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N - ,J 0 4 6 wi L ' '- .-A K 'L' --L... ,Q Q .Q s 'As s , X , ,p-, .--A w A r I Y""' 'Q - 1 K u - xffw LIBBIS 40'- Zio ilhe memory mf Kenny 3Er.n,.zmfm Whom We lrilznnti as F:.rLJ1qThI.e'E an nd -Huis E L K is REVERENTLY DEDICATED EL R ,XXX MDX 'g Y 2 ,....f.... Board of Education Sum UF EEHUUL H IBF? SEHUEIE OEJRIN 024' 0212.079 Fbimond Pinski Wallace Carlson lnglieh Conch UG! 31001 Donald Sullivan Ismael Arte lulio 'U-4994 315899195 lezel Johnson 4th d 5th grade lst 6 2nd grade 4 Donna Bleth Darrell Summerfield Home Economics Bolenoe K an J ,BX X ALLEN BERGLAND 'BERGIE' Junior Claes Play Football 5,4 Band l,2,5,4 Elktonian Staff Speech Senior Claes Play CURTIS ANDERSON 'CURT' Junior Claes Play Football l,5,4 Basketball l,2,5,4 Student Council 5,4 Homecoming King Elk Staff Elktonian Staff Clase Treasurer- Speech Senior Clase Play -4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 BEVERLY DAVIS 'BEV' Junior Claes Play 3 Glee Club 1,2,5,4 Class Secretary 3,4 Homecoming Attendant4 Speech 1,3 Elk Staff Elktonian Staff Senior Claes Play 4 Claes Reporter- 1 ----5 ------4 ------------4 ------4 - ---- 4 --------------5 N N N -----3 Student Council ------- 4 - ------ 4 ----------------5 -----4 -----------4 -----4 NYLVA ELKIN8 'ELKINS' Junior Class Play 5 Elktonian Staff Band 1,2,5,4 one Club 1,2,5,4 German Band Speech 1,5 Senior Claes Play -4 DOLORES DE YOUNG 'DE' Junior Class Play Elktonian Staff Speech 2,5 Glee Club Senior Clase Play -4 MAVI8 GILDERHUS 'UAV' Junlor Clase Play Glee Club Clase President 5,4 Clase Vice Prea1dent1,2 Homecoming Queen Cheerleader- 1,2,5,4 Elk Staff Elktonlan Staff Senior Clase Play 4 Speech 1,5 RUTH HOPPIN 'BABE' Junior Clase Play 3 Speech- 1,3 Elktonian Staff Elk Staff Senior Claes Play 4 HAROLD HOFFMAN 'HOFF' Junior Clase Play 5 Football 3,4 Elktonian Staff Senior Claes Play 4 Speech VERNON IRAFT 'EDDIE' Junior Clase Play 5 Football l,2,5,4 Speech- 3 Senior Clase Play 4 WARREN MEAD 'WARREN' Junior Clase Play 5 Basketball 1,2,5,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Speech! Senior Clase Play 4 KENDALL HEAD 'KENDALL' Junior Claes Play Basketball Manager-2,3 Football Manager- 2,5 Speech- 1,3 Senior Claes Play -4 RONALD MILLER 'RONNIE' Junior Clase Play ---- 3 Football ------- 1,2,3,4 Basketball ----- 1,2,5,4 Baseball ------- 1,2,3,4 Speeoh- ------- - ---- 3 Senior Claes Play ---- 4 DONNA PETERSON 'TOOTS' Junior Class Play Speech Glee Club- 1,2 Senior Class Play STANLEY MCRRUW 'STAN' Junior Class Play Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 9,5, Homecoming Attendant 4 Class Vice Presidentqa Speech- Senior Class Play DAVID ROOT 'DAVE' Junior Class Play--3 Football --------- 3,4 Baseball ----------- 3 Speech ------------- 3 Senior Class Play--4 KENNETH SCHWARTZ 'KENNY' Junior Class Play Football 2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Speech Senior Class Play HELEN VOGELSANG 'HELEN' Junior Class Play Elktonian Staff Senior Class Play CLASS OFFICERS President Mavis Gllderhus Vice President Stanley Morrow Secretary Beverly Davis Treasurer- Curtis Anderson CLASS MOTTO 'Ever Looking Forward' Class Flower American Beauty Rose Class Colors American Beauty and Silver -----3 --------Z------L-3 Glass Reporter-- ------ -4 ------4 -----3 - ---- -4 ..-...... 4 I m fi L gg We Looked Then Mlms G STIIN I1 HMJLD H Sensor Class Histor Starting out as frightened little first graders in the fall of 1942 were Allen Bergland Beverly Davis Dolores DeYoung, Harold Poffman, and Rath hoppin Oar teacher was Miss Larson In the fall of 1943 we found oarselves to be second graders and wondered why we had been afraid the year before While we were in the second grade we had a new classmate join as She was Navis Gilderhas Oar third grade year passed without any new additions to oar class mem bership Bat along came the fodrth grade and Donna Peterson joined as Curtis Anderson joined as daring our fifth grade year Along came 1947 and the sixth grade w ich found our membership boosted by two They were Kendall and warren Vead Thus at the halfway mark in oar joarney we had ten members in our class In 1948 we were ticked pink to find ourselves on the second floor This meant that we were seventh graders and membe s of Elkton Junior High School Now we coald take pa t in many of the high school activities, one of which was making a float for Homecoming As eighth graderswe found that we had lost a member only to gain another Dolores DeYoang left as to go to Grand Meadow while Nylva Elkins joined us at Elkton For oar class picnic this year we went to Sam's woods Oar career as part of the Elkton Senior Jlgh School began in 1950 when we were thorou hl initiated by the Sophomores Je will never forget those S Y oatfits Daring our Vernon Kraft, Felen Root As Sophomores we initiatint Ie were Freshman year ve gained five new members These were Vogelsang, Ronald .iller Stanley Morrom, and David were delighted to find that it was oar tarn to do some disgusted because we had to initiate the Freshmen in stead of the Juniors who had initiated as what Freshman class doesn't want sweet revenge? In oar Junior year me welcomed Dolores DeYoang back to the fold During this year we were honored to pat on the Prom for the Seniors Our Class