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 - Class of 1951

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- F vm- f- 1 ' - 34 - v --1-A - ' -fv f- ' - -v- '- ' A "Sh SEARS Husky E1OSER'S SAXTON REALTY CO- s. M. FARRELL D.D.s. 3,5 ?AVE" G- R- STEWART 'Bulldog lmhmg and Sho 202 E. 4th Ave, Euensburg Olympic Black Irwurafwrie. Surely and 83+ 107 Emsc 4th Dial 2-1441 Pideiw Bonds Tnnsknes 'S Z P 5 7' f ' 2 1 , 3 Y fn l 3 g 5 a 1 MMERCE 4 DEO Q , T' ' ELLENSBURG DAILY RECORD E e Best I N: -U 'L A A 6 5 " f f 5 if 2 x 'PGPB-Y!! X .v 3 1? 5 2 L ,T Q4 5, E Q , . . vw- Q'Q' L O 'l Q v vvQQQ9Q P'VgO9'8QO' fl 5 ' , xv 4 Q42 l!I?,t?'z':'2'2'f'fgwo'o'O"o'0'4 y 4 G K ' f 2 91,505 - of 3 FRWW K! DRVIS it i Z x Rncle, , ? S f L-Ullsv if 1 U 13 4 2 1 " V' .. ll W QT, 'f Z 1 5' 2 A 5 9 - m 9 U THE ELLENSBURG TELEPHONE CO. I 5 ' f 5 F -i 1 ' 4' 3 9: E U' 2 D Q 5 'l 3 I L, 1 ' L GJ 3 5 ,,-AQ,-.11 H ia a. -, , L c 'wa E ,E S is E A T f 0 'la 2 E 2 'u O Y 7 E -U X f gxl f l' N - an 0 'G K :ca " E 3 . 'E '5- 'pao PE QT! oF: gg Fi 'L - ,L . 3 A . 72 3 NSBURG FEDERAL arbamal Cop, an . M I l- I VINGS 3. LOAN 5 6, ASSOCIATION A I 5' .x F 3 U 9 L l I I Contractllrig-Appliances u Luck ..-, th. Class of l95l "Whe'2f::iH,fff-Se'viC' WILLIE STRANGE H d You E - ELECTRIC SUPPLY O , Qi? John Smlfhson Oshander Drug Company SPORTIFQS 200315 h r 4 , -2: rd Oil Co. of California 40' NA Pearl Dial 2-14.9 4th 6: Main, ens urg. as , ll I E. 4th ph- 2-3066 , r Fred Shaw - Abe Wilson . 1 L L in I Y:,,.,L11.L ....,-. Mum- .....,l... . E , 0 Q1 www ' W vgfw Ziff ff My s f 5fff2f'w39 iff , ,U ifiiif4QfAP'f7 vw ' , QW -9' in A MMM W ' X ,MM W fs 554Q'y1iJb'yR M' hip! my 54? Q fifffiw S X- Q' Q A qw . X Q' Kb if K' 1, SQ' JC XS-,b gy 6:2 :V 1 ii A Q 2 . V K X 4 ,X ,X , W R x 3, V, 3 X, , Q 1' ' - K , 2 N Q M DAX-fy , X 3. ' L -H+ iv sigh Q53 G? 2 5 3 5 2 .14 4. g pf, Wlgrflxfy lqsl ,f KAV, K! ffl ' lynx My ' " WW 2 ,' ,f ,- JQ.. ,' f ' 9 Krzfl 1 lf! A ,J . , A f f " ' 5,2 ffl, , " fix! QQ! f ,Wy ' pflffjv J! SY 5 s 5 f, Q J ' 1 H I Y fr PM l xg I if f 5 W3 M4335 gf A in ja all VU! ' RW, QJTJTTWI. f Q! ,Q gf!! If 1' ,JJ Q 74 N sg fy 24 X Ox ,f, ,ff J 3, M vw X4 Q ' U 7: ix, 4 . AX' I f 'v X J g W J N2 X0 N71 All y LU ,IHJ A31 ' I ' A, Aix V G h mf, 'V Q1 , 1 X X I is O JI V' X ,X W xi E0 1' ' V1 f L ' 05 "fy 2 f'4HUif',Z:k f f 'f3 f"! Xi Q7 j Q0 A , XI ff I " ,N ck ff? l fir gif A,. . 'QU .ff , N A f'1 i5 Qf ' fl, fi! ' f 1, uf!! , F If X I ,- I., :ff H 'XJ - jp 1,, Q1 I if In if , f,f"'! I J -L '65 my 1... 1 f C N X 1. ' ': N Q2 , V 137 N A X V 1 . 1 F A X r ' 4 . , f ff , . , ,' I I M Aj!!! U,wf!fK1,?f fffff J , X if ia 50 M ,ff 1, f E H S . X iqyjfl in W " L W Q0 QQ OW ' i ff aff! - ulyziokxifx Q A M r6s Eg d'+ion ale Q! t lleniburg' High School Q lax Ellensburg, Washing+on A 9,9 gm , .A Q' Egg? 7, E b A Q55 Q 'iii f W 5 W mx. -fi ' -Xszngwiis sw M J iw W2 FW we V55 . 4 .gs Q? A :gig . Q'-fs, W ' 31? , 4 Qs if .wg W 5 W M ' 2 V ' ' - N 2 WA K wg W Aff H 111.4 3 uw. min- V I A l F.+f!Q.xsu lf ijt . Q f ,cu up Q H! my ' IN kv-f-. , I I . J ' VL we Msg, ' xyufffvl' ,,,, ' Egfr' A-' if cg A-12 N.. 'Q K 4 " ' , if -3,5 . if -ff, A AQ, . V, .1 1 .fy ' -X rv l ON THE AIR 'jig For Q 14,- ' If-Bfx f ,JC- Radio is one of 'flue mos+ imporlanu' uiensils of man, and fl 1-424 9, probably i+s 'rwo mosl' safisfying accomplislumenus are edu- ca+ion and en+er+ainmen+. Tluese are also Hue obiecfives of scluool, +luus flue +lueme "On +l'ue Air." As you mix 'Hue +wo, educalion and en'rer+ainmen1', on llie air and a+ school, you find Hue +wo closely inferwoven, one relying on flue o'rl'uer. "On flue Air" is an edifion of your KLAHIAM willu wave leng+lus and no'fes of sclfuool life, collecled and ediled for you, Hue reader and reminiscent " o -XJ ,iff QC, or ' 'J ,-L A, 4,3 4 . 47 - .1 G U xx N314-, VIC Jr xxi, u 9 an Z 19,581 A ' 3 ,bgffj V..-,IO v x ,- , . .. Ln, ' 'NY' if I a fI4f.f-r.lfc.,'S! lfL'L' I -..-fre. ,. IIIIIIIIIIII H ,,- , .NL I Bin Q-4.25 ok CONTROL ROOM SPORTS CAST DAILY DIARY NAMES IN THE NEWS I EDITORS Ru+I'1 Campbell Pai Thomson BUSINESS MANAGER Winona Price TO YOU. KEN GAFFORD: Vxfe hope you realize, Ken, +ha+ mere words are inadeguaTe. They cannoT express our appreciaTion oT your conTribuTion To This liTe ThaT someTimes seems so conTused .... The Lord said, 'l will help him who helps himselT." The Lord surely musT be aT your side, Tor you were as independenT as The breeze aT your Traclc meeTs, or The cheering crowds aT your baslceTball games, or The unpredicTable ball ThaT you so magniTicenTfy caughT aT your TooT- ball games .... Yours was a Triendship never To be TorgoTTen, a Triendship +ha+ reached inTo The hearT oT The mosT insigniTicanT sophomore and inTo The hearT oT The mosT looked-upon senior. Your unTailing Triendship reached everyone who had The oppor- TuniTy To say, "l-li, Ken." . . . IT is noT good Thar man should be alone. This, Ken, you need never Tear. For we sTill wallc wiTh you Through The halls, we sTill iolce wiTh you in The sTudy hall, and we're sfill willing To give you a hinT abouT The Third chemisTry problem . . . . We will remember and dearly hold These behaviors unTil we come To ioin you in your new liTe .... We are parTially consoled by This ThoughT: l-leaven gives her TavoriTes early ,deaThl There is no boy in school who will Talqe Ken's place ouT There on The basl4eTball courT This winTer, buT every member oT The squad can and will do a liTTle beTTer iob because oT having lcnown him. . . . There is no boy in This school who can run The hurdles aT The Valley and STaTe lVleeTs as Ken would have run Them. BUT every boy can do a beTTer iob by remembering Ken's hard work, his poise, his deTerminaTion, his desire To be The besT .... We can'T do anyThing Tor Ken, buT he can do someThing Tor us .... We can honor him by Tollowing in his ambiTion, his manliness, and his com- peTiTive spiriT. lpaul Nelsonl Mr. Brown: Mr. Berger: Mr. Sparks f. ,! .f If Im. 'ln ADMINISTRATION In order that any business may run smoothly, there must he administration. In radio, this is the control room and in E.H.S.'s control room were Mr. Max Berger, superintendent, Mr. Dick Sparks, business manager, and Mr. Willianu Brown, principal .... These three men didn't stay in this control room aloneg the door was open to the students and no problem was too large or too small to tackle. They made it a point to know the students, made them feel known, and Co-operated always. The control room was efficiently run by efficient men. Secretary to Superintendent Miss Mary MacLennan Secrefa ry to Principal Mrs. Virginia Robinson Stuart Corey: Bill Woods: Mr. Brown: Kirk Kaynor: Donna Ferguson: Jean Coursen A.S.R The Associated Student Body worked together to make the school life as pleasant and profitable as possible for all con- cerned. To raise finances the A.S.B. sponsored the niaga- zine sales, the pass sales, and the fatulty-student basketball game .... Sports helped to make our treasury strong by paying for themselves and backed by this strength, the A.S.B. tackled the new activity of Homecoming .... Those directing the students' activities were Kirk Kaynor as presi- dent, Bill Woocls as vice-president, jean Courson as secre- tary, Stuart Corey as treasurer, and Donna Ferguson, sopho- more representative. SCHOOLBOARD Ellensburg has always been interested in the operations of its public schools, and well it should be, for the students of today make tomorrow's citizens .... The tive men, diversi- fied in occupations who were the members of our school board have, through their policies and untiring efforts, helped us to have a school we are proud of .... The board consisted ot' chairman, Dr. Carl Olander, a medical doctor, and members, joe Kendall, manager of the local radio sta- tion, KXLE: ,lames Reese, an independent business man: Frank Billeter, a farmer: and Edward Rogel, Public Rela- tions Director at C.'XV.C.E. Back row: Joe Kendall: Ed Rogel: Frank Billeter. First row: Dr. Carl Olander: James Reese: Max Berger W . i an ,,.,,., Mswwwwfmwwr 7 iEHCHiH8 John Growcock: Miss Argallg Bennett Castleberry Miss Bakery Betty Nlalinoskyg Robin Nlorthorst 8 The teachers of E.H.S. were very evident in the role of newscasters, although few of them were actually "on the air". They were seen and heard in their classrooms, with emphasis placed on high educational standards, and with their help and understanding, we were more able to find new horizons. Two new faces soon became familiar to all, those of Mr. Williani Gleason and Mr. Arley Vancil. Dur- ing the year one name changed, that of Miss Lina Moiiltoii to Mrs. john Wilkins. ARGALL, RUTH Public Speaking, Radio Production, Speech Correction, Speech Consultant, "Speak into the mike . . ." BAKER, GLADYES Health Coordinator, Girls' Tennis Coach, Point Club, Athletic Club. "I donlt care what you say . . !" BARNHILL, MERLE Industrial Arts, Stage Construction. "Now. sonny, you know that's not right . BOVVEN, TED Physics, Chemistry, Boys" 'Counsellor and John Wollenholmi MF- Bafnhill Guidance. HYou have got to have a system . . !" CAMEALY. EDWARD Chorus, Music Festival. "A-a-a-a-wfw-w-w . . N icoliason: Br. Bowen DAVIS, DELTON Vocational Shop, F.F.A., Farm Shop. "Now, you ought to know better than that .... " DUNSTAN, MARIE Art. Art Exhibit. Senior Class Ad "s "Out of the kindness of my heart, in here .... " Mr. Camealy: John Mitchell Jay Crane: Miss Dunstan: Marlyn Moe Jack Abel: Richard Carlson: Frank Page: Mr. Davis Mr. Gates: Mar aret Shaw Mr. Gleason: Torn MacArthur Mr. Henryg Marvin Morton JOHNSON, J. ARTHUR Agriculture, F.F.A., Judging Coach, Lockers. f'It is in there . . JOHNSON, ALICE Librarian "Let's have it quiet here. . . Boys' GATES, MAXWELL English, Speech, Stagecraft, Latin, Latin Club, Dramatics. "Oh, I wouldn't say that . . V' GLEASON, VVILLIAM Band, Orchestra, Pep Band. "The band is only as strong as its weakest member . . HENRY, WALTER Health, Baseball Coach, Driver Training. "Well, hit it . . !" Miss Johnsony Leslie Bach: Shirley Frederickson . Jim Stowe: Willis Gapeng Mr. Johnson KIBBE, MERLE Industrial Arts, Photography, Cam Club, Klahiam Advisor. "First, get the camera in focus . , ' KLOBUCHER, MARION English and Debate. "A theme is like 9, gir1's skirt . . NELSON, PAUL Mathematics, Track Coach. "You should know around here you can't get anything for nothing . . !" Myrna Edminson: Mr. Kibbe Eva Williams: Miss Klobucher: Marian Alford Bill Woods: Mr. Purnell Mr. Rowley: Al Bufton Bob Vance: Ray Adams: Mr. Nelson WM ROVVLEY, LLOYDE American History, Civics, Football Coach, Basketball. Lettermen's Club, Bookkeeping. :'Isn't that clear . . ?" Dick Boyer: Miss Shuck: George Gibb: Erna Mae Everett Betty Malinosky: Miss Snell: Virginia Hanks Mr. Stakkestad: Jerry Hansen: Clyde Reed: Bernie Crouse Karen Johnson: Pat Hodgson: Mr. Stearns: Shirley Shull 12 ww Swv JUN!! Nil UCK, ANNA B. Typing, Pep Club, Triple E, Counselling, Girls' Counsellor and Guidance, Junior Class Advisor. "There is only one way to type and that is the right way . . SNELL, EDNELL Home Economics, F.H.A. "This here . . !" STAKKESTAD, JAMES Girls' Lockers, Mathematics, Junior Class Advisor, Hi-Y Advisor, Klahiam Business Advisor. "Due to the fact . . STEARNS, RICHARD 4 English, Assemblies. "That's simple, isn't it . . ?" 'NX QQ- lgf i VANCIL, ARLEY Journalism, English, Senior Class Aclvisor, ' x , Boys' Tennis Coach, World History. ,r "You look like you should have some ACN brains . . !" xxx: i , gi 1 2 Q V, ix, J -. x, .xx ,Q X Larry Frederickson: Mr. Vancil: Mary McMor'row li Mrs Wilkins: Eleanor Lampers Mr. Wiseman: Phyllis Anderson: Ella Mae McClure Florence McCracken WILKUNS MRS LINA MOULTON WISEMAN, RUSSEL Typing Oflice Practice, Shorthand, American History, Civics Football Spanish Pan American Club. Basketball Coach, Lettermenls Club Sopho more Class Advisor. Just a second please . . ." "Lets get back on the subject CAFETERIA Our cooks have toiled many long hours in order to give us the best possible meals at a minimum cost. The food was not only nutritious, but provided enjoyable eating, too. In keeping with the holidays, turkey was served several times throughout the year. Handicapping the cooks was the fact that all food was cooked in the Lincoln School, only served here. Our thanks to Alice Bunger, Lucy Frear, and Lulu lirear from the bottoms of our stomachs. CUSTODlANS Long hours of labor by the janitors have kept the school and grounds remarkably clean. Their work varied as the seasons changed. During the winter they shoveled snow, mopped the floors, and stoked the furnace, plus the te- dious job of sweeping the class rooms .... With the ar- rival of spring, their duties changed to caring forthe campus. Our appreciation to Vern Wilcox, George Thomas, and Bob Thomas. Mrs Steenland Mrs. Frear: Barbara Lee Vern Wilcox: George Thomas: Bob Thomas l 13 SEHIUP f J 0 0 0 K i - f P . O ci 'l . 