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 - Class of 1956

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Elko High School - Pohob Yearbook (Elko, NV) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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aww .Kr .ay I-1 W- ff-,,,. JM, ,F 5-W Q 'W .au -S:-4: .-ws 1?-'Z fra 11-QQ? 'i5431F Sli' h 21?-cg 3211 jx--5,1 1-Liv' af.--1 mam -.1155 'M-A Si? 'limi qi 112, "?2'7v-it ' Af T 5 '-gi. . ww, ,AM .....-'s-T-'1 '1'r':iE ,vii-F3 We 79 Qmwwl-Zpw cw '5 ' 74 Zan the folrering freshman, the hesitant sophomore, the energetic junior, the determined senior . ., -JD 444-ear-v-p, , . -if' A S.. I .vi 11 S, -... W' , ,R 2 f Mx Q f ' ' V, -Pg P511 wid' 7'fO7'7'L2,4 "U'vkf QMJFGU7 700 1100 V IWTQI IW f 4 'T Cr 5 I 1 4 . L, Rfk! ' '...- D ' " 111' .7 r in - H-v ,El , , . QA Yi if - 1 A X Ja 1 'ffm 9 V . - f gg-:'1'!1-"g 'H' ' 'f "7'X" O ' k . - I I A 1,4 if f f f - - - ,Qi 7 I 'fl --fi A -f - A fa ' .f lf, ef ff ef f J f' rf f I fx ' 1' J ,J I I tl X If MESSAGE FROM OUR PRINCIPAL One of the few things we may gain,without risk of ever losing, is our education. A vital part of that education is memory. This POHOB, a record of what often proves to have been some of the happiest days of our lives, is recommended for a visual stimulus to this memory. To the extent that we have lived to our fullest capacities during the past year, this book is a store- house of valuable memories. This has been a busy year for all of us, but it has been pleasant and profitablein termsof learning experiences. I have sincerely enioyed working with the student bodyof Elko County High School,and wish them all the success and happinessl know they deserve. l. R. Halseth 6 Wade Dzamymf 094 gamdaf gdacataha 415 3 '45 '-J MARSHALL BROWN Industrial Arts Sponsor: Sophornores A.l3., Colorado State College of Education Iiire Chief BETTY COONS Ilonie Economics Sponsor: Seniors, I'.lI.A. A.B., Idaho State College MARGUERITE EVANS Librarian Sponsor: DeLaureola A.B., Mills College M.S., Ed. Univ. of So. Calif PAULINE GRISE English Sponsor: Sophomores, POHOB A.B., University of Mass. Newspaper Correspondent EDITH IVIE Spanish and English Estudiantina Club B.A., Texas Christian Univ. M.A., Duke University AUSTIN JORDAN Social Science 81 Math Assistant Coach Sponsor g Freshmen 8a DeLaureola B.S. Univ. of Wyoming 2 TllllOlJORl5 LIABLY Commercial Sponsor: ,flsscrnhlics B.S ., Dakota State Ngriviilturc College MARGAREII' I.YT'l'l.li Physical Education Sponsor: GAA, Pop ij I B.A., Coloraoo State College of Ld. FAUSTO lxiljNTABliRl2Y Physical Education Sponsor: Block li Driving Training A.B , Univ. of Nevada PAUL PAGE Music Sponsor: Music Organizations B.A., Univ. of B.M. 84 M.M., Northwestern University JACK ROBERTS English and Dramatics-Public Speaking Assistant Thcspian Sponsor A.B., Nebr. State Teachers College WILLARD SULLIVAN Physical Education Sponsor: Sophomore Class Block E A.B. from St. Mary's College California General Secondary Credential , A 4'fl1p.s V fr l C ,,-sv nl rilllx IN All NSLN Science Sponsor: ,Iunrors Sponsor: Studunr Council .fX.B., Sr, Ulal' College ROY llNlDrglxl Matlrcrnarics QQ Science Sponsor: Juniors 85 Pep Club B.S., Valley City Teachers College HARRY WALKER English Sponsor: Saga B.S., University of Minn, HARRY WOU: Agriculture Sponsor: F.F.A, University of Wyoming B.S. Llll. X W OLFE Language Sponsor: Language Club Freshmen A.B., llasrings College CHARLES YOUNG Commercial 84 Social Science Sponsor: Thespian 85 Plays B.S., George Pepperdine Collcgeg Graduate work U.S.C. VERLE N. HUNTER Secretary to Pr indent 'gaudy Uffcbeu PRESIDENT Don Thorpe TREASURER Janet Ballinger SECRETARY Marilee Mohlman VICE-PRESIDENT Harry Swainston ,, x'3",g6,EE,. than Eimmfh 1 . . PCSU ' -. . y M-, .. X P- ' 5. :- , indent BACK ROW: Cheryl lxiohlman,Marilec hlOllllll3Il,GCOf iia Lippurulli Kcnnerhllohhs, janetliellingcr, Nancyllarris,Gcorqiuwuavcr ITRUYE ROW: Chris Wilson, John Billet, Jim Wallock, Dick Slincli, Doi Thorpe, Bill Tarorner, Melvin Worthington, Carry Swainston, lhilpl: Paoli. CO5 4. .fl fo 7 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Landeil, Don Wilkerson Don DeVore, Pat Wines, Don Thorpe. N K. 54,1 MW XX ff fl WU gre , , Q 99 ' 1 v x X f ' nf A 1 fi- 'PQI' A' .I x ' gf Zffig Q .V '-'f,'f'f'f'CxyX XX X J' If 1 K lxvx W A ,f,' Qil.,-vi - Q 4.29 3 1 ,, . 1 . 9595 4 I 'YQ I Jock Billet? Boy Representative A 1,13 l Ken Hobbs Presiclenf A K Georgia Lippcnrelli Girl Reprl g Pot Wines Vice-Pr A. f ' Qi Befh Boyd igggjgafy-Treasurer ' . r 2-WH Pu A .3 If ENES ALACANO Block E 3, 4, Basketball IV 1, 2, Varsity 3, Interclass Champs 3, 4, Language Club 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Ping Pong Team 3, Homecoming Committee I,2,3,4. JOHN BARBER KIRK BARKDULL FFA 4. PHILIP BELLON Transfer from Roosevelt 4, Basketball 2, Letter 2, Class Representative 3, Utah Boys State 3,News Editor of School Paper 3, Editor of paper 1, JOHN BILLETT Glee Club Ig Track I, Football 1,25 lnterclass Champs 3, Pep Club 4, Class Representative 4, Student Council 4. JOHN BONACCI Glee Club I, Football I,4, Basketball zglnterclass Champs 3, POHOB Staff 2,Iunior and Senior Plays 3,4,Thespians 4. HARRY BUFSFORD Band I,2,3,43 Orchestra I,2, 3, Glee Club 3, Christmas Operetta 3, Homecoming Committee 4, Lighting and sound for dances and assemblies 3, 4. ELIZABETH BOYD GAA l,2, 3,4, Pep Club I, 2, 3,4, Pep E 4, FHA l,2,3,4, Class Secretary-Treasurer 4, Assistant Editor of Saga 4, HarvestBallQueen 4,Homecoming Queen 4,Homecoming Committee 4, Thespians 4. 'N 5 xx ..-Q Seam -.E I 9 4 .as t'a's WX riff? -6 ...l 'O T . 1 I- rs . in ,I IV? ' 3 - 5 3 319. 24 'Vu'-bt. If U 4' 53 nl," P ' AQ A V N , N. 3 fr 3 endow be 4 ,Q es 1, I 7. ,lt MARC BRUNNER Glee Club lj Band 31 lntcrclass Champs 33 Junior Play Thespians 43 Harvest B . MILTON BURNETT , Football 2, 33 Trac ' 2, 3,4: Blo E 2,3,4: Pep Club JERRY c 3 - 1 3 , , , ,ff ,f 1 GV? , rm , 3,33 V 3 SHAREN A- o. v-- 1 3- 3 Transfer from Ekdlon 33 ' 'I,2, 3,42 QVarsity ketball I, 23 Language Cl ,43 Pep Club 3,4. GALE COFFIN PAT COOK FHA r,2, 3,43 District Round-up 3.4: Pep E 3,43 GAA 23 Thespians 2, 3,42 Secretary-Treasurer of Thespians English E 23 Masque and Gavel 33 A11 school play I,2, Junior and Senior Plays 3,43 Christmas play 23 DeLat 3,43 Pep Club I,2,3,43 Band I3 Orchestra I,2,33 Club r,2, 33 Music Lyre I3 Music Bars 1,22 Saga Staff POHOB Business Staff 3,43 Editorial Staff 43 MixedC 23 Student Assistant Secretary 45HOl'1'lCCOl'l'1il1gCOITlIl 2,4. HENRY DAVIES Transfer from Montello 43 Class Vice-President 13 B' ball Letter I, 23 Projector Committee x,2, 33831161 x,2, Won All Conference Award in Basketball 23 Vice -Pre of Student Body 33 Class Treasurer 33 Student Council KENNETH DAVIS Pep Club I,2,3,4: Junior Play 33 Thespian C1ub4. FM, fi "rr 14" .1051 .,-.- EDITH DICKS Band 2,3,43 Orchestra I,2,3,43 Glce Club I, 2,3,43 Ac- companying Boys Glee 23 FHA 1, 23 GAA lg Language Club I,2,3,43 DeLaureola 43 Pep Club l,2: Girls Ensemble 1,32 Dance Band 2,43 Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Music Lyre lg Music Bars I,2,3,43 Bronze Medal 23 Silver Medal 3. JOHN FLEMING POHOB Editorial Staff I3 Track 33 Football 43 Basketball 2,3:IIlt8l'C13SS Champs 3,4: Language Club 3. JULIA GLENNON FHA 1,23 GAA lp Language Club lj Pep Club l,2,3,4. BOB GOLDSBERRY Class Vice-President I3 Pep Club I, ,g4Ql.8.l'lgll3gCguCll1b z,3,43 Block E 43 Football z,3,4, Egbsii JV 3.33. JEAN HANSEN , GAA I,2, 3,43 GAA Board 33 Leder 23 Blee Club I,2, 3,4Q Secretary 43 Mixed Chorus I, 23 Girls, Ensemble 1, 2, 3,43 Quartet43 Band x, 2, 3,42 Orchestra I, 2, 3,43 Pep Band 2, 3,42 Music Council 43 Pep Club l,2,3,4: Pep E 42 Saga Staff 43 Language Club 3,42 DeLaureola 43 FHA I,2,3,43Christmas Operetta 33 Music Lyre I3 Music Bars l,2,3,43 Bronze Medal 2. JOAN HANSEN Band 1, 2, 3,43 Pep Band 2, 3,42 Orchestra l,2,3,4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3.4: Mixed Chorus I, 2:QL18.l'ICI4QCvll'1S Ensemble 1, 2, 3,43 Music Lyre l3Music Bars 1, 2, 3,43 Bronze Medal 23 Music Council 43Christmas Operetta 3QGAA I,2, 3,43 Vice-President 43 Letter 23 Pin 33 FHA I, 2, 3,4: Language Club 2, 3, 43 President 43 DeLaureola 3,41 Student Council 43 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Pep E 43 Saga Sraff4. FRANK HERNANDEZ Club I3 Band 1, 2, 33 Pep Band 2, 33 Pep Club I3 Track Champs 3. DAN JOHNS Football I,2.3,4: JV Basketball 2,3l Track Champs 3.4. 53 N'1.1-'L hs- 33, Q! emhz 66444 nr" 8 an 'WO tg, 4 'd X"""... I Q a 11:5 'Z dlaw '16 -CFU ,X , ini Q5- -f Q JIM Hicks 5 Track l,2,35FOOIb811 2, 35 Block E 3,45Tumb1ing 15 Glee Club 1,25 FFA 35 Stage Crew 152. MARY ELIZABETH HATUPIS FHA 1, 2, 3,45 FHA State convention 35 District Con tions 15253545 Pep Club 15253545 Pep E 3,45 GAA 1 3,45 Letter 35 De Laureola 3,45 Language Club 2, 3545 l,2, 3,45 Secretary 45 Music Council 3,45 Orchestra 1, Secretary 35 Pep Band 15253545 Glee Club 152, 35 Ensemble 1,35 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Christmas Operetta Clarinet Quartet 15 Lyre 15 Music Bars 15253545 Br Music Medal 35 Class Representative 25 Student Co 2,45 POHOB Assistant Editor 35 Editor 4. KEN HOBBS Transfer student 35 Track 1, 2, 3,45 Football 253545 ketball 153,45 Lettermans Club 25 Block E 3,45 Band 25 35 Dance Band 25 Class President 45 Student Council LERILYN KANE Fi-IA1, 15 25 3,4jpke'itet 25 Pin 35 Pep Club 15 2, 5 a wr' gr ARELLI G1eQfClub lg K. ge Club 2,3545 Vice-President Class Re resenta 45 Student Council 45 Saga staff P FHA 1525 35 Homecoming Committee 45 Pep E 45 H4 coming Quieh'Caudidate 45 Pep Club 15 2, 354. NANCY MADDEN Glee Club 152, 35 Junior and Senior Plays5 FHA 152, Thcspians 45 Pep E 45 President 45 Class Representative Student Council 3,45 Harvest Ball Queen 35 Saga staff Pep Club 152, 3,45 Hotdog Stand 3. Btu. MARILUCH' - Basketball 152, 3545 Letter 3,45 Football 1,253.45 45 Track 152, 3,45 Letter 3,45 Block E 3,45 lnterclass Champs 354. LAUREL MARTIN Pep Club 1,25 3,45 Pep E 45 FHA 15 Saga ff n 1 V, 1 3 xi an l l 3 C .us 3f""P'1l"f 'N 1 . 