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 - Class of 1952

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Elko High School - Pohob Yearbook (Elko, NV) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Pohob I952 Compuled and Edlfed by THE STUDENTS OF Elko County Hugh School JACK GIUDICI PAT BELLINGER PAM WAYMAN MISS DE KOSTER Eddor Assls+an'I' Edlfor Busmess Manager Sponsor Uko. Nevada n,: I 1Xg4" K 156, rTf'r"r'Ts"'12s WFATEW 'Tn fflvy, at rd! .414 as 8 as 3 M FGREVVDRD LKO COUNTY second largesT nn The sTaTe and Third largesT IU The UnuTed STa1es rs one oT The rIchesTl1vesTock counTres an The naT1on havlng several Times ranked TnrsT un The value oT :Ts producTs TogeTher wuTh 1Ts Tamous beeT caTTle produchon The lrvesTock lndusTry oT our counTy produces sheep dairy caTTle and Thoroughbred horses whale mnneral producTaon has sTaged a recenT comeback A vurTual sporTsman s paradlse Elko CounTy abounds mn naTural vvnldlnfe and In The Ruby lv1ounTauns Th largesf and mosT rugged mounTaun mass In Nevada can be Tound some oT The TunesT scenery an The sTaTe merlTung The counTy s Increasing umporTance as a TourusT aTTracTuon Thusly, we have chosen Elko CounTy as The Theme Tor The POT-TOB I957 The cluslon oT numerous scenic vlews oT The counTy, among oTher TeaTures, ns The mayor TacTor In The execuTlon oT our Idea To esTablush conTunu1Ty we have lnTerspersed a skeTch oT our Tamulnar sTaTe Tlower The sagebrush Aside TromTy1ng IH wlTh our coun Ty Theme, The Tollownng excerpT Trom The TsrsT POT-TOB oTTers add1Tuonal explanaT1on " POT-lOB1s a word Taken Trom The language oT The Shoshone lndnan wr Q,,"117"9, IT means sagebrush In Nevada, The sagebrush rs The greaTesT dusTuncTuve 6' U"l""a' T T T v T T S w l n Th land T a br h nd ,,,4M,rI,y, ea uro o our ege a non rnce e uve: ns o s ge us a fwfr, 'l W" lnduans, we consnder Thus a TlTTlng TlTle 11 1' 1w'f"' NZM? keep alive The essence oT The pasT school year. lT is our hope ThaT we POHOB have accomplished This. JAG ,df ,1 f .ul ,f .7 . We have endeavored To creaTe a memorable record ThaT vvrll always It , x . ll Two 'U' 9- 547' Q, k't DEDIC TIO The Honorable Charles H Russell Governor of fhe S+a're of Nevada E rs a nahve of Elko Coun+y and a graduafe of Elko Counfy Hugh School POHOB Governor Russell dedlcafes 'rhe POHOB l952 fo Elko Counly wlfh his following sfafemenl' H ns wllh greal prlde and humnlsly lhal l dedncale lhe l952 POHOB lo Elko Counly els people and :ls resources To lhose men and women who had lhe courage 'ro psoneer a par? of 'rhe Wes? and who carried lhe lanlh an lhe fulure of her cnhzenry and her nalural resources Jrhas edlhon pays lrnbule The ruchness of Elko Counly as rellecled nol only an nfs malerual assels buf also In lhe umporfanl parl :ls men and women have played rn Slale and Nahonal Affairs ln 'rhe fulure as an lhe pasl Elko Counly wnll conhnue lo rank hugh an Jrhe nahon wulh her per capula weallh and her greal produchvuly Her sons and daughlers wlll carry on lhenr herllage of freedom and progress wnlh The wall lo achueve lempered by The lrusl and fanlh an a Supreme Being CHARLES H RUSSELL Governor CI ass of I 922 l Three alff . x'f0"'2 0- . 411, Una, f, P Q, am, A, Jim sf 'ru' 16 ln 0"74l'lf 9' ' '14 WJ, ' ' 11 4 mhlyfah lb11.z.gyJ,-1717, vywy qqgflxfl :rw 1 ffqf' 4' MQ," - f f , ' I I XX I ll . . . ,, . . . . . . ll ' l ,, , . . . . I ,, . . . . . . , I Q n I ll C 5 ,, ,L- 9? I 1892 1952 Years oT Progress N I874 The Torerunner oT The sTaTe s counTy hugh schools The UnrversrTy oT Nevada was esTablrshed aT Ellro Throuoh lack oT a secondary sysTem The UnrversrTy acTual ly serv d The communrTy more a a hrah school For Thus reason :T was moved To Reno n i886 LeTT w Th only a grammar Qhool Elko expanded :Ts prrmary sysTem To rnclude a rsTrrcT hugh chool whlch gradua edu T clas n l897 60 years a o T-low ver Thus m The was no Q arrble so rn T895 Ellcos proqressrve crTrz ns secured The passage oT 3 bull auTho r Coun y hugh chools rn The sTaTe One year laTer I89o The Elko Counry Hrgh C hool jraouaTed rTs rnTal class oT Trve sTudenTs rn The urldrng whrch now house rh If D r no e r ce ouTQrown h r 1 JJ cl no oT The hugh school we lcnow Today The hp ary and ndu Trra arTs J n added rn I939 whale Warrror Eeld was lard ou rn IQ48 complehno Th resenr E C l'l S campus The currrculum was broad ened Throu h The years unTrl on ch ol 3 d recognrTron as one oT The mosT progres sve hCOsrnTl' sae Elro CCunTy T-lroh Cohn h home oT Th POHOB EorTy Three years ago rn rr 909 Th T 1 sro o 1 PULTOB mil :T deb T In The Torm oT a maoazrne 1 n nTs u Toou IQZO Evolvrnq rnTo an annua r o u d :T orowTh To he onT vhere oelay :T has become a modern volumrnous y arpoolq We are proud To presenT Tlne 44.h volume oT The PQHQB f. ,T T IL - 1 T A 4 I T T 2 . 3 , "' T. rf T.. rf, - T T ' I l . , . .- . . s J - v - X 9 T 3 , I u . . l '. Al F N S T T ' Q I T cl' ' ' s ' T- 'Ts ENT si -- Q . e T ' e d - . T omf T ' ' ' ' ' 9 . C ' rrzlwg T rl ' s ' . T T T T ' T so T C' ' ' ' I I ' ' la ' ' ' . s' e pubf, lr ary, Thi s Tall d'Ti jr TT e iweiw l l ll T ls ' were oonsTrucTed on The old UnEve:'srTy ,rTe rn I9l7. The new gymnasium, as well as " r I s. ' l vl Qs, were fl 1 T ' ' I T ' T ' - T ' e p s T . ' - o T f ' ' r 3 ro, ofino ' ' - J. -1 ,T , so 7 .e T T . Tl J 'J so!-T-To T' s T e . - T ' Ap 'l l T erTrsT's.re TTle JT" 5572.8 , u. J ' . ET uuaii puhlllsherl mo ,Thly by The sTude 'liz Q' T . ' ' l, 'T onlin in 's J T TC I J T ' N ' T A SC T . 4 'L - BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK Ldh 5, QJJE no NW b., JF XV I-Kb 11 R511 64 LILE, CONTENTS fXDkHNISTRATKDB STLDENT BODN CJRC'XBIZATKJBS ACTHHTHS XTHLETKIS FkATLRLS 7 ADVLRHSEMENTS F ' T KW wx jkunvm-n 'gf' kfzxxf-V WW' Xcmq W W U ' n IJ N wf rj W.K M H Q 8 V., M Nab? Fokk on G Fx A ff! m xu A Tusggjogaj . L. - , 5' ' w Lu, 4, Ugfffk Q M F331 Ar Iqnqgl. Ldkg, f"'0 5 Cm., fb JIPSM., w yr A XP- ,N4 if f-' RW ,rx Fgqn K Mn Mwnfkgnsn. A xi? dk ' cmuzl f u Lakg, Y I ..... f 2 ..... ' B J 3 ..... I B, B 4 ....... 4 5 ....... f 'G ....... A WC ADIVIINISTRATIUIXI Board of Eduoatlon Faculty Student Government px if ' The Humboldt River wends its way Through fields and meadows of wild hay. . . U ' 'l Ox Q ai NWQUQ iw O gv K N 7 00 7 N 7 f A m nm wkqfm 0 V CN M5 7 CXAR10 so F X H 1' Q5 .ala I Calf X WO Q Q0 Qpk ff' .J L G --- wifi? Cxxf JU A N X Off m ALQQ 2 5 C Q kg Ck 41 X Q O Xi K QQQ Qx x ,X Q!Jl " ""O' 705 A A 7 nWM7f7ff7 Q7 I n 4 n 0 UWC I F017 Ox W f7 f 'J fafqfl I7 0 QK7 GZ nh fl 00 KYLIJXA KK KLQ inf fl, 7 12 V K7 44 Q ON K6 A ffflf O Qbq ,CX V gg 00 0 wwf fC Q fzwnfpfff G N X Q 0 6 LQVXK Q5 SX fp W M UQ L XJ?-sk M Q Q9-75:9 D Q G4 f x X i:fk Aw X . xMf, f XXX Nyff POHOB 0 n 70 A! ,K ff A A 0 ' A , f' f XVT 01 W3 'L O00 0 Wx 'l Q I? Qt J O , X K O47 Qi R 1' f Q I sow Oc, mf Q X4 W P1 A X Q "1 f O ff QE QQ' Uv wr , IA V Km QXXQV KQ cf RQ RYA xx? 5-xgx A 1 l' C77 1 A I X I, X W L xl ,V f' bl, XQN Q . X -KKK V. Q V K 00 Q A IA? RQ Q " 'Cf A 1 k.X'P.1K 00 ftp X010 fi - ,X N ' X' X i .V 'M vy Q 1 Q' ,U X.. CN 17? X -N X5 , 'QZ7 7 QA RV, 4 'N ,K fl Qfv. Q, x X H - L i' ' ,gd 1 sf X K X' ,, . L w ,Q "1 k C UCXUXL 'ICI7 fy MWQL jf' A LM , ff .M N ' OQN 57 of fy ff2f C O1 TF1-KM f Wg Vx C Oafxfzpiff AQ Ofkx Q K X L J' 'V bk X 1 V7 Q Oo - 0 fy O ZX NA Qxxx Cu X. "S H71 tg i.Fk C V7 fm J . K X fi C mfny EV-X, km-b A 5qEc qO7l, 1 is kw I 0 X17 A Q 57 jf, qv? JAR xon Aix- N MXNQM ylfn ' - mx n Omni! X rx . C A of , . 5 QM! fx A , x 41 if li ' E I f W O 4 .,-f Y X-ri In ', F 3 KIXO xl ,L 'fait f' r -. 4 C-X U WIA f 'f O f W Fw A X ,,-.-.--nrt' f ,' A0 ' v' 0 0,0 O f M, ' 0 K Q f X fffak-17 0 ' I ' Y 1 f 7 0 ' A .. ,fr 1, 'I , A I 0 0 Q A 'Llp V, ff Cro hyd x In 'qdyxfy ,CQ ' ' Kp 1 12 XP AN' xp I 1 OF ' A 0 .gas C LQ Y x "1,'H-.,,.. I "g, L 4 np' K F V X fx ff A 1 ff p 4 fic mlipxmff Q XX -X A , ,AFA KX 6, X xo, Q x f' 'I g v ba X X ,if K, x ' ,A Ax? Q ,N"nxf' A Q 9WvpMx Qf M 0 0 'X bl Cxffx x . 'Q x 4 D L R Q WN! 4 0 q x AN Q O ' ' A , EQQNUXQKX XT 'EQ Q3 "' , CL., Q1 w QM,gn1y:e Q jEQQ , FW 1 ,f Q R CN X XX ' K KN Q -2 - Qj .M .N X Q Q wx' X X X' X. mx A fx 1 X f .42 Q HMC Ak X x A J vb fy Q 5 X- Q xx- X' mi ' Q " C y I' Q ' , x 5" L' ' , , - 'ww---f A X K , x A , K GqQ,X4 mlb JY X I. Qyi ,rf Q O 0 A K f X fx CN EN? f 'gd DDO IW 0 O X Y Y ' gk 1 N' J f C ,' t Z v Q 0 x -xi. Q 'XR CQ, f, y, 1 I O IC A ' LW ix f cat' ffl 9 S265 J YQ SX X fbfp N s, ' , l Q in Q ,K Y To chromcle The ever: s oT a mod rn day secondary school as a l-lerculoarw Taslc o sTaTT Tor such a TeaT musT be po sessed oT an nmmeasurable courage and musT be as lrTrle daunTed by The obsTacles To be overcome a was The orngmaTor oT Kon Tall The selecTor1 oT a Theme The orgamzahon oT maTerlals and The resoluhon To meeT all dea lrwes demands a slcull and perversuTy To a degree r1oT usually assocraTed wuTh hrgh school sTudenTs The sTaTT of The l952 POT-TQB deserve The enThusnasTnc applause oT Those who reaJ The boolc They have herem cemor1sTraTcc ThaT wrTh The proper applncahon oT brams cnergy and pamsTalcmq eTTorT a saTusTysr1q produc Tlon can resulT We are proud oT our l952 yearbook NEIL R JONES Prmclpal The STudenT Body oT E C l-l S exTend Their sincere apprecuahon and qraT1Tude To The members oT The Ellco CounTy Board oT Educahon and Prmcnpal Nell R Jones who have so will mqly donaTeol Their Tame and eTTorT To The managemer1T oT our school The Board acTs as The nucleus oT all The TuncTlons oT The msuTuTlon and :T as Through Their eTT:c1enTadmmusTraTuor1 ThaT Ellco CounTy l-hgh School has acquured The repuTaTlon ThaT :T enloys MRS NOROUIST MR AGEE Sec efa y Member To Pr: clpal MR GENNETTE MRS TREMEWAN Pres denT Cle lr BO RD OF EDUC TID E1ghT . y A G - T .. ' . . Th s . s .I ,E . T W V I ' 1 4 . I . I ,,,k.,7'V, K, M Nl-Qll, R. .lum-is N' Hr , . Q f r .n . i r T FAC TY MARSHALL BROWN JUDITH DE KOSTER CARL EASTEDBROOK l1dusTrual ArTs English Music Iii ROBERT BROME FLOYD EDSALL EHQIIST' Physical Educahon all Thus year as In TTe pasT Elko CounTy Hugh School has been TorTunaTe In havunou an ouT sTandlng TaculTy a TacT vvhlch places our school among The besT In The sTa e The noTeworlhy guallTucaTlons oT our Teachers verify Thus sTaTemenT The IQSI T952 TaculTy was supplemenTecl by Three new members x ho a'ong vvuTh Thc Tormer aTT have TanThTully upheld The TradlTlonal pollcy oT hugh educahonal srandard We arc proud To have been Tauc hT by such compeTenT unsTrucTors 1 A 4. nf' MARY HEPPE FAUSTO MENTABERRY Pl"Y5'C'3l Educahof' Physucal Educahon T4- EDWIN JENSEN THEODORE LAIBLY MARGUERITE MCOUISTON Scxence Commercual Lubrarxan Q 'mi Nune ,XL 1 1 t T U lf- if f A E, +,.,, sw.. T.-, -E f 1 c , ,- V. . T X A fl P 4, ,f V. c fl -.T c . c . 7 T ., are 5 T2 4: ,, 1 H f UQ 1 as 'Q T. sf ff A s -T - -. 1' T . Cf-2111. S2 C - :H ' ' ffg ,V -' u ' . ii f -I , 1. ' f 0 Q ll , 'T T T A4 x 4 . IQ V Q . ' . T . J L ' A-V . . . . . . ,HN C i P M x on , J. - . Tl. 5 L4 - 2,1 I Q. s. la cl . T X L . . Q. S. -. A w"' C 1 T s - ' 'Ja-3314. T 1 i Y A 5 ' E. ss. os- B s. rs. A... M c C 133' C Q-115. T' fo, L' ".. ' S . Ce. ya ' ' ', J L f I , p, 1 A bl FACULTY i AGNES SORENSON LELA WQLFE Home Economucs --1 -.4 EUGENE FRED WILLARD SCHUMACHER TREMBLAY WEAVER Maflwemahc Englush and Dramaflcs Social Sclence Nr ada ED JUINGER LEE HARBIN RALPH GAMBOA .ff 3,95-W' In -11 en Languages Y STUDE T GQVER ME T RAY PAOLI Srudenf Body Presrdenr Student Body Officers Our l95l l952 sludenl body officers Ray Paola presldenl Joan Thomas vuce presldenl Margarer Ellrsorm secrelary and Barbara Wrllrams Treasurer have Tully luslrhed The Tarrh and conlrdence enlruslred IU Jrhem They have capably performed rheur respecruve duhes 'ro The benehl of all sludenr achvnhes The sludenl body ol Ellco Counly l-llgh School has enloyed an achve and hnqhly successful year under 'rhenr COVISCIGUTIOUS leadershlp BARBARA WILLIAMS MARGARET ELLISON RAY PAOLI . JOAN THOMAS Vice-Presidenf Treasurer Secrera ry . Presiden+ L X 5 ..:.. . Q l . 1 as-N U l Exeoutuve Committee VICTOR BURNER BOB JOHNS WARREN WALTERS RAN PAOLI STAN SWITZER S d BARBARA WILLIAMS MARGARET ELLISON JOAN THOMAS The Executive Commlttee and the Student Council are the student admunustratuve bodies ot the school both are headed by student body presndent Ray Paola and advised by Mr Weaver Composed ot the tour class presidents and our student body ottzcers the Executive Com nuttee organizes such tenwporary or pernwanent conwnmttees as nway be recunred and presents p r tlnent matters to the Student Council tor action The Student Councrl consists ot the student body ottucers clwss preszdents and class repre sentatlves Student leglslatuon electing the POHOB edutor and drawung up the school calendar each semester constntute the principal dutles ot this Important group Any business demandrng student attentuon determunung dues and admlssron pruces and avvardmg school emblems talcen to the Councnl TWEETY BURNER DEAN HOWES NANCY TSUKAMOTO JERRY COBB BOB JOHNS TAN SWITZER MARGARET ELLISON WARREN WALTERS VICTOR BURNER ALLEN MASSIE DUANE WRIGHT GLADYS M KNIGHT JUNE M KNIGHT BARBARA WILLIAMS RAY PAOLI JOAN THOMAS r Student Counonl Twewe . . S'and'ng, et' 'i fgoif f . . . . . 'EVN . , . . . . . V Y - . . . 9 - . C ' - . , J . - . - as S'1"'1""1 wt' rlgnif . . . . I f , .I , , , . v . C . C ' Sr,-favs:-A , , . V - .. -n ,W .s - , N , Y I 1 nf Yi . ,- v U . , 4 ' 1 I A s .Ap Q . X Electron Board DORIS FOBES BOB BOTSFORD MARGARET ELLISON JUNE McKNlGHT MR WEAVER S I BARBARA WILLIAMS RAY PAOLI JOAN THOMAS In nts second year of orqanrzatlon the Electron Board aqaln assumed the supervrs on ot all tudent body electrons The board tabulates the ballots In the electron ot cheerleaders student body ottrcers and the lrlce The commlttee IS comprused ot student body ottucers one student appolnled trom each class and a taculty advisor The A sembly Commlttee contarnlng the student body ottucers class f re :dents and vrce presidents IS responslble tor preparlng the school calendar ot assemblres tor the year ln con lunctron wlth varuous school and class organuzatlons the commlttee has supervrsed the presenta tron of numerous entertalnlnq and Interesting assembly proorams to the student body durlng the past two semesters DICK HUNTER BOB JOHNS WARREN WALTERS RAY PAOLI STAN SWITZER LOUIE ALACANO VICTOR BURNER PAT SULLIVAN 7' Assembl Committee Thrrteen a S'flPC7'r'q, lf-T' 'la ffglrlif V-fl" 1 Z , , . I T . Q L . n l C . . . . F3 g. . V S'a":1V'f1 i-7' " "q":- - S-gm'-dz BARBARA WILLIAMS. MARGARET ELLISON, JOAN THOMAS, CCNNIE ELLISON. N ' cl',,'f-C1I-- . " ff . "-' yd :Q T . .