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 - Class of 1951

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F-11,1 L-,, - :?u2':N , ' Q-'T' ' . ff. 1 ,w ,tri . W 'V :1l.L2g,,..f1, Ax 1 J ww .Q 'wx Ea' K'5i5f 'i ' 4. '- A. I ' 5 4 . ,, ik-W w.. 1, ' .545 ,-sig k x- - Q - , ' -iw, 1 V A m ,A - A ..r-'. , 1 ,Hr - ,ms J Q wr ,f .-P 1. , 4- 1 w -. 1 , 1 , V t,,,.,e:, . gy-A,,1' .- if ,. 'Kffk ' , A ,- pus. , V, v we . . 4 , ,, Q, fy' , gif.. 2 K -J , -5. , . , A . g mx- 1 ' . 'fi--'45 5 ' 4 V s , . '5I RAIDER Annual Publication of ELLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL Ellendale, Minnesota Editor BERNICE OLSON Business Manager PATRICIA DISHER -I.. Annual Staff . . . First Row: Lois Schuler, Marvin Folkestad, Bernice Olson, editor: Elaine Jensen, Arlyss Demmer, Pat Disher. Second Row: Phillip Olson, Dale Cromwell, Betty Trandem, Ronald Christensen, Mr. Pfiel, LaVonne Hagen, Olai Underland, Joan Nelson, Bruce McIntyre, Louise Thompson. From Us To You . . . On them few, and perhaps a little smudged, pages we have tried to bring to you our Yearbook which contains a year of fun, friendships, disappointments, hard work and minor casualties. It has been our goal to increase the quality ozf the year-book. We, the members, hope this goal has been achieved. The annual staff is 'perhaps the busiest organization in the school. Work must begin early in the fall. A contract is signed with the printer. A plan of the whole book is formed and drawn out. This is called the Udummyf' A copy of the "dummy" is sent to the printer. Group pictures for the annual are taken in January. This included the major part of the work in the annual. There are two main channels by which to finance the project. They are advertise- ments and selling of our annuals. Another way is by sponsoring bake sales. The annual staff has worked many long and hard hours in hope that they could present to you, the readers, the finest record of your school years. .- 2 .- TO THE MOMS AND DADS OF ALL THE GRADS We, the class of l95l , humbly dedicate this annual to our parents. lt is to them that we owe our opportunities of education, good homes and an 'equal chance to grow up as we have, together, and to worship in our own choice. lt is they who have encouraged us in our chosen professions, and helped us adiust to adult life. We have reached the turning point-not the only one we'll face-but one of the most crucial ones. Today we are students, tomorrow-citizens. To some of us the future holds further learning and to others o job and responsibilities. It depends on us whether we succeed or fail but the ideals we have thus developed through our porents will give us re-enforcements. As we say a final farewell to our teachers, our school and our fellow students, we give this tribute to the moms ond dads who have helped us Ieove our childhood to face the future as men and women. lv School Board Glenn R. Shaw, Marion Swearingen, Nels Jensen, Dr. E. Ertel, Clarence Eggers, Ralph Burshem, Gabriel Ohnstad. Faculty . . . GLENN R. SHAW Superintendent Band, Glee Club . ,, M. FREDRICK PFEIL Principal Algebra 9 Hr. Algebra, Physics -.41 is 7' PHYLLIS BERG Home Economics Am-.'ican History SELMA BERG English 10, 11, 12 Modern History MYRTLE DAHL ALMA TOLEFSON English 7, Phy. Ed. Typing, Steno 1, 2 Librarian, Gen. Science 9 Bookkeeping ROBT. CHRISTIANSON Biology, Spelling 7, 8 Mathematics, Jr. Business GENE OLSON Athletics, Science 7, 8 MARTINA MCINTYRE DONALD ORN English 8, 9, Dramatics Shop, Mathematics 7 Social Science 5 CARL WAGNER NORMA WANDREY BLANCHE PURDIE MAXIN E ANDERSON Fifth and Sixth Grades Third and Fourth Grades Second and Third Grades First Grade 1.51. Soc. St. 7, 8, Phy. Ed. omce sms Donna Wayne ' Pot Disher Diane Wilker J AA BUS DRIVERS First Row: Garrett Cain, Adolph Anderson, Minord Vangen. Second Row: Harvey Mobs, Franklin Wandrey, Arvid Langlie. MAJORETTES Left 'ro right: Donna Meland, Phyllis Hanson, Mavis Larson, Kay SF1aw. Ji? 15. sv n -.-:m 5' 1554 - wg, Eff 5 :if Q A W! ,. A 1 K I Q A 5 I iifx kv . . 3512, HW 1 , ' . ,, fj.3vQ:zf.flx-. K- , yawn x... ' x , Lv - f 1 L H ' E ' 5 ,sffxf-QQ-4 xg?-.gigus iw Q-jpg-: x ' Q .f"1?'Q.3f ',:i'Tl'i3,":.9L , f if HI? ELIS A ' 'igxpi-fl.. S71 I -' wax-:ff-fx .- :iff - ff k r A gf-:QQQgs?,"Siv. Q. I S 'N' X n uf 'kT'x?5f7f --1 iv. ,AM Y' 'x 11 -gfgmii ,Swgva - 1' Y' X . A Lf' .. XV.. , ,, .gk 5 vm ' A , . 5: iffy g ' if, . ' Flfmn If q::'5'QV ' : X . ' W . .iii ' -N, ' ' gv ffff ' ak A we my . ' Y, Q Lv W :-1. Q--if K Q- RQ-,sg rf YEA? f 'E X J HB4 GARNET PETERSON BERNICE OLSON Voledictorioln Solutotorion Class History . . . It was a grand and glorious thing that happened in the fall of 1947, for it was then that the class of '51 made its debut into Ellendale High School. Our class consisted of thirty-eight members and has 'gradually decreased to its present size of twenty-six. Milo Chaffee, Melvin Cornelius, Donald Giles, Darrell Hoy, Eugene Munson, Alice Vanden Heuvel and Anita Winzenburg withdrew during the first year. Later the addition of Kenneth Lunninfg helped offset these losses a little. Our Freshman year had several noticeable events: some of them were good, and others bad. First-initiation was bad. Bad as it was, it was still fun. Officers for that year were as follows: Alice Vanden Heuvel, president: Roselyn Haberman, vice- president: Donald Ludford, secretary: Clarence Eggers, treasurer: Donna Wayne and Bruce Mclntrye, student council. . We came back to school as Sophomores feeling thankful for having weathered the first year quite successfully, but determined to do better in our second year. Louis Stieglbauer and Barbara Tobin withdrew from us that year. Donald Ludford, who had started with us, passed away. Officers for that year were: Clarence Eggers, president: Bruce McIntyre, vice-president: Yvonne Lawson, treasurer: Edith Nelson, secretary: Pat Disher and Donald Ludford, student council. During our Junior year we really kept jumping from one project to another. Our attentions were mainly turned toward "No Place Like Home," our class play. A great many of our activities that year centered around the purpose of raising money for the Junior-Senior banquet. Yvonne Lawson, Kenneth Lunning, and