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.: I, wi 5,16 J' 5 Fw ,z rx' 5 "L ff u V . F, 1' If 'K 50 is , fl f"X Q 1 -1? .-2' 'pf My 1-Af nag 413' I?""ifQ-1.QWI.-,fk3,!v""'3:'E''Ka' 3 is . - ., ."'g21:'m1f 2 1' ,wwf W - . -1' -' J ,uf N .13 1,0 ,Gy 3,9 .a.-11,3 'v I 4: . 1 S N ."X .. Q. 'i .3 Kg! 5. Q- 1 'x in -C n . W 52 .T Tv 1953 Compiled and Edlfed by The S+uden+s 1' ElIi0 CUUIITY HIGH SCH00l PAT BELLINGER ANDRA BERGER ARNOLD CARRILLO MISS GRISE Edlfor Assls+an+ Eddor Busmess Manager Sponsor ' o Sw' Cf, V Lf Q ...sw-S1-.' uw FORElll0RD ln eduTlng Thus annual we have aTTempTed To porTray The curricular and exTra currucular acTnvu Tues oT The Elko CounTy Hugh School The depressuon beTore The T900 s gave To The sTaTe lnvesTock possubuluhes IT Then became an nmporTanT TacTor In The bualdlng oT Nevada because :T gave The people a more permanenT basuc raTher Than The uncerTa1n one oT munung Because oT The expansion oT The nnousTry many railroads were broughT 1nTo The sTaTe American lrTeraTure has been able To add To 1Ts pages The sTory oT The wesTern cowboy and many songs have been wrlTTen To commemoraTe The caTTle undusTry Thus we have chosen The l1vesTock lndusTry as The Theme oT The POHOB l953 Tor we real :ze The sngnnT1cance oT IT rn our lives Today We have unTerspersed car1caTures oT cows deslgned To TyplTy The various phases oT The school year AlThough The range land and wrde open spaces are belng cuT down every day by The advances oT modern cnvnlnzahon we musT remember wuTh prnde The many long years oT hard work and planning ThaT have gnven our sTaTe a Turm ToundaT1on on whrch To bunld a sTrong people IT rs The hope oT The sTaTT oT The POHOB I953 ThaT This yearbook wnll remand every sTudenT In ECT-TS oT The common herlTage Trom whrch we all came 2 u s u I I A I - ' I I -4 "3 " J- . .1 if ' ' ll N We The sTudenTs oT Elko CounTy l-hgh School are boTh humble and proud To dec.lcaTe The POHOB I953 To The caTTle mdusTry Thus publncahon honors The hearTy pioneers who pushed Thenr way across an unknown land To carve an emplre ouT of The wllderness IT pays Tr1buTe To The courage and TorTlTude oT Those men women and children ThaT fashioned our lives unTo whaT They are Today The l1vesToclc 1ndusTry has grown Tremendously and wrTh :T The growTh oT The WesT AI Though The WesT seems To be becoming modermzed as long as There are caTTle roammg The valleys and plauns The romance and Trlendllness oT The WesT wall linger un The glorious pages oT The husTory of a Tree naTuon Ill DEDICIITIUII . I. u, 1 I I . - . . . I I - f li' T1 2 PRUGRESS I9 3 Ellco CounTy l-Tugh School s PCT-TOB was TursT publushecl un Aprul IQOQ un The Torm oT a monThly magazune The early ec:luTuons ol The POT-TOB comprused a Tew TableT suze pages sTaplecl TogeTher They c:onTauned sTorues poems class wulls class prophecues uokes and a Tew aclver TusemenTs I9 3 saw The begunnung OT The use OT a Tew puc:Tures To add To The unTeresT OT The monThly pupucaTuon In l9l9 The PCT-TOB became an annual however uT reTaunecl much oT The Torm oT uTs prevuous ecluTuons Bundung was unsTuTuTed wuTh The I924 ecluTuon No publucaTuon was made oT The POT-TOB durung The depressuon years oT I933 I934 and l935 From Thus humble begunnung we proudly presenT The 45Th volume oT Ellco CounTy l-lugh Schools POHOB We hope ThaT you Too wull be proud OT uT -I T ' T yy , u T' lmllllg l lllll 08 - T95 l y. I 1 . a a CUIITIEIITS BOOK BOOP BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK I 2 3 fl 6 7 HDVHIFIISTBHTIOU STUDENT BODN ORGHHIZHTIOUS HCTIVITIES FEHTUBES HDVEBTISEIUEHTS W 1 B099 533 4 ' ....... K BOOK 5 ........... HTHLETICS I 9 D f g LIIFJ f, , 2 2 E Lb ' N 5" Q E 9 'o EZVLZ 6 gn N--f x I Q 5 5 Q I 4 ,9f Graduares of secondary schools Iodav have a greal opporlunily Io demonslrale Ihe value ol 'rhe Iraining Ihey have received. Chances To worlc and Io aid in The solving ol problems in science, engineering, produc- Iion, 'rransporlalion and research, are greal- er Ioday 'rhan in any orher 'rime in hisrory. These problems challenge The ingenuily. 'rhe curiosiiy, and The 'renacily ol high school graduales I+ is believed Ihar Jrhose boys and girls who have mer Ihe reguiremenls for gradual' ing from 'rhe Elko Counly I-Iigh School will nor be found lacking in Ihe necessary knowledge and qualifies of leadership and personaliry which will permil Ihem Io ac cepr Iheir lusl share of Ihe responsibilihes and problems of 'rheir age NEIL R JONES NEIL R JONES Principal BUIIIID of EDUCI-l'I'I0ll MR WINES MRS TREMEWAN MR HENDERSON Vw f u ue von sc r om nolo s uzconspuuous mu runoff rc 5 If 0 1 I I s 0 rr t 0 I s me uc I0 :lx zool us flex un I Uonuhrzq l lfll' lime u ll IOUI COHIPOIISUIIOII mi 110 nun 11110 cz comp 010 06 ucuhon WILLARD WEAVER Socual Scnence A B Umvers ly cl Nevada BETTY COONS Home Economncs A B ldalwo Slale College EDWIN JENSEN ence mc uv Sl a College MARSHALL BROWN lndusfrlal Arfs A B Colorado Sta c Colege ol Educalnon I FLOYD EDSALL MARGUERITE MCOUISTON FAUSTO MENTABERRY Physlcal Educahon Llbrarlan Physlcal Educahon A B Umversxly A Mnlls College M S A B Un vel-my of Nevada n Ed Unlv ol So all Nevada THEODORE LAIBLY ALFRED HANSEN Commercnal Agrlcullure and N Dag! sae Farm Shop Agrlculfure College U Ol Neva 5 EUGENE SCHUMACHER Mafhemahcs Weslmmsler College LELA WOLFE Languages Hasliags College DOUGLAS PETERSON Music Grr-'w Co eqe CWS Cd? ELODA RUMSEY Physlcal Educaho Locose Sl JACK ROBERTS Englnsh Ne, as 5 la e ea 'wars Co ego l Kearney PAULINE GRISE English ROBERT BROME Engllsh b S Team College at Wayre AM Colorado Sfale College Edl a v Umverslly of Massaclwusefls CIJSTUDIIIIIS ED JUINGER RALPH GAMBOA LEE HARBIN MRS HUNTER Secreiary 'lo fha Pnncupal 10 STUDEIIT GUVIEHIIIIIIEIIT TED CONTRI Sfudenf Body Presndeni STUDIEIIT BUIJY UFFICEIIS The T952 53 sfudenr body ofhcers Ted Conrru presndenr Jerry Cobb vuce presudem' Norma Hammond secrefary and Karen Wayman Treasurer have guven of 'rheur 'fame and ralenfs +0 The welfare of The enhre sfudenf body All sfudenf ac'r1va'rues have flourished greafly under rhenr conscuenhous leadershnp JERRY COBB Vnce Presndenf TED CONTRI Presldenf KAREN WAYMAN Treasurer -v. "mx, VI " 2 X r E K ,TA " . 0,4 7 NORMA HAMMONEDT E,Eu E,Eu Iuvu EEEEB n .-dui-.-Secrefary T532 5 13 '.., QA. A . r ef' 1 A . ga' .. T y X f V TQ ' 1 ,blk ' f f' 3 3 BS, " 4 EXECU1 KVE 011011 EE B0 NN ALT ERS NNARR N TED CONTRX RY COBB DON THORPE DEV ORE OND JT NORMA HA KAREN NN YMA ALLEN AS E 9' 6 Commxkiee anO The vxse he xecukwe O Co km a O a MOON are emi Te he Your he sm emi qovemmq o xes OT X e so Counok xook are YweaOeO by s?mOenT xooOxf oresx compose o K e sm em bo xy o Txoers an 'S Temporary or evmanenk commxkkees an T6 Xe We u emi Weav r Nw E eou we ommx ee amles a er men? The Siu emi Councx ovesenkahves O nshku VOXOCB e Oov a e T e dass presx enie. o semis aporoorxeie me ers 'fo Txoers O ass O esx enis anO O ass 'fuOe 'S Te xsXa'uon O omkmq One n oevkam s'fuOen'f OO unO OOO X1 O TX S Oxspersx e s'mOen'c 'fuOen Counc awavOe. a O XOOOY OT X e rarxkmq s'fuOen OOQ XO Wu-5 coxmoxX O reokeO Q DON THOR ERANT4 AOUTRRE RY COBB T DEVORE JOE TURNER ARR N WA TER TED CONTRX STANLEY NNT LESLXE S A ALLEN A S MARY ELL S MARSHELL H CONNXE ELLXS JUDY NEN'LEL NORMA HAMMOND KAREN NN AY M AN UDE01 RCAL S1 C00 SianO'mqx leg' io f'xq':w!', " ' K, E Jen . ' W .X Sea'eO'.f 'HX K 'X F , "' ' M +51 f 17 :R .Q MM 'fi' , MP' ST N .' ' , ' 'C-Hn., ,, ' W ' 3 I ! Q j I Q., f O " 4, X B . 'do ,O xr, T O ' OO O' YT X E ' ' Sk O X1 'O , rw ' rx O' O by Mr. e . we X' C 'H , O T On O O Sv ' O 'O X VQS vw P T 1 l P O Q ' ' TT O X. Th O T' , X f 'O X ve ' O ' YT S X ' . 0 q' ' , pp ' ' X O' L q ' .X b I , 0 ' ' q ' b X1 T 5, v aXX 'x . A SfanO'mq, Xeik io rkqhkzf , 1 Y ' ve ' " " or - me ' ' 5 J M ' , ' - v 5 J In I YN e L 5 ' T 5- " 'R 'QQ ' H cagaxvls ' L ' X' L wmv, 'ff-4 M S TE , .. 'H ' "gf" " 3' A X N J QPQQA same, X , ' 41 ,fy ' ess V . ON e purpose of ffve Asse Cass presfdenf bf mbly Comrmf s and vice ,or les for fbe sf HSSEIII C001 BLY UIITTEE S a d WARREN WA CALVIN WIGGINS JAKE REED ALLEN MASS! TOM F OX 7' ED CONTR! DON T HORPE NOR MA HAMM BOB GOLDSBER JIM DEVORE JERRY COBB KAREN W A YMAN mprfsed of be sfudenf bod esfdenfs IS o supervfse and a udenf body durmg five year The Efecflon B CST' y office n fb cefendar of essefh oard fn ffs fb rd year of exfsfence confafns fb s one sfudenf a,o,oo1nfed from each cfass e d ard counf and febufefe fb resuff o ers and fbe like Sfarvd g fer' f JE Y OBE CONTR! BOB BOTSFORD CHARLES ARMUTH Seafed EVYLYN TURNIPSEE CO NIE ELLISO NORMA HAMMOND KAR WAYMAN ELECT B0 e sfu a facu! s of fb denf body om fy advisor Members of e efecffon of cbeerfead b 1 l0lI HRD fbe ers sf udenf bod ' L ELTERSJ A J, 4 . E 1 ,X , , f R 5, E L. E. ' E Seafedwe ,. 1 r gli ff: i olvo ' EDR J r EJ! Q RY .X A ' Th ' fee, co ' f ' rs, X . . 5 . I . f . IO! e 5 41 Pk Sr ik 'Yr 57? 21: lk 4? ik 4' , ' , n ' . bo e ' , y fffc ' . fn , f o rfgbf: Ev E V N E ' RR c V . I TED 4 , N N D E 'E .5 EN I . L Y A ' xgx 'C' A A A bw . A Sis, .X .V STUDEIIT BUIJY SEIIIURS .IUIIIURS SOPH0lIIORES FIIESHIIIEII UKQIJ Y QP 'V X Q-3,3 SH qu r - X " 12,715 F xv 'A R Q , "s E 04' , fin l A 'V Q3 , . V "4 llt' , LESLIE SHARP JAKE REED WARREN WALTERS Represen ahve Vuce Presldeni Presldenf MARY WINES JUDY NENZEL Secrefary Treasurer Represenfahve I6 WARREN WALTERS Presndeni E ll I Il REMINISCENCES OF THE CLASS OF 53 The old Tumers oT Ellco I-Iugh The senuors have added a oTher greaT year To Theur prevuous Three un hugh school The class oT 53 sTarTed The Term wuTh a good Sr Fr G'eT Tooerher The sen or candudaTes Gladys Le and and Warren WaITers were chosen as Kung and ueen oT The I-IarvesT Ball and Jeanruue WrughT was guven The honor oT beung crowned I-Iomecomung Queen Two senuors CheT Franlclun and Dean I-lowes were All STaTe FooTball players The senuors were well represenTed on all The aThleTuc squads and were The unTer class basI4eTI3all champs Many senuors were ouTsTandung un musuc and drama producung The play Men Are Luke STreeT cars whuch was a TerruTuc success Karen Wayman was elecTed To The posuTuon oT assusTanT cheerleader The senuors puT on Two pay dances ano a wonderTul Senuor Ball BoTh boys and gurls had ba'ugueTs anc The class enuoyed Two pucnucs Class oTT cers were Warren WalTers presudenT Jalce Reed vuce presudenT and Mary Lou Wune as secreTary Treasurer Les Sharp and Jucly Nenzel were The class represenTaTuves M Weaver and Muss Pumsey were sponsors In Theur uunuor year The 53 ers had a bang up Tme all year The uunuor candudaTes Duck I'Iu'uTer and Norma T-lammond were elecTed The Kung and ueen oT The I-IarvesT Ball The class produced The play I-lobgoblun I-louse anc. adopTed The Theme Amerucan un Parus Tor The Junuor Prom The class enuoyed Two pucnucs and one pay dance Warren WalTers was presu denT Four gurls and Three boys were senT To Gurls and Boys STaTe Ted ConTru The class presudenT un The sophomore year lcepT The class movung rughT along The class paunTed The E along wuTh The Treshm n and had Theur annual pucnuc The Soph I-Top was a orand success and The 53 ers candudaTes Max Marr and Leula MugluoreTTo were The Har vesT Ball rulers In Theur Treshman year The 53 ers chose Bob BoTsTord as Theur presudenT They had a good Treshman parTy and l.eula MugluoreTTo was chosen as one oT The cheerleaders All un all The Senuors had one oT The besT school Terms They could possubly have had AT IasT They wull don Theur graduaTung robes and leave The hallowed halls oT Ellco CounTy I-Iugh School 53 ers n 3 I - . . V . X n . . . . 