0 Pat Bfartong-Mr. Vancilp Miss Dunstang Eleanor Lampers: Bill Woods ' Darwin Davis Completing their working days at E. H. S. was the class of '51, They represented themselves well in all activities, l both extra and curricular. Showing their strong interest ' in the social side of school life they sponsored many dances, l including the well attended Junior Prom, "Heaven Sent," i the Senior Ball, "Oriental Paradise," a hoedown, and A E Valentine day basket social. Throughout high school many l Seniors have led in sports, drama, art and music. The all l around personality of the class was full of fun and school i spirit. Bill lxfoods led the class as president, Darwin Davis as vice-president, Eleanor Lampers as secretary, Pat Barton as treasurer and Miss Dunstan and Mr. Vantil were the advisors. xrfziz y. mais., 'iidfiiif Asgrm S5562 Biifrsgsrd my 'I x ABEL, JACK-Transfcrre-cl l,:iGranile, Uregwn Iii Oregun S111-ccli Cmitest 2: All Sl-llmll Play 2: l'.l".A. 2, Il, 41 Hugs, Snecp, Cattle, llairy Cows, Grain, and llrass .Iuclgiug 2, il: Hi-Y 22, 4: l-'rmtball 2, JG: 'l'ral-li 2, 4: Haslwtball 2: Intra- murals 2. ADAMS, RAY--Bulldog' lluarfl 2, 3, 4: liaiin Club 2: Hi-Y 2, Sl, 4: 'Vraa-k 2, ZZ ll'll, 4: Basketball 2, 33: l,eIlermf:n's Club 4. ADCOCK, BILL fPecosJ-Hnseiuble 2: Clmrus 2, Ji, 4: Music Festival 2, 4: liullrlog' Giard 2, Il, -l: Newscast 4: Football Sl, 4: Baseball 2, 'i llil, 41 Intramurals 2, 32: Team Alllllkllll-'I' of Intramurals 2: Lette-rnwn's Club 4. ALFORD, MARIAN-Class 'l'i'casurcl' Z3 Sllllltlll Lfaclcrs Confere-in-c Il: Red Crrlss Council Cl: Chorus 2: Van- Ame-rican Club 2, 3, 4: Junior l.ibrarians 4. ALTICE, TED--Band 2, Cl, 4: Ensemble 4: Chorus IZ. 4: Music' Festival 3, 4: Klahiam Business 35: N4-wscast 4: Football 2 llll, fl llil, 4 IEP: Track 2 tlflll Valli-y liliininatiuns 2: Intrain irals 2: Lelteruu-11's Club 2, fl, 4: Chaiiinan fur Hoeclnwn 4. AMON, PAT-Pau-Ami-rican Club 2, 21, 4: Office Practice 4: Xewsi-asi 4: Intramurals 2. ANTHONY, MUREL--l4'.l4'.A. 2, il, 4: lil-ef and Dairy Judging: 3: Klahiam Rusinvss 2. BACH, LESLIE-Chorus 2, 4: E.lusic Festival il, 4: Junior Librarians 4: Counsellnrs Sl: N1-ws:-ast 4: lladin Prolluction il, 4: Senior Play 4. BACHMAN, DARRELL IBiIIJ-Transfvrrl-d XVashtuuna. VVash. 3: Class Pres. 2: Clnirus 2, 4: Hi'Y Il, 4: Newscast 4: Foutball 2 tl-Il, Sl lldl, 4 llil: Baseball 2: I.ettermcn's Club Il, 4: Track 4: Senior Play 4. BARTON, PAT-Transfcrre-ml Seattle ii: llannerette 41 Pan-Arne-rican Club 4: 'l'ri-Hi-Y 4. BATES, KEN-Band 2, Il: l1'rmtbali 2 llil, Il llllli Intra- ni lrals 2: 'Pfam M:1na,2vr nf l-'mrtball 4: l.r-ttcrnu-n's Club 53, 4. BAUNSGARD, WILLARD-IM-bats 4: Travlc 2, Ii, 4. BELTON, DORIS-Studs-nl Leaders Cfmnfvreuce 3: Band 4: Pan-Anierican Club 2, II: Junior Librarians 4: Office- Praciice 4: Klaliiam lllsliturial il: Cam Club 33. BUNGER, GARY-Stuili-ut lmarlcrs fl0llfl'l'l'llL't' 2, fl: All Scluvul l'lay 4: Band 2, Il, 4: Music Fe-stival 2, 3, 4: Klahiain Business 4: 'Ps-nnis 3: Intramurals 21 Scnlm' Play 4. BURGETT, JERRY-Sllllll-'lllx Leaders Cnnfe-renee 4: lf. l-TA. 2, Il, 41 Potato, Apple, l.ix'e-stock, Turkey, Dairy. and Fat Stock Judging 33, 41 Bulldog Giard ZZ, Il, 4: Hi-Y fl: Intramurals 2. BURNS, LAVONNE-'l'ransf-lrrcd Kittitas 4: Senior l'lay 4: Chorus 2: Music Fe-siival 2: Pep Club 3, 4: Junior Librarians 2: Ufficv l'rac-tice II: Newsnallcr 2, ffl, 4. CAHOON, CLINT-Newscast 4: Hamlin Promlui-tiun 2, Ci, 4: Intramurals 2, 3. CAMPBELL, RUTH-Hand 2, Il: Music Festival 2, 32: Klahiain Business Z: lilclilurial 4: Plmingrrapliy 2, 3, 4: Editor 4: Cam Club 2, 31, 4: Newscast 4: lntramurals 2, CARLSON, RICHARD-l'rujectlon Crew 2: l4'.I".A. 2, 3, 4: Apple, Potato, and Bw-f .lllfliflllg 2, 12, 4: lllllxlog Guard 2, Il, 4: lntrauuirals 2, Il. Case Castleberry Chase ' Crane Daggett Davis mv an l Belton Brown Bunger Burgett Cahoon Campbell Car o Carlson Church Cleveland Corey Edwards Engel Estep is Haberman Hahn Hiner Hodgson JV. Evans .lf Farrell Gafford Died Garrison Dldd Gemmill Grove H Growcock Haberman Hake Hogue CHASE, JOY-F.H..-X. 2, Il, 43 F.H.A. Speech Contest fl, 4: Conference Ii, 43 Chorus 2, 43 Xlusic Festival 23 Triple Trio 4: Pep Club 2, Il, 4: Office Practice 43 'Fri-Hi-Y Sl, 4: Yell Leader 3: T1-nnis 3, 43 Bannerette 43 l'l0lllQL'0llllll52.' Queen 4. CASTLEBERRY, BENNETT-All St-bool Play 2, ZZ, 4: Drama Festival Sl, 41 Band 3, 43 Drum Major 43 Klahiani Photography 2: Cain Club 2, 31, 4: Radio l'1'lldUL'llllll 22, 4: Tennis Il, 41 Senior Play 4. CASE, JOY-F.H.A. 2, fl, 4: F.H.,-X. Speech Contest ZZ, 4: Office l'1'a.'ti1'e 4. CHURCH, DORIS-Student Leaders Conference 43 F,H.A. 33 Triple lil 24, 4: Office Practice 4: Salutatorian -l. CLEVELAND, JANICE-linseinble 43 Cllfltkls il, 43 F,ll.A. 2, Zi: .lunior Librarians 4. COREY, STUART-A.S.l3. Treasurer 43 Student Leaders Conferenm- ZZ, 43 Orchestra 2, tl: Latin Club 23 Cain Club Zl3 Football IZ ll'1l, 4 HCP: Tennis 2 QED, Z3 KEJ, 43 I11tra- murals 2: 'l'ea1n Manager of Football 23 Lette1'111e11's Cl.1b 4: Senior Play 4. CRANE, JAY-Projection Crew 2, 33 Hi-Y 2, ll, Cain Club 2, rl: Ncwsuast 41 Intramurals 2. DAGGETT, JERRY-Bulldog' Guard 2, Il, 43 l'2lll- American Club 23 Newscast 43 Track 2, ZZ, 43 Radio l'ro- duction 2, Il, 43 I11t1'a1nu1'als 23 Homer-oining' Conimittee 4, DAVIS, DARWIN-Class Treasurer 33 Class Vice-Pres. 41 Rotary Award 4: Football 2, 3 HSD, 4 KEJ3 Track 2, SS HCP: liitrainurals 2: ldftll-1llll9ll'S Club 3, 43 Senior l'lay 4: Klahiain Staff 43 Graduation Speaker 4. EDWARDS, ELDON fChipb-Stage Crew 2, Il, 4: Hullsiog Guard 2, 3, 4. ENGEL, LARRY tButchj-Class Vice-Pres. 2: Class Secretary Cl: Klahiani Photograpliy 23 Cam Club 2, 23, 43 Newscast 43 Football 21 Baseball 2, 4: 1llIl'?llllUl'RlS 2, il. ESTEP, LANDON-Projection Crew 2, il, 43 F.F.A. 2: l'iulldog.3' lluarrl 2, -IE, 43 iilahiain Busintss 23 Newcast 4: Tennis 4. EVANS, GL'NDA1'l'l'2IllSf9I'Fv3Kl Anchorage, Alaska 3 Chorus 2: Point Club 3, 43 Athletic Club 2. FARRELL, JOHN-Chorus 2, 33 Music Festival Il, GAFFORD, KENNETH CKornJ-A.S.B. Vice:-l'res. 43 Student Loaders Confvrence 33 Counsellors Il, 43 Ili-Y Sl, 4: Y.V.1.A.A. 'l'0.lY'llkllllQllt 33 Football 2, Z! HCT, 4 llfll: Track 2, Il llfllg Basketball 2, 3 USD: Letter1nen's Club IZ, 43 Homecoming' fl0l'l1llllftQ1.' 4. GARRISON, CHUCK iRedJ-All School Play 2, 33 ibranizi Festival 33 Stage Crew 2, 33 Ensemble 23 Chorus 2, 4. Operftta 2: Ncwscast 4: Football 33 Basketball 2, il: Baseball 2, I! llil, 43 Senior Play 4. GEMMILL, LARRY-A.S.B. Vice-Pres. 113 Soplioinow- Rep. 2: Student Leaders Conference 2, 33 Newsc-ast 4: Y.Y.I.A.A. 'l'0Lll'll21lll6llt 2: Basketball 2, il: Baseball 2 KEJ3 Team Maiiagrfr of Baseball 3: Baseball lllSDlI'iflllUllZ1l 3: Letter1nen's Club Cl, -l. GROVE, BARBARA-Band 4: l-insemble 4: Chorus 2, Il, 4: Musit' Festival 3, 41 Office Practice 4: Intramurals 2. GROWCOCK, JOHN-F.F.A. 2, 3, 43 Bulldog' Guard Il, 4: Radio Prod lK'llOll 2, Sl, 4: Intramurals 23 Senior Play 4. HABERMAN, CHARLES tGeneJ-PTF..-X. 2, 3, 4: Potato, Apple, and Livestock Judging' 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3 llfll, 4' HCV Baseball 3: Letter1nen's Club 3, 4. HABERMAN, JERRY-F.F.A. 2, Il ,4.1 HAHN, BILL-'l'ra11sff'rred Portland, Oregon 43 Class Pres 23 All School Play 2: Projection Crew 33 Band 2, fl, 4: Orchestra 2, 343 Ensemble 43 Chorus 2, Il, 4: Northwest Music Conferviic-e 3: Music i11 May at Pacific University 2, 33 Latin Club 2. 3: Counsellors 2, 33 Football 21 Hasket- ball 2, Il: Baseball 2, 33 lntraniurals 2, 33 Chairn1a11 for Hoedown 43 Senior Play 4. HAKE, JERRY-F,F.A, 2, Cl, 4: Latin Club 23 Football , 2, 3,3 lntrainurals 2. Hanks A' Harmon Hepburn Howard Johnson Jones CLASS OF '5I HANKS, NANCY-Chorus 2: lf'.ll.A. 2, II: Pan-American Club 3: Office Practice 4. HARMON, ALLEN-Bulldog Guard 2, Il, 4: Klahiani Plmtugrapliy Ii, 4: Cam Club 2, 3, 4. HEPBURN, BETTY-Chorus 2, Il, 4: Music lfcslival 23, 41 Junior Librarians 4: Office Practice -I: Intramurals 2. HINER, ZOE-Chorus 2, 4: F.l-I..-X. 2, 3: Point Club 2, Ii, 4: Athletic Club Z, 3, 4: Pan-American 2, 3: Klahiain Business 4: Newscast 41 Intramurals 2: Sniiiclfrcttes Ii. HODGSON, PAT-All School Play 4: Cliurus 2: Upcretta 2: AIJSIC' Festival 2: l-'.H.A. 2: Athletic Club 2: Junior Librarians 4: Office Practice 4: Klaliiani Business 4: 'I'ri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 2: Sinudgettes SZ: Officers' 'I'rainin:.:' Conference 4: Senior Play 4. HOGUE, SHERRY-Transferred Kittitas, VVash. 4: Class Treas. 2: All School Play 2: Drama Festival 2: Pep Club 2, :lg Radio Production 2: Basketball Z, il: liascball 2, 3: 'Fennis 2: Girls' Athletic Assuciatinn 2, ZZ. HOWARD, TOM-F.F.A, 2, fl, -I. JOHNSON, KAREN-Band 2, Il: Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Uporetta 2: Sniudgettes 4: Pep Club Zig Office Practice 4: Senior Play 4. JONES, MARLENE-Studi-nt Leaders Conference 2, Cl, 42 All School Play 4: Chorus 2: Operetta 2: Music lf:-stival 2: Pep CI,1b 2, 3, 4: Pan-American Club II: Chairman nf lst. Yr, Spanish Class 3: Office Practice 4: Yell Leader 4: l'I0lIltll'0llllllH' Planning' Committee 4: Senior Play 4. JUMP, BOB-Bulldog Guard Zi, 4: Track 2: Basketball Il, 4 HCI: Intramurals 2. JURGENS, LAWRENCE-Klaliiam llusiness 4: Intra- murals 2. KAYNOR, KIRK-A.S.B. Pres. 4: Boys' Statc 23: Student licaclers Conference 4: Latin Club 2: Ili-Y Il, 4: Newscast ig Y.V.I..-X..-X. Tournament 3, i: Basketball 2, 3 tlil, 4 HCI: Basketball Inspirational 3: L'-tternien's Club 4: Track 4: Scnibr Play 4. KOESTER, LYLE-Stage Crew 3, 4: Ffmtball Il: Tiasket- ball 2, ZZ, 4: Track 4. KONTOS, HELEN-Triple IC ii, 4: Junior Librarians 4: Ufficc Practice 4. KUKES, BETTY-F.H.A. 2: Office Practice 4. KUNERT, GLEN-Klahiani Pliotograpliy 33, 4: Cain Club 2, 34, 4: 'Veain Manager of Track 2. LAMPERS, ELEANOR-Class Secrctary 4: Iiannerettc 4: Chorus 2: F.H.A. 2: Office l"ractice 4: Cnunsellors 3. LAMPHRY, GALE-Bulldog Guarrl Z, 32, 4: Pan-American Club 2: Team Manager of Baseball 2, Il. LARIMORE, JOYCE-Student Leaders C1-nfercncc 713 Cbnrus 2: Uperetta 2: F.H.A. 2: Point Club 15, 4: Athletic Club 2: Pep Club 4: Pan-American Club 2, ZZ: Klaliiain IIIISIIIVHS 4. LARSEN, GORDON-F.H.A. 2, II, 4: Intramurals 2, Il. LEE, BARBARA-Student Learivrs f'0llfk'l'PIl4'L' 3, 4: Athletic Club 2, CI: Klaliiain Business 4: I'l1otug'rapliy 2, II, 4: Cam Club 3, 4: Newscast 4: lntrainurals 2: Siniul- gt-lil-.4 3, 4: lf'.'I'.A. 2. LUNSTRUM, NELSE-Stufleni Leailers Cmifercnce 21 Chorus 2: Team Manager of Fmitball 2, II: Iiaslcetball 2, 3: ltaseball 2, 3: Track 4. LYM, BOB-l".F.A. 2, 3. MAVER, CHRISTINA fChrisJ-Office Practice 4. MCELROY, SUE-Chorus 2: Music Fcstival 2: Operctta 2: Pcp Club 2, 3, 4: Office Practice 4. MEAGHER, MARGARET-Student licatlers Conference 3: Reel Cross Council 2: Pep Club 3, 4: Latin Club 3, 4: Klahiani I-I isiness 3: Cain Club il, 4: Newscast 4: Apple Iilossrmi Princess I Ii ,ii Lamphrey Larimore' Larsen ' ' Mannin Mavers . McElroy Jump Jurgens Kaynor Koester Kontos N Kukes xi Kunert Lampers . Lee Lunstrum Lym 'X Meagher Minton Mitchell I 17 YW Y Y Y , Moe Moreau Moreau Morrison Morrow Morton Mudd Nance Nason Nlcollason Offer I ll' CLASS OF 'Sl MINTON, BOB-llebate 4: Bulldog Guard 2, 3, 4. MITCHELL, MARCELLA-F.lgI.A. 2, 3: Office Practice 4. MOE, MARLYN CMarneyJ--Student Leaders Conference Zi, 4: lflnsemble 2, 3: Chorus 2, 3: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: l'ep Club 2, 3, 4: Klahiam Business 2, 3: Newscast 4: Yell Leader 3: Tennis 2, 3: Intramurals 2: Art Contest 2, 3: Smudgrettes 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4. NIOREAU, GEORGE-All School Play 2: Chorus 2: l7.F.A. 2, 3, 4. MOREAU, MARY ELLEN-Chorus 2, 3: Music Festival 2, Il: F.H.A. 2, 3: .lunior Librarians 4: Tennis 2, 3: Intra- ni irals 2. MORRISON, DONALD fDonJ-Transferred Kittitas 4: F. F.A, 2, 3: Football 2: Track 2: Basketball 2: Baseball 2. MORRISON, FRANCIS-Transferred Seattle, NVash. 3: Chorus 2, 3: Music Festival 3: F.H.A. 2, 3: Point Club 4: Athletic Club 3: Latin Club 2. MORROW, NORMA-Chorus 2: Point Club 2, 3: Athletic Club 2: l'cp Club 3, 4: Pan-American Club 2, 3: Junior Librarians 4: Counsellors 2: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Cam Club 2, 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4. MORTON, MARVIN--Band 2, 3, 4: Swing Band 4: En- semble 2, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Cam Club 2, 3: News- cast 4: Football 2: Baseball 2 KEJ, 3 fldl, 4: Intramurals 2, 3: Team Manager of Intramurals 2: llettermen's Club '7 3 4 MUDD, DENNY-Class Pres. 2: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 32 Football 2, 3 tEl, 4 IEP: Track 2, 3 tEJ, 4: lntramurals 2: Lettermt-n's Club 3, 4. MULLEN, PATRICK tPatJ-Transferred Kittitas 4: A.S.l5. l'res 3: Class Officer 2: F.F,A. 2, 3: Football 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3. NANCE, MARY-Chorus 2, 3: Music Festival 3: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. NASON, JOANNE-l'.lC,O. Award: Student Leaders Con- ference 4: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: Triple E 2, 3, 4: Office Practice 4. NICOLAISEN, JACK-l-'.F..-X. 2, 3, 4: Bulldog Guard 3, 4: lfli-Y 2, 3, 4. OFFER CAROL-Student Leaders Conference 2, 3, 4: All school Play 4: Band 2, 31 Ensemble 4: Chorus 4: llusic Festival 2, 3, 4: F.H..