Ellendale High School - Microphone Yearbook (Ellendale, ND)

 - Class of 1955

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Ellendale High School - Microphone Yearbook (Ellendale, ND) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 48 of the 1955 volume:

,, , f . . ..- ,.. ,. vw " Rf 11' " 'VAVW wv -an -774 Q Q21 THE MICROPHGNE D1ck Schonberger Ed1tor Kenny Matthe1s Asslstant Echtor C11ff Scott Busmess Manager james Zlmmerman Assoc1ate Busmess Mgr PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Wfgkscdwz ,7zn:4D4eaz4 Thls Page Sponsored By DUNPHY CO THOMPSON YARDS Alten Hill . . . . . 'As.sociate Editor OF Dedication To shov our gratltude and sln e e appreclao on 'or fohr many Jears of falthful STV1CS a d wlse understandldg of 'he lCTOphOF9 to you trand Thls Pave Sponsored By THE RANDALL COIPAWY COLEMAN CLOTHING CO u ' ' ' ' c r ' Li L 1 1 1 xr ' S ' 3 ' , 'A counsel, we, the Senior Class of 1955, dedicate this issue Q 'I' . ' -- Airs. i . C 1 . . . . Faculty Smpeurtendent LyWe -1111 V' fr Lerclal Lan Avlatmcfm RUELENQ P9 ISO 'S DAI TT G SERVIC ,as ' " This Page S"Hnsor-erl fy W: .. ' ,, IU" ,, Mlra C Onsrud Engllsh Dramatlcs Mary F Strand Nathematlc Geography I Cllfford Isacheen Natural Sclence Athletlc P1TECtOT ma' bafa Owe - xx Mr- . Ga A . YJ . H1eI'lcan ig Llvingh PS Ovep Qtoh Y , fy PQ O 93 H1a2lA'EQBCa 1 EJThOlO nment urls' 'PWS1 ngliSh gy 11 This Page Sponsored By FARMERS-UNION OIL CO. RED AND WHITE CO. 'Haunt Mr Laurence Schuschke Sclence Industrlal Arts Lucy Pllley Home Vcononlcs Mr Rober+ Hanson 'VIus1c Bookkeeplng X111 H1 Lffre g H Layzfrzrlan Sc 001 IQIOIQUSO L1 at e P1110 Th1S Page Sponsored By SERVICE SHOE SHOP JENSON'S WELDING matlcs 11761 Seniors R 9 par ati UOut of the Parbo Rose and Gray nto the Deep PT6S169Ht Jlm Wrandenburger Vlce Presldent DSHD1S 'atthels Secretary Carolyn Zlnter rea Lrer Lorrawne un ll: will .ry X QW gli O Thls Page Sponsored Py MEYTR'S HATCHERY RE NI AUTO FODY CS , K 'on ' - 1 F, T .H 4 " I A . . . - . , . . M T A sv - 1 1 11 Q E Q. - ..,np-nm.-4100 I ff ff f v' I T A N ,wx 1 ll , in , gm fy . , Y ix N A 1 , I iw , WMM ... , pq ,NM ,. - . ,-...-..,. Y---. ..--..... I Faul Hagel - HTonyN Nwherever he goes he causes a small riot.N Glee Club 1-2-3 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3 Quartette Octette Boy Scouts 1-2-3 Boys' State Class President Basketball 1-2-3 Track 1-2-3 Football Choral Festival 2-3 V.I. Music Contest l-2-3 Speech Festival Cardinal Staff Clewentine' CTr Fla H . ' L . , vj Microphone Staff Seniors Kay Crabtree - uKatieH iyron Gerdon - HTikeH Wwork, work-where have I heard that word hefore?H Glee Club l-2-3-L N.I.Music Contest 1-2-3-h Mixed Chorus 2-3-h Choral Festival 2-3-M Football 1-3-h Track 