Play was a comedy called UDon't lake y Penny During our Senior year Paul Blanchfield joined as, this comnleting oar present members lp The Senior Clase of 1954 has a class memberslio f seventeen, seven girls ano ten boys They are as follovs Curtis Anderson, Allen Berglend, Paul Slanchfleld Beverly Davis Dolo es DeYoang, Nylva Elkins, Mavis olloerhas, Harold offman, hath opnin, Vernon Kraft, Kendall Mead, Nsrren Mead, Ronald Miller, Stanley Morrow, Donna Peterson, David Root, and Helen Vogelsang Of our graduating Senior class only five have attended the full twelve years at Elkton They were Allen Bergland, Beverly Davis, Harold Hoffman, Ruth Honoin, and Donna Peterson We are looking forward to our Prom and our skip day Our class play is nfomln' 'Round The Mountain N On June 4 we will leave the hallowed halls of Elkton School never again to enter them as students We will take with us many happy memories of our school days and those with whom we shared them Here s hoping that the memories we leave behind are as oleasant as those we take with us In the future for the girls there is marriage a temporary Job, or a career in whichever field they choose For many of the boys it is duty with Uncle Sam's Armed Forces Whatever the future holds we will try to face it with as great if not greater steadfastness and ingenuity as that which carried us through these last twelve years We will try to live up to our class motto 'Ever Looking Forward QI 'TSE R 'dl I x 'S -4- I I . M - v r 1 ' I . , . A ' , . . . . ' , . , ,, , - ' O I . I I - . . . I . M . . .. 1. 1 .. o A , A' A . . A , 5 . , ' . ,, . L . . . ' 'I' . 4 , 'V' h - O ' . A . O . I O . v A, . . - 1 . 4 . . , . V . . ' A . V f . -A In A A Q ,A , . v . A 1 Z I I . , 3, . ' , ' K , M , s . - . . . ., . . , , , , A V .. ,' , . . , ' rn up . . Az - , n , P . . V . w A o ' .. ' , . . . . . . . . . V I . ,, . . . , , . , 1 - , . -v , H A . . H - . I 1 1 I . ' A , .. 1 . 1 1 1 0 9 A , . , . - . 4 n , V . I , . . , . .. - . 1 u .. in , ,. . . ,. . . - 4 I C . . A . . I ll . . EE2 :TQ- K Q -' y 4 h .ij I ?eT 0 K X ,, ' , ' f ' - ,Q ' - , , g U Senior Prophecy HLook Mommy, here is your El mates in 1954 W HYes, so it is' I remembe Gilderhus got her diamond in her dered whrt we would be doing in walt no longer to know The ten they have been good years for all yea s as well I'm so glad Mavis is a thriving little citv and she Vernon Kraft and the pictures of your cla how excited Senior year the days to years have of us They we were when Mavis and hos we all won come Now we need passed swlftlv and have been very busy made her home near us Austin and her family are enjoying the hone they heve just finished building Her home was planned bv NHow surprised we were to hear that Vernon started his own architectural firm in Minneapolis He specializes in modern homes and has already become famous Before he had finished college, some of his Plans had alreadv been used by some of the better firms Much of his success he attributes to the capeoility ofkis office manager and personal secretary, Ruth Hoppin Here is her picture You know she looked business like and efficient even when she was in high school I visited her apartment once It was very striking W HHere is Stan Morrow You know he always said he was going to get a Job at Hormel but instead, he owns a business of his own in Arizona Curtis Anderson stopped bv to see him on his way home from Judging the Miss America beauty contest and he said that Stan's department store is one of the finest in Phoenix He has a nlce family, too I wish Curtis could have stayed longer, but being an announcer on C B S Television keeps him right on sch edule all the time N HI never thought Nylva would become what she is She was a walkirg dictionary in school and I was sure she'd be a college teacher, but there she is every day at two o'clock singing those catchy western songs and playing her accordian The members o' h r band say she 1 verv easy to get along with in spite of her growing fame Every time I watch her program, I feel proud to Nharren Mead certainly has changed He has gained a lot of weight and his hair is elready turning grav I saw him Just last montr when I was collecting for the Red Cross He has such a big farm All those beautiful Hereford cattle and Yorkshire pigs are cered for perfectly Still he finds time to enjov his family Vou're too little to remember, but he brought home a French bride when he returned from overseas duty in the service She thinks farming in America is oulte a dmenge from France N U'arreds brother Yendell is sc'ent1 evervone 1s watching these days He always had a lot of energl I believe he plans to take his first trip to the moon next the last problem in the navigation for needs to oe tested He lives in Maine N vear He is working out the trio now It still from Warren Mead's, but was in the Navv when he met bis wife She is from South Carolina and has a southern accent that we like to hear so much Harold does much experlment ing sith pasture rotation ' Niarold Hoffman owns a farm not far he is specializing in dairy cattle He ' c ss . r V -n . a r . , . . . A , s . ll . . , ., . . . - , . . . , - , . , . . . ' I . I O 0 1 . e A ., A . . 