4 7 . u I' cu u . . . . . ,, . T u u T . I . . I . . . u , ' . T 'I . ' ' . I I V I - I S - . 'N . F. X v ' - I . , ' .. 1 ,. , C .. . . I .. I I T . . , , I I ' - uu uu . . . . e , . . , . . . . J I I I I I - . , , . . , . 9 9 i 94 Sl 1 I fg I 'A 4: .- f , 'A ig 4. :X ' .. .F Q, . A N 'QQ'- 4 c I T N o P - n 7 -7" - v AVA CASH PHA iz- GAA 1-2347 Pep Cub i2-3-4' Glee Clib I-234: Mixed Cnfrus 4' Gm' Ensemble 4: Saga Snail 4- Ofcom ra I, Ba 3' Cnrlsfmas Play 4, PfOV'DDif?'f Sen far Play 4 LENU5 WRIGHT FHA i 24G1ee Ciub 123- P--p C ij 734' Pep P34 TED CONTRI Sludenl Bndv Presiderl 4: Sludenf Councii I-2-4' Eweculive Comm, 2-4' Assembly Cornrn. 2-3-4: Weliare Comm, 2' POHOB 2' C7ass President 2' Pep Club I-2-3-4' De Laweua 3-4, Preuidenr 4: Language Club 2 34 Junior Play 3: Bloalc E 3-4: Feolioall I-2-3-4, Leller 3-4' lraclr I-234, Loller 3-4: Baslxefball JV I-2, Varsily 34A FFA 4' Bronze E 3. GEORGE NOROUIST Claw Secrefary 3: Pep Club I-21 Band I-2-3, Lyre 3: Boys' Gvlee Club 3' Pep Band I-23: Bronze Music Medal 3' Music Council 3: Lalin Award 3: Language Club 4: De Lau- reula 3-4A English E 4: Produdion Sla'7 Senior Play 4' Junior Play 3? UV 3, Varsily 4. nd I4, Lvre MARGIE MCCAUGHEY Assisfanf Saga Editor 4: GAA I-2-3 4: Pep Club I-234: Pep E 3-4, Secrefary 4, EllIOR ARNOLD CARRILLO POHOB 4: De Laureoia 3-4' Pep Club I-3 4: Boys' Sfafe 3: Indbsfrial Arfs Award 2 3: Block E 3-4: Fool- ball 2-3: Baslcelball Manager 2-3-4- PAM PASH BY Assisfanl Saqa Edifor 4: Orchesfra I-2: Pep Club I-2-3-4: Pep E 3-42 GAA I-2-3-4, Leffer 3, Board 3. Presidenl 4: Dramafics Club 3-4: Scliool Play 3: Senior Play 4. JACOB REED Class Vice Presidenf 4: Assembly Comrnilfee 4: Sludenf Council 4: Pep Club 2-3-43 Senior Play 4: Fool- ball 2-3-4, Leffer 3-4: JV 2-3, Varsily 4: Block E 3-4. JHIWIOI' 4 Repro-senlalive 2: Sfudenl Councll 2: FFA 4. RUTH WHITE Assislanl Edifrur Saga 4: Cr' Edllvlv' Repreaorwrarlve I' CO Edilor Saga ,fx Elko High NoIe'14'Bdf1d I' Orclxes Band I' Qrcbeslra I' Glec Cub Ira I7 C1100 Cllb 2-3, Lyn: 3' Mixed I 2 3, Lyrfg 3' GAA If2q FHA I2, Chorus 3' FHA I2' GAA I2' Pep Parllamcwarlarw 2, Repwrrer I: Pep Club I-2 3-4: Dramatlca Clap 4' De Club I2 34- Langhaqe Qlhb 4. De Laure-Old 34' Lddqhaqe Club 34 Laurema 374- Lallrt Award I' Latin Lallrm Cerlillcafes I-2: Brrmrfz E 3' Cervififavfgg 15 Bmme E 3- Dfamayyfg Silver E 4. Club 3' Sonlrwr Play 4, Malceap. SHIRLEY BAUMGARDNER LEE BRUNNER Play 31 Pep Club 4. 3 JULIAN DICKS JV I' Varslly 3,4. SEllIOIl HAROLD CHAPIN GLADYS LELAND Wendover I-2: Saga Wrilers I-2' Slale Liner I-2, C0-Ldifor 2' Ameri can Leqlorw Speeclw Corvfesr 4, Hrs' place I: Transfer Rapld Cily 37 Busi ness Club 3: Transler Ellm 3-4: Pep Club 4: Pep E 4' Harveal Ball Queen 4: Senior Play 4, Prrxmpfor, LOUIS BILBAO Producfion Sfalf 3-4: Englis Pep Club 2 3-4: FFA '53. n4fFI'!'QL. I W JUDY NENZEL Transler Bishop Marwoqae 3' Shrdenl Council 4' Represev-rallve 4' Cc Edilor Elko High Naies 4' Pep Club 34' GAA 3-4' De Laureola 3 4, Treasurer 4: Langaaqe Club 4' Sen Twr Plav 4, Prompler. PEGGY ALTER PD CI,1b I234' GAA I2 L Ver 3, PM 3' Serfr PIM 4. RH EA SCHOENFELD Chb 2 Gfee CII.b 4' GAA 2 cp mm' PIA'-,f 4. 34, JACK PALMER ROBERT BOTSFORD mu C I Y Id rsx GI I fm 0 mn GIULIANA SALICCHI I' I . SEIIIUR MARILYN GRISWOLD ' Pep CIL,b I 2-3 4 Pop E 3-47 FH GAA 2. GIQQ CIHIJ 2: Pwp CIULJ I-3: Pep 3 A I al MIKE MARK WILLIAM VAN DRIELEN 'I' fag' I-Iiqr SgI"cr:'I 3' Sk' Blml E 4' FcofbaII 34' BasIceI'baII 4 MARLENE VAN HORN EDYTHE BONACCI Saga Sfall 47 Band IA3-4' Orches Saga Slail 4' Band I 2-3-4' Pep Band fra I' Glee Club I-2-3, Lerrer 3' I-2-34' Orcheslra 2737 Glee Club GAA I 2 3 4' Tumbling 23 4' pep 1234, LeYYer 3' Mixed Chcms 344: Club I-2 34- FHA I. GAA I-2-3-4: Pep Ciib I-2 3-4' Pep E 374. LESLIE SHARP Class Represenlalive 47 Sludcnl Council 4' FFA 4' Pep Club 42 Traclc 4. SEIIIU DAN GLENNON FFA 4' Pep Club 4: Prcluclion Slafl 2. EMILY GARDNER Class Treasurer 2: Pep Club I-2-3-47 De Laurela 34, Parliamenlarian 4: GAA I2-3 4, Lefler 33 Pep E 3-4. Vice-Presidenl 4: Girls' S'ale 3' Homecoming Cornmiflee 3-4: English E 2' Masque and Gavel 3: School Play 2-34' Junior Play 3: Senior Play 3-44 JOAN VON HARTON Orchesrra I-4 Glee Club I-2-34' Girls' Ensemble 43 Mixed Chorus 2-3. Assislanl Librarian 4: Music Lyre 2' CHANDLER CHURCH Transfer from Grass Valley i School 4: Pep Club 4' Baslcelba WILLIAM ELTING Boys Slale 37 B'ocIc E 3-41 Pio? 4, Manager 3' Baslcelball 34. Bronze Medal 2: FHA I2: GAA '., L2-3,43 Pep Club lf2-3743 Dramafics Club 3: School Play 25 Junior Play 3: Senior Pla 4: Chrisfrrvas Play 2-3 4, Y Prompler' English E 3. 1:49 BEVERLY STODDARD Glee Club 23: Mlxed Clworus 27 Orclneslra I' FHA Ip Pep Club I-2-3 4: Pep E 3 47 Seffvr Play 4. JEANNIE WRIGHT Cvlee Club 2-37 Orclwesrra If Home- comxnq Queen 43 Pep Club I-2-3-4: Pep E 347 Sensor Play 4. DEAN HOWES C ms Rcpresenfallvp 3A Sgldena Cin'--Y Viae Presldenl 3: Sludenl' Cuunrill 3' Pep Club 34' Humefwm C-I-uw-II 3: Assn:-mbIY Commlllefx 3? Inq Commiflee 3-4: Clvrlslrnas Play Pep Club 24343 Semof Ifmm 47 4- Baskgfball 2-3-43 Fwbala 234- -1-nv-'E Plfw 3- Traqlc 2-3 47 Bloglc E 2-3 4, Vlce-Presl den' 4 DICK HUNTER , ,Q ROBERTA MORSE Gee Club I-3: Band I7 Orclweslra It Saga Slafi 47 Pep Club I-2-3-4: GAA I 2-3 4: Tlmbllng 4, SlElIIOR ,-T w WARREN WALTERS Class Vice Presidenf Ig Cla ss Presldenl 3-4: Sludenl Council 34- Campus Capers 47 Homecoming Commmlvee 3-4' Boys' Slaie 37 De Laureola 234, I-lol Dog Sland 4' Peo Club I 2 3-47 I-Iarvesf Ball King 47 English If 2347 Masque and Gavel 3-4' School Play 2-3: Senior Play 4' Cnrlsfmas Play I-3-4. MARGARET ARMUTH Gloe Club Ig Homecoming Commil I-234: Pep If 34. ERLE HOWARD Bend I-2 3-4, Silver Award 3: Orches- rra I 2-3-4: Glee Club I-2-3-4, Presl- denf 4' Boys' Quarlef 2-3-47 Trumpef Trlo 3' Dance Band 4' Dramafics Club 23' Enqllslv E 2' Clarisfmas Play Y: Senior Play 4: Pep Club I 2 3 4. les- 43 FHA I-2: GAA I 2: Pep Club 4. HERI-EEN MORSE MARSHA O'CARROLL Gloe Club 2347 GAA 2? Assizfanv glee Qlbb 2 3. FHA IQ. QAA 2 Librarian 4: Musig Lyre 3: Pep Club Pep Club 2 3 45 Pep E 34 I 2-3-4. TIM MONROE POHOB Plmlograplwer I -2-3-43 Homecoming I 2-3: Pep C I ii b I 273 4. SEIIIUR BOYD HADLOCK Transferred from Roosevell. Ufalw, 2: Pop Club 4: JV I-2-3: Senior Team DIANNE COOK Band I-2-3-4, Lyre I: Pep Band I-2-3-4: Glee Club I2: Orclieslra I-2: POI-IOB Slall I:Co'Edi1or Saga 4: FHA I-2-3-4, Reporler 2, Secre fary 43 Homecoming Commiflee 24 Pep Club If?-3-4: Pop E 354: GAA I-2-3-4, Lelfer 3: Dramalics Club 2-3: English E I: Masque and Gave' 23 School Play 27 Junior Play 3i Seru- ior Play 4. MARY WINES JAMES COBB Class Vlte Presldenl 2'WeIlare Corn- fnirlee I' Homecoming Ccmmiuee 3-4t De Laureola 2 3 4, Secreiary 3: Pep Clab I-2,3-47 Dramafics Club 37 Enqlisn E 23 Janior Play 3' Clwrisimas Play 23' Blcclm E 3-4, Presidenl 43 Fozlbal If2f3,47 Baslcevball 34. CLAY BURKHOLDER Transfer Rene Higln Sclwol 47 Class Officer I-2: Leaders Club Ip TNT 2 3: Arls 2: Red and Blue 3: Della Sigma 23-47 Glee Club I-2-47 Dra- rna+ics 37 Block R 2 3 47 Traclc I-2 3-4' Baslcelbail JV I-2, Varsily 47 Feolball I-2-4. Clams Serrrrary 4: Glue Club 2 GAA I-2 3 4, Lefler 37 Pep Club I 2 3 'I P 4 linrnvfr ep E 34, Presidenf ,' . Coming Ci3r'nm'f'ee I-lwmr-rcwming Candidale fcr Queer 4' Lnofislw E 3' Masque and Gavel 4' Snlif-il Play 7 3: J .n'er Pfay 3: Sen Tn' Pav 4. NORMA HAMMOND Shderi Body Ser- 4' Class Sec. 2' Sxd-en' Council 4' Execisli-we Comm. 4' Eevfin Board 4'AssembyComm, 47 POHOB 3-4' Plomecomirg Comm. 2-3-4, Co-Cliafrman 4' Homeeoming Candidafe 47 Girls' Sfale 37 Ali. Girls' Nalien 3' Band I234, Lyre 2 3, Pres. 4: Orrli. Qi Glee Club I-2' M..si-5 Council 34' Pep Band I 2-3 47 I-larves' Bal, Queen 3' Pep Club I-2-3 4' Pep E 3-4' Language Club 2-3 4, Pres, 4, Sei. 2' GAA I2-3 4, Lever 3' Er-g isn E 4' Jminr Play 3' Seniir Pay 47 Cnrislmas Play' 4, PATRICIA BELLINGER POHOB Ediior 4, Assl. Edifcr 3' Class Sec. I' Orcri. I2 3-4, Pres. 4- Glee Club I 2-3-4, Vice Pres. 3, Lyre 2 3, Bronze Medal 3' Girls' Ensemble I-2 3-47 Girls' Trio 4' Mixed Clworus 2-3 4: Music Council 3-47 Girls' Slale 37 Homecoming Comm. 35 De Lau reola 34' Language Club 2-3-4, Pres. 3' Pep Club I-2-3-4: Pep E 3-4, Drill Leader 4' GAA I-2-3 4, Leller 3' Dramarirjs Club 2-3' Englislw E 2i Masque and Gavel 4' Clirisfmas Play 2-37 Scliool Play 2, Prompler' Jr. Play 2, Promprer' Senior Play 43 Bronze E 2' Silver E 37 Gold E 4. FIDEL VASQUEZ Ba lu-'bali JV I, Varsivy 2-3-4 Fw -'ba I2 3 4' Blaqk E 2-3-4, 1ean' al Arms 4. CHESTER FRANKLIN Ilfmerorning Cornnniflee 34, Co Cnairman 4: PGI'-IGB 34: De Lau- reela 2 3-4' Pep Cl..b I-2-3-4' Dra 'nafirs Club 2-3, Presidenl 3' Sclaool Play 2' Erglislw E 27 Masque and Gavel 2 3 4' Bioclc E 2-3 4, Se4:re'ary and Treasurer 37 Foolball I2-34 Ba'.Ire'bal I 2 3 4. Ser- Slilllllll DON BAUMGARDNER KAREN WAYMAN Treasurer Sludenf Body 4' Sludenl Council 2-4: POHOB Slall 3-47 Execulive Comm. 47 Assembly Comm. 47 Elecrion Board 4: Homecoming Comm. 3-4: Sec. Pep Club 47 Band I2-347 Glee Club I-2: Lyre I-37 Cheerleader 4: Homecoming Candi- date 4' GAA I-2-3-4, Leller 47 Pep Club I-2-3-41 Pep E 34: Language Club 2 3-4, Vice-Pres. 47 De Laureola 3. Sec. 4' English E 47 Junior Play 3i Senior Play 47 Bronze E 2: Silver E 3. PAYE SWAIN Ifanaler Carnrwn Ci'y Higlv. GENEVIEVE TORGERSON Glee Club I-2-3-4, Presidenl 4: Girls Ensemble I 2-3 4: Band I-2-3, Lyre 3 Pep Band I-2-3' GAA I2-3-4, Lef fer 3, Vice PresidenI41 FHA I-2-3-4 Parliamenlarian 2, Vice Presidenf 3 Presidenl 43 Pep C.ub I-2-3-4: Pep E 3-4 MARSHELL HESS SANDRA STEWART Represenfaiive Secrefary-Treasurer FRANK AGUIRRE JIM DEVORE Represen+a+ive Presiden+ TOM FOX Vice-Presiden? lnof picfuredl .llllll0Il JIM DEVORE Presidenf X WAYNE PHILLIPS SANDRA STEWART CHESTER KNIGHT MYRA KNOWLES MELVA LYNCH PAT MADIGAN MARGARET MOLDENHAUER ROBERT MAINE PAT MURPHY SHIRLEY NICHOLSON LOUISE PAOLI JAMES POTTANI CHARLES PETERSON LESTER PETERSON JACK PETERS BONNIE PRICE FRANCIS SMITH WILLIAM TAPP cis ROBERTA SAUNDERS JANELL SUTHERLAND -R dl TOM BREHE BETH BUCHOLZ CYNTHIA COOPER EDWARD CAPRIOLA LYNN BURNS JEAN CAMINO BEVERLY DUCK JERRY COBB JAMES DEVORE TOM FOX SIM DUVAL DORIS FORBES ELOISE HERRERA HARVEY HEALY CAROL GUISTI MIKE HENNEN ROBERT HICKS MARSHELL HESS 'bg DON DUVAL CHAN GRISWOLD M ci" SHEILA WAAGE JUDY ADAMS DON TAUFFER RUTH TEWELL NANCY TSU KAMOTO LOUIE ALACANO SARAH TREM EWAN ENO5 ARRASCADA LOLA VAN SICKLE DORIS AGUIRRE . .Q an HERBERT WARD CHARLES ARMUTH FRANK AGUIRRE CARMELE BARAINCA JOE BARBER VIRGINIA BEHONEK ANDRA BERGER JAMES BILLETT RUTH BLOSSOM VEDA BOUCHER DARLENE FOX DONNA WORTHEM b JANICE WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS GAYE WIGGINS DONNA WHITE RODERICK KNAPP JOAN KERN ROBERT JOHNS ALLEN IVEY JACQUELINE Hue:-ies THE CLIISS 0F l954 ln Their Tirsl year as upperclassmen, The class oT '54 sTarTed ouT righT by choosing Jim De- Voro as presidenT: Tom Fox, vice-president Sandra STewarT, secreTary-Treasurer: lvlarshell l-less, girl represenTaTiveg and Frank Aguirre, boy rep.'esenTaTive, wiTh The able assisTance oT The class sponsors, Miss BeTTy Coons and Mr. Eugene Schumacher. The juniors were honored early in The year wiTh The elecTion of Joan Kern as head cheerleader, and Jerry Cobb as sTudenT body vice-presidenT. The junior pay dances broughT in The money To pay Tor The beauTiTully decoraTed and highly successful Junior Prom. WiTh The junior boys ouT in Tull force, They had no Trouble in challcing up poinTs in any line oT sporTs. Turning dramaTic, The 54'ers puT on Their Junior play. WiTh Two picnics The juniors Teel They have had Their share of Tun Tor This year, and are loolcing forward To The end of Their high school dreams when They become seniors. 