Ellensburg High School - Klahiam Yearbook (Ellensburg, WA)

 - Class of 1946

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Ellensburg High School - Klahiam Yearbook (Ellensburg, WA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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-THMWB, P i I Clothiers . . . Furnishers Shoeists U U71 Ply, A Qllflflfq ,U -ii- fvf H! Sfr' - -' , llllr' fr,-rw, U Y Illf-K, eri Drug co. 40l N P A - earl - P Vi hone Main 55 For Real Estate and Insurance -S - WHITE-FITTEFQEER COMPANY Oldesi Broke, 'a -' - ,. HP Flrm In Iuggimx yummy gl- V F MAs51E COMPANY 1 -E Ellensburg Main 824 4 7 , LQA ' wsunavcf-pgwsrfi If X ,Q .1 Q J. D. THOMAS, jr. Atfnrney 1 Af TAY L0 Prescription Phafmadsts ore Bostic'S Dfug St godaxw , ,.RexaXXD1'V9S MP X ll W QF pi A H Enengbufg m at PEN Phone Main 135 N112 comevli f I A , ,W udent Accounts" Sanders for Rent THE. 107 W sm Bla k WASHINGTON NATIONAL BANK C ELLENSBURG 5 M FARRELL D D S olympla Bxock 1-7.- ,, Insur ' STEWART C PAINT AND E OP at SE ance, Silrecy and . omblim 07 East uh ARS and i-2 Fidelity Bonds KING E Gnrs of 115 West 4th S'3Ve rf C Marn G72 O Transfer C0- nd Healthy on F, Crkmp. Manager , I-:LLENSBURG C Schaake Packmg Co Hmm of Qwmlw. . A Group of BUSH 3 Promoting tb Ca rter I w 4m sn Phone Mm M for the Entire Fami 3 fhone Maln 193 100 N H MUNDY'S FAMILY SHOE STORE For Infn A11 Leather shoes ' 1' 310 NORTH PEARL ST ELLENSBU A RC BRANCH F. A. KERN Attorney N F-alt il I4 Us Q P -5 1 Q nhl ferson American Meat Company 1. ,,,'fL,,f,3 M522 ll .S,., I ,VI mf' , - , lxth and Maw T tw , x H Ph U iler s Studio s one Main H6 'g f sHoRT A SHORT 0 Attorneys Fme Ponfaifuff wi HOLLYW Cleaning SSD CLEANERS 109 Westhfgh 1-Sing . Repalrlng EY CO. 120 East Fourth SL, x WEBSTER'S FOOD "The Finest In Foods and Confectionsn Phone Main 41 Phone M8111 I2 "AH HH' ,vrlmr lllljlflfqf Service Drug Store 410 N Pearl St. Phone Main 149 '-i- RBERT SNOWDEN AGENCY INSURANCE HE A -- ALL MAIN 98 CJLMOU5 grocgxxbsn ' YF C Quamiiag,-,lj Pmmpt Serum Nam 203 For Anymhxng tn Building Materials , phone, A Lg' That You May Need 104 , . .mfyqu nook QIY TUNI-A-LUM ,.11,1,1.V '-uw 1-lmv.m LUMBER co. 5'f,X'NUx 14' f 1 Harry Mncnen, Mar. A .lu 5 "" f ' f A N I -1,1111 NWI " 11" 'N' ' CAMBLE STORE P Gerson' Mgr' "The Friendly Store" g and Shoes 5- G, W. 3 316 North Pine Mum 736 ET , T1 S BEAU7-3, FRANK STRANGE A-ar, 5HOp,,-,E "HANK" THE PLUMBER N Pm H H. Robertson B l Y M8111 129 Phone Mam we :F H . A 'ig in 741 ' KS JEWELRQ Savings LOC K N Watch an PV cKS0N A S E Di 4 , OF COMMERCE DR A J- H. Muwoy Jbxznazgdtxzomeh Phone Mmm 98 Demlst -- 1-Quinn KIWANIS CLUB d Homeseekers K, E- C 81:1 Call 204 E, aah sc LEANERS PHONE MAIN 134 Maxn 192 ational Bank of Com OF SEATTLE q NTI NG EYQU-I-.rs Ifllxlilllg Pelle: 1 Nmngs A Puhhshgd by the Xwmdrefl Student Body of the Ellensbur Semor High School Ellensburg Washington GEMM E51 'QU mssom suvwxg M XXX! OI X O Jw' HX will Y' NH Rl l WH xr ,.-I, ,. IJUHCJIIIN LLSIIAXIU IHNIIlrIIIlIlQl Ii IYLAI-I AM 1946 UNH X Foreword The future positron f Washington ln a unlfled world of peace Decllcatlon A trlbute to the U N O the organwatlon Set up to promote justice and peace for all manklnd Personnel The reconverslon of faculty and students from exlstlng for all out war effort to hung for world peace Orgamzatlons A survey of our clubs and servlce groups wlth therr pur poses and contrlbutrons to school 1 e Athletlcs A review of our part IU typical American recreatron and sportsmanship Calendar A day by day and month by month review of personalltles and school life on the Ellensburg High School campus ln l945 46 3 171 A'YV 4:A'fl1S . . . " o l'f . SQUAW CREEK SAND DUNES .af 'ff isbwmm 1 Z5-yew facie ff 9? J! 'f 1' r fm . Thls ns the present that no man s land between war and peace where the future IS uncertam the past hlstory That past was molded for us and cannot be altered or bettered The future lles ahead lt rs ours to pattern so that disaster will not again befall man and so that we as cltlzens of Washlngton State will be able to develop fully the riches wlthm our own borders Washington with nts evergreens and scenlc beauty holds many opportumtles for those who will heed its call The state with nts valuable coastlme varled topog raphy and climate m addltlon to lts many lndustrxes and resources has bountlful prospects for growth The way m whlch these challenging assets are accented and woven Into a pattern of well bemg shall determlne how the progress of Washlnvton shall fare as a part of a umfled peaceful world h ' WW' , 'fm ,gf . mf' 'Q ' iw, ,, , , at 19' s A1 MOUNT RAINIER Photograph by Sheppard HEI DIC,'.X'l'lUN "To practice tolerance and live to- gether in peace with one another as good neighbors, and To unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and To insure, by the acceptance of prin- ciples and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and To employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples .... H For these principles the United Nations Organization was founded. To these ideals we dedicate our I946 Klahiam. After such years as have been exper- ienced, when countries forgot all common decencies and practices of courtesy, sub- stituting greed and destruction, we dedi- cate this book to the earnest promotion of peace and justice among all nations as a tribute to those who have given their lives in this war, and as a fortified pledge that they have not died in vain. 7 41-vr l ELLENSBURG YAKIMA HIGHWAY Photograph by Ellis .. ,Y A 0. .N . V A MJ , 4 . - A vw A -Bk , JT. ' 3, Q , n I -4 92. V744 , i 1 ' 3 - - I IUCIISONXICI, Reconversion from war to peace is not easy in industry, in government, or in school. Having again started school two weeks late so that high school boys and girls might help relieve the critical labor short- age, E. H. S. students still find vacations few and far between. However, resump- tion of many privileges enjoyed regularly before the war did not go unnoticed, un- appreciated, or unpracticed. So, with the knowledge that we have done our share in winning the victory, we continue, with the cooperation of admin- istration, faculty, and students. to strive for the maintenance of our high standards of scholarship, sportsmanship, and con- duct. SPN vfmd v-ow ae' ef ln -509 XDNIINISIR X I ION Actmg wlth capability and wxsdom the admlnlstratlon devoted lts efforts toward betterlng our school curricula and encouragmg good cltlzenshlp and scholar sh p The E H S student body IS grateful for the valuable assistance of this depart ment ln the cllrectxon of its school llfe QW A IILJ4 ll 1' V- .pax N. 6 w-'A' 1. . 