-M . A F X W , K A L k T H1 STUDENT BODY Seniors Jumors Freshmen ll Sophomores 58710025710 Q N QQ OOSJ X Xmifynwwp 17K an gv X 0 ankxgn Y Q :N A 0 KX O A A Qgx X KX-X 'J QQNKSAKONK7 05 U QQ pf o X QV N! qxbxk XM V Y, V K Qi Ora 'ST CN 0 17 ,Y L OQXQ Q QOQLQ C C c 94151 QTTV Q MSX pw? KXQX RE X N x N SX LXXQ A yixqqxi Q XR C506 Q NW RY Hmm! 7 cxnwfxn C QNX A rv 70 nf7 Unfff KMXOQ f fry qpiyxn 0 HY K? 'Q L00 Oxgf 'a Kafcfl ff 0 Q9 fl K fh L J no ffa fnn AQ tnf' 'L 2' ff' QSC QQ K 'NK 'U' -7' 05,0 NNXLQ K flf J :O Q5 fidfvfo Lv QQ O I 0 X70 Kms C3QWCx QQK71qqf02nf .tj 9 ruxqs-gd-JRSY X X ffkm BA U'dQQsX?10 K Q ff, '10 ff v XXNXN Wm XS W PDHOB 0 417119 ,f f A p J ' 1' A f G Gy' Q ,fy V51 'V ,Z 0 G X fL ' Qx A Q sq 0 R X? l Q -AO Q30 WQQQK yggv v, '4 ' X ' U , 4A M L f will 'Q W VQQ X ,I X kj 1 ff mx N N ww' of :nf pw wg M W AH' VVPDVX 0 JW' W QW 5 Q, C 1 , 7 Q fl Y Q 1 S0 fb WV 90 V" fnfff, K? 'Ax Q Q 'f K0 if Ai? LU ERQ Q fn YJQQ KI A Wong UQ S Q fyf qq Wf UN nn 57 pilf COM fx X7 fl Lf f0'f7fJ7 'K '70 KG xr X YI' K I f ,Q . X 0 X pst ml? F fx .0 K 'vi 'W WC Og Qf 00 'M' CTG Q0 fx W0 211 0 , Q dw O - F . f f A 1 v I 'fa V E A l NX ,N xtdo X CIO I ffw Q7 6- W Q q og! I Am TGAAA R A XQNA 'i X M4 --rug Q1 X Lx X n do Zvif O57 . Y Wvlw-Wm . 'V O N Af , AQ ma iff W G, '59 1' , K7 f 5K0 x A -f V C-N H fWQ ' ? - 1 ' . 9Uf3R 9.0 0 , "' , 5 .,- 'Ox A 1 N , , X 5,7 0 0 ix. Z3 ,ft . jx' Q0 rln A W :X 1 F ,P X CQ Nm 1, 'Y IQJUQ " xfij RN CO 4 , -,Z fb H' 0 ff Nr! ,vt ,X-P L ,1 4 D 0 A10 ZVUQ-E if ' A1 X D- 4 L I pp, V X -X ' X' 4 v' 9 Z3 K PK fx ' ' , 2 f QW 4, Q 1 -CX iw 1' wp f f" gqx mf if xx 'X :Q ' 7A Z 7 XJ vel 'fm 'X-, K ' .fxn 41' K1 I-X' " ' I cgi-,Ca gtk GMX Cv . y J Xllff MQ C XMQQLOQQ ,f X A fi M x Cx , 1 ' QOA X X, K. 4 A '7 X f r"RiQ ' VWCQAN f ' G N Q U L 4, nf! 1 17 as CN !' tx' Q 7 Og! , - ' . Xp, x 1 QQ mx NX W f K7 Q XQ ,K hfgk 2 fy O K Y 1 -:L v lx' K Q: ' I 'X gi' L- ' 'Till'-'Ti' -7--, 4 2 wf A 0 Q fx QW! f ,- Q no 433 Q Q kg xv C S 6 I g Z 0 Q 'Q j X O CQ Q 4 K0 , 6 4- Aj ff KN NK I XC ' 'ZW f 6 9 04 fx Q I 17 -79 a N,-K The Class of 1952 HE SEVENTY TWO FREST-TMEN who enTered Ellco CounTy l-lugh School Tour memorable years ago h ve e Tablus e ommendaoe TT noT ouTsTandung record a d uT us wTh re T Th aT They bd Tarewell To all ThaT The choo repre enT as They gr aduaTe on unTo The world As underdog Treshmen They receuved unuTual recognuTuon when They decusuoned The sophomores senuor aT The Senuer Pre hmen GeT TogeTher The cass expressed uTs spuruT by havung uTs candudaTes eecTed kung and queen oT The musuc TesTuval AT The close OT Theur Treshmen year everyone enuoyed The pucnuc held aT Lee Duane Kern was The class s TursT presudenT Under The le aoershup oT Jaclc Sud cu un Ther econd year Th Cl ponsored a very noTable Sophomore Hop The Sophomores dusplayed Theur alleguanre when Thelr candudaTes reuoned ThaT year as lcung and queen oT boTh The l-larvesT Ball and The musuc TesTuval Theur socual endeavors were Topped oTT by a well aTTended class pucnuc n The sprung Durung Theur TursT year as upperclassmen l3uTTy Twos were well represenTed n sTudenT acTuvuTues wuTh Shurley Han en acTung as assusTaruT cheerleader and Joan Thomas beung elecTed sTudenT body sec reTary ln The aThleTuc deparTmenT Duane Kern Duane WruohT and Jum Gregory were on The ba lceT ball varsuTy Many Thespuans were duscovered n The oroup and They showed Theur dramaTuc abuluT es un The or o e ls a Freshman an SevenTeen X17 1 POHOB aso parTucupaTed un The ChrusTmas ard l ua rouoh The asseTs carne r m T e r y and The varuous p y dance helo ThrouohouT Thc year The class under The guudance OT Jum Gregory presudenT execuTeo The lovely Theme oT SweeT earTs aT Ter eauTuu uunuor rom an o The members aTTended Nevada Gr and Boy STaTe held ThaT ummer added achuevemenT A oT The TuoenT P V oTTuces were held by senuors wuTh Raymond Paoh beung voTed sTudenT body presuoenT Presoer'T STan SwuTzer lead senuor acTuvuTues whule Muss l-leppe and Mr Weaver advused The class Barbara Wul luams was chosen l-lomecomuno ueen and laTer un The Tall Rosue Domungo and Duane Kern wore e regal crown T The mu c eT The orcu resenTed Glamour Boy whuch wa ll receuved as Theur second dramaTuc proc1ucT on The many senuor boys who Tormeca The nucleu oT The school s aThleTuc Teams were cheereo on by Shurley l-Tansen and Madge l-lal1aTa Two oT The cheerleaders haul ng Trom The sen or ranlc Eve y one was on hand Tor The lono awa Ted D+ch Day an also Tor The Two class pucnucs Te p r ung several pay oahces and Tw baPqueTs Th ough The year The class worlred oul oenTly n The or ng To malce boTh The Senuor Assembly and The Senuor Ball memorable evenTs The excepTuonaly acTuve senuor oT l952 were TeTeo aT The Senuor De Lau e ola BanqueT uusT beTore They donned Theuu oradu aT on robes un June v LTTT cfify ' "M?4,j,I r7T!y:,UffTT:frXf . xfxaul yi, Ay 'f-wlnjjiulr Tyr, ,V ,jvfllayql I Mn. .7 - fl," Q Ya. T1 veg' .1 3' ,' ':f' T . Tun if T f 'If ' a23yualg'Zw T - : RXJJ1, If Mx XX ll - 'l ' T T T T ' u al-school T- T p' ys. Th 1 T , -6 a d To h ala C eg a sf Thdar 'Tl, f T ,fa ',s T. ., J .- T TT , 1 n T T' l gre f , , T ' T T J , Q I A f, l - XT u T - l lsT 2 sT - T T T T s . on Field Day ,ard were The honored guegTQ oT The This year, as seniors, The Class oT 52 aTTalu-eo T cf TJ , 5, , ' c T T Nl. 9 T I . . . - - u - ' . . T u , ' 4 u A - E . C, ., - - C ' . . J Q , T , f f T T T l T T l Th s a si T s lval. y ,u p s , e .ass s ' p T' ' fn W9 fe. - T T T u T ' T T I . Cu ff ' ' ' ' ucisa f J c . x ' 5 - T X T c . . . . T . , T . TT l r s. r - J- 'f I s T V T T , T - d .s T T s. AT r sl o sor- ' 5 T T T , T V T T o P rc y , ' ' f 2 ' A ' , g W a 5 IT C T . - - Y - . K T u . . , . J T J S T . , , . . . . Q , r , ' . s . u J . K . .!. Y 6 g ', J C Y T Tun? play, M Th r . ud T T ,. ..- J 'J' TOM ALTER JACK ANDRAE WARNER BARNES DON BAUMGARDNER -1? ffa 'Q' RONNIE CONLEY ROSIE DOMINGO LOUIS BILBAO MILDRED BOGUE CALDA BOUCHER PAT BURNS D XT . if fu? ELAINE COSCI JANET ECHEGON ISABEL ELIA LARRY FLOWERS N 1 MARGARET ELLISON JACK FORD IJ Ex.-4-45' IORS JACK GIUDICI MADGE HAKATA JENARO HERRERA NORMA JOHNS JEANENE HOGGE BOB JONES 2 JIM GREGORY SHIRLEY HANSEN ' JR A15 v "il R li' 'W X x ff F I ' ,,,SJ A Q A JIM MQKENNON G-LADYS MCKNIG-HT BRUCE MABEE ALTHEA MORSE N .403 DUANE KERN CAROLE LAKE JANET LUCAS ELEANOR McCULLOU6H SE IDRS GORDON PETERSEN TERESA OUINTERO DOUGLAS PETERSON DONNA REED . 2 E31 ll: N. L FS Qi JIM OLDFIELD MARGIE OLIN JOANN PAOLI RAY PAOLI A A K 4? . X- 7- BOUCHER, CALDA: Lanquaoe Club 2-3-4. JOAN THOMAS RONNIE THORPE KEITH WHITE BARBARA WILLIAMS 5 BRUCE WARMBRODT - PAM WAYMAN Y FRED WILLIAMS ' JOAN WINTERMANTEL 1? fl Q S 1 A Av. ff A DUANE WRIGHT DE LOA WEATHERS ALLEN WELCH BARBARA YOUNG ., Senior Aooomplrshments Now The Class ol l952 lisls ils accomplish- menls wilh The hope lhal Through ils scholaslic, alhlelic, musical and dramalic endeavors, il may have added a favorable page in 'rhe school's -4 1 L annals. ALTER, TOM: Boys Slale 37 Traclc 2-3-47 Poolbal 2-3-41 Junior Varsily 2-37 Bloclc E 47 Pep Club 4. BARNES, WARNER: Pep Club 2-3-4. ' BOGUE, MILDRED: Transfer from Wells l-ligh Ari Band 2-37 Black and Orange Day I7 Pl-IA I7 Olee Club 2-3, lvlaiorelle 2-37 Leopard Sralil 3i Class Secre- lary-Treasurer 27 Wells l-liqh Scrap Boolc 3i Librarian 2-37 Pep Club 4. BURNS, PAT: Pep E 3-47 Pep Club 3-47 Junior Play DOMINGO, ROSIE: Saga Edilor 4i Band li Orches- 37 English E 37 Class Secrelary-Treasurer 47 Saga Ira I7 Olee Club I7 Music Lyre l7 Drum lvlaior- Slalf 4. elle 37 GAA l-2-3-47 Fl-IA l-2-3-4, Vice-Presb denl 3, l-lislorian 4, Slale Convenlion 47 Pep Club CONLEY, RONNIE: Pep Club 2-3-47 Baslcelball 4i 2o3'47 TUml9llm'3 2'3'4T LWTQUGQG Club 34? S90 gow' glee I,3. relary 37 De Laureola 3-47 Music Peslival Oueen 4. COSCI, ELAINE: 'GAA I-2-3-47 Olee Club l-2: Pep 1 Club 2,3A4: Aggocgafe Saga Edifor 4. BILBAO, LOUIS: Play Produclion Slalf 3-47 English E 47 Pep Club 2-3-4. Senror Accomplishments QV7 I ASS I PoHoB ECHEGON JANET e E 3 4 De L L P p u rer ar SI rer ee u e I 4 EnoI m C uh I we eIIe e SIu P D ec e IIe S1q1EoIor 4 up 2 3 4 p FI-I G A 2 eIIer OI Iv que und G I 2 ISABEL P p CIuI3 2 3 4 rreo 1 GAA I 2 3 4 LeIIe 4 I-Iomeremrno Comm IIee Ch min I-Io D o Puho ELLISON MARGARET Gee Cub I PI-IA I P uo 2 3 4 GAA I 2 e e 3 L e o III 4 S I v v er P V P m Ie 4 I-Iome m I c Comm ee e I C mm Iee 4 A Qemov CommII FLOWERS LARRY nd I 2 3 4 Boy uurIeI GIUDICI JACK PQI-ICB SIIII 23 Eo Ior 4 EIIco w P :den vo C rx 2 3 4 uo I2 P e oenI 2 4 Drum M1 or 4 p 2 mom e 34 Mu IC our 4 e B onze S Iver Mu f Meow 34 4 r Im up 1 pI ay 4 I n E3 'VI I que wo G weI3 I-Iomec mrnq Com mIIIee 2 3 4 SIudenI C un 2 ExecuIIve Com mIIIee 2 Brone E 4 SocmI Sc ence Award 3 Bove SIiIe 3 GREGORY JIM Bind I 2 3 4 Pre IdenI 4 Orches I P Pre Ioen Pepre ervIeIIve 2 B1 IceIo1I 34 PeoIo3II 4 PQIHIOB SIHII 23 SporI EqIIc 4 Boy SI1Ie HAKATA MADGE GAA I 2 3 4 Bo CI 3 Pre nI 4 eIIer 3 hee e rer A 2 SI Ie Confenhon 3 V e Pre IoerII 4 Band Pep P 2 3 4 r VI 4 Music Lyre I 3 Mu CouncII 4 Tu Inq 2 3 4 POI-IGB SI III 3 4 Saoe ArI EdIIor 4 IwenIy Iwo fIeIary Ire: urer 2 S aIe 3 HANSEN SHIRLEY Cheerleader 34 0rCheIr1 Grrls GIee ACComp1nIsI I Boy GIee Amom nISI I ee in 2 CIOvere s armonwrre Mu C L re Bron SIIver Mu IC MecIwI 23 WeIIare CommIIIee I I-Iomeromrnq C mmIIIee 2 G rI SI :Ie 3 GAA Pe Cu 2 e PreQIdenI 3 Pre der'I 4 e Wu e nor PIN 3 Senror PIw HOGGE JEANENE Gr he Iri 2 3 4 B I 2 3 4 C Bard I Q 4 e3 PepCIuo234 PepE34 GAA C SIIII 4 JOHNS NORMA P p E 34 D II Lead 4 P p Cu 2 34 Plwy Produfhon SIHI 234 ee e34 G Io4 Orfhem MIC Lyre 3 S101 SI III 4 I-I e IB II Queen 2 GAA 2 3 4 LeIIer ES BOB B CL E 4 De L ure I 2 3 4 Pre IqehI ooIb III 4 1 4 Pep CIuo y G RN DUANE C den EKECLIIVS rnIIIee I SIudenI CounQII I A emoIy CommIIIee We are omm IIee 2 sIceIb II 2 P oIbaII 2 3 4 Track 3 4 BIoc:Ic E 2 34 Pre I n unror PI1y 3 Enq h E3 Mwque and GN 3 Pep CIub 2 3 4 GIee Club I LAKE CAROLE GIee CIuI3 I234 G I Ensem 2 3 4 p CIULJ 2 3 4 p LUCAS JANET GAA I 2 3 4 LeIIer 3 BC C I 2 34 r C n or PIwy 4 Enqh h M1 que mf: IV E 34 u mo 2 S101 SIIII 4 GIee CIuI3 I MCKENNON JIM Pep CIUID 2 3 4 PIuy Proquohon SI1 I 02,27 V339 fy X3Qfm?V, rwhgwwwie QII' I 3313? ',3:',Z32'-33' 2155, 4 , : BJWQI I-2-3-43 Orch Im Pep - 3 fI1reoIfa 3-43 ep CI I3 2-3-43 VII e- I.2,3,4- Sei IV Y-Tr' 3 ,Ly ' 33 3 LD II PFG:-ICI VI I 33 DVI r'rIIC"I I 3 :VIII '3 Cof r -I 3-43 IxIu3IIQ Lyr- I' qc I - Seg f - as 3 7 6Ir'I3,I Ia , . Icr S rfor Pay 43 A--ocfe Q 1 II I Pep CI I - - 3 Pe E 3-47 A 43 A I- -3-43 3 L 43 EPJIIQI1 E 43 Im I eveI 43 Pep 3 3' I 3 5 3' I II I' BII CI I I3IIII pa I -23 GIrI1aI GI 43 Bf CI I- 3 'I , If Ie'II 3-43 III'Ii QI 41 f,I, y I: 1 ze, ELIA, : e3 - - 3 De Len If 3-43 I SI. Q 33 - 3 6 I I 7 - - - 3 r 3 ,, 3 I ,. o 3 I I3 f , 7 43 ,ir C 3 II 91 4, I-2-3-4, LeIIer 33 Pep E 3-43 p I In -3-43 VIC - 3I 3 QI I 3 D Lf' r oIfI 3-43 3 4 Ju Q I I fl 3 1 I 3 3 ep CI I - -.T - -3-43 L II r 3. Boafd -47 De fsureeI5a 3-43 Ir razurer 4' Pep E 3-43 Preff- . : C - I - - 3 -IPI ,- 3 Ie - Ikrjgv Bfjdy SQQIQI-,r 43 Jurfgr PIIQ33 P63 f I, Sfxl NpIICV'6 QUf1fI6I 3 ' INfIlI'I'I S Ior Ia ro o r 7 L --fic III , Lyr 7 5 I - - I - 3 I' Sfrgff 3' EX fu Ive T II ' 1 II3 I.I'ee 6 . 4. ' , : e - 3 rI a ,er 3 e , :Ba SIQC 33 Ib--I r SI fI.--3GI,, Saxophone Quf1rIeI 33 GIee CIub I-2-3-4, CIub I-2-33 Secrehary 23 Band 2-3-43 GIrIf,I En- QemL9I - 3 IrIf,I rI 3 , -.Iu I3 IIII 3 Cf f 3 orv ig II 3 . 1 f - . II I I I- - A 3 4. I-IIQII P5673 Sho 43 CIQSQ ref I 2: Bf I I I-2-3-43 Pre-aIeerII gf Cr hesI1 I -fe' Gee C I ,- -3-43 r :I . 3 Z3 3 Pe JON , : Io 3 fs oe - - 3 B526 I. A3743 I-Igf 3 CIP -33 Y 3 QII C LII F E I BG?I4SIID:II2-3-4TIr:1CIc I' 3 I 2-3- ' Mufi LW I-2-3-43 rr 3 I 3 GQICI 3'4T BO IGS I-2- Ile 2-3-4' De LraureoIa - 7 Pep CIuI:n if I IQIIKSIIICI 14 CII IIIFIIII5 I- I EIIQ- KE , Z Ifa-fs PreaI I I I3 : I Com- I - - ' I o QII 3 I - I I I 35 I I 3- 3 I 3 -F I3 3 I3 IIC C I 3 Ba is I- -3-43 I C I I I o - - 3 5 - 3 - - 3 eIde I 'I I 43 J I C 3 IIS 3 5. a , f eI Ira I-2-3-43 PreiIdenI 23 Muffc CounCII 2-43 AII- I I 4 - - 3 33331 - 3A QQACCI m'Y 3 SSTL' PAY 4If3i5I III I 3? bb -- IPG3 . -3 Pe E:r43sQgQ Shar 3132 , I 5 ' 3 I f - 3 3 f 4. 3I , : - - - 3 3 ,ar,I 43 PI-IA - - - 3 SeCreIa y 43 Dramfahcs IuI3 3-4' : 1 - -I dr 33- Se I f 3 , IS E 37 f LI G- eI 33 de I 3 L 3 3 C 3 33 33,1 43 FH -3-43 Pep - 3 Pep CI Ig 2-3-43 IumI3II I I- -3-43 1 I 3 3 IC - . 3 3 ' J ' ' 3 Be Id I-23 GIee CIub I3 QraI'esIra I- - - 3 P esI- der 7 I - 3 'IC I 3 mb- , : - - 3 f I 'I J - - 3 e - 3 C J ' 3 CII -3. Senror Aooomplrshments C NIGHT GLADYS P D Cro 2 3 4 I ID I If 4 e LI SIur en ur S e me I IYIVYI IIee 4 II IT EE BRUCE B C1 2 3 O rIIe I eo P OB I IC I RSE ALTHEA I. IuIeOI L FIELD JIM P ,Y P Pm 2 3 -I O N MARGIE rne C Q o 2 A n G 2 IIQI 2 LeIIer 2 Langueoe CuIo 2 3 4 u Dr IVYII u 34 n or re 234605 PAOLI JOANN P r 4 C re CI we e Ie 34 GAA I 4 Ier V O 4 I'IA I we er ve S en 3 p u 2 3 4 C5 r a e 1 I I 4 no 3 Per E 34 SecreI4 y Tre ISUVG PAOLI RAY SIu 1enI Booy Pre Ider7I 4 CI P I nI I e CIub I JunI V y Im I o I II M IS we Pre IdenI 3 SIIqe Manager AII SCIIooI PIN 3 L Iuerc I o PETERSEN GORDON DrenwIe CIuI3 34 CIIr I I Iv' :sq 1 G v P OCILJCII SIGII I S I S e 1n1oer3 BI Ck M THC oe 2 Pep C up PETERSON DOUGLAS GIee CIub I Bunn 2 3 4 SenIor PI sy 4 Pep CIuI: 2 3 4 'J- noob pl Cy! POHOB UINTERO TERESA CAA 2 4 B 2 uo 34 r'nrnIIIco 4 S I S R D DONNA CAAI23 Pr C 734 GAA e re IoerI FI erny 3 ec o I RICHIE DARLENE rn ur 4 Iwr rn 2 I ICI Q veI 3 GAA I I 2 o r 2 L I, 2 I CI eeC p I V 'nrn 4 I' w ROBERTSON LYNDON Gee Cuo I T fa If 2 3 4 nom 234 ON PATTY C E I Ek I-Io Ie D L ure e I3 e rv re 2 3 4 S x A I 2 3 4 Pep 34 Pep C o 3 4 POI-IOB SI 4 u Dee G SM TH AFTON CIee CIuo I234 Pre4If1enI 4 r rn e u Lv AI24LfIII4P Co Pe TH NADINE OICIIC Ir I 2 3 4 B 4 up I C Lyre 3 Pep CIuo 2 3 4 4 n 4 G eII SORENSEN VON T Ie IIorn WIII P I e H II pe u C u C3 3 re l"16V"+ 4 CIee CIuI:1 4 O IIS I rn I Ixr C Qu 4 Per C uo e u LIVAN PAT C e I' ve e Ide I eIo II 4 u 2 34 no E 3 SIuoerI C u CI TwenIy Ihree 'III f Xgnfyg IDI? ,45',,iz,C, A IIS' H4111 Ip ""915fm , 513 IIIK IL!!-7I'Ic3iI 2-grim, I . M K , 2 e. II 7 .mviqurcge Q I 3 4 -3- , cert: F-37 Pr-:Q CIII 2 3 4, VEC-PI7e'.If1eII 3, P72 IrIr:nI 7 De CI II . 7 PI,,y P,-I,fIUfIIfv SMH 3-4j I-If,rIner'nI LfIuI7eoIfI 3-47 GAA 2-3-4, LIIII7 37 I I Inq CJ ' I 3 ,,gL,, MII 4, Co QII 47 CINS RepreaenI-,Ive 47 GEII ' I-II 37 I-Ie JIIIIIIIQ Co I 7 C alrrn-In I'I'II Doo Fr, fI 4. EE , : - 7 :V Iuo .