'Q ys X wwf' ty' ff JOHN MARTIN Class President 23 Class Representative 33 Student Council 2,33 De Laureola 2,3,43 Vice -President 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Letter 2,3,4Q Football 1,2,3,43 Letter 3,43 Track 1,25 Block E 2,3,4g lnterclass Champs 33 Thespians 43 All School Play 2,33 Senior Play3 English E 43 Homecoming Committee 3,43 Election Board 3. MARILEE MOI-ILMAN Gir1's State 33 Campus Capers Accouncer 3,45 Class Sec- retary 1.3: Student Body Secretary 43 Stlldijouncil 43 saga Staff 43 Christmas Play 33 Make-up Qiy3h1,,,3M3,,4.3 ffhespians 43 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Secretary -Reportetgg I,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Secretary 23 President 43 Lyre 13Service Bars 1,2,3,43Bronze Medal 13Si1verMpdal 33 Girls Ensemble 1, 3,43 Girls Quartet 43 Sax Quarlrt 23 Dance Band 1,43 Music Council 3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,23 FHA 1, 2, 3,43 Song Leader 1,23 Vice -President 3,4: State Convention 33 De Laureola 3,43 Secretary43 Language Club 2,3,43 GAA I1 Pep Club I,2,3,43 Pep E 3,4. BILL MUDGE De Laureo1a3,43 Spanish Club 23 IV Basketball 2, 33 Inter- class Champs 3,43 Music Council 3,43 Band 2,3,4:G1ee Club 1, 2. REINE SABALA Pep t43 Band I,2,3g Pep Club I,2,3,4: GAA IQ FHA 12 Staff 43 Glee Club 1. MARSHALL SEWELL I,2,3,4: Glee Club 1,2. SHULTZ SPIIRBQ Won loc al talent show 4 . SIGMON I,2, 1,2,3,4,Language Club 2,3,4, Thesp Senior Pep E 43 Pep Club l,2,3,4. MARILYN TATUM Club 1,23 Saga Staff43 FHA IQ Pep Club 1,2,4. f Semin 66444 4: v ik 64 'E Kina., - 405 . l ,av 4 6.1 1. 6 'YN' "" 35,3 ,..4lP CHRIS NENZEL Football JV ig Varsity 2, 3,43 Voted Outstanding Player Basketball 2, 3,4g Track 1, 2, 3,43 Block E 2, 3,4g Inter Champs 3,4g Thespians 45 Homecoming Committee Stage Crew 43 POHOB Editorial Staff 2g Ping Pong Team RALPH PAOLI Football JV rp Varsity 2,3,4g Captain Football Team Basketball 33 Track 2, 3,4g lnterclass Champs 3,45 B E 3,4g President 45 DeLaureola 2,3,4g Thespians4g F dent 4, Junior and Senior Playsg Pep Club I,2, 3,45 PO Photography Staff 3g Election Board 2g Student Council BARBARA ROYLANCE FHA 1, 2g GAA lg Language Club 1, 2, 3,4gD6L3Lll'C018 Trcasureridhflfhand Senior Playsg Thespians4g Glee 1, 2g Orchestra 1, 2: Hotdog Stand 3,4g Saga Staff 43 PC Businesslstaff 35 Homecoming Committee 4. ,en UDELL use Band I Q ' l,2,3g Glee Club I,2,33SBCI4 t'-Y c Council 3 Lyre 2 3 3' ce t 4 Chdstinaa Play 1 Junior and ,laygliome is . ng Committee 2: Assistant Football ager 4 Saga ff 4, Saga Editor 4 POHOB Photog Staff 2 Busin Staff4 Pep Club t 2 3 4 3 1 Z 3 C h 3: "3 . f 9" F' - : . :S ' ' 4 -W I. TE lt --- 8f.Gavel 2gThespians I. ,vi - QL.. . 3 " V 3 st if 1 ag if ' a : I 1 I l o a a f GAR SHEERIN DeLaureola4 Language Club 3 4 Basketball 2 Fo 4, Letter lg Band I: Pep Club I,2,3,4g Interclass C 3: Ping Pong Team 33 Homecoming Dance M.C. 4. JERRY THOMPSON Pep Club 2,3,4g Homecoming Committee 43 Baske Manager 33 DeLaureo1a 2, 3,43 Language Club 2, 3,431 eant at Arms of Language 3. EVYLYN TURNIPSEED FHA 1,2,3,4g Pep E 3,45G1eB Club 1,2,3g GAA 1- Club 1,2,3,4g Election Board ul-lomecoming Comn 3,43 Honorary FFA member 4: Fl-IA Conventions t, 2 EDDIE TURNER ,,,,, Block E 4, Football Manager 4: Pep Club I, 2.3.21 Staff 4g POHOB Photography Staff 3. tea SUE ANN SEWELL GAA 1,2,3,45 Board 35 Letter 35 Pin45 FHA 1,25 Pep Club I,2,3,4: DeLaureola 3,45 Homecoming Committee 1,2 3,41 Orchestra 15Tumbling 1, 25 Pep E 45 Make-up Crew 2. DUANE SMITH ' Block E 2, 3, 45 Vice -President, Secretary-Treasurer45 Foot - ball 1,2,3,45Basketball1,2,35Track1,2,3,45Homecom- ing Committee I,2, 3,45 PepC1ub 2, 3,45Glee Club lg In- terclass Champs 3,45 POHOB Business Staff 3. WILMA SMITH Glee Club l,2,3,4: Christmas Operetta 35 Lyre 1,2,35 Vocal Solo 25 Bronze Medal 35 Glee Club Librarian 3,45 Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,4gF1ag'tWil'1QtL E irls Ensem- ble 1,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Won Music larship 35 FHA 2,35 Pep E45 GAA i,2,3,4. 3 LINDA STENINGER ' FHA I,2,3,45 President 3,4586 1 , ,35 Dis ' Presi- dent 45 Glee Club 1,25 GAA 1,f' rv Q' spians 45 PepC1ub1,2,3,45 Pep E1,2, A , .me- coming Committee 1, 2, 3, mecomif -50' een Canlid' ate 3,45 Girls Stare 35 Var A Cheerleader- 1,2,3,45 Stu- dent Council 45 Senior Play. 5 REGINASTEWART FHA l,2,3,45 GAA l,2,3,45 Letter 45 Board 3,45 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Secretary 35 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 15 Glee 1, 25 Music Council 35Lyre IQBIOHZC Medal 35 French Horn Trio 25 Solo I,3Q Brass Ensemble 1,25 DeLarueola 3,45 Thespians 45 Girls State 35 Hotdog Stand 45 Pep Club I,2, 3.4: Pep E 3,45 Class Treasurer 25 Student BodyVTreasurer 3: Student Council 35 Home Economics Award 15 Senior Playg POHOB Business Staff 33 Homecoming Candidate 3,4. IOANN VIGNOLO FHA lj DeLaureo1a 2,3,45 Pep Club I,2, 3,4. TOMMY TSUKAMOTO Pep Club 2, 35 Honorable Mention in Shop 3. .-rf' HARRY SWAINSTON Vice-President 2,35 Student Body Vice-President 45 Council 45 Election Board 35 DeLaureola 2,3,45 45 Harvest Ball King 35 Thespians 45 English E 45 I,2, 3,45 Language Club 45 Junior-Senior Playg Track 1,2,3,45 Letter 2,3,45 Basketball 1, 1, 2, 3,45 Letter 3,45 Interclass Champsg. Q, S nl. we l in N'-1 i 'sa- , . 5 r. IQ- V ovx .2 1 r n i N- A f .Q X ""' 4 f ' ' 'zz' '9 , J: ? X' n I . i If 0 s x, " ' .ry!1 ' ' J, tw .- Senate 66444 fir 5 X 1 I I i BILL TATOMER Industrial Arts Award 2,3,45Al1 School Play 25 Christ Play 25 Christmas Operetta 35 Stage Crew 1,25 English 15 Masque and Gavel 25 Thespians 2, 3,45Boy's Glee I, 2, 3,45 Boy's Quartet I, 25 Mixed Chorus I, 25 Music 1,2, 3,45 Silver Music Award 33 Band I5 Student 3,45 Pohob Photography Staff 2, 35 Pohob Business staff Homecoming Committee 2, 3,45 Pep C1ub2, 1 Editor 4 . DON THORPE Student Council I, 2, 3,45 Class President I5 entative 25 Vice-President of Student Body 3 President 45 Block E 2,3,45 Football I,2,3,45 JV 25 Varsity 3,45Track 2,3,45 DeLaureola 243.4 uage Club l,2,3,4g Homecoming Committee 3,45 class Champions 3,45 Pohob Editorial Staff 1, 2, 35 Band DEANNA TOOTHMAN Pep Club I,2,3,45 Pep E 3,45 Language Club 2,3,45 I,2,3,45 GAA 2,3,45 Homecoming Committee 2, Thespians 2, 3,45 Masque and Gavel 3,45 Girls State 35 School Play 2,35 Junior and Senior Play5 Saga 3,45 Dog Stand 3,45 Delraureola 3,45 Pohob.Assistant Busi Manager 35 English E 2,3,4. DON VOELTZEL Transfer from Co1orado5 Student Council l, 25 Class V President 35 Junior P1ay5 Basketball I, 2, 35 Letter 2, 33 E ball I,2,3,45 Letter 2,35 B lt H r,2. GEORGIE WEA, FHA f ,3,45 Pep, p6'i,z,3,45 Pep E43 GAA r,z, ' , tter 2,3 4 Board 45 GAA President 45 I , his 3 ' 4, 'ra 3,4S,Music Lyre 2,3,45 Service Q, . ,wr , 1,3,45Sax Quartet 25.swdent Comme: -3.5 ohob 1 5 LLIAMS A Glee Club I, 2. - ' AYNE WORTHINGTON A Bas 1 JV 2, 35 Assembly Technician 45 laters Champs 3,4. PAT WINES Manager Basketball 2, 35 Letter 2, 35 Football 2, 3,45 Le 3,45 Block E 2,3,45 Language Club 2,3,45 Sergeant Arms 35 Del.aureo1a 3,45 Senior Vice-Presidentg H01 coming Committee 45 Saga Staff 45 Pep Club 1,2 Election Board 45 Pohob Sports Editor4. SHARON WILKERSON FHA 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 2,35 Language Club l,2,3,4: Secretary-Treasurer 25 Vice -President 35 DeLa11reo1a 3,45 Thespians 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Orchegfra I,2, Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Business and EditorialStaff of Pohob 35 AssistantEditor 45 GAA l,2,3,4g Letter 3,45 Treasurer 45 English E 3,45 Pep Club I,2, 3,45 Pep E 3,45 Dance Band 2,45lvlusic Lyre lg Service Bars l,2,3,4g Girls Ensemble 2,35 Clarinet Quartet I5 All School Play 35 Make -up Crew 2,35 Class Secretary 25 National Merit Test. STAN WIGGINS Class President 35Class Representative Ig DeLaureola 2, 3, 45 Football IV 1,25 Varsity 3,45 Basketball IV I,2, Varsity 3,45 Letter 45 Track 3,45 Senior Play5l-lomecoming Com- mittee 45 Interclass Champs 3.45 Tbespians 45 Band I,2g Trumpet Trio 25 Pep Club l,2,3,4g Student Council 1, 3. Q '--T 1 I, .,, pc: 4 -'S' F'?:-'Jr f Are these the determined seniors? JY rs. , flax. 4 L .Jan ' N NW THE DETERMINED SENIORS As the graduatsng class of T956 prepares to leave the halls of our beloved E C H S and face whatever the future may have sn store for us we would lske to pause for a moment and ponder on our past accomplsshments and memorses sn E C H S We started our freshman year as usual by whstewashshg the E ' Thss and our Frosh party were the masn events of our frosh year We were very honored to occupya larger space on the honor roll and to have one of our classmates Lsnda Stensnger elected as one of the varssty cheerleaders Our frosh year was made a hugh success masnly because of the cooper atson of our pressdent Don Thorpe ln our sophomore year we elected John Martsn as our class pressdent Under hss able leader shsp our Soph Hop and class pscnsc were a great success We were honored by havsng two of our classmates, Lsnda Stensnger and Mary Ellss elected as varssty cheerleaders and four sophomores, Deanna Toothman Pat Cook, John Martsn and Bull Tatomer representsng our class sn the all school lay, Lost Horszons We also showed a great partscspatson sn sports and quste a Few of our sophomore sportsmen were awarded thesr letter Our sunsor year u Stan Wsggsns actsng as pressdent As always we had a large par tscspatson sn spar F ecsally proud to have Don Thorpe elected Student Body Vsce Pressdent Regsna wart nt Body Treasurer Lsnda Stensnger, head cheerleader, Mary Ellss asssstant c erleader rslee Mohlman, announcer of the Campus Capers, Mary Ellss, Lsnda Stensnger and Regsng Stewart attendants to the Homecomsng Queen Our Junsor Class Play l Love LUCY 'WUs a huge success but the hsghlsght of our sunsor year was our Junsor Prom lt was beautsfully decorated wsth the theme besng Apple Blossom Tsme And last but by no means least our sensor year Under our class pressdent Ken Hobbs we expersenced a successful dstch day and pscnsc, and found our class play, Grammercy Ghost a huge success Agasn toppsng all other events, our Sensor Ball was one of the most beautsful ever seen at E C H S The Sensors were honored to have Don Thorpe as Student Body Pressdent, Harry Swasnston Student Body Vsce Pressdent Marslee Mohlman, Student Body Secretary, Lsnda Stensnger, head cheerleader Deanna Toothman Msss Elko County 'wsth Georgsa Lsppcsrells and Donna Woods, two more Outstandsng sensors, as her attendants, Beth Boyd a Homocomsng queen, Lsnda Stensnger, Regsna Stewart and Georgsa Lspparells, atten nts 4 lpomeymmg queen, Mary Elszabeth Hatupss, Pohob Edstor, Beth Boyd and Judell A ri, Marslee Mohlman as Campus Capers Announcer and Deanna Toothman,wrst he lf- l100l News Notes And so, st ss wsth hsgh hopes for the future and many pl nt Moments to Remember that we, the graduatsng class of 1956, say farewell to dear ol H S . . . . . . I . . . A 0 I l .2-. - - ss I ' Il I I ' II ' . . 