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! 1 I 1 4 1 l 1 1 EV, ,I ,,,. rw, l .b ,. , .-e. rr, w ,. J 'u: ,-17,-,Y ,- .F . .169 , . f. Y ' ,, 'i,f,,g .flsbf 13 ,3x'..tL,, , X mmm.- .',..?-J .1., .,1, , Ax ,- .,s.,,' 1. . 1 31' .1 A , '.qmk.gf4i.if' ' ' , , T .gy- .4 I .311 -n 1 15 i,-42 A gif' I 1 -N ' 4 P' f w I Q, ., L ,as . . L5 ,Q 'W Sw: ' , . ,E , i H J ,. J., WM - 1 . 1 1 jf' v + In 'CL I f 1 'I , H1 w x.,q, f ' Q I neg: h N f 1 -4 44. , ng A . .Q f Q , '1' 1' 1 -4 A 1" P '1 ., :af ' e if ,l 5 -gi? fl? , 5131 ami I ' x. ,AEI 1 , . 'ali 1 THE ANTlEI2 794141 761 lfze Sjncfenh mc! amend af like flkicm Schuco! il, lilkton I-ligh Scho Hail, Elkton High School Purple and Gold, Ever faithful and loyal Happy days are the memories of old. Heart of Cecil Beauteous Valley Soul of wisdom divine. Hail Elkbon High School Our glorious shrine. vfwzzezfwgwsczmf A N T L If IQ DMMJMZ Awww ZW Me SW af Mg Mmm WZ Zfze .Smm GZQM Zum, MQWZMZ WWW f, f9ff4 Dedicated ID: We dedicate this book to MISS MARGARET A. BOWERS in appreciation of the guidance and help she has given the Senior Class in all its activities. Also, We are grateful to her for her assistance in the preparing of this, the first yearbook ever published in Elkton High School Table of Contents SENIORS LOWER CLASSES ACTIVITIES FEATURES ADVERTISERS Antler Staff Editor-in-chief .,..... ....,. R obert McBride Assistant editor ...,... .....,.. P atricia Morgan Business Manager ..,... .,.............,...............................,..,..,..,,..,.. E dmund Pratt Committee Chairmen ..... ,.....,................ E mily Spence, Roger Merrill, Margot Albinson Neta Galinski, Miller Jensen Contributing staff: Jane Martenis Barbara Evans Vernon McKnight Mary Etta Rudolph Bill Liedlich Lillie Scott Howard Peterson Julia Eder Kenneth Bouchelle Jack McMenamin Angela Crothers Typists ...... ,.,..,..............,......,...., ..... S e nior Commercial Students Adviser .,.... .......,.... M argaret A. Bowers Page Six H. E. MCBRIDE, GUY JOHNSON, Superintendent Principal BOARD Of EDUCATION REUBEN REYNOLDS MRS. WALLACE WILLIAMS HARVEY R. BUCK Page Seven Ii. H. S. faculty Standing, left to right: WILLIAM A. MURPHY, A. REBECCA SMITH, HELEN E. HARDING, VIRGINIA SMITH, FRANCELIA M. IVERSON, CORA A. DUNN, KATHERINE M. BRATTON, ANNA PETHERSKY, HARRY C. HENDRICKSON. Seated, left to right: SELINA R. MACKIE, EDITH BISHOP, GUY JOHNSON fprincipalj, MARGARET A. BOWERS, ISAAC STRAHORN, ELSIE M. BENTON, RUTH YAGER. Page Eight EDMUND TAYLOR PRATT, JR. ..Ed., LClass Presidentj Student Council '41, Flute Club '42, Band '41-'42-'43-'44, Orchestra '43-44, Softball and baseball '41-'42- '43-'44, Ping-Pong Club '41, Volley- ball '41, Basketball '41-'42-'43-'44, Business manager of "Elhisco" '43- '44, Business manager of Yearbook '44, C0-Business manager of mag- azine campaign '44. Ed is one of the best all-around students in the class of '44. He is well-known for his schlastic, athletic, energetic, and vocal QYJ abilities. He hopes to attend the U. S. Naval Academy next year. BARBARA HANCE EVANS "Barb" Class Vice President '44, Ping Pong '41, Science Club '41, Flute Club '42, Student '42, Field Ball '41, Softball '41, Volley Ball '42-43. She is an ardent Harry James fan, likes sports, is a very good student and hates to be teased about her red U1 hair. LILLIE HANNAH SCOTT "Professor" Class Secretary '44 Glee Club '41-'42, Ping-Pong '42, Volleyball '41-'42-'43-'44. Lillie is one of those efficient persons who always gets so much done. She has a Wonderful sense of humor. . KENNETH C. BOUCHELLE "Doctor Kil1joy" Class Treasurer '43-'44, Band '41- '42-'43-'44, Orchestra '43-'44, "El- hisco" staff '43-'44, Dancing Club '41, Boys' Glee Club '41-'42, Flute Club '42, Manager BasketballTeam '44, Ping Pong Club '41, Science Club '41. "The Doctor" is our musical minded classmate who plays both the bass horn and the piano very well. Kenneth has quite a sense of humor and is very likeable. MARGOT LOUISE ALBINSON "Murph" Glee Club '41-'42, Dramatic Club '42, Art Club '42, "Elhisco" staff '44, Yearbook staff '44, Touchdown Pass '41-42, Track '41, Basketball '44 "Murph" is one of those quiet, cooperative people who are always willing to take part in anything. She is tall, dark, beautiful, and an excellent dancer.. ,- , ri. xyx V ., V I, A Q A V K fi l if X , 1, +2 . it N, 5. 'VKX' WX f ' ' ,sa-3 e f i'.'4,?g,s5' A ' A sl Q . ,' . i ,os ,C JOHN EUGENE BEDWELL "Ding Dong" Student Council '42, Boys' Glee C11-lb, '41-'42, Nature Club '41, Airplane Club '41, Baseball '41, Basketball llntta-muralj '42-'43, Soccer '42, Softball '41, Gene IS. a tall good-looking boy. One of his favorite pastimes ig shooting pool. After school Gene Works at the Remington Store, BETTE JANE BOLLINGER Touchdown Pass' 41, Dramatic Club '42, Girls Glee Club '41-'42'. 43'-'44, Flute Club '42. ' Bette is one of the smallest girls in our class, but this does not stop her from doing her part. She is very fond of poetry and Latin. ELAINE ETHEL BORLAND Photography '42, Travel Club '42. Elaine is always ready to laugh ga very good quality. Reading and bowling are her hobbies. FRANCES MARY BOYLES Volley ball '41. Frances is one of the more sub- dued members of the class but this glues! not stop her from being well- 1 e . RITA ROSE BOYLES Knitting Club '41 . Rita has quite a sense of humor and can always see the bright side of things. Page Ten IDA MAE BULLOCK Usisn Photography Club '42, Athletic Club '42, Basketball '41-'44, Volley Ball '42-'44, Field Ball '41-'42, Softball '41-'44. Ida is a very friendly girl. She is always smiling. She plans to attend college after graduation but doesn't know which one she Will choose. PAUL MOODY BURR "Burr-head" Nature Club' 41, Airplane Club '41, Baseball '41, Softball '41, Soccer '42, Basketball flntra muralj '42-'43. Paul is tall, dark, and handsome. That shy personality certainly does seem to attract the girls. FRANCES MINNIE CARRICO Frances has been with us for just two years. She plans to be a stenographer. Frances is a hard worker and is always ready to co-operate. EMILY CEBULA Basketball ilntra muralj '43, Volley Ball '41-'42'43-'44. Emily is going to be a house-Wife. It is rumored that she is already engaged and Will be married after school. ROSE MARIE CONWAY Glee Club '41-'42, Dancing '42, Volley Ball '41-'42, Softball '42. Rose is constantly giggling. She has a very good nature and likes to dance. - ..+.5 'W 1.,,, 'E fir ': "-' + fo M4S2r'i ' ,f :wg 's.v,f A 4 .ally . ' ,F Q... ' W. we 2. . r o we c V M fl emma 4 , . ,., o as ""Vf3 'zf ' . ' 49" , ,. , .,.,....,,.,,. . i""'4inue"'l 'WM f i. '5,".,: ' fii' X1 tw ig -.---.r 1 -E. M. , 'W f A H4 . NHQUW' " . . 