Ellensburg High School - Klahiam Yearbook (Ellensburg, WA)

 - Class of 1949

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Ellensburg High School - Klahiam Yearbook (Ellensburg, WA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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IL! I? A V I PEOPLES STORE TOT T065 4' F zI3 E. 4II. sff..I ounh and Pme Opposite Post Office ' ii I ELECTRIC SUPPLY AND FIXTURE Co. I Philco - A 321453: mii1vFiiuiouI ICE CREAMERY Compliments of ROTARY CLUB MODEL IzAsMussEN s Mm , 409 N. Pine ran BOSTICS DRUG STORE LEONARD F. BURRAGE K"d""'5'R""n mugs N. E. Corner 4th at Pearl Ellensburg INC. Oldsmobile , I KELLEY MOTOR COMPANY Phone 2-250I 205 N. Pearl " MID STATE CO-OP Ellensburg. Wuhinglun "It does pny to CO-OPERATE" STEAK HOUSE Blh and Main Street Eilensburg f The Y. M. C. A. Ia EIIensburg'Ix Yonith Center Home of the Bulldog Club We Invite You to Participate In the Actlvitles ui the "Y" High tQu lity AMERICAN MEAT CO. II3 on Progressive E. 4th and Loan Association Ba I gs-rm Ellensburg FecIeraI Savings i v n me Loans . - gn! , KOFFEE KU? CASCADE LUMBER COMPANY Lunch ii Logging Department N Marion Bray I I Insurance 'I Ellensbixrg Hardware TIFFANY AGENCY, INC. H uwhem mee -M Qwww Mew mx 11mm Bum. nm 2-6251 V I 411 N. Pearl sr. DIEI 2-6155 MODEL LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS, EIIensburg Branch NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE of Seattle ' C. F. PETERSON Attorney TH E, X , GAASLAND COMPANY. INC. GeneraI Con+racIing Rathbun Implement Company NICIWISOU DNS Ip MGC Ik-Deering M hi ry n emntional True Chrysler-Plymou L. R, omer 'rn rd Ima wawr max 2-1449 3 N- Pam Lund TRANSFER 'D p' 1 2-4226 Iso tok BODY and wrecks Repaifvd ELLENSBURG ALTRUSA d.A..4?,g: 1 . 1 . ' 49 A Ai m ,, CRYSTAL GARDENS 508 N. Pearl B wl for F n ncl Health We Welcome Siudenf Accounis WASHINGTON NATIONAL BANK EII nabu g. Wash'nglon FARRELL S HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENTS " uul'ty ' re em ered long after 'eei forgoltenn LUNSTRUM S PAINT STORE Schom Paints, lmperxal Washable Wallpaper and Glass Contracung Capital Avenue Greenhouse Ex Flower Shop " owe s for All Om: ons' .mm mumn, Mg . RIZER BUICK COMPANY ' lz-40 no W. 3 a Sr. WEBSTER HOTEL Ellensbllrfu Flnesl J. H. Wales, Mnnager 'us nas: Capital 6175 ALLEN'S DRIVE IN 3rd and Anderson 2-63I6 ll HONEYCUTT-EVENSON UNION OIL PRODUCTS J. E. Van Woerh Distributor Phone 2-4401 Play refreshed :fi FUNERAL HOME ,al " ESTHER-MARIAN, SHOP A Ladies-Reads'-to-Went 2-6406 406 N. Pearl Phone 2 546I 4I4 4I6 N. Pme KITTITAS COUNTY DAIRYMEN'S ASS'N. Ask f rD r'g ldl Cream I Always fhe Besfj rQlxty dS Cm r Ostrancler Drug Company -aux N Pwr DI 1 2 ms NIFTY BARBER SHOP Kelleh r s Super Servxce W Hurry nm 2 am KERN 8: DANO Afforneys-af Law BUTTON JEWELERS Diamonds Watches Silverware 415 Nu. Pearl 2-5105 MUNDYS SHOE STORE Sho for Llx Ent re Famxly Stockdale Realtv Company L ns n R IEaun FITTERER BROS Quality Purnitur F th d M In Li Dlal 2 6411 ' I' , Q EV E W ff WW My My my JW' Y VDSW M f 559 BLK Q5!V ffk W A W ,N X Q4 ff Vo' Pf ! ffm? ' 'T W W, f nf CQ V Q Mp vf 1 6 WW' M May 61553 lf, X vf Wake W 5 f'v'f if JW15V J ff 41" "' . f'a..!L 'U "urn" QM f7""' .2 -00 s .H QQ M fl 1 W7 pw L tg LLIIQI lW"'!' 664 gf x u ,uw W xX Ex EN H14 VW gf j JJJJXW ,Qbwayxfc-9' cv-L E . Knuq V Lf ff, ff Z Qjfvdyff f Jfzlcf-gfiijiai I 5 Two WJ QVHEQQ 91 'CPT fi 1 'f M ,V f,4:1viif' 551 g, faK jf M C, M of ff F N My My qffigx-l1? Q A I l ' , Wfy 'QL fffygif QM f , Q q " 4,41 gm 3 M Y! MMM if gQ, 2 1 40' ' W fwjijjzwj ,QM ' MM 1949 KLAHIAM ' W . X J Wjmgf ELLENSBURG HIGH sci-looL jj ff , f ELLENSBURQWASHINQ-TON , J wb f 1 XD I, f fzaffd. if gzip, .Q vf ?5W ff W W af J' I, 2 H as a NZ " ' , I ,f fur! f rf gi ' ky ,LJ A A 19:4 Vx , 01 LC, , f' "fi", V 14 ffufz-vw, r-V-.4--N' ,vi-ff.ffAl 6 I Jppuo' ' ffzftfiififjei WW 3377 1949 mania 1 V4 fM.3.d.a-Av. e024-0 i.4:J..0 -' 414.4..6.E,1.:.1b -gg, 271,22 I 51' gg4,Zvc,ZaoQ69,.g4-62 This Klahiam is not based on any one special theme. The entire book is devoted to the school and the students of EHS in the hopes that it will be treasured by the students, especially the graduating class, more than any previous yearbook. ' We have tried to acquire fewer and bigger pictures and to obtain more information on the class- es, activities, and sports. Adequate representation of high school social and curricular activities has been our objective in planning this year's annual. We have tried-perhaps not fully succeeded'-but we have done our best-to make this Klahiam a memorable record of 1948-49. May it preserve for the future that which our memories often fail to recall. 5 ' 'ff-Stffi Eanors X-Z ' GLORIA KENSEL X' MARTHA STEWA Business Manager E B RUTH LOCK 2S.s5I'?e- N Published by + g- Associafed S'l'uden+s i Ellensburg High School Ellensburg. Washingfonxa-bf Q - 'X . X XX X h X B .G . . hi X - '- - xx ,lx X1 5 A AT ' -., , Q ' ASP. ' vb S? ,QI v 'V Wd Y Q4 XX is as 2 Af N , AXN- .ix 3 Nlxxk N , , 0 ESX 9 h XE, yay A R SEV Qs X Cx A mi Q N QP X h XX Q' R N1 'F A N S N. 7,2771 ' We miss you Miss Twyman. We miss seeing you in study hall, your hall. We can't quite refrain from looking up eagerly when footsteps come in. There is a kind of emptiness when we glance through your open office door and see the rows of pictures of students long gone by. We miss the familiar rose you always wore. You know, we even miss the inevitable tapping of your pencil when we got too involved in a conversation, and the pert tilt of your head, as if to say, "Hey, what goes on here?" But, you know what we miss most of all, Miss Twyman? Your welcoming smile that lighted up your face, the proud lift of your head and your indepen- dent air. You told us to walk straight, hold our goals high. You gained the respect of all of us as only a person of your character could. When you were sent to the hospital that day, we watched in stunned silence, and as the ambulance drove away, some of us shook our heads as if to say, "What will we do now?" 'We can only say as you did the dayrwe dedicated the 1947-48 Klahiam to you and Miss Baker, "It is my joy in life to find at every turning of the road, The strong arms of a comrade kind to help me onward with my load. And since I have no gold to give, and love alone must make amends, My only prayer is while I live, God make me worthy of my friends." Miss Twyman, you were our comrade kind, who helped us onward. May we always be worthy of the goals you set for us. Contents pewomzel biz fycwv fikfff 14146615544 'ff " Ufzgcmqazdaaa I4 dl U. Dediaczlcha . In appreciation of twenty-two years of service as our superintendent, we dedicate the 1949 Klahiam to Mr. G. L. Putnam. During his administration, our schools and our community have grown. Twenty-two years have brought many changes and improvements. Thirteen districts have joined to have larger schools with built in 1930. The gym, School were finished in form the Ellensburg Consolidated School District Number 401. We better educational advantages. The Morgan junior High School was shops, tennis courts, garage, and south addition to the junior High 1937. The new Lincoln School is now nearing completion. The district has become most stable financially. Twenty-five hundred students have graduated from Ellensburg High School since Mr. Putnam came to Ellensburg. In recognition of the large part he has played in aiding the progress of our schools, and for the inspiration he has given these many graduates, the 1949 Klahiam is dedicated to Mr. G. L. Putnam. Jane Lee Jo Hartrn an Cassie Ness Evelyn Dallman Don Cutting Joyce Wicks Marolyn Cross Helen Boguchi Howard Shaw 1-1-- Byron Paulson Laur-enA Mellergaard Frank Uebelacker Mr. Moore M r. Weger Mr. M iss Baker Bowen Miss Shuck Mr. Mettler Miss Brainard .1 xg! X , U x., ,WV Www enmity Students who returned to EHS this year saw many familiar faces behind the teachers' desks, as Well as a few new faces. Again, as in so many years past, the faculty encouraged and helped the students during school and in many extracurricular activities. We, the students, are indeed grateful for the opportunities found at EHS. We feel the administ- ration and faculty are largely responsible for the advantages available to all of us. The student body thanks the teachers and administration for their continued interest. G. L. PUTNAM Superintendent MARY MacLENNAN Secretary to the Superintendent W. M. BROWN Principal DOROTHY NELSON Secretary to the Principal RUTH ARGALL Speech, English, Radio, Speech Correction GLAYDES BAKER Health Coordinator, Health, Correc- tive, Girls' Tennis, Point and Athletic Clubs GLADYES BRAINARD English, Assembly Director MERLE BARNHILL Industrial Arts TED BOWEN MARK BUNSNESS JAMES CARITHERS Physics, Chemistry, Boys Study Hall English, Debate Counselor MARIE DUNSTAN MAXWELL GATES DELTON DAVIS Art Latin, English, Dramatics, Vocational Shop, F.F.A. Latin, Club WALTER HENRY HERB GODEREY Health, Athletic Director, IVAN HILL History, Civics, Football, Baseball Band, Tennis Basketball J. ARTHUR JOHNSON MERLE KIBBE ALICE JOHNSON Agriculture, F.E.A. Judging Industrial Arts, Klahiam Ad Library Coach visor, Cam Club 11 -W, 'NNN Z Qiawqmlwfmww N -X , Q LEONARD LANE GEORGE LOW Apprentice Carpentry, Indus- trial Arts, Building Mainten- Orchestra, Vocal, Music 211166 LINA MOULTON ROBERT MOORE Shorthand, Typing, Office Journalism, Spanish, English, Practice, English, Dramatics Pan - American, News and VIRGIL PURNELL Bl ., H'-Y UCS I Biology, Bulldog Guards PAUL NELSON lVl3.fl1ClT121fiCS, T1'3Cl-1 ANNA B. SHUCK Home Economics, Girls' Coun- Bookkeeping, Typing, Pep Club, Tri - Hi - Y, Klahiani Business Advisor 12 selor, E.E.E., Counselors W'--4 S STANLEY METTLER English, History, Civics, Panel Discussion, Track, Klahiam ALBERTA MYERS Retail Selling, Business