3 I JOE TURNER ALLEN MASSIE RONNIE SMITH CALVIN WIGGINS RepresenTaTive PresiclenT Treasurer Vice-PresidenT CONNIE ELLISON CORINNE SORENSON RepresenTaTive SecreTary SOPIl0MOIllES Hi! We, The members oT The sophomore class, hope To have as successTul a iunior year as our school year oT '52-'53 has been. We have won The respecT oT The upper classmen by parTicipaTing in sporTs, The music de- parTmenT, social clubs oT The school, and The dramaTic producTions. Several oT our members showed school spiriT by helping The Homecoming CommiTTee and operaTing The reTreshmenT sTand aT The TooTball games. Our class passed The year wiTh Tlying colors under The leadership oT Allen lvlassie. The "veep," Calvin Wiggins: "The news-Taker," Corinne Sorenson, and "money-spender" Ronnie SmiTh, assisTed The presidenT, along wiTh The aid oT "reps" Connie Ellison and Joe Turner. We, The proud winners oT CourTesy Day, enioyed The picnic sponsored Tor us by The PQHOB STaTT. KIT Lear was The Top magazine seller oT The school and earned The posT oT Principal For a Day. The annually sponsored "Sop Hop" was very well aT+ended and proved a greaT success. We wish To Thank our sponsors, Mr. Brown and l-Ar. Jensen, Tor Their Time and' eTTorTs given To our class. AU-EN MASSH5 classmon nexT year. PresidenT 32 - We are looking Torward To being upper- 0? B 0825 Yi CO TER xi EUCP- BPLCYL S Xl .XO P-N O CCX EVJL EYYXXN BXLBAO BOYS O E P-X401 OOLMX46 VLEHNETYX N XOR P- ENE? R BU LLEN ERP-NOSEN BOY: BEN T CTO Ps PQROSTEGUX ONNXE ELLXSON VNC OMER SLEW P-LLEN LPQRYC4 BP-060 P- BOYD OUGE PROLYN CPSYX PQNXT BPM MG P-KONE? CLP-RENCE EL 'x 5 L my AL? 6-GE LM! ERPNVLEN A X1 w EE Y E HO LOCK LPR934 HEKMPNSEN LEONP- IASSXE YK Y A YXS PLL CHEF TOM Y LBER SNN OL0 N MPLOSEX4 OYWV: P-NORENN REO N E1 RP-UL YXERN N40 Y-X11 LEP- OLORES GOXCOECYNEP- E R YNOLOREX4 BXLL 3 L RE BVB A mm v was wx s on vwmo mo 2 eww scaowvexo as o 2 E vvmuvs ao an v R EPNN PR S PR ONNXE RUCRER 0 XNE L RPSXJKUSS R T RONND ROSE RXCNP-R WE RESER CLP XCE SENN EEE C SHARON VPSNYY4 NP-NOW RO PN TP-NX EOXN PRO NELSON EPR E f S A R w OELYYXXNE ECPK E v ' +1 NORMAN YETE PR ORTER PEEEREO UXC Tk w, , GNNX OELBK-,YJ 'LUN N '4 STX X.. Second ow: XANP- REMENN AN COR vN TY EF V+ rm ER xJ-Mlema Em R N-. RENNETYX SMX 'A .XPMES N12 1 Na, uw wx ew. NP-XD 'YNOM "xo morxam ', NBL XNEROERXJH P-N l XNRXGYX . PJYXEYNXNY, R OE NNXGGXN , ONNNE SX-MTN, RO XNNE SOREASON. ONNPQ O . TURNER. XJNXXLE XNXN NORMPN TRPME Lell lo r ghl BOB GOLDSBERRY Vnce Presrdenf STAN WIGGINS Represenfahve DON THORPE Presuden+ MARILEE MOHLMAN Secreiary Treasurer FRESIIIIIEII We lcnow rhus ns nol lhe largesl class +o enler ECI-lS nor lhe smallesf however we feel 'rhal rhus class ns well balanced In :ls various 'ralenls Flrsl' and foremosl lhe class of 56 has been well represenled on lhe honor roll a fear of which we are guslly proud Under lhe leadershsp of our sponsors Mass Grsse and Mr Pelerson 'rhe freshman class added +he followmg members lo lhe sludenr council Don Thorpe presudenl Bob Goldsberry vu e presudenr Marnlee Mohlman secrerary 'rreasurer Mary Ellis and S+anley Wuggnns class repre senralnves The class was very pleased +o have 'rhelr cheerleader candudale Linda Slenmger elecfed assls+an+ cheerleader Allhough loofball was a new sporf lo our class we had more lhan our share of represenla hves on 'rhe sux man squad and all nndncahons are rhal' 'rhe freshmen wslh a luH'le more experience wall have some lulure greals Baslcelball was nol' a new game 'ro 'rhe freshmen for lhus group as eughlh graders broughl +o Elko nfs fnrsl Grammar School Championship We hope fhal by Jrhe lame we are sensors we can accomplish The same for our hugh school DON THORPE Presndenf Thus reporl would nor be complele If we failed lo menhon 'rhal lhe freshmen dnd 'rheur fradlhonal lob of whufewashung lhe E as well as havmg a very successful class par'ry and pncnnc A. 5 f I :- MARY ELLIS ,,.s,, Us ,-,.,Ys .n ,A,A.A, .-.A, .KsV,Ys ,KsA.A.TsYoK epresenfaiive I . . . X' h all MM T .9 M 0 P 0 x O40 gofpy .9 4110 4 xi, G-4 Ofc? 4 'Y4 0,941 'QP PZN SI? 44 Q 'A' 0 6 gm' kos lgffcfe' Q o 6,7 4' 0 Q C! 0 C' 0,9 447 O I7 N 'Pr Q ON O7'5l!48r O PR- XYQ QYFLfcXA Cv cr Ov ,uh O, XQVQKWX WA o C4 9 df' P' Q- YX O fc Q54 :ob 5X S was M QA Q QCSAQ OW A Qyxxfl-cd 0,6 YW 'AECOPXX YO s FRES JC 0 'K to Xqfax PBA X 299 A X 'G vXckQ,P' Xozcx A Q 'APS 5 'S 5090+ 'SX VX' x9 Y'-k P- O Ps 9.0 fc Q- rf' 'S' gg' 'S' x-XP' 'G p Xa C, Qs 300 gz- ml 4 C, A SMP 0 Pnl X -'v , Su I ' I , C3194 ' f- N X F 4' F ' A 5 6 ' 8, ob: , Z lg 4' C 62 7? G .94 1 o 08 . 1 44 ' 04? C ,cp , ' .1 6' ' .1 1 N Af 'gf O fv 4,0 , I Z 4, N .Y 'P 86 0 , I , C f 4, ' Aw ' fv fv 04 I J. -Y A1 , r J I 2 'V ' gh 'V , L N 1 . ,Fav Z vyxkf F in A ' A fv- . l A 0,5-X ' 0 ' , 19 1 V A xi so I Q , 1 . A P. P. xl, - . , 096 y-X6 P - 44 1 ' 4" - x . ' Qs QLX .Q . CL - " 1 . wr + Y YN 2 'A K wh Q- . x 6 X X vga' QX O x h O Xxqq- 'S n ,. -dtlzf 39 ,K 'xg S S YXX QNPN I Q .U flee' FN' ,x XJ' xlhxqjfi , Ah 'U t J Q P' vf: 3 Q92 .S A A wg, Q, A , Sed, IIIEII X X4 o r Xeioix r- T C4 9- Q- Wgrgsb P' NX' O9 YN QW wh wh' MW S SY, gh Ps S YXQQ, Px 30299 9032? S fxx O 5 P' P- X-X '4- OMO Q0 OO OQXA XS Q IAQSXX XAOOQQ xva gpg? P' X, X, XAPXA 5+ PNP. X9 Q gmc X' O kgs L city? PB, ,gawk x4gX5 lkfso '95 ' I ON 901 fy '96-GX SW O X 4' 11, I' G0 C 4 0447. 'S-'11 AAU 9 4' efqgk 7463, 117 x 40,9 -9,0 r 111 63- ,Q 4,9 44' P 5 X691 0o'P"1f 4 '1jG06!pss sow rw 440 04, G 'Pe 'vsp o 41, -f 0 Lfff F QQ' AW 96 67 fgogwofyr if 996 1, XQ fsfw' ffm r -'og' 4 .1 49 'Y O 0 4162,9N, 'V 4,pOAl in 1 ' Y ' 4. f A N .X ' xii :gary- f - ' ' .9 E 'I I -,x P85662 l . X" 53? a ' '90 .M N53 ,B 'I ' 1x 1 K 'K sk 2 , Q- .,, 5. Y' QP' . we ' ..' U X, N, O' ,1 ' 4 xo, X42 . We fc :inf VXYN Kg Lf I 'hw ' ww" l Q fi X . .nf Pi X" lf L. 'rv X C35 K PS Ac. X S ., 'pq Y Q -, X 05 Yxqs ,ix C-,XA 5,60 A A' M. , , Lvfsa A 6 f, I ' J., '1 bl ff A' f fc f - C 4' ' 6' f . 09045 I P 6 4 LV. WA 41 O 7 6619 Vlffnfa I fw A 7' , ,tgp " M Av fa, 'Q M, Dfw? 'Va' 041 , ' G 41 ly I 612 , O , FJ. P O 4 6048, W , , I N 4 'T O '94, LV64 6 14 4? rd 54,45 A1 'Sf URGIIIIIZIITIUIIS LHIIGUIIGE CLUB DIE llllJRE0lll PEP IE EIIGLISH E Bl0CK E F H ll IIIIISQUE d GIIVEL J Q QM V55 ' s QNX ? w PAT BELLINGER ARNOLD CARRILLO MISS GRISE EdiTor Business Manager Sponsor POHOB The unique POHOB l953 was under The leadership oT PaT Bel- linger, ediTor3 Andra Berger, as- sisTanT ediTor3 and Arnold Carrillo, business manager, aided by Miss Grise, POHOB sponsor. Several successTul 'acTiviTies were insTiTuTed To enhance The Tunds oT The annual. The lucraTive CurTis magazine subscripTion drive was carried ouT in The Tall. ChesTer Franklin graciously underToolc The responsibiliTy oT leadership oT This drive. I-le was assisTed by Joan Kern. Through The co-operaTion oT The sTudenTs, This proiecT proved highly successTul. The Tund was TurTher augmenTed by a dance sponsored by The POI-IOB. The success oT This annual is largely due To Arnold Carrillo and his salesmen, who were responsible Tor The Tinancing oT The boolc. The s T u d e n T phoTographers helped To minimize expenses by Taking and developing many oT The phoTos Tound in This yearboolc. The POI-ICB sTaTT has spenT many long hours on Volume 45 'and hope iT will become a Treas- ured volume in TuTure years. EDITORIAL STAFF 'andirxz kr" ' riqrvg- DON THORPE, WARREN WALTERS, MISS GRISE BOB BENNETT, CHRIS NENZEL. aTed: - ANDRA BERGER, MELVA LYNCH, PAT BELLIN GER, CONNIE ELLISON. BUSINESS STAFF all Riu lol' To righ' CHESTER FRANKLIN, VICTOR BURNER. dnl R-N-fe ANDRA BERGER, MELVA LYNCH, NORMA HAM MOND, ARNOLD CARRILLO, DIANNE COOK VIRGINIA BEHONEK, KAREN WAYMAN. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Yandirq IQT' "S righvg-Y ROLLIN HOGGE, PAT BELLINGER. alcd:-H MIKE WINES, VICTOR BURNER, TIM MONROE JOE TURNER. ....v" S'andinq, left ro righr: MARLENE VAN HORN, EDYTHE BONACCI, RUTH WHITE, BOB BENNETT, AVA CASH, ROBERTA MORSE. Scaiodze MARGIE MCCAUGHEY, SHIRLEY BAUMGARDNER, DIANNE COOK, PAM PASHBY. SIIGIEBIIUSH SIIGII The business English class of ECHS. made up lhe Sagebrush Saga slrafl. There were only nine girls in 'rhe class, which made if a very arduous iob To publish 'rhe school paper. Under Ihe sponsorship of Ivlr. Brome, fhe srafi included Iwo ediiors, Dianne Coolc and Shir- ley Baumgardnerg 'rhree rofafing associaie ediforsq an arf edirorg lypisrs and nnimeographers. These individuals are Io be commended for lheir excellenf worlc. This year ihe Saga was published guarferly, wirh Jrhe English Ill and IV classes submiliing 'rhe sfories, poems, ":scandals," and feaiures. De Laureola disfribufed 'rhe Saga and received 'rhe proceeds. All srudenis anxiously 'awaiied ihe publishing and dis+ribu+ion of ihe paper, and were rarely disappoinfed wifh if. SHIRLEY BAUMGARDNER MR. BROME DIANNE COOK Co-Ediior Sponsor Co-Edifor Tn d Ro r gr KAREN WAYMAN CORINNE SORENSEN RUTH WHITE BOB BOTSFORD PAUL HERNANDEZ SHIRLEY BAUMGARDNER VICTOR BURNER GAYE WIGGINS ALFRED GONZALEZ JUDY ADAMS PAT BELLINGER cond R JUDY NENZEL MARGIE TURNER CARMELE BARAINCA B TTY McKENNON ANDRA BERGER DONNA WHITE 5 EC NANCY TSUKAMOTO CHAN GRISWOLD MISS WOLFE NORMA HAMMOND JEAN CAMINO SARAH TREMEWAN lnncllllcf CLUB NORMA HAMMOND Presndent The Language CIub as an organuzahon 'ro benehf Ihose sfudenfs Frrsf Semesfer nnferesfed In 1'he sfudy of foreign counfrues and Ianguages One of Hrs hnghlaghrs us Jrhe sponsorship of correspondence wnfh Ioresgn coun+rues Many o+her prolecrs were carried on uncludung discussions pucfures and Ieffers abouf Toresgn coun+rues A very enloyable assembIy co sponsored wurh Ihe De Laureola was pre senfed by Mr I-IoIIand from Ufah The assembIy consusfed of a very weII received dxscussuon of Soufh America an exhubmf and movies Meehngs were held every second Wednesday of each monfh Tor fhe hrs+ semesfer were as IoIIows Norma Hammond presldenf Nancy NANCY TSUKAMOTO Tsukamofo vrce presudenf Jean Cam MISS WOLFE P"e5'denI uno secrefary Treasurer Chan Gras Sponsor Second Semeder woId sergeanr af arms The members choice for Ihe second semesfer were Nancy Tsukamofo presldenf Corinne Sorensen vice presndenf Margie Tur ner secre+ary Ireasurer George Nor JQ guusf sergeanf a+ arms 'IJ 'Ir ,N Ie:r 'Q I 'Hi S9 , Ov-'37 I I I I . Se f :-V I I I M I I Ii' 1 Q 4 a n w I in The Language room, under 'rhe auspices of Miss WoIfe. Officers I A I f DIE llllllllilllll De Laureola under The leadershlp of Ted Confru had a very successful year One of fhe largesf nnnfnafnons In fhe hrs fory of fhe club was held affer fhe fursf semesfer lnuflafes rnusf have a B average an any socual science and seven honor ponnfs Twenfy fwo candudafes MRS MCQUISTON TED CONTR' were puf fhrough a very wef bland S P cl f Ponsor res' en folded lnnfraflon The Sadie Hawlcuns Dance wlfh some unuque decoraflons was a very well affended social To augmenf fhe De Laureola fund fhe club sponsored a hof dog sfand af fhe afhleflc field Anofher lucra fave scheme was fhe selling of fhe Sagebrush Sagas fhe school ed: hon of news scandal and luferafure The hughlxghf of fhe year was fhe Sensor De Laureola Banquef held In fhe sprung The sponsorshnp of fhe De Laureola fell Info fhe capable hands of Mrs lv1cQuusfon and Mr Weaver The offucers for 'rhe year were MR WEAVER Ted Confru presldenf George Norqulsf vnce pressdenf Karen Sponsor Wayman secrefary Judy Nenzel freasurer CARRILLO BOB BOTSFORD PAT BELLINGER EMILY GARDNER KAREY WAYMAN MR WEAVER MRS M QUISTON JUDY NENZEL DORIS AGUIRRE LOUISE PAOLI 43 X - Standing, leff fo right.