- - ' I VIC 'P QI, I 'aI SI. Te CW: ACEJO 'V ' G ' CIuI -3-47 PI-ay pI'5'ILIf'II'.,TI SIIIII 2-4. MAB , 2 -InI I- - 7 II . III I-2-3, Vire- PI7euIfIenI 27 GI - CIub I7 OPI B.II: SI-III I 27 Fr7fwII3pfIII 27 Boyz SIeIe 37 Senfor Ply 4. - 3 DW 'III' C' IJ 3' I TIQUIWCI 47 C IFI -If Pvav 2-3-47 AII-SCI'Ioo PIav 7Jur':I7 PIey 37 Senor PI-ry 47 EIIIII E 27 Masque rzffl MO , C De f 7 fr 3-42 Sfrfgfr SIIIII 4. H V. V2 374' 80,1757 2f3N Leger 23,47 PI'IA - -3-4, T"6i1'k.'I6II 2-37 Tun1IIf fl I- -3-47 O D , : I- rooudign S+-,II 3-47 --7I Cup De 5' 'SPI' '3'ZII P677 IIC 27374 P59 E 237 .- , G g.I, 7 M, fr PeIIIv-I C..-een 2' Cir' SI Ne 37 Bronze. SII G II E 2 3-4' C-1 Se7'7eI-vv 37 I-Iorneiirfr-5: C71 II"ee 7 Er: IfI:7II Rffie LI , 7 Ho CCJVYIIIACI Cc- IIII7I7rII-Ir 4' SP5 4. S B-Iwi, Orrh-I-IIvI I-27 Muic Lyr .7 Dr: L-IIII7e:7IfI 3-42 FH I-2-3-4, Preide I 2-37 AA I- -3 4. Bow , 7 J I -- , Secre- , : -I I I -IIC - ' T Iury 37 Pep E 2-37 Pep CI I3 2-3-47 I7 aIIQ1s Po,II -II - - 7 BIor7Ic E 4. CI In 7 Ju I 7 PIay 37 SenIor PIfIy 47 EIIQIIINII E 2' Mfrque IIIIQI GfIveI 37 POHOB Buuine Irr, SIHIII ,I , h 4. Gfqd E 4' SAM , : rp- 'CII IQ" ' i IJII No I 3-47 e II- :Ii 3-47 L-Iroufvqe Cup 2-3-4, VI:e- PI7e IderI 37 Or Pe IIW71 I 2-3-4, Presfo P 7 CIIe , 5 B.-mg, Q gb -,Im I- - 7 -Cub CIuI. 37 Bunfi 37 IVR fc Ly - - 7 CEI-1 eiro- I7 ep Bu QI 2-3- 7 Mud Ly 37 o- I7 I s Iefj-Treasure' I7 GA - - - , Le-IIer 37 , E - 7 -2-3- , LeI 2, Tren-uroI73 Bfxrro - 7 I.I 2-3- 7 I 545 7JInIor Peo 34, If .-Pre-EfienI 7 P I-2-3-4, SerreIIII7y 37 Croff- I o-'IIC 41 'YI E 4. CII' Ref IIQIII 37 Iud I Counc.II 7 Pe, CI In - - 7 IIQI SI I 37 Sega SIJI 7 E JIIs,I'I 7 ., E7 U.-, :r-s r4. I ', :T ' :SI I GI Ie Ense IJI I-2-3? GIF I Trio 47 M lic re 27 GA - -. :IIe7 .7 ep IuI 2-37 p E 3. , 7 rI I SI I 7 ees res'- fIe 7 GIe, I, PreSIoenI I7 Aor arlII V 2-32 FooI.fII 3-47 Junior PIfIy 37 Senor PIfIy 47 SMI -7 3 II ' ' ' 7 T3 I GIGS EIIJIIQ E 37 5 que and G- I 37 CIQI'-5 Vice- CI '2'3f47 IVIIIII 7 ' ' 'PGP G' 1 C Y i J C , I E 3- 7 Se Ior PIfIy 7 AA 2-3-4, I. er 4. De 6 7nIIa 3-4, VIce-PreQICIenI 47 BIorIf E 3-47 Sf: ,II SIIIII 4. K , Q . . V , I mnu I .e IW IQ. 47 S .IITSII CI I37 Pr. M '-I -7 Band I-2- -4, Vfce- ' . . C 7 ,N Y 7 75, P SQI . I I 7 ff are 3-47V-Bond rrmv PIfIy 32 EvqI'sII E 27 IC ue JIINI 63 eI 37 237 Hy PIIIISI 4'4+'-C PSI I I3 I Pay r I Ion -2-3-4, enIor PIfIy Ido 47 D Le ISPIII 47 SGIIICII PIUY 4- Mf I J 7 ook E 3-47 AssIsIanI Tra. fr If Jer II TINII MIIIIIII7 I I 7 I 34' SUI. , 7 Popr-we I1IIf 37 CIass VE - Pres' IT 47 LIUITIOIP PIIIV 37 AII-SCIICCI Pay 37 , : 7 C I - - 7 BasIc .Ia 2-3-47 FooIbaII 3-47 BISCIQ E 7 Pep ,I f 7 CII3 --7EJIIsII'I 7 I.. onII3-4. Sensor Accomplsshments 1 l fl I' iuqa VZ N254 Y 70.707 SWlT1ER STAN Class Pressdenl 4 Eoolball 2 34 Track 3 4 Junsor Varssly 2 3 Baskelball 4 Block E 2 3 4 Vsce Pressdenl 4 Pep Cub 2 3 4 malscs Club 34 Vsce Pressdenl' 4 Sensor Play 4 Class Represenlalsve l Sludenl Councsl 2 4 A sembly Cornmsllee 3 Execul ve Comrnsllee 4 THOMAS JOAN Sludenl Body Secrelary 3 Siu denl Body Vsce Pres denl 4 Glee Club l 23 Vsce Pre sdenl 23 FHA l Pep Club 2 3 4 Pep 34 De Laureola 4 GAA l234 Board Secrelary 3 Assocsale Saga Edslor 4 Homecom sng Comrnsllee 2 Class Represenlalsve 2 Sludenl Councsl 2 3 4 Execulsve Comrnsllee 34 El c lson Board 3 4 Assembly Comrnsrlee 34 Gsrls Slale 3 THORPE RONNIE Band l 2 3 4 Orcheslra l 2 3 Sensor Assembly Bl Play Produclson Sfaff 2 WARMBRCDT BRUCE Glee Club l 2 3 4 e Club 2 3 4 WAYMAN PAM POHOB Bussness Manager 4 Homecomsng Co Chasrman 4 Band I 2 3 4 O cheslra l 2 3 4 Secrelary 3 Glee Club l Har m nasres 34 Pep Band 2 34 Mussc l 2 3 4 Bronze Sslver Mussc Medals 2 3 GAA l 2 3 4 Leller 2 Treasurer 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Language Club l 2 3 4 Pressdenl 3 Pep Club E 3 4 Vsce Pressdenl 4 De Laureola 3 4 Dramafscs Club 3 4 Junsor Play 3 Produclson Manager All School Play 3 Sensor Play 4 Englssh E 2 Masque and Gavel 3 Bronze Sslver Gold E 2 3 4 Junsor Prom Chasrman 3 Gsrls Slale 3 Class Represen lalsve l Sfudersl Councsl l WEATHERS DE LOA Transfer from Wells Hsgh 4 Glee Club I 23 Class Vsce Pressdenl 3 a d Flag Twsr r Black and Orange a 2 3 4 EHA l l brarsan 23 Leopard Slall3 ep Club 4 W TE KEITH Glee Club l2 Pep Club 7 34 Dramalscs Club 34 Chrsslmas Play 3 Englssh E l Masque and Gavel 2 Eoolball Manager 3 Bloc E 4 WILLIAMS BARBARA Sludersl' Body Tressurer 4 Sludenl Councsl 4 Execulsve Commsllee 4 Elec hon Board 34 Assembly Commsflee 4 Home GAA l 2 3 4 Board 4 Leller 4 Pep E 3 4 Pep u 2 3 4 EHA 2 34 Pressden 34 a Convenlson 34 Dramalscs Club 34 Chrsslmas Pa 3 All School Play 3 Sensor Play 4 Englsh E 2 Masque ind Gavel 3 Band l 2 3 Orcheslra l 2 Glee Club l Cloverelles 34 Mussc yre WINTERMANTEL JOAN Co Edslor Elko Hsgh Noles 4 Glee Club I 2 3 4 Secrelary Treasurer sr rs emble O c es ra Harmonasres 4 Mussc Lyre 2 Bronze Mussc Medal 3 Pep Club 2 3 4 Language Club 2 3 4 Pressdenl 4 De Laureola 4 Dramalscs Club 34 All School Play 2 Junsor Play 3 Sensor Play 4 Englssh E 4 Lalsn Award 3 Bronze E 4 WRIGHT DUANE Baskelball 2 3 4 Eoolball 3 4 Block E 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Class Represenla lsve 4 Sludenl Councsl 4 YOUNG BARBARA P p E 34 Pep Club 234 EHA l 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Band l 2 3 4 Orche fra 2 3 4 Pep Band 3 4 Saxophone Ouarlel 3 4 Mussc Lyre 3 Bronze Mussc Medal 3 We lhe Class of l952 have cornpleled our career al our beloved Elko Counly Hsgh School The halls on The hsll have become an snlegral pa rl of us each of us shall yearn for The Tamslsar faces The happy lsmes and The learnsng we have known here We shall be forever graleful lo our hsgh school for all sl has beslowed upon us sn The pasl four evenlful years As we venlure on snlo lhss unslable world we are cerlasn lhal we have been offered The essenlsal background lhal wsll enable us lo aspsre lo a Tull, rsch lssfe, reap 'she 'lrusls of educalson, and ensoy lhe bless sngs of knowledge Once more ECHS we say," Thank You' Twenfy Tour . O W - xr SLP? g,1ny'Q 0, 7' ,LMA P117 1LrZy7,1l', 1' QP 17x114Q.',y7 s ' V. QU" fb f " "Zi1'lf-fi, 7 7111 l,"l'n.s.Jrl1' ,xg 1141! rl 777,--'ws 7 1 . .Lf 'lf' .7 -43,1 .1 fr' qcT:TAy'lzf-L ' . nql' -isrglkfs I 4 f . NX T' ll , : ' 7 - A 7 , : J ' 7 - 7 ' f - 7 7 - - 7 ' - ' 7 B n - -, ' - ,' 7 l - - 7 Dra- l-2-37 - 'le 37 6 D y ' - . ' - ' 7 ' 7 - - 7 7 -I ' f 7 f :P Hl . : - 7 -- - 7 I : l I 3 l l l ' ' I ' 7 - k . ' F s' - 7 7 - - 7 E - 7 7 - - - . 2. I 1 . . - , Z c. I . - - 7. . 2 .I .e T coming Commlllee 3-47 Homecoming Oueen 47 ' Clbe-7 l---7 'l-7Slle . . . l Y I - I ' 1 i -' ' 7 . 2 3 ' ' . 2 ' T 7 f 7 - - 7 l- -3-4. ' ' A ' 3. . I - - - 7 P p ' 5 ' ' 47 G' ls' E s l-2-3-47 r h l l-2-37 , : ' 7 - V . V . - - l ' - ' 7 - A - 7 r- ' . ' ' . - , f o ' " - y l- - V 7 ' Lyre ' ' ' , , A - . . - s 3 ' ' l ' l 7 ' 7 ' 7 . : e - 7 - - 7 7 . . - - 7 - - - , 7 - - - 7 s- T I ' I I I ' , . I ' I . , . . y 14,1 Xdi 5 '-ef T 'v,-r 34 .VL 9 . f V if 3 I MR. SCHUMACHER DICK HUNTER GEORGE NOROUIST MISS SORENSON Sponsor Vice-Presideni Secre+ary-Treasurer DEAN HOWES TWEETY BURNER WARREN WALTERS Represen+a+Ive Represeniaiive Presidenf JU IDRS Sponsor WARREN WALTERS Presidenf BOB BOTSEORD I ,A GEORGIA BROWN 1 PEGGY ALTER .W ,AW M"'f1 U ,iff DONALD AMES mx-f',5E'q5, I,-',,, if XFU1' IU ,lid nyffzfr' PEGGY ARMUTH mifffgfg. g JA fain Ri' 4 2 L, XI ' ff, POHOB H '57 SHIRLEY BAUMGARDNER PAT BELLINGER EDYTHE BONACCI 'A an 'ff LEE BRUNNER If '- E hh 5 Y JU IQRS TWEETY BURNER M ARNOLD CARRILLO AvA CASH IW 1 HAROLD CHAPIN JIM COBB TED CONTRI DIANNE COOK JULIAN DICKS BILL ELTIN6 CHET FRANKLIN EMILY GARDNER DAN GLENNON POHOB MARILYN GRISWOLD BOYD HADLOCK NORMA HAMMOND MIKE MARK TIM MONROE ARTHUR MONTROSE HERLEEN MORSE ROBERTA MORSE JUDY NENZEL GEORGE NOROUIST MARSHA O'CARROLL PAM PASHBY -5' A I ' I 3 JAKE REED I PAT Room 9 I --ul . GIULIANA SALICCHI 'V RHEA SCHOENFELD LOUISE SEELEY LESLIE SHARP ni GEORGE THOMPSON HARRIET TOM GENEVIEVE TORGERSON BILL VAN DRIELEN MARLENE VAN HORN JOAN VON HARTEN BEVERLY STODDARD FAYE SWAIN KITTY TENNILLE ,nr- 'Z' IDRS -5 ' FIDEL VASQUEZ WARREN WALTERS KAREN WAYMAN RUTH WHITE MARY LOU WINES JANEANE WRIGHT LEE WRIGHT LENUS WRIGHT MAX MARR 5 A , Tlue Class of 53 Tlue U. S. S. Tlue class spiril lo rule over Hue l-larvesl Ball. ln Hue main Class ol '53 leH porl on Hue lasl ol ils four year voyage wiHu a good s was very slrong Huis year, wiHu Iwo of Hue sluupmales being selecled ballroom several dances were lueld. Tlue pay dances were luugluly succes Hue iunior prom, lueld lor Hue deparling passengers ol '52 was very exlravaganl Tlue Huealre was lalcen over lor 'rwo nigluls lo presenl an oulslandin la wluile in Hu Q p Y room, Iwo banguels were lueld, one for Hue boys and anoHuer lor Hue girls BoHu wer Heal affairs, and were enioyed very muclu. Two picnics provided addulional enlerl lor Hue passengers. many sl'ar players luailing from Hueir ranks Tlue sluip luad an able crew, wiHu Warren Wallers acling as caplain Tlue lirsl m Down in Hue gym and oul on Hue recrealion declc Hue iuniors were well represenl a Diclc l-lunler, and Hue purser-log lceeper was George Norguusl Tlue luead sleward w Howes, and Hue luead slewardess was Tweely Burner, wiHu Hue able luelp of Hue luarbor lvlr. Scluumacluer, and luarbor mislress, lvliss Sorenson. Tlue voyage was calm wiHu a few sgualls, bul everyone enloyed Hue Hip and books l sage lor Hue coming year: lor now, wiHu Hue end of Hue voyage in siglul Huey are anxio licipaling Hue lasl big lap of Hueir journey. Twenly-nine MISS DE KOSTER ALLEN MASSIE LARRY FRANTZEN MR. EASTERBROOK Sponsor Represenfaiive Secrelary-Treasurer Sponsor CONNIE ELLISON JUNE MCKNIGHT VICTOR BURNER Vice-Presideni Represenialive Presidenf FRESHIVIE To open lheir high school career, lhe Class of '55 gol oil lo a successful slarr by elecling Viclor Burner presidenl, Connie Ellison vice-presidenl, Larry Franlzen secrelary - lreasurer, and June lVlcKnighr and Allen lvlassie class represenlaiives. Miss De Kosler and lvlr. Easlerbroolq acred as class advisors. The green class has lhe usual amounl ol hagingq rho "E" is now a lillle whiler. lhanlqs lo lhe underclass boys on Field Day. l-lowever, all was lorgollen ai lhe Senior-Freshman Dance. Wifh 8l members, lhe lreshman class was lhe largesl ever enrolled in ECHS. June lvlclinighr and Andy Domingo lied lor lqing and gueen honors WCTOR BURNER al The l-larvesl Ball aller a vigorous campaign: lhe young class also Presqdeni showed lheir inilialive by selling over hall lhe lolal subscriplions in lhe annual magazine sales drive. ro win lhe covered Courlesy Day. A class parly and picnic conslilured lheir social lunclions ol The year. The lirsl-year srudenls have guiclcly gained recognirioni lhey hold greal promise lor rheir Jrhree remaining years. 'Q GRGANIZATIUNS Saga Pep E Pohob F H A De Laureola Masque And Gavel Language Club English E Block E Vas+ herds of beef caHle are a familiar sighl- l WY The weallh of lhe counfy, Hs fame and Hs mighl. 0 0 . ' . . . 0 0 0 Y o ' 0 rl! 001 Q w fo N Q0 Q XN A QQQQQOONQJ QQ xii? CNN f a fl nf' xqvx 0 4 10 W W1 'XR Gsm NN0 W K Q C 9 N YJ, QRS G f Cm K W H M Q 0 C 0 V 5 4 O fx f x RX K7 4 'SNQXX Q A v 4 f Q Q50 17 Oi 0 K QKW OQXQ Q Q0 RQ XQ Q w Q Q N S fi f 3 K Sfigwxqgliw OQQNCQXK Ng QQSCN XX Egkwxxvqm L A n 32000 0 pk 0 0 K f7 WW XK7 0 OWJQ fo vjf fffkn 'J 7150 P 5 Q Fpflfqf X Ad, nf, fy-Q tar' fl, 7 W F C fl koqa 0, GK X U' T 000 Qmkxxq-'tCN A 4 C 07"f0 A fmxmcx I0 QQQN K N" ff U 9560 5. CQ' gf jc GO 0 7 WS Qgbfxivk K Iffc :Mm qfnffjg' 1,9 Q3 Q0 1 pq -70 3 ff QMHGEWFQXXQ Q ffm A90 Q EX XQQJx why X SqQ77l POHOB fm 7K O 'ff' A WOAUPW! I ZQQN A 700 f 'f ff,nQ fr . 'JA 'ngvmwv WU Vg V20 O yin E I Q K. If NL V Q I! C7 EQQKQQ N Q fpgbpkwbf og v f M5 ry 7 X ' -f 'X Q Q7 MQ A- W P'f Q7 Q9 SZIOWZ 51, XL O0 QUIK Nggfyi RVN Q fl 5 V S3 , 5 lj KC C 7 UQ 17 I" fx AW K XV W "3 S ' L up X no fa OV. f PAA- RQ 0 X xivxm Lbofji ff N0 A in kwvxk Oofwfiff Wlw5O0x pic qw O fx f NAA: H X of J Qs Q0 X 40 0 K, Cl 1 O in km Q XX 'win QTY in Sa A7 fl 7 Qfqy Q0 QAOQUQ cd w " 'v X 0 "1 , 4 , A rx . x gn An ,N Xl mx Lil. WSFKQDK X A do 709 532790 0 0 Tx fl 11 ' C! Pf A t Q BW irc V A, V ff ix A0 , CX K0 BRO xp , Q0 M27 LO K w , r 'AY mod! Q' qv A 0 A if f 4, an in 0 Q4 x"7 lil 6 X701 ww! X Q A ' ff O, A4 ng East L M- Xu In Q , l f A " fl I, wwf? CD XV QQ- T' F Q04 315 rw ' f ff' Q cb? C A H 7 , 610 Q KI X 'K if Z' as 5 cxwif X wg. :NJA 'X '27 I Q Cx - Q4 C? C10 Q XI 1 lx K A0 xy Q Q ' T i y CL n, Q! ,, fx S F. 'QQ K7 ' J fqgg fk Q C' E N 1, F Q3'j N x ki X' -I xg CN u Fx ix -7--W k A? ' X K., I -r - L fx' L" "'?5"'7T ' A f lk H ' Yo 0 Q N 0 ck fx f Qi L- Q 3 Q KL!!! C S 1,6 11 K7 0 Z 'Km . Q I J FQ A I ' JACK GIUDICI PAM WAYMAN MISS DE KOSTER EdiTor Business Manager Sponsor POHOB Headed by Jaclc Giudici, ediTor, The I952 POHOB sTaTT realized a busy. evenTTul year, working unTiringly To pro- duce The IargesT and TinesT yearboolc Ellqo High has ever published. This year The POHOB sTaTT was con- siderably larger Than in The pasT, wiTh Three composiTe groups - ediTorial, business, and phoTographers. To enrich The POHOB Tund, aside Trom The sale oT ads, The sTaTT ambi- Tiously sponsored The highIy-produc- Tive CurTis magazine subscripTion drive in The Tall, neTTing record proTiTs, and IaTe in The winTer They insTiTuTed a new social TuncTion, The POHOB Prelude Dance, which served as The Icicle-oTT Tor The successTul POHOB subscripTion campaign. The business sTaTT, led by Pam Way- man, business manager was responsible Tor The Tinancing oT The annual, and Through Their indusTrious salesmanship The POI-IGB I952 sold Tor The minimum oT 52.50. PaT Bellinger was assisTanT ediTor, while Miss De KosTer acTed as sTaTT ad- visor. On These pages The sTaTT has aT- TempTed To capTure The mood and mode oT The pasT year aT ECHS3 we sincerely hope ThaT you will enioy Volume 44 as much as we have enjoyed publishing iT. EDITORIAL STAFF ffandinfz, 'UI 'ci rfgh':--- MISS DEKOSTER, WARREN WALTERS, JIM GREGORY. Seanad:- SARAH TREMEWAN, PATTY SAMON, JACK GIUDICI, PAT BELLINGER, MADGE HAKATA. BUSINESS STAFF f:'fwc1'n2, Ip rim?