1 ' ' I I . . . - , . . I, H . . . , . . . . . l 1 I . . . I I I ' ' u 0 l u E . ..l1............-1. . . . I u J s C C 0 u fq e 1 g o ,Y 1 8' ' . I , Z . . I , . . . . se cs. . . 5 I. - , - . . . S '-i -Y 1' h . Q . I I I f.. -- I n a . . A I . 0 I I ' . . . . . I K, I ' ll 'li as . . . . . I ..1..11-1-- I - - - ss 0 ss . , . . . I I ' I I s 0 - o H H . . . , . . . . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . "' I . H . , Q. . . . I I . ss f ll ' , ' . ' . . . . . 1 . . 0 1 UA ' . . ' ' 1 --5 T-'ass "4 In 4 . g , ,, X I ' 0 4 , V , .. , . - s , . S 4 . B 'ov' ' ' ' ' ll II , ,. . . . . sf' lvl K A .aim-4 ,ff - -,. ad F ,, r.. Kathy oldhum 'a,, QwL, Qirilni ggsmgfive ,,f"' Don DeVore W f-,fp ,J 'yi , gf Paul Scott i if Boy A - - hve Maki: . A ,f i nf. " " Rosie Olin s A V, , cretory-Treasurer' Jim Wallock President N 1 Glenna Baird 5 Joanne Baumann JanefBelI1nger Bull Bogue Ruth Mary Botsford Jamce Brabham Gwen Brown 'Y-:M-"'! Barbara Brusf Janet Frondzen Albert Goromendu Don DeVore AlberfEl1'mg It W-,,,v-4 Gor Kathy Horns If J JC C ' x 1 xx I ai Z I- ' - If 5 i f 1' -" ' Q Q is , V ., , 1 .-1 faq Q V., ' , ,Vicki E , Ttiif X 'C-'fl' X E Q. +4 -0 My P g , -fr-gy can 1 , K X A F' I . ' , Lee Hart 9-M' Don Johns Barbara Lando Kay Lear 'Mfr' in E lame Mink Eugene Montrose I go Kofhy Oldham David Neff Peggy Noble r --Q d i sl- 'K 4' 0 Hn! Rosie Olin W-Q , Wig- '5"' M' " -K """""' ni-WL... ,, I vrsa 45 M Charles Paul Leo Peters . ig , l f ' I -Q-1-...,. l K2 --I ..-........ Q. ids. ,.- 1 1, exif NMA-3 4 - lf 11" 151 da.. vi .. Helen Royl Simone Young Bonnie Sounders Renee Sawyer Poul Scott Steve Sewell Q " ' ,A . 5 , L A x f 1 I? ,fl , - ka. 2 M. 5 'fl Dennus Sharp Julie Sharp N 6 Patsy Sknpworfh Nancy Su herlcmd Ruck Sweeny Gun! Sufherlond -' I P' in Lounse Tremewon Joyce Trone 1" Q 3' lffy, Joanne Tom Vvolet Tom , f I' ,ni . 2 Bob Wulson Janet Wuse n .lock Wood! -1 is Yeager . 4 g x . :W ' . Ab , George Tsuc komofo Gayle Turner Jam Wcllock Tom White 8'-Hgggi' 48 A 4 JA, lf If if Bob Saige x s 2 all li In , JUNIORS ll!! Enjoying the thrill of being upperclassmen and still not having any- thing serious to worry about, we the class of "57" look back with pride at our achievements of the past year. , By the election of such capable officers as Jin, Wallock, President: Don DeVore, Vice-Presidentp Rosie Olin, Secrey wy-Treasurer: Kathy Oldham, Girl Representative: and Paul Scottgf,-5 . Q mtative, we df ' ' - i - . were assure rom the beginning of an ideal - -Y :N - our sponsors. Mr. Jensen, Mr. Undem, and Mrs. lvie. QQ? wi, We have done our share in sponsoring activities for the calendar year '55-'56, Much work and time went into the pressnjation of the Junior Prom and our class play. A Q' We were honored to have one student body officer from the Junior Class. -Congratulations, Janet Bellinger, Treasurer! Renee Sawyer and Joyce Trone are assistant Editor and assistant business manager of the Pohob, respectively. Charles Paul's voice can be heard every Saturday on Campus Caper. The Juniors are well represented in all organizations as well as the honor roll. 1 1' af sz gh J Plug! it N J 'Qi A 3 fs A J - i ing' ' f 9 " 1 1 sctviwgvlf-I' I fs' 'I' D 'V Al' M . E If Ji Y il rqfw , Y wvrnf. I 'Q-' 'a --rg'fi71i'f f'L'1f'I,a -F ff nf' r--1 -1. ,,-- 1 M419 .qw X U ' ' IU. L 'Y Q - ' V .' i . h f ., "K, J 1 vi.1,v. I ,iz Y' 3152445 gg.. Don Wilkerson Fred Peterson .1 . , I ,, A fr., - sg" Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Girl Representative J i, President Boy Representative .fag 514 ' p dl rd Nlwrv Armulh Sandra Andcmon Louise Boyland, BACK ROW: Myron Llqrrpunrnr, Errolyn Bra 0 , . . I , . . , Txfardcllc' Rnrrzf, Barbara Byluzxd, lmlorw llarmrclli, Aldcna BOllZlllOOIll, Carl Anderson FRONT Rklwg Alam .AXwrx', Louis Alfrud, Glenn lkllarny, David Alfrcd,J11lio Arosrcgni, lim Burnett, Cary Ballinger, 4 K FIV' 'tb q Q .4-J ' 1 fr - 4 V Ura BACK ROW: Mike Daly, Fred Goldsberry Lee Coats, Ira Evans Davis. Mary Janice Kate rx Gordon Fobes, John Collett., BACK ROW: Dan Halseth, Jack Huurcr, COl7ll,':,' Kcrazror, Edward McNeal SECOND ROW: Carolr- P .rr r,-:jetty Mudic, Mcwrlcuc Murphy, DCISHICfN1ZiddCI1,Cl131'ITl3iIIC johnson, Judy Morse, Arlouo jarvif VIRST ROW1 Bill Lara, Clarguc Cf loner, H111 Hcfflorrrrick, lay joc, 'JUL PICTURED: '.T44lw11rr.Hwllvr, C,Qi1crylMO'r1rrrar1, 'Uv-a Qi . 54 ix i I X GMI'-v : Sophie Paradise, Carol Smith, June Smith, Caren Ramsey, Gay Robertson,Sharcn Saunders,Janct Russell FRONT ROW: Brian Roylance, Ronnie Nelson, Adrian Samper, Norman Porter, Frank Fred Peterson, Tony Rucker. v' 1 f'qJ af' .34 fr. BACK ROW: James Stevens, John Ynchausti, Qatwin I 1 d SBCO , ROW: Gale Woodbury, Nina Winward, Pat Smi, Ja .7' !1 H -, A lircll, Sharon Smith, Livina Tybo, Dolores Tr fy? W Milf f 3 A Wilkerson, Don Toral, Lloyd Welch, Craig Rowan Q, ' g' A 'P ig, sh fn 1 . Nor PICTURED: Chris Wilson ,E soPHoMoRes mu 'Nur As a class that sticks together,we think we're tops. This year has been very success- ful which is accredited to our sponsors Miss Grise,Mr . Brown, and Mr. Sullivan as well as to our class. We reelected Fred Goldsberry as our Presidentand assisting him were DonWilkerson as the "'Veep", Fred Peterson as Secretary-Treasurer, and Cheryl Mohlman and Chris "Bunkey" Wilson as the Representatives. Two of the J. V. cheerleaders' positions were skillfully Filled by Patty Comish, Head Cheerleader,and Renee Robertson assisting her. "For the sec year in arrow, we were the more than proud winners of the cove Courtesy Dayi K. 1 spent our half day of leisure watching everyone slave away I e -"1 - 1 4, ' r mlgp-sthe chocolate milk which caused sueh anbt Sam new ' y this year to the assemblies, the Soph fresh asternbly. The res partic teahfilheartedlyand came up with several clever ideaswhich were enjoyed. a 1 SCN Q AL!! I L E 3 if , Q 1. 1 Th 2 qv.'fj?'6, V date of the neatest dancie of the year, the "Soph Hob . s f" ' P cv' - . . I' I ' Q 0 ' . .0 - il. Our boys a fy active in sports,and everyone participated in several extra-curi- cular activities. There are many outstanding students whose names keep reappearing on the Honor Roll. i 'L f The High School Band is largely made up of of one of the two head twirlers is held by a "Soph." ' V And what is a better way to end this TUTIEGST, the class picnic . ' You'lI hear a lot more from usnh i RP? 14 3- Q -in Dick Shuck Dick Harris 2 1 . karen Toofhman 7 SL Lzlnclel I i I 4 , ' """.vs-, - A ! I f 4 ,I A 1, I :3 A I I .L Q- rf V -as Presicfeiir' Treosurer Secretory Vice-President Worth mgfon Boy Rep! Girl Representative 4 a 9 J f Sam SAW, PN 61 Oxc P e dont O PxX6'ls A CX s Xe, nv, asuo Kuo Stow sa Rose Bo accx Gam Sw exs Ron cock wud Vs 'Y YL mow as a u E6 1 Yi Vx Ext x 3 as Bob xiiox A Rei ROW CA e an ilk X OSD 5 CQ? Oi Y C SiC sc chu K Q! Bums Ma e Yau Dao Banu C: cox? xXXe,av uv Canomexs If -1' ! isevesxq Ba was S ROKN Oxck Huge X9-51 YQO Ben N YAY?-ONN Cac xa 60196 xsoxx Dee Cmqo S S CO Moda Oxow NM e, Gahovla XNaXxe,x oosmea amaze De Q Ymqvxixg wma 'AMS Q0 a A v. wa Gmac Coopex es B16 'NY' G ska 8 odxa 066 axe Sack Goxvz.aX Coma Gaq .53 'N' . -f f: p 'I 'J 1 I F ' V -Q , . 4 1: T.,4':t. U 1 x,,, ff ,I x'f. " " ' 'f A C, ,J 54 .Q 3-iQ"'s' x , ' W r Q V 1, 4 X -1. vt' K. w' I Q , ' X v ' 1. iff. ' X . L., ' x X I X -v i I S 1 if? ' - , ' A, sf 1 X ' 'fig' , ' 'I I W Y ' Q .I N it:-,f t .Y I ' ' ' I I V 5 ' egg N-, Bo' , 'evo .VX 'C ,' xx, Kao, - , 1 ' , A , , xx ', ' Yam s, A r ', ' e, T 6 S XN1 X 'bg , Mme, Y . W . 03 Q, 5 K9 09. ' A K A 2 f . ' J M1 s 4 , ,V 3, ,f 3,1 t . .I I I 1 1 A I ' ,f 1 V, Q ' J It r x - 4. . A f X 'f S xx' ' . an E ' I 1 K A gf' H ff A , I P P -wi .1 . t ff . ,, ,A 'I i I ak A . . 5: C 1 ". EX 711 AN ' O 'K 9 X' 6 ' 3 ' Q5 , me E 0 z ' Y. ' X Xi , qw 6' . 0' xi Y- Nz N , , ov ' ' , oX , ' , C ' 0. A -, di! 'If' K 'H-il! Sharon Knapp, o ,L Patty, 'daXX, V1 Y nn Sa -f- W' Ron Hoiewj , Don Hatnson SECOND RO 1 1, Bowne Ketnan, N!1oXex We , Baxbata X-Xeabj , RMK Bones, Russeh We, Dick Hams, sn Hea , BACK RO . md, Ansoxa Hetnande , OW: Hayden Hendetson, YXRST R Mike Landeh . '35 .. 4 -Z L. 'll 'BACK ROW 1 Donna Peterson. cia Nkenke SECOND ROW: Gay Rex Rixcnet, Marty So Rncsxex YXRST RO . Lennni, Bany Lippaxem, Ed Pierce. V an Robmj. Nancy Resex, Bonn Refi, Marvin Yun Mmm, Bexnice NX axson, Yexando Rnccine , W- DavidRexjno1ds, B111 Ann Mosen, Yam Matson, Yomable, Sack fa 371 cCXzndon , X11 Pansy Mahoney A if -.1 4 V-' 099 sic , 5 1. 5513 BOX' 1 as Xifw' gi 16356 N09 GY SW 38095 Rxcyg 3:31930 oi3dqC Y QC! WT M 90 4 A oxcks 5 te?V'OST x00 gan 039 a 58 S9 a W W' XX S01 Z gd Catx 5 S n XG Cxxes B1 gr 0 8469 ew ,ow N, ,Q Q- 2' 1 Y xx Ca M wewewa' ate we Mena' an Ye 'iemoke xl 6930 x XR 0 rx wo? Eqe' Y NBQKQYSO 89106 99 50 X39 od FRESHMEN H ll We the mbhfhrsof the estowed on us the great honor of whate washmg the 'E 1? was had by all at the Freshmen Sensor Dance We b x Jw, members of E C H S that nught We are proud K' H xi " of -tlfe' number of students on the honor roll and those that parts cl nn Q' 'at MMS orts, and an other actlvltres From our class came one of the umor Vargtgf Chegrreaders, Gaul Butler We are eagerly lookwrd to becomnng sophomores 1 ' X 1? A , "" V g Q . xxx Q I ,. ' X - !J H f - E f-Nr Q . 