9 WILLIAM A. DEAVER, JR. "Bill" Nature Club '41, Airplane Club '41, Baseball '42'-43, Softball '42, Bill is our own senior Romeo. He IS a veritable speed-demon. Bill Ls planning to go to West Notting- am. JULIA ROSE EDER ...Iudyn Science Club '41, Glee Club '41- '42, Dramatics Club '42, Touchdown Pass 41-'42, Volley Ball 41-'42-,43, Basketball '42-'44, Fieldball '42-42, "Elhisco" '44. Judy is very fond of sports, any and all types. She is also quite at home on the dance door. VIVIAN BOLTON FOWLER "Boots" Dramatics Club '43, . One of Vivian's favorite pastimes is dancing. She is going to con- tinue her education at Beacom's. She hopes to become a book- keeper. MARY ELLA GALINSKI Glee Club '44, "Elhisco" '43-'44. Mary came from Wytheville, Vir- ginia. She is one of the youngest members of our class. Mary Works at the Federated Store after school. NETA MAE GALINSKI npete., Student Council '42, Basketball '42-'43, Basketball Manager '44, Yearbook staff '44. Neta has only been here for two years but she is known to almost every student. She says that after graduation she would like to travel. Page Eleven ALMA LEE GAMBLE "Elhisco" '44. This is Alma's tirst year at E.H.S. She is always Willing to help and is known for her dependibility She is one of the typists for the "Elhisco". EVELYN FAY GUIBESON ..Fay,, Baskebtall '44. Fay is a good basketball player. She is also very fond of dancing. GLORIA YETTA HALL Dancing Club '41, Volley Ball '41, Field Ball '42. Gloria is a cute little girl who is always seen but seldom heard. Iler friends call her "Chubby" which she doesn't like at all. Gloria works after school at Remington's. BETTY MAE HAMMOND "Hammond" Travel Club '41, Photography '41, Betty is the tiniest member of the class. She is fond of dancing and is a very good dancer. BERTHA JANE HOOVER "Bea" Dramatics Club '41, "Bea" is tall, blonde, and quiet She is very well-liked and has many friends. l Um., , .1 . I, Y W ' ., .- -.:f1:s't:i'2-me "s2,Q?w ',fp?p' - Q V' HQ:-:,.:::a: M sv- W ::r.- ,. - -wg h wghisw I .g-g- - . ,zfski , g f -' I -- def .,,f G S . Q. , . is. ,L - if .iffggf-fa g, 1 f S W vs1i?::w.l1:w vfiffsggg milk- X . we i f if M? -"""wrwWW7" ff ' 54325251 1 if if .. . -' 'ameri' " 4 4 - LOUISE EMMA HOWARD Knitting Club '41, Glee Club '41- 42, Basketball '41-'42-'43, Louise is Well-known for her very curly hair. She is an ex- cellent dancer and specializes in jitterbugging. JAMES ALBERT HUTTON "Foxie" Baseball '42. Albert is noted for his deep, bass voice. One of the unusual facts about him is that he certainly keeps his distance as far as girls are concerned. MIRIAM JENSEN Dramatics Club '42, Dancing Club '42, Flute Club '42, Basketball '43- '44, Volleyball '41-'42, Touchdown Pass '41-'42, Fieldball '41-'42-'43-'44, Miriam is very fond of dancing. She also likes to play basketball. THOMAS LINCOLN JENSEN .UI-om., Tom is the slow "easy-going" type. He works at the post office during his free hours. BETTY IRENE JONES "Jonesy" Photography Club '41, Travel Club '41, Volleyball '43, Basketball llntramuralj '43, Softball '43. Betty has big brown eyes and dark wavy hair. After school she Works at the Remington store. She is planning to become a secretary. Page Twelve SOPHIE KILOSKI Basketball '44, Softball '43. Sophie has very pretty eyes and always looks as if she has just stepped out of a band box. She takes Home Ec. and someday Will make a very good housekeeper. ROY JOHN KRUSBERG "Kuzzie" Band '42-'43-'44, Boys Glee Club '41, Flute Club '42, Radio Club '42, Photography Club '42. If you ever Want to know any- thing about radios Krusberg is your man. Krusberg possesses a very dry sense of humor and is quite a fanatic about batteries. ANNA DOROTHY LECUK "Dolly" Dancing Club '41, Volleyball '41, Softball '42-'43. Anna has sparkling brown eyes and loves to dance. She is planning to be a secretary. LEWIS CALVERT LEE -.Lexvn Airplane Club '41, Baseball '41, Softball '41. Lew is a likeable chap and is always laughing. He loves to play base-ball and is pretty good at it. MARGARET LOUISE LEWIS "Maggie" Girls' Glee Club '41, Flute Club '42, Dancing Club '41, Dramatics Club '41, Volleyball '41-'42, Basket- ball '41-'42, "Elhisco" '44. Margaret is a pretty blonde. She likes dancing, has the cutest giggle and plans to become a secretary. Wil K 2 , sk' fs fi it ' Q or We af, 'ag ef, Z W I if .--.: I :.-' ' .. ,M get 5 .rw v , . , ev 1, . , f is ,MM S r fs . ,M V ft, ' 2. 215 5" A , ., if y. REGINALD THEODORE LEWIS "Reggie" Student Council '44, Sports Club '41, Baseball '41, Softball '41. Tall, dark, and handsome best describes "Reg." He is one of the most popular boys in the class and can be seen around town almost any time in his blue truck. CHARLES WILLIAM LIEDLICH "Bill" Flute Club '42, Airplane Club '42, Band '41'-'42-'43-'44, Volleyball '41- '42, Basketball '44, Orchestra '44. Bill is a tall, blonde, serious boy: very well liked by his fellow students. His chief hobby is play- ing the saxophone. MARY JANE LODGE "Rusty" Volleyball '41, Run and Catch '41, Mary Jane is a very quiet girl. She has very beautiful flaming red hair and is fond of jitterbugging. MARIE FRANCES LUSBY Sewing Club '41-'42, Girls' Glee Club '42. Frances is a very "swell" sort of person. She is quiet, Well-liked, and possesses quite a sense of humor. She sews splendidly. LEONARD LEROY MANN "Pee-Wee" Softball '41-'42, Airplane Club '42, Pee-Wee is best-known for his fondness of cider and his shortness. He can most often be found in the school library. Page Thirteen JANE BOORMAN MARTENIS "Janie" Vice President of Class '43, Dramatic Club '41, Girls' Glee Club '41-'42-'43-'44, Science Club '41, "Elhisco Staff" '43-'44, Fieldball '41-'42, Basketball '44. Janie has loads of friends and is the possessor of a fine sense of humor. We understand that she wants to be a singer and are sure that she will have lots of success. ROBERT ELLSIXVORTH McBRIDE .. ac., Editor of "Elhisco" '43-'44, Editor of Yearbook '44, Aircraft Club '42, Sports Club '42, Baseball and Soft- ball '41-'42-'43-'44, Volleyball '41- '42-'43, Basketball ilntramuralj '42-'43, Varsity '44, Band '42-'43- '44, Orchestra '43, Flute Club '42. "Mac" is a very efficient cog in the wheels of the class of '44, His hobbies are photography and play- ing the clarinet. He is distinctive for his height of 6'2". His ambition is to be an aeronautical engineer. RAYMOND S. McD ANIEL "Mick" Softball '41-'42-'43, Volley Ball '41, Ping-Pong Club '42, Wrestling Club '42. Raymond is a rather serious and quiet boy but he has a very agree- able nature and "anything goes" with him. VERNON H. McKNIGI-IT, JR. nD0cn Dancing Club '42, Basketball tlntramuralb '43, Volley Ball '41- '42-'43, Softball '41-'42, Soccer '44, Yearbook '44. "Doc" is one of the "bright spots" of the Senior class. He is also one of the most popular students in the school. ROGER EDISON MERRILL Flute Club '42, Band '41-'42-'43- '44, Orchestra '43-'44, Yearbook Staff '44. Roger is a hard worker and a very dependable person. His hobb- ies are music and stamp collecting. nm-s ,W ,N , Y. W 'Refi 'Erika ORVELLA RUTH MILLS "Porkey" Glee Club '43, Softball '43. U 0rvella's favorite past-time ig