- JACK eiuoici, 'Miss DE KosTER. g,.,,.,.5.,,, CHAN G-RISWOLD, NADINE smim, PAM WAY- MAN, KAREN WAYMAN, NORMA i-iAMMoNo. iii pai-was JERRY coas, MARGIE ouN. PHOTOGRAPHERS Swmcirgi- JACK GIUDICI. Scaicd:--JOHN COFFIN, KITTY TENNILLE, TIM MONROE, ENOS ARRASCADA, ROLLIN HOGGE. I ' p"'.ff-1: VICTOR BURNER, JOE TURNER, MIKE WINES. l MR WEAVER MRS McOUISTON S o s Sponsor P n or ,VW BOB JONES J PreslcIenT The honorary hlsTory socneTy De Laureola esTablushecl In IQI6 as The oldesT suryuvlng honorary organ1zaTuon aT ECI-IS STuclenTs To be selecTe-cl Tor membership musT T1rsT aTTaun eughT honor pounTs anol a B average In hlsTory Tor one semesTer Propec:Ts carried on by The group Thus year uncler The leadershnp oT Bob Jones pres1clenT were The holclvng oT Two lnlTlaTlons The sponsoring oT The annual Saclne l-lawlcuns Dance The lornT Oper aTuon oT The hoT dog sTand aT Warruor Fneld and The presenTaTnon oT an enloyable assembly as well as The selling oT The Sagebrush Saga ln The sprang The Senuor DeLaureola BangueT The club s Tarewell g1TT To The graduaTes was well aTTended by all Club sponsors were Mrs McQulsTon and Mr Weaver wnTh Ray Paoli vnce presnc:lenT Jrm Cobb secreTary and lVlargareT Elluson Treasurer DE L UREOL c R N el WARREN WALTERS VON SORENSEN JACK GIUDICI Srar-d rg MR WEAVER DARLENE RICHIE ALTHEA MORSE PAM WAYMAN KITTY TENNILLE PATTY SAMON JUDY NENZEL JOAN THOMAS ROSIE DOMINGO SHIRLEY HANSEN MRS McOUISTON Seeded ISABEL ELIA MADGE HAKATA GLADYS MCKNIGHT RAY PAOLI BOB JONES MARGARET ELLISON CHESTER FRANKLIN JOAN WINTERMANTEL NOT pd red MARGIE OLIN JIM COBB 414 r t '- ' 1 ax , 1 I "ff . ' ,- . fr 2 I - D T - I . . Ba lx o , l T To rlgh':f , , . ' 1 il 3m - . , .... T S :-- , . ll I I an I sf X735 13' '. 5 . ' - ' 1 T' I ' ' I A f r , N 5 , Q X ,, f - T: 1 . ' . I s 'four ng rr NANCY TSUKAMOTO NORMA HAMMO D ROSIE DOMINGO PAT BELLINGER CALDA BOU CHER PATTY SAMON JOAN WINTERMANTEL RUTH WHIT Sfaed CHAN GRISWOLD KITTY TENNILLE MISS WOLFE GLADYS McKNIGHT KAREN WAYMAN PAM WAYMAN BOB BOTSFORD N I p I I d MARGIE OLIN DONNA WHITE AN UAGE CLUB The Language Club an honor organlzarlon for ourslandsng Spanish and Lahn sludenls had anolher lun Iulled year under Ihe dzrechon of Miss Wolfe wnrh monrhly meehngs for business and enrerraunmenl The club was gulle GCIIVG Ihls year sponsoring Ihe Iorelgn correspondence campaign and enlerlng a wnnnang Iloal and slclr In Ihe music Iesruval They prepared and presenfed a unlgue as sembly program and organized a scrap boolc represenhng Nevada To exchange wnfh a Iorelgn school A dellghlful plcnrc was Ihe lasl :rem on Ihe club s SI 52 agenda The presldenlr for Ihe Ivrsr semesrer was Gladys IvIcKnngh'r wnrh Karen Wayman as vuce presudenr Kurry Tennulle secrerary Ireasurer and Bob Borslord sergeanl ar arms Pal Bellnnger was aplly chosen as presudenl for Ihe second Ierm whale Bob Borsford was vored vlce presldenl Norma I-Iammond secrerary Ireasurer and Chan Gr: wo d sergeanl al arms if Miss woLFE Sponsor GLADYS MCKNIGHT PAT BELLINGER premjenf Presldeni Frrf Seme Ier S9 nd Seme J . ., f- -1 , K 4 P V, 5, ii. 6, ' 'c S f , .I F 2 L '. 1 I 5 2 I A ' I - k N , W ik . 2 ' - 5 ,,5 f W EV A 1 gi 3 s 7 ,I , I 'I Sfandl , lefl If Ignfi-f , N , , , ' , , , . E. J ' IL- , . . . I . Q If .Je if , , I I 1 I - I I - I - - - . I I I I - I I - I I - - 1,2:.1Q. I ,M I. 1, ,I - I ' - I ' I . , S - . - - . Q I I sg: . Q ' 5 5 Qc s'er A DUANE KERN Presxdenf MR EDSALL MR MENTABERRY Sponsor Sponsor BLDCK E The Bloclc E In :Ts 37Th year oT organrzaTlon added anoTher acTuve and successTul year To rTs annals Composed oT The leTTermen In TooTL3all baslceTball and Traclc The orqanrzahon as one T h h h T oals oT each aThleTe Thus year They sponsored a number oT dances paTrolled o T e rg es Q The assemlolues campus and halls and cauqhT and punished The yIolaTors oT The lawn rule S as resudenT Thus year was Duane Kern as ylce presldenT STan SwnT2e ervrng p Franlqlun Their sponsors were Coaches Floyd Edsall and FausTo lVIenTa r and as secre nary Treasurer ChesTer berry :arg A13 NES BNI R f M' ' nur FIDEL VASOUEZ, GORDON PETERSEN, JIM GREGORY, PAT SULLIVAN, BOB JO ARMUTH, GEORGE THOMPSON, TED CONTRI, TOM FOX. JAKE REED, LINDY ROBERTSON, MR MENTABERRY CHET FRANKLIN, DUANE KERN, STAN SWITZER, RAY PAOLI, DUANE WRIGHT N f Q ' Ld JIM COBB, JERRY COBB, LYNN BURNS S ara q MR EDSALL, CHAN GRISWOLD, CHUCK Sea F3 TOM ALTER, DEAN HOWES, T:orTy Two S ,sv ' fl. , if ' A , .. I h .gifxil jf, -y Q A A Q K X ' LB Sf , ' . V W I . . I . ' l I I I A ' E C L It 'Z t V 1 . 5 6 -1 C I 'S X I 1 'R : D 5 .4 , Q . f T' 2' ' . V X , X 1 ,pu I " ' ' f 'Tm ' X l L l I ' , T V4 PEP E Q,- 8' MARGARET ELLISON MISS HEPPE Presldenf Sponsor One of The mosl achve groups In school us The popular Pep E club which as under The spon sorshup of Mlss Mary Heppe The organuzahon as composed of Iunlor and sensor gurls and The c:hreT Tuncluon of The group IS Io provuole colorful half Inme achvnhes al bolh The Toolball and baslcelball games They also par hcnpalecl ID numerous assemblues and parades The members clacl un maroon slcurls and wesluls wnlh whnle blouses were led Thus year by sensors Margarel Ellison presndenl Pam Wayman vuce presndenl Joann Paolu secrelary Ireas urer and Norma Johns drill masler BARBARA WILLIAMS MARGARET ELLISON PEGGY ARMUTH BEVERLY STODDARD CAROLE 'AKE PATTY SAMON MARSHA OCARROLL MARGIE McCAUGHEY GENEVIEVE TORGER SON L I l e PAM WAYMAN PAT BELLINGER NADINE SMITH GUILIANA SALICCHI KAREN WAY MAN MARY LOU WINES JEANENE HOGGE NORMA JOHNS BARBARA YOUNG DIANNE COOK EDYTHE BONACCI EMILY GARDNER DARLENE RICHIE M ddle Ro LENUS WRIGHT JOAN THOMAS JANET ECHEGON Fronf Row NORMA HAMMOND PAT BURNS JOANN POALI JEANEANE WRIGHT MARILYN GRIS WOLD Cheerleaders JOAN KERN MADGE HAKATA SHIRLEY HAN SEN Forly 'rhree ' . 4g I X V . . I I Baik Row, IeIf le rlghlz- ' ef In :Y I I . . . I I 91 I Nw:-f BARBARA WILLIAMS KITTY TENNILLE . l PV'-?5'de"T PresidenT F 'A' Srfnw-' 3' 'Vx MISS SORENSON Sponsor The FuTure I-lomernalcers oT America had a very successTul year wiTh one oT The largesT organ- izaTions in years. The F. T-T. A. Club, whose sponsor is Ivliss Sorenson, presenTed The annual l'larvesT Ball, and in February They held The yearly IVIoTher-DaughTer BangueT, which was well aTTended. ln April The Ellco F. I-I. A. ChapTer served as hosTesses Tor The DisTricT Round-up. They held a slumber parTy in The gym laTe in The Tall and sTaged a successTul assembly laTer in The year. OTTicers Tor The TirsT semesTer were presidenT, Barbara Williamsg vice-presidenT, Madge l-la- lcaTag secreTary, JaneT Lucas, and Treasurer, Barbara Young. For The second semesTer KiTTy Ten- nille served as presidenT, Genevieve Torgerson as vice-presidenT, Dianne Coolc as secreTary, and Sarah Tremewan as Treasurer. Srarafnq, 'eff ' ffqwl: MISS SORENSON, BARBARA YOUNG, VAL DENE MARTIN, JEAN TERRY, AVA CASH, CLARICE SEWELL CONNIE RUCKER, KITTY TENNILLE, GENEVIEVE TORGERSON, MARGARET MOLDENHAUER, SHIRLEY NICHOLSON, MAR- SHELL HESS, ANITA AROSTEGUI, DOLORES GOICOECHIA, DELPHINE RECANZONE, GWEN SCHOENFELD, JUDY ADAMS. DORIS AGUIRRE, SARAH TREMEWAN, LOUISE PAOLI. Seared:f'MARGIE TURNER, CONNIE ELLISON, BETTY MCKENNON, ROBERTA HINZE, JOAN BONACCI, NATALIE KOPP, CORINNE SORENSEN. DIANNE COOK, CAROLYN CASH, EDNA KOHLMEYER, CHERYL BOGUE, MEREDITH SCOTT, JOSEPHINE BILBAO, HELEN GRISWOLD, CHARLOTTE RESER. Frcr' Rm.:-SHARON PASHBY, ANN MADSEN, JACOUELINE HART, EDITH WRIGHT, MADGE HAKATA, JOANN PAOLI, BAR- BARA WILLIAMS, DARLENE RICHIE, JANET ECHEGON, JUNE MCKNIGHT, DIANA TREMEWAN. Nc' pkvfea:-JANET LUCAS, DONNA SNOW, ELEANOR McCULLOUGH, ROSIE DOMINGO, - , I X fha ' www DUANE KERN, CHESTER FRANKLIN, JACK GIUDICI, GORDON PETERSEN. F H R -- KEITH WHITE, PAM WAYMAN, JANET LUCAS, DARLENE RICHIE, BARBARA WILLIAMS, RAY PAOLI. DIANNE COOK, MARGIE oLlN. IVIASQUE AND GAVEL The Enqhsh E and The honorary Masque and Gavel SoQieTy conTaIn The advanced drarnaTIc TaTenT aT ECHS. This year The requIsITe Tor receivIng The Enqhsh E IeTTer was raised To IO8 hours oT dramaTIc workion The sTage or producTIon sTaTT oT The schoo' oIays, and ISO hours are now necessary be- Tore a drama enThusiasT is awarded The CoveTed Masoue and GaveI pin. The Two groups oT Thespians were sponsored by Mr. TrembIay, dramahc insTrucTor. V WARREN WALTERS PAT BURNS GORDON PETERSEN DARLENE RICHIE PAM WAYMAN JANET LUCAS I irq, LJ I IIT , , , , , BARBARA WILLIAMS, PAT SULLIVAN, DUANE KERN, MADGE HAKATA, RAY PAOLI, JOANN POLI, FRED WILLIAMS. ARD. JACK GIUDICI, KEITH WHITE, CHESTER FRANKLIN, MELVA LYNCH, PAT BELLINGER, JOAN WINTERMANTEL, ERLE HOW- 'L-nz JIM COBB, DIANNE COOK, MARGIE OLIN. The Rub es se malesf cally abc e lher l lres so blue Here yo Il see bea lful Lberly Lalce Fa re and Caslle loo CTIVITIES Band Orchestra Clee Club Pep Band Drum Majorettes Senior Play Junior Play Christmas Play Dramatic Club Cheerleaders If A txt? CX QNf SXEK N QQOQ0 MN cf Q KQQ XX 0 dwnf' R my 0 0' X3 7 l K, mg MN U A 0 C JQ 9 NC 03 p K0 4 C09Qkx 0 mx M 'MM7 Mm pq Xgn C Q W 00 X qi f Y Q f Q CN I 9 'X Q 5 'W 11 DY 0 L im OXO S0141 0 XQ QTQKQ Q 5fNVK Nw ' Q54 Nik Q QA is EXW kq L XQNORXOQWQ CCW Q A Z7 0 nf7p0f7 0 pyf 0 40 flixv 0 dip I POIEZKS 'J ffflqfj Q27 0 XUK fff Q y ANG K-XLT! F A-Q fdf' -'lf 7 X 4 U0 QEQXQYNQ A X 1 7 A WOFO K NYSA ai 04 0 fl pa C W4 f0 4 QQZOK lp SN X Q ff 7 lf X I !fC00C1Zfllpf19q-ZZ? Q I QW-263 all A 1 f bi MX Xxx W POHQB 0 ',7!O 'ff A 49 f f w 4, fm W fig' Q 0 WS 520 EM Q g Ti? UV UWA E A0 ffvlv CWQV snNQN1 HiV if'QVM6x'f Z 'F nnfv QQ 0 0+ M Y WYTAV qfoxnm aw N f Q7 Q2 b QW W Q' x QQf' .Q,N" 0 XWHNHV . k Kg 1 A W Q 5 I Q '+X" 7JmQ v0'Qg1!- 9+-QU4 101 S L fwcnnxzf 1' q xy N 0 Q,-ska 1 'I LV If X Q O R U 1 Q Q Diff nf, tn gg Q Xxflx C KOQ CQ fl OU' Q! ' 'Ui X 020 TL ' X K Vw XUI7 EN Q 'X fl 7 Q51 Ky Q57 q 09' N gm QMQQ,Nh wCUO5- Qcfnklf W! Ja fluffy OXW ,Inc Aix ?0A1f?1M Mfxkx ' mn Wwfldn xx A o A. :ww 0 fx K7 -U1 - Q Ami Q O 30 2 td f KU if K. Q AO 'OA 1,7 ,Kp 3 A0 X A0 X 7 N IQ if Q Q -ff 0 ol' by 17261 Q7 qv N p 1110 A Jiyf' If C0 7 J Q K2 " Q 4 . . X 3 dx f K7 0 M F OA .4 HQ gig 4 L -- Q! X, A , ,A .416 fl C973 T' I 1 U f Ugif Ama QD QYQX V 'W f Off' 405 KW M if Af A C J Ci gf Rywx 1, gflxg 4 wwf N0 gl Q ' ' 1 J 'f W 93000 QS Q rg Cwu 0 . YQ x ,. O Q XX' BQ ' .. 1 C' 'J NX!!! 'Q 1 0, Q6, 0 1 ,Gini KX X C XR - gf, XQDX mx -X Ax xx X ' f' y of ARG 'Q X 1 A F 2 Nixvg 2 ff X xx X fx N - L " L'x 'T-mi' -7-WQAY7 A Q Y KQV, lg' uglfkffl f L - f Q T O dom N 'L fx D L f, 0 O Q ' , Y K x, - O6 ll N 1 A2 Q Af J C ff? , 0 ww I C I' 060 . K ,. , LeT' 'Q righfz-PAT BELLINGER, VON SORENSEN. ERLE HOWARD, NORMA HAMMOND, MR. EASTERBROOK, AFTON SMITH, MADGE HAKATA, JOAN WINTERMANTEL. Na' picrsredz-BARBARA YOUNG, GEORGE NOROUIST, JACK GIUDICI. MUSIC CDU CIL The music council, composed oT The oTTicers oT The various organizaTions in The Music De- parTmenT, headed The commiTTees on arrangemenTs Tor The Thanksgiving Music Feslival and di- recTed The TuncTions oT The deparTmenT. A second successTul year has been chalked up Tor The Band by Mr. Carl EasTerbrook, direc- Tor. OTTicers Tor The year were: Von Sorensen, presidenTg Norma Hammond, secreTary-Treas- urer: and Jack Giudici, librarian. Among iTs accomplishmenTs were The Thanksgiving FesTival, Spring ConcerT and DisTricT Music FesTival in Winnemucca. They also marched in various parades and added halTTime color on The TooTball Tield. For someThing ouT oT The ordinary, This year The Band helped To sponsor The appearance oT The UniTed STaTes Marine Band in Elko early in The year. LaTe in The winTer They also parTicipaTed in an all-Elko Band To raise money Tor The Red Cross. Back Raw, le:T To righT:-DELPHINE RECANZONE, JANICE WILLIAMS, JEAN TERRY, HELEN GRISWOLD. NADINE SMITH, SHEILA WAAGE, JANET BROWN, JOE TURNER, VICTOR BURNER, MR. EASTERBROOK, SANDRA STEWART, BARBARA YOUNG, CORRINE SORENSEN. Second Row:-EDYTHE BONACCI, MELVA LYNCH, VON SORENSEN. EARLE HOWARD, ROLLIN HOGGE, GEORGE NORQUIST, BOB PAT- TANI, DELBERT PRATT, GWEN SCHOENFELD, SARAH TREMEWAN, LOUISE PAOLI, JOANN PAOLI, LARRY FLOWERS, ANDREW HATIPUS Firsf Row:-NORMA HAMMOND, KAREN WAYMAN, GAYE WIGGINS, DIANNE COOK, JANET ECHEGON, JEANENE HOGGE, JACK GIUDICI. NoT picmred:-PAM WAYMAN, SHARON PASHBY, JOAN WINTERMANTEL, GENEVIEVE TORGERSON, JIM GREGORY. N327 r , Tl Riff fr fly T Chill 11171771 ,xl 'ml ' 5 11 ly N H Q' ll 'l Q P EP BA N My i A, ,- . X ,Ly I AX 15x XX fl POHOB Under llwe dlrecllfm ol lvlr. Easy lerbrook and lwlqllly acllve aqaim lhlb year, llwe Pep Band was mmf poaed ol rlwe llwirly lop muzlcrani ol llle Ellie Hfglw Band. lhelr snappy marclves, arad popular and Qazz remdlllems, added much lo llwe Gplrll and emllwwlaim af pep assemblies and rallles, and al all llwe lvaslcelball games. GPH To x, ,. DELPHINE RECANZONE, MELVA LYNCH, EDYTHE BONACCI, NORMA HAMMOND. KAREN WAYMAN, JACK GIUDICI, JEANENE HOGGE, CORINNE SORENSEN, BARBARA YOUNG, VICTOR BURNER, LARRY FLOWERS, JOE TURNER. il' Cu. f,C'Z7 GEORGE NOROUIST, ERLE HOWARD, VON SORENSEN, BOB PATTANI, ROLLIN HOGGE. JANET ECHEGON, DIANNE COOK, JANETT JANET BROWN, SHEILA WAAGE. GWEN SCHOENFELD, SARAH TRE- MEWAN, LOUISE PAOLI, JOANN PAOLI, SANDRA STEWART. w' p"'..rr-dr-A-PAM WAYMAN. Drum Maier JACK eluolcl Drum Maioreffes KITTY TENNILLE MARLENE VAN HORN PAT MURPHY lrluf p?cl..reo:-- TWEETY BURNER ANN MADSEN BETH BUCHOLZ GRCH ESTRA MR CARL EASTERBROOK JOAN WINTERMANTEL JANET BROWN SANDRA STEWART JOAN KERN LARRY FRANTZEN JACK GTUDICI JEANENE HOGGE BARBARA YOUNG CORINNE SORENSEN GWEN SCHOEN FELD SARAH TREMEWAN ROLLIN HOG-GE BOB PATTANI ERLE HOW ARD VON SORENSEN GAYE WIGGINS NATALIE KOPP VICTOR BURNER MARGARET MOLDENHAUER MYRA KNOWLES NADINE SMITH RECANZONE RUTH TEWELL JANET ECHEGON MADGE HAKATA JO ANN PAOLI PAT BELLINGER PAM WAYMAN 'N ,os q, was Stay Nw MADGE HAKATA PresldenT Thus year was a very busy one Tor all sTuclenTs parTnc1paTnng In The orchesTra The group playeo Tor The Three school plays BaccalaureaTe and graduaTlon On February 9 a selecT group oT Tnve sTrn'xg players aTTended The Paclhc STrung Cllnlc aT The College oT The PaclTlc In SToclc Ton CalaTornua In The sprung all The members worlcecl To malce The orchesTra s parT oT The Dus TrncT Muslc FesTuval aT Wmnnemucca ancl The sprung concerT a Tremendous success S Presndenlr Madge l-lal4aTa was assusTed by Barbara acTed as clnrecTor MR EASTERBROOK DlrecTor Young secreTary Treasurer Mr Carl EasTerbroolc 9'w"3'cg ' r'gh':- . , , 3 I I X 1' A , . . I ld'-'Il R 1.1 , , , ' I T - C 5 9- 'wc R 1.: , , FV- ' R PATTY SAMON, SHEILA WAAGE, EDYTHE BONACCI, DELPHINE Tu ' pldared: -- , . I ' . GLIEE CLUB T Donna WhlTe Myra Knowles Genevueve Torg r on KlTTy Tennulle Delphnne Recanzone Mr Easferbroolr Affon Smufh Donna Snow Sandra Slewarf Shirley Baumgardner Lenus Wrrghf Clarlce Sewell Jaclue Hughes Nadme SmnTh Sheula Waage Gwen Schoenfeld Marshell Hess Joan Kern Carol Guush Andre Berger Connue Ellnson CynThua Cooper Judy Adams Louise Paola Sarah Tremewan Janell SuTherland Helen Griswold Corinne Sorensen Rufh Blossom Nancy TsulramoTo AFTON SMITH Melva Lynch Edyfhe BONBCCI JaneT Brown Ava Cash Joan Von PresldenT HarTen VIFQIFIIB Behonelr RuTh Whale Joan WrnTerman'rel Madalune Bull Roberla Morse Janrce Wnlllam B verly Duclr Jeaan Camino Beverly SToddard Dons Fobes Janeane WrrghT R Herlene Morse Belh Bucholz Lola Van Slclrle Jacqueline HarT EdlTh WrnghT Pa+ Bellnnger Eleanor McCullough Cermele