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 - Class of 1950

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.,.,, 'W . 'K L1 L..:+4L.41 .,K...'.-., ,V , 'wmv'-'gum , 3 ,n I' F 2 , .iv ' 'L 0 Q. J- A 1 v, 1 if F 4-iwiilmii ' siiffi af. i ' Q e 3 l 1 I 2 4 i 1 5 v V ' rfifvffwsf.-5-,, . ' , K, . , +V f gnu 1?i'Xv9y,1.L.-fm f+Nvv,.3.,f,:3.,.L, -. :TH 1 ' fllendale, Mkmesofa 0. 5. A. This is the story of a town and a school-Ellendale High School-and a reminiscing record of things we studied, the people we knew, and our accomplish- ments in and out of the classroom set down in our student year book. We honor the memory of Esther Scrabeck. Born August 21, 1935. Died October 7, 1949. Stars over snow, And in the west a new planet Swinging below a star- Look for a lovely thing And you will find her, She is not far- She never will be far. 111 ,Bl kwi ' J 1 A I .4-'FY llim' . i 4, f ', " s Wmgffcff M ,Q yy W , 5 1 4 Q , A if . A . a 2 .. ,. .V ,. f if AA 2: V is u- .. Lf . 1 1 A k fy vw VL , , , K' v . , .. - .-3 . 5 A jx , ' A , it 1 f . - u . . ' li .. 5 : ' 'S . v . ' V 5 , A H- 'f - - K K .,f" ' .- ' , r 'J X- rf ' V , K ' 0 I 1 j 'I di 8 ' Z: xr 5 4? f 4' Y' . ,Q 6 , J c ' E X 5 " U A lj fi! .., 1- v 5 if 1. - 2 ' 'Q . ' g ff f Q s. gg ' it , .ig ilxix K' 'r 5' W J 3 I E 9 ii It W ,ff if 2 S i I 1 i i' J 'f ' I at x E 'A n '- '- , is, ,ft I I . , , I .V fn 1 y , ,F ' ' K 1 2 1 ,'. .ew , J -V ,nr ,I nl A I , if ki. , .114 9 i' . + h wr ' ' f - f- 5 '. , 5 S' X' L ... . , 1, 1' , 7 ' I 'X 1 , n 1' x l Q . , ,Q fr . . 4 ff' 1 - g E. , .. ,I If t ,V Q K ,Lv q w? 7 f , ' f' ,FL Q l Q - m ! hx , , 5 h ,V , ,' Mx 'yn 7 I , , Lp, fn "' v gg. Q Vt . IA I ma ,Ja A I 5 1' a- .x i V Q . I .V 1 ,V L . m wid! s ., , A . 4 1 8 ,- -b'. S j 'A i ' i if H, 'I , X.. f . A -6 K 4 , Q' f 5. X' 1 fix 'gg ' 'Q X Ji 1 2: 1 A, Q Q af K K H f , Wag R.. , H J fe 1 x 55. gaxf Rvyifu ef . 31,3 5 5 1,,75 W -A qw sg 5, Q , mt ,f ,U tu x 1 'Y 'AL ' " K- ' X6 gs dl Z xxx is ' . 4 so X 1 in x x , 1, ,mv X , g -r 'H HM N .9 X if x 1 5, an Wi W X 'S' R , - wx X ,gx v Y ,A ia, 'Y Sk Q A 33' E N' - 'esfknigf ix . x' 'B x Q Wal' if X x X 'SRX 'xx 'tes ,A 8 '- xi 0 X X '- M s + 1-KU, R, ,i gli . K h ,' , 11 . I f '18 Q 5 AQ wr 15:1 S3 Q ,X 351 if ,S .Q 'N 5 ' 3' In s 5 ,x X I fi Y N. ya K if X .13 EW ' if S :ad x7 I 'D 10 S F , 4 , v x ' . x, 4 Q.. X, 1 :nfl - O X fy . , 1' l I 'Al ax. N54 . Ellendale. . . 0ur Home Town In the year 1900 the little hamlet known as Ellendale was founded. The former Elling Ellingson, Sr., farm, which was plotted by the New Burlington Railroad. Negotiations were made by the "Townsite Man," the Hon. Thomas H. Brown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, who nainedthe new village in honor of Mrs. Ives, wife of the railroad president, whose maiden name was Ellen Dale. Today, as in the days of yesteryear, a portrait of Ellen Dale is displayed in our school library. The only remaining business man from the group of pioneer establishments in 1950 is Martin P. Miller, who began his plumbing and hardware firm with his co- partner, Theo. Jenson, in possibly the year 1905. However, Frank R. Randall, a pioneer stockbuyer, resides one-half mile south of the village at present. Furthermore, Nels Norby, an early hotel proprietor, lives within our village limits. We are privileged to have in our midst several other early folks: for instance, W. A. Gahagan, former rural mail carrier, and Erick Ellingson and Albert Lageson, who operated general merchandise firms within the village during the formative period of Ellenda1e's history. 1.3-1 --41 Ellendale . . . A Friendly L'ommum'ty Ellendale has several large business firms, which supply employment for a number of people. L 8z G Chevrolet Company, Botsford Lumber Company, Miller Brothers Hardware, and the Farmers Milling 85 Elevator Company are a few good examples. For a community the size of Ellendale, we are fortunate to have two fine restaurant establishments. At Rollerland we find many people seeking recreation. All other businesses are equally successful. We are proud of our town. Every generation of citizens in Ellendale has done his best to make it a friendly and happy place in which to live. f .. , , af? H a- 'W 'WR 4" 4 -5 ,,. fd '78 .5 ' V' + ' ' ,K mY fa' ew A 1,4 'TN- ffl M ' - l . , Z1 'A', 2 :3 ., ' ,I rg J, n V15 N 'A.',i5gA, "T l " FQ! 5- Q" ,QT 251 if - V7"". vfx , L -at .4 L" Y ,.. 4,,,A' if . .Q 0 i 41? Y , V. f 15...- 4 I . Q , un: FP Fdbunllnsfcvvv' 'Wu nu EQ Q ma "- UF F 1 1 gnu 'un 7 . 1 ax , wwf ...WNW nmwqn M., - may , M QW W lX!,!f" - mm , ..f,. A RUE" iw rr f --fs ff ff 5-we ' QM.- 1, W Rh, 85314 -, mm' 1 W ay-mam - , f aww, mzwrw-'e L. . -:saws-wars 'm.,,.xgQ W X . 'Y' x .-- ,- .xt g -g Ma . W ' " -2' aliiwf 4 r Q .A .-..-1-Q.. 4.11.- 1 N .4 .1 f. Rffw- I fs-4. X I- 2 W'- , Q 1.5, 2 ' 4 iff? 'Y if ref 3 251 3 1,3 ii , gg , , L' -xqQ,iz"Qa .V as is ' mania:-xB2zfl1l . k -, 4 ff- M H "aim0'xiiaffEf'.Fi ' X 1 Q N - Q .....m....L....b.,. ,mm ans Maul! ivfqai 1- ma9.il'f71ZQ. 4 DR. E. Q. ERTEL A sense of humor, a twinkle in his eyes, and that proverbial heart of gold, characterizes the personality of Dr. E. Q. Ertel, our community doctor and friend. Ellenddle ls Also Me Name of 0ar cfzool We are 8.DDI'eCi8,tiVB of 8.11 that U18 DESY? g8I16I'8.ti0I'lS have d0I1C f0l' US We only hope that we Call merit their C0!1t!'ibl1tiOl'1S by making this One of the best schools in Minnesota. The Ellendale Consolidated School was erected in 1922. Our first Board of Edl.lC8.ti0I1 WHS I Dr. E. Q. Ertel, President A. Gregerson, Secretary R. S. Burshem, Treasurer M. Flesche A. Larsen J. M. Holmes F. C. Lewis, Superintendent th for Hleno'ale's Tomorrow We Study languages ano'l1Yerafure -g.. and Facts and Fgyures for Eafnlhg G ig, For fllena'a'le'.s' Tamar ow Ellendale's tomorrow can be no better than the training the school gives the boys and girls today. The school has attempted in every way possible to train the youth for the appreciation of arts through music and dramaticesg for good health and use of leisure time through a well-balanced Sports program: for social adjustment through parties and dances: for life's serious work through the well-balanced academic program: for leadership through the various clubs and home room responsibilities. ' We Work and Play fogetfzer FN , it Row 1. Garnet Peterson, Doris Robertson, Roselyn Ferguson, Donna Wayne, Roselyn Haberman, Doris Jones, Lylah Fitch. Row 2. Mavis Larson, Phyllis Hanson, Della Bathel, Paul Baarson. Clarence Eggers, Douglas Knudsen, Miss Tolefson, Edith Nelson, Donna Meland, Kay Shaw, Mrs. Selma Berg. Row 1. Bernice Olson, Helen Muri, Aleene Fischer, Joan Thompson, Lorraine Wobschall, Bonnie Olson. Row 2. Joan Nelson, Marvin Johnson, Marion Olson, Bay Zeman, Marvin Folkestad, Virgil Worke, Irvin Jensen, Mr. F. Pfeil, Aldeen Underland. 