- RUTH WHITE, WARREN WALTERS, SHIRLEY BAUMGARDNER, JIM COBB, CHESTER FRANKLIN, JERRY COBB, ARNOLD Sealedf- I I ' u - C I I I - I x G I 1 If 3 1 , I 5- v . ' : g s I - si ' I 1 ' J MARY WINES MARGIE McCAUGHEY Presidenf y Secre+ary-Treasurer MISS RUMSEY Sponsor PEP E Tlurfy four luglw sleppung gurls l'1ave marched llweur way Info I'l1e lmearls of flue Ellco Ioofball and baskelball enflwusaasfs All of Ilwe gurls are eullner Tumors or sensors and have given wullmgly ol 'rlweur fume and money Io presen+ colorful half 'fume achvuhes Clad an maroon slcurls and wlnufe sweafers Hue members were led by Mary Lou Wnnes pres: denl Emnly Gardner vuce presldenf Margie Mccauglwey secrelary Ireasurer and Pal Belllnger drull masler This group as sponsored by Muss Rumsey ON VIQVV BEVERLY STODDARD MYRA KNOWLES ROBERTA SAUNDERS JEAN CAMINO JANICE WILLIAMS MARGIE c CAUGHEY JANELL SUTHERLAND SANDRA STEWART GAYE WIGGINS MARGARET ARMUTH M ddle Row MARILYN GRISWOLD ANDRA BERGER RUTH BLOSSOM SHEILA WAAGE CAROL GUISTI GLADYS LELAND JACKIE HUGHES MARY WINES MELVA LYNCH PAT BELLINGER VIRGINIA BEHONEK KFC Q JEANNIE WRIGHT OUISE PAOLI CYNTHIA COOPER CARMELE BARAINCA DIANNE COOK MARGARET MOLDEN HAUER NORMA HAMMOND EMILY GARDNER EDYTHE BONACCI -I-I .. . 1 I ' I I ' I ' I I Baal: R ' , le?? 'o ' ":- . . . . . M ' I I I I ' i :- . . . . . . . . . . - ,emu 1- I I I I I I . . . . , v I 1 A NA ' Lx Y f I N "N, A , L 5? - ' .. ,- .,, - """':f:4 - " , .Q--" ,bf fs' y ' ff 1 O I I FIDEL VASOUEZ ARNOLD CARRILLO DAVID CHARLES ALFRED GONZALEZ ED CAPRIOLA BILL ELTING LYNN BURNS RONNIE SMITH CALVIN WIGGINS CHAN GRISWOLD ANDY DOMINGO ALLEN MASSIE MR MENTABERRY DON THOMAS FRANK NENZEL JIM DeVORE MIKE MARK PAT MADIGAN MIKE WINES CLARENCE ELTING DEAN HOWES CHESTER FRANKLIN JERRY COBB JIM COBB CHARLES ARMUTH JIM WILLIAMS JAKE REED BLDCK E The Bloclc E slarfed Ihus year by elechnq as presndenl Jnm Cobb vice presudenl Dean I-lowes secrelary Ireasurer Chan Griswold sergeanl al arms Vudel Vasquez To be a member of 'rhus group you musl have lelfered ID af leasl one malor sporl Thus year 'rhe sponsors Mr Edsall and Mr Menfaberry and Ihe members supervised Ihe whnlewashung of Ihe E They also held a very profnlable pay dance The mann duly of 'rhe members ns Io palrol The assemblnes campus and halls and Io pumsh vuolalors of Ihe lawn rules Thus IS done wulh 'rhe and of a very rnqud paddle llne MR EDSALL Sponsor JIM COBB MR MENTABERRY Presldenf SP0n50" 4 vb ' I Q 1 , I ' Y . I I f Fouvll R w, lol? Irv "qhIZf-- Tlwlld Rslwlf- Serpnd Romf Firm Row:- I ' . I ' ' . ' . . . .I -I . . - . I i 1 . . . 5 I DIANNE ROBERTS COOK WARREN CHESTER WALTERS FRANKLIN InHSQUEamlbHVEl Thus year The Masque and Gavel Soclefy as a very seleclr and el1're one belng composed of only Ihree members Preregulsrle Io lonnung a drama enlhuslasl musl have IBO hours of achng or produchon slaff work Those elugnble are awarded Ihe coveled Masque and Gavel pun Many zealous sludenls have alcen The hrs? slep TOWdI'd The Masque and Gavel Socnely by earning Iherr English E They musl larsl earn IO8 hours ol dramahc worlc before recezvnng Iheur leller Bofh groups are sponsored by Mr Roberlrs dramahc vnslruclor ENGLISH E NORMA HAMMOND EMILY GARDNER WARREN WALTERS MARY WINES PAT BELLINGER JOHN COFFIN MR ROBERTS ERLE HOWARD JOAN VON HARTEN KAREN WAYMAN LOUISE PAOLI MARGARET MOLDENHAUER JOAN KERN DIANNE COOK JIM COBB CHESTER FRANKLIN JANELL SUTHERLAND MELVA LYNCH 1-. 46 I MR. '- I - I FII lk Y FK lk lk . I . Swwdlng, el' 'O rightf- Swa'ed:-W 1 T T 3 . Y In A 'af . , 3 I 9 1 I I ,M T - f- L .4 A - I x 7 Y ! goo Fo Ifw Ro eff Io mqhf SABALA RIZZI WARD TATUM STEWART STENINGER ELLIS MOLDENHAUER WILKERSON SEWELL COOK CHARLESBOIS MADDEN LIPPARELLI HANSEN SCOTT ThIId Ro MISS COONS KANE AROSTEGUI GOICOFCHEA BUCHOLZ POTTER WEAVER GIESKING BEHONEK SIG MON HESS RECANZONE SEWELL SNOW PASHBY Second Ro VIGNOLA WEBB MALOTTE MOSE ELLISON SORENSEN GRISWOLD TORGERSON BOYD AUSTIN HAN SEN ROYLANCE MASTIN DICKS ZILLICH FIrs+ Row TURNER McKENNON BONACCI COOK AGUIRRE BILBAO COOPER SCHOENFELD PAOLI TREMEWAN MOHLMAN HATUPIS TURNIPSEED GLENNON The F I-l A members can loolc baclc Io Ihe school year of 52 53 as bemg very successful for Ihe enhre club Under Ihe leadershIp of Mass Coons Ihe club sponsored Ihe I-larvesf Ball several coolced food sales and had a very enloyable slumber parfy Also a Ivlolher and Daughfer Banque-I was held and a wonderful 'nme was had by all Four oulslandmg gIrls were senl 'ro Ihe S+aIe F I-I A Convenhon held ID Ely Many new and Infereshng Ideas were brough+ home by Ihe delegafes Ofhcers for Ihe fursf Ierm were Genevueve Toroerson presIden+ I-Ielen Grrswold vIce presIden+ DIanne Cool: secrelary Sarah Tremewan 'rreasurer For Ihe second 'rerm Sarah Tre mewan served as presIden+ Helen Gmswold as vuce presIden+ Cormne Sorensen as secrefary and Connue Elhson as 'rreasurer GENEVIEVE TORGERSON SARAH TREMEWAN PresIden+ Presucleni Furs? Term Second Term MISS COONS Sponsor 47 ' I 4 X I ' 1 I ' I F l If 3 wi ' IA I I . . . ' . . . . I I I . I I - Wi' I I I - I I I I I I ' I I I I I - Wfi I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I - 5' I I I I I I I I I , I I I - F. H. ll. I I - S I I , . : I I I ' I I I I - ' ' I ' I I I, A - i f N PEP Bllllll URCIIESTRII GIRLS GLEIE BOYS GLIEE IIIIXIED CHURIJS ' H0mE SEIIIUR PLIIY . .llllllllll PLHY CUIIIIIIG CHEERLEHDERS EG m y 5 V X X f FRANCIS SMITH Head NN MaioreTTe A MADSEN MARLENE VAN HORN DRUM MAJORETTES The Band. wiTh Mr. PeTerson as direcTor, deserves a gold medal Tor iTs accomplishmenTs during The year. The oTTicers Tor The year were Norma Hammond, presidenT: Sandra STewarT, vice-presidenT3 George NorguisT, secreTary4Treasurer7 Sheila Waage, librarian. LisTed as ETS accomplishmenTs were a Fall ConcerT, ChrisTmas Concert Spring ConcerT, and IDisTricT Music I:esTiyal in Elko. A combined all-Ellco band, consisTing oT The Ellco Grammar School Band, Elko High Band, and CiTy Band, parTicip'aTed To beneTiT The Red Cross campaign. Their marching in various parades, playing aT TooTI:nalI games, and adding The Tinishing Touches during halTTime were among Their highe-sT achievemenTs. S'ana2nq ef' 'T rignf:--AVA CASH, MR. PETERSON, GEORGE SWETT, VICTOR BURNER, JOE TURNER, BOB BENNETT, SHEILA WAAGE, PAT COOK, REINE SABALA. Tahd RfNgfKAREN WAYMAN, BILL TATOMER, JAMICE WILLIAMS, JUDELL SAMON, DONNA SNOW, ROLLIN HOGGE, SANDRA STEWART. Mddio Ru.: 'SHARON WILKERSON, MARY HATUPIS, MELVA LYNCH, DELPHINE RECANZONE, ERLE HOWARD, BOB PATTANI, STANLEY WIGGINS, HARRY BOTSFORD, GARY SHEERIN, FRANK HERNANDEZ. Ere' Rf1ff:sNORMA HAMMOND, EDYTHE BONACCI, DON THORPE, REGINA STEWART, DELBERT PRATT, JOAN HANSEN, JEAN HANSEN. CORRINE SORENSON, GEORGIA WEAVER, ANDREW HATUPIS, SHARON PASHBY, MARILEE MOHLMAN. P E P B ll ll ll The Pep Band composed f . -glitz 3 Ol The lvvenly-seven lop musicians, is lo lee com- mended lor ils splendid job lhroughoul lhe year. They have broughl oul a hidden qualify ol enlhusiasm and spiril al The baslcelball games, assemblies, and ral- lies, wilh high A slepping marches, and pulsaling popu- lar and iazz rendilions. Under The direclion Ol Mr. Pelrerson, Jrhe group had a very successful year. Trip re Biwfmzw SHARON WILKERSON, EDYTHE BONNACCI, MELVA L NORMA HAMMOND, MARY HATUPIS, BEVERLY DUCK, JOE TURNER DEL PHINE RECANZONE, DONNIE THORPE, VICTOR BURNER, MARILEE MOHL MAN, SHARON PASHBY, MR. PETERSON. Middle Row:-SHEILA WAAGE, BOB BENNETT, CORRINE SORENSON FRANCIS SMITH, REINE SABALA, GARY SHEERIN, HARRY BOTSFORD, STANLEY WIG GINS, BOB PATTANI, ERLE HOWARD. Pram Raw:-SANDRA STEWART, DONNA SNOW, REGINA STEWART ROLLIN HOGGE, DIANNE COOK. IIIUSIC CUUIICIL N, A '- if-':fBOB BENNETT, JOAN VON HARTEN, ERLE HOWARD, VICTOR BURNER. GENEVIEVE TORGERSON. fi R:-N1-NORMA HAMMOND, JOAN KERN, SANDRA STEWART, MR. PETERSON, PAT BELLINGER, ANDRA BERGER, SHEILA WAAGE. Elly ' in 'ij G Alfhough fairly inac- Iive Ihis year, The music council has been recog- nized as a parf of Ihe music deparfmenf. The dulies of fhis organiza- Jrion are Io head corn- miffees for 'rhe Thanks- giving Music Fesliv-al and direcl' 'rhe funcfion of Ihe whole deparlr- menf. ng eff lo r BARBARA ROYLANCE GEORGE SWETT MR PETERSON JOE TURNER BOB BENNETT MELVA LYNCH ond JOAN VON HARTEN JOAN KERN PAT BELLINGER ROLLIN HOGGE COR RINNE SORENSON MARILEE MOHLMAN REGINA STEWART DELBERT PRATT JOAN HANSEN JEAN HANSEN HARRY BOTSFORD BOB PATTANI ERLE HOWARD JUDELL SAMON DONNA SNOW r I w MR PETERSON SHEILA WAAGE VICTOR BURNER SHARON WILKERSON MARY HATUPIS RUTH TEWELL SHIRLEY GIESKING LARRY FRANTZEN MARY ELLIS PAT Dlrecior COOK 'M 7 0 R C ll If S 'I' Il II PAT BELLINGER PresucIen+ Rusnng early and allendnng class al 8 OO has proven 'ro be very lruullul 'ro 'rlme members of llns acluvury Performance al Jrhree plays Baccalaurealre and graduahon brouglwl success 'ro This group The orcheslra parhcupaled In 'flue Fall Concerl Clnrsslmas Program Sprung Concerl and flue Dnslruclr Ivlusuc Feslwval lweld IH Ellco Presudem' Pal Bellunger was aided by Joan Kern vsce pres: denl Slmeula Waage secrelary 'rreasurer and Vuclor Burner Iubraruan 52 S'andI rg V Ignf:-f ,J I I ' I I Sec I Row:- Fl s Ro :- E I ' I I I : I I I ' 4 gr - 5 I 1 ' l I I I 4 A 'H ' x jfig-hai. T ' K - X K Q , I I b I I, , " J I BQ . I I . I I - - FIRLS GLEE CLUB The TorTy blended vouces oT The Gurls Glee Club Tell genTly upon The ears oT Those aTTendung The Fall ConcerT ChrusTmas lwrooram Sprung CoPcerT and The DusTrucT lvlusuc FesTuval B cause or uus suze Thus musuc organuzaTuon had To uTuluze Theur Tume wusely and careTully Mr PeTerson durecTor should be com mended on The splendud perTorrnances guven by Thus group The oTTucers Tor Thus year were Genevueve Torgerson presu denT Andra Berger vuce presudenT Sheula Waage secreTar Treasurer Rhea SchoenTeld and Joan Von T-larTen lubraruans MR pETER5QN DurecTor GENEVIEVE TORGERSON f urfh ROW leff To ruqh p,eS,den+ ELLuNeER ADAMS ROYLANCE zuuucu-u cAMuNo SUTHERLAND voN HARTEN BOUCHER GIESKING TORGERSON RECANZONE RESER SNOW