1 . ' . A e s have known her back when we were in High 3chool.W 1 ,, J . . . , . uf x P 4. S 7: , t - I ' n ' 'V . ' Y rv . : . Q .. , . . Y A . .. A . A . D Q 4 1 . 'Another one of the boys who took up specilized farming is Paul Blanchfield He is specializing in silver fox and has come a long way with his farm By perfecting a new breed whe e the hair is longer and has deeper silver color and more beautiful streaks in it, he made quite e success of his life ' 'Beverly Davis certainly moved far away from the old gang She makes musical arrangements for Julius LaRosa and plays the piano in his orchestra It keeps her very busy, because on his concert tours he never rests, but darts from one city to another, as if he were only twenty I hear she is engaged to the cello player I think he's an Italian one of Julius' friends ' 'Allen Berglsnd is really enjoying his prolession Us 1 teaching automotive mechanics in Chicago He always was a wniz at making things NDSU he lived on the farm When e was ln the Army, he received special training and liked it so well he decld ed to make e career of it ' 'I haven't seen Ronnie Hiller for a long time He was stat ioned in San Francisco quite a while when he was in the Navy, and he married a girl he met in one of the service clubs He's still in the Navy, but she lives in San Francisco They have a lovely in a photo studio ' 'Donna Peterson has seen a lot of the world She started by working as a salesglrl at Marv1n's in Austin She was there only two years when she went to Kansas City to work in a dress shop there Now she owns the shop and goes on a buying Jaunts to Paris every year Donna writes that she buys Beverly Dav1s's gowns for her in Paris They are great friends ' 'Helen Vogelsang married shortly after she graduated Her husband specializes in raising chickens They have 5,000 laying hens Helen writes a column in the Poultry Journal regularly She is considered one of the countries authorities on egg market ing It all began as a hobby, but now her business is too big to be classified as one ' 'Dolores DeYoung was in the Waves for a while She liked it too, but decided that she wanted to live nearer home, so she took up elementary teaching I believe she is teaching in St Paul now I remember the first year she taught in Grand Meadow ' 'David Root just left for Oregon They had such a had storm out there that most of the telephone lines are down so they want ed his crew to come out and help with the work of restoring comm unicatione Ae you probably know, he works for the Bell Telephone Company He is going to stay out there if he likes the country He took special tralningin communications when he was in the ser- vice and seems to like the work for he is followingin his fathers footsteps ' 'Isn't it strange? When they graduated it seemed like all the boys had to look forward to was war, but the war never came and their training in the service was beneficial to them in many ways 'Well dear, that is enough reminiscing for tonight, we'd better put the Elk away and get you ready for bed ' . 0 . . n s home on the coast up on a hill overlooking the ocean. She works We, the of sane mind many of the twelve busy, emor Class Wlll Seniors of Elkton High School, Class of 1964, being and sound countenance do hereby will and bequeath treasured possessions which have come to us during but happy, years the school we leave a blissful rest of peace and quiet the faculty we will our complete disregard for law and order Mr Andrews we leave our worn out Geometry equipment Mr Ellingson we leave our broken typewrlters and the memory of our little groups in Business Law To Mr Sullivan we will our musical ability on the condition that you give lt to someone who will use lt wisely To Mr Nicol we will our good study hall habits To Mr Summerfield we will our good To Coach Carlson we leave our marks in Government providing love for Chemistry worn sports equipment and our you give them to someone wor thy of the honor To Miss Bleth we will our love To Mn Plnskl we leave our long of Elkton High School hours of studying for English tests with the understanding that you don't waste them Mrs Kinsey and Mrs Anderson we leave our big appetltes Msngle we leave our chewing gum and waste paper the the Elk the the an new the May you Juniors we will our Jobs on the Elktonian Sophomores we will our privilege of putting out the Freshmen we will our love of hard study Eighth Grade we leave all our practical Jokes old Seventh Grade we will our happy years ln high school have as much fun as we did this time we want to bequeath some of our special traits an Junior Class possessions to those who will follow in our footsteps, the I, Curtis Anderson, do will and bequeath my drawing ability to Larry Elit May it bring you as much pleasure as it did me My position as treasurer of the class I will to anyone who can count money I, Allen Bergland, do will and bequeath my trumpet to Kenny Kraft We need more boys in the band I will my position Assistant Editor of the Elktonian to the person who gets elected I, Paul Blanchfield, do will and bequeath my car to Jack Blanohfield Might as well keep it in the family As I have been here for such a short time, I think I'll keep everything else ' e To , To To . . To . To . . ,. To Mr. I p , .. To , To To . To --- d . To . At d . . q . 