1 O W I Paerffaf . . . "Ye School Crier" was published every six weeks this year under the able direction of Miss Tollefson and Mrs. Selma Berg. The paper has been successful this year as in past years. It contained news from both the grades and high school, including activities of the different organizations, classes, sports. and social notes. It also displayed some very artistic work. Much journalism ability, cooperation, efficient management and hard work have been involved in performing such a task and therefore much credit should be extended to the staff as well as to the sponsors, and to all others who contributed toward making such a publication possible. Roselyn Ferguson assumed the position of editor, with Doris Robertson and Donna Wayne as associate editors. Sports editor was Clarence Eggers, with Douglas Knudsen as associate sports editor. Edith Nelson was news editor. Reporters consisted of Lylah Fitch, Phyllis Hanson, Donna Meland, and Kay Shaw. Artists were Della Bathel, Garnet Peterson, and Mavis Larson. Doris Jones and Roselyn Haberman were typists. Paul Baarson was the mimeographer. Annual Sta f . . . The annual staff wishes to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have made this annual a reality. We wish to thank the business places for their advertisements without which this annual would never have been printed. A great deal of our appreciation also goes to the students and teachers who cooperated in such a splendid manner. We especially wish to thank Mr. F. Pfeil for his untlring and unselflsh effort ln our behalf. Without his guidance and direction when the going was tough, this annual might never have gone to press. He has spent a great deal of his time in striving to make this annual a success and for this we offer in return a sincere "thank you." The following editor and associates compose the annual staff: Editor Joan Thompson, Associate Editors Bernice Olson and Joan Nelson. Following are the members: Aleene Fischer, Marvin Folkestad, Irvin Jensen, Marvin Johnson, Helen Muri, Bonnie Olson, Marion Olson, Aldeen Underland, Lorraine Wobschall, Virgil Worke, and Ray Zeman. 1I3... 'N mx. -X 962 F5 6 Junior dass Play . . . On December 2, the Junior Class presented their annual play in the Ellendale auditorium, entitled "No Place Like Home," a comedy in three acts. The cast was chosen by Mrs. McIntyre who coached the presentation, one of the most successful given in E. H. S. The play cast consisted of the following students who worked hard for its success: Marvin Folkestad as Wilbur Maxwell: Roselyn Haberxnan as 'Bernadine Smith: LaVonne Hagen as Connie Maxwell: Clarence Eggers as Mr. Maxwell: Donna Wayne as Mrs. Maxwell: Bernice Olson as Mrs. Brown: Douglas Knudsen as Mr. Brown: Ronald Christenson as Grandfather Maxwell: Elaine Jensen as Aunt Mary: Bruce McIntyre as Mr. Hinckley: Donald Jensen as Hercules Nelson. It's vacation time for the Maxwells and the entire family is looking with anticipa- tion toward the coming two weeks. There are exciting times ahead for all, but Mother Maxwell, seeing Aunt Mary and Bernadine Smith, Betty's chum come back from their vacation completely exhausted, gets the sudden idea that it would be best for them to spend their vacation at home. So they spend this year's vacation at home. Mrs. Maxwell's parents come, and then Mr. Maxwell's parents come. On top of it all Mr. Maxwell's boss sends over a special contract for him to sign and everything seems to go wrong. The two granufathers meet head-on, Mr. Maxwell practically breaks his neck, and Wilbur and Hercules mess up the business deal. The whole family is practically unconscious by the time vacation was over and Father is practically carried to work on a stretcher. Business Manager was Dale Cromwell: Publicity Manager was Della Bathel: Stage Managers were Dale Peterson and Shirley Sletten: Property Managers were Olai Underland and Kenneth Lunning: Prompter was Edith Nelson: Usherettes were Lois Schuler, Della Bathel, Janet Nelson, and Betty Trandem. Junior Declam . . . The local Junior Declam contest was held on October 26, 1949. The contestants were Shirley Lageson, Joan Anderson, Audrey Hemingway, Margery Eggers, -Connie Grunwald, Doris Haberman, LuE11a Thorson, Geraldine Taylor, Blanche Jensen, Fern Wayne, Carol Sorenson, Beverly Eggers, Mavis Larson, Eloris Anderson, Phyllis Hanson, Jerome Anderson, James Vangen, Eileen Cornelius, Sandra Wilker, Edward Anderson and Elroy Utpadel. This represented the climax of much time and hard work done by the students and their director Mrs. McIntyre. Senior Declam . . . The local Senior Declam contest was held on March 6, 1950. The contestants were Edith Nelson, Donna Wayne, Clarence Eggers, Diane Wllker, Lylah Fitch, Marvin Folkestad, Doris Robertson, Lois Schuler, Bernice Olson, Roselyn I-Iaberman, Arlene Jensen, Kay Shaw, Marvel Hanson, Joan Nelson, Garnet Peterson, Roselyn Ferguson, Elaine Jensen. Patricia Dlsher, Sylvia Crabtree, Marlon Olson, and Donna Meland, MIS.. your 5 igg 5 4 Q I , au!-O04 -l . an ...I6.- 6'1rls' Athletic Assocfhrlbn . . . The Girls Athletic Association, organized in 1943, has as its main purpose the planning and organizing of a girls' intramural sports program. It promotes enthusiasm in world sports. Some of the sports the girls participate in are volley-ball, skating and dancing. The G. A. A. is composed of approximately 50 girls ranging from grades 7 through 12. The officers for the year are: President Joan Thompson, Vice-President Louise Thompson, Recording Secretary Norrine Thompson, Secretary Donna Wayne, and Treasurer Kay Shaw. Dues are collected each year and from this awards are purchased. Several parties are given during the year, such as a Sadie Hawkins party, Valentine, and Christmas party. First row: Christena Olson, Shirley Thompson, Ivadelle Hendrickson, Orlene Thompson, Joanne Vangen, Audriene Bunnell, Shirley Lageson, Beverly Worke, Joan Anderson, Devon Svenby. Second row: Aleene Fischer, Lorraine Wobschall, Bonnie Olson, Lorraine Jensen, Mon-ine Thompson, Kay Shaw, Lavon Hagen, Edith Nelson, Donna Wayne, Joan Grunwald, Mrs. Dahl. Third row: Louise Thompson, Patricia Disher, Joan Thompson, Barbara Anderson, Elaine Jensen, Roselyn Ferguson, Alice Zeman, lone Disher, Lylah Fitch. First row: Caroline Newgard, Carol Sorenson, Arlene Langlie, Audrey Hemingway, Marjorie Eggers, Connie Grunwald, Doris Haberman, Marjorie Uptadel. Second row: Eileen Cornelius, Donna Meland, Doris Robertson, Roselyn Haberman, Lois Schuler, Diane Wilker, Phyllis Hanson, Mrs. Dahl. Third row: Arlene Jensen, Arlene Johnson, Beverly Eggers, Mavis Larson, LouElla Thorson, Mary Ellen Norgaard, Eloris Anderson. leffermelfs Club . . . The Lettermen's Club was organized in 1947. This year it consists of 21 members, all of whom are very active in sports. The purpose of the Lettermen's Club is to get the boys interested in sports, such as basketball, football, and baseball. The past year these boys have gone to the State Basketball Toumament. Back row: Aldeen Underland, Robert Humburg, Duane Carlson, Virgil Worke, Milton Sletton. Second row: ,Willman Olson, Dale Cromwell, Ray Zeman, Marvin Johnson, Donald Jensen, Ross Anderson, Phillip Olson, Ronly Cromwell. First row: Gary Underland, Olai Underland., Clarence Eggers, Mr. Olson, Ronald Christensen, Bruce Mclntyre, Seth Crabtree, Allan Berg. Absent: Louis Wagner. .