GRISWOLD AUSTIN Tl' rd Ro SCOTT BERGER GUISTI MOHLMAN CASH STENINGER WAAGE MADDEN CHARLEBOIS MORSE STEWART LIPPARELLI BUCHOLZ Second Rc POTTER BONACCI ELLISON BONACCT ELLIS TATUM HANSEN TSKU MOTO TURNIPSEED LYNCH PAOLI SCHOENFELD TEWELL rsl ow WEBB HATUPIS COOPER DICKS WHITE MOLDENHAUER WILKERSON MASTIN HANSEN Ja' 'I Y J X . ' . . . . . I e- rv r .L . . . . . . . . . : . - : . y- , . t sq . lf 4 I . T up g L, FM , ' Ti- ,T w:- 10 uw:- 'v -Q . . . . - I . . ' Fi R :-- lanairq, 1e?f 'w flaw:-BORIS BODE, ERLE HOWARD, DANNY JOHNS, VICTOR BURNER, DELBERT PRATT, BOB BENNETT, NORMAN TRAHER, ROLLIN HOGGE. ecana Raw:--'HUGH HALL, EDWARD FOSTER, LYNN BURNS, BOB PATTANI, ANDREW HATUPIS, GEORGE KIRKSEY. DUANE SMITH, JOE TURNER. irs' Row:-MR. PETERSON, JUDELL SAMON, FRANCIS PECK, FRANK HERNANDEZ, MARSHALL SEWELL, BILL TATOM- ER, JIM HICKS, MARC BRUNNER. BUYS GLIEIE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club has grealrly aslounded Jrhe music lovers of Elko by Iheir large member- ship and seleclions presenled al 'rheir performances. They well deserve everyone's 'applause for Iheir hard and conscienrious work Jrhal broughlr much pleasure Io all who heard 'rhem. The able leaders of This group were Erle l-loward, presidenl, and Mr. Pelerson, dire-c'ror. lk lk lk lk lk lk Wilh spirilual and popular programs The Mixed Chorus has delighlred crowds on numerous occasions. This group is composed of 'rhe selecl voices from bolh Ihe Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs. Much credil musl be given Io Mr. Pelerson, who direclred Ihis organizalion. IIIIXIED CHORlIS Slanding, 105+ 'o righf:-BODE, SMITH, BURNS, TRAHER, HOGGE, TURNER, JOHNS, HICKS, BENNETT. Third Raw:-GIESKING, HOWARD, PRATT, PATTANI, BURNER, TORGERSON, WILKERSON, BELLINGER, REASER. Seizard Row:fDlCKS, WHITE, BERGER, WAAGE, COOPER. ROYLANCE, HATUPIS, VON HARTEN, AUSTIN, JEAN HANSEN Firs' Rcvvg-MR. PETERSON, MASTIN, BONACCI, CASH, MOHLMAN, SAMON, PECK, SEWELL, TATOMER, JOAN HANSEN ELLIS, HATUPIS, TSKUMOTO. . The Z SEHIUR PLHY "Men Are Lilqe Slreelcarsu proved 'ro be a very amazing and enlerlaining play presenled by The senior class on November I4 and l5. The plof concerned a 'reen-age girl who caused an up- roar when she loolc 'all The boys away from lheir girl friends and almos'r caused her falher 'ro lose his job. The casl included Dianne Cook, Joan Von Harlen, Rhea Schoemceld, Karen Wayman. Norma l-lammond, Peggy Aller, Tim Monroe, Jalce Reed, Pam Pashby, Jack Palmer, Ava Cash. Beverly Sloddard. and Pal Bellinger. lk lk lk lk lk "Melody Jones." lhe class of l945's firsl dramalic produclion, was presenled on March 27 and 28. The plol cenlered around an average I6-year-old girl whose every aclion caused laugh- ler or lears. The realislic scenes were lhe play's oufslanding poinls. The cas'r included Margarel Moldenhauer, Janell Sulherland, Virginia Behonelc, Lynn Burns, Andra Berger. Jim DeVore, Don Tauler, Gay Wiggins, lvlike Hennen. Bill Tapp, Eddie Capriola, and lvlelva Lynch. JUHIUR PLHY Third Raw, lei' is Agar:-DICK HUNTER, WARREN WALTERS, BOB BOTSFORD, EDDIE NELSON, BING MASSIE, CHET FRANKLIN, DEAN HOWES, JIM COBB, JERRY COBB, JANEL SUTHERLAND, GAYE WIGGINS, PEGGY ARMUTH, CAROL GUISTI, LINDA STENINGER Serand Rcw:7JIM DeVORE, NANCY TSKUMOTO, DORIS AGUIRRE, EMILY GARDNER, ANDRA BERGER. Scared:-MARY WINES, JOAN KERN, JEANNIE WRIGHT, MR. SCHUMACHER, KAREN WAYMAN, NORMA HAMMOND. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE A mosT successTul TourTh annual Homecoming was sTaged This year by The members oT The Pep Club. Norma Hammond and CheT Franklin were co-chairmen Tor The evenT, wiTh Mr. Schumacher as sponsor Tor The TesTiviTies. The Tun-Tilled weekend sTarTed oTT wiTh an assembly Friday aTTernoon, Tollowed by a spiriTed pep rally and The TradiTional lighTing oT The Following The pep rally a snake dance, lead by The queen candi- daTes, paraded Through Town. SaTurday's evenTs were sparked by a parade. ParTicipaTing were The Elko Grammar and High School bands, Pep E and The queen candidaTes, who rode in a cleverly decoraTed TloaT. The highlighT of The Home- coming CelebraTion was The TooTball TilT beTween Elko and Lovelock. During halTTime 'acTiviTies Queen Jeanne WrighT and her aTTendanTs were presenTed. Fidel Vasquez and Bill ElTing, co-capTains Tor The game, shared The honor oT announcing our queen. To climax The occasion The Homecoming dance was held. The inTerior oT The gymnasium was in The shape oT 'a TooTball, and The school colors were arTisTically carried ouT. Queen Jeanne was oTTicially crowned by Ted ConTri, sTudenT body presidenT. This broughT To a close a memorable week-end in The lives oT The ECHS sTudenTs. IIUIIIECUIIIIIIG JEANNIE WRIGHT Homecoming Queen A . ll , 1 f A KAREN MARY N-7 JOAN NORMA WAYMAN WINES " KERN HAMMOND CandicIaTe Candic.IaTe CancIicIaTe CancIidaTe CHIEERLEIIDIERS When lhe morale ol lhe sludenls al ECHS seems lo be nearing lhe danger poinl, lhe cheer- leaders, Joan Kern, Karen Wayman, and Linda Sleninger, are called upon lo do somelhing aboul il. Wilh lheir spiriled aclions, new yells, and lriendly smiles, lhese girls have done a marvelous job ol improving lhe almosphere al loolball and baslcelball games, rallies, and assemblies. For lhe loolball season lhe girls chose maroon slacks and swealers wilh a while Eg while maroon jumpers, besel wilh minialure megaphones inscribed wilh ECHS and while blouses, com- pleled lheir unilorms lor lhe baslcelball games. Besides keeping lhe enlhusiasm wholesome lhroughoul lhe year, lhe cheerleaders head lhe Pep Club, which sponsors lhe Homecoming Celebralion. The Pep Club is lhe largesl organizalion in ECHS, as il is composed ol almosl lhe enlire sludenl body. Managing lhis huge group is an arduous responsibilily, bul we can proudly say lhal Joan, Karen, and Linda have cerlainly earned lheir lille ol Cheerleaders. YOU, INDIANS, OURJNIDIANS, FIGHTI-FIGHT!-FIGI-IT!!I LINDA STENINGER JOAN KERN KAREN WAYMAN K xv-fx S d q T g CONNIE ELLISON BETTY M KENNON DORIS AGUIRRE MARGIE TURNER A A B O A The Gurls AThleTuc AssoclaTuon had a very ac3Tnve year an l952 I953 IT as one oT The largesT organuzaTlons IU ECHS Among The acTnvaTues oT The club were The sponsornng oT a well aTTended reverse dance and a banqueT Tor all C5 A A Board members and Sensor C5 A A ers They also were rn charge oT The candy selling aT The baslceTball games The club ns composed oTglrls1nTeresTed nn aThleTucs The members parTucnpaTe In various TournamenTs lclclcball volleyball and baslceTball The oTTncers Tor Thus year were Pam Pashby presadenT Genevueve Torgerson vuce pres: denT Louise Paola secreTary Joan Kern Treasurer The G A A Board consusTs oT gurls elecTed To serve as leaders In The varuous TournamenTs RU Ssy xl Wea pon-fOr ?Yg5xa 60 ' T4 xv A X Y -1. V ,L r + , t,- 5 . , v X Tan ln , lef To rl hT:- , c , , . SeaTed:fANDRA BERGER, LOUlSE PAOLI, PAM PASHBY, GENEVIEVE TORGERSON, JOAN KERN. G. . . R D G. . n. s M S . 'Z I t V I au Ro Ac MOSE HATUPIS SIGMON BOYD BUCHOLZ JOAN HANSEN JEAN HANSEN WARD Middle Row CHARLEBOIS DICKS MOHLMAN SABALA SEWELL ROYLANCE WEAVER GIESKING KANE Semor Members of G A A McCAUGHEY NENZEL PASHBY GARDNER ron WINES HAMMOND BONACCI MORSE VAN HORN COOK WAYMAN WILKERSON GLENNON ZILLICH COOK MOLDENHAUER ELLIS STENINGER STEWART Freshmen Members of G A A Jumor Members of G A A DUCK VAN SICKLE BERGER FOBES COOPER TSUKA MOTO Second Rr BUCHOLZ WILLIAMS CAMINO STEW ART SUTHERLAND KNOWLES LYNCH GUISTI Snfhng SAUNDERS ADAMS PAOLI HESS KERN TRE MEWAN Sophomore Members of G A A Back Row le-ff Io rn M BONACCI TREMEWAN McKENNON TURNER ELLISON BILBAO MALOTTE PASHBY 6 Fron+ Row lefi Io rngI'u+ SEWELL RECANZONE SNOW GRISWOLD GOICOECH EA AROSTEGUI RESER B In w,IeIIIrIvn3I1I: Prim? Rmwi- SeaIed1+BELUNG'ER. CASH. VON HARTENTORGERSON. Bark Raw: f MOLDENHAUER, BARAINCA, BLOSSOM. F I Rowz- . . , . ' . 'g z- , ' 2- f FO0TBAll I TT! ,. Q - vi?-Tis-LST' 'sa A 'I if-ga J m . is f' i if I ' IPM . - ." f - 1 'T . 4'-2.5, L .af -. xv - fi, .- X I 2 , Sf. H --.x ,A i. COACH EDSALL COACH MENTABERRY AThIeTic DirecTor AssisTanT WiTh eleven reTurning IeTTermen, The Elko TooTbaII squad began one oT iTs mosT successTuI seasons. The Indians began Their season by beaTing a deTermined Team Trom I-TawThorne by a score oT 7 To 6. The Indians Then journeyed To Fallon and Turned back The Fallon Greenwave by 'a 26 To I3 win. Upon reTurning To Their home sTomping ground, The Indians dropped Their only scheduled game OT The season by a score oT I3 To 6 To an inspired Jerome Team. From This poinT on The Indians were unbeaTabIe as They breezed Through Their nexT Tive games by winning TiITs wiTh Ivlonogue, Winnemucca, Filer, and Lovelock. The high- IighT oT The season was The game wiTh WhiTe Pine, which ended wiTh The very impressive score oT Elko 54, Ely I4. The Indian squad broughT home The huge bell amid many cheers. This bell is a roving Trophy ThaT goes To The winner oT The Elko-Ely TooTbaII games. The Team Thus campIe+ed Their regular scheduled sea- son wiTh 7 wins and one loss. Elko gained The righT To meeT Reno Tor The Nevada STaTe FooTbaII Championship by virTue OT Their wins over WhiTe Pine and Winnemucca. In This game The Indians puT up a greaT baTTle Tor Three guarTers. buT wiTh The score Tied aT 7 To 7. The powerTuI Huskies unleashed Three Touchdowns in The TourTh guarTer To win The game wiTh a score oT 28-7. Honors Tor The ouTsTanding player and Team capTain wenT To CheT Franklin and Dean I-lowes, respec- Tively. Much crediT should be given To Coaches Floyd Edsall and FausTo Iv1enTaberry Tor Their long hours and conscienTious work, wiThouT which The Team could noT have had The success iT obTained. OTher TaiThTuI members oT The Team were The hard working managers, Mike Wines, Clarence EITing, and KITT Lear. Back Raw, Ieff To r'gHT:-MR. EDSALL, A. GOICOECHEA, R. SMITH, F. NENZEL, D. HOWES, J. THOMAS, B. VAN DRIELEN, L. BURNS, L. HOLDREN, MR. MENTABERRY. Middle Rc-N:-C. WIGGINS, M. MARK, B. ELTING, B. HICKS, F. AGUIRRE, J. DeVORE, A. MASSIE, J. TURNER, A. DOMINGO, C. BURK- HOLDER. C. GRISWOLD. Firsf Row:-D. CHARLES, J. REED, T. CONTRI, F. VASOUEZ, C. FRANKLIN, P. MADIGAN, L. PETERSON, C. ARMUTH, J. COBB, G. COBB. 2 -. lm- . TOM FOX llwtlmw CLAY BURKHOLDER iw T. El A ,. " TED 3 j2fi?Za5Q .,,. , H-H CONTR' ,, ..., V . DAVID , CHARLES l,'.uvfvl1.1 lv K V QW W, U wi All-Sfafe 1 CHESTER FRANKLIN 6 ffl FV ' Q-rv T All-Shale l ...I L . CHARLES X Q L ARMUTH Ha tbml SL' nd S"'nn: All-Sfafe BILL ELTING EWG X JIM COBB Q md Honorable Menlion All-S+afe PAT MADIGAN Ha 'ba lx CHAN GRISWOLD End Honorable Menfion All-Shale BOB HICKS LYNN Glldfd BURNS Tdrklo JAKE X REED X XLXQ EFCT LESTER PETERSON Fgllbaclc VAN DRIELEN BILL Tafl e DEAN HOWES TUV! ff FIU? SVU'-q All-Sfaie JERRY COBB Carle' 4' ld S'fr1:j All-Slale JIM DQVORE O.15f'S'b5Ck FIDEL VASQUEZ FQ bak Honorable Menfion All-Sfale MIKE MARK Hallback Ill ' 'SL xr. 5 4. ,X ' t "f,.h N. V , . Elko and Jerome Elko and R600 Elko Elko Elko Elko Elko Elko Elko Elko 5..