5. B I Beverly Davis, do will and bequeath my position as Glee Club pianist to Joleen Sonksen My position as Secretary of the Senior Class I will to the person who can take notes I Dolores DeYoung, do will and bequeath my shortness t Janet Johnson It comes in handy with short boys To Muriel I will my naturally curly hair My temper I will to anyone who nee 8 I Nylva Elkins, do will and bequeath my trumpet to Allie May it never go flat for you My position as Editor of the Elk tonian I will to anyone who would like the Job To Donald Smith I will my ambition to get into radio I Mavis Gllderhus, do will and bequeath my cheerleading ability to Joan Buysman May you have as much fun as I did My position as President of the Senior Clase I will to the poor suc- ker who gets it I Harold Hoffman, do will and bequeath my strong build to Frank Grundmler My Navy career I will to anyone who doesn't get seaslck Ruth Hoppin, do will and bequeath my nicknames to Janet Johnson May you enjoy them as much as I did To Roger Wilson I wlll my height Some glrls are tall, you know ny McNeill I, Kendall Mead, do will and bequeath my curly hair to Kenny Kraft It helps you attract the glrls I, Warren Mead, do will and bequeath my many trips to Grand Meadow and Spring Valley to Alton Anderson You meet lotl of interesting people that way I, Ronald Miller, do will and bequeath my driving ability to Kenny Kraft My long hours of hard study I will to Marlys Otto I Stanley Morrow, do will and bequeath my popularity with the girls to Larry Ellt May you ha e as many happy times as I did I, Donna Peterson, do will and bequeath my sllmness to Bev erly Sands My shortness I will to Frank Grundmler To Jim New kirk I will my accordion lessons I, David Root, do will and bequeath my shy ways and winning smile to Ronnie Blom It pays off in the end I, Helen Vogelsang, do will and bequeath my quiet laughter to Donald Smith The teachers don't suspect you of mischief so quickly We, Mavis and Curtis do will and bequeath our reign as Home- coming King and Queen to two lucky Juniors We, Beverly and Star, do will and bequeath our honored posl tions as Homecoming Attendants to two more lucky Juniors We, Ruth and Dolores, do will and bequeath our bowling abil ity to anyone who can take the aches and pains we did May you enjoy the smell of llnlment We, Curtis and Nylva, do will and bequeath our offices in Student Council to Marlys and Joleen I , o D O O I I, I, Vernon Kraft, do will and bequeath my wise cracks to Den- I gg -' fix ..- .J Z ALTON ANDERSON 'BABE' Basketball ----- --2,3 Football ------- --2,5 Junior Clase Play--3 ROLAND BLOM 'RONNIE' Junior Claes Play-3 Basketball ------- 2,3 Football ---- --1,2,3 President ---- ---1,2 Student Council ---- 2 Vice Pres1dent--- -5 Elk Staff JOAN BUYSMAN 'JOAN' Junior Claes Play 3 Glee Club- 1,2,3 LARRY ELIT 'JESS' Junior Clase Play FRANK GRUNDMIER 'FRANKIE' Basketball l,2,3 Football 2,3 Baseball l,2,3 Junior Class Play Vice President Student Council Elk Staff MURIEL HANSON 'HANS' Glee Club- l,2,3 Band 1,2,3 Cheerleader 1,2 Junior Clase Pl ay Sextet Claes Reporter Speech, Elk Staff 3 JANET JOHNSON JOHNNY Gloe Club- l,2,5 Band l,2,3 Sextet Speech 1,2 Junior Claes Play Claes Treasurer KENNETH KRAFT 'KENNY' Football l,2,5 Basketball , Elk Staff Junior Class Play DENNY MoNEILL 'DENNY' Football 2,5 Basketball 2,3 Junior Claes Play 3 JAMES NEWKIRK 'JIM' Football 1,2,3 Basketball Manager5 Junior Class Play 3 MARLYS OTTO 'HOLLY' Glee Club- 1,2,3 Cheerleader l,2,3 Speech 1,2 Class Secretary 2,5 Student Counc11L2 3 Junior Class Play 5 Elk Staff ag 5 xii. fw M ALLIE RIEKEN ALLIE Band ,2, Glee Club , Junior Class Play 5 DONALD SMITH DON' Junior Class Play 3 Band 1,2 Football 1,2 Elk Staff JOLEEN SONKSEN 'JO' Band l,2,5 Glee Club 1,2,5 Junior Clase Play 5 Student Council ROGER WILSON 'GUS' Basketball Manager 3 Band 1,2 Football - 2,3 Basketball - - Junior Class Play 5 CLASS OFFICERS President ---------------- Roland Blom Vice President ----------- Secretary ---------------- Merlys Otto Treasurer- ------ - ------ Janet Johnson Clase Reporter- ------ --Muriel Hanson Class Advisor- ------- ----Mr. Pinski Muffin, H Jowf 7' J flow We looked RMEN W llzrafy 1 Jvf-QQNS 00 DENN,' M M1171 YS O JW' 5 FIYAWK e 1 3 if ff"-5 ' ' ' f W -t,, ..2 0 ? . B. . .,- grim . g E f 1 ' 1 x X . S, I - - , L Junior Class Histor September 1945 dawned, Kenneth Kraft, Harlys Otto, Huriel Hanson, and Janet Johnson paraded off with their other friends to begin their years of schooling. These four first graders have stayed here ever since. In the second grade Allie Rleken expanded our original four- some to a five member class. Then we moved on to the third and fourth grade room 1945 brought Joan Buysman to us from Albert Lea In our fourth year e got two more members of our class Alton Anderson Joined us from Grand Meadow Minnesota and Denny McNeill from Humboldt, owa Changing rooms once more didn't bring any additions until in the sixth grade when Ronnie Blom also from Grand Meadow Minnesota and Donald Smith from s rural school north of Dexter, Minnesota, came to our enlarging class The seventh grade brought to us Roger Wilson from Clear Lake Iowa It was fun being unstairs in the high school department In the eighth grade the boys outnumbered the girls with new additions James