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I! ,. I Chnl Ita Che I9 I Pzflzzfb Iuwulml ix L N O H NC H X ll I YAY J I 'l'l1- .trldg-mu Ot ITLK C Ul'N'l'Y HILL .Q O01 IIKU NlY:'XI5.'X 'X' ,IMJJ Nluhclmrrm I llmlxlflmilkl f I1 lm A fumn H1 ?m'uf0 d ln order to typify the L'L1l'flL'lllilf and CXYFZI-Cllfflflllllf uetivities carried on by the student body of lf. CQ. H. S., xx e have not followed 11 definite illustrated theme but liiive used instead ai montage. It has lveen our purpose to capture the uneonventional as well tis the ton- ventionnl side of seliool life. lt has been our intent to include every individual. activity. and school function. XVe have hoped to nmlqe eaeli and every student feel that this is solely HIS zuinuzil. 4-v""1 'T '. sv 4 - '- Q, . Gmfmfs I ADMINISTRATION II CI-.-XSS! S III ATHLITTICQS IV ORGANIZATIONS X' I fXCQ'I'IYI'I'II1S VI ITI'ATl'RIYS VII ADVITRTISITIXIITNTS YA! "5'i-., ' '. I ,,If.f"'r3gfm:' 'f ,Adminzsfrafznn 'WA .94 I' 01 1211-in ifnunhg Hugh fiflmni Pfllllflpll Hffxnn and groups . learning . 'l'lwlwl1 of iz zz buf .VIII wfflfwz llflle. IIN lzzmrltupiffmm Amd rwrzrffv. Bn! lwre 18 u'f1er'e life jvrew :nw fiw. And fwmf II zvfwre Ilfe lfmiw m all mf. And lzbe the 171111, ffve .itlbflfll fzfmrd lwldl. The f.u'1zfl7 and ulwwl. .as ll76"1 fmfnfd. llwzaiing tlvezr Mme Ifffljfflll wwzperlmllwl That Il a 111.11 fun ef rl mrujvlule edmyzlzfnz Mr Gcnncttc Mrs, Tremcwan Mr. Agcc Pre 1118711 Clerk Member Activities such as the composing and editing of the nPohob' provide educa tional ventures not possible through the medium of formal classes and text books. We believe that worthwhile projects of thi type can influence the development of personality traits which are very valuable to individuals Poise, tact, courtesy, the ability to convince, to gain cooperation, to reply effectively to opposing viewpoints, none of the above can be measured by written tests, but are necessary train N lR mu ing that each student should have W Lp,,,,,, ,,1 3 like projects that provide this type of I l 37 , 0 ,af l f ff JIOHN liURC'llER'l' linglisli .mal l7r.iin.iln x lSAl5l2l.l.lf XY'II.l.IAMS English MARSHALL BROXYN Industrial Arts K MARCiLJliRl'I'li lNlcQl,llS'l'Q UN l.ll5l'.ll'l.1Il .inll Xyurlil lliwtnry .'W 3, MARY HEPPE Physil ,il llll in JI ion gllfllf y FLOYD EDSALI. l'hysil.1l lfllul .1fi0l'l C ARI. FASTERBROOK Music Q ll 4- AGNES SORENSON Home lf. ononiil x ROBERT BROME English FRANK GARRIGAN SOL i.1l Sl icnuc 1 'af X a qt' EDWIN JENSEN Sfgicmc' EUGENE SCEHUMAC HER Mathcnmtins LELA WOLFE 611 indian 1 B VUILLARD V, WEAVER Physical Edunation HE . - THEODORE 1.AmLY Commen ial S Yun keep our wfwol 10 neat .md Jean . . . You keep nur A111715 YU frerrb and green , . . You beep our u'alk.a free of ife and urmu' . . . You have worked nbeud wher- f lr 5 'lawn' wg, E if I f E P' X , V ,, Q. 6'l'6'?' ll? gli. Silent men, zvilff a bard job I0 do, We umzt you In knou' zre appreflale 1011. ED ,IUINGER ED FOBES LEE HARBIN ILRRX RIYNOIDS ffm 1461 IUANJ 1 HOMAQ VL CHARIUI Il 7UNlNO lrezlntr 1188 ' . i 'XX XX, Ff""" BOB VIIINA Ire New V Seated, lelit to right ,loan Thomas Charlotte Zunino. Bob Vizina jerry Reynolds. B.. Standing, left to right: Mr, Garri gan, WIQIYIIL' White, Ted Contri jim Gregory, Al Mour. Zfrceufiw Hamm!! 5 The Executive Committee and the Student Countil are the student governing bodies of the schoolg both have Mr. Garrigan as adviser. The thief assignment of the Executive Committee is to arrange the school calendar for each semester and to see that it runs on sthedule. Comprising the group are the student body offiters and the four presidents. The Student Countil is composed of the student body offiters, the tlass presidents, and the elass representatives. Any business requiring student attion is taken to the Council. Amending the school constitution, appointing the Pohob editor, and making student body awards are the other duties of this group. Student Kauncil Seated, left to right: Ted Contri, Wfayne Wliite, jim Gregory, Al Mour, ,Ioan Thomas, Charlotte Zu- nino, Bob Vizina, jerry Reynolds. Standing, left to right: Harold Chapin, Sarah Tremewan, joann Paoli, joyte Adams, Mr. Garrigan, jim Devore, Karen Wfayman, Pat Sullivan. dug Heittil, left to right, lile.inor Mt- tullouigh, ll.trlmr.i XX'illinins, joan 'lhom.is, Charlotte Zunino. Smiidinlu, lelit to right: llolv Vizina, jerry Reynolds, XV.irren XX".ilters, john She-erin. 'C -ii w--'---1. I ecfivu Haard The .issemhly tommittee tonsists of the class presidents, tldss vine-presidents, and the student hotly offiters. Untler their supervision, numerous entertaining .ind well- lmil.inted .zssemhlies were presented to the student hotly during hoth semesters. Mr, G.1rrig,1n serves its tttlxiser. New this year is the elettion hoard whose duties .ire to superxise all student body elettions. Memhers tnlvulate the ballots in the elettion of cheerleaders, Student body ottiters .intl the like. Making up the group .ire the student hotly offieers and one student appointed from e.1th tlgiss. ss mbly Gzfmmilf 5 Seated, left to right: joan Thomas, Charlotte Zunino, Bob Vizina, jerry Reynolds, Standing, left to right: Mr. Garri- gnn, Bob johns, XX'.1yne XX"hite, Ray Paoli, jim Gregory, Al Mour, Ted Contri, jim Colslw. -as f' .- -If ' if .,..-J 1 X Q ' Q, '11 A V N A . 9 iv ff' I :rf V x . t 1 gr Q Q -Fil, , A A " A S' --z.,,.4 P .. " 1 Q if LL 'N . . gf . L N' l I f I . Q Q Q W i W5 - .Qi-Z wg :fn ,gt g ig, . S - ,, .. 'Sb Miss Hoppe john Wlnxgc uhm O'C.1rroll iloyac Adams Sfmrz wr RCff1?'c'lt'IlIJfll'c' Sw .-'I mn. RL'fH'6'l'6IIlJfjI e Mr. Cvdffigdl! Al Sumpcr Al Mour Sflfffllflf Vu U Prwfdezzl Prwldezzl 4X1ft Vu tum-QU Seuiars 'J iii N 3 X3 X fi is 7-3 'Kg 'lux iiuaiwxlk lil-1111 Uruxu-m Lf.: ' .X .Auf KINNl'IIl H.4.N15IUNIv Cmwxxx H-xvnx -Af.l4H-1, CJ' .HI at 5 I 3:7 FV? fi. f Es , ' , .VF fNO XX PHOTO AVAILABLE II.-xxx Hmx I N SHIRIIX' HH I. l.u-5 'lzH1..L" 51.-'xRl,.-Xlil '1 Inxxlm .Inu 1 x Mr l.A1N "1H,1f:'.1mI" "ju ju" -. -'rv 'hm li1:1xxxml+ cf Rn my HI rzxbxxmf lClf.1f ul' J! C91 :mm K1 RNHNI R flfg' fn 'QU lilml Mfuum "1,Lzlf.1I" A1 ui Ibm .l. ISUNXII Hmm x li' Iiuxxa Kow 'l7fff.'f.'.1" MMM 'lkmmw Mu in is ffddwju as .405 f , Y 1 Y' If mga A 1 ' .f 1 , ' ,ff 1. -Q: . I, f- b ' ,'. ,TPA 1' . I h gt M Ibn -xx Nflilll-' f r- Q ,Q 3 1 av ' --f' . 1 xx 44 H, ,, . nf ,, If :Z Q E 'mb K .r Nwmu fX1frIl'lNH'mIlh' Lx 1 1411 Il Mmv-1 1 A1 ni ra: Mm R Cf. .. l p1f,,M if on N11 win H1-ms. Xml-fr XX IIIIXN! NIIIKHN .Imux UC as-:wmr lv f fvfa H+ 'w,:iQ ' f,g,.', , 1.-xi! m . - ,--541 5 ,an ' 2 A -A 'F - . -G- Q ' f 4" 'I 56 ' 4 1 x. qv? Flfkx l'A'l' 1'Axl lk ns" N I'fvI1Iun-'If A1 IC ,dr IWIYRIIN PAH I1 : I Qrlxluw Aff' :img 23 .XF-:Q aff U11-' P1Y'1'1'Hs CHERIIV PORN R 'l..f,m " HC-Z7cY1t'H lim.