- SCORES l-lawllworne Fallon , , Jerome . Winnemucca Manoque , -iWlwi+e Pine Filer Y,,,, , --Lovelock , Elko ancl Wlnnemucca Elko and l'lGWll10l'f19 CCACH MENTABERRY BIISKETBFILL The Elko Indians opened Their '52-'53 baskefball season by spliTTing Their TirsT Two home games wiTh The Douglas Tigers. WiTh Two games now under Their belTs, The Indians began an impressive Tive-game winning sTreak. They successfully deTeaTed The Sparks Railroaders, The Carlin Railroaders, and The Hailey Wolver- ines. Traveling To Ely, The Indians losT Their TirsT Two conTerence games To The WhiTe Pine BobcaTs. The Redskins Then invaded Wells and romped over The Leopards in anoTher non-conTerence game. DeTermined To improve Their conTerence sTanding, The Indians Traveled To Winnemucca, only To spliT a Two-game series wiTh The Bucks, and Then spliT a Two-game series wiTh The BobcaTs Trom WhiTe Pine. The Indians Then Traveled To Carlin and scalped The Railroaders. ReTurning To Their own courT, They played hosT To Burley and Winnemucca, In The Tinal game oT The regular season The Indians Took an easy win over The Owyhee Braves. The Indians enTered The Zone TournamenT wifh 'a conTerence sTanding oT Three games won and Tive losT. Elko losT The opening game oT The TournamenT To Whi+e Pine, Thus giving The BobcaTs a berTh in The STaTe Tournament Elko successTuIIy deTeaTed Winnemucca and earned anoTher opporTuniTy To Try To upseT WhiTe Pine. In The closing seconds oT The game The BobcaTs pulled away To win The Zone Championship. ATTer a hard-ToughT game The Indians were deTeaTed by The Reno I-luskies in The opening game oT The STaTe TournamenT. The Indians Then wenT on To meeT The Carson CiTy SenaTors. Coming ouT on The shorT end oT The score, The Indians were eliminaTed Trom The TournamenT, Thus compIeTing The I952-I953 baskeT- ball season. Smnding, IQII To IIQIIII-JIM WILLIAMS, TED CONTRI, JERRY COBB, BILL ELTING, JAKE REED, RONNIE SMITH, DEAN I-IowEs, CHAN GRISWOLD, JIM COBB, CHAN CHURCH, TOM FOX, ENOS ARRASCADA, DAVE CHARLES. Kneeling:-CHET FRANKLIN. JERRY COBB Ghard FRANKLIN Guard Second Shing ARRASCADA All-S+a+e Forward I I N N AA CHURCH ard WILLIAMS Forward FOX FNW5 MENTABERRY Coach ELTING HOWES Cenfer Cenfer CONTRI Guard GRISWOLD Forward M COBB Guard REED Forward CHARLES Grard SMITH Cenfer 6: O O O O O O O O Douglas Douglas Sparks Sparks Carlm l-lavley Halley While O O O O O Pune Pune SCORES O O O O O O O O O Zone Wlwnle Pune Wmnemucca Whole Pme S+a+e Reno Carson Wells Wlnnemucca Wnnnemucca Wlwnle me Whale me Carlm Burley Wmnemucca Wmnemucca Elk 36-- A33 Elk ,, 68-- Elk M 33-- ,, ,A E.r., 42 Elk ,, . ., E Y E58-- ' Elk , ,,,45--- 7, ,, , H Y 7, ,,Y,, 35 Elk , E .EE 45-- ' Elk .. 45-- . E, A M30 ' Elk , . , 67-- ' P' Elk E E E44-- ' ,EEE. EEEE, E E EE...V 34 Elk A ,, 53-- ' P' Elk 6O-- ' , A,,, ,,,,,, 7,,,,. 3 7 Elk , EEEE 69-- ' E E Elk ,E E 47-- ' Y,,,,,,,,,, ,44 Elk EEEEEE r,EEEEE , E E 59--- ,EE Elko E E E .V,E, 43--While A ,, ,E ,,E,, N47 Elk Y .,r,, ...E52-- ' Elk E 5l-- ' ' ,, ,,,lA, 70 Elk ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Y 38-A ' Elk ,,EEE E, rE.rEE..EE 47-- ' ' E , l,,,,A,65 Elk 7,,,,,,vV,7.,w,w,,,,...... 62-- ' .EEE.EEE.EEE 57 Elk .E.E E...,..E...AA.,EA..., 4 3-- ' ' .,,,,,,,,,,,., 47 Elk ..,,,..r.,..........,..... 62-- ,, E, ,w,,..,EE.,r,. M70 Elk .,..........,...,......,.. 48-- .,,.w.,...,.,,...,.,.A 64 l 67 nd q I KENNETH BAUMGARDNER BOB PATTANI VICTOR BURNER MR EDSALL ALFRED OUICK LESTER PETERSON GARY PORTER RAUL HERNANDEZ K q FRED ZAGA JOE TURNER JOHN COFFIN NORMAN TRAHER LARRY HERMANSEN ROLLIN HOGGE JIM DeVORE LEONARD HOLDREN S I g ANDY DOMINGO BING MASSIE EDDIE NELSON FRANK AGUIRRE PAT MADIGAN CHUCK ARMUTH CALVIN WIGGINS DON THOMAS JUNIOR VARSITY The Junnor Varsuly under lhe dnreclnon ol Coach Floyd Edsall enloyed a fairly successful year consudersng The 'rough compeluluon lo whuch 'rhey played agalnsl In all of lhe J V s e gh leen games They bellered lheur opponenls an len of lhem The Junnor Varsuly us composed of gumors and sophomores The members acgunre invaluable experience for lhenr lulure years on lhe varslly squad Mosl of lhe games lhey played were prelnmunary 'ro lhe varsnly games They dld make several 'rrnps lo olher schools however O O O O O O O O Ballle Mounlaun Wells Wells Carlin Owyhee Monlello Auslnn Wells SCORES 6 O O O O O O O O :Ii 4? Wlnnemucca Nahonal Guard Moonshuners Carlun Lund Wunnernucca Auslun Eureka Sla Ing, lel? fo rl In 1-W , . . . . . . . ' . . I - Elk , ., . ,..,,s 4I-- ' c,,c,,cc 42 Elk ,,,,, .,,,., ' Elk .. ,,.,, . , ..38-- . .. .... ...c. 25 Elk .,,s ,,,.. . I Elk s,., ... . , ,35--- , ,,,.,,,,,,,,-,,,,Y,, 45 Elk ,,,,,s,,,,,,,,.s,,, s,s5I-- ' W, Elk . .,.. , ..35--- ' ,, ,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,, 3 9 Elk ,,,.,,...........,........ 52i- ' Elko ..,,,,s,,,,,s,.,.s.,,,..,. 8I--Carlin .. ......,,,....,.,.,,,, 34 Elko ,..........s,..,..........' 36--Freshmen ....., Elk ,,..,......,,.s,,.,s...,.. 4l-- Y,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,.ss, 25 Elk ,,.,,,,ss,..s...,......... 6 - .. .....,,.,,, Elk ...,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.s,, I 9-- ,,,,sA,s,c,,,,,,,4 35 Elk ,s...........,..........,. 62-- ' Elk ...,,,., . .,s,. .,.,. 3 4-- ' .,.,..............,... 50 Elk ,,....,,,,..,..,,...,,..c, 52-- ' . ..c.,, Elk .s...,.........,,,,.,,..,, 52-- .,s,. ,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,, 55 Elk ....,,..,.,,...,...... 5 - .,,,ss 8 G, Us , - I . G' 'q 5 0- 4' ""A M xi Lelf Io rxglul' JACK PALMER WARREN WALTERS ARNOLD CARILLO ERLE HOWARD TIM MONROE BOB BOTSFORD DON BAUMGARDNER DICK HUNTER MOONSHINERS Moonslunners was Hue name adopfed Hurs year by Hue sensor class baslcelball Ieam Made up of members nol on Hue regular vars1+y Hue Moonsluuners were enlerecl un Hue culy league The Ieam played several preliminary games along wlHu Huezr regular league games Tluey made up Hue nucleus of Hue Inlerclass Cluampuons INTERCLASS CHAMPIONS S+ ndmg IQII I rlglul JACK PALMER BOB BOTSFORD TED CONTRI WARREN WALTERS JIM COBB ARNOLD CARILLO DON BAUMGARDNER DICK HUNTER Kneel ng CHAN CHURCH DAVE CHARLES ERLE HOWARD BOYD HADLOCK JAKE REED BILL ELTING 69 I I I . I . . - , . a ' . -0 ' 1- . . . . . . 5 IH . . . - - - , In g - ,, Q .' A f 'A 5 M 'v - C. - Q . Bu I , I I ,, fl " N' ,' , V ' Q I -47-V A "'. gg . , ' . I V 3, .N I v -- 22 ,A L., R Y Z ? ' Q I" Y' A 5 ,, V. 1 i fx I . 5 5 I I , 1 It 1. sis, lim, 1 N: I K ,gh .f,:,,'f'L . ' Q ' xi. el-K LKo El-Kp f COACH MENTABERRY HARRY VAN DRIELEN CHUCK ARMUTH DEAN HOWES BING MASSIE COACH EDSALL JOHN BARBER DUANE SMITH JOHN MARTIN ARCHIE TYBO MICHAEL D GROAT JIM COBB CHAN GRISWOLD MILTON BURNETT HARRY SWAINSTON ENOS ARRASCADA LYNN BURNS CHRIS NENZEL ALBERT GOICOECHEA CHAN CHURCH CALVIN WIGGINS TED CONTRI JIM WILLIAMS TRIICIS Poor weaTher had lITTle To do wnTh The eTTorTs oT Ellco I-hgh s 53 Traclc Team Coaches Ed sall and IVIenTaberry developed a very sulasTanTlal and sTronq squad On Aprul 25 The boys Traveled To Provo LITah To aTTend The B Y U I953 lnvITaTIonel IVIeeT Rrbbons were broughT home by Jnrn Williams Tor Thnrd In The mule Dean I-lowes Thnrd In The dns onTr1 TourTh IU The 880 Ellco Hugh proved uTs supernornTy on Ivlay 2 aT The Elko InvITaTIonal IvIeeT The Tunal score was Ellco 79 wrTh The nearesT conTend er WhnTe Pune wITh 30 Thus was The TIrsT rneeT oT :Ts land IH Ellco and was sponsored by The Ellco Jaycees May 9 saw The EasTern Nevada A Zone Traclc IvIeeT held on Warrlor Eneld wrTh The lndlans scalpnng Theur opponenTs malcunq The second year They have won The A Zone Tourney The sTaTe rneeT was held on Warruor Fneld on May I8 wuTh Ellco showlng a Tull slaTe oT Thunclads 70 -I XX .x "p.::'iM,1'f'f COACH MENTABERRY gl.K 7l E C H S at lll0RK Cllllillllllll IIIUSIC EIISEIIIBLES SPECIIIL FIEIITIJRES F if 'M J 3' -19: 'B 18 QV C. f A xx J-If "" 'eff 2 ! W A -Q , E x ' My K My ECHSatlll0RK gi 5 Qi? F5 -i Y . W "11, f- -if i ' . f v"' ' " 'Nia Wm' . H 'iz- .-',, ,. - 1 ig' W sq " ii .ix ""a'i"'fH1ui V i Yiw if 1. SH, 'i' Mechanical Drawing Girls Gym Chemigfry English Ill Boys Home Ec. Spanish I World His+ory Civics Sfudenf Body Officers in Teen-age Dance 1952-1953 CIILEIIIJIIR SEPTEMBER- 2-Sclwool Opens 5-Eield Day and Senior-Eroslw Dance I2-Eresliman Parry I3-Eooiball, Hawilworne ai Elko I6-Curiis Subscripiion Assembly 20-Eooiball, Elko ai Eallon 2I-Senior and Junior Picnics 22-29-Curiis Subscripiion Week 23-Teachers Insiiiure 24-Teachers lnsiirure 27-Eooiball, Jerome ai Elko Harvesr Ball OCTOBER- 4-Eooiball, Winnemucca ai Elko I I-Eooiball, Elko ai Bishop Manogue I7-Eirsi Grading Period I8-Soplwomore Hop 25-Eoolball, Elko ai Wlriiie Pine 3I-Eoorball, Elko a+ Eiler NQVEMBER- I-Sadie Hawkins Dance 8-Eooiball, Lovelock ai Elko I4-I5-Eourilw Annual Homecoming Celebraiion Senior Play. "Men Are Like Sireei- cars" 20-Fall Conceri 22-Eooiball, Siaie Clwampionslwip Game ai Reno 26-Second Grading Period 27-Tlwanksgiving Vacaiion DECEMBER- 5-6-Baskeiball, Eureka ai Elko I2-I3-Baskeiball. Douglas ai Elko I9-2G-Baskeiball, Sparks ai Elko Clwrisrmas Conceri Clirisimas Vacaiion I6-I7-Baskeball, Elko a'rWl1i're Pine 22-23-Semesier Exams Semesier Ends 24-Baskeiball, Elko ai Wells 30-3 I-Baskeiball, Elko a+ Winnemucca FEBRUARY- 6-7-Baskerballr Wlwire Pine ai Elko Senior Pay Dance I3-Baskeiball, Burley ai Elko POHOB Pay Dance 20-2I-Baskeiball, Winnemucca ai Elko Junior Pay Dance 27-Baskeiball, JV Elko ar Ausiin 28-Baskeiball, JV Elko ai Eureka MARCH- 5-6-7-Zone Tourney ai Wliiie Pine I9-20-21-Siare Tourney ai Reno 27-28-Junior Play. "Melody Jones Easier Vacaiion APRIL- I I-GAA Pay Dance I7-Spring Concerr I8-Junior Prom, "My Blue Heaven" EHA Disirici Round-up in Wells 24-25-Second Grading Period Music Eesiival MAY- 2-Elko lnviiaiional Track Meer 9-Zone Track Meei ai Elko I5-All-Scliool Play, "Down io Earilr' 23-Siaie Track Meei ai Elko Senior Ball, "Deep Purple" 24-De Laureola Banguei 30-Memorial Day lno scliooll 3l-Baccalaureaie JANUARY- JUNE- 9-IO-Baskeiball, Hailey ai Elko Block E Pay Dance I -2-Semesier Exams 5-Commencement IIIUSIC TATOMER, ERLE HOWARD. OR BURNER, BOB BENNETT B ,gg , ,Y,...n ERLE HOWARD, BOB PATTANI STAN WIGGINS The elile of The music deparlmenl are piclured on This page. These groups have been organized because of The inleresl of Jrhe individuals and lheir qualificalions. The ensembles have performed al numerous school concerls, Tunclions, and local civic orqanizafions. They have been well received and have broughl many complimenls To +he music deparlmenl and lo The school. EIISIEIIIBLES DONNA WHITE, PAT RUTH TEWELL PAT BELLINGER, ANDRA BERGER, AVA CASH, SHIRLEY GIESKING. GENEVIEVE TORGERSON, JOAN VON HARTEN, RUTH TEWELL. JANELL SUTHERLAND. P Raw-- NANCY TSUKAMOTO, CYNTHIA COOPER, JEAN HANSEN, MARILEE MOHLMAN, SHEILA WAAGE, JOAN HANSEN, MARY HATUPIS. ccompanisi.-CORRINE SORENSEN. K RUTH WHITE MR BROME ECHS NOTES In Ellco Daily Free Press Iwgh school news presenled 'ro Iownspeople Ivlr Bronne sponsor appears weelc ly Rulln and Judy very Ialllwlul In wor Held Sep? 27 sponsored by El-IA and FFA Queen Gladys Leland Kung Warren Walfers Iwarvesl dec: orahons Iwo geese and rabbnf rallled HARVEST BALL Sealed CORINNE SORENSON GENE VIEVE TORGERSON LOUISE PAOLI FHA DELEGATES 7+lw annual EI-IA Convenlnon Od I6 and I7 al Ely Ilweme Togeflwer We Grow Eorrnal Banquel al I-lull lop Cale exclwanged Ideas and ac complaslwrnenls learned lwow Slale Convenlaon Iuncluons Junior Prorn on April I8 Ilweme was My Blue I-Ieaven exclusively for lunuors and sensors and dales punlc and blue wnllw rnlllnons of slars JUNIOR PROM S , - lj 45 V' , 1 ' l f y, C V , I-x I I I I A JUDY NENZEL Standing:-HELEN ORISWOLD. F I- , ' f E ' -' E A . 