Marilyn Jensen left our school. Officers for that year were: Edith Nelson, president: Clarence Eggers, vice- president: Garnet Peterson, secretary: Donna Wayne, treasurer: Pat Disher and Douglas Knudsen. Our final year of high school found Pat Disher being chosen as Homecoming Queen, with LaVonne Hagen, Elaine Jensen, Edith Nelson and Donna Wayne as attendants. Della Mae Bathel withdrew from the class with Arlyss Demmer and Roger Jackson joining us. Officers were: Marvin Folkestad, president: Edith Nelson, vice-president: Garnet Peterson, secretary: Ronald Christensen, treasurer: Pat Disher and Dale Cromwell, student council this year. Five of the seniors have received all twelve years of their education at Ellendale. They are: Ross Anderson, Seth Crabtree, Clarence Eggers, Edith Nelson, and Lois Schuler. We were able to attend Ellendale High School for these past four years as a result of the tireless efforts of our parents, the faculty and the school board. We wish to thank them for the education which they have made available to us. -3- ARDELL ANDERSON-"Art" "You only live once, why not make the most of it?" Ambition: join the Navy . . . Favorite Pastime: eating . . . Pet Peeve: "stuck-up" people . . . Always saying: "Don't get hard, buddy." Masquer Play 3 ROSS ANDERSON-"Bosco" "A basketball Star, he Shines at night" Ambition: join the Navy . . . Favorite Pastimes sleeping . . . Pet Peeve: "wise guys" . . . Always saying: "Is that right?" Q Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Captain 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 RUDOLPH ANDERSON-"Rudy" "What did I do that was right?" Ambition: good ol' farmer . . . Favorite Pastime: dancing . . ,. Pet Peeve: "bu.llies"' . . . Always saying: "Ah-h-h, gee whiz!" , Football 1, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Baseball 2, 4 Declam 1 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Masquer Play 4 RONALD 'Cl-IRISTENSEN-"Chris" "Last night at twelve I felt immense, but now I feel like 30 cents." E Ambition: engineering . . . Favorite Pastime: sleeping and eating . . . Pet Peeve: "big headed guys" . . . Always saying: "Oh, yeah-that's right." Football l, 2, 3, 4 Student Manager 3, 4 Football Captain 4 Annual 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 Lettermen 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Class Play 3 SETH CRABTREE-"Abner" "Pro or con he argues on" Ambition: Air Force . . . Favorite Pastime: hunting . . Pet Peeve: getting along with the teachers . . . Always saying: "I didn't say a word." Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Lettermen 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 4 Declam 4 Baseball 3, 4 DALE CROMWELL-"Slugger" "Like scissors-always cutting up" Ambition: carpenter . . . Favorite Pastlme: hunting . . . Pet Peeve: uconceited people" . . . Always say- ing: "Oh-h-h, K. Baby!" Football 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Basketball 2, 3 Annual 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Lettermen 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball Captain 4 Masquer Play 4 -I0 ARLYSS DEMMER-"Ozzie" "Here's to you so tall and slim, who believes in dancing to keep trim" Ambition: private secretary . . . Favorite Pastlme: dancing . . . Pet Peeve: staying home . . . Always saying: "Honestly ! " Transferred from Freeborn 4 Pep Club 4 Glee Club 4 Annual 4 G. A. A, 4 Masquers 4 PATRICIA DISHER-"Pat" "Life is but a day, but oh! Last night! Ambition: join the Waves . . . Favorite Pastime: new- time dancing . . . Pet Peeve: getting up in the morning . . . Always saying: "Oh-h-h-h!" Glee Club 3, 4 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Declam 3, 4 Masquer Play 3 Masquers 2, 3, 4 Annual 4 Masquer Secretary 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 I-IOMEOOIVHNG QUEEN 4 CLARENCE EGGERS-"Eggs" "I-Ie's on the alert when it comes to a skirt" Ambition: go to Waldorf College . . . Favorite Pastime: a good movie . . . Pet Peeve: people who act innocent when they are guilty . . . Always say- ing: "Don't do -anything I wouldn't do!" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class President 2 Baseball 1. 2, 4 Class Vice-President 3 Lettermen 3, 4 Declam 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Paper Staff 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 1 Masquer Play 3 ill mnvm Fonkmsmn-'-Joe" "Mischief Personi1'led" Ambition: "get rich quick" . . . Favorite Pastimes eatln', sleepin', and raising cain . . . Pet Peeve: people who talk behind his back . . . Always saying: uoh' geeln V Football 4 Declam 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Masquer Play 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Class President 4 Lettermen 3, 4 Annual 3, 4 BOSELYN HABERMAN-"Basie" "I can't enjoy llfe alone" Ambition: work in a large city . . . Favorite Pastime: dancing .' . . Pet Peeve: "concelted people" . . . Always saying: "Gosh!" Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Paper Staff 3, 4 G. A. AQ 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 1 Masquers 2, 3, 4 Declam 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Class Play 3 IAVONNE HAGEN-"Scorchy" "Hello! Central? Give me a line." Ambition: work in office . . . Favorite Pastime: dancing . . . Pet Peeve: people who say things they don't mean . . . Always saying: "Oh, my gosh!" glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Masquer ViceJPresident 4 Declam 1 AIIDUHI 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Homecoming Attendant 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Masquers 2, 3, 4 - I2 K ..?i57f X ,, .V 3 eff' 333 US PT as 5 W' fr?-.,f A. ROGER JACKSON-"Jack" "He Came 8 stranger and remained 8 friend" Ambition: astronomer . . . Favorite Pastime: sleep . . . Pet lgeeve: school . . . Always saying: "Oh, Yeah " Transferred from Blooming Prairie 4 Football 4 Letterman 4 Baseball 4 DONALD JENSEN-"Bones" "I can't help it if the girls adore me" lmlbltionz go in the Air Force . . . Favorite Pastime: hunting . . . Pet Peeve: "Stuck-up" women . . . Alfways saying: "Oh, I don't know!" 