1-2 Faskethall 1 Poy Scouts 1-2-3 This Page Sponsored Py DOFLEH P BROJN MARKET AHPHLETT DRUG CO. HShe'll never change except in name.U Glee Club l-2-3-h Mixed Chorus l-2-3-D Choral Festival l-2-3-h Wand 1-2-3-h Pand Festival l-2-3-h Music contest l-2-3-h Senior Girls' Speech Program D Keystone 3-h Class Treasurer 1-2 Office Helper h HClementineW CJr. Play? 3 Cardinal Staff 3-h Accompanist 1-2-3-M Cheerleader 1 N.I. Fand 3 cClarinet Quartette l-2-3-h fClarinet Duet 3 Pep Band 2-3-h Seniors Me vln Avery Harry' UHe means bU51H9SS monkey buslness H John becker Glee Club NDor't you teachers know about 'lxed CHOFUS the labor lawso' Choral FSSt1V3l Pasketball Football Football Track T I 'US1C Contest l Cllfford Scott 'Cllff' UHe studles, but he's perfectly normal Glee Club Choral Festlval Pasketball Track Junlor Play Boys' State Honor bsher Honor Student Play Festlval M1CTOphOH6 Staff Bauch And Lamb Sclence Award h Thls Page Sponsored By HALL'S CAFE EERT GRENZ, STANDARD OIL CO 'l 1 ' - n q D l'2'3'h 1 K 2-3-b .1 ' 2-L, C y f 1-2-3-h 3-D 1-2-3-L1 l-2-h P.. . T. ' -2-3-LL a 'wa .g. - , I ' I 1-2-3 t ,f ' 2-3 1 1 V 2 o 3 . ' 3 3 - n 1 - 11 Semors Carolyn Zlnter 'Carol' WI don't talk much, but oh, what I'm thlnk nv N Glee club 1 3 M N I Muslc Festlval 1 3 U Class Reporter Class Secretary Twlrllng Cheerleader Glrls' Speech Program One Act Play restlval Helen Sharp Wwhy GO I have a volce I shouldn't talk?H Band Mlxed Chorus Jlee Club Band Festlval N I Muslc Contest Choral Westlval Class Treasurer Class Vice President Class Reporter 'Clementine CJr play One-Act Play Festival Cenior Girls' Speech Program Nicrophone Staff Girls' State This page sponsored ELLENDALE JEWELRY EIJENDAIE BAKERY Donald Anderson 'Andy nYOu know, l'm the one who slts up 1n front N Band Glee Club MlX6d Chorus Class Presldent Chor l Festlval Seniors Dennls atthels enny' nI'm o a wol I Just wart to sav 'Jello ovs Chorus 2 WlX9d Chorus Po5s' Octette oys Quartette Cardlnal Staff Vlce Fresldent Choral Festlval Voys' State Wlcrophone Staff A T HS1C Contest Stud rt Councll Lorralne Pomplun Hhlph school days have thelr dellghts tut don't compare wlth hlgh School nlghts Spent 1U studylng N Volleyhall Glee Cluk T T WUS1C Contest Vlce Presldent Treasurer Student COhHCll Clementlne Cr Pladl G rls' State Sr Glrls' Speech Program Y U lcroplone S a" L Lh1S age Sponsored By NDALM GRAIN AND S D CO RED C'D ELECTRIC Iargaret Ashmore 'MegU HDon't tell me, I have my own ldeas' Glee Club Mlxed Chorus Choral Festlval N I Muslc Contest TFIO Senlor G1rls' Speech ELOE Speech Festlval Cheerleader OfflC6 Helper Cardlnal Typlst Glrls' State Program Karl Rekow Hlf 1t's g drlve lt Glee luo Chorus Track Football Seniors 31-44 o wheele, I'll 2 3 M Duck Schowber 