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P U H H H ELKO NEVADA HKII IIHIINIY HIHH SEHHIII BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK Q IINII ADMINISTRATION - - - CLASSES - - - ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISEMENTS Two ,W Hi lHHlWHHlI In compiling +his annual we have affempfed 'ro capfure +he ever- changing mood and 'rempo of Elko Counfy High. We have fried fo por- fray fhe inside life of our school fo serve as a +angible aid in recalling +he wonderful days spen'r in high school. We have used as our fheme, picfures of pencils, rulers and ofher ifems made +o resemble men, realizing, however, fhaf +hese are buf 'rhe accessories of educafion. The sfudenis and professors are fhe essen+ials and fheir co-opera+ive spirir is fhe life-blood of our school. Wi+h +his fhoughf in mind lef us proceed fhrough fhe halls of Ellco Counfy High. U 53554 NEIL R JONES Prmcupal Preparnng 260 sTudenTs Tor graduaT1on us Truly a Tremendous underTalcsng Such a Taslc requires men and women oT supernor rnTellagence and sTamlna To waThsTand The rigors oT educaTlon and admnnnsTraTnon This year s close worlclng Team upheld The Tra dlTnon oT an excellenT TaculTy and well balanced curriculum ThaT Elko CounTy l-hgh School has long been noTed Tor To These our TaculTy and board we are deeply undebTed and we exTend our n cere graTnTude and praise MR GENNETTE MRS TREMEWAN MR AGEE MRS NORQUIST PresldenT Clerk Member SecreTary To Principal qv-Q x J l . . ' si- Si MR BROWN rw uf I r MRS WILLIAMS Em rh A M53 MR GARRIGAN MR SCHUMACHER SOCIQI Smerwe Ma+Iwema+ufQ MISS SORENSON Home Economics Seven MR JENSEN Scsem e MR LAIBLY Comme C a MISS WOLFE Languages l MR TELLAISHA Music 13 Coach MR BROME English MISS SCOTT MRS MCQUISTON Enghsh I-lbrarran Eughf I MISS I-IEPPE GMS Qvm , R' MR EDSALL Coach I '1 A ,,, ya' , 'I xy x I A MR. WEAVER I I ' ,RI Q 'Rx 49 X in SHIIHNI HHVLHNMLNI 'H DO cs GLENN P STUDENT BQDY OFFICERS PAT TURNER LARRY REYNOLDS MARY coNTRl N Egg' Back Row Ieff Io rxghf BOB BOTSFORD JACK GIUDICI MARY CONTRI BOB VIZINA JOHN JAYO Fronf Row Ieff fo rughf PAT TURNER DOUG GLENN LARRY REYNOLDS The execuhve commuffee CODSISIS of fhe Sfudenf Body officers and 'rhe four cIass pres: denfs Thelr asslgnmenf as To make up The school calendar each semesfer and To see Thaw' I+ runs on scheduIe The group rs headed by Sfudenf Body Presndenr Doug Glenn wlfh Mr Garrugan acfung as sponsor Thus group of sfudenfs IS comprised of The Sfudenr Body officers class presldenfs class represenfahves and a sponsor This commuffee appounfs The POI-IOB edlfor makes Sfudenf Body awards and If necessary amends The school conshfuhon Back Row, IeI'r 'ro rugh+ BOB VIZINA, JACK GIUDICI, JIM GREGORY, LARRY REYNOLDS, GILBERT LANDELL, TED CONTRI, DONNA KERN, CHARLOTTE ZUNINO, JOHN JAYO. MR GARRIGAN. Fron+ Row, Ieff Io rlghf SHIRLEY BAUMGARDNER, MARY CONTRI, JOAN THOMAS, PAT TURNER, DOUG GLENN, JOHN SHEERIN, JOHN WAAGE, JIM BOTSFORD. Ten I Ixmunvr rrrr uummnm smnnn nuumln Baclc Row leTT To r ghT BOB VIZINA ALBERT MOUR DUANE KERN FLOYD VICE JIM COBB LEAH GREGORY PAM WAYMAN DOUG GLENN MARY MICHELSON LELIA MIGLIORETTO The welTare commrTTee us comprused oT The STudenT Body PresldenT Doug Glenn and Two appolnTed sTudenTs Trom each class Thus commrTTee worlcs To promoTe a Teelzng oT good will wlTh oTher schools and :T also helps The new sTudenTs To become acqualnTed wrTh our school and sTudenTs Thus commuTTee consrsTs oT The class presudenTs vnce presrdenTs and The STudenT Body oTT1cers They supervnse all assemblies presenTed by The STudenT Body durnng The year We are qraTeTul To The Assembly Program CommITTee Tor a number oT enjoyable well balanced assemblies durnnq boTh semesTers G Baclc Row leTT To rughT JOHN WAAGE RALPH GAMBOA WARREN WALTERS PAT TURNER MR GARRIGAN. STANLEY SWITZER. JACK GIUDICI. EronT Row, leTT To rnqhT BOB VIZINA, JOHN JAYO, BOB BOTSFORD, MARY CONTRI, DOUG GLENN. LARRY REYNOLDS. Eleven llllll T T llllllllllll ' Fron+RavT,IeT++'oT'qh+:: I I I I I u 1 A SEE' TTH9 y lll t SENIUHS t 13? JOHN JAYO Presldenf Q 45? MR GARNGAN Sponsor RALPH GAMBOA MISS HEPPE Vice Pres1den+ Sponsor DONNA KERN Girls Represeniahve GIB LANDELL THELMA RICHIE Boys Represeniahve Secrefary and Treasurer X .J J 1 V- 0 ,f , A 5 f ' ' X 4 ' T 'P 5 fi? -.au M X' 'L ALBERT AGUIRRE JIM ANDRAE BETTY BENNETT LORRAINE BERRUETA WILLIAM BROWN JOAN CHRISTENSEN ANN CHURCHFIELD SONNY CORNEJO IOLANDA COSCI LLOYD CUNNINGHAM HUGH ABBETT GERALDINE DE GROAT fa- 'dx 'xl -on 4, X -4 ..i IU' Sixfeer LOUISE ERREA MARIE GAMBOA RALPH GAMBOA RALPH GARCIA SHIRLEY GARDNER RICHARD GIBSON VVILLIAM GIUDIC'I DOUG GLENN ANIITA GRANADOS DON GREEN LEAH GREGORY LEON HAY LOUELA HEALY VICTOR HERRERA ROGER HUNTER JACK HUNTSMAN BARBARA HUTCHINSON JOHN JAYO DONNA KERN DONNA KOPP JOHN KRENKA GILBERT LANDELL MARY LESBO JOSEPHINE MARETOLI i 01v"9 44 SC CV CCI. od -cf Q 9 Q A.. -1:31 l' Nz fi- 2' W I-10" fi 4' J Eqhfeem PATRICIA MUELLER JOANN MURPHY SHARON OCARROLL GENE PETERSON RACHEL OUINTERO LARRY REYNOLDS THFLMA RICHIE SHIRLEY RIZZI ROBERT ROMANS BETH SALLS JAUERGUI ARLYS SCOTT MARY TEWELL r 9 I2 X VIOLET URIARTE CARMEN VASQUEZ FLOYD VICE RONALD WIGGINS The Class oT 50 goT oTT To a Tlyvng sTarT In Their Treshman year Though deTeaTed on Teld day all was Torguven aT The Sensor Frosh dance A successTul Treshman parTy and a pucnuc were The mann soc1alevenTs oT The year They presenTed a group oT choral readlngs and a one acT play under The dIrecTuon oT Mr Lanbly John P WrrghT was presndenT ThaT year suTy Iunnor vars:Ty and ID all exTra curricular acTuvuTles The Theme oT The sophomore hop was Ivlussuon Bells IT was carrned oTT mosT eTTecTuvely The annual plcnzc was held aT Drown s ranch In The sprung PresldenT Tor The year was Salvador I-lernandez As lunlors The Class oT SO carrled oTT The nnTerclass baslceTbaIl champlonshup John Jayo and Floyd Vrce made varsuTy The class was well represenTed nn TooTball whuch was unTroduced ThaT year The Theme oT The Junior Prom was The Four Seasons and :T was execuTed very cleverly The Junoor Play We Shoolc The Famlly Tree was guven In The sprung OTher evenTs were a pay dance and Two pucnucs The yunror class presadenT was Floyd Vuce The Class oT 50 now In Tneur sensor year sponsored The annual Senior Frosh dance Many members oT The class howed marlced leadershlp In school acTmTues ln aThleT:cs The Class oT 50 was ouTsTandung Floyd Vice ouarTerbaclc Tor The Fllqo Indians made All STaTe TnrsT sTrrng and All American snxTh sTr ng Doug Glenn received All Amerncan honorable menTuon Ann Church Tleld reugned a gueen oT The homecomxng ball The Senuors sTaged The play IT s Sprung Agaun A lnTTle laTer IIT Tho yc r curuno ba leTball s ascn The sensors again showed Thear lnTeresT In sporTs by golng ouT Tor spouT Among The annual evenTs oT The year werc DuTch Day a pay dance and Two pucnrc and The Senior De Laureola Banguo JusT beTore graduaTuon They a mel oall John Jayo was pres: denTTo1 The year Ralph Cfamboa was vnce resldenT Thelma Rzchre secre Tary and Treasurer and GnlberT Landell ind Donna Kern were class reoresenTa Tlves CELIA WILLIAMS JOHN WRIGHT NnneTe-en . I 4 354 T c it Q T 4 J' 3? Y,4- I I X 'I . . . . Q I As sophomores They deTeaTed The Treshmen on Tield day. They were represenTed In var- . Q .S V ! V. FV girl k A D . . I . . . . KJ VC 1 . ' . -V: . I I . . v - T: - h X Ed. I JHNIHHS BOB VIZINA Presldeni' JOHN WAAGE Vrce Presldenf JAMES BOTSFORD CHARLOTTE ZUNINO Secrefary and Treasurer Represeniahve Twenfy MR BROWN Sponsor MISS SORENSON Sponsor -J X N JOHN SHEERIN Represenfahve J i A A 26 V ' "5 I' J T f'y, xx 5 Q N ' or 4, sv E at . Q ,,,,L , b " vv i 5 , 3 J a Q X ,f for kffi Irwin Ambler Joy Blume Roberf Carson f ' -5 1 f f ,I Delfina Eiquibua Q x , Y, .2 'QTL A 41 Teddy Asbizawa at 41 3 N James Bo+sford BeHy Cave A 14-'fr' a Darlene Ellioi' ,J ,lv Kgs .gf L bi" .Jack Banks Esfher Carey John Cobb F' ye ff Virginia Evans I A ' 1 5 x Gerald Burner 'Q 1 Sofia Carillo Mary Confri Beverly Fosfer 'ia .XE if .fx f 2 - . f Y Jaclc Franklin ,N"x Hg, .as D X ' ' I ix, Q Tom Griswold Pa+ricia Guisli Caroline Hansen Renee Hernandez fu '-if George Kershner Margaref Landa Alai.. 