1035 gre, ,Q 11 ' U V . X rf: V QA ' - N. . ,L Q A' I 4, ' , C, .ff . V gg RON ' V ' D ' tix- ' 1. , , s ' ' 0 ' S . OW 'Q K S .YA B551 X 5 V. A ' ONN1 Q 0 , xx YA x - ' 1 'Y .l X 'I'-an AH, - 1 , V' 4? ,ht ,Ab 'E .4 , . Z' ' ui- . I I . , . Y 4 1x -- K ' W, . - s,, W - - ' - ' '. , X -. - . rn ' 4 . . . . . K 'sy 'R' A' " s M . F' QM 4' 4 v 4 kv A - xxxwwjiw ' J . 2 - i E fr ' V3 X ' L D I If I v' X MTL 4. if " S- '15 'F A g, 1 r N ' --'W A ff , f X X " ff X Q x X X Wu. JH ' QW, MARY ELIZABETH HATUPIS 1 Editor 'S' 'C Assistant Editor A 4--' N ,Q , f ,x J .f?o5'f Q' gf, milk, , or Renee Sawyer, Assistant Editorglvlary E. Hatupis, Editor BACK E1 R' uCook, Aldena Bonahoom, Nancy Sutherland, Janice Edison, Dolor Tremewan, Paul Scott, Allean Benti, Art Editor, Marvin Lentini, Harry Swainston, Pat Wines, Sports Editor: Georgie Weaver. Eden-ual Szqg The Editorial sfaff ofthe 1956 POHOB' i'sxf composed of the editor, the editor, the sports editor, the ort tatives of each staff was chosen all the articles for POHOB. Muss 4 5 u r' -...,sN 453 'xii Tb SEATED: Sharon Wilkerson, Business Managerg Aldena Bonahoom, Ioyce Trone, Assistant Business Manager BACK ROW: Georgie Weaver, Pat Cook, Sue Anne Sewell, Judell Samon, Karen Drol linger, Dolores Tremewan, Bob Goldsberry, Charmaine Johnson John Ynchausti, Tim Smith, Judy Morse, Lee Chambers, Cary Bellinger, Pat Smith, Dan Halseth, Lyona Davis, Mike Daly Mary Ella Coffin, Janet Waara, Ronnie Nelson, Curtis Vice Busine HOB consists the business the adver an ch helps yearbook Assistant H.. 'x 's. 5 V, .I sts-or S f iv H8200 O , V rldl' KMA t M 1 'md' ' 49' A Wfamiiigf . . 5,77 V M ,A R 'rf FRONT ROW: Don Wilkerson, Managerg Bobbie Smith ' BACK ROW: Dolores Bartorelli, Pat Smith, Aldena Bon- , ahoon, Dolores Tremewan, Ertolyn Bradford. X X f"9U1'iv:., ,V The Photography Staff ofthe POHOB 1 take the snapshots that are included in this ' annual. Manager Don Wilkerson sees to it , that the staff is supplied with bulbs and film. ' his 'g R . f p p r .-i s QQ ri is :Q W , ,cr Miss PAULINE Gauss . ' an e rs. fygijif Panos Advisor ,W 'R ' 1 Fr R - ' QQ O ul ' ' 1 'Kim N' R f 1 ,yi -' .. is -. . fem . QQ' ' v.. A 'L A -1 .Awww V . VIA.: , 141' P' 5 1 fl x I 4 . -' LEFT TO RIGHT: Laurel Martin, Barbara Roylance, Reine Sabala, Deanna Toothman, Mary Coffin, Georgia Lipparelli, Bill Tatomer, Marilyn Tatum, Sue Anne Sewell, lean Ha en, Marilee Mohlman, Janet Bellinger SEATED: Pat Cook, Beth Boyd. Nor PICTURED: Iude1lSamon. ' il Q A i i , , if 5 Q V 1 l ' :-X l ' . 1 X N .via -A , K yt Q fi 4 as A STANDING '- ff' e Art Edit 4 W ...,,'k, ., 'V -1 ' editors BE Mug. Twelve upperclassmen worked on the Sago the post year. Theydevoted agreot deal of their the Sagebrush Sago. The monthly and is composed of poetry, pages, and special features The editors Beth were Reine time to Sago is publ dll . Till "' x 1 I ae J -Q- ' 1 STANDING fLefr to Rrghty Don Thorpe Bob Goldsberry Rick Sweeney Don DeVore Deanna Toothman Charles Paul, Nancy Sutherland Joyce Trone Clarence Jones Delarne Madden Paul Scott Aldena Bonahoom Sharon Wrlkerson lean Hansen Sharen Coats Barbara Roylance Cheryl Mohlman Janet Waara, Mary Sue Armurh Ian1ceCrumley Don Iohns,Caren Lee Ramsey Mary E Hatup1s Mary Ella Coffrn Marrlee Mohlman Don Wrlkerson SEATED Mrss Wolfe Gary Sheerrn Jerry Thompson Joanne Baumann Joan Hansen Kathy Hams Renee Robertson Karen Drollrnger NOT PICTURED PatW1nes Ed1thD1cks .faagaagg Zia! The Longuoge Clbb ,- ECHS is one ofjtshmost active orgonizotiong, Under I , V sponsorshipaoi Miss Wolfe, at 37members l F - rut f ,itgnding ofthe people of other no .- ,Ag s ' I , sin foreign coun tries, they leg?" ' ,ff o i jjjustoms and lives of these-peopl ers for t W 3 ' 'fekmester were: Joan Hansen ,PresideT'ft, nne, mo nn ,Vi ce -Presidentp Kathy Horris, Secretory-Tr and Jerry Thompson, Serg eant-ot-Arms. Second semester president was Don Wil kerson. , -- -.. 'F' ' g ' s STANDlNGfLeft to Righty: Renee Sawyer,Don Thorpe,Regina Stewart, Ralph Paoli, Deanna Toothman, Gary Sheerin, Lou- ise Tremewan, Don DeVore, Nancy Sutherland, Pat Wines, Joyce Trone, Jerry Thompson, Joanne Baumann, JoAnne Vig- nolo, Stan Wiggins, Sharon Wilkerson, Billtvludge, Jean!-Iansep, Joan Hansen, Paul Scott, David Neff, Mary E. Hatupis, Stexlq Sewell, Mr. Jordan semen: Mrs. Evans, Par cap pjiiiii, Bellinger, John Martin, Harry Swainston, Marilee, ' A' ' , Sue Anne Sewell, Barbara Roylance. NOT PICTURW Edith Dicks. 1 SW 2 INS TON D -166086064 The scholastic honor society enioyed a very prosperous year. ln the Fall, they held a profit- able and successful pay dance and set a precedent with their Homecoming Bar-B-Que. The annual Sadie Hawkins dance and Senior-De Laureola Ban- quet. highlights of the spring season. Mrs. Mr. Jordan sponsored De Laureola this Swdinston presiding as Presidentg Vice-President, Marilee Mohlman Sewellfas Secretariesp and Barbara Juniors with 32 honor points semor!"wrth 49'points are admitted to this or amz n The purpose of the club is to promote e ral welfare of the school and encourage high scholastic standing. 1 -ef I Y A BACK ROW: Louise Tremewan, Mary E, upis, Evelyn Turnipseed,Toni Pi1cher,Sue Sewell, Nancy Madden,Janet Bellinger,I Brust, Simone Young MIDDLE: Georgiew Gwen Brown, Sharon Wilkerson, Regina S Julie Sharp, Reine Sabala, Marilee Mo Deanna Toothman, Renee Sawyer, Patsy worth,Georgia Lipparel1i,Ianet Frandzen, Olin FRONT ROW: Barbara Landa, Pat Joan Hansen, Linda Steninger, Jean l Wilma Smith,Kathy Oldham. NOT P1C'l Janice Brabham, Laurel Martin, Peggy S 0' H I V, ix, , I . QNX RY lx M ,. A ggetii . YQ 1 K .,,,Q'5 k wg 'Q thanks adlie to Drill I ers,Ren Saw rand Linda Stem the Spons ,'Miss Lyffle, andl dent, Nancy Madden for the fre dous success of Pep E this year. 33 girls, in their fringed suede-I lndian ouffits,have put on many zling performances by doing SI drills for the Homecoming foe A, v . .Lk If NANCYFD Presi game and all home basketball gi MISS LYTTLE Sponsor 1 F RENEE SAWYER and LINDA STENINGER Drill Leaders fl . f X W , 11 ' BACK ROW: Bob Go1dsberry,Ggant crufchiey, Dan Johns, Jim Hicks, John Fleming, Milt Burnett, Jim Wal1ock,Judel1Sanion, Don IJeVore,Jack Yeager, John Martin, Ed Turner, Enes Alacano FRONT ROW: Mr. Sullivan, Doh Voelrzel, Par Wines, StanWiggins,Ra1phPaoli, Duane Smith, Ken Hobbs, Chris Nenzel, Don Thorpe, Bill Mariluch, Gary Sheerin, Harry Swainston, Mr, Mentaberry, Zhu! " n 0 96 P gtk The Block "E", in its forty-first year of organization, has had a very A successful year under the leadership O of President and Vice-President Ralph Pool i,and Secretary-Treasurer Duane Smith. Much of the success also goes to its sponsors, Coaches Sul- livan and Mentaberry. The organ- zation is composed of lettermen in football, basketball, and kack. i I Q l -A Q4 1 , - ..frl'f'i7'E pa s W Pre, 'nt- ster if President-:nd semester 2, ,Phe Future Homemokers of erica is an organization which T onsists of girls w o have taken at .Toast one ear of Home Economics. The Ellcol?lH.A. Chapter is the lar- gest in the state and the lar est club un the high schoollhavi 86 mem- bers. The sponsor us Missngetty Coons and the Cha ter Mothers are Mrs. Steninger ang Mrs. Tremewan. The biggest event of the club year is the annual Harvest Ball put on by the F. H.A. and the Future Farmers of America. The members sell candy and gum at the basketball games to increase their treasury. -- ' qiitxr.. i,-4,.?v-f gifs.- '1' R. Sawyer, Oldham Robertson, Miss Coons SECOND ROW SEATED: Hatupis, Pitcher, Bellinger, Landa, M. Mohlman, Sten: . : 4 a Tremewan, Turnipseed, Olin, Brabham, Skipworth, Young, D. D. Toothman, N. Sutherland, Weatherford, Woodbury, Noble M W , e Boyd, C. Mohlman, Wilkerson THIRD ROW: Brust, Paradise, V. T N. Madden, Sharp, Stewart, S. Saunders, Winward, Robimon, K. l- Turner, Brown, Baumann FOURTH ROW: I. Tom, Smith, B. Sauf Wise, Morse, G. Sutherland, Trone, Waar , D.Tremewa!i,,,l. H I. Hansen. f V gf' -P, I ,guinea .S'vv.'lR V' I ,' I , i f 'V'i ' , ,, SEATED: Anderson, Byland, Keman, Hernandez, Priester, Gamboa, Drollinger, Bonacci, Miss Coons SECOND ROW: Bonahoom, Johnson, Jarvis, Benti, Duval, Webster, Pohlabel, G S. Knapp, C. Sawyer, K, Toothman, Davis, Cooper, Butler, N. Pitcher THIRD ROW: Coffin, Boyland, Armuth, Kaiser Howard, McC1endon,Iones, Crumley, N. Harris, Moren, Mil1er:K Chambers, Edison, Sorenson, Peterson. NOT PICTUREDg DeVore,M Sigmon. Cc Brat Petr W N , 2 MI MIS S C OONS Advisor 'I L 404,-1 wiyk BACK ROW George Baumann Alex Ardans John Neff 'A 'F F 'FH 1r9b Eltmg, Davrd McCorm1ck Trm Smuh Tony Rucker Clyde mm s Ira Evans Lee Chambers Mr Wolf FRONT ROW S Rose Leo Peters Buzzy Jones Kxrk Barkdull Edward Achurra G don Johnson, Qav1d Neff Rrchard Glazer Norman Porter Gordon Gul da er James Srevem Jerry Chaprn Clrff Gardner Kay Lear NOT,ms S PICTURED Steve Sewell 4 . hymadeupof fhrrty mem . f ave to P filled In an agricultural class ' e must h assveidod with Farmers or ranches a the ust have a progect They carry on rhear w year round The club rs spon sored by Mr Wolf Offucers are Presadent Steve Sewell Vuce-President Chff GarcIner,Secretary Gordon Johnson, and Treasurer Kay Lear , a L STEVE SEWELL Presldent Q 52,3 vu dl MR WOLF Sponsor xp!! V31 l .1 43- 'rf' .1 ff L A po ' ,,,...--HW", .'h ... X .' ' 1 u ,Q PE. ,,.. , gif... ' f -u Ns i- cyl-i ,A ',,.