-xx Rum' 'Il RRX RHNOLDS lif.w.'V4 "l'1.J4yf' dj f-'vw l Q1 4 1 Ha Alu: 5:1 Swim R ill,-XRIIN Sur Vxxmlr H C11-mm.: Nm xxx xf- 4 fl. I-4 Nmxxmx Nmwx Cirixvxll-S11 xnxx 'mu f Iiv.J.'1,L ' I' f'?s 4' ' f A- I I X V., XX,m11,x 5l ll ,. ,,'. in "fi" .1 ' .J ai L3 H v , ' '1-3. 4 Imax Sm I mx M, V, I.,xx r l4.H llfrrxxfu ' l-1f1.Qzjf"' ..! Rrmxn 'IHURMA PM Tl Rx: R Hun Vlzlxfx Ilmix XX"'AAc.r "lib li " "I',nl'.1f" "li,-ffJfJ' V'Yf,g1" Drxu XX'1c xxx nu. fywliiwfh. Wim N S11.x'1'XY'R1m41 Cfmuxnul Il Zz Mx Ur7iXlLH Hunllluw HSfLIl'H HCf7.lf!UflcH J V .sg N' lb? ,:- r V 5. I X ? ir alrite H J f wg wmv 17 Uniting Ruhy Zunino "I mi " 'l he C lass ot 'il will soon he the Class ot in hut lwetiore the niernhers take that step, let's look lurk through the senior to the treshiiian year. Under the leadership and guidante ot President Al Moor. the C lass ot' '91 experiented a full senior year. Many ineinhers ol' the tlass showed exceptional leadership in sthool attivities and sports. The tlass was well represented in tiootlaall and haslxethall and in the st hool organizations The seniors sponsored the annual Seniorslfrosh llf,fL'lflO4LICll1L'f'l dante. They also held a pay dariee and two pitnits. One ot' the highlights of the year was the setorid Home- toining telelaration, at whith Pat Turner was trovvned queen. ifiistyr-Om-'S put on the play, 'Nl he Man VC'lioC,an1e to Dinnerfi The tlass partitipated wholeheartedly in their 'klitth day" and also attended the annual Senior Delaiureola Banquet. just preeeding graduation they presented their Senior hall. an outstanding suttess. Al Sainper was vite-president. jun O'i,arroll was sevret.1ry-tre.1sLirer1 and 'lohn Whiage and Aloyte Adams were laoy and girl representatives respettively. Bolv Vizina. president during the iunior year, now student hody president. did a 'hang-up' iolw as he led the tlass through a lull year ol fun and tirolie. The juniors tleverly adapted the theme ot"'Dreain" in their Prom. An outstanding play. "Through The Niglitj' and two tlass pitnits niarked the other main sotial events of the year. ln the sports line the tlass was very attive on hoth the football and haskethall varsities. As sophomores with john Cohh in the drivers seat, the tlass defeated the freshmen on lfield Day. A gala Sophomore Hop and a tiun-filled pitnit were the leading sotial events of the year. john Ciobh and Ethel Martin won the honor ol' lweing the king and queen ol' the Harvest Ball, The Class of '51 vvas one of the largest tlasses ever to enter the sthool. They got oft' to a good start hy nearly defeating the sophomores on Field Day. The tlass turned out en masse at the Senior-lfrosh Dante, A siiteesslul lirosh party and a well-attended pienie, along with an hilarious asseinlwly, were the highlights of that first year. Their tandidates, Al Mour and Virginia livans, were seleeted to reign over the fall niusit festival. jack Gardner was t lass president for the year. -. .f" zfyrx-1-cv' A Xxx 3195 L91 gi! is Eh' .W . ...wh 'L- -. ix, N Mr. Snhumiuher joann Paoli Pat Sullivan jim Gregory Sltmn im' Rc'fn'eiw1li1liz'e Ref1r'eier1h1liz'e Pre rider!! Miss Sorenson Darlene Richie Ray Paoli Spmiim' Ser.-Treizf. Vive Prefiderzt ll1frf1,.m,"xl!c'Z ' v ililllll .'lXI1sll.lL.' 16 n 1' lluyl ll.1llIIlVlQll.llll , ' P XX,.1!'Il'T ll.ll'l:LN ljwll l5.l115ll4U.1hlI r U ! '3 ' ' li lmlm l51ll-.um I ' 'J ' f ' ,P , f.ll-ll llllllllltl f xi ' 51, ff'- I l,.lf llurm Rmml-l C or ..4 llull lllirllw ., " f 1 .an mlm J, 7 1' If K X X' ll' L'l ll lmlwcl Elm lWl.lf.!.1I'Cl lfllnon l..xrry lflmu-rw KA Dolly 'l.lIlC.'c,lL1fli Roma Domingo l.ul4 Clluulux .I IIN Urn-gory lN1.ulgc H.1k.xt.1 Shirley llamcn X 5 V 2 x FN , .z ogg' lame lugmrrr Nurnm lollm 5 llulw 'Iona N A. lllmm- lik-ru fi flrmml I.nl-gr l..1llV.l lung Cllmlys Mglinigllt Hrurc Malwcc CL-lcstmo Mcmliw Altlmm Home P.1triLi.1 Murphy -Lmct Nelson .l.um-x Olclficlrl Marjorie Olin nk 9? 1,- .1 . Q .,, 11. Q 'Aux Km Paula cIYlfuillIlI1ifCYNl,Il I3m1ul.w Prrurwrl XX .Lllr V Pm!! L , K L ..-4' ',.'-r l.VI1 RUt'L'fINUI1 C lm Ruud Nllry SL-xt.1r1ox1J1 .5 31 ,ff ,42- ff 'F 'r-I IDIXIL' Slurxgg PM SLIHIKJII Smnlcy Swltzcr .lmm 'I'hom.1N Bmw XX'.1flIlbfOxif P.1m w,.lyIN.lI1 Allcn XX1-hh Kcith XY'hitc P.nm1,1 Simon Ndkilllt Slllllh - 'CY K '2 1 s W .A 1 ,,.v W ,? Q Rose Sthuster f liarlxira XY' lli. ins ' Fi I K 5-fp s Q , ..-, lilaine XY'illi.ims Q' 1 , ' +13-3,2 lfred XY'illi.uns i' " 'S' ' l.ois XY'illi,inis S ETS l Yi' l " V, oan intermante f Q, - Q13 ' ' ' lluaut XX'right f -I ' - X' ,- l.ee Yfright Barbara Young 5. -"A 1 ln their first year as uppertlassmen, the Class of '52 upheld traditional junior honor by presenting an unusual Prom, one of the outstanding social events of high sthool attivities. The iunior tlass play, "Home Sweet Homitidef' was among the best of the sthool year, Two tlass pitnits and several pay dantes augmented the sotial program. The tlass of '32 was well represented on both the basketball and football squads, as well as having a student body setretary, joan Thomas, and an assistant theerleader, Shirley Hansen. Their fine class spirit was shown when they won first prize for the skit presented at the Thanksgiving festival. The tlass was guided through the year by jim Gregory and Stan Switzer, president and vice-president respectivelyg Darlene Rithie, setretary-treasurer, and joann Paoli and Pat Sullivan, representatives to the Student Couneil. The juniors were sponsored by Mr. Eugene Sthumaeher and Miss Agnes Sorenson. ll' ..-0'---..t-L-,Q-..s,- 'hi 1 Norma ll.1mmond K.iren XX"Jyin.in 'led Contri Mr. Brow n 3ctwl.1t'.1 RefHz'ie11.'.1l11e l9rei1.Jw11 Spun lmili, Gardner Mr, 'lensen jim Cobb Harold Chapin lierzinrer Spmiwr l'1i'e-Pre-fderzt Repreierzftzfli 6 XX"ith one year behind them, .in up and morning sophomore class opened its school year by holding a grand Sophomore Hop. Along with the Hop, the Class of '53 sponsored 1 well-attended tlass picnic, The sophomores were ably led by president, Ted Contrig viee-president, jim Cobbg setretary, Norma llainmondg treasurer, Emily Gardnerg and boy and girl representatives, Harold Chapin .ind Karen Vifaynmn. The tlass sponsors were Mr. Edwin Jensen and Mr. hiitlfblltlll Brown. The tl.1ss had the good fortune of having their candidates, Max Marr and Leila Rae Miglioretto, trowned king .md queen of the Harvest Ball. The tlass was well represented in sports as well as other school .1t'tivities. Soplznmoras' i i ' --in U. EH 1 3 J Xlfilo CV' 1' 1' I- I ,fs , 1 A 8 A jim DeVore Bob johns Andra Berger Mr. Easterbrook Repretenftzlire Vlre-Preiideazr .S'et'-Treat. Spomor Sarah Treinewan Mrs, Williaiiis Wayne White Repreiezlltzfire Spwzim' Pfeiiderlf The Class of 'S-4, with a total of 82, began its first year