'J ,J f v G3 4rx,l 'fi Ed Granados 4 v Alice Hage Bonnie Holden J- Efliel Mar+in Q? Vary Dalcin Griswold T . 1-To-Q . ,M 3 , X 1 l Qi ' wi Kennelh Hammond Shirley Hull AAF? Joleen McLain J Mary Todd Michelson J A Dyan Miller Norma Lou Moldenha f Q' 0 .Q ' i -. "" Xt - yi . ii F X - ,J I E x ,,:, lj , v X x Alberl Mour James O'Carroll Cherie Porler Gary Murphy Fern Palfani Pol hoff Roberf Naylor Merlin Paul vi, , ' .4 r 'Y l i' Alice Quinlero UBI' ,yi-no K EvereH Morse F' 2 1 1 A' William Nelson Lyle Pefers Gerald Reynolds u.-5 Y Tr,1we l lx 1 5 - Q 9 Alberf Samper g gg 5 ' ll f Norman Sigmon Harrief Tom 9 , Ky K . Charles Sesfanovich 33 7 . x l .rs -ffl' Gerald Sfearns Pairicia Turner l John Waage Kay Wiclcwire z" 1 -Q E George Shealcs ' ai V 1. La Veigh Thomas Laurel Vaughn Gordon Wines S .ff I , xx 3 l N . l 1 John Sheerin .1 3 fi br l Ronald Thorpe Roberl' Vizina Q we if X N f CharloHe Zunino RUBY ZUNINO e JunTor dass T1rTeo ouT wrTh a bano ThT yeur by eTeCTr a Thevr oTTaQer Bob Vmna presTdenT John Waaoe vice preswderT Jm BoT Tord seQroTary and John Sheerm and CharoTTe Zunano a repre en ahfos To The STudenT Councu The Junuor are noTed Tor The r arnbrhon and perQeveranCe whach The dass as we' re-preQenTed n a'f The exTra Qurrr uar aCTrvvTueQ especaahy basTceTbaTT ard TooTbaT They are proud To have Two cTudenT oody oTTucers Trom TheTr group and a head cheereader and her assrsTanT They howed Their superuorrTy over The FreQhrnen and Sophonnores by Throwuno wo ass prcnm and a pay dance wh1QhneTTed a aood oroT1T As The CTass oT 5l prepares Tor Thenr Sensor year we Know ThaT wuTh aTT Them experuence and chooT spuruT They WT' be very suQcessTuT ,X L I x I JoYcE ADAMS 'iii' I Th A ' S c T - ' J .S C V ' . Q i .. , U . This yeah Turned ouT a unique Prom and a successTuT Class Play. ' 5, V I. T' - 'Q T ' " , - T T T. 1 . - K . h , 5 . A . .L . .IS H . I F . . C. Z. qvtrlyrhvc f' 4 JACK GUIDICI STANLEY SWITZER PresidenT Vice-PresidenT The Sophomore class came Through The pasT year wiTh Tlying colors. They downed The Freshmen on Tielcl clay, alThough iT was a close race Tor supremacy. They carried oTT Their hop in a grancl way ancl iT was a greaT success, socially ancl Tinancially. Baclc Row, leTT To righT:-Norma Johns, June Ingram, BeT'iy McGhee, Doris Hinesman, Alihea Morse. Second Row:-PaTricia Murphy, Madge HalcaTa, Janei' Lucas, Joann Paoli, Fay Johnson, Verna Jones. Third Row:-Duane Kern, Rober+ Jones, Raymond Paoli, Bruce Mabee, Jim Gregory, Jim McKennon, Celes Tino Mendive. "4 Q0 qw. Back Row, lefi lo right- Larry Flowers, Jack Ford, Bob Burns, James McKenn on, Jack Giudici, Tom Alfer, Don Baumgarclner. Second Row:-Ronald Conley, Margaref Ellison, Isabel Elia, Janei Echegon, Fay Johnson, Calda Boucher. Third Row:-Shirley Hansen, Li+a Gu+ierrez, Rosie Domingo, Palricia Burns, Dolly Clark, Romelia Hernandez SUPHHMUIH3 Their canclidales, Norma Johns and Lyndon Roloerlson were crowned King and Queen of The l-larvesl Ball eller a vigorous campaign. Soon aller 'rhe Sophomore candiclales lor King and Queen ol The Music Fesli- val reigned as monarchs of lhal evenl. Verna Jones. MR. JENSEN MR. SCHUMACHER Sponsor Sponsor xl, .k L u xml,-44 9 i' V c. s fy P X -Q , ,,,A Xi l i. . JOAN THOMAS JIM GREGORY Represen1'a+ive Represen+aiive Slllllllllllll The Sophornores also presenled a clever slcil and won lirsl prize al lhe liesliyal lor lheirellorls. Their picnic proved lo be a well-allended and enjoyable affair. Class officers are: Jaclc Giudici, president Slanley Swilzer, vice-presi- denlp Madge l-lalcala, secrelary and Treasurer: Joan Thornas and Jim Greoory, class represenlalives To The Sludenl Council. Baclc Row, lell lo riqhlz- Pa+ricia Samon, Carol Lake, Gladys McKnigh+, Nadine Srnilh. Second Row:AJeanne Hogge, Donna Reed, Darlene Richie, Aflon Smifh, Cleo Rood, Mary Sesfanovich. Third Row:vJanero Herrea, Marvin Churchfield, Louis Bilbao, William Parkhursf, Douglas Peferson, Duane Fosfer, James Oldfield, John Andrae, Warner Barnes. 1419111 Back Row, leil To rigid:- Barbara Young, Lois Williams, Joan Winfermanfel, Elaine Williams. 19:1 W Second Row:-Allen Welch, Jane'r Wiggins, Pamela Wayman, Marjorie Olin, Joan Thomas, Barbara Williams, Teresa Quinfero. Third Row:-Pal' Sullivan, Lyndon Roberlson, Sfanley Swilzer, Lee Wrighf, Duane Wright Keiih Wl1i+e, Fred Williams, Bruce Warmbrod+, Gordon Peferson. Noi picfured:-Erlene Hunsalcer. SHPHUMHHH 4, 1,45 Q L MADGE HAKATA Secreiary and Treasurer BOB BOTSFORD WARREN WALTERS Presidenf Vice-Presiclenl' The Freshmen began a mos'r successful year by elecling Bob Bolslord, presidenrg Warren Walrers, vice-president and Par Bellinger, secrelary- Jrreasurer, as Their officers. Ted Conlri and Shirley Baumqardner were rhe Freshmen class represenralives lo The Sludenl Council. Back Row, lelr +o riqhfz-Marsha O'Carroll, Paisy Rood, Carol Rae. Second Row:-Rober+a Morse, Pamela Pashby, Leila Rae MiglioreHo, Herleen Morse, Giuliana Salicchi. Third Row:--Tim Monroe, Ralph Quick, Leonard Smifh, Jake Reed, George Norquisf, Harold Roocl, Wilmer Paul, Leslie Sharp, Jack Palmer. Back Row, leff 'ro riqhh- ,f l' Virginia Zen+, Donna Kevan, Margielou Mccaughey, Joan Von Har+en, Rufh Whi+e, Loris Eldredge. Second Row:-Jeanne Mariluch, Marilyn Griswold, Emily Garcln er, Norma Hammond, Jeanne Wrighf. Third Row:-Chesfer Franklin, Roberf Jones, Ted Confri, Wm. Meyers, Julian Dicks, William Elfing. lHlSHMlN The Freshmen were qreally pleased To have Leila Migliorerfo chosen as assisfanl cheerleader. Warren Wallers had a leading role in 'rhe Chrisl- mas play, Jrhus adding anolher ieafher lo Their cap. I , 1,71 MRS. WILLIAMS MR. TELLAISHA J f if ' Q S TED CONTRI SHIRLEY BAUMGARDNER llll3HlllN On January olh Jrhe Freshman Class parly was held in lhe gym. I+ was well alrlended and Thoroughly enioyed by all. A+ lhe presenl lime Jrhe Freshmen are looking forward lo Jrhree more years of fun and hard work. Back Row, lelr fo righfz-Shirley Baumgardner, Marge ref Armufh. Secono Row:- Ava Cash, Pa+ricia Bellinger, Georgia Brown, Genevieve Burner, Dianne Cook, Shirley Churchfield. Third Row:- Harold Chapin, Tom Bacon, Arnold Carrillo, Lee Brunner, Vernon Andrae, Bob Boisford, James Cobb me wW4il'! ,, -an 'f 31223 41 'P l 1 A . A as DF Back Row, lefi +0 righf:-KiH'y Tennille, Genevieve Togerson. Second Row:--Pairicia Tooiey, Beverly Sfodciard, Lenus Wrighf, Marlene Van Horn, Mary Lou Wines. Third Row:-Richard Hunfer. Rober+ Smi+h, Warren Wai+ers. Erie Howard, Fidel Vasquez, Dennis Glennon Benson Gibson. Noi pidured:-Max Marrs, Peggy Alfer. PATRICIA BELLINGER V Il DONNA KERN The sTudenT body has chosen Donna Kern and Floyd Vice as The Gurl and Boy oT The year These ouTsTandung sTudenTs were chosen Tor The honor on The basns oT scholar shup and clTlZenshnp Donna Kern The Girl oT The Year has been an honor sTudenT ThroughouT her hugh school career She has been acTuve on The Pohob sTaTT nn G A f'-X De Laureola and English E She has been especrally acTlye IH dramaTucs and holds several honor medals Tor her achnevemenTs an The Commercnal de parTmenT l.asT year she was chosen To go To Gnrls STaTe ln The pasT Tour years she has exhzbrTed cnhzenshup and scholarshnp To an ouTsTandlng degree and rs cerTalnly de serynng To be our Gsrl oT The Year FLOYD VICE Floyd Vnce was chosen by The sTudenT body Tor The honor oT Boy oT The Year and well he has earned The TnTle l-le has been on The honor roll conslsT enTly wuTh a 