-I7.. 130 ,055 55' FIRM -18.- 5 Pep Nab . . . The Pep Club was orgaized on October 14, 1949, under the supervision of Mrs. Phyllis Berg. The purpose of the Pep Club is to further sportsmanship in all school activities. It is our ambition to have one hundred per cent membership at all our games. The officers for the year were as follows: President, Donna Wayne: Vice-President, Elaine Jensen, Secretary, Lorraine Jensen: Treasurer, Alice Zeman. A medal will be given to the member participating in the most athletic activities during the year. ' The night of our first basketball game, a pot luck supper was held. Several other suppers were held before home games. The club colors are our school colors-red and white. The girls wore red skirts and white blouses. Row 1. Joan Thompson, Patricia Disher, Barbara Anderson, Louise Thompson. Row 2. Mrs. P. Berg, Edith Nelson, Mary Norgaard, Bonnie Olson, Lorraine Wobschall, Joanne Vangen, Donna Meland, Bemice Olson, Sylvia Crabtree, Verla Enzenauer, Helen Muri. Row 3. Diana Wilker, Caroline Newgard, LaVonne Elton, Donna Wayne, Doris Robertson, Marion Olson, Audriene Bunnell, Kay Shaw, Irene Flugum, Verna Rleck, Roselyn Haberman, Lois Schuler, Garnet Peterson, lone Disher, Joan Nelson. Row 4. Aleene Fischer, Lavonne Hagen, Lylah Fitch, Lorraine Jensen, Norrine Thompson, Alice Ashley, Arlene Johnson, Margella Johnson, Lavonna Comelius, Alice Zeman, Elaine Jensen, Lorraine Olson, Marvel Hanson, Roselyn Ferguson, JoAnn Humburg. Row 1. Beverly Worke, Phyllis Hanson, Shirley Jensen, Orlene Thompson. Row 2. Marlene Johnson, Sandra Wilker, Margery Eggers, Marjorie Utpadel, Audrey Hemingway, Geraldine Taylor, Shirley Thompson, Darlene Kreuger, Carol Sorenson. Row 3. Mrs. P. Berg, Shirley Lageson, Janice Muri, Devon Svenby, Joan Anderson, Verona Randall, Eileen Comelius, Beverly Eggers, 'Ivadelle Hendrickson, Fern Wayne. Row 4. Arlyne Langlie, Connie Grunwald, Nora Nelson, Valeria I-Iumburg, LouElla Thorson, Mavis Larson, Doris Haberman. Masquers . . . The Masquers, a literary club, was started in September, 1922. The purpose of this society is to promote dramatic and literary interest in the school. Only girls who attend high school and have completed the first semester of their sophomore class with a C average are eligible for membership. Mrs. McIntyre ls the advisor and the officers for this year are: President Marcelene Connor: Vice-President Marion Olsoon: Secre- tary Helen Murig Treasurer Roselyn Ferguson. Each spring this club presents three one-act plays. This year the plays chosen were Tryting Place, Suppressed Desires. and Box and Cox. Row 1. Ione Disher, Marion Olson, Audriene Bunnell, Joanne Vangen, Edith gelsoil. Mclntyre, Diane Wilker, Kay Shaw, Bernice Olson, Norrlne Thompson, onn e son. Row 2. Aleene Fischer, LaVonne Elton, Donna Wayne, Mary Ellen Norgaard, Doris Robertson, Lois Schuler, Roselyn Haberman, Patricia Disher, Elaine Jensen, LaVonne Hagen, Garnet Peterson, Betty Trandem, Caroline Newgard, Louise Thompson, Lorraine Jensen, Irene Flugum, Joan Nelson. Row 3. Eleanor Wodrich, Doris Jones, Roselyn Ferguson, JoAnn Humburg, Helen Muri, Lorraine Wobschall, Joan Thompson, Barbara Anderson, Lylah Fitch, Sylvia Crabtree, Aleene Fischer, Marvel Hanson, Alice Zeman, Donna Meland, Vema Reick, Marcelene Connor, Margella Johnson. Lorraine Olson. -191 at s Row 1. Lorraine Jensen, Donna Meland, Joanne Vangen, lvadelle Hendrickson. Eloris Anderson, LouElla Thorson, Beverly Eggers, Shirley Jensen, Theresa Otterson, Margaret Sorenson. Row 2. Norrine Thompson, Marvel Hanson, Mary Ann Wanous, Audrienne Bunnell, Alice Zeman, Mavis Larson, Phyllis Hanson, Mary Norgaard, Fern Wayne, Irene Flugum, Verna Rieck. Row 3. Sandra Wilker, Shirley Thompson, Joan Nelson, Diana Wilker, Kay Shaw, Caroline Newgard, Louise Thompson, Lorraine Olson, Margella Johnson. . . . Gleeflub . . . Row 1. Bernice Olson, Velma Conklin, Thelma Miller, Aleene Fischer, Lorraine Wobschall, Bonnie Olson, Valeria Humburg, Alvina Hagen, Blanche Jensen, Mary Scrabeck. Row 2. Garnet Peterson, Lois Schuler, Arlene Jensen, Eleanor Wodrick, Roselyn Ferguson, Sylvia Crabtree, Doris Robertson, Christena Olson, Lavonne Hagen, Ione Disher, Della Bathel, Rfoselyn Haberman. Row 3. Patty Disher, Joan Thompson, Barbara Anderson, Elaine Jensen, Edith Nelson, LaVonne Elton, Donna Wayne, Marlene Johnson, Arlene Johnson, Lavonne Cornelius, Alice Ashley. ...20... C Band O O 0 The band has long been an integral link in the high school curriculum and as years go by it plays an even more important part in the moulding of future citizens. This year the band, under the capable supervision of its director, Mr. Glenn R.. Shaw, reached new heights in achievement. Besides taking part in numerous festivals and contests, the band, through the generosity of the townspeople and the various school organizations, purchased new uniforms. This was an added incentive for greater accomplishments. The members of the band wish to take this opportunity to express their sincere appreciation for the generosity and good will shown them by the people of the town and by the various school organizations who made possible the purchasing of uniforms. Row 1. Louise Thompson, Joanne Vangen, Margery Eggers, Carol Sorenson, Barham Anderson, Orville Langlie, Morris Shaw, Allan Berg. Row 2. Delores Bailey, Nora Nelson, James Nelson, Harriet I-Iaubenschlld, Sandra Jensen, Joan Anderson, Shirley Lageson, Arlyne Langlie, Connie Grunwald, Orlene Thompson, Beverly Eggers, Marlyn Grunwald. Row 3. Devon Svenby, Audrey Hemingway, John Palan, Lois Wayne, Christena Olson, Marjorie Utpadel, Verona Randall, Jean Scripture, LuElla Thorson, Donna Wayne, Delores Eggers, Kay Shaw, Joan Thompson. Row 4. Lorraine Jensen, Phyllis Hanson, Non-ine Thompson, Roselyn Ferguson, Alice Zeman, Bnxce Jensen, Ralph Randall, Mr. Shaw. at rf" Student L'ounc17 and Hamecomfhg . . . Early in the school year, each grade elected two members to represent their class on the Student Council. The student body elected Joan Thompson as President. The principal purposes of the organization are as follows: first, to bring about a closer relation between the students and the administration of the school: second, to promote the welfare of the school, third, to acquire experience and efficiency in the practice of democracy: fourth, to promote the general activities of the school: fifth. to give the students a sense of responsibility toward their own school. ms Ill! I nm if ... 