by helping the sophomores "white wash" the on Field Day. The class was well represented at the senior sponsored Senior-Frosh get-together dance. A class picnic and the traditional freshman party were the highlights of the sthool year. The freshmen had the honor of having their tandidates, jimmy Wfilliams and joan Kern, trowned king and queen of the Thanksgiving Music Festival. Piloted by Way'ne W'hite, presidentg Bob johns, vite-president: Andra Berger, seare- tary-treasurerg and represented on the Student Ciountil by jim DeVore and Sarah Tre- mewan, the freshmen enjoyed a full and prosperous year. They are looking forward to three more bigger and better years. The tlass was sponsored by Mrs. Isabelle Willianis and Mr. Carl Easterbrook. Iwrwt mu, M-It ru nlglut YR .gm Iyllllllixx , . . . I.xlt.m1. lilwoml Him, Rmiunk lxrmmm Nuorni nm Cylum Nflllu. llurlu IH Ni.1r1lL1J1. C Pmwlu Kmigllt 'Hurd nm Mym Kzmwlu, PJ! Murphy X1ll'glfk.I J um mr N If u lhox I,llUlNL' I'.ml1. vlmn Kc-rn. Helm lyrnlm Mm mu. IL-If to right' Xifiym- XY'h1rQ, Ilmmu Hu 1 mm rp 7xL1 Donn 'lluntcr Suomi rowg Should XX'.1.1gc, Homme Pm Q lull N m Snklg Dormi XX hm VLTJ Rum zone. Smdm Stewart, Gaye Wyggxnx, L 1 L Su ur k Dir lm ox Janine XVilli.1mn, S.1r.1h 'IifCINL'W.H1. Rolmrti Nxunllnrs Nanny Iwukamoto ' 'N ' ' .L cf'-Sisai .371 Nb,m,w5xi. 533' "L QKS' 71? 95 1.5 'i fu ' 3 -fl'!akw'si? may . , , A 'Q-2:12 'LUV' ' xv-r Who 3' Wim ? ,-"f','M 5 1 Aff , -3 ,ff L 1 ,vzqw-'WW f .A .2 'Q ....,,. . -2-g.........1Q-, , --.--L.,,...,,, M, .. Q-..,1.,..,. 7721 ' . 1 rr 'Q' f tif .buf 2 Y 4. ' , g .aff 5 x . Fix 'Els 1 T, '7 any ,. U t X 1 I ,vxffim ' ylf ,'i A- r- '3' f" I ' ' xf. --.. . :vxY""' 's e . w 1 I . Q, 51 - 'F .W- E4 H' S- nf" DP 'an ,. N H.. 9 J ' . 7 A 5" -' if-ax -n .ixf I ., , 2, J' wind -'-' 'Y 5 Xvg 5XX 1' X kO?xkX -4 9 ff ff f- iq? 'hi Li gs.: 5 bu .. M Q1 X. Ao, Gr-,B , if 5 .1 A i-sg. 1-LA.' .- - ' "' ' ,,': . ,, "- f 'T' ':. ff ,-- - . .. - .., " , ,. , , .,, ,1 .I a-1. 5, W 'EA - - X - M Q 5 gs t9 Q 54 ., 1 9 ' N fn . F , :CQ ', -: .fb no " , 'lf h ,, I-T" X Y u A pr' . fn-4 ,S f 1 ' " ""' , 1 ' mt -- fgflfp If 0,51 ,, elf W a, ff. ,..Q1 sv- lov '-'- . I-' px ' . L. e" 9' ' 'Q Q ' f "' D 'xv W J! K" 'V ' Q A 4 X X f -r Y 1. if Xv-1 'wx Xux w xxgXxK, XuXm C,-wXNX3 'Yum kmsxuwX.X XMXX 'N.xyXwx. muy 'bXxxxVXxy, N BM L1'..nx,Q1wN AX ',v.xXymx Xuix Xlmxxxu, KXXQK Yx.mXLXm VM 5xxXXxw.m, Xxxm 5mX'NXn. C,u.uXx X3-XN.xXX, NM-,x.' gma, Xku in nx5LXxX XMXX SQXM-xx, XwXm 94 Ugg, kmmgg NXWAXANA Xkxy V.mXx, Dunxg Kun, Nun Munn-. Mfr XXUXD Lum-X31 klc.NXxxmv, XMXQ Pxu.xx.xu, Xknxm Xhmu 'XX'.x'. , ww., X01 u- xufxxi XRLX 'fgqgx XJ. 4 -wmxx Xmx KMXWX1 lXx.m LnuxuwX.X, Xuxg CUXNXH, XluxXx X3!'.'..m ?xxxwXJ. i,.v,v.XXw Xpmx Xlmxnx lXx.v,Xv fNnmxuXx, 'Yum Bgmn. Xfx.mXfL Pxgxnup Dum: YN ',x.LX'A Xwu-.xxXx uw xg-in Xu xx5gXv. XMX4. kS,uQxxwv, Yx-XQX Vmqucz, 'Yum Nam, X,ymXmx Xkwwbuxxwxx, Xxm C ,n1uXX .ml XMXX 3X.uxXmXx, U GARY UURPHY JERRY BURNER ' ' GEORGE SHEAK5 JIM 0'CARlOLL DEAN HOWES Halfhrl Gnd Hallbad Ed k Tulle DUANE KERN TOM GRISWOLD JOHN WAAGE Epi Ed Quarterback ELKO ......... ........ ELKO ......... ........ ELKO ......... ...,.... ELKO ......... ........ ELKO ......... ........ ELKO ......... ....... ELKO ......... ....,.. BRIAN RAINE AL MOl'R Center Tarile KIMBERLY ...... ...... 7 LOVELOCK ................ 6 RENO .........,.,............ I9 FILER ........................ I3 WHITE PINE ...,..,..... I3 IEROME .................... I3 FALLON ...... Q X . JACK GARDNER RAY PAOLI AL SAMPER CI-IET FRANKLIN BILL NELSON Guard Guard Quarlerbarl Glad Cerner JOHN COBB FIDEL VASQUEZ ED GRANADOS STAN SWITZER Hallbark Flllbdfb Tarlle End Hallbarl 'lihe lilko Indians opened .1 lutkless 1950 liootball season by bowing to a determined Kimberly, Idaho "eleven," In the seeond game of the season the Elko gridders tied the Loyeloek Mustangs in .i hard fought battle. Although Elko was leading at halt' time, the Reno Huskies tame from behind to defeat the Indians. An improved lilko squad stored early' and held on long enough to take Ifiler, Idaho for their first win of the year. Iilko lost its thanees tor entering the state thainpion playotls when defeated by a hard fighting Ely Bobcat team. The Indians won their Homecoming game from a determined jerome, Idaho team. A I9-12 loss to liallon tlosed the season for the Indians, While the team lost more games than it won the players displayed .1 fine spirit throughout the season, which was a Lredit to their two tiine toathes, Iiloyd Edsall and Willard "Speed" Wfeaver. Among those who reeeived state wide attlaim for their football ability was rugged Iaek Howes who won a tackle berth on the All-state set-ond team. Those reteiving honor- able mention from Elko were: 'lim O'Carroll, jerry Burner, George Kershner and john Cobb. 4 Q . L Q' , . ,.. 5 '-4' z D -Q J " 1: " . I . , . 3'?Y?I"7':f -- ., '- v.m-1f',,.3- 2: wif ff .I ,. F, la ser. , .7 e -I 'i i H- i'ff-tt? ff 4b C FY ... - r 4 P 4 9 + ra , , yy fi 1. , Q QQ., i, Af 3 i is 'Q-'?"'.Qf:i5 sf "iw A my 3 li . ' - ' 'I ' ..W':Q'S'!f' "4 ' 4? L 1 if J 1- ' V, fe Q , P. J' 1 ' ,, R :ln :L ., G 1 ' N . -Sui 4 5 ' L U W IH L 'lf 5? Lf.'f gf, 'Si v A - Vik 'Qgifi if s jd. 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Teresa Quintt-ro. wloytt' Adams, Front row: Miss Hcppe. Shirley Hull. Mary Clontri. .loan Thonias, ,loanne Paoli. ,fl 1. 'F 41 ,411 ' . 041015 ec 'nigf M06 IQ ll' 1 14f1 c N I t ljlff If 11111 1 1 ' ll 1111 r fl 3 C c If ll I iffc IIIIZINU I 111011 1 I lr 1 4 f 1 0110 lc If dc cc : 11 Wk: 1 I I M111 0 fm 1 I0 1 I 41101111 4 q111!D! I1 c fd 4111 C 1174 fl II 011 411 1 IOS f s fr 41 11119110 4 Dc ALEX' If - My X! Af zwfffff 3 . In P 9 A b , I , ,V -W, ff? " 4" . ' ' V, X lc!! .'11 1. 'I lr X11 .111 ' Hr 'fm fue' 'fr IY1 1111, 1111 I 17' lfffy limo .1.1Z1'1- I . .AL Oli' ,VIIICC . 'Z i7 f lmm . ,711 if f cp kl'f1f l11kv1:1, xA1r 1171 1111 Yflc 7' 111111 C711 Ar. 41! flu vm fgr' ci ' Lg .11 If 111' rc.111 C1 1.1!-I. 77x- 1111u1111x111 X052 '. -II II L1 1 f7A ' 1.111 'S'.1Z.1XY' 11 s, 1.51411 Ill' 11-5. I' Ufflcf I-1 041 1111 sl 721. fffo 1c'c'f '1I'fol.16fs'17,fY11cc'1Y'1fw1'1C.1f. ' u1s!1 'Lfll X147 I1 A Organizations df' l"0h 0b S faff Na med'l'f'I1cJ1aQ1xx . K mo Vx x " NQI1 . 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I..LV11glx vI'hUIH.l .ml L47 I 1 ll '1 . - '-1 K' w K' A' .I-. ' 'l I X .1 '. I1 blfl 'J Ll . A I' wi h- E Y '. . d l..L'CS .1 '- 1 .,,..11. 