Baralnca Joan Bonaccl Marlene Van Horn Cheryl Bouge Edna Kohlmeyer Roberla Hlnze Carolyn Cash BeTTy McKennon Margie Turner Meredlfh Scoff v d Jean Terry Dorls Aqunrre NaTalue Kopp Charloffe MaloTTe Judy Nenzel Donna Reed Rhea Schoenfeld Halley Jean Sellers 111- ff' abr lb 4' T 0 rw A second successful year can be creduTed To Mr Carl EasTerbroolc s accounT as Ellco Hugh s vocal Teach Mr EasTerbroolc who has received has MasTer Degree In Music has Thus year again passed ouT To has sTudenTs some oT has advanced musucal lcnowledoe l-le accompanled seven vocal aspnranTs Three girls and Tour boys, To SToclcTon, Calnfornla, To aTTend The Pacnfuc Cllnuc Chorus In February Among Theur accompl1shmenTs The Girls' Glee Club has su'1g aT The ChrlsTmas assembly, sprung con cerT, and The DlsTrlcT Musuc l5esTlval aT Wunnemucca 0TTicers Tor This year were: ATTon Smi+l1, presi- denT3 PaT Bellinger, vice-president and Joan WinTer- n'1anTel, secreTary-Treasurer. MR EASTERBROOK Dnrecfor 'fan-'audi' mn r-,ww PRINCLP . by t SENIOR PL Y Glamour Boy a well received comedy aboul high school srudenls and leachers wirh a serious lheme, was presenred lo apprecialive audiences by +he seniors on November 30 and December I. The cas? included Douglas Pelerson Barbara Williams Jack Giudici Darlene Richie, Janer Lucas lv1cDermoH, Pam Wayman, Shirley Hansen, Ray Paoli Jim Gregory ly argie Olin Nadine Smirh Keilh While Joan Winrermanrel, Slam Swirzer, Bruce lvlabee, and Eleanor McCullough. Janel Echegon acred as wssisranl direclor, and Gordon Peferson as sfage manager. an MR. TREMBLAY borh classes should be commended on 'rheir our- 'i - slanding lhealrical successes, as should be Mr. Fred f,, . Direclor 'L L Tremblay new dramarics inslrucror. ' -vi The class of l953 credilably presenled "l-lobgoblin House," a unique mys'rery abou? a haunled house in The Ozarks, as lheir lirsl dramalic produclion, on March 2I and 22. Joan Von Harlen, Karen Wayman, Norma Ham- mond, Milne Marla, Diclc L-lunler, George Norquisr, Lee Brunner, Jim Cobb, Emily Gardner, Dianne Cook, Kifry Tennille, and Ted Conlri were The members of 'rhe casr. Srudenl direcfor was Barbara Williams, who was assisled by produclion manager Warren Walrers and sfage manager Joan Winlermanlel. up-1 X xv all we V55 ,- I PM :KJ Bark R'n, TOT' 'fx fiq'T'Z--- FRED WILLIAMS, JIM GREGORY, GORDON PETERSEN, KEITH WHITE, ERLE HOWARD, FRANK AGUIRRE, JACK GIUDICI, SHIRLEY NICHOLSON, SANDRA STEWART. Middfe Rrw: - CHARLES PETERSON, WARREN WALTERS, PAM WAYMAN, JOAN WINTERMANTEL, JANET LUCAS, MADGE HAKATA. BARBARA WILLIAMS, KITTY TENNILLE, JANELL SUTHERLAND, MELVA LYNCH, MARSHELL HESS, DORIS AGUIRRE, JIM DeVORE, MARGARET MOLDENHAUER, PAT BELLINGER. Sreafed 3-W TWEETY BURNER. DARLENE RICHIE, STAN SWITZER, CHESTER FRANKLIN, JOAN KERN, MR. TREMBLAY, JANET BROWN. N- ' piffi wld:-MARGIE OLIN, JIM COBB, MARLENE VAN HORN. DRAIVIATIC CLUB The Thespian group oT The school is The DramaTic Club, whose purpose is 'lTo TosTer and encourage inTeresT in dramaTics in This schoolf' AdmiTTance inTo This TalenTed group is only granTed To sTudenTs who TirsT earn Their English E. This one-year-old organizaTion goT oTT To a shalry sTarT This year by mlsplacing Their young consTiTuTion. However, The deTermined members managed To geT The club inTo running order again by consTrucTing a new and more eTTecTive consTiTuTion. The gavel oT auThoriTy was handled skillTully loy ChesTer Eranlclin, presidenT, while The minuTes were compiled by Joan Kern, The maneoT-power in The organizaTion was STan SwiTzer, sergeanT-aT-arms. The club was also given many helpTul suggesTions by Their advisor, Mr. Tremblay. CHRISTMAS PLAY The main acTiviTy oT The DramaTic Club is To sTage an annual ChrisTmas play. This year The one-acT play. ilWhy The Chimes Rang," was presenTed, and because oT iTs Tremendous success iT will become The annual Chr'sTf mas presenTaTion. The TalenTed casT oT This play was as Tollows: Warren WalTers, Bill Johns, Doug PeTerson, JaneT Brown, Darlene Richie, Tim Monroe, Jim Cobb, Bill Tapp. lv1argareT Moldenhauer, Sandra STewarT, Don TauTer, VicTor Burner, wiTh Joan WinTermanTel, sTudenT direcTor, and Mr. Tremblay, direcTor. g Q ' J . INN MADGE HAKATA SHIRLEY HANSEN JOAN KERN CHEERLE DERS Eilco Highs Ihree cheerleaders, Shirley Hansen, Madge Halcala, and Joan Kern, through their effective and beautiiully co-ordinaled cheerleading, have greally aroused school spirit in the cheering section and the team. The girls chose all maroon slacks, and sweaters with a white E, complemented by pep caps, as their foot- ball meason uniforms, while highly attractive all white outfits, with an Indian head patterned on the skirt, over maroon blouses, were donned for the basketball games. Aside from also preparing and presenting numerous sporlive pep assemblies and rallies, the cheerleaders acted as heads oi the Pep Club. This club, whose purpose is Io promote school spirit, is the largest organiza- tion al ECHS, with nearly all the students signing its roster last year. Under the supervision ol lvlr. Schumacher, the club produced an outstanding Homecoming celebration. Shirley, Madge, and Joan, and the Pep Club merit much praise for their energetic efforts Io maintain the wholesome school spiril and fine sportsmanship traditional with ECHS. ON, YE INDIANS! flu. ye inciicms. g flu, ye inrliuns, y Fight for Eiteo High. Gallant nmn in roll ami urluilc E H All 1 1 I 1 1- , mum o 1 o or r re, X IR CQ W N- Rurii Rall!! lefirmi U H fin. ye inciirms, D On, ye irulicms, firowrzq our school with liunw. Fight for oirl Film High- vvfeiil win, this gumei 1 f HANSEN MARGIE OLIN if fr' .ii-E... BARBARA WILLIAMS I ' ..,:- Q. ' As DARLENE RICHIE NORMA HAMMO . ' I .,',AA 'W A If -Yr fe- Q 'r 2 4 my W j .B Homecoming Q ueen . HO ECGIVIIIXIG CELEBR TIG The Third annual Homecoming CeIebraTion oT Elko CounTy High School produced by The Pep Club, was considered a crowning success. The general cofchairmen Tor The elaboraTe TesTiviTies were Pam Wayrnan ard Margie Olin, while ProT. Eugene Schumacher was sponsor oT The enTire evenT. The week-end was crowded wiTh various acTiviTies, such as The pep assembly on Friday, OcTober 26, slam- ming our old arch rivals, WhiTe Pine. ThaT nighT a Three-block parade oT sTudenT cars heralded The pep rally. Sub- sequenTly The Block E on The summiT above Elko was beauTiTulIy illuminaTed wiTh Tlares, and a mammoTh bonTire was IIT on The old aThleTic Tield. Cheers and songs climaxed The spiriTed rally which TeaTured The burning oT eTTigies represenTing WhiTe Pine. SaTurday's TesTiviTies were Touched oTT by a downTown car parade, wiTh The Elko and Carlin bands and The Pep E group parTicipaTing. In The aTTernoon The main Homecoming aTTracTion4The classic TooTball TilT beTween WhiTe Pine and The Elko lndianskwas sTaged. The coIorTul haIT-Time acTiviTies were highlighTed by The announc- ing oT Barbara Williams as Homecoming Queen. Her aTTendanTs were Darlene Richie, Norma Hammond, Margie Olin, and Shirley Hansen. The sTudenT body selecTed Tive upperclass girls as queen candidaTes, and Then voTed Tor The candidaTe oT Their choice Tor The honor. The grandiose ceIebraTion was Topped oTT +ha+ evening aT The Homecoming dance by The crowning oT Queen Barbara by ChesTer Franklin, Homecoming game Team capTain. Many sTudenTs and alumni aTTended The semi-Tormal Homecoming Ball and The proverbial 'Igood Time was had by allfi HOMECOMING COMMITTEE S'ardi"o, if-T' 'f right:- TERESA QUINTERO, PAT BURNS, JOAN KERN, MADGE HAKATA, GLADYS MCKNIGHT, CHESTER FRANKLIN, WARREN WALTERS, BOB BOTSFORD, DEAN HOWES, DARLENE RICHIE, JACK GIUDICI, JOAN WINTERMANTEL, PAT BELLINGER. Sf-a'ed:-W SHIRLEY HANSEN, PAM WAYMAN, QUEEN BARBARA WILLIAMS, MR. SCHUMACHER, NORMA HAMMOND, KAREN WAY- MAN. NM p'cT..red:-MARGIE OLIN, JERRY COBB, JIM COBB. WWW Ku MW ip The sprung fed Soulbforlc a mounlaun slream ls senhnel aspens and snow all aglea ATHLETICS ' Football ' Basketball ' Track ' G. A. A. ' Tumbling f Q rcQc7fV7 C-K0 S O Q05 Q f K? QQ :gli is CDQTEWQ0 RN cb Q. K. QX QM QECXOX L XXSRX I 11 tw Mxp QQU UV an Q NQSCWW M YiQWN53QVf0 A11 SQ K Q 20 7 fo Q0 UK 0 0591 M Q 0 ff a 0 X 0 f NQO K4 H7Q N Q x Q QC Q PXQQX O my X QQ QM J fri pdf" JO Q0MwXXh3k0 Adj mwf, a Nffww Q 4 fb K ask A n 32p0K9f0 200m fj Q H0 40 fyxpf-, 0 A ,HKU 4r10,,R0kK'- P 'JWKVICAQW K P057 Q7fn A y fnfl 174 Q em- '7 fl, NWO fi x V770 Q Q 0 f Odfffffo d 0 NCXQAX ff 6 n I0 QQ Q -'7 pa U4Q l Wigsx X A N223 M0707 QZSSNLQJG EW Q 3 x fofwf E' Q EX QUN My X POHOB 0 flyqfo FC " A A 0 I 'lp n ffm 4941 0 3-0 01200 Em gl, aim QC M04 m ' ' V ' in v N Cf, A, 1 0 wiv 39 QEUYOQ QQQHM of S45 mf? XWsQ g4cl'+' ff ,S Iwfiff SNQ Q 0 4 Q x0 N Qgmd 5? CQf,A1fa4Qf5f7 '71 -X V N A , x . sfimw V M 6 U Jb0f qW 'Q pn Q2 ' G , N1 gtk 'X f ' ' X Q r NX ' XS' Q A 0 00 ' f pp O KN UMA A W N0 rl l 7 Qfiy Qxfj Q 0025, 1M ?mlVW 0. - ?12 AA, W 00: ms. .wifi ,ff I Now I ' Y wwf ' V 6' f vTX0 J, 4 A 0 Rf' W4 L 'Qu 75.0650 1 , , ifmfq 'LUV ' ' "' A Q 7,! JIU fl ONQ0 0 wQ0k f I, K7 X O Q I Q Xf? C mf ff 4 1 Q0 4 lxgp 'alla -1 f ,xbdx fx X A10 1 N I 0 a 'ips L , -K Q X' A. -N HL? I pn v W ' fl , vm . ffff Q0 fff 'Q p S XJXCX ' 7 K1 ctw N XX x fxfi Z' ,I n bwfx ,Tj 4'A no ff gl C. f X1 . - S 'f' ci W 00 UQ QQ- 0 0 1 fQ K' Q' A fx- X QQ Q X YN Qt l G 312 1' QV fk A C XX D ry 'M N A X 0 N XX. rf Q4 gm K Q Q 'Z VQQOZ Aux lfixvy ,X X .fp pd Q x xxx 'N , P S 440 GCQ . 5 Ev' IV Qkjflyfn L" L" "7""x' " of bm QQ mf Q 0 Gap Q-7 if Q O GG J XG W C S 0 A 0 Z0 of A E I J rg f0 0 ed Q3 I XC f 1.1 O 6, 0 fog KX Q X fb 9-7K:3 3 fi Q4 .- ic! ' 7 n 'n W ,9,Qf2 i K7 1 Bntf 75 vif3 'T' E- :mFH5mn1l'1 l,, ' Bwck Row Ief' Tn ffgnfzg RAUL HERNANDEZ, GEORGE NENZEL, NORMAN TRAHER, ENOS ARRASCADA, FRED ZAGA, GARY PORTER, ANDY DO- MINGO, ALLEN MASSIE, JOE TURNER, CALVIN WIGGINS, MIKE WINES, AssisTanT Manager. 7"i'3 Ri.'.:f BOB JONES, MIKE MARK, JIM GREGORY, TOM FOX, ABE COLLINS, CHARLES ARMUTH, GEORGE THOMPSON, ALFRED GONZALES, LEONARD HOLDREN, CLARENCE ELTING, ASsiSTanT Manager. 5 -' 'rd Q COACH MENTABERRY, JERRY COBB, STAN SWITZER, DUANE KERN, RAY PAOLI, LESTER PETERSON, TED CONTRI, JIM COBB, ROBERT HICKS, FIDEL VASQUEZ, LYNN BURNS, BILL VAN DRIELEN, COACH EDSALL. Fi " T7 MANAGER BILL ELTING, JAKE REED, DUANE WRIGHT, TOM ALTER, LYNDON ROBERTSON, PAT SULLIVAN, CHESTER FRANKLIN, DEAN HOWES, CHAN GRISWOLD. FOOTB LL WiTh onIy six reTurning IeTTermen, The EIIco Indians began Their I95I TooTbaII season wiTh a hard-ToughT 7-7 Tie wiTh The I-TawThorne SerpenTs. DespiTe Two consecuTive losses To The Fallon Greenwave and a smooTh-running Jerome ie-Ieven, The green EIIco Team reTaIiaTed wiTh a 30-O vicTory over Bishop Manogue. AIThough The deTermined EIIro gridders heId The WhiTe Pine squad scoreless Tor The TirsT Three guarTers, The heavier BobcaTs roIIed over The Indians in The TinaI minuTes oT The Homecoming game wiTh a score oT 27-O. FOIA Towing an easy 39-O win over STewarT, The 'Ion-again-oTT-again' Elko Indians received Their Tinal Ioss Trom The LoveIocIr IvIusTangs by a narrow 7-6 margin. In The dosing game, The spiriTed Indians sharpened Their Tomahawks Tor The IasT Time and scaIped a be wildered I:iIer Team 25-6, Thus ending The season wiTh 3 wins, 4 Iosses, and I Tie, I-Tonors Tor The ouTsTanding player and Team capTain OT The year wenT To STan SwiTzer and Ray PaoIi, ref '1pecTiveIy. AnoTher TaiThTuI member oT The Team was The hard-w Indians popifar Coaches I:Ioyd EdsaII and I:ausTo IVIenTaberry. orking manager, BiII EITing, who assisTed The COACH MENTABERRY AssisTanT COACH EDSALL n H7- T V, 11 I , p' I T1 AFVZXX0 K' V,M2 iii. PoHoB AThIeTic DirecTor A... f - Ig. A . g 1 I Ik ', f. A M 'z TF UW RZITTI' fic - T if ww, H , ' ' 1 1 I' K XT' 'W' Ti "'f"'4'f11I , ,V 4 7 K7, fr 7 , I fv . , i A YN A H ,, 77 'I I x iq' :Tl K , i e H TT inf' . NN. If ,X ff 1 4774175 C 1 I l 'i If JIM COBB Guard BOB JONES Quarierbacl: Q. L.. r E L. so A , 6, if sp 9. 5, -, ii' in 1 ' :nm exec-somr Taclde A A LYNN BURNS - Taelle STAN SWITZER End Second Shing All-Sfafe FIDEL VASQUEZ Fullbacl: DUANE WRIGHT Halfbacl CHAN GRISWOLD End TOM ALTER Cenier A RAY PAOLI Guard Honorable Menfion All-Sfaie CHESTER FRANKLIN Guard Second Sfring All-Siafe LYNDON ROBERTSON Halfback cf GEORGE THOMPSON Halfbacl TOM FOX Fullbacl CHUCK ARMUTH Halfbacl DEAN HOWES Taclzle Honorable Menfion All-Siah PAT SULLIVAN Halfbaek DUANE KERN End JAKE REED' ana TED CONTRI Ouarferback x l ln Y . 4 ., s ' -H-M 451-aiP5f3425i' . P... mn-.: V. F","l.5 ,145-Ji ' 'Nw " AA, E , M h,-gziix is LA, - ij-gal P.. f T'-w.ff2efkfr13 n?:."'9'fwMfl'l11,' gf? if LbSg33ffKam f .4'2 W, y 1:-1 ' 1 ,512 if 'Jin x' H -I ' .Ln .V Bef f?, ',4fvf.. l ' .'E"'f?ll -' " A If Elko Elko Elko Elko Elko Elko Elko Elko FOOTBALL SCORES 7-l-lawllworme O-Eallon O-Jerome , 30-Manogue , , O-While Pine ,, , 39-Slewarl , A , , , 6-Lovelock . , , , 25HEiler ,, ., , .-.K -.-AJ 'I If X s l' I Elf 3 sxp ' ' 1 . 1-4 ' Q H 5' 4' l ,,-,L ,. l x 4 ri. . . I iv 5 A' I Q ' 4 I I ,, V. . 7 l I if s N 5, Q' ..,. '-QM. ' 6 6, 2 ,gxm L i I if J X i 4 , 1? my xlfgimq Q- 1VTg.,I I . S ,, , .+I '- - 1 1 fl . Ya -ix, A4 31,-' ' , 1 X 31364 t 'i , 3. 'mu gm ,nh .s,,-in . f - 'Q :vw 1? T . x 'E 'L,w"?s, :" M- 1' ,q, 4 ' ,LA mga 4 ws' N ,,, ,. , . ' V A X W , "3 . it A V , X f gy, , 1? .?-1 XT f qs? X y 'E EIko 5 I- Elko , 32- EIko 34- EIko 26- EIko 22- EIko 33- Elko 4I-- Elko 53- EIko I5-- ,, EIko 45- smdinq, ier+ To FTQITII- EIIQO s 35- COACH EDSALL, LOUIE ALACANO, FRANK AGUIRRE, GEORGE THOMPSON, EDDIE NELSON, DON TAU-Elko Y N V37-1 FER, ANDY DOMINGO, ARTHUR MONTROSE, ALLEN MASSIE, JIM COBB. KneeIin :- Q JAKE REED, CHARLES ARMUTH, BILL VAN DRIELEN, LYNN BURNS, GEORGE NOROUIST, BOYD HAD- LOCK, CALVIN WIGGINS, ALFRED QUICK. SeaTed:- MANAGER FRED ZAGA. JOHN HYDE, CHARLES PETERSON, LESTER PETERSON, ENOS ARRASCADA, FRANK NENZEL. NOT picfuredz-JERRY COBB, ALBERT GOICOECHEA, KENNETH BAUMGARDNER. JUNIOR VARSHW' WeIIs Seniors CarIin Eureka , Owyhee , N. Guard Seniors Wells Lund , Eureka ,, Owyhee . Carlin , The Junior VarsiTy, under The direcTion oT Coach EIoyd Edsall, enjoyed a TairIy successTuI season, considering The Tough opposiTion They were piTTed againsT. Aside Trom Their requIar schedule, The J. V.'s were TeaTured in Three preliminary TiITs wiTh local rivaIs, beTTer- ing Their opponenTs in each insTance. OT The TweIve ames which The Ia ed The Junior VarsiT was vicTorious A l Q Y P v I Y in eighT oT The conTesTs. Made up oT juniors and undercIassmen, The members acquired vaIuabIe experience Tor Their TuTure years on The varsiTy. wk Y FY lk if The sophomore Team, coached by Bob Jones, This year became inferclass baske+baII champs by upseTTing The Tavored iuniors, who had previousIy downed The senior aggregaTion. The members oT The sophomore inTercIass squad, all oT whom were seIecTed as VarsiTy or Junior VarsiTy ma- TeriaI, are desTined Tor a brighi' TuTure on The baskefball courT. Sdanding, IeTiT To righT:- JIM DeVORE, FRANK AGUIRRE, DON TAUFER. LYNN BURNS, CHAN GRISWOLD, LESTER PETERSON LOUIE ALACANO, COACH BOB JONES. Kneeling:- JIM WILLIAMS, ENOS ARRASCADA, CHARLES PETERSON, CHARLES ARMUTH, TOM FOX. NQT picTured :-JERRY COBB. Q . 