman and Crimp y ' L. L. Newman r. K 't eaver 6, w. R. cole - Joseph Panattoni or. . wen K rg J Z J Dr. Wm. E. Pearl X . ' , ff L i- PICTURE ADS -- Anderson Oil V Happy's Foods Photo Ce dio 1 ft' Balcom and Mae J Harry's Richfield Rathbu ment Cr, L Bond Box Beauty Salon Dr. T. G. Heaton H. K. Ins BiII's Sporting Goods W Heinrich Auto Parts Ross . Uh lot e Bostic's Rexall Drug Hi-Way Grille Schaa e Pat Co. ,B Brotherton Furniture Co. Home Town Food Stores Service ale Bulldog Club Jerrold's Handy-Stop lEat and Shapl ervi ru or Cascade Lumber Co. K. C. D. A. In ur n K. E. Cleaners Kittitas County P. U. D. teak u Kenny Cross' Big Star Service K. X. L. E. ockdale lty Ellensburg Branch of National Bank of Washington Lunstrom Paint and Glass , illi Stra e's Sporting Goods Ellensburg Finance Co. M. 8- M. Upholstery Tiffgjgenc l ' Ellensburg Iron Works Mills' Saddle 'N Tags . ria Ie Au o My Co. Ellensburg Jerrold Cable Ca. Morgan's U-Tote-'Em ucker' uper Ellensburg Telephone National Bank of Commerce Vern' ying 'A" Faltus and Rutledge Motor Co. Neeley Mayflower 01 a ton CattIemen's Association FarreIl's Clothing Nicholson Drug Store s er's Cate Fitterer Brothers O. K. Rubber Welders estern Store GiImour's Food Center Hank the Plumber Sharon Gordon and Shirlie Wales stop to admire the window of the BAND BOX BEAUTY SALON. C. E. O'NeaI, Inc. Ostrander's Drug Patterson's Stationery Carol Rogel and Carrol Derrick pick out cards from PATTERSON'S STATIONERY STORE. - Whiteman Grocery Y-Grille With part of family looking on, Susan Wuppel shops at a HOMETOWN FOOD STORE WIPPEIS VAILS is the other HOMETOWN. I r n li 5,44 'Wx IJ' VW 1- 5 If M -, . L, N U ,Q Vw 0' . V qs J X Q u L' V N. . - x, ' . 5. w ' . ' u X E'm EWUU w ND V' Q D U' X J. S XX D C. Nl. XUJQ xl v 'fy X .1 5' -X X7 ,,.'- -, xf of V5 N0 sv NIJ., XCJ- rf x Lf :JK of l ,J il Cif lfx F hwfwwviwwmmmw iklgfiwkult w ww rw .n w PQ 635' 'V I offe you have con :cle ed o loulfs e fo K vll bgc any me 1 5 pl Jse g ve C ed? fo fhe staff mems o ha e v once: fwl fo o r mo I his v ho h ve cow rrbJfc.l Q r o rr frm emi mlenf L, on Th many frrperrect ns fl'r:1f yol. will mn l zu f humomlf, IS p on o lmperfechons os ol o IS l Jef' LDMOQ 1972 'W T senilrrenfs r rfam fhe some ffjf fb L0 M-L-w AJAQXJ Wm f Of' ,J ,ZJJVLQXJ ffl! 110' 4 ,ZX IHE EDITOQ 7958 K, W 4 l . . 5' vi 7 ' J n X ' rf .Z ' U Qxcfu. D - 4 Q '. if J as , 4 Z I . ! xl fil 1 l i lf In I S lo 3 Q 5 ' .5 S X f xr 5 if Jl KP f, r 5' ' all f fhege , Th l.le'5, wh f r xf "xl hcrrcl, I U ny ffe. ' 3 ' -' mo-f feely f fhel ' e . 'xjlo e ff '53, If Had, p'-'Jc.5: bhifclw your most lenient criffcism, hearing 1 inr.".'ff: r ol' ' 5' f ff ,f ,-, mi f " l-'l if ' -' l J ' 4 , V A ff ne , c.. . A ff ,I f 1 . , h m V n Jll f ff I K tf' Ii: 7Lf GV 1, If . I 96 AWA K if, f ff f f- 7,7 'P KQ7 Af ff 1 , 111 ' l Q 424 X f, . V A , 1 1.1751 V , l I 1 ff 1 fx l K fg7 ',,. - , X Q. XQL A- X J w- Y' IW! LAZY-T DRIVE-IN Hamburgers - Milkshokes Everything Good to Eat Bo, 145 IVA 5.2201 LYNCH Truck 604 VV. 31h EMPRESS 6'-ef Elton H 19'- 1. ,lzvwqgi Zafflft Lifjqljl ,4,-Vjtfw' ' MRF. , wo! lack' s-, i" Qty P 'M 2,904- Washington Cottlemen 108 WV, 6th Ellensburlr. Wn. DAVE FOSTER Secretary-Trmsurer 15411, BRANDING IRON Motel. ,z lfy 'itil 'Q ii, .0211 f 'radii mf , We it, WASHINGTON cAm.sM:N's and ' if ASSOCIATION. mc. U,TOTE,EM 120 w. sm Aw. wo 2-41111 South Mun wo 2-7511 MUNDY MIKE KLAMPHER'S SHOP CAPITAL FINANCE C0 ' D SOER'S BAKERY REAL ESTATE CO. Victor Pnrmbn- ivnnxxng e Homes-Farms-Investments 1-nd Clfqlnfiafgs "A Loan Plan for Everyone" Q BIRTHDAY CAKES ' Amnated Wm' I dulmgsp cyrndi-re soz N. rig: R' Lens' Lucio 2-vm mo svixmn A wci 1411 '05 N' PCM' WA 54311 'M' and Ruby wo 245927 Klalllmm Advertiser Since 1956 B St-G r Klahlam Aan-rmer su-ee '41 I T I I erncln S S - W T Bond Box Brotnerton GFVICG es ern B F . Grocery Complete Repair Service Ge, on me Ban and """' o""""" 'ini T"""UP ' NEWEST HM' STYLES 9uAu1Y rumuruns G0 See PMN Brake specmhsn ' BODY MASSAGE AT LOWEST PRICES Whero Prim-s Arr' Low KENNY cnoss ,M N. ,.,,,,. wo Mm Q FRIENDLY Amosrl-lens and Quality mir. Students 111 VV. 500 S. Mun wo 247161 203 E. sm WA 5-2177 199 E, 3,4 wg 2-8121 Mnln nnd Turomn WA 5-8021 Klnhiam Advertiser Since 1918 1 K.E. C. E. ONEAL Potterson's Euensburg Vern s Cleaners INC. Stationery Fmcnce CO- Flying "A" BET!-:zz scHooL surrur stone "GM Cfedi' If 'he Way no W. E,G,.m., I5 No... H GENERAL CONTRACTORS SINCE 1921 M Good Living.. EXPENSIVE! wo 2.3457 Next m cum wo 2.3141 207 N- Elllvll WA 5-8911 in E. mi wo ?r'lB8'l '02 N' Pm" 301 N.

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