1 A -1 1- -9.5. S 0 r, 0 5 90 " 5 N Q .9 7 F 1 0 ' u W f 5414? Q j X If I 7 N 9 t x'!"'c4! J 1 -2 N -gb K. X xg ! CL M11 1 .T l I H-7 Efkof ' 'V l6'l0clc Left to right: Nr. lidsall. john Cobb, jim U'C.iiioll, Al Mimi and Mr. XX'eaier, The Block Ii started this ye-.ir by electing as president john Cobb, vice-president, Al Mour, secretary-treasurer, jim Ofarroll. All the members ot' this club have lettered in at least one major sport. Through the efforts of the boys .md their sponsors, Mr, Weaver .md Mr. Edsall, they supervised initiation and white-washing of the held several profitable pay dances, and as their most recognized activity, they disciplined the campus, which did much to encourage good citizenship. Seated. left to right: Ciary Murphy, lid Uranadox, Mr. Edxall, john Cobb, jim O'Cari'oll, Al Mour, Mr. XX'e.lver, Gordon Peterxon. Second row, standing, left to rightx Ray Pauli, Chexter Franklin, Fidel Vaiquez, Irvin Ambler, Stan Switzer, jack Gardner, Brian Raine, Tom Grixwold. Third row, left to right: Duane Kern, jerry Burner, john Waage, George Sheaks and Bill Nelson j f f in 15g 4 f"'O 27,11 F2 ff I Charlotte Zunmo M155 Huppc Pv'wZ.fu1J .Spwrz-'fr Thu Pup If prcbldcm, Clmrlottu Zumno .md wnrctxry'-rrcnurcr, ShIl'1Cy' Hull. have nude thxs yur One of thc but thc dub has known, The dub IS nomposcd of jumor .md Scmur gurlz. only 'lhcy hue nude .IPPCAIJIMCS .xr hmwkcrlull .md footlull ggnmw, Thcy hue Also mkcn part in many Jsscmhlics. Their uniforms thu yur were nuroon skxrtw ,md wcwknts, with wlutu hlousca. lcfr I-1 ugh! New-rlx luwfw, l5.zrh.1r.1 Y-rung. Imnrnr limvgtuc, 5i.lIj.fJfL'I L.mxi.1. lllhrl BIAFIIH. Pdtty Nlmwn. Bi.1fNUl'lL' Ohm. .hun ,lhmu.1x. Mm XX:.1xrn.1n, -Linz: l.m.1a. Xnhnc Smith. Madge H.1k.1t.1. , . lmct Ihlxugun l5l.unu XYxll1.1mx, lux lilumu, PM Mhrphx. Nhnrlcy H.mwn. 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Miss Sornnson Ofitiicrx ior thc tim wriicxlcr xurg Nhrgiu C in vu idcnt: Rosie Domingo. vipcfpruiduit Ilirlun Rn 'llL surctary. .md 110.11111 P.ioli. truisurcr Birhiri XY illiims xx .is nuond NL-iiicnur pri-wiiiuiit. witi ii L 1 ld xiic Their .IUIHIJI Hina: Bill vias will iltcndgd buc othur modal aitiuriu sun cnioiui throughout tha scar i l 1 r Lauren! 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Stmlrllrxl lrmgrrw-rx, lir"'rH' r' lmr 'l rmllr LVUI1 llgrrtun.lNlrC.lLxgl1c'y,Srllur-nfnlrl.Bllxqlrmfrcttmv.Armutlm, NYl1m llu lrlrr- flrrlm .mrl Clmruw luw turncrl out lllrllly rrulrullvlc purI'or111.rmcx rlurmg the yur Lmrlrr Nlr. Crrrl lQ.1srr-rlwroolx. who nmjorcrl rn xoirg lhr lima Qrmrlu .lull the Grrlx' Emcmlvlc were composed ol' sclcrt vorrcb lrom the Glue Clulws, 'l'l1r-wr' two groups lmvc cntcrtuincrl at numerous g.llllCl'lllg,f9 rlurmg the school yur Mr. limcrlwroolx rlwcrxcw murlm rrrrdrt for his work wrtlr the musir rlcparrrucrlt during lux frm yur .rt EC HS for thc clifllcrrrrt musiral Orggmrmrzatrum lmw proxrwrul unrlur has gLlltl.lllxL'. NL 'l'l1 llu 1..... -. - ........ -- -u Q... .lffwr r-Q , l'llNl :mx Dr V-:ru Mrllm 'uvnrl um C,l.rrk, Alf lib llllldt tnrlvrrmli. rrrl rmv. Drrlu. l'ctr'r'wr1. lJL'!lfNL'Il. M.1rrll1rl1 urtlr mu" 'l'aufL'r, XXll.llllllWl'lYxll lflmurw. XXl11rrg Arun. Bark row. Marr. Cirurlru, Mr-nrlrxc. Paul. llmmrrl. liurnw, ula F-'W - -'-----A bv "E-v 5 7 . , - Zia. , Q? .og 36 36 as C? if H- I-.g...L...43 30 'P n. a,. X Q..-. A-2. ffh-. 4 u l 53 ' ,y 'Ng "Mk-f W A KAW -J ,,J f A-f off --.IQLLQQ . Q F . . Q f Q . , Cflmruq L 1 Gzrls 8r1semblc Af J! Smia Play The hard working, Seniors onte again made the grade. Un December I and 2 they presented "The Man Wlio Came to Dinner," which proved to be a very enjoyable production. Members of the cast included: Bob Vizina, Shirley Hull, jerry Burner, joy Blume, john Cobb, joleen McLain, Ethel Martin, Mary Michelson, Bob Naylor, joyte Adams, jack Banks, Pat Turner, john Waage, jim Botsford, Lyle Peters, Dixie Wficlcwire, Gary Murphy, Norman Sigmon, Ed Granados, Irvin Ambler, Gordon Wfiues Al Mour, Don Taufer, jim DeVore, Bill Mariluch, Chuck Peterson. On March 9 and 10, the "Class of '52" presented their first dramatic production, "Mother is a Freshman." The play was a tremendous success with the excellent cast which follows: Marjorie Olin, joan Winteriimaiitel, Pat Burns, Dixie Sturges, Pam Wfayman, Keith White, jack Giudici, Pat Sullivan, Shirley Hansen, Margaret Ellison, Eleanor McCullough, Darlene Richie, Duane Kern, Ray Paoli, Fred Williiliits. Both classes are to be congratulated as is their director, Mr, john Borchert. ly ' I ' fm WV 1. Y? Shirley, Mary and joyce. The Pep Club started the year with almost all of the Students of ECMS joining it. Under the supervision ot' Mr. Schumacher, the club produced an outstanding Home- coming Celebration. Elko Highs three cheerleaders. Mary Contri, Shirley Hansen, and Joyce Adams, have prepared and presented numerous lively pep assemblies and spirited pep rallies which greatly aroused school spirit in the theering section and the teams. The club and the cheerleaders deserve much praise for their energetic work in keeping the school spirit and sportsmanship of ECHS at a top-notch level. 61116 gcaturcs 9- Girl Of U16 V a The students ot EC HS made .1 wise thoiie in their V131 Girl ot the Year, M.1ry Cfontri, lN'l.lI'y' has many cjtialities and t.1lents through whith she e.1rned this distinition. Vilhile .1 senior, Mary was eleited l1e.11l cheerleader tor the seiond consetutive year. During lier junior year. she not only was Student Body Treasurer but was also seletteil .ts one ot' six girls to .tttend Girls' State. All Yllltjlltfll high sthool Mary has been deeply interested in dr.1m.1ti1s, in xxhith she now holds her English li .ind Masque .ind Gaxtil, illie just year found her busily engagetl .is .1 member of De Lgiureola. Band, and president ot' CIA A Besides the jvretedinig merits. Mary is the possessor ol' .1 most friendly I'L'l'S0lt.lllly. On the basis of these things it is easy to see why Mary was thosen :Q Ll. O C "1 CU 'T C ,- 3' rt ..f . ft 7: NIP HRS i 15,011 Of E716 ll zz Bob Vizina was selected by the Student Body for the honor of Boy of the Year and he tertamly has earned this title. Our Student Body president has been busily engaged in many extra-curricular activities. Bobs column was tarried each week in gl lotal newsjwaper and he also was co-announcer on a weekly teen-age radio program, He headed his junior class as president, and was a representative to Boys' State in his junior year. Bob is a member of DCLkiLlfCOlJ and has been especially active in dramatics, He mastered the ditti- cult lead in the senior class play, and is .1 member ofthe select Masque and Gavel. Bob has so demonstrated leadership through his years at ECHS with his sintere personality .md un- usual initiative that he may certainly be considered the outstanding boy of 'S 1. T7 Ha riffs! Ba Sadie Hawk ins Uumk sgizfilfg gcstiwzl rel.ites the est.ip.tdes at lil These two outstmding puntor girls were thosen to represent Elko this year .it the st.ite FHA ton- vention in Las Vegas. Wfith ti look at their past records it is under- standable that they should have had this honor ttonferred upon them, 1 0 ,Q , B.irb,1r.i .md Madge are now " , 'S serving as president and vice-presi- i ' dent respectively in the local or- 9 , . 