-X. 2, 3: State Convention 2, 3: Pep Club 2, Il, 4: l'an-American Club 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Youth and Government 3, 4: Ufficers' Training Confer- ence 3, 4: Yell Leader 4: Tennis 3: A.S.l3. Council 4. OTT, THERESA-Chorus 2: Music' Fcstival 2: F.H.A. 2: Point Club 3, 4: Athletic Club 2, 3: Office Practice 4: Counsellors 3: Uperetta 2: Senior l'lav 4. OVERTON, ROY-F.l-YA. 2, 3, 4: Potato, Livestock, Dairy, Swine, Juflfringr 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Football 4: Intra- murals 2. PAULSON, BYRON tBy7-Band 2, 3: Chorus 4: Hi-Y 4: Football 2 tlil, 3 tlil, 4 tlil: Track 3, 4: Blocking Award in Football 4: Lcttermeu's Club 3, 4. PENCE, GLEE-Student Leaders Conference 4: Ensemble 2, 3: Chorus 2, 3: Music Festival 2, 3: Operetta 2: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 3: Klahiam Business 3: Newscast 4: Intramurals 2: Homecomin,: Planning' Committee 4, PHARE, DENA-All School Play 4: Rand 2, 3, 4: Majorettc 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2: Office Practice 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, Newscast 4: Intramurals 2: Senior Play 4. PHILLIPS, DONNA-Hand 2, 32 Chorus 2: Music Festi- val 2, 3: F.T.A. 2: Triple IC 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4. PRICE, WINONA 4WindyJ-Student Leaders Conference 4: Chorus 2: F.H.A. 2: Uperetta 2: Point Club 3, 4: Athletic Club 2: Pep Club 4: l'an-American Club 2, 3: Klaliiam Business Manager 4. PUGH, DARLENE-Student Leaders Conference 4: F.- H.A, 2, 3: Triple E 3, 4: Athletic Club 2: Pep Club 3, 4: l'an-American Club 3: Klahiam Editorial 4: Newscast 4: Intramurals 2: Homecoming Planning Committee Chair- man 4. Ott I Overton 1 Pa e Paulson Pence Phare Phillips Price Pugh CLASS OF '5l PURNELL, MERTON fMertJ-Class Pres, 313 I-lnys' State Sl: Student Lezulers Cunfereuc-e -13 Football 2 ll-ll, 3 IEW, -I GCI: 'I'rat'k 2 11411, Il Gil, 4: Iiztsketball 2, l-'uutball Iu- spirztlifuial Cl: iA'il1'l'llIt'll'S Club Cl, 4. REID, HAZEL-l',l4I.0. Awztrdg Girls' State Sl: Student l.ezulers Conferem-e 2, Il, 4: All St-luiul Play 2, il: Ensemble 2: Chorus 2: l'niut Club IJ, 4: Athletic' Club 2: Pep Club Il, I: l,zttiu Club 2, Il: Counsellors 4: 'l'ri-Hi-Y Cl, 41 Cain Club il, -li Tennis Sl, 4: Newscast 4: Intrzuuurzils 21 Vztlel'iict4n'- izin I. RENFRO, CAROL-Hand Sl, lg ill'I'i'lt'StI'1l l: Musim' Festi- vzil Il: I".H.A, Cl: iiililll Club 2, Il, RILEY, RAY-Trziusfvrred Kirklziiifl, YYz1sli, Ill A.S.l'!. S2Il'!4'21lll-?lI-.Xl'lllS 23 Chorus 2, Il: Musie lf'vstix'z1l 2: Yell lim-zulu-1' 2. SHULL SHIRLEY-Chorus 2, Il: Music- lfustivzll 2, Il: IH-in Club 2, Il, 4: iiilll-gXIHPl'i4'2lIl Club 2, Ji: Senior Play 4. STEVENSON KITTY-Student Leaders Conference 43 lluml 2, Zig Chirrus 41 Music- lfestivzll 2, 4: l4'.'l'.A. 23 Officio I'i'zit'tiw- 4: News:-:ist 4: lntrz1uuu'uls 2: .X.S.l!, Student ltHllllCii 4: Seuiur Play 4. SUMNER, SHIRLEY-'I'1'ansl't-1-i'ed Kittitzts, XVash. 4: Class Ser. Il: Iliusenible 2, ll, 4: Chorus 2, Il, 41 Music lfestivzil 2: l-'.ll..X: 2: Pep Club 2, Il: Radio Pruduvtion 2, Girls Athletic .Xssm-izttion 2, Sl. THOMSON, PATTY-l'.l'Z.0. .Xwzu-di Girls' State Il: Student Leaders Cnnferenve 2, Il, 43 All St-huol Play Sl: lwviul Club 2, Zig Athletic Club 2: Pep Club 2, il, 41 Latin Club 2. Il: Crruusellurs 43 Klziliizun Editorial il, 43 Editor 4, 'l'ri-Ili-Y Il, 43 fqillll Club Il, 41 Tennis Il IICJ, 4. TOZER, WARREN 4'l'r1a1lJ-lltillilcmpg'Guard 2, Sl, 4: Hi-Y 41 'i'l'2li'ii 2, Il llil, 4: Senior l'luy 4. VANCE, BOB-llauul 2, Il, lg Music Ifestivztl 2, Il, 4: 'I'rzu'lq Cl KICI, 4: l,ettern1eu's Club 4. WARD, BOYD-Cliurus 2, il, 4: Music' lfestivul :Ig Tennis 4: Ilrzinizl Frstivzil 43 Senifu' Pizty 4. WARREN, CHARLES-l-'.l+'.A. 2, Sl, 4: Apple .ludging 2: l'uu-Ann-rieau Club 4: lfrmtlitill Il, I 41-Il: lutrzuuurals 2, Ill iik'lil'l'lll0ll'S Club 4. WATSON, MARLENE-Clulrus 2, Cl: Uperettzl 2: Mnsie l+'m-stivzll 2, Pep Club 2, Il, -l: Hffii-e l'r'am'ti4'e 4: 'l'ri-1-li-Y Il, -lg Yuuth zuul Guvernnn-nt :lg Uffivers' 'I'raiuing' Con- 1'ert-iuxl 43 Seniur l'lzty 4. WATTS, JOY-uffit-e T'ravti.'t- 4. WEBER, MARY--Chorus 2, Il, 4: Musiv lfestiwtl Il, 4: 'I'i-iple IC Il, 4, WEBSTER, CAROL-Pau-Auulriezxii Club 2, :ll News- eusl l, WILKINS, CAROLE-Band 2, CS, 4: Muimwtte 2, Il, 4: I'il1ll'llS 2, Alusit- lfestivzll 2, 'l'ri-l-Ii-Y Sl ,I: Newscast 41 Iutrzuuurals 2. WILLIAMS, EVA-l'Iuse1ubli- 4: Chorus 2, 41 l",F'.A. 2: l'uint Club Il, 4: Athletic' Club 2, Il, 4: Pep Club 41 Pun- Auutrit-uii Club Il: Klzthizun Business 4: Intrzlniurals 2. WILSON, DALE-Hand 2: iiilll-A1l1t'l'll'2lll 2, Intru- iuurzils 2: 'l'vniu Mzirmger nf Ilatslcetball 2. WOODS, WILLIAM 1WoodyJ-A.S.R, Vic-e-l"res. 43 Class View--l'i'es. Iii Clztss Pres. 4: Student Leaders Crmfereiuw- Zi: Iiulld-sg' Guzuwl 2, Cl, 43 Hi-Y Il, 41 Cum Club 2, Sl, 4: Y.V.l.A.A. Tuuruzunent Il, 41 'l'rzu:k 2 llir, Il IEKI, 4: llusltt-tllztll 2. Il, llil, 4 IEP: lit-ttermen's Club 32, 4i Senior Play 4: Graduation Speaker 4. STOLL, DON-'l'z-zuisferred XVenatchee, W'ash, 35 Car- penter 3: General Course. Tozer Vance Ward Weber ' Webster Wilkins Purnell Renfro Reid Riley Shull Stevenson I ' Sumner Thomson Warren Watts Williams Wilson 2. L' ily ' Watson Woods Mary X- Abel I Dale Bowen Carole Calkins JUHIUHS at Jerry Adolf Louise Bradshaw Bob Chandler ffl lf 'Midi IJ ll' Esther Purnell, Jimmy Allen, Jerry Mann, Miss Shuck, Nl Stakkestad, Bud Hickenbottom Sports, drama, art, music, and social life were essential parts in the program of every junior. Utilizing its capabilities, interests, and experience, the class proved itself a very active member of E.H.S. and one with many potential leaders .... Their junior Prom, themed "Enchanted Forest," was en- joyed by all who attended .... Though the class had trouble in collecting dues, the year was of much value .... Lead- ing the juniors were Bud Hickenbottom, president, Esther Purnell, vice-presidentg jerry Mann, secretary, jimmy Allen, treasurerg and advisors, Miss Shuclc and Mr. Stakkestad. Jimmy Phyllis Elmeda - Billie Allen Anderson Barker l Bennett Don Virginia Al Lindell Brooks Brune Bufton Burrough 1 David Jack ,X Grace John Charlton Church , " Conn Connot . ii' 1, 'Q 'Y ..., ' "" 20 in -. --,vm-. -Ke Loretta 3 Cooke Barbara Correll Jean Courson Fritzie Davidson Dwight " ' A' D i I I 0 n ' r " P ' L W ' W ' B l ' ... 1 -V V M .. D o d g e 1 ., .., S VV . V- , ILIQ-ffi::E,:E:,g::: C h a r I e s ' - --2 .. . X. x 5 , , Derrick 7 ..,.5 . :L Q if wi " W A 'Q' III H, , X5 Q ,K V. Mary Jane Dunning Myrna , Edminson' Bob , Elder Sue Estep Del L k 'Fa Evans - sgff T' f R a I D h 'Q -W 'J 18 3 Ferguson .3 A . 4 M a rt h a 523524 Q ' ' ' 1, I : Fletcher ' 95' . ' 56 if G o rd o n I E 'if' F r a n k L Q fw Joann 5 A" fV Frear -' 2 Shirley Frederickson . Claudia Q Us Gage ' " H.-I-z Louise E, Gemmill W . , f 5 ' f ..::I George Gibb Bob Godes J Im ,A X, 4 Q: V Gordon 2:.:. ,. . 7 ,. - I Greenwood V ' - i f I W ,.,, Q Bill X ' ' ' ' A A T 4 .:s.' wan "'ilfXkjf4M f ' Haberman ' If A V- 0" b J o yc e 'N ,Z i ' .::- ' Hadley ' ' ,ii "-'-'- '2 J in YT ' '25 A Mary Ann H3955 I . . Joyce Q Hankins 1 9 Jerry Hanks Irene N' Harris A . Kay 4 A 1 Q . Q Henry A -. I, I. I f' I .... . 2 By d .5 Eg: J - -1 :yi Hickenbottom m li Q 55135, - ' ,iiigfifgf ..aQ-a 'I J M oaoa M r l D in i n f wi f 4 , ,,,, --., , S , Le ... , .,a. i iQ QQ' u - rz' J , an 7 N is A i ,- - f' - -- '- I a x Z l CLASS OF Dick Boyer Jim Houser Stan '52 l . Jacobs v Cleona ,yl Kenoyer J i l Ann Killian Shirley 4 x Jacroux f Laura Lambson Jo Ann Lewis Grace Lunstrum Mary Marcia Lee u L utzenh iser ' Jerry Mann Fred Mathews John Malinosky Lenna Mattox Ella Mae, McClure X Florence McCracken J. B. McCament Monte McLachlin Dale McNealy Bonita ' Meyer 1 Betty Duane McMahan X Mills i Gerald Mobley Jackie Mor an Johnny Mitchell Dwight Morris Doss Morrow Eleanor 1 Moser Sue . Morrison - Gayetta J Moulding Mary Ellen Moulding CLASS OF '52 Ruth Muzzall Roberta Ness Jim O'Neil Patty Payne Roy Poland Esther Purnell ' Logise Qulcksall Carol Quigley Alma Randall Helen Rasmussen Irving Reese Charles Renfrew Wyman Renfrow Mary Rizer Yvonne Schumacher Diane Smallwood Allen Smith Bev Smith Donna Snodgrass Herb Snowden Joe Sorenson Harold Stoll Vernon fi Stoppenbrick f Shirley Taylor Catherine Wahle Robert Warne Sharon Watterson Loree Webster Joyce Wilcox Kenny Winston John Wright ANN Larry Zickler f of och l O I Adams Anderson Boyer Carraher Dreyer 'A i :-, ,.,, ff is 44 we ' ,QQ ' z , es 'rf 2'-fi if ii ga. Z4 l l l I l l l Allenbaugh H. Anderson Bradshaw Champie Dunlop Q ' ": i i igysfd 4 !d'?"b'Mn ai' A usxlwrs I we " I . lv, L, ,S 35 :gl iw 1 frgflt wg SUPHUIHIBES 9 ' f if 0. T IM J 0 f' o J A rc h e I' B a n g S Brown Brunton, Chandler Croteaul' Eastham Edwards ' 'A-. .- .,..g:' fi iii ' ' 4 , -. , ,amy "' 1 MW 1. Tr . , . ' ' rr, -.,. -Q.. at 5 ,... , V, .... - .viii ,ff .2 wifi ,- 5 ad ia X.: , ,j3k.5" Ax It . Q 1, sf, .,.,. , w' r '-'H 'zz-I' r 1 di Q':I: f 2.9 Ruth Neilson: Norine Smith: Ralph Schuller: Tom Meagherg Mr. Wiseman Pep and initiative were the labels on the Sophomores of '51, Not bowing to a back seat in any activity, they were the leading sellers in the annual magazine subscription drive, led in A.S.B. pass sales, and found themselves outstanding in sports and music. This energetic group has contributed much to the life and school spirit of E.H.S. Leading this class in its first year of high school were president, Norine Smithg vice-president, Ralph Schullerg secretary, Ruth Neil- song and treasurer, Tommy Meagher. The class advisor was Mr. Russel Wiseiiiail. 1 Berg Camden DeBoIt Ferguson i 'Y fn? V925 M 3? "TZ" Y' i -elfi. E 1.2 , -if". Q Baunsgarbd Qellalj Belton ff' Bennett Brunton ' Brunson Bunker Burgett Crouse Crouse 9-' Cunningham Davis Edwards Engel Everett. Faust QI I " i .,,, gr I 'I IN' II as Er A ' iq' 2 ff' r 'E' We f ,. Npf' 'in L V ,,' 3 if f I EEQII ,gsifj E II I' I I ,AAV , I I I .... , .. 1 Q- ' I . ' A f sr 1 fm I' an 59" it 4 -,. --'- - -, 2 X "' I III .,,, I I :fag " "iii V' I - i 551 , . .III IIII I II I f,I I- ga I II I -W fu! If 4 s f J t ii V sg Tut 2' 1 , 0 wr W .i Bessessen Bowen Campbell Carlson Den Beste Derrick Fine Frederickson 'W - ,: t , , I ,I i A If I, .:.,:. I I . ,. WI 2-r fl 'F ' i 5'-M ' W W af is 53' it i' , F N 1 1 . , f , Ii' ii A i wa ' K 3+ ,ag J 3 I II J 1 -5 gr L. A I ' wx - sg 'Ns ' - J- ". J M 3 J - . . J 0 5 ' za' . f A " J" ' X Qi- -f ., ' . 5 ' in W ,f l .II..IJ fm f':j:I If-:-2' iii I ,I.,II,,. gff:1-rJ ... II Ig IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII . .,,V , Q Ig MIR I, .4 I 'J' K I 6 I , :g: K k U I . ti L.-fel J . . - ' J . J 'L :- . ui - 5' ., ' ,, Y X , J p J - as H' J ------Q-' J J 1 yr C - ,gig Q- J., .. J.-f J " Y ' .Jr . ' -- A ' V ii JA I f ' Y .,.. ,lv ' if 55 , "" Q -1-- J i.. i . Q :tK f .J:.'.Q3.j. II II M , Ji- W' 2: -' f Jf A Q' ' -' -'-' ' " - - - I W" , ' ., .. ,, .I A ., ,I I, III I qi III.JI: .J J III- Q, I ,,, II J JI' .I- ,.-,Q fi.: -I I. .I,.II R I I . . I ,V,, I, , X1 - ' .- 'V Z V mu 3 2 ' JJ- J ' J " . V--: I J 1 J IIII I I .I,, I ,IIIIIIIIIIJ II J II, 4 J IIIIII - I ..,,.,, ., . II .. .3 XI 1.4 T., N 541 1 I, .J ., ..,. .. . . :z:.:.a:- .. .IIE-. .. - .. iw? I I III J . I II -- I I J I , I . I I I .II .,.. I, III,QQ.g ., . I IIII: I . , Ig 351.4 If.,-fi of ' ME. '1"iJ J:..: l I :. ' Af. ' y fgizf , .-' if X , " f , 'f il I 2 H J ' f , '--, ' ' z 2 . X' J if is-J -.,. , las.. Jff-.Q . f J 1 f ,J 1 , .- - I I II Vx I I I K ,,,. . . I X IIJIIIIIII , I II , I. , , II Q x TQ JJ N - ' Sw Wo --K -' . ew , li . M '- 1? . 1 S , - H ,J J -J ,, . ,. , " -J J .J ,., " , - " -'J LI , . II ..,,. HI I I Q , IIN I I ,. gi., I: , I , I I N EIII I ,. is My p g! I I Mil e ' my I ' Y iz .ga 'f ,. 4' , - 'I r g Jw- r J -'Q ,. - J . ,.., J ' M .Q ,ff . J ,., 1. V... Ei ' - X wie? Q . .. .,.. , K 'f': . ,Z . W 'V M .. ,:""lf....i new '-33' 251' 5- ':' 5- 'Q ' E-., r f?" .. . ,I , II I II I . , is .,I g -JI .. II-f I . IIQKII 5 .I J I-f-, . ISIIII , I I., III , II . , . I -. IIIIIIII:IIg- . . I.. . N A will "" XX '-"" ,. 535, ,, "" ., X K ' -2- ,':x 5" ' A I' ' Alf! Frichette Glover Gray Griffen Hagen Hanks W. Hansen J. Hansen P. Hansen, S. Hanson Harker Hartman Hartwell Hatzenbeler Hatzenbeler Heimbuch Henderson Herbert Herr Heaverlo Higgins Hill Howerton Hudson A. Johnson N. Johnson Jollo Jones Jordan Jordan Jump Kaynor Kenoyer ' Kitts Kukes Lance Larson Liboky Malinosky Mannin Martin Martinen Mayberry McArthur McCauley ' McCauley McDowell McElroy McMorrow McMurtry 'X McQueen Meagher Meyers Michela Mitchell Mordhorst Moreau Morrison Mountjoy Nelson Nielsen Norling Painter Palo Panattoni Panattoni Pattee, Patteson Pedersen Perrie Peterson Petre Pickup Powell Poynter Rasmussen Rau Richards Rizer Rudolph Rumberg Schille Schuller Simmons Shaw Smith Smith Stanfield Stoll Tozer Trammel Vickerman Wake Vlatson Watson Wattier Weber Weber Webber Welborn Wells Wetch I Whiteside Williams Winegar ' Wippel Wilson Wright Yock Zuppe J ' ,.,. - -ff? . - .J ...J J H J J K ., I ' , 1 -, . ,,.. . ..., Egg.:-' ,sn J . - " J." I J 'H' " I el , j III J II , , .... .I II II .,,, , , I I' - II II J - .Q rams. -J - J :'- J ' JJ. .,.. .J 335-5 R, .,.f I Ja, III I I ' I J. 5- J JJ- ' . J 'Tfg -. I ,. ., : " ' -is 'A ' J . - - '---- ' ' . 