22 ... on s wi 3.14 ,,, The activities of this group were many and varied during the school year. The homecoming activities, including a pep fest and half-time ceremonies were planned by the Student Council. The date set for Homecoming was September 23. A pep fest was held in the afternoon. At seven o'clock in the evening, the band and twirlers led the 1949 queen candidates, the 1948 queen, Jean Bartsch, and football boys up through main street. A short pep fest was held uptown. At seven-thirty, a program was given around the freshman bonfire on the school grounds. Several alumni gave talks and the cheerleaders led the crowd in yells. Then the big moment came, the crowning of the queen. Football captain, Ray Zeman, crowned Barbara Anderson as 1949 Homecoming Queen. She had four attendants, Helen Muri, Doris Jones, Lorraine Wobschall, and Aleene Fischer. On behalf of the school, Ray presented Barbara with a gift, she expressed her thanks to the student body for the honor of reigning as Homecoming Queen. The Homecoming festivities came to a successful conclusion with the winning of the football game against Hayfield, 20-14. The Student Council worked in attempting to help solve the problems of the students. l23l Football . . . To begin our gridiron season, the squad made a trip to Waseca where Ellendale came out on the good side of a 13 to 0 score. The game had hardly gone underway when the 'Raiders began their touchdowns. Under the lights of Ertel field, we saw the Ellendale eleven go into a hard fought game with the Owatonna "B". The first home game was a victory for the Ellendale Reds, 24 to 0. Our next game was one of great importance to the players' and the students, for this was homecoming. We had been defeated at our homecoming games for several years. The Hayfield Vikings went down to a highly spirited Ellendale team 20 to 6. The Ellendale boys went to the road for the next three games and as far as the score goes, it didn't look too good, but the team suffered in experience, and injuries. The first of the three games was Janesville where weight and experience payed out for the Bears. The Cardinals were next, the team showed a devastating ground and air attack, which soon wore down the Raiders reserves. Through the rain and snow and freezing weather, Ellendale was defeated by a very strong Freeborn team, which made us three defeats in a row. To wind up the season Ellendale played host to Blooming Prairie. The Raiders had another defeat, but the game was played much better than the score indicated. And thus ended Ellendale's '49 football season. Row 1: Donly Cromwell, Paul Baarson, Phillip Olson, Aldeen Underland, Ronald Christensen, Ray Zeman, Bruce Mclntyre, Kenneth Lunning, Duane Carlson, Quentin Knudson, Dale Cromwell. Row 2: Coach Olson, Donald Jensen, Olai Underland, Louis Wagner, Gary Under- land, Marvin Johnson, Ronly Cromwell, Ross Anderson, Seth Crabtree, Wlllman Olson, Robert I-lumburg, Manager Douglas Knudson. -- 241 I , Q' ' ' ww ' x . l M . W A his-W - N ., K X X ,, .k.. F N X Q K kkx- XXLL , vm ,fi m , SSX X 5 , x, ' ig -xx x WT- .Q ., -S. . 5 ,- . Q 4g.'R:h.-m My , I, Lx meg xi. N 5' -f-ff '- . . - A ki ' A 6 X M,-5' . Q :jfs-ww na B TEAM- Row 1. Coach Olson, Quentin Knudson, Ralph Randall, Roger Sward, Duane Willert, Robert Humburg, Wayne Wodrick, Larry Olson. Row 2. Mgr. Ronald Christenson, Elton Ehlert, Duane Carlson, Marlyn Grunwald, Morris Shaw, Orville Langlie, Mgr. Olai Underland. Row 3. Marvin Enzenauer, Paul Connor, James Grunwald, Ronald Johnson, Donly Cromwell. Absent: Phillip Olson. . . . Basketball . . . A TEAM- Row 1. Ross Anderson, Clarence Eggers, Marvin Johnson, Ray Zeman, Allan Berg, Coach Olson. Row 2. Mgr. Ronald Christianson, Rudolph Anderson, Aldeen Underland, Bruce Mclnlyre, Donald Jensen, Dale Cromwell, Paul Baarson, Marvin Folkestad, Mgr. Olai Underland. Absent: Louis Wagner. :QM mn it -26- D Q Basketball . . . The basketball prospect was very bright at the beginning of the 1949-1950 season. In the first game Gene Olson's Raiders defeated Rose Creek by a score of 43-31. After the first game the Raiders lost 6 consecutive' games, but came back to win over Alden and Janesville. The Raiders rang up its first conference victory by defeating a strong Alden five 26-17 on the Raiders home court. Ellendale commanded the lead all the way. In exhibiting their best -showing of the current season, the Raiders unleased a 56 point attack and bombarded Janesville 56-40 on the latters floor. We can well be proud of Coach Olson's high spirited basketeers for their sports- manship during the entire season. Many exciting hours have been spent by adults and students Watching these lads fight for victory. iR.ECORD 1949-l950- We They Rose Creek ........ ..... 4 3 Janesville .......... ..... 2 2 Blooming Prairie ....... ..... 2 1 New Richland ............ ..... 3 2 Freeborn- ...................... 26 Faribault School' of Deaf ........ 32 Hayfield ................. ..... 2 7 Alden ................. ..... 2 6 Janesville ....... ..... Freeborn - ,- ....... ..... Blooming Prairie .... ..... Emmons .......... ..... New Richland - - - - - - - Hayfield Medford Alden ..,.. ..... Medford EUIIIIODS ....................... 3 1 43 49 46 49 45 33 17 56 40 39 52 44 54 44 48 1 7 33 40 45 36 32 28 23 40 42 47 41 The boys receiving letters this year are: Marvin Johnson, Louis Wagner, Raymond Zeman, Allan Berg, Ross Anderson, Clarence Eggers, Bruce McIntyre and Dale Cromwell. l ---than PURDS' i ag1pm.y1-l-- ' - .- . .. --- V 05 ox ru - r -'- ""'- i 5 -su-nod u 1m.EIIendaIe Defects E""""' "' M'-11' I -13 Jog suuoas 6111 WI . ay. Feb. 10th, Ellendale 1 E ,B ssog '91 on gg 'sg-mod x1JCl'leSYlnei Lose ,Quin en whge they de- -. patron sxapnrg ' w 28 to 23. H .9 am 'um' To Freeborn b,,dR'c.-5,0 -ftgne is-mo. Q 'gy sem axons mug sql, - i- 9 Ol hd N ame, -2 5 qui Xuguazla Appgxg gsm, Displaying some spectacular bqal 9 46 X 0 : IZUTIOS qlneqgrsg Jo spu-1 shlootini the Ellendale high sq 629 X ' , Q QOZIZE paxgannsf panbs gc noo .uasggtball team defeated .Q btbe ffw 4 m o I ll rr wr emma cgnfggne to 40 m a Gopher? gr-4.6 b0,t1i4,der 5 ,, I.. .Q ..ce game on Jan. iaurar 8 zchlfbw eqd .e W A a , 8 ,Baa un g3.nle3fzrltlg.fIg.!ostsh Andexisczn tallied 'Une and 62,116 Of tl?!'e,480ll i .- :' 2 003 Sam- ' ' 27, er D13 e4 foo osoaou "" woo -' W eff'-'fa . fr -- LLL 'e .P a'.'5!?25f-S.i1t,':f,-ffffdeiifbe fs f"Q1.Q.f-at wm- .