4 ' Q ganization. , 'R Q 1 Our aff I Drizf r ECI-lS's 1931 winner of the s.it'e driver contest, which is condueted throughout Elko County under the auspices of Mr. Bob Carleson .ind the lflko Daily lfree Press, was jerry Burner. Although jerry did not win the tounty title, he tan terttiinly be tonsidered ti shining extiinple of the goal sought by all teen-age drivers. mtlin lsfti3gr.iii1, "leen Time. Z' cw Uma' Une ot the lUOsl ltiglilv suttt-sstul PVOILIIS .tttempteil t utr hy high stliool students Xhls the toriniildtion ot' the wee Boh Vizina ,md Al Mour .ire to be given .ill the tredit tor lwringiiig to the .ur this enjoyxilwle lwro.idt.tst whith etith we . ft . Z? legafes Barbara Williams Madge Hakata U 1 lliiw ye-.ir Pit liiriier lnemiiie th Girl 3' Nation legafe e iirwt lfliqoum lo .itieml tml, ioii PM mis iliowri lor this honor oii the lxisix ol ihe liiili-rxliiiw, io-oiveipitiori. .mil tgoorifNpcJrIwrii.11iNl1iiw whirl: xhe 'isrrl.ix'mil .ll iiirls Shire. xxlifra xhe xerxcwl .is igmeriior ICHS is proiiil or you. Par. Reimmlwer xxlirrexer ioii go. thi hes! wislic-X ol the stiiili-rits go with .Queen ' YOU Ethel M.irtin was beleireel from Among six girls to reign Oxer the 1950 Elko Coumy liiir mel Live- stoek Show. All the wtudents at ECHS Agree that the judges made .1 xery vvi5e choiee. ci0I1gfJlL1lJ.Il0lI5. Ethel. lla flz Haufsrcu e For the serond time rhia you ECHS was gixen the honor of semliiig .1 xtudem lurk lim. This time Ciharlorre Kumho was the lueky, .md de-servimg. girl. lhirlotte was seleiterl hy the Lniilty to .ltreml the Narioiml Comereiue oh Youth. whieh is held every ren ieiirs in XX'.inliing' l ton, D, C. 'N N c-ll.lflOllL' the stuele-me ot' ECHS will ,ilxxgiys holil you high .imoiig their memories. Cfllrisfum Play Undcr thc ablc dlrutron ot 'lohn Borrhcrt. thx Drnnatn C lulw produrud D "C hrrsnnas Carol ' lr was wall rLrw.rd and cngoyud by all who attcmird It lwr 17 l'hu IUL'll1bL'l'N ot chu r Bitfllll Paul 'lark Gludnl 'lim DcVorc Gordon Pctcrson Pat Bcllxngcr lirlc Howard Bob Vnzrna Barbara Xvrllrams 'loan Kern Andra Burger -lanct Brown jarmull Sutherland JSI NVCYCQ Marshcll Huw Tun Monroc Gcrmcvlcw Bnrncr Krtty Tunnxllc Pat Murphy Mary Todd Mirhclson Darlcm' Rnlnc -Inn Cobb XY'aynL- XX'hitc Lynn Burns jerry Cobb 'Innnn' W1lli.1xx15 Ik lxmk I .nnu on Du ern john Borrhcrt lJIP'C'r'ff'?' 'wr' if 2 'U ' ' 'o l'. U XY Q gf Af X On the hanelstan-.l at nearly all the high sthool tlantes this year were the Harmon- aires Aljat Turner and Pam W'ayinan, piano and elrums1 'laek Giueliei and john Xlfaage, sax anil trumpet. This popular quartet deserves muah treelit, for having organized and rehearsed on their own. they have lwctome a most weleome group as is evideneed hy the sueecss ol' this veark tlanees. ECHS will iertainly miss this fine elanee hantl ncxt year. Perhaps the most aitive music organization this year was thc Pep Band, whose memhers gave eaeh Monday evening to rehearsals. Playing in the popular vein, they elid mutli to arouse spirit at pcp assemblies and rallies and at all basketball games. 112 Us vmmfmzng Mui' Ciontri Shirley Hansen 'lille' P1-11 Clulv 111 lllw County ll1gl1 sklllyffl spun wore1l .1 x11111wti11l x1111111l .1nn11.1l ll111111-1on1i11g LL'lL'lWf.llIOll. The .11t1x1t1ex ol lllt we-1l4en1l llltlllklkkl .1 bon-tire on tl1e "Hill" .1n1l .1 NIl.1l'iL' 1l.1111e tl1ro11el1 tl1e streets of lllL' Llll liri1l.1y night. .1 l'11otl1.1ll g.1111e between Ilerome. l1l.1l1o .1111l tl11- lillco llltll.lIlN 1111 SilfLlfLl.ly, NliNk'Illl3L'f 'll .llltl .1 Hxylklllfy D.1111e" Sdfllfddy' night. Reigning over tl1e festivities w.1s llo111e1oming Q111-en P.1t Turner. The .1rr.1nge111e111s were untler the 1lire1tion of Geneml C,l1,1irrn.1n. jerry Reynolds. Sponsors for tl1e Pep Club are Mr. and Mrs. liugene SLllLlIll.1Ll1L'I', who 1ontribute1l muth of their time .mtl effort to llhllil' the fete .1 su11ess. Queen Im llllIIIlL' l11x11' A1l.1n1s iff-9 'l'l11' Qtieenk .1tt1111l.111tx were: Dloy Blulne, vloyte A1l.1111s. Shirley ll.1nsen .lI11l Mary Contri. The 1.111 1l11l.1tes tor queen were xotetl on by tl1e xt111l1-ntx .lllkl then tl1e queen wen 1110-.en from tl1e live highest lwy tl1e f11111lty, 'l'l1e i1le11tity of the queen was kept se1 ret until she w.1s 1fOVv'lN.'Ll .11 l111lf-time by R, C.. "Red" lzllis. First mw, left to right' Margaret lflliwn, P4111 XY'.11111.1n. l'.1t 'l'11rne1. fil1.1rl11tt1 funmiv, NIDl'Ill.l H11n1m11r11l. SCLUBJ row' Mr. S1l1urn.11her, jerry Reyn11l1lS. Ken H.1111m11n1l. j11l1n 5llL'L'l'II1. jllkk Ciiutliti, lv "fi al ,g.,- -ff ' ,J Sugar y Paddle 3 ,"-1, ,, ,Iin"..1Sll A '. s 1' ra Y t ' 1 Frrst row left to rxeht Naylor Stearns K ranalos Seeond nm left to rxg.,ht bampet Murphy Nrzmon llutsfmrl Nherle Co Thlrl row Vnzma One ol the most sensatnonal professlonal basketball teams eyer to play m hlko the Senlor Sueardaddues made sexeral appezranees on the loeal eourt thus yerr Although they tould not boast ot a perfeet season the Dlddxes were llways xn there trylne e lor this they VNOII many lrnends and o a rooters A look at the squad s roster wnll qunekly show that Starting, at eenter rn eyery eontest was Bob fB1rdj Naylor whose lantastne hook shot droxe many Opposing, ylayers to pump oft the lrtth Street Brrdee llrst strmg, forwards were Gary QBQ, Breeeyej Murphy a whnz at shootmp long shots and the bull and Albert QB B 3 Samper whose tnpm artxstry led one team to eoyermg the ball wrth seoteh tape At the other startme, post were Ld tCrew euty Grtna dos whose yvuardmb made the Iron furtann seem luke so mueh trssue paper nn eompartson and john tAtlasj Cobb the lastest man on the squad beeause of hrs three feet rxght left and tthlete s Headlng the lust of reserye strength was brllllant relleter rm tl-lombremanoj Botsford tHe was on rellef for fue months Other frne men eonneeted wnth the Sueardaddles were George Qlnnertubej Sheaks erry QHot Rodj Stearns and Norman fModel Aj Sngmon aek Banks drd mueh for the squad m the early gomg Gordon Wmes md erry Reynolds were also up thenr posrtnons soon alter the start of the season Gordon to tend to hrs ranehme mterests and erry to yoxn the Day ns Cup Tenms Team Bob ffoothpnekj Vrzma a seyen footer formerly eonneeted wrth the Harlem Globe Trotters coached the elub Durmg the regular season the Senror Sugardaddnes dropped two and won one agamst the umor Varsrty and beat the Elko Natxonal Guard They also took part rn a prelnmmary game tournament before the Eastern Zone eage ttlts '. ' 'K' fr"j .-' .P e ,, K .. . ' , v A I . 