1 ' 4 ' - . T T T. ' . k. U l .h ' E 7 E E . . M L o f s I I In EA 77 lr WARREN WALTERS, MELVA LYNCH CAMPUS CAPERS , . ,..., .',,,..Y Bd-.1 R A., r, :Ll , WARREN WALTERS, BILL ELTING, GENE- vueve TORGERSON, ARNOLD OARILLO. S F TEMILTWOTARDNER, PAT BELLINGER, NOR- P MA HAMMOND. F If E C I A T A U l R If S GIRL 81 BOY STATERS STUDENT LIBRARIANS La-TT M rlqhfz- Lef' YO rfghfiff BETTY MCKENNON, MARGIE TURNER MR. SCHUMACHER, WARREN WALTERS HOT-DOG STAND DIANNE COOK, MARGIE McCAUGHEY, CAROL CASH, ROBERTA MORSE, MRS. McQUlSTON, JOAN VON HARTEN, HERLENE MORSE. . .X "- ' ,UI '.u.Q.j". TQ' 'nga' 'QL Sfanding, left 'c righl:-LOUIE BILBAO, HOMER ANDRAE, BOB HICKS. DAN GLENNON, ALBERT GOICOECHEA, HARVEY HEALY, JOE LEWIS. TOM MURPHEY, NORMAN PETERS, CHESTER KNIGHT. Swing:-MR. HANSEN, FRED ZAGA, BOB JOHNS, DON DUVAL, RUSSELL PHILLIPS, BILL JOHNS, SIM DUVAL, Frcnl Row:--DELBERT PRATT, LESTER PETERSON, DELBERT ZUNINO, LESLIE SHARP, RICHARD SHARP, KEN BAUMGARDNER. F. F. Il. The FuTure Farmers oT America is noT new in The Elko CounTy I-ligh School, buT only re-esTablished. The Ruby IvIounTain ChapTer oT The FFA was charTered by The Nevada AssociaTion in SepTember, I939, and was an acTive chapTer unTil June, I942, when The war caused an insTrucTor shorTage. The Ruby IvIounTain ChapTer again became acTive in SepTember, I952, when iT was re-esTablished wiTh Don Duval, presidenTq Bill Johns, vice-presidenTq Bob Johns, secreTary: Russell Phillips, Treasurer, Sim Duval and AlberT Goicoechea, co-reporTersg Fred Zaga, senTinelg and Mr. AlTred l-lansen, chapTer adviser. The agriculTure class periods are Taken up in The sTudy oT beeT and dairy caTTle, sheep, and oTher agri- culTural livesToclc, also a cerTain amounT oT animal Teeds, diseases, and pracTical remedies. The Tarm shop class is being uTilized in The mainTenance oT ranching eguipmenT oT nearly all kinds. Be- sides The repair oT machinery, some very useTul implemenTs have been builT. ThirTeen members of The Ruby IvIounTain ChapTer aTTended The DisTricT FFA ConvenTion held aT Fal- lon, Nevada, on March I3 and I4. The chapTer won second place in livesToclc iudging and Third in agron- omy, in compeTiTion wiTh seven oTher chapTers. The members also won individual awards in agronomy, dairy judging, livesToclc iudging, and Tarm mechanics. On April 9, IO and II, aT The STaTe ConvenTion, aTTended by Three delegaTes and one alTernaTe, Three commiTTee chairmanships were received. The delegaTes were Bill Johns, LesTer PeTerson, Don Duval, and Russell Phillips, alTernaTe. The chapTer received awards in livesTocl4 iudging and agronomy, The Ruby IvIounTain ChapTer members Teel ThaT They have had a mosT successTul TirsT year, and will conTinue To sTrive Toward ad- vancemenT. KAREN WAYMAN, MARY WINES, EMILY GARDNER Also aTTending The 'agriculTure and Tarm shop classes are The Three girls here. Since The FFA is resTricTed To boys only, The girls cannoT belong. The girls are The TirsT To ever Talce These subiecTs. They will receive The same amounT oT crediTs as will The boys. TENQA M E 301' f ofbomgv 1 s I u 53,4 , ,I SQ 5510? Q ' FT rl 151 M51 ' f' f'- E L ' ZW ' :-1-1--F: ' l..---L- WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR DEEPEST APPRECIATION TO THE ELKO COUNTY ADVERTISERS WHOSE GRACIOUS SUPPORT HAS MADE POSSIBLE THE PUBLICATION OF THIS BOOK THE 1953 POHOB STAFF 82 N 1' '.. rr' QUALITY HOME FURNISHINGS Cook Eurnrture Co 5'rh and Srlver Elko Nevada MILL WORK GLASS STORE FIXTURES Elko Cabrnet Shop 708 Rrver Slroer BRACKEN S MEATS and GROCERIES PHONE I47 ELKO AUTO CLINIC I l FRONT END SERVICE WHEEL BALANCING AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR l2lI I a o Phone l026 Elko Nevada Elko Eloor Coverrng 4 ll Phone II52 Elko Nevada CENTRAL MARKET MEATS GROCERIES Phone 36 o Nevada Cmzqmlululmru 51' mu lrom Q 0 Rv I umnmmI 227 Fif+h 33I R. R. STREET fwornplinwnls ol . . . Sprfkrlisls in . . . g cl I1 Elk 83 PAUL S HARDWARE WELCH RADIO Id h Phone IOI o Nevada ll' IH HIT SUCCESS PROSPERITY HAPPINESS REI HART CDIVIPAN Smce I868 Elko Nevada 84 fuurugrululufions To fwluss of '33 PNNL 9 : " 11 1' ' 404 a o S+. 533 RAILROAD STREET Elko, Nevada Elk S'?'QT'N1B:5:fLIAR,' fel L To You 'P I ' from flw folks ul . .. NEVADA BANK DE COMMERCE Commercral Savrngs Safety Deposrt Boxes FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ELKO PIOCHE BATTLE MOUNTAIN AUSTIN RENO Congratulatrons To the Class of 53 ELKO NEVADA Strnson Berger Eurmture CO 8 -1--fIxIPfTlEX'f'f-1-1 Nl I OH' I- I 0 Y I "Home of Fine li iluren 5 Sprouse Rertz C0 ELKOS 5c and IOc STORE o Nevada Its DUPDNT S FOR THE BEST IN DRUGS Phone 75 o Nevada Elko Drug Company Phone I5 CAMERAS SUNDRIES and TOILETRIES 311 Grants Cafe Home of GOOD F OD and FINE PASTRIES o Nevada VV N BLOHIVI 477 IDAHO STREET o Nevada Wafclwes for 'rlme Graduales Sheaffer and Parker Pens ' X WATCH INSPECTOR ELKD GENERAL MERCHANDISE CD JOE ANACABE 4I6 IDAHO STREET o Nevada CEUIIIIJIIIIIPIIIS ol , , Elk Elk fsongyrulululions .lv iursl 9 ljrvsr-riplimz Spvriulisls IN ll 1 O Elk .... Your I1'lI'4'It'l' Elk Prvsiflonl fJIli4'irlI mul V. P. Elk Sl PLN- of wokw FAMOUS cmncona annum sm emit? will E KO NE D 75,1 X0 H' STQCKIVIEN S HUTEL World Famous Entertainment and Finest Food SEE OUR GIANT KODIAK BEAR 'XWHERE THE WEST EATS THE BEST" S7 ,..f- "ir fi F f -,:f-,?- T- i '1' 7 j?'.3"1:1klR? jg. 2 - "' 'M - 5- Y .- --E -. 'I V ,I j Y, X ,Qi ' Y' - -K i L, ki 5. V, 1 ' , ,,-t .E ,ee, to E E J M, ' !1,ftT.',' If X --1 5 'F' ,EE ,,YLL,w ' V .155 tv-x ' ' .A,, 'F 5' ,Y 1 ",,ff fl ' - ,- ,rt lf' f ' 1.2,-F I 1 '- '. .f to 5 S I EHS 1 .nr M-J A44-A gt ,--57 . , 1 K- N Y. ,eff A f -, EA Y'n'kYQQ.t sxL.,.g Emdli-+V lf- iilgir L I VA A ix L: '., ft, -,F ' ' 1 A,.-.......f-ef NS,-ffiva, - 'W' F -L ,ff -W-..-,,-c1-TZ. lfli' 'j'E'5'-J' X F' 13'-X: :, ' . - - A ' f -ll .--"'Fg'F:" ' "Ng" V- - ',---Xr.- FQ E 'FQQLQ ' ' QX. You 'X E e e e . K- 335- L, ' x I 7 FIWIH' IJIUKY' FIYU CFU F:0l' NVUHIIH UIHE O D TCI P E RA L DO DISTRIBUTING CO SHQRTYS CLUB COC O Dealers rn Burldrng lvlalerrals LUMBER COAL PAINT Elko Lumber Company OWER CO S lo Class Ol L53 From o ass of 53 7 A - C O L A FARR'S ROOT BEER Ik .... d '. ll . It -. lw . . l"lO G TO lk cl P one I74 o Neva a Ollljflf f H1 HH FOVTT NEVADA HDTH. o Nevada STAR HOTEL ITALIAN and BASQUE DINNERS Family Sfyle Phone 406 W Elko Nevada onqrulu I rom HOWARDS F E E D an S E E D PURINA CHOWS C omp mu nl WTZ BAR o Nevada :ph n Sperm QUINN DRUG BOB QUINN Phone 303 o Nevada fx K IS To fill' T 11 Tvs . . . T . . . Elk - z , fx 4 fu ions To Svniors! - I S . . . F . . . , . . . of . . . d . . . W -. Elk The 5!or0 null: flw C lwclevrlmurcl bzgn Prvsfr' 'o .W V' lisls ,-is A . Q - Y.. - Co Elk 1 89 ff' , W f VT 4,1 Slap Your Brand OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE I953 GRADUATIN6 CLASS d OUR BEST WISHES FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS Gomrnercrul Hotel QL gf RAN PM ULN M E Mr XTEJEJTELS A Euco NEVADA W 20 X X Qwff' M "fl 'X A Un llur Register ,LN-L 5 51 an ' r .1., fy Nr ,rr ' 3 ,T , . . X5 L2 'X KJ V, Q 1 TE A ' 4 1 T T VL' Lr J , Q? I Peoples Market FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES 443 Idaho o Nevada lVlcLane Sales Agency 234 SILVER o Nevada TO BY S Rrchfreld Servrce X Illlllll I S 81 H GREEN STAMPS Fourth 8: Idaho Streets o Phone 29 W Nevada HAND MADE INDIAN JEWELRY Navalo Rugs Chrmayo Blankets Elko lndran Store C II' Uflfl SOUIQIIU' 460 Idaho S+ Phone IOO4 r rr I frruur A D Ivlachrnery Co 25l W COMMERCIAL o Nevada D K Servrce Statron If 0 ICI' MOBIL PRODUCTS Phone 348 W Elko Nevada IN ELKO J IVI Caprrola Co o Nevada Eagle Servrce Station 284 IDAHO STREET lux fur lr and f UN Igllllf' Elko Nevada Vollllllilllmlls of ENUIIHYII In inns To IIN' MI ml Elk Elk The lies! OI' I.ua'Ie. GrmIs.l . . Ilrriohr r II S Elk - : , ' ' ' Il-s . , . . Slqolmj rr r ml ' Elk - or .. - . 'r I 's' j , ' I V S , . 7' S OI Tup Top Dress Shop Farsi' Nahonal Bank Bulldmg E L K O NEVADA Sa es Parfs Service SINGER and OTHER MACHINES ELKO SEWING MACHINE CENTER 336 Idaho S'rree+ LUNDBERGS P O BOX 3Il o Nevada PHONE 3I7 WAYMAN S DRESS SHoP ELKO an WINNEMUCCA BURNS FLURAL PHONE 444 W o Nevada LILLIAN S NUGENTS I d en S WEARING APPAREL 5I7 Idaho S+ Elko Nevada Trahers Shoo Store LOAFERS CASUALS Parfy SIyIes For Every Occasion Phone 895 W 456 Sfh Sfreef I . 9 9 Elk . . . d fwongruIuIuIionS Flnss oI '33 ...I - 9 Elk , Igf'fIl'l'xIlIIH0S 9 Chi r 's hop 92 Stoekmens Hotel Barber Shop PIONEER an UVERLAND ELKO NEVADA CLUB 449 er 449 RAILROAD STREET T H E Safeway Employees ITT HI-IHU S Th S+ f M Home of Natlonally Advertised Brands fymrzplrrrwnls of 9 9 Elko Nevada EI-KO NEVADA Hurry l.1purvH1 Lulu Pu: 1 :non fxorzqrulufuhons from Elko Nevada H ' 9 O I' 6 O I' 8 H 93 CLUNY'S TIIIU' IIOIIS1' ol cullllflll C L E and U N Y 386 5'I'I'1 S+. Elko Nevada w . w - - C ongu'uIuluI1ons f Iuss ul JI . . . from . . . TOT'N TEEN 395 COURT STREET Ellro Nevada Nevada Vulcamzlng Works 640 COMMERCIAL Phone 25 o Nevada P IVI Supply C0 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL JOBBERS o Nevada GET BETTER BUYS FOR YOUR MONEY J C PENNEY C0 INC o Nevada VAN LEER and HARRIIVIAN INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER I Phone 92 329 IDAHO STREET o Nevada NXIEIIYIUSUIK' Elk EH' al B u c K f, . n'l"Il' IIUHH' ol XIIIIHPSN Elk Elk 94 Deluxe Odorless Cleaners and Tallors II PHONE 88 W o Nevada Carter Hotel Ellco Nevada PARTIES and BANOUETS C Uf r Phone 430 540 Idaho Sfreef Earmer s Insurance Group ll lllll I Phone 836 457 Railroad Sfreef L E LANPHEAR o Nevada I EANS FORMA We Talce Special Care I1 Eflrrx C ur II Phone 207 566 Rlver Ellco Nevada I IJ: :mom CDX JEWELRY 5l4 Commercial S+ Ellco Nevada Eferna Mahc Self Wmdmg Wafches HAMILTON and ELGIN WATCHES The Golden DIRILYTE I-lued TABLEWARE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OE NEVADA xl! Ill lil' FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY Xl! Ill H I' FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM EJ ulily Svrrriro - lmliff I I0 Elk ' , Xvlw Iwr ills . . . J or LS Iiirv, fl r I rllrrrle 'N S U R A N C E Ideal Cleaners ' . foh mul . D' N so - - : ' S+. Elk , I hvu vlws 'r Is T I I I - 1 t - n a l -U-A 1 I , '11,-1 I --I I 11-- 95 Congratulations To Class of '53 Slerra Wme 84 Llquor Company 441 SHVER STREET QUALITY oaocfmfs BETTER Tooo VV E L L Meats d Grocerues I 4iP. O. Box For For ... Slmp ul . . . S E ' S an ' IDAHO STREET XR 'hm-x W6'l'Cl'l +l1e Blrdy Oh' Joy' Your Fadclers Muslaclne Work Slaves Work' Three Sfooges Thoughf Id Due Lauglung Bundle of Joy Home Ec Board No Girl Erle Man 'I'l1e Lzfeboals We Eel Thursday Males Dancere'Hes Jammy bad' lm'ha+es Look flue Ofher Way Judy Wow' Ceala and Donner Lake Woops' Someone Cracked a Funny Caugl'1+ In flwe Acf Where s Thal Bar+ender7 97 TELESCOPE HUTEL BOWLING A DINING CONGRATULATIONS To Hm Iimwamd 946 IDAI-IQ STREET Elk N cI B R I3 N Elko Nevada E' Phone I43 E L If C L I N I C o Congratulations To the Graduates! 