61 Rlc ge HI 11KG me rootball Basketball Track Golf Mlxed Choru Glee Club Choral Festlval 4 1C C T Boys' c+ Boys' C1 rt t+e HlX6d Qxarf ++e NClemeut1he fJr. playl Emtm,WVeCJmnMH M 'WICTCQFOW H edltor h Boys' State 3 Class Preslceht 1 Boy Scouts 1 2 3 Thls page sponsored bJ RALPH LYNDE and SON MONTANA DAKOTA UTTLITI S CO. Nhldred Pomplun 'TJ.l1.1e' HS1lenc 15 golden ' Volley Ball S 1TlQ' Speech Program h h H Club 2 'P 5, 'W 1 4 g?m3EQuycgwyw3 "',' wgQ2yV,y A,-A W ak: I my :E I ' 7 ' f- A' A I I W , , , I ' ,. n 5 , V . V ,Y, V , i c - ,!. . , ' t . ' ' ' II . O . .l c ' 1 2 1 r. G' - 3-A 'A 1' '3 - A gr. - n ' F' n ' ' . TY I r q 1-2-3-h , 1-2-3-M 1-2-3-M l-2-3-M " S 1-2-3-M M 1-2-3-h ' 2-3-D k , N.I. N's' ri,cst 1-2-3-M gh , O .iii 1-2-3-M ' fi V f ima 1 J 2-3-M E , ' ' X ' f 1 ij uv' 2-3-Ll P . 'M H 3 M Seniors Mary H1 ll nAr1se, go orth, and conqu the nen'H Glee Club Mlxed Chorus TW1FllHg Muslc Festlval Playmakers F H A G A A COne Act Dlay Contestj fot Can't Klss Carolyn Cir Class Playj Room For One for CAll School Play, SGDIOT Glrls' Speech Profram Choral Festlval Fand Festlval N I JUSlC Contest 1C ael atnu eu rdepence t t at' Foothall racx lchophc Th1S page Sponsored 'J ELLENDALE CLIYIC TOIN HLT GRCC YY Kenneth atthels Ken Feware Pe nay co thln sensat o al olee Clt Mlxec Chort Choral Festlval Octette lxed Quartette I Vuslc Contest l Speech Festlval Class PTcS14EFt A t ICTODTOHG V6 H e ent ' Tr S+udent C lIC1l L C ul fe stone o s' State DOJS' Cuartette I E H . I rg' ' 4 f 'er- - yCf 1-2-M VAQV 'CVA A is ' 1 l-2-3-L ' , 4 ' ' QFHQ K . . 1-2-3-LL Y v , . ' ' 1-2-3 h . ,ini - N 1 2 3 f n 1 1 , SSM . , , - - .KM D H . , h.i R' A . . , 3 I K ' :. ul YA u nFor Whom The Telephone Ringsu l 2 P 1? l-2 Ill A ' ll H' ' ,S 1-2 . . 3 ' 2 N D. in 2 1 ,N 3 M' - - ' L V. . A ' . -2 . JZ I 1 . . 3 ' 5 ss' . Z' xl. -.itc Cl 2 ine' CL . Play5 'LF l A. l-2 3 H' h I 5 - ulik H11 n - h s mel R 2-L T ' 1-L Z' . n,ne Star? L m"3i5,3,3,sggy'saW 2-.ew -4516, Holok 3 e 'Han ,' Real not n cessary to IU ez D 1U order to Flee 1 1kDC W or 1 e vva WC x., oct a5ne+Va11 is L C16 la Speec eDt1v21 Golf Cow SCG + ard 1 C lCFOr S f 1 LSlC +eQt I flu 1 4 X R 2. X ' Rarg. 4. . irm - ' dj" u 1-' :+v, N C -,, 1, Q , 1 d 'Stnnf thinv' ammeaVvttm1N 1: F If 1-2-3-14 LI' 12 2210-45 1-2-3-11 Ch a F SEL 1 2-11 2.11451 Pcrmaesz 1-2-3-h F Fall 1-2-3-D F A 11 ' 1-3-h Toys' Cc 't'e 2 " 1 rieriiinen CJF. P 3 5 i - ' f L1 1 1-2-3-h , j 12.5 1-2-3 C iia ,tiff L X' ' fkcne iaf L N.'. Ii ' Con, . 