'Football 2, 3 Baseball 2, 3, 4 lasketball 2, 3, 4 Class Play- 3 lasquer Play 4 ELAINE JENSEN-"Lenny" "A giggle, a dash, a shriek, and a crash" mbition: getting anywhere-fast . . . Favorite Pastimes good movie . . . Pet Peeve: people who can't keep secrets . . . Always saying: "Say, what do we have for English?" Plee Club 2, 3, 4 Declam 1, 2, 3, 4 P. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Iasquers 2, 3, 4 Homecoming Attendant 4 lasquer Play 2, 4 Masquer Treasurer 4 lass Play 3 -I3 DOUGLAS KNUDSEN-"Doug" "Some think he's quiet, others wonder" Ambition: Air Force . . . Favorite Pastirne: shows . . . Pet.Peeve: teachers . . . Always saying: "Go1l darn it!" Class Play 3 B8-Sfrball 1 Student Manager 2, 3 F00tba11 1 Student Council 3 ' , Paper Staff 1.,2. 3. 4 Masquer Play 4 BRUCE MMNTYRE-"Malc"' "The girls haven't spoiled me-yet!" Ambition: stay out of trouble . . . Favorite Pastime: play baseball . . . Pet Peeve: women with straight hair . . . Always saying: "You got nose trouble?" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Declam 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Student Council 1 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Lettermen 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 2 Class Play 3 Student Council President 4 EDITH NELSONf"Edie" as "Just can't live long-single" Ambition: make a good wife . . . Favorite Pastime: danc- ing to old-time music . . . Pet Peeve: people who ' talk behind your back . 1 4. Always saying: "Jeepers!" G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Class President 3 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 4 Masquers 2, 3, 4 Declam 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 3, 4 Paper Stat! 3, 4 Pep Clu-b Treasurer 4 Girls State 3 Class Secretary 2 Homecoming Attendant 4 BERNICE OLSON-"Bernie" "A rare combination of good humor, friendliness, and ability" Ambition: nurse . . . Favorite Pastime: read a book . . . Pet 'Peeve: people who think they're better than they really are : : : Always saying: "G-oodness!" knnual 2, 3, 4 Declam 1, 2, 3, 4 vlasquers 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Annual Editor 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Iilee Club 3, 4 is . DALE PETERSON--"Pete" "Full of fun and mischief too, doing things he shouldn"t do." kmbition farmer . . . Favorite Pastime: trips 'to Waseca . . . Pet Peeve: "stuck-up" people . . . Always saying: "Let's go down to the station, Shirley." GARNET PETERSON-"Garnie" "If silence were golden, she'd be worth a million" mbition: stenographer . . . Favorite Pastime: sew and knit . . . Pet Peeve: people with "big heads" Always saying: "Gee!" lasquers 2, 3, 4 Gee Club 2, 3, 4 P. A. A. 4 Paper Staff 2, 3, 4 ep Club 3, 4 ' Class Secretary 3, 4 heclam 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 -IS.. LOIS SCHULER,--"Loie" "She ls sometimes quiet, but we Wonder if she is that way all the time." Ambition: secretary . . . Favorite Pastime: dancing . . . Pe't Peeve: "conceited people" . . . Always say- ing: "I don't know." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Masquers 2, 3, 4 Annual 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Declam 1, 2, 3, 4 SHIRLEY SLETTON-"Slot" "Do it quietly-and don't get caught" Ambition: farmer . . . Favorite Pastime: hunting . . . Pet Peeve: "smart-acting" people . . . Always saying: "Ah-h-h that's my brand." BETTY TRANDEM-"Betsy" "Obedience is the key to every door" Ambition: stenographer . . . Favorite Pastimes movies . . . Pet Peeve: "stuck-up" people . . . Always saying: "Oh, my goodness!" Pep Club 3, 4 Declam 1 Masquers 3, 4 Annual 4 -+16 OLAI UNDERLAND-"Ole" "Greatness lies in silence" Ambition: 'get out of school . . . Favorite Pastime: eat and sleep . . . Pet Peeves: teachers . . . Always saying: "Oh!" Football 2, 3, 4 Student Manager 3, 4 Annual 4 Lettermen 2, 3, 4 DONNA WAYNE-"Dee" "Tall, blond, and lively." Ambition: private secretary . . . Favorite Pastime: a good basketball game . . . Pet Peeve: people who pull off scarves . . . Always saying: "That would make me mad!" G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Pep Club President 3 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3. 4 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Masquers 2, 3, 4 Masquers President 4 Class Play 3 Declam 1, 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1 Paper Editor 4 Class Treasurer 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 -17- -CLASS MOTTO- "To Rest is not to Conquer" -CLASS COLORS- Silver and Blue -CLASS FLOWER- Lilly of the Valley Class Wlll . . . We the seniors ofthe graduating class of 1951 being of sound mind and body and of above average intelligence, do hereby testify this to be our last will and testimony. To the faculty of E. H. S. we leave . . . finally!! To the juniors we will our ability to stay out of trouble during the remainder of your high school career. To the sophomores we bequeath our intelligence. To the freshmen we leave our high school record of what they too, may accomplish after four years of diligent study. I, Ardell Anderson will my many trips to the cities to Irene Flugum. I, Ross Anderson will my innocent look to Wayne Wodrick. I, Rudolph Anderson will my red hair and freckles to someone . . There I got rid of them. I, Ronald Christensen will my position on the football field to Larry Richards. I, Seth Crabtree will my arguing ability to James Deml. I, Dale Cromwell will my ability to keep on the good side of the superintendent to Ronald Johnson. I, Arlyss Demmer will my interest in brunettes to Louise Thompson. I, Pat Disher will my spare heartthrobs to Audrienne Bunnell. I, Clarence Eggers will my one arm driving albility to Milton Sletton. I, Marvin Folkestad will my steaming hot vocabulary to Clark Nelson. I, Roselyn Haberman will my quietness to Joanne Vangen. I, LaVonne Hagen will my pretty green eyes to Joan Nelson. I, Roger Jackson will my ability to ignore girls to Larry Olson. I, Donald Jensen will my nickname "Bones" to Elton Ehlert. I, Elaine Jensen will my hilarious laugh to Velma Conklin. I, Douglas Knudsen will my bashfulness to my brother Quentin who doesn't seem te have inherited any of the trait. I, Bruce McIntyre will my razor to anyone who can make better use of it than I. I, Edith Nelson will my