5' y' . V' I f .4'- f h' ' A f Y A A v 1 .s y ' B ' ' f . K , , ,L , ., X - '.. ' ' ' , A I ' . . tml ' - A . 4' '. K- , tl yy , ' y , , k. '. . , .A ' , , . , , ' yi ' li, A JA , I the Sugardaddies were not just another ball club. once eonneeted with the team, but gave V K Y f A 5 I . 1 , iv .' V I L 1 . Y . I A: L I Ji lv 4 . f, ' f ' 7 I Y ' , 4 f . ' x 5-. ,F . I ' - , v . . I h Q V 7 V' 1.4-MG , vm, 'ft 9r"'1 bw l 's 'gif ' 'i'.. , ,441 lferfiscmmfs C' CW' i'1L """""""' L wl!N" JB 0 FIELD ng .El Q l',znFQ I ' K I 1 1 f 5 Y . , fl.. lhinll.. H , A ,ax n K -ne: Q Stl q 5 . , , - L f 1 j I 1 ' 22, 3 4. 'QA 1 ' N i 1 ff I Y ummm ' l 13. .il i ',, - lf., . I 'if i , - , , . ,, ,.. W s f Q I I A I ' Q f ,..-1-nr-f' , ir-s.,,.' ,.,.p I' , .J I ,, I L E.. -44,7 . it , 7 .KK "if rQ'i'4' I 'Lg' x ' ' "N", "Z-'fa 1 , t V V-x ful. N,- : ' .- ' "- L, 1 .+ ELKO COUNTY IS THE SECOND LARGEST IN THE STATE AND THIRD LARGEST IN THE UNITED STATES If embraces an area equal fo fhe combined Sfafes of Connecfucuf, Delaware Rhode Island and New Jersey If us one of fhe ruchesf luve sfoclc counfues un fhe Nafuon un fhe value of ufs producfs formerly an umporfanf munung reguon wufh such camps af Tuscarora Cornucopia Mudas Sprucemonf Aura Columbia Mounfaun Cufy and Jarbrudge In fhe Ruby Mounfauns fhe largesf and mosf rugged mounfauns mass un Nevada can be found some of fhe funesf scenery un flue Sfafe The luvesfoclr rausung undusfry un Ellro Counfy uncludes caffle rausung sheep rausung as well as consuderable producfuon of fhoroughbred horses. Ellro, fhe counfy seaf, is ideally locafed, being sifuafed on fwo frans- confinenfal railroads, one fransconfinenfal airway, and one franscon- finenfal highway. The populafion is approximafely eleven fhousand, while fhe Cify of Ellco is nearly six fhousand. 5? Gafmemg 1-4 OTEL The Place to Go For Young ond Old' s , Th Finesf En+er+ainmen+ and The Besi' of Food Prescription Specialists . . . awww 0112116 CO wi DAMN! Bos QUINN Q08 going CCD IX!! DA INV Hardware 1 an 453 Nd V 5' P g ew N ,wWQg Ill! 'U , Phone 303 Elko Nevada l pi- .1 AT - ' ' . STOP O ree, S ortm Goods a s O' evada N href:-.e ev. V of ------ 5 My gfafkafe QMZQMQ The Store for Men Home of Nahonally Ad er'r sed Brands Comp! e fs of 5529 13517-TD E CSTCUFIZ YAQD5 Lu esiock Commercual Feed E Yardage ' X1 s v B 6 J ' Qi o N v d S 5.2123 'iii NH 'u' ll X x . 0 0 g 'Nj l F HY, T-A KM -A 'ff if .1 ww e , gg im n X .a Xxx 'V I- . E -,- jj 1 begs' I -Q '4' , 1 ex 'I' a ox 22 2 -- f Elk e a . v 641 'fzaadlef' , sl '- X W PZ Ea!! Zia... Congralulalions To Class of I95I from Wafiem M OTOT2. Your Ford Dealer Your Jeweler ELKO, NEVADA Hamilfon, Elgin, Wyler, Longines, Wiflnauers and Girard Perrogaux Wa+cl1es Sheaffer 8: Parker Pens Offucsal S P and WP Wa+cl1 lnspec+or WQMQ Z! CQIVHUANV HARDWARE an APPLIANCES Your Family Record Dealer o Nevada Zcmlctq 610661664 For Be'I'+er Food SHOP AT awe ZZ! Meals and Grocerues 560 Idaho Sfreef fem II ll I I . . 6 J d A . n F 2 X , RJ ". ll ll -:fx X . rif f lu 0' - ' 'l'?'Q:' Q . rr.r,. as I s . x Z 1 :V . Ellr l l yPo Se PHONE I53 DLJQITV DAIQV F3F?C7DCDLJC51'C5 Dns+rubu'rors for Chlsm Ice Cream 7Up ssnvacel AMX-X, QQ, CUR FIRST THOUGHT VAN LEEI2 I-IAIZTZI IVIAN In+ernahonaI Harv sfer BUICK 42 011 I ll ' III? if HARDWARE AND MACHINERY one Elko Nevada Comphmenm TO CLASS OF 5I 525426255 o Nevada .R showy Mleuoamo Q For QuaIi+y Dair r duc+s K X K and A ' Dependable rvice VIJ CI K IS 1' I v . . v I My 5' I 9 Mission Beverages Phone 92 329 Idaho ' I' ' bgd ' 1 'Im 5 I f' . I? E ' 9 Elk A . ll ll Ph IOI ,N membev Z 6 Qfaamizm SHELL OIL DISTRIBUTORS Qdyagmei 4 IC I- C Tal-ZXIXA WHOLESALE Mode In Elko W W CSX J EVV E. I..I2.NK 'V 5I4 C ED COX P Wa+ch Repa g O Spec aII'y A I'ho ed W Ich I spe for fo W a d S P Ra o CI Gef BeH' Buys Fo Y Mo ey JC PENNEY CO INC The Home of Values Elk N d ' f il 6 5, Z O II'fh and CommerciaI Phone 400 EIIco, Nevada , .fi Elgin afches - Eferna Au+omaI'Ic afches ' ommercial S+. EIIco, Nevada V! Z , YOP. " Irin ur I " u riz a n c r .P. n . . iIr a s er r our n aI' O O L J Q, Q ll ll o eva CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 5I QKQQQZ4 WGZQQ4 Packard Willys FIIQST NATIONAL , BANK or NEVADA MEMBER f P MEMBER y 'l' 56451 c FNFDAI M EIZCI-IANDIS-E 53066 JOE ANACABE d gi! pzzcw m ZW gafwze 6 Qaaemcfei om e e orhng Goo s 37 5l'h Sfreel Phone 2l6 o 7+h and Idaho Phone 97 Ellco E i J' LIIJL ,XY Federal Deposil Insurance I 5 ld Cor oraflon A Federal Reserve S s em L7 , - 4l6 I aho Slreel Ellmo, Nevada hi 2 T 0 0 fb, Q I , 'I I a o PJ C pl + Sp ' d 6 ,fb Corllpgsenls f TEXAC2nSERVICE WQQQQJQ HIGHWAY FOUNTAIN T P4 Cenfer of Town on U S 40 Wells Nevada Wells Nevada Always a Good Show We Compllmenls of HARDWARE co Hardware Lumber Q Pamfs Coa REED P Phone 57 Wells Nevada Wells 9 5 2 e e a llgeio Il eg 0+ W H SUPP Hom Peouop Hardware Lumber Furnl+ure DuPon1' Palnfs Household Appluances Wells Nevada Phone 26J Cafe Bar 8: Lounge on Hlghway 40 and 93 Wells Nevada Phone 65 L. 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EIIK GMC DeSo+o Plymoufh N 9 mum Kohler Lnghf Planfs Wnsconsm Engunes 0.45am BELLINGER MOTORS Complnmenfs of H STOCKMEN S HOTEL BEAUTY SHOP eussux M onus Phone 652 o Nevada SAFEWAY STORES Hughes? Oualniy Mea+s and Grocerues CONGRATULATIONS To +he Class of 5I DR JOE INGERSOLL Hun? OI' HUNT S HOMEMADE CANDY 5I7 Idaho Congrafs 'Io Ihe Graduafes NEVADA HOTEL EIIco Ne ada WEE TOT SHOP IOO3 Idaho Children s Wear Infanfs +o 6x getty: Walaec L TRAHERS SHOE stone Loafers Casuals and Pariy Siyles for Every Occasion Phone 895 W 456 5+h Sfreef J I T E ' h.'.ll . ' ' Manager ' ' , Elk of Jaclr Howes: "I don'+ Ihinll I should ge? zero in +hiz exam." Prof. Jensen: "I know if, buf iI's fhe Iowesf marlz Ihere is." T , v , X ..... It The Besf of Luck Grads L D HESSEL DISTRIBUTOR Sfandard OII of Caluforma o Nevada 3 Zac Tffuucllec Wanda! Wa NEVADA MOTOR COMPANY o Nevada KARL KEPPLER NEW YORK LIFE INS CO I e Accuden+ Heal+h PAUL J DEL GUIDICE M D Henderson Banlx Bldg Ellco Nevada CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS GRANT S CAFE Home of Good Food an Fune Pas+rues 0 Nevada + bef I ELKO CABINET SHOP Mull Worlr S+ore Fux+u res Glass River S+ ' YES! S J M CAPRIOLA COMPANY Elko Nevada Complumen+s of AMERICAN CREDIT CORPORATION Ellro Nevada I ' ' 7 at Elk Elk l.'f - Prof. Laibly wroI'e "please wash" on The blaclrboard and Mr. Fcbes Ioolc his ba h ore Saiurday. d Ek 708 ' . l lf' 55249 A W DA' L-V Qfefffgvm I-QE-.11 IIJTZ.I:E-QED excepI' Sundays Somefhnng for every member of +I'1e 'Family COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE Full Leased Ware of The Umred Press COMMERCIAL PRINTING Phone I23 or 923 Elko Nev CCDIVIDANNK Everyfhlng In Fune Hardware PAINT OILS GRAINS IMPLEMENTS PHONE 289 Elko Ne