Eng- lish EDNELL SNELL Home Economics, l3,I-LA. FRANCIS WEGER Mathematics, Klahiam Ad vertising, Lettermens Club Ralph Geesy Robert Thomas Richard McGuinnis George Thomas 'ZMD' Bill Phare Don Vietzke Ray Lehrman John O'Donehue l.iIe Dickie I Mrs. Joy Kirk Mrs. Lucy Frear Mrs. Hanna Rau Mrs. Addie Hartman endafz of 7747 Leaving the halls of E. H. S. this year are 90, seniors, who have completed three very profitable years here. The class of l949 was indeed an unsual class. As a group of versatile students, they boasted a high mark of all-around school citizenship, participation, and leadership. The top students in scholarship, as well as the rest of the class, participated in such activities as radio, News and Blues, Klahiam, music, debate, speaking and essay contests, and athletics. Seldom are so many capable leaders found in one small group. The Senior Ball, "Neptune's Gardenu and the junior Prom, "The Web" of the '49er's proved to be unusually effective and sucessful dances. Co-valedictorians Hugh Muzzall and .lo Ann Hartman spoke on "Purpose" and "Character," and fellow graduation speakers jerry Tucker and Paul Fitterer's topics were "Mastery" and "Industry," The class officers were: Hugh Muzzall, president, Lawry Mann, vice president, jerry Tucker, secretary, Doug Wattier, treasurer. Mr. Mettler, Mr. Moore, and Miss Brainard were the advisors. Anderson, Ronald-Intramurals 2, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Stock Judging 2-3, Bulldog Guard 2-3, Hi-Y 3-4. Anderson, Sara Lee-Triple Trio 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Music Festival 2-3-4, Pep Club 3-4, Yell Leader 3, North- west Music Conference 2-4. Angerman, Charlotte-Tennis 2-3-4, Y.V.I.A.A. Tour- nament, Tennis 3, Point Club 3, Intra- murals 2-3, Pep Club 3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 4, Office Practice 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, All School Play 2-3, Yell Leaders 4, Athletic Club 2-3. Anthony, Thelma'- Point Club 3-4, Junior Librarian 3-4, Athletic Club 2, YVIAA 3. Anthony, Tom Avit. Baird, Lowell-Double Quartet 4, Chorus 4, F. F. A. 2-3, Bulldog Guard 3-4, Pan-American 2-4, Klahiam Editorial 4, Hi-Y 4, Newspaper 4. Barnhart, Nancy L. Henderson G. Aden R. Anderson S. Anderson C. Angerman T. Anthony L. Baird N. Barnhart H. Belch L. Belsaas H. Boguchi P. Borden B. Brunson B. Jordan S. Camarata x .M aa 14 gfddfd of '47 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Moore Miss Brainard Mr. Mettler D. Wattier H. Muzzall J. Tucker L. Mann -Band 2-3-4, Music Festival 2-3-4, Triple E 2-3-4, Pan-American Club 2. Belch, Harold-Track 3, Intramurals 2-3-4, Pan- American Club 2, Klahiam Business 3, Klahiam Photography 2, Cam Club 2-3-4, Sr. Play 4. Belsaas, Lauren D.-Projec- tion Crew 4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Stock Judging 4. Bogucki, Helen-Junior Librarian 4, Klahiam Business 4, Transferred 4. Brun- son, Bernard R.-Projection Crew 2-3-4, Intramurals 2-3-4, Radio Production 2-3, Camarata, Salvatore. Campbell, LeOttie -Band 2-3-4, Music Festival 2-3-4, Junior Librarian 4, Office Practice 4, Klahiam Business 4, Newspaper 4. Cobain, Darlene Ann-Counsellors 4, Klahiam Photo- graphy 2-3, Cam Club 2-3-4. Cross, Marolyn Joan-Chorus 2, Music Festival 2, Smugettes 2, Tennis 2-3-4, Point Club 2-3, Intramurals 2, Student Leaders' Confer- ence 2, Pan-American Club 2-3, Klahiam Business 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Radio Produc- tion 3-4, All School Play 2-4, Business Manager of All School Play 4, Athletic Club 2, D. A. R. 4, Sr. Play 4. Cross Ralph Richard--President of Sophomore Class, Football 2, Tennis 3-4, Baseball 2, Student Leaders' Conference 2, Pan-American L. Campbell D. Cobain M. Cross R. Cross L. Crouse E. Dallman C. Jump J. Dodge D. Driver D. Dunning Y. Eng R. Evens P. Fitterer D. Gemmill L. Gleason D. Hunt M Green B. Haberman R. Haberman J. Hartman S. Hawks M Henderson 16 60444 af '47 Club 2, Hi-Y 3-4, Lettermans' Club 4. Crouse, Leona Faye-Band 2, Intramurals 2, Baseball 2, Athletic Club 2, Counsellors 2-3-4, Cam Club 3-4. Dallman, Evelyn Jean-Band 2-3-4, Music Festival 2-3-4, Point Club 2-3-4, Athletic Club 2, Tri-Hi- Y 3-4. Dawson, Viola. Dodge, John B.- Chorus 4, Junior Class Vice-President 3, Opereta 4, Intramurals 2-3-4, F.F.A. 2-3, Stock Judging 2-3, Student Leaders' Con- ference 2, Bulldog Guard 2-3-4, Hi-Y 3-4, Jr. Red Cross Council 2. Driver, Donna Rae-Triple Trio 2-3, Chorus 2-3, Music Festival 2-3, Secretary of Sophomore and Junior Classes, Intramurals 2-3, Pep Club 2-3, Student Leaders' Conference 2, Pan- American Club 2 ,Office Practice 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2-3, Yell Leader 3. Dunning, Dan- Y. V. I. A. A. Tournament 3, Football 3-4, Track 2-3-4, Intramurals 2-3-4, Hi-Y 3-4, Lettermans Club 4, State Track Meet 3-4. Eng, Yue Pon-Junior Class President, Secretary of Boys' Club 3, Track 2, Intra- murals 3-4. Evens, Roger L.-Intramurals 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Stock Judging 3-4, Newspaper 4, Klahiam Business 4. Fitterer, Louis Paul-A. S. B. President 4, Sopho- more Representative, Y.V.I.A.A. Tourna- ment 2, Manager of Football Team, .2-3-4, Manager of Basketball Team 2, Intra- murals 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 2-4, Bulldog Guard 2-3-4, Latin Club 2, Klahiam Business 4, Hi-Y 2-3-4, Radio Production 4, Letter- man's Club 4, Sr. Play 4, Graduation Speaker. Gemmill, Dick Ernest-A. S. B. Treasurer 4, Class Vice President 2, Y. V. I. A. A. Tournament 4, Basketball 2-3-4, Intramurals 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Letterman's Club 4, Newspaper, Student Leaders' Conference 4, Pan-American Club 2-4, H1-Y 2-3-4. Gleason, Larry- Intramurals 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Stock Judging 3-4, Newspaper 4, Klahiam Busi- ness 4. Gosney, Bill John-Band 4, Intra- murals 4, Transferred from Calif 4. Green, Marcy Lionel-Football 2, Track 2-3-4, Intramurals 2-3-4. Haberman, Richard, Haberman, William-Tennis 2-3-4, Intra- murals 2-3, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Stock Judging 2-3, Y.V.I.A.A. Tennis 3. Hartman, Joanne -Girls' League Treasurer 3, Tennis 2-3-4, 66444 of '49 Intramurals 2, Athletic Club 2, Pep Club 3-4, Pan-American Club 2-3-4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Radio Production 3, Girls' League Cent- ral Council 3, Sr. Play 4, Co-Valedictorian. Hawks, Shirley Mae-Smugettes 2 ,Intra- murals 2-3, Pep Club 3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 2-4, Pan-American Club 3-4, Office Practice 4, Klahiam 2, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Cam Club 2, Newspaper 4, Red Cross Council 2-3. Henderson, Lemoyne Clifton. Henderson, Mary E.-Pan-American Club 3-4. Hofstrand, Gary Lee-Football 2-3-4, Track 3-4, Intramurals 2-4, Boys' State 3, Pan-American Club 2-3, Letterman's Club 4. Hunt, Donald Wayne-Intramurals 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Stock Judging 2-3-4, Newspaper 4, Newscast. Jones, Dan Lee. Jordon, Bill Robert-Football 3-4, Intra- murals 2-3-4, Baseball 4, Klahiam Busi- ness 2, Hi-Y 3-4, Newspaper 4. Jump, Clyde JeromePIntramurals 2-3-4, Baseball 3. Kensel, Gloria Patricia-Chorus 4, Music Festival 3, Tennis 2-3-4, Point Club 3-4, Intramurals 2, Athletic Club 2, Operetta 4, Student Leaders' Conference 3-4, Pan- American Club 2-3, Klahiam Photography 2, Cam Club 2-3-4, Klahiam Photo Editor 3, Klahiam Co-Editor 4. Sr. Play 4, Pyth- ian Sisters' Eassy Contest 4. Knutson, Joann Belle-Triple Trio 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Music Festival 2-3-4, Pep Club 3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 3, Latin Club 2, Klahiam Business 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. Kolmodin, Robert Eugene-Y. V. I. A. A. Tournament 4, Basketball 4, Intramurals 4, Baseball 4, Hi-Y 3-4, Newspaper 4, All School Play 4, Senior Play 4, Associate Editor of School Paper 4, Transferred from Ohio in 1948. Ledum, Jack Vernon-Foot- ball 2-3, Baseball 2-3-4, Basketball 2, In- tramurals 3-4, Hi-Y 3-4, Radio Production G. Kensel J. Knutson R. Kolmodin J. Ledum J. Lee M. Lundberg L. Mann B. Matthews D. McCuIly D. Mehrer C. Miller D. Miller 'Or 3' 18 V. Dawson K. Minton H. Mitchell J. Monroe J. Morrow B. Moulding H. Muzzall C. Ness G. Hofstrand D. Norling J. Nuckles F. Oechsner 654,44 of '47 4. Lee, Dorothy Jane-Chorus 2, Music Festival 2, A. S. B. Secretary 3, Girls, League Secretary 3, Tennis 2-3-4, Girls' State 3, Athletic Club 2, Pep Club 3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 2-3, Pan- American Club 2-3, Klahiam Business Staff 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Girls' League Central Council 3. Y.V.I.A.A. Tourna- ment 3. Lundberg, Maudie Cora-Smuget- tes 2, Debate 2-3, Intrmurals 3, Student Leaders' Conference 4, Office Practice 4, Counsellors 2-3-4, All School Play 3, Tri- Hi-Y 3-4, P.E.O. Award 3, Red Cross Council 3-4. Mann, Lawry Webb-Junior Class Treasurer, Vice-President of Senior Class, Football 2-3, Intramurals 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Letterrnans' Club 4, Pan- American Club 2, Klahiam Business Staff 4, Hi-Y 3-4, Radio Production Class 4. Matthews, William Edward-Stage Crew 3-4, Projection Crew 2-3, Manager of Track Team 2, Intramurals 2-3-4, Potato Judging 2-3, F. F. A. 2-3, Sr. Play 4, Bull- dog Guard 2-3-4, Letterman's Club 4. McCully, Dorothy A.