300 average He made varsuTy baskeTball Team sn hrs Sophomore year l-le was chosen as a dele gaTe To Boys STaTe rn has Junior year l-T was also class pres1denT an h1s Jun1or year ln has Senior year he was capTa n oT The TooTball Team and was named on The All Amencan suxTh sTrung l-Te was also capTann oT The baslceTball Team Durung The pasT Tour years he has dus played aThleTuc lcll sporTsmanshlp and scholarshnp To The exTenT ThaT he can cer Talnly be consudered Elko CounTy Hugh Schools ouTsTandung boy Ty Tour J Tlwfrfy-f The Elko Indians posTed an unbelievable record Tor The I949 season The Indians sTarTed slowly wiTh a I3 6 vicTory over The Doug as Tigers aT Gardnerville picked up sT am and Tinished The season wiTh 6 vic Tories and no deTeaTs The Indians amassed a ToTaI OT I3I poinTs Tor The year ATTer The regular season The Team voTed unani usly To meeT Reno in a Three way pIayoTT Tor The sTaTe championship ATTer a hard ToughT baTTIe aT Mackay STadium in Reno MR EDSALL WEAVER Elko yielded To The I-Iuskies wiTh a score oT 34 I3 For Theirexcephonal playing six Elko men were named on The All STaTe Team and Two on The All American sguad Floyd Vice Tield general oT The Indians was named as The T rsT sTring All STaTe guarTerback and haITback Doug Glenn and end Tom Griswold were named on The second Team while John Cobb Sonny Corneyo Ralph Gamboa were also menTioned Vice and Glenn were also named on The All American Team Vice was named as sixTh sTring guarTerback and Glenn received honorable menTion Larry Reynolds was manager oT The Team B CK P w I T To roh Jack Franklin Ralph Gamboa AlberT Aquirre John Jayo GilberT Landell John Cobb John Waage Se ono Row James Cobb Bruce Maybee Tom AlTer Slanley SwiTzer Duane Kern Raymond Paou AlberT Samper Th rd Row Fidel Vasquez George Shealcs Harold Rood Larry Reynolds J mes Andrae Jack Ford Rober+ Carson Irwin Ambler FourTh Row John WrighT Wm ParlchursT James OCarrolI Charles Wiluams Ted ConTri John Sherrin Ed Granados Lloyd Cunningham FiTTh Row Gary Murphy Sonny Cornelo Gene PeTerson Ronald Wiggins Gerald Burner AlberT Mour Tom Griswold Floyd Vice Douglas Glenn INIoT picTured George Kershner ...J J I - , Q y . . . l I C . . . . - J -f I I . - - MR ' rvwe , ' .I L! - I ' " - v I r. . l I ' v I I I I f . . , . . . ci NC , 61 IJ IIT , , , , , , . 1 - C - 1 1 I I n . . . I ' I ' I I I I 6 , , . , . I-' , . , i I I n I - 1 ' 'W' I I I I I I I , . :- . as . , . l , i S, I I I , -4 M-as A-- 'ff N I Q x li' - ' I , I 4 ff I Hn I ' A ' ' , Q - :Ib ' --H .1 4- 1 -1 ' T R I . , . .A A A 1 I , 1 V , . X W x an i H I 1 I 9 ' " i ,, M i l r sg s W , I , -, V In .V-1 ,. " . , 5 I ',. Y'-QV" ., " " .' , ' --,KW , I X ,W v A ,, . - O O O O O O O The Elko Indians Innrshed Ihe regular I949 50 season wulh a mediocre 9 won 8 Iosl record The Induans wllh an nnex perlenced aggregallon bunll around The Iwo relurnlng Ieller men Eloyd Vlce and John Jayo sfarled rolling slowly and pncked up sleam and experuence as The season progressed A The regular season closed Ihe Redskuns were hlllung smoolhly COACH WEAVER and Ihe slarhng guxnlef ol Eloyd Vlce Doug Glenn Jnm O Car roll John Jayo and Tom Griswold were Iasl breaklng Ihelr opponenls wulh comparalnve ease Among Ihe scalps collecled by Ihe Indnans were Whale Pune Iwlce Wunnemucca Shoshone Idaho Wells Iwuce Carlun Iwnce and Eureka Elko drew Ihe Well s Leopards lor Ihe opennng game of zone Iournamenl Elko won 'rhurd place consolalnon game by beahng Wells 42 28 Thar game ended The hoop season for Ihe Elko Indnans wnlh a Iunal counlr ol I I vnclorues and IO de leafs Players earning Iellers lor The I949 50 baskelball season Included Eorwards Eloyd Vuce Doug Glenn AI Ivlour guards John Jayo Tom Gruswold Gllberl Landell cenlers Jim OCar roll and George Kershner Lefl Io rgh+ Douglas Glenn Ed Granados Floyd Vlce John Jayo Gnlberf Lanclel Duane Kern George Kershner James OCarroII Gerald Burner Alberi Mour Tom Gruswold Jack Banks Wm Gludlcu Gary Murphy Cenler Wm Nelson Coach Weaver ..,.....I X ...FW Eorfy J vi 1 . .. W . I ' I ' I . s 'A Y I, Us ,, 4' 6 5 I A E I . I I ,: 1 Hllllll l lllllll Wells Shoshone Shoshone Wunnernucca Wlnnennucca Whale me 34-While une Eureka Carlin au au While Pune Whale une Wnnnemucca 34-Wlnnemucca 49 Wells 48 Carlin JOHN JAYO FLOYD VICE DOUGLAS GLENN GILBERT LANDELL Forfy one O O O Elko f' -I' GEORGE KERSHNER JAMES OCARROLL ALBERT MOUR TOM GRISWOLD JACK BANKS JOHN WAAGE ZONE TOURNAMENT Wells Whule Pune Wunnemucca Wells co 49- 28 co 37- 24 2 co l8- 25 co 37- ' 49 co 29- ' 39 ko 29- ' P' L 30 ko ' P' 35 co 32- 3l -A co L 40- ' , 35 H eo 38-P l 39 EL H if I co 2 24-P l 39 9 ' 1 I Q co L L L Y 50- ' ' , , 32 H co E 2 46- ' P' .2 4I ' Q co 2 38- ' 26 9 co. L 2 2 ' so 39 co . L L so L - ,,ss, L L L 33 co . - ' . 38 2 . , .Ti 'T J' ' , .-.L P35 2. , T ,, A ' ' 9 1 5. L . gg X - ' his-A X fl wx Elk so L ol- L so 2,33 Elk L so , ss,s 43- ' ' L L M48 Elk ,, ,Ls,, ,L,,,,,. 4 2- ' , 22,44 L ,ssss 42- 2 2 so 28 The Junnor Varsufy had a very successful season under The able coach :ng ol Coach Floyd Edsall The Freshmen Sophomore and Junior classes were well represenled on The squad walh Three eleven and nlne mem bers respechvely SCHEDULE We S J V We s J V Nahonal Guard Aushn Lund Nahonal Guard V H ol Back Row elf lo raqhl Fndel Vasquez Pa+ Sullnvan Erwin Ambler Bob Naylor Tom Alfer Bob Vmna James Gregory Alberf Samper Coach Edsall Row Two Don Baumgardner Chesfer Franklin Gerald Siearns Ted Confrl Jaclc Gardner Keufh Whufe Ronald Conley Raymond Paola Row Three Lyle Pefers Roberf Jones Allen Welsh Wm Nelson John Sheerun Sfanley Swnizer Duane Wrnghi' Jack Reed manager Forly lwo J J. V. . . 39- ll . . 32 J. V. ' 42- ll . . I8 J. V. . 49- ' 35 J. V. . 4l- ' , 33 J. V. . 29- .V 24 J. V. . 29- ' . 35 J. V. 3I-lvlonlello 25 4 K TX, , 2 .- .4. N J T . 2 . X . Ck. 9-vu For+y-Hwree B. H. H. Under 'rhe ausplces of M1ss Heppe G A A members parlucapalecl ID four malor 'rournamenls lcuclcball volleyball baslcelball baseball and a number of munor 'rournamenls The organnzallon LEAH GREGORY MISS HEPPE President was also responsible lor an assembly and a dance Sponsor The olhcers elecfecl for lhe year were Leah Gregory presadenl Annla Granados vice presxdenf Rachel uanfero secrelary Marne Gamboa Jrreasurer Baclc Row leff +o rlghl A Granados P WhrI'e J Mare ollu V Urlarle D Rlchle A Churchfled S OCar roll J Murphy L Gregory L Molclenhaur L Healy C Porrer N Johns D Reed M Hakafa J McLam M Michelson P Guush K Wuclrwure S Hull V Evans D Grnswold J Blume mson D Kerr M CODTFI P Turner D Muller E Carey B Holden G McKnlgh+ D Equlhua P Samon D Kevan C Rae G Togerson T Rnchae C Boucher Row Three S Baumbardner L Berrue+a R um+ero J Waggms B Cave L Wolluams E Co cu N Smuih Lucas M Olnn P Wayman J Thomas K Tennulle J Echegon P Murphy J Paolu D Reed A Smlfh S Hansen A Cash Row Four E Bonaccl P Alfer A um'I'ero B Fosfer M Van Horn P Bellmger K Wayman L MIQIIOTGT' +o M Wmes N Hammond D Cook R Hernandez P Pashby R Morrls J Maruluch S Churchfuelcl M Sesfanoulch Forfy four l ' 1 Q ' . : ' . . N Y B 1 , A Row Two:---Miss Heppe, M. Gamboa, P. Mueller, F. PaHanni, M. Landa, J. Chrislenson, C. Vasquez, B. Hulch 1- . , . , . Q ' , . ' ' , . , . ' ' , . s ', . ' J. , . ' , . , . . . ' , . , . , . ', . , 3- . ', . , . Q ' , . , . , . ' , . , . ' ' - LEAH GREGORY MISS HEPPE Presiclen'f Sponsor The gurls Jrumblmg Team l'as proved Hrself one of The mosl achve orgamzahons un E C l-l S They performed for baslcefball games fhe Thanlcsguvmg feshval assemblies and varlous clvuc groups The acrobahc group elecled Leah Gregory as capfaun and Mlss l-leppe was lhe Team advisor Members are Arm Churchlseld Vloler Urvarle Joy Blume Leila Mlglnorello Janef Lucas Madge l-lalcala Rosle Dommgo Vnrgnma Evans Norma Mouldenhauer Kay Wnckwure Darlene Richie and Leah Gregory l -...nw----1 f wa --wwf Forly fave . , . . . l . . . . , n r - I - 1 u 1 I I I l I 4 v I - Q . 