ada PubIIsI'1ed Every Evening I I I . . V gkcfmews I-IOTFI D121 JG gekaffvgye COM DANV I.4Q-I-EL, PRESCRIPTIONS BQWLING AR Walgreen Products DINING FOUNTAIN PHONE I43 Elk N d 3 I B Elko Nevada Phone 38 0 eva a DEPENDABLE SERVICE -cs' GIB LANDELL Texaco Cnrcle Service o Nevada IDEAL CLEANERS Wheiher I+s Jeans or Formals We Take Special Care Phone 2 I 7 566 River SI Elko Nevada Complnmenls of STAR HOTEL Ifaluan and Basque Dlnners Family S Ie Elko Nevada Phone 406W HCIVIE BAKERY STORE 41h and Idaho S+ree'I' PLANT 572 Rnver S+ree+ S NEVADA VULCANIZING WORKS 640 Commercnal S'rreeI Phone 25 Elko Nevada CONGRATULATIONS To The Gradua+es ELKO CLINIC 946 Idaho Sfreef Elko Nevada STEPHEN COMISH D D S Elko Nevada Room 204 Henderson Bank Bulldmg ELKO DISTRIBUTING Arden Agency Elko Nevada 'J L f i I' f Elk ' The difference beI'ween a Scoich- man and a canoe: a canoe Hp. , . . . WELLS LAUNDRY an DRY CLEANERS 3 Day Service Adluslaform Sleam Aur Fumshung Phone 72 We s Nevada OSCAR UPWALL Kansas Clfy Lnfe Insurance Co Elko Nevada Aberdeen Coal Cryslal Clear Ice Sfandard S'I'ove OII and Furnace 1 ELKO ICE 8: FUEL CO Phone I95 I: LO QA I. Phone 444W Elko Nevada 0 Nevada e CONGRATS oce My sc le 6 6 Y 8 glled Y bOy f0m INTERNATIONAL MARKET Fanclfoods From all Paris of l'he World Phone 270 Q Nevada Sales ParI's Service Sanger and O'I'her Makes ELKO SEWING MACHINE CENTER 880 Commercial S+reeI' PIONEER on OVERLAND Elko Nevada EUGENE F WINES FROZEN FOOD SERVICE Tenlh and Sulver Slreefs Elko Nevada d II ow Q Q . Elk Mrs. Slurges: I s nf Waylon for 'Iwo pounds of plums and you only sen? a pound and a half. Gr r: a s are all righl. H v ou w I our 7 I Elk TAUFER S BATTERY 81 ELECTRIC SERVICE SPEClALlZlNG lN Ge-neralors Slarlers D Q C-Tj H O D Magnelos l.al1er Ballernes Generalors Exclwanged Elko and Wlnnemucca 638 Commercial Slreef QQ Z gi c0mpl.men+S of QC QW SPROUSE REITZ lvl E ATS CoMPANY O Nevada Ellcos 5c and IOC Slore Ellco Nevada pe Congralsl rgp f CLASS OF l95l from SUPER SERVI CE 'lrizifili' OYQZQQW4 693645 M9 Q gggca 449 Ranlroad S+ree+ Ellco Nevada HARRY LIPPARELLI 8 LDTC My ACT? LIDO PJCCWELLI O Nevada f' 3 J Ellc Doug: Would ll be impro r for me lo lclss your lwand? Joycoz ll would bv decidedly ou? of placfn - ,, lclQf'xlL2l A llQlalS kv A O O , cl ' E I Ellc -ve 92 l-f 1ii -mv-fa' WW A ' i na...-v-K N c 3 I . vs tx milf xv:-5 ' f ' ,J sf ,217 iw f A w H ' 5 'sr ' 2 'gjpl -- ., ji., rf f M A-1 x QX F 2 I A' --X 4 .KX Q47 .A ,J . t , .- "" if 'W N X, 3 xii V1 1 X! My w ,F it J, '54, fill of ,. -5 fl v , 3 ' 61:9 -fn -1 H -. Phones I6 and I7 D lvl supply COMPANY WHOLESALE Aufomohve Indusfrlal Jobbers EIIzo Ne ada QZZQGZQQZWA SUOQT5 IVI E N The CompIe+e Sporhng Goods S'rore 530 Idaho Sfreei' Phone 460 J I-I M 81 MF GALLAGHER DD Courf SIreeI' BEQT VVISI-IES To Ihe CIass of 5I WINTERMANTEL JEWELRY 8: OPT CAL COMPANY O Since I 899 Ne ada PIW I Speed Queen O Washers S 6 Qmmmeiczaf BEAUTY SALON Phone IOO Gludden PamI's Qeefe-K RITE WAY HARDWARE o Ne ada We Feafure Cleanhness an Comforf CAVE. IVIOTEL. Phone 34I J On Hgh ay 40 WGS? EIIro Ne ada CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS FOFTI QKGWQQJQ Pr- 1- U e er-1-LQ PURINA CHOWS The Sfore wufh Ihe Checkerboard Sign I V - . . . . , Y I S Elk ' V Mur : Is if cusfomary Io ip Ihe waiier in Ihis resIauranI'7 X Waiferz Why-ah-yes, sir. Murphy: Then hand me a Iip. I've In waifed Ihree-quar+ers of an hour for fhaf sIeaIr I ordered. I+' Th 0 J Elk v d I I L , A KT f f 7 I w . E ' of i I v Complnmenfs of LEI: 5 I 0121: Good Summer Flshung If you re luclcyl Bushop JAY KUMP DUCCI IXIELLI COIVIDANV 209 Thnrd Sfreef o Nevada For Choice Meals Grocerles Vegefables gczgfe SERVICE STATION 284 Idaho S+ree+ o Nevada Complsmenls of I-IL, NTEI2 TZAIIXIECDVV TH EATRES YALE WILLIAMS Hunfer 8: Son Class of Nevada yC C945 RUBBER WELDERS DAVID M ROGERS Comple+e Tnre Servnce o Nevada ly lh - 9cQ6w M A12 I6 ET Meals and Grocerles o Nevada Complumenls of Qizaffmf EA12 FERNANDO PUCCINELLI Phone 407 Third 8: Silver Congrafs 'fo fhe Seniors' Qafzfg CAPE Wesl' of Ellro 5,-1 Ellm E:-f Elk Dr.: You cough more easi is I morning. Mar on+ri: I should. l've been prac+icing all nighf. I I Elk Elk N Co q af CLASS of l95I Wfzawee? '31-TOLL HETQVICE Where fhe Besi IS Had for Less 237 Edsf SI er Sfreef O ada Congrafulaf ons CLASS of I95I EVANS EVANS DEAQLEL STOCK FARM o ada DELUXE ODORLESS CLEANERS and TAILORS uahfy Service O K Servrce Sfahon URRIOLA BROTHERS Mobile Producis Po8W oN 5520 1-Loom covemn me Red HammondT 2 Ph 348 W o OQQW Qwicfcvm Plumbung Heahng Ph I8 W 460 Commerc al LGSTIQA BTQOTL-TETQS Machine Work Combnnahon Weldung Au'rorno+uve Servuce GH G- 'rhe oc 235 Frffh S+ree+ Elko M9662 momeme snow DWIGHT MCCLURE O ner Ph 957 W O n r S, - . u 9 A - Q Q .W 'A E,-1 iv Elk N ew Nev ev Q ' ' . . hnc 8- Elk , evade , - Elk Tweeze: Jack makes mf,- fired." Joleen: H3 your own haul? dear. You shouid sfop run ning offer him. O 1 . . 33l R.R. Sfreef Ph. H5 v 0- 5 Cranlzsh finding in BI lr W ' . - Elk M12 5 Mme ggffgakfcvm PHOTOGRAPHERS I C O M P L I M E N Z' T x ' J S OF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES gffw ofgmcvzfk UOVVEQ CQ IV1 DANV 1 k! 0 Ti-:E ,f , 6 OIQIVE I N N CONGRATULATIONS' QWMQZW LQ Lumra-E12 comrmmv ELKO NEVADA xx X 81' 3 zazgcz V E 5 GM? W d Congratulations Class of I95I CELSO LIVESTOCK. COM DANY LIVESTOCK BUYER REAL ESTATE WOOL ff XX - "A S aclc or a Snack of Hamburgers" S--4-.E-U I Ellro, Nevada x N I 33' X I 0 af "Dealers in Building MaI'erials" X X Z7 0 0 0 S X N TO . - L aaa.rl,.a ff 352, I General Merchandise "fail imfiiiif' Mea+s-Groceries-Produce ells Neva a I gli? 6 Qlicacefweidm Electrrcal and Refrrgeratlon Contractors cgaefwezii 6 ogefwezfei Plumbing Heating Day or Nlght R lO47W CLASS OF Qffgjkzfemae mmymwg DEPARTMENT STORE ld h + QmZQQf QZef Meats Grocerres Elk X X IJ Ellto Nevada X O 0 IJ . I i . 333 allmad Elko, Nevada Phone - IISIII Congratulations, Good Luclzl "For the Whole Family" 452 a o S reel' Compliments ol X Phone 36 O Nevada 5 51 . , 1 - 'W 9 v , "t s x S X X1 1 1 XX , g -.. .sv- 'X k x x 3 ff .Lx L., Q 5 I r its 1"4 - 8.4 S. -xx Q - Q 4 4 Q A X' L X L N X L' ' D 'A N n,- X .K-,,,, I. '. - ... .t. ' ' ' 5 1' x Q ' I ',l"+'.'-.' l , - . . . - L , .. H - tl-u't: 5 T .VL lr Yrs .':':' 1:15 . Lwlfwf- r ilI'W -XII . f s . I H. ,- S 4, ,L . sl ' s K K dvi! N xl '-riwzt, I " 4.7 ',1 I A 'x f -' " X' , Y. A X X ' 4 1 Q A X X S X. I . 