169 gn Y YfY YY ' 4 - - n - A .U , x65 , f pf' 61 5 '- f f, yoj ffmdffi V55 If .6.u1,,.,f, Q V! ' . .V ff 4-'---w77QT4L"+' -A . ,M . ICU 'l'I.'l'Y The sudden ending of the war placed mcreased emphasls upon the lmportance of educa t1on as a means of qu1cken1ng ll'1tClllgCI1CC and encouraglng honesty 1n our c1t1zens Our faculty qu1ck to see 1ts respon Slblllty toward these ends be came more mterested 1n the we are of every E H S student W1tb the1r capable guldance and 1nstruct1on as a background we, as students should be better prepared to cope wltb llfe s problems r all th l 1111 111 R U l I 111w1s1tx of XX 1sl1111gtf111 Xl S Ba aydes F I lxsual I llll 1 Teat 1e-rs 1 11lleg..e 0 u111l11fL l1llX6I'NllN Bowen d 84111141 1 111a11 Y PC eS5le Illlt LU 1111111s 41 X s urke M1chaeI X ll 11111111 nn1 1 re nm 111111111s Dunstan Mane E AFI L111xers1ts uf Xla hmg on Frohs Fred W l-arm up Vl B S Hayes Teresa n1.,l1sh IIIIXQFNIIX 11 Ida 11 L enry alter Pl 1s11 11 lllll 11141 S I5 s Johnson J Art ur ru 11lt111Q XX H s Johnson ce 1 1 p., I n1Xers1tx of AAdShlT'lLlll1l B A Klo bucher Marlon I- n1.I1sh VK l11tm'111 11111-1,9 I4 X Low George S Xlusm lllXt s1ts 11 111 1es Pur V1rg1I lflll QUlQ'8y Dorothy M l 1111.11 ll..lS N I ix 111 I A Shuck Anna B Hu IIIFNN le-ntra NI1ss1111r1 St 111 Tear he-rs 4 11lle-ge P 1r11 11 a e 1 f- 1 uf F111 1111 Nl X Sprowls Bernlece ffllNl ness S X Ii s Stark Hanna 'lthf 111 llll 1 11 1 1 N , Twyman Jeannette studx l 1111 1' N x 1 is 111g.tr111 Ware Jeannette H111111- I-111111111111 s lmur Q x nf as 111gtr1n fnlum ll 1 s 1 Nl -X Wetzel El1zabe ee-Oh 111fl IJ1 1111a11fs XX H ncks wen 111 Ntlbl luv! es Q r 4 XX hlllklllll Nl A Yrkkola Edwln 11s11 11 lt'Ill l 1 1 lfll 1f X114 h12"111 4 l f 4 ,44 I fl,4,g1, L1 7'.J Um-'ea J If '9""'7 UJ-M1 'H .E AS-.LMN'yN4i5n,o 04444 - fi ,MZ 17'-"H 11 al 6 , 1, C ' ' ' , ,if gf 1 ,,z,.1.?, ' ' ' , j,.., 1 , , , J' 1 Q we ff ff 1 1' A g , Ru - 'I11p:lisl1 1 l llis ry, f I , I 1 l'lllYt'Y'-'llj' f North lu k PIII, li. A.. 1' ' f I, 'fff'-'-1 Wwe, f l' " j 'Q ,' ' ,. ..'. ker' GI .f '1,'."- 'If '11 ion, lf. YV. U. E- H. A., -l ' f Of I' I " ' " j, M. A, , Te gl " ' '-, XVh'I . B. S., V. S. V., M, S. Bu h, J '-llf - H' - Il ' I'11iY+-rsity f V:1.'l1i1111:t1111, R. S. B , ' is JJ!" ' ' ', NY. S, F., li, S. De 'S, M'ld d --H1 1 l'I1-41- , , .A '.', XY. S, VI., H. A, I , 1 . 11' AI. ' , ' ' .4 Sh . '. S. V., . , -li f , ' " h' f ' I1 , T A. H , W - 'z li 'z ' 11, . VV. li, . , . h - Ag! " ' -, '. S. l',, . , s J. Ali -l.il rary, St. Olaf 4'1 llv fe, H. 1 ' A K , A. ' Ki'bbe, Mverleflndustrial Arts. Qtelfcsfjfyff hwy ff' ' . vf ,X 1- f ' ' .-. l' ' j I' R -l :te-1'. li, M. - hell, ' ' L.-S1'W 'Q-. XV. S. l'.. B. A. ' , .-- 1: ' z f-.', K lvIllYt'l'.'lIj' 1f NV: sh' gt 111. li. A., M. . .4 I , .g s' ' l " .tvlblf rbl K St t Pr ll 4g - I 'wat ti , . . 1 . , ' - ,-'- ' ,'.', .'. N '. T. V., . .'. , ' V . --M. ' 2 '-s, f'2ll'lf'I4 II 4' ll -1:11, H. ' ' A.. l'11iv -1'.'iIy of Allllllk'Fl Ill. M. A. ' gi- - - .el - sith' 1f XY: .'h' f , H. A. I ' .-113 sv- .-11' f l. H. ' Hz' l'11i 'v1'.'i y, .... , ' th- ' f ' SD' 1 'z ', S. fi, , A. V f AA 51 J W , 0 C.-S1 -'al .' -A 101-, L - lm ' 11 XV :I 'j'2lll. H. A., I'11ix'v sity . 1f 'us ' 1 , .,,, , ' 4 W.-M '. N1 'tl ' 1'11Il11g.1 11f 'I lu- 1 'at'1 . Ii. S., l'11i1'e1'5i1y 1 A '- ' . , 'V , 4 M. A. . X ' A 11- X 4, , -141,4 24223 5 'Q s - ' I SENIOR VIASS Allan. John F.-Vllurlif 33. IAIIIII Vlull I g, l'rf.k1.-.'1jf.y,Fr.-xx'Z'3l-l.AII1--il Ywlllil V, Ambos, Russ Jr. liuilfl I-21-4 UI'1'll'N- Ig 'ill lg IT- . im gl 51U,i.- I"vsIlX2lI I-31-4. Swiiiu I lil-l 4 l- .il ill 4 Tr-4-k " "4 li:li'z1rii11l':1ls Z-Zi-4, Illillli--a: lillziifl Z! IZ-4. l'uii Aim-i'i-:lil Vllill 3-Il. Anderson. Jay A.--Iffwtl-Qlll 4, Iilrm- !-4. llullilflg lluarvl I-Z!-4. I.:1liil Vliil- ", All Swlnlol I'l1u' ZZ. Bates. Walter J. Berg. Lois E.ws-ll-igll ZJATZ. 5--1-xi--v 4 Brown. Shirlee E.- Iizlinl I-Z1-4 HV- ln-M , llllllflif J-..-4. Bates. Richard--1'l1l-rims I-I IV21 L-IZ-4, 1'l14li'us 4. Sflrxiw- "" iVI'2lIIl2l 4, Bunger, Jack--If lf. .X. Z. Bunker, Clarice Sovirll I-4 Burress. Moxie---Hi'--lifwllul 4 ill'-rus --.,-4, 5-ll-izxi J-W-I. Busby. Shirley---'I'i'i-Y it-4, Sunil Vliil- 207-4 Cady, Roger G.-lff.flill.lll 2721. lizislwi- llzill lf. 'I'1':i--Ii AiilIl1l21'I' Z. iIlIl'JtIIllIl'- ills I-Ilfl. Capps, Gloria Jean llzuifl 241'-4. Hi'- i-hvstrzi Z1-II-4. VTVIIIIQ' l-I II-l. X'-uw-:Isl 4. l':in ,Ximii-'ziil Vlull Il. Carras, J0hY1f'IllII'1llllllI'Jlir I-II-4. .Xlliwl Yiiulli If. Carter. Marna--Hi'-'lirstm " " lunifli' I.ilIl.iii.iii ..-4. Il1.lm:1 4. Child, Cherylif'l1ili'lis Il. S.-rxil-v fi. llrzmizi 4, l'r'esi1lvili l. 4'4'llIl':li Vwuii- 4'li 4. Clare. Emma---1'Ii1lr1is 4. Clark. NOC'-Lillill l'li1ll 52, IE . wri- lii XII 1-:ill Vllill II. Vfvliiisvlllio 4. Klziliiniii Iilisiill-ss Staff' 4. Tri-Y I!-4. Clerf, Rita - Vrlllilse-I4-1' 4, Klzillizmi Illia- in--ss Staff 4. Sl-I-iul il. Ilrzlmzi 2-4. Tri-Y II-4. Via-1--I'i'+-sirlviit 4. Clerf, Shirley---.Iuiii-lr Vluss S4-vw-riliw II. SQ-iiioi' Flass 'I'i'+-usuiw-1' 4, Girls' I.i-:xuuv 'l'i'i-asiirei' 22. Triple I-I 4. I'zm A1114-r'i4-am Vlull 2-31. wliiiiselili- JZ-4. Klzlliiam Business Stuff Il-4. .Uh- lf-lif' 4'l1lll 2, Veiitiuil lvliimril 4. Tri- Y 12-II-4. Cochran, Marvinf-liiitl-iwl as 21 Sl-iiiul' from Ke-nt. Conant, James-Ilzlslwillall Il. 'l'i-11--k Blzuizuzf-V 3, IiiIi'z1ii1ui'uls 2-II-4. Conway, Darlene- So-'izil JZ. Atlilfliir Vlull 4. Corbaley. Joy-l'l1lli'us 4. Triple li fl-l. I'r'vsiiIn-nt 4. Vlllliise-Ifli' 31-4. Klalliizliii Ilusim-ss Stuff I. Sf-i'x'i+-P 2. So--izil SI-4. 4'+'llII'HI 4'fvuii4-il 4. Tri-Y Il-4, Sf-iiim' Flaws lhuiii-il 4. Pep t'liill 4, Vim--l'l'--sid'-lit 4 Davis, Dorothy---Illiiil-wil as za Sv-iiiwi' frwiii Tfwiwiwilisli. Klzihiqim Ii1liIoi'i:1l Stuff 4. Sm-ial 4. I'1w-siflviit 4. lk-il 1'll1l, 4. Deranleau. Ileengl'l1f-rus 2-4. 'I'i'i1rIl- Ii Z2-4, Siwisil 2, Ivmiiizi 4. Erickson. Donald A. '4'iI4II'lIS 4, Tm'-I4 II. Iilillfiug lluzlril 2-1244. Latin Vllill 2, All S4-lifml Play 4. Evans, Lyle -Ilflys'l31iz1i'ivrle 4.4'l1f-i'u- 2-Sl-4. IIIIIYIIIIIIIYIIS 2-Il-4 Iliillilw' Huziril 2-SI-4. Faust. Geneva- Ilziml 2-fl-4, lli---livslixi 2. Xvu'si':1si 4, Ilrniilzi 3-4. Sflwizil Il. I'l'v'wiii"Ill JZ. Ivrum AiEl.i'll'4'IIf' LJ-Il-4. 'I'l'i Y 4 Fishei-, Jack- .ia-...liilqlii fr, i:4.si4.ililll1i 2. 'I'i':xr-lc I!-4. Ii1ll':1ilil1i':iIr 2-JZ-4. I". I" .X. I II-4. Fitterer, Phyllis--'l'--:mis 347-4. Smuil- I u--Irs 2. Triple' I-I L-I2-4. I':1il Aiiivri- will Vliill II-4. Vifliilsf-If-i' 11-Z3-4, Klu- illiilll liiisiilwfs Slnff IZ-4. llllsiiln-sf Xlzllizmvi' 4. I'Iii-I-luitllvliy Slilff 12. Vziiii fiilliv 3-SZ-4. Tri-Y 2-Il-4. IN-in l'Il1ll 4 Fuller. Earl Donald .lwilil-i' Flaws Yil-f--l'i'iriiIfAiil SI. S--iii-fr Vial-s I'iwwi- II-'ill 4 lilly! Vllill 'l'i'--zisvlivi' il. l"willi:lll Il-4. Ilzisl-intl-:Ill I-57-I Y X' I. .X A llxlsln-rllzill 'I'f-llriiziii.--ill I-l, Ili-Y Z5-I. Nlillv Hawk--lllilll 'I'1ll1i'il:i- Illv'llI 4 Garrett, Geneva --Sm-iznl 2-fl. Ilrzmlxl l Geesey. Gene--Iilli':iiiii1i':1ls I-il-4. I-'. I-'. A. 3-32-4. Sli-:lk .luiluiiis 17. Gibson. Jim--In-vs' 4Iii'ir'iv-lt.- " 1 Mixwl Imiillll- 4Jll:ll'lv'Ilr' 52. Vlwrw I- ll-4. Mufi-' I-'fsrixul 3-fi-4, I.z1rin1'lull Z. I'rn-xiii:-lil 2. All S-'liiml I'Ili3' 154. 1'ywij--1-Iiuii Wren Lf-12-4, Sm-vin-t4ii'y 13. Vliir-f Il, Ili-Y 4, Gillespie, Don--Ifolfrllgxll II-4. l'z4ii .Xiiirrii-:ul l'Iull 2. Hi-Y 4. aeme, Richard 1 1 in I 4 1 rotliill 4 Tr-mii- l ove Betty Jean I ntramui il 4 aberman Jack M.-vl 4 4-sim 1 T alla 4-1 i a I, nce - .1 1 l l -' II f -'- . - . anneman, G ne- I.: i L. . 1 'Q-st' al L. ' ' 15- . 12 L-fl. Tra-'la 1. 'z . 'z s . lllug 4' 'rv L. S 1 4" V arris, Charles R.--,' -I ' 1' ' 1 ss S . . . ..,., ss '- z u' :- lllf'IlI 5.-. '- ' f'- . " W- 'Av W ' State Basketball Trlll'llZ1lllE'lll 4. icks. Donald A.-I.: lL-fl- . '-- s- a 2-4. ' flrus . 11- ' L-I-. ' - 4' Guard I-, '. '. 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Haslce-tball 'I'-liirnnme-nl 2-71- 4, F. F. .X. 2. Ni-wswzist 4. Stats- liais- kf-tlnall Tfvur'nams-nt 2-4, State- 'Pram-k 'TllllI'll?ll'll6'Ill fl. Hi-Y 2-2-4. Jump. Janeice A.