Jltterbqggmg. She also works after school in a war plant. To this we Say. keel! up the good Work. OTHELLA FRANCES MILLS Othella is a new student this year. She is a quiet, pleasant girl. She Works in a War plant after school and for this we think she deserves a lot of credit. MARIA HELEN MOLITOR Touchdown Pass '41-'42, Girls' Glee Club '41-'42-'43, Ping-Pong Club '42. Maria is always full of fun and is Well known for her long black hair as Well as for her cheerful disposition. WILLARD PALMER MOORE uoogien "Oogie" is one of the smaller members of the class. He has a grand disposition and is everyone's friend. Ice-skating is one of his favorite sports. PATRICIA ANN MORGAN upatn Student Council '43, President of Council '44, Dramatics Club '42, Art Club '42, Volleyball '43, Girls' Glee Club '44, "Elhisco" Staff '43-'44, Ass't Editor of the Yearbook '44. ' "Pat" came to us from Newark m '42 and now, as vie look back, we don't know how We ever got along Without her. Page Fourteen Helen is a small blonde. She is RUDOLPH OLAH Softball '41-'42, Ping Pong Club '41 Rudolph is usually seen around town in his green Pontiac and it's never empty. WILLIAM HOWARD PETERSON "Pete" Volley Ball '41-'43, Science Club '41, Boys' Glee Club '41, Howard has the distinction of being the only boy in the Commer- cial Department. He is a good Worker and a cheerful person to have around. I VIRGINIA COLLEEN ROARK "Corky" Dramatics Club '42, Dancing Club '42, Basketball '41-'42-'43-'44, Field ball '41-'43, Volleyball '41-'43, Flute Club '42. "Corky" is another athletic per- son. She's especially good at basketball. One of her hobbies is jitterbugging. MARY ETTA RUDOLPH "Detta" Class Treasurer '41-'42, Girls' Glee Club '41-'42, Flute Club '42, Ping-Pong Club '41, Science Club '42, Art Club '42, Touchdown Pass '41, Elhisco Staff '41-'42-'43-'44. Co-Business Manager of Magazine Campaign '44. Mary Etta is one of the most good-natured members of the class. She is a hard Worker and is Well- known for her amourous abilities. BERTHA MARY SEWARD ..Bert,, Dancing Club '41, Volleyball '41- '42, Softball '43. Bertha is another of our jitter- bugs. She can be seen on the dance floor at almost any time. ,, ,Q .,,, .sq T' sf ..,,,,-,,1:x g9g. x. , Q www if ' i Vi' 5 s ,X JAMES SEWARD "Hottie" - "Hottie" is known far and Wide for his Wit and also for the "Woliish" side of his nature. ALICE SHOCKLEY Dramatic Club '42, Dancing Club '42, Basketball fintra-muraly '43, Volley ball '41-'42, "Elhisco" '44, Alice is a little thing but that doesn't stop her from taking part in everything. BETTY JUNE SIMMONS "Simms" Photography Club '42, Basketball '41-'42-'43-'44, Volley ball '43, Zlguchdown Pass '41-'42, Field ball Betty is a splendid basketball player and .also a very good jitter- bug. Bowling is one of her hobbies. HELEN SMITH 4-I-I Club '41. very merry and is a great tease. Hernhobby is collecting pictures of movie stars. RALPH JOSHUA SPEAKMAN "Junior" Ralph is of the quiet, reserved variety. iMost of the timej. He is a good worker and is very easy to get along with. Page Fifteen EMILY I. SRENCE ..Em,. Di-amatics Club '42, Basketball '44, Volley ball '42-'43-'44, Student Council '43-'44, Emily came here from New Jer- sey in '42. She has a very pleasant personality and is everyone's friend. HUGH LARREN SPENCE "Bud" Baseball '42, Softball '43. Bud is blond, of medium height and the he-man type. He is active in intra-mural sports and is very well-liked by the class. MARY ANN STAWORSKY Photography Club '42. Mary has a good disposition un- less she is teased and then-Oh boy! you'd better watch out. Ny. if .,,....,,,. M, L , V -f'a,:.:v "T-s....gw W:w X . it . gi . ..., A gt , BETTY WILLIAMS Knitting Club '42, Volley ball '42. Betty is our star jitterbug. She is also quite smooth at any other type of dancing. Betty is usually seen with a smile on her face. ROLAND VANDEGRIFT Baseball '41, Dancing Club '42. Roland is a popular guy. He is known for his Witty sayings. Roland attends school in the morn- ings and works during the after- noon. BETTY ANN UNDERWOOD Dancing Club '42, Knitting Club '42 Betty's hobbies are reading, draw- ing, and swimming. She has very pretty red hair and is a hard Worker. GEORGE RAYMOND TEAGUE Boys' Glee Club '41, Volley ball '41, Photography Club '42. Raymond likes to haul females around in his old '29 Chevrolet Convertible. His one ambition is to be a farmer. We're sure he'l1 make a good one. S Page Sixteen lower Classes iors THE CLASS OF 1945 has slightly less than one hundred members who are divided among three homerooms under the guidance of Miss A. Rebecca Smith, Mr. Hendrickson, and Miss Virginia Smith. These "jolly juniors" have an active class and are always ready for a good time. Their class officers are: President .....,................,..,..,........,.........................,.................. ....... V irginia Lytle Vice-president ..... .... R obert Wertz Secretary ....... ...... G ene Diebert Treasurer ......, ....,. J ack Truitt Page Eighteen homores There are slightly over a hundred sophomores this year and they have perhaps the most energetic class in school. They won the magazine campaign, led in infantile paralysis contributions and are 'Way ahead of the rest of the school in their purchases of War Bonds and Stamps. The sophomores are under the direction of Miss Pethersky, Mr. Murphy, and Miss Iverson. Their class officers are: President .............................. ..........i...................,............ ....... M e lvin Sacker Vice-president ,.... ..,......... C urtis George Secretary ......,... ....... D orothy Albanese Treasurer ...... ..,....... L aura Widdoes Page Nineteen H Qshmen The freshmen class this year consists of about one hundred twenty-five students in three sections under the guidance of Miss Bratton, Mrs. Harding, and Miss Bishop. This year the class of '47 was allowed to sponsor a danceg the first time in school history a freshman class had done this. They have not elected their class oiiicers as yetg this will be done in the spring. Page Twenty tiv SOCCIEIQ The soccer team is an entirely unoflicial organization of the school, organized and conducted by the boys themselves. They played only one game losing to Chesapeake by a score of 12 to 3-but they enjoyed themselves and a good time was had by all. They are, standing: Johnny Bello, Jack Truitt, Jack Wells, Hall Kane, Vernon McKnight, Bill Foster, Richard Carrico, Harry Sherman. Kneeling: Curtis George, Lincoln Call, Albert Garrett, Miller Jensen, Jack Loomis, George Molitor. All of these athletic teams are actually unoflicial organizations of the school since inter-school athletics have 'been banned for the duration due to an O. D. T. ruling regarding the use of buses to transport athletic teams. TRACK This extremely diminutive team has been organized chiefiy for the fun of the members but they hope to meet other schools in the future. The