ability to stick to one man to Caroline Newgard. I, Bernice Olson will my patience on the annual staff to Phillip Olson. We, Dale Peterson and Shirley Sletton will our ability to use a pack and a half a day to Eugene Jensen and Lenard Lageson. I, Garnet Peterson will my shortness to Duane Willert. I, Lois Schuler will my extra hop in dancing to Gary Underland. I, Betty Trandem will my ability to get along with the teachers to Wyman Jensen. I, Olai Underland will my handsomeness to Thelma Miller. I, 'Donna Wayne will my love for Steno to Ione Dlsher. ..I8... Class Predictions . . . "For I dipt into the future far as human eye could see Saw a vision of my classmates and all wonders that could be." Shirley Sletton is a prosperous farmer having just invented a fireproof barn. Dale Peterson has Joined him in this new business venture. Ardell Anderson is an inefficient bus driver between Ellendale and Minneapolis, spending more nights in the cities than on his route. I wonder where? Garnet Peterson ls the head designer for Sax on Fifth Avenue in New York. She is now boarding a ship to Paris to study new designs. Elaine Jensen is busy writing her daily gossip colunm for "The New York Times." She says that she receives most of her news from letters from her old classmates. Edith Nelson is married and ls taking the show "Cheaper By the Dozen" seriously. Rudolph Anderson is busy raising apples so that his children can polish apples just as he did in his high school days. , n Marvin Folkestad is a high school teacher and his main subject ls teaching "Girls b Pl'lySlC8,1 ECll1C8tl0I1." He C8.!l't complain 8.bOllt being 8. hard luck guy now! Betty Trandem has just writtena book for which she is famous: "Huw to go to School and Like it." Olai Underland has opened a sweet potato factory and is traveling throughout the United States hunting for sweet potatoes. - Or are they hunting for him? Bruce McIntyre has started the new "Dare Devils" rolling Model A's and business is very good. Ronald Christensen is leaving soon for South America. to build bridges, but he is having a hard time finding transportation for his family of twelve. Ten years into the future shows Douglas Knudsen still wanting a girl all to himself, but still too bashful to put forth the effort. Donald Jensen has spent many years in research on "The Thing" and at last he thinks he is on its trail. Dale Cromwell is working with Barnum and Bailey circus and is holding down one of the most dangerous jobs: he gives the lions their baths every morning. Roger Jackson has just come back from a voyage via to Japan and he St-ich to his old traditions: he has a girl in every port. Donna Wayne is a private secretary to "Mel's Employment Agency", however, her private interests interfere a great deal with her work. ' Lois Schuler is trying to regain -the title of National Bowling Champion. She says she uses Cromwell's Linament to keep her arms llmber. Bernice Olson is head nurse in a Veterans Hospital and she says she owes most of her patience to being editor of her high school annual. Roselyn Haberman is working for the Weather Bureau. She changes the weather just as often as she changes her mind. That's every other hour. Arlyss Demmer is running a Dine 8: Dance in Chicago, but the hamburger shops are running her out of business. Seth Crabtree ls President of the World's Largest Debating Team in Alaska. He' says his success has been to some of the arguments teachers gave hlm in high school.. Pat Dlsher and Lavonne Hagen are busy ln the kitchen of their duplex apartment preparing dinner for their husbands, while Ross Anderson and Clarence Eggers are in the living room preparing for an attack of indigestlon. 119.. Senior Class Nicest Smile Prettiest Eyes Prettiest Hair Funniest Laugh Friendliest Most Faithful Biggest Wolf Biggest Wolverine Best Dancers Most Athletic Most Bashful Quietest Noislest Best Line Most Likely to Succeed Most Dependable Best 'Pals Wittiest M0815 C0l.ll't80US Most School spirit ' Biggest Flirts Tallest Shortest Oldest Youngest Smallest Feet Biggest Feet Day Dreamer Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pest Prettiest Teeth Best Apple Polisher Nicest Build Nioest Figure Favorites BOY Dale Cromwell Olai Underland Olai Underland Bruce McIntyre Ronald Christensen Douglas Knudsen Marvin Folkestad Rudolph Anderson Ross Anderson Olai Underland Olal Underland Marvin Folkestad Ross Anderson Ardell Anderson, and 'Marvin Folkestad Douglas Knudsen Shirley Sletton, and Dale Peterson Dale Cromwell, and Marvin Folkestad Olai Underland Seth Crabtree Marvin Follrestad Clarence Eggers Roger Jackson Shirley Sletton Dale Cromwell Roger Jackson Donald Jensen Ross Anderson Bruce McIntyre Marvin Folkestad Ross Anderson Rudolph Anderson Seth Crabtree ...20.. GIRL Edith Nelson LaVonne Hagen Edith Nelson Elaine Jensen Patricia Disher DOIIIIB, Wayne, BCYIHCC 013011 Elaine Jensen Patricia Disher Patricia Disher Garnet Peterson Garnet Peterson Elaine Jensen LaVonne Hagen Bernice Olson DORRE Wayne Roselyn Haberman, and Lois Schuler Elaine Jensen Betty Trandem Pat Disher Elaine Jensen Arlyss Demmer Garnet Peterson Garnet Peterson Roselyn Haberman Elaine Jensen Edith Nelson Roselyn Haaberman Garnet Peterson Elaine Jensen LaVonne Hagen Pat Disher Pat Disher V. Pres., Edith: Pres. Marvin Sec., Garnet: Treasurer Ronald ff' M ifhv N-, 9. 2 -., zf ' f'f' 'fvnv ,,,G,,. ,.W,,,, ,Av ,,...,...,M,,.,,W..,...M WM. 3 5 Q 3 .ml NO .AC '-'Q -i 1 M59 ,, 5.41, 1 3 'F sf or Class . . . First Row: Vema Rieck, Joan Nelson, Diane Wilker, Caroline Newgard, Roger d Ro : Mrs. Berg, Sward, Gary Underland, Wyman Jensen, Velma Conklin. Secon w Cl k Nelson Norrlne Thompson, James Deml, Joanne Vangen, Margaret Sorenson, ar , Allan Berg, Louise Thompson. Third Row: Mary Ellen Norgaard, Marvin Enmenauer, Larry Olson, Shirley Stutesman, Ronald Johnson, Paul Connor, Audrienne Bunnell. First Row: Robert llumberg, Arlene Johnson, Wayne Wodrlch, Lavonna Cornelius, Duane Wlllert, Milton Sletton, Alice Ashley, James Nelson. Second Row: Mrs. Berg, Kay Shaw, Lorraine Olson, Ralph Randall, Kenneth Lunnlng, James Grunwald, Margella Johnson, Lenard Lageson, Irene Flugum. Third Row: Donna Meland, lone Mill r. Disher, Lorraine Jensen, Marvel Hanson, Lylah Fitch, Alice Zeman, Thelma e .