2 .,.. --N-1!1"1-.1 l J 'Z-I ' f A w F- " ' , AY- " ' lids'-i - " ' 55- -.:5' f: " .. i -E . iff- . "'- ' :: ' -. ri-1' ei 3 " . ' J P Q . . ' ' W " - ' ' 7 "5 " X I I ., ,J 4 A 3 . X lully ' X - , . .,- J - . -2 .,.. ' 2 rrfimas - J J e . ... J 2 J ' J . J -.L . '- 1 -'Q J.... J---- 5 "1-I' -I' 'Ti-153' - WI WM: , MIWIG A xr... Q, " 'W ,. I II x I 5 x Q s""5J..J I ' w - h-'- gr - ' ' , J J - J KJ P Ji. .... 1" l' ., f , 'J J 25 spoms cam . W Wi+h some sfudenls parlicipafing in ac+ual play and ofhers on 'rhe spec+a+or side as fans, fhe I950-5I sporrs season of E.H.S. saw many a pigslcin cross +he goal line, many a ner scorched by fhe baslcelball wi+h +he hide removed, l'he 'Flying spikes of 'rhe 'rraclc shoes reduced, and fhe fennis raclcefs swung wi1'h much mighl' and power. . . . All 'rhree classes were eviden+ in par+icipa+ion, and all showed abilify and good spor+smanship, 'rhose qualifies so necessary +o produce +he win- ning Teams we had .... Ha+s off +o rhe combina- +ion of coaches. afhleres, and spec+a+ors: you produced whal' is needed +o make lhose winning reams. T3 aa, is iff: iii we iw t we ,399 W fr' Q , Ma ,221 s ., at is ,. .sm as fm: Coach Stub Rowley Back row: Russ Wiseman: Jim Meyers: Ken Bates: Del Evans: John Malinosky: Stub Rowley. 4th row: Jerry Jordan: Jim O'Neil:.Dean.Wake: George Bellah: Bob Edge: Bill Greenwood: Jim Eastham: Jim Frichette: lvlonte IVlcI..acnlan: Roland Pickup. 3rd row: Stan Jacobs: Jack Church: Darwin Davis: Ken Gafford: Bob McCaully: Bud Hickenbottom: Doss Morrow: Nlert Purnell: Ted Altice. 2nd row: Denny Mudd: By Paulson: Richard Mountjoy: Gerald Mobley: Walt Haberman: Ron Brunson: Don Petre: Stu Hanson: Ken Kukes. 'lst row: Lyle Koester: Dick Brown: Bill Bachman: Stu Corey: Jim Hauser: Gene Haberman: Roy Overton: David Charlton. The Ellensburg Bulldogs, under the fine coaching of Stub Rowley and assistant coach Russ XX7iseman, chalked up one of the finest records of any Ellensburg eleven in recent years. The Bulldogs came through their 1950 grid season with seven wins and two defeats. Although losing to Wapato by one point, the team rolled through their remain- ing five games in style, placing them in second place in the northern division of the Yakima Valley Class A Con- ference. The showing helped six of the team to be elected to All Valley honors. Twinkle-toes Mert Purnell, halfback for the eleven, was selected to the first team and also named All State. Other outstanding players, voted to receive sec- ond team honors, were Denny Mudd, Stan Jacobs, and Dar- win Davis, with Ken Gafford and Bob McCauley being voted to the third string. Honorable caption of the year voted to the third string. Honorable captain of the year Davis, and blocking award went to By Paulson. Six mem- bers made All Conference honors and three, team honors, but the thirty-six members of the football squad were El- lensburg's football success. 'lfed Altice Bill Bachman George Bellah Jack Church Stu Corey Jim Houser Stan Jacobs Lyle Koester Bob McCauley Doss Morrow '5I GRID SCORES Date XXf'hcrc Store Sept. li Here Mt. Si 15-S Ellcnslwiirg Sept, 22 Tncrc Cashmere 6-l 9 Ellcmbiirgg Sept. 29 Hum 'loppcnisli 7-20 Ellciislmrg Ott. Cv llicrc Vliptito lfl-i5 lillcmlvlnrg Url. l5 Here Prosser ll-lb! Ellen-.lwurfg Ott. 20 Hcrc Selah lj-26 Ellcnslwurg Ott. J' l'llC.'l'C Marquette IQ- lil EllCllSl3LlI'xQ Nm, 5 Here Higlilaml IB-55 Ellcnslwlirg Nm, ll Here Cla Klum l5- l 9 Ellcnslmrg Top right: No. 11. Gene Haberman: No. 43. Stan Jacobs: No. 47, Ken Gafford: No. 48. Ted Altice. Top 2nd: No. 35. Mert Purnell: No. 17. By Paulson. Left: Mert Purnell carrying ball: Gene Haberman. Middle: Ken Gafford carrying: Jim Houser. Right: No, 11, Gene Haberman: No. 27, Doss Morrow: No. 35, Mert Purnell: No. 40, Denny Mudd: No. 42, Lyle Koester: No. 43, Stan Jacobs: No. -16, Bob McCauley. D. Davis K. Gafford B. Greenwood G. Haberman B. Hickenbottom D. Mudd B. Paulson M. Purnell C. Warren J. Malinosky vl"""Qv 1-wwf 29 Standing-K. Kukes: R. Ferguson: J. Hanks: B. Hicken- bottorn: L. Zickler. Seated-K. Kaynor: B. Woods: B. Godes: B. Jump: J. Eastham: S. Hanson. BASKETBALL The Bulldogs, coached by Russ XXfiseman, came through with the most successful season in several years hy capturing third place in the Y.V.I.A.A. tour- nament .... The quintet won tour of their six pre- season games .... Regular conference play started poorly for the dogs, losing three oi' their first six gamesg hut the team paced by their seasoned regulars pulled out ot the slump to finish strongly in a tie with Top-D. Martinen: K. Winston: B. Greenwood: D. Mc- Nealy: B. Lyons. Second-R. Schullerz G. Gibb: J. Meyers: D. Kaynor: J. Mann. First-B. McCauley: K. Kukes: J. Sorenson: J. Jordan: T. Meagher: Coach Rowley. Xxfapato for second place honors .... Their tourna- ment record went: a defeat to Waiuato, wins over Marquette, Kennewick, and Pasco, and a final defeat to Richland in a hard fought game forthe second place hirth to State .... Memhers of the squad chose Kirk Kaynor as captain and Boh Godes as inspirational award Winer, The Bullpups, not to he outdone hy the varsity. set up a I-lei recosd lor a proven successful season. Top-J. Eastham: R. Ferguson: B. Godes: J. Hanks: B. Bottom-B. Jump: K. Kaynor: B. Woods: L. Zickler: Hickenboitom. L, Rasmussen. Coach Wiseman I.. Zickler, 9: B. Hickenbottom, 12: B. Godes. 7 '5I HOOP SCORES Basketball Jamboree: Date Where Dec. 1 Wapato Dec. l Wapato Dec. 1 Wapato Dec. 1 Wapato Dec. 8 There Pre-season: Dec. 15 Here Dee. 16 Here Dec. 22 Here Dec. 28 There Dec. 29 There Conference: Jan. 5 Here Jan. 6 There Jan. 12 There Jan. 13 Here Jan. 19 Here Jan. 20 There Jan. 26 There Jan. 27 Here Feb. 2 There Feb. 3 Here Feb. 9 Here Feb. 10 There Feb. 16 There Feb. 17 Here Y.V.I.A.A. Tournament: Feb. 23 Wapato Feb. 24 Wapato March 2 Richland March 3 Richland March 8 Wapato Post-season: March 20 Here Cle Elum Selah Wapato Toppenish Wapato Cle Elum Wenatchee Cashmere Cle Flum Mt. Baker Cle Elum Wapa to Selah Toppenish Yakima Highland Marquette Marquette Cle Elum Wapato Selah Toppenish Yakima Highland Wapato Marquette Kennewick Pasco Richland Faculty SCOPE 39-48 3-8 6-11 8-11 12-ll 39-48 50-43 43-50 47-54 39-49 52-51 53-55 62-43 53-63 40-31 43-55 38-44 40-42 56-72 62-43 46-57 35-46 26-35 51-59 48-40 36-45 43-44 40-46 51-36 31-33 Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Students B. Godes, 7: L. Zickler, 9. B. Woods, 6: B. Jump, 8: J. Eastham, 13. Kaynor, 11: B. Godes, 7: B. Woods, BULL PUP SCORES Date Where Dec There Dec Here Dec Here Dec Here Jan Here Jan. There Jan. There Jan Here Jan Here Jun There Jan There Jan. Here Feb. There Feb. Here Feb Here Feb. There Feb. There Feb Here Cle Blum Wenatchee Cashmere Cle Elum Cle Elum Wapato Selah Toppcnish Yakima Highland Marquette Marquette Cle Elum Wapato Selah Toppenish Yakima Highland Score 31-38 62-38 32-43 21-23 34-44 47-40 25-45 14-24 37-38 20-29 32-30 29-39 30-13 37 51 23-34 24-49 41-45 29-45 Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups Bullpups 31 if Standing-Assistant Coach Richardson: Coach Nelson: J. Perrie: L. Koester: D. Morrow: R. Carraher: J. Stowe: D. Bowen: J. Abel: H. Anderson: D. Wake: B. Paulson: W. Tozer: D. Mudd: K. Kaynor: M. Purnell: B. Godes: B. Hickenbottom: B. Woods: B. McCauley: N. Lunstrum: D. Davis: R. Williams: Coach Mettler: N. Berg. Kneeling: B. Bachman: D. Petra: J. Burgett: B. Vance: L. Bowen: M. Higgens: D. Bangs: R. Hatzenbeler: J. Houser: R. Adams: A. Smith: A. Bufton: D. Charlton. Coach Nelson ,M 3, I . W,...:IlI. ggfggtt, 52315, :ag 51555 is? , L' . ff' NWN -5 ' :g ?'i'i" :':' Q .5 ' W I ..., ISI . it ' 3 fs 5 C i . I ,asa . ,Q " -,i ififi ii V r ss haf. 5 'rf ' ' 5 A , .s if ,.g' ::-EE ' .. I If II g5I.IIIII I I II: I an . ,III I I IIIII.I . I I I ..,., I 'L 1 e Q ' ' J. - . .,,.. f r 'P J -- .. ' ' W r ' - ,,,., ,, ..,..,., .,... . , .,., - 3" "i i .2:" ' - 'iii E., ..... ,.,,. .,,, .f2'.. ' ' ' S , """ if N -.-: 325.- vii.. . fl: i ii A ii ,,j:. ,.,,. . :q..:j. .-.:.f-gE :'-:.':j:'-' - ??" Wi1 7 1. 'fl- f ::'::'1TM:"::y'M' " . f A We-'zffz t ' B i A S " - - 1 if-529 U' , w ' , Q ' f W V, Q, - Wwe-H-f .swf ffm. ---- I --e- .T . 6. .. , . -1 A A ,, smaamff, V B. Godes 32 TRACK With the return of nine lettermen, promising Sophomore prospects, and other students of E. H. S., the 1951 track season got under way. Coach Nelson brought his speedsters along slowly, building them up for the always important Valley Eliminations, Valley Meet, and State Meet at Pullman .... The Invitational at Yakima placed Ellensburg third among larger schools, such as Wenatchee, john Rogers of Spokane, and Walla Walla, as well as valley schools . . . . The track men of E. H. S. were truly Cinder stars, while not always winning, they were always trying, Date March 30 April 4 April 14 April 20 April 27 May 4 May 12 May 19 May 26 Adams Abel Bangs D. Bowen L. Bowen Bachman Davis Godes Hickenbottom Houser Higgins Kaynor Koester TRACK SCHEDULE Team Points Grandview .,...... ........ 5 3 Ellensburg ,.,. ,,,,..A,, 4 8 Wapato , ....w.,..,w.,,w........ .....w..,.........w,..,.,, 2 992 Toppenish ,A..........,,,...,,,.,,.,.......,,.,..,,,i.,.., 15 1,4 Yakima defeated Ellensburg 9-4 in relay carnival. Wenatchee ....,,.,.,, Yakima ......., Ellensburg ,,,,,,Ar John Rogers ..... Grandview ..... Walla Walla ..,,. Ellensburg ....,.,, Wapato .,..... Toppenish ,.l. Ellensburg .... Wenatchee ..,.., Wenatchee .....,,, Ellensburg ,,,,. Yakima ..... Wapato . .................. . Meet at Yakima Yakima ,,,, . ..,.,...., Ellensburg l..,l Highland ...., . Richland ..,,... Grandview .,,.,. ,..,.,.41 l........39i3i ........25'k .21 'ia ,, ,,.. .1754 .,...,l'791fz ........485a .20 ........56 .7716 ........59lQ ........56 ........26 ,,.,,,.525Q ,.......49?6 .....,..16l4 ,,......2714 'A Ellensburg .l....,,Y.l......,...... ..... . .. .... 2212 Yakima .........,.... 1 ............., . ........ .,-.f, . 20 District meet at Yakima State meet at Pullman K' KaY"0" D. Davis Pre-Tourney Elimination Valley State Pre-Tourney Elimination 10M 10 1095 Lunstrum 26 3 V, McCauley 8 15:1 4 M Morrow 5 M M 315- Mudd 8 1 1 14 O'Neil 4 BQ 1 1! 10 Purnell 37 PQ 20M 1 Paulson 16 5 20 M, 5 2 Smith 1 0 16 1 18V2 254 E5 Tozer 9 W 3 5 M 1 Vance 1314 2 5 34 Woods 17 14 3 91 26 W 8 3 M Wake 6 W 1 14 Valley State 14 2 1 3 vf B. McCauleyg R. Adams: M. Purnell: E. Hickenbottomg D. Davis B. Vance: W. Tozer 33 ff- A i 1 by W 5 ' J ,Q ' N Q . il E X Standing-Coach Henry: L. Gemmill: D. McNeaIy: B. Greenwood: S. Hanson: J. Hanks: C. Dunlap: C. Garrison: K. Kukes: Bellamy: Shatterlea: G. Mobley: L. Rasmussen: R. Ferguson: J. Sorenson: B. Adcock: G. Haberman: J. Mann: D. McMahan: R. Schulier: J. Gordon: R. Mountjoy: W. Renfrow: W. Haberman: B. Wippel: T. Meagher: D. Evans: S. Schille. BASEBALL Coach Henry started the baseball season with .1 few experienced seniors, and mostly new material com- posed of promising sophomores and juniors. The boys went into their first game without a weeks practice. because of the moving up of the schedule, and the season started slowly: but as it progressed, their abilities improved and experience proved the best teacher. After losing their first encounters they wound up by taking wins from strongly favored opponents. Their record so far was 5 wins and 6 losses. Next year's team promises to be boned by an almost complete veteran aggregation. Ferguson rounding first. Coach Henry Hua.-.Lei Morton Swings Date April April April April April April April May May May May May 3 4 13 14 20 21 28 4 5 11 12 18 is Strike! BASEBALL SCORES Where Score There Marquette 13 There Wapato 7 There Highland 18-3 Here Selah 1 Here Wapato 5 Here Marquette 8 There Toppehish 3 Here Cle Elum 0 There Cle Elum 1 There Selah 1 Here Highland 3 Here Tcppenish 9 Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellensburg Ellehs burg 35 GIRLS' TENNIS Coach Gladys Baker's girls showed a record of no losses, -l wins, and 3 ties so far to prove the strongest net team in four years. Many regulars on the team were of the Junior and Sophomore Classesg they should give even more support next year. The girls used the courts 6th period and at 4:30 split them with the boys, to get their practice in. Though the space for practice was inadequate, exercises and wall tactics were supplements. All around good weather helped in the team's build-up. Seniors leaving this year are Carolyn Case, Donna Phillips, 1'1 ' .5 Top-B. Dryerg A. Hatzenbelerg N. Norlingg L. Lambsong L. Gemmillg J. Frearg H. Reid. Second-Coach Baker: P. Barton: M. Rizerg B. Rizerg D. Phillipsg N. Morrow. First-P. Thomsong C. Casey J. Jonesg L. Cookey B. Rudolph. . 