-27,-. Baseball . . . After several weeks of very hard practice Gene Olson's Raiders made a trip to Albert Lea. Although the spirit of these boys was very high, we lost by a score of 17-0. In our second game Emmons was our host. Ellendale had 18 hits to the opponents 7. The score ended with the Raiders 16 to Emmons lonely 3. This made Ellendale's first victory of the season. Next on the list was Alden's Blackhawks. This was also played on the home field. The Raiders had 18 hits to the Blackhawks 11. The final score brought us a noted victory of 16-7. The Raiders went to Freeborn to play against the Yeomens. Ellendale defeated Freeborn with a 13-3 victory. This win gave the Raiders three victories and one defeat. The heavy powered North St. Paul team went to an easy victory over the Ellendale Raiders. The score was 12-1 with Ellendale getting only 4 hits to the opponents 14. Bruce McIntyre brought in Ellenda1e's only run by Dick Zeman's two base hit. E11endale's best game at home was with Janesville on May 22, 1949. The Raiders were defeated 7-2 by the Golden Bears when they got off to a bad start at the beginning of the game. Even though the boys fought hard, they were unable to make much headway. The last game was played at Blooming Prairie. The constant strain of pitching two games a week weakened Maynard Muri's arm. The final score was 4-2 in favor of Blooming Prairie. Row 1. Lan-y Olson, Allan Berg, Milton Sletten, Wyman Jensen, Dale Cromwell, Ronald Christenson, Marvin Folkestad, James Newgard. Row 2. Bruce McIntyre, Maynard Muri, Ross Anderson, Donald Jensen, Dick Zeman, Coach Olson, Clarence Eggers, Donald Johnson, Ronly Cromwell, Aldeen Underland, Manager Douglas Knudsen. ..28i Y K , V if Q ' .. X f -2 -E. : .. -Ji' .. ,gqq g+"?'M-,"'5":xIFI.EFf-"-.W 'Vp' ' x "5" K .W fwfhff ...zfwf - 'Es Alf , .L if ' 41 . Tw S I V Q Faculty . . . GLENN R. SHAW Superintendent, Band, Boys Glee Club, Girls Glee FREDRICK G. PFEIL Principal, Algebra 9, Chemistry, Geometry MAXINE ANDERSON First Grade BLANCHE PURDIE Second and Third Grades NORMA WANDREY Third and Fourth Grades OLGA SCHULTZ Fifth and Sixth Grades ROBERT CHRISTIAN SON Biology, 7th and Sth Spelling Mathematics, Jr. Business GENE OLSON Soc. St. 7th and 8th, Phy. Athletics, Science 7 DONALD ORN Shop, Mathematics 7 MYRTLE DAHL English 7, Phy. Ed., Librarian, Gen. Science SELMA BERG English 10, 12, Modern History PHYLLIS BERG Home Economics, Englis American History ALMA TOLEFSON Typing, Steno I, II, Bookkeeping MARTINA MCINTYRE 9 h English 8, 9, Dramatics, Social Science -.- ' 'Q ., fx g s soo ., iff K 'X 1. 9' .cf .. 555 Glenn R. Shaw, Marion Swearingen, Nels Jensen, Dr. E. Q. Ertel, Clarence Eggers, Ralph Burshem, Gabriel Ohnstad. GLENN R. SHAW FREDRICK PFEIL Superintendent Principal 1 132- . at F... .. wr Y 1 JOAN THOMPSON DORIS ROBERTSON Valedlctorian Salutatorian . . . Class llllvfory . . . It was early in September of 1938 that eighteen aspiring young students entered the doors of Ellendale High School to start their school careers. The four who re- mained together the twelve years are Barbara Anderson, Sylvia Crabtree, Roselyn Ferguson, and Willman Olson. Arlene Jensen joined the class in the second grade. In the fourth grade, Lorraine Wobschall was the addition. In the fifth grade Paul Baarson and Joan Thompson joined the class. By the time they enrolled as freshmen their number increased to thirty-four. Of these members, Barbara Anderson, Paul Baarson, Marcelene Connor, Sylvia Crabtree, Ronly Cromwell, Verla Enzenauer, Roselyn Ferguson, Aleene Fischer, JoAnn Humburg, Arlene Jensen, Irvin Jenson, Marvin Johnson, Doris Jones, Helen Muri, Marion Olson, Willman Olson, Joan Thompson, Aldeen Underland, Lorraine Wobschall, and Eleanor Wodrick continued through high school as members of the class of "50." Bonnie Olson joined up later during the freshman year. One of our early memories of our Freshmen year was Initiation Day. The members of the Freshmen class spent that day bowing, and polishing shoes for upper- classmen. In the evening the sophomores gave us a party in the gym. LaVonne Elton, Leslie Kruger, Doris Robertson, Virgil Worke, and Ray Zeman Joined the class in the sophomore year. The highlight of this year was our Initiation party for thie Freshmen. We treated the "freshies" in much the same manner as we were treate . During the freshman and sophomore years Adeline Anderson, .Jeanette Balbach, Donald Benson, Phillip Carlson, Eugene Christian, Leo Haubenschlld, Marjorie Hoy, Marshall Jensen, Bemetta Sorenson, Delmar Trandem, and Helmer Westing withdrew. The number again increased to thirty during the junior year with Louis Wagner enrolling. The play, "The Antics of Andrew" was presented during the junior year. The proceeds helped to sponsor the banquet which we gave for the seniors. The theme of the banquet was "Southern Plantation." - With the withdrawal of two members, James Jensen and Loretta Stiegelbauer, the number beginning their senior year was 28. Mr. Shaw was our advisor and we chose our class motto, colors, and flower. The motto, "The Door to Success is Labeled 'Push' "3 colors, Dusty Rose and Silver: flower, Lily of the Valley. The final number of seniors was reduced to twenty-seven when Raymond Loberg discontinued his education at our high school. ' Finally there was the senior trip, Baccalaureate, and graduation. Now a new life begins for each student. .fenlbrs BARBARA ANDERSON "Can't help lovin' dat man o' mine." G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Masquers 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Homecoming Queen 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Masquer Plays 3: Class Sec. 1: Class Treas. 2. PAUL BAARSON "I can't get up with the sun, I stay up to late with the daughter." Basketball 1, 2, 4: Football 4: Paper Staff 3. 4: Class Vice-president 3: Junior Play 3. MARCELENE CONNOR "She who was ever fair and never proud, had a tongue at will, but was never loud." Paper Staff 1, 2, 3: Masquers 2, 3. 4: Masquer President 4: Class Treas. 1, 3: Class Sec. 4: Student Council 2: Junior Play 3: Masquer Plays 3. SYLVIA CRABTREE "A sincere girl, we wish her well." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Declam 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Masquer 2, 3, 4: Sextet 2. RONLY CROMWELL "There's a good and bad slde of living, wonder how the good side Is?" Baseball 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Junior Play 3. IAVONNE ELTON "I may not be an angel, for angels are so few." Transferred from Owatonna 2: Glee Club 4: Pep Club 4: Junior Play 3: Masquers 4: Masquer Plays 4. VEIILA ENZENAUER "Better to know nothing than what l8ll'f so." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: G.A.A. 1, 2. ROSELYN FERGUSON "I'm little, but so is the atom." Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Masquers 2, 3, 4: Declam 2, 3, 4: Paper Staff 1, 3, 4: Paper Editor 4: Masquer Plays 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Pep Club 4: Pep Band 4: Masquer Treas. 4: G.A.A. Treas. 3: Band 4: Class Vice-Pres. 2: Sextet 2, 3. ALEENE FISCHER "You'll always find her thinking of her favorite hims. ihymnsln G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Masquers 2, 3, 4: Declam 2, 3, 4: Masquer Plays 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Pep Club 4: Student Council 2: Class Sec. 3: Homecoming Attendent 4. J oANN HUMBURG "School will keep whether I'm there or not." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Masquers 2, 3, 4: Masquer Plays 3: Pep Club 4: Sextet 3. ARLENE JENSEN "I don't say much, but who knows what I think?" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Masquers 4: Pep Club 4: Declam 4. IRVIN JENSEN "He's a man after his own heart, but he'd rather have a girl after lt." Junior Play 3: Annual Staff 4. MARVIN JOHNSON "Sure, I believe in studies-for other people." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Captain 4: Basketball 2, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Annual Staff 4. DORIS J ONE S "Gaze into her eyes and you will see a little angel: gaze a little longer and you will see a little imp." Paper Staff 3, 4: Class Vice Pres. 4: Student Council 1: Masquers 4: Homecoming Attendent 4. . x f-if I V. gf l I YM Gas LESLIE KRUEGER. "No one knows how much he knows." Transferred from Owatonna 2: Junior Play 3. HELEN MURI "Looks like an angel, acts like one too. But you never can tell what an angel will do." G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Masquers 3, 4: Masquer Sec. 4: Masquer Plays 3: Annual Staff 4: Pep Club 4: Home- coming Attendent 4: Student Council 4. BONNIE OLSON "Talk about ginger: she's a whole spice box." Transferred from Langford, S. D. 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Masquers 3, 4: Masquer Plays 3: -Annual Staff 4: Student Council 3: Pep Club 4. MARION OLSON "A blonder blond can't be found. There's always fun when she's around." Masquers 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Masquer Plays 3: Pep Club 4: Class Treas. 4: Masquer vice-president 4: Annual Staff 4: Declam 4: Majorette 4. WILLMAN OLSON "They say words are cheap, but even so, why waste them?" Junior Play 3: Football 4. DORIS ROBERTSON "Love is what makes the world go round. That's why l'm always dizzy." Transferred from Owatonna 2: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Masquers 2, 3, 4: Declam 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Student Council 3: Paper Staff 3, 4: Masquer Plays 2. JOAN THOMPSON "If all were as bright as she, how needless this school would be." G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Treas. 1: G.A.A. Pres. 2, 3, 4: Masquers 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Declam 2, 3: Pep Band 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Student Council Pres. 4: Class Pres. 2: Paper Staff 2: Annual Staff 3: Annual Editor 4: Junior Play 3: Masquer Plays 3, 4: Sextet 3. ALDEEN UNDERLAND "Tall, dark and silent." Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Basketball 4: Annual Staff 3, 4. LOUIS WAGNER "A lion among ladies-he's a killer." Transferred from Albert Lea 3: Football 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Base- ball 4: Masquer Plays 4. LORRAINE WOBSCHALL "Bad weeds grow tall, that's why I'm so short." G.A.A. 1, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Masquers 2, 3, 4: Declam 2, 3: Band 1, 2: Pep Club 4: Student Council 4: Homecoming Attendent 4: Annual Staff 4: Masquer Plays 3, 4. ELEANOR WODRICK "Sweetness and fun all wrapped up in one." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Masquers 4. VIRGIL WORKE "The harder I try the gooder to be, the worser I am." Transferred from New Richland 2: Basketball 2: Football 4: Annual Staff 4: Junior Play 3: Masquer Plays 4. RAY ZEMAN "Who said there were no 'he-men' in our class?" Transferred from Rolfe, Iowa, 2: Football 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Base- ball 4: Junior Play 3: Class Pres. 3. 4: Football Captain 4: Annual Sta!! 4: Masquers Plays 4. l K . xl X' ky ffzsm -T -CLASS MOTTO- "The Door to Success is Labeled 'Push --CLASS COLORS- Dusty Rose and Gray --CLASS FLOWER,- Lily of the Valley 5 . 'fi :xx ? Xa Class Predfkwbns . . . Twenty years from now we see Barbara Anderson presenting her homecoming queen bracelet to her teen-age daughter, who is Homecoming Queen of 1970. Aha! A limousine! And who should alight but Paul Baarson, now editor of the "New York Times" and with him Leslie Kreger, famed author of. the novel. "He Stole My Gal." We now find Marceline Conner in her New York office writing her "Advice to the Lovelorn Column", an outgrowth of her "Woody Woodpecker" column of high school days. A recent clipping tells me that Sylvia Crabtree is really accomplishing things with the nation of Africa and other countries. As you know, she is a missionary and is now sailing "On a Slow Boat to China." Ronly Cromwell is now leading auctioneer for Chesterfield. Ronly has changed the letters 'ABC' to stand for "Always be Comicalf' He sets a good example. Ten years from now we see Vonnie Elton singing on her quack farm, "If I had the wings of an Angel." Country girl, Verla Enzenauer, is still just that. She's been promoted to the position of farmer in a candy factory-milking chocolates. Roselyn Ferguson has been elected the most popular woman singer today. She is featured with the famous orchestra, "Cromwell's Hep Cats." Aleene Fischer says she has an enjoyable position as an airline hostess on a trans-atlantic airliner. A future look shows us JoAnn Humburg doing the fast two-step down at "Rain- bows End" and enjoying it just as much as she did in her high school days. Arlene Jensen is taking a trip to Mongolia. This trip ls the prize for submitting the winning last line in the Chop Su Fooey Contest-"I like to eat with chopsticks IJCCHUSB .......... " If you should happen tn tune your radio to the program, "It Pays to be Ignorantf' you will hear Irvin Jensen who took Howard McConnel's place several years ago. We see Marvin Johnson working ln a rubber band factory and being in constant danger of losing his job because he is unable to resist temptation when a lady passes by. At Geneva and the great Geneva Hotel, we see a short, dark-haired lady at a blg desk marked "Manager." It's Doris Jones. She and her spouse are planning a vacation trip which will take them back cruising down Highway 65 in their Model A. Across the continent and now on to Hollywood where we see a short slender dark- halred lady, obviously a member of the upper society out strolling with her actor husband and their twin sons. Why, it's Helen Muri. Bonnie Olson has become a celebrity. She is writing scenerlos for M.G.M. One of her best is entitled, "Don't Look Back Now." That streak going by is Marion Olson. She has finally become a famous roller skater and is determined to skate around the world. lgvillman Olson is very busy these days judging beauty contests throughwt the wor . Doris Robertson has become a professional baby-sitter. Her favorite song ls "There'll be some changes made." Now we stop in front of the home of the former Joan Thompson-now a Vanden Heuvel. Joan ls busy giving exercises to her own little cheerleader of 1970. A far away look into Texas finds Aldeen Underland in Houston, closing a big deal which will make him the largest potato farmer in the state. Well, for heaven's sakes, if it isn't my school chum. Pinky. singing a real gone version of "Dry Bones"-at the Stork! Lorraine Wobschall is a professional model and is going to Paris to model hats for the famous