-22... Junior Officers . . . Donna. Meland, secretary Gary Underland, president lone Disher, vice-president Kenneth Lunning, treasurer ll ...23- xv-V" Sophomores . . . First Row: Marlin Grunwald, Alvlna Hagen, Arnold Halversen, Ax-lan Ross, Louella Thorson, Eugene Larson, Mark Kasper, Blanche Jensen, Phillip Olson. Second Row: Larry Richard, Sandra. Wilker, Morris Shaw, Shirley Thompson, Elton Ehlert, Marlene Johnson, Mary Ann Wanous, Jean Ditlevson, Ronly Cromwell, Fem Wayne, Eugene Jensen, Valerla Humberg, Theresa, Ottierson, Mrs. Berg. Third Row: Ivadielle Hendrickson, Mavis Larson, Christena Oilson, Delores Janka., Orville Langlie, Shirley Jensen, Quentin Knudsen, Phyllis Hanson, Beverly Eggers, Elorls Anderson. I During their second year at E. H. S. the sophomore class chose Sandra Wilker as President, Morris Shaw as Vice Presidentg Fern Wayne as Secretary, Duane Carlson as Treasurer, and Phillip Olson, Mavis Larson as student council representatives. Their class advisor is Mrs. Selma Berg. Several Sophomore boys are outstanding in sports. Yell leader, Phyllis Hanson, is also from the Sophomore class. The Sophomore class gave the Freshman an initiation party in the fall of l95O. , ...- 241. AY' Hssf lk SK! - f I-.51Q5"5'5. Y ffwiifii g 5:55 4 L15 Y , 45' 0 ,vQ:"-:- ' Q 1' - 5 Q Q ' L -A . J' ' - .. ' f fu k-Q . , X X- Jw A ' " 5 'iv Rx . fi Q. .jk S35 Freshmen . . . First Row: John Palau, Dorls Johnson, Edward Anderson, Carol Sorenson, Paul Toft, Nadine Olson. Second Row: Alice Lawson, Shirley Lagesosn, Myrtle Ross, Richard Wayne, Maxine Haugen, Devon Svenby, Joan Anderson, Mr. Christensen. Third Row: Janice Murl, Audrey Steffen, Betty Jolmson, Marvin Turner, Audrey Drache, Orlene Thompson, Roger Mlckleson. First Row: Everal Comelius, Ralph Gilman, Elroy Utpadel, Ann Montanye, Warren Larson, Delores Bailey, Wayne Brooker. Second Row: Dale Strenge, Evelyn Schuler, Merlyn Thompson, LeRoy Sommers, Eugene Cornelius, Shirley Lawrence, Lloyd Kaplan, Mr. Christensen. Third Row: Jeanne Connor, Margaret Stieglbaubr, Ronald Halvorson, Jerome Anderson, James Vangen, Darlene Krueger, Joan Jensen. 'S-1315 T 26... 'P 1 4 gr ISN if? J h ,. , lim !,9,x x 11711 jg, A-1' xfx 'T J L 1 .fy - , ' .C H . hr x 6 -if ixgb F? i- wig Q Ni F 5 ,I tm ,, wr 5 534 - 1 .f ,L 'W' if , 5 5 , -A. ,xx Wifi? II7. Im? QE? Q-45 lxfh and Fifth Grades . . . First Row: Laurel Hendrickson, Dale Bartness, Verna Cornelius, Donald Butler, Thomas Ludford, Donna Newgard, Donald Johnson, llhrma Bathel, Charles Kram- merer. Second Row: Mr. Wagner, David Nelson, Stanley Thompson, Louisa Lindsay, Lyle Olson, David Jellum, Ovanna. Utpadel, Ronald Thompson, Helen Lageson. First Row: Lloyd Dunn, Lavon Anderson, Judy Busho, Delores Olson, Kenneth Schuler, Ruth Gilman, Vemon Cornelius, Judy Thompson, Shirley Robertson, Shennan Bartness. Second Row: Mr. Wagner, Mary Ann Lageson, Dennis Riehards, Eleanor Eggers, James Otteson, Francis Jorgenson, Tyler Hanson, Sharon Johnson, Duane Newgard, Edward Olson, Harvey Rom. ...28-. QF Q ,QQ af S9 fi is 6 5 15' 1 9 5 "H 92 G V Q 4 1 5 -Q S 5 3' 5 'Q 1 , L , V g :ff M ' . 1 V 6 f ff: S kk E "! Q f E 37 f fx A A . 5' i Q dwarf! .' ,::s!w' Ei tifx J g f -ff . lb egg-wif 5 r . ,ae ,S 9 w XB? 4"'f T' tm fm nm 1 53' . M is if A 14 t ' f il M5 ii 4 .au 'rv ,Eg Q wif . ,Q T is? s ii Lx LM if X. :K U f ?9'g N gh Li, Q 'wx W v W X is x 51 ar K , Q5 ., I aper Staff . . . Seated: Gamet Peterson, Roselyn Habennan, Clarence Eggers, Joanne Vangen, Kay Shaw, Donna. Wayne, editor. Standing: Mavis Larsen, Phyllis Hanson, Donna Meland, Nonine Thompson, Paul Connor, Douglas Knudsen, Shirley Lageson, Lorraine Jensen, Carol Sorenson, Lylah Fitch, Edith Nelson, Selma Berg, Alma. Tolef- son, directors. The "Ye School Crier" is the official grapevine system of Ellendale High School. It contains amateur writing, stories, jokes, and bits of gossip. Cartoons are also an added attraction. The staff is made up of seventeen boys and girls with Selma Berg and Alma Tolef- son as the sponsors. The entire work is done by the staff during sparc time. Stories must be typed, stenciled, mimeographed, sorted, and then stapled. The paper is distributed every six weeks. The "Ye School Crier" has been a source of information. We hope it will continue its good work. Editor, Donna Wayne Associate Editor, Kay Shaw Sports Editor, Clarence Eggers Associates, Douglas Knudson, Paul Connor News Editor, Carol Sorenson, Lorraine Jensen, Phyllis Hanson Artists, Garnet'Peterson, Mavis Larsen, Shirley Lageson Typists, Roselyn Haberman, Norrine Thompson, Joan Vangen Advisors, Mrs. Selma Berg and Miss Alma Tolefson ,32- Plays . . . 1 i on ann- -- - JUNIOR PLAY. First Row: Joan Nelson, Diane Wilker, Kay Shaw, Joanne Vungen, James Grunwald. Second Row- Allan Berg, Caroline New rd N rrln . ga , o e Thompson, Lorraine Jensen, Alice Zeman, lone Disher, Mrs. Mclntyre. MASQUER PLAY. First Row: Mrs. Mclntyre, Ross Anderson, Lylah Fitch Donald Jensen, Marvin Folkestad, Joan Nelson Diane Wilker Second Row: Ka , - Y Shaw, Rudolph Anderson, Donna Meland, Elaine Jensen, Audrienne Bunnell, Douglas Knudsen. Dale Cromwell replaced Ross Anderson. Q .l2, U K. ,,f,,Q.,+ ,V my I 1,l , ' , .1 'K 0 " Masquer Club . . . First Row: Mrs. Mclntyre, Lorraine Jensen, Vema Rieck, Eloris Anderson, Alice Zelmm, Betty Trandem, Mavis Larsen, Alvina Hagen, Patricia Disher, Christina Olson, Shirley Jensen, Bernice Olson. Second Row: Elaine Jensen, Marvel Hansen, Audrienne Bunnell, Kay Shaw, Joanne Vangen, Donna Wayne, Blanche Jensen, LouElla Thorson, Lavonna Comelius, Arlene Johnson, Marlene Johnson, Joan Nelson, Jean Ditlevson, Diane Wilker, Shirley Lagesom, Lylah Fitch, Donna Meland, Garnet Peterson. Third Row: Lorraine Olson, Arlyss Demmer, Lois Sehuler, Irene Flugum, Lavonne Hagen, Roselyn Habennan, Norrlne Thompson, Mary Ellen Norgaard, Caroline Newgard, Louise Thompson, Ione Disher, Beverly Eggers, Phyllis Hanson, Ivadelle Hendrickson, Fem Wayne, Sandra Wilker, Margella Johnson, Deloris Janka. The purpose of the Masquer Club is to promote and encourage skill in the drama. The membership consists of girls who have attained a high scholastic average and are interested in dramatics. The play project for this year was the three act comedy, "Linda," A special gift was presented to the school, purchased with funds of this and the past several years. The officers of the club for this year are as follows: Donna Wayne, president, Lavonne Hagen, vice-presidentg Patricia Disher, secretary, Elaine Jensen, treasurer: Mrs. Mclntyre, Advisor. 