0 MO PUWER CG " Q PLUG IN l LM REDDP1 T' J?-5? 0' af? X E L K L A I L L E it Q Lt' ft , taaa, aaaaaaa+taaaatla.a 1 aL aa 2 f Latt' Q2 a 1 Q u ! L 5 t,fEg fqf 2 CD tzsmar uownr ,. taaaa tat a aa K ONGRATULATIONS EACH LAD AND LASS ID he KLASS OF 53 MUTUAL IN ELKD Music News Sports Drama 1240 K C Zfgfj DQS EVERYTHING IN FINE HARDWARE PAINT O LS GRAINS IMPLEMENTS Phone 289 o Nevada 100 to ' I 66 99 A x I I , Elk SJIOCIQITWGIWS HOTIQI Beauty Salon LIFE SICKNESS ACCIDENT PHONE 908 RUADSIDE MARKET a A M I 9 P M DA LY DEPARTMENT STORE a A M + a P M SUN sf HOLIDAYS CONGRATULATIGNS E B 0 0 T S Fa y o Nevada 101 9 New York Life Insurance Company Elko NSVGCTG Elko Nevada twflllgfflfllIllliOHS.' cD,N'H SIUIJUYS Hill' fiUIil1UyS H. D. STEVENS DD. I so 0 , . . o . . . 7H'I and Idaho Elko, Nevada Elko' mil Store Elk Paul J Del Grudree H Erenk Cerrrllo Doctor of Motors B S WAX WISHES A Every Fellow and Femme m tlwe Class ol 53 B D B A N D B ERT CRDSSDN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY TELEPHONE 90 37l ELKD INDEPENDENT Prrnters Pub rsloers IU 2 ' ' CN0llfH'1IlllllIllOlIS lrom enderson Banlz Building Ellro Nevada I Fabulous, Full, Forlunale, Free, Fruillul, Fine Fulure For ' I . . . ll'Ol'Tl . . . luny similarity lo luunun lwings-or irrsvfls,-li1'ilrg or rlvucl, is irnpossilzlvl fworrgrrulululio fl Elko Nevada Ellco Nevad Utah Wholesale Grocery Co THE TEXAS C0 D M QUISTION PHONE 2I2W HOME BAKERY 4+l1 8: IDAHO Gul S Chevron Servroe ELKO NEVADA Stookmen 5 Drug PRESCRHWWONS an EOUNTAWJ CGSMEUCS Phone 30 EWO Nevada 70? CEUHIIPIIHIUIIIN ol . films fy Arnmullr Phone 279 Ellco, Nevada 235 WEST COMMERCIAL Phone 220 Elko- Nevad Conqrululul1on9l 0 . , . c fwormrgrwv E Elko Nevada ' 7 d Elko Super Servroe P 432W IDAHO STR Hunter and Rarnbo TI-IEATERS HUNTER 2. sou Eugene E Wrnes X Erozen Eood Servrce Waters and Ryan Agency INSURANCE COVERAGES 'II IIIJN lnlwnm HAPPY HUNTING In the Ereld of Knowledge RECORD CATCH In the Strearn of e 104 C. U H H r U ' S EIUIIIIIIIIIIUIIIS UI hone - I 3 9 I E E T EIIco Nevada VIIIN' IIru'or1 .IuIcin. .xlun Iior Your fimnplvlr' I,roIr'4'Iior1 Ten'I'I"l SI. I Phone P. O. BOX 1 Phgne EIIKO. NeV6d6 Elko, Nevada - .fr 's'!- up Ia S H - sa 'S 5 Xvislws Ilw cTI'f1lIHllI1'5 UI IIITI and a LII Trones Shoe Servloe WHERE THE EEST IE Bollunger Motors HAD Fora LESS G lvl C DQSQTQ PLYMOUTH Troy Laundry and Dry Clgamng C0 KOHLER LIGHT PLANTS PHONE 2l D BURNS HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Stop at 453 IDAHQ STREET o Nevada IOS' fyllllflllllx E , , fllum nl C' U H EE I. U I H In I E U H E 9 0 Elko Nevada Il 'l'l.m-',-.- 'lm c'l.,...,...l W'5C0N5'N ENGWES rlqlwylrv Rmuly To Xvvur Elko Nevada d Elk LDSTRA BROTHERS Machine Work Combination Welding AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Crankshaft Grinding In the Block 235 Fifth Sl' Elko Nevada Gregory Brothers TIDEWATER ASSOCIATED OIL CO Eleventh and Commercial Street Phone 250 Elko Nevada McClure Plumbing Shop PHONE 957 W o Nevada Dryllle H Wilson Attorney at Law Farsi' National Bank Bulldmg o Nevada BEST WISHES To the Class of 53 VVINTERIVIANTEL Jewelry 84 Uptlcal Co AUT DAN REARDON Plumbing I-leatlng Phone l80 W 460 Commercial CONGRATULATIONS Gallagher Clunuc 0 Nevada DEPENDABLE SERVICE Texaco Carole Service o Nevada I CNongrulululions fwluss ol IIISI 1 ----IJislriI1ulors-- Ilwiglzl .x,l'cwIIll'l', fluwwr . u ' . Elk Elk Sinn' lf' - - " ' Imm ' " Gil, I.muIvII Elk Elk 101 FOR QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS d DEPENDABLE SERVICE PURITY Cnrsm Ice Cream 7 P Mrsslon Beverages Modern Market Meats and Cvrocenes CARL S CAFE WEST ELKO CONGRATULATIONS and Best of Luck to the Graduates Bellunger Motor Co I-Iarrrs Motor Company Carleson Motor Co Nevada Motor Company Cnampuon Motor C PauI Sawyer Motor Company DeVore Chevrolet Co Van Leer X4 I-Iarruman Motor Co Warren Motor Company Elko County Auto Dealers 107 an Phone I53 ' -I JisIriImuIurs Igor- Nevada fwongruls 'Iwo II10 Sf'niors.I . 9 - U l . . of ' o. Wrlght 84 Eardley Attorneys at Law 402 Henderson Bank Bulldrng o Nevada O K Rubber Welders COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE A+ the Junctron of Hughway 40 and Mountain Cnty Hrghway Elko Nevada Phone 6l6 Leo J Puccrnelll Attorneys at Law S T E 5 Henderson Bank Bulldrng 0 Nevada Whlte Appliance Co COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 729 Idaho St Elko Nevada Stephen Comlsh D Elko Nevada Room 204 Henderson Bank Buuldmg Modern Market Meats and Groceries o Nevada CONGRATULATIONS lc!! CLASS OF 53 Dr. Joe Ingersoll Elko Transfer and Storage 570 COMMERCIAL STREET PHONE 350 Elko Nevada I 08 lluvicl Nl. Rogwrs D. A. and C'0llfH'UllIIllli0lIS lo Svniors U l 4 0 Elk ' ' ' D. . S. - ' ' Elk . . . 1 lv . . . VV C MOELL COMPANY HARDWARE Earm Equipment H P HAIXISEN CCIVIPANY LUMBER - Com and BUILDERS SUPPLIES PHONE 83 Ellco Nevada I0 CELSO LIVESTCCK COMPANY Llvesleclc Buyer Real Estaie Wool Trade at 0 U R S T 0 R E MEATS eRec:ER1Es IO I 5 5+h S+ree+ PHONE l065 Ellco Nevada fyUllfll'fIllIlllllUIIS lu Clams ul Q-ll flungnrlflluliuln filusa ul and Sfoclcmen's Holel Building Ellco Nevada Ellco Nevada International Market FRESH MEATS FANCY GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES flllf X O01 , I fri DrLD mth R O O M 2 0 2 Henderson Bank Burldrng Dr Kennedy 457 RAILROAD STREET Phone 439 o Nevada Smlth Brothers STEEL FABRICATION Phone 408 253 W Commercral :mp 1 I CAVE MOTEL and COFFEE SHOP WEST END OF ELKO 0 Nevada LELAND S Body 84 Fender Works I I J AUTO PAINTING RADIATOR REPAIR WELDING AUTO GLASS FLIGHT INSTRUCTION AIRCRAFT SALES and SERVICE Special Charters El Aero Services MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Elko Nevada HUNTSIVIAN S RITEWAY HARDWARE SPEED OUEEN WASHERS GLIDDEN PAINTS DEEP FREEZE APPLIANCES 46I 5th Street : Elko, Nevada ' flompllinwnls ol? ' . . . S I I: I: Is from Iurls QI Iw XVI ll ' ' CIongrulululions Iron: fIongmlululions Class ol OI Elk g , ' fir Iim 'll s ol ' I.0IumI .i Jpurvlli . . . l,l'0l. Elk ' 9 ll0 Congrafulahons To flue Graduafesl Clll N Insunnuxe Agency EREE PRESS PUBLISHED EVERY EVENING excepl Sunday COVN Iete ml 4 XXIII! p I l um: X I n 5 U f C-3 n C e Complefe Local News Coverage PHONE l2I2 BOX 648 o Nevada Full Leased Wlre of+l1e Umfecl Press Comercial Prmtmq Phone IZ3 or 923 Elko Nevada 5.. Ill l l Il So 0 lzing lor lflwrj fl' lwr ol lw : 'lv' Elk i 'ZF' 'AMF' EK Royalfy Ruse and Shlne Sleeping Beauhes Whde Malung Them While Roberfa Relaxing Wor rlecl7 Harvesf Ball Geese Nice Pose Wl'1a+ Do I Hear Bld Nancy and Jucly7 Legs Ln++le Jlm If Coulcln'+ be Pooch, Could l+7 ls uf Good. Gurls7 The Thesplans Wl1a+'s flwe MaHer, Ches +er7 H2 , , - 'S - fi X , . L eil '- f' I. my , A lg A ' li - Y , , . - X5 , x l A I iii l i. ,f',Pf AJ-. . ' w I ,gf 5' - D . 'Q x 3 f 'Mb v . .V 'i f Q1 I 1 Y ,, . ,. V H. 9 , V l V . "' in - , l af pg, K - , ez M , lg. '. -7- Q. i , V' V ' -c N L X ,A ' V - 1 ' 1 ' if I' ' I J f A 'P ,Xl-s I . ,, fi f . 'P L , f,QbV 'V Y 'Y Mn 7 dy . arf.: L n-. i - ' . ' A J". R 'A 'lY',x Y J I . X . I' L ' rf X , 5 3 K f 0 , tif L. . j"f 1 5 l 'A ww Q ,E Q2-. , 1 N: I A, 1' . S4 n V L g I: I I l.' a A, v V 4 . A ,- . , K g , . l fy ll I QIA I .' A, ' X sl ' h I? A lpn A 'Q ., ag 2 , , , , 1' 1 I I 53 The El Dorado Club CHARLIE d JIM OCARROLL Elko Blacksmith Shop WELDING ol GENERAL REPAIR W Blue Blaze Fuel Co F C C AL PHONE I37 Stacks Snack Bar ALWAYS GOOD FOOD WACNER S ICE CR AIVI Wholesale IVIADIE IN ELKO IVIERKLEY r H A N 'Q I N S S Owl Dustrlbulors llth and Commercual Streets PHONE 400 Ellco Nevada Congrafulalions To he Class o I9 ' - Iron: - an Iron Tanlr and Slruclural orlcs an I S mson Iflrlwlwrry mul Iirunle .'Ll'l'f'flIII 9 UEL - OIL -I E - O Nexl +0 Courl' House 8+I-I and Commercial Elko Nevada .XIu1Iigyur1. Prop. 9 a d hell Ill Wagners Drrve Inn E J Van Scnarack Le sse e o Nevada Elko Distributing ARDEN MILK AGENLY BOX 630 PHONE 8l L D HESSEL STANDARD OIL OF CALIFORNIA Elko Nevada TAUFIER S BATTERY and ELECTRIC SERVICE MAGNETOS LAHER BATTERIES Generators Exchanged 638 Con'1merQraI Street EIIco Nevada Gregory and Walters Electric: IX!! EIectrnc: Wrrrnq and Service Norge Products WHIRLPOOL WASHERS and DRYERS Elko Nevada THE RUBENS Charter Members DEAN HOWES CHET FRANKLIN DICK HUNTER WARREN WALTERS BOB BOTSFORD JIM COBB CHAN GRISWOLD JERRY COBB MORE FOR LESS 7 1 u o Q EIIQ : 'ISIN' Ifvsl oI I. c'Ie. fTrucIsI , . . Spm'iuIi:ing in D'S+f'bu+0f eENERAToRs - STARTERS I 9 5 I - I 9 53 'ir Is oI' l,isIriIJuI0rs For ll-I Congratulahons Mr and Mrs E I-I PEARSUN POHOB PHOTOGRAPHERS QISFARRB DANE R F4 d ...frOnw... H. Your... emo eva G 1 CONGRATULATIONS' Mountain City Lumber Co. "Dealers in Building Materials" 438 SOUTH 5+h STREET PHONE 9 Elko . . . Nevada II6 , -I . A... n I -... arp..- - '1 -lil-. ,T . - . "XX M 1 Y 4' Q4 J .1 Homecommg Canclndafes and Escorfs Malte Frnghf Llifle Edy+l1e Bonacca Enloymg yourself led7 GAA lnuhahon Mr Holland In hus mghfgown Del.aureala lnnhahon Champuonslup Game Premiy arenf il1ey7 Recogmze 1l1ese boys7 ueen Jeanne Everybody canf be perfecl' Half hme ac+uc:+y The Colors Caveman Bob and Cavewoman Joan llf W k W A ., N -v K 4 . Y ,,,.r.,,f Q XI ' A 4 5 A K F .L1 . l 1 F ' :KLM Q F Q K fi K' : '- - l .. 5 A 1. 1 f ' X '1-3' a 5 ,,A .Ai A. .I . h V+ ,, V U' ,nf ---'W - vm, A., ,. , hy! A A .- V - fs -fe x , , , g-1i'5ff!iC? A ' f"' T ' k XX. G : . ,. 2,35 Q N V , 'i X fgjr ,X . 1' 1 - ,f y We a e J ' i . .. , I 5 - - . . . T . . . 1- . . . -q . . i L I ., M . -Q - . - - . . . 4 IN CONCLUSION The worlc ol many mnnds and hands has gone unlo lhe Complehon ol lhrs yearbook Too many lorgel lhe people behund lhe scenes and gave crednl lo only lhe leaders Andra Melva Connue Norma Joe Karen Warren Don Bob and Chris are some ol 'rhe many who have con lrvbuled lhe Hull ol lheur mnds and hands foward malcung lhrs annual one ol 'rhe besl lhal ECHS has seen l wnsh 'ro gave specual recognuhon lo lvlnss Gruse sponsor lvlr Jones prnnclpal The Ar? Culy Publushxng Company our publishers Ivlr and lvlrs E l-l Pearson PQHOB pholographers Mr Earl Franl verhsers and supporlers To lhese people your lhanlcs and Qongralula hons should be guven As lhe class ol 53 fades Info lhe pasl we ol lhe PQHOB l953 slall sun Cerely hope lhal lhus annual w ll brung baclc lhe pleasanl memories Hwal go hand IU hand wnHw hmgh school days assemblues school plays Jun or Proms skupplng classes pncnncs Sensor Balls all games movles nolsy halls ,Off lgefnngel POHOB Ecllfor 0554! I , W ,I . V 'l bf . ' . . I ' L ? - s zengpholographery and all ol our ad- Q. 3, ""r s o ' W . I . K l 4 . , l ' l l . . . g W- II, ff. 4 Q . IIS IH-.5 lug! 3 'N -. A ,1g.- -1 sr , , , f izaygz-ufrmk 3 Air: iv. I -.5 .lgffi-,flfiixhyyii.,-vj1.'fv,'q,I .Ir , ,Mx -47,-lt:-v lv3g..5,,g,,,.?g:rlrfx I4 . V 1 . M A A ' . ., V, 1 , . -.r-4 g,-as gg., or gf. rv A-1 g a,-, ,. Sig .xv I ff X, ,J 3 A" fN 1 1 R . 'P :I Z' 01 ,sf . If ft i. ' , V 'Q W.. rf V 1 LB . . J I 1"- 1 fi Z' 5, ,J J . F. .5 by 11 . gif f S.. 1., f, .. - i N 1,111-Y , ,l .4 Q. .1 , JM V A., ... W,-,, A .L all 7 D

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