4. W fv Je fe e.. 5 Shot 1-N. Morrow Shot 2-P. Thomson Hazel Reid, Norma Morrow, and Pat Thomson. Coach Baker SCORES Date Where Scores April 13 There Highland 2-2 Ellensburg April 14 Here Wapato 2-2 Ellensburg April 20 Here Selah 2-2 Ellensburg April 24 There Yakima 1-3 Ellensburg April 28 There Top-Hi 0-4 Ellensburg May 4 Here Cle Elum 1-1 Ellensburg May 5 There Cle Elum 1-3 Ellensburg May 11 There Selah Ellensburg May 12 Here Highland Ellensburg May 15 Here Toppenish Ellensburg May 18 and 19 Northern District To U 1' me nt at 'Yaki a - ma Mary Rizer, Jo Jones and Hazel Reid went to the Mr finalsg Pat Thomson to the semi finalsg Barb Rudolph and Norma Morrow were in the first round. Shot 3-M. Rizer Shot 4-H. Reid 3' 36 ' BCDYS' TENNIS Mr. Arley Vancil, in his first year here as boys' tennis coach, proved to be capable and well-liked. The team, with the exception of Stu Corey, had no experience. Witli a large number of boys starting in, however the group yielded a well-balanced team that grew increasingly stronger as the season pro- gressed. Their record so far was -i losses, 2 wins, and 1 tie. They used the courts after school and at 4:50 split with the girls .... For the first time in three years, the courts saw paint, as the boys and girls in a joint project, repaired the wire fence and painted lines ..,. Seniors leaving this year are Landon Estcp, Boyd Ward, Bennett Castleberry, and Stu Corey. Coach Vancil SCORES Date Where Scores April 13 There Highland 3-1 Ellensburg .April 14 Here Selah 3-1 Ellensburg April 20 Here Wapato 3-1 Ellensburg April 24 There Yakima 4-0 Ellensburg April' 28 There Top-Hi 2-2 Ellensburg May 4 Here Cie Elum 1-3 Ellensburg May 5 There Cie Elum 1-3 Ellensburg May 11 There Selah 0-4 Ellensburg May 12 Here Highland 1-3 Ellensburg May 15 Here Toppenish 1-3 Ellensburg May 18 and 19 Northern District Tournament at Yaki- ma Boyd Ward, Landon Estep, Gene Jump, and Jim Eastham Went to the li finalsg Stu Corey and Jim Frichette were in the first round. Shot 1-B. Ward Shot 2- ' ..- Top-G. Jump: L. Estep: J. Meyers: M. McLachlan: J. Eastham. Bottom-J. Frichetteg S, Corey: B. Castleberryg D. Kaynor: A. Frederick B. Ward: Coach Vancil. L. Estep Shot 3-S. Corey Shot 4-B. Castleberry TY ry' 321 'bw-.. The Log represenls a diary of +he year's work in calendar 'Form wifh picfures bringing in'reres+ +0 +he evenfs .... Because of limi+ed space, and in order +o give a more comple+e idea of whal' +he acfive clubs did, rafher fhan who was in each club, we are using fhis seclion .... H' is a combi- na+ion of classes and club ac1'ivi'ries and o'rher highlighfs 'rhroughour 'Phe school year. sg " so 6 it Xl E X I ? Sept. N' Sept. 0 "1 SEPTEMBER Sept. 5thHThe doors of E.H.S. opened to a not too happy, sun-bleached flood of students, old and new, busily adjusting themselves for nine months of "school life." . . . "Gee! It has hot Out" Sept. 6th--After the confusion with a split lunch line, everything seemed to setttle down. Sept. 7th-A.S.B. pass sales started with everyone determined to sell more passes than ever before. Sept. Sth-Yells and cheers poured from all windows as yell leader tryouts went on. Skits were given by the journalism class on how and how not to sell A.S.B. passes. They left every- one wondering if Leslie Bach's vericose veins were a serious case. Sept. 11th+Yell leaders elected for the year 1950- 51 were Carol Offer, Marlene jones, and jack Cargo . . . Pass sales were going strong. Sept. 13th-Rackets and balls were dug out as fall tennis got underway. Sept. 14th-New idea! Everyone's picture on his A.S.B. pass. The pictures were taken with the new identification camera that Cam Club ob- tained for the school .... Pep Club started marching again at eight o'clock on Thursday mornings. Sept. 15th-Hearing the familiar "Our band is only as good as its weakest member," the Ellensburg band gave out with the music for its Ellensburg listeners, A freshman faculty member, Mr. Bill Gleason, was director. He was a graduate of E,H.S. and C.W.C.E. Highlights of the year were the Music Festival, Christmas concerts, Sept. Sept. radio programs, drills at football games, and participation in Homecoming. Leading a serpen- tine of students thru town, the new band uni- forms of blue slacks with dark blue stripes, blue waist coats, and blue high hats with white plumes were worn for the first time. A pep band, composed of members from the regular band, played at the basketball jamboree at Wapato. Officers were Gary Bunger, president, Bonita Meyer, vice-president, Florence Mc- Cracken, secretary, Bennett Castleberry, drum major, Dena Phare, Carole Wilkins, and Glenna Herbert, drum majorettes, Doris Belton, Ro- berta Ness, and Barbara Grove, flag bearers, and Pat Barton, Carolyn Case, and Eleanor Lampers, banner carriers . . . The first football game and loss to Mt. Si, 13-8. 18th-First National Assembly of the year echoed mellow marimba music . . . Beard rais- ing by the football team was adopted. The question was, "When are they coming off?" 19th-F.F.A., short for Future Farmers of America, was an organization set up to further new ideas and interest in farmers. They held and participated in many judging contests. Their main social events were the Father and Son banquet, their "special" initiation, and a bright spot was the new Ford tractor they received half of which was paid by Kellehers. Officers were, Gene Haberman, president, jim O'Neill, vice- president, George Gibb, secretary, Bud Hick- enbottom, treasurer, joe Sorenson, reporterg jerry Burgett, sentinel, A. johnson and Delton Davis, advisors. 20th-An enlightening assembly was given by the executive committee of the Bulldog Club, concerning the club's activities and membership. 22nd-We won, by golly, .we won! Set off with a fiery pep assembly, the Bulldogs came through over Cashmere, 19-6. Over a hundred L. Bach, C. Garrison E.H.S. rooters, plus the band, followed the team to cheer them to their victory. We were sure that the beards would now come off. Sept. Zith-Myl We hardly remembered what the football team looked like without all that extra hair. Sept. 27th-Apat Haberman, an E.H.S. sophomore student who contacted polio this year, was pre- sented a brand new portable radio from the student body. The radio was, purchased with the help of Mapes Appliance, where we re- ceived a large discount . . . A farewell speech by former chief of police, Chi Love, was featur- ed in the assembly. Sept. 28th-Pep Club and band members were diligently practicing for tomorrow nightys marching routine at half time . . . The motto H. Camden: C. Webb: A. Killian: B. Simpson: J. Gehlen: B. Bickle. l C. Offer: J. Cargo: M. Jones. Mr. Kibbe, Mr. Barnhill, T. Davis, B. Edge f .. ..5a"u... Flag Bearers: C. Case: P. Barton: E. Lamphers: leading E.H.S. band Sept. of Future Homemakers of America, "Toward New Horizons," expressed the purpose of the organization-flearning to live better today in order that their lives and those of their families may be better tomorrow. As a project, F.1-I.A. girls sold food at home athletic events. They also had one social affair per month and on this day they held a party for new members. Miss Ednell Snell served as advisor of the group. The officers were: Donna Snodgrass, president, Elinor Moser, vice-president, Mary Able, secretary: Laura Lambson, treasurer. 29thA!'Stubbie," our new school mascot, was introduced by our yell leaders. Did he or did he not remind us of a faculty member? Also in the assembly was the introduction of the candidates for Homecoming Queen and Sept. Oct. Oct. X I f lx Princesses. Say Pep assemblies have really been throwing a lot of weight around lately, for the Bulldogs came up with another win, lick- ing Top Hi's team, 20-7. 3Othf-Cam Club, swearing their allegiance 'to the sea, set out for a cruise in the sound. Who said they were "land lubbersu? Glub-glub. OCTOBER 5rd---World series time once more, with the Phillies battling the Yanks . . . "Anybody want to bet a dime?" 4thASodalitas Latina, the Latin club of '51, was composed of all students who took Latin. Its purpose was to hand on the torch of classi- cal civilization in the modern world. The first event on the calendar of this club was the initiation of the first year Latin students whom we found rolling toothpicks with their noses. The second event was their annual Roman Ban- quet, always a very colorful celebration, held later in the year. The motto of the Banquet g 0 :fav I ug A -S.,- Mr. Gehleng G. Habermany Mr. Davis: J. O'NeiI: G. Gibb Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct. Oct. Oct. J. Sorensong Mr. Johnson: B. Hickenbottom. was, "When in Rome, do as the Romans dof, Officers were chosen each semester, the advisor and teacher was Mr. Maxwell Gates. 5th-KEHSls first broadcast of the year was full of news. High-lighting it was the announce- ment of our Royal Court: Carolyn Case, queen, Esther Purnell, junior princess, Shirley Richards, sophomore princess. 6th---With a gallant, brave battle, we experi- enced our first loss to Wapato. The score was tear jerking, 14-15. This may put a cork on our Bulldogs' chances of winning the valley title. 9th-This day saw the boys and girls of E.H.S. busily combing their hair and applying makeup in preparation for their Klahiam pictures. 11th-Class officer election returns were made public. 12th--E.H.S.'s first Homecoming went under way with an assembly, a parade, and rally, The parade, starting at the school and winding through town, ended around a bonfire at Third St. and Ruby where speeches were given by our Queen, her royal court, football players, and alumni. These Homecoming functions were broadcast step by step over KXLE. 13th-In keeping with the Homecoming spirit, the Bulldogs, not to be downed, trounced Prosser, 18-0. At the half time of this game, the Band and Pep Club, in V-formation, in- troduced our Queen and Princesses to the audience. They rode in a sleek black convertible. After the game, many attended the alumni- student dance at the Y.M.C.A. 16th-Criticism of Homecoming? lt was very successful, considering it was our first. We lived it and profited much . . . Victor Pavamani, from India, talked to us fifth period about lndia's place in world affairs. 17th-Third period we had music on the ac- cordian, piano, and organ by two blind men. They were raising money for Braille books .... Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. The seniors chose Miss Dunstan and Mr. Vancil as their advisors. It-lthfMoney was collected for the blind in re- sponse preceding assembly .... junior advisors chosen were Miss Shuck and Mr. Stakkestad. 19th-"Broadcasts are getting better all the time," was a familiar remark as KEHS went on the air for the third time .... Advisor elected by the sophomores was Mr. Wfiseman. 2OthfPep assembly was set up with the bands "Piano Roll Blues," rolling up another Bulldog victory. Ellensburg 27, Selah 13. 23rd-flnformation was given by Mr. Brown on Propositions 1 and 2 which would be on the election ballot on November 7. These propo- sitions concerned funds for a new grade school and repairs on the junior and senior high build- ings. 24th-ffUnited Nations Day! What this day meant was the subject of an assembly presented by a panel of students from the sophomore world history class, and speaker, jack Shore. an J. Morgan: FK. Dunlap: B. J. Bennett: M. Able: D. Snodgrass N. Norling: M. McMorrow: C. Rasmussen. Oct. Oct. 25th----Mr. Edward Camealy led the chorus of mixed voices most successfully. The chorus very ably participated in many assemblies and even- ing performances. Orchids were deserving of Mr. Camealy and his chorus for a most enter- taining and well done choral concert. More of their achievements will be heard of later in the year when they take part in the annual music festival. 26th-Crollwell Colliers salesman, rather a comedian, started off E.H.S.'s magazine sub- scription sales. The profit from these sales is to be split almost fifty-fifty between the com- pany and our A.S.B. fund. E. H. S. Chorus Sophomore Princess, S. Richards: Junior Princess, Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. E. Purnell: Queen, C. Case. 27th---Never let it be said that the pep assem- blies weren't a successl This time the Bulldogs defeated the Marquette Squires, -40-19. 51st-f-Halloweenl Many parties were held for the students to keep them out of trouble this night: however, there was one thing missing, the students. NOVEMBER lst- Another month full of days, hours, and grinding. 2ndfWe found Band and Pep Club perfecting their march routine for the game with Highland . . . . Another event was the journalism broad- cast fourth period. Ox 0 A' 9 Nov 2.+2: : I I I I I C X N .,.1., X . 1 I f . I I I 9 Avis . 3rd+The team wound up their home season by defeating Highland, 33-13, despite the heavy fog and mist that prevailed. Nov. 8th--Ugh' Report cards for the first uartcr Nov Nov . . q A Some were happy or sad, while most were re- solved to do better. . 9th-junior High School presented their an- nual variety show with "Going West'y as the theme. . 10th-Pep Club, portraying the football boys, Rowley, and Wiseinan, really raised the spirit at the pep assembly. Most dramatic was the flying act of Mary Rizer, who while por- traying Del, the water boy, tripped and ended up with the bucket of water on her and the floor. Honest, it wasnlt in the script. Nov. 11th-This Saturday the students of E.H.S. Nov. Nov. N ov. Nov. could be found in Cle Elum. It was Armistice Day, when the Bulldogs battled the Warriors in their annual classic. Though the raw weather held the boys down, they went to town and came out on top with the score 19-13. This game ended the Bulldog football season of 1950 with seven wins and two losses and 2nd place in the Northern Division. A team to be proud of .... 13thfThe main attractions of the Rotary Club Minstrel Show at the college Auditorium were Mr. Vifiseman and "Bubblesl' Rowley. 