-'l'r-iplv li 4, Pam .Xlllt'l'l4'2ill Vlulv fi-4. Sf'-'ial 2-II-4. Keene. George H. liiifv-Vw-rl :ms il S4411- mr. Kelleher, Mary A. S. ll S"1'I'4'lilI'Y IZ. Sfflrllfviiluiw- 4'l:iss Si-1 iw-t:i1'5' 2, Girl-' l.+-z1u'11l- Vim--l'r'e-siilfiii 4. 'IH-liiiis I 'l'I'i1rlQ-ICI!-4. l':iii .Xlm-ri--:iii l'li1ll 2-11, Vwlliisf-lin' Sl-4. Klziliiam 'lu-in-ss ..1f"-' fi.. Slaff 4. Nm-izil fl. Tri-Y 'I-4. IH-In Vllil. 4 Xlll til flul ' Kensel. Hudson Van .Xii.--ri:-:iii Vluill Z!-fl. Ililrzillilirslls 2. .Xlliiii Ymllli 4. Lamprey, Charlene lil:ilii:ini lrusniw- Slziff 4. Lance. Doril D. -T1-uni- 4. 'l'i'ixfli- I-I Z1- 4. Klalliam lillsimlss Sluff 4. Sm-izil 2. Sn-rvif-v 22. Ivmmzi 4 Lance, Duane Trziwlq 4. lllll'1lIllllI'iliX 4, lf, lf. .X. 2-it-4. Larson, Lyle. Lemaster, Robert lim-' Vlull Swv-- lill'Y 4. Ili-Y 4. 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D NW JLXIOR LL XSS Using independence and good judgment the class of 1947 under the supervlsron of Miss Marlon Klo bucher advlser worked hard to make thelr actlvrtles lncludlng the Barn Dance ancl the unlor Prom the successes that they were ln ad dltlon to these soclal events spon sored by the unlors as a group lHdlVldllaI members of the class have shown their talents as participants ln musical dramatnc and athletrc presentatlons +3 'K' M' ff' u Y' U 71' .gf wk ak, Ov' ,va in xv, 1 -AG AW ,..v 1:1 M X SOI'IIONIOIxI II XSS XP! I 4 'IQX lt- NIII I 0116-N I Il I III NUII llll N PII II lllxtl Sx mg xx nu NI II le IN 1 I Xlllj.. ll nu VII Mu me lll H xx In 1 N Truhln IIIINIUDIIPINIIII I Sm Ix lx Wu ke- Ix sm I Iiurge 1 'I' mum m x xxsu X XII . , 4- I . . I A A 1A I L I1 I. Il. Swrwllsvrrl. M. I'h2u'--. II. I-Ix':1lIr A Ihlru. I'. Inj' 1 Il. Nnxwlrtx'-'11 Iixx-. I. Hiwk-. Ii. Iizxslzxxlssmx, Ii. M:- Iilrffy. II. Vzirtvr. IC, BI1'YzIy. Il' xx IE. .I. M -Hz IIC. IP, 1'I'4nIS . Il, .'I' ram, Y. .IurIIz1n. I., 1'IwI'f. Iiwxx I. Y. Iivk-I. I.. .I .I. XX'zxlAs, . Mx '1I1y. I: xx I: Ii. S1 '-up , l'. Kxl . II. IIZIIIIII .44 , II. I' uk, I'. HZISIIIZIIII. I Iwrulsvn. Ilf'xx'2: I,. T' I'A', K. Iiusxxw-II, I'. I'l-,IMI Il. Utis, II. I x'z 'I-X Ilwxx II: M. .IilI1ll4'S, P. I' '4-1's..I. . 1 I -us K. Hzlrrling, II,1'rma11I. II. 'z wr. Ilfvxvlz II, M 'I' "I , XV. I5 'I . B Fu ', IC. M ' 2 , Il. 1 vkr. It--xx I: XV. Sn ' I. IJ. Iiabermam. Ii. Iml lard, ', "ka, M. Austin. .I Ilxxwlz IC. Iiagxe. .. .' ith. J. .Ian-ks-In. .I Illiu-', '. ' ng. Il'xx'IZ: I.. Vail, Il. ' ll N. .' ith. M Fm-l1a'I1, '. " lt. It-1x43 Y.1lw-svy.II, 1 ' I. I.. Iirf. rn M. Iiill sz Ib. f'2lllIllIH'II. Ii- xx I I.. I'l1---In-. A. Iirwx . II. .lm--I:uI I'. IIIIIIIIIIIK. IP. I"'Ii:Ix'wIi. .I. Sham IIIIII IL V1 .I. IIMIIIIIINIII. II. 'I'--xrx. I.. Ii-W IL Aluffguh Ir. lguxxv, .l. Slmxx-I'-I I' l'I. xl1:l1I. IL .I Vlgxrlx. M I,iIIfxkx. IC K-I---If-I Il I-Ixlmirv-II. N. I.--I---Ix. Iv 1'III'II I-' XK'.Il'xw-II. Le- vin N I-I Trler H -XIITPI on IJ Taxlm -Xnthonx Tr un +- PHIII mdx I I T11 fe qw ing fl 1 If 1 lnp I1 I fill frl IL ' 1 . x , l I ln BELOW Run I aIIlIIlf.,iI '1 unn- es c '1 me lE'IINXdlfl x 7 1 41 s 1 exnwl H atm nh. A Iius Rum. l4X I Lx UU XHNQI l I xx I .un HIIH x X Nmhl 4- sln IN lu bluxrns 1+ In Although this has been their flrst year in hlgh school, the sophomore class has not taken a backseat to their upper classmen as evidenced by lts hlgh scholastic standing sports partxcl patron and pep Under the aclvlsershxp of MISS Wetzel this class has contln ually exhlbltecl a progressive outloolc toward all school aCtlVItl6S I Huw I: XV. Iljrtlr-s. I-I. Iim1j4,p,,g. 1-' Hu,-I-.-SS, I.. I-.n '.I, M. Trl: , auser. Hffwii A. ,' . , , 1 -5 ' . . . .Y T. A IJ. I ' s.nfI. x Iinxx IZ: A. I' f-, J. Ml IP. l':IlNYiI'llS, J. ' ' . Ii. Iluu Hll, J. I-Zu Iimx 4: Il. .I llv, J. Ii: 'I, .I. I' A ps, I1 Julln, ll. 5, k,.-A I-trawl: If. Ellis, J. Shaun . Ir. Hill. J. SI A' II f, N. I.L1ss4-Il, Ibm 2: II. lm per. J. Sl ww-lnsml, M. .'1niII, 'I'. Jvfhr s PII. linwil: li. Vzllxmnn, lr. grill-,.,.Hv J- HL! .F- mun. I'. 111111.-11. f 1 J. R' M. H. 11, Ia, 1.1 V' Ir., I' ' . 1 Y, VVin'.-, D. Lori, V. MMI! -, I. , I - Iif,vL: M. Hirkle, K. Iir vr, I-T Hit, M. . . . St ' '. . ll .1 -lf-r, . , slay, . li. lqflllflilll, ll. lwvii: IP, 1'hr'istrph-rum, I.. l.Z1I'llIIQ'l', J Sl gauwl, It. V1 Ir. I-'ur"ell. in ' i J. N' J n, .l. M " V, 'Il. I-I. Bus L. SWFI Ii. ' ' li. I '. ng. GRAND COULEE DAM Photograph by U. S. Reclamation Service 'Nh UM XXI! X I IOXs Established to serve the needs of the mcllv dual members beyond curricular bounds the clubs and orgamzatxons of E H S have continued to accept and carry out the responslbllltles for a well rounded school llfe Throughout the year students have enjoyed their social actlvxtxes and proflted from thexr acts of servlce Contrlbutlons to the student body as a whole make the ervlces well worth all the work and effort put lnto them Wrth prlde ln their accomplishments these organlzatlons have endeavored to fnalntaln hlgh standards better flttlng them for the job of establlshlng ln tomorrow s world cltlzens capable of clear thlnlclng wise Judgment and fuller llvmg 21 X X QNII ll 0- 4 Q 4 S The purpose of Boys Club is to inform the members of various voca tional opportunities of which they may take advantage to promote a health program and to provide for any other activities in which the boys are especially interested In keeping with this purpose pro grams scheduled for the meetings were filled by speakers who pre sented valuable information on a wide range of subjects appealing to every interest X . x r 1 l 1 I N in lift NX X This association shall exist for the control of football basketball track tennis Judging debate declamation oratory music dramatics the school annual and any other interest or activity that concerns the student body as a whole With this purpose in mind the council met regularly to execute th business and plan the activities of the student body S The purpose of the Ellensburg Senior High School Girls League consisting of fue divisions includinf serx ce social drama athletic ano counselors 1 To create maintain Uxitend ideal of friends ip :oiia service. loyaty. and patrio isni: o fisftis: subjef' 2 o intern-I 'in h plulnes to girfz 2 to ' - f' ' i A "art of ea'h one a con- s ant cesirc- o gain a ic fs: a ou, e Jestt ings in i A." Jutstandinv in -r direction on this orvanization. Nliss llannah Stark made possible with her competent leadership the sponsorship of activ- ities other than regular meetings. in- cluding Cirls' League Night. fix 1' TRIPLE E Triple I-1. the honorary sf-rx'i1'e 11I'22tIIlZ?IIlUII of Girls' I.eaf:uv-. has ushered at games, plays and 1'on1--rts. :tml sponsor1-1l its annual t1-111, Hffiw-rs this year xx'ei1- lll'4-SIIIVIII. .Ioy l'oi'l1al1fy1 x'i1-1--pr+-si- FIPIII. Ilorotliy l'usit:1Io: St-l'I'k'I2II'y, H1-lf-in Mav- Ivouualll treasurer. II1-1-n IIf'l'2iIlI"Hll1 set'ueant-at- arms. Iiarltztra Stornisi and a1lx'isf-r. Miss Hannah Stark. .1. Hoxx . II. Storms. Ir. Vusitalo, I, Sauxe. J. Soren- son. M, XVilson. Ir. AIVLJIIDAPII, IP. I.2iIII'rA, M. Street, Miss Stark, I. Ileranleau, ll. Vapps, Iv. .Ir-nl-cs, .I. 4'orImlf-x', S. 1'lf-rf. I'. I-'itterv r, in: N 91' nvlwlx' II NIt1lPouLall I' ..,. Iioxx Iioxx il I ssnius tn 1 ein o X son I Xlar Imoug tl BULLDOG GUARDS Bulldog Guards are tht f'ttnil1ar figures seen at Pl rs ierings of I S frox The tlutie ff alxx axs in exidern e at game- plaxs ant these hr CUIII Q41 xx