-Music Festival 2-3- 4, Tennis 2-3-4, Point Club 3-4, Intra- murals 2-3, Triple E 3-4, Pep Club 3-4, Latin Club 2, Junior Librarian 4, Office Practice 4, Klahiam Editorial 3, Red Cross Council 3, All School Play 3, Athletic Club 3, Sr. Play 4, Pythian Sisters' Speech Con- test 4. Mehrer, Donna Ella,-Band 2, Music Festival 2, Office Practice 4, Counsellors 4, All School Play 4. Miller, Carmen Louise- Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 2, Brass Ensemble 3, Sr. Play 4, Music Festival 2-3-4, Triple E 3-4, Pan-American Club 3, Office Practice 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, All School Play 2-3-4. Miller, Donald Lee-Projection Crew 2- 3-4, Intramurals 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2-3. Miller, Walter Daniel-Intraf murals 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2. Minton, Kenneth William-Intramurals 3-4, Bulldog Guard 3-4. Mitchell, Howard-Intramurals 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Stock Judging 2-3-4, Junior Librarian 4, Newspaper 4. Juanice Morrow -Chorus 4, Smugettes 4, Point Club 3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 4, Ofice Practice 4, Klahiam Editorial 3, Cam Club 4, Newspaper 4, Radio Production Typing 4, Athletic Club 2. Robert Lee Moulding- Projection Crew 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2. Hugh Arthur Muzzall-Band 2-3, Music Festival 2-3, Senior Class President 4, Y.V.I.A.A. Tournament 4, Football 2-3, Basketball 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 4, Hi-Y 3-4, Letterman's Club 4, Co-Valedictorian. Ness, Jolene Catha- rine-Tennis 2-3-4, Point Club 3-4, Intra- murals 2-3, Student Leaders' Conference 3, Office Practice 4, Klahiam Photography 2-3, Cam Club 2-3-4, Athletic Club 2. Norling, Dorothy Marie-Tennis 3-4, Point Club 3-4, Pep Club 3-4, Office Practice 4, Cam Club 3-4, Sr. Play 4. Nuckles, Marilyn June-Point Club 3-4, Intramurals 3, af '49 Baseball 3, Pan-American Club 2, Office Practice 4, Counsellors 2-3, Cam Club 3-4. Oechsner, Frances Pauline-Stage Crew 2, Tennis 2-3-4, Point Club 3-4, Intramurals 2-3-4, Triple E 3-4, Student Leaders' Con- ference 3-4, Latin Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Newspaper 4, Radio Production 4, Red Cross Council 2, All School Play 4, Youth Legislature 3. O'Neill, Phillip Gerald- Football 4, Track 2-3-4, Intramurals 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Stock Judging 2-3-4, News- paper 4. Parker, W'ayne Lion. Payne, Betty June-Triple E 2-3-4, Pan-Ameri- can Club 2-3, Junior Librarian 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. Peck, Jim-Track 3, Basketball 3-4. Pence, Gayle Charmaine-Triple Trio 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Music Festival 2-3-4, Smugettes 3-4, Intramurals 2, Pep Club 2-3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 2-4, Klahiam Photography 2, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Cam Club 2, Newspaper 4 ,Red Cross Council 2, All School Play 2, Mixed Quartette 2-3-4, Operetta 3-4, Home Room Representative 4, Paper 4, Chamber of Commerce Essay P O Nelll W. Parker B. Payne J. Peck G Pence J Pennington ' R. Phillips H. Shaw B. Rein W Shelley C Sheppard F. Shoemaker N. Smith R. Snodgrass R Snyder D Soper H. Storlie H. Taylor J. Tucker F UCDCIHCKCI' Contest 3. Pennington, Joann-Chorus 2-4, Pep Club 4, Junior Librarian 4, Klahiam Business 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. Phillips, Ralph Robert-Stage Crew 3-4, Intramurals 3, Bulldog Guard 3-4, Hi-Y 4. Rasmussen, Ruby Phyllis-Pan-American Club 4, Office Practice 4, Counsellors 4, Sr. Play 4. Rein, William Wayne--Football 3, Intra- murals 2-3, Baseball 2-3, Hi-Y 2-3. Rich- mond, Donna Jean. Seastrom, Clara May -Spring Art Contest 2-3-4, Senior Play 4, Shaw, Howard Arthur-Intramurals 2-3, Football 3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2, Bulldog Guard 2-3-4, Sr. Play 4. Sheley, Henry Lee-Band 2-3-4, Music Festival 2-3-4, Stage Crew 4, Basketball 2, Team Manager of Football 2, Tennis 2-3-4, In- tramurals 3, Latin Club 2, Hi-Y 4, Boy's State 3. YYVIAA Tennis 3, Sr. Play 4. Shelley, Wilma Eileen-Triple Trio 4, Chorus 4, Office Practice 4, Counsellors 3, Red Cross Council 3-4. Sheppard, Carl Frank. Shoemaker, Fern-Chorus 2, Debate 2, Point Club 4, Intramurals 3-4, of '49 Office Practice 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Athletic Club 3. Smith, Neil Allen-Chorus 4, Foot- ball 3, Basketball 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Hi-Y 3-4, Letterman's Club 4. Operetta 4. Snod- grass, Rita Marie-Band 4, Music Festival 4, Debate 4, Point Club 4, Transfer as Senior from Pendleton, Oregon. Snyder, Robert Jean-Football 3, Track 2-3-4, In- tramurals 3-4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Bulldog Guard 3-4, Lettermans' Club 4. Soper, Donna Pearl-Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 2-3-4, Music Festival 2-3, Debate 2-3-4, Triple E 3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 2-3, Latin Club 4, Pan-American Club 3-4, P. E. O. Award 2, Senior Play 4. Storlie, Hazel June-Chorus 2, Intramurals 2-3, Baseball 3, Counsellors 4. Taylor, Hazel Marie-Chorus 2, Music Festival 2, Point Club 3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 4, Office Practice 4, Counsellors 3-4, News- paper 4. Tucker, Geraldine Rae-Class Secretaary 4, Girls' League Junior Re- presentative 3, Debate 2, Pep Club 3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 2-3-4, Latin 65444066 '4 Club 2, Klahiam Editorial 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Cam Club 2, Newscast 4, Radio Pro- duction 3-4, Red Cross Council 3, Girls' League Central Council 3, All School Play 2, Model Legislature 3, Washington State Resources Oratorical Contest 4, Gradua- tion Speaker. Uebelacker, Frank Louis- Intramurals 3, Pan-American Club 2. Warren, Mary Leona-Stage Crew 2-3, Intramurals 2-3, Junior Librarian 2-3, Red Cross Council 2-3, Retail Selling 4. Athle- tic Club 2. VVashburn, Clara. Watson, Mary Ann-Chorus 2, Music Festival 2, Intramurals 2, Pep Club 2-3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 4, All School Play 2. Wattier, Douglas Sydney-Band 2, Class Treasurer 4, Football 3, Team Manager of Football 4, Debate 3-4, Tennis 4, Intra- murals 2-3-4, Bulldog Guard 2-3-4, Kla- hiam Business 4, Hi-Y 3-4, Cam Club 2, All School Play 3-4. Webster, Evangeline Marie-Pan-American Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Newspaper 4. Wicks, Joyce-Intramurals 2, Pep Club 4, Student Leaders' Confer- ence 4, Pan-American Club 2-3, Klahiam Business 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Cam Club 2-3, Newspaper 4, Williams, Martha Louise- Triple Trio 2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Music Festival 2-3-4, Pep Club 2-3-4, Student Leaders' Conference 4, Pan-American Club 2-3, Junior Librarian 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Yell Leaders 4, School Operetta 3-4. Wilson, Larry-Chorus 2, Tennis 2-3-4, Intramurals 2-3-4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Hi-Y 3-4, Newspaper 4, Apple Judging 2-3. Wright, Orville Eugene-Track 3, Intramurals '2- 3-4, F. F. A. 2-3-4, Newspaper 4. J. Wicks M. Williams L. Wilson O. Wright D. Jones D. Wattier L. Sheley C. Seastrom W. Watson C. Washburn L. Warren E. Webster cmdofw, af 7950 The junior Class was one of truly diversified interests and capabilities. Particularly outstanding in athletics, the juniors were also well represented in art, music, dramatics, and leadership. A socially conscious junior class presented a highly successfully junior Prom, and there were juniors in almost every club in EHS. Over one hundred juniors were not wrong when they selected the following class officers: Willis Hanks, president, Russ Hall, vice president, Dixie Thomas, secretary, and Russ Lance, treasurer. Mr. God- frey and Mr. Weger were the advisors. Merla Aden Kay Adolf Frank Allen Shirley Ballard Kenneth Barker Edith Beedle Ethel Beedle Jo Ann Belton Donna Bennett Barney Bonjorni Bill Boersma Arthur Brattkus Kent Brown Elmer Bunker Beverly Capps Bob Correll Don Cutting Faye Dawson John deJong Marvin Depue Sibyl Deseve Yvonne Doak Forrest Eastham Shirley Elmer 22 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Godfrey Willis Hanks Mr. Weger Russ Hall Dixie Thomas Russ Lance Beatrice Evans Merle Evans Donna Flower Warren Foster Bob Gardinier Fay Griffin Mary Jo Gannon Eleanor Haberrnan Lois Hadley Russell Hall Willis Hanks Janet Hanson Norman Hansen Slyvia Harrell Betty Harrison Mae Hatzenbeler Ramona Herr Bob Hickenbottom Shirley Hill Pat Howarth June Huss Lois Jeffers Don Johnson Larry Jump UO' ' 1717 J . X fir' 2 5 i 65444 a 5 Geil Kelley Jack lgirby Beverly Kinneal' Una Kozial Russell Gene Adams Lance Phyllis Lee Ruth Lockling Gilbert Marshall Bruce MacDougall Don Miller Lauren Mellergaard Betty Minton Jennie Mitchell John Munson Kathleen 0'Neill Sally Overton Eileen Passenger Beverly Peffers Frank Beckner Donna Polley Richard Price Virginia Ross Betty Rydberg Jane Schnebly PBQQY Seubert Albert Shaw Sue Schille Pat Shuey Joan Smallwood Charles Sapp Martha Snowden aff Lee Sorenson Martha Stewart Bob Speirs Harland Sterrner Peter Stevenson Gene Spurling Frank Stowe Carol Thierkoff Dixie Thomas Pat Treadwell Jean Turner Russell Uusitalo Mary Vance Bob Van Woert Kenneth Voris Ronald Varnum Edward Walker Don Ward Neil Watterson John Wines Janet Wippel Dorothy West Leslie Younie JUNIORS AT THE PROM Elmer Bunker, Eileen Passeng- er,, Geil Kelley and Russ Hall e af 7957 This year's Sophomore class was not the usual shy type and they got off to a good start in high school. Especially noticeable was the large crop of promising athletes. So far, the boys have outshone the girls in dramatics, sports and most other school activities except music and art. Sophomores were a great help in putting out this year's Klaliiam. The future should be bright at E. H. S. for the class of 1951. Class officers for the year were: Denny Mudd, presidentg Larry Engel, vice presidentg Carolyn Case, secretaryg Marian Alford, treasurer. Mr. Henry was the advisor. Flay Bill Marian Ted Pat Leslie Juanita Ken Willard Adams Adcock Alford Altice Amon Bach Barnett