--v --.1 4 -s 1 ' 1 KING ling M V SEATED Mr Young Mary Ella Coffln, Pat Cook, Ralph Paoh Iudel1Samon Deanna Toothman Harry Swamston, Nlr Roberts SECOND ROW Reglna Stewart Stan w1ggll1S Lmda Stemnger Lourse Tremewan Nancy Madden Janet Bellmger Ian1ceCrumley Barbara Roylance Dolores Trem ewan Sharon W1lkerson Beth Boyd Aldena Bonahoom Fred Peterson Manlee Mohlman, John Yuchausu BACK ROW Gary Sheenn Jul1oArostegui,IohuMart1n Iackwood Kenneth Dav1s B111 Tatomer Marc Brunper John Bonacct NOT PICTURED Peggy sigmon Thanks to the cons and of our sponsors Mr Roberts and Mr Young Presldent Ralph Paoll, Vlce Presldent Judell Samon, and Sec retary Treasurer Pat Cook Elko s Thespnan Troop 309 has expernenced a very successful year It ns necessary to be an at least two plays or work on two plays to be eligible for this organrzatuon We are proud to have 35 mem bers Among the events whuch the Thespuans onsored the Progressrve dunners and Brogan ance" were the most outstandmg if gf mu. " q 'Wink 77Zcwgf4z and QW el The highest honor in the field of the drarnatics is the Masque and Gavel . Hard work and long hours are the main req- uisifes in receiving this award. Masque and Gavel is a parfof the ThespianClub. Judell Samon, Pat Cook, Deanna Toofhman, Bill Tafomer. xii' s .4 f .i 1 Q. Xxx IT, W dll TH ES PIAN OFHCERS x r 2 Ju d ell S am 0 -'Hi 1ce-Pres1-.gf -Pat Cook, Secretary- asurerg Ralp aoli, ' President. 'ii' 7 4 H .- ' 4 X """1'.uMAA9'- ,,.,.. be-. is K V-Li 'W-. ag: K . ,. r-'zysv .. K., 1 ,ul . Q, z"la'a" '-' A F- k i ,,,.. N 1 Q-. Tl I . - , 2. ' l 'wasdw ' v f SEATED Bob Smrrh Mrs Ivre Lmda Drown Nancy Suther land Lee Hart Lorna Sorenson Norman Rockwell Ronald any Flemmg Rose Bonaccr SECOND ROW Barry Lrpparellx Don Harrrson Fernando Pucclnelh Edward Achurra Alex Ardans Curuss Vrce Ceceha Gomez Vrolet Ike Margaret Stevens Barbara Healy Beverly Haddlcan N1na Wmward Arlene IBIVIS Sharon Knapp,Karen Duval THIRD ROW James Yeager George Baumann Ray Corta Rex Borlas John Heath,Edna Maylrioward, Iamce Wrrght Lee Chambers Dee Chambers Conley Kershue Donna Peterson Edward Prerce Nancy Harrls Frances Millet NOT PICTURED Marlene Murphy JK ART 0' P 1 nr cz Zctudmatwcza Everybody dreams of actually participating un the strange customs of a foreign country The re centlyorgamzed La Estudrantrna" under the expert .,., guadance of Los Senores lvie sponsors, Lee Hart Presrdent, Nancy Sutherland Lmda Drown Norman Rockwell Vice Presrdents,MorIene Mu! hy Secretary, gd Lorna Sorenson Treasurer pessto make gli ffm osslble Forthepurpose of rad ,Q Sp qrltrtyih e the members famrll ,aw 1 re La Estud santma' l I can drnner and Mas IVIE G typmar Sponsor . 1, -4 : b l ' I n U 9 ' v v n n I : I ' A o ' . a I I ' l I 1 I X - 1 a 1 n 3 n U l ' , I I ' V l 9 1 n a '- ' I tu,-K C , , g , " ,f nf" A W V t- 4 4 . ' - ., fi! . Q wet... u f de 0 0 at as , 7 Q . . . . - U U O Q . 1 . I 0 ' J ' r I on l O 1 s . I ? - it 'K ' A , e , . . 1 . 0- . ' , W . , 0 x. nf' f i A 2 . f , - 5 , 5 of - P I OL f j t : - YI? fi ' xg, , ,AQ . , 'ef J ' Q F ' 'lf ' i ' ef 1, , X I. ' Lf, 0 " Q W sly. f vl' I ' I f " F U I , Q n u .. , 1 ' f "- Q , V 'V-V" ' -, 0 . nk Q.. r s ,ff f.. lr. K 7' ' ' 1 'fr' fs 'L " ,F ' .-3' YA . ., ' ',"l',.?"6 - , ,- 77 , rgmf : 4 N H Ji 15353, X ' Q4 ' 1 -v-'P' nd' BILL MUDGE Drum Major -1 Sharon Saunders Errolyn Brad-fo-rd i in Louise Boyland Kathy Oldham Gwen Brown 77Za7hzeZ1!ea This ear ECHSP had its lyargest band recent years. The - members worked dit gentlyand made it o' of the outstanclir bands in this section the state. After ploy ing for the football or basketball games, tl band, under the ab direction of Mr. Page turned in a credita erformance attl Eastern Nevada Mus Festival. Paul Scc was Presidentg Kat? Oldham, Vice-Pres dentf Mary Hatup Secretary-Tr e a s u r e and Renee Sawyer,Rf porter. 17 will ,iff 'TQ' 'wi' 0608 Dcmcu. QQ. I Barbqrq Lqndg Lunda Stenunger Kathy Oldham ezfecwieu ' Durung the past year these three peppy gals have shown a lot of school spurut at all the pep assemblues and games Hoarse vouces durung basketball and cold feet durung football season made no dufference to the cheerleaders or student body Lunda Barbara and Kathy speppy yells and routunes wull be remembered by the student body The cheers were lead by Lunda our head cheerleader For football season the three gurls chose for theur unuforms whute lackets wuth maroon slacks A specual unuform for Homecomung was worn Thus unuform was made up of whute uackets wuth whute slacks For basketball season the unuforms these gurls were seen un were maroon sleevelesslumpersandwhute full length satun sleeve blouses The skurt part of the uumper had alternatung kuck pleats wuth the pattern of one whute pleat and one maroon pleat Congratulatuons for a 'ob well done Lunda Barbara and Kathyl ri l . I .. . I . D . O . I I D ' u n s In o l . o a Z ' . . I . I I E l TT l f - W .l 0 lu .4 5, ff 5 , , i . f 359- 'J ' J' :Hi-7 J, wf1s"?:ff -9 -.wi ' H' V- +52 ' r I f Q I I .1 f x f ,mrs Yap... I , f':fr' f" .YK ll? .QF X ata , R 2 Qi ' . . ,Q 5 . I 1 wif LK A, ' Z ' Y- C : 'A 312- H4 ,f ' 3 ff .,,25,2 54 , ' N ik: .' f .1 ,- 11,15-.1 , r ,, k- " 9 A " -A 'iv-15+-' ggi' QQ? K . - , . ' " - ' 5' U A dj ' . . ., 'W' ' mix. g ' V ' -..-rf , - 'fy Ax Qgvfv... ,, 'I- 'f'f+.u. fq , v h 1 C' WWI, 5' , P' . o ,yi A , , A , l ,,...4. ,...a..-T--K ----4-ry - -M-v ---A dlt -..vi , ..4.....,,.J47... 1 si ,, lr- -P1-' SEATED: Sharon Wilkerson, Georgie Weaver, Ioan Hansen, Barbara Landa BACK ROW: Patty Smith, Rene Sawyer, Gayle Turner, Miss Lyttle, Janice Crumley, Louise Tremewan, Janet Bellinger. Q. 14.14. ganna! GAA has a membership of 150 girls, under the sponsorship of Miss Lyttle. The 1955-56 President was Georgie Weaver. In this organization,the girls learn "fair play in games of kickball, basketball, volley- ball, tennis, ping pong, badminton, track, GEORGIE WEAVER softball, and bowling. The GAA year Pfesidem started with the exciting freshmen initiation party and was topped off by the annual reverse dance. MISS LYTTLE Sponsor LHIT 'FO RIGHT: Donna Woods, Sue Anne Sewell, Linda Steninger, Regina Stewart, Beth Boyd. NOT PICTURIED: Deanna Toothman, Peggy Sigtnon. awxf- ' l -I F . Q, ..-...L,J.-,.a.-., J., Pi ji V ' ' 1. fi,',Lj1"""T' "?'lf'i,f . UW 'TTY 'P 'B ""T'lf""'ITf'75'M.' ,. V-av--P-fa 'vii' 'f -- P L. gem if ' . - A, ' LLI-T TO RIGHT: Mary E. Hatupis,Jean Hansen ' JN'-' ' " Sharon X'Vi1kerson,Shateti Coats,Ge.irgie Weaver 1 ' b Merilyn Kane, Wilma Smith, Joan Hansen. V " a- " ' ' .5 , ' 5, - C, N L P ' "V L ' W 1 X ' .B , D rr N! ,f s V. ' J-, ,-. ig 4 .fl .j a. ' - in LEFT TO RIGHT: Glenna Baird,Simone Young, Elaine Mink, Kathy Harris, Toni Pitcher, Peggy Noble, loann Tom, Violet Tom. NOT PICTURED: Priscilla Long, Patsy Skipworth, Janet Frandsen, Gwen Brown. jul -2 LEFT TO RIGHT: Dolores Bartorelli, Mary Ella Coffin, Karen Drollenger, Renee Robertson, Morlene Murphy, lattice Crumley, Patty Comish, Betty Gamboa. NOT PICTURED: Lyona Davis. LEFT TO RIGHT: Renee Sawyer, Barbara Bmst, Gayle Turner, Louise Tremewan, Janet Bellinger, Rosie Olin, Bonnie Saunders, Barbara Landa Kathy Oldham. NOT PICTURED: Julie Sharp x N-Mx V' 7 LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Pitcher, Gay Peterson, Lvnfdia Dodd, Marcia Menke, Merry Jo Priester. Sharon Knapp, Lorna Sorenson, Aurora Hernan- dez, Jolene Kernan, Patty Pohlabel, Nancy Webster, Karen Duval. NGT PICTURED: Donna Peterson. ,A LEFT TO RIGHT: Arlene Weatherford, Karen Toothman, Carole Jones, Nancy Harris, Grace Cooper, Ann Moren, Frances Miller, Carla Saw- yer, Diane DeVore, Bernice McClendon, Gail Butler. NOT PICTURED: Patty Kendall. I.l2lfT TU RIGHT: Aldena Bnnahoorn, Barbara By' lund, Pat Gerber, Pat Smith, I. wnise Boyland, Char- niain Johnson, Judy Morse, Sharon Saunders. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Healy, Violet Ike, Dee Chambers, Edna May Howard, Janice Edison. NOT PICTURED: Rose Bonacci, .loan Knapp, Margaret Stevens, Cecelia Gomez. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharen Smith, Arlene Jarvis, Lavina Tybo, Dolores Tremewan, Mary Sue Armuth. K - f, r fr C 1 'fancie- 13452 ,414 Zama- DL IN FHL CHRIS NLNZI L g Outstanding Plaur x Jxfaai-agw-fff'...ig' 1 -Qi iffy S1 'H '..n- QA. Y. ,, .na--A ,. gm 11 , v " . A 1 "1 ff? N 3 5 RALPH PAOLI D KN JOHIN-b SCORES Yeringfon Merdian Winnemucca Hawthorne Fallon Reno Sparks AA" Champs, White Pine Boulder "AA" Runner-up QA-Milk ' X' 'wihw' ,rr an fri xg 1 W - ' 'S' X 1 7 71 X ' XA 3 " E' ? ? BOB GOLDSBERRY JOHN MARTIN GRANT CRUTCHLEY GARY SHEERIIJ Cemcl' End Quarterback Quarterback HARRY SWAINSTON DAN HALSETH Fullback Tackle JOHN FLQMING Wingback ff, -5, x ..- .-', s- - -4 . , , BACK ROW: Coach Jordan, Goldsbcrry, YCdgCf,lOl1Ii5, Hobbs, Smiili, Priiiicdiix, Carainviidi, Wiggins, !viari1uch,Martiri, Neuzel FRONT ROW: Sliccrin, DcVore, Crutclilcy, tflciiiing, Wdllock, Thorpe, Landeil, Swainston, Paoli, Wim-s, Boiiacci, Lipparclli, ttalsctli, Coach Sullivan. The Indians with only ten returning lettermen and two new coaches were tagged as washouts before the season got underway. We opened against Yerington with a 6-6 tie. Our next game was even worse. strong Merdian, Idaho eleven took us to the cleaners. The score 45-O. Our next start ended in a deadlock with Winnemucca, Nith the experience gained in ourtirst three games we came into our own winning the next six games. The highlight of the season was our upset over Reno. We met and defeated Sparks for the Northern "AA" Crown. This victory gave us the right to meet Boulder City for the state title. We met them on Butcher Field in Las Vegas. The Indians were defeated in a hard fought game, with a week's rest and a lack of reserves taking their toll. Much of the success of the squad goes to our two coaches, Willard Sullivan and Austin Jordan, for their assistance and guidance. The J .V. 's hada busy season playing six man teamsand eleven man squads from White Pine, Winnemucca, and Carlin. I if Adm Sam. -1 - c . ,. 1 1 ,. - , gpg . . 31. -4 . Us Q X X Q I i N I 'q - -.A ig: Y K., sv- ,. X V Q .. if . 17, 1 in 1 L, . 1 is Y I xx Q 54155, f wx ' rap fx A P, Q A-sg J , I' irq . . . -Q . 1 11 , JTUQ I . .,, , an . ,H Z., If 3-5' "' K ' u.. - ,f fu 5 2 4 V jx E 31' " I '- jj" ' . V s X . fx-ff M- . - l uf ' 'ZQ gQ3,Q, "f -f 'A J'-A ' .. j I 0 g , 'J ?4":f":?Sl . ' rw. v ,-1, '.' o X , " 6' . . -, ki . A. W 4 4 Q, f., sptqq fe- A H I sth 'A' 'y V 4 5 V K , . 4" 5.4. ,:,,ff'q,4'5f 3, . 5, ' ' T f. ,- "' yn-iff--1' :f"f"' U t ' L.il51.13 .'-ma, : E ' ' nf Lima 1 'V ' ,, Y '- I-. 