56.1 W E 'Ja ' L 'A ' '4 -91 R24 1- 'F WMU. K ,. it ' .- , .LM ,K .X , , ... C . A V Forfy 3 A lin! Qi lk School opened on SepT 6Th Eueld day was held on The 9Th Tollowed by The annual Sensor Erosh geT TogeTher The TlrsT TooTbaII game oT The season was played agalnsT Gard nervllle aT Warrlor Tleld on The 23rd The I-lar vesT Ball was held on The 3OTh On OcT 8Th Yer1ngTon played The Elko Indians here On The l5Th Hansen meT The Indians here on our Tleld The TlrsT gradlng period ended on The 2lsT On The 22nd Euler ldaho played The lndlans here Teachers I sTlTuTe was held on The 24Th Ely played here on The 29Th Eollowlng The game was The Sadle Hawkins dance Lovelock played our Team here on Nov 5Th ATTer The game The T-lomecomnng TesTlval whlch was The TlrsT one since The lnnovaTlon OT TooTbaII aT E C l-l S was held The Senior play was presenTed on The l lTh and l2Th The Thanksglvlng TesT1val was held on The l8Th Thanksgiving vacaTlon began on The 23rd and school re opened on The 28Th On Dec 2nd The second gradlng perlod came To a close On The 3rd The Sensor pay dance was held The lndlans played Their TlrsT baskeTbaII game oT The year on The 9Th aT Wells On The l6Th and l7Th The Shoshone Team played here ChrlsTmas vacaTlon began on The 2lsT School re opened on The 4Th oT January The Erosh held Thelr annual parTy on The 6Th oT January On The l3Th and l4Th Wunnemucca played here On The 2OTh and 2 l sT The Indians played rn The Ely gym On The 27Th The TlrsT semesTer ended and ThaT evening Eureka played The Elko Team here On The 28Th Carlln was hosT To The Elko baskeTball Team The sec ond semesTer began on The 29Th The Paul ldaho baskeTball Team meT The Elko lndlans on The Elko Tloor on The 3rd and 4Th oT Eebruary On The lOTh a d llTh Ely played Elko here The YouTh ConTerence was held on The l4Th On The l7Th and l8Th we played Wnnnemucca aT Wrnnemucca The JV Team played The Wells J V s Team aT Elko on The 24Th and on The 25Th The Carlln gulnTeT played Elko here The EasTern BaskeTball TournamenT was held ID The Ely gymnaslum on The 2nd 3rd and 4Th oT March The TlrsT grading period oT The second semesTer ended on The lOTh Senior College enTrance exam1naTlons were given To The senlors on The llTh and a Pohob dance was held ThaT evenlng The Junlor class play was presenTed on The 24Th and 25Th EasTer vacaTnon began on The 5Th oT April and school re convened on The lOTh The Jumors sTaged Thezr prom on The l5Th The annual lvluslc EesTlval Took place on The 2lsT and 22nd The All School Play was presenTed on May 2lsT and 22nd The EasTern Track conTerence was also held on The l3Th oT May The Sensor De Laureola bangueT was held on The l4Th The sensors presenTed Thelr assembly on The 26Th A hollday was granTed on The 3OTh BaccalaureaTe services were held on The 4Th oT June CommencemenT exerclses The IasT evenT oT The year Took place on The 7Th T June EorTy se en lHllNllHll in-P? r:-e,Q, , av' l f BOB VIZINA SHIRLEY HULL GERALDINE DeGROAT MR LAIBLY Assls+an+ Edufor Buslness Manager Ednior Sponsor Under Jrhe clnrecllon ol Geraldxne De Groal and her assaslanl Roberl Vmna lhe POHOB sfalf ol nnne have conlrubuled lube ally lo lhe pulolnshnng ol The annual Mr Lalbly was sponsor They worked dulngenlrly 'rhroughoul lhe year lo publlsh lhus boolc IH Jrhe hope lhal ul will serve as a memorandum of lhe pas? year ID Ellco Counly l-hgh School Shurley l-lull business manager and her srall ol seven salesmen are responsllole lor lhe lm ancung of lhe boolc Due lo lhenr unhrrng ellorls and salesmanshup lhe annual has cosl lhe sfu clenls S2 50 --.Quill W -lun --11 4' u Bar V w elwrorof Jum Gregory Leah Gregory Jack Guuducu Cl'1arlo'He Zunlno Tum Monroe John Wrrghf Dianne Cook r w rohr Bob Burns Bruce Mabee Dyan Muller Shirley Hull Geraldine DeGroa+ 9dI+Ol" Bob Vlzuna Donna Kern Forly emghl J 'P J X KX 3' S ,A 4 ,L . S- 1 mu? ', 'vw'-5' V m'f'4"'mf-s..4b" - 1 1 2. aslc ,' llhzee FI sf Ro ,lell fo ll ':- I I I I I . NI MR BROME THELMA RICHIE Sponsor Edlfor The Busmess Enqlnsh class under Jrhe supervision of Mr Brome advus or and Thelma Rlchue edlfor pubhshed Jrhe school paper The Saga Slraff Compiles news evenrs s+orles and specaal feafures WFILLSD by Engllsh HI confrubufed much hme and efforf +0 pur ouf fhe Saga and fhenr work as hsghly appreclafed DK B wk Row 'eff +o ruc1h+ BETH JAUERGUI ANITA GRANADOS LORRAINE BERRUETA MARIE GAMBOA Frewf Row 'eff 'ro rlghf IOLANDA COSCI LOUISE ERREA THELMA RICHIE ANN CHURCHFIELD JO ANN MURPHY SHARON O CARROLL Ferry mme L , 1, and IV classes. These 'ren slrudenfs who comprise +heiSaga sfaff have Lefl' +o rughl' RALPH GAMBOA JOHN COBB FLOYD VICE GILBERT LANDELL acl: Row le-H fo rwqhl Hlllll This aclive, rugged orqanizalion con- sisls ol Ellco Counly l-ligh's alhlefes who have made lheir lerlers in loolrball baslcelball or lraclc Under lhe line coachunq of Coaches Edsall and Weaver lhey parhcspaled In numerous alhlehc evenjrs They spon sored several successful dances Olhcers lor lhe year were Floyd Vice presxdenl John Cobb vlce pres: denl Gllberl Landell secrelary Ralph Gamboa freasurer Gerald Burner Gene Peferson James Andrae Sfanley Swnfzer Duane Kerr Ralph Gamboa James O Carroll Tom Griswold George Kershner John Cobb John Wrlgh'r Wm Guudlcu Larry Reynolds Floyd Vice Second Row lell lo r ohl Gary Murphy Alber+ Semper John Jayo Ed Granados Gulberf Landell Douglas Glenn Sonny Cornelo berf Aguirre ' 1 1 Fl ly an-up l ' . C B , ,l ' :- , IJ :Y . . . . , ' . , ' , AI l ' 1 L " zu Q w . . 5 ll" 1 v lu'2'L.-'L r.. E' -is Q, N . . aff iq . 'mf J -ft- q Leif ro riqhr LEILA MIGLIORETTO MARY CONTRI PATRICIA TURNER Pep E is composed ol lunlor and senior girls This year Jrhirly sux members under +he leader ship ol Sharon O Carroll presidenl and Miss Heppe sponsor performed al 'rhe hall + me of a number of games Their uniforms were maroon gabardine slcurlrs and while blouses and saddle oxlords They made a very snappy plclure as They marched al Jrhe alhlehc evenlrs Lefl lo riohl Ani'ra Granaclos Sharon O Carroll Renee Hermandez Shirley Gard ner Ruby Zunino Beverly Fosier Louela Healy Margarel Landa Violef Uriarfe Dyan Miller Joann Murphy Thelma Richie Kay Wick wire BeHy Cave Mary Todd Miche'son Bonnie Holden Ann Chu chfield Jo.een McLain Nor- ma Lou Moldenhauer Dakin Gris- wold Arlys Sco'r+ E'he' Marlin Joan Chrislensen Virginia Evans Leah Gregory, Pal Mueller, Lor- raine Berruela, Belly BenneH', Bar- bara Hulchinson, Marie Gamboa, Cherie Porrer, Fern PaHani, Char- loHe Zunino, Donna Kern, Shirley Hulf, Joy Blume. Fiflyrone K MR GARRIGAN FLCYD VICE MRS McQUISTON Sponsor PresudenT Sponsor Mernbershrp In De Laureola The honorary hlsTory socueTy of Ellco CounTy l-llgh School IS held by Those sTudenTs who have elghT honor po1nTs Tor each semesTer and a B average In hlsTory Presn denT Tor The year was Floyd Vnce Barbara l-luTchlnson was vnce presadenT Larry Reynolds Treas urer and Soha Carrullo secreTary ThroughouT The year Thus organnzaTlon sponsored The annual Sadle T-lawlcuns dance Two rousing ln1T1aTnons and an lnTeresTung assembly In The sprung The De Laureolans sponsored The Sensor De Laureola bangueT as a Tanal Tarewell To The deparTung senuors Back Row 'eff To rghT Thelma Rlchue Jack HunTsman Geraldune DeGroaT Hugh AbbeTT Wm Nelson Larry Reynolds Donna Kern Leah Gregory Mary Tewell Fronl' Row leTT To rnghT Mr Garrngan Ralph Gamboa Barbara HuTchmson Sophia Carrnllo Floyd Vlce Shirley Gardner BeTTy BenneTT Bob Vnznna Mrs Mc ulsTon g 5 A9 Tx' Q' .ss 4 L , E 'Q-T if 1 Q' X M T ' re 'Q 1 X MARJORIE OLIN MISS SORENSON LEAH GREGORY Presidenf Sponsor Presiclen+ Second Serne fer F r l' e-me er The Fulure hlomemalcers of America began a very achve year by sending Leah Gregory and Joann Murphy as delegafes lo ihe F l-l A convenhon held an Reno They also parhci paied in lhe annual dislricf gel logerher held in Winnemucca In The second sernesier lhey elecled Marlorie Clin presideni Rosle Domingo vice presideni Darlene Richie secrefary and Joann Paoli lreasurer These officers were insialled al lhe Valenhne dinner held on February I3 Leah Gregory was presndenf for lhe larsl sernesfer Back Row lelf lo rsghf Miss Sorenson Genevieve Torgerson Georgia Brown Margarei' Armu+h JoAnn Murphy Leah Gregory Sharon OCarroll Leila Mlgliore'H'o Dianne Cook Joan Von Harien Anrla Granados Marne Gamboa Ruih Whi+e Shirley Baumgardner l-ursi Row lefl fo rughi Madge Hakafa Rosie Domingo Joann Paoli Darlene Richie Marlorie Olin Barbara Young Janef Lucas Barbara Williams x, ' 5 I- ' l Y' X! l g Xl s i S s if Second Row, lell lo righ+:!Ava Cash, Pafridia Toole, Pa+ricia 'Mueller, Lorraine Berruefa, Thelma Richie, -I X lv' , 1 l f 3 ' 1 3 1 4' 1. 