Bates Baunsguard Murel Jim Arlene Gary Jerry Clint Ruth Jack Richard Anthony Bradshaw Brown Bunger Burgett Cahoon Campbell Cargo Carlson Bennett Joy Doris Mona Stuart Jay Bob Jerry Darwin Castleberry Chase Church Wilson Corey Crane Cross Daggett Davis Larry Landon Leonard John Dick Ken Chuck Larry- Rose Engel Estep Evans Farrell Farthing Gafford Garrison Gemmill Matthews John Gene Jerry Robert Jerry Allen Jim . Bud Betty Growcock Haberman Haberman Vance Hanks Harman Harrison Hayden Hepburn Pat Tom Karen Marlene Bob Russell Betty Kirk Terry Hodgson Howard Johnson Jones Jump Jurgens Smith Kaynor Kitts Lyle Helen Betty Glen Eleanor Gale Joyce Barbara Delia I Koester Kontos Kukes Kunert Lampers Lamphy Larimer Lee Lorenz: Doris Belton Carolyn Case Chip Edwards Barbara Grover Zoe Hiner Mary Klocke Nelse Lunstrum 26 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS M C. Case D. r. Henry, L. Engel Mudd M. Alford Bill Woods Irving Dale Ch Marsh Wi'Ison rlstlana Maver Sue McElroy Bob M ,Margaret Meagher Don Miller Bob Miller inton Marcella Mitchell Marlyn Moe Allan Mollotte George Moreau Mary Ellen Moreau Norma Morrow Marvin Morton Denny Mudd Dorothy Myers Mary Nance Roy 0 Joanne Nanson Carol Offer Teresa Ott verton Frank Page Je an Parker Byron Paulson Donna Win Lorna Pays Glee Pence Dena Phare Phillips ona Price Darlene Pugh Merton Purnell Hazel Reid Carrol Renfro Shirley Shull Verbeck Smith Katherine Stevenson Patty Thomson Warren Tozer' Norman Vaughn Charles Warren ' Jeanette Watkins Joy Watts Mar M lene Watson ary Weber Carol Webster Jack Wicks Carol Wilkins Eva Williams 1, .fu 4 hw if' f 4 4 1 ,Z 452 W , Z W lf R71 , f, V' f , mf, W :ff A '-ww 5 MW54 qwy!! ff ,fxgzh SWZQ x W 1 W f 1 ' ,iff lf! 5 ff e 4 2 f Q' Around Left End to a Touchdown Laterial-Uusitalo to Purnell Nlert Purnell Russ Uusitalo John Wines Norm Vaughn Gary Hofstrand Elmer Bunker Ted Altice Dan Dunning Byron Paulson Norm, Hansen Duck Smnth Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. NOV. NOV. 30 24 1 8 15 22 29 5 11 1948 FOOTBALL SUMMARY -Cashmere 7 Pasco 5 6 fProsser 13 Fwapato 2 6 M-Selah 41 -Toppenish 1 3 -Marquette 1 2 -Cle Elum 6 Ellensburg ll ll ll ll ll I! iiiigig Cle Elum Held For No Gain Bulldogs on Defense Willis Hanks Bob Van Woert Ken Gafford Don Johnson Ken Bates Ron Varnum Phil 0'Neill Gib Marshall Bill Jordan Howard Shaw Russ Hall LETTERMENT .Bill jordan, C Kenneth Gafford, C Gary Hofstrand, G, Captain Howard Shaw, G Ken Bates, G Norman Vaughn, G Ted Altice, T Norman Hansen, T Phil O'Neill, TT Byron Paulson, T Ron Varnum, E Dick Smith, E Dan Dunning, E Russ Hall, E Russ Uusitalo, QB John Wines, QB Bob Van Woert, FB Gib Marshall, FB Elmer Bunker, LH Don johnson, LH Mert Purnell, RH Willis Hanks, RH 31 'A"H1-sg. ., . sa... . , N ,,,,,s-ww A an 1948 FOOTBALL SQUAD Top Row-Coach Godfrey, Nelse Lunstrum, Norm Hansen, Jim Bradshaw, Ted Altice, Denny Mudd, Bill Jordan, Dan Dunning, Dick Smith, Lee Sorenson, Assistant Coach Baker. Third Row-Byron Paulson, Bob Van Woert, Ken Gafford, Marvin Morton, Kent Brown, Bob Correll, Willis Hanks, Phil O'NeiIl, Ron Varnum, Manager Wattier, Manager Fitterer. Second Row-Manager Corey, Howard Shaw, Lauren Mellergaard, John Wines, Norm Vaughn, Jerry Hake, Larry Engel, Darwin Davis, Ken Bates, Russ Uusitalo. First Row-Gib Marshall, Gary Hofstrand, Bob Minton, Mcrt Purnell, Don Johnson, Allan Molotte, Chuck Haber- man, Barney Bonjorni, and Russ Hall. The Ellensburg Bulldogs wound up an uneventful season by winning the Cle Blum game. After losing six games and tying one, the Blue and White football team defeated their traditional rivals, the Cle Elum Wfarriors, by the triumphant score of 20-6. In spite of the other failures of the season, it is always some measure of success to beat the county eleven. Although our team had several good breaks during the season, they didn't capitalize on them until the Armistice Day game, when the story of a hitherto unsuccessful series ended happily for Herb Godfrey and his determined team. UPPCI' 1 948 BASKETBALL SQUAD Fourgh Fxliow-Chuck Garrison, Larry Gimmell, Allan Nlollotte, Bob Van Woert, Gale Lamphry, Ray Adams, Lyle oes er. Third Row-Coach Henry Mert Purnell Lee Sorenson, Ron Varnum Kirk Ka n B'Il W d , B P I Ken Gafford, Coach Giodfrey. ' ' y or' I oo S yron au son' Second Row-Dick Gimmell, Hugh Muzzall, Bob Kolmodin, Jim Peck, Russ Hall, Forest Eastham. First Row-Manager Lunstrum, Kent Brown, Russ Lance, Neil Smith, Gib Marshall, Manager Dale Wilson. Compiling a 7-5 conference record, the EHS Bulldogs under Coach Herb Godfrey finish- ed in fourth place in the northern division of the YVIAA. The team was off to a slow start, but by the end of the season, more free throws were counting and there was plenty of excitement on the floor. More than half of the games were won by a margin of six or less points. Ellens- burg fans witnessed one of the toughest and s rappiest seasons in recent EHS maple court history. Perhaps the best game of the ar was with Y kima, when the Blue and White swept over the high-flying Yakima Piratesl 'h a X40-37 c nquest. Dutch Henr 's ll P senjo d anot er good season. The 7:30 crowd saw fine ex- hibitions of scrap , A assi , good' d bad shooting, and the promise of some fine teams f inrhetomigy wb aff VV il if ll' M yi W ll Cle Elum Tip Off Lettermen: Eastham, Hall, Peck Gemmlll Peck Tried for Wapato Rebound Dec. Dec. Dec Dec. Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan. 10-Cle Elum 17-Wenatchee 18-Cashmere 22-Marquette 7-Toppenish 8-Wapato 14-Yakima 15-Cle Elum 22-Selah BULLDOG BASKETBALL Ellensburg Jan. J an Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb SCHEDULE 28-Toppenish 29-Marquette 4-Yakima 5-Wapato 1 1-Selah 12-Cle Elum 19-Cle Elum 25-Wapato 26-Toppenish Wolves at Bay 38 Ellensburg 40 fl 54 If 45 35 32 44 46 45 GX av , gf 'fffff ' I 1 W g 41 my o f Q03 054' ff xx A N-.4 X Q M lf . AQ X x if ax Q ...af lun-97 'wide' rw-'wg di?" . Dutch Shows 'ern HOW L. Gemmm, H. Shaw, D- Gemmill, R. Kolmodin G. Marshall, N. Smith. K. Brown, Dutch Henry. , " " -9,1 , 'v--,Q -' r .-. .,, .,f. The Wind-up by Dick Gemmill as Coach Henry lnstructs. All the Way to the Plate by Van Woert. EngeI's One Point L d With Adcock Tagging. an mg Zemin!! Competing in the Y. V. I. A. A. baseball league for the first time in many years, the Ellensburg Bulldog slugger treated their fans and rivals to many close and exciting games. We will not soon forget the snappy pitching of Varnum and D. Gemmill, the pass from short stop L. Gemmill to Kolmodin on first. We will not forget the freezing wind during the Wapato game nor the thirteen inning loss to Marquette. We would like to forget a few fatal errors, and think of Marshalls home runs and Van Woert's three baggers. We had a good season. ' we ,Q BASEBALL SCHEDULE Ja: OJ ilfaxol' April 12-Wapato 4 Ellensburg 3 ' April 16-Toppenish 1 " 3 57" April 19-Marquette 2 " 1 April 23-Selah 1 3 April 26-Cle Elum 8 5 LJ-0 April 29-Wapato 2 7 May 3-Toppenish 3 10 May 7-Marquette 5 4 May 10-Selah 3 10 May 14-Cle Elurn 2 6 Toppenish lst in Y.V.I.A.A. Marquette, Wapato, and Ellensburg tied for second. Top Row-B. Hickenbottom, J. Ledum, N. Hansen, D. Gimmell, Coach Henry. Third Row-H. Shaw, L. Jump, B. Kolmodin, F. Eastham, R. Varnum, D. Miller, L. Sorenson. Second Row-N. Lundstrum, C. Garrison, N. Smith, H. Muzzall, K. Brown, B. Van Woert. First Row-P. Fitterer, L. Mann, L. Engel, G. Marshall, M. Morton, I.. Girnmell. ,iw s..-......W....W . .. X .1192 41 - Q X X X X 24 , .,,, X. ik QQ f Z- fs I . .L an Www f 14" f . f - t4"5"f'twM Aww. M' ,, . , , eww 7 , t'4Z5W.s wwe' f "' 3 'M X' , My ..,, f..,,,, , qffffiwmli 5697 V , , aww I as W -fr L ,ff,xW!ig? thin' 7 f aa, ,, ,f f . 5 f f , , 1 ky 5 7' ' 1 L 2' .1 WYVM' .. f f 40 ,. . f I -11 X X 1 M17 I , ,,,,,, f A LQ HQ 7 , M ,.., ,J 'f I 2 ya , K V!! w, i 4 4 X ff f , 5 My 57 ,fwfff f , . ' if ' i 0 J , My ,f , - ,ff , - ,, ff X , z , , , Q 7 1 ....... it I jllf , m 37 mek Track, a major sport at E. H. S., was coached this year by veteran Coach Paul Nelson. Considering that it was Coach Nelson's youngest and smallest squad, the team as a whole was average while a few outstanding athletes never failed to gather points. Although weak in field events, wins in the sprints by Willis Hanks and in the hurdles by Dan Dunning made up for the losses. Since the other competitors in the valley league didn't appreciate the Ellensburg l'breezes" fwe couldn't imagine whyj only two tracks meets were held here. Both meets treated the home fans to fast and thrilling races. TRACK SCHEDULE April 1-Grandview 61M Ellensburg 4616 Wapato 30 Toppenish 16 April 8-Ellensburg 75 Wapato 48 Cle Elum 30 April 16-Wenatchee 62123 Yakima 37351 Ellensburg 325 Wapato 18M Cle Elum 4M Grandview 195 April 22-Wenatchee 61 Yakima 52W Ellensburg 3914 April 29-Wenatchee 60W Ellensburg 34 Central Valley 34 Leavenworth 1415 Ephrata 13 Cle Elum 5 Cashmere 4 May 7-Yakima 7315 Ellensburg 45VZ Naches 195 Cle Elum 492 Selah 4 Highland 4 Kittitas 2 Y.V.l.A.A. VALLEY MEET May.14-Yakima, 26V2g Ellensburg, 237 Sunnyside 23 Willis Hanks 1st in 100 yard dash and 220 yard dash. Dan Dunning 1st in 120-yard high hurdles. State Meet-May 21: Hanks 3rd in 100 yard dash. 9 Richland 229 Pasco 145 Kennewick 13. Top Row-R. Kunert, J. Wicks, L. Borden, B. Woods, B. Castleberry. Fourth Row-P. 0'Neill, W. Tozer, J. Wines, J. Daggett, B. Jump, D. Hunt, K. Gafford. Third Row-J. Case, N. Baughn, W. Baunsgard, D. Mudd, B. Hayden, R. Adams. Second Row-Mr. Mettler, D. Dunning, G. Hofstrand, M. Green, W. Hanks, M. Purnell, Mr. Nelson. First Row-T. Altice, B. Snyder, G. Preston, D. Johnson, O. Wright, D. Davis. 1 few tigi Mr?" :QW Wt, Wqf Three, two, one? T. Altice, Ray Adams, Snyder High over ---- E. Bunker Third lap--- J. Wines Stretch it! M. Purnell H W?