5, 354, ,ag 35,1 -L 1 INTERCLASS CHAMPIONS "SUNDOWNERS" Sfanding, leff To righT:- BOB CARSON, RONNIE CONLEY, TOM ALTER, KEITH WHITE, ALLEN WELCH. Kneeling:- LYNDON ROBERTSON, LOUIE BILBAO, RAY PAOLI, JIM McKENNON, JIM OLDFIELD. The "Sundowners" was The name adopTed Tor The baslceTball Team Tormed by a group oT senior boys noT on The VarsiTy squad. They were maTched againsT The Junior VarsiTy hoopsTers in several preliminary aTTracTions. In This way They noT only supplied inTeresTing preliminary TeaTures, buT They also provided The Junior VarsiTy wiTh valuable hard- wood experience. The Senior Sundowners also challenged The NaTional Guard group in Two insTances To compleTe Their season. Y Y lk Y JY New This year aT ECHS was The Boys' Tumbling Team composed oT several boys inTeresTed in acrobaTics. During iTs iniTial year OT organizaTion The Tumbling enThusiasTs limiTed Their performances To appearances during The half-Time of Two basIceTbalI games. Coach Floyd Edsall was insTrumenTal in Torming The Tumbling group? iT IS hoped TIWGT The IVWTGHT Club will expand and prosper in The TuTure. l.eIT To righT:- BILL TAPP GEORGE THOMPSON LARRY FLOWERS LESTER PETERSON TOM FOX BILL VAN DRIELEN TOM BREHE NOT picTured:- MR. EDSALL BOB HICKS ALLEN IVEY BOYS' TUMBLING TEAM tLl gLl gLl L'5 Shanding, leT+ To righT:- EDWARD FOSTER, AssisTanT Manager: DEAN HOWES, CALVIN WIGGINS, PAT SULLIVAN, CHARLES ARMUTH, TOM ALTER. LYNDON ROBERTSON, STAN SWITZER, DUANE KERN, FIDEL VASQUEZ, EDDIE CAPRIOLA, Manager: BOB JONES. TR CK Ellco I-Iigh's '52 Traclc Team, under The auspices OT Coaches Edsall and MenTaberry, developed inTo one oT The TinesT The school has had in several years. They began inTerscholasTic compeTiTion wiTh a dual meeT wiTh Carlin aT Warrior Field on April I9 by overpowering The Railroads 7I To 42. The Tollowing weelc-end The squad parTicipaTed in The B. Y. U. l952 lnviTaTional Iv1eeT aT Provo, UTah, where Dean COACH EDSALL Howes won a second ribbon in The discus, and Bob Jones ran COACH MENT- TourTh in The low hurdles. Ellco was one oT The eleven schools enTered in The annual YeringTon Relays on May 3, and emerged in TiTTh place wiTh I2 poinTs. The same day The EasTern "B" Zone lv1eeT was held on The Elko Traclc. May IO saw The EasTern Nevada "A" Zone Track and Field IvIeeT sTaged on Warrior Field, wiTh The Indians enTering a Tull slaTe oT Thinclads Tor qualiTicaTion Tor The sTaTe meeT held The Tollowing SaTurday aT Boulder CiTy. For The TirsT Time, Ellco High won The EasTern Zone Traclc Championship TiTle wiTh 47 poinTs, overshadowing all The oTher compeTing schools. The '52 Traclc season was opened by The TradiTional InTerclass Traclc and Field MeeT on April I6, I7, and I8. The sTar-sTudded senior squad ran away wiTh The lnTerclass Championship by ToTaling 73lf2 poinTs. The iuniors placed second wiTh 42 I-6 Tallies, and The sophomore Team showed wiTh 33 I-3 poinTs. The underdog Treshmen group scored 5 poinTs during The 3-day meeT. INTERCLASS CHAMPIONS STanding, leTT To righT: X ' KneeIing:4 RAY moi.: X, Bos JONES WARNER BARNES f TOM ALTER LYNDON ROBERTSON STAN SWITZER PAT SULLIVAN JIM GREGORY NoT picTured:- DUANE KERN at P Q .Q . K 04 A 6610? Mm lb W Adv? 900' !ln,y1,y,4 n QP 11-M Q nv 1 f ,I 7 xefpd IW lg 0f'7lt,f70nf1 . ww fffwn-1 af. fqxWx'.gv uf 7"'Z52 AKEM 'f ,gif POHOB XDA' Y Q Q in 'g , " '-js-r Q u. Y A., -1-1 Q 3 A ' A I A 3.1" 1 . if hx-um "f'lmKvL1 i 1154524 tf"""' S 4 mu:..w 'V' M 'dp P- ' J'-b. A ,Pts MV . N 1 , .rx-X ., N Q ffielj, X , :wr --X -. - Q n- l., mx, N P' M1 MPDYvesx6BY'R 'oo"50r The Girls AThleTuc Assoclahon I one oT The moT 1cTlve orqwnlzahon on The cimpus oT ECHS und as Com posed oT all gurls who are lnTeresTed n aThleTlCs Some oT The aQTuvuTe Tor The year Included TournamenTs In basl: Tball voleyball lcxclcbill and oTher mlnor sporTs The Sensor One Team Toolc The volleybwll and lcclcball chwmpuonshlps whlle The basKeTball TournamenTw1 won by The Junuor One Team A A was also resporslble Tor Candy selllno aT The baslceTball qames and a well aTTended brlghT shoelace reverse an e held ID Aprll as we as servlng as hosTesses Tor The annual DusTr4cT A A Playday hed Ellco on lvl I7 The Club ww supervl ed by lvlls l-leppe wuTh The Tollowunq eleCTed is oTTrCers Tor The year PresldenT Madge l-lalcaT1 vlce pre ldenT Joann Paoll eCreT1ry Norma T-l lmmono und Trewsurer Pam Wiyman The member oT The G A A Bolrd hould also be oven rredT Tor They are respon :ble Tor The beTTer Tunchonlng oT The oroinnzahon G A A BOARD 0 O F NORMA HAMMOND DORIS AGUIRRE JOAN KERN PAM PASHBY PAM WAYMAN MISS HEPPE MADGE HAKATA JO ANN PAOLI JANET LUCAS BARBARA WILLIAMS NORMA JOHNS AFTON SMITH 'W l l SlxTy elghT 0 I he I hs fx f f 'K Tx G . 5 ' ' ' ' ' 's s 5 ' 1 ' ' G f f L . A V . .. I 1 ' . . . I S C ' 9 , l , c . ' Q I f ' . ' , ' ' fi J , d Q ' ', II ' F I ' ' ' G. . . l in ay . fs 'S , ' ' fs ' C ' . cf I ' SA , r .IS c , ' Q 'I C rl , E C . 5, . . . T z ' Ji , I, 5 2' F C . . . l,Tf' Iqhls- , . L I , I , l I I I l T f MVS' SENIORS I ll l rlqhl Darlene Rlchne Norma Johns ur ley Hansen Janel Echegon Joann Paola Madge Hakala Mdole R W Pam Wayman Nadnne Smulh Joan Thomas Pal Samon Isabel Ella Teresa ulnlero Allon Smllh Elaine Coscn Barbara Wllluams Gladys M Knughl Margarel Ellison J p r d Janel Lucas Eleanor McCullough Margie Om 0 FRESHMEN Ba lr R all fu rvghl Jaan Terry Nalalle Kopp Josephine Bllbao Joan Bonaccl Connle Ellson Belly McKennon Margie Turner Dnana Tremewan Meredllh Scoll Sharon Pashby Mddle R Jacquelnne Harl Corinne Sorensen Helen Snow June McKnlghl Ann Madsen Clarlce Sewell Con me Ruclrer Val Dene Marlin Fr nl R w Carolyn Cash Roberla Hlnze Edna Kohlmeyer Cheryl Bogue Charlolle Reser Gwen Schoenleld Del phme Recanzone Elaine Holler IN l d Charlolle Ma olle Y T JUNIORS 'L Q D B f Row lrfll lo rn hl Peggy Aller Norma Ham mond Emily Gardner Ava Cash berla Edylhe Bonaccn R Morse Mdde N Rhea Brown Ma rgue McCaughy Schoenleld Georgua Karen W a y m a n Mary Wines Pal Bellmger Mar lene Van Horn SOPHOMORES x rqh Jane Jackson Shirley Nicholson Dons Agulrre Sarah Tremewan Joan Kern Marshall Hess Louise Paoli Judy Adams Melva Lynch Carol Gulsll M dd Q R Myra Knowles Sandra Slewarl Donna Whule Janel Brown Margarel Moldenhauer Carmele Baralnca Price F nl Row Rosemary Buclcles Roberla Saunders Nancy Tsulramolo Belh Bucholz Lola Van Slclrle Jean Camino Rulh Blossom l r d Beverly Duclc Pal Murp y 14. Fronl Rcw Tweely Burner Pam Pash by Judy Nenzel Dnanne Cool: Genevieve Torgerson Knlly Tennulle Joan Von Horlen L D lr Hamel Tom Baulc Row, 0 C ' ZA- ' ' , , Sh' - I I .I ' i l , fo If- . ' , . Frfm' R"N:A l l. ' I . C- T O' lrf., re :W , , ' l' . 1,- ,... ..,. ,,. I - f Q - N., A,....f r-' ' l 2 L. A 'v villlfl l X V TW, l' f- I -Y . ' . ' Bail Rf., el' 'Q Y 72- . l l - I I I I ' - I I I ' I V I . I I I ' n ' 1 . I l mn- . . ' . w cN:-- , , ' . n n 9 - ' ' I Griswold, Anula fxroslegul, Dolorls Golcoechea, Donna Doris Fobes' Janell Surherlandu Andre gergerl gonme I Y I I - I I U O Z! I ' - I I rf :f . . . 1 . . . . I I n 1 ' . I ' I DEQ me P- l . lip' pi, .. e 2- , l1 . . E ' -- 1 , . 6 ' - " " x A V F V 1 my I " I 4 Y f o I 5 ' I V Q I Ly ' N ' 4 . 1- Q' ' L al , , 'g if . 1 3- . , . , . "' I 'A' . - . I L 2 ,iq f 1 .l . - ' I I - Y ' ' , ', o- if . ' . . . l A RM 37 1' N'-l llr x. 6dI4- , 1 . , . - . . . . . I I - Qewifiiiwf i' 'm,85 l Pleasanl Valley llle cloud adorned Rub es rse Wlh sheep graz ng peacef lly nea+l1 Ne acla sk es FEATURES Calendar Boy and Curl ofthe year Socials Music Ensembles Special Features Junior Prom Campus Capers ECHS at Work The Seniors Long Ago W Wx D as W7 Q QA Q QXQQQOQJ 0 CNW7gf0efp 0 X Q 'Y710 CO ofa NNQ O U J V A YJ CJ Q Q yQ Q 7 Q00 Qk X RX KJ f fymfp J O Af' Q0 QV '7 NJC K Q 7 Q x f Q Qqq ugw O Cx Q0 RQ X C KO 1 wifi Q SFT 2 w HSN Ya N 061322 XX CQ Cm 095 Q L wk kqfX 'XOQW Rx X qw A K7 70 N00 0 flkff. WM xi 01? CW: I wig td !4lCfjQp J 2 FQXQ7 J F19 j A AQ enr- fl, 7 I NC Q ff' K X A 'O'Ki7'0p gm Qjbqxn rmffvfo Gd Okwb lp QQ O9 f Q G4 7 QLMQMQNG bffwf,1H,, 1 O 'Z R273 13 N lffflfmfjffzg-701' X C0 6-jaffff qjfpzg fd Qyixvjqikglggx A X fad bfxmf POHOB XNXHX , Xfprlf 011400 fl' r A A 0 7' f 'Ip A Q H W Q H Q4 0520 f v fm W q W Q 111 vp f7 QQ xox KX '. '- In QQ t U' SKK X, 'QQXAS' f Og 5 f n W folk W A PM kfffzpps W O0 im ago' K4 Q x Q X XR ' X' U blk ' v X f 1,4 Q' K7 XQAX kk 6 ka R3 X0 A X4 X' 7 90 R176 'X .f K fl My q C ' my ' W Q v0:Qg1 I' Q 'K -xvw 45 K MMM 57 0-' Wx Yu 6 Rx W' W Cog- f 0 AQ KH an N- r xy C 'QS Kin 5 Cfx 00.5 W C' X PSC nqflt Tv '00 X -vm ,Rn J' Cn Q07 fx C 413 EIN. NQXX M7 1 F m' my 'wfl 7 'WYMOQ .7 L .x"l 0Mm:X wk wh if I x f fvf C 17 'f 07 xfnqnr Vu ,,0AS1wwwf. ,A5 dn fu fn agjffww ,0,x,7,1M,, CI. 0202 fX P' K fr Q X O GM QNS fi Q F 0 Y K' 3QxfX0 xp A Q Xp HWQ4 L fp f fl in 0 ' ff Q7-W 0 ax , 7, I gn q A QXQO V av 40 0 Q D .A - 1 Q f fn fj7f7 nu la X ' ' Q xff , in mil ' , -fx. ' 17 -li? fg , , vuzgg- f b f pw Q A L r... 1 Q P8"'1r' J?, A fx Rx A17 Emil L -, vjgkiv' 'J . pl wif? K Q f ' 'H ff W "X Q3 Kkx nlxq ,l ' ,LC C -X Nfx V i 7An X, X? r,1D x K - XA lf. ff N :T xg , Nj' - f, "7 " JUG QE ' ' W f N Y A4 O 6 XG I! 0 ' 0 Q X A Q QQ A Q P P X Y C csc ' Cm Q' rqqfk' fX R CX Q Q f7f 'M' N Qms V ,x F, gt SG N Q 7 4 Q 'S Q fqpx -N X X X V IX Y VN 7 -f M QXWWQCX Y 240 Y Q TEL-fw ww' fx 'Pg 90 Qf Y Q fx ' , Q O nl N X if C L L6 I 0 , 5 I J FQ 4 IC 0 nay fc 95,21 U04 DHT? 9 U4?76Il,?671l up 93911452 V fl +'l"4f'f1Ql' i"'f"5'i ff? ' 4 fx 1,7 ilv " I' 'V rl' '?Q,f 1117. Qqgtilf af' ngff Q- ,iffy I xx fl POHOB SEPTEMBER- 4-School Opens. 7-Field Day and Senior-Frosh Dance. I5-Eoolball, Elko al Hawlhorne. 22-Eoolball. Churchill al Elko. Harvesl' Ball. 28-Curlis Publishing Co. Subscripfion Assembly. 29-Sophomore Hop. 30-Senior and Junior Picnics. OCTOBER- l-Hoosier Hofshols Assembly. I-9-Curlis Company Subscripfion Assembly. 5-Foofball, Elko al' Jerome. 6-Freshmen Parly. 9-Slandard Oil Assembly. l3-Eoolball, Bishop Manogue al Elko. Senior Pay Dance. I8-Marine Band Concerl. I9-End Firsl Grading Period. 20-Sadie Hawkins Dance. 22-Teachers' lnslilule. 26-27-Third Annual Homecoming Celebralion. NOVEMBER- 3-Eoolball, Elko al Sfewarl. lO-Eoolball, Elko al' Lovelock. I7-Eoolball, Filer al Elko. Thanksgiving Music Jubilee. 22-Thanksgiving Vacalion begins. 26-School reopens. 30-Senior Class Play. "Glamour Boy." DECEMBER- I-Senior Class Play. 7-Baskelball, Elko al Wells. I4-I5-Baskefball, Kimberly al Elko. 20-Baskelball, Carlin al Elko. 2l-Chrisrmas Assembly. Chrislmas Vacalion begins. JANUARY- 7-School Reopens. ll-I2-Baskelball, Elko al Hailey. I7-Eoolball Leller Award Assembly. I8-I9-Baskelball, Elko af Ely. Senior Parade '51--'52 Calendar JANUARY- 24-Semesler Exams. 25-Baskelball, Winnemucca al Elko. Firsl Semesler Ends. 26-Baskelball, Winnemucca al Elko. Junior Pay Dance. FEBRUARY- l-Baskelball, Ely al Elko. 2-Baskelball, Ely al Elko. POHOB Prelude Dance. 3-9-POHOB Subscriplion Week. 8-Baskelball, Wells al' Elko. ll-Social Securily Assembly. I3-Conservalion Assembly. I5-I6-Baskelball, Elko al Winnemucca. 22-Baskelball, Elko J. V. al Owyhee. Commercial Reserve Dance. 23-Baskelball, Elko al Carlin. 28-29-Zone Tourney al Winnemucca. MARCH- l-Zone Tourney al Winnemucca. I3-l4-I5-Slale Tourney al Reno. I9-E. H. A. Dislricl Roundup. 2l-22-Junior Class Play, "Hobgoblin House." 28-De Laurola Dance. 3l-Mounlie Monlague Speaks al Assembly. APRIL- 4-G. A. A. Shoeslring Reverse Dance. 5-Easler Vacalion Slarls. I4-School Reopens. l8-F. H. A. Assembly. I9-Junior Prom, "An American in Paris." 22-Spring Concerl. 25-26-Music Eeslival al Winnemucca. MAY- 3-Yeringlon Relay-"B" Zone Track Meel al Elko 9-All School Play, "Jo's Boys." IO-All School Play-"A" Zone Track Meel al Elko ll-Senior DeLaureola Banquel, "Tulip Time." I4-Senior Assembly. I7-Slare Track Meer al Boulder Cily. G. A. A. Dislricl Play Day. 24-Senior Ball, "Flamingo" 27-Senior Dilch Day. 30-Memorial Day lno schooll. J U NE- l-Baccalaureale. 3-4-Semesler Exams. 6-Commencement L. D. S. Dance Girl of the Year PAM WAYMAN Vo ed llandrno Srl l llue Year I952 by llue ludenl ol ECHS wr Purru Way man Slue deserves llur orslrnclron us sluown by luer oulslundrnq record llurouqluoul luer lour years rn luuqlu C ool Pum lua nol only marnlauned a 300 co ellrcuenl scluolaslrf ralrnq wlurclu won luer llue Goo E bul ulso luus been an ufluve oarl cr nl rn vrlu e r ur lun lro servunq as un ollucer rn numerou orqanrza ron Slue luu been u laullulul member ol llue rnusrc deparlmenl us wel a llue luonorary socrerlues Lunguaqe Club and Del.aureola und was one ol euglul yunrors ullendrnq Neva Grls Sl le Bes des luer acluve worlc rn G A A ano Pep lf Pam won llue Coveled Musque and Gavel award lor luer drama wor lurs year slue was usy ervun as POHOB Busrness Manager a rob well done lrle personalrly your many lalenls luuve lruly earned you llue lrlle ol Gurl ol llue Year .Mlm as 46 Boy of the Year Ray Paolu was selecled by llue sludenl body as beung llue boy possessrrug lluose qualr lres mosl suuled lor flue luonor Boy ol 'llue Year Durrnq luus lour year al ECHS Rays mosl oulslandrng aclrvrlues luave been cenlered around lurs admrnrslralrve abrluly Beo nnrnq un luus 'lresluman year as class presudenl Ray corulrnued lo acl as a leader berng elecled Class vrce presrdenl rn lure lunror year as well a vrce presrdenl ol DeLaureola l-le us 'ro be especrally commended l lurs worlc as lu denl body presrdenl rn lurs senror year Ray luas also been aclrve on llue loolball squad and n llue Blocl-4 lf organrzaluon Tlu s year lue was cluosen Foolball Caplarn ol llue Year oy luu leummales l-le rs al o lrue possessor ol llre Masque and Gavel award and a member ol llue Saga slall Cur Congralulalrons go lo Ray wluo luas Indeed merrled llue luonor ol becomrng Boy ol flue Year 'rlurouqlu luus dependabrlrly and qualrlres ol successful leaderslurp . , l ou s ' J l o s lor lu lr ES c ' 1 I -S 1- A f 6 f C . ' C S . A 'l ' , A , l l , c . 