'P-" fi: , , x- , L ' h Vg 4'--' J! A A 'PP Q JHIVXLTVMQSPYN-4,:. r '- V ,eq 5 xl t , ,' Q-4,QQlil"L 'fnxvi 2. N - I' 0 ' -f 1' --4.. .,., , Q ev 'un f, Q i 0. ,.ag M '1 Q -'Fw 6' f ,., " - "1 H5 ,. - , ., - ,LZ M. Q, . ,vs Iii ' 1 -' 1 ' , ' 'X 5 4- G 'K JLX EE-vm . fi.- 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Iohn Fleming, Hank Davies, Bill Mariluch, Stan Wiggins, Philip Bellon, Ken Hobbs, Chris Nenzel, Bill Mudge, John Martin, Enes Alacano, Harry Lipparelli, Bob Goldsberry, Don DeVore, Gene Montrose, Don Thorpe. NOT PICTURED: Lou Allred, Dave Allred, Zcwkezffall The Varsity Basketball Team under the able leadership of Coach Fausto Mentaberry competed in the newly formed Northern "AA" conference and the Zone Tournament at Reno. Although not too successful the varsity displayed good sportsmanship and deter- mination throughout the regular season and at the Zone Tournament. The Junior Varsity under the leadership of Coach Austin Jordan has completed a very successful season. This team composed of Sophomores and Juniors played Class B schools from the northern part of the state and Junior varsity teams from Winnemucca and White Pine. 72 Q A5 13' ww" 441- -sun i R2- LEVT TO RIGHT: Coach Austin Jordan, Rick Sweeney, Don Wiggins, Albert Garamendi, Tim Smith, Dave Allred, Jack Hunter, Mike Daly, Lou Allred, Jack Yeager, Gordon Fobes, Darwin Winward, Chris Wilson, john Collett, Jay Ioe, Dennis Sharp FRONT ROW: Bob Smith, Manager, Fred Peterson, James Stevens, Grant Crutchley, Barry Lipparelli, Manager. X4 E nes Aloccmo John Mortm ST on Wxggln S Bull Marlluch 74 0 I' Philip Beldon Don Thorpe HGTV, UPVO 8 Hank Davus 3 bn Fxemmg o 75 ffy ...7 ' . .""".-M q I 'xc ' ,' 2, If 4- v K . . . I Nfe X 1 .,,-, rx.: 1, 'l ,. .mls Ex J 'i'4'. .mg ,, - i 3 , 1 I"'A" " xr fi! sg.. 1135- ,,,,, " an 1 . 2 emkvz Wztefzciaaa ampfx. The Senior Class Basketball team won the interclass basketball champion- ship for the second consecutive year. They defeated the iuniors in the opening game of the tournament while the sophomores defeated the freshmen. The Mighty Seniors defeated the sophomores easily in the championship game and the juniors walloped the frosh Five for the Consolation Honors. STANDING fLeft to Rtghty Coach Duane Smith Jack Billet Frank Hernadez Wayne Worthtngton Btll Mudge John Shultz, Kenneth Davls Don Voeltzel Bob Goldsberry SECOND ROW John Bonacct Marc Brunner Jerry Thompson Pat Wtnes Hank Davtes Ken Hobbs Ralph Paol1 SITTING John Fleming Chrts Nenzel Stan Wtggms Dan Johns Gary Sheertn Harry Swamston Enes Alacano 77 : I I v I . . . I I 1 v I 1 O U I I : ' I 3 I I I I 0 ndccmd. Wad 55 46 The Track team hada very busy season The Northern A Zone track meet was held an Elko agaun thus year as well as the State meet With sux returmng lettermen and a large squad to back them up Elko was a real threat an these meets 78 131.135 41 ff-J U5 fir 6 h A..Y 5' I L N F r ' ff: ' Y . X f' ' ' ,D 9 , , ,J 4' 13 5' v'.f ' 3 71 A7 , . - P fn 'r 4.20 J 5 AQ 3 7 , fu 6' ' s - . P 1' 1 Q ' I s X , 0602 ,lf of Sr. Play, "Grommercy Ghost" 1955 All-School Play, "Room For One More" Jr. Play, "Moudie and the Opposite Sex" Frm- V4 af.. ' 'W 'A ' Q4 in ' ,,.,,.iff' 1' v We -' - 4,55-5925 ar Mir . , NN . 9 , W J .1, ., ,A f G' 3 ff w Q5 I Q 1 'YS If AM. s U qu 3 - 'Wm 15 BETH BOYD ...... DON THORPE ...... Queen . ig v-X Q cs 1 X Y I It O.m,.i'1."'.,-.i"'F9l1If'-'YQ q- in CIA Wdmdddmddf gamma A L BACK ROW fLeft to Righty: Mr, Schumacher, Rick Sweeney, Ralph Paoli, Barbara Roylance, Linda Steninger, Barbara Landa, Kathy Oldham, Deanna Toothman, Pau1Scott, Jim Hicks, Mr. Laibly FRONT ROW: Mr. Undem, Duane Smith, Ken Hobbs, Gary Sheerin, Miss Coons. NOT PICTURED: Bill Tatomer. The seventh annual Homecoming will lon beremembered asone of Elko High'smost success- ful events. Despite inclement weather, freshmen to seniors went all out to boost the team and give a hearty welcome to homecoming alumni. Sparkling the enthusiasm which prevailed throughout the reat annual event was a pep pssembly on November lOthp cheers, pep talks, and skits providged the kickoff for the two day estivities. That afternoon saw the Elko Papooses lose a hard fought battle with the Ely Kittens by a slim margin of one point. receding the pep rally Thursday evenin ,a cavalcade of cars led by the band and Pep E paraded in downtown Elko, Amid songs and cheers the blazing bonfire and glowing E gave an impressive climax to the first day's activities. A flash rainstorm brought an abrupt halt to the pep rally and forced everyone to take shelter . Friday arrived with an ins ired Elko team on hand to rack up a substantial l8-O lead by halftime over their traditionalprivals,the White Pine Bobcats. Playing flawlessfootball through- out the game,the final gun found the Indians on to of a 25-I3 score. The coveted victory bell rang out the winof her proud owners, E .C .H . S. Halfffime activities were hi hli hted by announce- ment and presentation of the very attractive Homecoming Queen, Beth SBoyg. Concludin another of Elko High's memorable Homecomings was the victory dance, beauti- fullp decorated for the occasion. Three thousand balloons adorned the ceiling with a clever rep ica of Warrior field as a backdrop. Official crownin of Queen Beth to reign over the dance was made by Don Thorpe, student body president. Chali one for E .C .H .S. for a very success- ful homecoming . F! 0 545014. 5 and V 3 . ,Q ' ' 'f v- ' ' 'Lv ,X 4' . ' i 4, ui L 'fb K a 'Q' Us .' N' CONGRATULATIONS. . . . Marilee Mohlman Linda Steninger Regina Stewart Deanna Toothman Q -1 51 I fl' Ol ggi.: ll Q.. ' 1 1 ll A., -55 X H gs X xi X Xa.. X ' 1 'QQ xxx- '- . ' X. X , x ,xx . . , ..y "s, v Nk."'O fssx 'NYU N ,J-xx N vxy"'uN N . .A g,'xxQ XX, in NXNx E X .3-ixA.XX-x- as Q xxxxl 'vat A .9 Xxx-,x'1U'w ,1V'x --Q. X XVRXXY s'.,'X.VxxNV'z,x xAkf,x. 'ali " 'fs-xx .qw YW' 'b'N'fxx s " iX'x 1-, X N", .5 kyxira'-X xxets bxxi A Aa xtlxxybxi-Q N.,4i Xxbx, xxw"',,,N' ,xvxxx ' ,-.rxx-x QXX'-"'y,12' AN' X gyxiiy ga 'xi,s' xxx .X . NW .W Vx .N ua- QXVY , x , L ' , Xa luis, 1-x xXx"kx..x' .xy ul X. 1 X' .331 x'3-.Xxx nxv V," 1 'xx xg gif 55 XX 'his' 'SX 25,5 x X Q ' xl glfix 1' XXX! gm KV Vx 1'X x M l 5' - QKX .WX -, 3 4: 1 ,i n ti 1. xkgk xxx V X W. U li 1' ,nfik XV' ua R x nw' ', ' osl"sHglHx XV-'Xx"4xx' nuxa 9.8 'A .""v 'F U 1 . Av . ik .y x sulxx I! xx gt .ltg'X .-3x+" -, xym 1 K. ,,x 1 vi xx-xdx, muh f 55 Qi x,:'x4 H. I .swift xxzx a igl, .QNX . ' Q' l ' 9' xi r y'."" JXYXX X I. 1 fi ' ,il.4x'.,x6'.!xx , l 5'-4 Ki- "1.x15N,xnX'i,xXU I .mywg,x 1 Hun' Wai' D09 Sim Responsible for thc successful opcrationofthc HotDog Stand were: Regina Stewart, Louise Trernewan Janet Ballinger, Deanna Toothman Barbara Roylancc, and Mr. Schu- machcr. cceiadicmd. 2664 1694 70501. X Juuo AROSTEGUI EDWARD ACHURRA fa sf? , f Winners on the March of Dnmesprogrcm for FFA, , were Julio Arosfegui and Edward Achurrcu . vi Q92 WAN """"' DOLORES TREME JACK MNGTON AND WOOD AND 'X-Xi T MARILEE MOHLMAN AND CHARLES PAUL Qc 1 Qveyxvd' 3 f iff? ,,.,........ - ,V "'l 'Gs-..,' HARRY Borsp 'X Hoom ORD A N- DENA BONA ND CHEQYL MOHLMAN Bm TATOMER AND AL -Elko at Sparks -Elko at Carson City -Yerington here -H awthorne here -Jr. Pay Dance -Elko at Winnemucca -Elko at Fallon -Sparks here -Carson City here -Elko at Hawthorne -Elko at Yerington -Fallon here -Elko at Winnemucca -Zone fElko vs, Carson Cityj -Zone in Reno -Junior Play -State in Las Vegas Thespian Pay Dance -Easter Vacation APRIL 2 School reopens 7 Sadie Hawkins Dance I4 Junior Prom 21 Music Festival in Winnemucca 28 Music Festival in Elko Yerington Relays MAY 4-5 Zone Track Meet in Elko 5 Senior Ball Il-I2 State Track Meet I8-IQ All School Play 26 La Estudiantina Pay Dance 27 Senior-DeLaureola Banquet JUNE 3--Baccalaureate 6--Commencement VACATION f gccdlddug a - 0150101 Sem-7amZcat4. Harry Swainston, Pat Wines, Barbara Roy- lance, Deanna Toothman, and Ralph Paoli, were semi-finalists in the General Motors Scholarship contest. Zadfmafma. Assisting Mrs. Evans in the Library this year were Gale Sutherland, Nancy Sut- herland, Mardelle Burns, Bill Tatomer, and Barbara Roylance. NOT PICT- URED: Janet Russell. Mr .Jones new position this year was Building Co-ordinotor . :lj vw., liwiiw Poor Fxoshg Student Body President: Cute Georgia: The Plffatag Forever blowinj bldg DeLameolq Wh! h It Dm? The Rock: Some make-upgFFA Floatg A panmlay we have some, Toni? Re ly Beth: Some form Smmoneg You too, aurelg Windygsome pals: Remember when: whn, Pu? Golfg Fnnh lnirineag Young Marilyng FHAQ Wh! do you ave? Smile prettyg FFA. 'fr-1 jfs -L. ..-am " .einem "" ,al lust' be-9 :jf-vv'g4',..-'-N f ' l, - f' 6 Fx ' LQ 0 gal' bl'- 1 f 1 X ini-x -, x 'K X s X f 40- 1 , "f X 741424. 7a Um 2744 Zag Miami 7702. 