139. GAA... First Row: lone Dislher, Alvina Hagen, Sandra Wilker, Arlyss uemmer, Lavonne Hagen, Valeria Humburg, Mavis Larson, Lorraine Jensen, Donna Meland, Alice Zeman, Delores Janka, Fern Wayne. Second Row: Mrs. Dahl, Lois Schuler, Roselyn Haber- man, Marlene Johnson, Ivadelle Hendrickson, Beverly Eggers, Joanne Vangen, Arlene Johnson, LouElla Thorson, Shirley Thompson, Mary Ellen Norgaard, Shirley Jensen, Eloris Anderson, Lylah Fitch, Donna Wayne. Third Row: Gamet Peterson, Elaine Jensen, Christina Olson, Kay Shaw, Audrienne Bunnell, Phyllis I-lanson, Pat Disher, Louise Thompson, Norrine Thompson, Caroline Newgard, Diane Wilker, Joan Nelson. First Row: Harriet Haubenschild. Sandra Menefee, Ruth Otteson, Lois Wayne, Delores Eggers, Connie Grunwald. Joanne Jensen, Marilyn Burshem, Doris Haberman, Marjorie Utpadel. Second Row: Mrs. Dahl, Sandra Jensen, Betty Johnson, Alice Mae Lawson, Margie Eggers, Verona Randall, Nora Nelson, Eileen Comelius, Carol Soren- son. DeVon Svenby, Shirley Lageson. Third Row: Barbara Langlie, Beverly Worke, Geraldine Taylor, Audrey Hemingway, Joan Anderson, Audrey Steffen, Orlene Thompson, Arlyne Langlie. Glee Club . . . First Row: Alice Ashley, Lavonna Comelius. Donna Wayne, Edith Nelson, Arlyss Demmer, Joan Nelson, Joanne Vangen, Bemice Olson, Patricia Disher. Second Row: Glen Shaw, Margaret Sorenson, Kay Shaw, Norrine Thompson, Mary Ellen Norgaard Lorraine Jensen, Arlene Johnson, Caroline Newgard, Margella Johnson, Lorraine Olson, Irene Flugum, Marvel Hanson, Lylah Fitch, Louise Thompson. Third Row: Vema Rieck, Shirley Stutesman, Velma Conklin, LaVonne Hagen Audrienne Bunnell l A ice Zeman, Roselyn Haberman, Lois Schuler, Gamet Peterson: lone Disher, Elaine Jensen, Donna Meland. First Row: Marlene Johnson. Delores Janka, Maxine Haugen, Jean Ditlevson, LouElla Thorson, Carol Sorenson, Mary Ann Wanous, Alvina Hagen, Blanche Jensen. Second Row: Glen Shaw, Devon Svenby, Jo-an Anderson, Mavis Larson, Shirley Thompson, Beverly Eggers, Shirley Jensen, Phyllis Hanson, Eloris Anderson. Third Row: Audrey Steffen, Orlene Thompson, Chrlstena Olson, Sandra Wilker, Shirley Lageson, Ivadelle Hendrickson, Valeria Humburg, Theresa Otterson. W I 7 I-"2 , ' if ,g 2 15 2 27 ,A ,r f t . ' z 12 '2 3... 5? -'S' A - ' 2 e. .wr -get ,, : .. ,J'f1k,'5,f,3,j? aE j ,f!Z! ' lg ,Q , K , - , M 41 iff fs' IQ , f A 'LZ .N ,ful In-Ax X, ' W Q " X fxzx r - ' , ' x V bk' ' X Q", sk X F, X L ' 'gf - A h j 'X' X l t N R" 22 " . .' it -X!! ' f F! ai- .Q- ' I 'ik f ':N ' 1. it if JI: W f A 3- 2 X 4 Q' fy! 41 3' 1 wiv ? I 4- '- f 7- .: gg av- f jg : ' N 252' 5 'fx 'jx ,gi " ,N 4? - X , , 5 lm fkzf X W' Q' A-.xxx , . CX 4 ' ' 1 - ,A ,Y 'QNX I . X up PN 3 i j J: L i i. W mf F5 'I I .4 , 1 "" W f I u l M' ' 1 Pep Club . . . First Row: Phyllis Hanson, Norrlne Thompson, Alice Zeman. Louise Thompson, Pat .Disher. Second Row: Shirley Thompson, Arlyss Demmer, Betty Trandem, Gamet Peterson, Mary Ellen Nor- gaard, Lylah Fitch, lone Disher, Elaine Jensen, Beverly Eggers, Donna Meland, LaVonne Hagen, Sandra Wilkerf Third Row: Mrs. Berg, Mavis Larson, Diane Wilker, Marlene Johnson, Alice Ashley, Arlene Johnson, LaVonna Cornelius, LouElla Thorson, Joanne Vangen, Caroline Newgard, Joan Nelson, Lois Schuler, Lon-aine Olson, Margella Johnson, Bernice Olson. Fourth Row: Ivadell Hend- rickson, Roselyn Haberman, Eloris Anderson, Christina Olson, Delores Janka Marvel Hanson Audrienne Bunnell, Donna Wayne, Kay Shaw, Shirley Jensen, Alvina Hagen, ,Valaria Humberg: Lorraine Jensen, Vema Rleck. First Row: Barbara Langlie, Arlyne Langlie, Beverly Worke, Orlene Thompson. Second Row: Eileen Comelius, Sandra Menefee, Harriet Haubensohild, Lois Wayne, Delores Eggers, Darlene Kreuger. Jean Connor, Jpan Jensen, Audrey Drache. Third Row: Mrs. Berg, Fem Wayne, Margaret Stlegl- bauer, Shirley Lawrence, Everal Cornelius, Devon Svenby, Verona Randall, Donna Johnson,, Maxine Haugen, Carol Sorenson, Margie Eggers, Alice Lawson, Joan Anderson, Shirley Lageson, Sandra Jen- sen. Fourth Row: Shirley Wobschall, Marlene Halverson, Connie Grunwald, Audrey Steffen, Audrey Hemingway, Arlyss Robertson. Geraldine Taylor, Ruth Otteson, Marjorie Schmidt. Sfudenf Council . . . First Row: Delores Eggers, Dale Cromwell, Bruce Mclntyre, president: Pat Disher, Arlyne Langlie. Second Row: Louise Thompson, Roger Sward, Shirley Lageson, Audrey Steffen, Phillip Olson, Mavis Larson. Homecoming . . . The 1950 Homecoming of Ellendale High School was held October 6th. This was the "big" day for students and alumni and many preparations had been made to make it a gala affair. The first event of the day was the parade which started at 2:00 P. M. It was a large parade with floats representing the different classes and organizations at school. The baton twirlers led, followed by the band, floats, and queen candidates. During the bonfire, the spectators were very pleased to see Pat Disher become Homecoming Queen of 1950. Captain Ronald Christensen crowned Pat and presented her with a gift from the senior class. After our victory over Janesville, 6-0, the Alumni and high school students enjoy- ed a Homecoming Dance. Thus ended a perfect evening on a rainy night. .... 40 ..- Homecoming Eloine Jensen Donno Wayne Queen Pot Disher LoVonne Hogen Edith Nelson HOMECOMING TOUCH DOWN! THE CROWNING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS ...JU- Q QPSK a wif ' . if X ' . - x 5 QQ 2 S Y Y .kk.. A QF A" - .-.X .4 o 'ira- 4 .- Xia.:-:J-31---lf n 1, NL , Q i 55 X ' Football . . . First Row: Paul Connor, Phillip Olson, Kenneth Lunning, Duane Carlson, Bruce Mclntyre, Ronald Christensen, Olal Underland, Dale Cromwell, Seth Crabtree, Robert I-lumburg, Roger Jackson. Second Row: Mr. Olson, James Vangen, Donly Cromwell, Ralph Randall, Morris Shaw, Gene Comelius, Mark Kasper, Elton Elhert, James Nelson, Marvin Folkestad, Rudolph Anderson, Donald Jensen, manager. Those absent were Ross Anderson and Gary Underland. CONFERENCE STANDINGS Names Won Lost Pct. ELLENDALE ...... ....... 