att h1 IX s int rlx s1rxing as ti1 et sellers and o s r surh exft s e i tin so: 'A he ts th tual htnqt Uffiters o the group xxtre 1 n Hitks 1aptain P set onfl Poxx Poxx Roxx ns lrst IPUIY n tnt I-'ill P'1IlIII er lieutenant aid: d In 'xlr ioxx1n arlx ist-r Ix Broxxn I3 Pannigfr 1 e is ' ost-nhe-rg H Anderson I- It shx npln ll I Ba es mlios f I ar o 5 'sll I NUI UIION t s ' rsons 1 COUNSELORS ei the trlxlsersi I o N ss I-xontc sr otmse ut a group o girs those-n or their N1 ho Irship st hoo serxice and pfrsonalitx traits fac xear haxe charge of helping girls ne xx t I- H S get acquainted Wllll the building students and extra curruular HIIINIIIK-'S The main social exent of the season for this group xvts th1 tnnual dinner in honor of all nexx girl Roxx Roxx Roxx Roxx Roxx J ohnson I .of ss ing N iuxe tkles I fapps Il 1 er N iss KIohu1 her IJ Sellxxoorl I Stornis I-I Ulson D NIOQu1en B Sorenson S Hake B ixxedlierg J For halex D Iusitalo P Pitterer D Hoxxard tl Ixammslxx Pixxell I Murchlantl Ixfllehzr I Sherman I Ile ing I X Irougall J Vhson LIBRAFIIANS After receixing special training fi1 in Nliss John son sc hool lihrarmn the girls enrolled III Ilhrarx Sue-me assumed the care of the Iihrarx during W1 hool hours Qpfmfir duties of the gfroup include ehec-lxing books in and out issuing notices and ox er due slips and EIXIFII., general .tdxiee flft'i1 ers xxere president Maigtrc-t Rasmussen f- president Melt -xlforrl an1l surftarx treas IIT!-'I' I ot fr I ixxl N1. 1 ns1n NT Xlfo1 1 I1 Xt th 1 I X Puxx Roxx Roxx 1 sy I l PEP CLUB eu ,. it-1+ N If Nl Xi l7ft I 0 I 4 I sol I1 X ll Il x1 H bl! IN I i CAM CLUB Il I tpl x If lr- stoznis tn x1 lx s x , I 1 g i 1 NI s 9 1+ I lux e hoes 1-rrx X Xluiphx 1 1.41 t-n X 1 x Inge F' aniluson X Hansfn Il enlx S N1 hne x ouns. ison son I c Que-n I Thompson D Nlellergaard F I ore-nzi -X Txler H Anderson I Bonjorni B John son Nlr Ixlme .I Jui..'..'h ,. I. ills n. t1xx'4: M. Ia.'.' fs- , M, K-II I J. In-.I ng. J. Vila , . . ' ' 'z l. all -'atl ' J C. II. - x'1Is. ' s 1 .- lys, ' ' " - ff s. I ' - 't,'. ' 'lu 1 " ' .' '-k .' .' " " ' lgf' fo .1 ' -'-its. Th nz' x 'i.l 211-t' 'ity of t - group xv: .' 1-ir ani a 2 let. '- x f -' '- In If -'g Lyl I-Iva f' .' I' -ant: 1 I I .. 'fr , . 'IL '. ' , , . ' - , R. 4'ont'atI1. Ii, Ptt. H. Engl , I., I'Ix'a i.', I.. t'11Irl1', . '23 XV, R .' f, . - .' . Z. P13 D. Var 1 , I. t,.', R. A I. " 5: . '23 I., Mill-r, G. I':lII'lII,' n, IJ. I-Iri 'ks 1, Ii, .I IP, III 'k.', fl. Ia .' .', R. M1'4'vnnr'Il. I'nd ' 1 :lit I .liss 'I I 1-hi . the 4' xl 's, ' f f' I: ' .' f ' I- A' " ' ' .' 1' o .. ' ' ' Y' s. '13 R, J .' , I. 1' ', I, Sz t'. Nu- x, 1. " . 'l f, '22 ' , . I ' , 1, .' . .'...- '42 . " , . ' , '. ' 'A P. 1 '- , .. . ' . '?:M. 'I . .I1 f, ..Ia1-- " , . "I: . . ' ' ' .' ' ' 'I . - x'i1'.- ' . . l a . 1 - j- :- . IQAII3' I' I'. i1 ' 2 Miss .I Ih xv , Ii. I'I2lI'I', M. .I1-II1-, . . .- rl. Il. I'ott-r, M. 4':trt1-r, M, liztsiutssf-ii. II. I'1xx'ell, ll. 5Il'IIW'I'I.fII2lI'lI. IP, Iixz ns. I' 1 Vluli, it -'roup uf FIIIIIPIIIS 1-hosen to ' ir'- s1-nt IC. Il. S. ill alluztin1':aui1ls1-li-+Izt1Ati"ties. x': s or::an'.-I 4IIl'IIlI.Z' the lztttvr pitrt ot' th- llztsln-tlutll sv-:ts -ii for tht- purpos1- of II1-Ipiii: to 1-i'11:tl1- int'-rest :tml s1'ho11l spirit ztniong th1-inf-nil-1'rs1-ftI1+1stu1l1-nt In ily, Hft'i1-1-rs: I'hx'llis Shfruiztn. pr1-si1l1-lit: .lox Vor- Irztlvx, x'i1-1-spi'1-sid:-nt: :tml II1-tty .' '1-nsoii. s1-1'i'1-- tary. The I lx'is1-r xxnts Miss .xnnzt SIIIIPIL l21txx'l' Iv. lioessliuu, IC. Ifox. Il. ,I1'Iiiis1-ii. I. Sztilxf-, I. Iioss. I.. SV: ruler. Miss Sli 1-li, I11-xx 2' .I..'t-x'1Aiusoi1,4'.Si1'tIi,I'.I1'iit1-tw-i',I'. Ifatxis. 42. I'1-t1-.rs,.I. 4l:iu1-. II1-xx'II' M, .I1t1gu11s. .I. S1 "l.'4IIl, .I "1i'Ii:t!"3'. I1 S11l'1Aris1-ii. .I. Miller, IZ. Mi iiflx. .I, .l:11-lisoti. lioxx I' M. Il:1suit.ssf'iu. M. Ifl'II4'Il"l', I' Sltllllllll. Il. 1?11ix1-l 4'. I.ziuil-sou, ll. II1-xx:1i1l. "ani Vluli, th1- ptii-pose 11f xxitl-I1 xxzts 11- izlise fui ls t':ri'pIt1ftogt'ztpI '1' 1A1iuip1n1-nt f1-rthw s1h1-tl 1 ml to fu'ih1-r interests uf V1-1'r1-ztli11ii:1l ph11t11urt ij. vas 1-1-n.p11s1-vl of stul nts int--rt-st11l in this f' l1l, XYi IN-I1-rt-s .It-inks, prv-sitlenti XV:tlt I'11ll1-51 x'i1'e- I'I'4'5IIIr-IIII Ilztrli .' ' st-wi-I-tzti'5'-tI-eqts111'1'i'1 I wl Mr, Kiltl111.zt1lx'is1-i', Vztnit'lt1l1niix1A1lt'tiil xxilh x' tr '. Il -xx I: lr. I'u.'itzil11, M. Strwft. I. Hztux 1. ll. .I11lius1-ii. IV. Iittlvs. M. .Ioll I, M, Tolztn. II IVZ: Iv, ' .'slin'. I-I. I'linv'r. I'. I"'tt-rer. I. P . 1-yerx, IE. .'t rms. '. L 'r ss. J. . 'Zi: Il. M 'l"' -k . If I'vllej. I.. C fl, , I. .' . '. , .J- 's. J- hlj ' :R. Y f, M, XVI' , H. t'll.' , 1, M -- 1 - , .. .' , . . . .. .' , . , "II . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS I'Ill'IHI5' "Ami-I:NI.ii,: rin- 5HIPII"IlI"I"'S av .1 'I'-fi' iw- lui I I I '- If II S iw !'S'vIIIio'I. II1n'1vffI1n'l'r-'Ilnrvyi ii. yu- 'Nix CIWIIIII I..ix-V Ii'-xiii I-MII, pi'-'i:iiww :uni pi!-iizia zz. if fi' ""' 'zum :if'if,Axfi1y,i!iiii,x 'Y'Iif-10" "N Tix- lizw:11mIwi"I1--:I-Ixzwviwiiq-fit'AI' IIx:iI-I-II, XX'-'Zyl xxiin- In-unix I-'.1i'r-IIE. lm--:fI.i.'A .I, "?1!21"I '---1vvxii", KKXHXI: XY'-'Q wi:-'.1i1 :iz I'-:'r,.i 'I'fU.i- ':-.I 1-i' I'-11.5 Iiiiz-' ,I- S'1li1.IIII. Ii-xml: XVI.-.1 5Iyi':.1'I7-..: Niwx XX'.'x- JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'I'I:.- ,ii.,,2 ,w - -A gil,-1.y ping., i.,..N I 1' 'VNW I ' I-iii-NM--i,' IIi':izi I'ii1i'i'. -'--ii-'my .ii -wif! F- W A "'.iS'lI'I', ini:-I5 :i..'i,i1iir..i! I'-Ii 'I- A' 'wI'i1I:.-V " 'I, u'ii Ii viii- Iwlzsiyi-fx -if IM- ,lim Hi -I.: ulix irzi-I--,I nfl 'I'iif-A-- i---Mini., x-.Nix rin- Iwiif -if 'Ii'- -ini e ef, IIINIVI. .XII Kimi--ii Iii-flfiirii--1-. Iwi III-ir -i.iwii:ir. 'H Huh iii' gi' :I IIS -'I'XImiiwli1'SIuilv4If A--I i.iI ziml Iiii-.ii. f.uii'N Iliv KI--'vi Iwi S ri-lx II:iIv' I'.Il IVNI-iII. I-Irlizi I'lni- "-i.iI:I iiiwirfx SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'I'!i-I ii.:iiix :1iI"III--SIIiIil'I1I!'I'I4-4I1rllI iq 11 :ran-I'1.i1ii ii-N ui-rf --xi--iiifulxxiilipiwiiizlntiii-ffziiivlI-ftiviv-ivy1Ii1i'ii I1-A IHI3-I-I yi-ni' ,XI-ix Ivzuiiiuu III:-r"i1I4I1'r iiirmluii III-'ir wil In-rm :ni I-I II S nan Ill-in I'il1II"I'. I-i'--xiii--iii Ilzi '-1"S. NI'l--lil'--Ni-Iwii 1'Iiii1I-2 Ilzirrix su-i'I'vT:lI'y. Simi 'If IV- :A-1:1 i'. :wi-I Aliw ,Iv'1IIlIIv'II" Txx XIIIIIII. mlxix-AV. XII-S 'I'xxxiz::i", IPv1 I'1IIIII 1' Ilzu' XYQIIIF I'IlilI'I'r II.i1'l'I Siiirlvy VI' rf I I I LATIN CLUB Thf- I.:1Ii1e Vinh. za unit uf th-- Vlaisni-all In'll2lI0'. wiv up nf 511111.-iitx frwiii Iiiw Sr'4'lIIl4I yvar I.uliiu --Inx -iivitii-A inwlufl-A --111.-rtziiiiin: th+- uw' fII'rI 3'--nr --Inw- IIIIFIFIIIIEIS :mini i'--iw-ivlliu Ihvii' silw-1' R+-xx xxhiwll mlm? 1-I Tu Ili-A Aznlifliizii IAHIQIIIA. Wziviir- XXIIS-iii H-rxmi zu pin-slsivllt. Assisi'-fl ln' I'.ii --' '-ilkffii Xi'----iniw-Nwlvill 'ami I'II'lIIIII'i IHNN. :IS sf-vi'-AI:x1'X . , , - . . . 1 . . . ZIfllI'k'I'. PROJECTION CREW Acivis--il ln' M11 Rlzirtin, lin- lvrmkif-I-tlinli vi'-Axv. ai x1t:1I wkiinu uiwuip iii 1-ur si-Iivml, rw-I-ix'.