5 77114, peczfwaa Zena, Weacmfcz 1 I 1- Emmmmfiull H im! I CR J E 66' U-C1 U QU UU THE p lf CO J 1 SO 1 . E O E A I. O E E S S WE E 01 C E ll I Y Y 'Q U H L.. 1 5' 1 I E u f an J G bl h h 1 fl sh L IF WE PRINT IT IT S RIGHT.. Yours Truly, THE EIKD INDEPENDENT PIIINIINI: if af if PUBTISHING A Phone T75 , -ms. x",, Scnio X DUPONT PHARMACY 1' NevccIc's Finest E. C. BQNHAM, Proprietor A Iofion for every notionl Congromlollons What food these Morsels be' Class of 56' Where From LlLLlAN S MOM 5 An exclusive dress snopl Infants and ldC1l'1O Street Children S Wear ing Apparel at o NUOENT S 382 Fifth Street E ko Remember that clothes play a large part ln your children s future Gifts Stationery Offnce Supplnes LUNDBERG 351 Fnfth Street COFFEE SHOP ln Downtown Elko 414 ldoho Phone 317 MANHAN S THE NEVADA HOTE L Sends Felncrtatuons 8. Greetnngs 475 Ra n lroad Need a Phone 774 vetermarran? CALL DR C H KENNEDY D V M Office Phone 439 N Residence Phone 439 R Elko Nevada To the GRADUATES From the friendly Hotel or Phone 290 Hardware and Farm Equupment go to the C MOELL COMPANY 429 Ranlroad Street Elko Nevada Elk at ' l 'S The Store for Men and Boys l . l . Q ' . F I 1 s 1 I 5 l , W. . Remember the KNAPP MOTEL It IS 200 Feet off U S 40 rn downtown Elko Nevada Go to the Nap Motel for everythmg that tends to make your sleep and dreams pleasant The NEW YORK LIFE MAN rn your commumty rs a good man to know So I want to mtroduce KARL KEPPLER Lrfe Insurance Accident Insurance Srckness I L Ill Mr Roberts F H X F at Gods and Goddesses 2 Couples R al Gon MCL ANE S Typewnters Musrc Supplres 234 S11ver Street Phone 1054 M. Prrze Wrnners Gym Ag Class D2-HCS Band IDEAL CLEANERS AND TAYLORS Your clothes look ltke new when we return them 566 Rlver Street Phone 217 616 Commercral Street Phone 270 INTERNATIONAL MARKET SELLS Fancy Foods From All Parts of The World Whrch Add Dlverslon To Your Lrfe ll' ' . I 1 . rl . ap I , f ' I' , r ,su K f ff . . .f- lo L I 1 ' r 1 , ! , ! I If 'Y A Q ,. W ! , l ' I l , , i I I ' . I I . , I SPUR DRIVE IN The LIIIIL Plate wtth The Brg Men Serxtte Our Spet1aItx Caes and Vwetk Attorney at Law GRANT SAWYER The t ourthouse Congratulattons CIass of 56 SPRO USE REITZ Idaho Street Elko Nevada STOCKMEN S HOTEL BARBER SHOP Ouahty Halrcuts 346 Commercxal Street Proprxetor W Combs Phone 136 Elko JOHN Q RYAN AGENCY Insurance Coverage o You and your fnends 465 Fourth Street Phone IOOO Comphments ofthe best Rallroader we know BOOMER SIMPKI NS Carltn Nevada What IS the state of your sole? ,f X Q x TRO NE 'S SHOE SERVICE 331 Rallroad Street Elko, Nevada JAY'S COTTAGES Sends Congrats to the Graduates I3I3 Idaho Sueet Elko Nevada 'V In Y' . uf j H V W Elko Nevada I 442 f r Il ll L T r 11145 Beffer Values af TRAHER S IU YL SHOESTORE' YSL Thom 839 NN Lan Jud 46, I lirh Siren nil!! THE TOT N TEEN its fc LVl'XOLCd TI 'W C,au1p11lm1txafBu1 Iurmpm d TAUFER S Barren dl u lpuru S LFYIC. Ranch Generators Lxnhanbed 336 Commerual Street Jnggs L11-o 'mvada BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF T956 -.J The Family Star Smce T868 Men's Department Women's Department ELKO NEVADA TTT- S o 1' That TL .- A Prmmal Ir ' 'st In I 3' 7' 65? , ' .lf A ' 1 ' VA F. 1 J . f ' fv N! X cf' ,NX 1 K C1UTI1L'ufUI'lil1ii?lCS. 'X' f, A ,, , , f 2' ' ., fl ' JT ' IT, 'WI T mnymgnlll T I ornuvm ' I 1 I K H f,,.,--- ' f 'ifek ig, ' , - M ' Iary Styles Jr ' c 1' ic. -101 f X 4 ' ,I . , " ' k- .C I ' 1 I' ' ,w ' - x V' xl: ', I . ,, ' 'r. o ' l - T ' Y - , I I . 9 . H C STEVENSCO S and H Green Stamps given on a I Items 7lO Idaho Street Free parlcnng whale e shopping Can Save As You u SAFEWAYS IN ELKO Leadung brand names and food for all occaslons Byron C Hogge Manager LEU-NND S BODY and FENDER WORKS Fruendlnness and Courtesy our alnc 384 Thurd Street o SNACK Rught next to the Courthouse An excellent place for our coffee break' Phone I46 J JOSEPH O MCDANIE LS Attorney at Law In The Congratulatnons to the graduatmg c ass from DR L D SMTH Courthouse Phone 611 Phone 2 Complsments of E C MURPHY Ranch Deeth Nevada Compl :ments GEORGE SMITH RANCH ln Ruby Valley Nevada of i - 1 A D is p ' yll Elk Th I Store Where You BAR B Y. . y - l I I 0 I I I l lllllllll Wl 82 Llll llll ll0Ml'1l Y X Jack Beffi Manager Lumber Phone 906 P.O. Box H92 Coal Send Greetings 8. Salutations To Paint The Seniors OF "56" Dealers ln Building Materials Phone I74 Elko, Nevada llLKll Txxgf 7eZe4co,u Ware! Phone 413 Elko Nevada Good Food 1- Bowlmg Zamn 91:49 Right on Mom Sfreei Hain! N2 .:5..,. 'vii Drugs Prescnphons -Cosmehcs Guffs , ,51- na can csnnssnuc Bao:-Q ncn- :ncbi . ly ,' PA . X I 3 I M' 1 1" U i 4-I I "I 1, Q I ' l n s I f av i v 5 Tis' I-. It ,,,,,,- K -'px 'I--U . ri xii. -- . '..?i Q QA s. . U, " 'V , ,Z t , ., A " f kj , N 3 I .lr b,-.L 1 I I XQ , It if If A P' ' "1 7 Q ' 'A 1--Q X .uh H . 'EN I- z 7 X x YV -r"' k ' V . - I v , 4 ' b fs I . 4 . J J' Q . X 21644441 Oi S Paints -fc .W ' . W, Hardware lmplemenfb Gfmm L L I F E lko- Nevada 0449415045 Specnalhes are Good Se-rvnce Fruendlmess 55' m 'X Nw.. Elko Nevada The Elko C L U NY S House f Charm Nevada M9 ,J 560 Id Fresh M J wf' suoppmc CENTER aho Street Manager Mr John MCM111an Home of Emerson Te1ev1s1on eats and Vegetables Lowest Pr1ces THE Sends Gr 449323 C LUB 449 ER eetmgs to the Graduates 227 Sllver Street Phone 105 mom Street Elko Three Day Servxce On Request I O .- J. ... ,f A - h w A X f A X A, Q1 tif? " - "" ,. e r ELKO BLACKSMITH SHOP Iron, Tank, and Structural Works Welding and General Works Elko Nevada The Bit Hill Thl1l'Sd3y? QIICSS XVUU' Hif Hi Toby' flutg C.15L11111g5 , ' I ' ""' 'CJ 1' L - 1 I , 1 2.1, lv' J .0 Elko 576 Commercral Street Nevada ELKO FLOOR COV ERING Propnetor Red Hammond Phone 1152 368 Idaho Street Necchx Elko Nevada ELKO SEWING MACHINE CENTER Automatrc Sewrng Machtnes Elna 460 108110 Street NavaJo Rugs Phone IOO4 ELKO INDIAN STORE Handmade Indxan Jewelry Chrmayo Blankets Looklng out the Wmdovv 'P Puffea Chest! Read fo aF h 'P Cute Sm1'e1 Y 1' 18 I ls this L M 9 dir 214 Phone 799 P O Box 226 One Mile West of Elko Nevada ELKO FEED AND STOCK YARDS Commercral Feed and Livestock , 1 A 'v K E ,J E 5:1 1 'N if E 'E" W M 4 fo Q " 3' do 6 X L ' O Q ROAD SI DE MARKET K Dt I' X IIILI NUIIII tv ull BOB 9 RICHFIELD SERVICE SLFVIK L lb our Specldlly In tllt I omtr of ldxllo SL T Your Buuck Deoler CARY HULL XX xll always tr o In Hour Budgtt 376 Q, YlIIlL1'Cl3I Strttr SHORTY S CLUB Illllllll L LlSh1 5 I 1CLIlSLS L Ixevada SAM FEINHANDLER ROOf1llZ,, IIISIIIBIIUII S1d1I12., t ll Nlakt Your Home Look Lxkc New! P M SUPPLY COMPANY Xxholcsalt Automouwe lndustrlal Jobbers mn Elko ELKO DAILY FREE PRESS Pubhshed SIX days a week 291 Fourth Street Phone 123 PUCCINELLI Bl CO For Cholce Meat Grocenes 8a Vegetables I In :H I-vw y dal' lor ywur VIIIIVL' 'Ire 4: V' 3.' I- . l I ' Q S . llird 435. I I IIYIII Ijlkcw N' 4 4 Elko Nevada I I ,fi IX 'lj 81 " 'Il' yr Iglku q' F IL! ll A " V 1 K. . 7 II" I ' ' ' ' eff S DOHENY RANCH so DUVAL RANCH Home Honest John In North Iork In Ixubx allu Conbritulatm -,C Sunors O UR STORE 'whats Grocerres Phono 1o65 Elko Ntvada O K RUBBER WELDERS soy lt s Trme to Re ure wrth Goodyear Trros and Tubbs We drstrrbute these ure: and Most of Elko Phono 616 DRIVE IN FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE Servrce when You Weed It O K SERVICE STATION 405 Thrrd Stre t Elko If al lac rm APPLIANCES Fwd' At PAUL S HARDWARE Phone IOI 533 Ratlroad Stro t Elko Ntvada Your Penmes Count 20 hhles Paved Road Enjoy an hour or a month at J cg PENNEY co :Nc OCARROLL S The Home of Values rn Lamorlle Hotel Bar Drnrng w , sr , , - V K V of lv vu KM KX u 1 I I XM , . - , . I I E I W Give complete Tire Service. I 1 7, 4 m . . E - Aft, 1...-H AT , I . . . it . C Q L, I . ' of at I I . . . . ....i-1-q .1111--1 STAR HOTEL L Mark the Star on your cal fwdar For Sunday Dinners CIO Any Special Occasion When You Go Out To Eat FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AMERICA Elko Nevada Fifth and Railroad Sts. There was a man named Frank Who said I'Il pull a prank And deposit greenbacks That will turn to stacks Fronn the Interest Paid by the Bank S C H -11.-11.1 PEOPLE S MARKET The best in food Elko has a store for people Which :sn t marked by Steeple Mr Gale is always there With a very pleasant air And his clerks who are most agreeable Phone 66 67 kg Nevada OLIN INSURANCE COMPANY Is Not Just a I-airweather Friend So Make An Appointment Now. Oo to See .lim Olin Now' Phone l2l2 First National Bank Building O O L E L K O 7 . 1 ,751 ' . 'ff F' I if d ' El C O U N T Y H I G H IN -- T ' . I R V I ,-.ii-1-p 1 iq IIA N 14 Lo m11Lrnz 11 SI LUXIBLR I Bulldlllxj 'xiatcnals A an 'ff 5 Coal ' S'-Q 'X 'x 4. ju 'H 0 of fs, 4-ff' The Best or Less when you cant fmd II anyplace else You 11 probably fmd ll at Joe Anacabe s LLKO GLNERAL ' MLRCHAXN DIS L Wrmhlds Jn K IO Null Dlxlddxolms o THIS SJNUIL, dms no .applv dl GR' L Oki 5 I LOR Xl i LIQLORS ' P, ig f' free Ikhvnry P LLKO DRUG COMPAINY 425 Ramlroad Sire I Phone I5 A gbood plane to trade PAUL LYON Proprletor We help raxse the BEEF that Feeds Amenca's People! R E HARRIS RANCH HARRY M GALLAGHER D D S MORRIS F GALLAGHER D D S THOMAS H GALLAGHER D D S Eighth and Court Street Elko Nevada We HUNTER 8L RAINBOW THEATRE 010 'YQ' 415g5sr1::uil!+ Entertamment o a ages I ' Phone 259 or visit O Commercial Street Q 'YJ fx ff, JA 555' u I 'uh X--:s:-:ff i.. -' ,vh 'M ,M 1' ufsl :HE i 'u I I I u' 'v O1 HOWARD'S FEED AND FEED ko Nevodo SILVER STATE TRUCK LINE INC Phone 424 Nnghf Phone H75 or T262 Lnvesfock Lnvesfock Feeds There once was a Srlver State Truck Llne Whose Reputatlon Was Servlce qulte f1ne They hauled l1vestock feed Because rt allowed rancher s cattle to dme 377 Idaho Street COMMERCIAL BEAUTY SALO N or Harr dos rke t rs Phone 100 llalr uttrng Shaprng bt lrng J M CAPRIOUR COMPANY 500 Cornmercral St Phone 356 1.9 if Q 94 1' ' !. WI fill W-'at For every lrttle toothache see DR STEPHEN W COMISH Phone 74 Henderson Bank Burldmg 540 Idaho Street Phone 1302 CARTER HOTEL Leslre 8s Mrdge Carter Everywhere you hear about therr banquets' In The Heart Elfko COX JEWELRY 413 Idaho St Elko Ed Cox Proprretor Watch Reparrrng Our Specralrty Authorrzed Watch Inspector For Western Pacrfrc and Southern Pacrfrc Rarlroad There rs a Jewelry store rn our town Of extremely great renown Here usually the schemrng Gal A bashful boy trres to corral Ti- rf! P' r 1 Ctrvld A' -,eu 3 R H75 i El I ' F . . ' - C ' 1. , Q. , h' gc . Y . . fa" E112 vv tk ' f t We is - - 2 1 A' 'f MT ir' ':lyT?3'n- . . " ,,-gi E Wflfl ' 0 E? X? T-'SIA ' . I- Which was quite a deed J " T 1 5 'ld' 'f i . ' 5 1 A . T!! W3 ' .,f L Y I ' x . , , 0 :e : it Eze ,o J E-it-'2"""-5' A I E5 F' ,.. -'gf t B v, fl CME: ':-IL" . , L 7 , I . V' of . f K 7 ., , , ll-Y, ., , -.-....:,, ...Y 43 7 r-J ' Qu Q WHEN IN ELKO STOCKMEN S HOTEL Wkfzg Zig Wed? 5412. if Zee? -ix .-4-""' F,-Lilgr' zn Aga 'JT-'-Ez... V ..l,:,,zP- Its: Ai E mfg f STD KM ENS Hom ...xjl WEEID FAMOMS CWARCOAL akouev srrnxsqggxxm Q, if 5' Y fa V01 X1 2 nv n -.- -- -tiiir Y - ""'X -, ,.-7 1, S- . ,.1' b - '- -l i," 3 -L-,-,A - " ' - --- ' A 1-37 . 'l-V EHYA 'f " Y , Y Q f - ,E 1, V-:mf .pp ' rf ' 3 ,-. ,A . -Sgx. ' A fgg-.-.-- 3 ' ' -f 135 f N i-4e ' N r-,-gi:-S4gf5 : :f""!' f - 'LXR' , , gl' " 3 5 ':-Q-H-P1 xii .- ' " i ,- , ' ' --' X'-E kms?-"Qs is if , 5 Wuxi " TQ-T 1 X X 433- Tm W: Y, Y ,ff N' Wi, .-:Af ' ' -' - 1- A P -flfigft-"Yi---- f 4 , gp- Q -Q.. g , 4 5522 ""' ' f 'A 7-Y-,gr r Q-ft? 1 2. 