1-2-3-M 9 Seniors Dlck Burow UI'm not scaree ol work can lle Qcnn r1ght beslde lt and go to sleep M1CTOphOPe Staff Z if Lee Roeszler H o Hen uch, Alqer redell Al 'Le cave, he luffec, me passed H GLee Club Class 1 ce PT9S1d6Tt Cardlral Ctaff Cheerleade aexetba 1 FootPaWL Track Thls Pape Sponsored By TOWNSENP SVRVICE SUVSET CRCATEWY CO. I JC 1 lo of talx W rand Edlth Huse HBoys may come and boys may go, but I go on foreve1 W Glee Club Sr Glrls' Speech Program FaSh1OH Show Cardlnal Staff N I uslc Contest Seniors James Brandenburger Brandy' HI know all the rlght answers but no+ to the rlpht ques tlons Glee Club MlXed Chorus Choral Festlval N I Muslc Contest Class Presldent Student Councll Cardlnal Staff 'The Hour of Truth' CPlay Festlvalj Track h Basketball Boy Scouts Patty Ashmore Pat NA young woman 1D her early fl1rt1es Glee Club MUSIC Contest Volleyball Senlor Glrls' Speech Program Junlor Class Play Offlce Helper Tumbllng Cheerleadlng Cardlnal Typ1St G1rl Scouts Fashlon Show 2 1 2 1 2 h h Thls Page Sponsored By ROY AND GUY LYNDE VAN DYKE STUDIO il ' 1-2-3-L ' 1-3-D '.. ' 3-h . . ' ' 1-2-3-H 0 . A 3-L1 U . if 3 5 . ' . ll U ' - . L1 ... M 3 h V 2-3-h Football 2-3-M 1-2-3-h 1-2-3 - ll ll - Y 7 A I 4 - -3 I . A ' ' h ' C . 3 S - . h , . 1 C . 3-h . . . - ll . a 1 ' y Seniors Marllyn Rowe HStand back boys don't rt h m u Secretary 'Clement1neU Q r Play Glrls' State Sr Glrls' Speech Program Pat Ashmore uP1Z7T1Ck HH1S storles are as Ylg as the f1Sh he Jus? about caught Glee Cluh 2 W Muslc Contest Tumbllug 'Clemehtlne' CJr Playj Cheerleader Vlola Plepler V1 HI dor't hel eve 1U love at f1FSt Slght, but I'll take a sec ond look U GheChb W1X6d Chorus l Muswc Co testl Volle all Senlor a-rl: Speech .rog 2 Jicropifu C a f This Page Sponsored Py BEN FRAJKLI. 5- RI COAST LO COASL ST RE Vddy 15 ek H ' 'Vet late tear h ver W Fo t all L 1C Conte + Choral Fe tlval Trao On the air! Three is a crowd. Pre-prom party Good friends HOW many YSHTS 3507 Juniors Pres1dent Allen H111 Vlce Presldent James Zlmmerman Secretary Blckey K1Tm1S Treasurer Sharron OXenr1der .mfr O Th1S Page Sponsored By BUD AND MYRT'S GROCERY , Jr! ,I ff' .1 H A 4? 1" if yur A-J' 7 i Flrst ROW Darlene Barton, Rosemary Bobzlen, Pau' Brandenburger, Carol Caldwell, Ilene Chllson, Gary Clarke, Second Row Monte Cofell John Crabtree, Ethelyn Edwards, Ellza Feist, Darlene Fey, Betty Gesme, Thlrd Row John Combelllck, Elalne Hanson, Walter Helne, Allan Hlll, Bett Hokana, Beatrlce Kelly Foirth Row Aldine K1rm1s, Florence Meyers, Dorls M1tzel, Dorothy Mouw, Yvonne Mlller, June Olson, Flfth Row Denn1s Orrock, Sharron Oxenrlder, Carol Peterson, Nona Plerce, Gordon Pomplum, Marvln Radke, This Page Sponsored By REDLIN IMPLEM NT CO WALLACE PRODLCE 4 P -1? 3 . f P X 'F , . x V 2 X. . Xi 4 NP, H.