-fi thin vi-'li' fvr Ih- sl timn-. I+-trims thi' thvir sm-l'x'i1-I-s, Thi- wluiv nf II1 ggiylizgiiifm is In slum' lu vlaxsse-s nivwimc irivliilw-5 ff Xuzil instriil-lil-ii mul wiiivzitlfwii. STAGE CRAFT 'I'I1'- iw-simiiwiliilily' fur the- rare- :md nizliiuli-iiziiiw. It vI:1:1-. ns xx:-II gix --Imtwflliiigl zxll Irzxwliftsiuvf an-Iixiiiv Ii :is Iiuiltiiiu. aiiiui IIIIINIIILZ IIVHIIS 2llllI sf-IS lIlII'lIl! IIILIII :mil :um-iiilvlii-A :I-I+ In II11- sviiiur Iiiuii S-'iimfl slug in 'I'I1I- iiifiiiiliwiw. XIAVIQ Slillwe-II. IH-li SI:-uziri, Ilvii mix:-iii:x'i :mil IDI'-ii I-Ivimiiisflii XYPV1' IIIIIIVI' Ihr Iiiiw---li-ii M155 I-,imilwiii Hmm-I Projection Crew Identification II'-xx Ii II. Iiivkw. II. NIw'l'l'zlc-ke-ii. II. Yvfiiiiu. .I II'-iii!--rw ri, Iliixx' 2: XY. XK'i'i::Iil. II. I-Iilis, .I. .XIIfAr1..I,HiI-A1-ii. Nz: AIJHIIII Stage Crew Identification BI S iiixx.-Ii If Si.-xx:zi'i. Miss XY:-ix.-I. IZ VI--ii..i! -. Ii.iri' fi .ii. A H .. QM., I Q KI 1- 'mf J 'ffm' -f"1 5 w 2-Wifxli J- .J -J Q, AC, Twf- st-ts nf 'tffl1'1'l'F lf-ll thf- Pan Ame-ri PAN AMERICAN CLUB 1-2111 1'Illlr, whivli was 1lixifl--fl intl- first and si-1-11111 Xvill' flussv-s. tlirmxull th-- 11145-411 j"'21I'. .Xxzxii mill.-i' thv- 1lll'1'Il1'lI nf Miss Intirutliy lguiul--X. this ur'--vip sw-iisf-1'--fl thw zmiitiztl Pun .Xii.--1'i1-zu. llzty' :ts-- ii.l-ly' :is xx--ll :ts lu'-lfliiiu iii1iiitl,lys1.t'iui affairs lil li--1-pill: with Simiiisli Vllxllvlllh. I-'irst yt-:ir --ffi-'--rs w--i'-- N1-rniztiifl l.1-lv--k. pi'--sifll-lit. Yixiztii l'm-ii--ll. vit----piw-sirl-lit: :uni II-fltiiw-s lllll, sf--'i'--tzti'y-I1'--zistxlw-i'. S--1-11111 X1-zu' .ffil-1-rs uf-iw Shirl--3' llztlq.-. pr.-siflt-nt: I.zu'i'y llztys. xi--f--pr--sifll-lit. :tml .lzti.--:ft Jlllllll. sf-+'i'--- iatry-t1'--atslii'--r. lifu l: Miss Qtiiul--51 ll. l.zti'iii.f-i'--. Ir. llill. X' l'ui'ii+-ll. li. 'IW-Z--i'. M. llittli--1-1-IQ. If lim-sslliiu. M. lliiilil--. Il'-w 22 II. Klfwkv-, .I. lltttmiuv-I'. M. XYllsmi. A. M1-y1-rs. ll. 1rls1-ii, Y. Will--s. lv. l.1n'1l. ll Him Ilzttzf-ill-1-le-ig .I. 1'lztl'li. lv. Mtizzstll, S. link'-. .I. 5I"X'r-IISUII. It lfletrkle-y. ll. Uri: ll. May. I". Mill:-tx I Meir-lmuuztll. lltiw li V. Ilztll. 11. I'--If-rs. .I. Nvlrrlll,S.S1'llll+-lvlj' I'. Ifitto-i'--I'. 11. Kztiiiiiisky. N. l,1-ln-li. llflu JZ I". Slllllnsnll, ll lrrziln-V. 12, lflllllisiili. ll liatmsaty. I.. Mill:-r. li. I'1tlll'2lIIl. I.. lint'- F. F. A. 'l'hv- l"llllll'0' I-'zuwm-rs fit' .Xm--rif-et is an wrusui- izzttinil uf lu-ys, the- 1rt1I'1n-sv uf whit-li is tr- piwniirm- ltzulv-rship mul tt- lf-:tru mmlt-rn ways :tml lll"2llIS 1-f fatrniiml. ll--lpiinu th 1-:trry mit tht- pi-tlurzuii this yt-au' wats .Im-k Sm-ll. pre-silln-lit: llzty Hziv. x'i1-1--m'--si- 1lviuI2 17--i':tl1l S:tiu1ln1-s. sv-'i'--Yury. Iltmlu- I,:tn-'-'. 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Irma Szuive-, mv-sirln-i1t3 1'rn'zt Mc-Ewen, vim-- lJl'1-1Sl1IPIlII Maxim- Str:-Q-t, so-1-iw-tn1'yg :mtl .I1-an XYil tit tsuiti tmisistwutlx 1101141.11111 ith wmv , , K. ., , W Miss Hlatvtlf-s link:-r, :ulvise-r, fm' at yt-zu' high- liuhtt-tl by runny gmnl tim'-s. li:-w I: M. Stre-wt. l. Sztuvt-, ll. llztrklt-y, M .lztqtu-s, Miss l!ztk"r. linwil: .I. SllY'f'IlS1IIl, l'I. lit-lwli, 1', I.aliilusrn,1, H. V1-'lit-'llll2lll, 1'. AI1'I':XY14ll. Iinwfl:.l. IP1-.Iniigy 5. Hake-. I'. 1nrrt-ll, H. linw "arm-y. 4: I'. Tlif-msvm, .I. XVils1-n. I'. IN-wt-ll, M. XX'uts1-ii, '.'. llnlqu-I'. TRI-Y Stiitinu its ptirpnsf- us, 1"l'1l1-rn-:ite-, maintain. 'mtl 1-xte-ml tliiitnxglu-tit tht- limm-, st-lim-ul, ztiul 1-fminiuuity high stzuitlzuwls nf 1'hristiz1n f'l1zu':u-- tt-V." 'l'i'i-Y is mi.. of thi- twn st-limil nrganiza- IIUIlZ4"lIllIlQ'1'I1'1I with Ihr- Y. M. V. A. Hffit-1-rs we-rv 1'1-llw-n Smith, pri-sirlt-nt: Rita 1'l+-rf. x'i1----pn-sirif-lit: lit-x'--rly May, sf-1-r--tzu'y2 Sully .In S1-lim-l-ly. Il'l'ilSlll'1'l', :mtl lie-tty Sniwii- sim, r-liztplnin. .Xtlvisl-rs fur tht- irrmxp urn- Miss .Kilim Shllvk, Mrs. A. Il. Hffe-V, :tml Mrs. XY. II. ll--vary, llf-w l: ll 1'lt-rf, S, Iiusliy, ll. fill. .I. 1'm'll:tlv-y, M. Alfwrrl. li. l'lmt-r, H. Stwrms. lif-wi: S. 1'l--rf. li. Sfmt-its:-ii, 11 Smith, I'. Fit- to-rvr. 13. Faust, N. 1'lnrk, li. May. Ii'-wIl:1l. l'1-te-rs, .I. Ne-lsnn. I'. Slit-ritiztii, IX. 1li'm':-, S. Swlim-lily, .I. XVils1-ii. lif-w 4: Miss Shtivk, Mrs. Ili-iiry, Il. .I+-nks, M. Ki-lli-lit-V. M. lizlsmtlsse-li. HI-Y 'l'l1t-zlf'lix'iti1-swf lli-Y, thi- lmys1rl'y.Z:tIliZ21IiuIl 11111111-1-te-11 with tht- Y. M. 1', A. :tml nm- whilst- ptirpnst- is tht- 1n'1-mntim: nf 1'hristiz1i1 14l1zt1'zt1-te-I'. im-ltlflf-. in thw lint- uf sf-rvit-Q-, FllllllSlll'ShIll of lllllll 1-rf-us rlrivv-s fur t-lmt'it:tlil.- grnups as wt-ll as 1-mit1'ilvtiti1,i1s ta, wrirtliwhilt. t-ails.-s. Ani:-ng the-ir auiiiuztl sm-itil 1-V+-nts was 21 I-ztiiwgm-t :tml za l-1-mi ff-1-fl. llffivn-rs nf the- vluli w't-.rv Irwin l'n-lu-lztvke-I'. llI't'SllI1'lllI 1'ht1t-k llztrris, vit-1--piw-sirlt.i1tL In-ii - s iwtux Xll I1-i:.1isfi1 twtstuti ml lfttll-V. .'--1-'-z . 1- . "-1 , 1 ' 19.-tin-v 'l'Il2lf'l'l', 1-ltztpluin, Arlvis.-r for the group wus Mr. .X. IZ. Hffn-I'. llnwlf I'. l't-ln-lzn-kt-i', 1'. Harris. Ii. Klum-ke. J. nlillsmi. Ii. l.l-mztstt-r, H. lrge-ns. llnw 21 R. 1'2l1ly, YV, IVIISHI1. .I. l'lr'ss, 13. 'l'lt2l5'1'l'. Y. Hall. Ill-wil: P. 1P'Xf-ill, 19. l':ii's1-lis, 1'. 1'11SllH'. 42. Szmtln--s. Il. XVzttts, ll. Sw:tm.:'le-r. llmvlz I4. Wils-ln, M. .lftrge-ns--ii, ll, Fuller. Band IdentIfI atlon l I :- NII I I 1IIl NISII One of the most actIve dIVISl0nS IH our school currlcula IS our music Chorus Identlflcatlon I I department E. I-I S students wxth talent In muslc are dxvxdecl between the band orchestra and chorus ac rorclmg to thelr Interests and abllltxes Mr Eclwn Yrkkola who succeeded Mr WCISS as dlrector of the band and orchestra and Mr George Low dlrector of the chorus comprlsed the teachmg personnel In the musnc cle partment Orchestra Identzflcahon .Il Il'-XX I I' AIIIZHZ II. M XY.IsI II. I' I-I.II'I'I-II .I II:II-I-I'III:III, I' I'IIxx-rr. .I. AIJIIII--xv 42. t':IIIIIs Ilwxx I II MAIIIIIII-':III. S IlI'IIxxII. II I'--Iv JIVIAIQ. .I I'I--ss. II 4'III'I'I--. I' I"I1I'III II Iliwks. S, IIJIIIQ-rIII:III, I'. IlI'I1I4III, Il, 4'IIIII':IIII. Ii .H 'I-IINIII. Il .XIIIIIIIN lifwx Z1 I-I, I'I'zIt-Ir. I' S4 IIIIIII-I'. II. Nl-KIi:1III. .I. IIAII---I'III:II1, II. IIINIII, IZ ,I4IIIIIsIIII. II II:IsI1I'IIII- I4. 45. I4'1IIIsI. IP, XII-QIIIII II. I.. Xl-'KI IQIII. .I MIIVIIII. I' I-IIIXIIIIIIII IZA Sk I' Ink. .I I-Ixzms. I1 II'Lv'IIX. M ILII II:II'IIs, -I I ' Y Y - .K A. D ' . - I -1 . " A Iiwxx 1' IZ. I1:IIIztI'II. .I. HIIIIQ. li. I'.IIIIIs, I' I':J:NII1.IIII. II "Is-III. .I SII.xxII.-II, II I,1IIIII-VIII, 1: I'..II.I'. X' Iiwxx! I-I. I'I'gII"1'. .I. II.II-I-VIIIIIII. I+ I4':II'Io-AEI. 'l'I'IIIIIII'It:I. XY. ICIIII-s, .I. Ham., Y, I'III'II.II. I', NII'IiII1::III..I. IIgIIwI'II.:1II. Il "'I1'I-IT. Y II:III. NI .IIII':.-IIs.-II. Il IIIIIII:. ,I I'--II-I- , Il. 1'--'II:II'.. Il SIII'I-IIsIII,. .I. R:II'I1II I-A, XI, ,XIIrI1II. .X IZII-XII., I' Ii.II-I-VII. .4 ILI-tx Z I1 I'I.',x.-I-2 5 ISI-Ivtxy II BIIIJIINI xy IIXIIW I. MI-Ii:I::!.i II SMII: nit. .I Iixmf II s.,I-.INIII Ii 'I'..f.I, .I I:..II-I :.I. II M I"III:"'I' I'zIII-I. XX' SIIIJ5 I. 'l'I.III'IIeI-II, I. II'..I- - Ii I1:I'II':'I'. I, 'IVIIIIIXIIII It lII"' I' sI,.IIIfIII I. xIII4IIIuIIf,.I xx'.,'.s II , Q V, Q o,,,,,, I, ,,,,,II ,3 X,4,,,4m IlI . I XI.: IIII.,.I X IIQ www: I. 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I , I L I - 'A I 'V I 'A ' ' , I I . 