Newklrk and Larry Ellt came from Dexter Frank Grundmier joined us from a rural school Our year of initiation which we all remember so well brought Joleen Sonksen from Webb, Iowa We d1dn't have any additions to our class in the Sophomore year But the year of the Junior Class Play, Yearbook, olannlng and preparing the Prom brought us Beverly Sande and from Lake City, Iowa came Jack Blanchfield Many have come and gone and many tnlngs have hanpened since that first day of learning began Our class now con lsts of Alton Anderson Jack Blanchfield, Ronnie Blom Joan Buysman Larry Elit Frank Grundmler, Muriel Hanson, Janet Johnson, Kenneth Kraft Denny HcNe1ll Beverly Sande, James Newkirk, Donald Smith, Harlya Otto, Allie Rleken, Joleen Sonksen, and Roger Wilson We're honing we can stay together another ye r and receive our dlslomas together Though the future is uncertain we howe it is oromising Z! IALFE? fl " W D . M . K , - , Us I 1 A ' M , . . . X 7 A. r' 'V' A 0 f 4f' 31 4 1-4 :ir ' 4 i5,,- vfiigggir 'gqzy -r- 'q:igbSwx,g jg lgyxx 1 ' --T--1 -I ' ., , W4 -fs, ls,- K n 'ii f f :fs Nw J., F K If no , LT- I ,, , y f F g : if 9 5 A 1: 4 A ' Eli. -15 fi ff? 5 - Nr 1 ,. ,cf x ifysgl .Q-fly Jfgfpfff I 3 WI rf- 5: 15 ,f .- ,f,v gi flmgjgfflr FRESHHEN son C Jech D Jendersee, D Foster R Hanson D Wiedeman Qggjggir, B err-owe, Sprau, S Newkirk B itker, J ruger, M Davis, K Klaehn, D Johnson, J Morrow, G Blom, J Merritt, W Curley Egggj, my M Dammann, B Danielson, J Spear, S Kraft, B Nelson, E Bye, R Bngvsman, R Rabine, S Jenkins, J Gudenburg, Mr Nicol SUPHOHURES 5 Qg,Qj:B9-H S Hammermeieter, J Shurson, R Solt, R Lee, J Nolte, D Henderson, G Yogeleang Qgggggggl-J Meinzer, S Bruha, D Wohlers, h Bartlett, J C-udenburg, A Flo, G Sheeley, E19-33,391 P McNeill, M Jones, L1 Myhre, J Gilderhus, V Smith, I Cole, R Tucker -1 1 1 r - 1 r 6 0 g 0 Q 6 0 k 0 0 ' o o c e o o Q a o Q c 0 o "' Q 9 o 0 o e o o e o 0 o .4 sf X Q . . :J ra f. ,RJ 1 1 4. My "' o 0 0 0 o 0 0 o ' 0 o o o o e n "" 1 u s o Q o o SEVENTH GRADE f Summerfield. Center Row--C. Harvey, D. Hanson, D. Mathews, M. Suntken, T. Mead. R- Hanson. L. Godfrey. Front Row--J. Blom, D. Kruger, E. Milbrath, C. Johnson, B. Fredsricks, C. Voorhees. EIGHTH G ADE YN! 6 5vf" g'inJQ3V C 4 4 i,-Ka gf M 'ww pr 4' if' I ' V to x " ' 42 f -1 Sv 75, Back Row-D. Bergland, D. Johnson, M. Jendersee, M. Rieken, M Center Row--E. Jech, W. Lutsik, H. Wilson, S. Zimmerman, M. J Front Row--L. Hammermeister, J. Hanson, G. Vogelsang, M. Suntken, Miss Bleth FOURTH AND FIFTH GIADE B ck lag! Teddy Bartlett, Bobby Rogue, Pverett Hanson, Herbert Daleske, Duane en ersee, Curtis Olson, David Siewert, Larry Lutsik, Mary Lou Hanson, Miss Kingstrom Center Row Dennis Switzer, Lois Bitker, James Voorhees, Marilyn Hanson, James Nolte, Joanne Kenyon, Roger Otto, Lois Hammermelster, Larson, Michael Newkirk, Sharon Leininger, Judy Kraft, Jerry Sprau, Paul Schultz, Myles Bang, Beverly Hammermeister, Roger Henderson Back Row Matelin Wilson, Larry Sheely, Delton Elkins, Bernice G-linke, Lol ilbrath, Karen Suntken, Sheryl Alden, Doris Shattuck Center Row Allan 5PI'a11, Milton Zimmerman, Gary Mangel, Gerald Blom, George Fang, Allan Johnson, Keith Switzer, Donald Jeoh, James Kenyon Front Row Virgil Habine, Douglas Johnson, Bryant Hokeness, Carol Anderson, fry Gilderhus, Noreen Zimmerman, Darlene Haag, Daryl Flo, Lorenz Jeoh. Joan Andrews, Betty Harvey, Judy Blom. Front Row--Eunice Buysman, Gary -- a D Ieifer, R Gehling, K ifstiews, W Mees, M Reiman Front How x Iittridge, D Switzer, D Milbrsth, D Quest, L Flo, C Otto, 5 Gilbert, D Hammermeister SECOND AND THIRD GRADE Kittridgs, B Blom, Mrs Carlson 5,g,gggQ,,l3g,y, R Sunt en, oor ees, Zimmerman, D Gllderhus, J Greenlee, M Hokeness, L Andrews, L Jorstad, J Gross ,hggnligl X Tscobson, J qvitzer, K Udstuen, W Bang, B Rogne, R Collins, C Haag, S Scheer, A Jenkins Absent K Voorhees Bggkagg,--J. Blom, M. Glinke, C. Jones, S. Gilbert, L. Flo, R. Daleske, W.C o o 0 "' Q k Ho V h 0 X 5 X' Ba ke b ll Team Back Row Wally Carlson, Coach, Curtis Anderson, Stan Morrow, Kenneth Kraft, Frank Grundmier, Ronnie Blom Front Row Jim Newkirk, Manager, Alton Anderson, Warren Mead, Don Jendersee, Delwyn Johnson, Ronnie Miller, Roger Wilson, Manager 'Spring Valley 'Byron LeRoy Grand Meadow Adams 'Ellendale Rose Creek 'Wykoff LeRoy Grand Meadow 'Wykoff Adams Ro se Creek Lyle 'Byron 'Non Conference games Season record Won 2 Adams Rose Creek LeRoy Runners up District 2 Alden TOll.I'D.8KntB in East Sub District Consolation Title OPP Lost 14 39 E LKTON 40 22 45 54 56 58 55 52 54 57 44 54 47 56 65 45 Lyle 56 57 49 58 42 44 84 49 69 58 48 46 84 41 6? 46 44 48 45 52 52 41 45 I ' AAIA4 an 'Int Back Row Donald Jendersee, Larry Grundmier, Jim Nswkirk, David Root, Alton Anderson, Stan Morrow, Ken Kraft, Frank Grundmier, Ronnie Blom, Denny McNeill, Eddie Kraft, Robert Hanson, Jerome Shurson Jerry Nolte Coach Wally Carlson enter ow Roger Wilson, Allen Bergland, Gary Blom Harold Hoffman, Kenneth Schwartz, Curtis Anderson, Ronnie Miller Front Row Jimmy Merritt, DeWayne Weideman, Carl Jeoh, Stanley Hammer- meister, Ray Solt, Delwyn Johnson, James Morrow FOOTBALL 55' RECORD WON 1 LOST 4 TIED OPP ELKTON Austin 'B' Grand Meadow Lyle Conference Record Mason City 'B' Won 0 Lost 5 Tied 1 LePoy Adams 13 I' - - It -- - O c A -- , " - - - 3 e 14 ze e as s 19 o . e e . 