team, although small, is very fast. The members are: Melvin Sacker, Robert Wertz, Lincoln Call, Jack Loomis, George.Molitor. They are coached by Mr. Hendrickson. Page Twenty-Two Page Twenty-Three GIRLS' BASIYIETBALL The girls' basketball team has been rather successful this year, considering their late start and difliculty in obtaining games. At this writing they have won two out of three games, defeating Chesapeake 12-11, defeating the Alumni 20-6, and losing to Chesapeake 18-13. The members of the starting team are, kneeling: Faye Guibeson, Virginia Lytle, Mabel Edwards, Betty Simmons, Neta Galinski, Colleen Roark. They are coached by Miss Ruth Yager. BOYS' BASKETBALL Elkton's basketball team this year has had one of the most successful seasons in years, having played seventeen games and won fourteen at the time this is Written. The boys, under the excellence guidance of Mr. Murphy, have lost only to West Nottingham Academy and Newark High School. Among the teams they have conquered are Wash- ington College Jayvees, Chesapeake City, Perryville, North East, Alumni, National Fire- works and Oxford, Pa. The team still has several games to play, including a return game with West Nottingham. The members are, kneeling: Bane Davis, Miller Jensen, Edmund Pratt fcaptainj, Lincoln Call, Robert McBride. Standing: William Murphy fcoachl, Curtis George, Bill Foster, Connie Fry, Bill Liedlich, Kenneth Bouchelle QManagerJ. S Page Twenty-Four ,x Page Twenty-Five CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders have been organized for the first time this year under the direction of Miss Yager. The group is coming along nicely and should develop into a polished unit. The cheerleaders are, reading from left to right: Back rowg Shirley Woolman, Miriam Jensen, Helen Racine, Bette Bollinger. Middle rowg Jennie Lee Burton, Grace Whitton, Dorothy Albanese, Ruth Jamison, Patricia Ott, Betty 0'Leary. Kneeling, Melvin Sacker, Neta Galinski, Tudy Baily, Frances Ferrick, Chester Liedlich. OIQCHESTIQA This is the newest musical organization in school-started last year under Mr. Stuart's direction and continued this year under the leadership of Bev Mays and the direction of Miss Smith. The members of the orchestra are, seated, left to right: Beverly Mays, Curtis George, Billy Merrill, Bill Liedlich, Earl Brown, and Kenneth Bouchelle. Standing: Roger Merrill, Dewey Patterson, Edmund Pratt and Miss Virginia Smith. Page Twenty-Six Page Twenty-Seven BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club consists of about forty members recruited from the lower classes. Strangely enough, although the senior class is well represented in all other musical organizations of the school, there are no senior boys in the Glee Club. The main event of the year for the 'boys will probably be the Spring Music Festival in which all these organizations will take part. Director-Miss Virginia Smith GIRLS' GLIEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club consists of about seventy members from all classes in school. Their chief public appearance this year was in the Christmas Candlelight Service which was a beautiful and impressive entertainment. It is the largest musical organization in school and will be one of the main features of the Spring Festival. Director-Miss Virginia Smith Page Twenty-Eight Page Twenty-Nine BAND This is probably the best-known musical organization in Elkton High since music was reinstated in Cecil County schools. This year it has not made many public appearances because of gas and tire rationing. However, the band did play for the dedication of the Boy Scout Lodge in the fall. It will also participate in the Spring Festival. Director-Miss Virginia Smith ELHISCO STAFF Editor-in-chief . ,,.,, ...,. ,.,.......,,.... . . Assistant Editor Business 8x Circul ation Manager ...,. .... Sports Editors . ,.., .. ,............,....,,. . Exchange Editor Gossip Editors ...... Feature Editors Reporters: B. Baldwin K. Bouchelle J. Carr Typists: J. Eder Advisers : .... A. M. E. A. A. Crothers Hillyard Perkins Gamble Shockley Robert McBride Virginia Lytle Edmund Pratt Miller Jensen, Connie Fry Mary Etta Rudolph Margot Albinson, Jack McMenamin Jane Martenis, Mary Galinski P. Morgan E. Parrett T. Garrett M. Lewis Cora A. Dunn and A. Rebecca Smith Page Thirty Page Thirty-One SENIOR PROM The .Senior Prom at E. H. S. was held January 14, 1944 and was a huge success. A large crowd attended the dance and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Music was furnished by George Feary and his sailor orchestra. The decorations for the affair followed the "Winter" theme. They consisted of blue crepe paper, hung to simulate an evening sky, and spangled with silver stars. The backboards were also trimmed this way with the addition of a silver moon on one of them. Blue and silver stars were pinned on the curtain encircling the silver letters E. H. S. 1Pictures of the prom were taken by David Poffenbergerg all other pictures in the "Antler" were taken by J. H. Rurner.J Page Thirty-Two Page Thirty-Three Student Council This is the student organization that has the most to do with the running of Elkton High School. It has operated very effciently since its inception four years ago and this year it was the impetus behind the starting of a yearbook. Seated, left to right are: Miss Rebecca Smith, faculty advisorg .Melvin Sacker, corresponding secretaryg Lincoln Call, vice-presidentg Patricia Morgan, president: Barbara Ann Brittingham, recording secretaryg Edward Parrett, treasurerg and Emily Spence. V Standing: Jack Kinter, Margaret Baker, Reginald Lewis, Frances Sparks, and Kenneth Brown. Page Thirty-Four aiu CLASS HISTORY In September 1940 the Class of "44" bravely entered the halls of Elkton High School. We soon conquered our fear of teachers and upper classmen, became accustomed to a new life, and turned our attention to studies. Miss Bratton, Mr. Philips, Miss Bowers, and Mr. Young directed this group of mischievous, energetic freshmen. This new life was pleasing to us. The boys felt quite proud when they turned out the most amazing cookie-cuters and broom racks, while the girls were delighted with their cookies and tea. That year the parents and teachers were entertained at a tea given by these young ladies and their sophomore class mates. In the spring of "41" the boys and girls had an opportunity to display their handiwork at a Fashion Show and Industrial Arts Exhibit. Of ,course we all remember the assembly given in the first year. How could we forget it! The show went on, despite the laughter and criticism of the audience. Several members of the class were honored at being selected for the Elhisco staff in its beginning year. These were Mary Etta Rudolph, John Kelley, and Robert McBride. Do certain members of the 1940-41 1-A class remem-ber the day they hooked? ? We believe it was the dentist-or was it Lyon's? The big event