-W Zbaqa emma The uneven year of the forgotten sport tennls was due to the fact that only SIX boys turned out tor thls activity. The addition of baseball to the sports program and the growmv mterest in It have taken players from Mr. Hill's tennis team Thls year however was a greater success April April April April April April April April April April May May May BOYS TENNIS SCHEDULE 1- 5.. 8- 12- 15- 19- 22 23- 26- 30- 3- 5- 7- May 14-YVIAA Northern D1V1S1OD Larry Wilson and B111 Haberman placed in doubles S Corey, R. Cross L Sheley B Haberman D Wattler ' la' mach Nlifith the return of over half of last year's team and forty new girls turning out, Miss Baker formed a team of twelve girls that split its wins and loses. Loosing only one W . , M match, Charlotte Angerman topped our team's individual record. 'fl GIRLS TENNIS SCHEDULE VM April 1-Highland 2 Ellensburg April 5-Wapato 2 " 2 April 12-Yakima 3 " 1 April 19-Cle Elum 2 " 2 April 22--Wenatchee 2 2 April 23-Selah April 26-Highland April 30-Wapato May 3-Cle Elum ' May 6-Yakima pf ' May 7-Selah 2 " 2 ftjf May 14-YVIAA Northern Division Charlotte Angerman placed in singles. Back Row-C. Ness, D. Norling, F. Oeschner, G. Kensel, J. Lee, J. Smallwood, K. O'NeiII. Front Row-M. Stewart, J. Hartman, D. McCuIIy, Miss Baker, C. Angerman, M. Cross. Q ' ' Q -if f Y 1 I if ii-ii? 41 EHS on the Air Stage Crew: L. Sheley, R. Phillips, R. Haber-man, B. Matthews Photo Staff at Work CD R G A xvvnw ASB The Associated Student Body WHS organized to further the advancement of athletics. We worked hard .1t.1t-.ll'115 year, with gratifying results. The d1ff1CL11f financial situation that faced us WHS overcome by the cooperation Of the students. Our capable officers VYGICC Paul Fitterer, president, Russ Uus1tal0i vice presidentg Russ Hall, secretary, Dick Gemmill, treasurer, and Larry Gemmill. sophomore representative. Mr. Brown was the advisor. Mr. Brown Russ Hail L. Gemmill, D. Gemmill, R. Uusitalo, P. Fitterer YELL LEADERS Our yell leaders were Martha VC'il- liams, Charlotte Angerman, and jack Kirby. The students supported them well by yelling "loud and long" in praise of the Bulldogs. Seen at every pep assembly and game, they added spirit and coordination to the yelling sections. The new yells introduced by Char, Mert, and jack proved that they were doing their all for our Alma Mater, EHS. M. Williams, J. Kirby, C. Angerman EEE Although it was a smaller group than usual, Triple E continued to do the pros- aic chores it had done before around school. Ushering, cleaning blackboards, correcting papers, and other jobs kept the club busy. The "Shanty Town" tolo November 12, was one of the biggest social successes of the school year. A5 3 service organization for girls, it accom- plished its purpose. B. Payne, D. McCulIy M. Stewart Miss Ware D. Soper, C. Miller N. Barnhart, F. Oechsner f - - yt, -- ...M1ss..... F. F. A. Top Row-L. Gleason, P. 0'NeilI, O. Wright, F. Page, T. Altice, J. Bradshaw, G. Moreau, R. Jergens, K. Voris, B. Voris, Mr. Johnson. Fourth Row-D. Hunt, R. Evans, J. Growcock, D. Farthing, G. Larsen, L. Henderson, J. Jollo, B. Gardinier, J. Burgett. Third Row-R. Anderson, J. Hake, F. Stowe, R. Carlson, J. Chase, G. Spurling, L. Wilson, L. Warren. Second Row-Mr. Davis, B. Haberman, R. Overton, E. Teter, C. Sapp, G. Glidden, M. Anthony, D L. Belsaas. First Row-H. Mitchell, L. Mellergaard, L. Estep, S. Camarata, C. Warren, G. Haberman, F. Allen, B. Snyder. PEP CLUB Top Row-Faye Griffin, Dena Phare, Joan Smallwood, Kathleen O'NeilI, Dorothy Norling, Jane Schnebly, Yvonne Doak, Mary Watson, Peggy Seubert, Jane Lee. Fourth Row-Marlyn Moe, Martha Snowden, Shirley Hawks, Pat Howarth, Merla Aden, Carolyn Case, Joanne Pennington, Joann Knutson, Sara Anderson. Third Row-Martha Stewart, Joyce Wicks, Geil Kelley, Beatrice Evans, Shirley Shull, Charlotte Angerrnan, Marlene Watson. Second Row-Miss Shuck, Jerry Tucker, Mae Hatzenbeler, Helen Dreyer, Dorothy McCully, Martha Williams, Patty Thomson. First Row-Gayle Pence, Carol Offer, Marlene Jones, Beverly Capps, Joanne Hartman, Glee PEP CLUB F. F. A. The Future Farmers of American is a nation- wide organization for boys who want to learn modern ways and means of farming. On the year's social calendar was the annual Parent and "To create and maintain school spirit" is the purpose of Pep Club. The girls promoted school spirit by sponsoring pep assemblies, drill- ing at games, selling shakers, and by striving to Son Banquet held this year at Maryland Hall. The judging teams had good seasons, and two boys won high honors in the organization. Bill set a good example at school and at the games. Pep Club uniforms were worn regularly, .ind these girls were the center of the cheering section, Haberman and Frank Stowe were named State Farmers. Officers were: Don Hunt, presidentg Bill Haberman, vice president, Bob Snyder, secretaryg Lemoyne Henderson, treasurer, and Frank Stowe, reporter. Mr. Johnson was the advisor. This year's leaders were: lane Lee, presidentg Mary Watson, vice presidentg Monica Noble, secretaryg Geil Kelley, treasurer, lo l-lartman, drill majorg Miss Shuck, advisor. Fw, fn 3 M Si ,Z V Magik ...IWW WW' ,, f BULLDOG GUARD Top Row-R. Phillips, J. Harrison, B. Cross, J. Harmon, J. Dodge, B. Mathews, D. Jergens, B. Woods. Fourth Row-L. Jump, J. Daggett, P. Stevenson, L. Younie, B. Correll, J. Burgett, E. Edwards. Third Row-V. Purnell, D. Carlson, W. Tozer, G. Lamphrey, D. Price, G. Spurling, B. Speirs. Second Row-P. Fitterer, R. Adams, B. Minton, D. Wattier, B. Snyder, D. Cutting, B. MacDougall. First Row-B. Adcock, J. Chase, H. Shaw, K. Minton, L. Baird, A. Shaw. PAN-AMERICAN Top Row-D. Price, R. Hall, D. Gemmill, J. Peck, G. Preston, R. Varnum. Fourth Row-Mr. Moore, M. Henderson, L. Baird, G. Bunger, G. Lamphrey, E. Beedle Webster, N. M orrow. Third Row-G. Kelley, J. Watkins, S. Ballard, E. Beedle, Z. Hiner, S. Hawks. Second Row-R. Rasmussen, C. Webster, J. Larimore, W. Price, D. Belton, D. Soper, S. Shull First Row-P. Amon, D. Wilson, J. Munson, D. Johnson, B. Speirs, B. Capps, C. Offer, M. Alford BU LLDOG GUARD The Bulldog Guards were chiefly concerned with ticket sales, gate collections, and patrol work at athletic events, plays, and concerts. Other activities of the club included bonfires for pep rallies, basketball, and various social events. "The Guard" was one of the most service organ- izations in EHS. This year the guards chose the following boys for leaders: Dough Wattier, captain, Paul Fitterer, first lieutenant, Larry lump, second lieutenant. Virgil Purnell was advisor. PAN AMERICAN Pan-Am Club in EHS was twenty years old this year, and its membership was still growing. Dinner parties, picnics, singing, and the annual Pan-American Day assembly kept the students in- terested in the life and customs of our neighbors, Officers for the second year club were: Shirley Hawks, president, Lowell Baird, vice president, Toady Webster, secretary, Dixie Thomas, treasurer, and Mr. Moore, advisor, Shirley Shull acted a chairman of the first year club and Russ Hall was treasurer. , E POINT CLUB Point Club, the honorary division of Athletic Club, enabled girls who have athletic interest to attain skill and greater enioyment in many sports. TOD Row-P. Seubert, H. Taylor, C. Ness, G. Kensel. ' . Fourth Row-K. O'Neill, Treasurer, J. Mar- PPW, Nl. Nuckles, Sarg.at Arms, D. Nor- .Ilng, President, F. Oechsner. Third Row-S. Schille, E. Dallman, P. Ho- warth, Secretary, E. Haberman. Second Row-Miss Baker, Advisor, M. Stewart, R. Snodgrass, M. Hatzenbeler, T. Anthony. First Rovv-H. Storlie, V-Pres., D. McCuIIy, J- Wlppel, B. Capps. COUNSELLORS The main activity of the Counsellors is the friendship banquet to acquaint the new girls with the other students and the school. The annual picnic is the out- standing social function of the club. Maudie Lundberg was this years presi- dent and Miss Ware the advisor. Top Row-L. Crouse, D. Cobain, J. Morrow, M. Nuckles, Miss Ware. Third Row-D. Mehrer, C. Washburn, M. Lundberg, H. Taylor. Second Row-H. Storlie, J. Wippel, R. Herr. First Row--R. Rassmussen, W. Sheley, B. Capps, J. Mitchell. CAM CLUB Cam Club's activities may have seem- ed to a casual observer to be a series of boat rides, parties, and picnics. Actually that is just the lighter side of Cam Club. The making of over fifteen hundred prints of school groups was Cam Clubis biggest project. It made possible the pur- chase of new film tanks and the addition of over two hundred dollars to an photo- graphic equipment fund. Top Row-N. Morrow, H. Belch, B. Castle- berry, B. Woods, C. Ness. N, Hansen, V-Pres. Fourth Row-M. Morton, R. Campbell, J. Crane, L. Evans, G. Kensel, Sec.-Treas. Third Row-D. Cobain, Pres., J. Morrow, M. Nuckles, D. Norling. . Second Row-G. Knuert, U. Koziol, P. Thompson, R. Lockling, L. Crouse. First Row-L. Engle, V. Ross, B. Kmnear, P. Borden. OFFICE PRACTICE Relieving the principals and their secretaries of routine work, these girls checked attendance, ran errands, and did other miscellaneous office jobs around the senior and junior high schools. Valuable experience was gained through doing this work. Top Row-D. Norling, H. Taylor, S. Ander- son, C. Ness, M. Nuckles. Fourth Row-S. Hawks, L. Campbell, C. Miller, J. Morrow. Third Row-Miss Moulton, D. Mehrer, K. Adolf, U. Kozial, C. Angerman. Second Row-W. Shelley, R. Rasmussen, D. McCuIIy, M. Lundberg. First Row-P. Lee, M. Evans, B. Capps. ,......4" 5-....., ., ,4 . PP? , , W . f 7 mg Y V 'Q v i.. . 'i,,,,". ,,,,a,. ,1 . V . L 1, My . 2 a. we . , V V V, . M, ,,.VV .sr X T Q V 'QV ,,,Vi.fg,,V V V V. VV - . ,, ., 7"' , , f......,' .f......,,,..z - , ,, 1' f if3X.'35V"'Jf ,. j y.-.Ma f""":3"f V , Uznunvpn. M' 'N .. . ., M .wail V - .--W ' as ew, Vg, V -'S- ...gl Wasalf , t get . i , J 7.,.., . Maasai V aff 1 ,..X V- fs VV -V V . . l V , , . .. - Massey, N wx? N. as NJ ' , sw Q : , .