5 .840 Janesville ......... ....... 5 840 Freeborn .............. ....... 4 .660 New Richland ........ ....... 3 .500 Blooming Prairie ..... ....... 3 500 Emmons .................. ....... 1 160 Alden .................... ....... 0 .000 CONFERENCE RECORD Ellendale 12 - Alden Ellendale 6 - Janesville Ellendale 0 - New Richland Ellendale 20 - Freeborn Ellendale 12 - Emmons Ellendale 7 - Blooming Prairie 5 .-44.- TROPHEY Sfarting Eleven . . . To begin our 1950 season Gene 0lson's Raiders traveled to Waseca where they were defeated by the score of 18-6. Next the team made the trip to Hayfield where they played a much better game than they did at Waseca with the game ending in a 0-0 deadlock. Alden was next on the schedule for the first conference game of the season. The Raiders showed fine teamwork to defeat the Blackhawks, 12-6. Homecoming! This was the big event of the year. There had been much excite- ment all day, which was climaxed with Ellendale defeating Janesville. The Raiders scored early in the game on a nice punt return by Lunning. The rest of the game was a defensive battle with most of the playing being done mid-field, with the final score 6-0. The game was marred by frequent showers for the first three quarters. The entire last quarter was played in a steady dofwnpour. After being handed their only conference setback of the season by a highly spirited New Richland team, 6-0, the Raiders played host to Freeborn. In the first half the Raiders were down by 7-0, but in the second half they came back strong to score three quick touchdowns and won 20-7. Ellendale won its last home game of the season by defeating a strong Emmons team, 12-6. In the final game of the season the Raiders defeated Blooming Prairie. This was a hard played game, with neither team scoring until the last play of the game when Dale Cromwell carried the ball o'ver for Ellendale. Ross Anderson made good the try for the extra point, making it 7-0. Thus ended a successful season for Coach Olson and his team as they were tied with Janesville for the championship. 'I'he following members of this year's squad will graduate: Bruce Mclntyre, Ronald Christensen, Olai Underland, Dale Cromwell, Seth Craabtree, Roger Jackson, Rudolph Anderson, Marvin Folkestad and Ross Anderson. Those earning letters in football this year were: Paul Connor, Phillip Olson, Ken Lunning, Duane Carlson, Bruce McIntyre, Ronald Christensen, Olai Underland, Dale Cromwell, Seth Crabtree, Robert Humburg, Roger Jackson, Ross Anderson, Marvin Folkestad, Roger Sward, Gene Cornelius, Gary Underland and Rudolph Anderson. +45- Basketball . . . - - L J 1 1 1 First Row: Coach Olson, Wayne Wodrich, Robert I-Iumburg, Ralph Randall, Ross Anderson, Clarence Eggers, Allan Berg, Wyman Jensen. Second Row: Kenneth Lunning, Marvin Folkestad, James Grunwald, Donald Jensen, Duane Willert, Seth Crabtree, Rudolph Anderson, Larry Olson. First Row: Coach Olson, Elton Ehlert, Orville Langlie, Marlyn Grunwald, Amold l-lalversen, Donly Cromwell, Paul Toft, Eugene Comelius, Quentin Knudsen. Second Row: Edward Anderson, Wayne Wodrich, Odean Vangen, Bruce Jensen, Roger Mickel- son, Morris Shaw, Warren Larson, Leo Zeman, James Vangen, Gary Hanson, Wyman Jensen, Wayne Brooker. Basketball . . . On November 7, 1950, Ellendale High School started its 50-51 basketball season with 25 players trying out for the team. There were only three lettermen back from last season and they were Ross Anderson, Clarence Eggers, and Allan Berg. During the weeks of practice that followed, Gene Olson molded this group of boys into a fine high-spirited basketball squad. As the firs-t game drew near, Ellendale looked as if they would 'have a winning squad. The first few games showed that this prediction might come true. The next few games were lost, but then Ellendale came back very strong toward the end of the season. Ellendale stood out well offensively by scoring 810 points to the opponents 674. Ellendale will lose two of its best scorers and team men when Ross and Clarence graduate this year. Though we didn't win the championship this year, Ellendale has one thing to be proud of, and that is their fine sportsmanship. The sportsmanship of the players and fans was of the highest caliber during the entire basketball season. -SCORES- ELLENDALE OPPONENTS 52 ............. .......... R. ose Creek 41 44 ...... .........,............. W aseca 43 41 ...... ..... B looming Prairie 39 34 ...... ....... N ew Richland 30 ' 36 ..... ............. Fr eeborn 37 37 ...... ....... E mmons 49 40 ...... .... M edford 31 59 ...... .......... A lden 43 44 ...... ............ J anesville 39 61 ...... ................. Fr eeborn 54 48 ...... ..... B looming Prairie 85 47 ...... .............. Ermn ons 64 56 ...... ....... N ew Richland 51 67 ...... ........... M edford 40 59 ...... .......... A lden 36 43 . ..... ..... J anesville 63 -4UB-DISTRICT- OPPONENTS 41 ...... ..... CB looming Prairie 59 Baseball . . . Gopher Conference Champions After several hard weeks of rpractice, Gene Olson's Raiders traveled to Alden for their first game of the season. Despite playing in the rain, cold and wind, Ellendale scored its first win of the season. Bruce McIntyre pitched an excellent game for his first start of the season. The Raiders traveled to Emmons for their second giame. Behind the pitching of Berg and Cromwell, and great support from -the field, Ellendale scored its second win of the season, 11-3. Ellendale gained its third consecutive victory by defeating Janesville, 9-3, behind the excellent pitching of Bruce McIntyre. It was well played by both teams through- out the entire game. Ellendale scored its first win at home by defeating a strong New Richland team. Bruce again held the Cardinals to a minimum of hits. The score ended 8-1. The Red Raiders traveled to Northfield for the Carleton tournament. Their first game was with Henderson, which Ellendale lost by a score of 4-3. It was Ellen- dale's only loss of the season. Ellendale played its second game at home against a strong Freeborn team. But with the boys out there fightin-g all the way, Ellendale was again victorious in another well played game, 9-4. The game with Blooming Prairie was cancelled because of rain. Owatonna and Medford games were also rained out. .. 