of the year for all freshmen was the Freshmen Party. A Wonder- ful time was had by all. The attractions of the evening were dancing, ping-pong and, of course, refreshments. At the close of the year the class officers were elected as follows: President, John Sclavosg Vice-President, Jack Murray, Secretary, Frances Lusbyg Treasurer, Mary Etta Rudolph. Before we could realize that our freshman year had come to a close we found that we were full-fledged sophomores. Unfortunately we lost several members of our class but we welcomed a new member, Patricia Morgan. This year we were divided into three groups under the guidance of Miss Pethersky, Miss Hagen, and Mrs. Briggs. During this year we also became expert board washers under the direction of Miss Pethersky. Many had a chance to demonstrate their talent in the Spring Festival. The High School Band, directed by Mr. Hugh Stuart, furnished the music. There were several selections by the High School Glee Club, and the 2-A flute club under the expert direction of Miss Harkness. Remember the great surprise the 2-A music class received when Miss Harkness walked into class one day with raspberry sundaes that she had promised so many times? That was a real treat! The class odicers elected at the end of our freshman year also served in our sophomore year. Our junior year started with a "bang", 'This year was packed full of amusing and interesting events. There was never a dull moment under the direction of Miss Pitt, Mr. Merritt, and Mr. Staley. Class assemblies, which had been dropped in our sophomore year, were resumed. Will we ever forget our corny one-act play, "The Villian Still Pursued Her".? ? This was successfully put on after much delay and received many laughs, cheers fand jeersb from the audience. Of course the thrilling search for the "chimney" and "chimney hole" was enjoyed by everyone. Page Thirty-Six Something which will long remain in our memory is the Junior Prom. Remember how the decorating committee struggled for two whole days with blue crepe paper streamers and broken wires to create the sky effect? When the great moment finally arrived, the blue crepe paper, the flowers, ferns and Spanish dancers had been arranged to give a beautiful effect. The auditorium had been converted into a flowering Spanish scene. To this day, there remains a trace of a large blue spot in the middle of the iioor. This is a mark left by the class of "44", when the clean up committee tipped over a large vase of water on a huge pile of blue crepe-paper!! One of the biggest events of the year was the "Minstrel Show" which was written and directed by Mr. Stuart. Many of our class took part in this show. Some were black end men, some played in the band and many of the girls sang in the glee club. This show, which was noted for its genuine corn, was enjoyed by all. Several members of our class played in the dance orchestra which was organized this year and played for our class assembly. Of course the junior year meant class rings. These were hard to get but by putting in an early order most of us managed to get one. Our junior class officers were: President, John Sclavosg Vice-President, Jane Martenisg Secretary, Nancy McCoolg Treasurer, Kenneth Bouchelle. It was with a feeling of pride that we reentered the halls of E. H. S. in September of 1943, since we were now dignified OJ seniors. This year we were divided according to the course we were taking. Commercial students went to the commercial department under Miss Benton and academic and general students went to the senior home room under Miss Bowers. One of our first problems as a class was to elect the officers to carry us through our final year. After much deliberation we chose the following class executives: President, Edmund Pratt, Vice President, Barbara Evansg Secretary, Lillie Scottg Treasurer, Kenneth Bouchelle. ,Later the class of "44" decided to publish a year book. This being the first undertaking of its kind in Elkton High School, it met much discouragement. Despite many difficulties we proceeded with our plans and results have been quite successful. The Senior Prom was held on the fourteenth of January. This being the last big dance by our class, we planned elaborate decorations. The theme was "Winter Time". When our efforts to build snowmen and borrow a sleigh failed we resorted to snow- covered trees and a starry sky. With the aid of pine trees, blue crepe paper, silvery iiitter and soap, plus many hours of hard work, a realistic effect was produced. A very pleasant evening was danced away in this winter fairyland to the music of George Feary's Sailor Orchestra. After this we turned again to hard work and plans for graduation. It was necessary to make preparations early because of unsettled world conditions. Graduation announcements and name cards were the first to be ordered. Then came commencement gowns. Our selection of white gowns for the girls and blue for boys broke the E. H. S. tradition of gray. Many high lights for the senior class have yet to come. One of these will be the Spring Prom given us by the juniors. In the final rush of events before graduation will come the sermon to the graduates, class night, and the commencement which will terminate our high school careers. 3 'Page Thirty-Seven CLASS IDIQODHECY U0 yearsfrom nowj MARGOT ALBINSON .... EUGENE BEDWELL -,- BETTE BOLLINGER -.. ..., - ELAINE BORLAND .......... -,, ,.,. , KENNETH BOUCHELLE ..... ...... FRANCES BOYLES ..... RITA BOYLES ..... IDA BULLOCK .... PAUL BURR .......... FRANCES CARRICO --- EMILY CEBULA ...... ROSE CONWAY ........... WILLIAM DEAVER --- JULIA EDER ,........ BARBARA EVANS --- VIVIAN FOWLER --- MARY GALINSKI -,- NETA GALINSKI -- FAY GUIBESON --- GLORIA HALL w...... BETTY HAMMOND -- BERTHA HOOVER --- ,, .... -- Loud Mouth Commedienne Manager of the Remington Store ---..--... ..... Dramltics Teacher --,,--- Cook on a Battleship ----------------v-- Auctioneer --- Successor to Clifton Fadiman -------------- Post-War Bride .-- Model for Maybelline Ad - ----- -- ......... W. C. Fields's Successor --.. ......... Penmanship Teacher -- Nurse in a Shoe Hospital -- Joe Louis's Sparring Partner ----------,------- Screen Idol -.. Professional Typist --e----------- Fan Dancer --------- Personality Expert --- Model for Nylon Stockings ----------,----- Glamour Girl ----,,,-,---- Society Debutramp -U Guinea pig for new cosmetics --------------- Obituary Writer LOUISE HOWARD -- ......... -,--- ALBERT HUTTON --- MIRIAM JENSEN --- THOMAS JENSEN -- BETTY JONES ..... WALLACE JONES --- SOPHIE KILOSKI -- ROY KRUSBERG --,, ANNA LECUK --- -- -------- Miss America of 1954 --------- Vera Vague --,--- Paul Robeson II Ye-- Joan Davis's Protege - ..A,..,. Postmaster General --- Engaged to James Seward ,- Champion Banana Eater -------------- ----------- Venus de Milo ---- Chemistry Teacher -------- Burlesque Queen LEWIS LEE -------- ----- - .. .... -- Another "Thin Man" MARGARET' LEWIS --- e.... --- ...... ue- Doctor of Medicine REGINALD LEWIS --- .,..... -.,-..