-J 0 v tsxxx fl: V , , gli' , ' Agni F o i, 1 -. a ' 4 o I . . n . y 335' 1 I First Raw John Robinson, Janet Rogers, Dorothy Sc aller, Helyn Schaller, Shirley Schnelder, Svl v1a Shuldhelsz Second Row James Slegler, Donna Smalley, Jeanette Smith, Ronald Strand, Arthur Trautmann, Ellzaheth Trautmann Thlrd Row Vugene Lecker, Virglnia Weispfennlng, Mflfie heltala, James Zimmerman -elm- Scenes From The Junlor Play Th1s Page Sponsored By LEIFY DRLG H L CAFE x . 4 v 'pf A ' QQJW I . i i : , - nv ,, ' , L 5' 5, , A .5 fs I 'fi A W, on ,f ,. , .xn -f s ,..3 , 'SHA vx'.qp.f+,, , f Q U M . ur' Q57 wflqtpgr .-1 h . K - 1-1 1 - U N 4 , , ,U ilu Q f 3-A-A... .--.5 u 4,114 "'---...Mmm L Speak to me. Say something! Masquerade party? Ugh, it's burned. In you go Napoleon! H 1 Sophomores Pres1dent Loren H111 V1ce Presldent Leland McClellan Secretary Gall Gr1ff'1n Treasurer DuAnn Stelnwand vain qw K A-we K J' :if X Z Y A e If X' -N, if 5 3 'i V253 Flrst Row Ellly Ashmore, Del Avery, Pob Wabcock, Helen Beaver, Barbara Bran denburier, Ilta Carlson Second Row Meredlth Crabtree, Eva Mae Dathe, LeRoy Flemlng, Cora renz, Gall Grlffln, !ax1ne Gulke Thlrd Row Norman Hagen, Bob Hagen, Vonnle Hanson, Loren Plll, Jacouelyn Flmm6T1Ck, Lols Husby Forth Row Joan JUdk1HS, darvln Matz, Leland McClellan, Donald Nelson, Wavne W1Sh6k, Llnda Rall Flfth Pow E verly Rogers, Donald Rowe, Du Ann Stelnwand, Lorra ne Watso Loretta Watson, Dlane Wlederrlck Th1S Page Sponsored By H B MAYTAU A E CRAETREV, DENTISL na Freshmen 3-ac7W CZ PF9S1d6Ht Loren Crabtree Vlce Pres1dent Leonard Bell Secretary Janlce Evans Treasurer Vernetta Klng J' L 42 FW if 1 1,7 uf T ,A it m!REf 1 First Row Leonard Bell, Lols Bell, Verella Blederstedt, Dlanna Drandenberger Jerold Brandenberger, Roger Brandenberger, Second Row Patsy Brandenberger Sharon Carlson, Donna Caldwell, Loren Crabtree, Jan1ce Evans, Therelsa Felst, Third Row Lola Franz, Joyce Fuchs, Eldora Gulke, Anette Gulllckson, Luella Helnrlch, Gale Hlepler, Fourth Row Merle H1ggS, Judy Jury, Vernetta Klng, Karen Kleln, Donald Kosel, C1aT1C6 Mlnard This Page Sponsored By EEMWHM McNEIL TRUCK LINE 3' F1TSt Row Curtls Molm, Amy Mouw, Dorlnda Murray, Wl111S Nill, Wayne Nishek, Dennls Olson, Second Row Karen Pahl, Janlce Pahl, Ronald Zlmmerman, Eva Watson, Patty WQtk1HS, Gary Townsend, Thlrd Row' Sharon Stahlacker, Audrey Schaunaman, ROSal1S Schaller, Laverna Rogers, Jlmmy Puhr This Page Sponsored By DICKEY COUNTY LEADER GACKLE INSURANCE AGENCY if Activities Thls Page Sponsored Dy KENDALL STANDARD SERVICE ELLENDALE CLEANERS Vi K. if i f 'f , l , 4 , E Q 1 Keystone Honor Socuetq ii YU! Z il' ack Rov D1Ck Schoncerrer, Kenny Vat+he1 , Allen Hlll, Paul Hagel ont Row Aldlne K1FWlS, Lorralne o plun, Kay Crabtree, Helen Sharp Thls Page Sponsored By MITZEL'S U-SAVE STORE ASHMORE LIVESTOCK SALES PAVILLION Q" Mk' un, Back row: Mr. Hanson, Dora Nicholson, Cora Grenz, Gail Griffin, Lois Bell, Ronald Zimmerman, Johnny Third