14thf-"Attention! Anyone interested in a re- duction in minstrel show prices see Mr. Rowley. Hels selling two for .'IS1.95.', 15th-An extra hour was given to us, while the teachers left for a health workshop. 16th+Congratulations to Mr. Gates and cast of a really superb all-school play, "Our Town," by Thornton Wiltler. This was a play where few if any stage decorations were used, and the audience was held transfixed all the way by the atmosphere and mood given by acting. Nov. 17the-"Sadie Hawlqinsn dance was held at the from 9 to 12. Nov. 18th-Square dancing, circle dancing, and waltzing were the main attractions foriiover a hundred students at the cafeteria as the Senior class presented their UHoe Downu. Cider, pop- corn, and donuts were all served, for a price. Every one had a wonderful time dancing around the obstacles of straw, The Seniors profited around forty dollars. Hopes were high for an- other in the near future. C. Weberg B. Chandlery B. Rizer: J. Abelg S. Wells: T. Meagherg J. Hadley. E. H. S. Band D Phare: D. Bowen: B. Castleberry. Back row: D. Bowen: J. Chuch: M. McLachlan: B. Crouse: J. Perry: H. Anderson: G. Zuppe. 2nd row: R. Carraher: B. Wippelg B. Castleberry: G. Bunger: N. Berg: A. Den Beste: W. Renfrow: L. Bowen. 1st row: J. Connot: P. Hodgson: D. Snodgrass: D. Phare: S. Wilson: A. Killian: M. Jones: C. Calkin. "OUR TOWN" A different and unique dramatization was chosen by Director Maxwell Gates for this years all-school play, the name being "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder. "Our Town" could have been any town in the U. S. A., even Ellensburg, but this one was Grovers' Corners, New Hampshire. In it lived real American people like George Gibbs and Emily Webb. their parents and brothers and sisters, and Simon Stimson, the church organist. But in this play the exposition of things past, and future happenings were given by the stage manager, who also portrayed many other characters. The play told of the first romance, All School Play Cast Have Some Cake! the wedding, and the funeral .... But what really made it unique was that there were no properties. All the scenery was left for the audience to create, the more created, the more alive the play became. This was a difficult play to produce and an excellent job was done by the cast and Mr. Gates .... Main characters in the play were, Dale Bowen, stage man- ager: Bill W'ippel, Dr. Gibbs: Donna Snodgrass, Mrs. Gibbs: Gary Bunger, Mr. Webb: Sarah Wilson, Mrs. Webb: Dena Phare, Emily W'ebbg Alfred Den Beste, Wfally Xwebbg Marlene Jones, Rebecca Gibbs: and Bennett Castleberry, George Gibbs. Back row: B. Crouse: A. Den Beste: J. Perrie. 2nd row: P. Hodgson: H. Anderson: M. McLachclan 1st row: R. Carraher: D. Snodgrass: J. Connot Qs j X 'Q Q50 0 JJ C Nov. 2OthfSnow ball troubles? Nov. 21st-wThere was a Red Cross march in :study hall, minus the band. Something was missing? Nov. 22nd---Congratulations to FFA. for taking a place in the apple packing .... Coming right into the Thanksgiving spirit, the cafeteria served turkey, gravy, dressing, and cranberry sauce .... All took off for a little vacation. "Dont over- stuff, see you Monday." Nov. 23rd-Thanksgiving dawned with a shock to the county and the students of E.H.S. Ken Gaf- ford, a Senior, was killed in an early morning accident on the Seattle highway. Three gradu- ates of last year, Russ Hall, Forrey Eastham, ind Ron Varnum, were critically injured and hos- pitalized. The cause of the accident was un- known, but one thing certain, wefll sure miss Ken .... Working hard, while the remainder of us rested, was the Radio Production class with their Thursday night broadcast over KXLE. Nov. 27th-Quietness settled over the school as the students found the absence. of Ken more tragic as each minute went by. Memorial was given him fourth period. Afterwards, two hundred and forty-five students found their way to the Honeycutt-Evenson Chapel to attend his funeral. No, Ken wasn't alone .... Nov. 28thw-Due to a back injury, Mr. America wasnt Nov. Dec. Dec. able to appear, but sent in his place were two trampoline artists. The man and girl put on a rousing assembly, drawing ohs and ahs from the student body. Featured guest artists were Mert Purnell and Allen Smith. 30th--KEHS was on the air again, bringing us features and news of the week. The journal- ism class worked hard to present the broadcasts, and deserve our praise. DECEMBER lst--The Bulldog basketball quintet successfully opened the season, and proved themselves to be one of the top teams contending for the valley title in the Wfapato jamboree. Although Vifapa- to placed first, Ellensburg had a better record than that team and lost first place by a 12-ll loss to Wapato. 2ndffStudent Leaders Conference was held on the C.W.C.E. campus, with 800 students in at- tendance, representing high schools throughout the Yakima Valley. Forty-two students attended from E.l-l.S .... The annual junior Prom was held in the Lincoln cafeteria with "Enchanted Forest" as the theme. Fifty-nine couples danced amid silver-tinted trees and soft lights to the music of the Cardinals from Weiuatchee. A large harvest moon, hanging oxer a moss cov- ered pond, cast its reflection throughout the room, while a halo of balloons were suspended from the ceiling. D. Snodgrass: B. J. Bennett Dec. Uec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. 8th+The girls had their chance to play their version of basketball at a pep assembly in the gym .,.. The Bulldogs met the Cle Blum 'War- riors in the first of the kings' X tilts played, and walked away with a win, -18-59. The Bullpxips also succeeded in edging the Cle Blum B's, 55-5 l. llthfAt a meeting ot the rx.5.B. counail it was decided to charge the same admission to home games as to those attending with the visit- ing team .... Sounds fair enough. l3th----Bill Xwoods was elected to fill the space of vice-president, left vacant by the death of Ken Gafford. l5th--In a rip-roaring home opener the i'Dogsl' lost to Vfenatchee 50-48 in :1 non-conference -lilt. The Bullpups also lost, 62-58. l6th--In number two home game the Bulldogs rebounded from the loss of the night before, leaving Cashmere on the short end of the score. 50-43. The "Pups" defeated Cashmere's "B' squad, 43-32. 20th--The junior and senior high choruses pre- sented their annual Christmas program in a joint assembly. This fine presentation showed that a great deal of skill and hard work went into the preparation. 22nd-The last day of school before Christmas vacation saw the Bulldogs hand Cle Elum an- other non-conference defeat, 54-47. The "Pups" Dec, Dec. Dec. Senior Class square dances. were also victorious, defeating the Warrior "B" squad 23-21, 25th!Christmas4and of all things, no snow! 28thfIn a game with Mt. Baker, the Bulldogs defeated their host team -49-39. 29th-The second road game during vacation ended in a is--is victory for Everett over Ellens- burg in the last non-conference game of the year. 4th row: T. Altice: D. Mudd: B. Paulson: G. Bellah: 2. Gibb: D. Boyer: W, Gapen: B. Ward: J. Mitchell: B. Bachman: J. Watson: K. Kukes: A. Smith: B. Hahn. 3rd row: B. Adcock: C. Garrison: J. McCament: D. Petre: B. Edwards: D. Brooks: R. Mountjoy: B. Correll: E. Barker: E. Moser: C. McQueen: J. Adolf: B. Harker: S. Henderson: R. Nielsen: M. Moreau: M. Edminson: A. Wellborn: A. Palo. 2nd row: M. Bunker: S. Kenoyer: M. Klocke: F. Edwards: J.'Cleveland: C. Gage: L. Cunningham: S. Hogue: R. Muzzall: A. Whiteside: S. Wells: B. Smith: P. Payne: F. Morrison: M. Weber: E. Yock: S. Powell: M. Watson: S. Watterson: K. Stevenson: C. Kenoyer: B. Mills: N. Morrow. lsthrow: F. McCracken: V. Hanks: S. Wilson: N. Tozer: B. Chandler: S. Sumner: E. Wetch: B. Grove: E. Williams: E. Moser: B. Hepburn: E. McClure: L. Lambson: J. Allen: J. Jordan: D. Croteau: Z. Hiner: L, Bach. .At piano: B. Meyer: E. Purnell. Directing: E. Camealy. I ' jan. 9th-Snow! ll 1 1 , - jan. llth--Pep Club went all out this year for school X g' . spirit and sportsmanship. During the football season the girls joined forces with the band and marched at half-times on the wet and sometimes swampy Rodeo field. Pep Club was also in wa charge of the half-times of basketball games. X Drills were worked around geometric figures 650 'U with wheels and were often done with covered Vary flashlights. Besides being placed at the head of X, I f the I-lomecoming by the A.S.B. council, Pep Club I members provided booster signs for each com- ,I petitive event of the Bulldog teams. Leading the group were Carolyn Case, president, Kay Henry, vice presidentg jimmy Allen, secretary, Esther Purnell, treasurerg Pat Thomson, drill leader, Miss Anna B. Shuck, advisor. ' K , jan. 12th---Ouch! Selah trounced the Bulldogs on l Selah's home floor. Score of the Bulldog game, OO It X V13 62-413, the "Pups" won their tilt 45-25. I jan. 13th-The Pan American Club of our school consisted of those students enrolled in Spanish classes. Along with their sock dance, held after JANUARY lan, Klan. vlan. jan. 2111. lst-Happy New Year! End-The students came back to school seeming to be hung over by hangoversg that is, from lack of sleep. flth---The practice air raid drill brought the stark realism of the Korean conflict straight home .... Broadcast was fourth period. 5th --Pep Club sponsored a pep assembly in the last half of sixth period .... Cle Elum came from behind in the last few minutes of the game to take it, 52-51. The Bullpups upheld with a win over the Warrior squad, 44-3-4. 6th--The Bulldogs, playing on the Wolves home floor, took a close game from Wapato, 55-53, while the Bullpups lost in a similarly close game, 47-40. gnmmg Moulding: J. Sorenson: P. Thomson: J. Meyers: McCauley: E. Purnell: R. Hatzenbeler: D. Brooks: Dreyerg S. Hanson: B. Rizerg B. Rudolph: S. Coreyg Mobleyy G. Conn: A, DenBeste. y J 2111. kill. the game in the Cafeteria, the club had picnics, dinner parties and sponsored the annual Pan American day assembly. This assembly ex- plained the dress and customs of the Pan Ameri- can countries. Officers this year were john Connot, president,g JoAnn jones, vice president: Pat Barton, seeretaryg and Phyllis Anderson, treasurer. Teacher and advisor was Mrs. Lina Wilkins .... Bulldogs and Bullpups won both games over Top-Hi. The score of the "Pups" game was 24-14, and the main event, 63-53. 15thfMore snow .... Studying for semester tests. 18th-After a week of tests, a broadcast gave a chance for breathing. A new attraction was the beginning of a mystery person contest. P. Hodgson: Z. Hiner: W. Price: J. Larimore: E. Williams lan. 1111. 311, l9thfA noon pep assembly was well attended . . . . After dominating the first half, Ellensburg let go and lost to the Yakima Pirates, 40-31. The Bullpups won again, 58-57 in an overtime battle. 20th-The Bulldogs and Bullpups made up for lost time by taking the Highland Scotties. The Bulldog score was ii-45: Bullpups, 29-20. 24th-Club 12-15 featuring musie for noon John Liboky and invention. D Phare: NI. Moe: B. Engle: J. Crane: B. Hahn: T. Altice: Bachman' M. Morton- B. Adcock: C. Wilkins: G.. Pence' B. , D. Pugh: H. Reid: c. Webster: M. Meagher. time digestion .... On theheavier side of the news - report cards. lan. 25th- -The journalism class sponsored a pep as- sembly featuring a trial of two students for not cheering. Their penalty was to lead a yell. It was very entertaining and peppy. Dlan. 26th---The Bulldogs and Bullpups won close 311. an. Ian. 8.11. ,11- li- games from the Marquette Squires. Score of the Bulldogs game, 44-38, of Bullpup game, 32-30. 27th--Pulling the game out of the tire, the Bull- dogs took the Squires once more, 42-40. The Bullpups with a slightly wider margin, 39-29. 29th-March of Dimes encouragement broad- casts. 30th--The Klahiam ad staff were busily collect- ing ad subscriptions for the financial support of the Annual. Leading them was the business manager, Wiiioiua Price. 31st--March ot' Dimes .... John Liboky, a member ot the Sophomore class, showed his in- genuity by making a horse drawn hay rake into a tractor drawn rake. X o i is Q io2Jf"sx i -N J lk f If -I P' X ' I ak 6 ' X Z if i In P. Thomson: C. Case: J. Jones: M. Watson: A. Whiteside: J. Morgan: C. Quigiey: H. Reid: Miss Shuck. W. Price: J, Larimore: A. Killian: M. Rizer: B. Rizer: S. Richards: J. Courson. N. S rnith: L. Bradshaw: B. Rudolph: E. Purnell: M. Watson: M. Moe: M. Lee. I. Harris: L. Webster: M. Dunning: D. Snodgrass: R. Nielsen: D. Pugh: M. Meagher. Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb FEBRUARY lst-Being the first in two weeks, the broad- cast was extra long and entertaining .... March of Dimes contributions amounted to a healthy' 590. 2nd-Showing close team work, the Bulldogs won over Cle Elum 72-66 .... The Bullpups, unable to hit the hoops, lost to the Papooses, 13-30. 3rd-The Wfapato Wfolves, using full court checking with deadly accuracy, came out ahead, 62-43 .... The Pups took their game 51-31. 7thYLeyasmeyer from Latvia, spoke on con- ditions in Europe .... Another assembly was called off when the debate team from W.S.C. didnit arrive. 8thfBulldog guard initiation filled in noon- time entertainment .... There was a news broadcast 2nd period. Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 9th--The Bulldogs and Pups rolled over the Selah Vikings. Game scores were 57-46 and 54-25. respectively. 10th---The Bulldogs did it again for a second victory of the week-end by defeating Top Hi -46-35 ..., The Bullpups won, 59-24. 12thfP. A. out of order .... Peaceful! 16tl1--Whipping the Yakima Pirates 35-26, the Bulldogs came out with the upset of the year .... Likewise was the feat of the Bull- pups, who won 45-41. 17th-The Bulldogs had an easier win over Highland, 51-50 .... The Pups took their match 29-20. 19th---Movies in Club 12:15. 20th-The Mississippians, a group of four Negro singers had the Student Body rolling in the aisles with their combined renditions of music and comedy. Zlst---School broadcast 3rd .... A Pep As- sembly was sponsored by the speech class. They enacted a make-believe-dream of Mr. Wfiseman Feb and his basketball team. efzfigfww' M i " .aeaflwg T 5 M 7: T' T i ss," M, t....,Wf-2 rt 'H' W. 1-few? 35.91. U Nl. Rizer: S. Frederickson: L. Larnbson: J. Jones: A. Killian. C. Cahoon: l. Reese: J. Dagget: C. McQueen: J. Jordan: A. DenBeste: M. Lee: L. Cunningham: L. Bowen: B. Harker: J. Grocock: R. Carraher: L. Bach: B. Wipple: A. Randall in control room. T. Camden: S. Taylor: J. Morgan: D. Heimbuch: G. i Lunstrum: P. Anderson: R. Nielsen: J. Jordan: T. Ott: D. Phare: L. Quicksall: N. Norling: G. Bunger: L. Jurgens: C. Garrison: D. Martinen: J. Weber: J. Anderson. f Feb. 22ndfGeorge XWashington's Birthday gane us a day off. Feb. 25rd-ln the opening game for the Bulldogs at the district tournament held at Vifapato, they dropped it to Wapato, 48-40. Feb. 24th-fXVith fighting spirit the team came back and took Marquette, -66-35 .... This meant that the following week theykwould be in Rich- land for the finals. Feb. 28th--F. F. A. had an assembly which explained the functioning, activities, and duties of the club. MARCH Marcli lst-The juniors and Sophomores, planning their future classes, met in the study hall Znd period .... Pep assembly with a theme of winning a berth in the state tournament .... New fad was sign language. March 2nd-Ellcnsburg triumphed over Kennewick in a 44 to 43 thriller at Richland, to make their 2nd tournament victory. March 5rd-Defeating Pasco, 46 to 40, the team came into a 2nd place tie with Richland .... The winner takes the 2nd berth to the State l 1 Rig X X51 x X '4 l Z 4 P B. Jump: B. Paulson: C. Case: B. Woods: B. Castleberry tournament .... Yakima won the Class A, number one berth. March Sth--Swinging many a rusty rackett, the tennis lovers of E. H. S. found their glory with spring turnout. March Sthf-College bound seniors met lst period. . . . In October the fellows cut their beards, in March they cut their hair, Ccrew cutsj. March Sth---"On to State" was chanted through the corridors as the students held a Pep Assembly for the all important game .... The team bowed to Richland, 36 to 51, in a game played from the hearts of pretty worn out boys. They put up a grand battle and were a team to be proud of, winning third place in the Y.V.I.A.A. March 9th-A Spring Concert featured a program of senior and junior high school chorus groups, the occasion drew a full house, plus much praise of the entertainment. March 12th-Student council met 3rd period .... Receiving basketball awards by teammates were Kirk Kaynor, honorary captain, and Bob Godes, the inspirational award. March i5thfMusic festival for vocal and instru- mental soloists was held at Central .... Ellens- burfg was well represented among the 52 other schools. March lith-felilu, scarlet fever, and septic sore throat were a few of the illnesses keeping kids out of school. March lith--K. E. H. S. was on the air 3rd period. . . . If you hate pains, headaches, sore feet: try Hadacol .... Basketball team and coaches vacationed in Seattle for the final games of the State tournament. March 16th--Bulldog Club tonight. March l7thWF. I-I. A. convention in Bellingham. March 19th-Yakima finished 2nd in the State tournament. March 20th-The students downed the faculty, 33 to 51, in a fast basketball game, which wound up the season .... Leading the faculty cheer- ing section were Mr. Brown, Mr. Sparks, and Mr. Berger. March 21st-Nominations were made for Apple ...N.Nc..W M. Moe: M. Watson: K. Johnson: N. Morrow: B. Jump: B. Castleberry: L. Estep. ..-4 FSSX . Stevenson: S. Sumner: J. Chase: M. Jones: C. Case: Watson: K, Johnson: S. Shullg H. Kontos: P. Hodgson: Weber: M. Mitchell: M. Nance: D. Church: N. Hanks: Nason: E. Lamphers: J. Watts: S. McElroy. Baunsgaurd: B. Minton: B. Wippelg B. Castleberjry: . Morris: F. Davidson: H. Reid: D. Snodgrass: K. Lindj Miss Klobucher. U? Blossom Princess. . . Qualifications are ap- pearance, personality, and riding ability. March 22nd-Easter Story on K. E. H. S. March 23rd--Good Friday, and vacation .... Sen- iors are rounding out their decorations for the Senior Ball. March 26th-The seniors had conferences with Smith: M. Rizer: R. Overton: K. Kaynor: M. Watson: Mrs. and Mr. Vancil. different representatives from colleges through- out the State to help them make wise choices. March 28thfLoree Webster was elected Apple Blossom Princess from Ellensburg. March 29thfReport cards .... Darwin Davis and Bill Woods were voted commencement speai-:ers by the seniors .... Radio class put on a most wonderful production over K. X. L. E. of lane Eyre. . . The class is ettin v as food as . 8 E .5 professionals. March 5OthfLarry Hightower, wheelbarrow Pusher from Ellensburg, who pushed his barrow around the U. S., shared his experiences with the student body March 51st-fMany students found their way to the : Lincoln cafeteria for the Senior Ball, Oriental Paradise. APRIL April 2nd-Spring has sprung and the fashion is Trip Singers: J. Mitchell: F. Morrison: D. Brooks: M. Moulding: T. Altice. Sophomore Triple Trio: V. Hanks: A. Whiteside: R. Nielsen: S. Wells: E. Wetch: S. Wilson: J. Jordan: D. Hill: B. Harker. Senior-Junior Triple Trio: L. Bach: M. Moulding: R. Nielsen: C. Case: B. Grove: B. Correll: M. Weber: E. Barker: F. Morrison. Mixed Double Quartet: F. McCracken: P. Payne: M. Moulding: . Welborn: C. Offer: B. Hahn: J. Mitchell: D. Brooks: . Altice. Festival Soloists: B. Correll: M. Moulding: . Grove: A. Welborn: S. Wilson: F. McCracken: P. Payne: Brooks: B. Ward: J. Mitchell. pw-in, Apri Apri Apri A pri Apri Apri sleeveless blouses with full cotton skirts. . . Knowledge of Germany was related to students by Dr. Wagiier .... Track boys came out second in the meet at Toppenish. The fleet- footed boys had six winners to sex en for Grand- view. l 5rd-The baseball team traveled to Marquette and took a 15-0 loss .... At last we get a few days rest: oh for more of these spring vacations! l -'ith--Relay track meet held on Morgan field between Bulldogs and Yakima. We lost .... The bat boys lost at Wfapato 7--i. l 6tl1---Woe is our fate. Back to school. l 10thYStudents were a lwit confused over the ringing of about five bells. l 11th---President Truman's firing General Mac- Arthur was the talk of the school. The general conversation was, "Wlio is rightf' l 12th--Drama Festival plays, "Wl1ere the Cross is Made" and "Sham," were presented to us 2nd and 5rd periods. XVith an exceptionally good, all-school cast and excellent directing hy Mr. Gates, the plays are sure to come out with top ratings at Wfenatchee .... The Radio class .f ll ix I I I f f 1 1 1 'Q' S 5 s 5 5- - I ll--si - l X ff X f X Apri J. Hanks: B. Godes: Mr. Wiseman: B. Bieloh. Apri l ff! lu! presented a program about the elementary schools. including 135 students. l 15th-Friday, the 15th. Hmmm .... Net team lost to Highland S-33 baseball boys lost to the Scotties 18-35 and the track squad came in 5rd at a meet in Yakima. April lfith---Selah came here to take the Bulldog net teams 5-5, and the baseball game, 1-O. l l6th- -The drama festival at Wfenatchee was a success for E. H. S. "Wl1ere the Cross is Made" received a first rating, and "Sham" received a two .... Mr. Neil Anderson talked to us and showed us a movie about conservation of XXfashingtonis fish. April l7th-- -A. S. B. meeting, April ltith---Triple E girls cleaned up the nurses room and afterwards held a pot luck .... G. Bunger: M. Watson: L. Bach: B. Woods: T. Ott: W. Tozer: K Kaynor SENSOR PLAY "Ladies of the jury" presented by the Senior Class and directed by Maxwell Gates proved most enjoy- able for the cast and audience ,... The plot re- volved around a hilarious murder trial where a Wealthy and intelligent lady juror rallies her intuition and bribes the jury to come up with a verdict of not guilty .,.. The Seniors spent two and one halt weeks of rehearsal and the final production proved the time was well spent, as they gave a presentation to be very well applauded .... Characters in the play were Leslie Bach as Mrs. Fiskeg Bill Wotvds as the judge: Stu Corey as Rutherford Dale: Shirley Shull as Mrs. Gordon, Gary Bunger as Halsey Van Styeg Marlene Watson as Evelyn Snow: Theresa Ott as Susanne: Bill Hahn as policeman: Darwin Davis, Ben Castleberry, Karen johnson, Kitty Stevenson, Bill Bachman, Marlene jones, Chuck Garrison, john Growcock, Pat Hodgson, Dena Phare, Boyd Wald nb ury members. M. Jones: J. Grocock: D. Phare: D. Davis: P. Hodgson Nl Moe S Corey S Shull L. Bach: B. Castleberry: K. Stevenson: C. Garrison: K Johnson: B. Ward. General MacArthur's address to Congress was heard 1st period. April !9th-Radio class presented Clarence the Dragon, somewhat on the order of the show "l'larvey.' '... lo Nason is to ride in the Apple Festival Parade. April 20th--Bulldog teams had a clean-up dayg tennis teams tied Wapato, baseball team won first game of season from Wfapato, 6-5, and the track men took a win over Wapato and Toppenish, chalking up 79V3 points. April 21st---Central Music Festival. This was hay day for the singers and instrumentalists. Orchids tor the good ratings. Marquette won the base- ball game 8-0. April 23rdfXYfoman deep-sea diver told of charm and adventure of under sea world. April Zith- Royal Court of Vffenatchee Apple Blossom extended a formal invitation ind period .... The net teams lost to Yakima 5-5 in a mid-week match. April Zothfjuniors plan paper drive to increase A. S. B. fund .... The Seniors presented their play, "Ladies of the 'lurj'," and it was a hilarious success. Pep Club in letter formation. A. DenBeste: J. Courson: B. Wippel: B. Castleberry: B. Ward: W. Renfrow: D. Boyer. W. Renfrew: L. Bowen: V. Hanks: M. McLachlan. Apri Apri l 27thf -Baseball game and tennis match were cancelled because of rain. The tracksters tied with Wenatchee at a festival meet: total points, S6 .... Senior play public performance. l 28thf?l'ennis teams won from Toppenish 6-Z, The baseball team lost an extra inning thriller, 3-2 .... Senior Day at C. W. C. E. Also Art Festival for high school students. I f fx it f t' , dial -- -- - - -I E i S 5-il 5 f f X I' MAY May lst--Start of paper drive .... F. F. A. boys and 4-H members showed stock at Toppenish. May 2nd-Seniors started trading personal cards and those tell-tale tissues cluttered the floors and halls. May 3rd-Pep assembly introducing sports. . . KEHS broadcast 2nd period. May 4th-Track team came in second behind W'en- atchee. Baseball team Won from the Warrifnrs 1-0. Tennis squads Won 4-2. Two of the matches were rained out. May 5thfBand and marching unit marched in Festival Parade .... Baseball team beat Cle Elum again 3-1. Net team won 6-2. May 8thfC. W. C. E. band concert 5rd period. "Whistler and His Dogi' was piece most en- joyed. May Qthm-A. S. B. nominating assembly for next year's officers was held 2nd period. May l0thWHome Economics open house. l May 11th-Baseball and tennis at Selah. May 12th-Baseball and tennis here with Highland. Y. V. I. A. A. sub-district track meet in Yakima. l May lith-Net teams met Top-Hi here. May l6thA. S. B. election results. May 18th-Y. V. I. A. A. sub-district tennis meet in Yakima. Baseball team met Top-Hi here. May 19th-Cam Club boat trip .... Tri Hi Y tolo, themed "Deep Purple." . . . Y. V. I. A. A. track finals at Yakima. Continuation of tennis meet at Yakima. May 24th--KEHS broadcast. May 25thfState track meet at Washirxgton State College. l M. Purnell: l.. Gemmill: J. Nlalinosky: K. Winston: R. Adams: B. Paulson: N. Lunstrum: Mr. Wiseman: J. Sorenson: J. Houser: J. Hanks: L. Zickler: Mr. Rowley: B. Greenwood: B. Woods: K. Kayncr: D. Morrow. X May 28th-Final tests. Band and Pep Club in "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." E formation. May Zoth'-Y. V. I. A. A. tennis finals at Pasto. . . Second day of Senior Sneak. May 2fJtl1fTests continued and finished. Finalllyl Festival Soloists: H. Anderson: B. Hahn: A. Randall: U D. Morris: J. B. McCament. Trumpet Trio: B. Hahn: J. B. Mccamentg B. Hickenbottom K1 Gui!-4 U oo O May 3Oth+Memorial day and vacation for a -lay Memorial tennis tournament at Yakima. May 31st--Time for the annual class picnics. Sandwiches, pop and fun for all. Class night at 8:00 o'clock. Cut-up night for the Seniors. JUNE june lst-Graduation day at last. Time for last glimpses of E. H. S. 9:OOwKlahiams are handed out and auto- graphs are hurriedly snatched. . , Klahiam staff leaves town. 12:00-Time out for lunch. 