- ,,, Hollywood Plgy Boy WILLIAM LIEDLICH e-, ,,- Another "Mr. Meek" MARY JANE LODGE ..-- --- -- .... ,,,,- U , S, O, Hgstggg FRANCES LUSBY ..... LEONARD MANN ..... JANE MARTENIS .... ROBERT McBRIDE ,.... RAYMOND McDANIEL --- VERNON McKNIGHT Y- ROGER MERRILL .... OTHELLA MILLS ,.,, ORVELLA MILLS -- MARIA MOLITOR --- WILLARD MOORE ..... PATRICIA MORGAN --- RUDOLPH OLAH ...... HOWARD PETERSON --- EDMUND PRATT .....,... COLLEEN ROARK ........ MARY ETTA RUDOLPH .... LILLIE SCOTT ............ JAMES SEWARD ........ BETTY SIMMONS --- ALICE SHOCKLEY .... HELEN SMITH ........ RALPH SPEAKMAN -..- EMILY SPENCE ..... LARREN SPENCE ...... MARY STAWORSKY ........ ,M RAYMOND TEAGUE ............ -,,--, BETTY ANN UNDERWOOD BETTY WIILIAMS .......... ..- ROLAND VANDEGRIFT ........ ,h,,. ALMA GAMBLE .....,.,. ..,.., ...,. BERTI-IA SEWARD .... ------------------,.- Hairdresser ---..-- "Tall Man" in the Circus A Sinatra's Second Wife --,-----, Major Hoople ---- General MacArthur ------------ ee-we-n----------Y. Spanish Teacher -----. ............. - ,..,,,..... Dairy Farmer 0. W. fWoman Ordnance Workerj ,n-----,---- Flustered Hostess -W Another Florence Nightingale Sonja Henie's Skating Partner ------ Female Rip Van Winkle -------------- Daredevil Racer --- Contented Husband -.. ......., - Shiek of Araby ---------, Pro Basketball Player Latest Hollywood Heartbreaker ---..--e.. ......... ., ...... Chorus Girl ,-, Owner of Grocery Store ------,------- Bowler deluxe ---- - eee------ "Advice to Lovelorn" Editor ----- e-------- -.----V.------..-- Another "'B1ondle" - ........ Big Businessman , .r,..,. , Receptionist -e--- ..... --- ,,.. -- Marine Lieutenant --- ........, -, V-- Manicurist ---U Driver of Fresh-Air Taxi -..-e-..---,, Red Cros Nurse --e---- Champion Jitterbug ---------- Senior at E. H. S. ---- Secretary to the president --------,-------- Farmerette CLASS Wlll We the graduating class of 1944, High School of Elkton, County of Cecil, State of Maryland, Country of the United States, Continent of North America, being in a sound and normal state of mind after these eleven years of tortuous work, early rising and late retiring, do make, publish, and declare this writing as our last will and testament. First. To our Alma Mater we leave peace and solitude as we make our noisy exit. Second: To our class adviser, Miss Bowers, we leave our deepest and most sincere appreciation for all the work she has done for us and for the patience she has shown on our behalf. Third: To our principal, Mr. Johnson, we leave our profound thanks for having given us permission to undertake our numerous enterprises. Fourth: To the faculty we leave our gratitude for the long hours they have spent in trying to drill the simplest facts into our heads and in attempting to trans- late our homework and test papers into readable English. Fifth: To the Class of '45 we leave all our excess knowledge which we have gained in these eleven years. Sixth: To the class of '46 we leave our poise and dignity and congratulations that they have at last grown up. Seventh: To the Class of '47 we leave all our lost pens and pencils and borrowed paper. Eighth: We, the individual members of the Senior Class, have the following bequests: I, Margot Albinson, leave my collection of bracelets to Cody Dunn. I, Eugene Bedwell, leave my ability to hook classes to Jimmy Blanton, who probably doesn't need it. I, Bette Jane Bollinger, leave my ability to recite poetry to Harry King. I, Elaine Borland, leave my flair for recognizing sailors to Laura Widdoes. I, Kenneth Bouchelle, leave my magic fingers to my brother. I, Frances Boyles, leave my quietness as a reminder that there is such a thing in the Class of '44. I, Rita Boyles, leave my diamond to Frances Sparks. I, Ida Bullock, leave my beautiful eyelashes to Emily Allen. I, Paul Burr, leave my way with the girls to Miller Jensen. I, Frances Carrico, leave my beautiful handwriting to Millicent Hillyard. I, Emily Cebula, will my height for the lack of itj to Dorothy Albanese. I, Rose Conway, leave my boy friends to Vivian Zerbe. I, William Deaver, leave my harem to the highest bidder. I, Julia Eder, leave my typing efficiency to the Elhisco. I, Barbara Evans, leave my sincerity to the whole school. To the lower class men, I, Vivian Fowler, leave my bottle stockings. I, Mary Galinski, leave my long absences to Mr. Johnson. I Neta Galinski, leave my dancing to "Tudy" Bailey. I, Alma Gamble, leave my intelligence to Gene Deibert. Because I like to liven things up a bit, I, Fay Guibeson, leave my temperament to Frances Ferrick. I, Gloria Hall, leave my cute chubbiness to Betty Jean Palmer. I, Betty Hammond, leave my pep, vim, and vigor to Madge Lyons. Page Thirty-Nine To Virginia McCreary, I, Bertha Hoover, leave my sailors. I, Louise Howard, leave my curly locks to Alice Stoops. I, Albert Hutton, leave my deep, deep voice to Theodore Bouchelle. I, Miriam Jensen, leave my blue eyes to Mary Costello. I, Thomas Jensen, leave. I, Betty Jones, leave "Hotty" Seward to anybody who wants him. I, Sophie Kiloski, leave my beautiful complexion to Betty Robinson. I, Roy Krusberg, leave my tuba to anyone with enough wind to blow it. I, Anna Lecuk, leave my sparkling brown eyes to Grace Whitten. I, Lewis Lee, leave an abundance of love and my love of abundance to Helen Racine. I, Margaret Lewis, leave my giggle to Gwendolyn Gardner. I, Reginald Lewis, leave my ability to make the women swoon to Frank Sinatra. To Lincoln Call, I, William Liedlich, leave my curls. I, Mary Jane Lodge, leave my fiaming hair to Rose Bird. I, Frances Lusby, leave my fashion-plate appearance to "Toots" Traurig. I, Leonard Mann, leave my fondness for cider to Bill Foster. I, Jane Martenis, leave my long hair and sweet expression to Marietta Garrett. I, Robert McBride, leave the Elhisco and a bottle of aspirin to Virginia Lytle. To Hall Kane, I, Raymond McDaniel, leave my "speed". I, Vernon McKnight, leave my hair to Stokowski. I, Roger Merrill, leave my overcoat to Earl Brown. I, Othella Mills, leave my blonde hair to Bobby Ann Brittingham. I, Orvella Mills, leave my unique style of jitterbugging to Alma Grant. I, Maria Molitor, leave my hair to Betty Lively. I, Willard Moore, leave my football to Connie Fry. I, Patricia Morgan, leave my daily nap in biology class to Mr. Hendrickson. I, Rudolph Olah, leave my Pontiac to anyone with plenty of gas stamps. I, Howard Peterson, leave my seat in the commercial room to any boy brave enough to take it. I, Edmund Pratt, leave my pencil case to anyone who can "spirit it away' unnoticed. I, Collen Roark leave my basketball skill to Bane Davis. I, Mary Etta Rudolph, since I say it with my eyes, leave that look in my eye to Joe Molitor. I, Lillie Scott, leave my stick-to-itiveness to Millicent Hillyard. I, Bertha Seward, leave my ''easy-to-get-along-with" disposition to Ebie Martenis. 