-5 X 1 , ff , . ,,.1.' ig X Q.. f . "' tx- 'rg f . . s ' . so Hi: - , tt . t X - . we . f- 1 .X -. Q , z .- s as . iff ss awxfx ,... 1 .r . .ss . A X swiss ,' I X N N fwewv'+ s nsssifesrt ' f- Q1 , ' x 'N .4 X- 1 se f Q V. I, h . zqsg, s., -2 2 sw- .. N, sw , ,f 'E . six' ' .- X asiwvfst, 4- ,Q Us s X . - ' ,Ms :TX af-mf V tw' , f Xsi.,,,Ni is V t .1 5. ' ' . l , 'ow , . Q-vp.isZ.sRX . X ts, , , HI-Y Hi-Y, the boys' organization con- nected with the Y.M.C.A., is a club whose purpose is the promoting of Christian character and sponsorship of numerous drives for charitable groups. Among the annual social events was a supper in honor of the Tri-Hi-Y girls and a picnic at Vantage sponsored by the new members of Hi-Y. Doug Wattier was elected presi- dent of the Senate for the Youth Legislative Program at Olympia. Top Row-Mr. Moore, Advisor, D. Dunning, B. Kolmodin, R. Varnum, D. Gemmill, V.-Pres. Fourth Row-J. Ledum, H. Muzzall, L. Muzzall, L. Sheley, B. Jor- dan, P. Dodge, Pres., L. Sorenson. Third Row-W. Parker, R. Uusitalo, B. Van Woert, F. Eastham, R. Hall. Second Row -N. Smith, Treas., L. Mann, R. Ander- son, G. Preston. First Row-B. Bonjornie, D. Wattier, Chaplain, P. Fitterer, Sec., R. Cross, L. Wilson. LETTERMEN'S CLUB Lettermen's club was organized in the fall of 1948. The purpose of the club is to assist the Bulldog Guard in off seasons it' called upon. The re- quirement for membership is one letter in any sport. Top Row-B. Matthews, J. Peck, Sarg. at Arms, R. Varnum, D. Gemmill, Pres., N. Hansen, D. Dunning. Fourth Row-G. Moreau, R. Uusitalo, R. Hall, H. Muzzall, B. Bonjorni. Third Row-Mr. Weger, Advisor, G. Muzzall, B. Van Woert, Mr. Baker, Advisor. Second Row- H. Shaw, G. Preston, R. Cross, P. Fitterer, G. Hofstrand, Vice-Pres. First Row-B. Snyder, L. Mann, N. Smith, Sec., F. Eastham. TRI-HI-Y The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y is to "create maintain, and extend through- out the home, school, and conimunitv high standards of Christian character." Among the activities of the group this year were the dinner for the Hi-Y boys, the tolo, "Cupid's Court", the election of Martha Stewart and Pat Howarth as representatives to the Youth and Government Program in Olympia, and money making dances and candy sales for service agencies. Too Row-C. Miller. J. Smallwood, K. O'Neill, P. Seubert, F. Shoemaker, J. Lee, Sec., E. Dallman, Pres. Fourth Row-J. Penninqton, V-Pres., S. Hawks, NI. Cross, F. Oechsner. F. Griffin. Y. Doak, J. Schnehly. Third Row-J. Knutson, Treas., S. Anderson, P. Howarth, G. Kellev, D. Bennett. Second Row-C. Anoerman. M. Williams. M. Lundberg. M. Stewart, .I. Wicks. B. Payne. First Row-Miss Shuck, Advisor. C. Thierknff. J. Hartman, G. Pence, J. Tucker, Chaplain. L!BRAR!AN5 Library science, under the able direction of Miss johnson, gave the students an opportunity to learn librarianship and to assist the students with their library needs. This year there were thirteen girls and two boys in the group. Back Row-M. Williams, Miss John- son, D. McCuIly, H. Bogucki, T. Anthony, B. Payne, P. Borden. Front Row-J. Pen- nington, L. Hadley, E. Beedle, C. Wash- burn, L. Campbell, P. Treadwell. F. H. A. Top Row-D. Meyers, P. Hodgson, Treas., N. Hanks, M. Monreau, C. Lampers. Fourth Row-T. Ott, J. Nason, Sec., Z. Hiner, J. Chase. Third Row-M. Nance, M. Mitchell, J. Parker. Second Row-C. William, J .Lari- more, Reporter, W. Price, Vice-Pres., C. Renfrow. First Row-C. Offer, Pres., D. Pugh, B. Smith. PROJECTIONISTS: Top Row-D. Miller, B. Seipers, B. Gardinier, W. Foster, B. Cross. Second Row-H. Stermer, N. Lunstrum, J. Crane, O. Garrison, L. Estep, M.. Depue. Front Row- D. Cutting, L. Belsaas, G. Spurlmg, B. Brunson, Mr. Martin. F. H. A. This year a new club in E. H. S. was the Future Home-makers of America under the leadership of Miss Snell. The purpose of the club is to train the girls to be better homemakers of tomorrow. The climax of the year's activities was the state convention held here on April 22 and 23. Carrol Offer was elected state treasurer. PROJ ECTIONISTS The projection crew under the leadership of chief projectionist Don Cutting and advisor, Mr. Martin, was one of our busiest service groups. Their job included the showing of all films for classes and clubs and the care of the projection equipment of the school. Nelse Lunstrum served as the club secretary and Charlotte Angerman served as the office assistant. LATIN CLUB: Top Row-J. Wicks, V-Pres., J. Hake, P. Stevenson L. Sorenson, K. Kaynor, Sec.-Treas. Third Row-P Howarth, V-Pres., R. Adams, K. O'NeiII, Pres., P. Seu- bert, Sec.-Treas. Second Row-P. Thompson, R. Overton D. Soper. First Row-Mr. Gates, Advisor, S. Corey, C Renfrow, H. Reid, Pres. F. T. A. B. Smith, Parl., D. Phillips, Librarian, C. Offer, Sec. B. Lee, Treas., V. Smith, Pres., Miss Trumbell, Advisor LATIN CLUB Sodalitas Latina, Latin Club, is an organization for all Latin students. The main activities of the year were an ice-skating party and a Roman banquet with all the trimmings. The club conducted its activities with two sets of officers, one for each semester. F. T. A. The F. T. A. is a club whose purpose is to learn about teaching as career. The members of their club have undertaken various projects such as observing classes, doing attendance reports, and assisting with grade school children during their programs and assemblies. 49 1 Q ' 44 7 CHORUS: Back Row-J. Morrow, G. Kensel, D. Meyers, M. Aden, J. Pennington, J. Dodge, D Mudd B Hickenbottom, F. Beckner, J. Farrell, A. Mollotte, J. Knutson, S. Anderson, J. Mitchell, J. Belton, M. 'Moreau' Rl Matthews. Third Row-M. Nance, B. Grove, D. Bennett, G. Kelley, K. Johnson, N. Smith, K. Gafford, C. Garrison G. Aden, V. Smith, G. Pence, D. Lorenzi, Z. Hiner, N. Hanks, M. Hatzenbeler. Second Row-B. Hepburn, M. Wil! son, P. Hodgson, C. Case, E. Williams, M. Moe, L. Baird, D. Farthing, B. Ward, B. Adcock, N. Lunstrum, M. Mac- Dougall, S. McElroy, S. Shull, H. Reid, M. Alford, J. Huss. Front Row-M. Williams, J. Hanson, J. Chase, E. Lamp- ers, T. Ott, W. Shelley, S. Deseve, B. Kinnear, G. Pence,B. Smith, M. Weber, W. Price, J. Larimore, M. Watson, P. Peacock. CHORUS The chorus had an eventful year. Besides taking part in several assemblies and presenting a program for the Kiwanis Club, they produced the delightful operetta, "The Bells of Beaujolais. l Comic situations due to mistaken identities on the island of Beaujolais, gay tunes, and folk dances helped to make this year's operetta an unforgettable one. CAST OF CHARACTER, NBELLS OF BEAUJOLAISH Augustus .,.,,.... ....., B ob Hickenbottom Countess Marie ....,......... Sara Lee Anderson John Bender ...,. ,...,......,..,... B ob Correll Aunt Sarah Jessup ,.,,,,,.. .,,,.,.,,,,.,, H azel Reid Larry ..,,......... .,.,,.. B ruce MacDougall Phillis ,..,...,....,,...,.,.,...,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, G lee Pence Tony ........ V.............. L owell Baird Belle ,,...,.....,.. .....,,,....Y,,.. M arlyn Moe Harkins ...... ........ V erbeck Smith Yvonne ..... ......, M artha Williams Pierre ....... ....,........ N eil Smith Susette ....,, Beverly Kinnear ChiCOt .... ....,. J Ohn Dodge Fantine ..,,,. .,,,,,s,,l, G ayle Pence Operetta Principals: Front Row-M. Moe, L. Baird, B. Kinnear, J. Dodge, M. Williams, N. Smith, B. Hicken- bottom, S. Anderson, H. Reid, B. Correll, V. Smith,G. Pence, B. MacDougaII, G. Pence. 50 BAND: Standing-D. Bennett, S. Schille, K. Stevenson, D. Phillips, F. Griffin, G. Kelley. Back-N. Barnhart, N. Hansen, F. Stowe, R. Vance, B. Goesney, T. Altice, M. Depue, B. Paulson, J. Wicks, D. Wilson, K. Bates, C. Miller, J. Mradshaw, G. Bunger, R. Uusltalo. Front-R. Snodgrass, L. Sheley, E. Dallman, M. Vance, C. Offer, D. Phare, C. Thierkoff, C. Wilkins, K. Johnson, M. Morton, L. Campbell, D. Soper. BAND There is nothing like a band to give an occasion pep and vitality. Although smaller than usual, the band played for football games, basketball games, assemblies, and on many other occasions. Its goal this year was to raise money for new uniforms which were greatly needed. The band was not entered in the music festival, however, several of the band members performed in the mass band and orchestra. FLAG TWIRLERS AND MAJORETTES Leading the band when it marched along were the flag twirlers and majorettes. Their many solos at football and basketball games brought them recognition for their talents. jean Turner's exhibition in the dark with her lighted baton was a crowd favorite. The colorful- routines and the band helped the spirit of the event Whenever it lagged. T ' I V I ft t right- Drum Marjorette-Jean Turner Marjorettes left to right- Flag wir ers e 0 h C xN,Ik, C Off D. Polley, G. Kelley, F. Griffin. D- P SPS, - l IHS, - CI' ' 51 'Nhw TRIPLE TRIO- SOLOISTS- M. Williams, D. Bennett, Glee Pence, M. Aden, W. Glenn Aden, tenor: Sara Lee Anderson, alto: Russ Shelley, S. Anderson, B. Kinnear, G. Kelley, G. Pence, Uusitalo, trombonistg Martha Stewart, soprano. J. Knutson. BEST MUSICIANS This year as always we were fortunate to have outstanding musicians to represent us at the annual Music Festival. Superior ratings were received by the Triple Trio, Glen Aden, Sara Lee Anderson, and Martha Stewart in the group and individual voice divisiong and Russ Uusitalo in the instrument division. NEWS AND BLUES This year the journalism class published our school paper, the "Bulldog News and Blues," the name submitted by Gary Hofstrand in a naming contest. "News and Blues" printed every two weeks, was the first EHS series independently printed in many years. Features as well as many interesting editorials and coverage of school events kept the school reporters busy. The "News and Blues" staffs were as follows: Editorial Staff: Editor, Monica