7 Ba kefball Team W YFWQII X! y,LKTDb' s It K k ELK eg, Back Row Manager Kendall Mead, Warren Mead, Ronald Miller, Frank Grundmier, B111 Valder, Myron Dammann, Coach W Carlson Front Row-Kenneth Schwartz, Curtis Anderson, Kenneth Freeman, Stanley Morrow, Bernard Bachtold Ba eball Team '0- I Ki- Baok Row- Manager Delwyn Johnson, Donald Jendersee, Kenneth Freeman, Curtis Anderson, Bob Valder, Coach W Carlson Front Row-Vernon Kraft, Ronald Miller, B111 Valder, Stanley Morrow, Frank Grundmier, David Root, Kenneth Schwartz 'mf' We 4 ,4 Mig, ' J X 1 ' U Y I S 4 un ' bi at Q B 4 2 23 ' 1 LE' r es: , ,H C ,5- 1 'ft JK, 'x A ' m , E K M f ,,fA 4 'V 'f-H511 5505 , if-1 - K - 5, ' , .1 W 35: 1. if , f , f'g?:ir,. V , i E gef 5 , .' , .A -3, ' q , 1 Xj .A X f 15? r J A K 2 f E i,X' 'E, E 5. JL : H561 RONNIE Mu.1.fR GUHRD a senior gaard, tow ering at a proad 5' 911 scored 59 points tor his last year of basketball 'HIGH ARCH ANDERSON' a senior forward at 62 scored 138 points throagh the season PKXYFRD CURT ANDERSON x YK S KEN KRIFT CENTER 'BONE CRUSHER KRAFT' a Janlor center tow ering at 6'12 scored 60 points daring the season STAN MoRRow GUI-1 R D also a senior guard, standing at a nice 6' layed ap 154 points for his last year of basketball 'HOOKSHOT GRUNDMIER' A Junior forward tow ering 6', scored 198 points during tha season FJRWIIKD FRANK GRVNDMUER n if M KQC9 Aw GJ fo Q 1 1 lQANNON-BAPL MILLER: 'RKBOUNDER MGIROW' Back Row Wally Carlson, Coach, Larry Grundmier, Delwyn Johnson, Don Jendersee, Raymond Joch Ramon Solt Harvard Jenderaee, Carl Jech Roger Wilson Mgr DON GUARD B TERM CHAMPIONS Front RowQ- jim Nevk1rk,.Hgr.g James Merrittg Molvln Jenderseeg Harold Wilsong DELWYN GUIIRD Mur-:QL H RUTH S ev-L J ANN 3 Hx? 53 MN" MU-yo Mv5 G Mar-yd ' - 0 . . A 2 , , W S.. I:-. X14 hnhr md' ..,- S 2 - n wife :c X -.".' ll X X Bev ,N . 0 Klverl Sf Nl on fu ff RLEKD Eff s S 'V nu NME? O if Ju 11,0 R Cu ff Rn. EHDEH S 5 Y' if wt 94.4 e +s'N N X' 4 XK243' in hh' 01 tug fb X 651' N Kink XM Lil X X5 X X 4 obx Z 0 0 Back Row- Karen Larson, Jackie Kruger, Betty Barrows, Joan Buysman, Joleen Sonksen, Janet Johnson, Cheryl Danielson, Bonita Bitker, Myrna Newkirk, Carolyn Sheeley, Elvira Flo, Donna Wohlers, Sharon Bruha, Clara Vogelsang Center Row- Joyoe Valder, Virginia Smith, Peggy McNeill, Mary Myhre, Maxine Davis, Marlys Otto, Ruth Buysman, Betty Danielson, Julie Spear, Connie Barrows, Myrna Jenkins, Joyce Gudenburg, Muriel Hanson, Katherine Bartlett, Beverly Davis Front Row- Marlene Sunkten, Shelley Zimmerman, Marjorie Buysman, Shirley Jenkins, larlys Dammann, Roxanne Rablne, Janet Troutner, Beverly Nelson, Janet Gudenburg, Betty Wilson, Nylva Elkins, Sandra Snrau, Sharon Kraft, Mrs Vogen Direotor BAND Back Row--Maxine Davis, Bonita Bltker, Betty Barrows, Joleen Sonksen, Shelley Zimmerman, Mrs. Vogen Director, Muriel Hanson Betty Lou Gregor, Allie Rleksn, Joyce Valder, Betty Danielson, Betty Wilson, Janet Gudenburg Front Row--Janet Johnson, B th Shverln, Myron Dammann, Cheryl Danielson, Carolyn Sheeley, Nylva Elkins, Marlys Dammann, Katherine Bartlett " 52 55' ll.--.'- ..l A -1.!.--a- A - U 9-P Bggk Bgg-J Buysman, J Johnson, J Sonksen, P McNeill M Myhre, M Otto, J Gudenburg, M Hanson, J Gudenburg, M Rleken, 0 Rieken iggggg BQ! R Hanson, J Spear, B Barrows, K Larson, B Davis, R Buysman, M New kirk, L Godfrey, D Newkirk, C Danielson Ihggg BQ! M Suntken, B Nel son, K Bartlett, S Newkirk, C Barrows, M Buysman, B Bitker, J Kruger, I Davis, S Sprau Egggg gg! E Bye, S Jenkins, M Dsmmsnn, B Daniel son, N Elkins, B Frederioks, C Voorhees P Scheer, M Jenkins, S Zimmerman dh Bggk BQ!--M. Dammann, S. Zimmerman, D. Bergland, A. Bergland, B. Fredericks, J. Sonksen, S. Sprau, X. Bartlett, N. Elkins. Qgnigg Egg--J. Gudenburg, B. Danielson J. Gudenburg A. Rieken, J. Johnson, M. Jenkins, M. Myhre, fgggg gg!--C. Danielson, C. Bheeley, B. Barrows, B. Bltker, M. Davis, M. Hanson. HLIBI BILL B111 llith Bonnie llethewe Show Girl Betty Lou Gregor Url- Smith Betty wuaon new Girlfriend Ruth sonnrm lothorin le! Vallene leee The laid Sandra Wilmot QL lbron Dill!! The Butler Bernard Bechtold e Lawrence Howe The Cop Dick Jonee Q we DONT TAKE My PENNY Belly lnrlene lenle bfi! ltenley br:-or Penny levie Gilderhne JoAnne Beverly fretty lerq Gurus Anderson Greg Rendell lem lvl. Pringle Beverly Davie Rod Ronnie Hiller llevil Ruth Hoppin up '5" Em" Film! ey enny e nr z Henri Dena Root. Gflllll llylva llkine lleio Donna Petereon Luoill Thelma leikirk Claire Dolores DeYoung 1 A nual Staff JK Back Row Stan Morrow, Ronald Miller, Marlys Otto, Beverly Davis, Nylva Elkins, Ruth Hopoin, Frank Grundmier, Kenneth Kraft, Allen Bergland Front Row Curtis Anderson, Muriel Hanson, Roland Blom, Mavis Gilderhus, Donald Smith, Warren Mead Ruth Buysman Peggy McNeill inf -. . l Janet Gudenberg Sandra Sprau Sfudeggffounf f Back Row JoAnn Gilderhus, Shelley Zimmerman, Larry Grundmier, Ronald B16m, Curtis Anderson, Kenneth Freeman Front Row Vallene Mees, Treas , Hr Sutherland, advisor, Lawrence Howe, 53 54 Back Row- Harold Wilson, Qobert Hanson, Allen Bergland, Ramon Bolt, Mary Jones, Marlys Otto, Treas, Ruth Hanson Front Row Joleen Sonksen, Seo, Mr Ellingson, advisor, Curtis Anderson, Pres, Nylva Elkins, Vice Pres 0 1 Pres., Ronald Mathews, Vice Pres3.Har1ys Otto, Seo. M' h'0MLZ'0lWfl6' In CURTIS ANDER SDN Queen Attendants STANLEY BEVERLY M URRU W DAVIS Royalty MAVI5 EILDE RHU5 CLASS T. uae: Bus DRIVERS J'mvrr-an School Snapshots Caorfs PROM TIME Lu.NCH TIME Tyfruq Lnss A FARMERS President Cashier- G U'smm'.lQr STATE 3 osposurs , REE 0 AS nqovsow IN wt ANKQNG ACT OF n933 FAR f--"'w-r-vm-W"' al' HERB BTATB BA NK elder Ass't. Cashier- Robert Bohn ston J F Schneider Bookkeeper- Mary Ann Thur 8 Hanson Phone 54J5 Elkton Munn 4 6' 'Q 42 9 ll Q ' A ,a 1' Q, C B ,jk - A , A M ,M ....