designer, Rollandhammer Falkenhagen. Rollie has introduced the 'new look' in hats-these cover the face completely. Hair stylist, Eleanor Wodrick, has the straw bonnet fans all excited over her new allliseason creation which combines hat and hair ln such a way that it's hard to tell w ch is w c . Have you heard the latest song? Virgil Worke has just copyrighted the popular Butcher Song. "Butcher Arms Around Me Honey, Hold Me Tlght." Ray Zeman has his own commercial now, advertising "Zeman's Hair Restorerf' His main sales talk is the fact that in 1932 he was bald, and in 1950 his crown was covered with a luxurant growth of brown curly hair. Class W17l . . . We, the class of 1950, of Ellendale High School, residing in the clty of Ellendale, Steele County, the State of Minnesota, being about to receive our cue to make our exit, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. To the faculty of E. H. S. we will our superb intelligence on the condition they make good use of it. To the Juniors we bequeath Olll' talent and geIll1iS P1118 Olll' home FOOUI Se8t8. To the Sophomores we will our seriousness and our ability to get out of trouble. To the green fI'eShleS we leave Olll' happy school "d8.Ze." May they have BS much fun as We did. I, Barbara Anderson, leave my ability to get the man I set out for regardless of barriers to Louise Thompson. I hope you are as successful as I was. I, Paul Baarson, will my ability to come to school on the moming after "the night before" to Ronald Christensen. I, Marcelene Connor, will my Irish eyes to Donna Wayne. I, Sylvia Crabtree, will my arguing ability to LaVonne Hagen. I, Ronly Cromwell, will my ability to get into trouble to Olai Underland. I, LaVonne Elton, will my hair style to anyone who gets home to late to set their halr. I, Verla Enzenauer, will my lengthy strides to Jean Scripture. I, Roselyn Ferguson, will my school splrlt to the Junior Cheerleaders. I, Aleene Fischer, will my steady night life to Roselyn Haberman. I, JoAnn Humburg, leaves my list of excuses to Donna Meland. May you be as prompt in your makeup slips as I am. I, Arlene Jensen, will my short curly hair to Elaine Jensen. I, Irvin Jensen, will my driving ability to anyone who likes to stay ln the ditch. I, Marvin Johnson, will my ability to sleep ln Social to Edith Nelson. I, Doris Jones, will my "soft voice" to Mary Ellen Norgard. I, Leslie Krueger, will my slow motions to Marvin Folkestad. I, Helen Muri, will my "cute expressions" to Janet Nelson. I, Bonnie Olson, will my "gift of gab" to Bugs Bunny. Marlon Olson, will my bottle of peroxide to anyone who will give me some I. black dye. I, Wlllman Olson, will my very becoming blush and shyness to Dale Cromwell. I, Doris Robertson, will my diamond ring to Della Bathel, as she may need it in the near future. I, Joan Thompson, will my ability to stick to one man to Pat Dtsher. I. Aldeen Underland, will my ability as a "ladies man" to Ronald Johnson. I, Louis Wagner, will my luxurious Ford to those who want a good time. I, Lorraine Wobschall, will my bright smile to those girls who would rather stay in the dark. I, Eleanor Wodrick, will my giggles to anyone who ls afraid to smile. I, Virgil Worke, will my amazing ability to copy without detection to Donald Jensen. I, Raymond Zeman, will my technique to those who don't know how. - 39 f F Q- ft Jambrs Row 1. Marvin Folkestad, Garnet Peterson, Douglas Knudsen, Betty Trandem, Advisor, Mrs. P. Berg, Elaine Jensen, Patricia Disher, Dale Cromwell, Roselyn Haber- man, Dale Peterson. Row 2. Janet Nelson, Clarence Eggers, Ronald Christensen, Donna Wayne, Edith Nelson, Della Bathel, Lavonne Hagen, Ross Anderson, Bemice Olson, Donald Jensen, Lois Schuler. Row 3. Kenneth Lunning, Olai Underland, Seth Crabtree, Bruce Mclntyre, Shirley Sletten, Rudolph Anderson. Soplzomores Row 1. Paul Connor, Alice Zeman, Clark Nelson, Donna Meland, Mrs. S. Berg, Velma Conklin, Thelma Miller, Larry Olson, lone Disher, Ralph Randall. Row 2. Ronald Johnson, Marvel Hanson, Lorraine Jensen, Norrine Thompson, Louise Thompson, Margella Johnson, Lorraine Olson, Irene Flugum, Wyman Jensen, Alice Ashley, Mary Ellen Norgaard, Marvin Enzenauer. I X v x ffl! ra J ff ff . '-f s 0 R opflomores Row 1. LaVonna Cornelius, James Nelson, Arlene Johnson, Allan Berg, Gary Underland, Mrs. Selma Berg. Roger Sward, Margaret Sorenson, Lenard Lageson, Vern Rleck. Row 2. Audriene Bunnell, Kay Shaw, Caroline Newgard, James Deml, Wayne Wodrich, Duane Willert, Joanne Vangen, Joan Nelson, Milton Sletten, Diane Wilker, Joan Grunwald, James Grunwald, Lylah Fitch. Freshmen Row 1. Morris Shaw, Thersa Otteson, Fern Wayne, Ivadelle Hendrickson, Shirley Jensen, Mr. Christalnson, Valeria Humburg, LouElla Thorson, Mary Ann Wanous, Mary Scrabeck, Larry Richards. Row 2. Phyllis Hanson, Beverly Eggers, Sandra Wilker, Alvina Hagen, Blanche Jensen, Donald Grunwald, Arnold Halverson, Mark Kasper, Luverne Mickelson, Marlene Johnson, Phillip Olson, Shirley Thompson, Christena Olson. Row 3. Mavis Larsen, Eloris Anderson, Eugene Jensen, Eugene Larson, Marlyn Grunwald, Donly Cromwell, Elton Ehlert, Duane Carlson, Quentin Knudson, Orville Langlle. vp ri -. '-""9 Eqyflffl 6ra'a'e Row 1. Lola Del Christenson, Orlene Thompson, Janice Muri, Merlyn Thompson, Mr. Olson, Elroy Utpadel, Ralph Gilman, James Vangen. Row 2. Ronald Halverson, Edward Anderson, Dale Strenge, Paul Toft, Eugene Comelius, Carol Sorenson, Delores Bailey, Nadine Olson, Evelyn Schuler, Darlene Kruger, Jerome Anderson. Row 3. Roger Mickelson, Kenneth Johnson, Marvin Tumer, Devon Svenby, Joan Anderson. Shirley Lageson. Sevenfff Grade Row 1. Barbara Langlie, Connie Grunwald, Doris Haberman, Margery Eggers, Mr. Olson, Verona Randall, Eileen Cornelius, Beverly Worke, Bruce Jensen. Row 2. Geraldine Taylor, Audrey Hemingway, Marjorie Utpadel, Nora Nelson, Leo Zeman, Richard Underland, Gary Hanson, Hoyt Mclntyre, Odean Vangen, Wayne Reistad. fi ..42- F GRADE SIX- Row l. C. Scrabeck, T. Nech- anicky, J. Grobner, H. Hauben- schild, B. Langlle, Miss Schultz. S. Wobschall, S. Nenefee, R. Otteson, M. Burshem. Row 2. D. Motz, T. Thorson, D. Mrotz, R. Otterson, J. Hansen, D. Eggers, A. Robertson, S. Jensen, L. Wayne. GRADE FIVE- Row 1. D. Johnson. J. Hansen, 0. Utpadel, H. Lageson, V. Come- llus, Miss Schultz, S. Robertson, D. Nelson, P. Christensen, R. Thompson, L. Hendrickson. Row 2. D. Anderson, D. Jellum, L. Lind ay, Lyle Olson, M. Bathel, D. Butler, D. Newgard, T. Ludford, S. Thompson. Absent: Catherine Janka, Kenneth Sable. GRADE FOUR- Row 1. Mrs. Wandrey, B. Christensen, S. Johnson, E. Eggers, L. Anderson, M. Lageson, J. Mrotz, J. Thompson, R. Gilman, D. Paulson, J. Busho. Row 2. L. Dunn. D. Richards, V. Cornelius, E. Lageson, J. Otte- sen, T. Hanson, K. Schuler, D. Otterson, D. Olson, D. Newgard, R. Christensen. R. Sable. f K' m I., fvfb f'N,.. A-R P G 43- ' 1' GRADE THREE- Row 1. Mrs. Wandrey, J. Motz, B. Christensen, C. Scrabeck, M. Mickelson, P. Berg, K. Christen- sen, M. Ellingson, M. Taylor, D. Erickson, J. Thompson, Miss