Noble, Bob Kol- moding sports, Dick Gemmillg features, Gayle Pence, clubs and society, Frances Oechsner and Joyce Wic'ks. Business Staff: Business manager, LeOttie Campbellg assistant business manager, Howard Mitchell, circulation, Phil O'Neill and Bill blordang exchange, Hazel Taylor. Mr. Moore was the faculty advisor. Back Row-B. Jordan, D. Gemmill, O. Wright, D. Hunt, H. Mitchell, Mr. Moore, L. Campbell, H. Taylor. Front Row-R. Kolmodin, R. Evens, L, Wilson, L. Gle G.A ' ' ' Wester, J. Wicks, F. Oechsner. ason, den, P. ONeill, L. Baird, S. Hawks, J .Morrow, E. . , fw ,N 52 Howard Shaw, Neil Smith, Donna Mehrer Pep Rally by Pep Club Monica Nobel, Yvonne Doak, Stuart Corey, Peg Seubert, Jerry Tucker RADIO The radio production class was a success this year. After only two years of practice they turned out some first class programs. As usual, the programs offered a variety of entertainment, and students from the first through the twelfth grades were given an opportunity to participate. A special feature attended by eight students and Miss Argall was the first annual Inland Empire Regional Radio Conference in Spokane. During Youth Week, several more students conducted a two hour disk jockey program at KXLE. Top Row-J. Growcock, L. Mann, P .Fittei-er, Miss Argall, J. Ledum, C. Cahoon, J. Daggett, D. Cutting, R. Uusitalo. Second Row-M. Cross, J. Tucker, F. Oechsner, J. Kirby. First Row-V. Ross, L. Back, P. Howarth, L. Younie, P. Seubert, C. Their-koff. was Z 53 451 'UW """""hmuv , 1 B t ' t so bbbb4Ax g , , Sass., i B is i f S., .t Svc? ss sl -P-eefe' 4:6 NW +-wwquw "Viv Gloria Kensel and Photography Staff: Standing--L. Engel, L. Evans, E. Walker B Castle- Martha Stewart berry, and G. Kunert. Seated-V. Ross, B. Lee, D. Belton, R. Caiinpbell. Editors Ruth Locklin Editorial Staff: Standing-J. Smallwood, L. Campbell J Belton J Han- Q Business Manager son, D. Myers, J. Parker, and v. smith. seated-K. oiNeill, lvl. 'lvl-Sagher, J. Schnebly, S. Overton, and L. Baird. KLAHIAM The three Klahiam staffs and the home room salesmen are responsible for one of the biggest projects in our high school. The annual is the product of the business, photography, and editorial staffs and the salesmen. Witliout the help of any one of these groups, the Klahiam would be only part of what it is today. This year's more inclusive book is the result of their cooperation and enthusiasm. The active photography staff under the leadership of Gloria Kensel was responsible for the excellent photos in the 1949 Klahiam. The takin of ict d l and identifying constituted the staffs work. g p ures, eve oping, printing, enlarging, mounting, The Rest of the facts and figures were collected by the twelve members of the editorial staff under the leadership of Martha Stewart. Their chief job was covering the activities of the various clubs so that in the years to come, you will be able to recall those things with accuracy and ease. 'lihe business staff had the job of soliciting ads and paying the bills incurred by the other two staffs. Particularly outstanding this year were two ad salesmen, Roger Evens and Larry Gleason, who sold over fifty per cent of the ads. Ruth Lockling was the business manager who cordinated the business staff and the home room salesmen. Larry Gleason and Roger Evens B-usiness and Advertising Staff: Standing-L. Campbell, J. Wicks, J.. Champion Ad Salesmen Pennington, P. Howarth, K. O'NeiII, L. Mann, D. Wattier. Front-H. Bogucki, J. Schnebly, Y. Doak, P. Seubert, P. Fitterer. Homeroom Salesmen: R. Herr. Front-M. Anthony, B. MacDougaII, J. Hartman, H., Eioguckif S.. ShuII,iW.' Price, 'P. 'Thompson, J. Belton. Standing--J. Dodge, H. Beich, R. Price L Estep S Hawks M Watson R Campbell, 1'-'Y' L Younie, S. Anderson, P. Seubert, Front R -C ow . Qarrison, F. Oechsner, P. Howarth, V. Smith. B. Castleberry, R. Kolmod' - in Back Row B. Hlckenbottom, J. Krlby, M. Stewart, M. Vance. J. Parker, B. MacDougall, C. Miller, L. Younie, D. Wattier, S. Anderson D. C tt' D. M h ' ' , u mg, J. Harrison, B. Castleberry, e rer, P. Seubert, R. Lockllng, R. Kolmodln. ALL SCHOGL PLAY Under the fine direction of Mr. Maxwell Gates, "The Night of january 16" was presented as our all school play, November eighteenth and nineteenth. The unusual play was actually the trial of Karen Andre, accused of slaying her former employer on the night of January 16. With surprise wit- nesses, suspense, flying accusations, and heated arguments, the facts were presented to a jury chosen from the audience. After reviewing the facts they brought in a verdict. At both trials, Karen was exoneratedg however, many people are still debating the facts and the verdict. CAST OF CHARACTERS-Prison Matron, Carmen Miller: Mrs. John Hutchins, Pat Howarth: Bailiff, Jim Harri- son: Homer Van Fleet, Jack Kirby: Judge Heath, Doug Wattier: Elmer Sweeney, Chuck Garrison: District At- torney Flint, Bennett Castleberry: His Secretary, Donna Mehrer: Nancy Lee Faulkner, Peggy Seubert: Manda Svenson, Frances Oechsner: Defense Attorney Stevens, Les Younie: His Secretary, Ruth Locklingg John Graham Whitfield, Bob Kolmodin: June Chandler, Martha Stewart: Clerk of the Court, Bruce MacDougall: Sigurd Jungquist, Bob Hickenbottom: Karen Andre, Sara Lee Anderson, Larry Regan, Don Cutting: Dr. Kirkland, Verbeck Smith, Roberta Van Rensselaer, Mary Vance: Stenographer, Jean Parker. 56 SENIOR PLAY "Lucky Penny," a hilarious comedy was chosen by Miss Lina Moulton as the Senior Class Play. Penny, a girl of sixteen, has taken a sudden fancy to impressionistic art, and is bound and determined to go to art school. With only four days re- maining until the State College opens, Penny's family and friends are de- sperately trying to persuade her to go to college instead of art school. Every- one discards old inhibitions and in- dulges his true artistic soul. Their plan is finally successful, and Penny is convinced that there is enough art in the family already, so she is ready to go to college. Ably directed and excellently cast, the play was well re- ceived by the audience. CAST OF CHARACTERS Gram ........ Donna Soper Lydia ,,,,,,, .,.,... C lara Seastrom Caleb .,,,,,, ,,,,,,,r,,.... H arold Belch Hulda .Dorothy Norling Penny ,,,,,. ,,..,, R uby Rasmussen Kerry ...... Howard Shaw Joanna, .---,.,,-, ,,..,,.,, M 2.1'OlyI1 Cross Greg .-,,4,--,,,.,,.,,,,4,, ,,,.,.,,,,....., L ee Sheley Miss Haskins ,,,,r ,,....... C armen Miller Georgina ....... ...,,- Susette ................. ------ Mr. Daly .......... .....-.-.-------- Officer O'Shane .......... Flash I Believe She's Jealous .......G1oria Kensel Vera ...............- .Dorothy McCu11y .Jo Ann Hartman ..Bi1l Matthews .,....Bob Kolmodin ........Paul Fitterer D. McCulI H. Shaw, J. Hartman L. y v Sheley,'G. Kensel, Mr. Cross D. Soper, R. Rasmussen. pm Swingin' 'em in Circles D Soper, C. Miller, D. Norling, R. Rasmussen, M. Cross, C. Seastrom. Get that Camera! P. Fitterer, C. Seastrom, M. Cross, R. Rasmussen, H. Belch, B. Kolmodin, B. Matthews. JUNIOR PROM: G. Kelley, Ettles, M. Hatzenbeler, J. Kirby, Mr. Baker, Mrs. Hanks JUNIOR PROM Out of the snow capped streets and into the "Y" went 41 couples to the junior Prom on December Il. The huge tree in the center of the floor was covered with glittering snowflakes and the jack and jill Iirosts spelled out the theme "XXfinter XWonderland." The dance music was furnished by the Combo. At the Intermission and after refreshments, the couples were entertained by the College Quartet. SENIOR BALL One of the traditional social affairs in our school is the Senior Ball. "Neptune's Gardens," Senior Ball of the Class of 1949, was one of the most colorful, best decorated, and truly enjoyable dances in the history of EHS. Thirty-seven couples danced to the rhythms of the Gentlemen of Note on the evening of March 26 at the Parish I-louse. Sea-green punch and green frosted cookies, as well as the many ballons and beautiful decorations that were carried home as souvenirs, added to the happy effect. SENIOR BALL: D. Dunning, J. Tucker, S. McElroy, L. Shale C e y, . Angerman, K. Brown. Inspirational Award Winners: Russ Hall, Elmer Bunker INSPIRATIONAL AWARDS Elmer Bunker received the in- spirational award in football and Russ Hall won the same award in basketball. They earned the honor for their spirit, enthusiasm, and cooperation. GRADUATION SPEAKERS: Paul Hartman, Hugh Muzzall. Intramural Champions: L. Hunt, H. Mitchell, B. Jordan, G. Aden, L. Wilson, Y. Eng, P. 0'NeiII,, R. Evens, L. Gleason. INTRAMURAL CHAMPS The Reporters were acclaimed intramural champions by coming through the season undefeated. Under captain Howard Mitchell. They sunk the Wfeerites of room 13. Some feud! Fitterer, Jerry Tucker, Joann DEBATE The suject for debate was, "Ref solved: That the United Nations now be revised into a Federal World Government." Ellensburgs debate team lost the decisions as often as they won them, and the result was an even score. DEBATE: Bottom row--Rita Snodgrass Donna Soper. Top Row-Jack Wicks, Doug Wattier. i I WEGERITES ELECTION DAY AT THE POLLS D Wattier K Minton D M'IIe , , . , . 1 r, J. L. Warren, R. Lockling, S. Schille, L. Jeffers, B. Campy Dodge, P. Fitterer, J. Ledum, Weger, B. B. Minton, B. Matthews. Brunson, R. Cross, L. Mann. JJ f D f . L! I MMV J A ff' J S ' ' , 7 a . .M f T bf! Ulf X 47 1, jd!!-!,f L! X flflf. K f for s ff ,gf g SEPTEMBER 8-What? School? Oh! No! Yes, it's that time again. 10-910 and they expected is to study English! 16 17 -A handwriting expert was the first National Assembly. -"Back to School" dance was the first Bulldog Club party. 28-EEE initiates Mcffully and Stewart with their aims in slings gave flowers to their teachers. Hmm, Bribery or peace offerings? 29-Miss Twyman passed away. OCTOBER 7-First radio program was a tribute to Miss Twyman. 8-Triple E girls had a dinner. 