row: Sandra Weispfenning, Mary Elaine Crabtree, Bonny Vix, Margaret Mehl, Helen Sharp, Roselie Second row: Sheila Volz, Ethelyn Edwards, Gary Townsend, Janice Evans, Dorothy Mouw, Helyn Schaller Front row: Kay Crabtree, Nona Pierce, Allen Hill, Gary Clarke, Mary Hill, Sharron Oxenrider, Donna 1 , yr M ,.. la -- .f. t f- 2 f K , Back row: Helyn Schaller, Viola Heipler, Darlene Barton, Dora Nicholson, Linda Rall, Lorraine Pomplun, Maxine Gulke, Helen Beaver, Janet Rogers, Lois Bell, Kay Crabtree, Millie Weitala, Cora Grenz, Dorothy Schaller. Third row: Yvonne Hanson, Donna Lee Smalley, Beverly Rogers, Marjorie Gress, Sharon Stahlecker, Virginia Weispfenning, Lois Husby, Carol Caldwell, Sharron Oxenrider, Eva Watson. Second row: Beatrice Hokana, Dorna Caldwell, Du Ann Steinwand, Dorothy Mouw, Margaret Ashmore, Edith Huse, Yvonne Mueller, Mary Hill, Rosalie Schaller, Edna Bender, Carolyn Zinter, Shirley Schneider, Betty Lou gesmeit Mr. .Hanson. Front row? Aldine Kirmis, Theresa Fiest, Diane Weiderrich, Lorraine Watson, eane e Smith, Rosemary Bobzien, Patty Ashmore, DarLene Fey, Janice Pahl, Barbara Brandenburger, Elaine Hanson, Helen Sharp, Janice Evans. This page sponsored by J. D. CRABTREE HOUCiTON'S M AT MARKET son, Billey Martinson, Loren Hill, Leonarg Bell, James Zimmerman. ler, Merideth Crabtree, Dennis Hasa, Wayne Xoorehead, Roger Vix, Lee Roeszler, Benny Crabt chonberser, Vonnie Hanson, Eddie Sand, Jim y Clarke, Donald Nelson. nninr. i i' i f ,W X 1 . '-4 74- All l,vs K N . 'Qt s A "'Y ree, Loren Crabtree .1374 ,, m fs' ' XM' Xfs .1 4 , X SZ? .5 - I., , ,F Z 1 fi ' ts' I 'r ' '- , 10--O1 -' " lf V QQAAAH Y X I A ,. - v K ,., 351 rx f , . - s 5 Back row: Ronald Zinnernan, Loren .rab'ree, Liiie Xisiek, Lcnn zarinscn, Pagl Hafel, Lecnara Bell, JET? lcwnsenc, Lelan: Icilellan, Pa' Asnnore, Xerle Hires. TLl-g rzwz Janes Erangenblrser, Dec? Schonberger, Donald Angerscn, ,onn Crabtree, Hcnie Ccfell, Walter E.ine, Delbert averf, Dennis Mattneis, Ronald Strana, Donald o . Second row: Dennis Crroek, Ierideii Crabtree, Allen Hill, N , . , .... . .H,- JHYY Cl3FK9, XCTHHH Hagen, helvxn Avery, Kenny Latthels, Eczzy maven, Loren :1ll, hr. Hanson. rlrst row: Kay Crabtree, Allen . ell, Jenn Conbellick, Hyron fergen, Janes Limnernan, Ranjy Eine, Gordon Pomplun, Willis Hill, LeRcY His' ', n Q: nes Jennls Clson. This page sponsoreo sy HCTEL ELLEYDALE J. E. GRAHHI Wm Athletucs mn QQ 'QD Th P d BEN S BARBER SHOP ELLENDALE MOTORS Track ate track team at Valley Clty a e Champs Standlng Ned Lelby, Harlen Stahlecker Coach Cllff lsachson Kneellng D1Ck Schonberver, Gordon Pomplun, For Jury Record NI Invltatlonal Conference Heglonal State S+ate Meet at Valley Clty Harlen Stahlecker lst 2nd st Bob Jury hth Low Hurdles Hlgh Hurdles Dlscus Broad Jump n lst n lst ts Harlen Stahlecker, hlgh polnt man 1U l95h North Dakota State Track Meet. Thls Page Sponsored By FIRST NATIONAL PANK O.K. RUPE H WELDER all A - V xgk fl V. ' . . if Ti. d-, d via ea K ' t 1953 , St t I It I X ,, x- 65' s K 1, gi 1 1 St ' . r . 