55 ? T2 - ' - -' ., f 1 ' ' ' 'ff ki -'Eg , "' 2-Ezffj' g . Qi? ' ' " ' . . fi - ' ' - "' ' ' W ilfiih A ,N xi,-25 2 11 I , , 'gwgw LL-Q -:-1 J4 'Q Q , f , ' 3 M - A-., - - I . - ' 1 ,,: " 'Rafi L 7, t ' - ' - af- u fr mi 3 Q .C S "' , - -N-f ,.,.L N v 4 X , . N ,.:- 4' s -V 4 -ix 1 ' - -- L - f - , - 2 . 53 -5 W -W , ,- - ,V 6- K - g i, X F m ,g,- gs V X ' - ' ' Ni 'xx K 5' '-S4 Y- w':-' 'lf f X X5 ' -X ' '- ,ff -L-, -."' X N '-- N ' xxx wma '- ' ' xi B THE ANDREW BOYD RANCH One of the RANCHES whlch makes Llko L, umx KNl1atItIs CENTRAL MARKET Nieats br mcg T1 A dog IS man s b st frxend but A customerx our b sr fueud I-7013637 W N BLOHM 477 lclaho Street E ko Nevada Downtown at W N Blohm s Jewelry Store You Fund bracelets watches and lewelry galore Here all kmcls of gafts As you wnll be told by any young Sophomore It ls Your Best Bet To Offace 510 W Resldence 5lO R HUGH D McMULLEN Congratulauons to the Nlxglm S mors DR BRANDT Churopractor 377 Idaho bm r Elko Nevada 207 Taber Bunldmg 421 Ronlroacl THE AUM BOYD RANCH Street Elko Nevada Real Estate Insurance Ranches A Specnalty CONGRATULATIONS O l 7 . -O . v .H I , ' L -'es ' ', I . 4 I C A , A ' 5 C ' - Are bought with much thrift h xc - : - . I . ' TC . . un . QB 2 I Wahl 24464 'Zlaezoelied Elechoacbalfq n 384 Fourth Street phone 226 W Packard Bell exclusuve nn Elko Webcor phonographs 8. Phnlco Radros Stromberg Carlson records batterles tubes and Televuslon Thus pucture Records for was taken at the time Teen agers that theur Record Bar Youngsters was beung bunlt And Grown ups Weacwla 'z?cm6 Of Zammmcg Branch Offices at Bottle Mountam loche McGnll t up VF Austin Reno NE 8. ELKO On the corner of Fourth 8. Ranlroad Stands a bank that adhers to thus code We are courteous teach thruft And take care of your gnfts So your precuous gold does not corrode . . . . I 1 1 . . , .. I I . . . " n P. . -ly 3 .,1'. ' . . . I I . . . 56641 f-fcctamafilg fffacocdclidan BELLINOER MOTORS DEVORE CHEVROLET COMPANY WARREN MOTOR COMPANY PAUL SAWYER MOTOR COMPANY WRIGHT MOTOR COMPANY DUTCH STENOVICH MOTORS HAWK PONTIAC and CADILLAC Musnc News Sports Drama Hugh School News and Talent 5 30 on Saturdays Teenage Program Monday Thursday T240 Knlocycles Elko Nevada 1 1211.1 N -XL 'NIR N IHRIXI 'N .lm N Hd 1111 spIc1.111f1 1 P1 :I und 1w11 1- H1 ns AndxhI1Lvarr1Lta Irv r1I1 1 IIf 111 1k inn IIl1IlI1IlL, LWN YHLI. C UN Li TIONARY Uwx 1ce NLM N and 5 Vm1kk11NNa1ra X IOIET9 1 ASHIO'xs OXNNLRN X mlm C onlex a11dIrI11e bamord U11 I a 0 Strut Hu IBILSI six as WRIGHI AND EARDI IIY ATTOFIICXS at law Henduson Bu1ld111g FHARLI5 B LUNIO Tha lrmndlx Rancher Ir n1 111535 I RAN I C ongratulates tI1I Sernors IawOff1ccsoI WII LIAMS 84 MANN Q17 Idaho Srreet Kenneth L. Mann Ruth W'1ll1ams V, Qfi 'f 'iIN.' Mr, ' 1Mr5, fl I -1' 3 ' 111 HWS 1.11111 Ea. X OT IN I1 'gl 'ay.1O 3 Ex I w 1 p'111 IIUG5 XR 11s"1' 1 ' ' X' Sends c11111pl1111c1115 7111111 '1'If,,'-Ida 111, Mr, '. Ii .1 -- " ' 1 l'1r ' H "W ' :xx A11 THi MARBLE HCIIES Ji-.f DAIRY QUEEN Hrts the Spot In zones Sundaes Malts and Shakes Drllres tool Compllrnents to the class of 56 from TIP TOP DRESS SHO' E O I lrst Nauonal Bank Burldlug ARDEN AGENCY Elko Dnsmbuttng Company Phone 81 Box 630 A Cornplrments of CELSO LIVESTOCK COMPANY Located 1n the Stockmen s Hotel Ph one VAUGHAN AND HULL Attorneys at Law Professronal Bulldrng Elko Nevada WIGGINS TEXACO STATION Frrestone and Goodnch Products Thrrd and Idaho Street Phone For Fine Workmanshrp EGLESTON PRINT SHOP 522 If2 South Frfth Street Elko Phone 1155 435 South Hfth SMITH BROTHERS STEEL FABRICATIONS Elko, Nevada ' 1 1.6 I-GE-'fr' i I 7 lf t L. S --Lv ' ,- .---- J Xu-1---p---I l:':,f.'-.t : . U A ,1lAAL.A..a-4x7 .. ....-... ...... ...f-- .. ,... ........ -...... .......,.., ...- "Q-ji ..... .., ...... 1 lr. ...-.. ...... .va -., 9 - - 66 21 ' ' ' , - IIS2 5.5. rx P rr' for Whom? Model Junior oys. Q!! eminsmeo te o's I me center R d f h Wh k B Grammar School. of attraction? 3 ' 'Gulf-1 GWAIY- YO!! CAN IICK l7'.' Ulf INFLATION 0 Qc CR M. .A 1 DOLIUC3 l THE ELKO lAMOIllE POWE X342 wr? 2 X Compl ll'T'Iel'1fS of R C0. I h' I? Such lovable girls! ? . . V Who IS thrs? Your one 85 only. Say Cheese I Ruth Wolfe? Workin Hard? ELKO AUTO COURT Elko You 11 hke It 1271 Idaho Street Nevada E LKO SHOE SHOP f J sell em 81 Reparr em 386 Fourth Street 9 X Q QS Louxs Hatupls Propnetor 1 Congratulau ons Class of 56 DR PAUL Del GIUDICE Charles Evans Attorney at Law Congrats I0 the FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Graduating SCHIOFS F1sh1ng'7 ls th1s M T 'P La Vegas? Thls must be xnterestxng I S A ' ' .. IU! 6 We ' ' ' 'Q N .. , . ,, -3 I 'a L Til at I' if f .- allay 0 . ' Q - In the Henderson Bank Building, It is S . L I f. I E L-AERO SE RVICE S Municipal Airport Elko, Nevada Aircraft Sales and Service Flight Instruction I talce it you have Aerial Spraying been to Air taxi STINSON-BERGER FURNITURE COMPANY Range Saltnng Ralph W Scott Manager All your furniture seems to appease The fussy taste of the favorite niece And your daughter s room Always seem to bloom With style that doesn t drsplease West of 440 Commercial Street Phone I9 E ko on Highway 40 pf X V I Phone l53 PURITY DAIRY 476 Twelfth Street Bug dogs and little clogs always eat Grow Pup Cats eat Puss and Boots from a cup We know there is something amrss Because both are mere synthesis So we drink Pure ity Dairy Milk from cups Distributors for Chrsm Ice Cream 7 Up Mission Beverages 6 THE FIIIEST Ill FAMILY EIITERTAIIIMEIT I f If . I . . , y :1' 'EAD - g gezzqmoron-vu WHITE APPLIANCE EUGENE F WINES T he Bacon Makm Man IXLIVIITAIOI' INISXIAB Irofen I ood S NIonarch Lasx L Vlce Bendlx 247 Tenth Street Pham 741 C on plete Home I IITITIQIIIIIFS ff? 77Zczc4 lndusfr I aI Crawler Tracfors Dozers Scrapers Shovels Motor Graders 251 West Commercial Street ampmq SaIes and Servnce ALLIS CHALMERS Agrncultural Wheel Tractors Haymg Equupment Chemncals SprInkIers and Irrngahon Pumps Elko Nevada STAN ELLISON WAGNER' S ICE CREAM Congratulates the Graduatmg Class ElIK0'S Only ICG Cfeam Producer of T956 Phone 475 W Propuetor Fred Wagner ' - I . V , Q , lr' , N .5 y . . V E1ko,Ncxada , I , . 0 4 I I SANFORD TRACTOR 8. EQUIPMENT CO Agent fe Ca1erp111ar John D ere Phone II4 Elko and Reno Branches HOME BAKERY Owned and Run by Charles and Mary Jane Armuth GENERAL INSURANCE 81 REAL ESTATE DELPHA M JEWELL 301 Henderson Bank Burlclrng E ko Telephone I5I Surety Bonds Casualty Automobr le rre Congratulatrons Northern AA Football Champs from PERALDO DISTRIBUTING CO Farr s Root Beer Coca Cola Phone 194 ORVILLE WILSON Attornex At Law F1rstNat1ona1Bank Bumldxng Elko Nevada THE CREDIT BUREAU OF ELKO COUNTY Don I rake rrsks Phone 114 Box 308 Elko Nevada R F Holmes Owner UK' V C E a I I F. Protection for Everything! ll I , . . WHFWW I f ZS FRES EST TIIIII6 III TOWN! THE SPUDNUT SHOP PROPRIET ORS Bob 81 Iacquxe Hettrnger Phone 111o vt 323 Idah J St Elko Nlevada MADDE N UPHOLSTERY SHOP Phune QQ W for Free Estrmates 461 Iourth Street Elko Nevada RAY HEATING 8- SHEET METAL I Gallagher PROPRIETOR 708 Rrver Street Elko Nevada WESTERN TRUCK AND TRACTOR lnternatronal Trucks Tractors and Farm Equrpment We do reparr work tool Fourth Street HUNTSMAN S RITE WAY HARDWARE Elko Nevada HARDWARE 328 'S is SYN 43' D BURNS COMPANY Appl lances Dmnerwore G nftwores Housewares Steel Goods Pau nts 453 Idaho Elko ,. Xfff' f , WI 0 X I - C. 9 1--' H E I k 0 Q. : ' - we ANMNWAANW x ' fx I 461 J 2 ' ', FE , ER 55111 . X TTT X , - Moy 29 1955 Dear Ranchers Busmessmen, and Women, A few days after school commenced our photographers began taknng pnctures Thus contnnued throughout the furst semester Wnthm the fnrst three weeks the Curtus Subscrnptnon Drnve was launched The students response was wonderful The sopho mores were the most ambutuous with the energetsc frosh runmng a close second Durnng the months of November and December, our able busuness staff spent theur days sellvng ads At thns tame our student photographers were also very busy Thanksgnvnng Vacatuon was spent preparmg the fnrst section of the book Cs rust mas Vacatuon was used to arrange the second part of the annual The fmal part soon followed We managed to meet all deadlnnes Deadlunes are horruble as all the POHOB Staff wnll testnfy Mary Elizabeth Hatupns Edntor worked constantly throughout the whole ear and thas wonderful book of memories rs the result Thus wall be the hlghltg t of Mary s semor year, and the student body s school year Very few people realuze the long hours and the hard work that our edutor gave to the E C H S annual Orchuds to you Mary' l Muss Grnse as the person who mstructed us when we were stumped She corrected all of the pages an thus annual Sometnmesthus was quite a gob because my dummy sheet had a way of becoming unbelievably maxed up Thank you Mass Grnse Joyce Trone myassnstantbusnnessmanager wasalwayswnllnng to work Georgne Weaver was the POHCB S Gnrl Fruda and Aldena Bonahoom promnses to follow an her footsteps I also want to salute A lean Bentn,art edntor Pat Wines sports edutor and last but not least, Renee Sawyer, assnstant editor lAllvery capable workers In conclusuon I want to thank you ranchers, busunessmen and women who helped pay for thas book through your generous contrnbutnons Wuthout your and we would not have been able to publrsh thus fme book through whnch you have gust thumbed Thanks agaun for your support' Snncerely yours, jffjkwaa-na Sharon Wu lkerson 'X fQ T- Z' ..r'-A Business Manager V X U 1 l aa. 'Q Q X . s. A -' ll XX, fu x,'I h ,I , A. A 'miie' T' 5 in N ,, X 1 . . . . T, i u I a .I ' .Z . . - L . ' L cg, , 1 . ' .4 A593 YEAPBOOKS , , Vi ,, ir 1 . my-Mr f- 1 ff... ,i,ti.,,mm,,,,,-f,m ' f 1- , , L- . , ,-,.a1v??.Qrg.3s5vi-.,,-9,1-, V-I ,gh K A mL -w ' gg.. 1.4 if 4. A, fun-. fb, gf- rv- -391 ua- ' ' .wx-1 v wx Qw- gm -'51 1.-Q QQ-'ii -4,-Q" 4' J' mb.-Q' w N- vs., x""' :'.7.:: J... v J ha: 4-N 35,6- Q .4 W . W -4 'REQ lim: 24551. ,K , 1 : ul.. Z .vi E-liz 83.524 1334?- G76 if-3 1: .4 .im ' E3 K ,ss H:-.Sid .M-r7.."'.l -sim - ' 14

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