Purdie. Row 2. J. Hemingway, L. Lage- son, D. Newgard, E. Anderson, K. Vangen, J. Fitch, P. Jensen, J. Johnson, H. Sorenson, J. Hansen, D. Lindsay, J. Nelson. Absent: P. Janke. GRADE TWO- Row 1. D. Burshem, A. Jensen, K. Christianson, V. Grobner, H. Thompson, R. Howell, E. Schuler, L. Busho, M. Grunwald, M. White, D. Sorenson, Miss Purdle. Row 2. B. Wallace, D. Sorenson. H. Reese, D. Christianson. T. Sawyer, N. Anderson, F. Olson, G. Vangen, M. Shaw, A. Krejci. Absent: 0. Otterson, F. Janka, J. Langlle. GRADE ON E- Row 1. Mrs. Anderson, D. Olson, A. Grunwald, G. Crabtree, A. Lerberg, D. Christianson, L. Paulson, M. Anderson, D. Erick- son, K. Otteson. Row 2. P. Ellingson, A. Nelson, L. Robertson, M. Jensen, C. Han- son, D. Otto, K. Jellum, L. Hanson, R. Reistad. Absent: J. Axelson, S. Christenson, M. Janka., R. Nechanicky. wiv Q ,EN K Ni 5 X ' Ki : xxkx. il Q 3 xi if XX 5? we 5 X QQ M f Wx I K X Q " g Q 4 Q QQ Q b .,Q. wx ix 'x ' K N X ' Fwxmg x Q as X X YS K H. NK ik X ..,-sux ,gl an Afx k:""i'-Su' X K., K K in Q3 X Rl: N ru , -JK 1 gi K . . f 52 ,,, W 1 X . ET Q f K Q A 1 "4-mf.: - . 4 -1- R K 'H 4 A 1 kr k K J ag . ' U A x K ' ' hx: x 'XF Q .. LX it K f gmajk X Q - Kip 4: 1 ef k F fxwfk 7 s. xg N -..- 5 I ' Q Q X V ' w 'Sm , f Q L' - f , -Qs-N fwvi X an fl YN M Q N J'k if rv ' 'A ,vs ,L Q .Q 35? 'Q 'ff ' fi Q A, I A dk gf Y A 332 Sf 'fl .1 .A 5, lk . 'S' I, 3 ' Emi! Qkshg We, the seniors of 1950, wish to thank the following business men for their cooperation in helping make this annual a success. ELLENDALE Security State Bank .... .... S 10.00 White's Cafe .......... .... S 5.00 Speed's Store .......... .... S 5-00 Nelson's Dairy .......... .... S 5-00 Botsford Lumber Co.--- .... S 5.00 Gus' Station ........... .... S 5,00 Busho's Garage ........ .... S 5.00 Olson Implement Co.--- ---- S 5.00 Ellendale Eagle ........ .... S 5-00 L 8: G Chevrolet Co. .... -.-. S 5.00 Lerberg's Store ................. S 5.00 Misgen Bros. ............. ....... S 5.00 Farmers Milling 8: Elevator Co.--S 5.00 Pete 6 Rube's Market .......... S 5.00 Dr. E. Q. Ertel .................. S 4.00 Ellendale Creamery ............. S 3.00 Pietan's Drug Store ............ S 3.00 Sandy's Cafe ................... S 3.00 Haberman b Anderson Garage---S 3.00 Nelson Ja Meland ............... S 2.50 Dahl's Service Station .......... S 2.00 Gamble Store ............. .... S 2.00 Ellendale State Bank- .... -.-. S 2.00 Sandy's Barber Shop ..... .... S 2.00 Berg's Station ............ .... S 2.00 Rollerland Skating Rink ........ S 2.00 Klatt Bros. ............... .... S 2.00 C. D. Howell ........... .... S 2.00 Ludford's Furniture .... .... S 2.00 Steve Kubicek ...... - .... S 1.00 GENEVA Geneva State Bank .... .... S 10.00 Carl a Carol's Cafe ...... ..., S 5.00 Warren dz Don's Cottage ........ S 5.00 Clarence T. Nelson ....... .... S 5.00 Bartsch Garage ......... .... S 5.00 Geneva Feed Mill ..... .... S moo Geneva Creamery .... .... S 2.00 Wallace Munson ....... .... S 2.00 Chase's Barber Shop .... .... S 2.00 Carl Knutson ......... .... S 2.00 Geneva Cafe .... - ...... .,.. 8 2.00 Torgerson Company .... .... S 1.00 CLARKS GROVE Clarks Grove Lumber Co. ........ S 5.00 Clarks Grove State Bank ....... S 5.00 Clarks Grove Creamery ......... S 5.00 Ethan Larson Garage ..... .... S 5.00 C. ll. Johnson ........ .... S 2.00 HOPE Oldefendt Livestock Co. ........ S 5.00 Clarence's Spot ........... .... S 5.00 Wesely Bros. ............. .... S 5.00 Speltz Grain Elevator ..... .... S 5.00 Steele Oil Co. ........... .... 8 5.00 SIezak's Grocery .......... .... S 2.00 Kleeker Repair Shop ..... .... S 2.00 Farmer's State Bank .... .... S 2.00 HOLLAN DALE Elmer Underland ..... Paul Jones, Inc. .... Produce State Bank ............ Hallandale Market Ass'n.--- l-lollandale Hdw. 8: lmpl. Colii Van's Sinclair Service ....... Verdoom Bros. Motor Servicezzz OWATONNA Gorman Cleaners ..... Burrs Dept. Store ..... If Virtue Sa Pound ..... Kelly Co. .......... Brick Furniture ....... Owatonna Tool Co. Monterey Ballroom ...... Steele County lmpl. Co. .... Leuthold 8a St. Clair ..... Journal Chronicle ...... :Z Sears Roebuck Co. .... Vesterby 8: Watowa ..... Owatonna Shoe Co. ...... :Z Parkside Studio ............ George Klemmer 8: Son ...... III Daily People's Press ..... - B. W. Schoen ........... - Gildners Apparell ........ - Christgau Pharmacy ........ Cashman's Greenhouse ..... Owatonna Bakery ....... Rolling Star Cafe ....... Manther Motors ......... Hanna Meyer Furniture .... R. da 0. Place ........... Block Shoe Store ........ Music Shop ...,.......,.. ,, Urban Bros. Sheet Metal .... Srsen Supply Co. ........... Owat. Creamery Supplies Co. Owatonna Motor Sala-- Wanous Pontiac ......... Owatonna Cement as Tlle o. Pred's .........,....,,. Carl F. Kottke ......... Bjoraker Sports Shop .... Cedar Street Variety .... Nitschke's Jewelry .... Central Bakery ....... Mahlon's Gift Shop .... Gericke's Pharmacy ..... Housenga Appliance ..... Owatonna Milker Co. ...... Coffee Bar 84 Bus Depot .... John's Automotive ...... Storkschern Bros. .......... GeorE0's Candy Kitchen- E ..... MISCELLANEOUS S 5.00 S 5.00 S 5.00 5 5.00 S 2.50 S 2.00 S 2.00 S 5.00 S 5.00 S 5.00 S 5.00 S 5.00 3 5.00 5 5.00 S 5.00 S 4.00 S 4.00 5 3.50 5 3.00 S 3.00 S 3.00 S 3.00 S 3.00 S 3.00 5 3.00 5 3.00 5 3.00 S 3.00 S 2.00 S 2.00 5 2.00 3 2.00 S 2.00 5 2.00 5 2.00 S 2.00 S 2.00 S 2.00 S 2.00 3 3.00 S 1.00 5 1.00 S 1.00 5 1.00 S 1.00 S 1.00 S 1.00 S 1.00 S 1.00 S 1.00 S 1.00 S 1.00 S 1.00 S 1.00 Albert Lea Chamber Commerce--S30.00 Freeborn Co-op. Oil Co. ......... S 5.00 Steele Center Garage .........,, S 5,00 Lemond Store .......,.. ---S 2,00 St. Olaf- Store ......., .,,,, 5 1,00 Bath Store ......... ,,,,, 5 1,00 Kernie's Nite Club .... ..... S 1.00 Ed's Skelly Station .,.,,,,, ,US 1,00 Photos by Parkside Studio Printing by Ellendale Eagle Lithographed by Church Lithograph if uh. .. ' .' 1m'JQ2miLVEE::LifSaT ' ' ' ' Xiwmktfisifm - . .1- 'V Q 5 .5 ff' f 'L' ,g.'4'5'? ' ' E L '..' z , If 5 W . I ig v M , I '- ,, . . 4 1 p. wi.- Maki ' 1. A-r '- Pr. I . .1 .Q pub- 1 K 'f yr uf, 1 . .Q 2 , X3-'Y ., f - .2 2- - . ' -,E ' D an I x in 3 I' A -, , .R J 4... . rj' if 1, 1 -,A '5 . .r ' 5 . , T ' .135 Aftf 'Sl' fi." ,, .f1lR.' M. .ifw ' Q wg - E. I E' 4" I - f V fry 5- -- ... I X amy , f 3 r . .54 Ji? .1 1 X ' I :ix ' Y 4 F25-f ik' if L-A '..,vf.z:3'53z,w.z4y 4 , , . : 15, ri 521, ,Q 4, t'-N-43.5 .4 . V, . K , 1 ...bag V wzg-15511 1 img... - V.: ,, .X wr' -M -Sign. A' sqm , Q V 4 - .34 .H-wi H.. K Ig, g.. .A it ,Q pr- 'V V ,A ' ' . yas. ss.. 'af ,gs ., Vu :wr ' 'w RV. '- -e - :sf-I . . ' V 'ffbf'I.' ' '1""? ' -'ar' ,I -' LV ' .5 .5711 , , 3 ' '25 1 . -Q' : R, r f 4 4 kt K 'fe . 1 v 11' 1 . J.. 1 T . 'Y r Q ,,, .'.. 1 '. 'E' "' ?1 . . H ,.. . .I E ' .4 K., 1 3 mg I 'tid' viii. . .K 3 ' 9 ' - - f fm' A . 2. I i' ' 1 5, ' ,AM .V 4 4 4 I. , A 'hun

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