6 ' 6 ,. A X ' -- pa ' I ally all XlVdfCUVV4CUlE C' ns, A I ' , 5 ' ' s ' ' - I l' IS C U 58 ' - . .J , C 5 S , - . l I l , C 1 Al I . . . K C . Q ' A da I l a . i ' ' ' . . . . l , MVA C - c .ufszls ' 7 f - , m'::,N','-57" . , yr, r H L, S Q V, Y - - 'ur - Congralulalions, Pam! Wlllu suclu a versa- of ' ' . . ' ' - M , - Q, , ix X uv .f W I f "R . . S I 1 . . J: ' ,S I Y 1 , I . - . k I- s - . . ' or ' 5 - A , Y 1 ' ' . 1 l 'S I . . S I I w, , '51, -115' ' K .. 4 ,g v . at A r I gg we Q ' 'F ' 4 .Y f . x I I x F 1 0 1 K .'v g, W s ,v -,- 22 'Q 19 as .6 J' A 1 ,'1'.Y"'M .,fb. L ,v if 3 V . x ! ' ix ' , . 1 u ,4 fl, hs ,, , A i li Qi .vs- HARMONAIRES Trp piclure, lell lo righlr- Joan Winlermanfel, Shirley Hansen, Jaclr Giudici, Von Sorensen, Pam Wayman, Warren Waliers, Sheila Waage. TRUMPETEERS hfllddli' Diilzzrc, lol? lr, righlgMA Bob Pallani, Erle Howard, Von Soren sen. SAX QUARTET llfwm piciicre, lull lrj Vighl: f-f- Jaclc Giudici, Jeanene Hogge, Bar- bara Young, Corinne Sorensen. fm J Music Ensembles Shown on lhis page are some ol The mosl lalenled and aclive personnel in rhe music deparl- menl. ll has been lhrough lhe mem- bersl own inilialive and inleresi lhal many ol 'rhe groups have been organized. lhese music enlhusiasls have lreguenlly performed al numerous school lunclions, as well as enlerf 'raining local civic organizalions. X li It Cn February 8, a group oi lwelve selecled music sludenls from ECHS molored lo Sloclclon, California, lo allend lhe Pacific Music Clinic. They were accom' panied by Mr. Easlerbroolc, music inslruclor. The ieslival was held under lhe auspices ol The College ol lhe Pacific. Seven ol The sludenls parlici- paled in lhe 950-voice chorus, while five slring players perlormed in lhe clinic orcheslra. The praclical music experience gained by lhe delegales did much lo enrich lheir musical knowledge. STOCKTON DELEGATES Loil lo righlr- Gaye Wiggins, Claire Chaffin, Mr, Easlerbroolr, Margaref Moldenhauer, Sheila Waage, Joan Win- fermanlel, Pal' Bellinger, Pafly Samon, Aflon Smilh, Erle Howard, Von Sorensen, Gordon Everiff. Nr-4 pidured:--Jaclr Giuclici. .is if Y i n CLOVERETTES Top picfiire, lofi lo righi:7 Shirley Hansen, Joann Paoli, Jane? Echegon, Barbara Williams. BOYS' QUARTET Mode pi' fe loft 45- r'ghl:- Erle Howard, Jael: Giudici, Von Sor- ensen. N:-' ri id:--Gordon Everill. STRING QUARTET Boifam pii'..ie, 'elf +C right-r Gaye Wiggins, Viclor Burner, Sheila Waage, Paffy Samon. ,f"N K""'- xl Special Features "ELKO HIGH NOTES" PaTTy Samon and Joan Winrermanrel were kepT busy Through The year, working indusTriously on Their "Elko High NoTes" column, which appeared every SaTurday in The Elko Daily Free Press. The express purpose oT The column was To presenT The high school news and noTes To The Townspeople and sTudenTs. PaTTy and Joan should be applauded Tor Their excepTional work on The weekly high school column. JOAN WINTERMANTEL PATTY SAMON SAFEST DRIVER ECHS' i952 winner oT The high school saTe driving conTesT, TweeTy Burner, wenT on To become Ivliss SaTe Driver oT Elko CounTy. She was awarded The '4I PonTiac sedan donaTed by Bob Carleson, who, along wiTh The Elko Daily Free Press, conducTed The conTesT ThroughouT Elko CounTy. TweeTy disproved The peeve againsT "women drivers" when she won ouT over The Three boys who were named The school driving champs Trom Wells, Carlin, and BaTTle MounTain. She cerTainly rep- resenTs The saTe driving goal encouraged by The conTesT. " " TWEETY BURNER F. H. A. DELEGATES This year The Elko F. H. A. ChapTer senT Tour ouTsTanding members To aTTend The STaTe ConvenTion held aT Winnemucca on OcTober I9. RepresenTaTives Trom F. H. A. groups ThroughouT Nevada conTerred on perTinenT business and many new ideas were broughT home by The Elko delegaTes. Barbara, Rosie, KiTTy and Doris were Truly deserving oT The honor, each oT Them having served as an oTTicer in The local chapTer, while KiTTy now holds oTTice as disTricT vice-presidenT. BARBARA WILLIAMS, DORIS AGUIRRE. KITTY TENNILLE, ROSIE DOMINGO SPEECH CONTEST WINNER For The TirsT Time, This year ECHS enTered parTicipanTs in The naTion-wide "I Speak Tor Democracy" conTesT, which was sponsored locally by The Junior Chamber oT Commerce, and naTionally by The NaTional AssociaTion oT Radio BroadcasTers. KiTTy Tennille, a iunior, prepared and presenTed a unique speech which was chosen Trom seven Elko High enTrees. KiTTy Then Triumphed over Joan Sawle oT Carlin, and winning The counTy honors, received a Tramed diploma and The opporTuniTy To enTer The sTaTe-wide compeTiTion. KITTY TENNILLE lliflzli aii iiiii "CAMPUS CAPERS" Much recogniTion is due Darlene Richie and Jack Cniudici, co-an- nouncers on "Campus Capers." Tor Their ouTsTanding work This year on The weekly high school radio show. Jack and Darlene were enTirely responsible Tor The deTailed com- piling oT The school news and presenTing The enTerTaining and inTormaTive broadcasTs each SaT- urday evening. Radio sTaTion KELK has donafed air Time To ECI-TS Tor a second year, enabling "Campus Capers" To bring The happenings Trom The halls on The hill To The radio audi- ences. As one sTepped inTo The gym on The nighT oT April I9Th, he became T'An American in Parisj ATTer having his passporT checked, he enTered The charming French ciTy, and beheld The EiTTel Tower, The sidewalk caTes, and The Arc oT Triumph. T-lalTway Through The enioyable evening oT dancing, The Tloor show TeaTured The crowning oT Warren WalTers and Mary Lou Wines as king and queen oT The Prom, Tol- lowed by Parisian enTerTainmenT and delicious reTresh- menTs. As The dancers leTT The ciTy iT was evidenT ThaT They would never TorgeT Their evening in Paris. POS!!! Suff- DARLENE RICHIE and JACK GIUDICI 5 ' 3. ECI-IS at Work 'EN 'NJ Hill' sm, . I ' ,germ ,, s e FB! '54, Qt J I I if Y M W -"' E ' m. . ,. l r-"" , A . Y f - ,V wgiiiil- i K r. me A me www!! n ' Mr-zffff' 7'i'aT."'f. Y 'wifi -' .,,y'iQf"QZ4i '1 -.,.. 'lf If H J' -iff-gmrcfn fp -' .r.- Q. , Amy . l - 'r fr W . ,, .1--1 ' 5 -- , I ' -1 ..:::,' 1 - 'F ' fx ml ,Wm . A 0 14 ?f',??,5 QQ + IN -gf, 1 -X "MWF ' '-1" ,ff WM' ' 5-. .. T mg Shop Boys Home Ec Englrsh IV Girls Gym Mechanrcal Drawmg Senior Problems American Hislory any gd ADVERTISEMENTS S ' lnformals In Conclusion Autographs rCQqv'V7 4 DY 0 L WO 30141 C Q Hwsliiff U3 y QQ C10 Ximnsigfx Ml, VXA L A W woxp EM03 EMU? QW R QQOKJ K CXHQW Q Q K X Q0 Cdgynp Q3 0 M1 R0 Q A C3 x Q kc 0 Q K KJ K fjkllfj Quo V C. Q J 5 r L0 X' N N Nun mv 7 fpfhdwoio R ox KX Q HBTGB QM N QXQNKXQSL WE A ff vo 0 www F0 mfg I W U 0 dip I 0 POHRZKS 'J i4lC0 gf W P9 Ofc fl fKL A AQ enf- fl, 7 C Q if' QQ KQQQX K 00 0 K0 X TV m 7 0 mm ukkaon 5:1 A 0VW0f0 Q ,Q QQ 5 x 116K qnnip My C, Q5 Q f C G4 0 0 G SWS Saws f,Q0g E! 1 OG! 070 ? ff Q X fl JW-afiw Q f x ff A EX Xgm x MQ! Q Nff' PQHOB 0 'I fl! ff ' A 'lip ,gm W VS Q 52.9, O U0 Q 0 f 1 n , EQ V YG gi im L' 1. w O0 K YN ' A' 7 L L QQNQ N5 SM 1 WQVX'5X' Z b f HQ mg Om QA A Av 1,10 1 xg Q05 0027 M f 1S QQ A ,K we Q, QQ, wi ww, NX Qu Mwb -VW v VW WJ G Q Q C SG : 17 Q R 7 'UQQ KI lf' mfw ' wwmi Lwqm J L0"PA'U'M3O Nw Qf LF I 0 X ,OU of fa Q,wcX KG Hwy fo-ymx C, perm 'Fin fxx T XXX: on NRG XOQ CQ I OV. 'J f C-.Q f K 'f 'iw fx 0454 Q X M E' nik 5 Qxbj 51'-, Tw 5, 0411 fly N0 I ' Ky 0 q GQ: W ' A'hJ15?ww+ O1 Q9 QA f m.,C, W zC,fQs f, 7- , mkpfi I ON P A W Q if-C j tg F 510 xp 'ocxin Xp W W0 WZ 6,51 f aj-ak 0 4 2 ZFLW! ,P Q0 ' 0 nfl rj ff' X , QIIIHBICGID L l fl ,Cy K, ff? XCQO '-. " Qdqir! f 5 ' F , 1 xg XS Axon I O X 235 C L -, , i JW pc wwf? ' I V N" ng 0 Q A J' 1 Kiki 'Eff fQ 0 Y XL N K , 75, Z7 xllaim iq. CHQ v . , fam QOQQQ gtk 1 X10 4, me v A . gn! if faq A YN K QQ. " 'J X, EQC-'Q h wcxox QQ Y Cyn FN!! ix Q ,, f 'ef mm QS X 0 w 4 '2 QQ? ,Sum X xx f rf? QXXQKM blsi QU 'Q cw ' 1' R I" 7 Of 0 Mi7'w3 QW ff? 'GQ af , I, C , 5, 1' A E J CW 'Q f M- KX N ' fb 9-70 3 'Q Qi Q4 X W lllith Sincere Hppreoietion To Our Elko County Hdvertisers, UJhose Generous Support made This Book Possible -illealers in Building Ma+erials--- LUIVIBER COAL PAINT Elko Lumber Company Congra+ula1'lons Congra+uIa+'o ASS OF 952 CELSC H 3 VHS M ULOVS Livestock Company PACKARD WILLYS LIVESTOCK BUYER REAL ESTATE WOOL COMMERCIAL GARAGE Sfockmen s Ho+el Phone 97 Bulldmg Elko Nevada o Nevada E qfwfy HW - ' ns CL I ! "SENlORS!" ELL STUCKIVIEN S HOTEL The Place to Ge For Young and Old WORLD FAMOUS ENTERTAINMENT d FINEST FOOD SEE OUR GIANT KODIAK BEAR E My 7 P an "Where +l'1e Wesf E+ fh B 1' ' -T COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF 52 SI-IORTY S CLUB LIIQO Ngvad HORTY MIGLIORET ELGIN VJATCHES ETERNA AUTOMATIC WATCHES X If VV L SI-4 C0mmercuaI SI EIIQO Nevada WATCH REPAIRING OUR SPECIALTY Aufhorlzed Wafch lnspecfor for W P and S P Rallroads COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL MARKET MEATS GROCERIES Phone 36 O Nevada Congrafulahons To Class of 52 IVIOELL COMPANY HARDWARE and APPLIANCES FARM EQUIPMENT O Nevada Elohfy Iava 7 A. R. "5 " TO C O J E R Y ELKQ NWADA I ' I LED CQX P,-Op. Elk W. Elk UJESTERIW SPOHTSITIEIW "THE COMPLETE SPORTING GOODS STORE Idh 4 C. VV. PAUL HARDWARE and MACHINERY PHONES- Y DETVVEILER an DETVVEILER PLUMBING HEATING PHONE I047 W R Ek N d First National Bank of Nevada y+ Eqhy M I1 I22 H cl IOI 530 S+ I Ph 60 EII4 N d : -Member- D y Niqhf FederaI Dep +I C p y ' HM In H 333 Iroad Fd I R S I eva 'EEE 'Bw'- Chrnsfmas SpIl'I'I' The Reubens Cheese Sabre Jefs Goung Somewhere7 Sleepy Thai "Come Hlfher" Look Two of a Kind Where's +he WhIp7 No Commen+ Take I+ Easy, Jam' Girl Sfafers Fron+ Row, Sensor Sechon Ah, Come On, Bob Dogpafch Cuhzens G. A A lmhahon Faculiy and Folks. Eugh+y seven . , 1 f A 1 ' mf I 'Rx H, , , 'H NN 1 I I , .. 1 4 . , A R 1..,f.4"' '3 A Y , T! f 1 , T he ,ix Y ' Y V , , A I - A -4, l L E .Wm , f . ' if "f ' , W 2: V "JA 4' qv '. Tx M A '. . ,A mx T J -dl" SUCCESS PROSPERITY HAPPINESS From +he Folks a+ REIIWI-IHHT COIWPHIWY Smce I868 ELKO NEVADA E glwfy e QM ' f T 1 Q' Y f A 1 1 . To Your Fu+ure . . 0 K Rubber Welders M COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE Elko Distributing ARDEN MILK AGENCY ELKO TRANSFER AND STORAOE 63 SI ELKO g f 2 SMITH BROTHERS STEEL FABRICATION 253 W COMMERCIAL JEANS FORMALS Tk IDEAL CLEANERS JOI-IN CARSON 66 R BRRCHED S MEATS d GROCERIES 227 F HI1 Home Bakery Store 4I'l'1 a d ld Iwo S+ eet PLANT 572R Stookmen 5 Hotel BARBER SHOP Elk N cl Eqlity David . Rogers Elko Nevada Box 630 Pborwe Sl Con ratulations Class o '5 2 iver E I Rborie 408 Nevada . Wbetber itls . . . , or We a e Special Care an i Plwone 207 : 5 iver St. Phone 147 Elko, Nevada Compliments of 9 n a r s iver o eva a g I 52 COMMERCIAL BEAUTY SALON PHONE IOO MILL WORK STORE FIXTURES GLASS Elko CabInet Shop LELAND S BODY 84 FENDER WORKS WELDING AUTO GLASS LUDDBERC S 9 CARL S CAFE WEST ELKO BEST WISHES 'r f 2 VVIntermantel Jewelry 84 OptIoaI Co 892 GMC D SOTO PLYMOUTH KOHLER LIGHT PLANTS WISCONSIN ENGINES Bellnnger Motors IN EL O J M CaprIola Co Con ralulalions Class o I9 Ellco Nevada Iver Shea 7 Leland Llpparelli . . . Prop. P' O' OX 3ll AUTO PAINTING: RADIATOR REPAIR Elko ---- Nevada : Pl'Ione 3l7 Con raI's To 'rhe Seniors! To he Class o '5 , . O F Since I - e -- K II"s Elko Nevada Nlnely Complimenfs of STOCKMEN'S HOTEL BEAUTY SALON Glenn Karren Manager Plwone 908 Elko Nevada STBB HOTEL ITALIAN and BASOUE DINNERS Family SI'yIe PI1one4O6-W Elko Nevada Elko Eloor Covering RED HAMMOND 33I R R SI'reeI' Phone Elko Nevada TAUEER S Battery 84 Electric Service Speclallzmg In GENERATORS STARTERS MAGNETOS LAHER BATTERIES Generalors Exchangecl 638 Con'1rnercuaISIreeI Elko Nevada CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ELKO HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES I24O On Your Radlo Dual ELKO NEVADA RADIO STATION K E L K N nefy one 9 II52 , A O ',A D 0 T 7' 1 If I , I . COMPLIMENTS Mr and Mrs E I-I Pearson YOUR POHOB PHOTOGRAPHER Fl! ' . . . 935 Ffffr' Lal RQVW. Ncvadfa 'frm 5 i , 92" V' Sheila - M-m-m Good! - Man of Dis+inc+ion - The Four Fa+s - Engrossed? - Caughl' in +he Acf - The Pose ancl fhe Clo+hes - Napoleon? No Joann - Where s Sanfa Claus? - Trapped - Loolcs Good 'lhe Cake fhaf is! - Ah Come On and Tell Us Jimmy. Ninefyflhree CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 52 F NE FURNITURE NEVADA Stinson Berger Furniture Co Deluxe Odorless Cleaners and Tailors OUALITY SERVICE saw REXALL DRUGS DU PONT PHARMACY PHONE on F6 S. White Appliance Co. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 729 ldaho St Ellco, Nevada CONGRATS SENIORS rom .. International Market MEATS and GROCERIES Phone 270 Elko, Nevada j S Lf' A A E K W "l-lome of ... ' ""'0 l l 1 n L .L ' -T E L K O , Phone - 7 5 Elko Nevada Elko Nevada C g T ' . . . l . N' ty-l Eagle Service Station Puccinelli SKCOWWDGIW 284 Idaho Sheef 209 Third S+ree'r JIM euisri Elle New G an For Choice GUY SWR MEMS GROCERIES o Nevada VEGETABLES Congrals Class of 52' Congralulahons To Seniors' rom Trone S Shoe Service Hguipigg 5 WHERE THE BEST lS and PURINA CHOWS The Slore Wifh 'rhe Checkerboard Sign HAD FOR LESS 237 Easl Silver Slreel o Nevada FINE CLOTHES T E STORE FOR M N ome of y A ve d Bran N elyf d d -... '... Elk 7 s ei ' . 'f we mEllSll-lElllS R Q H E - fi e ke Q, H Nalionall cl rlise ds in -ive NEVADA VULCANIZING TRADE WORKS 640 COMMERCIAL a+ OUR STURE DAN REARDGN S+., S+ PLUMBING PHONE I065 HEATING ELKO I8O W 460C ELKO and STGCKIVIEN S ELKO DRUG STOCKMEN DRUG Ph 25 Elk N d l0I5 ree? Phone - o ' I N d 7 ' " 2 Q 4 R -Phone- . 4' A I 5 -Phone- ' S 3 O N. Y- . SUSTACHA RANCHES Lamoulle Nevada B a LOURINDA WINES Arllwur Nevada POHOB Y RIZZ Mouwlam Clly Nevada MRS B TOMERA O Nevada STANLEY ELLISON Iuscarora Nevada GIUDICI RANCH 0 Nevada HARVEY HEALEY . ' ee Nevada SEVEN L RANCH A J I-IYDE Rowland Nevada A C O N Lee Nevada ARTHUR J ANDRAE Tuscarora, Nevada B LA I N E S H A R P Ruby Valley, Nevada WALTER GARDNER I-73 1-P Ruby Valley, Nevada ROBERT E DUVAL 81 SONS Ar+lwur, Nevada MR. and MRS. JOE PATTANI .iiiiii ADOBE STATION Ellco Nevada Nfnelv evera J. . nd my nu in 61, V57 iifllm ', l'.Qnf1iNy QI'-1l'1y:f,l X7 -I 5 5.13 M9,,If 7' fvvf 5,13 9?' a.13'A,,f' R fflg R A I . 