12 130-fGfddU21flOll practice. 8:OO-fCommencement exercises. 10:00-Class party and afterwards, l7I'CH.Kfi1Sf at Vantage. S. Richards: D. Martinen: G. Lunstrum: D. Pugh: P. Thomson: D. Church: N. Smith: D. Ferguson: B. Bennett: J. Hadley: L. Gemmill: S. Frederickson: D. Derrick: A. D. Heimbuch. Harmon: T. Camden: G. Kunert: R. Campbell. H. Reidg B. Woods: D. Church: D. Davis. COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES June 1, 8:00 P.M. Morgan Auditorium Acting Superintendent Max Berger, Presiding Processional ...... V,...............,. ' 'Pomp and Chivalry" ......,.....,........ ..,.,.. C . j. Roberts All School Orchestra Mr. W. A. Gleason, Director Invocation ..... ,,,.,.........r.............r...,.,,.,........,,............ T he Rev. Fred Towne I First Christian Church Salutatory ....,.,...........Y......................c.... .,,,............, D oris Church Piano Solo: "Fantaisie-Impromptu" .,,c,,...,..........., ,,r,.,.,,.r C hopin Carol Offer Honor Speaker .,7,rr. ,r,.r...........ccc ,.c.,,u.cr B i ll Woods Honor Speaker .,.,........,,,,,............. ,,,..,..........c.,,,.. ,c.....,. D a rwin Davis Vocal Solo: "The Lord's Prayer" . ...,..........,,,,,...,... ..,...,...,,,c,,, N Ialotte Marlyn Moe Carol Offer, Accompanist Valedictory ,...............,... .........,,r............rr.........,,......... .,,c,,,,...,.. ..........,, H a z el Reid Presentation of Awards ..,. ...... . . ..........................,..,Y. Principal W. M. Brown Presentation of Class ....... .... ....................... D r . Carl Olander, Board Chairman Recessional ................. ..,.. ' 'Pomp and Chivalryl' .................... ...,........,.. R oberts.. ' i 77777, L 6 Q L 2 i V, if i f r f . i Q.. r l L SENIORS Abel, John--9, 14, 32, 44. Adams, Edwin Ray-11, 14, 32, 33, 58 Adcock, Bill-14, 34, 47, 49. Alford, Marian-11, 14, 47. Altice, Ted-14, 28, 47, 49, 59. Amon, Pat-14. Anthony, Murelil-1, 47. Bach, Leslie-10, 14, 40, 47, 51, 56. Bac-hman, Bill-14, 28, 32, 47, 49. Barton, Pat'-14, 36, 41. Bates, Kenneth-14, 38. Baunsgard, VVi11ard-14, 53. Belton, Doris-415, 47. Brown, Richard-15, 28. Bunger, Gary-15, 45, 51, 56, 59. Burgett, Jerry-15, 47. Uahoon, Clint-15, 51. Campbell, Ruth-15, 60. Cargo, Jack-15, 41. Carlson, Richard-9, 15. Case, Carolyn-15, 36, 41, 43, 50, 52, 53, 57, 59. Castleberry, Bennett-8, 15, 37, 43, 45, 52, 53, 56, 57. Chase, Joy-15, 47, 53. Church, Doris-15, 47, 53, 60, 61. Cleveland, Janice-15, 47. Corey, Stuart-7, 15, 28, 37, 56. Crane, Jay-9, 15, 49. Daggett, Jerry--15, 32, 51. Davis, Darwin-14, 15, 28, 29, 32, 33 56, 61. Edwards, Eldon-15. Engel, Larry-15, 49. Estep, Landon-15, 37, 53. Evans, Glinda Belle-16. Farrell, John--16. Gafford, Kenneth Ldeceasedh--5, 16, 28 29, Garrison, Chuck-16, 34, 40, 47, 51, 56 Gemmill, Lawrence-16, 32, 58. Grove, Barbara-16, 47. Growcock, John-8, 16, 51, 56. Haberman, Charles-16, 28, 34, 42. Haberman, Jerry-16, Hahn, Billw16, 47, 49, 59. Hake, Jerry-16. Hanks, Nancy-16, 47, 53. Harmon, Allen-16, 60. Hepburn, Betty--16, 47. Hiner, Zoe-16, 47, 49. Hodgson, Pat-12, 16, 45, 49, 53, 56. Hogue, Sherry-16, 47. Howard, Tom-16. Johnson, Karen-12, 16, 53, 56. Jones, Marlene-16, 41, 45, 53, 56. Jump, Bob-17, 30, 31, 52, 53. Jurgens, LaWrenceh17, 51. Kaynor, Kirk-7, 17, 30, 31, 32, 33, 54 56, 58. Koester, Lyle-17, 28, 32. Kontos, Helen-17, 53. Kukes, Betty-17. Kunert, Glen-17, 60. Lampers, Eleanor-13, 14, 17, 41, 53. Lamprey, Norman Gale-17. Larimore, Joyce-17, 49. Larsen, Gorden-17. Lee, Barbara-17. Lunstrum, Nelse-17, 32, 58. Lym, Bob-17, 47. Mannin, Barbara-17. Mayer, Christina-17, 47. McElroy, Sue-17, 53. Meagher, Margaret-17, 49, 50, 57, 59 Minton, Bob-17, 47, 53. Mitchell, Marcella-17, 53. Moe, Marlyn-9, 18, 49, 50, 53, 56, 57. Moreau, George-18, 47. Moreau, Mary Ellen-18. Morrison, Frances-18, 47. Morrow, Norma-18, 36, 53, 57, 59. Morton, Marv-10, 18, 34, 35, 49. Mudd, Denny-8, 28, 29, 32, 47. Nance, Mary Ellen-18, 47, 53. Nason, Joanne-18, 53. Nicholaisen, Jack-9, 18. Offer, Carol-18, 41. Ott, Theresa-18, 51, 56. Overton, Roy-18, 28, 54. Page, Frank-9, 18. Paugson, Byron-18, 28, 29, 32, 47, 52 0 . Pence, Glee-18, 49. Phare, Dena-18, 45, 49, 51, 56, 59. Phillips, Donna-18, 36, 49. Price, Winonai18, 49, 59. Pugh, Darleneh18, 49, 50, 57, 59, 60. Purnell, Mert-19, 28, 29, 32, 33, 58. Reid, Hazel-19, 36, 49, 50, 53, 57, 59, 61 Renfro, Carol-19, 59. Riley, Ray-19. Shull, Shirley-12, 19, 53, 54, 56, 59. Stevenson, Katherine-19, 47, 53, 56. 62 Sumner, Shirley-19, 47, 53. Thomson, Patty-19, 36, 47, 48, 50, 57, 59, 60. Tozer, Warren-19, 32, 33, 47, 56. Vance, Bob-11, 19, 30, 32, 47. NVard, Boyd-19, 37, 47, 56, 57. XVarren, Charles-19, 29. 1Vatson, Marlene-19, 50, 53, 56, 57, 59 Watts, Joy-19, 53. 1Veber, Mary-19, 47, 53. VVebster, Carol-19, 49. XVilkins, Carole-19, 49, 59. 1Villiams, Eva-11, 19, 47, 49, 59. JUNIORS Abel, Mary-20, 41. Adolf, Geraldine-20, 47. Allen, Jimmy-20, 57, 59. Anderson, Phyllish13, 20, 51. Barker, Elmeda-20, 47. Bennett, Billie Jo-20, 41, 46. Bowen, Dale-20, 32, 45. Boyer, Richard-12, 22, 47. Bradshaw, Louise-20, 50, 57. Brooks, Don-20, 47, 48. Brune, Virginia-20. Bufton, Albert-11, 20, 32. Burrough, Lindell-20. VCalkin, Carole-20, 45. Chandler, Bob-20, 44. Charlton, David-20, 28, 32. Church, Jack-20, 28, 45. Conn, Grace-20, 48. Connot, John-20, 45. Cooke, Loretta-21, 36. Correll, Barbara-21, 47. 54,03 Courson, Jean-7, 21, 50, 57., Crouse, Bernie-12, 45, Davidson, Fritzie-21, 53. Derrick, Dwight-21, 60. Dillon, Jackie-21. Dodge, Bill-21. Dunlop, Charles-21, 34. Dunning, Mary Jane-21, 50, 57, 59. v'Edge, Bobby-28, 41. Edminson, Myrna-11, 21, 47. Elder, Bob-21. Estep, Sue-21, 60. Evans, Del-21, 28, 34. Ferguson, Ralph-21, 30, 34, 35. Fletcher, Martha-21. Frank, Gordon-21, 47, Frear, Joann-21, 36. Frederick, Aris-37. Frederickson, Shirley-10, 21, 60. Gage, Claudia-21, 47. Gapen, Willis-10, 47. Gemmill, Louise-21, 36, 60. Gibb, George-12, 21, 30, 42, 47.- Godes, Bob-21, 28, 29, 30, 34, 58. Gordon, James-21, 34. Greenwood, Bill-21, 28, 29, 30, 34, 58. Haherman, Walt-21, 28, 34. Hadley, .Toyce-21, 60. Hages, Mary Ann-21. Hankins, Joyce-21. Hanks, .Terry-21, 30, 34, 58. Harris, lrene-21, 47, 50, 57, 59. Henry, Kay-21. Hickenbottom, CharlesM20, 21, 28, 29 30. 31, 32, 33. 42. 59. Houser, .Tim-22. 23 32, 58. Jacobs, Stan-22, 28. Jacroux, Shirley-22. Kenoyer, Cleona-22, 47. Killian, Ann-22, 43, 45, 50, 57. Lambson, Laura-22, 36, 47. Lee, Marcia-22. 50, 51, 57, 59. Lewis, JoAnn-22. Lunstrum, Grace-22, 51, 60. Lutzenhiser, Mary-22. Lyons, William-30. Malinosky, Johnny-22, 28, 29, DS. Mann, .Terry-20, 22, 30, 34, 47. Mathews, Fred-22. IMattox, Lenna-22. Ness, Roberta-23, 59. O'Neil, Jim-23, 28, 42. Payne, Patty-23, 27, 47, 54. Poland, Roy-23, 47. Purnell, Esther-20, 23, 43, 47, 48, 50 57, 59. Qziicksall, Louise-23, 51. Quigley, Carol-23, 50, 57, 59. Randall, Alma-23, 51, 59. Rasmussen, Leroy-30, 34. Rasmussen, Helen-23. Reese, Irving-23, 51. Renfrow, Charlesi23, 45. Renfrow, Wyman-23, 34, 57, 59. Rizer, Mary Lou-23, 36, 50, 54, 57, 59 Schumacher, YvonneH23. Smallwood, Diane-23. Smith, Allen-23, 32. ' Smith, Beverly-23, 47. Snodgrass, Donna-23, 41, 45, 46, 50 53, 57, 59. ' , Snowden, Herbert-23. Sorenson, Joe-23, 30, 34, 48, 58. Stoll, Harold-23. Stoppenbrink, Vernon-23. Stowe, Jim-10. Taylor, Shirley-23, 51. Wahle, Catherine-23. VVarne, Robert-23. Watterson, Sharon-23, 47. Webster, Loree-23, 50, 57, 59. Wilcox, Joyce-23. Winston, Kenneth-23, 30, 58. Vvright, Johnny-23. Zickler, Larry-23, 30, 31, 58. SOPHOMORES Adams, Nancy-24. Allenbaugh, David-24. Anderson, Jerry-24, 51. Anderson, Hallock-24 Archer, Barbara-24. Bangs, Donald-24, 32. , 32, 45, 59. Baunsgard, Darald-24. Bellah, George-24, 28, 47. Belton, Helen-24. Bennett, Bobbie-24, 6 0. Berg, Norman-24, 32, 45. Bessessen, ShirleyN24. Bowen, Larry-24, 32, 45, 51, 57. Boyer, David-24, 57. Bradshaw, Lois-24. Brown, Jeanne-24. Brunton, Bob-24. Brunton, Viola-24. Brunson, Ronald-24, 28. Bunker, Mildred-24, 47. Burgett, .lim-24, 32. Camden, Theresa-24, 51, 60. Campbell, Kenneth-24. Carlson, Denna-24. Carraher, Ronald-24, 32, 45, 51. Champie, Lois-24. Chandler, Betty-24, 47. Croteau, Donna-24, 47. Crouse, Helen-24. Cunningham, Linda-24, 51. Davis, Terry-24, 41. DcBoIt, Barbara-24. DenBeste, Alfred-24, Derrick, Rodney-24. Dreyer, Billie-24, 36, Dunlop, Rita-24, 41. 4.1, 43, ol, 04. 48, 50, 57, 59. Eastham, Jim-24, 28, 30, 31, 37. Edwards, Bob-24, 47. Edwards, Frances-24, 47. Engel, Roger-24. Everett, Erna Mae-24. Faust, Edward+24. Ferguson, Donna-7, 2 Fine, Yvonne-24. 4, 60. Frederickson, Larry-12, 24. Frichette, Jim-25, 28, Glover, Betty-25. Gray, Wesley-25. Griffin, Benny-25. 30, 37. McCament, John-22, 47, 59. McClure, Ella Mae-13, 22, 47. McCracken, Florenceh13, 22, 47, 54. McLachlan, Monte-22, 28, 37, 45, 57 Mclvlahan, Duane-22. 34. McNealy. Dalei22, 30, 34. Meyer, Bonita-22. 47. Hagen, Charlene-25. Hanks, Virginia-12, 25, 47, 57. Hansen Hansen Hanson , Paul-25. , William-25. , Jerry-12, 25. Hanson, Harker, Stu-25, 28, 30, 34, 48. Barbara--25, 47, 51. Mills, Betty Mae-22, 47. Mitchell, Johnny-9, 22, 47. Mobley, Gerald-22, 28, 34, 48. Morgan, Jackie-22, 41, 50, 51, 57, 59. llorris, Dwight--22, 53, 59. Morrison, Sue-22. lkiorrow, Doss-22, 28, 32, 58. Moser, Eleanorf22, 47. flifoulding, Gayetta-22. Moulding. Mary Ellen-22, 48, Muzzall, Ruthw23, 47. Hartman, Joanna-25. Hartwell, Delores-25. Hatzenheler, Alberta-25, 36, 50, 57. Hatzenbeler, Ralph-25, 32, 48, 59. Heaverlo, Monte--25. Heimbuch, Dorothy-25, 51, 60. Henderson, Sharon-25, 47. Herbert, Glenna-25. Herr, Barbara-25. Higgins, Mike-25, 32. Hill, Donna-25. Howerton, Edris-25. Hudson, Carole-25. Johnson, Alfred-25, 59. Johnson, Neil-25. Jollo, Ralph-25. Jones, JoAnn-25, 36, 50, 57, 59. Jordan, Jerry-25, 28, 30. Jordan, Josee-25, 47, 51. Jump, Gene-25, 37. Kaynor, Donn-25, 30, 37. Kenoyer, Shirley-25, 47. Kitts, Rowena-25. Kukes, Kenneth-25, 28, 30, 34, 47. Lance, Gayle-25. Larsen, Darlene-25. Liboky, John-25, 49. Lind, Karen-53. Malinosky, Betty-8, 12, 25. Mannin, Don-25. Martin, Beverly-25. Meagher, Tommy-24, 25, 30, 34, 44. Meyers, Jim-25, 28, 30, 39, 48. Michela, David-25. Mitchell, Pauline-25. Mordhorst, Robin-8, 25. Moreau, Marene--25, 47. Morrison, Melvin-25. Mountjoy, Richard--25, 28, 34, 47. Nelson, Charles-25. Nielsen, Ruth-24, 25, 47, 51, 57, 59. Norling, Nancy-25, 36, 41, 51. Painter, Dan-25. Palo, Alice--25, 47. Panattoni, Betty-25. Panattoni, Gene-25. Pattee, Paul-25. Patteson, Pauline-25. Pedersen, Martin-25. Perrie, John-25, 32, 45. Peterson, Eldon-25. Rumburg, Gene-25. Schille, Sam-25, 34. ' Schuller, Ralph--24, 25, 30, 34, Simmons, Val-25. Shaw, Margaret-10, 25. Smith, Donald--25. Smith, Norine-24, 25, 50, 57, 60. Stanfield, Connie-25. Stoll, Joanne-25. Tozer, Necia-25, 47. Trammel, Elmer-25. Vickerman, Irma-25. ' Wake, Dean-25, 28, 32. Watson, Gerry--25, 47. Watson, Mabel-25, 47, 50, 57. Wattielr, Beverly-25. Webber, Jerry-25, 51. Weber, Clarice-25, 44. Weber, Cliff-25. Welborn, Angela--25, 47. Martinen, Dennis-25, 30, 51, 60. Petre, Don-25, 28, 32, 47. Wells, Shirley-25, 44, 47. Mayberry, Larry-25. Pickup, Roland-25, 28, 59. Weteh, Eleanor-25. McArthur, Tommy-10, 25. Powell, Sherry-25, 47. Whiteside, Alice-25, 47, 50, 571 McCauley, Robert-25, 28, 30, 32, 33, 48. Poynter, Bill--25. Williams, Rolf-25, 32. McCauley, Marlene-25. Rasmussen, Carol-25, 43. Wilson, Sarah-25, 45, 47. Mc-Dowell, Edgar-25. Rau, Dean-25. Winegar, Donald-25. Mc-Elroy, Glennis-25. Reed, Clyde-12. Wippel, Bill-25, 34, 45, 51, 53, 57. McMorrow, Mary--12, 25, 41. Richards, Shirley-25, 43, 50, 57, 60. Wright, Marjorie-25. McMurtry, Peggy-25. Rizer, Betty-25, 36, 44, 48, 50, 57, 59. Yock, Eunice-25. z Mr-Queen, Charlotte-25, 47, 51. Rudolph, Barbara--25, 36, 48, 50, 59. Zuppe, George-25, 45. 35+ "' TYP:l1i I. I f" '-1 A'1'l--- Lf if ,111 4- gomffll.. JY4- Higlflt 1' 5554411 I A 4 flu C ha r 4. an J SIA ff.-3 mln... 1- H-.5101 , Ln, 4.-r +- 'fjfli fx! T 2 i X J X jf X , ri -, A of J V ' w , .4 , if MK fl . A ll yd N f 7 V I ll K, W if ' f A . A T' 1 ' V 5' L x A rr Q .7 gk fj l , ,J-I , 7 n fx J . ff A I . lv j 4 J" Q 1 ,, , fly-f .17 'QL . ,l l Q! l .f' f X .J j , f f S5 X , xl i X Y 4 v , . W X ' Nl 4 A ,- 'ix X .Qi E 7 K - ,V 1, Q Ng ., it R- 'll l SQ .3 Y ,, 5, ' x- Q , - st , -1 N X X N, ' 1 , X X " N . Y , F Q , Q b, X, ,. Y X N 2 VX A 63 hmm' T, f ff- -' I ' 1, a ' Y X .. -gp fwwj WW me W My Wziifdigfff ' i,1:.L WJ' QZCQ-P Q Wvhfjgjgx b . 'N X' NU E R Q Q 9356+ QE? Y XX QR 6 Q Sw g 35 I W 75145 Cgff 0 6 -I-Ln S Caryigrhl , ' Lo I fwwd my 05Jiu 1 , ff Iffjf-1w'f" A 75 A Zxff-fa' 'WV ffl, : H awww W Q gym by J WMV! yfw "u . Zzfffffff' 'L 'kb . ,JT ,f'f"V I x f ? . jf! Dj 'V,,.41i ,MM if Q fhfflffjw Wubdffff?QMffW1 XL MJ gxvmt Lf YU' Q NQVJJV0 ' 5 5 jf MI? lj- few, N KVM vf'LA ixr'UL f fn . ww' pw K 1 fbi? jim iqiivf' fgffiffvf jXV"A+f'L A X,-'p,, M"' if WJ Q5 W wggfif ?L' f5'- K L AC ,JVA45 My if M J WWA QLDJMLR. yy Mpa W4f Qffiifief 0 -i ' ox Af , ,K -1, I X .f .x Q Q, -M WJ JZPNMV5 -1 3

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Ellensburg High School - Klahiam Yearbook (Ellensburg, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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