60 First Pep assembly, to prepare for the Prosser game. fsee p. 53j. 12-Teachers are human too. At least they were in the journalism assembly. fsee p. 81. 15-"Sadie Hawkins Day" said Tri-Y girls. Did they get their dates mixed? .25-Bad news-or was it good? First six weeks grades were out. 28-Part of the radio class was off to a convention in Spokane. 29-School takes mock vote-Truman was "elected." NOVEMBER 2-Snow on election day-was that in anyway prophetic? 4-Klahiam staff members went to Seattle to see yearbook exhibit, almost got snow bound getting back. 10-junior High had music show. 11-To Cle Elum for the Armistice Day game. 1 WE WON. CAM CLUB COOKS Kibbe, D. Cobain, G. Kensel. T. B. OR NOT T. B. Joyce Wicks, J. Dodge, D. Myers, W. Tozer P. Hodgson, M. Pur I. ,,:7L V7 'D JL nfaw-!f'6?!7Mk' ' Edofvf fawff 1,11 f4"""f7M":7 12-Back to school and down we went to the EEE "Shanty Town" tolo. 19-We'll never know "who-done-it" in the all school play. , 20-Y. V. I. A. A. Student Leaders' Conference. 23-Salon Rizk Assembly. 25-26-Vacation and recuperation. DECEMBER 11-Forty-one couples went into a "Winter Wonderland" at the Junior Prom. 13-Cam Club had a dinner-Christmas party. 14-Point Club had a Christmas party at Miss Baker's. 21-Excellent Christmas assembly was presented. Tri-Y and Hi-Y went carolling. 23-Christmas vacation began. Hurrah! J A N UARY 5-Well-we were back again. X A 722244 7-Top Hi yell leaders came up for dinner. ' 10-Official reports said it was -23", but it said 40" below at the N. P. Station. 11-Who needed an ice box? School was out- too cold. 17-We were back to school but it was still cold. 22-Selah yell leaders were in for dinner. 25-Band gave a concert. 28-March of Dimes-and the semester ended. FEBRUARY 2-Then came the grades that went down on record. Hi-Y gave Tri-Hi-Y a turkey dinner. 8-School was out again at one o'clock-storm approaching. Debate squad lost at St. Josephs 10-Debate squad's affirmative won, negative lost to Yakima. 14-Storm was over, so back to school. 61 NOON-TIME LOAFERS Kay Harding, Mr. Hull, Dena Phare, Carol Offer MARCH Tucker, C de Jump, cy Green, Harold Belch ff' WQADWJWJWQ Mlgfafarffi ffifw A jjygmfafft QP. SQ Valentines Dayj 14-"Voice of the Deep" assembly. Fish Talk! 17-Debate squad won at Kittitas. 25-26-Y. V. I. A. A. Tournament started at Yakima. Z5-"Bel of Bea olai' sen F7 1" 0 d 26-Ahoy! and ub e. It as down 1 8 Neptune's Gardens r th r 2. . APRIL X We were fighting all the time. MARCH -Music Festival got underway. 5-Y. V. I. A. A. Tournament was still rolling. -F. F. A. had Parent and Son Banquet. -Y. V. I. A. A. play off. Pasco won. -End of Music Festival. 19-State Basketball Tournament. Lewis and Clark of Spokane won it for the 18th time. -Another six weeks gone and only twelve weeks left. Still snowing. -Grades were out. New low reached on grades. Ouch I 1-Science assembly. 8-Met the athletes-track, baseball, tennis. 8-We carried off the honors at the first home track meet. -Earthquake. Editors had pictures taken during the earthquake. -Pan Am. Club presented annual assembly. -Good Friday-no school. -Track meet at Yakima. -We put away our Easter eggs and went back to school. Track meet and tennis match here-third in the track meet. -"Cupid's Court" Tri-Y-Hi-Y tolo. Paul Fitterer was named "King Cupid." SSPNE FAMILY STYLE nger, Marvin Depue, Fay Griffin, Jack Wixg:ks,li'gMonica Jerry Tucker, Hugh Muzzall, , o McC y, Sue McElroy. Hartman, Paul Fitterer. Y .1 y C A F wx , J AV 1, 4 J 0 A L . WV W-f 1, fr I VV l I ,gf N fJi f - 1 e i 0 f 1 , . Q ' N, fgf W V t" ly' fl I 0 W Q -To Cupids Court to see Paul Fitterer crowned ruler at the Tri-Y tolo. -88" F. Hot. -910-Hotter Yet gsldli if ' si? tilt iii 25LProf. Konirsch talked to us about Germany. 29-Senior Play presented. Save us from art! 29-Track at Wenatchee-vfe took second place. soflf you hadn't been to Vantage by then, you should have been. It Was wonderful for sun- burns. MAY 3-Did you sleep through the safety assembly, too? 7-Apple Blossom festival, track eliminations at Yakima Qwe were secondj, Roman Banquet. QAll that foodlj How did we live through it? Also, eating while on your stomach didnlt agree with the 20th Century Roman's idea of comfort. 8-860-Hot. 9-89"-Hotter -Wilson Creek flooded the playground. 890 F. Holter! 11-910-Still Hotter Yet 11-A. S. B. Nominations. 12-910-"Please pass the lemonade." 12-Open house at Home Economics Department. 13-Seniors couldn't stand the heat. They "sneak- ed" to Seattle. All was legal. 14-Valley track meet at Yakima. 21-Sophomore girls held the annual tea for the senior girls. Charlotte Angerman was crowned "Dream Girl" by the Hi-Y boys. 27-Supremacy contest. JUNE 5-Baccalaureate 8-Graduation. 7-Class night. Gold Rush, letters. awards, what have you? f - 1, .. 'i -Q fills' ' ' 2 ily' i if if 5 so eee - X - ' , , L, . Vx . 1, Lf I ..-. xg' . . .f ' Q ' f ' ' . 1 x, L' 4,UVVf4J f ' Q' ' 4l.i.Q:i'l"-n jr if if . ' .1 154 fx' V 4, ' V kfyll 'JW A Y Q Xie of xxx if rs ' Q 1 4,-1 f "' V vf' if T5 of, s ,, L' 'K ,Mffifef i. s ,J Us 's . i. Mr o W J VA u W ug i o' , ff ix : NEW' 5 ,f .lf xl, ' tk' 1 is , Y Q SL 'X no Q if f i s s x- w X pls H i ffi- MX! Ns v9 U N. X -'JW ,f ' 0 L X fri-N f' .ig q if fs! A , Q so -'S 0 -54 A h 9 , K LN 0 s X OWXQ5 4. X 2+ un ,Nur Q.: 6' A . A g5 UXLAIJQ if s A 4 fb iii? 3 ' VWZUQLL5, ' ax 3 TX. p Aki Wy' A J . fe is s PS 7 X s - nk t Miss MacLennan for the picture I m -- , . 1 The Klahiam Staff wishes to express its tha s o ' , ancitto the members of the radio production class who were responsible for the thoughts ' ' lt Miss TW man. and the wording of the memorza o y ,MM Q- Mx :WSL -xabib-K5bf" 5,5152 if gxngewg-M Swag? J Qu. XJ: . 3 DB' W N2"Q' SS? bwsbs' igfaf M is 5 p , livgwgjvwg QafQy 11 1 . pf - ' ,. f 12. X -J V, 1 K1 -Lf N' M 1 1 Ni WQMM M? QE ilgofzfamg CWjVYT0"ZfsLx9 KEN MV Y ,X 2 ENV 7 f if Sv 1 Q ,pam 5 5 'G6 D wfx' J' . x KW Vx X SQ V15 XN1' ' Q ., U' X w, X X i I WWQZQQ iz gg? Wx W1 W y 24S51Wfy 3 w 1 it ,-Y-., I-'Q ' I 1 2,3 -.v Nj YI. N4 I ,,, I. Y, 0 cd B L HEINRICH AUTO ELECTRIC I-'Iiclreys Refrigeraiion 81 Hea+ing LOCKWOOD ' JACK ' Plumblng and H1-ming Telephone 2-2151 and 20906 li 21:5 L! 41 Ill '. pw 5.4. IW",- Aff. ei' Mrs? II Bi' f ,. , T -,Lil-j , , 'L Q . n 'Q ' I I A g ' M3255 I ag I W I A A AA 15 L 1-1 1 L., 1-gf f ... -',-,- LL L,,l,...,.,.,... V-,Q-J. ., M., .,,..., . y ,L mi' l ' 1 "HANK" THE PLUMBER - PEOPLE S STORE HK H4 Hamm H pi - I Phouez-3155 IH? S Ellcnsburg Washington H -Y V Zvi dpkg, 4 . fo- A- ---fy ,5 5 51 L 1 'I ',- Q " Q Ai- ? Q QE 1 G : 3,5 2' my I gs' 5 5 L: ' QQ gg .E .L gi I 'V Z jf G P-1 -JSM J - Q U, -- 1 Z' 2 I-L: Q S' E 5. : a Q If MTD' 5 5 I I gi :U 5 is 5 QE , 9 S 1' 3 :D 5- I-I 11 -' fy 4 F Q. n- I-g-1 " I 9- Z . w Y w L' m : . , 2 rn g 1 O 5' 5 H 'I , 5 - 2 U n O fm ' " U7 fi pm I' '- -. YL- .. ? 2 5 2 3 S20 Q -I LET I " Q ' E 55 512 2 2, rr-"4 5 :Q if I 3 2 U -51 " E , ,F nge, . 5 3 'A I I-, 3 2 In iii F 5 'l, 5 r'r'e 5: ,,,. Q . ,- ' r ' 'iff' W' f J? ' N' ' E- QD E O :I e U N , 11 m .- 'n 1 F, S I' Z O :U rl-1 rg 2 U1 1, I 1- cf: 9 ., Z U 0 -n F1 0 ' Z I V' Q O Q 3, " rn Q 3, 3: G7 ., Q F Q Y I I - W 1' C 5 ' O H JU 0 IT' B Z n Z gf 0 Z 5 2 n E F, 9. 3 1 Q IO ua E 5 Z 5 3' O g O as it E o Q 3 C N 11 f 1 Y- -A w LL. ' Z 9. m v- m N' 2 " f E 3' ' gf 52 , L. 2- O Q' 21. gg 5 Q E r' 0 PU Q O H E S. G5 7: I' ea :cf ug '4 '4 :I "I gg S z on 5 L E- 55 ITI 1- . -I 2: 5 5 ' E- K m I an O G5 'U lh Sf Nr o If G r- -m fn 50 Z -x lg' 1.515 . N? ? . ff -Y f f - ' . I fi f . :VI Lv, ,P Y I roduce your faxes. fl, Pafronize Your H . ELLENSBURG MUNICIPAL LIGHT PLANT Y Tho groahsxf lingIo commercial use? owned by fha Cify of Ellunxburg If the Municipal LigI1I Plant Suppod fhh municipaIIy-owned indusfry and furfher ome lndusfries P wL5oN s D RE 'Y 5' Rv: 1 nr. jw?5i?fff5ffY, 5 " : A - 4 1' L. EBSQ?-3 I 3g.,Lg+,g Q4 v,,s..Z ..gL'?j,'-ffll-.LO A . 'z A :Y .1 ., v 5 h I h F'-n-E R WILKINS PRINT SHO , Prinung SE CE STATION iff :nw N rsh Pear sireev. I lei. L . - f, A . H 4 ua 3 o :IP z It -I V I' I C 2 I O 'T' 5 ' C 4 1. 3 L, L' 1- X " 5 m 3: O 'Q 2 5 U1 E r- L 0 C 3, ru U' I' ,rf N 7: 3 5 E 'U Z E C I11 J A f ox I'I1 -A O E 22 75 Z W X ,U O - SLI tn Z 'E sq E2 IC' ST C U' ff- E I g QQ, 716 G3 0 9 - 12 E 0 ,.i, f ,, . Q,-. -4 I U' O If Q ,E Z g 4" , ,-T' LA , G1 O W A A , ,. L., L-, 2 m 3 .. as W 5 2' 2 . F 2 8 0 0 gi? ,rg 'Z 5 11 I ""' f' T' 2 o as z D' 3 0 Q O C Q ' w ' 57 3 .. F 1- 02 5 F1 F 3 5 5 :- O "' JU "' If 14 " -4 Q z ES 55 3 5 I 'I' Q H S' r- 11 2 5 5 3: if 5 2 2 5 S if 70 1' 5 55 IJ. L- U gn ig P' w Q it :1 I 0 Z 2 U so ru T O - m 8 ua Q m 1 - 3, :- Z " 2 R 'I 'J Q 2 Z gr, 5 Q E 5 fu W 2 2 L 2 9 2 A 5 5 5 A 0 I, S v' 5' '4 4. '4 5 Z If 21 um I Ib r- r- 1 KLTTLTAS VALLEY COMMUNITY CH ar Texaco G1-mc-nl Y- GFHVPI 407 N. Pearl Ph 2-2961 iff - ' WH 'IS L! , ,gi . , EST IIQJ- S., Antlcrs BuiIding ErY.J..55 if Phone 2.4437 5. A. HOKE . : .,,1 A, :f, Lgpfg.,v ' - J- I fvqgz. 'X C25 ' I 8 Kiwanis BeIieves in YoutI1I ,I g g j I2 5 BUSTER BROWN sm A, Sm U Lu S .'-' ' Q' SHOE STO E es Y- -E 1,4 R 107 E1 uh Dial Z-1441 KIWANIS CI-'UB I 'nh ,' LD O ,fr fig Aim, . I N A 3 .I HAYSLIP MOTORS WOODS AUTO SUPPLY ENFIELD DAIRY - uxajser R Fr A N Hardware - Paint - AppIiances ,7 Earl E. Anderson 2-3401 I Mer ong Pasmurtzcd A Homogemzed In LL, NNOl IIJXII lh nm L luxxfxxs BUTTERFIELD CHEVROLET SHORI lk SHORT M FXRRELL D. D S. Carter Fuel Bc Transfer Co Goehner s Sfuduo CAMERA SHOP 31 N Plbilfl Ross Brofhers THE HUB CLOTHIERS ' 1908 G ,STI-QW' RT K--1 kdl' . I S D X -1701 Wu 1 mm M UI Br1l-ActKr1R IM Al d M Cl I1 HB kShuMt F xll gh Pl-QRSONAUZE D PORTRAITURL 11 Pays lo shop al 5 C PENNEY COMPANY ,455 120 1-: L Fo th su CLEMAN 81 CRIMP ANDERSQN OIL C0 CASEY MUSIC COMPANY 'As uw sys u

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