1 Box 42 ' ' ' Elk , B01 568 . L , Ellc , ' C . . L E Y . Elko General Merchandise Store JOE ANACABE 4lo Idaho Slreelr O lXICV'IdI GET BETTER BUYS FOR YOUR MONEY a I J C Penney Co lno The Home of Values O Nevada Elko Darly Free Press PUBLISHED EVERY EVENING excepl Sunday Complefe Local Ne s Co erage FULL LEASED WIRE OF THE UNITED PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTING Phone l23 or 923 Ellco Nevada CONGRATULATIONS To Ihe Gradualesl 946 IDAHO STREET o Nevada N y hl O . , O, O Elk L fa gr , I I l "Some+hing for Every Member of Ihe Family" C N I C w v Ellr lnel -efq COMPLIMENTS RITZ AR Congrafulaflons' ELKO 0 Nevada Independent CLUB 449er 449 RAILROAD STREET 0 Nevada Harry LlpareIIl Lido PuccmeIIn PRINTERS PUBLISHERS 0 Nevada Telescope Hote BOWLING AR N I o Nevada Phone I43 . . . of . . . ' . B Elk Elk . . - . . . mI'w.,Qf .4 . , . M.. Q B 'fy f I D I N G I Elk I N' +yw H1113 ikgsilm Iggy? Four Frosh Norma and You Can Have H Mafernal The Volces G A. A IfH+I6+6S. 4.4,-to 4? .Q iw and Barbara Wha+s Wrong Af+on7 We Talk io Elnsfeun You Name If Is H' Tnaf Bad Madge7 Masfer Techmclans Smule Pur+y Snde Show of Walfer Schumann Nlce Scenery Queen Rosle and Kung Duane More Cnc Hundred , 'Lrg .Q 0 ' ' K vi 5 , "" i-.P ' :gk 2 'VV' 4 e- 1 . W :J fi , A I QQ , -'ff in A' Q x A , ' , 5 I A 'A ' . t ba, 1 ' fi iv ' 74 ' Ig 9 , " . ' .1 3 A " 1 .L.. m J w' I . . , 23 ' S . , 4 f 3, if u Ai , A. Y. , ' , g ,f .. . ' X' ' 'bk-f ' or 4 .. A. ,, ' . ' , rr ' ' " ' N I. w-at ' HL.. ' . F E V I , 5 E, N gg if Y 'gb ge- .M Y' . 1 Q ,f . L r ' zz-11 MA if -' ' f- , . 5 3, - fe, . ' 3 M. ,A J . . K A 14 I' " f , fx I , 2 f , I S . ,,.,. 555414, . -s , 1 1 K . - 0 , - 'sh Y ar , Q z . 3' ni 5 ' v Z I ' 5 Qi 1 . . T L I D 1 i 1 I , i -.. 1 H I Distributor SHELL OIL COMPANY We Pluon I4 W Compllments t Spreuse Reltz C0 ELKOS Scand IOC STORE lo OUALITY GROCERIES r F o 0 SEWELL S Meats 84 Greeernes 560 IDAHO STREET Elko Nevada O H O Wells Hardware C0 HARDWARE LUMBER PAINTS COAL E L Reed rop W ll Ileva a Swett S Texaco Servlee HH HIGHWAY FOUNTAIN Center ot Town OnU S 40 Ne ada AR TROUBLE? a I CONGRATULATIONS To Class ot I952 rem lllarren motor "Your FORD Dealer" L. F. N D S Ile l - - - P - 3 - I RF'im:S7 ell' X A 'd D at i -- LL , -S L--. - , o I . ' ' I a llf 'warm . ' X-We ,V S La- LL, . I C . Fo Bette r od ' C I U S Sturt at l 9 I t 'M ALL OF Us gr- .PT XSS mx K N1 Y iw an Bur M W " ARE Pr-zouo HIQH SCHGOL Sa? !'k,N...zg 'fa STUDENTS W GOOD LUCK E mmmmil H tml RAN C610 UM D311 OHJT ' 'M 5',2s'l 5. t ICQ ,,, ' ' xw'-s ' 44 , I W mi l I I7 145' iff!! , .lf lcdjff nr f 1 L9 5 'K fl 1 I VVAYIVIAIXIS DRESS SHOP ELKO WINNEMUCCA SINGER d OTHER MACHINES Elko Sewing lVlaol'nne Center lcllw IN E L O Commerolal BEAUTY SALON PHONE I00 BURNS ELORA PHONE 444W L Crosson Distributing Company MASONS ROOT BEER PEPSI COLA TELEPHONE 90 37I il. 44:1 OHrllTlm , K . . . lt's the and A Sales Parts Service an 336 a o Street Elko Nevada I a Y' 'K , - U- ' ' Q- Assortecl Flavors - Ellco Nevada TOBY'S RICHEIELD SERVICE TOBY HAMMOND Phone 29 FOURTH 8: IDAHO STREETS o Nevada Carter Hotel Elko Nevada PARTIES and BANQUETS J LesIle Car+er Phone 430 540 Idaho S'rree+ Tap Top Dress Shop Flrsi' Na'honaI Bank Bulldlng o Nevada CONGRATULATIONS 'ro Ihe CLASS OF 52 Dr Joe Ingersoll Cknnpany HARDWARE an SPORTING GOODS Sfop a+ 453 IDAHO STREET o Nevada Mp? L ac...- O eHd Elk I . , .. , Elk D J.ID. I Burns feffk ,I T I Q ire f Q I I d E Elk BUTLER Eleotnoal and Retngeratron C O N T R A C T C R S L CONGRATULATIONS To Class of '52 Slerra Wine an Lrquor Company 44I SILVER STREET O24 B CONGRATULATIONS lylountarn Cnty Lumber Company DEALERS BUILDING MATERIALS MORE POWER T Cl 2 RERALDC Drstnlautlng Co COCA COLA FARRS ROOT BEER S 94 E K O Ellco Nevada N e v a d a Plwone I - RO. ox H92 I - - o ass ot '5 from 438 Souttm Stn Street Phone 9 C. . Glenn, Mg. E L K O PI1one I Nevada B 308 Elko, Nevada O I-l ' d ' ,, ff: ... X I' xml' ,fi Hen Pariy Girls Sfale Dolls Three S+ooges l-le Wenl' Tl1a+ a Way' Clowns Queen and Her AH'endan+s Cluvalry lsn+ Dead Yell Three of a Knnd Sensors on Flelcl Day Puf Your Shoes On Lucy lm Happy Wha+ an lmprovemenf' One l-lurlrelS1x au Sawyer RWOTOR COITWPRHY DODGE PLYMOUTH PHONE 31 TROY Laundry an Dry Cleaning Company MAKE OUR PHONE LINE YOUR CLOTHES LINE r r a i r l L Sales and S Q f 4 Y , 1 , L Ph 2l ar N a L L ar N a r r O-H ,dS , Eugene F Wines THE BACON MAKIN MAN e d SI e S+ e Is lVlCClure Plumbing Shop DWIGHT MCCLURE PHONE 957-W Stacks Snack Bar N 'I To Co 'r Ho ALWAYS GOOD FOOD o SPEED OUEEN WASHERS GLIDDEN PAINTS Reed s Rrte Way Hardware MEATS GROCERIES Group CAR A TRUCK INSURANCE Pho 836 4 R lo clS+ el CAR TROUBLES VANISH Nevada motor Co Adele and Albert Brehe 5 EVERYTHING FOR YOUR PARTY OI-IddEl1+ T n+l1 an iv r r e Owner Ellco Nevada Ellco Nevada 9 ex ur use ' 1 l 1 H. J. Ivladnqan, Pr p. Elko Nevada a modern market Farmer 5 Insurance and an ne : 57 air a re Elko Nevada Ellco, Nevada al , Elm Nevada I Ellco Nevada ne un re lg. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS QUINN DRUG BOB OUINN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I952 THIS EL DDRADD CLUB CHARLIE d JIM OCARROLL We Are Proud to Be Nevadans! OI-IddN FFS 3, I 'I Q, 4. Ph ne 303 Elk N d - - - from - - - an ' DEVHDFI BHIWH COIIIITIIEHCE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES Member FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Offuces aI ELKO PIOCHE BATTLE MOUNTAIN AUSTIN RENO A VV Hesson Company Everyfhung un Fme Hardware PAINT OILS GRAINS IMPLEMENTS 'ac , 1. Phone 289 Elko Nevada One I-I d ed Ten 0 o In . .Mffvu I , IL ' g F -fr' Z S gi UU I' Congratulations to the Graduates! Elko Lamorlla Povvar Co ,Eg ff, 0 I A Q X. S - L Q ff, , ,,,. our Electric Servant TRADE MARK REG. U.5. FAI Off I B Cry l :L qt .MWF 'ww-Wii if Ji, T5 L--' I ni WE., T Dagwood - The Ape Man - Muff - Jeff - Darlene! - Jiggs - Band Session - A-r-r-g-h - Ye Olden Days - "Harmonaires" and Their Accomplices - Junior Pay Dance - Thursday? - Whai' Have We Here? - Show Us, Too, Barbara. One Hundred Twelve KITT and KAY LEAR J qqs Nevada BILL and LOUISE LEAR J qqs Nevada HOMER ANDRAE Tuacarora Nevada ROBISON 81 SORENSEN 0 Nevada ED TOMERA c o Relnharf RancI1 O Nevada NV H I3 Jngqs Nevada GEORGE W SMITH I ,z....... Arfhur Nevada NEWTON CRUMLEY ,f'X O Nevada STRATHEARN CATTLE COMPANY Box 889 Exe Nevada OREN E BOIES L,on+ac+ Nevada I-IaIIecIc Nevada ROBERT PRUNTY Charleden Nevada OeI4I JOHN M PATTERSON LamoIIIe Nevada J DAN ANDRAE Tu Qarcra Nevada JOHN MARBLE Seveniy One Ranch Dee+Iw Nevada I c c I, , N EIL I EII4 I , I' 1 Elk , ' I HILLARY BARNES ANDREW M- BOYD ' P Lmdred TIwErIeer- THE BEST OF LUCK GRADS' L D HESSEL DIsI'rIbul'or STANDARD OIL OF CALIFORNIA EIIcO Nevada CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' GRHDTS CHEE Home of GOOD FOOD and FINE PASTRIES O Nevada CONGRATULATIONS FROM DR KENNEDY 457 RaIIroacI S+ree+ Phone 439 EIIQO Nevada P IVI Supply Company Wholesale AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL JOBBERS O Nev da T ee CONGRATS TO THE GRADUATES FOITI DEVHDH HOTEL o Nevada D K SGIVICG STHTIOD UrrIOla BrOTheTs MOBIL PRODUCTS PhOne 348 W Ellfo Nevada Besf of Luclc Class of l952' UJELCH RHDID FINE RADIO REPAIRING 404 Idaho STreeT O Phone 226 Stephen COmIsh DDS EIIQO Nevada ROOM 204 Henderson Bank BUIICIIHQ OCH ee 7 I Elle . Ellc a Up O Io a lad is a Boy SCOUT .... Th q'l h T 7 fh 3 b IDUT aTTer I6 he beCOn'Ies a Girl SCOUT. lc' ' d h . ' "nhl I , . Ellc - 2 , 7 Ellc ' ' n - CQ F I n IUHGDER S ICE CREFIITI WI1oIesaI MADE EL O VAN LEER and HARRIIVIAN INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER BUICK Phone 92 329 Idaho She I EIIco Nevada FOR QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS and Dependable Ser ce Phone I53 PURITY DAIRY PRDDUCTS Gregory and Walther Electrrc A K nds oI ELECTRIC WIRING and SERVICE O Ne ada OH Fr 7 e I N K e I VI . . . -Disrriburors Iore- II I EIIQ I - ' I- , Elko Auto Clinic ... SpecIaIIQIs In ... FRONT END SERVICE WHEEL BALANCING AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR I2Il Idaho Phone IOZ6 ELKO NEVADA CONGRATULATIONS CIass oI'52 from Ruth E. Roseberry Tot 'n Teen ELKO'S JUNIOR MISS SHOPPE 395 Courf SIIPQCI o Nevada Merkley an Hanklns SHELL OIL DISTRIBUTORS IIII1 and CommerclaI Sfreefs PHONE 400 o Nevada H P HANSEN Company LUMBER COAL GFI BU LDER S SUPPLIES Phom 83 o Nevada O H S e I I I EIIc d I I EII4 EIIQ we uodreff Iffe o BETTER VALUES Traher s Shoe Store LOAFERS CASUALS and PARTY STYLES Eor Every Occasuon Phone 895 W 456 5th Street D pendable Servuce GIB LANDELL Texaco Clrole Servnoe o Nevada NUGENT S lnfanls Children s Juniors WEARING APPAREL 5l7 Idaho Street Ellco Nevada ABERDEEN COAL Crystal Clear Orl Standard Stove Orl and Furnace Orl Elko loe 84 Euel Co Phone l95 Ellqo Nevada MR BROME C5 K6 T BROME Nh r Lostra Brothers Machine Worlc Combination Welclung AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Cranlcshatl' Grinding In the Bloclc 235 Enfth Street Ellco Nevada DSCAR UPVVALL KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Ellco Nevada Compluments f Hunter and Ralnho THEATERS HUNTER 8: SON o Nevada Congratulahons Class of l952 Gregory Brothers Dlstrrbutors TIDEWATER ASSOCIATED OIL CO Eleventh and Connmerclal Street Phone 250 Ellco Nevada Onchl do See e . 7 - Ellc 7 . 2-W Ive me ri acntenre havlnq fl MR. 1 fl fl ' the obieft? direct oblect. JACK!-A good report card. JAC .:-- eacher, youlre handworne. 0 0 ' Elk - 2 T un 'r cl v nleo 'S-Era '9 'S 9' ff-anime gdb 0,3 l ,qw 4'3Avq 19,50 ,Ar A' E wwf .sk --wb L v 'S' Penny for Your Thoughfs Sensor Play, No Books Type Cashng Holding Hands' Naughiy Boy, Papa Mus+ Spank' On a Fence, Mary and Lenus KlHy on lhe Prowl Gel a Horse Cheerleader and Sheila Mr Jones af Work Puppy Love, Lounse and Jummy Sfrlckly for lhe Bards Go for Your Gun, You Worm' How Does H Tas1'e7 lsn'+ Thai' Cule Gef Off My Back' Busy as a Bee Mass Murder Where Are +he Men7 One Hundred Esghleen B' .A B14 H! r A Tip. A In I - B-3? Q . l Q J VT AX Q. A ' f A 9, 1 N ' A B k 'i il for 'A l ' -A z. 1'Q'?'- -W--,I - Q A' A 2 .5 A gl, r .4 7' Q5 . 13.4 A A f '2F,yfgpe, wg., -.A ' A n 1 ,Kr f,.V A , K ve PMA yn. "w- . ' 'TQ ,K , A, 5 ig AA 'l S A' if - Q , A xg ' e ' wif - 'I - ' . A Q 3 . 'Y ' W 5? A 'B ' Ae l "v'lW L ., f X ,ii . x A, vgfwyvy L '.'- . ' .,5 - - , 392 PQI? I? 4 Zi .,,, Lg? as if N - 1 ,ill fnzfxl J ' . V, if - AA,5.' 1:1 ::.a...a Q - by-f-uw rv f 9 ., .mx af ' If ' if I ,Q ' A y 5 v, 4W?, ' 'mf -'sf ' 4 -, A , I 3 . K " . 5, I -I . A X50 1 ' 1 L E U fm ,, F Q A .. fA'fg, ' ! - a. ' A 4' ' QQ X 5 V A V ' . J 3, iii y N N A, A fl W i I .Q - xA- V Y DV PIONEER and ERLA o Nevada ND CONGRATULATIONS Cass I 2 VOITT CONGRATULATIONS 'EFOITI The Safeway Employees o Nevada KARL KEPPLER NEW YORK LIFE INS CO LuIe Sickness Pxccldenf o Nevada DeVore Chevrolet Company C H E V R O L ET O L D S M O BI L E fXuII1orIzed SaIes and Service U S ROYAL TIRES o Nevada W N BLDHIVI Y ur JeweIer 477 IDAHO STREET WATCHES FOR THE GRADUATES SHEAFFER 81 PARKER PENS OfflclaI S P and W P WATCH INSPECTOR O eI-I EIIQ EII4 I o '5 LILLIANIS M' a o EIIco Nevada EII4 e',.N' Ie CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES' CLIN INSURANCE ACENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE Phone I2I2 Box 648 ELKO NEVADA CLASS OF 52 CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK' H C STEVENS CCIVIPANY Department Store FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY 425 Idaho Stre t IF YOU DRIVE DRIVE CAREFULLY' Pete Walters Insurance and Real Estate PHONE IOOO ELKO NEVADA JOHN L REED ROY YOUNG EARL PRUNTY L1 ee Nevada Box 588 EIIco Nevada Charleston Nevada Get-I oTe e Look Mat no hands' . . . No Car either, My Dear - - - So L , - . , I I CONGRATS' Elko Super Servroe Wegners Drive Inn JIM OCARROLL Pl-IONE 432 W Lessee l39l ldalmo Slreel o Nevada ? BOBO THORPE JIM GREGORY Presrdenl' Vrce Presrdenf Bachelors Ino FRED WILLIAMS TIM MONROE Treasurer Secrelary Paul J Del Gurdroe Henderson Banlc Bullclmg o Nevada Oe IN CGNCLUSIUN XX.. AII EdIIaI-IGI IN APPRECIATION TIme IS lIke money The less we have To spare The TurTher we make I+ go These Ivords have a rare sIgnITIcance broughT abouT by The compIlIng and edITIng oT The POI-IOB I952 The responsIbIlITy has ----'f been Tremendous and aT TImes The under TakIng TrusTraTIng buT IT has wIThouT doubT f been a greaT InspIrIng experIence The servIces oT The greaT many persons who exTended TheIr TIme and eTTorT Toward The POI-IOB have been greaTly apprecIaTed and TheIr InTeresT has been hearTenIng l am especIally graTeTul To IVIIss DeKosTer sponsor and Mr Jones prIncIpal Tor TheIr under sTandIng and co operaTIo'I ThroughouT The year The ArT CITy l3ublIshIng Company our publIsh ers who workerd so harmonIously wITh us Mr and Mrs E I-I Pearson POHOB phoTographers who co operaTed To The TullesT exTenT and Earl EranTzen Tor hIs Immeasurable help ID provIdIng many oT The pIcTures used In ThIs annual A warm expressIon oT graTITude IS due our adverTIsers busIness men and ranchers alIke Tor TheIr generous supporT The enTIre I952 PGI-IOB sTaTT deserves specIal merIT Tor TheIr capable and TaIThTul assIsT ance Pam busIness manager whose IndIspensable dependabIlITy has been a malor asseT PaT Nadme PaTTy and VICTOF who exemplITIed excepTIonal InITIaTIve ThIs shall never be TorgoTTen ln addITIon I would lIke To express my sIncere apprecIaTIon To The Tollow ng people Gover nor Charles I-I Russell STeve ComIsh Carol Jones SylvIa Upwall Gordon Gmswold To everyone who helped In anyway In The producTIo'I oT The POI-IGB I952 Thanks agaIn Tor your Invaluable co operaTIon IN FAREWELL The book IS TInIshed buT The memory lIngers on Through The year IT has been our obIecTIveTo TranslaTe The spIrIT oT Elko CounTy l-IIgh School InTo ThIs yearbook IT IS our TervenT desIre ThaT The POHOB I952 meeTs wITh your cordIal approval The l95I I952 Term has been a wonderTul y ar TIlled wITh cherIshed remInIscences he classes The games The dances The lasTIng TrIe'IdshIps all The socIal TuncTIons The Semor Ball and TInally The poIgnanT aTmosphere oT graduaTIon These wIIl be The Treasured memorIes whIch we shall remember Through our lIves Tor Though The year IS TInIshed The memorIes lInger on Now as we The Semors proceed on InTo our democracy we are dedIcaTed To The promoTIon oT UnIversal Peace Ereedom and UndersTa'IdIng In These TImes oT uncerTaIn world condITIons We have acguIred The prIceless basIc knowledge whIch we wIl so desperaTely need In The TuTure So now we have reached The conclusIon oT The l952 edITIon oT The POI-IOB TeaTurIng our Tamous Elko CounTy home oT The Elko CounTy I-lIgh School home oT The PQHOB IT IS wITh deep senTImenT ThaT we bId Tarewell To The POI-IOB I952 9, I Q I POHOB EclITor One l-Tundred Twe-nTy T o S , ' 1! If I 5 . g T M.. H . . . . l I - ll I X V I , I . . . I gj Y - T I ' if I . I . I I ' I I T - I 2 I - I I - - - - I I - : V I . W- , V Z - I I I ' I I I ' . . . . . . I 1 . I I Q - - I I - I I - I . I I . - Q - -I .I . . . I I . I I I I I I ' - . . . . . I . I . I I . yu 1 1 I 1 1' llll ll'l - W Wniwwwa - f I , I .X .ffl I ' 1 I - I . "J :Pj is ' Y r X f 1 ' I Q., X49 ,R S' L 1-Qiiil 1 "gi, xi X' H - ' x 'CAN 'I s "',11.g w yn. A Q '4q,,. I gl PAREWELL TO THE POPTGB ulugyra fluIog1rapl1s

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