2 , A . - .... ... 2 d Wlllllggliy ,'t .... ... 2 d ... .... ... 13 P 1 - 1 ::- . :- ......... ...... . ... 1 pt. Fourth Row Paul Hagel, Jim Hrandenburger, Handy Rime, Mel Avery, Dick Schonberger Eddy Nlshek, student 'pr Allen Hlll Third Row Asst Coach Livingston, Leland LcC1ellan, John Crabtree, Gordon Domplun, Allerfwedell, Karl Rekow, Bllly Ashmore Del Averv, Coach Isachsen Second Row Walter Heine, Bob Hagen, Loren Hill, Norman Hagen, LeRoy Nlshek, Meredlth Crabtree, Eugene Uecker, Leonard Bell First Row Tom Schonberger, Merton Judkins, Gerry Kleln, Tom Russell, Loren Crabtr e, Merle H1ggs Tom Ashmore, Dennls Stucker Serlors Junlors Gordon Pomplu John Crabtree Monte Cofell Dlck :chonberger +1 Randy Rlme w+ Melvln Avery 4 Paul Hage J1m Brandenburger 4 Myron Gerdon John Lecker 4 Bob Hagen Bllly Ashmore Norman Hagen Sophomores Allen Hlll, Manager Q Stars lndlcate prevlous letters earned I1 'X' Co-captalns were Dlck Schonberger and Melvln Avery Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Thls Page Sponsored By FARM RS UNION CO-OP ASSN. MERLE GERDON-MOBILGAS AND MOBILOIL Leola Ashley LaMoure Enderlin Oakes L1SbOH tv W Back Row Coach Isachsen, Paul Hagel, Dick Schonberger, Randy Rime, Melvin Avery, Gary Clarke, Student Mgr Allen Hill Front Row Billy Ashmore, Bob Hagen, Gordon Pomplun, John Crabtree, Norman Hagen Jim Brandenburger, not pictured Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Ellendale Lisbon Kulm Enderlin Wishek Kulm Lisbon Oakes Ashley Leola Edgeley Kulm Enderlin LaMoure Ashley Oakes LaMoure Edgeley LaMoure Lisbon 4 Kulm Tournament 44 District Tournament Games Played 4 Dick Schonberger 49? -34-25 Paul Hagel Randy Rime Jim Frandenburger Mel Avery Gary Clarke Hob Hagen Norman Hagen Gordon Pomplur John Crabtree 9 Bill Ashmore lO Lloyd Erdelt 6 Loren Hill 3 This Page Sponsored By ROLLO RADIO MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE nauI" 7 ll 3 l Class Will Autographs Jax-6.3:--nn.-1-P N, ,. -- ' . , . H -4-f KM K - ,... ,,.. ,. M.4, A.b,A,, ,ALM fu-.nl at A,- 11":f:efV":' 7-,3ixw'r,-f , 'HJ' ' " A ,. .4,- .4 1. ..,. 15733513 " , . A-'3iE:FE:rH'f"" ' ' ' ' " .f-1 .-r 3354 E 51, ,. Q. ,. ac A-:L 173'-1 F1 Y F Q : V L+ fi V 3 qif 51 .f-. i P- Lx -f:. tru 3 ff' 6 ,,V, hi Sp 5 iv . Qi ' Nil. wi. LQ vi' 5-ig., r4.'i,-Q ' , ' 171.0 gpg: ' : , N, 5 x

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1955, pg 6

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