6 7 'Q j' MISS WOLFE LARRY REYNOLDS Suernpre Feluces us an orqanuzahon lor 'rhose sludenls rnleresled ID lhe sludy ol lorenqn counlrues and languages lvleehngs are held once a rnonlh al which lhere are dlscu slons lec lures and pnclures They also sponsor correspondence wulh lorelqn counlrues There were enqhleen members rhss year They were a very achve orqanlzahon and accornplushed a qreal deal under lhe supervuslon of Mlss Wolfe sponsor Back Row lefl ro rlqhl John Jayo Doug Glenn Bob Bofsford Larry Reynolds Vnc+or Herrera Miss Wolfe Second Row lell lo rlqhl Dolly Jane Clark Margorle Olnn Pam Wayman Vnrgunla Evans Shnrley Gardner Sofia Carrlllo Joan Wm+erman+el Joleen McLam PM-4 af?"-V Fully four Q ,A Q. lg . Flrsl Row, lell lo rlghT:4Calda Boucher, PaHy Samon, Pal Gius+i, Mary Todd Michelson, CharloHe Zunino, 'v An . wa' ' 4 N- 'eff ' G' fy ii . r W7 ,V - 'ww-mi-w ,LL Lell Io rughl PAT TURNER MARY CONTRI LEILA MIGLIORETTO The Pep Club an organlzahon whnch was eslabllshed Ihls year for The promohon OI school znleresl rn alhlehcs has lhe largesl membership ol any E C I-l S organlzahon Nearly every sludenl as IH Ihus club Under The gundance ol Mr Garrsgan and Mnss Scoll lhe club slaqed lhe hrsl Homecomnng leshval IU whnch all members parhclpalecl They presenled several pep as semblues Through 'rhe ellorls of Ihe lhree cheerleaders Mary Conlru Pair Turner and Leila Mlgluo rello This club has clone much 'ro arouse even grealer unleresl ID alrhlehcs parhcularly foolball and baslqelball Hlllllllll CommuHee Back Row le-H lo rghf -JACK GUIDICI DONNA KERN JOAN THOMAS TIM MONROE Second Row lefl lo nqhl MR GARRIGAN BOB VIZINA SHIRLEY HANSEN JOHN WAAGE MISS SCOTT Flfly Inve r an-'Q-A -W ff ,A fu, - ,.- I : , , . - l llllllll Hlll lHlll English E and Masque and Gavel are dramaluc organlzahons Mernbershmp In English E as reslrlclecl lo lhose slu denls who have parlnclpaled n IX acl Or have 72 hours ol Crew worm Lehund lhem Masque and Gavel ss wn organ azahon lor 'rhose sludenls especlally leresled IU drarnalncs who hav I2 play acls or I44 hours of crew worlc lo lhelr credul Bolh organnzanon are under lhe compelenl sponsor hnp ol Mass ROW II IQ I Bonnie Scoll drarnallcs dlreclor ALBERT SAMPER ROBERT ROMANS GERALD BUR NER GORDON PETERSON ond R w lel+lo C DAKIN GRISWOLD MISS BONNIE SCOTT GERAL DINE DeGROAT B lc R w lell 'ro ruqh Alberf Mour Ed Granados Alber+ Samper Lloyd Cunnlngham Thelma Ruchue Go don Pelerson S onl Raw ell rc rqhl Rober+ Romans Merlln Paul Wm Nelson John Waage Keufh Whale Gerald Th rd Row lel+ +0 rlqhr Ronald Wlggms Ralph Gamboa Dyan Muller Pamela Wayman Vurgmla Evans Shurley Hull Donna Kern Marne Gamboa Gene Pe+erson Mary Conlrl Alberl Aguurre Feurfh Row lelr To r ohm' Joann Murphy Charlolle Zunmo MBFIOFIG Olun Dalun Grnswold Shnrley Gardner Barbara Hu chlnson Mary Todd Mnchelson Gera dune DeGroa Q ,I I I, I . Iso A ' I . ' ' i 5' 2 . I I . -'V . ' C - ' ' ' ' . ln- IIII I . . I 9 S . . Bailc , ,le lqhl:- ' ' I I ' Sed 0 I , rlI,hl:-4 I I ' ac e , L ' +gf--- I , I I ' I ' ', ec C. L Il I SI z- I ' I , I I ' ' , Sheaks, John WrIgh+, Gerald Burner, Mass Bonnie Sco++. I I I I I . II- . . I I . I I . .. I I I I I I I ' , I II I- I . I . . .I . I I T . ' , f ' T. . I: It I XI -' 1 ffl' 'II we r V 'Li 3 if I :V 5 ,V-'. XVI' ' 31' . I' I IX ' 142, I 5 U . I. I . V ll' ,I , IQII :I-I Q .I Q, I,.., . 4,5 'J R ,vii pw r 0. MR TELLAISHA JAMES BOTSFORD Band had Tully one members Thus organnzaluon has been very achve Jrhus year They pre senled a number ol selechons al Jrhe Thanlcsgnvnng feshval and also al 'rhe Sprung Concerf Pep Band as composed ol members of The band They provrded rousing numbers af foolball and bas lcelball games parades and olher evenls Olhcers lor lhe year were James Belrslord pres: denl' Mary Conlru vuce presldenl Vlrgunla Evans secrelary Dyan Muller lreasurer l T rgf Margaref Landa Margorue Olun Edlfh Bonoccl Roberl Sml+h Roberfa Morse Ava Cash Carol Rae Pamela Wayman Norma Johns James Bolsford Dyan Muller Charles Ses+anovlch E+hel Marlin Roberf Bofsford Douglas Peierson James Gregory Ronald Thorpe Bruce Mabee Joann Paola Fern Paflam Shirley Hansen C1 rorf Norma Hammond Karen Wayman Larry Reynolds Merlln Paul Rufh Whale Shirley Baumgardner Madge Halxafa Charloffe Sfevens George Norquls+ Max Marr Ted Ashlzawa Earl Howard John Waage Donna Kevan Bar bara Young LaVelgh Thomas Evereff Morse Jeanne Hogge Jaclr Guldlce Mary Tewell Mary Lesbo Wm Guudlcl Mary T Mnchelson Alice Hage Genevleve Torgerson Bar bara William Mary Confn Dianne Cool: Janet Echegon Vnrgmna Evans Maloreffes Genevieve Burner Kslfy Shorf Leula Mlgllorefla Renee Hernandez Marlene Van Horn Slxly 7 . l .H . 1 Skill - 1 x J fag! VM3 X . x N I I - : I ' : . - 7 ' ' ' . : ' . . Barlc Rww, fe ' lf: ' n 1- , ' ' ' , ' ', ' , , , , Sf- o' Qin, uf' 'T ll :W , , , ' , ' , ' , T'-hd Rm-.5 lf,-5' 'i Egfr- - , , . ' ' ', . ' , ' , ' I . A ' Y ' Z . N fl ' J l - Q I L 3 , i ' , l , A 1 , V 1 ,I ' Q l V J. 'L 'l , .' l W 1 SAM TELLAISHA JAMES GREGORY Orcheslra lrhus year wnlh lorry members has done much +o enlrven school acluvmes Among fhe many evenls In which lhey parflclpalecl were The school plays lhe annual Thanlcsguvnng Fesll val fhe sprang concerl and graoluahon exerclses A selecl group from rhe orcheslra played carols al Ghrusrmas fume Oflucers for Jrhe year were Jam Gregory pressdenl Bruce Mabee vuce presuclenl Pal Turner secrelary and lreasurer Back Ro lell lo rnghl Wilmer Paul Pal Belllnger Genevieve Burner Marlorue Olin Bob Bofsford Barbara Wlllrams Barbara Young Jeanne Hogge Jack Gludlcl John Waage Earl Howard Rufh Whale Ava Cash Shirley Baumgardner Joan Wmfer manfel Dolly Clark Ronnie Thorpe Jlm Gregory Bruce Mabee Mary Sesfanovlch Marlene Van Horn Second Row lefl lo rlgnl' Joann Paoll Madge Haltafa Pam Pashby Roberfa Morse Ball Giudlcx Mary Leslso Nadine Smlfh Charlofle Sfevens Frsf Row Iell fo rlghl Paffy Samon Pam Wayrnan Alice Hage LaVengh Thomas Dnanne Cook Janei' Echegon Vnrgmla Evans Mary Tewell Donna Kevan Jeanne Wflghf Leula Mlglloreifo Saxfy one 7' ullllslll J P MARY TEWELL JACK GIUDICI The Glee Clubs have done a really good 'ob lhls year under Jrhe dlrecluon ol Mr Tellausha dlredror They deserve much crednl lor The fine performances They lurned our dunno lhe year The orqanazahon IS a selecl group chosen from a number of sfudenls who deswred admlsslon The Gurls Glee Club was led by Mary Tewell presudenl Joan Thomas v Ce presldenl Renee Hernan dez secrerary Karen Wayman lreasurer The Boys Glee was led by Jaclc Gudlcl presldenl Bob Burns vlce presldenl Fred Wnllnams secrerary Allen Welsh 'rreasurer Renee Hernandez Ava Cash Alice Hage Pafrlcna Bellmger Karen Wayman Leila Mngllorefh Eihel Marhn Kedh Whde Bob Burns James Gregory Nadine Smnih Cherie Porier Georgla Brown Genevieve Burner Mary Tewell Donna Kevan Mary Sesfanovlch Shlrley Hansen Norma Hammond Ruby Zunmo Genevueve Torgerson Carolyn Hansen Bruce Warmbrodi Jack Gludlcl Fred Williams Joan Von Harlen Shirley Baumgardner Darlene EllxoH Bonnie Holden Pairncua Mueller Afton Smulh Roberfa Morse Pafrlcla Turner Romella Herandez Jeanne Marnluch Norma Hammond Dianne Cool: Sofna Carrlllo Beverly Fosfer Earl Howard Ted Ashlzawa Larry Flowers LaVengh Thomas Joan Thomas Joan Wuniermanlel Charloffe Sfevens Dolly Jane Clarl: Ca ol Lake Marlene Nan l' o n Suxly fwo , .5 fs ,.. r I .1 3 f M' ,N f yr s ai i . 