9 I, James Seward, leave the American Store to "Buddy" Parrett. I, Betty Simmons, leave my bowling skill to Johnny Sclavos. I, Alice Shockley, leave my public love letters to Theresa Boyles. I, Helen Smith, leave my cuteness to Norma Bristow. I, Ralph Speakman, want eveything I have. I, Emily Spence, leave my friendliness to Angela Crothers. I, Larren Spence, leave my blonde good looks to Nelson Wilcox. I, Mary Staworsky, leave my many questions to anyone who can answer them. I, Raymond Teague, leave my jalopy to all fresh air fiends. I, Betty Ann Underwood, leave my stride to Betty Robinson. I, Roland Vandegrift, leave Laura Widdoes to the 2-C boys. I, Betty Williams, leave my agile dancing style to "Toots" Traurig. Page Forty POPULARITY I3Oll Most of you no doubt remember the poll held by the Senior Class in the latter part of January. This was to determine the best student - among the Seniors - in each of a dozen different categories. Here are the results of this poll exactly as it happened. This is the first time these results have been published anywhere. 1. Most likely to succeed 2. Best dressed ftiej 3. Best student 4. Most popular 5. Hardest worker 6. Best athlete 7. Best-looking girl 8. Most handsome boy 9. Best dancer 10. Most courteous 11. Most school spirit 12. Best all-around student Girls Patricia Morgan Vivian Fowler Ida Bullock Patricia Morgan Patricia Morgan Jane Martenis Barbara Evans Ida Bullock Betty Williams Jane Martenis Patricia Morgan Barbara Evans Boys Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. Eugene Bedwell Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. Reginald Lewis Robert McBride Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. Bill Deaver Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. Robert McBride Robert McBride Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. Page Forty-One MHZ. EODMEI2 E.l'1.S. STUDENTS IN THE SERVICE Charles O. Allen Norman Allen S. Ralph Andrews G. Reynolds Ash Roy L. Aument Wm. Ray Baldwin, Jr. Jacob Barofsky Ruth Barofsky Clark Barrow Richard Barrow Robert Barrow Charles A. Bartley J. Herbert Bates Marie Bedwell Charles C. Birney James A. Blackburn Thomas J. Blanton Peter Boinovych Duane Borden Edward C. Borden A. Cleaver Bolton Henry W. Bouchelle Wilmer Bouchelle David Boulden Harold Boulden Layton Boulden, Jr. Ro-bert H. Boulden Warren W. Boulden, Jr. Vernon L. Bounds Wallace Bowe Gerald J. Boyd Melvin Bramble Robert E. Breitenbach Daniel Bratton Howard Bratton William W. Bratton Clarence Brown Clement Brown Harry Brown Leonard A. Brown Leonard E. Brown Norman Brown Joseph B. Bryson Harold Buchanan John K. Burkley, Jr. Francis Burr Spencer Burr Walter Butler William Calvert Arthur Cameron James Howard Carr Joseph H. Carr Rene Carr Charles Carrico William Carrico Donald Carroll George Carroll William Carroll Emmitt Carter Thomas Cato Arthur Chas Austin Chidester Herbert Clancy James Clancy Earl Clark John A. Clark Paul Allen Conway George E. Creswell John C. Creswell E. Lane Crothers Omar D. Crothers, Jr. Benjamin Cummins George Cummins George W. Davidson Reginald Davis Gray Davis Holt Dean Ralph H. Dean Charles E. Deibert Hutchinson Dennis Kenneth Dennis John H. Dennis William Denver Ellis Denny Murray Dilks Clarence Dill Pascal J. Di Paolo Vincent Di Paolo Alfred Dorris Robert Downey Thomas Dutcher A. Roy Eder, Jr. James Eder Clement M. Egnor Emerson Evans Standley Evans, Jr. Thomas L. Evans William R. Evans Daniel L. Everett Edward D. Everett James M. Ferrick Charles Foster Ernest Foster Robert Foster Mary Jane Fox William Fox Pearl Fronk Franklin Ganzmann Walter Ganzmann William Ganzmann Richard Gallaher Carrol Gardner Philip Goodwin Gardner Ralph E. Garrett, Jr. Charles H. Gatchell Eugene C. Galyen lradell C. Galyen Russell M. George Albert Grant Arthur Grant Richard Grant Myrtle Green Robert L. Gonce Herbert Guns Fletcher G. Hall William Hall Elizabeth Hagen James Hague Clifford Hanes Raymond Hartman John Hartnett Reed Hartnett Edward Harvey Q. Harvey Gerald Heath Harold Henderson John W. Henderson, Jr. Walter H. Henderson, Jr. Delancey Herstine Harry Hillyard Vernon Hines Margaret Hitchens Marie Hitchens Ralph Hitchens John Howell Edward Hubbert David Hubbert John Hubbert Irvin W. Hudson John Huminski Page Forty-Three John Narcis Hutton Ralph Ingram Charles Gifford Jackson James Jackson Walter A. Jackson Wilson L. Jackson Charles Jeffers John Jeffers Austin Lane Jenkins, Jr. Helen D. Jenkins Harold Jones Howard Jones Robert Oliver Jones William Wallace Jones George A. Karl Paul Keatley John Vernon Keithley Nelson Kennedy James F. Kincaid William P. Kincaid John Paul King Samuel Leo King, Jr. Camillus Kirk Leonard Kist Thomas Kohler Nichoas Larzelere John Lawrence Robert Lawrence Ronald Lawrence Theodore Lecuk Charles W. Le Van Ray A. Le Van Nelson Lewis William H. Lewis, Jr. William R. Lewis Henry W. Lindell Allen V. Loomis Paul Loomis Edwin W. Lusby Harold W. Lusby Roland A. Lusby Kenneth Mackey Richard Mac Millan Thomas George Magiros Leo Maloney Harry Mann Delbert Marcus Howard Marcus William Fred Matthews Albert McCauley Barton McCauley Newell McCauley Paul McCauley Frank P. McCool John H. McCool Ralph W. McCool Victor McCool William T. McCune Charles P. McDonald William A. McCune Thomas Mclntire Robert McVey Kennard Merry Calvin Miles Davis Minister George Mitchell John A. Molitor Leo A. Molitor Gaylord Moody Victor Moody Herbert Morgan, Jr. John Morrison William Murphy Charles L. Murray Edwin Naylor Ward Nickle Robert Nieweg Norman Overmiller Robert Overmiller Samuel Ortynski Rofbert T. Paris Merritt Pennock Harold Perkins Cleaver Potts Raymond Preston Augustus Psomas Calvin P. Purnell Paul Purnell William F. Pursley Charles Racine Willard S. Raleigh Wayne E. Renshaw Charles E. Reynolds Harvey Reynolds Allen D. Richards W. Alfred Riggs Paul D. Roark Harold Robinson Maxwell W. Roman James Rooney Mark Ross Albert H. Ruth Harry B. Ruth J. Gifford Scarborough Cecil Schirling James Schneider Davis L. Scott James P. Scott Thomas B. Scott William H. Scott Donald M. Sentman Norris Seward Alfred Simmons Ralph Simmons Irving Singman Morton Singman Wallace Singman J. Glen Slonecker Marion Slonecker Julian C. Smith Michael Smith James Spence Andrew Spratt John Stanley Clement Steele Avery Stitchberry James Stitchberry Gordon Stoops Francis Strahorn Robert Street Frederich Strickland Stewart Strickland Nelson Sweet William Taylor John Teague Lester Temple Adolph F. Traurig James Trone Edward Vandergrift Arthur Van Lill Clifford M. Veasey Calvin Wawner George J. Weed Charles S. Wells Clarence Weibel Naze Wherry Julian L. Whitlock Harold Williams, Jr. John Woodrow H. Gibbons Young Four former E . H S students have made the supreme sacrifice 1n the service of their country They are: Walter Boulden William Keithley Francis Hoover Reed Hartnett Page