0 I 'bi fs A I I lv :I I ' 4' Q Q ,f S llxxu XX e-wk KLAHIAM e ' :ll rn 1: I I-I e- x IIII A " uh-fl I we sz-ctunw 11 um 4 Q Imlntl I mul X 1 If-dw Il0UlgIiP1X If x mum 1 bllsnn NS If I I hx A I I 1 xx II Nhm k X ,Unk 11 1 mmm IIIIIIII I II rx ix IPIIU If lrhntvm hx mff wax 111 1 1 g., uf laklrg A 4 ures fling, the IIQLAIIXQN and gexwrfxl IJICIUIS Ifuuut and the Ivuslnnw -t'1ff took Hire of rnrrwpomiz-me :unix if - Ann ffthf-1 IIUNIIIQSN Ifdll'-ACIIUITS EDITORIAL STAFF INX Nu mf., tl X 41 nn I :I I A u XIcQueHl1 I ass NIUIINS SALES STAFF Arxrnmx H Ulxnn LP Xicfgueen 91111 1 H XI.10Dou,ElIl ADVERTISING STAFF MGRS xe f er Nor Arn Nui ,Ns X IX PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF H .I x. + N mm Illfll NIUXQ HIIINUII :I ex Xlurs x w IX WSCASTERS I I x I ' 'arg 2 - - f: ' w- -' -' Q '-2 1 - ' "1 XL - , - . ' QA ' ' , . s- ' 7' 5 -' ' 4 I ' . . ' rl z I. ', lg S. 7. S .' s. ' VK w-.Sq I-lttwrf-1 HOMEROOM SALESM EN flIlllr1I'x 1 ur lll 1 ff- om, XI I'd.SIl'IXlSSf'Tl N I Ia 1 .rex urn X J Ison I Pmw-rs unrls fy lone LAKE KEECHELUS Photograph by Ellis UI N Thus has been a year of ups and downs for Ellensburg, Hlgh s athletes Our teams have had their share of wms and losses but the wms were dCClSlVC ones and th losses were farrly close Those senrors who completed thus year whether lettermen or not have all helped hold the Blue and juniors have made their marks ln E H S s sports already If you lay thus book down now and don t look at It agaln untll I970 the faces wrll stlll be famrlrar Our athletes have carrlecl our colors through thick and thm and Yakima lt IS lmposslble to forget that But whether they won or lost thev never stopped dl'lVll'12 A qultter never played for E H S 29 Sl' 'f'l'.' . . . 'Q White high. This year's sophomores and nf-r V ':g1z'. - -3,11 x,-f 'Q-, g,,., ' ' , -K-'.-'34 -ki 1 :- , . '.,.. .., ., H. ,Q , A pl 4717-.ff,Y-1 , f ffi1iga"If4 - ' 'L ' ti x - ,. It ,. J' 1 iigxi'-11 L: , , . 2 1 ' ' 'lg. - - x 'f "fi-ify .. . ' . V v- , 1 - ' . . N -"ng-3 , x. , , g 1 .W 554 u'3f'-5E':,3.,j',.-.ggi , j . . ,,. 1 2 , A- 'Sk Z ,V f- 37-9-3' :fg,Qjp5P7Qa'f24f4 V. W -' ' TX' 2 . 1.0-' Ms, Pd'-'i.11f-:f.5'f 'fl' :Sl l"'5Q593, ':":31?lg57?7x 1 ' W I .., -1, -:A .5 . V ' h.. I :.,,: V-my -- ,. v ,x -1.5,-., .F . n, fy-5,-gy ,, ' E , , - ,. 3 ' '434 ' J -'-Tiff-'fi' 211 '- 15QV""C:LQf93 'f?l?"'2C"' 'W " ' ' " ' ' ' ' 'x ' ' fqffi i-F1'fS-'i:5'ff.- f--'?:.hg-w:Z ' 1 , . ,N f. "pid: -,1bC"i':j,,-,-b4-3- "f 7- ,Ja-, . F' z'M'1'fL' ar V1 3-,:1gpvfi?TPy1 ' 'fx' NYS 'f ':f1:v-u-f.,,f,'..f,- , 'qu vw-gfigg "S.u35..'.-'-" .. W rwealf 34 fff1"Jw1:,-ar-2, 'z , - 1. fy , . - jf' ' ' f,51,53,'.Aj' I 9. .1 f 'R r 1 347 AJ- ff-an "' ':,8,.:.- . lj 1vd.q5:'f'l,',,f1'f' . v H- ' A -V p ' .,, n vw 1 gf, , A 'f .,..-fi cf X 33 Q- 1 '-. ,. , ' ,Wu .J : L . ' .. 557' A -' 1- ' f , , - k-411: V Q jv ,My Q, . K v X .1 . 4" I ' ..V 1 " ' A s I ,K ' 1 ' f :- 'xh 'aaa z ,Hn , . 3 L I i"'1, m A N . V' QI SQ ,3 I ! Y,V K 1 Q mute X A' ' :X A ness S nl fi ,Q : If mx ,E A ' 15 t .V ' 1 f N M A A, - ,z ., yy, E 5 4 and P-4 IEW A 5, W ' v QY A " 'li' JS-, in V, l ai 5 b . I-1 A '41 Y if ,541 A 1- .- , 3' , ' .v '. ' I I V 'Nfl , K. Q I +I' 8 . 51 t 'X . A an cnrecu. A ' Q ' . my ' iw, E1-1 - A - ' 1 . 1 . ' I 1 . -A.-ss 1- I . ' ' mm zz' J ' lr I s nr ms Pl mls: nm m 111 e xmplu I 1181 Hou ue 0 mmf I c mltz 1 Caspar f Fhaxer Coat 1 le Pfu arrs I s JFAPIIIH I I en P Jonas Iifm 1 If r ln e I enue VS a P4 II U IINIIII IXQI Il VIIII It-'FNIJII ll Q IIO l'I XII Coachlng his flrst year for the Blue and White Jerry Llllle led thls year s grid squad through a hard season wlth fine results Due to early IIIJUYICS the Bulldogs were handlcappd but regardless of this they made a nlce record By an almost unanlmous vote the team chose Ray Watts as their honorary captain and gave Dlclc Lynch the lnsplratlonal award The football team of the year I945 46 will be remembered not for nts wms but for ltS flghtlng splrlt and courage I OOTIS XI I Sl URI S DATE September October October October November 2 November OPPONENT ELLENSBURG Cashmere Wenatchee Toppemsh Vvapato Yakima Cle Elum LOCATION There Here There Here There H re lvvli Ii, IK'ult.', li. St ' I'. IFN 'Il, M, .Irvrg-1: 'n, G. Ha - 1 , ll. I-'ull r, B. fqi AI, IC, P: IHS. '23 Vnawlx llenry, M. Still Hll, IS. M C All, II. l.yn'h. XV. S,-h ' , '. Hs . Z. ' ', 11, Gillespie, ' 'h I.'ll' . .I '33 II. Henry, V, H is, .I. I'I Il. K' ' , 2. I'g' s, .. ' 4: IB. Vvmrzltlx, R. Anl vs, .I. Sterling, I". Spu I' g, I, Hunter. L. Mill r, ll, ' ' ll, IJ. ' ters. .1 li. .I h .' , lb. Fzlrrvll, Ii. llr' ', Ii. l,l'2lllt'l', T. A II .I, Ani J , R. V: mmm, II, 'l1UXK'lIS'llll. I O' 34 J 4 4Y 1 1 7 '1 A I A l A5 26 26 7 I 2 40 Z I I9 ' I 3 7 26 I3 6 . ' 40 6 I0 I 3 0 e 1 'mm A x IEW I4 1 41 1 SKK lll 1 il ll III 1 1 I 1 I 1 I Slx I" l' J Ellenshurg Hlgh s second major sport got underway flred by an exper lenced group of SCHIOIS Vlforkxng as a fme machme the team went to the Y V I A A tournament as number three team from the Northern dlvlslon After defeatmg Rlchland Yaklma and Pasco they traveled on to the state tourney as the wmner from Yaklma Valley Faclng an unusually hard field EHS downed West Valley and then was eliminated by Longview and Bremer ton Hugh scoring Don Swangler was voted captaln hesldes sharmg the lnsplr atlonal award honors wlth Ray Watts ln a tle Coach erry I..1Il1e s l946 hoop squad has more than made lts mark ln school competltlon 5 XII I Sl x DATE OPPONENT ELLENSBURG LOCATION Decen1ber De ember Decenwber January January January January January January January January February February February February February February February February March March March March Wenatchee Cashmere Wenatchee Toppenlsh Cle Elum Wapato Yakima Cle Elum Thorp Selah Toppenlsh Wapato C E um Yak ma C E um Selah Thorp DISTRICT CONTEST Yakima Wapato Pasco STATE CONTEST 13 West Valley 18 47 14 Bremerton 57 44 15 Longview 39 29 Here Here There Here There Here There Here Here Trere There There Here Here There Here There VVBDBQO VVBDBYO VV3Dat0 Seattle Seattle Seattle ltmvl: ll. Vornmnt, ll. XY:u-rf, li. Ali 'lell, ll. l-'ulll-V, M. .Inrg-lsvxn, ll. XVz1ts, lv. .' 'z gl-r, 1'. ll: Tis, lt. Huy. lL1lw2g1'n:u'h l.illiv, .l, Stl-ue: 'll J. l'lvss, ll. l'+1we-Il. ll. .Inl Slvll. IC. I'zl1'wmS. ll. l.3'n1'h. II' W'ls fn. li. lrpu-ns. ll. SUIIIIIZIVKIP. I"l2lI'II ll. nry. I:"XX'fI. lil Szuulm-s, .l, SI:-rlillps, If 1':1s1rm'. Ii, 1':1I11'1vn, l-I, SIUVIIIF, l,. llrwwn. l', 1VNvill. li. Wilson, li. K I-sr:-V. .l. M lI'I' vu. l', liurggvlt, I.. Sw'sln-r. ILM' ' ,' ILXLI, . . , . . ISAUI' 'fl l3.Xl,I, ,' 'OPICS 14 34 47 t 15 18 45 21 26 29 4 ' 30 32 5 41 28 11 26 36 12 ' 36 38 18 44 30 19 32 28 25 41 39 26 ' 35 36 1 37 36 . 2 le I 31 29 8 L 32 39 9 le I 53 44 15 37 46 16 34 42 22 ' 40 34 23 33 44 2 36 42 -. 1 A-Q f 1 5 Eqvfew .E , 15 1 . T5 Ray Watts Red Cahoou Dale Chrlstopherson Bull Irgens Gene Prater Mel Jorgensen Duck Lynch X ll! Lf xmltmufs 1 1 Q Xi!! X 1 ll mx N 1 'atm mx : c 1 el 1, 11 I1 1 1 ' J 4 4 du lll 111 411111 I X 'llslrll IH 41 'iff 11 X ul N 1 1111111 FR SKK The competltlon ln the sweat and cmder world was unusually tough thls year but E. H S made a nlce showing Our team was weak IH some spots and strong ln others, but they were always a team, workxng for our school Even lf the athletes should scatter, from Tlmbuctoo to Cle Elum, they wlll never forget the meets and turnouts of I946 Paul Nelson agam took a bunch of boys and made real competitors of them The entire valley respects our teams and then' Splflt x ' F I Q' L 1 I i V, iv 1 2 Q YQ , Y lv :Wh . an llvm' l: Ii. V: s, ll. lr' 'IlF, Iv. .' la 'l.'