--..,. -.- i g ' seg? f:lfiag ' A 'HB iam an-B1-N Wm.. 1- 'f '-if x , -W ,W A I O C ON G-RAT ULATIONB THE CLASS OF '54 IQ 69716 X g AUSTIN MINNESOTA BUDGET OIL OAKLAND AND KENWOOD AUSTIN MINNESOTA NORD ' S CITIES SERVICE COMPLIMENTS Parlslans Beauty 'BN tudlo 404 West M111 Street N ST Paul Street AUSTIN MINNESOTA Austin, Finn TO 4 an 'I 1 CO. OF Q , 0 0 I I x 204 0 0 'X Q' COMPLIWLNTS HIGULD Il IHIE PROCESSORS OF BETTER DAIR4 PRODUCTS AUSTIN I NNESOTA PONTIAC BUICK PARK MOTOR C0 W lf, n-I o an L-' Q m F' ci cn 5' 'P O' 1: 3 'Q G+ F m 1.-0 P' 3 I n g Q I o ev 9 'Where you always get a better deal' et Ykuc Phone ?321 .. 'N I fi? fi., i , 6 I l 2 'I' ff. .N W' 5 V Lee. Tool. If -1-Hclwe, Farm Supplies of A11 Kinds Paint Floor Covering General Hardware Pressure Svstema and Plumbing 'Our Specialty as ' SERV! Phone Dexter Minn EEA RAN SPEARS CA FE '29-"1 7-,Jroou Telephone 34-T4 Elkton Minnesota imaging I 15521 us Bum vaun 4000 Lockers-Ouetoa Butohering-lleete Retail IMI all Kgs X KHSTER5 MOBIL nw- .. 9? Repairing Towing Welding Generator and Starter Overhaul Phone 26-T110 Dexter Minn o. , ' 7 I Cx W I 1- lv S Q7 . th 3 af W1 I f I, CE N I 41 , Q Qnn 5 9 2 if I , -. A W-5' ' ' - P SERVICE 1 1. E3 Re ,f" 4' qxx 1ii.LilI CQLX 'Q 1 ik ' Ii' :A-' , 1 'Q K LX K 9 11 9 I '. VA 1" S Nei 4 A 1 2:7 -1-Z. n - - 119 East Bridge Street Telephone 6070 AUSTIN BAKE mn!! -49" ag Wedding and Birthday Cakes a Specialty Austin I Surplus and General Merchandise Minnesota Best W1 shes UALITP oo AND 9' B SHOES JACKETS WORK CLOTHES The farmers and Workmane Store Semnci HIDDOSOYB Austin a BSB! W1Bh0l LANE'S PHARMACY THE HEXALL STORE THE Davos.. currs RELIABLE 0 excl! DRUG STORE Austin Austin Standard oonrwrm mmm nnznnnqmr PRESCRUPUONS Minnesota GENNJIRB AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE IHC Jobbers and Distributors ot Brand Parts for A11 Cars and Trucks 1, X x'2:,'9Q'l 'H QF' ucnnn: amor sumo: Spring Valley MINNESOTA ip I. 1 I . ' i - 3, I 42 I e 0 - DIAL HAYES LUCAS LUMBER COMPANY HAX 2 C, X5 I WWW gsm! budding experts BUILDING MATERIALS FUEL AND HARDWARE ELKTON MINNESOTA ff! yyll, 3 A jl?'1Lt,3f J. wg' ks iffy I A52 ii . Y 'l.l.lUYlAH.Hlnl1l' U CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR GLASS FROM Sterling Shopping IJ en ter MODERN 6 J- , f F 00 sHoPs W ,Pl SERVE x Q YOU FREE PARKING Highway 16, West Austin, Minnesota GLASGOW CLEANERS HULL AND WENDORF SI-DE REPAIRING AUCTIONEERS ial 5950 Austin, Minn. LET UB 113 EAST BRIDGE STREET PLAN AND BELL JIM KAPENI' YOUR SALE suozs uslmmzo oz.,-we, , , KN I Ai OA Office Ph. 9144 Home Ph. 6794-3611 100 W. Oakland Austin, Minn. 21 fi -4-1' r W 4 2 x Zia To I N EX if D ' 431 5 I ' 1' AUSTIN CLEANERS AND FURRIERS PHONE 2595 FUR STORAGE OAKLAND AT FIFTH STREET AUSTIN MINNESOTA COIIPLIIIENTS COIIPLIBIENTS FROM ussw Wivnitii D an, I Austin 'iinne sota Austin Minnesota O OF 1 "I"-S--'g' 11:-'rar-'ISLE K . ' 4- . M - ,a V . -' - ,. "A""f,,'- -L. T v-"Tagj- 5 "3 '. .. ' v. -V . v ' ' 1 -5 . : 'T . . " .x rw nf - . f?' ' 1 'M 3 x ,gf .lv . .f. Q 'aj-,, D53 J, A 9 Q' . Q -14 :... .S L- U, All r ', . ' 3:1 LA 5 .,c SCHISSEL BRCTHERS Q Dealers L... Gram Feed Seed Custom Grmdlng C1 Mlxmg SCHISSEL BEST FEED Phone 4Q Adams Minnesota 4 A QS YJ R . 0 II1 is AUSTIN MINNESOTA BEST WISHEB FROM WOELF L ZTEWELERS COMPLIMENTS FROM COMPLIMENTS 'The best for you' pun' f rd, FASHION APPAREL 3 AUSTIN MINNESOTA AUSTIN MINNESOTA Q c' -fs 1 Al of :X f " ' M Erclcenbrack Drug Store ralornnsz nrnnncas Shellane Bottle Gas STOP Bn FOUNTAIN APPLIANCES ,-, as Complete Your dollar buys more at Veterinary and prescription your Marshall Wells Store Departments Q WMJMW Shaa- James A Erckenbrack Adams Minnesota Adams Minnesota CONGRATULATIONS from BARHICKB CLOTHING STORE Dry Goods Ladies Childrens and Infants wear Adams Minnesota CONGRATULATIONS MOWER CO. FARM BUREAU SERVICE ASS'N. FARM BUREAU QUALITY PRODUCTS BUY FROM YOURSELF AND SAVE Sargeant - Adams - Waltham "Specialized Instruction" ACCORDIAR, GUITAR, PIANO, BAND INSTRUIENTB !ou need not own an instrument We rent all instruments LINDSTHUM MUSIC ST UIJIUS 315 No. Chatham Phone 2860 Blat Wishes From Schmitz Elzctrlc '1 t 1 81 televlslon P1 me Radi Adam BAUDLER BAUDLIR j j ATTORNEYS AT LAW ,5,w2u,l:bAA2wAuf ,LMLJKL 194304-fqfQ'+""'4w'A"' By- d c. Sivcci' cictohohe. 2254 ai' Qhaiam X 4' X Hn-Aviva Elan Q Hfplanus PAH,-1-5 'Television nL.5+.., h mm. oo r o ' " um S5133 o Service g Minnesota mx " 7' 'Q '. Q M , W T , Q 74 5 5 I n ' H " 4 v- X-0 w il' f QQ if --f - 'f' H 5?'