Forty-Four VQI Compliments To THE ELKTON HIGH SCHOOL And THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1944 From NATIONAL FIREWORKS, INC. Elkton Maryland "MASTER" ARTIFICIAL LIMBS Light Metal fA1umninumJ and English Willow ALSO ORTHOPEDIC 8z SURGICAL APPLIANCES GEORGE ANDERSON 8z KALLE MECHANICS 30 Years Experience Expert Repair and Relitting Service - Any Make Of Limb A complete line fall sizesl Stump Socks, Limb Accessories: Crutches, Canes, Tips Etc. Also Invalid fWheelJ Chairs, Walkers, Back Rests, Arches, Trussels, Etc. Telephone or write for our Service Representative GENERAL LIMB 81 BRACE COMPANY 1914-1916 Markt Street Wilmington, 236, Delaware Telephone Wilm. 5-3631 Compliments of , WILLIAM RAY KERR Compliments of WESTERN MARYLAND COLLEGE Westminster, Md. Compliments of ELKTON GAS CO. Compliments of MARYLAND DISPLAY Sz FIREWORKS CO., INC R. D. No. 4 Elkton, Maryland Compliments of THE CECIL WHIG PUBLISHING COMPANY Elkton, Maryland Compliments of THE ELKTON OF MARYLAND Elkton, Maryland BANKING 8z TRUST COMPANY Compliments W of THE PEOPLES BANK OF Elkton, Maryland ELKTON Compliments of FOX'S 5c To 81.00 STORE 115 East Main Street Elkton, Maryland Phone: 501 Compliments of RITZ HOTEL Furniture - Radios - Washers - Ranges Electric Refrigeration SALES 8z SERVICE ELKTON FURNITURE CO. 123-25 W. Main Street Phones 10 and 340 Elkton, Md. Compliments of SHERIFF'S OFFICE Ralph W. Robinson Robert A. Boyd Harry A. Minker Phone Elkton 471 ELKTON ESSO SERVICENTER Routes 40 and 213 Elkton, Maryland Compliments of STURGILL'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of GEORGE FEARY AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2107-3 84 E. 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AND JOHN W. evro et Dealers Elkton, Maryland McCO0L, Inc. Compliments of Compliments of GEORGE'S RESTAURANT JOE'S GULF SERVICE Compliments of I Compliments of BEAR MANUFACTURING C. RAY OTT Contractor FAMOUS CASH Sz CARRY DEPT. STORE 138 West Main Street Next To The Elkton Bakery Elkton, Maryland Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family SAMUEL H. KING 8z SONS Dealers in Hardware and Plumbing Supplies Agents for Wetherill's Atlas Paints Phone 85 Compliments of JOE SIPALA Shoe Repair Elkton, Maryland Compliments of THE SANDWICH SHOP 115 East Main Street Elkton, Maryland Compliments of HARRY D. BARNES For Victory And Success Attend BEACOM COLLEGE Beacom College Building Jefferson Street at Tenth Wilmington, Delaware Compliments of JAMES W. HUGHES Compliments of PURE OIL CO. Compliments of C. K. EDER Compliments of COMMUNITY RECREATION CENTER Bowling and Billiards Corner North and High Street Phone 333 MADISON HOUSE "Gateway To The South" "Good Food Our Specialty" Fountain Service Cocktail Lounge "Mecca For Young And Old" Compliments of McLANE'S SHOE STORE 116 W. Main Street Compliments of THE MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. OF CECIL COUNTY Wm. Sterling Evans, secretary and Treasurer. Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSO- CIATE STORE Auto Supplies, Radios, Bicycles Victor Records 117 East Main Street Elkton, Md. Compliments of DAVIS SUPPLY CO. Main and Bridge Street Elkton, Maryland A. F. STANLEY Newsdealer Magazines - Books Stationery, Cigars, Etc. A Habit Well Formed Is Seldom Broken. Form A Habit Now To Give Flowers On Every Occasion There Is No Substitute "When You Think Of Flowers, Think Of Ours" ELKTON FLORIST A. P. WHEELER, Proprietor '52 or-QRS ' BY. 5 E 2 9,5 'fwlllmwt Compliments To The Graduating Class Of 1944 From J. J. NEWBERRY'S 5 8z 10 SHOP AT REMINGTON STORE AND SAVE Phone 394.1 Elkton, Maryland "Bargain Spot Of Cecil County" Millinery, Women's 81 Junior's Dresses l And Sport Wear Men's Sz Boys's, Children's Kz Misses Wear, Shoes Compliments of HOLLY HALL DAIRY WITH BEST WISHES ELKTON To The HIGH SCHOOL From TRIUMPH EXPLOSIVES, INC. Compliments of THEODORE PANARETOS For Plenty Of Good Clean Recreation Come To COMMUNITY RECREATION CENTER Billiards and Pool Downstairs Elkton, Maryland Compliments Of WM. B. MERREY 8z SONS Wholesale Confectioners Cigars - Tobacco - Matches PHARMACY Phone Elkton 329 Elkton, Maryland Compliments of JEWELERS SINCE MAC'S LAUNDRY 1895 E1kt0Y11 Maryland Elkton, Maryland Compliments of CONOWINGO POWER COMPANY Buy War Bonds and Stamps Compliments of the NATIONAL MAGNESIUM CORPORATION ELK SERVICE STATION Wm. T. Rothwell Bridge and High Streets Elkton, Maryland Phone 389 ELKTON SUPPLY CO. Ice, "Blue Coal", Fuel Oil Lumber, Seed, Feed Elkton, Chesapeake City, North East E. MAY MURRAY Groceries, Liquor, and Wine Phone No. 1 129 Bridge Street Elkton, Maryland Compliments of HOWARD HOTEL JACOB SIN GMAN Men's Wear 117 W. Main Street Elkton, Maryland Compliments of JOHN M. SENTMAN Elkton, Maryland Compliments of a FRIEND Compliments of the ELKTON BEAUTY SHOP 1175 East Main Street Elkton, Maryland Phone 285-J UTOGIQAPH U llivlihidl-II "-'1.wf ' f ' N ' -7 1 ' - J Y ' H A. '.- - ' 'L ' 'wx' Y ,-H1.'.7,AQ.fi1lA 51. . 7 . TdHKi5 '? ell-1.25" 7"ml FJILTFJQTE ill' ' . x.,, ' gf .1 Jr: Q. 1 L53 Q ., -.55 543- . Q. - . J fax.. , ni-i ..s' if Q. 15, - ,E -f " xr,-1 vw 5? '- 5:-if 5 . , 2 7-...,kj .1 Q X i ,sf ,.. . .a .. 2 ' ' 152 - ..., A 11 's ,,v ,F, ,,,4Q v - iii! I ,V .-,,- F. f lf:f'i'g .' VJ..-11 .QJ 1 11 :-.V- ,bi 4, .-fi , ,L-V51 .V ' vw, vficf- fa -4 . V -541.362 '- -' 5,-5 s ,K ' 1175 ' 3'g.:g-115.5 'J Q: . . . Lv : k t .,,g -ow: LA ' lf :L I '-2 ' 'Q if- is J f '- ,g R-L,-,V pq. L -, 2?-Sf, gi , 4 .,-.., . t W, 55 ..3.,f.,, .L 5 f- 12.1" :ii 'fgxl-D ' 5 1-335g " - - ,f.f5gTwrifQiIii1 .-1 L Tai 1 V. V-Ag, il, A X. ,-Q-pf I -.L Ti- -:Se " S f,.:g,fw:71 -- V 4: Hi -X -' -f -sf - L,,- .,- x 'iff- Q .32 ,gg ,vi-,T ' . in , S Q' Q Nl 1 s I v 3 4-5 9,3 ? .Q-NT' 35 iv . 4-M l , . , J w 1 Q S? ,Y NP Q. , f ,L , , x,-'YN wil if 5. .F 1 5k -21" Q 'Q .1 isa, ,, fig: ' f'?:5'e-It-t. 151- i . gift' .j, ff' 'f::'2?'f5 ' ,Q 5---Q35 K' ' Q 1' 'lp 1-3 5 ' J LW1 'f ' 'YQ ,. Q . UG ' f 5'-in i, rea , ' f X V as . , A' , 5'-1 1 fm? -, y,Lfg1'NT Af, -' ,- 'Q' :q.':f2g .f " fig! . Q W f n -J - R ' - 'Q' ""

Suggestions in the Elkton High School - Antler Yearbook (Elkton, MD) collection:

Elkton High School - Antler Yearbook (Elkton, MD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 58

1944, pg 58

Elkton High School - Antler Yearbook (Elkton, MD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 40

1944, pg 40

Elkton High School - Antler Yearbook (Elkton, MD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 55

1944, pg 55

Elkton High School - Antler Yearbook (Elkton, MD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 62

1944, pg 62

Elkton High School - Antler Yearbook (Elkton, MD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 73

1944, pg 73

Elkton High School - Antler Yearbook (Elkton, MD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 12

1944, pg 12

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