1 . . ' i ' I ' 1 sf, R uf- Q ,mu as ' , , ' , ' , , rm Rv. 'Q ' , ' , . ' . ' ' , , 1 , 1 3 J ' ' 2 l f ' ' Q L f -,Q 1 ' V , J 5 5 2 ? 5 MAJORETTES GIRLS ENSEMBLE I ANN CI-IURCHFIELD Homecoming ueen 'C' MARY CONTRI LAUREL VAUGH Q-r ETHEL PATRICIA MARTIN TURNER 5 xI'y1cur On November I l+l1 and I2+I1+I1e Sensor Class presenled Il s Sprung Agaln a farce comedy by George Balson under flue cornpelenl durecllon of Ivluss Bonnie Scoll flue audience ID convulsive merrlmenl 'rlwrouglmoul llwe evenlng The casl Included ANITA GRANADOS Judy Eord IHELIVIA RlCI'llE Vern Eord JACK I-IUNTSIVIAN Tom Lesler LLOYD CUNNINGI-IAM I-Ierble LEAI-I GREGORY Minerva ANN CI-IURCI-IEIELD Plwyllu Colby DON GREEN Roy Eord JOANN MURPHY B anca Ford RALPH GAIVIBOA Waller Eord BILL GUIDICI Sullon Colby J BILL BROWN Deleclnve O I-Iara GENE PETERSON Sullon Colby Sr DONNA KERN Lavunla Dragon Saxly live ll was a Iasl-moving play Ilwal slwowed prolessional polisln and Iweld The Junnors presenfed The play ATI Through The Nnqhf March 24 and 25 H was a comedy mysrery In Three ads cenfered around The wedding of Sayre T-ToTbrook and Gregory Slranfon The audience Thor ouqhly apprecuafed The orear Taienr displayed by The cas+ The pfay was drrecred by Mnss Bonnne Sco+r T 'qw f"'f-NW 4 if P K 'J x 'Tv fi?" I R oerr Oreo ry Sranfon S yre T-Toloroolc Mr A era eee Bunny Dwndhr T-Tdbroox Calvrn Dru CoTl Srnrfh Ber+ Je sop THE CAST S My ALBERT SAMPER GORDON WINES JOYCE ADAMS CHARLOTTE ZUNINO BOB VIZINIA NORMAN SIGMON BOB NAYLOR LYLE PETERS JERRY REYNOLDS 'viz if Leff +0 r1gh+ More G A A lnnhafes Marchxng Garls Man of DlS+lT'1C+IOV1 Doug zn acfaon He wenf Hwafa way The Dorm Queen Norma and John Cobb Twelve Sfrong Backs Kfng Lyndon and Leah Back +0 H-e saH mme Danclno again' R6GIS+F6JfIOf1 Day Suxfy seven x R ,A -mv A Le T fo ruqlfnf Pay dan e W1+cIw War cake Jerry MLM Be Fueld Day Tured Floyd7 Zone Cold Vlrglma7 Masco+ Larry Lump Lump G A A wha? mor ucmc Mar ow as ef In Slxfy evghf ., Q h M 93 Af ' d W L d M gd-. d :ff d m A V b 'N :ti V 4fS'5f A M . . , ,, ,yy 5 ,X 'dx' A "I ' 5 I 2, . . W ' 1 ii 1 . A -, .zz - , sd ,X A ,Q . N, E1 J., y . I , V, . y Ry Nj 5 ,V 'V 1 '- - 32 fy if ' ' .Ls A A C A C , I M . C F- . I .- D- I . . . .- - . . Fi' es-Ju ' P' A - y-H did 'rlw' q ' ll! Manaoer Re-yno os Pay up Gene Uoyd and Kay CHeerWeoder5 if w rk Where do vou oe? Hmf Paw Whos +hIS7 More Deopdfch cmzens C Mm rw A f H v F T e no ma Q I 7 7 Teen age dame Suxfy mme ,,. ' 0 L , ,. I v -ttyl-. n of " '54 . -A' 9 X ' l. Y lf' :V 'v . J, 1 Leff fo rigP1'r:- J lwlc , L i kc' C f ,'v, c ' ',A ,,' 'A f o 'I sion- eae ,ol-H I '7-fr1a"rSo1-LOs+..?-- 'C , . Lefffo ugh? Noonhme Jus? resfm Doqpafch Daze Typing Class Jumors an caucus Hn There' Take If easy 'rlwere' Snde Lmes Confrn and Huil Whafs funny AI7 Semors class meefmq Sack Race Soplwomores class meefmg Sevenfy . . I . . . . . . . . - . . 1 . , T -. I . T Z ..- A eb' ni 'Z -Q- Leff fo rrghf Confefh Whose knees be +hese7 Ya say your feefh 4+ch7 The Foro household Sewrrg Crcfe Pam and her pony Busy Beavers Bro+hers7 7 7 Tense momenr Dakun Whef will Vrromma af3y7 Chm Leah Sensor Picnic Congrafs Queen Ann So help me' Seyenryvone -'+?"'w'v'6f'1-6-'S ...V ,,......,......, , 'C- L-.-3:-up- ELKO COUNTY IS THE SECOND LARGEST IN THE STATE AND THIRD LARGEST IN THE UNITED STATES I+ embraces an area equal Io The combined Sfales of Connechcul Delaware Rhode Island and New Jersey II IS one ol Ihe rrchesl luve sloclc counlnes IN 'rhe nahon an Ihe value of als producls formerly an unnporlanl rnannng regnon wmlh such camps as Tuscarora Cornucopla lvlldas Sprucernonl Aura Colurnbla Mounlaun Cnly and Jarbradge In The Ruby Ivlounlalns I'he largesl and mosl rugged rnounlalns mass In Nevada can be found some ol The hneslr scenery un 'rhe Slale The luvesloclc lnduslry In Ellco Counfy Includes baffle raising sheep ralsunq as well as considerable produchon of 'thoroughbred horses Ellco Ihe counly seal as Ideally localed beunq sllualed on Iwo Irans conhnenlal rarlroads one Iransconhnenlal aurway and one Iransconhn enlal hughway The populahon rs approxlrnafely eleven Ihousand whsle Ihe Cnlry ol Ellco us nearly sux Ihousand Sevenly-Iwo Teenage Night at the Stockmen s THE PLACE TO GO FOR YOUNG AND OLD' The Finest Entertainment and The Best et Food if QQ-"'3 to 'WE ,SQL F worm famous cvmncofu. semen smmx. X M ELKO NEVADA M. 'fee' JFQXX Se e ty th ee I I I 0 O U PT 9 A A it fbi Q i + f ale, F, . . 'x-,e- e, ,wr ,ff gh-if gg e Hi ,fe xt---Xe ' it J .e-- .5 I l ixixj ' ' 55 ef, ,ef ,V v -O -..-:Q-I j JZ, Zi! I ' ji: l ' A ' t --- 1-1254.-I 5 1.4 n--Q - , " " l - 5 1-r,j!'!'u 5'-f V - x ' ,h v . -' 'x-v, - , W - ffff' f' Q 'li'-A w,,,,i - A uv A O ,Q iq., ' 1 YY.,-I - Z.. Jiri. 1' fl' Vx Q F V , 'L f ,te O Owe?-ee O . O . 5- -Q V - :jf --"' ' "s'T'TiSgy 5 - 'M , , Q f 1 O O We C O M P L I M E MR 81 MRS E H PEARSON PHOTOGRAPHERS N T S of Congratulations Io the Class of '5O" THE CITY BAKERY 81 CONEECIIONERY 66153 o ssusmzm Z5 oyus V f' PHIIFXIX wk WMM Jqzlll -Kwfww Home of FINE PASTRIES and FRENCH BREAD BAKERY 232R RE 33I R I 4 4 4 CongraEuIaEuons Class OE 50 901555 I1 JMR W:embIeg'5 If PIUNEER Store for Iam Ad S 'ryf . . . from . . . I .. I : iver STO : ai road Ph 3 Ph IO I N - I ,' N N ' . I 7' '. :FQ K tm K l V A 233222 Wm mv U .... .. ,,,,gQ,,Q mmm 'HI WWW, f RT Home of Na+ionaIIy verfisecl Brands H BOWLING D N NG ELKQ NEVADA ELKO LUMBER COMPANY UMB PAINT COAL TELESCOPE OTEL :BAR : l l Phone L43 Dealers in Building Materials L ER WE SERVED B d M th WE I-IOPETO SERVE DISIRIBUHNG co THE PEOPIES MARKET cw COLA CI-ad Elk s Bargain Store NGSPMS Change Farrs Root Beer W Y Y WPitY PHQNE aaaaa av C S GLENN M Q ABMANKO OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY State Textbook Depository AMERICAN SEATING COMPANY KEWAUNEE LABORATORY EQUIPMENT COMPANY ART METAL STEEL FURNITURE COMPANY A B DICK MIMEOGRAPHS DITTO DUPLICATORS L C SMITH 81 CORONA TYPEWRITERS ALLEN WALES ADDING MACHINES I52 N Virginia Street S ty , PQ. Ox 308 1 Phone I94 I Y F th - Your Childrens II ren. f - ' ' 0 Where You Get Iwat ou Like- And ou Like a ou GetI Elk N a XL ll . .. Distributors tor . .. R N d ELK CLINIC ' HUNTER and RAINBO HUNTER 81 SON LCAGLTO SEVGGT ELKO NEVADA PITCH S ASSOCIBICO SERVICE I DELUXE QDQRLESS CLEANERS and TAILCDRS Manor IVIec:I1amc:aI Repaurs PHONE BBW FEDERAL TIRES d TUBES R S P ones Io and 7 DEPARTMENT STORE PM SUPPLY COMPANY A I' Sky I1 W I AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL JOBBERS tyl 9 H1 50 g Tcl TO EVANS EVANS XI PEARCE sroor FARM S ELKO NEVADA 395 Court Street Y Q Complimems of Con ratulations To the Graduates 0 E THEATRES E V Ezra Nevada ........................ ......................... ................................................ ............................................................................................... Phone 787 ' EIIco, Nevada Quality Service I an 525 ailroad Street ...... E .g,,,., E.AI ,LT E.... , ...,......, .................., 2 ..................... E ...... ...1E........., E.E. ........ L 2 .................... ..................... L 2 H. C. TEVEN'S CO. L' I "Our Prices ren' Hig I2 L10 esale Our S es Are Next To Heaven" Elko, Nevada Iii .,............,... .................,, 1, ................I. ..................... ........,. , E, ....................,,,....................... E 1 ......................... I ....Q,1.....g .1...1., TH .... ...,e A AAA ..... ...... 