. XY. XX'ils111, ll. l'l11'isI111l1:-1's1-11. 41. l'I'HI+'l', H. H:1tZ111Iwle-13 ll. I' 'SI"l'. IS. XxvllSlHl, f'. l':1s11z11'. H. .X111lms. ll'-WZ: ll. I,.'1 vh. lf. 'IV-w11sf11 l. l,. IE1' VII. .I. it-1'Ii11p1, ID. I.u114-QA, J. I-'isl1v1'. H, .' '111s, li Swhillv, I., 5XYl5l1t'l', .I. Mumly, I.. Miller. li, lliilllrdlll, M. Jl11',a:e11sfA11. Ii '32 f'fa1'l N s 11, li. llushy, Il. if 11a t. Y. Hall. M. S11 ill, I'. Lurgett, . M 11'1' vw, .I. Nason. H. ,XII A'SlPl1. l'. Sp 'I' gr, Iv. Jullo, II. M1-1' ell. , Iin'4: IG. It S' K. H' XVII, .l. St ug. -1, J. Sllilllll Il, F. Hit, IP. Tajl ', D. lltis, ll. l"2ll'I'f'll. H. Sf 1'e11s1111, I-I, l'2llllSt'l!, Ii, ' 'z th. V i 1 '- 1 TENNIS ACTION Z R SL. MANAGERS DRUM MAJORETTE TIMID SOULS lla I NI MANAGERS INTRANIURAL. CHAMPIONS BOYS TENNIS INSPIRATIONAL AWARDS X NM ,.S.....v ...J If aa. 1OX4I ls a l t e r u c H e n r v who coached the second teams In basketball and football and handles the boys tennis team erry Llllle lend lease football and basketball coach from the local college Pall Nelson who took a raw team IH tov' and turned out a flne bunch of track athletes and Claydes Baker lnstruc tor ofthe grrls tennls squad made up our athletic staff There IS no doubt that ln spite of ram snow earth quake or Cle Elum E H S coaches will always tram wmners i ' ,....--- -Bleu Paul Nelson G aydes Baker aw Jerry Llllle Walter Dutch Henry GIRLS TENNIS 1 HQX ll l 4 l N llli-. PI I N I 4 'UI 'H' Ill! ln' BR If .1 O5 .... 'NJ 4 -ai on Y rv 4 , J-4 ,- snuff' ---will ,vf v I 1 1 A . 4 gl 3 W "D t h" . . . . , , J . I L y . I ' , . 1 . '- . . . 1 ' I ' , , . , . M' ' ' , . H .. . .I":n1l XV1ls1 11, Phyllis Villa-rw-l'. Ihwrullly Ilzlvis, Sh"l Ilzll-cv-, .Izuv-I S4-l'v-nsfm, :lull luis Sw: 'mlm' wvxu- 1-lnls.-ll fr- Ill th lst- Illl'llIIlg.1 out for I--nnis In mule- up the lfllll li. H. S. tqnm, 'VII'-sv lv-mils vnlllllsizlsts, umlvr Ihr- 4llI"'l'll'IIl of lllzlyvlvs Ilalkelr, ll'itI'II"fl FlI4'll skills us S4'l'Ylll!, s 1-Vins. :lllrl Imvk :xml fwlw-llzlml strokes. whi:-I1 lln-5' p.-l'f.-vtml lm Ihv --Hurts. 'l'llls 5'--:l1"s lv-mlis IlliiIl'lllS xx--rw' plzly--fl uilll Sfflzrh :xml Yalkimu. Ilflxx l: ll l"i1I+-rf-V. li l,z mllsfm, l.. fur fl-', .I .ll-nsxzilll. lv. I,zunlrsf-yu. lv. llJlI'lilr4j', l'. l'm'1'1-ll. Il. lluvis, Iillw Z: .I. XViIsnn, J. Sruw-llsvm, S, llzlkv, fl. K 'llj. I". Mill-Jr. I-'. lII'2lIlt'I'. Il. S-1-1-ns-nl, I,. llllI"llliIIl4l. Miss llulwr. 1 I I K' f as 1 - ' - X 5 I -0 ' , is ,..X' h i ' Q . 4 5 I , 'xl V Q ' f 11 . . I , .M 4 - I V , It ' A S , . ' " ' -4 ' Q ,. , -, , W ' MOUNT STEWART IXPX S Untll VJ Day the pnme excuse for mablllty to come through on an order was Dont you know there ns a war onf But due to our mnlltary vlctory the words now read Don t blame the war blam the atomic bomb experlments However some members of the K1 hlam staff cant blame atomlc research Whxle thumbmg through the following pages you wlll no doubt come upon the shots of Glrls League Night The expla natxon two enterprlsmg photogs Murphx and Engle put rn two hours taking shots of the event wlth part of the camera closed and the Glrls League drd not glV a return engagement Dan McCracken assigned to cover several athletxc events seemed to have a jmx for not one plcturc came out and on another occaslon two glrls covering the Trl Y tolo found later to thelr amazement that the camera had been out of focus on every shot But desplte these mlnor setbacks stlll emerged wlth the remnants of th l94J -46 lxlahlam calendar 1' ' 1 'Viv Q A AA 5 - Y Q y 3' I I 'fi space originally intended for eighteen . . . . 5 I ' 9 . , . . C V , . . Y .- g . . -we N 4 rs . El -- , . 39 Capps and Ott Sherman Sorenson and Fltterer Swangler, Otis, and Eastham Hill Sauve and Johnson Wilkins and Wilkins 41945-46 Yell Queensj b Sorenson . . . The Minutes Were Read and. .. Enter-prising Sophomore k 17 School Opens 24 National Assembly Featuring Valleau 28 Football Game at Cashmere Call the Mortician Happy Lassies Black Marketeer! We'd Hide Our Face. Too I'II Take Mine Pasteurized "Hit 'Em High . . Rasmussen on a Bender Slug Bugs and Sly Cats If 3 7 Dr. Mander of Washington University Spoke I S.uden: Body Football Game--Bulldogs Played Wenatchee on Home Field Football Game at Toppenish Travel Talk by Aloha Baker Football- Wasaio at Ellensburg n feta r4a..Jl-1' Ilf- That Q Mine Serv ce Rea dy Penslve Pekarek Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are On Ye Bulldog er' .-.-os- 0 VC' Q -4 42 ,- r up ,Q-.Q 1 Tentative Typists Hey You, Down There! Shakespeare vs. "Life' The Calorie Kids 5,1 ---ev'1msinuiil 43 E V an I A ,KJ i 4 L 3 T T 1 V' ' T T 3 A L . Y, xy V V fl 3 vs 8 4 Q 2 ,x w - g' l 'Sf -" ' U' .mf A ml ,Mi N i Pass It Around Must Be Fascmatmg Make It Good ys Superior Males' Flrst Couple Down Dublous Duet Sllppery Plgskm Lay Down You Bum Going Somewhere . . . V , ,, 2 Football- Ellensburg at Vakima 10 Football-Cle Elum Here 16 Girls' League Night The outstanding event sponsored this year by the Girls' League was the "Big Five", a combination musical and dramatic presentation given in the Morgan auditorium. 17 Potato Judging 21 Thanksgiving Just Loafin Brain Buster There ARE Smiles That Make HGPDY Waiting at the Chapil Don t Let Those Studious Looks Fool You Happy Hannemi YY' , Q ,J Qu P090 99 C 3 ' x lqhe Mxser a three act play by lVlol1ere took E H S students backward ID hlstory to the early N500 s ln an old French home belonglng to a mlser constantly obsessed with the fear that someone was trylng to steal hxs mone, lhls fast moxmg two hours of romantxc Interests wlt and mystery held th mferest of the audlenre Get Up Wnat a Man l t 1 D 1 Junlor Prom Amld silver stars and blue streamers the annual Junior Prom with Rhapsody ln Blue as Its theme made Its debut on the evenlng of December 1 at the Vista House 7 All-School Play Basketball Basketball Basketball Christmas Basketball Christmas Basketball The Bulldogs and the Warriors Tangle School Resbmes Basketball - Toppenlsh Here Basketball Game at Cle Elum Basketball - Vvapato Here Basketball Game at Yaklma Basketball - Cle Elum Here Basketball - Thorp Here Basketball Game ai Selah Junior High Mms.rel Show Basketball Game at Toppennsh This space reserved for the names of your favorite athletes Up in the Alr Basketball Game at Wapalo Basketball -- Cle Elum Here F. F. A. Banquet Basketball - Yakima Here Basketball Game at Cle Elurn Baiketball - Selah Here Basketball Game at Thorp Instrumental Variety Show lHig Washingtorfs Birthday lholidayb Y. V. I. A. A. Tournament h Schooll Not Hungry Starving The Payoff' You Can t Have Ours 5.1 Q ...vw af, Fare One Merry Snow Masds What a Target Business Heads V I A A Tourname Junlor Hugh Play 1A Connectlcut Yankee In K1 g Arthur s Courtj v A A Play Trl Y T010 Junlor Class Barn Dance Operetta The Lucky Jade Sennor Ball Prelude to Mldnnght accented by sliver stars low hangung streamers and 1 rnoon was the theme the 46 Senior B II ed n the Vlsta House 011 March 23 U2 a 1 11 S v1 111 11s 11x111ps1 L1 N1 s N xx 1 1 THE LUCKY JADE It U I1 111 NNQNNlI 11 x 1 Enture Cast of Opeletta Lucky Jad ,1 16,1 fwx K' u , i., . Wjfw M t l.v 7, - K i 31,43 H, , M .. 5 1- 1 11111-1-1-11:1 1'11.'1: H. 'I'11z1-1', I.. I-Ivnns, lj. 1:1lIl11-Ill'lk, ll. Il'-ks, .1. .l:11'1'.'111, 11. " 1' W-11, I., '1'1111111.1111, l,. M- ' '1l. M. .1lll"'1l."ll. 1'. 