71, I U, CONGRATULATIONS TO TI'-IE CLASS OF I95I 'Q rom J A A cgfoQcGQQcfa CLIJ I3 CHARLIE and JIM OCARROLL We are Proud Io be Nevadans' Qimdwgcds OFFICE. SUPPLY COIVIUANV DISTRIBUTORS Fora Amerucan Seahng Company Kewaunee LaboraIory Equnpmenr Everwear PIayground Equlpmenf L C SmuI'I'1 8: Corona Typewrrfers A B. Duck Mlmeograph DIHO DupIicaI'ors AIIen WaIes Adding Machines Ediphone Recorders I52 N VIRGINIA STREET RENO, NEVADA f W 1 il.: f: I x' I TI-IE 3 I owfocgwme Bowling Billiards Lunclwcounler OPEN EVERY DAY AT I2 NOON Elks Building aye :sys DIQFESSS SSL-MDLJ Firsf Nafional Bank Bldg. Elko Nevada QQMZ EBEAUTV Sl-ICD ZEULA PUSEL Ra lroad Slreef Elko N ada Complnmenfs of Q23 BAT2 o Nevada ADELE an ALBERT Qfzeie 2?- I-l L l:5f45xlJ.-l L.l:.'l T LUMBER AND COAL Elko Nevada PO Box 308 Phone I94 KQQQQ dice DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Coca Cola NesblH s Orange Farrs Roof Beer C s GLEEN Mg o Nevada o N ' o 5 5 I ev Elk d , 7 Everyfhing for Your Parfy 0 Elk Qeofrgem DISTIZIB UTI NG CCD 7 we L sooo Fooo you camel' 595354 ICGTIFEE 594022 Masons Root Beer Pepsi-Colo Assorted Flavors PHONE 90-37 Elk N d KX fx X K ' 1 o V I S I T IN Euco DQ! M do yowz 'Q wolznvmcs W DQR VWQ DAU I. SAVVVET2 MCT! OTA LO M DANV DODGE d PLYMOUTH Hgl'1S RADIO STATION KELJ4 Elko Nevada COO fr Ax gr in Z3 'X 4' 1 W 0 N Q , X5 V li 1 ff .4 -QQ J 0 ' an Sales and Service Phone 3I X 7 C lafions +o Our Z XXX Elko i chool Gradua+es 0 0 0 ' 1240 Y R d D I To Your Future Success F om +he Folks a+ Prosperity Hoppmess ezhgxfy CO FV! DA NY SINCE I868 ELKO NEVADA Q r 1 4404? RICHFIELD SERVICE y l"l 0 STOC KMEN 5 l-IOTEL ESATZBETP SHOT? LELANO5 BODY E FENDET2 VVOl2l45 LELAND LIPPARELLI e g A Haig? HOTEL r+e 540ldl'1 PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD 'ima wel OU12 STQQE x V' 0 e es few Congratulations s of ZZQQQ, WINES LIQUOTZ COMPANY S I PHONE I024 PO BOX H92 J C Complimenls of , Tob amm nd Phone 29 O Fourlln and ldal'1o Slreels Elko Nevada : f' 1 Elko, Nevada PFOP- Pa i s and Banquels Au+o Pain+ing-Radiafor R pair J. LESLIE CARTER Weldln - ufo Glass phone 430 a 0 S+, +o A ' Cla s 'Sl E S O 46, Meals - I gn Gr c ri 'W vu 44l iver S+. ' u 1 h S+. Ph I065 Ellco, Nevada W 4 . . -.man ' P CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF SI gyfgweffcvm Qffgefi ISU 12N ITUIQE CQMDANV Home of Fme Furnlture ELKO NEVADA efQaQ BANK or-1 cow: mance COMMERCIAL SAVINGS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Member Federal Reserve Sysfem Member Federal Deposn' Insurance Corporahon . . . Offices af . . Elkg Ausfin Pioche Baffle Moun+ain Reno I S 0 I ll - ' ll . . E Q3-:J X mf 0 . L '51 at 1 V NSD, if gp .HQ AV I- 4,41 Xfr:fg...' X x. ,,...1f-' lf xx X , , . Gb . 'ix .f Uh Q , S , ' E, A , - - 1 lllllllf'7 '7- lllllll TV MVN' f . ,gl-21,4-,. 1 ll ' 1. 'frwfw ll 'sf 1 I , V V Q0 J, J "f ' ' all -'A , .1" ' " ll ,,,,Qf- .-L 'lm -.1 I -A . I' ,,,. V, .5 v 5, jk - ' ' ,A--1' -'f.,f AJ- QP'-t , xi fs x La 4 . X I A" Qin 4 2-1 f, - . , sg 2? A i Q I' my 'HK Q sw QW fx? unhurlili W xfg' 'Z GOOD LUCK Ecnnmmmmul Hate RANQEUHNN c um Lev mm , if ,Y g s er h 1 1 All of us are proud 'K .'A I of our high school f'h ll, and i+'s s+uden+s M 'I' ! 2 15- .f , I Flfw-if ,E qifg ,V X I 1 1 1 5 1 h h 5, ' Q1 ' Q 4 J. h h ' 'f h CONQRXII I XIIONSf gaze wcefgmemf FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP GEN ERAL BUILDING R I + fgaf EXTRA4wzv1ceJ when you ore ln Ely , 's TH Weaaak X I-I'-3'I-'E L.. 3'- lil ff, X Elko Car and Truck Insurance L. E. Lanphear Phone 836 457 ai road S reef Phone 994 Elko I 0 Q L' X. C . , II E sk "' 4-4 4 4.15 ,f . . ' A ' Q , N . i -' 1 '1 ' ' . v 4 ya ,Av if , ,J I - 1 X! f' ' L I ' WPf w o e e a. 'ooK o " W Nco a. LA O Al N L, X A E clk. and ann fi 'N Q "vp Usalso PJJH NU QP 9 LFE Ll me '1 Q alwav, wi P a rf mls'1fes w a mll CN LA IU X I f r one or ' em, Johw, Nada fd Ard a, e oflr o s Cao H ar fa '1 a IU dem from m, shoulders n nv' oootograohe s, wlo Coooera'ed to tre es K+ I DXPIII, woo COHtIlUUltG toe ooftrx wrleh arrull, S lvla fowall, who S Pfrdl 1"ere lar e er o' olctarey for the P0wOl, and Earl Frar+v who took aLv of the WICtUT9S found throughouf the book, even o u ow so wear+ 1Ht9Ff9FlHb wlth Hls regular goo To all these oeoole I can only say, nTranks l rave saved my uost slncere thanks ard deeoest aoorecvatlon un'1l las+ oese glVP o C a.lotte and Jack C arlotte, wlo gave uo so ar U' her owr wleas'res ll order o sell ads oo flnance trls ooo? U was or ou ' 1 1r1 efforts to ralse money +H1L +n1s a,oaal was a all oossl e. Jack, wro worked so wllllrll o oe POW W Dan I was s+umoed, 1rd aack came alo wa e oeepec arawer, and rad not oeeo for mlm, I would cer ale sse deld llnes oy a large T3TglH Thank you, Charlotre and Jack for Jour cooperaflon and mnvalu able ass1sta.ce XZAZQ4 y2Q6f4ZZ4ZzC5?7f11'1f M C Ed1tOT PUHOF V1 T, 5' ., 4-1 ' ' 3 ' -,f mlno o'duo, Hlgh awyool FU I' , '. E,ao, A-"nl - ' ' . -, ,. -L., , . :,A2.' ' I , .1-.1 It as 'ard rw oxvress XY ras use vice.: -or - .e'r Lvw 'o 'Y T ' ,, I ' ', '- ,Il '- - " 6'.'f1 vw' ' a l .ne ,,Qo.o ri r. X .I IR tae UL.-ldQ LH v..aw a. 1.l. Th r, re so Tiff who :Lv freely of ihfir time io make iiis , N A X o Se.rle. f-",.'l., .', . ff ff- ' - w I ' ' ,W , - we ' M,. Lalrls, he il tr on Hard is uslpldl hHLbPSll5K, . , ,. . ul wh' 'coo:'ed my I Luz. - 'LLQ S re. . "' 1 4. V 1 - 'T' ' MJ Saalf. I. . ex-H J' , I .Ah . . . . iff, A ?A , I I' fT"4W-va , ' " 1vv K' "' W ' ' ' ' - f v ' ' 1 v lluau, and aazv, lulzlll d La: 7 v ,Marla r.d I 1th.1llv . . . , . , .Q Lius blok I ,.,ai E TX,I I. .j M. ' . M . - V ., , ' , w .lr. rrnd r.rs . . fao-X , X L, A. , ,. re .. b U I, f1ll-g' e.lent: Car' .e,'r' l . "F 2 ., I A J '.', . -furl . ,. ,, 7 . . A . . IS :card mu fans -J A ' 5 MA . o .la ly gll,, d .- .. . , , ' ' . 'v 1 . , wls a la iq, mxrn: , I . V' If . .' . .ld,9Il, 'YW' N l . A ALL V 4 A A , A 1 A., , , . . . . A . . .. tao gn d ln, A, ro , I ' . . - .. v c- H A 1- A A A I T wr vw ' ' ' A A A n 1 4. . . . Q . . , . ,, , I V U. Ta I 3 , t L r .. ' -. M 'I 1- ' L n H r M my XI K M 1 , a , r . o L ' ' ' ' 4 1 A ,V L. . ' ' X 1 . .. I P sly Lhr is ser nt H . , . U , .,' o.l u s wa' L I . s dole ' ' ,Y . 4-' I ' U , I .5 j n on uO:. I y tlmes ' f T- ' L ' .-A . . . ' ' ' U .. Q. I, mg Ita tn, ,.., t .5 . LT It , ,. . , 4- - 'f ' f U ., M I ' a .alnlv Q ' H1 d mv a - J J . , H . 5 .A I A u , V .R 1 1 , u . ' X7 , f, W ,f ff? f ' f ' ' 'j W , I., -. ,,,x7-,,,..:',,.. N- .'-,-::.',,-,ru ' ,- P ' 3 I N X F U K i-1-I vi I . s fag' fl-'Q' .-"3-ag Q-8 ,Y 4 11ffy7rf1,fff1s ,4 ufngraphs 4 fzf.i 1yg2rfz,c f!14 ,4 ufagraphs Stwdwta Zwwwuw Hundreds at thousa ' asure thekr 744101 the nation wah Yearbooks tor Thousands at teacher tors VEXCOINC thekr 744101-made Annua ecessary part ot their Parent and Pubhc 00 retatrons p We are p the rnernorres, tradmons an mcrrca. the sch nds ot students throughout NE many come. years to at admrnrstra- s and scho ks as rograrn. roud to have had a part rn preservkng d achrevernents at oaXs ot A HlfI2"Q-W QMPANY W9 n oe M' s .ox 59 1 oAu.As, TEXAS

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