43... lol!!! Chris Bruce 'Quentin Allen Dlle lol mmm ...... mmons i ........ Jmmsvnm ...... HENDERSON .... NEW RIOHLAND FREEBORN ......... Total ..... Q. ' W Q ? Seth ODP 3 3 3 4 1 4 EE Marvin TROPHYL- fungi 6 V iz 0 W .. .,: ' 'ff X J e SEZ, wr, lgf J- arf' S' ,I if' wife 5 51 3.-I' Lf 'MSA , Mig. 1. Fonnal affair 2. Big bully! 3. Good story Boy's 4. Where to Shirley? 5. The line up 6. Teacher's pet! 7. What's so funny up there? 8. The I-Iuddle 9. Cat walk? 10. Smiley! 11. Tunner 12. Love sick? 13. Speedy? 14. Chief's conference 15. Swede 16. Hard at it? 17. You don't say!! 18. Cold? 19. Snuff 84 Paul 20. Dreamers!! 21. Apple polisher! 22. Strike one! 23. Teachers get together? 24. When did you eat last? 25. Caught him studying 26. What's so interesting? 27. Blow harder! 28. Miss Toft 29. One finger! 30. Leaving . . . for the bank? 31. Height of ambition. , it 0' . 55. 'G :fl w xv -. . MIX l 'hmm Q i My V ww- 'W 1' 7, nv., T jngbtg, 5 v 3? l 5 r Q x. ..,,,,g. ,J i fn.--'-'!""" . Av: Q ....'..,.. x, QM ,. P' we wouu: uns ro THANK mess GENEROUS PEOPLE ron MAKING ri-us ANNUAL POSSIBLE SECURITY STATE BANK The Community Bank Since l9OO BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. Where The Home Begins BUSHO'S GARAGE Phone O8-J DALE THEATER Finest Movie Entertainment DR. E. Q. ERTEL Phone O9 ELLENDALE EAGLE Printing and Publishing ?YiXHMIi'i.Di6-kfEiEvXtKIEo. i Phone I2 - We Deliver JACOBSON'S SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Products nannies NITE CLI s U Good Food L 6' G CHEVROLET CO. See Us Before You Buy LERBERG'S STORE Fairway Foods MISGEN BROS. Trucking NELSON DAIRY Milk Delivery OLSON IMPLEMENT Sales-Parts-Service PE'l'E G' RUBE'S MARKET Meats - Groceries sre:b?K5EI.FSsEEfT THOMPSON IMPLEMENT Allis-Chalmers MILLER BROS. HARDWAR? Easy Budget Payment NELSON 8' MELAND Hardware - Appliances BERG'S STATION Bonded nAHi.'s senvics STATION Phillip 66 DELUXE BEAUTY SALON Permanents - Hair Cuts ELLENDALE STATE BANK Ellendale, Minnesota INTERSTATE POWER See Your Electric Dealer LUDFORD'S FURNITURE Gift Shop ROLLERLAND SKATING Open Skating-Party g SANDY'S BARBER SHOP Haircuts-Shaves-Slhamoogl STANDARD OIL COMPANY White Crown STEVE KUBICEK Blacksmith HARVEY BEAVENS Standard Oil Agent -GEN EVA- sAn'rscH GARAGE Jack Sprat Wrecker Service g WHITE'S CAFE CLARENCE T. NELSON Home Cooking General Merchandise Y HABERMAAN Cv ANDERSON GARAGE GENEVA STATE BANK Auto Service Make This Bank Your Banking Home PIETAN'S DRUG STORE Rexall Store - Phone 70 WALLY'S SERVICE STATION Mobile Service WARREN Cv DON'S COTTAGE Home Baked Foods GENEVA FEED MILL EGE KNUDSEN, BLACKSMITH GENEVA CAFE GENEVA CREAMERY g SCRIlP'S TAVERN -CLARKS GROVE- RAVENHORST CONCRETE CO. Concrete Block and Tile CYLARKS GROVE CREAMERY High Quality Butter CLARKS GROVE ELEVATOR Feed-Coal-Seeds CLARKS GROVE HARowAREa IMPL. Heavy and Shelf Hardware CLARKS GROVE LUMBER CO. Quality Building Materials Fuel CLARKS GROVE MERCANTILE Cr CO. General Merchandise CLARKS GROVE STATE BANK Clarks Grove mi' Shao-N ALARSONVTFM U Garage Service NELSON SAND Cr GRAVEL We Deliver COMMUNITY oifco. -HoPE- C-LARENCE'S SPOT Fine Beverages HOPE CO-OP CREAMERY ASSOCIATION Hope. Minnesota HOPE HARWARE Best in Hardware OLDEFENDT LIVESTOCK CO. Trucker SPELTZ GRAIN 6 COAL CO. Hope, Minnesota WESLEY BROS. Groceries . EW.J92Gi'E9!i..-i5"6'E.,- U, FARMERS STATE BANK KLECKER REPAIR Cr SERVICE SLEZAK'S GROCERY iMISCELLANEOUS- ALBERT LEA CHAMBER or COMMERCE Albert Lea, Minnesota ELMER UNDERLAND Grower of Onions C7 Potatoes OLAI UNDERLAND Grower of Onions C1 Potatoes LENARD L. DEVRIES Tiling With Hawkeye Machine HOLLANDALE HDW. Cr IMPLEMENT CO. BATH STORE Best in Hardware ' 'gc E " 'E i"i'xEE" "'i""i'f' Ai""A'i "M ii'i "R S' Tw " HAZEL'S STEAK HOUSE HOLLANDALE MARKETING ASS'N. N--me .--. s -es -e----k-- Best Vegetables ST. QI-AF 51-ggi NORTHERN VALLEY PACKING CORP. I ,UQN I Best in Potatoes . ' ' W..- E---..-..--m-E-. A .. E-.. mwmm E .E sss. E- Pioneer Seed Corn PAUL JONES, INC. Potatoes-Onions-Carrots . WTS i5f85UcfsrAfEFBuAF'Tm Hallandale, Minnesota VEROOORN-I BROS. MOTOR sERvicE U We Epfgflffli' .G s VAN'S coNoco SERVICE I PAUL A. STEFFEN Brookfield Seed Corn WALLACE M. JENSEN Pride Seed Corn HARVEY FISHER Pioneer Seed Corn -OWATO N NA- DR. J. N. SCHOEN Optometrist GORMAN CLEANERS Special Prices KELLY CO. Quality Merchandise 6' Service MONTEREY BALLROOM Newly Enlarged - Improved OWATONNA TOOL CO. Owatonna, Minnesota ROHRER DRUGS . Walgreen - Phone 2336 STEELE CENTER GARAGE Standard Oil Products STEELE COUNTY .IMPLEMENT Minneapolis-Moline Co. VIRTUE an PouNo International Harvester as so E 49BB!'4,E,.El1,'F2!lF":E LEUTHOLD Cr ST. CLAIR SEARS ROEBUCK CO. CASHMAN'S GREEN HOUSE CHRISTGAU'S PHARMACY DAILY PEOPLE'S PRESS GEORGE KLEMMER fr SON GI-LDNER Cv ODLE HANNA MEYER FURNITURE ' MITCHELL FLOWER STORE MUSIC SHOP OWATONNA CREAMERY SUPPLY CO. OWATONNA-MILKER C7 SERVICE CO. ROLLING STAR CAFE SALET'S DEPT. STORE SCOTT MOTORS SRSEN SUPPLY CO. TED'S SHOE SERVICE TOT 'N' TEEN SHOP URBAN BROS. SHEET METAL VALENCIA CAFE WANOUS PONTIAC CARL F. KOTTKE CEDAR STREET VARIETY CENTRAL BAKERY COFFEE BAR Cr BUS DEPOT ,, ,,,,,, ,M - N-.- ,....., . AY., GEORGE'S CAN DY KITCH ENyy y GERICKE'S PHARMACY JoHN's AUTOMOTIVE y MAHLON'S GIFT STORE MEScH.KE RADIO GLEEVISLOBEVICE OWATONNA CEMENT 8' TILE CO. NITSCHKEIS JEWELRY OWATONNA SHOE lco. PARKSIDE STUDIO VESTERBY G' WATOWA BLOCK SHOE STORE BRICK FURNITURE C. J. 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Suggestions in the Ellendale High School - Raider Yearbook (Ellendale, MN) collection:

Ellendale High School - Raider Yearbook (Ellendale, MN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Ellendale High School - Raider Yearbook (Ellendale, MN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 58

1951, pg 58

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1951, pg 31

Ellendale High School - Raider Yearbook (Ellendale, MN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 8

1951, pg 8

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