1 AA. .f.1. A, .......... A .1, ..... A.. A A . A .e. .................. A AnA1......,A Con ratulations To e Class of I9 Con ra+uIaHonS O ass O .5 TEEN HOP I .:.. A A .1....A... ,1..A.Af. - Min... ...... ....... 1 .A. A ..A. ...A............... A . .......... if ...................... AAI ......., ...mi ..,. .Amy I Seveni -ei ht CCNGRATUIJXTIONS To Class ot 50 RICHTIELD OII CORPORATION ARCHIE L Lf-xml Ag + Emo NEVADA ELKO AUTO COURT I27I Idaho Street FIELDS SI'IIfI.l. SERVICE Futth and Idaho BO RIE OFFICE EOUIPMENT W tSt 2 RENO NEVADA P tp y R dCh P Mk M Congratulataons Sensors RN G O OD F O OD 24 Hour Service West Cn I-Inghway 40 U I33 es reet : Telephone -7935 Exclusiv S I R p t t F T R y I Ty 't V' t Add' g M h' M h t C l ulators D' tm Dicgtatinq Ma h' R typ Carbons and ibb en D' tn Id Sates and Vault Door Al .. . Steel and Wood Desks, Ph 29 Files an airs C pI t S eand Re airD pt t All tB iness M I1' B I1 : Ottic F t I Ellco Nevada -II A V E 4 0 . ' 300 ' Elk N a S ty- ' EL DORADO HOTEL ELKO SUPER SERVICE STATION and GARAGE HOWARDS FEED Xi SEED PDPINA cHovv5 Dru e h I WESTERN SPORTSMAN C d d S S JAY S SERVICE 81 COTTAGES RITE WAY HARDWARE IELANDS BODY 81 EENDER WORKS GENES BARBER SHOP CompIimeh'fs of "Service With a miIe" P L K o Emo - - - NEVADA Nevada Phone BOI CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS! S EED O WASHERS GLIDDEN PAINTS HARDWARE and HOUSEWARE ' Phone 432-W-299-W R E E D S 1391 IDAHO , Congrafulafions To Seniors From I LeIarid LippareIIi, Prop. AUTO PAINTING - RADIATOR REPAIR WELDING - AUTO GLASS The Srore Wirh The Checkerboard Sign I i d U CI S ' Ra I p h ' S AGEN Y FOR WELLS LAUNDRY ePNE WATSON, Prop. "The omple.I.e spewing Goo S Share" 4I6 Commercial : Elko, Nevada 30 I : - Phone 933-R For Appoinfmeni' Bes+ Wfshes To Jrhe Senior EARL R GREEN REAL ESTATE CATTLE RANCHES Congrafulahons To The Gradua+es of 50 STACKS SNACK BAR ROOITT 3 IX 1 Nevada Bank of Commerce Bunldung LTI J MADIGAN PEPP Congrafulahons To Class of I950 rom WARREN MOTOR BURNS FLORAL Phone 444W WAGNERS DRIVE INN ICE CREAM and SANDWICHES Jurn OCarroII Lessee ELKO NEVADA I43O Idaho S+ Phone 867 I I7 ll flour fl 'JUN E gh+y o BEST WISHES To The Cass of 50 WINTERMANTEL JEWELRY 81 OPTICAL CO Snnce I899 coNeRATuLATloNs To The Graduafe FLINT BEAUTY SHOP Zeula Pusel Ra1Iroad Sfreef Elko Nevada HF! C lflll U1 C C ll D CAVE MOTEL Phone 34I J ON HIGHWAY 40 WEST OF ELKO o Nevada . I ..... INIIUI -'S c100fIl:NHI - lf o le IJ IJ lar" - I......... ...I. I ...., .... ..... I .........,............................. , .... ..... .,,.. .... ..... ...LL ...... I NVO Foul f TI' 1 Iss unl 'or If rl -1: --"---' 1"U'1 'l '-" 11"::-1,--L---1 '--'--- sr":--:'1':':::::,U' E"'3":"Jlr:i":'i,-wg ------- 1 --g-gy ---'----- 3-g-g--gg-g--V-gggg--gh MAY YOUR MARK IN LIEE BE AS ENDURING AS THESE 'Eomme1c1a1Hn1:el' f RAN FMUMXI KN fx A N muw E-AAA I N KO NEVADA A Ewghfy Aww vp IIXI Q V p.J - 1' .I 1, , - Q 1 U f EA ' 5, Y Y-. rr Y 5: Q A E j 1' A ' Ap? ia A A - AA L, E, , 'A X: 1 ,A ,X 'S if 2 'f ' TAE , ' ' KT J ED 1 AQ, ' -X! Q9 G 9 A ff ' A I I ' 5 V , I V4 EN L, D V gi ' I 4 'EZ' fx , 2 f -. -lr! A W' x E I , , , A J AE E X ,J K, My! 1 A X ' Q A E 4 l 1 6 WV ' g I E A A A I A 1 ' 2 Hr J r Q g I I 950 WELCH RADIO LABS 4 'QF + + PHONE226 CONGRATULATIONS I O Llll ANS ldhl Prescrlpllon Speclallsls STEPHEN COIVIISH DDS ELKO NEVADA ROOM 204 H DETWEILER 81 DETWEILER PLUMBING HEATING d REFRIGERATION IO47 W HAIE DRUG COMPANY BO OUINN PI'1one3O3 ELKO NEVADA Eqlw -. -U u n rafulafions To he Class o I .. . E I 0 o 0 Zlf our In S .... Elko "" N HCJHI' Sflfgffif ?Jf'fDf,,lfNS fill Nlffllr 5 A U IS UK' 10,1 53 Class o I95 . . . from . . . - I ' an Box l22 Plwone - 462 a o S reel' : PI1one633 EIIO 5 Nevada Wa+ches A++achmen+s Jewelry H O ME B A K E R Y COX JEWELRY 5I4CommercIaI Sfreef Elko Nevada ED COX Prop I vpn 1 J Npccz DIRILYTE+I1e Golden Rued TABLEWARE ABERDEEN COAL CRYSTAL CLEAR ICE STANDARD STOVE OIL and FURNACE OIL ELKO ICE 81 EUEL CO Phone I95 EIIQO Nevada CO M PLI M ENTS STOCKIVIENS HOTEL BARBER SHOP DUCKWORTH Ari' and Gift Shop Y RNS and STAIVIPED GOODS SIore 4+h and IDAHO STREET P anf 572 RIVER STREET W C IVIOELI COMPANY HARDWARE and APPLIANCES Y Ill' lllllll X 611011 IJ! fl ELKO NEVADA TIP TOP DRESS SHOP Flrsi' NaI'lonaI Bank BulIcIlng ELKO NEVADA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' I I'OI'I"I HOWARDS EEED 81 SEED II10 5Ior0 X fill I C zu Or marc Sum E gm To -.-.-.- J .......-.---' ....-.......... T J ..------.. ii .-..--.--............. Li ....- IETF ----.-.. gil-I -.-. T i QT.IZT-J.-I1.. ---..... f.i..ii..TETIi.I-TKT .---..-... ln? - - EI E I S EI 5 EI IQ - - I - . . . I . . . Xvu CII R iring C ur .T f"c1IIv IE - I5 , I "-- IQ::1:u1'rL'1 ': --'-" , 11E!'L1f1!iL --'-' :iff """'- 1:12, ',-- "-""' , "', ' 'fiulffl ""' 551: ".'--"-'- 1-:r -'--' it-,if-'1-1:Q','1 '-"-' 1,-.L'1':" El -.-.-.. I -.-...... T .YET .----.----.. T Z ...-......- T -.--....-..-. 1 L ...- ' .-...-..-...... I THQ.. ....... EI -.-.....---- T .-...--..-....' - Q ......- J ---....-........ I ...-...... E ..........-...-......... Jul... .5 51 -. I5 2:2 - 1 . ...- i lL . -TJJZ ......... lil. il .li .Til .......-.- lil? ......' E TI-T ..... ' JGT I -..-.--. iii ..l-.-... li'S T- ITTITETETIL -..-.. ETQ E I. J. IJ. IIT ..--.-- iii ig, ' 1 IQ . X 'I Iw I wk I I J kMAd NEVADA MOTOR CO CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 356C CARTER HOTEL PARTIES d BANOUETS J LESLIE CARTER 5 d R S+ EIKO DRUG CO PHARMACISTS ELKO NEVADA Automotrve Radrator Works l CLEANING REPAIRING RECORING In 303V2Th + PHONE 609 J l E qlwlyl HUNTS CANDY SHOP HOMEMADE CANDIES RA N C H I NN SPROUSE REITZ CO Elkos 5C and IDC ore ELKO NEVADA CONGRATULATIONS I CI 50 BURNS EUNERAI HOME GIB LANDELL Texaco Crrcle Servrce ELKO NEVADA Phone I50 ac c am ' ommercial Slreel - Elko, Nevada Elko Nevada Complimenfs of Elko .... Nevada - T5 gl St Phone 430 - 401 6 O fee+ .... .. . .................................................................................... ..........,......................................................................................... 151 nnnnnpnuu ill unnnpnnnnIInnlannlnnn--nnnannnunuruunnunnunnunnunn E nnnnnnnnnnn I-1 nnnnnnnnnnn 31:51 -nuunnnnnnunnnunnnnnnn11.nuu-nuun-unun.uunu1nnnalnlnnllnulallfluunnnu E nnuuuaunuunuunuunnunnnunn T -'ni lf El ' To he ass of' . . . - - - - Phone 358 1 Elko, Nevada ' ' Congralulalions, Graduales . . . Complele Radialor Service Newland Used Radialors ' ' A. E. "Bud" Sfenovic - Ird S . Owner Elko, Nevada I - Ive Complments CONGRATULATIONS I o T 0 LU K CENTRAL MARKET HARRIS MOTORS MEATS GROCERIES PHGNE 36 PACKARD WILLYS E L K O TROY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING COMPANY NIIAF OI le IHOXI IIXF IOII CIOIHI xr ELKO NEVADA Phone 2I EQOY T R CI I 5 . ..Of. . S S F C - I 7Ih and Idaho - Phone 97 I Hko Nevad Q E A f ri I' ' ,'f ..', ' 73 '. " fS ll,'f' Congratulations lo Our ELKO HIGH GRADUATES Irom YOUR RADIO STATION Management and Statt EL I34o on Yoon I2ADIo DIAL EL AERO SERVICE CHARTER FLIGHTS M A N N E O U I N M PHONE 28J ELKO NEVADA SIIIS I SINCE SINGER and OEHER MAKES PAUL T DEL GUIDICI I Elko Sewmg lvlachme Center 880 C I S+ + ELKO NEVADA Eglm y !!xil'C'I'f1Il' Sulvs mul Svrvifv N H Sluclvnl lllSlI'lIl'H0ll Di 'nm HH XM, ' I 5 5 5 1 ' ' I fl 'K' Ellco unlclpal Airport .............. iTz.'.aa'...1T ...... .............. li ............. tial ..... 1 ........... i .1 ........................................................ II P, RTS 0 ffl 3 'I . Complimems of 'lreadle I-leacls Rebuil , Moclernlzecl and 0 Electritfied, In Portable, Console or Deslc Cabinets M D ommercia ree ........................ .... , .....................I . , ........... .......... .............I ............ , ........................................................................... CLUB ELKO Elkos Elnesf Dance Floor PHONE 765 ELKO NEVADA GREGORY gl WALTHER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AII Kunds of ELec'rrlc Wlrnng and Repenr 248 PINE STREET VV II BLOIHA HAMILTON ELGIN an WYLER WATCHES CONGRATULATIONS ASS OF I950 GREGORY BROTHERS Jlr ul r T I D E W A T E R ASSOCIATED OIL CO Eleven'rLm and Comrnercxal SI PHONE 250 DuPONT PHARMACY The REXALL Share Phone 75 ELKO NEVADA wmman 5 candy FQun+a.n IDEAL CLEANERS WI1eIL1er II s Jeans or Eormals I' c 1 lputor EgI'1+y e ghf WE TAKE SPECIAL CARE' Phone 2 I 7 566 River S+ ELKO NEVADA C L EELLEEILEffIfEEEIfEffiffffffff 1 fb ff gi pl ll O . I . . . . d ...... ........... , ........................................................... ffnqiriuf mul . Ava! If s 1' 2 . ' CONGRATULATIONS T E CLASS OF 50 W A STINSON CO I D BURNS COMPANY HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS 453 Idaho Street T O H ' I Elko Counfy I-Ieadquarfers for . . . AL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES . . . SERVEL I1 G R f' LANE CEDAR CHESTS . . URNITURE L CARPETS , LINOLE EIIQO .... Nevada E I ko .... N e v a d a CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES 9 lg ELKO LAMOILLE POWER COMPANY lllll E . T A My . Off I ? 's Tlllllll X - x x h 1 ' . ' A T . - ' i ewom ' To Yourfuture SUCCESS PROSPERITY HAPPINESS From The Fows AT REINHART COMPANY S I868 VAN LEER Xt T 50 HARRIMAN Internatronal Harvester BUICK SALES d In t FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NEVADA F SI20 000 000 O0 Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatron Federal Reserve System N Y S GRISWOLD Cattle Buyer REAL ESTATE d GENERAL INSURAN PIONEER I-IOTEL BUILDING O 88IW 8 R DE VORE I CHEVROLET CO CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE ELKO NEVADA 6 dh t ConqratuIatIons o Class ot' .. A an it 5 and Service ff' Ph - R 'at Ph 8 I- Ph 92 329 I S + A Nevada Bunk Serving rvovuclu O Resources in Excess o , , . Member C mpIeI'e Automotive Sal d S ' Member 85 I s , 1 Ph 3:4 at 5 ": f'--gf- g--egg:---qg -----f----------.--'------- 33,952-.53 in-WNY I Y Yi-M, Y Yi-?l.:..5r. .., V Y 5 . TAUEERS BATTERY 81 ELECTRIC SERVICE Generafors SI'ar+e s Magne+os Aufo LlI'e Bafferles Generarors Exchanqed 638 COMMERCIAL STREET SAEEWAY STORES HIGHEST QUALITY Mears and Groceries COMMERCIAL BEAUTY SALON PHONE I00 O Nevada Conqrarulahons Class of 50 TOMS INN AR DANCES and PRIVATE PARTIES N T Saddles Harness I M CAPRIOLA CO EIIco Nevada LEATHER and CANVAS GOODS Phone 356 500 Cornmercral S+ree+ TRAHERS SHOE STORE LOAFERS CASUALS and PARTY STYLES ff KFX 10 I Women s Chrldren s and Boys Phone 895 W 456 FIHI1 Sfreef CongraI'uIaI'rons To Class of 50 rom P U C I N E L L I CO 209 Srlver S+ Phone 540 EugeneF Wrnes Frozen Food Service TENTH and SILVER STREETS Elko Nevada T31l1TCiZZi n--1--..q Ilfifn' .....' I Hin'-'nl-n-Y-7:1-'uTE2iiTT-' :i' fnufq 'GT l-.1..---nn STS'-Jiliniii:-THUJfiifflffi-I-Q12-TJZTZI funuuuuuu Qfuu 'fund- S 0 a o Sp0f'iuIi:ir1g in - r - I ' 5 :I IE . E ' N ................................................................................................ f.l'lnTn1 i nnunnnnlunnun Ziff--Q uufu ' -'fini-I-I u'.' I I--I-'IQ'-i'.Zf1'.i unllnnulallnnnlnnnu fi .-u..-.. lIH u'QfQui i 51 nuun lu'-S-T11if IE EI ' ' 1:I : O I - - . 5 I5 J kv' -' Cvus r ' QS E ' ' - : ' E E' E . I :I I SI I5 EI . Elk 2 - - mm.,-:5 i -g3g 'g5,',gqf,:f-' fg ,,,,,, fg3mrmT :Q !f..'a ...... iiiirm ........ ..... :r:.TT.Ia..'. I :' I: ' ' B . . . Ig ' IZA E I ine y-rhree D EREE PRESS I A W HESSON CO FINE HARDWARE EIKO . . . lfl'l'I'YfIlEIIQ in PUBLISHED EVERY EVE IN IExcepI Sundaysj XX U Igg S Somethmg For PA I NT OILS 0 ll O PLETE LOCAL NEWS C RAGE FULL LEASED WIRE OF AI I THE UNITED PRESS Elko Nevada I EI Every Member of Ihe EamIIy COMMERCIAL PRINTING GRAINS IMPLEMENIS PI-IONE 289 W Ctcl THE PETE WAITERS AGENCY Complete Protection C W AUI HARDWARE 81 MACHINERY Pl-IONE lOl RIAITO BAR Fernando Puccinelli THIRD 81 SILVER Get Better Buys For Your Money I C PENNEY CO T I-I nsure itn on i ence Compliments ot . .. ' National Banlc Building ELKo, NEVADA Phone 407 Insurance Coverages lor Your gi ' Ellco . . . Nevada ...at . .. Incorporated El T ll Il lfre orne ot Values Ellco N d eva 6 Eu4o, NEVADA gi PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO Telephone 90 371 DISTBIBUTING COMPANY Telephone 90 371 NEVADA BANK COMMERCE Commerclal Savmgs Safe Deposit Boxes AUSTIN BATTLE MOUNTAIN PIOCHE RENO ' 1'urTu's lnrgvsl Trlrfvpvrulvrzf T U I ul .Wang T In N ix A m lefsllnffvs Member b d I ...Offices af . .. o0Rgfa+uIa+IonS To Class ot 'so COMPANY OGILVIE XI CAVENDER e HUDSON AUIOIVIOBILES MACK REO TRUCKS WIISON IIIIE Thd St e WHITE APPLIANCE CO R roars RICIIEIEEII SERVICE EEKO GENERAL I by A MERCHANDISE STORE OU N O It CompIete Sporting oods . . Featuring tIRe . . and - E x c I u si v e I y I 303 Ir reet I1 Elko Nevada CONGRATULATIONS I , E CLUB 449er To tI'1e raduatlng CIass ot I950 449 ailroad Street I . ELK . . 2 5 O - - - NEVADA Complete I-Iome Ilurmstmnqs 729 Idaho Street : EIIco, Nevada any I'IppaIeIII - LICIO PUCCIIIGI ................................................................................................. I 5 o ammond JoE ANACABE PI'Iome 2 F R-I-H A D AH Io Idatmo Street : Elko, Nevada EIIY LAUNDRY 9 MAN THE LITTLE SHOP WITH DRY CLEANER THE BIG, VALUES ELKO NEVADA PURITY DAIRY ualuLy Dairy Products Everytlwmg for Your Party LL ELKO NEVADA N EOF BETTER E009 CONGRATULATIONS Class ol 50' RANCH STORE IVIEATS and GROCERIES dll LAMOILLE PHONE 234 Y 9 Con rafulafions To he Class o '5 Con rafulafions Class o '5 W A Y ' S a n d gn ll 3 Ellco Nevada and BREHES' ' CA I 5 3 ' 476 orIl1 l2ll1 Slreel l :ami ....... fi ........ ........ :::..4...::i ......... xr.: ......... QTTIJI. N .... ........ T51 ........ ' ............. 3 ...... :a7.i...i ...... J: ....... a:..i.... S lm o p a I ' ' sEwELL's El Mr. and rs. Granl Turner 560 I a O Sfreel Nevada Ellco Nevada N' - ' In DBERG EIko Nevada Phone 3 I 7 EAGLE SERVICE STATION 284 Idaho Street Elko Nevada YALE WILLIAMS Cass t I92I COIVIPLIMENTS OF STAR HOTEL Italian and Basque Dunners Eam Iy StyIe EIko Ne ada Phone 406 W CongratuIatlons class ot so W E E TOT S H OP IGO3 Idaho Street Phone I97 J EIko Ne ada For Commencement Announcements CAPS AND GOWNS CLASS JEWELRY DIPLOMAS WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS GG THE MASTER ENGRAVERS I I5 S W Fourth A enue PORTLAND OREGON Congratulatuons To Class ot 50 IVIERLES SERVICE Ida o Phone IO2o ELKO NEVADA H IVI 81 M E GALLAGHER HENDERSON BANK BUILDING Phone 69 o Ne ada CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSI GRANTS CAFE Greyhound Bus Depot 377 Idaho Phone 238 ELKO NEVADA LUN 'S " Q P.o.BOX3n ---5 I o I V II - Elk V RENO ALL KINDS or PRINTING BUSINESS COLLEGE ELKO INDEPENDENT Eree Placement Bureau L PAUL SAWYER MOTOR COMPANY G Y M 0 SALES cl SER CE PAUL. SAWYER O LETTERPRESS 1 OFFSET EAST SERVICE "Training NEVADA Youl'l'1 ln a NEVADA College WLLLI aNATlONAL Sl'anding" . i Prnnters Publlslwers 406 California Ave. 450 C Ik EIA'-d S1-REE REN0 NEVADA Ph 5702 El D O D E and P L U T H 3956 an VI 'imoxx ' ' ELK NEVADA L 1 PHO w n e r One l-l A Ihe compuhhc and edxhno OI The IQSO POI-ICB eraI mdnvuduaIs have helped Us ummea uraby JOHN TELLAISHA o MR O G BENSON Reno MRS BONNIE SCHUMACHER o TO THESE OUR GOOD FRIENDS THE STAFF EXTENDS SINCERE THANKS TO THE ADVERTISERS WHOSE PATRONAGE ENABLES US TO PRINT THE ANNUAL THE STAFF EXPRESSES ITS APPRECIATION IH I950 POHOB AFI in .. J . . J sev ' ' ' ' S In giving qer1erOusIy OI Iheir Iime, sIciIIs and ma+eriaIs. MR. EIIc . Elk .-:S . Vu. s 9955 Xl IIH I Xl'llN

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