4'z1.'11:11', Y. 111111. M. 1iz1,'11111,','1-11, ll. 141111-S. NV. S1-1111i1Z. .I. 1l111IlI'Hl'l', I-'111' 1!11- first 1i1111- 111 S1-11-1'z1l 5-1-1111s .111 11111-1'1-11:1 was p1'1-s1-1111-11 113' 1111- 1-I. 11 S 1'11111'11r. 'I'11e- 211-111111 1-1-1111'1'1-11 11111111111 1111- 11 -fl 1' 1111- l.1'115' .Iz1111-. wl'-11 N111- Vy. 111151-ally' p11,'.'-,'."1 l11'11l1111-l11- In W1-11, '1'111- 1'1 1-11x'1-1'y nf 1111- .1:111-- 111111 1111-11111111-115-11r'--11 1-1'1111- 11111-f111'1111g:111 111.11111 1111- 11'z111i1:1111.1. I1:111115 1-1111i11:, 1 1 1 Q 1 Y. . . . . nt , . . q . 8 Y. .1. . . off 9 '- 16 ' 22 - 23 ' of 19 ' a' hl 1 ' Swing Your Pardner The Barn Dance Brigade Sister and Brother Act 12"412i"n... A X' 1 Just Watchnng Coffee Drip Inn Solo Number Chorus In Full Dress Ho Hum' 54 Z Track at Yakima 'l2 Track Selah Here With the relaxation of transportation restrlctlons ut was agam possible for C W C E to play host to students of central Washungton at the annual competl tive music festlval E H S muslclans who rated CUDCFIOT were Jlm Gibson Carroll Caspar Lula Thomo on L.o1s McKnlght Pat Powell Duck Muzzall Mllton Richards Russ Ambos Bob Skornlak and Jack Haber man Palm Sunday Concert Pan American Assembly 19 Sprung Vacation Track Bulldogs at Toppennsh Tennls Selah Here A , O Y .tw A, Q' W, ,V . , . A ' 1 5 f' '1 1 Q 1 Q . 1 .y iii. I z 4 A 14 . 15 15- ' A 23 - 4 . 27 ' - Jack Haberman June Ja:kson Cora McEwen Doris Paulson Dorothy Lambson Bob Powell Dorothy Scholl Lois McKnight Patty Powell Carroll Caspar Charlotte Lambson Jim Gibson Helen Olsen Jeanette Ranniger Dick McKnight Lila Thompson Jack Evans Beth Tozer Norma Christensen Phyllis Eastham Bob Skorniak Don Farrell Helen MacDougaII Jim Haberman Ralph Sorenson Milton Richards Dick Muzzall Russel AITIDOS Triple Truo Rannlger Jackson Tozer Eastham Paulson Wllkms McKnight Scholl Brown 56 What Foruv Swing Ba 1d Future Baton Twurlers x A ff' Ixlg.. V X v fl X flux, xff ! X3 lf! H Xu? S uf ,fx Hawk-ff-5 Track Bulldogs at Wenatchee 7 Tennus Ellensburg at Yakuma 10 Mothers Day Tea Wlth the United Nations as the theme the gurls of E H S ugaun sponsored the annual tea 1nd styla show In honor of the mothers of all students Both decoratlons and food were prepared to promote under standung and apprecuatuon of our foreugn neughbors Supremacy Contest Seniors Won 11 Tri k Elimination Tennus Selah There -l Tennis Yiklma Here 8 Y V I A A Tmck Meet 'li Senuov Play 2: Sta e Tuack Meet Cn nlor Tea As IS the usual custom E H S sensor gurls were lonored by a tea sponsored by the gurls of sophomore and Junuor standung The theme of the affanr centered around graduatuon 31 Slumber Party Wuth Sleepless Hollow as thelr theme the senuor gurls held a slumber party un the hugh school cafeterua with Ma Hokum playing hostess 'U 1 l M. I' fu' kgf' -4, A 1' 5 ' 'avi' , 1: iff. -f' 1 xv 71,15 11 i 2 , ' 'W - - zgrfjfiy V 'mv l X f X fu t f 1' ' if Qi, . 1 'gf t , , V xx Q .,,, , . u- I NX 'X I ,fri ,gf . . , ' ' 1 X .,- ,J 1 'Qi' 19: - ' u '- ' -' 2 4' - l u - 2 ' Q 9 :XX .y ..:.fx , , -my 1 V' ' ' L, , 4' V E r t -' ' -X I 1 A in L- X X i - 5, 1 Ag hx 1 Q, f ' 1 ,4 , k , 1 'll in I VV I ' fi . f, if 1' , 1, . 1 M , Q 0 -1 , B' 1 ' ' f' l a A ms, .u'aX! VY ,Q -v lx A , 'Y' ' , , , I u 1 V V - 'Y .fx sn ,, V X . R . ,Y 2 , g N ,u ' , 1 1 'Q ' . V1 4 i 3 - . K , Q . A 1 c A . - - u u xr BLACK WINGS 'I'I:--sf-1:1-'r'glI:1y.uemlrfll-I !llYrI"Ij, p1z'r'1wl-fl 'nw lj, Il S. s'll'I"!.I 1,4..l5 vu-.1-.-xf-ir1l,4 Iwurs UI rxlysl'-ry, I!,TI'I!IIf', :Iwi1-I-1:11111-',1':1frs Izxfirxlu 1-Iaff In 'Il-' "'I.IUI'Y --Ili lnzlllsw' 1-I 'P1vllr4l1.1 5I.l'Il'-wsl 11 LIU:-Ii ::.ysI--1-5' Illm '.Kj'lI ulmvly l:::1"w:. s.1.!sb4r' 1-I1:11':u-Ivflrr. fini :mn fly fwllxnzs was'-'-1-Illff-'wiv-fiIly'I:f :un-Il' ' I I- Ambos . . . What's Up Doc? Evans. . . Tough Patrolman Kelleher. . What's That Chum Hall... Romantic Interest Wilson.. . Potter. . . Well Grandma Sweet and Sentimental Lance . . . You Don't Say McKnight . . . Help! It f Illm-I4 XVin:S2 M. Kr-ll'-Ilvr. BI, XVIIMIII, Miss XX"-IZ-I. Il. .Xmll--s, Il, I'f'II:-V, I.. Xl Kuigglul, Y. Hull, I.. Iilullf, Il. I.:uu--A. Jean Wilson Janet Sorenson Phyllis Fitterer Dorothy Davus Ellensburg and Watts Out Front l ' -Q, R s -I9 aff? -Nix I 'LM Baccalaureate Sermon by Reverend Luther Strommen Class Nught Cleverly arrangung the hustory prophesy w ll musuc class poem and class song to conform to the theme of a court room members of the senuor class held theur evenung exercuses un the Morgan audutoruum wuth Gene Parsons actung as general chaurman 12 Commencement One hundred twenty fuve senuors receuved duplomas of graduatuon from Ellensburg Senuor Hugh School on the evenung of June 12 Carryung out an all student partucupatuon program the followung people were selected as speakers Duck Muzzall valeductcuruan Jum Gubson salutatoruan and Mel Jorgensen and Hudson Kensel elected speakers Valeductoruan Duck Muzzall saluta toruan Jum Gubson student speak Kensel Solousts Glorua Capps Helen Mac Dougall Helen Olson Lula Thomp son Lous McKnught Brass Octet Jack Haberman Joe 35 Pless Russ Ambos Don Hucks B Il lrgens Eugene Prater Bob Skor nuak Multon Ruchards 59 9 11 ' ' ' u . i . ers-Mel Jorgensen and Hudson , . ' '. u , v 4 ' 1 ' I 0 , ., 37. ' ., 'u " 4 90 1 J R 1 111' '-if Fx mfll N iff' IH' 1 QT 1 " 1f:r11v'1f11 1 1 :rw 1 1 1 1 1 lr 1 1 1.1Jr1H" fl TIM 'V I 1 111 fr 111 1 REC RD Pflhbb W J! x , x x , 4 AW ,X A1 'lv IER BROWN SHOE STORE Mrs A E Mange ONTOOMERY WARD at fi be re You Dine for Le York Ca G ld o en nsbu Wh eel 5 ku-na is AN 5 FOOD STORE for Your Inner Man efymmg 1 The Frlendw SWB v clue P WESTER 1' I aler a a rlll ers N AUTO sUPPLYc 40 N Pearl I Phone Printers and Publishers LOCKWQQD V PLUMWNG Ann H 4511 and Ruby Sts Phone Black 4432 Eg., BEAUTY SHOP Ramsay Hardware D BOX 821 BAN Phone Mam In Euensb Ufg Since I884 203 E 5th For the Y oung Miss and Mahon 416 418 N Pearl st KREIDEL 5 AppA REL Phone Mam 129 Llghi Plant I nsburg Mumcmal ed bv me CM El e 1 Asset Own pxenr mmerm , ay mam L single C0 me Murvc P The GreMfB5 is ed Industrv lClD9'uy Own Taxes TNS Mun educe Your supplln ,mer R and Fu 1ndugtYle5 e YOU' Home In I . b A L 1 , , eo. xx, I . SVSU V -U b g.: , :A V fe I . D E I ' - . r ' Y T Q u - Ya i LF . V Patronlz 4 SuPPlx69 Exe I 1 Pinto 18 -2'- afe ewa - V ELLENSBURC NEW 6: US ,na Haus Skate FREEMAN-JOHNSON NASH co, T To Cibask Willard Batteries A - I Kendall on T 40s Mem sz. V .coasx U ers Nash Automobiles E A items, 0-H0 4 A12 Insurance . wr and Mane ' ,WBA X 5 TIFFAN WELER 1, Y AGE BUTTON JE T NCY SHOP Y f Friendly Credn The House 0 El 406 N. Pearl Gifts for All Occaslone 3025-2 N. Pearl l E, ' , f I - KITTITAS COUNTY A The Y M 1 DAIRYMENS' ASS'N. T ' OSA C 'i i enter Y Darlgold Dairy Products ' Hom ., Remember Darigold Ice Cream 51 e ., J I We I V e X C Phone Mem 123 Sales Phone Mem l7 n it You to.,fa2f1e1pe:e In HORSEMANS CENTER V f . -I Leather Goods . . . Riding Equipment 1 Clothing D -itlknd Main Oven Day find Night Ffigldaire Virginia and Herb Driver P - '10 e Main 137 ' T ll 1 DELSMA . N WHO N 5 C LSON 'ik REENHOUSE P DRI P Q7- Florists rescription Ph S' A -' 'J--JSE' Vet armamt LlC fTA" Home of 13322 Brfglrziclg-fs Emeril A F E 'CI R0-V Nicholson Pr es or T HER, 5 O on M H e Style Cooking - Ofn ' W est Sth Co mpllmen ts of MODEL

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