?Z""Q"3-' gl ' a gf . g ri f X X KW r , . . . S P o r 'i 4' 1 G o ods , O COIPLIIIHTB nstad Nas I1 I n BALLS SERVICE STERLING SHOPPING CENTER Phono 9659 nstin linnosota B AND B UARIET ar lid-BG 'SJ ,x Qffi fx F gg 5.5 511 N Railway St Phone 6989 Hwgh and Orpsh Koster Prop Austin llnnssota CLEVELAND HARDWARE HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS PAINTS STOVES ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Sterling Shopping Center C Dial 3662 318 North Main Street Dial 4787 Austin linnssota THE ADAMB C0-OPERATIVE CREAHERY Assn Manufactures of BUTTER DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk, butter, choose and loo cream are building stones for best physical development, 'Pep' and vitality tilt! I Adams Minnesota OF C ' V 5 , , W I, . .- , j 5 . I7 x AUITII Bent vllhil io his Clan or I4-ll IIHIIIOTA Pure Pep Gasoline Oakland and Main lha In Austin Patronize BHlTH'B PURE OIL Purelube Motor Oils Dial 2581 Best of Luck From Mrs A W Bgmmgr Realtor Austin xA te Ott oe 5605 IIIIOIOUI Home 7 1936 ll O O I 1 3. I L mundson Ui 4' MEURER CHEVROLET CO M R I SEIUICE D CA Mx! USMUE3 AV S 1 Amerlca's Flrst Chouce For Over 22 Years HO 9 AH N SO 0 s I C 0 . i lvillfm,-' ,omg uh X MOTOR DX MOTOR OILS and GREASEB TATION and BULK DELIVERY ' 102 or 25 Adams, Minnesota nn -1 O -f N w --tx i11fKHl'WROHIf L...JJ Q Y .uu'Iu 1 ,-4,22 " f 0 .XXX I x f 4i ,Lf' fff - Q A 912' - 4 -O 0 n o AD S, MI NE TA Qfgyfgyfy, :fl 7 yi? 'fl fx N' gag 1 'Z Y . ' X I M ,A A M52 f L 1. 4' x or a fine Dhotogralih AUSTIN nnmEso'rA Conpl e ts AG upe H ll 'qffzsgaiif 2 M Annu, 5:3 bvgtgxs :mm F 0 H in I of - 9 f fig 9 f'5x ' 'A ' .gy b ,rl Q x i A ' ,ae h . 1 I . - r ' ,. wyqf ,1. K K. . . 7-5 'f03f,'.v'V.'O:Qi.'. - x,' :A-.--f.'.g!,!'5yv ' , DIME NIDOLLHR Jwflmf f yawn' l00,fW6 FW Q AUSTIN Ns 5 NINN G5 s AUSTIN Qigommfrvp 'WE nc H A91 SCOVI L Jeweln XSSQXNMMZZZ' ! 2 f x Bn Ll S D X SERVICE Qwqln MINN GO0DfvEAll ELKTON Muvfv Homework S AUSTIN OFFICE SUPPLY .L 7 "ff E: 2 5 7 y MM I I g.4.s'IER! SIIIQ OTOIIEI 'YP ' I1 Y N. x-V W1 :Swv 0- Q51 1' 7k0v 1 f Semin WWW V m9 " " N SAWYERS D X LU 32.23155 Q' I 1 l 4 B NT w Ru: U V' 1 ' f' h U X DIALWQND .M C0uFfLQ,nJ Phone. 2-0 2 'I Iliff ! ' 1 H X47N A . ' k ' 0 0 lx . g in pl' L i 1 9 S9 Q xzhg . . 512121133 I ' :no ern .P 1 Ph 94447 Mos f MP 'r 0 4 G o 1 f LI U - it 4 5 4' " 3 ' 's 5 G g,.:5-'Y l lv , C9 Lf Dexter Phone 2782 Austin Austin D U P E DRUGS PROMPT I. SERVICE , Austin EIR ITZIICI I' H AUSTIN CARBURETOR 6. ELECTRIC C0 Starting Lighting Ignition Carburetion Factory Authorized Service Distributers ompliments from LUIHER BANG Attorney Minnesota 211 1-3 Maple at Minnesota Minnesota L ' ' EAST S ide- PHARMACY , Lx' Minnesota Jxffllfdenson Lumbea o. W' Youn e -apr A Bangs Tk F ls TnT9Fj4J Yovvi FR: J OF CM K light I 1 th f b ith hi h ld 1 GTTAQ mr gy, 7.10.51 nw: Tk AUSTIN DAMY HERALD 2 L L Mg m bgp- QIKSOUUSOUF SgFf'lbVe'l:?f0hf is Cldff-J Pr s mul ware. Fha as OSMUNDSON BROTHERS IMPLEMENT Sales C1 Service Ama 4 , VWV Tractors C1 Trucks Adams, M1 t Ph 102 Nw a Q. I You e. ac L a e u a C oM 0 Q-' Y 1 p p th y f f d .. F d . f n p 1 p 1 ly d f 11 1 p pl n ' nl. f t ...... It 1 th 1 f d p h1,h 11 th f d d 5 d . d . e .C r. Qf- Q- .,,, I Ufif f I 50 ns ' 7' . . GENERAL ETUEQE 1 1' 'iw 'Nur NWI V hzgw ELK UN -- GHG stor mor FREEZERS Crownmg Trzumph ln a Century of Achievement WILLIAMS PLUMBING AND HEATING 509 horth renwich Austin Minnesota 19 ADAMS THEA R E TFL FINEST OP FAMILY ENThRTAINMENT ADAMS MINNESOTA f ill 'giixr N V' ' i lg 43. 1 ,Q,,.d?kf2?FH' 2 O g, QQJB Or : - I T 2 1 YI ll 2 ' G , . E- T WOOLWORTH Austin, Minnesota FO SSE! IMPLEMENT CO Austin, Minnesota A 5 S PARTS AND MACHIN Austin, Minnesota TOMLINSON SAWMILLS Austin Minnesota WALLACE'S INC Austin, Minnesota HANSON'S DIRECT SERVICE AED OWL GR CERY Austin, Minnesota KINNEY'S PHILLIPS Austin, Minnesota SUTTER'S CI IES SERVICE Austin, Minnesota WALLACE SIEH Austin, Minnesota Best of Wishes from STATION KEN'S STUDIO Austin, Minnesota A N KINSMAN Austin, Minnesota CASEDY VALUE STORE Austin, Minnesota K O WOLD DRUG JO Austin, Minnesota SMITH SHOE STORE Austin, Minnesota BUTTREY'S WOMEN'S MAX AND BUDS Dexter, Minnesots BOBS FAIRWAY Dexter, Minnesota KRAFT FEED STORE Elkton, Minnesota APPAREL ,zzzmszcxh ,zfwztiwo .Aso1 6LClfLJ 2229 ZKZCQQGP .4ZLZ2+'tJf . . E CO. . - Austin, Minnesota Austin, Minnesota 66 ' Cav ,at gz NT R CULLEGIATE P Kansas Cnty Fmwnhevs Co.e' Muwxcsvuvew Boukii FACTORY HOMf OFHKE Wa 2 P f P it I Hula .mx us 5 , V, Pi in k if ,Jw fri: ' -vii' . gf! '1q""21F' i'14x' ig'-!1:"'i1Q1"l"QT'4l'i""1-?Q1ir"51kT"2 517-5 f - 'all 'J !-2 1 ' Ill -nl: A - na........ , iv- K N .0 , . , ' - x K' - V ,K ' an , . . 3- , s L . -5- , . - .a ' w P5 A- 'U . A Q ' J . - ' , 6 . A . l .X H v - A , . .A A k l F . ' - 1 7 ' E " ' ' A , 2 1 x '- aim1.11Iun,Inlulmiululnllihisitlulhlul!!

Suggestions in the Elkton High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkton, MN) collection:

Elkton High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 59

1954, pg 59

Elkton High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 32

1954, pg 32

Elkton High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 46

1954, pg 46

Elkton High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 77

1954, pg 77

Elkton High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 29

1954, pg 29

Elkton High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 128

1954, pg 128

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